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The Daily Canadian Jun 7, 1907

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Array Sthe
No. 4.
Fifty Chnts a Month
lion Government
Fas Generous
irs Three Years Behind in
*ry  Sub-Target Contract
Quebec Disclosures.
June 7���lt has been shown
nib of March, 1902, the
j.   made a contract wltb the
.'ompany to buy 12,000 rifles
, io be delivered b��*foro Jan-
1*904.    Tbe  contractor   wan
er cent, of the price, aB the
supposed lo proceed, and resit   iserceutugc on the whole
July, 1904.   The flrst delivery
not mude for more than
|**    ibis lust payment, or for
und   Ave months  after  the
bent.     Yet  the   contract  ex-
provided    that    uo    payment
made In silvan-cc except for
delivered within a year,
most   striking fact   ls   that
t      rifles to be delivored be-
1904, have uot yet been
t The . <.nisuclor wus paid on
li")!, nearly three years ago,
��� on each of these rifles
fust wus supposed to huve been
ly hiiu in labor and material.
iik I. rllle has been superseded
and Murk III. with Improve,
may ba  tbat the order fur
s haa lss.en cancelled.   If this
t tin* unfinished rifles are use-
nsiiiiiit lias paid over $56,-
Ithlng    lf the partly finished
1 Isi'S'ti ei*:: ,. ��� i.'il and delivered
II. ssn ib.. ,i.cond contract ol
contractor has been twice
per i-s'iit. advance ou the
iio hue received 76 per
|he whs>li> 12,00-00 of the flrst
-of only 9,000 have been de-
fid lis* has alao received $18.75
���:��� inch of the 20,000 of tbe
r, whereof only 17.000 huve
��� sl    Full pnymont haB been
I Ilu- 11,000 ln the first contract
In the second contract.
Ithis Koss  rifle contract  bust-
V li led  by  Parliament In  the
"id ileal more must be found
Use busim-ss end of lt. What
I inspection is lt which accepts
have to be sent back almost
Hy    for    repairs?    How is It
| contractor   was   paid  $15,000
| replacing sights originally nc-
satisfactory?    Why    should
^ctor be paid $20,000 or $30,000
the   government   Inspector
nf gauges for measuring all
ssf the rifles when he himself
I these toolB for Ills own bust
much was lost by paying
* fur parts of rifles which were
1\* discarded, so that a new
required before the old ono
uss'il?    On what basis does
ictor receive his 75 per cent.
By lbe contract he ls entitled
tit nf "money actually expend-
I Hi" rifles or parts thereof or
therefor  to  be  delivered thnt
Isl must establish tho fact of
lenilliiiro to the aatlafactlon of
ntnent Inspector of Bniall arms.
' - government inspector bmIb-
he ever examine the books
low   much   money   the   contends?    Is   an    inspector   of
I exactly Ihe kind of official
Into matters of accounting?
* unit ry any nsstirnnce lhat the
If had expended $18.75 on each
1 rifli's when tho previous ud
pynients  wore  made,    or that
work done to  represent Iho
i"w In the hands of Ihe com-
dvanoe payments on rifles not
mere  Is  some  analogy  bo-
Itoss conlrnct and tho sub-
fnl    It waa found by Ihe Pub-
fnts committee during the lute
"mt tho   Bub-target   machines.
1 the government wns pnylng
lbe manufacturer $64.    Nalu
r'* ��ns curiosity to know who
J I'nillts, and It was discovered
IToronto  gentleman   hnd   boon
1,000 rash and $500,000 In stock
jwufecturlng company for his
Tho gentleman may have
money, but he wan generous
��� slock, distributing It ln blocks
P" lo $50,000 among Influential
Including militia officers, do-
tl officials und politicians. One
f'ter Is nn nctlvo campaigner In
I'rlrk Horden's constituency and
lentiy I,  member of  the  Nova
[nilmlnistratlon.      These    facts
flight out with great difficulty.
i lhe feverish desire of the mln
flend-a  to  exclude  evidence   In
these gratuitous stock hold-
I would require lnrgo profits nnil
fUMargel machines to make nil
gut pay dividends to tho bone-
Whether the Robs  rllle con-
p�� any resemblanee to the mib-
Pc��  remains to be seen.
Sir Wilfrid Laurier,   as   the
chief speaker ut a great political demonstration in favor of the late Liberal
government of Ontario, announced to
the oountry that the administration at
I oroi.to wus tbe right arm and that of
Quebec Ihe left ,,rm of bis own government, he stated an evident fact. It has
been shown alnce thst though neither
the right arm nor the left offended Sir
Wilfrid Laurler, tho right arm bo offended the people of Ontario lhat they
oul It off and cast it from Ihem. accent charges made by Liberals against
the parent government of Quebec, and
still more recent exposureB of Mr. Parent's successors show that the Quebco
administration Is also an offence to dec
ent peoplo. On the one hand, or rather
on one nrm. we have tho discovery that
a school book swindle has ln 10 years
taken a cool million dollars oul of thc
people of that province In Ihe extra
price of readers alone. On the other
comes Ihe confession of one of the
parties that a deal was negotiated
whereby 600,000 acres of crown land
was to be Bold by lbe government for
$1 an acre, of which 70 cents or $350,-
000 wns to go to Ihe treasury and 30
cents or $150,0000 lo the "CbIbbo Elec-
torale" or campaign fund.
The trunk of the Laurier administration, as the last twrj seaBlons have
shown Ib perhaps a little worse than
either of the arms has ever been. It
Is clear that the work begun ln Ontario
at the last provincial election needs to
be extended.
This school book extortion, which has
been lmisoaed ti|,on the people of Ontario and Indirectly ujion those of several other provinces through the same
ring, was an exaction from which no
escape was possible. The government
prescribed the bookB and they could be
obtained In no other way than from the
favorite publishers, ln every case the
price paid was double what lt ought to
be. and ln some cases lt was 160 per
cent, over a fair price. The Whitney
government easily learned what a fair
price was by asking for tenders. The
consequence Is that the following reductions arc made:
Old price New price
First Hook, part [....    10 05
First Book, part Ii....    16 07
Second  Hook        20 09
Third Hook       30 13
Fourth Book      40 15
The whole set  $1.15      $0.49
We may assume that the present con-
trnclor is getting sufficient profit, and
so it appears that the old ring must
have had on the readers alone at least
an average profit of 130 to 140 per cent,
more than an honest margin. A hard
light was made year afler year while
tho Libera] government was ln power
to break up this mono|K>ly and give the
people a chance to gel school books
at less than Iwo or three times the right
price. Hut the contractors were entrenched within the government fortifications. The goveninent machine al
Toronto, which waa a branch of the
government machine at Ottawa, maintained the monopolists who In turn assisted to maintain the government. Uoth
went out together. Many similar political and flnancinlB combinations will
go out ln a procession when the Lajirler
government departs.
Canadian Government Has Secured 505
���to Be Kept in Nstlonal Park
In Northern Alberta.
Edmonton, June 7���Quite a consignment of American bison which Canada
has scooped from tbe United States.
made the Journey In forty hours. They
left Calgary at 3:20 p. m., Friday and
the run was made by eaay stages to
Edmonton. The train with Its cargo
passed through hero en route to Lamont
Saturday morning. On the way from
Calgary the herd was depleted by the
death of two cowb, leaving a total of
198. The buffalo are taking the Journey
sensibly. One old bull, however, in a
St of wildness noarly demolished his
Bectlon of a car. At Strathcona they
were turned over to Howard Douglas
who took possession for tho Canadian
government. To that point the consignment was billed to the ordor of Michael
Pablo, the original owner, alnce there
waB a great denl of ill feeling in Montana over the sale of the herd to Canada,
and nt Missoula the crowd threatoned
lo turn tho animals loose.
Pablo started the herd In 1883 with
forty head and later bought threo
hundred from "Buffalo" Jones of Kan-
sua. If he had not sold he would have
had a herd of 1,600. Ho had all bul
twelve. Canada's purobase Is 500 und
of those 300 are to bo shipped In Sep
teniber aB this Is the calving season.
Tbe cost la in the neighborhood of
Quite a concourse of people were al
tho depot to witness tho unique sight
of a train lead of buffnlos. The train
was to arrive in Lamont nbout 10 o clock
this morning and lhe work of unloading
will ho proceedod with st once. A
fenco passage has boen constructed
from tho track to the park, a distance
of about it mile and a half, and the
buffalo will ho taken through this.
Howard Douglas, superintendent of tho
National, Is In charge of the herd.
Prices of Metals.
Now York, Juno 7.-Sllver, 66*0.;
copper, 22%c; lead, $6.75.
London, June 7.--Silver, 30 lM6d.,
lead, .��20.
Whole Early Career of Criminal Traced From His Boyhood In Ontario to
His Graduation as Professional Murderer and Anarchist
Boise, June 7���Harry Orchard takes
the Bland this morning for his third day
of examination as principal witness
agalnsl William D. Haywood, the secretary treasurer of the Western Federation of Miners, charged with the murder
of l'raud Steunenberg, former governor.
Tho cross-examination commenced yes-
terday afternoon will probably take up
Ihe entire day und may be carried over
till tomorrow. The state will then
agal take Orchard In hand and the redirect examination will bring out more
of the detallB of the terrible story.
When turned over to the defence he appeared to rally; he acted as though relieved from the strain and having once
told In public of tho murder of Steunenberg seemed to welcome the change.
His answers to Richardson's questions
were delivered without hi'sltation. He
is quick-witted and self-possessed and
appears not to leel the atmosphere of
abhorrence with which he is surrounded. The cross-examination ls developing into a battle of wits between Richardson and Orchard.
According to those who know the
facta of his early life, Orchard ls not s
naturalized cltisen of the United States.
His parents, of course, were Canadians,
the fattier of English and the mother of
Irish descent. Orchard himself had but
little education. He attended a country
school In Canada but passed through
only a few of the lower grades. He is
tbe second child of seven and all his
brothers and sisters are living. When
still a boy he worked for the neighbors
and was over 20 yeurs old when he went
to Saginaw, Mich.,
Iu the courae of Orchard's examination RicbardBon asked questions to
prove that Orchard began u career of
dissipation early In life. The man hlm-
self says that lt was only after several
years of hard work that he began to
drink and gamble. At that time he was
building up a good business in tbe making of cheese, but it ls now 12 years
since the turning point. The women
who ls said to be at the bottom of lt all
is the wife of the man with whom he
boarded while working at a cheese factory in Northumberland county, Canada.
Infatuated, he ran away with the woman, changed Ills name and afterwards,
ashamed to return to hia wife and child,
drifted into the life of crime that gradually led to taking up killing as s trsde,
by which he could earn easy money and
avoid hard manual labor.
Orchard Ib a man without nerves so
far as the closest observer can discover.
At times while relating the moat frightful of crimes of which he accuses himself his voice changes und lowers, but
during the eight hours he has been on
the stand under lire of continual questioning the man's manners haa altered
little and, except for the flrst (lurry of
nervousness when he walked Into the
court room snd faced the crowd of curious fsces after 16 months of close Incarceration, he has shown no sign thai
he realised he was making his record
as the greatest criminal of the century.
