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The Daily Canadian Aug 13, 1906

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 ���JtaUtt ��cmabimt
N i. 60.
Fifty Cents a Month
lliire Was Once in Generous Mood
���resting .md Graphic Description
Ore Bodir. in the New
Boundary Camp.
,.,;.,! ,,, The Dally Canadian.)
nlilln,  li   I'..  Aug.   1:1.-11   In  M10
.in.ti,.-   Mui'"'1'   Bhowlngs   which
si.,,  visitor  us  i-'niiiliiln
M,,mi-  11 "f long experlsgce
v vi,.\\ ilii'iu with amaaement
.,,,. |, imn in deolarlng thai tho
tindltlon. in ihis* ancient
���i;���:, I., su sir.- ideal In -verj
TIip iiniuih ni Hi" nut-face
is 1 upptng, th'' fun,uui"ii
 tu 1 s-iiii-   they assert,
assure tin- permanency
to greal depth.
i siricial Information ins
..- ii  ik regarded as a
Lager ihu the money now  heitiK
.nisi drilling operations
s nil iih    has mil   been
,   s.sntrary the work, ar-
pneral lst-lli>f, has only con-
. isis-iii-   predictions ol
11,.in in ..snip.   The aVeraje pros-
have geological nomett'
Sii.s-i- ii|ss Ism Its- invarl-
s   Benee when ii t.-oines'
1 ;.-.1.111 traversed by lime
.,- |sin-pliry.   Mttny li.l- '.-
1 in ,re Isitssir Uisin Uml
n in.: -.in. surface wash,
less rortnnate  bin  equally t.pli-
. .     uccess   when   they
|h;i..- pcuetrated  she Iron capping
'A" li.l,ii,; lo 11 considerable ���! jstli.
ding i.s is.sal experience the rich
li   -   si" almost  Invariably  fotintl
lr ssr later  beneath  this oxidised
Inst .hi characteriettc or this camp.
f'- sva., in ,1 generous int.sil   when
is.1 .i.swii these extensive ore zones
1 presence ait. frequently Indicated
is- slis.-sslistatitin or the ground  by
oxide often    comprlatiui areas of
Irvils sir f, ,.|.
|��' iimi Hi.- MeKlnley Iris |ia-sss',i the
'isi^s- ami is regarded here as
pruts'ii anil demonstrated be*
mlow oi a doubt, Interesi is now
fsi In Hit- Maple Leaf group on iho
���'���rn >i..|..-   ,sf   lianni'i- mountain,
I1""1"! in   was .inly  undertaken
';s ago after Him discovery of ilm
���mp rn copper-gold ore.   In this
:'i".i wonders have been accom-
unilar    the    direction  of  the
ft. Iptltlent, Mr.  A. Stewart,    For a
""I' three bin-red fed along tlie
of ihs- ore -suit, four open cuts
I"'  "���������;������ of thi' hill have been ex-
They   run   north   ami   souih
IWt'iitlv   sisisss'in   the ore   body
'ililtli   Irs  not   yet  been  deter-
" Ib significant  however that
"lisl  high  grade ehaleitpyrito
Pn every  working.    In  the  longest
11- f��oi   .,r   11,,. glistening metal
-- per cent copper, besides
M ''iml silver values.   Bunches of
"l1]"':"' here nml there.   The In-
���'  are  thnt   lhe  ore  zone   rutin
""   nnil   south-west, the dlrec-
. m"Sl  "f  the  mineral   belts  on
'"in  mountains.    This will  not
pally sis'isTinins'ti   until   extensive
and ' isisss'iiiiing has bo��� car-
'    Iststiklnt; west these ems have
'" of IK. 00, 2,1 antl 40 feel raspec-
mosl of tho ore exposed Is lilijli
1  n eharaeter.    The few loan spills
''"I  will  assay  $2  per  Ion   higher
average   sulphide  ores  of  tho
'wry tllstrloL   The chalcopyrlte ex-
r in ihese various open cms assays
T' cent. In copper, besides the gold
" "r   values   ot|iilvalont   lo   over
J     '""' It    Is    self-fluxing as tho
"' 11 largely   oomposed  of  lime.
1 sulphur.   The depth or these
'>' from 12 to 20 feet   in places
, U"s lo lhe surface, anil again
y'"1'   Points   tho   leaching   process
"" "��ly an oxidized capping stiint.-
[J "even feci in thickness,   All in
";ipie Leaf promises to equal if
||||s:ss:t ti���, MeKlnley property both
-���!,'" "��� values and magnitude
ly.   The claims of this group
Hii'  Maple   Leaf.  Climax' anil
:i|i adjoining ono another nmi
I^POing the soulhern sloiie of It.in-
'"I'ain.  being  almost   In  n  lino
MeKlnley mine on the opposite
They    were    Isimled    two
111 .i1.1'" ''y Messrs. George MoLeod
t,  1      Wonlnglon, of (Irand Forks,
'"'loo brothers and Mr. Herbert
'" Vancouver,   The bonders in
"'.''""led Salt. Lako cnpllal.    Mr.
ill ssi Pioneer operator of the
r miisso possibilities lie foresaw
tl. ���. J80 wlu>n be acquired and
t      "<*rk on the now famous Mc-
K nicy after proving it  i��� be a
""""���    ��'������   M'-l     disposed    of
property   lo   Mr.   p.   A||(.    ������,���_,,
Unite magnate,
V'ork capitalists
a number of New
Believes  Hii  Father  Had   Accomplice
In the Forgeries.
Chicago, Aug. 13. Tiic Tribune today
says: Theodore Stensland, son ol tbs
former Milwaukee avei  hank  preel-
donl, last 1.ii-;Itt mails' a statement as lo
iiis knowledge or ihe circumstances surrounding Un- night ui his father ami or
ths forgeries in the bank. He <i,-uIul|
that lie ever bail knowledge of this plot
bs-fssi-c August 3rd lust and submitted
unions  in,,nis   Willi   which   lm  expects
to substantiate his siory when it is
told before a Jury, lie believes his
lather has not Had lho country, but has
. ..1,11,1111. ,1 stiiiisic. lie also says his
father could not himself have committed
sin- forgeries of notes because of bis
Inability properly to control a pen lu
iccnt yeas., lie thinks an outside
.���Xpert was Employed for the purpose of
copying signatures on blank checks,
fining Btensland late on Saturday Kan-
i.s Its..['Uer John C. Kct/.sT. for Ih"
benefit ol the bank depositors, all the
Cook county real estate held by his
father, who bad given him power of attorney, The property is estimated to be
worth fd.,000. 11 is understood to be
his purpose 1,1 surrender himself today
iss the sheriff on sin- bench warrant for
conspiracy In which he was iueliiils'si
.villi his father anil Cashier Herring.
Continuous    Riot     in    Progress    Along
Rapid  Transit   Lines  Because  People Refuse Double Fares.
New York. Aug. 13.���The disturbances
on lhe Coney Island surface cars and
elevated trains that Deputy I'ollco Commissioner O'Keere and the Brooklyn
police looked forward to yesterday because or Justice Gaynor's sialement or
Saturday that the Brooklyn Rapid Transit company did not have a right to demand a double fare io lhe Island took
place on schedule time. They lasted
frbm early morning illllll early today.
When the overwrought nerves of ihe
people permitted a panic following a
���booting affray in which roar persons
were dangerously Injured by an unknown man who escaped al daylight belated ones were forcibly ejected rrom
the cars, rrom riil.OOO to 7-.000 being
compelled to walk for distances of from
.sue to Ihroe miles. The flrsl steps wore
taken In scores of damage soils, anil lhe
Brooklyn Rapid Transit representallvs
sloflod ciiy Police Commissioner CKeefe
of Brooklyn. Lawyers and lawyers'
slerks swarmed ahoul lho points whore
passengers were put off and took their
names as witnesses,
A continuous rlol wns In progress
along Iho main linos of travel. As a
result of It two women wero Injured, one
so Rcrloiisly lhat she may die. another
woman and child cam" so near death
lhat hundreds Of onlookers turned their
fnces away In horror. Innumerable persons were bruised nnd several were ar-
i-osteil on charges of assault.
Among those put off lho trolley cars
was a man who said he was President
Bird S. Color, of Ihe borough of Brooklyn, lie went peaceably enough after
the "bouncer" had technically assaulted
his wire by taking hold or Iter arm. He
then addressed the crowd and told them
not to pay a second rare. It wns after
Ihis lhat the real trouble started but
what he hail snld was by no moans Hie
cause of lho disturbance lhat followed
ror he addressed but a few people comparatively. Tho police took an active
hand  111  lhe trouble In lho evening by
arresting two Brooklyn Rapid Transii
superintendents and three Inspectors
anil a niolorinan or Iwo rot- nol moving
their cars. Blocking lhe highways was
Ihe charge.
At 12:40 this morning police actively
took on a ki 111 more active form when
cars   coming   from   the   Island   on   tho
Culver route wero haultod at. Avenue F
anil  (Iravtisenl   avenue    and    Ihe con-
duotors started in to collect iho s't-t.n.l
fare.    Inspector Donald (Irani. Deputy
Police     Commissioner     O'Keefc     and
several Brooklyn llnplil Transit  Inspes'-
lors  wero gathered    In  al   ibis  point
Several passengers rrrused to pay the
rare and tho Inspectors piled on I" the
onr nnd began lo drag thorn off.   Depute
Commissioner CKeefe   gave onicrs to
lhe  police lo I brow  the inspectors off
the car and I hoy did so In a jiffy.   The
car Ihen proceeded arior th*police hail
ordered tho niolorinan to go ahead,   II."
tlltl not go fnr. however.   Jusi ir.u yards
away  Capt.   Dow   T).   Smith,   who   bad
been arrested early In lho ovening and
was balled out. wns sealed In his nnlo-
mohllo at the side ol lbe tracks.   The
i niotormnn stopped when his car got op-
I poRite Bttpt.  Smith  nnd  Iho Inspectors
! that had lieon thrown off by the pollce-
j men   hustled    "P    and   tossed   women.
I children nnd men off In a  very lively
��� manner,
W. Moore Sentenced to Pay
Nominal Fine
Judge Forin Declines to Order Payment of Costs Because of Delay
in Building Court House.
The trial of William Monro or Beafl-
loy for asHaultlng .1. A. Kelley of Fair-
view took place this morning before
Sis Honor .IdiiKo Forln, the ncciis.id
having olecled lor Bpeedy trial.
Thn crown wan represented hy W.
A. Macdonald, K. <_'., tlu- defence by S,
S. Taylor, K. C.
.1. A. Kelley gave ovidenco as to lhe
assault as he give it In the police
court, staling that it was absolutely
unprovoked j (hat In fact he first in-
salted and '111011 struck repeatedly, nis
evidence did not vary on cross-examination.
Dr. W. O. Kose, who attended Mr.
Kelley, gave evidence a/a to the serious nature of the injuries to a man
in  un enfeebled  condition.
Mr. Taylor, In opening the case for
the defence, offered to adduce evidence to show that tho complainant's
account of the occurrence was inaccurate and that he had provoked the
assault, which he was prepared to admit on behalf of the accused.
At that point his honor intervened,
intimating that such evidence was un-
uecesaary. He considered the offense
amounted only to common assault and
he would impose a fine of $10. He declined to add costs, as he "had no sympathy with the government, which refused to provide a suitable courthouse."
As the accused left the courthouse
he was warmly congratulated by his
friends on his "remarkably lucky as*
(���apt1 from punishment.
soil by which, on technicality, the two
Liberal members for Halifax were confirmed ln their Boats before the judges
had Intimated In court that sull'icieu-
ovidenco of bribery and corruption had
been adduced to upset the election of
both members, and that It Is sadd on
good authority that Sir Wilfrid Laurler
who Is now la Quebec has given assur
ance to his frlendB there that there
will bo no postponement of the Inter-
provlnclul conference. The Quebec
government la preparing for a meeting
of premiers In Ottawa early lu October.
Liberal    Members   Are   Preparing   for
the Slump.
Winnipeg, Aug. 13.���J. Q. H. Ilorger*
on, member ln the federal house for
the constituency of lieanharnols, and
one of the leading Conservatives In
the Dominion parliament, is a visitor
in Winnipeg.
Speaking of the last session of parliament, Mr. Bergeron said it had been
quite damaging to the Laurier administration. It wais without doubt tho
weakest session the government had
ever gone through. Accustomed to set
its sails to the breoze tho Liberal cabinet had found this year that there
was no stronj; breeze and had honco
emerged from tho session with a badly
damaged   reputation.
The Lord's day bill had served to
show up the nature of the government.
The measure as passed after having
been corrected svral tims was still an
insult to the Lord's Day alliance and
was just far enough to make Quebec
people discontented. It was entirely
unsatisfactory to all parties concerned.
'Every Liberal member In the
house," said Mr. Bergeron, "esteems
to be on the lookout for some appointment. One can scarcely pick up a
paper today without seeing a grist of
appointments made by the Liberal
administration. Parliament this session witnessed the spectacle of a minister of justice appointing himself to
bo chief justice of the supreme court
just after he had presented the Lord's
day bill and the bill to amend the act
ot independence of parliament. The
minister of justice, when he had placed
these measures before us gave up his
portfolio, They were two of the most
important bills of the session and the
minister of justice should certainly
have remained iu the hous efor a time
at least after bringing them ln."
Sultan Getting Well.
Constantinople.' Aug. 13.���It is stated
that the Sultan passed a good night and
that bis condition this morning is somewhat improved. His Majesty's reluctance to submit to treatment has hitherto complicated th." situation but one of
Lho palace doctors has induced him to
allow the employment of a simple appliance which gave immediate relief,
The doctor in recognition of his services has been promoted to the rank of
Acadian Exiles Convene.
New Bedford. Mass.. Aug. 13.���After
religious service held yesterday at SI.
Ainthony's church tho &ie!ety of tho
Assumption, a benefit organization composed of descendants of the Acadian
exiles, began its annual convention here
today. Ono hundred and tlfty delegates
representing fir> lodges of the organization in the United States and Canadian provinces wore entitled to avals in
the convention.
Vice  President  of  C.   P.   Railway  Announces a Special  Fare From Old
Land  for  Farm  Laborers.
(Bp-Olal In Tho Daily Cnnailinn.)
William Wtayto, second vlco president or the Canadian 1'aeiric railway,
who ylalted Victoria n few slays ano,
antl expressed Ills views on (he labor
Bltuation In an Interview with the Colonist. AmoiiK other thinRs Mr. Whyte
made the announcement that the
Canadian Pacific railway had ottere0
a speelal rale of $::o lo agricultural laborers from all points of Bnglamd,
Ireland and Scotland to any point in
Manitoba, Saskateltewan or Alberta ln
order to lend all the assistance possible to the farmers of those provinces.
Tailing advantage of Mr. Whyte's
presence in the city, Hon. Captain
Tatlow called upon him and represented the almost desperate conditions in
which the rarmers ami fruit growers of Hritish Columbia found themselves ror want ol' help ad suggested
the C. P. K. mlghl do something towards Iheir rellel. Mr. Whyte evinced
a deep and Intelligent Interest In the
case anil without hesitation promised
lo recommend that 'the special rate bo
extended lo farm laborers irom ino
United   Kingdom  to   Hritish   Columbia.
May Enter Appeal.
The Colonist publishes a special rrom
Ottawa which says: K. L. Horden Is
being strongly urged hy his party sup-
porters to enter an appeal against the
decision of Justices Townsend and Bus-
General    Rejoicing    in    Russia    Over
Zemstvo  Elections,  Indicating a
Reaction of Sentiment.
