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The Daily Canadian Dec 1, 1906

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Vou'MB I.   No. 152.
���JU-ttlu  CcmoMan
Fifty Cents a Month
ijestilp lor Sale Causes
Pr uvincial Sensation
arently in Contol of Host Solemn and Sacred Judical
iver,     Dee.     I.���The    .harg.-
minis' ls>  Utiles M. Pope at u (solltical
... Iss,n   to  the effeet  that
h  Columbia  Judgeship  la ror
.nisi;  a   sensation  through'
I11111 Canada.
Hi,   Importance attached  to the an-
nuiim-i- ns   may  be guessed when it
I,   . thai  the coaat  papers take
I .: seriously.
The |,rovlnce  eaya  eilitorially:
is is ,.,, sum it mildly to Bay that a
11   has   heen   created     In   legal
.1 clrclea In  una city  by
���'..   ���       .    isisssls'   at   Nelaon   hy   Mr.
lluiii- ll   Pope, lhat the vacant Judgeship 111 Hiiu province la on aale to the
lansvi  uI,,, will  "pay  $7000 tor it ���
'ij   the   Liber&l   machine.
.Ms  i'i ;>.  .   ;i reaponatble mun, a for-
mlis 1 ssf lln.- hoiiHe ot commons
inconsplcuotll    figure anions
ol sisss- of tile gn-ut  imlltl-
It  la not to he  presumed
thai   he   would   not   lightly
tuaks- ssss accuaatlon ao grave, that un-
leas hi   liaa   reasonftble   and   definite
grsiuw]   lm   Ills   statement,   he   would
noi ...    expreaaion   to    It in public.
Thai Hi,   charge haa been made by a
man who i- entitled to public attention
miens  ii   Imperative   that   lt   should
Investigated speedily and nrnpfllflr
.   Puis���-.- ihis la done and In a manner tn snuisCy   iKipular   dvinand,  tho
m     will     unquestionably    rein the mind of the people that
ll is tins-:  and we shall be forced to
the conclusion  that no dejmrtment ol
lbe administration Is free from corrup-
Uon; lhal no office In the gift of the
i          however honorable  or  responsible,  Inn   is nn  object  of  barter  by
the nun who control the local patron-
sss-  ul        government    If the statement is true thai political agencies are
trafflcktas  In   then Judicial   positions
II -'I I another, and the blackest chap
let le slss- history ol political  crimes
III I'anielii.
It would he premature to offer any
opinion us t��� the truth or ralsity ot
die uccustalon thus made. Ths vacant
judgeship 1.1 course, hus formed a
topic nf General discussion and inter-
'������ lis,- translation of Mr. .Instil-. Duff lo Ottawa, and all sorts ol
iih have been Indulged ln aa
nn who would secur.* tl-e
���Ppolntraent. Nor could thc current
comment on the slreot be gratifying
"'iter us those honorable raeniben 01
"ie liar, win, by reason of merit were
entitled in regard themselves as In
line for such promotion; or to the ma-
"���-' uni]   single-minded  citizen, who la
''���sl -  lhal  our affairs    should    l.��
I'lau-il In ih,.. hands of men of char-
    ml competency, withoul regard
1,1 ""ii* |s'sliils-a| views. The opinion
everywhere openly expressed has been
that a small clique of men, prelum-
���"llv in command of election funds.
��nd possessing backstairs' Influence
" uitawa, hold (ho   appointment   at
li lisiuul.
11 Is fair 10 ask why a successor to
Mr. Justice Duff has nol long ago
'"'ii appointed. Ills Hervlces are im-
'ily needed. LitlBallon is being
d. und interests have been In-
'"red, li uot sacrificed by tho delay
���lilcli hus already occurred. It can-
not be claimed thai any difficulty ex-
*'*s in the matter of good men. Whal.
"en, is the reason for hesitation?
Id il   mil  seem as if negotiations
  nature were under way? Will
une charge us with  uncaudldiioss
lhal   the  belief  is  ineradl-
d< I.s
  in the public mind thai in tut
" ��� as In  all others ol  a similar
|naiuro, of which this province has re-
:'"Hy liad experience, the delays nnd
1 '''"''"tlons nre for the purpoae ol giv
"M Ine political manipulators time to
arrange  their  plans for  their private
'unsiug,..   *nH. minister   or   justice
I "rn III  us well  know  lhat  his  depart
I '"""t is under suspicion, and he may
I j"""1' iiii his mind, thai unless lhe np-
1 uniinenl lo the present vacancy on
"' unpremo court bench  Ib bucIi  aB
men. competent to expresn an opinion,
*__  " ���"*������'*��� I"* will huv,. give,, ;������,,,���
reason to say that the position was
boiight-and lhal the |is-o|,le have been
Masked      Mob      Destroyed      Tobacco
1-oulsvllle, Ky,. Dee, i.���A special
from Princeton, Ky.. saya the tobacco
itemmerles ol John sieger ami John
O. Orr, tlie latter controlled hy the
imperial Tobacco company of New
York, were destroyed by fire early today, kindled hy a mob of masked men.
'lhe loss ls estimated at $170,0110.
Thi' nioli, which numbered ahout
:illo men. entered Princeton between 1
and 2 'o'clock, seized the town marshal and disarmed him. They then
went to the factory and quickly applied the torch, Tbe maske I men
stood on guard, permitting nobody to
come near until the buildings wero
completely enveloped and help was
useless. A squad of the mob tooK
charge of thc telephone office and no
word of the affair was permitted to
go out. When the muli saw that the
rire was beyond control tliey left the
town, going In the direellon of Hop-
kinsviiie, discharging revolvers ano
rifles as they departed. When the tire
department arrived It could do nothing more than prevent the fire rrom
destroying buildings in  the vicinity.
The Sieger stemmeries were located on the south sisle of town on the
Illinois Central railroad, and Ihe Orr
building In the northern purl of town.
Caught in Time.
I^ob Angeles, Cal.. Dec. 1.���Four
Spanish-American shoplifters were a-r-
n-sts-sl yesterday hy a detective and
$60011 worth of silks and Jewelry atol-
en from local department stores recovered. Within two hours of the arrest nearly $1000 worth of Ihis plunder had been identified hy the owners. Pedro Sanchez, his wife and
their Iwo daughters comprise the prisoners. When arrested they were abont
lo leave for Mexico.
Railway    Construction    to  Be  Undertaken   by   American   Corporation
���Ample  Funds Received.
New York, Dec. 1.���The syndicate ot
London and New York bankers which
has been formed to finance the Philippines railway will readjust the finances of the Manila & Dagupan
Hallway oompany and furnish capital
for the construction of additional
mileage and extensions by the Mapila
Railway company, an American corporation.
The contract for the new Hues, ot
which 42". miles will lie constructed by
the Untied States government, after
negotiations with Secretary of War
Tuft, and the Speyer Interests, encouraged hy the success of the Manila & Dagupan railway Industries,
were satisfied lo undertake Ihe work
without asking a guarantee from the
United StateB.
Mob! of the capital for the syndicate
has been subscribed abroad, where all
of the existing securities of the old
company are held, and In consequence
the allotment to the New York branch
win ho small,
Inland  Revenue Returns.
Tho collections at tlu
IiiiiiI   revenue  office   for
���  N
.Ison    In-
last   two
mouths arc
as  follows:
Spirits   ..
.Mull   ....
Itaw leaf 1
Cigars  ..   ���
.    IIIIII. llll
.    93.au
.    28S.2II
Total  ..
Raw   leaf  t
Cigars  ..   ���
ibaeco  ..   ,.
Total  ..
Nothing to Take Back.
The olher day The News Bald thai
Nova Scolla politics were notoriously
curnipe. This has provoked an out-
hurst of wrath from some or the chler
Liberal newspapers of lho province. It
Is snlsl that we have "Instilled Nova
Scotia,'' and that wo must "take It
buck."' Put we shall neither withdraw
nor modify lhe statement In the loust
particular. This was what tho Llbcr-
iil politicians charged when thoy were
'l��� opposition, and certainly tbelr own
methods Blnce they came into ortlce
huve nol Improved the situation. No
other province demanda and receives
more In cash, public works and subsi
dise for election purposes than Nova
Scotia. No other province draws more
hi'iivliy upon thc central campaign
fund. No one with any Intimate knowledge of elections In Canada would
think It worth while to deny these
Statements, and The News, therefore,
lias nothing to wIL.daw, and has said
nothing fnr which It desires lo apologize.���Toronto News.
Would-Be     Robber    Turns    Guns    on
Troy, Kan., Dec. 1.���Realizing lhat
he was ahout to bo captured in an unsuccessful attempt lo rob the State
hank at Pendena, Kan., yesterday, J.
W. Harris, a farmer, Bhot himself to
death. Harris entered the bank anil
commanded W. Oillon, the cashier, aud
Theodore ScllB, a clerk, lo throw up
their hands. He then ordered them
to pull down tlie window blinds and
lock the doors.
Sells went behind the counter, ostensibly lo pull down a window curtain, and eacaped through a back
door. As he ran out of the door Harris fired one shoi at him, hut without
erfecl. Fearing capture. Harris calmly stared at Gllion a moment and then
killed himself.
For Sabbath Observance.
New York, Dec. 1.���At a meeting or
ihe association of ministers of Greater New York yesterday a commitu-c
wub appointed which drafted nnd Bent
to Mayor McClelland a protest against
tbe violation of the laws respecting
Babbatb observance. The protest is
aimed at theatrical entertainments anu
is, the committee says, joined in by
tlie Actors' association, the theatrical
employees' unlou and labor unions
generally. Through bis apitoiutees
the mayor Is held responsible. Every
Protestant denomination in the city-
was represented at the meeting.
The Daily Shoot.
Zancsvllle, Ohio, Dec. 1.���At Middle-
bourne lust night, llenjamln Scott,
aged 48, was ahot and killed by James
C. Nichols, aged &0, who then committed   Slliefdp   h>-   ta-iu-     .upbuilt,      __...
Two iss.>i.tlis ago Mrs. Scott waB granted a divorce from Nichols on a charge
of cruelty and within three weeks she
married Scott
St. Andrew's Greetings.
The  following    telegrams    were received  and   read  at  the St.  Andrew b
banquet  last   night:
Capt. Robertson:
This  nicht  if   I   was on   my   native
MacLaren'8      sheep    would    Bttrely
come tae grief;
But since there's naething here but
mountain  goats,
111   be   content   wi' p. & K. rolled
P.  MCGREGOR,  Kaslo.
Greetings: May care and trouble
never fash, hut mirth and joy be with
you a*.   Yours fraternally
Pres.   St.   Andrew's   Society, Kingston.
Here's tae bonnle Scotland and tae
a' her sons and daughters In Nelson
this nicht.
T.  S. GILMOUR,  Pres.
Here's  tae  ye.   Wha's  Iik   us:   wba
daur thramp on llie thistle?
Yere  unco  fur yont  or  we's  hid  ye
come ben,
Mang oor lads, bonnle    laspea    and
hraw pipers ten;
As the tartans keep reelln* nn fnnk-
lln  theglther.
Oor ne only  thneht  Is the Land o'
the  Heather.
20,000 Club Notes.
In accordance with the suggestion
recently made h>* ���'��� S. Carter. T, ll.
Procter, president of Ihe 20,000 club,
has addressed .1. 8. Dennis of Calgary, Intid commissioner of lhe C. P,
R. company, on Ihe BubJoc"t of Iho
chili's  new   advertising  pamphlets.
Mr. Procter's letter is accompanied
by copies of a number of valuable
communications received In reply to
the circulars Issued under Instruction
by Secretary V. M. Chndbourn. They
are all from successful fruit growers
of the district, unu deal wllh Ihe soil,
climate, moisture, .most suitable varieties and other mutters of Interest
to growers. The writers are .1. l'l.
Houghton, Crawford Pay; W. White,
Kaslo; A. Leet. Kaslo; C. W. Husk,
Kokanee Creek; .T. A. Watson. Wlnlaw; F. O. Fauquier, Needles; W.
Ilnlg-Smeltie, Procter; J, Tarry, Riv-
Doubts of Validity of Hyman's Resignation
Big Government Majorities Cut Down
by Hundreds���New Legislation Outlined.
Prices of Metals.
New York.  Dec.  1.���Silver, 69 6-8c;
copper,  21   1-HOi   lead,  $6.75.
London,  Deo.  1.���Sliver,  32  l-8d.
Otlawa. Dec. 1.���The session of parliament which began on Thursday
gives promise of unusual interest, it
Is the beginning of a new system. Sessions hereafter will commence in tho
autumn instead of in the latter part
or the winter, and the fiscal year Is to
close In March Instead of in June. The
promised legislation of this year Includes a revision of the tariff and the
readjustment of provincial subsidies.
Other bills mentioned in lhe speech
from the throne are a measure Increasing the representation of Alberta
and Saskatchewan in the commons,
one relating to tbe treaty with Japan,
an amendment to the election actB,
and certain department bills. The address was mainly historical, containing much solemn Information long
since familiar to all  who heard It.
From a political point of view the
event of greatest interest on the opening day was the announcement made
by the speaker of the commons that
he had received from Hon. C. S. Hyman, minister of public works, the
resignation of his seat In the house.
The speaker stated tbat notice given
by the member for London was not In
accord with it,. ���.�����.��_ n����i >v-���ia k-.o
to be made regular. Mr. Ilyman understands the rules and must have
acted rather hastily. Two days before
the session the London Advertiser,
organ of the government in Mr. Hyman's own city, announced that the
minister of public works was ln 111
health as the result of overwork and
would be obliged to go South for a
rest. But everyone knows that Mr.
Hyman resigns on accout of the discovery of the election conspiracy by
which he was returned to the house of
commons when he became minister
last year. Tbe only wonder Is that
Mr. Hyman did not resign as soon as
the statement of deputy returning officer Collins disclosing the conspiracy
In which he and others were concerned had beeu made in court.
It ls Interesting now to recall the
declarations and boastings of ministers and their orgaus that the election of Mr. Hyman was a triumphant
vindication of the government policy
or coercion In the West. As the autonomy measure was made the Issue
In lhat campaign Mr. Hyman's majority was quoted from Victoria to Sydney as an indication of popular approval. The London election inquiry
has shown thut Ihe majority Indicated
only the possession on the part oi
.Mr. Hyman's friends of unlimited money, nnd their utter absence of mornl
scruples. Hence the conspiracy for
lbe suppression of tlie will of the people. The ghastly story of tliese criminal operallotiH, Involving breaches or
trust, perjuries nnd briberies hy deputy returning officers especially selected for thla very purpose, wholesale bijbory. tampering wllh ballots
and other offences need not he told
again. Mr. Hyman has held the stolen
seat through one session and pnrt ot
another. Now ho Is forced lo give It
up. He and his colleagues must at
the same time abandon Ihe claim thnt
the electors have expressed approval
of Ihe government policy.
At the time ot writing It Is uncertain whether Mr. Hyman will retire
from the government or hold on to Ills
ori'ice and go back for re-election. He
Is himself In the United Stales, and
at a time when the affairs of his great
spending department most need explanation there Ib no minister to explain
anything; Sir Wilfrid Laurler In formed Ihe house tbat Mr. Hyman had tendered the resignation of his orrice,
but that ho, himseir, had not yet
thought lt well to lay the resignation
before the governor general.
