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The Daily Canadian Sep 3, 1906

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Array JUxili^ Canadian
I.   No. 78.
Kelson Cricketers Winning From Rossland
Bourke and Mason Make Remarkable
Averages---Less Than a Run
to Each Wicket.
Tlie cricket match bfltweou Nelaon
,���,! itossland today Is resulting In au
any victory for tha home eleven.
play began al   11. with Rossland to
l,;tI   11  i'. llodgo Ih Umpire tor Ross-
|k������l nnd   II   ���!���   Steel   for   Nelion.     It
sagreetl thai a boundary bit should
��� 1, jouil im- three runs.
In a very short time Rossland sue
,..,.,���,I to ilu' bowling of Bourke and
���Uuon  ��iili   a   total   of  nine   for  the
S. is..a  went   In and    made    84  for
tae wickets when adjournment was
|ut_ is'i  lunoheon at tlie Sirailicnna,
luiktith 18 being the principal con-
was resumed at 2: .10 and runs
laster.    At 3:16 p. m. the score
I els ai fi3 for    four    wickets, with
���.tew ami Coppen well set.
1 Tip fielding or Itossland Is disliuct-
|l; Inferior to Uiat of the home team.
There is a fair    attendance   In  the
|sraii'lsiaii'l   including many  ladies.
Tbe scores 10  3:15 are as follows:
Rosiland,  first  innings:
tf Hum. c Marks h llourke     ti
IPaiils'in, Is llourke     0
lliailis'11/.is'. run out      'I
���Smith. Is   Mason        0
Iftiyil. li llourke        II
P E. A. Young, h llourke     0
Iriffith, I Is w, Bourke     0
|f lluiii. li llourke       1
VV. Young, not out      0
���tenwlck, is  llourke       0
Extras      1
Total        9
Nelson, first Innings:
|i"in. 1, Qrlftlth      "
pardcastle, b  Hunt       -'
Wade, ii Hunt   1(1
���.Muslin, b Young  11
Bourke       20
���Coppen    Vi
liinii  ���
Ilri'li!  . ....
ITis'siMliisi   .. 	
Extras       3
Bowling analysis���Nelson:
It.    W, O. Av.
JMason    _      ��� 7      1
|i'i'��i"i llourke   .... 2       7 7   0.8
|pride of British  Navy Already in Dry
Dock���Sprung a  Leak.
ii'lsin. Sept. 2���The llnlly Mall's
apondent al Portsmouth says
in the hurry lo gel the new bat.
dp Dreadnaughl eompleted. her
" were badly fixed. Soon arter
wus launched the oorrespondenl
smile holes were round withoul
,;;. and the men responsible dls'
"'I Some leakage also ..as found
she Is now In dry dock. The
Mull culls for a BOaroblng lie
imn lhe nuttier.
Okanagan Enterprise.
The Vernon News has Installed 11
iimiy pe machine by which the mailer
|'"|' lasi week s'lssue was set up. This
'iliiinly 11 decided forward step In
career of that excellent sheet
IMilrli tl)r ||10 |nat 15 years. In good
's and ln had, hns always main'
laliu'il a high standard of excellence,
[���""It In Its news and editorial col-
jUmiiB und in Its mechanical depart'
Inn-lit, for in |ts whole career It never
lluiii a ratty Interval In either. Tho
j'""'!! Utiles of the middle nnd late
tins were ���ovor raflooted In its cot
"""'s nml now lhat prosperity has re-
patabllshed Itself in llle town and dls-
ltrlcl It ls  pleasing  to note  that  tho
'Ws Is getting lis sliaro, nnd is not
lo play the laggard, but will
Vc''Ii uiu east of the tlmt
Ellas Rogers In Fernie.
Kilns Rogers  of    Toronto,   formerly
[jMaglng director   of   the    C. N. P.
""I company, was In the city for a
Fifty Cents a Month
"'"'" ���"J8���  fino-d a great deal of
Interesi  In i|���. growth or   our    town
*"'." " iproved    facilities    at    the
miies.    He  was  particularly   Interest-
'���ii in tlie new steal tipple at c.mi
creek ami will, ,he modern methods
employed there for handling the coal.
Mr. Rogers came around by Banff and
tho Arrow lakes. He left for the East
on Wednesday. While here he was
shown about by Messrs. McEvoy,
Hrlnnan nnd Davles.���Fernie Fres
0'Knfi Company Fined for Allowing
Employes Too Much Liquor.
Toronto, Sept. 2.���In tho police
court this morning the O'Keofe Brow-
cry company were charged with allowing men In their employ three or four
glasses of beer dally. This ll appears
Is a common practice aiming brewers.
iillliiiiigh the act distinctly says that
no person authorised to sen iiiinor by
Wholesale shall allow liquor to be con-
sumed ou tin' premises,
Mr. Haverson for the defendants
Huiii if iiu* magistrate was of the opinion thai the practice wus a cunt raven-
Hun id the law he would hnve to
plead guilty. Colonel DenniBon initios
s'sl u tine or |20 anil costs.
C. P. R. Lands Surveyed With a View
to Installing  Irrigation System���
���Customs Duties.
or two early In tho   week,   and
(Special  to The Dully Canudian.)
Qrand Forks, Sept. 3.���Assistant
commissioner ot Hritish Columbia
lands ror the C. P. R, William Pearce,
with headquarters at Calgary, wus a
visitor in Qrud forks the last couple
of days, the object of his mission hero
being to look up matters relative to the
survey of C. P. It. lands in this district.
Mr. Pearce la one of tlie C. P. R.
ofriclals who was closely Identified
with lhe big irrigation system in Alberta, recently Installed hy his company. Judging from the operation of
the Alberta Irrigation system Mr.
l'earce Is or Ihe opinion that by
thoroughly irrigating) land the early
froBts would be greatly modified. He
Is alBo or the opinion tbat land could
be profitably Irrigated at a cost of 50
cents per acre, as that ls what ls charged by the Alberta Irrigutlon plant. He
further stated lhat hy thoroughly Irrigating hay hinds one year the same
land should hardly need water the following year. The 0, P. It- mini also
slated lhat ut a rale ot a cubic foot
per second two acres ol land could be
covered a foot deep In Iwonly-four
hours, or It would take about eight
duys to cover seventy-live acres. Mr.
pearce is probably the best authority
on Irrigation who has yet visited Ihe
Boundary district and his opinions on
this subject will lie read with great In
terest by ranchers of this valley,
where an Irrigation system will be Installed  in  the near future.
While handling a bunoh of bananas
W. llorrmnn or the N. I.. Mclnnes &
Co. mercantile store Saturday narrowly escaped being bitten by a hair-
grown tarantula which crawled out ol
a bunoh or bananas quite unconoern-
ed. The reptile measured fonr Inches
in length and was cuptiired and landed safely In a cnge.
The followiiiK are lhe receipts from
lhe various district customs offices us
received by K- R- Qilpln, chief collector ni Qrand Porks for the month
of Augnsi: Qrand Porks. $2,B48.89i
Midway, 16711.07,' Qreenwood, |M!08i
Phoenix, (1818.88; Cascade, $112.13:
Carson.' 1101.70; Osoyoos, im.'.fs;
Keriiii.'os, |8960; total, |18,88B.1T.
There Is a greal scarcity of waler
on Bonainsa mountain this summer,
the lake on ibe summit hitherto retaining waler the yeur around having
gone dry, and It is wllh great difficulty lhal animal life oan exist nt this
high altitude withoul water. A_ well
known prospector named E- B. Knight
recently dug �� well about 10 (eel deep
mi ihis mountain, wiiicli collected
about one root or waler, which would
have heen sufficient to supply hlm
dining his work on the mountain if it
hud mil been tor the flying squirrels
which Infest Bonansa mountain in
thousands. These small creatures,
fairly famishing with thirst, would
orowd around this small well In
droves und would drink It dry every
ovening. Mr. Knight, who IS authority for the statement, says that the
squirrels were exceedingly tunic nnd
would hardly move oul or his way
when he went ror wilt/-.'. He also
stnted lhal he could only secure water trom the weU_by going early n
the evening, as *#>r on cadi night
the well would be drained dry h> the
cunning flying quadrupeds^
it is reported induy thut the Boundary Iron works, the locnl foundry
which was reoently destroyed by tire
on Ruckles addition,   win   commence
to rebuild Bl once, nnd will choose n
new location, probably In the west
end of the city, where easy access
enn be had to both the Oreal Noi tiler nnd C. P. It- Hacks.
New Me Reported From
Rapid Creek
R. Roberts and Archie Reid Find Big
Body oi Free Milling Gold-
Other Discoveries.
Another Important strike lius been
made on Rapid creek lu the Lardeau
district, along Die mineral .one which
already contains such famous proper-
lies as the Lucky .lack, the Swede,
Spyglass, ChlBholm and tlie llecln.
Hick Roberts arrived in the city from
the Lardeau Saturday night. He ls a
milling partner Of Archie Reid, proprietor ol the No Place Inn.
ln 191)3 Mr. Roberts located a claim
on Rapid creek and called it tlie Champagne. Until this summer he did very
little work on it although other proper-
lies in Ills' same locality have been partially developed wllh splendid promise,
notably the Hecla, which is separated
trom the Champagne by only one other
Mr. Roberts has now uncovered his
vein from the whole distance from the
No. 1 to No.2 posl, 1600 feet. The
vein Is 36 feet wide with a body of high
grade free milling gold ore 16 feet ln
width. Tlie news or the discovery has
caused great excitement on Rapid
creek and In nil (he camps at tho
north end ot the lake.
Archie Reid left today to visit tho
property, accompaning Mr. Roberts.
The partners intend to develop their
rind extensively at once and put It In
condition tor producing.
Joseph Sturgeon, who has extensive
mining Interests on Rapid creek and
around Gold hill, will go north again
In a tew dayB.
There Is said to be greater activity
in the Lardeau at present than even
In 1903, In Ihe lime or the boom
caused by the phenomenal strikes on
the Lucky Jack. Swede and Spyglass
The list of presents given to Mr.
and Mrs. Malcolm Shaw on the occasion of their wedding last Thursday,
unavoidably omitted earlier, was as
follows; Sterling sliver tea set, employes ot Hall Mines smelter; sterling
silver butter cooler, Angus McLeod;
china trull set, Mr .and Mrs. Harris;
cut glass bowl, W. Fraser; tea set,
employes ot Kootenay Stem laundry;
clock, Murdoch McLeod, gold watch,
C. La France; table cutlery set, J. A.
McPhee; carving set, Mr. and Mrs.
Kltclue; fish knife, Mrs. T. Henry;
case stiver spoons, McDonald and
Kennedy; lemonade set. I). Darough:
purse with gold, Mr. I.und.v; pipe,
James l.untly.
Cnplaln T. II. Trethewey, manager
of the La Plata mines, was a passenger on the delayed Crow- boat yesterday morning, He has Just returned
from Sherbrooke, Que., where he went
to attend the annua] genera! meeting
or the company. All the reports were
considered entirely satisfactory and
all the   directors. Including   Saptaln
Trethewey  .were ro-elocleil.
A Calgary syndicate is endeavoring
to secure control of ull the (heaters
lu  lhe  Interior or  British  Columbia:,
including tlte Nelson opera house, In
the event ol not being aide to make
satisfactory arrangements li is prop-
nlile that a new opera house will hu
Iinlli  lu Nelson.
Captain Forln requests lhe loan of
flags nnd flowers for the decoration ol the Armory lor tlie public reception ot the governor general nnd
Lady drey. They mny be sent to the
Armory tomorrow afternoon or Wednesday morning.
one of the toasts proposed. This leads
the Kaslo Kootenadan to remark:
"What nerve! Next thing we know
those cheeky Moyle people will be
claiming Kaslo as a suburb ot their
T. 0. Noble nnd Mrs. Noble left for
Slocan this morning, where they will
spend several days at the Ottawa
mine, of which Mr. Noble Is president.
From there Ihey will go lo Revelstoke
nnd llnntr, returning to Pittsburg by
way of St. Paul.
Wheat cutting wns concluded In
the Regina district Inst Friday, which
establishes a new record for that district. Lust Saturday night there was
very little wheat standing In tho new
province ot Saskatchewan.
Many Diversions of Nslsonltas Out of
Town���Rossland Crlekstsrs snd
Ttnnls Players Hers,
Kelson presents a holiday appearance today ln spite of the fact that
many people are enjoying themselves
out uf town
A large number have accepted the
Invitation of the Kootenay Launch
club and are plcnlclng on the grounds
or  Commodore Busk's  residence.
F. M. Black and Mrs. Black are receiving at their summer home the
members ot the Kootenay Fruit Grow,
ere' association and the 20,000 club.
The choir of the Methodist church
Is enjoying Its annual picnic at
Squires' ranch on the north Bhore of
the Arm.
Many shooting and fishing parties
are out also, all the way from Koot-
enay Landing to below Slocan June
But a big party of Rosslanders ar
rived last night and the Strathcona
presents a scene of animation. Tho
party Includes the Rossland Cricket
club and many tennis players who
have come over for an informal series
of matches.
Changes Taking Place In Ranching In
At no time of the year does the
Lower Sinialkaineen appear to better
advantage than In the waning days of
August, when the last of the hay crop
has been garnered In and the orchards
are staggering under their load of
luscious, mellow fruit. But the Similkameen of today and that of 10
years ago are ln many respects different, for the transition stage has set
In and has advanced sufficiently to
give the merest suggestion of the conditions whlc hwlll obtain 10 years
hence. Tbe Simalkameeu of 10 years
ago was almost wholly a pastoral
scene, where the fe wsettlers dwelt
ln Arcadian simplicity and contentment reigned. Thetr herds, numbered
by the thousand, pastured the summer
dw the upper ranges, and from the
wide, rich valley below Keremeos
creek with Its miles of "meadow
sweet" was gathered thousands of
tons of sweet smelling hay, almost
the entire summer being devoted to
the saving of the winter's supply ol
fodder for tho cattle, which were
brought down ln the autumn to pasture the winter in the lowlands. To
their credit be it said, the British Columbia cattle men In this part of the
province were more humane than
many elsewhere, and provided amply
for the winter. Now the number of
cattle has been greatly reduced aud
subdivide ls Ihe watchword. Furthet
reduction will steadily be made until
a few years hence 15 or 20 acres may
be about the average holding.���Hedley Gazette.
Ambitious Moyle.
Al  llle Daly  Banquet, held recently
ln Moyle, "Our Suburb, Nelson," was
Ore  Body 60 Feet Wide  Encountered
In East Kootenay Mine���High
Grade Galena.
An ore body having as width of over
60 feet has been pierced by a diamond
drill on the Stemwlnder, a mineral
claim owned by Mann & Mackenzie,
located on Huckleberry hill near Ihe
.Norlh Star mine. For several weeks
ll has boon rumored that a large ore
body bad been discovered In the
Stemwlnder; lhat Its width varied
from 30 to over 00 feet. It Is now
known positively thnt lhe extent of
the vein which has been located, between walls, Is over 00 fet wide. The
ore Is a silver-lend carrying high values In silver.
The diamond drill wns In aboul UO
feet when It rirst encountered the big
A tunnel wns run on the Sttemwlnd'
er which ls now In about 300 feet,
several small bodies of ore being en'
countered In driving this tunnel, but
the new strike is made some distance
from the tunnel, on tho northern imr-
tion of the claim, near the Ontario,
which Is owned personally by D. D.
