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The Daily Canadian Apr 10, 1907

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Array StJje ptUtt  QfotutMan
IvolumR I.   No. 260.
Lumber Commission Took
P. Wells Sums up Results of In-
I vestigation���A. E. Watts' Latest Contribution.
licnrge !'��� Wells,   -secretary    of   the
Euntalu Lumberman'!  Manufacturing
fcociation,  returned  last  night   from
1 Kast.  Mr. Wells left Ottawa, where
ai tended the sessions of the com-
Itu-e on the Luinher Combine Investi-
on March 22nd. aud bas since
Ide a biulnesa trip to ,\'ew York.
Been tills morning Mr. Wells said:
fl slsin'i know what the result of the
-MtlgaUon   will   bo.     I bave beard
iug from  Ottawa on   the   Bubject
; 1 left.
Illut, on the whole, I believe that tlie
station lias done a great dead of
)d,   There waa before a general Im-
���bsissii on the prairies and ill the east
ill the lumber luunutucturers of Brlt-
I'ultimliia, both const and  interior,
tf iiiiiiissiug fortunes by charging ex-
iiiuiit prices.
think that the evidence given be-
llie  couiluisslsiii   bas   proved  con-
Iveiy thut no exorbllaul  prices are
iiavs;  beeu  charged  by   tlie lumber
ii.iiiucturers, that uo excessive prollls
e been made, and thai even the pres-
j,rices are lower than iis warranted
suiisliilons, aud that a substantial In-
aaa uf prices ls not ouly  justified,
���All the other British Columbia  wit's, left Ottawa about llie same time
Sir. Wells, except A. B, Watts, who
Tlie [ollowlng    Is   Mr. Watts' latest
i,linn io the committee on the
[Evidence shows that several years
ce a compact did exist, but the whole
in waa iii the hands of the relall-
BSsoclatlon and lhat the latter did
hesitate to use Its power, and lis
lion became at last so intolerable
|i the manufacturer! revolted lu a
i .mil withdrew (see secretary of
manufacturers' association's evi-
s-i which prove! thut the conten-
s tluil Uie contention that the retail-
and manufacturer!1 Interests are
uilcal has no foundation, their Inter-
i have heen ssml always must be un-
[That manfacturen did not profit by
"isl combination has been proved by
|ds'iii*s of such eminent meu aa Mr.
fl�� and Mr 10. ||. Ueups, of Vancou-
wlio stated ihat al lhat time tho
ii-* manufacturer! were losing money
ni*ir product, the retailers were ma-
i"11 per cs-nt profit
��u��i-�� of extortion at the present time
'��� ""'i Is, if tlm evidence given Is
lhal Hi,, price uf dimensions do-
Ired Hartney  wus %z\ pur M���that
torrect, but note that No. 1 bonrds
I i-1 50 per 1!.. wholesale price, and
Thomai  says  hla   retail   prico of
1 ls ls M�� or ;i:i per m.    Thus one
takers and the Grain Grower's
resentativea admit! he is soaking bis
'aimers (Jit l0 $<).qo  por M. on
fmsiii lumber,
I'l"* witneaa, Mr. Wilkinson, of Ue-
��� 'at n 1 ul *" m;> ���>��� bmiKlil liim-
lentil _ tqr 'l!ino- llnd ,hnt "I
T: ' ""* us* ciiniiut get slmllur linn-
i ��less than Mil.    If ������c|,  |j tba
IM  isrssii'',"""'' ]"''m" " ninkliiB $12
I-'* I "'lit. or over 000 per cent more
.    "'   '"''"in- mlllowner has been
a.   i in, pr,,Hei,| wholesale price
. '"'"'""ii lumber delivered nt He-
I, ,.,"* ';*' io tU, nnd No, 2 com-
111,,, ii , '"'���" M* '*' 'hau lhal, so
teased 8 the two tho "rof,t |B
I-aho..'_J'   of   Slntnlf'itta.   said   he
lli-r .., "" a" yea,a "B" emmon
in Iii *���*;������,"ml "' lll(* Present lime
s-lmi     i Ak "��� matter of fuel,
*    "su e price of common boards
"ni'-nsoiiB n year since was 120
ltd ,,""���"Ht '** P,,b* ,90��>
' ,''��� Xe.f���r.!"lt tlm<* 'he  whole-
In La ,$2'_.50 t0 ��24  (������� "Bt IB,
,   ',.."'" * a'"l al  the same time
I     ,'' s,, K'nte'l lh��t common lumber
eroii tb * , ' "llnK  ""' '""*���   J'"*"-.
KS-Vri. w,l,lnl''!"'-<* Ptloa lists prove
In lie     "", "'" ,0,,,,  rai��"  In
s MB?��� ,>'"'   "lsl   l3   <"""""<  "na
m hi ,,,V,h", .",m,lml H"-"�� <>' own-
11 iiM.1Sl ""' ln.J,8e' 0wln'! t0 'he
1, *'    methods    adopted    by
OOmmltU, It Is very difficult to
Fifty Cbnts a Month
condense the evidence to make It pre
sentnble. I suggested lo several honorable members that you hear the plain-
tiffs cnBe flrst���thut Is the [anneri or
consumers, and retailers who ure non-
members of any association, and after
thai evidence for the defense. Instead
of that you are hearing first one side
then the olher side, mixed up In anv
old way. I am therefore dealing with
the evidence In rotation as it appears
In ihe official report. S. j. O'llrien, lata
wholesale salesman, and now a retaler
of Btrathoona, Alia., and a member of
tha Alberta Retail Lumbermen*! /Uaool-
llllon. says thnt be was anlesmnn fssr
the Brunette Sawmill Co., and that during the lasl three years he could aall
to any person Irresperilve of the buyer
being a member of any ussoelaIiiiii, also
ihat there Is a price list practically general, but uli the mills do not adopt It*
that he knows millowners not members
of any association; thai be would not
purchase from a manufacturer selling
direct  to lhe consumer.
Board of Trade.
The regular meeting of the board of
the board of trade will be held Thursday evening. The report of the delegates to the Associated Hoards of Trade
will be received and dlBcusseil. The
Game Society will present several resolutions for tbe endorsation of the
Fruit    Fair    Directors    to    Discourage
Growing of Apples Unsuitable
for Shipment.
The directors of the Nelson Agricultural and Industrial Association have
got fairly down to work for the year. At
last night's meeting the prize lists were
revised, and, with lew excepliou, given
their final form for 11)07.
Two matters of considerable Importance were discussed. The district
competition for the Johnstone cup will
hereafter Include iruit ouly. It was
agreed that Kaslo, Creston and Grand
Forks were handicapped lu vegetable
competition by the greater distance
their exhibits had to be brougbt. The
question ol reorganizing the districts
was discussed. The Nelson ulstrict,
from Procter lo Slocau river, has been
divided In,is three, although its total
acreuge ls fur less than that of aay
otber district. The ouly change determined upou for the present is lhe uuiun
of the two on the Soulb Shore formerly
divided ut Ward street
In the frull department a new step
was taken, aiming to encourage the
growing of those vurieties of apples recommended by expert authurilies, aud
graduully to discourage production of
everything not recommended.
The meellng wus culled to order ut
8 o'clock, with C. W. Busk, presldenl. In
thc chair, others present being, D. C.
.McMorris, secretary, G. A. Hunter. J.
Hyslop, H. Selous, P, A. Starkey, W. W.
Beer, W. S. Pearcy, A. 1). Emory, E. C.
Traves, J. A. Kirkpatrick and J. E. An
The minutes of thc last meeting were
read and udupted. The uccotmtB were
read, passed uud ordered puld.
W. S. Pearce}- reported for the potil
try commitlee, recommending no
change in tbe prize list. The report
was udopted.
The fruit committee reported many
changes, generally recommending reduc
tlons on upples that have been adjudged
unsuitable for shipping, so as lo gradually discourage them, aud raising the
prizes for the approved vurieties. Tbe
net result on apples was a reduction of
about tin in prizes. In other fruits
chunges were trilling. The report was
The question was reopened to con-
slder the extra prizes, esiieclally the Dominion Express Company's trophy for
quality nud packing, but no changes
were made.
U. A. Hunter, for thc bread nnd preserves committee, recommended that
the number of prizes for bread be reduced aud their value Increased. He
alBD recommended a few changes In the
classillculion of preserves. His report
was adopted.
Tho committee on manufacturers
asked for no changes.
II. Selnus, for Ihe floral department,
suggested u return to the lint display,
unlimited number of blooms, and uo restriction on the taste of the exhibitor!
He also recommended the elimination
of some varieties lhat aro oul of season
a**, fair time, or unsuitable for display.
He asked, too, that collections of wild
flowers be separated from tho floral department,    Tho reporl was adopted.
Tho painting committee will -report
late. The fine aria committee recommended n number of changes, which
wero adoptod, chiefly In the direction of
eliminating; purely mechanical work,
and old exhibits.
In connection with the district competitions, Mr. Hyslop recommended Hint
vegetnblea be left mil, and thai Hn* two
South Shore districts bo combined, The
report was adopled.
The mime wns then changed, on motion of .1. 10. Annable. from Nelson Fall
Fair to Nelsun Fruit Fair.
After noino further desultory discus
alon the meeting adjourned.
Outlook of Similkameen's
New Town
W. C. McLean Discourses on the
City He Is Going to Build-Resources of District.
W. 0. McLean now has plans of the
town of Ashnola and will proceed to
put a portion of it ou the market lu
Nelson and Spokane. Naturally Mr.
McLean is enthusiastic over his new
The Bite of Ashnola is on the north
bank of the Simiikameen river, about
20 miles south of Princeton. It lies in
a natural basin surrounded by hills rich
lu minerals. The townsite is almost
perfectly level.
Eastward, across the river, half a
mile from the lown nre the lands of
the Ashnola Cs.nl Company, almost adjoining them ure the deposits of the
Vermilion Forks Coal Co. To the north,
distant Ihree and a half miles, the Simiikameen Valley Coal Co. is about to
begin operations, while to the west of
lhe town a Tacoma syndicate has extensive coal uraes.
Southward are Kennedy and Copper
mountains with upwards of 300 crown-
granted mineral claims, many of them
of proved value. All can ship their
products right Inlo Ashnola by aerial
Back from the river on the benches
are stretches of rich fruit and grazing
land, on which already are many flue
ranches, Including oue owned by Mr.
Ali these resources have been known
for some time. They cannot be developed until transportation facilities are
lt is the conviction thut lines of
transportation will go through Ashnola
within a year tbat has decided Mr. McLean to begin building, and laying oul
his new town. The Great Northern
Railway Company has acquired all the
land adjoining the townsite on three
sides, and Is believed to have already
determined Its route westward to the
Hope mountains. Of this Mr. McLean
says: "I don't believe Jim Hill Is buying lands for croquet lawns or tennis
courts. He has seeu that Ashnola Is
the only site for a smelter town and
distributing point In the whole Simiikameen vnlley."
Mr. McLean's ideas are generous. He
will reserve a block for u public school,
and another for a church, though he
professes absolute impartially ns to the
denomination of the second, anything
from a Buddhist temple to tt Salvation
Army citadel will be welcome.