SI. Petersburg, Aug. 13.���The gov-
ernment attaches much Importance to
the defeat of the constitutional dem-
"crats in the zemslvo elections now under way. For years the provincial
zemstvos have been the centers of the
liberal movement anil practically all
the constitutional democrat leaders
have been prominent In zemstvo worn.
Now, as candidates for re-election,
they are going down to defeat. M.
Kalitishene, next to M. Rodttcheff th
most brilliant of the constitutional
democratic orators in the outlawed
parliament, have been defeated by
Count Sheremetleff, the notorious reactionary, and yesterday two constitutional democrats were defeated at
While these results certainly indicate a reaction of sentiment against
the ndvanceil program of the constitutional democrats, it should also be
pointed out that the nobility and the
landed proprietors have tho dominant
Influence in zemstvo elections ami the
defeat of the constitutional democrats
probably represents more their hostility to the principle of the torced expropriation of land, to which the eon
Btltuttonall democrats are committed
Ulan enmity toward the purely political part of Iheir program,
Nevertheless, the Important land interests, reactionary or liberal, are
uniting and lining up iu favor of the
government as against the parliament's
radical agrarian program. There are
.-strong reasons to believe that it Is
the intention or the Stolypln ministry.
If things move normally, to support
the candidates or the reganerationutt,
who nre expected lo amalgamate wttn
the Octobcrlsls. whether the co-operation or the right wing of the constitutional  democrats Is secured  or not.
A significant triumph of the radical
change in the situation produced by
tlie failure ol tlie general strike is the
fact that a majority of the social
democratic leaders who a fortnight
are now in favor of turning their at-
tion to the coming election, and havo
already begun to canvass the situation
for their candidates. The first issue
of the Ponledlelnik. whose motto Is
"Labor and Liberty," was confiscated
loday. Last night throe policemen
were murdered iu St. Petersburg, one
it, Moscow and three in Kazan.
Died at Sixty.
LOS Angeles, Cal., Aug. 13.���W. H.
Withain. former judge (st the supreme
court of Arizona nnd later adjutant-
general of the territory, ls dead at
Terminal island of Boftening of the
brain. .lodge Whitenian was n native
or Ohio and about liO ysars old.
Contemplated by Canadian
Metal Company
Operations at Blue Bell Mine Will be
Restricted to Development
For Some Time.
S. S. Fowler, M. K��� manaRcr of the
Canadian Metal company, has returneu
from a visit to the company's zinc
plant at Frank. Seen hy a mem-
her of the Canadian staff, in reply to
questions as to the progress of lhe establishment,  Mr.   Fowler  said:
"Work is Koing ahead satisfactorily.
We are handliiiK ore from several Slocan properties. 13ut we are lace to
face with the necessity for more expenditure. ���
"Yes, the directors are already awaro
of that and, I understand, have made
provision for it^
"Only development work fs now in
progress at the Ulue Hell. The ore
that figures in the last lead returns
of the Hall Mines smelter is the produce of 8,000 tons mined bfore I took
"The policy outlined before Is still
being followed, lly the time that development work has proceeded far
enough to justify shipments again, we
hope to have two mills ready for operation, one for making zinc concentrates, which will be sent to our plant
at Frank for treatment; the other for
making lead concentrates, which will
be disposed of to the local smelter.,
as formerly.
"So, there is no Intention ot
attempting to use the Pilot Hay plant
at all. It would not make concentrates
high enough in zinc values to pay for
handling, and could not be made to do
so without very considerable alterations at an expense which. It is felt,
would not be justified."
Sponge Their Way.
Winnipeg, Man., Aug. 13.���Perctval
riaxter and Paul Waldee of this city
are leaving the Royal Alexandra on
Wednesday morning to start on a
cycling tour from Winnipeg to New
York, via St. Paul, Minneapolis and
Chicago. Having made & bet the two
young sportsment will leave Winnipeg
without money, intending to obtain
their living through the generosity or
the passing villagers.
Happy Hunting Grounds.
Tushwegex, Aug. 13.���The Cat Laike
Indian who was tried at the spring assizes at Kenora on a charge of murder and dismissed, died on the way
to his home in the North country. He
died suddenly when within sight of
his old hunting grounds ou the Rat
Portage on Cat lake. He woe buried
near where he died and his canoe,
left on the trail, as it Is the Custom
of these Indians never again to use
the canoe of a departed  brother.
Madman at Coney  Island Fires Revol
ver Into Crowd and  Defies All
Pursuers, Making  Escape.
New York, Aug. 13.���While Ocanic
Walk In the Bowery at Coney Island
was still crowded early today an unidentified man pulled a revolver and tired
two shots into Ilie back or a waller at
Staut'h's restaurant and then turned the
weapon Into the crowd and trad lour
times as quickly as ho could pull Ihe
trigger. Four persons were writhing in
agony on the board walk when lhe man
flet) toward the ocean threatening any
person who should purspe him. At the
time of the shooting a crowd was pouring from Ihe restaurant. In the throng
were many women. At tho sound of the
shots antl the screams of a woman who
witnessed the shooting the crowd broke
in all directions. As Ihey fled, the man
deliberately turned the weapon toward
them and fired several times. A panic
ensued and women wero thrown to tho
sidewalk as the men ran over them in
one frantic effort to reach a place of
(���safely. The stranger defied anyone lo
i.iiisiv: him. Hy had the revolver in his
right hand shouting, "The man who
follows me I will kill." No one ventured to approach him till he Jumped
over a railing and vanished in the direction of the ocean.
ment It was taken outBido to be
cleaned, and ln order to make a good
Job of It, It was left hanging outside
to ue thoroughly aired, but It waa
missing the next morning.
Constitutional Government.
Teheran, Persia, Aug. 13.��� The
shah's respite to the grand vizier aB
finally amended orders tho formation
of a national consul native assembly
composed of representatives o f all
classes, from the princess downward.
Tho assembly will advise his majesty
of Important stato and public afruirs
and will propose roforuiB conducive
lo tbe welfare of the people of tne
Justlco will bo administered in accordance with the sacred law. The
gran dvlzlor la to draw up the rules
of procedure for the assembly and
these are to be approved by the assembly   itself.
The Day's Drowned.
Saskatoon,    Sask.,   Aug.    13.���John
Lawton,  formerly  of  llrockvllle,  Ont.,
was drowned in tho Saskatchewan rlv
er here this morning.
Warman, Sask., Aug. 13.���Henry
Hunter was drowned in Saskatchewan
this morning.
Killed by Runaway.
Calgary, Aug. 'l 3.���Mary Law, tho 4
j ear-old daughter of George Law, of
this city, was Instantly killed by a
runaway horse on Saturday afternoon.
The little girl was terribly injured,
sufrering a fracture of the skull, collarbone and three ribs.
Attar the  Ball.
Tho  Methodist church of Michel  Is
minus a carpet.    After the entertain'
Lacrosse   Match   Arranged  for  Thursday Afternoon Probably Off-
Other News of Sport.
The lacrosse match for Thursday afternoon Is probably olf Indefinitely.
Manager Deasy of the Nelson Lacrosse
club has received no word from Secretary Maclvor of the Regina team ln
reply to his letter accepting Regina s
and fixing August 16 as the date, nor
to a later letter asking for information,
or at  least  for confirmation.
Secretary Maclvor's letter was written on July 24, and received July 2(1,
suggesting a dato between August 15
and IS. Mr. Deasy replied at once,
suggesting the ICth. Since then he has
had no communication, but has seen
a note ln a Victoria paper stating that
the tour of tho Regina team will be
taken in September, which is rather
indirect word.
A Strathcona team will visit the
coast In September and may be secured
for a game here.
Meanwhile the Nelson team has been
invited to Greenwood for Labor day.
to play a team representing Greenwood. Grand Forks and Phoenix. The
Invitation will probably lie accepted.
I'he Nelson Juniors are arranging
for a game with the Rossland Juniors,
whose representative was here last
Thursday. It is not yet decided whether the match will be played in Itossland or in Nelson.
W. Sheii-lng of Hamilton, winner ot
the Marathon race, is going to the
coast in about a month and may be
in  Nelson  at fair time.
Escaped and Still at Large,
Edmontno, Alta., Aug. 13.���Nothing
has been heard of the whereabouts ot
Callahan, the convict who escaped
from tiie penitentiary here. That he
ts a very nervy customer and can
take care of himself ts quite evident
rrom the nature of his escape. 'I'he
night before his getting away he made
his blanket Into a pair of trousers
and likewise the sheet Into a shirt,
which ho wore under his prison garments. Afler ho went out to work lie
slipped In between two piles of lumber and discarded his prison clothing,
lore off the rim of his straw hat, and
Ihen coolly walked off to the bank.
observed by everyone but unidentified
nn the convict, Henry Cnllaghan.
Fifty dollars Is ofrerod ror his cap-
Over 100 homeseekers Irom every
part of the United States, as rar
south as Texas, have been inquirers
al lhe Immigration office during the
last three days.
To Win the Strike.
Tho barbers in Vancouver havo been
on strike for several days, with tho
result that lbe latest phase in tho terminal city was. 'Everybody shaves but
lho barbers." That Is now no longer
Ihe case, as the striking tonsorlal artists have opened a co-operative Bhop
and are doing a heavy business. The
move was made ln order to force the
ployers lo grant their requests, and
they will call off the co-operative
scheme as  soon  as they win out.
The Wire Was Alive.
Winnipeg, Aug. 13.���A peculiar far
tallty occurred ln a Vaughun street
residence last evening when a Mrs.
Dlncksted, while stepping Into a bath
tub slipped and grasped an electric
light socket to save herself. She ws
instantly killed by a short circuit.
Five Lives Lost and Another Despaired of
Struck  Sunken Snag and Awful
Struggle to Reach Safety was
Winnipeg, Man.. Aug. 13.���One of the
greatest tragedies in the history of the
city occurred at Winnipeg on Saturday
afternoon when five young lives were
lost in the Red river, and another hangs
in the balance today. A gasoline launch
ran on a sunken pile near River park
antl Ihe eight occupants were thrown into the water. But three of them were
saved. Belonging as they do to well
known families, the occurrence has
created a most profound regret in the
city. The names of the drowned are
iillss Ethel Brown aged 19, her eister
Myrtle aged 12, sand her brother Ernest
aged 11; Miss Mary White, of Glasgow,
Scotland, and Miss Teenie Thompson.
The first three victims are children of
City Clerk Brown. Their mother, who
accompanied them was saved and two
companions, Messrs. Foxwell and
Cheyne, also escaped.
At 4:40 on Saturday afternoon a
merry party left the boat house for a
trip of about three miles to a picnic
grounds. Laughing, chatting and singing with no thought ot the hidden death
awaiting them, they were within a
couple of hundred yards of their destination when, without a moments warning, the launch struck the pile, the ho*
rose In the air and the stern sank, shipping water. Two of the younger girls
were thrown from their seats on the
stern Into the water and an Instant later
lhe boat took a sharp list to the Jeft,
filled and sank. The weight of the engine dragged the stern down hut the
gasoline tank in the bow floated off that
end and this was the means of saving
at least two of the victims of this unfortunate accident
Though badly frightened, the two
young men in the boat did all in their
power to save the lives of their friends
and companions, though Mrs. Brown
was the only one brought to shore. At
one time Mr. Cheyne was supporting
Miss Brown and making a struggle to
get back to the bow of the launch,
which offered some hope of safety. He
was almost exhausted and was making
a desperate effort when a boat drifted
near. He appealed for aid and tried to
grasp the gunwale. The men in the
boat made all possible speed to get
away out of his reach shouting, "Don't
touch my boat, you will upset me," and
went down the river, leaving the unfortunate young man and his helpless
burden to their fate. Cheyne struggled
as long as he could and finally lost consciousness, of course releasing his
burden. When finally brought ashore
he was In a semi-demented condition,
and only recovered some time afterward. Mr. Foxwell caught Mrs. Brown
and lifted her to the bow of the boat.
He then went after Miss White thinking he saw her but found that the object floating on the water was her hat,
the young lady having sunken or floated away. He then tried to find some
of the younger people and not seeing
them concluded that they were ln safety
and went back to Mrs. Brown. When
help arrived he too was unconscious.
Tho most painful incident of this most
unfortunate affair came when Mrs.
Brown recovered from her first shock
to the consciousness of what had happened. When first thrown Into the
waler she was rendered unconscious by
the shock. She was taken to the boat
house and artificial respiration applied
till nature asserted Itself and she opened
her eyes to enquire hat had happened
to her children, only to learn of her
great bereavement which so affected her
in her condition that tonight her life ls
despaired of.
Tension Relieved.
City Reservoir Full, but Caution Must
Still Be Used.
At noon today the water In fhe city
reservoir was above the danger level.
It had not reached thnt point until
early this morning, so low had It fallen on Saturday.
While Immediate anxiety Is allayed
so some extent there Is still, ln tho
opinion of th city engineer, th greatest need for economy and avoidance ot
��� .
4" v
: :���. ���
I 1
The Daily Canadian
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fool lib.    LfltUI   therefore   bt*  lareinl   *um wi
The Toronto Globe n few daya ago
had a lengthy editorial, evidently by
one who has bad experience and was
consequently well qualified to speak,
on tbe saving of tbe preacher. Fnr
years the problem thnt Beetned paramount in tbe estimation ol the church
was the saving of the masses. Now
It Is discovered that through one cause
and another there is not the si rung
attraction toward the llle of a clergymen, and that that life does not appeal
to the young and rising generation of
college-bred men as it did some years
ago." There is, as a result of this, a
dearth of preachers, and it is not only
in the harvest fields of nature but
among the harvesters of the churcn
that a scarcity of laborers is felt. .Kor
years the problem has been how to
attract the masses to the church, and
uow it would appear to he how to
keep the preachers iu the church. The
words of the Globe are timely aud
because few of the readers of tbe Canadian read the Scotchman'-) Liil-1*- we
reproduce the more salient features
Adding a few dollars to the clerical
incomes will not save the ministry
either from decrease in numbers or
from decline in power. The incomes
ought to be increased, in not a few
instances they are an injustice to the
minititers and a disgrace to tne
churches. And both the injustice aud
the disgrace are accentuated witb every advance in the cost of living.
Preachers and laymen who value the
church and its services as a vitalizing
force la our civilization and a t* -f. - - ii .; *-
live j#ower in j*-rsonal life would do
well to take cuns<-i together and de
viw more geoerom, DDore just, support for those who devote themselves
to the  work  of  the  ministry.
"But something more is ne-oed. An
increase in stipends will nol alone ai-
tract the right men, or retain them in
the ministry, or give them command ol
the power they ought to wield. The
Becret of pulpit weakness and Inefficiency is not in food and raiment and
the things of his Jiving, but in thought
and emotion and tlie things ol Iiis life.
Partly on account of ineffective college training, and partly on account ol
the conditions of ministerial work,
many a preacher's life is stunted and
his powers so handicapped that be
never finds himself or conies tu bis
own In  the pulpit.
