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The Daily Canadian Feb 6, 1908

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Array Ifor halcyon lithia water
an*pay Inore, but can not
purer or better minkkai.
than " HALCYON."
Il US   2.
No. 208
Is Not Assured in
Imelie's Influence Described
ikrical and Reactionary
Franco in Madrid.
j , I,   t;     'Ih,   a'.aiiiiiilsslain ap-
 In    ill.'   dictatorship   li)      ra-
, 1, ai.'.l  iiiiiiili:l|aaliiy aatlleial..
-11. il.
father   was   utlacked   hy   a
,;,.��� .11 the principal street* facing   has  sinned   three  decrees.
repeal!   the   decrees   1b-
i ranco   which   restrict. .1   the
ul   th,   preaa, another  repeats
ued  "ii  January  Sll,  which
,1 the   privilege   of   Immunity
, 1 in mn   ni    member!   of lhe
ml and extended lhe powers ot
Ii1.11a.1i   examining   Judge.    The
aar parllamenl  now  under aril   I.,    lib, i.a'a'tl.
ol tb,   pn ..in tranquility in
\\ ...  und   throughout   ihe  ooun
Uie gem   .11 optimism as b-> Lhe
.��� future, .-.uu there ai.' |a..*.*,a
Jho   ueliev,    mai   1 evolutionary
is mora' widely spread man u|a-
.1..,. 1  ..nd 'hul in*   .via.-
��� the   throne   ...   not   11111.111,ail
Bmblnation ..1 .1 young and iu
(ci-.l    King   1111.i.r   Uie   doniina
1 mother, wiih ra-acliaiii.
BIH.il     I. iM. Holes, a     lliasa  a>lllll
and a premier wii.i is a sold*
|li..1   iii..11 .1 slat, small.
.���,1.111,1,-:   hus   cxpressuil   in   his
1 una     determination   lo  ad*
1. ...gly   to   the   consutuiioii
.   under any circuiiisiuni-es  taa
li.. ., dictatorship while he reigns.
n. 1'. li. ,'..    Kin.; Bdward In.ml
.. ..1 the r..i Uigiteae tragedy I'*i
m iii.- Portugese minister, who
hi   of   the   fulal   journey   with
The    minister    reached
��� . venlng having uu Lisbon
nighl  ..im messages trom
I)   proclaimed  King and Queen
"i, ...s hu reached the Portugesi
Un- minister was   nunmoned
.  .11 Buckingham  Palace.    At
.���   lie  recounted  the events al
before   he   left   thai   city.      lie
:, wiih ih... royal family ai Villa
mil returned to Lisbon wiih
rosslng ths Tugus on the same
11. bade farewell at the laml
drove to hit, botul. Five iiiiu-
el lie heard lhe news of Iho ua-
Feb.  G.���A    special    despatch
ILIabon says Unit la'raiico left   Lis
��� ��� i' uy, departing  from  a  small
1.111..11 inilslde tho capital. Ills
|i.'iil.ni  Is  not known. ,
dun,    Pel).    fi.���A    spa'a-llll    il.'Splltrll
11 to ilie Morning Telegraph
|thiil   Un*  iIIkIii   of  Franco  Is  fully
mil.   Aocordlng to ibis despatch
inii'i-  premier 1��-r 1   Lisbon  in sn
���n.'i.ii,- aa,,   Tuesday   night and is
Iin Malaga In Spain.
1...ii, Ki'ii. Ca.���it   is   repotted   in
.ini. s ihat Queen Atnslle Ir con*
i'r-:   going  1111   1,   vlBll   t"   Spain   or
'mi as sunn ns the Improvement in
in  situation  warrants her ab-
pinion, Feb. fi.���A despatch received
"in Madrid Hnys Uiul Premier
"I Portugal, Iiiib Just arrived
mi Lisbon,
mul win compel a general investigation.
Mr Balden claims tbat during tha riot
Ing bulb he ani> his wii',. win. injured
by ihe atones thrown by the mob -a.i
Hi.- members of the Mounted Police
stood lay mul made no Interference-.
Later when in. entered action against
Individuals in tha mob hl�� casa- wns
ihrown nut, owing to the commissioners refusing to produce copies of the
evidence taken during the police In-
vasiipaii,.,, whioh followed (lie riot.
lie states (hat members of Uu* force
were actuated by private grievance!
and in.- being upheld in ihelr persecution ul' linn by lhe authorities. This
persecution has been carried bo far
tbat In- lias been forced to sell his pto-
pa ny 1,1 Balcarrea at a loss and be
claims damagoa for injuries received.
Ottawa  has  been  coniiiiiiiilealeil  with
and ihe matter rests there at present
London   Has  Over   100,000   Unemployed
Skilled  Workmen.
London, I'll), ti���What will the year
bring forth for the unemployed worker?
At the end or Deoember last the per-
centaga of trade unionists out of employment was ,1 I, as agains*. -*9 ln FMb.
In the Socialist Annual the nuinher of
trade unionists In the I'nlled Kingdom
ia.   given   as,   roughly.   l.SISti, 111,11, so  that
in December, in tho midst of all the
Christmas festivities, there must, according tu the board of trade  per cent-
age, hava. bean ui.ij,sii skilled workers
out of eiap'.oyuieiit.
If such was the cuse with skilled
in. a-hanlcs, what must be the plight of
ilia*   unskilled worker?
F. Johnson, secretary of the hide-
la.iiai.iit Inbor party, esllinated that the
percentage of the unemployed unskilled
workers was, at least, twice as high as
that among  lhe trade  unionists.
"I think the outlook la very gloomy."
said H. l.ee, secretary of the Social
Democratic Federation. "The percentages from the Labor Gaz.atte are not
quite to be alenended upon, because the
tendency ls always to dliiiini'h, never
to exaggerate, ths returns of unemployed among iraale unionists. 1 should lay
1 per cent, should be aaldeal to the
Labor llazette percentages of iiii.-iiip!..y-
ed ski Sled workmen."
Big  Party of American Capitalists Leave
Vanctouver for Queen  Charlotte
Vill  be delivered     every evening    at
jeur door for
Fifty Cbnts a month
\, ���
-Tie-in Claims Damages Arising Out
of Riot In  Binscarth.
>:ina. Sask., Feb. II.���Thorn Ik every
ability thnl. the cuse of W. J. Il,��l
wim wns assailing during a riot at
|Bcarth, in March last, will become
to he  settled  between  tho  Ottawa
���     Washington    government"..    Mr.
Ild.ii claims that he hns been unable
|s"el  Justice or a fair trial from the
"linn authorities, nnd ba*Ing 11 oitf
|n of the United Slates, hus Instrtic-
bla��solicitors to take up the (ru.es-
���n with Wnshtngton. This will lift II
I1 "t lhe hands of the authorities here
>.    ii
American Secret Service
Han Is Held
Foulke, Who Forced Winnipeg Man
Over Border to Arrest Him,
Caught in Manitoba.
Emerson, Man.. Feb. I..��� Geo. Foulke,
Bocret service agent of the treasury department of the United States, is ln
jail here and will be tried this afternoon by the Canadian authorities,
charged with kidnapping. The incident
has caused great excitement all along
tha. bonier line on bolh sides and urgent,
appeals have been sent to Ottawa. It
Is charged that Foulke kidnapped a well
known Canadian, A. H. Toulton, on December 27th, took hlni across the line
at the jioliit of a revolver and charged
li a i ti with smuggling. He was released
on hall and at once filed a claim with
the American authorities lor $5.0(10
damages and swore out a warrant,
charging Foulke wilh kidnapping.
Foulke was arresla-d while returning
from a visit to Winnipeg ou a through
train last night and locked up bote
without bail.
W. J. Bryan Touring  Eastern  States as
Champion of Lost Cause.
Vancouver, Feb. fi.���With the Inten-
tion of looking over the Held for the
purpose of laying plans for the development of tlmher Interests ln the Queen
Charlotte  islands, a party  of forty-two
American capitalists have left on the
Steamer   Princess  Bcatrla*,*,  the steamiT
luniiig been specially chartered for tin-
The party is headed by Mr. n i'.
Iliiiii.-i of Chicago, win, has wilh him
his associates in ihe syndicate, Messrs,
.1 is. Oorletts and T. S. iva.s of tha. sum.,
city. The parly, however, represents
powerful Interests along every lln.'. us
It includes such men as A. .1. Barling,
president of the Chicago, Milwaukee &
St. Paul Hallway; Stanley Field, nephew
of the lute' merchant prince Marshall
Fl.'lal aif Chicago; Potter Palmer, Jr.. of
Chicago, und Messrs. S. A. Blaokwel)
anal li. I). Miller of Spokane. Mr. Hunter, when uskeal the purpose a,f his Irip.
"The leaders of the party, conllstlug
of Messrs. Caarleile. Iva's and myself,
are  going  north  to Inspect   our  timber
Interests on Moresby nnd Louise islands. These oofsr 70,000 acres, and
were recently acquired, ll is our Intention to lay the plans during the trip fur
the construction of a huge mill on the
Islands for tlie purpose aif timbering
these tracts. Jual ihe the amouni we
will have In invest Is yet uncertain, but,
as  you   ,1111V  see  from  tlla' a>xta.|lt   aaf Our
holdings, the plant must necessarily he
large.    On,, of  the   principal  reaBons
for our milking the move ut tho presenl
time is ihe priuiiisi.il development ill
prince Rupert, which will areata a demand for lumber at that polnl. Thla
need, wo believe, our mills will he lii't-
ter uble to sntlsfy than from nny other
source. As a matter or fuel, we are
going lo visit Prince Itnpert and Port
Bimpson while in the north, nnd lt Ib
altogether likely Hint wo will aelecl n
site tor a planing mill and also wharfage at the former point. Hecuuso the
party Is a large one lt does not necessarily follow Unit every man In the number in Interested In the scheme, as a
large pint of the crowd going with me
ara. limply my guests and lake the Irip
��� i a holiday excursion. When we come
bank which will be In about two weeks,
il nuiv be possible lhal we will he nble
to give full details of the scheme 1 have
Verslties to the preparation of teachers
for high schools. a,.l!.-ges and universities, and the preparation for practical
professors. Prominent among those
taking part in the conference, which
will be iu session two days, are President McClelland of Knox College, President Hall of Clark University, Presl-
.1' in Huiiimi'lkamp of Illinois College,
and Dr, W. F. M. (loss of the University
of Illinois. t
First   Campaign   in   Five   Years���Every
Advantage With Government
Except Organization.
New Yaark. Feb. C���Politicians are
inclined to attach considerable Importance to the present visit of William .1.
Bryan in New Jersey. The Nebraskan
Is making a whirlwind tour of the northern counties today, being scheduled
for addresses In Jersey City, Paterson,
Newark and one or two other places.
ll ls suid lhal Mr. Bryan's supporters aru soma-what concerned over the
present Situation in New Jersey. While
111, Nebraskan leader has nmny warm
adherents among the Democrats of thai
state it Is nol regarded us a certainty
by any means thai he will receive lhe
entire support of lhe party In his efforts to secure the presidential nomination. The former good Democrats,
who have always been very strong in
New Jersey, nave for tlie most part forgotten past differences and might be
counted upon to support Mr. Bryan,
provided, however, that no more sult-
able candidate Is trotted out between
now and the time of lhe Denver convention. The situation Is similar to that
ln many other states. It simply means
Hun if no formidable oppaisltion to the
Nebraskan arises New Jersey Democrats like those of other states will vote
for  Mr, Bryan's   nomination.
Hut the mention of Woodrow Wilson
a an available candidate has caused
soaiae uneasiness ln the Bryan ranks,
and lt is believed that this has led to
the present visit of Mr. Bryan, Mr.
Wilson Is president of Princeton University and. though a Southerner by
birth, Is looked upon- as u New Jersey
man through uud through. While his
so-called boom has not as yet taken.
serious hold, he Is at least regarded 'as
among the possibilities. Much depends
upon the iitiiiude of former President
Cleveland. The iinti-Hryanitcs waaulal
like to induce Mr. Cleveland lo become
a delegate to the national convention
and have hlni propose to Hint body the
name of Woodrow Wilson for the presidential nomination. If this plan could
be carried out there is little question
but thai It would receive the solid sui>-
port of the New Jersey delegation. But
so far the plun has been discussed and
that ts all. Mr. Bryan's lour of the
State la expected to warm up the sentiment In his favor and his friends are
preparing to mnke the most of II. But
us before stated lt ls not at all a certainty thnt the state convention will instinct for Mr. Bryan, ns there are
known to lie differences of opinion in
the party ns to the wisdom of suaii af-
lion, especially If there shall at Unit
time  hnve developed u contest  for the
Educators   In   Conference.