"I haven't," said Mr. McLean, "asked
anyone's advice or help. I went In
there, saw everything for myself, and
stayed, and spent my own money clear-
Ing nnd opening ll up. I don't now ask
any one to buy lots, and I'm not going
to make any promises. I believe Ashnola will be a town, and a good oue,
and all my money is going Into it."
South   African   Constabularly   Efficient
and  Popular Force.
London, April 10.���Col. S. Steele, Interviewed staled that relatione between
the South African Cunslnbiilary und the
Boers nre ns cordial ns those between
the farmers of the norlhwcst ami tho
mounted police. Ali the men behaved
like true gentlemen, and Iho respect fell
for Ihem greutly added to their -afflclen
0). Col. Steele nlso dwell on the noces
ally for mutuul confidence between tho
officers and men as value iu scouting.
A party ,of 1,500 Church army emigrants sails today.
It ls said Auslralla is sending a team
to compete for the Kolapore cup at
lllsloy In July.
Tho Economist says that colonial
llatemen dp not yet know what pro
found disbelief the majority of English
mon regard lhe policy wllh which
Chamberlain'! name has been nssoclat
ud for the last few years. Not sug
vesting It IR impossible to draw closol
Ixmds of union with lhe colonies, llie
Spectator, on reciprocity and tlle co-
innlol conference, says: "Surely II
would be wiser for the colonies to lenve
our fiscal system alone while we lenve
theirs alono, and lot each section of the
Empire manage Its own commercial af
fairs in its own way."
The Saturday Review aays .lames
Bryce could hardly have enjoyed his
dinner al tbe Canadian Club at Ottawa.
The Outlook says not a few Canadl
ana agree with Judge Longley that the
Dominion Is an empire ln Itself, and
openly advocate the right to exist as a
political entity. Many more hold Long-
ley's opinions, but have not the cour
age to express them ln public.
Everything Looking up In Boundary���
Price! Are Riling.
Orand Forks, April 9.���Among the
moat important real estate deals closed
here during the paat week wub the pur
chase of tlie Queen's hotel by Mrs. Kennedy, a rsiileni of the West End, the
price paid ls reported to have beeu
Word reached here yesterday that a
sawmill owned by an American company situated a few miles from Curlew,
Wash., was completely destroyed by flre
early yesterday morning, the loss including lumber ia estimated at (3,000.
A despatch received here yesterday
statea tbat all the offices of the superln
Undent of tbe Spokane Falls & North
eru Railway will be removed to Marcus
at once. It is also reported unofficially
that the locating of the railway divi
sional point has not yet been decided
upon, but tbat It will likely be at either
Grand Forks or Marcus.
Alex. Miller, of the Greenwood high
grade belt, who haa been spending the
past few months fn the East arrived
here yeBterday. Mr. Miller Is very en
thuslastlc over the future of the Bound
ary district, he predicts that an immense amount of eas'ern capital will
find its way into the Boundary thia sum
Tomorrow ls payday at the Grunhj
smelter, and as the plant haB been oper
aiins nearly all the furnaces during the
last month, there will, in consequence,
be a large payroll, amounting to about
A serious accident occurred early yes
tenlay morning at tbe Oranby smelter
whereby a young m��n named Dawson
nearly met death by an explosion which
covered his entire body with hot Blag.
He was taken to the Cottage hospital
and is reported to be recovering from
bis bad burns.
Parliament  and  Country Indignant at
Dismissal of Lord Aylmer
From Command.
Ottawa, April 10.���No action of the
government for yeara has created such
IntenBe indignation as the enforced re
tlrement of Lord Aylmer from his po
sitlon of inspector general of militia.
Liberal members seem to feel as keenly
over lt as do the Conservatives. It is
certain that had the fact been known
before Sir Frederick Borden got his estimates through be would still be rest
Ing with them Instead of now being ln
his cosy state room on the Empress of
Britain ploughing her way to the Motherland.
One prominent member on the Lib
eral side wired to the minister yester
day while en route to SL Johns to ask
if the report of Lord Aylmer's compulsory retirement from public service
were true, and if so for what reason.
The reply wns was: "Yes; because
he has reached the age limit."
If this excuse of the government be
a legitimate one, tbe question ls naturally asked, how the appointment of Col.
Vldal as Inspector general to be Justified: True, Lord Aylmer Ib a little over
a year older than Col. Vldal. The late
Inspector general was born on March
28. 1842, while the dato of birth of Coi.
Vldal is given as May 16, 1843. Ellml
nnilng Imperial service, Col. Vldal is
the senior of Lord Aylmer In Ihe Can-
adlun militia, his first appointment dating (rom August 2C, 1870, while Lord
Aylmer's Canadian commission after he
resigned from the Imperial service was
dated Dec. 31,1871, and yet, notwithstanding these facts, as revealed by tho
inilitln list, Lord Aylmer. in the best of
health und manly vigor is forcibly side
tracked for an officer who for over two
mouths has been on sick-leave.
Neleon Market.
As Is usual at this time of the year
all stap'e lines, such oa meat, butter,
eggs, vogetables and canned goods, are
at the highest point. During the next
month or six weeks these commodities
will como down to normal prices, with
tho exception possibly of canned goods.
But there will be less of the latter
used as there will soon be any quantity
of fresh small fruits on the market. It
Ib sometimes complained that Nelson Is
a very dear city In whicli to live, but a
comparison of the prices ln Ontario
and British Columbia, will show that
there Is scarcely any difference when
allowance Is made for freight. This Is
particularly tho case as regards butter and vegetables.
Dominion Ministers Ask
No More
Fielding;, for Cabinet, Conciliatory
in Tone���Intercolonial Surplus
Proves a Myth.
Ottawa, April 10.���While the government at some distance from the-capital
is violently demanding that Mr. Fowler
should make good his "women, wine
and graft" suggestion, while some party
organs go so far as to say that the
member for King's Bhould be removed
from the House if he does not prefer
definite charges, the prime minister is
far from making such demand. Sir
Wilfrid, as leader of tbe Commons, haa
a splendid opportunity to cell upon Mr.
Fowler to go forward or to retract. In
fact the premier has only to endorse
the Bourassa resolution, which practically was an order to Mr. Fowler to pro-
cure evidence. But this is exactly what
the premier would not himself do. or
permit the House to do. He not only
gave Mr. Fowler no order to proceed
but no advice or encouragement in that
direction. There was not a single word
of suggestion tbat Mr. Fowler had gone
too for and should either retract or proceed. Nod did any other minister issue
a challenge or Invitation in any form
or say or suggest anything ln the wa;
of censure for Mr. Fowler's recent sil-
ence. Mr. Fielding was the only minister besides the premier who spoke,
and he waa studiously conciliatory. The
fact ls that Mr. Fowler la regarded aa a
person who would respond cheerfully
and promptly to a request of the House
to proceed, and this request tbe premier
can obtain by asking for It. Consequent
ly there is no occasion for hysterical de-.
mand by the organs of tbe miuisters
throughout the Dominion. It is only
necessary for the ministers themselves
to make these demands from their
placea in parliament.
While these sensational events have
absorbed most ot the interest during
the week, other business went on. The
public accounts committee continued
tbe Ross rifle investigation and examined a melancholy list of adverse re
ports from all parts of the country on
this weapon. Some of the officers who
forwarded these reports have been examined. The witnesses Included a ser-
geant major of the mounted police who
had been seriously injured by a Ross
rifle accident. The remarkable fact
came out in the evidence tbat the
mounted are now without riflea.
The Ross rifle served out to them bass
been declared unsuitable and the whole
supply was returned to Ottawa. This
happened a year or two ago and the
force has not been supplied either with
improved Ross rifles or any other
It was shown that a St. John corps
failed to perform ita annunl shooting
practice because the men considered
the rifle dangerous and officers did not
care, under the circumstances, to take
tbe responsibility of ordering them out.
The committee has followed up the
sub-target contract fnr enough to discover that nine promotors of the com
pany who paid Mr. Jewell $.11111,1)110 In
stock and some money for his patent
rights received back* as a gift $25,000
each In the same stock. Among these
directors, each of whom paid In $500
only, was H. H. Wlckwlre, then the
member for Nova Scotia legislature for
Sir Frederick Borden's county of King's
and one of the ministers chlet campaign
The Inst day'B evidence rcoes to show
that Mr. Jewell sent Mr. Wlckwlre a re
mlttance of $9,000 out of which a dls
pute arose between nomo of the dlrec
tore and Mr. Jewell. It may be pertinent
t-i observe that Ihis occurred iate In
October, 1904, a week or(two before the
general elections.
The ministers of railways has mnde
a long and deeply Involved statement of
last year's Intercolonial finance. He
claims a surphiB of $02,000 which is
about half the profits claimed by bis
predecessor before Mr. Emmerson took
offlce this year. The government has
spent some $12,000,000 during the three
years above what the rond has earned
and last year the total expenditure on
the Intercolonial wns $11,300,000. while
the earnings were $7,000,000. Mr. Em
mersoti cnlls expenditure for new rails,
new englneB, and everything else thnl
Is new, capital outlay nnd cuts It oul of
his ordinary expense charges. But ns
the new rails replaced old stock and
as the new cars and engines are required to replace condemned plant, II
will be seen that this expenditure must
go on and that there Is a real deficit
running Into the millions. Mr. Emmerson haB explained that he la charging
to capital the whole cost of the buildings destroyed by the Moncton flre.
This, what was really a lose to tbo
Intercolonial appears in Mr. Emmer-
son's current account as a blessing
since he does not charge a cent to the
expenditure of the year and even escapes the coBt of repairs.
Sawmill  in   Running  Order���New  Set
tiers Coming���More Land Cleared.
Around Procter affairs aro'showing
many signs of development and Improvement.  .
The sawmill Ib now in running order
and between 40 and 50 men are constantly employed.
W. Halg-Snisllie is expecting the arrival of two new settlers with their
W. Oliver ls building a new houae on
his place across the lake, and S. S.
Fraser, at The Narrows, ia about to
remove and enlarge his present house.
T. F. Procter is still planking and
clearing his already extensive frlut
ranch at Balfour. And otber settler!
are adding also to the land they have
under cultivation.
Rich    Area'!    Resources    Unknown-
Sheepmen Not Anxious to Attract
More Settlers.
Nowhere in the Kootenays Is there
more pleasing scenery, nor a more
promising farming or fruit-raising district than the Pend d'Oreille valley, and
yet probably few In Nelson are aware
of IL Surveyors and others were last
summer astonished that ao fine a bit
of country should be so little known on
the outside. But this is easily ac
counted for by tbe farmers having beeu
all against advertising, tearing new set
lelrs would overreach on the grazing
The district is rendered accessible by
a good wagon road which, leaving the
railroad at Waneta, runs up the river
for about 15 miles. So far the farmers
have given their attention chiefly to
beef, butter and milk production, but
the success of small orchards Is drawing attention to fruit raising on a larger
scale and many are planting apple trees.