That the cross-examination of Orchard
will be severe ln the extreme wns
evinced by the flrst half-hour. Counsel
for (ho defense say that they will be
able to tear down completely the story
he has told ln direct examination. They
have called about 160 witnesses and the
majority of theBe are here, they say, to
disprove what Orchard bas told. The
direct examination of Orchard was not
sparing In mentioning names and ad-
dreBses. CounBel for Haywood say they
will bo able to prove by the testimony of
these persons that what Orchard has
Btated Is untrue. It ia even asserted
tbat they can produce persons who will
soy that they, themselves, committed
lhe murders of which Orchard accuBes
himse|f. Haywood shows little concern.
He even laughs outright when asked
what he thinks of the testimony. He
asserts postively that the connection of
his name with the murderers ls a falsification, and made at the suggestion ot
detectives and enemies of the federation. It Is not known yet lf Haywood
will go on Iho stand. His counsel say
they do not know that this will bo necessary.
Seattle, June 7.���A despatch from
Walla Walla sayB: "Harry Orchard has
done many wrongs, hut I hope that he
has repented, now that he understands
their magnitude, and that he will be
given a chance to lead a good, true and
honest life after the present ordeal has
passed." This ls the Btatement offered
by Mrs. Frank Steunenberg, who Ib at
tending the annual camp meeting and
conferences of the Seventh Day Adven-
tlsts at College Place. She seems to be
above hatred of tbe man who killed her
husband. As to Moyer, Haywood and
Pettlbone, she expressed no opinion,
saying tbat Bhe had not thought of their
connection with tbe case. She Is leading a secluded life, spending most of her
time reading the Bible and other religious works. She sold yesterday: "The
trial of Moyer, Haywood and Pettlbone
is the commencement of a national
struggle between the United States government and organised labor and will
eventually lead to rebellion. When the
Coeur d'Alene trouble arose Mr. Steunenberg was greatly worried, and one
evening after be bad made his final
stand he told me he thought it would
cost him his life."
Denver, June 7.���Following the testimony of Hsrry Orchard In the Hsywood
trial, Interviews here with several persons referred to, are printed today. Supreme Justice Gabbert, who, Orchard
says, was the intended victim of a
bomb, says tbat Orchard's testimony
fits in with the incidents connected
with the killing of Whslly.
Mrs. James H. Peabody, wife of the
former governor, recalls distinctly tbe
night when two men followed her carriage.
Jacob Wolf, through ..horn Orchard
said he communicated with Pettlbone,
vehemently denied tbe truth of the
MaxMitlich says that Orchard told him
he would kill Governor Steunenberg because the latter had prevented him
from becoming a millionaire. Orchard
reasoned, according to Mallch, tbat
Steunenberg's request for troops during
the Coeur d'Alene strike compelled him
to lesve tbe district and dispose of bis
interests In tbe Hercules mine. Tbe
purchasers subsequently became mil
Very tew criminal trials of recent
years have absorbed the attention ot
the public to thc extent of the one now
ln progress in Boise, Idaho. This Interest is not local to the United States, although the crimes committed have all
taken place in that country. During the
past few days interest in the case haB
been forced upon tbe Canadian people
from the fact that the principal actor
in the bloody drama was born ln tbe
Dominion of Canada. This information
came aB a great revelation, the opinion
having prevailed that Orchard waa only
one of a class of lawless Western desperadoes. It now develops that he was
born ln the law-abiding province of
Ontario, and lived tbere until he was
22 or 23 years of age. Shortly after that
he appeared in Nelson, and for a time
kept a restaurant ln this place.
Of Orchard's life in the East The Canadian was able to aecure considerable
authentic information today. J. A. Kelley, the well-known nurseryman, of
Fairview, knew the man well at Brighton, Ont., ln 1895. He was then known
as Albert E. Horsley, and he conducted
a cheese factory about a mile and a
half from the town. He was regarded
as an average citizen. His family waB
well known ln Brighton, particularly Mrs. Fraser. It was understood that
Horsley was fairly successful In business, and the first thing to dispol this
Impression was the announcement that
the cheese factory had been burned to
tho ground. When Horsley applied for
his Insurance the suspicion gained
ground that the factory had been
burned down for the Insurance. However this never went any farther than
a vague suspicion, but when a few
months afterwards, in the early spring
of 1896, Albert E. Horsley suddenly ran
away from Brighton, leaving hla wife
and children, the opinion was freely expressed that the cheese factory had
been destroyed to get the Insurance. A
few days after his departure, a Mra.
Alonso Simpson suddently left Brigtbon
She was well connected, had an affec-
I lonate husband and a little girl 6 years
old. Diligent Bcarch revealed the fact
that Horsley and Mra. Simpson met ln
Detroit. They remained there a short
time, anil fear of detection led the
guilty couple to make a husty departure
for the West. The relatives or both
families were persistent ln their search,
but could learn nothing ot the whereabouts of the elopers. Mrs. Simpson's
lather was well off, and his daughter's
disgrace bore heavily upon him. The
husband, who had been greatly attached
to bis wife, was anxious to take the erring wife back on account of his little
girl, and he kept up the search.
During the late summer or early autumn of 1896, Albert E. Horsley and
Mrs. Hattie Simpson reached .Nelson.
They appeared here under tbe name of
Mr. and Mrs. Little. Whether or not
he made any money out of the lire he
'certainly bad very little when he
reached Nelson. The probabilities are
tbat the couple had dissipated all their
money ln Detroit They atarted a restaurant ln a little building on Baker
street, about the place where tbe Sliver
Grill now stands. It was not very elab-
oiately fitted up, but the reports of
those who dined there at tbat time are
to tbe effect that the meals were well
cooked, and Mrs. Little waa particularly
tidy ln ber care of the place. Horsley,
or Little, the name he waa known by
here, did not make a very good impression on bis visitors. He was generally
sullen, but occasionally he would become extremely communicative. On
these occasions he would converse about
his old borne ln Brighton. He was anxious to be known as a great traveller,
and would tell about bis exploits In
Detroit. Then he would all at once
close up and remain aa allent as an
oyster. He seemed to brood a great
deal, and lt waa suspected that his domestic relations were not as pleasant
as they might be.
Mra. Little, on the other hand, waa
always ln a communlcatave frame of
mind. She spoke freely to patrons of
the restaurant, many of whom suspected
that there was a skeleton in the closet.
Among those who boarded It the restaurant at that time was W. A. Thurman, the well-known tobacconist. He
sometimes sat for a while over hla meal
and conversed with Little. His description of him tallies exactly with that
given in the papers. When Mr. Thurman was shown a photograph today of
Mrs. Little, taken while she waa living
In Brighton, Ont., with her husband, he
recognized the likeness at once.
But the restaurant business was not
a great success, and Mr. and Airs. Little
determined to move. Just about this
time tbere was an opening at Pilot Bay
for a boarding house keeper. The foreman of the sawmill up there was ln Nelson and he heard of the Little family.
He hired them to go up and take charge
of the boarding house, and Mr. Thurman
was in the restaurant tbe night the arrangement was made. Then tbe Little
family moved to Pilot Bay. This was ln
March, 1897, and the bookB kept by the
West Kootenay Butcher company ahow
that meat was shipped from the llth of
that month until the 31st to a man
named Little. Tben the orders suddenly ceased, and lt is presumed that Little
left for Spokane. All these dates coincide exactly with the departure of Alfred E. Horsley and Mrs. Hattie Simpson from Brighton and their subsequent
residence ln Detroit. Orchard in his
evidence seems to have made a slip of
a month or two, or it may have been
a mistake of the Associated Press reporters.
About this time something else happened. It has been mentioned that the
family of Mrs. Hattie Simpson was in
good circumstances. Her elopement
with Horsley was more than a seven
days' wonder. She had been well educated and seemed much attached to her
child. No one could understand why
a woman enjoying the society of a loving huaband and an attractive child
could become Infatuated with a man like
Horsley, who certainly was beneath her
station ln life. Her father and husband
had a theory that lt was done In a moment of weakness, and that she would
relent. They determined to leave no
stone unturned to restore her to her
senses. They had communicated wllh the
authorities in tho West and at last got
I ruck of the erring couple in Nelson.
Several years previous to this Dr. Ar.
thur taught school ln Brighton, and
the relatives Immediately communicated
with tbe doctor. On receipt of the communication the doctor began an Investigation as to the whereabouts of Mrs.
Simpson. But a confusion arose aa to
names. She was known as Mrs. Little
in Nelson, and before thc doctor Identified Mrs. Little with Mrs. Simpson, both
Little and his alleged wife had departed
from Nelson. Then an effort was made
to communicate with Pilot Bay, but
they had both left there and no one
knew their destination. It ls quite evident that Mrs. Simpson had some communication with her relatives in Brighton, Ont., for during the month of April,
1897, she quietly returned to her husband, and her trespasses were forgotten, at least by those most Interested. It is supposed she made up her
mind while at Pilot Bay to return home
and live down her erring life, which
had beeu short but eventful.
What effect the separation bad on
Horsley -can only be guessed at. He appears to nave drifted to Spokane, and
Immediately took up the profession of
killing for profit His mind may have
been unhinged by the separation from
���the woman for whom he had abandoned
wife and family. He was of a melancholic disposition, and many believe
that ho was never sane. Tbat bis wife
In Brighton, Ont., did not mourn over
his departure ls best evidenced by tbe
fact that she never maue any effort to
discover his whereabouts, and seemed
perfectly satisfied without him.
The photograph already referred to
came Into the possession of The Canadian under rather peculiar circumstances. It Is supposed she always retained It as a remembrance of her once
happy home. It contains a group of
five���Alonzo Simpson the husband, his
two brothers, and the wife and child.
Her picture ls that of a woman of
rather good disposition, but weak character.
Two  Important  Dis��veries  in  Oldest
Camp In Kootenay.
A. D. Wheeler came down from Ainsworth yesterday and is ln tbe city today.
He is convinced that this summer's developments in Kootenays oldest camp
will be even better than laat year's, and
that the wealth even now in sight warrants a belief ln the permanent proaperi-
i.y of the camr
Within the laat few days two Important strikes have been made. One ts
iu the Spokane, which ls being operated
by George Barnhart, the other ln the
Maestro, worked by Grant Brothers ft
King. Both are at depth, and both indicate large ore bodies. The ore is
Bald to be high-grade.
Work on the Krao ls proceeding rap-
Idly and with results entirely satisfactory. The ownera are now ln the camp
perfecting plana (or the summer's work.
Mr. Wheeler is now arranging for
work on one of his own old properties,
the Gallagher.
Qood results are also reported from
practically every properly in the camp
on which any work Is being done at all.
Annual Massage of Venezuela's President���Relatione Harmonloua���
Others Entirely to Blame.
