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The Daily Canadian Oct 6, 1906

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Array _Jje gktilg CcmoMan
foLUMK I.     NO.   I07.
Fifty Cbnts a Month
ie Twenty-Fifth Annual
Meeting Report
pteresting Review of Growth and
Development of Dominion in
Quarter of Century.
TI11' twenty-nt'lli annual nesting of
ie Canadian Pacific railway was hold
Mon I real on Wednesday, nnd for
rlssiiH reasons waa something of an
(���nt As every ones knows, the build'
of lhe Canadian I'aelflc railway
undertaken hy 'ho Dominion gov-
n.-iit iih a work of political ueccs-
on the ailnilsslon of the North-
si and Mritish Columbia Into the
(federation. The government strug-
���si wiih tho project down to 1880,
en il was taken over hy a synill-
|l.' which, lu 1-81, was Incorporated
tbs' Canadian Pacific Hallway coin-
In these 25 yeurs the company
fs had its upt. ansl downs, bill is now
of the largest uud most successful
Btfitiihsns iu tlie world. Lust, year
gross earnings exceeded hy $7,000,-
the revenues of Ihe Dominion from
���Atoms and excise taxation, and were
kri'iiii'r than the entire revenues of
the Dominion as late as 1-02. The
feet earnings were so large that pro-
Ividlng fssr certain special funds and
flor a dividend at the rate of 6 per cent.
ion lhe ordinary and 4 per cent, on tho
��� preference slock, there remained a
f surplus uf over 18,250,000.
With  the expansion of traffic, there
has heen a steady reduction of rates,
. Tbe Northwest farmer enjoys rales as
1 low or lower Ihan the rates in force
s^lu any similarly situated region on this
ontlnent; added to which, he possess-
s  unequalled natural    advantages in
falsing  wheal, cattle and dairy  prod-
The Canadian Pacific has done
Ihan  any  oilier  human   agency
making lhe  Northwest  what  It ls
lay. lip' home of a million prosper.
people.    Yi't  of ihe vast area of
ssl Inml there, only Ibe merest frlngo
s  been   brought   under  cultivation.
fenty-flve years   hence   there    will
ppashly he more people in the Nortli-
|wt  ihan  in  all   lhe rest of the Do-
nlssn.     The   Canadian    Pacific has
bv r.niii) miles or road between Lako
Derior and lho    Roekv   mountains.
Illlll lime il Is likely lo have 15,000,
Juh.'ips 20,000 miles there;   while Iho
eage or the whole system, now lis,-
0, may reach -0.000 miles.   One soon
pis imn astounding   magnitudes   in
rying lo form a menial picture of tho
pit tire of Canada.
II  was once supposed    thnt    wheat
"Ud nol  he grown  north  of latitude
5.   In our day tho Northwest was re-
nrsled ns n sub-Arctic waste fit only
ir tbe Indian and buffalo.    Similarly,
p.iiofrtl predictions were   made   about
Canadian Pacific. It could not pay,
night bring tbe country down, nnd so
; wherens it has not only been high-
successful  In  iiaelf,  hut  has done
taucli lo restore Ihe financial credit of
he  Dominion, which  previous railway
"nterprlses. less fortunate In Iheir op-
fattens, iimi damaged in the eyes of
he foreign Investor.     Now   thai lho
pinpnny Is    rich nnd    powerful, It Is
iquently snld to be intent mi buying
lis great   railway,   on crushing' or
|al_amatlng with a third.  Then., are
romances of the stock market As
Batter or faot, ihe Canadian Pacirie,
_Jt"  ���'"  hinds, telegraph Unas, ocean
���lOti'in and olher subsidiary enterprises.
If a railway in a class hv llself. It Is
. n class by llseir also lu there being
dominating   cliques   or   Influence
hissng lis proprietors, whose holdings
p nol  average more than  110 shares,
Jul wlio have ror the mosl pari placed
���lr money In  the  Canadian  Pnclric
ftt as a speculation, but ns n pernio.
���Ihi   Investment, as    nn    Englishman
'.ys  consols  or  a   Frenchman  rents.
nlrol by any Individual or group is
erefore om of the question, and, as
consequence, there is neither the In-
mllve  nor tho  opportunity for such
splnys of  personal  egotism  nnd  ng-
'ttiullzoment as are witnessed In the
janagement of some groat American
During the construction of ihe mnln
Ine It. wns obliged lo borrow $30,000,-
"0 from tho Dominion treasury.   The
ebt,   principal   and   Interest,   was
romptly repaid.     AH    Its land grant
mds, endorsed by the Dominion, hnve
n paid oul of tho sales or bind. The
sjunadian Pacific Is by    all odds    Iho
sst Investment Canada ever hnd to do
Ith.   The subsidy of 25.000,000 acres
as a bagatelle In 1880, when the lnnd
pally possessed no value beyond such
,s the prospect of n railway gave it.
land gram It wns not comparable
o the 45,000,000 acres granted to Ihe
'tchlsou road or to the 17,000.000 acros
given lo tho Northern Pacific. Tho
cash    subsidy   of   125,000,000,   together
with ihe (86,000,000 represented by tho
government-built sections of iho line,
most of which had (o be rebuilt, wus
not large by comparison with the bonus's given to railways of purely local
Importance by some of the American
Mates, Anyhow, ror all (bat It bas
received from Canada the Canadian
Pacific bus rendered a splendid return.
We owe   lo   II,   beside   llie  opening   of
ihe Northwest) the remarkable progress lliut has been made In llrlllsh
Columbia, ami In lesser measure, thnt
which lias laken plaee In the last quarter of n ceuliiry In Ihe older provinces.
In land revenues und revenues from
customs collected In lhe Northwest
and llrlllsh Columbia alone lhe Dominion government receives fully 20
per cent, por annum for ull the money
and money's worth It Invested In tho
Canadian Pacific, lo nay nolhing of lho
Immense moral and political gain resulting from the transformation of a
few scntlereil provinces Inlo n united
country, animated by a common patriotism.
II Is just 70 years since the first
railway, that from Lnnralrlo to SI.
.lohns. Que., wns opened in Canada.
The flrsl train consisted of four cars,
carrying altogether 1- tons of freight,
thut were drawn on wooden rails by
horses. At the present moment th'.i
Canadian Pacific Is rushing wheat
from the West In trains carrying 2000
tons each. Hie rale from llrnndon lo
Korl William. 600 mllis. being less
than Ihnt charged In lSllli Ior 111 miles,
This conveys some Idea or Ihe progress
made In railways within the memory
of men sill! living. Seventy years
hence our successors will doubtless bo
employing electricity or airships.
Come what may, Canada can look to
lhe future with Confidence. We ourselves and Ihe outside world am onlv
now beginning to realize what a
country we hnve and what a country
It may he made.
Said to Afford Greater Accuracy Up to
2000 Yards.
Washington, Oct. 6.���The United
Stales army will shortly adopt the new
bullet which was tested hy several experts at the recent national rifle meeting at Seagirt and found to be satis-
fuctssry. Instead of tiio rounded point
of the present bullet, it has a long,
straight, tapering point, and Is also
about one-third lighter, weighing about
ISO grains. Tho new bullet has a
greater velocity, a flatter trajectory,
and a little better accuracy up to
2000 yurds.
Large  Shipments Arriving at Victoria
Today���Labor Men at Coast Hold
Meeting to Protest.
(Special to The Daily Cunariian.)
Victoria, Oct. 6.���Another contingent
or brown men from India, Hindoo coolies seeking an entrance Into Itritish
Columbia, arrived today by the steam-
er Athenian. Tho steamer Empress
of Japan, en route from Hongkong, also lum a large number of Hindoos ou
board. The rush of Hindoos to Hritish Columbia Is nnabatiug, as shown
by the following extract from a copy
of the South China Morning Post received in yesterday's mails from the
Orient, which says:
"The rush of the Molo men to Hritish Columbia Is still on, according to
a recent telegram from India. Wo
note that owing to the success attending the employment   of   300   Sikhs,
mostly reservists, in Hritish Columbia,
arrangements are being made, despite
the white laborers' protests, to Import
3000 more of these workers from India. Almost nny day now there is
quite a durbar of intending emigrants
in the vicinity of the c. i*. k. offices,"
Laboring men in Victoria are planning a big mass meeting to protest
against the Hindoo Invasion aad forward resolutions (o the Federal authorities.
Four Million Below.
Now York, Oct. fi.���Tho loss by fire
In the United Stales and Canada during the month of September, as compared by the Journal of Commerce and
Commercial Bulletin, aggregated $10,-
862,550, or about $4,000,000 below tho
record of the same month in 1905. Tho
nine months' losses by fire now reach
lhe sum of $400,687,750, a figure never
before equalled In the history of the
Trial Begins Today.
St. Petersburg, Oct. 6.���The trial of
Rear Admiral Nehagatoff, the captains
and part of the crow of the Third Hal-
tic squadron on the charge of surrendering lo the Japanese without fight-
Ing In the battle of the Son of Japan,
began at Cronstadt today before a
special court martini.
Jerome Sues for Libel.
Whfteplalus, N. Y.. Oct 6.���Frank
K. Xnvler, editor of tbe Herald, was
Indicted yesterday by n grand jury on
n charge of criminal libel entered by
Pistrict Attorney Jerome of New York.
The article to which Mr. Jerome takes
exception was an editorial appearing
on September 27, Intimating Hint Mr.
Jerome entered Into a conspiracy with
life Insurance offieors In accordance
wiih which he was not to prosecute
Conversation Over Telephone Not Connected With Recent Murder.
Kansas City, Mo., Oct. C.���George
Perry, whose name has been mentioned fn recent despatches from Portland, Ore., as having had a telephone
conversation with Carey Snyder the
night of tlie Forest Grove bank robbery, Is at his home In- Independence,
Mo. He does not deny the story that
hu talked to Snyder over the telephone
from Hillsboro the night of December
8, 11(05, but he explains the circumstances In this manner:
"I went to Portland in 1905 to visit
the fall* and while there wrote to Snyder. He replied begging me to como
down to the ranch and spend a week
with hlm, hunting. I went aud spent
the week with him and then returned
to Portland. Then he wrote me again,
asking me to come. I answered telling hlm that I was going back (o Kansas (Miy and would stop off and see
hlm, and for him to meet me. When
I got lo Hillsboro, Carey was not there
and I* decided to stay all night. Then
I called Carey ever the telephone and
asked hlm why he did not meet me.
He was sore for some reason or other. I supposed he had some trouble
with his wife. Is asked hlm when he
was coming to town. He said he did
not know, 'may be, never. That made
me sore nnd I said 'all right, this is
goodbye for me. He said, "AH right"
and rang off and I went back to Port-
So far as my having anything to do
with the murder of Carey Snyder, that
is all a put-up job on the part of the
detective to Implicate me In the bank
robbery at Forest Grove. I was in
Hillsboro the night it was pulled off,
but I know nothing about it. The first
knowledge I had of It was through the
newspapers. Carey Is largely responsible for my name being connected
with this affair. It was his Idea of a
hero, because he and I were confined
together at the county jail here. He
was crazy over dime novels and whenever he talked of pulling off some big
holdup or train robbery he Invariably
connected my name with It."
Exciting Contest on   Speed   Tests for
Continental Supremacy.
Finish Line, Vanderbilt Cup Course,
Oct. 0.���The third international automobile race for a cup given by William K. Vandebilt, Jr., Is being run today over a course 29.71 miles in length
laid out over the macadam roads of
Long Island. Seventeen cars, representing America, France, Germany and
Italy started In the race and they
must, make circuits of the course ten
limes, the total distance of the race
being 290.71 miles. The race began
today at 6:15. Tbe cars were sent
away al one-minute intervals. Elapsed
time will decide the winner ami as
there are no patrols on the course requiring reduced speed, no time allowance of any sort will be granted. Cars
mny stop for repairs, fntechauge of
parts, etc., but the time of stoppage
will be counted  against contestants.
Five of the 17 cars started today
represented the United States, five
represent Italy, five are from Franco
and two from Germany.
Wagner on the ninth lap regained
the actual us well as the time lead In
the race and seemed a certain winner
barring accidents. lj.-K.oIa vtat sewm I
to complete the ninth round.
Just as The Canadian goes to Press
we are flashed: "Louis Wagner, driving a French car, won the third race
for the William K. Vanderbilt, Jr.,
Will Lynch Negroes.
Mobile, Aln., Oct. fi.���A committee
of (JO men left here on the Southern
railway at 5 o'clock (his morning to
meet Sheriff Powers of Mobile counly,
who fs returning from Birmingham
with two Mobile negroes charged with
criminal assaull.    The feeling here is
that the prisoners will be taken from
lhe sheriff nnd lynched or burned outside of Mobile. Two thousand men
mel the Louisville & Nashville train
tills morning, but were disappointed
with the non-arrival of the sheriff and
prisoners, who had gone by another
route. Sheriff Powers and his prisoners are expected to arrive here at
11:39. There is no militia aboard the
train.    Much  excitement  prevails.
Strike in East Kootenay
Nay Stop Work
Prospective Shortage of Coal Already
Causes Operations to Cease-
Stocks Still Firm.