The climate Ib ideal for the orchard
and further, aB in other farming dls
trlcts of the Kootenays, tomatoes, mel-
Ions, corn, etc., ripen readily in the
open air. One great advantage la that
can have grazing enough for aome cat-
tie and so supply the orchard with the
cheapest and best fertilizer. The towns
of Trail, Salmo and Ymir are all close
and there ready markets are found at
good prices for beef, pork, butter, ap
pies .small fruits and any eatable. The
most desirable land Ib of course taken
up, but several small farms and a good
deal of the mineral land is for aale at
prices below those obtaining ln more
widely advertised districts.
The waters of the Pend d'Oreille are
much warmer than those of the Kootenay and Columbia rivera, and this, combined wltb a sounthern exposure and
sheltering hills to east and west, give
the valley, In ordinary years, an exceedingly mild winter with little depth
of snow. Visitors in April will find the
bright green of the bunch grass and
snowy whiteness of thc berry bushes a
delightful contrast to the sombre hues
of pine, fir and lichen covered rock so
nn)suit ainously insistent In many parts
of British Columbia.
. ii* J. P. Harper Dead.
Word has been received at Rossland
of the death of J. P. Harper at Tucson,
Arizona. Mr. Harper was well known
In Nelson, especially in curling circles.
He left Rossland six weeks ago for Tucson, hoping that a stay in that mild
climnte would cure him of consumed
lion, from which he bud been a sufferer, bnt tho disease had gained too much
headway, and he succumbed after a
short slay there. A letter was received
from him a few days ago in which he
ulated tbat there were a large number
of consumptives thero seeking health.
The night before he wrote ono of tho
victims of tuberculocls had succumbed lo It. The rest of the letter
was written ln a cheerful vein, and
none ot his friends who read lt believed
that he would receive his summons bo
soon, although they all realized that
his demise was but a question of a moderately Bhort period.
Prosperous Ymir.
A. II. Buckworth, of Ymir, li ln the
city. Business, he says, is Improving in
that town. The mining Industry waa
never more satisfactory and an encouraging feature for tho future la the fact
that many of the residents ln the surrounding districts are cleaning up their
lands and planting fruit trees. There
is a vast tract of good agricultural land
ln the neighborhood of Ymir which will
non be under cultivation.
Opposition Force Delay
Government Adheres to Unhrerdl-f
Endowment���Price Ellison
on Irrigation.
(Special to The Daily Canadian.)
Victoria, April 10���Continuance of
the debate on the budget speech and resumption of the discussion of the university WU, which propses to make a
reservation of 2,000,00 acrea ef land aa
endowment for such an Inatltutlon In
British Columbia, occupied the attention of the provincial legislature at yeaterday afternoon'! sitting.
Perhape the most Interesting address
of the afternoon waa that delivered by
Price Ellison ln reference particularly
to the proposal of the government to
take aome action towards the Irrigation of the immense area included In
the dry belt By exhibiting aome specimen!, casually chosen of fruit which ls
grown on portions of that tract which
have been subjected to the treatment
mention, he conclualrely proved the
worthineei of object which the government haa ln view, aad the return! la
added wealth to the agricultural resources of British Columbia, which
might be expected to accrue therefrom.
Consideration of the Bhivernlty bin
wwaa marked br a somewhat heated
debate between the leader of the oppo-
alon, Premier Me Bride, and other sup-
portera of the opposition and of the
government The result waa that the
passage of the measure throagh oom-
mittee waa prevented, and tha debate
will doubtless he resumed at the next
A Would-Be Detective.
Early thla forenoon the attention of
the police waa drawn to the siisplcious
conduct of a man who waa walking
backward aad forward along Baker
street The Individual had a strange appearance, and the chief of police waa
convinced that all waa not right, ao he
called the stranger to one aide and proceeded to interrogate him aa to hia
movements. Just then the officer noticed that the beard worn by the man
waB falae. Thla In itself waa a moat
suspicious circumstance, ao the chief began to see villous of big rewarda for
the apprehension of aome noted fugitive from Justice. Therefore he hung
a little closer to hia captive, and invited
him Into an offlce to give a full account
of hla conduct The stranger consented
and when he told hla story he waa allowed to depart with an admonition
from the ever-watchful chief to shed his
whiskers, and walk forth ln hia true
gulae. It Is understood that the man ia
from the agricultural provincea of the
East, and ia in search of someone. He
believed his disguise would aid hlm in
the search. So far he appears to hare
only deceived himself.
Pishing for the Market
Some fishermen ln the neighborhood
of Slocan Junction are aelllng their
rutches ln the local market. Thla Bhould
be stopped at once. The fish In the
Kootenay river are one of the moat
valuable assets In the poaieislon of the
people of the Kootenaya. The Information haa been published broadcast tbat
the visitor to the Kootenaya can enjoy
the beat fishing at all time. aAnd thla
is true, but it will not be the case very s
long If men are permitted to make a
business of fishing for the market Thla
Ib a matter that should be taken up at
once by the (lame Protection Society.
Young People'e At Heme.
The young men of the Young People's Society of tbe Methodist church
held an At Home laat evening to the
young ladies. Each young man brought
a lunch for two and the ladles drew for
partners. There were about 40 present and a moat enjoyable evening was
J. P. Bradley Dead.
W. W. Bradley this afternoon received a telegram announcing the
death of hla father at Orangvllle thla
morning. Deceased had been postmaster of thnt town since 1801.
Prlees ef Metala.
London, April 10. Lead, �� 19,17a., 6d.
No other quotations reoelved,
_____________________ i\
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,,-nrt, chMttna mntH -v. ham* ihna>9��aM *i
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'������"""'��� "* ��"" f 1 ' iw i-l i, ' mil * oorllnn
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'hit    fOlloWllIK   itfMrr.ls-'i      MIU',, |n      v   .,
f-.'W). Ssr"1* 'r-;'""" ' ���" ' ��� ''*���" "���������'���ii
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"'"���"W,   '"' '     "���    -w.-rn   itnnntturr nf  H
 -' �����"* ' ���      '���   *      -���������   Utmr/wn ui
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X L. toSTSm.
-:-"��� tasa attar  tmm I  niftW  d
;Iimiir��u,'-   .!,.      ,,, .   ;.iailBf��Miia(*r  *
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wu tibad  hiI   -i Watt Si.Aiti.ni* ���
Di   *ou i |IUill���1ili
"'���"    t;iti.iiK, *Un  akwi��*t(il<*i
tarvar    :hmii*�� mnil _�� "Oatn:'.
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���.'m.n�� viipDttoi  .1 ���i>m:m*)Qt,��inr.Mi.
J..."n !*Tt,t,  ��f7       *i��nwl_ 3��L-*
fllJHlBT   RtlM.^******-*
Iu   > ��0��t biM I iafna.1  hi
,'*I.iti^r��hii. "h-i 'iliinf CommitoHimtT .
minilwiiM liiimnihiw i'i i
**l    -i.:*i 1Q   ������  '��� :   *.'���*.'���.**;i-.
m,i.i.h.[ m   uim   atirtJi   i*4 i ���
���<-m  mom bn�� i unu��oi �� n
1      I   ���"   **        I   Id      II   mtatfl     HV*     '.''li-"'l
taam sittrth to vhama* thnaov v- -
���;t..fii'.. a...irji j)   :um ,��,  tjisiitf* <-!**mi'l8*1"
Uaath But, bh siri Ji h^*1/*
Botsnar JwiiBiii n
4lxr7 il��7�� *iitr <iabi t  n-'in-! ����*��!rP^i��
''���;'.   -int fnuii CtmnJMluaur j.- w*JJ
'      n f.ir;)i'rmt��.i.>n   o piiwto��� ������1*J '"'l''-.
nmmtwrt !*n.t in ww. itw^u-i-   ' l m.,n!l|
4t t* p.mr plant^.1 un U>��t ��>"lJ*�� 1ttl*a* ,,f "| n
nwk, i*.ni*: an mllu -i-om m-utth "'''���Tr/asi
m.ir��...i -ft, iu6_ji*m* xw ������"������*��� SJi
wnui *tt Urm tjt4B(M tfiuit *i ,,,1*:n*,B7Bt
nnctb mi (ibn.o.*, tli��ai.'ii w��*c*i -h*iu* w p"^
Utgodaj ttoiiK ao��J��*
iiiirwriTWii^ijuWiiiiiiiili Special for Camp and Hotel Use
Heavy Hams
The Very Best of Canadian Goods
P. Burns & Co., Ltd.
Nelson, Kaalo, Rossland and Boundary.
Nolle* li herein (troll th nt BO dun afterdate I
Intend loapp'j W the Him. tho l hief Cumuils-
HotKT nl  1 Jin i.n nnd  Worki.   Victoria,  tor   per-
miMiiia to cut and carry 4��u timber fr-m tho
following deicrlbed landi In West Kootanay I
i -Commencing nt n rat planted about eighty
chain* weitol the mouth ol Kureka creek, where
it fluwi lnl�� Barnu creek) ami on the north
Unit ol Eureka creek, an I marked Q. A. la���tie**
southeast rorner post, tbenee WMl elKhy chains,
ibenee north elgli ty chalnt. thanoa aaat eighty
ctialiti, thenee Miulh eighty chains to polut ol
commsnet ment
bated Jan 25th. 1907    U A. Uirik, I-ooalor.
2    commencing at a poit plantad eaat of and
a-|)olnlug<i A  Laurie's loeatlun post No, 1, ami
iimrki'l u. A Uurle'i s.oiiliwosl corner poat ot
No i loratlon, thenee eait eighty ehalna, thene*
nnrl   ��� ������ livv i halui, thence went eighty ehalns,
thenei iouth eighty chalna to point of com men-
ment ���  ,  _
Dated Jan  25th, 1907.   0. A. Uiqtii, Locator.
;i   commencing at a poet Plantad about eighty
rhalni south ol Kureka creek where It How* into
Barnei ereek. and marked il. A Laurie's south-
Mi*-t rorner poat, on loeatiou So. 3, thenei; eaat
elghtv chnlna, thence north elghly ehalna, theneo
-.-,,-i ,,!,i, chalna, Ihenoe aouth eighty chalna
to point ol commencement
lnii .I Jan .-'Mil, 1907    >'���. A. Lai-rir, Locator.
4 -CominunciUg at a pont planted   aouth of
aud adjoining '���   ..   Laurie's location So. 3, and
luart.-.l d   A. laurie'i northweat corner post,
tbenee eait SO ehalna, thence aouth tut chalna,
tbenee weat no phatua. theoce north to chalm
to I��.Hit nt ("nn..* i, ��� ment.
DiuH Jnn Hth, 19uT.   G. A. Lil'Bll, Ix*cator.
6 ���Commenelni at a poet planted eighty
cbaliiN enht and forty cbaina aouth of location
poM No 4, aii<] niarked W II. Page's aouthwest
corner poat of liwailon No. ft, tbence eaat eighty
chain",: north eighty ehalna, tbence weat
eighty (halui,   thence  aoutb eighty chalna to
point >.f i ommoneement
Daieil Jau 30th, Ysn.     W   H, Paos, locator.
fi Commencing at a poat planted aouth of
and adjoining location Nu 6, and marked W. If.
