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The Daily Canadian Jan 8, 1907

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Array glaitg ��cmafctan
.iiME I.   No,.'i_-4^
Fifty C_nts a Month
|eil F. Mackay Will Be
Next Member
;��� Commissioce. of Lands and Works
Allowed to Name His Successor.
Liberals Already Beaten.
[Kssalss. 11. C. Jan. 7.���At thc conven-
|soi tssiilglit of lhe Uberal Conserva-
���s uf Kualo riding , H. F. Green was
inlmously tendered the nomination
lho forthcoming election. Mr. Green
< Bent for and on arrival, iu a feeling
ssli, thanked the delegates for tho
mi conferred upon him but declined
accept. The delegates endeavored
press for the acceptance of the late
blef commissioner being anxious
Dhow how thoroughly they trust him
nl endorse his able administration ot
ie lands and works department, aa
y Insisted on showing to the whole
viiic-e their answer to the campaign
if Blander and malignity agalnBt him
y the Uberal press of British Colum-
Persuasion  had  not  the desired ef-
:t.    Mr. Green postlvely declined to
cept     His    business   arrangements
nilil uot permit him to slay In politics
|t present und arter expreBlng his ap
ciatlon of the sentiment of the dele-
lales, put forward" the  name, of Nell
MacKay,   Kaslo's    late   member's
iisuns for retiring from politics were
kade  so  clear  that   after  expressing
pielr deep regrets the delegates acted
his   suggestion.
Nell MacKay was the choice of the
onventlon.   Fred Elliot, a popular barrister of  Trout Lake   was  mentioned
nt withdrew and Mr. MacKay's nomi-
it'issn  was made unanimous.      He ls
surly as  popular through  the riding
b It. F. Green and will win easily.
eighteen     delegates,     representing
1-mt.v section of the riding were ln at-
i nslance. Representation was made on
���the   basis   of   the   Conservative   vo$e
Pn 1903.
Tbo meeting was very enthusiastic
md election of officers for the district
tassociation is going on as this despatch
lb sent off.
The following resolutions were una-
|iiit!jnsisly adopted:
"Resolved that the convention here-
Ihy endorses the policy of the McBride
government since they bad assumed dl-
ection of provlncal affairs.
"Resolved, that the  stability of the
Dvernment   and   their promptitude ln
[ putting the finances of the province on
;i sound basis haB been a prime factor
I in   the   prosperity   that   now   prevails
j throughout the province.
"Resolved, that we put ourselves on
! n-coril as heartily endorsing the stand
laken by Premie- McHrlde ln his attl-
i tudc at the Ottawa conference of premier for the Just rights of the province.
"Resolved, that we also desire to express our entire appreciation of the
services rendered to the province at
large and our riding in particular by
our member, the Hon. R. F.Green.aod
to nssnre him of our continued confidence and support.
"Resolved, that we believe that the
toest Interests of the province will be
conserved by the continuance In power
oi' the McHrlde government, as during
the past three years their policy haa
been of a constructive and progressive
nature, while the opposition have been
devoid of any avowed policy excepting
thai of obstruction."
Differences Between City and Company
���Expert En Route.
In thc absence of .1. O. Gllllce from
the city nothing definite can be learned
of the probable course of the Allls-
Clinlmers-Bullock company ln regard to
the action of the city council last night.
It Is learned that bo far, ln the tests.
a load of only 40 horse power haB been
carried by the machine, and this is not
sufficient to bring the buoyant action of
the water on the wheel Into play.
With a load of 250 horse power or
more there would be sufficient upward
thrust to prevent the present difficulty
���of hot bearings, and, running steadily
under thiB load, the bearings would
soon he glnzed sufficiently to run cool
under nny conditions.   At present the
load required by the city from the new
plant Is not sufficient for this purpose.
It is understood that, In the early de-
Blgns of the power plant machinery the
contractors advised numerous changes,
but the council decided not to depart
from the specifications of Mr. Clemens
It Ib learned that Mr. Pfau, the chief
hydraulic engineer of the Allls-Chalmers-Bullock company, has left Milwaukee for Nelson and will, on his arrival,
conduct a thorough test of thc new
Politics and Sawmills Keep Lake Town
Well Employed.
G. O. Buchanan ls In town from Kaslo and reports tbe city on the lake busy
and animated.        '
He says that W. K. Cooke's Kaslo
sawmill Is now running steadily with a
full crew and at full capacity, which,
In winter with the small logs available
at this time of year, means probably
ubout 50,000 leet a day.
