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The Daily Canadian Sep 25, 1907

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Array il-jj   C*tr~aMan
IMK  2.     NO.   96
Fiptt Cunts a Month
le Americans Masters
ol Pacific
Transfer of Atlantic Fket
I to Western Ocean as Dawn
of New Era.
Petersburg,   Sept.   25.��� Secretary
Is lour of the world Is being follow-
,!_.  unusual    Interest  here.    The
|nini".|it Is taking measures to sur*
I ihir Journe)   through Siberia and
..an Russia ��nil attentions unuaily
raj for ih.    rulers  of  Btates.  and
��� speoulatlag on  the
ibisid and advantages of u Rusau-
|r qvi Mi.ni. the object of Mr.
tisit to Russia being, ll is alleged.
kotlate un agreement between the
M Staler, anil Russia.    The convlc-
| prevails   lure   that   wur   liofveen
ami ih.. United Suites la intvlt-
ii the alir-iniii future.
Novoe Vremya   today   p-iblUned
1. enUtled    "Thu    new  world
j    plcl irlns the marvellous gr. wlh
i .1- .. m -a [.rawer .luring Piofcl-
i Haiuiav.lls  administration,   nuin-
It .  in.ii'y not tu bo caupht
a.        i railng events, ami ���_din_
Ith.- ila;  when   tho   United   Sia'cs
���passes out of the Strait of  Mi*gcl-
Dd iwe [.*. proudly Into the  vatctB
������aill open a nu-v era lor
Jasiirn world.    Official   couiiesles
temporar;   lull  In  ��ir U.IK  do
piBgtlUi   iir-   fact  that  America.  Ia
plug out  inr   the   ina~te.*y   of   the
ami already   Is   strong u'lcugh
Bain IL    -he .inured  tho laco for
Ithe sprint: of 1903, when c.ng.isa
liha' uavj t.ill ami the I'aintitn i MM.
i..   Ihe object  iu   view.
cut any nolBe except the c���S-oll-fl
t of machinery, the migniy nation
...li'il  ill   l.irglng   a   sea   i> .wet* al*
' Including iir. battleshlpa and iiav-
j|ts tiocks crowded with ut.ui*   l-eie
'ii..- American people ure ret
liy Hi.,  glamor  of   mar*  display.
purposes   are   deeper,     kindred
I-gland,   'Iir   Amelia*nr   creed   is
1 ..���  follows ibe Hag.    Her ob-
li* Incompatible   with  iner.)  d*sl<e
|!i. trade in the ii.r OBSt.    Kugland
1 lhe throne  ul  li...   AtllitrttC  1 oin
Holland   ami   Krnnce.     America
��.ui lu challenge bur rival for the
ne of the Pacific
Police   Comptroller's   Report   on   Two
New   Provinces.
Ottawa, Ont., Sept. 25.���Col. Fred
White, Comptroller of the Northwest
Mounted Police, who has returned from
a tour of Inspection of the police posts
In Alberta and Saskatchewan, says lhat
he was Impressed by the absence ..r serious crime In the new provinces. While
the number of prisoners In the mounted
police barracks, which are still used as
provincial Jails, Is larger than ever before, owing to Increased population,
few crimes of a really serious nature
have beon committed. Most of the
crimes for which arrests have been
made have been committed through Ignorance of the laws and conditions of
the  country.
There has been a great demand for
mounted po-oe In tho new settlements,
with Ihe result that the live hundred
ununited policeti.a.n who now cover the
two provinces are distributed over 120
stations This Is the greatest difficulty
which the department has to meet aa
lhe settlers prefer the uniformed mount-
a'd policeman lo the town constable
tyj*e of guardians of the law.
Col. While does not think that the
September's snowstorms reported from
Northern Alberta will do much harm to
the grain. He says' lhat a fall of snow
occurs every September, but lt d'.sup-
[i.-.irs Immediately. When he left fcr
home 25 per cent, of the crops around
Ealmonlou had been harvested. In Ihe
Macleod and Edmonton districts
where the crops are magnificent, harvesting was much further advanced.
n  Secretary   of   State   Will   Be
Royally  Entertained.
F-n-liiiii.-i.in.    Sept    25.���Washington
resulia of   a   rm-ri.aching   nnd
joil'ini  diameter  to  follow the  visit
pl-cri'laiy   uf   State    Elthu    Hoot   lo
Secretary   Hoot, sfloon.p-.nlss*
|ll�� Site and daughter, leaves Wash-
tills afternoon  and   planB to be
���'' i-il \aaaks   Whilu the visit is
I'lMl.la [.,f t|,(, p,u-jMm,. Qf i-,>meullng
I1* I relations between 'he United
f"  ami    Mexico,    It    Is   understood
other questions, ul deeper slgnlll-
'. ��lll Ir.. dlsoussad by  the Anierl-
IMcrotary ur siatu and the Muxlcnn
P-d""'-   H la regarded us quite prob-
'luu   Hn.   condition  of   affairs   lu
find America will  be au Important
"=1 of dlaousslon,  particularly   the
rn President Zelaya, of Nicaragua,
(Jjjll lu a union of the five Central
"ui   republics   Into one   powerful
lavlceB   from   Mexico   Indicate   that
M.V-I mm.���,    .���,,,   ,���,���,,������   ���,   thlll   re.
" ar,- making elaborate prepara-
�� iyi 'the reception ami entertain-
��oi tin. distinguished visitors.   The
"��� train of President Diss win be
ui Laredo to meet  Secretary  Hoot
.""�� party ami i��� convey them to the
in  ...   ,,'" """hWlSSlon tlllll  will  meet
.1   lire   I,,,,,!,.,.     lH     -���,���,,������,������   of
��"0 Marlsoal, tlu, minister or foreign
Urv'i..^'"'',"""'   "nlllurnio    de    ___���
rllrrr.i ,'""' ''"*nuial   I'udro Hincon
Pralucnco      ""Teral othera ot *J<"ual
".|lui*nw'.iw""'���'' "' ,tat'* lln** ''������- tamll*
I CI   ,��� i   , K"';*,H   u<   "'I'esldunt  Ijlnz.
kin".,1    tu|"f 0����tl-'. which has been
[daUon  '���'.'-',  "'.'a"";'1 r'"' lhmr accom-
I a m-.i      ,', M"v|,'"n  prenldeut  will
lml >;''"" dinner in their honor at
SrlHciil win''',!!,"'''*, ''"""''K" Minister
tun,. Ln". ",s" lianquut then, and
���que -nit-r. !"' ""' I""'*'"mmo. Th*
''"nilai,!:,";"1"'"*"1 "f lh" visit will
['"In.. |.\,..,, j* ("'v'*i*nor (lulll,-,-,,,,, de
lr��Plng   ,.'���',"*,', w,"> has urriiiigcil tor
cowboys will show their skill.
Aylesworth and Stratton
Minister of Justice Has Raised Storm
In Ontario and Is Now on the
Backward Season in All Grain Countries
Makes Outlook  Uncertain���Decrease   in   Europe.
Washington, Sopt. 25.���The London
corresiiondent of the Bureau of Statistics in the department of agriculture
has Just made the following report:
"The unusual backwardness of tile
season leaves much winter grain ���till to
be harvested In Northern France, Germany. Austria and Central Russia, while
in countries further north reaping has
scarcely been begun. While opinions
us to thu size and quality of the various
crops are tending toward greater agreement, It Is too early for definite official
pronouncements or for reliable trade estimates.
"As wheat Is pre-eminently the International grain, it is natural that thu
earliest efforts at general valuation
should be directed to that cereal. Tho
estimate of llroomhall. published last
month, has undergone some modifications; bis total was Increased 81,000,000
bushels, bringing It to 204, 000,001)
bushels, through more liberal figures
on the United States aud Argentine
"A survey of Kuropean countries suggests a general marked decrease In the
production of wheat as compared with
the exceptional crops last year, Important Increases being exi*ected only In
ItusHla (spring wheall and France. The
must serious losses are looked for In
Hungary, the llulkun countries und Ocr-
ninny In Hungary the effect of the
poor wheat crop may be lessened to
some extent by the substitution of corn,
thus leaving larger quantities available
trom shipment than the size of crops
would seem to penult; In the Danub an
Stales, however, deterioration of the
corn crop Is now reported owing to lack
of rain. A failure of tho latter crop
would consequently have serious consequences. ^^^
Railway Merger.
Chicago, Rapt 2r..���The grant of Immunity to the Chicago and Alton railway for paying the rebates to the
Standard Oil company by Judge Landis
yesterday, removes the only obstacle In
the way of ratification of the sale by
the Hock Island railroad of a controlling
Interest In the Alton lo the Toledo, St.
Louis and Western, or the Clover Loaf
railroad and the consolidation ultimately of the Alton. Clover Uiaf, Mlnneapol
is and St. Louis and the lown Central
railroads. As soon as the necessary
lluanclnl .Stalls are adjusted a ro-or-
ganlsatlOD Ol Iho four roads will be
effected but Independent organl-allon
of each may lie maintained '"^��0"n
llnio and the combination deferred un-
111 It is certain that no legal complications will result. ^^
A New Dahlia.
Now York. Sept. 2S.-"Mrs. Theodore
Iloosovolt." a dahlia named after the
president's wife, Is attracting considerable attention al the fair ot the American Instil nt.* In the Berkeloy Lyceum.
U lli ��� inagnltlcent blossom of lame
color, five Inches In dlameter, and resembles a chrysanthemum, wUh
elongated Jagged petals "-'<=������' ,'" 'f
llower. Several thmuuuid varieties ui
dahlias are exhibited.    _
Ottawa, Sept. gii.���The most Important result to the government of Mr.
l'orden's campaign has beeu the shattering of Mr. Aylesworth's reputation.
The minister of Justice led a personal
attack on Mr. Borden, and has drawn
on himself a storm of resentment.
Mr. Uorden, ln hla Peterborough
speech, called upon Mr. A. 13. Aylesworth to make a public explanation of
his relations to the Ross (iovernment,
and to the bribery scandal which disgraced the last days of that Administration. It Is Important tbat such explanation should be offered, because, as matters stand, Mr. Aylesworth aeems to be
deeply compromised by hla connection
with the machine. What we know
touching Mr. Aylesworth's activity tn
behalf of the evil instrument Is the little chapter of history presented to the
Stratton-Ganiey tribunal by that politician himself. The Btory, however, is incomplete, and the Minister uf Justice
ought to supplement tt, and to explain
those portions of it that seem to require
At the outset, Mr. Aylesworth informed the pubUc, when testifying ln the bribery case, that immediately after the
close of the Ontario general election In
which the ito���< majority disappeared he
waa retained aa counsel for the guilty
ministers and their candidates. He
took the money and contracted to defend the machine and all Its works.
Had Mr. Aylesworth remained a private
gentleman this matter would nut have
called for comment. Hut now that
Mr. Aylesworth Is a public man, and a
Minister of Justice, the people of Ontario are entitled to know why he undertook this work against them, and
what sum was paid him for combutting
hia fellow-citizens ln their struggle for
electoral freedom. Hut lhe more Important points calling for explanation
are those Involved ln the direct relations ot Mr. Aylesworth to the bribery
scandal. The Minister tells us what
they were In his own way. He says
that Mr. Stratton informed him that
Mr. Gamey had been captured. Mr.
Stratum's words were "Gamey's going
to Bupport us." It appears thai an
election petition had been entered
against Mr. Gamey and Mr. Aylesworth
had charge uf lt, under contract, no
doubt. So Mr. Stratton spoke aboul
this petition and the desirability of
withdrawing It because of Mr. Oamey's
supposed turnnver A scrupulous man,
upon receiving from Mr. Strutton the
suggestion that the petition be with
drawn under such circumstances, would
have Informed his client lhat the abandonment of a protest In return for sup
port wns a corrupt act, and that 11
would be Improper to entertain the
Idea. Hut Mr Aylesworth ttnik no bucIi
course.    He swears as follows:
"I remember that I suld to him
that 1 did not SttPPOSS the petition
would likely be pressed If Gamey wan
going to support   thum."
Here is the embryo Minister of Jus
tlce coolly Intimating that the with
drnwal of the petition, not bemuse of an>
want of evidence, but because the n___<
ber had changed his politics, coiilal be
arranged. What explanation has Mr.
Aylesworth to give for this obvious Impropriety? Unfortunately, the wrong
committed by Mr. Aylesworth does nut
end here, for the Minister uf Justice
testifies further that he actually suggested to Mr. Stratton the tailing of an
agreement from Mr. Gamey to support
the Administration, ln return for the
withdrawal of the petition against him,
Mr. Aylesworth says ho remarked tu
Mr. Stratton lhat there ought to be
some guarantee from Mr. Gnmoy that
he would veto for the Government. Hu
"I think I suggested having Mr. Gamey write a letter. My strong Impression Is that I suggested It, saying:
'That Is the only way ln the world you
can have, and If he says ho will support you and breaks his promise, all
you can do Is to proclaim him as a mini
unworthy of bellef\' "
Mr. Stratton may have had aome
doubts touching the propriety of the
deal with Mr. Gamey before he consulted Mr. Aylesworth. Hut the Interview
had not gone far when all duubls
were removed. The operation, according to Mr. Aylesworth's treatment of
It, appeared to be right. II was proper
to withdraw a petition In return for support, and It was proper to take from a
member elected to support a certain
|H��llcy a written agreoment to transfer
himself lo the other aide In return for
the considerations that were to be giv
en. Mr. Aylesworlh Is expected to
square the*advice he gave to Mr. Stratton with the moral code. Hut the connection of Mr. Aylesworth wltn the affair does not end at this point. He aud
Mr. Stratton agreed that a contract was
to be drawn up for Mr. Gamey to sign,
and Mr. Aylesworth undertook to get
the signature. With this end in view
the latter hied himself to his office,
while Mr. Stratton went off ln order that
he might send Mr. Gamey to him. In
a Bhurt time Mr. Gamey appeared in
Mr. Aylesworth's office, lie said he had
called about the election petition that
had been filed against him. Mr. Aylesworth astutely pretended not to understand what Mr. Gamey meant. He said
he could act for supporters of the
Government only, whereupon Mr. Gamey aaid he was going to support the
Government. Let Mr. Aylesworth continue tile story:
"I said, 'Would you put that ln
writing?' He said, 'Certainly.' Well,
I said, I have a letternere. If you arc
willing to Bl*;n the letter, then there is
no reason ln the world why I should
not acl for you in this petition if you
need me in any way. I took the letter
from my pocket and put it in front of
him. He read It certainly once, and
pusslbly twice, looked at it a while, and
said 'That's all right,' took up my pen
and signed It."
And liius the coming minister of Justice had secured the written promt88 of
a member of the legislature to be unfaithful to his convictions and to his
conBiituentc, in return for the withdrawal of the election petition that bad
been filed against him
What the people require is Mr. Aylesworth's explanation and justification of
thia procedure. How does the minister
reconcile his failure to advise Mr. Stratton to avoid this manoeuvre with his
duty to the Liberal party, to the legislature and to the public at large? Why
did he not tell Mr. Stratton that his
course was wrong, instead of encouraging him to go on, and suggesting a signed agreement by which the purchase of
the member might be made secure?
Does Mr. Aylesworth think a public
man can be associated with such a
transaction as the Stratton-Gamey affair,
and in such a way. is a fit and proper
person to occupy the position of minister or Justice in the Dominion of Canada? Tbe people look to Mr. Aylesworth lor explanations of his conduct,
falling which, the opinion that he must
no longer remain in the Ottawa cabinet will be universal.
City Franchises Bought
and Sold
Supervisors Lonergan and Gallagher
Tel! on Stand how San Francisco Was Misgoverned.
Paid to Booking Agents at Many  Ports
of   Europe���Officials   Say  That
Scheme Works Well.
