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The Daily Canadian Oct 12, 1907

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 LtJMB  2.
klisii Immigrants Come
Ho British Columbia
te doing WELL
Lfil Secreta-y of Central Unen.-
jploytd Body Satisfied with Results so far Accomplished.
2     0   .V Williamson.
ai s "f lhe Central  lu. in
London,    Bngland, la
' :. route for the east.
.:,  la a tn.si    at    the
��� n.l   baa just return, d
i-rirl|i through  the west where he
���i man) of tho people whom
which   he  repre* nt i
untry.    Many or the
.nr.    to   'be  far
hlghl ���:  ������:  i   ���      1 Ml   .
there      H<- found
.   ���   1  in  all  soils nt  ur
mo ���   all  of them  were
They eeeme. to
'hi   that  they  had   re
tic.   in con-fag to thlH coun-
n inj  a aya Vtutt   p oapt rou
bfoai <��f iii.'s.. ni.'ti
���   'Inn ilr.y  had  work   In   Knglaml
aboul    87a, M a week
Ling $2 ;." a day.   One man
I  ir. rrt|il..yed body had
mntry,   wns   living  in   a
rr"   Of   the   best   streets
���  ... -Merit cities and had two
rk    "Tbe* are far better
I,'   sairl  Mr. William
"The men  -*��� re .loin*:  nothing in
| :.l  no",   all   have  work   with
In     ,'ir.i, however, of theli
in' had iieai.i iii.H'i.
mlillnc. Mosl of the men know
.trade, but had difficulty ln obtain-
employment   in   their trade and so
to bei <���  laborers.    How
atlafaotlon waa far greater
ri- tin.-.' who had reached  Canada
ir r ih' i than amongst thoBe who
'  .in'..'  time In the country
|Mr   Williamson  waB   particularly Im-
111   rl"     far     west.      "llrilislr
lumbln is ,i tnnrv.-UouH couniry." aald
'i nrr only on the fringe of
fei      Vancouver appeared to him to
0 a very proaperoua condition. It.ni
.n.l  there   waa  a  good  de
, raporty.    in  regard  to ihe
���*-!��� Question he said that while the
irr.ru.. nn inns   were   confined   to  one
"I'm ol 111., population,   yet   there  ap
I to      .. -.- neral oppoalUoti to a
"'"' Influx   of   the  Orientals,     llow-
-fthci i  in demand as dome*���ca
ram recel-lnj mo to *ir. a
"'    Williamson   left   Sunday   for  On*
f ������    I..'  v. ill   visit   Mll'iiilis   l.mns
pl villages, inquiring  into  the   oondt
1 "l Hi. people whom they have sent
hi about all weeks he will return
1:1 laud r.i resume his duties there.
-"-Mia   Missionary   Protests   Against
Hardships Inflicted Upon Whites
and  Natlvea.
find  Ihai  ten full  g.' ��pb__ts and
'i rilv.-s   were   v.*it,.      a  few   yards
or where they lav. The native* II.-.1 In
terror, puraued hy one of the beasts,
which was apparently enraged al the
sight   of   human   helngs   In  such   close
proximity to the calves. The pleanaln
was Jual on th. point or Ijelng tusked,
hut  KtiVed himself by  rushing on banlis
and  h s  through  ihe  branches  of  a
fallen tree. Tin- elephant tossed iIh-s.
asido, and continued iii pursuit of the
..1.1 men. One escaoed hut the other was
overtaken in about Inn yards, anil ihe
���. i.i'iUM beaat transfixed hint through the
hack, the prutudlug tusk plowing deeply
luto the soil.
The furious animal then proceeded
to rip Its victim to pieces, splitting one
leg from hutiock to calf and un arm
from shoulder to wrlHt. Me juBt lived
long enough to urge his friends to fly
hack to the kraal, or no one would be
left to tell the tale.
"We are told lhat in strict self-defence
tin y may he fired ii|.on. Are we then
lo wail  until .,n.' of the brutes is in the
act or charging ui is ere w.e pull a
hasty trigger, which is more likely than
not to he our laat" And what Is the use
of firing at one angry elu^janl when
several others ar. strinrlinfj^* ready to
UUCB   up the cause?
"It ls popularly supposed that elephants will not attack a human being
unleaa they are molested hy hint, but
lie y will invariably do so if the h* id
contains any calvec. A price is set upon
the head of lions���Meal that rarely Initiate an alia, k upon huinr.n Ir.lngs. and
whose depredations are generally con-
fiend to cattle kiaals and spans ol
donkeys. Why. iheu. should elephant.'-,
which In this district are a much greater
aeOttfge than lions, he protected, and
ih.- killing of one be a criminal offence?"
-Rhodesia Herald.
J -ontlon, Oct, 12. -The Uev. Mr. c.iani
F"" i" charge of ihe Wealeyan mission
W' ''"""ii.iiiidi.  sends   particulars   Of   a
''"' made i, ��� n herd ol elephants, which
���""-���ted  la   the   less ol  lire.
''" ���*">-*'.   i shall  he glad II you  will
""P"11-*" known  lhe following |n<__i nl   anil
j "\ .' "'"""���'   ou   il.   in   lhe   hope   Iha'
I ";'"' ""'"I'lii'iil may I,,. aroused
***-.��l a condition of -things In which
I,;''"" |X"<-> for ih.. sake of a fo I oi o
I,." "]|" ��'�����*- none ot the misery thai
K,    n0Uu-   Inllota   upon   others.    In
��� '      Bt  ""    unlive   gardens   on   this
��i suffered serious damage from thi
I ; '"���������".ii of a troop ���t elephant* that
In il     ""  """'"   ''i���:,"���,   **-   ���"'"cession
1 , J'1* respeo_,y,e are not the only suf-
h''19' tor 1  nm  constantly hearing of
n,'i,.h,'"'.' "'"'   "'   th*n- throughout tho
��� "���.'"  '"'���''""d. We have ������ lawful means
i���. """ "'���'��� " 'ps. and applldatlom
1 (";"��;'��" are Ignored.
, ;���   '' Pr,t,a> morning two old natives
'' ������"":���'. who imd been si dug In
m -teoted in the lands, awoke to
Escaped Trial for  Murder of Woman   in
Tribal Rite���Remarkable Transmission of News.
Warren's l-nndlng, Oct. 5���I Via
steamer to Selkirk. Oct. 12.)���The
steamer Premier arrived here today
bringing the correct version of the suicide of one of the Indians nt Norway
Honae charged with the murder Of a
girl. The Orel report gave the victim
as Jose etc, but that wns Incorrect.
The man who escaped further trouble
On account of his tribal murder was the
..Id chief Pels de Se. head of the greal
free tribe and one of the best known
Indians in the Hudson's Hay district.
The old man had frequently sent
word to the tribe that he would never
see his people again. Because of his
age he was not watched closely an.!
last week walked away from the primitive prison in which he was oonflned
and hanged himself In the woods. The
Whole tribe has  gone into mourning.
As an Instance of tho mysterious
method and rapid transmission of Information among the Indians of the reunite north this case is peculiar. The
Premier    left     Norway    House    twelve
hours before the tragic end of 'be old
Indian yet at the second landing down
the lake the newa was received, having
oome overland In spite of forest, st ream
an.l swamp.
Commissioner Perry len here today
and will reach Norway House Monday.
A special jury of six will at once pro-
c i ti, try the remaining prisoner tor
his share In executing Ihe young woman members of bis tribe, the sympathy of the cor.i.nuiiity is with the
prisoner because of the long established
,'iisiom or the Indians lo shiv Ihose
members of the tribe whom thej be
lleve lo he Incurably 111 or suffering
rrom a disease from Which if thdy re
covered their mental faculties would he
Dogs Are Poor Police.
Washing!.in. Oct. I'l. Dogs as night
police assistants have proved a failure
In Antwerp, according lo a roporl re
cived from lh.* vice United I'm* '
..ni general "' 'hat city. The Antwerp
police experimented with dogs aa ai
sistrinls to the nlghl watch Bervlce i"
the Isolated section of the clly. The
experiments have proved negative, and
ai one llnie il was even proposed Unit
ibe city give un the kennels altogether,
The Antwerp police have seven dogs,
known as the Belgian aheppard dog,
which are trained to look upon men In
uniform as their only friends, suspeot-
Ing all olhers. and more particularly "
man lying down. At nlghl the seven
dogs, all mux-led, an- turned over to
seven policemen, who eonduol Hum hy
a   snap,   only   letting'  them   loose   when
Wishing to puisne an evil doer.
Commission To Examine
Joseph Pope Accompanies Lemieox
to Japan���New.; of Canada
from Ocean to Ocean.
Quebec, Oct. 12.���Tho commission appointed to Investigate the causes of the
Quebec bridge disaster concluded Its
wor\t here lant night. They sat three
times a day and will bu In New York to
waffling .Mr. Cox, consulting engineer.
Krom there they go to Phoenixville.
They will probably return to the bridge
agftln before submitting a report to the
:;->vt*I uujent.
WoUeley, S-isk., Oct, 12.���The new
town hall, costing $26,000, was fonna'ly
Opened last night. Speeches were delivered by Mayor Magee and Senator
Winnipeg, Oct. ul���P. a. Wlborg,
real estate agent, shattered his arm
while out  shooting  yesterday,    u  wa;
amputated today. He was going through
;i wi*(; fence with the trigger cooked
when it caught and was discharged.
Winnipeg. Oct. 12.���Hy the death oi
Bishop Klngdon. of Fredericton, N. ii..
yesterday, Ht. Rev. John A. Richardson,
a graduate of St. James college, Winnipeg, who has been co-adjutor bishop for
two years, succeeds to the bishopric.
Pilot Mound, Man., Oct. 12.���A number of chlKlreu wen- phiying on Railway
i-v-Miiii* when n traction engine drawing
a separator passed. Little Doris .Me
Jannett, aged 4 years, jumped on the
separator tongue and overbalancing fell
beneath the separator, both wheels passing over her and  killing her instantly.
Winnipeg, Oct. 12.���Wheat again
went up today. It closed yesterday ln
Winnipeg,  cash   US Hi   May   137%.     It
opened up half a cent and al noon cash
was 115, May 118%.
Brandon. Oct. tt.���The formal open
Ing of Brandon College was held last
night in the Baptist church when a very
large number of citizens were preseut.
Toronto, Oct. LS,���MacKenzie ft Mann
have asked the city for J.50 acres of
Ashblidgea marsh land in the east end.
They will erect a fifteen ton smelter and
many other subsidiary imlusirfes, including lolling mills and car reparir
shops for the Canadian Northern railway.
St. John, Oct. 12���The teachers' institute urges the New Brunswick government to establish a pension fund for
icachers in the province.
Port Hope, Oct. 12.���Davis Sullivan,
76 years of age. a pensioner of the Brit-
ish army and residing av 1 David Place.
Toi*"T-to. fell off a Grand Trunk pussen
ger train near Newtonville yesterday
while Stepping from one car to another
and in walking back to the station was
struck by a freight train and fatally injured. When found he was still alive
but. died  before medical aid arrived.
Neepawa. Man, Oct. 12.���After twenty
years of local option the electors of Neepawa voter yesterday to adopt the
change to licensed hotels.
Toronto, Oct. 12.��� \ prominent busl
uess man ol Hamilton, whose name is
withheld for a _eW days, has given $50.-
000 to Victoila I'niveislty. which will
enable that institution to take advantage
ot \ndrew Carnegie's offer of an equal
sum for a Library building, the conditions being thai ,llt' university should
collect the same amount for permanent
endowment. The alumni of Victoria had
subscribed about $7,0H0 as a nucleus for
tbe endowment but owing to the gen-
eroslty or the Hamilton gentleman this
sum  will  now  be available   Tor  furnish
Hamilton, Oct. 12.���Jacob Bunfleld
last night night was found guilty ot the
murder of Andrew Had/.ykon on the alt
ernoon of July 12, and sentenced to be
hanged on lbo morning of November 89.
Tbe Hamilton grand jury has brought in
a true bill against the Wholesale Grocers' Guild charged with combining to
restrict trade. The case Is likely to go
to   Toronto for trial.
Orangeville, Oct. 12.���William llaulon,
arrester a week ago at Bohomberg and
brought here for trial, charged with obtaining money by forgery and false pre-
tences, pleaded guilty before Magistrate
patullo yesterday afternoon and was remanded tor sentence until Oct. 19the.
The charges were of obtaining $100 and
$".M)0 from  Ornngeville brunches of  ihe
sterling Bank and Bank of Commerce,
respectively, but the managers of the
Metropolitan Bank and Bank of Commerce   at  Guelph     charged    him   with
swindling six banks in that town out of
abort $120ti hy forging cheque--. Hanlon
Opeltted in Guei'ih under tho name of
James Gillis, a wealthy tanner residing
about three miles out of Guelph. and in
Orangeville under thn name of Patrick
Garrity. another farmer who resides In
Caledon  township.
Ottawa, Oct. 12.���Extensive seizures
of light weight broad have been made
here by the police. Pending the issuance
of orders the authorities will not disclose names of offending bakers.
Early Morning Bl_.ze.
The firBt flre alarm in two mouths was
received by the fire depaitment at 6.45
o'clock this morning. The occupants of
a cottage, at the corner of Mill and
Cedar streets, deposited ashes against
a wooden outhouse nnd are now wondering where they will store the winter's
wood. The loss was nomina., but the
fire team had a hard pull to the building,
at which, they arrived with commendable speed. The stream from an extinguisher was all tho firemen found
necessary to extinguish tbe blaze.
County  Court  List.
The quarterly ses*__on of the county
court of West Kootenay will open Monday morning with His Honor Judge
Forln presiding.
Thomas Edward Nelson, J-.dwin Anderson, and Irvine Amory Austin. Americans, and Peter Czyz. Austrinn, and
John Levlne, Swede, will apply for nat-
utalization as  British  subjects.
The new cases to come up for trial
Mason-Risch vs. F C. Hutchinson, a
Revelstoke case, J. O'Shea and C. C.
Gillan. solicitors.
Arlhur vs. Dominion Permanent I-can
Co., E. C. Wragge and J. O'Shea, solicitors.
Lacey vs. Standard Furniture Co.. H.
A. Stewart and E. C. Wragge. solicitors.
Kauffinan Won.
Philadelphia, Oct. 12.���Alf Kauffmnn
defeated Dave Berry in three rounds at
the Industrial Club here last night. The
Pacific coastt pu*_Hist meted out such
punishment that Berry's seconds threw
up the sponge less than a minute after
the third round began. Jack O'Brien
entered the ring before the bout and
issued a challenge to nox the winner.
Order to Retrench.
San Francisco, Oct. 12.���I_ocai officials
have, it Is said, received telegraphic instructions from E. H. Harriman. of .he
Southern Pacific company, that they
must cut down expenses In every department on account of the stringency
in the money market. It is said no new
work will be started and that there will
be a big reduction in the working forces.
Won't Risk America Cup.
New York. Oct. 12.���Sir Thomas l.lr*
ton may get a race for his yacht after
all. He wishes to race, according to his
own declaration, with boats of normal
type. The Brooklyn Yacht Club may
give him the opportunity. The proposal
was made to the hoard of governors of
the club by Commodore William C.
Towen last night to offer a valuable
trophy for international contests alonj.
the lines which Sir Thomas I_ipton suggested, and a committee was appointed
to consider the advisability of of following out the plan. Commodore Towen, it
was stated, will build a boat to defend
the trophy if Sir Thomas or any foreign
yacht club will take up the suggestion.
Fool and His Money.
Calgary, Oct. 11.���Four well known
young men of Calgary were arrested on
a charge of robbery and lodged in the
police station. A crowd of young men
journeyed across the river and when In
a disorderly house known as tho Mascot,
one of the number, named Black, whe
oOJno intoxicated, nourished a roll of
$000, Black lost the monev shortly
after and when he got back to town
swore out a warrant for the arrest, of
the others of the party.
