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The Daily Canadian Jul 4, 1907

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Array Wc\k  5*ailjJ   ��cmaht
Volume 2.    No. 26.
Fiptt Cbnts a Month
Squires Knocked Out in
First Round
Fight  Scheduled  to Go 45 Rounds
Came to Sudden and Unexpected
End���Betting on Australian.
4 p. m.���Tommy Burns is the victor.
Squires was knocked out in the first
San Francisco, July 4.���One ot the
principal events 111 Iho sporting world
this year Ih the 45-round glove contest
between Hill Squires, the Australian
champion, unil Tommy Hums, of Canada, for the heavyweight championship
��if (he world, a large percentage of the
gate recelpta and a aide bet of "t&.OIiu.
The light Is one of the most Important
areata* in pugilistic cfrelea since .1. J.
Jeffries'���tbe undefeated heavyweight
champion, who will referee the contest
���abdication aroused international Interest In sIKirtlng circles. What adds in-
teres* 10 the light is the appearance In
the arena of Jeffries ad referee and Ins
declaration last night that hu will reenter the tlug and light the Australian
if SqulreB is vlcturluus. The arena,
having a sealing capacity of 8,0(1, has
been completed. The udvance Bales are
In the neighborhood of 112.000. I'm
motor James Coffeiill gave ou( 11 stule
men! last night that he expected a $-1.
eon house.
Helling on the tight veered last night
from 10 to 7 on Squires, which has
stood for some lime, lo 10 to ��. This
was caused by the appearance of considerable Hums money. The prediction
Is that the Letting will lie at even
money wnen t.ie men enter the ring
This, however, has been somewhat o\er-
drawn, ami tn* Antipodean win duubt
less step Into the ring a favorite.
Squires, it is stated, will have an
iiiiilersiandlng with the referee In the
ring today thai no one will have the
right to toss up the sponge for him. He
said thai he never has and never will
give anyone the right to stull off defeat
In his behair. H01I1 men an' '" excellent condition. Squires will enter the
ring at 182 pounds "ml Hums al 17'.'
JlcMiles three pounds in weight the Ail
stralian has the advantage of three and
a half Inches in height and half an Inch
In reach over (he Canadian. It was an-
aounoed las! nl|ht i>> Burns thai Prof.
Lewis would be Ills chief second and
that .ilmmv liiirns. George Itemslo ami
George   Brows,   his   sparring   partner,
will   lie   111   the  coiner   With   hint.     Har-
ney Reynolds win be th* chief second
tor Squires und will be assisted by Tim
McGiuih. Bddle llanlon. Martin Murphy
and Jim  Hussell.
The Impression prevails thai Horns
will let Squires do the forcing for the
first few rounds 111 Ihe expectation that
the AuHtralliin will tire himself. Jeffries finally prevailed upon liiirns yesterday not to wear his pneiimiitic belt
attachment, which has been the cause
of 1 rouble and argument before. "' i��"k
for n good light," said Jeffries last night.
"I don't see why Squires Is so much of
a favorite fur hu is an unknown quantl
IV, Hums Is heller than Ihe Pacific
const fight Tans think If Squires wins
and If (he  public wants It. and  If there
is enough money In sight, 1 win light
"1 haven't fully decided on my style
of fighting." said Hums. "1 always n<-
lent my lighting method alter I have
measured my man. 1 never fell mors
sure of winning In niy life."
"I don't expect the light I" K" 0V��*
U> rounds," was Squires' statement I
am iu perfect condition and Ih* llgln
will  he on (he square.
Mnnv sporting men from Los Angeles,
Iho Nevada gold fields, and other points
arrived  last   night   and   Ibis  morning.
Dr.  Petsrs  Only  Talked  of  Shooting-
It  Never   Happened.
Berlin, July 4.���Thoie were driiniallc
Scene*   at   Iho   trial   In   Munich   of   Ihe
in.,.i suit of Dr. Carl Peter* again*! th*
Munich 1'oHt. Dr, Petern Ih suing the
Poll for SOOUslng hlin of being guilty ol
cruelly to natives while lie was (Ionium
Imperial commissioner in Bast Africa
In 18111.
Dr. Hebel, Ihe HoclallHl lender In the
Uelclislag. was oil the stand unil succeeded In convicting Peter* Of cruelty
by quoting passages fnim 11 book that
Peter* himself wrote. Peters protuted
excitedly that tho paBsagea quoted word
written In a spirit or humor. One of
the sentences read:
"We shot them (Ihe natives) off the
trees   like  sparrows."
oilier of the passages were of similar
There was a long fight between Peter* and th* Judge about getting at the
name of the person from whom Hebel
got the information he used In the
Reichstag in denouncing Peters, Bebel
succeeded in maintaining Ills refusal to
disclose the name.
The proceedings were constantly in-
t'-rriipted by noisy parti'/.an deinonslra-
tionH in ihe  court   room.
Boy of 15 Years Saved Three Men From
Drowning at Niagara.
Niagara Kails. Out, July 4���A 15-
year-old Isiy named lllok Carpenter was
the means of saving three men from
drowning in tbe Lower Niagara river.
James Stewart, of Qneenston, and
James Scot and Hector I.idger. of Lew-
tston, all fishermen, while oul on the
river In a skiff, not-caught in the whirl-
pool below Hulling Rook. Youpng Carpenter saw Iheir plight and put out in
another small boat to their aid. Scott
and Lidger were able to catch Ihe boat
and climb in. hut Stewart was helpless.
Just as Stewart rose for the lasl time
Udgar managed to catch him, hut could
not get him into the boat. Boott and
Carpenter pulled the boat to Ihe shore.
Llilger dragging Stewart behind. Stewart was nearly dead, and It took Borne
time  to   resuscitate   lilni.
Assassins Punished.
Sofia, Bulgaria, July 4.���A court martial this morning sentenced Petoff, the
murderer of Premier Petkoff, to death.
His two accomplices were condemned
reepeotlvely to life Imprisonment and
lo years penal servitude.
Commissioners   Receive   Delegation   at
Ottawa���Cost of  Living   Makes
Salaries Seem Small.
Ottawa. July 4.���Surprise was expressed by the Civil Service Commissioners over the fact lhat the repreBcn-
tuilves of the civil service, in their memorial to tile commission, setting forth
reasons why they should receive a bet-
lor scale of remuneration, made no reference to the dcsitubility of eliminating
pulliicul  iuiiuwacui   lu  connection   with
appointments,   promotions,   etc.     The
members of the delegation, in reply lo
a Question, said that It was not considered advisable (hat taey should discuss
ihtls phase of the questhn.
Mr. Kyache, one of the commissioners,
asked If there was any reasun why a
good appointment, such as the collector-
shlp of customs at Montreal, should be
glveu to an outsider for political reasons, when there were meu 111 the service who, by their training, were specially qualified for such work.
lu reply to thla pointed qucry.Mhe
members of the delegation reiterated
their desire not  to express an opinion
us to the political Influence* iu appointment* and promotion*.
Il la evident from the Question* PUt
by the commission (hat the report of
ihe commissioners win dual trenchantly
with political Influence in tho civil service of the Dominion.
A feallire ol the memorial presented
(o the commission was u comprehensive
review of the Increase In the cost of living during Ihu past 10 yeara. It was
shown lhat a man receiving Juno In 18a"
would now require 11,200 to live in Hie
same degree of comfort, and Unit the
maii receiving $1,600 lo years ago would
lequlie at IciiBt $1,000 at Ihe present
The memorial urges that promotion
examination* he abolished, ami thai an
promotions shoud be mad* in each department upon ihe recommendation of
die deputy minister; also that the government  should conlrlliule a  reasonable
1 unt  to provide  for the Biiperiinnuii-
lIon or those wlui have grown old lu (be
Carnegie   Says   Effect  of   His   Rule   Is
Good   Even   for   Stocks.
London, July l���Andrew Carnegie, In
nu Interview dealing Willi 11. II. M. Harvey's statement In a speech at tho ro-
cont Jefferson Society banquet In New
York, dial President Roosevelt's popularity In Kiiropo was duo lo Iho fact
that Ills policy had driven from France,
Germany ami great Britain nil thoughts
of American Industrial Or financial  rivalry, Hayfl:
"The countries and their government*
are not so lavage as to gloat over the
misfortunes or other lands.   Nn nation
can prosper without (Ireal Britain aliur-
Ing lis prosperity, and no nation can
suffer reverse without (Ileal Britain suffering also. The Hiitne applies to Franco
and Germany,
"It lu u surprising commentary on Mr.
Harvey's charge lhat under President
Roosevelt's administration our coimtry
has enjoyed the greatest season of material prosperity  ever known."
Mr. Carneglt Ihinks the present general decline In values In the United
States is In every respect a wholesome
check, and that the president's declared
intention to regulate corporations is
only to a trilling extent a factor in the
d'-cllne. lie says President Roosevelt
is a truly conservative man who remedies abuses. He Is the best friend of
the railroads, and, so far from lowering
the value of bonds and shares, will enhance their value, and give to the Eu-
pean investor an element of security
hliherlo lacking.
Mr. Carnegie also expressed Ihe opinion that. If the country calls Mr. Roosevelt for another term he must obey the
Public Opinion Divided as to Wisdom of
Importing   Players.
There has been much comment locally upon the conduct of the lacrosse
games In connection with the Dominion
Day celebration. The unfriendly comment on the number of players imported by Nel: on. and the consequent dls-
courageineu, to young local players,
has already been puljlisbed. There Is
of course another side of the question,
which should be given, in justice to the
manager of the Nelson lacrosse team,
and the caa'rinan of the lacrosse com-
mittee of the celebration, both of which
positions are held by Harry Wright,
gold commissioner.
It will be admitted by all that the
two lacrosse games were the best drawing card of the whole celebration programme, and contributed more than any
other feature to swelling the gate receipts to the very satisfactory figures
they reached.
Mr. Wrights frank statement of the
case Is the best answer to all criticisms.
He felt that the people wanted to sec
good lacrosse, and would not patronize
anything less. He used every available
Nelson player whom he thought fasl
enough for the company. For the positions thai could not be satisfactorily
tilled locally, he got the best men available outside, and did his best to give
the people of Nelson and the visitors
games  that   were   worth  watching.
t'ndoubtedly Nelson should attempt
lo follow Ihe example of New West
minster and develop her own lacrosse
pluyers. Hut H caunoi be done in a
year or two. and in the meanwhile the
nodule want 10 see good senior games,
which they cannot see \I tfaa manager
Is strictly limited 10 Nelsou pluyers !��,.
bis  material.
Whatever view the majority will take
Of the mutter, no one will deny that Mr.
Wright has earned the gratitude of Ihe
public for his substantial contribution
(0 tho success of the celebration.
Honors Bestowed  by King of  His Own
Accord���Personal Favors.
London, July 4.���However his ministers und politicians may regard Lord
Dundouald, the King himself clearly retains the highest regard for him. Today's honor list records his appointment
us Knight Commander of the Royal Vic-
'lorlan Order, aud rightly or wrongly,
(Ills peculiarly royal distinction Is regarded as the Klng'B personal comment
ou his ministry's neglect to employ
Lord. Dundouald, und his subsequent
The similar royal honor conferred on
Sir Thuinaa Shauglineasy Is the King s
recognition of courtesies extended by the
Caiiudlan Pacific Railway to the King's
nephew, Prince Arthur of Connaught.
and the Kings recent guest, Prince Fu-
One Witness Killed.
Denver, July 4.���Frank BahmeUWT, of
Sllvorlun, Col., who, Tuesday, was
elected a member of the executive
hoard of Ihe Western Federation of
Mlnrea. Jumped from 11 moving train
last night and was killed, lie was on
his way to Spokane for u short visit
prior to going to Holse to testify In the
Haywood trial. In the suburbs of the
city he discovered that he WSI 011 the
wrong train and jumped off, culling to
the conductor to throw his grip after
Rumor Unconfirmed,
it was reported this afternoon that
the Nelaon four that won tho N P. A.
A. O. Junior chumplonshlp yesterday
evening, had won the senior championship today, duplicating the performance
of tho Victoria tour lu 1002. The C. P. 11.
telegraph ofllee was unable lo secure
Wlndpvv Breaker Caught.
.1. Perron, who broke the windows ot
the C. P. it. Station ul Blooan Junction,
was caught in Ihe city InHt night by
Constable Young und placed In custody.
Ho Ih generally bollevoil to he of unsound mind.
Mayor Instructed to Reply
to School Board
Council Dtvot��*Long Session to Routine Hatters���Firemen's Uniforms Were Discussed.
Tho city council held a long session
last night, more than an hour being de-
voied to consideration of the school
board's reply to a communication from
the mayor. Other matters discussed
were the cost of firemen's uniforms, the
repair of stroels. mains and the city
wharf, and a report from the city medical health officer 00 the milk supply.
The council met shortly after 8
o'clock. There were present: Mayor
Gillett, iu the chair, and Aldermen *5e-
lous, Annable, *ilcMorrln and Irving
Alderman Rose arrived later.
The minutes of Ihe last meeting were
read and adopted. The finance committee reported recommending miscellaneous accounts and payrolls. The report
was adopted.
The chief of the fire department reported recommending an expenditure of
$15 for an extra connection, and the
the acceptance of J. Waixel's offer of
Insurance, at $10 per annum for paid
men, und $4 per annum for volunteers
while on duty.
The report was adopted but the question of insurance was referred to the
lire. Water and light committee.
Chief Deasy also forwarded a letter
from J.H. Kills -i'u regard lo his uniform
us a fireman, asking $10. The chief also
leferred to Fireman Gregg's uniform,
recommending that firemen be required
to pay for their clothes unless they remain In the service for a year.
Mr. Ellis, a former fireman, had preserved his uniform und wanted $10
1 herefor.
Mr. Ellis' request was not considered.
'1 ue ��w��ur'H recommendation was then
considered. He sllggeon.* ��i.wt each
luun apiKiinled to the permanent force
be directed to buy a uniform, the cost
to be repaid to him in monthly instill-
menls of $11 each. The recommendation
was adopted.
A letter from Dr. E. C. Arthur, city
medical health officer, reported further
examinations of milk from dairies supplying the city. Most were up to the
standard, but he thought several���of the
Fairvlew aud Nelson dairies���Indicated
either skimming  or  wateriug.
The report was discussed, and the
whole matter was referred to the city
A letter from Dr. E. C. Arthur, secretary of the board of school trustees,
was road, as already published lu The
Daily 1'anadii.11.
Alderman Amiable asked: "Have any
bldB for the school debentures been received?"
The mayor: "None direct. Many Inquiries."
Alderman Irving: "Do they Indicate
likelihood of a sale?"
The mayor: "I think so. All Inquiries
have been answered Hilly."
The city clerk: "Full Information hus
been given to all Inquiries."
Alderman Scions, admitting that his
recollection on tho subject was vague,
denounced the school hoard's reply as
Jesuitical and reiterated the charge of
discourtesy. He saiil Ihe reply was if
not untruthful, at least Jesuitical." Aid
erman Sclous spoke nt length on the
subject, accusing the school board of
"tUm-flanimlng" Ihe council. He objected to even filing the school board's reply without a protest.
Alderman Annable: "The council cannot dictate to tho school board in this
The mayor:  "Of course not."
Alderman Annable: "Well, wo should
advertise the debentures and try to
soil them."
The mayor: "I havo taken a stand
and mean to stay by It."
Alderman Annable:   "What  Is lit"
The mayor: "That the debentures
will not bo sold till the school board
come to their- senses."