1'agei. northweat rorner poal of location No 6,
uii'ini- . n-i i-lghty ehniiiK, ihence aouth eighty
chains, thence weat nighty ehalna, thenee north
eight* ebalni t.i p-otnt ��� >! commencement.
Datad Jnn. ,JHh, 1W7.      W. 11. I'aub, Uteator.
t   Commencing  at  a  [mat planted  eighty
chaini meet and twenty chain** ^nith ul loeatlun
poit No 6, nnd morkeii 0. A. Laurie'i southwest
corner poatoi lnoatloii No. 7. theuce eaat eighty
Cbaina, tbeaoOnorth eighty chains, them** weat
eighty ehalns,   theme   aouth   clgnty   chains IU
poim ol commencement
Hated Jan. Jith, 1UU7.   ���   A. larMt. Locator.
I Commencing at a poit planted eighty
chaini east and elghtv .-hains xnith of loealion
po-t No. 7, and marked u A Laurie's aouthweat
corner post of ideation No. 8. theneo east
eighty chalna, thenee north eighty chalui. thenco
weat eighty ohalm, thenoe south eighty chatna
la point 'if commencement.
Imt d Jan. -*lh, 1WJ7.   U. A. Lathii, I,ocator.
b -Commenolng at  a post  planted   eighty
eliH.li*.** cast and eighty chains south of location
Nn h, and marked <i A. laurie'i aouthwest
corner ol location No, ��, thence east IflO chains,
theuco norlh to chains, thence west 160 chaini,
iii* in ���* .-outh Wchaliiatop'ilnt of commencement
Pated Jan  .sth. 1907.   G A, Lai-hie. Locator.
Take notlci, i'.at 30 days after date I Intend to
applv tothe Hou tho Chl-f CommisMoner of
Landa ond Work,, Victoria, lor a special lie-once
to eut ami carry awuy timber from the following
deacr.hsil land, in West Koot imv : Commencing
atapOit planted at Kokanee Hiding, on Hand
Point, on touth tiilo West Arm of Kooteuny
river ahoul 1| mllen enst ol Nelson, U C , nmrked
"C. �� Walmsley's N.K.comer poit," tnence N
chains aouth, th. nee 8ft ehalna weat, ihcnce M>
cbalni norih, thenei Wl chnlna to p,,ltll 0f com-
menoement, containing MO teres* mora or leaa.
Looated March 16th, \W,.
Chab. F. ffAUOIJT,
1*. Hiikhah, Agent.
lake notice lhat llntend thirty daya after date
to apply t. the Hon. the Chlof Commissioner of
Land- mnl Works for a special license to eut ano
rarry awny tlmher from the following deicrlbed
lands. Iltnated eaat of Dog creek. In the dlitrlet
of Woal hootunay: Commencing ut n po-t marked "lbe Houndary Lumber Company's northweat
corner poBt ' plauted about a mile east of the
Columbia and Western railroad, aud nbout three
miles iouth nf the Big Tunnel, thenee 40 chalna
aouth, thence w chalm east, tbenee40 ohaini
auulh.ther.ee 1U) cbaina east, thenee to chalna
north, thence 80 ehalna weat, thence 40 chains
north, thence 80 chalna weat lo point of commencement.
Dated tth March, 1907. J (.eheixi,
Agent for The Boundary Lumber Co.
Take notice that 1 Inteud thirty days after date
to apply to the Hon thc chief ''owralaaloner ol
Landsand Works for a apeclal licenae to cut and
carry awav timber from the following deaeribed
landa, altuated on Dog creek, In Weil Kootenay
dlatrlct: Commencing at a poat planted on the
eaat aide of the Columbia and "A'estern railroad,
on or about ten ehalna east, aud marked "The
Boundary Lumbar company's poat," and about
a mile and a halt aonth of tbe Big Tunnel, tbe
ncrthweat oorner, thence running aouth IflO
chalna, thence eaat 40 chalna, thenco nurth 160
chatna, thence weat to chatna to place of commenoement.
Dated March 4th, 1907. J GnnLLi,
Take notice that I intend, thirtr daya after
date, toapply to thc Hon the Chief ''ommlaaioner of Lands and Worka for a special licenae toeut
and carry away timber f.om *anf oil owing de-
scribed lands, nfiliated nn Khn-W-freek, In West
Kootenay dlatrlet: Commenciug at a poat planted on tho west aide ot Handy creek and called
J. P.-S'a ioulhwcst eorner poit, thenee running
eaat D chatna. thenee norih 40 ehalna, thence
weil ID ehalna, thence north WJ chalna, thence
west 40i'lialna, thence aouth l_'-> .* hains to place
of eommeneement.
Dated thla 9lh day of March, MOT
J. P. ��w r.ri'i issu. Locator.
V*'��������������� in herebj given that thirty daya after
oa'i* 1 intend to make application to the Honor-
able I hief Commissionerof Unda and Worki at
Mc'orla n.C��� for a special licenae to rut and
carry awi.v timber from the following deaeribed
lac a. .; Kootenay district:
i onim.nctngnt a poit planted about two milea
and a nuarter np a aouthern tributary ot the
i.i till-  Mm an  rivei,  en  the  creek  comm inly
I noun as H.nldcr creek, and u quarter of a mile
'        -'���   I orka, and   marked   A. I.. Hlewarl'l
i   ith*      ���   Mi.r post, thenco north W chalna.
' *        at ho 11,nim   in ,,,,- aouth Ho chnlna,
-   ;intu�� to place ot commeneeincnt.
I>��tc0 lit day of April. MOT.
A L. Bti w art, locator.
Noiii.- i. Im -. i,y given that 30 days alter dale I
intend to applj to the Honorable the Cnlct Com-
mis.I .ii,-r ol I.��n.|s and Worka for a apodal
i.eiiH' to .nt iti.i carry away timber Irom the
trirt*       dMcrlbwI Undi in Weal Kootenay dla-
Commencing at a post planted about two and
aqiiKiie: mllei up a southern irlhulary of the
'-ne tMocan river, on the creek commonly
"��*nei   oulder creek, aud about a quarter of
a  nie from li..* Korka, and marked A.1. ritewsrt's
jW'Uieut cornet [��.at, thence aouth IflO chnlna,
Ni ... ttr-.tpirhiitui, theme  north  1��0 cbalm,
.VJ'.'iV1 ,l,rhtimto plaee of commenccmeul.
Dated tbiaiatdayof April, 191)7.
A. L Kt swart, Locator.
,���       T" -nereto given that ROan afterdate 1
' " .""'Il'ly to the Honorable t&e Chief Com-
"'    1. ta   Knl   Works for a ipeclal
-_   ,i1' '"'."'"ndcMrry timber from the follow-
t J' fC''u,,1huida, altuated  in lhe valley of
lL* ���'"���"i ' reek, commencing IW mllei north of
'!', international boundary Hhe,  Joining the
j,',1' " '"'t Hheppard 'Hallway Comp.iny'i
���' ""l.etilf,tVicio[\\estK..oteu��y:
,,,',", '   ' otomenelng ata imiki planicu nt the
plait u li/1"r,"*,r ot *���' " ' hilatle'a pre emplloU,
h' ���""S1;" ���"Him aonth -long tbe'ensl bound-
BOelnlina ,���'hr'itl����  pre-emption,  thence easl
h, Sel|ou n',,1 "-"ri Bheppnrd iuttm
a    a, IH ncemu h  to chains,  thencu eaat  *>
"'       ��"l""��iof couiiieiicoment.
I t"������������I .ii com neiiccment.
, '"' M��rch Wrd, luoi.       j. p, Swkpbinu.
Notice la herehy given thai :*to daya altor uate i
intend to applv to the Uonoml.le the Chief Commisaloner oi 1 .mid- and Works for a special
license toeut and carry awny timber from the
following deaeribed landa altuated on the weat
aide of Big Hheep Creek Vallev: Commencing
nhout three and n half mile* imrth of the International boundary Hue aud about one and a
half mllei west of the Nelson and Fort Sheppard
Ballway company's land grant in the diitrict of
Weit Kootenay:
No. 1 -Commencing at a post planted two
miles west of Big .Sheep creek, known aa tbo
aouthwest corner post. Joining J. R. Cranston's
timber elalm No. 1, claiming m chalna north,
I thence HO chalna eaat, ihence m chalm aouth,
them*.- HOcliaim west io point of commencemeut.
I     Located March .'M, 1907.
j No 2 ���Commencing at a post planted at the
I aouthwest corner of location No. 1, known as tbe
I northweat corner poatoi location No. 'i, clalmlui
I W ehalns south, thence 10 chains east, then *e ��'
! chains north, thenco -80 chnlna west to point of
I commencement
IXH-ated March 'tint, 1907.
No. I ���Commencing al a post placed half a
I mile west of location No. 'i, known aa the south
eaat corner, claiming *J chains north, thence 80
chalm west, thence 80 chains south, thenoe 80
chaini cant to point of cuininencenient.
No. 4 ���Commenciug at a post planted at the
southeast corner ot loeatiou No 3, known us tho
northeast eoruer, claiming RK) chnlna south,
tbeuce tf chains west, theuce >00 chains north*
tbeneetUchalns east to point of commencement..
Loco ted March'21it, 1907.
J. P, Sm Kr-i<ci.ii. Locator.
K. T. KMKi.��KJir<, Agent.
Notice Is hereby given that 30 days from dato
I intend to apply to the Hon Chief Commissioner
ol Landsand Works for a special license to cut
aud carry away timber from the following described laoda in Weat Kootenay dlatrlct:
Commencing at a post planted on thc north
bank of 10-Mllu oreek, about one mile and a half
from Hloean lake, marked K Strand's northweit-
corncr post, them-e eaat ICO cbuina, thence aouth
4(i chaius, tnence wtat 1G0 ehalna, thence north
40 chalna to point of commencement.
Notice Is hereby given that SO .lays aller date 1
intend to apply to tbe Honorable tlie Chief Commiasioner of Landi and Worka. Victoria, for a
apt-rial licetiao to eut and earn away timber
Irom the fo.iowlngdeaeribed laml in Weal Koolenay I
Commencing at a poit planted about eight
miles from the mouth of (font creek, and where*
it Hows into the Hlocnn river and about six
chaiua from the creek upon the toutb bank,an*
Joining 0. H. Untie'* loeatiou on the weat lima
and marked F. Hallo's aoutheast eoruer posl,
theuee weal ItW chains, Ihence north 4'> ehalna,
thencu >*h -t MM) rhnlus, thence south 4o chains to
polntof comnicniemeiil
Located March Uth. tm,
Jtrr. Batt, I/OCATon.
perl*  H. HtTTLK, Agent.
The Daily Canadian
""r,'."';,.";-'^"?"11" "i ���������HuiiiuiiM.iioat.
