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The Daily Canadian Nov 29, 1906

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Array Voi.r��H
| Agricultural Society Will
Nol Keconsider
���Protest Against Directors Reply to
Complaint Presented by G. 0.
liu.hanan.Mwt Ignored.
I      1
Agricultural society, uieelliiK In
sssssl ssl trade rooms this nit r-
i-mlursod the directors' action on
_,l- Ke lu iirotest
in iii. sslsssmi- of President C. W.
isk, T 'i I'roctor wus elected to tho
air.   Tliere were almul  20 members
li'S' -* : '���
ili>   accounts  fur  thc  year, audited
K. K   Heoston, were  presented, an
||ii.-|siii"i   isy   ilie   dlrectora   yesterday.
Tin- lialaiice  from    hiBt    year    was
IK.S6. lln     total     receipts    17171.W,
hiking lhe total revenue $7404.85. Dls-
Inireeiii' litis   amounl   to   |729.'1.6I,   with
Iccoimts  unpaid  or C4T1.12.    The  ex-
; of assets over liabilities amounts
lo $19(J'i ~2.   other debts remain, making the society's    total    Indebtedness
|lKlllt  }! I.
! ..us explained in reply tn
'). Buchanan  that  the  debts were
K'Cins'i! by notes of directors.
Al the  request of  several   members
I    iuiiiii*'-s iif lhe meeting or Novem-
-s i vi re read.
Tho financial   statement   was  then
| G. llorslead then moved an amend-
Kills- 20, requiring notice ot
���otpsi ssiihin 12 hssurs of the judges'
ward. Instead of ot 4 p. tn. or the rirst
y. The amendment was seconded
C. G llroadwood and carried.
Mr. Horstead also moved to amend
frliclc -, uf the constitution by add-
iiii'i a!l membership tickets so IB-
shall s-xplre on November 15 ot
ear fssr whicli they are issued,
season tickets may be Issued to
t*   - Iren  tor JI, entitling hold-
make entries."
j Ihci   some  discussion   it  was  sng-
s-sl that ���after the annual meeting"
ited fur November 15, which
Bie iniiv. i accepted.
j 11*. \V. lls-cr Beconded    the    amend-
JO. 'I [luchanan thought that Ihe two
laris fliiuild be separated.
II. s-Is,,is slrew attention to the ract
admission toes had nothing to do
tlsli slss- constitution"
[Tii'* a ndraent   was   lost   on   divl-
I Ths- flrsl halt was then moved sep-
Ira'Hy nnd carried,
['in in.>ii..ti of p. A. Starkey resolu-
|ons of ilsiuiks were passed to SiBter
Tlnnlfri'i] is, Mrs. Parry and her stntt,
11 M Palmer nnd to Chlel Deasy
l��'l Fireman Orieg.
I Ths, secretary   then   read   the  corre-
 tlcttci' connected   with   the   KubIo
otfst, which Is already familiar lo
1 Mil'is ,,f Tho Canadian.
A Inter, uf today's dale, from C. W.
I'l-sk. expressed regret lor his unnvold-
T"' alisenrs-. and stating his opinion
P"1 Hie in. it ton of which notice was
(!>en In issdny'B issue of the Dally
sit of oriler. T. Q. Procter
ot'irpssi-il bin agreement wllh Prosl-
''     l!"*k's ruling.
Iliicbannn  rose, as a mcmlier
If sli.- Au-i iciiltnriil society, nnd asked
tie heard an such without formality.
| ( b'lil sir a conversation with It. M.
Imei nfier Ihe jnddglng, with delalls
Hi" polnls of merit, but waived
Mr. Huchanan stated that No. II dls-
Ifl exhibit   was  not   in   place ot  11
in   Hn-  iiigin   berore  the   lair.    He
lls h ���rupted with    Iho    statement
��� ii" dlsirlct obeyed  thnt. rule.
submitted   thnt   Knslo's   protest
ml   been   really   considered.    Hm
(   'I'osed   asking the   general   meeting
""siiler Hie action or the dlrec-
11" did not complain or special
MiilKi-nce In the Boundary district or
���   ���**���  Kelley.    ne declared thnt Kas-
I <""l honestly done Its best to obey
[<*"���    As to tho managers or ills
ll,"'.' ., "   *''  be  stated Kaslo's  charge
Ihiclmnan said that proof or the
P, '" charges had been orrercd nnd
K'*virni statements mado by Mr. Hu-
f ''""'ti, on other people's authority,
T*"' denied by ,1. Hyslop, T. 0. Proc-
[' ���'""' P. Starkey.
���inr "ysl"1' declared    positively    thai
sin' iV:'K "" ""'honesty in connection
' ' "'" No. :i district exhibit.
*"��� '-"cliunan still submitted that
_ ''",ml'lalnanta should havo lieen
I '",     i "'" directors.
Mr, Unci
1111 liiiuself.   Ho
"niiiii Ihen told of what he
Bnld he saw Mr. Hys
lop interfering with the exhibit the
morning of Ihe first dav of the fair
Mr. Hyslop���I beg to differ.
H. Belous���Mr. Huchanan is entitled
to a fair hearing.
Mr. Huchanan thni read corroborating statements or J. u. Palmer, C. II
llonnor and D. P. Kane.
He then moved: That the directors
present ai ihe mooting on September
22, Hint,, ul which waB considered the
protest of the Kaslo district In regard
to the award ol the C. P. It. prize
erred iu railing to hear evidence as
to tin- breach uf rules alleged. Tbal
tin- directors tor tlie present year be
und are hereby instructed to tender tii
f V. Adams, representing the Kaslo
district the sum or $Hiu In compensation lor any Injury that resulted to
his district Irom said error.
Jani'-s Johnstone stated that the
lime rule had never been enforced.
0, Q. Broadwood hIbo Bpoke.
The meeting Is sllll in progress as
The Canadian goes to press.
Referee  Has It.
Los Angeles, Cal., Nov. 20.���After
lhe fight last night Hums said: "I won
fairly and I ihlnk the decision was
bad. I chased O'Brien miles all over
the ring. Just compare our faces and
draw your own conclusions.
Ollrien said: "I am well satisfied
Willi the decision. Jeffries did the
right thing. I outpointed Hums. I
think, but I was a little light for ..u_.
Hereafter l shall right in iin- middleweight class."
Referee Jeffries, defending his decision, said "There was nothing to
warrant a different decision in ravor
id either, iloth were strong at the
rinlsh. There was not enough leading
done to Justify a selection or tho bet
ter man."
Criticize the Sentences.
Portsmouth, Nov. 29.���The trial by
court martial ol the six remaining
stokers charged with participating In
the mutinous outbreak here on November 4 was concluded today. The
prisoners were sentenced to terms or
Imprisonment varying Irom six weeks
to 18 months. All the sentences Imposed on the mutineers hy the court
martial are regarded as heavier than
justified by the offences, which has
evoked conclderable criticism, with the
result that they will he reviewed by
the admiralty.
Settlers  on  Arrow  Lakes  Ask  Better
and Cheaper Service to and
From  Nelson.
One indirect result of the change ot
the C. P. winter route through Kootenay will be brought to the attention
of the Nelson board or trade at its
next regular meeting, or possibly at
a special meeting.
The change ol route involves a great
reduction in the service to the people
along the shores or the Arrow lnkeB
south ol Nakusp. The number or settlers along the lnkes has moro than
doubled during lhe pnat year, and their
activities are or such an extent and
character that frequent trips to Nelson are necessary.
They complnln thai not only are
they limited to a semi-weekly service.
Involving n roundabout trip by way ol
Nakusp, but the rale to Nelson and
return has heen nearly doubled. From
Edgewood the summer rate for Nelson
nnd return by way of Robson Is |6|
the winter rate via Nnkusp is $11.75.
Tho selllers have communicated Informally with the executive of the
board or trade. They ask thai nt least
the steamer that runs twice a week
rrom Nakusp lo Dear Park shnll be
run to Robson. only 10 miles further,
and so enable them to reach Nelnon
without making Ihe long circuit byway ol Slocan lake.
j. s. Carter, district passenger
agent. Is out or town today and his
views cannot be learned. Last year
Mr. Carter slaled thnt the objection lo
extending the local lake service rrom
Deer Park to Robson was that It would
practically necessitate interference
wllh one or lhe evening Nelson-bound
trains, lo connect with the Arrow lake
The grievance ls genuine and can
probably bo easily remedied.
Sixth Thousand.
Chicago, Nov. 29.���The tweirth juror
In the Cornelius P. Shea conspiracy
case was secured today nfter over
6000 veniremen boil been examined.
Tho trlnl began September 13. Shea
is president or tho International Broth
erhood ot Tenmslers and was iudiuUid
by the grand Jury on n number ol
counts ln connection with the team
stors* strike here over n year ago.
Great Cathedral Dedicated.
Richmond, Vn., Nov. 29.���The magnificent new Roman Catholic cathedral
hero representing a cost ot more than
$500 000 and several years' work of artisans skilled craftsmen and laborers,
wns dedicated today by Mgr. Dlnmede
Falconlo,  papal  delegate  to America.
assisted by Cardinal Gibbons and
scores ol other high dignitaries or the
church. The music formed a notable
feature of the program. It was under
the direction of J. Lewis Rrowne or
Atlanta. Thc new cathedral Is one ol
the largest and most magnificent
churches anywhere in the South. It
was bunt partially with nn endowment
by Thomas F. Ryan, under the agreement that he and his wife would he
burled In thc crypt or thc church at
their death. Ij
Former British Columbian  Makes Rec-
ord in New Zealand.
Nanaimo Nov. 29.���Lionel Terry,
the former Nanaimo coal miner who
achieved considerable notoriety in tills
province and who was placed In an insane asylum in New Zealand alter
having killed a Chinaman at Wellington a year ago, "as a protest against
the immigration of Chinese," has heen
making sensational attempts to es-
caise, according to advices received
yesterday morning by the Bteamer Mt-
Terry had broken from lhe asylum
some time ago and. despite close
watch, made a second attempt shortly before the Miowera sailed from
Sydney for Victoria. During the nlghl
it was discovered that the former
nrltish Columbia miner had broken
the shutters of his window and let
himself down to the ground, a distance
of 20 reet, by a rope made of bedclothes torn into Btrips and knotted.
He was recaptured the following afternoon.
When rearrested Terry said he had
no intention or making a permanent
escape when he left the institution
He simply meant to protest against
the system, or which he disapproves.
He declares hlB Intention ol making
the same protest whenever opportunity Ib altorded. He said he considered hla committal to an asylum as
neither excuse nor Justification, and
he asks for an inquiry into his case
and Into the legislation which permits such a Btate or things.
If he were free, Terry says, he
would not kill another Chinaman as
he considers the killing or one as er-
ricient a protest as the killing or
After lecturing and issuing pamphlet:, complaining or the Chinese Immigration, a subject upon which he
was continually engaged, Terry at
once bought a revolver and went to
the Chinese quarter at Wellington. N.
Z., over a year ago. The first Chinese
he met, a man of about 50 years ot
age, he shot down without warning
and walked to the nearest police station to surrender himself. He was
tried and committed lo the Sunnysldo
Insane asylum at Wellington.
Roburite  Explodes,  Carrying  Death  in
Its Wake.
Nnrthmund, Germany. Nov. 29.���So
tar as can be ascertained this morning
24 people were killed, 96 were dangerously wounded and several hundred
were slightly injured ns a result olthe
explosion last night or the roburite
rnctory near Annen.
At the time of tbe explosion COO
boxes, each containing 80 pounds ot
roburite, were stored In the factory.
The great force or the explosion was
ielt as rar as Dortmund, 10 miles Trom
the scene or the disaster, where n
large number or windows were broken.
On the main road to Annen all the
houses were razed to the ground, lhe
bodies ol Ihe killed being terribly nut-
tlluted. The surviving parents dragged their sleeping children irom their
beds, collected their portable possessions nnd lied rrom the collapsing
houses. A second explosion occurred
at 0 o'clock lliis morning.
Qxpetts declare thai considering the
great precautious with which the ex
plosives were stored lhal Ihe disaster
can only hove resulted irom some outrage.
Emperor William hns directed General Von Scholl lo visit Annen nnd
Widen, and hns subscribed $0250 lor
the roller or the sufferers.
An eye witness of tho disaster says
that fire liroko out In tho roburite factory al 7:80 o'clock last night and thnt
when Ihe Krupps' fire brigade rrom
the neighboring lown ol Annen arrived at Iho Bcene at 8 p. m.i the firemen
had to retire as other explosions
threatened to follow the one which occurred shortly nfter the fiiuncs broke
out. The neighboring Krupp worki:
were slightly damaged hy the torce nt
the explosion and considerable time
elapsed betoro the reacuers dared to
approach tho immediate vicinity or the
Opposition Leader on Address From Throne
A Public Prosecutor is Needed to
Punish Bribery, Corruption
and Fraud.
Nearlno Fifteen Millions.
Winnipeg, Nov. 2!).���Hank clearings
In Winnipeg tor lhe week nre ns rol
lows: 111,346,1104: 1005, 111,120,87';
1004, |7,riH.:i:i.rs. Edmonton clearings
tor the week were $850,079; Calgary
clearings, (1,629,279.
Ottawa, Nov. 29��� R. L. Borden,
speaking 'in reply to the address from
the throne, complimented the mover
and seconder, though he could not
agree with Mr. Pardee that all the public expenditure had been wise and honest. Yet Borden wan not surprised at
Mr. Pardee's view because Mr. Pardee
was one of the committee which investigated the Arctic expedition and found
nothing wrong in that. What a disaster it would have been if that three
hundred thousand dollar trip lo Hudson's bay had not been undertaken!
As to the electoral retorm. Mr. Borden stated that he himself i ad introduced a bill last year to promote purity and prevent fraud in elections.
This with other bills had been referred to a special committee, which he
regretted to say had not accomplished
so much as was expected.
Mr. Borden ottered all poslblc aid
In well considered legislation to ensure honest elections. For himself he
would say now as he did last year that
a public prosecutor was needed-outside
ol party control who woud carry to the
end investigation into corruption and
The opposition leader referred lo the
note of warning recently uttered by
Mr. Courtney, late deputy minister ot
finance, and strongly advised' the government to give heed to so competent
and sane an adviser. Mr. Fielding, ln
his banquet speech at Montreal, nan
referred to the confiict of opinion between thc farmers and manufacturers.
He (Bordenl had read with care the
memorial submitted by the farmers,
wblch Mr. Fielding appeared to deprecate, and he would say that there waa
not an expression ln lt which could
not be found more strongly stated ln
declarations or Sir Wilfrid Laurler
himself In other days.
Who taught the farmers and the
people of the West these free trade
doctrines it not the ministers now in
oirice? If they demanded that the tar-
irr be now modified to eliminate protection had not Sir Wilfrid himseir,
when the present tarifr was enacte*
declared that his government was on
the open sea sailing toward the port
ot* Tree trade? Had not Mr. Fielding
himseir promised at Yarmouth that industrial bounties should end in five
In the same Montreal speech Mr.
Fielding had accused his opponents of
exaggerating the facts disclosed in the
Queens-Shelhurne election trial. Mr.
Borden declared that so far as he was
concerned he had kept well within the
l'ncls in every speech he had made.
He had used the record or the courts
an.l Mr. Fielding's own evidence, which
he had now under his hand. The finance minister hnd spoken of "Indiscreet friends" who broke tlie law. In
giving such an account of tbe case Mr.
Fielding hnd himself misstated the
The law expressly provided that a
candidate should make no election payments except to his agent. Yet he himseir paid sums of money to Speaker
Farrell, who was not his agent, and In
his testimony lie swore tha' he did not
know for what services this money
was paid, and he refused to stats- tb*.