Urbnnn, III., B*eb, 4. ln response to
tho recent call of President Edmund J.
James, a number of noted educators assembled In conference at the University
ot Illinois today to discuss the relation!
of  graduato Bchoola   of  American  unt-
Alonetlou, N. B., Feb. fi.���Thla week
rinds two parties lined up for what
promises to be one of the sharpest and
most bitterly fought pailitical contests
In the history of the province. It ls live
years since the lust general election
took place, so that the legislature recently dissolved had run within a few
weeks of its full lerm. Formerly the
legislative term in this province waa
four years and dissolution usually took
place months, und ln some cases a year
or more in advuuee of the legal expiry.
Since the last general elecUon, however, the legislative term has been ex-
ta niled to live yearB and a statute waa
enacted providing that the end of the
legal term would not dissolve tne
house in case the legislature was in
The standing In the legislature just
dissolved was thirty-six government and
ten opposition, though five vacancies
have been created by death, resignation
and appointments to office. The government would, iherefore, seem to have
a decided advantage at the outset, but
iu the matter of organization, the advantage is all with the opposition. They
have cundidatea In the field regularly,
in Westmorland, four seats; Albert, two
seats; Kent, three seats; York, four
seats; Queen's, two seats; Sunbury, two
seats; Carletou, three seats; Gloucester,
three seats; St. John city, four seats;
Charlotte, four seats, and St. John
county, two seats���a total of thirty-
three of the forty-six seats.   ,
New Brunswick Police in Pursuit of Unnatural Brute Guilty of Incest
and  Murder.
Hurtland, N. B., Feb. 6.���Deputy
Sheriff Forester has returned from Upper Knoxl'ord, near the American boundary line, where he had been investigat
ing one of the worst crimes ln the hlB-
tory of this country. The story ls that
on Jun. 27th Richard Gray telephoned
Dr. Fields of Cenlreville to go to his
house to see his daughter. The doctor
went and found the girl enceinte. The
next night a child was born without any
medical assistance, at which time the
father of the girl acknowledged that he
was the father of her child. That the
child was alive both Mrs. Gray and the
daughter testified. Mrs. Gray wrapped
lhe child In a blanket. Gray took it up
anal carried It out of doors, returning
afler ten nilutiies without the baby. The
wife then told Gray to leave the house
and never let her see him again. Gray
declared he would shoot himself and
took up a rifle. His wife begged him
nol to do so, and he left the house and
hns not heen seen since. Officers are
on the trail of the father and are tracing
him lo the United States. The body of
the child has not been found.
Baron Takahira     Leaving     London  for
Washingtin,  Calls  Americana Japan's   Best   Friends.
New Rate Between Canada and United States
Postal Convention Amendment Was
Announced Today���Canada
From Ocean to Ocean.
Ottawa, Feb. 6.���The post office department today announced that an
amendment convention has been entered Into between Canada and tbe United
States reducing the postage on daily
newspapers from four cents to one cent
per pound; rates on weekly and monthly papers remain unchanged.
Ottawa, Feb. 6.���Earl Grey goes to
Toronto February 11 and from tbence
to Montreal where he will watch the
Mlnto skating contest there.
Toronto, F^b. 6.���President Thomas
Flanagan of the Irish Canadian Athletic
club, speaking of a despatch from New
York to the effect that Tom Longboat
was applying to the A. A. U. for re-in-
stateni.-ni, said the Indian ls not going
to New York nor would he make application to the American union in any
way for reinstatement. If lt were necessary to secure reinstatement from
the American- to compete at Olympic
games Longboat would not be allowed to
go to London.
SL Thomas, Feb. 6.���The year and a
half old son of Mrs. Marshall feU out
of a high chair, striking his head on the
floor and died of concussion ot the
Toronto, Feb. 6.���Increasing competition between eastern and western sheep
breeders has become so acute that it
haa resulted ln bringing about a split in
the Dominion Sheep Breeders' Association.
London, Feb. 8.���Wm. Pollock, a well
known character about town, was found
frozen in his house. He was taken to
the hoapltal where he died.
Petrolia, Feb. 6.���Hon. W. J. 'Hanna,
provincial secretary, ls renominated by
Weat Lambton Conservatives.
London, Feb. 6.���George Peterson,
who for forty years conducted a large
confectionary business in London, ls
dead. He was 77 years old and Is survived by two sons and a daughter.
Toronto, Feb. 6.���William J. Frances
Is under arrest on the charge of using
the malls for fraudulent purposes. He
haa for some time been advertising Indiscriminately for stenographers, bookkeepers and other clerical female workers, not only ln Toronto, but in the
London, Feb. 6.���Walter Guyman,
16 years of age, fell into a vat of boiling water at the bolt works and was
fearfully scalded. He will recover If no
complications set In.
Ottawa, Feb. 6.���For the first time ln
fourteen years the Chaudlere Falls are
frozen over.
London. Feb. fi.���"I know of no truer
friends of Japan than the Americans,
and our excellent relations and knowledge of one another will ensure an anil-
cable outcome at nn early date of the
negotiations still in progress." Such Ib
lhe message that Baron Kogoro Takahira sends to America on the eve of his
departure to assume tho ambassadorship of his government .at W.ashlngton.
The baron will sail for New York from
Liverpool today on the steamer Etrula.
"I am not going to Washington on any
special mission," said the ambassador in
an" Interview today, "but only as the
resident representative of my country.
I am delighted to return to the city and
country where I have so many friends.
1 have never dreamed of the possibility
of war between the United States and
Japan. Such n thing Is unthinkable ln
this period of the world's htBtory."
Churchman's  Club.
The ladies' night whist party at the
Churchman's Club last night was well
attended. So fur the club has had a
very successful seaaon.
Increase all sorts of reasons have been
assigned, some of which undoubtedly
contaln a modicum of truth. The steadily augmenting difficulty of the struggle
for existence in the competitive conditions of modern civilization were no
doubt taa-i.ars in the spreading of mental diseases, but ln Mi*. Burgess' opinion
the true cause was to be found in heredity. He urged that drastic measures
be taken to prohibit marriages of the
Montreal, Feb. 6.���The snow storm of
laat night and this morning ls the last
straw In the suffering of the operating
departments of the great transportation
lines. Despite the great blizzards of
last Saturday, and despite the Arctic
weather that has Bince prevailed, the
railways have kept up a semblance of
ordinary train service but today nothing of the kind is possible and officials
frankly admit that for the time being
they are beaten. Tlie area covered by
the storm lies almost entirely to the
west of Montreal.
League Threatens War.
Seattle, Feb. 6.���Before taking adjournment yesterday the Asiatic exclusion league of North America framed a
memorial to congress demanding immediate legislation looking towards the
absolute exclusion of Japanese, Koreans
and Chinese from American shores. The
memorial protests against the presence
of Orientals ln America as a menace to
labor and suggests that if congress does
not act quickly the people will take the
law Into their own hands.
After Sugar Trust.
New York, Feb. 6.���On indictments
charging conspiracy to defraud tbe
United States government, Ernest W.
Gerbracht, chief Bugar exporter of the
American Sugar Refining company, and
ten other employers of the sugar trust,
were arrested yesterday and taken before Judge ChatfieM In the circuit
court, Brooklyn. Gerbracht and those
Indicted with him pleaded not guilty
and were remanded under ball.
Another Parnolac.
Chicago. Feb. 6.���Gustav Walstedt, a
carpenter, who today shot and killed
his daughter, Helen, nine years old, and
then killed himself, In their home at
244,, 55th street. Walstedt, is believed
to have been insane.
Campaign    In    Morocco    May   Call for
Large Army���Rumored Order Denied���McLean Free.
Paris. Feb. 8.���The Matin states that
on account of the gravity of the situation in Morrocco, which shows no signs
of improvement orders have been Issued for the mobilization of the army
corps and colonial troops garrisons in
Tangier, Feb. 6.���Sir Harry McLean,
who has been in the hands of the bandit Raisuli for the past 7 months, is
within a few hours ride of Tangier and
will probably be released today. The
British government has succeeded In
bringing their negotiations with Raisuli
to a close and in return for the release
of Sir Harry McLean pays $100,000 to
Raisuli and guarantees him protection
and   Immunity.
Paris, Feb. 6. ��� Foreign Minister
Pichon announced at the cabinet meeting today that the government had no
Intention of Bending additional corps to
Appeal to Railway Commission for Better  Facilities.
Toronto, Feb. 6.���A meeting of the
shareholders of the Canada Shipbuilding Company has been called to appoint
Winnipeg, Feb. 6.���Frank Drew, an
Insurance agent, attempted suicide last
night ln the hotel Vivian by shooting
himself In the head. He ls still alive
but there is very little hope of his recovery. Before shooting himself Drew
wrote two brief notes, ln both of which
be stated he Intended making away
with himself.
Kenora, Fob. 6.���Word has been received of another dynamite explosion
on the Grand Trunk Pacific work north
of here. Colin Campbell, employed as
a foreman at Campbell's camp, was
killed and two others were badly Injured. Tbe accident occurred about six
o'clock laat evening.
Montreal, Feb. 6���At the annual meeting of the executive of the Protestant
hosptfKI for the Insane for the province
of Quebec, held here today, Dr. Burgess.
medical superintendent, said that during the year 1907 there had been an
absolute as well as relative increase
among the Insane not only of this province, but of the world generally for
some years past.    To account for such
Ottawa, Feb. 6.���The railway commissioners will shortly deal with a matter
of importance to merchants throughout
Canada. A number have combined with
a view to securing redress of a long
standing grievance which relates to the
handling of freight at ling stations As
matters stand at present nil freight ls
put off at flag stations al the owner's
sole risk, and they have even to go to
the extentof signing u consignment
note, which provides for a "tlag station
release" so far as suing the railway
companies for any loss of damage is
At the large majority of the flag stations there ls no agent appointed to
look after either passengers or freight,
the obvious reason being thut the expenditure of such appointment would
not be justified by the receipts. In any
case the freight is merely dumped at
these stations, with nobody to look after
It ls not surprising to find, therefore,
that in many instances the freight has
either been stolen or badly damaged
by exposure, but the railway companies
have been relieved from any liability
consequent upon the "flag station release" referred to.
"To provide better facilities for
handling freight at flag stations" ls the
point upon which the railway commissioners will be called upon to adjudicate, and the ense will likely occupy
soveral days.
Canada Can Use All She
Can Borrow
President of Canadian Northern Sees
Year of Rapid Growth and Ample
Excuse for Borrowing.
Toronto, Feb. 6���President McKenzle, of the Canadian Northern railway,
who has just returned from a trip to
Winnipeg, in speaking of financial conditions generally, said;
"Whatever financial conditions may be
elsewhere they do not affect the fertility of the land which furnishes the railroads with business. I think that everybody knows that there is very much
more money today available than was
the case a little while ago. What we
need ln Canada, of course, is permanent
investment which must come largely
from outside. Existing enterprises need
more capital, and new undertakings of
the best sort can use all the capital
that can be got from them."
Leading   British   Cattle   Importer Says
It is Good for Canada.
Montreal, Feb. 6.���A special London
cable says the movement among 200
members of parliament there to rea-iove
the embargo on Canadian cattle is particularly checked by the assertion of
the Meat Trades Journal the organ of
the trade, tbat Canadians themselves
realize tbat their best interests are in
the fat cattle trade, as carried under
the embargo.
John Sullivan leading Britisher dealing in Canadian cattle says the North-
******) ranch cattle which comprises fully
half uf Canada's shipments are totally
unadapted for store purposes. Canadian cattle senders of these cattle and
of heavy fat distillery cattle find that
they make more money under the requirements of slaughter at Birkenhead than if a mere bag of bones were
Sullivan admits that the embargo is
a pure piece of protection. The allegation of disease ts a flagrant deception, but nevertheless it works so well
for Canada that if the act were repealed Canadian shippers would be slow to
avail themselves of the right of free
Bigger Rush  Than  Ever Predicted for
Coming Season.
Tacoma, Feb. 6.���The spring rush to
Alaska has started, rivaling that to the
Klondike ten years ago. Indications
are that 20,000 miners and prospectors
will go to the northern gold camps w
the pext few months. Prosperity and
high wages prevail in every mining
camp in Alaska and the British Yukon.