Ottawa, Sept. 25.���During the recent
visit of W. W. Cory, deputy minister of
the interior, and D. W. Scott, superintendent of immigration, to Europe, they
learned that the system of bonuses to
booking agents is working very satisfactorily. The booking agents in Britain to the number of over two thousand
are energetically advertising Canada
and as the bonus is only paid on people
of outdoor employment who intended to
go into the farm or railway construction ln Canada, lt forms a strong in
ducements to the agents to rush worfc
with that class of people as compared
with those for whom ho receives nt
The steamship companies are im
proving in a very great degree their
accommodation for immigration passengers. While Mr. Scott was In Liver
pool, a booking agent from l.oston.
Lincolnshire, was contracting for four
hundred passengers, and paying .C 1
each to the steamship companies to secure the passage.
A modified form of tho system of
bonusing booking agents in Knglaml
is now being applied on the continent.
Hesides the respective laws tinmigra
Hon work on the continent is oompli-
cated by the existence of two or tnor
Atlantic shipping combines or confer
enccs. Ships sailing from Mrltlsh ports
through which tlie Scandinavian trallL*
comes from Olie conference, and ships
sailing from (.ennany, Holland, Bel-
glum and French ports from another
conference. The only continual Kurt
penn countrl*"' in which the immigration department mnlntnlns resldeno*-
agents are France and Belgium In the
other countries dependence is placed
on the efforts of booking agents. While
the flow of Immigration Is very large
and satisfactory In view of the grout
demand, especially for railway labor
in Canada at the present time, it is
thought desirable to maintain a reasonable measure of immigration work In
the countries of Northern Europe from
which people might bo expected 10
come who would, by working at rail
way construction, become enabled to
enter upon land of their own. In the
first place meeting tho demand for rail
tviiv labor and then tho demand for
agricultural development.
San Francisco, Sept. 25.���The Inner
workings of the confessed boodlers who
formerly administered the affairs of S.in
Francisco as a board of supervisors,
were laid bare yesterday afternoon during the trial of TIery I. Ford, chief
counsel for the United Railroads, on a
charge of bribery.
Thos. 13. Lonergan, former supervisor,
told on the stand of receiving $4,000
with the understanding that it was paid
to Influence his vote upon the application of the United Railroads for an
overhead trolley franchise.
Jas. P. Gallagher, former chairman
or the board, related how he had received the sum of $85,000 from Abraham
Ruef after the latter had requested and
urged him to ascertain how the eighteen
members of the board stood with regard to the application for such a franchise and directed him to learn the
price for which, each member would
return  a   favorable  vote.
l_*onergan's story was halting, his
memory was often at fault, and under
a lengthy cross-ex am I aatlon at the
bands of Earl Rogers, he made several
corrections and additions to his original narrative, but these w*er��s_uuimport-
ant- .,,    r   |
The direct examination tit Gallagher
had scarcely been ended when tbe day's
session closeM. -     * '���
National Rivalries Divide Powers at The
Hague on AM Questions.
French    Scientist    Reports   Success    In
Producing Life.
Paris. Sept. 25.���Remarkable expert
in.'ins in the chemical department of
life have recently been effected by Professor Delage of the Sorbonne. In his
labatory at Roseoff in Brittany. Professor Delage placed the unfertilized
eggs of the sea urchin and the starfish
in sea water, adding a solution of sugar
with a few drops of ammonia and tannin. In about one hour segmentation,
which Is the first sign of life, began and
the eggs produced larvae. The greai
majority of these larvae soon died, but
Professor Delage, by constant and minute care brought four of the urchins
and two of the starfish through the
larvae state, and they are now healthy
growing specimens. Professor Delage's
experiments go beyond these made by
1'rofessor l_oed of the University of
California at Berkeley.
The Hague, Sept. 25.���The committee
on maritime warfare of the Peace Conference had a stormy discussion over
submarine mines, and it was again
demonstrated that whenever military
Interests are involved the rivalries of
the powers preclude a common ground
for agreement.
The feature was the antagonism between Great Britain and Germany.
Great Britain having the more powerful
navy, wished to abolish or limit to the
utmost the employment of mines. Germany directly opposes this proposal.
Baron Mareshal von Biebersteln (Germany) , during the discussion, with
some impatience, said: "As the English
press makes us appear as barbarians,
1 propose that the use of mines be
abolished altogether."
General Horace Porter delivered a
speech in defence of the American proposition, which prohibits the use of
floating mines and moored mines under
certain conditions. Without mentioning
Great Britain, General Porter opposed
the British principle, when he said: "It
is universally acknowledged that the
mines are less expensive than legitimate means for a state having an extensive coast or a weak fleet or hoth.
Mines may be harmful to states whose
vital necessities consist in having their
ports open day and night.*'
General Porter was In favor of allowing mines for the purpose of defence to
be placed ten miles from the coast Instead of three, as proposed by Great
Britain, for the reason that at three
miles they would not attain their object
in preventing attack by fleet of the
enemy, whose connon range might be
fifteen thousand yardo.
The debate was not finished.
Lord  Bishop   of   London   Will   Present
Bible to Oldest Anglican Parish
in America.
Monster Petition Seat ti
the Premier
Asked to Shot Oat Orientals at any
Cost���News of Canada From
Ocean to Ocean.
New York, Sept. 25.���The Right Rev.
Arlhur Foley Wilmington Ingram, l.onl
Bishop of London, who has come to this
country to take part in the celebration
of the three hundredth anniversary of
the establishment of English Christianity upon American noil, at Richmond,
Va., October 5th, haa reached New York
from Montreal. The Lord Bishop will
preach a sermon in Old Trinity church
on Thursday at noon and will leave the
following day for Washington to call
upon President Roosevelt. Sunday he
will address the annual convention ot
the Brotherhood of St. Andrew tn session there and will preside at the laying of the corner stone of Uie cathedral
of SU Peter and St. Paul. From the
capital the bishop will go to Williamsburg, Virginia, and participate In the
presentation of an elaborate Book of
Common Prayer, the gift of King Edward to tho old Urate��� parish, which
stands on the site of the old city of
.lamestown. The Prayer Book will rest
on a hronse lectern presented by President Roosevelt. On October 2nd the
I��rd Bishop will be ln Richmond for
the opening of the triennial Episcopal
convention at which the tercentennial
of the establishment of the English
church In America will be celebrated.
Ottawa, Sept. 25.���A monster petition
signed by hundreds of British Columbians Is on Its way to the premier. Sir
Wilfrid Laurler. It prays that, regardless of foreign countries and all sentimental and political considerations, the
government immediately pass such legislation as may be requisite to Insure
the absolute exclusion of Orientals from
the Dominion of Canada. So far the
Japanese government has made no
claim on the Dominion government for
damages on account of the Vancouver
Halifax, Sept 25.���The Allan steamer
Mongolian, which was in collision with
the steamerHurona ot the Thompson
line, on Sunday, in the vicinity of the
Straits ot Belle Isle, was so seriously
injured that she is compelled to return
at slow speed to Quebec, with her 150
passengers. The Hurona is also returning to Quebec. The Mongolian sailed
from Montreal last Thursday for Liverpool. The Hurona is a freight steamer
and  Is  from Middlesborough, England.
St. Johns, Sept. 25.���An imperial rescript forbidding the service by any
colonial authority ot any legal process
regarding fishery rights aboard any
American vessel and suspending all
colonial statutes authorising colonial
officials tu seise American vessels for
alleged fishery offences was proclaimed
here today. This, it is believed, will
make it practically impossible for
Premier Bond to carry out his recently
announced decision to enforce the colonial fishery laws.
Progress of Plague.
San Friint'lsi'ii. Sept. IHi.���The (��� ills
In lhe biilmiiii* plague situation ar ��� ns
follows: CascH vot-llVi!, 411; deaths. 21.;
deaths prrcanliiKP, 80.4; suspects -tutor
observation, 23. No statiiment wn.
1khii.iI yesterday by tlie board of hcaltli
One case nnil OfM doalh w.iro yesterday's additions to Monday's score.
Start on Long Race.
New York, Sept. 25.���For the first
time In the history of this port, throe
Fn.ucli sailing vessels will sail on a
12.000 mile race from New York. All
hall from the sttino port, Nantes. Their
captains MS llf.' lB_8 friendB and members of thi'lr crews are related by mai-
rlnge or otherwise. The vessels are
vessels are nenrly alike In size an.l
speed and nil going U> the one port.
Melbourne, Australia. The racers are:
The ship, Wrclngetorlx, 227:1 tons; lh.*
bark Admiral Courbet, 2223, tons an'l
the bark Ln Bruyere, 2198 tons. All
have been chartered by the Simula. I
Oil QOI_p__y lo carry case oil to the
Antipodes. Capt. Charrler commam'.s
the Admiral Courbet, Capl. J. Huot th ���
Verclimelui'lx, and Capt. A. Ancelln tb-
La Hruyere. Great Interest in Iho rate
Is iiiiinificti'd on the mnrltline _xo___|���������
uml wagers us to the result are plentiful. The musters will have a farewell
dinner a few nights before the race b>
From th* Tomb.
Duluth. Sept. 25.���Word received hero
from Chlsholm on the rang.', says that
Paul Mellego. 40 years old and unmarried, has been rescued from a mini
ihtimber 2(15 foot below the surface of
the earth, aud upon whlrli tlieri. 1k.iI
been a sudden depression of LIB foot.
When he was dragged out of the mine
hy other minors, Mella.Ka' fulntod from
excitement nnd exhaustion. Ho was
hurriedly taken to a hospital where ll
Is siild ho will live. Tho man hud boa n
Imprisoned for over two and a hall
Will Welcome Conservative Leaders on
September 30th.
(Special to Tho Dally Canadian.)
Orand Forks, Sept. 25.���At a mass
mooting of the Grand Forks Couscrva-
llva's twenty delegates were elected to
attend the Kumloops convention which
will be held In a few days' time. Among
the delegates appoints- on this occasion
were: E. Miller. M. Burrell, H. C. Han-
nlngton, R. Mcintosh. Chas. McAllister,
W. H. May, I). McCalluni, and G. M.
Fripp. Committees were also appointed to prepare for the reception of R. L.
Uorden. K. C. M. P.. and Premier McBride who will arrive here at 2.55 p. m
on the :10th lust. Immediately after
their arrival a reception will he held at
the Yalo hotel, and there will be a meeting ln the evening. The Grand Forks
brass band iias been engaged for the
occasion. Tho distinguished visitors
will leave at midnight for the east In
order to mako railway connections at
Must Tako Roe-
New York, Sept. 25.���General Frederick D. Grant has ordered all Held officers
In the department of the east above the
rank ot captain to report in service uniform at some one of the three places
on given dates to undergo the "horsemanship test," recommended by President Roosevelt In his much commented
upon letter of May 13th last to Secretary Toft.
Countess Travels Incog.
New York, SepL 25.���The Herald
says that under tho name ot Mrs. Ore-
villa., the Countess of Warwick, widely
known for her Socialistic work ln England, Is a passenger on the Campania
due here on Friday. Her plans have
been so carefully arranged that even In
Lonodon. few If any persons are aware
of her departure from Great Britain.
Her only companion on this voyage is a
maid. Her object In coming Is not
known, except that in a private cable
the Countess stated that It was one of
business. In her choice of a name she
has chosen that of her husband's family. She Is noted ln England for tier
beauty as well as for her socialistic
Slneereet Praise.
Club Must Decide.
New York. Sept. 25.���Thore will bo
two meetings of the New York Yacht
Club today. The first will be an i:i
formal conference upon the questions
to be diBcussed later at the special
meeting of the club to Bonsider tho
ohallongo of tho Royal Irish Yacht Club
tiir another race for the America's cup.
It ts probnblo thai at this conferonco
there will bo much dlsciiBBlon of the
i-uestlnn of whether tho new rules or
iho old are to govern the cup race. The
Now York Yacht Club Is face to fa.:a>
with the proposition to stale once and
for ull time what tho America's cup
represents und lt ts likely to act very
a'owly   nnd  carefully   In  the   prurigos
London, Sept. 25.���Emulating the example set by Joseph Chamberlain ln
visiting South Africa to get a personal
view of the situation after the Boer
War, Winston Churchill. Under Secretary of the Colonies, started today on a
four months' tour of Oreat Britain's protectorates In Africa. His Intention Is
to go direct to Mombasa and from there
to Nairobi, the headquarters of the U-
ganda Railway, and subsequently to
the terminus of tbe line at Lake Victoria. The return trip will bi made by
way ot the Nile and Khartoum.
Radium Will Be Cheap.
Geneva, Switzerland, Sept. 25 ���A
newspaper states that Professor Joly
has completed a geological examination
of specimens of the strata collet ted
from the borings from the Simplon tunnel. He found rich traces of radi.im.
Indicating larger deposits than any
hitherto discovered In Europe. He believes that the presence of those deposits cause the abnormal boat experienced In building the tunnel. He predicts that continued research will povo
the world supply of radium ts nrister
Hum wub supposed.
'    foi
I   '        I
��� * - ���
J* ���'
: ;
���i The Daily Canadian
M  .
' : \
. \w
Will close at 1 p. m. on the
Wednesday and Thursday, but
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office:   Toronto.
 $10,000,000    Capital   Paid   Up          4,830,000
Rest         4,830,000
D. R. WILKIE. President. HON. ROBERTJJAFFRAY, Vloe-President
Capital Authorized
Branches in British Colombia:
Interest  allowed on  deposits  from date of deposit andcreditedquarterly.
nelson branch *J.   fV-o   LAY,  Manager.
The Royal Bank of Canada
Incorporated  A.  D.  1869.
 $3,900,000     Reserve Fund	
Unexcelled facilities for the transaction
of all kinds of Banking Business.
8PECIAL ATTENTION given to the
Savings Bank Department, and
Interest credited Quarterly on
Savings Bank Accounts.
on Application, In Large, Medium
or Pocket Size.
Nelson Branch, G. A. SPINK, Manager.
Published six days a week by lhe
Baker St..  Nelson. B. C
fluo_cr.ptIon rates, bo eenti a month delivered
In the cltv, or 15.00 a year ll Rent by matt, when
paid ln advance.
Advertising rates on application.
AU monies paid In settlement ol The Dally
Cauadlan account*, either lor hubiertpllonB or
advertising, must be receipted [or on the printed
forms ol  the Company.   Other receipt!  are not
Wednesday. Sept. 25, 1907.
Premier McBride'a statement ut the
public meeting in Vancouver lust Wed-
neHilay night will no) surprise any Intelligent man. in commenting earlier
ou the Vancouver World*! yellow fiction
We Bald It WU absurd on Uh face, and
that view has been confirmed by nil iub-
���e-quent disclosures.
Premier HoBrlde knows, as several t f
his predeceiiori havi- known, thu ira
���enUmenl and also the Judgment of a
great majorlly In Hrltlsh Columbia is
opposed to unrestricted Immigration <���'
Oriental people. The grounds ot opposition are varied and complicated bu. of
the fact Itself there Is no doubt.
Leaving  the    Question  ot    morality
aside, from the point of view of :m ru
political expediency It would have been
suicidal for Premier McBride to Upp >ss
such legislation as Mr. Bowser'a anti-
Oriental bill either In public or in secret- To pretend to i'avor lt while * p*
posing it secretly would have bfleil an
act of madness.
And yet we were nsKed to believe vol
only that be did so but that he deliberately took u Dominion Liberal minister
into his confidence in the matter under
circumstances where disclosure was
bound to come soon. And the motive
for such Imbecile conduct, according
to the Journalistic fable writer, was to
Induce Sir Wilfrid Laurier not to oppose his appeal to London on the question of Better Terms.
The COnooCtlon of such a story seem;
hardly Compatible with sanity. Al
though all the Liberal organs in flu
province paraded it tn display typo and
drew attention to lt as frequently as
possible, the story fell hopelessly flat
Although the Premier was away fron
the capital and indeed away from com
jiiiiiiiratioiiH,  and   although   on   his   re
turn he scarcely thought a public early
refutation necessary, no one really gave
the story any credence. Apart from
the circumstance that it emanated from
the offlee of the Vancouver World, the
story was too obviously silly for serious
consideration. But Liberal papers kept
on publishing what seemed to be corroborative evidence.