"Theology has suffered from QOCd*
mulutioiiH of antiquated rubbish tint
long ago should huve gone to the junk
heap. Truth, because it is living, �����
ever finding new formulations and
making wider correlations, 'ihe textbooks and teaching of a generation ago
are antUjuatetl us fhe neckcloths mid
the snuffbox, because the ha.iits it
mind and the perspective of truth tunc
Changed, Only slowly are the theological and the dogmatic giving lust
place to the itihlical nud the Chris
"Not one young preacher in ten
shows any trained skill in effective
popular address, any understanding of
the philosophy or interest, or any mastery of himself when he gels on his
feet before! an audience: and as for
the typical public reading of scripture
or of the church service, it is almost
utterly useless alike for the purpose of
Interpretation and of spiritual emotion
If the preacher is to be saved his col
lege training needs to be reconcehv 1,
and In some resjiects radically
"Unless the preacher keeps bimsell
in constant and vital touch with the
things of the mind, drinks deep at _��
fresh currents of living truth, exercisf .
himself with what is strongest ai *.
most sinewy in literature, his mentality will lose power and the fiber of
his thinking will decay. Habit ana
custom will not sustain the popularity
of the pulpit if the preacher's discourse
is thewless, disjointed, lacking in grip,
and the last stage or pulpit decay is
reached when pious evangelicalism
finds ready expression in ragged, impromptu drivel."
The Globe editor might have added
that it is not only the financial and educational handicaps of a clergyman's
life that makes his calling sometimes a
discouraging one. He might have
added many other things which out
of a life Of full-orbed experience he
could not fail to have learned, hut,
like many another clergyman, he
thought best not mentioned.
As was quite exacted the resolution of the Kootenay Fruit Growers
association on the question of Chinese
labor has brought forth a storm
ol criticism and protest from
all parts of the province and the newspapers ha-ve, as a result, a fresh sensation on their hands. Only a few of
them favor the importation of Chinese
labor, and those who oppose it offer
.io suggestion as to how the present
shortage in the labor market is to be
provided. A very few papers attempt
to make political capital out ol the
situation, but n curious case of the
kind is furnished by the Inland Sentinel of Kamloops. In a lengthy editorial setting forth that the present
shortage of labor is very annoying, it
There is a good deal of nonsense being written on this subject just at
present, more particularly by editorial
writers whose |>olitical bias Induces
them bo attempt to make polical capital out of a situation that temporarily
Is causing considerable annoyance and
���area, loss to a most deserving section
ot our industrial community."
After a paragraph defending the
Laurler administration for enacting restrictive legislation, it squares the
circle by denouncing the provincial
government because it did nol prevent
;" labor famine, and it goes on to say:
"No effort was made by the government and even now no effort is being made, and. we fancy, no effort
Will be made until such time as there
is a change al Victoria and men sre
entrusted with office whose statesman'
ship rises above the level ol Kaien
island deals and Dewdney relief bills.'
That Is a pretty good specimen <>t
editorial   work.      In    one    column  we
have a declaration that it is nonsense
io write on this subject and that it is
ouly being done by writers whosn political bias Induces them to try aud
make political capital out of the issue;
then a statement that the provincial
government, are a useless lot, is nothing  if not   ingenuous.
The Vernon News, one or the two
mosl ably edited weekly papers published In the province, has this to say:
"The matter Is one which both the
provincial press and the politicians ot
the country are inclined to handle ln
���*. gingerly and tentative manner; hut
Ihe subject is one that cannot be long
avoided, There is no use flinching
from the issue. It is the stillest proposition of the kind that we have ever
been up against, and any measure of
re lief lhat may be evolved will be
lulled with delight and gratitude by
l hose interested in what will some day
become our premier industry."
On the whole, we think we nre Inclined to prefer the Conservative papers' handling of the question.
The Liberal preBB of British Columbia is worrying over the dales ot tlte
next provincial election. At the last
one ihey raised a wail because, as they
stated it. McBride antedated the elections some two months and caught
them unprepared This time thej ��� ��� ���������
afraid the premier Will wan till after
another session of tbe house, though
tiny have been wanting the faithful
thai Something might drop at any
time. The fact is they have not the
slightest suspicion as to the mind ot
the government in the matter and all
their guesses are Uie. They fail to
draw* fire from the Conservative quarter, and all that is bad for the Liberals. No doubt they would like to fix
lhe date themsi Ives, bul we do not
think that is reallj worrying '1;'"1 :iS
ih.' question: "Who* shall we go io the
country on?"
The Liberals fu opposition In Ontario are asking who is to he the next
premier there and ,; has bees Bug
Rested that A It Aylesworth will step
down from the Dominion bouse to
lead the Liberals in Ontario legislative
bly, He mlghl do that, alright,
i.m thai does n rt answer the question
as i" who <��� in be tbe next pn mier,
The Liberals In Ontario will no doubl
experience tbe valuable chastening e*
rects of Bitting for a long time on the
cold seats oi the opposition benches.
Tbe BlaJrmore Times say?: "The
fruit growers of Hritish Columbia
want to employ Asiatic labor, but if
the white men of the territories hoy
retted their fruit we suppose they
would feel that they were badly
Including Brothier.
An Ottawa dispatch says there were
.Su persons pardoned during the fiscal
year ending June BO, from the Canadian penitentiaries for various reasons,
but mainly for good conduct. Of this
number lTo were under the ticket-or
leave system. The remainder were re
leased unconditionally.
..i��  01 I
Notice if- nereb) eiwn ihat BO daya trier date l
Intend t" app ��� t" th*- Chief t'ommlaaionei ol
1_i.ii.I- and v. ,,ii- f..r it -���>���,' inl llcenae ta '-in mnl
i- rrj awej Umber trom the [allowing deacrlbed
landi in Weal Kootenay dlatrlc :
n.i I. ' ommenetag ai a j������-1 marked nie
Oberg'eaoutbweal corner poet   and planted on
ti 1*1 -i).   ol Pnncan river,abom ten mllei
oorOKaai of Weat Fori ol I'uncau rtrer; thenu
BO chaini south, tbenee BO i balni east, thenee su
ehalni north, thence BOchalm weal to lolnl of
Nn.  -'    Commencing   at   it   pnst   marked   Ole
Oberg'i rwniheMd port huh planted on tin' eaal
aiileo Duncan river, a Unit n mllei i ortbeaat at
Weil Pork u( Duncan river; tbence B0 ebali>i
north, ta ue- ni chaini eaat, tbence B0 ehalna
aontbi thence su cbalni treat to poim nf cum*
Nn 8 -Commencing ut a root marked Ole
Oberg'i nnrtin-unt oorner post, and planted on
tin* east aide ol Dnnean river, abonl it milea
n rtlit.��*it ol Weal Fork ol Duncan river' tbenoe
W chalna weat, thenee 100 ehalni north, tbenee
Wchatnaeaat, thenoe 160 ehalni souih to point of
No. i.���Commencing at a poal marked file
Oberg'i Miutlnv st in i er poet,and planted on
tbe east aide of Duncan river and nboat 121-4
mflttf northeaal ol Wesi Kurt or Duncan river;
tbenee m ehatns north, thenee St chalna eaat;
il,.Tin- BO ehalna aonth, hence BO cha ins weal lo
polnl oi comraeuc ment.
n,, .'.. Commeu [ng al a post marked Ole
Oberg'i northeaal corner poat, ami planted on
lbe rani nidi ol Dnnean riverand about 1214
inU*-a northeaal id Weal Fork of Duncan rtrer*
Ihene W Rhaiiift west, Ihenw Mi chains norih,
thonce B0 i balm eaat, thenee 80 cliaina aouth to
point "i comma' cement,
No r.,���Commencing at �� iwist marked Ole
Oberg'i northeaal corner post, ami planted on
thee it aide ol !>��� Dean river, and ahout i;i m
milea northeaat nt Weat Pork ol Dnncan river;
tbenee K chnins west, tbenee 80 chatna north,
theivst BO dfaainaeaat. thenoe 80 chalna aonth to
point of eommenoement.
So. 7.���Cummencing at �� post marked Ole
Oberg'i son t ti witit corner poat, and planted on
tbe east aide ol Duncan river and nl t i:tl-.
milea northeaal ol tbe IVi n Fort of Dnncan river;
thence BO ehalna eait, tbenee Bi chalna south,
thenee Bti chaini west, them-e BO chalna north to
point of oommencement
No. B-���Commencing at a post marked Ole
Oberg'aanuthweal corner poat, and planiednn
tbe east aide of I'nncan river, and abont 141-4
miles northeaal of the Weal lork of Dnnean
river; tbenee so chaini easi, thence ho ebalni
south, theme hu chalna west, tbence SO ehalna
north to iiotnl of commenoement
No. 9.���Commenolng ai a poal planted oa tin*
east aideof Duncan riverand mark-id Oie I iberg'i
���outh'���t corner poat, and ahoni ll 1-4 miles
northeast oi We-i Fork of Dnnean river: thenoe
si ehalna west, ihenee mi chc *.iis imrth. tbenoe 80
cbaltu eaat, theuee hii chains smith top-tint of
com men cement.
Ni,  io,   Commencing at a pi mi marked Ola
Obt-Vg'a aoutheaal comer i  and  planted on
tbe eaat aide of Dnnean river am!  al l   lfi l-l
milea northeaal oi Weal Fork of hum.ui river;
thence 80 chains Went, theliee MO chain- imrth,
thencj-8��ehalni ra*t, Ihence 80 ebalni aouth to
polUl Ol cniiimciiccmelil.
No ii    Commencing al a poal   marked Ole
OU-rg's Southwest corner pool and |.i��u 1 on
the eaal aide nl Duncan rlvei mel abonl lfi IH
tiiih-'- northeaal nl Weal 1 nr) ol the Dnnean rl*.
ui: ih* nee 80 ehalni eait, thence Bn eh tint south,
lbeuec 8 ��� chelWB weal Ibenee so chaini  north Lo
pOlUl ol . otllliicliCeliii'hi.
No IU > ommenclng nt a post marked Ola
Oborg'1 tiortiicail corner poal and planted nn
the eaat aide ol Dnnean river mi'l abonl h> It
mile* northeast ol Wesi Pork ol nunoau nver;
Ibenee ni chnlni w�� i, fheum m chaini nortb,
thenre ��i chalm cum. them-e m chain* aonth to
point of oommeneement,
No. IS.���Commencing at a poal marked Die
oi�� g'asouthwest eormr poal and |.hoiie,i ,,���
the easi aide of Dnncan river almul IS 1-4 mllei
m.rlhctisl ol the W��|  Fork of the Duncan river;
thonoe ���**��� chain- cast,thenoe ��i chain*- nouth,
ihcnce80chains woat, tbenee Norhfiiii- nnrth to
polnl of  nceiiielit.
No. 14.- c mencing al a post marked Ole
Oberg'aanuthweal corner posi ami planted nn
lhe ensl  siileof  iMim.m  river ami  al.otil   17 11
miles northeaat from the Weal Fork or Duncan
river; tlience S*i cbalni east theme HO cbolUI
south, theliee  m   '���Illllll-   West, the ���   HO   chains
imrih to polnl of Commence nt.
No. lfi.���Commencing ,u ��� poal marked Ole
Olwt-t'i northeaal corner ].,.mi nml planted on
the east side nf  I'uneiui river and  nhnlit  17 1-J
milea northeaat of Weal Fork of Dnnean river;
thenee 81 chnins weat.tbenm so ehalna north,
theme ���*���> chnins eaat, tbenee 80 chains smith lo
jmini oi oommeneement.
No. i0v���Commencing at a post marked Ole
Obergaaoulhwoat corner poal nmi planted on
the oaal ifde of Dunt-un ri er end ubout IB1-4
milea northeaal ul the Weal Fork ni Di dean river; thenoo Wi Ohalni easl, Iheme H>i chnilis south,
thenee 8 I elmim. wesl, thenee HO ohttUtl north to
point id ['oiiinieliceineiit.
Nn. 17- Commencing at n post marked Ole
Oborg'RBonthwoal nnmer poat ami planted on
the east side of Dunoan river and ubmit 1W l-l
miles northeaal ol tbe Weal Fork of I tkfloan river; theuce Mi chaini euit, thence ��� chaini mtutli,
Notiee i- hereby given thai ti rtays afterdate l
Intend  to applj   io the Chiel <\>u mtasl ui i
Lands and Worka lor a special linn* i--ut ��"���
earrv aw aj limber from the follow mg Irwriueo
landa, fdtoated in tbe Weat Kootenaj II    I
No L -Commencing at a pmti      '���      ��   P
Boar*i aouth wesl norm i po :     ��� ���'" !'1*'
eaai bank ol Diincnti river and about .-��� i i nuics
Dortheaat of west fork of Duni-iinrivei th ��� --1
������hams eaat, tlienoe Bu chain ������ '��� diem* w>
ehalni treat, tbenee BD eham- north to polnl oi
n.s .* Commencing al n i""i inarki I " p
tloar'i northeaal cornei poat, and planted nn the
easl il li nl Duncan rlvi r, and ab n ' I ' mllei
nurtbeost ol weal fork of Dumau nvcri
cbalni weat, ihenee BDeha<na nnrth, tl
ohalna eaat, theuee ts) elialu> toutb to pointed
No I.���Commenolng ei a poil tn*''ked 0 D
Hoar'i Biiutlnu-st corner post and planted on the
eaat aide of Dunoan rirer, and al       :   . ; ���     ���
northeait of the west  fork ol  Duncan
tbi boc I    hall - north, thi in -  w i halm eait,
ii  Bu chain* south, th, ucefl i balm wi it le
[adtit of eommi ni i mi til
No '    ' immeneiog at a poll m t'kc-1 0  I
���Hoai ������ - mju, woal ��� oi -���-' poa' and
eaat bank of Duncai  river, and aiaiut 211
northeaal te* fork H  Dunoan rlvi :
tbi d ������ 80 i Mini i orth. tho ace si cb
ihfuoi bo cbalni aouth. thenoe 80  liaiui weal to
poim of ci iiiiiii nc-meni.
Nn   ���    ��� oiniie-iienn: at  a  fost maned D   D.
Hoar' it I conn i poil and 1       ed oi   I  ���
. ���.i ���; |i ol hum -n river, and aboul il 1*4 i  Pes
I o wi -i fo: k oi Duncan riv< ri lheo< i ���* i
ehalni north, thi nre *>" -'hams oaal, i  ������ -1
chatm ���oath, 'bene* Bu i hattu a*eal to poll
i ..inmeie emi'iii.
N.. g     i-mmenrlng at n. post maikfd 0  l>
Hoar'i nouteeasi corner poil and plan ed ni
past aide ol ���  <   Duncan rive, ant altnui ��.' 1-4
m | - norlhi bbI oi i  r��i ki furk u  hui
Uienne iffl ��� imms north,  Uo n ��� -1 i
theuee bu chains aouth, ihenr > BOcbaioa west to
i'.dm ol eommcneeine  i
No 7. Commencing al a posl marked " H
H.ini'- vonthwesi mi inr p.,-; uni plaiiteil mi the
eaai - de ol Dunoan rtvpr. nnd aboul tl t . mil -
northeaal id the wesl fork oi Duncau mmi.
Lbence ���*< chains east, them e so chili
iht-nri Bu . hum- ��,--:. them ��� so i balni i
]i> ni mi eommenoement,
N., t i'ommenclng at a posl marked 0 i��
Hoar'i nm theasi i ni ner |mm>i bo * planted ou ih
��� ii-i nlde i I'litu :in i rer.au i �� nui .'i i i roil***
Miutio H-; ol weal fo1 k ol Dun an river; I
������balm ��-  i. Ihi m e BO chu .,-  north, u. ��*
chaini cast,  theOsCe B0 eh   in nh u> jmlnl of
cuiiiui neemenl
n,, 9 Commencing al a posl marked 0 D.