Mann. The trend of the new strike
Is In a southerly direction and from
present Indications pusses through tho
Stemwlnder and Ontario, and Is at a
depth of nearly 1500 feet below the
present workings of the North Star
mine, which Is located some 4000 feet
Mann & Mackenzie are the owners
of the Stemwlnder, and It ls their Intention to run a drift ln to and across
the ore body and to prospect thoroughly the adjoining ground.
Details of Freight Wreck
Near Ounmore
Head-on Collision of Freight Trains --
Track Piled High With Debris-
Two Engineers Dead.
The hoat from the Crow's Nest
branch waa about 10 hours' late reaching NeUon Saturday night. The delay
was caused by one of the worst accidents In the history of the C. P. R.
western lines. News of a collision
reached the city Saturday nigh*..
Further details of the unfortunate
wreck occurring on the C. P. R. late
on Friday night last have been furnished The Canadian. The westbound train was in charge ot Conductor Kinney and was pulled by engine
No. 1306 in charge ot Engineer Glover.
This engine was one of the monsters
now so generally in UBe on the western divisions of the C. P. R-, and was
pulling a very heavy train, which consisted of between 20 aud 30 loads.
The accident took place about two
miles east of Medicine Hat. The roadbed along this part of the railway Is
one of the best on the entire system
and was in prime condition, so that
naturally the train was endeavoring to
make good time along this stretch of
On the other train which suffered
the fate of collision Rose, the engineer, was driving No. 1401, another of
the moguls In the heavy freight traffic service. His train was light, as he
had to reach Dunmore to make up for
remainder of his eastbound trip.
Seemingly fated, there was only one
spot on the whole line between Duu-
more Junction and Medicine Hat
where such au accident could have
happened, on account of aippreaching
engineers being unable to see each
other some distance ahead. At this
point there ls a sharp curve ln a
heavy clay and rock cutout which obstructed the vision of the drivers.
Conductor Kinney had asked the operator at Dunmore Junction If he had
received any further orders. The operator answered "No" and had given
him his clearance. He had no soonei
pulled out and got under wny than
the operator, noticing his mistake,
called up Medicine Hat over the wire
and asked if the eastbound had left.
Medicine Hat had replied "Yob," In
answer to which the junction operator is reported to have said, "Well,
then, there'll be an accident; get out
the wrecking train quickly." ThiB operator has not been seen or heard ol
since. He is evidently somewhere on
the prairies, seeking to make good his
The N. W. M. P. behove they are
on his track .though his exact whereabouts are not definitely known.
It is not true, as alleged In a morn-
Ing paper, that the operntisr had been
on duty 40 hours, as he had only
come on late In the evening of Friday and was on duty exactly 4 hours
and 45 minutes when he gave the
clearance lo the westbound train.
When Engineer Glover rounded tho
curve and saw the other train approaching it ls not known whether he
jumped after having reversed his en-
gtne and set the brakes, hut Ills body
was round away down au embankment
several hundred yards rrom tho scene
or lhe wreck.
The poor fellow sufrered an nwfu!
Injury and It wns reiKirled late last
night that he could not live Ihe night
through. Ills spine wns broken and
the splnnl cord ruptured nnd severed
In two places within a- length ot two
Inches. Ho underwent an operation
at Medicine Hat General hospital on
Sunday afternoon, when the extent o"
hls Injuries wns discovered, and he
was told that he must give up all hope
of life.
Engineer Rose, of tho other tram,
was badly scalded. The Mr. Oliver
whose name Is mentioned In lhe dispatches, and who was a brother-in-law
of Rose, was killed lnstnntly, his head
being literally smashed nnd severed
from the trunk. Engineer Rose died
on Sunday morning at 9 o'clock.
An eyewitness saya the wreckage
piled up at tho scene Is the worst over
known ln the West and is a pitiful
sight. The two large engines telescoped and are almost complete
wrecks. The Canadian Pacific railway was prompt In clearing the track
and providing means for the continuance of traffic.   A track was rapidly
constructed around tho pile of debris
and trains are now running on Bched
uie time.
The death of Engineer Glover ls severely felt In Medicine Hat, where he
had resided, and was highly respected
for his splendid moral character and
genial disposition. He leaves four
children and a widow to mourn hla
less. Mr. and Mrs. Amas and Mr. and
Mrs. Donaldson left this morning on
the Kuskanook for Mellclne Hat to attend the funeral.
Was Successful Celebration In Every
(Special to The bally Canadian.)
Cranbrook, Sept. 2.���The celebra
tion of Labor day here far eclipsed
anything of the kind previously ob-
Berved In this city. William Small
officiated as marshal and T. Doris as
assistant marshal. The parade assembled at the schoolhouse, thence
marched up Cranbrook to Baker
street, thence south to Louis street,
west to Norbury avenue and north to
Baker street to the vacant ground
near the C. P. R. There was a large
crowd from the neighboring towns, Including the Italian band from Fernie,
Polling Will Take ftai
Wife of Canadian Poet Dies In Okan-
agan���Her Restraining Influence
Over Louis Rlel.
The sudden death, of Mrs. Charles
Mair took place ln Victoria on the
18th of August. Deceased was stricken with paralysis while riding in a
Btret car and was taken to the Royal
Jubinlee hospital, but never regained
consciousness. The deceased was
well known to older residents ot the
Mission valley, where she resided
with her husband In the earlier days
of Kelowna.
Her husband, CharleB Malr, who
made for himself a name tn Canadian
literature by his drama "Tecumseh,"
and other writings of high literary
merit, Is at present in the immigration service of the Dominion government at Lethbrldge. Besides her husband, deceased leaves three daughters
and one son to mourn her loss. Her
eldest daughter, Mrs. Cann, is in the
Northwest; Mrs. Crlchton and her
younger sister are still In the Okan
agan, on their farm on the east side
of Okanagan lake, where Mr. and Mrs.
Mair frequently spent holidays, and
Mr. Malr, Jr., ls in the employ of the
Molsons bank.
Deceased was a niece of the late
ex-Lieutenant Governor Schultz, who
played bo prominent a part In the
f.rst Rlel rebellion, In n_ainla*nin8
British ascendancy in most trouble
some times, and only the nearest
friends of Mr. and Mrs. Malr know
that but for the influence which deceased held over the arch rebel, Rlel,
more blood would likely have been
shed ln that unfortunate affair, for
both Messrs. Malr and , Schultz had
incurred Rlel's displeasure and wero
prisoners ln his hands.
When mutterlngs of the second re
hellion arose, Mr. Mair, seeing the
danger, remove^ his wife and family
from Prince Albert to Windsor, Ont.,
and went to the front ln the governor
general's bodyguard, a cavalry corps
commanded by his brother-in-law,
Colonel G. T. Denlson.
When Mr. Mair brought his faintly
to Kelowna In 1892 their home was
marked with the good cheer dispensed,
antl those who enjoyed their hospital-
Ity will retain most pleasant recollections of their kind and singularly gift
ed hoBt and hostess, and their deep
est sympnthles will go out to the bereaved hushand and family ln Ihe
great loss which has been sustained.
W. P. Tlerney Ib home from Grand
Forks for lhe holidays. He Is looking well and ^reports excellent progress on the grading for the line up
the valley of the north fork of the
A parade of No. 2 company, R. M.
R., ls called by Captnln Forln for tomorrow night at 8 In the Armory to
prepare for Ihe reception of their eX'
cellencles, Earl and Lady Grey.
On Wednesday morning the steamer KuBkanook will leave for Kootenay
Landing at 4:30, to leave there wltb
the viceregal party at 9 a in.
R. E. GoBnell, editor of the Victoria Colonist, is suffering from Bclat-
Ica, and ls spending a few weeks at
Harrison  Hot Springs.
R. S. Lennie, T. O. Noble, of Pittsburg; R. J, McPhee of Slocan and
Douglas Lay spent Sunday looking
over the Reliance mine and mill.
Circumstances Necessitating Raising
of Additional Sum to Complete
Construction of Plant.
Tomorrow the property owners of
Nelson will be called upon to vote on
a very Important money bylaw.
The sum of $150,000 originally voted and borrowed for the construction
of the municipal power plant on Kootenay river has, owing to various unforeseen circumstances, been found inadequate. Now, the only alternative
to leaving the plant unfinished is the
raising of sufficient money to complete Its construction and equipment.
The money will be required at a
very early date as a large payment
will become due to the A.lis-Chalmers-
Bullock company immediately on delivery of the hydraulic machinery
which is already long overdue.
The exact amount that will be required cannot be determined. It will
depend upon the result of the appeal
taken by the West Kootenay Power ft
Light company trom the supreme
court of British Columbia to the judicial committee of the priory council of
the empire.
On that decision rests the liability
tor a sum of about 112,000, the costs
of the city and the Power company In
the litigation which began In April of
last year.
If the city's position be sustained it ~
will recover all its costs ln the litigation, approximately $6000. If the
company's appeal be allowed the city
will have to meet not only its own
costs but also those of the company.
The sum of $60,000, for the borrowing of which authority ls now sought
from the property owners, is considered sufficient to meet all possible contingencies. .
As the city's future aa a manufacturing centre, and even, to a large extent,
as a residential city, depends upon the
successful completion of the plant, tt Is
Inconceivable that amy property owner
should be so short sight d as to oppos
he loan, but it ls desirable for many
reasons that the vote in favor should
be large as well as unanimous.
The plant will probably be visited
on Wednesday by the governor general
of Canada and his party, and will cer-.
talnly be visited ln a few weeks by
the touring members of the Canadian
Society of Civil Engineers. It would
be well that the outside public should
not be left tn any doubt as to the ability and willingness of Nelaon to carry
its great enterprise to a successful termination.
The hours of polling will be from 9
a. m. to 7 p. in., for the east ward In
the city hall, where City Clerk Wasson
will be ln charge as returning officer,
and for the west ward In the board of
trade rooms, where E. K. Beeston will
be In charge as deputy.
No canvassing should be necessary.
Every citizen of Nelson understands
tbe vital importance of the passing of
the bylaw.
Cranbrook will soon boast an auto
mobile, the owner being V. Hyde
School Attendance.
The enrollment at the high and pub-
Ha schools foi she five school days of
August was far below the normal. It
ls expected that tomorrow or by next
Mondny at the latest the full strength
ot both schools will be enrolled. The
continued fine weather has kept many
families  still  camping  along the Arm,
The enrollment at the high school
was 114, with an average attendance of
-1.8, a percentage ot regularity ol
The enrollment at the public school
had reached 360 by the end of the
week, but as many entered only on
ThurBday or Friday the percentage
was unusually low.
Tho tenants of the second story ot
the Victoria block have all joined ln
sending a request to the, health officer of the city to examine the premises of an eating place ln the said
block, which by them is alleged to he
mnlntalned In an exceedingly unsanl-
tary condition. Their request will
doubtless have the Immediate attention
of the said officer, as. If the allegations so made are true the nuisance
caused thereby should be abated
without delay.
*,�� A
$ -fl
81 The Daily Canadian
I   B8U
��� STORES -
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Published n\ iuys ��� sree* t*y ihe
Maker St.. Kelson. B.C.
kaberriptlon ratt-jr-, f*> cents a month delivered
in the city, or *_..u) a jremi if tent by mall) when
Advertising rtteion application.
All monies paid in settlemeni of TheDslly
L'ann-iiati Seconals, either foi subecrlpttoni or
advertising, mnal be receipted tor on the printed
forms ni tne Company. uih.-r receipt! are not
SBPTBM^BR ���*;. 1906.
" By one woril we are sometimes fudged to I*
Viae and uy one wort sometimes judged ta be
foolish,   i-ct up tdert-fore   bv tart-f H what we
Today has been observed through1
out Canada as a statutory holiday and
business has been generally suspi ad
ed. It is- bui B few years since the
day was specified in the calendar of
legal holidays which could bo claimed
by those who occupy certain relationi
io their employers, aud it was so spec
fied as a concession to. or recognition
ot, the dignity of labor. The labor
party, or trades councils, or by whatever name the local organizations of
labor called themselves, obtained such
recognition from the governmenl thai
the laboring classes might bove the
same status as art. science and commerce and be reckoned in with the
sum total of the separate factors that
constitute the life of lhe nation.
Just what it waa originally Intended
to make of the day. or the purpose
beyond what is expressed above, that
it was intended to serve, has never
been made quite clear. The holiday
|sj Ipenl in various ways, each community deciding for itself, and we f* ur
that in most instances the real significance of tiit* day j- lost sight Of. To
many it is simply an additional holi
day and to l>e spent as all holidays
are spent, in fun. frolic or recreation.
This, in the opinion of The Canadian,
is fast leading the ranks of tabor bad
tu where they were before they wera
granted the special recognition they
The day should be Bpent in conventions for the discussion of economic
and social Issues affecting the bodj
politic, and the labor organizations
should plan to ma-ke it the biggest
day. politically, for them, of any day
in* the year, excepting the day on
which they cast their ballots in llio
exercise of their franchise. The day
should be given up in labor organic
en ami tho representatives of the people should meet their constituents and
giv.- an account of their administration or affairs. In other words, it
Should not be a holiday In tlu* accepted sense of the term, but should
he a labor day in the real sense of
the term, by people and representatives getting together and working
hard lo solve the problems affecting
socletys  welfare.
The Cranbrook Herald says: 'The
Conservative organs of the province
are taking the cue and Instead of dis
cussing provincial matters, which they
know are dangerous, they are trying
to bamboozle lhe people by presenting
Dominion   politics  for    the    provincial
campaign, in dodging provincial matters they display a degree of wisdom
for which they are to be compliment
ed, but   if  they   enn   expect   to   win   a
provincial  campaign  on    a    fight  of
slander and abuse of the Dominion
government, they show themselves to
be as weak in politics as they are in
the management of a business-like
Play fair, neighbor; you have anoth
er guess coming. The Conservative
organs of the province do not need a
"cue," nol even from the Liberal papers. Th- Conservative papers have
succeeded In putting the opposition
papers up a tree so high that only one
has got down as yet. and have sue-
ceeded so thoroughly In discrediting
their attempts to discredit tbe provincial administration that they
have thought it well to point out
to the people of Hritish Columbia how
things are ninning in the pet grit hive
at Ottawa, The difference between
the press in political matters in Hritish Colunlbla is. in. that not one of
the opposition charges has been made
to stick, while not one of the Conservative charges against the Ottawa administration has failed to reach the
target There is both a distinction
and  a  difference.
��� ���       M
The sermon i.n the editorial columns
of the News on Sunday morning, unlike so many sermons preached these
days, will bear analysis, in it appears
the following:
"Hence It is. that in spite of the
long list of scandals" allegedly com-
mltted by tin* Laurler government and
Industriously given publicity by the it-
gans that depend on Conservative
funds tor their very existence, no upheaval of public sentiment against the
Liberal   party  is apparent."
Now. that's all wrong this time, like
some sermons. It may not be apparent to the News that "no upheaval of
public sentiment has taken place
against the Liberal party,'* but the
authorities at Ottawa know a whole
lol better. Hut supposing it were true,
which we are proud to declare Is nol
thi case, what a commentary on the
moral -sense of the electors of Canada
ii such exposures of graft as have
been made and proven could be made
and proven without any "upheaval ot
public sentiment against the Liberal
party.'" We sometimes find it necessary to say hot things of our political
opponents, but we have never deemed
It  wise  to insult  the electorate.