And now the whole truth Is known.
The whole foolish fabrication is built
on the misuse of a word by Senator
Scott, the octogenarian secretary of
state. Iu telegraphing to Lieutenant-
Governor Dunsmuir he said Premier
McHride had assured him of something
when all he meant was that the premier had Informed him of the lieutenant-governor's expressed purpose.
However the Incident has done no
harm. No one really doubted the premier for a moment, he has not suffered. The Vancouver World's reputation
couldn't be hurt. The only reBtilt lu
that the people know now a little better
than before the value of the stories
disseminated by the Liberal press.
Rates Unchanged.
Philadelphia. Sept. 24.���Tho Philadelphia and Heading Railway company announced today that during October the
round trip fare within the state of Pennsylvania will remain the same as ;it
present pending a decision on the constitutionality of the two-cent fare laws
which go Into effect Octobe 1st In
Instances where the fare exceeds two
cents a mile the .-ate will be reduced
two cents.
Brotherhood of St. Andrew.
Washington, D. C. Sept. 25.���The annual convention of the Brotherhood of
St. Andrew began In this cityto day.
Prominent clergymen and delegates
from every section In America are in
attendance. Delegates are also present
from England. Scotland, Canada and
other foreign countries.
The programme for the convention
contains the names as speakers of some
of the most notable bishops, clergymen
and laymen of the Angellcan communion, some of which are Right Rev. A.
F. Winnington-Ingram, lord bishop of
London; Most Rev. Enos Nuttall, D. D*.
archbishop of the West Indies; Right
Rev. Edgar Jacob, D. D., bishop of St.
Alban'8, England; Right Rev. John bu-
Moulin, D. D.. bishop of Niagara. Canada; Right Rev. Daniel S. Tuttle. I). IV.
presiding bishop of the American
church; Right Rev. Charles P, Anderson. D. D., bishop of Chicago; Right
Rev. C. H. Brent, bishop of the Philippines; Right Rev. C. E. Woodcock, D.
D.. bishop of Kentucky; Right Rev.
Thomas F. Gal lor, D. D., bUhop of Tennessee, and James L, Houghtellng of
Chicago,   founder   of  the   organisation.
Misunderstandings on tbe local police
situation are already being cleared away.
It was never suggested that the police
commissioners should band over their
duties to any one else. The final decision must rest with them according
to their reason and conscience. Hut
there is no reason why they should not
listen to advice from one who understands thoroughly the duties and responsibilities of police officers. There
is no doubt that nearly every man in
Nelson desires that the services of
Chief Pltchford and Sergeant Wight-
man be retained. If the commissioners
can achieve that without sacrifice of
principle they will earn the public gratitude.
The Kaslo Fair has been a success
and Kaslo deserves all praise for its
enterprise, Hut a Kaslo district exhibit.
at the Nelson Fair would be worth Infinitely more as an advertisement. Tho
fruit growing capabilities of Kaslo and
district have been Indeed advertised, but
to whom? Only to the people of Nelson
and Sandon who were perfectly well
aware of It hefore.
For Sale
Ground Floor���Hall, library, parlor
(open flre place), dining room, conservatory  and  kitchen.
Upper Floor���Five bedrooms and
bath -room.
50 ft. Lot���Good garden with fruit
trees, woodshed and chicken house.
The house is well situated and a short
distance from  P. O.
Terms and  prices on application.
Real   Estate  and  General  Agent.
315   Baker  St.,  Nelson,   B. C.
In the rat-tar of an application tOf the It-sue ot
a duplicate of ihe .YriH.eau-of Title for lot iw,
aud the west half of tot 21, block 111, tu the Town
or Nelson.
Notice Is hereby given   that it lit my intention
to lame Ht the expiration ol one month after the
it mi publication nereol a duplicate of the certificate of  title for the above lands, fn the   name of
I.ydia Shield**, which certificate Ik dated tbe Hint
day of beeember, iyu0. au<1 uuml-ered "(WI n.
���H   F. MacI.kod,"
DlltrlOt Keielslrar.
Notice in hereby given that the undersigned
have submitted ui ihe Lieutenant Governor-ill*
Council a proposal under the ��� n.visions of the
"Rivers and Stream!" Act," (or cte*-rlng and re-
moving obstructions fromtioat Kiver aud Meadow Creek, in the District of Went Kooteuay, and
for making the same tit for rafting and driv
lug thereon -OM- timber, lumber, rafts slid cruris
aud for erecting and maintaining booms for
holding, sorting and delivering logs and Umber
brought down aald creek and river, aud for attaching boomi to the ihore of *_���*.! creek and
river for ("aid purpoat-i*.
The land* to be a fleeted by said work are:���
I.��.!- 861 biff!, iv-.' and nub lou- 1, h, 11 IS, M aud
IS ot Lot 4S98i <'roup 1, Kootenay District.
Ihe tolls proposed to be charged are such a*,
mav be tired by the Judge of the County Court
of West Kooti-nay.
Dated 81m July, 1907.
In Dip mailer of an application for the Issue of
a do plicate t erttll< ale ot Title for part (10 acres)
ol I-ot M., (Jrotip one, In the District of Kootenay.
KoUOO is hereby given that It is mv intention
to i-.ii.. at the expiration of one mouth from the
first publication hereof aduplli-ate of tbe Certificate of 1 It It- for the above lands lu tin* name
of Andrew Morrison, which Certlflcate nl Title
Is dated the blh day ul March, l'j-jO, and numbered BB89E,
Laud Registry Office, Nelson, H. 0 .September
18th, 1807,
District Beglatrar.
Nelaon Laud Dlatriot, Dlatriot ot Weat Kootenay
Take notice that K. ti. t. Smyth, oi  t rooter, B.
c, occupation tuxnbantuuii Inwndi to M'idy for
a special   timber iicciiye  over  the   following described lauds:
No. 1. Coinmencing ata post planted near tha
northern oornerpon oi Un ho mm on Lemon
Creek and marked k. h P. Smyth itoutbweat oor-
dorpott Ho l. thanoa40 ohaini north mora or
leai to about midway of the 1011111 boundary Hoe
Ol inn! er licence No. *���*_"��'*, thence to . ha lni  east,
thenoe 40 chaini ion th, thonoa 40 chaini eeit,
uiein <���-hi obaina south, thence. 80 chalua weit.
moro or less to the suuibcasl oorner "I at.T. sitid
i-ot No antl, thenoa io chains oorth, thenoa 40
chains wtii 10 the point of eonunenoemi ol
Dated98th July, ItWT. K ti I' smith,
Henry Kel. lurt, Agent.
Nelson Laud Piitrlct. Dlstrlctof West Kooleuay
No. 3
Take notice that J. It. F, Htcwart. ol Colling
wood. Out., occupation Kimiicnnaii. intends to
apply for a special limber Licence over tbe following described lauds: Commencing at a pott
plantt-d about bb chaius south and 10chaini west
ol post No. 2, marked .1 H Y Stewart's N. B. corner post, iheuce south loo chains, tnanoe west -mj
ehains, ihence nonh 160 chains, theuce easl 40
1 iiains to place of commencement containing*>*H)
acres more or lesa.
July 2.tb, r.HJL Jamks k k .-thwart.
Nelson Land District    DlatrlOtoIWeit Kootenay.
Take notice that Henry Keichert of Nelaon,B.
C , prospector, intends 10 apply tor �� special 11-
0- nee to cut niiu cairy away timber from the following dene lined land*:
No 0 Commencing at a post planted near the
northeast corner post of limber Lloenoa v-> &206
au.l marked Henry Keichert uorthweat oorner*
post No t>, theuce bO chalus soulli, thence 80
cnalns east, thenee bo chains north, tbanoa bo
Obalm west to place ol commencement.
Dated July-bill, 1907.
No. 7. Commeuelug at a poit planted near the
northwest corner irisi of timber Hi enca No. tf'-ws
an.l marled Henry Etnlcberta. weit corner post
No 7, theuce 160 chatos east, thence -to chains
north, thence 100 chains .vest, theace 40 chaius
south 10 point of commeucemeut.
Paled July ���.itHh, Wl.
No. 8. Commencing at a post planted on Monument creek about 7u chaini more or l��ss from
M tie re Monument creek em pi us into 1 a-mo it
creek and marked Henry Relchetl northeast cor-
uerpoit No 6 Ihence loo i-nanis south, thence 40
chains wesj. thence 160 chains north, thunee 40
(hams east to place of commencement.
Dated July 20th, VJol Hkmhv Kkichbrt,
Nelson Land District. District 01 West Kooteuay
Notloe is hereby given that 80 days after date
I intend to apply lo lhe Chief Commissioner of
in.;- and Works for ,���..���-.���>:��� to cut and
carry away limber Irom the ft*.lowing described
No. 4 Commencing at a post marked II. .V H.
N. W corner, AiO ehains east ol the N. K. ��;crner
of lot No H12, post maiKed K. n. N.E. corner,
thence east so ehaius, thence south bo ehaius,
theuce west bo chaius. thenoe north bo chains to
place of commencement coutaluiug 64o acres.
No  6  Commencing ��i the n. w. oornor of H,
���i: ti limber claim No 4, theuce north bt> chalus,
ineuce east bO eUalus, thence south Wl ctialus.
theuce west bu ehaius to place of commencement
at location post No   6, containing 640 acres.
1   ti.  t-illIHM.KHuK.s-, Locator.
t��eo   HusLTuft, Ageut.
Date-1 July bth, lat/7.
Nelson Land District District ol West Kootenav
lake notice shai i'aul August I'aula- u, ol Kitchener, ti. C, ocetipatloli lumbeimati, intends
loappiy foras)>eciai limber licence over the following described lauds: Commencing at �� post
planted at tbe loiunwest corner of surveyed lOt
7-_-Jl-ti.l ihence iouih lo lhe northern boundary
of timber licence No. 701b, thenoa west 10 the
northwest corner of said timber licence, theuce
south to the northern boundary of lot SIX, Iheuce
following said boundary, of ssid loi wett to the
riKhl oi-way of tUe Uritish ColutnL.a Bouthein
Kallway, tbence following said rlt-lil-ol-way in a
north easterly dlreciion to place of commencement, and containing t**0 acres, more or leai.
Dated Julv _nd. ISHfl.    FAOL Al ocsi PAOX-MK.
Nollce is hereby given that Oo <.��-,>-��� alter date 1
intend to apply ut ihe Hon. Chief Commissioner
of Lauds ami * orki for permission to pun base
the following described lauds, situated in West
Kooteuay illstrlct: CoinmeuclUK al a |M��sl marked by uame as initial post of the South Fork
branch, one hundred feet from tue junction ol
Lost creek wllh the south fork; tlieuce one-
q uarter mile lo the north wesl corner pout, thenc*
one  mile  to the  northeait corner post, theuce
one-quarter mile to the aoathaaat corner post,
thence oue mile to   the pi-.ee of commeucemeut
jnne Ti, iao7.        1 Mated by Wk. connolli".
Rioting   at   Prlmarlea.
New York, Sept. 24.���Rioting mnrked
Ihe (i]n>nliiK of thi1 primaries In the west
Fifty-Seventh  atreet district.    A  police
iiut.i and a rioter were killed.
Notice Is hereby given, for the Irnfonnatloii of
intending sultler* and others, that iwli-ctlnii has
been made of the :1,,'iOO,Uoii ai-ren of laud situated
in the Peace Kiver Valley, Province of rrltlnh
I'olutntda, granted to the Dominion tloveruine'<t
uuder the provisions of EhottOD 7 ol "Ar. Aot
relating to the Island kallway, the Graving
Dock and Kallway l.-m-is ol the 1'rovlnee," and
such land Is not open lo entry under the laud
lawi of the province
The block selected   is <!.-.������ 11,...|   as   follows:
1 ''mi no-in 11 ��� ���-*��� ui n 1 ������.1111 ::. ��� . miles  south   of   the
Pea e   Kiver ou   the  120th   .Merl<lian,   being   lhe
eastern boundary of tho province,   thence   west
96 mllea and 88.M ohalna, thonoa notth79 miles
���nd 35 0H Ohalns, inenee east ift inllea and :tH lit
chains, thanoc south to thn point of commencement following the 130th Meridian aud containing approximately :t,r-oo,oo0 aerei.
Notice is also given that, with a view to
fmil until.v aettlemeiit In the valleys 01 the
Peace, Parsnip and l'a<-k Klvcrs, the following
luM ni land 40 miles in width and extending
90 miles on each lldl of lhe Peace, Paraulp and
Pack Kivern has been reserved for actual settlers
Ut be acquired by preemption only under the
I aud Act, such land not being open for sale,
lease, licence or other alienation under the iald
Act except by pre emptlon:
("ommenclng at the Intersection Ol the western
boundary of th'i blo-k of land HlOOttfd by the
I omlnlOil Government with the Peace rivir,
thenoe following the Paaoa Kiver and Parsnip
Itivcrto their confluence with tho Pack River
and thenc- IoIIowIiik the Pack river lo tho
point; where said Pack Kiver leaves Mcl-cnd
Lake, and extending for a distance of .'" miles
on each side of paid Itlvers and approximately
170 miles In IciiKth.
All lands outside the boundaries ot the Dominion Government Grsut and 'the reserve
above described are open for location uuder the
laws of the Province.
Acting Chief ('omnilHsloiuir of Lands and Works
Ltimis and Woras Mopertment,
Victoria, Oeptember 18th, 1.J7.
>r leas.
Dated 15th, July, 1807.     Mooai, UTPL1 _. Co.
John K. Calkins, Agent.
We win exhibit in our Kh.iw room .m Moond ilmir. -on____elni T-m__��
n.'xi n m-gnlflcent dltpVay of Imported Trimmed nnd Patten urns. Including
an the v. 1.1 lateel I'li'mli and Ni'w Ynrk bi>1i>h and oreaUbna in Ladlea' head
wear In  I ha*  leading  n-hto-data ������ade���.
Wc inviia. the iiniluH in a*:iii and Inraa-t mir Immanae aiaortmant nf Kail
and Wlntir Hals. Ne*?  KnrB,  MiiiiiIi*h.  Kklrl�� nnil I'linry and Slaiila. I)r> CiiihIh.
ve   Nothing   of Mall Ordor��l'r<imD.i..
nvi.iilc ��_)i.iiillt> /\tt��ntl��tl   I,,       *
Wo   Hn
Nelson Land DUtrlct. DUtriot ol Waat Kootenay.
Take notice that Qeorgo Alexander, ol RaalOt
B l'., intends to apply for a ipeclal limber
licence over the tol.nwioi* dewrlbed lands:
OonUnonclni at a poat planted at ihe northweit
corner of Section 13- owushtp7, Kootenay district, being abtuit one third of a mile south of
the aoutb boundary line of the Indian reserve:
thence anuth al��o"ul :t5 chsins to the eaMerly
bank  of  Kooteuay   river;   thence -.(Hhrasterly
alonv   Kootenav   river   hank   nt I fin chalus lo
thf south boundary nl Bectlon 1*'. I.-wiif-hip 7;
thence ea.-terlv aboul BO chain* tn the lo-rthwext
OOrner of Lot Wl;   thence   norlh Nit'lisiii!- lln��E
the we-t boundary ol i^>t Ui; tbanoa wuttau
1-halm to the point of I'oinmeiiceuieut. aud eoutaining ('.to ac'c*. more or IfM
Dated Julv 4, PJ07. ������kiiHiiK Ai KliNliIR.
Nelson I and Diatrird   Dlatrh 1 ol v. ��ct Kootenay.
