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The Daily Canadian Mar 21, 1908

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Array A8K   FOR
rhe  monarch   of table  waters..   The
all  the time..   It's bottled at  the
JLUMB   2.      NO.   25I
-WJje Jkiilig
THfci  DAILY 1
WIN be delivered    every evening    at
your door for
Fifty Cbnts a   month
list) Columbia Court
[McPherson Asks One Pertinent
ucstion���Latest Proceedings
of Parliament.
��i March 21.-It. ti. McConneil.
si ui tlie geological survey, says
���s nut see why plenty ol' gold
nut In- found In Flnlay river din-
There are numerous streams and
^urination, consisting of gneiss and
a. is favorable to the discovery of
Bllun   metal.    Mr.   McCoiiucIl was
;. m i   a  fe  wyeurs  ago.
tlis- common! yesterday   Mr.   Muc-
,:,    Vancouver,  drew  Oliver's at-
n iu a  despatch  stating  that out
-;    Hindus   brought  over  on   the
agli   lu Vancouver and ordered to
purled. II- remained behind wheu
mpresB ul Japan sailed.
Macl'beraon aakad what the gov-
.,i   Intended   to do   lu   regard   to
:,,    ;. i und  tlie  high handed  prongs  uf  lie-   courts.
,-er   replied   that   the   mutter   haa
Hi.    subject of considerable  cum-
.uiuii     with     Dr.   Munro  ut   Van-
i     instructions had beeu given lo
thesi    people  until   legal   proceed-
an- ii- cided upon,
justice department is looking in-
utller luallur.
I., Burden UBked whether  uegotla-
are lietni carried ou regarding the
i.,: of  American  warship,  through
<,;��� ,    Lakes.
said uo negotiations are pend-
aslonally permission   ls given,
I ur worships but for naming ships,
- the Cunadiun canals through to
,1 readings were given lo the bills
ting   thu   Northern   Empire   rall-
nd the Trans-Canadian nulway.
nl ing to officials ot tho labor de-
ent   there   were   ISO   men   killed
�� injured as  the  result of dyuu-
j.li.slons on railway construction
i..ida lust yeur.    lu   1U0G 6a  were
and 41 injured.    The greater bulk
.-.-  accidents    have    occurred  in
��� in   Ontario   and   mostly   lu   the
inn liuuii of Kenora.
Wiirrld     Laurler    and     lion.   S.
i  yesterday received n deputation
In- Canadian society  for the prelum   of   tuberculosis,   the   members
lii'li     urged     that     the     various
|nc-h, ri which deal with public health
irganiWd   and   placed   under one
l.uTerty, of Calgay, who was the
M'ukeaman for tho delegation
a  plea  for the estalilishuient  iu
a ut a Duininiou sanitarium,   Ow-
cllmatlc conditions, lie said, con-
i-is  Itoin all over Canada go to
ruvlnoe in large numbers, and ll
iifttlr to expect provincial lustltu-
as i"   link ufter them ull.
""���   i'i' mler   promised   serious   conation   to   both   retpiestH.
1     Klchard     I'urtwrlglit    lias   fixed
!i 31sl lo hear ull deputation! wlio
i- iu  present   their  views  with   re-
1 i" Hie grain commission's report,
is Canada Gazette  contains  notice
'"'��� King  Edward  medal  has beeu
'''I  I"   .iiihs  Murguret   June   Lamb,
''���uiasilcon-Tyno, In  recognition of
Kullnnl   action  or her  brother,  tlie
Ucorge II. Lamb, who lost his life
ndeavorlng to save the llvi>s of five
1,1 ui  a Die  In  the  nilneH  at   Strath-
Mborta, on June 8th, 1907.
''"" Canadian Gazette ronlalnH notice
""' appointment of MaoKantie King
iinilailoner in Vancouver to en-
nto Ioshcb siiHliiliieil by Chlniinieii
riots last Seplomber.
*n order in council has been passed
ttiriR aside an urea of 17(1 square
In Alberta, lying between the
���tasltlwln brancli of the C. P. R. and
" 0. T. u nialn lino os a park for the
"Won of the hord of about a hundred
public accounts committee, and two re-
KolutioliB iu iuvor of financial reform
were voted down in tlie House by tho
government majority. Ministers, especially Mr. Pugsley, are still depressed over the Ne wlirunswick election.
Mr. Pugsley's colleagiieH seek comfort In the late and vain pretence that
tlie defeat is not federal, but condemns"
tlie laic- provincial administration. Mr.
Pugsley has jubl retired from tlie pro
vinciai premiership, and this hits him
botli   ways.
After the revelations of fraud in timber limit and dredging tenders, it was
natural that action should be taken to
provide u remedy. Un Tuesday Ur. Reld
moved a resolution declaring that tenders received in any department Should
he kept carefully under seal until the
time of opening, aud then be opened
publicly, wilh two or throe officials present, us well as the tenderers, if they
wish to be there. The motion was voted down, but not until the prima minister aud tlie minister of finance had declared thai the interior department was
Lhe ouly oue iu which teuders had beeu
opened in secret by a solitary officer.
They promised a new system in disposing of limber liuilis, coniessing thut
mere was no excuse lor lhe course
heretofore pursued. That course has
enabled members and their -associates
lo obiaiu at trilling cost many minion
dollars worth of the public domain,
which night now lo be restored lo the
people, since ll seems clear that tne
title is clouded by fraud, liesides Ur.
lleid, Messis. i^eiinux, liurker, Luke,
Auks, illaiu, Burden, Ilergerou, Bon-
nett. Monk and Armstrong spoke for
tlie motion, and showed up the existing
cm Thursday Mr. Perley, of Argen-
teuil, moved u resolution condemning
expenditure "ou works which are lor
the benefit of favorlie corporations and
private individuals, and not lor public
benefit." This motion he supported
by citing a long list of expensive
works, some of purely private advantage, and some of no benelil at all. He
showed that public works exiienditure
had been increused sixfuld in twelve
years, and that wharves, buildings and
other constructions were provided on
nu regular plan, but largely as government patronage, to persons and places wlili a pull. Mr. Pugsley, who, iu
the recent New Brunswick campaign,
premised more federul works lhati the
Laurler government in lis most extravagant humor could provide In many
years, put up the usual defence that
this Is a growing country, that people
ask for these ilium.- and should not
be refused. In tlie course of the day's
debate Messrs' Osier, lleid. Crocket,
Fowler, Clements, Uationg Wnish and
oilier members gave some operations
Within their knowledge. Mr. Parley*!
mot inn wan, of course, rejected by tlie
usual   party  vote.
|i> Hi,
German    Newspapermen   Reaent   Being
Called  Swine  and  Rsfuae  to  Report  In   Reichstag.
Berlin, March ill.���The newspapers
of Berlin and tlie provinces have unanimously decided not to print a word of
the Itelchstag debutes until adequate
retraction Is offered lor Hie iusuliing
expression of "swine'' addressed to Hie
reporters'  gallery    Thursday    by    rterr
Qroeber, leader of the centre party, because jeers had come from tills division at a statement used by a member
to the cuVci i inn negroes uIbo hud
immortal bouIs.
The olllcial news agencies are cDm-
pelled according lo their agents to take
down the decliirniloiis or Ihe ministers
steiiogiiiplili'iill.v These however, ure
merely Supplied lo tha varloiiH ministers and officer!. Tlie parliamentary
supporters of tha newspapers abstained
altogether trom attending   tha,   Raich.-
tag yesterday and as a result  no fewer
than  12 deputies who hud Intended to
speak on tlie colonial budget withdrew
lheir Damel  lrom  the  present  Hat   and
refused to address the house ai a
time when their remarks would, not be
given  publicity.
Kootenay Fruit Growers
Really Begin
R. C. Brock's Forecast and Promise
Are Received With Enthusiasm-
Budget Proposals Adopted.
|last millltlir
purohaaed   by   the   government
|*HI   lie
r In Mokitanu.    A wire fence
'"lilt arouhd lhe  area.
">**, Mnrch 21.--Parliament    has
"light    progress     with     routine
rnmenl legislation and supply.   In-
' MI��B discoveries woro made iu tne
Intervention Imperative.
Port Au Prince, Mnrch 21.��� The city
is tranquil hill the natives are still
greatly excited and tlie situation remains tense. Tho German cruiser Bremen will sail today to take on board
the refugees lu the consulates at Port
de I'alx and Saint Marie and convey
them   to   Kingston.    Septimus    Mnrliis,
judge of the supreme court, who is n
refugee   nl    the   French   legation   here,
snys the combined intervention of the
powetl Is absolutely  necossury  lo  prevent   anarchy.
The Kootenay "Fruit Growers' Assocl-
liou iu quite satisfied that ll has made
no mistake in securing the services of
It. C. Brock as manager. His address
last night was frequently interrupted
ny applause.
J. J. Campbell's proposal for raising
revenue was approved and adopted.
Several changes in the constitution were
adopted to secure more efficient co-op
Anioug those present at the meeting
were: C. VV. Iii.sk. Jas. Johnstone, J. J.
Campbell, Capt. Paddon, W. Hatg-
Suieilie, A. E. tCskrigge, J. W. Ford,
Capt. Robertson, J. T. Russell, it. W.
Huiberi, K. S. Francis, K. C. Brock, D.
C. McMorris, JJ. A. Boyd, J. Greenwood,
O. B. Appleton, W. J. Asliey, I. C. Campbell, anu many others, in number about
ISO. The minutes ut the last meeting
were read aud adopted.
President C. W. Busk explained that
tlie meeting was called to enable the
members to meet the new manager, R.
C. Brock, to consider proposals for raising revenue, aud tu discuss several
resolutions of which notice has beeu
The last, being of the nature of unfinished  business,  was  tsken  first.
J. \V. Ford moved that directors be
elected lor two years, half retiring annually. Mr. Ford explained that he
wished to secure continuity and stabil
ity on the board.
The motion was seconded by James
Mr. Ford was allowed to substitute
a slightly modified resolution providing
thai at the end of the present year a
ballot should be taken of the present
directors to choose six to retain office
for the second year, and another ballot
'for six more. The resolution was
D. C. .McMorris moved that the date
of the annual meeting be fixed for the
llrst Weduesdny ln February, and that
the financial year end on December 31.
Capt. Paddon seconded. ... W. Ford opposed. The opinion of R. C. Brock was
asked, and was given ln fnvor of tho
Capt. Paddon moved to authorize the
directors to refuse fruit not in prime
condition, or from growers who have
not shipped regularly with [lie association during the season. The motion
was seconded by J. J. Campbell and
Capt. Paddon also moved, seconded
by R. W. Hulbert. providing for suspension and penalty for inurkeling Independently, lie explained thut conceited action always was essential.
