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The Daily Canadian Oct 31, 1906

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Array ���lU-iUj <S*mciM<m
,1.1 MR  I.     NO.   126.
Fifty Cents a Month
luetic Operations at
tireenwood Camp
Liken Care of Payroll and Pur-
| chase Price Out of Proceeds
of Development.
,.n.,,ioil,    11.    Ci    Ort.    .11.���Tht'
hull   of  ll"'  oils '   li"!   gives  1 '.I
. nmi 11 will  pels during iho
nis winter with tho north hair,
i already lute shown mush wonder-
< s-iilis. Just norlh ul lln- Twin
. : nfi'li, which lies ahrciiet of
ruin' ul lln- town Ilu- Providence,
Siruihmore uml Klkliorn ntul Ore*
mnl Prince llonry have been
isss i' imlalloiiH for tlii'lnsolvoH am]
'sssts Ami now llio lilllslilc south
Kiilcli is preparing to enter the
��� easl of Uio clly hall, about half
iiii' Ayndlcate that recently bond-
s. K r r. lias begun a 7U0-foot
Tli<> int'ittli uf the tunnel la
ilsswn In the gulch nud will run
urli sin' old Bhuft by an upraise
" N't.   This will give a depth of
��� si, ;ih tiio present workings are
."'i feet. From the old workings
1  Ions of high grade ore were
Si'VstuI kiiowu leads   are   on
uiu riy, nil of which lt Is design-
nil by the new tunnel,
small lead bus already been cull' K<l
-1...lark lias a force of about 20
siHik and    Ibis   number    will
Is Iss- Increased.   A new double
intent Incline shaft    has    been
nl u crosscut of 30 feet run to
[tin  ins' body, on which drifting Is
progress.    A car of ore has
jli's'ii shipped and two cars more
asly In  the ore house.    A  new
;i- recently opened on the sur-
i'i this ls now being prospected.
ski lark  hus taken care of Its
and thu purchase price of the
ly mn of ore proceeds, and will
!"��� nu a dividend  basis.
��)   property,  under  lho  miaul II. V. I-'uller, is preparing
^ winter's woric.   Au upraise
'li-   sslsl  workings bits just  been
!"!"!   and    ls    being    Umbered.
��� sn a new sbafiliouse uud bunk'
������' is  being  rushed.    Electric  pow-
I1"    bet ngugi'il   and   lhe  wires
|l"- strung at once.   Tbe May ship-
���abiiiii   inn tmm 0f hlg hgrade ore
��� being prospected and now that
)' ni csijiiinl Is available develop-
"ill l"   vigorously carried on.
''  I'lirtniann   brother*,   who   have
ii   In!   nl   development   work  on
|I .nutiio, are commuted to an ac-
] aillllinlgll.     They   lire   building   a
"ii nsnni    dwelling   on    their
ami are going to slay with II
Jills     Tbey  recently  appropriated
'"' lm development   They nt ready
1 luiinel in 260 feet and believe
ii'MH'ii ih,. present  treasury Is ex-
"" s  will liiivc n mine.
y    Decision    0f    Appeal    Court
May Postpone Vote.
Vork, Oil. III.���There is some
In lbe minds of the members of
'W'llnii board whether the ballols
'ni'silay's election enn be printed
"'' before bus so Bhort a time
'Hewed ihe printer, to get out
sermons amount of work before
'""I II was admitted early today
Hie decision of Ibe court of np-
"is  received that only by the
 I' 'very energy could thc Iml-
' in the voting places when
"�� open on Tuesday morning.
'""I work or printing Ib a big
I'i'To must lie printed 8,000,000
mnl Ihey are to lm divided
1.187,000 districts.
' one 0r them must be In lhe
"f Uie Inspectors In eneh dins-
b'Toro the polls open on Tuesday
Public Ownership In.France.
is. Oct. 81,���The cabinet has de-
l�� Include In Its parliamentary
���'ini lhe purehaso of the Wostern
���"! "nil a bill providing tor the
on of ihe death pennlty. War
''j' 11 .unit's pi,,,, for the reform
"ii innrllnlH amounts to their en-
 "''sslon,  substituting therefor
iii' 11"' i   ' '" *-**' cn8<) of offenses
���nauio by common law, while ills-
clpllnaiy courts will deal with Infrac-
on of discipline, Minister of Public
Works lluiibous' project for Ihe revl-
sion of the mining law oontemplatee
the inking over by the stale of all
mlnea and Ilu, participation of the minors In the profits.
Japan Still Protesting.
Toklo, Oct. 31.���A number of Journalists held a meeting yesterday for
tbe purpose of considering the antl-
Japanese action of the Sun Francisco
board of education, The following resolution  was adopted.
"Resolved, That the action of the
San Francisco iiulhorltles lu segregating JniiancsHu cbildren is a greal violation of the existing trouty and an Insult tu Japan."
It was further resolved that the Jour-
iiallsls combine In an effort lo exclto
public opinion und cause the nulliorl
lies In effect a solution of lhe difficulty, it was agreed not to advocate
anything of a violent nature.
Typewriter Speed Tests.
New York, del. 111.���Hose 1.. Fritz,
of tills clly, who won the world's typewriter championship in Chicago last
June, came out ahead In the contest
nl the National Business show in Madison Square (iarden last night. She
wrote 2.4(17 words from dictation In
half nn hour, making only five errors.
Of the other 13 contestants, Paul Mini-
tor, who defeated Miss Fritz Inst fall,
came nearest to her record, lie wrolo
2,4110 words, but made 61 errors.
Liberals Alarmed.
(Special to Thc Daily Canadian.)
Victoria, Oct. 31.���Liberals here
are lu great distress over the
coup made by Premier McHrlde
on the question of belter terms.
At a meeting of thc Victoria Liberal association last evening, K.
L. Drury, M. P. P., openly admitted that McHrlde had made a hit
and he urged that Mr. MacDonald,
leader of tbe opposition, he sent
for to stay the tide which Is running so Btrong ln McBrlde's favor. It ls likely that Mr. Mac-
Donald will address several meetings ln Victoria as soon as his
forces can be got together.
It. S. Lennie will move into his new
house on Hoover street tomorrow.
This residence is regarded ns the best
yet built In Nelson, and has all the
modern conveniences.
Oscar II. V. Kobinson left this
morning via tho Great Northern for
an extended visit to Ireland. He will
not return until May, and before lhat
time ho will be married to a young
woman at Clonmel, Tipjierary.
J. R. Green, formerly teacher in the
Nelson schools, but now a resident of
Moose Jaw, Is In the clly today. Mr.
Green is now engaged In the real estate business, and is particularly Interested In the frull landB of the Kootenays.
E. V. Bodwell will leave for the coast
tomorrow morning. The other outside
counsel engaged in the Fernie fire
case will nlso leave tomorrow. Several
of them have lo be present at the
meeting of the full court at Vancouver
next Tuesday.
As a rule the spectators or nn entertainment hnve lo pay the piper, but
this does not apply to Btreet scraps.
The hero of yesterday's scrap, who
was arrested iu Ihe act, was later
brought before the clly magistrate and
fined till nnd costs.
Chief Deasy's pet mountain gont
had n misunderstanding wllh a dog
tills morning which nearly resulted In
a fatality, The chief Is giving personal al'tenilon lo the wuunils of Ills pet.
and In the meantime conjuring up
some new methods of torture for tho
offending canine.
This has been n busy dny with thc
clly clerk, registering voters for lho
municipal election, over 200 new
names bail been added lo tbe list nt
Iho noon hour nnd others wore coming In make their declarations. The
list for householders will close tonight
at 12 o'clock, and it Is quite likely
there will be ninny more names added.
The announcement that Professor
Lake would visit Campbell's ranch nt
llonnlnglon on Friday and give practical lessons In pruning, aroused lbe
Interest of a large number of those Interested In tree culture. It will ho
with regret they will loam Unit It is
now Impossible for the professor to
make Ihe demonstration ns he hue
been called  back to his post t.f duty
There Is no iloubl Mint the musical
tastes of the audience will be well cured for by the Rosclnn company n
,,6Ag"'cultural hall Ibis evening' a,,
even-thing Is being dune that can be
I ,,'g of lo increase their materia
So... The building >���� heen m ed
wllh several Inrgo stoves, In vniM
roaring Hies are being kept going all
day, so thai although the night may
be cold, Inside Ihe building it will be
warm enough. A large slaff of ushers
bus been engaged under Bd Mason to
sie the audience lo their seals, so that
no confusion may ensue. The Rosclans arrived this morning. Everything Is In readiness and the affair
protr.ta to be n rare treat. Thc city
band will play on Maker Btreet and
also In the Exhibition building.
Dominion  Copper  Company  Extending
Operations���News Notes.
Grand Forks, Oct. 31.���Magistrate
Jennings of Oanviilu, Wash., was lu
lown yesierday and reports great mining activity on the reservation, He
says that the Dominion Copper company have just skirted    lo work    the
ii'iiiiiie property on La Fieur mountain, and will develop It by tunnels
and shafts all winter. The Minnehaha
Mining company are making good
headway with the long tunnel tliey are
running on the Minnehaha claim. The
ore ls looking bs'tter us lhe work progresses. The Lone Star and Washington properties aire now experiencing
greul mining activity and the H. O.
Mining company, which controls Ihese
claims, Is piitllug them on a steady
shipping basis with all possible de-
patch. All of these properties are
within five miles ol Danville and ten
miles of Grand Forks, and they nil ex-
pect to be shipping lo the Granby smelter in the Immediate future.
Falling to secure us proper Interpreter who could make ihe Hindus understand hlm, Police Magistrate Cochrane yesterday liberated two who were
locked up for begging, lt is reported
that during their confinement In gaol
of some two days they would not eat
any food.
As a result of the recent visit of
Staff Adjutant Ellison to Qrand Forks,
the local rifle association will now be
reorganized, the government supplying
all the rlfleB and ammunition, and all
they expect In return Is the safe keeping of the rifles and for the secretary
to make a report at stated intervals.
During the present year up to date
Local Fruit Inspector A. E. Itainey
hae only condemned two shipments of
fruit from Washington, one being a
small consignment of 15 boxes of pears,
while the other was a car or 500 hundred boxes of apples a few days ago.
Wonderful Glass Clock.
Lelpsec, Oct. 31.���A wonderful timepiece Is that which has just been completed by an old glassworker of the
famous Theroslentbal factory In Bohemia. The maker, who Is 71 years
of age, worked for six years on the
clock, which is constructed entirely ot
the purest crysUit glass, with the only
exception of the springs. The clock
stands sixteen Inches high, and is, of
course, perfectly transparent. The
clock is now on exhibition here and is
attracting much attention.
Price of Metals.
New York, Oct. 31.���Casting copper,
Hl:1��e;  lead, 16.75;  silver, 71'4c.
London, Oct. 31.���Silver, 32 7-16d:
lead,   -111 2s u.l.
Packing  Companies on    the    Gridiron
for Purchase and Sale of Diseased
Meat Secrete   M-mo rand a.
Hurlintfton. Vt., Oct. _M.���The diet-
tendon county grand Jury today return-*
ef-gtit Indictments In connection with
the sale and exportation of diseased
beef and cuttle In tho state of Vermont. Konr of the Indlctmeuts were
ngainRl the Consolidated ftendering
company nnd four were against L. B.
Hi-ighum, manager of the -Burlington
(tendering company8 plant in this city.
Thi! local company Is controlled l>y
the Consolidated company, which is a
Maine corporation.
The indictments against Hrlghum
and atgaliiBt the Consolidated company
were Identical and contain 100 counts.
Counsel for Hrlgham secured u continuance of one of the casus against
him until Hie March term of court and
gaivo $500 ball. Tho employees or tho
Burlington Hondering com puny, or
which Hrlghum Is manager, were held
on $500 bonds as witnesses.
Burlington, Vt, Oct. 31.���The Consolidated Rendering company, a Maine
corporation, was found guilty of contempt today und fined $:_000 by Judge
Rowel) in the Chettemlen county
court. The contempt, proceedings followed the failure of the company to
produce before tho gramd jury certain
papers and memoranda called for by
the grand jury, which was investigating thc alleged purchase of dlsensed
cnttlo and  the sale of meat, for food.
Drank Wood Alcohol.
Rochester. N. Y., Oct. 31.���One man
dead and several members of a New
York wrocklng gang were brought Into the hospital In nn unconscious condition, supposed to be caused by
drinking wood alcohol. The corouer
will investigate.
Castellaine Case io Court
For Hearing
No Names Mentioned Bat Sad and
Plaintive Story of Marital
Cruelty is Told.
Paris. Oct. 31.���Tlm Castellaine divorce case was heard tilts afternoon
before M. Henri Dilte, president of the
tribunal in first tntance, of the Seine.
Neither the count or the countess was
present. Maltre Crupple, for the count,
had pleaded for a divorce upon the
documentary evidence.
In an extended review counsel declared thut the countess at the beginning of (he suit was not acting under
Influences lint Bolely for the purpose
of ending forever the moral desolation
of her household. He explained the
marriage contract by which the regime
for separation of property was esta_-
llshed from the very beginning and
stated that domestic difficulties arose
over Iho question of money. Harsh
treatment soon followed, tbe count
even striking the plaintiff before tbe
servants. When he reached the question of Infidelity charged against the
count, Maltre Cruppl did not mention
names or even Initials, designating tbe
corespondents as "Mme. A., Mme. B."
and so on.
Maltre Cruppl asked thai the countess be given the custody of her three
children. The courtroom was crowded, among those present being many
members of the American colony. The
counsel for the countess strike for an
hour and a half and had not finished
when tbe court took a recess. The
presentation of the plaintiffs case constitutes a complete and pitiful story
of her married life.
City of Uckport Will Ask for Domestic Supply.
New York, Oct. 31.���A special to the
Tribune from Washington says Lock-
port, N. Y., Is anxious to obtain legislative authority for taking its water
supply front the Niagara river. It haB
been obtaining its supply from the
Eric canal for many years and has
been compelled for sanitary reasons
to seek relief. The municipal officials
have written to the war department to
ascertain If they may contract for the
system, which will require more than
a year In constructing. The city de-
Hires to begin the construction and
wishes authority to construct Its Inland nml shore connections, which aire
to be laid some distance from the bottom of the river. In other words it
desires lo place an obstruction in the
river within the meaning of the law
of March 3, 1899.
