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The Daily Canadian May 2, 1908

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Array ���
monarch   of
all   the   time.
bottled  at
Volume 2.    No. 286
Olson's Warm Farewell
lo J. A. Kirkpatrlck
lEvcning of Speech and Song Closes
With Good-bye To a Public
Spirited Citizen.
IF   '
_ jr -- -\
WAY f. 1908
Will  be delivered
your dear for
Fifty Cunts
Jeelin  A.   Kirkpulrick   will  carry   wilb
I huu in the  northern coaal   the know]
vdtti   ihal lu- learea no Bnamiea in Ne]
,  :. ami 1 lal there 1., noi one ol Ins [el-
In,  1 11.zens  who iluta not Join  lie-aitll)
lilng lii 111 the best of fortune aftei
:eiii�� him the best ol fortune. After
. ultra spent iu Nelaon during mosi ol
[uiiiin in- has Oiled um- or more publla
lee-     KOe-H    to    lllkl-     |llll't    III    llle    Up.
Iol another city, und hiatrienda
Ihui lo iiluy there uu useful and
tu      able part as he played in Nelaon.
1 light  on the  Invitation ol tha
1      rul-Conaervatlve     Association     ot
I Nelson,  more   than   a   hundred   friends
i;.e lee-ieil In the lung dining room ol   the
\ ire roller rink lo bid Mr. Kirkpatrlck
I :   od bye.
1 in.- chair  wan  ably  filled b>   It.  B.
li , who hail beside linn at theeroas
il.   .1    A.   Kirkpatrlck,  in.  <:.  A.   B.
lull. M. L. A.. W. A   Mai-ilomilii. K. C .
111] CapL I). 0   Me .Morris.
the- loyal lee.-tM ua.. iiitink iu ellenct
n.i ibiii the    TOaa*adlnaa were opened bj
la brief Introduction by the chainnan **ll"
[paid  a warm   tribute  to  the  worth  e,i
Jack"   Kirkpatrlck   anil   the   plate   he
lie-lel   in   llle-   e-sleelll   oi    b.H    fellow    eili
/-ens. Mr Lennle ibe-n iuviie-ii the
audience to be .1 Informal as possible,
and, by \va> ol enlivening the proceedings ea.bi] upeiti it. Thompson, who
.ne- s.. Long, Mary'' iu excellent
ii.-. in spite of the accompaniment ol
Ull-    llllisi'     eef     bOWllttg     111    tile    ll'   e-JS    elll
Mr.  Lennle then addressed  the -   ������
oi the evening tendering to him ou be
1.air of  tin-  gathering    tba    kindliest
s 1 be-s for his  future.
Mr. Kirkpatrlck who received an ova
ilon on rising, spoke feelingly of his re
al leaving Nelson, ami bis appred
.I'ion e,t til,, iii,.mis be had made during
his residence here.
Ilie next toast was "Hrltlsb Columbia" iu connection ��iih which W. A
Macdonald, K. C, F. .1. Dean,- and In
11.mi. M. I.. A., spoke.
Mr. Macdonald frankly Ignored the
uibjeci assigned him ami proceeded in
eery felicitous language to pay a tribute to ilie manliness, lhe- kindness ami
other qualities of J. A. Kirkpatrlel. thai
innde bis Bellow clttrteni regret his de
im rt ure.
i". .1. Deane added his testimony to
Mr. Klrkpatriok's worth, stating thai bit
"iiiy is-ilni or disagreement with bim
was polities. He. was pleased Ihal so
many Liberals had accepted tha invita
inn or their Conaervatlve 1 i-i.mi��1m to
i.'in in saying farewell to a pioneer.
Dr. Hall remarked thai be should
consider himself very narrow pilnded
indeed, if he could neel ill] suell i n oc
caalon forget politU-al division aim Join
in honoring u fellow oitisen who had
been a perfectly fair and honorable op I
ponet. ami iii "spite of many  political '
tights, bis Warm personal friend foi
man*, years,
S. A. Wye*.then nave. "Asleep in the
Deep" in splendid voice although he
apologised for being oul of form, and
iiad to iinj- without music.
J. L Porter and T. J. Hinnlan llii'ti
contributed to the mirth of tha gather
in* with short stories well told. Mr.
Scanlan look the opportunity to add bi^
tribute of praise to a one Um.- colleague
al the council hoard, a fair commercial
competitor and a warm personal friend
Tbe   noise  from   the   howling  alley   be
ing now somewhat reduced, K. 11 smiiii
"li.lighteij ibe meeting with "Love Me
and the Worki 1- Mine.'' responding ta
��� oi encore with "  ".w  Deathless Army.'
"The   board   Ql   trade"  was   greeted
with   "We're   here   because   evi'i'e   lure."
f' B. Starkey and .1. 10. Annable re
ponded both extolling tne public spirit
and the seal for the public welfare-
liown  by   Mr.   Klrkputrfok  during Iii:
��� areer In Nelson.
\fler a "oi.,ile of ooralc song* by
I'-itltar Mason, "the press" was hum.red
mil it. .1. 1.,ark responded.
"Tl.e city of Nelson" brought oui
ilieeChes b\ cv Mayor W. (1. (Illicit, e\
Mil. ./. A. Irving, Aid. (1- Bteed ami Aid
D. C McMorris. The speeches were
brief and pointed. Misses. Qfllett anu
IivIiir told ot severs' years in the ooun
���ii with Mr. Kirkpatrlck as colleague
of his djitigenpe, scif-saorlnce nml un-
voryinF Ipurtesy
After .nothcr story by .1. L, Portet
and ,>n,..:-. by K. Thompson and Archie
l is Imp, "Old Tinners"  was honored, re-
spouses   tieint*   made   by  J.    "���*>. hilon
Harry   Wright,   W.   S.   Drew    **   ".   VS.
Uojuell ami Uen. Caldwell.
Tin- tiiuiim-'ui  then made a |, *a-
lion of a sot of line cut  glass, w :
Mr. Kll kp'.iti ii-K the best of follul. ,n
the north and an .-arli r.-iuru. ' He assured him 'ha' a warm Welcome would
always await him lu the city where so
muni years of Ins life had been spent
Mi. Kirkpatrlck, who was again received with cheers, spoke very teelinglj]
..I tb.- friendship be bad formed and of
bis regret at parting. He hoped hooh
io return and again make his home
in   the city.
"Auid Lang Syne" and the National
Anthem ended an evening wbich,
wiiiie iis dominant note wi*. regret,
waa cheered b> perfect harmony and
good fellowship^
The gathering was organised by C.
II BeWell, who looked after all ar-
rangements in tine mosi callable manner.
Roman Citholics  Parade.
.New  York, May 2.���Not in a long lime
has  .New   York  witnessed  such  another
demonstration   as   the   monster   parade
oi   Etonian  Catholic organisations that
waa held litis afternoon lo maik the
Close eel ibe- week's celebration of lilt
Centenn|al of the- New York diocese-. II
is estimated that upwards of 50,000
marchers wen., in line., representing
some twenty-five Uomun catholic so-
Cteties and institutions. The parade
formed ai Washington memorial arch
and mart-lied up Fitth avenue. Archbishop Farley and the visiting cardinals
aud oilier preiutes reviewed flic procession in front ..i si. Patrick's Cathedral.
Major-lietieral Thomas H Harry. U. S.
A., neie-d as chief marshal.
Sixty thousand Roman Catholic lay-
ni*u marching in procession this forenoon brought to a climax and formally
ended tin- week's celebration of the centenary of the founding of the Koman
Catholic diocese of New York. The
parade had lee-en looked forward to as
the crowning pul,lb- event of the week
and iu every way anticipation was surpassed. No more perfect day couni
have favored the event. Tin* sky was
almost cloudless, Hie sir clear and line.
Along Fifth avenue and through 86th
street, where ibe line- marched tei the
dlsbandonlng place, hundreds of thousands of persons we-re maasad and the
Immense u-vie-wini; stand which had
been e-ie-cie-ei in from of the cathedral,
made' a picture tbe- like of which was
seldom seen. It bad bean built to ac
oommodate feeur thousand people and
lis whole- capacity was placed at the
ellsposal eif women and children and th|
distinguished prelates who have been
participating in the observance of the
ci'iviiiein.. . All the sixty thousand who
look   part  iu   lhe   parade"   were  on  foot.
The parade formed ai Washington
square and moved up Fifth avenue past
the- cathe-elral and  to :"i"tlt street  where
ii was dispersed. The line of march
covered a distance of three miles.
To  Dedicate Catholic Church.
Boseman, .Mont.. May u.���a number
of church dignitaries are here for the
dedication of Boseman's new Catholic
church tomorrow. The event will be
attended by elaborate ceremonies.
Bishop Carroll of Helena will officiate
and Ibi' sermon will be preached hy
K.v. M. I'. Cushnahan of Ogden, Utah.
Hou6e to Eulogize Senators.
Washington, May 2.���The house of
representatives lias set aside' tomorrow
for memorial Bervloes In honor of the
memory of Senators Steven K. Maliory
ami William .1. Bryan of Florida. The
eulogies will be participated lu by some
of the foremost members of both
Japanese Prince Dead.
Toklo. May It���The death of Impcr
ia! Prince Kliiiimaro Yaniashinia will
be officially announced tomorrow, iii.
highness, who was .'15 years of age,
waa a captain in the nnvy.
Strike for 21 2 Cents.
Chicago, May :;.���Muy Day In QhJ
csgb passed with one minor strike to
mark lhe harmony that exists between
employers and employees. Only seven
y men were Involved initial one strike,
'nit notwithstanding the small number,
Hi,, result was a tie-up of nil cut stone
>;irds lu tb,. city. The men walked
out. to force an advance, of 2% ce'iils an
hour In wages. No efforts were made
bv ihe employers to 111! the vacancies
ami Ii is thought ibe- trouble will be
soon   patched   up-
Murdered and Robbed.
Portland, tire.. Maj 2. Nathan Wolf
a pawn broker and jeweler who lias
beep In business in Portland, for SE
years, was murdered Inst nlghl. Wolf
w.'e; evblenlli lirst shot In the neck
and  beaten in death  witli n hatchet.
Ills face ami head were backeel. Then
is   little   doubt    Ihal    robbery   was   the
c:ni -.,. or ihe crime. Wolf carried a
large stuck of diamonds, ll Is said ttiat
ihe robbers look Jewelry io the amount
of $l.7iiii. i
Sutton  Bents   Hoppe,
Chicago, Mny 2.���tieotge   Button,   of
Ohlcagoi defeated Willie Hoppe of New-
York, fiiiO to IlliS. Inst  nlgbt III the firs:
block of 1500 points at 18.2 billiards.
Reckless Extravagance
at Ottawa
Dominion's Liability on Account cf
Ge T. P. Will Be $200,1 ( 000,
Actual Payment$50f0. ),b00.
Ottawa, May 2, r. ic. Vautelet, of
Montreal, consulting engineer, sometimes works Tor the public works department    'Iho public  account.*-,    com-
mil tee has j.,ivcn a link* attention Uj
his case, ami Minis .the following paid
huu tor serviced, for tbe nine monlub
tiotn June BOUt, 1006. lu Aiureh 31st.
On   account  services,   etc $lu,ouu
Trip   to   Paris        (MM)
\\ oik   in   connection    with   masonry, S-& days at $..U        25a
Un account professional services    .t.uUt,
Total $1U.85;".
T.iese are payments on account.
Other claims of Mr. Vauielet amount
to $14,360, tor services in the Bam
period, have been recommended by tie
department lor payment.
It comes about this way: The government is reconstructing a dam on tinned river beluw Winnipeg to make <**
foot navigation between Winnipeg ami
Lake Winnipeg. The department ar
ranged to pay this consulting engineer
for the plans 5 per cent, on the esti
mated cost of tlie BUptuvtruoture, Tin
0081 is placed at $30,000, giving the engineer $15,01)0. Mr. Vautelet teatifie.
thai the only other struc'ures liki- thai
ol St. Andrews are on the Seine below
Pari*, lie went there to study them,
the government pa>lng him $(100 (in ad
dhion tu his 5 per ceui.i for the troubU
he look in qualifying himself. There if*
a sub-struclure of masonry for thi.-
dam and Mr, Vautelet was consulted
about il. lie was paid $*J0 a day and
expenses    for    the  ��. and  one  hall
days   he dovoied   to t usiness.     O.
the $16,000 aa agree. -n he received
$luuu ou account, and payment of thiol her is recommended by I lie ilepurl-
ment. Meanwhile -Mr. Vartelet was al
so employed in making plana for ;���
$860,000 shed at Quebec harbor. His
pay, as fixed by Uie department, is $13,
360, of Which $8,000 has been paid on
account, though the shed has not been
built. The department tried to pay
him another Vt.nuo, but the audilor gen
eral held it up for the time and stood it
over till the nexl iiwcal year. Mr. Vauti
let's total earnings, for those two plant,
as settled by tin- public works depart
ment are thus $-S.tior.. The remaindei
of his time wns given to private customers.
it is a pity Commissioners Fysch*
ami Basin did not visit this department
and report on the "lack of conscience'
We have the statement of the Trans
continental commission of the estiniu
led cost of the ti. T. Pacific irom Monc
ton tu Winnipeg as ready for operation
but without rolling slock.
The length of the line is 1,808 mile
and the average cost now estimated it
$88,486 per mile, making the total cost
This is different from the promise on
which ih-.1 government carried the bill
Here are lhe Statements of minister.,
and their supporters of (he cost of tin
Winnipeg to Moncton section:
Sir   Wilfrid   Laurier   about. .$60,000,000
Mr.  Fielding     51,300,000
Mr.  Charlton    r.-i.r.ini.	