Take notice thai   Bran   Met bliand   Kras*r, of
Fernie, K   C, cler k. Intel ���'- toappl*] f'>r a stn-<-lal
Uoanoa over the  lol towing   tfwoHbed  landa;
Commeucinj- at   a    poat    planted   abOnl seven
miles west of the Koo.enay rtver,  and about one
mile north of tho in arnalli n��i bonndan llna<
and alaiut one and aquarter ii": th*< a-ierly from
the north east corner ol Umber  li  ewe N,i,  HOhl,
thanoa south so eba_na. thenca we-t no chain*.
thenoe north 80 ohaltuti thenea eaat at) chaint 10
point of commencement, aud coutaluiug G*o
air.*... more or less.
l_*H-ated l-'th. of June, 1907.
Hva?. McC-.kli.am Fraser.
Dated this flth of July, 1907.
Take notice that C. C. Clark, ot Nelson. B. C.
saloon keeper, Intend*, to apply for n special limber licence over the following described land.
CommeiicltikC at a post planted on Mornlng
Mountaln. about oue mile w< st of Smelter < reef,
and a 1 joining C. C Clark's location for limber
licence No 1, and abOOt one mile south ol "**������:
son, them-e went to chillis, thenee south ho
chains, thence ei.ni hO chains, thence north to
chains to place of l-cKiuniug.
Dated July l'.th, 19U7. C   c. Ci.aHK,
David Booth. Agent
Take notice that 30 days alter date I intend to
apply to the Hon. the Chief Commissioner Ol
Landi and Wurki, Victoria, for permission to
cut and carry away timber from the followiUK
daaOTtbed land, In West Kootenay :
No. 1. Commencing at a host planted at the
southwest corner ui tlmoer license BM6- theme
west WJ chains, thwiice south tH) ehalm, them-e
east SO chains, thence norlh to cnalns to plaee of
Dated May lfi, 1907.       J- T. Kuauaaa, Locator.
J   W. L'OLHtrHK, Agent.
No. 2 Commencing at a post planted at the
southeast corner of application >n. 1, Ihence east
to chains, thence norlli M chains, thence west ho
ohaini. thence south SO ehaius 10 place of commencement.
Dated May 111, l'JC/7.        J   T. Burubih, I-oealor,
J. W.�� '.i.iini.s, Ageut.
Take uotice that  John   Hou, of Fernlo. H   C,
hotel keeper, luteudi to appiy for a special timber licence over the following described lands:
1. Uonunanoini ata poat planted in the Dis
trlct of West Kootenay. HalWO   Mining Division,
on ihe nonh fork of the south fork of boat* reek,
about five miles up creek from where two loiks
meet and about six miles norlh of the Interna
tional Boundary Line aud about twenty clKlil
miles west Ol Kootenay Kiver. Ihence east Kj
cbaliis, theine north no chains, thence west so
chains to hank of said creek, theuce down stream
to place of commencement.
J. Hokm, Ijocator,
2. Commencing at a post planted at the south,
west corner of ), Kosi's No. 1 location, thODOfl
wesl HO chains, tbence north Hi) chains, Iheuce
-ait H0 < halns more or less to bank of said creek,
3. Commencing at a post plauteil ator near
the southwest eorner of J.Koss'sNo. 1 location,
thence westHO chains, thence souih N Ohalna,
thenee BMl HO chains, more or less, Ut said creek,
���hence upstream lo plat-col beginning
J. Komh, I-ocator.
4. Commencing at a posl planted at or mar
the southwest corner of J lion's No. I location,
thenoa cast no chains, thence south HO chains,
thenee west HO chaius, more or leis, to bank ol
said Greek, ihence up stream to place of commencement.
j, BoMj Looator.
6. Oommenolng at ft post, planted about two
miles in Uth 01 ihe southwest cottier of J. Koss s
No. 1 |i-cation, OU the north fork ol the south
fork   of   L sl creek,  and  about   lour   miles up
Btraam, from where the two forks neat, thence
east SO chains, thenc,! uorth ��0 chains, theuce
west 80 chains, more or less, to bank of nald
creek, Ihence downstream to place of commencement.
j. Kohm, Looator.
(1. Commeuelug at a post planted iit.ornear,
the southwest comer n( J. RoM'l No. b location,
ou Lost creel, thence west HO chains, thence
north HO chaina, thvnce HOchaiu ��� east, mon or
less, to bank of said creek, theuco down stream
to place of commencement.
Located -CthJone. lew.        J. Koaa. Looator.
Time for advertising   extended  by tho Asilslaut
Nelson Land Dls'.rlcl.   District ol West Kootenay.
Take   liotb-e   that  Thus.   K,   L. Logan, of   Hon
DOT'i Parry, oooooatlon painter lntandi to apply
loruHpcelal timber liceiicu over the following
described landa: Commencing at a post planied
on the sou<h s|il(* of Itoundary creek, about 10
miles west of the Kooteuay liver, the000 west Hn
chains, thence soulli HO chaina, theuce east to
chains, thence north HOchalus to Ho- polntof
commencement, and containing 640 acres,  more
Dated July 6th, 1WI.        Tiiomak K. L, I.ooan,
Nelson I-*nd Dlitrict.   District nt West Kooteuay.
Take notice that I. S. F. Wallace, ol Kcrnie.
B ('., hotel-keeper, intend to apply tor a spevlal
timber licence over the following described
1 Commencin-t at a post plantetl aboul lour
miles wesl of tlie Kootenav  river   and   one   mile
north of the International boundary tine- thence
south HO  chatua. ihence  east   to  rhalns.   thence
north HO  chains,   theuce   west  Ho  ���-halns   to  tbe
point   Of  commencement,  containing MO  acrei.
more or less.
Dated July __lrd, 1907,
2. Commencing at a post planted at the north
west corner of location No. I, lhe--ce south HO
chains, thence west HU chains, thence north ho
chain*., thence east HO chains to the point Ol
commencement, eontalntn-* HO acres,  more or
Dated July 23rd, 1907.
3. Commencing at a post planted at north
west cornerof location No. 8, thence north Ho
chains, thence wot -m cnains, thence south Hu
chains, theuce east ���*-" chains to the point ol
comoiencemeni, contalumg 64o acrei, more or
Date.l July UTd, I9D7.
4. Commencing at a post planted at the north
west corner of No- 1 location, then00 north ho
chalm, Ihence eait HO chain*, 'hence south BO
chains, thence w* sl HO chains t o the point of
commencement, coutaluiug flto acrei, more or
Dated July Zlrd, 1907
b. Conimenclti-t at a post planted ..'.mil two
miles north and -a mile east of the northwest
corner of location No. 1, theuce south HO chains,
thence eai-t B0 chains, thence north Ho chains,
ihence west bo chains to the point of commencement, containing frio acres, more or leu.
Dated July IC'M, 11W7.
6. Commencing ata post planted at northwest corner of location No .'��. theuce south HO
chains, thence west ho chains, thence north so
chains, thence east HO chains to the polntof com
mencement, eoutaining C-tO acres more or lei*.
Dated July Ind, 1907.
7. Commencing at a post planted at the north
weat corner of location No. 6, thence nortb to
Ohaina, theuce went SO chalus, thence south KI
chains, thence east HO chalus to the point ol 00m*
mencement, containing M0 acres more or less.
Dated July Brd, 1907.
8 Commencing at a post planted at tbe northwest corner of location No. b, thence north HO
chains, thence east HO chains, thenee south so
Ohalna, tbence west HO chains to the polntof com
uiemement, containing > lo acres more or leis.
Dated July 23rd, 1S07.
y.  Uonunanoini at a post  planted atiout 9
miles west ol the northwest corner of location
No b, ttience south HO chains, theuce east Ho
chains, thence north Ho chalua. thenee wesl au
ohaini to the point of commencement, and con
tainliiKfilo acres morn or lest.
Dated July _4lh, 1907.
10. Commencing at a prist planted at the
10ir Mi west oorner of location No. I, thence 11.11 Mi
ho 1 loilns, tbenoa east HO chaina. thence south to
obaina, thence west ho chains to tin- point ol
commencement,  containing Mo acres, more or
Dated JUiyMth.  1907.
11 Commeuelug at a post planted about I
1 -t mflai west of lhe north west corner of location
No 9 and about '.. mile South (hereof, llienee
south HO  chains,   theuce   east  HO chalm..   them-e
north HO chalus, tbei  west   HO   chain-,    to   the
polnl of commencement, eoutaining t.lil tores,
more or hiss.
Haled July '..4th. 191/7.
lit. Commencing alapost planted at tin- north
west corner of location No 11, thenc north hu
chains, thence east HO chains, thence south Ho
chains, thence west HO chains to the point of
commencement,  containing -HO  acres,  moieor
Dated July U-tlh, 1907.
13. OOmniani lug ata poit planted at the north-
weat corner of location Yo II, 1 hence north so
��� bains, thence west ho chains, thenee souih ho
chains, thence eaat SO chains to the pilot of
commencement, containing ��� i" acres, more or
Dated July 21th, 1907
14. ('oinmcncliigata post planted lithe uorlhweat oornor of location No. 11, thanoa south ho
chains, thenoe weal Bo chalne. thence nnrth ho
"halns, theuce easl HO chains to the point of
oommeneement, contaiuluK Mo acres, more or
Dated July .Mth, 1907.
IB. Commencing 9XO post planted about two
miles north of northwest comer or location of No
M, theuce aouth So (-halns, thence e���. 1 ��� ������ chains
thence norlh HO chaius, thence west ho chains
to the point of eoiumeiieumcnl, containing MO
acres, more or less.
Dated July Mtb- ���'-'"7
16, Commencing at a post plan led al the northwest comer ol location No. I.'., thenc* north ho
chains, thence cast HO chains, Ihence south Hu
chains, thenco west HO chains lo the point of
commencement, conlainlng rtlti ncrei, more or
DhUd Jtliy 24th, 19(17.
17. Commencing ftt a post planted nt the north*
west corner of location No. lfi, theuce north *>0
chains. Ihence west H0 i-hnllis. thence soiilh to
clmina, theneo east hi) chains to the point of
commencement, containing 040 acrea, more or
Daled July 24th, 1907.
18 Commencing at a pom planted at tho
northwest corner nfloca inn No lfi, thence south
HO chains thenco west HO ehalns, thence norlh HO
chains, thence east HO chains to the point of commencement, <mi tain inn 640 acres more or less
lilted July 24th   1907. R  fcW���u*T|| T^aTSw
John Hito,,*,, Ant-iiL.
Nelson I-and District.   District of West Kootemy
Take notice tbat Moore, Kepple m 00    oM.ar
land, I'enn.,   occupation   lumoerm* h.   intend to
apply tor a enema] timber licence over the foi-
lowing deeonbed lands: Commencing at a post
planted on Mosquito creek. -11 the west side of
Arrow lake, and abont one half mile we*t, of lhe
southwest corner of timber limit No- 4H77, thenee
souih HO chains, thenee west HO chains. Ihence
north to chnins, thence cast hu chains (o point of
ooromenooment* and coutninini. mo aerea, more
or less.
haled l'lh July. !���������* M-..'i.-c. K ki 1 l I .tc Co
J ohm K. CAi.at.ti. Agent.
Nel-.-n I-an I District.   District ot West Kootenay
Take notice   that   William    Andrew    Ron, of
Kcrnie, B   C  .   hotel-keeper   Intends lo appiv for
a ipeclal tlmbei lieenoeorer the following dee*
crib."I lands : Cominciif iri|> at a post planted
���boot -11 miles west nf the Kooteuay river, on
Corn creek, In the Dlatriot of West Kooteuay
ami being abont six miles north of the Interne tl mat I'" in i.irv llna, and situate at the
northeast corner of William   Andrew   I.,.*.-.'   No
��� timber claim, thence north ho chains, ihenoe
west -vi chains, tbence south Ho chalus. thence
fact ni - ham*,, to the point ���>( commeucement
I*o*-ated July 2Srd. lU/7
Dated Mit-Hih of Aug   1907
W11.I.IAM AmoR-CW Rn*_s
Nelson Land District.   Dlatiiet of West K cm) ten ay
Take untie,, that I. Kvan Fraser, of Kernle, B.C.,
clerk, intend to apply lor a special timber license
orer ihe following deeeribed landai
1. Commencing at a i"-t plante-1 at tbe N. K
corner about 1'-, miles north of the international lM,undary line and about 11 mllei west ot the
Kootenay river (about one mile north of the
n-.rth boundary t��f T. 1. No W12) thence HO
cnatui south. '���'.*-������ chalm west, thence -���
l halna north, thence HO chalui east to the place
of beglnnlut.
Dated July .'1st, 1907.
2. Commencing at a j-.-t plantrd at the N K.
corner of location No   1, thence   south HO chain",
thenoa eaet M ohalna, thanoa north ho chaius.
thenoe west -   chains to Ihr place of   ta'i-IUUlng.
Dated July Klsl. 191/7.
3. Oommeaetni at a_pqas planted at the N. K.
corner of ba-atlou No 1, thence north ho chalm.
thence east HO chains,   tbence   south   ao   chains,
thence west im rhalns to place  of beginning
Date.l July Jlst. t��*7.
4. Commencing at the N K corner of location
No. I,   thenc,    north   HO  chaius.   thence   well  to
hatm,  thence south SO chaint.   thence  east  ho
baini to the place_pf t-egiuning.
���lull!,* to the ti ice 1 f t
Dated July ilst. 1907.
b Commencing at a po-t plantetl one mile
easl of the N.K  corner  of  location No  3, theme
ion tti ho chains, tin-nre treat ta ehalna, thenee
Uorih HO chains, thence east HU chains to the place
'.t t-cgtmittiK
Dated July .'1st. 1907.
'*. Commenetru* ��' a post planted at the N- K.
corner o( locatb-'I **o .'..then.,   south HO chain*.
thenee east 10 ebalna, thenee nnrth so chains,
thence west 30 chain*- to tb- plai | of 1. ���ginning.
Dated July H   1. UQ7.
7.  cumu]' in'iiiK ata poet planted at the N I
corner of loeation No V theneo north HOchaln*.
theuce real ao ebalna, lbenee math ho chain*,
thence'*est *o chain* tti the  pUoe of  t��eglnnlug.
Daunt Jul)  -'1st. 180}
H. C.'inmeii' lug at a post -.'anted at the N. R.
corner if location Ko ft, Iheuce uort I, HU chain*,
Ihence west HO chain*, thence at,uth HO chains,
thence   -ast to 1 halns to the   place Of beginning.
Date.l   'uly Jlsi, |y_7 KrasBR, I-.cator.
Jou*t l-iowM, Agent.
Nelson I-aud District. Dlstrlctof West Kootenay
Take notSOB that I, I 1/ , l-.il, Ferguion. ol Nelion, Itriti-h C��.l iiim.In. occupation married v��n-
man, intend to apply for permission to purchase
the followini* deecrlbad land : Comment inn at a
post plantetl 40 chain* west of the southeast corner of section 22, Township M. Knoteiiay. and
marked "K K'�� N.K eorner," thence weat Ho
chains, thence south 40 chains, thence ea��t B
'���halns. theine north 40 chains to the place of
commencement and  containing  X20 acres more
Uth Julv, A   D  Wl.   Kmiitxth Feaoruitt.
by W. A. Calder. agent.
Nvlson Land District.    Dlstrlctof Weit Kootenay.
Take notice that I, David Q    Kuril, of   Nelson,
--*���*' 'upatlon merchant, intend   to apply foi
nermlialon to pun-base the following deaorlbed
land: Commencing at a ptist plauteil at lhe
southwest corner of section JU, township '"�����,
Kooteuay, aud mirked "O. O. K.'s H. W. coruer,"
Ihence   mirth   ho chains,   thence  eait  40 chillis,
thence louth n ohalna, tbenoa west in chains
to the pointof oommeneement and containing
Hill acres more or leai.
la'.thJuly, 1907. IiAVinti   Kran,
W.  A. Calder, agent.
Take notice thai I, Thomas Harry Wilson, Inland i" apply for pcrmis*!,,!. to purchase tbe lol.
im. uik deeonbed land 1 commencing at a post
plained at the H   K. corner of lot 7-VM and mirked
N, s corner,thenoa south 10 chains, theuce
weit 10 chalna, thonoa south 10 chains, tbenoa
west   Id  chains, Iheuce south   |0  chains, thence
west  10 obaina, thane uh  10 chains, thence
-.-.est lo   chains, theuee   north   40   chalui. I hence
cunt 40 chains   to   point  of commencement and
conlsinliiK too acres, more or lex
June 7, DOT, Iiiomas Hknry Wim.iN.