He simply handed over all that thc
man demanded, lt wns a significant
circumstance that the health oi Mr.
Farrell, who received this money, railed Just before his evidence wns wanted In the court so thnt ho had to
But when the trial was over he suddenly recovered and was aa'.c to a-
sumo his work as editor of a government newspaper.
Mr. Borden next pointed out that
though Sir Wilfrid Laurier had declared in the house that It was Improper
tor n government officer to act as
agont or scrutineer at tho polls, and
though the house had, with the approval of the premier, unanimously adopted u resolution declaring that public
officers should not take part In campaigns. Mr. Fielding had in writing
signed by himseir appointed several
orficors or the customs and marine departments lo act as his agents In polls
held the other day.
The last part or Mr. Borden's speech
referred to necessary legislation
which was not to be undertaken. There
wns nothing in the speech about our
national ports. Tho government, was
doing nothing to prevent labor troubles.
These had now become serious. Wo
had strife and disturbance and even
bloodshed snd loss of life almost at
our doors. This state or things must
not be allowed to continue. Armea
parties must not be allowed to lace
each other and kill each other in this
He was not placing the responsibility tor this Btate or things but it was
the duty ot the parliament and government or this country to take steps
to protect the nation rrom such totalities.
Atheleton  Claims to  Be  Developed at
Once���News Notes.
(Special  to The Dally Canadian.)
Grand Forks, Nov. 29.���Following
the report that the Dominion Coppei
company had recently acquired the
Athelston property and would start a
systematic torm or development work
on It comes the announcement today
that Superintcndene E. Gardiner or
the Dominion Copper company has sl
redy put a force of miners to work on
this property. The Athelston is at
present the only working mine in Wellington camp. The work that Is now
being done by the new owners will
consist or pumping out the old work
Ings in the torm or shafts, where the
water has tor years accumulated. The
original owners or the Athelston shipped some 10,000 tonB of ore wblch
brought them over $7 per ton ln gold
The many holders of the original Ath
elston stock in Grand Forks are Jubl
lant over the word that the property
will now be developed and Its stock
he marketable once more.
Word has reached here from Mol
son, Wash., that J. F. Royer, formerly
of Grand Forks, and who haa lately
been operating a stage Une between
Midway and Molson, owing to the railway now having reached Molson, has
transferred bis headquarters to Mol-
son and will operate his stage line
rrom that town to the various settlements throughout the Simiikameen
Superintendent A. B. W. Hodges, ot
the Granby mines and smelter, has
just purchased a new 30-horsepower
automobile, which he thinks will have
sufficient power to climb tbe Phoenix
hill when he makes bis regular tours
of inspection to that camp. The new
machine- will arrive here in a couple
of weeks and will be the best auto in
Southern British Columbia.
Chief of Provincial Police Hussey
left yesterday for the coast and Chief
Constable Bullock Webster of the
the Kootenay district will remain here
and personally attend to the prosecution of Rivellio, the accomplice in the
Niagara dynamite outrage, who bas his
preliminary hearing in the police
court on Saturday.
President's Family Eats Turkey  From
Rhode Island.
Washington, D. C Nov. 29.���Thanksgiving was a day of rest for President
Roosevelt. In accordance with custom the executive offices of the White
House were closed for the day and the
clerical force given a holiday. Only
such official business that woe deemed Imperative was brought to the attention of the president.
Mrs. Roosevelt and the children
who are at home on a vacation attended church services this forenoon. Later In the day the president enjoyed
his customary horseback ride, in which
he was joined by several members or
his official family.
The Thanksgiving dinner at the executive mansion was strictly a family
arrulr. The dominant feature or the
menu was a huge gobbler, tipping the
scales at over 30 pounds, and which,
as usual, was sent to the president
irom Rhode Island. Numerous other
fine turkeys were received at the
White House rrom Virginia, Pennsylvania, Vermont and other sections. As
lt was obviously Impossible tor the
president's family to eat all of the
birds the steward followed established
precedent and selected the turkey from
Rhode Island to grace the White
House board. The other birds were
distributed as gifts among the married doorkeepers aod other attaches
of the executive mansion.
Name No Longer Mudd.
Baltimore, Mr., Nov. 29.���Miss Mary
Eleanor Virginia Mudd, daughter ol
Representative and Mrs. Sydney E
Mudd, was married today to Mr. Jo
seph Carlisle Wllmar, a former mem
her of the Maryland legislature and
at present United States appraiser tor
the port of Baltimore. The ceremony-
took place at noon at La Plata, the
home of the bride's parents.
Britain Not In It.
London, Nov. 29.���Foreign Secretary
Grey announced In the house ot commons   today  that   the   llrltlsh   government had no intention ot sending war
ships to Morocco. France and Spain,
he added, were prepared tor any emergencies and would take the measures
necessary for the protection of foreigners until the International police
force authorized under the terms ol
the Algeciras convention was established.
Forced to Protest
Paris, Nov. 29.���lu the chamber ot
deputies today Foreign Minister Pichon announced that French warships
had been ordered to Tangier in accordance with the agreement arrived
at with Spain and known to and approved by all the powers. The squadron will sail tomorrow. The government's action did not imply any idea
of intervention but was purely a preventive step.
M. Pichon said: "It Is Impossible tor
us to leave our countrymen at the
mercy of the bandits in Tangier or
abandon to others the task of protecting Europeans."
Note of Warning.
Toronto, Nov. 29.���H. C. McLeod,
general manager of the Bank of Nova
Scotia, In a letter to the press calls
the attention of bank shareholders to
the fact that 5 per cent, of the banks
of Canada have failed within a period
of 26 years, the last 10 of which were
years of unexampled prosperity, and
urges the need of external Inspection,
which experience in the western hemisphere has demonstrated to be es
Emperor Grow* Vain
Berlin, Nov. 29.���Emperor William,
in recognition of Thanksgiving day
has presented a large photograph ot
himself to the American church here.
The Rev. R. Dickie, the pastor, read a
letter at the morning service today
from Baron Von Lucanus, chief of the
emperor's civil cabinet, ln which he
was commanded by the emperor to
send tbe portrait. The letter announc
ed that it would be hung in the church
Told in Advance.
Stockholm, Nov. 29.���At the forthcoming distribution of Nobel prises
Joseph J. Thompson of Cambridge
university, Eng., will be awarded the
prise for physics.
Problems of Russian Government Rapidly   Approaching   Settlement���No
Lack of Confidence.
St. Petersburg, Nov. 89.���The Strena
today quoted Premier Stolypln as
commenting optimistically on the decrease in disorder ln the empire and
as hailing as a happy augury the fact
that the new parliament was of such a
character that the problems of Russian government may be regarded as
approaching a settlement.
The premier was further quoted as
declaring that the government would
not hesitate to dissolve parliament
even the day after Its convention if lt
manifested any Intention of adopting
obstruction tactics and neglecting tne
constructive work for which it was intended. Contrasting the present situs
tion with the state of affairs at the
end of 1905, the premier attributed
the ways of disorder and the armed
revolt of that year to the lack ot confidence of the administration then ln
The Dally Crash.
Richmond. Va., Nov. 29.���In a rear-
end collision which occurred on the
Southern railway. 35 miles from Chatham this morning, President Samuel
Spencer of the road was Injured.
Southbound vestibuled train No. :iv
ran into passenger train No. 23. At
last accounts the wreck was burning.
A later report says that Presldenl
Spencer was killed.
President Samuel Spencer's car waB
at the rear end of the train and he re
celved Injuries which shortly after
ward proved fatal. A number of oth
ers also received injuries of a more or
less serlops nature. The wreck occurred about 20 miles south of Lynch
Danville,- Va., Nov. 29.���Although
train on the Southern railway was
wrecked at Lawyers today. Many are
reported killed and wounded.
The Dally Blaze.
Johnstown, Pa., Nov. 29.���A furious
flro is reported raging at Gallits, on
the summit of the Alleghany mountains. It Is said that two-thirdr of tho
town has been already destroyed or is
menaced. Gallits has a population ot
No man ever got a pain in hla back
from  carrying his neighbor's  burden.
Still Squirming at OpiRton
of A. MacNelll
Frait Inspector's Award of First
Place, to Kootenay Causes Bitter Feeling and Protests.
The fruit growers of Okanagan,
through their several newspasper organs and through the Kelowna Farm-
mere' exchange, take frantic exception
to the publication of the report in The
Canadian of October 12 of the speech
of A. MacNelll, Dominion fruit Inspector, ln which he praised the product
of Kootenay above that ot all other
districts in Canada.
The part of Mr. MacNeill's remarks
that Is so displeasing to the men of
Okanagan ls aa follows:
"You know that a new class hu
been created. We have now a fancy
class, first class, second class and
third class. The third class la of no
Interest to yon.
"The only province of Canada that
can produce apples of the fancy class
is British Columbia. And I have come
to the conclusion that the only dlatrlet
even in British Columbia that can produce them is Kootenay.
"I am not yet sure whether It la due
to your skill as growers or to the soil
and climate."
Mr. -Johnstone���"To the soil and cli-
mate entirely."
"Then I can only say that your soil
and climate are wonderful, unequalled
anywhere else ln Canada."
Considering that even before that
time the exniiuis uf Kooten-r aaa
Okanagan have appeared together at
the provincial exhibition at New Westminster and Kootenay's had been adjudged superior, it might have been
expected that Okanagan would haive
gracefully yielded the palm.
But the Kelowna Farmers' exchange
took Mr. MacNelll to task and Induced him to say that hla praise was not
meant solely for .the Nelaon district���
which Is perfectly true. Mr. MacNelll
didn't say Nelson, he said Kootenay.
On October 12, Just after the ctose
of the meeting at which the address li
question was made, Mr. MacNelll was
shown a copy of The Canadian cm -
taining the report of hla speech. Tbs
article was headed "Kotenay Alone*'
Mr. MacNelll read it carefully anl
then said, "I'll stand for every won
of it" The Incident occurred In the
office of J. E. Annable. Those present, beside Mr. MacNelll, were Jame.
Johnstone, John Hyslop ,J. E. Annable
and tbe city editor of The Canadian.
For the further Information of those
interested in the respective merits of
Kootenay and Okanagan fruit the
opinion of another Dominion fruit Inspector may be quoted, though hla
name Is withheld at his own request.
A representative of The Canadian recently met in Vancouver another fruit
Inspector who is even more familiar
than Mr. MacNelll with the two fruit
districts. In reference to the report
of Mr. MacNeill's speech, whose accuracy ls disputed on behalf of Okanagan, the official referred to aald:
"I was a little Startled at Mr. MacNeill's saying It publicly; It will cause
great heart-burnings in Okanagan, but
I cannot say that I disagree with
Of course It Is too bad, and Mr. MacNelll ls quite right In letting Okanagan down as easily as possible, but he
has already declared The Canadian's
report of his speech to be correct
Okanagan must take second place.
New Books In the Library.
The following new books have lately boen received: Nedra, by G.-B. Me-
Cutcheon; The Dawn of a Tomorrow,
by F. H. Burnett; Railway Man, by
Mrs. Ollphant; By tbe Gods Beloved,,
by Baroness Orcsy; Awakening of Helena Ritchie, by Margaret Deland;
Japan, by Lafcadio 1 learn; Love of
the Ltbrador Wild, by D. Wallace;
Saints in Society, by M. Balilte-Saun-
Extend Railway Lines.
London. Nov. 29.���A syndicate is In
course of formation by Speyer & Co.
of New York, Speyer Broa. of this city
and the Hongkong ft Shanghai Bank
of London, with a capital of $25,000,-
000, for the reconstruction of the Manila Railway company, and an extension of its lines.
% %
��� . *��-f
;f". ���: _
^_m_mt_mmm The Daily Canadian
Cool nights are now in order.     They will invite
pleasant dreams of
We have plenty of tiiein in red and blur.
3 1-2 Points, weighing about 10 pounds, $7.50 per pair
4 Points, weighing abou; U pounds,   -   8.50 per pair
These blankets are Justly celebrated for their excellence. Wo alone carry
them iu this city.
LUMBERMEN.���Pillows. Comforters, Gloves and Mits, Socks, Shirts and
Underclothing. Oil Clothing, Sweaters, Miners' and prospectors' Boots
and 8hoea and Rubbers.. Groceries and Provisions.. Everything of the
���tat quality and prices surprisingly Low.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office:   Toronto.
CAPITAL PAID UP... .-{.,'.100,000 REST H,000,000.
D. R. WILKIE, President. HON. ROBERT JAFFRAY, Vice-President
Branches in British Columbia:
Deposits received and interest allowed nt highest current rfitn from date of
opening acoount, and compounded half yearly
r.Ki-so.% branch J_   _V_L   LAY,   IW(mug_?r.
The TZpyal *Bank of Canada
ASSETS, $39,771,803
Capital Paid Up $3,629,130 Reserve Fund $4,092,043
Accounts of rirms and individuals opened on the most favorable terms.
Thirteen  branches  i*i  Hritish  Columbia.
Special   attention   to out or town business.
T. E. KENNY, Pres., Halifax.       B. L. PEASE, General Manaeer, Montreal.
Pu M is bed su days a weet by the
Baker St., Nelsou, B.C.
tfubf-fripi.oii rates, so cents a month delivered
la the citv, or 15.00 a year If lent by mail, when
paid io advance.
A-JrertialDK rates ou appli atlon.
All monies paid in settlement ot The Dally
CamdUu accounts, either foi subscriptions or
adr t*rtliing, must be receipted (nr on Ihe printed
forms of the Company. Other reeelpti art* noi
"By one wonl we are sometimes fudged to be
wiie and by one word Mmetlmei Judged to be
foolUb. Let ui therefore bu careful what we
Bay."��� Cokfucii;i.
The maritime provinces have been
aroused by the methods employed In
Ihe recent by-elections through whicli
Hon. W. S. Fielding obtained his reelection to the seat for Queen.-vShel-
burne. Mr. Fielding opened his campaign with an appeal for a pure election and Mr. Weldon, his opponent,
was equally, if not more, emphatic in
Iifb pronouncement Cor political purity
In the campaigns. Just bow much
seriousness may be attached to the
pretenceH of the minister of finance
in his expressed desire for pure campaign may be estimated when a knowl
edge of the methods employed to se
cure his election  are understood.
After the unseating of the finance
minister because of proved bribery
practised by his agents it would appear unwise lo resort openly to the
���aame method again. The free expres*-
aion of choice on the part of electors
was, however, defeated lu another
way which, while ingenious iu Itself,
ls no less a reflection upon the honesty of those in charge of the campaign. To win a seat seems to be
the height of the ambition of the followers of Sir Wilfrid and if one means
cannot be found by which this may be
accomplished another Is readily de
On the side of Dr. Weldon an absolutely clean campaign was conducted. Not even an absent voter's expenses home were paid nor was a
team hired to convey voters to the
polls. . Accordingly the floating vote
went over to the Liberals.
There is no doubt that Dr. Weldon
lost heavily from manipulations in the
polling booths. Partisans were appointed deputy returning officers, and
in many cases they were also government officials. In one booth a collector of customs was deputy returning
officer and his son poll clerk. One or
Fielding's agents was fishery officer,
and the other a lighthouse keeper.
In another district the deputy returning officer was a postmaster, and
government contractor, against whom
a suit waa already pending for bribery
committed in the last provincial election.