In addition the Guggenhelm-Have-
meyer interests are building the trans-
Atlantlc railway up the Copper River
valley to reach what Henry Bratnober,
for years tbe London Exploration company's copper expert, declares ls the
greatest and richest copper district yet ,
discovered  anywhere.
New gold strikes are reliably reported from outlying Klondike creeks. Iron
Stewart, White und Polly rivers <>nd
from Tanana, Koyukuk and Copper river
The steamship Saratoga sailed Saturday night carrying 200 miners to Valdes
and Cordova. Most of them will go to
the Tanana district over the Valdoz-
Fatrbanks trull, improved by the government last pear. Stages are going
over this trail In six and a half days.
The Tanana Mine Owners' Association
ls sending north 150 mine's, though
last year's labor troubles have been
settled. It ls expected that the Tanana
district's production this year will reach
$10,000,000. Dozens of minu.-n nre solng
to Klondike and the newer districts on
the Upper Yukon. Beginning in May
10.000 men will go to No-U3 and other
Seward Peninsula camps.
Flre In  Peoria.
Peoria, 111., Feb. 6.���Fire laat night
swa-pt u whole block on South Adams
St., In the principal business portion
of thla city.    The damage Ib $500,090.
m "���
^ ���
*. ��
!**_��'Dafly canaifi-f.
: -**__.:.*_      _.._ ;       .���:'._.*_.: __    r***c.*- �����-*_. w ait *.
_*-_���_. . ���_ : -
. -_ -:   j_k_        :���-   - :
*-     ���   mm ��r
���Ih   i_a*__
��� *�����_._��> Ka ft.
:__-ira.  ���*���..
rAI-W:'- it  -     " a_.-. -  I   .**���
^^^^^^^^^^^^        J ___*--* sp   _   ouriitr
2��arzA Ot e__o_. -,i**j-ii*��    -���tar; (_
*;C-l   *   :-!_.int.    \itiMAOt   ar_c   ���
Clothing,    Gents'   Furnishings
and Boots and Shoes
. * _ _. i.
-   ���
-.-���"'I   z.
Imperial Bank of Canada
L   5i   vm.3CI_E   r*r_K.c
Hea*. Or-oe:   TorcfEto
\-::ff.:fjr.    lS.��l -_i    = i :  -; m.s-s.-. -jx
�����<��� i-s.: .'x<:
.-.-_'���   _>.-.- r'K&AT   T,*._^.?r����ii*na
iAi* HS.XS
���-saowrfiAi,      v.^i-l:-       .-l:--
J.    _ML    L.AV,   Manager.
l_.-jfcL-t^;  a_-iv��ft^ '-a.
*��ft_-_J*0����   -_l*eA*-&*-l
The Royal Bank of Canada
     KJHS..VS.     p.***-.*   r.-c
.   �����*.��-���.; -x.;
c* a     . -ia, -.'  ����-��
-3. "5 ,ut. -*.'_.* .t; . -3'sjt S- C*n4>nt
*.' theaa linet, a^rf **av ng bo-ught before
!art advances, we are selling tilts lot aft
tat*. otoocn pnee*.
Ta. i * a 1-ne opportunity for hotels.
���Hrwishtd rooms to stock up at pr-ces
are special iy low. We want yowr aft*
tention  *\r��  inspection.
i.l   - t-lA-
t>'e.'.  I-   A���-��'.~ '.'.   ; ..-
, . - ii     i��-ft    S-*;.*-:l���-e-r
.ea^e-**rL    ---*- t-e-s     ;,,rjt-
_* ���   * . 1   z\i-,  >.'.^- . -*-!-
= i '. K i
'.-   ----.��?.  % zx.
Nelson Branch- G. A. SPI-NK. Manager.
: -'   ,  ;   .ft.-.   ,   . r.J    -..     ....
I ��� - .-,.--_���   .      .
-btx.tr v..   S-ejeA. A C
���-4.LL*      l.    '.-.-    -    .-.- ���.      Li.     ' '. .    Lift
ftL     -      . -   .     -     - L  . ���     -   . a ���].'���--���     .
���   ��� ��� ..       -   ���     -   - -   - .-     ���-       -.:-���--���
Atretlnp li
...   ���   ���    -.-.   ��� ���   ��� ���    LL-   . t   ���-       - -
���   ���
:.-.--.     . ���������        -���-.-.---.--    ...   ;:   :.-
��� .
-- .   ll,,     *��� .   ....   -
Favr eu��i. ���_*�� t��eea Um
of    <'.*Ti*i*lar\    *yor*nimastaa,    ���.'
paunie ���
If nek taoaser baa Ih
It*  iu< .-..
���j> be considered.    B]
' '   <.  rxmntry, prortne-
v _      .
and   neoe-nlly   -
Baore or   ,<.i��   (fratilled  at   *
Tne.**-   i:a-     I,', aa. -
tl    -���
���. a ftua
In   Iiri*:rh  Col ll
- :    { riin��r_.-    ar.a;
l> ������-?,
tbe   IBatOTity,   w_   -a*-
r'-ifar'l   a,. lux 'jf
Ao'ittier ���
the op I/O*, i tin, only expressed a-
of labor miOM to tht aaeisKrd i:
tlon of ar-.izan-.
There   St.  apparently, only  one class
of setf.Ser wbo U cordially eretoOl
al! ini'-.*'-��LK, the capliaiist
An analysis of the situation is lmirr*ic-
tive. The Oria.nial ijuegtion la In a class
by Itself, and an all are familiar with It.
It may be dismissed briefly. Until a
few years ago it waa almost limited to
Chinese. It meant additional
labor, welcomed of course by en.t,loy-
ers of labor, f,|,pi.,��ted of course by otba.r
laborers. The Imposition 'A a head tax
of $500 changed the situation. It stopped tbe Influx altogether for a time, but
as Its other Inevitable result was to
treble the earning power ot the Chinese
t           ���-���-.    ���-..���   i ���     -*.--'
-.-���.*     =.-������-      -   - . *
*            *                     ���-.     %,        ZJ   I-*   A*T*Z
atlas**, a c
���: ">->"=._.-.-:: :.: -_;*: ?-.*;JiiS�� of i
���J*---.' __-
-. r- _      ��L   -._,
���    .
-     -   - -         -           -    -    -     . -      ' L        . . 1      L
^.ufl^Mt   W   las*   ��� s\eaa\ "    Vum:
- -> L  rmm, iKrtu.
* rvt s* >jt lTe*tts*a\ Vb Uat  '.rva*
.          '. *- - ��� -j.. r
..                -*,        a =
-- . .*-: -Ala*
������.--1 j^j-.Tfa*.
- t                   - ���.   -.'.   . .   - ���
��           -    *  . *.    -.      i.   ���   ., r_n.a.
Bh -_
. **.-                         ''          *      ' . ,'T ..
L A :   '..f **. ft.*..-��
>KftX -*.' t*S.   JK, |
���l    < l,f,mi-ft^a�� .�� * fair. ^._-^-_rl
:-or*er aeefll  ��  r����l,M a��rta Ir*
-    ;���    _ : .
- - ftr...
lirvtiMtm nsam i
. ^
c��t!*ftftl.:a* **. ��. .*^a
Certificatu   of Improvement*.
Bet tfce Orieatal
diaa ,n*-w of izsaieraj-we Is sm4iT&sit,ij
re*_oc   Pi .  aaididoB Is
a d��mLL,> sals-    Iu rcselt aM* -
eat-ran ts*   nrw
******-   :-���::._������  ft-   ._-...   _. ttmaaaawta   .: I
���_���   ^  '.���- .-..-. .-..���*.    ..-..-   .i    '��� *���    j
ft   ���
It ��h/j��id Ia �����*��. Jtsahr
meat   I ae ���ara*..-
ada titan i*. ��*-'.
. ..ra
of Ml*******
. -
k tu.
--.n bt attatae* U b; aetxrian to
ai, nea;.y ai, poai ^e dis-
pa.  ootDpeti-
��as the aio
and for a titi-e tbat ;
lulfllied        lint   within   to*   last   .even
years -.-.* have taken p.I
both Canada and the United States that
have shown li e prol*eU'./a  afforded io
Tbe ;
ion  went Into office pledged to oealrny
tbe   National   I'oSi'y.     They   hi
.'.',:.':   lhat  but   shtry   have   played   with
the whole tariff fjuestion In a way thai
bas thrown   many  industries   in'
While   the   laa;-
ployers are thus kept  In a state of uncertainty   as   to   the   condition-    under
which ihey may be forced to worn, large
-. - ���
'a-~;��*^wi   7-��*
.a * -ft -,
><-*  L L-ft*. .  .   ....*.   _    _    ���::     :   .    A-.-. ft.   -
"Ma 5_>Li_e  Aal w. a   Ji*4Ma. ol iaa
** ;-L. .��.   i        -  ��      ���-. ;��.-..!_.- ���
.-->---.��, * �� .;^- _t   .._._--
u�� ioUo^rl&c Mcn��t��   \t**a:   ''������* ��� i 1
ft ^w. j-.*iit-: &a *_b�� iw-i **ax of crw c
&i ia�� , -mum. ot is* won* tee* *t Cora <
w.'-L   :--   ^ft.L   ,;*.ft;     .-r .:   -. , -   t    -,
Wlii.-ij, A. Bax��o��.
Eleventh Annual
Winter Carnival
From    Tuesday    Night
Until    Saturday    Night
3 OF
Rossland    Carnival
J.   S.   C.   FRASEft
FEB. 4 to 8
For information apply to
A.  B.  MacKENZ'E,
������-���-&! Manager.
...   ja .: .   t  ���    .   :.��..-.:,* **���.%% a . ^-n
7__t w���at -i_i ;, L w  A*o*or*sr. i_t��-^ u. ��^-
5*7 at*r . iyi��t���i.   _ec&<*   l* est ftAd  t_^ry ����� ��7
..   - -    --__.���..-.. a.  - ���   .       ��- : _     ���        _ < -*.
4 >���-���-. -a***-*-*, i-  *   eMw, MrpnA-c-t wwr
         ^fx,:/    >*__.__   mU,   t_��*c��   ��*c_i7
�����&���� *^_*.y --,*__��� s��*rUi. itMflc*
 frtAC*   0���    fcryi*illl��g.   CD��-
o* i��i. aa4  -*-_.:  _e��tf _i-
I oai���. _*-*���*-** -*a*x MO e_f.ifti u. i_�� puoe of be��
��.:    .    1-T -     a    : -f     -*     a     -    ��� 	
QlW I>*:-1-**��_i. L-osrator.
Va- I.   ���_-*-_:_-*_��_e -�� �� imi Bfcrt***-* Cb*^t��
-bvic���cr*! M>*ut���c**t ���o*_er,   t-ec--���  w
-ftort_. HsxtctWctol���i *~*--.t-  tt,*a-j( "���
���ovi*. t-catc* ��� -luui c-M to t_e rU** of b*-
gtnM>��Ci oofit-U-iBc ���* acrea. mon or leaa
_***ea4**-2 5-urt/MWrr X*t_, HH
*"��*___�� DrrtJUEB, L*��_u>r.   .
- ��� r_t ,'uh, fft^er. -f **,itMi..i
r*?asp" *��� ���*- *���" -*-**-��*
. ���   a :��� -    .  .-   .-
'  ���
���   -. . ....
���"tiAar, st <    r  %
sm***\a*A*^e*to**tse*A. anna a* Tar-%*
I   '.,   '-.
**���. 2****r*. i  v.    !������    t-*/r.]
ri'.-t-*-*- .�����   .r 4  *m  a
M>mf --f -/ f tawi'i JU
��� -      *
----**������       ���..*���>*,
----- ��� *.-.           >        ,   .,
UaovI iV*_��--*f ri,
'* - *                             -��� ���
ft * _bfUM*-�� Imwaiai
��� .   K*   -ay. a^^r
ft4/^t.:a��i  f*t*--.r<>-
���-.-/   _M           *     *.*
-    *������        T��*f. tbeaerr &--
-*'-*���.-*::--.-'       :*.
*  t-- :/-,% fpouu
ot   *
- *f *>���.��� aerM  &.
.:* m
li*A\**y. l**-f*-.m*A**1 PUm, iu/:.