William KumtO Mm.iji, Agent
NolaOO Utnd District.   Dlatriot Ol West Kootenay
Take nollce thai I, John Lang, Ol Nelson, H. C ,
oocnpatlon miner intend to apply for pcrmis
slon to purchase the followiUK deserllM-d lands:
Commencing nt a pout plautc.! at the N.K. of
Lol EW2, thenee est 20 chains tbence -..uth 90
Ohaini, thence west 20 ehaius, Ihence north 20
chaina to point of commencement, containing 40
acres more or less,
Auguat 2nd, 1007, John Lino.
Notice Is hereby given that fid days atterdate, I
Intend to apply to the Hon. Chief < mi imi-s~iuii.-i
of Lauda and Works for permission to purchase
lhe following dcfierlla-d land In West Kootoiiay
district, on wesl ahore of Lower Arrow Lake,
ail Joining l^il Nn 41��IH, on the south: llcgf lining
nl a post marked "Harry ifoLood'l N.K comer
post and   planted  onil.eshoreof  Lower   Arrow
Lake, at the loutbeait oornei otOapl ralnnd-i
14'JIH, thenco weal 20 chains, lbenee iouih 20
chnins more or less to the north boundary of ll.
Kullmorc's l\ K , thence to chalna east along lhe
said boundary to lake, thence norlh along the
lake shore 20  chains,  moro or   loss  to pointof
May 2nd, 1907. J. |>. Mriora,
            Agent for Harry SleLeod.
Nelson Land District.   Dlstrlctof West Kootenay.
lake notice that Deorgo Kufus Carler of Hlrdar,
oocunatlon, bridge-man, intends to apply for per*
million    to   purchase    the   following    described
land: Comim ing at post planted at tho norlh-
ffUl corner of   H. Ross' application  to purchase,
narked  h. VY��� thenoe north 40 ohaina, thonce
cast 40 chains, theuee south 20 chains lo A.
I urry a pre-emption, thenco weal 20 ehalns.
theme south 90 chalna, thenco west V0 ehalna to
(dace of commencement containing 120 acres
more or less.
Dated July 12,1��07, i*-:<,rui_- EtOFOI Cartrk,
W. J, Hcurr, Agent.
I, the UBdOralgnOdi after 00 daya intend to apply to the Hon. the Chief Commissioner of Lands
and Works to purchase the following described
land: < omincneliig at lhe N. K. U, of Lot 7689
(I. I., Iheuce west 40 chains, thence north 20
coins, thencn cant 4o i-halill, thonce south 90
chalua to point of comnieutomoot, containing HO
acrei more or less.
Locale    March _Hih, 11*07 W.A. Mll.t.i.
Take notice that I. Arthur ll-, pi,.., j
tend to apply for ner*n.._u,n u\IpUhaittSJ
lowing descrlheti Unui: fomtni'iicin.^, '*l
planted at the N K. eorner . Il", -' ^Otl
tnlK.K. comer, theme north *J5;,in\Mtr_*l
west 20 chains, thence south ��) rhltfi i ^ I
east io chalm to point .��� i-em,-!.* .',G'*'^ I
000 tain ing ho acres, more or le-T    UILH-1- o*|
Jnne7, Hot, ah-th-ha-;*- &**���*
Tale notice that I. WllMa__fX^r7Tl3
toappl, for ppruilsslontopuretiti* i_ v^l
lug .IcscrllH-d lauds: (:om�������eln).lV^"|
planted at the H. K corner of bo. \r,f ���,, ^1
_-d northeast corner, theine wet i ,:.��|
lbenee south 40 chain*, then..* e-.t �� *^1
thence north 40 cham. .��� p,--nt 0, *n?2l
ment, ami contalnlni lfio a-W. Bin^ 2ll**
June7.1907 Wiu.ua KM|g4U;.3L
WWLUM Al    S/i.MlLl^.Al*;"       '
iiH1X7-��,<?V?.'fU'r '-���lt''Ililtetl1tnarTi.tlfc
Hon Chief Oommiaeloner ol Landi la/i.*
Victoria     tit   .   tu   purchase the (rtU.i_JS
���erlbed land, situated In .he W.M Kmi-urli
trlct:    t ommenclng  at  a  t-o*t plaotel ��*?
weat   aide  of   Kootenay  lake,  near !-.��������
potnt,  and   marked  J. Mi-KiiiDim'i e ��.*_*
post,   thence   weit  HO   rhalm.   ihenc- Mrll^
chalm. thence eait W) chalm mon* or )mktm
shore. Ihence  aloiiK like there to twioicl���
Dated April 4,1B07. fl^ned ; McKnmi
Nelson I-and Dlitrict.   Piitrlctof We*:K->*���*. I
Tak��   notice   that  Xdwerd Fnirr of hum I
Montana.   I'. H  A . ocrupatien wool t-tna-a I
tends to apply   for  peniilMlon  to par-steib
following   -Seeertbea  Und:    t'orantsnMjii:
post |'.s-i'.   I   OU   the
���ban (Cariboo) If*
t (bnrt- ol l'p-*a%|0 J
Ud it lhe m*)i_��u:ei
of Lot Htay, thjence west'JO r-tiaiQi.lt.'-.-> tei I
mi ehaln*. UitWmv east 'Alrtialm. U(Stfh,.u| I
rhalns, thenre*eait 40 chaini, mon-ofim.;*!- I
west ih ore of Cpper WhaUhaa (l'iribM)10c|
theuce northerly and westerly sio.. :.taH I
shore HO chains, more nr leai. to pe:_t_'cm- I
meuoeineut, and couuiolD| 3JQ arm,mg I
Mayiflthiiw; ���      .      ,,-a 1
Klity ���!*>����� alter date 1 intend to %���; -Kal
Hon Chief c.immlssU.mjr of l*r.���'.��������;! Hub I
for jK-rmlsslon to purchase th** fi!. .-r > 1
scribed land in Weat Koeteaay -iitn*
menclng al a i-oat tnarkt-.l AC IImr
liorner post, ruunini 4e ehalnt #a��xt urn I
the tKuindiry of Timber llrcmi- No ** 2M \
southerly bo rhalns, thence wMtt-rrrefhat <
ihence northerly Vi chaltni aloDimff.t
track to the place of i'..infnenremiDt,e_____J ,
two hundred acre*, more nr ��� -���
1... a-. 1 this 9th day of May. 19T-.
A 1*. Brl
Notice 1- nermy giTcn ibst "JOdapiattlil
intend loappiy lo the llnneriblc t-f1 tdtr
mliilnuer  of Lands  and   ***���"'��� ' ���: ""*
to pun base lhe following d-srrlWi*-"*-���*ffl
111   West  Kta>lvnaT district:   ivma-idii ����� I
IMiit plant, d at the  weat iKtiin-Urj-J W-Bft 1
antl aUiiit 10 chains ami 111 of lhe*o*lt_is*waa I
of  the   rlghl-of way of the fl '   >'���'-���*_-* I
way,  antl   marked   I". A.  I''i wu'hM* ��_at|
thence weat U��i chatua, ttientf nnrtti i"itt*��i 1
iMiundary of the rlght-of waj uf B-( 1
Dated this 14th day ol J'*"*1 I*--*-   _ ������ ,
Pad. Apotft fiti* j
Nelson Lain) District. DUtrlct of Wan*'** I
Take ni-tb-e that I'aul Aufii*! I'm'**- f_2|
chener. H. C . OOOnpatlOO I"tn'>*"����". vmm l
to apply for permission to purrbn* Ul**���2l
Ing described laud*. CiimBet**'!-"*! -'J,S|
planted at the sou ta bomidiry of -"TCI
way nl the Hrlllih ColumMs;���"���_* .^l
way and atamt to chain* ��w,��,>\,",B,"aEl
62 011 said railway, ihence south ^hiia��.ttM
cast BO chaini, thenee sonth -V^hSSI
eut CO chains, Iheuce north lo the ���*'U;P1**3|
ary of the right-of-way ol tin l''***'-* ^��J|
Houthern Hallway, thence wi-HcrlTJj��"|
ul.l rlght-ol-wiy topUreofe..irmint����t�� I
fHtel tbt. 2nd day of ffiffigt TO*
Nelson I-mnd District.   IHatrlct ot West K������aaf 1
Take notice that (ieoige f.turra;^butt|
Montana, t* ti. A., ����-cuniil.in. m��"JJJfJI
ten.I* to apply 'or DermUion "'i;'^,!
following descrl..."! land; ' "-��"�� -1' ;.'f^|
poHt planted on the West shore' if 1 Jg a
shan (Cariboo) lake, and at thr '^������.���'"^.rfI
oftoiUbfJ.   thence   west   ?> < hsm'J-i'-JJi
40 chalus, the e.at'�� ^��^Z^
ebalni to poini of iwtnmeorement. *���
6 90 to rea' more or less .nowlW"
ay 'rtih. totn. oio*^,.
N.-1-..iiUml District    |.|,tri  l of w,1,t fjljj
Take none tbat  Wlltlf   McNeil, ^ ��     .
Montana. 0 ���- A.. OOHOpaUWI Bal
toapply   for   iwrmlMlon lop
log daeorlbad land: -m>sl^KuB|S-l
in tba weetilmn 'I*-'.   ,l���,nf W"
1.1   IF-*
r.'.u > ]���]����� -���      . j
r*kaa"ana1  al Hi'* nortb*_ll ''"'..hV
llia-li... ...sl  'JU  a.li.ni.. lli.-li.a *"'   "
,,..1111   ..I   .���..iiiiiii.lira-ina.ill.  ������"��� """
laa-ra-., innr.' ��.r la.ss tt'.LTIS Mf***
M.y Jiiiii. inn *u        -'
8l.lv- .Uvs.ll.-r .1.16 I .�����������'���',��� .J'i'pV'-l
r.nrl.Jr. ,,fll,nl..i. ' ID, "','.������ ��""���.
1H1I..I c..iiiiiilssli.ii..r..l '""''".Siii.****
wrl.. II r . ta. a*"''',1'""* .' " ,'���"��,."��."���(".
l.n.l. sllll.l.* -������! "I "rF JM. raa-.tr j
|.ost  in.irS.'.l   "A   A   M   -', ... |..l -'-"    *
N.-l*.... I..".' I'l   ������"���'���   '"-"''���'"'""'sl"..
���r.k�� amino tn.i ""��"���,.""'��� -?*_*���
M.nil.,l..i. hrm.r. I ",'���������,���, ��0*
..rmilsslnli 1.1 purcll.se Hi'' J" usirJ i��
l.n.l r I'.iliimoiii'liiK sl s I""',, ' mlir. ""
,"?.,u miles Iron. th. mnu h ��'l �� " ���.,���..��
sl na.rlli.-Ml   ''aimer ..I tli.i,��   ". ,unnlM_B
Harvli.lns. Ilirii.... ��.'*   J;",;";��� pailiit d-"���
i-lmlns.   llirn.... ��.��l *" ��* '',.,,.��.
���,,..i���....n..i.t. '';"'-"l,,|l��,,''r,'
ll.lr.l 'Will ll.y "I A"��""'i ,,  , l'.i��T*��':,_.
Nol.0.1 I..11H UUlrwT DlitrWI nl * 6
T.k,. .....i.'.' ���"��' ';;''k,���wnai ��'S
Alt..11.,     M..lllla.l.��.   I.r. k' ;      . |,,1|6��I"IJ,
|,rn..rnlssl..n   I..  I',lr'' "'., , p..'l RI'T*'
-;k!!7WhT.: *��-!';��$;,
ll.irtli 1*11.1..Hi". , '���'""���,��,,i,l.��Hi��wpW
soulli mi ilislns. lh"'"      ,,��� a.la. arnrrs-
..nininoiir..|n..nl. ",' i  ���,,st �������    ��....��.
11.10.1 SOU. .Lay "' A"��""|'.'BASK *���*��%*
AH-i.ii" ^- nt^__U_���'
��� KflBl
N..I..II. 1..I..I ��'-"""   '""'���"���1"n'"'"'"
..li.tiis in  I....." *;���,:,*:���, ..h...."'-
ra.-r.-s ol l.n.l, ���"""'"   ''��� ivsro"1'".,,,!.
D.tod'JUril **M_JJgS'_ B���l��*""���', The Daily Canadian
Who Want a (lood Arcticle Will Buy
he BACON We Sell
It (lives Satisfaction, Because It Is Lean, Thoroughly
Cured ami  Smoked.    Our Hams  Are
Excellent   Also.    All   Are Canadian
Goods.   Pure Lard in All Sizes.
P. Burns & Co., Ltd.
nlan-1 Dlitrict.   I'litrl -tor Went Kootenay
, .. ;   i. tri i Bheran, oi Ndion,
' , p-i.-i-clor,  ltitctid*. to apply
 nca over tbe following
, .  umenclna at a p-wt planted
���      , : . [ lot WW. Ik-Iuk Patrick
, nroet   poet    ruuuinic   1011th HO
m  tiieuie ureet 80 ebalna, tbence nnrth ho
to ohaini to point ol com-
I        [   j      *:ili:. 1907. 1'ATOlcK B1IBRAM,
Kaici Hik-mi, Agent.
��� Land Dlitrict,   Dlitriel of Went kootenay
i iion  Peter i.und. pi
|. ...  i pat ton  lumberman, inu-udH
t < ,- i ipeclal timber licence over the
���rwtr? deeeribed landa: rommencln-r at a
| : .,: the north c-.-terly  po-.t ol lot 81.'
-��j  . lumber licence na lom,
I in chaina   thence  eatit 40 ehatn-i.
t. .    . ')*. tbenoe w-it 40 chain*
* --(iint ol commenosmon t* and containitiK
��� .. --.
; j-i.. nth, Mi. nrrwo Lam.
(nn Uml District. District ol Went Kootenuy
I, -   ���*....      r*ki   notice   that   Peter Lund, o,
  .���<������ 'M|i*tion lumberman, Inu-ndi
L -     ,.   lal   limber   licence   iivit   the
���)��isg ���'���<������ *!���-���*" landi: Coin in en (-in** *t a
Iplintedot ci.'ci t.iiundary of lot till, loo
, ol limb- rlloenoe voir and 40 chain*
i    . < !tim    No. 1. thence   north
| - ��� i halna, thence south so
ihence trreitflO ebalni to the point of
Imeu-.-rci. li'. si'.l .ontaluluft   MO acres, more
fctr.1 July nth, OS!, Pktbr Lt-JfD.
j ���     Dlatiiet ol West Koo*en��y
|. ���   v .   ,    ���    i,,��� that   Peter  Lund, ol
Ojm B ��� ,oci 1.1-.111111 lumberman, intends
tapl*- (nr a ->|-" isl timber licence over the lol-
I . --'..������! landi:   ������>-.:���'���.���   *.,- at a poit
k eait boundary "1 lo- MJ, ���*��� <-hains
* nl tnv  location  post   claim   No. _\   theuce
"*��� cb*lns.   tl.. in ���    en,M   hu   chains,   thetiet-
theoce w*-*twi chain* to  potnl
..nt.    *ud   i.onltiinltiit   640   acrei,
e or leu.
ttf-4 Auin-t lit, 1907. 1'iii-k  LOVS
lettei tl.it Ir* K. Taylor, cleri. ol Arrow*
li to apply lor a -pecial licence
...!��� ���  [rom   the   lollowiug   described
i. :    ��� ' mmi ti 'in-; at *i post planted 70cbalm
uu rlv dlreotlnn  from  Carfbop
larked -Ira F. Iaylor'a. W. Parkin*' tf  W.