Caracas, Venezuela, June 1, vial Cu-
raco, June 7.���President Castro, whose
strength ls returning gradually, attended congress today and read his message
to that body. Referring to the foreign
relations of the republic ot Venezuela,
tbe president said: "I am well pleased
to inform you that our political relatione
with friendly countries are increasingly cordial. The labors of this government are seconded by a spirit of harmony and courtesy. This government's
Intercourse with the diplomatic representatives here is therefore perfectly
cordial. Within a short period the claims
of Oreat Britain, Germany and Italy,
which were given preference at The
Hague, will be fully paid. As soon as
these are settled, the appropriation to
meet them will be employed to pay tbe
remaining claims against Venezuela. I
regret to Inform you that diplomatic relations with Colombia have not been renewed. The correspondence on this subject will prove that the failure to execute the stipulations of the renewal Is
not attributable to Venezuela."
Erie Protests.
Nelson, June 6th, 1907.
To the Editor, The Dally Canadian.
A protest as given below, has been
signed by 37 residents of Erie and
neighborhood and forwarded to the manager of the Spokane Falls ft Northern
Railway Co.    Yours truly,
"We, the undersigned, strongly protest against the proposed ohange of
time ln the passenger service between
Nhlson and Spokane, aB It will cause
great inconvenience to travel between
Nelson and local stations and also loss
of business."
Liberal Party Adheres to
Home Role
Marquess of Rlpon's Speech to Eighty
Ctob���Announcement Was
Loudly Applauded.
London, June 7.���"The foremost Liberal principle of tbe government ln the
administration of Irish affairs ls that
they should be conducted In accordance
wltb IrlBh ideas," aald the Marquis of
Ripon, Lord Privy Seal and Liberal leader In the Houae of Lords, speaking last
night before the Eighty Club at the
Hotel Cecil. He referred to the withdrawal of Mr. Birrell's Irish Council
Bill and declared lt was quite natural
that the Nationalists should have rejected the measure when they honestly
believed lt would have been an obstacle
to tbelr ultimate goal, Home Rule.
The speaker was greatly applauded
when he announced that he waa a
"wholly unrepentant Home Ruler," and
that the rejection of the bill wonld
make no difference Is the policy of the
Liberate toward Ireland. His party
hoped that lt might some day In the
future be able to effect a permanent
settlement of the difficulties ln Ireland
ln consonance with the wishes of a majority of the people of that Island.
New Ontario's Efforts to Secure Mare
Financial Aid.
Winnipeg, June 7.���That the people
of New Ontario Intend to use the secession movement as a lever to make the
Toronto legislators open ap ls the
opinion of Aid. L. M. Tennent of Fort
Arthur, who came to the city last night
from Port Francis.
"What they want," declared AM.
Tennent, "is larger money grants, the
removal of the Judiciary from Kenora
to some more suitable town, such as
Fort William or Port Arthur, and a Uttle
more attention tn legislative matters
"The secession scheme," he continued, "haa cropped up at an opportune
moment, but they don't want to seccede,
but they do want tbe government to
awake to the fact that New Ontario la
due a little mora consideration.
"Ab far as I could gather their great
kick ls having to travel up to Kenora
for tbe trivial matter of registering a
deed. To reach Kenora from Fort
Francis you muat travel up to Winnipeg
and east again to Kenora.
"At Fort Francis," continued the
speaker, "the coming convention on
Friday, when the whole scheme will be
licked Into shape, Is the talk of the
"As a matter ot fact several have
the new province already mapped out.
They do not want to take ln Cobalt
or the Nipisslng district, halfway between Fort William, and North Bay has
been mapped out as the eastern boundary for the province of New Ontario.
"The people are really ln earnest,"
concluded Aid. Tennent, "and lf the
Queen's park legislators don't sit up
and pay attention, you will shortly see
the map of the Dominion slightly altered." ,
Mrs. W. 8. Cone, Kaslo, waa In the
city today and registered at the Hume.
Lady Whose Auto Killed Pedestrian Escapee Committal, s
Roystpn, Eng., June 7.���The case of
Miss Elsie Fox, an Amerlcnn, charged
with manslaughter, wn heard at the
petty session yesterday. On May 1st
Miss Fox was motoring down to the
Newmarket races and her car struck
and killed a laborer. The magistrate decided that there was not sufficient evidence to send the case to trial. Miss
Fox was defended by Lord Robert
No Connection.
Montreal, June 7.���Mr. Hlgglns, of the
St. Lawrence Hall, dismissed John
John Lloyd, a witness ln the Emmerson libel suit, upon his return from
Frederlcton. Lloyd waa connected with
the Hall for 36 years, and had been
night clerk for a long time, and was one
of the late Henry Hogan'a moat trusted
Hlgglns, who was seen this evening,
ndmltted  that he had dispensed wittf     ���
Lloyd's services,  but denied ihat  tho
Frederlcton   trip   had   anything to do
with It ,
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The Daily Canadian
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Campers' Supplies
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Imperial Bank of Canada
Bead Orvt:   Tceocra.
T^TSsJS. rtZT 77       t- ~',<   en! 3^?? K TH. WU.
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Special Sale of Children's Wear
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t*j~-3   W^B   - S.:-*?*-i
Fred Irvine Sz Co'
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For Sale Cheap
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The Hall Mining and Smelti
G)fflpany, Limited.
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Purdiases Lead, Copper and Dry
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hftiW S^rert. -       Ncbon, ECl
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W a ���   =���  :=-a SET r=vW
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The Royal Bank of Canada ���
Sailings Department ���*
��^���5 ��3 C*= WET li arc-x E~ ��i SXS.
  i';t.< _, r_~   iJj
Nclseo BrssdL G. A. SPINK. Manager.
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TO 113
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For Sale
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r-it-LiHr ��teair.iu| tr nc  tU8.��*- amtn  it- n;itc-
, $*   mum  ni.a* v.*k;
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~ ��� ano     1.1 -, i.:v" --:'*   -- ;::���....���   ��� 1���an*
t�� ir nTiTwr-^-   ii.;  n   "lam-um   b  am tott u
iiitattaa* v-   nM  P  *. ; '  ijir*"..  maai
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���ih iY-*ir.in��a at ��� gaama   - na   rmx. h i cr-
- Tuu   ra.:-- ,* rLiL:... ;    ----i-^s   ;       ,
��� - 1       ' 1.    :  -t,  -f-
���..������.v. .   .    s..r.
U'tv ��i** ��� Tm- af a a m- i��r tH����Bns'   tWi-nia
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���   - - a *n- lawhi ��miiwB-
v   "    it<   ��.T** ��" :   ,-.   ���';.���-*-  ���-*.   .i'i-:  -*Titase
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itam n aa I-'naiawr*
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ter.*a ���u**"' ��-*���-    -1 ���
1     ������  .: ���      Ln
r     ��� .   5'a- iiu*   '3m imiwaa
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r-^li-iUf as -i -pre *|utoapC t* Xbrpxtm aai ir
1-   .*3-    t.i..    fc-  -n.: .14        ]    1.   utn-4  *���!.
r ...-**.-;  '".m i.ip.nii ,i,.,-a **---r. BM
nW '   Juaw MM3i  m eeataaa ttmsor -����. a
:   - .  .. nra
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sSttr aats~.tm,tn *u iiirrnaM *um lulu'r-nv im-
anrzstaal aait a * vat i_MTuoa -
nrt*av:m^ c 1 i-mr.-iia.-s-: - 1 mi 1 titmm
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iT.��j*?>   aitr-arn*;   ��-   '3��:ii��   4,.14   ;n-   !    *   1_
snatis 1 xiisCwnft n-onruLiv
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- a�� nanutt uvn-t i_i��*t n 1 autfk
ti an fam. a�� .��.�����    ttnaumn:^.-k l*ai����3.j:
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1 ��� *a.T > ��� tnvM  id^ffliam
if ttmu  .-. t ��� ^ CL,m -j^ j^,
JfJiTt3   "^ ��� ���wr * ��*-��������. ����a��
1.1-3 * anu -1-niB ^j. ^ 4^-,^ -!.,������,
* ���  ���   ���   14 ehaaas   t���t.  .��� w. 1
Bn8iBi'*M""Bi' :
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i   1      ,:������       1 ,���:        in :*. .-*���    -
*      t ���  .    .: - : v-tt   z' T :*
mtataat nmlUkv fti��- ���*���,**.Tj
"nWiiniii 14 si k >nc i^fcS**'*^2
rr   .'.ill   S^i^    11 r ...sn n ��� :'l~
tttasax tmtrnta tt thaema aaai. ams
aae***^taamcam teaoxataaav t*aram
vt--' ****!���
a fa - * ��i*r��r fiK�� : .rnaotC -u ���^jpy a. ����� to.
a.B.im.mi!-  rt lajio* uut a (rt*. 1 ��.
* ��� i. waaj nwKHt nt fttwjwutf �� itunrv
��� ��   Tr    T14.-I-f   ^     -    a-j,    .
1-    *m..**   Ml 1 -;i,i.a- J,.,-   ; .     :i...     ;. ....
-       "*���''<* ���*-.:-       . .   -, .
��������-������*-��� r-- -���*   : 1.. 14     , .      ,-     f
Olt   mta-ai'   I.l..    J)t. , ..^     1       . ,
*. un u�� m i,u. a   .].. - fc ��!���*���.. umb a
���nam a a li^-iaha '
ljr"1 *" ���" 3t aaaaac
ihtttf    toiai.wmitiifr  ii*
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:**' -7 =. *���-.--   *   '*am***h Sa I MM
"���-I'-B.   n      ���3^1*   a     rul-arna
aaiv ar.nmimr Uit ��� ,wr  -w-i  a   V-��   j,1<r.
���mmsttarzmt ��i   & Hn*   natxim   a   an
���*��� ?. ��^"^" tt ���   i.   '     ��� ��� p-fam. hjji
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. .iWf HUM Uiirrv iimm a ���ijt.lUi -an
a*raw a *-taui��i wuft. Iw*ruw a -jaiap m��c ii
tarns* us. amnnma-t* twima^uj * ��sr*. mim ir
I aam 1* emmm i aa��i   1 7:.��T .V   -   a ,T
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ttn few. iii,(-4uu.   mt na >  �� m liia��a<
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nneu: ti iatii ��� n  an
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"     IMC   a   CUO.IK   XttuUSK
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Kn&H !��� :.-l-.-jit grant sim ar Bh
niwiii  1  ,   .
11   ^.: : ���  %.��� :    V
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tnaawnws-ir* o^BrnM",���'' ���
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Cjaina.   tnin-fing -sia   ��aa��ri   hnnhtart .
���swii'-ut ian.a*��oiii* u jmaBaai.- Ktoncaa
���J^rw:   *;lMa,-   ^rtj * .*,,,  .
~ ���*^ai ntir> I*- .-Ma.