-a-U ******
***\t*t*j ���***%.
-._. ���.'^oam v. t*\nt*\*99 tMx***t*t Uo lum. a��d -__��
���.���..*_;   M .  a ..-.   -*.���   .    f   A    -_-*-t.*    -MM!     -=*-���*
��*i-*4  M-<ni��r SIM, HT-
L. ��'. .IiTU   ^OUM,
A- H_ca.ATT, ftC*-L
IhliiIii ol ot   ���*_*��   Vtt-La   WW*t   to   a*3
t. *.   -t-      4    a   .   - b��in      * r-^il       AMI      ��� 'j*tA
mm***ommi oi _��*-j ���-.** ����r-a
��t���oa _a*�� lArtnei. Piaviet of �������*. Kooa**��7
T*a*w  a-vurj* ;__;  ;. T. L,  Lo***, c-f Bo**en
���  - ���     O-wr-j-A-MS   f-l_UT.  IU'-*_*! I* tf>
_   trllBUMt ��r_r tMMkm
"o t    Coome-eias at t po��t m.rt*<i
X*Ti-s_er*i   ���oQ-U*eM ��M_er.  tb"a��e   aortfc   ���***
-Aataa. t-etaot aaat 09 r_at_i, tb*t*-*-e n-oit *
ft-at-g.  ooo-l-tag ��� acrt-a, mon or i__
;.- ��^* ���-   .-*-.--���   - -.    j. ���
'_____ InrrrvE-. Lomtor.
*it-b-��i Ua* [n��r-r.   ^-t-i��ww��l/-vwa*r
TU4   -��UC��   t*a.t   I. <-��a*t1**M\   l>t***za*a*tf. tt��cs4
Uitfirtari ifan*. i^it��er :*crs#f5e. to <Tjt **d
-_ft-T7 away t-ja-*r j-*-n ot* oen* ot la-ft- Oaa*-
���ata el-c a* *o l +o*n *\Utmt _t nUaa *aat ol t*c
LsjrA***Af nrter *>-. tM aorta ��*4* of iSooadary
cf��* w^^rfti *-.,-vi__*>*-*-tu.O_ib��T liri-nm
. ---> -*.:.. . * s , lift of :^t -.>*��� :.*
t*VB��_i-7  iUm   H-ak-��e-caac *t a aoat  ��� mat.
-. a *   ���*    ..-_-��    -*-   .-ifff-rai    t/j*,'^-.    :.-.���--   .  t
c_*_h ��>rt-.  ___-���*-*-* ck-Uw a**a. u��att��
c--Um aaaih, u*+%***- ot uuu v��*t to tA�� pu��c
���I bagto-lXfX. '*--.*.-_.-.,cty i*> ��/rt-. ravr-:  ,r -*_-��
'.MXaiaa _%-tc_����. Loeator.
V* X.   Co��_.*'L*:ij at a pa*t marked ��� b*r*,--a
Pa���riMf*   *o-**,***;  uvroer, t_��aea a�� tTf-i-rr
���i     -.l*     ���*.  ���>.     -.-*.;_�� -��-��t, *.*.*���;���* �����.      -*.^��
���-   ,*.i   :--4*i .*- ���*      *,,,*,i -�����*. 'At.-  ;.*.'     :  *>���
Kl__t_f. as.^: w����* *u,4 ***4}*asott.i to ti--KUrr ooe
._-^r !*_:.'. *tft-   //lu:ii_c -va. *. ���-<
^^^^^^^^ J*-*t* rani���. Laoatof
UmNM ��������� ��   CSmMHHm  j* a*. & f-*t-*daat��4
_t tbe _���*>'*- ��--*i '-/roef  WlLf   tbe  UU���aJ   poat
��*; aee_tt�� _m ��'/.'.t��*-: '..*-.-*��� -*T3 rwkari
>->. * i/^-��'.i',n -aivi trur-a-**-] J. r*_fcer'a f- w
oorotr. ������ *��� ������hf.u* io tbe anl-in
J��*j-i'Urr   of  C.   i     k   UA UUU   tbe-aoe  o**t tb
rtk M rbajtia   t_va����  w��*t ���>
-���/ tb* psAui oi  <^i*nmtttntOe\aOm% omd OVU-
t-tsQC 1*40 *urr*re   ttior* or '*****%.
l>*atAjMl iwitabtr Uth, l��r?.
l>**aU>-J 5->rexbt-��r i%tb. IW7
'.k&_-_ Utrtcnto. _��*���.-
>o t    C-*-naeb'-ix>( a.t a p    taark��1  < Ltxr**t
WWirwntiw: oor_er a**.-'  aOo-.i ,-_ n_i.---
t-*r .iiinn mm��. tbeoee aoatb Weaaiaa. ibcaTa
*Miev cbaiaa, tbeaee nortb fc.tbuaa. t_c_ea
-a*��ebalaa to tbe aU��e of b*-*-ic-,iacr^S.
aa_M *���* a*;r--a, aaore oj tea. "^   "^
U-tmM*3 b'.-reat-t/ i��ta. i��r/7.
���-.**** Jj'Thii  Lor^tor
r^h_*r*.C<S_;!:a'r1Iif S * pwn ���*r-��^ Chanaa
in>Ubtra   u-rUrfaat    *x*rs>er.   tbab_c a^atb  M
>o  il     ��-t*t uw_, Ti:e f rf��*.
XtHTo laaa ��>a'r>ct   in-^.n -*. of t* *-��t _��o��� u��y
1 abe _rxmf tbat 1, -loarpb   f . - *    a
B  C .  <*-**-���-pa' -*&-  liabtraui.  tat��-oa   1
tor a ���pe*_u tuaber it*tea**e aaat tbe  l
*.��*a*-r.>s*4 laaaa    C-o_b.k - is*,** ��i �� ���*��! j,.aai^"
aaoot * atllaa ap tbe  *eai  to-rk  ot  Fit-- i
aad ahaat Ut ebataa tram tbe tank ot ****** i -*-#i
lore aa-l ���tarked J'-eepb r*��trvk'�� ��� AL *x**_e'.
tbeaea   tfti)  rbaUu.   Lbeane   a   ���      a
���..-.-.   **aJ\ ����� a       .        ��� -        .     -        ���:.   *a.      ���  a.-..
potatof  'jcaaiadatat, coetalalac 090 -wr-t-a.
uart or laaa.
Datad HaiaiWrHb. Mr?,     ioaira Patk    .
I   1. Let _. aaeat.
!<o. I<      WwUf/rt, rit*T-*i
V��-oa Laad inatnct,  I/utrtrtof *��* K*
Take aoUptre  tbat  /or-epa  Patrvk. of
��� C , oer-aaat-taa liiakaialaa   lnieada to apt*:7
a tbertal uabei   If-eaea orar ta* foiic���ria-r
rnfcj la* " '	
fruit   (crna. -_���
-an buy a 1*. acre Fnilt Ranch ln  the 1 	
ln   B LrabSa   by   paylnx   110 dollar* down and $10 p*r nmnta
****** a* an Investment thit 1* worth consideration
Kruit Land baa trebled in ratal within the year.    Whal will it dd M��
W^IVI ,   - I WlShf I
VI Ll ..���.���>>
Ceewrsettg st a \*mi a. itsari
__   __    __    > aJIMUtt.  **<!   la  ts.
tlrttxur*   boa    VMKUoa   U*    II   au 1
:������;-.   . �� ���    i ���   v   ���
d��l��. tataet w��t as,
eontr.  ,a*a.
MANUFACTURERS    T _ _��#  *        f
AND DEALERS IN    J^tainDef ���   OllinglCS*
Uttth, AAoulclinK��, Doors,  Window*]
Turned WO-r* and Brncketn. Mail Order. promptSy .!-*��*"
���   NHIJK1N. B. l-L.
VBRNON *��TM��iirr
 ^ _________     . ItMBC. Doctkn
tluJu. taoaa taM m eh.li.> v> ratal oi*ps*.
��� .,iiiw,e, uiei.inl.f *r- .  ������ *
batod tieataa*** Ua. l*r..     J>uh y,
I   1. Vox.,,  acem.
Ina   *>,** tor*. TM'i^t
.tUnllulDWMt.   Ut*U<l.A ��>., K.avb.j
Taataouta t*M, I.JOKph fiuw, ol N,i��,n.
B. c��� ease******** Iwumu laleaf to afpty
tr/r a aoectr, f--Dt*T lleuftc* ov��r tbe lollowlu
InniM Uad>: Coeamlu ai a t",\ pu.t��-l
���fc..t!&et,^tt�� 4l��t*��t an4 u a we*��T.j olrve-
sits* treat U*. vm, lork ol rile Tot* ao4 abooi
Ll a-loe IrOM .nit olcfe**. .a*. r-ara��-3 lct*pt.
r,U.J'( 8 K ��>rl��er. ll.,i.ra we^ !*,��� c-aat.ft,
tlMaat aorta M ch^n,, ,a��o,�� ernes W> Cbaa.
:���.':'   "  .   .*.    I        *ft :-���        ;.       :   a.i   ������ =>i-,,..   -
W����at- eoDUUtln. ������. acrt*. mor* of loM.
bawl IxrxaxA.! a:i. i*r,      io.tra Ya-nsr*.
1.1. Uxim. **.u\
*to It    Hurr. na er*ea
!*iooo Laod b-,.,n��   tsbruiex et Wets Kootraar
Tata annt   lli�� I. lwa.1   .aa*    ,
B C. ou-oawtl-o .-.DUaau.  lasesvS  Is im<I
l(aanfe;,.u*l*f jleraw otrf tba loliowit^
feamberfUada:   1 ..������a����l^al ���
al��>aal i^�� pllu ay iatrn, ef��ta  uad l. a *  ��.
diroctloo   Iroaa   aDoitl.   ol  cratfl. ao4 atrtK
it****  fasrlrt ���  .*,   r.  ��� or����r. Ifcrsaa xntU, ��,
afcalta,    u^b��e weal a^ ��-Lauos. Iltae* aorta M
eaatxa, . u,e��.a* ea,*. jr. - uaLau, to ta* f^,t, t ��4
'<.n.c.*^oeiae^t. e^aulalx^ va, a*te��. Ibo.t or
balae lKuca\sm Ird, 1MK.     Jve^a J-arsics.
L J    lixn. <|UL     I
.Xo  1*.   ftutm. r,e*t
Ne.wao Land Inatnei    bw.rlrt ol Weft, Kont*-.ay
Tele a��tw  tbat I. Joaepb  Pairira , .,, **vi,..n.
*.-:..n   lumberman    intend  ,.- apvla
lor a awwlal umber beene*  ot.r tbe  I II    una
-loftari,- !B,M*Mat��� ,* ,'       -nert
aaboat 1 mile 11. an   .a*l*r.,r   -Llrfta-taon   1.   ,     lb*
moaitn ol .-leieni rrrft-k.  altn I, ,oai i       inu.
'n!-a* la*-, aal marked Joaeph I'alri. s . ���  Vi
ooruer. ibeae*  nof,b to rbatna.  iben..       ���- I
(ba n> - - .     .    '.ben .    w. al 10
.:.! of n-tnme9f*mer.i afn^
��� a
!)���,*-! le^eifibe, lu1. lar       JottTH I'.   ���     k,
I   J. Ltx-la. af, n;
Ho. IA.   tHrrcaa ere*k.
Itelfto. Laa! Hwirtc,.  sT**tstat*t Weat ie     nay.
Take notice . laon,
aapalloo   iucibermau,   inland    In . ppl*
lor a .bvial lUabaf lieaar*  a.,..*  tt...  ( !<.��lni
- ft -.-
taft- a��...
eauaa k,u<>
aaa;k*d la^ei
uh ���* .ha
ink at a p��,--. i.'ftnted
,     ajjd   at   u, 40
<   a r. -a   and
. ���   '*    ,:    . .r.-.r,   ,. ene-e
aonk ��,.*.. *    -   tlenea
'       '    '        '     '   *��� ���! ��m.1.���.*,.   I,.,-     ,,,..(
SJ     "'"*""' touialniB, MO .ere,, met* or
l>at*d -beft-eaibet Jnd. 1��,.     jr-arH I'Aiai.l,
���l 1��    ^,en.rr��k    '  *  ~*-**- *****
stri-f-"' rnntii ���
- '       ���..������;.','�����,'���   J,,"-l"'   '������!"'����� n!N��W.
ior a .-H-,'.', ���   "  ,n">',"������.  Inl*n.l   lo appl,
����flt��d^Dd��.   Comment in, at a poal plauled
.���.I *n
II  '<!>���
,. at"']
��."t 'fl
ahou, 6 mllea up atrrena ara- >
laeatlaa No la on the eoailh. ft '
lalrfck'a N W ,-i,ruer. Ill, a. ���
tlnnae aoaalb *aa, ahailaft. ItacDC
,hence nortb aa rbaln, la , aim
ment. remaining tat aire*, mors
I��a<r.l ,*r.,'lnt.er Srd. laftC *'
I.J   If
No. *     Weaa, (ork. File ilea k
Nalxi, Un., I'lftln. I    ban, T'JN
lake notl.r thai 1. Joaeph l.i'"11."'