The bay is full of logs and an ample
supply la assured.
An 8-inch water pipe Ib made to do
duty for the unfinished boiler dome.
Mr. and Mrs. Cooke arrived Saturday
night from Stillwater and will henceforth make their home ln Kaslo.
The Liberals of Kaslo riding will
meet at Lardeau tomorrow morning to
select a candidate to oppose N. F.
Gives Up One Office.
Toronto, Jan. 8.���Senator Cox has
resigned from the presidency of the Canadian Bank of Commerce. General
Manager B. E. Walker wub elected
president al a meeting of shareholders.
Cox has been 17 years president. He
retains a seat on the directorate. Advancing years ls the cause given.
Indefinite Delay Until Expert Cornea to
Remedy Defect*���Other Proceedings of Council.
The usual calm routine of the last
meeting of a council was varied last
night by a definite report from the
city engineer to the effect that the city
power plant cannot be operated be.
cause of defects and that Indefinite delay must be Buffered until an expert engineer of the company arrives and remedies the defects.
In tbe meantime the city council declines to pay a draft for |H,4'*5 due today on account of the machinery.
Mayor Gillett called the council to order at 8 o'clock sharp with Aldermen
Selous, Kirkpatrick, Irving, Annable
and Rose present The minutes of the
last regular and special metings were
read and approved.
The finance committee reported recommending for payment two payrolls,
electric light department, (99.75, and
miscellaneous, 172.35; total, 1172.10.
The report was adopted.
A letter wae read containing a resolution adopted by representatives ot nru-
nicpaltles meeting at Vancouver, petitioning the provincial government to
establish a home for indigent persons
Bomewhere near Vancouver. The city
council was asked to forward to the
Vancouver controller a resolution endorsing lt. Such a resolution was
At the manager's request city engineer McCulloch gave a report on the
power plant.   He said:
"As you are all aware, tho machinery
ts now all ln place and preliminary
tests have been made. So far the engineers of the Allls-Chalmers-Bullock
company have not been able to operate
satisfactorily. They have heen troubled
with hot bearings In the thrust deck, and
have so far not been able to remedy lt.
"I might explain that in all other Installations of the same kind a> ring has
been placed there, and an oil pump Installed to enable the thrust ring to revolve tn oil and so prevent friction and
consequent heating. No provision for
auch an oil pump haB been made In our
plant. Mr. Aberli assured us that lt
waB unnecessary.
"The matter ls now being taken up
wth the head offce of the company.
"It ls not a serious defect and can be
easily remedied. But lt involves delay,
perhaps indefinite.."
The city clerk then read correspondence by telegram between the mayor
and the company's managerln Montreal.
The mayor had Insisted on an expert
being sent to take charge. He hnd also
declined to pay the company's draft for
114,495 due on December 8, 90 sluys
after shipment, on the ground that the
machinery was not yet according to
The correspondence follows:
Jan. 3, 1907.
Allls-Chalmers-Bullock Oa.
All machinery Installed for some
days. Party In charge falls to operate
lt. Insist on having an expert sent out
at once to take charge. City greatly
disappointed in your treatment.
W. O. GILLETT, Mayor.
Jan. 4, 1907.
Allla-Chalmers-Bullock Co.
After many    daya' trial    machinery
still useless for purpose Intended. Bear-
ngB appear ground down a quarter of
an Inch. Bullis states has advised you
of condition of affairs. An equipment
that will not generate power ls useless.
Under these circumstances, you cannot
expect city to meet draft, 114,495, maturing 8th. Council meeting Monday,
and unless draft withdrawn will require
to Btate all circumstances openly to
council and act accordingly. Answer.
W. G. GILLETT, Mayor.
Montreal, Jan. 5, 1907.
VV. G. Gillett, Mayor, Nelson:
Answering telegram of 4th, have Instructed Milwaukee to send expert to
Nelson immediately. Trouble probably
due to hurried erection, causing bad
alignment which can and will be rectified promptly. Have spared no expense and consider we are entitled to
payment of draft maturing 8th, city being amply protected by $5000 deposit
and $14,000 due after 30 days run.
. J. A. MILNE, Gen. Man.
Allls-Chalmers-Bullock Co.
A resolution was adopted endorsing
Ihe mayor's acts and refusing payment
of the draft In question.