Alderman Annable: "Yon are exceeding your authority when you nuy thai."
The mayor: "Woll. 1 hnvo that
The muyor further remarked Hint hu
only demanded fair play for himself ami
the council.
Alderman Irving agreed, stating thut
the council could have delayed the voting on the bylaw had the members so
Alderman Annable contended for the
legal rights of the school board, reminding his colleagues that the school board
was an elective and responsible body,
not under authority of the council, and
that the. ratepayers, not the council,
were   finding  the  money.
The mayor reiieated that the board
could not get the money without his
Some further discussion took place,
Alderman Annable maintaining that the
council had gone beyond Its right in appointing a committee to Interfere with
the school board.
Alderman Irving: "Well, let us advertise the debentures."
Alderman Annable then moved, seconded by Alderman Irving, that the debentures be  advertised for sale.
Alderman Rose: "It will be easier to
sell the debentures now than sVme
months hence. A financial stringency
Is certainly coming."
The. mayor: "Your advertising wont
amount to much. The mayor has some
authority. He can give a six months'
option if he wishes. There's no use
wasting money advertising."
Alderman Annable: "We have taken
an oath of office to act In the city's
interest. There is no use Indulging in
child's play."
The mayor: "I don't propose to be
treated as an overgrown child."
Alderman Annable specified the Montreal Star and Toronto Globe as advertising media, the expense to come out
of the, proceeds of the sale of the debentures.
The city clerk stated that all financial
papers had already noted the issue of
Alderman Selous:"It's only wasting
In reply to Alderman Annable the
city clerk said he had received a request from a Toronto broker for a two
weeks' option at 98.
Alderman Rose then moved as an
amendment that the disposal of the debentures be left In the hands of the
mayor. ,
Allderman Irving protested, as did
Alderman Annable. Alili-iiiian Selous
seconded the amendment.
The amendment was put and curried
on the following division: Ayes: the
mayor, Aldermen Selous lind Rose;
Nays: Alderman Annable und Irving.
Alderman McMorris had withdrawn.
The original motion was defeated on
a similar division.
Aid. Selous then remembered that
he had moved for the appointment of
the special committee to act with tbe
school board. He had expected lhat the
members of that committee would have
After further comments Alderman Annable emphasized the fact that the
board could not give away votes.
The mayor: "I only want to know-
why they didn't ask us to that meeting."
Alderman Selous moved that a reply
he sent to the school board, practically
traversing every clause of the school
board's communication, and adding a
charge of deliberate discourtesy.
*vw- -m��v" The board have evident-
ly made up their minds on dropping the
committee, even If It means dropping
the school for this year."
Alderman McMorris replied that he
hud been personally asked to the meeting but too late to attend He concluded that there was at least no unanimous intention of Ignoring the council's committee.
Alderman Annable thought that the
board should be Informed that efforts
are being made to sell the debentures.
Alderman Selous: "I feel disposed to
leave the reply In the hands of the
mayor. The letter certainly calls for
a reply."
Alderman Selous' suggestion was
then agreed to.
A letter from J. H. Boyes offered
terms on which he would tuke over the
power plant boarding house. The matter was referred to the mayor.
Alderman SeloUB reported no meeting
of the fire, water and light committee.
Neither he nor the city engineer hud
any information on the subject of A. T.
Walley's application for water. The applicant wan willing to put in a pipe and
only wanted a rate fixed.
Alderman McMorris moved that the
application be granted to the end of the
your, at u yearly rute of $4 for dairies
and $2.50 for other consumers. The 1110
Hon was adopted.
Alderman Rose presenter a request
fur a light at the corner of Falls and
l.atlmer streets. The request was
Alderman McMorris ��us told lhat the
tramway co..imlttee had not yet met,
nor hud It any reply In regard to truni-
wuy exiienslon.
l'jr the Information of aldermen the
list of committees wus read, and ouch
alderman found himself In default.
City Engineer Lawrence reported (hat
Front street Is In a bad condition, lie
recommendod filling In with gravel
from the bank at the west end of Luke
street. He also reported the bridge In
front of tho opera house as dangerous,
tho main on Mill street from Cedar to
llcttdryx as leaking, und many road
beds as Boiiuusly out of repair. Ho
also diow attention to the city wharf
and recommended a pontoon at tho
outer end. Attention to all tho inntterB
was promised by the mayor.
As building Inspector Mr. Lawrence
recommended that the by-law be amend-
ed to require ull chimneys to be on a
Boltd foundation.
The council then ndjottrncd till July
visit to her sister and will be remembered by many. She was prominent In
church and social circles and was
greatly esteemed by a large number of
friends in many  Canadian cities.
^n   Navy  Watching  Troubles  in
Central America.
Washington, July 4.���The possibility
of serious trouble in Central America
growing out of the disturbed conditions
exisHng there Incidental to the alleged
ambition of President Zelaya of Nicaragua to form a union of Central American states, has caused the United States
administration to dispatch the cruiser
Milwaukee to that region. Orders for
her to proceed forthwith from the Mare
Island navy yard, California, went forward from the navy department today.
The vessel is in command of Cojn-
mander Charles A. Gove, and she will
go to La Union, San Salvador. The
collier Saturn has been directed to proceed to La Union and from this vessel
the Milwaukee and the gunboat Yorkton
which Is now at Acjutala, will coal. The
slay of the Milwaukee In Central American waters Is problematical and will in
a measure depend upon the conditions
that develop in that part of the world.
She goes ostensibly "for the protection
of American interests," which are
threatened because of the situation as it
now exists.
The cruiser St. Louis now on her way
to a Brazillian port, is en route to the
Pacific ceast and will arrive in Central
American waters In about two months.
It may be that she will relieve the
.Milwaukee in the event that the administration decides to have that vessel
return north and It Is deemed necessary
to continue the presence of two vessels
in that section.
Preparation for Gathering in August at
Amsterdam���Will  Be Watched
by Police.
Berlin, July 4.���Anarchist groups all
over Europe have issued a secret summons to their comrades In different
countries to send delegates to an International congress to be held at Amsterdam from August 26th to August
31st, to promote the attainment of anarchism among all civilized nations.
Great importance is attributed In anarchist circles to the congress. John
Turner, ot London, and Moniute, of
Paris, will speak on the necessity of
permeating trade unions with anarchist
doctrines. Dr. Frledberg, of Berlin, and
Malatesta, the Italian anarchist, will
present reports on the organization of
a simultaneous general organization In
all trades of all European countries.
Two other foreign delegates, Dunlos,
of Paris, and Thonar, of Liege, will present reports ou the International organization of anarchists, with a view to
bringing about simultaneous revolutions
in different European countries.
Peter Ramus, of London, and Mar-
manda, of Paris, will read papers on
the methods which ought to be employed to propagate anarchism among
the standing armies of Great Britain,
Germany and other great powers.
Tbe Russian revolutionary party has
been invited to send a delegate to the
Amsterdam congress to teach the anarchists of other countries such lessons
as may be learued from the experiences
of the  Nihilists In tbe Czar's domains.
The RuBslan delegate's report will be
followed by a discussion on the practicability of introducing the bloodthirsty methods widely aud systematically practised In Russia Into other
countries, and the debates on this question are likely lo be one of the moat
Interesting features of the congress.
In spite of the secrecy which the anarchists .have uttempted to maintain In
making the arrangements for the congress .their plans are fully known to
the authorities in this country, and the
necessary measures will be luken In
co-operatlou with the Dutch police, to
supervise the doings of the revolution-
ists at Amsterdam, where the political
police of most European countries will
also be represented.
Died In Toronto,
Mrs. Melville Puny has received news
of the dcuth In Toronto yesterday of
her slider, Miss Annie Vrldham. Miss
Prldhnm  was  In   Nelson  In   1SH8  on a
Retired   American   Naval   Officer   Says
War With Japan Must Com*.
Seat lie, July 4.���A special to the Post-
Intelligencer from North Yakima says:
"Roar Admiral W. J. Thompson, United
States Navy, retired, who has arrived
here from u short stay In the Orient,
predicts a war with Japan within five
years. Admiral Thompson says that
war Is Inevitable, but he does not believe that Great Britain will assist her
ally 111 Buch u struggle, and thinks that
In Ihe end the resources of the United
States must result In the defeat of the
Japanese, lie bellevea that lu the event
of hnsillltlcs France would give financial ani to Japan.
Wants Consideration From
Government of Holland Decides That
Protest Cannot Be Heard���
Rot Independent State.
The Hague, July 4.���While the work
of Ibe peace conference amounted to
almost, nothing today, Interest was
aroused by a protest which tho Corean
delegation sent to all the delegates. It
was signed by YI Sang Ful, ex-premler,
Yl Tlonne, ex-judge of the supreme
court ot Seoul, and Yo Tjongoui, ex-
secretary of the Corean legation at St.
Petersburg. The protest says that the
Coreans regret that they were unable
to attend the conference because the
Japanese were violating their rights
and trampling on international law
which deprived them of their national
Independence, even resorting to violence. It adds that the Corean emperor
gave them full powers, which was put
at the disposal of the delegates to the
conference, asking their intervention
tor admission to the conference.
The Corean delegates speaking to the
Associated press today, said:
"The Japanese are behaving In Corea
like savages. They are committing all
kinds of barbarities against properties
and against the people, especially
against the women. M. Nelidoff's refusal to receive us was astonishing and
painful, as our relations with Russia
as well as with America are so good
that we thought they could not refuse
to assist us. We intend to go to
America to appeal to that noble country to assist us. In 1906. before the
treaty of peace, Corea received the first
Russian communications about the present conference, called at the Instigation of President RooBevelt and entrusted har minister at St. Petersburg,
Prince YI Tchlne Pomma, to represent
her at The Hague."
Keiroku Tsvsukl, head of the Japanese delegation, speaking to the Associated Press In regard to this matter,
said: "*���rue Da*** government officially
stated that Corea was not and could not
be invited to the conference, therefore,
the Corean delegation cannot receive
any  recognlUon."
Descendants of Marshal Munich Plesd
Gift of  Frederick.
Berlin, July 4.���The Prussian government la considering a claim of the heirs
of a great Russian statesman, the Field
Marshal Count Munich. The claim is
regarding a considerable sum and of
great interest to two families living
In France.
The Russian, Field Marshal Count
Munich, received from Frederick the
Great, King of Prussia, as a present, a
property situated In Prussia, given to
him for good services rendered to the
state by the conclusion of a treaty.
The count did not accept this, but
with the agreement of the Empress
Anna, of Russia, it was transferred by
Frederick tbe Great to the son of the
field marshal. This son obtained afterward of Frederick William, King of
Prussia, the written promise that tho
sum or *U2.000 thalers should be given
to  him.
The descendanla claim lhat this sum
with Interest since 1741. The descendants of the granddaughters of the field
marshal (his grandson died a bachelor)
are In France, on tbe one side, the
Counts d'.MIonvllle and on the other
side Mme. Davld-Nolckea, wlfo of Mr.
David, of the well-known furrier and
dressmaking firm of Beckoff David. She
Is a born Baroness von Nolcken, descending from Axul-Gustav, Baron von
Nolcken. who married in 1787 Marie
Ernestine, Countess von Munich, Immediate heiress of the Field Marshal
As tho sum asked tor amounts to a
great many millions the present claim
Ib of great Interest. The Counts d'Al-
lonvllle have, through the good offices
of Countess von Wedel Gorman, am-
hassadrlce In Vienna, addressed a letter io the chamberlain of Emperor William. Prince Radolln has given answer
that the territorial claim cannot be admitted, but did not speak of the 312.000
Composer Honored.
Paris.  July   4.���The  government  h*��
conforred   the cross  of  Iho   Legion   of
Honor   on   Richard   Strauss,   the   composer. The Daily Canadian
��� STORES -
Miners' and All
Campers Supplies
TENTS in all sizes and weights "" ..
UNDERWEAR   at  all   prices
From 8 to 12 Pounds.
SOX,  MITTS,  etc.,  etc.
HAY,   FLOUR  and   FEED.
In   ill these lines we offer   excellent quality at very
reasonable prices.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office:   Toronto.
CAPITAL PAID DP *4, iHO.OOO BEST   $4,730,000.
D. R. WILKIK, President.*        HON. ROBERT J AFFRAY, Vice-President
Branches in British Colombia:
Deposits received and interest allowed at highest   current rate from date of
opening of account, and compounded quarterly.
^8L80*n branch ��J.   IVl.   LAY,   Manager,
The Royal Bank of Canada
Savings  Department
 Nelson Branch, G. A. SPINK, Manager.
Published' mx ��i��yt ��� wset uy ihe
BbHit Si..   Neliu.u. M. u.
Bo ascription rates
entl n month delivered
ID the elty. or 18,00 a year 11 neiit by mall, when
paid In a'iviini-e.
Advertising rales on lipidlcatlou.
All monies paid In settlement ol The Dally
Catiadinn accounts, either lor subscriptions or
adverllsiiif:. iniiBl lie receipted lor on ihe printed
(onus of llie Company. Oilier receipts are not
Thursday,   July   4th,   1907.
Unit yesterday's victory is a mure effective advertisement than could have heen
secured in any other way at many
times tho cost. For every reason NelBon aJtouJd /ir proud* of Its oarsmen and
should prepare to give them a hearty reel pi Inn  on  their   return.
The victory of Nelson oarsmen in the
Junior fuurs al Seattle yesterday is an
event ol real Importance to Nolsoo The
victory was undoubtedly well deserved,
if long, hard ami self-sacrificing Irain-
inii without hope ot individual reward,
cun deserve success. In all its years of
membership in the North Pacific Association of Amateur Oarsman, .Nelson has
never li lure sent mil a better crew nor
one half so well trained. To Del. Des-
lirisav. tlie Ideal trainer, at least hall
the credit for ti c victory is due.
To all other oarsim-n ot the city���
and who In Nelson is not nn oarsmen?���
the victory is an encouragement it
shows unmistakably thai the West Arm
of Kootenay Lake is not inferior as a
training course to any smaller body ol
water or to an inlet ol the sea.    Nelson
has been Justified in claiming, and the
executive of the association in granting,
a permanent pluee iu the meets ol the
N. 1'. A. A. (J. Seattle Is fairly central
for the three old Coust clubs���Victoria,
Vancouver ami Portland���and the
Hound City has now entered a club ol
its own. II was a tribute to the loyalty
of tho Nelson Boat Club tu the association that one regatta In every bIx was
awarded to NelBon, to be held on the
waters of Kootenay   Lake.
There is another Important aspect of
tho case, not from a sport man's point
of view, but from a business point of
view. Notices of the ruKattn have appeared In tin' sportmg columns of every
paper In Canada and the United Htules
In nearly nil there has been comment
on the circumstance that one Inland
town, a "city among the mountains,'
has  facilities   for  training a  crew, and
enterprise enough to send representatives several hundred miles to row for
tho  honor  of  Nelson   and   for love  of
It Is no extravagant  claim  to  urge
ly as channels for that improper distribution of public money which Canadian
governments carry on with impunity.
Upon the whole, however, the early
nomination of candidates should tend
towards improvement in electoral methods, and to a more thorough discussion
of public Questions. Is ii too much to
hope. also, that as tbe years go on
ihe Influences of localism and sectional-
Ism will steadily disappear, that the
constituency will not think it worth
while lo inquire whether (he candidate
lives within its borders, whether he is
a farmer, a workman, a lawyer or a
doctor, whether he even belongs to the
province iu which tho constituency is
situated, but what is ills character, what
are his principles, und what his fitness
for public service? This is the British
syi tern, and no other system gives such
a high average of character and efficiency in parliament.