"  I  ,ec, u|��llon   laimt��rtli�� ���",u   Jjl
I.T a .iHa-i.l tinal*.r   lt,^-n.-.'  n.   :  l**'"j
dearrlb<-d land, :   Ooaaan. Ink al at*��_
abou, 1 aaail,-, ���r ,he *���, lork    ' *'I,'JT
aba.ail .V . I.alta,   aorlbollh.'    " ���'  *'   '
J ��<ph   I'alllrk'ft   SI.
rhalm   Ibenee  wea,  altli,'..'
chair.,,  thenee  .-aal BtkftlU   to !*'���.,
m.-ncemenl. conuftialnir M,- acre.   "'';;.^ill
baud Deaviaaber flb. 1SUT       Joi" ���J',
1  J. I,' ' U, M"
Vo  .'1      w ,.,, |,���k. ���| na a-ac*-k K(rf|
Nelaon Und Dtalrh-t.   IM.m ''     .ft
Take notice 11,.; i, Joaepb  ''��'���'",,', Jul
i   *"f,
B- C , occupation  lumberman
l.ar a ,pe* tal timber lu*eu,*��* ".--
deecrlla-t Uli.lft:   .'..mmrii. I"K al ��
nbotn 4 mile* up tbe well faark "' f
planted ���n the  north  laatak
market  Jnaeoh   l',aMk>  S   *    ���J���""' a.
a...,,a, -a cl.ain.    ,t,?���...  wail *       ",���   anfl
norih *. chain*. Ih,.,.-.*-'
of mmmenaeinpnt, eontalnltak ***-' ���     '
���***������ . I'll*
bated Decaeiber 4th. lto*.    W2oo��ia*|
 "-       *      - .--       --JT   ,     - The Dally Canadian
We furnish the
Icsiiinot dine on FROG LEGS every day.
Staples    .
[ef,   Po*k,    Mutton  and Veal
Hams. Bacon and Lard
With all varieties of
Fresh and Smoked Fish
in the market
Mincemeat of Finest (Juality in glass and wood.
. Burns & Co., Ltd.
Rossland     INE_,*S01N.  13. C*�� Boundary
he Nelson Brewing Co'y, Ltd
Dlitrlot,   DiMirK.t oi Weit Kontenay
���  that TtOd* J.Hainmun9, agent  (or
n,-r. ol   .Nt-iaon,  occupation   watch-
i- ta iti-piy   (or   (MnUMtM to pur-
iilowlng d'eecrlboa' *"
po��i   planted   about
n  '-:     '  ���>:iiiiH'Ji
,i mllea vail ��t
Lbeooa Mi rlialoa IB an eaaterly
Lbeuca xo chain* aouth, theuce 40
rt .-...ur!) direction, thenee M itialita
th�� point ������( i iimmeneeiueiit, containing
norc oi li ���*���
-..-.   : th. 1807. , _
K-'Kl.Hl.  K   fOR*   I-fNIK.
;>������ *.****>>'���".   Agent-
niw lake, on Moiti-ulto Creek) Uld 91 chain." 75
Iinka aouth of tlif N. W. C. ol Raid lot, ruon it-**
thenoe weat Ul ehainn, theuce aouth 00 chain*,,
thenoe eaat su chalua, theuce north HO chatim to
place of commencement, containing 640 acrea,
mora or leaa.
' hai.i.r- Mn:''i'.:i.
Ag*nt   for Hugo Carntcii**.
Date. .-3 PimnlHf iwi.
.1 Dlitrlct.   Olalrlcl ol Heat Kootenay
in   ihat  Fred J. Ham mon a, agent ior
��   aril   "I   I'roctor, *k*< upation   rancher,
I to apply for iwrinlaalou to porch��M the
r -:ii..i   Itui'la:     Commencing at a
|Db i rtbi.nl IW mllea eaat of Wilaon creek,
. .--i -   * halna. ihciue northweat Ai
,.,���', nunht-aslJuchalua, Uiet.r-tjMiu.u-
lAltia to tne the point of i-omnieutwmeut
Hiik iti h< re*i nan or leaa.
i tn. 1*17.
\h. iiiHAU* APlmtmOU liT.Mll>.
Agent r    J   riaMMoNB.
,     iM-'.rl't    hlatnctol Weat Kooteuay
Ice that W   A. llndnon, tlmher crulaer,
. .unity. Waahington, oue
���mi, .1 SlaUsaoi AmiTlra, tntemla to apply
Umbel   ittf-nae o\t*r the following
M �� ..mm. i,. ingat a p**l markeU
,.t mi the north hank of  Corn creek,
uuii nl   in-   .sorth fork ol t'oru creek
am,  about   flvu   mllea in a
.     ,   ;, i  . in I'tihitiieiice Of aald  -orn
ill:, the Koot* nay river;   theuce uorth 40 (
���real   IttJ chalna; thence aonth 40
aai   itio chalua lo polut ol com-
D taining r>4o acrea more or leaa.
ulna timber limit No 7  on the
limit    NO. 8  On  the SOUth, ai   lO-
I   *,,.. nibtfT, 1907.
William A. HriwoN, Locator.
I'll,] I mnck C. ith ine
r.r.,1   -.ini signed by thcwlUilu named W
tha Wth day of November, A   U.
i. i*r.   mi'   al Hpokaue,   Bpol-IH   Countv,
luii..,in* ��d the United ^latea of America.
I-ATaicK 0, SHIKE.
.-.* hlatrlct.   Diatrict of Weat Kootenay
I. ���  that laabella I'larce,   1 Hiraaalmrg,
ti married  woman, intend** to apply
,i,   to  purchaae  the  foilowiug  <��es-
. ..mmcuclng at a p"at planted at
Ion ..( the north houndarjr of Iff
. i   the  i-aai   bounilary   Ql   Lot   No.   ��iw.
. nt,' .**, ��� halna. more or leaa, to the north
..i   HmtK-r   Limit   No.   .fid,  th.ni*
I mi us, tnence weal 2U chalna, more or
r tail lid* of WhaUhau   lake   ihcnct-
���ni,    iu   a   Mititharlv   and   weaterlj
i Hi. chalna,   more or   leaa   lo the inter
oi UM, thenoa�� ehaiua. m.*_.��l
aim eaaterly  boundary  atLotWIO
��� iiiiiieuccnu-iit.
Till  October, IWl. IbniXi I'lIKc*.
P  tl. Faugi'ikR, agent
,m t DiHlrlct. .lllatrlclof Weal Kootenay
u,   ihat   Alexander   J     Mi-Cool, ol
i     net lupaUon clerk, intenda lo apply
Li   I,,  purchaae the  lollowlng de-
I Una) ;    i iimmcsicllig at a |)
!,,ni boundary   ol B
:hi of way,   about  oue
sn   tin-   iioithweat
Knott, nay,     theuee   aoutb   ��0  chain*.,
t-aai mi rhalua. ihence  north hu chalna to
undar** ot aald  right ol wai. th.-ucu
..ttitia along aald loulheru Ujuiidar) to
..niu-nccinenl,   and  couUtulng ����
iiore or luaa.
���  '**.���%. mber 9th. IWl. ,    *__*���_.
i Kiairlct-   D.atrici ol Weil Kootenay
��� .   llial K. P. nurden,  acting aa agelll
leD,   Ol   1'tiktok,   N. B..  ociupatloti
Une   lutenda  to   apply   tor   |HTiiilaM'��ti   lo
aat- the lollowlng deacrlbed   landa:    UHB*
'Ut al n poal planied on the  eaaterly IB0TI
k.   nn,I aln.ut It) ehaina north "I UHJ
"rnut   nl   lot  HIM,  thence  eaat K   0-MUI,
'   north til chalna, more or leaa, to the lake
n, ������ Noiithwcaterly along" lt>u laki'ihon-
-(.oinmeuccinciit,  and  coiiiaining
ii>re or leaa.
ii vera ber Uth, i��07. Jamki ll Hi-ai��N,
K. i*   iuikpkn. Agent.
Nelaon 1 mi't Dlitrlcu   Diainctot Weit Kootenay.
Take notice that Tina Bergman, of Altoua,
Mad , in "-aipaUnii wife of 0. '���> iguiau, farmer,
Aitoiifi. Man , inteuda to apply for peruiiaiion to
purchaae the following ���!,���-, 11!,< i land :
Conimenctng al a poat planted at the N. K. C.
of Hugo (-'aratena' application to purchaae aud
running thence weat BO chalun thetice uorth HU
chalna, tbeuce eaal -tu chalua, theuce aouth H
i liKi'u* .'������ huka, thence eaal 40 coalna, theuce
aoutb 71 chalna 76 lluki to polut ol commencement, conLaiulug 607 acrea more or leaa.
'"Kak, k- MiM'i;,.
Agent   for   ilua   Bergman.
li-ti- .1 23 December ltfo7.
Nelaon Land Dlitrlct    Dlitrlclol Weat KooU'tiay.
Take notice'.hat I-**vi tieorgu 1'ayue, of WcriltM.
B. C, occopatioii rancher, loteiula to apply for
permlaalon U> purchaae thu lollowlug .:, - i ,i . ���;
lautji: Commeni lug at a poat plauted about 16
> nn,)ni weat of WhaUhau creek -and 33 ill* ehaiua
aoutb ol the aoothweat corner of Lot So- &.V4S
running thence north M) chalna, theuee weat He
ehaiua, tbence aouth 12 US chalna, theuce eaat
--.'ft-.- chalua. thence louth ������'. M.'> chalua, ihence
��� ���". li'-' chalua eaal to poiul ol cotuaieui-tLineut,
conUlulug 4Hl Kt-lea, now aurveyed aa lolHIHA
I��r*t. i Htn J*-.uuary, i - .���>   levi ueohue Paynk.
apply      fi
Weat   Kootenay 1-and  Diatrict-    Diatnet ol Goat
iitke notice lhat 1, George A. Hunt, of Kit.
he hit, occupatlou tlmoermati, tuieud to
for permlailou to purchaae the
_ dcM-rlbcd land: Commeuclng at a
pott plauled about 40 t'laim, weat til I nompauu
marked N. W. corner, li.euce *���<>������,.>. lO.'At ehaiua
thenee eaat 4167 chal..a, thence uurtb 31,46
chalna, tbeuce weat aJoug B. C. houiberu Kmi-
way to place of conimeiiceiueut, containing Wi.18
Dated January 0th, i ->-.        (.kokoi: H. Hunt.
Nelaou Laud Dlitrlct. Diatrict uf West Kootenay
l��ar uotlee that 1, Kreuerlck Adle, of Watieta,
Jl ' ,"('. ii|inn,'ii merchant, ttih-iia to apply for
j- nn i-moii to purchaae tlie following tlt-atril-ed
land : I'ouitUMUiiug at a poal plianted about 10
ehaiua weat of the N k. ��� un, . ... hiimi^, Ibeuce
ii,.rtn JU chalna, tbence eaat HU ehaiua, theute
aoutb Al chalun, tbeuce weal ��0 chain.*, tti pulut
of < n in Ul flu t im ut. coi-iUtltlUlg luj mn*.. uiul e ur
Dated January ..Iat. IW0.       Kkeoirick A-niE.
oat planted
Houthern   Hall*
and   n hall  mllea
oruer of lotsiKI-,
| ��� Htid Dlatrtt
Briuib i oluiiiblt
!��� ndi     lo     apply
��� ��� the  rollowihg   de
al  a  poat   point.
p(  the   Bl  G.    '
Dlatrll-l of Weat Kootenay
John   Jamea   GamerlSn.  of
������* in Inn wua
��� group
patlou ttmtrac
for itcnnlantuu lo
iiH.eil land: Gom-
1 on the aouthern
ilheni   right of way
Financial    Expert.    Estimate   Canada's
Requirements   From   Abroad
at $100,000,000.
_l..|lv   Irom   tb! 1*. W   ...naa'r
H li   I.   K.mluuay,   lliem'" ��"u" ���
.1..'.' ,-n*l 411 I'lialll*.  itit'lifa   liaarlti VI
the    ...aah,'in   biaaanalary  aal lha.  aaial
'���i ,v.ay, th.noa weaterly  alaaUR nalal aaaaitn
" lary all rlKlit ail-wKy   ta)   lliaa   paalnl
���'". Iila-nt, aatl.l i.iatltKllllllB  'J411 aajra'ia, lltaara.'