I**** ium _a last tii
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1, F, i.v riven thai -li 'lava Hiti-r i|��ti- I
il�� io ihi* H<mumble the Culel Com-
bi Undi hii*i Worku for a ipeclal
L mi'l carrv away Umber frum thu
I,., ri . .1 landi in WMt Kootenay dis-
t ���imiiieiivliig al a poat planted
uik of HI teberry creek, about
j up ihe i-rffti  from   railway  track,
thiimetit,tbfenoi wi ���ti-in- south,
iweati tbeOM   '" <'Iih|uk north,
IM      '    *:������ li<*i I 40 I UaUW   N.Hill Hi
r.iiiinii'tn'liiKiit a poal planted
vt-ai corner ol Uimtion Nn l, thence
��� ���.��� ��� �����' i-'ii'tiu*  north,  theuce
t     ihence tt chalna smith, theme W)
I ��� |n i,i i -in i'lialna sou lti i<i [���wml of
I'omniviirtiig at apoat planted
Mol northeut comer of Location
��� Iiivlti* aouth, thenre I'sJU-chaini
chatni north, ihence 4<> ehalni
chatni aoulh    theuce tfU chaini
k. *   . : ll iv <��� nit-Ill
I I'i *
Kmnnrf w. Boamow.
icn >>y riven that :t�� dava afterdate I
I to the  Houorable the  ('blef
,,f  I-amla  and   Worka,  Victoria,
tu cut ami carry   away timber
wing   duicrlbud landi, lu Weat
I ������ ,-nt a |s.,'t j.iiiuici on the
Tin*r nf purveyed lot No. Titl (il,
u rhalni, tli'*n* ���   north Hn chaini,
utile aouiheait coruerof said  lot,
pi in 'in* iiurthvaat rorner of aald lot,
* ami iMiuudary ol (ire emption
���uuth Ul tht north  boundary ol
so  ��� v-   theuce weit along the
��� *. ��� 'tin- north weat rorneJ ol aald
���mth lo lhe north  boundary of
I ->* So   701ft.  thenee  weal to a  point
tumeuueiiteut.   thence north to
*|        .    M.in, uoliialulun Gilt acrea.
J Bill, 1JW7.
V, A   PauafOtfj Ixwator.
J. A. BtfLUVAJT, a��. nl
knmenclni nt i poat planted at the
>rnei oj surveyed lot No TttlQli
tn lli�� DOrthirU boundary of llm-
o Tulil, thenoi woit to the uortn-
if inlo ilinlx'r Jlccnae, thence aouth
-ii boundary of lot No, 8i2, llienee
>l boundary of aald lot weat to the
n ol lhe II. C. Southern Kallwav,
ting uld tiL-lit'Of way In a north-
cllon in place of commencement.
I' A i'n i "ON, Locator.
J. A kullivak, Aitent.
reby givon ihat thirty dayi alter
i applj In the Honorable the Chief
il Undi Uld Worka. Victoria, for
cut and carry away timber from
��� I iw n I - Commencing at
No. 1,K. kloiix, aud planted at
orner of bit :w*J 0, P K block,
r* of Ketlle rlvor. Yale dlitrlet,
.:ming MO chalm can, HO cbalm
< aeit, IW chalna north to point of
Houndnrv Lumber Co'a location poat No. 0, and
maiked DQuudary Lumber Co'i H. K. corner poat
'Ml."Hi, 1907.
D ������ ruing at the northeaat corner of
running eaat to chalna,   theuce
g��-.ni, ihence weat KO ehalni, theuce
I    .   to polut ol eommeucement.
fori I.-7, IVU7.
i-iuiriiclng at a point about oue hall
nl  the  it wi beaut  corner of c PR.
* W tbenn running north ���*' chaina,
��� liaina, thence aoutb HO chalui,
;:.- to point of commencement.
prllMth, 1W7.
ommenetni at tbc northeaat corner
ii lice ruining north HO chalna, thence
���Ini, ihence aoulh HO chaina, tbenco
i point of commencement.
���prllath, 1907
Oommenotni at a poit planted north of
creik.near wen line of C. 1'. R. Block
banco runuiiig went HO chains, thence
��in��, tlience east HO chaini, thence
���iuh lo point of rommencrment.
lay im, iifcfl. I.  Riot X, Locator.
I Tim ber Limit Vo.'i)
' liereby given tiat Go daya alter date I
���1'Mv to t he Honorable the Chief'om-
"1 Unda and Worki for a special
"ii and carry away timber from (he
rti'-erlbed land, situated on Kooakanax
 in) district:
Being at a pnit planted al the nnrth*
erof Timber Limit No hr.H7,and mark-
Lca'i aoulhwest corner post, lbence
'I'hiiin. theuce east HO chains, tbence
biiiii, thenoe west ho chains to polntof
flu* III.
March !>, 1907.       II. D. IMS, Ixwator.
(Tim tier Notice No 3 )
HPlhg itapoat planted at the southeast
���Wl i Huilt, ami at the north weil comer
r liii-iiao No. 10246, tbence norlh 160
lti. in,. ,.HSI 4n uhalns lo woit line ol
wn��a No 1021ft, following line of Ho-
'"H, : liiiiits. thence following line
>������.', No. 10246 40 chalui to point of
"nnh 28, 1907.        II, D.tlA, LOOfttOti
(limber Notiee No. 4.)
I' hereby given that 80 days afler date I
M'l'ly to lho Hun. Chief Commissioner
Hll'l *.ok* ror ii special lleenae to cut
y "way Umber  from the following de-
Jiuel*, altuated on  Kooskanax creek iu
'"'������nay diitrict, and about   five milea
per Arrow lake:
������.���nl a poit planted on the north
���s* "tul about half a mile from creek,
*-*w' IL I>, U-a'i southeast corner post,
"""li ho chains, thence weit HO ehulns.
1 '! ������' i halus, theoce eaHt HO chalm to
1 ��areh ai.iM7.       11  I) Lsa. Locator.
(limber Notice No. fi.l
''"'Iuk at a poal marked 11 D. Lea's
��' corner post, thenee north Wl chains,
o, 'hi* cast line ot Nu. 4 location, thenoo
fiB"��i ihence south 80 chain", Ihcnce
"'���tini to point oi emniucncemoni.
I1" -March ��,1U07.       H.H. LB*, Locator.
(Timber limit No.fi.)
ls hereby given that sixty days afler
"������'"d to apply   to  the Honorable the
-jwrninioner Ol Unds and Works (ova
"���"iiie to cut and   carry away timber
'"lowing described laud, situated about
,"Anim Jtpo*UppeT Arrow lake on Koos-
"���VlnWttl Kooienav din rlct:
" "'ing at a poit planted and marked II
" ���mrihweit corner bolt, thence east 80
'"ce souih Ml chalna. thenre weat Hll
nVnt     Uor     ^obalns to polntof com*
"���' March Ul, 1907,      H. D. Lea, Locator,
 ,. ntiiibiirLliultNo.7)
11 Vi'K w ll I",l,t 1'lunted and marked II,
.,, ""''i'l corner post, tbenee aoulh BO
> ' ,lvi "". tlie Vi'��* "���� ol So,6 limit,
���ui mi ,''lVlllIH' tbence north to chalna,
iNieiiHina to point ol oommenoement,
"���"��� March in, imn,      H. D.1.U, locator.
iri'hy uiVLM1 that 80 dayi Irom date
tl ni'1! * "! l,V "on- Uhlol Commissioner
- imtSil ifiW ,rom tl10 (ollowlng de-
"���noi lu \\e��t Kootenay dlitrlet:
(.omineiicing at r ,M���t p|Huted on the north
hank of lOMlle creek, about one mile and a half
from Hloean lake, marked K Htraud'i norlhweat
.orner post, tbenco can lfio cbaini, thence ioulb
���lit chains, thence weat lfio chains, thence north
40 chaina to polul of commencement.
I>ated thii 2lat day of Uarch, 1907.
 K. Btiuiid, locator.
Notice la hereby given that 30 dayi alter date 1
Intend toappU to lhe Hon. the Chief Commli-
���loner of Umla and Works, at Victoria, for a
special llceuae to cut and carry a*ay timber
from thu followlni described laudi in Vale dlatrlct:
No. 1.-Commencing ata poit planted about 10
chalm easl of main Ketll" river and aboul one
mile more or leaa uorih ol U. P It. Hlock No,
'.am, and marked Boundary Lumber Co'i H. K.
eorner poai No. 1, thence Hi ehaim n rlh, lbence
U ehalna wcai, Ihenee 80 chaini south, thenee 80
ehalna eaai to lbe point of commencement.
l>aux, Mar h22mj, 1907.
N��.2.--' ommenclng al a poit planted about 10
chains eaat ol main Kettle river about HOehulm
norih of Bouudary Lumber Co'a I^H*atloti No. 1,
aud maraed Boundary Lumber Co'i 8.1, corner
poit No. 2, thence 80 ehaim north, thence 80
chalm won, ihence 80 chalm iouth, tlience 00
chalna east to the point of eommeucement.
Hated'/2ud March, 1907.
No. 8.���Commencing at a post planted about 80
chains can of main Rattle river and about 80
chains north of Boundary Lumber Co'i location
post No 2, md marked Boundary Lumber Co'i
H. K. vomer poll No. 8, tlience 80 chalm north,
thence 80 chains weat, thenc* 80 chaini south,
tbeuce 80 chains eait to tbe polut of commencement.
Hated March 22ud, 1007.
No. 4���Commeneing at a poat planted about
10 chaini eaat of the main Kettle river aud about
w�� ehalna north ol Bouudiry Lumber Co'a location poat No. ��, and marke*) Bouudary Lumlier
CO'I 8- K. corner poat No 4, lbence 80 chaini
north, thence 80 chaini weit, theuce 80 chaini
Miuth, theme HO chaini eait to the point of commencement.
Dated March 22nd, 1907.
No fi.���Commencing at a post planted about
I ' rhalni easl of main Keltic river and about
Iwo in-.li - north, more or leu, of Boundary Lumber o'i location No.4, and marked Boundary
Lumber Co'i H K. eoruer poit No t, theuce 80
chaiua north, theuce H) chalm weit, theuce HO
chaina aouth, thence HOchalui eait to tbe point
of commencement.
Dated March *8rd, 19117.
No. 6.���Commencing at a poll plantcil about 25
chains can uf main Kettle river ou C V. It. line
bloci No. 2714, and about HO chains north of
Boundary Lumber ( "V Nx-aii'm jm-i Su '������. and
mn i ki-il Bouudary Lumber ('o'a H. K eoruer post
No.fi, (hence HO ehaim north, following C. I1. R.
line Ms" li No 2714, ihunce HOchalui weil, thence
Hi chalna aouth, thence Hi chalna east to the
polul of commencement.
Dated March ��8rd, 1907.
No. 7.-Commencing at a post planted abont
l.1) ehalna wesl uf the main Kettle rivrrou C IMI.
line bl..ck No. 2714, and ahout 80 chalm north of
ry Lumbei
No. 7, theuce 160 chalna norlh, (ollowlng C. 1*. H.
line block No. 2714, (hence -tOuhalna weit, thence
1C0 .iniiii- iouth, theuce 40 ehalni eait lo the
point of commencement.
Dated Mareh 23rd, 19t/7.
No. 8���Commencing at a post planted about
X) chalm weit from river bank and about 3 mllei
south, more or lesa. of thu last easl branch of (be
ea-t fork of the main Kettle river or about IS
miles north, more or lesi, of C. 1'. I: Hlouk No.