The old question of the Canada Drug
& Book Co.'s account for anti-toxlne,
and S. S. Taylor's claim for damage to
books by fumigation of his house, was
again taken up. A long discussion followed as to the city's liability and to
the equity of the claims against the
city for losses suffered by private Individuals incidentally to services rendered to them. The matter was finally
laid over.
The c iiincil then adjourned to Monday, January 14, at 10 a. m
Cost Per Horse Power of Victoria Falls
Electric Energy Estimated at $500.
London, Jan. 8.���The prospectus Is
now Issued of the Victoria Falls Power
Co., Ltd., registered In Southern Rhodesia under the companies' ordinance,
with a share capital of ��3,000,000 in
1,000,000 ordinary shares of ��1, all of
which are now Issued, and 2,000,000
preference shares of �� 1, of which 625 -
000 are now issued. The company is
formed to supply the industries of the
Rand and of Rhodesia with electrical
power generated from the Victoria
Falls on the Zambesi river and at auxiliary steam power stations ln the vicinity of Johannesburg. It need not
be said that the enterprise, by which
the greatest waterfall in the world is
to be harnessed for the service of the
greatest gold field extant, Is romantic
and fascinating. The story of South
African, and especially of chartered finance has shown that many shareholders seem to be content with romance
and fascination even when unaccompanied by dividends. To such as these
this prospectus will appeal strongly.
Those who look for profits will be comforted by the reflection that the company's steam-driven Installations ought
to earn it dividends, as long aB ir does
not spend all Its resources on the Falls
scheme, concerning which lt must be
admitted that the capital cost will be
a serious bar to net revenue. It Is calculated that the capital cost of steam
equipment in the Transvaal ls about
��20 per horse power. The capital cob!
of Victoria Falls power Is worked out
nt something like ��100 per horse power. Water power only replaces fuel,
und coal in the Transvaal will not cost
more than 9 shillings a ton.
Sketch of H. B. Thomson, on Conservative Ticket in the Capital.
H. B. Thomson, who was yesterday
nominated on the Conservative ticket
for Victoria, was formerly a resident
of Nelson. In years gone by he managed Turner, Beeton & Co.'s Nelson
branch, and bo highly wns he esteemed
by the DUsiness men of this city that
on the eve of his departure he was entertained at a public banquet at the
Phair hotel. In 1899 he was elected
an alderman for the East ward and bo
great was his personal popularity that
without canvassing a voter he was returned at the head of the poll.
In the old-time political fights he
was ever ln the forefront and that he
enjoyed these contests is best evidenced
by a remark he made in a letter received last night from him by a strong
personal friend. "I would like to be lu
Nelson for the elections. Tell Jack he
hae my best wishes for succcbs."
Octogenarian Murderer.
Calgary, Jan. 8.���Among the cases
which will be decided by the court en
banc which commences today, la the
case of Rex vs. Joslah Gilbert. Gilbert
al present lies under sentence of death
for the murder of a neighbor near Regina. Gilbert Is now 80 years of age
and If a point of law which was reserved by the Judge at Regina is decided
against him, he will hang on or ahout
January 18. It is not possible that the
judgment In ihis case will be handed
down until the conclusion of the sitting, aud tbe condemned man will suffer suspense for some days yet, and
he may not know his fate until within
a very short period of tho date which
Ib fixed for Ills execution.
Level of Reservoir at
Danger Point.
Unless Remedy  Applied at Once
"Service to Rotor Users May
Be Discontinued.
A dangerous state of affairs was discovered this morning by the city engineer. The level of water in the city
reservoir was found to be below the
limit of safety. If a remedy cannot he
found at once, lt will become necessary
to stop the supply of water to users of
motors. It Is earnestly hoped by the
city authorities that every consumer in
thc city will do everythng possible to
avoid forcing the council to an extreme
step,- which would mean the crippling
or closing ot many of the industries of
the city.
One of the causes of the partial failure of the wai.-r Bupply is the unusually severe frost which has bound the
mountain streams and diminished the
supply at Its source.
Hut there Is another cauBe of the water famine and which Is not creditable
to the Intelligence or to the public
spirit of the people of Nelson. That
cause Is the wanton, deliberate waste
of water by householders by keeping
ail their taps running to avoid freeping
in the pipes. An equally effective safeguard wouffl be the turning off the water by the outside connections, but the
latter is a little more Inconvenient to
the householder, who does not care to
expose himself to cold or even to move
from his fireside. It ls easier to let
the taps run and risk not only the
Bhutting down of the water-motors and
the industries served by them, but also,
possibly, the failure of the city's water
Bupply in the event of a conflagration.