The leader of the government and
the lender of the opposition Introduced
supporters returned since the last ses
sion. The new Conservatives are Mr.
Marshall of Khsi Elgin and Mr. White
of North Renfrew. Some curiosity
was felt concerning Mr. Robitatile, who
ran as au Independent, and won an
Immenac majority over the government candidate in Quebec county,
heretofore a strong Liberal constituency. Sir Wilfrid and his iKistmaster
general had both taken the stump
against Mr. Kobitalile, as had several
provincial ministers. Liberal members
of parliament and senators. Mr. Itobt-
iiiiil.��� was introduced by neither of the
regular party leaders, but appeared
under the escort of Mr. Bourassa and
Mr. Lavergne, lnde|iendent or Nationalist Liberals. It Is dear that the
new member for Quebec county can
not he Included among the regular
supporters of  the government.
On the day before the house met,
two by-clecllons were held In Montreal, in districts which had given
large government majorities two years
ago. St. Mary's division had returned a Liberal in 1904 by nearly lotni
majority, and the Conservatives did
not Interfere In the by-election, as the
labor party had chosen a candidate
and the government was opposing him.
The ministerial candidate has been
elected by an Increased majority over
the working man.
In the SI. Ann's division the Conservatives put up a good fight and reduced the majority from 730 to 202
This result shows lhat the city of
Montreal and the province of Quebec
offer great encouragement to courageous and organized effort In the Conservative cause.
Owlngtothe mildness of the weather laat night the ice at the curling
rink will uot be in very good condition
There was a break in the water
main on Baker street west this morning. Repairs are being made this
MrB. E. C. Wragge left for the East
this morning to spend    the holidays
with   relatives  ln   Toronto. She   will
lie absent three months.
Rev. J. T. Ferguson will preach in
Sl. Paul's Presbyterian church tomorrow evening on the subject, "A
Young Man's Strength."
Miss Mary B. Bird, who has been
visiting relatives in Fairview Tor tbe
past six weeks, will return to her
home in Spokani   tomorrow.
Bruce White and Nick Cavanaugh
made a mysterious visit to a mining
property not far from Nelson today
and returned carrying several bags of
ore samples
The forthcoming sitting of the supreme court will be a short one, the
lawyers having been too busily engage! on legal matters to get their
cases in shape
Willi iho beginning of December
the merchants are making preparations for the holiday trade, wh.icn
promises to be the largest ln the history of Nelson
The driver of one of the West
Transfer company's teams invites the
gentleman who helped himself to bts
whip this afternoon to 'come back and
get the wagon."
At the Methodist church the pastor
will occupy tbe pulpit both morning
and evening. The sacrament of the
Lord's Supper will be administered at
the close of the morning service. The
Btibject of the evening sermon>will be,
"Felix." The choir will render the
following music: Solo and chorus,
"How Long Wilt Thou Forget Me,
Lord?" by Carl Pflueger; solo by Mrs.
Thurman; quartette, "The King of
Love," Shelly. Mrs. Christmas, Mrs.
Thurman. Mr. Uenedict and Mr. Sullivan.
Another step In the ndvauclng work
of tho local llapllst church Is marked
hy the utilization of a portion of the
basement of the UaptlBt church for
the purposes of a Young People's
meeting room. The basement hitherto
itnusued has been partitioned and a
part has been tastily furnished In order tbat u comfortable and snug room
may bo available for the work of the
young people of the church. The
pastor, Rev. E. H. Shanks, will conduct a Young Men's club, announcement of which will be made later.
An Important meeting of the Nelson Curling club is called for Monday
evening in the rink at 8. o'clock.
Skips for local series will be chosen
and tlie delegates appointed to attend
the annual meeting of the Kootenay
Curling association,'which will beheld
in Rossland next Wednesday nlgnt
will lie instructed. At the annual
mooting  the time and    place    of the
1907 bonsplel will be fixed and the
amendments to the constitution, which
O. O. Buchanan was requested to prepare, will be considered and dealt
C.  P.  Hill  and John  McKane  Parties
to  Suit in  New York Courts.
C. P. Hill spent last evening in Nelson on his way to Halcyon !'.��
Springs. Mr. Hill Is now located st
Hlllcrest, Alberta, where he ls manager of the Hlllcrest Coal & Coke Co.
This mine has developed Into a
splendid property and its manager ls
gradually forcing his way to the position where be will be recognized as
one of the wealthy coal barons of tbe
Last night Mr. Hill was In a particularly amiable frame of mind, having
just learned that the appellate court
of New York has issued a summons
to John McKane to appear before one
or the judges and explain why lt ls
that he has not adhered to the terms
of his contract with Mr. Hill in regard to Nevada gold mining properties. Tbe suit involves many millions and is brought aB a result of an
agreement between Mr. Hill and Mr.
McKane that in consideration of the
former supplying the latter with a
certain sum of money be should secure a one-quarter interest in all the
profits of the investment. In other
words, C. P. Hill supplied John McKane' with what was practically a
grubstake, and the former claims that
.Mr. McKane did not carry out his part
of tbe bargain. The most learned
New York counsel have been engaged
in the suit, and it promises to he one
of a more than usually sensational
Shot the Chief.
Kazan, Russia, Dec, 1.���Chief of Police Chepoto of this city was shot and
killed while leaving a theatre here
last nigbt. The assassin was arrested.
South  African     Rugby    Team    Beats
New Zealand Record by Vanquishing   Redoubtable  Welshmen.
Swansea, Wales, Dec. 1.���The South
Africans or Springboks', as the Arn-
cander Rugby football players are
known, defeated the full strength ot
Wales here this afternoon by 11 to 0.
The victory of today ls regarded aa
playing the Springboks ahead of all
Rugby football teams. About 6000
persons witnessed the .game. The Interest was so intense that the courts
adjourned to enable the judges, lawyers and others to attend.
As the Welsh were the only British
team that defeated the New Zealand-
ers on their recent tour, today's victory indicates that the Springboks
surpass the Maoris.
Hegina, Sask., Dec. 1.���The Sas-
katchewan Amateur Hockey association was formed here this evening, the
rollowlng towns affiliating: Moose
Jaw, Regina, Moosomin, Wapella,
Grenfell, Indian Head, Wolseley,
Whltewood and Qu'Appelle. Region
and Moose Jaw will form the Western
district of the association, the other
towns forming the Eastern.
Philadelphia, fa., Dec. 1.���Today's
Army and Navy football gauft-s bas
brought to Philadelphia nearly all the
football experts In the United Stall*,
aud the occasion afforded an opportunity for exchanges of view on tlie advisability of further changes In the
rules. Lust night there was a meeting of thc Middle Atlantic football
committee at which were present,
uinong others. Waller Camp, Professor Denny, Jos. C. Bell, Carl Williams, Paul Diishlel, .Ino. It.' Pine.
John Corblu, who are prominent as
officials. Some suggestion proposing
further changes in the rules were
adopted and will he sent to the goner
al rules committee.
Hume School Report.
The enrollment at the Hume school
for November wns Bli, with au average
attendance of 47.76, a percentage of
The pupils who were never absene
were Helen Balding. John Balding,
1.1-uiia Enget, Augusta Engcl, Alonzo
Hngel, Bruce Gilchrist, Edith Ull-
chrlBt, Vera Gilchrist, Jessie Gilchrist, Edwin Graham, Fred Hartwlg,
Roy Hodgun, Bessie Hurry, Bertha
Hurry, Thorwald Hansen. Earl Jackson. Thomas Jerome, John Jerome,
Elizabeth Lynch, Selesphore Marquis,
John Marquis, Joseph Phllbert, Mo
nlca Young.
Activity at Queen Victoria
Group Near Nelson
General Mining Situation Still Improving;, Outside Interest Keen-
Stock Quotations.
The general mining outlook shows
little change since last week, 'ine
disastrous effects of the fuel shortage
caused by the strike ln the East Ko.v.
enay and Alberta coal fields, is still
felt by the smelters, and hampers
their acceptance or ore and concentrates, the disposal of which ls becoming a serious problem to the managers of many of tbe biggest mines ln
the district.
At Alnsworth the week has been a
quiet one; no new discoveries have
been reported, but all results of work
are said to be very satisfactory anu
to   confirm   all   former   predictions.
In the immediate vicinity of Nelson
considerable activity is reported from
Ihe Queen Victoria copper group,
which is being, worked by J. P. Swed-
borg under lease and bond. It Is said
that the body of ore, which Is high
grade, is 40 feet wide. It Is also said
that steps are being taken Tor the immediate construction of a tram line.
Outside interest in Kootenay  mines
Is undoubtedly keener and more gen- *
eral  than at any other time for five
years at least
The stock market for the week Just
.,.,.._       UM       ..livn.l ...        ' lBH|S,��.V      Mi   ���
over   th^   several    preceding    weeks,
both ln demand and values.
The feature of the week's trading
waa the advance and demand for Diamond Vale Coal. This demand was in
evidence all over Canada from east
to west, with the result that the
shares bounded up over C cents within two days with every indication of
going [beyond the present quotation.
The reason for this activity Is not apparent to outsiders and caution ls being advised pending the learning of
the cause of the excitement.
Denora Mines held rather firmer
the fore part of the week and upon
the report being received that the settlement of the strike has been effected these shares became active and
again ln great demand. The White
Bear assessable shares caused quite
a number of Inquiries with a few sales'
reported at advanced prices.
Nicola Coal Mines is exhlbitint
some strength with the bids over 'i
cents above recent quotations.
Cariboo-McKlnney weakened within
the last few days and is now being offered freely at 2 cents below the previous quotation.
Sullivan, International Coal, Rambler-Cariboo and North Star showed almost no cnange, but If anything were
slightly  weaker.
Following are the approximate quotations for the week ending today.
Asked. Bid.
stmerlcan Boy 03 .02V4
ilreck M. Lund 60 .68
U. C Copper   13.U0     12.50
Beatrice 25 .20
California 06V.      .06
Canadian   Smelters   ..160.00   140.110
Can. Gold Fields 08V_      .074
Dlamoud Vale 28 .24
Denora   Mines 13 .11
Dominion Copper..   ..    5.60       6.00
Furnace  Valfley        1.46       1.40
Uranby    16.60     12.50
Giant 02        .01
International  Coal   ...      .65%      .63V.
Lardeau  Mines 01       ��� .01 Vu
Monte Cristo 03 .02
Nicola Coal 07Vi      -06%
North  Star 20        .16
Pathfinder 03 .02
Rambler Cariboo 32 .30
Sullivan 08        .07
Vnrginla ..* 06 .06
White  Bear  OV_  pd.)      .00      - .06V4
The St. Andrews night banquet In
the K. of P. hall last night waa Blended by all Scotsmen In Nelson and
several distinguished) visitors. Cs.-sit
'are. good liquor and good speeches
were accompanied, punctuated and
follows.d by "lhe pipes," which were
in turn followed by many of the moBt
enthusiastic until a late hour thla
The Machinists' dance given last
evening was a success ln every respect. Dancing was kept up until an
���arly hour this morning and all present enjoyed themselves.
_, ;ili
The Daily Canadian
=      STORES =
Cool nights are now in order.     They will invite
pleasant dreams of
Wc have plenty of Ihem in rod and blue.
3 1-2 Points, weighing about 10 pounds. $7*50 per pair
4 Points, weighing about 12 pounds,   -   8.50 per pair
These blankets are justly celebrated for their excellence. Wo alone carry
thera in this city.
LUMBERMEN.���Pillows, Comforters, Gloves and Mits, Socks, Shirts and
Underclothing, Oil Clothing, Sweaters, Miners' and prospectors' Boots
and Shoes and Rubbers.. Groceries and Provisions.. Everything of the
Best quality and  prices  surprisingly Low.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office:   Toronto.
CAPITAL PAID UP... .$4,900,000 REST (4,900,000.
D. R. WILKIK, President. HON. ROBERT JAFFRAY, Vice-President
Branches ln British Columbia:
Deposits received and interest allowed at luKlK-st  current rate from dnte of
opening account, and compounded half yeitrlv
vauced civilization will have to meet
those of new born genius, perseverance, ambition ami pluck. There may
be no yellow peril as is so complacently assumed by many, but we are ot
the opinion '-hat it is tar otherwise,
and events will soon shape themselves so as to teach the world new
lessons in the adjustment or balance
of   international   affairs.
Headers of the daily ami weekly publications of the Interior must have
been impressed wiih the development
which has taken place and is continuing to take place in the Boundary
section of the province. The mineral
development alone, while not startling
in iis nature, is of such a character
ns to afford interest to capital and labor, while the industries existent there
ata already of sufficient Importance
to assure the future progress of the
entire section.
The prosecution and completion of
construction work on the v.. V. &
Eastern will afford the necessary connections with the coast and the outside world, while the Irrigable areas
which are being brought under cultivation assure the fruit growing and
other agricultural possibilities of that
Thus, while the Kootenays are enjoying a measure of prosperity that
has been unexampled hitherto, it would
appear that the whole interior of British Columbia is meeting with a generous recognition of its attractions and
the Inducements it offers to investors
and settlers.
There is no jealousy between these
various points and nothing but gratification on the part of one at tbe success and advancement of another. The
Boundary forms an Important link in
the interior between the rapidly developing Kootenay sections and the
coast and its quiet but creditable
projects will be appreciated throng*
out British  Columbia.
60 davs after data t intend tn apply to tin' Hon-
oratil. the chlof Commluloner of Landa mid
Works, (i) purchase 3Tu acres <>( laml: Commencing at a   post  markeii  0. W. 8  N.K  cornet
pott ana planted on the wesl shore ol arrow
lake adjotning Lot 878 on tbe iouth ilde <>i --aid
Lot, thenoe  west HO chain., along  the southern
boundary of Lot BT8; thenoe lontt 46.63 ohalns;
thenoe eaat 80 ehalni more or leu to iake shore;
thenee north along ink. slum* to place ol begin-
. luoa.
���. W. *-tki:i..
 J. E. Annahlk, Agent.
Notli'i* ir-  In-ruby given tliHt sixty days   afler
date I Intend to make.ij���;��� ai ������: tn itn* Honor-
nlile Chlel Commissioner of Lands and Works nt
Victoria! B. U., for permlulon to purohaae the following described laml, situate In Plre Valley,
West Kootenay dlitrlot: Commencing at ���> post
planted ai tlu* sooth west corner of Joshua Robinson's pre-emption, niarked Et. i K'iB. H.corner
post, theme Ot chain- we-l, thence 40 chain*-*.
northi thenoe 40 chains easi to Joshua Rublnsou's
north wesl oorner, thence south lOcbalns to place
of commencement- containing too acres, mora or
Hated this J.lnl day of Nov., IdOO.
Sixty days afterdate 1 Intend to apply to the
Bon. Chlel Commissioner ol Lands anaWorki.
vutoria, to purchase 130 aores ol land located
on thp west side of Arrow Ink*-" mil lying directly
north of l,->t WTO; Commencing at a post plained
nt tlm N. B. Oornerol lot 7876 and marked ���li. It.
s. k corner-" ami running north 20 cbains,
tbence west 20 chains) thenoe north 20obains,
thenoe west W ohaini) thence sonth 411 ebalni,
thenoe east -Hi chatim, to place of beginning.