Hour'- lonlhweat corner posl and planted mi
the eaat aide of i uncan rlvei ml uboui .��� i-i
mllei northeaal ol the weal I ��rk ������' Duncan rlv-
erj ihen, e (TJchalna cast, tbenee Hi) chalnKioulh,
llienee to - Itn Ins woat. ihem . mi chaini north lo
polnl of commencement.
No. iO.���-Commencing al a p<*l marked o D.
Boar*a northeaal < orner uoi ami piautoi] "ti the
eaat aide of Dnncan river and '- ' i fnitea
uortheaatol tbe weal fork ���: . Duncan river;
thenei Bti chalna,weal tbenm so rbolns uorih.
ibenee bo< halna eaat. thenoe8U chaini south to
polnl m commenoement.
Ko. IL���Commenolng al a n ;��� ���' marki i 0. D.
Hoar's aouthweat eornei p��i I idantod on tbo
eaai ilde ��d ' unean river ai I 2> i i miles
northeaat ol tbe weat lark nitl t'uncan river;
thence 80 chalna eaal Ih i - bains south,
tbence 80ehalna weat.then ��� h balm north lo
polnl oi ��� ommaneenteni
No li���Commencing at a posi marked 0, D,
Hoar's northeaat cornei i>" planiedontba
eaal tide of I'timaii rlvei and . ; l i  miles
Dortheaat oi tbe west fori        ��� I>nn an river;
IheiieeHO   rhalU   ��'.-l. tluil        Ml     iialli.   north,
thenoe 80 chalna eut, ihen ��� - chaini aoalb to
jHiint of commenoement
No. Ut���Commencing at a posi marked 0. "
Hour'- aouthweti coi o*t port nd planted on the
L-a**! side of the Duncan rivci and abonl M 1-4
mllei northeait of tbe wesi fork nl tbe Duncan
rner; thenee 80 chain* easl tbence vi chains
south, thenee 80 chaini wi i thence BO ehalni
north to jM-int of coinui, no mi nl
No. 14�����Commencing al a i��i-! marked 0. i'.
Hoar's northwest cornei |.. ��� i planted oo the
���������i-i tide of t uncan ri ��� ��� hi d ni.oui m l-i uu!e-
northeaatoi tlie weat iorkof the Dnncio river:
ibenee rO obalm weal ihenci 90 chaini north,
ibenee BO ehalna eaat, ��� ��� BO chaini aonth i"
point of Bonunencemi i
Dated June Oth 1W6        0 D Boa>-Locator.
i!v bia .gi nl i ti i. Onnto,
Notice li hereby given that tvi sey* uri-rdau-l
i-Ueiid to moke appl uatlon to the Honorable tbe
Chief r*nmmiasloner ol Landa and Works forn-r-
mission i- purchase ��� I" acres of land in the
d strict of Weal ��� ������ ������ na]. M>mm*9*>'dni a: a post
plan ed on the south aide oi Houndnrv ereek on
the International I ndary Hue. one im i H half
in les ea-t from the Salmon rlvi r. marked "1:111111
K Adams, mut beam corner," tbenoe weit ��0
chain.-, thence north m> < hains, tbence easl ho
chains, tbence iouth BO choina to place ol com-
Fl.llir K   Aham-, Locator,
|wr It   M   keeves. a- Agent.
listed ihi- Bth daj of July, 1906.
Rlitj  dayi nfier date I intend to apjtly to the
Hou   Chiel rommiai r of Landsand Works,
Victoria to purebaae 40 acre- of land i*om
meneiiiK al a poal planted al ti.e City uf Ni I-, u -
imwer planl lot .' ic corner poat, on  Kootenay
river,   theliee   *H   I'Unli-    lOUU],    thelie,-   u,-.j     J]
chains, thenee north m ebalni, lbence coal _hi
ehalna to polnl nf eomraenoi ment.
Nelson, B ''- Aug. B, 1906. E. J. Cttebik
Notice ty ben by civrn thai 00 dayi ai-er date I
intend I- aprdy to the llouorable the Chief
Commlailrtt-er of Iatud** and Works for permission tonnrchaaa tbe fallowing described landa,
��� minted in He- Weal Koolenay dlatrlct, adjoining
f. I.. Pearson's on the imrih. uhout om- ami one-
quarter mile- from the Pend d'On-ille river, commencing nt a i��>si marked C F.Caldwel] ��� - i.
eorner poat, theme ho chnins north, thence 4a
chalm west, thence BD chains south, thenci 10
chaini easl to place of commencement
Located the (si day of Augnat, iflfin,
  tJeuttAM i:i..u.:i'. Agenl
N.die.- is hereby given thai 80 dayi nfier date I
intend to apply to tbe Hon. lhe Chlel Commissioner oi Landi and Work* [or permlulon to
pnrebnae the following deacrlbed landa in tbe
west Kootenay district: ICt-ginning nl u poal
marked R.Bell'i B. E. corner, abonl two miles
eaat of the Salmon river, and half a mil" from
tic Pend d'Oreille river, thence80ehalns north,
in chain*-' weat, Bo chatna south and 101 halm cnal
to place of beginning,
DatcdJ.mil daynfJnly, l*��. B. ����� Ilm..
Noiiee \s glveu thai 00 daj - after dato l intend
toapply io ihe Uonorahle ihe chiel Com ia 11
���I r of Lands, nnd Works for permlaalou lo
nurehase the following deacrlbed innd- in Uie
Weal Kootena) District: < uimnenafni hi a r��m|
marked i\ t.'.l'oj-ut�� l*and H K ('orner placed
near tbe Pend d'Oreille river ai Boundarj i reel
ensl aide i-i Halmun river, thence easi mi Vi, dui
along the Inlernittnual Boundarj Linc.thcnei
i   "i  H) chalna, theuce weal Ml chaini, u
south 4n chains io |,i ol commencement.
Dated the30th ol .lulv 1900.        i . < . v���\ en.
by ANi-uiH ami;. Agent
Notiee I- Inrel.V el veil thnt 80 dafS trom dnle f
Intend to appl} lolhe Honorable the Commli
B| .in r ol   l.nnds  mid   Work-   f,,r  i��Tin1ssii,ii   to
p.irehaa�� the lollowlng df-aorlbed landa, altnate
to tlm Weal  Kooi.-imv  I'islrht.    -larilnglnnnu
poal marked    Uiiam Kim si Davlaon'an. K poal
ahout   Iwo lull y east of peer ] n rk on the Arrow
lakes thenci H)chains smith, thenee 4. chains
west, tbenoe 4o ehalna nortb,thenoeea*l to polnl
of commencement, oontalnJng about IBo acrea,
Dated tbi.Bth day of Jum, UOQ.
wii.i.um Kiufttai tiAvis'iv.
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y.-ssr fl.��' ,:, :, ��� 1...,,..
Agent i"s ilnsi, si. s. I's.ss. rm
Fred Irvine <& Co.
Notion i- hereb) jiven thai ilxlj dayi after
dati 1 Intend toaid'h to ibe-Hnn.ThiefCununU-
sioner nl Until and �� nrki hn |a>rmlaaloti lo
|,i ������ ..- the follow InaUeNcrlbed landa I'tnale In
Weal KiHitPUaj dlitrlet, atlhilnlni the un. run
,  .;.. .    ��� toiul  luiii  in I' �� eaal ul
ihe i oiuiii im. rivet foMinencimt m aioail mark
,.,] ������[, m i- . -. \\ rumor," ��� tualc on the In
tcruHii.tiitii boundary line, ftl the Miutheaal etir
narol J - v.* Kraaer'n land: thence out Bnehalm
lhei.ee north OU chain-, Ihem. h,-ini cba III
tbi oce Mi ii, B0cha tit |o lln i laii ul i-ummi nee
menl, pontalufnK i>" acroi mon m loai
llBled _ -t tl Juni ���  1008, I.AMU   M.   I'llA-ll:
K .1   hi;. Illy, Ageut,
ttotln i- In n !
ini.n.i io appl
lo the
tlial f>>\ da*. '  .sli. i   l-i
Mill,     lhe  I   hi.)  I
Notice i- bereby given thai ilxtydayi irom
dale I inl< lid |,>a|>)d\ lo the lion, i hn I t'.nm
nn ���ion-! ol I,mnl- and tVorkl tor |" run-*>ioii
tO   Jiurcha-e   lhe   iMllimnie   .|e-enU'.l  land*  sll
.ai. Iti We-i Kimtona f'-ir,. i, between tbe
i'eml d'oreiiie river and the international
buundar) line, about three milea Irom the Col
mnbia river. L^imnienelng "' a |n**i marked
.1..-. c I ��� .- u euruer Mltuate un the Interna
tional i ndnrj line, almul halfai   ee i ol
lhe  COM   Ih \nr\   ol   lbe   N.&K.H  Bj    landi
theuee norih ui rhaina, ihenci eail Si chalm
(hen-'.' Houtii in. tiain-, iin nee Heit tlu ehalna. to
ihi' ['hn 11���..,,iiii.'Iim-i,��� ni. t laitun.'  30aorea,
rn..re i *  !���������-.
ilaled L'llo June, \9ot, .1, *.f   I 1:1.-1:1:.
K. J. O'Kellly, .gent.
N.ihe, ii ii :, !,���, given thai 11x13 dayi irom date
J Intend inanidr u>tbe_Jun Chief 1 ammlr-alom r
of Landi and \v orka lor iicrmiaalon to |iurobawn
the rolluulng dewrlbed lamls ultuate In W'omt
Kooteuay hlntrici adjoining ihe International
boundary Hue, aboul Dvi mfleaeoatol IhoCol-
iimhia river; 1*0111 in-jucing nt a ikhi marked u
t.\ s w cornei uu tbe inter national boundm-*.
lineal Laura M 1 ranor'iaootheoil comer, thenee
north Hu cha in thenee et-o i�� ehams. tbenoe
aouth w ehalni, thence tvcal in chain- to tbe
place of e ueneemeut. containing tSD acres
more or leai
bated ailli Imn . I9M, I'.ai.cii UiiJ Ml U
Nmiji. i- reby given tbal ilxty dayi after
date I Intend d'l'iy to tbe Hon Chlel I omml��
aiuner ol and Horki (or permlaalon to
purebaae I lei loving deacrlbed land- In
tn.   Weat K(Hitena) diMriet. aouth ol the i'end
d'Oreille rn mmendng ai a poat marked
C.B'tN f itirn I lituatod on tbe trail near
Hear creek ab ii n mile irom the international
boundarj Ilm ibenee west m> chalna, tbenee
north-Hchalua wore or !(__��� to lbe ftndd'Oi-eTllf!
river- lie nci 'How nil tbe aouth hank oi the
Pend d'oreilh rlvei aoutbeoal mi chains, mora
or lew; thenei muth 30 ehnina, more or led to
the plaee ol mmmeneiaDsnt. oontalning 6fiu
acrea, more oi leaa.
Dated 'ih Jul    1Mb riiAKi.K- ItiKMEi..
r .1 p'RIelly, Ageui
Nollee 1- herebj given that mm*, daysoiter
date I intend tu apply to tbe Hon. Chief CommU-'
aloner 01 Landi ami Works tot permla��lon to
purcltoac in- fnlluwiug deacrlbed laud-, in
ihe Weal koolenay Dhrtrlet, eaai ol and ad-
lolnlng .'in:.-- '.. Mnekeii/ie's land, Commenc
ini; at a }MMt marked A..--S, K. corner, uu the
aouth ban* ��l lhe fend d'Oreille river, jn-i
above the luontb nl ihe Babnun river, ihenoe
treat BU ebaius, tbenee nortb 40 ehalni mon or
leai to ll.-  I'i lid  I 1 ireille river, Ihenee following
lhe 1    th bank nf ti.e aald nver Inaaoutbeut
rectluu to tbe phuto ol eommenoement,
containing _' -1 acrea, more or leaa,
Paled 111, July 1W6 AiniitK *v hnkiukk
Notice 1- bi rebj given thatsixtvdan afterdate
l Intend uiuiiph to the Hon.i blel 1 Ommlaaioner
of Landi aud w orka for irt-rniiaaiun to pun baac
th-- followlna deicrlbed lands in Weal kiadenav
Dlatrlcl nouth ul tbe i'end d'Oreille river, turn'
mendna ai *. i��oal marked K. T. M's. N. & corner
on tbe south bank ol the Pend d'Oreille nver.
aboul 'i ill. and a half -.-out ol lhe mouth uf Kndi
ereek thenei Miutfa hu (dtalna, tin-nee weal ni
chalna, thence north 40 cbalm more or lea. to
the Pend dti'reille river, ihenee lollowlng tha
-oiltb bank ol the aald river In ahortbeaaterl)
direction !������ the plaee 01 eommeneement, oontalning Is. tv ��������������� more or les*.
Hated 2nd July iikifi,        ki.i.a t��� Uu umi
Mnilfl! BCHNKtliRK, Agenl
Notice !��� herebj given thai OU daya after dote I
Inteud to B|.]dv to the Hon. Chief 1 ommlaaioner
n| Landi and Worka fur permission to purebaae
the followin�� deacrlbed  landa, altuate in Wesi
Kootenay   h.-lri't   lOUth   uf the   I'eml if l ireille
rlvi 1 ���; < 'om in. in-iiik ni a poat marked a. it M'a, n.
v corner iltuate at tbe aonth bauk oi the Pend
d 'ireiiie rner at Kiia '(. MocKeiixle 1 north eaal
crmr poet, thenee -.outh mi chalua, thenee oaal
sn chains, tbenee imrth m ehalni nmre or len to
tbe Pend d'Oreille river, tbence weat M chaini
follow lilt.' Ms,   hunk ol   lhe -aid river to the place
���d commenoement, containing 640 acres, more
ur leaa.
Dated 2nd Julj 1906. a. it lUaumnB.