C. P.
R. Forced to Post Notices Askinc
for Competent  Men.
Toronto, July 4.���The fact that the
C. P. R. has been forced to put up notices on the train hoards in the union
station asking for applications by competent and reliable men to act as brake-
men and telegraphers, reveals a situation never known to exist In a Canadian
city before. Usually the sign "Men
Wanted" needs no posting around a
railway station for these classes of men
at least.
Speaking of Ihis question a railway
official expressed the opinion tliat
thoroughly capable and reliable trainmen and operators were few in number
in comparison with requirements, owing to the coi struction of so many new-
roads and the increased number and
speed of trains. Twenty men per mile
is the average number required to run
a railway. The explanation if the unusual demand for men may be In the
necessary increase of the stafT on all
roads, lo prosecute the large amount of
construction work being curried on
throughout the Dominion. Over 3.00U
miles of new road are being built and it
will readily be seen that an enornious
number of men will be required to operate this mileage when completed.
What a Watch Will Do.
Most men who own a watch think
they know all about it. They have the
number fixed in their memory in case
it is stolen. They could probably pick
it out from 50 other watches with their
eyes  shut,     ltut  how-   many   men   know-
In the Supreme Court of
British CoIumbH.
IN    THE    MATTER    OF    THE    YMIH
To All Whom It May Concern :
Notice In hereby iriven (hat an appllcaMon will
be made to ihe presldinK Judge In Chambers, at
the Court House, ill   ihe City of  Vancouver, "..
10.'! I o'clock, In the forenoon, lor an order ealend
While the Machine press still affects
to laugh at all predictions of an early
appeal to Ihe constituencies by the Laurler government, the fact remains that
Liberal candidates are being placed in
the Held In practically every constituency in the Eastern provinces, and
every preparation is being made for the
coming struggle. Dominion ministers
also, notably Mr. Aylesworlh, are touring the country trying to Inspire the
party organisations, and, ii must lie admitted to their credit, generally trying
to secure the choice of clean and able
The Conservatives should not he behind hand. The choice of time and Issues is in ihe hands of their Opponents,
but there Is no good reason why they
shorn! not be prepared In every con-
stituency with a strong und popular cun-
diiiate ami a virile organisation. It
seems evident, and It Is matter for grall-
llcition lhat both parties r igni/.e tliat
it Is not only expedient but necessary
that ihe candidates be men with clean
niorcls and men of ability. The day of
ihe machine politician, the tool or the
: arty committee, is, ir not passed, rapidly  passing.
On this subject, the Toronto News.
one of ihe very rew really Independent
newspapers in Canada, says:
li may he pointed out that from the
m .mi in a candidate enters the field he
becomes SUbjBOl to the election Inw, and
hence Is peculiarly bound lo refrain
from all Improper practices, and should
likewise have exceptional authority to
curb such practices on (he part of local
workers and ward cnmmiltccH. When
a candidate has been in the tield for
12 or 15 months he will find it much
more difficult to evade responsibility
for the work of agents, and much more
necessary to carry on a contest which
will bear the scrutiny of the courts.
Against this Is the danger tliat In con
stltuencles represented by opposition
members the ministerial candidates
will be used us mediums of local bribes,
as agencies for the distribution of patronage and public works, and general
iiiK Ihe time (or reKlsterlnR with Ihe hculstrar
ol Joint stock Companies, a certain trust deed
bearing date the 9Mb day ol March, 1907. made
between The Ymlr Hold Mines, Ltd., of Ihe one
pari xml Charles Morlaiid CuiiynKbame 11 lushes
and Oliver Wethered ol Ihe other pari, until the
BOth day ol July next, lyo7 Any person wishing
to oppose such application must enteral! appear
ai.ee personally or by solicitor with the Ilegl*-
Inir of this Court, at Vancouver on or before the
Hlh day ol July next, and in default of such
appearance such extension ot time will be Kran-
00 without further order.
I la ted IhlsJlst day Of JonO, 1SK.7.
A. K  BgCK,
Lelinic A' WrSfgS               >        District Heiiislrar.
Solicitors for the Ymlr J
Hold Mines. Milliter],   I .       	
IN THE MATTKU of iho iRHUiinco of an
Indefeasible Title to F. W. Howay
and it L. Reid to U>ls 2 and 3,
In Hlock 12, City of Nelson.
Whereat t nt- doenmeota he-einaiter mentioned
are riot In the p<    HCsshill ot tin- aforesaid ll.-ivay
end Held;
Atiii whiTciip production  of  then 11 required
iiiuUt the "Land Registry Act";
Take   noil c  thut nl)  or any   persons  having
these document! in their i>��� ,*-*..-'��� i,��� n qj having
auy Interest In the same are require*!, to produce
tin- nine to tin- District n-KiMimr of Lend Tttlei
Ht NeUon, B.C.i on or !���<��� fun* the l&ih dayof July,
1907 :���
Conveyance In Kee, from A. Barrctte to Alexander
Carney, dated Wth October, IHttl.
Mortgage in Ki-c, fHom A, Carney and A  Rarretto
to M   Midline* and 1'.   Hums,  dated   the Mth
of November, UB&
Conveyance   in   Fee   Under   power   of   Hale  In
Mortgnge from  Malcolm McJmils and I'. Hurns
to A. II. Buchanan, dated   17th of  November,
Conveyance in Fee, A. If. Ituchanan to the Bank
of Montreal, dated (he Mth of August,  1H04.
Convi" ance   n Fee,   Hank   "f   Montreal,   to Bone
Mary   HeelhOQla    end   Joseph   Heatherlngton
Howes, dated llili Novemher, IHiW.
Conveyance In Pee, of an undivided ono-i|uartcr
from   Bote   Mary   Healheote to l'aul   Johnson,
dated the ."'Hi of Decembur, law
hated thin 90th day of May, A. I�� . 1fl()7.
II   V. MaoLKOI),
Dlstrlrt Hegimrar of hand Titles.
Notice is hereby given thHt f will apply, at the
next meeting of Che LfoatUM commissioners, tor
the City of Nelson, to have the lienor  license of
tho No   I'laee   Inn,  transferred   from   Archibald
Ferguson He'd to myself.
Dated May 29th, lttff. Ws OOHNKMj,
By Tower of Attorney,
that their watch is a compass and will
tell north from south as accurately as it
will tell the lime of day? Stanley, the
explorer, did not know it until he had
groped his way BxrOUffb the dark continent and met a Belgian sailor nn the
coast, Every watch is a compass, it'
you point the hour hand to the sun the
south i* exactly half way between the
hour and figure XII ot) the dial. Sup
pose fo'^instance. i( Is 4 o'clock. Point
the hand indicating 4 to the sun and
the II on the wutch is exactly BOUth.
If   it   is   8   o'clock   point   the   hand   In-
I [     is     o     ii titivn      | ii 11111      iiii-     iiiiim
.icatiog 8 to the sun ami tin- figure X
ou ilif ilittl is duo south.    No man need
gel  lost if he carrlrs a watch.
F. C. GREEN       F. T. BURDEN       A. H. GREEN
Civil Engineers, Dominion and British
Columbia Land Surveyors
r. 0. Box 145   rhosc 2*1 B.
Fot Sale Cheap
One 60-inch diameter, by 16ft. Sin.
lonu. nnilerfired, return multi-tubular
boiler, in fair condition. EiRhty-two
U^-in. tubes, 2 1-3x2 1-fl in. steam
dome. Holler is good for testing to 150
lbs. per square Inch, and a working pressure of 80 to 90 lbs. Mountings consist
of safety valve, stop valve, water
gauges, try cocks, aludge cock and
check valve, set of Ore bars and bearers.
One 9-in. diameter x Win. stroke. 1 igh
pressure, variable cut off cxpant-ion,
valve engine with governor. Fly v. neel
and belt pulley are those not originally
supplied with the engine but an- suitable for ordinary requirement. Engine
has been used to drive electric light
at the smelter and Is In good condition.
One vertical multitubular exhaust
steam heated feed-water heater, 4 ft.
high, lO&ln. diameter with openings
for 3-iu. exhaust pipes. Corrugated copper tubes Inside through wlin-b the feed
water passes. Stop valve, drain cock
and safety valve. Apply to
The Hall Mining & Smelting Co., Ltd.
nelson, b. c.
W.    O.    G1LLETT
Contractor  and
Sole agent for the PoitO EtlOO Lumber Co., Ltd.,
retell yant��< Rough antl dre����>wd lumber, turned
work mi'; brackets, Co&*t lath and shiuKleM, fash
and doom. Cement, brick and lime fur sale
An it imatic grinder.
Yard and faetory : Vernon Ht.. eaulof Hall
P. (V Box 232. Telephone 178
Nelnon Land Dlntrict. District Of Went Kootenay
Take notice that (Jeorge Alexander, of KakIo.
It (J .occupation mine manager, intend* toapply for a Bpwcial timber UoanM over tbe follow-
tug described land: Comtnenulug at ���*��� poit
planted at the northeaiit i-orner of I ���������. 1006.
'iroup 1. Kootenay Iit<tri(*t, thence went 60
h��:n- thence nouth 4U chains, thenoe cant 6o
���"tiairiK, thence north 40 chains to the point of
inunmencement, and containing 240 acrec, more
or less.
Pated June 21, 1907. ����obok A i v\ ��� ��� -,-\ i:.
Nelson Laud DUtrlct. I>l��triel ot Wt*t Kootcuay
Take notice that (J-f-orge Alexander, Ol KanIo,
14 < '.<��������� iii'Kti"n mine manager, intends to apply for a Bpecial timber licence over the following described lands: Commencing at a post
planted at the southeast corner of Lot 1(106,
fiioup 1, Kootenay Idstriit, thence north N
chains, thenco west tMJ chains, thence south An
chains, thence east *J chains to point of com
nieticriiieut, and < ntainlng r>4U acre*, more or
Dated June 27, 11K/7. '.Kuti.i Aif.X4m.er.
Nelson Land Mstn.-. '���<������� ol West Kootenay
-������&�� notice that'Jenrge Alexander, of Kaulo,
B. 0 , occupation mine manager,, intends to apply for a special timber licence over the following descried lands: Commencing at a post
-.���In ni- 'l at the southeast corner of L��m im ���,
'���roup 1, Kootenay Ulstrict, thence north HU
chains, tbence cast f*o chains, -.hence south 80
���-hains, thence -���������-' On chains to ttie point of
commencement, and containing 4ft0 acres, more
or less.
Dated June 27, 19U7. Ubohok Albxanpek.
Nelson Land District. Dlstrictof WeatKootenay
Take DOtUM that Ooorgfl Alexaudci, of Kaulo,
IL 0.| (���cctipatlon mine manager, intends to apply for a special timber licence over the following deKcrlbed lands: Commencing at a iwmt
planted at the nortbeaut corner of l,<-t 1004,
<irou|i 1, Koolenay Dintrlct, thence west 40
'���hains, tbene* soutli 100 ��bnlns, thence east 40
chains, thence north )"* chains to the point of
commencement, and   oontelnlOg 6*0 acres, more
Hate.I June 27. 1907.
' .I't.iti.K ALKXANIiKH.
s. I .hi Mud I'istrlct. District of West Kootctmy
Tuke notice that Oeorga Alexander, of Kaslo,
!'��� C, occiipatlon mine manager, intends to apply for a special timber licence over the following dcHC-ribed lainlo: Commencing at a post
planted at lb*- houthweet corner o| Hectlon IS,
Township7. Kootenay IMstricl, thence north 40
chains to the south h<miidary of ihe Indian
Referve, thence caht about 10 chains to the
���OUth-Mst corner of said !n��llnn Reserve, thence
iifiriii i : - tmiti theme cut ab<jut 70 chains tn
the went boundary of Lot 613, thence south *>
chains, thence west m chains to the point of
commencement, ami containing 001) acres, more
or less.
Dili.-I JUDO 17, 1907 (itOIIOK Al.BXANOKlt.
Nelson Land District. District of West Koolenay
Take notice that (icorge Alexander, of Kaslo,
B 0., occupation mine manager, Intends to ap
;���!> for a -p. . ml limber licence ovur the following dcscrlbeil lands: Coimuenclng at a post
pi tilted at the ItitcrsK lion <d the norlb .iue of
s- tin'i ,'i, Township 7, Kootenay District, and
the east lU.e of the Indian Rfiervu. thence sou Hi
HO chHins, theiictf CHist about 70 challil to the went
boundary of LolHI2, Lbonog north 8u cIihIus,
Lhfiii'e west -about 70 < .huh to the point of commencement, and containing &00 arras,  more or
Dated Juno 27, 1907. (Ibokoe Alkxanprk,
Nelson Land District. Dlstrictof West Kootenay
Tasc notice lhat Urorgc Alexander, of Kaslo,
B, 0 . occupation mine mnnnger, Intends to ap-
ply for a special llinticr iU:��uce over the following described lands: Comm��ucliiK at a post
planted at the Interaction of the south line of
rtefitlon SB, Township 7. Kootenay Dlstrlot, and
th<< east Hue of the Indian Reserve, thaiice east
al>out70 vhaltis to tin; weit iKiuudary of l.nt H12,
thence north Mi chslus to the south bank of
(lout river, theme wentorly 80 chains along
soutli bank of (ioat river to the west line ol said
section 25, thenoe south Ao chains to point of
commencenunl and containing 66 t acres, more
or less.
Dated June 27, i-hy *Tjkorok A i.i i * nukic.
Nelson Land District    Dlstrictof West Kootenay.
Take notice   that tieorge   Alexander of Kaslo,
H. 0,i occupation   mine manager, Intends lo up
rily for a special limber licence over the follow-
ng described lands:* Odnlmenclng at a post
planted at th* soulbwostcorner of LottMt flroiip
I, Kootenay district, thence south 100 chains,
thence east Ml ctialns to the northeast uorner of
the Indian reserve; thenco north about JWehalna
to Ooat river; thence weMcrly ilrmg tho south
bank of (loat river alHiul ir* chains to'be southwest corner nf Lot 491; thence north about :M)
chains to thu noithwest corner of said Lot 491,
thencu east abi ui ji chains tn Ihu southwest
corner of I.-ol 891; 'hence north about ATi chains
to the sou Ui cast corner of Lot .v.'ii; thence west 40
chains to the pel"' "' commencement, and con*
ladling 4i*> acre��. hi >pe or less.
Dated June 27,1907.        Okobok Albzahpek.
Free Lessons in Art Needle Work���Conticelli Silks
Miss Lockwood, an experienced teacher In Fancy  Art  Needle  Work,   will commence  a  series of classes  In
Knights of Pythias Hatl. Every lady In the city la especially invited to    avail    heraelf   of these   lessona   free
For    further    information   apply to Fred Irvine & Co., who have a complete stock of stamped goods and ailks.
Classes every day from  10 a.m.   to 12 a- m.; 2 p. m. to 4 p. m.
Certificate   of  the  Registration  of  an
Extra-Provincial Company.
"Companies   Act,   1897/'
I IIKHEHY (KKIiKV that the "Kinney Miller
<"edar ("ompaity," has this day been reulslered
as an Kxtra provincial Company, UDdU fhe
"Companies Act. Ih97." to carrv out or effect all
oranyol   the   objects of  the Company to which
the Uilalatlve authority of the baguwura ol
British Colombia extends.