Francis Joseph Is Slowly
Another Demand.
Chicago, Oct. 12.-���Tho chairman of
the grievance committee of all yards
under the jurisdiction of the switch
men's union of North America last
night completed a demand for an increase in pay equal to that granted to
1he men In the Northwest. The conclu
sions of the gathering will now go be
fore the local unions for ratification, It
is Ihe purpose to nsk for an increase of
-*in cents per hour, time and one-half for
over time, and double pay for Sunday.
The demand will affect ull yards from
New York west controlled by the Union.
President Holly said there is little likelihood  for a strike.
Venerable Ruler of Dual  Monarchy
Grows Feeble and Apathetic���
Sketch of Heir*
Prices of Metals.
Vienna, Oct. 12.���The condition of
Emperor Francis Joseph took a turn for
the worse at noon and it is now con-
sider_;d serious. The following bulletin
has been issued by the official news
agency: "The coughing continues,
though the emperor spent a good night."
Berlin, Oct. 12.���The prevailing official opinion here is that should Emperor
Francis Joseph of Austria die in the
near future, the tiansfer of the crown
to Archduke Francis Ferdiuand would
take place without a shock to the dual
monarchy or without controversy of moment arising between Hungary and tht
new sovereign.
Archduke Francis Ferdinand has
shown himself In a favorable light as a
man dxning the last two or three years.
During recent months he has demonstrated that he is capable of dealing
with public busineys. The policy of the
emperor in preparation for the succession has been to push the archduke forward and take no decision of importance
without the latter knowing all about the
It ls especially true of Hungarian
questions and the Hungarian leaders
have thus been brough into personal
contact with the heir apparent. They
found him to be a mau with whom it
was possible to work and they have accustomed tLomselv**s to the idea that
they will have to get on with him as
Vienna. Oct. 12.���The physicians in
attendance on Emperor Francis Joseph
were somewhat encouraged by the tact
that the patient was able to rise at his
usual hour this morning after bavin?
passed an unexpectedly good night. He
coughed less and slept more quietly.
The catarrhal inllainmation, however
has not diminished and his appetite continues bad. although he takes sufficient
nourishment to maintain his strength.
The temperature of His Majesty this
morning was only slightly above normal
and at S o'clock, an hour after his temperature had been taken, the emperor
received his aide-de-camp. General Baron Bolfras Von Ahnentsburg. and others,
listening to the reports which they
An unsatisfactory symptom of the
emperor's condition is his recurring indifference to what is going on around
him, and to his own state of health,
which his physicians declare is only
slightly Improved.
Romanist Laity's Organization  Meets
in their time, and Pius X has given
the eiicharist league of Rome his personal   attention.
New   York,  Oct.   12.���Silver,
copper. Me:  lead, $4,75.
London, Oct, 12���-Silver. 28%d.
Pittsburg, Pa., Oct. 12���No event in
the history of the Roman Catholic
Church in the United States has ever
brought together so many priests, prelates and members of the hierarchy as
the international eucharlstlc congress,
which will open tomorrow with solemn
religious services In St. Paul's eatluV.
ral in this city. The congress will
continue   three   days.
"Representatives will be in attendance
from all over the United States, Canada
and Kuropo. Bishop Maes of Coving
ton, Ky.. who is the bead 01 the Euchar
lstlc league in the United States, Will
preside and the special guest of hOfkOi
will be Cardinal Vanutelli, who comes
as the personal representative of Popi
Plus X.
The central idea oi the Roman Catll
olic Church is in the eucharlsl���the li\-
lng presence of Christ In the bread an!
wine   on   the   altar.     The   euchai I     tl
one  of  the  seven  sacraments  ot the
church,  and  the  most   Important.    Ou1
of It have grown  the  ritual,  music. Hi
ohltecture of the church, and many p<
oullarltles of Christian social life among
Tho euohartstlo leagues are found in
nearly every Roman Catholic Chinch
in tbe world, banding together the
faithful of the parish In an organization
whose object is to venerate God in tho
eucharlsl. The euchaiist League smong
tlie laity i.-* the stepping stone to the
eiicharist congress of the clergy.
Those leagues of the eiicharist began
In tbe middio of tbe hist century. Their
Object and that of the congresses In
which they met il Is to systematise public
and private devotions.    Plus IX anil L_t
, xi11 were champions of tho movement
Fulguratlon      Proven      Successful      by
French  Doctors.
Paris, Oct. 12.���Dr. Keating Hart, of
Marseilles, gave a practical demonstration here yesterday of the new electro-
surgical cure for cancer, which up to
the present time has secured the most
wonderful results. The system consists
ol applying in a special manner high
tension Intermittent sparks from the
cancerous growth. These are softened
by the electricity and their cutting out
is made most easy. At the same time,
the electricity causes the wound to heal
with magical rapidity, kills ail pain and
prevents a recurrence of the growths.
The electrical process, which has been
named "Fulguration," can be applied to
cancers in the head, where operations
are impossible. Its application causes
th* growth to disappear gradually aud
puts a stop to the dreadful pains that
accompany cancer. Frofessor Samuel
Pozzi and a number of other eminent
French surgeons, as well as several of
the foreign delegates to the surgical
congress now in session here, witnessed
the demonstration of yesterday and declared it to be of the greatest value.
Sir Hugh Allan's Birthday.
Sir Hugh Montagu Allan, head of the
Allan Steamship company, was born in
Montreal, October la, I860. He is the
second son of the late Si# llu^h Allan
of Kavenserag, Montreal. In 18_tu ht
married a daughter of the late Hector
Mackenzie of Alontieal. Ills education
was obtained at Bishop's College School,
Quebec, and In Paris. Sir Montagu is a
prominent club man, being a member of
some or the leading clubs In Montreal.
London and New York. The steamship
Hue of which he is the bead is a distinctively Canadian institution, and of
such proportions and progressiveness
that almost every resident of the Dominion take a personal pride in the big
trans Atlantic liners Oiat comprise the
No New Developments in Kootenay District���Financial  Stringency Depresses Stocks.
Stock tradings during Uie p_��t week
were hardly up to the average, with
ptices ln nearly every case showing declines. 	
Alberta Coal and Coke weakened, selling down to -7 cents, with large offerings noticeable. Diamond Vale Coal also fell ott, 17 cents being asked, with no
buyers. Gaibraith Coal maintained its
price, though with hut few shares changing hands. International Coal and Coke,
on the other hand, went up to 9L cents.
Western Oil continues weak, a new low
record being established. B. C. Copper
sold off with each day's tradings, and
reached $5.25 yesterday, this is the lowest point touched by this stock within
the year Dominion Copper showed but
little change, fluctuating between |2.50
and $2.75. Granby also showed but little
change, and it appears as though the
lowest mark for these shares has been
reached and that any changes from now
on will be for the better. Consolidated
Smelters were offering at from $103 to
$10*. it which figure a gre.t many shares
were taken locally. Cariboo McKinney
remained almost unchanged with no interest manifested. Rambler Cariboo
sold down to 24 cents with but few
sales recorded. Sullivan was in fairly
good demand though at very low prices,
with the result that little business was
offered at current quotations. Tel-Kwn
Mines also weakened and was offered
freely, with but few buyers. White
Hear continued weal;, no bids above 2
cents being recorded.
Following are the approximate quota-
ttones for the week ending today:
Aske.i.      Bid.
An.,.ita Coal & Coke $   .US      $      .35
I!  a  Copper        5.25 5.00
Hieckenridge-l.und .55 .?.
Con.   Smelters    105.00 101.00
Cariboo McKinney ..        .04 .02
Can.   Gold   Fields...        .06 .05
Can. Maroon!       1.80 1.40
Dominion Copper...      2.1*2*4        2.50
Diamond Vale Coal..        .18 .10
Granby       100.00 80.00
Galbralth C'oal 28 .26
International Coul...        .94 .92
Jumbo 09 .07
Kiao     35 .28
Nicola  Coal   Mines. .        .05 .04
Panhandle BmatUr.        .07V4 06
Rambler Cariboo. ...         .24 .23
Sullivan     08 .07
Sno.atorm         1.60 1.40
Stev. "irl        1.00 .76
Tel-Kwa  Mines 13V.
Whit..   Hear (13 .02
Western oil. Onl      1.20 l.ou
Explanation of Erratic
Electric Light
San Jose Blaze.
Sun .lose. Cal., Oct. 12���A flre which
broke out In tho Arcade .Ir��� _oo_l store
.-rr Sou'h l'*lrsi street and San I-Vrnnnd-
ino last night, destroyed the building.
The loss is more than $300,000.
Dispute  Between  City and Allis-
' Chalmers-Bullock Company as
to Responsibility.
Tomorrow morning an examination
will be made or the condition of the
draught tube at the city power plant.
It iB not certain whether there will be
a temporary Interruption of the power
aervice or uot.
After the publication of yestetday s>
Issue of the statement that the tube,
being unbraced, had become loosened
and was admitting air where mere
should be a vacuum, H. C. Bal'la, engineer in charge for the Allis-Chalmers-
Uullock company, wrote to Mayor G,;'ttt
calling attention to precisely tuj tame
facts and stating that the bracing of fue
draught tube had been negle-ted ty tho
city contrary to the speciU -at'ons 11
Clemens Hershel and to the recommendations of Arnold I'fau and hiuir,nlf.
In conversation with a repiesu,native
of The Canadian Mr. linliis further ti-
plained that the four feet of concrete
put in as protection had failed 10 hi id
the tube, and that the bracing that,
should have been put In last spring
could only be put in at an extreme low
Mayor Gillett, seen today, states that
there was no neglect on the .part of the
city. The company had full charge and
responsibility for, the installation of the
machinery, of which the draught tube ls
a part. Further the mayor states that
holes had been drilled in the concrete
for bolts for bracing, and tbat the company delayed installation until the water
was too high to permit of reaching them.
Crowded Tram Car on Fire Seventy Feet
Above the Ground.
New York, Oct. 12.���Crowded with
theatre goers returning from New York,
and half way across a high trestle, a
lloboken trolley car suddenly burst Into
flames shortly before midnight last
night. At this point on tbe trestle the
car was seventy feet above the ground.
Manw of the passengers were women
and it was with difficulty thai a panic
was quelled. The conductor and the
motorman begged the passengers to be
calm, and assered them that all would
escape in safety. As soon as the car
was stopped, the passengers streamed
out and made their way to a nurrow
plank pathway, made slippery by the
rain. On the dangerous footing, surrounded by live feed wires, they walked
for some distance in the dak. before
reaching solid ground. All got off the
trestle, which is 150 feet high at its
highest point, without accident. The
car was entirely consumed.
Sir   Thomas   Sbaughnessy   and    Party
Passed   Through���Chief  Interest
at the Coast.
Sir Thomas Shaughncssy, president of
the 0. P. R-, arrived iu the city last
night as announced at 10 o'clock on tho
steamer Kuskanook, converted for the
day into a special steamer. With him
were William Whyte. ot Winnipeg, second vice president; W. D. Matthews,
president of the Canadian Consolidated
Mining and Smelting company and a
director of the West Kootenay Power
and Light company; K. II. Angus. E. B.
Osier and 0. C I'angtnan, private secretary.
Tbe party slept on the Kuskanook and
left at 0.30 this morning tor Trail and
(Iraml Forks. They will leavo West
!'..!..1..11 ut 9 tonight for Airowhead and
proceed to the count. The return trip
will probably be made via Seattle and
Spokane  and the  international.
It is likely that a visit will be paid
to the branch tines In Washlugton and
Oregon which, it Is an open secret, the
(' I1. II Is acquiring to secure access
through its Seattle brauch to Tacoma
ami  I'..1 llri.ul.
Sir Thomas hail nothing to divulge in
Nelson. His views on WoHtern conditions generally were given at Winnipeg
on Wednesday and published in this
paper on that day.
���f  '.
-,' * ���
______ The Daily Canadian
STORES =====
Clothings    Gents'   Furnishings
and Boots and Shoes
Is beginning to arrive
In about another week we will be able to offer full lines
in these goods, and can promise you the best value ever offered in the city.
In the meantime it will pay you to await their arrival
before making your purchase.
_%7ELSON, B. C.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office:   Toronto.
Ca-ltal Authorized $10,000,000    Capital   Paid   Up         4,830,000
rlest           4,830.000
D. R. WILKIE  President
HON. KOKKKT'.TAKFKAY, Vice-President
Branches in British Columbia:
Interest   allowed on  deposits  fr..m date of deposit and credited quarterly.
xst.itoN BRANCH ��l��   !Vi��    LAY,   Alanager.
The Royal Bank of Canada
Incorporated A. D. 18G9.
.$3,900,000     Reserve Fund *4���J90,000
Unexcelled facilities for the transaction
of all  kinds of Banking  Business,
.IAL   ATTENTION   given   to  the
-avings    Bank    Department,    and
:*terest    credited    Quarterly    on
javings Bank Accounts.
on Application, in Large. Medium
or Pocket Size.
Nelson Branch, G. A. SPINK, Manager.
Published "Ox ..(-:���- * wit�� oy me
..���ANAHIA.v p08UflHnra COIJFANV, I.ti
Faker ���*���_..  Nalaon, li.'
t-t��*-**rii��x.on rut-**. **-' oen_i * mo
ta the tii). oi tb.oo t% year 11 leat by mall   arte-r,
���palri  in _.<JT_-C.ft'
A-ivertian-s i-W" un application
All  moot****  p*U'-   ni ���*.-���������   i��I   Th'- I'ally
CaTni>\iA!j  lu-eotmts, either foi aul
ad rem* nij
i(,rm- <if  um I ompa ���*" Dt)l
Saturday. October 12, 1907.
There is a gem .    In the pro
rince that if wo ore to
mt-ii iu the public
a substantial Ux reaae  in  their  rem-un
oration.   Our ministers
public t-�� ;������- n\ a sum oon
than  what  an)  ol  them  mighi  earn Ln
other  callings     However   ���
iii.iy   be to ."��� i ��������� it   Is  neither i
able uor expedb nl  thai  th< ���
abkt-d to do so.    Th<   administration ol
British Columbia Is s task   .1
est Lmpoi tance. and
hh"\v   their appr< ��� la l< a ol
ance by adequate rewards, ii then   oo
any   Jtjs-tJficatl q   foi   !-������     ncreased   In
dt-mniiy  t��i Dominion  members
tUunent  there i.-  Car mon   In tlu
of r.iu.Mi Columbia  n ��� d
Incl(i4jniaii>. it Is time thai
Inoa followed the lead oil the Don
and the Ontario governments in
liiK u jsulary to the leadi I ol thi
ition.    Our system  oi government   fl
quires a critic in the posltl leadi I
of tbe opposition who i i mid havi
ample time and means to stud
fully every question thai can oome be
fore the legislature In ��� mi BJ uie In
baa to do something like the same wort
as all tbe ministers together it ls un
fair to demand inch fl sacrifice ol tlm*
and energy irom any man solel. from
public spirit We have dissented from
the views or the present I< u_ei of thi
opposition on several occasions, but wt
gladly concede thai he had rendi ri c
valuable public service and Bel a high
standard for succeeding leaders uf opposition to follow.
Another class f>f public servants wh<
should  I)*' bi 'tn   paid  art iho ludgi
At present a young lawyer who  Is at
all  ambitious will not  accept  u judge
ship because he hopes   inr  fat   R*ri     ei
fortune  from his  practice than the sal*
I   ;��� judge offers.
Of com  ���    ll   would   be   better if  the
i ��� living in 1:1 i'i: b Columbia could
���  lui ��� d  ot   us '.i .'iv.* greater  purchasing powei  to present salaries.    Bul
'.'���v many  years the cost of living baa
been steadily  rising.    * Organized  tabor,
and   brokers  and   membei b
,  oV     ions ha ire means <if raising  theii   revenues,    it   Is  111*-* -salaried
Lhat suffers.   Some have no remedy, bm  the people at  large should see
'o it iii.u the men to whom the govern
ment  and admllstratlon of the country
isted    hould not suffer In the
i ran dtion  period,  and   that   their   pi   I
thou d   noi   Involve   too   greal   a
financial sacrifice.