.' tmutiii'*.) uu the sou tb by T. L  Mo  76-ifi,
�����*��! l.\ I'. I.,    no. 7R7J. them-e   north  HO
i to cbaina, thenoe eonthlO
it n cbaina to point oi r��in*
��� ���
nx at a post plan ti-*l **to*hiin*
���it I iDieaiterli dlreotlon trom Cariboo
���*'���:    W    I'lrklOl',   IraK   Taylor's H. W.
led   mi   the west by T. L. 7fifi7.
��� IraP. Tarlor*i  and   W.  Parkins'T.L.
���JlTOee ncnti 4��   chains,   then ast   leo
theqeetontb 40 ebalna, thenoe west loo
tnpottit of commenct-men* 	
|on Und Dlitrict.   Dlltrtel ol West Kootenay
���t: ������ i- benl y given that *> days after date I,
1   -���-' Iberi   miner,id Nelion, ��.(.; , Intend
ii   U   th-  ���. hb-(  Commissioner of
iao Worki tor h special licence to cut and
*�����* ttmu-r [mm the follow tun duaeribed
"'"I   i-n   Mimmit   creek,   lu   tlie   Weit
-���> District:
-   Commencing at a poal marked J  P. Ha
mi ourner post, toasted on
I' * lonmmiH r*Mk about two miles from
���**"������-. thenee running south HO chains,
' mnaing weit 40 chaina, Utenoi running
1 v' '���'sin*,  thei   west 40 chains,   thenoe
DSJchsiH*.. thenoa   runnlni*   cast 40 chains.
I*1 run,it tig  >outh4U chains,   thence cant-W
�� op >��� e ol '"Mimeneemenl.
atedoo the Uth day ..I Auyust. 1907.
lome P, 8WIDMM, I*ricator.
i�� i nil agent ran a McDonald
;-;-< "inmi ii.'iriK at a post marked J   P. 8'a
*'limit. imrtiiw... crncr   post, located on
fj - ol Bammtl ��� reek, about two milea 'rom
creek, thenea rum-mi* south  to chains,
-������* ���'���<���" *"" <haiiis.  thence   running
���<s"���tiMn*..   th*Tnv   running   weat ftO chains
* ��� oi - ommencemant*
f the - 'Mi day at August, wn.
���Ioiin (��� Bwaosnto, Looator,
I- ��� Iii* Hi-etn Prick Mc|h>mai.d.
J>n Und Diltrlet,   lUitrlcl of W_.it Kootenuy
pJUttN that  J. R. p. Htcwurt,  ol  Colling-
jtonv, occupation lumberman, intaodi to
eeial timber llteaoeorar the tol-
���erlbed  snd*;   Commencing at a post
- a -rnnii it ream about one mile south
Rif��r i���,u no- head iratarao. Uran-
' !    I ": JAMK- K. V   HTaWAHT
�� --niii. DUtrlct.  DUtrlct 01 Waal Kootenay
''''''*|'<'Misi ���' K. f. Btewen.nl Cniiing-
���     .. nr. upatlon lumberman. Enteral io
 ,*al Uniber lleenoe  over  the fnl-
immanolng at a i i
i   a Miuill   ereek   due
w mine, ata.ut HO
marked J
���<l la
'���'! "tt thi louth aid'
al thi  HnantalQ   Meadii*
*���,.,,;��� *-,��,��' po-l. thence east '20 ehalns,
mm     v ,;llHhl"' tbenoe waat SO obaina,
tlm-t     ��0h_fc1?*'   th9000   WestHt   chains.
..uni     i,7  V1"1'!-. then. ast HO   cnalns,
'-i.uii.i.    !''',1,i*-1"  pl-<'��*  of commence
;    -it   liiK.,|0acri.H mere or less.
-nti, )���-,������,. jAMn K  P 8R1WAmTt
1 Und Ihsirlei.   i.iNtricl ol West Kootenay
pB^cftliFfSi-, Al:'^'">"--   (llileipic, ol
(*"T   lueiii.       "    lt,'n'1 ""-JT-y for a ipeclal
K      ence  over  the Forrowlni daaorttoS
im\'':;;,;i;;i'';'^.it* ,.ost planted at the eon-
m . re'-w ' ,,     rih ,,,rl( Ol Corn creek   wllh the
������-i-i�� ti  ,     l,,M''h *�� ohnlna, thenoe weal
iimim'i,;    .'"'". loh*h 40Ohaini,   ihence easl
' u'"t -noreor |mi      hei'bbinf, containing
" horSitoffl tlA p0,t t^onm on tha bank
I'-'inn i .... .      ,"f'1 <,r,',,k -*bOUt lour mllea
11 ���*-'ohaini      \vl,h khe M,il" ��!rf��,thanoa
" ���,,(l ci, ,' n ���'"'��� west ho ehaius, thence
1 ��- beBlnni*l��lhel,oe east ito ehains to the
tt,       Kl,M'U,K nlalnlng  ti��i   aere*.   more
c1';;;Jli^;��'i''i nth. 1007,
- -lorui foVK r!*H ('OHl l'l��nted on the bank
������""'nnilimI... .V!*-.' ''r'',,k ->h0Ul four milea
1 ^"lislns       ,      lh ,lK' M*hi creek, tlieiiee
1 m ohi iiV , m'" Wi'"1 S-ohttna, thenco
' '" '���"Kitmin-- "'" ,,HHt m ohaini to the
n,      ���"-���-.nf, containing tuo acres, moro
"-***��� Aoguit mit, i9w.
AM-unn-antaxuj^ni. Ixontor.
A- IUi kktt, Agent.
a Hpuelnl
'rom the
f,- Proi t, .Ul', l,,|;rV   Keichert, ol
r,',"l,�� eut 1 1.  '   ",lM" Hl-Ply  for a
���o, n y ' 'audi:
tl,''n'*i ��rneYL%t*\*JWii planted near the
W\l   V  -Wry       t.o      '-'"'"T licence No  92M
f {       ������nr*   Itei,:;."!1. ,,ml"..innon creek and
li'.?"'���'��������-*" ch,.,,rt -""ilheaat coruer ikwI
No. 10 Commencing at a post planted abont *i��
chain* more or leii south frora the northwest corner of lot Ho 2fA.l on main Lemon
creek and maraed Henry Keichert eaat oorner
post .no 10, thenc*. 40 chains uorth more or lei*
to about midway nf tbe south boundary line ol
Umber licence Hn tr_t>A, thence 10u chain* weit,
theuce 40 chaini south, theuce 160 chalui eait
to point u( commencement.
Date.l July 21th,1901
Ko. 11 Commencing at a poit plinted on Monument creel, about 70 chaim, more or leai, south
from where Monument t reek, emptyi Into Lemon creek, and near Henry Itelehert northeast
(���������rner post of timber location Ho e, and marked
-Henry Keichert northweit corner i-oil ho 11."
theure 160 chain*- souih, ihence 40 chaina emit,
thence lfio chaini north, theuce 4o chains weit
to the point '���' commencemeut.
Date.l July *-7th. PJU7.
Hisry Rkichkkt, I-ocator.
Nelsou Land District. Dlitrict of Weit Kootenay
Take uotice that I, Harold N. Edgecombe, of
Penile* B. C. clerk, Intend to apply lor a special
timi-cr licence over the lollowlng described
2. commencing at a poat plinted at the continence ol the uortb fork al Corn creek atiout
two miles from it* continence witb the Main
creek ihence south 40 chaini, theuce west 1*0
chalm, thence north 40 chains, thence east 160
chaini to the place of beginning, containing 640
acrei, more or leaa.
Located Auguit 17th, 19*07.
9. Commencing at a j*oit planted on tbe bank
of the north fork of Corn creek about two mllei
from its confluence with the Main ereek, thence
lout-: HO chaim, tin-no- wen Ho chalui, theuce
norlh Ho chaim. thence eait 10 chains lo the
place of beginning, couUiutng 640 acrei, more
or lesi.
Located Augnit 17th. 1W7.
3. Commencing at a poit planted on the bank
of the nortb fork of turn creek about four mllei
from iu coutluence with the Main creek, thence
iouih -**. cbalm, theuce east 10 chain*, thence
north SO chalm. lbenee west 80 chalm to the
place ol bogiuulug, containing 640 acres, more or
1-ocated Auguit 17th, 1907.
ft Commencing at a poit planted on the ban*
of the north fork of Corn creek about 6 mile*
from its cnuflueuce with the Main creek, thence
north 40 chain*, thence eait 160 chalm, theuee
south 40 chalna, theuce west 100 chaim to the
place ol beginning, containing 640 acres, more
or leia.
Dated Auguit 16th, lt*U7.
6 Commencing at a poit planted on the bank
of the north fork of Corn i reek about ill mllei
from Its rnntlnence with the Malu creek, thence
���������uth HO chains, ihence east DO chain*, thenee
north M0 chalus, ihence west 80 chains to the
place of beginning, containing M0 acre*, more
or less
Ixxated August 16tb, 1U07.
7. Commencing at a post planted on the bank
of the north fork of Corn creek about ilz mllei
from its confluence with the Main creek, thence
south 80 chains, lbenee wen W) chaini. thence
north mi chains, tbence east 80 chalm to the
place of beginning, containing 640 acre*, more
or less
I-.'������.ted August lfilh.   l'-t-'T.
H.N. KDoacoiiaa. Locator.
A. Hackett, Ageut.
UM Jmy ^���.^������-���nimenoomont.
���not Ko ebalna
Nelson I-and District.   District ol Weat Kootenay
Take notice thai we, Archibald Bromner and
I'cnrge Youug. both ol the city of Nelaon. in tbe
Province of British Columbia. lumbermen, intend to apply lor special limber licemei over the
following ..e-.irni.-d landi:
1 Commencing it a post planted about S*D
yards westerly from the junction of the north
and main forks ol Bummit creek, a creek flowing
Into Kooteuav river south of the southern end of
Kootenay lake in the district ol West Kooteuay,
which junction I* about 18 or -"Omllei from the
mouth ol iuch creea. theoce iouih 40 chalm,
thenee easl 16o chalm, thenee north 40 rhalns.
theuce west 160 chain* to the poiut ol commence-
men l and containing 640 acre* more or 'eis.
AantiaALD BaanHaa.
Dated this Mh dav of Auguit, 1W7.
2. Commencing   at a post   planted   about   390
Sards westerly from the main and north forks of
ummil creek, a creek flowing into Kootenay
river south ol lhe southern eud of Kootenay lake
in the dlitrict of Wesl Kootenay, thenc* aoulh 80
Ohalna. thence well 48 chains, thence aouth **0
chalm, ihence weet 40 chains, thenee north 80
.hains. thenoe east 40 chains, Iheuce north 40
chaina, thence east 4o chains lo the polut ol commencement  and  containing  6*0 acres  more or
Imam UlllBalB  1 IIUSU.
1I.I...I 1 Ills falh il��y ol Aun.nl, IN*.
:l Q___u_at-| ��t �� P"*< pl��ut*4 -bout IM" Icet
in.rll. Ira.ru ilia. I.aiik ol .he m.ln Summit i-reek,
��� n.l ��l..mt JmllM westerly Iraim thy ���unction ol
tha ua.rtn lurk ��ual the m.ln lork ol .uch areek,
.. .-ra-a-k llowlnn into Kaiourn.y rl.er south a>l the
so.ilh.Tii en.l a.l Kooleu.y l.ke In the dlatrlct ol
W.'sl Koaalcnay. Iheuco soulb B cha .... thence
c.siwi a-halns. ihelino norlh ��0 chains, Ihence
aaasiwi chalua li. lhe   point ol   caimmcnccineut
��" ���*""*"��� M�� "'*"-���" II,r���,'-���l����*-��...
Ilalcl this rath alay ol An,list. IW*I.
I <-iiiiitni-iii*lliK al a |.ost planted about 'J inllea
up a' " ���li.me",l creek llowliii. Ink. ��ii��.-l>
.reck Iron. Iho waU) M_*_$_,.F,'S?I_*?*��_5_
iiioiuli ol Hummlt creek which '��"���* J"L"_*55K
Do-lni mm KaM.lenay river souih ol lb -sou h*
���rn end ail Kootenai* l*kc In lhe dlitrict ol ��cst
Ko..t..|..y. thenc norlh wl chains, thenc ea.t w
chains, Ihence south "U chains, thenc well*)
chalua to the point ol commencement and ion
l��l,il,iK ...0 acre, more ot le...   ^^ mM|
Haled this Mh day ol Au,uit, 1*11 ���
�� I'mniiieiiclmt .1 �� post b'V''"'1'""',"11':'''""
a. .inn.inc.I   creek   Unas   11,   lull'Hliminll  creek
?, ,.     lie an 11. ��libOUl a mile. Irom lhe nioiilh
I hi    nil creek, wlilch latter I. a creek Mo-in.
Int.   K.i. eii.y river south ol lhe southern  end
KiHite, ay lakl In .ho ..l.irlcl ol *�����������*
nav tliaiu'e louth H chains, Ihenoe WIS
���imioi. Icncc north HO chains. Ihence a*e.tiO
chain, to the point ol .ommeuceinent and con-
ta.iilu. MO acres more or H'��-.mBiID BBI.N.���
Hated Hill 1th day ol August, Wl.
.. i,.nun....im-   at a post planted   ahout  one
..V���'l ail in'ic. UP ma* ..... lb, m "'SZZu
creek, a creek "owing Into ROOtelkyrver louth
,.l II... southern end 01 kaaolenay lake In tlie ais-
til.l ���l West iooton... thence east 80 cha j...
hence aoulh �� lBHni.ft��0. ��;t �� can;,
thonoa soutlno chains, thenco wcjao 0 �� ",
lie ce north 40 chnins, thenco wesl 40 *hUUl
then north 4u chalm to Ihe point ol commence
ment and conl-liilng MO aero, moroor JjMj^
Hated this 0th day ol August, WI.
7 Commencing' al �� "*"�� plantod about one
mile andThal    lip the norl\i  lork ol _m.ll
Hated this oil. day ..I A-'""-;,1^', Ba,.-..a.
8 Cnmmiincltig at a post planted aporjl ��
..u-ruarolanillo wo.lorly Irom the norlh  lork
b^H��3*.,sS�� .�����"%-&*���"���;'������.
aoraa, more or less .���������-, 'ic��7
Hated this 6th .������*��� <���< A>'*"".^Ji,,, voimg.
II.   (Jommenolng  at  a poll Pl��-��*��   *bout "*
Remarkable Increase in Demand for the
Building  Material of the
New York, Sept. 2&.���The production
of cement ln l'JOG umounled to the enormous total of &1, OO0.44D bnrrelK,
valued at $56,302,277, exceeding by 10,-
S97,i:i7 barrels in quantity anil $19,370,-
744 In value the production of 1905,
which had been the banner year. ClaHBl-
fled according txj character, the production was aa follows:
BarrelB,       Value.
Portland  cement. .46,463,422 $52,466,186
Natural  cement... 4.055,797     2,423,170
I'll/./...Inn   cement..      481,224 412,921
TheBe flguren are reported by the
United States Geological Survey ln an
advance chapter from "Mineral Resources of the United States, Calendar
Year. 1906," and are somewhat greater
than those given In the preliminary
statistics of production IsBued by the
survey early In the year, the difference
being due to the fact that some of the
returns were received too late for use
In the first Btateinent.
The most prosperous branch of the
Industry is, of course, the Portland
cement branch, whose growth has been
of the most phenomenal character.
