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The Daily Canadian Jan 12, 1907

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 m*tz $lailig <H_ma*Mcm
kuMB I.   No. 188.
mes li. Scbofield will
Be Next Member
High Finance.
Augusta, Mo., Jan. 12.���Official figures show that skungs annually bring
this state between $135,000 and $150,-
000, double the revenue from U>< honey
making Industry. Nearly 25,000 gallons
of skunk oil, which Is said lo havo curative properties, are produced annually In Maine. The price Is $21 a gallon.
One skunk Is supposed to produce a
quart of oil. Skunk skins are also valuable. In New York and Pennsylvania
there are skunk farms, where light colored animals are raised for breeding
purposes and eventually killed for their
fur.  '
sent Member will Support Sue-
lessor through Campaign���No
Chance for Fred Hume,
fls - convention of Conservative dDies for Ymir riding will be held in
Icily Conservative committee roomB
Jght on the arrival of the Crow boat
(ring the delegates from Creston.
lines H. Schofleld of Trail will be
iiimnlnioiiB choice of  the conven-
.   Ills nomination will be moved by
ry  Wright. t*ie    present    member,
local Liberal organ's kindly antlcl-
ons of a lively tlmo will not be reed.
Wright has decided    to    retire
pi  politics for the present at least
give his time to his private affairs,
| before doing    so   he will    see his
Id   and   successor,   Jim Schofiold,
Jugh the campaign, giving him aid
very part of the riding.
Is  conceded by practically  every
wllh any knowledge of the Ymir
Iterate that with  Jim  Schofleld  in
[Held, supported by Harry Wright,
Fred  Hume will   have  less  chance
the proverbial snowball In���Cen-
|r. Schofielsl Is already well known
arly every part of the riding.    In
own home town of Trail his oppo-
ss ill be fortunate If he gets 10 per
of the votes.
|r  Schofleld'B nomination for Ymir
'i-s the holding for the government
(lelson, Ymir, Kaslo and Slocan.
Root  Will Call on  Earl Orey and
All Trouble* Will End.
tew York, Jan. 12.���A despatch from
dun says that the Washington cor-
undent of the Times says that al-
bgli the fact is not generally known,
���lary of State Hoot with his wife
slaughter will visit Earl Grey, gov-
br general of Canada at Ottawa next
|k.   Mr. Root told the correspondent
bis visit would be social, not of-
il,  but the    correspondent    thinks
tho visit will assure settlement of
| various questions outstanding  Ise-
?n the United States and Canada.
Isays If, after the visit, It Is possible
I.Mr. Root and thc Dominion to con-
|ct a treaty broad enough to with-
id  assaults from  the existing    deling forces, tho trip may  result In
Iwr removing the causes of ill-feel-
l between the countries.    It may be
Jlr. Root's power lo clear up. If nos-
le. every  pending controversy  with
liclllary Search   In   St. Petersburg
Leads to Pitched Battle.
Petersburg, Jan. li���Desperate
Itlng between police a.d workmen
pired In the Okhla quirter of the
lust night during a lomlclllary
loh. Three workmen win were In
j building extinguished all-he lights
| opened ''re on the police. The lat-
n*esponded nnd the fuslladc vas eon-
|ed for some lime In totnl drkness.
workmen finally relreatet afetr
|ng two district police nnd sound-
throe. Firearms were dlscvered
lhe house.
Next President.
Montreal, Jan. 12.���ft Is slated In financial circles that Hon. John Sharpies
of Quebec will receive the uuanfmoUB
vote of the Union Rank directors for
the presidency In place of the late Andrew Thomson, whose death took place
at Quebec yesterday.
Good Indian.
finder, Wyo��� Jan. 12.���Geo. Tsry,
I of the Shoshone   Indian   cou>;||,
murdered  Thursday  night ns^e
he out of thc council lodge on the i,
i reservation.   He was first knock-)
Jn with a war club and his body wi
i cut to pieces with knives. The mm
J Is suposod to have resulted from l[
pity  feud.      No arrests    have been!
pie  but  suspicion  points  to several
nlnent Indians.   Terry wbb a half-!
Bd Bon of the fiiinous Mormon blah-
|Terry of Utah.   Terry was a squaw-
i nnd had lived on the Shoshone res-
|ntlon for 25 years.      Terry's    barn
houses were recently burned lays-
lously.   The proposed abandonment
Tort Wiishkie will, It is believed, re-
i In grave disturbances among the
|liniH, who nre In awe of the soldiers.
Shoshone  nnd   Arapahoe  Indians
sworn enemies nnd there are fac-
���ns In both tribes ready to fight at
ly time.
Motors Mutt Stop.
City Engineer McCulloch gave
notice this afternoon that the use
of city water for the operation of
motors must cease at 5 p. m. today, and until the water in the
reservoir regains its normal level.
Notice Is also given that persons wasting water by keeping
taps running will have their service cut off without notice.
The consumption of 1,800,000
gallons of water dally by the city
of Nelson Is excessive and utterly
Preparations  Everywhere  for  Expanded Activity In Spring���Stock Market Recovering.
The week In mining circles haa been
marked by a continuance of preparations for extended work In the spring.
Such preparations are general throughout the Slocan, Ymir, Alnsworth and
Lardeau, and In the immediate vicinity
of Nelson.
Tho operation of the Queen Victoria
mines has led to the staking of all the
land adjoining, on some of which Indications of copper have already been
The stock market for the past week
has shown a great increase over the
previous two weeks' business, owing to
conditions once more becoming normal.
While the stock of the metal mines of
this country is In but little demand on
Eastern exchanges the coal stocks are
favorites there and are dealt In quite
extensively. In fact the stocks of the
coal companies both of the Nicola and
Crow'B Nest Pass are considered better
securities with leaa risks, than any
other class of shares on the market.
Dominion Copper reached a higher
figure about the middle of last week
than It has heretofore attained, but
sold back again toward the close and
In now standing a t the quotation of
about the close of last week. It is rumored that the recent advance was due
to rumors of an amalgamation between
the Dominion and B. C. Copper companies, the confirmation of which cannot
be learned. B. C. Copper also advanced
several points upon this rumor becoming current. ,
Diamond Vale Coal gained several
points after the close of Uie holiday
season, and is expected will still further
advance In the near future, as the company have issued statements which are
altogether very favorable. Western
Oil Consolidated is another stock In
which Interest is being taken and a
slight rise, with higher asked prlceB,
is noticeable. International Coal continues very steady, but at low quotations. Nicola Valley Coal & Coke has
not become bo well known as the older
stocks, but Is causing a great many
Inquiries, and it is thought will be In
great demand within a few mouths.
Tel-Kwa mines remained steady with a
number of shares dealt In at a very
good price. La Plata MlneB changed
hut very slightly, with only a few splofl
recorded. Consolidated Smelters wepk-
ened slightly on the bid price, oil no
shares wero offered at any figure, under their usual quotation). Cn.llsio-
McKlnney and American Boy are ,.l-
most unchanged and both show n tittjht
weakness In the asked prloe.
The following are the approximate
quotations for the week ending today.
Asked. Bid
Alberta Oral .. ,
American Boy ..
IV C. Copper ..
B. C. Standard ..
Con. Smellers ,.
Can. Gold Fields
Denora Mines .,
Diamond Vale ..
(Dominion Copper
-'urekn Copper  ..
\lant 1
kanby 14.00
uer. Coal 04
\Plata Mines 22
Hth Star 20
Hla Coal 07',_
�����> Valley 100.00
Roller 28
a Mines
WoB\n Oil Con.'',
". 2GV-
Cheered fo the Echo Repeatedly by Crowded House-Telling Speech by W. J.
Bowser-All Local Candidates Acquit Themselves Well and Earn Applause
In Bplte of wild weather last night
the opera house was filled above and
below to hear Premier McBride, W. J.
Bowser and the three local candidates.
The visitors were met at the Btatlon
by the city band and a committee and
driven to the Strathcona and then to
the opera house.
The meeting was orderly, and on the
whole, fair and good natured to all
speakers, but undoubtedly the great majority was Conservative.
Promptly at 8:30 R. S. Lennie, president of the Conservative Club, called
the meeting to order. He said lhat ln
order to give plenty of time to the
speakers he would refrain from speaking ait length. He told the audience
what the programme of the evening
would be, and then invited Dr. Hall and
Frank Phillips to the platform, an invitation which both accepted amid general applause.
| J. A. Kirkpatrick
J. A. Kirkpatrick, the Conservative
candidate, received an ovation on rising. He referred to the great Improvement In the province, Industrially and
financially during the last three years,
and pointed as a proof to the sale on
good terms of two Issues of Nelson city
debtentures after several years of failure. 'He declared his loyal adherence
to Conservative principles aud the Conservative leader, and asked for support
on February 2nd.
Frank Phillips
Frank Phillips declared that he had
no alliance with either party. He declared that the Socialists in the legislature had supported Premier McBride
as the less of the two evils. He resented the charge that they received
a price, and called upon Premier McBride as witness.
Referring to J. A. Mcdonald's "red
flag of anarchy," he said: "I never saw
the class that Macdonald belongs to defend any flag."
He added: "Mr. Macdonald told you
that the Conservative policy was bad.
He forgot to tell you that he has no
policy at all."
Mr. Phillips referred to the legislation Introduced by Socialists, praising
It. On the question of the smelter
eight hour law he charged that Mr. Macdonald had to get permission from the
corporation that employs him to vote
for the law.
He added: "I give your premier
credit of being true to his principles
and voting against It.   He Is a man."
Mr. McPhllllps charged both parties
with suppressing a meat scandal arising out of events in the Boundary.
He declared himself in favor of women's franchise, and that he would
work for It.
"I expect to be elected on February
2nd, declared Frank as he llinilied his
speech amid loud applause, chiefly from
Ihe gallery.
W. J. Bowser
The chairman then Introduced W. J.
Bowser, M.L. A., K. C.,as one of Vancouver's "solid  five,"   and   a fighting
member of the house.
Mr. Bowser was well received. He
referred playfully to the vagaries of
tho climate which had given colds to
the premier and himself.
He congratulated Nelson on her
three candidates, any one of whom, he
said, would be a highly creditable representative.
He Bald: "We are not here mailing
rosy promises on the evo of election,
of roadB trails and bridges. We aro
here lo give an account of our Stewardship, to tell you what we have done
and what wo Bhall continue to do."
Apologising for telling nn old slory
Mr. Bowser went over In detail the nc-
count of tho province on the accession of tho McBride government, the
necessity for painful and unpopular
economy, the urgent need of Increased
revenues, and the results achieved.
He told of the fierce opposition by all
railway corporations to the Increase of
tnxatlon on their roads, especially from
the C. P. R. whom Ihey were bo persistently accused of favoring.
Ho referred with pride to the two
surpluses Bhown by the first Conservative government, tho only Burplusos In
17 years.
He told of numerous unpopular
economies, effected, especially In the
civil service. He declared that the necessity for such extremo economy no
longer existed nnd that an attempt
might now bo tiindej to ease tho burden
of taxation, and afford moro for public
works required to develop the province.
He aBsured tho audience that as a result of this tour he was convinced thnt
the Liberals hnd no real hope of victory.
Referring to J. A. Macdonald's article In his manifesto dealing with the
Sehnnl Aot, he charged Mr. Macdonald
with flagrant Insincerity In promising
to destroy the school ac', and throwing
all schools back as a burden on the
provincial treasury. He showed that
the present school system was modelled
on that of New Brunsw'tk, which has
been widely copied, and that the direct
burden on the people tn British Columbia Is even now far less than ln any
other province.
He referred briefly to the Uberal record in the Dominion, charging the Liberals with stealing wholesale the policy
of their predecessors.
Addressing himself especially to the
working men be exposed the hypocrisy
of J. A. Macdonald ln promising labor
and Immigration legislation, subjects
over which provinces bave no control,
and also In endorsing the Dominion government which has twice disallowed the
provincial enactment of the Natal act
against Oriental immigration.