Nov. Hth. 1806, Bkhiha Brahi.bv.
 J. E. AlWABLB^Agent
Blxty days after date I Intend to spply to the
Hon. Chief Commissioner Ol Land*, nml Work*.
victoria, to purohau 160aorei ol land located In
Fire Vallev, being part of Elections Three and
Four,  Townihlp W, and   described  as  follow*.:
Commencing at a post planted at \\ 11 imni
Williams' N.W. corner, and marked "R. K. Ws
N. E. eorner." ami muring in ehains west,
thenoe 20 chains sumh, thenee 20ohalns east,
thence 40 chains -south, thence 20 ohalns eaat,
tbenee 60 ohalns north to idace id beginning.
November '.Mnl, Vi 'i. KosB K    .'il.UAMs,
j. E. ans.ui: r, Vgent-
I'he ^yal *Bank of Canada
ASSETS, $39,771,803
Capital Paid Up $3,629,130 Reserve Fund $4,092,043
Accounts of firms and individuals opened on tho most favorable terms.
Thirteen   branches  in   Hritish  Columbia.
Special   attention   to out  of town business.
T. B. KENNY, Pres., Halifax.       B. L. PEASE, General Manaper, Montreal.
Published itx days a week by the
Baker St., Nelson, B. C.
Subscription rates, 5u cents a month delivered
lu tbs city, or 16.00 a year ll sent by mail, when
paid ln nivalin-.
Advertising rates on application.
All  moules  paid  in   Settlement  ol*  The Dally
Caoadlan aooountii either foi subscrlptloni or
advertising, in nut he receipted lor on tbe printed
forma uf in. Company.   Other receipts are not
i>i:ci; .mt:w i. i _hk>.
re are sometimes judged   to he
Ine word Bometlmei judged to he
"ui therefor* he careful what we
Recent events in the Flowery King'
dom go to show that the Japanese arfl
passing through one of those transition periods which comes to every
man ami nation at some time of life.
Having ripped off the swaddling
clothes of the superstitious past that
uution is experiencing ambitions
which may yet bring her to destruction, even upon the very tliicslibold
of her attainment of recognition as B
leading power of the world.
Tho wur with Russia, especially because of the consequences, so disss'
troiiH to Russia nml so gratifying to
Japan, seems to have .Whetted lhe appetite of the latter nation for power
and possession to tv degree uustispeci
ed  heretofore.
Just as straws tell which way ih*-
wind blows there are trifling Incidents
which at times go lo show how seriously the thought of a nation la engaged in matters of its international
relationship- Recently the city of San
Francisco refused admission to her
common schools to Japanese pupils requiring these to attend a separate and
inferior school. While there was nothing l\\ the Incident to suggest that it
might involve international complication- the affair was Immediately seiz
ed upon by the Japanese minister and
made the subject of protest,- with
threat of reprisals of various kinds
Though the matter has since been
amicably adjusted it has served to
arouse the attention of critics and
philosophers who have noticed in thnt
simple event one evidence of the an:
bltfon of Japan and the determination
of the Oriental people to take a leading place In the affairs of the world.
A capable and  qualified  writer has
pointed out that the next war of great
Importance to the world must be between the I'nited States and the empire of the mikado, and Toronto Saturday .Night properly sizes up the situation iu a few well written paragraphs,
which  we   reproduce:
'"Japan has three serious grievances
against the United States of America.
First is the long asserted claim of race
superiority, and Japan the conqueror
ot Russia is in no mood to tolerate
this. Second, is the acquisition of the
Philippines, for Japan needs those
islands in her business. Third, thu
peace of Portsmouth was brought
ahout by the butting in of the American republic where more cautious nations held back. Russia stepped in
and deprived Japan of the fruits of
her victory over China, and from that
moment preparations were made to
grapple with Russia. It is said that
the people throughout Japan feel that
Washington has robbed them of the
fruits of their victory over Russia,
just as si. Petersburg did a dozen
years earlier,
"The Jaii has not sense enough to
be afraid of the I'nited States. II*
had not sense enough to Im' afraid ol
Russia, a power great enough by BO*
tuai weight and measurement to bam
crushed the life out of him. The '���
has noi sense enough to value peace
more than war and commerce more
Mian conquest No race iu coming up
out of barbarism learns this except
under the barrow of utter defeat. The
yellow men of Japan, convinced of
their racial superiority, desire peace
only for preparation. They iniend it,
awe the world.
���Tokyo demands from Washington
recognition in the I'nited States for
her people on a Footing of equality.
This cannot be given.   California even
wants an eXClUBlOQ law against lhe
Ja .��, nnd by every mention of it in
suits the vainest race in the world..
Meanwhile, ihe strategists of the mikado look at tin* Philippines and assure their master thnt with "heir navy
so nenr the spot nnd the enemy's navy
so far away, thev could poness lbe
Islands in n fortnight His statesmen,
too. will be sure to tell him. that If
those Islands are tn lie Jolted out of
(he hands of thfl new owner, tho trick
must  l��o done soon or never���soon, ere
t h e grl p ho   \ i phtened. a nd   soon. so
��� hat a na'Mnu vastly richer than -Tanan
bay not read her tiesltrns nnd outhillld
M"d mi1 do her in preparations for a
struagl. "
There oan be little doubt ihat the
trend of events is In the direction or
wnr between these two nations. The
Innate pride of the East is pitted
against the artificial superiority or
Lhe neuve riche people or nation at
our south and lhe Indications point to
a  conflict   In  which  the  forces ol ad-
Signs are not wanting that Clifford
Sifton Will be taken back into Sir Wilfrid Laurler's cabinet either to replace
Mr. Hyman or to fill another portfolio.
Mr. Sifton is an able statesman, but
without the ability to manage tbe affairs of office irrespective of graft and
the advantage's to one's friends that
should never enter into the administration of public affairs. Mr. Sifton
���flas a noor man n f-pv vears affO and
today Is reputed to be fabulously
wealthy. How a man In public life
can rise from poverty to affluence in
a few years without someone suffering
by reason of the transition Is always
a  problem  in   political   economy.
Sir Wilfrid wants Clifford Sifton
back and wants him badly because the
cabinet is lamentably short of good
timber as constituted today. It fs a
singular condition of affairs that while
Fielding was unseated for the corrupt
practices of his agents and Hyman
has resigned for similar reasons, Mr.
Sifton has had for two years a charge
hanging over his head protesting his
last election. Good straight unwarned
timber is not too plenty in the Liberal
administration at present to say none
of these things which might be said
of Mr. Sifton at this time.
Notlco li hereby given that 60 <Uyi after date l
inteud in make application to tbe Honorable the
tibial Commlnloner o( Landi ana Worki for per-
mission  to purchaie the following deicrlbed
Intnl.:    Commencing at a poll placed  adjoining
the iouth weit corner poil of Leon Watson'.. Application to Purcbaie, ninning m chains nnrth:
Iboneo 40 ehalni weit; thonoe hi rhalni iouth;
thence in obalm eait, to point of commencement, containing 3*80 aorei more or leu.
Dated Oetober 18, 1-906,
Kins WiimtB,
By hii agent, -Srnbbt, w\ Robiwom
None,, is hereby given that 60 dari attar date i
intend in apply to the Hon. tin* ''hlel Commli'
iloner ol Lands uud Worki.or permlnion to purehase Die [ollowlng deaeribed landi in West
Koolenay dlitrlot: heginnlng at a posl marked
"Otto  HI rich's N   Vi   Corner      -"nd  planted on
tin* veil ihore ot Watihan (Cariboo) inke, about
one-fourth mile woil of ihe narrowi of Whaishau
Inke; theliee loutb ���*> chains; thenee east 40
Ohalm more or lea to Ihe shore of the Narrows;
Ihenee f..:i..v. lug the laid shore In a general
northerly nnd wcsicilv direction I'Jnehnii re
or leu, to the polnl of d menoement, contain-
Ini 1.0acrei more or less
��� Dated thii 8th day of Oot , vm*
Ono in km Bi
K   1.   'IaMMoMi, Agent,
pplv lo the Hou.
id Wnrks lo pur-
Fire Vallev he
OWUihlp 69, and
BO dayi after date I intend to
Chief ('ommlssloner of Lands.
ehase 830 aere- of and located i
ing pari of .-eetlotis 9 and  10 '
deicrlbed as follows: Commenolng at a post
marked F. W, J, 8, t, corner and planted at the
northwest corner of Wm. Wllllami1 purehase:
ihenee west in chains; theuee  north  MJ  chains;
tbenee BUl 10 ehnins;   Ihenee south 80 elm in a to
ph.ee of beginning.
November -3rd 19U6,
F. Vi. JOlUMN,
 J. E. A.v-SAiii.K, Agtnt.
0i days after date 1 intend toapply to the Hon
chief Commlnloner of Landi and Works, Victoria, to purohase M0 aeres of .and located ill
Kire Valley uml being a portion of tectloui I'i
and 10 in Townihlp 69 and described as followi;
Commencing at a post planted at the louthweil
eorner   of   the southeast quarter of section  IS
Township ii'.< nmi marked J. <���. 8. K. corner,
thenoe north 40 chaini| thenee west SO ehains;
thenee south in ehains; thence eait 60 chaini to
plnee of beginning.
November -.'3rd 1900.
Iosbps Gibson,
J. K. Annahle, Agent.
Notiee Is herehy given lhal -SO days niter date 1
intend to npplv lo the H irablc the Chief Com-
minloner of Landa and Worki, Victoria, B.C.,
lor permission tO purehase the following deserlbed laud, situated lu the West Kootenav district,
ou thu west ilde of ' iihamel (or Six Mile) Creek,
on nn er side of wagon road, about *\y_ milei
fnui west Arm of Ko.tenav lake: Commencing
nt a post marked Mrs Hattie Duck'l b E corner, running40 ohalni west; thenee 20 ohaini
���outhi tbenoe40 chains east; tbenee -jo ehnins
north, to the point ot commencement, eontainiug SO acrei of land, more nr less.
Dated the 17th November 1900.
Mrs. Mattik Dw k,
 John K. Taylor, Agent.
Notice is herd.v given Ihat sixty days alter dale
I intend to npply to ihe Uon. Chief Commluloner
of Lands and Wurks [ur permlnion to purchase
the following dc,-rlbed lands In Wesl Knolenay
dlitrlet:    Beginning atO  pust  marked  "1,   K
Aiden's s e corner," and planted on the eul
shnre Of WhatSbaU (Cariboo) lake, about one
mile   north   ol   the   southern  end  of  the hike;
them-e nonh so chains; thenoe wesi 40ohalni,
more nr  less, to the shore of Whatahan lake;
thence following said shore In a general iouth-
erly and easterly direction 10" ebalus, more or
len, to the point of commencement, containing
8J0 acres, more or len
Dated ibis Hih day of Oct , VM*i.
K   K   Al.l.KN,
f i, Hammond, Agent
Notiee Is hereby given thut slxlv days after
dutel intend to applv tothe Hon Chlel CominiB-
���loner Of Landl and Works (or permlulon Ul purchase the following described Uud-m the West
KootenaT dlitrlot: llegiuntng ut a p<>s\ marked
���Herthu HlriCb'l N IC. eoruer," mid planted 00
Ihe enst shoreof Whntshaii (Cariboo] iake, at the
narrows of lhe lake, and aboul mie mile lonth of
Arrow lake trail; tbenoe sousth 80chaini; thenee
west Hu chains more or less tn the shore ol the
narrows;   llienee loiiowing  lhe  said shore lu a
general northerly and easterly direction 120
chhini more or less to the polntof commence*
in en t. eontainiug tVlo acres more or less.
Mated this Sth day of Oct., 1*906
F. L. Hammomi. Agent.
81xt)   days after dute I iniend toapply to the
Hon. Chief Commluloner of binds and Worki,
Vietoria. to purchase 160 acres ol land, located on
the well side ot Armw lake, about five miles below Burton City, nnd desoribed ai follows: Commencing at a post mailed "F i'> It's southeast
corner." and befngtOcnalnaeaiiof the imrth west
corner of Lot 8719! thence north-40 ohalns; thenoe
we-t  10 chains; thence soutli  -10 chains; theme
east 4o chains to tlie place of beginning.
November lllh, 1900. F. U. BKBB,
per J. E, Annaiii.e,
New Styles in Long Coats for Ladies
The Latest New York Shapes.        Best man-tailored
finish, in light tweeds and plain cloths.
Prices from $10 to $25 each
Snow is Here
KL" A SpeedeTsied ot Cotter
We Miivu Them nt All Pi-lc��N,
Standard Furniture Company
Complete House Furnishers
Undertakers,    Embalmers
Mason A RlKh l'lnni*-**.
Oitermoor Mattreaiei
Qlobe Wernicke Hook Cases
* i�� hereby gn
purohaae  tbe   following
ti  lhat slxlv  dayi alter
"  i.C    *~"
T  1
date I inteml to appli tothe lion, t'hlel Commii
iis mi'l  Works for permis ..rn to
The Hindoos of British Columbia
aro hlkiiiR for American territory. The
const papers report that the exodus or
these people to American territory
will soon solve the problem as far aa
Hritish Columbia Is concerned, provided no more Punjabis arrive Irom
the Orient. They are evidently being
bundled alx.ut from pillar to i>o-sT a*
loaf at '.heir none? la*.Is. and what
���rill b*_!Otu*' of them then no one ap
peui to care 1. seerns rather a
course reflection ou the GMBtttSoo of
���hi- t. e_iiKii o-i-titury ihat th'-se Iff
noi ant jieople aie "V-int; used lo fill
!'.' - '-,���< r> ol transportation cornpa*
BJM wi'houi auy regard for their own
or  other   peop-W   rights.
suty dayi after date i intend to apply to lhe
Honorable tbeGhlef Commlnloner of Landi and
Works,  Victoria,  tu purchase J", m res  of Ihix)
Located and deioribed as follows:  Commenolng
at h post plantd  nt  th* southwest corner of J.
Robinson's pre-emption In Plre Vallev, mnl utmut
Are  miles  from  K.lwanl   l.umling,  weil ilde Of
Arrow lake, and marked f. <)'k s  k. corner ami
ninnln-r Wfut *��� f'tialiir* th-iwi* lOltth ;*ij chain**,
thence east -*'i ehains, theuce south 2D OnSIliB,
thenee ea��t 40 chains, theuee north -tu chains to
place of beginning
Nov   18th, 1U06 Frank OlUUtOl,
 J. H. Ann \nI.r:, Agent
Sixty dayi after date I intend toappiy to the
Hon. Chief Commluloner nf Landa an.l Worki,
Victoria, to purehase I'm acres of himl about two
mil"H b-Mow IJurton City, Weit Kootenay, com-
menoint ii1- a post markeii "J. A. Irvmg's eait
eorner Met." said post being nu the easterly end
ol an island west of ].<>i .;vi7,and elalnnng all the
land contained in iald lilaod, being about ono
mllelnan easterly and westerly direellon and
ahout l!u chains from north to south.
Norember nth, itm. j. a. [bv_ho,
 J E. Anna iii. v.. Agent.