  J. I*. HWKItHKItfl, l.s���'Ht,sr
inTI-_!i!!"l ""i' tblttr Aui tttat data I lataad
i.hii.i!... i",.' "'-'mi. tin- i'ii lei OommlNloaar of
ll.-.-nV*,. ,       ,rl" "' vl��sirl��, II. <*., for si apouUI
lssll(ssviis��,s      *'"' s-Hrrynsv,.. .Imbor Inim ibis
",..", ,,',r"""< 1��1"1" !" *���*'. K.sou-iiiiy:
sil   ll,. ������,',',   1 &l a POII   Pl.tlltll   '10 CllHlllN WUflt
"s.niis.,1 s"1*1 "warn <sl Iaii 81'J, mislsit the
slisslis, is "'""l* "I Int "����. IbUUM l'li"l K
'ilisllis'   ,1       '��  ,"Mll,l  tO IshHltm,   Ill.-lll'S- S-ftlll -ISI
cliH'ii.'ii. .  "c ",,rlh .�� (slinln*., lUcnt-o ua>t -au
i-li��i'n,' ih       ""r"' *"' ttsalat, Uimico wc��t UO
ns,.,i,.,.,'��� ..',""* """"i *t i'IlIiih to place ol isom-
in in, iiinlnlislimMOucrea more or loaa.
"""' M��"*li atu, wn. i'n ti, i,o��d,
ilalp'nhi.'.",, !"vr,!l>y Klvcn Dial thirty daya altor
''i.im , ," '""1,'1'ly to tin* lliiiiuralilii tlie t:hlcl
ni . oner of Und, anil Worka, Victoria, for
Iio I,ill, ,i ��� ," i''"1 it*. '"">' **tJ tl",ll<,r ,r"m
dlitrloti     ' ''""c-r|,,<-"J l��ndi In vfcal Koolouay
"'iiifii'.r.M1. ���,^<;<"""iSnclnii at a poat throa-
'���"��y"ivi ,."'*"!' ?',!"J "lloortatTon Kiwi-
'"ii sT i.:'" """,";,, William Walmaloya ��. K,
'���In i ,r'i,"V"'' "*" '���'�����ln�� weat, llicni-a ��
Cl I li, I ,,', l,t,"(. .Im �����B" ".tl. llicnc *t>
Vt IU.IAM Wii.B8l.lY, Locator.
Ilmll   N H  HIIKH.N, AgCIlt.
'li'W.i.isiril.'r.?..(;<"nmcnclii�� nl a poal about
lis, w .", ',''", '��� �� mllo up Sine Mlliisrci-k, on
William WalSalSl.?S6*Bn���� rlv"r' "t"1 i"��t*kod
chalnn ��ial ii,.?,L'.? ',* 1"""" I""1, ibunco 1��0
i*i'ssii..i���i. i',,":," P��b��lai iouth, ilss-ss,*,.. uio
Blniiliii, '""' *"b��lna uorlli lo polntof be-
Lsssal,.,! March Hiii, 1807
Wiiuu, Wali.ii.iv, Locator.
S..H. .��� I. Is, 1..1.V ulv.-ri llissl HI ilaya alter data I
liilcnst loapply to the llnnssrahle tfiel'lilell snn-
nilaalislier ssf Ulislss ansl Worka, Victoria, Issr a
apselal llecnac to i in and carry away Itnilser from
lhe IoIIiiwIiik sleicrllss.,1 land In Woat Kootenai:
i'iiiiiiiii-iii'Iiii; at a poll plillllesl sibollt alj mile,
from the moulh of Uonl ereek and where ll llssiva
llHssS-liissssi ri.er, and ai'isnt loi-lialua fnimltie
crcek, upon lhe aoulh Imllk and maraed 0 II
lllttle'a Boulheiist corner psiat. lbence weat 1��0
chain., theliee norlh 40 ehalna, theneo eaat ml
chalna, Ihs-nsse tooth .0 ehaiiia to polul of i-olss
Daied March ���Dili, VXH.
0, n. Hit'li, Looator,
Good Quality of Coal at Enderby.
The tunneling operations! at the En-
ikTby coul nilne are proving very encouraging. The quality is sniil lo be excellent and the supply almost Illimitable.
8t. 8avlour'i Church.
The building committee which Ib considering the plans for the extension of
tba church bluldlng are called together
for a meeting this evening at 8.30, lu
the mission hall.
To Be Incorporated.
Tho Itossland winter carnival Is to be
Incorporated forthwith under the Benevolent Societies Act. In lulling this
step, the Rouslantl Miner says It will
give lho carnival a body, If not a soul.
Miss Crowley at St. Paul.
A recenl Issue of Ihe St. Paul Dispatch contains u lengthy cnlclsni of
Miss Crowley's singing with the Ros-
clun Opera Compuny. Miss Crowley ap-
petirs to be winning fame every place
she visits.
Masonic Lodge.
The   Nelson   Lodge of  Freemasons
holds   their   meeting tonight  at 7:30
whicli takes the form of a reunion to
the Past sMasters and jiromises to afford a pleasurable and interesting evening.
Meeting Tonight.
The meeting aunounced for the Bap-
tiBt church last evening was posponed
until tonight on account of the late arrival of the lecturer. Rev. F. L. Norton is accompanied by his wife, and tonight he will deliver a discourse on
young people's work. Mr. Norton is a
speaker of more than average ability,
and the meeting should be largely attended.
The Okanagan.
The new steamer Okanagan, which la
to be launched at Okanagan Landing tomorrow, will be one of the largeBt and
finest boats on the lakes in this provlnoe. She Is built on the same model
as the Kuskanook. She Is 222 feet long
over the wheeel and 194 feel from stem
to transom, while she has a beam of
3<i*i4 feet and a depth of hold of 9 feet.
The work on the steamer was done
under the supervision of James Bulger
and George Keys, of Fairvlew, while
the electric appliances were installed
by James McPhee, of Nelson.	
Notls-c la hereby given that thirty daya efttj
date I intend to apply to the llssli lhe uu s-l
OommlMloner ol Landi ami Worki, al \iisi-'i,i,
for iiBiseelnl llceuae to cut ssml ssarry sssvssy llisi'"*r
irom ihe following ducrlbed landi In won
Koolenay, lhat la m any: ' oininoiiclM al
iiiisi,*.i.ii a   ami  Jobermerhorn'l  poel m;   �����
ruiinlliB Ihence eaat HO chalna, tlience I0UU1W
ehalna, tlieiu-e wealHil clsiilna, theuce  nisrili m
ohalna tn point ol coii-mclii-cinciil pss.t Ms. a,
containing Mil ucrea of land, more or leal.
Paled HfCroaton, B.O., thla Bii'l slay of March,
AD���'��0,��� GKo.lI.*��n.orr,
J.  (J. BrilKtMKIIHOltN.
Nntlnoli horoby given that thirty (layii alter
date I Intend tu apply tu the lli'H- thopnUiJ um*
mlntonor ol Ufifli and Worki, at rajgrU,
Iur h ipeclal be��DH tonul ami oarry WW
Irom the following fleicrlbol ah( i In W��t
Kooteuny,   Unit 1�� to  lay:   �� ommei e^  nl *
point no ohaini eait ��f tho northweit wmth
iliiHenirtanil anhormorhoru'i PO>J No. l. r ;
nhiK Eonth 10 dlialtiH tu \*a\ No a, thonoe
"uftt ehalni.. then.*, nurth *'���'����;��"; ' '�� l
minmunrement poll No. t, rontilnlng 640 lOrtl,
"SStel aU'reiton, B.C., thi. 2tnd day of Hareb,
Ai>" iWr oio H-whor,
J. 0  80HUMBUIOM4.
Notice li herehy nlvcu thlt 90 <1ayi nfttT date 1
Intend to apply to the Hon. Chiel fommfialoner
ol I^nds and Works lor a special lleenie to cut
ami carry away timber (rom the lollowlng described landi, iltuated on Corn Creek Iu tbe
(inat onek division In Southwest Kootenay, B C.
"A"���Commeneing at poft "A";planted nbout
UOehaioi west Irom southeast corner ol Block
No lOBfi, and marked "A.L Beekwlth by I J
Lucia, afoot, northeast corner post." about two
chains north of the stream, then west IfiO chains,
then 40 chains sou'h, then cast 160 cbalni, then
40 chains north to post of commencement.
Dated March 6tb, 1907. W. L. BaciwiTH,
by I. J. LdCUi Agent,
"B"���Commencing at poBt "B" planted on the
smith lork ol Corn creek, about 60 chaini from
where thc stream empties into the Main stream,
markeii "W. I.. Beekwlth by I ' Lucia, agent,
northeast comer post," about tbree chains eait
o{ stream, theu 160 chains south, then 40 cbains
west, then lfti ehains north, then 40 chains eait
to point of commencement.
Dated March 7th, 11W7 W. L. vickwith,
by I. J. Lucti, Agent.
"C"���Commencing at post "C" planted 80
chains south ot northwcit corner ol Block "B"
marked "W I. Beekwlth by I.J. Lucia, a?ent,
northeast corner post," about ten chains west of
stream northeast corner, Ihen 160 chains south,
then 40 chains west. ti.en 160 chains north, then
40 chains east to posl ol commencement.
Dated March 8lh, 1907, W. L. Bkkwith,
by 1. J. I.i'cu, Agent-
Take uot ice tliat thirty days a(t-.r date I m-
end Ui apply in the Hon. Chief CommiMioner ot
Lands and frorkl a! Victoria, B. C, Ior a speidal
license to cut and carrv away timber from the
following described lands lti Ainsworthdivlsion:
Commencing at a posl marked Chas K. walmsley's southwest post, thence north 80 chains,
thence Ollt B0 ehaiiiB, thence south 80 chains,
thence west BiU'lmtns to pi.fnt of commencement,
ibe paid lund being lltoatad on the east side ol
Case ide creek, about t% miles iouth ol tbe Lardeau river.
LocatOd March Uth, 1907
Chai. F. Walmimv, l/ocntor.
l\ SiiKii.iN. Agent
2���Commencing at a post marked Chai. F
WalmiluVi northwest post, thence sontb BO
chains, tluiice east 80 chnlni. thenc north 80
chains, ihence west HO chains to polut ol commencement, Ull said land being sltnste on thc
east side ol Cascade creek, about :(]��� miles south
oi Lardeau mor
Located March liSih. UOT. ,
Ciiai ��. WlUtlLBY, Ix)Cator,
I'. 8HKHAN, Agent.
8.���Commencing  at  a   post   marked Chai. F
Wuhuslev's   smtthwefct   post,   thence south   80
chains, tlienco east 80 chains, theneo north 8''
���rtjatns thence west Wi chains to polntof com*
���encement, thc paid land  being sltuale on tho
��asl side ol Oaicade creek, about 4\_ miles south
4 laardinu river.
Looated March Uth. i��i7.
Chas K. Walmsi.ky, LiH-alot,
IV Hheran, Ageut.
Notice li hereby given that thirty days after
4��lfl intend loiipply lotbe Hon. thc Chief Com-
mtMlOOOr of Undi and Works, Bt Victoria,
for* special licence lo i-tii and carry away llmlier from the foUowlng described lands lu "Olt
KorrteiMV, lhat is to say*. Commencing at a
ikwi planted 40 chains east ol the iiorthcnat
���i-orncr 'if block am, (post marked 812 K 8.)