James Joluistoue supported the motion,
as did J. W. Ford, und It was adopted.
1). A. Boyd moved thai directors' ex-
pi uses iu unending meetings be paid
out of tliu IreUBiiry. J. Greenwood
O. B. Appleton thought tlie association could not stand the expense this
year.    K.  W.   Hulbert concurred.
After further discussion the motion
was   lost.
The report of the directors' meeting
held Tuesday night, March 17th, was
then presented.
' .1. J. Campbell submitted the proposals for raising necessary additional
revenue. He explained the action of
the directors In engaging it. C. Brock
as authorised by lhe association He
said they had taken the very successful
Hood Itlver organization as their model
In business methods. To give effect to
this policy It wus essential that adequate revenue be raised. He thought
tile acheme wns equitable as to the Incidence of taxation on individual members.
He then presented the four propositions  following:
A voluntary tax on Ihe basis of acreage
under cultivation, to net 11,600; a percentage tax on estimated crops of fruits
and vegetables, to net $2,000; a percentage tax on purchase of supplies, to
net $1,000; a charge of $10 per day and
expenses for oach special visit of R. C.
Mr. Cumphell estimated the maximum revenue required would be enally
raised by the methods proposed. He
moved their adoption, seconded by R.
W. Hulbert.
|      Mr. Brock  wished It understood that
the $10 per day charge for his services
should go to tlie association's treasury
not to him.
Oscar Appleton warmly endorsed the
proposal, remarking thut none would
appreciate expert advice more than
those who had spent years trying to
learn  by experience alone.
J. W. Ford also concurred. J. T.
Russell favored tlie adoption of the
scheme proposed but thought there was
danger of Mr. Brock's services being
Inadequately   paid for  by  some.
Mr. Campbell further explained that
the charge was intended to be levied
only for special service, which he
thought might be lert to the discretion
of tile executive.
The resolution was then adopted
amid applause.
Mr. Campbell remarked that some
funds would be needed at once. He
moved that a subscription list be opened, the amounts to be credited to the
assessments when determined. He offered $50.
James Johnstone seconded, offering
$50 more. ,
The motion was deferred for a time.
Mr. Appleton suggested that there
should be some agreement as to the
amount of wages to be paid for help, especially to pickers.
Mr. Johnstone remarked that a suggestion had been made by the C. P. R.
official.--, that residents of cities might
be found willing to do such work during
the season by way of an outing, the
railway company giving special rates.
He wished that he might be authorized
to convey some definite information on
the subject to Superintendent R. Mar-
pole, during a visit to the coast he will
make in a few days.
At J. W. Ford's suggestion J. J.
Campbell communicated the advice of
O. J. Wiggin. of Creston. who recommended the Wtirtielil rather than Uie
Magoon, insisted upon careful grading,
and would pay more during the first 16
days of the strawberry season than
later, and would pay by the small box,
or halleck, not by the crate.
R. C. Brock, replying to Mr. Hulbert,
said that In Hood River abundant labor
was obtained by employing Indians and
white labor of the class suggested by
R: .Marpole.
On a general discussion the concensus of opinion seemed to be that four
or five pickers to the acre was the
average requirement, with rather more
for the height of the season, and that
35 cents a orate was a fair price for
picking. a
It was resolved to leave the matter
for a few days to be decided by the
R. C. Brock then addressed the meeting. He sketched the history of the
Hood River orchard country from the
first serious attempt of an Ohio man,
Mr. Sears, in 1892, when he began with
a capital of $360 and planted 108 trees
on the first acre he cleared. The average net profit on apples from the first
Hi acres planted at $450 an acre, and
of the whole orchard now 119 acres, at
$270 an acre. The success of Mr. Sears
was responsible for the whole development of Hood River.
Mr. Sears had asked himself as he
looked at an utterly neglected farm was
"If such apples can be grown here with
such culture, what can be done with
Intensive culture?" That question he
The methods followed by the Oregon
pioneer were then detailed, his Intense
care, his rigid exclusion of blemished
fruit, his abandoning of unprofitable
varieties, his methods of handling and
marketing, and above all, his scrupulous
Mr. Brock urged the creation of a
class and the establishment of a reputation for Kootenay berries and Kootenay apples. He urged the selection
of one or two varieties and devotion to
them alone. In that way only could effective command of markets be won,
and he advocated careful study of the
demand in the markets they wished to
Mr. Brock then dealt with the history
of the Hood River Apple Growers' Association. It started with enthusiasm,
nearly collapsed the second year on account of quarrels and mistrust and mistakes, but gradually grew stronger and
now embraces nearly all the growers
ln the valley.
"If I can have 15 or 20 good men to
back me through thick nnd thin for
the next two yeurs, I'll guurantee to
put this district on as good a basis as
Hood River ever was," said Mr. Brock,
and waa greeted with a burst of applause.
Mr. Brock exhorted his hearers to
work together loyally and constantly,
to pardon honest mistakes and to support  and  thank  their  directors.
He especially advised devotion to
apples and pears rather than to perishable fruits, and Ihe harder varieties for
preference. He declined without fuller
local knowledge to recommend any
speclnl varieties. He thought he might
do so next autumn.
An informal discussion of varieties
of apples, pears and cherries followed.
In reference to the quotation of his
remarks in yesterday's Canadian Mr.
Brock explained that he did not mean
to condemn Irrigation generally, a supply of water was an insurance, but it
has been much abused and the evil results he had referred to were due to
abuse not to intelligent use.
Mr. Brock concluded wilh an appeal
for absolute compliance with all laws
governing the handling of fruit. He
also expressed gratification at the recent inspection of West Arm orchards
by  Inspoctor F.  Adle.
J. J. Campbell urged that the Dominion government he requested to make
provincial fruit Inspectors, Inspectors
nlso under the Fruit Marks Act. His
motion was seconded by .lames Johnstone and carried.
A vote of thanks and confidence In
R. O. Brock waa carried on motion of
Messrs.  Johnstone nnd  Paddon.
Rural Telephone System
in Saskatchewan
Farmers Round Regina Have Formed
Independent Company���Canada
From Ocean to Ocean.
Regina, March 21.���The first rural
telephone system in the province was
initiated this week at Pilot Butte when
the farmers of the district formed the
Canada-American Rural Telephone company. There are already thirty farmers on the list and plans have been laid
for the building of fifty miles of line
with the opening of spring. The telephone will be connected with the Regina lines of the Bell Telephone company at Baigonie. The government of
Saskatchewan is at present investigating the telephone question and may introduce a measure for a complete provincial system and for the taking over
of the Bell lines at the coming session.
Tononto, Mtrch 21.���The home missions committee of the Presbyterian
church has made its annual appointment ot men to fields for the coming
summer. Those for British Columbia
are  M.  O.  Melvin  and C.   W.  McLean.
Toronto, March 21.���The Methodist
mission hoard has appointed J. C. Mc-
Clellan of Toronto as superintendent
of erection of mission buildings ln
China. /
Toronto. March 21.���Sheriff Leonard
Calder, of the supreme court of Saskatchewan who is in the city, predicts
a record yield of wheat in that province  this year.
Victoria, March 21.���E. B. Paul, principal of Victoria college, was last night
appointed city superintendent of schools
to succeed the late Dr. Frank Eaton.
Montreal, March 21.���Despite disturbance in the commercial circles of the
Dominion caused by the financial stringency, officials of all transportation
companies here report prospects for the
coming   season   most   encouraging.
Toronto, March 21.���After being out
all night the jury this morning brought
In a verdict of "not guilty" against Mrs.
Minnie Turner, charged with committing a criminal operation on Rose Winters in October last. The girl died at
Mrs. Turner's residence on October 25.
Mrs. Turner was tried on the charge
at the January assizes and the jury-
disagreed after being out for four hours.
There ls another true bill against Mrs.
Turner. She Is charged with the murder of Rose Winters, who it is claimed,
died of blood poisoning as a result of
a criminal operation.
Montreal, March tl,���Four year old
David MacKoffiky tried to hang himself this morning at his home. His
mother is said to have scolded him,
whereupon he tried to end his life.
Hamilton, March 21.���A coroner's
jury has returned a verdict that tho
baby found on the Ice a few days ago
waa wilfully murdered by unknown persons.
Kincardine, Ont., March 21.���Thomas
Welch, pioneer ot Huron, is dead at the
age of 93 years.
Montreal, March 21.���Hop Lee, a
Chinese laundryman, was shot and probably fatally wounded last night by an
unknown person, supposed to be English
or Canadian, as a result of a dispute
over laundry.
Montreal, March 21.���James llafferty,
waiter, 48 years old, committed suicide
last night by taking carbolic acid. He
had been out of work and drinking
heavily. (
Toronto, March 21.���Judgment has
been reserved on a motion on behalf of
the Union Trust company to strike out
the $100,000 counter clnlnis ot G. W.
Fowler,   M.   P.,   iu   an   action   against
Fowler, Ryan and McCormlck for $70,-
000, being the difference between the
sale price to the Trust company of
$225,000, and the retail price $165,000,
In connection with the Kamloops Lumber company deal, disclosed by the insurance investigation.
Cornwall, March 21���Philip K. Low,
of Finch, pleaded guilty yesterday to
two charges arsen in connection with
a conflagration which on May 13 and
14, 1907, almost wiped out the village
of Finch, and was sentenced to three
years in Kingston penitentiary on each
charge, sentences  to run concurrently.
Quotations on   Spokane   Exchange  and
New York Curb.
Alberta  C.   &  C $      .15    *
B. C. Copper       4.6214
Chas.   Dickens 18 %
Can. Gold Fields       68.00
Copper   King*    ,        .03%
Dom.nlun  Copper   ...      2.12%
Galb.aith Coal 20
Gertie 04%
Granby     85.00
Heela        ,       3.00
International C. <fc C.        .70
Kendall          1.00
.Missoula Copper 08%
Nabob 04%
Oom  Paul 06%
Pannandle 05%,
Rambler Cariboo 25%
Rex 11
Snowaboe 10%
Snowstorm          1.86
Sullivan   ..T 01%
Suhivan Bonds         ,
Siewart 76
Tamarack & Ches'pke       .80
2.18 v,
W. G. Gillett is spending today at
Sirdar on business and expects to return to the city tonight.
Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Whittier, of Sandon, arrived from Spokane last night
and are at the Strathcona.
Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Macintyre, formerly of Nelson, have returned after a
visit to Scotland, and wiil reside permanently in Kootenay.
E. W. Praeger, formerly teller in the
Nelson branch of the Canadian Bank of
Commerce, now of the C. P. R. staff at
Eholt, is in town for a few days.
Mrs. Fried, widow of the late O. F.