Mr.  Hughes, P.  D. 1   63,000,000
Mr.  Heyd    61,000,000
Mr. German    ri4.ooo.ooe
Mr.  Arch. Campbell      M.TSO.OOn
Mr.   Roche.   Halifax      66,360,000
Government   engineer     5.3,000,00,.
The Conservative members' estimates
were nearer the truth, but mosUy too
low. Mr. Blair, who opposed tile measure, did not believe the road could lie
built for $96,000,000 (page S4r.��H. Then
we have the following estimates of the
minimum cost:
Mr.   Haggart    JlilX.i.iHi.i	
Dr.   Sproule    .t.  135,000,000
Mr.   Lennox        88,000,000
Mr.   Kemp         7:1.000.000
Mr. Bennet      72.oott.oou
Mr.   Osier       130,000,000
Mr.   Lefurirey        72,000,000
Mr. Clancy       77.S12.oon
Mr.  Henderson     113,868,000
Mr.   Vrooman        93,760,000
M r.   Prlngle        90,000,000
to       100,000,000
Mr. Horden did not make an exact
estimate, but asserted t^jCI lhe cost-
would certainly exceed $7.r��.ooh,oo0. Mr
Tarte, who did not BUpport  the scheme.
made an .intimate of $76,000,000 In the
1903 debate, but raised It  to $96,000,000
the nt'xt year,
Mr,   Fielding,   (Hansard,   loot,   page
3686) redlcub'd Mr. HoVilen's estimate
of 175,000,000 and oilier similar or higher Calculations, which, h(9 declared, were
absurd and unreasonable. He produced
calculations from the governmenl engineer to support his own estimate, now
proved alao on the authority of govern
ment engineers to be Just about half
the OOSt of the road.
Sir Wilfrid now explains that when
in- gave $13,000,000 as the full coat of
the whole road he meant lhat this would
cover tlie amount not charged to the
company Then Mr. Kleiding reduced
this burden below $-].i,000,000 and even
produced a caio lation to show that $S,-
000,000 or $tt,U0u.0OU would be tin; present vulue *of the nalional contribution.
Let UK see how it ��lauds on the present
liy ibe time tbe Moncton lo Winnipeg
line is completed tlie government will
have paid interest at least equal to
three years on tlie total cost, at not less
than three am] a hall per cent. This
Is $12,000,000. This, added to the $114,-
ooo.ooo. makes $120,000,000 charged
against the company. The government
paya seven fear's interest on this from
the time the road is handed over. That
is $::o.870,000. Add the cost, of the
Quebec bridge, say $12,000,000, and we
bave tlie present estimated burden applicable to the eastern section atone.
Hut the government is also to pay interest on tlie guaranteed bonds on the
mountain section during construction
and for seven years after completion.
It Is now announced that this section
will cost $40,000,000, calling for $80,-
000,000 of guaranteed bonds on which
the government will pay threi per cent,
interest for seven yenrs, or $(>,.i00,000.
\\V have thus a total contribution of
$49,170,000, supposing the company fulfills all its obligations, and the present
estimates are not exceeded, both doubtful  considerations.
The actual liability for expenditure
and guarantees will probably be not
less than $200.^ 00,000.
A special committee of the commons
will begin inquiry Into the charge that
the governmert commission is "padding" tlie accounts of contractors on
the National Transcontinental railway.
This is not a Conservative or opposition
charge. It is made hy a former district
engineer of the railway, who has been
discharged in consequence of his alleged
refusal to carry out the orders of ma
superiors. Sir Wilfrid himself proposed
the reference to a committee. The
charge was made so explicitly that It
could not be ignored.
Mr. Foster, M. P., tells of a tailor in
his county who wa: appointed by the
Laurier government to inspect con-
striicllon on an armoury, the contract
price of which was $4,700. The tailor
neglected to report that the work was
done aud so went on drawing his pay
for a year or two. receiving for inspec
tion 40 per cent, of the contract  price.
A similar eM is now reported from
Antteonlsh, where $1,900 has already
been paid for Inspecting the public
building under construction there. The
inspector's pay is $;l per day, and has
heen going on for nearly two yeajs. It
is found lhat the inspector was paiil
$1,096 for one year, so that he drew his
%:. for every holiday and every Sunday.
No.   2   Company  Over   Strength���Ready
for   Formation  of   Second   Unit���
Field  Day on 25th.
No. 2 Company mustered 54 strong
tor Inspection last night by Col. Holmes,
I) O. C. All the Officers were examined
in their skill in handling the company
and in their knowledge of drill, and
the sergeanls in handling sections.
The marching and manoeuvring were
highly praised by the inspecting officer,
but the manual exercises were not up
to the mark. For this, however, there
was a good reason. The rifles were In
Victoria for two months undergoing
modifications and during lhe week sinre
they were returned there had been ne
light for exercises. Consequent!y the
new recruits were unfamiliar wilh the
weapons. In the circumstances the par-
turmanee  was not. discreditable.
After a very thorough inspection aral
exercise, including a test of the etliei
ency of the signallers. Col. Holmes addressed the men in his usual happy
way, complimenting them on their
soldierly appearance, praising their
work, where it deserved praise, and
pointing out deficiencies that he hoped
tu see remedied.
lie told them of the plans for tin
102nd regiment of which they nre to
form a part and of which Nelson will
be  lhe  headquarters.
There will be a field-day In Nelson
on May 25th. when the companies oi
Rossland will also be here.
Alberta Judge Decides on
Labor Dispute
Three Hin:rs Accepted Lower Wages
From Coal Company���Canada
From Ocean to Ocean,
Edmonton, May 2.���One of the first
cases to be tried iu the Alberta courts
involving Lhe industrial disputes measure, known as the Lemieux act, came
up for hearing iu the district court yesterday morning before His Honor Judge
Taylor. This wus the case of twenty-
one miners against the Strut.. uaJCoi.
company for breach of cout. et. t'ii
company entered Into the ae\. Com *������
for smaller wages with thr mi. c.
without complying with the prov-* >u.
of the act. The judge helu Uiat the
three men who sigued the new coutracl
must abide by It but the agreement is
not binding on other mines. The
United Aline Workers of America have
taken up the question aud will appeal
irom the judgment, with respect to the
three men. It is understood that they
will also enter an action in the supreme
court against the Strathcona Coal company for $20,000 damages for violating
the Lemieux act and breach of contract.
Medicine Hat, May li.���At yesterda>
afternoon's session of the court, tin.
charge of conspiracy to burn the resi
dence of John Lehr was withdrawn
against Jacob Reld, Jacob Merkel am:
five others of th. sect known as tin
Dreamers. All were bound over in theii
own recognizances to keep the peac<
in the sum of $200. The case agams;
August Netomau was dismissed on tht
charge or arson and conspiracy, and he
was rearrested on a charge of perjury
in giving false evidence during the
Dreamers' trial.
Toronto, May 2.���"As nn account o!
what took place in conference,! should
call Mr. Uoss' statement yesterday ut
terly misleading." said J. H. Plununer.
president of the Dominion Steel com
pnny, last night. "Mr. Mackenzie cer
lainly suggested twenty cents a toi.
over cost as a fair profit to ELpply io tin
run of the mine. The rest -f the st;ite-
ment contains suggestio; s \ ii.ch 1
understood were advanced !���> ��4r. i,..ss
during the conference. They ������!��� i:nly
were not suggested by M . Y i.'< -...ie.
nor, so far as I understo. I tb ��� I uh
sion, did they meet with his approval.'
Regina, May 2���The bill to amend the
act respecting the legislative assemble
was moved by Premier Scott and read
a first time yesterday. While no stale
ment is made of the bill there is a feel
ing that the assembly will be increased
to forty members.
������������������������ ���> ��������>���>����������������������������������������*
J Queen  Group   Bonded.
��� The Queen and Yellowstone
J mines in Sheep Cre-ek valley were
- today bonded by the owner, William Waldie, to A. 1). Weslby. ui*
Mi nuea | iol Is,   and   associates.
The figure named in the lease
and bond Is $176,000, of which $50,-
is   paid   down.     Mi.   Waldie   con-
:Sldera the deal satisfactory and ho
�� do the purchasers.
X This is the biggest deal yet made
J In connection with a Sheep Creek
j valley p. i.orty. The mines arc
X well  known to many men  in  Nei-
��� sou. and ii win be generally con*
I sblered   thai   the   purchasers   have
4 goi    excellent     value    for    their *
��� inomy. o
J T h e dea 1 will doubt less also X
*��� stimulate    Interest   in   lhe   valley a>
which   rent aim    many   other   rich   ���
properties X
Mr. Waldie wil) now devote his ���
time to the development of his ox- ���
tensive lumbering interests. +
������������#�����* �����������������������������+������������������
Port William. May 2���William Fraser.
aged 17, was killed last night by being
thrown out of a buggy, the horse falling
on top of him. He had been out with
two companions driving around the
streets, and about 11 o'clock started to
return home. In trying tu cross the
bridge they missed it and started down
the bank tc the river. The horse be
came unmanageable and the occupants
were all ihr.^��vn out, Fraser being Hung
Forward, the horse falling upon him.
crushing his life out.
Port Arthur, May 2.���Never In thr
history of this port has there been wit
uessed such a rte-di of grain as there
has been the last few days. At the
head of the lakes today ls a fleet of
forty three boats with a carrying capa-
cltj of four and a half million bushels.
It Is believed that hy the close of Sat
urday over six million bushels of wheat
will have been shipped from here. The
elevators are lin��'d with vessels wnlting
to get under the spouts.
Fort William. May 2.���The body ot
an unknown man. apparently a laborer
about flCjy years old, was found completely severed on the Canadian North
ern tracks In tljo outskirts of the cit>
this morning. Conductor Shelley of a
westbound train made the discovery
and  notified the police.
North Hay. May 2.���Peter Pelangle.
in Italian who eloped from Orlllla with
Alice Southern, a 15 year old girl
came to North Hay and was arrested
b> the chief of police on leaving tin
train on account of his suspicious ac
tons. Th,e girl's gather was located
hy wire and came ou the next train
Pelangle wa*. allowed To go on payment
-.I* cost* am. ihe girl returned with hei
Montreal. May 2.���No May Day oelo
orations were held last nlgbt for Jusi
as a Socialistic band, playing the In
ternatlonale," entered tho Champ n
Mars with red fiags, 160 uniformed pe
lleomen marched out of the headquai
'* ters  at the  city hall  headed  by  Chte.
Campeuu and the crowd was Informed
it would have to disperse. So quickly
was this done that Inside of ten minutes
Champ de Mars was clear, but though
everything outwardly was calm, litter
feelings were aroused In the Socialist
ranks and the leaders of itye movement
saltl they looked upon the action as a
breach of faith on the part of the civic
authorities, claiming that Mayor Payette gave them permission to hold a
quiet parade. Their leaders afterwards
visited Chief Campeau and insisted that
there was no law to prevent an orderly
parade through the streets and a quiet
gathering in a public place, but the
chief insisted that a by-law covered his
action. So the Socialists will hold a
meeting in the labor temple tomorrow
afternoon at which, it is admitted, the
cry of prosecution will be raised.
Toronto, May 2.���At eight o'clock
lust night when Youngfe Street was
crowded a well dressed Btranger entered the fruit store of W. R. Webb-
vood, just above Queen Street, and
brutally assaulted Miss Stitch, the
young lady in charge. He first bought
some goods and then sprang at the
yong lady, choked her and beat her
into Insensibility. When she recovered
consciousness she telephoned for the
police hut in the meantime the man
lad disappeared in the crowd on the
Montreal, May 2.���According to a
statement by Mr. D. McNicoll, vice-
president and general manager of the
C. P. It , no dicision has been reached
as yet regarding the Empress liners
passing Quebec. He says it depende
entirely on the action of the longshoremen at Quebec. He would make no
statement as to where the steamers
w would go should the longshoremen
persist in refusal of the company's jro-
position regarding wages. The company will pay no more to Quebec longshoremen than it pays to Montreal
Toronto, May 2.���A London cable says
all money for Ontario's two million dollar bond has been placed to the credit
of the province.
Ottawa, May 2.���The Stanley cup
trustees have accepted the challenge of
the St. Catherine's Lacrosse Club for
the trophv now held by the Shamrocks
of Montre ll.
Kingston, May 2. ���Frontenac Liberals have decided to support Dr. W.
Spankie, independent, who is opposing
J. 8- Gallaher, the sitting Conservative
member of the legislature.
Montreal, May 2.���One of the most
exciting and peculiar fires that has ac-
curred in Montreal for some time past
broke out last evning in a four storey
building at the corner of Bleury and
Dcwd streets and was attended by the
rescue of two women by Deputy Chief
Tremblay and Foreman Lapointe amid
cheers from a crowd of onlookers that
blocked the street. The women rescued
were Mrs Facella and Mrs. Craig, who
lived on the third floor. When they
first noticed the fire they attempted to
go down stairs but were almost overcome and were obliged to go to the top
floor to a gallery from which they were
Fort. Qu 'Appelle, Sask., May 2.���Chief
Ptapot. who took a prominent part on
the side of Kiel In the 1886 rebellion,
died  today.
Winnipeg. May 2.���A. C. Flumerfelt.
of Victoria, B. C, has taken cut a life
insurance policy witu the Great West
Life Assurance company for $250,000.
This is the largest life Insurance policy
ever written in Canada.
North Hay, Ont., May 2.���Jno. Loug-
hoed, merchant, of Mattawa, has been
nominated by Nipissing Liberals for the
Prockville, May 2.���A story of vile
brutality to animals camea from a dis
trici across the river rrom here. Getting
home drunk a farmer went out to feed
his youug stock and finding that ten
calves which he had been feeding to
sell, did not eat fast enough, he drew
a knife and cut their throats. Then,
continuing his drunken frenzy, he started to cut the throats of Tits horses. The
first animal which he slashed kicked
him with sufficient force to render him
unconscious. On recovering he "eame
to a speedy realization of what he had
done. s,
Quebec, May 2. ���Further confirmation on excellent authority to have been
received from Rome of the report of
the coming elevation of Mgr. Begin to
the cardlnalate.
