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The Daily Canadian Oct 10, 1907

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Array l&* Le-_sx
V 0cT
X ��� x_^
.n.   ,     Ko.  109
Fifty Cents a Mont
bathe Schemes Are
llicmy oi Providing  Funds Chief
[obstacle���_o___"-**ath*.�� Wot
Likely 10 Oppose.
i In-  11 .11111 |>h nf Un-
bi li     poeiU..
I tney .11.- m.  .
.      . ul I Ol I til ir  ,, ...
,-.'*' nil   _
���  . .1 :i ri. rrt   will   ill
..!.-   ri.
���    |.r.,liaUill
1 .;<���   i-lirin. . 1...,
; ���     _J    I '!'    I
..     .mi turn **;n  bi
I ecu to .i.l.l '" n  in \.
- .. 1 urn- iii i.k read.
!i ..recasting  Un
I    .     :... :.   .if .-.   11   1,
��� 1.ni  iniarr.-i   il  v. 111
.  ��� .1      I
.   oh .!-��� .1 l" 11. ;.'-...
,       (founds      lh.
...   1..  BUppOII   ll-
t   ��� tlon    will    I..'    ll>>r,    I
lllll,    \\ .1.  !'
1 in- liinil  rirlurin. 1.
1 su] PO   an ....  v.. 1   1 , t__
i   .    ,   sligbl   *M.n
 r        I   1,1. SI
1 , (chequer I*. -bli
f.lrr.   t.l  ilit- arlii.-.
in in...   am .-irr-r  lull tree, 11 in dlfflcul:
I can and Un* mona]  toi
:. Ion p.an    i' ir- '��� ���
.Ul     *   I          will    111-
.   I ,< ii   tt milil ntll.MIIl.
- |_ par bead ..: popi-
ara baaed on tbe
1 ihui in.- Indig. rri a;..: torn
Hon <������ the teneral popu*
io ln   -UstraUa an.l x. v.
��hen      59  per  oenl    .���'.   Ute
' receive relief. The prob
.     1 .-ri-r.   .     e ill    1*.
i  the I rttlab ialea, where
I'l.-.ii in Uu
-:. Yilll.'S a i. w- de
J r      reral other diaUn
I .    ..|r!>    s.-!r. in*.   ..I'   p.-li
i      ; , .- 	
i ,i.)   re
J'"1"'' '��� ��� -r.  ondj  'in. ���   po
' via.;
.. .,��� ��� ��� ti^��<-ii n. even bod.
i "run aia
,r  pension  to   pi i sons
Is in:-,     necessitous"  i'i     .1.
' 'II   til-ling   and   a- r-iiainu   per
*liu are  willlim   to   muke   some
themaelvea t.. pas
ii..- Ursi piu the)   ruled ..m ar- too
. ir.   second   the)   ob'eoted   to
ind thai  thi ra would i��' ao
""" l_��i nl in.-tit or naad, and
I    il..    lata.       'I'ii  ,   ll .1. i   I.   i,
I ���-.. I IIti,. IK   uluilllrl   , ,.i i    ...    n
���     Week!)    ll. a.iilrns   ..I    111.'   pao
"r1" -*_o desire pensions uml Btiai is
l",:     ��� i" * ..' u their iUYln_a, Tin
ptasnu would ir. required . . eel aald*
"���" their earnings ��� certain sum B_c_
P** milil ih,-. reached the age ������> 68,
"" '���:> could ccan.- payment! an.1
"" '" dm* ,-:. |r in riraiui. Tii'l I a
'"   " "   lbl     Ml     payni. nn,   al    -Ir.
���"' -���' would pay is .- in . a i   eh toi
���' '���''     _nd draw  aboul   12  v.. eklj
"' 8>�� age ..r 68,
""' ��-lel    deled    .,:    thli   pi tu loi
t1""'   *���  ���*-*-<    ��    '��  nut  a   pesali n
"'  '" i"1    The govenuueul   addi
���"M-1-to the saving, ol .Jr.- Candida i
"'"' :* "_n ling in,, l.n, ������.-, ,i-  for them
i nn nil,.nl I.- eel  naldi
���' -1"' 40 years can Bad pl< nt;
er  at   any  time  lind  nlium-if  unable   ..
iii:   payments,    li it  alio worth
noting thai of i.  people who nn. now
uf. years old, _a**> '.'���'< wUl reach   i.-
"i '-     in shore there are -.  mas) omls-
BlotlB and tai m.-n; 11:10 ��� .r.inr i.-. m tar
Am Iniry plan ilia, ir it _1_U_I ri l.y ..!>,-
l.il.i-rr.l.   rrrr.l   I.1I111. Hi-b,    At; Hi'   kind   '1
. ...ii i.a.il 11 a', .v..ui.; necelvi thi rap-
purl  ol  a  the  trade    Tory    or  tin   old
school, li '.-a* m little to ...  desired.
in cussing ih.- tpiaatlon in tin- 1.....1I ..
Mr. T. A   I'-.:��� 1, . ��� .:  il  11
��� 1     in.1   I.-,   the  dli   11   -   -.'.i. h  *ii-
���-..    would bave in v >< na).
r!ii- question i.f thi oontrl intloi
never ari.-.-, because il. * vaal najoi .
..i iii. population ni ...". years baa an in-
: i-ii' 1.' -1 : ��� nston a b. n 'in
lit for work. Mr. CouKhlan proceed to
argue thai 'lie basis of an old in_nv
claim might   i' -���  secur* i-   ���>:.  the      1
1     ��� '     ���     111    :> ..r.n;
ihiliir.-ri     ,-.       ... elaborates his polnl:
PUvdng  tin- <-..t!   '-.   nil.;:..:..I.:        '1
child ni 2-. di per ��v- k. a man expendi
..;-.:,:.      :.'.::���,
,i-7   Ins ilnrin_. the   '.r,  \ . ...
p."-i.Hl ..I adoleacenoe.   This mini
A bl tumontty i"
;ii.- |.at. nr :, .1 the
mproi 11^ at cots
pound inn.-:;  froa ii.- time .-::; h child
��� art-, then, '��� I" 11 lh.' par. Ill
tin- sge !���; 65, 1 r>. re would
:.. of �� 1.'���">" to h -   an
1 ,.i.'.. might
��� -,, bits    Th-   i[! due m isi
-in   l.y  the children to 'hi-ir ]iar*
liar   in  thi.- argument   is ex*
::;:.��� tbi���g, hv tin-   State   PI  lllr
1 .     itii-k. ninn the  pension at 7s
...|   per \*nk, -r  II  lit   |.i  mi.nn',
���in-   \ alu.   Mi    -1,  1.   :.   p. .1, .   ri   ti)  a  :i-ar,
��� .I   1.-.  ami   hi,-,   wil.-   w. aid   I ���     '- 3 -"
,,   bird of ;... rr-Ml-
��� , ij   -  ��� ���  .11  1 ..,   avs   al h to
pay *..r- .1
or eimrse. all  '���
��� :���- r ��� rid age pai
the word la 1
longer enough    to    tti    *        ���    ���  ������"'
srvatlvi '*"< ot,
,.-...  ih.   .iiiiri'.n   pi. valla   Unit   had
nrItaln a   ts _i  i'  '-uiti  Bystom,
11, I v, -.- iniP:i--r..i!-,.r: to Ull   British cc*
r.ni.'B -tiiiMili-i. .1   a fi
the need tor pea Ion '*     -    cutad
ll   .:,.    a:, rl
 ,r- ,.f the  British  Isles it a   in-.-ssitii;
problem of practical polities
Twelve    Inch   Vein   of   Gold   Struck   at
Larder  Lake���Gerier.-il  News of
Cobalt District.
In. Hi.
.' und Insurant e companlei
"" ''��� Hn"   will  ,,;���   !, . . 1,: loi
s      "n'"' "��� _la livii,", to the a-.- 1 '
it      '    '" '     a-, cans  :   :r .-
'   ""' '���',l "l-e Hi..a.,  win,  will  1���. In
1H1;i.' j?    ' '���'"""���   hi   11,,'lr  old     .
I|���.   ,','          '"     *'     '���������" '       11               i    .; pj
vi��,,   ,"���:;w""-" **-- i
Small-Fox Is -ConThied To
Nelson Is ?npared For Emergencies
But None Expected���No Other
Point Endangered*
Phot-uix   i-<    |.i.i, : -,!M]   r   :' t   BiiJUllpoX,
��� ��� n   in   i.'."   for  s* .(-r.il  (!��������� s.     '1 ;:,
I Ri  b-M*;i   l.*-(n   q,;ici   iu  avoid  ihe
1 or panic, bat tbe nathoriUesnow
believe that they bave t_to sttuatSon in
Ur. C. .1. Fa^an, [irovliicial medK-al
bealtb *ttIi*.-*-r. arrived here from the
OOaal Tut'stlay ii'^ht and went over to
be Ekrandarj ������ uerday. ii waa learned
iiut ;ii ih - linn ol iii- arrival there were
17 ra.-.-s ul the nlague in I'ho* nix Inr it
ba] iH.��t ���proad to either Ou-enwood or
��� 1... ' 'itniiMercial and otliev
1 vuvfilers were quietly warned :iv.a>
from PfaoanlT,
ThlB morning Hi. AriMur held tele
phon troinniiiniiaiion with Dr. Fu>_an,
vho was then in Qreenvood. Dr. Fagan
Stated that there is no danger of a
I ..1 \h>- plague .nni that it ia no'
l . ear) (Ol t it<i*-r N'el..on or Rossi. :;
to establish a quarantine against the
Dr. Arthur then conferred with Mayor
GHUett   j'tnl   it   ormt   Reread  tha.   .>\   i>
'������:-i be tnade tor an em-
ergency but that a" step d ed be taken
:c pre.'   ���
French Doctors Use it to Remove Birth
Marks and Disfigurations.
1 v all 1 ii 1 10 !),, Qokb :i Poai
1 ei 1. ��� ��� btploration and Wining
��� ii j< tn-tv fleaure
(��� la ui gold '. n ��� ��� ������ Ida. "ti Lot :<:i,
'. ni tbeti properties, Thla make- b<
thlt i dis." oompany. ami it
(��� 1 tabued :in ������- ��������� i'i- m ... ��� ���<�� *.*. is being made.
\i ii recent meeting ot the direetora
It 0 :���_*��� decided to 1 rect ��� mill ol 10
-iiainiis. to be put in operation on the
completion ���>. the government road from
BOI ton  fed   I .'irdet*.
The i.-irder Lake Proprietoriee Gold
fields, Limited, bus received report! ol
ti Bt mill rvin (torn one <-. their prop
ertiea. The Bret ran ive-i ��� d * '���<��� I ���
the ton In Rold^ trom ��� vein $20 feel
wide, .tad the eeoond I om i vt In SO
leei wide, everaged 116.65 t" the ton.
Phi eompan) ha* the walli and found*
etion oi the Bret rtorj of the building
i i". ti i and e\;ii 11> to bat e the mill In
operation before the ond of I bo month
Tiie company eilt do It* own cuetomt
Continuous* rains around Larder,Lake
bave retarded di vi lopment "f" h oon*
���Iderably. Tha onlj feasible route to
the district is by portage and the nei
road from Boston n* Larder baa been
oon verted Into * bog b) the ralna of
the pasi tnontli.   More rain   h va  lu
oi  the paat tweui n
ba* h lien i i  Lardei   Laki   thl��|     u ou
The   I | '"!���   ':      '-i*'''
li  idi - i i pui up -i ��� unp '������ 'i    it will
uttitnatel)  be ol  too    8 npi .   *n; at th<
ri    -ii   he   ���!   10     smp*       Report.
1 t [he pro ���< ���<��� * ���-.   that the di ve op
i,; ��nt wo i " -\',i! sonduct- I. and
ba   realised goo<j shoe In
K"r,1,"r- ihe  Avebury  schcmi
r-llltft*   (1...   r     . .     ,
'"*��� l�� ��. ,,10
-_?-"��>"����.'the forte vol  -������  ,���.���::
-' prospective pension-
Fire at Sea.
Mea   ��ork,   Oct    L0    The     Vustritui
U ��� ii 11 ulla, h   ilch si rived todaj from
Trieste with 736 passengers, hnd a car
napi I    ���. ii 'p. .it b]   Bre In
";.i ne :i i durlfi! o1 rtt  i torn, on
��� i, li i 3rd '': oc ��� '. ��� ������ lit Im darn' a
i\\ rift) be ton i hey ware ox\ In nt -1 <i
���, ' q    panic    i . i mi ii  pa   ��� u on
prayed tor help.
Paris. Oct 10���Two prom! tie nt French
physicians, Doctors Wlckham and De-
grala, have eatised a sensation at the
academy of medicine by a report that
thej havi aucecH fled in may oases in removing the birth marks known as port
wine stains with radium. The new
method has proved equally aucceanrfnl in
aeea ot adult* and children. The
marks are effaced by the simple appli
latin i of a plane aurface covered with
rarntsb containing radium. The action
is regulated by the length and frequency
of the applications.
The doctors allowed a series of photographs Illustrating stages of the cujfi
and Una! lies Tim at which left the stain
ii. Its normal condition. The appltca*
tions, they stated, were absolutely pain*
hss and the treatment could be applied
to an  infant  during  sleep.
Sunday School Convention.
A Sunday School convention for ;ii��
Kootenay and Okanagan districts is to
bo held in the Baptist church. Nelson,
Qctt-be Bt, -.'. and 94. Kach school outside the city of Nelson Is entitled to be
represented by three delegates, for thii*.
oonventlon only. Delegates will be en-
tertained by the friends of Nelson. Their
names should b<> forwarded t'�� Mr. B. .1.
t'have. Kelson, on or before October
Uitii The prlndpai speakers will be
Rev,   W. C.   Merritt.   inteitiati'Htal   fleld
worker for the Paeiflc Northewestj Rev.
a. .1, Doyle, western secretary for Bun*
day Schools and Kpwonii Leagues of
the Kethodist ohuroh. and Mr. Stuart
Muiiinad. the recently appointed genera] secretar] for the provinces of Brit-
tab Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan. The subjects to he discussed are
-it   vital   Importance   to   Sunday   School
workers. Plans tor ths organisation ot
a provincial association for the eastern
section of British Columbia, alao for ths
extension <-f the Sunday School Ln this
part of the province, will be presented
to the convention, Foi these reasons it
is \o lie hoped that eacb school will be
tally represented, and that pMtora and
superintendent* will do their share in
wo king up an Interesl In the convention.
fashionable St. George's chnpel. Hanover Square, drew a disiingui-ilrad gathering, which included the Duke and
Duchess of Cohnaught, Ambassador
Whltclaw Reld and Mian Iteid. Lad..
Dssex, the Duke and Duchess of Hox*
bttrghe,   Lady   Dartmouth  and others.
Among the bride's attendants were
S_Usa .lean Raid, Miss Post, I_ady Bvlyn
InneB-Ker, the _tf*i4egroom4B sister, aud
Alias   iironda Wodehouse.
The presents were costly and Endnded
KJfts from the Dal*-- aud Duchess of Con-
nanght. Princess Patricia of Connaught.
ihe Duke and Duchess of Koxburghe.
Ambassador Held. Mr. and M:s. Har
court, Walter Hurna and the Cavendish
I'.- al lucks.
The wedding Ir the culminatirtn of a
genujne love matc!i. !t_ord AAstaJr,
though belonging to one of ihe noblest
families in Kngland, is by no means
wealthy. The bride is not wealthy
either, and the young --eople will have
to live quietly, but. it is said, tbe
Duchesa ol Roxjrurghe, who was H|ga
May Got let <>f Nejw York, will give then,
a small but comp'etely furnished house
in Mayfalr.
The bride of today is the second mem
bi?r of her family to joia the ranks o*
the British peerage. Several yean
ago her sister. Miss Kloise Breeaa, was
married to Lord ytTtBoughby de Sresby,
heir ol the Karl of Ancaster.
Chicago Wins Again.
Chicago,  Oct.   IU.���The   result of  tr
day's  games   (or   the   world's   baseball
championship is tihicago 5 runs, to hits.
1 error; Deiroit. 1 run, ti hits, I error.
Mulia Hafid Advatxes.
Casablanca,    Oct.    10.���One    of    the
armies  commanded  by   Mi.lai  Hafid i-;
no -v    reported  to  be advancing    u ���- i
Casablanca.    The strength of ;h-   force
's not known.
Cable to Havana.
New York. Oct. 10.���Vice President
Nalty of the Postal Tcle-rraph company,
announces that the submarine cable
which the company is construct in--* from
Havana to this r'ty, will  be completed
Wednesday nest.
Crown Princess Consumptive.
I_ondon. Oct. 10.���Dispatches from
Copenhagen report that the Prtncesi
Alexandrine, wife of Crown Prince
Christian of Denmark, has been pro*
nounced a consumptive and has bees
ordered to a  sou tlie rn climate.
Warrant or Summons.
New- York, Oct. 10.���H. ii. Rogers, sc
tive head of the S'andard Oil compa:i>
who has been sojourning at his suuuuei
home in Fairhaveu most of the summei
mid fall, is expected in New York toua>
A   dispatch   From   Fairhaven  says   thai
Mr. Roger* board* d his steam yacht :n
noon and hurriedly sailed for Ne..  Y  ik
An    An&lo-Amertcan    Wedding.