Fried, has left for North Dakota. She
and her husband were, at the time ol
the death of the latter, visiting his
uncle, on Silica street.
Martin Burrell arrived In the city last
night from the east, and left for his
home in Grand Forks this morning.
Mr. Burrell's services In Britain in the
interest of British Columbia fruit growing have chronicled from time to time.
His thorough knowledge of the subject
and his force and brilliancy as a lecturer make him an ideal missionary In
such a cause.
C. G. Broadwood arrived on the Crow
boat last night, having come straight
through from London. He appeared at
the fruit growers' meeting and the proceedings had to stop while old friends
walked over to shake hands. Mr. Broad-
wood has become a benedict again sine,
leaving Nelson. He ls accompanied b;
Miss Brosdwood, Miss Dorothy who Is
to be married ln a few months, having
remained in London. To the inquiry as
to whether he ls back to stay Mr.
Broadwood returned au emphatic affirmative.
Afternoon Blaze.
A lew minutes before four o'clock
this afternoon fire broke out ln the top
storey of an old frame building behind
the Salvation Army barracks. Its location made It dangerous as, if It got
beyond control, the south side of Baker
street was threatened. However, the
fire brigade was promptly on the scene
and In a very few minutes any danger
of the fire's spreading was removed.
The damage will be confined to the
roof and upper storey. The building
has been occupied as headquarters of
the Salvation Army bany, and a fire
was left In the building this morning.
It ls not known yet how it reached the
walls or floor. A lafge crowd assembled to watch the brigade at work.
Sheriffs Officer Tied Up
C.N. R. Line
Northern Steamer Aground.
Valden, Alaska. March 21.���The
steamship Saratoga went aground off
Busbee Island during a blinding anow
storm yesterday, and now lies caught
aniiilsliip on the rocks ln a perilous
position. It ls feared she will break
in two with the falling of the tide. All
the passengers, Including Captain Mlk-
klesen. an Attic exolorer. were taken
to Vnldez by a passenger Bteamer. The
Saratoga was one of the Northwestern
Steamship compuny's ves.-eis taken
over hy the Alaska Steamship company
tlie first ot the year.
Unique Seizure for Judgment Debt at
Edmonton���C. P. R. Chances���
University Plans.
Edmonton, March 21.���One of the
most unique seizures ever made by a
sheriff, even ln the west, where the initiative ia usual, was made last week
by some of Sheriff Robertson's assistants, acting under hia instruction!. Exe-
cut.ou was served upon a passenger engine of the C. N. K. and lor two days
the big locomotive was lied by a legal
process in tne Canadian Monnern railway yads at Uie depot here, it was an
unpaid claim of *i,4uu mat caused tue
aeizuxe ot tue important piece ol rail-
nay pioperty, miu lor two aays pre-
veuteU uie iron uurse Hum steaming
us way aown to ttuuieioiu. ine vuuui
arose  Horn a case    uiuu��at    oy  tit*.
Al'UllbdiU    .UCU\JU.HU,    Ul    1'l.UOJ    .-UU��1.,
lo recover .d.viuu uiunagss ciuui uie \j. \
N. it. company lor injuiies leceiveu ou
a   C.   iV   it.   iraiu   svt   x-iuiuti   .nuvik  iu
july, 1907.
air. justice Harvey gave Judgment
(or $l,.uu in lavor ot tue piauitut, anu
a certain penoa watt given in wiuuu tue
ciuiui must be paid. Toe neao ouiue oi
tne C. N. K. at Winnipeg waa nuuuea
Dut, no payment being received oy airs;
lUCDonald ueiore tne expiration ot Uie
time limited for payment, tne sueria
was instructed to put the macninery
of the law in mouou. I'ms waa none
and the simple serving oi a notice ot
seizure Ued up the imposing engine
iium March 7th to Marcn luth wnen
ine company s solicitors paid the claim
in full. Tne money bad merely been
delayed, they claimed. Tbe engine waa
men free to proceed where it would.
Commencing April 1st all baggage
coming in and going out of Edmonton
on the C. P. R. may be checked direct
to and from Edmonton. This announcement was made yesterday by J. Snarpe,
baggage agent of the C. P. R. at Winnipeg, who is ln the city at present with
Mr. DaugerBeid, agent of the baggage
department ot the C. P. R. at Calgary,
arranging the details of the new scheme.
The members of the senate of tha
University of Alberta were formally appointed by the execuUve council this
morning. The chancellor and members
of the senate were elected by the members of the first convocation and the
remaining ten member! were appointed
by the executive. At the first meeting
of the senate the whole question ot the
organlsaUon of the Alberta Uunlverslty
will be discussed. It will then bo decided what classes will be held next
fall and other matters of Importance
will be discussed. It has been suggested that a meeting of all the member!
of the first convocation be held ln the
fall at the commencement ot claaiei of
the new university. Prominent educational men from all parts of Canada will
be Invited to attend this meeting and
deliver addresses and the occasion will
be made as Impressive aa the occasion
warrants. These are the only suggestions as yet and the question will likely
be discussed at the first meeting of tha
senate.     .
Major Strickland, officer commanding
the R. N. W. M. P. at Fort Saskatchewan, died this morning of dropsy after
a very short Illness.
Three Days Adrift,
St. Thomas, D. W. I., March 21.���Tha
British cruiser Scylla bas picked up,
thirty miles west of here, the small
boat in which the warship's captain
put out to hia ship while that veaael
was stationed at Grenada March 18th.
The captain was ln an exhausted con-
dtlon when found and the boat waa war
ter  logged.
An Interesting Exhibition.
During the progress of the Ore this
afternoon, Joseph Daly Downee treated
the spectators to an Interesting exhibition on the slack wire. The performer
spent fifteen minutes on the wire and
when he descended he was loudly applauded by the spectators.
���M aaTTWliltslfJf-       1
Important Notice to Newcomers and Intending Settlers
The Hudson's Bay Stores
Ranchers', Miners', Prospectors',
Lumbermen's and Railroadmen's
Suppplies   and   the    Leading
We keep the best of everything, and the best only.
Our Immense business and practically unlimited capital give us speci;
advantages In buying, so that we can Sell,  and    do   sell.    HIGH    CLASS
GOODS al   prices  generally  charged   tor  INFERIOR   ARTICLES.
Flour. Bran. Shorts and Hay Always in Stock
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office:   Toronto.
Capital Authorized $10,000,000    Capital Paid Up ..
Reat   $4,860,000
D. R. WILK1K. President. HON. ROBKRT.JAi'FRAY, Vioe-President
Branches in British Columbia:
Interest allowed on  deposits  from date of deposit and credited quarterly.
NBl-SON BklANCH J.    IVi.    LAY,   IWanagotr.
The Royal Bank of Canada
Incorporated  A. D. 1869.
Capital $3,900,000     Reserve  Fund.
��� a.,390,000
Unexcelled facllitlea for the tranaactlon
of all  kinds of Banking  Business.
savings Bank Department, and
Interest credited Quarterly on
Savings Bank Accounts.
on Application, In Large, Medium
or Pocket Size.
Nelson Branch, G. A. SPINK. Manager.
Published six nays . wee. t.y the
Bicker St..  Nelson, B. O
SUDBorlptlou rates. 50 rents s month delivered
In tbe cllr. or s&.oo s year It sent by msll, when
paid ln advance.
Advertising rates on application.
All monies paid In settlement ot The Pally
Canadian ... luiiuls, elltier for subscriptions or
advertising, must be receipted for on Ihe prluu-d
forms of tlie Company.   Other receipts are not
Saturday, March 21, 1908.
Our statement that Clifford Sifton Is
generally understood to be the organizer and chief beneficiary of the Imperial Pulp company was made with
full knowledge, and due consideration,
of his denial which our Contemporary
takes the trouble to reprint.
If Clifford Siflon's assurance is sufficient answer lo a charge, why is he
not still in tlie cabinet? On the score
of abilitx his only rivals In the party
are Aylesworth and Fielding. He
didn't disagree with tha party on any
principle of policy like Tarte nnd lihiir.
but he walked out in disgrace like
Hyman and Kinmerson. And yd our
contemporary naively suggests that are
ought to take his evidence In his own
defence as "conclusively showing the
charge be false." That surely was
written with tongue ln cheek.
But, to show that its support of the
Machine is not halfhearted, our contemporary proceeds: "Tnere is not a
vestige of evidence to Indicate that any
special favor was ever shown to the
Imperial Pulp company by any official
of the government. The company secured certain timber limits In exactly
the same manner as any other person
or company could do so, by putting In
the highest tender. There has been no
Interference with the rights of any
member of the public accounts committee and no attempt made to prevent the
most thorough investigation into any
transaction complained of."
Well. If ihe invariable resort to the
double cheque trie with no amount
specified as the tender, and the recurring "coincidence" that the aggregate
total was just enough to win, do not
constitute a vestige of evidence, we
have never seen evidence of anything
and do not  know what evidence is.
The last statement that there has
been "no attempt to prevent the most
thorough investigation into any transaction complained of." is so obviously and
ludicrously untrue that it would be flat-
ery  to call   it  a falsehood.
After keeping religious silence while
Conservative papers published the facts
about the contract between Sir
Charlea Ross and tlie Dominion government for the manufacture in Canada
of a service rifle for the use of the Canadian forces, tin- Machine press has
tin hardihood to rater tu it as an "exploded ���caudal." As a matter of fact
everj new pleco of Information that
is extracted Ln committee through the
teeth ul the- Machine obstructionists
puts th.it il, al in an ever worse light.
There is uot one feature of the case
thai is not as bad as it can possibly be.
it was retire sent.���,! as a scheme to en-
sura the production in Canada of a national Hie arm, made of Canadian mail rial lij Canadian labor. The factory-
was erected on part of the Plains of
Abraham aud will have to be removed,
at tlie public cost of course, to make
way  for the   Battlefields   Park.
The financial part of-The deal has
frequently been described in these columns. It is enough now io state that
tbe contractor has beeu paid regularly
in advance, and has now received many
thousands of dollars for rifles the manufacture of which is not even begun.
But the peculiar feature, which ls
only coming to light now. is that what
is Biipposed to be a distinctly Canadian
rifle, nnd that fact alone justified an
otherwise excessive price, is practically manufactured in the United States.
In short, Sir Charles Ross  is only oue I
11 .isj Daily Canadian
more of the long list of easy money
middlemen to whose fortunes the country Is contributing lavishly. And, worst
of all, the weapon has been tried by
the Mounted Police and abaudoned as
It Is bad enough that public money is
squandered so madly, but there ls a
still darker feature. Ovary' one of the
facts now demonstrated before the committee by the reluctant testimony of
those concerned, has been solemnly denied on the floor of parliament by responsible ministers of the crown.