-Sixty days after dlte I intend toapply t - the
Hon. the Chief Commlnloner ol Lands ami Worki
to purchase 100 acres of laml: Commencing at a
post planted on thc west side of Six mile creeit,
on wagon road, ahout two and one balf miles
from Kootenay lake, aud niarked "Neil Mc
Kechnie's S. West corner post," theuce east 4i)
ebalns, tbenoe north 40 chnins, [hence west 4i>
chains, thenc-* south 40 ebalus, to place of commencement
Located this 10th day ol November, 190H.
Neil Mi Ke< iinik.
Sixty dayaafterdate I purpose making appli-
cation in th<*  ���rhicM'ommlssioner of hands and
Worki foi permlnion to purohaae the following
deicrlbed laud:  Commencing at a post marked
"K Ks .- 1-; corner," and sil mite about one mile
from Silvt r Tip Point, on Whatshan Inke, nnd
near Chrlitle ereek, running thence So chains
north; tlu-nce hu chains wetf; tin uee N> chains
souih, foUowlng the lake ihore; thence mi chains
fast to the point of commencement, containing
WUacies more or less.
batc-l the llth day of Augusl, 1906.
PerF  H   1'Ati.tllR, Agent.
Notice is hereby given that tin dars after date
1 Intend loapply to lhe Honorshle thu Chiel
Oommllfloner of Lands aud WOrks for permis-
hm to purchase the following described lamh
Commencing ai a noil
corner of   Peter McS
t planb
Notice is hereby given that 80 days alter date I
Intend to make application tn the Honorable thu
Chief Commissioner Of Lamls and Works for permission to purehase the following desc'lbed
lands: Commencing at a post planted on the
northeast corner of Petal Molfaughton'i application to pnrohaat, loiiowing the cast boundary of
tame _��� chalus south;  llienee mi chains east;
thence So chains north; thence mi chains west to
point ol eommeneement, containing 640 acres,
more or less.
Doted Oct. 13, 1906, Ai.ukht Kl.l.l'flT,
__ By hisjigent Erneht W. RotiiKsoN.
Notice is hereby given thai sixty davs after dute
I Intend toappiy to theHon Chief Commlnloner
^^^^^^^^^^^^^���-" in t(' purchase
tbe   foi\uwing  deicrlbed   landr  ,_	
A colored baby has been l>orn In Pa*
ducah. Ky., with the Initials "O. M."
on Its forehead, and the people out
there don't kaon what "O. m." ineass.
Hut the people 'if British Columbia
know. The baby Is a natural-born
prophet It found out that the provincial elections were looming up, and
wanted to boost for Dick McUride
from birth. It's a great thing to be
a precocious Infant.
Riily dan alter date 1 intend t��> apply to tbe
Hon, Chief Commissioner ol Lauds and Works.
Victoria, to purchase 40 acres of land, situated
on the west side of Arrow Lake, ahout 3't, miles
below Hurton, and dotorfbod as follows: Commencing ai a post planted at the northeast
corner of Lot 70TO, and running north 80 ebalns;
thenoe west M chaini, thence south lo chains,
thencecast Jo chains lo place of beginning.
Nov. llth, lWtt. H  ��.1)11.1.,
J. E Annahlk, Ageut.
Sixty days after date I Intend to apply to the
Honorable the Chief Commlnloner of Landiand
Works, Victoria, to purchase 100 acres of land,
located In Fire valley fend described ai follows;
C mnicnclng at a ]>osi marked O. B. McM's N.W.
corner, and planted at the southwest comer of
lot 781S, und running south 80 chains, theuee
east 20 chains, theuee north RO chains, thenee
west 90 chains to place of beginning
..... ....,   .*��� ()|t0 B mcMii.un,
J. K. ..N.NAia*, Agent.
Nov. 18th, 1000.'
I intend to applv tothelluli C
of I-aiul* and  works for perm
the    following   described   la     _   ,._
KrK'U-my liistrlet: Beginning at a post marki
"J. 8. Btmlneo'i H. Vi. corner," and plantfrdabou.
one-half mil*? east of the shore of Whatshan
(Cariboo) lakt and ebont 2 miles north of ihe
narrowi of tbe laid lake, and at ibe... K corner
of) Arthur Warren's application to pureliase:
U*':U'. <-a*>i W chaini; tnence north BOcbalo*)
thenee went Vj 'hains to the northeast corner of
Arthur Warren's application to purchase; ihence
bouth w> chains to point of commencement- eon-
Uluing -MO acres, more or leu.
Oct. lath. 1906. J. 8. Smnrto,
F. I.  Hammo.-I*. Agent.
Notice is Hereby given thai no days attcr date I
Intend to apply tO (he Honorable tlie chief Com-
minloner of ljuids aud W'orks for permlnion lo
pun-haw the lollowlng denrlbed land- situate
about 10 mllei east of the CHyof Nelson, On the
south ibore of the West Arm nf Kontenay lake,
and oonxMncni ai a *jK)st piaeed ahout 10 ohalni
south of the smitbeast Comal 'if Lot 3Mf, marked
"H Tboinas''fl. W corner.'' ihenee lOOtfa !I0
chains, tbenof east 3D chalus, (iicine norlh '20
chains, theme west '2o chains to point of com
Pated thll 6th day of Nov., I Wirt.      S Thomas.
Notice Is hereby given that 00 days alter date 1
_.___, . -_    |jonor4),ie t|ie chief Com-
,ud Works for permission
to purchus- ZSO acres of land, situate on the Little
Moyie river about 1 mile from International
Boundary and about 1 mile from BpokaUQ Inter
national Ity-: Comnietu-lug at a post marked
I). Grant's B. K. corner post, thenee west 4<i
chains: thenee norih 40 chnins; Ihcnce east 'Al
chains; thence north AJ chains; thence cast 00
chains; thence south Wj ehalns to place of commencement, containing380 acres ol landi
Located Oot. sou UOb,
  PANIKI, 'iltANT.
Notice la heretiy given that 00 days after date I
Intend to apply tn lhe Honorable Chlel Commit*
sioner of Lands and Works for purmUnion in
purchase the following denrlbed lands, In West
Kootenai:  Oomnunoinf at a post planted at
ihe northeast corner of ml ���v.v.i:,, o, l , marked F.
Fletcher'! northwest corner, ihence south BO
chains; tbeuce east H) chains, morn or less, to
the western boundary of Lot 806, U.L; tbence
north Bo cbains to Kootenay river;'thence west
lollowlng iald river to point of commencement,
containing W acres more or less.
Mtb October, 190H.
        FltAVK   Fl.ET-HKK.
Sixty davs after dale I iniend to apply to the
Hon the Chief Commissioner of Landa nnd _ orks
lo purchase Hid acres of hind: Comnie-iciiig nl a
posl marked "N.T B'llOUlhealt corner posl"
said post li mg at the norlheast corner of (>eo.
Hudson's pre-emptloii claim, about two miles
southeast of Hurton city, thence west 40 chains,
south U chslns, west 40 chains, DOlth 40 Ohalni,
east 80 chains, south '20 chains to place of coiu-
lueni enielil, cOUlUlnilig i40HCteS.
Located 8th day of Nov. Itm,  Nkiiik f, ner.it.
tlie nortbeut
ippllcathm to
purchase, running #J chaini west along the
northern boundary of same; thence BO chains
north; theuce ho ehulns east; thencfl B0 ohalni
south, along the west bonndary of John Kill,,it's
application to purchase, to poim ot commencement- containing f>40 acres!, more or less.
Haled Oet. 13, lw��. Thomas Smith,
Hy bis agent, Kmrnr W. Roennow.
Notice ls herthy glveu that 00 dan altar data I
Intend to apply V) tin* Houorahle the chief Commissioner of Lindl and Works, Ht Victoria, B.C.*
for piTinifssiou to purchase the following de-
FCribed lands, situated In the West Kootenay
dlitrlet, soulb Of Forty Nine creek, com mencing
at a post marked-*L. H Cboiiuettc's N. Vi. corner." tbence 40 chains east, tbenee 40 chaius
south, Ihence 40 chains wesl, thence 4U chains
north to the commencement post, containing UO
acres, more or less.
Nelson, B. C , Oct. 16th, VMb
L. H. CBoqutm,
Vi. A. J0KK8, Agent.
Sixty days alter date I purpose unking application to the Hon. Chief Commiasioner of Lands
and Work*, for permlnion to purchase the following denrlbed hind: Commencing at a post
placed at the southwest corner of K Vi. 1 fanning-
ton's application tn purchase, markeii "L. M. R.
Hs-h B corner post,1' running thenco 80 ehalni
west; tbence 80 ohalni aouthi thence 80 chains
easi; thence wo chains north to point of oom*
nii*:i* ��� Dent) Containing 640 acres,  more or less.
Pated the Mill day of Oclohcr, lWlfi.
per R. bHlKl.l., Agent.
pixy days afler date I purpose making application to Ihe Hon. Chief Commissioner of Lands
and Works for permfttlon to pnrehaae the following described land: Commencing al a post
placed ou the north boundary of lot No. KG4 and
about tWO Ohalni OUt Of Whatshan creek, marked "SI. B'l. B. W, corner," running thence 40
chains east; thence 40 chains north; thenee 40
chains mut; thence to chains south, to point of
commencement, containing lon acres more or
Haled the loth dav Of October, 1906.
Per K. sitiEi.r, Agent.
I   landi
 Kootenav lMstrlct:   Commencing at nn initial poll plauied at the southeast corner if Me-
Coy'i pre-emption, thence 30 chaini wnt to eaat
boundary of Lot 8100: theme following said
I ndary south to unutheasl corner of said lot;
thence H) chains west; thenee -ti chains south;
lheni'* :tu chains enst; thence 20 chains north to
lonthWMl corner of I,ot 223; thenee lollowlng
wnt houndarv of !,nt t��2 to Initial pMt,
September EL, iw��. l>. D. Wour,
per Khnkst Vi. RoBUVOM.
Notiee Is hereby given tbat no da>s afterdate, I
Iniend to apnlv to the lion, chief Couuninlonei
ol l.nnds  and Works (or  permUshin to purcha.-u
following descriU-d lands, situate on   the
half mile South of BdgeWOOd. H. C und nd
Joining J. T. Healtle's application to purchase,
Mini commencing at it post marked Donald Wil
son's South West corner, thence running North
sutv cbalni, thence Kast fortv chains, thenee
Bouth, sixty chains, tbenoe West forty chains to
place of commencement- and containing '240
aem more or less.
HoKAhn W'liaon.
II. It. Mt-gi'AKHIK, Ageut.
Haled this 'iith day of September. HU*-
Notice Is herehy given Ihat no davs niter data I
inteml toapply to the Hon. Chief Commissioner of
Landsand Works, Victoria, fol permlnion to pur-
chase lhe following descrllx-d laml, situated In
the West Kooteuay district, on the west side of
Hubamel (or Hlx Mile) ereek, near wagon mad,
about three milei from Kootenay lake: Commencing et a poll marked "James J. Duok'l B W.
post," luimlng '20 chaini easl. thenee 2>i chains
north, theuce */0 chains weat, thence *J0 chains
south, to the point of commencement, contalnlni 40 acres ol land, more or less.
Dutcd 1Kb Novemlnr. lWlrt.
1-ocated by James J. I'uck.
per JnllM K    TaVUUI, Agent
Notice Is hereby given that 80 days alter date I
Intend to applv to the Hull. Chief CoiiiHils--foiicr
nf Lund-* and Wurkn for perinlsslou lo purchase
the following deaonDM lauds, situate in West
Kootenay district: BegloOlni at a pail marked
���'Arthur Warren's 8 Vi. corner," and planted OD
the cast Ihore of V, hatshau (Cnrih.ai) lake, alxuit
two miles north of the narrows of W*hnt--hau
lake, and at the S K corner ol Vi Sccouibe's application to purchase; thence east 40 chains;
theuce north ho chains; tbenee west 4u chains;
thence south Mo chalus to point of commencement; Containing BSD aorea more or leis.
Hated [his sth day ol l>it. 11MJ.
AiniitB Wahukn,
K. L. Hammond. Agent.
BlXty days after date I intend toapply to lhe
Honorable Ihe Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works to purchase 640 acres of laud, located iu
Fire Vsllcv, on weit side of Arrow lake: Commencing al a post planted 4n chains wet of the
���OUtbwe.t corner of J. itohlnsoii'i preemption
and marked J. Wl S K. corner, and running
norlh 1*0 chains, thence west nO chains, tbence
south HO chains, (hence easl mi chains to place of
Nov. 1Mb, VM. Jam-: WILLIAM,
J. B. As'KAHl.K, Agent.
Notice is hereby given that 80 dan alter date i
Intend to apply to the Honorable the Cnh-I Commissioner of Landsand Works for iH-rmlsslou to
purchase the following de-erthed lands: Communing at a post placed '-'" coitus west ol lhe
southeast comer of Lol IMS. marked "It. A. Hell's
northwest enrner," thenei souih K) cbali s,
thence easl 20 * hains. thclicc north 90 chains,
tlicme west 10 chalm lo point of commence ment,
eontainiug 40 acres, more or lesa
Located thll 6tb day of Nov .lorni.  R.A.BilX.
Blxty dan after dato I purpon making applj
nation lo the Hun. chief Commlnloner of Lauds
and Works f*>r permlnion to purchase Ho- following deicrlbed lund: Cnuitnelicfng nl n post
pllCeo ul Ho- norlh east coiner of 11.1    Htliincr's
ippl.eat.on to purohaae, marked "li. D'i N. w
oorner poat," tbenoe followlni the eail bound"
try of nmo80chaini mnth; Ehenoe running ni
chains ensi; ihciu'c hi chains north;  tbenoe 80
chains wesl to pi.Jul Q| couiineuci uiellt, containing fi40 acrciinore or |m
Dated lhe"ntli dav uf Odober, lliufi.
I'er It. BfllBLU Ageni.
sixty days after date I puipnse making application to the Hon. Chief commlnloner ol Lands
and Works lor permission to purchase the lollowlng described land: Commencing at a post
placed at the northwest corner of H lindd's application to purchase, marked "K Vi. lis.-. W.
corner posi," running them-e An chains north;
thenee HU chains east; thence -Ho chalus south;
theuce su chains west to point ol commencement, containing 810 acres, more or less.
Dated this Hub dav of Ootober, I'Jf*.
It   W. HA.NNtNliTOM,
(MI H. HHIEI.I., Agent.
Notice Is hereby given HihI sixty days aller
date 1 Intend to apply to the Honorable lhe
Chief Commissioner of Unds and Works, for
permission to purchase the following described
lands In the U'esl Kootenay district: Hegliinlng
at a post marked "James 0 Fraser's N,K. corner,"
and panted on the east shore of Whatshan
(Cariboo) lake, aluml one half mile norlh of
Christie creek; theuce south 40 chains, more or
less, to Hn-ninth Imundary of W. Beoombe*! application to purchase; thenee west along the snid
boundarv in chains, more or less, to the shore of
the lake; theme following thc- said sbme in a
general northerly and easterly direction m
chains, more or less, to point Of coininciiceiueUl,
containing 1*80 acres, more or less.