Lontlou, Oct.  10.���Another American
heiress joined tha Hrhish peerage this
afternoon through thi marriage ol Mil i
Anne,    daughter of   the late    William
���'iir.-e,   df   New    York,   to   I.-.iil    Ulstalr
Innes-Ker, brother of the nuke ot Rox-
The  ceremony   which   took  place  tn
Francis Joseph Failing.
Vienna, Oct. 10.���The condition ol
ffinperor Francis Joseph showed a slight
improvement this morning. He pgf ��d
a good night with comparatively little
disturbance but there is still considerable fever and some signs of apath;.
Ills Majesty passed most of his lime in
a chair often falling asleep during the
day. -__��.
The Emperor Pardons.
St.   Petersburg, Oct.  10.���It   was   au
aounoed today that Bmperof Nicholai
liad pardoned Mlchllaa, the workman
who murdered   a   revolutionist named
Nicholas Hatinumn dining the riot* at
Moscow after the proclamation of an
Imperial edict, waving a red Itag when
Michalin, a former soldier in the Rus
siau army, rushed out from the crowd
and brained the revolutionist with ai
lion har. .B^H
Anniversary  of   Cuban    Revolution.
Havana, Oct.    10,���The    thirty-ninth
anniversary of the beginning of the ten
years' war for independence  (I8tis-T8i
was observed today ns a national holiday. The celebration waa not marked
by any great enthusiasm, though the
public offices and many stores wire
closed and the city wus decorated.
There were public meetings but the
usual   parade   of  troops   was   dispensed
Latest Report On Ymir
(sold Mines
wav man is delayed
Baraga and Technical Director Are
Agreed as to Certainty of Another
Ore Body.
Railway   Dispute   Settled.
Chicago, oct. LO.���Litigation over tin
possession Of the property of tin
Chicago Terminal Transfer com pun;,
practically is settled. The llarrinutn ln-
tereStS were represented in the M. * O.
railroad, who will become the owner of
the propertj bj virtue of owning all the
bonds and a minority of the stock. Tho
value of the property Ih estimated al
$85,000^000. It will bo necessary forth.
new owner* to invest an additional $2<i,
000,000 for track raising and i ttihl
the property lni - evel! y
and the work will b�� begun a* soon n;
the court  proceeding* are disposed ol,
The  following is taken  from  the  report -.f K. Oilman Drown to the director**
or the Vinir Gold Mines, Limited:
"it will be remembered that  there is
indisputable evidence ol   the   existence
oi a new rein in large aud small pie-.es
of  rich   float   scattered   pk-ntituliy over
some i-M-i to 800 feet along the surface
100 feet  or more  up the hill  trom the
Ymir vein.    The natural assumption on
which the first work of search for this
a.-   prosecuted was that this veiu was
arc Pel to the old vein. A eomplet, cross-
.uttjug of the surface by trenches and
shallow tunnels found uo such vein nut
.nd   sevexaj   dykes  and   faults   no'
nuehio   known  to   exists   and  so  interlacing  that,  they   might  easily   obscuit
the outcrop.    Kxhaustive study devcteu
by Mr. Nichols to the underground wort;
tags  while  this  work  was   in  progress
disclosed some    features    that pointed
strongly to the exiswtce of a transverse
vein, which might have had  by its Intersection with the Ymir vein a strong
enriching influence upon that vein.    A-
the same time it was shown that a vein
in this position could have furnisheo all
the float, and the surface showings of .,
larga crack o- fisstn*e _-*oo_tt in Eh   | lao
where  this  vein   .-.hould   have  occuirei.
*vas   corroborative   evidence   oi   its ex
Lstence.   Additional work was inutitutet<
on  the lines ot this   theory,  but hen
again ���������  bave so tar to face disappoint
mm*.    There are still some portions oi
this work to be completed, but if we ari
unsuccessful in  this  we are  driven  to
the   conclusion  that  either,   as   alreadj
u_*gest_-d, the action of faults or dyke.-
h&a obscured the new vein ou the surface or that the float came trom a pro
j cling point or points of ore, the res.
ol Uie veiu being "capped" as seems tc
bave been the  ca-_e   with  the   orlgina.
Ymir vein.    The flrst of these alterua
tives demands elucidation.    It  the ne.
veiu were cut near the surface by  a ila;
lying thrust fault a block "t ore would
bave been sheared off, and subsequent I;
disintegrated by natural forces so as t<
form the float.    At ihe same time thli
fault would have covered the  vein b.
that   it   would  not  now  show at  surface
"With both of these contingencies in
riew we are now searching for clues op
the  surface, critically  examining  ever}
dyke, fault and seam, tor any evldenot
they may furnish as to the capping fault.
At the same  time we are crosscut! hi;
through    the    Rockland dyke from Un
long N. \V. crosscut on the 900 foot levi ;
wiiii the double purpose of delermlnin,
whether the     Speak     fault  could   hav-
been  the obscuring  factor, and of  pro*
pecliug for any vein thut would SttBWei
to the second alternative.
���'In the two and a half months avail
able this season for outside Work Wt
shall have exiiauted the possibilities o
the surface and proven that from tht
900 foot level ihe ground within 2o0 feet
of the Ymir vein. Through the v.inte*
work can be prosecuted to advantage ii
pressing the crosscuts here to the N V.
under the ground already embraced in
our surface work.
���ta  carrying 0U1   thia  search   for  tin
m w   rein we have accomplished vomi
I.EiOO feet of shallow tunnel and moss
ut* iu less than five months.    That
much   baa   been   done   In  BUCb   a
tiliie is due to tba credit ����i Iti   NichoU
skill and energy    While so tar we have
met wiih disappointment in this searcl
the     present     season's    work  Is 1 ���>   n
ui an* thrown away, as i we have gain
ed 1.nev, ledg    that was heretofore wan
lug on the genera] geological situatloii
on the hill, and If we wort able Lo civ>'\
ths work through to a Bucceastty] com
pletlon it will b   I - the groatosl advan
���.   to us lu inb&i ii lenl opi ration.   >'
should also be pi ''.ti i out that ths o
worl.ings on   the   Ynnr   rein   ftffofd  th
best possible in- atis or attack to the 01
bodies that  must axial In the nn llsco
red ^,",���������' vein and on< ��� the ,e p h.
hern located will mi'-e its openSng i.
simpl" and lnexi>enstve.
"One thing ls clear to everybody who
ha* been over the ground, and that is
timi iomewh' re in a comparatively
smail tract of hillside, there doirs exist
a vein similar in character to the Ymlr,
carrying ore of as good. It not better
trade, and it in.ist be admitted that with
tin large amount of work done this sea-
Son we are in a better inx-iition than ever
to find it.
"From the first of March to the end of
July, we have accompli, bed nearly sou
feet of development work in the old
vein. This work was in may places apparently successful in that considerable
races of good payable ore were disclosed
in It. so much so tha: we Celt justified
i:: starting op the mi 1. tiers, again we
met with I'eappointment, alter a very
short period of work the ore in almost
ah of these laces dropped ln grade, so
that they became unproflt.able to work,
and alter a shoit campaign in the mill
it was though desirable to close it down.
"On the srrong advice of Mr. Nichols,
in Which I myself, in view ol the proven
irregular occurrence of the ore in the
Tn-a: portions of the vein ami of ihe general conditions, concurred, we were led
to abandon all attempts of stoping on
the oid Ymir vein and milling the product for the present. This is not to say
that we have given up the idea o* farther profitable ore shoots in the Ymir vein,
but it appears thai in the particular
region Which we can now prospect, the
valm B are very "spotty" and cannot be
r lied upon to extend any considerable
distance, ami there-Core cannot be mined
alone with any assurance of profit. Mr.
Nichols is of the opinion that the Ymir
ore shoot was due to enrichment from a
traverse vein, and lhat it is towards tin
southwest that we must look for tin
continuation of our surface chute. Tbe
great bulk of the work in the mine, however, has been done towards ihe N". E.
and as it means ex|>ensive driving on
each of the existing levels to prove this
point, and would occupy a great deal of
time and involve a large expense, it ahs
seemed host .or the present to concen-
ate om resource.-- and energy upon ibe
search for the new vein."
New Field for Chinese.
Mobile, Alta. Oct.. 10.���Nearly all the
vessels in the Central American fruit
trade wlU, it is slid, in the next few
weeks, replace (heir Norwegian crews
with Chinamen. About eighty per cant.
oi thi as steamers are chartered from
Norwegian ownes. who, it is said, hav*
concluded that owing to the unsatisfactory labor of their countrymen, their
unreliahiiitv, intemperate habits and the
increasing number of desertions, partly
en account of hoarding house runners.
they will no longer employ them. Each
ship will sign probably "150 men, bring
Ing the total number of Chinese to 10,-
British   Military   Airship   Dirigible  Only
in  Fair Weather���Must Be
London. Oct. 10.���The British army
airship Nulli Secundus, which has been
lying on the grounds of the Crystal
Palace sine-.- the cruise over London on
Saturday last, unable to ascend again
on account of rain and adverse winds.
was slightly damaged during a gale this
morning, necessitating her dismantling
l.reat disappointment is expressed Bi
the inability to return to Aldershot
through the air, but the experience ot
the week has shown that such airships
are useful only when the weather conditions are favorable.
f-T.-fS*;    Wreck on the Skeena.
Ilerbi it i'.i aoht who sp< ut yes*"ida>
.u the city, had au iutere. ting Story to
tell of the wreck of the boat on the
Skeena iu Which livt lives were lost.
Mr. Heach was in lhe bc;.t that pulled
through sate, and in the same boat were
a woman aad her two children. He had
levetej picture* of both boats, and tha
man at the helm was readily recognized
as Jim Smith, who worked for Thorpe
s. Oo. in Nelson for several years. Mr.
Beach had words of the iilghtst praise
tor Smith, who, he sad, took every
Chance of losing his lite io save the woman und her children. To use the
words ol Mr. Heach. "Jim Smith is a
Warden of New Westminster Penitentiary
Provincial   Revenue   From Timber
Land Reaches High Mark���
News of Dominion.
Vancouver, Oct. 10.���Lieutenant Colonel Jno. C. Whyte. warden of tbe New
Westminster penitentiary, and Colonel
of the Sixth regiment, D. O. C.R., died
at nine o'clock last evening, after an
illness extendiug over about a yesr.
Colonel Whyte first suffered from
rheumatism, which waa followed by
heart failure, and finally he was attacked by tuberculosis. His death will be
greatly deplored, as he was a man of
splendid character and attainments and
very popular.
Eclipsing tbe record of every other
month prior to it, September saw 1,071
timber licenses issued by the provincial
department of lands and works. The
lees for the above amounted to $14;;,-
J02.20. The heaviest month prior to
September was May of the present year,
when fees amouned to $120,620.36.
Chatham. Out., Oct. 10.���G. Fett, Big
Point, has been sentenced to seven years
In the penitentiary for horse stealing.
The magistrate, in sentencing Fett, observed that in the Southern States many
a many had been hung for horse stealing, and tbat under the circumstances
the sentence was a justifiable one.
Old Man on Duty in New York Building
Baffled Two Robbers.
New York, Oct. 10.���An aged watchman's faithful performance of his duty
even when death was threatening, prevented a robbery early today which, if
it  had  been successful, those  familiar
with the case say would have caused a
sensation almost as great as that which
followed the looting of the Manhattan
Bafck many years ago.   Richard F. Gray,
watchman   in  the  lofty  Century  building on Broadway, near the centre of the
financial district, was the hero.    He Is
now  In the    hospital    suffering    from
wounds which he received in a desperate   fight  against  two robbers  who attacked  him while  he  was   making his
rounds on the ninth floor of the building
after midnight.    Although 60 years old.
Gray made a most    determined    fight
against his assailants and it was not until he had been battered till almost unconscious that he was overcome.    Even
then he refused    to    reveal  the hiding
place of  the  keys to  the hundreds of
offices in  tbe  great  building.     In  their
desperation, the robbers    chlorofirmed
the old man, laying him on the floor, and
then began a search of the lower portion of the building    for    the missing
keys.    Apparently they were unsuccessful In their search  for when Gray  revived and staggered down the stairs to
the basement the men had disappeared.
Patriotic Nordica.
New York, Oct. to.���Lilian Nonllun,
the prima donna who has just arrived in
this city from I'.nrope, speaking of her
projector American Beyrouth , on the
Hudson, *atd that her plans were being
rai-:diy developed, and that her schema
includes the besi musical education or
American girls at borne, so. that they
may be spared the mercenary praotioet
of European teachers of music.
Famous Guide Dead.
Ogdenshurg, N. Y., Oct. 10.���Mlclut: 1
Cronin, one of the nresldont's Adrien
daclCB iz"I������������- has beeu udjudy.v insa't*'
aud sent to the Btate hospital. It was
Cronin who drove wuh Viee President
Roosevelt K�� miles through the A-driou*
deck* t'1 the near* st rai1 road station '' ���
1901, when a courier brought him t'���
new* of McKinlcy :; ;��������� snssination They
made the 16 miles iu one hour and -U
ml uu tea.
Crown   Prince   Goes   to   Corea.
Toklo, Oct. Oct. 10.���With a suite
that includes u prince of the blood, a
former premier and several of tho most
distinguished military men of the empire, Ciown Prince Yoshihito started
today for Corea to Witness the final
acis that will mark tlie passing of
Korea as an independent country and
its incorporation as a part of the Japanese empire, Tlie departure ofthe Crown
Prince from the capital was made the
occasion for an enthusiastic demonstration by the populace.
Renovate Central Park.
New York, Oct. 10.���City officials who
have the matter iu hand have asked for
$2,B00.otio |o completely renovate the
t'umous Central Park here, lt Is stated
that the park, us a result of the modern
wear and tear it has been subjected to,
is worn out. It Is planned to resod it,
remove most of the shrubbery aud many
of Lhe tree* and build new drives and
walks. The work, it Ib estimated, will
take five years.
i i
H The Daily Canadian
Clothing,    Gents'   Furnishings
and Boots and Shoes
Is beginning to arrive.
In about another weelc we will be able to offer full lines
in these goods, and can promise you the best value ever offered iu the eity.
In the meantime it will pay you to await their  arrival
before making your purchase.
beg to Inform them that nur views are
noi dictated by street gossip.
\t the outset we refrained from com
men! trusting thnt calm would return.
We credit others with some Intelligence. Later we discussed the [tosltion
and tried to repair tin- mischief done by
dirty tongue* und dirtier pens. Our
contemporary says that our commeni
showed lack of hack-bono nnd candor,
lie only means that it eontained no
abuse and no tilthy suggestion
The manner nnd the purpose of our
even reference to the question I* Indi-
oated In one of the sentence* our eon
temporary has quoted:
"The only way to maintain Buch harmony In civic affairs as is essential to
the city's welfare Is for each to treat
all others with reapect and consideration"
And after the exhibition of our eon*
temporary's method of Inducing public harmony and good will, we must
say we still prefer our own.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Csplt-I  Authorized
Head Office:   Toronto.
.10.000.000     Capital    Paid   Up           4.830.000
'west           4.330.000
D. B. WILKIK. Pnwident. HON. ROEKKT'JAFFKAY, Vir,-Pr*-Bident
Bunch'* in British Columbia:
Interest  allowed on  di'poslts   fn.m date of d
Sit and credited quarterly.
r-H3l.**0!-    BUAflCM
���J.    M.    L_A.Y_   -V\��n_*j__-r.
The Royal Bank of Canada
Incorporated  A.  D.  1SG9.
National Dairy Show.
Chicago, ill.. Oct. 10.���Thousands i.f
dollars worth of blooded stock from all
parts of iIh- United States and Canada
Is to be sH..n at the second International
Dairy Show which opened at the stockyards amphitheatre today. Prom ever;
polnl ..i vi.-w ih.' exhibition is the most
notable affair of Ita kin.I ever given
in iiii.< con-try and will attract tli>- attention of farmers, stockmen and dairymen everywhere. The Dnlted States
Department of Agriculture and the National Association of Dairy Instructors
an.l Investigators have given their ac-
riv.- co-operative to ihe show.
The in.]...nance of sanitation in the
manufacture and han.llin*; of dairy products from tin lime the milk comas
from the cow until the finished srtlcli
is plae.-d in the hands of the consumer
is Illustrated at the show l.y the operation of dairy machinery. While the ex-
hi!.,:- relate primarily to methods of
handling dairy products and the proper
breeding of cattle the show embraces
also consideration of the Improvi
of all food and farm products A number of conventions of dairy in.-n. creamery men and dairy stork raisers will In
held during the two weeks of the exhibition and another feature will be
ad ������ --��� - by noted experts from
leading  agricultural  colleges.