Tho dominating feature of the mining slin.-itiisii for the week is the general strike iu thc coal fields of East
Tho effect of the strike on several
mines, including Uio Ymir, lias already been noticed in The Canadian.
With some It will mean only an Increase, considerable, but probably not
prohibitive, in thc cost of fuel.
With others, and those the largest,
it will mean compulsory closing down.
The smelters cannot be operated without fuel, and if the smelters cease operations the big shipping mines will
not continue to produce, as few have
facilities, aud none desire, to store
their output for an indefinite period.
The Snowshoe mine was closed down
Thursday night. The War Eagle-Centre
Star closes today, and the Le Hoi will
follow In a few days. The rate at
which other mines and the Trail,
lloundary and Hull Mines smelters
win follow suit will be determined in
each case hy the reserve supply of
coal each has accumulated.
The Btrlke, with Its paralyzing con'
sequences, is particularly unfortunate
at this juncture, when so many mines
had attained the position of shippers,
the record of production was fast approaching the [joint of breaking all
previous records, and the market
prices of motais, especially of silver,
lead and copper, were at the highest
prices thoy have reached for many
From the prosjiectors In the Poplar
and Sheep Creek districts comes still
the story of new and rich discoveries
and of very promising results from development work.
The prospect of work on a large
scale being renewed at the Highland'
er has still further improved the out
look for Alnsworth.
The strike has not yet seriously affected the mining stock market, which
Is still strong and active.
The stock market for the past week,
though not quite so active, as has
been tho case for the Inst fortnight,
continues to show great strength, with
a good demand, particularly from Bast
ern iioints. Eastern exchanges are
trailing in the shares of this province
more (extensively than for years, and
this in competition with the Cobalt
stocks shows an Increased confidence
in the mining ventures of British Columbia.
The rapid advance of North Star
was perhaps the feature of the week.
Tills stock Is held firm at 30c. with
indications of 50c per share being hid
within a short time.
Nicola Coal Mines buss not been as
active as last week, and It is believed
will decline shortly.
Sullivan remains weak, with no demand. Cnrib >ii-McKlutiey. California
und Canadian Gold Fields are ln great
demand, with but few shares offered.
Those stocks nre considered a good
purchnse at tho prices quoted, but
holders refuse to sell nt the low figure.
Intornutlonnl Coal still remains wenk
with lint little change from Inst week's
The  following aro  the approximate
quotations for the week ending today:
Bid.        Asked
Alberta Coal $0.35       (0.46
American Boy 0294
Indiana Charity Meeting.
Muncle, Ind., Oct. 6.���The Indiana
State Conference o f Charities and
Correction began Its annual session In
Muncle tonight, to j continue until
Wednesday. More than 100 delegates
are here, and a large number of Muncle people will take part In the pro-
ceilings. The subjects of juvenile
charities nnd the treatment nf tuberculosis are to bo given especial attention this year.
Price ot Metals.
New York, Oct.    II.���Silver,    68%c;
copper. ID'/ic; lead, $5.75.
London, Oct. ���Sliver, III  18-lfld,
Beatrice 18
California 05
'Carlboo-McKlnncy   ...    .02J4
Can. Gold   Fields   ...    .0614
Denora Minos 06 .07
Diamond Vale         19 .21
Eureka Copper  .10
40 Creek Hec 05 .06
Giant 01 .02
Inter. Coal 58 .60
Jumbo (Ross.) 17 .19
I.ardeau Mines 01 .01%
Ln Plata 18 .21
Nlcoln Coal  Mines 06 .09
North Slar 30 .35
Pathfinder 03 .04
Rambler Cariboo 30 .33
Sullivan 11 .13
Virginia 03 .04
White Bear 09 .1014
Western Oil 16 .18
wns arrested today, charged wllh having appropriated 25,604 bushels of
corn last January and with having sold
It for $10,037. Doty was released on
$10,000 bond and said that ho hnd a
right to sell the corn In question.
How  Unique   Name   Came to Be  Attached to Rellgioue Structure.
Now York, Oct. 6.���Tho parish of the
Church of tlie Transfiguration was
fifty-eight years old today and arrangements have been made for special
morning aud evening services tomorrow lu celebration of foundation day.
In all America no church ls better
known to the general public than the
Church of the Transfiguration. But
the name by which lt ls commonly
known Is the "Little Cliurch Around
the Corner." Some years ago, when
George Holland, the popular actor,
died, a large number of his friends and
acquaintances desired a public funeral. The veteran actor had been a
good niiiii, faithful, laborous, honest,
respected by all who knew him. Joseph
Jefferson, on behalf of the family of
Mr. Holland, made application lo the
Rev. Mr. Sabine, then presiding over a
church at the comer of Twenty-eighth
street and Madison avenue, to officiate
at his funeral. Learning that the deceased had heen an actor, tbe clergyman recommended Mr. Jefferson to go
to "a little church around the corner."
where such things were done. "All
honor to the little chu.jh around lhe
corner," exclaimed the player, as h'j
left the bigoted priest, and, soe'V-ij
the rector of the little churcn around
the corner he found ln the He/. George
Houghton a man who was not ashamed to read the burial service ov-r a
dead actor. The press loo's; up the
story, and .the Church of thi Transfiguration, rechriBtened "The Church
Around the Corner," was Hft3d out of
the obscurity of an ordinary place of
worship and became for all time the
church of players.
All Machinery Within Reach���Installation Proceeding Rapidly.
AH the machinery for the city power plant iB now west of Kootenay
Landing and the last consignment is
expected to be received at the plant
not later than tomorrow night.
Work on the installation Is proceeding wllh all possible speed. J. Nezas,
erecting engineer for the hydraulic
installation, is at the plant today.
J. McDonald has the contract for
ferrying the machinery from the C. P.
R. track to the power site, and his
men are utilized also for placing It In
position, thus effecting a considerable
eeo o ny on time and labor.
II. O. Bullis, electrical engineer, Is
in *hrt c<tv today. He reports that the
turbltl. is now In position for lowering.
Mr. G.-ilce, seen this morning, says
that all conditions are favorable for
rapid and efficient work and that no
cause of further delay can be conceived.
Had Right to Sell.
Now Orlenns, Oct.    6.���Thomas    P.
Doty, formerly  secretary of the General  Elevator _ Warehouse company,
To Welcome "Tay Pay."
Boston, Mass., Oct. 6,���The United
Irish league of Boston has completed
elaborate preparations for the demonstration to tbe given in the Boston
theatre tomorrow in honor of T. P.
O'Connor, the distinguished Irish parliamentarian and journalist, who came
to this country to attend the recent
Philadelphia convention of the United
Irish League of America. Mr. O'Connor will be accompanied by the Hon.
Edward Blake, M. P. The first of the
coming week Mr. O'Connor will go to
Canada for a visit of 10 days prior lo
his sailing for home.
Could Not Save Senator.
Saratogo, Oct. 6.���A telegram has
beon received here announcing the
death in an Albany hospital today of
former State Senator John Foley of
Saratoga Springs. Mr. Foley submitted to a surgical ope ..tion yesterday
In the hope that his life might be saved, but he did not recover from the
General Is Dead.
Simbirsk, Russia, Oct. 6.���General
Starynkowltch, governor of Simbirsk,
died last night of blood poisoning as
a result of injuries sustained September 4, when a bomb was thrown at
Aero Club Challenge.
Pails. Oct. 6.���The aero clubs of
France have decided that as soon as
Lieutenant Frank P. l.ahni is officially declared the winner of the recent
balloon contest lt will challenge for
the James Gordon Bennett cup.
lions between Great Britain and Russia has been arranged between the
Grand Duke Michael, only brother of
Emperor Nicholas, and Princess Patricia of Connaught, daughter of the
duke of Connaught, and brother of
King Edward. The betrothal occurred
during the grand duke's recent trip to
Coiienhagen and Scotland, from which
he has Just returned. The Grand
Duke Michael Alexunderovltch was
born in St. Petersburg November 12.
1878. The Princess Victoria Patricia
of Connaught was born In London
March 17, 1886.
Uncle Sam Takes Steps Suggestive for
Canadian Adoption.
Washington, D. C��� Oct. 6. ���According to a presidential proclamation 'the
Kootenay forest reserve has beeu created In the extreme northwestern corner of Montana. It lies within tbe
great southward bend of the Kootenay
river, which returns northward into
tbe Dominion of Canada. The reserve,
which contains about 887,360 acres, ts
a natural forest region. Ninety-nine
and a half per cent, of the area ls
either covered with forest or, having
been denuded, Is capable of reforest,
Under���forest growth the land improves; while under cultivation the
soil is Impoverished unless generously
fertilized, is early eroded, and on
high ground becomes arid. Consequently, lt has but little value for agriculture. Its highest altitude, which
ls along the International boundary
line, on the Purcell range and Kootenay mountains, ranges from 2500 to
7000 feet. Nearly all of the timber
within the reserve ls at present inaccessible, except that on the bottom
lands and bench lands that border di
reclly upon the Kootenay river.
Willing to Come In.
Ottawa, Oct. 6.���Mr. Larke, one nt
Canada's trade agents in Australia,
writes to the department of trade and
commerce that he has reason to believe tbat Australia would listen to
overtures trom Canada to be Included
with the United Kingdom and New
Zealand in obtaining the 10 per cent
preference from the commonwealth.
This would be of very material benefit
to Canada, the only difficulty In the
way Is that there are so few articles
which Australia exports upoi which
Canada could make any return.
Royalty Is to Wed.
St. Petersburg, Oct.  6.���A marriage
which Is  of the greatest significance
as binding the new and frlendy rein-
City Board of Health In
Special Meeting
Meeting of   Representatives From All
Parts of Province Today���Will
Hold Public Meeting.
After and .in spite of Mr. E. T.
kingsley's assurance that the proceedings of the Socialists' convention are
private aB far as the press Is concerned, it was learned that the political
platform of the party is being discussed this afternoon, and is likely to be
largely a reaffirming of former policies, with possibly some modifications
of detail.
The morning session was largely
devoted to the work of the credentials
committee. About 20 representatives
are present.
No election of officers will be held.
The custom is for the convention to
decide on the next place of meeting,
and the local branch ln such place
then to elect the officers for the convention.
As advertised elsewhere a public
meeting will be held tomorrow, Sunday, night, at 7:30 in Fraternity hall,
at which addresses will bo delivered
by J. H. Hawthornthwaite and E. T.
Rev. W. G. Ross. Presbyterian minister at Grand Forks, is ln the city
Silver declined one point on each
market today, but Is still high, the
American quotation being 68% cents
an ounce.
Members of Nelson lodge, A. F. &
A. M., are requested to assemble at
the lodge room tomorrow afternoon
at 1:15 to attend the funeral of the
late Brother Edward Brown.
George Christie Tunstall, Jr., whom
some Nelsonltes may remember, Is expected to arrive in tbe city In a few
days. George ls now general sales*
agent for Canada of the Standard Explosives Company.
The annual convention of the Socialist party of British Columbia was held
In the Miners' Union hall this morning
at 10 o'clock. Among the ouunb delegates ln attendance are Comrades J.
H. Hawthornthwaite of Nanaimo, parliamentary leader of the party: E. T.
Kingsley of Vancouver, organizer of
the party,, and news editor of Itn organ, the Western Clarion. Dolegates
were present also from Moyle, Sandon
and Phoenix. Seen at the close of the
meeting Mr. Kingsley said: "Yes, we
have held our convention aiiil done our
work, but the proceedings are private
ns far as the party press is concerned."'
Local Officials of C. P. R. and P.
Burns & Co. Give Prompt aad
Satisfactory Assurances.
An important meeting of tbe council, sitting as the board of health, waa
held in the city hall last evening. Two
matters especially called for immediate attention from the board: P. Burns
_ Co.'s slaughter house near tbe C.
P. R. machine shops, complained of by
the machine shop employes, and the
sewer pipe from the machine shops
complained of by all the residents in .
the neighborhood.
The local officials of both companies only require to be Informed of
the respective nuisances to have full
and prompt amends made.
W. J. Wilson's suggestion for the
inspection by a city official of all
meat destined for consumption in Nelson merits careful cj.istileratlon.
The board met at 8:30, with Mayor
Gillett in the chair and Aldermen Selous, Hume, Kirkpatrick, Irving and
Rose present. The minutes of the last
meeting were read and adopted.
The mayor stated that the business
of the meeting was to consider a complaint made by the employees of the
C. P. R. machine shops against P.
Burns & Co.'s slaughter house within
the city limits.
Dr. Arthur, ln reply to the mayor,
said tbe slaughter house was aa well
conducted as possible, considering the
building and the site. But, he added,
no slaughter house on the same site
could fall to be offensive at times to
men working in the same vicinity.
Bylaw 42, providing that "no
slaughter house shall be built, maintained or kept within the city limits,"
and Dr. Arthur's former written report were read.
W. J. Wilson waa present. He ask*
ed thai the council decide definitely
whether or not a slaughter house
might be maintained In the city at all.