The head oDice ol the Companx n situate In
thi- Citv oi Spokane, in tin state of WHsi.luglou,
d a a.
The amount ol the eaplisl oi the company Is
fifteen thon��.iii I |.>llar*��, divided nit" one hundred and flfty .shares of one hundred dollars
The head ofllee of 'he company iu this province is situate at CteMoti, and William llenry
Craufont. incrcbaut, whose address is the same.
Is the attorney for the company (Not empowered to Issue and tranfer Block )
The Uini' of the existent'" of ihe company is
fifty jreafl lrotn thu tub day of March, llsfT.
Ti e company l.t limited.
Given under my hand and seal of office at
Victoria. Provliue of Urftl��h Columbia, this .Mm
���lay of May, one thouiiaud nine hundred [and
[L. s] 8. Y. WOOTTOH.
R* gt*lrar of Joint Btoi k Companies.
The objects f>r which this coinpanv has been
established and reglMcrtHl are:
1. To acouiiv in any lawful manner, manufacture and Hell Of dtvpoaaof fAJ aud all kiudi
of (������ilar ai> 1 other timber:
2. Toaequixaln any lawful matieer iimt^r,
wtiether ijiuiidiog or cut, Uuibvr laada or other
laud*, loga< POMS, piling. posU, lumber, nhlugles,
shinglf holts, a d any and all ktmls of tiniNer
product, to manufai-ture any aud all such, and
to dispose of same lu auy law ml manner:
3. Toaequ-re in any lawful maimer stores,
implements, and any and all kinds of merchandise or property not In vlolallou of law, ami to
��� Iinpiinc of Name in any lawful manner:
4. To build or to acquire In any lawful man
ner roadu, iramways, or other mrans of transportation   iieceat.ary or  Convenient   Uj the other
fmrposes of the Corporation, and to operatr,
cue, or ���:-]���..���.*��� of same as may tte deemed ad-
vlNable; prarldad the same he private ways and
roads only, and provided further that Uils article is not to aultiortze the Corporation to oper
ate or maintain any public or toll road, nor auy
public serving trans|>ortatiou xyitem, nor to )>e-
cotne a common carrier:
h. To manufacture any and all kinds of ar
tides and products as may be deemed desirable
and not In violation of law. am) to sell and
dispone of name m any lawful manner:
6. To do any and all other acta and things
nacessar* or expedient for carrying on the business of the Company as hereinbefore mm forth.
IN THE MATTTR of tho "Rivera and
Streams A. t" and amendments
��� a::d���
IN THE MATTER o, an Application of
The Canadian Pacific Timber
Company.   Lin***!**.***.
Notice Is hereby given tha: *a days after date
Tin- Canadian J'aeiflc'i Imlier �� Tipany, Limited,
Intends to aubmll to the Horn tble Chief Cora
mlftKisoncr of I��nds and Works h ��� r< (xnial under
the provlnioni of thu "Rivers an, streams Act"
and amendments thereto, for ti.. right to Improve Trout creek and Its irlbuta "s from the
soureei of mich creek and iribularlch the polnl
where the . .i :-���, flowi Into Trout lake . the ! m-
trlctof Weit Kootenay, aud to remo% ��� ��b*true
tloiiM therelroin and make the luiniu fW 'driving, itoring, sorting and booming logs, r. .. * and
BfaltSi ati'i tbefliiming of I utnhi r thereo ���*>.-������
for the rtRht lo OoUaet tolls thereon.
The lands affcetc 1 are Crown lauds and ''a
77i), 7'JV), 7961, H2, 771 7C0. 762 and 190, all �����
'irotip 1,  Weat Kootetiny. i
I��ated thli HtB day nf May, l'.K)7.
( OMl'ANY,  I  l M l I 1.1 >.
by their solicitor, R. M. Macdonald.
Nelson Laud Durtrtot, IMstrhitof WeatKoob-n��r
Take nalice that (Jeorge Hltirm, of Blllingi,
Montana, 1' H. A., occupation, merchant, Intends to apply oir iMjrmlsslon to purchase the
following dewerlted land: Commeiicinir at a
iwst planted on the  west shore of   I'pi-r wtui I
-Uini (i -ii i , lake, and al the north west corner
0l 101 B199, thence nest JO chains, thence south
40 chitlui, thence cant 20 chains, thunuo north to
trhalnt lo point <d comtiiencemeut, and contain
log Km acre*.1 more or less.
MayWth   1907- (is<)KO�� KTttail.
NelHoii Land iMstrlct. DlKlrlct of West Kooleliav.
Take DOtlOS tliat Walter McNeil, of Hillings,
M'Uttana, I' H A., occupalion merchaul, Intends
toapply (or p; rmlsslou lo purchase the following ]��� i ,i,'-.( land : Commencing nt a |m*>si plan'.-
vd on Ihe wcilHiiorcof vpMf Whatsban (Carllam)
Lake, and at the northweHt corner of i ni *\ *.���>.
thence ��e"t Kb chains, iht-nre north HO chains,
tbaneo saal ���'" chains, thence south m chains to
point ol comuieiicemeiit, aud containing 100
aorsi, more or less.
May  "Mh. 1907 W��nm McNKlh.
Notice in hereby given thai no <imv* aftar date 1
luteii.1 to apply to the Ilouorahle the Chief I'otn-
mi���-'��� -i ol Lauds and Works for permission to
punhase the following deacrlbed traci of lauil
it.nhi. in West Koolenay tlintrlct: Commemdng
at a poat planted on Placer creek, '���<���' i lis con-
lltieuce with Hnmmlt creek, inark����; Wllltum
Itarbour's N. W. corner, thence south 40 ehalus,
theuee easl 40 cIihIiib, thence north 40 chains,
thence West40 chains to plana of commencement.
��ird May, 1907. Wii.mam Pariiouh.
north   lo  p'jlnt of ciimiiu-iH euicjit, containing
040 acres, more or less.
Dated tho 2nd day of May, Pw7
(Klgmd) II. Wa-hkw,
ptrK u. KAtiyuisB, Agent.
Hlxiy days after date 1 Intend to apply to the
Honorable the Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works for permission to purchase tho following
deaerlbod lands In Weit Kootenay district: Commencing at a post planted on the south shore of
Koolenay lake, and it-ijolnlna (,'. I'. It. block No.
10, and marked "Tom Oordon's northwest corner
pout," thence soulh 40 chains, (hence ' ast 40
chains, thence north 80 chains, more or less, to
Lake Shore, thence west 40 chains lo point of
Dated this With of April, 1007.
Tom Uordom
The Hall Mining and Smelting
Company, Limited.
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry Ores.
Sixty days alter date i intend to apply to the
Hon. Chlel Commlaaloner of UmU and Worku,
Victoria, to i Tchase tb following deacrlhed
land* adjoining the Arrow lakes in \Vr*l Root
enav: Commencing at a peal planted at the
S. W. corner of J. H. Porter's pie einptimi. and
marked H W'i H W. corner (h)��i, ��� i,. m .- .- i... -, -
north along lake shore. Uanes .��> < h��iui earn,
them-e ncnalna s.mth, thencv jo chains writ to
place ol beginuin*f, ooutalning io tana, more or
April is. PJ07. KvtLva W *T��ow.
Notice li hereby given that W days after "late 1
intend  to applv to the Hon. Chief < omttussltitier
of Lands and Works for perumaion to purchase
the following described trad of laitil, piluSie in
West Kootenay district: CoBUBam ing   at a \--i
Slanled ou Placer cn-ck. m-ar lt�� ooDBaatu a with
i.mum   creek,   marked Margaret MiUurhUli'i
N   K  corner- thence tOUtll 4o< hanm, then-1- ���*e^t
Si) chains, thence norlb 40 ��� im. n-   theuee east *������
chaini lo p|ae�� of commctieeuient.
ilrd May, 19OT. Masoiarr M< L*i i IUI,
W'lixiau  i "    "��� i:   Agent
.-:���-.'.;- days after date I intend toapply to the
Hon. the Chief I'oinuiUMoUer ot ) -. * - - amt
Works to purchase 1U1 acrt-nol laud : Coin (item ing
at a post planted on the wnl mile ol 6-Mlle creek
nn tbe wagon road about IU miles from Kool*
.nay lake, and marked Nell McKeebnle's ��onlh-
west coruer p..*.*.. thence weal 40 chaii,*, ihenee
uorth 40 chains, thence cant 10 chain*, thence
south 4ti chain* to place, id tM-glnnlna
Located this Ktrd day of AaJJL l��"f
, Agent.
...   along     ', ire
Ix>cale.l May (lb
Nelson I.and District    District of ��>*t Kiaitenay
Take notice that Kdward  PeU-rs of Ymlr, Brit-
lih Coluintiia, occupation, miner, tutvnds lo ap-
Sly for jM'tmi'-i��� ���. to purchase the following
escribed land: Commencing al a pom pi an te<1
on the north bank of !--t creek, about throe
miles easterly from the Junction of Loeteraea
and KhIiiioii river, in the Nelson land diilrb't,
theuee north Go chains, thence west Ao chains,
thence aoulh  HO chains,   more  or   !�����-�����.  t" *oat
��� ��� r.-'d.     i i -. ��� ���*���-���   MlnwitlK  said   creek  to  point
ol  commencement,   and   containing   4M)   acres,
more or ,������*--
DMM Juue .'��th, 1907 Kt.w*an I'KTKas
Diilrlct of West Kia.lenay.
Take notice that William David Anderson, of
Hirdar, occupation brldgeman. inteu<l sto applv
for permission to purchase the (..:..-. ing dew rib
eJ lands: Conimeining at a \x��hi planted at the
norlb    side   nl     Humtlllt   creek,    marked    H.    \\   .
tbence north 90 chains, thattea eaal  M chains,
tbence   south   -A) chains,   tbence   west   lo ehalus
to  polllt of   i olMiiielo . lu- -tit
Wii.mam iuvii> *UvMM,
w-. j. moTT, Agent.
Nelson tatDd Diatrict. Dlstrictof We��t KooUdiay
Take uottco that John I'hllbert of Nelson,
Hrltlsh Columbia, occupation, saloon keeper, m
tends to apply for (���eruilttsloti U> purebaM the
ivllowltig described laud: Commencing at a
?4 st planted on the north bank I*>st creek, and
a..'."it Iwo and one nuarter miles easterly from
ih- .'��0? lion of Loat creek ami Halmon river, lu
the .-1 ion laud district, Ibence north twi i hains,
limn*.,' , est Hi chains. Ibence south B ciialns,
more Di 't.<a, to I��st creek, thence east hdlowlug
-uid arse* -v point ol oosuaanoeinent and con-
talnlug ISO ni.rei. more or le^s.
Dalao Juiu *-h, iuu7. John I'hii.hkht.
Nelson Land Dl
wieuce xiiiih mi ehaiu��, the nee west m chain* to
point or commencement, aud containing ������<���>>
acres, more or lesa.
Daled June Mh, l��tf7. Fa^Na  MrDoMAl.b.
Notice is herahy given that no days aller date I
Intend toapply to the Honorable the Chief Coin-
mlssioner of Lsuds and Works for permission
to purchase the following described land, slluatu
in West Koolenay distrlcl: Commencing at a
post plant d at the wosl boundary of J...I M2 <ll,
and about ID chains moiiIIi of Ibesoulh laniudaiy
of the right of way of the li. C. Hoiitberu rati
way, and marked I'. A l"s southeast corner,
thence west im "h��in'., iheuce north to thcouih
boundary ol ihe right-of-way of H. c. Htmihern
railway, Iheuce following said boundary of said
right-of-way lu an easterly direction to the weat
boundary of l,oi ana til, Ibence south to place o'
commencement, coutnlntaig IWi acres, more or
Dated this Mill day of Juue, 11)07.
1'aim. AUui'BT FATJIMMi
Nelson Land District.   Dlstrictof W'esl Kootenay.
Take notice that Kdward Kraser, of Hilling*.
Montana, II. H A . occupation wool buyer, hi
lends to apply for permission to purchase tho
following described hind: Commencing nt a
post planted on the west shore of Cpper Whal-
shau (' itrlhon) lake, aud at the soulbea<tt corner
of Lot fllDU, thence west 90 chains, tin nee south
tb ���"'Minis, thence easl 80 chains, theuee south 20
chains, thence easi 40 chains, more or less, to the
west shore ,,f (!ppL.r Whatsban (Cariboo) lake;
theuee northerly and westerly along the sub)
shore HO chains, morn or less, lo point of coin
niciieenicni. and containing :t'(l acres, moro or
May Wlh, 1007. ROWAAO r"RAsgn.
Blxty days aftej date I purpose making appll
cation to the Hon. the Chief Commissioner nf
Lands and Works for permlHslon to purchiisti ihe
following described Land! Commencing at a
post placed at the tiorlheitHi c rnei c.f II <:.
klniiei's npplli nlloti to purebflse inarke'l
"B 8's. N. W corner post" thence following ihe
eastern houn.lHry of said application HOcVialiiH
south, theme runclng m chains cast, thence Ho
chains norlb to the southern boundary of K. W,
ffnnntnjf ton's appllllatloh to purchase, iheiicn HO
uhalns west along same to point of couimeucu*
moot, conlBi.iing fipiares, more or less.
Dated 2nd day of May, 11)07.
tHlgncd) K.HiiiaM.,
per F-0   FAtiyi'iiK, Agent.
Hlxiy days afler date 1 in bud U�� applju.lt*
Hon i hlrf Commlaaioticr of l^inds and W��.rk��
for jK-rmlsslon lo purchase the follow tti�� df-
scriU-d laml in W>��t K.Kdenay district lUm-
men. lug at* p��wt marked A C B's iiorthwnt
Horn, r post, runulug 40 rbalns easiertv aloni
llo- houndsry of Timber llcenr* No. Kott'ttunr*
southerly M> ehains. theoce wester.y ��i .haiat,
Ibenoa northerly ,V�� chains aloug the < | K
tra*"S io the ojsee of commencement, coutalnlDl
tw** hundred a�� res. more of leas.
tmmmt this 9ih day of May. l��rt.
A. C BfSH, 1 .     I.'    ���
Klxty   days  after data 1 Inleod to Bppl]  la tb��
lion I'tiiej OoaunlaateMt pi l*nd* ao i Hndi
to pur. baas ���) seraa of land iix-atrd abani -imiie*
southeast of Hiirlon: I uminroi lli| *\ s ,.������;
plaute-d at ihe M.tithweal ....",. r of l-.t hiCl, ... i
marked ����� A Hunter'* sottth��a*l itirn. r ti.rLf*
north 40 chain*, thencei west M '-haiin, Hiear*
south 40 chains, t hence east JO cbaiut to plsn
t<f iMglntilng.
LoOUad April 20t|i, 1907 ft, A   HiNTSS,
per A. Km u  Ageot
I. the understgn.-d. after eo <lays intend lo tp
ply to the lion, the Chief Commissioner >d Iao-Ii
and Works to purchase the following de�� r.t*eO
laud: ��� oiiitlieliring al the N.K.C. of l-ol "J*
<��� I , thenre west 40 chains, Ibence mrih A
��� hains, thence east so rhalns, theoce M.utb A
chains lo i* ������;. ��� of itimmfui-cnoot, ���.,,��. ���>���
acre* more or leaa
I ... at. .1 Mart-h iHlh. IW7. W. A   Mti-U.