Oct   Llth, UK*-.. JAMIWc. FHASBK,
K. L. Hammomi. Agent.
Notice ls hereby given that slxtv days after
the date I intend to ai.plv lo the Hon. lhe chief
Commissioner of Lands niid Works for permission to purchase the following dcserlla-d land
in the West Kootenay dlsirlct: beginning al a
post   mtrkc-d -F.  B-Ke.lt- N.K   corner/ ami
Notice Is berel.y given thai 00 dayi alt*., -..1.1
intend to apply to the Bon. chief finnSjS!
��� if Uud-and Works for  penni-i���,   .,��,!,?*'
the lollowlng t,.r ',������,. ::���'���'��
WW    Kontenay  dlsirlct:    BninnlMit7__2
markjd   0.1   ���ifjulfieklng'-j ? vv 3mV3
ante.] i
lake, abonl three mti -s north id "th'.-'r/.t".1^?
STn d^affte^TO^BSft
th.    s   1,1   lake,   Ihcnce  IO Uth SU chains; thtto  '
Mil  i" tth ains, moreor  en, to tfaa ��___������____!
tlKl.cc lollowlng the said !_.__��� taJShlS
and westerly direcil,,,, Uo eht*ltu, _h_h3
Ki point of coiiimenceiiieiitsContMiiunv l-.ifc.-V
more or leaa, * ���'**J-ft,. .
Uy 1. L. IlAMNrpMi, A-ji-oi.
Notice ii herehy given that CO lavsa'tteriutin
Uttend to app v io,h, 3on.the'chKSS
shuier ��f Unds an*l Worki [ot i-m__, '.
purchase the following de-. -.!,,[ U���]. ,���'',,{
West   hiHiteiuiv   dlsirlct:   h< t'luuiiig at �� t.��i
marked 0 D. A.-lt and it. ^ilSViUfl
ahout-.'miles east of | he Salmon river aiidiUi
", mile from the Pend d'lln U>  river; ibeuel
chains north; thenee40ohaini rat! ib.wS
chains south; thence-hi chain, cast iu plut tf
begin nifig<
Detefl the 22ud day of September, V*X.
B, Hill,
R. M.Rnrn.AifoL
f Whalshan (I'arlhoo) Uki
Tier of said lake; thenee Ho
U chains  souih ;  thei    10
���Wchaiua south; tbence eatt to the shore of  the said
along the said like ihora
planted on th.	
at the northwest i
chain- wist; tbeni
chains easi: thetH
in chains, more or
lake; ihence northerly along the said li
mi chains, more or less, lo tii. polntof
cement, containing iBOMrWi more or less.
Dated Oot, i.', vmo, K. it. Km.,
F L  Hammonh. Agent.
Notice Is herehv givi u thai 00 days afler date I
Inlcnd lo apnh to the II,.n Chief Commissioner
of Land-and  \\>o~a��   for pcruilss|<>n lo purchase
the following deioribed lands iltuated in ihe
distriet:    lie  Inning  at a post
N   W.  corner,"  and
planted ahot
of Whatshan (Car
west  of  the  wesl
souih boundary
pnrnbaeei thenee
chains,   more   or
fille l
o) lake
th ,,f ihi
BUty davs afler dnte 1 intend to apply to the
Hon   Chlel Commlnloner Of Lands and Works,
*    ���    iiurcli
Victoria, to punliuse -IHO acres of land, In I'i
Valley, Weit Koolenay: C<
iinmeticlng nt a post
;'lt of IhcH. W. comer of J.
ipthm.iuid marked w, w'i n.
B. eorner, and ruiiulng wesl 00 chnins, thence
���Ottth Wl chains. Ihclice easl BO chnins, Ibenee
norlh mi chains lo place ol heginniug
WILLIAM Williams,
J. K. Annahlk, Agont.
Nov. IHtb, ItMlfi.
Notice ls herehv given lhat fiOdnyti after dnle, I
Intend to Jtpi.lv lo (lie Hon. Chief Commissioner
of Lands and Works for permlnion to purchase
Ihe following dOJCrlbed (amis in thc West Koot
ciiay Dlstricl: beginning at a post marked "W
H BWldgo'l S \*V corner," and planted nhout
oncijimrler mile west of the west shore of Whnt-
clmn   (Cnrlhoo)   Inke,   and  about one and  one
quarter mllei north of the southern end of the
Inke; theme north H�� chains; Ihclice e,isl 4i>
chnins moreor less to the shore ofthe W-batsban
lake; thence following snid shore tn n gcncrnl
���outfiorly and westerly dlrocilon liKicbnli.s more
oriental point on  the   shore  due  cast  ofthe
poit of oommenoement] tbenee west SO ohalm
more or less to the point of oommenoement, con*
imuiin: 820 acres moreor less
Hated thliUth dny ol Oct., IDOA
__  _    _        W.fl.Kuiiioi,
F. L. II am mon d, Agent.
ortb end
 mi  nHpi lake and on Ihe
f K K. Kelt'l application (o
outh ��n chaini; thencecast 90
less, lo the said lake shore!
rlherly along the said shore ho chain*,
more or less, to (he said south houndarv of
B It. Keil's applimtion ta purchase; ihciieowest
90ohalni, more or less I,, the point of commence-
incnl, coiilaiiiitig IflO acres, more or less.
Hated Oil. 1-2, Iwe. William Keil,
lly F. I. Hammomi, Agent.
Notice Is herehy given lhal ��> davs after date I
intend lo npplv to lhe Hon lhe Chl�� Commissioner of l.nnd< and Works lor permission to purchase thc following denrlbed lands in West
Kootenay dlitrlot, province of llrltlsh Columbia;
Commenolng at a posl marked "William Tolling
ton's northwest eurner post,"  said  Mil  being
planted st the louthtreet oornerol the "Queen
Mineral chilm," nud adjoining tin* cast line of
Mci'hnii's pre-emption, thenoo souih twentv w)
chnins along snld line, Ihclice cast forty (-Itl)
chains, ih. nee north iwenty (90) chains, thence
west forly (4(1) chains more or less, lo tbe place of
Dated 1st day of August, mon.
William TOLbpfQTOV-
By bis agent J. ft. Taylor.
BlXty dnvs after dale I purpose mnkliigiippllca-
Hou   io   lhe Chief Commi-sldtier ��.I Lands nud
Worki for permlnion to purchaio the following
described land:   Commencing ll ��� post marked
���I I"hh w wrnor," adjoining the eait bounds
ary of i�� I'leree's application lo purchase, running thence go chains north; ihcnce NOhalni
fast; tbonce mi ehnins souih; iheuceMiichulus
west to polntof ciuiiitiencement,  OOflltlnlng HO
acres mo e or less
I Hted the lllh dny of AllftlllfiHXM.
1. I'iRhii,
parF.U, Fatmuiea,
Sixty davs afler date I purpon miklnn ippil-
cation to the Uonorahle the L'hiel < nni_ii>*ii<��r
of i *s:,.i- ,.*,.; Worki for permlnloa to purfhui 1
the lollowlng dcherlU'd laml: I'lilnuic-urltif il I
a jhisi marked "l. I"s H. W. comer," s'ljoinlsf -.
K. l.iU(|Uler's application  h, purilinsr, ruutltf )
ihenc, to chaini north; thene,* so .*iinins ew; j
theuce su chains iouth, Ihenoe hi rhalni ��*-j
to the poim of comment emeu I. roouiiilDf 10 '
acres, more or leai.
Hated the lllh day of August, I'M,
It hmn,
I'er F. ii. l-AtytiKB, Atf-ni
suty days after dale I Intend lo npidy tnlhe
Honorable the Chief Com mlssloiur of Un-hllt
Woiks for tx*rmission to purchase the foili-fllf :
deserilx-il   ]r||(1m   111    KooletiSV   dUtrlrti     ��� <*���
menOtttg at a post marked J. fl. Aiiiiahl-Atjortl*-
eail  corner Me.  said  |H,st l-eing nn the ���"till
side of the Lower Arrow inke, about two em
btlow Burton  ciiy: tbenn no lb RewM
tbenoe weel _m chains; thenoe aouth VtfuhM
Uunce west '2>i chains; ihence nortb ti i-htin '
and   20   links,   more or  less  lo the Isketboft; ,
ihcnce easterly along lake -UI chains, more or It* 1
lu lbe plnee of  la-glliuing, containing 1ft. una, -,
more or leaa.
Hated this 5th dav of Noveml-er, Ift-ti.
J. B, AWiW,
per K. L Bomrer, Ag.nt,
Silly days after date  1  Intel
Honorable the Chief Commissi* .__. ���___.
Worki for permlnion to purchase the followi.
deicrlbed lands in Kooienav district: Ccmibm-
dug  at  a   post  marked  "A. J. IHI'i smillifcl |
corner post," sapi post being on the nnrth-fl*
erly shore ol the I-ower  Arrow lake and fill-all )
due -inst. on   the northca-t corner of lAitT.lt, ���
QroUp l; thence north IO chains; easl W rb��W
south 40 chains, more or lew, to thelikttt"** !
thence following said shore in n soutbwei
direction U chains, more or le�� to thf flttt a \
beginning. couWlnlng  16U acres, more or �����*
Hated tl.is 6th dav of Noveinhcr. VXtt
A. J. IHU,
per K L. Bcknit, Ag.ut.
Kotiee Is herehv given lhat 00 days after'!�� '
I lulend, to apply to tbe Homirahle ilit-Hm
Commissioner of Lands and Works for wm*
sion lo rurcbaio thc following dewriM IW**-
Koolenay district: Coinniemliig at i I��t
marked -J. H Wallace's northwestcornerfat-
said post la-tng on tbe easlerly side nl k"'
Arrow lake, and at lhe HiuihweM '������'���,:.'*
I'orter's pre-emption claim; thence easl ��h hiiw
theme south  J) ihains. the  ��e*i >u]*m':
thence south an chains, ihence h,uW'"��"
mi re or less to lhe Arrow lake, theart loiPn���
easterly direction 6U chalus. more or lew WJ"J
placoof beginning, containing I*����w,b��"
Haled thll SOU) day of October. 1906.
By his agent, Kknm.tii L Bi'its*n.___ ,
Notloe li horoby given that ilaiydayifn***
llntend to apply to the lion chief t'.iminlu����
of Lauds and Worka for fwrml. > "' l"1^
the followlnadc-rrlbed lands. siart.iig��Kj
planted on the Norlh WcM comero h'i*J
thenee running twenty chain- Sntitli. ���' ,
Iwenty chains West, ihenee fortv rli,i,ii- ��� '���'*"
tbenee tw.-iily chains Kasl, tlicnccivu ui; i*'**
Ektuth to polntof commencement, ami "''
lllg KIncrcs more or less. __-.
PMU�� l BWitL
Vt, I. lovi.-AP111, j
Hated lhe 1st day of October. 1908.
  ..on '"��kl1"- JSS
catlol)  tothe Holi.t blef Cotiiini"ioiiiT"Ii-��;,  j
and "orks lor jhomission lo l,,ir,'ll"w !4Wg( j
lowing described land:   Commenting���J.ySI
placed Ht Ihe southwest comer ".' "   "     ,   ,.
plication  to purchase, marked  "1   ��� * ���   '..jj
ner," running Dunce ��0chains north,vwj��J
nt, ceiil***:
���Sixty days afterdate I |
> wesi; thence mi cli nil
k east to point of comm
tore or lesa.
ing a	
Dated the loth day of October, l?SPvlW0||^
per i1
Notice la hereby given thai <W diy" ���''.*'&
Intend to apply to the Honorshle the g
Commissioner i.r Unds and Works ��I*JS
sion lo purchase tbe following deser bea im
in tha Wesi Kootenay dlitrlet: ����������|��mW��%
post marked ���'Blcanor Hlnch's H _ <�� ,j
nnd plnnttd on lhe we . shore of the njrr.�� |(
Whatshan (Cnrlhoo) lake nhoul one i.nl(ll
mile-south of Arrow lake Hall; tln-i>�� ��� "' |M
chains; thenee oaal -hi ohalns more or ii*�� w',.
shoreof the Narrows; thence foiio��iiig ',
ihoro in a general loutherli ami �����   ������ >',,,,-
Hon VM chains more or loll to polnl pf t"111'
ment, contaiDing U'-u acres mon* or '���"'".......������.i,
Dated Oct. 8th" 1900, KlMAV0^J!it
V, L. HammoM'. \k|"1
rdaw .
chase tin
"W. Keen
I lm, nil Isi nsisslv'l'sllis- II Ihlol
it ssr l.mishunsl' Ws.rks, [uriwriiili
I'sMs.islisii rlbad '***__ _gtM
,IIMrl.-l:   Hemim in: ��  " '   ���'������in
���I,,*��H   K   i-���rn,T    ss.sjl l-ss MO   |,.|
- o   l>l   Wlsssl-lissli (,-i.sr,'- ������'  '���.,.,,_-ls��n
lillli-i,   imrlli ssl llss- li.in.sssi- "I ""J,,,,,!
; Ihssiii'i'  iiurili hi i-lisiliiss: """ .. ,| t.
s-lsstliiH rissir luiss. Iss llss- Ink-' -'" ' 'llI|,(.[|i-
lollOWlllI   1 ll.-   Mill   Klllirs' III K K"-"1*"1   ,,.| I"
mislisinsu-rls-slln-i-llsssi I'jss-I.sslin. ������"���<��� !"M ��1
Ills-    pssllll    ,,l    I'OIIsllU'lll'SIIIUSIll;    I-ssSlllssi
acri'ss, iiissri- ssr Ii-hs.
Diilsisl ilil. Dili iluy ssllli-1 ,l'.����l  w MrM,t,
F. _. lUmusNU, A��"'1* The Daily Canadian
ANHEUSER    -AND THE original
BUSCH...    Bud weiser Beer
DISTILLERS; 12 and 20 years old.
NELSON       s'"- ^R______MMal1    VICTORIA
Burns & Co.
. is nt   Rosalandj   Trail,   NelfOn,  KuhIo,   Snmlnn, Three Forks, Now
Den-ret and Bloom *.'ity.
Iiler. !��������� mill 10 any hraiii'h wilt have
nv    rail'll Will
BlUl aut-inloli.
He .d Office: Nelson, B. C.
>1m<- I purpose making appli-
1 hb 1' ommlaalottor 01 Landi
i Works (or permlnion lo purchase the   fol-
Dl I lindi:   ('nmmiM)i-iuf/ nt 1 po**'.
' -.        -  nbweit corner of J.anjell'iap-
t.s purcbi   ��� marked ' R. B*i8 K. cor-
i* .    i>me W chaini north-tbence 80
blot ihence 80 clittiim .mith, ihence BO
���  l ..������iiiif-ncrrtnciit. contain-
01 leu.
;.,v Df October, um.
K. SlIlII.L,
[��-r J. KHIKLL, Agent
I- lib  ! pnrpoao makiiiK appli-
Hon ' lilt'l iom mlssloner of l.aii'ls
rt WnriM f��f ni-rmliilon io parabaaa ihe (ol*
fa   . mills:    Commencing _,- n )H,.t
Iwditioui 11,.  northeait corner of B .-.iieli's
\    ration lo purchaie,   marked "M. K O'iH.K
L   thence BO 1 hi.1111 north to the
I ll. SMS. thence hu i-hatin
V '""Us  '"nth, Ihence fWcballir*
lojHiipi of commencement, oontainlng -frt-i
������i-i iini th day of October. UOB.
m. k. OBnrraix,
per .1 BNIBU-, Agent.