'2714, on eaat fork of Kettle river, marked Boundary Lumber Co'i N. \V. corner poal NO 8, tbence
no ehalus eaat, thence 80 chains south, thence Hi
chalus won, th- ncc 80 ehalna north to the point
of commencement.
Dated March Willi, 1907.
No. 9.���Commencing ata post plauted about
'JO ehaim weit from river bank, on the eait fork
of Kettle river, and about Hi chains iouth of
Boundary Lumber Od'l location poat No 8, and
markeii Uouudary lumber Co'i N. VY. corner
post No, 9, tbeuce Ht uhalns easl. theuc 80 chaina
aouth, thence Hi chalm weit, Iheuce 80 chaini
norih to lhe point of commencement.
Hated Match 26th, 1W7.
No. 10 ���Commencing at a pnit planted about
20 chains west from river bauk on the eaat fork
of Kettle river, and about HO chalm iouth of
Boundary Lumber Co's location poat No. 9, and
marked Boundary Lumber Co's N. W. corner
poit No. 10, thence so cbalm eait, tbence 80
chaini iouth, thence 80 chaini west, thence 80
cbaina nortb to the polut of commencement.
Dated March 2ftth, 1907.
No. 11.���Commencing at a poit planted about
1& chains wed from river bank on the eait fork
of Kettle river, and about 80 cbalm iouth of
Boundary Lumber Co'a loealion ooat No. 10, and
marked Boundary LumberCo'i N.W. corner poat
No 11, thence 80 chalm east, tbence DO chalm
aouth, tnence 8B chains we-i. tbence 80 ehalni
north to the mint ol uommeneement.
Hated March 2Mb, 1907.
No 12.���Commencing ata poat planted about 12
chains weal from river bank in the east fork of
Ke tie rher, and about Hi chains south of
Boundary Lumber Co'i location posl No. 11, and
maiked Boundary Lumber Co'i N. YY. corner
po<t No. 12, tbonce 80 cbalm east, thence 80
chalm south, tlience 80 chains weat, thenre 80
norih lo the point of commencement.
Datod March xMh, 1907.
No. 11. -('ommenclng al a post planted about
12 chains weat from river bank on the can fork
of Ketile river, and about 80 ebalm aoutb of
Boundary Lumber Co'i location poit No. 12, and
marked Boundary Lumber Oo'i N W. corner
post :���" i:t, tbeuce Ho chaius cast, thenco Hi
chains aouth, thence 80 chatm weat, thence 80
chaiui north to lhe point of commencement.
Dated March Btbi 1907.
No 14,-Commenclng at a post planted about
111 chalna iv at from river bauk on ihu eaat fork
of Kettle river, and about 80 chains iouth of
Boundary Lumber Co's location nost No- IS, and
marked Boundary LumberCo's N VV. corner poat
No 11 thence 80 chains east, thence H) chalna
souih thunee 80 chains weat, tbeuoe 80 chalna
north to tin point of commencement.
Hated March 2dlh. 1907.
No Id.-Oominenclng at a post planted about
10 chalna west irom rlvor bank on the eaat fork
of   Kettlo   river,  aud abont B0 chaina south of
Boundary Umber Co'a port No 14, and marked
Boundary Lumbor Co'i n . W. cornor pint No. lfi,
hence hO chaina east,  thence Hi chaini south,
Ihcnce 80 chains went, thonce 80 chalm nortii to
point ol commencement,
i'ated March 2Hh, 1907.
No Ifl.-Commencing .it a post planted about
8 chnlna weat from river bunk on the oast lorn of
Kettle rlvor, and abom 80 chains souih of
Houndarv Lumber Co's loealion post * 0. ib, nnd
marked iViuudary LumberCo's S.W, OOJpMJOIt
No UL tbence HO chnins eaat, tbence 80 Ch* Dl
iouth, Ihcnce Hi chains west, thonce 80 chalm
norlh to the poini of commencement.
Dated March STith, 1907.
No 17.-(.\>mmonelng Rt �� P-���' plented about
Bohalni weat from river bunk on the enat ork
of Kettle rlvor, and about 80 chains south of
Bouudary Lumber Co's location nost No. 11, and
marked llonn.lury Lumber Co's K. W. OWftg
post No 17, lbence HO cha na eaat, tici. ��
Ohalni "OUtb, thenee HO chain* weat, tho co H)
ohalni north to thc point of commencement.
Dated March 'iMh, 1907.
No. 1H- Commencing M% P��tP.^ifW
5 chains west ol the river bank n e jMUPrt
of Kettle llivcr aud about 80 eh all flIWP H
Houndary Lumber Co's loealion, PWi JJ"
nnd minted Boundary . umber Co N.W. corner
������st No. 18, thenee HO chains on* , thence BO
ihains south, thenco 80 ehnins west, th* "�� *'
Shams nortl. to the point ol wmmeWg"*.
Dated March Uth, mi. ��� J- SSfiHU (,0
Agent lor Boundary Lumber to
Agriculture and  Lumbering Contribute
to Wealth of Kootenay Valley Town.
(Special to Tho Dally Canadian.)
Crenton, Juno 7.���Crouton Ib certainly
prosperous Just now. Between fruit
raising, the sawmills and logging camps
QUlta a sum of money Is ln circulation.
As an Instance of our prosperity both
tins hotels here have had to enlarge
iheir premises by nearly one-half, the
old accommodations being utterly Inadequate,
Hums & Co. have lately taken control
of theh local butcher trade.
The water In the valley Is fairly high
now, but the old-llmers arc not looking
for extra high water tills your.
Cretson lias a baseball team that
ihliiks It can lick NelBon any day.
The weather here Is splendid for the
ranchers, enough moisture and not too
much. Strawberries are already ripe,
one rancher from the other side of the
valley brought In a box on Monday and
regular shipments will bo made ln a
week. The. quality and the quantity
ure certainly assured this year. Some
of our largest strawberry growers are
figuring on the Dublin Exposition. The
largo fruit trees are loaded with fruit
and will have to be severely culled if
the welfare of the growing tree ls con-
Deacon Jones gets u farewell banquet
on Wednesday night. He goes to Dur-
naby. We broke hlm ln and are send-
ing the liurnaby people a good fellow.
Land Is rising In value here every
day. Each sale Bees an advance of
price on the one before. There Is reason, of course, for this, as we have
more good land In advantageous locations for a quick market than any other
dlBtrlct in British Columbia. One hundred dollars an acre won't buy some
land here unimproved but with water
on lt.
A. M. Can. Sec. C. E.
Mining Work ��� Specialty.
Office: Hcaley Building.   P. O. Box 434
Baker St., NEL80N, B. C.
F. C GREEN      F. F. BURDEN       A. H. GREER
Gvil Engineers, Dominion and British
Columbia Land Surveyors
P. 0. Box 145   Phone 261 B.
Notice li hereby given that 30 iIhvh Altor date 1
Intend to ��pply to tbe Hoiiorahle the < *hii*f CommlMloner of Laudi and Worki, Victoria, for s
ipeelal Uc-enin to mi and wry away timber
Irom tbe lollowiug deiicrlboil land lu tbe dtrtrlct
ol West Kootenai*:
Coramvnriiitt at s post about levon mllei Irom
'lie month ot summit ereek, In a weiterly direction, marked ti M. beuny'i northeaat corner
poil, tben'" 80 chains weit, thence 40 chatm
i.mih, thenre 40 rhalni went, them-e 40 ohaini
nouth, theme HO ehalni eait, thence 40 ebalni
north, thence 4o ehaim eait, thence 40 cnalm
north lo point of commencement.
Located May 7ih, WI.
G. M  BKNNY, locator,
AUOl'B CUUIB, Agent.
Nelaon Laud Dlatrlet. DUtrlctof Weit Kooteuay.
No, 1���Take notice that tieonte A. Laurie, of
Creiton, B c . lumberman, intends lo apply for
anpecial tlmher licence over the following described litti-1*-;
Commeneing at a poit planted ahout one mile
���ouib of the Lick cabin, on tho Lick cabin trail,
on immakl in creek, thence north 80 chaiui,
thenco ea��t 80 ehaim, theuce aouth 80 chaini.
thence west 80 chalui lo the point of commencement and rnnlninlng 010 acres, more or lies.
May in, 1907. Uio A. UOJUB.
Nelion Und Dlatrlct. DUtrlct of Weit Kootenay.
No. 2���Take notloe that tloorge A Uurle, oi
Creiton, B. 0., lumberman, intend to applv for a
Hpeclal timber licence over the following described laudi:
Commenciug ata poit planted about one mile
���souih ol the Lick cabin, ou the Lick cabin trail,
on Inonaklin oreet, ihence iouth 80 chaini,
iheuce eul 80 ehaim, thence north 80 cbalm,
theuce weit 80chelUB to the point ui commencement and conUiuing 640 acres, more or less.
May 1st, 1907. UBO. A. UilWl.
Nelion Und Dlatrlct   Dlitrlct,of Woit Kootenay.
No. s.���Take notice that W. H. Page, of Fire
Valley. B. 0., cruiser, intenda to apply for a
special timber licence over the following deaeribed lands: ���
Commenciug at a post planted about one mile
muth ol the Lick cabin, on the Lick cablu trail,
ou Inonaklin creek, thence south ��0 chalm,
thence weat 80 chains, Ihenco norlh 80 chains,
thence easi 80 chalm to the point of oommencement and continuing MO acres, more or lesi.
May 1st, W07. W. H. I'aob, Locator.
GBO. A. UimiB, Ageut.
Nelaon Und Dlatrlot. Diatrlctof Weat Kootenay.
No. 4.-Takc nolle�� that W. H. I'lige. ot Flre
Valley, B.C., eruiier, intends to apply for a special
timber ilcunce over tho following described
Commencing ata poit pla*'tad about one mile
���outh of tho Lick cabin, on tbe Lick cabin trail,
on Inonaklin urcok, thence north 80 chains,
thence west 80 chaina, thence aouth 80 ehalns,
thence eaat 80 chalm io the point of oommencement and contKisiiing 640 aen s, more or leas.
May lat. 1907. W. It. 1'aoi, Locator.
(Iio. A. Lai-rib, Agent.
Nelson Und Dlatrlct. Dlitrlet of Weit Koolenay.
No. S���Tako notice that UcoraoA. Uurie.of
���niton, B. C-,lumberman. Intcrnta to apply for a
i)iei!lal timber Ucome o*ver the following described landa:
CommenihiK at a post planted about one mile
nouth aud ono mile west, ofthe Lick cab n, on
the Lick CabiD trait, on Inonaklin ereek, theuco
weat 80 chaiua, thence uorth 80 ehaim, thence
east Snohntua, then i-e son th so chalna to the point
of cominenccncniand coalainlup 640 acros, more
or less, ,   _
May 1st, W07. Qao. A. Laurik.
Nelion Und Dlitrlel. District ol West Kootenay.