"���hence running eait 80 cnains, thunco south W)
.���bains, thence wesl 80 chains. Ihence north W
ohftlni to location post No. 1, containing 640
dieros of laud, moreor less.
Dated al Creston, B.C., this Wild day of March,
A.IV ,1907.
J. V.  t-k'HEHMKHI1UKN.	
""Tako notice lhat I intend, thirty dayi after
date to apply th tha Bonorable thoGhiM ^om-
minloner ol Ludi and Works for a special
ttfcncc to cut and carry away timber (rom the
Sdtowlni doHrflhod   lands, situated on Sandy
"reck, ii" Wcsl Koutonay dlitrlet! Commencing
SoSoit plauted on the west side, ol said creek,
Md nmrke I "V P. B'l" northweit corner; tbonce
running south eighty chains; thence east eighty
Rhalni, thenoe norih eighty ohalnii thence weit
^igihiy chains lo place ot commencomont^^
Dated thliltflh day of February, 1907.	
Notlco la Hereby lil.eu tliat 81) slara afler date
1 utenil to apply lo the Honorable tlie OMel
<l_iiunlsHouer ol l*inl> ��n'J Worka, Victoria, tor
����,����� lal licence to rut nnil curry u-asay tlmlwr
ir.siis lbe following ilcai-rlbcit flee ��� ol lansl In
Wert K.issiciiay ili��tn.*i i I3omn��uolii| at a roat
nlaulssiaiclialm Irom thc eaal anu.-o of 0JMJ
���rr7m lake ansl niljolulng block m on Wwulb
And isiarkesl *'Cha��. I'.liVa" norltnvca oorM.,
Vlscn.e aoutb U cliaina. then-c c����t^ ehalni,
���hl-ni-e nonh m chalna. thenee wcatB0��i��lnl*lo
r Deled* the *lb iley ol Meroh, IWI ^^ ^^
Suggestions as to Matter for Examination and Method* of Testing Knowledge.
The subject of examination for mining ceiUHcatea In one of great interest
in eevry country of which mineral
wealth is one of the chief assets.
Every examination of this kind should
and usually does consist of two
distinct parts, the oral and the written.
The former examination allows a -person who has been deprived of educational advantages to show his knoiv-
ledge of the distinctly practical problems connected with mining, and still
better, lt permits the examiners to take
account of the personality of the person
being examined. Every one will admit
that a mental test alone docs not furnish a criterion of a person's ability to
occupy any given position, and particu
larly is this bo for such a position as
that of a mine official who must fre
yuently depend. largely upon previous
experience and common sense.
The written examination is Intended
to draw out the applicant's familiarity
with certain rules and formulas which
he must constantly use in his work, and
which are the fundamentals of the theoretical part of the subject. It is an
essential and very useful part of an
educational test, but it should not, as is
sometimes the case, call for merely a
display of mental gymnastics which any
bright school boy can carry out much
better than an experienced man who
has become rusty in the use of such
gymnastics. Is it fair to expect an ap
plicant to remember all ol the formulas
which he may be expected to use In
connection with Iiis work? He should,
however, be required to show that he
knows how to use these formulas. The
applicants for examinations should
have access to books containing slniplj
the formulas but without any explana
tion accompanying them, or he should
be furnished with sheets containing formulas and other data which he may be
required to use. It is not necessary to
give only those formulas that will be
required in Uie particular examination,
but a general list of formulas may be
given, and the applicant must then
choose the proper one, or lt the problem
lequires for Its solution a formula derived from certain, fundamental formulas, give only those fundamental formulas, and then if the applicant cannot
trom them derive the necessary formulas he evidently does nut understand
sufficiently the use of these formulas, lt
some of the questions given candidates
for mine Inspectorships and mine fore-
uianships were given to engineers in
actual practice, and even to many members of the examining boards, 1 believe
that a very large percentage of them
could not answer the questions without
tlrst referring to a standard reference
book. It it is necessary to give any
mental gymnastics in the examinations,
and I very much doubt it, the number
ot such questions should be small and
the credit allowed them only such that
au applicant can pass the practical ex-
amination even though he fail upon the
mathematical and purely theoretical
portions.���From article by H. H. Stoek
In Mines and Minerals for April.
Growth of Art and Refinement Responsible for the Change..
ln his address to the Semi-ready
stores, the president ot the Semi-ready
Company several months ago premised
the prevailing modes for the summer of
11107.   Amongst other things he Bald:
"Anything like a vogue of bright color
Is not to be expected thiB season, the
gray tones still being proper. The attempt to introduce the various greeu
shades haB been a failure. The growth
uf art and retinetnent umong the people
Is one cauae for the more conservative
style ln dress. In earlier years, a few
loading tailors could stamiiede the people from one style to another, knowing
that diiiBlic changes made tor unwonted
activity In business. But today, the
styles chango gradually, and tho color
and patterns can nevor become garish
and loud." Tho chlof of tho Semi-rcsady
Cumpany hns a contlnlental reputation
as a designer and his attitude is a sen
Bible ono.
A. M. Can. Soc. C. E.
Mining Work a Specialty.
Office: Bealey Building.   P. O. Bo*
Baker St, NELSON, B. C.	
Nelson, B.O.
Reg. Geo. Webb, Prop.
The Leading Hotel in the
Qood   Sample    Rooms.
Queen's Hotel
Baker Btreet, Nelaon. B. 0.
Lighted by Electricity and
Heated by Hot All
Large end Comfortable Bedroomi end Klnt-
.sl*BB���,���in! Room,   .sample Roomi (or Cominai-
-slal   Mm
MRS. K. <!.i:l.AkKK. Proprletreai
Grand Central Hotel
Tbli hotel has been completely renovated and
newly funiiihod with all modern equipments*.
Hot water heating throughout.
BATES : Roomi, GOc. upwardi; meali 25c. :
ipeclal rates by the week.
J. A. ERICKSON, Proprietor
Telephone, 250.   Opposite Court House
and Postoffice. Nelson. B. C.
Tremont House
���nropean and American Plan
Meali tt oti.   Roomi from 36 ou. to 11
Oily White Help Imployet.
Baker BL, Kelion Proprtalori
Bartlett   House
Best DoHar-a-Day House fat Nelson.
The Bat ti the Placet.
White Help Only Implored.
/oiephtne St.
Royal Hotel
Rate* tl and ��1.60 a Day.
Special Batea to Regular Boarders.
Moat comfortable quarters ln Nelaon
Only tbe beat oi Llquora and t igara.
Notice !��� hereby given that tho Wattibucg
Lumber company has ipplled to His Honor thu
Lieutenant tiovornor Id council, under the provisions of tho "Klvers and stream* Act," for the
right to Improve Kykerti creek In the district of
west KootoiiHy. Brltlab Columbia, by removing
thc obstruction* therefrom and straightening
the banks thereof, uml to construct damn, booms,
slides mnl chuter, and nuke inch other Improve*
ments u may 1k> Decennary for the driving and
rafting of Iom ami tlu* ll timing of ttmborthcreoir
The Unds to he nltectcil nre govorment lands and
LotaSMandv-vj.firoupl, Kootonay district, and
the tolls tluu nre proposed to be cua<gcd, lf any,
are such no mnvheflxcdbya Judfrjof the county
court of Weit Kootenay,
Dated thU inih day of March, A. 1). 1WT.
Atlantic Seaboard
Kootenay Points
Effective for Trana-Atlantlc passengers arriving on or subsequent to April
from polnta In Ontario, Quebec, Maritime provinces, St. Paul, Chicago, and
United Statea.
Send For Your Friends
Pull  partlcular-a    on    application  to
local agent or write
A.G.P. �����..Vancouver. D.P.A.. Nelaon
Wholesale aod Retail Dealers In
Fresh and Salted Meats
Oonipe -supplied on shortest notice and
lowest prioe. Nothing but frosh and
wholesome meats nnd supples kept in stock
Itail orders reooive oarefal attention.
$100 down and easy payments
for balance trays a very nice Residence. Offer open for 5 days only
S. M. BRYDGES,    Imperial Bank Block
Two of the Best Improved Ranches
Willi benrinj,' on-linnis nnd rnnuing wati-r ou each property.    Thwe proper-
tii-1 cun Le porehnsod on reoHuimble terms if sold at one*.
Choice Fruit
I Hare 10,000 Acrei
Choicest Fratt Lands in
British Colombia.
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
J. E. aANNABLE,    ���    Nelson, B. C.
For Quick Sale
and Two Lots
On Chatham St. FlM location. Clo-ee
to ear line.   Houm -built of brlek first
storey.    Nicely furnished.
$700.00 caah,  balance  on   nay terms.
Certificate of the Registration of An
Extra-Provincial Company.
"Companies Act, 1S97."
B. C. TRAVES, Manager.
I HEHEBT CERTIFY that tbe "Krao Silver
Lead M'nliig Company, Limited," hu this day
been reiclatered aB an Extra-Irovinclal Company
under tbe "CompsnleflB *ct, IWI," to carry out
or effort all or auy ot tho objects of the company
to wblch the legislative authority ol the Legl*
lulu o ot rrltlRb Columbia extends.
Tbe iit'-ail offlce of the company is altuate at
Phoenix, Teiritory of Arizona, C. s. A
Tbe amount of the capital of the company is
three million dollars, divided Into ilx hnndred
thousand shares ul five dollars each.
The bead office of tbe company in this province
la situate at Kaalo, and tt. IS. Zwlcky, mining
engineer, whose uddress is Kaalo, B- C, is tbe at
toruey -<>r tbe company.
Tbe time of the existence of the company Is
twenty-five yean from tbo eighteenth day ol
October, lWfi.
I be company in limited.
Uiven under my band and aeal of office, Victoria, Proviuce of British Columbia, this 22nd
lay of Marcb.one thousand nine hundred aud
[L.B.] 8. Y.WUOTTON,
Registrar of Joint Stock Companies.