The war deportment sees no objection lo this, providing the city of Lock-
porl Is willing tn take the risk of legislative disapproval of its request for
authority to take water front the river
in (lie operation act of .luue 28, 1906.
Thi, work would be regarded ns an obstruction which will uot Interfere with
the navlgnlioti of the river, as no water Is to be allowed to pass through
the system until Its annum! has been
determined by congress or tbe secretary of war lu the operation of proiier
enabling legislation.
Prince Rupert's Boom.
The Oread Trunk Pacific Hallway
company Is snld to be giving a financial backing to various Industries in
tho vicinity of Prince Kupert. A sawmill has been established antl several
smaller undertakings nre being pushed by reputed agents of the Grand
Trunk Pacific. The establishment of
a pressed rick ninnufucttiring plant hi
the vicinity of Prince Unpen, where
there Is said lo be Botne excellent clay,
nnd of n fishery nud curing plant on
Prince of Wales Island, ls said also
In be receiving financial backing from
the company. A small cannery on
Prince of Wales Island has been oper
ated for some time by P. T. Churchill,
who is now trying to form a million
dollnr corporation lo run the business
on a large seale, und II is said thnt
the railway company Is backing him In
bis endeavor.
Utes Join Ch.yennes.
Sheridan,  Wyo.,  Oct. 31.���Tho Utes
have crossed Ihe Wyoming   line    and
are apparently making   for   Ashland,
appointed as a meeting place with the
Cheyennes. Unless they are beaded
off by troops coming overland from
Fort Keough they may Join the Cheyennes by Friday night. The troops
under Colonel Augur left Sheridan today and two additional companies of
Fort Mackenzie Infantry will start
from here tomorrow. Ranchmen living
near Ashland sty the tribe could muster 600 armed and mounted warriors.
Chief   Justice    Renders   Verdict   for
Sarah  Elizabeth  Marks. '
While the Jury In the Ferule fire
cases was deliberating, the case of
Marks vs. Marks was taken up this
morning. This was a case of the construction of a will. A, .1. Marks, deceased in 1904, made a will shortly
before his death In which he left a
certain portion of his property U) his
wife without specifying a- Christian
name. It appears that the first wife
of the deceased died In 1871, In Lon-
don, Ont. Another wife survived him,
who Is now resident in Nelson. The
plaintlfr, a resident of Michigan,
claims that she was the second wife
and the wife referred to in the will.
Tbe defendant, Sadie Marks, nf Nelson, claims that there was no marriage to the Michigan woman and consequently no need of a divorce. The
evidence of the plaintiff submitted
was by commission, but was not considered Btrong enough to establish the
plaintiff's marriage to deceased. Chief
Justice Hunter, in dismissing tbe case,
expressed the opinion that the evidence would not Justify a conviction
for bigamy, and therefore Insufficiently conclusive to establish plaintiff's
case. The counsel In the caee were R,
W. Hannlngton for plaintiff, nnd S. 8.
Taylor for defendant. Only a few witnesses were called.
There waa no defense and the petitioner was granted thc relief asked for.
Difficulties of Mining.
' The difficulties of mining are not
confined to the search for the precious
metals, but when found cumbrous and
heavy machinery Ib required to extract
tbe prize from its rocky bed. The conveyance of this machinery to the spot
where Its work is to be done Is often
a Job of great difficulty In the mountains and the ingenuity with which
man overcomes these troubles Is well
exemplified! hy, a photograph which
was shown us this morning by W. M.
Parry of the Crawford Tram company
of Nelson. The picture Illustrates the
packing of a wire cable 3600 feet long
and weighing 7600 pounds from Cranbrook Is the Sliver Dollar mine, six
miles up the mountain trail. This required a train of 30 horses, and was
finally accomplished without accident.
Fielding Elected.
H.lifax, N. S., Oet 31.���Hon. W. S.
Fhl-Mnn,    minister    of    finance,    was
elect, d t day:    His  majority  Is probably oily 500.
Count Tolstoy Discusses Russian Revolutionary Troubles and Elucidates
His Method of Solution.
Paris, Oct. 31.���To a French journalist friend who visited him at Yasuaja
Poljana the other day Count Leo Tolstoy spoke of the Russian revolution
In the following words:
"I bave my own Ideas of this revolution. I know very well thut it hae
become the fashion to consider me an
old chatterbox.    Hut what can I do?
"I cannot say I am wrong, when I
know that I am right.
"The whole Bltuation Is very simple. What Is the cause of the disease
frum whicli Russia is suffering and
from which some, but not I, think she
will die? It fs because there is no
real power, no authority, here any
"There are two kinds of authority
���one which ls based on violence, and
whicli fs immoral and bad, and another
which is based on the will of the free
"Here In Russia we have at thepres-
i nl Iiini' nclthor one nor the other,
and I for one nm convinced that n nation cannot exist without recognizing
some authority.
"The proper authority or government, ts possible only when you have
union and co-operation, moral or religious, tlie word does not matter. Hut
who shall give us this? The anarchists, the. Socialists? Their negative criticism may be Just, but what
they endeavor to put In place of what
tbey tear down Is miserable and not
founded on reason and justice. The
eight-hour day, for Instance; what If
it suits tne to work 15 hours today and
one hour tomorrow?
"But why worry about the future?
Let us let the future take care of Itself and only look at the present.
"Two measures are necessary to the
happiness of Russia���all land must be
given to the peasants who work It,
and we must hive the single tax, advocated by Henry George, one of tbe
greatest men that ever lived. The
oountiy people will then no longer
leave the fields, where life Is natural,
simple and healthy, to go to work In
the miserable factories.
"Civilisation, or rather what we call
civilization, will not suffer when people at last come to see what Is manufactured is worthless. These are foolish, Utopian thoughts,' I am told. Yes;
In England, perhaps, where only one
man ln as hundred Is a peasant, these
thoughts can be realized.
"Let us make our revolution as it
suits us. Your foreign cooking recipes do not teach men one penny's
worth���I am a Russian and I want
Russian dishes."
Seattle's Gratitude.
Seattle, Oct. 31.���A movement has
been Inaugurated In Seattle to erect
a monument to perpetuate the services
of William Henry Seward, secretary of
state under Lincoln snd Johnson, by
whom was negotiated the treaty with
Russia whereby the United Stales acquired possession of the district of
Alaska for a consideration of $7,200,-
000. It Is proposed to erect by popular subscription a monument In the
heart of the city, to be unveiled on the
same day that the Alaska -Yukon-Pacific exposition ls opened lo the public,
which ls set for 1909. Since the acquisition of Alaska by the United
States more than' 1106,000,000 In gold
has been dug out of the ground and
the gold discoveries were the beginning of Seattle development.
Register four Name.
City Clerk Wasson, J. P., will
be at tbe city hall till 10 o'clock
tonight to take declarations from
qualified persons and add their
names to the voters' list, which
closes tonight.
He will receive declarations
tbat have been made elsewhere
at his bouse, corner Mill and Hall
si reels, up till 12 midnight.
Every qualified person ln the
city should avail himself of this
last opportunity to be placed oo
the registered list of voters.
Short Items of Interest aa Told Over
the Wires.
Connellsville, Pa., Oct. 31.���More
than 1000 day laborers at the Dunbar
Furnace company coke works here
will benefit by the wage advance
which ls announced to go Into effect tomorrow. The Increase averages 10
cents a day.
Paterson, N. J., Oct. 31.���Paterson
today held its customary Mardi Gras
carnival tn celebration of Hallowe'en.
Men, women and cbildren, In masquerade dress, paraded curing the afternoon throughout downtown streets.
Prizes were awarded for the most
original, plcturqsque and comic costumes.
Minneapolis. Minn., Oct. 31.���Cap-
lain Ronald Amundsen, the intrepid
Arctic explorer, who recently achieved the Northwest passage, is in Minneapolis, spending a few days with
friends before resuming his journey
eastward. Tonight what promises to
be a notable banquet Is to be given In
bis honor by the Odin club.
New York, Oct. .11.���The Erie railroad has arranged to put Its reduced
passenger rates into effect tomorrow.
Henceforth the maximum rate per
mile on the Erie will lie _*_ cents. On
parts of the line the rate will be lower. In Ohio there will be a uniform
rate or 2 cents per mile In conformity
with the Inw passed In that state some
time ago.
Huston, Mass., Oct. II,���This was
Upton day in llsiston, the famous British sportsman being a guest of the
city. A municipal banquet In honor of
Sir Thomas at the Hotel Somerset tonight Is to be followed by a similar
function tomorrow night, to be given
by the yacht clubs of Boston and vicinity.
Copenhagen, Oct. 31.���Queen Alexandra of England and the Empress Dowager of Russia have bought the neigh-
boring villa to tbelr little chateau at
Hvldoere, which makes the royal slaters' charming Danish property complete. The new villa will be used fnr
the ropal suites.
Washington, D. ft', Oct. 31.���Ab this
Is a congressional year In politics an
unusually large number of department
employees are preparing to go home
to vote. It is expected that fully
6000 voters will leave Washington before the end of the week, not counting
those who go to the nearby states of
Maryland and Virginia, which do not
figure In the business arranged for by
the railroads during election time.
lis Hue
Serious Omissions in Laws of Hew
Province Throw ill Court Procedure Into Confusion.
Prince Albbert, Bask., Oct 31.���At
the Battleford assises, which have Jnst
concluded, Hon. T. H. McGuire, K. ft,
of Prince Albert, raised a legal question which has been puzzling the territorial lawyers for some time, viz, by
what authority the crown proeecutor
puts a prisoner charged with an indictable offence on his trial before a
Judge within the jurisdiction of tbe
supreme court of the Northwest territories where there is no grand jury,
and where the duties wblch in the rest
of Canada are performed by that body
are assumed by the crown prosecutor.
Mr. McGuire was defending the
prisoner te King vs. Hyland, and ln his
preliminary objection he pointed out
that the last amendment of the law,
made in 1891, provided that te Ilea ot
indictments the trial of any-person
charged with criminal offence, will be
commenced by a formal charge In
writing, etc., but did not say by whom
the charge should be made. Consequently the crown prosecutor had no
more right to lay a charge than any
other persons, and If the present practice was right any person could write
out a formal charge and bave bl*
neighbor straightway tried by Judge
and jury. He contended that as no
persons or class of persona Waa mentioned ln this part of tbe act no mm
had a right to lay a criminal charge.
A. E. Turgeson, crown prosecutor,
replied to the objection that be acted
as representative of tbe attorney general, whose office it was to prosecute
criminals, and Judge Prendergast, after considering that point over night,
ruled that tbe objection waa bod.
Mr. McGuire asked for a reserved
case, but as his client was discharged
on the evidence the point cannot now
be carried further. It will, however,
be carried to the full court at tbe first
opportunity and if McGulre's contention ls upheld It will be Impossible to
bring any criminal to trial In Saskatchewan and Alberta until an act is
passed at Ottawa.
Theatrical Referendum.
Rome, Oct. 31.���rt will be "sklddoo"
for the dramatic critic in Rome If the
new theatrical voting machine, invented by Slgnor Bigglano, comes Into general use. This new automatic
contrivance represents a penny-In-the-
slot machine in appearance. Every
person in the audience on buying a
ticket will receive with It a metal
disc, which at the end of the play may
be dropped Into either of the slots
marked "Success" or "Failure." #The
total number of voters is simultaneously recorded. The Teatro Costanzl
Is the first to introduce this novelty,
and Is planning to put the machine into operation on the first night of Ga-
briele d'Annunzio's new drama,
"Stronger Than Love."
What It Comes To.
Los "Angeles, Cal., Oct. 31.���Abe At-
tel of San Francisco, who won the decision from Harry Bakor of San Francisco after 20 rounds of fast fighting
here last nlgbt, defended the world's
featherweight championship and the
McCarey diamond belt. When Referee
Eddie Robinson hel dup Attel's gloves
before the 4500 spectators who had
beeu brought to their feet by the
fierce closing round. Baker threw up
both hands and fell face forward on
the floor in hysterics. Then followed
a demonstration at the ringside, the
spectators hissing, hooting, groaning
and surging about the ring In protest
against the decision, while a squad of
police directed by Chief Commissioner
Sadled fought them back from the enclosure, m
Paris, Oct. 31.���International athletics will be given quite a fillip tomorrow, when Cambridge university
athletes will meet the Racing club of
France In an International match. It
Is the first visit of English university
athletes to the continent, and the
event has created quite a stir in athletic circles. The events to be contested arc 100. 400. 800 and 4(37
metres flat, 110 metres hurdles, high
and broad jumps and throwing tba
The customs collections at the port
of Nelson for the month of October
were 121,759.91. The Daily Canadian
Cool nights are now iu order.     They will iuvite
pleasant dreams of
We have plenty of them in red iiiiii blue.
3 1-2 Points, weighing about 10 pounds, $7.50 per pair
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LUMBERMEN.���Pillows. Comforters, Gloves and Mits, Socks, Shirts and
Underclothing. 0.1 Clothing, Sweaters, Miners' and prospectors' Boots
and Shoes and Rubbers.. Groceries and Provisions.. Everything of the
Best quality and  prices  surprisingly Low.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office:   Toronto.
CAPITAL .U'THOI'iy.Kn .. .-K>.i>ih>,'KH1. CAPITAL PAID UP... .f .,'.'.0,000
BB8T |.,'-K0,000.
D. E. WILKIH, President. HON. ROBERT JAKHBAY, Vice-President
Brunches in British Columbia:
D'iKisitsrcri'ivifl and interns, allowed ftt rurrent rat*us from date of oponing account and rn-dilt'd hnlf-yearly
���NKI.SOrS   HMANCH ��J.     W\m     LAY,    i\\ lit . flger*-,
The Ifayal Hank of Canada
ASSETS, $39,771,803
Capital Paid Up $3,629,130 Reserve Fund $4,092,043
Accounts of firms uml individuals opened on the most favorable terms.
Thirteen  branches  iu  British  Columbia.
Sjn'Cial   intention   to out  nf town business.
T. K. KENNY, Pres., Halifax,       E. L.  PEASE, General  Manager, Montreal.
Published su dayi h week by Uu
Baker St., Nelson, B. 0.