The company was allowed, he said, to
keep Its slaughter house within the
city limits of Victoria, Vancouver and
Calgary. He would like lt to be at
least near the city limits, snd a. city
official Inspect all meat to be sold in
the city, for the protection of both citizens and the company.
Mr. Wilson said that the company
had no intention ln any event of using
the present slaughter house longer
than to tbe end of the current month.
He offered, on behalf of the company, to pay the expense of regular
Inspection by an official to be appointed by the city council.
He assured the board tbat this
year's slaughtering operations in Nelson would cease at tbe end of October
or a week or 10 days later at the outside: that all possible precautions
would be taken In the meantime, and
the tanks run at night, and he would
have cleaning operations performed
under the direction of the city medical
health officer.
Such assurances were, considered
perfectly satisfactory. The city clerk
was Instructed to notify the complain
ants to that effect.
Dr. Arthur presented a second report on the nuisance created by tha
sewer pipe from the O, P. R. machine
shops which discbarges near P. Burnt
_ Co.'s slaughter house, above low
svsiter alid Is retained there. He rec-
ommended that the discharge of the
pipe be Into running water instead of
into a creek.
It was resolved that the C, P. R.
company be notified of the nuisance
and asked to remedy It to the satisfaction of the city medical health officer.
Several other matters were discussed and referred to the city medical
health officer nnd city engineer.
The board then adjourned to the call
of thc chair.
Superintendent Lawrence of the C
P. R. company, seen this morning
"You may say that the company ll
always willing and ready to comply
with all requests of the board of
health and that this matter will receive our immediate attention."
Mr. Carl M. Davis of May, Idaho,
and Miss Maud M. Cramer of Republic, Wash., were united in marriage at
the Methodist parsonage last evening
by Rev. Newton Powell. Mr. and Mrs.
Davis leave Nelson for their future
homo ln a few days.
Trains and Beats.
Crow boat���Hour and three-quarter*
late. ~"
Slocan train���Half hour late.   -
Coast, Boundary and Rossland train
���On time. The Daily Canadian
Cool nights are now iu order.     They will invite
pleasant dreams of
We have plant; of them in to6 nnd bins.
31-2 Points, weighing about 10 pounds, $7.50 per pair
4 Points, weighing about 12 pounds,   -   8.50 per pair
Thor.c lihmktts nro justly cHi-brnt ed fur their cxclloiiru. \\Y nlonp carry
them in this cfty.
LUMBERMEN.���Pillow*--. Tor forte rs. Gloves and MitB, Socks, Shirts and
Underclothing. Oil Clothlflfli Sweaters, Miners' and prospectors' Boots
and Shoes nnd R. b'^orc . Groceries and Provisions.. Everything of the
Be6t   quality  and   price!   surprisingly  Low.
Published six days u week by the
Baker Ht.,  Nelson, B.C.
Subscription rates. SO conn n montb daUvered
III tbe citv, or |ii,U0a year If wuiit by mnil, when
Ml III   111   BUVH IJ -' ���
Advertising ratei on application.
All monies paid in wttlemeut nf The Dally
Uauadian account!, either mi subscriptions nr
advertising- muit be receipted for ou tbe printed
lomih oi the Company, oilier receipt* nre noi
OCTOBER <*. i<MW��.
" By one word we are ibmotlmoi Judged to be
wiae and by one word lomatlmei judged to be
foolish.   Letui therefore be earefui whal we
Thut the proposal to revise Uio taritf
which wus made the hue uud cry ol thu
Ottawa governmenl when the unseat"
ing of Mr. Fielding wag announced Is
likely to und in u fiasco seems now to
be understood by the close friends of
the Liberal party, That the importance of this one Issuu was made tlu*
basis of arguments for tlu* immediate
reseating of Mr. Fielding is famliiui to
everyone. It wub pointed oul thai the
early session of parliament was called
especially to consider this guesti m,
thai the discussion could not be wisely
oarried on -without the presence of Mr.
Fielding und his satisfactory statu-j us
a minister of the Laurler cab'net
There wus really no other argument
raised against the just and luwful
measures proposed and adopted by the
Conservatives for the Investigation of
the ex-flnance minister's relation tt
the election corruptions of c_m ns*
The naive confession of the Liberal
party, of its Inherent weakness, was
not seriously entertained by the seekers after justice In the Queens She
bourne case aud the matter is '.,) be
faced to a finish. Not a single Con
servatlve will be willing to place any
discredit on Mr. Fielding if he ih In
noeent of personal corruption and most
of them will rejoice in the discovery���
should il so take place���Unit he was in
no way responsible for the curloud
methods of his election.
Since the evident determination of
the Conservative protestants to cairy
the issue to a< conclusion tlie Laurier
ministry bus abandoned its cry as t >
the Indlspensibillty of Mr. Fielding.
Another und newer tack hns lieen taken
and one which even to the casual observer will appear a weaker pleu than
the former,
Mr. Fielding Is no longer IndlBpen-
Blble to the caiblnet bul the tariff issue
is un unimportant one, at least so says
Uu- Toronto Globe, which has perfor.n*
Jl the volte face on this question with
as much grace ns some Of its Uberal
contemporaries in British Columbia un
others. In a reeeni Issue that BtSUUCh
Liberal organ hus pointed out thai wuh
the tariff issue iu solution in the
United States it might be win to await
action of that country before attempt
Ing to decide on Canadian tariff schedules.   Here, is its closing paragraph:
"The moral of ull this for CanaJian
statesmen and electors is obvioitfl
enough, it is not a good time to make
serious changes in our tariff iu anv
direction when importanl modifications
of the American tariff may be Impending . The statesmanlike attitude luet
now is one of close and intelligent observation for the next few months, por
hups for the next three years, which
would include the first session of tho
Congress elected in 1908. Meanwhile
the work of revising the Canadian
tariff may be usefully carried out if
the changes leave its general character
substantially unaltered."
The Liberal parly and- the Globe
knew   months   ago   thut   serious   tariff
revision was contemplated on the other side of the line. Statesmen should
have been able to surmise that  these
would necessarily affeot Canada and
that, either retaliation in the way of
higher tariffs would be forced upon
Canada, or that ai least u lowering of
the present tariff, except in some Important details would not meet the
Yet the Qlobe pleaded for Fielding's
rehabilitation because the tariff must
be revised. Its abandonment of tbe
stand so recently held shows that the
attempt to reinstate the Liberal party
in the confidences of the Canadian
electorate by masking specious promises of tariff reform were not meant
to be taken seriously. Its luter word
of warning uud suggestion thai "tariff tinkering would be unwise, etc.,"
goes to show that it feels that the interests of the country require the
present schedule to be maintained.
And it will bu maintained. The Liberals who have boastfully stood on
tlu* platform of tariff for revenue only
and a substantial reduction of the
presenl schedule may as well make
up their minds thut if their party is
to remain in power it can ouly bu by
listening to the voice of the Manufacturer's association in their well argued statements recently delivered.
it is not Impertinent therefore to ask
what does Liberalism now stund for?
Nut for purity in politics, not for honest elections, nol for tariff reform,
since The Qlobe sounds the retreat.
As the Ottawa Citizen recently stated "There is one thing about the guud
old Tory party���You will always know
where it stands" but it is apparently
otherwise with the present federal ad-
ministration. The country* is gradually
becoming wise und the more general
study of the questions pertaining tu
the political stability und economy of
Canada are becoming better understood, all of which combine io make
the way of the present federal government a thorny oue.
The recent discussion of the question of proposed lighting and power
rules to obtain in Nelson when tho
new power plant is in operation, havo
revealed some things abom the present city council that will be disappointing tu many who assisted in electing them to power. A study of the
resolutions passed at the lust meeting
of that honorable body shows them to
be incapable of grasping the Situation
and administering the affairs of tho
oity wiili statesmanlike success.
When the cily undertook to build,
equip and operate its own power
plant, one of the stock arguments wus
that oheap power would bring to the
city certain classes of manufacturing
establishments which could not be induced to come If rates were not otitic*
Ing. The whole campaign for the carrying of the power plant debentures
bylaws was founded on this reasoning
and the bylaws were \oted because
the citizens were made to believe that
the city's growth would be rapidly
augmented, a huge Influx of both consumers and producers would result
and the ciiy become an industrial
The proposal to make the rates for
the Users of water motors prohibitive
of this class of motor could be tolerated, and even appreciated, if the city
fathers had not fixed electrical power
rates at a figure that ls not only expensive in the extreme but prohibitive
of the very Industries for which tho
power plant was proposed to be built.
The enforcement of the rntes suggested hy the last council will work a.
hardship on most of the users of small
motor powers and on the Inrgor ones
as well.
The   littlo   city   of  Armstrong,   with
far loss advantageous facilities for securing oheap power, has adopted a
schedule of rates as low as thn-t of
Vancouver, for electrical lighting purposes, with the sch"dule for power to
be further considered. Where Armstrong can go into competition with
Vancouver, with Nelson supplying
power at the rates practically adopted,
hy the city fathers, there can be no
reason to dOUbt that up-country manufacturers will select Armstrong as
their business and industrial center,
and Nelson, through its shortsighted-
aess ami unbusinesslike management
of civic affairs will receive the solar
Secretary Taft. who Is one of the
fin est breakfast food advertisements
on the continent, has been obliged lu
use force lu Cuba.
Old Curiosity Shop
If you want to buy or s<*I] anything,
go to the Old Curiosity Shop. A uew
lino of Japanese Goods now on sale. Ail
kinds of Diunerwure in stock. Prt-
uliTHii-iii-d, tit  his
' Nelion.
dock tn
Tan don uddrexsed n. th
office oi tin Court Homo, I
will be received tip till thehnurolti
tbe afternoon ol siuniinv. October lflth.li
the purchase ol the "Blue Ryed Nellie'1 Mineral
(���inim, Lot M88, ffhich wu declared forfeited to
the drown at the Taa Bale held in Uie citv nf
Nelion mi the Hth day of November, \tm, for de-
iiiii'tii-m nix*-*-, up ufi June 8oth, 1908, and ooati,
The upset price upon tbe suid mineral cdalm,
which Include! tbe umuunt nf delinquent tuxes
nmi coite at the lime nf forfeiture, witli Interest)
taxes which have since accrued; and foe fnr
crown grant, is 182-06, which is tin- lensi tiuiiuiut
tnui will be oonitdered as a tender.
Each tender must be accompanied by an accepted cheque, payable to tbe order ol the Deputy Commissioner ot Landiand Worki, at par at
\ Ictoria, B, c , for the amount tendered.
Government Agent, Nelson, B, <'.
Datod at Nelion, b, r , thii lain
dav of September, IBM.
Tenders will be received up to Ootober in. 1906,
Inr the  eoiililliiatlnn nf   tht*  HiKhlnmler tunnel
at Alnsworth, British Columbia, (or a distance
of 1,000 feel.   Tunnel tn be a crosscut and seven
andone ball by five and one bail feet in tbe
clear. Tlie tunnel is now m -Minn feet. Pipe und
rails will be Furnlibed by uie company. Air
power with 7.' lbs, prauure available Contrao**
tors bidding muil give latiiXao-ory assurances
of the coiui.letiiin ot oontraot,   B if l.i mav tie Ior
either hum! or machine wnrk. Pull particulars
upon application. The lowest or anv tender not
necessarily accepted. Qround muv be Impacted,
i At. Stevenson, Manager.
Alnsworth, B. C. l-io
Dnderand by virtue ot the powers of sale contained in a certain mortgage w hii'h will la* produced ai the time of sale, there  will he offered
for sale by public auction mi Saturday the 39th
dav uf October, 1006, at tho hour ol 12 o'clock
noon,  at the Hotel  Hume, enrner of Ward and
Vernon streets. Nelson, n. c , byMessrs.Charles
a. Waterman A Co., the fallowing property, viz:
Lets number-. Ilfteen (!.">) and sixteen nr,), both
in Mock number len (l.i), being jiart nf tin* nub
division ui Lot number ninety six. Qroup one,
in the district of Kootenay, British Columbia,
and known as the Hume addition to Nelson,
B. C.. according to a map or plan deposited in
the Land Registry offloe and numbered SS. B.
Upon the said laud Is erected a large and com-
niuiiinus dwelling bouse in flrst-olaia order, with
City water.   This property  IH not   (ar from  the
business portion of the city.
Terms ami conditions marie known at the time
of-,aie or in the meantime upon application to
Mortgagee's Solicitor,
lulled al Nelson the 17th day ot Sept. ieof>.
SEALED TENDUBS, properly indorsed, will bo
received by thc undersigned up to and Including Monday, the fifteenth October next, for
tin* erection and completion of a Court Hunsc at
Nelion, B, 0,
Drawings, spool floationi ami conditions ol lender and  contract  may   he   seen at   the  Public
Works Engineer's office, Victoria, B. C��� and at
tho office of the Government Agent, Nelson, B.C.,
on and after thc llth Beptember next.
Each   lender   must   he   accompanied   wllh   a
marked  cheque  for  live (ft)   per cent,  of the u-
 tin ��� of tlie tender for tin* faithful performance
ami completion of tbe work.