Our contemporary has probably come
tis near to begging pardon aa possible.
The denial entered bj the cltj editor,
wh ��� Is also the acting responsible < dltor,
of responsibility for the unpardonalbe
n ports that have been seal put, is ac-
. ol i ourse. But, except in exo p
tlonal circumstances, the editor is noi
the whole staff. We said that those
despatches were seni out  hy the Dallj
Staff.      Whether   the   action   was
individual or collective we do no)  pro-
in know or oare.    it is Known to
raanj  In Nelson that a member of the
Dall)   News Staff  does  silid OUl  BUCfa   P8
poris. The acting responsible editor
. it perfectly wi IL Bis denial on
his own Im ban la Irrelevant, and his im
plied general denial Is untrue. Ths sn-;
on thai we should have reprinted
��� nn contemporary's abusive articles ami
Imputations of unworthy motives is per
baps characteristic. Our space is limited as it is. \\Y must keep what we have
for news and rational comment.
the treaty was passed with a clear understanding thai emigration to Canada
would '"' restricted. The possible guilt
of the po vera ment therefore, according
1,1 the News, is In conniving ai the Importation of Japanese irom Hawaii for
the <". T. P. company. There is another
possiblity���Was parliament deceived by
tlie ministers as to the guarantee of restriction?
Allegory   of  the   Invitation  and   Its   Reception���St.    Luke's    Day���Church
The Toronto News, dlacu-ilng the re-
l.ui..ns nf tie two political pintle* to
Astatic inimlt*r.'iti*>n. -aya that Mr.
Borden asa-nted to tbe Japanese treat*
as   much   an   Sir  Wilfrid   Laurler,  ami
r.in  I   shan.   lh.'   responsibility     for     It.
Thar is true, but what or tbe representative- i.f British Columbia? If they realty
believe In tbe Astatic menace, it wtu
their duty to protest. As Hlr Wilfrid
himself has said. tin. rest of Canada is
noi as yet deeply interested in tbe sub
jest    Hut, uti the NewH also points nut,
Tomorrow will 1��> the twentieth Sunday after Trinity. Next Friday will be
the festival ..r St. Luke the Evangelist.
St. Luke has recently been the subject
of research l.y students of the New
Testament It is fairly established that
be was tbe author of tho ihlr.l gospel
an.l of Uu* book of tin* Acts of tl"'
Apostles. Hi* is always accurate In his
terms, his training as a physician showing especially In his references to disease. The doctrine most distinctively
his. suggested again and again in his
writings, Is that they were capable ot
most love to whom most had been for-
The gospel tor the Twentieth Sundaj
aftor Trinity contains the parable of the
marriage feast, of tho excuses ol those
bidden, of the command to co out into
tbe high-ways ami bid all to the feast
of the guest without a wedding garment
who was east out. and tho mystic closing words. "Fur many are called lint
few are chosen."
The following services are announced
for tomorrow In the churches of N'el
Church of Rn.slani-���St. Saviour's,
corner Ward and Silica street
Twentieth Sunday after Trinity, holy
communion, * a. in.; morning prayer
and litany. 11 a. m.; Sunday School.
i in.; evensong, 7.::t> v. m. Rev. P
Q. Graham, rector.
School, -it" p. m.:   evensong. 7JI0 p. m
Rev. F. II. Graham, rector.
Roman Catholic���Church of Mary Im
maculate, corner of Ward and Mill
street.: I-ow mass. 8 a. m.; high mass.
10:30 a. m.: evenins service, 7:30 p. m
Rev. Father Althoff. priest.
Presbyterian church���St. Paul's, cor
oer of Victoria and Kootenay streets:
Morning  service,     11     a.  m ;     Sunday
hool, 2.30 p. m.; evening Bervlce,
7:30 p. m. Rev. J. T. Ferguson, minister
Methodist church���Corner Silica anr!
Josephine streets: Morning service, 11
a. m.; evening service, 7:30 p. m.; Sun
day school, 2:30 p m. Rev. R N
Powell,   pastor.
Baptist church���Stanley street, neat
Mill: Morning service. J! a. rn.; even
Ing service, 7:30 p. m.: Sunday school
2 30 p. m.   Rev. C. I'ailley.
Salvation Army���BarrarT-s on Victoria street, wept of Josephine: Spe
clal services for tomorrow. Knee drill.
9 a. m.; holiness meeting, II a. m.; a
praise meeting at 3 p. m.; salvation
meeting at 8 p. m.
Notice Ih hereby given   ilmi thi- timler*.!-*-���.-<*
have i-iiiimitu**i to im* Li-M-it-inti'it Gorernor-ln-
Council a prqpMsl nndsr the ������r"vi*unnn of th--
"&lv*uraand BcrcamsAet��"for ole-uing ami rt-
movlag otMtraotloni from'"���.* Kiver uid Meadow Creek, In ibe District ol Weel Kootenay, ��ml
fnr n-HkinK tbesunefil inr raftln-- hh<- <lriv
ing thereon i*������_'-, timber, lumber, refui nd crafta
mi'i f.ir ereeuug and m-iiiitttiiiiri-.' innim�� tor
hold ing, Mrtlng ntui dellTerlng logi nu<\ umtuT
brought down iald creek and river, and for nt-
iai*hfng boonu io the there oi vaid creek and
rivei fni p*ti<i purpoeei
i i*f Landi torn* affeetod briald work arr-:
Loti 883, 81*7, 4802, iilid fiit> Iota 1,0. II   l.t, II niitl
lAol i>it 4693. Group i. Kootenay Diatrlet
The toll, proposed to be charged ar*.- inch ai
mar be tit.A by the Judge of tht ruuuiy Court
- ( -\ aal Kootenay
Dated list Joly, W07.
THK iNTKKN-Tli.SAl. Ll'MlsBR ��t MKKl ANTIM-  CO.,
Notu-e Ik hereby given, for the Information ol
tiitt-ti'liiiit h.-uIit*. hh'I .itiMTH, thai aeleotlou bai
he'-ti in-.il*- nf Mi.* :i,.r**M(,Oou firret- ()f  IsDil   nltimK-d
tn the Peace Rlvor Valley, Province of 'rit-.ii
i 'ni i. in i.in. iTHiiini tu th" i'um in im- Oovernme**!
under the provision! of Bectlon " uf'*AJ: Act
relating t<- tbe Island Hiiiiuny, the ('ravii---
Dock himI KaiiwHy Landa of tbe Provincet" fcnd
fiu-ii imi'i i�� not open to entry nnder the Land
ihm- 'ii the provU	
1 he block .elected n* described U foilown:-
Commenclng al a i>olnl B8J , mllea Kimih ol tbe
I',h .- Kivi-rnn tbe laoth Meridian, ix-ihk tbe
eastern boundarv of the provinod- thonoa ��'-m
*;,*. iiiilc-i Hint us t,i i hiiini-, thi'iicit north 72 nilifc
and 86-QR chains, tnence east 75 milea and BS EM
i-lmlnt-, thence ->��nth to the jmlut  ot-04mmenoe<
ment following tbe laotb Meridian and oontalnlng ��w��riixtnii_tely 8,600^kj0 in-ren.
notice 1�� al*o given thai, with a view lo
.h'-iMinting aettlemeni in the valleys oi the
Peace, Parsnip and Peck  Rivers, the following
belt of IhimI  40   mil'���   in   width iin-l   cxieiifltnv
-eti iiiticx on eHfi) Kid*-of tho Peace* Paoralp and
Paok Rivera haa bei n reaerved tot actn*-i aettlen
to be acquired by pre-emption only  under the
Land Act-auoh lami Dot l-ving open for hhIh,
lease, lloenre or other allutnuion undftt the -iiiitl
Act axoept by pre emption I
rouiniciicinj. at tba Intersection ol ihe waatern
boundary nf the  bio  k   of   land   selected   by tba
i oniinion Qovernment   with the Peaoa river,
ttience  following the Ccac-   Kiver   aii'l   J'ari-nlji
River to thetr confluence wi'h (ba 1'ack River
aim) tbenoa fullowltig ih-- i'Hck river lo tba
tj-btnt;where --aid i't��ck River icavea Mcleod
1 ..--*-. - ��� i. ��� i extending for a distance oi 20 mile--
nn eat-h Kf-le of -ti i'l Kivern ami approximately
170 miles iu length.
All JaihIh onunfle the bonndarlai of the Dominion (iovernment .'rant mid 'the r��*��-rve
above described ar** open for Iticatlnn under the
lawn ol (he l'roviiic-e,
Acting Chief < lorn in 1��* loner of l_audnanil Worka.
1 -sii-i-- tiii'i Works Department.
Victoria, September 13th, 1901.
Kelson i.atni idstriet.  Dlatrici d| Wi ���( Kootenay
Take noiiiv thai K .- r. Smyth,of Procter, B,
C, ���M-i-iipaliimiunii.--rmt.ti. lot   ads   Lo ipplj for
aSpeOlaJ   timber lieeiut-  over  the   following de
scribed landa:
No. 1. -.'-.luimem'tug ata t��i*.! planted near the
northeast corner pout ot Lot i��u ."MS, ou Lemon
('reek and marketl ti. ti p. Smyth ��outhwest 001
nerpost No 1, ihence 40 etniiut- nortb more 01
lean to about uihtnuy of Hie louth boundarj line
��� d um:.it licence N... OattO, t\u ntl 80" ha I 111 east-
thciice tu chaitm aouth. theuce *" chs Ul east,
tbence 40 ehalim aoutb, thence -*1 cbslns west-
more or leu* to tbe Boutheasl corner of aforesaid
Lol No _.>!.*, thenee 40 chain-, north, thenoe tO
cbains went to ihe point of com**.' oi' meul
liate-i J6tb Julv, jyu7. K  S   P   1-J.lfTH,
Henry Relehert, Agent
Kelaon Land Dlatriot    Dlstrlt tol Weat Kootenay.
Take notice that Boor] Reicheri "' Keleon.B
���   . proapeetor, Lntenda to a, pij i..i  ��� special II-
ttin'i' In ont aud eai r> a*M ay Umber iroin the fol
lowing deeoribed lauds:
Ko B, I'oHimeucing at a poat planted near the
nor the*.-1 corner poat oi 1 vui ��� 1 Licence 1*0 WBfi
mi.1 marked Henry Reicheri uorth weal corner-
post No 0. tbence rM) chum, south, thence HO
onalns east, them-e BOoheim north, tbenoe BO
chains went to plaoa of��otumem ement,
Dated July -fcth, l��*7.
No. 7 Ctrmmenrlng ata post planted near the
northwest oorner *-om of timber licem a No U6B
and marked Heurv Reicheri ��, wesl corm r i*.-t
Ko 7. tlicnce LN ohalns uast thenca *������ i-halns
nnrth. thence   L0Q chains   west, IbeMoe iu 1-liiiiiih
south to iM.iiil of comnu-ui ement.
Dated July Mtb, kit
No. ti. foinmeucing at a p"-t planted .���_ Mmin-
ment ereek about Tvcbalna more or leas from
where Monument creek * Dtoth - into Lemon
. reek and marked Henry Reicnci 1 northeast 1 Dr-
uerpoal .No �� tbeuee ltoi chaini loutb, tbenoe to
1 halna wem* thenoe 160 ohaini north, thenoa i"
chalna eaat to plaoe ol comment ement
Im ted July ruth, VMl H.nkv RKICHBW,
Kelaon E_and Dlatriot Dlatnctol Weal Kootenay
Notice la booby given that 80 daya after date
l intend mapi-iy to the ' bli ' Coumlsaionar ������/
l_HtidD and Work-- foi permission loant and
carry away limber from the following deal rlbed
No. 4 Commencing at u p-e-i marked II. A ti.
K. W oorner, 300 ehaius east oi ih( N B. oorner
of lot No _u_i, post marked K.8. N.K, oorner,
theuee east B0ehaln. aonth n obaina,
thenoe VMat BO chains, thenee north so chains lo
place of eommeneameni i-ontainlng Otoaerea.
No. 5 t.'ommeneiiiK at the h W.cornorofH.
iS. timber claim >o   1, tbence north 80  chains.
thenee east BO cbaina, thence aonth no chalna.
ihem-e troal B0 (dialua to pis 1- ommeuoeman.
at loeatlou p_*st   ��t'       oontalnlng 640 aerea
1   0.  .-i'MthMKaicjKS, L-M*ator.
'-t'li   Hint roft Agent.
Dated July bib. lyu7.
Tatlson Lai: I Dlatriot  Dlatrlct Ol Went Kootenay
'lake notion that I, ��� barlea Sidney Leery, *o
Burtou City,!*. C _K*eupatpdi larinvr. Intend lo
apco io.-p-'rmf-sinn to purchaae the lollnwinc
described land : Oommandttg ai a post pUnied
about five mllea northweM (rom the month of
hfoa inlto creek and marked '*' B L'a uoribeat-t
eorner," tbonoe -.outh m ohalna, thonee weatB0
cbaina, tbence north S chains, tbence aaat -
chains to point of oommeneement, containing
04* -��* r,.-.
Bept 7th, 1**7, Cn_un__a bihmy i.bary.
Kelaon Lau.i District Diatrlet oi Weal Kootenuy
Take notice that  Moore,   Keppled    o.��ofUar-
land, Penn , occupation lumbermen, Lntendi to
apply ior a ipecu; iimi>_*r Licence over tba tol
lowing leecri ed si ���'-. i irMnmene'ng at a poet
planted on Moaqulto rteek.on the weat Udeof
.vrr..-i lake, and about *.io: half in tic weat of the
SOUthweil cornerof tlm ber limit No. 4*!~, ib<-ue_
north80ehalna, thenee wi>i Bu cbaina, them
-.outh ho ohalna, tbenoa east * chaina tc point of
commencemeut. and   OOntal ll ������   BDOn
or leas.
Dsted lath, July, l'J07.     Ifooav, Karri.c A Co.
John R. i a; kis-   Agent
Neituju I and District District of West Kootengy.
Take notice that   Kvan   Mel IclJand   Frn-er. ol
Kernle. B.C.. dark, lntendi tu apply f-,r a apeclal
Uoenoe  over   the   ft-Uowtng   ueaeHbed   tends:
ComnicneiliK at   a    post    planted   ab-mt (-even
milea weat crl thi Kootenay river, and about one
mile nor h ol Hie luieruaiioimi boundary Una,
and about one and a-'Uttrur north-easterly Irom
the ii'Tii east comer of timber licence Ko. 8067,
thence aoutb mi chaina, tbence weatBO cbalua,
tii--ii. ������ north bo cha in-, thenoa aaat **" chalna t"
point   of  commencement,   and   Oontalnlng   ' ...
aon - more or l_ss.
Located Uih, of June. 1907.
fcVAN iicCl.CJ 1 AN   FSASXH
I>ste*l thiartth of July, 1907.
Nelion l-and lUtiirlet.   Iilitrietol Wetd Kootena-
Take notice iha* Wealey  Bovee. oi  RltsvUle.
Waab ���oooupatlon intntter, lntenda to apply for
h i-pe'lat timber lleeiue  over  the   follow mir dc-*-
crlDOd landa; on the aaal aide ol  Prleal  river:
Oommenolng al a po_t planted one and a hall
in lie- ninth i-f tho iiiternalii.ual boUn<1a_T line,
tbenoe weat 80 ohalna, tbenoe aoutb **" cbaiun,
tbence eaatB0 chains, ttience nortb 80 cbaina to
point of commanoament oontalnlng f-w aene,
more or leas.
Dated Sepl. Hth, l'J07. WhnIRV IIovBS,
K   W.Bmith. Agent
Kelaon Uutd District Dlatriot oi Weat Kootenay
Take notice that BImon P. BchttUl, of Nailer.