He told of the government's successful stand against tbe claim of tbe
Orientals, who were naturalised, to
vote, a stand which was disapproved
by tha Dominion government, which
had aaked for its amendment. He
asked Dr. Hall to justify such conduct
If he could. ,
He replied briefly to the charge of
a Socialist alliance. He challanged
anyone to name a single statute passed
since 1903 owing to Socialist influences.
He sl ated that W. W. B. Mclnnes had
never denied the charge that he had applied for, and been refused, admission
into a Socialist lodge. Mr, Bowser
quoted Smith Curtis' opinion of Mclnnes, whom he described as "worse
than Martin, conniving at steals, and
absolutely unworthy of confidence, unscrupulous and impossible."
A few Liberals ln tbe gallery resented Mr. Bowser'B remarks but he continued amid the applause of the majority.
He said: "If you refuse to hear discussion ol Mclnnes, you admit that his
record Is too rotten to bear criticism."
He then went over Mclnnes record���
his wild abuse of "Coal baron " James
Dunsmuir, and his support of htm lm-
meadlatelyp after. He referred to Mclnnes wanderings In search of a Beat
Mr. Bowser aaked: "If you know
Billy Mclnnes, how do you account for
his giving up (12,000 a year and pickings, to accept "1800."
He went on: "The Grand Trunk Pacific, the creature of the Laurler government, has a finger fn the pie." He
told of the promise ���never kept���
that construction would begin simultaneously at the east and'west coasts,
and the attempt made to "hold up" the
McBride government with threats of
non-fulfillment, and the company's attempt now to replace the McBride government with one more pliant.
There followed'a short reference to
the "better terms" question and the
anxiety of the Dominion government to
have Mr. McBrlde's stand repudiated by
the people of the province.
Mr. Bowser then resumed his seat
amid loud and prolonged cheering.
Dr. Hall
Dr. Hall was received with applause.
He referred wittily to Mr. Bowser'B remarks on the weather, and assured him
of a worse blizzard on February 2nd.
He complained of the long delay ln
the beginning of the new court house.
He declined to answer Mr. Bowser's
questions on the plea that he belonged
to a non-ta'lklng profession.
Dr. Hall's reference to the records
of the house brought Btnlles to the
faces of the premier and Mr. Bowser.
Dr. Hall resurrected the complaint
about the change of election date tn
1903, the "ballot box" charge against
W. R. Ross In Fernie, the Columbia ft
Western subsidy, continuation act, the
election amendment act, and claimed
1o hnve proved a Conservative-Socialist
alliance, and denounced J. II- Hawthornthwaite for condemning chnrchos.
He also referred to what he considered
bad methodB In road building; then
back lo the Columbia ft Western land
auhsldy. He usked that In future he
bo given an hour instead of half an
hour. Ho then concluded with a funny
story, at which several laughed.
The  Premier
The Hon. Richard McBride was Introduced by the chairman and three
cheers were heartily given.
Mr. McBrldo thanked the audience
nnd declared his pleasure ln having
heard tho addresses of llie three local
candidates. He was glad that In Nelson, as throughout the province, thc
campaign was being conducted without
He roturned Dr. Hall's quip by saying
ho heard that lhe blizzand In question
was nothing to Ihe frost of the Thursday evening proceedings.
Ho reproached Dr. Hall for having
wasted half an hour with worn out
fallacies. He had heard them for years
all over the province.    ,
A gallery voice���"Must be something
In it."
The premier���"So much that every
hye-electton haa resulted In a government victory,"
Ho instanced tho election In Alberni
an a caso of attempted Interference by
the Ottawa machine with the affairs
of the province.
As a sample ot the landslide from
the Liberal ranks he told of the change
in Columbia riding, from an unopposed
election for W. C. Wells ln 1903, to the
certainty of Mr. Parsons' return on
February 2nd.
Mr. McBride then told ot the history
of British Columbia administrations,
which be said were fast deteriorating
to South American conditions. Without
going into details already known to
many, he compared the change effected
between 1993 and 1907, and asked:
"Are you going to deal fairly with
us? We have restored the province to
prosperity. Are you going to hand it
over to fair-weather politicians, who
fled In the hard times and come back
now to enjoy those surplusses?"
Among the fair-weather politicians
were named W. W. B. Mclnnes, Smith
Curtis and J. Fred Hume.
J. Fred ���"I'll be with you."
The premier���"I recognize the voice
and the face, but the smile Is too
broad.   I know he is not serious."
Several other interrupters were Invited to stand and make their remarks
He assured Dr. Hall that he bad made
no startling discovery at Creston, there
were many roads badly needed, but
the necessity for economy was first
and greatest. The government had performed faithfully two decidedly unpleas-
and and unpopular tasks���reducing public expenditures and Increasing taxes.
He said the new tasxaton Imd been
levied upon railway and other corporations, not from workingmen or small
Several In the audience disputed this
statement but were silent when repeatedly invited to stand and state their
The premier then dealt with the tlm-
aber policy of the government, and ridiculed the statement that his Improvement was due to the growth of the
Northwest. He quoted the statements
of B. E. Walker, D. R. Wllkle, and otber
experts, to the effect that consistent
and efficient administration by the
provincial government had produced
the change.
The premier then unfolded a large
map of the Kaien Island terminal site.
He told the terms of the contract. The
province has received 110,000, returns
one fourth of the site, to be surveyed
at the expense of the railway company,
reserves surrounding the whole of it,
all mineral rights, the water fronts, and
revislonary Interests In adjacent lands.
"But," added the premier, "the Liberals don't criticise the bargain. They
were looking for scandal and dirt; and
In suite of six weeks' searching, they
foun I none. Oo to the government office, get a copy "of all the evidence,
read It from cover to cover, and then
He asked Dr. Hall why he didn't
save some of his indignation for the
North Atlantic Trading company.
Turning to the land subsidy question
he said, "I wish Fred Hume would
come down from the gallery and tell
you about this. He was ln the cabinet
that gave the grant. He was willing to
pay the railway company right to Midway then. So far I. have only paid
them for aa tar Christina lake. Fred
can square himself now tn Ymir. Still
Fred's a good fellow."
Mr. McBride explained that_ successive governments bad been as much
responsible as the C. P. R. for delays.
He had resisted their claim where he
thought It a tittle excesslce, but paid
what tbe company had honestly earned.
"If that was wrong, turn me out."
Turning to tho Midway ft Vernon
grant queBtion, he said he had always
sought to discourage charter-mongerlng
and encourage actual construction. Ho
read a letter, forwarded to hlm by
James J. Hill, from the holders of the
Midway & Vernon charter offering to
sell lands and caah subsidies they expected to get from the government. The
letter was accompanied by a copy of
Mr. Hill's reply refusing to consider It.
"That," said Mr. McBride, "ls the way
the C. P. R. induced me to stop the
building of the Midway* ft Vernon."
He then read tbe demands of tbe
Grand Trunk Pacific for right of way,
15,000 acres a mile, the right to take
timber and stone and exemption on
everything for 30 years. He said, "I refused to consider it. Ask your Liberal
candidate hla opinion of that, and of the
Dominion government which rcfusod
to require the beginning of construction
at the coast and a provision against
Oriental labor."
On the "better terms" conference���
"I found all the other premiers agreed
on a system that Ignored onr cxceptloa-
al claims. We argued fora a week on
that point alone, and It was not until
we were practically ordered to conclude, and a report was given out that
I withdrew. What did I achieve? Not
only the Dominion but each of the other
provinces admit our permanent Bpeclal
claims, and we'll get them yot.
"I was not on a political mission. I
had no Bpeclal relations wl'h tho Conservative premiers, Mr. Whitney and
Mr. Roblin. But as a matter of tact,
It was not Mr. Whitney but Mr. Twee-
die, ot New Brunswick, who made tho
suggestion tbat I dismissed. I was not
an obatructer; I suggested arbitration
to fix as fair amount. That was refused.
The next debate on the subject will
take place ln London."
After a few further words of general
greeting the premier resumed his seat
am'd loud and prolonged applause.
Cheers were given for the King, tbe
premier and John A. Kirkpatrick,
Big Annual Curling Tournament Begins
In Cranbrook on 21st.
(Special  to The Dally Canadian.)
Cranbrook, B. C, Jan. 11.���A. C. Nelson, secretary of the Cranbrook Curling
club, announces that the great bonspiel
of the Kootenav Curling association
will start ln Cranbrook on Monday the
21 St. of January.
The prizes consist of cups, trophies
and medals of a most valuable and attractive character.
Judge Wilson's rink is expected to
give an Interesting game to tbe very
best of the visiting teams
Oranby Closed Down.
(Special to The Dally Canadian.)
Orand Forks, Jan. 12.���All the
furnaces at the Oranby smelter
were blown out early this morning and over 350 men are now
Idle. Shortage of coke is given
as the cause. It is not definitely
stated when the plant will resume
Sketch of Three Candidates ��� Special
Meeting of Providence Shareholders Called.
(Special to The Dally Canadian)
Greenwood, Jan. 11.���An ettraordl-
nary general meeting ot the Providence
Mining company was held here Thursday evening, at which most of the outstanding stock of the company waB represented.
The meeting decided to Increase the
capitalization of the company from
(200,000 to 12,000,000. The purpose of
the increase has not been made public, and whether or not lt ls the Intention of the management to purchase
other properties, of which there are
several which the company, lt would
seem, ought to have, while obtainable
at a reasonable price, Is not announced.
The stock of the Providence bas hitherto commanded a big price, but for
years there has not been any for sale.
The stock Is mostly ln the hands of
Chicago people, the local holdings not
being sufficiently large to have much
Influence at the board.
The mine ls tally well developed and
equipped, all paid for out of ore proceeds. Proven to a depth of 600 feet
by a shaft, the last 200 feet of which
ls all ln ore, the property today ls considered one of the most promising in
the district and with effective management ought to be a steads dividend
Interest in election affairs is on the
increase. Things are warming up. The
three candidates In the field are making vigorous campaigns, and whichever
man ls elected the riding will have most
respectable representation. The electorate has been considerably changed
since last election and there Ib quite a
large unknown element to be considered. ,
Quite a number of those on the lists
at the last election have moved from
the riding and a large number of new
names hav ebeen added. Bach candidate claims his election sure, and each
party Ib confident of victory.
The Liberal candidate is the present
mayor, a man of large property Inter*
estsests and one who stands well ln
the community for which he has always
been a zealous worker. Personally
known to most of the people, he Ib not
leaving his campaign entirely to his
rommltteo, but Ib giving his candidature his time and attention, and ls
making a close canvass.
The Socialist candidate is a most
worthy and estimable young man, but
unused to political methols. He is being assisted ln his public meetings by
a Socialist speaker from the United
States. He win doubtless poll bis party's strength but Is not likely to make
converts from without. He Is a Socialist from conviction and tho cause he
espouses Is no expedient for his purpose.
The Conservative candidate Is making a worthy struggle for legislative
honors. Identified with large business
enterprises, he stands well among the
business men as well as among the laboring mon, with whom he has had relations. He Is confident of success and
his calculations sppear to be well
based. He ls not confining himself to
his own party but Is pushing his plea
for support among all classes and all
parties, and report has It. is plclnklng
quite a number of supporters out of
tho other folds. Some of these are not
saying much, but poolllng day will" find
them voting for the return of the first
business government British Columbia
lins had for many years. There seems
llttlo doubt nt this distance but that
February 3 will find Greenwood In line
with tho Connervatlve party.
No Opposition Candidate
Has Any Hope
Report of Provincial  *_*_erakgi��t
Shorn Splendid Gains -8. F.
Green Still in the Fight.
(Special to The Daily Canadian.)
Victoria, Jan. 11.���R. F. Green returned from a tour of the mainland this
morning and reports that at all points
visited he found evidences that the Mo-
Bride government would be sustained
by a handsome majority on February
2nd. s^j
At all Island points the outlook ls
splendid for the Conservative party.