Montreal. May 2.���Floods are reported in many points in the province from
high water in the Ottawa, St. Lawrence,
Lievre and Richelieu rivers. A land
slide is reported from near Louisville,
where about sixteen acres of land slid
Into the Chacoura river.
Counsel's Duty binctly
Kr. Aylesworth Selects CourfAnd
���Opposing Attorney���Report
Probably Harmless.
Ottawa, Jaay 2.���Arthur Little, a farmer ot Pivaoott county has mysteriously disappeared. He U. 15 years of age,
unmarried, and alwa)** has been a
steady man.
According .to a letter sent to O. P.
Watson, K. CL, Toronto, by Aylesworth
ln connection with his appointment as
one of the counsel in t~e inquiry into
the marine department affairs, tht minister says: "in a general way what Is
expected of you is that you prosecute
the inquiry into all matters covered by
the order ln council authorizing Judge
Casseis' appointment. You will be responsible for bringing before the commissioners all such evidence as may be
required to make the inquiry thorough
and enable the commissioner to make
a complete report."
The government will, according to
present Intention, submit to parliament
shortly a bill providing for the construction of a railway to Fort Churchill on
Hudson's Bay, thus providing an outlet
for the rapidly increasing crops of
western grain. This, it is understood,
must be along the lines suggested in
tbe commons last session by Sir Wilfrid Laurier and by Hon. Sifton in
March last.
The special committee of the commons to investigate Major Hodgins'
charges in connection with alleged fraud
in tbe expenditure of public money on
the Transcontinental railway, will meet
on Tuesday next when Major Hodgins
is expected to be present.
Montreal, May 2.���Tbe Ottawa correspondent of the Gazette this morning
says emphatic notices were served on
tbe government last night by the op-
;iositlun tha' if further supply was to
be granted some further information
must be given about the early bringing down eef the Aylesworth election
Regina, May 2.���Despite tliu etate-
ment of the minister of the '.' eilor in'
the house of commons yesterday that
the provincial government is responsible for the Doukhobors being shipped
to Yorkton from Port William, the attorney general today states ihat the
Saskatchewan government ilo s not accept the responsibility and hus nothing
to do with the caring for the Doukhobors until forced to take action. Mounted police bave been instructed however, to take ln charge any who are
breaking the law, or who may 1 e insane.
Johnson to Address Chicagoana.
Chicago. May 2.���Leading Democrats
from all parts of Illinois have come to
Chicago to attend tonight's banquet of
the Iriquois Club, at which Oovernor
John A. Johnson of Minnesota is to be
the guest of honor and the chief speaker. Much Interest Is manifested in the
function since It was announced that
Governor Johnson's address was to be
of national political Importance. The
presidential boom of the Minnesota executive Is believed to have gathered
considerable strength since the Johnson
headquarters were opened in Chicago
several weeks ago.
Quiet May Day.
Berlin. May 2.���Tbe Socialistic May
Day demonstrations passed off without
disorder despite the fact that the unemployed were numerous participants.
Twenty-two Socialist meetings were organized in Berlin and Its suburbs, a
smaller number than in previous years.
Despatches received from the principal
vities tn the provinces report that May
Day  everywhere  passed alt quietly.
Prices of Metals.
New York, May 2.���Silver, 52%c.
London, May 2.���Silver, 24%d.
Courtesy to Russia.
Toklo,   May  2.���It   was  officially an-
noeinceil today that I. Motono, Japanese
minister   at   St.   Petersburg,  had   been
promoted to Iho rank of ambassador.
Heavy  Loss.
Ogdensburg,    May     2.���Damage    to
Thousand  Island property by the present   high   water   In   the   St.   Laurence
Attending to Business.
Cambridge?), Mass., May 3.���The deeds
of the property no woctupled at Chestnut Hill by Mrs. Mary Baker G. Eddy,
the Christian Scientist leader, were
tronseerred by record In the Middlesex
registry of deeds to her today by Robt.
P. alker of Chicago. M'.s. Eddy's transferring her residence freim Concord, N.
H., to Ches*nut Hill on January 6 last
was much to the surprise, ot even her
closest frienilx.
Only Two Arrests.
Paris, May 2.���May Day in i'urts passed oft quietly, the only Incident being
the arrest of two individuals who ex-
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ horted the soldiers to throw down their
rIVwr is estimated at between $200,000 I arms and join ths anti-military move-
a.iU *; ..i.Minn. ' meat. 1 ��d Daily -Uanadlafr
potto to Newcomers and Intending Settlers
may w
the be
beat '
Hudson's Bay Stores
!lhci's', Miners', Prospectors*,
lumbermen's and Railroadmen's
Sttppplies   and   the    Leading
M'e keep the best of everything;, and the best only.
Our immense business and practically unlimited capital give us sped;
.id-.antages ln buying, so that we can   sell,   and    do   sell.    HIGH    CLASS
GOODS at prices  generally   charged  for  INFERIOR   ARTICLES.
Flour, Bran, Shorts and Hay Always in Stock
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office:   Toronto.
Capital Authorized   $10,0*00.000    Capital   Paid   up $4,925,000
Rest    $4,925,000
D   B. WILeKlK. President. HON   KOBEKT JAFFRAY, Vice-President
Branches in British Columbia:
savings department
Interest  allowed on   deposits  fro at date of deposk andcredltedquarterly.
\ki.**on BUAfOH *l.   JVI.    L..A i sj   A'aarnajjer.
The Royal Bank of Canada
Incorporated  A.   U.   IS69.
Capital $3,900,000     Reserve Fund.
Unexcelled facilities for the transaction
of all  ki lis of Banking  Business.
SPECIAL   ATTENTION   fliven   to  the
avings    Bank    Department,    and
.iterest    credited    Quarterly    on
savings Bank Accounts-
on Application, in Laru*. Medium
or Pocket Size.
Nelson B. anch, G. A. SPINK, Manager.
f*ur>il��-be<] fix ���:**-;���- a weef by Uie
Httker .St..  Nelion. U. ft
btiDKirii'LMn ratei, bo oenu a room*, d'-Mvered
Um ���.,., . ot ibvo t* year ll eeu* hy djmiJ, wheu
aid iu Ml sine.
iituut r��te< on application.
AU moulm p��M iu settlement of The Dally
' *.���..;<..���-. a < uuiiU, either tut BUubcriplioLtf ur
AAttottXttOM, Uiiiat im receipted Iur ou the printed
furnas ot iu�� ' oiuy*\uy Other receipt* are uut
Saturday,  May 2,  1908.
All accounts against The Canadian
Publishing Company will be liquidated
within the next few days, and all accounts owing the company are now due
and   payable   at   the   office.
,\ ii.ii tli.s issue 'tue Daily Canadian
i  publication  n���  a newspaper, .,
issue ��.il be printed next  wee*
ie,,  uutaide circulation to lutiil certain
-      ...      ee��l,t,UClS,     but     US     U     lie..
LuOaj a  iS*Hle  last issue.
J lie    uuili     Canadian    bus    no* ,    foi
,.,.11...    tWO   J. .Ua,   SelVud   llle   people   eel
. <   i    ,   ..nd   wciuity   us   a   unueuui   01
anu uf luir comment.   It v%u.^ aa.
tabllahod iu protest agalnat what teemed to ita foundere uutuir und mislead
,ny   ie porta   ot   poBltical   events.     As
the danger oi suejn  reports Is  uniikelj
to leieeiii   the necessity  for tbe publics
ihui  oi Uils puper no  longer exists
i be  Daily  Canadian hus aimed  con
) :��e iiiinisii its readers early, ae-
e  lee.lie-      .. f) .1      lull'     reports     of     all      plllllie
events, chituly ol tliose ol special in
i. i.. i ,11 iliii, cltj uud province, it is
gratifying to be able to recall main
unsolicited testimonials as to the lucidity and tin.- absolute fairness oi Tin
Cxnud..ii... reports of loi-ul evtsnta,
in politics, Imperial, Dominion and
British Columbian, it bus been a coneii
t.ebi und loyal advocate ot tin- cause
... Conservatism. It has steieuj alwayi
tut iiinlutaiuliig an I strengthening the
Imperial connection ami lor the spoil
laneous performance by Canada of all
. i duties and tbe fulfillm.'iil of all
ttie- rt. ponalbllittos Incidental to that
connection. It has advocated tlie development of tbe Dominion of Canada
on   ih.-  linos laid down  by  Sir John  A.
Macdonald, and it lias from tip   first ap-
peal ot  Mr. FL I.. Borden, support! d
demand  tor- ih��> cleansing ��� ��j   the  -
.-��� i vice and tin- Immediate abolll
tlie- spoils Bystem and ihej conservation
Of  all   the-   national   we-ulth   lor  all   tie.
; ��� opli   ui the- nation.
in Liritish Columbian politics The
Canadian lias supported the administration ot lion. Kichard McBride and his
colleagues, believing that the maintenance of his government was essi
in the stability, efficiency, and progres
���iveness of tin- administration of the
In regard to the local affairs ol the
city of Nelson ihe Canadian ha.- bei n
un th,- side of progrt bs. lis watchword
for tlie ciiy has always been "Forward,
and for the attainment of that it has
urged, and d-iiu.- its utmost to promote,
haromonlous cooperation of all eiiiz-u.-e
for the-  public   velfaro.
Iu spite of some unfavorable ei:. m
stances, the degree of support BC ion a
Ihls been most gratifying and Bincei
thanks are hen- extended in those who
have given ilu- pa pel their steady, gen
e-nnis and loyal suiepeeri.
Willi tin- purpose for which it. was
founded now accomplished The Daily
' anadian tak.-s leave of Its readers,
wishing them ami tbe cltj ol Nelson
e- atInued prospeiity.
Dynamited  for  Revenge.
Butte,    M .,    May    a.    BlaetbouiuJ
Burlington train  No. n was dynamited
a. en- Uu-  Northern  Pacific station here
at   11.37 o'clock  last   ii,Kl,i      i I,,. , -,,,,,,
���'"ti  cau* el  tha  in. i   engine  !���.  leave
Tale,   Notice- ihal 1 intend in apply ie
ihe- Board ot LIceuse Comml bi .     e
the- City e,; Nelson to transfer the saloon
license tor the Manhattan Saloon   Jo
phine street, Nelson, B.   <:., tins it
-i.e.. el to me b) il. n. Mi ore '.. S\ 111 am
E. Jarratt of Nelson, B, O.
Dated  this  jsth  day  of April,  A    li
I, ll. II. Moore, of Nelaon, B. C, ie. re
I - v. ne,tiee that I Intend to apply to
tn- Hoard of License Coromlst loners ol
ilu- City nf Nelson, B. C ;.. its mxi
regular i ItUng for a tran fet .,i uij
aloos license foi the- Manhatl en Saloon
��� en Josephine street, Nelson, it. C, to
Mary S Jarratt, wife <ef William I raj
raft, or Nelson, n. C,
Uat��-d al Nelson, ti. C. this 28th dav
of April, A. D. l'JOS.
H. H, MOORE, Licensee.
the rails but It plowed along for a few
hundred feet without turning over, the
second engine crashed into the banks a
few le-neths from where the- explosion
occurred and turned over. Every perse .11 (in the train has been accounted
tor except Engineer Busy of the second
engine who Is supposed to be buried
under the locomotive. Carl Mange who
was riding on the blind baggage was
t.ik.-'i rrom the mass nf ���]> lu-is under
which In- w;us burled. His arm and leg
were broken. Bxpreas messenger
.i. t; Valentine was seriously oui by
Hying grenade. Sheriff Charles Mender-
derson ami th.- police have begun un
n.     i   . ion  ol  Hi.   affair.    The dyna-
lel      lee        ill,-     W,e|k    111'
some  tramps  seeking   revenge  tor  be*
��� --.I   from   tin-   train.
Must   Raise   Rates.
Washington, Maj  2.    It appears like-
tl      ii.'   antli Ipated Increase in rail-
oad ���     i-   I.,   tu-   made.   A
:   ���             ago a  member of the  Interstate    eeell -Ie,-    , " 111 1 ] 1 I S.S i, JJ1    eXjiJeSSed
tlie- opinion ihat within thu.. or lour
i.i- i.i:. . un i      .1 decldt .1  Imptovemeni
.'i      l.ilieea.e      UOUdlUonS       slum.el        take
it would be necessar; fur the railroad
either r.. Increase freight ratea or to
reduce 1 - ���  ..r   their  employees.
Personally ami official!) ihe oommls-
sioner deprecated the- taking of e-itheM-
lii.rn ..I th.- dilema by th,. railroads
but in- ie. 1,,-ve ei it to be inevitable.
i .
Spanish Fetes.
Madrid, May 2.���The fetes commem-
. it ii- tii- centenary of the war of
Spanish Independence, began hen- yes*
teiday. The' royal family teeuk part in
in.- exercises and Queen Victoria was
ed with frenzied cheering when
-li.- li. i'i up tin- infant prince- of the
Austrias t.. the crowwda. Despite the
Itlon of Premier Maura, King Alfonso !.;.- decided tee review the grand
civic procession today.
Last  Act.
.Mid.il. ton, May 2 James II. Wal-
lace, former actor and ot, m-r of the
play Tin- Bandll King," committed
suicide in a hotel in this city today by
shooting himself.
Rates East
Winnipeg, Port William, Sioux City,
Dulutll,  St.  Paul,  $G0.0U
a o, ili.bo; St. Louis, tJGT.DU;
X.w     Vurk,    $lus."���'.',   Toronto,    94.40;
eal, $108.50; Ottawa, 1108.50; St.