Idaho, occupation lumberman, Intend- in apply
for a -i-ecia] limber Licence over the following
described land"; on tha easl "-hie of Priest river:
Commencing at a post   planted   on the cant Mde
of Prleat river, two and a half milea north of the
I liter national   boundary  line,    then- *���   nor h   to
ohalna, tbence eaai 80 chains, thence iouih bo
ehalna, tbence west80chalna to point of com-
mencement, coim-ming etc htm, more or lew-.
Daled Hept. Hth. 1907. Himon P. tit iiirKKi-,
K. W. HKJTH, Agent.
\��i..n land Dlatriot. District of Wsot Kootanay
Take notice that Clyde K McClure. of BllSvllle,
Wash i occupation barber. Inieud-' to ��n-ly for
a DiM-ciat timoer lleeooe over the following dea>
crllH"!   landu;   On tbe r-ttat  aide  of   Prleal   liVOT,
two ami a hair mile-, north of tlie international
boundary line : Commencing al a po-d planted
two und a half mile* north ol the fn-crnaihuial
boundary line, [hence aaal BO CbglllS, Itietiee
hou tti to , htm-., tbence weat to chatnK. thenoe
north BD ohalna to the point ol commencemenl
and coiitalnllig i.40 aCfee, more or leaa.
Dated Bept nib. vjoi.      ct vm k. McCtun,
K. W tiMitH, Agenl
Nelaon I-and District Diatrlet of Weal Kooleuay.
Take notice (hat Juy Hovee, of Ktuvllle. Wash ,
occu pat bin butcher, Loti tela loappiy loraajM-'cial
limber Ucenoe over the following deacrlbed
landa; on the eaai aide of Irfeat river: Com
meii'iii',' at a post plantetl   one and   a hall mllea
uortn of international boundary Hue. thence
aaat 80 chalna, thence aoutb ho chaini*, thence
wesi ho obelus, thence north no cnaina to the
j>oiut of commencement containing 040 aon -.
in.ire or lena.
Dated Bi pt. iiih. wn. J*v H��vg>.
K. W.HlllTH, Aguilt
Nelaon Land District   Dlatrlct of Weat K/ont'd,ay
Notice Is hereby given that*- dayaiiUer dad   J,
.loi.n P. B wed berg, miner,of Nelaon, at.O . Inn nd
*.o appiv to ih'- lion the chief Comm!sB.onei of
l*ii'l and Works for a apeclal licence to ont nnd
carry awav timber from the following described
landa allnatcd on Hiiiiimit creek, in tbe Weal
Kooteuay Dlatrlct:
No. i.- -Commencing al r po*t marked i i'.ni
timber limit, northeast corner poat, located on
WOSt dirk of puiiitntt creek about two mllea from
main cr-ck. thence running aoutb HU ohalns,
tbence running wei-t 40 chalna, tbence running
north-I'i cbatna, theneo weat 40 ebalna. tbence
north ho Chains, tbenoe running eaai 10 ehalna,
thonoa running "oiub IO ehalna, tbence eaat 10
chalna to plat e of e.mimeuceineiK.
Located on lhe.Hth dav .if AUgUlt, 1907,
loRN l'. HWKi-iiBH't. locator,
per blS agent I'HKB MoDoKALO
No. 3.���*Commencing ata poat marked J P._Pa
timber limit, northwest corner poat. located on
weal P irk of Humrnlt creek, ah-uit two milea from
main creek, thenc-, rutin Ing aoutb *o Ohalns,
thence running eait to chalua, tbence running
north BO chains, tbanee runnliiK treat B0 ehalna
io place nf iomnii'ticement.
Located on ihe -*0th day of Auguat, 1007
John p Bvnimgfto, locator.
per hla agent PglOl HODOKAtO.
N -tli-- I-, hereby given that Wl daya alter date I
Intend to apply to ihe Hon. Chief Coinmlaalolier
of LiOdl   and    ^ orka Tor lienillhaloli hi j-i.r. hh*,e
the following de erlbed landa. sltnatod In Weal
Koot nay district: Commencing at a poat mark-
ad by name  n��   Iniliitl   poal   of  the  Ht.litli   Fork
branob, one hundred f-ei from the junction of
lAtnl ereek with Ihi- -outh fork; tlnini oUe-
<-uarter mile to the north Weal corner poat, tin noa
oue  mile   to tbe  uorlhcait corner poal, theneo
We   are now showing :i   complete   stock of
Ladles' Flannelette Nlnln Robe, from
$l."il up
Children.' Fl inneletta MkIh Roba.
fr.irn   T.-.i*  rtp.
Uldl. Di Skirl.-* from "-.50 e_ch
One of the largest stocks of Furs this
side of Winnipeg to select fro-n and our
prices  are   exceedingly  low  in  this   line.
Children'- Oo-ti r..r uki-h i to is
y,.;ir*i.      A k.iimI lni  l.. pit*  rriiin.
Bpeolallr. A   n_a Btook of    Ladla1
Kliuiii.-I and   Silk   Shi,t  Waists.
A v.'iy larK,. Mtortmenl of Ladlet'
Tall und Winter Cloth uml Tweed -lark-
rts at  Very   l.,w   I'rleos.
One of the finest stocks of M.llinery,
Trimmed and Pattern Hats we have yet
shown.     Prices   Reasonable.
Wc invite Inspection of our Stock and Prices and Will  Endeavor
tt> Please our Customers.
oue-1'isrter mile to the sontho*at oorner pust.
tnonos -.ii i in i it* tn :in* j'Ui a ol i onunenoenient
juni B, in:.        Loeatssj by wn   I o*naou,r,
Nelson Land Dutriet, Munot ol Wtmt Kootonaj!
Take notlos that ire, ir bibald BrontneranO
(JeorsQ Yoi tur. botb of tbo cltr ol Nalson* In the
ProviDoa uf Biittsfa ColnmbCs lumberman, in-
tend to *��i'piy (or r-iH-eiii] tlm tier llc-enssoovar ths
(ollowlni doa rtbao lands:
1 CottUttsocioa m a pool planted about _��� .o
varda wosterlv from the Junction of tbi nortb
and main forks ol .- immll creak, s i reek Bowlni
Into Kootenay river ioutfa ol tba aoutbornondol
R p itenay,
whloh .in.- -'i >-i - ��������� -���: BD miles from the
iu "ith oi inch creek, thenos *-"uth4o cbalua.
eat na. tin oat north   -0 shalas
! : enee wefi tu ��� ��� tin-. t> the point ol ccinUH-io ���'
m.D'. and < nuial-iHn. Wu wcren umre to    ��� --
\K   im  U_0   hHIMNIH.
Dated thid'nb dav olAttyusl
j. Commenelni ��t - I""' planted about 360
���-ri* aresb i (rom the hmu and nortb forks of
Bummll cr. ��� _, a ureak flowing into Kmiteim-r
river souUi ol ibe aouthern end ol Kootena; iiih.
in ihe district of West Kootenay. thenoa si
chains, thence west IB ehalns, tbenoo south to
eh-iint-, tbea .1 tina thenee eorth ���*"
ohalns, tbenoa ��� ..-t 10 tbalm " tnee nortb *'
���( tbono oast *���> ehalna to tbe p<lint ni cmm
menoexoent nn-i oontalnlng 6*0 h. re- n
U m 'ik-ohos Votmo,
Dated UtlaAtb *Uy ot Angust, WW.
I Commaneing *i h ix"t planted abonl 100 Eeel
north from the bunk el lbs main summu oreek,
snd about.! mil - from tbe lunation ol
the nortn fork and tip main lork ol oreei
h oreak flowing into Kootenay rtvei ioutfa ol ths
���no1 them end ol Kootenay leai In thedisl
Went Kootanay. tbi noe aoutn 90 ehalns, lbenee
eutSO chains the    nortb no  chains,theno*
west BD cbalm to the polntof oommenoemenl
mi j 1 .hi ������'���-, ,i.k '--to aeree more 01 leas
Alt' IHU ��� II,   ItRKMNKR.
Diitcl thli- **th ��Iaj- ol Aurf'i-i. l*o'..
4 Conn--- ucIiik *t n poal plan to 1 abonl ~ mllea
ttp   -v:i    iiniiiiincl    OTOU    powlmt   Into   Hummlt
creel from the south *-t sOo-it 33 mllea from lbs
mouth of *-*;iinniH creak which   latter la a ereek
Ituwliir- into Kooteu*)  fiver -louth of   in., aoutb
ern end >-t Kootanay lake In lbs distrl 1 .���( West
Kootenay, them-e north to chains, ito noe esstB
chains,   thOOOe  aouth BO  ehitlna. theme   west SB
��iminH to the point oi eommenoamo*nt snd oon
In inn. g *��� 10 acre* more or lean.
(JK11R1.K  Vot'M,.
Dated ihtafitii day ol Auguat, I'J"*;
B Commonolng nt �� p-n-t planted two miles titan u 11 nrimed oreek nut- mt*   intoflnmmli creek
from thn aouth at abuut ���*_ mllea fnu.i th��- montk
��� ��� - imtalt nrook, whlob latter Is a oroek flowlna
Into Kootenay rivi 1 sonth of tbo southern end
or Knoteiiay take in thoolstrlotof West Kootanay- tbvttOS -outh Ht, elmdiH, tbence east 10
et-Mlnp, thence   nnrth tn rhalns,   thonce  WOStflO
chmii*. rn the poim ol oommanoomont ��nd oon
it. tn itik *-i�� son 1 more '.r i- *-������
Dated thin 5th driy of A.Ufft_St| 1901.
B Commonelng atapost planted about one
and h itnif miles up the north fork ol Bnmmlt
crook, ti oreek flow uik into Kootanay river lontb
of Ihejaoathern ond <'f Kootanay lake in the dla
if let <if Hi'dt Kootanay, tbanoa oast �����* chalna,
theure   loatfa    to ebHlUf, Ihence   chM    10   I haltU,
tbence lonth io chains, thenee we.t w rhalna,
tbenos north 10 cbains, tbanoa weat in ehalos,
theno north id cbaina to ihe point of oommeooe
ment ami contalnliiK '���!') acier ninn <,r i�����-������
saonm toi h,
Dated tins fith day of Augusl, IWJ7.
7. ('ominem-U)K al n poat plniited aOOOl 001
mile and it half  up  the   north   fork   of Humum
oreak a oreek (lowing into Kootenay livei toutb
oi the not-then, ana of Kootanay Inke. in h,,.
dlstrloi oi Waal Kootenaf-theuoe north K> chains,
thenoe   wesi   in   chnm>>     theuce    nun li 40 elialtiK
thenoe easl to ebalos, thanoe south 4*< < imin-,
theme i'-nihi obaina, iheuce south   10 cbains,
lanoa wesl B0 chains tp tbe polo tol oommenoemenl and oontalnlsg M0 aorta, moreoi lam
Dated thlsotn day ol aognst IB07.
a. Commonolng ��t n pool planted about a
quarter ol a mils weaterly from the north fork
nf Hummlt ereek, and aeon I two tnllet atui a
iinir rip -ueh north fork Irom   It*   junction   wllh
tbe iiiaiu Summit oreek, a oreek Howm** into
Kootanay fiver, aouth of tbe aonthern end ol
Kootanay bike m tho ��ii-*trt#-t or Waat Kootenai,
thenc*. nortb 80 obaina, tbanoa eaat B0 ehains,
tbanoa soutb BO onalns, them s wesi so ohaini to
the poim ol com me n-��'m en i. and oontalnlng 640
or lea
'-KoKr-K Vol
Datod toll ��'ih day of Angnst, 19
*'L ._
y   Oommenolng at a pott planted   aboul a
uarter Of a mile   wenterly  from   lhe north   foik
of Summit oreek and about three milc-�� up sn,h
norlh fork from Mh iunctloii with the main Hum,
mi oreek. a oreak flowing Into Kootenav river,
���outh oi the southern and of Kootanay lake in
tba  dlstrloi   \v��m  Kootanay,   thenee   weat  ho
ohalOSi thence north HO ehaln-i, theuee en-tt KO
cbains, tbanOO aoulh mi chain-* to the point of
< '.'.Miiciicciiicnt, and eontuiiiiiif; *��-**i acrea, more
or lan.
Muted thin 6th day of Aiu-m-*, WH.
Conunonotng at a post planted about ���-.
II.    ..f    ��     .nil.,     ..,,,-, 1,,       tm        ll...        .....II.        I I.
im-       ��� ��� i hi   iii   ��. rni   KooLeuay.
���haiim. thenee   aouth Ito  ehalni-.   Hume   cn-i  in
ohalns, tbanee north 160 abalcs to tho point of
conniM nceiiient, ntul eiuilainiiiK -'IO -icref,   more
or lean.
Mated thla20th 'lay of AukiikI. IflOT.
Alo U|_U~U) FltHMMKR*
11 Cointnoiiclnu al a poat planied aboul half a
mile Mltor.-f from lhe noutb fork of summit
creek and about one mile aoitb ol tha mum
Bummlt   cicr'k, a iTtrek   flowing   lutu   Kootoua
lb ol iha southern end of Kootanay late
In the district of West aootenay, tnanaa '-i-i H
chains, thtmoa sooth So obaina, thenre w-m ni
obaina, tbence north BO chains to the point ot
oommeneement and ��� oni-Uning mo aanomero
AKi'll'K��M-  I'ltl-MK.
Ou\\*m\ ttifa 2UX day of Auiru��t. V*fi.
i Land Mi-  rtet.   Mialru-i <>��� VtV-n Kooteuay
Take notice tb   I      OOM   B mil) *% ''�� . **1 '��ar-
latid. Penn*, nn-opa'ioit   tumi.-rm  u,  intend to
apply lor a special  timber licence over tba lol*
lowing -ic-cr-i ;.     ���'���...!,.;.��� i ,K at a poat
ptanted ao Mosquito creek,    u  tba went able of
Arrow  lake, nn 1 ,,r..*iit una hall mil" wt.l, ul the
anntbweet eonn-f >i tlmbei Imlt _*o UIT7, tbanee
south BOobaloa ibears a at so chalna, thanoa
motr. goabalna, tbenoe em<tl BO ��� halna to point *>r
oom mi ne- ment, and oontainina '���* aoiagi more
��� ������
Dated Hth July, 1W7.      Mim.kr. - n r:.a J. Co
i '���*���*��� k i,Ai.ai-*"i.  vat at.
Nalson  Und  l-t-trlcl     DlatliOf I I '���'������ It K<K��t-*iiay
Tak-   notioa that  William   aud ran   Koaa, of
Ferni-    H   i        ',._,,..;    In-eilits to appiv for
a -.i"  la. mill, r 11- ��� ii--<-o��*erlb    loUowfng dea-
snds:    ' ..n nt. in it.,   at   a i--.nl   planted
sbootsij     ilea   rest of the K attay river, on
Corn  t ;. ��� ���*.     in tba   Dlatrlct   ��� I  Weat   Kooienay
and being about sis. milea nonh ol the inter
fiati-'tiH, boundary Una, and -uinate at the
northeast ��� ��� rni i oiWllliam Andrew Roee- Ko
.1 umber, i |mt thenre .... u. BQ ohadna. tbanoa
west SB chalets, thence south BO ehaina, thence
aaal to ohalna, to tae ixiint of co-unuunrement
l-ocabd July ilrd. 1W7
Dated iboBtfa of Aug  lisr*
W i it i a a A Nnssw Koaa
Nei-oti Land Mialrict    I'l.cit t o| *A>m Kootenay.