The cause which contributed most
to Mr. Fielding's success, however,
was the terrorism exercised by the
government officers over the fishermen. About four-fifths of the voters
of the constituency get their living
from fishing. These men naturally
favor the Conservative policy, but unfortunately from the very nature or
their calling they are very much in
the power of the fishery officer. It
is upon the recommendation of this
officer that the government bounties
are paid, that licenses lo set various
kinds of nets are given, and permission to engage In lobster packing is
granted. This is the officer, too, who
is charged with the enforcement or
the fishery regulations.
The influence of these officials is
what Mr. Fielding depended upon
mainly to elect him. These were the
men who drove him around the constituency and who acted as his agents
In the booths. J. ... Rain, the fishery
officer tor Queens county, wus appointed by Mr. Fielding his agent for thc
booth at Port Mouton, and C. K. Mines,
the Shelburne county fishery officer,
had charge of a bouth at Black Point,
in both of these places the voter who
could not write was obliged lo declare
his vote in the presence of the man
who, above all others, he had occasion
to fear and dread.
How far-reaching this coercion
method was may he shown by the fact
that at one polling booth a careful
scrutiny of the situation disclosed
these facts Before entering the booth
Dr. Weldoii's agent discovered that
there were about 20 voters in the district who were suspected of being victims of coercion, and the names or
these were so marked on his voters'
list for reference.
Along in the day he discovered ihat
these voters, with one exception, were
all folding their ballots in a peculiar
way. Instead of folding the counterfoil outside according to the act they
folded it inside, so that in order to
remove the counterfoil the deputy returning officer would be obliged to
open up the ballot and ascertain how
It was marked. Instead of 40, this
booth gave only a majority of two for
the Conservative candidate.
It would appear, therefore, that
where open bribery may no longer be
safely practised there are other methods by which an equally ponderous
majority may be secured. Notwithstanding the strictness of the law,
which states that government officials may not take any part in elections, the sworn salaried officials of
the Laurier administrations were in
many constituencies the active directors of the campaign and of the elections themselves.
Sir Wilfrid, when charged with these
violations of faith in the house or
commons by Mr. Borden, replied, in
excuse for Mr. Fielding, that the minister of finance had signed appoint*
ments in blank, not knowing whose
name was to be filled in. This all
goes to show that so far as the miu-.
inters of Sir Wilfrid's cabinet are concerned they know full well by what
slipshod methods their henchmen and
they themselves may be protected and
the penalties of the law may be evaded.
That any confidence will be placed
in the high and holy pretensions or
the Liberal party that they are sincere in the introduction of more drastic legislation to purify elections while
the chief minister of the cabinet descends to these methods lo secure his
return to office is beyond comprehension or belief. The machine is hopelessly corrupt and reliance is evidently placed nowhere but upon the mai
chine. How long will Canada tolerate
this system of political spoliation?
Kotlce is hereby given that sixty dayi   after
dan* l intend to makeapplication to tiif Honorable Chief OommUutfoner-ofI_u.de and Worki al
Vu torta. B. ���**.:., for permission to purchaie the fol*
' wing deicrlbed land- situaie iu Plre Valley,
West   Koolenay district:   Com int ni��� 111*-_- nt -*i posl
planted at tbs-southwest earner of Josbua Robinson's pre-emption, marked it. I. K'sB. K. oornei
post, thenre .0 chaius ium, Lbence i*-1 ohalns
north, thenoe *0 ohalns eail to Joshua Robinson's
northwest eoruef, thenee south -lOclniins to pla*; e
Ol coinmenceineut, Containing 160 aorei- more or
Daied this _8rd daj ot Nov.. ut*.
Blxty davs aftor date i Intend to apply to the
���Hon. Chief CommiMioner of Lands and Worka,
victoria, to -j.iirchH.-e 120 aerosol laml located
on thf west side o( trrow lake mil lying directly
norlh of Lot WJOi Commencing (it a post planted
nl the N K. corner ��f Lot707*3 and marked "��. H
8. K corner," ami runniiiK north 90 chain--,
theme west 30 chains, tlience north -V chain!*,
thenee west 20 chains, thenoe smith -to obalns,
thence east 40 chains- t.i plaoe ol u*ginnintj.
Nov. ..Mi, 1908. Hkh.iia Hhaiu-KV,
J. E. ANNAHI.K, AkciiI.
Hlxty  days after dale I intend to npplv lo the
Hon  t blel Commissioner ot Landiand Worki!
victoria, to pureliase 180 acres of lumt Located iii
Fire Valley- being part ol -Sections Throe and
Four, Township SO, and described aw follows:
Commeneing ut a post planted at William
Williams' N.W. corner, and marked **K. t. W'l
N. K. comer," and running 40 chalus west,
thence 20 chains south, theme i'ii eliains east,
thenee -lti i hiii lis South, thi uee '2o chains eait,
thenee tn chains norlh to place of beginning.
November _8rdi vj S. Kobe e Williams,
J. K. annaiii.e, -.gentt
6Q days after date I Intend to npplv to the Hon.
Cblel Commissioner oQLands and Works to purobase 830 aores of and located ln Fire Valley be-
[ng part of Sections'J and 10 Township 69, and
deserlhed  as  follows:    Commencing at  a  post
marked F. W. J. 8. B. corner and planted at the
northwest eorner of Wm. William-' purchase;
The time for the next municipal
election is fast approaching without
much evidence on the part of the citizens of interest in the personnel or
the next city council. A report Is being quietly circulated that the mayor
is not averse to another term if it
comes by acclamation, and it is also
said that there are aldermen who are
not averse to putting themselves into
a fight for the chief magistracy. While
a municipal contest is always full ot
local interest and one for next year
would not be lacking in that spice or
cuntest, there are really no issues upon which the city can be asked to decide. The power plant is about completed and there ls little more to do
excepting to manage the affairs of the
city in a thoroughly capable and businesslike manner. Any one of half a
dozen citizens can do this capably and
well and apart *rom the honor which
attaches to the position of mayor or
alderman there is little to arouse the
amibtion of prospective candidates or
the citizens themselves. We therefore
predict a quiet election.
The guessing contest of The Daily
Canadian is affording a good deal or
amusement to the public. Just why
there should be any necessary connection between the time of turning on
the city's light current and the provincial elections is not clear. It is the
element of uncertainty in both cases
that gives the contest its piquancy.
The elections might take place on December 26 and the electric light current might be turned on on January
2, In which case the days to be reckoned would be seven, or the dates may
be reversed, in which case the answer
would be the same. Will our readers
please get In touch with some one
"high up In the confidences of the government" and try conclusions? So far
the probabilities are that the prize
goes to Kaslo.
A splendid cartoon i.s going the
rounds of the press. It Is a representation of Jim Hill and Uncle Sam, in
which the former is saying to lhe
uncle about Canada. "Take my tip.
uncle, and get In on  this  prosperity."
One for Clifford.
The sudden wealth that has come to
some politicians in this land has been
due to their perfidy. Tammanyism is
not oon fined to New York. There is
as much boodling to the square Inch
in Cana-da as Canadians can stagger
under. We have men in high places
who have become suddenly and fabulously wealthy. We have a right to
draw conclusions as to how they havo
come Into this wealth.���Rev. J. 11, Sil-
cox, Toronto.
Lo, the Poor  Hindoo.
13.  C. to Hindoos  doth  object,
And others here do, too;
Fair Canada delights him, but
What can the Hindoo do?
Our idea of a modest man is one
who can keep his opinions of hlmselt
to himself.
theuce weat 4,0 chalus
thence north Sb chains;
theuce east 40 chains;
theuce south (W chains to
place of beginning.
November Wrd i��h>.
l*\ Vi . JOHl'AN,
J. B, Annahj.e, Agent.
60dayi after date 1 intend to npplv to tin- Hon
chief Commluloner ol Lands and Works, Victoria, to purchase '2*10 acres of and located in
Kire Valley and being a portion  of tOCtlOUS lfi
und ifl in Township -SB and described as followi!
Commeneing at a post planted at tbe southwest
corner of the southeast ouartcr of section 15
Township 00 and marked J. .. B. t. comer,
them-e north I'lehaius; thenee west 80 ohaini;
theuee south -lit chains; tbence eait ������_ chains to
plaee of beginning.
November S8rd W08.
J. E. Annahlk, Agent.
Notice Is hereby given that 00 days alter date I
Intend to applv to the Honorable the Chief CommiMioner Ol Lends and Works, Victoria. B. <'.,
Ior permission to purchase the following described land, bituhted in the West Kootenaj district,
on th. west side of I uhamel (or Six Mile) ereek,
on up er bide of wagon road, about '2', miles
froji Weit Arm of Ko. teiiav lake:   Commencing
at a post marked Mrs. Battle Duck's N.B. corner, running 40 ehain*- west; Ihenci.- 90 Chains
south; thenee-0 ehalns east; thenee '.ii chains
north, to the point ol commencement) containing 80 acres of land, more or less.
bated the 17th November iscn.
Mrs   Hattik Brig,
John E. Tavi.oh, Agent
Nntice ll hereby given that 80 davs afler dale 1
intend to mekc application to the Honorable me
Chlel Commissioner oi Landiand worts for per
mlulon lo purchase the following deaeribed
Ends: Commenolng ��t a poit placed adjoining
the iouth wosl corner poet of Leon Watson i Application to purchase) miming mi chains norin,
tbence-40 chains west; tbence mi rhalni south!
thenee iii chain- east, to point of commencement! containing 9*0 aores more or leu.
Dated-October 13, i W0.
Bunn Wiktir-
By his agent, KhnK-T. VV. ROBIXBO*
Notice is bereb; given that 60 days alter date I
intend lo applv to tin* Hon. the Chlel Cummin-
���loner ol Landi and Works for permlulon to purchase the follow ing deserlbod lamls in  weal
Kooienav district: lUgitining at a post marked
"OttO  Hlrwh'S  N   W. corner"' and  punted on
Lbe wesl shore oi Wat-han (Cariboo) lake, about
one-fourth nub- west of the narrows ol wimishan
lake;   theuee   sooth   B0 Cbalni!  thenee   eaal  1"
chains moreor leu to tbe ibore ofthe Narrows;
them-.- lollowlng the laid ihoro in a general
northerlj sndwesterl; direction 120 cbains more
or ten, lothe point oi commencementi contain
iiu B30 acres more or lou
Bated thii-lb dayol Oct , l-i*
ono Hutx it,
p 1, Hammond, Agent.
Notice Isbercby given thatilxtj days after date
I intend to npplv to the Hon. Chlel Commluloner
Ol I.and*' and Work- for permlulon to pureliase
tin* following deicrlbed lands in West Kootenay
dlitrlet: Beginning at a post marked "��. K
Alden'i s k corner," and planted on the east
shore of  Whatshan  (Cariboo)  lake,   about one
mile nonh of the southern cud ol tin-lake;
thence north ni chain*-:  thenee wi-t IU chains,
more or i.-ss, to the shore oi Whatshan lake;
thenee following said shore lu a general southerly and eaaterly direction 100chains, more or
less, to the point of commencement) continuing
320 acrea, more or less
Hated lliis 8th day Of Oct., WW.
g   K   ALDBM,
F. I,. Hammomi. Agent
Notice is herehy given lhal sixty dayi After
date I Intend toapply tothe Hon. Chief Commissioner of I-andi- and Works for permission to purchase the following described laud*- in in.* West
Kootenay dlitrlet: Heginniug at a postmarked
1 Bertha H inch's N  IT cornor," and planted on
the east shore of Whatshan (Cariboo) lake, at the
narrows of the lake, and about one mile -outh of
Arrow take trail; theuce souih 80chains; theliee
west 8o chains more or less to the ibore ol the
narrows;  theuce following  tin* said shore In a
general northerly ami eaaterly  direction uu
eh.ins more or  less to the polntof roinmeiice-
ment, containing 040aores more or less
Hated this, th dav of i��i*t , I'M.
F   L. Hammond. Agent
Hixtv days after date I intend toappiy to the
Hon. Chief Commissioner oi Lauds and Works,
Victoria, to purchase 180 aorea ol land, located on
the weit lide oi Arrow lake, about Mvp mih- below Hurton city, and deicrlbed as follows; Com
meneing at a post marked "F i<. B'lioutheaat
corner." and being *��� cbaluseast of the northi ul
corner of Lot 2719! thenee north -10 chains; thence
west 40 chains; thence souih l'ichalus; theme
cast 40 chains to the place of biginnlng-
November Hth, l'JOti. F. ti- BMB,
per J. E. Annaih.k.
Sixty days afterdate I Inteml to apply to the
Honorable the Chief Commissioner of Landsand
Works, Vietoria, to purchase 900 aeres of land
located and described as follows: Commencing
at a post planted at tin southwest corner of J.
Robinson's pre-emption iu Fire Vallev, and about
five miles irom Kdward Landing, west side of
Arrow lake, ami milked F. O's N K. corner and
running weit -SO chains, thenee south 80 chains.
theuee east 'M chains, thence south 30 chains,
thenee enst -10 chains, thence north 40 chains to
place of beginning
Nov   18th, 1906. Frank OhaNGK.
J   B. Annaki.k, Agent
Sixty davs niter date I intend to apply to the
Hon Chief Commissioner of 1-ands and Works.
Victoria, to pureliase ISO aires of land about two
miles bflow Burton City, West Kootenay, commeneing ai a post marked "J, A. Irving'*** easl
oornei i-oct,'* sal-l )>o_i. ocliig on tne easterly end
of an Island wesl of Lot0047,and claiming all tin-
laud contained lu said island, being about om*
mile In an easterly and westerly direction and
About'in cbains from north to south.
November lllh, 1906. J. ��. Irvino,
J. E. Annahlk. Ageut.
Sixty davs after date I intend to apply to the
Hon. Chief Commissioner ol Landi and Works.
Victoria, to purchase 4b acres of land? situated
on the west side of Arrow Lake, about fy_ miles
below Burton, and described as follows: Commeneing at a posl planted at the northeast
eorner of Lot "6.0, and running nnrth 80 chains;
thence west 80 chains, ihmce south 80 chains,
thence easl 30 chains to place of beginning.
NOV.Uth, 1900. II ��.1>ii.l,
            3. E. Annahlk, Agent.
Hixty  dnys after date I intend to applv to tlie
Son. theChief Commissioner of Landsand Works
to purchase IN acres ol land: Commencing at a
post planted on the west side of Six mile creea,
on wagon road, about two ami one half miles
from Kootenay lake, aud marked "Neil Mc
Kechnie's S. West corner post," them-e east 40
chains, thence north io ohalns, thence west40
chains, thence south 40 eliains, io place of commencement
Located this 10th day of November, 1*800.
Neil McKeciinik.
Sixty days after date 1 Intend lo applv to the
Honorable the Chief Commissioner Ol Lands ami
Works, Victoria, to purchase IN acres ol land,
located in Fire Valley and descritied us follows;
C-cmmencing at a post marked U B. McM'fl N.W.
corner, and plnnted at the southwest corner of
Lot 781ft, and running south So chains, thence
eait 20 chains, theuee north 80 chains, theme
west 30 chains to place of beginning
Nov. 18th, 1900. (iKO. B.'MrMii.Lan,
J. K. Annahlk, Agent.
Notiee is hereby given that 00 days alter date 1
intend to apply to the Honorable tlie chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for permission to
purchnse the following described lands SltU&te
aboul 10 miles east of the  City ol Nelson, on thc
south shore of the West Ann of Kootenay lake.
and commenong at a posi planed about so chains
south of the southeast corner of I,ot 2648, marked
"S Thomas'"'"H, W corner," thence south 20
chalus, tlience east 90 chains, them-e norlh 20
chains, thenre west SO chains to point of com
Dated Ihlsfith day of Nov., 1900,     8. THOMAS,
Notice is hereby given that fio da/1 alter date I
Intend toapply to the Honorable the Chief Commissioner of Luidi and   Works for permission
to purchase 880 acres ofland.sltaateon the Little
Moyle river about 1 mile from Inlertiatiotinl
Boundary and about 1 mile from Bpokane Inter
national Ky.: Commencing at a post marked
H. Grant's 8. K. corner post, theme wesl -io
rlii.ni*-; llienee nortii 40 clialiis; thence east jrn
chains; thence north 20 chains; thence eut -SO
chains; thence south M chains to place of tom-
meiieement, containing 280 acres of land.
