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The Daily Canadian Jun 28, 1906

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Array I.I'MK   I.     No.   22.
?!iejPaUiu  tifanobion
1st in.) Project Finds
General Favor
the lakoK and rivers of Kootenay
which Nelson ia the centre
But, though tho building
...ii. iiiuugii  UK,' DUUding of it toiirlnt
hotel looks like a good Investment for
either railway company, it Is not likely
that Nolson win await their leisure for
another year. Tbe hotel Ih a necessity
lo tho Drosneritv nf th.. *�����*��
T. (J
imficulty Anticipated in Raising
funds For Building���Essential
to Nelson's Growth
,   remarks made hy ft Starkey at
.. ,,, i.ii   inouting    or    the   Twenty
ml i'mil    Tuesday    night  have
i    i ��� al  deal of comment    ami
ith  oi  approval.   Il Is believed
,,   modern   Lourisl   hotel   Blnnilcd
,  . 11 ilir Ann would nol only
ai all ruction, hut would be   a
p      Invi   iiiKiit from lhe Start
iiikbiIou in  already a live  one,
certain  lo   he  kept   ullve.     An
fe, .      ul  the hoard ol trade, presl-
iir   wholesalers'   association
naglug director of  the agrlcul-
hn iy, Mi    StJirkey's alaleinenla
Mhle   weight    Ilia  elec-
, <   positions is itueir a recog-
i the energetic, persevering and
practical efforts he baa made tu
|lt [ every interest of Nelson.
morning, Mr. Starkey aald
ilemenl   aa to  the  amount
111 it   could  he raised   In  the
i once for the purpose of building
i hotel, published in yesterday's
an rather under than above the
Hi has already received several
unsolicited offers  to subscribe
tock na soon as such a proposal In
��� :���  made.
people of Nelson, as Mr. Starkey
out, are justly proud of iheir ho-
Nti oiher city in British Columbia
two such hotels as the Strath
and  Hume.    They have heen the
��� of unstinted praise from vial-
Irom the large cities of Eastern
la and the United States.
although it would seem at first
lu li' Id is fully covered, It is well
��� nil those who have been in-
ed In the subject that even with-
ii: considerable Influx of tourists,
arc many times during the year
tin  hotel accommodation of Nol-
overtaxed. Tbe usual holiday
at Ions, tbe fair, tlie assizes and
iitlnga of the supreme court, any
ing of financial, Industrial or
n�� associations, for which Nelson
"���rite place, causes all the hotels
overcrowded, and often leaves
visitors without comfortable quar-
obvious  that   in such    clrcum-
Nelson   cannot  offer   the  spa-
:   ;l"'l luxurious resting places that
1      ' tourists desire, and that before
travellers should be Invited in any
'"����'niblo numbers, adequate provis
1 "" I In ir comforl must be made.
':'"  n"" Is not a new one.    It
���' " pressed on the attention of
;''nciai8 of the C. P. h. passenger
It-imrtmeni dosens of times, but
wnhoul result.    The answers of
" "tflclnls to the  requests of the
"���' ��onrd of trade In the past form
I   ''"���*'l"     To the request   Tor a
'"""I Buch as the company has
I a! Field, the nqdy Is that
IM' '"iiit when the truffle Justifies
"l" requesi that the company
"' ra*o. or   nr   loast   not   ilfti-
' s��cn traffic, the opposite re-
1 ' '' "'nl there js no hotel cap-
;lp">mmodatIng a large number
��� 'sslty
prosperity of the city, and the
citizens have acquired the habit of pro*
vWHng for their necessities in spite of
opposition or discouragement.
(J. Procter was seen later, and
stated, on behalf of C. \V. Husk and
himself, that ihey were willing to give
ten acres of land ut Klvcrsldc as a site
for buildings and grounds lor a tourist
The  site  is level  bench   land,  al    a
slight elevation above the level of the
Arm, commanding a magnlfloenl view
of the Outlet, and with unrivalled facll-
iilcn for recreation grounds, lawns,
dens, gtOVeS and orchards.    There    is
probably not a location in the province
of equal attractiveness as a site for a
tourist hotel.
Guests In such a location would have
all the advantages of seclusion, and of
air and scenery unspoiled by city smoke
and dust, while being Still williln an
hour's sail of Nelson, and mai
egraph  communication    with
County Court Judges Will
Have Power
to ii judge of the (supreme court (or decision, and the Judge may dispose of
the same, In whole or In part, or refer
back the whole or a part.
Provincial Secretary.
Provincial   Secretary's    Ofllce,     Hill.
June, 19HC.
Fifty Cents a Month
and tel
all   Hi.
I hey Finish Their Conference and Start
on a Tour.
London, .lune 18.���Having concluded
a week oC, sight-seeing in London, the
guests of the Itritish Institution of
QlCCtrical KugineeiH, including 50
Americans and a number of Canadians,
started today on a tour of England and
Scotland which will occupy ten days.
They will visit all the great electrical
works in the country. A special train
will carry the party, which numbers
over 800, of whom 190 are foreigners,
representing American, German, Swiss,
French and Italian Societies of electrical engineers. Tbe Americans como
from almost every stale, and also include many who have invaded (Europe
with American inventions.
The Nelson Bar Association Makes
Representations Resulting
in a Change.
Emperor Nicholas Fears Further Opposition on Account of Solidarity of Army.
St. Petersburg, June 2.S.���The campaign which the opposition elements in
parliament, are waging to compel Emperor Nicholas to dismiss the Goremykin cablret and accept the principle of
a responsible ministry promises soon
to be crowned with success. Bat the
emperor and the court are being frightened into surrender, less by the violent
attacks made on the governmenl In the
lower house, than the alarming spread
of revolutionary disaffection among the
troops. When the 1'rodrejensky regiment, his majesty's own, pronounced its
solidarity with parliament ami its agrarian programme iu the big camp of the
guard regiments at Ktasnoeselo, less
than a dozen miles from I'eterhof, the
emperor's eyes opened and the court
began lo realize that there was only a
step from that to declaring allegiance
to parliament as against the government.
;�� nol io be expected that tho
' '"''iimuy. which is an organ!
" business���-not philanthropic
should create or even as
"I'tMltlon with Its own hotels
'". "lilin line while they could
1 i:'    ���""'  whole  of  the   traffic
��� now matter of common knot*
'la'   l,il"'T and   Field   are    over-
' very  summer, and  tbat    the
,   "V1 Passenger tn.mc on th
,f�� Mno last ye,
year nearly disorganized
' '   ��o reason, anannial or other
"lllllftil   scenes
nil     for
I ^^^^_
���nay, wiih Its hundreds of
and all  Its varied at-
sportsmen, artists and for
lK,''H. should bo pe
is also belli
;i"d  ignored.
ai i|,
sieved that the statement,
'me meeting, or    [f,    BI,
:< agent of the O. N. H.
/"at Nelson is receiving ev-
,,|illln"   in that   company's
"Ult��  to tourists, is bf moro
���"' "    'ban    Is
1 j    6Towlng aottvft
'' '���- ���iHeaay ar
"���'   DOW]
apparent,    Tho
and Inter-
. if well known.   It is
;   '" l)1,ddlnB tor freight the
.,��� V,VK,V   the   Passenger
...        '   "as  been  frankly   con-
��ntciala of the company
. '" 1" main lino or any
n��� ;    " �� found anything to bqual
lll"lc ind scenic altractlona of
ot, Petersburg, .lune 88.���The government's sudden fear of affronting
public opinion, after finding ihe army
infected with the revolutionary propaganda. Is shown in the hurried grant of
a new trial to seven men condemned
to death at Riga, the acquit Inl of six
others and the commutation, of tbo
death sentence imposed on the three
murderers of the foreman of the l'ttti-
loff works. Thi* news from the provinces shows that a state of general anarchy is growing. The efforts of the
agitators to Induce the peasants work-
lug for landlords to strike are meeting
with success, In Allan, ami Tauride
provinces the peasants are abandoning
the fields, ami in Tula province roving
hands of peasants aie inarching
tnrough the country, dragging In their
wake not only  the workmen from  the
fields, but ihe domestic servants of the
Tho only conservative group in the
lower house of parliament, headed by
Hoyden, has at last bowed before the
Storm of radicalism, and has declared
in favor of practically the whole of the
constitutional democrats' agrarian program. Including the expropriation of
stale, church, crown and private lands,
insisling only on their distribution into
private holdings, and not their parti-
llotunont on the lease system,
Tho agrarian scheme drawn up for
the governmenl by M. SllehlnsUy. minister of agriculture, Is now completed}
but has not been finally approved. It
ami rejects the principal of expropriation, but contains enormous concessions
from the program announced by Pret
mter Goremykin three weeks ago by
providing lor lhe distribution of all
lands belonging to tne state In European Russia, but neither the crown
lands belonging to the emperor, nor the
lands belonging to the members of tho
imperial family or the church aro included In it.
The interest of the legal fraternity
has been elicited in reference to recent
changes in the rules of the supreme
court which have been made to facili-
late tint transaction of supreme court
business in certain actions when a supreme court judge is not present. The
rules of the supreme court proclaimed
In force in March last conferred upon
county court judges the power to act
In several supreme couri matters and
proceedings, but this power was not
conferred by new rules issued some
time later. The omission caused great
inconvenience and expense to litigants,
especially in the interior of the province. The attention of the governmenl
was drawn to the matter particularly
by the Nelson Bar Association, with
the result that the government has
again conferred upon county court
judges the authority to act in various
matters properly belonging to the supreme court.