Take notice   that   QOOTVO Alexander, of Kaalo,
B  r ,  inteuda  to  apply   fur  a spactel  timta-r
li<( ni e over lhe mil..., Uik deacrtbed landa:
i ommenclng at a p��-��t planted at the northweat
corner ol flection li. iownablp*f. Kootenay dialrlet, htfliiaS alxoii one-third of a mile aoutb of
tbe BOUtb bOUUdary line ot ihe Indian renervc;
thence aoutb   about   '���'/>   ebalni  to  the eaiterly
bank of Kootenay rlvar j thenee joothoeetarly
along Kootenay river bank about "KI chaina to
tba   aotjth   boumlary ol   S- il-oi 1-'. TnwtiKhlp 7;
lbenee eaaterly about BO eiiaiim to the northwaat
oorner of Lot s&ii  i hence north B0 chains si""if
lhe we-t boundary Ol I_nt H12; theui'e writ HO
chalui to the ladnt of eomnieilccmelit, and 0O&-
lalulUK ���'���Mi aoraa, more or leaa     .
Mated Julv 4. 1901. QllQBU __l_BZ_UfS__B,
Take imtti-e that 10daya alter -i��te t intend to
apply to ihe ii,ui   ihe Chief Commlaaloner crl
Lands and Works, Vb-ioria, for i-crminMioti to
OUl   and   carry   away   timber from the (OllOWlttg
dcMr.i.. d land, in Wast Kootanay i
no i    Oommenolng nt a poat planted at tbo
eoiithw-".!   corm t  of   tlmi**'r Uce(in,e H-Mft, thenee
wesi no chains, tbence a<nitb no obaina, tbanoa
��� ii> i BO i baina, (heme north Mo chain-- tO plaoa of
Mitt" (1 .May Bl, IWJ.       J. T   HiKiinK, LooBtOr,
J   Vt'   i )t\aUOVO!0, A Kent-
So. 2    Commonolng at a p-n-t planted at tba
aoutbeasi corner ..f application Stt. l. tbenooaast
to cnaina, ihenoa nortn m obaina. tbence weat so
chains tbanoa couth no ehalu- to place of oom*
Muted May .11, Pjo7,        .1   T. Bt*Roa����, t*nr**U.r.
J   W. (oi .iit-nN. Agent
Kelaon Land DiatiiOt, Dlatriot ol Waal Kootenay
'lake notce that 1. Kvan I'rai-cr.of Kernle, tit.,
clerk, Intend in apply foi a special Umber lleeiine
over the billowlm- dctxribed lan.I--;
1. Commencing at a poal planted at the V K
oornor Hb*-ui l1. milea north of the uiternatlon
al boundary   line ami about 11 mllei   weat Ot the
Kootonaj! rlyai (aboul one mils north of the
north boundary of r. L No mm, tbence no
cbains south, tlo-nreao chaiiin waat, theme hu
chaina north, thenco BO ohslns eaat to the plaoa
Ol h-Ktliuihg.
DOtad July -Mat, iwn,
2. Coinmi'lielug al a po*d   planted nt the N. E.
oornei of looatlou No l. thonoa sonth *-���* obaina,
theuee easl Wl   chtlil-,   Iheiiee   mirth   BO   OballU,
ihenoe sresi bo obaina to tba place <-* boglnnlnr,
Tilted   luly HIM,  Wn.
B, Commonolng at a poal plantetl at the N. K.
eorner of loeation No   1, Ihem-e  north   B0 OhalttB,
tbence aaatSQ chalna, thonoa Houih no obaina,
thin a weal BQ ehalu- to place o( beginning.
Datod .Miiy scut, iwit.
���I. Oommenolng ut the N K corner ol local ton
No. I, thence north ho chnlua. thanoa wesi BO
chains, thenco aouth so '-hum., theme aaal BO
chains to Ihe J luce - f bcKliuiltiK.
Mated July gjJt, .Wl.
������   r*ommanoing at a poal piantad one mile
easl ol tin* N, EC. corner   of  locallcu No. :t, tlieuce
aouthBO ohalna, thenre weet BO ohalna, u oa
nor tit no eh ,it,H, thenco eaat HOehniiiN to the place
ol heKlutiiiiK
Mated Jul* Jlst, l'j07.
f>   f-ommenotng at a pont planted at tha n. k.
" r of location No  5, thctice loUtb  BO chalna,
tbenoe oast hO chains, thenee imrtb Hti ehniiiH,
thence weai Hneiiauii to the place of ii ginning.
Dated July -did, tijffl,
7 Commencing ata post planted at the N K
cornsi or looatlon No fi, in. noa north ho chnln-i,
thencs oast W ehaina. then a nouth BO ebalna,
thenre wesl ho oh dm to tba plefe ol boglnnlnf.
Mated July2lst, Mmi7
h Commencing at a post planted at the X h;
corner of location No /..thence loirih no cbatna.
thence areat 80chalne. thanoe aootb no ehalna,
thenre easl au i haina to ihe plaoe of beginning.
Dated July Slat, iuii7 k. Kkaskr. Locator
Joils'  Hli   wn, Agent.
LAND Notices.
'���'���|""11 '-" 'I<lr��� I.   1..M.I.-1..I Wl.Rl Kontoll. -
T��.i! 11011,0 Uml I, KlUatxttl Kcricn-ou, ul tt*U
,nn. Brill.li l'..lunit.l��. nmip#tl,.D trun-rtf,
niHii. H.t.-it.l 1.1 ���)'���>.. f..r i- rmiwnin r.-pur-i-,
tit, I..11..M uik .1.-- rrf.-.l lun.l: ...rrmirj-raxia,
T-.-.I )'UiiU*.| ftli-h.m. w-,1 ol th, cottirailtwin r ..I -.'.rr.'ir ,'.'. T-'.�� ii ���(.][*.'. K i..r-rr.. ul
in.rki l'K K'���-N E (ijrirci.'"tlr.'-i- �������� ,
<-l..in., ttience ,0111*1 at rb,.i... th.u--tl
rli��ln,. tln-ur-e nortli ��> .'h.trr. tn Um. fla, a
. ..iriul.'tl.'CIlii'Iit MU.1 ...utalliluf XX ,tt* au,
I'.lli Juir. A   I). 1*17     Kli-ittth rtKVS,.
by W. A l'���der ifiu
N��l,��n I_t��l Pl.tr.it.   I.l��ti,rn.lWp.tI>__|.
Tike rn.rr.'.-U..I I. I..-11 11   k'r-rri.~1 !t,u_
tt. C, <>.*riip.lt(.n m.-r. Ii.r.r. loun^ ���..,,-.'!In
I*-.rnil,��l..n tu |..ir. li...- 11..- l..!!owr^,.l_*r1l*l
Mid: 1 omini'n.'HiK At . p-*t ,.tar_ _ IA,
roiutli-.-.t ...ril'T ..f MeUo. -. ur.rr���i- ��,
K.M.ti'.iAV. (.[..I m.rk.-'l "ll .. X ',,...I-���,.*
then.*.' nnrth meb.rii.. lln-no. ,_i atUtta,
.i.-ii.i' -...ith H" . li.lr.-. tri.-r." i�� *' .1*10*
to the potnt ol ronimen.-.'Hir;ril tt* roor-smf
'tat _-ree mor.' or lew.
lAth July. IvWT Iiinoil Irm.
W   A r_ldM. -re.t.
N.-l-.n I..n.l I.lAtri. 1.   l.i-trr. I .t WrtlK_Ae_.|
TAki* nolle. 11.-11, Joim iam.atMtca.tz.
POC1ips_.ll miner Intend to .ppir '-.- p-nt.--
��� I..U 10 prm-nA.e the tolia9la$ataBWIIaWK
( omuii'lr.rii, nl , jN.pt pl��ut*l .1 IM > A ��
Ia.I t.m. tlii'titir ea.t 'JU 1 h.ln,. Iri.r.rt ^-'1"
DhAln., il..-...'.' w.-.t -.*. rhilOAUtewt r-rrl. 1
Chain, to i-otnt of i-ommt-ii.'eiiieril.ronurflln|.
��.rr.   tnor.r or Ifim.
���urjuil'Jii.l. ]��", J..,ti-__
N.l...1. I_n.i In.trlit l.i.irl.'toninlli*'1*"!
Ink,- null,.,, that Imn. *l.<llll. ol thtOtl*
Nelson. i��.upnll..ii ttn-ni.ti. inl'D'h l" ".'!'! ���
|-rrrrl��l..n lo purrhaM In.- Inllnatn, �����*
Uii.l,.- Oomrmonoin. ��t �� p.^t pl.ntri ,11��
N. W. .orner I. . MoiT-OB. reiwh. IB nre
Valley, tlie-ie  nonh  (..rtv (U'l '�����>��J-"*!
���aal (urty (Hi) .'hail,., tbonoe .outh torn m
.hn thanoa ral it.nriKi <������.���'"��� uf*Si
.���omiruMi.imrnl. au.l .-.niulnltiir ..ne tlan',���-*
an.l ,nty (lfio) irr.-,. mor.' or le_- i
Datad Sepu. nber ���Ind.inr:.     A��r,t'��MW"-_
Rotaoa l_n.| m.tni'i. Ptatrtalal *"**-*_������
luke notl.i* that I'hlllp BnK.k��_iiik."l_jJ,S
B. 0��� iK-eiii-atlon ran.-ber, lntandi u umi ���
perinlMliiu to puri-hoi*. tbe Mlowla, ���'**;'*!
lan.tr l'..min��i'ln�� ��t > P"*,���P",, ' uj, ,���
t��l .hore ol Cpp,.r Wltat.nan (' Arlno..;'>�������
th,. 1   K. .'orniTol loiMW. tl '""':'!.
thenre 0011111 M rhalno. thenoe e��l ���* ��������_"
Bon or lor...   IO   the   ihOI.  ���>! IJe lol*. lh"J
oortharly atoni the ui.l .horeic '1",��'u*.
or leu, li poini al .'..iiim.'iii'enieni. i->o-i~_
160 aoreo, more or leoo. a_.
Hated iWpl   Win. 11W!    1'HiU.rr llki*n��w��^
N.'l.o.i Lami Ill.lrlfl.  Dl.lrl.'l ��' ���'"' ".'���"J*'
Take nollce that I'.lli * nf "",'""'*' '',,�����_
chei.er. B. 0-  -OOOpMlon ,ll,"l,,"n" L !';_
to ��pi.i> lor porinuaion 10 "O"���"**,*", ,,_.
n.K .Iccrlli.'.! loll.!���: t'omm.i.'li* ���" ,,.
|.|...,'."lal lh.'...utn hoini'lory ��l ��* 'fri,
way ..I the Ilrltloh roli.nil.l. *;",".
way .rr.l al-nttl ���'�� .'holn. ��'*,1,''i> '' "'��� b..-<
Aon -aid r.ihv.y. t-��"".-*'��%l-2"_S'Si5
e����t an chain., thenre ontilh ' rt ' ,..��,'
oaolCOchalno. then..' nOflh J��J!>"JS,c&a*
aryoMlr.'rl.ht..l��'��* ol lb. "'"'iv .loU l"
Horrthcrrr   Hollwoy,   lir.rr..' ��'���'"" ">, "���',.
0.1,1 mbt-otwmi ������,.���.���������..(���"i"'"':"1''*-""
lint.'" una .lu.1 day ol *"".'"'';, ,,,.'��� yirtx*
' H,���, ,i.��� .ucr .ut.. 1 * rn. '������'������;",!";."S
ranah.r, ..1 Burton i*it,r, l",,**":'��� ' J1!,,.. '���
Chlpl iromml.-l.rr.'r nl I ��|.'I,L,"',.,.", ,|,��ll��-
torlo. II   I'   . t��� pureliaoe til" I"   ''"'' ��    .,��� ,11
po.! nrork..l    "A    A   H   ...uiliwe.."    "',_
plantodatth.a  ��   enter ..1 1.���' "'' lrt>m
runnluK north M I lh. In..  ';',',,,", ,'lr.liii-
th.no. .....ih soon-ln., lh.no. wi.i^-
plaoaotoonun.nosmont.   ,__*-_, Bid���*���
A.i,ii��t lit, l�� ABIM1|��AJ^__
NPloon Land IM.trlPt. "nhdTl^l WM,J_3SS
T.ke rion.',- thot WJ-**- ��tS B
Manllol.... lorm.r. I,"l'*";l1",������ ���, .'rt.'""'
nomtlMlnn lo p , r.l.n-., t .,<��� '"j *'"''_�� UH, ,i��.i
l,,n,l: t'omrn.'.i.'li.K ��' ",,|M' \,, . "," 11.. ���"";
o.'v.'.r mil..- Iroin the Booth 01 >' . .,��������� uJ
nl uorthe.Mt oornar Oj 1".1," ���,, '.rrrninl'"'""
,nork,.,l"H.t:   N. I. OOjn- - ,""',,���,. norlh*
_,chain.. in.*".-.' ���;�������" ',;"'";",l��� ol *��
Ohalna,  then,',, ..Moiwi.'h . ""        '
men nont,oonUlnln����M ��"���""���
llati',1 Wlh day ol Aitiiu-I. '���" '     ,���������.
NPloon ...n.l Dl.lrl,.t."i^Tp' ^^��"
that    KrHnl.    T.   I
"���     ���'.,,,*F.Sin.'*,.n,
tmuSi :i..'��*"- *r:
uk,. ���,���i,,' unn'-v";;,!;  ..."i"f_-_S
ion. Mini- i..'.'iii''in..ii ,""",,'���. 1. ��'������**. ,1
lor |...rinl..l..n  1" I'""'   '���'          pi."1'f,i
.rihci land:  <*.";""'*1''*:,".,"., ,'r��i""',n'" "���
Krorrk F. Bpaniaii'" ����� *���' ", ...i,,, ��.��""' o
��� ���0. ��. N K corner.''and " ", i.nil... ���" '
(hsnoo -..ml. .*.,li��l"��. ' - ." ,'.-..iriol"1"-
ohaln, 10 1,1.1 ���'  m�� o...��.��
acre, ol Inr..!, 1.1..re,   le",!CoI,.B,r*�� HiB;'"
Dated 3rd AutrajUW A< g^-, *"MI-
ir'�� *. The Daily Canadian
If yon kuew you could buy
of finest   quality Stamped "Canada Approved"   by Government
Inspection on every package, would    you trouble mak-
ing it, particularly when it will Cost You Less.
We  have it   in all   sizes to suit   families, boarding  houses
and lmtcls, 7, 14 aud 2S lb. pails; 60 lb. tubs.
P. Burns & Co., Ltd.
NELSON, ��3. C-
Kaslo, Rossland Boundary
^ftmnuu'i Distrust. DutrtetolWaal Kootanay
:,,[ 1,t'ti"it Sharon. *>f Kolaon,
1 p , IV . , .1, -ir.-i" ��� ior. mtonds t<> apply
f ,lt ���.-,. ��� tnbei lli-ence ovei tin* [ollowlna
Coin menclng ata pout planted
.--    ,,-���,,( lotewS, t-r-iUK Patrick
��� 1-   corner poat   running  south to
.   it ao ehains, thenoa iinrtii.su
no chains u-rmint oi c��ui
��� , ��� 1
l lit, If-"*, PATBloa tinttAV,
Bams htranp, a-rent
��� ;-_. Y. Ttflor, otortc, ol Arrow
- :.. apply fur 11 -.perls) |tr-*-ne<-
t.mb_i   Iron,   the   following  dBacrlbad
���ilii-'ii'lli'l nl h punt planted iDchHln-i
���,n .-n-terly   direction   from   Cariboo
I   Taylor's, W. Parkin..' .-  W.
1 Oil the SOOUl  .���>* T- I.   No  766<",
it  t.> T   L.   no. 7673, thanoa   north to
��������� chalna, theine -niuthw
I resi *vi eh nt im 10 point ol otrm*
1 r.
at ata poat planted SOehauu
1 inutif- and   1 ��� 1- t*f 1 v dirootloa fr.un Cariboo
1   w   Parkins', Irs K   T_.vi-*r * ft, w.
0 iri*-   1    DU   the went IjV T. L   liiOl,
[woili bv Ir-K.   .Kvlar'n  .n.l   W    I'.rklnt'T. I.
.***��� 1. iti. n .   Dorin *i ehalni-, thanes aaal  IM
.1  - baina, tbanoa area* ltso
ennui ti. polnl ������. < itiniu.nr-emen.