��� ���      a
The News in its sermon asks;
Would it not be more dignified if the
"ii'ieal press were tq devote its undoubted talents to a logical and serious
discussion of the legislative and economic needs of the province rather
than continue lo play battledore and
shuttlecock with harsh words of ap-
probrlum and dislike which, in the end,
really spell envy and cupidity?" Well
surely. We are surprised that it hafl
just occurred to the News. Nownero'i
a go.    -Lei tin* News devote some of Its
��� undoubted talents" to a logical and
Rerlous discussion o! the legislative
and economic needs of the province
rather than continue to play at battle1
door and -Shuttle cock with hard words
and "opprobrium" nol "approbrlum"
and dislike, which in the end really
spell envy and cupidity.. Let it begin
by telling ns what the Liberals propose io do in the legislative assembly
should the country ever suffer the mis
fortune of their accession to power.
The Canadian will welcome guoh n
discussion with the morning paper, and
it cannot begin too soon.
*    ���    t
The News says: "The Conservative
organs which earn their bread hy
iheir loyalty and zeal invariably terms
the disclosures at Ottawa 'scandals,'
and those at Victoria 'canards," with*
OUi auy consideration whatever ot
their respective merits; and the Liberal press in too many instances, in
trying I mark you. it says 'trying') to
turn the tables, copies the extravagances of its confreres and thereby
falls  into  the  same  fatal   errors."
Thai's a gem. We can't speak for
the Liberal press with authority, but
our esteemed morning content, is away
off in its guess. The Otlanwa scandnls
have lieen called "scandals" because
ihey are scandals, while with equal
truthfulness the Victoria yarns have
been called "canards" because they
have so far every one been proven to
b-    canards.       Hit     it  up  some  more,
��� ���   >
Tin1 sermon goes on to say. Hence
too, the repeated accusations against
the McBride government at Victoria
have lost their inclseness because of
their very multitude." Not quite so
bad as that, but even that is a strange
admission for the News. The fact
la the accusations against the McBride government have "lost ineis*
iveness" because not one of them ha-a
or can be made to stick, and further,
because they have been for the most
pliri the production of anonymous or
discredited and disgraced partizaus,
.���.-.'Hiii there is ii marked distinction
and a difference.
��� t    *
That wftd a happy thought in }&9ti
when the Liberals resolved to call
themselves Liberal-Conservatives. TlteV
are conservative alright lu as far as
tbey have not deviated from the national policy of the grand old leader of
ihe Conservative party. Sir John Mac
Donald. That ihey are 'Liberal" al-
right can be amply testified by such
men as Moberley, Preston, and most
of  the constituencies  in   the  maritime
��   ���   ���
What a pity the News is not permitted to refer to The Canadian when
ii wishes to answer The Canadian.
That would save It the trouble and inconsistency of dealing ont left handed
sermons to the Times and World and
by the same token as much to itself.
The News might as well begin tomorrow as at any time. It will have to
come to it some day.
��� ���        M
We wonder how long the Nelson
N. ws win continue in its present penitent and goody-goody state of mind'.'
Perhaps till Francis J. Deane gets
home again, although we doubt even
��      ���      ���
Surely   Rev.   J.   0.   Shearer   will   no
longer object io the publication of the
Daily News on Sunday morning since
it has turned out to    be   such a nice
little Sunday school  paper.
t    ���   *
A  line dropped    out    of one of the
Upper stories  reads as follows:     "Tho
Spectacle   of    the    descent    furnished
amusement for a vast multitude."
��� ���      a
This is I^ibor Day in The Canadian
office. Anyone reading the above will
easily jn.iii-- what a picnic we have had.
Mountain Wild
Flowers of
By Julia W. Henshalto
A simple and popular guide to the
names and descriptions of the flow*
SIS ihat   bloom  above  the  clouds."
A book for every teacher, school and
private library, and every lover of
our  wild   flowers.
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V _J ���___<!_ ATOM ft
Sign Writing a SprSolnlty.
Willi I'lipuriiiul I lurlup.
Sl!.'iH_iNWAR"   -    NELSON
Notice ii herebv Riven tlmi *'���>'��� t���*���* ���* slier .in;.' !
inwiui to apply tn the Honorable chfel l ominl*-
���iiiii- rol I-aml> niut Worki lor |-' rmhudon to pur-
chest thi* following describee lands, iltuate In
the Weat ICootensy district, -lartinglrom a poat
plentedsttheS W.oornerol Krw si * Robinson's
Applit-atino to I archese, mi.l en itn- ihtiIi l>nnk
of the Norih Pork oi ��� ..k creek; tbence HI chaini
treat. Bo ebalna north. Loo chalna east, to chains
���outh. SO ehalna west, SOctulna south t>. interaec
iicn of north Itnt'uf K. W. Robinson's Application
t.i Purchase) thence -hi ehalna wesi and 20 chalna
iiuth to point of commencement, contalnlni fi-io
Pnu-l ISth dav of August, 18 ���-
��� ________��� ROBlKSoy. Ageni.
Notice is bereby given that f-0 dan after date I
intend to apply to the Honorale chief Commls-
sioner of 1-ands and Works for permission to purchase the following described lands, situate in
the West Kootenay district; Martins Irom a post
planted at the N. B. oorner of F. \\, Robinaon's
Application to purchase, thenee 40 chains east,
(U chatm south. 'JO chalna west. tO chains north,
40 chains west. 20 chaini north, JO chains east, ic
chains north to point of eommeucement, contain
ing lftO acres.
Dated Ut.
h dav of August, IPO*
D, c. >: RosttKWi
per Eft-tsar W. Rohissq.--, Agent.	
Not fee is hereby tlvon thnt sixty dajri aftei
date 1 Intend tn applv to the Honorable the
chief CornmUaloner of undi mi-l Worka for per*
m lit lob tn btuchsao Uie following described
Und on tin* weal shore ol utJ|��ef Arrm. I*ake mid
Joining J. It. Fct-n.-Vi pri- .-tnptfonj Running
weal lu chain*! th. net- north M ohalnai theliee
ciod lueiiiiihv u> the shore "I ibt* lake! thenbe
south foltdwlUg thi* lake shore to point ol com-
ineneemeht, containing Bin acres more oi leu.
Paled AOitMiM 1*.'. !'����''-
it, k. m teuton
J. J   K.-..1.Y, Agent.
Notice la hereby given lhal -sixty daya aftoi
dati' i Intend to apply io th<: llouorable the
Chief Commisaloner ol Landa n-nd Worka for net
mission t.�� pnrchaae the following described
land on the weat aide ol Lower Arrow Uke and
lolning no**-onih line of the Ih.Iihii Reservation:
Running west ao chains; thenre r-uoth BO ehalna;
thence eaat 3) chalna, to the -hor.- of the lake;
thence nonh lollowlng the take -lion-to the
poini of commencementi .'.-11110111111.' i'-" acre*
more or ten.
bated August 80,1906. W, It. Mai L8on
       J    I   KtLLY,  igoni
Notice le hereby given thai 1 luteud.OO daya
Hfii-r date to H]i|ily to the Honorable the Cblel
fiommlssloneroJ . andsand Works for permission
to purchase lhe loiiowing described landa In
Weat Kootenaj district, aboti five milea south
of Bnrion City, com mencing at <*. post plitiit.-d <>n
the easl bto.k of tract C. k , ami marked "V*. H.
Hamilton'! S W. C, post," and running north *"
chains, thence cast BO chains, Ihence south m*.
chains, thence weat BD chalna to place of begin*
mil*, containing M0 acres ol land, more or k-s--.
Dated Ihlattad day ol August, 1906.
w ii Hamilton
Notice is hereby given thatr" dayi after dsti-1
intend to apply to the Honorable < htef * ommts*
atonei of Lands and Wort- for permlulon to
purehase the following deacrlbed lands-, situate
in West "-'MHenay district: t-'ummeuciag -*���< ��
post matted ('B, donkey's N w corner Post," slt-
imt ��� n.ar '.he N E. eorm-r ol land k|.p1i.--1 Ior by
ilk. thenee south 40ehains,more of )>���>��; thence
east 80cbalm 1 ilu-nce north to ebalns, more 01
lev; thenee wt-st aochHin. i" point ol commencement.
Salmo, August 11,1906.
 T. H. Atkinson, Agent.
1 dayi after date 1
>le the Chief Com-
[01 permission to
.1 lands situate in
uMicing ai h i��i-t
���:r post," altuate
applied f-.r by A.
in--, more or lens;
��� north  i'i chain?..
1 balni to point of
Notice Is herby given thai ������
Intend, to apply to iheHon.trnl
mlssloner ol Lands and Wo* a*
purchase the following d-*scnt-"
West Kootenav district: Cotnn
marked ��� -R. ftoss's N. W corn
near the ft. E .orner of land
M.L*hu thenoe south to cha
thence cast so chains; then
nmre or last)  thence wesl B
Balmo, August 11,1.W
t.h  *mt
r. Bon,
.v. Af.lit.
��rth to chains, inorp-or l���*.; thenoe west
���") chains lo punit of cntntnencetnettl
-aim... August II. l**ui A. Mi I.I..N.
          1   II    -ihls-i.N. Age lit
Notice in hereby giw Q (hat BO uajri aft**r dale 1
inteud to make appth ailon to tin- Bonorable the
chief 1'oininttMioiier "I Landl aud Work* for per*
mlsaon to Mtohasetbi following deaorlbed \nwf-
situate tu �� SSI Kootetuy district: Commencing
nt a DOtt mark."! "A. M.-l^iughllli's K. W  corner
posL*1 **iiustt' m-ar the N K corner of land ap*
piled for by P. McArthnr, ihence sonth40 ebalns,
more or less, thence east BO ehalns; thence north
tOi'haitih, more or leaa; tbence west V chains t<-
polnt ol commencement
Salmo, AugUM 11. 1906. a. ICcLaoORLaK.
T. H   Atkin-os. Agt-at.
Certificate of Improvements
���ilgmitw, c.unt. First chance, Cbshftlsl*, and
Tweliiv Mile Knuiioii mineral cb.lms, ellt).
ate in the NttlSOO  Mlulu*- 1 (vision of Went
Kootenay district
Wh.r.- locaied; On 1-undce mountain, between
Wild none and Hear Oreeka.
Take notice thai I, John MoUtobte.of the city
ol Nelson, leiing as agent for Joseph Sturgeon.
Free Miner's Certificate No 1151m, Intend, sixty
davs from lhe dale hereof, toupph- to tin- Mining
Recorder for ('ertlltrales ul no pi vemenfs, for
the purpose ol obtaining Crown Orants of tho
above claim**
Atnl further lake notice tha1 sctlnn, under sce-
tlon :". musl be commence 1 before the Issuance
of such Ceriili- Hie of ImuroveiacUli
Dated this ;i|,.i day of July. A. D. 1W��.
John MlLatihif.
Notice is bereb. .riven that -so days afterdate 1
intend to applv 1^ the Hon. Chief CommUsh-ner
of i_.ii.l-and Works i"- permlanon lopurchaae
th.- f..Ilowlug described land**, situated iu the
Kootenay district CommenciM nt a post marked "BBW8 I eorner." planted on the ahon :
Lower Arroa lake, about one mile souih -���(
Gordon creek (Johnston creek,) thence north 90
chains, Ihence --������-' ���" ehalns, tbenee south BO
chains, thence eaat W .'hsins to point ol com
mencemont. containing 160 aerea more or lew,
and comprising abandoned pre emption No. 670.
Staked this -tib d��! of August. 1906
Ii. K. Wol.VSKTiiN,
A, s W01 *. kutom, Ageni
Notice 1- herebj given that sixty day- afler
date 1 intend to apply to thu Honorable the
Chief Commissioner of Lands and Work** Ior
permission to purchase tho following describes lands situate in the West Kootenay
district, starting from a post planted on the
north hank of the North Fork of Dop creek'
thence W chains west, H) chains north, -aO chains
west, 40 chains north, 'J. chains west, 30 chains
north. ;�� chains west, 20 chains uorth, BO chains
eaat, 20 chains south, 10 chains east. *0 chains
south, 20 ehatns east. *ich**lns south to point of
commencement, containing W0 acrei,
Dated l(*th dav of August. \tot.
tnr**r.aT W, RoiflttOV
Ifotli B Is hereby given tbat tn days from date I
intend to apply to the Honorable the Chief Cam-
mlskloner of Lendl and Work*' for pcnn'iilnn
to purchaie the following descrlbi'd lands nt*
bate In well Kootenav hlitnct: couimetictni
ni a posl mafked 'Ei -Stewart's n w, corner
post,*' ��tttintrd near the Junctloh of Loll creek
and ���*��� ii  Kork ol salmnti, thence south tu
chains, more or leas| thenc east *�� chaiimi
ihriip- 11 .rth 40 chains, more 01 lesa) thenoe
weal ft) chains to point ol oomincnremenL
Salmo, Augusl nth. 1906.
K. BrmriRt
T. H. ATKlttSOH, Agent.
Notice 1- bereby glTcn tbat sixty days after
date 1 intend toapply lothe Hon. thief Commie*
sioner ol Land* and Works f..r permission to
iiurehase the tollowinedescribed lanctssHuate in
West Kootenav dlstnot, adjoining the interna
tional boundary line, aix.nt four miles east ol
Hi. i Col 11 in hla river, com no ncingatapOSt marked "L. M, Fs B, w. corner," situate on the International boundary line, at the southeast corner of J. S.C. eraser's land; thonceeastOOchalna.
thence nonh 00 chains, tbenee westtt clonus,
thonce south 60 chains lothe place ol oommeuefr
ineiii, con ia in ing Ini aires more or le��a.
Dated 25th June, 1906.        Ladra M. FIusm,
F   I   O'Keilly, Agent.
Notiee i> hereby given thai slxtydayi from
��� late i intend to apply lo the Hon. chief Commissioner ol Lands and Works ior permUwlon
to purchase th.* (ollowlns deserlbed lands hii
nate In Wesl Kootenay lii-.iri.-t, between the
I'end d'Orelllo river and tbe International
boundkrt ;.;,��. ..;-..*,.���.:.- . lea<KQ|MM��iSBl_a
iiiniuii nver. Uommeuclng hi h (Hiit ���....'..
J. 8. C. P1! S. W. corner situate on the Interna
tional boiindan line, about hall a mile eaat of
th.- easl bounder] ol Uie N. af. s. ity. Lands:
thonce north to chains, thence east 80 chains,
tbence south <ochains, tnence weet ni ehains, to
the place of oommeneement, containing CD acres,
mote ..r leas-
Dated -Mlii tune. 190*1. J. B, ('. Fkaskk,
F.J, O'Reilly, AgenL
Notice Is hereby given that (*) davs after date 1
intend tn apply to the Hon. the Chief Commie*
sioner ol Lands and Works for permission to nur-
chase the following described lands In West
Kootenay district, province of Hritish ciutnbla;
Commencing at a post marked "William Tolling
ton's northwest corner post," -.aid iH.-.t iM-ing
���limited at the southweet oorner ol the "Queen
Min.-ral Claim," Hii'i adjoining \\���- east Inn* nl
McPhall'i pre-emption, ihence souih twenty (2m
1 ham- abing said line, thence east forty" (tO)
chains, thenee north twenty (2u) chain-, thenee
west forty (to) chains more or less, to lbe place of
haled 1st day ol August, IftOS,
William  'r.n,i [KOTOW.