Twenty yearB ago. when the Portland
cement output of the entire United
States Btood at about 250,000 barrels,
against nearly 7,000,000 barrels of natural cement, the first attempt was
made to Introduce the rotary kiln for
the manufacture of Portland, the company exploiting the new process proudly claiming the ability to produce 30.-
000 barrels of cement per unnum, and
to triple thl3 quantity as Boon as the
necessary grinding machinery should
be added. Today It is not considered
in the least sensational If a company
announces the capacity of its plant at
3,000 to 6,000 barrels a day. while the
yearly production of the large plants
runs well  Into the  millions of barrels.
The decline of the natural cement Industry has been gradual, but as steady
us the Increase of the Portland branch.
In 1906 the effect of this decline has
seemed to be even more widespread
than ln the preceding year. The owners of many plants have allowed them
to remain Idle, some have turned their
attention to llme-burnlng and kindred
employments, and a few have dismantled the old plants and established buildings and machinery for making Portland cement.
Although the prices at which cement
was sold in 1906 were higher than those
which prevailed In 1905. they were not
Inflated, but resulted from normal
growth In demand. The producers made
Nelson Land Dlitrict.   Dlitrict ol Weil Kootenay
Take none that Clyde B McClure, otRltavHle,
Wash , oecupailon  barber,  intends to apply lor
a special timber licence over lhe  lollowlng ales.
erlbed lands; On the east aide ol Prleat river.
two and a hail mllei north ol Ibe international
boundary line;   Commencing alapost Wanted
two nnd a hall miles north of  Ibe International
ttouiidar* line, thence   eaai 80 chains, thence
south 80 .halns. thenc weit 80 chains, thenoa
nortb 80 a-haloi to the  point ol commencement
anal containing 6*0 acres, more or leas.
Dated Sepl. 14th, 1907.        CI.Tba K. Ma-CLtiaa,
K. w. SntTH, Agent.
Nelaon I���nd District. District ol Weil Kootenay.
Take notice that Jay Bovee. ol RlUvllle. Waih.,
occupation butcher, Intend! to apply lor a ipeclal
Umber Itcnc over the lollowlng descrlt.a*.l
landa; on the eaai side of t'rleit river; Commencing at a post planted one and a hall mllei
norm ol International boundary line, thonoa
a-ait 80 chalm, thena*e aouth 80 chaini, thenc
weit no chains, thence north 80 chains to the
point ol commencement, containing 640 acres,
more or lesa. _      ���
Dated Sept. 14th. HOT.     ���.  . ������'v B��v����.
K. W. Smith, Agent
Nelaon Lond DUtrlcl. DUtrlct ol Weil Kootenay
Take notloe tha. Wesley Bovee. ol Rltsvllle,
Wash . occupation butcher. Intends to apply lor
a special timber lla-euce over the hallowing described landi; on the eail .Ide ol I'rlest river;
Commencing al a poll planted one and a hall
mllei north ol the International boundary Hue,
thence west 80 chains, tbanee south 80 chalm,
Ihence eaat 80 chains, Ihenc north 80 chains to
IHiInt ol commenceme.il, eoutaining 640 acrei,
moro or leai. ... ,.
llatod Sept. 14th, 19OT. W-O-T llovaa,
K   W. SMITH, Agent
Nelaon Land District.  District of W est Kootenay
Take notlc that Simon P. SchllTel, ol Nailer,
lalaha.  oa-ciipatlon lumberman, Intends to apply
lor a special timber licence over the lollowlng
descrllaed lands; ou the east side ol I'rlest river:
Commencing al a post  planted  on the eaat side
ol I'rla-st river, two and a ball mlp'S norlh of the
international baaundary line,   then.* nor h 80
chains,  thenee easl 80 chains,  theneo  south 80
chains, thence west 80 chains to point ol com-
mcii.emonl. containing Mo ��''r��s. more or leu
Haled Sa��pt  14lh. HOT. 81MOK V. Samis-eaL,
i ...  .      I K. W SMITH, 'gent.
barter ol a mile westerly Irom lhe norlh fork
ol riummll creek and about three miles up such
norlh lork Iraam Injunction with IhemalbHum.
inucrck.acrcek llowlng Into kootenav river,
���oulh ol lhe southern end ol Kooleuay lake In
Ihe district Wost kaxilcnay. thence wost 80
chains, thence norlh 80 chains, thenco cast Bo
chalna. Ihence aoulh 80 chains to the point ol
commencement, and containing 640 acrea, moro
'"llawd this Oth day ol August, 1907.
Aaa'lllHALli I1KBMI.BK.
10. Commencing at a poat planted about a
aiuarter ola mile weilerly Iraam the north lork
ol Summit creek au.l about ihrce miles up such
norlh fork Irom Its fuuctlou wllh ihe main Sum-
mil creek, a oreek llowlng Into Koaileuay riva'r,
south ol the aouthern end ol aoaitcuay lake, in
the dlatrlct ol Weil kooleuay, Ihence wes 4
i.halnl. thence louth 160 chains, thenco east 10
chains, Ihenc ninth 160 chaini to the point ol
aoinmoneemanl, aud containing 040 acres, more
" Dated tl.li 20th day ol Auguat, WOT. _
11 Commencing al a poll plained about hall a
mile easterly from the south lork ol Summit
creek aud about one mile soilh of the main
Hummlt creek, a creek llowlug Into Kooleuay
rife* south ol the southern end ol Kootenay lake
in tho dlslricl ol Well Kootenay, thance east 80
chsins, thenco south so chains, Ihence west 80
chains, Ihence north 80 chalm to tho polntof
i-ommincomenl and containing 1.411 acres more
or less. ARCHIBALD Bhbmnbr.
Dated this 21st day ol August, 1907.
In tho mutter of an application lor the issue of
dapUoatai of the CertllleaUsof Title to lotill,
VI nnil IS, group 1, Weit Kootenuy IHstrl'-t, also
known ����� tbe "Kootenay Chief," "Comfort" ami
"Lulu" mineral claims respectively.
Notlco li hereby given that It ts my Intention
to issue at the expiration of one month h f ti-r the
il rst publication horeof a (lui>ll(<ati> of Certificate
of Title iso. 6901a of an mnllvld.-.l Hl-lOoths ln
each of the a^ove lots. IsBued on the 17th day ol
May, A. I>. lHHi'' ln the name of John C. Ainsworth,
nnil also a duplicate of Certlllcate of Title No.
���'.iHtOn of an undivided 19-l00ths in each of the
nb'iv'i lots, Issued on the 17th day of May, A. I)
ItiM. ln the name of Coorge J. Ainsworth.
Laud KeRlBtry OfHco. Nelson, B. <"!.. August Rth
"H. F. MacLbod,"
District Ragiitrai*.
The "Bare" Wear Only
would be enough to recommend our flne-
looking and easy-fltting Shoes, but there
is a stylishness about them and a lasting Hhapp]ln*-'ss that is making them
veatoopillar among "men who know."
They ate made on the newest lasts, of
the best leathers, and conform to the
most approved styles in men's footwear.
We are ready to fit all feet, and at
prices that make Shoes look like a gift.
no complaint of prices, but protesti.
against the Insufficient car service provided for the delivery of orders were
made from every part of the United
That the quantity of cement exported by the United States to foreign
countries Is not aB large as lt should
be Is probably due to the great home
demand, but with continued Increase
in production, the foreign trade cannot
be long neglected.
One of Old Claims In Hedley Camp Now
to Be Developed���Will Work
Through  Winter.
For years the old-timers of the camp
have turned expectant eyes upon the
Horsefly mineral claim which Is crossed by the line of tbe Daly Reduction
Co.'s electric tramway between the ore-
bins and the switch-back. This was one
of the Wollaston and Arundel's original
locations and held by them after they
disposed of the Nickel Plate, Sunny-
sides, Bulldog and Copperfield to M. K.
At various times parties have tried to
negotiate with the owners for Its purchase but as a rule they were too high-
priced to permit of a deal being made
by any except those who were flush. It
is true they got a nice figure (variously
stated at from $60,000 to $80,000) for
the group sold to M. K. Rodgers, but
that was for four claims upon which
there was splendid surface showings
and which they had only held two
months, but when it came to buying a
single claim that was not so fortunate
in the matter of showy outcrop, and
upon which a very limited amount of
work had been done. It became a more
difficult task to hag a similar wad to
that which came out of the Nickel Plate
group which paid so handsomely both
to the sellers and the buyers; but after
paying Wollaston and Arundel the purchase price of the Nickel Plate Mr.
Rodgers found that he could buy from
others additional claims galore at far
smaller prices, and hence, while others
were being gathered In, the Horsefly has
been left out in the cold, for its owners
being well provided for by their former
sale could afford to be independent and
hold out for their former price.
Some time ago a bond was taken on
the property by F. M. Wells with whom
was associated A. B, Clabon an others.
Last week Mr. Wells obtained the interests of bo me local parties in the
bond and it is understood that things
are shaping for active operations on
the property.
Mr. Wells did not give details nor
mention amount of consideration but
those are details which do not concern
the public so much as to know that definite arrangement has been made looking towartls the prosecution of develoi*-
ment work 1n the near future; and the
confidence in the merits of the property which has always been regarded
most favorably here are such that Important results are expected to follow
anv well-directed work.
Mr. Wells had nothing to give out
concerning when development work
would be undertaken, but It wns clearly
seen that he expected work to go on
this winter.���Hedley Gazette.
Rowboats and Canoes
For Sale or Hire
Agent for Truscott Launches
ami ivu-rtw.ro Camves.
Finest Lot ol  Boats in fi. U.
H.   l_.   LINDSAY
Foot of Josephine St.       Tel. A18
Certificate   of   Improvements
"Montreal ' ami ���'t.it-'be*'" Minerftl Claims situate ln the Nelson Mining Division, of W-*��t
Kootenay District.
Where lm:aieil:-'W*PHt branch of north lork of
Halmon river, on Craig Mountain, about nine
miles I.-om Brie, ti. (.'.
Take notice Lhat I. Alfred ��*rn��*st Onllupe, Free
Miner's OatUfloatet No. iifiifl. intend, alatta dayi
from the ��laiu hereof, to npply to the Mlniuu
Recorder for a Certificate ot improvements, for
the purpoH- of obtaining crown drain-* of the
above vlalin-i.
And further take notice that action, under
section 87. must be commenced be fore the uau-
auco of such Certificate of Improvement-*.
Dated Uil Uth day of rteptomber, HOT.
In the Matter of    the "Land    Registry
Act" and Amendmenta thereto,
In tho matter of an application lor the Issue I
a duplicate nr the Certificate of Title lor L��. ��
flflDl, 9MV- and 3908,   QTOnn 1   KootenaT   Dt-trl
Notice Is hereby Riven that it is my Intention
tn issue at the expiration of one month frmn the
first publication hereof a duplicate CertiQtate ul
Title to thn above described lauds, In the name of
.lames Roderick Robertson which Certificate Is
dated the ilth day of August, Ivs, .-.nd is numbered m-.'.-k.
l.iui.l Keartstry Office, Nelson, B.C., *Kt of
August, 1907. H. F. Mirl.Kon,
Dlitrlot Keglnrar.
Tremont House
European and Axnerlran Flan
Meals 26 cti.    Roomi from 26 Ota- to fl
Only White Help Employed.
BattrS.. Nelson Proprtaton
Most comlorlable aiuarter.     Nelson]
(Inly the best ol Llqitorl anal a.fgars.
Grand Central Hotel
Thoroughly renovated and refurnished. Rooms BO cents upward. The
dining room Is unexcelled ln the city.
House heated throughout with hot
J. A. EEIOKSON, Proprietor.
Telephone, 250.    Opposite) Court House
and PoBtoffice. Nelaon. B. C.
Queen's Hotel
Baker street, Nelion. B. C.
Lighted by Electricity and
Heated by Hot Air
Lara., and (.'om'orlable Bedrooms and  First-
���laislitiilue Room.   Sample Rooms lor ('ommer-
.1.1   H.n.
MRS.   K.  C.CLARKE.   Proprietress
Bat tlett   House
Best DoHar-a-Day House in Nelson.
The Dar li the Finest.
White Help Only  Kmpioyefl.
Royal Hotel
Rates |1 and t>1.50 a Day.
Special Rates to Regular Boarder*
Rates to
The Coast
Greatest Chance of the Seaaon.
See the Coast
at Its Best
WESTMINSTER   FAIR,   OCT.   1   TO   5.
Return tickets $16.55.    On sale Sept.
27th  to  Oct.  2nd.    Good  until  October   10th.
Tickets for Westminster Fair mny be
destined Vancouver if desired.
23   to   OCT.   5.
Round trip only $8.80.    Tickets on sale
Dally  Sept. 23 to Oct. 2, Inclusive.
For one day only, Sept. 30,  Round Trip
for Single   Fare, $6.60.   .Final  limit
of all tickets Oct. 7th.
For full her particulars call or write
A.O.P.A..Vancouver. D. P.A.. Nelson
Piano  and  Singing Lessons
Given by  Mrs.  Winter  Every Saturday
Mrs. Winter holds certlflcate frtitn
Royal Academy for pianoforte playing
and singing. Certificate from Trinity
College. London. Eng.. for theory of mu-
hIc Scholarship of the London Conser.
vatoiro of Music for singing and piano
playing. Address Box 796. Nelaon.
Is now ready to execute  all
orders for Job Printing on
shortest notice.
The Job Department is up-to-
date in every respect and a
full line of stationery will be
kept in stock.
All orders entrusted to our
care "will receive prompt and
careful attention.
314 Baker St.
Tel. 324.
Cranbrook Conservative Association
Under the auspices of the Cranbrook Conservative  Association  wil  be  held
at the
New Opera House* Cranbrook* on Tuesday, 1st October,, 1907,
AT  THE  HOUR  OF   8  O'CLOCK*  P.   M.,     To    Welcome     the     presence
amongst    us   of
R. L_,. BORDEN, M. P.,
Hon. Richard iVlcBricle,
This great meeting will be addres sed Dy  Mr. R. L. Borden,  M.  P., Ths
Premier and others.
All are cordially invited to attend.    Specially   reserved   seats  for    ladles.
By order of the Executive.
JOSEPH RYAN, Secretary.
Fire, Accident, Life and Employers* Liability Tirwrance
Let us quote you rates in the best board companies.
Choice Fruit
I Have X0.000 Acres
of the
Choicest Frott Lands in
British Colombia.
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
). E. ANNABLE,     ���     Nelson, B. C. I
$1000 ("lash and the balance on extended paymentawill buy a six-
roomed house anil five lots; good
location,   price $2,500
$000 cash und the be lance en extended payments wiii buy an eight-
roonie.l house and lot % block
from tho car line, price... .$1,900.
$500 cash and the balance monthly
payments will buy a six roomed
house and lot on Silica street,
price $1300.
$000 cash and $25 per month will
buy a seven-roomed house and lot
on Victoria street, price.., .$1800.
Vf% ������; 11 'i
iti life
{:f I
'���     '.
i 1
. 1
i *
The Daily Canadian
Our Alarms will never let you
oversleep. $i.50 and $..50. The
very best.
In m-it-ufa'ttiroil from    no  QOvit   1*0 soeo. wn-
ripened mni clew-sweetened,    n > tntla, Km*
ilavui.-d an*, uool*   a tobacco yon
ought 10 try
fobaccouist.   Baker Street.
Coal! Ice! Wood!
Phone 265
Yale-Koctenay Ice, Frait,
Foci & Poultry Co., Ltd.
' '    OFFICE:
N. E. co,. Baker   and   Ward   Sts.
See Us
For Good Fruit Land
10 Acre Blocks to 800
Acre Blocks.
Bedrock Prices.     "\
Easy Terms.
IL L Croadsdaile & WW
Next Door to Bank of Commerce.
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch,
Creosote, Oils lor|
Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch and
Boat Builders will find it to their advantage to use our Pitch.
Nelson Coke & Gas Co.