'ine rule of court conferring and defining the powers is granted as follows:
Notice is hereby given that under the
powers conferred by section 10S of
chapter IB of the Statutes of British
Columbia, 1903-04, being the Supreme
Court Act, his honor the Heutenant-
governor-in-council has been pleased to
make the following rule of court, namely:
1. The judge of every county court
In all actions brought , tu his county
shall be, and hereby is. empowered and
required to do all such things, and \
transact all such business, und exercise
all such authority and jurisdiction in
respect to the same as by virtue of any
statute or custom, or by the rules of
practice of the supreme court are now
done, .transacted or exercised by any
judge of the said court sitting at chambers', save and except iu respect of the
matters following:
(1). Matters relating to criminal proceedings. Provided that this exception
shall not apply to the judge of the county court of Atlin:
(2). Habeas Corpus. Provided that
this exception shall not apply to the
judge of the county court of Atlin:
(.!). Appeals, and applications in the
nature of appeals:
ill. Inquiries respecting lunatics,
without commission:
(5). Petitions   for  advice   under  tho
"Trustees and Executors Act," Revised
Statutes, 1SD7, chapter 1ST, section 77:
io). Applications  as  to the  custody
of and access to iniants:
t ii. Applications as to leases and
sales of settled estates; to enable minors, with the approbation of the court,
to make binding settlements of their
real and personal estate ou marriage;
and la regard to questions submitted
for the opinion of the court in the form
of special cases on the part of suili
persons as may by themselves, their
committees or guardians, or otherwise,
concur therein:
(St. Opposed applications for administration orders:
i.m. opposed applications respecting
the guardianship of tho person and
property of infants:
no.) Applications for prohibition or
(11). Proceedings a<< lo the partition
and sale of real estate under the "Partition Act." Revised Statutes, 1897,
chapter US):
(ti'). Applications for leave to appeal
afler the Unto limited for that purpose
has elapsed:
(13). The payment of money out of
court, where the sum of money in court
exceeds one thousand dollars, or dispensing with payment of money into
court In any action or matter:
til). In respect of any other matter
which by the "Supreme Court Rules,
11)00," Is expressly required to he done
by a judge of the supreme court.
And except (unless by consent of
parties) In respect of tlie following proceedings and matters, that is to say:
(a) The removal of cases from inferior courts, other than the removal of
judgments for ihe purpose of having
(b) Tbo  referring of causes:
(c) Staying proceedings after verdict
or  judgment.
But nothing in this rule contained
shall, or shall be held lo. limit the Jurisdiction which lhe said county court
judges have heretofore possessed or
exercised by virtue of any statute or
2. Every local judge may refer any
matter pending before him in chambers
Mrs. Thaw Objects to Secrecy of Attorney's Office.
New York, June 28.���The coroner's
inquest and the meeting of the grand
Jury today, both to formally name the
murderer of Stanford While, divided
public Interest today with the developments of yesterday, when an Insanity
commission declared Harry K. Thaw
sane, aud Mrs. Thaw vleited her husband in his cell tn the Tombs prison.
There was much speculation today as
to just what position Mrs. Thaw would
take when she appeared before the
grand jury today. It was asserted that
wife had told her friends thai, she
Maritime Province Members Dissatisfied
and commerce committee. After the
enactment of this bill It will be Illegal
for any money lender to charge any
higher rate of Interest than 12 per cent,
per annum, and, after judgment, than
(i per cent, Tho bill will not appiy to
any amount leas than 50 cents. The
Yukon is exempted from the provisions
of the bill.
would go to prison rather than testify
iu the grand jury room, where proceedings are secret and where the counsel
i-i a representative of the district at-
forney's office.
Mrs. Thaw has told a most intimate
friend that she would refuse to say
anything, no matter how important the
questions Mr. Not I or Mr. Oarvin might
put to her. This assertion is said to
have been brought from Mrs. Thaw by
the intention of the district attorney's
office to make her a witness for tha
New York. June ax.���The Thaw inquest was completed and the case was
submitted to the jury shortly after 11
o'clock. They brought in a verdict that
White came to his death by gunshot
wounds Indicted by  Harry K. Thaw.
Serious Trouble in Adjusting Pensions���System is to be
Wiped Out.
Taxed Bill of Costs in the Slocan Star
Mining Case.
New York. June 2S.���The grand Jury
returned an Indictment .against Thaw
charging murder In the first degree. He
will plead to the Indictment before Justice Cowing tomorrow.
Success of Dominion Day Program Requires Only the Usual Queen
City Weather.
Preparations for the big two days'
celebration of Dominion Day are now
well in hand, and probably the only
work for the general meeting to be
held in the city hall tomorrow night
will be to receive final reports of committees that all is well.
The work of stringing the cross wires
for the extra illumination began this
morning, and J. A. Irving, chairman of
the decoration committee, states that
it will be completed by Saturday night.
M. R. Thompson and O. \V. Uartlett,
of the finance committee, are collecting
the subscriptions already promised." It
the weather proves favorable, it Is expected that the subscriptions and gate
receipts together will cover all expenses and leave the equipment for extra street lighting as a permanent nc-
qulsitlon obtained without expense to
the city.
The fireworks will be set off from tho
bluff under the supervision of Chief
Deasy, of the fire department.
The list of sporting attractions is
probably the most varied and comprehensive ever prepared for such a celebration in Nelson.
Altogether the arrangements aro as
nearly perfect as may be. and If only
the usual Queen City weather prevails,
the celebration of Dominion Day for
lO'ii) will be at least the equal of any of
its predecessors of the Inst 10 years.
Favorable Accounts  from   All   Sections
Confirm Expectations of Good
Winnipeg, June 2S.���One hundred and
sixty agents of tlie 0. P. R. stnt reports
yesterday to the mineral superintendent regarding the condition of the grain
nnd In all these acounts there was not
ono complaint of bad weather or unsatisfactory conditions. Every where
the account Is the same, grain rapidly
growing and on the point of heading
out for a splendid yield of wheat.
At Indian Head the growth Is said to
be a week in advance of that of last
year, and In all parts of the country It
la safe to say that tho crop is a full
woek earlier than in 1905 at the same
period. Moisture is abundant and fine
warm wenther prevails.
Between Winnipeg and the Swift Current section I here are thirty-eight reporting sections, every one of which
give favorable accounts of the condition
of the grain.
Ottawa, Juno 88.���The Laurier government endured a somewhat rude jar
when It was defeated upon the Grand
Trunk Pacific branch lines hill. New
Hrunswick members have been strenuously insisting upon the construction
of the line to St. John, while Hon. Mr.
Kmmerson has just as consistently contended that there was a moral obligation on the part of the G. T. P. to build
such a branch line. The New Brunswick members) were not satisfied with
the minister's assurance, and insisted
upon inserting a clause providing for
such a branch. Despite ihe opposition
of the government, the amendment carried by 44 to 20. There was great
amusement in the house over this government defeat. The government was
facetiously asked if it intended to resign, and Hon. Mr. Fielding replied
that the only thing the government
would do would be to discipline the Liberals.
Hon. Mr. Fielding gives notice of a
bill to repeal tbe act of last session j
granting a pension of $'J,50t) per annum
to ex-cabinet ministers who have previously held a portfolio for five years.
This is the sum total of all the wrestlings which the cabinet has had upon
this question since the opening of the
session. At one time it was suggested
that the government might propose to
parliament to adopt the British plan
whereby an ex-cabinet minister who declares that he has not sufficient income
to maintain himself and his family in
comfortable circumstances is placed
upon the pension list. The matter is
one entirely between the British prime
minister and the applicant, although
the number of grants each year is limited. Sir Wilfrid Laurier, however, declared a few weeks ago when this question was under discussion that he
would not assume the responsibility of
deciding who should or who should not
amongst ex-cabinet ministers be the recipients of pensions. Since then the
cabinet has been repeatedly endeavoring to find a satisfactory solution of
the problem, but without success, until
finally it. has heen decided upon to wipe
out the pension system altogether.
The government tried to crowd
through the house a bill to increase the
capital stock of the Bell Telephone
Company by twenty millions. Strong
opposition developed. Premier Laurier,
realizing that unless he receded from
his position with respect to the bill,
lhat there was prospect of a day being
lost, finally had to give way. Mr. Mac-
Lean, of South York, had intimated
that unless the house first knew what
the government's proposals were, he
would take up a few days In reading
to the house evidence taken before the
telephone commission last fall. This tip
was effective, as, when the house resumed in the afternoon. Sir Wilfrid undertook to let the third reading of the
bill stand until the government's proposal had been considered. This was
satisfactory to tho opposition, and the
bill then passed through the committee
sl age.
Quite a discussion took piece on the
Macintosh divorce bill, and there wore
certain citations from the evidence
which practically cleared the galleries
of the usual quota of ladies. Messrs.
Galllher, Lancaster and others spoke
energetically against the bill, declaring
the preamble not to have been proven,
but finally the bill passed.
The Sunday observance bill was
again up in the commons yesterday.
The clause prohibiting shooting at targets  was under discussion.
U. L. Borden and Sam Hughes wanted to know why shooting of live animals was not prohlblted-
Aylesworth suggested that    if    they
wanted an amendment  to that    effect
they could so move.
Armand Lavergne moved to have the
out altogether.    Motion
Registrar T. M. Bowman hns completed his task of taxing the bill of
costs in the case of Star vs. White, the
celebrated Slocan Star lateral rights
case, which occupied the time of the
supreme court for over a year, and was
twice argued in Nelson,
Particulars of the registrar's decision
were obtained from one of the solicitors in the case. J. O'Shea and R, S.
I^ennie respectively attended tho taxation in the Interests of the plaintiffs
and defendants.
The total of the bill as presented was
$23,7711.52. The amount allowed by the.
taxing officer is $IS,:;S5.GC.
There are many appeals from the
registrar's decisions, and the whole
case has been apj>ealed to the full court
and is set down for trial in October.
List of Officers Elected
For Next Year
Greetings From New Brunswick-
Exhibit of Work by Pupils of
Fnglish Schools on View.
Big  New York  Papers Make  Changes
In Staffs.
New York, June 28.���Wendall Phillips Garrison retires from the editorship of the Nation today after 41 years
of service. Hamond Lamont, for six
years managing editor of the Evening
Post, succeeds him. With Mr. Lamont
will be associated aul Elmer Moore,
now literary editor of the Evening Post.
Harold J. Learoyd, the present city editor, succeeds Mr. Lamont as managing
editor of the Evening Post.
Small Surplus Shown for First Time In
Company's History���Outlook
Very Encouraging.
cause  strucli
lost      ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Sunt Hughes then moved an amendment to prohibit not only shooting nt
largets. but at game, pigeons ami turkeys,    This was defeated.
II. L. Borden then moved that there
should be no shooting of any kind on
Sunday that would disturb persons in
a place of worship.
Aylesworth said lie had n rider to
propose along tho s;une lines, and hero
tiie flintier rested for Ihe time being.
The  usury bill  passed   the  bunking.
The Nelson street cars have made a
profit for one week of operation. During the week ending June 24th the receipts amounted to $174,110. In addition
the city is receiving $20 a month for
an advertisement displayed on the cars,
which may fairly be credited to the
earnings of the system, making about
$179 for last weok.