The cheques of uniuceeBaful tenderer! win be
returned to them on the execution of tlie contract.
The lowest or mi)* tender not necessarily accepted.
Public Works Engineer.
Landiand worka Department
Victoria, b 0���8tn September, ins,
Victoria, 1st October, 190"'..
Persona intending to offer thenuelvea nt Lhe
examination, to be held thi*- fan, fnr Provincial
Assayed, are requested in noUft the undersign-
ed. and lu lhe event of M uilljciem number nrfer
log, mi examination  will  be arranged lor at
Nelson, B. l'., as well as at Victoria, JJ. 0,
Deputy Minister ol Minn-.
BlXty daw after date I intend to applv lo Uie
Hon. Chief Commissioner of Landsand Wnrks,
Victoria,  to purehase 411 acres of   land:   Com-
menoing al n post planted at thc city nf Kelion'���
[lower plain Inl t). K enrner post, un Kootenav
river, tbenee 'At chains south, theuce west 'ki
chains, tbence north 20 chains, theuce east 20
onalna to point of commencement.
Nelson, B.C., Aiig.fi, 190fi. E. J. Cuhiun.
Notice is horeby given that 60 duvs after dHte 1
Intend toapply to the Hunnrablc tbe Chief Commissioner of Lauds and Works for permission to
purchase the following described lands: Commencing at a post marked "J. A. O. It1 H. W. corner," placed at thc liortheasl corner of Lot oocd
running80ohalna north; tbence 00 ohalna east;
theme He* chatm. sontb; thence 80 ohulur** west to
point of eommeneement, cnuteintng Wu aeres
more or less.
Haled the Slit day of July 1006,
Hlxty ilays after date 1 intend to applv to tne
Commluloner nl Unds and Works, Victoria, to
purchase 160 acres nf laud, slluate and described
as follows: Cnminciiclng ata post planted on the
west nhlc of Arrow lake opposite Cariboo City, nt
or near the southwest corner of B. Hale purchase, and marked "ll. M. A., 8. E. eorner," ami
riiiniiiiir north 40 chains, thence weal 40 chains
lo IL Alinablc's purchase, lhetice south ID ehalns
more or less to the lake shore, thonce along tbo
lake shon> to place of licglniilug.
August 25th, 11WC. (i. M. AHKAULI.
Notiee ts hereby given that Blxty dayi after
date 1 Iniend tn apply tn the Hon'Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for permission
to purchase the following described lauds situate in West Kooienav idstrict, Commencing
at a post marked "A. Hirseh's B. B. Corner"
plauied ul thc B. W. corner of Lot 878, about 7
miles nortb nf  Burton  Cilv and about  % nf a
mile west nf the Columbia river, thenoe north
SOohalniJ Ihence wesl 10 cbalni    thenee souih
HU chains; thenoe east -lu chains to point of commencement, containing 'A20 acres.
Hated this Hth day of Keptrmbcr, 1908.
A. HlKsili,
1'er RALPH SLY!, Agent.
Nntice is herehv given that tin davs niter dnle, I
Intend lu apply to thc Hon. Chief ('niiiuissiniicr
of Lands and Works for permission tn purchase
the following deaorlbed lands, situate on tbe
Lusl shore nf Lower Lake, about one undone
half mile Koulh of Edgewood. 11. C. and ml
Joining .1, 1. Ilcalttc's application to purchase.
and commencing at a post marked Donald \\ il
son's South Welt cornei,  theuee  running North
p��ty ohalni,thenoe East (nm chains, thence
Bouth, sixty chain*-, ihcnce Well forty chains In
place uf cniuincuccmcnl, and containing '2to
acres more or less.
Dun a i.n Wilson.
M. 1.. Mr.iAiiiiiic, Agent,
Dated thUSStb day nf Heplcmt.er, IHtSi.
Noticelihoreby given tbatatxtydaya from date
l iniend toapph i<i thc Hon Oblef Commissioner
ul Lands and W oiks fur permission to purchase
thc  lollowlng described lands, starling al a poll
plained un the Northwest oornerol Utfoitt,
theuee runninc twcin*. chains South, thence
twenty cluilns West, thenee furtv chains Nnrth
tbenee twenty chains Last. Ihenee Iweuiv chains
South to point nf commencement, nnd contain.
tug ni aorea more or less,
Kl.oitENiK BishBI.!.,
W. ,1. Iovk, Agent.
Dated the 1st 'lay of October, IMM,
Notice Is herehv given Unit 80 days [mm daU- I
intend tn apply to the Honorable the chief com
mlssloner nt Land- and Works, fur peruiliaiuii tn
purchase the following deserlhed lands, sltuale
in tne dlsirlct ol West Kuutcnay. adjoining t.ot
790 OU the wesl arm of Kooienav lake, cujnincli
cing al lhe initial post placed at tbe southwest
enrner of Lol T'.si, tbence north _Hi chains, tlu-nce
west 'ki chains, Ihenc. soutli 80 chains, thence
east ki chains io polntoloommeucement.
Hilled Aug. Ifitfij Jl*i>6. Jamkm I'ii.Ueh.
to purchase thc  following  deseril>ed" lauds
ualeiu Wesl Kootenay District:
Notice is herehy given thai lid davs [rom dale I
intend to apply lo the Honorable the Chlel Com-
missioiier of Lands and  Works for j>criiiissinn
"    Ut-
al a post marked *' K, .Steward's N W. corner
posl," situated near the Junction oi Loit creek
and BOUtb Fnrk uf Salmon, Ihence south 40
chains,  more or   less;   llienee   east   Wi   chains;
ihenc- north 4u chains, more or less: thenoe
wesi bo cbaina to point of commoncemont.
Salmo, August llth, 1000,
T. H, Atkinson, Agent.
Notice is herehy glveu that 60 days after date 1
Intend toapply to the Uonorahle the Chief Commissioner of Lauds and  Works to purehase the
following denrlbed landi, 190 aorea, more or lew
commencing al a post plantcil on the west hank
of Upper Arrow lake at a point about 1 miles be*
lOW Nakusp,and marked t,. A. 1(, H., N K enrner
posi: thence Hi chains west; thenee 40 ohalna
sonth; thence Ml chains east, more or less in lake
shore; thence along lake shore in poim of be-
Dated thlsf-th da v of Pv.nl. .191-6.   (LA. R, II all.
60 days aftei date I inteml to applv to the Honorable the ('hief Commissioner of Lands and
Works, Victoria, It. C , to purchase Mil acres of
land situate West of Arrow lake oil lhe west side
of Whalcbau creek and joining lhe north boundary of S. J. Amiable application to purchase.
Commencing ai a post marked It J. E. H. E. corner and running wes* no chains; thence north 80
ohalni; thenee eait 80 ohalni, ibenee south to
point nf commencement,
Beptember 2u<i iuob. h j. Elliot,
Nntice is Hereby given that 60 davs after date I
iniend to apply to the Bonorale Chief Commissioner of Landiand Works ftn permission io purchase the following denrlbed landi, situate in
the West Koolenay district; Marling from a post
planted st the N. E corner of K. W. BoblniOU'l
Application to purchase, tbenee .li chains east,
80 chains south, 30 chains west, _0 ehalns norlh,
40 chains west, 20 chains north, ���_���< chains east, 40
ebalns north lo point of commencement, containing ino aorei.
Dated iH-lh dav of August, 190C
D. C E. Rohinhon,
per EitSKsr \\. Koiiinhon, Agent.
Notice is hereby given  that sixty davs alter
ilale I intend to appiv to the Honorable the
Chief Commissioner of Landl and Works (or |*;r-
infssion to purchase the following desoribed
Ian I on the west shore of upper Arrow Lake and
joining J. H. Keeney's pre-emption; kunning
west 4u chains; thence north (D chains, thence
east40ohalni, to theahore of tbe lake; theuce
south following the lake shore to point  of commencement, oontainlng W0 aorea more or ioss.
Datod August IB, lsyfi.
H. V. Maclkuii
J. J. ECxbLY, Agent.
Notice is hereby given that slxtv days after
flute ' intend to apply lo the Honorable the
Chlof Commissioner of Landsand Works for permission to purchase ibe followlug described
land on the west side of Lower Arrow Lake and
Joining the lOUth line of the Indian Reservation-
Running wesi ilOohaJni; tbci.ee sonth B0 ohalni;
tbonce easl ai chains, to the shore ol the lake*
tbonce   north   following  the lako shore to the
point oi commencement, containing 180 acres
more or less.
Dated August a), nwo. w. n. macuiod
J. J, Kli.l.v, Agent.
Notice is hereby given that 1 Iniend. 60 days
afler dale to apply to the Honorabl, the Chief
Commissioner of i unds and Works for permlulon
to purchase the following described lands In
West Koolenay district, about live miles south
of Burton Oity, commeneing at a post planted on
the east bunk of tract C. K., and marked ��W. H.
Hamilton's B, W; O. post," and running north wi
chains, thence easl ko chains, thence south ho
chains, tbence wesl HO t halus lo place of beginning, containing (MOaorei of land, more or less.
Hated Ibis _G_HO day of August, 1006.
W  H. Hamilton.
Nollee is hereby given tbat 60 days after date I
inteud to apply to the Honorable Chief Commissioner of Lands und Works for purmlisiun to
purchase tbe following denrlbed lands, situate
lu Wesl ftonicmiy district: Commencing at a
post marked "B. Coukey's N.W. corner post," situate near tbe N K. corner of land applied for by
Hit., thonce south 4U chains.more or less; thence
eatt80 ebalus; tbeuce north 40 chains, more or
less; tbeuce west BOchaliiM to point of commencement-
Halmo, August II, 1906. B. Conkky,
T. H. Atkinson, Agent.
Notice is herby given that 60 daya after date 1
'iiteud, to apply to iho Honorable the Chlof Commissioner of Unds and Wnrks for permlaalon to
purchase the following described lands situate iu
Weet Kootenay dlitrlot: Commenolng ata posi
marked -It. Ross's N. W eorner posl," situate
near tbe N. K. comer of land applied for by A.
McLean, tbeuce soulb 41) chains, moreorless;
thenoe east 80 chains; thence north Hi ohalm,
more or less;  lbence  west BO Cbalni In point uf
Balmo, August 11, 1906. K. Boss,
T. h. Atkinson, Apeiit.
Notice is hereby given that sixty (lays after
flute I intend in applv to the Hulinrablc lbe
Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works fur
permission lo purchase the lollowlng descrlbeil
lands situate iu West Kooteiiuy district: Commeuelng ata post marked "A. McLean's N W.
corner post." situate near the N.K. cornor of laud
applied for by A. McLaughhin, thence south 40
ebalus, more or less; thence eust 80 chains;
thence north 40 chains, moreorless; tbence west
Hu chains to point o( eommeucement
Halmo, August 11,1W)0 A. McLkak,
T. H. Atkinson, Agent
Notiee Is hereby given tbat HO day* after date I
intend to make uppileatlou to tbo Honorable the
Chief Commissioner of I^auds and Works Ior par-
minion io purchase the following deicrlbed lands,
situate lu West Kootenay district: Commencing
at a post marked "A. McLuughllu's N. W eoruer
post," sltuale near lbe N. K. eurner of bind applied for by P, McArthur, thence south 40 cha'ns,
more or less; tbence cast 80 chains; tbence north
40 chains, moreor less; tbence west HO chains to
polntof oommencement.
Hulmn, August 11,11)06 A, McLaiioui.an,
 T. H. Atkinson, Agent.
Not fee is hereby given that 00 days after date
'    ' ply To the Chief CominlBSlnnei    '
irkn for permission  to purch
tbe  following described  lands, situate lu West
Kootenay district: Oommonolng at a poit markeii J. Mi-Arthur's N. W. corner post," slluate near
the N, K corner 'if land applied fur by A.Tumor,
theuee soutb 40 chants more or loos; thence easl
ko chains; thence north 40 ebalus, more or less;
tbence west 80 ohalni to point of commencement.
diihnu, Augusl 11, 1W6.
T. If Atkinson, Agent.
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Fancy Work Just
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All new designs and
Sco tun- Cortioelll Ouihlon Top, with   trout   nnd   bMkij   i;
iketni ui ('uriici-iii  Roman Ef_o��B slikH;  book   of   Uutruotloiu
wllh cncli cimhloii  cover design Of bOW(0 work,  OOmplOtfl lot* 50c.
SOCIETY    CUSHION    TOPS fur I, 0, 0.  K..  UUO&lO, K. of !'.
Coiiiniorcinl   Tnivi-lliT.   DinnclitciH of  RebOOOfti   OtUblOtl OOTdl tit
ma I i'Ii ;   iiIho   Ii*I1Ik.   Stiuiipliii'   iIoih*.
Notice Is herebv  gtveit ihnt  BO dayi alter 'Ute
1 Intend, to nppiy in tbo Ilonoralili llie Qhlof
ConuninloDor ol Land
:riier's N. W. corner
nf  hmd ap-
.einl,  tu  apply  l"  Ihi'  llnliui
'imwiniier of Landi and Worki forponnijh
i in rnntiHse the followiitu deicrlbed landi,
iltuato in iho Woit Kootena'
CtlOfi "l ii pOfl murked "A. '1
posi." sltutilcd  nl   lbe  N. 1
liileil for by K Btowart, theuce south li
more or leet] tbciici' eust HuchtUns.' thence north
���111 ehnins, more or less:   theuee west HO Ohaini lo
polul of eniinueui tiiient.