W    1-   Ootl v-r,
 I Ra F. T * Vl.nl
|j.._tonUi-d Mstrlot, Dlatriot of Waat Ki**>i. n���:.
lite notice thai .1  K,F.Stowart, al Coiiing-
���_:������-������ t-_D-banaaa,lntano_i t-<
.rabai  tlaaoea over the  tm-
CoraneoaSiig **" s pawl
Di.U itreUD it*.   0.1 1 n.  mile itouth
��� nr U11* head 'vateii-id "i-an-
���1. ���-: 1   k y. ittevart'i N. K. Ancle
'.    to  Ofaalns,   thenee   went   to
moth 00 ebalna, tbanoa  araai -*���
ith   i'i ehalna, ihei.ee aaal BO
rth OB   haina, thenoa went _��
��� "uiuieiieeiiieni, coutainlnK
-    * t*-��rN K   Y  -"TiriBT
lei    Hip-trie* ol West Kootenay
H    .
tt 1 that   ���   K   K   Htcwart. of CoUUkC-
patton lunihermHii, lntenda tu
ii limb*.   UaOOOa   over   the tol
from where Monuin.iil f reek, emptr*. into Lemon 'reek, .ml ne.i Henry BalObart northeaiit
eorner p-.itt ol timber location sn H, an-l marked
' ll.-n-v RelOhOti ii<uihwe-i corner --out WO 11.''
thenoe laoehait-s south, tiienee 441 ehaliin east,
tbence Mo ebalna nortb, tbenoa la obaina _raat
to the pe-tui 11* oonmaneement
DatOd July 27t.-. ISO.
IIxnry HRiciianT. I>x-<ilor.
Tlma (or ad-rartlstng aTtonda-1 by tba Aaalstaat
nTalaon i_*_nd Dlatriot. Dtstnotot Waat Kootanay
Take DOU08 that Then. K. L. Logan, uf Bon
ner'*- I t-rry. ..'-cupfUl'Mi [.(.inter internls toappiy
ior * fpei-Ul Umber licenee over the following
(it-scribe*] landa:   Cotnmeneinf at a pout planted
on lhe Kmtb   "iti** Of Boundary  creek    about   It)
mllei- weal of the Kootenav iiver. tbeuee went ho
ebainn, Hi.-rue aottth 10 chain--, thenee east 80
ehalufi. thenee north tH'-ham*- to the point of
cninmeticuineiH, end f oiitaiiiliiK f>-0 acres, more
or If:**.
Dated July ��".th. 1901.        Thoham E   L. UxiAt*
Nelson l_and District   Dtstrlei of w__-t Kooleuay
Take notlic   ihat   Henry   Ketcheri.  of Nelson.
H .  , pioapeetor, intend to apply for a wpteLtl
timber   licence   oyer   tiie   followlu-t    OaaoribOd
No. I- Coiumenfinjr n. post plant'*, near H.
W. uortl;��ej,t tforntt p***t, lot N". 10H*. snd
marked -*-:ii-iiry lU-.rbert ���OOtbwOBt eorner
pool '-tbetU-ltD ehalu" north, thenee to ehalni
eaxt, thenee Mi ebalna ->oulh, iheuce (so ehalnt*
STOat t.. the \tt,ml ot ixiffliucutr-ioeni
Dated Sept. tha Wtli. 1901.
lifKH-r Hkiihert, I_o<-ator
Certificate   of   Improvements
"Montr*.*! -and ���HJueUe" Mineral Claims iltu-
ate   lu   the    WetaOOB    Miii-uk    IUvIbIoU,   of   WOfl
Kootanay Dlatriot.
W||-.Teii-.��ted "Aeat brnu-h of nnrth fork of
Halmon riv-ar, on ' mii; -dountalii. about ttUU
mile-* 1mm JErlB, fl. O.
Tak'- noike that I. Alfred Krne-n fisllupe. Free
Mlner'i CeortlAeate No. u_.t9. intend. ��uiy day"
iri.m the data beraof, to apply to the MlnniK
Itaoorder for e Carttlleata 04 improvements, lor
the pin iiuan of obtaining Orown '.rant, of ihu
above .uuin-.
And further take notice that action, under
aaetton 17, most ba oommaneed  u-hr. the l-su-
Id.  01   K-.n.ll   ereek   due   '       I'��>'-1 -hi, l-'h   .,, , .-! tftsplcml-er, IW7.
���    n.ti    Meali.w  initie. tb'til   3-'        - ���-    " ''' ������
lie  -reek   taarkod J. it v. .
���"::;;.!���������;:���.".':.:���:���:r:^:;:^:   Certificate   of  Improvements*
'..in-.,  ttuioot wi'M Vt i-haln,.
!   rtll.-.  111. II.*.'    t,.t W    III.III-.
I .rn-...  pur'' i.f eommouce-
v 11' r. r.-. morfl or lan.
Ja-_> it k n_nrx>T,
I. a:,r__nd*r   OOlMPM, nl
I ���   'r.r.rr-1 to .ppjv lot a ,*h-��'I_1
I r    the  lollowttig .lc.-rllied
��� . 1...-I   punt.'-t   nt ih.- tol,
'  "1 rrl. f..rk o( I ..rn ,-r..'.   \,ilh 111.-
north 40 . haliu, t__o_fl *��������-'
- itr. ,.) , -11 a. 11] -.. lli.'licp . n,r
1 ""��� plr- . of iH'KltiuliiK.  rontalinrru*
'   lh,1807.
11 ���> JM..I plKTito.t on tin' Lank
',1   ''   ��� 11 1 i,-i'k abo.it four miles
tn-.  with tha   Main .-r-.-k, tli.-ii...
-'    tlr'ti.,-   vt,.,.   -..Iialii-.   thetK-i'
* Ihi not .'..-l ��. chain, lo the
1 -  rn log, ..'rrlalnliig M0 arrua. more
\   ������ ������  tnjTMl I7th. llarj.
,, n�� "i .. por.1 i.lantc.l on the bank
, '    - nl ' ".��� T.'.-k aW1.1t four   unli.
1 nttnenei mth tlu Main are, k, Ihenoa
-    *    .'."I..-.-   '.v���,l  wti'halri-.   thenc..
rn., tbent*a eai.t  wl chains   to   the
��� ',    , ..i.iiniv'. cntaliiliiK MO acre.,   more
UtaaU-rl Alien,1 it,ttl. P.107.
A l ixani.rr till IWH. l��calor.
L.  A  Ha. -aTT, Agent.
I luiatrli 1. i.i.irictoi'woai KooMaaj
_B '," ,:.'l   II. rrry   Itelclrcrl. ol   Ni l.on,
I- '"tl :.'!- In appiv   for a .pedal
|l mi'!   '.irrv away liintrcr  from   the
Olng at .. post plnrrrcl near  tho
"I'nlnn"-titieial I'lalm -rt.rau' lu the Nelr-on
Vlnini I'lvr-i.-n- of tha tt'e.t Kootenay Illstrlct.
W tier. 1. ar. 1 ''ri loa.l Muiirttaln two an.l a
bail mile, trom   rlotaon, H   ('.
lake noLl.-e rriat t, W. _ Ma.-.l'.nal.l. acllnc a,
ait. I'l for III.tit, .sntl.erlail.l. Krrc Miner's I'er-
lil'.e.ne N���. Hi'..-*.,, niteti'l 60 .lay. from the.late
Iter.'.!, to ttpply 1" r-ie Mlnli.'t ftecorder for a
Cerll-eato ..t IDaprorema���la.for the i'.irr-o,e of
..i.ii.iniu. . Crown Qrmot ..f I������ above da__,
And futiher take notlea that action, iin.lrr
Seel loll *t7, must be crrir.nnee.l iM'fore the Is-
s. mile,   of -n.'h leriitl. utc >>l   I til provetnents
I'ntwl ll'ls'-lr.l .lav of Sc[��(ei.it.er. A    I. . lOo*.
'   aa, a   M a. li. .SAl.li
I I'.-'.i-i    I.rslrlet olHe.i Kootenay
,;'��� Mllea thai I   l|,���,i.l  N.   He .Ire.  of
'    clerk, intend '
upt.lv  lor .. K| lal
("li",.lriK     I.-. M'a'.l
r le,
:  t H-.l 17th. 1H07.
, *    <"* fl �� poal plnnle.l on the bank
W'"' ..',,, '   *     """���"  ''reck about two mllea
1, an KHh the .M���|���   ereek, thence
i chain.'  ,',"" '*   ''"'',, **'.!...'">��� thenoa
i,. ",   ",,ll" "<��� t 10 ohaini to the
-ginning, containing MO aoroa, m	
'.-".ic'i Allan,! rn,, uoj,
W ">- >ic>rlj.',,|',;,'t "���',",' " ""*" Planied on lhe l.'.nk
������'.... rr.,,, ,.,"��� in oreek abonl lour i,,.|r,
l> '    ""',;   ��l'll H..-M..I.1 .reek.    .'.���-,���-.���
I      w  ,;,, 5    then... ,-���., an ohalna,  thonee
���'"'..n.'ir   ,;,''"���'"'V ��"������ ��" ehaina to Iha
' ""�� ntalntng Mo aerea, nonet
"111"! 17th,
���"��.;?-�� of Corn
,r,ll llli-
'"' '"--..���      in   ism.
poal planted on the bank
"Ull  the Main .reek, IhaUOO
���..".* cam irvn chains, thenna
.' -������'   ,,;,    . '!c'' ,*!'�����   "al chains   to   lh.
;,"1;'->'.k..'', ,"���,.
ns r^Kl acres, inoro
a, posl planter) on the bank
".""rili fork n, ,. ''"���" P'antc I on the bmik
���',"!',"*''..mi..eite  ,,���","},"V.'k "'".'.i-i* mllea
' ' " '���!.. nis   ��� , V"' ���*����� *,,"ln oreek, thonce
"""��'.'!..,    ,' j   ''"���'* ""-""l ehaius.   Ihence
r"""'.'i!!ri.ill,',"''', "'*' ���"' chains   to   ihe
"������"g.  oontalnlni ,MU acres,  more
'-"i.ite.1 A
"*"���< l.'.l., l'.,7.
H. N.BDoaooumi, Looator.
r.i      /'lUcKKTT.   A���.,���.
P��Kt pbini    I i.i.iiu
''ll,'--.k ��i',!'!!'.'1"W����tap
1 l lanted mi Mi.m.-
u^. nu.re or less, Honth    ���
Certificate   of  Improvements.
"Bti. Hope Fraction" Mineral i'lalm. nltuste
in the Tr.uit l^aku Mlnlns Division, ol Weal
Kootenay i��-.(u. :. ),���.(.! ou I'oplar creek.
Take nottco that I, C. Pad ley FtOt Mine*-*.
Orllflcate Sn. (W.-C-."!, Intend iMi tluyw from lhe
ilale hereof io apply to thi Mining rteeonler for
a Carttfloate "i iinprnveuienia lor the purpaae of
obtainia�� a Cr barn Grant of tht abora rimui
Ami fiirtbrr Uike notlOS that action under
Beotlon ^17, mum be conimoneed be lore the
Inuanos ol mr 1j Certlllcate ol Ixnoforomonta
haled thiN&tli. day ��f Oitober, 1��17.
0    PA1ILKY.
In llie inalMT nfm applleatlon for the IMM "f
B dnplleata 'VrtinpAte nt Title lor pari (Warren)
of l>..t >']-.', C.'oun ou-'. in the lUnlricl nf Kootenay.
Kotloa m laarobf Ktvaa that li ta my  ini-eniion
to leans ut iba i-xpirrufnn
Oral pnbUqptlon b.-ronf
.nth from tlu
duplicaU>   t, I   Ibe  i'er-
iitlca'ieoi fiiu* tor thi' above lands in the name
of Andrew Morrison, Which t'erlfrloHte of Title
la datod t'OI. .'ith day Of Mirth, 1900- and mini*
i.ered  UAlK,
Land iu-nistry iifflea. Kelson, b. 0 ,September
lMtll, 1��J07.
���II   K. MAcl.non,"
District Boclatrar.
ln '1 ,c matter ..I an arplloauonjor tha ih if of
.lupiimr, s ,.i the ivniiii ..t'* oi rule lo Iota 11,
tl an r in. ar..up I. ��e��i Kootena] i���-iri<-i.,alao
know., a-the   "Kooteuav I l.lel."  "I ..infort    an.l
"i.nit." minora! ei��n.i�� reapeett.aiy.     ,���,���������������
Not be la hercl.v elren that II is my Intention
in Un u>-at tbe expiration of one month ait*-the
tirst , ..Ibttcll..., r.erc.f a ,1,11.1 leate ,.l . ���rt'fl"*'"
nl Title    l.o.tnii.l   an   llti.livl.le.l   gl-mttll.   ll
each of iha aboye lota, laaued .... the nth Bay ol
Mav. A   1,.1-W. In the nam.".I.lohin ��� * ">"'"'.*"���
and alao a dnplleata ol Car-float-, of rttle No
-OOOaol an un.iivi.ii.i lo-iootha in aaoh of tM
al-ovo lot,, laenod on tha   l"th .lay of May, A. I)
l.Shb  jtr   ltn, name of Uenr-rc .'. Alnsworlh.
T-itut  l!c,���,!ry dtll.c ."-.ISO". IL I'-' AURtl.tllth
,*"'' If. F. Ma.I.koi.."
IMstrict Keulstrar.
Tend.-r-   Wanted Ior the Purdiase oi .1
Mineral Claim.
'1*.  tl.'JtTtf
Olllt'O        111
t.lilnaisc.l   1.
he     Court
rill      h
rhe   uniler.iirlic.t   lit his
ll���    in   rhe   city   ol
���,.,',',ve.l HP till tho
hou, Ml o'elork, rr. Ill" altorn.iOli. Of lrl
.lav     It.,,,   ,1,   .    At     1910    lor    lilt     purchase   of
S��t��_w*Dlatr%<t. which ��..�� ���'.-���';'     ;;, -
forfeti..! ������ the Oinarn at the It- r"   , ' i '" ,m
co"1"- - .--  nlneral claim.
.vh'MrinKa';;,;'^.!,';;;^^,,,.   .���
iii.it ��� o ii   >*���*��� th��" ���
taxoa 'Yiiii-it havi
""*���?, 'r-:*11 \':.!.':::.:.���:..    ' . - -   -b.. '
,,- ..i lorfeltnro, with mti
t-ttPe   aecrnetl,   OOBt    of   ll'...
.(r.����v��. rant()*.-00.)lslia8.1
���iimiiilitttuit will ber
Wl thill Is :*i��o 1��.
**__��_"'>___ c mt..! '���'���,,--'*v"",v;;':;rtl .,,
,.l\  ���,���-l    W, Iks, at VlKnrla.  H
1...1-.     ���v   J ,'els	
-.1   by 1111
,1,1s'.'.'II.  .lay ofrtcpt.
H'-UY IVUItlll*!',
.lovt-riimoul A.unt. Nul.ou, B.C
John   Walsh   Indicted by Grand Jury for
Wrecking  Banks and  Railway
Chicago, 111., Oct. 12.���John U. \\'al:-h,
for many y. ais OHO of the moat Inflii-
'-niiitl men In OhlOKgO finance anil bual-
neBH. will li<; plftoed on trial in the federal court next week for alleged misapplication of banking fundi., which reunited in the wrecking of the Chicago
.National Hank, the Kquitable Trust
Oompany and the Home Havings Hank,
lt Is expected that the proaectltiOQ of
the former banker and millionaire will
be vigorously pushed. The attitude
of the Federal authorities was made
rnanilesi by the statement of Atturney-
Qeneral Bonaparte that the government
intended to pmocute offending bankers
as vigorously as violators of other laws.