AiiTini: .-1 HNItlUEft, Agent
Kotiee Ii bereoj given thatalxh dayiafterdate
[intend to apply to the Hon < hief Commualon-
ei of Land-and Work- f,.i permlaalon to i,nr-
cboaa the lollouinj* deacrlbed land- situate in
Went   Kootenay   Dfiitrici     ih   nf  the  Pend
d'Oreille river, commencing at a poet marked
M. H'aN.E,oorner, altuate nn ihe houii> i<ank
oi the I'end d'Oreille rivur ai Jarora N Maeken
ale'i rtouthweal comer, tbence aouth un chains,
ihence woat hu chalna, tbenco muth "11 chains
more or leaa to the Peud p'Orellle river; ihence
lollowlng the Month bonk of the said river in nu
eoaterij and nortbtuMterli direction to tbe place
ol eoTiniiciiceineiit. uuniafnIngB40 acrea, mure ur
batesrd July, im;.      ManoiBn Uaaoovxr,
Arthur Si hiiehlcr, Agent,
Notice is hereb) given Uietilxtj dayaafiordate
1 1 mem' toapph to the Hon. chlel' nmmlmlouer
id Lands and Work- for i-ertniajriou lo purebaae
the following deacrlbed land- in Weat
Konieuaj   In-iriet. aouth ul Ihe Pend d'Oreille
rlvei   ��� mencing m h i��--i marked J   n  M'a
k. w. eoruer, allualed on Hie hou lb bai k oi u,e
I'end d'Oreille rh
mi Landi and Worki foi jut mission hi pur*
chaw the lollowlnl ������- rilasd land- in Wesi
K.,,.1. mn dlatrlcl, pn i inw nl Drttiah Columbia;
1 1.in n'c mi: ai I. i""-i marked   ���', ill iam Tolling
Ion'* iiorthweel corner poat,"  said  |m.��i  i u-
planted al the aoulbweal eurnerul Lhe "yueen
Mineral Claim,' aud adjoliiini thi eaal hue ,,1
,\|, I'hairi pn 1 million tl,. ine south twenty CJM
rbaliu along -��. t hm . tbenee eail lorl; H"i I
ebalnii thenee north iwentj (juj ehalna, tbeuce
weil lortj iM' < tmiii-��� 1  ot I,--. 10 ihe plaoe nl
t ,.111111,  tie. Hu  111
Us led hildn) ul -ngnit, IfltM
iu in- ageni .'   K Tnytnr,
Notice is bereby given lhal M days after dale 1
intend lo epplj lo Un Uonorahle ihe Ohlel�� urn*
>i I Uuidaaud Worka for permlaalon to
pun-hoae lhe lollowlng ile-erlbed l*imi- illu
ni,,i In the K oiemiv PtatilcL Bevinniug at a
i',."i planted on ih. 11,.nn ibore ������' the Lower
Arroa Utki about W ebalni wwl ol Ibe weal
bonndarj **i ' l* i. Lol '"'- Marked It A v
- B 1 om.';, Lheni 1 weal Hi 1 halna, Ibi-ui ��� north
00 ehalna, ibenee eaat *> ehalna mure .-i  loai  la
11L.   bore, ihen,'. in ,i ...nih ��������-!��� rly    - lion
along lake ���ban to ] lol commencement, eon*
laluini M) acrei more ..r 1. ���
I. ��� A ��� m, 1806
II. A   Woivi RTOH.
A. N Woli gvroN. Agent.
Noi],.   is herehv cn.-n Uiat l��" mon*bl alter
date I intend  ui a|.|-i\ hi the Honorable Cblel
�� ..1 mioner ol Undi and \\.,is- lm permli
  tonu*ehaae -1*, 1 drwl  aud   tortj   (>������*������)
acrea of land! deacrlbed ai (ollowi: t'ommen' ing
ai a poal planted ��' ibe north weat corner oi l..
Uoltogber*iapplication lo pnrebaae lu tin **��\
lev, on tin- west side of Lowei Ar ou l.nke. Ill
Koolenay district, marked ���  V   A   I   -   N   r.  OOI
uer"; tbenee running eights pS0> chainaweat;
ihence elgbtr  (wj aouth;   thence eigbty (*��)
1 hains eaat; tbenoe eighty (BO) cbalni north to
place Of collimetieeln. nt
\\    A   I A] 111;
Pated the'2nd day of July   IKU
BUty days afterdate  1   ml. nd  In apply in tlie
< otiiuilssloiier ui  l-and* aim  Works. ��� niurla, to
pn:cbaac W0 acrea ol land i ommencing ai a
poal planted on lbe weal sin re ol arrow Lain   al
the smith ea-t corner of .1   .1   CbrlOtlC'l [Miri liase,
rnnning north BO ch>ina thenee eaal *v chalna,
ihenoe aouth 80 chalna, theuee trod lo cbalni to
I'-i- . of cniiitnemciiicut.
Holloa i" iu rebi en en iimi u, .
���'"'������  '   "'"s.'l lo km Is   i,.  "�����", I,""'��'
 rol li....���!i"��fcULa
KI "   purrtiMO  .K   l,tn.;r,.,i .,,,      |rr*��
 < i..... i. .i���r,, ���.. i ���";.;,,.; _. ~ ������,* i ""m
ssl   ss   |"-i   |s|,sii|,,|   ���t   ||���    uuri,t_p._..   _!*-|
"U ��  Ji...' si���.,,.i .'uriiiT1'',,K_.*H
,-,Kis,. is.s)ri,���t���,��,..,. US'la
nnrlltl si (|���. m,, ,,���, �����
���a. -'i cha  s. ,.,'
;::;::,:"',;;;;;:":;rr,> ' I
Puled tbetnd ui Juii. I'm.
��   , , ���" A v
������     ���..(*!	
Nolle, iv herehi given that Q_Un____ii_i
inlcnd In make application unbi   .iw.ur.1
��� in*   C ulaaloner of Undi anil WiotjbS
miminn  lo  purebaae ihe i"ib.aim j���I
land-    ( nuimeoeini m ��� |H*i i>l ..*. ..,
nnrlhweitenn.trol m���i,i, �� .i^iw^ifl
Hun  lo pnrel ��� in Pin* Vaih .
Mi   n    h   ,,.,n, i,*   ruuuiUK i
. liaiui "Mini,,  it. i im no . ul   w .
pliue ,,| nm m. no ni
Looatod Miv.'Uh II*"..
L. QaUaJtanxR, U
Sltly days  after date I Intend to  a)i|.lr lo the
Commlaaioner ol Landa and Vtorka to poreban
U aerea ol land, altuate about oue mite eaal of
Hurton rn*,. and deaortbed oa (ullowa: Can*
mencing al a poal planted un the nortbwool cot
ner of lot 0630 and runlng weal SEOehaina, thenee
north rn cbalni, thence eaal SU ehalna, tbence
lonth aioiiK lot B6U t>. place oi beginning.
Juiy.'iii, tM J. it. in rm
Notion is herehv Kivcn tbal alxtj daya alter
dale I intend toapply to tbe Hon chlel ( ommlaaioner Ol lands and Worki" lor Im nn i--ioii lopnt-
chaec the loUowing deaorlbed laudi altuate ln
Weal Kootenav dbttriot; Commencing al a poet
marked .1 ll. \ anatane*i B.K corner poat. iltuate
in ih. Hainan ttlver Valle), al a potnl adjoining
J Mceeiier's hmd at wesiein boundary, thence
weat80 ehalna, thenee nortii *�� ebalni Lbence
eaai n ebalni, tbenee aonth ��' cbalni to polnl ol
July 24cli. iyu��. J. ii. VijttTOJnt,
���|. II  Atklnaon. igt nl
reek ;   thenei
. Ih.
io more or lean lolhe Pend d'Oreille river
[allowingthe -outh bankol theaald rive
iii a v.
aterlj and aouthweaierh dlreetlon hi ih
>l   comiiieiiceiiieiu,   conlaiiiiiu.'   EC/U OCW
mure i
i Ibaa,
i Brd Julv. IflOB.       Sjjttt s. m*.-KKN7ii:
Arthur .-.eim. idor, Ageni
ie la bore by givon that alxtr dun aftor del
Notice is hereby given Unit tiv nuhs afler
date I intend hi a|.|.lv hi thfl Honorable tlie
i hief ComnilrMtoner ol Land- and Work-, Inr
iiermlMion tu purohaae tlie fotltmlng deaerlbod
luiids Kiiimte mi ihe ��csi arm of Kootonaj Lake
in the Mlatrlct ni Weal Kootenay:   Commencing
nl a |.ied marked "William ECuorby'l N W. |,osl;"
ihenee weal twenty (Stoj chalna; tbenee smith
Iwentj (ai) rha>na; thenee eusl twenty cju)
chalnn; thenee north twenty (an obaina to tlte
point uf cmiiiiieuceineiit. ('(iiitniiiini;   forty  (III)
acres, more or it��a
bated inly 7, ii*k;. \ c. Kwamt.
Notice is horebyglven tbalefxtydayiaftar date
I Intend tn H|-|.lv to lhe Hon  Chief Com ml Minn
erof Landi and Warfct-for periniMion tn pur
chase   lhe   f.dlmviiiK   deaerlbod   lamls  tu  Wc-t
kootenay Dlatrlct, aonth of tbe fend d'Oreille
river,pommeiicingatapoet marked n it M'a.,
N ��. euriier.sitiiiited nn the south t.ank id the
I'eml   d'Oreille   river  al  .lames   N   Mnefc-nzi'-X
Koutbweai corner; thence eaal ���toolialna, thence
wmtb-iu chalm, thenee weal 40 obaina, thenee
north *i -ham- to the piu ���onimencemeut,
COtttrlnlng Kill acres inure or let
ltaled Brd July |B80.     D0V4I4J ll   llAQUMgUI.
AKTiuit BoaUnttOgfti Ageni.
I Intend loapplj h> the H
.rid Landi and Worka for iiermiaatun h> purohaae lhe following duaerlhod lauds In Wool
Kooienaj blutrlet, auutb "I tbo i'eml d'Oreille
river, eomn unelng at a poal marked A, I'- N, w
corner, ilinaiud at the aouthweat comer of Lol
4426, O. I . them-e etist Kli chains, Ihenee -outh in
tlhaltlfc, ihence ucsl to chains. Ihcme 11.iril, 1; >
chain- In Ihe plOCC of eonitnclu eiiieiil, OOUtalll-
llitt fu acres, more nr teas.
Dated _9th   una, 1900, Ankis Phauu
K. J.O'Hellly, AgenL
Noiiee is herehv given that Oo daya after date
I iu lend loant.lv to the Hon Chief Commlaalontr
nf Landa and Wurkafur purmianlon to nureha-e
tin* following deaerlbod land" in West k nay
dlatrlct, snnth of the Pond d'Oreille river, eul of
Flab creek, commencing al a j-nsi marked K. W.
Iran w ourner, ubout half a mile oad ol Uie
iinrilii'H--'t corner ol U>\ 1.20, G, I., iheneeaotllll
In chains, ihem-eeiiM WKhuins, thonce norih (<
ptialllK, llienee Wist HU chains tu the idaee of
commencement, containing  !QU acres, mure nr
Datod 2nd July IMS,        ritr.n w. HAScottftT
Ainiiri! Hrm-Mmtg, A if en 1
sixty days afler date I Intend toapply to the
com mission, r uf l.unds ami Worka to tnirehaae
ItMaeifH ul land, near liiirtun Clty.co 'iielns
in a noal planted ai the aouthooai corner ui 1 <.t
Nu Ktiti. nnd marked J, D. Mc'l aouthwoal corner
and running nnrth .|�� -thalm, thence ooal 411
ebniiiH, tlience coiitli   III chaiiis, tlieiiec west   lit
chains In piano nf la*|(iiuiinu.
July Lllh.lHtli. .1. Ji. McCtn.uiCH.
A. A. hurton, Agent.
Notice Is herehv Kiveli that 80 days after dale I
Intend to appl) to ihe Honorable tne Chief Com*
mlndoner ol Landi and Works f..r permuutuii to
purebaae the Inllnwing deacrlbed land- in the
Woal Kootenaj dlitrlet' Commenetug ai a poai
marked 11. McC n k eorner, planted .���ehatns
north of the 8. W corner of w a. Calder'i pn
emption in l ire Valley, running iOchaUii aouth,
40 chalna woat, 40 chalna nortb, B chain* pool io
place ul eniiimenceiiielit
Maiii: UoCoKouan, Locator
w a. Cauim, Agenl
Jnne *nih. iwo
Noiiee is berobj given thai 10 dayi aftor date I
Intend tu make application lo th.- Honorable tbe
Cblel Commlaaioner ol Landa and worki lor i-'i
mission to purohaae the lollowlng _)eaeiib.*d
landi Commencing al a jh.si marked A. w Calder'i tontheaai oorner, aeetlun Ig, Townahlp fl��,
rnnniiic east twenty ehatns, Nimtii forty ehalna,
weat twenty ehalna, north forty chains to pia.e
o (commencement.
Dated  ftUyg, attX Ion-,   H.vns
Notice i-i hereby given that R0daya after dale 1
intend toapply to the Honorable iin Chief Commlaaioner uf L.iieU Nlid Worki for ].. tun-.i,.ti  tu
purebaae the following doaerlbed landi to lbe
v.esl Koolenay district; eominem Int al a |.om
marked   "Nallialiiel    *-h Intvre's   B.  I*,   comer,"
planted on the weal ilde nl ibe Columbia ttlver,
ahoul 7 milea north of Itnrlmi I'ltv, and no . luiins
norlh of Hi.  south-west corner oO-id Kit, thenee
nonh ho chalna, ihcme weal B0 ehalna, tbci	
iouth hu chalna, ihcnce easi hu obaina to point ol
' inieneeiiielit, eniilaliiluj; 0_ acres.
Daied this I'Jth day uf June, ISM
NatuaMKI. MrlvrvKi:
T. C .Makinsoii. Ago 111
Nollee is hereby given that IIU days after dale I
Intend Loapplj hi ibe Honorable the Chlol Com
mlialonerol binds and Worka for permlaalon to
pi i re haw ihe followlni deaortbed lauda om
"iiicji.u iii ii j���,m placed on thu north ahnro ol
""   Weal ar f  Kootenav  Luke, nl Ihe Ooittieasl
comer of John drunks' pre-emption, ihem.
weal  I" ehains. mure or loaa, io lho aoutjieaai
corner uf Ia,1 No. 7M-'.. Ihenee IIO rill W chains.
Ihenee coal  Iu (hiiUi> more or loaa, Ihenee nnrlh
wnhaini la lhe polul ol cammencumeui
Dated .lune imi,, IWO,
(��. H  Ati.i.ton.
Noi,,, || bereby given that no davs after date I
Inieml toapph lolhe Umiiirnble lbe Chlel Cum
mission,-,'of Landsand Worka fo. permission tu
"irebaae Lho following deaurthed landa,altunto
in the w.si Koolenay district: Ci meiiural a
|��.-l  liiarked   M. Mel', ^, W.  curlier   iihmted  in
ehaliiH ives' uf I,  I*   M���r Isoii'k nm-Invest curlier
"i his nrown grinned hum i���, pirii Valley run
niliK  -111 chains  eust,  111 ehains north, 111 'chains
woat,40 chains aouth tn place of i lenccmoiil
m. Mri'ANiii.iMi, Locator.
v. A. t ai.i.kii, Ageuu
June Jillb.'JWNi.
. IiitcI.v
till.-lid In ii|.)dv
nf Landa antl Wi
tho following d<
Wesi Kootonay
i I hm iin days nfier dale. [
iithuesi i
, Iniiii-
r   of   Lo|
t��00!   Ihe
north 'JO vh&Un
outb 40 ohalni
lUlllJ-j lIlMiicies
V.rtl dtiv
Mary ko
a roan, Ago
io point
mure or
nl Julv,
Noiiee is li
I Inlcnd  in app|
given Mint Clldiiys after dull
Mi en��J    '��� "PI- y   to  the   llniinrahle   the  Chlol
��Vnttt ��"1"������"��'">-P'-n.c,.,,.-
Dgted '.-uti, day of .i,,iv MD,      T, It Kiikn.-h
by Aniiukw aiuk, Agent,
July 2nd, laud
K m Mo iKDLtn Ug
W    A   -  |
Nolle.- |.  Ih    Cbj  given lhal  Udlf] ,|ir
hi'' nd iu appl) ���>> the llonorahli
nitnilotier of |��anda ami Worki fm
i irehoae Uie (ollowlna -1"*������fhrd tiniliij
in lhe West KiaiieiiHy illstie'i   i
)��.-!   oil   Die   easl aide of   Tulip ' :���   ,       *
Arrow   l-ake, ami   marked "J   J w   ,���,,
eoriier."  Ihence   . it-l   HU   ��� Itn: I
ehalna,  thenee weat hii rlialui u���i,, ^-,
. imni- io poini oi commend nam.
e .e n i more or lean.