I'ii-* I purpose nmkliiR appli-
ii 1 iin- Chief Ctommbanonei of
[or permlnion to purchase the
��� -: land: Commepelni at a
ihe junction of Hurries and
ami eail nl It. .1. Kllloit'n ap
I .-   niarki-d "\V. N   I"b. H. Vi.
thenco80 chains north; thence
encoS 1 ehaim south; thence no
*   it    1   m ol commencement! con-tun-
��� 1 ���        re 01 lew,
if o- lobar, UOt,
w.n. poena,
Per J. Siiiki.i.. A^nt.
late I purpose  uiiikliiK apph
Hon u.e rhief Comm Intone, of
ill *��ii.I W   -h, f,,r '.ermlMluli In purchiiae the
be 1 landi;   Commenolng at 1
|i|.*"-ii m      ., titheaat corner of M.K.tiren-
Q  i" purchase,  marked **v  l��,
- innlua tbenoe80 ohalni north;
.    " ���   S) ebalni east; ihence m
I tn ������ s 1 chaini  ��eat, to point ol
[ *        outlining 640 acres, more or
laj oi October, i����.
V. Dotin
I'erJ.Sblell, AkciiI.
. ren that80daji afterdate!
}��� application   --.the Uonorahle the
1 ������,�������� ul l.nndi and Worku for per-
piin-haie the following deeerlbed
,     ommenclng at a posi   on lhe   north
. - 1 and at-out IIchaloi east of
running ttofaaini eaat] tbenoe
lbence l" Chalm weat: thence til
. * I* ini ni oommenoement, oon-
I nreorlen.
[���ifloi Uibor 18,11W6,
I.F.oN Watson,
Hy hi- H|��i lit, KRMWT Vi. HuBlNBUN.
I    ,1
iiri alter date l nnrpoee maitlne appli-
chief CommlMloner or Landn
Wfirkilur jn-rmillion to  purelia.se  the  fol-
-1: ii'-rrn-. 1 und:  Commenolng at a post
'l about loo viirdu wesl of lhe WbatNhaii
'rail ati-1 Ht.oiir iwo mile*, south of What
Uk''. marked ���"�����.(_ H _ N K. comer pout."
ii"-' ll.em,, vn chatna aouth; lbence W
" *m; thence fln cbalni nor-tb) thence no
;"*���'������' polntof commenoement] contain-
'������'���" ro* nmre ���| |0H.
f'��-nii-i":ii   ,.*, ,d October, l'jnfl.
11 q, Bxttnnut,
i'er k. K111R1.L, Agent
���W .! l! ''' ,lat,i ' intend to apply to lhe
S'l ��� lll'f ���'ominlmloncr of l_nidn aud
.* *'|,l��''la.  to  purchase  ISO aOTMOfland,
153,;"" '-;�������� siaMenf Arrow lake, adjoining
��� 11.-1,1    '*' "'"*��� ���'* toliowii  Commenelni
[I ."M'lanted (lt) the west boundary of Un
win-si i-ltHltui north of the H. tt. corner of
-l :*�� chalm. theuee toutb ��J
iience .,,.1  80 dotlut- to the western
7 '�� pre-emption No. 878, lbence iiurili
iHHi'Vr P1" ' "looginnlnr.
1900 M   K. .VaU.KY,
It J. Kmiott, Agent.
1 .' mo-ii wiai w days aner unie 1
I. ""'���'toapfllcatlon tothe Bonorable lbe
���T "iniii.-loncrof LriuI . and Works for per-
1 1   Hi..   r..n..u, lenc rlbed
ct.vi, nut twt davit afterdate 1
1 to the Hoiiorahle Hit
���iis and Worki for per
.    following   .1 rihe.
'"���'''''.iielngatapoii pliqed about ont
1 it ;\,1,1,k|i,-�� oreek and aboul three
'"'"! "iiuishHii inke, ronntng lo cbalni
^���chHliiH  west;   tbence 80 chalna
chalm, cast,  to point "1 com-
K1 ���V,,a,8l,,tnJr6W��oiMmoreorleii.
''���������- n, tOOB,
I'KTRH   Mt NaI'uUTuN,
agellt, KltNKMT Vi. ItoiiI.NSdN
'}]',',''' I" reby -,'lveii tnat im Hare from dale I
JJ'"**PPhr to flm Honorable the Chief Com-
���B"J_'f��ia������  WoA to purchaie BIO
Hiss-.I MfotlOWfl!   I iiinissi'lli'llill
ssn Use isssrth l,ftnlt llf Ills; l.itllc
ls.sl '.'.ii' -!""1' '*".' yssril. from luoulli. mnl
Km    .,M',|���,'""'"   H    w.   """'���'  T��M."
,. ,      ..   ilsnlss-s,  lhs.-sii-i-  nnrlh HO rliilna.
��� ill laii-halini, Ihi-nrpMintli Wi'lmlim, In
11M,.,.   l",",*'-'nl1''"-��"'l S'Olllllhlllll! BUI 11,TS-IS
"'"! ::"Sl|.lllVll|-|��� IS
"finim .in
��� -Plan
nfler date I
'* I purpose uiiikiui! npi'li
 >*..le( I oinmta.slonei' of Lands
"ior pormtMion to purchase the fol-
I     ' "iriu-sf] hinds:    ('omineiic'nir at the
"ner ui v. Dodd'i application to
"HtOd "Cl, II'sN. K. corner," run*
N'i chains south, lbence Hit chain*-'
'   ��   1 huiiis  nurth, thenco SO 1 hains
'"'in oi oommenoement, oontainlng
12th day of Ootober. 1906.
per J BlttlLL, Anenl
pii toUflVln-.dAl. U/'in'orfe making appli-
I Won-, J hlefDomralolonorol Lands
Iiir   ,h,    '. I'^'iiislslun 11, purehaae lhe iol-
hii 1 I, '.i lHI"1>*:   Commenolng at a
������.ri ; ' at   be north weit corner or "K.
li'*. s I "I'p'lc.itlou |o purchaio, marked
Hi M,,,'��� '.l;1'1'- running theuce BO chains
���  u        -; '" chnliis woit, Ihence-SO chains
��� ""/'halnieail topolntofoommen-
'"iinKriiiUcies. more or less.
"'  '-Mi ilay of October, 10M
K. Kiiiiimsos,
Per J. KniEl,L, Agent.
Notice li hereby glveu Itiat tiO daye after date 1
intend toapply to the Honorable the (hief <-om-
minloner of Landi and Works for nermlnloo to
��� _nd Worku for oermiHiiinn to
purcbaie the following deaorlbed lands in the
��est Kootenay dlatrloti   Beginning at *, poit
marked "Alexander friuier's N. Vi. corner," and
(dinted   on   the   east   shore  of   ths narrows of
wbatiban (Cariboo) lake, nt theft R.corner of
B.rnhard -UranVi application to purehaae;
Ihenog cast -tu chains; thenee ninth BO chaiiis;
thenoe VWi80 Cbalni, more or less, to the shore
ol the narrows; tbence folluwlug the said shore
In a northerly direction ho chains, more or lew
tothe point of comm.ncemcnt. containing 3.U
acres, more or less.
Oct. llth, l'JOC. A1.E..ANI.KR Fraser,
by F. L. Hamm'ijko, Agent.
Sixty davs aftei 'late I purpose making application to the Hou. Chief < 0111mlMioiier of Unds
and Works lor permission to purchase the following deeerlbed lands- Commencing at the
northeast corner of r I. HHiiuiiiKlon's application to purebaae. marked "S. A. C1B.K, corner,"
tun tn uk ihence so chains north, lbence W chains
west, tlience B0 chains south, thence HO chains
cuhi to puiut ot commencementi containing 001
acres, more or less.
Dated the Uth day oi Oetober, uw>-
E A. Crease,
per J. HlllEl.L  Agenl,
Kotlce is hereby given that 00 daya after date
I intend toanplv to the Hon chief Commissioner
OflAttdiand WOrlllfor permission to purchase
tbe following deacrlbed lands in West Kootenay
1'istric*: 11 ginning ai a post marked, "Bern-
bard Hirsch'- S. E. e,irii"r," and planted on llie
cast ibore of the narrows of Whatshan (Cnrtlmo)
lake; ihcnce n rlh hu ohalnai thence west .0
chains more or len,tO the shore nl Whalshan
lue; Utenoe following snid shore  in  a general
���ontherly and eaaterly direction 130chalm more
or less, to point of comuieuceinent: coutalnlnK
,TJU acre*, more cr less.
Dated this Hth dny of Oct. l��*.
Iii I'MI.UiH   HlRHI 11,
F. L. HaUMonk, Agent
Sixty days after date I purpose making Bppll-
Oatlon to IV* lion, the Chiel Commissioner of
Lauds ind Vl'orkl lor permission to purchase the
following deaorlbed land: Commencing at a
post placed ahOUl half 11 mile west of bar lies
creek, and ilmut one mile north of tbe uumtb of
the Mine, marked "J. B's. s Vi. corner," running
tbenoe80Ohalm north; thence Hi chains east;
thence N) chains south to the north houndarv of
W N. P00le*lapplication to purchase; Ihence NJ
chains west to polat of commencement; containing tVtt ��cre*-t more or less.
Dnted lhe Uth dav of October, 1006.
Sixty davs afl��r date 1 purpose making application to tbe Hon. Chlel Couimlsshner of l.*ni t-
nnd Works (or permlnion to purchase tbe folluwlug described lands: Couimunciag it a put
placed abOUl half a mile west of the lower end of
Uhaishun lake, marked "D, U's. N. W corner,"
running tbence rtu chain*- south : tbence HO chains
east; thenee Ni chains north; tbence HO chains
west to polut of eommenoement,oontainlng ino
acrea, more or less
Dated the Uth ,lny Of October, 1906.
Per J. Siiiki.i., Agent.
8 ity daya after date I piir|**..c making applb
callon to the Hon Chief Commissioner ol Landl
uud Wo ks for permlulon to purchase tlm following deaorlbed lands:   . omm.nclng at tbo
norlbwt'st eorner of K. A. Crearse's application lo
purchaie. marked "W. ti. <;'��. 8 W. corner,"
ninning thence Hi) chains nnrlh; tbenca 80
chaiuieast; thence HU chaini south; tbence 80
chains west to point of commencement, containing B-OftCrei-i more or lesa.
Puled the IHth day of October,!����.
W. tl.Olt.LETT,
I'er J, Shiki.l. Agent.
.i\ly days after date 1 purpose making appli-
lion to lhe Hon. Chief Coininliiloner of Landl
Kiul Works for permission to purehaae the following deserlhed lands: ( .initui-ueing at tbe
northwest corner of 1>. Dodd'i application to
purchaie, marked "_t, P*a8. W. corner," running
theuce unchain* north; thenee HO ehalni, more
or less, to the weet shore ol Wbatiban bike, lollowlng same Ml chains south; tbence 80 chaini,
more or less, east to lhe point of commeuicmeut.
containingMOaorei, mon* or less.
Dated the 13th day ol October, lOrfl.
M. KAtgi-lEW,
per J. shikll, -agent,
Notice is hereby given lhal ilxty davs alter
,Ute  I   Intend   to apply lo Ihe Hoiiorahle I hlel
Cu issluiier of Lull il* and  Works for pertttll-
son io purchnse lhe following described landa:
Commencing al 11 post placed on the nortliwrst
eoruer of Albert Billot. *��� application to purchase,
running 80 chains eiit along iho northern
boundary of lamet thenoe 80 cbalm north;
ihoucc M cha His wes'; lb' nee 80 chains -south, to
poim ol commencement, oontainlng 04o aorea,
more or less.
Dated Oot, 18.1908. Jonif Ki.i.iott,
By lib agent. BhKMT W. Kohinhon.
Notice Is herehy given lhat (K) dayi alter date I
iniend t�� applv to the Hon, Chief Commissioner
el i ands and Worku for permission to purchase
lhe  foHowltiK  described  landa situated  In  lbe
wesi Kootenay dlitrlot:   Beginning ut a post
marked " Herbert Warren's N. K. cn'iier," and
id inled on the w sl shorcol Wbfttshan (Cariboo)
taka abont one-uuartcr mile north of the southern end oi ihe hike; tbenoe ffoit-Bflohalnii thence
Hoiilh BO chains; thence east 80 chains, more or
Imi 10 Whalshan creek; thence followiiiK
norih along tho ereek and bike hhore ��l chains,
iii.ir.i or less, lo point of coininenccnieiil, con-
ireii more or less
��� October, 1006.
Heiiukht Wahhrk,
K. L. HammuND, Agent.
Nulice is herehv given Hint 00 davs after date I
���,.i      tun.-iv to the Hon.thief fcommlnlpuer
.-..���isHid works for permlnion in purchue
, ,Rf  lb.��  na  dcscrllK-d  lands situated  In  the
,,'t    mv nistri.t:   Beginning at a post
,l a "AntoinetteHirch'i ��.s.corner,"and
V ,,.''1 on 1 he shore of Whaisbaii (Cariboo)
.1-la'   tb "w     beast corner Of the laid hike;
1 , .nh iu chains; thence west 40 chains.
,h,m,r ,.�� ti tbe Bboro of Whatshan .track:
!h.nc, In lowing tht shore line of laid creek and
:  Vn awnera. northofly and easterly .Ilrec-
,   m el,allll more or  less,  to point ol com-
i^,K^ne..l;eont..lnli��g 100 acres, mora or leis
od. biih, 1W-- ANToiNarra BIMcn,
Uy F. L. lUHMOMO, Ageut,
Observance  and   Meaning  of  Advent���
Servicea   in  City  Churches   An-
nounced for Tomorrow.
Tomorrow will be the first Sundny
In Adveni, the beginning oi ths churcn
year, No holy days occur during the
The leafon of Advent, llkfl Lflttt, Iiiih
been observed by ihu church from
Unit; immemorial, on a period of Caso
itiKiiiK uud   prayer,   preceding the  tec-
tivui of Christmas,  tbe  thanksgiving
for the blrlh of the Suvlou.*.
The collect, epiatle uud gospel appointed tor tbe duy ull breathe of
change and regeneration, s cull to
worthier and holler living, a prayer
'"ihut we may ca_t away lbe works ol
darkness and put upon us the armour
of light." words taken from Bt Paul's
epistle  lo tlie  Unman:;.
Tbe gospel contains the narrative
of Christ's entry Into Jerusalem, escorted by tbe multitude, which so soon
afterward descried Mm, as iiis fortunes seemed  to decline.
The general answer to the question
"Who Is this?" "This is Jesus, the
prophet of Nazareth," shows that at
lhal time even Ills disciples bad not
realized that thetr Master was divine.
Tbe narrative closes with tbe cleansing of the temple, which had been degraded from a house of prayer to a
place of commerce.
The idea of Advent also suggests,
and the collect for tbe day explicitly
refers to His second coming, so eagerly awaited by His first disciples, and
confidently, If fearfully, dxpected at
many different times, by the cliurch
of the early and middle ages.