LooatedOot, WtblflOff,
Notice ls hercry given thnt fin .lays afler date I
Intend to apply to the Honorable Chief Commissioner of Lnnds aud Works for permission lo
purchase thc following described lands, in West
Kootenay: Commencing nt n post planted at
the northeast corner of . ot 4390. Q, ],, marked F
Flcteher'i northwest corner, thence south BO
chains; thenee east 10 chains, more or leBs, to
the western boundary ol Lot ilOfl. fi. I.; tlience
Dortb M chains to Kootenay river; thenee west
lollowlng raid river to point of - nm-iucmcnl,
containing BO acres more or less.
2flth October, 1906.
Frank PutchBR-
8l_ty days nfter date 1 lutend to apnlv lo tne
Hon- Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works,
Vi.iorin,  to purchnse 480 acres of land, in Fire
Valli-y, West Koolenay: Commencing nt n post
nim ted HO chalm wesl of the H. Vi corner of J
Robinson's pre-emption-and marked ff.W's N.
E. corner, and running west 60 chains, theuce
south 80 chains, thenee enst SO ehatns, ihcnce
north 80 ehains to place of beginning
Nov. 18th, 1000. William Williams,
J. K. Am-UBLB- Agent.
Sixty days after date I inteml to applv lo lhe
Hon the Chief Commissioner of Landsand Works
to purohaae 340 acres of laud; Commencing at a
post marked "N.T B'sSOUtheaSt corner post"
���aid post bSlOf at the nortlieast conur of (.eo
Hudson's pre-emption claim, about two miles
Southeast of Burton City, thonce west II! chalii-*
SOUth 20 ahalns, west -40 chains, north 10 chains
east 80 chains, south 20 chains to iihice of commencement, containing 24o acres.
Located Btb day of Nov. 1-906.  Nittie t. Bier.
BUty days after date I purpose maKlng application to the  Chief Commissioner of Lnnds and
Works for permission to purobase the following
described land:   Commeneing at n post niarked
"K F's s B corner," and situate about one mBe
from Silver Tip Point, on Whataban lake, and
near Christie creek,  running  theliee Hi chains
norih; ihence 80ehalns west: tbenee80 chains
soutbi (oiiowing the lake shore; tbence 80 chains
east to the point of eommeneement, containing
64u SOtOS more or less.
Dnted the lllh dny of August. 1906.
K   FAryriKR,
I'er I"  i.   I'.u-yllKK, Agent.
Notice is hereby given thnt B0 days after date
I iniend toapply  to  the  Honorable  thu  Chlel
Commissioner of Lamls ami Works for permis
sion to purchnse the following deserlbed lands;
Commencing a. a post planted on the northeast
eorner of   Peter SfcNaughton's application to
purchase, running Ho ehaim we��t along tbe
northern boundary of same; thence hu chains
northi thence80 ehnins rnst; tbence ni ehains
-south, along the wesl boundarv of John Klliolfs
application to purobase, to point ol commencement, containing 040 acres, more or less.
Dated Oot, 18, lut-fl. Thomas smith,
Hy his Sgent. Kh.ve.ht Vi. BOBlKSOK.
Notice ls hereby given that 60 dnys after dnte I
Intend toapply to the Honorable* the Chief Com-
mllltoner oi Landi and Works, at Victoria, U.e.,
for permission to purchase the following d-*-***-
f'Tibed lnnds, situated in the Wesl Koolenay
disiriei, SOUth of Forty Nine creek, commeneing
at a post marked"i,. n Choquette'sN. W.corner," thenee 40 chnins east, thence 40 ehnins
south, thenee 40 chains west, them-e 40 eliains
nortii to the eommeneement post, containing IW)
acres, more or less.
Nelson, ti. 0 , Oct. 16th, 190.**..
W. A. Jones, Agent.
Blxty days after date I purpose nuking �������� indication to the Hon. Chief Commissioner ol Lands
and Works [or permission to purchase tin* following deserlbed land:   Commencing at a post
placed at the south west .-ornerof K. \v. Hannjng-
ton'sapplication to pnrchase, marked"L M.8.
H's 8 �� cornerpost," running [heme ho chains
west; thence 80 ehalns souih; thenoe 80ehalns
easi; thence 80 ehalns north to point of com-
meneement, containing MO acres, more or leis.
Dated the 10th day of October, 1906.
L. M. 8. Hanninotok,
per K. SHJILL, Agent.
���pixy dars after date I purpose mating application to ilie Hon. chief Commissioner Oi Lnnds
and Works for iiermi*.sion to purchase the following described land:  Commeneing at a post
placed ou the north boundary of lot NO, 864 and
about two chain-east of Whalshan creek, marked "M. 8's. B Vi. corner," running theuee 40
ihains east; thenee 40 Ohalni  north;   thence 40
chains west; thence40 chains south, to point of
commencement, containing 160 acres more or
Dated lhe 10th dny of October, 1906.
M. Phihi.l,
Per B. Skull, Agent.
Hixty dnys after dale 1 Intend to apply to the
Honorable the Chief Commissioner Of Landsand
Works to purchase 840 acres of land, located In
Pire valley, on west side of Arrow inke: Commeneing ai a post planted40chains we��t of the
soutbwett corner of ' Robinson's pre cmpih-u
and markeii J. Ws B, K. corner, and running
north NO ehains, thenee west SO chains, thence
south SO ehains, tben-einsl (SO ehatns to place of
Nov. 18th, laufi. .ask Williams,
J.E. Annaiii.e. Agent.
Notice is hereby given lhal 60 days alter dale I
Intend to apply to lhe Honorable llie Cnlel Commissioner of Lands an.l Works for permission to
purchase the following described lands: Com-
im-n--fng at a post placed 20 ehains west of Ihe
UUtbeast corner of Ul tt.2, marked "It. A. Bell's
northwest  oorner,"  ihenoe   south  M chains,
theme fait 20 (bains, ihenc- north B0 ohelni,
theme west io chains to polntof commencement,
containing 40 aeres, more or less
Located this oth dayof Nov ,1900.  R. A. bill.
Blxty days after data I purpose making appli-
cation to the Hon. Chief Commissioner ol Lands
and Works for permission ,��� purchase lhe following described land: Com mencing at a post
placed ��i the north mat eorner of B.C ���Skinner's
application lo  purehase,  marked "ll. D's  N.W
cornerpost," thencf following ihe i>mi bound-
ary of same K.i ehains s.iuth; thenee running ni
ohalnieaati ihence 80 chains north; ihenee m
ehains weil io point oi commencement, containing 040 acres more or lesi
Dated the loth day of October, 1900,
II. I>or.>,
Per It. flujELu Agent.
80 days afterdate I intend to npply to the Honorable tl,e Chief Commissioner ol Lands and
Works, Vietoria, B, C , to pirehase 840 acres of
laud situate west of Arrow lake on Ihfl west side
of Whalclian creek and joining the north bonndary of B, J. Annable application to pureliase
Commenolng at a post marked H, J. K. B. E. corner ami running was' BO ehalns; thence north 80
chains;  thence east 80chains]  theuce south to
point of commencement,
Septenilier 2nd 1906. p., j. Ku.iot.
Notice is hereby given that 60 dftys nfter date, I
intend to apply to the Hon. Chief Commissioner
of Lands and Works for i.erinisslon to pnrchase
tlie follow ing deserlbed landl In the West Knot-
���enay District: Beginning nt a post marked"W.
8 Rlvidge'a 8. W corner," and planted about
one-quarter mile west oj the west shoreof Whatshan (Cariboo) bike, and about ono nnd one
Quarter miles north of the southern end ol tbe
lake;   lbence   north   80  chains;   thenee Sail 40
chains more or less to tlie shore of lhe W'haKhaii
lake; thence following said -hnn- In a general
southerly and westerlydlraotfon Km chaini more
or less to n point on  thi   shore due enst ofthe
poatof commencement: thenoo west 30 cbalni
more or less to the point ol commencement, ,*,,���.
tainlng 830 acres more or less.
Uated this 9th day of Oct,, 1900
_   _    __ W.8.ELVIDGS,
?. L. II a mi. ond, Agent,
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Notice is  berety  given that hlxty  -lays after
date I Intend to applv to tha Hon. Chlel Commissioner oi Lands ami Works for permlsarion to
purchase the loiiowing described lands, in
West Kootenaj District: Commeneing at an Initial |m*m jilatiic-i nt the tout beast i omor ol Me-
Coy's pre-emption, thence ,*) chai ne west to east
bonndary ol l*ot 8199: lbence following uld
boundary south tut-outiira-t corns! ol said lot;
tbence 10 chains treat: ihei.ee no chains south;
tlience no ehains eust;   thenee 9 Chains north to
���outhwest comer Oi 1-ot 222; thence following
we��t boundary of hot 122 to iiiHml post.
Beptember ift, l'JOfi. ��. I), wmrr,
per Ernkht Vi. KiiiussoM.
Notice is hereby given thai t'<0 iIbvs alter date, 1
Intend tu apply to the Hon. chief commissioner
ol Lands and works (or permission to pnrehaae
the fulluwlng described lauds, situate (,n tbc
Ea��l Shore01 Lower Lake- about one nml one
hall mile South of Kdgcwood. lti' and ad
joining  J.'l'- health's  application to  purebaae,
aiut commencing at _��� post marked Donald wu
Sun's South West corner, thenee running Norlh
suty eliains. theliee Kast forty eliains. tbeuce
South, sixty eliains, thence West forty ehains to
place of eommeneement. ami containing 20)
acres more or lese.
DoiuiD Wiwok.
M. It. Mi-%.1'AKKIE, Agent.
DaU'd this 96th day of Septemler. ltfOU.
Notice, is liereby given lhat 00 ilavs alter date I
intend in appiv to the Hon. Chief Commissioner of
Uud-tand Wnrks, Victoria- for permission to par
I'litiv tbe billowing described land, situated ln
Ibe Wesl Kootenav  district, on the wesl r-ide i.f
Dubamal (or six Mile) ereek, near wagon road,
about three mllei from Kontenay lake: ('nm*
meneing at a postmarked "James J. Duck's _ V*. .
pout," running 20 Chains east, theuee 20 chains
nortb. thence  IfO Chains  weit, tbenee 20 chains
south, to Uie polntof oommeneement. oontainlng 40 acres of laml, mnre or less.
Dnted Uth Nuvember, 1906.
Looated by J a mrh J. Ducat,
per John K, .avioh, Agent.
Notice Is hereby given that 00 days after date ]
ini-nd to spply io the lion. Chief Commiasioner
ol Lands and Works fur permission to purchase
the following deaeribed lands, situate in West
Kootonay district] Baglanltu "t �� ix-��t marked
"Arthur Warren's H. Vi. corner," and planlcd on
the east shoreof Whatahan (Cariboo) lake, about
iwo mile- north of the narrows of Whatshan
lake, and al Lhe B. K corner of W. SeeombeV application to purchase; tbenee easi 40 ohalnsi
thenee north 80 ehalns! thence west to chains;
thenee south N chains to point oi oommeneement; Cun tainiug 3*20 acres more or less.
Dated this Bth day of Oet lw*.
AiniifR WAMMMm,
Pi I.. Hammond. Agent.
Sixty days after date I purpose making application to ihe Hon. Chief Commissioner ol Cands
and Works for permission to purchase the following deserlbed land: Commenelni at a post
placed Ht the nortInvest corner of 11 Dodd's an-
plieatlon to purchase, markeii "R Vi. H's s. Vi.
corner posl," running tlience B0 Chains north J
tbenee80ehalns east; thence nn ehalns sonthi
tbenee B0 chains west to point of cummence-
ineut, containing 1..0 acre*, more or less.
Dated thii 10th day of October IMS.
K Vi. Uannimiton,
per K. Hhirij., Agent.
Notice Is hereby given that sixty days alter
dale  I  intend   to apply  in the Uonorahle  the
Chief Commissioner 01 Lands ami Works, for
permission to purehase the following described
lands iu the West Kootenay dlstricl: Beginning
at a jiost marked "James ft Fraser's N.K. comer ''
and p anted on the easi shore of Whatshan
(Cariboo) like, about om-half mile north ol
Christie creek;   tbence south 40Chain*, more or
less, tu the north boundary of ���SOeoombe's application to purchase; tbence west along the said
boundary 10 chains, more or less, to the shore ol
lbe lake; thence following the said shO.0 lu a
general northerly and easterly direction m
chains, more or less, to point of commencement,
containing 100 acres, more or less.
Oct  lath.llWO. JAMKHH. Kraskr,
                          F. L. Hammosi,. Agont.
Notice In bereby given that slxtv davs Hft.-r
the date I intend to apply to the Hon. tbe Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works for permission to purchase the following described land
in the West Koolenay district: licglnnliig ata
post   marked  'K.  H, Hell's  N   E   corner "and
Planted on the shore of Whatshan (Cariboo)Uke,
at the northwest comer ol laid lake; thence 80
ohalns west; thenee 40 chains south; thenee *tu
chains cast: 11.ence 10 chains south; thence sae-
i0 chains, moreor less to lhe shore of the said
lake; bene- northerly along the said lake shore
MO chains, moreorless, lo tin point of cuininet*.
cement, containing 1-..,,.,,,.. tllor(, or U,HH
Hated Oct. 12, 1906. K. K. Kan.,
 V1I1 Hammond, Agent
Nollee Is hereby given tbat On days afler ilale I
Intend.to -M>P-X.toTheiHon. Chief Commissioner
ing described lands situated m the
dislrl. ������    H,. inning Ht a post
Notice Is hereby men thai 60 danutudnJ
iniend to apply to ihe Hen. Cblel CnSkS I
of Lands end Works for M!k*u_i___
the following describe,! 'j,.,,,,. .��� ��Jf,"h��J
West  Kootenay  district:    llegimuni st .,  . J
marked "O. f _*aejSeking'll H.inVr'B?
planted on Ihe west showo.wi,gub��n ___.___!
lake, about tb.ee mil * rmrih ���   n , "���   * "ft
rows of the said lake and   .������,.���,-1_*_____ ,
the sa>d lake; thene.- Mutb BenalMiS
easl 10 chains, mnre ur feejL to th iflvSSi
lbence following .be LS ^mtaSSS
and westerly  direction  UO e|,-ui^ i-i.-re ,,r:?4
lopolnt ofeommenceincnt, inunoiiiiiKiLijitri I
moreor less. ���    *"*�� i
Oct. 13. iwo. rior.MAcji���I1Si *
���By V. L. Hammomi, Ageot.
Noilce Is hereby given that liodayi ���tt��*rd-atav��
iniend toapply lo Um Hon ibrt'iiM.1JSlJ
sioner of Lands and Works for ht-ruxMina w I
nurebue the following d.., rli,.,f |al���llltl,J
West Kooteiiuy dlstricl: H.*gtr.iiu,g ��� 4 J2 3
marked <i   1). Bell and lt. H.lf*. _ K,���,,!_,, ��_
about 8 miles east of ih.* Balmon rim and iC i
U mih- from thc Pond d'Oreil e rlrer; Ui.i.*e
cbatiiH nnrth;   tbeuce -411 ehslu*- wett; Ibeung |
obalns south] tlienoe40ehalns eait uj v'tint ���
Dated kheSSDd dayof Hepteniber, IK*.