Nelaou l-ami District.  District ol Weil Kooti naj
Take notloe tlmt R. *_. i. Smyth, ol  I roeter. h
<\, oecu nation lumberman, lui int* to >��� wi>- tori ipen im timber licence over Un    i      ���
���erlbed lauda:
Nn i   Cummenclnf ata post  plai I near tba
nortbeaal conteirphet ol I_oi -������ *Ma, ��u Lemon
Creek and marked tt. 8 v. Smyth south weal oof*
uerpoet No l. lbenee SO ohaini uorth mora oi
leai ii> hIkmii midway ol ibu south boundary Una
of timber Utttnoo No. MM, thci* >��� uo ebalni east.
iiuu. >'iu i-imiui Kotuii. iti ii,. i" chaini eaat,
thenceeS chains tooth, thence to obaina wett
mora or leai to the nniilu'���>.i i rner ot aforeeaid
1-^tt Nu IMS. iii.an 40 chain- north, then
chains we_ii lo uu* |Miint of commenoemenl
Dated 96th July, lau.. K 8. P. *"-i .th.
Henri Keichert, Meat
Nelaon l-and Dlatriot. Dlatiiet of Weal Kooienay
Taka notioa thai Moore, Kepple A Co   ol
laud, i'i-iiu , oeeupstion  lumbermen, in tend lo
apply Inr a .mental  ttmber  licence  nvei ihe  (ol
luwlugd riU'.l Inn. I-     r..in in. in'* ���   ��i �� !���* -1
planted on Mnmolto ereek, -n  the  >�� ��� -   ��tdo "'
trros taka, ��n! ��boul one hail mile wuat, uf thw
southwest cornerof timber limit No  W U
���ont ii no . baina, them u  ���*- -t  M i h ilm
north BD nhalna, lbenee east 80 ehalna lo polnl ol
oommenei ment. and eontsltuna MO ���>��� ��� ��� - mon
nr laaa.
Dated lMh July, IgOT.      Mohkk, KSPSl IA 00
JOSS K   I LaisKUU,  Ant-Hi
Kelson Lsnd District DJstrti i ol Weal Kootenay
No. I
..���_>���   notice   that J. K. K    -    ..url.of   Collin-.
wood- om., occupation luint ��� -rman, lutenda in
appl] (nr a kjhtui timber .   en rei Lhe fol
towing described landa: Commencing hi a p "-i
planted about M ehaius south and loi balm weal
,.[ post Ko _-. marked J. it y. ate wart'i N. B oorner poet, theuoe south h-u ehalna, thenee ��fM M
ehalna, thenee nonh i*-j chain*, tbence aaal w
chalna to plait' ol oonunenoemi nti ������uiaiuiugfrio
acrei inoie or lew.
July .(Hi, ]:-i7. J AM El  8   F  .**. icwakt.
.$3,900,000     Reserve  Fund $4,390,000
Unexcelled facilities for the transaction
of all kinds of Banking  Business.
ClAL ATTENTION given to the
iavlnge Bank Department, and
interest credited Quarterly on
Savings Bank Accounts.
on Application, in Large, Medium
or Pocket Size.
Nelson Branch, G. A. SPINK, Manager.
Piiblllbe- ilx nay. a wee- I.y lhe
.J-NAllIAN  ______-_-_ COM-ANY, LT��.
B.ker 81..  NelMiu. B. C
Bl--*eTlpltoi* r.teri, Mr SUMS > month delivered
Is the cur, or 16.00 > re-' If -rent bv mail, -then
t_td In aavance.
Ad.enl.lurc rale, on appllrrarlon.
All in..nl.- pal.l In MttlemSBI ol Thi' I>t.i]y
Ca.adlan BOOcranU, either lor inbsarlpUonl ..r
ad-erll.t-r-r.. miml bs rerelpte-1 ror on the prl-lsd
Im., of the irompariy. Other reoelptl .re not
Thursday October 10. 1907.
Wa had occasion yesterday to rebuke
our morning contemporary for persistant efforts to create Ill-feeling among
the citizens, and openly to Inkir up recant unfortunate differences of opinion
as an laaue for a municipal campaign
which Ib more than three months dis
tant. The repealed publication of an
article nr-rinK reglatration ot voters.
taken together with the personal attacks upon the mayor and the police
commissioners, will hear- no oilier construction.
This morning our conl.-nipor.iry prints
what purports to he a reply. It consists on the reproduction ot our rebuke which is evidently noi appreclatf d,
followed by some extraordinary axpres-
Blons closing with the delicious pronouncement that commeni is unnecessary.
We are Informed that "every statement in the above effusion In so far
as mention is made of the Dally News
is maliciously false." One statement
made in 'which mention is made of tl.��
Dally News ls tbat Hie responsible ed
Itor of the Daily News is away. Is
that maliciously false? Aa to our charg
that the paper is devoted to a campaign
of abuse, of the mayor, tbe majority ol
the council, the police commissioners,
aud the present police force, that is u
m atter on which every reader of that
paper is in a position lo judge. Certainly "the mayor, the majority of thi
council the police commissioners and
the police force." are convinced thai
the Dally News is pursuing a campaign
of abuse against them, and 11 Is obvious
to all.
Our contemporary Battel- llself thai
lt has expressed "fairly strong opin
ions" on the subject,   lt has not.   lt has
We  have  them  In   6Tb   and  8   Tb   Sizes.
Quot-iMons   given  on    any   Electrical
Heating Device on the Market.
expressed Illogical opinions Ln strong
language, ir dirty tnst-nnatlon constitutes  strength  of  language.
Unfortunately th-' citizens are divided
over the question still, but i' .s sig
nlfu-ani that the great majority even
uf those who deprecate the action <>f the
p.(lie*, commissioners, and dissent Erpn.
the vtewa of the majority of the oouncl.
unite with their opponents In condemn*
Ing the policy pursued by the News.
To retort that our contemporary's
atti nipt to reply Is maliciously false
would be excess of charity. .Malice implies Intelligence.
We repeal the expression of our opinion. \vhii ii our contemporary pays us
the compliment of calling statemeni
that the Daily News has been the chii i
factor In pr ducing the present unfoi
Annate contretemps. It is common
knowledge, though unknown loom- con
u-mpur-i: >. tha. ail matters In di put-
would bave b en amicably arranged a)
the firsl ui the recent meeting of the
police commissioners but for the feeling
oi irritation on both sides produced bj
the colored stories and njlschevioua
comments of our conti rnpor&ry. .Not
content with the mlschiel already done
tin- authors followed up with a threat
to tell otiier dirty stories, relevant or
irreveia.it, and proceeded to ridicule the
new police force as soon as it was
sworn  in.
We are Irresistibly reminded of The
Eels of Aristophanes, the "fishers in
muddy waters," scandal mon .1
preachers of sedition and discord, who
having nothing to lose hope to gain
some advantage from the quarrels of
their betters.
Mad the case been in abler hands
greater mischief might have been done.
It is had enough as It is. We have lost
an eflh lenl polii e Force, and ll has been
replaced by a force whose merits and
capabilities wo do noi know. Bul that
Is the limit of the damage. No one
believes that the commissioners were
Influenced by unworthy motives, and no
one believes, in spite of our contemporary, that (here is or has been a
reign o. lawlessness In the city of Nelson.
Our contemporary expresses surprise
and evident disapproval of our willingness lo believe in the honesty and intelligence of iho police commissioners,
The suggestion that we are "stung by
street comment" is a most, unhappy confession on our contemporary's part. We
"NOT! ��_*l_-
In the mfitt'-r <>l nn npi.ltff.tion tor lhe Im* ol
a iltiT-lteat*- of th*> r.-rtiflr-nte o' Title for lot 33,
an I the West liair ot lot ���_���!, block Bl, In the Town
oi Nelspn.
Notice it- hereby g-lTes that it i-* mv mention
to tune at the expiration of on*- month aft**r tin*
tim publication hereof a dtijiiit-ate of tht? certifl-
eate oj title lor the above lands- In tin* nam*.- of
Ly.lia Shield!, which certificate is <lan��l (be -"1st
'lay of lit'i't'mliiT, U-ttO, aud tiinol-'-n-il BP91 K.
"II   F   Ma< I.r.on."
Dimrlct l-CKi-trar
Notice Is hereby riven that the under-d'-nf-a:
have Mihmttt-". <o the I.Vin��iiuni .Jovrriior-ln-
Cotmoil ri proposal tinder the prnrisloni ot Uie
--Blveri and Btreama Act," for Qle**>r.ng  ami r*.-*
mi ��� iti(* obatruetiolll from <f>n\ River and Meadow Creek, In tbe Dlatriot of Weal Koot. nay, and
for n.-aklti*. the nam*- tit for rafiim* aud drlv
Iiik thereon totri,timber, lumber* i-rift* ��� nd craft*-
an'l [or ere. tin-.- nnd mulntafnlii'i booinH for
holding, son in.- and d Itverlng logs and timber
broaght down said oreek and river, snd  torat-
laehlng   >n*oni*t   lo the  ahore ef   laid   OTSSk   an.I
river lor aalU purpnaea
Tht landi to be afteeted br iald work ure:
Loti KB, B187, 4593, and -tub lula ]. tl, 11 18, 11 and
Lfi of Lot I'. "2, oroup 1, Koot.. 11 ay Ptstrlet.
The tolli np-po-n-d to be rbargerl are inch a*
may Im- tix-*.l by the J udgt* of the Cuiiuty ('otirl
Of Weit Koou-nay
Dated :*:ist Joly, VJOl.
tllk intkknationai, ltosss a m e1m \ktii,k co.,
Notice It* hereby given, for the   lr***ormnt|nn of
mt mdlng w til en and cthera, that uleotion hai
been made or Lhe :..'-" fiW Keren ot Intnl ultualeil
in tiie I't-ace   Kivit   Valley.   Province  of  HritJuli
Columbia- grAiited to the Dominion Oovernmi-'-t
under the prorlalooi ol Baetlon 7 of "An Act
n latiiiK   to  the i-and    i-ailway, the Orsvlng
Dock ami K-illwav Landa of fie PrOVlOOe," and
aii'-h land la not opt 11 to entrv under tlie land
Iti-* - of th" Jirovince
rhtt hlook leJeetod is duaorlbad aa (diiowa:--*
CommendngatapolntSHU; milea fouih of iiu-
i'. 1. e ii'vron tie 120th Meridian, twin-; ibe
eaatern boundary of the province, th. ne... -*esl
76 mile* and 88 M ebalni, thenos no* th 79 rntha
and 86.08 ohalna, tnence eut IB milee sod 88 61
chains, tbi nee aouth io the point of commence,
ment foiio-vin-j the 130th Meridian and containing approximately ::,*;_ni.i��M aerea.
Notice 1- aim toven that, wllh a view to
facilitating _-e.tlc.nont in u-<- raileyi 01 the
Peace. Pawn in and Paek  Ulveri, the iniitiwing
in It of  land   40   mil.*   |M   width and   OXtendlng
_i! mtles on each tide of tbe Peace, Psnnlp and
Pui'k Riven iim- been resorvod for m-tua! aetlloni
to be acquired bs pre-emption only  und- r ihe
Lsnd Act, inoh laud not Ik-Iikc open for aale,
lt-a*fe, lii'iiic or other alienation under the aiiid
Aotexcept by pre cui'-Moti:
comineneiui. at the Intersection'-- thoweetern
iKiuudary of the  bio  k   of   land   aeleeled   by the
oiniiiion Government with the Peace river,
tbence roiiowinr the i-eaee Kiver and Parsnip
Kiver to their eonl'iien-e wph the Paek Kiver
and   Iheuce   following   thi-   Park   river  tn  the
Fif-tnt; where ->��!���) Pack Hirer leavee ICoLeod
��ake, and extending lor a distance of ,-n milea
On each Side Of -aid I'.lvera and iipproximHtfly
170 it.IIok in le-m-lh.
All lands outside tbe bonsdsrlu of the Dominion  Oovernmenl   * 1 r-��nt   and -the raserre
above described are open for Incatloii under the
lnwaofthe I'roviiiee.
w. J   BOWBRR,
Aetlilg ' 'lii>': ' "!:.':��� 1 ��� ��� i.��ii, r r.f l.timU 111 id Worka.
Landa and WorK* I --phi Uncut.
Victoria. September 13th, 1907.
Nelson Land Dialrlet    i>i.-iri. I oi Wt it Kootenay.
Take notloe that Henry Relehert oi Nelson, B,
' , pi.i-.ja.-et.-r. luteud*. 10 a; p.* for n -[���<-���. tai 11-
i-. noe to ��� Ut a:nl 1 a: ry hw ay Umber irom tht* fol-
lovrlng deaeiibed land--:
No  ti   CoinuieiP't'i-. at a   p.-   1    mi'   '��� near the
northeast corner poet of Tlmttei Licence ***o if-"*-
nnd markfcd Henry Keichert uorthweat corner*
�����i-[ No 6, thenee to chalui aouth, thence 80
cnaliu ea��. thenoe 80 cbalm uurtb, thenoe fw
. halns Waat lo jdaet- of r-.nii_nm.vm   nl.
Datad July __iih, Han.
No. 7    ( omiiu-ncini; nt a jki-! pian'i d  Dear the
uorthweat corner post ol  . <; - - Hi ��� u- -��� No M65
and luarte'l Henry K.*n I . ������ * .'.-1 collier post
No  7. theuee   160  ehai.i.   tmal   t:,.,..<    Mi  ohalna
north, thenee it*' chain* .. t*-i. lUeaee 40 chaina
Booth to point oi oom men i ment
I'nled July _*i.th. 1901
No. 8. Commeiieil-g a. _ i ������-: plant* d oo Monument ereek about Tti .... ,- more or i-*-!* Irtim
l*rh< re   Mouuineiu   er.    k    - toptlee   into   Uuinii
tree-; and marked Hei r* .-��� .��� tieri northeast oor-
tierpiiai .no 8 thenc- i i'.i.a,.i- aonth,thence HI
i halua W-.-M1. thenc*. tut- t imnis uortn. thenee to
fbtiuia e*_t tt> jdace ol i ommeucement,
I'HUiO Jill)* _t.Hl,   IWi ll.NKl    Khl-'HFRT,
Kelson Land Dlstiiot DUtrlCl ot Wt -' Kootenaj
ink.* notice that William Andrew How ol
fernie. B C , botel-keepat Intend* to applr tor
a ipe< tai timber licenee over th following des
erlbed landa: Commencing at a poet planted
���boot ilx mllee weet of the Kootenai risei u
l nni oreek, tn the District oi Wet! K
and u-tiiK abont ill  mile* north ol the Intel
uati   nal    boundary    lim-,    and    lltUBtfl   at  the
northeaat coruer nl Willimn   Andrew   Itoe*'   1*0
I timber rtalm, thenoe north to ohslm, thence
weet SS chalna, thenee lonth ft) chalna   ihenoe
cast !_��� rhalna, t" thi* p. .'in of roinmt Ut - ment
Located J0I3 3"Jrd, Istn
Dated tht bui t.i tug   190.
'.imiik  Wi MM Km -
Nelson Lsnd Dlatiiet.  District of Weal Kootenay
lake uotice thai Qeorgc llexander, it Kaslo,
H   t*,   lnteti-li*   t.i   ai.pl.   fur   a  -;
licence   over   the    Following   deaci
Commencing hi �� i_i��t planted at the not
eorner of Section U,    oarm  lp7,  K  ntenaj dla
trlot, int'-j Hboui one-third 0 ��mile sooth of
the -tniuh boiiudary line ������( the Indian reaefTa]
thenee a-uth about 86 ehaloi W tht t-a-t.-rly
bank of Kootenaj   rt - * r. >bencc 1 uthea��terly
aloo<   Kii.il.-im)    river   lank   a^OUl 60 ehalni to
the Noutb boondar* ol -. n li, r��wn*htp 7i
thenco easterly about So ehalu t��* tha oorthwe*t
corner of I-it 1611 ��� ance nortb to ��� bal 11 slonj
the -i-M boondar] ol Lol bl*. tbence west80
chain** t" the p*tlnt of ��� ummeuot on nt, and oon-
taluliii* 640 *���'���������- mi ri ..r I- >���-
Dated lull t    ��� (.Koeni v 1 xajsTDSS,
Nelson Lead District.  District 01 Weet Kooteuay
Notloe 1* nereb) given that K) davit after date
I intend in apply to the L-htei ' omuiiKaiouer 0.
I-and.    anu    '%', rk-    tot    |- rmlsslon   to 1 til  ami
carr> >ua) timber from tlu [otiowing deeoribed
No.. Uommenetng atapost maiki-d ll.._>.
N. w  corner. 200 ehaln* east ul the N. i_. oornar
Of   lol No    *-,*_;,   po^t   ;-.���,:*������ 1    K.ti, N    K.   Corner,
e*  *   *-i Chain.-, thenet   aouth   80 eball.-.
*in net.'north V chaina to
pi* - of coinm��ncemen  oontsinIng 649 eciee-
Na    1   1  tmmentting at the N. w, corner of 11
.\. 8   limb*-*, claim No   1. thence north 80 ebalna.
thenoa easl 80 chain*, thence sooth 80 cnalns,
taeuce West SU chain* !>��� place ol 1 omuit'iieein-i.t
al loeatlou p^tal No   S, containing 6-H. aert-s
I   G,  SCHSSBBSaomf, I^uf.-ator.
t\eo  Bnscroft, Ag.ut.