As the weekly expense of operation,
Including repairs, insurance and all
contingent expenditure, Is only $175,
tbe result for the week Is a small balance on the credit side.
It is not enough to lead to any expectations of dividends, but it is matter for gratification as showing that the
general conditions in the city are Improving, and because it is the first time
since the operation of the service began.
The receipts are nearly double those
of the corresponding week of last year,
when they amounted to only $87.45. The
receipts for 1900 to date are $2,310.40,
against $2,440.60 to the same date of
Allowing for  the period of  idleness
in the winter of the current year, the
��� improvement In the returns amounts to
nearly CO per ceut.
There Is a possibility that the deficit
of over $2,000 provided for iu the city
council's estimates for the current year
will be wiped out, and almost a certainty that It will be considerably reduced.
These results are sufficient justification, if any wero needed, for the recent
small increase of pay granted to. the
motormen and conductors. The service
is now efficient and popular, and by the
time cheaper power Is obtainable from
the city plant, it may also be profitable.
(Special   (o   tho Daily Canadian.)
Victoria, June 28.���The following officers of the British Columbia teachers'
Institute were elected this morning, all
President, Inspector J. S. Gordon, B.
A., Vernon; vice-presidents���first, J. C.
llobson of Vernon, second, II. Landells
of Golden, third, G. L. Pedlar of Fernie; treasurer, A. Sullivan, Nelson;
secretary, Miss E. M. Bell, Vernon.
A telegram of greeting from the New
Brunswick teachers' Institute, In session
al Chatham, was received, and a suitable reply was sent.
The debate on the university question did not take place last night. No
meeting was heid.
This morning James Leamy bad not
arrived, so his lecture on "Forestry"
waB not delivered.
This afternoon the teachers are being entertained to tea and a concert at
Gorge park.
ine most novel and interesting display at the convention was an exhibit
of work by children of English schools
sent by tbe League of tne Empire. It
was greatly admired by all.
The convention is now over, and ts
voted the most successful ever held In
tbe province.
A. Wood, of Montreal, in the City���His
Career as a  Journalist.
Alfred Wood, who ts In the city at
present as the business representative
of tbe Slater Shoe Company, and also
of the Semi-Ready Clothing Company,
is an old-timer in British Columbia.
In 1892 Mr. Wood was associated
with R. A. Renwirk In the publication
of Ihe Victoria Daily News.
Later lie was on the staff of the Nelson Daily Minor. Again he was manager of tho advertising department of
the Toronto Telegram. He was afterwards for a short time the owner of
the Ottawa Free Press'.
His long and varied newspaper experience made him an expert advertising
Annual Event  Pulled Off on Thames
With Honors for Vila,
New London, Conn., June 28.���The
first two events of the 28th annual regatta between Yale and Harvard were
won by Yale this forenoon before an
Immense gathering which lined the
banks of the Thames river. The weather was most favorable and the water
as smooth as glass. The first race was
the freshmen eights over a course two
miles long, tne official time being, Yale
iu;39 2-5, and Harvard 10:41, Yale winning by a half length.
The 'Varsity four was the second,
which went to Yale by fully eight
lengths. Tbe official time was: Yale,
11:45; Harvard, 12:21.
The big event, the 'Varsity eights, Is
called for after 4 o'clock this afternoon.
Gales' Ferry, Conn., June 28.���A
beautiful day, with almost a smooth surface on the Thames and just a ripple
of northerly breeze, combined to make
conditions Ideal for today's Harvard-
Yale regatta. The forecast was that
these favorable conditions would prevail throughout aie day.
The start of the freshmen race waa
begun at 10:35. Yale caught the water
first, and immediately secured a slight
advantage, which they maintained to
the end. Yale won In the time of 10:35;
Harvard, 10:41.
Yale also won the four-oared 'Varsity
race over a distance of two miles by
over eight lengths.
Changes Offices.
Cleveland, O., June 28.���H. F. Ball,
superintendent of motive power for the
Lake Shore and Michigan Southern railroad, has accepted the vice-presidency
of tbe American Locomotive Company.
Trial by Courtmartlal.
St. Petersburg, June 28���The tor-
mor procurator-general of the holy synod, M. Robedoncstef, is said to have
recognized the Inevitable, and to have
reversed the position of a lifetime and
advised the emperor to yield to the demands for a responsible ministry as
the only means of preserving the
It transpired today that all three battalions of the Probrejensky regiment
joined in the revolutions, but when they
were surrounded by gendarmes, lancers,
sharpshooters and a brigade of artillery
two of the battalions weakened. The
other, however, faced the music, was
disarmed, and last night, with six officers, was sent under escort to Mad-
vlda, province of Novgorod, where tho
Japanese prisoners were confined, to
undergo trial by courtmartlal.
Tennis Championship.
Wimbledon, England, June 28.���In tho
fifth round of the singles in the tennis
championship games here today, F. L.
Risel best Raymond D. Little, American, by a score of 6-3, 0-1, 6-4. Both
the Americans are thus out of the singles championship.
In the third round of tbe doubles
Krelg-Colllns and Raymond D. Little,
Americans, beat Pollard and Beard by
a score of 6-3, 6-2, 7-5. The Daily Canadian
Tents, Blankets,
Overalls, Boots,
Mackinaw Clothing.
Everything for the camper, prospector, hunter and
r.���>��� - -j-'.-���"���.!^���������i.��S'.-.rv,���.
hibliabcHl Ha ilnyii n woek by tho
iJuk.r - - , Nil- hi. B.C.
Bubanrlption ratci, M ootiti a month delivered
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paid lu advance
Advertising rates on application
Ail monies pah) in acttlunicnl ol Tho Daily
Canadian accounts, either toi subscriptions or
advertising! inual be rcci itiieil fui 011 tin* printed
forms ol tbe Company, oiim receipts are mil
" Hy ono word we arc Bomotimes )uJgod to Le
wise and by one won 10m times fudged to be
foolish, letui therefore be carelul waal ��e
Btiy." -Co: n rr>.
Our esteemed morning contemporary
waxed facetloua on Tuesday, and no
doubt satisfied its sense of humor in
tin' Following editorial production:
"We are reminded thai ten years ago
Canadian electors were being told with
almoBt tearful eloquence that ruin
would overtake tbe Dominion should
those pestiferous grita get eoiiin.il of
the government. One can still heai the
lamentations ol tbe old war horse of
Cumberland as be predicted to awestruck audiences the dosing down of
every factory in the land. And George
Hulas Foster, too, drew on his Imagination ami told ui the soup kitchens thai
would be opened In every city, and of
the rush of Canadian born citizens to
secure means of livelihood in the country to the south ol us."
As one word IjiIiik^ on another, we
nlso aro reminded that tbe countrr was
faithfully  \v;i rued  against  the suicidal
policy proposed for adoption by Sir Wilfrid Laurler when he was seeking tbe
suffrages of the people some ten years
ago.    We remember  that  Sir  Wilfrid
said in his campaign speeches throughout Canada  thai he  would never resl
till he had wiped out of existence the
last vestige of the iniquitous system ����r
protection,    it  was  because   of    this
threat, for it was more a threat than a
promise, thai  the old Cumberland war
horse and Mr. Foster sounded the note
of warning quoted above.   And the old
war horse and Mr. Foster were right
If Sir  Wilfrid   Laurier  had  been   permitted \�� carry out his threat, the very
tilings predicted would have happened,
and in order to feed the staiving populace of Canada nothing shorl  of soup
kitchens would have    been   of avail.
When the Liberal party fame Into power tiny showed    how  insincere   they
were, or if ihu   in.-in'vre, then  incapable, in that they have today all Hie essential features of a policy of protection in force.   They wisely mate few
alterations in  the protective tarlfl  oi
Ibe previous Conservative government,
nml many of those alterations proposed
by them were so vigorously assailed by
tlie manufacturers, farmers and  mer��
chants of Canada ihat the "free trade"
policy  with which the  Libera]  party
deluded ihe electorate was soon discovered to be an impossible dream    To
tell how many times Sir Wilfrid    ho 1
Changed  his  luetics  nnd  adapted    bis
policy to tbe demands of petitioners and
recommendations   of   royal or parliamentary commissions would fill a large
volume,  but  in  respect to a protective
policy he has been unable to interfere.
As H is, the Canadian immigration has
heen a mere fragment of that into the
United  States, which  country bas    a
still higher protective tariff.    Immigration into Canada has never kept  pace
with that of its neighbor to the souih,
nnd the homesieading.s in Canada have
not even kept pace wllh the immigration.    This would suggest  that    with
her "wise immigration policy," (he Dominion of Canada has been, under Liberal regime, paying a bonus on Immigrants Who have come to Canada and
then gone on to the United Stales and
Bottled under apparently more favors*
ide conditions them,
Thai the tide is now turning and
tho Btream of immigration is setting
in for litis country, Is due entirely to
the natural resources ami opportunities
which the country affords, and which
have been made known chiefly by private enterprise and the interest of corporations in the settlement of their
land holdings. The splendid crops of
tne Northwest have made Canada
known as the granary of the empire,
and for these there Is surely no credit
in tbe Liberal government.
We are certainly happy in the
thought of the increasing prosperity of
our country, but (0 be reminded that
a warning given icn years ago did nol
turn out as predicted, simply because
the warning was heeded by tyro statesmen who learned soon after their tic-
cession lo power that their ideals were
Impossible, Is a disingenuous way to
cover up one's tracks.
The eastern papers do not take seriously the note of alarm sounded by
Mr, William White anent the proposed
invasion of the Canadian west by the
Oreal Northern railway magnate, Mr,
J. J. Hill. There is sense, satire nnd
suavity in what they say, hut ihey ail
apparently fail to grasp the nub of the
warning sounded by Mr. White. What
the vice-president of the C. P. R. was
really aiming at was that the integrity
of Canada as a market lor her own
manufactures and commerce might suffer seriously by the competition made
possible if more direct railway communication is to be established with the
great wholesale centers of the American middle west.
We do not here discuss the question
as to whether it is better for Canada
to maintain the integrity of her commerce as a whole, or whether it Is better for the West to have cheaper nee-
essarles of life by means of commercial
competition and a nearer market. That
Hill's railway will be built if Hill says
so, no one is prepared Io doubt; and
there is some force in the remark of
one eastern paper, which says: "If tho
continuance of this Dominion Is dependent upon so slight a matter, it is
a Onminion that cannot he continued,
for there will he roads North and
South, and there will lie trade with
.Minneapolis and St. Paul, and wholesalers will cut prices If they see any
gaift in ft." Again, "ir we have faith
in Canada, we shall refuse to believe
Mi. White when he aays that the existence of the Dominion Is conditional
upon our maintenance of laws and restraints that will dwarf the West to fit
the harness with which she Is yoked
to Eastern Canada."