John, N. li., $127.60; Halifax, $135.60;
Sydney,   C.   Ii..   JHl.au.
'rickets on sal. May 1, ami IS, June
6, 0, l'.e and 20. July 0, 7, 22 and 23.
August 6, 7, 21 und 21', J'.iO.v Viral class
Round trip. Ninety day limit.
HOI TES.     I :. k.-ts are good via any
recognized   routes   in   one   or   botli   d.
i linations east of  Chi
cago  am geiod  via the Ureal Lakes.
J-'or further Information as regards to
rates,   etc.,   apply   to
U   I-;.   M. FHKKSON, J. MOE,
e.i'.A., winnipes. u ka.. Nelson
aP A . Nei.i,li. K.C.
SAiVIUfciU   A.   WYE
all Kinds of Heating  Plants In  Stock
Vlcto-la St., Nr. Oners Home.      Tel. 181
Take   notice   that   thirty   days   aftei
date.    I.     Harry    Rhj meli.    intend    to
apply to the License Commissioners of
Ymir  district  for a license  to  open an
hotel ln Kite bene.r, II. C.
Dated  Ihls  25th  day  of  Marcj,   Hiu8
der," will be received until I'i o'clock
noon Monday, May lib, llius, for grading tin. public sch.ml grounds as pel
.-I ii pn pari ���! by tin- city engines]
The surface soil to be piled and spread
      round ait..:  gradvng i* complete
Tendera to stale-  ta)  price per yard;
In   lump sum. *
Also  separate tenders  for  removing
'in-*-  rooms  from  preaenl   location  to
- en mi' ,,i Stanley ami  Mill streets, and
"    any openings necessarily made
' 'let..  U.I
Secretary School Hoard.
1N< > riCB.
I"  ' '    .'"��� W     Be H. '  ... ,i, eel   Iteel.aein, B. e .
HH'I   Nrtseen, It.e'
I beioby give yea notloe tbat npissa fotj kIv.
'     i.i      llll'l   e.'.l. '  I ,  .It     li.erele,    III   rfnllllK I
t the expiration of 1. days tt   Uie dale
'" i ��� I ):���'"" "I I" ll.. - - v I- 11 eelleeii "t t lie' tlllf Of
I I..' e i,. neeil.i,, mi I Kootena] KsilwMy null N.Vl-
gation I "I'.pHll.v ll, I'-- Ilmpl. lie re'.|s.-l tee tt.st
Iil.-e   eel  ]���n J  kii.'.e'i     -  '     I .1 11,   l||,���-k It.    Hei|ise>|,
to*    " i"iip ' 'ie. .  K"".euei v District,   ne-e'ferel
Ilie lee l-leen tlie-rueef, Hied ns Nllln tHrf A2Q,nob.
Hitiisteiii'ltliK ll"- Il<. II pro. net 11,11 nl   llir t'terttfl
e^st' oi iin,- thereof.
I'e,!    I Hi  N' Is..li, 11.1.,tbl. IU. I 'Isy eel Msp'tl, IU0S
II   r  U.clM,u,
1   .-'ll. 1   Se-,1   li.r.
Coal! Ice! Wood!
Phone 265
Kootenay Ice and Fuel Co.
N. E. co.. Baker   and    Ward   Sts.
We have one English miliar, nur
American   Ililllard and ont   Pool Table.
We carry the hest lines .ef Cigars and
Tremont House
Kuronefto An.]   -.ii, >*!ftu
Mo��l# 3j cu.    Koomi fmiu 21 cu, to 11.
ouiy White Help Kinpioyed
Kb*, r t*t., Neltou Hroprleiort)
���  ��� -
Most reemlort.ble 'junrteers       Nelson
Only ttie. best e. ii :, ...:. and e ,,��:.
Grand Central Hotel
Thoroughly reuovated and refurnished. Itooms 50 cents upward The
dining room is unexcelled ln the city.
House heated throughout with hot
J   A. KKJCKSON, Hroprietor
Telephone, 250.    Opposite Court  Rous.
and Postofflce. Nelson. B. C.
Queen's Hotel
ll.s-r Btreet, Nelson. B.
Large   snd   Comfortable   Heeiroom    auel  first
."-.-   I'lllI-'.'    K.e.'lfl
MRS.  E. C. CLARKE.  Proprietress.
Bartlett   House
Best LoIIar-a-Day House in Nelson.
The Bar ti I be Km.-l
Wblte  Help Only Kmplored
JocepLiQc Ht.
N��li��on. B. ft
Royal Hotel
mtm, wii.liam kdbkkth;
HntoH $1 and $1.80 n Dt*y.
Hi*- ni Knti>fl u> Hoirulnr Hoard firs
RotlM 1*^ hotoby Klvn thnt WllltaUn KrunkliN
r-Mtaal, ol the City ol Vlotorla,, lm�� iweu Hppmn
ted h i 'imiimn-ni-,*!- [or tha parpoie of ���tnotlDR
mi HfijtiHt infill ..f tin- 'it. nn**,,( ert&ln iqaatter*
in   oamptUoo "i Itindi embr��ced union tin-
bottfldavnei "f tht retort* ���*.tn..!i <i on ito- k	
���unaj- River in th<* *. i.iniiy ol < raatoD, Oi the I'ik-
iru-.i ol v\..^i Eootaony, and that tbe fl nt meet
iii.-. tmrmumol to the uld Oonminlon. will be
lifl.l Iti   tbe  otl\f-ol On* ro..��iHb]e  m :i<1   I"f[   .���������
MitotiK Reoorder m Creaton <��ti Ibnradajr. ib*-
2:ird  -Uy <tf April   liAA.^t tea 0'elOC* In the h.re
Prorlnoial Beoretai ���
I'nivfn^iiil Beoretary*" Offlee,
lutb A|.ril. itfiw.
Certificate   of  Improvements.
"Aprll Fuf.l" No. 3 tflneral ''lalm. miuhN-
Iti tbe Ntjlfuii MIiOiik l>lvi��l mi ot Went Koutehav
Where iiM-ete*): Between K��kI<* ���**'"' "aniy
������reel(��. Hii��i ahout one ball inlb- fruin Oie Ftmr
man Mill.
I akv imtii e tbat fi F ft. Or<-eii, rtctlns a* agent
for J, *r. SwedbenL ��*�������� Ulner'i CertDeate tto,
1747ft.   Intendi iSti   ��l*iy*. rrnh. tbe -luttt hfi-eor,
to apply to the Mlniiiij Knuniei lor a Oertlfleau*
of Improveiin-nt"', (or tbe |rttn>oee ot obtaining k
i ruwii OraiO nl UM abovu .-Ulrii.
Aril   Iu i lb*-r   takf   uolb <���   ihat   lU'lun   Dtidei
���eottin W, miiHt be oennneueed \*vtorv tbewu-
ilii'i- oi kim-Ii i ertlfliaie nf itnproVf inenta
Late 1 Oi i- --in ��iay of January. A. ft , lUfT.
K.O. oKhKN,
Nelw.u. H   0.
Tendere Wanted For the Purchase ot a
Mineral Claim.
Tender* ftddf-SMft-d tf. iho tindcrsiHii
ed, at hia otttrx* lu tlie Court llouht*.
In tho. City ot Neleon, will be received
Up till the hour nf five o'ck��ck In the
aft"rn<kjii of Uoudn.. may 4th. I '.um,
lor the pur-char..- .>i Uiu "Sitting P.ull"
mineral claim, Uol 2890, Oroilp I. Kootenay DiBtrJet, which W0M 'leclari-d to be>
f'lrfelted to the Crown ai the tax nult-
held lu th.: CU) of Nelaon on the 6th
���lay of November, li>0G, for delinquent
Fired   Irvine & Co.
Bargains in Every Line
Daring  Week   of  Sale
Bargain, in Dry Goods, House Furnishings, Ladies' Ready Made Suits.
Skirts, Shirt  Waists,  Hosiery,  Gloves, etc.
Ladies'   Blou.e.  50  c.nts  each.
Ladies'   Dress   Skirt.,  regjliu   pri ce $6, at $3.50.
White Duck and Line . Sk'rts.  regular price $1.50, at $1.
Children'. White Muslin and Lawn Dresses, regular price. $1, $1,25 and
$1.50   for 75c, $1   and  $1.15.
Ladies'  Large  Colored  Kitchen   Apron. 75c  for 50c.
Lace  Curtain.,  regular  price $1   for 75c, $1.50 for $1.25.
Spot   Swiss Curtain   Muslin   15c  per  yard,  with  frill  2r,c.
Large  White  Bed  Spreads  for $1.25 each.
Fred Irvine & Co.
taxes up till June 30th, l'JOb and coats
The upset price ut,on the. said mineral claim, .hlcb Includes the amount
of delinquent: taxes and coats at the
time, of forfeiture with interest, taxes-
which have since accrued, costs of advertising aiid fee for Crown t.raut
itib.00) Is ($170.00) which lu the least
amount that will b�� eonsldere 1 as a
Kach tender must be accompanied
by an accepted cheque for the full
amount of the tender payable to the
order of the Deputy Commissioner ol
Lands and Works, at eVIctorla. B. C,
al par.
Dated at Nelson, ti. C, this Cth day
of April. 1��08.
Gov't   Aeent.   Nelson,   B.   C
Tenders  Wanted  For the   Purchase  of a
Mineral   Claim.
Tenders addressed to tba undersign
ed, at bis ollice iu the Court House, in
the City of Nel.on, will be received
up till  the hour uf five o'clock, iu  tbe
.. ��� ���   i n   of   Monday,   -May   4th,   190S,
fur the purchase of tlie "Yellow Jack
mineral claim, L.ot 2fcttU. Group 1, Koot
enay District, which was declared to
be forfeited to the Crown at the tax
sale held lu the City of Nelsou ou tba
lilb day of Novembur l'J05, for delin
���jueut taxes up till Juu* .')Uth, !.." .
aud   costs.
Tbe upset price upon the said mineral claim, which iucludes tbe amount ol
delinquent taxes und costs at the time
oi lorfelture with interest, taxes which
have siuce accrued, costs of advertising and fee for Crown Grant tj'ibvoi
is ($12, ',..i which is the least amount
that will   be  cousidereel  as a tender.
Kach tender must be accompauifil
by au accepted che_��que for tbe full
amount of the tandeor payable to tbe
emier of the Deeputy (.'nuinilsaioiier ot
Leeinds and Works, at Victoria, B. 0., al
Dated at Nelson, 11. C, this Otli da>
e.r April, HIOS.
Gov't   Agent,   NelBon,   B,   0.
Tenders Wanted For the Purchase of a
Mineral   Claim.
Tetnle-rs addressed to the undersign
ed, at bis ollice iu the Court House, In
Lhe City of Nelson, will be received up
11,1 the heeur of live o'clock iu the after
noon of ,\Jone|ay, May (th, 1U0S, for the
purchase of the "Bitting Hull Fraction"
inineial claim. Dot 8098, Group I, Koot
euay District, arnica wns declared to
be forl'e-tted to tbe Crown at the tux
.ale held lu the City of Nelson on tliu
Glh day of Norember, U)06,| for dellu-
eju.nt taxes up till June 30ili, 1906
mnl   costs.
The ii],-, ' price upon the stilel miner
nl claim, which Includes the amount
e,f dellneinent laws and coals at the
tiiiiee of forfeit ui-.. with iie'e-ifi.t, taxes
which have- bIih.. accrued, costs of advertising and fee for Crowd Grant
($16,001   Is   (?f,��4*;  which   Is  the.   least
m tut   that   Mil   bs   cousidereel   as   ii
I0ai-h te-neii-r iniisi he accompanied
ii> lu ni-ci-pii-ii e ii.-ijur. ror the fun amount "f Ihe tender payable to llie or
der of Ibe Deputy Coiiiiiilssioiiir of
Landa and Works, at Victoria, 1,1 C,
at par.
Dated at Nelson, IJ. C, this Ctli day
of April. 1D0S.
Gov't Act i.it,  Nelaon, b. c.
Tenders Wanted fo-  the  Purchase of a
Mineral    Claim.
Tenders addressed to the- unde-rsl^n-
���d, al his ullice in ttie. Court House, lu
tbe City of Nelson, will tie received up
till the hour ot BTC o'clock iu the aller
ne.on of Mondaj, .May Uii, lau�� tor the
purchase of tbe "Yellow Jack Fraction"
mineral claim. Dot 20'J'i, Group 1, Kootenay Dlsttici, wblcb was declared fejr-
feitcej to lb... Crown at tlie tux Bale
held in tin- City of Nelson, on the Ol ti
day of November, lyu.'e, fe,r deduqueut
taxe-s  up li.J June ;iotb, 1906 and costs.
The opaet price upem tne said min-
cral claim, win. n includes the amount
of delinquent takes and ceists at the
time of the forfeiture with Interest,
laxes which have since.' a.-.'i ui-d, costs
of advertising and lee- for Crown Giant
iVib.00) Is t|."e4.IU) which is the least
amount tbat will be considered us a
Kach tender must be accompanied
by an ucce-pteel ebeque for the lull amount oi the tender payable ie. ibe order oi tile Deputy Comnilaalom i nf
Lands and V\ eei ks, ut Victoria, 1.. . .,
at par.
Dated at. Nelaon, n. ('. 'his 6th .leij
of April, HIOS.
Gov't  Aie ut.  Nelaon,  B,  0
Tenders   Wanted  for  the  Purchase ot a
Mineral   Claim.
