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The Daily Canadian May 10, 1907

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Array ���CanaMan
IB I.   No. 286.
NELSON, B. C, FRIDAY, MAY 10, 1907.
Fifty Cbnts a Month
uio Rejoices In Birth
of Heir
Expected Royal Baby Bora at
hoon Today lo Madrid���Populace Is Enthusiastic.
mlrlil.   May    10.���Queen    Victoria
s birth today lu u noli, who becomes
ns Un- ill rolls* of Spain.    Tbo birth
e niiiii Iinlli- lian lit'iiii awalli'il with
��� Inlereat throughout  Spain.    Th'o
from llie palace early this morn-
|lli;it ihi- uccoticbment was imminent
isl like ailillini anil crowds Hocked
great  pluzu  fronting  Ihe  royal
i in happy event bad taken the
somewhat by surprise for only
lay   afternoon    Uie   Queen   had
i Inr i 'iiiiiniaiy sliivi, and tbe courl
(siliiisii'd that aiiuila-i*
pans before conflue-
It wns, teamed from the palace
lorUlei   Unit   the   Queen had  been
.Ith the ins,!  painii of childbirth
His-  nlghl.      Messengers    were
|lus il*  patched to thu'priiiie minis-
other  chief  court dignitaries,
venl of au beir to lhe throne
IB sui event of tbe deepest po-
I*, ilgnlflcanoe,    Through lhe early-
ling iniiiiulers   aud  high   functional m<-s! ul thu courl of the  pal-
Meantime word wus received by
I throngs lhal thu Queen wan
,ing  well.    The    doctors    pro
peed her cunditiou normal and sat-
King AlphonHo remit a,
|en%'iriuna's bedside.   At 8 o'clock
ruing   thi-   King   cancelled   lhe
ul  the   council   of   ministers,
|ili was tu have considered current
affairs.   The boy will be named
In o'clock the advance dignitaries
i" Btate mnl capital wltb many iini-
sidisru and ministers In their court
ie�� liiul reached the palace; at
thla assemblage of tbe nobility
power ul Spain was grouped In the
i apartment/) set aside for official
monies awalUng with feelings of
mion the announcement of
llsinli of the heir. Thc blrtb of thc
red at 12:45 p. in. The an*
iiniiii was Immediately conveyed
waiting officials and crowds out-
ths< palace, who received tbe glad
it with wild feelings of enthusiasm
emotion. That the Queen had been
Wil with a son, u male heir to thc
le, wan no leSB welcome than the
*>' event Itself. In no monarchlal
'ry in the world Is lhe ceremonial
r"'l at the birth of the first off-
|R of thc King and Queen so rigid-
���lately and formally ns in Spain,
on this occasion so signillcant for
Hourbun dynasty, when an heir to
tliroiii' wim so anxiously awaited,
Iuk was omitted from the courtly
"mi ilie im,ns,'in Queen Victoria wns
tally announced to bo apprehending
period of maternity lhe most care-
lance was exercised over her
lu full uniform and wearing the glittering Insignia of their decorations in the
grand recepllon rooyi gorgeously
draped with tapestry, adjoining this
private apartments, among those present being lhe American minister, Mr.
Collier. Thero, In suppressed excitement and hushed expectancy, they watted, uud their attention wss attraclud by
lhe moving of the door leading from tho
royal rooms.
The formal announcement of the birth
of the Infant was made by the Cumurura
major, mistress of the robes, to Premier
Maura, who formully coiiiiniiuicuUsd lho
fact tu the distinguished cumpany in
the words:   'Gentlemen, it Ih a prince."
The newH was greeted wllh the great-
s-si enthusiasm which Bwelled into a
Hpiuiiniii'iiuH cheer sh King Alphonsu
entered, accompanying the 0 ainarara
major carrying a huge silver tray upon
which was lying the newly born royal
baby, covered with dellculc lace gar*
The Infanta Eulalle was at the King's
side as he entered with his new born son.
Premier Maura at once advanced and
with some hesitation relieved Ihe mistress of the precious load. Then, hearing the Irny, the premier proceeded
slowly to the centre of the room where
all present crowded around anxious tu
obtain a glimpse of the child, which was
presented to all In their order of court
precedence. When the curiosity of all
those present was laUlflesd lhe babe was
handed back to the mistress of the
robes ond by thc latter was given lo this
royal nurse, who Immediately returned
to the side of lhe Queen.
As tbe nitree appeared in the royal
apartments a roar of cheering could be
heard from outside thc palace. In the
meantime the scenes In thc streets out
Bide wero almost beyond description.
Business had been suspended previous
to the announcement of ihe birth.
Prices of Metal..
York,   May   10.���Silver, St%c;
copper, 21c; lead. $6.
London,  Mac 10���Silver, 30d.;   lead
��19, 12s., Ud
Shock in Siberia.
Irkutsk. Siberia. May 10���A    severe
undulating  earthquake shock was  fell
here at 6:30 this morning.
Mission of R. Grlyg From
Board of Trade
Regular Meeting oi Nelson Board-
Discusses Reed of More Hotd
| sm ve
fder thnt the hopes of the country
Mill nisi be blighted.   Several months
aci'oiiclitnent, according to Sap-
iroyal custom, the Queen look up her
donee at lho palace in Madrid to
lit Uie nnxlous moment. Thence, ac-
ppnnled by tho King, she has undergo from time to time pilgrimages to
rions holy Bhrines to pray for a
ellverance In Ihe same  way  as
iliiiinlilest Spanish woman. For quite
uiiiiiili    preceding   the    auspicious
members of tho proudest Span-
I nobility have been ln constant nt-
lnnco at thc palace as a precaution
Inst the unwelcome surprise of a
mature birth, while lho members of
"lyul family have taken up their
dice either In the palace or near
wml In the capital.   When at length
IQlendennlng, the young English doc-
who attended the Queen, announced
' the birth was only a matter of a
houre, urgent messages wero sent
Hi" premier, Senor Maura and his col-
buss ol1 the cablnot, tho military gov-
""o   Madrid, the members of the
M,   a .v0*"1'8*   tho   Sendees,   tho
n�� or the principal orders of chlv-
��� tte loading military and civil au-
*   , and all the ladles and gentle-
First Signs of Substantial Improvement
for Yeara���Mines, Timber and
Fruit Lands.
(Special to Tha Dally Canadian.)
Slocan. May 9��� The flrst real signs
of revival In the Slocan for seven yeara
are apparent now. Thc long depression
has resulted generally In either of two
things, as far as mining Is concerned:
either economic mining on a small scale
hy lessees, or the passing of property
Into the hands of strong companiea.
The mining outlook Ib certainly far
more encouraging now than for many
years past.
Hm mining Is now only one of Slo-
can's resources. Thc lumbering Industry Ib only beginning on the lake but It
Is certain to be a very Important factor
In the development of the district within a year.
Slocan lake ts rapidly coming to tlie
front also as a fruit district. While
there Is not as much land available
along the shores as there ls on Kootenay lake, yet what there Is, Is* unsurpassed anywhere, while the uninterrupted transportation by boat and roll
adds greatly to Ub attractiveness.
The lake from a scenic point is tbe
most beautiful on the continent, and Its
snow-capped mountains and glaciers
supply numerous large creeks and
streams which run all year round. The
climate Ib such that no Irrigation la
necessary for fruit growing.
Mr. Harris' rsnch between Silverton
and New Denver ls a splendid example
of what can be done by a few years' Industry. The lake lands have not up to
the present been boomed like other portions of Ihe Koolonays owing to tho j
fact that up to the present speculators'
have been unable to purchase ln ihnt
vicinity, as nearly all the land has been
held for a considerable time by pro-
omptors and purchasers from the government.
The Slocan river valley also contalus
magnificent land which Is already pretty well known to Investors.
Reported   That   English   Chemist   Has
Discovered Formula.
Daltlmore, May 10.���Dr. Ira Romsen,
president of John  Hopkins university,
������ ���   ll.nl   sir
ls nuthorlty for the statemei
nt thnt Sir
William Ramsey, a
famous chemist of
'"ached to the court.
oil tho officials were gathered
Cambridge   university,   has discovered
Z method of making ���#***������
Professor Remsen has a letter from
the famous Englishman, slating that he
has succeeded In ��"&*$��&&
ductlon of copper by *�� J��n5_ie*at��
combining process fro" ^
sodium, lithium and potassium.
There Is no change res
corded today In
Thero is nu -niiiiis.s ",���,__ -...Vat
the metal quotations on either market,
Tbe board of trade meeting last night
Included many interesting and important features. First was the presence
and parUcipatlon of Mr. Richard Grlgg,
special commissioner of His Majesty's
Uoard of Trade, charged with the duty
of collecting accurate Information about
Oanada for the commercial intelligence
-department of the board.
The board complied with the recent
request of the 20,000 Club to the extent
of allocating the trifling salary, $20 a
moulh, paid to its secretary, to tbe club,
ou condition thut such routine work
as collecting membership fees and Issuing notices be performed for tbe board
by the club secretary. Uut the preaent
secretary of the board, S. M. Brydges,
while willingly foregoing the insignifi-
eaiit enumeration for his services, will
continue to act as secretary in all Important matters. The sphere of tbe
board of triuH- ls an important one and
quite distinct from tbat of the 20,000
Club. Such amalgamation as was suggested by some, was considered Impossible.
An Important communication from
the English Head Masters' Conference,
asking for assistance in placing English
public school boys on the land In British Columbia, was presented to tbe
board by Mr. Baird of tbe high school
A committee was appointed to take
up the question of more and better
hotel  accommodations for Nelson.
The board met at 8:30 with F. A.
Starkey in the chair, others present being S. M. Brydges, J. M. Lay, W. G.
Gillett, D. C. McMorris, R. S. Lennie,
W. W. Beer, T. G. Procter, J. Johnstone, T. Morley, C. W. Busk, A. W.
Dyer, M. H. Farrer, E. F. Gigot, Mr.
Langan and J. L. Buchan.
The minutes of tbe last regular meeting aud a special meeting were read and
Mayor Gillett reported that the petition for letter collection boxes was
nearly completed and would be forwarded In a few days.
For the committee on Insurance
rates, W. G. Gillett reported having
gathered information, which was given
In confidence. He was taking the matter up with the companies.
The Canadian Marble & Granite
Works, Ltd., was elected to membership without ballot.
A letter from J. A. Acland, private
secretary to the acting premier, acknowledged receipt ot telegrams.
A letter from the Cranbrook board ot
trade asked co-operation in effort to
end the coal miners' strike. It had been
already acknowledged.
Capt  McMorris  asked  If the board
proposed  to appoint the secretary of
the 20,000 Club secretary of Uie board.
T. G. Procter urged that the change
be made.
3. M. Ilrydges, secretary, declared
himself ready to vacate the office.
The president suggested that the accounts of tbe board be audited and
that Mr. Brydges be retained as honorary secretary, the routine work attached to the position to be performed
by the secretary of the 20,000 Club.
A motion by Capt. McMorris to that
effect was adopted.
The secretary was instructed to huve
an auditor's report prepared for the
next meeting.
W. J. Baird, who was present at the
president's request, rend a letter from
Professor Hutton, of Toronto university, forwarding a communication from
tho pngllsh head masters' conference to
send out English public school boys to
work on fruit farms at $10 a month and
J. Johnstone welcomed the suggestion
but thought the mailer of boarding
would be found a difficulty. It was decided that fuller Information should be
sought   beforo   nny action  should   be
Tho   president   then   Introduced   R.
*   '    for   the   British
bourd of trade, who was heartily welcomed.
Mr. Grlgg explained that hla, mission
to Canada was to gather detailed information about Canada for the British
government, especially for the commercial intelligence department of
II. M. board of trade.
He told of the appointment of a commission, of which Lord Strathcona Is a
member, to devise means for obtaining
information. He was appointed by that
commission and was coached for hia
duties by Lord Strathcona.
He sold: "If Canada can raise meu
like Lord Strathcona, wheat auch as I
have seen in yonr Northwest, and fruit
such ai those of Kootenay,' lt .will command tbe respect and admiration of
tbe world."
Continuing Mr. Grlgg told of hla visits
to chambers of commerce tn the chief
clUea of Britain. His instructions are
to study especially trade openlnga especially direcUona in which such trade
may be Increased.
He ls also aaked to nominate resident
agenta ln Canada to do work similar to
that of tbe commercial consuls ot Germany and tbe United States, to correspond with the commercial and intelligence department of H. M. board of
trade. The centres where such agents
are to be appointed are Halifax, SL
John, Quebec, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Hamilton, Winnipeg and Vancouver.
He praised the Canadian preferential
tariff which be aald was a solid pecuniary advantage aa well as an indication
of sentiment. But he was awar. that
American imports Into Canada were
still Increasing at a much faster rate
than British imports.
Mr. Grlgg remarked on tbe powers
of assimilation already shown by
Canada. He thought the first large -collected imputation ln Canada would be
on the Inland plains. He was delighted
with the climate and the natural beauty
of llritiBh Columbia and its potential
resources In minerals, timber and fruit
lauds. He thought the movement of
successful farmers from the prairies to
British Columbia would continue.
He foresaw great wealth and prosperity for all Canada.
Tbe close of Mr. Grlgg's address was
greeted with prolonged and hearty applause.
Mr. Grlgg then asked for any information or suggestions that members of the
board cared to offer.
He was told by T. G. Procter and A.
W. Dyer that in the matter of machinery the Americans sent experts with
their goods and advertised assiduously.
A vote of approval ot Mr. Grlgg's mission, and of thanks to him, moved by
J. M. Lay, seconded by James Johnstone, was unanimously adopted.
James Johnstone raised the question
of hotel accommodation, which he
thought required immediate attention.
T, G. Procter agreed.
On motion of Mr. Johnstone a committee waa appointed to Investigate and
report. The chairman appointed Messrs.
Johnstone, Procter and Gillett.
Members were Invited to remain and
confer with Mr. Grlgg. The board then
adjourned. .
List of Exposures During
Continued Story of Thefts and Frauds
of Uberal "Heelers" Protected
by Ottawa Machine.
Joint Commission of Manitoba and Al
berta'About to Sit at All Con-
venlent   Centres.
Edmonton, May 10.���The beef commission bas finally taken shape. A preliminary meeting to arrange details will
be held at Medicine Hat on the 13th
of May.
Of the tour provinces wblch first signified their intention to Investigate this
question, only two are standing by their
flrst convictions, namely Manitoba and
Alberta. ...    t.-
Sittings of the commission will- be
held at various places throughout the
two provinces to hear evidence from the
producer, the dealer, the transporter
and the consumer, and any others from
whom Information mny be derived.