Bubwrtpllon rates, i*i rents a month delivered
In the city, or fi'i.iMj u your if Hat by mall, when
paid lu advance.
Advertising rates mi application.
All iin.ni.". paid in settlement ol The Dally
Canadian account!, either foi subscription*, or
advertising, tnusi i��* receipted for oo the printed
forms ul tin* Company, other receipts are tint
OCTOBI-R 31, 1906.
By ono word we are lomotiinei judged to be
d by one word sometimes judged to t>e
Let us therefore he careful wum we
Thc conference of premiers at Ottawa was conducted practically with
closed doors and it Ik only since the
premiere have reached their homes
and have chosen to give out personal
statements of the trend of affairs within the conference that the people are
becoming possessed of the facts concerning the incidents that transpired.
The telegraphic despatches that were
sent out from time to time were in uo
sense satisfactory being but surmises
and Bpeoulatlons for the most part and
many uf them have proved to hi? mis-
loud ing.
While The Canadian did not commli
itself to an itmpiaHficd position as to
the merits of the case for Mritish Columbia   it   did   repeatedly   express   the
opinion thai if Mr. McBride withdrew
from the conference it  was because of
his conviction thut serious Injustice
was to Ue perpelrated antl it unqualifiedly commended ihe premier fur a
course concerning which it always fell
that when the explanation was forthcoming, the facts would warrant all it
said. Since we are possessed of the
facts and the figures upon which the
premier relies fur a justification of his
conduct we are not surprised, but
proud, tha' he withdrew from the conference aad we are disgusted with tin*
terms upon which it was proposed to
shelve tho claims of this province.
That the premiers of tho other
provinces partially recognized the
right of Hritish Columbia to special
consideration has been admitted now
by all hut it has not been known hitherto whal they were contending for
'themselves, nor has it been understood how unfairly, by comparison,
Itritish Columbia would share with the
other provinces under the schedule it
was proposed by them to adopt
Quebec alone was to have obtained,
under the terms absented to by the
coterie or Lihwal premiers, $600,000
more than thc allowance paid her under the articles of confederation. The
provinces of Nova Scotia and New
Brunswick were each to receive $200,-
000 over and above the amount to
which ihey were entitled by the il. N.
A. act. The little province of Prince
Kdward Island was lo have $75,uoo
more than its original share, while Ontario was io bo permiited to fatten
at the public crib to a similar extent
per capita*, when population is compared.
It will nol bbe denied that these
Eastern provinces are entitled to what
was voied them. There is no disposition in the West to presume that the
federal grama were too large for these
piovincos hut It is when these grants
are compared with what it was pro-
posed io offer lhe West that the injustice is manifest. Six hundred thousand dollars addition to the original
subsidy for Quebec is no small sum
when we consider that Quebbec has
been receiving tremendous subsidies
ever since the year 1SG8.
Prince Kdward Island on the other
hand has a less population uow than
when she entered thr confederation bo
that the Increase proposed seems alto
gether like a case of special consider-
atlon for lhat  insular province.
Moreover, ii must be remembered
that each and all or these provinces
bave been for almost half a century receiving federal assistance in lhe construction of public works and subsidies
foi* one thing or another beside their
rightful grants, Hritish Columbia, because of its undeveloped and juvenile
standing among the sister provinces,
being the one which has been most
When we take the sums offered to
Quebec, Ontario and ihe maritime provinces and compare them with the pal-
try $��0,000 jt was proposed to orfer to
Hritish Columbia the suggestion waa
a manifest insult. The extra $10,000
which Hon. Mr. Fielding assured the
premier he would do his best to secure was, under the circumstances
only adding bribery to Insult as it by
no means approached an attempt to secure equitable treatment for Hritish
Nor Is the per capita basis of pop
ulation a fair test upon which to fix
appropriations of this sort. While it is
true that the premier's proposed sliding scale was based upon population,
It will be apparent that in view of the
grants proposed to other provinces the
premier's demand, If it may be so
termed, was well within the limitations
of reason and moderation. What
would even $100,000 a year be to
British Columbia as compared with
the $1110.00'.' a year to Prince Edward
Island, a province only one olie-hun-
dicd and sixty-fifth as large as British
Tlie marvellous thing in connection
wllh ihe whole convention is nol that
Hritish Columbia's premier left it in
despair bin that he stayed so long as
he did In the futile attempt to secure
a measure of justice. The more oue
becomes familiar with the eccentricities of the Situation the more do the
qualities or the premier stand out as
those Of a man who, native born, stood
by his guns till bis ammunition was
spent and retired gracefully from the
field to take up the brunt of battle
before a tribunal where sectional aud
partizan prejudices would he excluded
and where there would be some approach to an Impartial settlement of
an obvious difficulty.
In the local apologist for the Laurler
government yesterday morning there
appeared an effusion under the above
caption which is as aptly named as
anything which has appeared In the
columns of our contemporary for a
long time. As a speclment of Inanity
and juinled jargon in misstatement ot
fact ft exceeds the wildest dreams of
the worst enemies of the opposition
cause. We bave searched it carefully
with a microscope for the semblance
of an argument but in vain.
The local apologist fears that "a
question which is in no sense a party
one is being forced into the arena of
party politics.'' What a rude awakening this must be. Does not the local
apologist know that the first parties
in Hritish Columbia who attempted to
make a party issue of the belter terms
question were the Liberals? No It does
not know; it has already forgotten its
own contemptible attempts to discredit
the premier when as yet no reliable
news had reached the provinces as to
what transpired at the Otawa conference. For days before a Conservative
papers had a word to say uiion the subject, the opposition papers were hurling contempt and malediction at Mr.
McBride and calling him a "baby" and
all such tricks of the small-souled
press which, when they have no argument can only heap raillery and abuse
upon an opouent.
There is one gem however in "Clouding the Issue" that fairly justifies the
title of the article. Our readers did
not see it so we quote:
"For it must be remembered that
the only hope this province has of securing a square deal from Ottawa rests
With the Laurier administration. The
Dominion Conservative party, as a
party, is absolutely opposed to any
Increase in federal contributions to the
Saints and martyrs! It Is to the
Liberal party we must look for a
square deal, and we have been looking
to the Laurier administration for ten
years for a square deal. We have been
pleading for it, urging it In season and
out of season and when finally the premiers met with some promise of approach to a "square deal" what do we
get? Nothing but on elusive promise
of some $400,000 less per annum than
every just man admits that we are entitled to.
The other half of this remarkable
production is no less admirable for the
nerve and courage which must have
been necessary to inscribe it. "The
. . . Conservative party, as a party,
is asolutely opposed to any Increase
in federal contributions to the province." To be plain that statement is
an unvarnished and deliberate falsehood. We challenge the local apologist to make good, by the quotation or
a single sentence or paragraph Trom
the speech or writing of any responsible member of the Canadian Conservative party what will justify such a
Statement The Conservative party ot
Canada gave Hritish Columbia everything it ever got from Ottawa and if
it were not for the inexorable terms of
the B. N. A. act we should not have
had as much since the advent or a
Liberal administration as we havo already received.
To what desperate straits must
Journalist rakers have come when it
Is necessary to revile by misrepresentation the only party that ever did a
stroke by which Hritish Columbia's Interests have been advanced .
It is now up to the local government
opposition to declare its position on
one ol' two questions. Either It must
say that the province should have been
Content with what the Laurler henchmen orfered tbe premier or it must
say that the province is entitled to
what  the  premier  demanded.    Iu  the
one case will show itself a servile
sup|K>rter of Laurler's skimping policy
and pul itself in the position of a party hack with utter disregard "i provincial rights, while on lhe olher hand
it can do nothing less than hold up
the hands of the premier in his deter-
minaiion to contest the issue to a finish. The dllemmn Is an uncomfortable
one but it ls oue of those things that
comes to every party whose eye is always to the main chance. A studied
consistent course might have saved
the opposition such au embarrassing
Three hundred and eighty thousand
acres is not a bad buy from a government that gave lis solemn pledge that
no nmre lands would he sold to companies or persons en bloc except lor
actual settlement. Nor Is the three
quarters of a million dollars profit on
tbe transaction which is already being
boasted of by the Kngllsh syndicate
who purchased It in any sense a small
turnover. Compared with this tho
Kaien island laud sales and the subsequent alleged profit to the middleman of $40,000 is a veritable Oeablte,
even If thc allegations were I rue. Hut
then the Ottawa government ls fuult-
less. lt ls only the provincial administration which is ever at faull. Faugh
on such politics!
G. It. H. Cockburn, the late president
of the collapsed Ontario Hank, declined
to offer for nomination as president of
the Toronto Consumers' Gas company
on the ground that he would not be re*
habilitated in the confidence of the
public by the time for the election. If
��iii corporation presidents were as sensitive to public opinion aw Mr. Cock-
burn It would not be long till both political aud commercial life would bo
free from rascality.
Hourassa, the leader of the latest
split in the Liberal party in Quebec,
says he is a Liberal of the new type.
Under his patronage Mr. Robltallle
the independent member was elected
for a Quebec constituency. With Fast
Elgin, North Renfrew and Quebec all
turning down the old type of Liberalism there is suificlent to show that the
shadow or decline Is already upon the
Laurier   brand   of   partizan   politics.
Since Mr. Fielding appears so anx
ious ror purity in elections It is only
ror him to say the word where it will
be most effectual, that ls among his
agents, and the trick should be easily
done. Hut Mr. Fielding knows that a
plea for purity on the plattorm is different from a wiuk to the wardheeler
and the operator of the party machine.
We shall see what we shall see.
Hon. W. S. Fielding's opening re
marks at a political gathering in Nova
Scotia were a plea for pure elections.
He boasted that he is the one hundred
and fiftieth man who has been unseat
ed in Canada since confederation, a
majority or whom were Liberals. He
was therefore in good company.
Oh, yes! Sir Wilfrid Laurier had
Quebec right in his mitt, all right, all
right���but Quebec Is pretty sloppy,
and the darned mitt  LEAKED!
K xly daya after date I purpose making application to tin* Hon Chief Commliiioner oi Landi
Hint wo-ka (orpermlulon to pureliase the* fol-
lowing deaeribed landa j ��� ommenomg hi the
northwest corner of B. a. Create'- application to
purchase, marked "W. H. ti'a. h w oorner"
running thenee w chains north; thenoe eo
cbaina eait; thenee .sti ehains iouth; thence 80
chain** west to potill Of etililliieiiet inellt, containing tiio acres, more or less.
Dated the mil Hey ot October, 19C6.
  _     I'er J. Kit I KM., A pel) l.
sixty iiays aiier dat.* i purpoie making application to the Hon. Chief Commlaaioner ol landi
and Wurks for permlulon to purcbue the following deaeribed lands: Commenolng al the
northwmt cornor of v. Dodd'i application to
purchaie, marked "M. I*'s 8, W. eorner," ninning
thence 80 cbalni north; thenco so chains, more
or lesa, to tbe west shore of Whataban lake, following same 80 chain-, aoutb; thence B0 ohalna,
more or less, east to the point of comiiieii.etnent,
containingflto acrei, more or leaa*
Dated tho 13th day of October, WU
M. Fa n ���rim,
i per J. HIHKI.L, Agent.
Blxty dari after date 1 purpoie making application to the Hon. chief Doramiaiionoi nr Lands
and Works for perrnsfsinli lo purchase the following   deurlbed   lands:    Commencing   at  a
post   placed   at   I lie   northwest   corner   of   "K.
A. Creaae'a application to  purebaae, marked
*'K. K's S. EG. corner,-r running thenee ho oltalM
north, thence 80 chains west, tbence Ht) chains
lOUth, Ihence KO chains east tn point of enmmeii
cement, oontainlng640 acres more or les*.
Hated the 12th 'lay of October, m*\
per J. HniKT.i,, Agent.
sixty dan after Gate 1 intend to apply to the
Honorable the chief Commlatloner of Landi and
WOT*I, Victoria- to purchase 180 acres of land,
located on the west side of Arrow hike, mil ���iniiiir
Lot ..318 and described as follows: Commencing
at a pent planted on the well boundary of Lol
.VIS, ahoul -Sl Ohalni north of the S, Vt. corner of
aald tot, tlience west :��) chalna, Chance iouth i>u
ohalni,   thence  easl   :io chains to the western
boundary of pre-emption No. 378, ihcnce north
On chains io plnee of beginning,
located Oct, _.'���, 1006. M. K. Wai.i.ky,
 B.J. Elliott, Agent
Notice tn hereby given that 00 davs alter dale I
intend to apply to ihe Honorable toe Chief Com-
to appl
ier of
mlealoner of bands and Works, victoria, to intr
Obaae no acres nf hmd, situate about one mile
east of Hurton Ciiy on the cant aide of Arrow
lake, and described asfnllows: Commencing at ��
pout planted ai lbe northeast Corner of Lot 66*30,
llienee north fl) chains, thenoe west I'i eliains,
thence aonth 20 chains, (henceaaat 40 ohalna to
August 2-th. 19o_
Notice II hereby given that 00 Mays After date I
Intend toappiy to ihe lion, chief commlaaioner
of Lands ainl Works for permission to purchase
the following described binds situated in the
West Koolenay nistrict: Beginning ut a post
marked, "Antoinette Illrch'" N. K. eorner," aud
planted on tlie shore of WhatKhan (Cariboo)
lake at the southeast eoruer of the said lake;
thence lOUtb 10 chains; thenee west 10 chalus,
or less, to tin; shore of WhaUdian ereek
erly and easterly dlreo
thence following the shore Hue of snld creek and
lake In a general nortIiu, '_
tion 80 chains*, more or less, to polnl "of com*
menoement: containing ioo acres, more or less
Oct. mil, UAHi.
By F. L. llAHKONU, Ageut.
Notie. Ih hereby given thai 60 dnvs nfier dale I
Intend to make application to lhe Honorable the
Chief CommlMloner of Unds ainl Work- for per
mii-sion to purehaae the following deacrlbed
Innds:   Cl iciictng at a post placed adjoining
the louthwcst corner poit oi Leon Watson's Ap
plieatlon to Purchase, ninning mi cluilns north;
thence 10 cbaina west; thenee 80 chaini .-outh;
thence io cbalni eaat, to point of commence*
nieiii, containing MO aorea more or less.