We think that is the crux of the
whole matter, The star of empire Is
moving West in Cnnada���moving very
rapidly, too���and it win soon lie seen
to he Impossible to (ether the West by
any artificial arrangement which will
tend to fetter the development of tho
vast Canadian Occident. It is amusing
to read in a leading Liberal paper a-
serious suggestion that If the Dominion
is threatened by the possibility of getting cheaper goods from St. Paul, "we
stili have the tariff," with which n remedy could no doubt be effected, O
tempora,   0 mores!
The Dally News of New Westminster, a political blood relation of iis
namesake In this city, has some amusing tilings to say about this paper In
its  editorial  columns  of  last Monday.
Without following that paper through
the windings of its vagaries, there are
some tilings it says to which we call
attention In order 10 show that, like
most opposition papers, the News must
distort tho facts in order to make a
case. It calls this "a new paper which
devotes itself to the laudation of tlte
McBride government and condemnation
of everybody and everything opposed
lu that government." During its short
career this paper has made only a few
references to the McBride government
or lis ministers, and would have made
even U:\vvv were it no! for the cam*
palgn of villainous slander which has
been carried on by opposition papers
of iho class in which the News chooses
in  place Itself,    it  further  criticises
our publication of a news article ou the
Grand Trunk Pacific Railway Company's successful efforts to secure traffic
rights over the Wisconsin Central rail
way, thereby shortening iis mileage to
Ihe Atlantic st aboard, and is apparently
Ignorant of ibe fact that ihe article was
published on the highest possible   mi
thorily iu Canada, Ii takes a fall out
of this paper because we quoted a sen-
[ence from an unnamed "member of
t!ie Liberal party," apparently unaware
thai if we had given the name ot, the
author we should have hurled consternation into the Liberal ranks. We
would only call the attention or the
News lo ibe announcement thai the
Qrand Trunk Pacific may now deposit
"standard" securities with the Ottawa
government in place of the $6,000,000
in cash it agreed to deposit, as an evidence of the manner in which the Liberal government is prepared io deal
wiili iis pel project.
Willi reference to our criticism of
a local paper, we said: "Tlie News
hns followed persistently a policy
of wilful misrepresentation and occasional deliberate political falsehood."
We said ihat, aud we say it again. We
challenge our local contemporary to
make good tlie alleged quotations from
existent public documents which the
Colonist claimed were not in existence,
and we repeal the challenge. Since
tlie Westminster paper again repeats
them, we call on it to Justify Its assertions, as ii appears to be of the class
who rush in where oilers fear to tread.
Tlie besl paragraph, however, in the
entire article by our Westminster coti-
tomiwirary is  tile  following:
"The moral of the whole thing is just
this: Political argument should he
passed over as mere 'jollying' unless it
is based on fact and proof."
As the articles recently appearing in
ihe Times. World, Nelson and Westminster News are not founded on fact, hut
are figments of superheated Imagination, we can only conclude that���anil
we do it on the Infallible authority of
the first paper quoted���they are a Species of political "jollying" for which
the B. C. opposition papers have developed a penchant we never saw in any
country before.
Hams and Bacon
}* Y* Griffin & Co.
A. McDonald & Co,
Denlerafn Staple and fancy (��roooricB.
Butter, Sgg8,
Camp and Miner)' Supplies.
Notice is hcrobyglrcii lhat sixty (60) daw after
.Int.- I intend I.. ,i|i|.iy to ii,,. Honorable thr
ciiicf CpintnlHloner ot Undi and Work* for
ncrmuidon to purcJiiuo the following described
tracl of load: Miiiuti' at Queens' Savon Hie west
Bhoro of Kootonay Uke in tho District of Wat
Kootonay, Province uf nrttixii ���"uIimuMu nnd
ciiiliilnliiK by wlimiiNUreineiit   I04.MO. uerefl bo
tin' aainu moro or leas, which parcel may bo
moro imr'ifiilnrly .Ifjjtrrtbi'ii ns follows, rum-
iiii-uHiig at a point on the westerly boundary "f
L. 7i��wi. 1 West Kootonay District, belns- the
sontb east cornor uf L flswrj. I; thonco westerly
following tho southerly ininndiirvof L, iws-10 j,
BO chaini more er lens to the m.uiIi wist miner of sabl Ut G8K O, I; thonco astronomic
Booth to ahalns more ur loss to the nuriii-
erty boundary  f D. it. Ralloch'a Application to
Pti rch oto it hem utterly follow hiK tho nortii-
oris boundary of said D. U. Balloch's application
to Purchase 29.872 nbafni more or loss [0 tin-
shore of Queons' Bay; thenco following the ilnu<
oKfty of tho said shun-111 a miriii easterly direction 711 chnlni inert' or less tu tin- smith west corner of eni 1 Lot 70800, i; iiivn ���>��� northerly Following the westerly boutniary of said Lot TWO 0.1,
1.008 chains moro or less to point of oommonce-
Dated June 1.0,1900.
B, M, Bbyixjes.
Notice is hereby given th��i 00days irom date I
in tend toapply to tie Honoial l ��� the Chief Commissioner o( Lands and Works, for nerml sion to
pnrchase 'he followiiiK deicrlbed lands,situate
at the month of If ntohiwn creek on the Arrow
Lukes In the Went Kontemiy Dlstrld About Ho
acres of land; eninnwiii'itii; m h pel marked
w. h. p. h. w. post, thence north 10 nbalns, thence east w chiiius. tin-nee -oath 40 chains, thenoe
west 80 chains to point of commencement.
Dated this 4th day of Jane 1006.
William Hahrv Prnuts.
William J. ToYK, <aHNT
Notice in horeby given that 00 days from date 1
Intend to apply to the Hon-nnM the Chlel Comi
mlssloner-ol Landiand Works, tor permission to
purchase t^l ii'TeH uf laud at  Van  Moulin creek
in th-Arrow haken in the Wesl Kootenay District. BlarMiijr from a pnst murk d A       L N   W,
post, thenco to ohalna east, thence 10 chains
sou h, tbence 40 chains wet, thence 1(1 olialUS
north to point nf ootnmenoemont
Dated this 4th day of June IBM.
Arthur John Loko.
William J Toys, Agent.
Notice ���> hereby ^ivoi thai 00days aftoj date
we intend 10 >itut]v to the Honorable the Chlel
Commissioner of f.i.mts and Work* at Victoria.
B. O. far permission to purchase the follow! u a
dMorlboo lands, slt**au> in West Kootenay district, comiiu mine al a post plained at Thomas
JeromeV N E. post, and marked Peter Dosell
and A Ohoqdette n. w. Corner; tlienco 20 chaini
cast   thonce 80 chains southi theuce W chains
west, theuce !fl>ch i(ll�� north to the lomiiii UOlng
post, containing 40 aeres more or li --.
Datod May 36,
Pbtbb Dbsbi l
W. A. Jombs, Agt-nt
Notice is hereby Riven that oo'days after dato J
Intend toapply to the Honorable the Chief Commissioner uf Lands and Works fnr pcrmis-ioii to
purchase the following described lands, situated
in the district uf West Kootenay, adjoining lot
700on the West arm of Kootenay Luke, Commencing at an initial post placed al the southwest Oorner of l^ot 7fl0< thence north -"" ohalus,
thence west 10 chains, thenco south B0 chains,
thenco cast 10 chains to point ui commencement.
Dated May 28,1U06.
 Ja*. Fbazhh
Noi ice is hereby given thatelxtydars after dato
I Intend loapplv   to  tho  Honorable   th.'   f'jHel
Commissioner ol Lands and Works. Victoria, for
permission to purchase tlie following described
lands in West Kootenay. Commencing al a posl
marked Edgar w. Lynes south west 1 ojuor near
to liiirni'l Crook and ftboUl 9 miles smith uf Mosquito ("celt and nbuiit I miles West uf Columbia
Klver; thenoe north BO chains, thenco east 40
ehalns, thence south B0 chains, tbence wesl m
chains tu place uf commencement, containing
930 acres, being tho same mure ur less.
Dated June 4,1008.
Kdoajr W. Dyhks.
V. .e, im Agent.
Notice is ben by given that go days afier date 1
Intend   to  apply   IO the  Honorable the   Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works fur permission to purchase the following desi rlbed lauds,
pitnatcil lu bQocan District, commencing at
north east corner posl of 1-nt 88 0, (hence running south 80 chiius, thence eait 80chains, thenoe
north 40 ehalns. there west :��i rliallis to I'. J'. H.
right-of-way, following same south west to a
point intercepting nouh line of i.ut wo, ihence
eait to point of commencements containing vm
aeres more or leas.
May 80th 1900.
 r. L CUwaNKB
Notice is hereby given hm Gtl duya afler date '
inlcnd to make application to the Honorable the
Chief tumuilssloner of Landsand Works for permission to purchase the following described
lamls: Commencing at a posl plai ed on the cast
shore of Lower Armw Lake, adjoining J. Bates'
pre-emption on tbo couthw.-m marked "T k.'h
K.W crrnerpost." 'ihen e ruunlug mi chains
east;  theUCO 80  chains couth; thence Si) chains
more or less, west tu the lake shore; thence following lakj shore to point ol commencement,
oont*inlng04Oaeros, mora or less
Thos Kinahan.
Hated Ihis 7th dav of .Juno, 1000
Notice Ib hereby given tbat 60 dayi aft r date I
lutein! to make frppllcstloo lo the Honorable the
Chief Commissioner of Landsand Works for permission to purchase the following doserlbed
lands: Commencing ai a post placed on the
noitbea��t corner of i Klnahan's Application to
Purchase, msrkeo "H. r i comer post," running
so chains east; ihence mi chains south> thenoe B0
chains west; thence f- (lowing T Klnahan's eastern boundary to point ol commencement, containing i>lt) acres, inure or less.
Hanvaii Tiki:m:v.
ihiied this 7th day of June, ISOfl.