Tenders Bddreaaad lo the uudersig
ed at his ollie-.- m ttie Court House', In
the city oi Ni "ii. ��iii i,. received ap
till the hour ot live o cloi s m tbe after
noein of Monday, Maj Itb, 19011, tor the
purcbaae or tbe "Blue Jack" Mineral
claim, l.ot ^(iSf>, Group i. Kootenay Ula-
trlct, which was declared lu be forft II
ed to tbe Crown at tbe tax sale- held In
the city ot Nelaon on the 6th dny ol
November, 1906, for delinquent taxes
up till   Juue   80th,   ltJOu   and   costs.
The upset price upon ihe aald mln
eral claim which iucluele-s the: amount
of dellneinent taxes and costs at the
of forfeiture with Interest, tazea which
wliie-h have- since accrued, costs of ad
vertlalni and fee lor Crown Gran I
(%'iu.oo) is ($166.66) which is Hi,, leaal
Km.um ihat will be considered us a
Kach tender must nee accompanied
by an accepted cheque feu- tin- lull uni-
ount or Un- tendi i payable in tin- older of tin- Deputy Comjnlssloner or
Landa uud Works, Victoria, ll. C., at
Dated nl Nelion, 11. C, ihls Hth day
of April, ]!I08.
HARRY   WlilllllT,
Gov't   Agent,   Nelson,   11.   (J.
Tenders   anted   For   the   Purchase   of   a
Mineral   Claim.
Tendera addressed io the underlined,   at   his   ollice.   in   Hie   Court   House.,
Ill   Hie  City   e,f   Nelson,   will   In.   niiiveel
up till the hour of live, o'clock in the afternoon of Mejiiilny, May 'H,, |!M>S tor
Iho purchase of Hi.- "Blue Jack Fraction" mineral claim, Lot $691, Group
1, Kooteuay District, which waa declar
ed to be forfeited to the Crown at ml
tax sale held in the City ol Nslsoti ot I
tbe 6th day of Novemfrar, 1105, tor sVl
llnquent taxes up till June Not, lNff
and   costs.
'l'i.3 upset price upon the said mjaa*|
al claim which Includes the amount III
delinquent taxes and ceists at ihe UmI
of forfeiture with Interest, tales .hldl
have since accrued, costs ol sel>erti��|
Ing and fee for Crown Granl itlS.Nll
ia (JS.V7.I which ls the iraat auwiut'J
that   will  be considered aa a tender.
Kach tender must be aconipanied by I
an accepted cheque for the full aswaat I
of the ti nder payable to the order oil
the Deputy Commissioner of Land)|
and  Works, Victoria, B, C, ��t uar.
Dated at Nelson, B. C, tils ���* W|
of April, 1908.
Gov't   A��ent,  Nelaon, B^C.1
Tenders  Wanted for the Purchaia allj
Mineral    Claim.
Tenders adeiressed to the underlined, at bis ollice in the t'uurt lit'iue.*
the City of Nelsou, will he rec.erd ��P
till the hour of Ave o'clock In lhe raw
noon of Monday, May *!th, lws, torttt.
purchase of tho "White Clcmd" mineral claim. Lot 26S7, Group 1, Kixilejaf
Diatrlct, which was declared tu be forfeited to the Crown at the tar �����
li.-ld in tho City of Nelson on :h��"��
day of November 1905, for dellmiuem
taxes up till Juno 30tb l��t)5 ��hd ���������
The upset price upon the said m'Me
al claim which Include* th�� amotnet oi
delinquent taxes and .'eian ��t t*"> ���S
of forfeiture with Interest, tax�� ��n��
have since accrued, ooatl ol advt', ,, I
Int.- nml f(,�� f,,r Crown (limit i'-"' ' ,
I$160.96) which Is thu le����l "",'F
that  will   bo  considered n�� > i''1" i '
Each tender must In- aooomjJUilw -
an a,-c .pled cheque tor Ih" ��l�� ��""'""
of the Knder paj.-ilil.' t" 'I'" ",'������,,
th.. Deputy Commissioner "' '���"'""
and   Works,   Victoria,  n.  C, fll.,''7<r
Dated at  Nelson, H. O, l"1" "" W
eef   April,   1U08. ,���,,r
Gov't   Agrnt.   Neleon,  ����� *"
Tc.-ders Wanted for the Purchase ot ���
Mineral Claim.
Tenders  addressed to the ""'"���'^'l
.-d,  at   his  office  lu   the (-,!l"'lrC,'.iV,il
in  Ihe City of Nelson, will '"'    ���-,   ,[-.[
up till the hour of live n'cluc" li. ">      J
ternoon  of ,vlor  'ay.  May ��o. l-'";i*
.   a   pu,chase   of   the    "Hattle  J1'^,.
mineral claim, Lot J04T, <ii"ul' ': " w |
nay District, which was dec atej. w     \
liul'i.iled   lo  the  Crow  IM    ' Mr) I
of November, I!>04 for delinque"
up till  June 30th, IH04. and W'**',,,^
The upset price upon the **������"", ���f I
el claim Whloh  Inclode* the i*1'"" |ln,�� I
ilellnqu. nt   tuxi-a and im'sis at '"   ,b|Ch
of foifelture with interest, **"*���,"ertU>
have   slncu   accrued,   cost   ol   "...jno)
Ing and f.-.- tor Drown Orant (t-;^
Is  ($12:1.9.0)  which  is lhe  le"-"' ��'"
thai, will  le considered ��s a �����" 1 bv
Baoh ten lor must be B( '"j'."" ���������(
��� ill acoepWfl clieque for tin'i run ���       (|f
of ihe tender payable io ""' '  , uniis
the   Depuiv    Commissioner   or     ���
��' A'""- 19U8-    HARRY tffclOrrT.
QeVt  *U*nt,  Nelsou, ** ���* The Daily Canadian
When You Buy Fruit Land
DON'T he aitructed by cheaper, Inferior or  inaccessible  lands  which exist In the  Kootenay.  as  elsewhere
-hut get Uie best.    Take advantage of a double selection.
1.    Our selection  waa made with the utmost care at a lime when we had the whole district to pick from.
Ye.ur   selection���made  from ours-thus you get the benefit of a double and cumulative selection.
FURTHERMORE,     remember that to be successful the following five qualities are absolutely essential:
HI-    Title-   (I).    Soil;   CI). Water;  (I). Accessibility;   (5). Transportation.
WE SELL OUR OWN LANDS.   We own over 20,000 acres, title perfect ,
THE SOIL ls deep loam with clay subsoil, free from stone. <
THE   WATER on these lauda Is pure  and  abundant  both   :n  running streams and numerous springs.
THE   MARKET fur your product   is  right  at your door on  existing lines of  transportation.
BUT when ve.u buy an orchard fra.-t you want more than soil;  more than pure water; more than transportation;  you want A HOME���A place to live ln���THAT IS WHAT WE HAVE  FOR  SALE.
I .st   olTlce  with   daily   mail service;  express train... stores;   schools���A   home   every   few   steps.    Y "i   ;;et
the comforts of civilization combined  with  the  pleasure of a  profitable, healthful and beautiful rural hr me.
TERMS���$10 Cash and $10 per  Month    for  10 A,.res, with  liberal discount   for   larger   payments.
Write   or call  for   Maps,   Photographs   and   all   information.
Kootenay Orchard Association
British Columbia
FISH      AND      SHELL      FISH      IN
P. Burns & Co., Ltd.
NELSOIN, B.C. and elsewhere in B, C. aud Alberta.
N el bo u I-auil DlrUrict.   District oi West Kootenay.
Take notice that Tltia Bergman, of Altona,
Man . i.i iii)'tiu..ii wife of ft. Hertcinan, farmer,
Altona, Man., intenda to apply for permiaelou tu
pu n hns.  the follovrliiK described laud :
Coinment'.iiK at a post planted at the N. K. ft.
of Hugo ('arulen��' application to purchase and
ruiiuliiK thence weal Bu obain�� thence north hu
* liaius, i Inn. ��������� eant 4ii.-li.iii!**, thence nouth -
chains '2b link-, the lire east ������" et alna, theuce
���*--ii th .1 chains 7f> links to point ol commeueemeui, containing ������"' acres' more or less.
I'MAItl >".   Ma KM. ALL,
Agent   for   'llua   Bergman.
Dated ��1 December ltfU7.
West Kootenay Land District. District ol Goat
Take notice that 1, George A. lluut, of Kit
cheuer, occupation timoerman, iutend to
apply fur permission to purchase the
following described laud: Coni in cueing ul a
post planted about 40 chains, west ol Thompson
marked N. VV. corner, iheuce soutb 10 ".i cbuius
theuce eaBt 44.67 chains, theuce nortb -81.45
chains, tbence west aloug li. C. Southern Hallway lo place of commencement, containing 8U.1S
Daled Jauuarv Hi h, urns.        George H. Hunt
, l-t.n band Innim-i.   Dlsinct Of Went Kootenay
lake uollce llml   Marry   Bird. Of Nclmiii. ikvu-
Itlon   real   estate agent,   tnleinls   to   apply lor
irmiaaion lo purchaae the   lollowing   aomttlhoo
inds:    Coramtnctng   at a   imml   plauled   at   lhe
ortbeaat   corner   of   Lol   d7��,   thence   riiiinliiK
north 00 chains,   thence   mtitO  elm lux,   ih.ntt
MuitlirfO chains,  more   or  less, to the   northerlj
bmindarj    of   Lit   i'i,  tbence  folio.-, lug   nortli
l.oiinilar.v   Lot  tit   t>>   point ol   commencement
- untalnlng 40 AOtot, more or less.
Dated Februarv lblh, IWt*. IIakky Bin.,,
K. ft    liRRKN, Agent
Sepjwni Land District, Distrli I ol VVe��t Kooti intj
Take liotlie thai Kre.l. J. Saiiiinolis, agonl for
(red J* Tanner, of Nelson, ocinpalltui witli h*
maker, intend* to apply lor permission to nur
haae the following  ilescrlbe.l   lands;    rominen-
- ing ��t a post alanted about 2ft2 miles easl ol
VVltaon creek, lhence 40 chains in au easterly
lirectton,   thence   '.Tu chains    south,   theme *
chains lu a westerly direction,   thence "-"' chains
north lo the point olcmiinn in fiiHMit.conti��i iiint!
mi acres, more or less
Dated Nov. 41th. i ���'-
l-i:i.. iM   R   IOHN   TaNNKH,
F. J. IsUOfOin, Agi-iil
Nelaon Laud Dlslrlcl. Dlstrletol VS.-sl Kootelia>
Take nollce lhat Kred J. Sniiimi.u*. agent ior
A. A Mallard, of 1'roctor, ociiipalioii randier.
Iiileiiils to apply for permlsHhm to purCbaaotOC
lollowing dOaWrtbed lands: t;ommenciiiv: at a
post planted ahoul LW inili-HcasI nl ���"��� iWiii iieek,
lhence southwest 2U > hiilns. thence DOribWOtt >
liiftlUM, tbence iiortheftsl Vticlihins, thetii w ninth
eaai tt) chains to the the point ol cummcmcmriii
containing 4ii ftom, inort* or less.
Dated Nov. *k*th, iym*7.
Agent F   J   Mahmdnm.
Nelson LftUd DlltrlCt District of West Kooleuay
'lake nollce Ihui W. A. Hudson, I hither cruiser,
nf Hpokaue, Hpokai.e county, Washington, one
ol the Dotted BtetaaOf America, intend-, to apply
for a special Umber llceuse over lhe lollowing
���escribed Unds: ( diumeiicllig al a pOBl niarkeil
1 i i,planted on lhe north hank of OorO < reck,
tithe jnnillon of the .North fork of Corn creek
with lhe ui ii mi stream, about five mi let,--hi n
weste-lV direction from coOliueiice of suld Corn
creek with the Kootenay rivwr; theuce norlh 10
chains; thence west HVn chains; tbence south in
chains; Iheuce cast 100 chalus to polnl ol com
nieiiceiiienl. conlnintiig M0 acre* inoic oi less
Huid laud adjoins thnhcr limit No 7 on the
west and timhei limit No. 8 on the south, as located by me.
Located November 7. IflOT.
wit.i iam a. nei' <i'-. Locators
WltucHBcd by Patrick 0. Milne.
Declaied and sign* .1 hy the within mimed W
V Hudson Oil the811 li day of Noveiuber, A D.
Win    hefore  me  al   K    .mine,   Spokane   fouiilv,
Wubiogtou, oueof ti.   United Stateio, America.
l'ATRIi K ft    SH1NK.
nn ricl.  I'Uirieiot West (vooleua)
Take notloe that Imbe'la rivrcc,   rBtraaibturjr.
noon  Mtion married u-muiui, intends to apply
ior permission to pun ttaee the following doi
inbed lands:   Commeurlng at a post planted ��t
tin- intersection ol tin- north boundary of lad
KIM. and the cast boundary ot Lot No His,.,
Uiulice eaat Wi chnlns, mote or less, to the noilh
east corner of Umber Limit No. 7671, UloUOB
north 80 OnalOi, theme wesl 30 chalna, more ��� >���
lens, to thr easl side of Whalshali lak��*, thenee
Inllnwiug smile in a miulhcilv and wasl* rh
duantloii Uhi chains, more or less 10 the Inter
hi etioti with l ot HlfVi. lhence U chains, more oi
ten, following easterly  boundary of Lot��iK> lo
t'lilut of coiuiiicliceiiicilt.
Dated 7lh Octols i. l'.K)7.   '    IhaiiRM.a PflUtU,
F. ft. KAPgiMKK, ��� gent.
Nelaon Land Dlsirb-I.    Distrlclol Wesl KotltOUttJf
Take   uollce   that    Alexander   3,    ftrtcOooli ol
rmie, h. ft., oooupatlon clerk, intends to apply
permission lo purchase 111*, follow h-g des
d lud; Commencing nl a posl planted on
f in ti i j.   Lib. 0. Uoutlieru  Kail
way right-of-way, about one and a half miles:
wc-icrlyfrom lhe iiorlbwest i-orner of lot .-.Wi.1,
group 1, Kooteuay, theuce soulh 80 chains,
theme east So chains, tbence north HO chalua to
southern boundary of said rlght-of-wat, thenoe
west HO < hams along said suiilhern boiiudary lo
point of commencement, and containing D00
acres, more or less.