We are sure that a great many people in Nelson, including even some of
his political supporters, are learning
witli surprise how extremely valuable
nnd Important a member of tlie legislative assembly Dr. Hall Is. And of
course there is nothing but pleasure in
the discovery. We learn, on the doctor's own authority, as sypnthetically
purveyed to the public by tlie accommodating organ of the party, that al-
though his main purpose In seeking
election to the legislature, was to find
a valid excuse for enjoying tlie soporific
climate of the beautiful capital, far
from the disturbing influence of patients' calls,���although such was the
doctor's golden dream, he woke from it
at the stern call of duty, and has become easily the hardest working member of the house.
Two columns and a half of the Liberal organ are devoted to a recital of
the doctor's doughty deeds. Of course
we have read all this matter before
but never all together, and cumulative
force is  something.
We are sincerely sorry to learn that
Dr. Hall had such a hard time getting
the  city's  new  debenture   bill   through
Notice to Creditors.
In the  matter of the estate and effects
of  George   Harrison   (deceased.)
NOTICE is hereby given that all
creditors and others having claims
againsl the estate of the said George
Harrison, deceased, who died at Nelson,
British Columbia, on the 27th day of
December, 1907, are required on or before the 20th day of April next to send
by post, prepaid, or deliver to the undersigned, their Christian and surnames,
addresses and descriptions, the full particulars of their claims, the statement
of their accounts and the nature of the
securities  (if any) held by them:
And further take notice that after
such last mentioned date the administrator will proceed to distribute the assets of the deceased among the parties
entitled thereto having regard only to
the claims of which he shall then have
notice, and that the said administrator
will not be liable for the said assets or
any part thereof to any person or persons of whose claims notice shall not
have been received by him at the time
of such  distribution.
Dated at Nelson, B. C, this 17th day
of March. A. D. 190S.
Solicitors for the Administrator,
James H.  Harrison.
One-Way Colonist
Rates to Alberta and
British  Columbia
LONDON ��46.05
OTTAWA  51.40
OTTAWA via Chicago  52.45
QUEBEC  56.00
HALIFAX  63.45
Tickets on sale Feb. 29th, April 29th,
1908. Corresponding low rates from Intermedial points.
For further Information as regards to
rates,   etc.,   apply  to
O.P.A.. Winnipeg, o p.a., Nelson
C.P A , Nelson, B.C.
the house. Of course nobody opposed,
and Mr. Bowser told him exactly what
to do and how and when to do It, still
it was tough on a man who went there
to  rest.
Dr. Hall denounces the last Natal
Act. But he voted for it What for.
Stoesael's Punlahment Begun.
St. Petersburg, March 21 ���Lieutenant General Stossel. whom a court martial recently sentenced to death on
charges of cowardice and treason in
surrendering Port Arthur to tin- Japan
ese, but whose sentence was commuted
by Emperor Nicholas to ten years Imprisonment, yesterday began serving
his term in the St. Peter and St. Paul
fortress. Gen. Stossel occupies a room
In the fortress adjoining that of Rear-
Admiral Nebogotoff who Is serving a
like sentence for surrendering to the
Japanese In the Sea or Japan. The
room is about twenty feet square and
overlooks a garden where the officers
are permitted to promenade. Stoessel's
family has received permission to refurnish the cells: the officers in the
fortress run a private mess of their
own and to this General Stoessel has
been admitted.
Jilting la Oangeroua.
Chicago, March 21.���Plunging Into
Stony Creek at Blue Island, yesterday
to escape several policemen after he
had stabbed and fatally wounded a girl
who had jilted him to wed another,
Nicholas Fortune, 25 years old, v.-as
seized with cramps and drowned. The
wounded bride is Miss Donoto de
Diazes. Her niece, a six months old
baby, whom the young woman was carrying at the time she was attacked was
also seriously injured.
Notice is hereby given that application will be made by the undersigned
at the next sitting of the Board of
License Commissioners for tlie City of
Nelson, to be held thirty days after the
date hereof, for a transfer of the liquor
license standing in the name of the
Estate of George Harrison ideceased)
for the premises known as the Lakeview
Hotel ln the City of Nelson, situate on
Lots 13, 14 and 15, ln Block 67. Sub-
division��of Lot 95, Group 1, Kootenay
district, to Napoleon Mallette of the
said city.
Dated this 17th day of March, A.D.
Administrator of the estate and effects
of George Harrison  (deceased.)
Tremont House
Bnrooe.n .nd American Pl.n
Maals 88 eta.   Boom. Irom at cu. to 11.
omr White Help Employed.
Baser St., Nelson Proprietor.
Most comfort.ble qu.rters      Nelson
Only th. bast of Liquors .nd Cigar..
Grand Central Hotel
Thoroughly renovated and refurnished. Rooms 60 cents upward The
dining reom Is unexcelled In the city.
Honse heated throughout with hot
J. A. ERIOKSON, Proprietor.
Telephone, ISO.    Opposite Court Hous*
and Poetoffice. Nelaon. B. O.
Queen's Hotel
Baker Street, Nelson. B. C,
Large  .nd   Comfortsble   Bedroom    .nd First-
class Dining Boom.
MRS. E. C. CLARKE, Proprlatre.a.
Bartlett   House
But DoiUr-a-Day House in Nelson.
The Bar la ibe Finest.
White Help Only Implored
Josephine at.
Nelson. B. O.
Royal Hotel
Rates |1 and $1.S0 a Day.
Special Bates to Bognlar Boarder.
Fred   Irvine & Co.
New Spring Jackets,
Ladies' Suits
These have just arrived and are   the very latest   styles   and   materials.   We
also have a splendid stock of
Ladies'   Dre.SaS   .SkirteS   in   all
the  Be.st Colors and Styles
Complete stock   of  Children's   Wash   Dresses, White Underskirts, Drawers,
Aprons and Pinafores.
Now is   the time to   make   your selection   while sizes are all in stock.     You
will find these prices as  cheap as you can make them.
Fred Irvine & Co.
3 I 3 Cordova Street, Vancouver, B. C.
We now offer for subscription the balance of our flrat allotment of   Preferred   Stock   In block,   of 100
aharea  at   $1.00  per   ahare;   each  100 aharea entitled to a benua of 25   ahare. of Preferred.
,t   ^Jjffr^ St��C,k 'S e?!UI,efl.t0 a dividend of 7 per (knit commencing  November  1.   1908.    The 1 V*
J    d,i!Ldf��dJ8 dl'e ani' >,avable before a"V dividend la paid upon the common stock     After 7  per cent, ou
^^^^^rgtV^SSV^"** CllUa"y-    Th"re " D�� *����d ���^ *T the pr.*
Captain H. A. Mellon, J. P., American
Lloyds Agent, etc.
W. H. R. Colllster, Manager Albion
Iron Works, Vancouver.
Francis J. P. Gibson, British Columbia Trust Corporation.
J. C. \v. Stanley, formerly General
Manager West London Paper Mills,
London, England.
Col. T. II. Tracey, M.C., Soc. C. E., P.
L. S., D. L, a., Con., Eng., former City
Engineer of Vancouver.
Fred Smith, member of Smith.
Wright & Davidson, Wholesale Paper
Co., Vancouver, B. C.
II. M. Hurrltt. Western Manager Cor-
tlci 111 silk Co., Vancouver, B. C.
Eustace II Jcnns, Barrister, etc., Vancouver, B, C.
Geo. B, Cale-. Cates Shipbuilding
Co., Vnncouvor, fl   C.
Greely Knlls.fci rerly General Manager Pacific Coast Coda Co.
When You Buy Fruit Land
DON'T tin attracted by cheaper.  Inferior or  Inaccessible  landu  which exist In the  Kootenay, as elsewhere
but get the  best.    Take advantage of a double selection.
I.    Our selection  was  made  with  the utmost rare at a time when  we had the whole district lo pick from.
j     Your   selection���made   rrom ours���thus you get the benefit of a double  and  cumulative selection.
FURTHERMORE,     remember that to be successful ihe following live qualities are absolutely essential:
ill.    Title;    <2).    Soil;    CO. Water;   (4). Accessibility;   (J.J. Transportation.
WE SELL OUR OWN LANDS.    We own over 20,000 acres, title perfect
THE  SOIL Is deep loam  with  clay subsoil, free from  stone.
THE   WATER  on thaw lands   is   pure  and  abundant   both   In   running streams and numerous springs.
THE   MARKET  for your product  Is  right  at your door  on  existing lines of  transportation.
BUT when you buy an orchard tract you  want more than soil;  more than pure water; more than transportation    yu w��nt A HOME���A place to live In���THAT IS WHAT WE HAVE  FOR SALE.
I'ost   office   with   daily   mall  Bervice;   express trains, stores;  schools���A   home  every   few   steps.    You   get
the comforts of civilization combined  with the  pleasure of a  profitable, healthful and beautiful rural home.
TERMS���$10 Caah and $10 per Month    for 10 Acrea, with liberal diacount  for   larger  paymenta.
Write  or call  for  Mapa,  Photograpn.   and  all   information.
Kootenay Orchard Association
British Columbia
cannot dine on FROG LEGS every day.    We furnish the
���ef,   Pork,   Mutton  and Veal
Hams.) Bacon and hard
With all varieties of
Fresh and Smoked Fish
in the market
Mincemeat of Finest Quality in glass and wood.
P. Burns & Co., Ltd.
slo  Rossland     NELSON, 13. C- Bonndary
Land District.  District ol West Kootonay
H��* that  Harry   Bird, ol Nelaon, oecu-
msl  estate agent,  intenda  to  apply for
���Ion to purchaae tbe   following  dui��crtbe.t
commando! at a poat planted al the
nn- toruer oT Lot 873, thence running
' i Imliid. thence weal 20 chains, thence
i'' tiHlnpi, more or lew. to the northerly
*rr ol Lot 873, thenee following norlh
iry Lot <*73 W point ol commencement.
ni'iit! 4" m-res, more or leaa.
1 r. bruary 16th. 190a. H*a��v Bian,
K. ft   Oeezm, Agent
Lund District. Dlitrlct ot Weit Kootenay
notice that Fred. J. HtmmoDi, agent for
1 [miner, of Nelaon, occupation watch-
. intend! *0 apply for permlaalon lo pur-
:i.i following deacrlbed laudi: Cominen-
tapost aiauuM about 2}, mllea eaat of
lcreek, thence 40 chains lu au eaaterly
Ion Lhence 20 chaini aonth, thence 40
i In a westerly direction, theuce 90 chalus
to the point ot commencement, containing
M, more or leu
���1 Nov. stuth, 1��07.
KHItUHTi k    Ions   1 ANNKK.