"Mclnnes, the Ottawa "machinist,"
bas railed to "deliver tbe goods" and aa
a result the Liberals themselves admit
that the Mclnnes boom has absolutely
Considerable criticism has been
aimed at the financial policy of the
present government by opposition
speakers and press. Discussing this today, Hon. R. G. Tatlow, minister of finance, emphacized what he haa stated
In several recent addresses. He pointed
out that lt must be generally acknowledged that a loan was necessary when
Premier McBride took control because
of the deplorable conditions then prevailing, but the improvement since that
time haa been so marked, prosperity
waa so general that It wm possible to
reduce the taxation. A year ago or
thereabouts the personal property tax
waa cut from one to two-thirds of one
per cent and It waa the Intention to
make a simlllar reduction ln the real
property tax. Other changes in the assessment act were contemplated by the
One ot the most concluK.-e proofs
of the prosperity or the r-<ntry waa
contained In a statement I ->m W. A.
Robertson, the provincial mineralogist,
published several days ago. He said
tbat British Columbia had produced 13
per cent more mineral In 1908 than in
190S. Supplementing this, he gave statistics- showing tbat the revenue de
rived trom that source this year was
almost $4,000,000 in excess ot the Income tor 1906. These gratifying figures
were quoted by Hon. H. G. Tatlow as
an Illustration of the improvement ln
general conditions during the laat two
years. Not only Is ths advance taken
as such an Indication, but It is accepted as a demonstration of tbe fact
that outside capitalists are gaining confidence in the stability of the government of the province and its future
prosperity. While formely those having
money to Invest hesitated to come to
the West, now they are eager to obtain
an opportunity to assist ln tbe exploitation of some of British Columbia's
rich and varied natural resources.
Retract or Fight,
Buda Pest, Jan. 12.���Minister ot Justice Polonyl, has sent his seconds, Secretary of State Bolgar and Baron Kaas,
the author, to Herr Halmos, ex-burgomaster of Buda Pest, to demand retraction of the charge publicly made by
Halmos that Polonyl had abused bis
position ln order to obtain advantages
toi a personal friend. The minister
considers himself to have been insulted, and therefore demands a retraction
and an apology. Should Halmos refuse
to give the minister satisfaction the
letter's seconds are instructed to make
arrangements with Halmos' seconds for
a duel.
Franco-German Understanding.
Rome, Jan. 12.���It Is seml-officially
staled that the differences between
France and Germany over the Moroccan
question have been 'settled through the
assistance ot Vienna, St. Petersburg
and Rome, on the basis tbat any Franco-Spanish demonstration at Tangier
shall be merely to Induce the Moroccan foreign office to re-establish order.
The fleet will not be allowed to land
men except with the consent ot the
diplomatic corps at Tangier, but the
chief admiral will be allowed to send
men ashore on his own responsibility
In case there ls Imminent danger to
Rome, Jan. 12.���William T. Stead, In
his International peace propaganda, proposes an international pilgrimage of
peace, in which notabilities all over the
world would take part, to start from
the Unltel States for The Hague by
way of London, Paris and Rome, and
to arrive at The Netherlands capital
at the time of the second peace conference sits there. Mr. Stead says he believes that such a pilgrimage would ex-
excise the greatest moral Influence ever known. The Daily Canadian
.  . Just  Arrived .  .
English Cured Meab
Irish Roil Bacon
Ayrshire Roil Bacon
Wiltshire Hams and Bacon
Yorkshire Hams and Bacon.
-    PRICE 21 l-2c PER LB.
Pre-arable Only at
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Offic_:   Toronto.
'.APITAL P.AID UP... MjmjM REST 14,640,000.
D B WILKIE  President. HON. ROBERT J AKKRA Y, Yice-Prssident
Branches in British Colnnibta:
Deporfti raeetradl and internet. aUowtA c_rr^nt ravrs from date of opening of
MOOBBt, nd piffWpfflmdff-Tl half yoarly.
J.   M.   LAY,  Manager.
The Royal Bank of Canada
Capital $3,734,310    Reserve $4,207,741
Total   Assets $41,880,353
Accounts of lirms ansl  individuals opened on the most favorable terms.
Thirteen   branches in  British  Columbia.
Special   attention   to out of town business.
T   Iv KENNY, Pres., Halifax        E   I   PEASE, General  Manager,  Montreal.
G. A. SPINK, Manager Nelson Branch.
chJL.enge**���aad displaytd a f__*,_nesa
for Che phrase���but he had no goods to
aattwtr. His attempts to refer to pob-
__- questions proved that his knowledge
was all d rived from tbe di-t rted ��� _���-
coun's of J. A. Macdonald and The Liberal press. But the coarse and feeble
gaJJerv plav a; tbe end put his friends
lo shame. A Nelson audience Is not
composed wholly or mainly of fools. Dr.
Hall kept hi= feet for half an hour by
dint of repetition and patient searching
of his pocket*, for BOtea which consumed far more than half that time
Long before the chairman came io his
relief his friends were sorry for him
His protest then that h<- had more to
say if given time WM the thinnest thing
ever anempted on a Nelson platform.
Lr Had Is a good citizen and personally a fine fellow, but as a public
speaker he has only succeeded in alarming his friends by his apparent unconsciousness of failure.
Frank Phillips earned al) the applause he received last night and he
received his share. He presented his
case manfully and sincerely; he slandered no one; he gave credit where it
was due. and had the modesty and the
good sense to take his seat when he
had rie.'iv.red his message. He did not
in.uit the audience by torturing out his
time limit and pretending that he had
more to say. And���he didn't tell a
funny story.
If anything further were needed to
convin-'-e the Liberal .audi-late and his
friends of the _U)p��Ie_*oea_ of the cause
for which they are striving In British
Columbia, it "sure and certain" was
furnished at the public meeting in the
opera house last night. The clear, forcible manner in which the premier and
his able lieutenant presented the case
for the government must have been
convincing to all fair-minded men. and
as gall and wormwood to the hidebound
Liberal* present, who can see no good
in the political acts of their opponents.
The presentation of his case by the
Liberal candidate was in line with that
of all the opposition speakers in the
present campaign���destructive rather
than constructive. The doctor, whether
by design or otherwise, has been forced
into an untenable position in this campaign and is to be pitied more than
condemned. In his remarks lasi night
he certainly gave no evidence of his
own doubt as to (he advisability o\\ engaging in the contest, and this expressed doubt will be fully verified
when the ballots are counted on the
night of February 2.
���P-nHlthftl ��ix dayi a Wat* by the
CANADIAN p_nj_J__tIJi_ <o_..*any, ltd
Baker fit , Raton. B. C.
tetanrUsMSofl rate*. So cents a, month delivered
In '.:.'��� UOT, or If. ������ rt ;��� ��� ar if -..-:,: by ma!!, when
paid in Mtauta
Advertising ratal on application.
All monies paid io n-e t Hera eni ot Tbe I'aily
Canadian a<*'our,t*. either tut nUMWIpilotu ot
r .ver'lilng, uiuil it receipted for on the printed
f *������** of the ���"ompftny. Otber receipts are not
\ -.fid.
JA..LAWY  13. I__)7.
" By on*- void we -**���'���_ t,tmatlmet Jo-pgad to ba
wIm and by one word sometime* jTlged to be
foollib. Lal u therefore .be careful whit we
lay."���Cosrl ttn
If there were any doubts In the minds
of any in Nelson as to what the result
would be In Nelson on the night of
February 2. ]f.it night's meeting will
certainly have dispelled It. The night
was the rotmhest and most unpl- asant
not only this winter, but for many
rears, but the audience was thrice as
numerous as the one that turn* d out.
on a comparatively pleasant night���
Thursday, the 8rd���to hear J. A. Macdonald. But the dlff* rence in attendance was triHIng compared with the
difference In spirit, The audience felt
that they were listening to a Man. not
to & pror-* .unal critic who must attack
everything Conservative merely because
I' is Conservative. And the audience
c i_a-.nl>' felt and r_*ponde_ to the dif-
fereoce between the Ice-cold, tedlom
chop-lo'/ic arguments of the analytical
Macdonald, and the fair, fiank Otter
atices of Premier MoBrlde, lull ot buoyant, confident Western life, whose sincerity expresses its .If in every tone.
But the matter of the premier's address
was such that It would have tften worth
hearing even from .1. A Macdonald.
Much, It ls true, was absolutely already known, at least in outline, to the
people of Nelson���the story of tho task
of government and administration as It
was when accepted by Mr. Mcllrlrle,
th" harrowing degree of economy that
had to be practise., by dismissal of
faithful and competent H"rvants and
overworking of those retained, the delay of needed public works, the inert ase of taxt-s forced on the government by the huge accumulation of deficit during 17 years of borrowing and
balances of expenditure over revenue.
But a great part of Mr. McBrlde's mat
ter was new. The details of hlsfight
for better term- and the correction of
Mr. Macdoua'd's guess about Premier
Whitney, which has been copied by all
'he Liberal pres-.���were of great interest to the audience. But perhaps the
pom's in his speech which struck
hardest���they certainly silenced the little group of prof* ssfoual disturbers in
the gallery, were the exposure of the
Midway ���*_; V* rnon charter-mongering,
'h.* naked truth about the Kaien island
grant, and the arrogant demands of the
Grand Trunk Pa'-1 fie as the price of
beginning construction at the coast���
in spite of Hon. \V. Templ'-man's reiterated assurance that they were bound
to do so. The premier's speech was
exactly like his policy and his whole
public career���it was frank, straightforward and courageous.
W. S. Bowser, K. C, sustained his
reputation as a fighting orator. His
elucidation of (he Kaien Island slander,
the Columbia & Western land grant,
the better terms question and other
points at Issue was clear and consistent, and drew from Ur. Hall the sad
admission that he was not in a position
to deal with them. The knot of Liberal
hecklers who wanted to ask questions
were reducer! in a few minutes to the
intelligent and luminous comment, "No,
no." ,
JftCk Kirkpatrick, tn his first public
address to the electors last night fulfilled the promise of his friends and
admirers. Jack is not. an orator nor
a trained political debater. He makes
no pretence of being either. But his
"straight Hung words and few" went
right to the core of the matter. Leaving the "weighed defence" to more experienced speakers he declared In favor of lhe party of principle and the
party that has replaced bankruptcy,
and gave his word���a word that no
man, woman or child in Nelson would
dream of doubting���that he would be
a faithful and zealous supporter of that
cause and that leader In whom British
Culuuiljla trusts.
Even Dr. Hall's warmest friendB must
confess that he made a very sorry exhibition 'as' night. He showed courage,
wheh is always popular, but that was
all. The applause that he received all
c.ime before, not after, his attempt to
speak.   He was ready   to   accept all
Out of consideration for the feelings
of his friends, whether political or otherwise, we would suggest to the local
Liberal candidate to in future refrain
from introducing humorous (?) anecdotes into his political address. If
not judiciously bandied, and even then
by an expert In the art, they are apt
to prove a boomerang, and ln place of
hitting the mark are just as liable to
rebound on the narrator. Should the
loctor not feel Inclined to accept our
advice in this particular, we would suggest that in future he label his jokes
as such, with explicit instructions as
to when and where to laugh.
It is an old saying that politics
makes s range bedfellows. The present Liberal party in British Columbia
is a fair instance. Smith Curtis took
Willie Mclnnes' measure fairly well in
1903. He overestimated his talents.
Willie has only two qualities even of
a politician: a glib tongue and Insensibility to shame. Bu as to his lack
of principle Curtis was perfectly right.
But Smith Curtis and Willie are both
in the field as Liberal candidates. According to Smith Curtis, Willie is
"worse than Joe Martin." J. A. Macdonald despises Joe Martin, but he haa
invited Willie.
Lost, Stolen or misappropriated���At
the opera house, during the proceedings of the public political meeting on
Friday evening, the point of the anecdote related by the local Liberal candidate, A liberal reward will be paid
for the return of sume to the committee rooms of the candidate, as it Is
prized, not so much on account of its
value, as for the associations connected therewith, it being a souvenir of the
Ottawa machine.
Mr. Bowser aid not tell all of Willie
Mclnnes' public career last night. Willie
was famous once. He was the subject
of an article in the Toronto Globe.
There is a story���not told by Dr. Hall
���of a man who used to boast that the
great Duke of Wellington once spoke
to him. All the duke had said to him
was: "Get out of the way." All the
Globe had to say of Willie was that
he was "a liar and a slanderer,"
The answer given by Nelson last
night to the premier's appeal for their
judgment on the continuation of the
Columbia & Western subsidy, will be
the reply given by tho whole province.