Dated  Noveiuber 9th. 19U7
Nelson l-aud Distill t D.sinci of West Kootenar
lake nolle,* thai I1 t*. Burden, acting as agent
for J. 11 Bur.leu. ol 1'oklok, N 11. occupation
mechanic, tn'leiiits to apply for permission to
purchase tbe lollowlug described lands: Commencing at a post planted oil the easterly shore
of Arrow lake and about 10 chains north ul the
N. K. oorner of lot hiiu, thence east n> obalna,
Diem r north 40 chains, more or less, to tbe lake
sboie, thence southwesterly along the lakeshore
lo ttie point of commemviiiciil,   ami   coutalulug
*i acies, more or Ion.
i ated November 1Mb, nun. Jam tea H  HrW'-M,
F. 1*   Boriirn, Agent.
Nelaon '.and District.   District of West Kootenav
T��ke notice that John James Cameron, of
Kernle, BrltiHli Columbia, occnpalion contractor, intends to apply tor permission to
purchase tint following des.-ribed land: Commencing    at   a   post    planted   Oil   tbe   southern
boundary ol tbe B: c. southern right-of-way
aooul 411 chains wesleilv from theN.W corner
Of lot-1988, group 1, Kootenav. UuUKM soulh M
chains, thence eaat 40 chains, lhence north 60
chains to Um southern boundary of the said
right-of way. Ihenee westerly aloug said south
em boundary of right of-wuy to Ihe point
i-iuiiineiiccincnt, ami containing 940 acres, more
or les*.
Daled November Hth, 1007.
J- hn Jamks Camfron.
Nelson Laud DisTiel, Distrlclol Wesl Kooletisy
lake notloe that John Hblell. of Needles, B.l .,
 upatloii   ramher,   Inleuds   to  apply   for POT
Dilation to purchase tbe lollowing deoorlbed
land; Commencing at a post planted ut the
northwest corner of Un .8(M, thence wesl 40
chalni, thenoe south <Ho chains, lhence r,.-i lo
ciiains, tlo-nce norlh MO chnlns lo the point ot
ci'imiicm i ment. aud containing 'i'<> acres, inure.
i ated ioi-Ii October, iota. Jambs BHriLL,
K. ft. PaPQUHa. Agent.
Nelson Lan.l District    Dlstrlcl of West Kootenay
rake notice thai Angus MoGlll, of tbe City of
Nelson, oeeupallou fireman, in lends to apply lor
permission te purcbaae tbe lollowing described
lamls:    Commencing  al  a   posl   planted   at   lhe-
N. W.   corner   L    C    Morrison's   much,   in   Kir
alley, Un nee   noith   forty   (40) ibaius.   thene
ast  fo*iv (40) obalna. iheuce south    nrts [40
Kin  , theuce wesl lorlj (Hi)  chaius olnt D
in iiieiicenicni,   and coinafning  one bnndreo
d six ly (loo) aeres*, nunc ur ieai
Dicii Bepte nber -2nd. loo".      anus   "BfC'll.
Nelson l.aiul District.   Dlslrlcl ol West Kooleuay
Take notice lhat   11 ugo Ciirslens, ol Winnipeg.
Man      occupation   ph-tyijlier.   intcn.l-    t"   upl'-y
for .perm is.-Ion   ta   PTflHtaae lhe   following dre-
s. rlbed b ml:
Coiniiit'tndng ni a posl planted on   tbe worn
onmhir- of L. 4879, ft. I, (tiboiil 5 miles frotu A��
iow Lake, on   Mosiiulto Creek) and Jl   chains 7fi
huks soulh of   lhe N. W. c. of said   lot, running
thenoe ireetHO obalnii tbence south so chains,
tbence cant HO chains, (hence north *> chains to
place of commencement, containing 640 acres,
more or lesa.
i ii wii i - Makhiiai.i.,
Agent   for   Hugo Carslena.
Dated J.I De ���ember 1WT7.
Nelson hand Dl.itrjcl.     Distrlclol West Kooteuay.
I tike not fee "hal Levi lieorge P.iyne, of Needli**,
It ft  cupatiou   niuchet, lulcmls   lo apply   Ior
neiniih-eioii to purobaaa the loiiowmg described
landa: Commencing at a posl planted ubo-it Ih
cliains west oi Whalshan creek and 'X\M4 chains
Miutl' of   the  aOUUlWett   corner   of Lol  No    H,��4M
riuiniM? thence north 80 chains, thenoe west ho
chains, lhence south 19 ltV. chains, ihem-i. BU*.
93.AHH chains, ihemc soulh 67 hid chains, thence
fi7.4io chalni eaat to point of commencement,
conlHlulii't Wl acres, now surveyed as lol 81H.V
Dated Hth January, lBOH. Levi Uaoaya F-aynm.
Nelson Land District. District of Went Kootenay
Take uoiice tbat I, FreUt r k Adie, of Waneta,
B. ft., occupaiiou in.n liai t, intend lo apply for
jH-rmistdou to purcbaae tbe following dt cribed
laud: '..nun. m ing at a post planted about 10
chalus weit of tbe N K. uomerof lot BBlBi Iheuce
north 2u chalus, theuce >n- t 80 ;balns, tbeuce
mmi i li 20 chaius, tlie net* weat HO chalus to pulut
uf commeueemeui, containing 160 acrei, mure or
Daled Jauuary BUti l!HW-       Freoerick Aoik.
Nelsou Laud Dlitrlct.   Dlitrlct of West Kootcuay
'i.ike notice llo-t Marion Isabella Crease, of tbe
City of s.-icoii, lu the Provluce of British Columbia, oeeupallou spluster, iuleuda to apply for
CrrnnsMoii tu purchase tbe inliowiug desciibed
iiul: i 'inn t' wmiiig at a post plauted at the
higo water mark of the Salmon river diBtuut
about 1-' uileb lu a southerly direction from
halmo, B ft., thence uorth 40 chalus, thence east
40 chaius, tbieiiue sou^i 40 chalus, more or less,
io tbe high water irfarE of tbe Salmon river,
theuce west 40 chains, more or lesa, along said
high water mark to the pointof commencement,
and containing 160 acres, more o������ less.
Located ou tne 1st day of Kebr.ipry, 1008.
Dated 10th February, tU0H.
Marion Isahrlla Creasr,
Rowan Manly  Far bus, Agent.
NeUou Land District. Distrlclol West Kooteuay
Take notice tbat James William (iallagher, of
the City of Nelsou, lit lhe Province of British
voliiuibltt, occupation merchant. Intends lo apply lor penult-Moo to purchase the following
4loeiTlbt.il laud : Commencing al a post planted
at the high water mark of lhe Salmon river dis*
tain aooul 12 mllea lu a southerly direction from
-hIiuo, B. C., theuce north 40 chalus, thenre
west 40 chains, tbence south 40 chaius, more or
if.--, u< ibe high water mark id the Sahuou river,
ibeutve* east 40 chains, mure or less, along tbe
���iftid hlit-h WftU-T noil k Ui the place ol beglliulng,
i on laming 160 meres, more or lesa.
ixH'ftted on the 1st day of February, 1008.
Hiifii I Ith 1-c.ris.arv, IlKW.
iou;.i William Haiuuhrr,
Low a an  Mani.kv  I'kikhm, Agent.
NfKoti j^cid District.   District of Weit Kootena
Take notion that 1 John Aribur tcotl, of Mono
I'.mtiv. '>u!.. ni'i iipiilmn farmer, iuteud U* apply for p.'.rnii>.'-lon to purchase the following de-
���erlbed oi-uii at the mouth of Summit creek :
< ,,tm,a nciiig at a posl planted at the southeast corner uf lot 878i! marked -V h.,, tbence
south 40 nUatiis, iheuce west 20 clTallll, tbence
nortb 40 cLaius, iheuce east 20 chaius to place of
commencement coutainlug 80 acres.
John akthub Scott,
W. J.Scott, Agent.
Daled Fub. 18th, 1008,
Nelson Laud Dlatrlct. District of West Kootenay
Take notice that 1 Christie Scott, of Mono
c.ohci . Out .oeeupallou nun tied woman, luiend
to apply for permission to uurchftBe the following described mud near Sum mil creek :
Commeuciug   at a post   planted al   the south
east   (oilier  of   lot   8780  marked   H. \\.,  lhence
nortb   ::d chain*-, tbcucu  eu.il '20 chaius, iluu-i,
���south 2li chains,   theuce   wesl "*j.O chains lo  place
ol coiumeuucineut coutalning 40 acres.
Christ.k Scoit,
W. J. Seotl, Ageut.
Daled  Feb 18, 1908.
Take notice Uiat wo will at the next
ine-e'tln^ of (In*. License Cominisslonura
apply for a tiausl'oi- ot the liquor II-
e e-n.-.e- for the No Place Inn on Jobo-
Phlne Btreet, Nelsou, fi-om lJollui-d and
\\ itel,-  to II. 11. Moore.
Dated at Nel��ou, this Hth day of
March  19US.
Vision    of   an    Undivided    Church���An
Unfilled    Prophecy���Church
Services Tomorrow.
Tomorrow will be the -second Sunday
after KaHh-r. The kohjioI for tlie day
l�� St. John'H report of ChrlHt'B parable
of the alieep und the good .shepherd,
Uie condemnation of the hireling,
"whose own the isheep are not," the
type ol mercenary who lights or works
for pay, not for love or loyalty to a
The most significant words containing a prophecy not yet fuliilled, are:
���Other sheep I have which are not of
thin fold; them alao I must bring and
they shall heur my voice; and there shall
be one fold, and one shepherd."
That consummation still seems far
away. Since the semi-religious, semi-political cataclysm which rent the Church
Catholic early in the lttth century, divisions have multiplied until no one now
can name all the sects and their varying creeds. Of course there were divisions long before what la called the
Ileli'iination, even before the division
that parted Greece and Home, but the
last three centuries have multiplied
them a thousand fold, even Oriental
OCCUlUstt) being summoned to differentiate   new   beliefs   and   practices.
Uut it is doubtful if ever before there
has been a more intense and more general longing for unity or a franker recognition of the evil as well an tbe
danger of division Ihan there is at present, and It is to the honor of Canadian
Christiana that the Bret hopeful move
towards reunion hus been made In lite
Dominion, It Is too much to hope for
great immediate results, but the spirit
of harmony will grow stronger, and
fuller light of knowledge will gradually
i educe many present causes of disunion to lheir proper proportions. The
threefold demand of St. Augustine
should be steadily kept in view: "in
essential* unity. In non-essentials liberty, in all things charity." Christians
may not doubt that there will be 'one
fold aud  One Shepherd."
The following services aro ��nnomced
for the city churches for tomorrow:
Church of England���St. Saviour's,
corner of Ward and Silica St., Second
Sunday after Easter, holy communion,
8 a. m., morning prayer and holy communion, 11 a. in.; Sunday school, 2.20
It. vi.; evensong, 7...0 p. m Kev. F. il.
Graham, rector.
Koman Catholic���Church of Mary Immaculate, corner of Ward: and Mill
.streets; Low mass, 8 a. m.; nigh mass,
10:30 a. m; evening service, 7:30 p. m.
Kev. Father Altboff, priest.
Presbyterian Church���St. Paul's, corner of Victoria and Kootenay streets;
Morning service, 31 a. m.. Sunday
school, 2:30 p. m.; evening .service, 7:30
p. m.    Rev. J. T. Ferguson,  minister.
Methodist Church���Corner Silica and
Stanley streets; Morning service, 11
a. m.; evening Bervice, 7.30 p. m.;
Sunday School, 2.30 p. m. Rev. R. N.
Powell,   pastor.
Baptist Churclv���Stanley street, near
Mill: Morning service. 11 a. m.; evening service. 7.30 p. m.; Sunday School,
2:30 p. m.   Rev. A. N. Frith, pastor.
Salvation Army���Barracks on Victoria street, west of Josephine: Special
services for tomorrow. Knee drill, 9 a.
m.; holiness meeting, 11 a. m.; a praise
meeting at 3 p. m.; salvation meeting
at  8  p. m.
Christian Science���Reading room on
comer of Stanley and Victoria Streets,
open daily from 3 to 5 p. m
In tlil matter of an appltuatlo'i (nr a duplicate
iVrntli Ht*> ������( 'l'nn* uf hu undivided one-quarter
Interest lit Lot 87, Group Oue, Kootenay District.
known as "t<et Her fto 'iallagber' Mineral
Notice is hereby given that It Is my Intention
attur the explrailou of oue month from the flrat
publieatinti hereof, to isnue a duplicate Certlfleate of I llle on the above described one-quarter
Internal in the name m John K. Stevens, which
i-ortiik-ate of Title Is dated the 6th April. 1900,
und numbered J"0SH"E
1 aud   K-'Kift r y Office,  Nelson, B. ft.,  March   8,
H. F. MacLeod,"
in.-strict KetiMrar,
In the matter of at) application for lhe i.ssue ot
a duplicate I'ertlllcafe ot Title for lots 4, 6, 9, It,
19. 2!,, aud 3-J, ol lot 891, Group Oue, in the
District 0( Kooleuay (Map 698).
Notice In hereby plvuti that It is my intention
to idsiie at the expiration of one month after the
lirst publication hereof adiiplH-ate of the Cer-
tlllcatc of i ltle for the above mentioned lots in
lhe name of Klclianl Heliue, which t'ertiflcetc of
Title hi dated the  Mtii day oi Novenfber, IMS.
and   numbeved ftilOA.