In the choice of places for these sittings, the object will be to distribute
tbem as well as possible, so as to cover
lbe whole ot the Interested territory,
nnd give the commissioners an opportunity to -hear evidence from every district affected, it ls probable that the
following places in Alberta, will be
chosen: Medicine Hat, Lethbrldge, MacLeod, Plncher Creek, High River, Calgary, Innisfail, Lacombe, Edmonton and
Vermilion. If thore are other places
which feel that their districts should
be favored with a sitting It would be
well for them to inform the minister of
agriculture, Edmonton, and the request
will be considered.
Grlgg, commissioner
Los Angeles, May 10.���Hugo Kelly,
the Chicago middleweight, and Jack
(Twin) Sullivan, who are to meet in the
main bout tonight at the Pacific Athletic
Club, have finished their work of preparation and appear to be in good shape
for the contest. The bout Is announced
us being for the middleweight championship, and the articles call for 20
rounds at 168 pounds. As the date for
the mill approached public Interest haB
increased.to a considerable degree and
the club expects a large crowd at the
Ottawa, May 10.���The record of
scandalous Jobs by wblch Liberal "heel-
era" were enriched at the country's expense during tbe last year Is not yet
half told.
A dredging Inspector appointed by political Influence against tbe advice of
the district engineer bas confessed that
be received $3 a day to give his whole
time to inspection, while he fanned out
bis Job at $1.25 per day to another government Inspector, who also received
$3 per day from tbe government to
give his whole Ume to Inspecting other
operations. The first mentioned inspector also put in and collected a bill for
boat hire, giving the alleged name and
certificate of the boat, whereaa the boat
waa his wife's canoe, the name he gave
was hers before marriage, and he used
the canpe to take orders from the
dredge crew for supplies from the shop
In which be was clerk.
A partial exposure was that of the
sub-target machine contract. In which
the contracting company was organized
by the distribution of $500,000 ln shares,
in lots ot 25,000 and 50,000, among officers and politicians, including aome
very close personal frieujs ot the minister of militia.
Mr. Strabbe, the Montreal contractor
who figured ln laat year's exposures,
was to the front again this year as having received an extra 10 cents a barrel
on 6,000 or 6,000 barrels of cement supplied by contract to the government.
Thia allowance was claimed because
Mr. Fielding after the contract was
made, added 10 cents to the cement
duty, and the extra amount waa given
though the cement was made ln Canada
and the manufacturers did not increase
the price to Strubbe.
The record of this session's exposures Includes three Intercolonial land
deals. Following the Moncton operation
of the previous year, ln which Matthew
Lodge bought $5,075 worth of land and
immediately turned It over to the government for $13,880, there ls a similar
but less profitable deal in which the government paid $10,490 for  land  which
Lodge had bought for $8,300, including
his legal expenses.   In the Truro deal
the government paid $11,600 for a block
of land currently supposed to be worth
less than half thla sum.    The middleman  in this case seems to  have  received 18 or 20 building lota and a considerable sum of money as his rake-off.
Tbe Halifax land deal amounted to
the purchase for $46,000 ot certain lots
of land which the middleman had just
before bought for $18,753.   One ot tbe
partners In this operation, on which 142
per cent, profit was made, is a member
of the Nova Scotia legislature and ot
the provincial government, and Ib the
owner ot the government organs tn St.
John and Halifax.   Incidentally It was
shown that the lawyer who acted for the
department of Justice in the transaction
made good earnings out of it.   It was
also disclosed that he bas been taking
a commission out ot the government taw
business done ln tbe province by ether
lawyers.   Some strictures of the Hall-
fax Herald on Ills share of the transaction led this lawyer to sue the paper
and a Halifax jury found against him.
This Is a partial list of the matters
disclosed during the session just completed.   It might be enlarged by mentioning other similar transactions, or by
tracing as far as possible those in whleb
exposure was blocked by exclusion of
evidence and refusal to furnish Information.   The custom of making profit out
of the government has spread to some
of the less Important officials, half a
dozen of whom ln one branch of the
service were found to have conspired
together to make out bogus expense accounts, supported by falsehood and forgery, whereby they swindled the Immigration department out of an amount
nearly equal to their salaries.   The accountants under Mr. Oliver were ignorant of the fact until thetr attention was
called to it by the auditor general's department
yers and politicians, to newspapers and
to persona who bad nothing to do with
the construction of the railway.
Nevertheless the department of railways and the department of Justice approved the bills. After discussion with
the department of finance which ralaed
objections, the Orand Trunk withdrew
the claim and afterwards sent In an account for a little less than half the
money.   Thla alao was not paid.
When the public accounts committee
undertook to Investigate the whole
transaction It was found that the dla-
puted bill had been removed and no
copy was to be obtained. The Grand
Trunk auditor who was summoned went
off to the Mediterranean. His assistant said he knew nothing about the
account except that he had been ordered to destroy the papers. All attempts
on the part of the members of the oommlttee to obtain a copy, which could
have been made up from the Orand
Trunk hooka, waa frustrated by the ministers and their supporters, who declared that It was no business of the committee or the country what accounts
were presented to the government and
not paid. It ta understood that these
unspecified Items of some fifty thousand
dollars Included money spent by the
Grand Trunk company In obtaining the
Grand Trunk Pacific contract and securing the aubaequent legislation. If
Ibis Is so tbe matter ls of aome concern
to the country. In any case when a blli
for a million dollara ls presented to the
government and five-sixths ot It paid,
the country hu the right to know the
details of the whole bill. But no doubt
tbe ministers had the best of reasons
for shutting out thla inquiry.
The other Instance is that of the
North AtlanUc Trading company which
has received a third of a million dollar*,
for pretending to send Immigrants to
Canada who would have come Just aa
fast without It.
Following the example of last year
the government again refused to allow
it own officers to make known to the
Agriculture and Colonisation committees the names of the contractors and
who got the money.
Both ln the case ot the Grand Trunk
Pacific and tbat of the Trading company
appeal was taken to the House and the
majority supported the government in
refusing Information.
Haywood Murder Trial Is
Sheriff Will Soomm New Lbt���
Taking of Evidence Rot likely,
to Begin Till Rot FrUaj.
New American immigration Law* Will
Not Inconvenience Traveller* -
to or from Canada.
Boise, Idaho, May 10.���Sheriff "Shad"
Hodglns started out today to summon a
special venire of 100 men ordered yeaterday by Judge Wood of the dlatrlct
court, when the regular term venire
wa* exhausted in the effort to secure a
jury to try William D. Haywood, the
first of the offlcers of the Western Federation of Miners, called to tbe bar to
answer the charge tbe state haa plaoed
against tbem of conspiracy and complicity ln the murder of former Governor Frank Steunenbeig.
The trail waa adjourned late yesterday afternoon unUI 2 o'clock next Monday, when it ls expected tbe new panel
will be In attendance. Counsel on both
sides of the caae were confident today
that a jury will be secured by Friday
of next week at the latest and they believe that the taking ot tesUmony'may
be begun before the week end*. The
task of summoning 100 men In -thla big
country la by no mean* an eaay foe,
and the sheriff expects to be busy nntll
the last minute allowed by the court.
Canadian Government Will Make Trial
of Sydney aa Terminua.
A few Illustrations show how some Inquiries are made futile by governmont
interference. The Grand Trunk put ln
a bill for $960,000, on which the government guarantee wn�� demanded as the
cost of construction of the prairie section of the transcontinental. It wns
found by the government auditor tbat
for $160,000 of this amount there were
no particulars, or that the details showed payments for otber than construction
purposes.   Payments were made to law-
Montreal, May 10.���William Stltt;
general passenger agent of the C. P. R.
and George McL. Brown, general passenger agent of the Canadian Pacific
steamship line have returned to Montreal from Washington fairly well satis-
fled from the interview they have had
with the authorities there that the
change ln the immigration law of the
Uni*.ed Statea will be carried Into effect
at a minimum of inconvenience to Canadian travellers.
The C. P. R. officials were accompanied by J. H. Clart, United State* immigration commissioner here, who Introduced them to J. P. Sargent, commissioner of immigration at Washington and Secretary Strauss, of the department of commerce and labor.
Tbe government officials seemed anxious to meet the views of the transportation companies. Mr. SUtt saya that
under the draft agreements which were
submitted for consideration by the representatives of the American government there will be no more Inconvenience to the ordinary traffic than there la
today. The new law impose* a tax ot
$4 per head on immigrant* entering the
country, and the regulations make the
transportation companies responsible
for the payment. This practically means
that the railway and steamship companies of Canada will be collecting
agenta tor the United State* government. They will collect the bead tax
when they aell tickets to Immigrant* for
point* ln the United States.
French Premier Restores Harmony In
Hi* Cabinet.
Paris. May 10.���The dtaaenalon* In
the Clemenceau cabinet evidently have
at least been temporarily patched
up. When Parliament reassembled today tbe attitude of the Moderate Republicans was more friendly and the prevailing Impression was that the ministry would successfully defeat the assault planned by the members of tbe extreme Left, supported by a section ot
tbe Radical Socialists, under the leadership of M. Pellatan.
Te Pan New Bylaw*.
There ls to be a general meeting ln
the city ball of the members of the
20,000 Club on Friday next, the 17th
Inst, at 8:30 p. m. Tbe principal business is to approve the effort* of the bylaw committee, who have drafted a constitution and set of bylaws. It is also
hoped that some progress in the matter
of the new* office will be reported.
Montreal, May 10.���tn an effort to
prove that the Canadian route la faster
than New York for transatlantic mails
tbe Canadian government will make uee
of tlie North Sydney route daring the.
early summer when the nulla bound
trom Liverpool to Montreal take the
Cape'Race route. Heretofore, during
summer navigation malls have been carried np the St. Lawrence and landed
at Rimouakl. Thi* summer the liner*
will transfer mail* off North Sydney,
which 1* the nearest point to Europe to
go over the Intercolonial. Steamers
will enrry them to North Sydney,
whence they will be rushed by apeclal
train to Montreal. The steamer Montcalm will he uaed a* the mall tender
at North Sydney for the delivery of
malls to the outgoing and for receiving
malls from the incoming steamer*. As
���he and all the mail steamers are fitted
with wireless equipment there will be
no difficulty ln their getting In touch
with each other, no matter what the
weather conditions may be.
The first steamer to try the new arrangement Is the Virginian, which
leave* Montreal today, and will receive
her mails from the Montcalm Sunday
in Cabot's Strait, between Cape Breton
and Newfoundland. It ia expected that
there will be a gain of several hour* for
Montreal In mall delivery by using
North Bydney as mail pert, and trom
one to two daya for maritime province
Sad Anniversary.
Today Is .the SOth anniversary of the
outbreak among the Sepoys at Meerut,
which developed Into the Indian Mutiny.
Square Mile ef Building*  Erected for
Troop* at Petewawa.
Ottawa, May 10.���Major Q. S. Mann-
sell, assistant director of engineer services, states that -the Improvementa
made at Petawawa alnce Inst summer
will aggregate nearly $40,000. In every
way the facilities will be modern. The
area occupied by the buildings, 18 of
which are new, ia one square mile.
Seven stables are necessary to accomodate the horses, for with the artillery
cavalry and staff there will be over
1,000 animals. The lighting plant haa
heen greatly improved. Another innovation will be the station now under
construction. A branch lino runs to the
camp and a station agent will be on duty
there during the summer.
Capt. French, with 20 men ot the
Royal Canadian Engineers, I* now working on the grounds. The permanent
force will be present for the flrat time.
Beyond the fact that 3,000 troops ot all
branches of the service will be In camp,
tbe most Important Intelligence la the
news that 11 full batteries will be In
training at one tlnr?. These will be
gathered from Ontario and Quebec. Tbe
same plan of having sections from all
batteries In the Dominion will be followed again this year. The first troops
will arrive in June, and operaUons will
-continue until September. Ml
The Dafly Canadian
===== STORES        "
Miners' and All
Campers' Supplies
TENTS In all sizes and weights
UNDERWEAR  at all prices
From 8 to 12 Pound*.
SOX. MITTS,  etc.,  etc.
HAY.  FLOUR  and   FEED. ~.
In all these Hues we offer  excellent quality at very
reasonable prices.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office:   Toronto.
CAPITAL PAID UP... .ti.SSSO.'jOO REST $4,730,000.
D B WILK1E. President. HON. ROBERT JAFFRAY, Vloss-President
Branches in British Colombia:
Deposits reoeiTM and interest allowed at highest   current rate from date of
opening of ac-joont, and com jxiunded quarterly
J.   M.   LAY,  Manager.
The Royal Bank of Canada
Paid up Cap.-tsl t3.900.000    Reserve Fund	
15 Branches in British Columbia.
A General Banking Business Transacted.
Deposits of $1.00 ani upwards received. Interest allowed thereon at highest current rate, and credited quarterly. Depositors are aubject to no delay
whatever In the withdrawal of the whole or any part of their deposits.
Nelson Branch, G. A. SPINK, Manager.
Published ttx dayt a wett by the
Baker BU Nelwn. H. C.
euoicripUon rates, bO   ��� *.*��� t, aonth dellTered
Aifertlsint ntci on applicatlon.
Ail monies paid ID Mt tit men-, vf Tbe Dally
Canadian t'xuuDU, either foi nbeettptleni or
urartlitai, muit be receipted tor on tlu printed
form of uie Cumpany. Olher receipt* art Dot
MAY IO. 1907.
it is hardly a year and a half since
liberal government was returned to
wet in Britain with a following that
included more than three-fourths of tho
membership of the House of Commons.
It Is not yet agreed in Hritain to what
particular issue their huge majority was
due. Undoubtedly the Education Hill of
1902 united Nonconformists against the
Conservatives, the misrepresentation or
"Chinese slavery" in South Africa���
airily dismissed by Winston Churchill
oh "inexactitudes of terminology,,���certainly contributed. The Taff Vale decision aud the neglect of Mr. Halfour to
restore to labor unions the class privileges they had previously enjoyed, converted organized labor for the time into
a Uberal machine. The investigation
of the war office although it proved tliat
great progress bad been made towards
efficiency within the last few years, disclosed conditions that were disturbing to
British complacency and some one had
to be sacrificed. Aud who but thc government of the day?
Cut above all other issues before the
people of the United Kingdom the triumphant Liberals claimed that their so
decisive victory- was won for Free
Trade. "Free Trade" is, under the circumstances, nearly as ridiculous an expression as "Free Food," but it derives
some sanction from 60 years of abuse.
Any country can declare for free imports, but free trade requires at least
two parties.