By his agent J. K. Taylor
Notice ls hereby given that 60 days after dste 1
intend to apply to tne Honorable the Chief ''om*
mlsiioner of Lands and Works for permission to
purchase the following described Lands situated in the Kootenay District. Beginning at a
poit plaited on the uorth shore of the Lower
Arrow Lake about 40 chains weit of the weat
boundary of C 1' K Lot 46W, Marked H A. W.
& K. corner, theuce west 40 chains, theuce north
ftO chains, tbence eut (0 chains more or less to
lake shore, thence in a south we��terly direction
along lake ab"re to point "f coramencement. containing i> acr*i more or leu.
Located June is, 1906.
II. A, Woi.viktov.
A. N. WoLYHTOW, Agent.
Notice is herebv glveu that two inou-hn after
date 1 liiU-nd tn'applv to the Honorable * tile)
' ommlssloner ol Lands and Worki for permission   toOU'Chase   Sll   hundred   alld    forty   (Mo)
aores of land, described -i- Follows 1 Commencing
nt n post planted at the northwest corner ol L.
U-allagher'sapplication to purchase in Fir.. Valley, on   lhe  west side of  l^owcl  Ar'i.u Lake, Hi
Kootenay district, marked "W. A. C*i N b.eor
Her"; theme ninning Sight* f80j i hams West!
theliee   elghtv    (KO)   SOU Ull    theme   eighty   (KO)
chains east: thence eighty i**") chains north to
place of commencement,
W. A. 1 a I |i��:r.
Dated llo* 2nd dayol .Inly. 1906.
Sixty days afterdate I intend to apply to the
Commlnl-nnei ol Landi and Works, Victoria, to
purchase H'-u aires ol lan-l Commencing at a
(Hist i.iauied on ihi* wei>t aliore of Arrow Ijtte. at
the -.outh cast corner of .1. I  Christie'' pun has.-,
running north 80 ohalna, tbentie eaai _D ehalns,
ihenoe south hu chains, thence went Bo ehalns to
idace of commenneroenl
Located Uay.vtb IW6,
A.   (AKHIK.
I.. <i*i s.Ai.mtn. Locator.
Notice !*��� hereby gt\<n that to days aft.-i date 1
Intend to apply to the Honorable the Chlel C	
mleslonei ol Lands and Works, Victoria, lo pur
ohaae **o arret, ol land, altnate about om- mil.*
i-a.-i of Burton Ciij .ui th. easl sideol Arrow
lake, ,,nd described as followi   Commencing at a
port nlwrt-d  nt  th ', o-.-ti, .mt 1 loru.T ��� ( i...t ,..0.
���*��.... y17!.i. aj ,;:.:.,   j'.,.;.***    west-to ebatoa,
IheiicfMou.ii B0UMU.ua,   ....... easl -to chains to
riven ihat two Bmih, ,
Kotiee is hereby gi
date I  intend to apply  .,, tll^ ���, fc     . - ������
Gommlmioner ol Un.is ^HfSfiffl
sion   to  pun-naa,.  six   hun.lr,..] 2dW?__i
aeres of land, deeerlbed as Mi,,!-,. 7    riy M
L. t.allagher's apSieatlOO lo 1,1,1'      ,,,rr"T^
Mae's southeast corn, r1"......f' lu��rk��d
place of iH-elnnlug
August tfth, lWti.
Notice ih hereby given that 80 day . after dale
i intend toapply to the Chief Commissioner ol
Lands and vi.rks for permission t"> purehase
the following described lands,situate In West
Kootenay district: ( ommenclng at a poet marked .1 UcArthur'i N w corner post." situate neai
lhe N. K corner .<f land applied lor by A Turuer.
thenee souih \o chains more or le*SJ thenc. easl
Uohains; thenc north 40 chains, more or lees;
1 hence west su chains to point of commencement.
Balmo, August n, uos,
J   M�� AKTHI B,
'I   II   ATKINSON   Agi :it
Notiee is hereby given lhat BO days after date
I Inteud to apply to the Honorable lhe < hi.f
' ommlsslone!  Ol  lands  and Worki forperiitls-
ilon to < nrebase tho follow ing deserlbed lands,
iltuate in ihe We��t Kooteuay district: Commencing at a post marked "A. iu-ncr's N.W. corner
pos*," situated at the S. K. eorie** of land applied ior by K St,wart, thence -outh 40BbaiUS,
more or less; thence east Mi chains; theme north
!u chains, inure or Icsti; tbenee west *) chaius to
point of c in.-iu . iii.iit.
Balmo, B " . Auguil if U08.        a. Tokxmb,
i  H ATKixsny, Agent.
Notiee l> lor.-ly given that im days aft.r date I
intend to applj to the Honorable the t blel l om
mlssloner of Lands and   Works for pi rmleslOO to
purchase the following deserlbed laud in West
Kootena]  im*i let about seven miles iouth ol
Hurton cm :    Commencing at a post plaubd on
the east bank ol Trout greek nud marked Mrs,
W II. Hamilton'-. B, W. 0. Posl and running
north 80 ehalns; thence east ���*> chains) thence
south W chains; thence west 80 cha-ni to place
..f u-giiiiiiiig, containing (Ho ner.-. no. n oi  lesi
Hated this22nd day ..I August, IMC.
Mas VV. U. HAMiLltm
Vt   H IUmii I--*.   \tt nt
Notice i- liereb) given that no lav after dau< I
nu. nd to apph to the Honorable the ��� blef <,,,���.
tntsslnnei ol l-anda and Work- lor permission <<>
purchase the following described land in Weal
Kootenay Pistrict about six miles south ol Bor.
i.ui Citj cmnmencing at a post planted ><������ the
ea-t bank of Trout creek auumarsad > I. Pish-
t-r's n w. u. Post and running south bo chains;
thence east 80 chains; thenee north n chains;
theliee wesl an.hilt.** lo 111-    p|tOS ol  '"In In. -lie.-
ment, oontainlng '-i" a.-r.-". nmre oi lesi
Dated una Ond da) ol August. 1000.
c L. H-iiii'
W  II  lUvu.TuK, Agent.
Kotlce Is herebj glren that 80 days a A r date I
intend toap< ly lo the li irable Ine Chief Com*
mlulouer uf Lund-, and Worki for permlaslon to
l-iirchase lhe folli.wliiK d  Htlbed   land   in   West
Kootenay Id-tr;. iboul seven miles south "f
iiu'ton City: Commencing at a i-i-i piam.-d on
the east bank of Trout oreu an-i marked Alex
CbeVne'i N W n Posl and nnming south au
cbafnst thence cast Bo chains; thonce norih so
cbalnst thence west an chains io poet ol beginning, containing 'I *n- of land, noire or less.
Dated this and daj *���( August, 1008
i Wte' Hamiltok, Agent.
Sixty day* aftei date 1 Intend to appl-- to the
Commissioner Of   Uml-. and   Works. Victoria, to
pnrohaas I0Dacrea ol land, siiuiite mid demril*ed
as follows;  Commencing ata poit |- a   '���  '��� .oi the
wesi side of Arrow bike opposite Carti.o,, city, al
or near the southwest comer of h. Hntg purehase, and marked "*��, M. A , B F. OOmer,    and
running north 40 chslns. thenoe wesl �� cbalni
to 11. Auiiahle's purcliase, theuce xnuth tu chaltn,
more or lers lo lhe I .kc nbore, iheme alimg tll��
lake thore to plaee of b'gitiinug.
August r.ih,l��i6. U. M   AM-aij.k
Notice i�� hereby given that BO dayi aftei date l
intend toapply in ihe Honorable the chief Commissioner ol Lind* uud Work* for p-tiiiI-*-*ton to
purchase the following described lands: Commencing at a post marked "J. A.O. 11*8., W, corner," p a >.l nt the no-theast corner of I. I OS I
run..ing a...hal* | to rlh J thence HO ehalns last!
then, e ho eh-tn. s iiiih; ihenco hu chains wesl lo
poin- of com me cetrent, coiii��luing B40 acres
more or less
Hat d the -'1st day of July LOT
J. A. 0'BBtU.T,
Notice i-herebv given lhat slxtv days from date
I intend toapply tube Hon Chief Commissioner
..f Lands and worki for permlaalon to pnrchase
the following described lands situate in West
Kooteuay District, adjoining lhe  international
boundary line, about Bve mtleteoxtol the Columbia river; commenolng at a post marked K.
Q'l 8, W corner, ou the Intertialional boundary
Iin.- nt Laura M . Eraser's southeast enrner. thenee
north nj i hains, thence east tu chains, thence
south fti chains, thence west tu chains to the
plaoe oi commencementi containing .s'Ju acres
more or leas,
Dated _Bth June, 1808. Ralph Oitmrnt,
Kotlce Is hereby given that sixty days after
date ] intend to apply to the lion. Chief Commlsr*
Bloner   ot   I.aml-   tuul   Works   for   permission   to
purohaae the lollowlng described lands in
ihe West Kootenaj dlatrlet, south ol the Pom I
d'nreille rner; commencing at a postmarked
C. B's 8. ��. corner, situated un the trail near
Bear creek aboul a mile from the  International
boundarj line, thence weal V) chains, thenee
north 80 chains more or less to the nnd d'Oreille
river- ib-nee following thu aouth bauk ul the
Pend   d'Oreille river suutbea-t au ehains. mure
or less; theuce south 3D chalna, inure or le.i to
tin* place ut commencement, containing SfiQ
seres, more >-i less.
I'Blesi  Ith July, IflOfc. CHARLES  HlEaEI.
v. i. O'RieUy, Agent
Notice i- berebj glren thai sixty days after
date i intend to apply tothe Hon.Chief Commissioner "i Landi and Works for permission to
purchase ilu- i.-Hutting deamrlud lauds, in
the Weal Kootenay District, etwt ol and ad
lolning JamesN. Maekenste's land; Commencing at a post marked a. s"a s, k. corner, on the
south   bank   of   the   Pend  d'Oreille  river,  just
above the mouth ol the Balmon river, theuee
west Njeha-n-. thence nortii W) chains  more  or
I.��� to the Pend d'Orelllo river, thonoe lollowlng
the south bank ol the said river In a southeasterly  dire, ii,.ii tu  the  place  of  commencement,
oontainlng 2S0 ai res, more or leaa.
n. it ue la hereby given t hat sl x ty day n after date
I intend to apply to the Hon. Chief CommlMloner
of Lands and Works (or (svermiaaion to purebaae
the following described lands in West Kooteuay
Dlatrlcl south ol the pend d'nreille river. Com-
mencini at s posl marked K. T. It's, N. K. corner
un the sonth bank ol the Pend d'Oreille river,
about a mile and a half east of the iim-i.Hi t.f Rah
creek thenee sonth ni ehains, ihence west xo
chains, them.-north to ehains more or less to
the I'-nd do'rcille river, thence following the
si.nth bank of  the said   riv.-r   in a northeasterly
direction to the place of oommeneement) containing UO acrea, more or lesa.
I'at.d _'ad July 1908, Ki.i��� T. lUCKIKXn,
AHTHTI. S< HNKltiKR. Agent.
Kotiee ia hervibj given that rat days after date 1
intend to apply lo the Hon. Chief < ommisaioner
oi Landi ana Works tor permission to purchase
the  loiiowing described  lands, altuate in West
Kootenay District souih ul the Pend d'Oreille
rlveri Oommenelng ata pnst marked a. it MY N.
W, eorner situate at the wjuth bank <>f the I'end
d'nreille river at Klla T. IfeeKeusle'S north eaai
Corner post, thence south *u chnins, thence eaat
mi ehains, tbence imrth so chains more or less to
the Pend d'Oreille river, thence west wicimini,
loiiowing the bunk of tlie said river to tlie place
of commencement, oontainlng 640 aeres, mure
or less.
Dated 2nd July laofi. a. Ii Mai krkiix.
Kotloa is hereby given that sixty days after dale
I intend i,, apply toth.- Hon Chief Commissioner ..I l.ami-. and Work-* for j.eriiii��slun to purchase tlo- (..Mowing described laud*, situate in
West   Kootenay   District,   south   oi   the   Pend
d'Oreille river, rommeneing at a post marked
U. H's N. K. corner, situate on the south hank
of the Pend d'Oretllo mer nt .lames >. Maoken-
lie . southwest corner, tbence south un ehains,
ihenee wesl VI chains, ihence north to ehalna,
more or leas to the i'end p'Orelilfl river; thenee
lolioHlug tbe .outb bank nf tbe-aid river in un
easterl] an.I northeaster)] *iir.-. tion lo the piece
��� >f comments ment, eoniulning t.gi acres, more or
Dale Brd Jill.. IVfi. MAh'.AHUT llAKiOraT.
v ri Ii ii r Krbni-tder, Agenl.
Notice U herebj given that Mat) dayaafterdale
l iiii.-ii. f appl*. to the Hou cblel Commlmloner
ul i-and* ami Works lor permission to purcnaas
no- laUowftig described land- in Weal
Kootenay IMstrlet, sonth ol the Pend d'Oreille
river,  eommennlng  at a j.ost   marked  J   N, M's
-   VV. eorm-r. iltuated OH th ith bank ol the
ihi d'Oreille river, oppoctte the mouth of n
Mile creek; thence eaal�� chains, tbenee north
toi-haiii. mors ur less to the Pend d'Oreille river,
thonce IoMohIiik the miutb bank of the .aid riv.-r
in a weeterlj ate! wuthweaterlj direction to the
i iai i eommenoement, containing -tat acres
 re or le--.
Dated 3rd July, 1000.       J aura N, Mai -kkmik,
Arthur Behnelder, Agent
Notice i- hereby given that two month nfier
date I Intend to ��.l-ply lothe Honorable Ihe 'htef
' ommlaaioner "f f-Hlids and Works for a I*h-*(.< of
all lhat bind being the  foreshore mljoliilng M,i,.
dhi-.oiiM i. ;i and i ol ' ot bob, droup  irij
Koolenay, and Ix-lng on ihf* south slu.re of the
Wesl Wm M Kootenay lake, iu the district of
���ommenclng al t |w>*t marked "A. B, ffeutf
lonthessl corner p>st": thence B0 chains west,
Ihenee k> chain*   north;   tbenee 00 ��� ',.,!!,. .mi ���
them" 31 ehains smith tothe piece ot commencement, the said land and foreshore to bo b�� used
for sawmill purposes.
Dated thin vlst day ol August, 1**1.
A   jj   WATW.
Notice i- bsreb) given ihat Oo days slier date I
Intend tO apply to the Hon..ruble the chief Com
mlssloner of l.ami*. and works lor permission to
Hirehaw ihe following deeerlbed lamb iliaate
III Weel ' ooteiia*. Dlsllet; f'omuieneni at a
post marked ", ilcArtbui i N w corner post
ittoate near ihs N r;. corner ol land applied for
!>.. ���-. MeArlhur theuee wuth lu Chains, IIO-re ul
less; thenee ea-t m chains;  thenee north to
ehalns, mo'e or lees; tbenoe west so < hains to
p..mi of tommenceineni
Balmo, it '., August iiih, t-.sic.
_.   _ P   M'AftTHLR
T   H   ATKIKNON, Agenl.