Laud K.-Ki.-m Office, Nelson, H. ft,. January
17th, 1908. '
"II    F. Mai-Lk.Ii,"
nifrtTtm Hetrl-lrnr
**m   .- usa^-itrrr *.
mtkAii i
ThiaS   laS You
500 yards Tapestry Carpet, Red and Green  Pattern* - ��� .80
750 yards Tapestry Carpet, Green and Fawn .��-      1.00
250 yards Tapestry Carpet ��� 1.25
450 yards   Brussels  Carpet ;    '.., 1.4S
1250 yards Brussels Carpet     1.75
500 yards Brussels Carpet,  Floral and Turkish Patterns...   ...    1.75
1000 yards Wilton Carpet, all colors, per yard    .from  f.2.00 to  3.25
800 yards English Axminster from...., ��� (2.50 to 3.00
200   yards   Ingrain 1.26
200 yards  Ingrain    1.00
100 yards  Ingrain ,.   .,     .65
Stair Carpets,  per yard, from ...76c. to  .  2.50
Tapestry, Ingrain, Brussels, Velvet, Wilton and Alxmlnster Rugs in all sizes, from    6.00 to  75.00
Portieres:  $4.50, $5.00, $6.00, $10.00, $15.00, $16.50, $18.00, $20.00, $36.00, $75.00
up to $100.00. ,
Odd Lace Curtains, 35 pairs at cost price.
Holds Good Until May 1st
300yards, pretty designs, 57 In. wide 65
100 yards, pretty designs, 57 in. v. ide 50
400 yards, finest quality, 66  In. wide 75
72 only, Table Cloths, 63x84, each 2.00
25  only, Table  Cloths,  72x90 ,.   ..., 4.0a
A   nice   line  of Napkins  from  $6.00  to $10,000  per dozen.
200 doz.  Napkins,  ready for use ,.$1.00 and $1.25
10  doz.  Napkins ���....  1.50 to 2.00
15 doz. Napkins f_00 to 3.00
The most complete line of Towelling and Towels In B. C. at all prices.
500  pairs  Pillows,  per pair from 2.00 to 12.00
30  yards  Cotton   Sheeting     .33
500 yards Family Sheeting     [...     ,40
300  Sheets,  ready  made,  2yards  by  2(4 yards, par pair ,  ... 2.00
350 Sheets ready made Twill, per pair    .....  2.50
Pillow Cases, all  ready for use, 3sizes, per  pair  from 40c.   to       .75
Circular Pillow Cotton, 40  in., 42 In., 44in 35
Complete House Furnishers, Funeral Directors
A good opportunity is offered to in-
veatora for a short tiino to parohaaa
stock at 10 cents per $1 share in one
of the bent asbestos propositions on
the continent of Norlh America. For
prospectus apply
BOX  987,  NELSON,   B.  C.
You can buy a 10-acre Fruit Ranch   in  the best  fruit growing  dlstri-t
In   British  Columbia   by   paying   $1 0 dollars down aad $10 per month.
Even as nn Investment this Is wor th consideration.
Fruit Land has trebled In value wl thin the year.   What will It do uevt
If yoti want Good Land
McDermid & McHardy
Lots   in   Addition "A"
We are agents for most of the lots
In the above addition, being agents for
F. C. Innis, Coats ft Co., and tho Nelson
Electric Tramway Co.
For full particulars aa to prices.
terms, etc., apply to
H.   &   M.   BIRD
Partly Farnlahed Modern
Residence and Three Lot*
Situated on Hoover St, between Stanley and Ward.    Eight Rooms and
Basement  all  ready  for  furnace.    Now   rents for $35  per  month.
PRICE: $4,000.00.   TERMS: One-Third Cash, Balance $500.00 par ysar at
7 per cent.      For  full   particulars   apply y
INBLiSOIN, a. o.
MAmiFACTURERS    f  M**-t*~.*A     Cf.^wf*..
AND DEALERS IN    A^UttVOer*   tMUttgleS-j
Loth, Moulding**, Door ��, Windows.
Ionic! Work and Brackets.            Mail Orders promptly attends^
I VQRNUN STRBBl    ...   NBLSON. B. C-*-r_	
rjk ';'''/���
i*      **
1 *      J
Tne lMily Canadian
ll I
yone can claim the diamond   for  a  blrtbstone,  but anyone     t,
. diamond, and lf you aie getting one you may aa well get
id In the best and most  suitable   setting.     We   keep  only  the
s, and as we manufacture all kinds of Jewelry we are compe*
lvlse you as to settings.   We have always on hand an attractive
Rings and Pins of all kinds set with this most precious of gems,
jond, also a stock of loose stones.
Watchmaker and Optician
��� Electric he-atlng devices are be
oomln? more popular every day mi
account eef ilie-lr cleanliness and
bi Ing labor savers.
The up to .hue House wife Is al-
ways on the look-out for Borne*
iliire-r lee improve the domestic eer-
i ce   .-I  her household.
The- American Plat irons which
we  se-li  are made   to  stand   work.
and  so  tar have- ne,t a  record  of
. Ilty unequalled by any eetlie-r
lion.    In 5 lb and 7 Ih sizes.
rli   a.-  221A. P.  O.  Box 1G6.
10 Room House, close in three blocks
from Pest Office, all modern, good
new foundation and verandah.
Good  terms.
Building Sites
2 10 ft. corner, short dialauce from
Una $1,000
i corner, (lane) excellent site
fur busines'.s man near centre
of city $i,ioo
120  i'i, corner, In pWrVtew���near
lake  aud  curs���good soil % -but)
Land for Market Gardens
.*��� acrea within one-half hour of Baker  . ���
J4 acrea within mile of city( would
.Real  Estate Agent
315   Baker   St..   Nelson,   B. C.
The Best 2 for 25c Cigar on
Ihe Market.   Fresh Picked,
-at THE
Queen Cigar Store
i        BUSH A  MATT HEW, Props.
Another Lot of
Dairy   Butter
JUST   ARRIVED 3   LBS   FOR   $1,00.
For Sale at
Joy's Cash Grocery
Cor. Josephine aud Mills Sis.
Phone  19.
C:,,r-.     X'.reeeeil ��nU  **V��f-U   Sls.elM
,-vi-:i.**orv.. li.o.
K   i!. Smith, New  Voi   .   \   Paul, It
M,  Smith,    Montreal;     I-'.   Ariustroni
i i      and;  I.   Burden, J. T. Rltcblol, ll
A. Iii-iiiii-r. Toronto; Q   M. Aj lard, J. If.
Bdmondoou, C.  Wallack,   Ni ��   I ������
c   Mawly, C.  W. Gorman. Spokane;   S.
Gurney, 8-Mile;  I-'. C. Farnham, Salmo;
.I    \   l-'i -aser,  Vmlr;  J.  P.  Vroom. Waneta;  .1   Rod ley, St.  Paul;   Dr. Simmons,
Qn en wood;   B.   M    Geddii.   Winn!  i :
11. F. Stanton, <1. At. \\ llson, Va mi��.i  ���
W   t:    Nightingale,   Q    Colby,   ivliftnh:
A   .1.   I.auini.ts,   Duluth.
Cornel* of Stanley and  Victoria   Sl.s.
Two Blocks lrom Depot.
J. ii. Schofield and wife, ts. r. Peter
seen. Trail; A. l\ Dudgeon and ,\,,e.
Miss ii. P. Dudgeon, Revelstoke; W. T
Clark, \\ Innlueg; W. F. i
c Spofforth, li. II. Jameson, Victoria;
K. McCalmon and wiJ , F, Stratton,
Spokane; Mrs. C. I.. I andon, Van
couver; J. C. EnglUU, Porl Hill.
'i'.  Allen.   Spokane;   C.   A.   Swanson,
Hall; C, (ii-e-^e-i Tanner, Marcus; \\. .1.
\\ llton, K. Atkins, Slocan:  VV. B. Andi I
son, Tueson;   V.  Lawton,  England;   O.
Johnston,  F.  Erlckson, Creston;  A.  I-'.
Mitchell, London;  C.  I..  Bechtel, Cran
brook;   !���'.  \\.  Hannington,  I'    rt
.1. Wj nn,-. J. Donald, Roi iland;   A alti
K in . Summeti. P. Pai ker, Ymir.
Mrs. T,  I��.  Brawn and chlldr. >
tl    i '..iiie-n.   Slocan;   II.   .\le.lir.-.-.  I;
Bloke;   W.  T. Nickbam,  It. bson;   ll.  a.
ITI).   O.    N.    Evans.    7 Mile-:    It.    Drew,
France; Mrs. F. II. Mackenzie; Calgar] :
Hiss Raj   Soutbporl:  J.  Mooi. .  I .   .
M. OI1II i, Greenwood; J. I.. Ben    I
gary;  II. Beadle, Grand Forks;   II   I ...
i    .  Sli can;   F.  -I.  .1  .-.   Pel - u <>n :   It
Empey, LaBlanche;  li.  I-:, Jones, Bon
nlngton;   I:. t irosbj   t '.isi legar
V. I., Jones, England; ll. Craig, Frull
\nie-;     It.   W.  Swesso,    A.   Swesso,  <;
Swesso, l.. Swe no, Spokane;   .1    -
.1. Bates, Calgarj ; it   i.e.,... Flonnlni  - o
II IVelaley, Q Spencer, Ron land; H.
Burns, 11 Sbrond, Revelstoke It Bnte
man. Ainsworth; T. Blake, Spokane; ,\l.
.I.i i \ Is, Greenwood
Phone No. A370
Phone in your order for an) ih.m- in
i.ni line. Fresh and Corned Be ef, l-'i, ��� b
and Sail Pork \'. al Mutton, Fish, Lard,
Poultry, etc.
Ordera called for and delivered to anj
pan of the city. Mall ordi i - n celve
prom pi attention.
i can give a fe.�� iirsi class itoek or
bun.i salesman contracts tor exclusive
l'-rr liny leer eeiie- of t In- lee-si propositions
be ore Hi.- pnieHc. Whereby a bustli i
c:in make from ? I no i��� $u,in ,���-,- week,
old life Insurance men preferred. Ael-
dresa, United Wireless Pel. Co., San
couver  n  ('
Wall   Papers
Our new stock Is now ln.
Borders) same as hangings.    LargeHt variety ever shown ln Nelson   Sample
books sent lo any part of tbe city   on application.
Canada Drug & Book Co'y, Ltd.
Born at Qrantsburg,, Wisconsin, on
April 30th, to the wile uf 11. C. Bullis, a
Leaving   Monday  Night.
John \. Kfrkpatiick will leave Monday niiiiii for (in- coasl en route foi
Prince  Rupert.
Counc'i   Meeting.
TJi ��� regular meeting of tne city conn-
(jj ,\tii be Ih'IiI in the council phamber
M.mda*   nlghl   ui   8 o'clock.
Metals and Stocks.
i in i he v,< �����,, end quotations all* i r
gained one point on both metal markets, the tit":-.! advance for many days.
W.   H.   A.
The  regnlai   month 13  meeting of the
VVomen'ii  Hospital   Aid  Society   will  bt*
,.��� id in .St   Paul's Church ball on Mon-
lhe  till "i  Ma*, al 3 \>. m.    There
\-.i,l   be  special   business   to  attend  to.
Methodist   Services.
At tiii Method is, church tomorrow
R, - I; N Po** ell will preach at both
lerylces. his subject in the morning
being "Whal is Possible to 'I'" in significant?" and In the evening "Impres-
After the evening service, beginning aboul S.30, .Miss .Murcutt. K. It
s. will deliver her flrsi address on
"National  Right, oui nei*
r. .1. Deane. late proprietor of Tln��
News, was waited upon by bis
staff yest*. rdaj afternoon and presented
with a very hand so mi gold watch beau
tl 1 1. ograved. The presentation wns
in. ii- b* Charlea FT. ink. foreman, In a
speech tbat expressed In plain, direct
language the warm regard In which
Mr. Deane is held by his employees,
and ** i ii-���! him good fortune in any
! ul are   tit IdL
Will   Endorse   Appeal.
The - -."<��� itive  committee of the A;
��� elated Boards of Trade of the Interior
will   nn et   In   Nelson   In  if)*-   board   ol
trad ��� room   Tuesday night, May 6th, at
8  o'clock  fo considi r aud  probably  to
endorse   the  appeal   of  the  Coast   and
M nun in in    Lumbermen's     Associations
the   proposed  enforcement   of
tin- Dominion timber regulations, which,
poinded out, would certainly lead
'ri Indiscriminate cutting and waste.
Band  Concert.
Ti' the weather be favorable the band
will *rive an open air concert on Ward
afreet on Tuesday. May 6th, at 8 p. "ii
The pi ��� 111 be:   March, "Stars
and   Sti I .1   ,"   Sou a;    Grand   Belectlon
��� 'i "Bohemian Girl**: grand selection
, - 'li Travalore"; grand selection from
ha"; Tantasia from "fc.Ven1ng
fdyls"; waltz, Blue Danube": grand
sacred potpourri, "Joy In the World":
march, "Victor";  "God Save the King."
Two Years each.
Four prisoners, Bryd tea, Church,
Bonnie and R03 alias Pickerell, appear
ed Ix-fon H\ Honor Judge Wilson this
morning for speedy trial on a charge of
1 ��� breaking committed at Ymir Inst
week R. M. Macdonald appeared fur
thi crown. The prisoners were trade-
f. ��� 'iii and only one, Church, attempted
fo contest the case. Thr- evidence of
P ovfncial Constable .T. A, Fraser. and
r, iv Vroom, of Waneta, was conclusive.
The prisoners wen- found guilty and
were each sentenced to two years in
tbe p ovincial penitentiary.