��i. D.Bm   .
H Bin,    i
R. If, Rum, A-ent
Sixty days nfler ilale I purpoSS luakinr ttfU-
cation 10 the Hnunrahle ihe 1 b|i*f CunminioHr"
ol Umls and Works b��r permission Ui pu-.b_a
tbe billowing deserilied land t 1 iininrnclai it
a post marked "D. I"�� s. W.corner,' ���.jt.min
K Paunnler'sapptleatlon to piin*haie, ma\tt ���
lbence NO ehali.s nnrth; thence BO ehalni hii;
thenoe9>obalns nuth; tbence *> rhijm tat:
to ihe point of oommenoement,ooou1s1sm|
acres, more or leaa.
Hated the llth duy of August, 1906,
I). Pino,
Per r. ti. PinqOm, AgtBL
Sixty days after date 1 Intend to apply lo Ui
Honoiabiethe ChiefCommissloasrol i-��nJiwi
Wnrks for ikermlsslou t<> pun-hsse th. loHottlj
described lauds in Kinileniv ilintrlPt: !�����
mencing al a |tost marked J. if. Annible'i acrU-
easl corner iHist, said pi>H being eh tb( tOOtk
side uf the Lower Arrow lake, alunil two Blk*
below Hurton city; thence "outh ��rhaias;
thence weat 20 chains; tbenee south *ttbe_\
thenee west 20 chains; thenee north B Miu
snd 20 links, mure or less in the lakeibotcl
thenoe easterly along Is ke-IOcliaiiis. tnorentIai
tO the plaoe oi beginning, coiilainiuit IDSifM,
mure or less.
Hated this 5th dav of NovemN-r, 19(K.
per K. 1. Hirm:t, Ag.nt,     ^
thc foil,
West Kootena
marked "Will:
planted limit one mile south of thenorth end
nlWha Shan (Cariboo) Ink,-, about twenty chains
west of the west shore oi laid lake ana on the
BOUtb boundary of K It. Keil's application 10
pnrphaaoi thonce south B0 chalnsi thKustao
hain,,   more   ,,r   les,,   |,��   ,|ie said Inke shore;
thence northerly along lhe said shnre m chains
more or less, .,. the said south boundarv 0
E I .Keil's apptlcaUontO purchase; thenee "west
D Chains, mnre nr less m Ihe pniut of com men e
miV'.\����l''H.n.glrt.���eres1 moreor less ��
Dated Oot. u, ft.* wiu,u�� kkil,
 "y "��� h Hammomi, Agent,
post," said post being
Planted si tbe sonlhwc l c rner      ll,,* ;*u  e ,,
fi -V'ii: vi'\vm" uvd *ffl!R_i mt ss \
Cnani   along   snld      ne,   tlience  easl foriv .40.
Mnunenoement or     't0 ,bt! pIa<;e ol
Hated Isl May of August. 1900.
William Toi,linoton,
        ny bl" agent J. K. Taylor.
"on to the Chief Cc--
Works fur I
I Lauds nnd
1es.ril ���Y/Vi"1"!"" 1Q l'��r.*l,���>e the fn11  wlnj
an* if.. v,\L.��>l ��� pdjdinlna the east bound-
nlnt? thiffrlf'S��� *j*8P*-��Uon to purchase, run.
mi" e �� '" 'H "s ,,or,,.,i thence M chains
wesVto1 1 ,r ",ilH "",!llli Ihenoe80ohalns
_,.P,.....   "" '' ''"M1 neement, oontalnlnn tMo
Hated the lllh day of Augusl, 1KB.
BlXty days after date I lutend tnspplTtnlk
Honurahle the Chief Commissioner nf Un-liui
Works for permlnion to purchase the ffiiio������*
deserlhed lands tn Kootenay district. Cow
elng al a post marked "A. J. Hill's wall
corner post," snld  post lieing 011 tin-ii"Mh
erly shore of tne Lower Arrow uke m-is-
duc east, on tbe northeast corner el let
Hroupl; lbence north 6*0 rlialut: * ��*I *" '
south-jo chains, more or lass, to tiislsisi
tbence billowing said shore lu a snuiliMU -.
direction M chains, more or less to the ml
bi-giunlng. containing If*, acres, nmre or lea
Hated this _lh dav of November, m
per K L. Bi'iiKST. Agenl.
Notiee Is hereby given that BO i1ij*isIl*r*Jrt
1 Intend, to apply lo the Honorable the.*"
Commissioner of Lands and Works formib***
sion to rurohaee the following deserll-e. lis*
Kootenay distriet; Comminilng iH|S
marked '-J. H. Wallace's nf.rthw<vi('irnFiP��*-
said post Uting on the eaaterl] Hds ol ufi
Arrow   lake,   and   at the  Southwest n��riH *
Porter's pre-emption elalmi t hence east aorhsai,
thenee south So chains, theme west ����������_*
Ihenee souih 20 chains, ilu*  Hl*sl Mn*"'"
mere or less to the Armw lake, lliciin* in'**"1���
easterly direction 60 ehains, more or lew to W_
(dace of beginning, oontainlng ��o acrw,inoit*��
Haled this StOtfa day of October, IMO. ���    j
By his agent, KKNNK7II I  Bl'KMT^
Notice Is herehy given thai alstj days frofflj����
[intend to anpl/t-the Uon CbleK-'omtsWg
ol hands and Works (or permission to iff"*
the followlncdescribed lands,surilDiiliH
planie.i on the North We-i nornerol ^m.
tbence rtmiiing iwenty ebalni Booth, tww
twenty chains Vest, theme  foriTChslMj����
thence twenty ehalns Kast. theneetwent-Mig
Houtb io pomi of eommenuement.and �����������
ing H0 acres mure nr less. ���   .,,
W.J. Ton. *&_
Hated the 1st day of October, 1000.
sixty davs after date Ipurpoa
cation to the Hon. Chief Com inland Works h.r ut mission to p
lowing described land: Comm
placed at lhe southwest corner.,
plieatlon to purchase, marked
ner," running tlu uee W chain" 1
ohalns west; thence md obalns 1
chains easi to point of commem
Ing 320 acres more nr less.
base tbeP*
in? ���������.I*
1 the lOtb day of October. 1!"*^^.,,
per K.SHlIli.
Notleo is her. by (riven lhal 00 0SJS ��"er'j?^)
Intend to apply to the honorable ths ����
Commissioner of Landiand Works ^^dt,
/lllg  di*
:ilng *
is tbi 'I!l
post marked "Klennor III
nml planted on ibe we��t shore ol
Wbaisbni) (<^rlboo) bike.aboul "
miles iouth of Arrow lake trail!
chains; thenee east 40 chains mo
shoreof the Narrows; thence (ol
shore in a general southerly and
Hon fill Qbalns moreor less to point of hihu
ment, containing ton acres more or ll*>!**     tf���
Dated Vtt. 8th, 1000. p-.k-.no* i'^1'
F.I*. IlANWONi'-Agenl^
���- * *    - ��� - ������     ,   i.t__pd-_i
Illil.-si.llsi ��|.|ilv Is.llsss Hon 1 I"1," ',', in por-
it isl 1.1111.1sansl' W.srkis l"rl"*1'"",- ' sli-*"1
otime iin- (ollowl-g siism-riiis-.i issu''"'";''���i
Kootonay .lis.ui.-i i  Bogiunlnj nl Kt___ <u
I. I'llRCI,
irnrF. G. .'ivuuimi,
tt.tMMmbtll. ��  i-.sriii-r." Bis.l I'""'",!',,������<
.-UML hlsssn- ssf  Wlssslsslissli f<*i.i 1'-'*-'   ivi.i��.h*n
iwss iiiiii-H nisrili nf ttss.- narrow* oi
lako; tliisiii-is mirth ml I'lnilis": ll""
ohaini. mon or iv-n, in tho lake"'"'
following tli<- laid alsssrs- lis niisi"1'"
mnl nam,-rly amotion 1-*" s-liisln". "'""
tin- pssint ol oontmenoamenti i'0Hlr
across, iiusro ssr Ichh.
Dalosl tlila Htli day ul Oct , '*����� ��� msimiUs
F. L, UiUllWs ttktti
aililis" * \**^>MW*'
The Daily Canadian
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NELSON       s",-A��rut".l.;M,.,-t,"h    VICTORIA
P. Burns __ Co.
km-n-'li Karki'ta in   KtHwlaud,   Trail,   Nelson,  Knslo,   Sandon, Throe Forks, New
Denver and Slbran Oity.
tu any h
1 ��������..��� fill
Heid Offlce: Nelson, B. C.
- date I purpoee rneklaa appl**
11 iii< Hun. ��� bicf Commluloner nf 1 *nd*
r ji r mlulon to purehAM the fol-
*���-    ������������; i-andi:  Commenelni etepoel
(.1   li,!   -..'jihwi Ml enrner Ol J. hlileir�� ��*ji-
iiii tu [lurcbaie, marked ' It. -S'b S K. cur-
mintiig ibenee BO ehainn north, thenee HO
.1 - nu ohaini lOUth, ibenee HU
fi-*t in [Kilnl >.f i iiiiimmceinent, cniitaiu-
ai rei, mure 01 ��� > ll
iitlieiath day oi October, itm.
K. -'HIKI 1..
JUT J. HIMKI.-l, Agent.
��� date 1 purpoee making appli*
III1.11 to th***** Hun  Chlel iiuiiiiiiHiioner ul IjhuIh
; .*. utt ������'��� }������ run���ion to purobftie llie fol-
|��i!iBii��-*"*riis.-.i i-tudu:   Conunenetni at a po-t
liiYdab.-.tit the  ris.ribcaflionier .if It Shielri
:       ).��*-.*.  marked "M. K Q'liTB.
te-i." nitiniug   thenei* 00 1 halm nurth lu the
<>t  T. I. fiWtt,  theuce  **���' ehaliiN
u sn fhatni  "nuth, thenee st) chain**
...("dint oi com men-cement, containing No
��� leai.
���v v . . : . !���v of October. 1906.
m. k. OinnUi
pec J.Btmttti Agent.
Iity Aaxr alter date 1 purpote  making  aiiiili
 hi the Hon  the Cblel roiiimii.i-i.iner of
ImI>iml ttorku fur )ioriiilaiilnii to purehMB the
���i',-.'t   land:    Commeueiiig at a
��� ol the Jutieiiun ni Barnee and
reek*  and eut of It. J. Elliott's an
rat inn 1.1 [tun liaae. marked "Vi. N  1"��. B. W.
n.r," running tbunoe80ehalni north; thence
     "ncc ai chaiiiii iouth; thenceW
unia-.r-t to|K>lnloi cinununeemeut; contain-
:-i �������� '���      ..ii. ->r le��.
_aj of OotobeMflOA.
W.N. I'ooi.r,
i'er J.Hhieli.. Agent.
late 1 purport making appli--
i'in iu iiu* ii..u ti,,, Chief Conunlmoner oi
iiimni w Mm fur perm iss tun to purehaae the
���owing aeteribed land-*:    Commencing at a
iiplnciai ii,. loutheaei corner oi ir.��.areu->
lHon  to  purcbaie,   marked  "V. It's,
1   "'er    running thenee80 ehalni north;
ihence tt ehalni eait;  thenee n)
ence 80 ehalni tree*, to point 0!
< miiaiiiing f-i-i aerea, more or
l1 ��� llth day oi October, WC*.
V. Bonn
i'er J. BhielJ, Agent,
Notice la bereby glveu that 60 dayi after date 1
Intend In apply to the Honorable the Chief Com-
mUnioner of Lmdi and Worku Ior permlMlou to
pur--, haae ih.-loll.,wing de_crlb_] UndH In tbe
��cM Ko,il.-imy diiitriet: Beginning ut a lioit
maiked ���'Alexander freeet'l R. W. comer," and
plented on the nut ihore of the narrowiof
Whatahan (Cariboo) lake, _,t theS. IE,oorner of
B-rnherd Blrachl a)i|>llcailHii to purehaae;
I htn *���*���*._ earn 411 ehallit; thenee aouth BO chain*,;
ih. ne�� west i'i cliaina, more or lean, (u the ihore
of the narrowi; ihenee following the laid ihore
In a northerly direellon 80 ohalna, more or leai
tothe jMiint of eommeneement, containing830
lerei, mure or leis.
Oet. h.th, IW*. Aluum-eh Frabeb,
by F. L. II .*-.*-������ ������*.���,��� Agent.
Hliiy dav-. alter date I purpoae making application to the Hun. Chief CommiMioner ol Landi
and Worki for norm ..Hun to pure bane the following deaeribed landi: Commencing at the
liortheaM corner of ('. L. Haunitigtou'H application to purehaae. marked "K. A. tV_ B. K. corner,"
iulining ihence HU chalu*. north, thenee so chains
wait, tbenee Bo chaini nouth. thenoe hu ebalni
eait to (mini oi commencement, containing WU
acrea, more or leai,
Hated the Itth day or October, 19WS.
K   A. t.'RKAHK,
1st J Burnt Agent.
* he
ed 1
it-reby given that 00 davo after date I
->- application io lbe Honorable the
intuiffiuner ft f_nn��]a and Worki for per-
purtdiaae   the   following   deacrlbed
������    1 umineiirlng at a post  on tbe   north
'������ *- 1 and Ht.f'ui .* .-tuiiiu. cH-t nf
atinan ereek, running tu chains east; tbence
nalQi nurth; thence40ehalni west: theuce M
'������   |"*iul  of c.iiiiineiiepmeiit, eoii-
��� ��� m.ire nr less.
*'��� I Oc| ���*..*��� !.;, lyufi.
i,kos Watiom-
Hv bis agent, Krnkst W. Kobinson.
nj dayi after date 1 purpoie mating appli-
����in the Hon chief uommlieioueroi Landi
��� ���"���        Krmiulon to purehaae the toi-
' ' ���1'iii.fd land:   t'nmuieiicliig al a post
���   ��t IW yards  west of  the Whatshan
���MrilainUhoin two miles lOUth of What
�����>' *��e, marked *'B. u.H'iN  K. corner post,"
���'���ling   Ihence   HO  ehalni   muth;    thenee   Nl
11 nei 1 80 chaini north; tbence 80
.""������"'. i" .'.'int uf eommeneement) contain*
I���.*-"*, more or lea
'"���'iii.i-n-in.iMj. of October, IBM.
M 0, hkinnrb,
Per H Sutii.L, Agent.
Il,.!,T-i'*,*-? Bf ,r '���ale I intend loapply to tbe
wi rariiH i,���, hief Commlnloner ol Landiand
w -> Mil..,*:,.. [,, purchase UO aorei ot landi
s.i 11 wr"t "'llef,l Arrow Uke.adjofulug
ii.n.1       ,""''1 ���**'* follows: Commenoioi
a_n..V_?1?1 "n llle w-'"1 boundary of U't
"""'-*' ehalni nnrth nf lhe B, V,. corner of
im,  'I*.,,,,. Wetl ;hi ,,hll|IWi thence 100th BO
"j-. iiierue  eust  :iu chalm lo Ihe weilern
'.Vi,,  ,'    J'r'*'-i"ptl"ii No. 378, Ihenee north
1/ ... I'i8"'"'he��inniiig.
wle.1 Oet. 25, uni, M  b.Wai.i.icv,
It  J. Kl.l.iorr, Agenl.