F. J. Bammons, Agent.
|l��on Lund IMstrict.   Dislrict ot Weal Kootonay
irt- thm  Fred J. riummnui. ageut ior
-Hard, of  Proctor, occupation  rancher.
It*rid�� lo apply for permlssiou lo purohaa�� the
llow.iij.    i< scribed   lands:     Commencing at a
W .        ���  ; Hbont 1% mllotWaalof Wilson crook,
in-M.uiliw'sia.uchatuB, thence northweat 2u
iiu,thenoe northeast2uchaln*, thence soulh
*" i hums lo the lhe point of commencement
Ihumiik tu acres, moro or leaa.
lied N..v.2idh,-lUu7.
A HI lllHAl.lt   AM'KKj<"N   BaU-AM>,
Agent K. J   HaMMONB.
��"ii UimSustrlct. District of Weat Kootenay
{�����*�� Dotlca that W. A. Hudson, timber cruiser,
[ N'okaiic, Bpokana couuty, Washington, oue
��� United ritaicsot America, Intend* to apply
"I1" ml timber Ucouho over lite followliiK
i>" 1 lands: Commencing at a post marten
��� I :-tut* a on ihe north bank of Corn creek,
_, - Junction of the North fork of Corn creek
|��h the .rutin stream, about five miles In a
���e��tfrlv direction from confluence of said Corn
*"'' ��Uli ihe Kootenay river; thence north -lu
; thenoa west 16o chains; ihenee south 40
. lhence east 100 chalna to point of coin
. ment, containing 640 acrei more or less.
|"��l'l land adjoins limber limit No. 7 on the
r"'��iiiliiuibi'r limit No. 8 on tbe south, as lo-
f.1*1' by me.
Ibotsicd November 7, 1907.
. >\ iu iam A. HunaoN, Locator.
vitnessed by Patrick 0. tihine
ni signed by the within named W
i   the-Will day ol November, A   D.
��� .,.   nl Hpokaue,   Rpokaue  Countv,
puuliiguiu.oueul ihe United Status of America.
Patrick ft. Hmrnc.
rid.   District oi West Kootuiiti>
IT1***- nut thai Isabella IMarce, IStrassburg,
r ti anon married woman, intends to appl>
J j ["iiiUhMMii to purchase the following OW
ll,. ' l��t��du Commencing at a post planted ai
I,' lQteriectlon of the north boundary of Lot
Ii,T.'.IUHi H'o east boundary ot Lol No. 81H5.
1 r>(> chains, more or less, lo the north
r of Timber Limit No. 7671, theuee
- -.'uiih. thonco weat 20 chains, morooi
!���.,).'"��� "ie enst side of Whalshan lake, thonci
."*"'�� wnw in a southerly and weslerl>
���"llnn loo ohalns, more or Iobs to tho inior
�� i i,WIt" '-"tBlSB, thence 86 chains, more oi
'"UlimtiiK  easterly   boundary  ol Lot 81H5 t<>
�����i'l -lb October, 1007. Jsahku.a Pikhck,
F. Q, PaUqDlKH, *geiit.
"SlS�� U'"11>il,trlul- Dlitrlotoi West Kootonay
Mntirtii* m��"''l' lhat Alexander 4. AleCool, ot
I r I,..,,' T ��m '"'otipatlon clerk, intends to apply
I   Ibvd   '   V""   '"   lMir"t""��0   tne   WllOWiiil  des
I t- fc.,,.1     :   Comaoaolng at a post planted on
II "��miiern  boundary ot B. U. (southern Hall-
way right-ol-way, about one and a half miles
westerly from the northwest corner of lot rt'JK3,
group l, Kootenay, theuce south 80 chains,
thence east 80 chalus. thence north 80 chains to
southern boundary of said right-of-way, thence
west 80 chains along said southern boundary to
point of commencement, and containing 600
arms, more or leas.
Dated  November 9th, 1907
Nelson Land District-   District of West Kootenay
Take notice that K. P. Burden, acting as agent
lorJ.H   Burden,  of  Poklok,   N. B.,  occupation
Mechanic,   intends  to  apply   for  permission   to
purchase tho lollowing det-eribed  lands:    Commencing at a post planted on the  easterly shore
of Arrow lake and about 10 chains north of tho
N   K. corner  of   lot 8163, thence eaat 20  chains.
iheuce north 10 chains, more or less, to the lake
shoie, theuce southwesterly along the lakeshure
to the point of commencement,  and  containing
8o acres, more or less,
luted November 18th, 1907   JamksH  Burden,
P. P   Burden, Agent.
Nelson Land District, District of West Kooteuav
Take notice that John James Cameron, of
Fernie, British Columbia, occupation contractor, intendl to apply lor permission to
purchase the following described Isnd: Commencing at a post planted on the southern
boundary oi the B: G. Southern right-of-way
about 40 chainB westerly from the N. W corner
of lot 3983, group 1, Kootenay, thence south 60
chains, thence oast 40 chains, lhence north 60
chains to the southern boundary of the said
right-of-way. thence westerly along said soulh
em boundary of right-of-way to the point
commencement, aud containing 240 acres, more
or less.
Daled November 9th, 1907.
J< hn Jamkh Camkron.
Nelsou Land District. District of West Kootenay
Take notice that John Bhloll. of Needles, B.C.,
occupation rancher, intends to apply for permission to purchase the following described
land: Commencing at a post planted at the
northwest corner of Lot 781*3, thenee west 40
chains, thence'south 80 chains, theneo east 40
chains, theuce north 80 chains to the polut of
commencement, and conialuing 3*0 acres, more
Dated 18th October, IMff. James Swill,
F. ft. Fauo,uik��, Agent^
Nelson Land District    Dlstrlctof West Kootonay
Take notice that Angus  MoUtll, of tho 0 ty of
Nelson, occupation li reman, intends to apply for
permission t�� purchase the  following described
lauds:   Commencing at a  post planted at lhe
N    W    cornor   L.   0.   Morrison's   ranch,   in   Fir
alley, Hu tree  north  forty  (40) chains, thene
est fo-ty (40) chains,  thence  south     ,  ity (40
alns, lhence west forty (4U)  chains olnto
mmencement,   and containing   one hundred
d sixty (160) acres, more or less.
Died Hepte jiber 2nd. 1907.       ANGUS   MtfaiiL.
Nolsoii Laud District.   District of West Kootenay
Take notice that Hugo Carstens, of Winnipeg,
Man     occupation   puhll-dier,   Intends  to  apply
(or permir^lou  to   purchase tho   following described Until ...
Commencing at a post planted on   the wesl
oundary of L. (871, ft. I, (about b miles from Arrow Lake, on  Hotqttttd Creek) and 21 chains 76
links south of the N. W. C. of said  lot. running
thence   west 80 chains, thence  south  80 chains,
thence east 80 chains, thence north 80 chains to
place of commencement, containing 64U acres,
mors or less.            osaiwa^fauM.
Agent for Hugo Carstens.
Date't 88 December 1907.
Nolson"Land District Dlltftotol Wesl Kootenay.
Tnko notice '-hat Levi Ceorgo Pay no, of Needles,
B 0 occupation rancher, intends to apply for
i.urmiH.'doii lo purchase tho following described
Taiirts"' Commencing at a post planted ftbo-it 16
...ins west of Wimtshfln creek nnd 88.914 chains
.in h <d the Hoolhwest corner Ol Lot No- 864H
running Ihenee norlh 80 chsins, theneo west 80
a hius thuiiLo BOUth WIM Chftjni, thence east
MSMohairii. thence MUlh 67 846 chains, thence
67 419 chnlns cast to point of commencement,
nonliilnlng 4K1 acres, now surveyed as lot 8185.
Datid 8tL January, 1908. Levi George Payne.
Nelson Land District.  Dutnctol West Kootenay.
Take notice that Tina Bergman, of Altona,
Man , occupatiou wile of O. Bergman, farmer,
Altona, Man., intends to apply for permission to
purchase the following described land :
Commencing at a post planled at tbe N. E C.
of Hugo Carstens' application to purchase and
running theuce weat 60 chains thenoe north 80
chains, thence eaat 40 chains, tbence south 8
chains 26 l.nks, thence east 40 cralns, tbence
south 71 chains 75 links to point of commencement, containing 607 acres more or less.
Agent   for  Tina   Bergman.
Dated 23 December 1907.
West Kootenay L��nd IMstrict. District ol Goat
Take notice that 1, George A. Hunt, of Kit.
chener, occupation timber in an, intend to
apply for permission to purchase the
following described land: Commencing at a
post planted about 40 ctalus, west ot Thompson
marked N. W. corner, thence south 10 3x chains
thence east 44.67 chains, thence north 31.46
chains, tbence weat along B.C. Southern Kail-
way to place of commencement, containing 98,18
Dated January 8th, 1908.        George U. Hunt
Kelson Land District. District of We��t Kootenay
Take notice that I, Freaerick Adie of Waneta,
B. C��� occupation merchant, intend to apply for
permission to purchaae the following described
land: Commencing at a post planted about 10
chains west of the N B. comerof lol 8622, thence
north 20 ohalns, thence east 80 chains, thence
south 20 chains, thence west 80 chains to point
of commencement, contalufng 160 acres, more or
Dated January 21st. 1908.       Frederick Abie.
Nelson Land District. Dlstrlot of West Kootenay
Take notice that Marlon Isabella Crease,of the
City of Nelson, In the Province of British Columbia, occupation spinster. Intends to apply for
iiernilsston lo purchase the lollowing described
land: Commencing at a post planted at the
hign water mark of the Salmon river distaut
about 12 mllei ln a southerly direction from
Halmo. B C, thence north 40 chains, thence east
40 chains, thenoe nouth 40 chains, more or less.
to the high water mark of the Salmon river,
lhence west 40 chains, more or less, along said
high watermark to the point of commencement,
and containing 160 acres, more or less.
Located on the 1st day of February, 1908.
Dated 10th February. 1908.
Marion Isabella Crease,
Kdward Manly Peters, Agent.
Nelson Land District. District of West Kootenay
Take notice that James William  Gallagher, of
the City of Nelson,  ln  the Province of British
i olumbla, occupation merchant, intends to ap-
Sly ior permission to purchase the following
escribed land: Commencing at a post planted
at the high water mark of the Salmon river distant anoui 12 milee in a southerly direction from
Halmo, B. 0.i thence north 40 chalni, thence
west 40 chains, theuce soulh 40 chains, more ur
less, to the high water-mark of the Salmou river,
theuce east 40 obalns. more or less, along the
said hlirh water mark to the place ol beginning,
coutalning 168 acres, more or lesa.
tjoorited ou the 1st day of February, 1908.
Dated 14th February, 1908.
James William Gallagher,
Edward Manlev Peters, Agent.