���Salmo, B. C , Augnit n IflM,        a. Ti-hnku.
T. II   Atkinson, ArciiI.
Notice is hereby riven that 60 dan afterdate i
intend Lo apply tothe Bonorable tbe chief Com-
mlKslniicr of Landl nnd Works for pcrmlsMou tn
purchiise the following described bind lu West
Kootenav   Ullt'lOt  abOttt seven   miles  south  ol
iturton Citj: Commenoins ui a post planted nu
theoait bank of Tronl orook nmi marked Mn,
w ii. Hamilton'! B, w c. Pusi tuul running
north W ohalni; thanso aaai no chaini; thenoe
���outh 80 chalm; thonw went m ohalna to place
uf beglnn mn. containing M0aorea. more or leaa,
Dnted thll IHnd dnv of August. IWH1.
Mk-s W  II. IUmii.tun
W, 11. Hamilton, Agent
Notice is herebv given that K0 davs after 'bite I
intend toapply tothe Honorable tho Cblel Com-
minloner ol Lamls and Works, Victoria, to purchase Wi aorei nf land, slluate ahuul otic tulle
east  uf   Hnrloii   City  nil Ihe east  side nf  Arrow
lake, ami deicrlbed as followi; Oommonolng at k
noil planted al the northeam oorner of Lot OOM,
lhetice  north  '20 ehalns,   (hciiec  well I" cluilns,
tbence soutli 20 chains, theliee east -10 ehnins to
plnee of hcKluiittiK
August 36th, 1U0G
J. it, IlUNTKH.
-    ���'���I'l
Ir-HliUu-r id I.atnls aud Works, Victoria, lo
purohaae it>o acres of laml.  Oonunanolug ri h
posl planted On the wesl shore uf Arrow Uke, ul
the south east corner of J. J. Christie's purr.haite,
running imrth BO OhalUI, theuee east ki chalim,
tbenee south MO chains, thene* west ��n chains to
place nl commencement-
Located May, stb mug,
A. Carkik.
L. (lALUUHCii, Locator.
Notice Is hereby (,'iven thnt twn months afler
date 1 Intend to apply to the llouorable Chief
Cniumisslnner of I-auds ami Works for petmJl*
sion to purchase mn acres of land, descrll>ed as
follows: UOmmonolneai h poll planted at tbe
southwest of i.. *- Moriihon's ranch In Kire
Valley,  Wet-i  Kootenay  illstrlct,   marked "J. b.
Mil urn's* northeail oorner poit" j thenoe 80 ohaini
wesi; thenco 80Ofaaini suuth; thence Ml chains
east; thence BO chains nnrth to the place of coin-
Dat-id llth day of BjBpttmber. UM,
\V. A. CAl.UEIl, A((Plit.
Kotlce !*��� horoby given thai oo dan utter date i
Intend toapply to the Honorable the Chief Commissioner of Landi ami Wnrks fur permlnion to
tmnlni.-c the  following deserlbed  lands in tho
Wesi Kootenay district, near Burton City; oommonolng at ��� poit plantcil at the soutbeas'i corner
of George Hudson's pre-emption claim, and
marked Hnrrv (.. Toll inn ton's N. B. C pout, and
running  south  10 chums, tbenee west 2o chl-UH,
thence north io chain-, thenee eaat 90 dhalni to
plnee oi boglnulny, oontalninrBO acres ot laud,
more or lent.
Imied this Hth day of August. 1008,
Hakkv Q, Toi.i,inoton.
Notice is hereby given tbal 00 days after date I
Intend to make application to the Honorable tbo
Chief Commlnloner of l.iuel- ��,n��i Works for permission to purchase about BOO acres of land situ
ated toi the Salmon river, West Koolenay district,
oommonolng at a post marked B. K. Hutter'a N E.
Corner, planted on lbe west bank of the river,
about l:i4 miles north of the interuatluiiai ImuiiiiI-
ary, lhetice west 00 ebalus, thence Wi ebalus
south, tbence easl about SO eliains tu tbe river,
thence northerly along the river tu place of cun
AUgUlt Mih, M06. p. R. Burn*,
T.H.Atkmsuii, Ageut.
Notice is hereby given that two ntonthe after
date I inieml to apply to the Honorable tbe Ohio!
( ommfaaioner of '-" <f\- and Works for a U-ase of
all lhal land being tin* (uresbore adjfilnlug-.ub-
dlvf-dnns I, ;< und   I of lot m, nroii|i onefl)
Kootonay, and   being nn lliisi.iiili^l mh lln-
West Arm of Koolenay lake, lu the district of
Kootenay i
Oommonolng nt H |H>st markeii "A. K. Watts'
southeast corner  posl";   tbenee OO ebalns west,
thenoe 3D Ohalni nonh; thence oo ohalni easi;
thenoe80ohalni iouth tothe place of commencement; the laid  laud and foreshore to be be usrd
for sawmill purposes.
Hutetl tbls Vint day of August, IttoC.
A. K. Watts.
Noilce is hereby given that 80 days aftor date I
Intend loapply to Hie Honorable tbe Chief Commissioner of Lands nnd Works for permission to
purchase the following d scribed laud iu West
Koolenay 1'lstrloi about seven miles south of
Hurton city:  Commenolng ai u post plauied un
the eust bank iif Trout creek  and   marked  Alex
Chevne'i N. w. <:. post und running south ho
chains; lbence east Hn chains; tbenee  nnrth Ml
ohaini] thonco weit 80 cbalni to poil of beginning, coutuinllig "I'1 acres of hmd. more or less.
Dated this Kind dav of August, woo
VV. II  Hamilton, Agent.
Notice Is beroby given thatilxty days aller
dale 1 intend to apply to tbe Honorable the
Chief Commissioner of   Uuds ami  Works, fur
normimoti to purohaae tbo followlni described
lands oommonolng al a )>ost marked lieorge Tnl-
liligtnil's   N. K. C. pOf'    at the soutbeusl  OOmOf
ol   J.   O.   Metimile's    ),..-��� |>lloii    claim    and
runniiu* south io chains to lOUtfiwoat corner of
Ceo HuilsiuiV preemption claim; tbenee went ft)
ehulns; thenee north 80 OhalUI, tbenco cast ft)
Ohaini lo place of cmnnieiicemcnt, eoutninlng HU
acres of land more or lesi.
Dated this Hth day of August, 1808
ClBOBQI Tou.inoton,
A. A. iturton, Agent.
Hlxty days afler date, I.Miirgrott McQuarrJI-
tUtend lu apply to the Hoiuirable lbe Chief Com*
mlssionet of Lamls utifl Works, Victoria, S-C���
In purchase tbe following ilescrlhed land, Oin-
meneliig at a post markeii M. Mctjuarrle, t>n the
bunk of l.mvr-i' Arrow lake, theuco -lo tdinliis
west; theuce(VOobaius north; tbence 40 ebalus
eust; thonco IHI Ohalni south to place of coin
iiiciieemuiit, saifl tn contain Kill acres more or
less. Covering ground held by (i. U, Anderson's
Daied ihis Mtb day of Beptember, 1806.
W. h, I'aynk, Ageut.
Notice Is hereby glvAl that sixty days after
date I intend toapply to Hie Honorabl*-; the Chief
Commissioner of Lands anil Works forpernilnslnn
to purchnse the following described lumls situate
in Wesi Kootonay dlitrlot: Commenolng at a post
plauied ai Robert Corlott'l north eait corner
posl and marked A, M's N. W. Corner tbenee
eusl 40 chains; thuiice *I0 ebalns soulb, mnrc or
le��s tothe Kootonay river; tbence 40 ehulns well
along lbe Kootenay river; theuce lo chains
linrtli, more or less, to the plnee of commencement, ennlalnlug HMI acres more or \on*.
Hept-mbcr llth I'JOO.
Annik Moohk,
William Moohb us Ageni.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office:   Toronto.
CAPITAL AUTHORIZKD....111.000,000. OAl'iTAI, PAID UP      M'Nlm,
HEST 14,180,000, '"
D. K. WILKIK, Pnssidisnt. HON. BO BBBT .lAKKKAV, Vtoa-Prf-ddanl
Branches in British Columbia:
AKKOWHKAD,      HOLDKN,     NKl.HON,     KKVIiLHToKU      Till HIT  1 AKF
Dt-jK)Hitfl rocoived und iiiU-n-Ht nllowrf ut current tafM from tlntu of openlnfl nr-
ocraut and mwltod Imlf-yHarly.
J.   M-,   LAV,  Manner.
Notice Is hereby given thai (So (lavi nltrr'lnte I
lliteml lo make application tn lbe fluiioralile the
Cblel Commlaiionw of lninls ami Works lor permission   lo   purchase 610 acres of  laml   in   iho
iiistrid oi Weal Kootenajr, commenoiuf al �� post
plantcil on the soutb shle   of   Hnuiularv creek nli
Ilu* llitcrnutlulial I Iiilurv line, one aiol a hall
m'les east Irom the Kalmun river, inurkeil "Kllbu
K. Ailailis, snutheiist inriuT." theme weil till
chain:-, tbenee imrlli HO chains, tbeiue uusl HO
chains, thence south MO ehulns tu place ol commencement.
Kinic K   AUAMs, U,e��iur,
per It   M. Itoeves, as Agelll.
Dated this Bth uy ol July, imm.
Notice Is hereby given tbat sixty days nfier
date I lutein! to apply In the llnuurable lbe
Chief Commlnsioiier  of I-amts ami   Work*   for
permlaalon   to   imnhaaa  tha   loiiowing iii-
MTtbed laiifls KltiiHti* In the Wesl Kootenay
dlsirlct, siMtlng from a Mat plained on tbe
norlh bank of tbi- North Fork uf Pug rrcek'
I hence ai chains west, ro chains nortb, ��) chains
��.-; 40 ebalus north, io ebalns west, k) ebalns
north, ki chains West, '20 ebalns uorth, Hn chains
easl. ki ehains soutb, _0 chains easi, 40 ehulns
soulb, '20 chains cant, 40 chains south to point of
commencement, contatnhiK '���'" acres.
I'aled l-.h day ol August, i'.*��'
nmi w itom.vsoN
Hlxty duys after date I inieut! toapi>lv lo tbe
Honorable the Chief Commlfl'-louer of Lamls aud
Works, Victoria, to purchase M0 acres of land,
located ami deicrlhe'l as follows: Helug the
northeast quutei of Hection tweuty-Uo, and
thsflouth half of thc north went quarter Hection
twenty three, TowuBhlpslxty nine. Aiidfurlber
rloacrlbcd as follows: (Jumintiuclng at a |K��l
merited J J. N. W. corner, nml plented 80 chains
Out Of tho northwest comer of Heeiton twenty-
two anil running easi 40 i bains, theuce south W
chalnn, thenoo east 4U chains, tbenee imutb 90
chalna, tbenee west HO chalus, tbence north 40
chalnn to place uf be-(iuuiug.
August Hit, 3906. Jamkj* Juiikhtuhk,
W. A. (.'aider, Agent.
Notiee Is hereby Klven that m -flan after dale I
intend toapply to thc Honorable the Chief Com-
unsHiniirr of Unds ami Works for [HirmlMlon
to nurcbase lbe following deaorlbed land, sltuale
111 Kire Valley, In tbe West KonU'tiu) district, ud-
Jniiilng W. A. Calilur's ]ire-empllnn, hturllng ut a
pott markeii M. Met.iiBrrle's soutb went corner,
running ho chains east, ihence 40 chains nortii,
lbence HO chains west thence 40 chains snuth to
point of cnmnieiicemeut.
iMicil this llth flay of Hcpiein Ut, 1900.
Mart IIoQ<umui,
J. K. Tayi.uk, Ageni.
Nntlee Is hereby given thut tio flays nllor dute 1
inteml loupply tu ihe HonorableuhlelOoranila-
slon*r of Liiiuls and Works for permission to purehaso tin' followlug ilescrllK'd lamls, situate iu
tbe West Kootenay distriet, Htartlng frnm a post
planted at the 8 w .corner of Srneai w.Boblneon'a
Ap|ii|catlnu to Purchase, attd on the north hank
ol the North Kork of I'og ereek: tbeuce ID chains
wesl, Ho chums north, 100 chains easl, In chains
suuth, 30 ehalns west, KOehalnssonlh lo Inierscc
tluu nf north line of K. W. Itoblnson'aAppUoatlon
to i'urcbaae, tbeuce 40 chains west ami 80 OballU
south to point of coiumeiicfuneiit, containing o-iu
Im led ihth (lay of August, I'.m;
�� w Bonmoifi
per EBNasr W. RoniMIOffi Agent.