A policy of confiscation will never be
Soc., Labor or Ind.
Cranbrook ,
Granil  Forks	
New Westminster
Cap. John Irving
H .Br-water	
C.W.Monro .
\V. C. Wells .
J. B Bennett.
J N. Evans.   .
Ur. King	
Ji-hn Oliver..
R Jardlne	
John Jardlne.
Dr. Young	
Wm. Manson	
Chas. Wlison, K. C
D.F.J. Champion
S. A. Cawley	
H G. Parsons   ...
It. Gram	
J. Cartwrifh*. (Soc.)
Dr. W.J.Curry (Soc)
J   A. Harvey    Thos. E. Kelly (Soc I
U H.Naden	
T W Paterson..
J D. Kwanson..
John Kane ���...
M Eaglenon	
H Sheppard	
Ur. O A. II Hall
R Ms Bride	
'* E. Pool*?	
E IUHot	
E G. Warren...
A E. .McPhlllips.
F J Fulton	
N. N. Mackay   .
A. McDonald	
J. Kirkpairlck.
FW lloway... T. Gilford....
Dr. Macdonald... Fric--Ellison.
R. Caley  Thos. Taylor.
.. J.W.Weart	
Rossland    J A. Macdonald.
Saanioh  John  Pearcy
Skeena    J. W. Morrow.
F. L. Carter-Cotton
D M Eberts...
L. W. Shaiford.
A. B. Dorkst'a*!er
W. W. B. Mclnnes.,
T. F. Neelands... |
. P. A.Gilchrist. .
J W. DeB. Farrls
C Tossel s
Victoria���1  R. I.. Drury
Victoria���S  W.G.Cameron
Victoria���3  J. D McNlven
Victoria���4  Richard Hall
Tale  Su.rtHenderson
Ynilr  1. Fred Hume ...
Wm. Hunter	
R. G Tatlow	
J. F.Garden	
A II MacGowan..
W. Bowcer	
Dr. McGuire	
Hon. R McBride
A. B. Thompson
H. F. W. Behnson
Aid F Davie
Chas. 9^m!ln	
Js-st-n Molnms (Soc.i
I Isvn-s (Soc.i
W J Ledlngham (Soc.i
Hau tbornthwaite (Soc.)
Frank Phillips (Soc.)
P Williams (Soc )
J. W. IxjglelSoc.)
WW* LaFeaux (Soc.)
It Mr-Bride (Ind I
S I.ivingstoio (Ind.-Con.)
Geo. Kilby (Soc.)
! P. R. McDonald   (Lab.)
* Geo. E. Winkler (Soc.)
W. Davison (Soc.)
.J. S. Mortimer I Soc.I
R. P. P"ttiplece (Soc.)
A. Stfhblngs (Soc.)
K H McV.iy (Soc I
J.E Dubberly (Soc.)
Iir. Eni'st   Hal i Labor).
A. Johnson (Labor).
endorsed by    the    people   of    British
blood.   It savours tosj much of the meth
ods of those who rai.ss
"the red flag of
After several days spent in industriously circulating a story ihat it knew
to be false, the Daily News has nothing more to say���not even a word of
apology or explanation as to its fiction
that John Houston was to be brought
back from Goldfield to take part in the
campaign. The Daily News Is in the
Wall-fiower c'ass���it can repeat silly
stories, but cannot make good.
A well-known barrister was conspicuous at last night's meeting by his
interruptions, not all of which could
be considered legitimate. He is probably wiBe in his generation. One member of the supreme court of Hritish Columbia earned his appointment by exactly similar services to the Ottawa
Surely it was poor politics in a candidate who looks for labor and Socialist
support to question the standing of J.
H. Hawthornthwaite, whom the Socialist candidate accepts as his leader, and
whose career he Is prepared to defend
and justify.
Notice mat thirl, dayi titer <l��*u�� T intend
mak!-.-; �����*������ ;������ ���.���������-,��� * Honorable the Chief
> ummtuloner of ;.-.:..- -.���'��� ���<,---���..;. .��.
license to cut an-l carry iwiy timt-er from the
following de-cribe*. land. fituate<l on the rljht
banc of Kokant-i.' exeet, tU'-itfiv,. mJl'-ifn-m the
lake, <'oiiimen-*lng al a [*��.*st marked "Brace
White, B. E. corner." Thence north K> '*hf*UDf,
them* weat (0 chains, them-e north 'Xm hains.
ihence west 4. chains, thence south tft chaiui,
tbence tait *. cbainn, tbence south 60 .hiin*,
thence east fi chains lo point of commencement.
Dated Sot. 19th. 1B06.   Bruci Whiii Locnor.
Perhaps the Liberal press will take
Frank Phillips' word for It that the
Socialist party of the province endorse
their leader Hawthornthwaite's course
ln the legislature, and that neither he
nor his party received any corrupt consideration for their support.
Notice Is hert-bt given thai two months afler
date we intend 10 apply to the Chief Commiasioner of Lands and works for a lease of all that
land belnic the forfshore adjoining the Cnriniian
Pacific Hallway Phioyard on the went, part of
Lot !#A, gr'.��i)p 1. and t-ein_ on ihe south shore
of the west arm of Kootenay Lake, fn the di��-
rtot ol Kootenay: Commencing at the southerly corner of 1.17064. group 1; ihence along the
south westerly -boundary 0-floilOM and it,* *%���
tension thereof, tn a north westerly direction, a
distance of ���!�� feet; thenee at right angles lo
said boundary in a aouth westerly direction, a
distance of Dl feet, more or leas, to the north
easterly boundary of the City Park, continued;
lbence parallel to Paid westerly boundary uf loi
70M, In a south easterly direction, a distanoe of
yi) feet, mere or leas, to lbe northerly bouodarr
of lot iSA; tbence following the northerly boundary of lot 58. in a north eaaterly direellon tothe
point of ���������:.;:.��� :.���-.:;,. nr. the area being 1.34
acrea. more or lesa.
Dated this 7th day of January, A.D., 1907.
sixty days after date I purpose making application to tbe Honorable the Chief ComralsaioO'T
of Lands and Work** for permission to pun-hase
the following described land: Commencing at
a post placed st the EL VV corner of L-ot 6900 and
marked "JF. 0. F.'s" N. W. eorner, thence follow-
ing the southern boundary Lot 6*900, 66 chains
more or less east to the west boundary of Lot
6001, thence following same south 3n chains to
thc north boundary of Lot 690*; thence aboul 70
chains west along said boundary to the lake
shore; thence north 30 chains more or leas lot-
i lowing thc late shore lo point of commence*
ment, containing 317 acres more or less.
Dated D_c_o.be* 17th, 1907.
v. c FioemU
A local mining man has a peculiar
laugh by which he can always be identified. He was the only one who laughed
at Dr. Halls funny story last night.
His friends ascribe It to previous conviviality.
"It is said" that Dr. Hall has some
other funny stories for future meetings.
Good idea. Even that will be a relief
to the audience from the ravings of
the Wild Boy from the Yukon, or the
drivelling of poor John Oliver.
If the apologies for lack of constructive policy given in Nelson by J. A.
Macdonald and Dr. Hall are all the
Liberals have to offer, an election is
an unnecessary expense and formality.
"Fair-weather" politicians was an apt
expression. The breed is a numerous
one. In times when economy Is required ihey seek positions elsewhere.
When surpluses are in sight they return like a flight of vultures.
If "Dick" McHrlde and J. A. Macdonald were announced to speak In different halls in Nelson the same evening,
how many Liberals would prefer listening to the professional mourner!
Notice U bereby given that 60 .lay. aller date I
Intend toapply to the Honorable the Chief Commissioner of Lands nnd Works for a license to
FTospect for coal and petroleum over the follow-*
iik lun!: Hituated 10 mile*' north 01 lhe Inter
national boundary Hue and ettt of ""��� K at head
river* beginning at a post marked W*iB. Cooke's
N. E. corner post, theuce H ichuins south, thence
so chains wes*, thenee so chain* north, tlience so
chains east to point of commencement.
Dated Nov-13.1MB. W. E Cookk.
Notice ls hereby -given that sixty days after
date 1 Intend to apply to the Honorable the
Chlel Commissioner of Lands and Works for
a license to prospect for coH| Hnd petrolcnm over
the followlug land: Hituated 10 miles north of
the Intcrnat'onal hound.ry line and east ol the
Klathead river, beginning at a post marked 1*.11.
Cooke'l N. W. comer poit, thence HO ehalns
ninth, thence 80 chains east, thence ftl chains
nortb, thence HU chains Wall to point of commencement.
Dated Nov. 13.1906. & 11, Cooke.
>otlce Is hereby given that slity days after
date I Intend to apply to tho Hon. the Chief
Commiasioner ol Lands and Works for permission to purchase the following described land
situated In the Weet Kootenay district: Commencing at a post planted at th.i "S. E. corner
of L. Portera'a pre-emption," and running
thence east ��J0 cbains; tnence south 40 chains;
thenoe west-Ift chains; thence north 40 chains,
to place of commencement, containing lfio acres,
more or lets.
Harry I'i-irs, I_r�� nt��-r
M. R   Mc-Qcarrie, Agent
Noiiee Is hereby given that sixty nays alter
date 1 intend to apply to the Honorable the
Chief Commissioner of Landl and Works, for
permission to purchase the following described
lauds situated in the West Kootenay district*
Commencing at a post marked "Jf, H. south
west comer, ' and north ol A H. Lucas's, pur
chase claim, on Hand Creea; thence north 4n
chains; thence east 30 chains; thence south 40
chains; thence Ji ehains went, to point of commencement, containing 40 acres, moreor leas
December 2D, 1K06.
Hxkkv H_.r-.Rx,
 M. H. Mc-tMBBlE. Ageut.
Hixty days after date I intend to apply to the
Chief Commissioner nf Landl and Works to purchase 640 aires oi land, located in Lower Arrow
Lake, Went Kootenav: Commencing at a poat
planted at tha "N.W. corner of Arrow L*ke
Indian Kcservc"; thence south 80 chains; thence
west 80 chains; thec.ee nortn HO chaini; thence
cut 80 chains, to place ol tn-ginulng.
Locate-il _fltli day of Dot-ember,
0, KlWILL,
Hixtv days after date I intend to apply to the
Hon. Chief Comml-sioncr of Undi .n.i Worka,
Victoria, to purchase 160 acres ..f Uml, located on
Hit- west Hide of Arrow lake, about (Ive milea below Hurton city, and de-cribed as follows- Com*
menofDj ni a nut marked "F. ii. IPs southeast
corner," and bnnn K)chains east of the nortii west
corner of Lot 27101 thence north -io chains; ihence
west 40 chains; thence south 40 chains; thence
cant 40 chains to the place ol beginning.
November Hth. HM>. y. (j. pKiRl
 per J. H. A wwabli.
Hixty dan after date I intend toapply to tbe
Hon the (blel Cominlssioiierof Unds aud Workt
to purchase _40 MTMOf jaodi   Commencing at a
jxist marked "NT B'a soatbCRit corner post,"
iald post being at the northeast corner of (ieo.
Hudson _ pre-emption claim, about two miles
���outbMitof Burton CHv.ithence wett40 chains,
R)_tti20 ohalni. weet 40 chain... norlh 40 chains,
east -90 chains, south _> chain* to plaoe of commencement, containing -Uoacrea,
Urate-* 8th .lav of Nov   ���.'*<,.    NrrrilT. BlIR.
u8Lxl7-i _*H. a,,er ',a,( 'i,llt'1"1 toappl/ to the
Hon. Chief CommlMloner of Undi and Works,
Victoria, tp purchBHe 40 acres of land, situated
on the west * (ie ot Arrow Luke, abontfU mllei
below Burton, and ilesenU.1 as follows: Commencing at ajwttt blaiitfd Ht lho ���ortheast
orner of Lot7WD, and running north 20 chains;
tbenoe west i_ chains, tht nee aonth SO chains,
Kov'n,..'.^'"'I,S l"- H'"'c of 'x-Ki'inlug.