LiMiUcd June iKth. \\n*\. j j ',i4 j
T. 11. WlLl.UKw.S, A��ff
BlXtj    daya   after   dale I in;, ud bllpgH
chief Commieetonei  of Landi ami iiH
Vlgtorla, lor permlaalon to nui bai <l
ami nl*ty [1*0) aereaol Ian
ed   as   follow,.:   Ci.tinneii  \\,m  ���i  ��� Bogi
eli:hiv (hi) ehriin- e*��il ul th*  '���   ���'���
Bi   i      - pn ��� mpllon and marked <���
eorner,"   mnl   riiniilnK   ea��i   forty (BJ
theliee rmtitli lorty (40) rbalmi i
chalna, ibenee north forty i^ijchiin'ui-inl
begin nine 1
Julv 7. ������'���- c r *���uen.]
Nollee ,* her.-hl given lha: '���" il ��M
Intend hi applj   hi ih.   lion tin -I
atom i mi Landi and Work* (or in-mitoi-aa--**"
chaae the following  di
Kootenaj distrlet, prm In
I omim II' 1IIL* ..*��� n |>o-l lliurK,
^ W curlier, oil tbe mnitli ��idi
iiholU    two   Itllle*    easl   ol   Hurl
and at th>- oorthwuai corner ul *na_
Itt's  j.r. emption   claim,  th- m
ibenee   north en ehaiiui   I
IheliiH* Mtulh 00 ebalni hi tlie |'hi*--.kfiuli|f
containing MOacraa mon
I'uied ihis ��th da) ut Jnh   in
*   AA>rWJ
Noiie. i.. horebyglven lhat teen     *\
dale I i ml lo*jij,U i<> th, H.ni..ulilf lifl
i ..misii n.'i ol Undaand ��..���*.���.* i-nabl
to imri'haac the rniiowmg de��nb |
nie iii   fire Voile) on He well ��� '������'���
row Lake, Kootonay dlilrli I
loWl:    I'ouuueiii ine   ai   a  |"-
uoribweet eoruer of W A.<aldei
marked -a Ucl.'i lauthwi it
thenoe f-Ttv (i"i cbalm ���
cbalni norib;  ihcnce [ertj (*����� <i'��ta'
theuee lorty (Hi) chains smiili to ha1.P.	
commencement, mntalnlng ou luuw'*m,
imy (lMi) aerea mon cm lay
Dated Jane at, UKH Aanei
W. a Ciu��ai i
Kotlrc is lurei.y given thatalit] -bM|
date I intend to app �� hi tbi UrM�� ��
Chiel Cnmmlaatoner ol l-and- nml *���**������
|,. in,!'-nm i,, purehoac tin
it-n i- enmmenmug ai a poal marl
Ifngtou'i '. I ' poal ni Mi- loutwatf "'
oi j o. m,-,m..i..'. prcemplinn HrdM
ruunlng south 40chalnn lo wnthirwi renaa
i....  Hudaun'l |.r. .-Kiitii-.i*
eim.u-: thonce nortb U r n 1
��� hi ii- to place ofrai mcmoenh-*MW���l
aerea ol land mure oi les-.
Ha ed this Mb day of Angnav '"
i.i  ��������� i i'    Si ���
\    ,\    ilu  Illl    ���'
BUty dayaafi r dato I intend to ��t'i.'|T u'Ji
cummiaalonernl Utmls and worki * ,
purebaae M0 acme ol Und mtualeaiuiaaro|
,i- followi    Commencing at i i- ',..
lhe eusl shore of Arrow l.ak. ilppoalie�������������
laHinliiiK   hi   ll..*   south   reti ,"rll',r.,"   __\
ui-ii.j'- pm ...npiion ..;,' rtarted 1 ya
corner;   ihelue   ,-��,.(   00 < hal..  .to" -'''.     .
i-biiiu-, tbence weat��chalm "'""' " ���, "-
theme north along   Ihe lake  slier.   10 W
'iiiiii iika>.
L01B, 1^��
p I nor
Notice || herehv glVOO tluil M"'*   k
Mi-cm! totnpH tn ii"* Honorable toe inj
nii-it.n.* of Undaand Worki fe; i--r" H
tncneliij. at a poat marked V   h me a
planted at the H   W. corner ol ��  ������    Ml
fin on n  in  Fire Valley, nw*""f53
north,   ll'challis west, Wi chains m.iilll. **l>
eaal to plaoe of oommenccmeiii
W. K.M'-- av *���*_**
.ti nth. 1900,
Noiiee b herebj glvei "-1    ���
dale I  intend  lo apph   to the Bfl
chief Commlaaioner uf Und' '
periiilsshui lo purchase lln   folleviii
trad of land: Ml til ale al 'Jlieeu* .������
if Kootonay Ulf
n  hi
. '���
shore uf Kootenay Uke in mc ��'����� ;��� w g
 tonay, Pntvlur '-    '�����'"fSJ
'���'���"' R   by   adiiiea-uren.e.    M    ��� *
lhe same more or less, whleii i" M
mon iHirilcuUrtj dea rll* l ���� ""' n,)(ri
 i H,.- ...���!���-11\ i    *,
 ie Iti]- al a iM-lul un ilu
i��� ;ukii H, 1 Wesi  Knoli
aoiltll easl  corner nl I. '
lollowlng ih-- aimtber]y
auehalns more or leal
Ilel of Mild l.ol OHM
souih    It)   chains   i e   ...
erly bmindaryi r ���> �� BathHih'*  -PP
|-ureh���,e;H,encee..-lcrl;,  loll--*\W * ;,|1(ii-
oi i. '���*";
-Ull'      ""^
...    Mr     m
1,1(1 '
STEEDS* T.iuSBh**w��i
iti ���:���<
nl tho anlsl alii
���sti "lis-liiiln.
t.l I...I
ill-ill I l.ssl 7siKII is   IS lis"''.' '
lug tbe w_aterl�� -oulliiarjf "'
I sssssl .'Iliiiu, litssrt' ssr Is'lss. li' l1""11
llll'llt. ��� u   (tFYl'll
llsilfil .It,,..-  I"'. I'll'''.
NoUM I. hereby IClvoli ''i"1 ''"'ij,'*'1'.
lint,' I IiiIi.|���II���hi,|,I,-I.s lis; I"1 !''?rl��.rntl��*
l'���i,nti|.|.i,.,i,.|',.ll..sii''-'"" "''',:,.,' iii'ls'l"!
���hiss.,' III.- f,.ll...vl.,K 'I''..' "",,,���., ..i��f*
.1   Kts.'l. l.'iv ill��lr|i-l
'    .1   tlii- iiiirllili'i'.'-l ;;������;-,      ||���.
III ,la,
rtlnv:. t  ��� ,': I:I!|,V.:"^
III lll.'ls.slli-'    ', ��
,   til,-IIS" II"""
saal I., iui"'.
..      St   ll'KB.    UlS-llfl'   <
1,1,1 iriis'tiiiiiiiiii:. ibf "i"\\ '   ,,, nn-s'i'ip"
l.sss.'f is is.it iss known is""" """ ��"' ��� ivm".
Hi utiivr,, iiwi. "'"        .nt
Ns.iif.' rotogr,,..,t';��i��i��i-0M
olClrcs rr.'.'k: Slssrllist:���l      ���  ��!.'
John Whlto'a -! "���������f",nl"r.'         ������ .  :
s'isssi.is, aoutii ..I -i m ;;,,,   ,,.i ir i
running nnrUi ski.'Is.sii.n '      ' ,, bjMJS
tltt.it... South HO islttilii". tl'f I'"' �� ;|IK mm��
I.SSllllllI SSIIISJlll'OIUOllt. '    ,1,11111.
Juu.ll,ll����. J.JBAiaa, The Daily Canadian
Canada Drug and
Book G>V�� Limited
s,   v**������<_>��������� ;-���������*��������������������������������
Hungarian  Physician   Makes   Improvement on Present System.
kind   llinl
inn :irc lbe very out-s we are
i.\ di Hiiinstraiiie.
kill. Come and i
e tlie average opti-
ifter, there-
superior ability -iinl
liat mir eye specilist
W. Hi Aldridge Hesitates About Eight
Hour Day at St. Eugene Mill.
Vl Mecklenberg. M* A*
in do for you.
��� satisfy you.
charge unless
Satisfaction Guaranteed
Canada Dtug nnd
Book Co'y, Limited
ial Bank of Canada
i'l.  W1LKIK, Pro-Went
Head Offices   Toronto.
(8,900,000 BBBT $8,1100,000
HON. HUBERT .1 AFFRAY, Vice-President
Branches in B i'ish Columbia:
is. sp iwlit s. -,'ivsii ninl IntarMt allow..; m otunani ntaa from dote of opening ne-
sls',1 liiilf.visnrlv
J,   M.   LAY,   Mnnager.
I nnil .rs   u,.,i It:i]l'.yi.iirly
lie Hall Mining and Smelting
Company, Limited.
A new und LDtoreutlng apiutnutUB ror
restoring respiration in apparently
drowsed porBoiiH or in other caaea
where the patient has completely
ceuBcd to breathe, has been devised
by a Hungarian physician. The new
method is intended to induce ahdoni'
(nail breathinp; inijtead of tlie cliest-ex*
pan-don type���in which particular it
dirt'eru from al! thi. received methods
ol resuscitation.    Says the writer:
"By watching the Sylvester process,
which is the one moil frequently em-
ployed to obtain artificial respiration,
and which consists in regular flexion
of thi' patient1! arms while be ll extended on bis back, it is seen thut at
each Inspiration, after the QOmpre*
sion of the thorax, iin latter r_U vitv
ilily in virtue of Hn elasticity, but
lhat at tbe lamo time    the    abdomen
sinks t-i ii marked degree, This is
due in exterior atmospheric pressure.
. . . Tbe capacity of tlie ohesl tn
thus Increased bul slightly, and the affects of the artificial respiration are
lessened, The same is true for the
respiration,   .   .   .
Convinced Unit the small degree ot
success usually obtained wiih tlu- ordinary methods of artificial respiration
must lie attributed to this cause, Dr.
tClsenmeiiger or Szfiszvaios, !lunjary,
bus tried ihe plan of restoring arlit'i
mil respiration by acting only on tbs
abdomen withoul causing any movement of lhe thorax, and to tbi'.. end
in* has devised an apparatus thut enables bim to Increase or diminish at
will ihe atmospheric pressure acting
mi tii��> abdomen. This device consists
of a sort ul cuirass fitted with straps
and edged with a pad so thai tight
contact may be made with the body
This cuirass is placed over thy ubdo-
iheu and lower thorax, hut rests only
ou tbe resisting parts of the body,
leaving uu empty space where the all
is alternately compressed and exhaust'
ed by means of a bellows coinmuni
eating with the cuirass by a flexible
tube.   .   .   .
"The movable envelops of the abdomen, being alternately depressed and
raised as described above, transmits
this reciprocal movement ucross the
soft internal organs, to tlie diaphragm, which It niovoE In a corresponding way. thus causing inspiration
and expiration. . . The heart . .
is also alternately compressed und dis
tended.   .   .   .
'*lt will be understood thai the variations of pressure produced artificially
by the rhythmic increase and decrease
tit the atmospheric pressure on t,h<- abdomen, must perform u sort of massage
by pressure 'positive massage." then
Dr. Eisenmenger*s process may be sailed "alternate positive .and negative
knusBa-ge,' und the latter doubtless exercises a much greuter Influence on
the motion of tlie heart und the circu-
laition of the blood. Another udvnntago
of this new method over direct mas-
sage is the fact that, at the moment
when it acts on the heart, the lungs
are full of air, the artificial respiration
being  produced simultaneously.
ffixperimenl has shown that this method of heart massage, which has tho
advantage that it may be greatly prolonged, enables us. when aided by simultaneous artificial respiration, to obtain fuvoruble results even sometimes
ln desperate cases.
We regret that we ure unable to reproduce the illustrations accompanying
the airticle which we reprint from the
Literary Digest.
Last week the mill at the St. Eugene
mude a request for an eight-hour day,
and asked for un answer from the company by August 10. Manager Aldridge
bas asked for another week In which
to consider the matter, and we under*
Btund the men, or a majority of them
were favorable to this and that his request was granted. Mr. Aldridge
wished to confer with the mine owners In the Coeur d'Alenes before
reaching u decision.
It seems there Is conslderuble dlfferi
ence between the profits made by tho
Coeur d'Alenfl silver lead mine ownerB
and those of Iliitlsh Columbia. So
much so is this thut fhe mine owners
in the Coeur d'Alene get nearly %'Mi a
ton more for their product than those
ol this province. This will probably bo
taken into consideration in arriving ut
a decision. However the fact still re-
mains thut the men ure us scarce us
ben's teeth und they ure masters of the
Situation, for the present at least. The
time limit asked for will expire next
.Friday, August 17th.���Moyle Leader.
Silver King Hotel
Bent Dollar a day house In tbe Kuotenay..
Room* Rre wtsll fnrtilHhed.  Table ass r-oosI aa any
tu Ss.l-s.ii     liuraupplled with good
llauora and .lsara.
W. E. MoO_DLISH, Proprietor.
Tremont House
European anil American Pita
MeaU 25 ctl.   Uoomi from ib eta. to 11
Only White Help Employed.
Baker St., Nelson Proprietor*
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry Ores.
Georgia Minstrels.
The extreme longevity of Richard &
I'ringle's Famous Georgia Minstrels is
tlie hest evidence of Its worth. For
over a quarter of a century the public
has been amused hy these dusky entertainers. Never in the history or the
"Georgia*" has there been such a program or good things us will be seen at
Sherman Opera house tomorrow evening.
A big new first part, arranged hy
Clarence Powell, lively with bright,
new jokes and repartee, lively music,
handsome costumes, beautiful scenery
and the latest In all songs und music.
Ten new vaudeville acts will be seen
In the olio, concluding with the latest
absurdity, "Jim Jackson."
There will be no long waits between
acts. The curtain will never fall until
the final act on the program.
"There la more fun than circus,"
is what is claimed for the Georgias.
Thompson & Douglas
Hiifti   Writing  ll  Spewlulty.
Wiili Puptsrund I turl.-p.
Bartlett   House
Best Dollar-a-Day House in Nelson.
The Bar li thu Kiihim.
White Help Only Employed.
Joiephlne St.
The Big Schooner n.._  1 A_
or-ii.ifa-,dn.ii" Deer IvL.
Thtt only Glass of Good Boor In Nelson.
We have Improved and Unimproved Ranches for
Sale on the Kootenay and Slocan Lakes, Slocan
Valley and Nelson District.
Before purchasing call
and examine our list.
H. & M. BIRD
I'lre  und  As.clsl.iit
Real Estate and Mining
Manager for the Kootenay Valleys Company, Ltd.
OldHBt estatslished Ri'til Estate
Business in Koolenay.
Nelson, B. C.
Hotel acKUimmodaUoni Mcond to none in iint-
inh Columbia.   Knii-fii 00 per day.  *i>rj*i*il ratei
t mthiv boartten  only borne hotel in Nelaon
COk-M.k j_TANL.t2V ami SILICA.
Lake���  _/e���
Hall and Vernon Sts.
Two block*/nmi
Rates $1.00 per Day
and np.'
P. 0. BOI IM.
(Telephone ''B-
Grand Central Hotel
J  A. ERICKSON, Proprietor.