Notice i�� hereby given that 60 days after date i
Intend to makt appi'catiot, to the Honorable the
Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for permission to purchase the following described
lands:  Commencing at a post placed at the in-
iclection of the east boundary of J Hates' preemption and the north boundary of T Klnahan's
Application to Purchase, marked "T.K.Jr'aB W.
OOlOer pOSt "   Thr nee following J, Hates' easier tl
boundary,40 chaini north; Ihence&ochalnseast;
theme 40 chains to the nu-theru boiindarv of
HrihuIi Tierney's Application to Purchase;
ihence following the northerly boundary ol same
and northerly boundary of T. Kinahuu's Application in Purchase) to point of commencement,
containing 83o acres, more or less.
T. Kinahan, Jb.
Dated Hits 7th day of June, I'Wrt.
Notice is ht-rby given that I Intend, eo davs
after date to apply to the Chief Comiuls>loiier of
Lands and Wo-ks for permission to purchase lhe
fo lowing doserlbed lauds situate at Kin- \ alley,
Kootenay district ('omiuen''ingnt a post (marked George Young North west corner) placed p t
the north west corner ut section 38 township 60:
ihence cast mi chains to the north east corner oi
said Rectioii 88; thenee smeh -in chains, thence
west so chains, theuce north lu chains to the
place of beginning, containing B80 acres and
being Hie northerly half uf said section gg. township 01*.
Pated at Nelson, B. 0, June olh 1000
Notice is hciely given that I intend, M davs
afterdate, to apply to tho Chief Commlsslonei of
Lands and Works for permission tu purchase
the following described lands, situate at Fire
Valley, Kootenay District Commencing at a
ppsl (no-iked George Young north easl corner)
placed at Ihe north eust corner of BCOtlon 83
township 00. thence south Mi chains lo Ihe south
east corner of said   section  83;  theme w. st   10
chains, thenee tinrih 80chains, and thenee eait
40 chains to the p'nee of beginrj ng, containing
830acres, and being Iheeeslerly half o/snid section 83, township W,
Datod at Nelson, B. C. June 6th 1W��.
 ,  QBOBOR Vocso.
Nolle, Is hereby Kiveii that   1   Intend  60  days
after date to appfy to th- chief rommiMdMier ot
Lands and   ��urks lor peMntshinn   lo purchriso
the fuliowim: Cescrfbed laudH,siiuuie ai Piro
\ alley.  Kootenay   "islriet.     t'onmenclUg  at  a
])iint (inarkci L Unllagber  south west oomorl
[.laced at the south West corner of lection W,
township00 thence north Hi chains t'i the north
wesl corner of mm.I scctiuii 88J thenco easi to
chains  thence   south Ml chains   tu   ihe   iouth
boundary of said section 88, and thence west 40
chains to the place of beginning con tain lug Bao
acres, and  being lhe westerly  half uf said  leo-
tion 88, township!!!*.
Dated at Nelson, B 0, June 6th IWfl.
  '" "aM.aioikh.
Notloo is horeby given that 1 intend, 00 days
after date i.. apply to the Obiof Commissioner of
Lands and Works for permission lu purchase the
following described lauds and  premises, situate
at Hrc Valley. Kootenay District   Commenclmr
at a post (inalked P. H. U'Counor north ea��I eur
ner) placed nt lhe north east cornor nf Section
31, township08; thonce sunih nt chains, thonco
went -10 chains, thence  north  '10 chains  to  the
northerly buiindiry of said section 21; ami (ben
co eftct in chains 10 the piece pf beginning, con-
talntUg Ho acres, and being tho north  ca-l  one-
i| natter uf said sectjun 21, I own ship till.
Nelcon, B. 0. June 6th 1000.
P. H. O'Conn.
Oeohok Yoi'mi, Agent.
d I.
Notice is hereby given that80 flays  from  dale
i intend to apply to the Honorable ihe Chief
Commissioner of Landsand Works for permission to purchase the following described  bunli
In the West Kootenay District, east side uf Columbia River, about t miles north of Burton t'ity
Loiumonetng at a posl marked Lcosl winter's'
H w. corner, nt thoft.w*, oorner of R. ii.Kmiih's
preemptbei claim, theuce uorih 40 chains more
or less to the south bounders of mii.h du mil's
preemption claim, then CO Cast it) chains,   he   .;
south 40 chaini more ur less 10 the North boundary ol Kit   Hmilh's prremptlnli claim, thenee
west 80 chains to point of cnatoencement; con-
tain Ing bo acres more or less.
Dated ihis 2nd day of June, !!W,
LVO M. WiNiKii,
Ralph ulyr, Agout,
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Notice is hereby Riven t'i��t i Intend, 00 days
after date, tn apply to tho Chief i missloncr ol
I amis ami Works (ur permission lo i itrohasa tho
rollowlog described lauds.situate al Kir.' Valley,
Kootonay District, Commencing nl a postmarked r. II. 0' Connor south --a-t corner) placed at
Hie north oesl i orner ol seciion IM, township Ml
tbence wesl m chains, thenre north ��> chains,
Ihence oast�� chains, and thenoe south 801 bains
tu the place ui beginning, containing MO acres*
Dated at ?���< Ison, B. C. June Bth [906.
P. H. O'Cohkob,
Ob s Vocno, Agent.
Kotloo ii hen by given mat 00 days from date i
Intend toapply to lhe Honorable the Chief Commissioner of Landsand Works for permlulon to
purchase the following described Un.K in ilic
VVest Kootenay Dlstriel Hand Island, in the
Columbia Kfvoraboul i relies north oi Hurbm
City; all uf said Island above lilcli water. ImIiik
lo acres mure ur lass.
Dated this lit Day of June, 190ft.
J'kank KOttTOM
T  i'   MaKIJOJON, Anent
Sixty days afterdate J intend t" apply lotbe
Commissioner of Lands and Works, victoria, lo
purchase it'-" Her,.- of land. < ommenelog at a
posl planted on the wesl shore <>t Arrow Lake, at
the south easl corner of J. J Christie's pur. base,
running north 80 ehalns. thenee easl ID ohalus,
thenee SOUtfa BOchalUS, llieiiee Went Hut liHllif t0
place oi commencement.
Located May, Bth 1W6.
A. Cakhik.
 L. Oaixaohkh, iKM-atur.
Notice !.���< hereby given thai 00 Mays from date 1
Intend to apply to lhe Honorable <he Commissioner ft Lauds Hint Works fur permission to
purchase the followiiiK described lands, situate
in lhe Wesl Kootonay District. Hint-ting from n
posl marked '* llllam Srnest Davison's o. K. posl
about two miles east of Deer pink on the Arrow
Lakes thence 40 chaini sonth. thence -to ehaiim
west, thence e> chain* north, thence east tn point
of commencement, containing about no acres.
Dated tlih Bth day of June, 1900.
 WlU.UM Ehsmt lUvinoy.
Nutiee In hereby given thai 60 'lavs after date I
Intend toapply to the Honorable too Chief Commissioner uf Lands and Works for permission lo
purchase the following described lamln in the
Wesl Kootenay district; commencing at a post
marked "Nathaniel Hclnlyre'i B ?.. i-<,Tiur:'
planted on tin- west side of the Columbia River,
about 7 miles north ,,f Burton City, and no chatm
north uf the south west corner of Lot BW, thence
north so chains, ihence wesl wi ahalns, thence
south so chain*, thence cast hii chaini to polnl of
commencement, containing 040 acres.
Date.] tliiM istfa day uf .lune, l'joe.
Sathamki. McjMritK.
 T. C. Maklnwn, Anent.
Notice i- hereby given that 00 days after dale I
Miiejn] ppiv to the Honorable the Chief Com-
mhnlouorof Landsand Works (orpermission to
purchase the following described Landa: Commencing ai a posl placed on the north ihoroof
the wesl arm ot Kootenay Lake, at the northeast
corner of John .-trunks' pre-emption, thenee
west   III elmins,  more or  less,  to the southeast
curner nf tot No. 1466. thence north 40 ehalns,
tbence eaat IO chains more or less, thenee north
in chains to the point of commencement.
Dated June Uthi I'Joe.
fl   H. Ari'I.KTON.
Thirty days lifter dato I intern] tunppiv to the
Commissioner of Landi and Works, \ i, torla, for
a special license to cm an<l earry away timber
rrom the following described lands. Commencing ui a post marked j K a., 8. w. corner, nlani
C-l ol, tlie West bunk ofC���y ,. r.eek   wb.le the
ereck Intersect! the easl boundary of lotsur ami
rudnlng north lOOohalns. thoneooasl in ehalns
Mil nee south 100 Chains, thenee WOll  tu point of
June Bth 1006,
J K Annaiiik.
Bixty daysafi irdate I Intend to ippiv to the
commfsslonorof Undi and Works, Victoria to
purchase Wo aeres uf Land situate and described
u roiiows   Commencing m a i>��n planted on
he oait shore of Arrow I uke OppOSltB KdgOWOOd
Undlng at the south weal cornor or James
o Klicy's pre-emption ami imirki-i n. N u
cornor; thonco east K chains, Ihence tonlh 10
chains, thai wi *t M chains t.f tne ink,, shore,
thonco north along tho lake shore to place oi
JuneSOth iff*;.
H. ('.*:.i,kh, I atnr,
Not lee is hereby given that no days after dato I
ta��ojdnto apply to the Honorablothe Chief C !
misslonerof Landsand Works for ihthimimi, to
purchatc tlie rollnwlug deserihod lands   Com"
"'"i1"!!": al n poll nmrkeil W. K   Me. H. K. eurner
planted al lhe N w. comer nf w a. Cahlor'i
pra^mntlon in Fire Votlpy, running 80 ehalns
nortii ���   iH.'hafn.we.t.HU'hnlns.uulh.lUehain,
mist lu place of commencement,
W, It. Mci'Asm.jHH, locator
, ��� W. A.CAtniR, At'tiit
Juno Both, ukw. i"K��ui-
N'ollee Ih hereby given thai 00 days nfier .late I
"""' BPPly to Tho Honorable the ciHefCom-
miss oner uf Lands ami Works for ponniaslonTo
mirchaso the fo lowing de��rlbed"amfflntiS
Wos Koolenay district; Commoncinsr uim
mark,.I M. MeC. N. R (,,rI1,r, pliu , %fffA /
north of theS. W  cmer nf W  A. .'���|,| ,r!'" '''."
.���nipt ion m nre Valley, rnnnlngWchaina/onth
i' chain, west, (Oehnfns north, Wohalns J i
place of commencemeni l'
MaiiI.k MrtlAS-ni.tHii.LueHior
JuneBiith.l.ii,-, W   A-<'*"-���=��. agent.