NOV.lllh, 100.. u k. dill,
    _    l_% Annahlk, Agent.   _
!��?_?#.?? '" hc1re,-y K'ven that ft 1 rtays alterdftte I
Intend toapply to thi nr.110mt.le tho chief Com*
_K_9____n_ W" fln'i WotU U,T Permission to
____.?w__mBft,l,0_* _'8 dwwHbed lands situate
____h ahttilMfV_0_!__. PIJ'"f Nel.on. on tbe
south shore of  thy West Arm of Kooteuay lake,
__.?���!;. ."-.,Ml'1JKiu " I"** Pl��ea about*) ehains
south of the aoutbuai oornerol Ut _.-_2, marked
eh_.,.l TV . SWl    Ul,'""c ���<>��-'>  ��
i,2   -.'        ec _______ Tin*' t!";nne north 20
menwment W"1 tSMu to-w,lnto1 �����-
Dated thla ��th day of Nov., 1906     8. Tromai.
S-^of Fine Eiderdown Q|
From $6.00 to $35.00.
ttmrn Our Variety of -300 Plcturvit Prameii ;,, t_
l.aUM   St> Ivm. lh*
Standard Ftsr nit tire CompaJ
Complete House Fwnishoj
OndoUktrs,    Embita.-
M_.   :. it K_-ti f-UDCs*.
!>tt_rnir*ir M��Hrv_*<
itATtt.:; s_n-!,.;. Mtur.MW
The Hall Mining and Smelt
Company, Limited.
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry Ore
Nolle* ts hereby glren that W -lays alter dat* 1
Intend to apply to lhe Honorable the Chief Com-
mtsiioner of Lands and Works, Victoria. B. ���".,
tor permUHlon lo pur<-haae the (ollowit.ir deacrlbed land, situated in the West K-otenai distriet,
on tbe weal side of I uhamel (or Hlx Milt) creek,
on np-er side of wsgon road, about t^atOm
fro jj. west Arm of Koatenay lake: Commrncing
ai a poel mark-ed Mrs Hattie Pn k> N K or
ner. running W chains west; thence 20 chains
south; ihence 40 chaini eut, th-ii*-** 3i ehalns
north, to the point of eommeneement, containing -vj acre* of land, more or leaa
Dated the I7l_ .. ov.n-.ber HBJ,
Mi--    HiTTtS   i"    t.
ioaa E. TaTLoa, Agent
Suty days alter dale I Intend loapply to the
Hon. Chief Cominh"!..tier ol I*nds and Worka,
Victoria, to pun hax ISO acrea of land about two
miles below Bnri*>n city, Weat Kootenay, commencing at a poat marked "J. A. Inrlnx's **-**��� t
corner Dc-at," aald poii 1-eing on the easterly end
of an inland west ol Lot r. ��:ni clalmliiK all the
land contained in ia: 1 i*��land, being about one
mile In an easterly and westerly direction and
about 2r> chains from norih to sonth.
November llth. ISA*.. J. A. :>:���.;������������.
J >: AxyaaLK. Agent
blxty days afterdate 1 intend to apply to the
Hon. CblefCoBunisijoner ol I_suda and Works
Victoria, to purchase UB acre* of land located
on tbe west side of Arrow lake aud ivlng directly
north ot Lot 77?6: Commencing at a poat planted
at tbe N I Dorset *'t I>-t Vn aud marked "B. B.
S. E corner," and running nortb 20 ehains.
thenee west JO chain*', ihence nortb 'J) ehalna,
thence west 2b chains, thence soutb ttt chains,
thence east #1 chains, t** pla/.- of beginning.
Not. Mih. 15w6. Bkktha Be_nuiY,
J. ��. '��� **-*. ��� >���  ���   Agent.
Notice li hereby given that 60 dayi alter date, I
intend to apply to the Hon. ("hief (VuimiMiooer
of Lands and Works for permission to purehaae
tbe following described land in West Kootenay
dlntrlet: Commencing at a post marked Mrs. V
A Wiiion'i corner post, planted at the norlheast
corner ol bectlon 17, Townsite 7. running south
t - rhaina, thenea west * chain*, ihence north 40
ehalni, thenee east eo chains to tafaat of commencement, containing 160 acrea. moreor .-���-���
l>ate<l No?. 29,1906. Mrs   V. A. Wiuos,
J. Wuaoa, Agent.
Notice li hereby |iTen tbat 60 dayi arier date I
Intend toapply lo the Honorable the Chief Commlnloner 01 Landi and Worki for permission
lo purchase 280 aerea of land, situate on lhe Little
Moyie river about 1 mile Irom International
Boundary and about 1 mile from Spokane International Ry.: Commencing at a post marked
D. Oram's B. E. corner post, thenee west 40
chains; tbenee north 40 ehalni; tbenei* east 20
chaini; thenc* north 20 cbains; then<-�� eaat 60
chains; thence soutb 60 chains to place of commencement, conta'niug 280 acrei of land.
Located Oet. 30th 1-JOfl.
Da..il GaaKT.
Sixty daya alter date 1 Iniend lo applv to tba
Honorable lbe Chief Commissioner ol Landi and
Works, Vietoria, to purehase 160 aeres of land,
located In fire Valley and described as followi;
Commencing at a poat markeii <i B McM �� N.W.
comer, and planted a: the to . 1 u ' orner of
lot 7916, and running south ft) chains, thence
east 20 cbalni, thence north _0 chAlm, thence
weil 20 chaini to plaee of beginning.
Nov. 18th. 1906. ,;io. B. McMillan.
J. E. Annablx, Agent.
Sixty dayi alter date I Intend to apply to the
Honorable tbe Chief Commlsiloner of Lands and
Worki to purchase 640 aeres of land, located in
Fire Valley, on west side ol Arrow lake: Commencing at a poet plauied 40 chaini we.t of the
southwest corner of J. Kobinson'i pre-emption
and marked J. W's ft E. corner, and running
north 80 chains, tbence west 80 chaini, thenee
���outh 80 ehains, tbence east *. chains to place ol
Nor. 18th, 1906. Ja. X Willum.
J. E. A.-KtBL*. Agent.
Hlxty days after date 1 Intend to applv to thc
Chief Commiasioner of Lands and Works for
permission to pun base thc following described
lands in Kooteuay District, about three-quaru-rs
of mile Irom Thrum's siding: Commencing at a
post placed at the B. W. corner of L -*_y3, group
1, A eat Kootenay District; tbenee westerlv
fell, wing the north boundary of L 4M*. 4b
cbaim; thence north 10 chains; thenee easl 40
cbains, more or less, to the N W corner of
LAM.I; thenee south following the weht boundarv
ol I.-8893 10 chains more or less, to place of com'
menrement, containing 4o aeru, more or less
Dated this 6tb day of December. 1906
  H. H. Pitts, Locator
60 daya alter date I intend to apply to tbe Honorable the Chief Commissioner of Unds and
Worki, to purchase 870 acres of land: Commencing at a post marked <*. W. B N. K. cornei
post and planted on the west shore of Arrow
lake adjoining I-ot :c:*J on the south side of tald
I-ot, Ihen'-e tfeeiW chains along tbe southern
Itoundary of !.ot 378; thence south MM chains
tbenee east 80 ehaim moreor less to lake shore-
thence north along lake shore to place of beginning.
Dated 29th day ol Nov. Ifife
J. E. AmUJLfi Agent.
Notice Is hereby given that 60 days alter date I
Intend to apply to the Honorable the Cnlel Commissioner of Landa and Works for permission to
purchase tbe following described lands: t'om-
nuiieing at a post placed JOchains wesi of the
aotitheaat corner of Lot thii, marked "Ii. A. Bell's
northwest corner," thenee south S-i cbains
tbence east 20 (bains, thenee north 20 chains'
tbenee weat 20 cbains to point of commencement'
containing 40 acres, more or less.
Located thla6th dayof Nov., 1*306.   B. A.BtLL.
Sixty dayi after date I inte.ii ���-, , ,j
Honorable the Chief��, omn.f*_;..L--r ofEJ
WoTfcs for permlaalon topur*^
described landa In fta
mencing at a poit marke-: J S, .ULiuil
east corner post, aald p.���t betagaflfl
aUle of the Lower Arrow i*Ve.s*. ;-ltI
below Burton City; tbti,. *.---t em
thenc* weat �� chains; theneeaaaftH
Ihenee weat Vl ehatns; tbenee coni 14
snd * links, more or '.-> lotha^fl
thenre easterly along lake V Utm ~\
to tbe place of beginning, contalD_��igl
more or leaa ���
l>aled tbU itb day of November, in
���     per K. I. ftvmr, H*H_
Notice U bereby given tliat 1
date I Intend to make appl:***'
aM-Chlel Commlaskmer 1 ; Ia:.
VictorU B.C.. for permit*', t. *���
lowing deierisbed  land, ��;���  4
W'rti Kootenay district; Come
planted al the south***-*** ..-n,*,
inson'i pre-emption, 1:1:1   : l: 1
poet, thence to rhalru  nM   ���
north, thenee 40 chain* ea*: to Ji
northwest eorner, tbence south <
of commencement, conuuning Hcsrra.i
Dated tbi* .3rd day of Nor..l��
K. 1- KmeJ
bt da/s after date 1 Intend te mJJfh Uit���
Chief Commissioner of U-jdt aai *__
lorl-a, to purehasv 24i) aeres of -aa*! )
Fire Valley and being a portion �����( _M
and 16 In Township6*3 and levriL*-"! utr
Commencing at a post plauied tl Uw m
corner of the southeast -juarur ot a
Township  69 and   marke-l   I  Q   I 1 a
thenee north 40 chains;  then ���* w��i 11\
thence soutb 40 chalm; tbeoce eut tt*
plaee of beginning.
Norember -flrd 90ft
J. ��   .�������tlU.ii
Notice U hereby glren that H tept_M
intend to apply to the BoaoraUa litr
mlssloner of Lands and Works top
acres of land deaeribed as folio*
al a poat planted on the north ��� < ��������
Moyie river, abont 300 yard* Iroma^
marked "R. McLean's 8, W. rorwi
thena*.* eaat 80 cbains. thenee oonttldf
theti*. wesl 80 chains, ihence soolh ark
place of commencement.andloauiQlLCMj
Locaied *rth day Oct.. I'****-.     ti -rr tii
Sixty dayi afterdate I trite:**! to ���;;
Honorable the Chief Commissi'-nerof L
Works, Victoria, to patebaac 30 t ia_f
'���.��������� -.!. ! and deaorlbed u foil'
at a poat planted at lbe aoatbral <m_
Boblnson's pre-emption in Plre VsiifT.-aflfJ
3vc mllei from Edward Landtag, w
Arrow lake, and marked F " * S  E (
running west 60 chains, th* -ace ���*��� ���"���'���-**_
tbence eaat K chains, ibemv mtil >*-J
tbeuce eaat 40 ehalna,then*- north��*
place of beginning.
Nov   Uth, 1906 Fat.lG
J. I. A��tBLX,l|*|
ilxty days alter date I Inteud to apply to to
Hon Chief Commissioner of Lands and Work
Victoria, to purehaae 480 aeree of land, tu jf
Valley, West Kootenay: Commencing Ma ^
Planted 60 ehalna weat of the H. Vi. corner o*'-
oblnson's pre-emption, and marked W.W'i-
E. eorner, and running west 60 f hains, thr e
south 80 chains, thence east 60 chains, th*''*1
north 80 ehalna to place of beginning
Nov. 18th, 1906. William WiuiA'.
J. E. Akna'ii.e, Agcnti
Sixty daya after date I intend toapply* tll(*
Hon. the Chief Commissioner of Landl _nror*tu
to purchase HO acres of land: CoiiiiiieiiJ*? at 'i
poit planted on the west side of Bta mrtteee,
ou wagon road, about two and one \r '""es
from Kootenay lake, and marked ��** *^c'-
Keebnie'a ft West corner [rfiit," lhen'e*" -0
cbains, thence north 40 chalna, the/ **at *>
chaini, thenee aouth 40 ebalni, to pjf 0l ���commencement.