Notice Is hereby given thnt W) flays after date I
Intend toapply to the Hon. the Chief Commissioner of Unds ami Works for permission to purchase the following described lumls lu West
Knoleimy district, province of llrlllsh Columbia]
Commencing at a post marked "William 'rolling-
toil's uortbwesl corner post," said poll being
planted at the snulhwcsl corner uf ino "Queen
Mineral Claim," ami adjoining the eust line of
.\JiTluiil '*. pre-emption, thence Mmii h twenty {kt)
chains along said line, thenee east forty (III)
chains, thence north twenty t'ki) chains, tbeuce
west forty (40) ehulns nmre nr less, lo tbe place of
Haled 1st'lay of Augusl. HMUi.
Hy his agent.'. K. Taylor.
Notice Is horoby given Unit sixty day* ii.'lcr
dale I intend lou|>|j|y lothe lion. Chief I'oinuils-
sloiicr id Lands and Works I.n- ],ermlssioii lo
nurcbuse the following flcsfrllied binds, lu
West Koolenay District: Commeuelng ut an Initial post planted ut the southeast euruer nf Ale-
Coy's pre-emption, thonOO kt elm in- West Incus!
iHitiudary   of   Lot  lilWi;   Hicncc   following   said
boundary aouth tuNnuthcHst corner of suld lot;
tbence 10 chains west; ihenee ���-0 ehulns souih;
ihence -.Hi chains eust; tbence tf)chains north lo
southwest comer of l.nt 3221 tbenee following
west hnundarv nf !.���>( K2 lu initial jiost.
Hoplombcr 21, lltiHI, n, I). WOLW,
por Ernkst w. Koiiinkom.
Notice Is bereby given that sixty days after tlate
1 Inieml lo a)iplv lo tbe Hon. ('blef Commission
erof Lumls and Works for ptTiiilssion tu pur-
Ohaae the   following described  lands, lis) Htrres,
oommonolng at a posi marked John Toye, plantcil ou the cast shore of Lower Arrow lake, about
one mile nnrlh of Sunshine ereek, tbenee forty
chains easl, tbence forty ehulns south, thence
forty chums west, tbeuce forty ehains north
along lake shore to point of commencement.
DatH this l.'tlh tiny of Heptcmber, HWfl.
John Toyk,
IIaiuiY QlBiOK, Agent.
NotiOe is hereby given tluil Ouiiavs after flute I
intend to apply io ibe Honorable the chief CommlMloner Ol Umls and Works fnr permission lo
pureliuse tbe following described binds situate
ill West Kiioleunv Hist*id; Cnmuieiieiig ut n
pnst markeii "P. MrArlhur's N. W, eurner post
sltuale near the N. K. corner of bind npplied for
by 8. McArthur thenre south 10 ehnins, more or
less; thenco cunt Hi) chains; theme norlh I"
ehalna, more or less; tbence west ho ebalns to
point of ..ommeneeuieiit.
Kutmo, IJ. V., Augusl ll.h, Itfoo.
P, McAhthuk
T. Ii. ATKimoir, Agent.
Notice Is her. hy given that BDdBtl alter dstf I
inteml I., apply to the Honorable the Chief
Commissioner of Umls aad Works fur i-vrmii
���jpn in purchase tbe foIlowlnB danrlbwl tends,
ittuatod in the Weat Kootenay dlatrlet, adjohUM
l l. I'eur-nli's nli tbe nnrth, ahuul om tlid oai
<l uurlcr miles from the Pend d'Oreflle rlvi ,.(..
menotOJ al a post marked C. P. Celdwi I
corner poat. theme ho chains north, theliee��
i-liHliis weat,  thenee  Ml ehain-- suutii   Ui��ueeff
chains eust ti. pUOB of cmiiliiciieeuui!!
I-iiealed the Isl day Oi Augiial, lWKi.
iikkman Kaini, A|��t
Nntice Is berel.y given tbat 00 dnv sn. ��� dtli I
Inieml to apply to the llouomhlc th. I hiBftoa
mlssiniicr nf l.amls and Wnrk-- inr penntaloii lo
puribH-e the (allowing deaorlbed land m Wmi
Kootenay Dlatrtol abont su mile*- uuth td Burton City; eniiimciieingat a juist pUnted mi Um
rW,"\.m��k ,,( 'r""' ,n','k Mld marSed c I. tltk-
er IH   ��   C  Poel nnd running smith  _D chalm;
tlience eaal80 obaina; thence nortb B cbalm
tbenoe weal soi-buins to the plaee ol ronuanw
nieiil. cotiuiniUK ino acres, nmre <������
Hated ttiln 88n9 flay of August, I:<��,
C I- Ft*lltt
w. 11. EUmiudn Agent
Ni'tn-i iv booty given that 80 dan after data J
Intend tu apply to the Houoral.l, tin* CUlal - om
missioncrof Umls uml Work*, fer iktiiiimIuii Ui
purchase the following doscrllnd lands. Com-
menoloj at a poet marked "J. v. B'i H \\ ooi
ner,1' placed nu the east shore ol l-ower Arm*
Uke at ihe northwest comer of J Cbrlitle'i Ap.
plicatinn in Purohaae, running themi m '*intli��
cast; theme Hn chain*- north; theme i�� chitliii
moreor less, west to the lake aho'e; tbence M
lowing lakestuoe  to  point  fif ('oiiiiiieticcmeni
oontainlng 00 aorea more or less.
Haled lbe Mrd day of July, 1HO0.
J. W. 1UTM.
IVotlae is lurehy given thut 80 duys utter dati I
iniend to apply to the Honorable tne (.hJeH'nm-
mlssluuernf Lands ami Works tot pornii��M<*i.H
purchase the fullnwtug descrlbeil lamls, HietM
ou th�� east side of Arrow lake: Commem tut''-
the northeast comer of A. Anthony s punhw
tbelief north forty chains, thence west lurtj
I'liiilus, Ihenee south fortv chains, ttieiiii* MM
forty ebultiN to potnt of eniiiiiniicpmeiil '���"'���
tuinltig 160aorea, moreorless.
Dated HcpiemtH-r 1, (MM. Jamks K. ICaOLKOD,
perK, DlHlU, Agent.
Notice Is hereby given thai AO day* niter d��u I
intend to apply to lhe Hon Chief Comuiisstmi.r
of Unds uml Works for iiermlaslon i,. *nn, ������
the following described lands, situuU'd In tii**
Kooteuay district! Oommeuolug at �� mist mart
ed "BKWK, k. e.inier." planter on theehon ol
���Lower   Arrow   lake,   ubout   om*   mile souii   ol
Ooraon  creek  (Johnsl reek,J lbence imrl*  8
ebalns, tbenee wesl 80 chains, thenee south *
ehnllis,  theme eust   :'"  chains   In  point of cnin
meneement, onutalnlng 100 ueres mure oi leoa
ami oompriaing abandonod preemption No em
Htukcd thUMtfa day of Augusl, 1806.
It. It. W.U.VilSTOS,
A. N. Woi.vkkton. Agent,
Notloe Is hereby given thai 80 days after dale I
intend lo apply tn lbe Honorable Chief Cuminu
sioner of Umls ami Works for UenniMlOO lo i��u
ebese the following 'Icscrlhcil lumls, sliuatcil n
the Bill side of Arrow lake: Commencing al ���
post markeii A. Mndcud's lueatluU poat, tlicl
south forty chain*,, following W. Toye's east*
houndarv; lbence cast stxtv chain*-. M east bank
of UBPlbaldl Creek; thence imrth forty chaim>
Ihenee eust sixty t>bHlus lo point of eoiiimeiiii-
mmit, cuntatiiine-_!)!0 acres, more or less.
Hated Beptember 1,1808,      Ai.kxa Maci.kou.
Per N. Im:.mi.i,., Agent,
Notiee Is hereby given that 80 days after dlL'i '
Intend to apply to the llonorahle the Chief i.r.i.
misslom-r of bands ami Works lor permtMloii:
purohaae tha (ollowlng deiorlbed landi, itartn
from u OOfl limn,. ,i WT'S northwest pnst, tin ri��
-.null 40 'hum- IhetHc nasi KO ohalni, th " ���
north 40 Obaittl, thenee wesl HO chains Ul point d
comiuenceiiieii'. eoiiialuliig 'AM acres, more Ol
less; nd joins nu lbe east of a. Anthony's tin
lion In purchase.
I'aled iiu-'.'Mil day of Augusl, IWH>.
N. Dkmkhh, Agent.
Nollee Is herehy g| veil lhal six iv days niter Jeie
I Inieml loapply to the Hou. Cbfef Commls**!""
erof Lands ami WOtJu for permission to pur
chaae tin* following denrlbod luuds, 820aeres,
Hinriint* ai ii post markedUatlieiinoToye.nial
plumed mi the ensl shun* of l^.wer Arrow Inlu'i
neur '��� In.i-l,.m' Creek, theuee 40 eliuilis bh"I
tbence HO chains north, thence 40 ehulns w<-i U
luke   shore,   tlience suuth along lake ihore I
puiui uf commencement,
Duled this IHtb dayofHcptumbor.lOUl,
IlAltftv (IniNiiN, Agenl.
Notloe ll hereby given thut 00 dayH aller ilnic '
iniend to apply to the Honorable toe Chief' i
mlssionorof Umls uml Works for pormiisioii
pureliuse llie following deserlbed Inmls lltilu
nn the easl side uf Arrow lake: Conimeiiciiu
ihe soiiliiwesl corner tif A. Anthony's purolu
thOUOO south twenty chains, thOllOe easl tire
chaius, theuee north twenty ehulns, thence ��
twenty cluilns In point of coniineni-cineiil, c
tiilnlng HO ueres. iimie or 1CS8.
Hated September I, loot;      Bnsni m.hti au
per N. DltJiKiuf, Ageut.
Nnllec Is herehy given thut sixty duys afle'
dull I intend tnupply to the Ilulioruble the Che '
Commlssiouerof I.iindsuml Wnrks [nr pcnnis-nci'
to puichHsc the fulluwlug descrlbeil lumls, sin
nie in the West Knntcimy district, nud adjoining
i'uui Andre's pre-emptioni itarnng at a i1"*1
murked A.f.bnng, N K. corner, on the west iliore
tif Lower Arrow lake, theuce W ehulns wesl,
tiic-nic in tthatni sniiib, tbeuce 20 chnlni east,
fbenee III chains mirth to point of QOUHnOlK't**
nuli'il al Nelsou, I). 0��� this Kill day ofHeptetii'
her, HHHi A.J. lAIML
Wm. i'oi.URi), Agent.
' ���.._,. |       'V-
wim*m The Dafly Canadian
������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� PRAISE OF LOWLINESS
Another    Disregarded    Commandment
Given by Christ to Hie Followers
���Services for Tomorrow.
��� Semi-Ready Sack Suits, double breasted style as photographed above, iu the famous Blunoz
��� Serge, blue or black for $20.
Tomorrow will he the -seventeenth
Sunday alter Trinity; Monday in the
h.Htiviil of the Nativity of the Virgin
The goapel for the day lu St. I.uke'n
aeeotitil or the heuillng nf the atifferer
from dropay and the I'hurasalc re-
proBdhef for uiich profaning of the
-Sabbath, followed by the parable of
Ilu- lowly ku-'ki who chose a lower,
not a higher place than wub IiIh by
Nol even Ihe eommiiTid to "Take no
[Bought loi* (he morrow" in worldy
matteri is ho utterly fllarsgarded by
lie* modern world iih this exhortalion
tn p< rHoiial humility. "He lhat hum*
bii'lli lilniHoir Hhall he exalted." flndK
few HIiiHlratloiiH in tin'He "Hln-numi*--;"
tlmoB. I'liiHlifiiliii'HB, a word fin.! coined In mockery of Helf-aHKertlon, linn
almoil won flu way to reHpeetahle
Usage becaime lhe Quality deluded hy
it Iiuh established Itself as a twentieth
century   virtue.
A belief lu the possibility of great
nrHS MiriistltiK itself opoo one Ib almost exlliiet. In alinoHl every department of human affairs the prizes are
conceded to him who graspR at them
most   eagerly and  moil   |>nrniHt<>ntly.
fine OOtablQ nnd nohle exception
within recent yearn waa the election
of his holiness PIuh the Tenth, tho
pr"sent pope. who. ii was well known,
was elevated fo lhe papal limine withoul  effort or desire of his own.
The foUowlng services are announced
for tomorrow In ihe churches of Nel
Church of England���St. Saviour's,
cor. Ward and Silica streets; seventeen! h Sunday nfier Trinity; holy communion, 8 a. m.; morning prayer and
holy communion, 11 a. m.; children's
service, _W p. m.; evensong, 7:30 p.
m.   Rev. P. H. Graham, rector.
Roman Catholic���Church of Mary Immaculate, corner of Ward and Mill
Biro-Ms: l-iiw mass, 8 a. m.; high mass,
10:30 a. m.; evening service. 7:30 p. m.
Rev. Father Althoff, priest.
Presbyterian church���St. Paul's, corner of Victoria and Kootenay streets:
Morning service, 11 am.; Sunday
school, 2:30 p. m.; evening service, 7:30
p. in.: Sunday school, 2:30 p. in. Rev,
J. T. Ferguson, minister.
Methodist church���Corner Silica and
Josephine streets: Morning service. 11
a. m.; evening service, 7:30 p. m.; Sunday school, 2:30 p. m. Rev. R. N.