No.6- Take notice that George A. Uurle, of
Creston, H. ("., lumberman, intends to apply for
a upcclat timber Hue use over the following described lands: , ���
Commencing nt a poal plan tod about one mile
south and one mile west of tho Link caoln, on
the Lick Cabin trail, on Inonaklin creek, thenee
west 80 chains, theuce south 80 obalns, thonce
east 80 chalm, theuco north 80 chains, to the
point of ci'itiMienct'un'ut and containing 640
acres, more or leaa.
May idt, IW*. <!��o. A. Lsnnii.
Nelson Inml Putrid. Dlatrlot of West Kootenay.
No. 7.-Take notice that George A. Laurie, of
CiONioii, B. C hiinl.. rniHii, intends to apply for
a Special ti��iwf license over the following deacrlbed lumls:
Commeuelng at a post planted about ono
Hiinrlerof uinllo in nn easterly direction from
l.lck cablu, on Inona'tllii creek, ihcnce south 40
ehalns, ihcnce oml \m chains, thence north 40
chains, thence, went 160 chnins to the point of
commencement am! containing M0 acres, more
�� Hay 1st, im* Gao. A. Uvsia.
Deposits  of Cobalt  District  Compared
With British Columbia's by
Old Mining Man.
Colbult, June 7.���The various forma-
tluns ul rock In the regions of Cobalt
ls Bllll occupying the attention of mining experts who are endeavoring to
make an estimate of the mineral depth
of the camp. Undoubtedly the permanency of the camp depends -wholly upon
the depth to which mineral veins run,
and uh the process of ���!* velopinent continues the stronger becomes tho general
Impression that a number of tests
should be made for the purpose of finding out how far the real vein matter
runs Into the bowels of tho earth. If
such tests were made, and It was
learned that silver wus found, say, at a
depth of 500 feet, then the peruiunency
of the camp would be assured. Of
courBe, the surface showings as far ai
they go are very fine Indications, but
they do not appear to be sufficient to
satisfy the practical miner.
In conversation with a practical miner today, who haB made a study of rock
formations where mineral Is found, hav.
Ing lived and worked among thc mines
of British Columbia, Colorado, Nova
Scotia aud Newfoundland, a correspondent learned that the rock formations around Cobalt camp were proving
to be about the hardest to figure on to
form a correct estimate* of the extent
of the veins. He expressed himself as
having been greatly deceived by indications which appeared most favorable.
He had also known other experts who
had been deceived In the same way. He
has Been claims whelch wre thrown out
by them as being practicallw orthless,
which were afterwards found to contain
great mineral wealth. Again, be has
known others which were passed upon
as being good properties, which proved
lo be losing propositions. In other mineral sections which he had visited, such
deceptions were not common. Generally where good Indications were located, the mineral was afterwards found,
even at a great depth. In British Columbia, he said there were larger surface showings with iron and copper
capplngs as a rule. In the Slocan dls-
trlct of British Columbia, for silver and
lead you would get quartz veins carrying galena and lead ore right on the
surface, and on this showing the miner
would locate his mineral. In Nova
Scotia and Newfoundland there were
practically the same formations or rock
as In British Columbia, also with surface showingB. in Colorado he said they
went more on the carbonate ore, which
carried good values of silver and lead,
with some gold. On the different showingB good reBults were mostly obtained.
In Cobalt camp, however, it was dlfer-
ent. The bloom Is the chief Indication
to go by in locating the silver, and lt
sometimes proved good only tn certain
parts. There are places, he contended,
where striking the bloom It paid to
Investigate, while ln other places lt
did't pay. He pointed out an Illustration of this regarding the big find on
the Temiskaming and Hudson Bay property a few months ago. There the vein
was located about 250 away from the
Thla Bame practical mining man,
however, does not by any means retain
a pessimistic view of the future of Cobalt. On the other hand, he believes In
the permanency of the camp, and holds
strongly to the view that silver is to
be found In Coleman township at a very-
great depth. He favors very much the
theory advanced regarding the presence
of flucan, which he believes is one of
lhe strongest and best indications that
the fissure ln which It Is found extends
Into the bowels of the earth. So far as
his experience went, he has always
found that the *presence of a flucan
proved a sure sign, and whero a shaft
was sunk protruding through the inter-
veiling layer of Keewatlu rock, the fissure was found to contain mineral when
the Huronlan rock was again met with.
"Whenever," he said, "you find an open
fissure, no matter what it Is filled with,
It always pays to investigate." He
guarded, however, agalnat what he
termed a dry fissure, which, ho eald,
only contained hard rock. In that kind
of a fissure nothing of vnlue was ever
found. He hoped to see some of tlie
companies making tests hy sinking to
at least a depth of 500 feet, as It would
serve to allay any anxieties regarding
the permanency of tho camp.	
Notiee ll hendiv given that Qeorge Bourgeois
has made application under the provliiom of
thc "Liquor License Act, 1900," for a hotel licence
for the premises which he proponed to erect at
CroK'ent Valley, about two miles northwest of
���slocan Junction.
Tho application will be considered at the regular meeting of the Board of Licence commlsiion-
ers, at the Court House, at Nelion, on the l&th
day of June, 1907, at the hour of eleven o'clock In
the forenoon.
31st May, 1007. Chief Licence Inspector.
In the matter ot an application for the luue of
a duplicate of the Certificates of Title for Lots 11
antl li, Block 84. Town of Silverton (Map ft74);
the iouth \ of Lot B, Blocks, lown of New Denver ami l.oi l. Block 21 and lot 8, Hlock se,
McOllllvray's Addition to New Denver (Map ftW);
Notiee li hereby given that Uli ray intention
to tame at the expiration of one month from tho
the llrst publication hereol duplicate-, of the
Certificates of Title to tho ahore deserlhed lauds
in the name of Henry Sheran and Harry Sherati,
which Certificates are dated the 17th nine, 1$K>,
the tth of October, iv.'l, the s;ird July, IBM, and
the lath January, I WW, respectively, and are
numbered ���jwik, iu447A,782c and stftK, respectively.
Dlstrlol Keflstrar
Land Registry Ofllce, Nelson, B.O
IflHh, May, 1907.
Tke Strathcona
Nelaon, B.O.
Reg. Geo. Webb, Prop.
The Leading Hotel in the
Qood   Sample    Rooms.
Queen's Hotel
Baker Btrset, Nelion. B. 0.
Lighted by Electricity and
Heated by Hot Air
Large end (lomforuble Bedroomi and Flnt-
olueuinlnf Room.  Sample lissom. Ior Commtsr-
mil Han.
MRB. K. C.CLARKK, Proprlftreai
Grand Central Hotel
Thoroughly renovated and refurnished. Rooms CO cents upward. The
dining room Is unexcelled In the city.
House heated throughout with hot
J. A. ERIOKSON, Proprietor
Telephone, 260.   Opposite Court House
and Postoffice. Nelson. B. C.
Tremont House
.        European and American nan
Meals 36 cts.   Booms from 'tb cu. to 11.
Only White Help Employed.
Baker Bt., Nelson Proprietors
Bartlett   Hotise
Best Dollar-a-Day Hotise in Nelson.
The Bar is the Finest.
White Help Only Employed.
Josephine St.
Royal Hotel
Batea |l and $1.60 a Day.
Speoial Batea to Regular Boarders.
Mon comfortable quarter! in Nelion
Only the beet ot Liquor, and Ugan.
A* McDonald & Co.
Dealers in staple and fancy Groceries
Butter, Eggs.
Oamp and Miners' Supplies.
Tenders Wanted for the Purchase of a
Mineral Claim.
Tenders addressed to tbe understcrned, at his
ofllce, lu the Coart House, lu the City ol Neleon,
will be received up to the hour ol five o'clock,
In the afternoon, of Friday, Juno !28th, 1907, for
the put chase ot the "Tamarac Mlueral Claim,"
LotSOOJ. Uroup 1, Kootenay district, wblch ls
declared to be forfeited to the Crown, at the tax
cult', held ln tbe city of Nelson, on the Hth day of
November, 1DU6, for delinquent taxes up till
June 8otb. 190&, and costs.
Tbe upset price upon the said mineral claim,
which includes the amount of delluquent taxes
and costs at tbe time of forfeiture, with Interest,
taxes which have since accrued, costs of advertising, and lee for Orown (irant lti oo) i�� ju-uwi,
wblch Is the leaat amount that will be couiider-
cd as a tender.
Each tender must be accompanied by an ae
cepted cheque for the full amount of the tender,
paymdt; to the order of the Deputy Commissioner of I-ainlK uud Works, at Victoria, It O., at par
Dated at Nelaon, H. C., this 'JUth day of May,
Covernment Agent. Neluon, B.C.
Notice Is hereby given that the Wattsburg
Lumber compuny bas applied to Hi- Honor the
Lieutenant Governor in council, under the provisions of tho "Elvers and Streams Act," for the
right to Improve Kykorts creek, iu tbe district of
West Kootenay, tirltlnh Columbia, by removing
the obstructions therefrom and straightening
tbe banks t)iereoi,and to construct dams, booms,
slides and chutes, and make-inch other improvement* as may bo necessary for the driving and
rafting ol logs and the (turning of ttmhorthereun
The lands to be affected are goverment lands and
Lots '251 and iiii, Uroup 1, aootenuy district, aud
tho tolls that are proposed to be charged, tf any,
are suoh as maybe fixed bya judgaof the county
court of West Kootenay,
Dated this 27th day of March, A, D. 1907.
I have Just returned to Nelson and
have opened up at the same old stand,
and now -ready to do all klnda of
KALSOMINING.   Shop rear of Bartlett
We Have Two Very Desirable
Victoria Street Residences
For Sale
Brydges, Blakernore & Cameron, Lti
��*��*����.. A A.A*....***.........].].l.l.l^.l.l.lVl.].u*L.L.fl]^JyWtjy^
TWO LOTS AND 8-ROOMED HOUSE, 40x22, basement and flrat
story brick and stone. Hume Addition. Pries 12,600. Terms
one-third cash, balance on time.   Apply
Choice Fruit
I Have 10,000 Actes
Choicest Frott Lao-is in
British Colombia.
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
J. E. ANNABLE,    ���    Nelson, B. C.
We Have For Sale One of tte Prettiest Homes to
Nelson, Sitaated in Fairvirw, Close to the Car line
Largs 7-room house. Stone foundation and first-class cellar. Complete water eyetem. 10 lota under cultivation and plantad In largo, bearing fruit trees.   This la a anap.   For particulars apply to
For Quick Sale ?icke? ��""* ������ J^
x Attn of Kootenay Lake
Six acres, all cleared of timber, with 300 fruit trees planted out. Three
roomed dwelling, already furnished, and two chicken houses with number of
chickens.   Lots of water.   Pries complete, only 1*150.00, on very eaay terms.
Kootenay Land & Investment Co.
Phone 147.       P. O. Box 44a
IN THE MATTER of the issuance of an
Indefeasible Title to F. W. Howay
and R. L. Reld to Lots 2 and 3,
In Block 12, City of Nelson.