Located thla 10th day ol NoTcmbe;
Notice la hereby given tftal *0*_____
intend to apply to tbe Hon I lilefCottaMB
Undsand worka, Victoria, loi ^rnUfWl
chase the following de��-r:' - : laadi "A
the West Koolenay dlitrlet, oa the��ai|
Dunamel for SIk Mile} ere. 1 Deertlfll
about three miles from Kootenai iucj
mencing at a postmarked "Ja-aM J nil
post," running 20 chalna east, thence *J
north, tbence 20 chains west, ihtnc* *_\
toutb, to tbo point of commen-'enicB*. r^
Ing 40 acrea of land, moreor lei'
Dtted l��h Norember, 1906
Located It JtrtJB
par .on e Tik/*i,ai��a|
Sixty days after date I intend tospptfj
Honorable the Chief Commls-: -icr^U*
Works for permlaalon to pun I.*-* i!)* '**
deserlbed lands in Kootenay iiMrtrl: (���*
clng ai a post marked "A  1. hill't tm
corner post," said post being-'i: thr omJU
erly rhnre ot the Lower Arr->* .ik��*��-��'l
due eaai, on the northeaal * ornrr cl 1*1
droup 1; ihence north 60 chain*; nM ���*������"
RfMiih 40 cbains, more or less, tu tb* mt'
tbence following said shore in s ���WBt*-*
dlreillon M chains, more or lew to th
bafUUSUfi eottaining  160 acre-, nnn
Dated this 5ti day of Novemi-r. IW*
per K L. 9xj*_mutfm
Notice la hreby given lhat '��� dayialaj
I Intend, toapply to tbe Honorable lit*
OonaJnraM "f Lands and H-.rkifuf^
sion to turfiase the following .!e��riWaj
Kontenay dlstricl: CMamenctng
-marke-l "JH. Wallace's north�����*i*i(,**rlw.,B
tald post being on the easier))- ilde t
Arrow l*e, and at the eoutliweii e
Porter 'a re-cmpl lon claim; thei >e*,s��'*[*J
theuce f nth �� ehaiiia. theli'* �����* ���*:t'I
tbence^nib 'JO chains, theuce ����������
mom e leas to the Arrow lakc.tdeD*.
caatei? dlret tion ftoehalns. in"'!*1"11*!
riiaw beginning, coiiialmng 14i'srrn,i
MN this *Mh dayol Octot-er !**<., ,_
J   II ��*U-*J
By his agent, Kenneth 1   freq
i davs alter date I lulend lo app.. , _
Cleft ommlssloner of Undsand ����,��'"1
qiaa _Q0 aerea of and located in Kire \tWM
Vi part of HwtlonaB and 10 Tn-w n-sbip "������
/scribed as follow.; Cominti' ��� sng ��' '���
.arked F. W. J. H. I. w.nier and planted ij
ortbwest corner of Wm. Willi*":"' "'
bsnoa weat 40 chains; thence nor:..
hence eaat 40 cbains; thenee soutli ���* ch*
plaee of beginning.
Noraabn 23rd )9o6.
K \\.Jei��l
��� J.l.AywABU.Aga
��lxty dayi after date I Intend to ai-pl/
Chief CommiMioner of Undi sni
to purchase 187 acres of land, comniencfufJI
post marked B. B'a N. K. corner i-."*tp',r
the N. w. corner of a. W. Bleebrs 1 'I'f ���
west side of Arrow lake, nbout four inll����
Hnrlon city, tlience west 40 chains, tlienftj
4*'W chains, thence eaxl 40 chain-. "i,n'*2U
4BJW chains to place of beginning, ciniaittWl
acrea, mor* or less. _ ._-*"
Dated Wth day of Nov., 1W��.   Kyrom Hiiw
_.. J. E. A.wah: v. *���!��!>
Blxty daya aftor dato I intend to ippl/ji
"on Chid Commissioner of Und* and\tae
\ictori*.. (o purehaae 160 m res ol Ifiiirt !�������]���
Fire Valley, betllf part o( Sections Thrwj
Fo'ir, Township 69, nml ilearrltwd ���� .-1 3
Comrnericing at a poit plaitU'd *\*_%
Willlains' N. W. eorner, an*, merged ft��J
N. K. eoruer," and running 40 �����*���-*���"*-%
thenoe _0 chains south, thenee ��<**'��__
tbenee 40 chains aouth, thenee 3> '�����'"' 1
thenc. 60 chains noi th to place of beg .""'"/.J
Noveml��r_3rcl1li*__ KoaaKn-i"*"!
J. I, Awnabli. Vgcnt. ___���
The Daily Canadian
Stock-Taking Cleanup Sale!
During the First Two Weeks of January We Offer Big
Bargains in Staple Goods to Clear Out Odd Lines.   .   .
China and Glassware Department.
3 Butter Dishes, nickel top and stand, glass bowl,
regular $2.50, at $1.50
2 Butter Dishes, regular $2.00, at - -     $1.25
4 Royal Crown Derby Vases, $7 and $8, at Half Price.
1 Blue Copeland Dinner Set, $32, at - - $20.00
Vases, all kinds, at One-Third off regular prices.
1 40-Piece Tea Set, regular $6.53, at       - -    $4.50
Royal   Crown   Derby,   Copelands,   Minton,   Doulton,
- \Vedgewood, Coalport, and  Beleek  China
Goods at One-Quarter off.
Book Department.
2-V0I. SetSj regular $i.oo, at 75c. Set, postage 20c , comprising Conquest of Peru, Data of Ethics and
Education, Descent of Man and Origin of Species,
Lincoln���His Life and Times, Napoleon and His
Marshalls, Washington and His Generals, etc.
5-V0I. sSets, Publisher's price $5, our price fi.25, postage
30c. Works of H. Rider Haggard, Mary J.
Holmes, Edna Lyall, Charlotte M. Braeme, Rosa
N. Carey, Alexander Dumas, McAulay's England,
R. Waldo Emerson, Cooper's Sea Tales, Mysteries
of Paris, Mayne Reid's Works, R. L. Stevenson.
Shakespeare's Works, 14 vols , in box, large type, $4.75
Postage 55c.
Medical and Reference Books.
Wagner's Standard Horse and Stock Book.
$1.50 Gleason's Horse Book,      -       $i.io, postage paid.
.1.50 Dr. Chase's Recepies, large ed., $1.10 "
The Home Doctor,         -          -         $1.25 "
The Care of the Sick          -           -   $1.25 "
The New Tokology       -           -          $1.35 "
Dr. Chavasse Manual for Wives and Mothers.
Maidenhood and Motherhood       -      $1.25 "
Koradine Letters.   Cassels Family Doctor.
Standard Fiction at 20 per cent. off.
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Sticks, Bouqnet Holders, &c, &c, at prices not
near their cost, marked down to Hake Them Go.
Every article is new in good condition.
Dolls and Toys J-4 off.
ANHEUSER    ;�� ��� om^iAL
BUSCH...       Budweiser Beer
DISTILLERS, 12 and 20 years old.
NELSON       *��" _Krut5._-?r,t,"h    VICTORIA
Heavy Hams
Most economical for Camp and Hotel use.
Large shipment just received from W.
Davies Co., Toronto. . . Also Davies'
P. Burns & Co., Ltd.
Orders by malt to an/ branch will bare
onr prompt aud careful attention.
Head Offlce: Nelaon, B. C.
Certificate of Improvements
"Empress," "Clluim," "Horseshoe," "Queon,"
���I lilon Jack," sltliatesl 111 Nelion Milling
l.iH'Ateil on Porcupine ereek.
Tiike Notiee that I, Frank Fletcher, agent for
the Aetlvo Gold Uinlfll Company, Free Miner's
lertiflcnto No. Btam lutein!, 6(1 deys from flute
hereof, to apply to the Mining Reconlor tori
l.erttfleate of Improvements lor the purpose of
iililiilnliig > Crown tirant of tlie above claims.
Ansl further take* lotlee that action, unilor
Heclloli 37, must bo r smniencesl before the Issuance of ssich Certlllcateof Improvements.
Iialesl Nelson, 13th Dee., MU6.
Frank Fi.btchib.
Certificate of Improvement*
""*_,*/"!" m.l��eral elalm. situated In tho Nelson
Mining Division ol West Kootenay district.
Where liseatods-On Toad mountain.
���l uke Notire that I, John HoUtehle. acting ������
MW'"'. I'to'Mt A. Campbell, Free Miner's Cer-
tlneato Nn. hlim, Intend, sixty days from tho
.Inn. henof, to apply to tho Miiiliic Recorder tor
a t ertincaloof Improvements, for the purpose of
obtaining a Crown Uran4 of the above claim.
Anil further lake notice that action, unoer
ses'tlisii ,17, mssst be commended before the Issuance of sui-b Certiorate of Improvements.
Dated Mils nth day of November, I9WI.
John Msi.atshik,
A. M. Cu. Soc. G. E.
Mining Work a Specialty.
Offlce: Bealey Building.   P. 0. Box
Baker it, NELSON, B. C.
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch,
Creosote, Oils for
Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch and
Boat Builders will find it to their advantage to nae onr Pitob.
Nelson Coke & Gas Co.
Hla Questioning of the Doctors in the
Temple the Only Event Recorded���
Service! Tomorrow.
Tomorrow will be the first Sunday
after the Epiphany. No holy daya occur during the week following. An
event of interest to the congregation of
St. Saviour's church Is the celebration
of the completion of tbe firth year of
Rev. F. II. Graham's incumbency, which
will be observed with special music at
the regular services.
The gospel for the day contains St.
Luke's account of the child Christ debating with the doctors ln the temple.
His three days spent there before He
was found by His earthly parents, the
amazement of the divines at the precocious knowledge and Intelligence of a
boy of 12 years, and His mystic reply
to His mother's gentle reproach, "Wist
ye not that I must be about My
Father's business?"
Rationalistic students of comparative
theology dwell on the fact that a similar���almost identical���story is related
of Buddha. But the reply is different.
Buddha pleaded a mysterious call to
higher things, a call to renunciation of
all earthly pleasures and all earthly
ties, the beginning of his own Nirvana.
Christ's answer is that He must prepare to do His Father's will. A definite task has been appointed for Him
on earth, and already, while He Is Just
on the borderland between childhood
and youth llo begins that duly.
Tho records of His life, from that
time until Ihe beginning of His ministry, a period of 18 years, are almost a
blank. Hence traditions that grew up
of His having (ravelled far, especially
in tie East, and having studied the
learning and the beliefs of many peoples. The authentic records by His
disciples only begin with the date of
their calling; most of them were not
written till some years later. Nowhere
In the canonical scriptures Is there any
attempt to tell his life story, except
the statement of lhe fact that Ho lived
and worked with His earthly father,
Joseph, as a carpenter In Nazareth.
This Btriklng event of His childhood,
recorded in the gospel for tomorrow, Is
(he only definite story of the years between Infancy and manhood.
The following services aro announced at tho various churches for tomorrow:
Church of England���St. Saviour's,
cor. Ward and Silica streets; first
Sunday after the Epiphany; holy communion, 8 a. m.; morning prayer nnd
litany, 11 a. m.; Sunday school, 2:30
p. m.: evensong, 7:30 p. ni. Rev. F. Hi
Graham, rector.
Roman Catholic���Church of Mary Immaculate, corner of Ward and Mill
streets: Low mass, Sam.; high mass,
10:30 a. m.; evening service, 7:30 p. m.
Rev. Father Althofr, priest.
Presbyterian church���St. Paul's, con
ner of Victoria and Kootenay streets:
Horning service, 11 a. m.; Sunday
school, 2:30 p. m.; evening service, 7:30
p. m.   Rev. J. T. Ferguson, minister.
Methodist church���Corner Silica and
Josephine streets: Morning service, 11
a. m.; evening service, 7:30 p. m.; Sunday school, 2:30 p. m. Rev. R N.
Powell, pastor.
Baptist church���Stanley street, near
Mill: Morning service, 11 a. m.; evening service, 7:30 p. m.: Sunday school,
2:30 p. m. Rer. E. H. Shanks, pastor.