Dated July 8th. U07.
Nelaon Laud l>i. irict    Histri- ' .if We.-: KiHitensv
Is_ke notice *bat Paul Ansnst Paolst n, ol Kit
chener, n *' , ooeopation lumbeiman, lutenda
to apply f<>r a ipec-M timber licence over the following described landa. ��� onini ucdng at n poet
planted at the i-outbweet c irnei ol *or**e7eo .tit
���*-_tt-(. l tbence aouih to the northern bo_U-dar*r
of timber Uoenoe JSo. 701S, theuoe west to tht
NOrihwr-ht eorntr of nald limt-er licence, ibcn. I
-.outh It) the northern boundar;. ol lot *-l_. thanoe
.ollowiiig aald boundary, of laid lot weit to the
light oi-way ol the ttritiab ' olumL.a 8outbein
Kallway, thenee following said light-Of-WSJ In a
north-easterly direction to place ol eomuience-
ineut, and eoutaiuin-- bin aetea, more or lean
Pated Julv 2nd, I-*/..   Pai i. Anson PAOLSON.
Notice la hereby given that 60 days alter date 1
intend to apply to the Hon. I hlaf uonunlaslont r
d I_auda aud * orka for permiaaioii to purt haae
he following dCsTrClibod landa, altuated in Weet
Kooleuay district: Comment Uik at a poat marked by name aa Initial poet of the South Fork
branch, one hundred feet from the juueliou of
Lost Onek with the aouth fork; thence one-
'��� uarter mile to the northwest corner poal. the tic-,
one   mite   to   the  uorthea't   corner  poat, then-e
one-quarter mile to the eontheastoorner poet,
tbence oiil' mile to  the pl_.ee of commencenieu'.
June 21, VJOl. Located by Wm. Connolly.
Velson Land District. Platriet ni Watt Kooteuay
Take notice that Moore, Kepple A ��� o., of Garland, Pans 1 oocnpatlon inuit-ermen, intends to
apply t**r a special iiu-t-er Uoenoe over the fol-
lowiug descrlbetl lands: Connneueing at a j.o-*i
jilanted on Mof-iilto ereek, ou the weat side of
Arrow lake, aud about one half mile west of the
���OUtbweSt corner oi urn ber limit No, 4HTJ, thenee
north Nt ehalna, thenee west 80 cbaina, thenc.
���oath t*> chain*, tbanee east *i chain* to i>oint of
> ommenCBBCteni, ami containing -40 acres, more
or leas.
Dated 16th, July, 1*J07.     BCOOSS, Ksiii.k A Co.
John r. Ojojusbi. Agent,
Nelson Land District. District of West Kootensy.
Take notice thai   Bvan McClelland  Prassr, of
Fernie, li. I'., i-leik, intends tu apply (or a special
licence   over   the    following    dSMtibed    lands:
Commencing at a   post   planted about seven
milea weat of the Kootenay river, and about one
mile north of the international boundary line,
and about oue and a t-uarter north-easterly from
tne nonh eaat corner 0! timber iiceucc No. mu*��7,
tbence lOathflO t hams,  thenco  weat HO chains,
thenoa north 80 chains, thencsesst 80 chains tt-
point   ol  commencement,   and   containing   StQ
a'-rea, more or leas.
Located IStth, of June, 1007.
Kvan McClellan Kits .Kit.
Dated this Hth Of July, VJOl.
Take notice that C. C. Clark, ot Nelaou. B.C.,
saloon keeper! lntenda to apply for * special -im
ber Uoenoe over the following iieacrii-ed land .
Co-ninct-cimc at a poat planted on Morning
Mountain, about one mile watt of Bin- Her oreek.
iunl adjoining c o  ctiark*t location (or timber
licence No   1, and Hl-out oue mile south of Ntd-
*on, thence west &���' chains, thence south ho
chains, tbence east80 cbains, thenc-. north ni
chains to place of bcgl-inlng.
Dated 'my it'ith, 1901. c. t;. clark,
Davis Boots, Agent.
Nci un Land District. District of Weet Kootena]!
Take   OStloe  tha*   W._icy   Hovee. of   RtUvUle,
W��sb , oocnpatlon butcher, lntenda to apply for
a ajMcial timb.r licence  over the   following de*-
erlbed land*; on the eaat aide of Priest river.
Oommenolng ata poat planted one nnd a half
mllei norlh Of the lnlen ntlonal boon 'ary line,
theuce west to chains, thence south nn chalna,
thence eaatSD abalns, ihence north ho chaina to
point of commenoantent-i oontalnlng 640 scree,
more or less.
Dated Sept. 1 Ith   1W7. WSBUTr BoVSS,
K   W.Fmith. Agent
Nelson Land District.   Dlatrlct of ��e*t Kootenay
Take notloe that Simon K Bohlllel, of Nailer,
Idaho, oocnpatlon Inmborman, Intend* ic apjdy
for a special timber licence over the following
described land*; on tb* east able of Priest liver:
Comiuenclng nt a post plauted on the tail ->[r|c
of Priest rlyer, two nnd a half mil  a north of the
Internationa) boundary Line,   thenee oorh ho
1 halnS,  then �����  eaat  HO chains,   tbence  south to
. iiain-*, thence westsoohalna to point 01 commencement   contain ng HO aer*-a. more or less.
Dated Sept l4th,lW7.        kiihin p Bcnrvnu-,
K. W >-mith, Agent.
Nel   on land DtltriCt    District of West Kootenay
Take notice that Clyde K  McClure, of 111 IvPIc,
Wa-!t  , oei-tijiiiiifin   liRrix-r,  inlentla to apply for
a special timber licence over tht; following des-
Crtbod landa; < )n tho cast side of Priest iiv.r,
tWOftnd a naif milea north oT lhe  international
boundarj line;   Commencing at a poat planted
tif o and a half miles north of the In'.-mat tonal
boundarj tine, tnenoe cast ��o (baina, thence
smith so   halns, tnence wertln chains, tbence
north hii chnlua to tbe   point ol  i-omuience_ni*nt
and eoutaining 940 acres, more or leas
Dated Sept, Ath i-��_7.       civuk K. McCboss,
K    W   SMITH, Agent
Nelaon land District Dlstrlctof Went Koot- nay.
Take notice ibal >ny BovoC.of Rllzville, Wash ,
occupiitlnn butcher, Intcndttoap/dy foraajieclal
limier licence <-v. r ibe following deaclbed
lands; on c . .'ii*: aide of rtiest river: Commencing at a post planted one and a bull miles
nortn of InlernaitonHl l*ouridnrv line, tbence
easl BO ohalns, thenci. south Wl chalna, thence
weat to chains, Ihenoe north to chalna to the
poin' of commencement, oontalnlng &IU acres,
more or le>s.
Datod Hopt. 1 lib, 1907. Jay Bovsi,
K. -V.Hmith, Agent.
Take notice 1   n-  w     ..
appl*    tO th-    Hon    lh
Lauda and   Work  .  Vi
out aud earn  �����>si
deecr !>��� d land, in w ������*���!
No   1      t <i|iiiii- n   1    _
sonthweet ������->< tier
weat sS chains   11   1   ���
end ho 1 halns, then ������ u
oomraeiiet-in. :it
Dated Msy Sl, 1807. I.
J   W
No.   '      ������ .-iiii*. InCittg    tl
southeast coruer . I ap.-ln
hU ctiaiin-, Ha nee uorih to
chaini   tbenoe sonth to c
Dated Hay tl. tflOT,       1
J  W
-. alter u '   1 Intend to
mi i Cominiasloi ��� 1  ol
; --r..'l     til
1   ',. lollowlng
��� 1   ���
. plants 1 ai the
., . ti-w RMS, thence
baina  tbence
s      ., ir- tc p ��� a of
1 *i   n itatm Locator,
��� i ��� :< nti d at the
ires�� BO
bains tn pi tet oi oon*
i     ���:���������-- 1 oeator,
Cot.Ml KN
r ���^itiMiiWMWMMmmiim ���
- JJ Ar-.-nlr.    11_| l.-rl.-k    I'lrll,-,,,. JJ .
: *o ������- '
^-J        A spknilid stink of Coats in all sizes and styles to
; its    make   selection   from.     Prices are   exceedingly low
5   -,
��� 5 Ladies' Dress Skirts from $2.50 to $25.00 *
Nelson Land Htstriet   instrn-t ol West Kootanay
Take notice that we. Archibald Bremner and
Qeorgfl Young, both "I th.* stti ol N la >���  In tbe
I'rovince   01   Briti-u   Uuinmbla    iumh- nu. 11. u>
tend 10 apply tor IM iti Unit,, rile* OSes OTCI tht
(ollowlng dea rtla 0 lauds:
1 Commencing st a poet planted shoo
yards areaterly Trom tti.* Junction ol the '*"r b
and main torka ol Summtl creek, a creek flowing
into Koolenav nvi-r soatfa "f lhe southern end ol
Kootena] lake m ihe district ol Waal K
which Junction la abont 18 of Vmfies trom tha
m mtii ol   snob eraek, tbenei  south .����� ehalna,
ihence   .aft   If*) chains, thenee   Dorth   tOCl
iheoo-f wet lf-i chain** to the point nl commenoa
men', and eontainitiK ���>*���) acre. mor. -
AKHIIUi.il   HllfMMKH.
Dated this 'ith das nf Atuyost, I - "
2. Com men-dug ata poet planted almul SM
yards westtrlv Irom the main and north forks ol
Huron-ill cre.i*. a creek flowlog Into Kootena]
river south ol the southern and oi Kootenay laks
In ihe di_trt.-t ol Wt si Kootenay, tbenoe south B
chains, theme weai ih chains, tbence aoatfa ���*
ehains. thenoe west40 chains, th.-nee north ���*-
chains, thenea* eaat to chain*., tbence north   M
Cbalua. thence uast 4" chains tO lhe point Ol OOBl*
mencemeni an-*i containing fitn acres more 01
leas. tiEoKf.s Vnrso.
Dated this Mh day of AttfOSt, HOT.
t Commencing at �� poet planted about _>���) (bat
north from the bank of the main Botnmlt .reek.
and abont % mllea westerly bom tba Jnnctton 01
the nortn fork and the iiiuiii fork Of Such Creek,
a creek llowlng into Kootenav river BOnth ������' ll ���
southern end ol Kootenay lake in tbe dlatrlct ol
West   Kooteuay, theuoe  siiutb HO  chafin,. th.-ne.
eaatM cbslns thenoa   north mo chain., iu	
weetn chains to the   poiut of oonunanoemeni
and eon laming MO acres more or less
Datad this .'.th day nf Augtu-i, HWT.
4 Commencing at a poal nlantad about _.' mllea
up an   unnamed   creel   flowing   mto  Bnmmlt
��� reek from the south at auo-n 22   mllei from the
mouth of Hummit creek which  Latter i�� a creek
llowluv into Ko-ilenav river lonth ol   the SO
era end of Kooienay lake in the dlatri  1 of   Wesl
Kootenay, thenee north HO chains, thence  oast SU
chain*-,   theuee  nouth to  chairm, thenoa   WCSt BO
chains to the point oi oommeneement and eon
lalnli g MO acres more or less.
(i"Conor VorjMU.
Dated thisSth day of Augunt, HOT.
li Comrnelielng at a pout planted two milil op
an unnamed Qgeek flowing into -iumtn,*. er* k
from tbe south at ebont 33 miles from tha month
of Bnmmlt ereek. which latter is a creek lion lnjr
into Kootenay river south  ol the   southern   cud
of Kootenay lake in the di.striet <d West Kootenay, th'-nee south 86 chain*-, the nee ei-t m
chains, tbonoe north HO chain!-, them��� vest SO
1 halns U'the point of coiii mom--, lueiit and oon
tainlng trto acr.-- more or lest.
Am iiiha: n Bsmantn,
Dated this fith day ol August, WIT.
I Com-noncing at a p^ist planted about one
nnd a half miles op tbe not ih fotk of Hummlt
creel, a creek flowing luto k intent? river south
of thel-outb'-rn end of Kooteuay take   in tlie dla*
trlct of Vast Kootenay, tbence aaal to chains,
thonce south ���..> ohalns, thenco ei.t.i in ohalna,
tbence lonth 40 chains, thence w. -t ko ehalns,
lb* nee north IU chains, thenco west I" ebalna,
theuce north I 1 chains to the point of commence
ment ami containing ��4'" acres more or leaa
r��K��.Hoa Y01 r*i.
Dated 1:,.- ���.������: day of August, 1ISI7.
7.   Oommenolng st�� poet slanted about one
mile ami a hall   up   the   north   f**rk   Oi   Bammll
creek, a creek fiowimr Into Kooteuav rtvei ioui i.
of the snuthorti end of Kootenay lsk��. tn toe
dl-trlct of West Kootenay, tbence north 10chains
thai    west  4ii  chains,   then-e   noitl  10 Chains
Lbenee east N attains, ihence aonth W chains,
thenoe eaii -o chains, thence south i> 1 bains,
thenoe west mi chains to the point of commence
men I ami   eunt-lnlug OKI acre-, more 01
Date.l tbi*. idh day of Augunt. 1007,
AH-  HUM I li  DBSttl r !(.
t. Commencing at a po.t planted about a
'���uarter id a mile westerly from Uie nortb fork
if-uiininit creek, and about Iwo mllee and a
half up snob north fork Irom   lis  Junction   wllh
the main Summit creek.acree! dowlng   into
Kootenay river, south of the southern end <.f
Kootenav lake In the district  of West   I   ot   oa   .
tbence north 80 chains, tbence easl to chalna,
theuco aonth  -U chalus, ihence west m chaini* to
tbe point of oonunencement, and oontalnlng 640
acres, more or less
Dated this nth day of August, 190*,.
QSOSOS Yopvii.
B    ('ommenclng   at   a   post   planted    about a
uarter of a mile   westerly   (nun   the north   fork
ol .Summit creek and about throe mijo" up sueb
norlh fork from lb** junction with the main Bum,
mH oreek. a creek flowing into Kootenay river,
louth of the southern end of Kootenay lake In
the dialrlet west Kootenay, tbence wesl 10
ohalna, thenoe north BO chains, thonoa aaat BO
i'hiLiiii-1,   thenco   hoiith   to   cliHini   to th.. j.r.n.t . (
commencement, and oontalnlng wo sores, more
or loss.
Dated this fith day of August, 1*17.
A Ri inn Ll [1 BSKMISBB,
10 ( ommciiein-* nt a post planted about ���
r-uarter of a mift-woHto*-ly from Ihe north fork
ol Hummit ereek a ml n bout LbroQ miles up such
north fork from it^ j unction with Un main Hum-
mi 1 crock, a creek flowlug into Kootenay river,
south 01 the anutborn end uf sootenay lako. In
the dlttrlct of Heal Kootensy, thence went 411
nhalna.thence muth WO chains thence east i>
chains,thence north lflo obelus lothe r-nini of
commencement, and containing WO seres, more
or less,
Dated tbllSOtfa day of August, VKtt,
A hi ���|iil!.-[.l- Hhfmnkr-
II Coininonrlnirt nl n posl planted about half a
tulle easterly from ihe uouth fork of hum mi I
creek and aboul one mile so uh of the mum
Hummit creek, a t re k flowlni* into KOOtCOSy
river south of the south'-rn end of Kooteney lake
In the dlHtriet of Wcvi  Kootenav. Ihence  eaSl  Wt
chains, thence south 80 ehalns, thenee w*-si w>
ehalna, thenee norlh ttU chain-- In the point of
commencement ami OOtttalnlng 640 n.-res more
<"* IfSH. AKeit'i-AI.I, llltKHNKK.
Dated this '-It.t day of Aiit-ti'd, 11*07
Nelaon Land Dlatriot. District ol Weil Kootenay*
Tako notice that 1, Oharlos Sidney deary, of
llnrton city, It. G , occupation farmer. Intend io
spply for permission to purchase the following
described land: Commencing Ht I post pbmteil
about five miles uorlhwnst from ibe month of
Mosquito creek aud marked ���'('. ti. I.'s tiorthunst
comer," theuce south 80 chains, thence west to
Bargaina   in   Ladies1 Raincoats.      Infants   White
Hoar Skin Coats from 51.50 to $6 each.
erg promptly
Tt3      We  have   nothing of Questionable Qual Ity.       Mail ord
^, ���*"* attended to.
is. in.  north SO ebalna, thence east to
���>��� p .mt ol coinuit noemeui   oontalnlng
MO acres.
:i, 1W.. en iSLSa CiiiKiv l.r *av.
(fei 1 a mi Du trlct   District of \�� ��� *i Kooteney
������ ��� thai Angus McOi
. eeupatlon (Ireman  Inlands t.. -,. ���
j-*-1* i-.-it.-i to purchase Un   lollowlng de�� rlrs \
���   immenclng at a poa    y     ited at thi
I .-ire--    Dlatrtcl ol vs. .- Kootena*/
lak- .,. tbat 1   *���-. Nn i - * . i"  ,
clerk. Intend to pedal tlmbei
���>\ ��� r the followtn*. d< -crib--l landa;
1    ' Dtntni tu In   at a pof   planted at tb** N   I
corner aboOl 1'.. nn..
a] boun lafj   line and ai-om 11 mllea ��.-���' ol the
Kootenaj  rirer (about one mile north oi tht
nonh   Oenadari   oi   X   l-   Bo   -"--���)   tb<
ehalns south alna west, thenee go
rhalna north, thence tw chalne eeel  to tai |
of iH'tiinniif.