Whereai tbe doeumenti hereinalter mentioned
are not lo tbe possession of the aforesaid Howay
and Reld;
And whereas production of them Is requited
under the "Land Registry Act";
Take notiee tbat all or any persons having
these documents ln their possession or having
any interest in the same are required to produce
thu Mine to tbe UistrlOt Registrar of Land lltltts
at Nelton, B.C., on or before the l&th dayof July,
Conveyance In Fee, from A. Barrette to Alexander
Carney, dated 29th October, 1891. ���
Mortgage In Fee, faora A. Carney and A. Farrette
to M. Mclnnes and 1'. Burns, dated tbe 'Ath
of November, 1892.
Couveyance in Fee under power  of  Sale in
Mortgsge from Malcolm Mclnnis and P. Burns
to A, U.Buchanan, dated 17th of November,
Conveyance ln Fee, A. II. Buchanan to the Bank
al Montreal, dated the 24th of August, 1894.
Conveyance in Fee, Bank of Montreal,  to Rose
Mary Ueathcoie   and Joicpb  H e nth er Ing ton
Howes, dated llth November, itm.
Conveyance in Fee, of an undivided one-quarter
Inun  Rote Mary Heathcote to I'aul Johnson,
dated the 29th of December, 1895.
Dated this 29th day of Mart A. 1)., 1907.
H.F. MacLkOD,
Distriet Registrar of i-and Titles.
IN THE MATTER of the "Rivers and
Streams Act" and amendments
IN THE MATTER of an Application of
The Canadian Pacific Timber
Company, Limited.
Notice is hereby given that 80 dayi atter date
Tbe Canadian Pacific ��� imber Compauv, Limited,
Intends to submit tothe Honorable Chief Com-
mlissoner of Lands and Works a proposal under
the provisions of the "Rivers ana Streams Act"
and amendments thereto, for the right to lm-
prove Trout creek aud It* trlbutariee trom the
Hourccsol Biieh creek and tributaries to the point
where the Mime flows into Trout lake in the Distriet of West Kootenay, and to remove obstructions theretrom and make the same lit for driving, storliiK, sorting and 1> wiulng logs, rafts and
iTA'ie. uud thu HuralQg of lumber thereon, also
(or the riKht tor-oHm tolWtlu-rtMin.
The taotl*affectei are Crown lands and lots
770, 7*0, 7W1, 771* 771 769, 7S2 and 190, all in
(Iroup 1, West Kootenay.
Dated this ami aay .,, jlay, 190*7.
by their solicitor, R. M. Macdonald.
Summer Excursion
.... Rates East
From Nelson $52.50
To Winnipeg, Port Arthur.
St. Paul, Dulttth. Siotix City
Chicago t<4.00 Montrtal IM.00
Toronto 078.50 St John 0M.00
St. Loul* $60.00 Ottawa W2.55
New York $100.00 Bolton $8530
Halifax $101.80
On Sale June 6th. 7th, 8th.
First Class Rotmd Trip, 90
Days Limit.
Corresponding reductions Irom all
Kootenay points. Tickets available (or
lake route Including meala aod berths
on lake steamers. Through rates quoted
to any station In Ontario, Quebec or
Maritime provinces on application.
A.O.P. V.Vancouver. O. P.A.. Milium
Contractor end
Bole agent for the Porto V, im Lumber Co,, Ltd..
retail yards. Rough and drt-��s��d lumber, turned
work and brackets, Coast lath and shlnglet, sash
snd doors. Cement, hriuk aad Ume lor tale.
Automatic grinder, _
Yard and factory: VernoaBt,. eejtef Mall
P. u. Box m Telepkow iff
m I I
The Dafly Canadian
1L*J,11V1U*1.       BUTCHER CO.
VB BAKR THB FTXE9T   RTTBB1    STB   SGE51   3.M>T3   .*,    . -E
:aKER5   IN".* V        *..-.;-
n   BJ ��n.l     .*. ;-:.\T   VOl'   WANT  Ol   THE   RING   LlNiL      i I
Pwe Ontario Strained
t    TLSS    I* *D
Fresh and Salted Heats
California Wild Rose Honey
3 lb. GU?S     lift
JL \v tBULJBft���m
Watchmaker and Optician
Can;* Kpf&wi ca *>lwrt*#i Mtfai a^
icrcrt�� *^vy XiX&2�� boi iw*t mad
vluleMQM rr**u aixi ��cpp*t�� fcej* 1= nock
Kk-   r->.-*��� :- -  -~ aneffiTV-t
fww'ati��x    Party   ��� ������ ���       .
i   *  .   it      -.   ���  ��� * i-i     aaaa Uai
, ��� ;t-t-  *.*kr: ts
*--���'��� ' - z }
R-XJ-v Ma
z. - - > -��
Vfta t 3e:   -*e
California Wild Rose Hooey
1 lb. GLASS     JSc
Our Stock is Complete f
Awvev.*.. lye an
-     I'   777 _���     VtiCOETr.-      .'    r. i * ���
a H C.Ik MaabM    I  v. ��� :S<*a and
Lr;:..->  Ht:    T   C-   S;^-ioe:   J:
Jeta:    W. D Bei C   L.
r.ii-r  :-';  S.   V7it,7}   "��':is*L:;-*-r: j   A
Saidcm      G   H.  XisSitoK.
E.7.7-   --77        .-:      I.'.      '.������7:r7:     77;     *B.'r
?-��T.r     *L   L-   :77i-.7   7:r:L*.:
H.e-e a-e !*:  Star Set; s't:
2S   5 s.   BAPS   -CWESTEAD   k^AS *
Bell Trading Co. I
-;  ,.:-.-,       :        .-���: I     -r   -      -*.  -    ���
iftt- . L  .1 .'-.z,   :-.} ssr -:-.--:'���       M
************** ************
rtrsisv A.vr- itZAmyi* osr..'-..:_ .-.test
a to sft't
Old Curiosity Shop
If j*cm -��-&*n*. '.o buy or s*!l an?*t��lE��.
fa to the Oid Cur.o&'T Shoj.    A new
Hae   Of   }aix77-rB>:   Gfocs   BO"   n   Bile
(Ul Ustia o! Dftuiimre h atoca*- Patten*
See Us
For Good Fruit Land
io Acre Blocks to 800
Acre Blocks.
Bedrock Prices.
Easy Terms.
HL E. Croadsdaile & ��
Next Door to Bank of Ommerce.
Al Klndj of Heating Plaits In Stock.
Victoria St, Nr.OD-ara Houae.     Tel. 181.
Cor. Verrton sand War-d mtBMmmtm,
}. Fi.EI* HVJtE. PrjyneMr.
F L C-a--��. L B. McPL���*. S;>:i:il-:
Mrs. G J. Si.rr<.-. Mrs L MM M:l-
n-sapilif tin '.V S Cone. Mra. J L.
Pa.-ke-r Hla R. Bererir, J. W. P:>irr
Kasio. T J. Snisti. D. E KeOotdwoa,
J Hrfrikaia, H. Wngkt. VancoaTt-r:
X. Mc-r-sss. Slocan: T. R- Gilpin. T.
Brand aad wtte, Toronto: J. C. Miller.
Onatoa G H. A.rii.-d. New Dearer:
W. F HeBdama, Fem Mine: J A
Tr-dvr Vn::r: Mra. Cocke. Seattle: R
D. ��!cftlL3is. Lace: R. GodbolL C. A
Gran; M-ctp^: Mrs E. 8. Sibley. Belfast. Mrs. H. H.lion. Chicago.
T. D. Woodcock. Slocan; W E Pau::
K'roadr.ew. H. W. Artuckle, Of!T5ia; J
V. Broira, England; A. H. Anderson.
Siniar: W C Haj-irard and wife. 0. J.
Hundley. Ymir: J. Waldbeser and wife.
J. 0. Denison. H. B Smith. Rossland:
S. Menhinneck. Camborne.
F. U Bayer.  La Plata mine:   H.  T
Sody. Creston. W. Ross. S  McL*-od. N
McLe>d. J. Culli2ne. J. Boiton. H. Lores.. Vanooover.
P. Jamieson. J. Randall, Trotii Lake.
T. Miller. Rossland.
\V. Sharp. Alberta.   Mrs   C. A. Sanford. A aims* a: S   Waraick. Vakusp; H.
Kuskanook. Midway.
A E Jones. Bine Bell; A. G. Barnes
Wii;ow Point: G. B. White. Deer Park:
A. Crawford. S^iskane: F. Roy. Salmo.
A. C. A:iaa. Femie: M. B Goarman. J
McRoberu. Westley
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch,
Creosote. Oils for
Preserving Timber.
Roofing Pitch and
Bo�� EciHej-s wUi ��nd it to th**or ad-
ru:t*i��*e :���'. 7*. -.77 F-.v.i.
Ndson Coke & Gas Co.
What Better Location
Could tod desire :hau & fine 7-r:**:*���
bouse. a'J mcHierD. ���with con.er \cte aui
GT*rtooki&R the river. Ooaa ia aad ca
the car Use.
#-S00���One-Hatf Cath
balance   monthly  payn^enti.
a ~ m G1��L *��<mt ji ft��n aid.   svP^J ��
-   i. ��� ..   : r '" '���
: v* ���  BLaJtt M EMkMl *c..-��: %<.��.,'. mtaath
(���ener-al jDb Wortc, Ch'smf^y 6-*e-t>
Ing. Carpet C tar. -j ttMMtm anc ChMV-
Ing Stovci, etc.
ir EMt Baker tt. Phone Ne. A114
Three Show Cases
and Two Counters
���fOI-H-iU*. m.   af,:r*tit l��   t: -..��<*   fi;-i��
:':".   f ai.;   v-    ;   r-.;.-. '.ifi rt tly.rata*'.* ��btr�� i
:��� *-       i     .���-:-}������ i ���:���****������'< -v-:   *   ���
TWO n��?T-. j_a* V��K*. r-i*u h��M   ay
1z-   {Imm ��bo "-oak k Lfctf*"'*  DaAn   i    ���  -
:4��     ?'i* l-i H��B
OF   K��l��     ��e:cra
ELA9=   COESTT. 7*c ShttXf  h Mifl   t   Vj'i
fobaooniit-  Uo Street
' L'>'*J��IT> HOrst 1 at-tt -rJUi i����r:M tn.::
;r*ef. Otn��m;ir; ��!������ i 'z tf"*t 'nm socna-
H, rent 11* 9pm luciiU.    7ut>   -:,-,;  Lmuli
���i ����� (����t montfc.   TtTt A Cc. i*c*:
r.��rr" ��� ���T��*,MWf��**c><��'"aTVj -r
���1   r    .V:l^rtL :  tri  G*<ircf   H 2t:r:
Lr::-:*=r-Car.i��:c   prire.
C it Benedict
Comer B*J:ea ani Jo#e;i-ne Sta
A Few
Aids to Enjoyment
'.: ��� -l~ ct: ir-z  .z   '    ���    .":-. -  - -.
The njp.-t maaaaaa isLyvrmeax they
pe* nri  :.' M tie n>or** pood it
arill do tiem.