Salvation Army���Barracks on Victoria street, west of Josephine: Special services for tomorrow. Knee drill,
9 a. m.; holiness meeting, 11 a. m.; a
praise meeting at 3 p. m.: salvation
meeting at 8 p. m.
Tf emont House
European and American Plan
Meals ��� OU.   Booms from �� ctl. to 11
Only While Help Implore*.
New York World's London Correspondent Knows Most Private Affairs.
New Tork, Jan. 12���The World correspondent hears that under the separation agreement reached between the
Matlborotigs the duke settles on their
children the sum of $100,000, settled
on him by the duchess' father, W. K.
Vanderbilt, at the marriage. This will
accumulate for them during their minority, less the cost of their living and
education. The duke, after maintaining Blenheim, which he Is determined
to do as a metier of principle and ln
order to prove that its maintenance was
not dependent upon the duchess' fortune, will have about $40,000 Income,
and now he ts looking for a good but
not costly flat In Mayfalr for a town
residence. King Edward, through the
Marquis of Lansdowne, when the duchess visited the Lansdowne's at Bowood
before Christmas, pressed the duchess
to avoid any open separation, but to follow the example of the Duke and Duchess of Sutherland and agree merely to
live apart and divide the children's
time between the parents. The duke
had already agreed and It was after the
duchess left Bowood that he and the
duchess met In Paris In the presence
of her mother. The idea then was that
In a few days the children were to Join
the duchess In Purls and go with her
cruising in her father's yacht, but the
duke informed ber that Lord Ivor, their
youngest snn, waB 111 with measles and
influensa at Blenheim, whereupon she
re:urne,*l lmmedately to London.
Though she did not go to Blenheim
she received constant- Information of
his condition. Sunderland house,
which Bhe had dismantled before her
departure, has been reopened and the
children will Join her for a trip abroad.
The duchess has been seen more since
her return from Paris, It having been
Impressed upon her that she was damaging ber position by withdrawing
from the public gate. Her landau ls
now seen In Bond street every dny.
Baker St., Neleon Proprietor!
Bartlett   Hotise
Best Mar-a-Day House in Nelson.
The Asi.* la the Finest.
Wait* Help Only Implored.
Building Lots for Sale
H.  <&  M.  BIRD.
Jeeerh'ae "t.
Nelson. B. O.
Lake View Hotel
Cornar Hall and Vernon,
two block! from wharf.
Ratal $1.00 par day and up.
Talophoae 118. _Y__Z_^_V/   Dm Cm
Grand Central Hotel
J. A. KRICKSON, Proprietor.
���__$ T. G. PROCTER ______
Has every class ol Real Estate and Buildings in Nelstiu
for sale, from Business Blocks and Warehouses
to Market Gardens.
Centrally Looated. , Open Per end Night.
Sample end Beth Booms free.
Opposite Court House and Post Office.
Comer Ward aad Vera Street*.
Th' Strathcona
Nelson, B.O.
B. Tomkins, Manager.
The Leading Hotel in the
Qood   Sample    Rooms.
Royal Hotel
Ratea fl and 11.50 ��� Day.
Special Rate* to Regular Boarder*.
W.   a.   aiLLETT
Contractor amd
Bull _������--.
Bote agent for the Porto Rivo Lumber Co., Ltd.,
retail yards. Bough and drcmid lumber, turned
work and braRketn, Cout lath and ihlngfei, teeh
and doom. Cement, brick and lime for tale.
Automatic grind-".
Yard and factory; Vernon Bt.. eaat of HaU,
fSBl.HON.  B.C.
P. O. Box m. Telephone 118
Choice Fruit
I Hare 10,000 Acres
Choicest Pratt Lands In
British Colombia.
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one bloc*..
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
Nelson, B. C.
Mossi-comfnrtslsle quarters ln Nelson.
Only tho best o' Liquors and i liters.
Queen's Hotel
Baker Street, Nelson. B. 0.
Lighted by Eleotrioitj ud
Heated bj Hot Air
���table Bedroom 	
Sample Rooms lor Commer-
MRB. E. tl. CLARKE, Proprietress
Lores end Comfortable Bedrooms end Flist-
tlees RlulUR Room.
Certificate of Improremcnts.
"May," "B,C." "Strathroy," "Jor," "Jot Free
tional " end "John D Meb'ey" Mineral Claims,
situated In the Slos-an City Mining Division ol
the West Kootenay Dlstrlol.
Where located: North ot Twelve Mile Creek
about one end a half miles up.
Take nolle j that I. II. B. Jorand ol Blocan B.C.
free Miner's ceitHeate No. B7M0O, ae u.nt lor
Horaee O. Van Tuyl, Free Mloer e certificate No.
Meal, intend, sixty deye Irom thedste hereof,
to apply to the Mlutna Recorder for e Certificate
of Improvements, for lho puroose pi otstauilni a
Crown Grant of the said mineral elates.
And farther uko nolle* that action under
Section tT, must be commenced before the lean*
���nee of such Certificates of Impropamenta.
Deled this 3rd. Day of January, UOT.
 n ��, JORAND
TWO F1R8I-CLAS3 ROOMS, strem heeled.   Ap.
ply houeekeeeer. Sr.l Bel. K IV 0. blsvsk,
__        WANTE0
A POUTER at the Koyal Hotel. The Daily *u_na_i_ii
I January   Clearance  Sale -J
|     Of  Cut  Class
EJerry   Bowl_
*  I PES
'-.        .v.: -.-
���A-~(    '���	
���- :".r-; y.'Jt.
. Xi._.
----- I -
**:���  .i
Yo��r PnrstflSl C-*T*eaU   ���
Meat   of  Wheat:
���"e ���**���*��� "* 'i"��. \..\-t,\-\.  \?*. *
�����/ -*.*. i-_ -.-.-- ���-* ���-. -,*�� -   ��
20c. _M 2 Tc. Pack*       ���
Bell Trading Co, I
(.Id Curiosity Shot?
(ft ���/. v.s. ',.'.������..':
mm Mt JMH
IB k��fJ�� '/f ttmm*r**r*
*     -H-P t   l.tll    '��� :���'-
I* THE   .1 IH  Of
THE   Will   %tpeet   SROCEfl
i.r. ,-a ,.  . .-��� v .'ss- *  _/ ',f r*_v
. ,s;'.;,l   ,< ��������� ,t,i   : r.'X'f OM I* W*
l*'-v.s7*_   l>y   tui,   s_��l.   v I
J'/7 a xl.at<- -.'.  <..- froct       -'������'���
���ItrUiy.   '.:���'.'.   :::,,;    t.'-t, tof   wW  It-
��� i'h ij? 'isi ���!.', ran '. i ������ '
let ua s.1' '-.i.    .'..tt.*',.
_*,r.  V mrn^.t  ����� n-d   Ward   Htr
1 tYHKh mm   Vrnx-*vx
���. :-. ',:-'.<ia:-.- v.-.v.-i
w��   LB HcytMal Karia   f ; o*ai-
V    ��-;..,.<-     a /,-.     ,*     \
' ��� ��� as. .    :    .   w��.;_��.-.    .',
-.*���.-��-������   * '/.*..-.
-    H'fVs-rv/a. Hm��   KJrfc**.   M-
'���'.'.. ��� ^      ' i
B  M   HauL
0   V>'.-i7   H^*_��    H   ��.r
Tot**;  V.'   HaaUit, Mirer-
'I^.vm-t.t; MrorM
'-���' '    .---<���    '..   >.   x:*-!;r1. IM
(town i
I.*.*.'    '��������.*'/,<
si.too:     .   W   'A'iKrr����:
���- -:    MiBneav-
otte;   f* (���   A
<    v.*   ;   Twmtyva,,
If   <7N<_;   <.nt,'.r'/,t      0      Mll'.vr,
C    i* -        0    ;!s-.v.-.-v.,e,
H'/fly fiit/vm rain*
CKA.'.'J C__*T__1*
I    .*   IMtl   aa.   .If*   K   C   Horn.
bei ;^ ?   M   Tl * J   Mttrrtar/n,
U' ��� I    '���'���      a*ltm     l;ntitlr,%ii>r,.   Vt'.
Mr, sbBbb
J  tMntl   H   I/a����/r,  FV/nbifup'A.
FrM V-<sr!_n, Wlnlaw;    H     KtMnln.
���   . .t.-r
Trams jo. Boats.
'.".*> boal   -HJx arH a hai' h'jirr* laf>.
' DM '    '.ri'l   Hlof-atj   tralrs   f/r^ MMttt
ltAittri.lt.Ty train���<)n UflM
11/r.Alhfirl train���0;, UflM
Joy's Cash Grocery j   - SOc/iPS -
��� *, , _5r/rpj��r _ 9?i��*5 for 25c.
 j Oli-vt Chi & Cucumber 5 ctkes     25c.
! CamUU 4 Ub. 'Ban 40c.
XtllU.. I '..J    si'., a-    M
Munroe & Nelson
5ee* <9ur rT*_tfJbu*
TclejiliotKs 111.
Oerttftil Job V-Zofk, Chimri.*/ 8w*ef,
trig. Carpet Cleaning, Fixing -ind Cleaning   tt_>-/<��,   ���%������.
1?1  Caat  Baker 8t. frtCflt  No. A1U \
Fancy Chocolates
Leave your order early for
your Ntfto  Year
Choquette Bros*
L McDonald & Co.
r>_J..-T-. in ttepi-ftsOd ffiitfryOrrtcflri')
FJntU.-r, KgKM-
Omp -sod Ifisflft' Huppl.e,..
On mnl ���tfi'T H-Rr��tnti��r Ut my ti-eatlnit nnil
Iiluml��lri(( bOffMM will l��f Iwjitcl In ny new
Ibopi tW-i'l'Viri cnut nt ti\*T\ bOUMi 11 Viclorln
tn*. 1
Tel. (81.
\   -_-:_i am. my.yscxL  \
1    .:���:���-:     ��� i     v: s ,   :   ��� - ��� -
��       :~  x  ���_bo,; :l -  -.-.:..
���  -..!.���    v, ���: sas.,_ :  ,-;   .-..-
��� 1:  .    ..   .-:. -s ,���      1
* ia a*    .
kt.'.  k
stcckukii.1      WIST KOOTENAY
Bargains. BUTCHER CO.
mm...    �����*. Fresh and Salted lots
s ..:.:.
���f*MVn   _tf. . ��v      24e       C��^^ '***I����^_.*��. <*t**-***?*1. *___? *'*u.
t laaeaa fric*.       5 ��n�� iai Sm* aai
_:i*    ;   '-.- 'A: ������ ,.-.,��� ..-.,,
-,--.;-    -   -.-.,   i.��e    2   ...    ��: "-'*     '   '"    ''
�����������������<��� ' ;-.-!-M   --������ ���;   2   ��-.- 2��^
.      ::   u.*-,  * -.~^, .,-,,  * .,-  ��c   E-  C. TPAN-ES   Mtaagcr.
..   ..,_, .. ,
tEE   '- _P   8* - *iA  <.   *��8.=
C A 5enec/.c/
���  ��� ��� u-   v.   ���
. ���-.       .-.-.* .
\*M **7 *4�� T��
s-    .,V. .    .���
i   v.-   ...--���
_< ,j^, I      Cent* SOSca ai! ;-*>;*.s* au
ist. u s mow 1.
Do You Taint
cr on CHLWA.
Coal! Ice! Wood!
Phone 265
Tils TllBBIBB 1 Is��, Fftirt.
Ftj-1 & Poultry Co.. Lti.
1                       orr*. i
'i   E.-,.- Bi.��-   :���-   Mt���.   5*_
Fifty Cent Hand Bags!
Wafc_rj___a-_c_f Jrwek* Cft__c_u
I ���lcphf>nc   .W.1.
j Starkey & Co., __\te
:.   ��� :
. -.-. V.   .
,   ...   ���  ._������
IJAA-.-.    A   BMI
I    ������������-i.