That Walsh will put up a hard light
against conviction goes without saying
among all those acquainted with the
tn an and his career. Kven his most
bitter enemies give him credit for being a good fighter. The fact that, at
seventy years of age, with his fortune
mined, his banks wiped out of existence and with criminal charges hanging over his head, he has succeeded in
completing the railroad that brought his
downfall, securing for it an entrance
into Chicago in the face of almost insurmountable obstacles, shows the
lighting qualities  of the man.
It is a Chicago belief that John R.
Walsh would rather fight than exist
quietly. Certain it is that his entire
career from the day he landed in CW-
cajfO as an immigrant boy has been one
constant light. He began selling newspapers at IU years uf age. Soon he had
a news stand and in the course of time
he extended tlie trade aud added stocks
of stationery and sjiortlng goods. In
1M.1 he acquired a book and news store
on one of the best euruers of the city.
From retailing he branched out into
Wholesaling. He was the largest dis*
nil.tiling agent In town, and from the
town he extended his territory to include all Illinois, and then Indiana, and
then, with his Western News Company.
aU tiie Middle West. This company was
absorbed by the American News Company  of  New   York.
Having obtained a considerable for-
tttne, lie was prepared for other ventures. He invested in the Chicago Inter-Ocean, became a director in the National Bank of Illinois, founded lhe Chicago National Hank In 1882, sold his in-
To   Contractors.    Builders,    Carpenters
and   House  Agents.
It having been brought to the notice
of the City Council that certain sections
of By-Iawi No's 74 and 13fi are not and
have not been observed, I. e. sections 5,
t> and T of Hy-law 74 and sections
7 and S of Hy-law 13ti which provide
that permission of the Fire Wardens,
lhe City Knglneer and Huilding Inspector must firs! bo obtained and plans deposited with the Huilding Inspector before erecting new buildings or additions
or repairing, altering or renovating existing buildings.
Therefore notice is now finally issued
that on and after this date any person
or persons not complying with the building By-lawa ol the City of Nelson. 1. e.
By-taws No.'s 74 and l.'.G will be prosecuted as provided therein. Ry Order.
W.  E. WASSON, City Clerk.
Nelson. H. C. October 12, 1907.
NELSON,     -     B. C.
Piano  and  Singing Lessons
Given  by   Mre.  Winter  Every Saturday
Mrs. Winter hokla certificate from
Itnval Academy for pianoforte playing
ami BinKlng. Certificate from Trinity
College. London, -tag., for theory of music. Scholarship of the London Consor.
valolro of Music for singing and piano
playing.        Addreee Box 796. Nalaon.
in ttiL* matter .,iati applloation 'or the issue ol
aduplloateot Hie r.-rtuli-at'. ���r TtUefqr tot_*,
���irr.l tin- wesl hull ol lot 21, block Ht, ln the Town
ol Nelaon.
Notlee la hereby aire- th.it it tam" Intention
u. Issue al the exltlrrtllon of one month niter the
ll rst -ui tiHeiilli.il hereof a .1 it pi 1.'Hie of the eer till-
eute of till" lor lhe above holds, lu the iitimei.l
I.vlln Shlel.ls. which eerltll.'Hte Is .lilt,,I the Hat
tlitv ol lleeember, lUOO, Hll.l rililtll.ere.l 8W] K.
* "11   f. M��fl.Kl.l>."
Dlatrioi Iteitlstrar.
In the Matter of    the "Land    Regletry
Act" and Amendmenta thereto,
In Iho mutter ot an anpl-oaUOt] lor lbl Issue ol
a .tuplleate of Ihe t'ertllleale of Title lor Lota
2801, MOT, ami ���wort,   t,roup 1. Kooteuav  Dlatrlct,
Notice Is hereby Kiveti that It I, my Intention
lo issue nt the ex plr it tlon of one mon ih from thu
first publication hereof a .lut.llctile 1'ertlHi nte ..I
'I'iHe to the above .lcserlb.-il tandl, Hi lhe immeol
.lames lt,..l.rrtek  Robertson   which   Certttlcale   Is
dated the9th dar ot Auauit, 1898, and is nuni-
bere.l UM -It.
l.u.'l Heeistry Office., Nelson. B.O., Met ot
Auauat, 1907. il. I'. Mao1.M1I>.
Diatrlet Ke.latrar.
$10 DOWN
We offer you best fruit lands;
best terms; best location; best
climate. Absolute titles. You
don't have to use all of your means
In paying for land. We want you
to put it Into development. We
also have tracts of 50 to 6000 acres,
prices and terms the best. We own
these lands and handle nothing on
If you don't see Fruitvale you
miss the best In B. C.
Kootenay   Orchard
Ward Street, Nelson, B. C.
Cleared,     cultivated,     planted
with   So   trees,  good   water,
first rate location, $700.
COiVlE  A1XD   SI-K*.
We have them in 6Tb and 8  tb  Sizes.
Quotations   given on    any   Electrical
Heating Device on the Market.
terest in the Inter-Ocean to H. H. Kohl-
saat, purchased the Chicago Herald,
started the Chronicle as a Democratic
organ, disposed of the Herald and of
Its evening edition, the Post, meantime
multiplying his interests in other banks,
iu politics, coal contracts, gas companies, traction, quarries, baseball, and so
He backed the Chicago Uaseball Club,
the league organization In the days of
Spalding and Hart, and was one of the
leading spirits in the Washington Park
Club. The failure of the National Hank
of Illinois in 1S98, a catastrophe which
many have laid at Walsh's doors, enabled him to take over a large part of
tlie deposits. Dp to this point in his career he had apparently succeeded in
everything he had undertaken. He was
unyielding and his temperament thoroughly imgnacions. He never forgot or
forgave an enemy, but he usually broke
The turning point came when some
years ago he acquired the great stone
quarry at Bedford, Iud., and developed
the insignificant Southern Imiiana Railroad to bring his stone products to market. Incidentally he desired to get even
with the Minion Railroad and In the
QOUTS6 of his fight he developed the ambition to throw a trunk line from Pittsburg to Kansas City.
Early In December, 1905, the crash
came. Tho dorrs of the three Walsh
banks were closed, and announcement
was made that his liabilities amounted
to $15,000,(100. The Chicago Clearing
House Association stepped in and saved
the depositors from loss. Walsh was accused of using the people's money to
promote his railroad. Comptroller
Ridgely stated at the time that civil.
but not criminal proceedings, would be
brought agninsl the banker. But later
the matter was brought before the federal grand jury and Mr. Walsh was indicted criminally. He was charged
among other things with misapplication
of funds by meant, of "memo" notes,
and with falsifying bank statements.
For two years John S. Miller, the famous defender of the Standard oil Company, has fought every inch of the
ground to keep Walsh from trial. Hut
after months of delay and unavailing
motions to quash, lo give bill of particulars, to annul, the former banker will
next week be called to the bar of justice to answer for his alleged misdeeds.
His defense, it. Is understood, will be
largely  a technical  one.
Il is very important to provide a
pipe line with valves for the CRcape of
air at the low places, and equally 1m-
portatnt thai tho water be admitted to
the ptpo under control when first filled.
Tremont House
Kii-nm-r.il and Ar-ierlCftn Plan
otk.it as rfr_i   Boom, f om ac cm. to tl,
only  ���- ���������'.   j.-..,,, Kmpio-fed.
Biker Bt., NciHon Propria ton
Moat comfortable ������un.ri.-r*.      Nelio_-_
Only the bent Of Ltc-uort) and -vlgart.
Grand Central Hotel
Thoroughly renovated and refurnished. Rooms 50 cents upward. The
dining room is unexcelled in the city.
House heated throughout with hot
J   A. ERICKSON, Proprietor.
Telephone, 250.    Opposite Court House
and Postoffice, Nelaon. B. C.
Queen's Hotel
Baker Btreet, Nelson. B. C.
Lighted try Electricity and
Heated by Hot Air
HATKH  ti   1'KK  DAT
l_n-t. and Comfortable Bedroom, and Plrat-
claaaDlDIng Room.   Sample Room, lor Commercial   IIvq.
MRS.   R. C.CLARKK.  Proprletreaa
Bartlett   House
Best Dollar-a-Day House in Nelson.
Tbe Bar i* the Finest.
White Help Ooly Employed.
Joaephloe 8L
Nelion. O  <J
Royal Hotel
Rates ft and -1.50 a Dny.
Special Bates to Regular Boardnra
The Silver Grill has opened under new management. White labor
only employed. Tha best 35 cent
meat in the city.
A. McDonald & Co.
Dealers in staple and fancy Groceries.
Butter, Efritf.
Oamp and Miners' Supplies.
One of Nelson's Pretty Home Cottages of 2 bedrooms, sitting room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom; hot and
cold water; large basement. Nice view
of lake. $1,600, 1900 down; balance on
easy terms. Certainly a snap. 3 lots
75 x 125. Apply to J. Ft. B., Daily
A. M. Can. Sec. C. E.
Mining Work a Specialty.
Office.  Itenley Uuildlng.    P. O. Box fit
Baker St., NELSON, B. C.
Old Curiosity Shop
If you want to buy nr sell anything,
go to the Old Curloulty Shop. A new
line of Japanese Goods now on sale.
AH kinds of Dlnuerware In stock. Pat-
General Job Work, Chimney Sweeping, Carpet Cleaning, Fixing and Cleaning Stoves, etc,
11 East Baker St. Phone No. A114
F. C OREEN       F. P. BUKDtH       A. H. GREEN
Civil Engineers, Dominion and British
Columbia Land Surveyors
F. 0. Box 145   Fhost .41 B.
11000 Cash and the balance on extended paymentswill buy a Blx-
roomed house and five lots; good
location,   price $2,500
���600 cash and the bf lance on extended payments will buy an eight-
roomed house and lot % block
from the car line, price... .$1,900.
$500 cash and the balance monthly
payments will buy a six-roomed
hiitiHi. and lot on Silica street,
price $1300.
$600 cash and $25 per month will
buy a Beven-roomed house and lot
on Victoria street, price $1800.
H. & M. BIRD
Fire. Accident, Life and Employers' Liability Inrarance
Let us quote you rates in the best board companies.
Choice Fruit
I Have 10,000 Acces
of the
Choicest Pratt Lands in
t-fitish Columbia*
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
Nelson. B. C.
7 rooms and bath, 50 ft. corner lot.
centrally located, one-half cash,
balance   on   terms J2100
5 rooms and bath���excellent repair,
electric light, water, sewer, 1 1-2	
lots,  on   terms $2000
.1 rooms, water, electric light, chicken house, woodshed; on terms..$ 750
5 rooms with two excellent lots in
Fairvlew;   water $1360
Victoria  St.   (75 ft.   corner) $   500
Houston  St.   (50  ft.  corner) $375
Chatham St., Falrview  (30 ft.) $200
6 3-4 acre��, easy of access by wagon
road, partially cultivated; suitable for
market garden.    Terms given
160 acres on Kootenay River, good
train service $3000
F*. B.  LYS
Real  Estate Agent
315  Baker 8t., Nelson. B. C.
"*tjVNUFACTURERS    T _,_._-*,_�����__     Cft.aawf/u.
AND DEALERS IN    ^tttkl De*,   _>i__f_lgleSf
Lath, Mouldings, Doors, Windows.
Turned Work and Bracket's.
VBRNON STREET   -    ���
Hail Orders promptly attended to.
Furniture, Clothing,
Stationery, Etc
7.30 p.m.
No. 310.
Certificate of the Registration of an Extra-Provincial   Company.
"<,'OM,>ANiBS A<T, 1897 "
1 hereby certify that the "Fall- Oreek Copper
Miniuk Company, Limit-M." lifts thin-lay tieen
reK'Pterert as an   _��� xira-frovlneal Company un-
��� h-r tht ' Compaiilt-B ,Acl, l��->7," to carry out or
efffet till or any ot the object* of the Company
to H-hich the len-inlalfve authority of tbe i-ugi-i-
latureol BrUi"��h Columbia exttuds
The head oftlcv of the Company l.aituateat
the Citv ol Pponane. *-t_Ue of Washington, 0.8.A.
The nmount oi the capital of tbe Comiiany la
one   million   live   huiuin-.l   thousauil   doll-US.
��� livMed into one m'llion five hundred thousand
"hares of one dollar each
Tht head oftioe of tho Company in this I ro-
viucc i_ Isituate at Nelnoii, and Michael t Mon-
ii-ihan. Minor. nrbOM address is the aamo, i.- the
i.tioruev oi the Company
The time or the existence of the Company ia
tl ft v years from the lftih Maroli, 1907.
The Company is specially limited under section .'���*�� of the above Act. ,
(���riven under my hand and seal of odiea at
Victoria, Province of British Columbia, this 16Kb
day   of  May,   one thousand   nine   hundred ana
""I'''��) S   Y. WOOTTON.
R-.t-1-.trRr of Joint Slock OompanM.
"COMPANIES   ACT,   1897."
Notice* is hereby given that Wilton A.
Miller, of the town of Creston, lumberman, has been appointed the new at-
'..iiney of "Tho Klnney-MU'er Cedar
Company ."
S.   Y.   WOOTTON,
UeKistiar ol Joint stock Companies.
Victoria, British Columbia, October 27,
To All  Point.  In  Kootenays.
MONTREAL, $46.10; OTTAWA*44_��5;
HALIFAX, (56.40.
Correspondingly Low Rates from and
to All Intermediate Points.
A.11 Kinds nf Heating Plants In Stock.
Victoria St., Nr. Opera Houae.     Tel. 181.
Prepaid  passage arranged.    Reservations secured, etc.  through  this offlee.
For further particulars call or write
A.O.P, A..V-11C011.C-.
i). r. *.,
,    *
I   I
i: -
*.' 11*
i j?*j   il i:i
our Slock for tl-** New Jewelry anil other
goods wi- are opening up altfiost every
flay. We are exhibiting Brooches, Necklets, Pendents, Bracelets, all in new designs. The new Enamel Jewelry in
Flowers. Birds and Bugs is mosl attrac-
j J. O. PatenaudeJ
t#*J ;'i*i'
la muntifrtctur- 1  (rom   -He   ' n<-**   lobt_w*>0, ��   n-
rlpen.-.l and Att iwt     ei L*l mil.I. full-
tla.von.-i snd cool     A tabs- ��� o you
��ot.ghl to to
(pbiicomrA.    B_is:r Street.
Sec Us
Fot Good Fruit Land
io Acic iuocks to Soo
Acre Bloc. -
Bedroc k Prices.
Easy Terms.
H. E. Croadsii-iiie __ ^
Next Doer to Hank of Commerce.
BUSH &. MATT HEW. Props.
Phone   9. P.   O.   Box   672.
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch,
Creosote, Oils for
Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch and
Bont Huiltlem wil] find it to their od-
vintage to use our Pitch.
Nelson Coke & Gas Co.
Any man able and willing to nurse
small-pox patients in ense of need, is requested to apply to E. C. Arthur, M. D..
city medical health officer.
Best  Located  Hotel  in  Nelson
, r ih. tnanaKcmen. o! R *-. Noble
luteyf Toronto, Ottawa and
w. Leager, it. Buton. London; J. It
.1 ii.s. Cranbrook; .Miss Williamson.
Hamilton; U. S. Francis, Procter; J. C
RisaiUon C Pregno, Montreal; Mr. and
Mrs. I'. Davidson Ah.ers, Kamloops; C.
K. Hooper, Vancouver; J. J. Jones
l*-*r.  Vvrnon   and  U'Mtd  JStt-*s-it��,
> ,   LSON. W. <_.
.1. .1. Pltzpatiic_, Motysvillc: A. C.
Ritchie, Seattle; U B. domains, 63. N.
��� 1. i. C. Sl James, A. Art. Everett, Vancouver-. E. N. Young, Winnipeg; A.
Ln. is, Kaslo; II. McKililien. Rossland.;
\. Carney, Caswell; F. Robinson, K. W.
N.. iiliriiii. Toronto; Mr. and Mrs. M.
Mian, Montreal; W. O. Wright, Victoria.