E.  C.  TRAVES.   Maaagc.
_THE~HOO\'ER home
Que of ��c Mas: Seen; Loatiaaj oc
Entan Wa:as b :o: Sik.
of tin
a   c   ���
-.:: lArd   ht
ihi   '* BMgi  ���"
l-    :--:.��������     :* ���'    :.       '    ��*N  -'
Aeas   aa     trttf    t���tzx*    ���j.?rt-.i
���-   .-       t*  *��� ��*    -    ,^nn? hn ei
. w      ,:���   '-  ��� ���. z- " ���   :   ���"   :-.* *
".   wi   r   :   v.;:   ----    2      -     -   ���
-. -i-     Fo:   ; r.c*   t^:   ".- rr_s   <���.;;.?
Tke re^alar ���sWnii.l;. jm**ui*i; of '��*s
"z^*TTSihj C:vb oi Se'i&ea arii] Ite ht'.i
iz tie c:tT Lt- tozji-r^* tTtrUL^ l: *
o'cioci. Mr. V. W Odl^n. Tbo n-�� to
tare sre_�� n 't*;tr. je ���BUvMtaMtr *i-
fctt from tbe city a p&i>er ��iii be
r**& by fi_ J. Oart.
Bad!/ Hurt.
A ?c*zoi�� tic? etisaffe-d by p. Buna k
Co., as a driver, met with a &erere ao*
dteat a.: tie Binifllua gronsd* last
erening. He *as ridia? a pony, and
vtiie racier a: faU spee^d the iz:n:t
fell tod roiied OTer the rider. Dr Bafl
j^j :n!~r*l:i*e.? j-i-.z-r- &l. at
teside*: to the in$ark*.
Uptown Stort.
The store a: the corner of Stanley
kzi ?*.: :-.z.'_'Z rtre^ti. '.r���rr.;. rzz :;��� r.
E- Richards. wH be opened agajn tomorrow. Sir. W. J. Chas��. who na* purchased the businesg. has pm in a complete stock of free-h -proceries and w:;;
be ready t>> sappiy aj; customers. Tbe
resjdenu on the hii] wili be glad to see
this store open ag^ln
Sports Committee.
Tbe sports oomrn'ttee for the Dominion Day celebration wil] meet in G, P
Well's office this evening at �� o'clock
Tbe members of the committee are: \V.
R McLean, A. T. Walley. VT. A Ward.
A. Thomas. H Wright. G P Wells. F.
A Starkey. J E_ Annable. R. G. Webb.
T Deasy. M. R. Mc-Quarrie. P. PhilUp*.
C   F   Walmsley. J. U Poner.
Pioral Exhibit
G C. Hodge, who was chairman of the
Coral department of the tmmmta Fair
last y**ar. and is c-pposed to tbe proposed
rerersion to old rules this year, lately
sent a copy of last year b roles to the
tatsatarf of the Royal Hortieahural Sc��-
dey of England, asking for suggestions
He bas jnst re-oejTed a reply expressing
entire approval of them.
The Store of Quality
Per Bcttie 25c
Per Bottle 25c
Per Bottle 25c
Ptr  Bottle 25c
2 T,n�� 25:
TL*��e goodf at* low la pnoe t>ot hig*
is qnalitj- G:t* -��ath a trial sasd I*
40c per Pi,.::
X. W. C Roek    Ttsom t*
''W Acre pre-emption. . ,*.
M treet and aome amaii fruits ;a:
A  Z-TXKtm  dwelling, bourses aikd  sb
tmm,    tte.    *���'���.;-: t    *.
��� ����t* diickeas
A    pre-emption
Little Sixan.	
I acres rtear^i
_   sheds
Bearer   Cr*^k.
Ma.tr tU NelMn.
SPADES. -Oc and 25c each.
be*.'  2:5c. 4Csc. and
i��;>ade.   ::���:���    aisd
>: each.
WATERING  CANS. 25c eas^.
SAND PAILS. 15c 20c and AOc each.
RUBBER    BALLS,    (all   Hods   an.'
ssii��f.s 5c to J* :>: each.
TENNIS BALLS. SSc tmt 5ic e.:-
GIRLS*    BALL    BATS.    *Sc.   *!;   :���-.
*0c each.
SAIL BOATS. 25c 75c 85c I'M each.
sSk.. and 50c each.
Alw    Carta.     Whet .car.-oa.     Bc;t'
Wag^ona. Dolt Carta, etc- etc
W. G. Thomson
BO0*��iEU.IiI ,zi     .
Piano and Staging Lessons
. Gsven by Mra. Write-  E.e-,  Satur-da.
Mra. Winter holda certificate fr-o~
' Royal Acadeaij for pianoforte plarine
: aad aiagla*. CseniScate from Tria:*.;
( College. London. Eng.. for theory of m-j-
i sic- Scho:arahip of ie London iConae:.
j Ta'.olre of si:- - S ���-. .- -sing and piatj->
;.:ar:ng        Addrew Bo�� 796. Sti:-
Lipton's Teas
a* are In reorip; of a shipment of
Upte-tfi Teat direct-
Half Pound Tina   No. 2  2Se
, 0-e Pound Tint   No. 2  50c
Half Pound Tina   No. 1   30c
One Pound Tina  No. 1   SOc
Telephone 161.
Cresura    Leave    in    Three    Weetta    for
H. P. A_ 0. Regatta a: Seattle.
In about ifcr** ����*ka crews representing tie Nelson fesa: Gtafe MtB lease for
S^tt-.-.V :o cc-=.;-ri- In tte -annual regatta of the X. P. A. A. 0.. to ise held
on the waters of Liit Washington on
Joly <th and Sth.
Among the -oarsmen who will go to
uphoid the honor of Nelson are T. D.
Desbrissar. A. Pool. F. Nott, A. Bishop.
A. Ferguson. The crews are not y-et
fully decide-d.
A feature of the regatta will be the
return to the radte mMB of Del. Des-
Brisay. In IX*: at the regatta held on
VancouTer harbor he easily defeated E
0 Gosa. of Portland, the present holder
of the :���*:-::: s.^r e -sculling champicn-
ahip.    Since then he haa not competed.
The expenses of the trip trill be heary
and it is likeiy that an appeal for financial assistance trill be made to some
of the leading citiiena.
It wil! be remembered that of the four
original members of the North Pacific
Association.    Victoria. Vancouie-. (M-
son and  Portland, Nelaon ia the only
club  whose  home  la   retained aa  one
nee: ng place.    !: is  a  ���- *
eicellenoe of Nelson a beating facilities.
and as Mdi has a substantial value to
thii city    The Boat Club eieuct: i -  -
probab:y meet with a generous response    INELSOIN'.
to their appea: for funds it
Brand New Art BeU Piano
John T. Ptem, Baker St.
B. C.
Bejan   Near   Amoy   Wth   Falte  Arret!
and  Irr.prsaonrr.ent-
Amoy. China. June 7��� Tbe centre fl
tbe present Chinese uprising ls at Joan,
���*.'���. :: - - .-*.-��� ���* * A-j , V*
officials there arrested the leader* of
u orgaiiiatJon fciown as the White
Fana. charging them falsely -with belnc
pirates. The prisoner! -escaped, col'ect-
ed their followers, killed the prefect
aad other officials asd held the local
magistrate aa a hostage. Emboldened
by this success. Ibists* rebels gathered
and threatened Chas Chow Fu. Tn��p��
were hurried to Canton and Fu Chow
and engaged the rebels yesterday between Swatow aci Amoy with the re-
:hat -fi-vs of the latter wer-   ���
The government loss is not known. The
rebels withdrew but were not dispersed
and are rapidly recruitine their forces
Tbe correspondent bere of the Aaao-
elated Press Is in a position Io confirm
the statement that the outbreak ia not
sntl-forelgn. but anti-dynamic Tbe
'���Vh:te Faas are a revolutionary organ-
iaaiion and are strong In Southern 1\-
sklen The movement baa been growing
feadlly for eighteen months The
rb9 ��� ���:. '.'. ��� -, W<-n was edu-cated
in Jafian The rebela are well organlxed
and well fed, but are badly armed The
local troopn refuse to attack them
The Tinted States gunboat Helena is
here. The outcome it uncertain, but
Amoy is in no -danger Oa the otber
hand. Chang Chow, sof -which Amoy Is
a part, it In itntalnent danger of beisc
attacked by the rebels, and people are
fls-lllH from there ts. Amoy
Workingmen's Shoes
The worBngman'a ahoe should be
tr.ade -strong, honest and !n a palnrtak-
:;.c manner The nock should be durable, and they should look well and at
the same Ume hi -comfortable
Our thc*s meet -all these reqtilremenia
&YAL. uiroco.
We Have a Larfn- Vsanety ti the L-aJe
���current Vt*-n**n Tine Cumftm Ethtn-o
in Which They Are Published Ia TVta
emris      '���     Title,    to   Select   iron   at
25c. Each.
Seaside Library of Standard Authors t$\
Canada Drug & Book Co'y, Ltd
COR   BAKER and  WARD.        Phont  S*
i Mtmtt** ttMmimMtmtimmtttttiamfmMamtimmmttttatmtttttttttt/tttittttttMMm
Bargains!    Bargains!    BargainsJ
Our Fancy Vestings Most Be Sold
This   Month   Regardless   of  Cost
Yo�� can bu> Wash Veat.nsjt for UM. wonh Si.00.
Hanoa--ne Vesta, dc-ose and asn;le breaated. for 13.00. w-rtjijja
See t-e-r  and tu.   no**  while the se ect.cr.  it  goc<
*��� * ^:;:^ERG Baker St.. Nthom,-,
"i i'i'ii* -i*i*t**i**��*i*iri* *-i**iri**tv*t*i*r>'-nnri.iii��iiAij
Summef Clothing******
$7.50 to $1(1
Ail Sizes.
Spring is Here
We have prepared for this season by passing into stock ���
requisites for the rancher, gardener or householder. Spadq
Shovels, Rakes, Hoes. Spading Forks, Tree Prtiners,
Tree Sprayers, Small Garden Tools, Etc.
Prompt attention  paid to  letter order*.
J. H. Ashdown Hafdwai
Company, Limited.
a.   A.   ISAAC
R.  W. HINTON ���
({���-pairing mr.d Johblna .iss^ulus with ll*��[M,uh.   Srmmt M*|
Work, >*llnina (issd Mill Mact-ilnvrv.     Mnrsuf.s.1.
Or* C.r., tt. ti.   Cr-stf-actor*'  Gmrm.
.NELSON,    B. C.
Spring Stock lust Opened Upl|
Carload Linoleums and Carpets
From QULagow, Scotland.
EJ����t Qualities at Low Priceau
Standard Ftttnititte G>mpany|
Xa*. : A h.H :   ViaiK*.
Complete Houm FcraiJten
Undertakers,    Emhibxrs
mT^mTm L��mbe��, Shingles,
���Uath, Mouldings, Doors, Window*!
Turned V*'ork and Brackets. Mail Onl��n prompUy a����i>*l"|
VER.\0.\ STRCtn*   -   -   ���   XELSON. B. <>���
Stimmef Necessities
Door and Window Screens
Wood-Vallance Hardware Co., Lin
77jM&-JmA: vsa-Tse I.IMII     -.


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