Dab't Jul] -
���-*'���..* 1 ��� the n *t-
> onu roll 18O chain*.
thi ne*       - ebalna,
them ��� ������ stinntnit.
Dab  '  :������
' ���   t lan) ���!    ' tho N   K.
u<ittb SO chain--.
them    easl    > . .hatus.
then     weal to el ��� Ins lo ptai nlag
Dated Jul..  -1. t   1 wn
1    1   immenetng al the M  k enrnei ol loeation
No 1. thi ni -   north ��    tha u ���   ���*��� sl -*1
��� ��� soi-th -  ��� bs .���: . tbi nee east so
ohaii-i ��� , 1 f beginning.
Dati ��� lu ��� .' -'   1 .*"".
B    Co ���' 1 melne ���-' *���  poat p ���   I   * one mile
east ������! '       -   I of i.g, tbetn e
eonlhl Ins   than ���   rbatns, thenee
north I        Ins, then. to tbe )*-����� 1
of beglonlng
liattii J .     Ilat, 1 --:
i'.    (-ommenclng at a poet plantrd at the M K.
corner of I leatlon 1*0 ���>. then uh hu chain*.
ii  -i- ehalns, ihence north ***) chain*,
thence weat go chains to the place of b kiuusuk
Dated July Hat, 1907.
7    Oommendng et a posl planted at th��* N K
1 1 loeation Ko "���. then ������ n trtb 10 chains,
theaoi   eaat 80 ebalna, thenee south  _0 chains,
���    aest SO ohaloa to the puo-.-oi  i>.*i-uininft.
Dated -Juiy list,  IWI
-.   1 ommen Ing at a poal pleated at tbe n I
eorner of location Nn 5, thenoa north 80 chains,
thenoe west80chains, thsnee south ��i chain-,
thenee east 80 chains to the place ot beginning-
Dated July .'i��t. I9u7 K. irtA-i*k. Locator.
Jons Hh  vi **. Agt nl
. 1
chains,   tbenei  --s-t   4" rhsio*   tl
chain* ui i-oint ..( oommeneeaieni
��< rea more ..- | ..
'sooate   March Mb. HO. tr.-HSaj
"isiy;'-���/" .after dat�� 1 leu on ,, ,.: 7l~2
Hon  ( hiercommtsai oVtJ
1 C.a J     IH      .^-        *:, I       ,1*^1
id, situated 1     t-o W
trlct:   i emmeni 1 >g at a pa
weal si!.- of Kootenai lake, n*_r kt
point,  and   mark-d   J   WcKt:
poet, thanea *������ -' to ���-��� - *,.
��� SSI 01 !-;;.. ���   ��� ..
thencs ��1ouk lake ttiore towiu: '���'**���
��� ' ut -
Dated April 4. 1 ^rr. g-,,-,^ j itiK:nm.
y'. ion Uml District, Districto. Wont Kootenay
Take notice that I, Rlisabetfa Cergnson, ol Hel-
��� on, BiiUab t uiumbia. occupii'uiti married .*������
man. Intend to apply for p rmleelon !-��� pun baa.
the lollowlng di scribed lan-i i Commencing ai a
posl (dected M chains wi--i ol the wot heesf corner of seotion iB. Township 48. Kootanay, and
marked "JE F. s M K eorner,'* thenoe west lo
chains, thenoe south 40 ahalns. tnence seat SB
chains, thence north ���Oebalneto the place ol
nommenoemetttand oontaiuiuK tn acrei -
I   lh tiilv, A   ll   Wl.    Ki.l/.*TKIII Ki-coi'I.ii:-.
by w. a. Calder, agent
falcon Land District,   District ol Wesl Kootenay
Take notice Mint I, David *>   Kurt/, ..t   N. l-.,n,
B. <'..-������������ upatlon merebant, intend  toappiy for
p- rmlsslon to purchase the lollowlng deeorlbi 1
Und     Commencing   at   a  post    planted    at    the
res    ...rner   ..I   I  CttOB   H,   tonu-hip   88.
���   ay, and marked "i>.t)  K.*aH W. corner,'1
tbenoe north 80chains, thence esst 40chains,
1       ���   sonth 80 cbains, tbence west 40 chelns
p into! oomm noameot and oontalnlng
ai r.   mora or less.
1 dh July, Ivan" luvin '.   KVBTt,
v,   a, Gelder, agent.
i ake notice thai I, 'i homes H��m Wilson, in*
o apply tor permlaalon to purchaae the lot*
lowing described land: Commencing *i u -��-->t
planted ��i tbe B K. corn- r of lot7.' Band marked
N. R, oorni r, ihenoe aootb 10 ohetna, tbence
weat 10 ehalna, thenoe enath i���� chaina, thence
wesi  10 chain.*, thenoe aoutb  10 chaina, thenoe
.. ��� ���  10 ana in*-, tn,'io c aoutb  tOchslns, the	
 ihains, thence north 40 rhalns, thence
sat u< chains to point tif commencement end
containing 100 acres, more or tees,
Iu tie 7, 19U7. I UOMAS Hkncv Wn.-oN,
Win iaM AliOI*80 Mii.ij*.    ��eut.
Nelion Land District. District of Wesl Kooteney
Take nollce that 1, John 1-nn,., of N. 1 .oil. II. I".,
oo ii atlon miner intend to apply ior p rm-a
slon tp purchaae the [ollowloi* tb n rlbod lands:
Commencing at n post pUniid at the N R of
Lol - "j tbenoc cast 90 ohalns thence sooth _>'
chains, thenee seal '.���<- ohalus, thonce nortb 30
oh -I. to polnl ��d commencement, oontalnlng 40
screi mot i or less.
AuRiist Hnd, iwu7.
JottN   I.ANII,
Notice i to-reby given thai 80 days aitei date, I
iHtcnd io apply io tho lion. Chief Coi imisslonei
of Land-- and \Vork,- for permission to pun-ham
the follon-iiif- doRcrlla-d   laud   lu  �� est Kooteuay
district, on eresi shin ol Lower Arrow l^nke,
adjoining fx��l NO. IMS, on the south : Hei-innluK
^i i posl marked "Harry MoLeod'i N.K corner
post and i lasted on tho shore ol Lower Arrow
Lek-s nt tho Boutbeesl eornei ../1 npi Poslnnd-i
1018, thenci weat 3U Chains, thence south 30
���-halns m in or less in the nortb boundi i v of ft.
i iillmoro's p. i: - them i art chsins cast along the
talil boundary to lake, thonoo north along the
ir.k" shore Ju rhains, mote or lees lo point of
iommenoi at ut.
May .nd, wn J. D, Moors,
Agent for Harry tft-Leod,
���Nelson Land Di  irlci.    Im-I rl. i - I l\V��t Knob-niiy.
lake notice hat Qeorgo kit fus Carter of Sirdar,
oot upiiii n, i rldgeman, intends tu ���-m-iv for nor
tnlssiou to pun-tiase ihe rollowlng dcsurlbed
land; I ommenclnir el poal p-Hnn d Hi the north
weat oorner of n. Roes'application tc pnrchaao,
maik.-d ti. W., thence norlh 40 ebalni, tbeuee
o il I" chains, tbeuee aoutb W -balllS lo A.
( u-rj h  preemption,  ilu*u. .���   wesl  BO   ehalni,
thenee st :��� . halns, thsnoa weal B0 chelns to
plaoa of oommeneement (mmuiiiin-t i_n soros
more or less.
Dated July 12, 1007.       OSOSQI KVPPB OASTSS,
W, J Hi orr, Agent.
I, the undaralgnad, alter oo days intend tn aj>
ply to the Uon.iio-i hieft oiumissloncr ol Until
and Works to
lollowiUK do
land t Oommenolng at the N.aCt-.of Cot 7689
li. I., thence   wost  iu ohalus,  ihence  north flO
Nelaon Und Dtsi   ��� i   i-,.-- ...
lake notice thai Philip -<o><.ko.��|.k.<if_*aa,
h  -   . - cruimtlon ;**,
���I n to pui haw thi V . ���-.,. '!-vt_m
lan*.; ( om-peoclni at. i*��*t aissiH �� ss
*   stsboreof tpper Whatabaufi ar k-    .  ,
nei "( int "i���-���. i
thi on  louth M ebalna. Uiouc. ��������.*.
-     i->   the  vborr ol the \mxt, ibtta \
northt rtj along tha laid       ���   - . ��:_j, mn
i to point af c. . .Qttiiiar
���  mon os lem
Dated sept tgth.U-U   Psiuir Basenuie
Hlstv dan afb r date I i-��Ufn<I lo s-rf-j-toOa j
Hon Chlel '"iiiiniMluii-r of Lamhto. *V��fki
f-ir perealeelos to pnrchaea the i-.ionsr _#���
acrlbod laad in Weet KooiasatsatiMri_a*
m mclng at �� peel narked a c BistrtNat
uornei poet, tunmna to (-hum eaiwrty ilanj
bound r\ '���: i irntH * tl eoei KaSB ibf.i-e
southerly B0 ehalise, thenea eansa*rSiMBi��
tbenoa  aortherl** v* iiui-i i;<i*(iifCr,l  ,
��� reck to the i-lsce of comiut tiTOrjl'iiuifliat
two hundred aiwee. more or lea
U�� ate-l this 9th day of May. US.
A C trn.*s*n��r.
Notice Is nensby kItou that �� ,.!*itmflu��.I
intend loappiy to the H.t-i<>rst,:��t_w|ts��.i__B-
mtaaioner of Uml- .ml w'��iowi*ss
to purfi-KM- ihe following daacrlM *i_-l.��t--a
in  Weal  Kootenai  dlatrtcl    C-*��aft*l*|S>
intst plan:   d al lhe   Ment beuti !fct; J Lol tS.1, j
.wid aboul 1" chains aoutb of thtwiia-MWlirf
of   the   rlght-Of-way ol th-* It. l: i-wait-wand-
way,  and   marked   1'   A    Y i im-h-in torttt. .
thence areel b*i ehatu��. then***north _<tw*---a I
boondary of the right-of way nf B i ��� *��clb*m f
r��llw��y, thoU'-o  follow Iti* said bo'ifld-fTM*
riKbi-of-wej tn an oesierT)   bo-uoti ww*S-
bouudary of Lot WU til. theiuw wmtt ���.���|��--*_t
conitneiicemeUt,   oou(aluib|  1UJ ��rrn, ajrtC
Dated this 14th day of fune. Wi-    _,
I'itL Aroiar P.riM-
Ni icon r at> i District. District ef -a-*t K._-*r��y
Take notice that i'aul Aagei. Psaae_.a�� ,
chener, B C , occupation jtu-ih.-r*'.*-*: tmom
to appl.   b.r permlf_t��-u to pun-hasc let tm-w- 1
'   .mmeicini tl - m*
SlXtT days after date I Arthur Al
rantVr, of Burton City, in i.-��.d y ��,i^ ^
Chlol Uommlasloneroi i ""���."',,... .ins-nt*1
.nnu. it c . to purohase tha ���*-^J"KSw��iif
Kid;Stueueast 01 'Vir''',,,i J T r" ' ^
I..., marked -a  A   B souti.��.m ' r,, ,,S
planted at thes    ��    ooruor o   1; t ^' nfhli���
running north 80chains, ��-S^��iet>obaiee��!
thence south 60 chains  ihence '������-������
place of commencement.    .__���.,��� A jiibvo**
Angust lit, UW. Aa*nii'i>AJ___,
Nolann Land District.   Dlatri I �������* .    B|fc
Take   nollce   that    Bsffj Joktett.   -I        ���.;
Manitoba,    Srmt r,    >"'<����� '" , . niI hmtrm
..., nitt|on lo purchase ih^CtTollnwi;;.^ lb^t
and:   Commenolog   a'   "   I"    Ml.,,i,iue it'"*
 il...  tr.���n   Ml.' IllOlltll of  >'��� ""J     _������-,.   -Il'l
���even mUes (rom tin* '���";"���'" ' ,., -,.*tt..n '"���
at nortboasl corner o his ���PSnel��?fS
marked ������ll-��' N B oorner, ��"-�� t>||1... tt.,n>i#
chains,   thence essl w) cliaM.s        I
,-,-.|*e,.-m.!il,eontaliii'i..  >l .. - ns.
Dated BOth day of All��"  '������,.,;��� , ,,-rrs*
AHTHl'K   '
1   ���''*' "", loTa'te'lHSW-1
lOriO mi co�� ���'������*>    ���������������, ������,, wt ���   IHlH" "''
oilibHtleh ilns, th.-nco ' i;'   .4,lH(.r-'-.
AKim �� ���'��� Bl'��*"*^___.
N,.i.nl>.......I<>i��""*' "i,\r;:;;"'",,��.��.:':%
.-rlh. indl   <'."iii��" ' ! ; ,���.,.���r." ���'���-_,V-*��>-������
r���';,ki- ^r-.^-5��^".!,a.'iS^.,,S
;:.,::,:;���:,u;.:',"r';-;tl:-,;!B',';'." ���������
.li.lliri   ll.   Pi" '   '",';' u.uM*-
���,.�������� nl Inll.l. I" ," .in   i'OIIN*ll',,,��enl
II.WWI A"*A��TI "��A  IH.�������.*,*e�� *"��-
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NELSON, 13. C-
*j_'o. Rossland
Lei_-n Und District, District oi Wee! Kootenav
|   ,k .   ibat l'at-ich Bberan, ol Kelsoa-
._,   ,     0n  i ospi ���  or. intendi to apply
licence over the tol-owlne
E , nnlns nl a pott |.laiilcd
��� post ui lol -- '-���. being r-atrlok
i     ..rii.'i post   running south ���*��_
i   halns, thi noa north *-��
���   ehains to i��oint nf oofS*
���,'**. il ,-* list, 1907. PATSII K   -UUU.N,
Kates Kik.mi, Agent.
L .       Dlslrii I.   District Ol West Kooleuay
I Juke notice ��� I at    Petal   Ltltld. ol
tj-atlon lumberman! Intend*
toi iti-eeiaj ntniM'r  licence ovei   the
nni-- ���   Commencing at a
��� ������ .   north eei t. rlj  post ol loi *-i-
siu       .'���   of timber licence Ko.7018,
-.������-.  u*. nee eeet M chaina
m   it., ni e west to ciiaius
men lament, and contain; Dig
I'PlTs-U b    Rl .
DUtrlct of W.'M Kootensy
���     Lhat    Peter  I.un.)    o|
pet-On   I nml*-1 rtn an   Intend*.
lad  IImber lloenoa *-'���--r the
landi.    (J-uameneins at a
i lundar* ol loi I
������������-: Un m .  )018 and -to chains
��� ..' ��� lalm   >"o  i   them .   norti.
���t toi hains, thenoe south hu
�����. -i to  ehain-   to   till    i oini   of
containing   840 acres, mure
l'KIBR I l  WO,
l-latitci .d West K.ro-enav
to N tlee thai   Psti i  bind, ol
i -. ��� ion ' nrabarmen, intendi
���    ..', et   loe   IO,
n\ landi    i ommenclng at �� post
s��i houndarjr of int 812, HO i ti-.ii.i-*
"���i   posl   claim   No  i,   ttifuce
di -   eaai  _Q i bains   then -
��� i.   aeat to chains to jadnt
and   OOntalnlttg  840  acres,
psttrr Limn
.:���*. V. I ay lor. Mel*, ol Art"W
10 i.pl'.v for a IpactaJ 11
[rom    Hie    lollowinii   demrila-d
Lug at a poet planted 70ebelns
iterl]     1   r  etlon   Inun   ("-.ntx..-.
.rl rat    larlors. VV. Parkin-*   I   "A
- ,nb  bv J. 1.  No TOM.
o. :*���-.:, tbence scetfa **>
Ki . baina, tbent i sonth n
t so i hatna t�� point ot eon*-
���--. nclng ai�� poit planted Mchains
-..���-*. ���; v dire- Hon Ir.itn -*-ri'".'<
.-.. ���    fi    I irklns',   Ira Y   Taylor'sH W.
led   on 'be areel bj  I, L 7887,
t-y ir�� v   i       .*- and  v\    Park-Lns-T ...
north to  chains,   theuce  ea.-t   IMi
���ii to chains,  thence  WS8tuQ
M-*-n�� if poiai ol commenceman*
\V     F. 'HilLVIK,
las y Tai --"A.
��� ������:. Und Di    let Dlstrici ot weet Kootanay
��� bj given ihat ����� dsjrs after date I.
iiner, ol Kelson, B.C . intend
ih�� * tu- ( Oomniiauonei ot
land ind ^  -.- loi k special Uoenoe to out and
-"*--*_���- : i.        Iron the |..ll..nln|_ dt-w.*-il-*n
���.������'��� i  nn  Bum mi t creek,  in   the   Wesl
I tig at a po*.t  mark** I -t   P. I s
f lortbeast cornet ���������--���t. located do
P tnltcn eh   aUiut iwo miles from
��� -. thence   running souih  *�� ehalim.