Nelson Land District.  District of W'est Kootena
Take uotlce that I John Arthur Scott, of Mono
Contre, Out., occupation farmer, Intend to apply for permission to purchase the following do
scribed land at tho mouth of Summit creek:
Commencing at a post planted at the southeast cumer of lot 878X marked N. E , thence
south 40 chains, thence west 20 chains, thence
norlh 40 chains, thence east 20 chains to place of
commence men i containing 80 acres.
John Arthur Hcott,
W. J. Scott, Agent.
Dated Feb. 18th, 1908.
Nelson Land District. Dlstrlot of West Kooteuay
Take notice that 1 Christie Scott, of Mono
<'.niter, Ont .occupation married woman, intend
to apply for permission to purchase the lollowing described land near Summit creek :
Commencing at a post planted at tho south-
oast corner of lot 8780 marked B. W., thence
norlh l'O chains, thence east 20 chains, thence
south 20 chains, thence west 20 chains to place
of eommenoement containing 40 acres.
A Christie Scott,
W. J. Bcott, Agent.
Dated Feb 18,1908.
In the matter of an application for the Issue of
n duplicate Certlfleate ot Title for lots 4, 6, 9, 11,
19, 26, and 82, of lot 891, Group One, in the
District of Kooteuay (Map 698).
Notice Is hereby given that It is my intention
to issue at the expiration of one month after the
first publication hereof �� duplicate of the Certificate of I ltle for the above mentioned lots in
tho name of Richard Helmo, which Certiorate of
Title Is dated the 24th day of November, 1906,
and  numbered 68JOA.
Land Registry Office, Nelson, It. ft., January
17th, 1908.
��*H. F. MacLeod,"
District Registrar.
The Craving  for    Signs and    Wonder.
and   Chriat'a   Reply���Church
Services   Tomorrow.
Tomorrow will be tbe Third Sunday
in Lent. Wednettday will be the festival of the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary, commonly called
Lady Day, commemorating the appearance of tbe Angel Gabriel to tell fhe
Virgin that she was chosen to be the
mortal   mother of the  Incarnate  God.
The,gospel for the Third Sunday in
Lent is St. Luke's account of the casting out of the devil that waB dumb,
tbe accusation of collusion with powers of evil, Christ's reply and the parable of the unclean spirit that returned.
Demoniacal possession in many times
referred to In the new Testament. It
is also mentioned often, until a few
centuries ago, in secular writings. Belief in witchcraft and sorcery ls far
from being extinct even now.
Whatever be figured by tlie stories of
the casting out of devils, it is perfectly
evident that same malady was not uncommon in that age and country which
was ascribed to a malevolent spirit in
possession of a victim, who might be
exorcised. Tbe evangelists' references
are frequent and it Ib evident that they
do not regard such cases as exceptional.
But one passage of the narrative is
of peculiar Interest In the present age,
and perhaps as much so in Nelson as
anywhere else. "And others," says St.
Luke, "tempting Him, sought of Him a
sign   from  Heaven.     But   He,   knowing
their thoughts,"     refused the
sign and replied rather to those who
accused Him of deriving His power
from evil.
The seeking of a sign is of no age. It
is as universal and as keen now as in
the days of the apostlea or ln the earliest days of human consciousness. In
itself it is perhaps hardly reprehensible. The thirst for knowledge, the
desire for visible and tangible proofs,
is the chief cause of human progress,
and the means by which knowledge
grows from age to age.
But the seeking of a sign, if not in
itself wrong, is the sure indication of
an utterly wrong point of view in the
study of man's relation to his Maker.
The proof of Divine power, Divine justice and Divine love, is not given in
miracles or supernatural or exceptional
phenomena of any kind, but in the ordered universe of nature, and ln the
history of mankind, and in the dally
and hourly experience of each, but it
is for those who have eyes to see and
use them reverently.
The teaching of the Scripture, old
and new, ls direct and clear on this
point. When God Bpoke to Moses, He
was not ln the storm nor ln the fire,
but in the "still, small voice." The
reply ln the parable to tlie prayer ot
Dives that one might be sent from the
dead to warn his brothers, was: "If
tbey hear not Moses and the prophets
neither will they be persuaded though
one rose from  the  dead."
It is not only or chiefly In earthquakes and cataclysms that the mysteries of nature may be studied, nor
in world tragedies only that the mind
and soul of man may bo read, but ln
every commonplace thing and in every
hour of the apparently dullest life.
This truth, so often lost sight of, has
been  apprehended   rrom   the   beginning
by the greatest minds.    It is taught by
the  writer of  Exodus   in  the first  passage  quoted.      I*,  was     recognized   by
Aristotle   when   he   wrote   his   physics
before his metaphysics.    Ruskln declared   that the  liiiilicsi   expression  of  the
painter's   art   was   not   to   be   found   In
"lamp-black   and    lighting."      Perhaps
the   finest   modern   expression   of   the
same eternal  truth is Tennyson's
"Flower in the crannied wall
I pluck you oul  of the crannies,
Hold you there In my hand,
Koot and  all ln  my  hand.
Little flower, but if I could understand
What you are, root and all, and all in
I   should   should   know  what  God   and
Man ls."
The following services are announced
for tbe city churches for tomorrow:
Church of England���St. Saviour's,
corner Ward and Silica Sts., Third
Sunday in Lent, holy communion, 8 a.
m.; morning prayer and litany, 11 a. m.;
Sunday School, 2.30 p. in.; evensong,
730 p. m.    Rev. P. H. Graham, pastor.
Roman Catholic���Church of Mary Immaculate, corner of Ward and Mill
streets; Low mass, 8 a. m.; high mass,
10:30 a. in; evening; Bervice, 7:30 p. m.
Rev. Father Althoff, priest.
Presbyterian Church���St. Paul's, corner of Victoria and Kootenay streets;
Morning service, 11 a. m.; Sunday
school, 2:30 p. m.; evening; service, 7:30
p. m.    Rev. J. T. Ferguson, minister.
Methodist Church���Corner Silica and
Josephine streets; Morning service, 11
a. m.; evening Bervice, 7.30 p. m ;
Sunday School, 2.30 p. m. Rev. R. N.
Powell,  pastor.
Baptist Church���Stanley street, near
Mill: Morning service, 11 a. m.; evening service, 7.30 p. m.; Sunday School,
2:30 p. m.   Rev. A. N. Frith, pastor.
Salvation Army���Barracks on Victoria street, west of Josephine: Special
services for tomorrow. Knee drill, 9 a.
m.; holiness meeting, 11 a. m.; a praise
meeting at 3 p. m.; salvation meeting
at 8 p. m.
Christian Science���Reading room on
corner of Stanley and Victoria Streets,
open daily from 3 to 5 p. m.
Council Meeting.
The regular weekly meeting of the
city council will be held in the council
chamber Monday night. A further report of progress on power plant construction will be received.
- Voters' Lists.
A Dominion general election is a
possibility at any time. Every man who
ls qualified to vote, by birth or naturalization, by age, and by residence in
the city and province, should see that
his name is on the list, that he may
not by carelessness find himself disfranchised. Applications to be registered as voters will be received by Capt.
D. C. McMorris in his office at any
time  during office hours.
Is now ready to execute  all
orders for Job Printing on
shortest notice.
The Job Department is up-to-
date in every respect and a
full line of stationery will be
kept in stock.
All orders entrusted to our
care "will receive prompt and
careful attention.
314 Baker St.
Tel. 324.
Lots   in   Addition    A7'
We are agents for most of the lots
ln the above addition, being agents for
F. C. Innls. Coats & Co., and the Nelson
Electric Tramway Co.
For full particulars aa to prices,
terms, etc., apply to
H.   &   M.   BIRD
One of
The Best
In Fruit Lands now offering. 157 ��--es
of cholcs land situated on How.e, . ,-.ka.
920.00 per acre, easily cleared.. Must be
���old at once.
For full   particulars  apply
If yon want Good Land
MoDermid & McHardy
NBbSON, B.  G.
Yon can buy a 10-acre Fruit Ranch ln the beat fruit growing district
ln  British  Columbia by  paying  %10 dollars down and f 10 par month.
Even as an Investment this is worth consideration.
Fruit Land has trebled ln value within the year.   What will It do next
MANUFACTURES    T rfrf-M I^a^     Clft��M��vlA��
AND DEJILERS IN    LtflllDei1,   dJUflgleSf
Lath, Aloulclingrs, Doors, Window*.
Mail Orders promptly attended
Turned Work and Brockets.
Certificate   of Improvements.
��� Bed Point," "Vernamo," "Greenwood Fractional," "t.reenwood and Jack Pot Fractional"
Mineral Claim*, situate In the Nelson Mining
Division of West Kootenay District.
Where located:���On Eagle Creek above tbe
Poorman Mine.
Tai* notice that E, John McLatchle- of tbe
City ol Nelson, acting ��s agent for Jons P Swed-
berg, Free Miner's CertiScate No B7475 and
Oscar Johnson Free Miner's Certificate No B623
intend  sixty day*, from tbe date hereof to ap
fly to tbe Mining  Recorder tor Certificates o
mprovementa, for   the   purpose  of   obtaining
Crown Urants of the above claims.
And  farther take  notice  that action, under
Section 87, mnat be commenced before the is-
sua'iceof such Certificates of improvements.
Dated this 27th day of September, *   D , 1907.
Certificate  of Improvements.
April Fool" No. 2 Mineral Claim, sitnate
in the Nelson Mining Division of Weat Kootenay
Where located: Between Eagle and Sandy
creeks, and about one half mile lrom the > oor-
man Mill
lake n <tlce that 1, F C. Green, acting as agent
for J. P. Swedberg, Free Miner's Certlfleate No.
B747&. Iutend, sixty da-ys from the date hereof,
to apply to the Mining Recorder for a Certificate
of Improvements, for tbe purpose of obtaining a
Crown Grant of tne above claim.
And further take notice that action under
sectionTB7. must be oommenced before tbe Issuance of such Certificate of Improvements
Dated this 28th day of January. A. D , 1907
Nelson. B. 0.
W.   Q.    QiULETT
Contractor  and
Bole agent for tbe Porto Rico Lumber Co., Ltd..
retail yards. Rough and drer*s*d lumber, turned
work and brackets. Coast lath and shingles, mall
and doors. Cement, brick and lime lor smle
Automatic grinder.
Yard and factory: Vernon St.. eaat of Hall
rueusoiN, b. e.
P. O. Box 232 TPi-T.hr.n- 177
We have one English BlUIar, on.
American Billiard and one Pool Table.