I1,'. '" ' b> given ifialUO daya after date I
If" ���""'���-���������e application lolhe Honorable tbe
; '"' 'i"-l.uier of Unds and Wurks for per-
j'.' "' I ���irchutu the following deaoribed
��� ""IJinelng il a post plnce.1 about one
klii.iii      f ii1?      **n  l'rt'<'**1  ftI"'  tibonl   three
��� i w liaNliKti lake, running Soohaini
������   " Wehatm well] Ihence MO chains
���|i,"|* ��� i*o chalm cast, 111 point nj eom��
r"��iatning(M0aareimore or lew.
"'"���'"ber 18, IfiOB.
���     . , I'KTKH  McNAnUITOV,
��y bli agent, Kbmwt w. Robwion
i'* li hereby given (hat (Wdavs from date I
���   iqijii) 1., ihe Hunorable the Chlel Com-
'     "I Undi  and  Works to purebar-e r>IU
ia id .escribed a*- followi I   Commeneing
J   . ""'""I on Ibe north hank ol the Little
... 1   ,, ; "l1."1'1 ���i"*--1 yards from moulh, and
J '       -    McLenn's   S     W.    curlier   post,"
iBwuMtM   I'1"11""- tbenee nnrlh HU ebalns.
ictMifinm��cUtmi't*heueeiouth ho chains, to
���r 1,""""''"''''""''".iimlconiftlnlngfilUacrfs
M""l :.*llh day del . iQpfl.       Hour. McLkan.
Iiiiii u,Vih 'liu'r ,,"Htl' I purpoifl making appli
B Work. 1 H,,Il'('l>li.CniniiiIahloncr of Lands
���mr deicr.i ,!l'r'u,J<s1*"1 to purchase lbe lol-
bui �� lauds;    Coinmene'ng  at the
,,,.,      ""or of V.   Modd's application   lti
, , /"""ked "C. |��� H-sN. tt. corner," run*
1 11,,.,,' .. '''"Hum wath, thenee 80 chaini
,���,,''*'/*" cbains north,thence80 chama
im-* m .    ".' Pom menoement, oontainlng
lllll, ll M      in6.0' ll""'-
f '*  -ue lath day of Ootober, 1908.
per J Hhiki.i.. Agent
1' tnViil u 6r ty}$ * purpoie mnkiiig appli-
1,1 __t "l,Il( nlef commlaiiouer ol Landa
��� V "�� permelalon to puri-haie the fol-
, , " "I Inmla: ('unimcnclug at a
;,'1 ,u the nortbweit coiner Ol "-K*
. 1 '   "I'l'HeaUon   to   purahaaa,   murked
��� ilie,.,''"'"''���" running ihence ��0 cbalni
l],'^�� ehnins west, thenee 80 ouaini
ni ciV. ,nn*lMp'**-?t t(" i-"int oioomroen-
f'��i��'d 1     ,.  '"!�� ri" "rei, more or less,
f      ���"�� Mih da; of Ootooer, 1008
P��r J. tiiiiBU. Agent.
Notiee is hereby given that A0 daya after date
I lutend (iiaiiplv tiilhelloii Chief (-ommlHsbmer
of IjiiiiI*. and W orks for permission to tnircbuse
lhe following desert lied lands In W'evt koolenay
Dlstrle': It-gftiniug al a post marked, "Hern-
bard Hlrm-h'-. .*-. K. eurner, "aud planted on the
east ihore of llie narrows oj Whalshftii {Oariboo}
take; tbeuce u rth Ml chillis; tbenee west M
chains more or less, to the shore of Whatshan
lake; theuce fidluwlng laid shore In a general
motherly and enstcrty direction l.'o ehains more
ur lew. to point of eoiiuueneement: containing
820 arres, more or less.
Dated ibis 8th day of Oet. UOB.
IlKItNllARD  II IR*. Jt,
V. L. Hahuond, Ageni
Hlxty davs afler dnte 1 purpose making application lu [he Hon. the chief Commissioner of
I.Mini* and Works (ur permission to purchase the
following .It-st-rilied land: Commeneing at a
post placed about hall it mile west of name*
creek, and about one mile north of the mouth of
the t-nri.ti. marked "J. S's. 8 Vi. eorner," running
thence an chains norlh; them-e Ho cbalm east;
ibanec no chain* lonth to the north boundary of
Vi. N. Poole'* applicatioi to purchaie; thenee 80
chains weat to point of eommeucement; eontainiug MO acres more or leai.
Hated the 13th dav of October, 1906.
J. Sit 18LL.
Sixty daTi after date! purpose making application to thc Hon. Chief Cummisab ner ol I-amla
and Worka for permission to purchase lhe foi-
hiwing deicrlbed lands: Commencing at a poit
placed about half a mile went of the lower end of
Whatshan lake, marked ������(). It's. N. Vi .corner,"
running thonce HU chains sonth; tbence KU ehaim
east; tbence so chains north; thence HU chains
went to point of eommeneement, containing G40
acres, more or less
Haled tbe 12th day of Oetober, 1000.
I). Dodd,
Per J. PiilELL, Agenl.
cation to the Hon Chief Commiasioner ot I-tn-l*.
and Wo kn for permission lo purchase (be following described lands: 1 ommenclng al tbe
northwest corner of K. A. Create, application to
pnrehaae, marked "W. (i. UV H W corner,"
ruuiilug thence HO chains nortb; theuee wi
ehaim east; thenre W) ehaim iouth; thence HO
ehaim wesi to polul of commencement, eontainiug 840 acres, more or leis.
Dated the Uth day ol October, Ift*.
W. 0. Gilueit,
Per J. KHIK1.L. Agent.
Sixty days after date 1 purpose making application to the Hou. ('hief Commissioner of Lands
and Works for permission to pnrebaie thu following deicrlbed landi: Commencing at the
northwest corner oi 0. Dodd'i application to
pureliase, marked "M. K's S. W. comer," running
theuee80Ohaini north) thence HO chalm, more
or less, to the went shore of Whatahan lake, following same HU chains south; tbeuce HO chalm,
more or less, eail lo the point of coinuieutemenl,
containingowaoree, more or less.
Hated tbe Vilh day of October, HM 8.
M. Fargt'iRB,
per J. Hu 1 km.. Agent.
Notice is herebv given that ilxty davs afler
date 1 Intend to apply lo the Honorable Chief
Commlnloner of Landi and Works for permission to purchnse tbc following described lauds:
Commencing at a pnst placed nu the nnrlhw.sl
com.rol Albeit lilllult's application to purchase,
running Hu chains easl along the northern
boundan ol sume; ihenee Ht) ehalna north;
thence Hii chains wes*; th. nee so chains louih. lo
point of oommeneement, containing Owaoree-
nunc nr lesa.
Dated Oot, 18,1906. John Ki.i.iott,
lly his agent. Kkj-.-f.st W. Korinsun.
NotlCJ Is hereby given that AU dayi alter date I
Intend toapply 10 the Hon. Chief Commissioner
o( 1 nn.I- and Works lor permission to pureliase
the following described lauds iltuated In tbe
I I r. i* 11.'. 's 1     imiin
F. I.. llAMHisNis, Anenl.
Nsslii-i' Ifl Isi-rs-l's* HIV" Hint fill ilnyss .tint ilutts I
isiti'Sii! I.. Hi.l.lv Tss tin- Hsssi. I 1,it-f risniinlsssslsisissr
ssl I nllilss sssssl Wssrkss for permiflfliO. Iss lisirislmssi-
Is.'  Iill.sssllii- dMOtibeO lisnslis ssllllHlosl  III  llll-
w,'.i EmMU DKtHcti Hmiiiniim hi ��� pssssi
,,,1,-ki- ������Aiii.;iiis-ii��lllr'*li'�� ". K. s-ssnu-r," mi.l
!I�� 11 ���' ' ssn lls<* ��!""" "' WlialHlian (1'nrllsssss)
nks-ssl llss- sss.slllii'iinl cisrniT sit III* mHUl Inke;
I,,.,,II ills 1.1 s-linln*-! lllom*"- ��'.**l *l elinllln,
,'   ,     ���  1,." Is. Uss- llioni ���t Wlsnls.lsn.1 ereek:
1 ,1. i��� ],', 11in lie ihme Ilm o nni.i ereek .ml
!k I ��-���_t3 uorllierly .nil en.lerly sllress-
ion SO eFiiilun, mole nr Wfl. to pisliil Ol com-
,',',���'������ ii,i..iilie..iitHlnliiK IM iiere..iuoro or len,
HOt. 18111, MM- AHTOimtTTK IIIIU.il,
IS;'  V, h. llAMMU.Ms, AgeUt.
mhUloner Of Unds end Works ut Victoria, H. C,
or pcruiisMon toeut andoirry awuy timber frnm
dlitl et'"       'lKB<;',ibed lundH ln \Vest Kootenay
No. I���Commencing at a post planted at tbe
npftbeut corner   of   Lot   812,   Wesl   Kootenay,
an e euj80 ohalni, lbence nortii  HO chains,
tnence wait 90 chains, thenee soutu -so ehalni
to tlit* pUOB 01 commencement.
No '2 -Commencing, al a post planted at the
northeut .orner   of Ut  HI.,   Wut   Kootenay,
H-n-c uuth 40 chains, thenee easl 120 ehalni,
theme1 north to chaini, Lheaoe weit 120 ohalm to
ine poini of commenoement.
No- :i. Commencing al a poit planted al the
���OUthaut corner ol   No. 1, thence east HO cbalni,
tnence norih m chains, thenee weet 10 ehalna,
tbenee uuth ho chuim to the plau*��� of eommen e-
tnont. '
Mp   I     Ciinmcncing at a poll planted at the
���putbeutcn nerof Ko.lt, thenee eastHOebatns,
thence norlh m chnins,  then e  west 00 chaius,
Ihence i-uiilh HU chain*. In the i��|aei- of com 000-
No.... -Commenelni al a pst planted ��t Uu
n irlhwul corner ol wn.4, Ihenee out Bo ebalna,
thenee north wj chains, tiu-i
No r,. -Commonelna at a poel planted ��t the
iputhveitoorner ol Ko.6, 'beneeweai laichuJns,
lbence imrth (0 the in iii-l. Columbia.- Huuthern
Itailway, llu-ncc cast l.v (halus, Ihclice soulb lo
place oi oommeneement
N.i. 7.���Commencing at a pust planted at the
suiitheast comer of No. 4, thenee east MO
chains, Ibenee north HO ebalns, thence west HO
chains, thence soutu HO chains lothe place of
No. 8. Commencing al a post planted at 'he
northeast corner of No.-I, thence cast BO ehalna,
Ihenee nurth Ml chains, Ihenee met Hu chains,
thenoe south Hu chains to the place of commence
No. 9.���Commencing at a UOlt planted at the
southeast eoruer of No. 7, tbenee east BO chain",
Ihence Uorth eighty chains, theuee WMl KO
chains, thenoe iouth eighty chains to the place
of i-omtneiicemetil.
No. 10. ���Commenolng ata post planted at the
southeast corner of No. H, lbence easl BO clmlns,
thenee  norlh HO ebalna, thenee west NJ chains,
ihence south B0 ebalni to the place of oommencm**
Ho 11. --Commencing at a po��i plauied at the
loiitheait corner of No. 3, thence miu (h 80 ebalns,
tbenei'easl HO chains, ihenee norlh no chaiua,
thenee west ��) chalus to the place of cominenec
No. 12��� Commencing at a post planted al the
northeut   curlier  uf   No.   11,   tbence   south  80
chalna, theuee east ho ehains, (hence north ho
.���hnlns. thence west ho chain* tu the place of commencement.
No. bl. commencing at a poit planted at the
northeut corner of No. 12, theuee souih ho
chains, thenoe east w ohalm, thence north BO
chains, thence west 80 chains tothe place of eoin-
No. 14���Commencing at a poel planted at the
northeut eorner of No.lg.thenceiouthaOehalni,
tbenee easl HO chains, tbence north 80 chains,
tbenee west HO chains to the place of comniunce-
No. 16,���Commenolng at a poet planted at the
nortbeut comer of No l_t, theuce nor h HU
chains, lbence east HU chains, tlience south HO
chains, thence west HO chaius lo the place of
No. U.���Commencing at a i-ost planted at tbe
northeait oorner of No io, thence south ho
chains, thenee east 80 chains, theuee uorih HO
chains,  thence  West 80 chalna  lo   the place of
Oetober loth, 1900. Pxtm Loiro.
Taae noilce mat 30 dayi aller date we intend
making application lo lbe Honorable the Chief
r oinmiisiouer ol Unds and Works for a special
license to cut and carry away Timber trom llie
lollowlng  deacrlbed  lauds situated on Ulacler
meek, West Kootenay,
Commeneing at a post No. 1. placed about 12J-4J
miles from Duncan river, running tbeuce north
I-, leimiu.-. iiu-iie- weat 40 chalna; theuce 'outb
100 ehalna; thenee eaat tt ehalni to point of com-
No 2 ���Commencing ata \totst placed about 14' _
inlleafrom Duncan ilver, running llienee nuth
lho chalm; thenee wett 40 chai"s; thenee south
biO chains; theuee east 40 ebalns to point of com.
No 8.���Commeneing at a poit placed near the
second fork of Ulacler ereek, running thence
cast 40ehalns; lhetice north 160 ebalni; thenee
west-tOcbaius; thctieesouth IGOcaaiiii to point
of commencement.
Dated this 2Hlh day ol August. l'JOC.
WATTaiU'R.;  Ll'MHKIt Co
Nl D. Ti'omey, Agent.
Notiee Is hereby given that ���'���" days aftor date 1
intend making application to tbe Honorable the
Chief Commlnloner of Landl and Works for a
ipeclal license lo cut and remove timber from
the following described lands, iltuated on tbe
Skaget nver:
("ommenclng about 80 chains north of the
southeast corner of Lot 2.2, Yale district; lbence
running east forty (40) chains; south one hundred
and sixty ('fill) chains; west forty (40) chains;
north oue hundred and sixty (lf-u) ehalns, to
place of commencement.
Dated October USth, 1800. D. II. Tkuord.
Thirty days after dale I Intend to apply to lhe
Hon. Clilei CotumlHiloiier uf Lands and Works
lor a BpeoJal license to cut and carry away timber from the lollowlng descrlbeil land: Commencing at a pest marked "George M.i .inn's
southeast corner," planted about three miles up
liroiiimi creek, which empllei about oue mile
west of Nelson; thence west 40 chains; thence
north 100Ohalni] Ihence eait lu chains; thenee
aouth loo chains to point   1 commancement.
Hated Oct :t0,190t'i. liEoitoK M. Cit'NK,
W J. McKihh, Agcut^
Notice Is hereby given tbat 30 days after date 1
Intend to appl* to tbe Hon. the Chief Commls
���loner of Lands and Works for a spec'al licence
10 OUt and carry a-- ay timber from the followlni
deacrlbed lauds: Commencing at a post marked
"Ti J- Bcan'au'iaoutheutoorner," plumed about
five miles up tiromaii creek, which empties about
one in It* weet of Nalion; lbence west 411 chains,
thenee north 100 chains;  tbenee east 40 chains;
thanee aouth 100 chains to point of commence*
Haled Ocl 30,1906. T. J. .o_m.an,
 VV. -j. Mi.Kimm, Ageut
Thirty dava aller date I intend to apply to the
HOU. Chief Commissioner of Landsand Works,
Victoria, for a ipeolal llcen"0 to out and ca ry
away timber from lbe following inn 1 of lund,
situated on lhe N. .V H. railway, In the West
Kootenay district; rom mencing at upostni-nt-
cd near the N. _ corner of A. K. F.ngland'1
timber claim, ihclice westBOchains, Ihence north
h". Iinln*-. tbence est Hi) chains, tbence south HO
chaiua to point of commencement
N'ov.filb, Iftli. P. J. liAUAUHKK
Certificate of Improvements
"Spvglass" ami "Globe" mineral claims, situate
ln Trout Lake Mining Division.