���-������:;..* la be re by given that aa days alter date, I ;
laieiid to apply to the Hon. Chlof Coiamiulrm*!
of lands aud Works for permission u�� punhaH
Ihe following daaaHsad land In Wml KiHiliDO
district, uu west shire of Ijowrr Airow 1 *i-
adj..Hung UOl HO. 4W4A, on theaonth : C. . * * ���
al a iK��t marked "Marry   Mel*..:  -   N K    soras*
(tost aud   i lauted   on the shore of   Lowtf    ' * *    .
��t ���    at the - -.i t|., ���-i enrnei   of Capt   >    ���   u      ���
H'>4R.   thence   west   'JO ehaius,   tbetoe   .....  J'
< hains more or lesa to the north hohudnrv el I'-
Knllmore's P. It , thence Jo chains east along tn��
said b..Htidary lo lake, theme north along tb*
lake shore .i< chains, aiure or leas to ;��� " ��� '���
 li" I.i i'ltieul.
May S04, IfW. J   D  Mt-.rt,
Agent for Harry M. C  A
Huty days after date I intend Ui apply to tl*
Hon. the thief Commissioner of I^nii* si1*
Work! .Victoria. Ui purchase l'JO arret >! Isfid
located ou the weat side of Arniw lake and ������������
directly north of Lot '.:t:r\ t\>mroei.r|ng al a \**t
plaiile.l at the N. E. corner of l-'l 7lf:* ���t"1 m"rt
ed "H. I*. h k. ooraar, and rnnuing noith ��
chain*, thence west A) ehalus, thence aorth JO
chains, thence weat W chains thence south t"
chains, tbeuee cast 40 ehalus lo point of Mum
April ��trd, IU07. HtsiH*  Iik.hi'V,
J. K   ANKSBtE, Agent.
Hlxty dars afu^r date I in lend toapply ho xb*
Hon chief I oniiuisaiuner of l-nui- and w��rHi
Vletorla, H. C, to purebaM Ihe follow nut *Jf
scribed land, situated lu the West Koolenay <1U-
trlct: t oiu nit in ing at a p��*l planb-d on lh��
weal side ol K.aiieuay lake, near Khltn" en*
|xdut. aud marked J. McK Innon's H. K. ����� >:n��
post,   thence   west  Hu   chains,   ihenee   north *���>
< hams. Ibence eaal so chains more or lr*s o- its*
shorr, llieuea along lake t htirw tO |ailnl of I ����������
DaU-d April 4, iy07, Higned J   Mi KlWrpS
Notice Is hereby given lhat si xly days alter'tnW
I Intend to apply to Ihe Hon. Chief tomin. "'r
of ijinds ami Works lor perniisslnn to | ni'; �����*
the following described tract of land sllitsie is
Waal Kootenay district:    Ctnnmem lug ��> * I""1.
Slanted about on.- half mile north ifoni forts ��
uiiimlt  creek,  marked   Jean   * ameroii�� B   "���
corner,   thvnce  east  40  chains,   thence north *
chains, iheuce  west 40 chains,   thence south ��
chatnt. to place of commencement
SIM May, 1W07 Jr.AH CAMItoWt
William lusaora, Agent.
i  hereby given   that    sixty   day"
Nolle,-    i       i   ���     ���   r- , i,n ���      -i
date   1   Intend   lo apply  to the  II...
t ommlaslouer ol  Lau-i*. and  Works foi p*
slou io purchase (be following described li
laud, situated lu Weil  Kool*tiay district
meiieing   at   a   post   planted   nn   Hummll   ���
about one-half mile uorthw- si from forks,
ed J.H. McL-m N   K. comer, thence west Wi I
thence south  4o chain*,   thence east 40 ci
thanoe  north  4u   chains to   place of  comliiciH*
Brd May, 1W17. John 8. Ni L*c<iii *>.
William ���aJMOVB, Agent
Take notice that Harry Williams of BfUOBi
B C , rancher. Intends to apply for periiil"1<��u
to   purchase   the following   described   Isii'ln is
West  Im. d.nu,   ili-.irl.-l
f oinnieiiciiig at a posl planted adlscenl I" ,,,p
souiheaM corner of Lot six thousand nine tnin-v
red and eighty-live (AUK'n), (Iroiipouc (th In Ml1
d 1st net, Iheuce soulh twenty (Jo) chains, Iht ��"
west one hundred and sixty (*'���>') chains th" "'"}
    '"'halus,  thence east olio I' ui*1'
north twenty (JO),   ,  ....	
ted and   sixty (IflO)  chains lo the po|
mcnceuieiit  and  ruiilalullig  S'JO acre
mote '"
I atcd the PMh day ol May, 1WI7.
I, the undersigned, after W> davs intend to sP_
ply to the Hon the Chief Commissioner nl I-nii'1"
and Works lor permission to purchase 11"' l��J'
lowing described land: Commencing at a pwj
marked N K C, situated on the west shore m
Hl.it an lake, attout twenty miles from Hlocnli CKJi
Ihenee wesl 40 chains, th.ic-e south HO ehalPSj
ibence east 40 chains, tlieiK'e north along "���'
shore of lake HO chains to point of eomnicnu-
Located May 4th. BJUTT Khaki.
lliit'Cg Whits, Agent.
Hlxty daysafter date I purpose BUUtlOf ��PPlt^,"
Hon    to   the Chief Commissioner of Lands ��"��
Works for permission lo purchase the folh'��l"II
described land: Commencing st a post plm<u
at the northwest comer of lot 494HCI and nisrs
ed "1* MiC'sHK com. r post," running llu*��2
HO chains north thence HO chains west, thence m
cliitius soulh, thiiuce HO chains east, to polnl"'
coinuienceincnt. (outalnlng 040 acres, more or
Dated I hit Clh day of May, 1007.
/Hiynrd) 1'kikm MrCtd.Mx".
i D
Igned) rim "<< I'M.'-
A. M.Ci'l.tiH ii. Agcul.
Hlxty   <lays aHer dale I Intend to apply t*�� "'''
Hon. Chief I'limiiiMiiiiiii of Land��� and Worn
to purchase 940 acres of land, situate on the ch��� t
side of AlTOW lake, about two miles from Bi" '"nf
CoinmeticliiK al u post planted at the H, K. eorifj
of L ��M7, and marked N. T H> N. W. (turner all"
runutng cast HO chains, Iheuce south W clotin����
thence west 40 chains, thenco south W0h*l��B'
thence west 40 chains, thcucc north 40 chains w
place of bi'glnnllig.
Burton, April JSrd, 8tsi7
A. A. BUBTOV, Agent, The Daily Canadian
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he BACON We Sell
It Gives Satisfaction, Because It Is Lean, Thoroughly
Cured and  Smoked.    Our Hams Are
Excellent   Also.    All   Are Canadian
Goods.   Pure Lard in All Sizes.
P. Burns & Co., Ltd.
Take notice that llenery John   Johnson.   I'ost-
uroi  Ferule, B. C,   intends lo  apply   l��r a
���lal  Umber licence over   tte following described lauds:
Ho 1 ���Commencing at a post planted In the
Jixtrh't of West Kooicnay, abmul lwo mil ��� north
bf ihe international UnniiUnr line and about
hi. !-;;i *..i*.inl Houndary take adjoining and
ft   twet n it.'cores No  ml A and WJ&9,   theuee south
in chains, tbeuee west ao chains. Inaaos north W)
|hencr east 80 chains lo pl.ee of cnnilneac^ement.
Dated June 8, U0F, H. I. JoIihsoh, l-ocator.
AWb. HAfKBTT, Agent.
! No. I Commencing at . jmwi plauted .bout
kns mile north ot the uorthwest corner ol II. J.
So im son's No. 1 timber claim, tbence south fa
thsius, thence cast DO chains, tlieiiru north mi
rhalus. thencv west tm chains to place of com-
Do iiii'ini'Ul
Dated Juue 3, XVfl.       11. J   TfMIMMi locator.
AKi��. Hai am. Agent.
L-Commencing at a   MWl   Planted   at the
a est corner tit if. J   Johnson's No. 2 timber
No, 3.
lorthwael - ...
imiu, thence south is ijp hains,  ihenee   west HO
hams,   thenco   north Wi ehalus,   tuence easl hu
ii.ins tt�� place ol commencement.
D.led June 8, 1VU7.        H.J   Joiiksoh. Locator.
A Mi. lU'Hi.. Agent
No   4.    Comioeuctng  at a   i*>sl   planted at the
i. rlbeast corner of 11. J. Johnson's No. S tlmtx-r
sun   llieuce   north   SO  chains,   thence   west Mb
balna. tbence  south  ho ebtlns,   tbeuee  east M)
1 ehaius to place of eommeiieemeut
D.let! JuneS, 1 �� "        II. J- i.-its-n-s. Ixw.ior
Ann. IlACkBi-r, Agent.
No ���'..    Commeucing at a I**!   plauU-l   al  ihe
northwest cornero| 11   J   Johnson's No J Umber
��� i-tlin,   iheuce   norlb   so  chains,   Ibence   east  Hi)
> hains    tnence south 30 chains,  tbeuee  westsu
i hains to plana of net win wan* tir 1
Dated June 8. 1W7.        H. J    '--iiN  ���������-. locator.
AMU. Uai hBTT. Agent
No.6 ��� Commencing at a post planted about
one mile north til the northwest corner of 11. J
Johnson's No. 6 umber claim then.* soutb HO
��� bains, thence easl HU chains, theuee north tU
rh.ius. thenco west Ml chains to place of com
ii. ii< etueat
Dated Juue 3, lWn.        H.J   Joitswis, locator.
ami*. livMi'   Agent.
No. 7. Commencing at a lK��st planted at the
northwest currier of If J. JohliiHin's No 0 Umber
cl.lui. Iheuce south Ho eli-slnt, tbence wwISi
chains, thence notth *i chains, thence east HO
ct.atns u> j'-.i.*-  of eommencement.
D.letl June a, ivm.      II. J Johnson. Locator.
Am.   BUaCBTt, Agent
No H���Commencing al a post planted al the
liorlhetst Corner ��i| li J. Johnson ��� No 7 Mint-r
ilatm. thence nnrih mj chains, thence West ho
chains, thence south HO chains, Ihenee east Ho
i hains io place ol commencement.
Dated Juue 3. I��f7.        H. J. Johnson, Locator.
AMU. BaOBtatT, Agent.
Nn. 9 Comnitriiclng at a post planted at tbe
northwest corner of II. J Johnson's No ��� Utttbet
�� Irtim. thence m��rth DO chains, thence east HO
chains, tbence south HO chains, thence west ���
chains to point of eommeii'*ment
Dated June :t. i��n.     u. J Jonm*. booMor.
No. lu���Commeucing at a post planted Nt tin-
northweat corner Ol timber lli-enc** MU7L thence
nortfa hu within-, thence past SO ch.ius. theuee
aoulh *ni chains, tbence west b > chains   to   place
Id ii,.   :i- .-!;..   :. !
DateeTJvne8.1907.      H J Johmw��n, Locator.
am. Hvrntrn, Agent	
Take notice that Dan Baker. braepeetOT. of
Klbi ft. C . Intends to apply tor a special lUBDSI
licence over Ihe following described lands:
No 1. Commencing at a post planted in the
district of We*�� Koolenay. about eight miles
west o| the Kooteoaj *\\vr near the north bank
of boundary creek and one mile tio-ih of the International boundary line, m hlch claims are described as follows: At the northwest corner Ol
11inIkt lleelioe No. 8067, thence north ho chains.
tbeuee e��sl Ho chain*, tbence south HO rhatHs,
tbence wcsiHu chains to place of commencement.
Dated 1st June, 1907. Da*  Hakfk.
.Nn a. Commencing al a post planted at the
southwest corner ol I'mi Maker's No. 1 claim,
li.ite north HO chains, tbence west Hit vhn.ltis,
thence soulh HO ehalus, thence east HO chains to
place ol commencement
Dated Ul June, 1WT7. Dam Iukm.
No. a���Commencing al a post planted at the
northwest corner oi l)au Haker s No 1 "laim,
tbenea north HO chains, thence easl80 chuih*.
Iheuce south Wtciiaius, thaBoa wesl 80 chains lo
place of commencement. _.
Dated Isl June, 1908. D*H Hahkk.
Nn V Comment In* at a pi-l planted at the
northeast corner of Dan Milker's No 2 claim,
thence north 80 chains, theme West BO chains,
thence south 80 chains, thence east chslns to
plncc of comniflucemcnt
Dated 1st June, itsiT. Dam IIaksk
No. 6.-  iiiirin'iMii at a post  planted  at the
northwest corner of limber licence No HtW,
thence north HO ciialns, thcucc enst Ho chains,
thence -...nil, sii chains, tbence west 80 chains lo
place of commencement.
Haled June Itb, l*��. ���>*" BAKSh.
No. 6. Commencing at a post plaaicd al the
northwest corner of Dan Bakers No ft claim,
tbcn.e north Hu chains thence east Hu chains,
thence sonib Ml chain*, thence west HO chains to
place of .ion in.-nt..nil m
Dated June-4lli, ltsi7. Dan Harsh.
No. 7.���Commencing at a post planted at the
i    . M   com. r    of   Umber   licence    N'    ihs^)
thenco u ���'b HO chains, Ihenee w��M h��l chains,
lheiiceso.il, o chains, tbence east H chains to
point n| couiu    iiiomeut.
Dated June life, LWT, Da* Hakrk.
No. 8. CoinmeueDiK al a post planted at tbe
tiorllieast coiner of Dan Raker's No 7 claim,
tbeuee north 8.) chains, ihenee west Hu chains,
thence south 8U chains (hence east 8�� chains to
placit of iiommencciuujil.
Dated Juio- tth, 11W7 l>��* BAKtB.
Notice Is hereby given hat 00 days nlirr date 1
intend to apply lo the Honorable ihe Chief < out-
inlssloiier of l.iin.li and Works for a special
license to nit and carry away limber from ihe
lollowlng described lands in West Kootenay district:
No 1, Commencing at a post marked William
Waltusloy, planted at Kokancc Cieck Hiding on
the Procter nxiens'.oii, on Ihe west side of Lot
iwtiii!, on the south side of the West Arm of Koolenay lake, commencing al the N K comer post
running south 80 ehalus, west 80 chains, north 80
chains, east 80 chains to place of beginning.
Lociited 3rd June, 1W07.
WIMiam WAi.MHl.gv, Locator,
 jAMks llunitAtiii as .*veiit	
Nelson Laud District.   Dlstr'otof West Koolenay
Notice Is hereby given that thirty days alter
date I, J. l'.Hwedberg, of Nelson. 11. C, minor,
Intend to applv to the lion, the chief Commissioner of Lands and Works, at Victoria, for a
special license to cut and carry a* ay timber
from the following described lands, situated ou
Hummllurcek, In the W��st Kootenay district:
No. 1.��� ommeuclug at a pOSt marked J. I*. H's
timber limit, northeast corner post, lonated on
west lork of Hummll creek, about 8 miles from
mtiln creek, thence running sooth HO cIikIhh,
thence tunning west 40 chains, thenco running
north 40 chains, Ihenee west to chains, Ihenee
north HO dial us, theheo mnnlnu east 40 ehnins,
tbence running south 40 ehains, thence east 10
chains to place of cnmincncement.
Dated this fttii day of June. i'*w.
J, p, HwMuiKlto, Locator.