Xothe Is hereby given rhttr tin ,l���vb ,.��,. h , .   ,
nt iii�� crown t-rai i i��� ,,i  ;, iI.  ."'i!1''"'"ltr
nln�� m nhnlnS ,,,��i, ,,  ' ,, ,   , . , '' ,''v! n,'"'
A.IUUHB, Aijont,      *""
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office:   Toronto.
CAPITAL PAID CTP....$8,000,000 I1KST   ��i|
I). H. WILK1H. Preddent.        HOH, ROBERT .(AKKRAV, Vlce-Prairtai
Branches in British Columbia:
ABKOWHBAD,    (lol.ni-.'X.    nklson,    rkvklstokb,    iboui l*
DpixwilN riM-.iv.d nnil uitcnwt iiIIowikI at curwnl ral��H fnmi (Into of own
nonnt nnil pntlllml hulf vrivrly.
INBUSON BRANCH J.   M.   LAY,  Mnnnuer.
P. Burns & Co.
lirnnc-li Markote in   Ronsknd,   Trnil,   S,-\mn,  Ktuiln,   Snnilnn, Thtw Fulb, K��
Donvor nnd Sloonti Oily.
(Ir.lcrs by mall m any br.nob ivlll li.vi.
our prompt sod c.rolul attention.
Head Office: Nelson, B.C
Starkey & Co., P%hrF
I     **"   ^V4t        Limited. Winnipeg.
Whoicwniu ProvI��lon��,
I'l'oUuce, ���
Dominion GoTOninont Orearnorr One Pnunrl Brioka reoaivod woeldy 6w��
mm, iho ohora,   For aola by nil leading ��,TiKa>r��.
Offlooand wnrehotuei Bmuton Blook,  Phone 79.
Josephine Street. .       .       Nelson, B. C.
The Hall Mining and Smelts |
Company. Limited.
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry Ores,
Coal Tar, Waterproof Paints
Pitch, Creosote, Oils for Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch and Paints.
Boat Bnildew will And II to their advantage to n*e out Pitt*.
Nelson Coke and Gas Co., Lti ���## ���������������������������:�����������������������������������>������
Canada Drug and
Book Co'y, Limited
W? &��2* a /e%? 5/o3# GWs a/wf Odd
Lines of stock that we wish to move
out this Vpeek. Cost does not come
into the prices Ttoe are selling them at.
SLAT HAMMOCKS, just the thing fnr a
shady ii""k, rain won't hurt them. OriginalI pi ice 52.25, clearing at       ..each     50c
LUNCH BASKETSj the regular 45c, 35c
and 25c kinds, clearing at each    20c
Js BABY   HAMMOCKS,   regular price $1.50,
clearing at each     75c
regular $7.50, clearing at each$4.75
LACROSSE STICKS, regular $2.00, clearing at  each $f ,00
���jt One Pound Packets (4^ quires) Cream Laid
Siti Octavo Notepaper, worth 15c per quire.
Clearing at a packet    20c
Square or Oblong Envelopes to match, a packet       5c
1 Twelve Inch Hand Hag $3.00, lor       $J.5o
1 Fourteen Inch Hand Bag #3.50, for   >.75
a Sixteen Inch Hand Bags $3.75, for      2.00
j Eighteen Inch Hand Bags $4.25, for  2.Jo
2 Suit Cases $3.50 each, for  i.lo
j Suit Cases $4.25 each, for  2.oo
; Suit Case 55.00, for *  2.25
Canada Drug and
Book Cofy. Limited
Fhe Nelson Brewing Co'y, Ltd.
BUOOHOM Til K   I BUriaiS li CO.
i',   m rs .Qd Bottlsn <>r
|Finc Lager Beer and Porter
Miinultietureri of
Every Known Variety Soft Drinks
And the Celebrated "Red Ribbon Beer."
J'f'l'l.t :r>i,i >NH [So   2.\
|>'. n. ii<>\ ao4.
WM. GOSNELL, Manage.-
ominion Day
Base Ball ! Lcrosse
Oolvllio va. Nelson Senior I RoMlond vs. Nelson, July ant'
Caledonian Sports     i Rock Drilling
Gun Club Tournament
Log and oopptoj Contests
! Foot Ball
I; Coleman vs. Nolsou
Base Ball
11 Tmll vs. Nolson Juulon
Launch Races
Htisic by Nelson Gty Band
Special Rates on All Railways
elson, B. C.
The Daily Canadian
Deputy Minister of Labor Advises More
The Labor Gazette for June hns some
Interesting Information respecting the
enormous Immigration of Italian laborers into Canada during the pasj two
years, and makes revelations of the
methods    employed,    practically under
''"' very eyei ol the governmenl at Ottawa.    Ii says:
"During the month of May the sub-
Jec. oi false representations to Induce
workingmen to come to Canada waa
under discussion In the house of commons.
"In the course of the deltaic the Hon,
a. ii. AyfcHwonh, minister of labor, Informed tbe house that the report of lhe
deputy minister of labor on the results
of his UnrestigaUon Into the alleged
fraudulent practices In England which
had Induced a large ntimbei of printers
to conic to Canada during the past winter had been forwarded to the authorities in London, with the request,
through colonial ofllce, to the British
parliament, that similar legislation to
that enacted by the Canadian parliament in  1906 should be there enacted.
"The report of the deputy minister
of labor sets forth at the outset the
procedure of the Investigation, it mentions ihat, from 0,000 to 8,000 Italians
had come to the cily of Montreal during
the first five months of 1904, and that
about a thousand of this number were
out of work in Montreal at the time ol
the inquiry. It Is staled that over 75
per cent, of those who had come were
married and had families residing in
"The causes which induced the large
Immigration of this particular class of
labor are divided in the report broadly
into two groups, one having to do with
the condiiion of the labor market ai
the time and during the previous year,
and the other with the specific means
adopted by individuals and organize-
lions to stimulate and further an
abundant  immigration,
"Dealing with the real cause oi the
large influx of Italians, the dot mi;,
minister says:
"The primary cause of the large Influx of Italians to Montreal during the
present year is, I believe, to bo found
in the work of certain Italian agencies
in that city, and In ihe methods pursued by thi se agencies, in co-operation
with railway and steamship companies
or their agents, to induce Immigrants
to come to Canada. The most important of these agencies are tlie ones conducted by Antonio Cordaaco at 876
St. James street. Montreal, and thai
conducted by Alberto Dlnl at 2O2O0SL
Catherine street, In the same city.
" 'The general plan adopted by these
agencies is to cause it to be known in
Italy in a number of ways that there is
a large demand for Italian labor iu this
country; that the persons In charge of
these agencies are in a position to secure immediate employment for those
who come in this country and apply to
them. Employment agencies iu Italy
and transportation companies are supplied with the business cards of these
Montreal employment agencies, and tho
Intending emigrants are supplied with
these cards and are told to present
them on arrival in Montreal.
"The agents of the transportation
companies and the empioym* nt agencies receive a commission on the tickets sold by them, and in some cases
also receive from the individual to
whom they have sold transportation a
fee for directing them to an employment agency in this country. The
amount of fraud which appears to be
practiced by these employment agencies In securing men in the first Instance, and in securing from them their
money afterwards, is almost Incredible.
" 'Antonio Cordasco has more to do
with the hiring of Italian laborers than
any other man in the city of Montreal.
On his business cards and iu the press
he advertises himself as passenger
agent for railway and steamship com'
panics and exchanger of money for all
Europe, a provider of work of all kinds,
and especially work upon railways, in
particular, the Canadian Pacific railway, of which company lie advertises
himself as the only Italian agent
" 'In his advertisements Cordasco
]H)lnts out the importance of all Italians
who desire work registering with him;
some of these notices would lead tho
reader to believe tlint he controlled the
demand for Italian labor, and that unless work were secured through him
it would go hard with the Italian who
was seeking employment in this coun
try.   For example, the following:
"Important Notice.
"To the Army of Pick and Shovel;
"Italian laborers, bosses and Under-
bosses do not show two laces, but only
one have the courage of a soldier. Apply to the ek ;unt and Solid Italian
Bank of Antonio Cordanoo if you do
not want lo weep your fortune lu
Spring, when the shipment of men will
������Uo not believe that with jour dollar
or dollars you will be able to gel work
like your comrades who have been
faithful No, never! We shall Inspect
our books as to the money orders and
the passage tickets, and those who will
not have their names entered in them
will put their hands in their hair and
will call Mr. Cordasco; 'Lordship, Don
AntOttlo. lot me go and work!' ( No,
never- will be answered to them; go lo
those through whom you sent your
money away, and so on,
"An advised man is hull' saved
"By order."
'"Still another device used by Cordasco to bring men lo Ihis country from
Italy is to send to Italy prepaid tickets,
entitling the emigrants to passage from
an Italian port to Montreal. The emi-
grnnl pledges himself by bond to repay
(his amount, aud other amounts which
may become due In the course ol securing him employment, nfier earning
siifliclent money In this country.
"The report concludes with a rerotit
tnendatlon for the appointment of a
royal commission to enautrs into ihe
workings of   these   agencies,  and   ihu
enactment of legislation to effectively
Btop such fraudulent practices as they
might be shown to be in the habit of
carrying on."
The world's successful men owe their
positions to aeldent ns well as nature.
One plant chances to be rooied in lusty
soil, in ihe soft sunlight, whlb- another
from the same seed, struggles for existence on a sand-heap.
l'\ir Kverylhing Good
to Smoke.
Imported and Domestic Cigars. Tobaccos.
Do You Know Thumuii's Special Mixture?
The Latest Modern Appliances
now in use at this
And I >ki .i\ i;ui:i > i-i.i;i :
Baker Street.     -     NELSON.
To the Members
of the
20,000 Ci��b.
Patronize the r.000 who are
here now, and we will
be a long way toward our goal.
Thorpe's Lithia
is equal to nny aperient
anii*rtteniUfttio waters bottled in
tbe United
11 yon n��e enough of it we
can t-uppoit another
family iu Nelsou.
& Co., LJmfted.
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Frart, Fuel
& Poultry Co., Ltd.
Deliveries made daily throughout Nelson
and its suburbs. Phone 148.