���'I Nuvembtir Mh, 1907.
 lent las,** Cimw.
" ' iiii.I l.mtri.'l.   |i|��trli'laal 1V...1 Kiaa.ttiliay
notice thai J.alan   Hhlaill. ,al NhoSIM, B.C.,
atlon rancher, Inta'tnlaa taa apply i��* p��r-
m   1.,   puri-hmae   thu lollaiwtnii   duaiTllaoal
1'aai.menolHI at a  po,t planlcal   al  the
��'.'    rorner   aal   I^at  7|,V8,   tlla'aii'e   wet  *��
>. ihence aoutli Hn a-lialnk, tha iia-c e����t 40
-Hi- iiirlli mi ihaliia t>>  the  piilnlol
'- in .iiiaiil, laiaal I iiaatiallllllg 8-0 acrt't., maaro
"l lallt Oolaalaaar, 1907. itxtn Hlllkl.l.,
!���' ii  Kftl'mi'ma. Agent.
1 .n.l hi.Irl.l t'lBlrl,', nl Weal Kiaaataalia)
" notice ihai Anr.is Mi'iilll, ol IhoiMtyol
" ocoupatloo in...um inteiiiti to.pp'y tm
t*Ml..l. la pUrohM. Iho hallowing ileaaa-rlbeil
:   I'Miiiiiia-iii'lng at .  )>.,_t planteil at tho
rorner  1.   ,:.   Morrl.ou'a  ranch,  In   all
I. lha.ee   north   laarly   (40)   . In. Ill*,   Ihonc
'"'S   (411) alaalna,  lliciiiu aouth      ,,ty (*'
������ ihence av,'*t faarty (4���) chain, olnio
'" " inrlil,   laml la.talalnllig   one hnnalrcal
Jl. l\ I lr.ii) ,,.���.,, more or lea.
I"1 *.'|il...ill.a.r'Jnal. 1907.       an.,1*    Mai.HI-
Nollcu in haruby glveu Hint thu Klu-
iiL-y Aliilur L't-aiur Cajuipany, uu cxtru pro-
viua-iiii oompany    duty    ragtatarad, us
; Mali, anal .aialli..i l/.iil lu curry uu tllisi-
ii. .... witlilu Ihu i.i ..viii,,' ul iiiMi-.li Cul-
uuililu, uud Uuviuu iU head uthuu ut
Crutjtaau, lu till' .-.II.I pruviucu, iiiunul'uc-
lurutH, liuvu by duud ul as.-.i_;iiiiia'iii,
ilu led thu Htb duy uf Uuuuiubur, lltuT,
u���Hi|;ua..d ull lu iia-rbuiiul proparty, ruul
usiutu, urudlm, und utTucl-., wliiub may
bo sulzud uud tiuld uudur uxuuuuuii la.
uiu,  Chuiiuu  U.   Haidguit,,   ot    Qraatoo,
11: 11 ;:.!!   CulllUlblll,   lUlllba'l'   UIUIIIUUCIUI'UI',
lur ihu gaaaral iiuiiuui oi iw oFadltora.
A iiiua-iiug uf lliu ciuUliuib will bu
li. lal al thu ullluu ut It. M. .Miu'ilainuld,
bin iiBiur-uL luw, cuiuui- llukur and biau-
au>   bLla.uLa, WglaOII,  ii. C, Ut Itio  lluUl' oi
thruu u cluck lit Ihu utiuiuuuu uu '1'uuu.
aiuy, uu- Slat day ul December, JUIP7. lur
thu ytiins ut tUraotiona imlii rciuiuucu
tu thu allaiKiaal uf thu calalu.
Anal luitbur t.i... uuticu lhal alt crudl*
una aru required ou aat* baton 111 * - -Mli
ilay aal lifti.inliir, 1UU7, tu hlu Willi ma,
Ihu uaBit;ueu, lull purilculura ut lliuir
a luiuia duly vurilli'd, uud ihu nature ul
tliu set uiily, II any, held by lluiii.
Aud uuticu la liituby gtvan that altar
thu 28th day ul Lluceiiibur, 11)07, 1 will
proceed lu dlatiibiitu lhe aaaela among!t
thu crudltul'B uf whuau tlubta or clalilia
1 ahull than huvu reculved milieu und 1
win not be raaponalbla tot thu uaaeia,
or any part lliuruof, au diBliibiitfd to
any creditor uf whose debt or claim I
ahull not than have received notloa,
Dated nt Oraaton, u. 0., ihia Uth day
of December, 1H07.
Montieul, Feb. C.���An inquiry ut tho
bauliK and Utadlni lliiancial InstltulioiiB
elicited tin- Intormatlon that no less
than 1100,000,000 of new money will
have found Ita way inlu the Dominion
by the end of the present year, all belns thu ruBUll uf the country's rupid
yet thoroughly legitimate development.
Thin eniiriuiiiiH amiiiint, which will bo
apunt In thu Buverul pruvlucuB of the
;:iillfei|a..ratiun during 11,1)8, In, of coiuhp,
outside the proceeds ol grain, lumber,
pulp and other ctimiiititlitle.. of export.
Cluing Into the mutter in detail, it is
eati mutual that the Canadian Pacific
will quite probably bring In from $^u,-
000,000 to $2.1,0011,000 as a result of the
new stock Isbiiu and thu sale of othur
debenture!. Then there Is lhe Grand
Trunk Pacific whose expenditure can-
iiul hut be very large during 1H0S. In
fact thu statement was made after a
very curuful calculation, that well on to
$20,000,000 would be brought Into Can-
udu tu the credit uf that company during the present year, lt la also believed that the Cauadian Northern .will be
a very large spender during lhe coming
gammer, uud the statement is made
that $2,500,000 Obtained a few weeks
ago by .Mr. Wlllluni Mackenzie either
In London or Purls, will be increased
to a round $10,000,000 before the completion of thu Cunada Northern Kail-
way's enterprises for the present year.
lt is IlkewlBe known that the government of the Dominion will be a very-
large borrower at different periods during l'.tos, and those WDJJ are considered
to be au courant with the financial situation in Canada declare that considering the very heavy payments that will
huvu to bu made on the account of the
transcontinental railway, the amount to
be obtained abroad by the finance minister of the Dominion will not be very-
much under $20,000,000. Then lt is
quite probable that the splendid advancement and healthy development ul
lhe towns and cities uf Cunuda, including the requirements uf Montreul, Winnipeg and several growing western
ciammunlties will necessitnte from $8.-
Oiio.OOO to $10,000,000 being borrowed
fur their use. The street railways of
the chief Canadian centres will also require a good deal of money, uud. in fact,
a large amo.mt Is already authorised In
Montreal nnd elsewhere, so the caluula-
tiun Is made that from $2,000,000 to 3,-
000,000 will be wanted ut luust on this
particular accuunt.
As for miscellaneous expenditure
throughout the Dominion, for which
large Bums of money havu lo bu borrowed it is always more difficult to calculate than when It refers to well
known entarprises. but It Is generally
believed thui the sum of $12,000,000 is
a conservutive esimnte of the amount of
money to be brought in on miscellaneous account. The sum totul of ull
this will be the splendid figure of $100.-
000,000, and the most sutlsfuctory feature of the calculation is In the fact
thut almost every dollar of this money
win go into development and will bring
ab.aail an earning power of considerable
magnitude from the very start or nearly
The expenditure at least of ull these
millions broughl In by the different
railways means so much producing
power  added   to  the already line  ,-apn-
To Whom it May Concern:
Take notlco that J. L>. Warner Is not
now nnd has uot been since the 181h
day of November lust employed by or
In nny way connectid with the Hradley
Engineering und Muchlnery
Spokane, Washington.
Co.    of
city of Western Canada, and when the
operation adds so materially to the value of everything in sight It will be seen
at once how comparatively small the
Interest account, even on $100,000,000
will appear at tlie end of the year's expenditure. Canadian bunkers consider,
therefore, that there ls no reason why
the Dominion should be very much influenced by any depression that may
lay hold upon the United Stutes in the
near or distant future. There are absolutely no more free lands in that
country, with the result that tbe Immigration to the republic remains to a
very great extent around their large
cities, accounting for the army of unemployed now described fn the newspapers. In Canada the thousands of
newcomers are spread over the west,
and whether engaged in the wheat
Beld! of Manitoba, Alberta and Saskat-
ali.'wan. or fn the mines or forests of
llrlllsh Columbia, they become Immed-
latte producers, and. consequently, contribute to the rapidly growing wealth
of the country. In a word, the lliiancial men of the country do not think
lhat Canada is going too rapidly, even
if she does secure a round hundred millions annually to aid her In the development of her unrivalled resources.
Jobbing   promptly  attended   to.     Plans
and Estimates.
Apply 415 Hall St. Box 385.
Auction Sale
Dent's New and Second
Hand Store
Wednesday, Feb.
At 2 p. m. Sharp.
We have a large aisortment of second
hand furniture, new mattresses, couches, granite and tin ware. Our goods are
on view from rrow until day of sale.
Don't miss thii opportunity. Our goods
at your prices.
Turner Beeton Block, 606 Vernon Street.
No. 331.
"COMPANIES   ACT,   1S97."
' land IMalrltit.  Ilialrlclol Woat Kootenay
i iiaitlcotluit Hugo i iiiHirii*. ol Winnipeg,
 "Piiilt.ii piilillfthcr, littenala to apply
ll.c.li'i'    ','!'" to  I'liri'haftu tho   following tie
' tn.uolug .1 . pint planted  on   Ihe we.l
'.' i oi I.. 1..7., u. 1, (.bout o mile, Irom Ar*
Notlco ls hereby given that all taxes
for Ihe year 1808 under the Assessment
Act 11105 and niiieiulliiK nets, and under
the Public Schools Act, nro now duo
and payable. pERcy {   GLEA2ERp
Collector of Revenue, Nelson, D. C.
Neleon, 13. 0��� 2nd Jan., 1008,
Feb-fwa-y 4 to 8
or desli'iio.., ',��� transporting logs and
other minerals to the mills and plants
of the Company, and ln transporting
the manufactured products of such
plants to the markets; to log and
drive streams; to construct and operate
To purchase, hold, sell, assign, transfer, mortgage, pledge or otherwise dispose of any bonds or other securities or
evidences of Indebtedness created or
issued by any corporation or corporation, association or associations of the
Stale of Maine, or of any*other state,
territory or country, and, while the
owner thereof, to exercise all the rights,
powers and privileges of ownership:
To purchase, hold, sell, assign, transfer, mortgage, pledge or otherwise dispose of shares of capitul stock of any
other corporation or corporations, as-
Boclutlon or associations uf the State
of Maine, or of uny other Btate, territory or country, and , while the owner
of auch stock, to exercise all the rights,
powers und privileges of ownership, including the right to vote thereon:
To aid in any manner any corporation
or association of which any bonds or
other securities or evidences of Indebtedness or stock are held by the corporation, and to do any acts or things designed to protect, preserve, improve or
enhance the value of any such bonds
or other securities or evidences of Indebtedness or stock:
The business of the Company is from
time to time to do any one or more of
the acts and things herein set forth;
and it may conduct its business in other
States, terriLorius and possessions o��
the United StateB, iu Urilish Columbia,
and iu foreign countries, and may have
one office or more than one office, and
keep the books ot Iho Company outside
ul the State uf Maine, except as otherwise may he provided by law, and may
hold, purchase, murigage, aud convey
real Qt personal property, either in or
out ot the State of Maine.
All the powers of the corporation are
vested in the hoard of directors, who
may make, alter, amend or repeal all
by-laws ol the company, except such
by-laws as regulate or affect the election of directors and officers, and except when the change of a by-law or
exercise of a power is made by statute expressly dependent upon action by
ur consent of the stockholders.
Provided, however, that nothing herein coulaiued shall be construed to authorise thu corporation to transact business iu any other state, territory, or
loieign country, contrary to the provisions of the laws of such state, territory or loreign country, and that nothing in those purposes shall be construed
tu give the corporation any rights, powers or privileges not permitted by the
laws of the Slate of Maine to corporations organised under Section 6 of
Chapter 47 of the Revised Statutes of
the State of Maine, and the following
corporate, purposes shall be exercised
only in states and jurisdictions other
than Maine, namely, the construction
and operation of railroads, or aiding in
the construction thereof, telegraph or
telephone companies, and gas or electrical companies, and such businesses
are to be carried on only in states and
jurisdictions when and where permissible under the laws thereof.