Dated Ootober .8,1906.
Hires Vt [NTKit,
By hii agenl, -KNOT, w. Hoftinwos
Notice is hereby given ihat 80 dayi alter dale I
intend lo npplv to ihe Hon. tin- Chlel Commlaaioner of Landa and Works for permission to purehaae  lhe following   deserlbed   lninls   In   Wesl
Kootenay dlatrlet; Beginning at n posi marked
��Otto IIinch'i N  W corner1' nnd planted on
the wum shore of Watiban (Cariboo) lake, about
one-fourth mile weat ofthe narrows id whataban
hike; theuce smith 10 chains; thence cii-l .u
chnins more or less to the ,-liorc of Ihe Narrows;
Ihence  folio*.-, log  the   Mid   shore lu  a   general
northerly und weaterlrdirection 130 ehalna more
or le.-s, te the point of commemciiicni, containing tii acrea more or less
Hated this Hih day ol Ud ,1906.
or*n Uhm h,
K   1.   riAllMONDi Agenl.
Notice i-bereby given thatalxty daya after date
I im* n-1 to apply to theHon. Chief Commlulonor
ol l.amls  nnd Work's Tor permission lo purchnse
th��> following deicrlbed landi In Woal Kooteuay
dlitrlot;    beginning  ata  pnst  marked  "a    K
Aldon'i H k comer," and planted on the east
shore ol Whatshan (Cariboo) lake, ahout oue
mile   norlh   ol   lhe   southern  end  of  (he Uke;
thence north ��i chains; ihence west 10ehalni,
more or leai, to the ihore of Whataban lake;
IhenOC following said shore In a geioTiil southerly slid easterly direction 100 chains, more or
leaa, to the point ot commencement, containing
820 acrea, more or leai
Hated Iblifltfa dnv oi Oot , I'.mv
i:   K   Al-bKN,
v i, Hawiohp, Agenl
��� Notice is hereby given that ilxty daya aftoi
dab* I Intend lo npplv to the Hot) Chief Cniunil*-.-
bioner of Landl and Works for pennlttlOfl to purchase the following described binds in the West
Koolenay dlstricl:    liegluuiug al a post marked
"Bertha Hlracb'i N  IE corner," and planted on
the cant shore Of Whaislnin (Cariboo) lake, at Ihe
narroWl of the lake, and aboul one mile south of
Arrow lake trail; theuce smith nu chain-; thenee
wesi 80 chnins more or less to Hit* shoreof the
narrows;  thenee following  tin*  said shore In a
general  northerly mnl eaaterl)   direction  130
chains more or less tn the point of commencement, eontniulug 840aorea move or less.
Hated this Hth day of U. I , WQ6
BBBTHA Hirsi ii'
P i. EUkmokp, agent
iniend in npplv lo tbe Honorable the Chief Coin
minloner Ol  Ijmds and   Works,  Victoria. B. C,
to purchase the following described land, Commencing nt a posl marked M. Mctjuarrle, DO the
bank Of Lowei Arrow lake, ihenc* |o chains
wesl; them*, BOchalna north; Ihenee 40 Chalna
east; thence im chalna aouth to place of com
meneement,laid to contain hki acres more nr
kss. Covering ground held by O, B, Andereon'i
Dated this nth day of Beptember, won.
W. I,   J'AI NK. Agt'Ul
Blxty da\> after date i purpoie making appli-
(���������[inn tn the Chief Commissioner of 1-arids and
Works lor permlulon to purchnse the followiiiK
desenb'-d land: Commencing at n post marked
"K   F*a8   K   enrner," and situate abnui one mile
from Silver tip Point, ou whataban lake, and
near Christie creek, running theliee hOehnlns
north; thenre Ko chains west: thence ho chains
south, following the lakeshore; iheuce *.' cbalhl
east tn the polul of comniencfiiieut, containing
Mn actes more, or less
Dated the llth day of August, HsTrt.
K. KAlyriEH,
 I'er F d  FArgnm, Agent
Nolle* Is bereby given that 00 dajl after date
I intend toapply lo the Honorable the Chief
Commls*. loner of Landl and Works tor permission tO purchaie the following descrlbeil lauds;
Commencing at a no-t plauied on the niTtheaii
oorner of peter uo-Haughton'i application to
purehaae, running ho chaini west along the
northern boundary of tame; lbence 80 ohalni
north; thence mi chains cast;  tbence 80 chains
���outb, along the west boundary ol John KUiott'a
application to purchase, to point of commencement, cnntnlniio* 640 acres, more or less.
Haled Oet 18 1908. Thomas Smith,
Hj his agent. Kknkst W. Koimnhon.
Notiee is her-rby given that 00 daya after dale I
iniend to Hpply to the Honorable the Chief Commissioner of Unds and Works, at Victoria, It. v.,
iur pernit��s1on Io purehaae thc following dc-
MTibed lauds, -situated lu the West Koolenay
district, south of Forty Nine creek, commencing
at n poit marked"!.. II CboqUfl. tC'a N. W. OoS
ner," thence 10 ebalni cast, thence IO chalna
south, tbenee40 chains west, thenee .o i halus
north lo the - ominencenient poil, containing 100
acres, more or Icsb.
Nelson, B.C , Oct. IGth, 1905.
L ii. OsoQtfvm,
U . A. Jones, Agent.
Sixty days Hftt.r date I purpose luoklng application to ihe Hon. Chief Uommlwilouer of Lands
and H orki ior permlulon to purchase the following deaorlbed laud: Commencing al a post
placed at ihesouthwesieornerof It. VV. Ilannlng-
ton'a application tt, purchase, marked "L. M.P,
H's-t K. turner post,'' running thenee 80 chains
weat; thence so chains south; thence ho chains
cast; thence 80 chains uorih to point of commencement, Containing 840 acres, more or leaa.
Hated the loth day nf October, 1WG.
L. M. S. IIasmnoton,
 Der K. BttTWA,, Agent.
Uixy days after'late I purpose making application to the Hon. chief Commlaaioner of Lands
ami Works for permlaalon to pnrehaae the following deaeribed land: 'ommenclng at a post
placed on the north boundary of lot No. Kf. and
about two chain** east of Win*.(slimi creek, marked "M. S'a- S. W. comer," running thence -10
chains east; ihence-10 chains north; thence 10
ehnins west; thenee .0 chains south, to point of
commencement, containing lfi.) acres more or
Hated the lotfa day of October, 1800,
Per ______ Ageii t.
creek,thenee forty
forty chains south, theuct
chains east, ihenee forty chains south, theuce
forty .hains weal, On n.-e forty chnins north
along lake ibore tO point Of commencement.
Dated thii i:ith dny of September, 1900,
Joan Tors,
IIauby fimso.v, Agent
Noiiee Is hereby given Hint i'-o days alter date I
Intend to apnlv lo the Honorable lhe Chief Commissioner of Landl and Works for permission
to purchase lhe followingd'-scrlbcd land,altuate
in Fire Vallev, in till West Koolenay district, adjoining \V. A  < aider's j,rc cuipllou. slartlng al a
posi marked If. MoQuarHc'i louthweat corner,
running 80 ehalni east, thenoe a ebalna north,
tbonce(10Chalna west   Ihence .0 chains south to
point of cominenc-finent.
Haled this llth day of September, I'M
Makv HcQVAK-ttl.
 J. K- TavUjP, Agent.
Blxty daya after date 1 purpose making application to the Hon. Chief Commissioner m Landa
and Works for permlnion lo purchase the f,,|-
towlng deacrlbed land: rommeneing at a poat
placed at the imrih aaat rorner ol B.C Milliner _
application to purchase, marked ���*���___ D'i N,W
corner |.<ist," thence following the east  hound-
ary of aeine SO cbalni iouth j thenoe running ho
chains easi; thence mi chnlni north; ihence Ho
chain*, weal lopoiui ot connnotioemeut, contain-
Uiu MO acres more or lesi.
Dated the loth .lay of October, 1'JOfi.
II   IlOIUi,
 I'er II. Shiki.i^ Agent.
60 dayi after date I intend toapply to the Honorable lhe Cblel Commissioner of Landa and
Worki, Vleloria, It C , In purehase (Hlj aeres of
land iltuate west of Arrow lake nn the west side
of whatehan creek and Joining the north bound*
ary of 8. J. Annable application to purchase.
Commencing at a post marked U.J. V..H.R. corner ami running woa'.so chalna thence north so
chains; thenee eaat 80 chalna] thence south to
point of commencement.
Hepteniber 2nd 1.06. R, J. Ki.uot.
Notiee Is hereby given that 00 days after date, I
of Lands nnd Vtorks for permission to purchase
the following described landa in the Weft Kooteuay Distriet: Beginning at a post marked "VV
S. Hvldgcs 8 W corner,'* and planted nbout
one ���quarter mile west of the weal ahore of What-
shnii  (Cariboo)   hike,   and abonl une and one
quarter milea north of the mnthertt end of the
lake; thenc. norlh 80 ehalns; thence east ��
chaini more or less to the shore of the Whataban
lake; llienee followlug said shore In n gciii-ml
southerly nud westerly direetinn 100 chains more
or less to a point on the shore flue east nf the
poat of Commencement) ihence west SQ ehain*
moreorless to the point of commencement con
taiiilng :PJ�� acres moreor leaa.
Dated ibis mh day of Oct., I'JOH
__       __        W. H. Klvimii,
F. L. llAMHOMIi, Ageiil
fur is.
wisi'k f,
Just n'Civ.il, u Bpltsnillif utock of
Covorfl, Tea Oloti.8, etc. An elegant
XintiH presents,
Wu are "Imi Bhowing n lot of new Fancy Tunc and Ribbon Work
Bee our show  windows for niimo novelties    we have    for   Xm
trade, which  wu had  made to our order hy    tho    hum    school    ,
fancy work in the Montreal convent.    Now Is the time fin  yon i   A
make "elections. *!
������������������ .^������������{������������������������������������+}|
Notice Is herehv glvdi tbal 00 days aller -late I
Intend to applv to Ihe Honorable Ohlef lon-inh
sinner ol UndaAttd Works Inr permission in nur
chase thf following described laud-., sllualctl on
the mi-! sble of Arrow lake: Coinincncliiit ut ,t
posl marked A. Mecleod'l location post, ihcnce
south   f >rtv chain-., billowing W. Toje's eastern
boundary! tbence eaal ilxty chain-., to east bank
Of (,-tnlialdl l reek; theuce IM rt h lorty < bains;
lhetice easl silly OhtlM 1" point of eniumcliee-
metit, contain lu< -.i' inn s, more or less.
Dated September I, I'/Ofi.        A i.f x a Macikoo.
Par N. Humkhs, Agent.
Notice la hereby ku.*h that 80 <iavs atier date I
intend tn Hpply io tin Honorable the Chief Com-
tnjailoner of Landa and Works for permission to
purchase the following described lands, situated
nu the cast side of Arrow Uke; Cniiuuutiiirig at
the northeast comer ol A Autbonys purcha��e,
(hence nurth forly chains, thence weat forty
chains, theliee south forty chains, thence east
forty chnins to point nl eninmenceineiit, containing ItiO gcrU, mon* or less.
Haled September 1.190B, .Iahk- F. Maci.wjd,
perN. lirMKita, AgMfc
Notice Is herebv given tbat sixty days aft��T
date I ,n'. ic! tn applv t'Ulic linll. Chief Commls <
"loner of l.amls and World for pennl-'-ioii to
purchase    the    following    described   lauds,   lu
Weat Kootenai Dlatrlet: Commencing ai an initial post planted at the r-mithcast i-.rner of Mc-
Coy'l pre-emption, lln-nii* JOchaiu*. west to easl
boundari <>r i-ot BIOS: ihenoe following snid
boundary eoutb toeonuieaai oorner of said lot]
Ihence 10 chains wesl; thenee SO chains south;
i hence :��1 chains east; them-e J'cbains north to
aouthweal corner of Lnt 223; thence following
west boundarv of Lot KS b> Initial poflt,
Beptember Ji, 11*00. n. h. Woltt,
per KrnestW. _i.Jiu.MON.
Nollee Is herehy given that fi*) days after date, I
Intend to apply to the Hon. thief i'oiJimiKslo.ier
of Lands and Works for permission tn purchase
thc  :     ."Milj  duorlbed   lauds, situate on   lhe
Baal ihore oi Lower Lake, about one and one
half mile South of Bdgowood.  B.C. and ad
joining J. T. Itealtie's application to purchase,
and commeneing at a post marked Hnnahl WU
son's ftiiith West corner,   thence  runniiiK North
sixty chalna, thence Kast lorty chains, thence
South, sixly chains, thence West fnrty chains to
place of Oommenoement, and coni'ainiiig _MU
acres more or less.
Don a i.n W'mjion.
M. K. M(-_t ARHtl, Agent,
Hated thll98th 'lay of Hepteniber. 19i��.
Notice is hereby given that two month! after
dale   I   llltellil lo apply   to the Honorable Chief
Commlnloner of Canal and worki for permi��-
slon to pureliase Ml! acres oI land, described as
follows: CommenOtOM at a post planted at the
southwest of i. l Moriison's ran- r. in Fire
Valley, West Kontenay disiriei. marked "J. B.
Munro's northeaat oornerpoat") thence au chains
wesi; Ihence WJ chains south; Ihence ��'chains
east; tlience HO chains north to (he place of commencement.
Hat.d mil day of September, YJO0.
J. h. Momum,
w. a.caluik. Agent,
Notice Is hereby given that W days afler date f
Inteml to apnlv to tbe Hon. Chief! om mlssloner
of 1-ands ami Works for i-erinission to purchase
the following described landa, situate in Whet
Kootenay district: I:, ginning al a i*ost marked
"Arthur Warren's H. W. corner," ami planted on
the east -boreof Whalshan (Cariboo) lake, at-oiit
two miles north of the narrows of Whathhan
lake, ami at theS. K corner of W. Hvonmhe's application to purchase; ihcnce east to chains;
Ihence north MO chains; thence west 4il chains;
thence soutb au chains to point of commencement; ContalnlDg IU) acres more or leis
Dated thii Bth day of Oet. I��"*'
K, L Hammond, Agent
Sixty -lays after date I intend to apply to the
Commissioner nf l-unds and Works, Victoria, to
purchase I80aci_| of laud, slluate and deacrlbed
as follows: Commencing ata post planted on the
west side of Arrow lake opposite Cariboo t'lty, ���t
or near the southwest enrner of 11. JUlg pur-
thtte, und marked "(J. M, A , B, K. corner " and
running imrth -I" chains, thenoe wst Uchatni
toll. Annahle's purchase, thenc. lOOth (uchalns
moreor less to the lake shore, thencealotig the
Uke shore In place of beginning.