But already it is doubtful if a ma
jorlty of the voters of the United Kingdom would reject a proposal even for
an Import duty on food stuffs. Mr.
Chamberlain, the first champion ln Hritain of preferential treatment of colonial producers, fs still unable to return
to the political world, but Arthur Halfour, whom the many responsibilities of
leadership prevented from Joining the
crusade at flrst. has since made It an
integral part of his party's programme,
and has declared his conviction that its
triumph will not be long delayed.
Mr. lialfour has publicly acknowledged the benefit and the inspiration of
Canada in the matter and calls upon his
own oountry to reciprocate. It Bhould
not, of course, be forgotten that it was
Sir Charles Tupper who first advocated
preferential treatment of Hritain ln the
Canadian tariff. Had he been returned
to power in 16% the preference would
have been much more substantial than
it Is.
We do not believe that special trade
relations are essential to preserve loyalty in the colonies or that they will
greatly stimulate it. Hut there can be
no doubt that a preference to colonial
gr_.in growers would be so great and
so obvious an advantage that emigrants
from the Hritish Isles would no longer
stray from beneath the folds of the
Union Jack.
It seems to be taken for granted that
Lord Strathcona will soon retire from
the post of High Commissioner, and
speculation Is rife as to who will be his
Sir Frederick Horden has been frequently mentioned, evidently with the
idea of testing public opinion on Buch
an appointement. The suggestion cannot be said to have met with favor in
any quarter. It Is too obvious that Sir
Frederick's only qualiflciation for the
London post is that his usefulness at
Ottawa is gone, if, indeed, it ever existed.
The position of High Commissioner
was created in 1883 and ho far has only
had two incumbents, Sir Charles Tupper till 1896, and Lord Strathcona from
that time to the present Both men
have filled the offlce with credit to
themselves and the country, and have
been able to render useful service.
The proposal to give continuity and
permanency to the Imperial Conference
makes a distinct change In the functions
of the High Commissioner, and attaches
to the offlce duties which no man of 87
years however vigorous and public
spirited should be asked to perform.
There ls no good reason for making
the position merely a reward for party
service; nor should it he considered
that only members of the present Dominion cabinet are eligible.    The in-
cumbent of the office should be thoroughly familiar with Canada from East
to West, should be in thorough sympathy with the changing views of the
relations between the mother country
and the colonies, and should also be
a worthy representative of the best
there is In Canada.
The name that occurs first in a canvass for eligible appointees is lhat uf
Sir Sandford Fleming. Hut Sir Sandford
Is only seven years younger than Lord
Strathcona and could not fulfill the
duties of the offlce for long.
The necessity for more hotel accommodations iu Nelson has been patent
for several years, in fuct, since the revival of prosperity began in 1905. Every
gathering lu Nelsou emphasizes the
need. It is imperative that something be
done at once, by a syndicate of local
capitalists if outsiders cannot be interested. .Nelson has already attracted a
great deal of attention aud has become
a very popular convention city. Tbe
ouly point in the province with any advantage over Nelson In accessibility is
Revelstoke, and Revelstoke has nothing
of Nelson's natural beatuy has nothing
enjoyment. Hut Nelson cannot continue inviting conventions while the city
has not adequate hotel accommodations
for them.
The announcement that objections to
the weekly half-holiday for clerks during the summer months are being withdrawn Is welcome news. It has often
been remarked In the past that the people of Nelson appreciate the advantages nature has given them and show
their -appreciation by enjoying them on
all possible occasion, The reputation
Is worth having and nothing will help to
preserve lt more than tbe weekly closing of places of business while owners
and employees take rest and recreation.
The mission of R. Grlgg, commissioner of the commercial intelligence department of His Majesty's board of
trade, cannot fail to be productive of
great benefit both to Hritain and Canada. We are sure that all who had the
privilege of meeting Mr. Grlgg will
agree that no one could be better quail-
fled for the performance of his duties.
R.   A.   Brown   8takes  $50,000   Timber
Limit���Grand Forks' Progress.
Grand Forks. May 10.���Probably the
most valuable timber limits ever staked
in the Boundary district have just been
taken up by R. A. Brown who has just
located five miles square of yellow pine
timber. This valuable location Is some
five miles up Cedar creek from the
Kettle river. Mr. Brown has known the
location of this timber for years, but
kept quiet about it until this spring and
until there was a ready demand for
timber, when he made the location. This
timber location is estimated to be worth
E. Spraggett, provincial road supervisor, will leave immediately for the
Upper North Fork district for the purpose of extending tbe government wagon road to Glouster camp, a distance of
some three miles; the government recently have made an appropriation for
this work.
From present appearances there will
likely be considerable bear hunting In
this district during the next few weeks,
already several parties are being organized. E. R. Knight, a successful bear
hunter. Is at present establishing a
camp near Cedar creek, and expects to
bag several big bear in the Immediate
Brand New Art Bell Piano
John T. Pierre, Baker St.
Latimer, near Stanley t 325
Cedar, near Baker  300
Carbonate, near  Park  175
Park, mar Vernon,(2 lota)  525
Vancouver and Slocan, 16 lota for 450
Victoria, near Kootenay  2,250
Cedar, near Victoria  3,000
Silica, near Park  2,500
Mill 11,600 and 2,000
King Road, 65O0 caah and balance eaay
terma will purehaae plot about seven
acres, part cultivated.
Near King Road, 50 acres, part cultivated.   Inspection invited.
Kootenay River, 160 acres, 616 per acre.
Also  land on   Kootenay  lake,   near
Creston, Fire Valley and Burton City.
Waft Baker Strstt        NELSON, B. C.
Sixty daT* after date 1 purpose making application to the Chief Commissioner i'l IjuhU and
Worku for j>ermi**iun to punha-e the follow lug
deaeribed land: Commencing at a poll placed
at tbe northwest rorner of lot 4M8C1 and mart*
ed ��� -I' HcCsBB rorntr p-twi." running theuee
9lu bains norlh thence 80 chaini west, thence .SU
chains souih. thenee no chnius cant, to polntof
commencement, containing Mo acres, more or
Dated tbi* 0th dav of Mav, I'm..
i>er v a. KcOtnaoca, AgenL
Sixty dayi after date I parpOM making implication to the Uon. Chief Commissioner of L��ndi
and Works, for parnittton to purchase tbe following described land: Comiaeneiug at ��� post
placed on the we��l ibon* of Lower Whatsliau
[uke, about a '. mile from the outlet of name,
and marked "ll. W'��. N.K. corner post.' running thenceS" chains wot, Ihence SO chaini
south, thence SO cbalni eait, thence (W chains
north to p tint of DOOUBi nccment, containing
(.Ui acres, more or lesi.
Pated the Bad day uf Ut) , 1907
(Mgm-d) II. IfltaHf,
_____��   Q, ______________ Agent.
-Sixty dayi aftej date I rnrpose making application (o the Hon. the thief Commissioner of
LaniK and Works for permlnloo to pun-haw; the
fu'lowiug described !aod : < ommenclns at a
post placed at the DOTlhMSl crrner of H C
riklnner's application to punjhlM marked
���*R H's. S. W corner poM" thena* following the
eastern boundary of satd application So chaiua
south, thence running OUchalti.- eait, thence 80
chaini north to the southern boundnry of R. W.
llaunlngton's appl.cation to purchase, ihence BO
chains west fllmig lame lo point of commencement, containing 6ln h< res, more or less
Dated 2nd day of May, i:> ".
<-Signed) R Shiitl,
 I*-rF. O. \___\_t\'"����� Agent.
Notice is hpreby given that 60 daya alter date, I
Intend to apply to the Hon. Chlet Coiamissioner
of Lands and Works for permission to purchase
tbe following described land in West Kootenay
district, on west shire of Lower Arrow Lake,
adjoining Lot So. l-l-. on' the south: Heginniug
at a poat marked "Harry McLeod'a N.K   corner
Lost and punted on the shore of Lower Arrow
ake, at the southeast corner of Capt Fosl end's
IA94&, theuce west 30 chalus, thence south '20
chains more or ..���-- to the north boundary of K.
Fullmore's 1'. I. , thence 90 chains eait along the
said boundary to lake, thence north along the
lake shore At chalna, more or less to point of
May iuil, iWl. J. D. Moon,
 Agent for Harry McLeod.
Hlxty days after date 1 Intend to apply tothe
Honorable tbe Chief Commissioner of L*nds and
Works for permission to purchase the following
described lands in W��it Kootensy district: Com*
mencing at a post planted on the south shore of
Kootenay lake, and aHJotuing 0. ��. R. block No.
10, and marked "Tom Gordon s northwest corner
post," thence south 40 ehulns, thence fast 40
chalus. theuce north '20 chains, more or lea��, to
Lake Hhore, tbence west 40 chalnn to point of
Hated this -.-ih of April, 1907.
Tom Qomnr.
Hlxty tlays after date I inteud to apply to the
Hon. lbe UhitJ Commissioner of Lauds and
Works, Victoria, B C, to purchase 40 acres of
land: Commencing at a post planted at the City
of Nelson's H K. corner post, on Kootenay river,
ibenee20 chains aouth. thence west 'it' chalna.
thence north 'A) chalnn, thence east 80 chains to
point of commencement.
Nelaon, B, Q_ April 'ii, _____ E. J. CpMUH.
Sixty days afler date 1 iutend to apply to Hon.
tbe Chief Commissioner of (.ands and Works for
permission to purchase the following deacrlbed
lands ln Kooteuay district: Commencing at a
postmarked Brace White's N W. corner post,
situated at the northeut eoruer of f. R 30 about
a mile east of Slocan river, thence south 2u
chains, thence west '20 chains, thence south GO
cbalni, ihence cast 40 chains, thence nortb 40
chains, ihence eaat 40 chaini, thence north 4"
chains, thence weit >." chalna to point of commencement, containing 440 acres, more or lesa.
Located March IHtb. 1907.     Hmd White.
I, the undersigned, alter to days Intend to ap-
Ely to the Honorable the Chief Commlaaioner of
ands and Works for permission to purchase the
following land: Commencing at a poat marked
8. K 0, of l.nt ir..;, thence weM to chains, thence
south 2u chains, tbence west SO cbaina, theuce
south'A> chains, tbence west 4ll chalm, thence
sou'h 40 chains, thence cast Ho chains, thence
north ISu chains to point of commencement.
Located March 27th, 1&07. M.S. McNauqht,
N. F. McNai-oht, Agent.
1, the undersigned, after f>0 davs Intend to ap-
Jily lo the Houorahle the Chief Commlnloner of
anda and Works to purchase the following tie-
scribed land: Commencing at a post marked
.v E C, situate at the moulh of Cove creek on
the west shore of Sincan lake, thence west 20
chalus, thence wuth 20 chains, thence west 20
chains, thence south 20 chalus, thence west 40
chains, thence south 40 chains, thencecast 80
chains, thence north 8o chains to point of commencement
Located March 27th. 1907.      N. F Mi:Natwht.
Sixty days after date 1 intend to apply to tbe
Chief Commlaaioner of Lands and Works for
permission to purchase the following described
lands in Kootenay District, about three-quarters
of mile from Thrum's siding :   Commencing at a
rt placed at ttie S. W. oorner of L A89S, group
West Kootenay District; thence westerly
foUowlng the north boundary of L _.vj��, 40
chains; tbence north 10 cbains; thence east 40
chains, moreor less, tothe N. W. corner of
l/>��'j.t; thence south following the west boundary
of L6893, 10 chalna, more or lets, to place of commencement, containing 40 acres, more or lesa.
Dated this 6th day of December, 1906.
H. H. Pitts. Locator.
Sixty days after tlate I purpose making application to the Chief Commisaloner of Lands and
Works for permission to purchase the following
described laud: Commencing at a post placed
at the southeast corner of K.W G Haultain's
application to purchase, marked "K. F's. N.W.
corner," running tlience 80 chains norh. thence
80 chains east, thenre 80 cnalns south, thence 80
chains weid to point of commencement, containing 640 acrei, more or leas.
Dated the 9th day of April, 1907.
K. Fauquier,
        Per F. Cl. t_______l_____ Agent.
Sixty days after date 1 intend to apply to the
Honorable the Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works. Victoria, to purchase 120 acres of land
in West Kootenay. and described as follows:
Commencing at a post planted on the east side
of Arrow Lake at the southwest corner of L7��H
and marked "J. A. K's N W. corner," thence
east 24 chains, thence nouth 40 chains, thenoe
east SO chains, thence south 20 chains to Mose
helmer's pre-emption, lbence west W chaini to
Fauquier t, application to purchase, thence north
40chalus, thence west 20 chains to lake shore,
thence north along the lake shore to place of
March 19th, 1907.       J. A KKLLr.
Sixty davs after date I purpose making application to the Honorable the Chief Commisaloner
of Landsand Works for permission to puiHase
Ihe following described land: Commencing at
a post placedabout one and half miles eattof
Silver Tip Point, on Wbatsban Lake, near Christie creek marked "F W.O. H's. H.K corner," running thence K chains west to join land located
by F, L. Hammond, aa agent, thence 8n chains
north, theuce 80 chains east, thence HO chains
south to polnl of commencement, coutaiuing
640 acres, more or less.
Dated tbe 9tb day of April, 1907.
F. W. G. HADLTajir,
 PerF G. FiuqciEa. Agent
Sixty days after date I intend toapply to tbe
Hon tne Chief Commissionerof Lands and Works
Victoria, to purchase (HO acres of land ln West
Kootenay dlitrlet: Commencing at a post
planted about 6mi.ea from tbe mouth of Mosquito creek and about one mile west of the said
creek and marked "H.H.R'sS.W corner," and
running north 80 chains, thence east 80 chains,
thenee south 80 cbalni, theoce weat 80 chaini to
place of begiuniug.
Marcb 16th, 1907. H. H. Rom,
 J. E. Am* a bli. Agent.
Slxt) days after date I Intend to apply to the
Hon.Chlef Commissioner of Lands and Works,
Victoria, B. C,, to purchase -240 acres of land, in
Flre Valley, described ai fol owa: Commenciug
ata post planted JO chains west of Walter Bull's
N. W. corner and marked J. W Holmes' Jr. N. E.
corner p"st, and running routb 40 chains, thence
west 60 chains, tbence nortb 40 ohalns, thence
eaat 60 chains to place or beginning, and being a
portion of Section S6, Township 71, West Kootenay.
March Mb, 1907. J. W. Holmrh, Jk.