Thc purpfmes for which thla corporation Is
farmed are to buy, hold, !eate. aell, work,explore, develop and operate mines an! raining
claims, aud nil kinds ol mining property; to lo-
cuteand procure patents for mlnlug claims; to
buy, erect, construct-, or otherwise acquire and
sell mills, smeltery concentrators or otber ro
uui-i imi Hun is and to run and operate the same
lu the reduction o( al. kinds of ore, and the ex-
Iruetton of mint ral t herefrom; to acquire in any
niun nor all kinds of real estate nectssarv for the
economical audexpeciitlous operation of Its mining and -smelting and reduction business, aud
other business lucidont thereto; to buy and sell
and otherwise acquire aud dispose ol any and
all kinds of i>emoual property, m-ctilnery. tooU
and merchandise, for the convenient and prnc-
t eul operation of lta business tn anv braueh
thereof, and to that end to establish and conduct
stores aud merchandising establishments, for the
purchase aud sale ot all kinds of oods and mer-
ehamlb>e; to acquire in any lawful mauuer telephone and telegraph lines and rights of way; to
opt-rate and conduct suth lines In any manner
nec��*iiir>* or convenient for tbe operation of Us
minini; and >riiel'in>{ and reduction business or
any l>rrt ii. I*, incldoiit thereto; to build, construct,
equip, operate and coiutud railway and tram
linos' wherever necessary nn convenient, to the
proper opcratlou of I'M said lines of businrssi to
bay and sell or otherwise a quire aud dispose of
the stock of other corporations wblch m ��y ln its
Judgment contribute to tbe aufcess of its operations, or which In lta Judgment may be for the
benefit ol Its stockholders, to acquire In any
manner nml to dispose of water rights, ditches,
ituuics, pIpQ llticj or other iiquciucts, which
nmv he Hive-Miry or cottveuieut for supplying
water to the various plants of the company, and
lo acquire in any munnbr uud to establish ann
optTiih* plants and Hues for operating, heatlug
or lighting tbc pr >perty or plauta of the company, 11 inl to acqulrn in auy lawful manner, and
to dispose of townsiles, or any portion thereof,
uud lo hold, operate sell, and depose ol water,
light and heat for the purpose of lighting, beat
ing ur furnishing water to said towusilc or
lowmttcs, and each and ovcry portion thereof,
and Kenerallv ti> do any ami ull things and to acquire anil hold and dispute of ali ki*ds of property, and to jiiiimu*.e, operate and conduct any
and nil kinds of plauts and business which In the
opinion of tho cli.colors and stockholders may
be necessary for tho eonvent��U'*e aud successf"!
opera'tiui of its business as a mining and smelt
lug and reduction company.
"Companies Act,  1SS7."
Province or British Columbia, t
THIS IB TO CERTIFY that the "Colnmbl*
Valley Land Company," la authorised and licensed to carry on business within the provlnoe rf
Brltlah Colorubte, And to earry oat or effect aU
or any ol Uh objects of the Company to which
the UgisUtlve authority of the Legislature of
British Columbia extends.
The heed offlce of the Compeny ts situate at
the City ol Winnipeg, provlnoe of Manitoba.
The amount of the capital ot the said oompany
ls one hundred thousand dollars, divided into
one thousand shares of one hundred dollars each
The head offloe of tbe company In this prov-
Inoa Is slluate at the City of Nelaon. and Robert
Wetmore Hannington, barrister, whose address
is Nelson. B. c, is the attorney for the company.
Olven nnder ay hand and seal of offlce at
Victoria. Provlnoe of British Columbia, tbla Sth
day of February, one thousand nine hnndred
and seven.
[L. s.] 8. Y. WOOTTON,
Registrar of Joint stock Companies.
Tbe objects for which this company has been
established and licensed -are:
(a) Buying, selling, basing or disposing of
coal mines, coal and wood lands, farming, grating and fruit lands and timber limits, and to
work and develop tbe same:
tb.) To carry on the business oi emigration
and colonisation agents, make advances to assist
�� tilers on lands purchased from the company,
and secure repayment of sueh advances, wltb
interc-t, 00 such t��rma and In suoh mauuer by
way of mortgago or agreement as may be mulu-
ally agreed upon
(c.) To carry on the business of ranching,
breeding aud selling and dealing in cattle,
horses, sheep aud oilier live stock;
(d.) To purchase, tell end deal ln lumber
wood, coal, mineral, grain, provision!, clothing
and general supplies:
<e.) To carry on the trade as general meroh-
ants and forwarders:
(t) To issue tu payment of any property Acquired by thu company shares of thc capital
stock of the company as fully paid up and non
aaseMabte or otherwise;
(g ) To carry ou the business of manufacturers
and dealers lu power generators aud motors of
every de:crlptlon, to construct and operate ell
classes of vehicles, agricultural implements, machinery, boats, steamers, barges and terries in
which tbe said motors are ueea; to construct and
operate boat lines, and to earry on the business
of carriers, cartage and parcel del'very; to own
aud operate omnibus lines and vehicles and
boats for hire; to sell, leaee aud supply kower,
and to generate aud sell, lease, and supply electricity: to own aud operate electric plants aud generally to carry on any business Incidental to the
aforesaid purposes and objects of the company:
(h ) To purchase, take or lease, exchange or
otherwise acquire and dispose of any real or
personal propurty and any rights and privileges
which tbe company may consider neoossary lor
the purpose- ot their operations, and to sell and
dispose of any lands or otner real estate and personal property at any time owned or controlled
by the compnuy, or auy part thereof, or any control therein or elalma thereon, and generally to
do all such things as are Incidental or conducive
to the carry leg out of ihe objects of tbe company
(i.) To become shareholder* tn any e��iitlng
or proposed company and to promote and esaul
lu promoting any company earning on a business pertaining to the objects (or whioh this
company is Incorporated and which may prove
useful to thla company, and to acquire, Use oyer
aud operate tbe oualnaia ol any such company
or companies, and to onter Into engagements for
sharing proHta, union ot interest, joint adventures, reciprocal concessions or olhewlse with
any person or company, and take or otherwise
a -quire end hold shares and securities of such
In tho mutter of an application for the Issue of
a duplicate of thet ertlttcnteof Tltloof Lotsttand
4, Blocks, LotO, Block $1 and Lot 12, Block fit),
Nelson City (Mnp.1 _*������> nnd 2UU )
Notiee is herehv given tba: It ls my intention
to issue a duplicate of the Certificate of Title for
the above lets at thu cxpinUlou ol one month after
the first publication hereof in thc name of Krani
Jacobv and Hull I'olui which t ertiflcate ol Tllle
Is dnle*! the Ith day of January, ldttt, end numb*
DUtrlet Registrar,
Land R-'glstry Offlce, Nelsou, B C
ill, Ap*il,lW7.
Notice 1, hereb, ��It,sUi��I Jaa. H Uoode-oufk
bM made a-pi-iii-iitli-n under ths prorlsloaa-af
the 'Usi nor Us-euee Aet, 1900," lore hotel IIIIM,
los lli��\v|illeuiili'i Hotel,etWhltewtUMUsllkal
e mci-nug of the ilosrd ol Lleence Commlssl-MsnL
olllio Alnnvrerth Licenos I Unlet, will ks kohl
to eouilstrr ,iio�� ���ppltesUon, at Iks Kasl* Hole)
at Kaslo, on Tuwdajr, tks Mth April, INI, al Ik*
hou ol elfht o'eloek Is lho slternoon.
W.B. iOL
/, v
the Daily Canadian
Optical Department
This department ts iu charge of
B skilled optician     A consultation With him will convince you
I To Arrive J
For Easier^
Trade      \
[Bell Trading Co j
=====      *
8tore will be closed Good Friday *
(and Easter Monday. *
Ornamented Chocolate Eggs.
Blue Bird  Eggs.    Cuckoo  Eggs.
Robins'   Eggs.   Stuffed   Ducks   and
Chicks all sizes.
Make your  selections while the stock
is complete.
S.   H.   SEANEY
Phone 206.
first-class repair; one block from car
Price $1,400
$500 down, $100 in six months, balance on mortgage.
H. E. Croadsdaile & ��
Next Door to Rank of Commerce.
All Kinds of Heating Plants in Stock.
Victoria St., Nr. Opera House.     Tel. 181.
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch,
Creosote, Oils for
Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch and
Bout Biiihiei-B will And it to their lul-
vuitago to nso our Fitoh.
Nelson Coke & Gas Co.
General Job Work, Chimney Sweep
Ing, Carpet -gleaning, Fixing and Cleaning Stoves, ate.
121 Eaat Baker SL        Phone No. A114
For Hot Tomato
Tea and Coffee.
Beef Tea.
Soel-nllSt l��iirty nis-s'lfi evs-rj l-'rsi,sv
evening Rt 8p ni , In tin' >' Ins rs' Till,,si Hull
All arc- Invited; huv OQD allowed tss take jsart in
tin* debates.  T..', satin, Secretary,
J. S. Elwell, Winnipeg: Mrs. F. H.
Fenwlck, Miss Richardson, Fort Steele;
Is:. \\\ sloes, C. Thorman, Chicago; \V.
A. Morris, .1. A. Livingstone, Moose
.law; ,1. ]5liason. Qolden; A. H. McNeill,
Rossland; Mrs. H. Wright, New York.
Got*. V-��l*Hon and Vl'nt-ct .street]-,
J. FKED HUMK, Proprietor.
\V. H. Bmellle, Procter; O. W. Taylor, Qrand Forks; D. St. Denis, Slocan;
R. S. Ford, Petrolla; J. Lamb, Toronto;
H. Y. Parker, Mis. 11. Parker, Cranbrook; J. A. Wltton, Hlaclmrn; L. W.
Adams, Vancouver; A. W. Cleveland,
Bherbrooke; A. n. Muokworth, F. Clak-
son, Ymir; F. H. Nettleton, R. Hell, Salmo; VV. F. HendelBOu, Rev. F. L. Norton and wife. Spokane; F. E. Artlle,
Miss A. Koolesky, Winnipeg; J. W. WU-
llama, Brampton.
T. D. Woods, Slocan; R. F. Lawrence
and wife, Newport; G. Cooper, Chicago;
J. Illnks, R. H. Foultls, London; J.
.1. Pratt, Newcastle; A. Shrtibb, Hop
shunt; A. Hamilton, Mttirklrk; A. Aid
ridge, Retlhill; G. Wlgg, Holland.
A. Dennlngs, Vancouver; R. C. Moore,
Cranbrook; P. P. Tresham, Ymir; F. H.
Wnlding, Montreal.
.1. Daly, Ymir; C. Air, W. Lord, Mac-
ltjoil; .1. E. Werner, Three Forks; J. De-
war, Chicago; F. Mayer, Seattle; W.
Molloy, Vancouver; J. F. Smith.
J. D. Laurie, Spokane; J. P. Tyler,
U. H. Weber, Vancouver; H. Leahy,
Creston; W. J. Gates, Arlington; R. D
McLeod, W. L. Hodge, Greenwood; W
H. Beckett, Gutelitts; J. Rawlings,
Boundary Fulls; VV. Reld, Slocan June
Hon; A. Swanson, F. P. Holland, North-
port;  O. Fnlk, Eholt.
Brand New Art Bell Piano
John T. Pierre, Baker St.
Eggs for Hatching
Pure bred S. C. Buff Orphingtone,
Buff Leghorns, and White Wyandottes.
$2.00 per setting. Nine chicks guaranteed or order refilled at half price.
D, WADDS, Crawford Bay.
ionic���Hotel. |90. VV��ltr��w,W5| atonco  Phone
You k ma ii wllh good offloe experience Meki a
ponltlOD     Apply Pox M8, Nelaon, K. C.
A POSITION At l.KltK. by ft book ktt>pet wlo
LiQDlok mui accurate ai figure*. Addreti Sydney K  lun, box MS, Reg uh, Hn*lr.
WOMAN ,5k"OM) COOK, tAO.m   Waltrumi f3-r>.00
itOUCe.    VV* hirk'r.