Powell, pastor.
Baptist church���Stanley street, near
Mill: Morning Bervice, 11 a. m.; evening service, 7:30 p. in.; Sunday school,
2:30 p. m. Rev. E. H. Shanks, pastor.
Salvation Army���Barra-ckB on Victoria street, west of Josephine: Special services for tomorrow. Knee drill,
!' n. in.: holiness meeting, 11 a. m.; a
praise meeting at 3 p. m.; salvation
meeting at 8 p. m.
Silver King Hotel
Be�� t Dollar a day house in the Kootenays.
Room, ere well fsir-lahed.   Table M good aa -nf
ID Nelaon.    Bar ���uppllod with good
llQssors. ana clxara.
W. E. MoOANDLlBH, Proprietor.
Tremont Hotise
European and Amarloan -laa
Meal, �� au.   Boom, Iron _ oU. lo 11
Oalr Whiu Help Implored
Bager Ht. Nelmo
Bartlett   House
Best DolUr-a-D.y House in Nelson.
The ll.tr la llie Pineal.
White Help Oisly Kraplssyod.
Joaophlno Rl.
Or "Half and Hall"    DCCf    \ VL-
Tii.' only (.lass of Good Boer iu Nelaon.
llsst.-l iis'fsssisliscsslttllssisss ws-siis.I Us 11011.' Itl ilrlt
lah Colsiinlsia.   lissii'- ll s.s !�����! sl.s    Bpsata] ralea
to .......11,1 s l,ii,srilft.   Only hotut'botol in Ntslaun
Lake View Hotel
r.ini'T Hull mnl Vernon,
two block.! from whnrf.
Katei ll 'Ni per day unit up.
V. O, Box 161.
TttlcrplHIlM! II*.
Grand Central Hotel
J. A. KRIOKSON, Proprietor.
I'entrallj Located. Open Dar and Might.
Bample and Bath Booma Frssu.
Opposite Court House and Post Office.
Comer Ward aaa Vernon Streets.
Th* Strathcona
Nelaon, B.O.
B. Tomkins, Manager.
Vou cau always tell the difference when you try on a Semi-ready garment,
tiuclive style of good tailoring is supplemented by fine British cloths.
Tlie dis-
Look for the Semi-ready label on every suit you buy���for
this silk label sewn on the inside pocket plainly stamps
the real Semi-ready garment.
Semi-Ready Wardrobe }
). A. GMER, NELSON, B. C ���
)'nrry ii comploU) itook iif I orolgn WIqcs, Hcit. Ln-iutm
nml   l,|i*iiinrft,   HIi'l   Ciiiih-IIhii   Willis nnd  WliHklc-c
Vmi cun i.ny onk bottla Port Shorty, Qlaret, Brnmly, Oln, Rum, Rye. Bootoh,
Ale ot Hiniit. or miy Ittonaud i-uaiitiiy ymi rtcKlrt'.     Kor fiimtlv line, try our
TBL.BPHONB _��.<).
p. O. itox III-..
'P. Burns & Co.
A Crabologist.
Uni' is ono of How kor T. Wi-shing*
toTi's storioH: "Once upon o timo there
was an old colored mwn who having
great sudcesB in OAtobing crabs. He
had a tii'inoiidons box moro Ihan half
full, when a passerby war nod him lhat
tho hf^Kos! and best crabs wore crawl
Ing out and would escaiie. Tbe old
man replied. 'Thankee, sir, much
obleegfld, hut I ain't, goto' to lo_e no
crabs, l'ae a crabologist, I is, and 1
known all 'bout de crab nature. I don't
need to watch 'em 'tall. When de big
crab fight up to de top. and when ho
is getlin' out, do little crabs catch hi in
by de lu.g and pull hlm back. Wo can't
gtl oul nohow.' "
First Perkfn Medal.
New York, Oct. 6.���Sir William
Henry Perkin, the distinguished English chemist whose researches led to
tbe development of the coal tar products industry, is to be the guest of
lienor at a notable banquet at Del-
monico's tonight. The al iii ha" been
arranged by the Social/ of Chemical
Industry aud is in eel ibrattoo cf the
fiftieth anniversary _f Siv William's
discovery of the color ma ive, from
which tlie aniliness were developed.
In commenoratiou of the cvni the
guest of honor will be presented with
the First Veltin Medal und a silver tea
Prince Nicholas Ib 65 Years Old.
Vienna, Oct. 6.���A dispatch from
Cettinje says that great prepaiudons
have been made throughout Moiiteu-
gro for tomorrow's festivities Iu c-^le-
brafion or the 66tl| birthday of Prince
iVicholas. the ruler of Moutenegio. nad
tne father-in-law of King Victor Emmanuel of Italy. Prince Nicholas was
born Oct. 7. 1841, and In ISfiO was proclaimed Prince of Montenegro, as-suc-
cessor of his uncle, Dunflo I.
The .leading Hotel in the
Oood   Sample    Roonu.
Queen's Hotel
���taker -Mat, Nolaon. B. 0.
Lighted by Electricity ud
He��ted by Hot Air
B -usl Comfortable Bedrooma and Flrat*
ssiIiik Boom.  Bample Booma for cornmer-
HUB. K. C. CLAkKX. FroprletraM
Tbe well known
Our Beer Garden is
the Finest in the
J. CROW,   -   -  Proprietor
Royal Hotel
Certificate of Improvements
Wil. IV In
Ttiko iinih-i- i
.ii Nelaon, aotl
<.|HII.,     Pits
j Mile Kriin
tin- Nolson
nv tli-irii-i
('liana*, Clinliiiliiifi, uml
nil   IIUIUTIlI  I'lullIlN,   sllll-
MIninj;  Division of West
innit'emiHHiiiiiii, boiween
UraiKih MarketH in   UohsI.-ukI,   Trail,   Kelson,  Knslo,
Denver and BloOBn Oit.y.
Sandon, Three Forks, New
I, John Mi'Utchlc, t.rUic cily
uagaot fur .)<ibi'|iIi BtnrgooOt
Vrvt- .Mllii>r't> Curtlfli-'aU Nn It..Ill, illtvtlil, HlxlV
dejt from lln* Unit' hcrccf, lnnp|��ly lo llio MinlnJ!
Recortler for CQrtlflrtfttofl of liniirovvini'tiiN, for
tin.' purpose of Obtaining drown Onuiisof the
above fPiitmi*
-\ii.i turtbor ink.' notloe tbat iH'tlon,nii<iiTHer-
tiini 87, iiuisi be oominuiiood before the Issuance
of ciii'li ccriifliHii ni iiiiiirovfin^ntii
OnU'il UiIn 81fltd*y of July, A. D. liKW.
John McI/attiiik.
Ordorn by innll to nny hrnnch will have
onr prompt iiikI oarOral nHoniitm.
He-id Office: Nelson, B. C.
New Fall
Goods Arriving
Import tar* of   l7lnw
l^p-iyllHfi  OoikIh
Jno. T. Pierre
linker St.
Net-son, B. C
Certificate of Improvements
"KcMpHi- Nn. B," "Vovcy," "Mftj��|iy rilwllitin,"
"Inturiiiitioiinl" tuul "A In Kriii'iiiiii'il" miii
(TiU I'liilniM. situated ill Hu'HliK-Hli Clly Mining
Division ��f w��'st Koolanay iliHtrict.
Whore located;���Nortii of Twelve MiliM-n.<-k,
nt i��
Iml I, 11. U. .lorniid.of Sloi-toi, u.
V... Pruv Miner's crtUb-ati' Mo, B78800. a* ,-��u--ut
for b. A. Coir, Prce Miners Cert HoatO No. titti,
Lu tend, Mlxiy (in)-Nfruin tin* dtiti* beroof, tpaDp y
to tin- Minhm BeoorderTor n OepttaofttooTrm.
iirinTim'iKH, for llM'pliriKiH'-'nfolitttliillij.'ii Crown
(inml Of said miitiTHl Halms
A ml further ttke notl-te that uctlon, un ur
Beotlon ;n, mast be oonunenued iiefore thu Ikhu-
aiii'O of uiii'h i'orlilii'ati'of IinprovuiiieiilM.
Dated (iiis ���.inli day of Huplumbor, 1UUH.
Notice Ih hereby gl*en tbat, thirty Daft after
���lute, I Uitt-nil to apply to tbe lloiiuriihli* the
Chlel CommJ-Blouei of Land*, ami IraWlfOl a
spealal lloonse in <-nl uml carry away lfiuhi>r from
iio* foUowlng desoHbed laml*-*. Nltiiuii- in th��
West Koolona) dint riot:
No.   1. -CtiiiiiiM'in*iii(t  at   a   pn* i  uiurkt'il   Ole
iiii.rn'.- rmiiihwt'Ni eoraer pom. and plant, don
tli-> i'��si si'lr of Diiiiran riverand about six mllei
nortbeagt ol tb*. \w��i fork of the hum-an rlveat
tbenoe h�� Hiainx east, tnenoe ��n Hiatim north,
llu'iii't* M ti lini iih went, Uo'lH'i* Mil rliaiiiNft-outli to
No. v   Coiniiu'ticinp at  a   pout   murked  Ole
Oberg'i -soimm*--*���.i ���'���������n',i pi'M, uii'i planted on tbe
t'aHl nldr of ' uncan nver uml alHtiil sevon miles
norlhi'ant of ilu> wvto fork of tin* Duncan rlvor;
tbenoe ni chaiim chki thenee no obalns north,
lbenoe*_Q chains west, thenOB *' Humn- hoiiUi to
polnl of coiumciu-einciit.
No. g.���Coiiimciiciiij,' at a  post   marked   Ob*
Oborg*i Boutbeail eorner posl, ami planted on
tbe east aide Of the Duncan river and about six
m I les from lln- won! fork of the ' uncan river;
ihence to chains wctit. tbenoe UK) chains norlh,
tht'in'c-M) chain*, eaxl, iticiit'c Hid chuius sniiih to
polul of commencement.
No, 4 ��� Commencing at a post murked Ole
Oberjr'H RimthwcHl corner post, and planted on
the cast side of Duncan river end abont eight
miles northeast of the west fork ot the Duncan
river; thenre ku Hiulus easl, thence HO eliBins
north, thenco mi chains went, thence 80 chalus
nouth to point of coiiiuicnccinent.
No. fi.���(.mntiiem*int; H| H I,,,s| marked oie
Oberg's nortiiwcst mirucr pONt, atn! planted on
lln* cast side nf Duiican river and about six miles
north of lhe ivest fork uf tlie hiiucau river,
at the mouth of Hum ereek; tlience W> Hiatus
east, thneoe ko ehains soutli, tbenoe WchahiK
weKt, tltciiccHOHiuiiis norlh lo point of eoiiimeii-
No. B���Oommonolng at a post markeii (Ue
Olicrjr'-northwest enrner posl, and planted on
the eust side nf Duncan river and about five
miles uorlii of the west fork of Dnnnan river;
JbenOO H0 ehalna ensl,  Ihenee HO chains soutli,
thonoe 80 attains wnt, ihenee KOHiHiun north to
point of eoinmencciiicnt.
Nn. 7 -Commenclnn at u pout planted nn the
east side of the Duncan river, about four miles
north of the west fork of said river, marked Oft
CherK's north wesl corner post, tbenee 40 i.batli*
east, thenee ho ehnins smith, thenee sn ehalns
west, llienee KO Hiatus north, lhetice 40chains
east to point of eojimeiiceincnt.
Dated Uoldcii. H. ('., August 2t>tb, 1006.
oi.a oeeeu. Locator,
Ratee $1 and 11.50 a Day-
Special Rateo to Begnlar Boarder*.
Wholesale and  Hutall Denier.*' In
Fresh and Salted Meats
Camp- supplied ou shortest iiotlne and
lowiwt. isrii'ts. IS'otliuiK but fi. sh aud
whol-Bome ui-uts nud supples kept in -took
Mail orders receive careful att-ntiou.
E. C. TRAVES,  Manager.
Tbe Musical Treat of tlte Season!
The Chicago
Concert and
Orchestra Co.
October 12th
1 Under the Auspices of Nelson's 20,000 Club
ANHEUSER   -f* "��� ow^iAL
BUSCH...       Budweiser Beer
Order quantity before cold weather sets in.
NELSON      �����-���^8SS^SJa?*w,    VICTORIA
We have Improved and Unimproved Ranches for
Sale on the Kootenay and Slocan Lakes, Slocan
Valley and Nelson District.
Before purchasing call
and examine our list.
insurXnc^   Real Estate and Mining
Manager for the Kootenay Valleys Company, Ltd.
Oldest estatilish-d Real Estate
Bu-iui'SK in Kootenay.
Nelson, B. C.
w. a.