Auguat _ft.Ui. lt-08. G. M. ANNAltl.l.
Notice Is hereby
date I iniend to t
Chief Commission'.*
permission to pure
lauds in the West K
at a post marked "J.
and p anted on th
(Cariboo) lake, al*
t-tirlstlo creek; the
lesa, lo the north hi
bllestioti In pun-hat
boundary 40 chain*,
Ilm lake;  theuee fo
general   northerly
chains, more or less,
containing HU) acres
Oct   IStfa, VM\.
Kiveti that sixty days alter
ipply to the Honorable ihe
r of IA nds and Works, for
hasethe following deserlbed
ootcnay dlstricl: Beginning
nines'��� (Truer*! W.B. corner,
c east shore of Wdauhau
mt om- half mile north of
lice south 40 chains, more or
military nf W. Bi tubes a p-
��i thenoe weet along ihe said
more or less, to (he shore of
'flowing  the  .���   ! shore lu a
and easterly  direction  wi
to point of eommeucement,
mon* or less.
F, L�� HajimoMi. Agent.
Notice li hereby given that slxtv days after
tin* date 1 iniend to anply to the Hon. the chief
Commissioner of Landl ami Works for pcrmis
lion to purchase the following described land
in the West Kootenay district; Hegluning at a
Mil marked "K. II, Keil's N.K. wirner." and
planted on iheshore of Whatshan (Cariboo) lake
at lhe northwest Comer Of said lake; theuce Ho
chains west; thence-H) chains south; thence 4u
chains easl: thence I'i chains souih; thence eas-
in chains, moreor less to thc short- (,f the suid
lake; Ihenee northerly atone the said take shore
HO chains, more or less, tu lha ladnt of enmmeii-
cemeiit, containing Ihtl acres, moreor lesa.
Dated Oct. IS, VM. k. K. Kan,,
V. I. HammonIi. Ageut.
Notice Is hereby given lhat iin days afterdate I
intend toapidv to the Hon. Chief Commlnloner
nf I-.Lii.ls and Works for permlaalon to purchase
the following described lands sltiuiled In the
W��t Koolenay district: Be fmiiiiK at a post
marked "William Keil's N. U. comer" and
planted nl-,m one mile smith of the north end
<d Whalshan (Cariboo) lako, about twenty ohalni
WMt Of the west shore ol said lake and on lhe
south boundary of K K. Kill, application io
purobaaei tbence aouth 80 ohalni; thencecast _n
ehains, more or less, to the ssld Uke ahore;
thenee northerly along the said shore wi ohalm
E1"-.' _���?_.-!���"* '" l,M' W-W aonth houndarv ol
k r, Keiis application lo purcbaie] theuce weat
^) ehanis. more or leaa to the point of commencc-
meni, containing mt acres, more or less.
Dated Qct. u, ftpo. wh.i.iamkkii.,
^_____^       ">' F- '-��� H..MMo.s*r), Agent.
Notice Is herehy given that 60 daya afterdate I
i In!.1 .7,|M,y lU,l1l.1-,! I1"��* Hie.Hef Commls-
Iloner Of Landa and Works for permission to pur-
gnaae the following desirila..! hinds in West
Kootenay disiriei, province Of Hritish Columbia;
c nmeiieing at a pust marked "William Tolling-
ton s northweal corner posl,"  said   post helnir
Mel ,��[ni r "' 'l!wl ,l,I)"l��f"g the eaat Him of
ni.**! .    i ',n,,'1,",ti*l''. thence souih twenty I'Jtl)
as along said line, thenco cast forty 40
w'es for v'mi'iT '���l<,.t,, ,WU",y C2"! l'hHl""' DWftOi
Con,m.^e|(ne,,;;lm,,l,',lll,r0 ��f luM' t0 lh0 P""* o(
Hated latdayof Auguat. 1908.
Wii.i.iah TOUJMfltOR,
 hy hla agent J. K. Taylor.
Hixly davs after dale 1 purpose mBkltigappHca-
w.V    lI"' ��."fCommlMloner ol LauUeatid
,i...,,,n _ri,'<'T18','0" l" PflrooMo Mm following
I'i V, ? J,l,,:   (-ommenclngat n post marked
',   .h.    J*.- '���"rricr." adjoining the east hnund-
ulnp! i    1,1,'^,;H.,ll'PH"atlnn to purchase, run-
nine thenee 80 chains norih; ihciicu B0 chnins
eaat: thonoe W ehalns aouth; Ihcnce Wlehalns
acres iiio'eo ']' J0*���0008���011*** ���-������ntainliig MO
Hated the Hth day of August, HHvl,
I.   1'IKIU'Jl,
perF. U. VeVuviKH,
Notice Is hereby given that ���
date I Intend loapply lo Hi. \\,���.\ , -",l*4
missiouerof l.amls aud Work- i���T ,',!__���
to purchase the following d.-. m/-.. V*!1*--!
uate In Weat Kootenay Di./mm   .   '   "���!
at a post marked "A. Hi,..i, ���'. ""!!'**k��
Idanledat the B.W. cornei nl |,i .- /Vi
inlb-s north of Burton LTlv ���ti i Ji'",";T*m
mile west of tbe Columbia r,*,,. ,,'L^M
WI chain-.; Iheliec wes) IU chsim ' i **1
Ni.'hainn: thenee easi *lchain- lo ,* ,TJ^
meneement, containing 83o ai rei     lIU|,'iea
Hated this Uth day of September,]
 -NtBauy Btitfli
Nollee Is hereby given tbat 80 laja^TM
Intend to apply to {.���. Honorable th.���*���, _ll
mlssloner of Landsand Work. i���r ii..rinta____P
lmn-tiBK the follow mg-lcf....-....-1-?1    " ���**
Imm a posi marked W.T'i
smith  4il chains,   thODO
lament, containing uo bom
lion to feiat     WX    A' A",1"JtlI'iMSl
Dated thfl -Will day of Augusl, IKK.
 ". DKNIU. /I[*(i-L    ���
Notice Is bereby given that-IUv.],,!^
I intend loapply to the Hon. i l,i.| ,,,,,,
cmf Lands ami Works fnr pcnnlMfan
chase lhe Inflowing dMeiibed lands W%\_
slartlng at a post marked < -I'lt.-nnt-Tiiitti____!
planted nn the east ahoreol J-.,.f UmiirJ^
mar Oladltone Creek,   them,   in iIiumC
tbenoe 80 chatna north, thence Wrha
lake   ahore,   lbence aouth  alonn isk<-���bail
I��dut of coTiiini Iieemelil. '
Dated thu nth day of September, M,
IlAKKV (ill *ii... Aii-OL
Kotlce is hereby givi-u that '-''Uynuffjjj
Intend toapply to ttu- Honorable thertutfcl
mlsblonerof Landa ami Worku lor j-nnmiia
purchase tbe following deacrlshed IsD'hiiua
00 the east side of Arrow like: I nu - *"
lhe southwest corner of A. Anthmiy'i
tbence -��� .*n twentr chalu-.. im tu,' >.."����������
chains, theuce north twenty r UnUit. '.tartiS
twenty ehalni to point oi comttitiKt-mtBLifl
taiulng au acrea, more or les*. f
Dated September 1. IWfi        Io.-mi: M <r,m,t
l*r S  DlMKHi Apit    ���
Nolhv Is hereby given iimi iutl ilsn
date I Intend loapply to the HnimrsMf &
Comniiss|..nerof Lniulsand \S..- L��� i..r (-traju
to purehaae tbe following d.-, ;ii-*i un-i^M
ale iii the West Konteuay dislnd, sii-i irljdt
Haul Andre'i pre-emptmn, itarting ti ia
marki'd A J. i��ng. N K. eormr, on ibanu
of Lower Armw lake, thence Ji (hum a
thenei* -IU chains south, theuce :<i .'imsiM
thence III chains north to p-uliil uf caaat
Dated at Nelson, B.C- this Mh iity nfh
bar, hm: a j l��J
Wm. I'OI.UKU, AffBt
Notice !��� hereby given thai ilitf >!iri_A
date I intend loapply to tin- HoieirHl.lflta.O0a
(-ommlsalniierof Landa and '.\ ���-��� ���    ��� ���-���:*
lo i'i. I' llll*" llo- following descrll-'l I-II'll*
In Wesi KnnlciiH vdlstricl :Coiiuii< ie u-ff.tlpj
planted at llolx-ri Corlelt's north ������ant"
|M.sl and marked A. M's N. W. (nm.rll
east i() chains; thence 40 chains south, BMi
less lu the Kontenay river; tbenee �����'.''"
along   the   Kootenay   river;   ���    ��� u
north, more nr less, to  the  place "f maiWi
ment, ciiutaluitig KVI acres mure nr lesa
Septemln-r llth lt_f..
Ajtmi konifl
William Uoou mA|��l j
Notice is herehy given that i'ai davs itt-T-likl
Intend to apply lo the Hon tbi * I ttlt_W
sioner of Uindl and Works for panel
purchase  the  following dew ribe f Undi
West Kootenay district: Beginning it
larked Q. I). fi��-ll ami 11. BelPa - K. ���-.*-_��� N
aboul *_ miles east of thcHaliiimi nver��&l��M
U mite from the IVml d'Oreille rner; lh.����i
chains imrth;  theuce-W chains wesl; tbfi��nj
chains KOth ; ihencu 4u chains eaat t'> NV
beelnnl k.
Hated the'^nd 'lay of iScpleiubcr, IML
R. If. ItKKVK-. Agent.
sixty daya afler date I purpose tii.
batloil to the Honorable
of Lu
rmlMlon :
", mis-ll
. K tttW
 md Wn
the following de-crli-cd 'and: conime
a i��,st maike-i MD. P'a8. W.corner,"i
K.Kauquler'i application to purcliaw
(hence wi ehalna nnrlh; ihence ni ch��
thence no chains aonth; tbenoe hl1 chl
to the iM.int of oommencement, eonta
gcrog, more or less.
Hated the llth day Of AogUat, 1805.
Per f.Q. FaOQ-1��. *
Notice U horebyglven lhat HJdaysnfl
Intend to apply to the Bonorable thai I
missioncrof tafBn nnd  Works m pure
lollowlng des< rlbed lamls. W R'res. m.'i
commencing at a post planted on f
of I'pper Arrow uuM at a polnl abi
low Nakusp, and marked il. A. H  H
post;  thence WI chains wcsl; the
south; theme kO chains easl, more
shnre; thence along lake ihore '��
linn inc.
Dated IhisSth dav of Pcnl'.l'.KK'.   '
NntleeisherebV given tbal six IvliiyKfma"
I inieml to apply Io theHon chl-M'-unn'^S
of Landsand Works for permlaalon to pWB
tho following deacrllMHl land-, -larliniaiaH
blantOd on the Northweal pornerofie,
theuce riinnliijr twenty ehalni *
twenty ehain- Weat, thence forivi
theuce twenty ohaini Ka��i, tbencei
South lu polnl of eommeucement,
lug BQ aerea more or less. ��
rhoettvte Bittern
w.i. Tort,*r
I'aled the 1st day of OctoU'r, IflOC.
Hlxty days after dale 1 purpose
cation In the Hun. Chief Comm las
and Wnrks for pcimlsklon lo piiniiaK"
lowing described land: Comment IM "JJ
placedai lhe southwest cornej o' " ?Mf,
plieatlon lo pnrchaao- marked "i
ner," running thence W) chnin* ii"
chnins west; theuee  WJ cluilns  poi
chains easl to polntof comment t
lug ISO acres more or less.
Hated the luth day ol October. 1��
Notlco la hereby given that BO day
Intend   li  apply   to the Hoiiorahi
Commlaaioner of Landiand Worki '"'si,
sion to piircliHso the following de��erl
In Mil' Weil Konteilnv district:
post  marked  "Kleanor Blwoh'a ���*
and planted on the we-t shore nf '
Whalshan (CarlOOO) lake.about oil"
milea miuth of Arrow lake trail; il
Ohalna; thence cast 4il chains i	
shoreof the Narrows; thence folio
ibon- in a gi'uern I southerly ami
H-i-iMnli.il 5
v \\ ffirrf
tlic niirroijl
 I nilM
ahnrc in a general soul
linn NO ehalns more or
less In pi
men!., containing If'si acres no
Dated Uct. Hth, MIH. ��""	
f. h. iiammom'* ������*>"'";���..
Nollee Is herebv given lhal slxlj ���*'i}\^i
Ili.tendln apply tu the Hon Ch!cM""J
er of Lauds ami Works for pcrno--* "������,
chnse the following denrlbed hiii''-"1,1'
Kootenay district: Beginning ai��I'",,,,
"W Boeombe'iB B. cornor,"and p ����'g
east shore of Whalshan (''"^'""''(Wi.iiH
two miles   north of lhe narrows ��' ""^l
Inke;   the    norlh  WI chains;  rh.H   ' .. tlir"
chalna, more or less, lo the hike -m" '.],���*_
following the s(1id ��horoinagciicr*ii'*,wt
nnd eiiaicrly direction iai chains, toon '��� m
the   point  uf commencement;  eniinu
acres, moreor leaa.
Dated thii 8th day of Oct., 1WH.
,,   .XV11
F.L. HAMMO.i'i Age"1
���r-t, .  - ���~*m*0-Wi2M**i"*- '���-"���^ ���amBHBBHH
The Duly Canadian
of  Mineral  Claims for  Unpaid  nnr,  .-.  .. _  -..