St. 2. -'ommencing iitaposl marked J. P. H's
limber limit, northwest corner post, located on
west fork nf Hummll crccg. about two miles from
main creek, Uicnce running south 80 chains,
thuncc running cast BO chains, Iheuce running
north 80 chiitns, thence runnliig wuslHJ ehalus
to pla e of commencement
Dated ilu-Mh day of June, ltkrj
j. i'. HivKitiiRRit. lxKator.
Nelson L^nd Di-.trlet.   District of West Kootvnay
'lake rudice that Waller Kdwards. of Ferguson.
B. 0   occupation cook, intends  to apply  tor a
spcciRi timber licence over the lolluwtug dee*
oHbed lands: Commencing at n pott planted
Cj ni il* -k up . creek running into the head of
UBrlboO lake, on the e.st side of Cariboo lake
and marked "W'altei Kdw.rd's northwest corner," iheuce south 80 chains' tbence east 80
chains, tbence north 80 chains, thence west HO
��� hains to point of commencement, and < outaln
lug r.tu acres, more or less.
Dated April nth, ism       wawbb ki vaumj
by his agent P, C. Mannimo.
Nelson l^ind Diatrict District of West Kootenay
Take notice thai Walter Kdwards, of Ferguson,
B C , occupation cook, Itiletids toapply for a
Special ttmbeT UoaBOa over the fellow-tug described lands: Commencing at a post ���������, mil s
up Hteiyns meek and a '4 mile east from A.
Kvan's corner post No. 9, and market) "Walter
Kdwards ��� noribwest corner (K>st," tbent* east
K) chains, thence south 160 chains, thence west
H) chains, thence north 100 chains to point t��f
commencement, and containing M0 acres, more
or less.
Dati-I May 80th. 1007. Wu.TlB BBVABSB.
by his agent f 0. Mannim..
Nelson I*n-' District. District of West Kootenay
Take notice *hal Walter Kdwards, of Ferguson,
B. C . oceupatu u cook, intend* to apply fur a
special limber licence over the following described Ittuds: <: immenclug at a jkmI planted
hIkiui a mile Iron the head of Cariboo lake and
one mile esst of raid lake, and marked "Waller
Edward's southwest comer." theuee north 80
chains. Ibcnc. east 80 chains, thunce south SO
chatus. tbe'ice vaal 80 chains to point o( com
Tiifiiccuit'iu, and containing tVfi) acres, more or
I��*ted.4lay *)lh, IK07. Waitbk Kuwafw.
by hU agent F. C   Masnino.
Nelson Land District. District of West Kootenay
Tase notice that Arthur K. Kvans. of Beaton.
it, i\, occupation cruiser, (Standi toapply for a
special l.mber licence over the following des-
<-rlbed lauds: Commencing el a post planted
nt.--.it I miles up Stevens creek ruuning into the
east side, of Cariboo lake marktd -'A. r. frvau's
southwest corner post," tbance uorth 80 chains,
tbence east 80 chal"s. thence south HU chains.
thence west 80 chains to p dut of commencement, and containing Muacres, more or less
Dated May Suth, l��n. Arthur B. Iivans.
by his agent F. C. MiHsnw,
No L Notice Is hereby given that 30 davs
after dat" I intend to *fyly to the Chief Commissioner, of Intl.! and Works, for a special
Uccn*e to cut and carry Umber from the following deacrib d lathis, situated on the southeast
side of Salmon river, in the district of Weat
Kootenay. Commencing st a post placed about
sn yards west of Rose l*a( creek marked "II. M
Reeves's northwest corner," theme 80 chains
south, thence 80 chains east, thence 80 chains
north, thence HO chains wcM to place of com-
Located on tbe llth day of June, 1907.
It   M. KbbvKs, Locator-
No. 2. Notice Is hereby given that ID days
after date I intend lo applv to the Chief Commissioner, of Land- and Works, for a special
LlaeOM lo cut and carry timber from the following described lands situated on the southeast
side of the Halmou river, In the dlslrlctof West
Kootenai '��� Commencing al a post pluced about
Asi yards west of H����se Leaf creek, market! "R Si.
Rceves'a No. t a.��ilnni��t c����rncr," tbence 80
chains north, tbence W- chains easl. thence ao
attains south, then.c 80 chains west to place ol
LOBIIBn on the 10th day t��f June. 1907.
R   M. Rbbmch. Locator.
Nelson Land Dlslrici.   Dlstrictof West Kootenay.
No. 1 - -Take notice that (Jeorge A. Laurie, of
Creston. B V. , lumbermen. Intends toapply for
a special timber licence over the following described laudr: , -        _   ,
Commencing at a post planted about one mile
south of the lock cabin, on tne Lick cabin trail,
on Inotiakl iu creek, thence north HO chains,
thence east 80 chains, thence south 80 chains,
thence west HO chains to the point of commencement and containing t��W acres, more or less.
May 1st, 1W7. Uao A. Lai-rib.
Nelson K*Od District.   Dlstrictof Weat Kooltnay.
No. 2 - Take notice that Ceorge A Liiuric, ol
Creston, R 0 , lumberman, lutend to spplr for a
special Umber licence over the following de-
Mcrlt>ed iund- *
Comracuolng at a post planted abtiut one mile
hoii.h of the Lick caldn, on the Lick cabin trail,
on lnonakliu creek, thence south 80 chains,
thence eaM 80 chains, thence north HO chains,
thence wesl 80 chains to the point ul commelKre-
meut and contalulnt; 6JU aares, more or less.
May 1st, 1907. t>��0. A. Lacrik.
Nelson Laud District    District of West Kootenay.
No 8. Take nollco that W, H. Page, of Fire
Valley, 11. C, cruiser, intends to apply for a
special Umber licence ovei the following described lauds:
Commencing at a post planted about one tulle
south of the Lick cabin, ou the Lick cabin trail,
on lnonakliu creek, thence south 80 chains,
ihenee wesl 80 chains, thetiee north 80 chains,
ihenee easl 80 chains to the point of commencement and containing '���!" acres, more or less.
���\i\ 1st, 1907. W. II   1'AUB, locator.
CKo. A. Lai Kla, Ageut.
Nelson Land District.   Dlstrictof West Kootenay.
No. 4. -Take notice lhat W. H Page, 01 Fire
Valley, H-C, cruiser, lute mis toapply for a special
Umber llcuce over the following described
Commencing al a post pla"tud about one ml e
south of the Lick cabin, on the Lick cabin trail,
ou lnonakliu creek, Ihenee norlb 80 ehains,
thence west 80 chains, thonee south 80 chains,
llienoe east 8t) chains io the point of commence-
mi'iu and containing tV40 ac.rt a, more or less.
May 1st, lwn. w, it. 1'aub. Uttalor.
Obu. A   Lai kik, Agent.
Nelson Iiaiul District    District of West Kootenay.
Nu -- Take notice that fleorgu A. Laurie, of
Creston, R C .lumberman, Intends to apply for a
special limner Uueuse over the following described lands:
Commencing at a post planted about one mile
south and one mile west, of the Lick cabin, on
the Lick Cabin trail, ou lnonakliu creek, thence
west no chains, (hence north 8*1 chains, thence
uatt 8'ichnlUH, thence south Htidmlns to the point
of com in en ce men I and containing 6-10 acres, more
or less.
May 1st, 1907. Uko   A. Lauiuic.
Nelsou Laud District.   District ot Went Kootenay.
No fi Take notice that Oenrga A. Laurie, of
('ronton, R. 0 , lumberman, intends to apply for
a special Umber license over tho following described lands:
Commencing nt a post planted abontouemUe
south and one mile wesl of the Lick cautu, ou
the Lick en hi u trail ou Inonaklln creek, theuee
wm ho i limns, ill.-nee south 80 chains, thenco
etiHl 80 ehaius, iheuce north 80 chains, to the
point of commencement aud containing 040
aoraii mora or less.
May 1st, 1907 Cgo. A. LU'UtC
Nelson laud Dlslrici.   District of West Koolenay.
No. 7.- Take notice Hint Ueo.ge A. Laurie, of
OrastOBt U. (V, lumberman, Intends toapply for
n special timber license over the following ilea
irlbcd lands:
Commencing nt n post planted about ono
i|iinrter of a milo in nn easterly direction from
Lick cabin, on lnonakliu creek, (hence south 40
chains, tbence easl 160 chains, theuee north 40
chains, tbence west 100 chains to the point of
commencement and containing MO acres, more
May 1st, 1007. Uao A. Laurib.
Italian    Government   and    People   Celebrate Centenary of  Birth  of,
Great Liberator.
Hume, July 4.���In every part of the
Italian kingdom today, and wherever
an Italian man of war floath, the one
hundredth anniversary of the birth of
Qtllsoppe Garrbaldi, the Kreat liberator,
Ih being celebrated. Patriotism'and love
of country formed the keynote of the
By act of thu Senate the day wan set
B{MUt ���� a national holiday. At a given
hour ihis morning saluteti wore fired at
all the Italian military and naval stations. The city of Rome was profusely
decorated in honor of the occasion. Pictures of tinribaldi, and of King Victor
Kmmanuel, Mazzlnl and other patriots
who were instrumental In bringing
about Italian independence and unity
were to be seen at every turn.
The King and other members of the
royal family attended a great review of
troops, which was one of the features
of the celebration. Under .the auspices
of patriotic and other organizations exercises in, memory of Garibaldi were
held In all parts of koine Thousands
of pilgrims visited the Island of Caprera
and deposited handsome floral offerings
at the Garibaldi tomb.
Guiseppe Garibaldi .the patriot whom
Notice la hereby etTen that thirty dars after
date 1 in it-ml toapply to the Hon. tbe ''hiel Commissioner of L*\nds and Works for a special li-
������th" to cut aud carry away Umber from the
following described lands in West Kootenay
district: ComineiiclnK at a post planted on the
north bank of I'cn Mile ereek, about one mile
and a half from Slocan lake, marked H. II Pitta'
northwest corner poat, thence cast 1*0 chains,
thence south 40 chains, thence west 1G0 chains,
tbence uorlh 40 ehnins to place of commence-
I>.��tod this JGlh day of June. 1907.
U. II. Pitts, Locator,
A. W. Btcbbs, Agent
Notice is n.'fi h given thai tinny days after
date I intend to apply to the Honorable
Chief Coin miss loner of Lands and Works at
Victoria, h. ., for a special license to cut and
carry away timber from the following described
land! in West Kootenai* district: Commencing
ni i. I'M planted on I he wesl bank of Smelter
creek, about oue mite son tb ol the City nf Nelson,
iii.'me south HO -chains, tbence west W) chslns,
thence north M) chains, thcucc east HO chains to
place of commencement.
Dated this Utb dav of Juue, l'-ov
r. C. Clark, Locator,
t). BCOTM, Ageut.
Nelson Land District. District ol Weit Kootenay
Take notice that John Pbilbert, of Nelson,
British Columbia, saloon keeper, intends to
apply for a special timber lleeuse oyer the following desrfWd lands: Commencing at a poat
plan ed about three miles up the first rluht
hand ic-auch of Ixist ��� reek and about five mites
dlfttance ami in a nmithertsteTly dlrecUoU from
the junction ol *ald '..��i creek and the south
Fork of Halmou river in the Nelson land district,
thence north 00 chains, Ihenee east fc> chains,
thence soulh W) chalua. theuee west 80 chains to
point of commeueement, and containing 640
acres, more or less.
Dated June 12th, 19u7. John Pmt.Hr.RT.
Nelsou Land PUtrlot District of West Koottray
Take notice th��l John I'hllbert. cf Nelson,
Biltiah Columbli, saloon aeeper, intends to
apply lor a special tlml>er license over the following -I. --nl.i >1 lauda: Commencing at u post
planted on the uorth aide of Lost creek about
tux miles distant mi.I iu an easterly direction
from the junction of Lost creek and the south
fork of Salmon river in the Nei>..u Und diatrict.
thence weat W chain*, thence south SO chains,
tbence east 80 chaina. thenoe north 8b cbalna
lo injlut of commencement, aud containing '-to
acres, more or less.
Dated June V2th, 1S07. John rillisaaafc.
Nolson Land District. District ol West Kootenay
Take notice that John I'hllbert. of Nelsou,
British Columbia, aaloon keeper, intend* to
apply Cor a knaelai Umber license over the following described lands: Commencing at a post
planted on the north side of Lost creek about
four miles distant and lu an easterly direction
from the Junction of said Loat creek and the
south fork of Batmon river in the NeUon laud dia<
trlct thence w> si 80 chains, thence soulh 80 chains
thence east 80 chains, ihenee north BO chains to
point of commeucemeut, and containing 640
ticrcs, more or less.
Datetl Juue Pith, 1907. John Philbkrt.
Nelson Laud;DtBtrlct. District of West Vootenay
Take notice that John Fhtlbert, of Nelson,
British Columbia, saloon keeper, intend* to
apply lor a special Umber license over the following described lands; Commencing at a post
about one and oue-half miles up tbe tlr-t right
hand branch of Lost creek, and aUmt four miles
distant and in a southeasterly direction Irom the
junction of raid I .osi 0 eek and the south fork of
Halmou river lu the Nelsou land district, thence
north 80 ohalus, ihenee east 80 cha-na, thence
south 80 chains, thence west 80 chains to point
of commencement and containing 640 acres,
more or less.
Dated Juue Villi. 1907. JOHN Phii.hkrt.
Nel;-.>n Land District. District of West Kootenay
lake notice that fohn Pllbcrt, of Nelaon,
British Columbia, saloon keeper, intends to
apply tor a special Umber license over the following described Isnda: Commencing at a post
Kinnled about two miles up the right hand
ranch otliosl creek snd about four miles >hs
tniii sud Ul a southeasterly direction from the
junction of said Uist creek and the south fork
of a* I in on river in the Nehnn land district,
thence south 80 chsius, theuee east 80 chains.
Uicnce uorth 80 chain*, theuee west 80 ehalliB to
point of eommeucemuul, and containing 040
aorta, more or less.
Dattd June Pith, 1907. JoBM 1'hii.hkrt.
Nelson l*and Dlslrici. Dlslrici of West Koo'enuy
Take notice that John Phtlbo't of Nelson,
British Columbia, saloon keeper, intends to apply for a apectiU Unitier licence over tho following de-Mcrit-rd lauda: Commencing at a
pout planted on the uorth side of Lost crack mid
altout four miles distant simI In an easterly
direction from the Junction of paid Lost creefc
and the Miutii fork of Halm m river In the Nel
son land distrld. iheuce casi 80 chains, thence
aoulh 8o ehains. thence west 80 chains, thence
north 80 chains to the polnl of commencement
and containing 640 acres, more or less.
Dated June Wth, 1907. John PiULniftT.
Notice Is hereby given that 30 days alter date I
Intend to apply lo the Honorable the Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works, Victoria,
for permission to cnt and carry away timber
from the following described lauds, in Wost
Kootenay :
No. 1. -Commencing at a post planted on tbe
southwest corner of -surveyed lot No. 7'iSl Ul,
thence eaat 40 chains, thence north 80 ehalus.
theuee cast to tho southeast corner of said lot,
thence north to the northeast corner nf said lot,
thence east to the west boundary of pro cmptlon
No. 69J, theuee south to tho north boundary of
timber licence No. 8MB, theuee west along tbe
said boundary lo the northwest corne-i of said
license, thenco-south to the uorth boundary of
Umber lie.use No. 7018, thence west to a point
due south of commencement, thenco north to
plaee of commencement, containing 640 acres,
more or less
Dated May BBth, 1907.
1*. A    Pa ri.KoN, Locator.