- *. :   *
.   - ������
A .- : s
���  : a
' .   ���:���
��� ':. I
. i <n��
Ws-    .'_iT-   i_.SS. 1.   ..-.   ,'....��
tt 'iv.- 4 ".*��-.-.-'�� 1 - s
* ".*-.��� 4  '.!�����:-.-; >   i'ii-.-  '.-. -,-t
Fr/i   /���_��� fit- C. :-i
F.' C*- -se P�� *���: -;
���Save. Ca"ei*i Hair, Mc^t   S-.it
Adv���� ttht pro
��� - .-.���-���...-.
':-;;*.���:- *.��* -.:?:.
''.-.-:?.-'-��� :
WIHUia Hvmjit.
HVjraiJ, jui4 L. *A'
-Mil >_**���_:  lo ttt*
i-Jd   RlrhJ. _
...  .    :     ....
k-fr-24 of T-_j!
r,*f*    to    tb_
1 __ff _t_u_4
ChiMrea'f __rtic* *: (.. h_*I_ M
j. . ��� :* ��� _- *.*r. :.i: ^- '*.. ���: y.^'r.vi.y
charch. Hfrr R Hamttm P'/w_ll will
K(t*�� a C/j��I_ Talk' t/> the chiWf��m.
dM WmW*}a4*\ t-H_w_ The Saow." Tbe
. ���-��� D_ dM ���f-trfng t��Ti_>t_D ��III be,
Tr.e Tblr _ L��r/ ���* me****** f> ill* one
who .-Aj fall-_
jPmg���rtJOM ar*> In    ftiil    irwiDir for
H .a..*'^; 10 f/**: held ndor the aijjjpic^n
oi th* Tw<m*jr 9fe__Hs_s_4 club (n th-
oyist hrmAc MonrJay ifflif T*vlay th**
000f of the OpffV hOVH waa lhorousjh!y
tiatawk and haa uln*/** .>e<!D put tnt/>
f;r** '::a^-. Rhaprf. tor .ancin.. under the
���ijperrlnJr/rj of Alderman BtfOH <"hlef
DM^f )*. io fA_U|l of *^he dMMMSOBS
which la safficient t?uarant*ee that they
will b* well looked afer Irrln 'a or-
dbMtn has bMa en^avd and refreshment* wju b�� nerved during the eTen-
Injf, a aM-Kht -itra charge t/elnic rna^e
Ticket* for the danr> may be obtained
from any m^m^r of 'he c-o/rirnltt-ee or
a. Uie door '/n the night of the ball.
The date of the great bon��piel of the
Kootenay burling association, which
will be held In CraM-rook, ba* been definitely announced aa Monday. January
21. Valuable prlze-H, ry^nalnting of tro-
pbt6% cup* and medal*), will be corn-
pvttd for and the content Ik expected
to be the keenent ln ihe hltVtry ot the
&* stool at ion.    -According  to  Craobrook
advice*, Judge Wlltton ha* an exceed-
irigly ttTOOg rink and will give the bWt
of the vl*lftng team* an Inters atlng
Kam'-. NelBon will be Btrongly repre-
���tStod and, with such renowned knightK
of the broom a* A. T. Walley, Judge
Korln, J. R, Kox an. C. D. B&UkWOOd,
should give a good account of thero-
Hir-tt and Inr (dentally annex a majority of the prize*.	
The Store of Quality
Should see our Values in APPLES
before placing their orders elsewhere.
We have them from $1.50 for Cooking to $2.50 for
Fancy Eating Varieties
which are undoubtedly the Finest
ever brought into Nelson.
Don't forget that we always bave
Fresh Lettuce and Choice Crisp Celery on band.
K. W. C. Block . Phone 10.
Water Color Paper
Sketch Slocks
Academy Tioard
P��D��{��,p��U����KD;r��,��od��Ili��sfjair��rJ    \PYV1fP
* , Improved
Pacific Coast
We cAlso Carry
White China For Decorating
Wood Blanks for Burnt Work.
W. G. Thomson
���gguggs ~ Xe!soD) B c
I'hosis AA.
SilTfsr declined four  point* on  both
Z1.-4.itt. md AmtrttMi raark��t_ today.
J  A. Klrkpatr.rit irlll not be a candidal, (or r^.l��i<:tloB to uie city council.
The meetlni! of the Unlrenrity club
hae be*n pofitponed for oae week and
will take place .Saturday, January 1��.
At the Vancouver' Athletic club on
Thnmday evenlne. Jansiary 24, the am-
tii:'ir champlon>.hlr. boxing touraam'in*
of Brltieh Columbia will be pulled off.
Entrlea are Invited In six claseen and
should be Kent in at once to the gyrn-
riaetum committee of the Vancouver
Athletic club.
Pricet of  Metale.
New York. Jan. 12.���Sliver.   t,1 *5-8c;
copper. 23 l.c; lead, 16.
I.endon, Jan. 12 ���Silver. I]
Football in Britain.
London, Jan 12 ���The opening of the
iK-rlee of international Rugby matcbea,
played annually between the four na-
tlonalltlei of the United Kingdom, was
played at Swansea thlg afternoon and
n-eulted in victory for Wales over Eng
land by 22 to nil. For thc past seven
years Wales has never been beaten on
her own grounds, with the exception of
her defeat, by the South Africans.
Slity.four local clubs also played In
varlosis localities In the first games of
the annual contest, for the champion,
ship. The cup is th" (restart trophy
In llrltlsh Association football The
final Is always played at the Crystal
Palace In March or April,
The  Curlers.
nre i?ames were played at the curling rink last night In the President vs.
Vice President series, with the following results:
Bunyan 11, Weils 7.
Walley  11, Drew 6.
Cavanaugh H, Hawkey 1.
Starkey  10, Filrd 7.
Mclntyr" 11, Beer 14.
The fixtures for tonight are:
7:30���So. 1 Ice���DeVeber vs, Olllett:
No. 2���Richardson vs. Hawkey: No. 3���
Beer vs. Hedley.
MS���No. 1 Ice���Nunn vs. Mclntyre;
No. 2���Carrie vs. Bunyan; No. 3���Cavanaugh vs. Wells; No 4���Fox vs. Wallace. ,
For Monday nlgbt the rinks are
drawn as follows:
7:30���No. 1 les���Wallacs- va. Wells;
Nf). 2���Mclntyre vs. Cavaisaueh: No. 3
���Blackwood vs. Drew; No. 4���Beer vs.
9:15���No. 1 Ice���Fox vs. Richardson;
No. 2���Starkey vs. Hawkey; No. 3���
Gillr-tt vs. Hedley; No. 4���N'unn vs.
The executive Insists that all rrames
called for 7:30 he started promptly on
Leave Nelson 7:30 a.m. Duly.
Arrive Vancouver 11:50 noon.
S. S. Princess Victoria
Arrive Victoria 6 p. m.
One Nsgh; Ea Rente.
Connecting with
S. S. Princess Beatrice
Standard Sleeping Car
Berths. Il.O-'j, can be occupied S p   tn.
A ���, P . .VsarosjT.r. P.P.A . S.licB
TMOMtMO AMj (.raFTIm; r��re!o:ir sttend.
*d Ut. Apply
Ktl.er Kidsx Hotel.
VOTICI I. hereby (riven ihsl ��n .ppiiaitK.n
will t* medfc te ihe LejrlilsttTe Au.mblT of the
Pro.lniseef Brlu.h l.-oloml.lm el i�� _eit ,^,1011
for en a'l .sithomtag the Patrick Lumber com-
pftfir, Limited, u, place,ceiistnirt,i__ melnulD
A 'Jem or stems. Ix).rt_i, piers, illdes, unsl other
work. In sn-1 sv-ro.s the Kootenty rWer st or
n-ser Throm* .itetlon (ahoul oppo.tte gub-lot IV
of Iy,t tWi, Orooi I, Kootensy district), snd In
��nds,ri��. she I.mle Slixen rlrer; end In snd
s^r<*> the Hoc-en river st > point or tsuints below she mosith of the l.lttle Hloeen river- tor the
mrps��of dminc refting.sortlns holslins.snd
insniifiirturliik us logs ��nd timber; to occnor
the surtsce of fhe -sj,l river, svhere nereubrr f��,r
the purposes aforirseld; to deer. Improve, snd
remove obstrsirtlonss from the seld riven for 1.*-
ln.-.UA r.f.iiii ass ; l,i��.mln�� | irpoae.; us -s v
end eollest loll, and dues on lose, umber and
lumber of |.cts.,_i usUiik or prontlnr by sui h
works, rlcerlnif -,r Imi.rovemenu: to enter m.on
and expropriate land.; and do all olher tblnxa
uei-eis-ary, Incidental or conducive to the eier
else of sisy of the above powers.
Pated the 10th day ol December. 1906.
Pollclu,r for the Applicant
To the Bitter End.
PariB, Jan. 12.���It Is certain thai the
Frsnch hl.hopa when they meet January 15 will register the decision of
Pope Plus X. conveyed In the encyclical Issued yesterday. The clergy and
Catholics generally recognize that the
church cannot emerge victorious from
scourge of God: Plus X. Is the scourge
church will he harder. It Is stated
that the first attempt of the Vatican to
arouse Catholics to seek relief from
It at the polls will be met by a measure
authorizing the government to record
all priesla as subjects of a foreign power il Jaures, the Socialist leader, discussing the encyclical, said today*
'The pope desires to save the dignity
of the hlerarchv, but In reality Is preparing their ruin. Attlla was lhe
scourge of Cod; Plus Q. Is the scourge
of the church."
Chinese Riot in Oakland.
San Francisco. Jan. 12.���it is reported here that during a fight last night
between membera of the Pin Kong
Tong and the Hop Sing Tong In Oakland, two Chinamen were killed and
five were wounded. About GO shots were
w hsiicsniw  Provi��lon��,
���7rtar^.'r. '"���*��� Pem.i Bock* psrsemni w��_.v j^.
trom tb* rfcara    F�� ml* ty Mil 'si' ng grown.
f ii: w-rt:
Jc-se-phl&e Str-_rt.
Nelson. B. C
i-^Yi��i-rt-ryv*i-i��i*s��i*i*i�� -i*i**s*.**i*i*ii***srs-sV<*��*��*y��.-s>iimam,
Bohemian Beer
The Nelson Brewing Co., Ltd.
A Wotd to the Wise
Tlii* rraz we h��Te ej>pnci*tUA tb* wez.-.   ��� ._��� ���-
totaan sad bare pancd into eaxk _ht
Good Cheer Art Base Burner
Thu rtCrt r w tuiapteti f<_r bar*! rxml oalj. u-- a rar
*n*e*td t<> fire ��U_^ic_aa.
J. H. Ashdown Hardware
Company, Limited.
���sS.  A.   ISAAC
R.   W.  HINTON *
Wffnn\r\ttn nntl Jobbing ��x*.cutcd witli U����patuh.   Mhcvt Mttnl
Work.  .Milling and  Mill Macblncry.      Mnn*j(_-.tur_r>* ttt
���>��� Cars, t*l.  _*.   Contractor^ Gmrm.
Ooaw of Ue:i ��n*i
?:.:.*. -:���--.���..
BuilntM m_n,
Working m��r>n.
-���.���n In dr��M ��ttt Irw,
Sporting men,
Handiomi men,
.Mon that'H full of fir
L'NITE and sing that   the  Unpartarn _* _*
John T Pienv are ibe proper thtnir
My la*t fall fhiptn. nt biw jn_- arrtTed.   See
them and place your order early for Xn-a^ ��!*
JOHN T. PIERRE, Artistic Tailor
All Sizes 35 to
Now w Ihe time
to Imv roar
Winter Overr-nat
All Prices from $ \ 0 to $30
AND DEALERS IN   A-timDef *   _>_UIlgleSt
L,ath, Moulding**, Doors, Windows.
Turned Work -and Brackets. Mail Orders proraptlv (rtt___l��
                       VERTKOi. 8TRKBT  -  .  .   NELSON. B. C.
Our etock of Skatei is complete and varied.
Including the  popular
B��|<fR'S   BEAUTY   and   CHARM   (U.dle..)
Wood-Vallance Hardware Co'y
NELSON. R.t-ii


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