J. It. HrNTKR.
Notice fs hereby given thai sixty duys afler
date I intend to applv to lln- Hon Chief Comm is
fcloiier of 1-alllis mnl Worki lorpermlMlOQ to purchase the following described lauds sltnate tn
West Kootenay district; Commenolng ai a pan
marked J.H. \ anstone'i B.B corner poat. situate
In the Salmon Klver Vallev, al u |��.ini adjoining
J. Meerh.-r's lull.)  at  Western  boundary, thence
west WI ehalns, lhetl>'e Uorth to ChallU, lliellt'e
east N) ehalns, theliee soutli  40 chains lo poll 1 of
Julv Mth, taw. J. ll. Vauitokb,
T. II    Atkins..ii.  Ag.nt
Notice is hereby given that 00 days after date I
intend to make appluaiiou to the Honorable the
Chlel Commissioner of Umls and works [or |��r
mission  to purchase the following  deeerlbed
lands- Ctiiumetiolng at a pu-.1,marked A   W   ( nl
der's southeist corner, section n, Township '.*v.
running eaut twenty chains, south forty ehalns.
west twenty chains, north lorty  chains  to pla. e
0 fcomineiiceuient.
Dated July '. lt-sti. Iuhn Hamis
Notice is given that Ut davs alt. r date I Intend
toapply to the Honorable Die chief Commissioner ot Lands and Works lor pcrini-sudun tu
purchase the following deeerlbed land* in the
���A est K>.otenay District: Commencing a I a DOJI
marked r C, I'uwil/ Laud B. I Comer placed
near the I'end d'Oreille river at lloiiiidari ereel
east side ot Balmon riverithenoe east so chalus
along the international Boundarj Une, tbenoe
U3rtb4) ohaini. tbenoe west bo ohaini, thenee
south 40 chain* tu pllOO ol i-oinmelieeinent.
Dated the 001 b <>i July 1900,       C, C PoTim.
By Akdkiw Aiuk, Agent-
Notice is hereby given tbftttWO  months alter
dale I Intend to appiv  tn the Bonorable tbe
Chief Commissioner ol   l-atnls  and   Work-   lor
permission b> purehase Ihe following described
lands situate on ihe west arm of Kootena) Lake
in the Dutrici t.f West Kootenav: Commencing
ata poel marked ������William Btterby'i N W, post:'
theliee west twenty (_Si) chains: thenee louih
tarlity 00) chains; theme east twenty UD
chains; thence north twenty {'Jot chain-  to the
point of commenoement, containing forty (toj
aeres, mort or leaa.
Dated July 7, 1800. __ L '���. WlUOK.
Notice Is hereby given that Otldays alter date, 1
intend to applv to ihe Hon. chief Commissioner
of Ijiiidn and Works lor permission ti. |,nreha-e
the lollowlng deeerlbed trad ol land situate in
Weft KiKitenav District: Commencing at the
south wea t comer of l��i ;,:����); tbence runlng
west #l chains; lbence north Ji chain-. them-e
wesl til chains; thenee north J'chain-: thence
east  au chains;   thence aouth ttcbalni to point
of commencement, oontainlng MO aorea, more or
Dabd st Nelson, p c., this itrd day **t Julv.
pjU6. Mary >, ��m,is,
     per F. C. Qreen, Ag.nt.
Notice Is hereby given that fiO days after date
llntend   to appiv   tO   the   Honorable   th-   Chlel
Commislonerol Landsand Works for permission
to purehase the lollowlng deserlbed lands in tbe
West Kootenay District: commencing at a po-l
marked T. ft, Kreiiehe's Lind B. R, crinr piaeed
near C.C. I'oynla B.W, corner, thenre eul B
obalns, thenoe north tu chnins, thenoe weal *�����
chains, thenoe eouth 40 obalns to place of com-
Hated 90th day of July infi.       T. It, PUD0 H.
Ity  AM.ut.w   AIUR, Agt-lit
NotlM ii hereby given thnt 00 days after dntc 1
intend toapply to the Honorable the Chief Com*
mlssloner of Lends ami Works (or permission to
purchase the following desoribed lands in tin-
West Kootenay district, near Burton City; eom-
nienclngal aiH.st planted nt the -..utbeast corner
oi Heorff Hud.on'i pre-emption claim, and
marked Harry <i. Tollliigton's N. I C, post, and
ruunliig souih 4U ehalns, ihenee west At chains,
ihcme north tn ebalus. thence east 10chalus to
place of iH-glliulug, containing S0 Mm of lauu,
mure or less.
Dated this Btfa dav ol *ugust, P**>.
HaRRV  ti    Jul 1 IMJT'iV
Notice Is bereby given ihat 80 days after date I
Intend to make application to the Honorable the
chlel Commissioner of Landsand Works fnr per*
mission to pnrehaee aoool loo acres of land slto
ated on ilu- Oelmoo rher. Went Kootenay district,
commencing at a post marked h   K. Huller's N K.
corner, planted ou the wesi bank of tbe river.
about I1, miles norlh of Hie Internal loiial Ism ndary. tbenee mel 00 ehains, thence wi chains
south   thenc east about 90 ehalna to the rher,
tbenee northerly along tin river to place ol cm
Align-1 iMli, 1VW0. ��. K, HrTIKH.
T H Atkinson, Agent,
Hlity  'lays  uf er date I intend toapply to lhe
Honorable the Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Worm, Vptorla. lo purchase HO sCreSol land,
located and described as follows; Kelng the
northeast qnartir Ol BeOtlon twenty two, ami
Hi-nouth hall oi the DOtthWOSl .| Uarli-r Heellon
twenty three,Tow nshtpsinty nine Au'l further
deoorioM as I Hows Commencing at a |h.pi
marked J  J   N. W. comer, and planted lti ehalns
east oi the northwest coi nor ol Section twenty-
two and r Mining ISS1 *K)< Iniiiv thei h iiu
'halus,  thence  east   l-   chaliih,  thence souih ���'"
chsins, thence west B chslns, thenoe north i'1
Obatni to place o[ beginning.
August Jlit, rs-, .Iamks JoUKfTOVl,
W   A-Cabier, Agent
Nollee i�� hcr��tiy ifheti lhat 00 days alter date
I Intend to apply lotbe Hon chlel Commissioner
if Unds ami Work-fur permission lu purchase
the following described lands In Wesi Kootenav
district, soutb uf the i'eml d'Oreille river, eat ol
i-i-i, creek, oommendng at a post markod k. w.
H'sN W corner, aboul half a mile en.I of lhe
northeast corner ��yf Lot mi, U, L, ihcnce south
f i chains. Ihenco oaal U ehalna, theuce norih n
chains,   thence   west   Ml  chains   to   lhe -dace of
commencement, ���><ui.uu[ay 'A-kt acre-, mon- or
less. Tf
Dated -nd July I'll.        Trglji W. tLutCOVRT.
Motiof li hereby given that als tydnys aftor date
I intend loapply to the Hoii.l'lilef I'niniiilKslou-
erol Lands and Work-lor permission to purchase the following described  lands In West
Kootenay   District, south ol  the fend d'nreille
river, oommenelng st a poat marked A K'mN w.
ammmV^1 ,rt_Sftl0d  "l    soul hu est eoriier of Lot
.ii'-.d. I.. thenee, ast Mleluiius, thenee south IU
cha ns. thence wi -i on ohalns, thence uorih on
chains to lhe plaee ,,[ cummeiKt-meut, euntalll-
luifWiacrt-a, more or lesa.
Dated mn June, moo. Aran Fraoib,
P. J, O'Reilly, Agent,
eighly (W| ,-lulis. w.-.i; s|���. .,, ;.'" I
Dnrlls;   tls.-M .-  is,!,,,-  ,���.   .'*> )l-i| .���!,._,
 Uivinplll. niUUiiililK Hx   IlilliilJ   l"* ".'
(M0) una, man or Um!      1iu,"'��-i >m
Dfttsa iiis- nml i.f July, luuc.
Hotlee I. Iss-reliy glveu ll���t 60 ,|,y, ,,������ . ~~
Intend to m.ke .pnlls-.u,,,, lotlwVJSSSSSI
thle- CommlMloner ol UM, ��.,| w ;?,bl��*>
mlulon to ponsbu. the followi,^ J-lSrJC.,
l��ud.: Commenclni it . po,, 0i,;.",,KrN
northwe.tcorn_r ���!*k.l,leit,I"���5 s,W ",U.
tion to jxSSku. In Fire V.lley" bS��JS��
Mo N. If. corner," runnln, ��i\[,,,,,']' ��������.
ch.ln. luutli, �� ch.ln. ��a.t, 40chitt!.*���"������
pl.ee oltoinm.ncem.nt, '""" no��h-
���I", nortii J !
July 2nd, 1!W.
��. a. Cii.ni,, ygj*
Sssilce 1. bereb, ��ltesi that no lay, ,1,,, 7*~,
inland to appl, .��� ti,c Bonor��bl���Rg_SA5l
minloner ol Lindl ami vv,,,.. |���, ,'���' ',' �������
nnr,b��.e tis.- l,ill,.wlii�� sl,-..tHH s���S"",'n "
111 the We.l Konli-iiav i?l���r|,,   , ���'J'1��� ��� "Ml.
p 11 11 a.t.l_aol ���|���ii|,.":";' ,""��>
Arrns,   Ulss. asssl mark,-,! ".I j wH|t,.., l*Ef
.���i.rss.r." lis,mr  a��al B I h.lisi, Ih, ' ' '
halls., tils-mi- we.t M
Iinlli"   In   polnl   nl   riilllln
_0 in ii . niun or !��� �����
lys.Hl.-sl Jlllli- IHlh, IS.S.V
north i
"i .S' I,,
0   .   ''lll.l-ltr
Notiee li in r. i.s iiven 11. __ c. - * danifta.^. s
intend Ui appl, io tbe Hun in.-1 1,1,11 ������*''
���lone, ..11-i.si-i..smivti.sk.1.,,|.,,,,,..,,.,,,";
rhaae Ibe lollowin. .1.-. ni.-i I.���, ,,,,f_
K nil) ill.lrl.l, prssl llssv nl llrltl.l, 1 ���|UB1, *
Uomroenclui ssi ss i��..t marked A a. Barton
a it corner, on the aoatlialdaol Cariboo tna
aliuiil   inn  mile,  i-a.l sil   lssitl.,1, risj .,,��n.,_.'
uisii mi the northweal eorner ol William n_w
IU'. pre-emption claim, thence rul . .-,
tbeuce imrlli DO obaina, thenc.   ,..-,    ,.,
11 ������ "iiiiis lu the In. lo tin- isLiv ���i urim^'
< SilllSllllllIK -ilniilTI'. ISliill- i.r I.-I.H. ^'  '
liHlnl llll. Hth <tay nl -Inly, lm,
 , _A- A Brnw.
Si.sss-,   1.   Iii-r.-liy Kiv.11  Ihssl tv. 11 li.r.nth.ah_r
date I Intend in apply lotbeH nslils-ih.ci3
1 1,111 inl-.i-itn-r ul Luai isinl tturk.luri.iaii���
lu piinbisss.- lis.- f.slli.wliiir .l.-M-nb.--i l,aj,r�� 1
tie 111 Plre Vall.-y .,n the ��i-.l .Id. ol Uei, 1
nus  l-Hku, Kootetuy dlatrlet, d-acrlbad.jl f
Iusvk:    I'oisslssi-Iis lliir   s.1   a  pss.l   i.laisl_;a_. I
northwe-l corner ssf w. A. ualder. v--s/ia |
ninrki-il "a. Ms-I.'. aoothwe.1 cor_��~-
llis-sssr   Inrty (��l) s'hHlii. s'u.l; lli.-,s.~ ym,sa
ih.Us.  risirlls;   linns.- Issriy ski) . 11,1^, d ,
thqpee lorty (��') -h-tni .nuth to iis. ^_t, 1
com tis.-iisi-nt,   ronlaliiltiK one  hu.-lrt.ul |
Ilxty [160] us rs i, nsors- ssr leu.
Deled -Issue ti, UQB. Axor. MrUt-ssHU,
vv. A. i.i.ir.is, Agaoi
Kotiee 1. hereby alien thatimjr day. __l
ilnli- I Intend to applv to sti. Huaoratili- thfl
Chlel .'sssiissiN.isiiu-r of Lend, ud n.-.- ���.!
permUeion lo nareh-eeUu IoIIctibi s��� il
[amiss ('iilntiii-nrlne. at a ,s>i.t Marked Qeorn Tfl
iiiskiiiii'i' It. I 0, I-.I.I. hi Ush milkwi  .:l
111   J.   11.   MiiiiHils'-    pn-i-inplli'is   sl.iui  ull
tsiniiiisK .niiiii w.-iiain, to eonthew iiiriinsil
s.i-ii lliisl.iiii . pr.-. inpilsiiirl.iiss:theae.
ehelnei tbenoe imrth vi. ham., thi-ns. ch��i
, s.iiiti. 1,1 i-Ihi-i- 1,1 i-iimliii-lii .-isii'til, suuuiulqt
aerea nl inml niun- ur Imi,
Deled sm. ftth ds.y ol Auetut, is.ft.
likoKi.E Touiwrj;
A. A. fiurtvn, Areat
Noiiil- i. bereb) niun ihatood.T..(wiietl
Intend to ins.hi- appliiallon liitlu- fl..anraH*A#
1 1.1. I s uss,ssss..susssr iif I..IS.1, .11,1 Win.,Wia-
nss.-lssii   tn   pnn-lia..- Mi ure. ol Uiilalh
���li.iriet ssi Israel Kootetuy, comment tnjc.aa
plented on tin- aoath at.it- ol linniiii.rseatn
Ihi-llileriiattuiial bounder, I,r.��-. siiii-��s.,te,
in !,-. i-ss-sfs the Salmon rlrer,mariue-H
F.    \-Urn-.  untheell   isirsn-r."   tht-isr. sea,
s-ismti.. tbence nortb mi ehelni, ih,-nsv��ne
s-halll.. tlulu-f ..illlh  sas s-lialll. UipUns-lssai
1, Illi-llt.
Ki.llit' K. An.aj. Lasratot.
per K. M. Keeye,, ass Anenl
I1.1..I lltl. Sills slay nl July, IM.
suiy den -ft.-r slaii-i intend loiin����
Hull, t'lili-l I'liniinlB.liinor ul Land, .ml a.-ilA
\'s, lurla. In pnn-liasn- W airs-, nl land: '���*���
mencini hi a |-,.l plallti-d .t ILe I lly ul >.il"*'
power plant l..t a. K corner post, .>n hi..i.3.r
river, thenee M chain. 1.....1I.. iiss-mi ����������� ���
chalna, thenee nonh jj chain. Un-nn-s-"f
ehelni to point nt eoninieneeinent.
Nel 11 i'.. Asia r,, 1900 F. J itu^_
Nuilso Ii bereby liven lhat .lily '���l''11'!
slssic I Intend n. apply lotbe llon.mbleiB.tm
1 ,.inml..l..iicr ,.l I.111.I. ami Wnrk. I,,ri. rmloso.