Gait Coal
Terms iSpot Cash
ToU'pliont1 #b
Baker Hlrwt
CKAIKD TKNDKRB.inntkea.J'Teiuler for Tim-
���J Imt Limit, Kootenay i iBlrin," win be rc-
, rivi-ii by tin' uDdorilgowl, up u, qood of Saturday, the30tli <Liv oi Juno, UK*, lr.au any ponon
desiring to obtaio a special limber Uoeniotocut
nn'l carry away umber from Lot 7,331, Group l.
Kootenay Dlitrlet, "Uuaicii near MrNeulle'f HM-
Iiik. mi thr line ol tlie Crow'i Nem Pass Riilhvuv
mui containing IM aorca more or 1cm.
Tho person offering the highest rush uoiiun
wilt bo entitled to a special license cohering the
said int. renewable lor twenty-one sueeuive
Ktu'ii tender must be neoompanled by a oortl*
Bed cheque, made payable al par in victoria to
tbe undersigned, for tlie amount 9116.00, of ilie
first year's lees tor sucb i-pL'ciul license,and the
amount of 'lit' bonus ti-tulercd, nnil alio �� ecrtl-
ilc.l cheque for 1202.70 for coat of locating, adver-
lis-MiK and surveying uf paid lot.
Deputy Commissioner of Lands and Works,
Landsand Works Departmanti
Victoria. B.C.,7tb Juno, Htoti,
Thiuy days alter date i Intend making application to the Honorable tin* Ohio! Oommiuioner
of Landa ami work*, lor il Ipeota] UoonaQ to cut
and carry it wny limber from  the followiiiK doi-
erf bod lands.  Commencing al * poat placed on
the southern boundary 01 Timber Lteeiisu No.
6875, and "bom It) chains n-rth of ih�� N. W. corner of I Of fi'Jrt <.. i. Wost Komuiay, running thenoe
wo l W plrtttns, 1 hence south Ho chains, thence
east Wciia ns, thence north HUctutlna to point ol
Dated 19th April 1000.
Damn, Tuomby.
Silver King Hotel
Best Dollar a day house in the
k.iiiiir are will f ii r nlnfii <    "1 ii I.], hs u I as .uf
ni.Nel.un.      Hsr sur>[)l!c<l with K I
Il'iiinrssnil ilvsrs.
W. K. McOANDMSH, Proprietor.
Fremont House
Kuropcau aud American 1'Uti
Meals V 0H<   Rooms from ��> eta. to si
Only White Help Employed.
Baker st . Nelaon Proprietors
Bartlett   House
Best Dollar-a-Day House in Nelson.
The Bar li tbe Finest.
White Help Only Employed.
Josephine at.
The Big Schooner D^..  f (\r
Or "Half-and-Half"   DcCl    I UCe
Tho only Glass of Good Boer in Nolson.
Hutf-1 Aooonunodationa second to
none in British Columbia.
Speeinl Rates to Monthly Boarders.
The only Homo Hotel in Nelson.
Lake Vim
Hall and Vernon Sts.
Two blocks from
Rntcw *1.(K) per Dny
nnd up.
No Chinese Help employed.
P. 0. Box 151. tipr t?/-)AT   p   (
Telephone 118. JV��i*>t/JV,   D. \j.
Grand Central Hotel
J. A. ERICESON, Proprietor.
Centrally Ixieateil. Open I)r>- and Nlglu.
Sample and Bath Rooms Free.
Opposite Court House and Post Office.
Corner Ward and Vernon Streets.
Th* Strathcona
Nelson, B.C.
B. Tomkins, Manager.
The Leading Hotel in the
Qood    Sample    Rooms.
Hitlor Street, Nelson. B. 0.
Lighted by Electricity and
Heated hy Hot Air
Large and Comfonalili: Bedrooms and First*
class niulitK Room. Sample Rooms lor Commer-
?1.1 Men.
MRS. K. C. CI.ARKK. ProprlotrMS
Tho well known
Onr Beer Garden is
the Finest iu the
West Transfer Co.
GEORGE F, MOriON, Manager.
Goneral Toaautera and Dealers iu
Oonl find Woo .   Express nnd
ijnKKiiKo Transfer
Telephony., office: Baker St.
Choice Fruit
58 Acres and
50 Acres.
Both Pieces of Land Near Nelson
(Hearing light nnd soil excellent-.
Very easy terms on payment r:in bo arranged.
Phono 24T.   Offlce next Oanndinn Bank of Commerce.   P. O. Box 686.
We have Improved and Unimproved Ranches for
Sale on the Kootenay and Slocan Lakes, Slocan
Valley and Nelson District.
Before purchasing call   ft      t%      1Y7f     T^��T^ ��X
and examine our list,   ill   0&   1Y1*   D*\t\M*J
iNsuwANCft   Real Estate and Mining
Manager for tbe Kootenay Valleys Company. Ltd.
Oldest established Real Estate
Business in Kootenay.
Nelson, B. C.
I have for Sale the Choicest
Frait Lands in this district.
Most of it situnte on the West Arm and Main Lake.   See me before yon decide to locate.
S. M. BRYDGES, "^S&x^
We Will .SeM....
20 Marconi-Canadian for $60.oo.
McDermid & McHardy
Choice Fruit
I Have 10,000 Acres
of the
Choicest Frait Lands in
British Columbia.
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
Nelson, B. C.
Wholesiik' mid Ketuil Donlerx In
Fresh and Salted Meats
('iimps supplied on shortOBt notice und
lowest price. Nothing but fresh and
wholepome meats and supples kept in btoofc
Mai', orders receive careful attention.
E. C. TRAVES,  Manager.
Thompson & Douglas
Mian  Wrltlnu " Specialty.
Willi Piipcr nml Hurlnp.
First Class Menting Plants and Modom
Sanitary Appliances.
90 Day Round Trip
JlaijI ....
Winnipeg, Pt. Arthur,
Duluth, St. Paul.
Phone 181. Opera House Blk. Box 401
Through Excursion Ratea
Toronto, Montreal,
Maritime Provinces,
New York, New England
00 application.
Dates of sale : June 4, 0, 7, 23, 2(i ;
July 1, 3;   Aug. 7, 8, 9;    Sept. 8, 10.
Tickets subject to usual variations of
route and Include meals and berth on
C. P. K. steamers on Great Lakes.
Full particulars from
O. P. Agent, Nelaon, B. 0.
�� 1
���I f-;
i ���
m The Daily Canadian
Our Souvenir Spoons are the
Best You Can Find.
We hnve abonl 80 different kinds
in Stirling aud Enamel, ranging
it) price from OOflfcfl to %~ 60 nich, and most ot them arc new designs
In lJins, Bracelets, Knives, Trays, Paper Gutters, eto., we have
nil the latest Canadian and Nelson Souvenirs.      If you are
looking for a Souvenir we cannot fail to suit you.
Mail orders receive prompt and careful attention.
4  '
Three Big Leaders |
For Hot
Monseratt Lime juice:
Cooling ami Bofroshiug,
i Welch's Grape Juice f
'i'o one quart sweotom d lemon-
adc add" one tumbler Grnpof
Juice, and yon have a delioinnsf
beverage. ��
Morton's Raspberry   :
Vinegar |
The only genuine. We have*
others but these arc the season's T
favourites. *y
Bell Tt&dtngi
Company       |
cA Tip" for a
Canadian Morning.*
Kootenay Coffee
| Joy's Cash Grocery J
14 Pound Boxes 28c per pound
2& Pound Boxes 27c per pound
JOY'S Cash Grocery
Cor. Jowphtnc Hint Mill m*.     Phono 19
Ice Cream Sodas.
The Finest In the Land.
Montgomery's,      W
'The Store of Sweets.'
Fuits, Confectionery and
Ice Cream.
Phono 86
Baker si.
MSLSOtf, 11  (1.
^y$i|s n i
.     HMJU     '>,"     'il t (;i "' '"US ���",
Cot*. Vermin iin.l Wuilf HtruutM,
NliLSOiN,   ti. U.
J. FBED HUME, Proprietor.
vv. Halg-SmolIIe and wife, Procter;
(i Irving nnd wife, Chicago; K Stewart,
Winnipeg; c, A McKlnnon, Toronto; I*1
l. Clark, Spokane; w Murphy, Toronto;
n .1 Frank, Qrand Porks; P Oleazer,
Vmir:   A   Wood,  Montreal.
\V El Iliix, O O Bgestad, Koch Siding;
.1 A Wright, Montreal; Miss llirf, Liverpool: c u .leffs. Bondhead; K 0 Mailing W Young, Cranbrook; li M Mo-
Kerr-Vaston, .1 ll Hemphill, Spokane;
.1 c Billings and wife, Nakusp; R II
Graham and wife, Colville; w G Shepherd, Montreal; K F Horsby, Vancouver; A 10 Waifs, Wattsburg; G K Petty, North  Yakima.
.Mrs. Gtlberl and daughter, Kaslo; T
Canavon and wife, Koch Siding; A W
Wlnlaw, Wlnlaw; W McDoUgall, Itossland; .Mrs. a Mm lor, Calgary; R Lux-
ton and wife, Orenfell; Mrs. O 11 N
Wllkle, Trout Lake.
Q Watson, N Card, Koch Siding;  .1
Velzlng, .1 Morgan. Cranbrook; .1 Cowan. Hunter V. Mine.
A Beattie, C   Harrington,   W Farr,
Hunter V. Mine; T Gunnln, W Serson,
Molly Gibson Mine.
G C Williams and son, Fernie;  F R
Cummins,  Spokane;    T Melrose, San-
den:  .1  Kahal, och Siding.
E II Hunt. II F Annable, II 15 Hughes,
Meose .law: M Inna. I! T Rnlnlmtv.
.Movie: (I II Weed. Lclhhrhlgo; T Vick-
ery, Calgary; !! .1 Foley, Argenta; .1
Bring, Hedley.
T  Morrow. Montreal:   II   Hlggins, P
Marlow, Calgary; A Wilson, Vancouver.
.1 Stapleton, W StaJnsby, Nakusp; H
Gibson,   I) ��� Park;   E  Waney, Kaslo;
i Spencer, Bonnington.
A C Jaok, Denver; T j. Bloomer Cas-
.We havo Jusl received a Bhlpmenf of
SbirrW'a Jelly Powder In Iho following
I �����m<>n
Wild Cherry
Pine Apple
I 'i>ttochlo
Telephone 161,
Monday and Tuesday,
July 2nd and 3rd.