.    ��� .   ��� I' ohalns, tbence   runntiiK
iv   thence   west-ti) chains,   thence
1""'���. -1 ���!.��������     ���������:,.���,    runnliiK east 10 chain-.
.  Ir   I"   chain--,   theueeeait 40
oi lommeucement.
��� ��� i.' .'.'tu day Oi AUgQSt, ' ���
lot.*"' P, ~-.vn.HRHo, Locator.
i ��� bii agent Kates ItoDosaLO
I        ���*- ll ring at �� poet marked J   P. 8's
northwestcorner i-ost. iocated on
* i summit creek, about two mllee trom
i treek   ibeuos running sontb 9   chains.
K east 80 chains, theuee running
slm, l he con   runnliiK wast 80 ehalni
��� ���,���,... in ment,
���""���'' i ��� :. ths .������ih day m august, win
-Ioiin p Bwsnssso, l_oestor.
1- t Iii- ftgent Pkick lloUOSALO,
f:* *���- Uml Dlslrlct.   Dlitrict ol West Kootenay
��������'- notloetbal J ft, P. Stewart, nt Colling*
"     ''nt . if . iiliatlon   lumberman, Intends   to
Kioraspeeial ttmber Iteenoeorei the ioi-
��� i -.ni-    Commencing at a post
,,-     tope itnaii it ream about on., mile south
��� Kivei neai the bead waters ol liran-
rwk  marsedJ   it  Y   -tc-rart's s. K. Angle
m rth   b   i halns, ti ence  **e-i  4o
��� ������ iti ihains, lbenee  ��������� it 80
������ ��*. hen.',, south 46 ohaini, tbenoe ee-il 80
��� OtM   north *V> cbains,   then..    w< -l 10
i' sos ni nommenoament, nnntaining
���"���' - more nr n-ks
E��BD-_and Dlitrict. Dlstrloi o! -Vest Kootenuy
I ���aks^oouee thai J ti  Y  Stewart, ol Collins*
"ciipalioTi   lumberman.   Intendi   lo
i'tb ���perlal timber licence  over   Ihefol-
I lands    I ommenoing at a poet
"' "ii ni - hotiu, iideoi a small creek doe
"' 'bs Mountain  Headow mine, about 80
\jton   <u   Granite   -reek    marked .!.  It   K.
,. . ' '   N g sngle post, thenoe east 3d chains,
 ui   tbenoe west N ehuius,
ti..: ' "'"' ��chsins, thence weit8�� chains,
IheopB I   cl-alm, thenee east80 rii-iin..
i-;.'i,i, '',",  .    Jl' ��balni to  plsce ol commence
j   ' ,'"'V'Ktvio acrei more or less.
-mr-iti, ism 3Atn* k r. BsawAST,
"'i'^"',;"'"1 |,,"i -"i to! Wost Kootenay
N1; i [oi i,
9*\v& s*n0B.thS1 '��� Ale-tander  OlUespls, ol
Hmher 1     'c-orkt Intend to spply [ores] lai
u.���:.;    Ml1 >rtt  tho foiiowiuK deeerlbtd
.,,,', ";:"-tieii,K tti -��� poal planted at the oon*
h|. ir ',"';;' fs ��(Corn creek with the
���   !.,."������',"���""��� "orlh   10 Chains, tbence went
������I.   ��'���,   .,M't\ M,ulh ���Oahalni, thenoe east
Hi     ���      ,,";ll,M'l.'ee<dl��eHUinlllK,    Coil 11 I ll] 0K
H  *,
Mod Ai,;',,
'  "llllnetl, 1���,
I7lh, IIS .^^^^^^^^^^^
'-��� hi n poii planted on the imnk
|,r*''"'itli'c1l,!1,ii,,!rk "��� r"'ru erwVahout four mile
���"'iilimVei. ,""1|l,r with the Main on ok.thmK
"h 80 chain.   .S0C0    mW   w,'d.aln-,   then.
cnalns, ihence cast h ����� ����� n
"' beglnotn-
-I An
���tng, oontalnlng ��t�� eg
, I1HI7.
I *��l a poll I'lanted on the bank
" i-orn .reck about (our miles
 I*-,..,..*.,.   :'!" w,Ul the Main ereek, thenc-*
���jnth au Phldn. ����_f�� WM' 80ohaliiB, theuoo
,'1'"" "( be bu, i tnenoe ""M H" ohsini t- ihi
or Uu,      K"iiiiiiK( oontsinlngflwaoroi   toon
ALSXARnSR Un.l.RsiMK, laieator.
j* *  ha, ksii. Agent
i'^;Ut,l ,,!.,,,,(.   |,lsIrl(.llinv���;( , i,.l|HV
R-P-P-SpgetoJVut^S^   R-*-chert,ol Velgon.
���';������""���'l.. cuutj   " ""'���','* "Pplj   mr a l| bd
1 oriiei-
way'tinilt. r   (torn   lhe
j s poit planted hist thi
1   timber ItoetlM No  QV04
I,l,."rrl,H''>tiot't' -;   '..,'1""1        W, .���.rner   post  ot
SI, i"' Hebrj  y'.\ ll "" lll",n '������ n,<"' *rwk and
���-���Uhmi,, sn    .<      "���'���',   soutlif'HMt   corner po-*t
r__V;lhe'"v so ."* ,lH north, tbenoe hu ohalns
t��llU)i.. in.     '������"���"""'Hi. tht-uce HU   rliniii-
���"��� 'alj 271^r''"mi-l"'ioeniont.
No. 10 CommenciJiK at ,- s i.-i pbmti 1 iibou- _m
chains   more   ,,r   leH   BOUtb    Irom    the   north
west oorner of i ot so 3848 on main Lemon
en*. . and tunmed lleurv Relehert sail oorner
po ' wo   to, thenoe40 cbsln< north moreorl.ee
to aboo', midway of tin*  South   I Ddsry ItttC  ol
tlmbei  iiccnc,- to  ne*, thenoe UUehaloi weet.
lbenee to chalus sonth, thenee 160 chain* eut
to i-oim pi oommeneemsnt.
Dated July 21th, )'���'!
no. ii Oontmenotng at a poal punted on Konn*
meni ereok, ebon I to , ham-., more or less, south
from where Uonnment < reek, emptys into Lem-
��� ii oreek, and near Henri Beleneri northeast
corner post oi timber location ao 8, nnd marl ed
��� lien*> i:. ;. hen a irthwesi conn r poit *"o li,"
thenee 180chains south, thenee40 chains cast,
thenee ISO chains north, thenoe -t- chaini  wail
to the 1-oini o< comiiii-nceuitnt
Dabd July S7th, I 01
Hknkv BSU nrin   Lot --tor.
Ht  ������  i I and District,  Dlstrloi ol Weit ��� ootenay
Take ootles that i. Hhi-oi.j s Bdseeombe, ol
Pernie, B. C ttterfcs intend to apply ior ��� ipei iai
timbei licence over the foiioi-ini* described
_'.    i oniuHiHiiu* at a l-o-i pliiutt-d  at   the  c iri-
Buenoe of the north ?������-���-- ������: Corn creek about
two mill ponftuenee  atlh tbi  Main
i nek    thencs   j-outb 40 ehains.   thence   well 180
chains, ih- t   >    north   .Ochalns.   lio-ncc i-nst li.)
chain- to tbi place Ol ta-KinniiiK. OOntalntng ti4U
m ������ ���   i'   ireoi lew.
Located Angusl Ittbu wn
���   i : ��� ��� i ;    ' planted on thi bank
north fork of Corn ereek n'-mi um miles
(rom ll�� conllucnce �� ith ih" Mum  . reck, thence
-.. .���,.!-   tbenei  wee)  _ochains, lbenee
north 8n ehalni   thenos east ho ohaini i<> the
lilac,, of U.-Kirtuuii,  contalnniK   'it <  h-ii-k   mm
Located August iTih. l OT.
' ommenclng ai a jio-i planted on the bank
��� '    .   nortb  fork cl i "orii ere   k    abOUt (our mlle.
���   onnfluenee with the Main ereek, thenc*
south 8o obatna, tbenei eest ***�� ehalns, thenee
north Wl chain-,    ihence   weit  HO  chnins   !<���  the
: beginning, ci-muiuiuk *-4*t aeree, moreoi
1^.. wl.*.] August  l-th. 1807,
I Oommanclng at a p- **t planted on the bans
of the nortn fork ol Corn oreek about 8 nulei
from Its ennflucu ��� with thi Main creek thenee
north 40 chains, thenee _nsi 100 chains, thenoe
louth 40chains, ti.ence w-i it" ebalni to Uu
pi .. of t-citlnnliiti, containiiiK wu acrei, more
or less.
Daud Au-[Uht lOtti. lJtf7.
A Oommenctng at a poet planted on tlie tisnk
of 'he north fork   of  ('������rn   creek al-oui -i\ miles
[rom i - confluence a Ufa the htaln creek, thi ice
80 ehalm, Ubu net chalna theme
north B0 ohalns, thenos ���..,-��� so chain* to the
place of beginning   oontalnlng 840 acres, more
or 1   -*
l.o nnil Angusl I8tb, I *n,
1. Uommenolng st �� post planted on the bank
of'thi north fork oi torn ereek .bootsis mllee
from its oonflnenee ��ith the Mam creek, tbenoe
���outh to chain-, thenc,- west **n CbalOS, thence
north ���*-�� eliain-,. ihence oat-l ��l ehalu. to tbe
place of he-tlu ul nn;, con tain' or ' *'�� acre*, more
or less
Lope ted August t&thi wi.
II   JV. KtMlBOOMBK, I-ocator.
a Kaokbtt, Agent,
Time for adTerllslng extended by the Aislitant
NcNon Laud Dit'.rb-t.   Dif-irni Ol Weil Koo'enay
lak.   notice that tho*,   I   i- Logan ol  Eton
iii'T> Ken v, OCCUpetlon painter  in tends to apply
mraepeola- timber licenee over ihe roilpwlni
dcn-iilM-,1 Und*:    CcimiuenclUK al n posl planted
on the south side ol Bouodarj creek, abont 10
mllei wesi of the Kootenay ilver, thenoe west -
chains,   thsnee  MUth   **i chains,   thenc-'  ea-o Mi
chalne, tbenoe north 00ohaini to lbs p��>iui of
commencement, Hn,i rmitalulUK ''���to acre.,   more
or  less
Dated July fith. 1**7.        Thomas 1-   I-. I-n-tAs.
Netson I-and District   Disulel ol West Kooteuey
Take notice that llcnry  Relehert, ol Kelson,
it  %j .  prnepector,   In end lo apply tor h -pt" lal
timber tin uce over the tollowtng oesenbed
No. 1 -Commencing Rte poll planted near II.
W.    northwest    corner   )��..-t.    lot   No.   Tilts,  and
marked MHenry Iteloheri sonthwesl comer
poet '-tbence 80 chains north, them-e ni> hains
east,   ihence   no   -.'..Mill*-   i-onlli,   t bcuce ,S0 chaili-
weit to the |H>mt of oommeneement
Dated Sepl   thi 08th, IW-.
iiKMtr iikicuhrt. Locatoi
Certificate   of   Improvements
���'Montreal' and >a-luebec" M Hums I < l aims si* u-
ate   In   the    NSUOS    Mining    Division,  ol   West
Kootena* District.
Where located : West hr.ui eh ol north lork ot
Bglmon river, on *'ratg Mountain, about mnu
miles iroin Krlf, B. C
..... purp��
ebove .iiiims
And   further   take   nOtlOC   Hint   nelion,  uuder
section 87. most booommenoed before the nsu-
auce oi such Oerttfloate of tmproTomente,
Dated this 13th day of September, 1W7.
Certificate  of Improvements-
���d'ulou" Mineral  ("liiiui lltnate iti the Nelson
MJnlnti Division, of the Weei Rootenu Dlslrn't.
where located;   Oo tend Mountniu iwo mid a
hall mllei Ii uu  Nelsou.  11   t
'lake notice Hint I, '���. , A   Macdonald, aetitig to*
aire nt (or llui:h Bu the Hand, Pre* Miner'. ��.t-
tllicatc No   11 i.i,_* ���-, Intend QO dan from  the <bito
hereof, to apply '���� tin- MiutnK Recorder fo*a
Certlflcate ol Improvement*., for the purpose ol
obtaining ��� Crown Oram id the above claim.
And further tune notloe that action, under
Hectbui .:",   musl   he  commenced   before   11c   1-.-
suii ce ol such Certlflcate o| Improvemeots
Dnied im- j;ti'd dav oi Beptemfwr, *  D . 1801
Tenderii Wanted for iht Purch-.se of a
Mineral CklDU
renders addtcrnt  lo the   undcrslfiied  at his
offlee in ihe Oonrl n m ���, in iho i'uy of
Netson, will be letwlvod up tht the
'huh otfi ocioi-k,   in   ttie   afternoon,  of Fri
driy,   November 1��-t,  1��>7   for   tin    pun-hase nf
Mo. ��� mi-.-     Min t il i intm    l..-I   .:ih- . ilronp i.
Kooteuav    District,   which  wns  declined   to   bo
forfeited t" thi Grown m ihe las sab- held m the
City of Nelson, on thel-th day Ol November, t'��ir>,
f rdeltnqoenl luxes up 'id .tunt-amh, tva:,, ami
'he upset price  upon the   Mild   lulncrnl clniiii,
which Includes tb- nn d d.-lin.|uciit taxes
and cmlH at the nine ,,i i   rfeitUtOt With interest,
taxes which bAvosinro accrued, oost nf itdvar*
Using, an I fee for innvii     r-mt **_.'��� 00.) Is 1188,TO,
trbicn is the least amount that wili be considered
as a tender
l-ah   I'd '   b.    ne- onuiinleil  bynliFic-
cepi.'d do ii ui Int the f-til monunt n[ the tender,
p,i ���,.; 1 ���,. 'ne or i-i rn i in- He -u;v i oiinnliMouer
ofl.niid  nnd Works, at Victoria, H. r.atuiir
Dnied   nl   Nelson,   ll t',   ibis J71h day nl Hept.
ion ei iiim-iit Ageut, Ni'lh.'u, 1). 0
Goldwin   Smith's   View of  Asiatic   Problem���Misunderstanding   of
British  Policy.
Dr. Ooldnin Bmltb, In an artlolfl In
th<> CoBmopollUtn, tgjteg tho view thai
the* InpMnosi. question may turn out
to bo the beginnini of the ond of tho
Hritish (Qmplre. (Ureal Britain, he ar*
gaefl, Ih in alllaaog with Japan, it is
the policy id l in min to ffuarantea to
the Japansee free admlagion \<> Brftjah
territory. The Augtrallana rufuwe to
accept thlH policy, and v. ill $a to any
eatremitiea rather than give way. Can-
uda Ih also opposed to It. ami II it
comeg to war with Japan overr the Question wliat run the nudhorland do? She
cannot defend Canada and Australia
against Japanese attempts upon tin m
Thus the question may bring the Empire to an end.
The study is Interesting' it presents
a phase of Hie case that ought to be
considered. But, in the first place, H
seems to be founded upon an Incor-
red theory as to the altitude of the Im-
perla] Koveinmeni towards Canada
and Ati-druiia on thli. subject It has
certainly bet n said that the imperial
Qovernmenl is anxious thai Canada extend the open door to the Japanese, nut
ill* re Ih nothing to show that such is
the "policy" or ihat <-tr. ei nimnt. In
fact, the evid. ne point! in the opposite
direction. The Japanese treaty was concluded in 1894, From that bargain all
ilio Hritish Dominions and Common
wealth*-- were ��� :.i tuded, Not one or
them were to tm affected by it. unless
it should i>" asked to become a party
to it. This left ns Inr to devise our
own policy artth reference to this mat-
t��r      After  the  treaty   had  tu-en  si:*m-d.
li b Columbia passi d restriotiTe
eglslatton- legislation which singled
um the Japanese as objects for exclu
lion. If it hud been the policy Of Great
Britain to force the Japanese upon ns,
that legislation, not only as to Its
tarras, bul as to its purpose, would
bare been the subject of protest. But
H bappena thai while the details of the
law were objected to, the principle was
gpprovi d The Imperial authorities
urged Ita dtsatfowanoe ou tin* ground
thai n wag offensive In thai it speciflcal-
iv selected the Japanese aa the people
To  All   Points   In   Kootenays.
AND   DETROIT   TO   NELSON   $39.45.
MONTREAL.   $46.10;
HALIFAX.   $56.40.
Correspondingly Low Rates from and
to All   Intermediate  Points.
Prepaid passage arranged.   Reservations ��eoure_, etc, through nils niniu.
For further pftrllculars cull or write
A.O.P.A.,Vancouver. l>. P.A., Nclnon
Certificate  of  Improvements.