10 l.tlr.-l,n-.. lis.- (..Ilinvliie dc.iTllie.1 Imli'lUM
In  Well  Ksssslinay illislrln: Bs-Kll.isllisl.s.l"'
i.lanl.'.l al lbe northweal corner ol lot *�������
11.�� ircek. thence .0111I1 10 ch.lni, thei
.ss s-halni mure ..r Ic... tls.-ins- imrih H'ls.i��>
mon  ur   Ihenoe call 10 l.ke.ber.,ut".
piss.-.- ssf beflfiUlUgi 'hi' *hihi- l> inl-sidull'-'sa
brace what I. kiiuniiaistiii-li.il-"" prMBtpiio*
U.S..I .Inly.'.. I����l. "I"- �� ""'"
Notice I. hereby jlven Ibai ��lt>> d��l- *'':' I
the .imi-1 Intend 10 appl; to lbe ' "I" ;""��� -
Doner ol Ludeend Wort. Victor-* ��'�����'r
.1  pur. haa.' the li.lh.a mi! de��-rltad IU*
aluute In thi ill.lrlct s.i Weal k'"',,,|"*;.,'l'j
olUrohman Creek: _urlln,el a polnl mm
J.1I111 While'.  S,  W, corner,   plait   ,'"'.'���
. I1..111- Bi.ii.h nl J   Malone'. ""'''i'',"'''  '
rsiniilna nsirlli :nchain.. Ihence '���"'"'"" _ .
11 ��� iouth ��0 ebalna, thei ��;- *'J'"1.,    '
IHilnlof niiiciii-cinsiil. ETlZ.
June 11. I����l ^Faantiw;.	
Noil,-,-1. hereby given thai ��dal. '�����"';''"!
I,,,.,,,! to .ppiy 10 in,- ".���!'"'�����'���*;,';:,   , t. I
11sI,.Ismer ill laiml. ami �����rh.. Iur " rn������ |
pnrel,.,.,- ibe MllowiUK ducrlbed ^ ; ""
Iii in, rlel oi w.-i KiHiti-.iay.aill"ib����JJ
790 .,��� lho weal arm "I Konlenev laI.-.    '*
,-liiKHl Htlllal  |��s-l  |ilii��'d al lb" """I���
criicr ol Let 790. II..-...-.- north ' ""J"*
��,.��t .as cisainss. tbence wnth .."i,"'"-'
so-l jn .-bal.iB 'n p'llnl s.1 ciiiiiiii.-ii'-' '���" '<
Hnis-.l ,\si<. 1.-..I1. ll����'..
' j'iiaa F.."^
Noll.-c 1. her. by alven tl'Bl'.' d^
lnli-iiil   to|^^^^^^^~ "
111  -
.Illllll. il 111 His- Wu��! hn
C. I.   IVsimnli. .111 the 	
.|il-irlst snlli'i. Iruin III.-I'u
H      larked '
���noiiil m apply  lo ihe SonoraSle b.   ��
.mi .lonerol Uud.end WorU   ���'i����
Inn lu isssrs hsissc lhe fislls.svllil! 0W 1 i"       ,
(���hnlns easl In niece of mm "; ,'1'"'"1
,.,.���..,,���,. I., .l.yuMncs,.,^..^   V(|���,
Notice K hereby , iven thai ���'"d.<-'jJ'.'.'S'o- ,
Intend lo apply lis Uss- Hon "" ' "'    ��� 1.
.Inner ..I Und. ami  W,.rk. <"<   ",    ,.  ��� sis.
.nirt-bn.,-   lis,-   followiiiK  ''V," '   ",;���.' ,1 . I""
Weil K.Hitcnay dliirld: lli-Kin " �� ",������,���,.
markcsl It. Hell'. S. K. corner. �� ��" '   ,, lr���>
oul nl Ibe Belmou river, I bill en ,,���.
Hn- Pend d'Orelllo nv.-r. Hn;'"'- ' ' , ,���.,_>
tn plni-i-of hcKllillIln,' II  II Mil
lintel ."Tils dny nl July. I!""'. .
  I  1. .111!'1'",I
Nollco I. hs-rclsy Kli'1"'I,"" "-,'!(,,.niiiii '
I Intend U> eppfy to the Hon.' >"        ,��� ,,�����
cr.,1 l.i. .ml  W��rk- I"'   "���"''*, ,' ,��� its-"
ciiii.c   followlim .Ic"''1""    '. , d'onj* !
Koolenay Dlitrlot,aoulho ii�� J   ",, 1; mv
rlvor, com nolne m 1 p'1"' <""r. .....s, ,si *"��
N. tv. i-iirni-r. Hltuiitcsl un '
,  ���,������ ,��;,v'.si���*;
,1 uss iin'��"'"" ,|���,.|���.iusi'J
r ni .liii'is'-..N,'.,,,. ihini
Pend d'Orelllo rin-r m '""" u!".,;,nn rt*"*
���oiithwoU norneri Ihei ',,   . ��m. *<���"
mssiili 10 chain., Ilis-sii-f .%.-*., ' '.t-n.-trfronieo".
north III chain. Iss lhe place J	
cs.11!rliiinn IfJ-Jtoiwrnoreoricu-       ..unit
"��"��� r��to. lavst"i?^
���    ..,, ss'li,l1'*
Notls's- I. hereby JlTon Hn" "';":���, toi.tl'"",
llllelul In appl, 1" II"' II " l.nill"1""
;,,'i,.T,,,,'r",'i'i.i,.i.i ��"'-:; :;;,. m
psirchasn-lb.- following -J��   "'.    fi, ,.l '*
in inKiiiB 1   _Sra,~   1 >'A"Tl
n^r," place, i.n tho oaal '""  .'    1 nrWH ' ',
Lakaal tlionortbwei corner 01J   " ,��� ,.���*
,   cilb,, ",��� Pun ���l.��.e."in��i!iK   I1.';,, It."
o.iti thonco-JOchilni northi  hen   ^,,,,,1
 rcir loll, we-t 10 me "'',",,1, men*"1"1
lowing Inkelho.O lo polnl      """
cuuiiiiiiiiiK no acre. mnS,"Sm      ���.,-
Doled Use -3r.i day s.1 Jul), l""1 j jf, Bl* The Daily Canadian
20 Pieces Brussels, Velvets
and Tapestry Leu than Hall
Regular Prices
From 10 to 23 Yard Ends
Imperial Bank of Canada
Toll swings tho axe and forests bow;
The seeds   break   out   in    radiant
Itich  harvests smile behind the  iilow,
And  cities cluster round  the  loom;
Where towering domes   and   tapering
Adorn the vale and crown the hill,
Stout   labor  lights  its beacon   fires,
And plumes with   smoke   the forge
and mill.
The    monarch   oak,   the    woodland's
Whose trunk Is seamed with lightning scars,
Toll launches on the restless tide,
And there unrolls the flag of -tan;
The engine with Its lungs of steel,
And ribs of brass and joints of
From Labor's plastic fingers came,
With sobbing   valve   and   whirling
'Tis l.aboS works the magic press,
And (urns lhe crank In hives of toll,
Ami  beckons angels down  to  bless
Industrious hands 11:1 sea uml soil.
Here sun-browned Toll, wiih   shining
Links  lake lo lake with  silver lies
Sluing illicit, with  palaces of trade,
Antl li-mples    towering    to    the
���T.   DEASY.
chela, south, tbernse Ut chain, et.t to place ol
Located the '/ith day ol July, Km
FREls Ann?, Jr., Locator.
NotM-. In hereby given tbat SO slayss after slate 1
Intend loapply to Hie Hom-raMe me Cblel Com-
mlHsioner ssf Land, and Work, lor a.tsesial 11.
s-enr-e to t-sit tuul carry away timber Irom the lol-
lowlag dee-rlbed land.:  Commenaliif ut a poet
nun k- I Herman Rentier- about two and one-half
mile. Irnm I'end d'Oreille river, un the east sslde
ssl Fifteen Milt- Crs-i-k. tllersi-e WI i-ualns west,
tbenoe so ehalnss .smth. tbenoe SO chain, ea.t,
tin-in-eSUt-halnii norlh to place sif eommencemen..
Located Um 1.1 day ol AuijU.l, 1906.
11 Kins as- Reaper, Locator.
Head Office:  Toronto.
lAKIT.M. PAID DP....$8,800,000 BB8T	
Brioche, in British Columbia:
10WHEAD,      (ini.I)KN,     NKLSON,     KKVELSTOKE,     TROUT  LAKE,
11,-j,..-it- reoelved uml Infeantt iUIowimI tX OOrrent rutt*H from date of opening licit iiii'l credited half-yearly.
J.   M.   LAY, Manager.
lhe Hall Mining and Smelting
Company, Limited.
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry Ores.
|Coal Tar, Waterproof Paints
Pitch, Creosote, Otis for PreaenrtaR Timber,
Roofing Pttch and Paints.
Boat liuilders will find it tu llieir advantage lo KM onr Pitch.
Nelson Coke and Gas Co., Ltd.
How Dreams Are Woven.
Willi rcCfrence to Ihp explosion of
an olootric light bulb, iho atoms of
Which Rtniok l-ord Grey In thp face, a
correspondent writes to ihe Newai
''About a year ago, and close to mid
night. I was reading in bed. with an
electric light hanging ut my pillow���
nol more than a fool from my face. 1
fell asleep and the hook fell to the
floor. In about an hour I had an
alarming dream. 1 heard a busy burglar slowly mount the stair case
Then he entered my room. Then,
standing at the foot of the bed he de
manded my purse. When I refused
to shell out he urged compliance or
he would shoot me. I still refused,
and be blazed away, hot shot striking
me a.l over the face and eyes, I awoke,
very doubtful in what world I was.
The room was absolutely dark and,
collecting my wits, I put out my hand
to turn on the light and deal with my
friend���the enemy. My heart was in
uiy mouth and tlie sound of his pistol
still rang In my ears. I supposed hlm
to be close to me as ! groped for thu
switch. Even when 1 found there waa
no bulb, the truth did not at once
dawn on me. Rut by lhe little points
of glass sticking all over my face, the
fact was eventually borne in on my
mind that the bulb had exploded and
all else bad been a dream. Perhaps
it would be impossible to imagine a
more perfect illustration of the well-
known velocity of dreams. The fitting
of the explosion to quite a clear and
protracted series of events had been
necessarily Instantaneous." ��� Toronto
*. Burns <& Co.
flnmi'li Market* in  Kossland,  Trail,  Nelson, Kaslo,
Denver nml Slocan City.
Sandon, Three Forks, New
n.i] lo nnsr tir.lH'li will ll.vrs
ssSSil , ii'rMl .. t,. >Ill|���ll.
Head Office: Nelson, B. C.
Budweiser Beer
DISTILLERS. 12 and 20 years
Kootenay Lake Fruit Fair
Ornnd Display of Fruit*,, ifloweti
nml Vegotablofl,
Untried olono Sopt llth.   Bpeoliu
Hull's on nil 1.111,1s nml trains,
Kaslo, B.C., Friday, Sept. 14th
TAKE NOTICE tbat a" application h��i bean
mrulu to raglntar Tariff Minim Company ai tbt
owner In Fee Simple, under uo amral Tax
bale Deedi from R J. Stemon, Deputy Assewr>or
and Collector ot the glooan AiwesimeM Dlitrlet,
to Tariff Mining Company, bearing date tbe 24ih
day ut Atisuat, A.l). IDiti, of all and -infultr
thoic certain parct-li or tracts of land and prem*
lseiMtuate. lying and being ln the Dintnct of
Kootenav, in tlmTrovtnce ofBrttiih Columbia,
more particularly known snd described an��� Lot!
fiM and BE Ornup 1, District of Kootcn-Ay,
"Hhafer" and "BobtRll" mineral < lalmn.
You ninl each of you are refjutrwl to content
the claim of the lax purrhenor within fourteen
.lay from tba date ol  the Bcrvlceof thin notice
upon yoa, and nidf fault of a caveat or oertl ficatt
ol Un Mflttani btlog tiled within tueh peflod.
jim will !����� foroverestopped mnl debarred ffonj
letting upaiiv .in i in to or in remetil of the aud
lam), and I -I,nil regilter Tariff Mining <oin|>any
aa ajtp-ar thereof.
Dated 111 1-atnl BttjStT) Office Nelwm, 1'roviiice
BrUleli ��f Hrltii.li t'uluiiibia, tliiH 17th day of
AOgt.lt, A. D. l',"-.
11. f. Macleod,
Dlitrlot Registrar.
T.i Kootenay Mining Company (foreign)
abator Gold and Stiver Mining Company
Silver King Hotel
Beet Dollar a day bonne in the Kootenays.
Roomi are well fnrolibed.  Table aa good aa aor
Id Nelioo.     Rar auppUed witli good
Ilu lion and ttaari
W. E. McCANDLISH, Proprietor.
Tremont House
-uropean an. Ams-rloan Plu
Mull > oil,  Room. Iron as cu. to 11
Only Win. Btip Itnplo;...
Baker Bt.. KtlKin
Bartlett   House
Best Dollar-a-Day Home in Nelson.
The Bar 1. tbe . inent.
White Help Only Employes).
We have Improved and Unimproved Ranches for
Sale on the Kootenay and Slocan Lakes, Slocan
Valley and Nelson District.
Before purchasing call
and examine our list.
H. & M. BIRD
Talk is so cheap that barbers are
willing to give a lot of it free with
eaoh shave.
TAKK NOTICE that an application has-been
made to n-ginter clarence Harman an Ibl owuer
in Fee Simple, under a Tax sale Deed from R.J.
Stem-on. ilepntv B-scMir ami c Hector of the
Slocan Ah**��wmi'iil IMNirfei, to flan-uce Harman,
bearing 'laic tbe Slat day of July A. I>. UKTS, of all
and Mtij."ilar that certain parcel of land and
premit-eK situate, lying and being ln lhe DlttrtCt
ol Kootenav, ln tbe Province of British Coltim*
Ida. mure imrtlcnlarly known and described aa���
Lot734,Qronp 1, Dlftrletol Kootenay. "Henry"
mineral claim.
Von and each of T��11 ftr*" required to contest
the claim of the tax |.<:n tu.-. i within fourteen
days from th" .late of thfl service of this notice
upitu von. anil in ilefantt  of a caveat or certifl-
eateol 11apendentbeing Died within ioeb per-
lod, you will tic forever HtOpped  and  debarred
from letting np any oleim to or In raspeut ol the
hj.1.1 land, and I r>hall register Clarence Herman
a." owner thereof.
Dated at Land Itei;lctrv Office Nelson. Province of Hrlthh Columbia, this 17th day ol August.
A. I). 19%.
Dlatrlet Kegistrar.
To Qeorge Henry Harman,
Wilbur A. Hendryx.
Corporation of the City of Nelson
\ By-Law to raise $50,000 for the completion of the Electric Light and
Power Plant of the City of Nelton,
Joiephtne Bt.
The Big Schooner 1V^       f A
Or "Hiif-and-Half"   DCtl   I UL*
The only Glass of Good Beer in Nelson.
Hotel accommodationh second to none in Brlt-
fnh Columbia. Kaien 11.00 per day. Special rates
to monthly boarders Only home hotel in Nelson
Lake View Hotel
Corner Hall and v.-rin.ti,
two blocks from wb&rf.
Bates $1 00 per day and up.
p.o. Box bi. HFTSON   B C
Telephone 118. iY_C___-fJ*L/iV,   X>.   U.
Grand Central Hotel
J. A. ERICKSON, Proprietor.
Plr�� and Aceldant
Real Estate and Mining
Manager for the Kootenay Valleys Company, Ltd.
Oldest emtlUh-A Real Estnto
llnsiiissh in Kootenny.
Nelson, B. C.
I have for Sale the Choicest
Frott Lands in this district.