Hlxty days after date I Intend toapply to tbn
Hon. Chief Commissioner of Lamls and Worka,
Victoria, to purchaie 820 acres of land lu Weil
Kooteuny, tl-scribed sn follows:   Commencing
��� t a i"i- ( p| <nted up Mosquito creek, abont eight
mllei from the mouth and marked E. Cross' 8 w.
corner, thence ii��rt>< 80 chaftla, tbence 40 chaini
eut. t'riicc 8o chains south, thence 40cbalni
west to place of beginning
Feh. Hth, 1907, K.CKOM.
J.K Amu��Li, Agent.
New Dress, Muslins, Ginghams and Ladies* Ready-to Wear
Skirts, Costumes and Blouses.
We Are Still Selling Ladies' Undermuslins at Reduced Prices.
Fred Irvine <& Co'y
Notice U hereby given that 80 dayi alter date 1
intend to apply l��t the Hon. Chief Commtssioner'.of
Undi and Works, Victoria, for permission to pur-
Chaie the following described laud: Commen< mg
at a post platitetl on the west side of Blocan lake
and about two miles norlh of Kvans creek, and
marked O. a. Q'e southeast corner put, iheuce
uorth following ihore Ol lake UO chaini, thence
west ftl chalui, thence south lot) chaini, thence
east fti chains to point of lommeucement, -ano
acres more or lesi.
Located April 20, 1901.
uto B. Garrett, 1,-ocator,
Wn.CLOfOH, Agenl.
Slity dayi after date I intend to apply to the
Hon "the Chill Commlsiioner of Undi aiol
Wo-ks. Victoria, lo purchase 640 acres of laud in
West Kootenay, described as follows: Commenciug at a post planted about eight miles up
Mosquito creek and Joining K, Crosi' application
to purchase, and markea C. M's 8. E. corner,
ihence north 80 chaius, thence weit 81) chains,
tbence south no chains, thence east 80 chains to
placeof beginning.
Feb. 16tb, 1907. C. Marshall,
J. E ANMiiir.,
Hixty days alter uate 1 intend to apply to the
Hon.Chlef Commissioner of Landsand Works to
purchase tbe following described land located
lu Kire valley district of West Kooteuay: Commencing al a post planted at the H. E. corner of
J. ih n B&ngi' pie-emptlon, tbence south80 chains,
thence west 40 chains, thence nurth HO chains,
thence eait 40 chains to place of bt ft timing, containing 8*0 acros.
liocnted March 14th, 1907.
Il A. Mcl'HEc. Locator.
J.J Kelly, Agent.
Take notice that 60 days afterdate I intend to
apply to the Hon. Cblef Commissioner of i.-nu u
and Works, fur permlulon to purchase tbe following described lands: Commencing at the
smith--ait oorner of lot ttOb, tbence west lu
chalus, tbence south W cbaina, thenc-. east .t
chains, thence north vo chains, thence west lo
chains to point of commencement, containing
40 acres, moreorless
Dated Apr!'. 16th, 1907 P   J. Khiiu.iv
W. W. Hkam.ey, Agenl.
I, tbe underalgued. after to days lutend lo apply to thc Hon. tbe Chief Commissioner of Lands
aud Works to purchase tbe loiiowing described
laud: Commenciug at tbe N. E. u. of Lot TV*
G. 1., thence west 40 chains, thence north 'JO
chains, tbence eaat 4u chains, tbence south 'A)
chains to point of comuiencemeut, containing nj
acres more or less.
Located March 2fttb, 1907. W, A. Mills.
Take notice tbat sixty days nfter data
I Intend to apply to the Houorable the Chlel
Commlaaioner of l.andi and Worki for permis
���lon to purchue the following described land
situated in tbe West Kootenay district: Commeuelng at a post plauted at the southeast
corner of Lot iti, on the south side of tbe West
Arm of Kootenay lake, theuce 80 chains west to
southwest corner of said lot, thence A) chalus
south, thence H) chalus east, thence 'A) chains
north to placeof commencement, containing 160
April Jii'l. 1907. f ���HaMT.es KoBERTflOK,
per KtNMT W. BOBIKNVt Agent.
Blxty days alter date I intend toappiy to the
Hon. Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works,
Vlctorln, B.C., to purchase the following dc
scribed land, situated in ibe Weit Kootenay district: Commencing at a post planted on the
west side of Kootenay lake, near Khlnoceros
polut, and marked J. McKinnon's B. E. corner
post, tbence west 80 chains, thence north 40
chalm, thence east 80 chains more or leas to lake
shore, tbeuce along lake ibore to point of commencement.
Signed J Mi K inson.
Blxty days after date I Intend to apply to tbe
Hon. the ''hief Commfvaloner of Lauds and
Works, Victoria, for permission to purchase 100
acres, more or less, situated In West Kootenay
district: Commencing at a post planted midway
on tbe north boundary of Lot 7611 and adjoining
S. W coruerof Lot M63, thence north 16 chains,
tbence west 40 chains, thence south 40 cbalni,
tbenc eemt 20 chains, thence north 34 chains,
thence east 20 chaini to point of commenvemcut
Located Mareh 20th, I'M. 1. J. Scakum.
Sixty days after date I intend to apniy to tbe
Hon. the Chief Commissioner of [Ands aud
Woiks to purchase the following described
lands: Commencing at a post plauted on the
east Bide ol Lemon Creek at the mouth of the fl rat
north fork and marked "K.Cooper's southeast
eorur-r," running 80 chains west, north 40chalns,
ea-t 80 chains, aud south 40 chnins to plnee of
Dated March 20th, 1907. R. Cooper,
J. T. Tarns, Ageut.
Blxty days afterdate I In'end to apply to tbe
Hon. tbe Cblef Commissioner of Lands and
Worka to purchase the following deicrlbed
lnnds: Commenclngat a pnat marked "L A,
Tipping's southwest comer post" arid planted
near H. D. Curtls's land, nbout half mile from
Slocan City, running nortb 40 chalus, east 20
chains, sdutli 40 chains, weat 20 chains to place
of commencement
Dated March 14th, 19o7 L. A. Tiitino,
J. T. Tippinu, Agent.
Sixty days alter dnte 1 intend to app.y to tbe
Hon. the Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works to purchase the following described Imul
located iu l-'i r t Vn.'li-y dlstrist of Wast Kootenay:
Commencing at a post planted at the H.W. corner
of John Bang' pic-��mptlou, thence 60 chains
south, thenee 40 chalm west, tbence 60 chalus
north, thence40 chalnseast to placeof beginning.
Kii'iiAHii Kkkfk, Locntor.
J. J. Kki.lv, Agent.
Notice Is hereby given that 60 dnyi alter date 1
Intend to make application tothe Honorable the
Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works, at Victoria for permission to purchase the following
desciibeddands: Commenclnn at a post planted
at ihe southeast corner of lot 895, group 1, theutte
south M chalm, tbence east 60 chains, thence
north 26 chains, thence west 60 chains to point
of commencement, containing 165 acres, more oi
Nelioii, March 27tb, 1907.       Annie L. Wade.
Sixty dnyi afterdate llntend toapply to the
Hon. the Chief Commissioner of Lands nnd
Works, Victoria to purcbaie thc following described land: Commmclng at a poit marked
M lis S. W. corner, and planted near the northwest corner of Lot 3812, about one mile weit of
Hloean river, nnd running east 40 chains to Lot
881. t he tin* nor-h 40 chain*, thence west40chalns
thence iouth 40 cbaim to place of beginning.
March 9th, 1907. Milda Hadce,
Paul HArcK, Agent.
Sixty dnys after date I intend to apply to the
Hon. the Chief Commissionerof landsand Works
Victoria, B.C, to purchase 120 acres of land
situate In Fire Valley, West Kootenay, and described ns follows: Commencing at the northeast
corner of Lot 7815, nnd running north Co chains
thence east 20 chains, thence ��outb 60 chaini
thence west 20 chllni f> place of beginning       '
March 4tb, 1��7. W. tf, BuDin,
J. E   Aknarli, Agent.
Sixty dayi after date 1 Intend toappiy tathe
Hon. Chief Commissioner of Landi and Worki
to pnrebaie 320 acres of laud in Kire Valley Weit
Kootenay district and desert t*-d nf follows ���
Commenclngat ��� post marked J K'i B K
corner, and running north 80 chains, tbence
weit 40 chains, thence south W) chains, thence
east 40 cbains to place of beginning, and being
the weit one-half of tbe H. E. one quarter and
the eaat one-half of thc B. W. one-Juarter and
the west one-half of the N.E one-quarter'and
the eaat am- half of the N. W. onVuuarter of
8�� -tion 14, Townihlp 71, 0.1, <JU��"��r of
Mnrch tbih, 1907, John E��ut.
For Further Information Apply to
. IL il 1 1 Of NELSON, B. C.
The Hall Mining and Smel
Company, Limited.
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry Ores]
Whoicnaitf ProvUlona,
Produce,        ��� Fruit.
Government Creamery One Pound Bnckg rweived weekly freeh from Iht
rhuru.   For sale by all leading grocer*.
Offlce and warehouse: Houston Block,
Josephine Street.
Phone 79.
Nelson, B. C.
Blxty dnyi nfter date I intend to apply to the
Houorable the ("hief Commissioner of Lauds and
Worki, Victoria, to purchase the following
deacrlbed landa ln WMt Kootenay district:
Commencing ata poet planted al the H.K. coiner
of Wm. Lovett's purchase I-76M and marked
"K. II. B's N.E eoruer," and i mining south 60
chaini. thence went �� chains, thenoe norm co
chains, thence east 40 chains to place of beginning and containing MO ncre
Ma.���L '	
arebfitb, 1W7.
E. M.Shaw,
J. K   ANNii'.I.E, Agent.
Notice la hereby glren tbnt 80 days alter date I
intend loapply tothe Honorable tbe CbW Commlsiioner of Lands and Works fi��r permission
to purchase about I .ft acrea of land, sltutite near
tbe Pend d'Oreille riv.-r, West Kootenay district
and described ������ follows: Commencing at a
post marked Q. K. Thomson's N. W. corner post,
situatsd on tbe south boundary and ft ehatiU
from S.W poit Of lot TIM. thence soulb about 70
chains, tlience easl aboul 'ib chains to a point on
thc west boundary aud M ebalns from 8. W. post
of Lot 77-11, thence north 70 chains and iheuce
west Ki chains to the place of beginning.
Mth March, IW. Q, E I&OVKV,
________ A- Q�� Lako, Agtnt.
liflisl-T At_l nfter date 1 Intend toapply to tbe
Honorable the Chlel Commissioner of Lands and
Worki, Victoria, to purchase M0 acres of land,
situated ou the weitildn ol Arrow lake, and de
scribed nii followi: Commencing at a post mark
ed i. H a K. K. corner and placed at the southwest corner of Ul 7fiW, Oroup 1, West Koolenay,
and running west mi chains, tbeuce south An
chains, thonce east B0 chains to lhe lake shoie,
thence north along the lake to placed beginning
March 8th, 1907. J Iliiani,
                           J. E. Annahlk, Ageut.
..?91*Z',tflor ,I,tte ��� Intend to apply to tbo Hon.
Chief Commissioner of Lnndi and Works, Victoria to purchase 160 acrpi of land In Flre Valley,
West Kootenay dlitrlot, and deacrlbed ns follows:
Commencing at a poet marked W. H Wright's
H. K. corner, and runuluK north HO chnins, thonce
west 20 chains, thence .outh SO chains, thence
enst OT chains to place of beginning, and being
the west one ball of the N. K. quarter of Hectlon
X>. and tho west hall of iho H. if. oue-uunrtcr of
Section 8b lu Township 71 (1.1.
March ��tb, 1907. W. H. WmoHT.
Slity dayi afterdate i intend toapply to the
Hon. Chief Commissioner of Landl and Works.
\ Ictoria, to iTchase th following described
lands adjoining the Arrow >nkes ln West Kooteuay: Commencing at a post planted at Ihe
I*. W, corner of J. If. Toner's preemption, and
marked K. W'gS.W corner post, thence-JOOQttni
uorth along lake shore, thence 30 chains east.
thence ot chains south, thenoe 90 ohalni weit to
place of beginning, containing 40 ncrcs, more or
April 18,1907. Kvilyn Watson.
Notice la hereby given that BO days after date 1
intend to apply to thc Hon. chief < ommlssloner
of Lands and Works for permlMlon lo purchase
the following described lauds, situate In West
Kootenay district: Commencing al a post marked J. L. f'orter'i N. W. corner, thence iouth flo
chains, following the eastern boundnry of II.
Scloui' application to purehaae; theme east 40
chains; thence north (to chains; thence west 40
cbalni to point of commencement. eoutalnliiK
810 acres more or lesi.
Dated this lltb day of March, 1907.
.        j. l. pgwn.
flinty days after date 1 intend to apply to the
Hon. Chief Commissioner of Unds aud Works,
Victoria, to purchase 4m acres of land, In Flre
Valley, WeitKoolenay.and deserlbed as follows:
Commencing nt a poit plnnted at Walter Bull'*
northwest corner and marked A. W's 8. K. corner,
ind running north GO chnins, tbence west HO
chalm, thence iouth 60 chains, ihence eait ao
cbaiui to place of beginning. mM being part of
BectioniWnnd as In Township 71 and i portion
of Sections l and iin Township 69, Group 1.
March 5th, 19C7. A.tiru,
J, I. Annabi.1, Agent
Notice Is hereby given thnt W dayi slur*
Intend lo nt.ply to the Hon. the rhlpfCH1
Bioiier of Lauds and Works. Victoria, <*
mission tn purchue tbe followiiiK dur
laud; Commencing nl a post al the Inter*
ol thu south boundary of lot WO, ttt
boundary oi" "(iolden Queen" mineral aj
tin n-*e easl 19.6A ehatns, mor* or less. WW
easi corner post of lot bH&, theme ora
chains, more or leas, to northeast corner \m
lot b2*i, thence eut 40 chains to the -<""M
eorner post of lot '2b4t, thence south 40 tim
thenee west 60 chains, more or less to lot J
boundari ol the "Uolden yueen" mineral eT
thence along eut boundary "Uoldcn 4��
i..no ral claim to point of commenceioeHfl
ehalns, more or less.