Advent Sunday, as the day of beginning of thi? observances with which
from year to year the church follows
the course of the life of her Founder,
Is naturally lhe season of review of
tho work of the church during the
closing year, a movable anniversary
In  the life of the church community.
In mundane circles, however, Advent has never affected customs and
fashions in the same manner as the
better known season of abstinence,
Lent. Even If Christianity could lose
Its hold on the civilized world and
Lent and Easter lost all religious significance, iheir influence would undoubtedly long survive on lhe changing fashions of the year, and probably
also in their effect on trade in the
Advent bas made no such Impress
on secular life. Us significance and
its observance nre nothing except to
those who follow, more or less regularly ,the annual presentment by the
Church of the doctrines of Christianity as taught by Ihe life, the words
and works of the Head of tho church.
The following services are announc
ed al the various churches for tomorrow:
Church of England���St. Saviour's,
cor.  Ward  nnd    Silica    streets:    first
Noilce In herehy given that 80 dftfl ifl- r date 1
intend inaL.tiL' application to the l.onorahle the
Chiel < miium ���--���mi. ���   of  Lui'ls iiicl   Wnrk�� for ii
���jkMiai license to cut and remove Umber from
the following described landi, iltuated on the
EUuiget rlvor:
Counnencltig about fto chnins north of the
southeast corner of Lot 8 -J, Yale liinlrlct; theuce
running eatt fortv (40) ohelni: mnl bone bund red
ami ilxty (16d) chain.; west fortv (10) ohalus;
norlh one hun.iri*.i hiii) sixty (lr-0) ohalni, to
i'i:i'-c of oommeneement.
Hated October IStb. 1W_. I>. H. TKI.I-.UID.
Thirty days after date I Hiten 1 10 applv to the
Eton. Chief Commissioner of l-auds and Works
(or a Special license to cut and carry away timber from the follnwfuK dci<crlbed laud: Commencing at a pi->t marked "Oeorge M ���-���inn'*
southeast corner," planted kbOUt three miles up
liromau ereek, which empties ah ml one mile
wesl of Nelson; thenc-*-**- west 40 chain-*; thenee
nortii 160 chain*; thence eaat In chains; ihence
aouth 1*30 ohalni 10 point   l commttuecmeiil.
Hated Oct 80, HM'-*. OMROI M. Hcnn,
 W J. McKimm, Agent.
Notice is liereby given lhat 30 days after dute I
intend to appl) to the Hon the t hief Commls
���loner ol landsand Worku for a spec al licence
to eut and carry a' ny timber from tho fotlowinc
descrlbeil lauds: Commeuelng al a post marked
"T. J. Scan I an's southeast corner," planted ahout
five mlli*s up Qroman creek, which empties nhout
oue mile west of NrMsoii; ihence west 4l> chains,
thence north IfiO chains; theuee cast40chslns;
theuce south ltt> chaiua to point of commencement.
Dated Oct 80,190B, T. J. Eoavuv,
W. J. MfKlMM, Agent
Thirty dam after date 1 intend to apply to the
Hon. Oh lei Oommlllloner of Lands and Works,
Victoria, for a special 11000*0 to cut end irtv
away limber from lhe following tract Ol land,
situated on Ihe N. A S. railway, lu lhe West
Kootenay district: Commeneing at a post pi'tiled near the N. B corner of A. K. Flnglaiid's
limber claim, thenee wcat80chalnn, (hence north
so chains, tbence est -"> chains, thenee south Nl
chains to point of coininencemeiil.
Nov. utii, 1008, r. .1. Q-iuaoBia
Certificate of Improvements
"Hatton" mineral claim, situated in the Nelson
Mining Division of Weat Kootenay district.
Where located*.   Ou Toad mountain.
Take Noilce lhat I, John McLatchle acting ns
agent [orQeorsfl A, Campbell, Krce Miner's Certificate No. 4*71177, intend, sixty days from (he
date hereof, toapply to the Mining Kecorder for
a Certificate of Improvements, for the purpose of
obtaining a Crown Hrant of the above claim.
And further takn notice thai action, unJcr
Motion BT, muit be commenced before the issuance of such I'ctiificaic of Improvements.
Dated this 17th day of November, I'-KHI.
John MoLATcniR,
Certificate of Improvements
"Spvglass" and "Globe" mineral claims, situnle
in Trout Lake Mining Division.
I.muteI on Poplar ereek.
'hole Noilce that I, Uruce While, acting as
Agent for the Bpyglail Mining - 0.. Free Miners'
CerliHeate No It. Will, Intend, fll days from the
date hereof, to applv to lho Mining Recorder tor
a Certificate of Improvements for the purpose of
obtaining a Crown tlrant of lhe above claims.
Aud   further  take nollee that  action, under
Section 87, muit be oommonood before tho issuance of such CerlillOalc ol Imp-oveincnts,
Datod '2 th October, mm. ltKlTK Wiutk.
PItHNIJ.0 AND (SUA.TINO carefully nttend-
od lo. Apply
Silver King Hotel.
Sunday In Advent; holy communion,
_ a. m.; morning prayer and holy
communion, 11 a. m.; Sunday Hchool
2:30 p. m.; evcnaoaR, 7:30 p. m. Kov.
F. H. Graham, rector.
Kumaii Catholic���Church of Mary Immaculate, corner of Ward and Mill
���streets: Low mass, 8 a. m.; hifih mass,
10:30 a. m.; evening service, 7:30 p. ra
Rev. Father Althoff, priest.
Pr.Bbyterlan church���St. Paul's, corner of Victoria and Kootenay streets:
Morning service, 11 a. m.; Sunday
school, 2:30 p. m.; evening service, 7:30
p. m.; Sunday school, 2:30 p. m. Rev.
J. T. Ferguson, minister.
Methodist church���Corner Silica and
Josephine streets: Morning service. 11
n. m.; evening service, 7:30 p. m.; Sunday school, 2:30 p. m. Rev. R N.
Powell,  pastor.
Baptist church���Stanley street, near
Mill: Morning service, 11 a. ni.; even
Ing service, 7:30 p, m.: Sunday Bchool,
2:30 p. m. Rev. E. H. Shanks, pastor.
Salvation Army���Barracks on Victoria street, west of Josephine: Special services for tomorrow. Knee drill,
9 a. rn.; holiness meeting, 11 a. ra.; a
praise meeting at 3 p. in.; salvation
meeting at 8 p. m.
The   Art   of   Being   Well    Dreseed   ie
Studied  Beforehand.
The great art of dressing for men ls
that they shall feel and look at home
in their clothes���at ease In whatever
they wear. One may wear the finest
materials, silk lined aud satin finish,
and still be outre if the materials are
not ln good form and appropriate to
the man and the occasion. The art
of being well dressed, whether a man
or woman, Is to have a pleasing ensemble.
In all the Semi-ready designs and
fabrics the endeavor is to adhere to
the convenience of good form and to
tailor only suits and overcoats which
will meet with the approval of gentlemen who appreciate individual tone
and expression. There are no loud or
garnish patterns In the Seml-'ready
J. A. Gilker, the pioneer merchant
of Nelson, has secured the agency for
the incomparable Semi-ready tailoring.
Ymir License District
NOTICE Is hereby given (lint the
undermentioned persona liave made
application unda*r tlie iirtivisiomi of
the "l.tquiu- Licence Act 19UU" for
hotel licenses at the placet, Bet opjio-
Bite  their  resiiective  nainen:���,
John Marshall, Marshall Hotel,
Win. Gray,  Suliws Hotel.  Salmo.
All*! m. Shields, Fort Sheppard
Hotel, Waueta.
T. o. Procter, Transfer   to   g. T,
Snow, Outlet Hotel, Procter.
C. E. linrgesB, Edna Hotel, 1'ater-
Owen Boyer, Transfer to Malcolm
McLeod, Vancouver Hotel, Ymir.
Mitchell Tail, Transfer to Archibald
& Davis, Palace Hotel, Ymir.
J. W. Masterson, Ymir Hotel. Ymir.
John Hrean, Cosmopolitan Hotel,
G. S. Coleman, Waldorf Hotel. Vt iti.
Samuel   Miller,   Miller   Hotel, Yniii*.
Ixiuisa IS. McPeak, Sirdar Hotel,
J. W. Crow, Transfer lo ('. F. Waltn-
sley. Grove llolel, Fairview.
Malelte & Johnson, Kootenay Falls
Hotel, Slocan Junction.
James H. Unimex, Mersey Hotel,
Joseph Walker, Krickson Hotel,
B. B. McArthur, Northern Hotel,
Fred lloyer, Transfer to S. Marshall,
Valley  Hotel, near Ymir.
Fred Adie, Jr., Waneta Hotel, Wa-
A meeting of the hoard of License
Commissioners w-ill he held to consider such applications at the Provincial Police Office at Nelson on Saturday the fifteenth day of December
llMtis at the hour of eleven o'clock In
the forenoon.
W,   H.   Itl'LLOCK-WEliSTBR,
chief License  Inspector
Nelson, 11. C, :!0th November, I rob
'i'he government of llrlllsh Columbia herehy offers a reward of
$1000 for Information leading to
the arrest and conviction of one
Frank Cedio, alias Frank Agalio
Paimblanc, who on lho 18th Inst,
nt the Canada hotel at Niagara,
B. C. murdered Louise K'ng by
moans of dynamite or oth^r explosive.
Description of Frank Cedio,
alius Frank Agnllo Paimblanc:
Italian, ago- about 38 years;
height, about 5 feet G'/j, inches:
weight, about 150 pounds; blown
hull*, light brown moustache;
may bo clean shaven now; eyes
light blue, thin lace, small thin
nose; slight scar on one cheek,
exlendlng downwards from eyo
to corner of moulh.
When last seen wore dark grey
suit with black stripes, plaid pattern and tanned high top laced
Wire   or  otherwise   repiirt   Immediately any Information to Mr.
I.  A.  Densinoi-e.  Provincial  Constable .Grand Forks.
By order,
Supt.  Provincial   Police
Silver King Hotd
Best Dollar a day house io the Kootenays.
Room, are well luralMhed.   Table .. good aa any
lu Nelaon.    Bar aupplled wllh good
llQiinr. ansl islaari.
W. K. MoOANDLISH, Proprietor.
Tremont Hotise
Karopetu tact American PUd
Me&li '& oU.   Roonu (rom 'A oU. to fl
Only White Help KmpIoriMl.
Baker Ht.. Neiton PropriBtora
Bartlett   Hotise
Best Dollar-a-Day House in Nelson.
The Bar la the Flneit.
White Help Only Kmplojed.
Joeophlne Hi.
Lake View Hotel
(JoruT Hall bd<I Vernon,
two blocks from wharf.
Kates II 00 per day and up.
__i����._i      NELSON, B. C.
Grand Central Hotel
J  A. EBICKSONl Proprietor.
Centrally Located. Open Day and Night.
Sample and Bath Rooma Free.
Opposite Court House and Post Office.
Comer Ward and Vernon Street..
T*_e Strathcona
Nelson, B.O.
B. Tomkins, Manager.
The Leading Hotel in the
Oood   Sample   Rooms.
Queen's Hotel
Baker Street, Nelson. B. 0.
Lighted by Electricity and
Heated by Hot Air
Large and CotrfforUble Bedrooms and First-
clas*. T��uluK Room. Bample Rooms for Coinmer-
eial Mon
MRS. B. C. CLARKE, Proprietress
Royal Hotel
Raton |1 and fl.60 a Day.
S-i..lal Rates to Regular Bcarderf
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch,
Creosote, Oils for
Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch and
Boat Builder, will find it to their advantage to uae onr Pitch.
Nelson Coke & Gas Co.
YVliolvsale and Retail Dealers In
Fresh and Salted Meats
Caiiipn trapplieT ou shortcut notlco nud
lsiws-st prico. Nothing but fronh aud
wlmlcsssiiHs liii-iitM uud suppli-s kept in t,tock
Mail orders receive careful attention.
E. C. TRAVES.   Managnr.
A. McDonald & Co*
Di'iiIwh in staple and faucy Qroceriee.
Butter, Eggs.
Gamp aud Minora' Supplies.
$750 Cash and $J5 per Month
Will Purchase a Modern House
containing three bedrooms, Dining room, parlor, kitchen and
bathroom ; gas and electric light.     The house is in a
good position on Mill street and
must be sold.
Price $1300.00.
H. & M. BIRD.
Old Curiosity Shop
If you want to buy or anil anything,
go to the Old Curiosity Bhop. A new
line of Japanese Gooila now on sale. All
kinds of Dlnnerware In stock. Patterns.
*T .      if        *r���� ��� TO  TAKE  OUT  AN	
JNowisthelime Accident Insurance Policy
I Represent The Railway Passengers' Cgmpany
The  Oldest Company Doing Business In Thla Line.
Choice Fruit
I Have 10,000 Acres
Choicest Frait Lands in
British Columbia.
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
J. E. ANNABLE, Nelson, B. C.
We Wifl Sell
1000 Yate-Kootenay Ice  9 l-2c
Insurance, Fruit Lands, Real Estate.
McDermid & McHardy
The HaU Mining and Smelting
Company, Limited.
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry Ores.
Winter Excursions
NelSOn ^�� Montreal, Toronto
==== And All Points West Thereof
lo Ontario and Quebec.
Quebec, St. John Halifax, aud Marl-
Ume Provinces rutes on application.
Tickets on mills dally,
Round Trip, First-CUss. Three Months'
Limit, Old Country Rates
$89,25 Return
Halifax nr St. Jubu.
Saloon, $95; Second, $76; Steerage,$54
And up, according to steamer.
For detailed information, sailings,
ocean steamers, first class or tourist
sleeper reservations, apply to local
agent or write
KM.I*. *.. VmicmiTor. D. P.A., Notnon
Kotlce la beroby given that at a meuttiiKof tbe
Board of Llcenio OommlK-ilrtnt'rs, lo bo he'd lo
tho Chief Coiiit��ble-�� of-flc-H.-, Nelson, on the 15th
Dei-ember, 19U6,1 luteml loiipplr fo-n transfer of
my Itoann for the-Hrovo Hotel, ruirvl-'W, NclHon,
to C F. WaiuiNlev
Dated 1Mb Nov., 190*1. .1 Vi CROW.
]H��r Wm. HOSNKIX, Attorney.
He-aril of Lleeaie CommlKs.uucrfi, to lie he!-I In
Chief Constable'miIIW', at Nelson, on 1Mb December, WOrt, 1 Intend t-i apply for a Imuu'er of my
bote) lleunse for the I'alaee hotel, at Vmlr, lo
ATi-hll.��M A Da. In
Dili November, 11)06. M1TC1IELL TAIT.
Excursions to
Eastern Canada
Oriental Limited
With through tourists car to
To Toronto, Montreal
and points west
ar* $78.25
Corresponding low rates to
pulnm east of Montreal.
Tickets on sale Nov. 34th to
Dec. 31st. Oood for three mouths
with privilege of extending limit
Oolng via Sault; Ste Marie
stopovers allowed east of St.
Paul and Duluth.
Going via Chicago stopovers
allowed east of Detroit and
Port Huron.
For  further  information call
on or address
City raK-aeugor Agent.
A (I. P. A.. ScalllB.
A collection of all the Latest
Shapes aud Sizes.   A free
smoking and most satisfactory pipe.
Tobicconist.   B��ka Street.