Return engagement of
Maharas' Mammoth Minstrel
2fi Colored Stars 2S
Presenting the cleverest features of
Minslrolsy, Oporanud Vaudeville.
Mahara's Challenge Hand nnd Orchestra.
Wateli for Big SI reef. Parade.
Usual prices.   Seals on Sale fit Bother-
lord's Saturday.
Mrs. (J. C. Hodge and children havo
returned irom a month's visit to friends
in tbe coast cities.
Stiver advanced two points today on
both metal markets. Other metal quo
LatimiK an1 unchanged.
On account of tbe rain ihis afternoon
ihe baseball match between the Odd
Pel lows ami Foresters was called off.
i>. M. Macdonald is borne from Ottawa where he lias been attending 'he
convention of Ine Canadian Order oi
Th�� only motion in county court
chambers this morning was an ex parte
application for service out <ii the ju
rlsdlctlon hy ll. C. Mall, which was
Nelson hi*;)) school will close tor tho
year at I p. tn. tomorrow. The depart*
nicniai examinations will begin ai !>
:i in Wednesday, July Ith, and mniiu-
iii' till .Inly  llih.
Mr. Alfred Lowe ha;; severed his connection as foreman Tor lhe Koolenay
Cigar Company, in whose employ he
has heen for Ihe past eight years. He
was ihe founder or the cigar business
in Nolson. Mr. tx��wo Intends to locate
In Vancouver.
Tbe Hume school closing exercises
will be lie!11 tomorrow aflernoon wiih
the usual features. Invitations have
been extended to ihe trustees and par
onls to he present A few lessons will
he taught ami an Impromptu program
will he given hy lhe pupils.
John Miles' Indignation nt being refused a license for his proposed hotel
at Miles' Ferry, and especially al lhe
Circumstance thai it was opposed by
the cily solicitor, caused him io accosl
Mayor Gillett frequency yesterday, nnd
final ly lo use abusive language, for
which lie atoned ihis morning by paying $20 and costs.
Garnet Flynn. of ihe local 0. 1'. It
freight office slaff, has received news
of the death of his brother Frank, who
was Killed ai Vermillion, Alberta.
Frank Flynn was a fireman nn a ('. P.
It. freight train. The train was backing into a switch, For some reason
not learned the engine loft lhe track
and was overturned, the fireman being
instantly killed.
J. II. Hawthornthwalto, M. L, A..
leader of Ihe Socialist party in British
Columbia, will arrive in .Nelson tomorrow afternoon hy the Slocan train. In
the evening he will address a meeting
in the opera house on the political
questions of the day ns viewed hy Socialists, wiih special attention to the
career of the party in British Columbia.
The chair will be taken at s o'clock by
George Fleming.
Those who will appreciate something
that will help to pass vacation days
pleasantly will be interested in the offer that W. (J. Thomson, the bookseller,
is making. He Is offering his stock of
over 1,000 copyright novels, in paper
cover (75c editions) for 2fi cents each,
six for $1; and c'oifvbound editions
(published at $1.25 and $1.60) for 50
cents each. There is nothing helps to
pass vacation pleasantly like a good
supply of good nailing. These are all
good, well-written books, hy more or
less well-known authors, and many of
them hy th" most popular authors of
tlie last decade. *
Trains  and   Steamers.
Crow boat���Half-hour lale.
Slocan train���On time.
Coast, Boundary and Itossland train
���On time.
The Store of Quality
The Good Old
Summer Time
If you want to keep cool lhe best way
to do so Is to buy some id' our
Hot Weather Drinks
Our Block  is complete and you can
ft ii ri almost anything you wanl hero.
Lime Juice
Champagne Cider
Grape juice
I.i'jiioti Squash
Raspberry Vinegar
Thorpe's Aeratod Waters
Mason's Lemonade Crystals
Mason's Herb Beor
Hood & Teetzel
K. W. ('. Bloolt . Phono 10.
High Grade Chocolates, Gum,
Candies and Fruit.
Thorpe's uico cool drinks.      Lunches
put op ii spi'oinlly.
W.J. Walker,   j&
Old Curiosi! y Shop
If you want to buy or Boll anything,
go lo tho Old Curiosity Shop. A now
ifno of Japanese (loods now on sale, All
kinds of Dlniicrware In slock. Patterns.
Hot Weather Drinks
Morton's Raspberry
Quart Bottles   -   65c
Ptire Grape Juice
Quarts   -   -   -   70c
Lime Juice
C. A. Benedict
Corner Silica anil .Josephine His
I'Iiom: 7.
is not complete withoul n piod
We huve >i full line of them at prices to
suit your purse   Al��o Wash Boards,
'lulis, Clothes Pius, ('lollies
Lines, Pulloys, Etc.
Nelson Hardware Co.
Nl'LSON', II. O,
For 25c
o for SjI.OO.
Wo have over loon volumes of copyrighted novels���regular 7!ic editions.
Also a large number ol cloth-bound editions published nt $1.26 and 11.60
which we offer al
50c Each
These are good hooks, hy good writers
and aro nol lo be had In the cheap editions. Nothing pleasanter or more restful for vacation time.
I.00K In our window, or belter, come
in and look over our tables, nud
Lay In 11 Supply for
Your I-folIclnyM.
W# G* Thomson
SfSSf "nd Nelsou, B. C.
I'hun. .14.
Hotel girl. Apply at Club Hotel. 15.
J. Curran.
Boy wanted immediately, aged IS;
permanent job, to work on steam launch
and do chores in garden, etc. Further
particulars from W. I). Husk, room No.
1. K. W. C. block, between the hours of
I ami 3 p. m., except Saturday,
A bartender. Address Ilox 10S, Nelson, I). C.
Price of Metals.
New York, .Tune 28.���Silver C6 1-1;
copper, 18 t-S; eiectrolytlo copper stock,
is i-.|if;iis t-2; lead, f6.76.
London, June 2S.���Silver, :!(> 840di
lead,   BIO 12s M; zinc,  007.
Soda  Fountain
in town at the
Hazlcwood Parlor
Try out Double Jersey
A Fine Assortment of Fruits,
Nuts and Confectionery.
Phone 206.
A  full line ��if Crockery,
\JlllMll   mid   '  INl.HSWIirW.
Alio Second Haotl' Iiol Bverj I*mi rip
Hon.   Wc bavofol LhcfffiwUiUHl ��<-n m
Lowenl Wins in Town,
BnkerSt., next t.>'' P.H Ticket Offlce.
And Builder
Sole n,<;ent for tho Porto Kieo Lumber
Oo., Ltd., retail yards.
Rough ami dressed lumber, turned work
nml brackets, Const lath and shingles,
B:isb aud doors.
Cement, brick aud lime for sale, Auto.
mntlo grinder.
Yard and factory Vernon. St..
east of Hall.
Telephone lis'. Nelson, B. C.
dtir si/' tf'tiiis
Will I iii 1 thtdntiiiu) spiriti in litiiglit
\soo,\ c
tbat the ilrllibt. .orv-cO" at otir So,Ia fonntiiln
hiei Ionic properllos Ixutdos rotreslilngl
Wo u.o only real trail syrup, ol th. a nisi
quality.     Fountain, counter, .lasses ind
receptacles   an.  kept  Mrupuloasty clean.
Baker Street, Nelsou, It. 0.
Bank Discount Stationary.
London, .lune 88,���The rate of   dig,
eoiini ���n ii,,. Bank of England remained
hanged today q| :; 1 j p0r lvnL
Cortiifortable Shirts
 teui^ rasatt ���yss.-a y*
a shut is oomtortoble hut n takes an oxperl lo make one
"'""fl"t"bl<1-  We sell the comiormiii,' kind!
If you wish heat nnd thoroughly
comto,,,,,,,.   ���;,,, (!���,,���H m ^
Out Sta-Zon Will Soft You
JKWEI.LKH      mui      OPTICIAN
Is a III ssltv in every well regulated homo.    Our elockscnil,!,,,.!*.,,,
���f dciISD with .bjolute accuracy M lln,i-kce|,c��.   w��� illvll,       �� �����
olourC �����   tboy.re her.- Ill <rual variety ���l.|tl,..   I, , ', '���''��'  ����
au.i alarm, at la un i" iiie tlm- imported 0HH,    W- ���!����� >,,.,,. ,,V
1,1111..11- null alarm sat mil. II raj.  Coma in today"   ���*
i. nd
I Standard Ffirniture Companyl
��� M,1.'^<V'is.:li'*t���������,.. Complete House Furnishers and Undertaken, |
��� i.l,.|.< Werotlke Book fraMI tlasee and Office Kiirultur,.
'"""    Repairing and Jobbing a SpcditJ
Sheetinelnl Work, Coatings, Iliiiblers' Mulcrinl and Mitiinp mui Hill MuluaJ
(Ullee nml Works Pool of l'ork St.
I'l.in.i- 204.
IVolaon, lie
L H. Ashdown Hardware Co., 1
We would invite you to inspii't our Inrtte nnil vnrieil so. k ul
No neeil lo Buffer from heat if
will only cull uml iwk t
:��� Hot Weather Requisite
Store open from 7 a.m. to ll p.m. every day except holiilnya and Similar.
���V~~*~v B. A. ISAAC J. A.  HONEYMAN'
Roptllrlns <inil Jobblna ciouulisU with l)i-iputi-li.   She* MitslI
VM>I-U, .Mliilnu Kill) .Mill   M;,ihi���i,.v.      MlillilfiiCliiroreot
Of  Uiim.  W.  IV.   Uiaiti-iK-lurs'   Cum.
I. I.t!.,����l
I    tl  till
I Don't Forget we are SEMI -READY
p Headquarters
MANUFACTURERS   T 4 r��* ��        <   ���
AND DEALERS IN   JLfJlllDef;   i^lUflglCSt
Lath, MouldJrigrs, Doors, Windows. I
TurneU Work nnd Bracket*. Mnil Onlcrn promptly till���<>*<"��
VBRNON 8TRBBT . - -  Mtl.WJN, ll. C.
have demonstrated to us, and if you will let us nml:''yon
one suit we'll convince you that the clothes we
make arc superior to all other makes
in every detail of
HlKh-Olnss Tnllnm.
Catpet Sweepers
Ar��s AuksKswIsstlKwi  to  ho  W'ltli.uit  <���  "lv"'
wb s��n Them,
Wood-Vallance Hardware Co'y#l|
 ��� ��� ���


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