Located on Poplar creek.
Tade Notice that I, Bruce White, acting as
up in for lbe Spyglass Mining * p., Proo M i..ci>'
Cerllllcate No B. WM, lulend. To days from tbe
date hereof, to applv to (he Mining Recorder for
a Cerllllcate of Improvement for the purpose of
obtaining a Crown liraut of lbe above claims.
And further take notice that acllon, under
Bectlon -tr, musl be commenced before the Issuance of such Certificate of Improvement.
Dnted _!Mh October, l��0fi. Hum; Wiutk.
Great Archaeological Find.
Bombay, Nov. 29.���Von Lecoq, who
haa been travelling In the remote part8
of Central Asia on a scientific mission
for the Prussian government, has arrived at Syrngar ,the capital of Kashmir with an Important collection of
archaeological discoveries. These include several highly interesting paint*
IngH upon stucco, with gold leaf background, like Italian work, and a number of'munuscriptb in 10 different languages, one In a wholly unknown
tongue. It Is considered thut it ls
probably the greatest arehaelogieal
find since the days of Sir Henry Kaw-
Union and sir Austen Layard. ,
Notice la herehv given thai 60 daya alter date 1
Intend to make application to the Honorable the
('hie' ('ommlssloner of I-ands and Worka tor pcr-
minlon to purchase the following dose fbed
lands: Commencing al a post planted on the
northeast co-ncr of Peter McNaugbton's application lo pureliua , lollowlng the east boundary of
tame mi chains south; lhetice U0 chalnn easl;
thenee Hu chains north; thence 80 chains west lo
point of commencement, eontainiug i-io acres,
more or leBS.
Doted Oot. l.i, 1000. Aliikht Ei.uu-t,
lly his agent Khnkst W, Koiukhok.
N.w be is hereby given lliat sixty days afler dnte
I Intend toapply lo the Hon. Chief Commissioner
ol Lands and Works lor permlulon to pUM-hue
thc following described lands In the West
Kootenay district: Beginning nt apor-d marked
"J. 8. Bimlneo'aS. VY. comer," und plauied about
one-half mile east ol lhe shore of Whatshan
(Oariboo) lake and about 3 miles norlh of the
narrows of the said lake, and at tbo 8. E eoruer
iifjAiibur Warren's application to purchase;
thencecast 80 ehalns; Ihenee nortb 80 chains;
Ihence west 80 chains to lhe norlheast corner of
Arthur Warren'sappllcallon tc purchase; theuce
siuiili so chum* to point .d commencement, containing oio aorei, more or less.
UCt. lUlh, 1*00, J. 8. KlMlKKO,
F. L. Hammunp, Agent.
Left Hie Poet.
Tangier,    Nov.    21��.���The    American
minister, Mr. Oummor. la reported to
have left  Pes,  the capital, OH  November 2G without obtaining satisfaction
from the sultan In regard to the
claims for Indemnity made by citizens
of the United States for alleged outrages or assurances regarding the
safety of American citizens resident In
Covering    Eight    Yeara    of    Splendid
Energy    in    Introducing    New
Systems and Methods.
When the history of Semi-ready tailoring comes to be written, as It should
be written, now that the Company has
conquered and overcome every obstacle, there will be a proud story or
Canadian enterprise and energy. The
development of an original conception
is  no easy   matter  when  one  has  ar-
Certi _cate of the Registration of An
Extra-Provincial Company.
"Companies Act, 1897."
1 HKKKBY CKETIPY tbat "The Lfndsley
Brother! Company" haa this day been registered
as an Kxira-F-ovlneial company under the
"Companies Act, 18'..," to carry oul or effect all
or any of the objects of the company to which
the authority of lbe Legislature of British Columbia extends.
The hea-1 office ol the company la situate at
the Oity of Portland, in tbe county of Multnomah, state of Oregon.
The amount ol capital of the company la
lwenty-flvc thousand -lo'lan, divided into
Into twenty-live hundred shares uf ten dollars
The head office of thc company in this province
ls situate at Nelson, and Kdward A. Undaley,
secretary, whose address ls Nelson, la the attorney for tbe com puny.
Qlren under my hand and seal of office at
Vietoria, province of Brltlah Columbia, this 6th
day of November, one  thousand nine hundred
ami six.
CUB.) Registrar of Joint Stock Companlea.
Ibe objects for which the company haa been
established and registered are:
I. To engage in and conduct any and all
branches ol business tor tbe sal < and manufac
lureuf lumber and forest products, ties, piling,
poles, posts, logs, lumber, timber, wood, sblnglea;
and to engage and - onduetany and all branches
of manufacturing into the finished product of
which wood, lu uuy of lis forms, may enter
wholly or In part; uml toengage in, conduct and
carry on the general or common business of the
manufacture of lumber In all IU branches.
t. To engage in and conduct a geueral logging
business lu all Its branches, and to purchase or
otherwise dispose of, and deal lu stumpage
rights of every description :
3. Toinauufaeture, purchase or otherwise ac-
i(inr*. sell otherwise dispose of, and deal fn
togs, lumber, wood and fuel In any and all their
forma, conditions and combinations:
4. To purehase or otherwise acquire, sell or
otherwise dispose of, and deal in raw materials
am) commodities of any and all kinds:
6. To be and act as agent for others in the purchase, sale, handling and traffic of and In logs,
lumber and wood in anv and all their forms,
condition! and combinations, wh-thcr crude or
manufactured, and other commoditi-.:
6. 'loengaue in and conduct tbe business of a
warehouseman iu all Us braucbes. and to store
commodities for hire:
7. To conduct a general uiereliandifie business:
��.   To purehase, or otherwise acquire, lease,
rent, construct, build,hold, operate, onduct and
maintain auy and all manner of lumber mills for
tbe manufacture of all kinds and descriptions of
lumber, and any aud all docks, booma. piers.
wharves, yards, warehouses, mills, lactones and
any and all other buildings, structures and enclosures of a: I kinds that may be rcii Hired, or that
may be convenient or desirable for any uf the
purposes for which this corporation la formed,
nnd to rent lease, sell, transfer, convey, or In any
manner dispose of the same, or any part thereof,
as may be desired:
9. To locate, to acquire by purehaae, lease or
otherwise, to possess, operate, and dispose ol by
rale, lease or otherwise, and to convey timber
lauds, coal, coke, oil, and aspballum lands and
deposits, and lodes and veins of gold, silver, Iron,
copper, stone, ami all other mineralsand mineral
lands, farming aud other lands, eity or town lots,
mill sties, water rights aud prlvllegea, and other
rlKhte, privileges and property, real or personal:
lu. To acquire by purchase, leaseorotherwise,
to erect, build, operate, maintain, possess and
dispose of hy sale, lease or other*ise, aud tocon-
ve> Hutnel, roads, railroads, tramways, steam
boals, and all other boats, f>cowa, barges and
vessels; mid lo curry freight nnd passengerson
any aud all such transportation lines, and to
charge and receivetollsaud compensation therefor:
II. To purchase,'ease or olheiwlae aciuire,
and lo erect, build operate, malm all! aud possess,
anadiepofeof by sale, lease. Ot otherwise, and
to   convey,    machinery    for    the    produe
tion or generation of steam or .-team power, clee*
'Hetty, electric power, and any other power
known or hereafter to lie discovered, and to uho,
���el), leaieor otherwise dispose of, and to convey
���uw ateem, electricity ami puwer for heating,
lighting or other purpose*, and to erect and cou-
si-uci poles, wires and subways, or other neccs-
-arv or proper men its aud appliances for the
conduct ol electricity or electrlo power for any
of the purposes aforesaid:
Ll. To subscribe for. purchase or otherwise
acquire, own, bold, possess, sell or otherwise
dispose of, and to convey shares, stocks, bonds,
or other securltlcr*. or assurance* of iis own or
any other company ir corporation, and to guar-
aotee or otherwise secure the payment of dividends on sh res or stocks of its own or any other
company (tr corn ration, mid lhe Interest or
principal of bonds of any company or corporation :
l.i To make promissory notes, Mils of exchange and oilier evidences of Hub b.-edncs*-.; lo
bur ow or to loan money on bonds, debentures,
or otherwise; to secure, lu such manner na to It
may seem proper, the paymenl ol any promissory notes, liouds, dib-'iilures, or other evidences of ir.dcbvdn*!-- ol (he corporation, aud to
mortgage, pledge, or give or convey lu trust any
or all ot Its property, real personal or mixed, lo
secure lbe payment of such promissory notes,
bonds, debentures or other evidences of the corporation:
14.���To buy, purchase, own, hold, acquire, vend.
sell, barter, donate, mortgage, encumber, lease,
manage and dispose- uf allkliids of real and personal ii openy.
16. To nuihl, construct, maintain anil operate,
lo possess and ow n by lease, agreement or otherwise, and to lea.se or dispose of the same by
agreement, sab* or otherwise, all telegraph aud
telephone Hues and -ill other a *nns of cum
niuiilcailiin, and lu charge and receive tolls nnd
compensation for ibesHiiio:
Ifl The business ol t u corporation or nny portion thereof, may b-J transacted In the stales ot
Oregon and Washington, or iu cither of -said
stales, or in any ..iher partaof the United states
of America, or ilade|ienUcnelcH,nr in any foreign
country or countries, or in nuy or all of such
stales, dependencies or count: les:
17. Tn ib-and perform any and all other matters and things necessary, proper or convenient
for the accomplishment of all or any of tbo objects hereinbefore specified.
rayed against a new project many men
of power and much capital, and when
oue has to surmount the apathy of
men who prefer former customs to
better ones.
A year ago, after spending $100,OU��
In dev .loping the American field, tbe
affairs of the Semi-ready Company
reached a crisis, the inner history ot
which may never be told.
Today the Semi-ready Oompany Is
In a stronger and better position than
lt ever was, and chiefly because men
everywhere have accepted the system
of tailoring which has proven Itself.
The popular verdict Is a greal asset.
The Semi-ready trade-mark label on
a suit is the emblem of correct form,
of good style, and of superb tailoring,
whether that label be on a $15, $20 or
$25 garment.
J. A. Gilker, the pioneer merchant
ol Nelson, has secured the agency for
the incomparable Semi-ready tailoring.
Sold the Secrete.
Llepslg, Nov. 29.���The Imperial law
court today sentenced an Italian named Lauaui, convicted of high treason,
to 30 months' penal servitude and five
years' loss of civil rights for selling
military Becrets to France.
Silver King Hotel
Beet Dollar a day house in the Kootenays.
Rooms are well furnished.  Table as good as any
in Nelson.    Bar supplied with good
Honors and clears.
W. E  McCANDLISH, Proprietor.
Tremont Hotise
Karopean -nd American Plan
Meal. 3S eta   Boomi Irom 2E cu. to 11
Only White Halp Implored.
Bake St., Nelion Pronrliton
Bartlett   Hotise
Best Dollar-a-Day House in Nelson.
The Bar I. the Plnoil.
White Help Only Employ*-.
lotephlne St
Lake View Hotel
Corner Hall and Vernon,
two blocks from wharf.
Ratei ll oo per day and up.
P. O. Box IAI.
Telephone 118.
Grand Central Hotel
J. A. ERICKSON, Proprietor.
Centrally Located. Open Day and Night.
Sample and Bath Booma Free.
Opposite Court House and Post Office.
Comer Ward ud Vernon Stats.
T_te Strathcona
Nelaon, B.O.
B. Tomkins, Manager.
The Leading Hotel in the
Oood   Sample   Roonu.
Queen's Hotel
Baker Street, Nelson. B. C,
Lighted by Eleotrioiky and
Heated by Hot Air
Larae aud Comfortable Bedrooms and First-
class JUulnit Room.   Sample Rooms for Cominer-
"tul Men
f MRS. K. (I. CLARKE. Proprietress
Royal Hotel
Rates (1 and $1.50 a Day.
Special Ratea to Regular Boarders.
Wholesale anil Reml Dealers ln
Fresh and Salted Meats
$750 Cash and $.5 per Month
Will Purchase a Modem House
containing three bedrooms, Dining room, parlor, kitchen and
bathroom ; gas and electric light.     The house is in a
good position on Mill street and
must be sold.
Price $1300.00.
H. & M. BIRD.
t .imp., snpplied on . ho.tost notion nud
lowost prico. Nothing but fresh and
wholesome uients nnd f-mpplos kept in atock
Mail orders receive oarefnl nttention.
E. C. TRAVES, Macagw.
W.   Q.   aiL,L.ETT
Contractor and
Hole agent fur iii.- Porto Woo Lumber Co., Lid..
reUil -ynrilti. Rough mnl drtongd luinbor, turned
work mnl bracket)), Coast lath tnd hIiIokIcb, rab)i
and (loom. Cement, brick and Hum for sale,
Automatic grinder.
Yard and factory: Vernon St.. east of Hall,
P. U. Box ���-_'_. Tulephouu 178.
*T s       if *rt* ��� TO   TAKR  OUT   AIN	
!N0WlSthelimeAccident insurance PoKcy
I Represent The Railway Passengers' Company
The Old.at Company Doing  Bualneaa In Thla Line.
Choice Fruit
I Have f 0.000 Acre*
Choicest Frott Lands la
British Cofombia.
Can sell any quantity frcjm 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
Nelson-. B. C.
We Will Sell
1000 Yale-Kootenay Ice  9 U2c
Insurance- Fruit Lands, Real Estate.
McDermid & McHardy
The Hall Mining and Smelting
Company, Limited.
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry Ores.
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch,
Creosote, Oils for
Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch and
Boat Builder, will lind it to their advantage to use onr Pitch.
Nelson Coke & Gas Co.
West Transfer Co.
GEORGE F, nOTlON. Huaftr.
General Teamstero and Dealers in
Ooal and Win v.   Exprew and
BftKfroKO Transfer
__?S_?n1 Office: Baker St.
A. McDonaid& Co.
Dealera in stayle and fiinc.j- Groceries.
Butter, Eggs.
Oainp and Miners' Supplies.
Notice 1ft hereby given that at a meeting of tlie
Board of MceiiHv ( .mitatiit-lom-rH, to bu lie'd in
the Chief Comttble'i office, NeUon, on tbe l.-ih
December, lttf*. I Intend toapply for a transfer nf
my lieen-e for thcOrovu Hotel, Falrvl.w, Nelson,
toO   V. WhIuisW-v
Dated li>th Nov., IWt. -I  Vi I'ROW,
per Wm. (.OSNEf-L, Attorney.
No Itse la hereby given Dint at a meeting ol tbo
Hour.) ssf Ltconie I'ssiisint-sis ssnerss, to be nelil In
Chiel OonslubUs'ii oflk-e, nl Nelwin. on Wth Peerm-
ber. 19(141, I Intend ts rt|-|'!v for it Irssssslcr ssf nijr
hotel lifeline for Ihe I'sslstcs- hotel, It Vmlr, to
Ari'hlbalil 4 Davis
The government of British Columbia hereby offers a reward of
11000 for information leading to
Ihe arrest and conviction of one
Frank Cedio, alias Frank Agalio
Paimblanc, who on the 18th Inst,
at the Canada hotel at Niagara,
B. C, murdered Louise King by
means of dynamite or othe.* explosive.
Description ot Frank Cedio,
alias Frank Agalio Paimblanc:
Italian, *_._ about -8 yuai-s;
height, about 6 feet 61,. Inches;
weight, about 150 pounds; brown
hair, light brown moustache;
may be clean shaven now; eyes
light blue, thin face, small thin
nose; slight scar on one cheek,
extending downwards from eye
to corner of mouth.