"Hilt BOPS l-*r.lr-U..li-' Mtlu'ral I'lftlm. BilUHte
Ir, 111.* Tr.iul I.k*c .Mlnlli-l lnvl.il..n, ol Writ
K....r n..y  m.irl.l.  bOOStSa   00    I'oplur   eroek.
%-kfl notloe  ti,-,t  I. i'. I'a.ii.'j- Piss tfinsri
i-..|-tlll.-.n.. No.   BMW.,   inl.'ir., wr.lnyr.   Irom   tin*
tinio hereol to apply to ths Mini,.*,* ssoorderfor
. ..Tiiii.-at'' ol Improvomsnta lot Ho* pnrr.or..' of
oi.iaiiiinii i. Oroya .ir.urr ..I tbe shore Ola n.
Ami InrlloT I'i*..1 uolU'i* that action untie,
-Vrlloli 'l~ nrilKi be corntrtcnce.l Ivfore the
lHiia-uta ot K't.-h CertlfloatS of tirrroov.-incnti.
Dated this Mb Hsjol Botobor, ������"(?-1.A|)U,Y
lu tin' inatttT cl nn nppllentlon for tht) InhiumiI
ilupltoii-'i* ��d Hit' CiTiilli-iiti-tuf Till," to l"ti 11,
i�� .in i 18, group 1, Weat Kootenay Dlitriot, kImi
known ���� Hip ' Kootanay t'hicf," '���Oawtort'' mul
������littlii" mlm-r.il i-lrttinn rospi'ftlvtdy.
Notiet' in haw-by -tlVen itett it if- my Intention
in t_nut' ��i il"' oxplraUon ol noa moutb altar tin-
llri-t pttblii'.nll'Mi Ltoruol �� diipll.-nlf id It'll ItlfttU'
of Title No.ewiao. an undivided mi lnutim tn
fiicti ul tin- n''ov( tola, i-s-Mu.-t im ihf i.tb day nf
Muv, a D l-Min thu��_tii.'t-f.'idint'. Atnevorth,
andalaoftdupllr-ate nl Cerllfirate of Title No,
80008 oj   Hti   uiidtvld-'d  lOdtMlthl m   I'lU'lt nf   tin'
ttbnvo bit**, llkued mi tin-   l"'th ditv n(   mOf, A. 1-
iHMc.iu tint name nf I'l-my*' J. Alniwortb-
l.-ii.-i Hftiitry Crfiea, n.isoii.ii. U.. AaguilCil)
H. K. Mai-I-VOU,"
Idt-trli t Ki-nlM.-iir.
01O i^liR iVlOMTM
We offer you best fruit landi?;
bent terms; best local lr>n; bod
climate. AiJHOlute    titles.      You
don't have to use all of your nioanH
In paying for land. We want you
to put tt into tlevrlopmeut. We
also have tracts of 50 to C000 acres.
prices and terms the best, We own
these lands and handle nothing on
If you don't see Fruitvale you
miss the beRt in B. C.
Kootenay   Orchard
Ward Street, Nelson, B. C.
Cleartd,     cultivated,     planted
with   80   trees,   good   water,
first rate location,   -S*700.
��-_0-v.__  AIND  SEE.
aimed at. and suggeated tbat tho same
could be reached by the adoption ol
the Natal Act, which applies an educational test to i&migrantB, and dues not
name any particular nationality. There
is no proof here of a desire to influence
us in any Way on the question. The fact
thai we became a party to the treat*, is
attributable to ourselves alone. More*
over the treaty Is subject to denunciation. The Japanese government agreed
lhat such should lie the case. So that
Qreal Britain and Japan onderstand the
rights of the llritons beyond the sea.
lt is difficult to picture a breach be-
i VNM n Uritain, on the one hand, and
Canada and Australia on Uie other, on
ihis *,ue.-tion. for the simple reason that.
neither for her own purposes, nor by
reason of any treaty, is iiritain Interested in inducing oa to accept a Large
Japanese tnimigratt-tn against our will.
It Ib equally difficult to suppose that
Japan would fight Iiritain. Australia and
Canada on such a subject. A war on
this subject could not be restricted to
Britain, to Australia, and to Canada. It
WOtd certainly involve the United States
for ihat country is not going to permit
an Asiatic colony to fie founded on its
borders.���Mail and Km pi re.
Canadian    Ticket    Agents.
Winnipeg. Oct. 10.���Representatives
Of all lhe leading railroads of the Dominion have gathered in Winnipeg to
attend the animal convention of the
Canadian Tickft Agents' association.
In the matter of attendance the convention is tbe most representative ever held
hy the association and it promises to be
of much interest and importance to the
Old Curiosity Shop
If you want to buy or sell anything,
90 to the Old Curiosity Shop. A new
'Ine of Japanese Goods now on Bale.
���VII kinds of DInni-rware In stock. Pat-
Certificate of the Registration of an Extra-Provincial   Company.
���TtiMIANIR-i Act, 18II7 '"
[ hereby certify that -he "ft-Ue Creek Copper
Mi-ilnu -"ompriiiy, Umtti'd," hm lhl�� day boon
retrtnlered a.i an Kxtra-ProvtuctHl Oompany un-
dor the ' r-iinj-'Oib'- "Act, ItW," lo Oaiff out or
efft'i't nil or anv idOie objfi't- of tin* Company
to which tin* b*(-i-hilivi' authority ef the  I-pru-
Lature of Brltl-h Colombia extenoi
"h-> head oi-loo of the Company In ultuate nt
tbe City ol BpokaAe, Btate of Wn-diin-jton, I'.s.a,
The Htiiountoi the 1'Miitnl of tho Company Is
one   million   live   liundpM    Ihoin-ntid    dollHT-.
dtviilt-d into one million live hun-in-d thoui-niid
���harei Ol ou** Hollar 1 ni'h
Thu head otiii'cof ibe Company In 'his fro
vinei- in f-iuiatL' Ht Ni'lsnn, and Michael C M011-
a-.lian, Miner, whose .iddrcs*. la the same, ts the
Mtorney of the company
The time of the existence of tbe Company 1-
IIft-- vearn from  the ITilli March, 1!��U7
The Compain t_ ���Molally limited under see
tlon 66 of tbe above Ad
Given under mv hmid and seal of OlRea "t
VletnrlH, 1-rovlncc Ol Ilriil-h Coluuibta. Hit*- 16th
day   of  May.  one thorn-ami   nine   hundred nnd
ft,. ��.} 8   Y. WOOTTt-S.
RegUtrar ol lointltoek Companies.
-I! Kinds nf Houtlnf?  Plants In  Stock
Victoria 8t., Nr. Oocra House.      Tel. 181
t. C. GREEN       F. P. BUKUKN       A. 11. 0HEEN
Civil  En si** ccs, D-minion  _nd  Brit'sb
Columbia Liu J Stirvcyos
r. 0. Box US   Phone 261 B.
Ror Unpaid I )olii-<*in_iit T��XM 1" the Nelson A8a.8sment Dl_stri6tyJF-rovlt.ee
of I *i*iti.-ili Columbia.
I hereby Blvc. notice on Friday, tl: e Eleventh day of October, A. D. 1907, at the hour of twelve o'clock, noon, at
the Court Hon**,', Nalson, II. C, I -dial! offer for sale by public auction the landr, hereinafter set out of the persons
In told list hereinafter set out, for ths delinquent taxes unpaid by said personH a--, on ihe thirty-first day of December,
1908, and for Interest, costi* and expenses, IncludinR cost of advertising said sale, if the total amount clue is not sooner
J. T. Wilson, 1M.85	
A.  H. Wilson, 2'.I4	
Robert Wood, 70	
John  Kay, 80	
C. H. Dunean. 320	
P.   Grlschell,   61.21	
E.   Mallandalne,   120	
M. McCarthy, 7	
Mrs. II. W. Hcndren, 35	
R. Helm, 40	
b. E. Schuler, 4.29	
John Keith, 0.37	
N. Uagnon. 99.20	
Mrs. L. C. McDonald 35.40	
Lucky   Boy   Mining   aud   Milling   Co,,
Ltd., 93.05	
Theodore Johnson, 99.91      .#.
Ryan & Donelly	
llruken Hill M. & D. Co., Ltd.,29.89	
Pilot Ymir Co., Ltd., 42 33	
H. L. Lindsay, 148. 20	
R.  L. Baron,  153 .'.
McKalvey & Randall, 775.53	
Ah  Wing.   1.09	
Description   of     Property.
i 2,  3,
In lot 326C 	
Lot  6076	
Lot  5372   	
Bk.   15,  lot  812	
Hk. 27.28, and 29, lot 812	
Uk. 5, lot 891	
Bk. 14,lot 891	
Bk.   20,   lot 891	
,lnS   ec.   C,   Tp.   7 A	
ln Sec. 2 and 3. Tp. 15, Lot 1237	
In Sec. 3. 4. 9, and 10. Tp. li, Lot 1237...
In Sec. 1. Tp. 15, Lot 1237	
In S.-c. 23, 24, 26. Tp. 37, Lot 1238	
In  Sec.  19, 20, 29.   30, Lot  1241	
in Sec. 36, Tp. 36, Lot 1238	
In Sec. 25, Tp. 17, Lot 1242	
Iu Sec. 1, Tp 39, and Sec. 6,  Tp. 40, all.
In Lot 1241	
ln Lot t.jlH	
In Lot 4598	
In  Sec.  7,  Tp.   17   Lot  1242	
_ a
��� 3
M   -*"-
3 H
Dated at Nelson, U. C, this 9th day of September, 1907.
Collector. Nelson Assessment District.
Ka.ppeatl 000 Amorlctn Plan
Mt-All 'J& ftl.    Kioi ������   fm::-  25 CU- to 11
Only wbite Help i". .. :��� ':yed
Baker St.. s-y.-on
Mnst t-nmlortab'.e ouartLTH      Nelft.in'
Only tile DSSI ol Li.*rr<.rs Bird -..iKfcfR.
Grand Central Hotel
$10C0 Cash and tht* balance nn extended pas tnentswllJ] buy a aix-
roomed house and five lots; Rood
locution,   price $2,500
$ftO!) cash and the bi: lance on ex-
trnded paymetttfl ortkt huy an Qtgbt-
roomed house and lot % block
from the car line,  price... .$1,1)00.
$500 cash and the balance monthly
payments will buy a six-roomed
house and lot on Silica street,
price $1300.
$000 cash and $25 per month will
buy a seven-roomed house and lot
on Victoria street, price $1800.
Fire, Accident, Life and Employers' Liability Insurance
Let us quote you rates in the best board companies.
Thoroughly renovated and refurnished. Rooms 50 cents upward. The
dining room is unexcelled in -be city.
House heated throughout with hot
J. A. KRIOKSON, Proprietor.
Telephone, 250.    Opposite Court House
and Postofflce. Nelsou. D. C.
Queen's Hotel
Baker Btreet, Neleon, B. C.
Lighted by Electricity aud
Heated by Hot Air
BATK8  I.'   I'FK  DAY
Large aud .romlurtablc Bedroom* and  Plrrtt-
clapd-liilni- Room.   HampU* Hooui. (or I'ommrr
-rial   Hen
MRS.   S.  C.OI.ARKK.   frovrli'trea.
Bartlett   House
Best Dollar-a Day House in Nelson.
The Bra I* the Fineat.
WhtUJ  Help Ouiy KniplOTO*-.
lotophlno St.
Nelion. B. 0
Royal Hotel
Choice Fruit
I Have ) 0,000 Acres
of the
Choicest Fralt Lands In
British Colombia.
Can  sell any quantity irom 5 acres to 2,000 in one blocK.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
Nelson, B. C.
rooms ami hath, r��0 ft. corner lot,
oi'litrully   located, one-half    ca.slt.
balance   on   terms *21O0
rooms ami bath���_x<M_!__1 repair,
electric light, waicr. sewer, 1  1-::....
lots, on  terms *'_000
rooms, water, elect**!. Itj-ht. chicken house, woodshed' on terms.,,I 750
rooms with two excellent   lots In
Fairvlew;   wuter 1*1350
Victoria  St.   (75  ft.   corner) %   500
Houston St.   (50 ft. corner) I 375
"hotham St.,  Fairvlew  ia0 ft.) $200
r, 3-4 aeres. easy of access by wagon
road, paitially cultivated: suitable for
market garden.    Terms given
160 acres on Kootenay River, good
train service $3000
Bates $! nn.1 |1.S0 a Day.
Special Kates to Keguliu* Boarder"
The Silver Grill has opened under now management. White labor
only employed. Tho best 35 cent
meal in the city.
in the matter ot an ftppllontton tor Um tauta!
il rtupliraL- lYrUllriU'* ol Title loi inri (p ..��*res)
of I...1 aSUQroupono-,-0 the nittrietof K..ot. n��v
N<iiu'.- is luit'iiv Rivuii i n_��.t . i Is my lu ton tlon
to boat hi 'in- i-.-'ptri.tii-u of one iitinitti trom tit*
ilrst pulilit Htio'i liprenf adapUoato ���! the Ott.
tllicHtf <���( t ith* for the nb'-vti li-nil" in the ran e
ol Atnlrow Morrinon, which t'eritfli-im- nt Title
Ih dated ihi* Bth day i'l March, WOO, uml nutu
bored -flW9K.
l_ftiid   lUfltltrV Uflh'e, NcUop, H. C.,Hepl��l_tbOI
"tt] f. Marl mii��."
I* Utn    Heiisirar.
F. B.  LYS
Real  Estate Agent
315  Baker St.,  Nalson.  B. C.
Piano  aad  Staging Lessons
Given  by   Mrs.  Winter   Every Saturday
Mrs. Winter holda ceiti.-crUe frum
".oval AiMil.my lor lilauofort*. playing
��� d Blnxl-ig Certificate Trom Trinity
Collvga. London, Bog., for theory of mu-
bIo* BonolariUUD t��f U>.e London Conser.
vatoire of DsCuslc for -slaglng and piuto
ntayiQg, Address  Dox 796. Nelaon.
In the Matter of    the "Land    Registry
Act" and Amendments thereto,
... ...1 th     .
b ���     | LUft>k.
i .vid  Kj-jtftry omoti
Au-ftiBt, 1IW7.
I *.; Iiim.n, in the nameol
, -.     |  -i   whtoh  lh 'Mtii'i.ii' la
Of AUgQat,   tH:'4,   ��nd   f*   'lUlii
N<��l��nn.   Hi',   si   i
U. K. Ma-il/**>J>.
Dlvlrtoi iu^imi-i
I. E.  Users of Electrical Sad Irom
Tho City Council hus fixed a flat run-
of on oenta per month for each Electric
Iron used tn private houses and |11.50
per month for each Eftectrtc Iron used
lor eommerclul   purpose*.-,
And notice is hereby given to all
those using Electric Iron*- to make ap-
lllcation at. the Cii> Hull (If they have
not uht :uly done sol for power required.
ANYONE found using EKctric Irons
or other heating device without ftrat
making appli-ation for power will ho
prosecuted wtthonl  further notice.
By Order, W. K. WASSON,
city Clerk,
Nelson, B. C, Sept. 25th, 1907.
I 1
.   1
;f i
'Hrr -m
���#*'<< *if
!���: !
* * ���.
t  i
. <
,   -ll''
1 -r_r wa__S-*__Baa^_s-^._L.��i..-i--l.r
The Daily Canadian
>ssssssssss-��-_-MB-��_____. MWsssssssssaWssI " "I|1 *" '' mn's-'i-y
our stork for tie New Jewelry ami ntlicr
goods we are opening ni> almosl ever*
day We B-8 exhihitini* Brooches. Neck
lets. Pendents. Bracelets. ..II irr u.-w de
Signs I'll'-   new   Enamel    Jewelry   nr
Flowers, Birds and Bugs Is most attrac-
J. O. Patenaude
!��� manufactured from  tne  fln.-f-ttobriMn.Fnn
ritxued aud dew-KWft* Uiued.     It �� in lid, lull*
lUum-.l and cool     A lob-ui-o yon
ought to try*
fob-CCO-lst.   Baker Street.
Coal! Ice! Wood!
Phone 265
Yale-Kootenay  Ice, Fruit,
Foel _k Poultry Co., Ltd.
N.E. Co.. Baker   and   Ward   SU.
See Us
For Good Fruit Land
io Acre Blocks to 8oo
Acre Blocks.
Bedrock Prices.
Easy Terms.
H. E. Ooadsdaile & _�����
Next Door to Pank of Commerce.
| Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch,
Creosote, Oils lor
Preserviiig Timber,
Roofing Pitch and
Boa* Builders will find it to their ftd-
vuitage to u_e our Pitch.
Nelson Coke & Gas Co.
L*|rn ���**-_*.
Qenersl Job Work, Chimney Sweeping, Carpet Cleaning, Fixing and Clean-
Ing Stoves, stc.
Ul East Bsker St. Phone No. A114
A. McDonald & Co-
Deaiors in Btaple and fancy Groceries.
Butter, l-t-'L"-
Camp and Miners' Supplies).
A. M. Can. See. C. E.
Mining Work s Specialty.
Office:   Besley Building.    P. O. Box 434
���aker St., NELSON, B. C.
INELSOIN,     -     __��. C.