J, A. Sii i.ivan, Agent.
No. 1 Commencing at a poat planted at the
southwest coiner of surveyed lot No. 72*1111,
tbeuee south to the northern boundary of tlm-
nnr license No. 7018, thence wesl to the north-
west corner nf snld l uubet license, thenco south
lo the northern boundary of lot No, BIS, theuee
following Mild boundary of said let west to tbe
right of way of the II. IV Southorn Kail way,
thonco following said rtght-of way in a north
easterly direction to place of commencement.
Dated May 2Mb. 1907.
r A Paulson, Locator.
all Italy uniteB In honoring today, was
the central figure in the fight for Italian
independence. Alternately Bailor and
soldier for half a century when he was
not a fugitive or an exile, the career
of Garibaldi was crowded with adventures of the most exciting and desperate character. Yet he lived to die In
his bed at the age of 75.
He began life in his father's occupation of a mariner, and his second voyage having taken him to Rome, he saw
and heard there the things that started
him on his revolutionary career, which
early in 18.14 led to his exile from Italy.
He had lmblded from Mazzini, the leader
of the young Italy party of Republicans,
the spirit of revolution, and In his exile,
while following the business of a mariner, he took part In the effort at independence of the republic of Uruguay.
He suffered great hardship, and was
wounded severely during this adventure, but performed some remarkable
Prom South America, in 1848. he
sailed for Italy, and offered the services
of himself and a legion that he had organized to Charles Albert, who was at
war with Austria. The King received
him coldly, but Garibaldi, after the defeat of Charles, at the head of some
rosolute republicans, continued the resistance to tne Austrians until dispersed by overwhelming numbers.
That year Garibaldi offered his services to the pope, who did not accept
them, and who, a few months later, was
forced to flee from Rome. Garibaldi
next joined the revolutionists in 1849
and was placed In command by the new
republican government. He opposed, at
first successfully, the efforts of the
French to restore the pope and of the
Neapolitans to enter Rome. I3ut the
French, greatly reinforced, entered the
holy city in due time and the republican
triurnvirate, beaded by Mazzini, was
driven out. Garibaldi, however, kept up
the fight, and with two legions avoided
the attempts to capture him, until, his
army having surrendered or been dispersed, he fled with a few companions,
and was taken and banished.
This time he resolved to go to
America, and he landed in 1850 in New
York, where he earned a living, first by
making candles and then at his old occupation of mariner.
He returned to Nice after a few years
and lived quietly, but at the beginning
of the Italian war with Austria in 1859,
he was ready to comply with the request of the Sardinian government, and
organized the corps celebrated as the
"Hunters of the Alps." with which he
rendered Important services to Victor
Emmanuel and the French. When the
insurrection In Naples broke out Garibaldi supported it. In the following
year he took Sicily and became dictator.
In September he entered Naples, and
Victor Emmanuel followed him on Oct.
15th, 1860, with the Sardinians. Garibaldi had declared himself dictator In
ihe name of Victor Emmanuel, King of
Italy, and relinquished the title when
the Sicilies were united to the Italian
He did not abandon, however, the pur-
v*ma to march on Rome, and while the
new klngtw���* *��r Italy, despite the protests of the pope, was being iMn^f��iu]i
by European states, Garibaldi went
about his preparations to capture the
holy city. Hut the royal government
denounced his conduct and sent troops
against him, and he was defeated and
captured. Thereafter for some years
his history Is the record of his attempts
to capture Rome and the defeat of these
plans by the royal government. But at
last, Venice having been annexed to the
crown of Italy, the Italian troops
entered the papal territory. He retired
finally to his home at Caprera, where
he died peacefully on June 2nd, 1882.
Notice Is hereby given that 80 davs after date 1
Intend to make application to the Honorable the
Chief Com nils* toner of Lands and Works, Victoria, H C, Ira special licence to cut timber on
the following described lands in West Kootenay
district: Commencing at a post situated on
HIucIm-i ry creek, nbout four miles from its mouth
and adjiiiuiug the N. W. corner of my application No. 1, thenco south SO chains, thence west
HuchsiiiH, the no�� north 90 chains, tbenee eastM
chum*- to point ol commencement.
Duted May 19th, 1907. E. .W Robin sow.
Takanotloa that D. H. Telford, of ttaskatoon,
Sank, occupation sawmill operator. Intends to
applr for a npeclal timber licence over tbe following described lands:
No.l. Commencing at a poal planted at the
southeast corner of Loti372, Mo-quttocreok, West
Kooi iikv. tb. me north SO chains, more or less,
lo tbe corner of Lot i'212, thenoe weit 40 ehalus,
Ihenee north 60 chains, thence east 80 chains,
ihenee south W) chains, thence west 40 chains to
point ot commencement, and containing 500
acres, more or less.
staked May 81, 1907.     David HBHHY TBLPORU.
No. 2 commencing at a post at the Inner
angle of lot 427*2, Mosquito ereek. West Kootenay,
ihenee uorth 1A0 chains, thence east 40 ehains,
thence south 100 chains, thence west 40 chains,
to place of commencement.
Staked May HL 19117.     I avtn IIfniiy Tki.vorh.
No. 8. Commeucing at a post about three miles
northerly from the northeast corner of Lot l u.\,
Mosquito creek, Went Kootenay, tbence louth 80
chains, thence cant 80 chains, thence north 80
chains, thence west 80 chains to place of commencement and containing ftiO teres, more or
Staked June 4,1907.     bavin Ukmry Telford.
to. 4 Commencing at the northwest corner
of No. 3, theuee north 80 chalua, thence east 80
chains, thence south 80 chains, thence west 80
chains lo place of commencement, and containing ti4i> acres, more or less.
Slaked June 4, 1907.     David Msnby Tklfobd.
No. 6. Commencing at the northwest corner
of No. 4, thence north SO chains, thence east HO
chains, thence south 80 chains, thence wesl 80
ehalus lo point of commencement, and containing 640 acres, more or less
Staked June 5,19OT.    Davin Hbhry Tbu**okd.
Take notice that 30 days alter date I Intend to
apply to the Hon the Chief Commissioner of
laimls and Work*, Victoria, for pcimtssion to
cut and carry away timber from the following
described land, in \\ est Kootenay:
No. t. Commenting at a post planted at the
southwest corner of timber license 8MB, thetiee
west 80 chains, thence south 80 chains, thence
east 80 chaina, thenco north 80 chains to place of
Dated May HI, 1907.       J. T. BtmuBSS, Locator.
J  W   Coi.iBt'hn. Agent
No. 3. Commencing a( a post planted at the
southeast corner of application Mo. 1, thonee east
80 ciialns, thunce north 80 chain*, theuee west 80
chains, thence soutli 80 chains to place of commence men t.
Dated May .11,1907,       > T. RruoKss, Locator,
J. W. Coi.nvHN, Agent.
Queen's Hotel
Biker Street, JSe'.on. 8. O.
Lighted by Electricity and
Heated by Hot Air
Large and ('omlortable Bedroom, and First-
claatDlDlng &001.1.   ttample Boom, for Commercial   M.n.
MRU.  K. C.CLARKK. ProprtetrMi
Grand Central Hotel
Thoroughly renovated and refurnished. Rooms 50 centB upward. The
dining room Is unexcelled In the city.
House heated throughout with hot
J. A. ERIOKSON, Proprietor
Telephone, 250.    Opposite Court House
and Postoffice, Nelson. 8. C.
Tremont House
Boropeao and American Plan
Heal, 25 ota.   Room, from * eta. to ��
Only White Help Implored.
Baker St.. NeUon Proprietor!
Battlett   House
Best DolUr-a-Day House in Nelson.
The Bar la the Finest.
White Help Only Employed.
JosephIne Ht.
Nelson. B. C.
Royal Hotel
Rates f 1 and tl.60 a Day.
Special Rates to Regular Boarders.
Molt comfortable quartere In rlelnon'
Only the beat ot Llquora and i lean.
A. McDonald & Co.
Dealers in staple and fancy Groceries
Butter, Eggs.
Oamp and Miners' Supplies.
Notice to Delinquent Co Owner.
To Clttrles <3. Simpson, or any other person
to whom he may have transferred his interest In
the "Mar Blossom"' mluernl claim, situated on
Brown Mountain, two and a hall miles southwest of Yml', in the Nelson Mining Division, of
West Kootenay District, and recorded in the
Recorder's rtiw-e, for the Melton Division.
You and each ol you are hereby notified that
I Im vi* expended two hundred and five dollars
('AV>.00; in labour tu.tl improvements upon the
above mineral claim In order to hold the same
under the provisi>ns ol the Mineral Act. and If
within ninety days from the date of this notice
you [all or refuse to contribute your portion ol
the expenditure, (which it one hundred and two
fifty dollars (9102.m>) lor tbe two yesrs ending
Hth May, 19OT,) together with all costs ol sdver
tlsins;, vour interest In the said claim s* 111 become the property ol tbe undersigned under
Sec. i of an Act entitled: "Au An to Amend the
Mineral Aet, 1M0."
Dated at Ymlr, B. C , 16th May, 1907.
Notice Is hereby given that the Wattsburg
Lumber company nas applied to His Honor the
Lieutenant Uuvernor In council, under the provisions of the "Rivers and Streams Act," lor the
right to Improve Uykcru creek, in the district ol
West Kootenay. British Columbia, by removing
tbe obstructions therelrom and straightening
the bunks thereof, and to eonNtruetrluus, booms,
slides and chutes, and tnakeiucb other Improve-
mentK as may be necessary for the driving and
rafting of loss ami the Hum ing of timber thereon
The lands to lie affected are guverment lands and
l.��>u '!M and 869, <lroup 1, Koowaay district, and
the tolls that ure proposed to be charged, If any,
are such ax m��y be fixed by a Judge of the county
court of West Kootenay.
Dated this-27th day o| March, A, 1>. 10U7.
In the mstter of an application for the issue of
a duplicate ol the Certificates of Title for Lots 11
and 12, Block fw. Town of Bllverton (MupA74);
the south ', ol Lot 8, Block ft, Town ol New Denver���and Lot l. Block n and lot 8, block :w,
MrGilllvray's Addition to New Denver (Map (Al);
Notice Is hereby glveu that It is my intention
to Issue at the expiration of one month Irom tho
thu first publication hereof duplicates ol the
Certificates of Title to the above described lands
In tho name of Henry Sheran and Harry Sheran,
which Certificates are dated tbe 17th j une, IMfc
the Uh ol October, iw��i. the tflrd Julr, 18U5, and
tho l'.��ili January, 1896, respectively, and are
numbered 2021K, 11K47A.7S2C and 881IK, reaped
District Registrar
Land Registry Office. Nelson, B C
Twtb. May. \��n
In the matter of an application lor the Issue of
a duplicate of the Certificate ot Title lor Lots
Itl mii-.I 17, Block 96, Towu of Nelson.
Notice Is hereby given that It Is my intention
to Issue at the expirullou of one mouth nTter the
first publication hereof a duplicate of th > Certificate ot Title for tt>c ntiow i.iit* In thu name of
Frances s. Day which Certificate Is dated the
19th Beptembor, 1HUV, and uumhero.l jicvok.
Lund Registry Office, Mulsnn, B.C., lMh Junf,
1907. H. F. MarLKOD,
District Registrar.
Apply at once.
Brydges, Blakemore & Cameron, Ltd.
' ��ws^is^v*i��s<��-v^>v��<
3 Improved Ranches For Sale
On Kootenay Outlet, between Nelson and
Procter.   Choice locations.   For particulars
Choice Fruit
I Have 10,000 Acres
of the
Choicest Fratt Lands tn
British Colombia.
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
Nelson, B. C.
We Have For Sale One of the Prettiest Homes to
Nelson, Sitoated in. Fatrvtew, Clo��e to the Car Line
Large 7-room house. Stone foundation and first-class cellar. Complete water system. 10 lots under cultivation and planted In large, bearing fruit trees.   This is a snap.   For particulars apply to
Something for the practical man.
Just investigate!���That is All we
ask of you; and you ows that much
to yourself.
Kootenay Orchard
ward st. - Kelson, b. c.
Summer Excursion
.... Rates East
From Nelson $52.50
To Winnipeg. Port Arthur.
St. Paul, Dotath. Sioux Oty
Chicago (64.00 Montreal 98440
Toronto $78.50 St. John f 94.00
St. Louis 160.00 Ottawa 882.55
New York $100.00 Boston $8530
Halifax $101.80
On Sale July 3, A, S.   August 8, 9, 10.
September It, 12, 13.
First Class Roond Trip, 90
Days Limit.
Corresponding reductions from all
Kootenay points. Tickets available for
lake route Including meals and berths
ou lake steamers. Through rates quoted
to any station In Ontario, Quebec or
Maritime provinces on application.
on   1600   acres,   south   of  Burton   city,
for sale.    Apply to
The M. & W. Land Co., Limited,
A. M. Can. Sec. C. E.
Mining Work a Specialty.
Office:  Henley Building.    P. O. Box 434
Bsker St.. NELSON, B. C.
A.O.P.A..VaneonT.r. 0. P.A.. Naiann
AND IN THE MATTER OF the plan of
the Townsite of Robson, part of Lot
Three Hundred and One (301,)
Group One (1.) Kootenay, of record
in the Land Registry Office at Nelson aa "626."
Nolle Is hereby Ktven that thirty tiara after
date 1 tin,-ii i to apply to the Boartl of Licence
CninintsMlt.il.-i�� lor tne Ymlr ttlatriot for a Irani,
fur of the licence held by me for the Kort Hhep-
pant hotel to ���'. Adle.
(Rlgm'il) A M. Mhibi.ih.
Wniicta, B. <*., May lit, lM/f.
Take notice that ou the 26th day of July, A. li.
l'JOl. at the hour of 10:10 o'clock In tbe forenoon,
at the Court Home In the elty of Nelson. In the
Province ot British Columbia, application will
bo made to the Judge of tho County Court of
West Kootenay, by the Columbia and Ki..>tenay
Railway and Navigation Company for an order
that tho plin of the aald Town.lie of Robaon, of
record at Nelaon, In the Province of Brlttih
Columbia, an "6.6'' be cancelled, and that the
applicant may onloy the u.hdi comprised within the laid Town Bite tree from auy easement,
or rlghti ot any person to open any land or
lanes, street or streets, square or sqiaree, park
or p.rks across, within or upon said lands.
Dated at the City of Nelson, In the Province of
Mrlti.h  Columbia, thli-Rth dayof June, A. p.,
Agents for I.oiigtiecd. Bennett, Alllaou, Taylor
A Mi-Laws Solicitors and agents for the
Columbia A Kootenay Railway A Navigation Company, applicants.
To R. RRLL Ji COMPANY. The Daily Canadian
Our stock of SOUVENIRS cannot be surpassed in variety and beauty
of design. We have over 40 differ ent designs in Spoons which range in
price from 60 cents to $2.50. Besides Pins of all descriptions. Belt
Buckles, etc.
Watchmaker and Optician
f �����
* ���<��- 	
t    /**--sW   w\   IPS ci\ocEf*ijr.s   ���
;0ur Stock is Complete
; AMMONIA,  LYE,   Etc.
* Here are tAio Soap Specials:
\?5   31b.   BARS   HOMESTEAD   $4.5C
;72 BARS GOLDEN  WEST for $2.75
j Bell Trading Co.j
This store will be Closed Evetr ThnrK<i.i>   +
Afteruoou In June, July mm August       m
FRUNINw AND GRAFTING carefully attend
to. Ajiply
Stiver  JCtna Hnt-Pl.