Nelson, B.C., March 11 i*"'
I'er W��. Tolunuton, A|��H
Slity dtys after dnte I Iniend to applytoj
Hon. the Chef Commlnloner of La mil��
Works. Vlctorln, to purchase BO acres of ]*���*���
West Koolenay, described aa follows: "^
tneuclijg at a poit planted about B ralitfj
Mtifuiiltn Creek from the mouth ami m��J
"A. G." N.w. corner, thenei iouth N cbtf
thencu cast 40 chnins, thence north mttts
thence 4o chnins west to place of bcginnini-
February lCtb,W07. *_0Wrj
J. E. Annable, Aeenl-
t-H-cty days after dn'ol intend to s]
Hon 'lie Chief Commlsiioner of
WorkH. Victoria, to purchnse 640 MTU
West Koou-nny, describe 1 M totto
mencing ata poit marked "I>. B." N
and belU| nt lho N.W. coruerof A
npplloaUon to purchnse which is at*'
np Mosquito Oreen from tho mouth
uiiig HO chains sonth, thence HO cl
thence no chalm nonh, lbence IW ob
placo of begiuniug.
February Uth, 1��7. D
inly Wl
Aiuh *
Ids toi
Br li*
Huiy dayiaftor date 1 Intend to applT ��'
Honorable the Chief CommlMloner of lm""
Worki, Victoria, to purchase HO aerei ot i
located on the woit side ol Arrow lake*1"3!
docrlbid u followi: Commencing ��' "J
marked I'.A'iN. E. corner, and planted-*>-*���
north of the southweit corner of I-ot 7104, wij
1, Wost Kooienny, nnd running souih *ocm��
theneo wesl *20 chalus, thonce norlh ��cdh
thence oast '20 chains to place of hoilmiiul
March llth, 1907. ?. ahhaw
J. E  AKHAKI.I. Agent^
Mxly davs alter dnte I lutend to ��PP1-T.tfJ
Honorable the dhlef Commissioner of Un*""
Works Ior permission topiiM'hase ihe l<>no"
described land In Writ Kooteuny: ' '""'"IS
nt a post aboul ono nnd n quarter mllei ( USB
Hnvonna Landing, nnd mnrked;Bcll�� ',r,',;j
Bj K. corner, thenco north to chalm- tlifnwj
20 chains, llieneo south SO chllns, tlience w
chains lo point of oommeneement. -
March Knd, lttfl.     (Binned) Biua Bkaw*"
Robirt Robinson, A��eni^
Hlxty days aftor date llntend to nW>IJ" .7J
Honorable tho Chief Commissioner of '*fl"J��
Works for permission to purchaio tho 1011%
described land In West Kootenay; * <>m,l2*��i
ata pohI planted on the north bank: of w>��;
creek, about three qusrteraof a mile fro'������-
of creek, and marked Kva Cull's - ^',||t,
thence north 20 chaini, thonce west I"**"?
thonco iouth 20 chalm, thonce can 4n',nI1B,
point of commencement. , ������. rru,
Mnrch .and, 1B07. (81gne<l) Kv* \w
Hlxty days after dnte I intend to��PPW.jl
Hon. thc Chlel Commissioner of ^KKjjl
Works for pormlislon to purchaio lie imi ^
deserlbed land In Weit Koolenay: ���;"""",
eta pott planted on the louih bank oi��   |((
reek, nbout-sue mtto from mouth of rn    ^
... >out sno mtto from moutii "" ir.VjiC
marked "ll.  Roblnion'i N W    corner,    ��,,
south to chnlni. thenoe eut 4n ''hii1?''---,,
norlh Ho chnlni, tbenco weit 40 chains 10
March ��ndf WW, ��� ninflM
(Blgned) EoMBT WmtW'
 ., Special for Camp and Hotel Use
Heavy Hams
[���he Very Best of Canadian Goods
The Daily Canadian
P. Burns & Co., Ltd.
Nelson, Kaslo, Rossland and Boundary.
n notice thll thirty dsrs aitir dato I in
to appl] tothe Hon- Ciye| Commlaaioner of
��� mi] WorkH al Victoria, It. C, Iur a special
��� in'ut snd  csrrv  awuy limber  from the
, | ti tc iiPBcrlbodlnndi In A Ins worth division:
imi-in iuk at s post marked ('has. F. Walmi-
I imitliwoal POtt,  thenco  north BO  chains,
|..r ,,.| hi chains,  thence south INI cbains,
*,,.���-.* noi ':�� na1** I-"Hit of commencement,
<    ��� t twlng tliuati>v1 on Ibe east ald�� of
Srreek, about   .'' ���. mil*** M.utli of i\,,- Lar
ed March Uth, HOT.
Chai. F. WaLmmjey, I/x-mtor.
1*. Khirah, Agent.
mmciielng  at a  post  marked   Chas. F
,-*, a   li.irlbwest   jhisI,   theuce   soutb   Ml
t>.< ti ���  cam Wl chaius, thence north HO
ibi-nce went M chains to point ol con-
n.*[i!   il��*  -ii -I laud tiling situate on the
,- ol i AfcHde creek, about -!1 _ miles south
KrlUD rner
ValrdMsrch Uth, 1W0.
chas. F. Wauw-it, Locntor,
1'. HiiinAft, Agent.
neminK at a poal marked Chai. K.
t -'.I*..-t [I,,-.!. thence iouth M
. . cum 80 chains, tbiuce north K
. weet ao chilni to polntof corns' [beiaid land being situate on the
f i aicnde creek, about i1 j miles aoutb
; rlrer
ated Match l.'lh, 19"7.
Chai F. Walhilet, Locator,
1'  Hurra M, Agent.
v tii.) Kiven that R) dayi*fter date I
Kp|<lj to ihe Hon Chief �� ommir-wloiier
an-i Works, at Victoria fur a special
i i ,i anl carry away timber from the
leicrlbed tands In West KooUmsy:
i*K .*. !���.-! planted ou the enit line
I iwo mllei south of the southern
i ul my Timber License No. 10, thenoe
sm-, north HO chllni, west 40 chnlni,
hum, reit 40 chalm, iouth to chilni,
nm -mail so ehalni to place of com-
���Dl    ontaining 'U i ncria,  more or leaa.
 f. mun.
.*.*���>��� siren that aodnyi afterdate 1
nt')1')' io ibe Honorable tne Chief Com-
Undi and  Worki   for  n   ipccla]
r - i.t  Hi|i|  carry away timber from tbe
r ���.������i.tHud  lands situated on tbe weet
<sl h * -in ip Crock Valley:  Commencing
|*_i tliri" nnil a half  miles north of tbe Inter-
iiindary Unit nnd about one and a
��� ��� I tbe Nelson and Fort Hheppard
���Iwsr'ouipany'i land grant In the dlatrlct of
a 'inlng   at i poit  planted   two
I-- lllg -iK-fp creek, kuown u tbe
���tt.-i- -1 corner ooat, Joining J. K. Cranston's
���U*r claim No. I.claltning U chains norlh,
Bore no rha I ns cast, thence 80 chains aoulh,
(ni. Uchalui weit to polnl of commencement.
-ftlnl Man h'ilit. 1907.
ommenclng at n poit planted at the
ftlhweM rorner of .... aimii So. 1, known ni the
rth��>"i' ono-r !���"��� i ��� il location No, '2, claiming
:hsii ith, tbenee H) chains enit. then | t��
b;:,< in-rtii    iheuce HU chalm weat lo point of
OCIted March Jilt, 1907.
ommenclnf at a post  placed  half a
|i>- ��< ii nl locntion No 2. known ns the south-
ptrtinicr, claiming HO ehalns uorth, tbence 10
west, ihcnce W> chains south, tbence W
���jsini-tiw to point of eomminoement.
"minciiciug Rt a post planted nt tbe
biti'ifi corner of Ioral tuu No. I, known na the
"Vibrant rorner, claiming 100 chains south,
chains wesl, thenra iflO chnlni north,
haiiiH ���������i-i to pniut of commencement.
March -Hat, 1907.
J. ��. HwinnRRO. Lsocntor.
K   T  Kkorwikji'*, Agent-	
hereby given that :��) days nfter date
H|>|>ly to the Hon. Chief Commlaalon-
1- and Works for a special license lo
rrj away timber Irom the following
lands situated on tbe west ilde of Big
��� Valley, commencing nbout 4', mllei
the ���nternatlmia) boundary Hue. nnd
mile west of big Hbeep creek in tbe
Weit *ootenny:
'ommenetni at a -post plnnted nbout
h m of Big Sheep creek, knowu a- tbe
corner post, claiming 90 chains iouth,
i-hatni wt��t, thence m chnlni norm,
hams east to point ot commencement,
ommenolng at a post planted at the
corner of location No 1, known ai lhe
i orner i*ost, claiming HO chains uorth,
chains cast, thence 00 cbalni ioulb,
hams west to point of commencement.
ommenetni at i post planted it the
corner of location No. 'i, known ai the
corner poat, claiming 80 chnins north,
ctoilns west, thence 80 chains south,
., I'liHluscast topulnt of cummmeemeut.
Iwilpl April 1Mb, mn.
J. P, Bwinnno, Tawntor,
KT KwoRtJiKlKW. Agent.
I HoUoi
��������'��������� i
hereby given ihnt ftO days nfter dnte I
spply io the Honorable the Chief Com-
"f Lands and Worki   tor   n   special
and  carry away ttinhi>r (mm tbe
leicrlbed land, situated on Kooskinai
Vest Kootenay district:
'iur at a post plsutei at the north-
B    .    rof Timber Limit No 10*47, nud mark-
I   '���  I' Lea's southwest corner  posi,  thenco
��� 'haitiH, thence eist SO chnlni, thenre
, tlience west 80 cbalm to polntof
n cement
"1 March 28, IN?.      H. D. Ll*. Locntor.
{Timber Notice No. 8)
: * ������* Ing ut it post planted nt the southeast
nl No 2 limit, and at lbe norlhweit comer
wr license No. 10240, thence  nonh   IW
" ��� ii. !��� east   40  chains to  weit line of
I ii��ti No lOMft, following line of No.
i'l b��M, lfio ehalns, thenee following line
"[ license No. in.!it> 40 chains to point of
'" <i Mnrch m, Un.     H. I).Lea, Locator.
(limber Notlco No, 4.)
I" hereby given tbat 00 diTi nfter date 1
id t
��� ��������� "Pply to the Hon. Chief Commissioner
unit- and �� orki (or I special license to cut
mmi   ir.y K.WHy timl),'T from the following de-
i'"   lamls, altuated on   Kooskanax creek In
Kooteuay dlitrlot, and nbout flye miles
irom I ,,j,er Arrow lake:
,,,',l'VlH'",;1,|g Rt * poit planted on tbo north
Kill   I   mil  A V,U\ lib,MU   lHll( ** mll�� 'r��m "�����*"'
ilii'i.,.        ,v   i'' ��� ***** ���"outheast corner poit,
lho , ' "u .!l>���**"��. thence west 80 chnlni,
<��� "oinhHochHins, thence east 80 chains to
���wut oi eommeucement.
wcated March 11,1907.     tl D Ua, Locntor.
.. (Umber Notice No. b.)
muiih��!>?I,ll,,( ,lt h P��"1 mnrked H. D. Un's
I follow ,7,,tl''"nu'r I""*!. thenco north 80 chains,
i,sMhi,h>V,,''*,,l.lUl,eof No 4 locetlnn, tbenoe
*Mtmeh.i%.thanM N,,,ltl1 m UlWi Ihenco
i <�� ���i,.i m    , W'?i"(MBHnonoomMl.
''"Hte.l March 81, iwn.      H.U Le*, UtcetoT.
Notlaa i. . (-'rim,*,��r Mmlt No. 8.)
i feta i iMTS'egSff.MJte. *��i MS?!
��� "I ''oimnlHHlonor ���f
Jpooill li,
hat sixty davi after
the  Honorable tho
[..intend to'apph
oimnlMloner o/Ubdi and Wortsforn
ut i
,,   , - -... ..id  carry away timber
u!' 'ollowlngdeicrlbed laml, situated about
\ _�� '"Ues from tb
siinx ercolt, li
uie Upper Arrow lake on Kooi:
WMtKooleoif dls.rlet:
nd mnrked II.
thence cut 80
thenee west 00
ment       " "��v.,��uii, io polntof oom-
^M March HI,!��,,.      H.D.ilIA)IjO0(llor|
t .. ""."Howlnir t]
ohMni ffl M',,,,,ll W����hntiii.then
net    men?00 norlu WhUui to poi
Notice Is hereby given thai ;m days from date
I intend loapply to the Hon Chiel Commissioner
of Lnnds aiol Works for a special licenae lo cut
nnd enrry away timber from lho following du-
icrlbcd laudi In Weit Koolenay distrlot:
('ommenclng at i post planted on tbe north
bnnk of 10 Mile creek, about one mile and a balf
from Hloean lake, marked K Strand's northweit
corner poat, thenee east IflO chains, thence soutb
40 chnins, thenre west 160 chains, thence north
40 ebalns to point of commencement.
Dnted this '21st day of March 1107.
K. ImuMD, Locntor.
Notice li hereby given that 80 days after dale I
intend toapply to the Hon. the Chief CnnimJi-
���loner of Undi and Worki, at Victoria, for n
���peclal license to cut nnd enrry a��R�� timber
from the following described lauds in Yale district;
No. 1.���Commencing atn poit planted about 10
cbains oast of main Kcitl- river aud about one
mile more or l<**�� norih of < I' It. Hlock No.
3047, and marked Boundary Lumber Co'i H. X.
corner poit No. I, theno* 9) chains ���"rth, thence
to chains west, thence 81 cbalni south, thencu no
chalna enat to the point of commencement.
Dated Mar, b 22nd, IWI.
Nv 2.���'ora mencing it a post planted about 10
ehains east of main Kettle river about 80 chnlni
north of Boundary Lumber Co's l<ocnlion No. 1,
and marled Boundary Lumber Co's 8, K. corner
post No. 2, thonce 80 chnins north, thence 10
chaiua weit, tbence 80 chains south, thence 80
cbains east to the point of commencement.
Dnted 22ne Mnrch, 1907.
No. 3.���Commencing at a post planted nbout 10
chains cut of main Kettle river and about 10
chains north of Boundary Lumlier Co's locntion
poit No t, nnd marked Boundary Lumber Co'i
o. K, eorner poit No. ft, thence ho chalm north,
tbence 80 chains west, thenc* 80 chains aoutb,
thence 80 chains east to the point of oommenoement.
Dated March 22nd, 19W.
No. 4.���Commencing at a post plnnted abont
10 chnins enst of the main Kettle river aud nbout
00 chnins north of Boundary Lumber Co's locntion post No. 8, and marked Boundary Lumber
Co'a fl. I. corner post No 4, thence 80 chllni
nortb, thence 00 chalna west, thence 80 chains
soutb. thence 80 chains east to tbc point of commencement.
Dated March 22nd, 1907.