Centrally Wnteil. Open Day au.l Nl.ltt.
Sinnjile mnl Bath Itoumn Free.
I have for Sale the Qhoicest
Froit Lands in this district
Most of it situate un tho West Ann nut. Mnin Lake.   See me before you decide to loeaUi.
I s. ro. brydges, om!$3ct���i
Opposite Court House an. Post Office.
Corner Wind ind Vernon Streets.
'oal Tar, Waterproof Paints
Pitch, Cfeosot", Oils ior Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch and Paints.
liinii r.ssil.li'iv will tinil if III -l.s-iriislvntimp' Iii uw out- l'ilrll
Nelson Coke ar i Gas Co., Ltd*
*. Burns & Co,
His Divinity.
1 iii..-U th* .v-av a Colorado bacheloi
poetically laya u bouquet &t*the te; t
of his boat girl: "There ts gladness in
her gladness wb.cn bIio'b glad; there is
���aadnoBB in her Badness wiion she's sad.
lint the gladness or her gladness nor
the Badness of her sadneBB is nothing
it, ihe madness of her madness when
she's mad."���Harper's Weekly.
���UI-M.KAI-   ACT
Certificate oi Improvements
QlgftatlCt  Oluil,    First ('linnet', <'hnliti1nl��, ninl
Twenty Mill* Kr-v-iion mineral c-_1a.hu, titu-
ni.- in tin* NeltQirWlulng Dlvhtlcm of West
Kiiolt;liay tlislrlcl
Wh&To lorahul: <ni i uudoeinonntain, belwoen
win Hone and Beftri'reeki.
.Takfl nmiiv thHt I, John MoUt-.liie.Qi the city
uf Nelsi.n. acting aaagent tor JoiiephStorgeo%
Km-   Mllier'i i .rliliitiU'  No  B0U), iiili-ml, BlXty
liHv-- from the flate bereof, to niply to the Mining
Recorder for CertiSt-ateH uf unprovemenii. for
tho pnrnme "i ohhtihins frown Urautaof the
above ola uu
Ami further take notlno Unit action(innicr tee-
tion ���". musl be commenoed before the litoaneQ
ui smii Oertlflt-ate ��f tmprovomentt.
Dnli-,1 tins ;tisi tiny oi .Inly. A. 1>. I9ML
Tn�� Strathcona
Nelson, 15.0.
B. Tomkins, Manager.
The Leading Hotel in the
Oood   Sample    Rooms,
Queen's Hotel
Hikn Hlis-L'l. M>.'ls��m. B. G.
Lighted by Electricity and
Hetited by Hot Air
Choice Fruit
I Have tO.OOO Acres
of the
Choicest Frait Lands In
British Columbia.
Can sell any quantity from g acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
Nelson, B. C.
Urge and Cumfortablp BeilTonmn anil Firat-
clans 1'iniiip Room.   Bmnple Roonu tor Commercial Hen.
MRS. K. 0. CLARKE, I'roprletresi
li Mopkota in  Ko
nlmid, Trnil,  JSi-lanu, KnslOj
Denver and Sloonn (Jiiy.
Srtmlnn, Thvoo Forltfl, Now
mini ti
'i aud 0
nny l.nini'li will have
111*1,1'   lllll'lllls   il
He xd Office: Nelson, B. C.
OKA1 KD TBNDBB8,-marked''���TooAortorTlmnor
v>   i.nuitH. WockHi riv t'ni-k," win berarolved
i.v tii- unaaralguod up i n ol s>miMl��y, iin*
lllli iliiv-ol tlgUst, l��W( Ii'-iii nil) p tHMii ���l,'-ir
nn; 1 1 nbtaln npoolal Ilm her Ilroiicoa to out ��"'!
natty away Uintwr  tli��* tollowlni doipribofl
[sent, rituate on t ii .-��� Nortb Fnrk nf Wondberry
Creek, in Uio .in wortli Mining Dlvialonol Ww
Konlona] UiMrinl I
1 .tit 1.   1' iniiii"���<-lii(i nl �� siiiki* I'liiuii'il mi tlu-
Nnrth  Kork m W ii-ti'iy rack, about   fivo
iniiii inim Kootonaj Lakoi theuce iouth w
oHatns; tbenoowail aOaiiaiuii Uiauo-J uorth W
i-iintns; tin* no oaal Nohkluiui tbo twin) Ol nun
L't 'I ( niiinii'iii'iiir. ul a itAkO v'AiiU-il nn tin*
Nnrth fork Ol WnniHu-m Invk  ulmiit Hix iiiIU-i-
{nun Kootonay Uako: uiunoo sooth 80 tthalua;
thouoo woat su rhuiiis; tttonoo nnrth BD ohalns!
tboucooaai .s�� hnlns in tho point o( ooiaroenoe*
Lrii ;t.  I'nnini.nu'ini; nt �� ptako plan too ou tho
Nnrlh   Fork   nl  WtiniiU'iTV  Orook,  abottt  Ki-vt'li
iiiih-s irom Kootonay Uakoi thonoe ihutb ho
ubalURj tin*   wont 80 obaliifti thoueo nortii 40
chuiliv;  lln-iii*!.' ohsI Kn Gliafna   tn tlu* iiuliil o!
l.ni t   -CotnmonoiUB at a Htnko planted on the
Nnrlh l*'nrk o( Woo h.rry i n-nK, nlmnt I'tghl
Hi Hon   limn   K. ntt'imy   l.uki-;   ihmuv  BOUtll  80
chaius; tlienoe went WRha.ns; thenoo nortii Bo
clinin ; Ihuuoo easl hii t'italui in tin.- point ul
The niTNim oftttrihg lhohlghostooah bonus will
bctmiitltid tn Mpri'hii lioouoes oovorlUH the Hm
it**- rciu'wiihln for Iwpuly-otie suooussivti yoars.
K.ii'h toudor iniiwi i-i- utniampaiilad by r oertl-
(led t'hoauat miiiii' p-yabi�� ni imr in Victoria t��
lho undfOHgUBd, for tin* unumnl, JMflO.W), o( tlu*
lir-t yi>i\r',t foes lor mtoh ipaotol Hocnoos, mnl tbo
miuu'uil nf ilu- li'iiiim tiinU'ivil, niM alsaooortt-
tit-it ohoqho tor 180oo for oosi oi advoPt}siug said
IVpnty Pommlwlonur of Uttidsaud Works.
Landl mnl Wnrkx Hr|,ni t nl.
\ ii-toriii. it. i;,-)ni> imh, mm.
Notleo is hereby rIvi-u that within two months
from the first pubuoatlon hereof in the Brttlsh
UolumblH UasetlC, I inti-ml In npply to tlu? linn.
Chlel Comtulsslonor ul Lands aiul Works fnr a
npoolal tleeuso 10 0U1 and curry hwhv timber
(rnni the foiiowiii*- deserlbed lands, situated in
Wesi kootenay:  Oommonciug mvtposi planted
nn tho i-nuth ibore of TlOUt Luke, nl,.-in .nit-hull
mile below the mouth ui hive miu- Creek, marked "Leslie Hill southeast oorner*'; thenee west
ion chnins, thenoe nnrth -n i-huhi*, theneeout
IHO chains, thonoe smith to chains to the point of
rommen cement.
Dated Ml Angutt, 1900. i.��in: lin.i..
Notice Is hereby giv.-n that 8. dayi after date
we IntOUfl In apniT tn the Hnnorable the Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works for a special
license  la CUt  BUd carry awnv timber from the
following described lands: Commencing m a
post marked C. ? Caldwell about two and one
half  miles frmn lhe lvml d'Oreille riv.-r  the
east Ride Of I'llteen Mile Creek, thence ft) chains
easl. thenee Ht) ehains south, thenee Ml eimiiis
west, thenco HO ehains north to plaoe of coinnien-
Located the Isl dav of Augimt. IWO.
C. F. CAi.nwKl.i.,
Herman Reaper. ..Kent.
Notloe in horoby given thai 80 days alter date
i intend toapply lo the Honorable the t'nioi
Couinisidoiu r oi Landsand Works for a spotdsl
llceiiHO lo fin "nd i��rry nwnv timber (mm lhe
toll owl nn ,i sirihe.i lands: ConunonoiDg ai a
post marked Fred Adloi ir., ai-mii one nnd one-
half inlloi [loin nmiitli of l't-ixl irOrelllc river on
tne nisi Bldo oi Fifteen Mile (reek, theliee K0
ehains norlh. theuco Wi elmliiH west, theliee 80
ehains  suiitli.  thence 80 ehaiiis Oftat lo place uf
Located ilu137th day nf July, 19iHt.
1'iiKH ana, lr.. locator.
Notice is hereby given tbat 00 days after date I
intend in applv W> lhe Honorable the Chief Commissioner ni Lends and Wnrks for ii HK-cial license tuout and carry away limber from the following ih-seitlieil lands:    ('nmiueiiciiij. at a post
marked llt-rntau tteapor, iihont two ami onehuli
miles from I' nd d'Oreille river, on the cast side
of Fifteen Mile ('reek, thenee U chains west,
ihenee hn chains smith, theliee ��l eha-tis east,
themeW ehains iioiil, to plnce of Ciuiiineiiceniciit.
Located the 1st dav of Angust, 1W6-
iikhman Kkai'.'h, Lonfttor.
Nolice Is hereby given thai, thirty diivs After
date,   i   ililcinl  to npplv   to the  Honorable thfl
Chief Ciimmlsslunor of Lands and Works for n
speelnl ileeiise lo cut a tul curry a way t ini her Irom
tin- following deserlbod lands, situate en Loroot)
.'-ei'k In ihedisiilft of West Knoteimy: Com*
moneing a; h posl (dau ed uu Lemon er-' k
eleven ill) mill's iiom Kooleimv bake, adjoin tug
Lot Hit, Ihtirkvd ''B. W'h N, K. corner ia>.sl";
ihcnce forty (��oi chains weet] tbene- eighty (��'')
south; I hemic fort? (-to) chiuiiN east; theme
obrbty (*�� ehalns north to point of ceinineu-e-
meiil! eonlaiiiliit; three hundred au-t twenty (830)
acre!'  more or h-ss
Hand lho Hutu day ot June, a.u.. iwo.
Bruoe White
The well known
Onr Beer Gordon is
the Finest iu the
-   Proprietor
Bt. Paul,
Port Arthur
Sioux Oily
KnnsBB City *��i.2r,. St. Lnnis *lil>.00.
Chieapn $HI(KI.
(in tuile AuguKt 7-h-H, September 8-10
Fiunl limit Uctobor Slut.
Torimto 176.05.   Ou mile Si'ptemlK'i- S 11-10
Limit Novemlxsr JlOth.
Royal Hotel
Rtitca $1 mnl (1.50 ti Day.
Special Rates to Regular Biarders.
Dealers in staple anil fancy QrO-erleft,
Butter, Ekrs.
Camp anil Miners' Supplies.
West Transfer Co.
GEURGE F, B0T10N, H_..e��.
Goneral Tefmisters and Dt^alers in
Coal and Woo-.-.   Express aud
Baggage Transfer
Office: Baker St.
Tcli-liliolii' l��
I'. II. Hoi llll
W.   a.   GILLETT
Cuntrautur und
Bole agent for the Porto Bleo Lumber Co., Ltd.,
retell yards, Uonv-hntuldre ten lumber, turued
work and brauketa, Coast -nth mid ihlUKWtFa-ah
and doors. Ceineiil, brick and linio fur iale,
Aiitonuilh* nrlndur.
Yard ami [ftclnry: Vernon Si., eimt of Hull,
INbLs-OIN,   13. O*
F     . Uox Wi. Telephone ITS.
Milwaukee. (68.80    Ou sale Anpuat 7-K-O.
Limit Octolwr Slot.
Through  rata*  nil  itaHonfr���Oirtaxio,
Qut'boc, New York�� New England, Mari-
tiuie Provinceu ou applicutiou.
A.C.l*. >.,Vani
Oliver. 1). P.A., Nelnon.
Yalc-Kootenay Ice, Frait, Ftifsl
& Poultry Co., Ltd.  ���
WHAT   lb HOfifc   **B
WITHOUT THE ice Man?   '
I Change of Time
Effective July 22nd
will leave Nolson at S :110 a. m.
will arrive at Nelson at 7 :llfi p m.
will leave for Kuslo at 0:.5 p. m.
will arrive at Nelson ��f 11:10 a. m.
(Illy I'iish-iiklT Agenl.
A. ll. I'. A., Senilis.'.
Dolivt-rioR iiinrto daily throuRhoot Nelson
and its suburbs. * Phone 148.
Thorpe's Lithia
Thorpe & Co'y,
The Latest Modern Appliances
now in use at this
111)111)8 6AULBD I'OH
And   D-.IJVt_C.ISL) PHtStS
Baker Street.     -     NELSON.'
For Everything Good ��
to Smoke.
Imported and Domestic Cigars, Tobaccos.
Do You Know ..nrm-ii's Special Mxtvcl
���'���������'���I i
iv :��� i
im ���
The Daily Canadian
We are offering exceptional
value iu Cut Glass.
For a pair of Cut Glass Salt
and Pepper shakers. Sterliug
Silver Mounted.
*************************** ���The store of Sweets/
! Musk Melons f
X     Watermelons
Fruits, Confectionery ind
Ice Cream,
Peach Plums     LongflU.st's
Will be coming in
regular shipments
from local ami (Ik-
anagau   Shippers.
Bell Trading!
'cA Tip" for a
'Canadian Morning*
Kootenay Coffee
PHONE 177.
Old Curiosity Shop
If you want to buy or sell anything,
go to the Old Curiosity Shop. A now
Hoe of Japanese OooiIb now on sale. All
kinds of Dinner-ware in Block. Pattern H.
Need Any -O ;
Fruit Jars r
W_ have the NEW Mason Sealer
with ibe All Glass Top.
No njt-tal to getflmr ausl oonoded.
The utt-t uis-tiML-it.- .-ftls-r oo the
t__r_s-t    In pint ansl tjottrt -]/.--.
Puit- per Dozen $1.25
Quarts per Dozen 1.50
We also have the  Grown  .Tars in <
pints, sjuarts itntl hull kuIIihi
$1, $1.25 and $1.50 per dozen
f Joy _ Cash Grocery j
Cor.JnriephliiL'Rnil Mill Bin.      Clionc ly
Oalt Coal
Terini tipot Cub
Telepltontt ���ahh
IM I US, Baks'r St.
NKLSoN, B c.
OOP. Vernon Hud Wlir_l  strs.-vl'..
MKI.SO.\.   B. C
.1  PBBD HUME, Proprlatnr.
1IIWIE���J. E. McNauphtun, C Mel-
lish. A. W, Kaw-sim, C. 1.. WatlriVll, T.
('. Stevenson, A. ll. PleUhmaHi MIsh V,
Fleishman, Vancouver; D. F. Davis, a.
11. Mason. T. 11. Mason, Mr. and Mrs-
L. H. Clark. Toronto; H. GeiKi-ricti. S.
Callins. Kaslo; A. P. Low. K. W.