Most of it situate on the West Ann and Main Lake,
fore yon decide to locate.
See me be-
Centrally Located. Open Day anil Night.
Bample and Haiti Boom. Free.
Opposite Court House and Post Office.
Corner Ward and Vernon Street..
Ni.iicc t�� herein kiwii tbal * Court ol Revtafon
hihI Appeal (or the shoo] Dtltrlotiol * reHtnn.
llmnc, Otlno nnd Ymir. will be held Id lhe
Court Hoimc In the Cltj or NcUoti, H. 0 . ou
Mon.luv, the 17th tiny o|'S��*pti-mlK*r. I��ii6,i��t the
hour of tO :80 a clock In the (orenoon, to bear and
deU-'rinitie all ftppaili irom theenektveent*.made
in the nhovc iiicii'i.ine.l S'tuml hlntrlcts for lhe
v***r lWN'i, ninli*r the "Public Ht'hitoli. Acl."
Puled al Neteou. B. V , this 88th day Ol AUftUt.
Judge of Court of RtvlKion and Appeal,
Nelson Aeumneot District.
Notiee ts herebv given tbat B0tit/I from date I
tnleinl tnHpplv to the lintinrHhle the Chief <'om-
mlnioner bl uinu and Worki (or ��� special
ut and
[olloWlai deaerlhed iai
Kot.teimy DUtrtoti
No 1.   Co'iiinenclni: *
iiiirthfiir. i  corQer( uIh.i
KootenfcJ lake nml loi
rher, on Lemon creek: l
K.iiitll.   tbeuce  Nil  .Iinlli
uorih, thein-cMi ehelni
hiitciJuly l.Ul.iaM.
No *J.  Commencing i
oprthweei oornei eooi
K..Mlcii.i>   lak.   mnl  nl.
Hltjcan river, an l-emon
ni cbuiii- -.niih. thenre
chftlni north, thence M
ol rtimmeneemenl
Patad Jul) 19Ui, 1W8.
timber irom
ds, situated In tbe We
ri  post plttiitci. i
thirteen  mllei
uiiIiik -"��� chalm
11,,-ncc SD ehelni
(he point of com
.st   pliinted.
rle.ii    miles
li the
���liuiliK west lo lbe point
Jaikson lUiMnm.'.
Notice \>. hereh) elven that within hm
fnnn tbe iirsi nubjlcaUon hereof ln \h>
chunMnOaiette, I intend toapply to*
Chief CommlMloner ol Uudi and wot
IMC la)   license lo cut  and  curry  tiwu>
rfora  the lolinwlnu described UndH.Hlt
t kooteim): CommenetpK. al a pi
* BMtUli
he lion.
ks lor it
luted In
.111 the south Hhorcol'l root Luke, about
mile below the mouth of Hve Mile Creek, mat
ed MU'(*"c Hill -oiitheiist corner'; thence w<
Hhi chnins,  Iheine  north  4'tcbuliis. thenceet
I0Q chains, thence aouth 10 cliaina to the point
HhIciI Bra \ih;iim. I'*"
I.KMI.IK  llll,!..    .
Nollee In herehy Riv-n that Wdayi after date
we Intend to nupfv to the Honorable the Chief
Commissioner ol (.aiitln nnd Worku tor a inoclw
license lo eul ami carry away timber trow the
followiiiK dcscrllwd lamia: Coniuicuclun at a
p..Ml   murked   C, K. C.llduell   hImiIII t Wo and one
Itulf  liillcafnim lhe Pend d'tMeilte river  the
ensl side of ] ni.',-n Mile Creek, tlience hu chains
ensi. Ibenee SO ehalns ...iilh, tbence ,stl chains
West, IbeiiecFHlehalne north lo plnee of comuicu-
Located tin
Isi dny ol Atigtllt. 1906,
C. K. CAU>WttU<i
llernian Kcii|iert Agent.
f'otlco In hereby ulren lhal 80 dWI afler dato
1 int.-n ��� Iohi'I'Iv  to  thi)   IfoiiorHble  the Cblel
homralutouer uf Uuda and Worka for a ipeclal
llccnte to cm mid enrry away HiuIht from lbe
followlliu described lninls: Comuieiicln-^ Hi a
posl marked Fred Adle, Jr., almut one and one-
luilf miles irom in..nili of I'end d'Oreille river on
11 -ml mt) ot Fifteen  Mile Creek, ibenee so
ciuiin- iioiTh, them-e au chalna wer_i, thence ta)
WHKRl-.AS a pelitbm hitt been presented to
lhe Hunlelpal Couuell of the Corporatino of the
ciiyofSelsi.n mkiii-.I hy the owners of at least
on��-tetith of the value of the real property in the
said city as shown by the laid revised asueHsmeni
roll, requcKtlnrf lhe said Council to introduce
"A Br-L-LW to raise |6QjO90.O0 for tb** purpose of
..un p(.-un.: th. ��� ���..ii'inicii.ui of the E eciric Light
and Power Plant now being constructed bv the
City of Nelson at the Upper Bonnington Falls,
Kootenay Klver. Brill��h Columbia.
AND WHKKKAH it la deemed expedient to
complete the fclect .ic Light and Power plant.
AND WHEKKAH for the purpose- aforesaid it
will lie necesiajy to borrow the sum of Fifty
Thoiuand DolUrs (��'ni.hcii i��u. mnl tot*sue debenture** of the city of nelaon for the purpose of
raising said timouni.
AND WHEKEAS tha whole amount of the ratable land of the said city, according to the
last revised Assebsment Roll, is one million Iwo
hundred niid sUtv-three thoUBsnd eight hundred
and lorty dollar. (I1,_*3,8W )
AND WHEKEAS it will be rcnulst _ to relee
annually by rate the sum of Four Thouxaud One
Hundred aud Seventy Nine Dallers ($4,179 00) for
paying the said debt aud Interest.
Now therefore the Municipal Council of the
Corp."Kti.ni of tbe t itv of Nelson enacts as
1 ���It tdiall and may be lawful for the Mayor of
the Corporation of the City of Nelaon to borrow
upon the credit of the said Corporation, by way
of the debentures hereinafter mentioned, from
anv jK-rson or porsons, body or bodies corporate,
who may be willing to ndvancc the aaine as a
loan, u Mini of umney not exceeding in the whole
the sum of Fifty Thousand Dollars (I5U.0U0 ou.l
and to ciimc all such sums so raised or received
ti be paid Into the hands of the Treasurer of the
said < orporatiou for the purpose aud with the
object hereinlK'f-'re recited.
I,���It shall be lawful for the Mayor of the said
Corporation to cause anv number of debenture*
to be made, executed and i--ue.l for Mich sum or
sums as mny be required for the mirpoteand
Object aforesaid, not exceeding however, the sum
of Fifty Thousand Dollars (W.OOo.OO), each Ol the
snid debentures being of the denomination of
One Thousand Dollars (ll,(X*i.i��)and all Mich debentures shall be sealed with the seal of the Corporation and Mgoed by the Mayor thereof.
3 ���The said del>entures shall bear data the 1st
dav of October, 1906, and ahull be made payable
in"twenty years from the snid dale in lawful
money of Cauada al the ofllce of the Hank of
Montreal tn Nelson aforesaid, which said place
Di payment shall be ibsignaied by the said debentures, and shall have attached lo them coupons for the payment of interest, and the signatures io the interest coupons may he either
written, stumped, pruned or lithographed.
4- The said debentures shall bear interest at
the rate o! B per cent, from the date thereof,
which interesi shall be payable s ml-annually al
said office of (he Rank of Montreal lu Nelson
aforesaid, I'i lawful money or Canada, on the
Ural dn> ol April ami lirsl dny ol October, respec-
tlvely In each year during tbe curretlev thereof;
nud it tdinil be expressed in .aid debentures and
coupon* lo be so p.Vllble
5. it shall bo lawful for the Mayor oliatd Corporation to negotiate and sel! the snld debentures or uuv of them for less that) par. but in tin
case "bull llie snid OebeiilureN or nny of them he
li, gotbiled or sold for less than ninety live per
i iTiluiii of Ih.-lr value iuclndluu (he cost of tic-
BOUatlng nu I side, brokerage and all olher titel
denial oxpatuea
8 llu-rcslMill be raised and levied tn cmli year
during llo* currency of Mild debentures the sum
o| I weniy-live Hundred Dollar* tJtfioQ) for payment of interest and the sum of dxieett Hundred nod Scicnty-iiine Dollars (ll.fi.i��.(Kb Iur pay
ment of the said debentures by rule sutlleieiit
therefore ou all the nimble land in Ihe said
7. li shall be lawful for Die said Municipal
Council to re purchase any of the sh|iI debentures upon such termi as may lie agreed upon
Willi the legal holder or holder-/ thcreol or
nuy purl thereof, either nl  Ihe  time of sale or
any eubeequem timeor iimes.aiid nil debentures
NU re -purchased shall forthwith he cniicclled and
destroyed and no re-Issue of deU'UHirt's so repurchased shall is- niioie lu oonaeqaonoe of such
H. This Bvl.aw shall lake effcel on or afler
the Mb dny "of September lUufl.
it. I'hls By-Law mny bo cited for all purposes
as the City of Nelson Elei-lrle Light Loan eyl^iw
No, 171, IW��.
Done nud pnssed In Council Asseiubled Ihis
ScpleiulHT USHI.
Take notlco that the above Is % true copy of the
proposed Uy-Lavi upon which the vote of the
Miinicipnliiv will OO taken al lhe City ol Nelson
on Tuesday the 4th day of Boptomber. next, between tBQ hours of 9 o'clock a.m. and 7 o'clnek
p.m., for the East Ward al the Council I'humWr
al lhe corner of Vlclorln and Josephine streeis,
and for lhe West   Wnrd  al  Ihe   Hoard  ot Trade
Itooiusal the oorner ol Vlciorla and Koounay
si reels.
City Clork.
Nelion, B. C, August HUt 1W��.
T^ Strathcona
Nelson, B.C.
B. Tomkins, Manager.
The Leading Hotel in the
Oood   Sample   Roonu.
Queen's Hotel
Baker Street, Nelion, B. C.
Lighted by Eloctricity and
Heated by Hot Air
Choice Fruit
I Have 10,000 Acres
of the
Choicest Frait Lands in
British Colombia.
Can sell any quantity from 5 aeres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
J. E. ANNABLE,    -    Nelson, B. C.
Large mud Comfortable Bedrooms tod Pint*
:1m. Tltnlutc Room. Sample Room. Ior Commer-
slal Men.
MRS. I. C. CLARKI, Proprletren
Tbe well known
Our Beer Garden is
the Finest in the
J. CROW,   -   -  Proprietor
Royal Hotel
Rates tl and (1.60 a Day.
Special Rates to Regular Bcarden.
A, McDonald & Co-
Dettlcrs iu staple nml fancy UroeerioF.
Butter, Errs.
Camp and Miners' Supplies.
St. Pan!,
Port Arthur
Sionx City
Kansas City ��58.25. St. Louis $110.00.
Chicago *M 00.
Ou Rale Augnst 7-811, September 8-10
Final limit October Slst.
Toronto |"6.1i5.   On sale September 8-9-10
Limit November 80th.
Milwaukee 183.20    On sale August T-8-0.
Limit October illst.
Through rates all stations���Ontario,
Quebec, New York, New England, Maritime Provinces on application.
A.G.P.��.,Vani'ouvpr. II.CA.. Nelion.
Yale-Kootenay Ice, FnUt, Feel
& Pooltry Co., Ltd.
Contractor and
Hill 111 VI*.
BolQ KKi'iit (nr tin* PortO WOO Lumber Co.,
retail jr��r<li,   Kougl] mui *Jro*nd uhhI.it, m
work *ii)*l bmoketii CoAit luh nnn ���blnglca.
Hu.l  ilnurn,     CfUOfiOti brlt'k  mi.l  linui  i.-r
Auinmatlc crliutcr.
Yn.nl hihI tutory: Vornon Bt.. eMt ol Hal
P (). BOX Wi. Tulepli
West Transfer Co.
General Tofimsters nnd Dealers in
Ooal aud Woosi.   Express nnil
Baggage Transler
..Wr.,.  Office: Baker St.
v\ _^"
Ur wit
Deliveries niutle daily throngbout Nelson
nnd i.s snburbs Phone M8.
Thorpe^ Lithia
Thorpe & G/y,
The Last of Eastern
On Sale September 8-10
Winnipeg 1
St. Pnul I |52.50
Duluth I
Port Arthur      J
Chicago $64.00
St. Louis   .160.00
Final limit October 31st.    .
On sale September 8-0-10 to Toronto |7tl 65.
Limit November 30th.
Bates to all other eastern points
on application.
Oily iWeiige'- Agent.
A O, P. A., NuftltlB.
The Latest Modern Appliance'*
now in use at this      ',
Baker Street.    -    NELSON.
TELEPHONE 128.   ,
For Everything Oood
to Smoke.
Imported and Domestic Cigars, Tobaccos.
Do You bow Tbamua . Spccbl Hl-torel
��� "*'
I Hi
'���"}'' 1
'I *
I 1
��� (Hi
|.i�� if
The Daily Canadian
���      regular price $4.50, re-
=      duced price $3.75, $4.00
CREAM SUGAR BOWLS, *8.oo, for $7.00
These prioes ore only for ONE WEEK.
Mnil orders reoeive prompt and onreful attention
Crawford Free Stone |
Peaches I
'The Store of Sweets."
\       AND
In large variety are now 111 *
for preserving.
Buy while quality is
Bell Trading
* *
'cA "Tip" for a
'Canadian Morning.'
Kootenay Coffee
PHONE 177.
Old Curionity Shop
If you wanl In buy or sell nnyllitng,
go tn Ihe old CtirioBity Shop, A now
line nf Japanese I'.issislss n..�� on nalo . II
liiisitss of Dlnnorwnro in BloeU. I'm-
Making Dependable \
Fortunate la the storo tbat hns thi'
reputation for dependtibUity Perfoliate in tin* pnblio thnt hassucb :i
storo in its midst. Fortnnntfi oonfl-
donoo between r sinn1 mid its baying
Pnblio means growth This sinn* boa
grown, and U growing on just these
linen. Ko ambition higher than possessing your confidence��� other thiugs
nre hound to eume.
We want every trade transaction tn t
iw satisfactory, nnd if it is not we v
want you to tell us abont it. J
If you hn*. i- not bought from us /
send us it trial order. )
! Joy's Qsh Grocery!
Gor.JoHp-lne-nd Mill Bu,    Phono ll
Fruits, ConfttHoMiy and
ice Cream.
I'liiints 86. Bilker St.
,1   FRED HUMK, Proprietor
V W. Stoiw, !') ii. His'liniilsini, Lewis
II1111I, \V. II. Kins iN rniii'sslisniks, .1 .1.
li.nns, Vnuconveri P. II Walsh, Kualo;
L, W llsiii'lv.oiiil, V. II Bioker, Spokane; N. K Macleod, Lotli-ridgai W, .1.
Tiinliok, T.H. Hinton, Pinclier Orcok;
Roy Olothier, BoBalandi H. Eagleson, (I.