Nu 6.-Commencing at n post planted nbout
15 cbalm eaat of main Kettle river and nbont
two miles north, more or lw, of Boundary Lumber o'a Location No. 4, nnd mnrked Boundary
Lumber Co's fl K. corner post No 6, thence 80
cbniDi north, thence 80 ebalna west, thence 80
chains south, ihence 80 cbalni enst to tbe point
of eommeneement.
Dated March XSrd, I��07.
No. ft.���Commencing nt a poit planted nbout 20
ehalns east of main Kettle river on 0 J'- H. line
bloci No. 2714, ind about 80 chnlni north of
Boundarv Lumber Co'i location poit *��o, 6, and
marked Boundary Lumber Co's K H corner poat
No. 6, theuce K> cbalm nortb, following C. P R.
Hm block No 2714, thenee DOchalm west, tbence
80 cbalm south tbeuce 80 chaini esit to tbe
P<dnt ol commencement.
Dnted Mareh rtrd, 1907.
No. 7.���Commencing at a post planted about
15 chaini well of the main Kettle river on C I'.B
line bl ck No. 2714, and about 80 chaini north of
Boundary 1 umber Co'i location poil No. 6, nnd
ma, ked Boundnry Lumber Co'i H E. corner poit
No. 7, thence IMehalui north, following C. P. B
Hue block No. 2714, thence 40chaim weit, thence
160 ahalni iouth. tbence 40 chaini east to tbe
polntof commencement.
Dated March 2ftrd, 1907.
No. 8 -Commencing nt n poil planted about
U chains west from river bank and about 3 milei
aouth. more nr leu, of tbe tait cast branch of the
eaat fork of tbe mnln Kettle river or nbout 18
miles uorth, more or lew, of C. P. R. Bloak No.
2714, on enit fork of Kettle river, mirled Boundary Lumber Co'i N. W. corner poat No 8, thence
Bli chains east, thence 80 chaini aouth, thence ��
chains weat, th-nce 00 chnlni north to tbe point
of commencement.
Hated March 25lh, 1907.
No. 9.-Comraenctng nt n poat planted ibout
20 chaini weit from river bnnk, on tbe east fork
of Kettle river, nnd about 80 chains south of
Boundary Lumlier Co'a location post No 8, nnd
mnrked Boundary Lumber Co'i N. W. corner
poil No ��, tbence 80 chatm cast, thenc 80 chains
south, thence 80 chalna weit, thence 00 cbalm
north to the point of commencement.
Dnted Marcb 'i'dh, l*n.
No. 10 ���Commencing nt n poit plnnted about
20 chaini west from river bnnk on tbe east fork
ol Kettle river, and aboul 80 chnlna wuth of
Bounder*. Lumber Co's location post No. 9, nnd
marked Boundary Lumber Co'i N. W. corner
post No. 10, theme 80 chnins enat, tbence 80
cbhlni iouth, thence 80 chilni weit, tbonce 8U
chalus north to the point of commencement.
Dated March 25lh, 1907.
No. ll.-Commenclng at n poit plnnted nbout
U chnlni weit Irom river bank on the enit fork
of Kettle river, and about 80 chnlni mnth of
Boundnry Lumber Co'i locntion pott No. 10, ind
marked lioundary LumberCo'i N.W. eorner poit
No. 11, tbeuce 80 chnins enit, thence W chnlni
anuth, thence 88 ohnim west, theoce 80 chiles
north to the point ol commencement.
Dated March 25lb, 1007.
No 12���Commenclng nt n poit planted about 12
chaini west from river bank in the eait fork of
Ke He  river, nnd nbout 80  chnins south of
itmindarv Lumber Co'i location poit No. 11, nnd
maiked Itoundary  Lumber Co'i N. W. corner
post No. 12, Ihenco 80 chnlni east, thence *
cbains south, tlience 80 chains woit, tbence 80
north to the point of com meneement.
Dated March H6tb, 1907.
No. lS.-Commenolng at a poit plnnted about
12chains wcsl from river bank on theeastfork
if Kettle river, and about 80 cha us south o
Boundary Lumber Co's Iwntlon post No. U nnd
marke.1 Vtoiindary Lumber Co's N   W. COMtt
nnit  No. 13, thence 80 chains east,  thence 80
{hains south, thenco 80 chains west, ihence 80
cbains north to lho polntof commencement.
Paled March 25th, 1��07.
No 14,-*'ommenclng al a post plnnted about
10 chains w st from river bank on the cut fork
of fettle river, nml   nbout 80 chnlni south o
oundRry   umber Co's location Mt No. IS, nod
.r._.rked ftiiundnry LumberCo'i N W. corner post
B"S the     ��� (J? chain* eaM,  ihtn.-u 80 chains
iouth   thonco 80 ehalns west, theuce 80 chnlna
uorth to the point of commencement,
mass* ����� m nsRUkfl
I0oi��lniw��lt iron rtTM l>��nk <"> the mil lork
,1 Tl le river. Md ��Wj�� ff��lnj "����'���'<'
BouiuLry Uimtor Io. port No 11,,��J Am.rk��l
K5n��*0h��ln.��0��, ihenra HO cli.lu. north to
point ol conimolli'oiniint'
lioniiil.rv LumlsiT do*. lo����lo�� port vjlIt, �� i
marked ftsiunsl.ry I iimbiir Oo �� N.�� . iijn IB ��t
No  16. ihunsio m oh. n. .ut, heno. to on. JJ
Mulh, tlioiiTO 81 oh.lnii wort, thonoe w ch.ln.
norlh to the polnl "I essmmelu'emenl.
lionn" .ry.LtimBn 0o. looatlon,p,..i No. U, Md
in.rkesl lliiniid.ry  I.ujnl-wir I n l". ��, *___K
eli.lil" "..nn Hi the iHslnloli'siiiiiiieueeniont.
ll.lt',I M.rch 35*tl)i 1907- , .,,���_,-,, .,,������.
NS ill -Commencln-, ��t�� port P   J'"!1,.1 ���k'
ertolth. river Wnkouth; nI ���  o k
Way Found Through  Maine Courtt to
Sell  Liquor at Will.
BanKnr, Me., May 10.���Ilangor whole-
Hale llijiior dealers are having no trouble circumventing the prohibitory law.
When a man wants to do a wholeaalo
liquor buslnesH, Instead of having elaborate "hides" constructed and bringing
In his goods secretly by night, or by
roundabout routes, he forum an "express company" and does business In
the open. Under a decision of the supreme court, liquors In transit are not
subject lo seizure, and upon this safe
foundation the numerous companleB
aro Btundlng prosperously and triumphantly.
The schemer easily finds two dummy
stockholders, or Incorporators, the law
requiring at least three, and with them
forms an express company, with president, secretary and trasurer, all of
which offices he usually fills himself.
Then, having paid the fee of Incorporation, and filed his certificate in tbe offlce of the secretary of slate, he hangs
out a sign and watts for business.
A man conies In and asks to have a
case of beer bought for him ln Boston,
the express company acting as purchasing agent as well as furnishing transportation, The express official says, "All
right, we'll get It���but here'B a case of
beer lhat we have bought for Mr.
Blank, and as he's in no hurry, you
can bave it if you like, and we'll get
another for him."
That strikes the customer as a good
plan, and he gets his beer right off. Incidentally, tt might bo mentioned that
it makes no difference what a customer
culls for���If he wanted a barrel of
whisky there would be a barrel right
there ordered for some one who waa
In no hurry for il. and he could have it
carted away at once. Bangor haa five
or six express companies, two having
been organized within a week.
Can the Custom Tailor Retain Hla Buaineaa Without Improving
Hia Methoda.
The future looks dark for the merchant tailor. In tne new provinces of
Canada, in years gone by, a custom
tailor could open a shop in a small
town and soon be busy with orders for
M0 and $50 suits. Tbo whole field Is
occupied by the Semi-ready tailoring
with the same suite at |20, $25 and $30,
and each Semi-ready Btore now carries
a lot of sample worsteds and fine tweeds
from which special orders are taken,
thc exact measurements, with height,
weight, and physique type being sent
to the Semi-ready shops ln Montreal.
"This beats me," satd a merchant
tailor of Coleman, B. C, and forthwith
he sent and secured the Semt-ready
agency. "They make the Biilt in five
day, finished, complete.' In towns of
6,000 In the West, there are not over
two or three custom tailor shops, and
these muBt soon go the way of the almost forgotten custom bootshops.
Coall Ice! Wood!
Phone 265
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Frait,
Fuel it Poultry Co., Ltd.
N. E. cor. Baker and  Ward Sta.
Performance In Aid of Fire Hall Fund
a Wild 8ucceaa.
(Special to The Dally Canadian.)
Moyle, May 7.���Moyle has now a flro
brigade and will soon have a thoroughly
equipped, new flre hall. Every citizen
of Moyle, male and female, old and
young, is Interested in It, and no request on Its behalf for time, money, or
work, ls ever refused by auy one.
Last night, Monday, a local minstrel
company, which was organized specially for the purpose about two months
ago and haa been practising diligently
ever since, gave Its performance, and
cleared $150 for the good cause.
The performance was an unlimited
success. Messrs. Kamm, White and the
Stewart brothers were the end men, and
their local hits will long be remembered, They would not be very Interesting to an outsider, but there was not
a resident of Moyie who was spared���
and all of course ln perfect good nature.
Mr. Kamm's Bongs were particularly admired. His rich voice, scorning the
conventionalities of mere music, nearly
brought down the house.
All the mlnBtreis' "get-ups" were mag-
niflcent, and there ls a considerable demand ln Moyie for corks, matches, shoe-
blacking and Btove-pollsh.
Germany   Not   Satisfied   With   United
Statea Trade  Relations.
Berlin, May 10,���The vice chancellor
In the Reichstag today expressed apprehension that the agreement with the
United States at many points did not
fulfil the hopes entertained by the
Oermany hoped that further negotiations would lead to a more just recognition of her claims. The United Stales
should remember that Oermany was
among Its best customers. The agreement was eventually referred to a committee which is expected to report In
a few days.	
Tfc< Sttathcona
Nelaon, B.O.
Reg. Geo. Webb, Prop.
The Leading Hotel in the
Qood   Sampls    Rooms.
Queen's Hotel
lekec Html, atlaan. >��� o,
Lighted by Eleotrioitj- and
Heated by Hot Air
Un. ud Comfortable Bedroom, and Flnt-
elsuaCiumi Boom.  Sample Boom, for Comaur-
*1*' "**   MRU. I. O.CUJUK, Proprlrtrem
Grand Central Hotel
Thi. hotel hubeen completely renovated and
newly lursUhM with .11 modem equipment..
Hot w.ter heating throughout.
BATES i Boom., EOo. npw.rdi; meal. 16c,;
.pedal rates by the week.
J. A. ERIOKSON, Proprietor
Telephone, ISO.   Opposite Court House
and Poatofflce. Nelson. B. C.
Corporation of the City of Nelson
BY-LAW No. 17*7
A by-law to raiae $60,000.00 for the
construction of a Public School in the
City of Nelaon, and the Improvement of
the grounds and appurtenancea In connection therewith.
Tremont Hotise
���areeeea aad amerlcaa Flan
Heals > en.  Boom, from �� eta. to ��
Only White Help employed.
���aker at, Nelion Proprtefon
Bartlett  House
���* Proprietor.
Best Doflar-a-D��T Hotise in Helson.
The Bar u the PUeeL
White Help Only Implored.
Joeephlne Bt
Neleon. B. 0.
Royal Hotel
ii.. ,V_,        l","1* thenoe ��outh SO
������'�� ��e��l:.m ei���',!',*? ",."��� ""�� ot No,IS limit,
l������'��.i��i1,h_i���.,Ai"?llM.llortb wi oh.ln.,
Located Mu.hn.__ po"" 0| oommonnement.
H.D.Uu, Looator,
>����t��il Mitch 31,1107,
NELSON,    -    B. C
Whereas the Board ol School Truatew of the
city of St*Uon hai prepared and laid before the
Mtmiclpel CouudcIi of tbe City of Neleon an ee-
tlmete ���farming that tuuh Board require! *tO.-
000.00 to meet en extraordinary expenditure for
tbe purpoie of conn rlifting s pub lv vchool In
tbe City of Nelson and tke Improvement of the
krounds end appurtenances ln connection therewith.
And whereas such estimate ha* been duly con
sidered and finally approved of by tbe said
And whereas for the purpose aforesaid it will
be necessary to borrow tbe sum 01900,000.00 and
to issue debentures of tho City of Nelson for the
imrpose of raising said amount
And whereas the whole amount of the rateable
land of the said city, according to tbe last revised assessment roll, is one million two hundred
and sixty seven thousand seven hundred and
twenty-five dollars i91._Xfl.78S.)
And whereas It will be requisite to raise annually by rate tba sum of Ave thousand two hundred
and thirty two dollars and sixty cents (9S,3tl.80)
tor paying tbe said debt and interest.
Now, therefore, the Municipal Council of the
Corporation of the City of Nelton enacts as fol-
1. It shall and nay be lawful for the Mayor ol
the Corporation of the City of N��Uon to borrow
upon the credit of the said Corporation, by way
of the debentures hereinafter mentioned, from
any person or persons, body or bodice corporate,
wbo may be willing to advance the same as h
loan, a sum of money notexoeedlng in the whale
the sum of Blxty Thousand Dollars (930,000.00,1
and to cause all such sums io raised or received
to be paid into the hands of the treasurer of the
said Corporation for the pnrpoee and with the
object herein before recited.
2, It shall be lawful for -he Mayor of the said
Corporation to eanse anv number of debentures
to be made, executed and issued for such sum or
sums as may be re ulred for the purpoee and ob<
leet aforesaid, not exceeding, however, the sum
of Sixty Thousnod Dollars (930,000.00) each of the
���aid debentures being ol tbe denomination of
One 1 housand Dollars (91.000), and such debentures shall be sealed with the aeal of the Corporation and signed by the Mayor thereof.
S The said debentures shall bear date the
flrst day of July, Itm, and shall be made payable
in twenty vears from the said date, tn lawful
money of Canada, at the offloe of the Bank of
Montreal In Nelson aforjfaid, wbleh aald place
of payment shall be designated by the said debentures, and shall bave attached to them coupons lor lho payment of Interest and the signatures to tbe interest coupons may be either
written, stamped, print id or lithographed.
4.  The said debentures shall bt-ar interest at
Bates |1 and $1.60 a Day.
Special Batea to Begolar Boarden.
We have for Sale one ofthe best
Residences in Nelson.    Close in
Call and see us for price and terms.