RATE���Fare and third for round trip.
Tickets on sale Feb. 3 to 7 Inclusive.
Final   limit,  Feb.  10th.
Correspondence Invited and cheerfully answered.
Call on or write
A.a.P.A���V��nooa��ar. D P.A., Helton
I hereby certify that "The Kootenay
Cedar Company'' hus this day been registered as an Extra-Provincial Company uuder the "Companies Act, 1897,"
to carry or effect all or any of the objects of the Company to which the legislative authority of the Legislature of
Hritish Columbia extends, except the
construction and working of railways,
and the business of insurance.
The head ufflce of the Company is situate at Portland, Cumberland County,
Thu amount of the capital of the
Company Is one million seven hundred
und lifiy thousand dollars, divided iuto
seventeen thousand five hundred shares
of oue hundred dollars each.
The head office of tlie company in
this Province Is situate at Neisou, and
lt. S. Lennie, barrlster-at-law, whose
address is Nelson, li. C, ls the attorney
for tbe Compuny, not empowered to Issue and transfer stock.
The Compuny Is limited.
Given under my hand and seal of office at Victoria, Province of British
Columbia, this eleventh day of January,
one thousand ninu hundred antl eight.
Registrar of Joint Stock Compunles.
The   objects for which   this    Compuny has been established and registered ure: ���
To acquire, hold. Improve, lease and
Bell timber, fanning, grazing, mineral
and Other landa, nnd the products there
of; to mine or otherwise extract or remove coul, ores, stone and other minerals and timber from any land owned,
leased or occupied by tho company, or
from any othor lunds; to buy, build,
construct, inuintiiln and operate plants
und  works  for the    development    of
such lands, und for the bundling, preparing and rendering commercially
avnllnblo of the various products thereof; and to buy, or Boll or otherwise to
deul or to truffle ln wood, timber, lumber, coul, Stone, ores and other nui*
terlal, nud any of the products thereof,
and uny article consisting, or partly
consisting, thereof.
To engage ln trade and maintain
To buy, build, hold and loaso or sell
nil kinds of houses and buildings, and
tho lands on which the same may be located; to buy. own and hold, with a
view to Its Improvement and sale, any
kind of real  estute.
To breed, raise and deul In cnttlo
nnd live Btock of all kinds; and to mnn*
ufactuie, buy, sell und Otherwise deul
in  all   kinds of dnlry   products.
To construct docks, slips, bridges, machinery, ships, boats, engines, curs anil
other equipment, elevators, water
works, gas works, electric works, viaducts, aqueducts und other water-wnys,
nnd to sell the snnie, or otherwise to dispose thereof, ur to maintain und operate the Bame*. to construct and to maintain and operate all trams, railroads,
spuds, switches, locomotives, cars,
trains nnd equipment for the purposes
of the Company only, and not as a
common carrier, that may be necessary
Tfemoiit House
Bnrooe.il .nd America flan
Meal, 3*. Ma   tftoom, from 'It CU. to II.
oai.  White Help Kmployea
Baker Bt.. Nel,ou
Moal comlortable qu.rtera      Nelson
Only lhe beat of Liquor, and a igam
Grand Central Hotel
Thoroughly renovated and refurnished. Hooma 50 cents upward Tbe
dining rsom ls unexcelled ln the city.
House healed throughout with hot
J. A. EBIOKSON, Proprietor.
Telephone, 250.    Opposite Court House
and Postoffice. Nelson. B. O.
Qtieen's Hotel
Baker Streei. Nelion. B. 0,
We have for rent the office ln the
Mara Block over the Royal Bank, lately
occupied  by Mr. E. A. Crease.
Ho & Mo BIRD
One of
The Best
In Fruit Lands now offering. 157 acres
of choice land situated on Howser Lake.
$20.00 per acre, easily cleared.. Must be
sold at once.
For  full   particulars  apply
If yotf want Good Land
MeDermid & McHardy
Large   and  Oomlortable   Bedroom, .nd Flnt-
clu. Dining Koom.
MRS. E. C. CLARKE, Proprletreis.
Bartlett   House
Best Dollar-a-Day House in Nelson.
The Bar I, the Fine,!.
White Help Only Employed
Joaeph Ine 81
Nelion. B. 6.
Royal Hotel
Rates fl and gl.AO n Day.
Special Batee to lingular Boarder!
Is now ready to execute  all
orders for Job Printing on
shortest notice.
The Job Department is up-to-
date in every respect and a
full line of stationery -will be
kept in stock.
All orders entrusted to our
care will receive prompt and
careful attention.
3(4 Baker St.
Tel. 324.
Notice is hereby given that the undersigned havo submitted to the Lieu-
tenant-Governor-inCouncIl a proposal
under*the Rivers and Streams Act for
the clearing and removing obstructions
from tho Duhauiel Creek (otherwise
known as Six-Mile Creek) In the District of West Kootenay, Province of
British Columbia, and for making the
said creek fit for rafting and driving
thereon logs, timber and lumber, and
for erecting and maintaining dams on
the aa-ti creek, and for constructing
and maintaining booms for holding
sorting and delivering logs and timber
thereon, and for attaching booms on
Kootenay Lake at the mouth of said
The lands to be affected by such work
are Lots 787, 788, 7601, 7773, 4S194, 8411
and 8413 all In' Group One, Kootenay
District, and other lands not Crown
granted, occupied or Improved.
The tolls proposed to be charged are
such as may be fixed by the Judge of
tho County Court, of West Kootenay.
Dated the 28th day of October, 1907.
W.   Q.    QIL.LETT
Contractor  -and
Bole agent for the -Porto Rico Lumber Co., I4dv
rt'iHil vnpla. Rough And tlre_MKl lumber, turned
work and bracket*. Coast Uth aud ���hlnglee, ookh
and doora. Cement, brick and lime for oolo
Automatic grinder.
Yard and factory: Vernon St.. eaat of Hall   ^
INBLSON,   Eft. e.
r   O. Box 232 Telephone 178
In the matter ot an application tor the laaue of
a duplicate of the Certlflcato ot Title to Loti
4. fi, and 6, Block 6, Nelaon City, ���ubdi-rlilon ot
part of Lot 11*2, Group One, Diatrict of Kootenay
(Map 486).
Notice l�� hereby given that It la my Intention
to 1-taue at the expiration of one month after the
first publication hereof a duplicate of the Certlfl*
<atoo. Title to the above mentioned lota ln the
name of Fattle Rhode* which Certltleate la dated
tbe 16th ii**)' of .May, lflw, and numbered 1897-k.
Laud Kegi��*try Office. Nelaon, B.C., January
24th, 190S. a, r. MacLBOD,
Dlatriot Reclitrar.
A. it. Can. Ses. C. E.
Mining WorK s Specialty.
Offlce:   Room   10,  K.-W.-C. Blk.    P.   O.
Box     434.
Baker St., Nelion, B. C.
Cancellation of Ruerve.
Notice I, hcroby given that the reaerr. over
curtain land. In Houltl-Baat Kootenay, nolle ol
which aii'va-arcai tn th. Brltlila Columbia OaaetM
ol the l ii li ol August, ISM .nd bore d.te ol August 1-ilh, 1,90, l, hereby cncelled. Th. .bo-r.
mentioned land, will be open for loo.tlou under
the Land Act on March 90,11*08.
H'.jtiitv t'ommiaaftlotttT ol I.auali Uld Work!
Laml, aud Work, laep.rtment,
Victoria, B. C, December Uth. 1D07.
���'  I We have a most complete line in
beautiful Gold Filled designs for men
at prices ranging from.   .$2.00 to $12.00.
Ladies'   Long     Chains,     GO  ln.   length $8.00 to $-15.00.
Neck Chains $1.75 to $9.00.
Long Silver Neck Chains $1.50 to $4.00.
Silver Neck  Chains 50c to  $1.50.
jli\\ '_-__aaV~
Watchmaker and Optician
Bargains in all lines
of Dry Goods, Millinery  and  Ladies'
See Us
For Good Fruit Land
io Acre Blocks to 800
Acre Blocks.
Bedrock Prices.
Easy Terms.
H. L Ooadsdaile & <_.
Next Door to Bank of Commerce.
$1.50 to $10.00.
Welcome Nugget Smoking
Queen Cigar Store
We have just received a shipment of Heinz Goods in following line.
14-oz.  Bottle   Sour   Mixed   Pickles.
14-ox.  Bottle Sweet  Mixed   Pickles.
14-oz. Bottle Gherkins Pickles.
Pint Bottle Ketchup.
Telephone 161.
. ���    H"t9.*'      ' '
��� ���������. Tti-s-esSS'
Corner of Stanley and Victoria Sts.
Two Blocks from D^pot.
F. G. Smith. -Cam'oops, T I R I n-
son. Winnipeg: T. Co-j'an. Toronto; F.
F. Bu-ikill. F. H. Sm t'.i. Vancouver; ...
Staples, Mi.-- I.   St��|     - . ��� .ke
Cor.    V��rr��cjr�� araaj  W'at-cJ   Streets
rffaf.nrtrt t��.c.
L. L. Ramsay, T. C. Qray, H. A. Sm,.ll.
R. E. Jamieson, Vanco iva-r; S. J. Fond.
Calgary: J. \V. Don'-vcn Toronto; 1 C
Vivian,   Norval   Baptie,   'j. ....
Winnipeg: A. C. Wrig it an<! wife, M S.
Shaw, Fernie: C. O. Mac.-.ion, '..< unitig-
ton; C. H. Ko.is. Ham.itn 13. Morris,
G. Monroe, Creston.
J F. Bprotel, W. Linton, Grey Cl
J. Whili:... Frank; H. F. Amiable.Taber
J. \V. Whitney, Vancouver; F. I! Johnson, Maple Creek; Mrs. A. N. Tin.n.
Okotoks. .1. I-. Hrown. Kamloopa; M:-a.
A. Smith. Mrs. O. Brown, Seattle; F.
Birch, ("has Brown. Sitf-kane: Ga^orge
Kerr, Winnipeg; J. Edwards. Revelstoke.
T.  .7.  Graham,   Lardo;   A.   D.  Maurer.
Winnipeg;   II   is   Landis. Waterl        E
I>.   Blackford,     Toronto:      Mrs.   Robert
liurton;     A.   Hums.  I.   Zinc,
L. McDonald, .1. McDonald. P'-rry Sid-
iiiL- .1 .1. Grady, Creston; G. B. White.
Deer Park: D. J. Schwartz, Allona: I!
Goodwin, l-s Bnrke, Erie; A McQneen,
G. Sampson. Kaslo.
D. F. Falconer, J. W. iSr.-' i I, Troupe:
E. Jon..-, la   Stewart. Rossland.
i; .RTI.ETT.
J. R. Baldwin. T. Luttrell, Rossland:
K. Williams. Tru:!: G. H. K. ill ���;���'. S
NICKERSON. the Jewetery Manufacturer's Agent will Mil you goods from samples at 2o per cent, less than regular
prices direct from the factories, in 8
days from order. Everything ln the
line.   Order now.
Geo.   P.  Player
Office   Room   No.  2,   ELLIOT     BLOCK.
I^OR SALE At t hftrgkin nr exchange tor   V_n-
rfiijve r proPWty .it tlm '-rn In
i ��� .*rv ri��j-"t _ roomed r��*-.'1�� tiff- Ftj.1 b*_*��-
iii-ni with lormt 'Un nuliabl-* for bllli**'! fxim,
I ��� Irtie utablfc nnd rarridK" >'".���.- TWO BlM
lots in the fine-*, raatdent portion ol rpok��ne.
The ovroen bnrtnom tntenetM hav** baaa trsup-
U no1 io iho ��� I'H-: K'tr further paticnUr*- writ**
P. <>. Box ljsi, V*neotnr*r, b ���
\\'.*.N IKK   ���"���'���'.  t.'.-in---"  ; -fp luft-rn to writ*;
tt     [nranuMe   on   all   klvdi  <>f live  ntock
ftK'-i'''*! 'K-ath from miy eaQM. Brt-Uafa Amt-rlr_n
l.iw B-took   Association,   Vaocour��r, u   '-'.. or
W. J. Walker, Hume Hotel. Nelson.
r_JfTBD   ( (Bee, Baker Btrokt  grout... floor
preferred     Box UB4 Canadian.
k-.IX.Rli. iMKIP IU.IS K. flirillfthf.tor ttnlairi.la.la
a^ f ,1 Apply lo J. Pan'.-y, i-aariaer Vernon aud
Jam-point, Htrt.ela.