, si.liynlvi'n.slls'c llinl suiMoDilay, thu llflli il.y���t November A IJ   lm .. ,h
r for i��lo isy public iiiiillssn Um iiiliieral i-lnlm, l��� u���. llp, i,,.,,.,,,.;.,.. ' ,     ,' ,"���r "'10 ��� "OMI In llie forenoon, st ihe Court llo.iiw, Nelson,
" '"'"' >' <<���' ����' *�����"�����* r.,ni.li.lnK uni'al'l ������.. ,l,..|i���,|���e���t b, ��| V"",'��'���",'," 1���"' '" l""'1 '"' *��-*n*l**��lt<!r wt out, of wlii.1. erown
,ill���. lolsil Hinssiii ie lis not No.,ner |s��l,l. ">"'"" l*"""n�� on the aoth ,Uy ���|ju���e, i��c,;, ,���,] ,lir ,.���,��� an(1 ���__-_���, 0|
Sl.nSS Hll'l B,   IslllllSt..
:���! ,M'iilflK t'At	
I,. A.il.sys.lis- mnl J. A.qiiliilm.
nl A, Julli'li    	
.ulil MllllliK I'll	
1  ' uryisll hii.I J. A ...iliilan
nu l.i Ml Mini <-.. 	
.i-....1.1 MllllliK CO., l.l'l	
1,1 MllllliK Co. Ml	
M iiillisl Co.
id II..I
s ill.Mull Tr��-,s��isri. Oold Mining Co	
t isitiK sun! DovelopmsniCo	
I  Ivu-ri, rlni.. Hiinik-i' sss..I T, Ms-I'lsercisn.
iii'I I Upper tl. unsl I,. Milieu, Ltil.	
I   uli ���! '	
1.1I   1'l.SllplH'll   	
i Mining and Inp'-oV_mcnt Co'.     ..'.. i.. i'ii.
s MlnlngOdu
illtitnx Co	
i'.ii.I.   S.l.ssi.  .us    \. I'ii Isssi.l mnl  J. A. Cowan   .
sil I MlnWj* II. C, l.lsl.,N. IM.	
j   .s  'jullllan ai 'I F. Tnryell.
T. Hallml, K. Fol*.,, T. H. Ms'l'herssnii
I ,v MllllliK Co., Md 	
,s Milling i'ii., Ltd..
..��� .s. M,11.riK ''"-. Ltd	
S-.I. 1'. lls'lini'l sunt llolph lloyre
A mile May   wsu,,!
fcB��� ::::::::::::SS1
H!.r,lri"  a
HiaekcM'k ...";.'"���;   ut'\
ii'V'r'' ./.:.: :::::-:SB
EffiH."> ��WH
P-roml Aie  m.h
Muck Horn         *m
iw,��� ...,:::::::_a
Bonaio U3851
'uurtland..  34-j,-,
Copper '.ueeu '.'.'.'.""urn
< -.iiH-liuu  1'ttcille  3UB1
"i��l��Hl    ''_tjot
Haitian Belle  4703
Oampreyoien  ma
!;lrtW,*J "2197
opperKlng 615S
I ,'-V      , !>m
' Mliimliit  5199
Denmark       43H9
Du��� ;;;6i62
g��I�� 13101
���oUPM MM*
gMhangc 8461
Kloieuee 323T|
olden Calf	
Oood Hope	
Oood Hop. Free No. l	
Oood .Enough	
Gibraltar tiM
J. A. Tii'licr, r. tt. HeLeod and It. J. Hcale;
iM Mini nf. A DoVelopmenl Oo��� SAd .	
rlniie. J. K  McFiitlHu,- tuul Andrew SoKi.nl  	
r l- ai nn 'in d  MliittiK A Development Co , I.hi
jn.-i-ma L. !'. MfiiluK Co., Md	
KniKdold Mining Co   ,.,	
n,.in-on Hinl J it li i cm  A .milnull   .   	
ti -ahes, Cyril An-linialil.N>nMc_jeiinan,P.'ll-��iler-&_rianrJ.IIiig1ii
I   11.nu nnd J. A. Maecouald...  . 	
mi and K. Henley	
i Mining Co 	
��'i>ma 1.. c. Mining CO.,Ltd
in   -inlngOo., I ,td	
I   II. field mid CM. Ueenc
lid MinliiK Co..'.'..'.'.','.'.'.,".'.
r.rnii Trust Co.
II MIiiIiik 00
layton Hutioii. administrator of cstateof Herman i.ueker, deceased.
maghan .
i<i -lining Co
i Mining Co.....,.;..
I, silver and Copper Mng. Co., Ltd
Miiiiiik Co., Lid	
I>* i.rijwi., Ltd   	
rl ���ui-l Oliver Blair	
old alining and Milling Co., Ltd. N- P.I...
i Hidden  Treasure (Jold Mluing Co
Mining Co ,LU1 *	
"id Mining Co .*..\	
' '.ui Hoti ui. a-lnifiiUtratorof Mtt'aof Herman Lueker. deeeeMd
!'������ i'l ,	
��� ll-crg, 0. W. Anderson and J.Malunc	
���ti mid Milling Co	
mir Hold Mining Co., Ltd 	
mid Miniiik Co., Mil  	
-ui hikI iI'M- Olsen	
"Id  Mining Co :	
���t."ii. Henry Abbott and K, Healey	
i Hi-Men Treasure Oold Mining Co	
Id Mining Co 	
Hidden Treasure ,
Humming Bird.
Henry Clay	
Iron Cap	
Iron Arm
. 4tOn
jlmperlal Krae., Kraetiotial 82881
Inkerman 2im\
[ndenendenoe -mc
iJumbo tsn
Kootenay 87��b
Light-Heart lMr
UUJt Chance 8909
LillleKrae 4232
L.M.Frai. 8802)
liorna Dpone 5441
Money-Market 8252
Michigan M40
M.8  me
Marlllite 8870
Monarch 2082
Nevada 8S041
Nelaon &2S��
lOIdBIll 1868
Ontario 386.1
I'arker IMI
l'ic ton (184
Fat 2198
Prlucean Frac, Fractional 8667
rialot Prao   84f_
Koaa ,
it lo oramie Prac.
-Randolph -344x1
,Bchmulka 8871?
|8uowatld. 2679
,Hai mon Hur 8942
HUnley 4384
Summit ...4229
.Hunaet ffiflli
Trout M89
Venetla Boy 408
Vancouver 3797
W.J. Brvan 8434
White fine 40041
��n un
III. 25
11 ...
9 (N)
9 on
11 Ml
9 25
87 Ml
10 00
11 50
Vi ro
7. IS
8 25
8 50
4 DO
9 2..
12 75
13 Ul
13 (10
6 26
13 (Mt
10. _ft
13 U0
2 SO
12 75
18 00
13 INI
13 (KI
4 25
18 75
11 01)
13 00
CokIh and
���d no
2 00
2 nu
2 00
2 (Ml
2 (H)
2 UU
2 OU
2 0U
2 00
2 UU
2 00
2 Ul
2 U>
2 IM)
2 00
2 00
2 UU
2 00
2 U>
a .oo
'I "u
2 IM)
2 (Nl
2 ui
L' oo
2 (Nl
2 00
2 00
2 (N)
2 00
2 tt)
2 U)
2 (Nl
2 U0
2 U0
|f.I Ul
12 75
11 7.
1st 2ft
13 9
11 U)
11 (Nj
13 60
12, Oil
15 (N)
14 76
II ,78
14 Ul
14 *...
in. 2ft
in 26
12 50
1U 60
13 25
11 75
4 25
14 75
14 7ft
15. U)
10 00
14 25
11 25
15 00
12 25
16 (Ml
14 26
14 75
l.i i'i
13. Ul
Id 2ft
16 00
ll U)
16. U)
10 25
id at Nelaon, B. c, thli-tbday ol Ootober, 190��.
Deputy ABaeawr and Collector, Nelnon Aaaeaament Dlitrlet
after dale I piirpoBe making appli-
" loihe "nn. (.hief''ommUftioiierol LandH
"or*- (or permlnion to purchase the lol-
;' acucrlbed IhiuIr: Comineuclng at a poet
���i il Uie m.iithweKi eorner of J. Hiilcll'aap-
imii   to pureliaiie,   marked ��� K. H'hH. K. c-ir-
ri"nit(ig thenee mi chalnn north, thenee 80
i* ���*'-( ihenee 80 nhaiutt eooth, tlience no
i-eu-t t,) point nf oommenoement, cntitafn-
"'acrwi, more nr lesa.
-'"'tlic)3lhday o(Ot-Iot��r, IVOR.
ft sitin.i,
per J. HHIEI.1., Agent.
1 'l��y�� after date I pitrpoae making appll-
���; '"Mn* Hon Chief Cninmifmlotier of Landa
"'���rk.  inr iH-rininnion to pnrchajie the lol-
; '��� ' iii.-*d Ihu.Ih: Commencing al ��� poet
'���"Onnt  the nnrtheant corner of It. Hhlell'a
*" ,l������"'" pnrehaae, marked "M. E O'lS.K.
'.   "" 'k thenee80 fibalttl north to the
1   i"*'iiel*.iy -,[ T. I.. 0083,  thenee WU-hallia
: ������'-���"������e v> iiiHitiH nouth, ihcncewchalna
uio ���   (>i ,,"llim**,"l-'tl*n��ent, containing 640
"" Uielitth day of Ootober. 1905,
per J.iSitiei.i., Agont.
uf lei
.** I |.iii|.ii-i* miisVing Hppli-
Noii. the Chief <'.iuhiii,sinner or
"rka for penulNNinti to purcbue lho
'"(���rlbed   Und:    Comineuclng ut u
Iihi.i ..     JL'B,1 ��> the juncllon of ItarneR and
���..ii   "V'r'"ks-,l��'1 '"-"t of  It. J. Klll'itt'a ap
unu lo piircliane, m-.rk.-il "H. N   fa. H, .V.
1     fMiiiilug thence HO chains north; ihence
'";': llienpo8oubainiiouUiI thence ho
","���* ln I'ulni of coiiimenecineiil; contain*'
'�����i acre* more or loaa
Nll"l l:!ihUayofOutober,l-01
w. N. I'ooi.K,
Per J. Hhiki.1., Agent.
Ml   I
In liereby given that no day* after dute I
11 ejiplr io the Hon. Chief-ommlaaioner
- ��ii.i uorkn for pcrmiHiinii io pttrobaee
���'owing described  laud* tdtuatcd in  the
l. i .. i'i1".' ,I|!*"'i''i:    Beinnfta al a poat
\'     "Hcrl.ert   Warron'l   N. B. OO* uer." and
;   "ii tbe w hi shoreof Whatahan(Cariboo)
'���'   "iiei|ii-,ru*r mil,- north of the soutli-  .
11 "" the lake; theliee weKtHOcliHlna; thonco
' iiainii ihence eaat 80 chains, mure or I
�� lalslian    creek;    thence following
"" " . the ereek nud hike Hhore W clialim,
��*sn, t��� poim of eommeneement, enn-
"���y - Hcrea, bore or leai
' ' una 8th day of October, nam.
llRltllKtlT Wakhrh,
  P- I-   riAMHONI), Agent.
^j'l'ia hereby givenjbat aljttydey.after date
i    ' ,'''/"TO.11' -heHon.Chief Commiasioner
id   Winks for permlsKlou to purehaso
���,,;  '��'��|Jng   deaerltiei-   landa   iu   the  West
H -    il     .PV:w,m'Kiniiiiig nt a poat marked
ir hull Jin   H     "��� ('"rner," and planted aboul
'" mile  ensl   ���f   lhe   shore of Whatahan
rr wanriM nnd about 0 miles north of the
Vrti_ti_  V*,'"'"1,,1,l"ke' H'11' at llio H. K. corner
toPiiiaW   Hpi.liealion   to  punthMc;
-in. wmI_ S \u'Vm- ihence norih UebJUnti
 r?v��.      .  *lM" ll��'he northeaal eoriH-r of
iiliKUin.,.''Vl,,llll,'a,l,mt"l,liri'hHHe; thenco
' il i . �� MM of commencement, oon-
P. 1.- IIAMMiiM., Agent.
Notice la hereby given that 60 day* alter date 1
intend to apply to the Honorable the Chief Cotn-
nii-sinner of I_nida hihI Work* for permiaalon tu
I'linlii-i'  tbe following deacrilii-d lands In the
weat Kootenay dlatrlet:  Beginning at a poit
marked "Alexander fraaer'a N. W. corner," and
-planted on the cast ahore of the narrowa nf
WliHlHltan (Caribou) lake, al the H. K. corner of
H-riilnm! Jllrich'M application to purehaae;
theuce cast 40 chalna; thence smith 80cbaina;
Ihenco west -toehains, more or leas, to the ahore
of the iiarnnva; tbeuc�� following the said ahoro
In a northerly direction Ht) chalna, more or leaa
tothe point of commencement, containing NO
acrea, more or leaa.
Oet. t'lth. llMKi. Al.KXANIlRK Prankb,
by P. I.. Hahuond, Agent.
Notice ia hereby (riven thai 00 daya after date I
intend to apnlv tothe Hon. cnn-iCommission, r
of Cauda anil Works for jHTmlsalnn to purehaae
the following described lands altualcd lu tlie
Weat Kootenay district: Beginning at a poat
markeii "O. U. MaeMleklng's N. \V. comer," ami
planted on the weat sbnreof Whatahan (Cariboo)
lake, about three mil-;* north of the tipper Narrowa of the aald lake and oDOoalte the island in
tbe aald lake; tbeuce aouth HO chalna; thence
eaat 40 chains, more or leaa, to the lake shore;
tbenee following thc said ahore in a northerly
and westerly direction TJ0 chains, more or leaa,
to point of commencement, con tainiug 3*0 acrea,
more or lea*.
Oct. 13. 1900. O. 1    Ma ('Mick isu,
By F. C. Hammond, Agent.
Blxty daya afler date I purpose making application to the Hon the Chief Commiasioner of
1,mala and Worka fur permission to purehaae the
following actcrlbed lumls: Cnnuneiictug at a
post piaeed at tbe aoulheaat comer of M. K.Uren-
feirs application to pnrebaae, marked "D. We,
... n . Cnnii'i'," runniiiK ilienei* mi chalna north;
to T. L, BM8] ihenco Nl chalna eaal; tlience HO
cbaina anuth; theuce Hu ehalna  weat, to point of
eommeneementi oontainlng two aerea, more or
Hated thc i::ih day of October, 1900.
I> Done
Per J. Hlite... Agent.