Old Curiosity Shop
If you want to buy or sell anything,
go to the Old Curiosity Shop. A new
line of .Japanese Goods now on Bale.
AH kinds of Dinnerware In stock. Patterns.
See Us
For Good Fruit Land
io Acre Blocks to 800
Acre Blocks.
Bedrock Prices.
Easy Terms.
H. L Croadsdaile & <��
Next Door to Bank of Commerce.
All KlndB of Heating  Plants in  Slock.
orla St., Nr. Opera House.       Tel. 181.
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch,
Creosote, Oils for
Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch and
Boat Builder! will lincl it to their nd-
v.ntage In use oar Pitch.
Nelson Coke & Gas Co.
I .llT.lt Otl.
General Job Work, Chimney Sweep.
Ing, Carpet Cleaning, Fixing and Cleaning  8tovea,  etc.
111 Eaat Baker St. Phone No. A114
Our Thurman Mixture
Ih manufactured from  the flneftl  tobacco, him-ri|��ene<l and dew-Hweelened.
It's mild,  full-flavored  and  cool.    A  tobacco  you  ought   to  try.
to'ciccmirA.   Baker Slreel.
Socialist Party mr-i'ls Overy Kr day
��� inlng nt Sii ni . In toe Minora' I nton Hull
All mi' invited; hmv ono allowed to take part In
Um deb&tea    i. Austin. Secretary.
Patronized by Ear! Grey and Nobility
Hotel Strathcona
Et:l Lccat.d Hotel la Nelson
Apartment* Elegant    Cuisloe Oboioeat
<"Jvi 11 'y and rk'Riiliness.
Supervlaeil liy proprietor aud* wife.
K I!. Alexander. Calgary; W. D. Fisher, New Denver; G. W. Hughes, Kaslo;
C. H. Reynolds, Trafalgar; G. I^owerby,
Creston; L. M. Winter. R. Slye. St.
Paul; D. Wilson, Victoria; J. \V. Mc
Ketizie, Toronto: P. G. Fauquier,
Needles; H. S. Jones. Calgary; G. Pole,
Naktisp; C. B. Allister. Winnipeg; .Mrn.
llarren. Greenwood; S. R. Sheldon; I..
E. Gurney, Moscow; G. Guussle. J. B.
Robinson, E. Ii. Strong. Minneapolis.
Cnr. Vornon   nn.i av.ir*��d Slroets,
S. Stern and wife. Mrs. W. G. Stern,
Louisville; T. B. Bethel, Wilson Creek;
A. H. Johnson. Collingwood; -V. P. Mc-
.Naught. S. M. Todds. Silverton; T. H
Hoben, New Denver; A. J. Mates, Mrs.
H nirke. A. I.. Lochead, Vancouver; J.
A. Pox. Brantford; A. C. Day, Fertile;
Q. W. Maybe, Toronto; M. W. Harrison,
c, W. Warner, D. A. Kennedy, Spokane; .1. N. Sergeant, Ymir: H. Gerd-
wod, Sandon; G. R. Green, W. Hourle,
R. A. Power. H. Bowman, Vancouver;
W. H. liiirnham, I.ang; J. Apax. Brant*
ford; K. W. Joy, Winnipeg; A. Vaghan,
Mrs. B. K. and Master Cecil Taylor,
Orient; H. H. Wright, Sandon; R. Mc-
Fat lane. Slocan; H. Cur, W. A. Cur,
New   eDnver.
F. W. Spencer and wife, Vancouver;
J M. Campbell, Deer Park; J. Hates,
Edgewood; A. S. Brady, G. Carter. Spokane; .1. Yorke. Pern  Mine;   H. S. Itow-
naii, Howser; a. g. Blaine; f. Pitt, v.
Bennett, T. Lambert, Q. Gardner. Cran-
iirook; J. II. Sargenat. New Westminster; P. Naylor. Kaslo; D. 11. Bert, A. II.
Nesliitt. A.  Norman.  Oxbow;   A.  Cooke,
Coykendahl; H. U Beabook, Nakusp; H.
L, Cody, Winnipeg; C. Hanson, Poplar.
W. J. Hughes. Yinii ; li. J. Sandifer,
Cranbrook; w. R. Christie, Beaver; l
Wibber. .1. English, O. Praser, .1. K
More. II. G. Selmes. Procter: I. Gordon
Gerrnrd, J, A. Mtlir. 0. H. Daniel, H. S
Gun. Lethbrldge; 1). McKay. Spokane;
.1.   Chipman,  Granite.
A. 0. Jones, New York;  3. C. Smith
Bolton;   J.  P.  Adams. Thrums.
R. Chlsholm, L. M. Yaies, Ymlr.
Mia log
INELSON,     -     B. C.
Coal! lee! Wood!
Phone 265
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Frait,
Fuel  & Poultry Co., Ltd.
N. E. cor. Baker   and   Ward   Sta.
AH.-llfcTANT    Hours Ins. m. lo �� p.m.     Apply si
B urt'i boathottM	
mini employed. Airs. K. H. Ixmule, Hoover Ht..
he I ween 'J ii. m   mill I p. in	
IW'I FlKKT-OiMH**' KOOUH. staam heated
plr hniispkeeiier. ��rd flet. K. W. <\ hl.x-k
7 roiimi:
' HOt'BIC. �� lots  with   bearlliK,   treit
Fourth  of July.
.1. Langan will be the host at a Fourth
of July dinner at the Ilium1 tonight
Independence   Day.
Ahum lean residents of Nelson art* celebrating their national holiday in a quiet
way. The principal hotels are decorated with American iia^s.
First   Raspberries.
Dd Mason claims to have picked the
first raspberries of the season. They
grew in his uwii garden in Fairview
and the bushes were exposed to the
sun hi>tit morning and afternoon.
In Nelson last evening. July Hid, at
the residence of the bride's father,
Silaca Btreet, the marriage was Bolemn
Issed by Rev, K. il. Graham of William
Heron and Mildred, daughter of Thomas
Court  of  Revision.
The annual civic court of revision
has sat and considered all appeals from
assessment. They were very few, and
no appellant raised the question of the
relation of assessment to market values.
as the latest amendments to the Municipal Clauses Act permit. Practically no
changes were made by the court.
Wanted. A  Man.
The C'immltte in cliarge of tho exhibit for Winnipeg mel in the office of
the 20,000 Club last night and made
good progress with the arrangements.
No selection has yet been made of a
lecturer to accompany James McPhee.
Those who have been suggested as suit
able men cannot Bpare the time. The
offer of Mrs. M. S. Davys to keep the
Committee supplied with fresh flowers
was  gratefully  accepted.
Baptist   Meeting.
Last evening the semi-annual business meeting of the I.aptist church was
he'd. Reports show the church to be
in excellent condition. Delegates to the
H. C. Baptist Convent inn. to be held at
Summeiland. July L8-22, were appointed. Pastor Rev. E. 11. Shanks, Rev, C.
Padley, and Mr. A. N. Wolverton were
appointed delegates. An effort to place
the church on a self-supporting basis
independent ol the Home Mission board
is being made.
No Quoram.
The session of the city council, the
meeting of the Winnipeg exhibit committee, and the general lassitude following a two days' celebration, all combined to reduce the attendance at the
fruit growers' meeting last night
In addition to the two visitors, \V. J.
Brandrith and H. Kipp, President Johnstone and two other members were the
whole muster. The meeting adjourned
to an ice cream parlor on the invitation
of ihe chair for which a hearty vote of
thanks was passed by the large and Intelligent  audience.
Afraid  of  Hold-Ups.
A. Waterer arrived from the Northwest last night bound for Hpokane. He
itad a lot of money and, for fear some
one would try to rob him, he bought a
revolver and proceeded to flourish it.
He was taken in charge and this morning he paid $20 and left the revolver
He expressed gratitude for being taken
care of so well.    He will go on to &aa
V.ane lontp^it.
The Store of Quality
Made   only   by  the  Maple   Tree   Producers' Association. Waterloo, Quebec.
Shipment Just opened up and guarun
teed the best ever brought Into Nelson
K   W   C   ���Bkmk     Phono  10
For Sale
50 ft.   Corner,   Houston   and ward,  $375
50 ft.  and  Cabin,   Mill,  near park, $275
Residence���Centrally  located,   near station;   six   rooms  and   bath,  electric
light, water, sewer-
Also business property,  factory  sites,
etc., etc.
F. B.  LYS
Weit  Baker Street. NEL80N.  B.  C.
Brand New Art Bell Piano
John T. Pierre, Baker St.
Heinz Balk
Sweet Pickles
50c per Quart
Also a full line of Heinz goods.
The name is a   sufficient
guarantee of quality.
C. A. Benedict
Corner Silica and Josephine 8tn.
you   will   want   to   pick   up   some   little
of your visit, and probably some
Picture Post Cards
We makf a special feature of
Picture Post Cards ami Souven
Irs. and show one of the best
assortments in P. C,
AJftcc Line of Fine Leather Goods
Hand Hags, Purses. Card Cases,
Cigar Ca**tes, Leather Hound Edition* of Standard Authors, Poets,
Classics, Ktc, Ktc.
Talking Machines and Records
Edison Phonographs. Columbia (Ira-
phophones (the (iuest disc mat-hin*'
on the market.! and a lar��e stock
of both Cylinder and Disc Records
of all makes.
Come in and look around and hear the
music whether you want anything or
not. We're always glad to see everybody.
W. G. Thomson
BBT��A��TK.^ii"' ^   Nelson, B. C.
Phont 3-4.
F. C��. Fauquier, of Needles, is in thu
city today.
<;. w. Hughes,   of   the   Luoky   31m
mine, arrlred from Ka*Ij '.-.m  night
Mrs. C. V. Mall arrived In the city
lust night from RevelstokO, where she
has   heen   visiting friends.
W. J. Brandrith and H Kipp will hold
a meeting of fruit growers at Creston.
They will return to Nelson on Saturday,
Html Halnville. brother of the late
Achilla J, Uainvllie. Is In the city, having come from Farnhant, Que., to look
after his brother's estate.
Inspector   Wilson,  who Is   In   charge
of the high school examinations now in
progress at N'elHon, Itosslanfl, (irand
KorkH and Kaslo, returned to tlie city
last  night.
Well   Known  in   Nelson.
BuriiH, who fOUghl Squires today,
at San Francisco, Ih well known to
many reffUtOota of Nelson. Mis rlgbl
name Is ItrtiHKo. He was born In (lull,
Ont.,  and   until   H   year or no ego  was
prominent '�� tgcroeee circles,    it was
a surprise to his old friends to learn
lhat he hail taken up prize-fighting as
a   profession.
Two applications were heard this
morning hy Ills Honor Judge Forin. In
Hank of Montreal vs. K. V. Thompson
H. c.  Hall's application tot directions
was dismissed. K. A. Crease obtained
an order for letters of administration
to .lames McKlan in the matter of the
goods of Nicholas McKlan, deceased.
Th��* estate was sworn at $1,420.
Wl-mli-mtU' niul   Iteltill Dealon lu
Fresh and Salted Meats
Camps supplied on shortest notice and
lowest price. Nothing hut   fresh and
wholesome meats and supples kept in st-iKik
Mail orders ri'-ceive careful attention.
E.   C.   TRAVFS    (Vlaraj?**.
Is Pemow/ied
Its BusiriEss Energy
3 to Consider
24 LOTS, an excellent block. $500-
Easy  terms.
5ROOM HOUSE. Hoover St., splendid
garden. Vruit trees, etc. $1,500; one
half cash, balance $15 per month,
6   per  cent.
6-ROOM HOUSE, verandah, garden, one
and a half blocks from car line-
$8 50; $375 cash, balance easy.
Half GallorTjars $1.75
Quart Jars -. $1.50
Pint Jars   -   -   $1.25
Telephone 1H1.
Piano   and  Singing Lessons
Given   by   Mrs.   Winter   Every  Saturday
Mrs. Winter holda certificate from
Itoyal Academy for pianoforte playing
and Kinging. Certificate from Trinlly
College, London, KiiK., for theory of music. Scholarship of the London f'onser-
vutolre of Music for singing and piano
gUying, Address Box 796, Nelson.
160 Acre preemption, 2 acres ch-ared.
TjO trees and some small fruits planted.
A Uroom dwelling, house*) and sheds
for 400 ohlckeni f860.00.
A pre-emption <��n Heaver Creek,
Little Blocen $4fj(�� 00
Baker  St.,   NeUon.
Rowboats And Canoes
For Sale or Hire
AkmiI l.irTni.cc.u l.sntx'hus
miii! I'ftiTliurii ('miou*.
I'llll'lll   l,l��l   III    I'lislH   III   1{   0,
H.   L,,   LINDSAY
Fuel ol /owphlai It
May    Sutton   Wins.
London, July 4.���May Button, of California, In tbe AIIKnulnml tttnnll f-hum
P'onHhlp   KaincK  ��l   Wlnilili'ilon   today,
the final hi the LadlM' ohamptov
defeating mihh Wllgon iiy 2-0,
We have just received
a consignment of the
for which we are sole
agenta for this city.
Ever try a pair?
"The Royal"
KODAKS And All Accessories]
��� ( Fresh Stock Twice a Week)
This is the season for taking photos of
Kootenay s  unrivalled scenery.
TOURISTS,   We can supply you  with
anything in the Kodak line.
Canada Drug & Book Co'y, Ltd.
COR   BAKER   and   WARD. Phone   81
For  a Stylish   Suit
limit tu Fit tin; l'lKiin- nnil   Kwp IIh S)iu|m' Not I inly the First
Wivlt   Ymi   W'eur It,   Hut   All   I lie  Tiiiih       (J��-t   It   Miulc  by
Tayi.hu &  McyiAintir.    I In- Hili.il.ii- Tailon, of Kn-itcnay.
Absolute   satisfaction   guaranteed    or   money   refunded.
High Class Tailors, Baker St , Nelson, B. C.
\*S'hol��;������ilte   l>rs>vl��l<
Oovfrnnipiit OmtDtty Osf Pfiuml Ilnoks r*v��'i\t-rf weekly freah from thu
churn.    Fur tudv by all liuulint; ^rrooeni.
Oftlm* and wnri'lioniw ;  Hntihton Hl<K>k,    Phone 79.
Josephine Street. - Nelson, B. C.      ^
Spring 13 Here
We have prepared for this season by passing into stock all the
requisites for the rancher, gardener or householder.   Spades,
bhovcls, Rakes, Hoes, Spading I'oiks, Tree Primers,
Tree Sprayers, Small Garden Tools, Etc.
Prompt attention  paid to  letter  ciders.
J* H. Ashdown Hardware
Company, Limited.
'V-w>/v~'l. A.  ISAAC R. W.  HINTON ~^^<^v^,
Or.   C��r��,   14.   H.    Clilltrnctlirs'   turn.
 "'I Hail anil
mil Utruels.
NELSON,    B. C.
Ti'li'phiilli' n
I'll   Hi,I IIM
ANi^EiSSI?��� Ltfmbei��t Shingles,
LsCitH, TVloulclinitrs, Doors, Windows.
'I'urneJ Work and Brackets. Mail Orilma promptly nttmitM >���>
VBKINoin hiwi:i;i
*NI!I .M< ��in. n. u.
Summcf  Necessities
Door and Window Screens
Wood-Vallance Hardware Co., Limited
Wholesale INUUSOIN Retail


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