Best  Located  Hoiel in  Nelson
I'lider the tnanssemelll of R. K. Noble,
late ol T.ininl.i. Ottawa an.i
O. Craig. Hraniion: S. P. Hopkins.
Brooklyn; W. W. Ailanis. Chicago; P.
W, Douglas anil wife, Winnipeg; G. O.
Buchanan anil wife. Kaslo; S. Davis,
t'oliourg; I.. Travern. Toronto; W. L.
Duke, Montreal; .Miss A. Little, Miss M.
laittle. Hampstead, England; F. F. Hus-
teed. W. O. Miller, C. W. Mcliean, Vancouver.
7-Rooms. All Modern, on Victoria St.
with two Shacks on rear renting $4
each. House good for $25 per
month.     Owner  going   to   Coast.
Only $1,800.      Good Terms.
General Job Work, Chimney Sweep-
Ing, Carpet Cleaning, Fixing and Clean-
Ing  Stovea, etc.
Iti Eaat Baker St. Phone No. Ana
Got*. V���-mon   ���and *.V��ar*���' Straeta,
J. J. Kennedy, S. T. Culleton, R. Drls
coll, W. li. Poule, Spokane; It. F. North
cote, N. F. Fitzpatrick. Toronto; R. D
Vincent. Chicago; J. Thomson, Winni
peg; C. M. Bird, G. \V. Stoner, H.
Burner, Vancouver; 11. Rainey, Revelstoke; C. W. Griffin. Hamilton; A. D.
Weatley, Mtnneapoliii.
11. Y. Andersen, W. A. Starr, Spokane
li, H. Spinks, Winnipeg; Mrs. Comber.
Ontario; E. D. Johnson, Cranbrook; A.
T. Davis, 13-Mile; J. D. Humphreys, J.
Roche, Grand Forks; C. T. Porter. Trull;
J. T. Ryan, Cranbrook; Mrs. \V. H.
Blackmail, G. McCllsh. Salmo.
J. Mclnnls, D. Martin. J. D. Mcl.eod.
Phoenix; A. Moodln. Miss li. Aronsun.
.laffrav; A. G. Waisnn, Trail: G. Young.
Slocan; Mrs. E. K. Mc-I.eod. C. E.
Hanna. .1. Martin. Ainsworth; C. H.
Calvin, London; M. II. Mac���ulay. Alberta; G. Pickeriny, Sirdar;; P. Currin,
Ainsworth; D. Daly. Napanee; W. Harris, Eholt; J. E. Dolan, Spokane.
G.   H.     Meredith.     Rossland;      H.   I.
Mountjoy.  Liverpool:   T. Tipping,  Manchester; B. Harton, Rtvelsuke;   II. I'ave-
lin, W. H. Glllever, Sllverton.
L. K. Villiers. Erie; C. B, Brown
Moyle; R. H. McPherson. Ainsworth;
L. M. Donald, Lynchville. T. R. Dutherts
Slocan; EL Leadaton, Rossland; R. Flll-
ingham. Nakusj.: R. Coughlan. J. Cuni-
mings. Kaslo; W. Cutler, Greenwood;
C. C. Boden, Cranbrook.
L. B. Keller. New Denver; F. Brown,
salmo; R. T. McDonald, Shields; W. J.
Hapgood. Ottawa; F. S. Clements, Victoria: J. Thien and wife. Mlnadosa:
Mrs. E. Shenls.
F. C. GREEN       F. F. BURDEN        A. H. GREEN
Gvil Engineers, Dominion and British
Columbia Land Surveyors
F. 0. Box 115   ".����� HI I.
A. M. Can. See. C. E.
Mining Work a Specialty.
Office:  Bealey Building.    P. O. Box 434
Baker St., NEL80N,  B. C.
A. McDonald &Coe
Dealers in staple and fancy Groeeri.,*.
Butter, Ekbs.
damp and Miners' Supplies.
��_>I<_ Curiosity Shop
IX you want to buy or sell anything,
go to the Old Curiosity Shop. A new
line of Japanese Goods now on sale
All kinds of Dlnnerware In stock. Patter--.
IVEL-SOIV,    -     B. C
*10 DOWN
*10 I>t_R MONTH
Wc offer you best fruit lands;
beBt terms; best location; best
climate. Absolute titles. You
don't have to use all of your means
In paying for land. We want you
lo put lt luto development. We
alBii have tracts of DO to 6000 acres,
prices and termB the best. We own
tiiese lands and handle nothing on
If you don't see Frultvale you
miss the best in B. C.
Kootenay   Orchard
Ward Street, Nelson,  B. C.
Kaslo Races.
Kootsnay Girl, George Ferguson's
mare which won most of the races ;��i
the  Nelson  Fair,  is entered  at   Kaslo
F.   O.   E.
The regular meeting of Nelson Aeii
F. O. H., will Lie held iu the lodge rool
this evening at 8 o'clock.    The |H*oee**i
lugs win include several initiations.
If not you cau purchase oue.
Accident on  Steamer.
Joseph Carruthers, of the crew of the
steamer Nelson, had his heel crushed
this afternoon hy a weight falling on
it.    He was taken to tlie Home hospital.
Record   Trout.
A gelatine east of the 22-pOUnd lake
trout caught near Kaslo on July 7th, by
H. B. Alexander, has been received
from the provincial museum at Victoria,
and   is in  the office ot  the 20,000 club.
C. P.  R
F. Busteed. C. P. U. superintendent for British Columbia, is in town
from Vancouver on a regular trip of
inspection and is at the Strathcona
With him are his secretary. (1. W. Mi'-
Bean, and W.O. Miller, car service inspector.
Improve Opera House.
The directors of Uie Nelson opera
house have decided to make very extensive improvements this fall before
the beginning of the theatrical Beason
Opera chairs will be installed; a metallic railing will be placed round the gal*
lery, the "gods" gallery rearranged, a
new system of heating installed, new
scenery, and the building will be paint-
ted inside and out The cost of improvements   will  be   about   $2,500.
Assuault Case Remanded.
W. Jewell returned to the city last
night and appeared in the police court
this morning. The charge of assault
preferred against him by J. G. Bunyan
and the countercharge preferred agalnsl
J. G. Bunyan by him, were both adjourned to a date to be fixed later.
Jewell returns to duty on the Boundary
branch of the C. P. R. tonight and the
time of trial will be arranged so as not
to take him from duty unnecessarily.
Conservative   Meeting.
The meeting in the opera house Saturday evening Is certain to be very
largely attended. The Conservatives of
Rossland and Trail. Kaslo and Slocan
lake points will he well represented.
Visitors from out of town are reminded
that they can obtain reduced rates by
taking single first class tickets and
having their attendance certified by
Secretary D. C. McMorrls. It is uncertain yet whether President U. S. Lennie,
of the local Conservative association,
will be her%for the meeting. If not the
chair will be taken by W. Irvine, first
Fleeced  by   Sharpers.
A fanner named Mitchell, fmm the
town nf Listowp], Ont., was fleeced ont
of $l"i by two sharjK'rs nt the Union depot this* morning. Just before the train
was about to depart for Spokane, a yoan*_r
man, bearing all the outward signs of
woe, approached Mr. Mitchell and explained that he had lost a dear friend and
was about to take the corpse to Spokane,
but was* short the amount to pay the
fare. The old farmer was deeply moved
by tlie tale of woe and advanced $15 on
condition that the money would soon be
refunded. The sharper and his friend
then got aboard the train, but jumped
it while moving in the yard. Mr. Mitchell then learned that he had been fleeced,
and tbe police were at once placed in possession of the facts.
We have them In  61b   and 8  tb   Sizes.
Quotations   given on    any   Electrical
11 ir..t I im Device on the Market.
The Store of Quality
Ram Lai Tea
Packed in the Gardens Where
It Is Grown-Can Be Bought for
the Same Money as a Cheaper
We Stake Our Reputation on
the Quality and Reccommend
It to All Tea Drinkers as Absolutely the Best Value Offered.
50c per lb.
K. W. O. Block . Phot-* lt.
Prize /Winners.
Saturday $1.90.
Cnrner Silica and Josephine St..
PMOrN'K   7
The  first Great  English  Novel  that  has
appeared  in  the  Twentieth
Such  is the term applied  to
By William DeMorf
"It is a book, not of the last year but
of the last decade; tIn- best thins; In
fiction that has appeared Bines .Mr. Meredith and Mr. Hardy, a hook that must
take its place by virtu.' ol its tenderness
and pathos, its -wit and humor, IU love
of human kind and its virile characterizations, as the first great Rngll���n novel
ihat has appeared In the twentieth century-"
In   Cloth   Binding  only   $1.25.
Wlloli'sali! au.l   Kl-lall lii-al.'
Fresh and Salted Meats
Camps supplied on shortest DOttOB and
lowest price. Nothing but   trttfa Slid
wholesome meats and supples kept in stock
Mail orders receive careful attention.
E.  C.  TRAVES.   Manager.
W. G. Thomson
_88ggg__-B "������   Nelson, B.C.
411 Kinds of Heating Plants ln  Stock.
Victoria St., Nr. Ooera House.      Tel. 181.
���MR 8AI.E - \ Gai...l 0���SSI Kan��a-,6 Hals, in gott.\
repair.    Apply W . A. Ttiurmau
LOST���A pair of Ion*, bra.wn g-toves, bet-.a-.-11
Victoria ami a-oruer t.l .Stanley anal Carbonate
stra-ets.    Return to (lanaallan Office.
UOLIl 1'UAIII*. betwearn Hooter anal Vernon
Streets. Suitable rewar-J will tie pal.1 lor Its
r.tiiru.    Mcli.annl.1 A- McHar.ty.
_ fOOKHTROOK rolatalnlti* a slgneal cba-.-tieol
tha-Seaorr.l Relief Mining . ...nim.a payable
lo .'. C. Waaie. an.! loners. Finder kindly
leave at No I'la.-eluu.
TWO FIK8T a;|___ hOOMH. ...earn healed     Ap-
plT I....1S.S.-. r-T   -- ! Hat. K. W. I", block.
WANTED Situation by ...ring Sa-olaman (mar
rled) willing to 1���arkle anything, ertperlt-nca-d
lo grocery, wine and spirit trade. Addresa
D. 1) , Pally l.'.iia.ltan Office.
'.<���... ial Hoiisew
Reliable   i.rrl   or   Young   I...I) lor
rk. Apply Bex lu.lTra.ibronk.
A   I'ARTNKH   wllh  JJ.0OO  to    piira-baae  a  Irull
raiia-h near Na-ianti   A good spea-ulatlon.  Partner need not la; actively engaged on ranch.
POt particulars apply X. U. PROCIKK.
fl. O. Iluclianan and Mrs. Buchanan
are at the Stratlicona.
W. II. Pool returned from Spokane
lasi night and Is at lhe Hume.
Mrs. "**, O, Hose returned last nlxlii
from n trlji to her old home on Prince
Kdwurd Island.
Leon .McCaiiilltsh left last nlghl ran
Vernon to play solo clarionet with .h.-
band of that town at the New Westmln
ster exhibition.
Willie, the four-year-old son of W.
Irvine, who |H ill with dlptherla. Is much
Improved today and hopeB are now entertained for his recovery.
Is Remow/ied
Its Business Energy
Plums, per basket 35c
Peaches, per lb....: 15c
Pears, 2 lb. for   25c
Apples, 3 lb. for   25c
Crab Apples, 3 lb. for 25c
Telephone 161.
One of Nelson'* Pretty Home Cottages of 2 bedrooms, sitting room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom; hot and
cold water; large basement. Nice view
of lake. (1,600, $900 down; balance on
easy terms. Certainly a snap. 3 lots
75 x 125. Apply to J. R. &., Daily
W.   O.    GILLETT
Rolf anf-nt for tht- I'nrW* lil-o Luintrt-r Co., Ltd.,
r*��l*il) yur-ln. Kmii<ti -tri-l "1ri**un,��l lumlur, turiit-d
work i.ti'l tirm-k������'*���   ' (>-u-t l-tlti Mi'l Bbln-glSS- "������"-ti
ami   doorn.     Oiiiini,  brick   and   ,i    for  tale.
Automatic gr|[..t-T
Yard and factory : Vcrnou Ht.. eaat of Hall
m ;i .ni ).%.   I*. G.
P. O   tiok M, Telephone 17c
The Silver Grill has opened under new management. White labor
only employed. The best 35 cent
meal in the city.
Corporation of  the City of  Nelson.
Applications for tba po__-_i of Patrol,
mem on tin. Nelson Polioa 'tToroa will !�����
root-red by tba _nd_n___a- up until B
.. .-l.sk p. in., Sept 96, next.
Applii mts   will   npply  in   their   own
liiiiiilwritiii-a Hinting age, htright, wc-g-it
nnil..x|-i*ri.'ii.-i-. 'I'li.-valia.uiii beaoootnp-ti.
led liy at li-u.t  thriii reconl   t..*.liiiiiiiiuil��.
W. 1-;. WAH.SON,
Cily Cli-rk.
Transform your kitchen Into a cheery dwelling house by installing
That la a factor you must keep hi mind, and tho new coiner lo llrltlah
Columbia wants a stove-that hiiIIh nil purpose*. Bur������ any ruel- brighten!
the kitchen; niakea cooklnK ..any anil economical. Buck's Ma.rit Uanir..
tbe Ii.-ki ror nil obakt-g or beaUng; t ,c utnuiKost. the humiiest, most dependable and Bn.ateat fuel-saver
Standard Furniture Co.
Complete House Furnishers and Under-takera.
Agents  Masor  o\ Rlsch  Pianos
We are Local Dealers for the Renowned
M_.-_.f_. turad hy tb*
Remington Typewriter Company
Remtico Paragon Ribbon,
- in all colors and for
all makers of typewriter..
Remtico Paragon, Red Seal
and Billing Carbons���of
different weights suited
for all classes of work.
All Remtico Typewriter
Supplies are known at
the Highest Grade
Goods Manufactured.
Mail Orders Promptly Attended To.   Phone 61
Canada Drug & Book Co.. Limited
R.  VV.   HINTON ���
U-pulrlisu M...1 .laalal.litu ea*-;ut*d ..III. L>_-_ar���.t_r..   Mivat M.tal
Wor-K.   Minis-* tsr.U  /Will  Machinery.       Miiiaaalaia.tairurs.il
Ur*   *��� ��.r-_.   W.   IV.    Contracture1   Csra.
rsJEUSOIN,    B. C.
T.  ��� -..*     - ��
ro Ki a
The Hall Mining and Smelting
Company, Limited.!
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry Ores,
A .a. LAMBERT <& CO.
Lumber, Shingles,
L^/itli. jWouIciInjfs, Doors, Windows.
Turnull \>'orlt oriel liritckutH. Mail Onlem pniuipllj iltfDiW* |
viiHiNOM STRmrr ... nkusoin, u. ���-
Wholeaal*  I'rovlHloiiM,
Oovernnient CnauiK-ry Our-Po-nd linoks r��cplv��d weekly fresh from f*
.'hurt..    For r_.li' bj all leading grocors.
Olliia- and warehouse: Honston Block,    Phone 79.
Josephine Street. - Nelson, B.C.
Wo would like to Bee all inn* iiiitriiiiH.omfortul.lu this wlntor and "' **1,
do so we have In Block the IkihI assort*,   line of _���_��������� Binve* ��"'' a
���.taivi-B and  ranK.��B  t.\t'r before presented to the public In Knoii-im.'-        ^l
Wi- would bo  pleased lo show you    our line and beforo niiikln' ���"*""
chaHc kindly bu..- what wi- hnve lo offer.
J. H. Ashdown Hafctw-<��|
Company, Lfmtted.
for All
.    ���.t i.f \faaU*
We (lurry nn __SOT��-*��>" "'
KsteiiHlvencKB nnd Vmi'l.--
Tools, Builders' Hardware
Ranchers' Supplies, Stoves,
Ranges, etc.
Wood-Vallance Hardware Co*, Ltd.


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