Hrock, Otawa; I.. Pahst. Lethbrldge;
Qraoe Oflour, Prank; J. G. Whiteacre,
Winnipeg; J. K. Nagel and wife, Misa
M. Leonard. Seattle; A. l.ucas, Kaslst;
N. A. Hurrltt, wife and daughter;
Rossland; S. Hall, Revelstoke; Miss E
11. N'leol. Seaile, W. II. Strathearn.
Kaslo; .1. N. Henderson, II. II. Ballet
J. Small) Vancouver.
E. s. H. Winn. Rossland; .1 La-
linrthe anil wife, Trail; J. U. McDonald
and wife. Bonnington! H. G. La Mothe,
Ottawa; Mrs. Warnock and children,
Plnilier Creek. Miss C. B. Lind. Rossland; W. F. Dubois, Seattle; V. L.
Iltirnet. wife and family. Nakusp; Mrs,
\V. IV Cochrane, Grand Forks; W.
Warnock, Plncher Creek; R. Irving.
Kaslo:   .1.   C.   Vivian,   F.    L.    KniKht.
K. Genelle, Edmonton ; Misss E Nerltt,
.Salt Luke dny; 0  (Jiks.-)), Vancouver;
T V. McKet-hitie, Arrowhead; Mrs A A.
Almas and dangbter, Barnla j Miss F.F,
Schmidt, Movie; W  Kevsen. A. Spreltle!,
Seattle; W. Stedentoff, Spokane; W. H
Kn-ys-liner. Lemon creek.
W. HirreJJ. Qroenwood; F.Metro, ,1
Robllean, M Silver and wife, F. Stiller.
0 (litstin. Oreston; 0. Tipping J. H.
Pair, Bonnington: ll. K Flnnter, Van
conver; J. Cochrane! Oastlegar; .I.N.
McDonald, Vmir
0. J. Atterlsmv, B, Blonall, Slooan; (;.
M.-ore, Siuiboe; A 0. MeOaskill ED.
D'sii,.'las. W.ssll.y;.! Hall. W Mt-f'nnl.-r,
Bonnington; I!. Stewart, .B-Oreek; E.
Plonngan, wife nud child Phoenix; s.
Armstrong, Vancouver; C Bownrteen-
hauer, Deer Park; W MeKave, Rossland,
F. u Jackson, Bonnington.
(*. Primer,   D   Mason,  Kt
Martin, Greenwood.
J. Oliver. Greenwood; G.J. MoCnnn,
RoaJand ; K. Mills-r, Revelstoke; (!. Gap.
riss, Vmir: M. Kotlttma, Vancouver.
W. Johnston, P. Allan, Vancouver; D.
M siiiiinii, Midway,
J. MoGnlre, Sandon; It. 1'. Huntington,
Winnipeg; J. Jackson, Greenwood; ,l. B.
Smith, J. liillen. Yn.it-; ,1. Davidson anil
family, Trail; J. II. Clarke, Vmir
TIIK kxii.I'sivk privilege ol ���elllng r.-rr.-ssi.
I sslr, Seploinber It'-is .'I.   Nn .pintum,,. it,, ���,
allowed;  The blgboit ssr sun loader net lis .
'iirlly ai-si-| I.   A ,sTlills-,l oh.que   (or   lull
���" "I I"" isisisii) isi.-li lender,   itltlreii
I). I'. Ms-Mount's. Sl'i'rS'llllV.
y.'i.isti Agricultural 1 Intluitrlal Annotation.
Kelion, n C. Auguil fl. luuo.
COTTAUE ssl ssix roomi, tsi-iiiililiilly nitiititi.,1 un
'I'""1'!1 rls.-r: tils-.. iHivn tittil ssistisi- Irsslt; f.'..l
cub, balance .ss. rent,  Cornor Stanley mel m>
���ervatory streetl.
elstsske;   A.
���: OPFICI sAi.iiiiN, itat,., itreet.  Apply iss
ssrk .V 'riisittimiii
���Hull K  IIK.-UJIKNTIAI. I'ltttl'KKTV  sstt BlllOt
.t ei-l: loven i Hi ssll iint>r..v.-r...-i.Ih.   Tstiiiss
spplj t.s f, c, Winkler, owbor,
BOOH- I-'miii Isi'ilrssssiii In olco .-olt..jc.', mt Mill
street, near Josephine, Bultablo f.,r two gun-
Us sssi'ti: rolereaeefl rs-.tnlri-il.   Apply CittissiHisn
Iss'sM    Largo front rsiniii: sill issttvrills-iii-s-
dress I'sslly s'sitittitiiin.
.'.I MEN, sit sslt-e, for wssrk in the wood
t.s w. K. i looke, sawmill, Kislt
it.   A|.).ly
Copier and lead both adv.in.vil to*-
day. lead reaching t'lT in I.ondon
and copper recovering to IS cents.
Mrs George M. Johnson left tor Toronto this morn ini; to Spend a tew
weeks   visiting  her   sister
In the aquarium in tlir window of P.
Hums A; Company's  establishment  hiv
three doxeu live l>pH>k trout.
The bi>r street parade of Kirmird A-
Prin*:le's QiiOStral* will be formed im-
nu diit.lv on the arrival of the Crow boot
tomi rrow afternoon.
The Kelson cricket olab has drawn
Portland si it-- oppoaenl in the fust ttnuid
of the tonrnaniont whiofa begins at Vi.
t<irm Dexl M"iulay.
Mrs. Arthur and Mrs. Rason have
received irord "f tha marriage of their
sister. Miss Delmage, formerly ol Nelson, tn Mr 1. Day. of OriMia. lhe
marriage took plaoe at Bt Mary's, tun .
on  August 7.
An extraordinary general meeting ot
tin* Northwest Ooal k Coko oomnau]
is called for Monday, Augnal -7. at
I'i::!'' a. m.. to consider the transfer
of the property negotiated in Eastern
Canada by j, L Stamford.
The launch party "f tin- Women'n An\-
fliary of St. Saviour's church will mit he
giu until lati- Thur-day alfi-rnoou BO thai
patr *i<> mnv talu in di>' lacmne mutrh
Th" lirst buincbefl will leave Astley'sUiH
house at 480 for Willow Point The r.-
Mini trip may be made nt any time between 7 :>" mid 9.30,
The regular monthly meeting of thi* executive committee of the Ull.iOU club will
\*' laid in th��* board of trade roonu tomorrow evening at k,;.o Reports will be
received from the committee on entertainment and advertising, The big folder
p-'-pon-d by the advertising committee
w .; bfl dealt with.
Mining   Records.
One location, three certificates of assessment work, and a lease of absence
Irom placer ground, were recorded In
the Nelson mining offlce today.
John Voungberg recorded the Huston,
on Salmon river, two miles north of
Porto Rico Siding, located August 6th,
Certificates of work were granted to
J. Holm, on the Heaver and the .lose
phine; to L. .1. Winslow on the Oxford.
Leave of absence was granted to J. J.
U. Peel from the Walla Walla and
Roosevelt placer claims, for two months
We have the remedy. Oar
expert optician is ^iviiiK satis-
faciion. We guarantee lo satisfy you, if you KivL' 11S a tnai-
Consultation Free.   A Visit Solicited
J. J. WALKER, '.E^rc^ND
Have You Seen It ? j ^��'����������"����* *���
Makes work easv.    Ask to see
them.    2^e each.
Cherries and
Now, sm the * hh.��ii u closing, and l will
uee Hun v.siir order la tui.-.l wiili tbe
is.-st trull i.i is,- bad ;si it).- loweel our
kei prlca
Hastewood Ice Cream
Repairing and Jobbing a Spi
_UN.F-C.UR8B- 01 'IIIK I'HAWKiiKli
Sbeetmetal Wnrk, Otuttogi, Bnfldtn' Materia] and Mining and Itm u
I'll, i.n      -ssi.
Olllt-ts ninl Wi'ikH Pool nf l'nrk St
Nelaon, B...
The Nelson Brewing Co'y, Ltd,
. Ks.ss.ils. is. If. KKI.-ri-.KhK \ ft).
Bmrui sssi.i iiiiiii.ii. i.i i m.sis.,1.1,1,,,,.,,���,
Fine  Lager Beer and Porter      |   Every Fnown Variety Soil iW,
And the Celebrated " Red Ribbon Beer."
TBL.I2PHONB  Na.  .-I.
P. is. Ill is   304.
WM. GOSNELL, Manage,
iM^M******.*************, A************,* A|��,>,��|-,��^lAtVVVV<VVVvvv^^
Corner Silica ansl Jos^pblne St.t
PHONB '���
Phone 2o6.
Big Valttes
Writing Tablets
Price of Metals.
New York. Aug. IS.���Silver, 66 1-c;
copper, lSc; electrolytic copper stock,
is l-2c;  lead, |ii.7.rs.
London,  Aug.   13.���Silver,  30 6.6d;
lead,  _17;  zinc,   t.t; 1
The Store of
Wi- have just openod np a ablpment of
H. J. Heine's
in luilk ami packages.   The l.sl inrliulc
Chilli Sauce
Tomato Chutney
Mandalay Sauce
India Relish
Tomato Soup
Pork  and  Beans
Tomato  Ketchup
Apple Butter
is well as a number nf mhi-r specialties
Call in and sample them.
Hood & Teetzel
K. w. r. niock . phone in
Wboleule mi.l Urtssii Detlen in
Fresh and Salted Meats
Oanipa ropplled on tborleal nottoeand
lowesl prloa, (Tnthluo bnt htHh nml
wholeeome meats and napplej kepi in Mock
Mail onlisrs receive careful attention.
E. C. TRAVES,  Maoag-r.
I.AISV !.TKSOIillAI-|IKlt(s,t|s���sslll,siilii,.���tiiitry.
litisiil home "ills t-liilslisyer'ss lanillj-. Atsi.ly
I...X W., ���'HiiHillrnioHlcc.
him;- -One large pAralotntre with dlsnond t-ittss
ier, itt-tivs-s-it Hull m ,isi,i Ltiitt- Mt- |sHrk.  its-.
sttstsl s'fls-ts.it     Hi-turn tttt'allAfllHIl offlt-t'.
Tuesday, August 14
.1 Mittlsiy Mlnyllngol Uie Mlmlrol UerveUI
Richards & Prfngle's Famoas
Georgia Minstrels.
Tivs-nty s-iniitii Annual Tour.
Is)   liii;ii<rliil   Inn  Uttkori   III.
1's.nei isris-fn. Seen on nie Uonday ��i itutiuT-
.),  tsaw recently
two  s-h;titi.ts   in
Writuiii Tablet",
now oflraiiuR wbal
tb.' beet vitltses in
lttivi- ever l�� i n offi
made nis.* or
stir  lint-  nf
and we are
we consider
tn' i'i-. tool
RS Art.
NoU-llM        lKc
Lettereln    JR.
'    kel -,/������  .l��c
tolterilie     K. K;
'���"I--..-        JIK;
1. 1 tt-1 .1^,-    .!��_:
This is tin- minnow season.   We
have a full stock of
Pails at $1.00, $1,50, $1.75
and $2.00 each.
\VY have the (treatest variety of Spinnarg
fV��T shew n in ,'iiy taekle store. l)n��p
in mnl \t*>k aronnd and ioo f'��r
W. G. Thomson Nelson Hardware Co.
BOOKS-U.K8 nnil    \- .1,-   ..    I)   . '
STATKINKK Aelsllll,   11. l_ .
Phontt .1-4.
This is tbe season for
Watermelons. Wc-
have them in all sizes
and prices.
). A. IRVING & CO.
Telephone 181.
Police  Court   News.
A solitary drunk  paid tho usual  V,
and costs this morning.
A cowht'll awaits nn ownor nt lho
polioo court Ll was removed from a
strnylnE hovlno hy tho owner r' :)i-
prtniiTtv -��� ,.:.���,;, i'. .aa smzii-.r win
-y Hit' -u;, h.- Jilcii trait! /Itr-- fssr
nl1 '.'ss- his own r.|i���. t,; r. - at
One sip o iio
Wii'h!/, INdiuimi/ spirit! ill ililiijht
fyj/njlktiiiitfjririm-lk Meal Kite.
l>ll>   ^���OLl   KX>\V
III itl .In- .Irlttkt* ���*t\-'-.I Ht tstir s...|h K.mtitHlli
i.H.i  is,ut.  properUei itt-sHi.1.�� refroablDgT
W., it o .... 'j- si-hI frull ��) rt.|i- ol lis,- tli|..t
tUHllty       FunsslHllt, i-stissil.r. Kiss.,is, mi'l
si-i-.-r-iH. if. .n   krj.i nrupnlouily oleu
��<-&.���   CHOQUETTE BROS.
&/"*> Kootenay Ageni!
W*>        Limited, Winnlp-g,
WholUMtn. I'mvlHlnna,
Produs*,        -        Prult.
Dominion Government Orearanry One-Ponnd Brloki reodred wstklyM
from the nhnrn.   Vat wilt- by nil leading gnnen,
Offloe and warehooee: Honaton Blook,   Pbonef9,
Josephine Street.
Nelson, B. C,
��� ^M^^-/V I
Don't Porget
ll your furnace  in shape to ttart the  winter  with?    If  nol, v,,\
is the time to have it repaired.
L He Ashdown Hardware Co., Ltd]
I'l.BASK NOT���   Wo will nut ho ri'sponslhlo for tiny furnace notl.atfpe
hy Qetobtr lit. nmi;.
R��Oali Lm and .Ii.i.i.Iku axteautad with D**Datoh.  Sheet \i-i��i I
\M.rk.   Mltsli.it mill Mill Mxehloissrv.      Manufaet itrsin. ..I
Orit  Liirit,   U.   IV.   Csss.l r.._t...'Ma   C.ir.M.
INEUSOIN,    B.  C. l:;','t
_K?i_?'??_P������  -������������'
Just Arrived!
A larpc shipment uf ..
Hart, S-haflier & Minx's |
Lni.'st I'titU'riis, Lateel Stylae, and All Qoodi Qnanuil-ed
Trains and  Boats.
C'rnw boat���Ou  tinuv
Slocan  train    Half  hour  laic
Coaat, Bonndary and Rpnland train
-On  lini.'.
is II
h-, uunit-i. llaulor .*i(*Kin/.l
1 wiih hla head Immersed in a
ig or water, he having been dead
ral hours, Mi* lived alone and the
i'v ihai \fi held hy Ills neighbors
iat a fractions httrno kirked him
tnscloua and that be fell Into Mih
t and was suffocated.
*j*^mfflMe*$LmRm %
$<0, J2.50 and $J5
Our LONELY Sale only Hi
occurs once a )'ear, and i.s m
now in full swiiio;. These Uf
suits are p|
All Fit-Reform Gords,    I
tlie best clothing on the ff?
market, made by higll-class M
workmen. Come in and ��
take a look.
if Fit-Reform
M Wardrobe.
MANUFACTURERS   T . t Ct��        1-~
AND DEALERS IN   JLlllIlDef *  Otiltlg^S*
Uoth, Mouldings, Doors, Windows
lurnecl Wnrk anil Braokata.
\'I!R,'N<>in STRBBT  ���  ���
Mall Onl-rs |.ri.in|iil.i- .hl-imMI������
ISBUSONi l��. i-.
SMALL COTTAGE on two lots, on Gore atreel
Garden in excellent shape and planted "ill' ^
tables. I-'or quick sale will dispose of same f��'
$700.00, part cast, balance on easy terms.
IVIcDe-*m_d & McHa.dy
Our Ht.Mik nf HANI)  HAWS i-  vs-r.v oompW
inoludlng graflea tn suit nil raqolramtmts.
If yon wish ii low prii'i'tl wiw we ram supply >'""���
nlwi narry this bcrt qtlnUtlos iniiiln liy
Wood-Vallance Hardware Coy.Ltd


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