Brydges, Blakernore & Cameron, Ltd*
Two of the Best Improved Ranches
With bearing orchards aod running water on each property.    Time properties can be purchased on reasonable terma if sold at once.
Choice Fruit
I Have S0.000 Aesea
Chotocst Firtt Lands In
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy now and get thc ground floor prices.
J. E. ANNABLE,    -    Nelson, B. C.
40 Actes First-class Pratt
Laad on Kootenay Late I
Within '/, mil* ef Earl Oray*a Ranch.
i/* mils lake frontage. Free from reek.
Pltfnty water.   |3S per aero, on terma.
Notice !��� tatrnliir given that thirty flats after
d-tte 1 lnton to niiplj to the B-wrd ol Lleeaee
CniiiiiiiisKlssiirri lor tlie Ymir diattiet lor a trene-
liir ol the licence held bj me lor the tort Miep-
p-irsl hotel lo r. Adle. ._,__.��.
(8i��ocd) a M. Baiaua
Wancta, B C, Her Ul, MOT-
Helium" wml ol tn�� river ';��"��; ; -,, "���,
post No.
D.,.d March Mfktffc BouDJ..;__��... uo.
Notice li horebr alven that �� day" alter date 1
Intend to applv to The Hon. Chlel uonimlnnloiier
ssl Unrtii mis) Works, tor a speolal ilnenw to cut
end earry away timber Irom the lollowlng deicrlbed landl, iltuated on Corn Creok Iss the
Uoat creek dlvlilon ln Houth woit Kootenay, H 0.
"A"-tlommencln�� Ht poit "A" plantedI about
Ino chain, weit Irom iculheait cornei olBl-aea
No 100", and marked " >. I. Beekwlth by I I
Lmia, annul, northoail corner peel, at*"-'' �����
slialnii norlh ol tha -Bream, Ihen weat ISO onalai,
llss-ii to ohalm lonlh, Ihen eaat ISO islialm, then
10 chalm north to poit ol oommeueement.
Dated March filit, 1D0). W. U. flacawtW,
bvl. 1 Itmu. Agent.
"B"���Commenolng at ps>it "B" planted on tbe
iouth fork ol Corn croek, aboiitWehalni Irom
where the itream emptlei Inlo tba Main atream,
marked "W. I,. Beekwlth by 1 i U��la, agent,
northeut eoraer poll," aboul three ehalni eaal
ol itream, then Uo ishalm aoolh, the a ��ehalna
wait, thou 160 ohalni norlb, ihen ailehalni eail
to point ol eommeucement. ���,���-.���,_���
llitcil March 7th, UM,      ,  W. I. BncawlTH,
by l.J. Lucia, Agent.
ssc-Oommeneing at pint '���*-" ,l4'"!S,Jj
ohaini issuth nl norlhweit oornerol Block. B
marked "W 1. lleckwllb by I. J. Lucia, agent,
northeait corner -poet,*' about ton chelae waal*ol
ilr.am nortlie.il corner, then 160 ehalna aouth,
thru tslilialiii weil. u.en IM rtal.ie norlh. then
40 chaimeait to noilI ol ci"n"*��5<l?��'fS'��_r-.
Dated ��*"h^.M^It,.&��.iST.
Most comtortable quarteri In Nelion
Only the beet ol Llquora aad tiger-,.
A* McDonald & Co.
Dealera in ataple and fancy Grooeriea
Batter, Eggs.
Oamp and Hlnera' SnppUee.
Tenders Wanted for the futchase of a
Mineral Claim.
Examination for Assayers for Licence to
Practice in British Colombia.
tbe rate of Ave per cent (6 per cent) from the
dute thereof, which interest ���hftll be payable
wml annually at the laid offlce of the Bank of
Montreal In Nelion aforenahl, ln lawful money
of Canada on thu flrst day of July and the flnt
day January respectively In each year during
the currency thereof; and it shall be expressed
in said debentures and coupons to be so payable.
6. It shall be lawful for ihe Mayor ofthe said
Corporation to neiotlate anl sell the uld debenture*1 or any ot them for less than oar, but ln no
case ahall the debentures Or auy one of them bt
negotiated or told for less than ninety (Ue wr-
centum (95 per cent) of their value including
the cost of neffotlatlnir and ��ale, brokerage and
all other incidental expenses.
6. There shall be relied and levied each year
during the currency of said debentures the sum
three thousand dollars ($3,000) for payment of
interest and the sum of two thousand two hundred ��nd thirty two dollars and sixty cents
(��** _w_t 60) for payment of the said debentures
by ra'e sufficient therefor on alt the rateable
land lu the said Municipality.
7. It shall be lawful for the said Municipal
Council to ro purchnse any of the nald ileben
ttires upon such terms as may be agreed upon
with the legal holder or holdem thereof or any
-part thereof, either at the time of sale or any
subsequent tl ne or times* and all debentures so
re-purchased shall forthwith be cancelled and
destroyed and no re-Issue of debentxres so re-
purchiiied shall bu made in consequence of such
* This Bylaw shall takeeffoct on, or after, the
1st day of June, 19OT
9. This Bylaw may be cited for all purposes
as the "l ity of Nelson Public School Loan Bylaw
Done and passed iu Council assembled this
 .day of 1M7.
An Examination for Assayers will be held ln
Victoria on the -27th May and following days.
Entrance for any examination moat be made
in writing to thi Secretary of the Board of Examiners, at least ten days before the date set lor
beginning of examination, and must be accompanied by the prescribed fee ($15)
Any additional Information desired may he
obtained from Herbert Carmtcheel, secretary,
board of examiners, Victoria
Minister oi Mines.
Department of Mines, .
Victoria, B. C , 16th April. Val.
TftSe UUwe ��l-��* w*o   auuio   ,n   aa    hud   tl'l"J    ����
the proposed Bylaw, upon wblch the vote of the
municipality will be taken at the City of Nelson,
on Monday the Wth day of May, next, between
tbe hours ttt tf o'clock a.m. and 7 o'clock p.m.,
l<ir the East Ward, at the Council Chamber, at
the eoruer nt Viciorla and Josephane titroetH,
and for the West Ward, at the Bo-rd of Trade
Booms, at the corner ol Vietoria and Kootenay
"B3S.1. cu., tb. 7th, ijn^-^
CUT -fart.
Notice la herein Uvea that tha Wattiburj
Lumber company haa applied to Hla Honor tha
Lieutenant Governor la council, under the pro-
vialona of the "Klvera and Streama Act," for the
right to lmprofe Kykisrl. creek. In'thc dlatrlct ol
We,t Kootenay. Brltlah Columbia, bjs removing
the obalructlona therefrom and straightening
the bank, thereof, and lo con.trsiot slamss, booma,
alldea and chute., and make.uch other improvementa aa may be neceaaary lor tho driving and
rafting ol lour and the 11 liming uf Umber thereon
The land, to Ih-alfei'tesl are goverment laud, and
Lota 251 and ���ml. Uroup 1, k oolenay dlatrlct, and
tha tolls that are piopoKd to be charged, il any,
are inch aa mav be fixed by a Judg t ol the county
court ol Weat Kootenay.
Dated thla 71th day ol March, A, 11.1907.
Tenders addreaaed to the underalgned, at his
offlce ln the Court Houae, ln tha Citv of Nelion,
will be received up till tha hour ol Kva o'clock,
In the afternoon, of Friday, May Hat, 1W7, for
the purehaae of the "Mirer Champion Mlaeral
Claim," Lot MS8, Oroup 1, Kootanay Dlatrlct,
which waa declared to be forfeits*! to tha Crown
at the uz aale held In the City ol Neleon, on the
tth dayol November. H06, for delinquent taxee
nottllJnneaoth, 19U6, and coau
The u-peet price upon tha laid mineral claim,
which include! the amount of delinquent taxei
and ooeta at the time of forfeiture, with Intereit,
taxes which have alma accrued, eoata of adver-
Maine and lee lor Crown Ureal (WOO,) la HLM.
which la the laaat amonnt that wUl be conaldered
*t a tender.
Ekd tender muit he accompanied hy an accepted cheque tot the full amonnt of tha tender,
payable to the order of the Deputy Commluloner
sif Land and Works, at Victoria, B Cat pal.
Dated at Kelion, B. C, thla Mih day ol April,
Government Agent, Nelaon, B, C
Tenders Wanted for the Purchase of a
Mineral Claim.
Tendera addremd to tke underalgned, at hu
offlce ln tha Court Houae, In tha City of Nelion,
will he received up till the hour of live o'clock ln
the afternoon, of Trlday, May Slit, 1D0J, for tha
isurchaee af the ������Bryan Mineral Claim," Lot
lew, Oroup 1, Kootenay riitrict, which waa
declared to he forfeited lo the Crown at tha tax
���ale held In the City ol Nelaon, on the ��th day
of November, 1��* for delinquent taxaa np tin
JunelOth, 1005, and coeu
The upeet price upon the aald mineral claim,
which Include* the amount of delinquent taxee
and eoata at the time ol forfeiture, with Interest,
taxee which have llnce accrued, coat of -advertising, and fee for Crown brant (W-00,) la 108-81,
w Is ich H the leaat amount that will be considered
as a tender
Bach tender muit he accompanied hy an accepted cheqne for the full amount of tha tender,
payable to the order ol the Deputy Commlaaioner
of Landi and Worki, at Victoria, a Cat par.
Dated at Nelaon, B.C., thla 80th day ol April,
Government Agent. Nelaon, B. C
Tourist Sleeper
I hava juat returned to Nalaon and
hav* opened up at the aame old atand,
and now raady to do all klnda of
KALSO-MINING. Shop rear of Bartlett
Houm. !: ,
Land Registry Act.
Take notloe that an application haa been made
to regiatcr Hugh Boai Llnklater aa the owner ln
Fee Simple, under a Tax Rale Deed from Robert
A. Kenwlek, Deputy Alienor ol the Nelaon Aa-
���eument dlitrlet. to Hu.b Roea Lluklaler, bearing daU Ute 1th day of Auguat. A. D. 1806. of all
and singular that certain parcel or tract ol land
and preinleei iltuate, lying and being In the
Town of Halmo, In the Province of Brltlah
Columbia, more particularly known and deaorlbed aa Lot 11, Block 'lr'. Town of Halmo,
(Hap 813), being a lub-dlvulonof Lot VBa. Oroup
1, Kootenay dlitrlel.
You and each ol yon are required to eonteit
the claim ol the tax purehaaer within fourteen
dayi from the date of lis,* service ol thu notice
upon you, and ln default t.f a caveat or certlflca*a
of lis peadena being filed within inch period,
you will be forever oitopped and debarred from
letting up any claim to or ln respect of the laid
land, and 1 shall rcgllter Hugh Roea Llnklater
as owner thereof.
Dated at land registry office, Nelaon, Province
of BrltUh Columbia, this Hit day ol February,
Dlitrlet Registrar.
To Murdoch A. Hendaraon.	
St. Paul. Dally.
Toronto, Sunday, Wednesday, Friday.
Montreal, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday
Boston, Saturday.
Dally to Vancouver.
Dally to Seattle
For berth reservations apply to
S. i. OOTLK,           JT. S. OABTKB,
A.Q.P.A..Vanooover. D, P. A-, Nelaoa
In the matter ol an application for the iaaue of
a duplicate ol the Cerllllcate ol Title of Lota 8 and
��, Block 38, Lot t. Block �� and Lot 11. Block JO,
Nelion City (Maps TU and 3MA )
Notice is hereny given tliat It le my Intention
to Issue a duplicate ol Ihe Certificate of Title for
the above lota at Ue expiration ol one month alter
the II nt publication hereof fn the name ot Tram
Jaoaby and hmll 1'ohll. which Certificate ol Title
ll dated the tth day ol January, HOT, and numb-
���"**"'*��� H.F.MA0LKOD,
DUtrlct Eegl.trar.
Und Registry omee, Nalaon, B.O
��h, April. MB.
W.   a.   aiL,L.ETT
Gontr-aotor -and
Sola agent for the Porto Rico Lumber Co., Ltd..
retail yarda. Rough and drweed lumber, turned
work and brackets, Coast lath ud ihlnglaa, aaek
and doon. Cement, brick saad lima lor Mia,
Automatic grinder.
Yard and faetoryi Vernon St.. aaat ol HaU
P. o. Boa m Telephone IW
ream    r.r.wmoi    a.b.6UBi
(M Engineers. Dominion aad British
ColomUa Laad SorreTors
r.0.laxl45   n-naeWlB.	
In the matter ol an application lor the Una of
a duplicate ol the certificate of Title lor aa ua-
divided l, of lot US8 group 1, in the dlitrlet ot
Koolanay (except part u.f acrea thereof.)
Notloe U hereby given that lt U my Intention
_j luue at the expiration of one month attar tha
Int publication hereof a duplicate ofthe Comi
tate of TlUe lor tbe above mentioned land., la
tha name of Malcolm Mccormick, which CettlB-
cata le dated the Hth September, 1801, aad aaai-
���^S-iutry ��*"��� ,<{W.*J-_a._vS8!"M*
nutrlct Wealatiar*
HoUee Is hereby given lhat I wUl apply at tha
next meeting ol the Lk-eaat -Qommlmloaere,
for the City of Nelion, to hava tha llouor lleenie
ol the Silver King Hotel tramlerred Irom my
���ell to Robert Ualilel. ol the ivty ol Keleoa.
Dated tuu 7th day of May, MM.
���  ��� I ill
:*��� iii
i m
I *::;
!    ������'������'i
i , .'
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[Our Stock is Complete;
Here are two Soap Specials: i
��� 25 31b.   BARS   HOMESTEAD $4.50;
f 72 BARS GOLDEN WEST for $2.75 ',
> ���
JBell Trading Gv
f m at ���Am,m\ml*%.4A4ASSSStAiSiSS** i
PRUNINU AND GRAFTING cars-lulls- attend
ed to. Apply
8I1V.T Kltm Hotel.
Old Curiosity Shop
If you want to buy or apll anything,
go to the Old Curiosity Shop. A new
Une of Japanese Goods now on sale.
AH kinds of Dinner-ware la stock. Past-
on 2 lots, $350.00 cash, $500.00 on mortgage, balance $25.00 per month.
WILL BUY 5-ROOM HOUSE on 3 lots,
(400.00 cash, $200.00 in six months, balance on mortgage, 3 years.
L E. froadsdaile & <��
Door to Bank ef Commerce.
All Kinds of Heating Plants In Stock.
Victoria St., Nr. Opera Houae.     Tel. 181.
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch,
Creosote, Oils for
Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch and
Boat Builders will And it to their advantage to use our Pitch.