TWO WRSf-ULiAiJS huOWS, nteam heated.   Ap-
riv hoiuokeetwr.8rd flat, K. w. c. block.
RGQ8 BUPPLIED from thc leading wlttleiof
Pore Bred Poultry, guftranteed true lo nantr-
Ai'ply J 0 UtXOn. llnx 176, Vaucou-ver���Beo**ft
r��f (he Vancouver Poultry ami P   Annotation.
TA'i Pool- TAHU.H and one Combination Billiard and Pool Table. Hrerjlhlng complete
Htid In good condition. H.J, Mlghton, Tobac-
�������� ���>!����. rnntlirflOKi R C.
Finder return to thla ollice and receive reward
\     LOCAL AHD GENERAL      \
Wires Down.
Last night's storm disorganized tho
teh'gmph service throughout the prov
Ince. Late Litis afternoon eomtnunica
Uon was restored in time for the receipt of our special despatch from Vic
tori a.
New  Building.
An extension is being made to the
Kootenay Marble Works building. It
Is onlj a mouth Bince the marble works
moved to its present site, but already
increase in business has made necessary the extension of the building.
The Fletcher Concert.
The Fletcher concert last evening
was not so well attended as the merit
of the enteiainment deserved. Thc programme was similar to that of Monday
evening, and those who were present
spent a most enjoyable evening.
Prizes for the Fair.
J. E. McNaughton, the well-known
commercial traveller, has presented the
fair management with a silk umbrella,
to be offered in competition. The secretary has also received a donation of
a rattan rocker from Coombe & Watson,
of Kincardine, which will be offered as
a prize.
Synod  Executive.
A business meeting of the executive
committee of the dioceBc of Kootenay
bogan today in thc mission room of St.
Saviour's church at 3 p. m. today. Ven.
Archdeacon Beer is presiding, others
from outside points present being Kev.
J. A. Cleland, of Rossland, and Rev. H.
Steele, of Grand Forks.
20,000 Club.
Last evening the secretary of the
20,000 Club stated that a meeting of the
club had been called for tonight. This
afternoon it is learned that the president left for Cranbrook this morning to
be absent at least a couple of days, and,
presumably, no meeting will be held until he returns.
A Boy With Money.
A well-known citizen who had a roll
of bills In his pocket amounting in all
to $1,500, was surprised upon coming
Into the room last evening where his
little three-year old boy was playing, to
find that the youngster had mysteriously got hold of the money and was throwing it aronnd as If it had no value. It
is unnecessary to state that the lad
was very quickly deprived of his wad.
Lacrosse Meeting.
A well-attended meeting of the Nelson Lacrosse Club was held last evening in Alex.| Fife's barber shop. Judging by the interest taken in the meeting, Nelson should have a first-class lacrosse team this year. The election
of officers resulted as follows: President, M. R. McQuarrle; vice president,
S. Cummins; secretary, A. A. Perrier;
and treasurer, J. A. Fox; executive
committee, W. Walmsley, Geo. P. Wells,
A. Fife, R. McTavish and W. A. Thurman. The team committee will be selected previous to the first game. Harry
Wright will manage the team this season. The secretary was instructed to
have membership tickets printed, the
fee being fixed at $1. It was resolved
that immediately on receipt of the
money for the membership tickets now
sticks and new jerseys for the club
would be ordered.
The Store of Quality
If you like nice, clean, crisp
Biscuits we recommend you to
try the
20th Century Package
Per Package.
Graham Wafera  10c
Lamon Cream  10c
Vanilla Wafera     10c
Society Tea  10c
New England Ginger Snap 10c
Krlapo Ginger Wafera  10c
Butter���Thin 10o
Milk Toaat  '.10o
Dainty City Soda (8alted) 15c
Saratoga  Flakes  (Salted)    15o
Put up in packages and thus
ever fresh. It costs little to
give them a trial, and they
prove themselves worth lt.
K. W. O. Block . Phone 10.
For Sale...
In Fairvlew, 2 Lota, a corner and
adjoining lot. Enclosed and cultivated. $350  cash.
Garden and Flower
All fresh seeds and guaranteed
to do tbe business.
C* Am Benedict
Corner Silica and Josephine Sts.
If you are a
and would like to keep in the Front Hank
of yoqr calling, you must keep yourself
posted as to the best methods relating
thereto, and also on tho new improvements and ijjscovertes. This can best
and most readily be done through the
medium of books. We have on our
shelves a very extensive list of the
latest books, and latest editions by the
highest recognized authorities, on all
these subjects. Come in and look
through them. We have just prepared
a list of them which we will be pleased
to send you if you will apply for it.
Drop us a card.
We  can  procure  for  you,  on  shortest
notice, any book published.
See Display of Them in Our Window
W. G. Thomson
SS8SSSM" "" Nelson, B. C.
Phone *34.
I have just returned to Nelson and
have opened up at the same old stand,
and now ready to do all kinds of
KALSOMINING. Shop rear of Bartlett
W.  J.   MURPHY.
Freight Service.
The freight service on the Spokane
International between Nelson aud Spo
kane has been inaugurated.
Library Meeting.
The public meeting called by the directors of the library is being held in
the city hall as The Daily Canadian
goes to press.
Socialism vs. Capitalism.
At the meeting of the Socialist party
Friday evening the subject of debate
will be "Socialism vs. Capitalism," with
H. H. Avery leader in lhe affirmative.
Adding to His Premises.
Mayor tiillet is adding to his already
extensive building premises on Vernon
street. He is now erecting an addition
to his factory 24x60 feet. This was
found necessary on account of certain
contemplated additions to his machinery.
C. W.  Busk.
As president of Ihe Agricultural Association, member of St. Saviour.*-!
church building committee and member
of the executive, committee of the synod, C. W. Musk had four meetings
to attend in the cily yesterday and
School Board.
The members of the school board and
school building commitlee of the city
council will meet ln Dr. Arthur's office
at 8 o'clock tonight to arrange for so-
curing plans for the new public building and to make further decisions as to
site and material.
Increase in Business.
On account of the Increase In business several changes have been mado
In the arrangement of Fied Irvine &
Co.'s store. The millinery department
has beon moved upstairs and its place
will be occupied by tho ready-to-wear
department, which hns grown to be a
leading feature of the business in late
months. This department will Include
tailor-made suits, costumes and skirts.
The firm has secured tho agency for
the celebrated Modi Costume Co., of
Toronto, and a magnificent catalogue
has been Issued, In which Toronto
pries aro Quoted for delivery in
The Full Measure
Style and Value!
You have a perfeot riKlit lis Insist
upon a perfeot lit und perfect style
whin you ure paying from $15 to
fSB for.a suit.
20th Centary Brand
will fulfill your highest expectations
ami your most exacting demands.
They are the nearest approach to
perfection thut we ilnil In the tailoring world. We can prove these
facts to you If you will hut give us
the ojiporl unity.
$18.00 Style and Value for.. .$13.00
120.00 Style and Value for...$15.00
Boys'  Suits  at  $2,  $3,  $4  and $5
Important Sale of Men's
and Boys' Shoes
Men's  regular  $4.00  Box  Calf
Shoes  for $3.00
Boys' regular $2.50 Box Calf
Shoes  for $2.00
Clearance Sale of Mens' Under
wear at $1, $1.50  and $2 per Suit.
Men's Cashmere and Wool Socks
at 25c a pair or 5 pairs for $1.00.
Run I
W. Baker St.
If you want to turn your property into
cash or your cash into property see us.
Five houses and six building lots sold
In the past 30 days and we have customers for more.
To the wife of James A. Illakoy, Hall
Mines Iload, on April Bth, a son.
Heavy Wind Storm.
The wind storm last night was the
heaviest of the season. In the outskirts of the city, where lt had n good
sweep, the windows rattled, and several
partially decayed trees toppled over.
Ordering Calendars.
W. C. Mitchell, representing'the London Lithographing Co., hus been In the
city for tho past few days taking orders
for calendars for 1908. He reports u
satisfactory Increase ln business.
University  Club.
The regular monthly meellng of the
Nelson University Club Will bo held In
ihe clubroom Saturday night at 8
o'clock. The university committee will
present a report, and n paper on "Democracy" will he rend by Dr. Peleraky.
Ali Interested are Invited.
Trains and Boats,
Crow boat���"On time.
Coast and Slocnn I ruin���On time.
Boundnry train���On time.
ItosBland train���On time.
Kuslo boal���On   time.
Seed Potatoes
We have unloaded
a car of
Early Rose Potatoes
Imported expressly
for Seed.
Telephone 161,
Sulphur and
An Excellent Spring Purifying Mixture
A specific for boils. Tonic for the liver aud a valuable
medicine for indigestion and general debility from a disordered stomach.    For sale by
Canada Drug & Book Co'y, Ltd.
Wholesale Provisions,
Government Creamery One Pound Bricks received wei-kly fresh from the
ehnrn.   For side hy nil lending grocers.
Ofllce untl warehouse: Ilonston Block,   Phofio 711.
Josephine Street. Nelson, B. C.
2SQ doz. Linen Collars To He Sold at
$1.50 per doz.
Spring is Here
We have prepared for this season by passing into stock all the
requisites for the rancher, gardener or householder* Spades,
Shovels, Rakes, Hoes, Spading Forks, Tree Primers,
Tree Sprayers, Small Garden Tools, Etc.
Prompt attention  paid to letter orders.
J. H. Ashdown Hardware
Company, Limited.
*^N^~��~^B. A. ISAAC B. W. HINTON m~~m^j
Rvpnlrlng and Jobbing exectitetl with Deimiitch.   8he��t Metis)
Work, Mln I iik ftntl Mill Mitctilntsry.     Mnnufact
Or* Garm* M. I*.   Contrnctnrxt* Cum.
Tclpphnno 59
P.O. Box l-VJ
Spring Stock Just Opened Up I
Carload UnolctiniM und Carpets
From Ola-wow, Scotland.
Best Quulltit*i_i at Low I 'i-iuuN.
Standard Furnitt^e Company
Mhkoii (1t Hindi l'l (inon,
IM.Tlilii'ir   MftttrOHHCI.
Marshall timilltiry Mattrmt-cii.
Complete House Furnishers
Undertakers,    Embalmers
MANUFACTURERS    T 44^.%.e*m    Cf.4~.vf~-,
and dealers in LsUmoetm cm-ingles,
Uath, Mouldings, Doors, Windows.
Turned Work und llrii..kil��. Muil Orders promptly attended to.
 VERNON gTRBBT   -   .   .   Msl.HIIN, tl. o.
Launch and Boat
We always carry In
wnntt In
Such um
White Wuta
Mixed Putati
Merry Mux.'Jlnili Vnrn
Me., Olo,
���tock and will be pleaeed to supply yo<"*
Albany Ureuse
Arcttn UunG-fMH
(Jnn KiiKlne OU
Mi                                   Vacuum Marin* Motor OH
(lu mil- Kulli'ii miii.-)
:e Hardware Co., Limited
INBLSOIN                    fMall
Biwuiiiwis-nmiiipwr -


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