It. McCulloch, Halifax; E. Jones, We-
taBkiwln; A. Mackenzie, Slocan: .1. M.
John, A \v. Gelston, 13-Mile; E. Farr,
.1. K. Andei on and wife, Areola; W.
Buogh, Deer Park: B. B. Freeman, Sum-
W.  T.  Williams.  V.  L.  Campbell, A.
McCoy,    Vancouver;     C.   H.   Goodwin,
F   Ph      /.. 1 iarrop;  E. Buckley,
.       t; V. Finnt gan, SL Louis; ll. Frank
and   wife,  Sp< kane;   .Mrs.  R.  G.   Hella,
Seal lie.
W  \v . Wain, Rossland; W. Cade, Slocan; .1. 11. Kelly, l.rr France; c>. .1   Hamad, Salmo; C. it   Knapp, Spokane.
II.  C,  Dillon. Golden;   .1. White.  Can
more;   A.   P.   Lennie,   Rossland;   E.   P.
h'.vorp.  Harrop;   V. .1.  Disceles,  A
Kemp,  Grand   i orks;     .1. Goodenough,
V, ��� Bll v . W Jt hnr on, Shit Ids.
.!. II. Donough, Dublin; ll. A Winsti n,
Ri .- 1 um. P. W   i'i..  . Sl ican.
Chicago Is Champion,
Detroit, (lit. 12.���The result of today's
b   ..  i.  . ::   match   between
1 ��� '  and Chicago wns; Chic
ago, 2 runs, 7 hits, 2 erroi   :   Detroit, 0
run".   7 hits,  2  errors.    This  ends   the
rle     Chica   i   Natlona]   league  team
tiavlng won three Btraights.
Rowboats and Canoes
For Sale or Hire
Agent for Trufcotl l.inni.lji n
iunl I'i l.--l"ir.. ' 'nru..'-
Kin. -I  1-. r ..i   Hi.rtt* .rr Ii i*.
H.   I_.   LINDSAY
Pool ol JoMphlns St      Tel. A18
U)8T- \ LADY'S rvuK'-iM.A with gold rlmmcl
bandit    left hi  K    P,  li.tii. oa nijziii ol ��tb
-'*(���!    Ptndei pit n-.' return to Parker*! am-
��� it -ii At:i*in*\ ud t*������������*.v" reward*
tiOl.U   ������jMAIN,   lifivinii    Humvr   ami    Virrimi
Hire*-*--     Biiltable reward will \m pni��l tor Iti
return.   McDermW .^ KcBard*f.
A iiM KKTBOoK oot-talntngaligned '-iif.iii.-wf
tbeSeoond Ballet mjiuh. (���.���mi.*--*-', pu.y-.M-;
to ���'- 0   wK.i,, and letters.    Finder  i-in.il-.-
lt-avi' nl No Pjat "��� I:ni.
TWO FIR,-**!'-. i.ASH aOOMB, *.,-*--_ heated     Apply bniiw-|.(*o.__i. ;-trd flat. K. W. t:. block.
\v \ntj-:i. ���Situation by Voting Beotaman (mar
rii-l) wiiliu*. to tarkli- auythiii-:, experienced
inHTOcerr, vine and ewrtt trade. Af.iin--.i-
D. li, Daily Canadian Offloe.
A  PABTN8R  with t'.ooo to   purchaae a fmit
ranch near Nelson   a good Bpaoulatloo- Partner need not N- -H-tivL-Iy pn-jaK'-i on ranch
I'or particulars appiv I    (i   l*H(ll"!Kk.
WANTED   Kleotrl ian,Knglltb, newly arrived,
w-atit*- fit on tion in ii--.tallatinn or-tlriiilar work.
A 3d real h. w, h,. Dally Oinadlan.
w a s . tEl I -Bugltabman *_��>. wanti iltoatlon for
weuk or Icrucr.   good    noholar.   ttntl   t..  ofllf-e
ronl ���'"������    A't.'r,.... r   \\   -     j,.,,t,(�����.,���-.iian.
Moving Pictures.
The victoria Animated Moving PI
tnre company had a good bouse la
Violated  Fire   Bylaw.
A Chinamnn, charged with violating
the titf bylaw, will appear in the polio
fi n rt Monday morning.
Methodist Services.
The pulpit of the Methodist ehinvh to
morrow will be occupied by Mr. Day,
the pastor. Rev. R. N. Powell, having
left  i'or Greenwood  ihis morning.
Baptist   Church.
Service will be conducted by D. M
Thomson. Morn ins subject, "Saints";
evening, "Man, a  Wild  Ass"  Colt."
Churchmen's  Club.
A meeting of the executive committee
of the Churchmen'.*! C'luh, has been called i'or Monday evening tho I Ith Inst
Real   Estate Transfer.
H. Peebles has purchased W. Sproat'a
residence on Victoria, It is being thoroughly overhauled. John Burns has tin-
New Building;
Walter Clayton is building a new
nous In Fairvlew. Charles Clayton nan
charge of the building and expects to
have it  completed in a few weeks.
Presbyterian Services.
Rev. T. J. .Johnson of Rossland will
preach at both services In st. Paul's
church tomorrow, having exchanged for
the day with Rev, J. T. Ferguson.
Extending Business.
The Greenwood Ledge says Messrs.
Ferguson and Kurtz of Nelson are negotiating with F. C. Ductless for the
purchase of the Palace livery stable
business in Greenwood-
Youthful   Horse Thieves.
Two young boys, named Arthur Hamilton and Harris Morris, supposed to
have lived in British Columbia, were
sentenced to short terms in the Colfax
jail for horse stealing, last Friday.
Broken Window.
A man somewhat under rhe Influence
or liquor Rot into an altercation this
afternoon with another individual, and
as a result one of the windows in the
Nelson hotel was shattered to pieces.
Transformers   Here.
The new transformers have arrived,
and Superintendent Smith will start to
phi co them in position next Monday.
\Vhon installed they will prevent the
fluctatfon in the litzlit which has prevailed for the past few weeks.
High Court  I. O. F.
The next session of the High Court
I. O. P. will be held in Nelson, two years
hence, this court only meeting every
two years. Aid. Irving, who was the
delegate to the recent convention at
Vancouver made a hard fight to gel Un
next meeting for Nelson, and succeeded.
Methodist. Church.
On Thursday evening, Oct. 17th. a
concert and entertainment will be given
In the Methodist church, fo commence
al 8 o'clock. A complete and intorest-
Eng programme Including "Bousa's Hand''
will be provided. The proceeds will be
devoted lo the Women's Missionary
.'AI'MKU-iiJ'inviiuKi'M   ���-���-ik   m,<'Midi Buyer
Aj.j.:..   J.  ti    M,i',.i.    U.e   i,Ui..,
Increasing Its Scope.
The Kaslo Koolcnaian Is advocating
the extension and improvement of the
buildings now occupied hy the Kootenay
Lake Fruit Fair. The Kontenaian puts
forward   the   argument   tha'   even   now
The Store of Quality
Ram Lai Tea
Packed in the Gardens Where
It Is Grown-Cau Be Bought for
the Same Money as a Cheaper
We Stake Our Reputation on
the yuality and Reccommend
It to All Tea Drinkers as Absolutely the Best Value Offered.
50c per lb.
Rob. M. Hood & Co.
K. W. 0. Block . Phon- 1..
The Daily Canadian
Golden West   Soap   Powder
in 3-II). packages, 25c.
Corner Silica and Josephine 8t��.
Stationery that
Makes Letter-
Writing A
in fine correspondence stationery we
carry the celebrated Kati a-Hu Ibe ft
lines. They stand unequalled foi theli
exquisite daintiness and fine quality.
We bave them in the ever popular fabric effects in hoth white and lints.
Prices range at 35c, 50c, and 65c pi i
box   of   note  and   envelopes.
Some very nice Hues at -5e a box
We have just placed on view BGtnt
beautiful Ivory Plaques of Celebrated
subject:** In relief, in imitation of old
irory carvings. They include Old
World castles and scenes of historical
interest, and subjects made famous by
Dickens, Scott and Hums, such as Cote
tar's Saturday Night, Edinburgh Castle.
Westminster Abbey. Whist at Wardles,
Burn's   Monument,  etc. ���
They range in price from $2.25 to
$3.50  each.
W. G. Thomson
fT0A0TK.SIiLKER���n',    Nelson, B. C.
Phone ,3-4.
with the limited space the annual fair
is more than self supporting; and with
larger buildings and a race track the
scope of tho fair would be greatly increased.
The   Messenger   Boy.
The best show of the season was the
"Messenger Boy." by the Geo. D. Sweet
company, In Flandreau last Friday night
The play is a good drama, well staged
and faultless n ad, and free from objectionable features. Be it said to the
credit of tho management that not a
single word of slang or "tainted" language was uttered. The hand and orchestra proved features of value. The
overture called "The Circus" was well
rendered and delighted the audience
Flandreau, s   I). Herald.
Harry   Houston  has  returned   from  a
visit to the coast.
W. P. Tlerney    came    in    from  the
Boundary last, night.
J.   J.   Malono.  of the   Tremont   hotel.
returned  last night  from a  tiip to the
coast.    ]lo took in the New Wesl minster
Fair while away.
K.  Crane, who has resided  In   Nelson
for over a  year, and  is  well   known In
musical circles especially,    will leave
with his  family in  a few days  for lhe
Sherman's Opera House
Friday, October   18
Geo.  1). Sweet presents the Sensational
Comedy Drama
"A Messenger Boy
A stirring story of street and town.
High   class specialties.
Band   and   Orchestra.
Watch for street  parade.
PRICES:   50c, 75c, $1.00.
Sale   at    Rutherford's   Wednesday.
W.    Q.    GILLETT
Ctintruutnr   and
Bolt Hgi-tit for the Porta Kim Lumber Co., Ltd..
r-MMl fttTttt.    Koutch ntitl ilr('i*Hud lumber, trirn-d
wnrk hm-i i-rAr-itfi-*, Com. IkUi mid iblnnei, K-.Kh
mid doon. Cement, hrlctt and lime for Bale,
lutoi-mt'i' --Tinder.
Yard mid Ia--u>ry: Vernon Ht.. e_mt of Hall
Y. O. Hot --I-. Telephone 170
Wholes-tie Hin!   Kelf-ll Dealer* In
Fresh and Salted Meats
Camps snpplicd on  shortest notice and
lowest price.        Nothing but fresh and
wholesome meats and supples kept iuntock
Mail orders receive careful attention.
E.  C.   TRAVES.   Manager.
Is Rehoymed
It5Busim__5s Energy
Pore Ontario Honey,
5 lb. Tins,
)a \L IRVING & CO.
Telephone IM.
Coal! Ice! Wood!
Phone 265
Ya.le-Koote*-ay  Ice, Fruit,
Fuel & Poultry Co., Ltd.
N. E. co.. Baker   and   Ward   Sta.
Canada Wants Money.
That then i; B iCftrolty oT money in
the Dominion is beyond ������ doubt The
chartered hanks have had to restrict
their landings, not so much from the
exerc_.se -if caution sa from the fact
the loans now in force havi absorbed
all their avalable monies, provision be
im; made for their retaining sufficient
cash reserves in meet an- oontingencj
that may arise,    it  was pointed oul  In
last   week's  Issue  of     The   Shareholder
thnt current loam In Canada at the end
ol Augual last  ��� ho*i ������ an lni	
the corresponding time of tin  p_i
rear to the large an tti of $72,132,738,
the total of tin si   loan    amount!
$680,075,883    Then whan 11 Ih taken lo
to consideration  that  current  loans In
Canada onlf   lack  ���<  fraction  over |fl
000, i of deposits, some aocurati   a
tlmate may be formed or the extent to
which rhe banks have met the demands
upon them ior business requlremi-nti
This large Increase In loans ��� bon i th u
there has been an Immense devslopmt nl
In all directions, one srblcb haa created
the prevalent scarcity of money. Prom
thla it would appear thai tbe cause for
Canada wanting monej m.ty e< traced
to that over expansion against which
the bankers bave warned the countr)
from time to time We would at this
time remind oui readers of the warning.
given, at the last annual meeting of ths
itank (TT Montreal, when Ita vlce-presi-
tient. Mr ED. H. Clouston, i ;i*��i "There
is Ktiii time to set one's house In order
and keep it th- je, bul the tardy should
remember that the prolongation of the
day of grace may add to the severity of
iho day    of    reckoning."    That    new
hanks are needed We do not believe*
There are ample for Canada's needs.
there b"lng still a wide margin between
capital authorised aud paid-up. The
scarcity of monev arises Then pro para
lion*-* are being made to move the crops.
Hut once these have bi an n allzed upon.
the normal condition oi tlie money mar
k'-t may be confidently looked for. The
owIiik in mi Increuing burine** in
lhe rag-la. lin��>n Of Drugs -nd Stationery we must have more room, ___ win
hnve  lo clime out   Hevetul  of our  *Hltl��
llnea.*1      Vft  oommanoa  with  china
WARE.    OUT new  Ktoek Ih till  In for the
Xiiins trade, and n all k"ch in ut rnn-
Clearing  Out   Prices..
a visit lo this department win inter-
esl  you.
Canada Drug & Book Co'y, Ltd.
COR   BAKER   and   WARD. Phone  81
-^rt~-v~>~-��A|.  A.  ISAAC R.  W.  WIN ion-
Vcp.iii in-.  iinU Jot-S-MWSJ *i-��.��i*^i_it��j-4j  .% III. Du-tpiituh.    si>__t ft,.--....
Worrit,   .Mii.iou   mid   Allll   Mi.chip-ur> .       Miinul��ctur��P��;,l
Orw   Cars,   W.   ht.    C....li*,Kto.v   ��__._i.-k.      " '" ��� **
urncr nl M n I nn*.
NELSON,    B. C,
HO. Boi
Th^ "Bare" Wear Only
would ba enough to recommend .itirllri.-
It.okltiK nml ensy-litilin: .��h..<'��, hut iherp
Ih a stylishness ahout tli.iu nnd a list
hiB sh-peUnen that In niriklng them
very populiir nmonr* "m.n who knn��'
Th. y are made on the newest lasir* n[
the bent leathers, and runfnrm tu th.-
most approve.) Btyles In men's footwear
We are ready to fit all feet, antl at
lirlees that   make Shoes look like a "ill
W  li^ >icmiiic   I 'ruvlNlmiM,
I *r'0dU09|
OnvermiH-nf t'rfmmcry One-Pound Fricbi* rwceivtMl wekly fifmh from th��
chum     For Bale by ull huidinK gfOCS-gS,
Ofl&oe ami warebonaaj Boaston Block,   Phonfl 79.
Josephine Street.        -        -        -        Nelson, B. C.
Wo would like to gee all our patrons comfortable this winter ami In order to
Ao fo we have In stock the host assorted line of heating Stores ami ooofctOI
stoves  and   ranges  over  before present oil to the public In Kootenay.
We would be pleased (o show you DHT Hne and before niakhiR your pur
chase kindly sec what wc have to offer.
J. H. Ashdown Hardware
Company, Limited.
Nelion Branch.
Transform your kitchen Into a cheery dwelling house by inst-lling
Thai Ih a faelor you mum keep In mind, nntl the new coiner to UriltKh
Columbia vanti a atovo that anlta all put-pones. Hums any fuel; brig-tens
the kitchen; makaa oooklng eaaji ami economical. Hurk'R Merit Kane.'.
the li.'Hl for all cooking or nealtiiK;   the  BtroiiKest,   the  huntllest, mo"' ,10'
pandabla and gtvttttat fnel-aaver.
Standard Furniture Co.
Complete  House  Furnishers and Under-takers.
/-gents   Masor   &  Rlsch   Pianos
Our Stock in this fi**e is
always coiuiilete aud up-to-
Mechanics' Tools  a
Wood-Vallance Hardware Co., Ltd.
VhoUtaU INIil -SON Retail
mmm*mmmmn���^vWlTmmTT\ IWi-l


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