������m* t _ Iff lfi? &}?> j Pui-powmaklnB appHra-
"l UnrJLf I   '���  -l,l,,f Commlaaioner ot l-amia
���   <leaeri >   i I��rm.i*��l*"�� to purehaae the follow-
etlni ii,, .,   m'I:    ��**��n_nenoJnj at a poet
lf lhe norlhweat corner of II iNaM'a ap.
,.i ' '"jum-haae, marked "R W. H'aB. VV.
.'���f-)ieiV,,inrun,,lll*< t,,*jU('R W ohalna amrlb!
��v Sn nh.i! ''HKt; lhmce *> ebalna aonth;
t emit, ini ,.^,'Ht to *P"lnt ��* tommeiicc-
j       "" "Ha Kith dny nf u-,tr,b-.r ltfefl, -
Per R. BUI ILL, Afc.Ut,
Notice la hereby given lhat 80 dava after dale 1
ini.'n.i to make application to the HnuoraMu the
Chief (iommlnloner of i.amia nud Worka for iwr-
mlaalon to purchase the following deacrlbed
lamia: Commencing at a post on the north
iHiuudary of LotHOland about ���_* cluiUia cast of
whatahan creek, running*_Debalnieaiii tbenee
-in -iiu nn- north; thence 40 ehaliiM weal: thence 40
cluiiiiM anuth, lo point of commencement, containing UU) aerea more or leaa.
Dated October 13,1906,
Leon Watson,
By hla agent, Khnkst W. I in hi.-son
Sixty day a after On to 1 pn .awe matting apptl-
ealbili to tie Hon. Chief Coin niiaaUiner of Lamia
ruunliig theuce HO chalna aouth; thenco 80
ehulns weal; thence HO ehalna north; thenee $0
ehalni eaat, to point of commencement; eonlain-
Inv M0 aerea, moreor leaa. 	
Lilwl lbe 10th .lay of October, 190*1.^^^
Per H.BlttKLl', Agent.
<n that 00 daya after date
"' ' * "ninniiaainuer
    .  to pureliase
"huTfiVlViwliiB 'b'scrllaid lamia in Weat kootenay
DUtSoi. Bjinnlng at a poat markfd,��itcrn-
iiarll Ulrioh-8. K. corner," and planted on tbe
;, s al re <' he narmivs nl Whntslian (Cinlboo)
tbence n rth Hi) i'lialna; thence weel 10
..!'/".. nr less, in lhe shore of Whatahan
Notice fa herebv given thalflOdaya
I Intend taUBlf "��'"' Hon. Chief Com
Ink' .
lniTft'-'iheue*. following wii'i ahore lu a general
hutherly in 1 BMterly direction BW chains more
"Iw't-pelol of oommencement! containing
���JIM) acrea, more nr leas.
Daied IhtolU day of 0( t. ^^^ Hmm
f, l. Hammond, Agent
Sixty daya after date I purpose making application lo the Hon. Chief Cominlsainucr of I .hii-is
and Worka fur permlaalon to purehaae the following de-acribe-il landa: Commencing at lbe
northeaat comer of 0, I.. IlanutiiKtou'a application to purehaae, marked "����� A. C'a S. K. corner,"
in nu inn tbence HO chalna north, lhetice ftOchaina
weal, ihenoe Ho chalna smith, thence HO ebalna
eaat to point of eommeneement, containing 640
acrea, more or leaa.
fated the lllh day of October, I'M*.
per J. Burnt, Agent.
Notice fa hereby given tbat fit) daya after dale I
intend to makeapptlcatioii to the Honorable the
Chief Commlaaioner of I-anda and Worka for per-
nilaalou tu imrcbaae the following deacrluetl
lands: Cuinmenclng at a posl placed ahout one
mile eaal uf Whatahan creek and about three
milea aouth of Whatahan lake, running an ehnins
smith; Hi .'lice N'l-lmitis west; lhetice HO cbaina
north; thence HO chalna eaat, to polntof commencement, eonlaliilng (iio acres moreor lesa.
I ated Of tuber 18,1MB,
By hla ageut, KkNKsT \\. Kohinmin
Notice la hereby given that GO daya alter date 1
Intend to make application to the Honorable tin*
Chlof Commlaaioner of taitdl and Worka fur permlaalon to purehaae tho following deacrltied
landa: Commencing at a poat plauied on tbe
northeaat co ner of Peter McNaughtnii'a application to puri'hus������, following the eaat boundary of
aame Hu ehalna aoutb; thence 80 chalna eaat;
tin-nee H.i chains north; Ihence HO ebalna weat lo
point of com meneement, containing Mo acres,
more or leaa.
Doted Oct. 18,1006. Ai.iikkt Ki.i.ton*.
liy hla agent Khnust W. Uiuunson.
Notice ii hereby given that sixty davit after
date I lutend lo apply to the Honorable Chief
Cnminunloiier uf Lands and Worka furpcrmla-
felOO to purebaae the followiiiK described lauds:
Commencing at a i��'-l placed ou tbe northiv-ai
coruerof Albeit Klllott'aapplleatlon to purchase,
ruuniiig no chains eaat along ibu northern
boundary of aame; theuce su ehalna north;
theuee NO cbaina wea'; lb* nee Hu chains aouth, tu
point of commencement, containing Mu acrea,
more ur leaa.
Dated Oct. 13.1U08. .Ions Kl.l.IoTT,
_    By hla a��ent. Khneht W. KoHtxao.i.
Hlxty dayaafterdale 1 nurpoai making application to the Hun. Die Chief Commlaaluner of
Lands and Worka for permission to pureliuse the
following deacrltied laud: Commencing at a
poat placed about half u mile weat of Haruca
creek, and about one mile norih of the mouth ot
the aame, marked "J. B'b. K W. corner," running
thence HO chalna north; thonce Hn chains eaat;
tbence 80 cliaina aonth tu the uorth boundary of
W. N. Poole's appllcatio i to purohaae; theuee HO
cbaina weat to point of com meneement; containing 840 acrea more or leaa.
Dated the IHtb dav of October, 11)06.
________________ __ J.Shikll.
Sixty daya aft< rdate 1 purpose making application to the Hon. Chief (oin-nissicner of Lands
and Worka for permlaalou to purchaao the following deacrlbed lands: Commeuelng at n p-.at
placed about half a mile weat of lhe lower end of
Whatahan lake, niarked "V. D'a. N. W .corner,"
running thi-.cc 80 chalna south; thence ho chalna
eaat; thenee80 chalna norlh; thence RO chalna
weat to point of commencement, eoutnlnitiK tiio
aerea, more or leaa
Dated the 12th day of October, 100(1.
V. Pom.,
 Per J.-hibll, Agent. _
Blxty daya after date I purpose making appli*
cation to tne Hon. Chief (.liiimlaalntierol Landa
and Works for permission to purchase the following deaeribed lands: Coin mencing at Hie
norlhweat corner of V. Hodd's application to
purehaae, marked "0.1.. H'a N. K. eorner," running theuce 80 chalus aouth, thenee 80 chains
west, thence 80 chains north, thence 80 chalna
eaat to the point of commencement, containing
640 acrea, more or leaa.
Dated the l_th day of October. 11HN1.
C. L. IlANNIN-iidN,
per J hhiki.1.. Agent
Tbe following is the program of the
Harold Jarvls concert, lo be given in
the Methodiat    church    on    Thursday
evening, November 1:
Piano hoIo���"Qme Mazurka 	
 BenJ. Godard
Mrs. W.  W. Haer.
Aria���"Out of the Depths"   Norrls
(From the oratorio "Nftln.")
Harold  .Iarvis.
Reading���"Mona's   Waters'*    Scott
Wallace Graham.
Song���"Highlanders"    Buchanan
Harold .Iarvis.
Reading���"Trailin' Joe"  	
 J.  Whltcombh Riley
Wallace Graham.
1 .ano Solo���'.La Regata. Venexfana"
 K Liszt
Mrs. W.  W. Haer.
Song���"Stars  May   Forgot"
Harold Jarvls,
Wallace Graham.
Aria���"Death of Nelson"   .
Harold Jarvls.
Reading���"Trouble In the Amen Corner"    Horbangh
Wallace Graham.
Song���"The  Gift"    Rehrend
Harold Jarvls.
"God Save lhe King."
.. Deprez
. B rah am
To Escort President.
Philadelphia, Oct. 31.���This was a
busy day aboard the cruiser Washington at the League Island tiavy yard,
for everyone was busy making things
spick and span ln anticipation of the
sailing tomorrow for Hampton Roads.
The Washington, with the Tennessee,
which is also to sail before Ihe end or
the week, are to act as escort for President Roosevelt on his trip to Panama.
At the Hampton Roads the two vessels
will be Joined by the battleship Louisiana, which is to be the president's flagship. The sailors and marines on the
Washington and Tennessee, which are
the newest and among the finest cruisers In the navy, are elated at having
been chosen as the president's escort.
Two-thirds  of  the  so-called   society
four hundred are ciphers.
Some people seem io think that loud
talk makes a sound argument.
For Fall Planting for
Home and Garden
Canada Drug ft Book Go's
....Cash Stores....
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Frait, Fuel
& Poultry Co., Ltd.
Deliveries mnde daily thronRbont Nelson
and its suburbs Phone 148.
Alley    1
Potter & Cummings
Silver King Hotd
Best Dollar a daj house in the Kootenays.
Roomi ��r. well f urn ia tied.  Table m food M any
in Nekon.    Bar mppUed wltb good
llQDonsna c_un.
W. K  McCANDLISH, Proprietor.
Tremont House
BaropMD and Aniirtaa Plan
MmI. V cu.   Room. Irnra �� ctt. to 11
Only White Balp Implored.
later Ht.. NeleoB Proprietor,
Bartlett   House
UKO. W. BARTI.ni*.
Best DolUr-a-Day House in Nelson.
The Bar u the rin-it.
White Help Only Kmplorcd.
Joiepbloe Bt.
The Kg Schooner p��d- i(\r
<h "*__..o.-Halt"   DCCf   1U.��
The only Glass of Good Beer iu Nelson.
Ussisl acci.mmoslatlanii sccoltt! to uone In Hrit-
Is-ls s'siliisiiMis. Is.si...,l i.s[.<���[���'Uy. Special rate,
to monthly boarders Only linsm; hotel in Nelion
Lake View Hotel
Cornor Hull mi<l Vertinn,
two .-1'M-kti from wharf.
fUtefl 9100 per day and up.
jiftSS_k      NELSON, B. C.
Grand Central Hotel
J. A. ERIOKSON, Proprietor.
Centrally Located. Open Day and Night.
Sample and Bath Roomi Free.
Opposite Court House and Post Office.
Corner Ward and Vernon Streets.
-P���� Strathcona
Neloon, B.O.
B. Tomkins, Manager.
The Leading Hotel in the
Oood   Sample    Rooms.
Queen's Hotel
Baker Stmt, Nelaon. B. 0.
Lighted by Baectrioitr ud
He��ted by Hot Air
Imi"  and Comfortable Redroomi and Flnt*
clss-f'isiuK Room.  Sample Roomi lor Commer.
VI.s.   M.ls
MRB. X. O. OLARKI. Proprletreai
The well known
XSf\*X,X!t        Om BeerGardeu in
Ai\jt X EaLs        the Finest in the
SSSSSSSS!SS Kootemiys.
Royal Hotel
Ratea fl and fl.H0 n Day.
Special Rates to Regular Hoarder..
Wholesale atnl .Mail DchI-is in
Fresh and Salted Meats
Oauipe supplied on shortest not .im and
lowest price. Nothing but fresh and
wholesome ments nnd stipples kept in stock
Mnil orders receive enref nl attention.
E. C. TRAVES.  Manager.
W.   a.   GILLETT
Contractor nnd
Bole Hgi'tit lor tlie l'orto Kico Lumber t"n��� Ltd..
iviii.ll yar.ls l{mi��h mui ilri*-s_'l lumber, turm tl
work uml brackcto. t'-mst luth mnl Bbfnclon, mi-.Ii
mnl (lours. < .incut, brlfk unit lime for ntde.
AiittmiAiii* BrlutliT.
Yhi*iI ami (aetory: Vernon St.. cant of Null,
NKLHON,   B. _..
P. O. Bo_ 23U. Telephone 1W.
West Transfer G>.
GEORGE F. MOTION, M-.iu.---r.
Oenernl Tonmstors nnd Dealers iu
('onl and Woo i.   Express and
Bnggago Transfer
Baker St.
Telephone s.1   r\cc���^.
Residence for Sale....
Price $1,000
House and Two Lots for Sale in
Hume Addition.    Tbe house has
_ __, ,.���_. five rooms and a large basement
Terms $150 cash - . ..    �� ,    "
balance monthly payments.        and IS well Situated.
H. 6z M. BIRD.
One of the Best Improved Ranches on
Kootenay Outlet for Sale....
About 400 Prult Bearing Trees: also Small Fruit, House and
Outbuildings, Hay Shetl. and 20 Tons of Timothy Hay. Nice
Hay Meadow, Spring Water and Fine Lake Frontage. For
particulars apply to
Choice Fruit
I Have 10,000 Acrea
Chote-st Frott Lands ta
British Coicnnbia.
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
J. E. ANNABLE,    -    Nelson, B. C.
We Will Sell
500 International Coal
10 Marconi, Canadian
WOO Yale-Kootenay lee
9 l-2c
McDermid & McHardy
The Hall Mining and Smelting
Company, Limited.
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry Ores.
ANHEUSER    -AND t��� original
BUSCH...       Budweiser Beer
Order quantity before cold weather sets in.
NELSON       �����,*�� _*;_,*..,_?..r,t,mh    VICTORIA
P. Burns <& Co.
Bmiii'h M-irki.s in  Komlaud,  Trail,  Nelson, Kajtlo,  Sandon, Three Korku, New
Denver and Slocan City.
OrdBri by nmll to any brunch will bare
oar prompt ninl mrefill *tu-inioii.
Hend Office: Neboaf B. C
Cert-ftcate of Improvements
"Kclipno No. 2," "Vevey," ��� .Uppjr Medium,"
"IntiTimtliiiiRl" and "A<ta Kr*( .IduhI" 111I11
crul ilnlins. pltuatnl In lln* Hlorati City Mining
Division of Went Kool.tmy dldlrlct.