TWO FIRBTCLamH hOOMB, ateam Itealed     Apply bou._ka-a.-t.vr. Urtl -at. It   W. 0.      ���  ��
More Colds
Are Again
Fortify  yourself  lay  purchasing
(Red  Box)   will  break   up a cold  In  24
hours.    Price 25c.
comes In iSOc. bottles and quickly cures
any cough
Canada Drug & Book Co'y, Ltd.
Tne Daily Canadian
S. O. E.
The regular meeting of ihe local
.(.cal lodge of lhe Sous of England will
l*e held in tbe K. of P hall tonight al
6 o'clock.
K.  F. G. A.
A   meeting   of   the   directors   of   the
-      nay Kruit  Growers' Association Ls
Called for F.*b. 14th at 2.30 p. m. in the
secretary** office.
Railway   Men's  Ball.
Invitations are out for the first an-
s all of the lirotherhood of Locomo-
Tivt* Firemen and Engineers which is to
be h��*!d in the roller rink the evening of
W-'-liu-sday, lyth Feb. Tickets may be
obtained from J. J. Walker.
The marriage was solemnized at St.
Paul's manse by Rev. J. T. Ferguson,
tfalfi morning, of George Sutherland
littler, manager of the Nelson Coke and
Baa company, and Miss Berna llargarel
d_ The bride was attended by
Fa&e McLauch.an. the bridegroom
by Mr. W. G. Gucker. Mr. and Mrs.
Miller  left   for  Bos-Umd   this   morning.
University   Club.
At the February meeting of the U_f*
versi.y club which will be held Saturday night at S.30 in the public school
building. V. \V. Odium will read a paper
on "Th*- Ethics of Exclusion." A report will be received from the I'niver-
sity committee on the pamphlet Issued,
aud on the University Eestablishment
bill in the legislature. The usual cordial invitation is extended to all interested.
Salmo  Camp's  Prospects.
Work has been going on all winter
ir. several properties in Sheep Creek
. tributary to Salmo, notably in
the Queen, operated by W. Waldie. the
Emerald, by J. Waldbeser, and the Nug-
iz-A. bj W. B. Pool. With the coming
of spring many other properties are
certain to be opened and the valley will
enter on an era of development which
those who know its wealth are surprised to see deferred so long.
Spokane   Flyer   Stalled.
The Great Northern passenger train
from Spokane, due here ai &.15 last
night, at the time of going to press is
still in the snow n_*ar Hall Siding. The
C. P. R. sent an engine and plow to the
rescue at midnight, and at noon today
it had reached a point half a mile north
of Hall. The train crew wired that the
snow was seven and eight feet deep,
and that only a summary raid on a
I - -hup saved the snow shovellers
from collapse owing to hunger and ex-
tus_on. The train reached Ymir last
night only a few minutes late but was
not heard of again until noon today.
Death of Mrs. Gillett.
The death occurred last night, after
a protracted illness, of Mrs. Gillett, nee
Young, wife of William G. Gillett, ex-
- of Ne.son. Mrs. Gillett has been
a sufTerer from Bright's disease for several months and several times during
December and January her condition
had been critiical. She sank gradually,
bnt had not been conscious since Mon-
day last. Mrs. Gillett was a native of
N* wfoundland and has been a resi-
! at of Nelson since 1898. She was
highly esteemed by a large circle of
friends by whom she w-ill be sincerely
mourned. Besides her husband, she
.* ires a brother, Joshiah Young, and a
(jusin. Joseph Young, resident in Nelson. The funeral wi.l take place tomorrow afternoon at 2.30. from the
family residence. Silica St. East, to the
(list church, of which deceased
was a devoted member.
(.. Munroe, of Creston, is a visitor to
thi  ci'y today.
(",. O, I;.ichanan returned from East
Kootenay last night and left for Kaslo
F F. Bnsteed, superintendent of the
[Pacific division of the C. P. R.. is in
town conferring with District Superln-
fenden D. C. Coleman. Mr. Busteed
WM the immediate predecessor of J. S.
Lawrence in the Kootenay superinten-
;. |
Victoria papers announce the engagement of A W. Roger WUby, formerly of
Nelson, now resident engineer of the
Vancouver Island railway, and Marie.
second daughter of Capt. .Gaudin, of
W. A. Carll3le passed throunh Net-son
All Kind! of Heating Plant! in 8tock.
Victoria St.. Nr. Ooeri Hou.e.        T.I. 181.
Wheat Flakes
ior Breakfast
Its something hard to get.
Something real tasty for breakfast.
Tr3- a package
5 lbs. 50c.
C. A. Benedict
Corner 8Ulc�� and Josephine 8ta.
Our   assortment   is   full   and   complete.
See our Fancy Lace Valentine*- with
Fancy Embossed Envelopes to match.
5c  and  15c each.
Fancy Valentines, each in a box. 25c.
35c and 45c each.
Comics. 2 for 5c.
Comic and Art Post Cards. 5c and
10c   each.
Comic Novelties. 25c, 30c. 50c and up
to $1.25 each.
W*. G. Thomson
l^ZVSii* "*   Nelson, B.C.
Phona ��-�������.
Alice Roller Rink
Bowling Alley
Band: Monday, Thursday, and Saturday evenings.
Mornings, afternoons and evenings,
without band, children 15c adults 25c,
Including skates.
Evenings with band, except Saturday
evenings, 40c, including skates.
Saturday   evening,   band   and   special
attractions, to 11 o'clock, 60c, lu : inlliiF J
skatc-B, spectator! 25c. '
CAPITAL,   ��25.000.0*   In   25 00     .hares
of S|10.00 each.
MANAGER, Crozler W. Bourke.
OFFICE, No. 3SS2 Baker St. (Croasdalle
& Co.)
SEE the cement blocks displayed in the
Standard   F*urnlture   Co.'s   window.
APPLICATIONS for  stock are   invited.
PARTICULARS and forms of Applica
tlon may be obtained at the Company's office, or from H. A. Stewart,
Solicitor, Nelaon. B. C.	
last night on his way to Rossland In
company with A. J. McMillan, manager
Of the Le Roi. to make an examinatiaan.
Mr. Carlisle ls well knajwn ln Kootenay.
as provincial mineralogist from 1S97 lo
18S1SJ, then as manager of the \je Itol,
which he left a year later to become
manager of the Rio Tinto copper minis
in Spain. Mr. Carlisle is now In practice ln London as a consulting engineer,
in which capacity he Is still retained
by the Rio Tinto managemenL
Prices   of   Metals.
New York   Feb   ,S.���Silver, 55'\r.
London.   Feb   6���Silver,    23    9-l��d.;
lead,  i. 14, 12s., ed.
Opening   Copper   Quotation!.
Haw   Yair.:.    Feb.   6,   190X.
(By MeDermid & McHardy.)
Asked Bid
C-ranby    $95.00        >S5. II
Dominion Copper ....    2.00 1.871^
B. C. Copper     5 00 4..j"
Stoessel'. Sentence Deferred.
SL Petersburg. Feb. G.���The handini;
down of the verdict in the c:u*. ..I
Lieutenant Genera] Stoessel, who has
been on trial here for having mrrendet-
<-d the Port Arthur fortress to the .Inn
anese, has been postponed until Fi-luti
ary 10 on account of the Illness of the
president of the court.
Return   to   Rome.
Rome, Feb 6���Mgr. Montagnl, who
was at one time secretary of the Papa!
nunciature at Paris and who was for-
elbly expelled from France at the height
of the church and state troubles in unit
country, has been called to Rome where
he will be given a secretaryship at tba
Vatican. .21**
���       -  ���      ���
Rate War End..
Ixindon, Feb. 6.���The last general
meeting of the representatives of the
Trans-Atlantic Steamship companies
was held here this morning antl broad
lines of mutual agreement wen- d...
elded upon. The purpose of the caan-
ference to put an end to Ihe rule wut-
has therefore been practically nceoni
pllshed. There will now be a number
of committee meetings at which Ihe
detallB of the agreement reached today
will be worked out.
Wholct-ftle k:. !   Ret a.*.' I'��� , ��� - > lo
Fresh and Salted Meats
Camps supplied ou shortest notice nnd
lo-west price. Nothing but fresh ami
wholesome meats and suppler* kept in stock
Mail orders receive careful atteution.
E.  C.   TRAVES.   Manager.
Coal! Ice! Wood!
Phone 265
Kootenay   Ice,    Fruit   and
Fael Co.
N. E. co.. Baker   and   Ward   St..
Bay Now
We have a Good Selection of
Cheap Houses from $750 to
$(500. Let us show you
them. Some extra snaps for
investment or for a home.
From $10 to $25.
Old Curiosity Shop
Real Estate Agent
315  Baker SL,   Nelson.   B. C.
Corporation of  the City of Nelson.
The Hoard of Health of the I'ity ,f
N.-,.-..r, da-a-in It advisalala* that as a
measure of precauUon all citizens should
be vaecinati'il. antl naatica- Is In-ri-l.y
given taa thaase desiring to la.- \ ;tt tliiait.'.I
and who are nirt In a p.tsit -��n to nia-ur
the expense thereof, that the Medical
lli-ialih Officer will ba- iii ilia* Council
Chamber, ,'Hy Ball, on Tliurwilay, tin'
6th day of February, between the hours
of 4 and 5 o'clock p. in., and on t-.n-h
siicceetllng w. . k .i.i> as ra-ijailra-tl at tba
same tlm,. and place, for lha- purpose of
vaccinating those who may pr. ,. Ill
W.   E.  WASSON,
City  Clerk.
F. I.ruary 6th, lf,08.
Take notice that I win. .m tin* Bth
ilay aaf March, isms, apply for a transfer
of the liquor lici'iisa. for tbe Bllver King
Hotel, altuate on Lots Beven <7i and
Bighl (8), in Block Ten I nn. on the
so,uh slala. of Baker itreel In the ally aaf
Nelaon, from myself to l-Sli/.a!,. ih
Dated at Nelson, is C . this SOth day
aaf January, A.  D.   IS...-.
F. C. GREEN       F. P. BllRDhri        A.H.GREEN
C'vil Engineers, Dominion and British
Columbia Land Surveyors
 r. 0. Ewt US   FboM 2.1 B.
INEL-SOIN,    -     B. C.
has captured  lhe confldein... ,,f ,,, , .
g..s oi good things. The colleen,,   ���
l:.Ins u C��H*
Diamond., Silverware, Clocks
American   and   Imported   WatCh.
Solid  Gold and  Silver Jewelry
Ornaments,   Table   Cutlery, Et
We extend  t���  you  a cordial L,.
tlon lo come and examine our stock
Jeweller and Optician.
N\'liole����tiie Provlalona,
I'roduce, - Pf-iilt.
Government Creamery One Poaml KricHs reoelved weekly fri.��h from u�� I
eh urn.    For hale by all leading grocers '
Olliast ami warehouse :  Houston Block,    Pnone 79.
Nelson, B.C
We   have still st number   of
suits that will be sold at the
We would Iik** to t��t-o all our patronHcomrortable this winter arj loo
do so we have Id stock the best asHort ed line of heating Btortyf and c
stoves  and   ranees  ever b-��*fore  presented to the public in Kootenaj\
We would be  pleased to show  you    our line and before makinf ym$
cha-*e kindly see what we have to offer.
J. H. Ashdown Hardw;
Company, Limited.
Ntl��n In
Pure and Cheap
We hav,*  ]<n"i pounds of
whleh we  will Mil at a liarFsaln
5 lbs for 1.00.
Sjaa-a-iitl   jaria-t-aa  for larger lots.   Come
in and Inquire.
Choquette Bros.
Phone 258.
THE  UntoDate Baker.
Alberta Cream, ry butter In 31b., 7 lb.
and II ib. hliarks at SITc per |iound.
For Sale at
Joy's Gash Grocery
Cor. loaephlne and Mills his.
Fllberta, Almonds, Walnut". .��
Chestnuts. Apple Cider, NorfttBl
apples, llaldwln Apples, -'ap <"*r'
KIks, larfco layer, Cnllfunils 0"
and Malaga Grape!.
A   largo   assortment  nf Xnn" I
Wholesulo and retail prices perqi"
I'hono 20a. 508 Vi
NEL80N. B.J^_
We   have   sUU ��  "'r>Tr *"�� - .
ment of heaters to almoin' W!
Also a few add stoves **t-**~_�� I
will  soU *T COST diirlnK "10<
taking, j |
Ww would llko you t�� **���"     |
Inapoot our stock.
Wood-Vallance Hardware Co*


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