*' -1
'     : t.
The Daily Canadian
Invest Yoat Dollars
here instead of in the east. Our values are
as good and be.ter thnn Eastern values.
We do not want you to take our word for
it, bring your catalogues and find out for
0 lilt* IA
/         ���    ' J_________k_B______k
H' .......I
JOIN    THE   LADIES    AND    SEE ���
New Xmas Fruits:
���**~ t
i Seeded Raisins. H..I
Fine, clean, juicy stock. A trial i
ordisr will convince you that the J
stock Is thc bost. *
Bell Trading Co. j
Coal and
Telephone 265
Some Wise Body
Has Said:
In    England    tliey    raise   fine
horses.     In   Scotland   they   raise j
fine men.
In England they feed their oats ,
to horses.   In Scotland they feed
their oats to men.
Feed yourselves    and    children '
B. & K, Rolled Oats
and thna watefa the results.
B A K Rolled Oftte in Bib, MM) und *
40lb sarks for sale nt
! Joy's Cash Grocery!
Cor Josephine ami Mill Bts.      PhOM Ifl
\v�� Hiivu ii SpvoIaTly
Nckxlcil Btook ��>f
lor Xmu Tl ii-o.
Stoneware, Crocks. Bean Pots, Tea Pots, Etc.
Munroe & Nelson
Potter & Cummings
I lb. box   -   50c
1-2 lb. box-   30c
These goodi nre as fine a. thc moreexpeiutve
kin.u, the ouly difference la thi package.
Phone 3S. Bakor St.
Ni-.t P. Burns & Oo.
iior. V.rmin and VVsrti-d SlrwwtN,
.*\BL.SO.*N,   B. C.
J. FRED HUME, l-rupriotor.
T. X. Nelson, Portland; J. P. Peek,
Winnipeg: W. Kelly, Reno; t*. P. nm,
llilkTs-st; .1. W. ColllB, 10. A. Baker,
u. W. Klttrldge, VV. u. itoss, Vancouver; Mrs. H. Devi-lli*. .lames Cronln,
Miss K. Small, Spokane; Andrew
ChristenBen, Laclede; J. A. Qillard,
M. A. Tornlns, F. E. Tornlns, Stillwater; T. 0. Clarkson, lt. Clarkaon, To-
ronto; II. McClelland and wife, Birmingham; Mrs. I.. A. Tipping, lt. .i.
McPhee, Slocan; P. Donaldson, cni-
cago; Eva McTler, Magnon; G. Dunn.
Montreal;  A. E, Savage, Grand Forks.
Mrs. D. P. Rogets, Victoria; J.Kaye,
.1. U Nune, Emporium; A. G. Creel-
man, Itossland; C. P. I.indsley, Bpokane; II. L. Millennial. Montreal; .r.
G. .McKlnnon, Toronto; X. ,1. McLean.
Grand  Forks;   Miss Fraser, Trail.
A. X. Wlnlaw, Winlaw; S. G. Spear.
Agent   Out   in   Idaho  Co.;   T.  Wilson,
E.  Wilkinson,  w. F.  Mercer, Qrand
.1.   O.   Cavellc,   Erie;   C.   Street,   H.
Smith,  Slocan.
M. C. Recksten; C. E. Recksten, Keil
Deer; G. Fraser, C. .Mitchell, W. Chris-
tison, Winnipeg; G. Milton, S. Staley,
G. Staley, Cranbrook; H. D. Lea, Slo
1).   Miller.   C.   Murphy   .Revelstoke;
A.  Xantiin. Winnipeg.
S. Jackson. .1. J. McCarthy, T. Williams, Rossland; ,1. Johnson, J. Sai-
son. Brandon: J. Smith, W. Smith.
Wardner; J. Kay, Beasley; S. Thomas. Revelstoke; S. M. C. Gooch, j.
Molr, Slocan.
E. G. Inlst. Bonnington; W. Kennedy. A. F. Wells, Creston; J. Graham,
Blue   Bell   mine;     g'    Wilson,   White-
Pure Ontario Honey
5 Poand Cans     90c
JO Poand Cans $1.75
Telephone nil.
I'UK SMAKlSli    AMI   SSWIKO-HlI,    BurlllB
Welch, above Royal Hank ssl danM*,
'���0 MKN. hi onee, l��-r wssrk 111 tlit- woosIh.   Apply
I.. W. K  sc.ks-. Mwniill, Knsslss.
l.Aisy sTKNllliltAI'HEK dsr position tn country,
iiooi home with unployor-i fKinily.    Apply
BU8IJMBN, still HsssoisKiisi LogglnjOontraoton,
hImi Bnglooer WdtUbUrg Lumber l.'o., ue��r
Cranbrook, H. i:
COMPETENT   N0B8S   U1KL.    Five   clillilroti.
Apply box 818.
TWO FIRST CLASS ROOMS, Mobih batted.   Apply houukeeper, Brd tl at. K w, c. block.
1'Allt HOI.II K'MMKII (M.ASHF.S-Between poll-
ssiti,.,. asssl (irKiisl ivnirisl llolel. Return lo
Koyal Shoe Store.
it. s.  Li'iiui*.    returned    last  ...gut
rrom a  Visit to Revelrftoke.
F. .1. Dt-ane will leave lor Ottawa
���tomorrow, presumably on a political
Born, in Nelson on November 30, to
the wile of Charles OarlSOn. Houston
Btreet, a sou.
Silver advanced two points today on
both markets. Other metal quotations
are unchanged.
Mrs. Unlit Elliott returned last evening from a three-months' visit with
relatives  in  Eastern  Ontario
Queen City Rebekah lodge No ll>
will elect officers next Tuesday evening tor the ensuing term
Thomas Ne.dham will leave for U>n-
don in the morning to spend the
���Christmas holidays with relations.
Miss Beatrice Irwin is entertaining
a few of her friends at the home oi
her parents in Fairview this afternoon,
Mrs. Shanks will sing at the Haplisl
Church tomorrow evening, "Love Divine," by Sommers, aud the choir will
render "Abide With .Me," by Wilson.
Sermon by the pastor.
The location of the Humming Bird
on Duck mountain, four miles east oi
Sirdar, made November 11 by C. G.
Evans, and recorded at Creston November 15, was entered in the Nelson
mining office today.
"Out in Idaho," the coming attraction at Sherman's opera house Is an
adaptation of Bret Harte's famous
Western stories and has been playing
to packed houses all along the line
and giving lhe best of satisfaction.
Miss Annie Walker, who has byen
visiting at the home of Thomas Bennett for several months, has returned
to her home at Brockville, Ont., being
called Fast on account of the serious
illness of her sister.
The enrollment in the high and public schools of Nelson for November
was 427, and the attendance .75.92, a
percentage of regularity of SS. 'lhe
average number of pupils in the divisions of the public school is considerably over 40, and three of the classes
have over 60..
At the close of the evening service
In St. Paul's Presbyterian church tomorrow, opportunity will be given ot
welcoming strangers and visitors at a
short reception In the church hall.
Light refreshments will be served and
half an hour will be spent In social
The Store of Quality
40 Oats per Pound
Iu order to clonr out this line
wo am reducing tlie price to
40c. We only have a limited
quautity so don't delay ordering if you waut any.
K. W. C. Block . Phono 10
Don't Overlook
Tea Sots, Pudding Dishes, Butter
Dishes, Meat Forks, Plokla Cruets,
Knives, l-'nrks, Simons, etc., all of the
best material possible to be had. ah
must be sold by Xuias, so 000.6 early.
Cm A* Benedict
Corner Silica and Josephine Sts.
White French China
For Decorating
The assortment includes Steins,
Vases, Cups and Saucers, Sugars and
Creams, Jugs, Salad Bowls, Bon-Bon
Dishes, Plates, etc., etc.
Prices Range from 20c to $6
W. G. Thomson
BBffT.��*.R ""��� Nelsou, B. C.
Pimm .14.
West Transfer Co.
Genoral Toamature nnd Do.U<*rs in
Ooal nnd Wool.   ExprnPH and
HaKft'vtf*- Transfer
P.O. Hoi UO
Sherman's Opera House
Monday, December 3
Melo   Dramatic  Success
"Otit in Idaho"
A True Western Play.
Prices, GOc, 75c nnd 11.00.
Plan at Rutherford's Saturday,
G. H. Goebel will addrOBS a meeting
In Fraternity hull Monday evening
next at 8 o'clock on Socialism.
There was no session of Iho city police court today. The assault case ot
Jean Roberta will come up on .Monday.
Coal! Ice! Wood!
Phone 265
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Froit,
Fuel & Poultry Co., Ltd.
N. E. cor. Baker  and  Ward  Sts.
Contractor und
Hsslf nns'Ilt tlir Hiss Porta Klen I.iniltssT llll , Ml].,
retail ynrtlH. ll...mis mill slris'issisl lumber, turlii-if
wssrk sssssl Ismi-kvlis, Coast I isi Ii anil MiIiikIch, rub
tuul doors. I'cisisiil. tsrlrk Usui Ilm,. lm ..-lr
An lisimttli-grimier.
Yard Bin! tactssry: Vermin St.. emit nf Hull,
P. 0. box m. Telcpbouo 178.
.1. s. Carter returned last evening
from a week's trip alotiK the Crow. He
reports business improving ai every
The Porto Illco Lumber Company
has acquired IhriiiiKh II. II. MlghtOn *
Co. five valuable limber linilis on Six
Mile ereek.
No word has yet been received
from C Iliilliick-Wi'listi-r, who Is In
pursuit of tins man who perpetrated
the dynamite outrage in ihe Boundary
Trains and Boats.
Crow boat���Three and a half hours
Coast and Slocan train���On time.
Boundary train���On time.
KiiBslnnil  I rain���On  time.
How   About   VoUr
Guns tind
We bave Kley's, Kynock's, Winchester, nnd Oogiwell &
Loaded Shot Shells
Kynock's,  .Vini'hcsti-r nnd
Rifle and Pistol Cartridges
Hunting Knives, Wading, Belts,
Coats, Punts, etc
Nelson Hardware Co.
Box 631      Nelson, B. C.
who require auy  special book
for Christmas should make
their selections or
Place Their Order
in order to ensure delivery of books not iu
stock before 'Xmas.
Are you oue of thc wise ones
who have placed their order
with us?     If Not Get Busy!
Canada Drug & Book Co's
....Cash Stores....
Order Your
Fruit Cakes
VVe make them in all sizes
and designs
Choquette Bros*
On uml tifu'r December lit my heating nmi
plumbing btulseu will bo located fn my m*w
���hull, two doom eait ol opera home- (in victoria
Tel. 181.
is-si,is-rss addressed to the undersigned. Ht i,i,
offlce In tbe court issums-. m Uis-i*iiyssiN,-iH,,i,
u-ili iss- remind up till tne hour of. o'clock In
ilu- .Iteration <>i Thursdairi Jmnmrv Brd, tun, t,sr
ilu- purcheu nt lhe "ilrumy Beat" mim-risi
claim, Iaii n���. ns;,, svisis-h wis, declared tss be lor-
lolwd (to Ua- rrowti ,a ii���. t,i, h.Is- held in ihs,
'   'i
City ssl N.'lssssll sill tlii: litli ,lsiy ���f Nstvomlsi-r, tss-.',
for sl,.lln,,in-iil Ihxi-ss np llll .linns mills. 1'Jnls, sin.
"t1i"i- mum
Wllll-ll  |ln)l|
nml Is itl
Iiixi-m svlsli-li
���i lln- Bsilsl iiiliii'rnl olalm,
ssiinl nl ,|i.|i!���,���,.���i I,,,���
I liirls-llnr,-, sillli ltili-n.nl.
iiisiiiif.iiinl t.i' lor crown jrant(OtJtM)T.t*li.w
"III"*" l�� tin- li-sssslisnis,iiiil thai will Iss-
. i�� nn as,
.... ooneldered
in, a louder,
Kmii tender muat in- aocompanled isy mi an-
repled ci,...,,i,. dsr iiis- lull amount nl tin- lander,
|siiyal,lnl��� llir nrilrr ill lhi< lll-puly l'nmminiilom>r
oILandiand worka, at par ai Vfotprla, H o
imtisi iii Nelaon, it 0,, iiii�� mini ,iuy ol Hovem-
In-r, liss'li.
Government a��,>iii, nw]k,,i,. ii. i:.
���Shapely foot -should not ho rcn-
dered olamsy by un-irninly, ill-lit-
tinu slmi'H. Yon cmi iippnnr tu nn
bottor advantage than When on-
oased in n poir of nur olognut fitting slip|Hir(t.
Something    Nethersole Bracelets
For the Baby THE VER.=^
$1.00 Each
l-lliphonc  33,3.
LO..        f-A* Rogers! Co.
VN'l.oleMtilte Provlalona,
Produce, ��� Fruit.
Dominion Qoramment Onmiiinry Ont. Pound Ilrinka recolTed weekb fn*h
from thu i-hurii.   For Halo by nil linilinjr grooen.
Oflico nnil wnri'houso: I Is no inn Bleak,   Phone "ll.
Josephine Street.       -       -       -      Nelson, B. C.
* vsVSt-vvs
Repairing and Jobbing a Specialty
Hlionttnetal Work, (lantinga, Ilullilem' Mntorinl anil Mining anil Mill Mii'-biiiHj.
Offlne anil Worku Koo', of Park St.
I'liniio    JO-4.
.XulMSIM,  II. C.
A Word to the Wi
Thii year we have -approo-Ated tht* wanti nf owm-I
tunuTS nnd hiivu pimnll into ��twk the
Good Cheer Art Base Burner
This BtOVQ is adapted for hard coal only, sod ug-ar-J
nnU-'d tn give ���sHtihfui'tioii.
]* H. Ashdown Hardware!
Company, Limited.
R.  W.  HINTON '
R��pnlrlng antl .lohhlnu executed with lluiml.h.   Sheet MtUI
Work, .Mlnlnir und Mill l\1���.liii,.ry.     Miuiutaoturera nl
Ore Can,  U.  ki.   Contrautora*  Cure.
Comer ot HaU ausl
Knstit BtTMtl.
INELSOrN,   B. C. I'M',:,
The Parlovitz Concert  on Wednesday  Evening isj
in tho pro]Rir tliini? anil JOHN T. P1KKUK in this mini to make them '" |mw.����|
old ono np.    Pnt on a front if yon would mako llio 30,(miii murk.
JOHN T. PIERRE, Artistic TtiilorJ|
All Sizes 35 to 44 j
Now in lln* Iimi*
113^^  to IstlV Vlllll'
Winter Ovoreod
All Prices from $10 to $30
J. A. gTLker
AND DEALERS IN   Ltltllbef,  ShiflglcSf
Uath, Mouldings, Doors, Window**
Turna_ Work and I Inickcl m. Mail Ordnni nroinpilv ��tu*u*"*|
i VBgNON STRIIHT   ���   -   .   NUUSO-N. U. C.
.    _______
i$2��_SI_ay Ranges
Why do we handle the Famoue Kootenay WJ''
Becauee we cannot procure a better, taking I"10
count dealgn,  workmanahlp, cooking qualities andp��=
We will be pleased to ahow you Its flood point'-
Wood-Vallance Hardware Co'y


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