We carry the best lines ot Cigars and
in the matter ot an application lor the issue of
a duplicate of tbe Certlfleate of Title to Low
A,b. aud 6, Block 6, lSeUon > lty, subdivision ot
pan of Lot 182. Group une, District of Kootenay
(Map 4M).
Notice ls hereby given that It Is my Intention
to issue at the expiration of one month after the
first publication hereof a duplicate of the Certlfi-
iateo Title to t-e above mentioned ota In the
name of Pattle Rhodes which Certlfleate hi dated
the loth day of May, 1899, and numbered lHff-k
Land Kegiftry office, Nelaon, B.C., January
24th, 191*. H. F MacLKOD,
nistrn** Keeistrar.
Take notice that Alfred Edward Watts, of
Wattsburg, British Columbia, lumberman, In
teudH to apply for permission to lease the following described land, situate near Prt*cter on
the south shore of the west arm of Kootenay
Lake, more particularly described aa follows:
Commencing at the northwest'corner of Lot 4
of Lot. 809, G oup I, *est Kootenay District,
theuce 1680 feet (2t>.45 chains) westerly along the
south shore line of tbe west arm of Kootenay
Lake and being the north boundary of Lot * of
Lot;����'.��to the northwest corner ol Lot 4 of ajo\
309, theuce 2280 feet (34 55 chains) along tbe south
shore 1 in - of the went arm of Kootenay Lake aud
being the north boundary of Lot 16 ot L��ot 906,
Group 1, West Kooleuay District; thence north
)32 feet (2 chains); tbence easterly 8r*80 feet
(60 00 chains) and parallel with the south shore
1 in.* of the wesi arm of Kooteuay Lake; tbence
south 132 feet (2 obalus) to polut of commencement, and containing 120 acres, more or lees
D��ted this 12th day of February, A. D.. 1908.
A. it. WATTS.
Take notice that we will at the next
meeting of the License Commissioners
apply for a transfer of the liquor license for the No Place Inn on Josephine street. Nelson, from Pollard and
Wade to H. H. Moore.
Dated at Nelaon, this Kill day of
March 1908.
In th. matter ol an application for a duplicate
Certlfleate of Title ol aa undlTlstaa one-quarter
interest in Lot 87, Group One, Kootenay District,
known aa "Let Her uo Gallach.r' Mineral
Kotice ls hereby cl.au that It la say intention
after the expiration ot oa. month Iron. th. flr.t
publication hereof, to issue a duplicate Certlfleate ol i ltle on the ebove described one-quarter
interest ln tht name oi John F. Stereo., whieh
Certificate of Title is dated ihe tth April. 1*00,
and numbered su&BK.
Land Registry office, Nelson, B. C. M.reh t,
H. F. MacLsod,"
Dlstrlcl Registrar.
Notice ls hereby given that the Great
West Railway Company will apply to
the Parliament of Canada, at the present session thereof, for an act amending
the said Company's Acta of Incorporation by striking out the names of those
persons who, by Sections 1 and 8 ot
Chapter 167 of the Statutes ot 1903, are
created incorporators and provisional
director.* of the Company and Inserting
in lieu thereof the names of certain
other individuals as such Incorporators
and provisional directors; changing tha
head office of the Company from Nelson,
B. C, to Port Arthur, Ontario, and extending the respective times tor the
commencement and completion ot the
various lines of railway which the Company Is empowered to construct.
Dated Ottawa. 3ist January, lvQs.
Solicitors for the Applicants.
* ���V   1
Tne Daily Canadian
FOR    1908.
We are busy on them now. Rings and
Brooches   are   particularly   attractive
Have you seen our Monogram Combs?
We have them to order for $2.50.
JEWEL. L-liR.--.
Watchmaker and Optician
Bt*y Now
We have a Good Selection of
Cheap Houses from $750 to
$1500. Let us show you
them. Some extra snaps for
investment or for .i home.
Building Lots
Carbonate   St.   (25   ft.) $175
Observatory  St.   (50  ft.) $200
Latimer St.  (50 ft.) $750
Also excellent sites, close ln, for ap-
partment houses, residences, factory
sites, etc.
NOTE.���As an inducement to build
up Nelson the city levies on improvements a tax of $1 ln the thousand only.
Real Eatate Agent
SI!.   Baker  St..   Nelaon,  B. C.
Fire Insurance
Insure your house and furniture In
Do not put It oft. Delays are dangerous. Call at 322 Baker street, or if you
have uot time to call drop a line to
General Agent for the Kootenays.
Agents  wanted  in  all  Kooteuay  towns.
P. O.  Box 534.
All the Latest Novelties in
���AT THK���
Queen Cigar Store j;
BUSH & MATT HEW, Props.        !'
Rich,  Strong  and   Delicious
Telephone 161.
All Klnda of Heating Plant! ln Stock.
Victoria St., Nr. ODera Houae.      Tel. 111.
fc!j..'��I<JWi>- Hom ��� S>
Corner of Stanley and Victoria Sts.
Two Blocks from Depot
C. A. Hartley, J. A. Whlttler, wife
and chief, E. McKay and wife, Spokane
ft S. F. Brhess, Procter; C. F. Cottam,
Slocan; T. R. Mathlson, Greenwood; P.
W. Gordon, G. Priestman, Miss Johnson,
Miss Pratt, B. II. Randall, Vancouver;
J. B. Parker, R. J. Thompson. L. Unrest,
L. O. Genest, Winnipeg; C. O. Stewart,
d.,r.    V��rnun  nnd  Wsard   Sit i-sssstss
.���NKUSOIN..    H.C\
Q. A. Thorpe, New York; S. K. Bradley, Toronto; R. J. M. Powers, G.
Strangham. Coeur d'Alenes; A. II. Mackenzie, G. W. Orchard, Spokane; S. P.
Pond, Calgary; B. A. Bennett, G. C.
Broadwood, .Miss Broadwood, London;
F. H. Ellis, WeBtley; C, F. Galaer, Spokane; Al. Burrell, Grand Porks; J.
uiruie, G. Cleves, Vancouver; A. II.
MacNell, Spokane; c. 1'. Eastman,
Westmount; T. D. Bell and wile, Montreal; Minstrel Maids.
.Mrs. F. Connell, D. Nicholson, Rlon-
del; M. McLean, New Denver; F. Wood,
II. Smitli, Rossland; G. W. Smith, Lardo
H. Crowe, w. E. Bressenden, T. Melsser
Koch Siding; C. A. Hastings, L. L. Lambert; A. Fntilston, O. Dunn nnd wife,
F. Thornley, J. Brown, L. Lewis, .1.
Cory. .1. Hertlots\ H. Booth, II. Coombes.
C. V. Mlggott, W. Fennast, J. Cook and
wife, London; R. N. Fraser, Salmo; W.
Barber, Greenwood.
J. II. Bills, Westley; H. L. lanes, 0-
Mile; J. Guinsey and wife, Bos well; A.
.1. Watson, Slocan; F. Graham, Elioll;
C. Goosch. Nakusp; H. Bochnier, Libley
O. B. Appleton, D. A. Boyd, Procter;
Mrs. W. Warren, Fernie; A. Morgan, A.
Hammond, Winnipeg; F. Graham, Eliolt
R. Spey, Spokane; A. T. Jones, C.
Jensen, Bontiingtun; G. Crosley, Castle-
gar; E. McPhillips, Sandon; J. McRolib
A. Smith, G. Watt, Slocan; J. Campbell.
J. Anderson, Liverpool; A. S. Short,
Goat Creek; II. Skellett, Coleman; .1.
T. Wilson, and wife. High River; J.
Atherton and wife. Manchester; K. Gibson, Shields; T. Ilradock, T. Y. McKay,
Trail; A. McLennan, Salmo.
J. Hannah, L. Strandell. Grand Forks
J. Thompson, Dundee; A. Jeffrey, Rossland.
B. Hartley, Rossland; F. Warner, C.
Brown. Slocan.
If you want upholstering or cabinet
work for this spring get it done now.
We have some choice quarter cut oak
nnd will build you ti piece of furniture to
order at the price of factory goodH See
us for second hand goods.
Turner Bccton Block, 606 Vernon Street.
A. M. Can. So.. C. E.
Mining Work a Specialty.
Office:   Room   10,   K.-W.-C. Blk.    P.  O.
Box     434.
Baker St.,  Nelson,  B. C.
15   Volume.���Library  Cloth,  published  at  $25.00.
History of the Times, 2 vols.; History of Egypt; History of China; History of India; History of Switzerland; History of the United States; History of Spain; History of Rusbia; Life of Whlttler; Life of Lincoln; Life
of Holmes; Life of Longfellow; Life of Napoleon; Steam, Steel and Electricity.    Special for the Set $12.50.       Mailed free on receipt of price.
Canada Drug & Book Co'y, Ltd
Born in Nelson, this morning, March
21st, to the wife of D. B. O'Neail, Slocan City, a son.
Born ln Nelson, this morning, March
gist, to the wife of A. E: Bennett, Latimer street, a son.
Gift to Library.
A copy of "Alice of Old Vincennes"
has been presented to the library by
Mr. John   Francis.
Metals   and   Stocks.
Silver declined one point on both
markets on the week end quotations.
Granby declined slightly and B. C. Copper advanced one point.
Methodist  Servicea.
in tlie Methodist church, corner of
Stanley and Silica streets, tomorrow
Rev. R. N. Powell's subject for sermons
wll be: morning, "Echoes of a Great
Gathering," evening, "Tearing Down
and  Building Up, a Comparison."
Bowling  Scores.
The scores of last night's games at
the bowling alley were: Brown. 1675.
Dangerfleld, 1542; Patrick, 1626, Campbell, 1426. The following games will
lie played tonight: Moe vs. Campbell,
and Ouimette vs. Patrick at 7.30. and
Wells vs. Bover at 9.30.
What a   Change.
Only a few years ago every paper in
the interior of British Columbia devoted tbe greater portion of its space
to a mining department. That space is
now taken up by long articles on horticulture. Thus a few years have
worked many changes ln the Kootenays.
Launch of Kokanee.
A s announced in The Daily Canadian
yesterday the C. P. R. steamer Kokanee
after undergoing extensive repairs at
the Nelson shipyard, was launced this
aftornoon^at 2.30 amid the cheers of a
large crowd and the salutes of launches.
There were many citizens on board for
tlie launching.
Funeral  of  W.  Ross.
The body of William Ross, who was
killed by an electric shock at the West
Kootenay Power and Light Company's
plant at Bonnington Wednesday afternoon, was laid to rest in the Nelson
cemetery this afternoon. Rev. J. T.
Ferguson conducted the burial services
and there was a very large attendance
of friends and the deceased.
Signs   of   Prosperity.