Nelson Coke & Gas Co.
General Job Work, Chimney Sweeping, Carpet Cleaning, Fixing and Clean-
Ins Stovaa, ate.
Ifl Eaat Baker 8L        Phone No. A114
Three Show Cases
and Two Counters
rotocconlst   Baker Street.
Soolallat  PHrtv iiii'i'tss ever* Friday
Ms-,'liltiK Ml s I*  ni - I"  I'n' Miners-* I'nlssn Hull
All sirs* InvltOd! anyone allsswss,! Iss Inks, part ll'
Hit- dabatat, 'i. Austin.Secretary.
Cor. Vernon arid Ward Street*.
J. FllED HUME. Proprietor.
H. M. Stevenson, Alnsworth; J. G.
McDianiiid, Toronlo; J. li. Rose, Uon-
niuglon; J. Spiers, Kaslo; ~_ A. Manley,
Victoria; .1. IS. Patterson, W. Edgar. L.
I.. Knight Calgary; Mrs. Short, Strathcona; E. .Miiliiiiiiliiliii-. Creston; O.
Trambley, lionner'a Ferry; R. Hell, Siil-
iiiis; A. C. Dayfoot, Georgetown; J. A.
Yen, Eholt; M. h. Savage, Montreal; W.
Williams, Wlnnepeg; H. C, Mclntyre, T.
Newman, G. 11. Adams, Vancouver; P.
S. Hobbs, Grand Forks.
Sri ������-'���'Vt'^S"^
jrrt*w.*.._ ���   ;*i?
^���'ikMiAi'h'L^ .
J. Kelleil, A.R.Davis, Winnipeg; E. S.
II. Winn, A. II. MacNelll, J. Turner, R.
Tinner. Rossland; J. Williamson, F. G
Morlu. Trail; Geo. Alexander, Kaslo;
0. H. Nelly, Toronlo; F. G. Hurry,
Ptncher Creek; E. O. Miller, Spokane;
.1. Wilson, Vancouver; W. Anderson,
Cascade; J. S. Clute, New Westminister; Miss Mary Faulds, Scotland.
C. Gooch, Trail, L. Van-Skiver, Pic-
ton; T. 11. Cooper. H. H. Mowforth, Mon-
treat; C. L. Keyser and wife, Spokane;
.1. J. Graham, Westley; S. J. Green,
A. Campbell, E. Kingston, D. Roy,
Trail; W. J. Forster, Rossland; J. T.
Martin, Wardner; C. Donkin, E. Haley,
Hriiiiiiisii: P. iMacfarlane, B. Thompson,
A. D. Coleman, T. Phillips, Cranbrook; A. T. Miller, Lardo.
A. Gaefer. Montreal; T. Coulson, A.
Harriett, Kaslo.
Dominion Dairy
Caibick & McDonald, proprietors of
the Dominion Dairy, having dissolved
partnership by mutual consent the business will in future be carried on by
W. Caibick.
Thanking our patrons for past favors
I hope to merit a continuance of their
Alberta Farm Land
160 acre improved farm in Alberta,
will exchange for Nelson residential
property or Kootenay fruit land.
Baker St., Nelaon.
A MINK COOK fssr a (small I'sstiii Oood vrasea to
therightman, Apply Haatlngi ib. i*j s>*is,ii
oate, nelion,
UOOK-Holel, MO. Walt-ma,Wt| at ohM  Hione
V,sn  si man with aoissl office experience leekl a
isissslilsiii.   Apply liox .118, Nelion, B-C.	
TWO rlKHT-i'i._iri ht.uMH, iteam heated    Ap
lilv homekeeiser. 8rd Sat, K. W. C. block.
A COCKEIt 81'ANIKI., Water Bpaalel or lliullar
male pappy.   I'oHt Ofllce Box OM.
KDIIEHMAN' ami a Bettor lor Illlll at Movie
Apply at Mill, or om ofllce Nelion, Forto ltlco
Lumlier ( o.
ltotsiro lo Chaa. Long.
9 BETTERS, 8 rdjeimeii, 8 Tallymen and
Oraderi, 1 Poremitl (nlglil.) Circular Sawyer,
IiogrerF, r.riKIii-s-'th Boom man. antl mill help ol
all   tlndi.    Apply   lien.   P.  Weill, Box  1(177,
. '.;itum.-j-u��w���
Knights   Installed.
The grand lodge of Pythian Sisters
were busy yesterday afternoon installing the members of the local and visiting Knights of Pythias, about CO
Knights taking the degree.
University Club.
Judge Forln will read a paper on
"Federal Tendencies In lhe Hritish Empire" before the Uni trsity Club tomorrow night. All Interested are Invited to
be present.
New Wagon.
One of the finest delivery wagons In
the Koolenay Is now used by Ihe Hell
Trailing Co. II Is a product of Ihe Kooteuny, uml Is creditable to the manufacturers and Ihe Bell Trading Co.
Photographed Knighta.
The grand lodge of the Knights of
Pythias, lhe Pylhlan Sisters and the
Knights of Khorassan were all photographed in their regalia yeaterday by
by A. Lean of the Queen studio.
Building and  Improvemente.
Pending changes and repairs to the
store the Canada Drug & Book company's East End store will be closed,
and Ihe business of that branch will be
attended to at their main store, K. W.C.
Services Appreciated.
. The arranging of the tables and the
table service at the Knights of Khorassan banquet at the Grand Central last
night elicited many expressions of admiration from the guests. The credit
was entirely due to W. Cutler.
Getting Into Line.
Two objectors to the weekly half-day
closing during the summer thought better of It and telephoned their repentance
to Mr. Stewart. It is now assured thai
tho grocers and butchers will close.
There Is also every probability that the
good example will be followed by the
Mixed in Geography.
George C. Hodge last night received
a letter addressed to "0. C. Hodge, Hox
97, Nelson, D. C, England." It was
mailed at Vokohoma, Japan, March 23,
and ln the Interval had gone to the Old
Country and back. The 20,000 Club
should forward a few geographies to
Lowery's Departure.
R. T. Lowery left the city this morning after a residence of nearly two decades in the Kootenays. He will travel
for a time in search of a climate that
suits his digestion, combined with a locality that suits his Ideas upon finance.
Since John Houston emigrated he has
been the father of the Kootenay press.
One by one the old-timers who blazed
the early trails are passing to other
spheres. Lowery came to Nelson In a
rowboat and left it on a Pullman without a brass band.
Pythian Sisters.
Last evening in the Knights of Pythias' hall, past grand chief of the Pythian
Sislters duly Installed the officers of
the newly formed temple in this city.
Some 15 local ladies were present as
well as many of the local knights. The
elected officers installed were: Bl.fi. C,
Mrs. VV. O. Rose; E. S., Mrs. T. H. Newltt; E. J., Mrs. W. B. DeWItt; M., Mrs.
D. Laughton; M. of F., Mrs. Wm.
Lacey; M. of R. and C, Mis. A. Ericson;
P., Mrs. H. E. Douglas; O. G., Mrs. A.
Thomas; P. C, Mrs. J. J. Walker. The
new lodge will be known as Nelson
Temple No. 10 of the Grand Domain of
Hritish Columbia, and starts in with a
membership of about 80; many of whom
are Knights. The whole of the work
of the Pythian Sisters was put on.
The Store of Quality
Genuine Ripe Mango
for dessert,  75c per bottle
Superior Mango Preserve
60c per bottle
Genuine Mango Pickle
40c per bottle
Something entirely new  and
only a small stock left.
K. W. 0. BlMk . Phone tO.
Mince Meat
21bs for a 25c.
This Is Good  Truck.    Try a
Couple of Pounds With
Next  Order.
Cm Am Benedict
Corner Silica and Josephine Sta.
For Souvenirs and
Picture Postcards
are heartily  invited to  visit our store.
In fact we invite you to make our
.store a "port of call" during your stay
in Nelson.   Our store ls
because it is so well stocked with such
a beautiful variety of pretty and useful
articles and bright novelties. Just such
things as you will like to carry away
with you as a souvenir of your visit.
In Picture Postcards
We have a complete series of local
view cards, antl there is an hour's good
ontertuinment in looking over our stock
of Comic and Art Post Cards.
Consider yourself perfectly welcome
to come in at any time, and as often as
you feel like It and look around, regardless of whether you wish to buy or not.
W. G. Thomson
stationer. lNeison, JO. C
Phone 34.
Visitors From  Spokane Parade  Nelson
and Then Banquet.
Nelson was entertained last evening
by a visit of the D. O. K. K. KI JMabarraz
Temple, No. 92, of Spokane, Wash. The
visiting Knights arrived on the S. S.
Kuskanook, at 7:15 p. m., and when
the boat pulled Into the city wharf their
band played the national anthem. Upon
landing they were welcomed by a large
crowd of grand lodge delegates as well
Knights, who, led by O. C. Wm. Irvine,
gave them three hearty cheers. At
8:45 p. m. a procession was formed at
the opera house headed by the "Koyal
Vizier" and the band; following the
band were two wagoiiB upon which were
placed cages. Inside these cages were
Knights Geo. M. Johnson, J. Macdonald,
G. Nf, Gunn and Gus Erlckson, captured
and charged with attempting to steal
the "Prairie Queen" and with attempting to poison the "Kiwakawhee." Whilst
these captives were being placed in
their cages, P. C. Wightman, who was
in attendance outside the opera house,
was seized by the votaries and without
ceremony put in the cage with the last
two mentioned. The balance of the procession whs made up by a large number of D. O. K. K.'s, and was finished
with a long chain of "captives" securely
tied so that they could not escape. They
were goaded on from time to time by a
little red "devil," much to the amusement of the crowds watching. After
the captives (many of whom were prominent K. of IVbj had been pur ailed
through the city they were escorted to
the opera house, where they received
the "tortures" and "penalties" for their
crimes. At the conclusion of these proceedings the entire company adjourned
to the Grand Central hutel where an excellent  banquet  was sorved.
WholoHitle ami  Km nil Dealen In
Fresh and Salted Meats
Oamps supplied ou iihorteiit notice and
lowest price. Nothing but fresh and
wholesome meats and snpploa kept in stock
Mail ordors receive careful attention.
E. C. TRAVES.   Manager.
A. M. Can. Soc. C. E.
Mining Work a Specialty.
Ofllce: llculey Building.   I*. O. Ilox 484
Baker 8t��� NELSON, B. C.
Corporation of tbe City of Nelsoo
A man to do work for the Scavenging
department of the Oity of Nelsou
Application will be received by the undersigned up until noon of the loth inst.
Mny 5th, 1907. Oily Clerk.
An Easy Way....
To own a fine house, Instead of paying rent and owning nothing.
FINE 6-ROOM HOUSE on Stanley
St.   All modern and best location.
$1600, $250 Cash
and balance $35   per  month.
.ludge Forln is holding court ln Kossland Unlay.
Rev. Hi H. Mowforth of Montreal Ib
at the Queens.
Ernest Slrachan and wife have gone
to the Coast on a visit.
Wm. Halg-Smellle caine down from
Procter this morning.
Robert Walker of New Westminister
ls registered at the Hume.
Rev. Newion Powell returned from
Grand Forks last evening.
J. S. Clute of New Westminister Is
registered nl tho Strathcona.
Ed Mallandalne, of the C. P. R. land
department at Cslgary, Is In Ihe city.
Richard Grlgg, H. M. Iloard of Trade
commercial commissioner, left this
morning for Kamloops.
Mrs. Nellie Howard. - who has lieen
visiting her brother, David Gibson, al
Los Angeles, returned home last
Tralna and Boata.
Crow boat���One hour lato.
Coast and Slocan train���On time.
Boundary train���On time.
Rossland train���On time.
Kaslo boat���On time.
Seed Potatoes
We have unloaded
a car of
Early Rose Potatoes
Imported expressly
for Seed.
Telephone 161.
Men's $3.50 Shoes
Don't get the Idea that all our
mans fine shoe* are $5.00 and
16.00 a pair. We can supply
you with a genuine Goodyear
Welt at $3.50. Smooth Insoles
and pliable to the foot. Made
In Vicl Kid and Box Calf.
royal R. Andrew & Co.
Our East End 'Branch Store Is Q0SA
Pending Changes* and Customers ofjm
Branch Will Be Attended to at 0��rJU|
Store, K. W. C. Block.
Canada Drug & Book Co'y, Ltd]
Bargains!    Bargains!    Bargains!]
Oor Fancy Vestings Must Be Sold
This   Month   Regardless   of  Cost.
You can buy Wash Vfstings for $1.00, worth $3.00.
Handsome Vests, double and single breasted, for $3.00, worth $7.00.1
See them and  buy now while the selection   is good.
A- * S,���FaRB'."ERG' Bak" St*. Nelson, B. C.
New Spring Goods Arriving Daily;
A complete line of up-to-date Soft and Hard Hats In Stock.
Also a full range of Boots and Shoes.   "WALKOVER" our
BAKI-k S Ikl.KT, NUL_801N.
Spring is Here
We have prepared for this season by passing into stock all I
requisites for the rauchcr, gardener or householder.  Spades,*]
Shovels, Rakes, Hoes, Spading Forks, Tree Pruners,
Tree Sprayers, Small Garden Tools, Etc.
Prompt attention paid to letter orders.
J. H. Ashdown Har dwaq
Company, Limited.
Repulrlntf nnd .Jobbing executed with Iwnpntch.   Sheet M-alall
Work, Mining and Mill Mnchlnery.     MiinulMvturs.ru nl      1
Or* Cars, te. U.   Contru-utora" Car*.
P.O, Boil"
Spring Stock Just Opened Upl|
Carload Llnoteuma and Carpets
From Olaagow, Scotland.
Best Qualities at Uow Price*.
Standard Furniture Company
Mahoii A Kindi Ptanni.
Ofltermoor MaUri-nnroii.
MarflhAll Hiuiltary MaUveum.
Complete House Furnishers
Undertakers,    __.mba.mers
AND DEALERS IN   LtffllPCr;  SlilllglCSf
Lath, Mouldings, Doors, Window*
Turned Work and Brackets. Mail Ordera promptly atttniii*
 VBRINON M'I'KIIliT   ...   NltUCtON. H. C.
Launch and Boat
We alwaya carry In atock and will be pleaeed to auppl/1���**!
wanti in
Suuii IIM
Wlillis Wimtu
Mllosl I'aliil,
nrnry Bion.' Bonn VssshikIi
Km., ota.
Albany ore"0 .���
An Us- UUP ___* I
VMiIiin *('_*'!___ I
(In ono i��llo�� M"'-* I
Wood-Vallance Hardware Co.,


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