Mulai Hafid in Flight.
Paris, May :'. \ despatch has been
1 c I ed from Admiral Phllbert, the
French naval commander In Moroccan
waters, Baying thai Mulai Hafi.l. tho
'i   lirplng   Saltan   of   Morocco,   has   ber-n
'��� n   bed by tribesmen and has Red accompanied by Miiiiy horsemen.
Anything Required.
Rome, May 2.���One of the greatest
difficulties in tb<. way of a marriage be-
Iween Prince Belie De Sagan and Mar
dame Anna Gould, who was formerly
Countess n- Caatellane, Is the fart flint
tbe Catholic church not recognizing di-
\> rce, lias refused to annul Madame
Gould's fr.-t marriage The Prince De
Sagan is determined to marry Madame
Gould and to this end lias decided to
fnni Protestant
Llciitcnaiit Oovernor.
1      ftAHA 1)4
K.iu,ini tba Beveatb, bv tha QrtusofQod, of the
t'Nlteti   "''itiiftl  of OiOOl   HnlHln. Sfni   r r"
Uli-I. .iliel  tbS J.nli-.'i   fli)iiilljii>tl��  Iwvniiil (hi-
Basi'Kbig, Defender ot tiit- nith,Snperor
Ot   1.1'llH.
ii�� mU iii irhtm, these pressnte ���jM��u come, -
Greet! a g.
(���   t. BoirasR. attorney Qenersl,
Wher>'H>. hy Si-i-nnri r, ,,f the "*ifirni* I'nili-cliun
\,ft i��98,*' u re-enented by SeoMoo lit ot tin-
'���.ftlili Prot illnri ,\ t. AinenilmflU Ai'!, 1000."
11 1- ''in I. -I ilIHl i' ,**��Hil be   ln.vfiil for tlie I.U-U*
(enaai Oovernor in Co'inei], hy l*niciHiii��nnn to
i.t publlebed in twn tueceufvelatmei of tin* Brtt-
lali Ooluublu < ���*���/>���< it , to dfiit.tt- n t\t,H,- HfHison
oi aeeM i" an]   part of the Province tor nur
['i-rlmi of ttti"-. nnd
win re**.**, our snt'i Ueutenent Governor, by sad
Mii, in ad vice ol hi-* Executive Goancli, baa
bees pleaaed to direct, by rm onler iu <.:nunell
ia iliHt hflinli.,1 .;. *.   '..n-nii   for  u-*-*f  wllhin
tbo County of Kooteuay unit I and ini-lii'iintz
tbe sift .im o| asguat.oDa ttiou��atii) n ttir- buu-
���triii and i-ik'ii
N..W Know v.- iin 1 fore, Uiat In punraanoa
tbi reof, we Uo herd*, jo.-cln ni h nloae -. ��-oi,
poi geeae wiiiiin tba County <>/ Kottem*' min
umi includingtbo8ie< -tuy of Angost*.onai bou<
mrnj Dine tiiiii'ln-'t Mint i-J^ht.
fn ii'viiinoiiy u b'l'-t.t. nre hHvr huh-' ttie��t��
.>iii letU w m be in i>i��- patenl and tht- <��.. j( Heol
��� ���! 1 in- pro, it 1.-1- to h>- bereuatp Rtilxed.
fVltaeei, ilu Ho mr Jtmei t>iiiii-iniiir l.i*��iitcn*
um Qoreraor .f our uii] Province of Brltiafa
���oliimi.iii. Ill our ftiy of Vwioi-i*. in our haul
Provlnc��. thia,Itftli day <>t I'.-hnmry, in tha year
of (iur lord on** thpuaend n tie huit'licd and
fiK'it. and In Ibe cl(;htti vear of our rulgu.
Hy nouniiMud,
,^__       FrovluciAl HeeretAry /
of groceries in vilmi we want. v.��u
tun 1 du lietier linn biirn; youi llsl here
Our stuck is. com pie i. , m b and
in leva rifjlit Kiiiiu In jronr orders wo
will execute tb. in propei Ij
Cornfr Silica and Josephine Sts
Nothing could lie- brighter or cleverer ilian our series ol
Tlie c;nislsf of.dibson fje-nis iniinia-
lures from Collier's), Miniatures from
Life, Christy pictures reproduced In ojc-
act rolieis. lliinil Painted .Meeiiee Cards,
Illustrated Toasts, Pointed Paragraphs,
Kt.s.,  Klc.
Size   5x7,   each 25c.
Size   6' ^,x8' 2,  each 35c.
Size   8x10,   each 60c.
W. G. Thomson
WKlWtlJ.lt HUU
Nelson, B. C.
Phunu    i i
By virtue elf a Warrant uf Bxecutlon
Issued out olc the County Court of Basl
Kooteuay, lne.de-u al Cranbn>ok, in an
action whercbf .\. o. lEuwuen^ is Plain-
till and Al. J. McPeak aud Louise K
afcPeak are Defendants, I have seized
and taken iu execution all the rlglii,
litl;, estate and interest of the said
defendants, M. J, McPeah and Louise
B. ilc-Peak, lu Uiat certain holel build-
ing, situate lu the town of Sirdar, I). C
and now in the occupation of the said
defendants, and will offer the same for
sale hy publla flcutlon, at my nUice In
thu City of Nelson, 11, C, on Wednesday, the 22nd (lay of April. IDUis, at the
hour of twelve o'clock noon.
Terms of sale, cash.
Intending purchasers will satisfy
themselves a* to interest and title ol
the said elefendants.
Dated at Nelson, H. 0��� 14th April,
SIh-i-IiT of South Kootenay.
The above sale is postponed until
Friday, the first day of May,   I'JUS.
Quotations  on   Spokane   Exchange   and
New  York Curb.
Alberta C. & 0 $
.1 1
n.  c.  Copper	
('haH.   Dickens   	
i'an. t'ou.  Smelters,.
Copper King 	
Dominion Copper  ...
86 00
International C. &  C.
1 ::.',
MiSaoUla   <"ii|i|ie-r   ....
Oom  Paul   	
m;1 .
Rambler < lai j I...��.  ....
117 '..
.09 vs
Sullivan bonds  	
1.13 %
Tamarack ti  Ches'pke
O.   II.  Ayliud,  of  MeW   Denvi
r,  Is  uf
lbs*  Hume.
a. ]���;. Wans arrived
mm   W
lasi   night
A. .1. Lammers, lumberman of sun-
water, Minn.. Is al  the 11 ume.
.1. i*. Vroniii. cuatpms collector at
Waneta, came. Into the olty lust night.
.1. II. Seliolie-lel, M. I,, A., and Mrs,
Sobofiefd were oyer from Trail pester*
Mrs. C. H. (Yandon arrived from the
const last ninht und Is ai the Strathcona,
.1. A. Fraser, provincial constable, is
in from Ymir to attend to trial of the
men accused eef house-breaking.
W. B. Hudson, who aacompan:t0d Dr.
T. 0, Gibson to Tunzon, Arizona, returned to the i-iiv lasl night, Dr. tilb-
Bon is gradually recovering.
Au umbrella, round headed banSUe
with gold band, taken by mistake from
second Storey of Aberdeen Block on
April 28th. Finder will please return
to this office.
Wholesale aud   K.-ialJ Dualen lu
Fresh and Salted Meats
Camps supplied on Hhortt'Nt notice mnl
loWOSt pine Nothing but   frenh nnd
wbuh'MOiiie liii'iitNiinii Hiipple+i ki pt in ht**oc;.k
Miul Qrdsn n����'ive (inn-ful attention.
E.  C.   TRAVES    Manager.
Hollow Concrete
Blocks For Sale
AM shajM-s and facings.
Those blocks ars absolutely the besi
material to be had for building pur
poses, foundations, retaining walls, etc,
bemg cheap<jj)f ilian biicK m stone.
Tenders giV.v.n on all kinds of building
Work.    Stock, un band.
Head Office:  Baker Street, Nelson. B.C.
In the County Court of We6t Kootenay.
holden at Nelson, between Bernard
A. Isaac, (carrying on business by
the style of the "Nelson Iron
Works";, Plaintiff; and the High*
lander Mill and Mining Company,
To the Abort Named Defendant'
TAKE NOTICE iliai thla action wan
commenced against you on the 27th da*
of April, 1908, and ihat the idaiui.n
claims $22o.io tor principal and lnteresl
due on an accepted BUI of Kxcbange
Eoi $223.80, dated December 6th, 1907,
drawn on you by the plaintiff; or in tbe
alternative, $22;:.so for goods sold anu
delivered, and work done by the plain
tiff for you.
And take notice thai the cunt has bj
order made April 27th, mob. authorised
the service oi the summons m this ac
tion U|��m you, b\ publication of this
notice foi three weeks in the Nelson
"J -aiJ>   .'anadian'   newspaper.
And further take notice that yuu are
required within eight days al'. 1 BUCfa
last publication hereof, to enter a dispute note in said action, by yourself 01
your solicitor, and that in default ol
your doing H<>, tho plaintiff may proceed
in   Kaid   action,   and   judgment   may   be
given against you in your absence.
Dated the 88th daj of April, 1908
1 Beat of County  < 'ourt.)
T.   M.   BOWMAN,
Registrar ol the Court.
Car Early Rose
Seed Potatoes
Send   11s  your orek-ra  early to  avoid
Telephone 181,
Are You Insured ?
Don't delay He-cinn about bavins tlmi
Fire Insurance placed een your property,
your bouse ..i- your furniture.   Perhaps
yni nne ve-ry careful, liul your neigb
bor may ne>i i,.-. and remember you do
mil k*'1  much w;iriihi�� when a lire fcelH
Tho expense of Insuring ia very small
when you consider tbe r&fc you run of
losing everything you have. KIhk up
or call  on
General Agent for the Kootenays.
Pioneer Fire Insurance Company.
P.  O.   Box  634.
A. M   (inn. Hoe. C   K
Mining WorK a Specialty.
Ollice:   Koom   1,1,   K.-W.-C.  Hilt    P,   O
Box     4��4.
Baker   St.,   Nelson.   B.  0.
W.    O.    CJIL.L.ETT
Ootitraatop mm-u
Bole UK'"'* for tin* I'.-rlo tt.iXJ I unil.vr ��',,., UO ,
retail ynriln.    Koiiki- hih! .11......������( iiitnlier, turned
work and bruua. Com) lath snd shlnajef, roth
hii.I ilo(.rn, Oenient, brick and lime rur NHle
Yard aud faHory: Vornon Hi., eutof HalJ-
MJI.NON,   fct. e.
P. ft  Box '232 TeJipbODe 177
flWfly OFF
"""' >';"���".' compelled to h..i.i ih.- newspaper "away off- i,
v",ln  '.>""  '"  I      ���''�����'>  off" and glasses should be procured..     "w ��*"*
niltatlons free.    Satisfaction guaranteed Procured at once. <3a""
Mai] ordera    receive   our   p.-ompl attention.
/���   /���   WALKER.  Jewelei
\\lu>lc.��iiii��  Provisions,
ProduMi - lJruit.
<TOV��rnni,-nt I'nanerv (Ine found   Hrlck. noalyed wr-pltlv fr,.h #
rl.urn    K,.r sal,- l.>- ,.n leading grooen '�� ���*���
Offloe and warehonsei Houston Bloolt,   Paanen
Josephine Street.        -        -        .        Nelson, B. C.
that are just the thing for businessmen, are here in all sizes and in design*
and fabrics to suit all tastes. These tuita are well cut and well made and
we guarantee the fit as well as the durability of every garment, because
they have been carefully made with the design of pleasing our customer!
and holding  their permanent  trade.
This Is  tbe se sson  of  ili<> year irhen you devoie your aitf-ntion to Hl�� I
lioua heild dull    Wc are- prepared to meet your requirements with a full line of
Ready   Mixed   Paints,   all   colors. V/arni.hes.   Stains,   Enamels,
Alabastine,   Muralo.
Everything   necessary   for  the  renovation   of  your  house.
J. H, Ashdown Hardware
Company, Limited. Nri����n Bnrch,
Notice..  Is  hi-iepy  xlvi-n   (lt.it   llle  Cm-.
enuaent Leit.s in the townsite of iins
mer will be offered for salo ley auction
at the Iaic-i, up in Hosmer :.i ten o'clock
in the forenoon, railway time-, Wednes
.lay,   April  Stnd.
liieis below ihe- upH.-i price ��ill not
be  icce-lved.
Terms., one-third cash, one-third ! I
of Norember, IU08, and oni third 1st of
Ma>,   1900,   wilh   lnteresl   from   1st of
May.   IIMIK.     ,\   fee-  eel' felll   Will   le,.  clmrgod
for each (Jinwii .<Irani  wbe'l   Issued
.1.   K.  Al. U8TRONO,
ASHistunt  ComloJaslonei  of l.an.he auel
Whiles Tor ths Bouthern I >l\ i esi<>>i
of Bast Kootenay,
Cranbrook, 30th  March,  inns.
Jobbing  promptly  attended  to,    Plans
an.i Dstlmates,
Apply 415 Hall St.
Box 3Sf,.
C. 0R1.EN        A.I'. BUKDhh        a. Hi HI IN
Cvil Engineers, Diminion .ivi Britisli
Columbia Land Surveyors
P. 0. twi 145    Phone J(.| S.
From $10 to $25.
Old Curiosity Shop
Geo.  P. Player
INO   *   S.MKl.'l'IMl   00.
Office   Room   No.   2,   ELLIOT     BLOCK.
INK I .sS^rs,    .    l*. c*-
i    '/--
,'        We  make  a  specialty of
^����F^1 \ Hardwate Supplies
For  Ranchers
Send ���� your mall ordera.
Wood-Vallance Hardware Ce.
f   if,
mtsm.miit���.f'r**:"'-*" *


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