Mather, P. Q Brown, Vnuoonver; Q. L,
Wnlt nml wife, Lima; ('. P. Kinstimin,
Now Weatminstor; T. M iVrrv and wifo,
]-;.-t'\iiii; J.Kerr, Midway; C II. __e_-
ssinp'r. Sw lilt-; Mrs. ansl Miss Thompson,
Scotlund; Mr. nnd Mrs. Trotter, Winnipeg; T. Beck, Kernie; T Mills Kingston;
.1. A. Il.tois mnl family. Miss Bloom-
Rieen, Oasoade; K. D. l'*ullerton, Point
do lime.
\V. II Keating, F, H. [ngraharu, G.
\\ Johustono, Spokauo; S. K. Laidlaw
and will1. Winnipeg; .1. II Bouuott, Bar-
rit; Mrs. ,f. W MoLniue. Greenwood; P.
B. Holnted, Vnuoonver; K K, Mnokenxie,
.hsliii Or..hum. Winnipeg, 11-N. .iiiit'i',
Ooloninu; T. Bates, Moyio; A Q. Oreel-
nsiiu, K. Iv _oung aud wife, Miss Milli-
Kan, E. E Dowdney, J. N. I'riiu, ,1. W.
Panlson, E. Qrlfllth, VV. H. B yd, S.
Hnnf, P. li limit, A W. Vnnug, J. H.
Let-mnl wife, Rowland; L Van Ksssen-
Iscrs;. New York: II. R Kincalrd, W,
Kiiii'iiiril. E. A. Morgan, Mrs. 0. ..n-rntt.
Ki'Vi'lstoke; T. H. Tr.-_.ewny, Ln Plata,
Mrs. 0. 0 Granger, Jennla Cookwell,
Grand Rapids; E Geuolle, WesUeyj Mrs.
.1 Dounldson, Mrs. ForreBter, P. Genelle,
Trail; A. E OreBWicko, Daniel Quinlan,
Barrio; E. 0. Dyke, S. Milllngtou, Vancouver; J. R. Grant, Listowall; R. A. Al-
ili-r, i'rs'ssolt; Miss F. Yonnir. Toronto;
,T. M Cmnphell, Beaton; Miss E West,
S.rnia; Miss i. Vanderburgh, Nakusp;
L. It Over, E. K Ron, Calgary; ti. G.
lliiinnier. Willow Pisint; J, M. Steward,
Omuhrook; Mrs A. Bernard, Riobilrarto.
Hector Pinrier, Oiuuliorne; .1. L. Mo
Allisli, Saudou; 15 Bmnen, Bonnington;
i.in Denis and wile. Butlo; .1 F. Frasnr,
.1 li Fair, V, .1 Kssssii. Bonutuglou; .I.S
i !oviugtou, i; Tipplug, Greeuwood ; J. V,
I'liislioliti. R H Fraser, R. I Idken, Ottawa; '!'. H. Onmniiiigs, Moose Jaw; .T.J.
.li son, PI ni\; .1. A. MoDollalil, W.
II IMiivloi-k, Mnryavlllo; T. Wills, Cam-
lmriio;'j. P. Redding, Sowing crook; Mr.
nnd Mrs. I.ndwipsou, Spokduo; 11. P.
McOasliu, Salmon; L L, Browu, North-
pi nt
R ilolillio, Silv.Ti.in;   W. J. Downing,
i Spokauo,
J. Gil]cn. Prnn.1 Forks;  P, Onssidy,
| .'I's'ston: 1! Lewis, Ymir;  Daniel Yerky,
j Salmo;  M    Browu,   Vmir;  M    Morgau,
I Winnipeg; .1. Bill, Fernie.  _
A    VV.   Barrow;  Blocan;  M. Kodnm,
Vancouver; ,1.  K   Oninston, F. Oolver,
Silverton; A, Deshais, Bandou,
N. Clnsm, I, Alexander, W spill...
W. II Iti.isv. Bounlngton; S, Onyle,
Wnlln Walla; IS A Daleu, Ymir; ri. A.
Meggitt, Procter; 0 Snyder, Balmo: P.
P, Ponli Graulto.
P. Hnirisoii, Ymir; M.Jolmsou, Balmo;
T. II. linil.r, Moylo
W. J. Curr, Chiun Creek ; J, H.v.m. Snn
Francisco;.'. Willamsou,Vancouver; W
II. Onwley, (i. Matthews, Solinp.
Mrs.  W.  L.  Spry   left this  morning
a visit tu friends in Kenora, Ont.
A daughter was horn to Mr. and
M s. 1 avid ( roudfoot yesterday morn.
Inspector J. I), liillis returned this
morning from Rossland, win-re he
spent u part ul last week visiting the
Miss Helen Bird, who 1ms been visiting relatives In Nelson for the pttbi
three weeks, returned Lo her home In
Spokane this morning.
A meeting of the directors of Nelson Agricultural association Is called
for tomorrow afternoon, to bo held in
the secretary's offices, Baker street,
at 4 o'clock.
Arch. Wright, the pioii"er merchant
ot Winnipeg, is so Favorably Impressed
with Nelson und its surroundings that
he may take up iiis residence here
and engage in frull farming in a smali
The ROSCtanS Opera company, under
the management of William Cranston,
will give four performances in Nelson
during fair week. Two operas uol
heretofore produced lu Nelson will ho
given during ihis engagement,
Local aim rods complain that game
Is not as plentiful lids year as formerly. An explanation tor this scarcity is
supplied by ilu- fact thai there lias
been altogether (oo much hunting out
of season for the past  few years.
Ah Sam, probably the oldest Chinaman in British Columbia) died the oilier day at Kamloops, He was y_J years
of age and had been a cook at the
government house when Sir Jamea
Douglas was governor of thu colony.
11 the present traffic on the street
railway continues it will be absolutely
necessary for the city to purchase an*
other car. Yesterday afternoon the
cars were crowded to the limit and
many were forced lu walk to and from
the park.
A new sidewalk is being laid down
in Fairvlew. The new walk follows
the old road from the boundary line
of the city to the corner of Behnsen
and Second streets. Some of the old
hoards are being used, but nearly all
new material has been purchased for
the work.
The Hume school will not reopen tomorrow morning, the necessary repairs not yet having been completed.
Everything will he ready for the opening Wednesday morning. The repairs
are only temporary, the impression
being that a new schooihouse will be
built   before the cold weather sets in.
Gait Coal
We nre
Receiving daily
Termi Spot Cub
Telephone 26f> Bbr-ot Btreet
Plums, Peaches
Crab Apples.
As it is near preserving time wo would
ndvise you to leave your order
with us.
Telephone 101,
Residents of Fairvlew are bitter iu
their denunciation of the people who
allow cattle and fowl to run at large.
11 is impossible to cultivate shade
trees while ihis nuisance continues,
raspberry hushes growing near fences
The Store of Quality
Now at their best.   Don't
delay preserving.
Fine Crawford Peaches
and Bartlett Pears.
Plioue   your   orders.      I'll
guarantee the fruit,
Cm A* Benedict
Corner Silica nnd .losephlne 8t��.
I'HONK  7.
Leave Your Order With Me For
Cherries and
Now, as Ihu season Is closing, anil 1 Will
aco that ymir order i.s Blled with the
best fruit to bn hail at the lowest market   price.
Hailewoo-J Ice Cream
Phone 206.
for lOc
VVe are elosini; oul a lot  oi
Box Kites at above price.
Secure   one before  they are
all gone.
W. G. Thomson
BOS1KHKI...KK ..,1    Ne]SOU)   B.C.
I'll.SM^  .*.-*.
Get  F0R Sept
Busy    First
Select Your Requirements early for Grouse
See Our Window
Now is the time i<> bny peaohes for
preserving. They are at their
best now ami the price is as low
ns it will be.
We huve a fresh stock of delicious
Bartlett [teurs on baud,
KOI: JELLY. Wo have received
lln1 whole sliipint'iit I'l'iini one man
nml can stipplv your wants in
tins lini'.
Are coming i�� now in Rood condition.   Tliey won't htftt Ipugi
We also have fresh
CsunluloupKH      Ivip..- Tomiiloutt
htiiidiias \\ i��t-rnn.linis
Hood & Teetzel
K. W. C. illock . Phono 10
Wholemlo ond Hat_.il Dtmleri in
Fresh and Salted Meats
Camps supplied on shortest notice and
lowest price, Nothing but fresh and
wholesome meats nnd supples keptinstook
Mail orders reoi-Jvo oarefnl attention.
E. C. TRAVES,  Manager.
Nelson Hardware Co.
Spssi-tHluni's Hi'iulqunrlrrs,
PHONB 16.       NKLSON, H.I*..
havo been destroyed by the grazing
nillle ninl bins and chickens have
completely destroyed Beveral gardens.
The regular fortnightly meeting nf
tin' city council will be held in the
I'ssiindi ohamher tomorrow evening at
s. The result of thfl voting on the debenture bylaw will bo known by that
time and final effect will lm given to
It. Probably final preparations for tho
reception of Lord and Lady Grey will
also be mn.lo.
Trains and Boats.
Crow boat���On time.
Slocan  train���46  minutes late.
Coital .Boundary and R.o_sland trado
-On lime.
$10 Down
$*0 Per Month
will purchase 10 acres of
splendid fruit land which
will double in value iu a
few months.
Are you  grasping the
presenl opportunities?
Cne sp c/thn
W/M'Jt (kdivtrng spirits iii ddight
Xikp-dtk cliuo'dium-ticmcudMe,
thai tlu* drlnki lorred fttourBoiiuKnutiuiu
hart tonic properttu bMtdei rafrahlnfl
Wc 11*0 i.niy rt*al fruit ITTtlM of thelliiffit
quality Fouulalu, rouuter, BlftllU ami
ri'ceptai1!-.* art  ki>pt  ncrupulously Ole&D.
Jlsikt-r Slrt'l-t, M'lHisu. B. 0.
TIIK EXCLUSIVE Privilege nl wiling rvfrcs.!.-
His-lsl-1111 tho .sssi-k-ly's. Kr.,11 ii.Ih iliiring the hill
K��ir. Ho|stentber 10-30-31. Ns, Hi.lrltn.,.i~ u,jis,sr.
allowed,  iiis- higlss-.i sir ssn, ts-tisls-i sssst nceee-
sssslly  aceOptOd.    A rerllflfsl  s-lss-.|iis'   fssr   (sill
amount toac tpany .-..*��� 1. tender,   addreai
l>. C. MrMoKRiM. Bocretary,
Nsl-nii Acsiissliiirsil siss.l Indtiatrlal Aaaoelatlon.
Nelaon, it s' Angnat ii. inn...
BOAT   Ag I rnwlngea tltu-.l uiils iallan.1
m's, oara,     For parllenlua ���|i|ils  in 11   \\
I'.iliisini, Canadian ..��!.-.-.
SMI I'll I'll KM I Kit TYI'KWHITKItli.rii'titorsali'
Apply 'i n Cigar Store, W. H.Bnilth
ROOMS TO i.kt  Nicely lurnlahed and rleanlr
Iss'tii rn - lor iteady gneati sir tranalenU. Ap
tily Mr- Mil.siisitlillis.siss'i I'lerre'a istslnr ihon.
W MEN, 111 sssin', fssr wssrk In the svssshIss.   Amily
IssW. K. t'sii.ki, mssnsslll. K,u.|.i
I.AI.V STKNllllUAI'llKK [nr |���,��ltl���ii |u uilrv.
'iiissii Iiisiik' ivith employer'a t.u.tity.    Apply
box W., Canadian olBise.
KXI'KKIKNCKI)   IHNIN.I   ItllOM   (itm,.    Atnily
Halcyon Hoi spring-, lis'
KMI'l.m '.1 h NT ,.11 Irssll tisiis'li t,v is k Jas,���t,.
>-s.' ,.is.l llll is il,-.   Apply is.imiyH.'li- Hotel
i'aui'Kntkks   Apply to John Burni.-lllca and
3500 New Members
Aro added to tbe MASON
A RI80B PXANO family
ww:h ymv.
VVt; witnt ymi lo join the family.
Wo will occopt ytm on eaty terim, aud (fuaranteo you wil uovar be tattf
for having Joined ns.
Cull and got particulars nf nur easy payment system,
Mason & Risch Piano Co., Ltd*
Mttst be Sold at Once!
TWO FURNISHED HOUSES, complete in all details, 2 lots
25 feet x 120 feet; 15 fruit trees in bearing. Crop vegetables.
Ten minutes from postoffici'.
Pike Complete $1300.
Further particulars will be given by
TsOVF fiT   CC%       Fniit Lands and Real Estate
X \J> 1 J_ Ot \ji\J** BAKER ST,      NELSON
One Eye at
Tliat's tho way Weteit
Klnss wliitsl, suits',,,,,. ,',.''*;,I
and iiltiniatfly both Mffer ,H ��H|
Wo usis modern an-limi,... 1
ur-ttliist ,',������,. .., iiviii,,',: S��'��l.l
would hurt your aye, ���,���, ���%JM
lel-phun. 3a3<
J. J. WALKER, >��gg��
ffiSffi'TH,C CBAWF0BD   Repairing and Jobbing a Specialty I
8hpettnest-.l Work, CiuitlnKa, Buildem' Mntorlnl null Mhiiim and Mill Maehlner- [
Ofll.18 anil Works Foot "f 1'iurk St.
I���!....it   J04.
Nelaon, 11.6, i
&n Kootenay Agenti
XJV4��        Limited, Winnipeg,
\N"Il.Hcsi.li;   I'nivisi.ins,
Ii.iiiisiii'iii Govern nt dreamery .Ini.t'tiuinl Hrifhs n ivi.l wi-.-kly frt^r j
from tl... ishui.i.   For sal,' by nil leading Kr'H'.'rs.
Offloe and wiiri'liuusf: Hoiistssi' Blodk,   PhoneTD.
Josephine Street. - Nelson, B.C.
Don't Forget
Is your furnace in shape to start the winter with?    If  not, NO
Is the time to have it repaired.
]* H. Ashdown Hardware CoM Lf
I'I.HAKE NOTE���We will not be responsible fur any furnace not la-up
by October 1st, 190C.
R.  W.   HINTON 'Wv~w��v��AA
U-dpttlrtnie nnd .!��� tbblnfl cxccutetl with DuHpnl.h.   Nhe��t M��til
Work. Mlnlnif mill  Mill .N.iicliiiiurv.       .\l*tiiu.ii��_;l nrcrn nl
Opo   CnrH,   R.   W.    -vontriKtMi-M'   Curt-.
NELSON,    B.  C.
Ts'ls'l'lsiim *
Maryland Casualty Co.
Which issues policies for the following:
Accident, Health, or combination of the two.
Plate Class Insurance.
Burglary or Theft.    Steam Boiler Explosion,
McDermid~& McHetij
A larjjc shipment of
Hart, Sch_ier& M.irx's
ust Arrived!
I.iiii'm Patterns, LntMl Btylai, ami All iimiils (lunnuii I
SSS L��mbe_, Shingles,
Uath, Mouldings, Doors, Window*
Turned Work and i��rnck_>_���. Mnil Orders promptl** ��M��*y
VJJKNON -SI Miu;I'   .   .   .   NBI__)OIN. It. C.
Our .took  iif HAND   SAWS i.
���.n- eenfBfl
Inolndlng grodea to huU. ulT requirements, ���.,
If you wiHh a low prilled WW W�� ��... Ht'lW)
also oarry the bent qnnlltl-t made i.y
8HURLY & DEITRICH "id Dj8gl��_.
Wood-VaUance Hardware Co'y, ^


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