Ons of Nelson's Pretty Home Colleges of 2 bedrooms, sitting room, din
Ing room, kitchen, bathroom: hot and
cold water; large basement. Nice view
of Iske. $1,600, $900 down; balance on
essy terms. Certainly a snap. 3 lots
75 x 125. Apply to J. R. B., Dally
...ll (-/ -  _.- _- * * .
Bcr-t   Loc-.cd  Hotel  in  Ndson
_D���et lh.* rnftrmKt-m**nt ��.[   K. K. Noble
late (if Toronto, Ottaw. an.l
T. A. Aire.. Wesl Africa;  Mis.*; .I. Ti]
ping, Slocan; G   Danl   . London;  .1   W
Morrow,Peterboro;  ll  SI   Ik������    T nto
ll. W. Williamson Lond in l> Phi
Hamilton; W. Toll, i rey, 11 R. Chance).
Montreal; Q. A. Churg, .1. s. Alkins, A
Kennedy, Winnipeg; i S ewart, Mao
l. n.l. H. Shrapnel and wife; s. Phlpps
-'    _>__>?_J'r-_A,_"*r--
Qorj.. \ c.-.i.in   _r��_ Ward 5-��_r__t -,
-iKLSON. Hi. C
F. T. Moore, Seattle; C i!. Brown,
Milwaukee; Y. Shepard, L-thbrtdgi ; _
Beanton, (.'. c. Snowden, Calgary; D. P.
Kane, Kaslo; I, Stevenson, .1. ll. Bas-
ii-.1.1 and wife, Toronto; B. Sautter, Winnipeg; El, C Thompson, Toronto; BS. T.
Wickwire, Mrs. A. U. Robinson, Green-
wood; A. II McDonald, Rossland; Ml -���
Docksteader, Ravi [stoke; H. B. B. (.il-
iiiuur, J. W Weart, W. Wain, A. :
J. R. Oreenfield, Vancouver; B. Clans-
lion. Ymir; 0. B '���>-- F. H. milim.i. i;.
Winchester, Spokane.
II. W. Snarl. Poplar; J. Buchanan, M.
A. Clare, Plncher; Mrs. 0. H, Stevi oson,
Mrs. E. Smith and tamlly, Winnipeg; I
c. Hood, A. B. Hunt, England; P. B.
Hunt, .1. T. Ryan, Rossland; D. .-i. Mc
Donald, Enderby; W. V. Jacks-m, Creston.
Till: MO.NT.
\v. Tartar, F. Ollmoure, Cranbrook;
J. Campbell, Blue Bell; T. Neville, Ferguson; J. Ilaviil. London; A. Albrecht,
Troul Lake; J. Hockens, Nakusp; 7. E
[bDotson, A. L, Sweet, "A Mea engei
Hoy Co.": A Rush, W. Taylor, Sudbury;
O. Sank.tr, Winnipeg.
W. .1. Markham, 1'. Laurel and wife,
Mr- Main, i'.. Oalblch, Winnipeg; II. C.
Waugh, H Douglas, l.a Blanche; F. EL
Bondurant, Blue Bell; It. Cooper, T. N.
Bray, Greenwood; 3. Bwanaon, C. Swan-
son, K. Boyer, Hall; N. McPherson, T.
N. Wlnterton, Rossland.
.1. Holmes, .1 Anderson, s. Jones, Har
rop;   E. O'SulIlvon,  Midway;     B   Rej
nolds, Nakusp; .1. Hannah, Palbeattle;
.1. l(   CranHton. Rossland.
J, M. Elgin, Creston; B. T. Standlah,
Rossland;  B. T. Terry, Slocan.
Any man afc'e and willing to nurse
small pox patients in c**se of need, is requested to apply to E. C. Arthur, M. D.
city  medical  health officer.
"COMPANIES   ACT.   1397."
Notice is hereby given thai Wilton A
Itiller, of tbe town of Creston, lumber
man, baa been appointed tbe new at-
torney of 'The Klnney-Mlller Cedar
S.   Y.   WOOTTON,
Registrar or Joint Stock Companies.
Victoria, British Columbia, October 27,
LOST    \ I,AnV*-* I'MHRKI.U with g-olrt rlmmffl
Im tulle- W-ft al   K    P    Hall, -m   iilKhl  of _��ih
Scpt.    Finrt'-T   plerue   return   to   I'm ker'n  Y m-
I'l-iyincnt A--('ni-y nml rO-M-Y**! n-Wrini,
QOLD CHAIN, between Hoover and Vernon
Street! Kiiitnhli. r**war*i will be piiM for it.
return.    Mrht-nni-l A M-lfiinly.
A POOKBTBOOK eninait'lrn-n mikiic'iI Ohtqtie  .1
the Hut-nn-l   Kt-llef   Minifif-   ' uiiipiinj,   payable
to 0. r. \Va<le, t-.ii.l letteri.    Pindar  ki.nlly
IttSVO "t N'o I'lai e Ii'ii.
TWO nSflT-OLAflB koomh, t.t---.n- basted    Appiv boiicekeeper. Hrrt flat. K. W. O.blOOlL
WANTKD   Hlimtion by Voimir Boottmsn (mar
Had) Willing to larklo nnytblnp.  experlenetfl
In iMoi-ery.   wim-   nn I   spirit   inula.     A.Mrc-n*
It. l> , Dally ('niincllan OIlAee.
Tea-jhers' Guild.
,;.. B inday School Tt-achers' guild ol
Si Saviours' church will meet tonlghi
ii tbe Paiish Hall ai 8 o'clook.
A   1'AHTNK'!   Witb  l.'.inU)  lo    purflhSM  a   fruit
/aiii'h tieur Nelsoti     A  Brtotl ftpeculal Ion.   I'nrl-
n�� I  -i. led not N-ncllvely r-iit-fiK-'l on much.
Tor pHrllf ulatv Mpnlv'I    tl   I'ltUC*! Kit.
WANTKli- Kleclrii-iiiii, Knulii-b, M'-wly arrived,
wniith tltQAtfoli in iiiMiHl'iitii-n or Klin liar work.
Al'lresi" M. W   B., Dally (.'HiiaiHntt.
wan i BU- Ruffliahman wt, wnntN Bltnstton (or
week of longer,  komi|    Meholnr,   uneil   lo  OfflOt
roiitiin'.    Aiblren-i li. W. H   I>Hl)y t'ana-lian.
Changed  Attorneye.
Notice la given by the  fdnnej
Cedai  com.tanj   thai   Wilton a   Miller,
oi   Crestou,  is  now  th-.*  company*'a  attorney.
New   Mining   Company.
The 1 ai;- Creek Copper Mining company, "i Spokane, baa been  regl
��� _- an extra prorlnolaJ company with U
y. Monagban as attorney,
Tramway   Receipts.
The  receipts trom the city  trantwa)
��� rvice for tlu- tiist nine months ol tbe
.....i  were $6,221.75, agalnsl  J6.311.96 for
i..   corresponding period ol  11 *
Ou Tuesday and Wednesday ui tbla
greek The Dailj Canadian was printed
on the press "i the Daily .\, ws, 'or un
use ol which acknowledge ui' nt .-j i a...
Preparing for  Ball.
A meeting of the executive comn
; Uu  Nelson branch oi thi   Anti-Tuber
iia   Societ}   i.s   called   ror   s   p.   in..
Monday, Oct Uth In Dr. Arthur's offlci
n> make preparattona for ih<* ball to i>-
given iu aid of the aocli ty'a lands.
Time  Too Short.
In reply to the Invitation wired to
Rudyard Kipling yesterday by the University t-lui) ol Nelson, the aecretarj
baa received the following reply: "Mm-li
regret thai time limit makes it Lmpos
to accept your kind invitation���
Malicious  Rumors.
A repoii was current on the streets
this morning that "another hold-up" bad
occurred in the city la.-t night, i' proved
like similar recent rumors to be men
Qction, probably malarious. The lasi
hou] up that occurred in Nelson was bj
tbe man Murray whom Sergeant Wight*
man captured in Spokane, anil who i
now in the provincial penitentiary.
Field Day.
Tomorrow is the date of the annual
school sports, and a pood athletic pro-
gramme has been arranged. It will _h
Bin on the recreation grounds at 10.30
a. m. The sports win be supervla d by
Mr. Fraser and Mr. Sullivan, assisted
by tlie members of the .school board.
Tho relay races between the public and
higb schools promise keen contests, ami
the struggle for the senior championship
may also develop considerable interest
The champions from 1008 to 1906 in
elusive are Bert Wallace. Clinton Mc
Heath, Fred I.orinu and George Gore
No admission fee to the grounds will bt
Board of Trade.
At the regular meeting of the board
of trade which will be held In the court
bouse ot s.::u tonight, the committee on
the freight rates will present a report.
The report deals with the conference
with F. W. Pteers on Sept. 23rd. Ac
knowledgement is made of trilling re
(Suctions on incoming freight, and a re
ductton of about 10 per cent, on outgo
ing freight, but. complaint is made tha
Nelson's    competition,    receive similar
WATNTKD   -ol'.i
Apply J. K. M.
rlumeaO pi-it i oai.C -IiHii-i-i
care tbla ofllce.
Rowboats and Canoes
For Sale or Hire
rrVganl (or Trimcott I.aiinctict*
hijiI l-i'lcrhoro Can net.
Fltieil Lot of Boat** ln B. 0.
f Jodt-pliliic St.
The Store of Quality
Ram Lai Tea
Packed in the Gardens Where
It Is Grown-Can He Bought lor
the Same Money as a Cheaper
We Stake Our Reputation on
the Quality and Reccoimuend
It to All Tea Drinkers as Absolutely the Best Value Offered.
50c per lb.
K. W. 0. Block . Phon. 1*.
Golden West  Soap   Powder
iu 3-lb, packages, 25c.
wiioiiHab- nn-1 Betati Detleta is
Fresh and Salted Meats
Cornpr Silica  and  Josephine 8t��
_^m<-.*si**: 7
Stationery that
Makes Letter-
Writing A
In tine correapondeuci itatlonory we
can*} tie celebrated tCatou-Kulben
llnea. T tey stand um q i lied foi theli
exquisite daintiness and tine quality.
We have them In the ��� ��� popular fabric effects in both wtiite and tints
Prices range ;it 85c, ���"���' c, and 65c !*���
bos   of  note nnd   ��� tw eli ipea,
Some  vt ry  aloe  lines  at   25c  ;i   box
We have just placed on vlesi somi
beautiful [vorj Plaques of Celebrate)
nibjects iti reliefs In Imitation ol old
Irory carvinga. They Include Old
World castles and scenes  of historical
��� rest, and Btfbjects made famous b)
Dickens, Scotl and Burns, such as Col
tar's Saturday Night, Edinburgh Caatte.
Westminster Abbey, Whist :it Wardlee,
Burn's  Monument,  etc.
They range In price from $--'> to
13.50 each.
Oampe supplied on shoi'test notice a_Ml
i.AMst price.        Nothing i-ut fresh and
w-hnlesutue HICWtS and BOpplei kepi Ul itOOh
Mail ortU'n* rt^ceive careful attention
E.   C.   TRAVES.    Ma-iager
Is Renovv/Ied
Its Sceai ei?y
tsBusiiiess Energy
W. G. Thomson
I'lionc  *3*4
Nelson, B. C.
benefits and that the genera] position i-<
not at all improved, no far as may be
judged irom Mr. peters' summary of
the new tariff which Is to go intu effect
on October 15th.
Accident to Minister.
itev. c, A. Procurator, of Revelstoke,
snatained a verj serious injury while
out on hia ranch a little north of the
city, k appears that he was chopping
wood at the time and his axe. striking
a knot, glanced off and cut deeply Into
his right ankle, severing an artery and
damaging the joint Mr. Proeunier
bound up his wound himself, for he was
alone, and laboriously walked home, and
was assisted from there to the hospital,
where his wound was at tended to, a portion of the bone having to be removed.
His injury js of a  rather serious nature.
Plums, per basket           35c
Peaches, per lb    . 15c
Pears, 2 lb. for  25c
Apples, 3 lb. for  25c
Crab Apples, 3 lb. for    25c
Teluphom, 101.
W.   O.    QIULETT
C-intr-in.1 i'i*    (ti **.!
Sole n_-i-.ii Inr the Porto Elteo Losobsi Oo , lad.,
rt-taii yuriln Un---.li hi.-I Mn-dt-.l lurat>.-r, tuni-'-l
wnrk Htid tinw-kwii*. I'oant Ulh an.l _hiti(.l<*i-, -s.*,h
and door-. I't-mi-Dl, brlilt iitnl 11 uie (nr r-alt*
Autnmntir -erinder.
Yard _u.: Iu< tory : Vcrrum Si.. SASt of Hall
NBL-JBOP4,  W. t-.
p. u. Box tu. Tstopheas i->
riMh' ul'Ii the doctor.- have put things in
good shape, and his recovery will he a
matter of time.
Fred. Addle, of Waneta, diatrict   fruit
inspector) i�� in the city.
Thomas Cunningham- Of Vancouver.
provincial fruit pest Inspector, spool
yesterday In the city, and left this morning for Blast Kootenay, where be will
spend a couple of weeks.
Prices of  Metals.
New   York.   Oct   10���Silver,     G3%c
copper, i le; lead, $i 7"..
London,   Oct   10.���-Silver,     2D7-10d.;
lead,   fl!'.  I0��.
Transform your kitchen into a cheery dwelling house hy installing
That Is a factor you must keep I n mind, nnd thn now corner to I'.ritish
Columbia wants a stove that suit-rail purposes. !lnrnn sny fuel; brightens
tbe kitchen; maker* cooking easy and economloal. Murk's Merit Itarige.
th.- best for all cooking or heating; the strongest, the handiest, m..sr dependable and greatest fuel-saver.
Standard Furniture Co.
Complete  House Furnishers and Under-takera.
Agents  Mason  &  Risch  Pianos
Owing     tO    ri II       II.'I-  ;,    in;.     I,.i    |���      .     |_
the regular lines at Druus and stationery we must have more room, and will
have in close oul several ..r our "sldr,
lines."      Wa  oonunence  with  china
WARE. OUT new ltOO_ Is all In f,lr lh,.
'Ninas trade, and Ii all goes III at our
Clearing   Out   Prices..
\ *i..ii i<. ihis department win inter-
Canada Drug & Book Co'y, Ltd,
COR   BAKER  and   WARD.        Phone 81
The Hall Mining and Smelting
Company, Limited
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry Ores.
'���.   A.   ISAAC
R.   W.   HINT ON
/VV-\C-Mir*N'IS is
l^e. ixi ll-lt . u;    IIIHl    .), ,1,1 ,1 I .)_:    B*��tUt��0    ������*   Mil    huNpilli.lv      .Hhcvl  Mtflfil
VVtirk,   Miuiim   ��_t��*J   .Mill   .Mnchiii��r.v.        Mniuilii-.tiir-.r-- ul
<>r-_�� w*--'**..  w.  t-t.   Oo��-cr��otoi*-m*  p��rs.
''nrniT ol II* 1 i
Krmn Mn   '-
The -Bare" Wear Only
would b�� ������nou'-.h to recommendna-H_**
teoklng and fHsy-fittin-: BkoMiMflM
Is :i ity lahMM tboni ilu-rn -nl i W
IiiK ���hBpcdineM that Is makiof iIh-u.
oo y popllUu aiiidiiK "tni;n who taof"
Tht ��� oxe madfl on tha n**����t'����. of
the b��sl li-aih-'n". and rnafoito to -ic
rn Ht npiiiov.'d styles In men'!toct��ir
Wo arp ready to flt all tfi, m - ��
pnt-fs thai tneks Bhooi look Ift* i li-*-
Lumber, Shingles,
U_-ti_, Aloultlinj-;-*, Doors, Windows.
Turned Work fintl llrit-k _t��. Mail Ordsn liniinpt't' ��l*"nW��
\'l!MN(l*i t**|-��*lJIST
:ni;i. _,���,.*%.
W'hnicMiic   Pnivlalorui,
Ooverntnetit CrTOinery On_-Fo__d HneWK MWhrtd ww-kly friwh from -���  )
ehurn.    Kur anle l.y all Iraulinfi ifrocen..
Otllre and wnrehrmw..   I!....- e.rr i:.. k,    Phono 7(1,
Josephine Street.        - - Nelson, B. C
We wiruiri like to see ail onr natronsoomtortable thlt. winter ami i" .""
do do we have ln stnrrk  111.'  hrul   arrrt.ilt I .1   line  nf   heatlll'.'  SWTSS
���tores and ranges ere* baton presented ta the public In Kooten-i'-
We wonld he  pleased In bIidw run    .nn line anil hefore m_->_- !0
ehane kindly see what we have to offer.
J. H. Ashdown Hat do****
Company, Limited.
Furniture, Clothing,
Stationery, Etc.
SATURDAY OCTOBER 12th.        7.30 p.m.
t Haf-fw-u*
for AU
We Carry an A-Sorltnent
nf I: nni"1"1
10xtiii-iivener<H and VarleW
Tools, Builders' Hardware,
Ranches' Supplies, Stoves,
Ranges, etc.
Wood-Vallance Hardware Co., Ltd.


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