When last seen wore dark grey
suit with black stripes, plaid pat
tern and tanned high top laced
Wire  or  otherwise  report  Immediately any Information to Mr.
I.   A.   Densmore,   Provincial  Constable .Grand Forks.
By order,
Supt. Provincial  Police,
Old Curiosity Shop
If you want to buy or anil anything,
go to the Old Curiosity Shop. A new
lino of Japanese Goods now on sale. Ail
kinds   of   Dinnerware ln   stock.   Prt-
P__fsar $1.50
A collection of all the Latest
Shapes and Sizes.   A free
smoking and most satisfactory pipe.
Tobacconist.  Baker Street.
iff y
The Daily Canadian
Invest Yottt Dollars
here instead (if in the east. Our values are
as good and better than Eastern values.
We do not want you to take our word for
it, bring your catalogues and find out for
** r Chocolates
t lb. box   -   50c
X-2 ib. box-   30c
Theaesoodi sirs, as, dm. u lhe morssxpanstvi
kinds, tin-only difftrenofl Ifl tbs package,
tky a box.
DIES   AND   SEE ���
i    JOIN    THE   LAD
|New Xmas Fruits!
Seeded Raisins, KH
Fine, clean, juicy stock. A trial
ords-r will convince you that tlie
stock is the best.
���Bell Trading Co.;
Coal and
Telephone 265
Some Wise Body
Has Said:
In    England    they    raise   fine
borttes.     In   Scotland   they   raise j
tine men.
In England they feed their oats -
to horsee.   In Scotland they feed
their oats to meu.
F&ed yourselves    and    children ���
B. & K. Rolled Oats
und then watch the results.
B & K. Rolled Outs in -Sib, .Oil. nud '
40lb Backs for Bale al
(Joy's Cash Grocery]
cor JoMpnlnemd mih Hm.    Phone ll
We Hnve u   Mpuv.nll.v
Huluctud Stock   of
lot*  Xrn-a-t.   lunii*,
Stoneware. Crocks, bean t'ots. Tea Pols, Etc.
Munroe & Nelson
Potter & Cummings
Phone 25. Baker St.
Next P. Burns sfc Co.
Cr. Varnon and Ward  Streatia,
NEl_SO.*N.   B. C
J. FRED HUilE. Proprietor.
E. \V. Rawaon. J. Daiuer, 11, A.
Creech, A. .McLean, D. E. McCulcheon,
Vancouver: A. Canny. P. H. Walsh
nnd wife. 1. A. Chester. Kaslo; (J.
Agar, Koch Siding; J. E. Hodgson,
Calgary; H. McCallum, Calgary; K. p.
Williams. Rossland: P. H. Hurniiain.
Grand Porks; G. .1. Husson. Spokane;
P. McLaughlin, Ymir; G. Long and
wife, Silverton; J. E. Horn, Toronto:
J. A   Yeo, Eholt.
W. P. Dockerill, Rossland; D. Keel.,
C. H. Smith, Spokane; D. Elstou. Se-
attli . W. R. Williams, Phoenix; G. o.
Buchanan, Kaslo; Mrs. A. A. Kielei,
G. Tiiiioii, P. Borden, Revelstoke;
Mih.- Fletcher, Lardo.
D. Green. W. Green, Stirling; W. 1*.
Jackson. Vancouver; J. G. McCalhun.
Cranlsrook; T. P. Mason. Victoria; VV.
Giay, Salmo: J. Phlnery, G. Harton,
R.  Lawrence, Rossland.
R.  Donaldson,   Phoenix;   T.   Murray,
VV.   Heiiderson,   ']'.   McAlpin,   Knslo;
11. A. Hill, Rossland.
E. Wiles. Koch Siding; W. Hillmnn,
Vancouver; W. Xarris and wife. Howard; C. Ross, Moosman; 0. Huudisv,
Creston; H. Darraok, G. Mills, May-
ook; H. Wilkinson, Brandon; .1. Wagner, T. H. Carney, Miss L. Nlvart,
E.  S.  Mills,  W.  Sleeman,  Ymir;   A.
McBean, West Robson.
.1. P. Hell, Erie; W. D. Hescott, Warsaw; J. II. Heacott, Colville; A. .1.
lls-ck. W. E. Doherty, Moyie; B. P.
Hardcastle, Silverton; A. Gray, Wlnlaw.
VV. .1. Chapman, Broadview; .1. Rah-
hilt. Creston; E. Shllte, H. McLean,
lllue Hell; S. Ruson. A. Hain. Slticuu
Junction; .1. MoKinnon. A. Swnn, Phoenix; Captain Laldlaw, Fernie; O.Falk,
Pure Ontario Honey
5 Pound Cans     90c
10 Pound Cans $1.75
Telephone 101.
IHIK SMAKIM!    AMI   RKWINII    Mm.    Berllin
\v,.|.-is, above itssyssi Bank pf-Panada.
50 .MKN. sit isisisj, fssr ssssrli III tin-wlslssla.    Alsisly
lis VV. K. rs,',ki>. aiiwinill, Knssl...
I.AIIY STKNIH SKA I'll Kli fssr |i���<slll���i, In s-sssiiilr-
'inissl   Isssnu-   Willi   s-isi||-
1SI1.V W.. I is lint] sillis-s
Isl SUM I.N  Mill llisiKl-,sss.! UgBltlg Cnlltrailtiira,
Baglnow    **
slsrs.ssl. 9. ('
i issssiss- wills egiployerfl lamlly.    Apply
II VI.-    V:     li, ndnatli.l l^iKSllW<-ontnu;U.m,
silsssi BogUlMr     Wtsllsslsssrii  l.lilnliisr Co., ucsir
tv.lMI'KTKNT   NOkBB    UlttL.    Five   l-lilliln-ll.
Apply IsssxIllS.
TWO KIRBT-rl.ASH UllllMB, Mi-urn Issjsitiid.   Apply tiissis-s-Kiss'iH-i. .usl llttl. K   W. (.'. bloisk.
I'Ul'NINU ANIl illlAKTINII imr-lully attend-
L-sl tss. Apply
Hllvvr King Hotel.
R. J. Kirkwood will leave for tne
Easl in a few days aud will spend
Christmas with relatives in Kempt*
ville, Ont,
The funeral of \V. tf, BUllgUL, who
died yi**sU*rday at CasU*f;ar. will lake
place at *.:'M) p. in. tomorrow from the
Standard   Furniture  Co.'s  parlor.
This is Thanksgiving day in Uie
I'nited States. Ahout a score of col-
lege football -canit's are in progTOM
this afternoon and a dozen or sn ut
minor prize fights are billed for tonight.
J. 0. Paunaude hns placed two brass
signs on his windows that will attract
more than passing attention. They
were man itf a ('lured in his own Jewelry
department and are really artistic in
design and finish.
In the city police court this morning Jean Hob**ris, charged with assaulting one John McLfiod with intent
to do bodtly harm, was remundrd until Monday. The offender was committed Tuesday night. McLeod cannot be
found. A. M. Johnson appeared for
the prisoner, who was released on $1"_
The Pringle company, which gave
way to the Parlovitz Concert company
last night, will renew its engagement
this evening, presenting the five-act
comedy-drama entitled "A Fatal Wedding." This excellent play calls for
the best efforts of the entire oompany
and each member is cast in a con
genial part.
The stealing of sleighs by children
for the purpose of inaknlg "bobs" has
already begun, lt is impossible that
these offences can be committed without the knowledge of the parents ot
the young thieves. The police are
tired of juvenile crimes, concealed and
apparently encouraged hy parents, and
will make a public example of the next
In the county court yesterday afternoon the case of Gasanice vs. C. P. K.
was concluded and judgment was reserved. The next case was that ot
Stubbs vs. Yale-Kootenay Ice Co., lor
$o00 for services rendered. S. S. Taylor. K. C, and \V. A. Macdonald. K.
C, appearing. Tbe case is still in
progress. The only remaining case is
that ot Adams vs. Busk.
Sunday in Rossland.
The Miner says: The Lord's Day alliance adherents have asked tht- directors of the skating rink to close
the rink on Sundays. With all due
deference to the precepts and principles of these advocates. The Miner
can see no possible harm in such recreation of a Sunday afternoon; on the
contrary, one must incline to the belief that tn a climate such as IIritlBb
Columbia enjoys every invigorating exercise that tends to create a healthy
body, must necessarily result in a
healthy mind, and bring to the front
the best Instincts of one's makeup.
Hotter by far that the afternoon he
passed in this way than in lounging
ahout the hotels and other places and
aimlessly putting in the time. The
spirit of the people of the West strongly objects to blue laws, which would
make the Sabbath a day of gloom, or
Inertness and sadness.
Transfer of Newchwang.
Pekln, Nov, 29.���The negotiations
for the transfer of Newchwang from
the Japanese to the Chinese authorities are almost completed. It Is expected that an agreement on the subject will be signed today or tomorrow.
The Store of Quality
40 Cents per Pound
In order to clenr ont this linn
we are reducing tho price to
400, We only have a limited
quantity ho don't delay ordering if you want any.
K. W. C. Block . Phone 10.
Coal! Ice! Wood!
Phone 265
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Frott,
Fuel & Poultry Co., Ltd.
N. E. cor. Baker  and  Ward   Sts.
Don't Overlook
Tea S.-is. I'mlilhiK Dllhes, Butter
Dishes, Ileal Fssrhs, l'ii-kls- Cruets.
Knives, KsirkK, Bpooni. etc, ull ol the
tit-st Minn-rial poatiMo tn In* bed, Alt
inuisl lie mild by Xnints. mi i-iuns- sitily.
Cm Am Benedict
Corner Silica anil Josephine Sts.
phone *?.
White French China
For Decorating
The assortment includes Steins.
Vases, Cups and Saucers. Sugars and
Creams, Jugs, Salad Bowls. Bon-Bon
Dishes, Plates, etc., etc.
Prices Range from 20c to $6
W. G. Thomson
___-_&_?��� ��d Nelson, B. C.
Phont -34.
Order Your
Fruit Cakes
We make them in all sizes
and designs
Choquette Bros*
On nud rafter DuuemtH-T Int my heating and
phirclitng -SminIiicsn will be Ioc-hI.*'! in my new
���hop, two floon tin*-"! of opiTa imu*-*. on Victoria
TcL 181.     S. A. WYE
Eduard   Parlovitz   Company   Delighted
Large Audience.
The concert by the Kduunl Parlovitz company under the auspices or
lhe choir of St. Saviour's cliurch, giv-
en in the opera house last night, was
a brilliant succcbs. The house was
well filled and the audience thoroughly enjoyed  every number.
Herr Eduard Parlovltz is a matter
of the piano whom lovers uf music
would never tire of hearing. As he
played he seemed to forget nie audi*
ence and to be forgotten by them iu
their delight in the music.
Alys Bateman justified all that haa
been said in her praise. Her voice is
rich, clear and sweet and under perfect control. Its remarkable flexibility waa well shown in "Spring I_ Coming." In response to a final encore
t)he delighted the audience with
"Annie   Laurie."
MisH Grace Merry is far above the
average entertainer. Her rang.* in remarkable. She was equally successful in Irish and Scotch character
sketches, in the Yankee dialect and in
Professor Drummund's stories in
French-Canadian patois.
For some of the audience the pleasure of the evening was marred by the
presence of a small group of adolescents who chose the opera house evidently to play, and betrayed no more
Interest in music than in manners.
Ahout   Your
Guns and
Wc huve Kiev's, Kynook'i. Winchester, and UitKflwelJ A:
Harriion -
Loaded Shot Shells
KyiMM*kv, Winchester and
i kuniuion
Rifle and Pistol Cartridges
Hunt-og Kinv. -. Wading, Bald,
Ooate, 1'iuiis.. s-i<*.
Nelson Hardware Co.
Box 631      N��l��on, 11. C
By Mail $1.35
Canada Drug & Book Go's
....Cash Stores....
Sherman's Opera House
The Pringle Company
TONIGHT���"A Fatal Wedding"
Saturday���Little   Lord   Fauntleroy.
Price., 76c, iliic*; children, Mc;
ilii-u pricca, adults, 50c;  chililri-n,
Plan at Rutherford's.
Monday, December 3
Melo   Dramatic   Success
"Otit in Idaho"
A True Western Play.
PrlnoR.  r.llr. 7r,c nnd  fl nn
Plan at Rutherford's Saturday.
Trams-v.iy Returns.
Tins receipts rrom tha tramway hit-
vloe for ihe week ending November
25 wore 1110,80, acalnsi $lir,.75 ror the
corresponding week of hul year, The
receipt, to date inr the year sm
(08116.15, agalnsf $51111:1,1 r. for L906.
Trains and Boats.
Crow boat���On time,
Coast and Slocun train���On lime.
Boundary train���On time.
Rossland  train���On time.
Prices of Metals.
New York, Nov. 29.���No quotations,
National  holiday���Thanksgiving day.
Thc I'rotticat and Daintiest Dress Slippers arc to be found at out- stoic.   Whether
it bo in a Patent Leather or Plain Leather we are
sure to plouse you.
The Royal.       R. Andrew & Co.
Something    Ncthersole Bracelets
For the Baby ���
$1.00 Each
Telephone 33.1.
Starkey & Co., gWg
WliniuMniw Provisions*,
Produce, - Fruit.
Dominion Government Oruman one Pound Hi-iclm Motived weekly fn��h
from the churn.   Por Hide by all loudiug grocers.
Offloe and wavehoo-oi Houston Block,  Phono 99.
Josephine Street.
Nelson. B. C.
'    Repairing and Jobbing a Specialty
aiieetmetal Work, Cartings, Huildem' Materuil and Mining and Mill Hsohlam
Ofllce and Works Foo�� of Hark St.
1'IS.M.W      2<)4.
Nslaon, n. c.
A Word to the Wise
Thin yonr wo hnvt' ajijin-'iulf-l thc wnnts (if oura* |
touH'rs nnd __vfa pii8#'d into uUc-li the
Good Cheer Art Base Burner
This sU>vc in jirluTited for hard oofil only, mid |im j
unte-fd to ftTS Batit*fiu;ti("U.
J. H. Ashdown Hardware]
Company, Limited.
Kvpnlrlng mm.I JohbltiK v.istisle.1 with Desapntch.   Shaat M��UI
Work, Mining und Mill Mii.lsliscn .      Maanufaacliss-ara ol
Oro Cara,  kt.  kt.   Contruutura'  Cum.
Gorier ol H>U ud        |\JF-I    <!*/"�� INI        I_t     <"* Wtol li
Front BirsmlB. I'ICUOUIl,       t>_,    \m.. l-.o.loil*
The  Parlovitz Concert on Wednesday  Evening is
is the iiroimr thing and JOBS T. 1'lKUItE in thi, man tomaki- them sir priw
old oue np.    Pnt on 11 front if you would ninko the 20,0(10 murk.
JOHN T. PIERRE, Artistic Tallorj
All Sizes 35 to 44
��� ������ Now i�� lbs- Him*
  to buy yonr
Winter (hsirnal
AU Prices from $ 10 to $30
J. A. gTLker
AND DEALERS IN   Lt*i_-DZty  Sllingl*2S*j
Lath, Mouldings, Doors, Window*
Turned Work and brackets. Mnil Orders prompt!. iitt.'****-'**i
vukinoin s i i.i i:|
Kootenay Ranges
Why do we handle the Famous Kootenay Range'
Becau.e we cannot procure a better, taking Into ���*
count  design, workmanship, cooking qualities a"" fm
We will be pleased to show you Its g��od P��lnlB*
Wood-Vallance Hardware Co'y


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