The Kaslo Kootenaian has purchased
a Monoline typesetting machine, and
will thus be enabled to give Its subscribers a larger and better paper. The
Kootenaian prints a good paper, and it
is evident the people of Kaslo appreciate its merits, otherwise the publishers would not be able to expend a
large amount of money on a typesetting
Spring   cleaning.
An Inspection of alleys and. yards In
the city is being conducted Jointly by
the chiefs of the fire  department  and
Electoral District
All British subjects over 21 year, of
age, who are reaident in the province
for six months, and one month in the
riding, are entitled to have their name*
entered on the voters' list for Nelaon.
Applications for this purpoae will be
taken at the office of the undersigned
every  day  during  office   hours.
D.  C.   McMORRIS,
Sec.   Nelson   Liberal-Conservative
Nelson, March 20, 1908.
Whether used at a regular meal or
for a pleasing refreshment at an odd
time, you will find that It ls all that
It should be.      Costs 60c per pound.
For 8aIe at
Joy's Gash Grocery
Cor. Josephine snd Mills Sts.
Phone 18.
Only 35c Per Do*.
Corner Slltea and Josephine Sts.
By Upton Sinclair, author of "The
"The  Jungle"   told  how   they   got  It.
"The Metroplis" tells how they
spend it.
"The Metropolis" ts a study of that
luxurious society which lias developed
with the sudden and enormous increase
of concentrated wealth.
"The Metropolis" tells bow they
It presents a picture at once
overwhelminb and unforgettable. The
canvas is of huge size; the characters innumerable an convincing;
the action and detail. in part
seemingly extravagant and grotesque, convey and burn into the consciousness the whole truth as no other
writing, however scathing and terrible
has done before.
It is the power and swing of the
story, the intense charm of this vivid
panorama of men and women in a whirlwind of mad extravagance. Hint holds
the reader, as if charmed, to the end
of the last page: but It Is the inherent
truth of it all. the convincing, revealing
perspective of tlie picture as a whole,
that sets him thinking and talking. "The
Metropolis" is a great novel, but It is a
greater searchlight.
There seems to be no doubt In the
minds of any who have read it that this
book will be among the greatest sellers
of several years.
Cloth   only,   Price  $1.25.
Orders by mail promptly attended to.
W. G. Thomson
ffA��SK&KB',,d   Nelson, B.C.
PHon. 34.
the city police force. Strict orders are
being issued for the immediate destruction or removal of anything that constitutes a menace to public health or
to the safety of property. The purpose
of the inspection Is generally to enforce
strictly all the provisions of the health
and Are prevention bylaws.
Extending  Its Business.
The Slocan Mining Review, of New
Denver, has in view the extension of
its facilities for getting out a better paper, and this will mean an additional
expenditure of $100 per month. The
publisher appeals to the residents of
the Slocan to increase their patronuge,
so that he will not have to stand all
the expense. The review is one of the
brightest weekly papers published in
British Columbia und if the people of
the Slocan district consult their own
interests they will respond to tho appeal by increasing the revenue, not
$100 a month, but five times that amount. Every dollar spent In this way
will   return   many  fold.
Debate on Oriental question. ��,
The question of the morality and
the  expediency   of  excluding   Orientals
8ET8   FOR  A   FEW  DAYS.
From $10 to $25.
Old Curiosity Shop
1 .'OK hai.K Ht �� tin rial ii or exchange for Van-
I ' couTcr property au almoni new, rao<lcrn In
��� very reape'it 12 roomed reoldunce. Full tutne-
ment wilh large den ii) I table for billiard room,
Up-to-date Rtable and carriage hoiine Two iiiec
lota In tbe Dneat rctiident ttortlon of Spokane
Tbe owners bunlnoiH lnterenta tiave been trnnn-
ferred to tbe coait. Kor further patluularn write
P. O. Box MM, Vaueouvtr, B. 0.
Wholesale and   Retail Dealers In
Fresh and Salted Meats
Camps supplied on shorts*! notloe snd
lowest price. Nothing but  fresh and
wholesome meats and supples kept in stock
Mail orders receive careful attention.
E.  C.   TRAVES.   Manager
Hollow Concrete
Blocks For Sale
All shapes and faoiim-s.
These blocks are absolutely the beal
material to be had for building purposes, foundations, retaining walls, etc.,
being cheaper than brick ov stone.
Tender* given on all kinds of building
work.    Stock on hand.
Head Office:  Baker Street, Nelson. B.C.
Cancellation of Reserve.
trvo ovr
���otloa ol
Notice i�� herebygtrn that the r
certain laudn n ������ .Ui i u . Kootena
which appeared In the British Col ad
of th   "
men none*] uuiai Will M opon fi
the Land Act on March HO, 19U8.
Deputy C unmlaainner of Luidi aud Worki
Land* and Work! oopottmont,
iicn ai-yeared in the Brllibh < uliiini.ia imzette
the 14th of Aacnat, IBM and bora date of An-
mt  Will, lH'jo, l* hereby cancelled      The above
&n tinned landu win bo open for location under
e Land Act on March B0. 1QUH.
moot Inhi W07.
Coal! Ice! Wood!
Phone 265
Kootenay Ice and Fuel Co.
N. E. co.. Baker   and   Ward   8U.
rrom iiriiiah Columbia will be the sub
Jeet of a debate, which win form the
progratmne tor the .regular weekly
meeting of the CJhurchman'i Club next
Wednesday night, March 201 h. The
subject Is one of the most Interesting
or the public isBties of tlie day. It 1h
constantly being discussed privately.
There will be a definite resolution submitted and a number of sneakers win
prepare   for    formal    debate.      ll    time
permits a general  inform/  disousslon
will lie allowed afterwards, TJwSe interested  are  welcome  to attend,  to  lhe
limit    of    the    accommodation of the
parish room in Which tbe meetings are
Prices   of  Metala.
New   York,   Marcli  21.���Silver,  56fco.
London,  March   21.���Silver,  25*��d.    ���
Openina Copper Quotations.
(My McDermld & McHardy.)
New  York, March 21, 1908.
ABKod Bid
Ormnby   $ 90.00      $80.00
Dominion   Copper...       2.2.ri 2.12V,
li. C. Copper       4.S7&       4.68 H
Lieutenant iiovernor
Edward the Seventh, by the tlrm ��� ,��{ Bod, of the
Tufted   Kiut !   of Gjeal   Britain, and   Ire-
Uu<i, and the Hritihh Domlnioni beyond the
Sean King, Defender oj the Faith,kmperor
of India
To all t<i whom these presents shall come.���
w\ J. Bowuta, Attorney General
Whereas by Section t> of the "(tame Protection
Act, IH'jh,"  aa   re-euaeted   hy   Section   19 of  tlie
"Came Protection Act, Amendment Act, 1906,"
it Is enacted that it shall be   lawful for the I.leu-
tenaat-Gorernor in oooneU. by 1'rneia.maUnn to
tie published In two sun es-lvc l-sues of the British Columbia liazctU'. to declare a close meson
for leeea in any part of the Province lor auv
period of time, nn.)
Whereas our said Lieutenant-Governor,by and
with   ihe  advice  ol   li is   Executive Connell, baa
been pleased to direct, by an Order in Council
In that trchalt. a close reason for fnoto within
the County of Kootenay, until nnd including
the flit day Ol IU|l]jtt,ona thousand nine hundred and elght-
Now   Know Ye   therefore,   that   in   pursuance
thereof, we do hereby proclaim   a  oloM  season
for geese within the County ol Kootenay, until
and Including the 81al 'lay of AUfUet, one thousand nine hundred and ei^ht.
iu testimony wbereof, we nave caused these
our letters to be made paieut and the Great heal
of the Province to b- hereunto aillxed.
Witness, His Honor Jamen Ouusinuir. Lieutenant Governor of our said Province of Briti>)i
"olumbla, iu our City of Victoria, In our sal.1
Province, this 19th day of February, in the year
ol Our Lord one thousand nine hundred and
clicht, and in the eolith year of out reign.
By cijiniiiHud,
Hh.NBV  BB80N   VOt'NG,
Provincial Secretary
Defective eyeA stunt the nilnil. Can you expect fair progress ia h.
.,i auceesi In business If so hand! capped. Kxamlnatlur, uf children i
glMsscs Is u special  feature of our  optlcul   it puitin. m ""
J.  J.   WALKER,  Jewele,
Wl-ioIwaiale  l->ro-vla��lon<��,
Produce, - Fruit.
UovcniHiHiit I'reainery One Pound HrickH received weekly fresh from tat
cliuru.    For Hale by ull leading grocero
Ofllee ��iiil  warehouse :  Houston Block,    i'none 79.
Josephine Street. Nelson, B. C.
SPRING    TIME    18    HERE   AND  SU.
It behooves every man to look Kin
his new headwuar, mel no* li ta>
time anil here Uie place where you en
��ei the most recent styles and ibe awes' shadee In nobby llatB. There sit
Sofi Hats and Hard Hats���Hal! w|u
low and hlnh crowna, broad aod nsrros
brims, hound and unbound. Made a
slz.es to tit ull heads and suit all face.
And the prices will fit all pockets ton
J. A. Cilker
This  is   the  si ason  uf  the  year when  you  devote your attention to til
household duty. We are prepared to meet your requiremeuta with a full llnea"
Ready   Mixed   Palnta,   all   colors, Varnlahea,   Stalna,   Enamels,
Alabastine,    Muralo.
Everything   necessary  for  the  renovation   of  your  houae.
J. H. Ashdown Hardware
 Company, Limited. Nrison sna*
Fruit   Trees
Home grown fruit and shade
trees, currants, gooseberries, grape
vines, etc., etc. One of our specialties Is our large field grown rosea.
These will bloom the first year.
Send for our descriptive catalogue and price list, and give us a
tilul order. The largest growers
In   It. C.
The Riverside Nurseries
*���*****���*****���***********, **************************
Pure and Cheaj
We have 10U0 pound, of
which wo win sell at n bargain *
5 lb., for $1.00.
Special  prices  for  larger lots.    Come
iu   and  inquire.
Choquette Bros,
Phone 258.
THE  Un-to-Date Bakers
F. C. GREEN       F. P. BURDEN        A. H.GREEN
C'vil Engineers, Dominion and British
Columbia Land Surveyors
P.O. Box 145    Phone 261 B.
Geo. P. Player
INO   &   8MELTIN0  CO.
Office   Room   No.  2.   ELLIOT    BLOC*;
Jobbing   promptly   attended  t*   OO
and Estimates.
Apply 415 Hall 8t. Bos*
iNBUSOlN,    -    B* C'
'      We  make  a  specialty of
Hardware StipP^5
For  Ranchers
AXES,   8AW8,   8PADE8,   HOE��.
Send   us  your  mall orders
Wood-Vallance Hardware Co*


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