Wbere loratud:~Nurth of Twelve Mite-.-re.-k,
about two mileH up.
Take notice thai t, II. K. Jorand, of Sloean, R.
O., Free Mlner'H - rrtlllt-ate No. Ii;h:iihi, as am*nt
for L. A. (Jole, Kreo Mlm-r's Corttfl-OUtfl No. BtRM,
lutend, sixty ilayx from llie dute bereof, toanp v
lotbe Miiiiiiu: Kooorder (or a Certlflf-ateof ]m-
Srovemeuta. for tlie purnose ot ciiiHin iu�� u Crown
rant of xald mineral claims
And furtlier take  notli-o tbat action, mt er
���auction 37, must be commeuecd  before tbe Issuance of Much Ortlllcate of Improvement*.
Dated this mh day of September, mm.
Municipality of the City of Nelson
Any male or female, being a British subject ol
the full age of -21 years, who haa paid all the
rates aud taxes tor tbo current year, and ha*
continuously resided within tbe municipality
since the find day of January, tw��, and who Is a
householder or hfonsc holder within thc nnini-
clpallly, may register as a voter for the year mn.
If the uect-t-r-mry declaration Is rfeposlteti at thii l
office nu or before Oct. St next. I'ersons qualfy-
Iiik as 11' -into holders, wbo are not property
owners, must attend to registration of their
names on thc list.   Pernons who here become
Property owners within lbe municipality alaee
_c. SUt, 1906, arc requested to Inform the in-
derslgDed at once.
W. K. WAH80N.C. M. C.
1     City Clerk's offlce, Nelson, B. C, Oct W, IBtH
Sl The Daily Canadian
It is not too early to buy for Christmas, and we can help you out
making your selections.
*************************** j
| New Season's Pack
Mackerel    *
Bell Trading:
Company        ���
Coal and
Telephone 265
Do you remember tli.it
The apple you took from J
the tree when you were a J
How nice it tasted then
I lb. box   -   50c
1-2 lb. box-   30c
Then'poods are as flue �����-  lhe- more expensive
binds the only difference is the i>��*.-knBc.
Phone 25. Bnker St.
Next P. Burns * Oo.
��� ._���_ ii
has sonic just like them.
Come and sample some.
JOY will meet you
al thc door.
[Joy's Cash Grocery]
Qor.Jonpblnoud mui Bu,    Ptaoae 19
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch,
Creosote, Oils for
Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch and
Bout Builders! will (mil il to iheir nd-
vantage tss use nur Pitrh.
Nelson Coke & Gas Co.
C��r, Version and W��.r_l  Str.sft���,
rvBusoiv. b. c.
J FRED HUM.:, Propriet ir.
II. ('. Duyfoot. Georgetown; ('. L,
Samuel, Montreal; I.. E, Pupsman,
Kaslo; J. Gourlay, W. B. Itoss, A. J.
Halt's, Vancouver; J. Brooks, Sandon;
I), McCallum, Sloean; ii. Richardson,
Toronto; .1. D. McDonald, Oalgary; ,1.
I.- Thomson, Phoenix; J. u. Qreen,
Moose Jaw; W. It. Parker, Sun Fran
Cisco; w. c. Duffy, Edmonton; li.
Weaver, Vietoria.
U. Irving, Kuslii; Mrs. 1.. Juwfooil
'und children, Sandon; S. Trumpour,
.Miiiuii', Ont.; E. a. Watson, Spokane,
.Mrs. and Miss Antoza, Rosebery; P,
J. Wizen, ".Mrs. and Mrs. Wizen, J.
Husoroft, Wilkes; W. H. Thomas, Spokane; Mrs. s. P, Bell, Salmo; Mrs. .1.
VV. Rose, Ynilr; Miss P. J, Lewis, Will-
olpeg, '
u. PfeiHer, Brandon; J. K. Sisiiiai,
Creston; A. W. Fordyce, Fernie; L.
J. Fortescue, Arrowhead.
II. Ashwell, Slocan; ,1. Leekie. Sno-
liniiilsli: X. MeMillan. Three Forks;
S. A. Church, Maple Creek; E. D. Zin
kle. .1. RlchardB, Winnipeg; T. Clarke,
Shields; Dr. MoBwen, Cranbrook.
P.  .1.   .MeMillan. Winnipeg;  J,  silt-
eliell, Vmir; II. D. Lea, Spokane,
.1. Ft, Miinn, Toronto; J, Brown, Lon
W.   Hodges,   Caseade;   G.   Good. son.
.1   I). McCulloch, Montreal;    Miss   A.
I'iiidon,  Hrockville;    M. Demso,    Cas
cade;  A. Johnson, RoBSland.
Horace Mann, Spokane; R. McLeod,
Kokanee; Donald McDonald, Archie
Moneson, George Thompson, D. Mc
Leod, Wiulaw; j. 0. Clarke, Clly; E.
N'. La Frillies', Ynilr; J, S. Ilii'fforsl,
Kaslo; Frank Pico, Revelstoke; M, W.
Morrill, Qreenwood; N. ll. Montgomery, Fernie.
best.     Try a pound with
your next order.
Money  refunded if not  satisfactory.
Telephone 101.
Thorpe's Lithia
Thorpe & Co'y,
, -'""  I* hereby given Uihi itn- pertnerslilii
isiTi'i,.!,,,.. .ub.i.1 'S���i��� ,���,,������..,i���.,,���1![:.rr���j;.':
s-l. ss. li-.L.-l keelspn its the own ,sf l;i,,.]s  lirltlssh
Jsai.'si ihi. _:tii day nf Ootober, imn,.
W'llsis-sss:   .Mn. sii'smrl, Philip V. MoCilOB,
Hsl.s.s.    |(���it'l ilsimi;.
SO MKN, hi once, /sir work in the wood!,   Apply
iss w . h. Cooke, issiiiiiiiii.KssTo, '
1.A1IY Kl KNOOHAl'IIKK l���r piwltton In colltltrv.
'irissii isssmc win. employer*! i.iiiiiy.    Apply
'.".-. l\.. I MliadlHii isllii-e.
BUSHMBN.Mtll Hindi ��niJLo.jlniOontr��(itoni,
ni-" i.i'.inr.r    \v,iii,i,iirB l.umlsur Co., near
Onnbnok, B. c
Apply Ihix 1513.
Five   I'lillslrssil.
lllll'rfK ASH TWO   IOTK isl,  C��,l,o,,��to itlWt.
Apply ii.��. Neelsndi.
There was a clean sheet nt  the
police court  thfs morning.
Born, this morniugt io the wife of
Thomas Powell, Williams Siding, a
Juhu T. Pierre was granted a ili-
vorc efrom Mamie Pierre this afternoon  hy Chiet Justice Hunter.
Man} friends of Miss Winnie Crowley, the coniialto o! ilu Rosoiftn company, called mion that young lady al
her hotel this afternoon.
Keal eslate men report se\eial sales
ot Iruit lands this week. One firm
expects to put through this week one
of the biggest deals yet made in Ihu
Among the guests at the Queen's is
O. J. Wlgen of Wilkes, near Creston.
His daughter, Miss Wigen, who is with
him, is being married this afternoon
to  John  lluscroft,  also of   Wilkes.
The meeting of the Nelson Agricultural society (omorrow afternoon will
be an important one and should be
well attended. Several matters affecting the future of the society will
be discussed and officers for the ensuing year will he chosen.
Tomorrow being All Saints' day,
there will he services in the Roman
Catholic church at 6 a. m., !���> a. in. and
7:80 p. m, On Friday next, being All
Souls' day, there will be a mass of
requiem at 7:30 a. m.
Tonight the small boy will have his
innings. While no program of the doings has beeu prepared it is assumed
that it will include the removal of
gates, and the pranks usually played
on Hallowe'en.
A hose reel will ne kepi constantly
at the corner of Hall and Front streets
in future. The request for this was
made by the Xelson Iron Works company and the Yale-Columbia Lumber
Company. The city will supply 200
feet of hose and the Iron works and
lumber company 200 feet each, making In all 600 available feet of hose
in case of emergency.
The Store of Quality
40 Cents per Pound
In order to clear ont this line
we nre reducing the price to
-I0e. We only have a limited
quantity so don't delay ordering if yon want nny.
K. W. C. Block . Phone 10.
A, McDonald& Co.
Dealers in staple and fancy Groceries.
Bntter, J*.gj;s.
Oamp and Minerw' Supplies.
We're particular to have only pipes
ihat we can guarantee���GI1D, Illlll. JB
���made from the finest French briar,
curved or straight Stems, timber or vulcanite niouihpleccB. All sizes: JI.00
Tobacconist.   Baker Street.
Old Curiosity Shop
If you want to buy or sell anything,
go to the Old Curiosity Shop. A new
lino of Japanese Goods now ou sale. All
IslndB of Dlnnerwnre In stock, Prt-
The Annual Meeting of Ihe Nelson
Agricultural und Industrial Association
will be held In tlie Hoard or Trade
room on Thursday, November 1st, 1II0G,
at 2 o'clock in the afternoon.
D. C. MCMOHRI8, Secretary.
Fresh, Crisp and Appetizing.
25c per pound.
This is a fine line.
Cm A* Benedict
Corner Silica nnd Josephine Sts.
Here Are
Two Snaps
A Parlor Billiard Board
A Large One
Lfi?u6_.#    .   $-20.00
Worth$45.00, ior ���	
These Boards are -eooil value at the
original prices, hut they are ton expensive to sell, and we have pnt these
reduced prices, which art* away below
cosl. un them, to sell them. In all the
raiii;e uf parlor games there Is nothing
to equal these Billiard Hoards. They
are as well made as a regular billiard
table, and yon can play practically as
Rood a game on them.
The  more  yon  play  it  the  more it
fascinates yon.
W. G. Thomson
83BBP aoJ Nelsou, B. C.
Phono .1-4.
The Zinn Musical Travesty company
played the "Jolly Musketeers' to a
rather thin house last night. The piece
Is said to he an up-to-date adaptation
of "Le Grande Duchess��/' and contains some of the well-known airs of
the old favorite, such as "The Sabre
of My Sire," and "Poor Wandering
One," both of which, as well as the
rest of tho music, were well rendered.
.1. \V. Clifford as Corporal Neppo, and
Gus Mortimer as Haron Fuck, did the
comic parts and provided plenty' of
fun. On the whole the evening's en*
tertalnment Is well worih the money.
Tonight the "Sultan of Morocco" will
be given.
How   About   Your
Quns find
We have ..ley's, Kynock's, Winchester, and Cogswell &
Loaded Shot Shells
Kynock's, Winchester ond
Rifle and Pistol Cartridges
Huniing Knives. Wading, Belts,
Coats, Pants, etc.
Nelson Hardware Co,
Box 631       .NclMun, li. C.
Sherman's Opera House
"The Sultan of Morocco."
Change of hill  nightly.
Zinn's Merry Musical Travesty Co.
and Famous Dancing Girls*
Thursday. "Courtship   in  Japan.*
Thu R-.piit_nt girl show you over U.W.
Prio-ai boo, lie, *i.��o.       lUtinea Be nml '*>c.
BflJfl nm*, mi hi I'lillnTfnrd'a.
Thursday Evening
of This week
Reserved $?nt Plan Rutherford's
Drug Store
Trains and Boats.
Crowe .Vest boat���On time.
Slocan train���On time.
Boundary train���On time.
Even  left-handed   women
for their rights.
stick    up
Talking about it will neither put a
piano inio your home nor bring back
the days���valuable days���your daughter Is wasting. I_.t us tell you how
easy we will make It for you NOW to
give your family the piano they have
wished for so long.
'������Acts INot Words"
This Evening, Wednesday, October 31st
Double Bill, Grand and Comic Opera
Reserved Seats $1.00.     General Admission 75c
Swell Modern 6-Roorn Cottage for Sale
Close to centre of city, all modern
conveniences, one of the finest properties iu Nelson.
*_"���"   Mil
Hilliard Gampbel
Principal Baritone
with the
Starkey & Co., SS
WIxiIcmmiv Provision-.,
Doiiiiiiiisii (riivsrimii'iil Crs'juiii'ry Onis Pound Briokt. nxscivs-rt ws.-kly f-tj,
from tho nhurii.   Fssr units by ��ill ltsiiiliiiK KnicssrH.
OHici' nnsl wiirs'liouw: HJODJtan lil'v-k,   PhO0_T0,
Josephine Street.       -       -       -      Nelson, B. C.
Repairing and Jobbing a Specialty
BheetmeW Work, Outtngi, Baildat*' MntcriiU uu.i lOnlng and Miu MmWuij
OBce nnd Worku Foot of Purk St.
Phnno   -2<>..
IN'ulMon, It. G.
A Word to the Wi
This yenr wo have tppreoUltsd the Wttnti uf oure��
tomotB nnd htvn imw*-<l into stock thf
Good Cheer Art Base Burner
TIiih Ptove in mlftjirrd for hard coal only, aiidispp
antoed to giva mttiKfuctiim.*
]* H. Ashdown Hardwait
       Company, Limited.
�����^v/v��,/V~w~ B.  A.  ISAAC R.  W.   HINTON .*w��.~V/VWN/**-
Work, .Miilnu ...,_l .VIII .Mn.liii._.-..     Manul-iuturara ol
Ore Cum,  R.  M.   OontPaotorm'  Cnra.
fi..;^!.;:"""   nelson, b. c.      wcz
New Fall
Goods Arriving
Importer of  i*|nu
ICitUllxli   (IiimJm
Jno. T. Pierre
I -ukur Ht.
Ncl.son, li. C*
Just Arrived!        A hr^consiRn-
���   ment of
Ml SizoH unsl Lowi'nl I'ricoB
MANUFACTURERS   �� _L C4 t       1
AND DEALERS IN   -LlH-lDCf,  dhlflgleSt
Lath, Mouldings, Doors, Window*
Turned Work and Hrnck8t8. Hail Onion, promptly nil- "I **
VERNON 81 RHUT   .   .   .   NI.UHON. B. C.  ,
J^ootenay Ranges
Why do we handle the Famous Kootenay Range?
Because we ca nnot procure a better, taking Into account design, workmanship, cooking qualities and prl��
We will be pleased to show you Its good points.
Wood-Vallance Hardware Co'y


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