Bole nKi*nl (or tlie Porta film Ltimbt-r Co., Ltd.,
mtHil j-Hi-rU. UixikIi mi'l 'lrc-Ht.,1 lnml>i*r, tinned
work Bint brw'kfltH, Cuttud Imli ti nd shfnul,,.;, mnli
iimi doom, remuiit, brink and linn* (or hhIi*
Yard uii-1 (aoUtry: Vern��n Bt,. i>ant of Hall,
NKLSON,   B. e.
P. O. Box _a_. Tolvphooo lffl.
Choice Fruit i ��*- i��^�� *����
Chofceat Fratt Lands in
British Colombia.
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
Nelson, B. C.
West Transfer Co.
GEORGE F, MOTION. I_.ii_.-r.
General Teamsters and Dealers In
Ooal and Wood.   Express aud
Baggage Transfer
RfcriS-iB Office: Baker St.
The Hall Mining and Smelting
Company, Limited.
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry Ores* il
The Daily Canadian
Precious Stones.   If you want to make   a   good   investment   put   your     j
money into a Diamond.   Now is the time before the price gets higher.    <
Our selection of stones is the best.
���                                                    ���
fA$31i 1
Jic-3 i
1?^-3C iW '
7,      Hi
ill s
���-Ml  ' &stnlj��
TT ,.   ,.,' .
Book Ahead Fori
I Preserving Pears:
Thi' right kind arc BOOToe.   Wo ���
***  have a nice lot of local Kartlotts *
and Flemish Beauties to arrive,        ���
Lowest market prices guaranteed. T
Bell Trading|
Company        ���
Gait Coal
iVrms Hpot Caih
Telophone a*..
'Something Nice!
Something Tasty!!
40 cts. a pound.
[Joy's Cash Grocery]
Oor.JoHphlnatnd Mm Bti.    Phone ia
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch,
Jreosote, Oils for
reserving Timber,
Coofing Pitch and
Bom Bnildora will tuul it to their advantage ts> use our Pitch.
Nelson Coke & Gas Co.
"Maple Leaf" Brand.
cniform BiKMNd u ilie moit important tttftur when blutlng on a in rut
���eait*. "Utple JA-Hf" brand Ih claimed
loperlorln thu refpeof.
Oomparlaoni with other maJtuInvited.
_">..ie AKt>nt. INelson. li.C
'The Store of Sweets/
Frvtts, Confectionery and
Ice Cream.
Phone -fs. Bakor St.
Cor. Vsci-i.,... nnd Ward Sl i-cssIh,
rvisusors, B. c.
.f  FRED HUMK, Proprietor.
s. Carsley and wife, Montreal; H.
s. Cummins, Pernio; J. A. Trepoorten,
K. l.. Phelps, J. \\. Blnns, Vancouver;
ll. H. Rogers, Vernon; A. T. Garland,
A. Carney, Kaslo; J. Cronin, P, Welch,
Spokane; VV. C. Thomas aud wife,
Boundary Kails; c. M. Edwards, Cranbrook; W. A. Gnlliher, Ottawa; It. Q.
Cooper, Victoria,
J, P. Couldrey, Rossland; W. 11.
Pernio, Vancouver; 0. B. Murdock,
Montreal; I'.. P, Sanderson, Spokane;
li. Pish, Oakdale; li. A. Devleh, U'itmi-
peg; B, Potheringbam and wife, c H.
Alien, San Francisco; R. L. I lamer,
.Marcus: 10. A. Lancaster and wife, F.
VV. Aylmer, Qolden; T. G. Colmer, C.
10. Hanson, London: L. A. Campbell,
Rossland; J. L. Palmer, Montreal,
VV,   A.   Adams,   Kimlseiley;   .1.   Wil-
ssm, Vmlr; A. Todd, K. Wells, London;
VV. 11. Moore, Fernie; G. Whiting, -Michel.
il. Selgfrld,    Revelstoke;    J.   Cart-
Wright, Nanaimo;    a   G.   MoKeuzlo,
Vancouver;   P.   B.  Shafer, Greenwood,
1).  Davys, C.  Farnell,    P.    Paulsen,
-Mrs. Smith and family, Wlnlaw;  D.
A. Youpell, Vmir;  .Mrs. Llkler, Salmo;
A, Gravcna, Toronto; J. MoKenssle, P,
11. Walthrop, G. Stoll, Siiokane; VV.
Dimnd, Greenwood; A. s. Embree,
Grand Forks; VV. Howard, ,1. .Mclnnes,
T. J. Carson, Moyie; .1. Harrison,
Fernie;   P.  VV.  Hunter,  Phoenix.
D. II. Davis, Sandon;  C. E. Wilson,
II.   Williams,   Thirteen   Mite   Point;
VV. C. Rsslsli, Salmo;  J. .Matson, ,1. E.
Hiimsey, Rossland.
���I. Ryan, Bonnington; D, McCarthy
Arrowhead,; 10. Wilson. Sandon; D. Ellis, Creston.
Cream    T,IE
Put up in 21b. Tins
35 cents.
)* k* IRVING & CO.
Telephone nn.
One Week
Commencing Monday, Oct. \
Sutton's Big Show
30 People 30
T0NIGHT-"A Ragged Hero."
Street parade dally.
rrioei _-*>**, fiOo add 75o.    Heats mi nm]-.. KHiuniHy
at Rutherford'*. '
The iK'dt jurors Bummoned ior the
present assize court are requuB-eil to
be present al the court house ou October 12.
Alderman J. A. Kirkpatrick left this
morning for Sbubenaoadle, s. n. On
iiis return he win be accompanied by
Mrs. Kirkpatrick ami the children.
W. A. Galllher. M. P., arrived home
last night from Ottawa. The big man
in good health and looks well. He will
settle down to tin.- practice of law for
a tew months.
The Children's Aid society or Van*
(���Oliver have issued au appeal that
Thanksgiving day services be made
the occasion of special collections in
aid of  the society's  work.
,\t   the  Baptlsl   church   tomorrow
morning the communion of the Lord's
supper will follow the regular service;
also the reception of new members.
The evening theme will be, "Dividing
All members of Nelson aerie No. 22
I*\ O. B��� and visiting brethren are requested to meet ut their lodge room tomorrow afternoon at 1:16 for the purpose of attending the funeral of tho
late Brother Kd. Brown.
At the children's service in the Meth-
disi church tomorrow the pastor will
give a "chalk talk," subject, "Pins."
At the evening service the subject
will be, "Is Leisure a Blessing or a
Curse" The second part. "Seeking
an Answer."
The annual meeting of the Church-
men's club will be held In St. Saviour's
church mission room tomorrow. Officers will be elected for the ensuing
year. The program for th" evening
will be an Impromptu debate on the
subject of the exclusion of Chinese
from British  Columbia.
Tin1 Sutton Dramatic company
closes Its engagement at Sherman's
opera house this evening with "A Hero
in Hags." "A Husband on Salary was
presented to a fair house last night.
The company has made a good impression In Nelson. Its specialties aro
distinctly good, new, dGflil an I funny.
The next musical event In Nelson
will be the appearance in Sherman's
Optra house next Friday evening, under the auspices of the entertainment
committee of the 20.000 club, of the
Chicago Philharmonic Concert company and orchestra, every member of
which is a- star. No lover of music
can afrord to miss it. The sale of
tickets will be announced early next
A Socialist Public Meeting will be
held in Fraternity Hall Sunday evening at 7:30.
Speakers: E.T. Kingsley, J. H. Hawthornthwaite, W. Moore and J. Cart-
wright.    All are invited to attend.
The Store of Quality
40 Cents per Pound
-lu order to cleur out this line
wo nro reducing the price to
���lOo. We only hnve n limited
quantity so don't delay ordering if you want any.
K. W. C. Block . Phone 10.
For Everything Oood
to Smoke.
Imported and Domestic Cigars, Tobaccos.
Do Yott Know Thurnun's SpecUl Mixture?
A. McDonald & Co.
Dealers in staplo and faucy Groceries.
Butter, Eggs.
Cam]) and Miners' Supplies.
50 MKN, nt nur.-, [ssr work iis tIt.- wssssilss. Apply
Is. W. IC. disks-, mixvniill, KisMn ___
l.llsv KTKNtiiillAI'IIKIt rnrpcinltl.nl In ronntrr.
Ccnssl lissiise with employer- family. Apply
cmx \V��� fiiliiicllcin nOlcscs.
lU'KIIMKN, Mill Illinois ninl l-oKitliiifOsiiitriii-tssrii,
islssn Bnglneer Watt-burg Lumber t.'o., tmir
I'rsinlsriisik, It. ('
OOMPOTKNT   KtMt   UIRU    Wvo  Oblldren,
Apply Isox til-.
20  cents per pound.
First of the season.
Fresh Smoked Halibut and
Kippers received today.
Limburger and Swiss Cheese
Cm A* Benedict
Corner Silica and Josephine Sts.
i. INBUYtNd  A,
��� ��� ��� ���
You consider QUALITY lirst, and then
PRICE. You look- for the litis' thnr will
give the BEST RESULTS, and then ofomt.se
you will Ituy that Une where you can get
the licst prico on it.
marks the highest point that hns yet been
reached in Carlson Paper or Ribbon
QUALITY. As to price they don't eust ns
much nx some other brands that ure no
better, il its good.
" Ideal " Carlson Paper, cost $3.75 ps-r
box (100 sheets).
" Ideal " Ribbons cost 51.00 eaoh or
(10.00 per dozen,
We also have n really KO-d Carlson
Paper for $2.25 a box.   Special price ou
Our " Quaker " Stenog, Nob' Book at
$1.45 per dozen Is a favorite with stenographers.
NOTE���We can supply nny make of Carbon Paper or Ribbons' on the market.
W. G. Thomson
aWSSSP "��J Nelson, B. C.
Phono 34.
Potter & Cummings
Thorpe's Lithia
Thorpe & Co'y,
��� ���������
For Fall Planting for
Home and Garden
Canada Drug f Book Co's
....Cash Stores....
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Frott, Fuel
& Poultry Co., Ltd.
Deliveries made dally throughout Nelson
nud its suburbs. Phone 148.
How About Your
Guns and
Ammunition ?
We have Eley's, Kynock's, Winchester, and Cogswell &
Loaded Shot Shells
Kynock's. Winchester and
Dominion t
Rifle and Pistol Cartridges
Bunting Knives, Wading, lleta,
('oats, Pants, etc.
Nelson Hardware Co.
Box f>3l      Nelson, B. C.
Tlie Latest Modern Appliances
now in tise at this
Ansl rii'.i.i\ 'ijiti :i> i'wi-;i;
Baker Street.     -     NKLSON,
thlkpiionk las.
Oar Piano Tunet.
Mr. James R. Muit.
Is in Town
Mason & Risch Piano Co'y, Limited
Will Buy a Comfortable 4-Room Cottage
on Silica street, close in.    Easy payments.
pT,t*WTTn  __,   f>tT\       FROTT LANDS A
l\JT*\UOC KjKJ*m baker ST.
Watches! Watches!
We aro Headquarters for tbe liest
American Watches manufactured. Wo
aro niaklni- every effort to meet the
requirements of railroad men..
J. J. WALKER, 'EWESn*��rS,c'*��
Repairing and Jobbing a Specialty
Sheotinetal Work, Oai-tnga, Builders' Material and MinittK and Mill Miuhiner-
Ofliee and Works Foot of Park St.
I'h.uiu   -t)l.
IMvlMOM, |i. _;,
Kootenay  Agents
Limited, Winnipeg.
R. A. Rogers i
VVholggglg Provlaiontii
Produce, ��� Frult.
Dominion Government Oramerjf OnePonnd Bricks teoelred weekly frs-sit
from the churn.   Kor sale hy all leading grooen,
Offloe and warehouse: Houston Block,   Phono 711.
Josephine Street. -       Nelson, B. C.
Don't Forget
la your furnace In shape to start the winter with?   If  not   NOW
It the time to have It repaired.
I E* Ashdown Hardware Co., Ltd
PLEASE NOTE���We will not be responslblo for any furnace not Ittsltaitf
by October 1st, 1906.
PJv..iL" iii   .*"'*,'l".*^!f.f ���_ut��'* >vlth Dupiit-h.   ShHl M-I..I
Work. Mlnlnic nnu Mill Maahlrary.     Msisss,ls,c>,ir.s-ss of
u��� Can, w. u. Oontraotor*' Oara.
rtiiTi,,.!��,..������     NELSON,    B.  C. !H�����-'.:
We Will Sell
500 International Coal
10 Marconi, Canadian
1000 Yale-Kootenay ke
9 I-2c
McDermid & McHardy
I Just Arrived!
A large consign
nieut of
All Sizes and Lowest Prices
MANUFACTURERS   f ^t^    tZ\\t^.^t^
and dealers in .MimDe** ohingtes*
Ltith, Mouldings, Doors, Windows.
Tiini-d Work and Brockets. Mail Orders promptly attended to
Our stock ot I-ANO  SAWS is   very complete,
including grades to suit all requirements.
If you wish a low pricetl saw we cau supply you.   Wo
also curry tho best qualities mndo by
Wood-Vallance Hardware Co'y, Ltd
���-    ���-���--   ���-     ���'     ���������       -.-��-        .-      :.


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