The suggestion of putting meters ln
all houses to check waste of water has
often been mooted at the council board,
but tbe measure has been deferred In
Ihe optimistic hope that In any emergency confidence may be reposed In
the good sense and public spirit of the
citisens. A day or two will show
whether or not such confidence Is misplaced.
Lobbyists in Evidence.
Washington, D. C, Jan. 8.���Ralroad
attorneys from far and near swooped
down today upon the house commttee
on Interstate and foreign commerce,
this being the date set by the committee to begin hearings on the Sherman
bill requiring railways to sell mileage
books at the rate of 2 cents a mile,
the rate to bo uniform everywhere.
Keen Contests Resulting From Revised
Plan of Home Tournament���Tonight's Fixtures.
The change In the curling programme
for Die season decided upon by Messrs.
Walley aud DeVeber has commended
itself to the great majority of the club
members. It prolongs the club's home
Berlcs and means that Interest In the
club matches will be longer sustained.
A scratch game, however keenly contested, cannot develop the interest that
attaches to a scheduled match between
organized rinks.
The following games of the series
were played last night, resulting ln the
scores given:
Cavanaugh 7, Forln 9.
Beer 8, Drew 5,
Wallace 13, Carrie 7,
Gillett 4, Fox 15.
Bunyan 10, Bird 9.
Blackwood 10, Mclntyre 15.
Many of the contests, notably the
Cavanaugh-Forln and Bunyan-Blrd
events, were very keenly contested.
The fixtures for tonight are*.
7:30���No. 1���Walley vs. DeVeber;
No. 2���Nunn vs. Hawkey; Noi 3���Star-
key vs. Hedley.
9:30���No. 1���Cavanaugh vs. Canie;
No. 2���Wallace vs. Forlu; No. 3���Beer
vs. Wells.
Qood Spenders.
Winnipeg, Jan. 8.���The statement of
expenditures by months Tor 1906 by the
clly engineer's department, Winnipeg,
for wages of men and material to casrry
on local Improvements nud other work
was made public today. Tbe total expenditure ln the year was $2,664,123.10,
showing an increase of $621,139.26 over
the total for 1905, and $1,294,791.25
over the total for 1904.
lansdowne's Defenee of Peers' Attitude
on Education Bill.
Details of the reception by the house
of lords of the commons' challenge on
the Education Bill are now to band.
The feature of the debate was the Marquis of Lansdowne's eloquent and elabo.
rate defence on general and constitutional grounds of the action of tbe peers
In amending the measure in question.
Lord Lansdowne at once rose and
amidst cheers declared that the message from the commons was of an entirely unprecedented character. The
message was that the house of commons disagreed with all tbelr amendments entirely���a momentous and extraordinary decision. They could
scarcely weigh the full Importance of
this message, curt ln language and almost contemptuous In tone. Many of
the amendments made In the bill had
come from the other side of the house.
They were told that the object of the
bill was to give popular control, and to
allow tbe local authorities to be masters ln their own house; but where ln
the amendments made in the bill had
Iheir lordships denied the right of the
local authorities and not to Ue their
hands, but what were the reasons for
rejecting the lord's amendments ln
globo? It was said lt was a question
of time, but he reminded the house that
il was at first arranged to devote four
sittings to the consideration of those
amendments. Then there was a sudden change and they now had their
amendments thrust back on them. He
did not think they could take this
treatment lying down. The constitutional questions involved raised that of
the future usefulness of that house,
and he asked them what position they
would occupy if such treatment was
condoned by them���the ruling out en
bloc of the decisions of that house.
They would be told that there was no
dlsrepect Intended to that house; but
disrespect Intended to that house; but
al least the appearance of grave disrespect. They might reply that they insisted upon their amendments, but he
suggested that they should not send
that reply until they had some further
answers from the ministers.. If they
could find some course ot extricating,
not that house, but the government
from its present position, they should
be glad; and be invited the government to Btate what proposals they had
to make to save the bill. He begged to
move the amendment that the house recorded its protest agalnBt the Innovation ln constitutional procedure by
which the commons had rejected the
whole of the lords' amendments to the
education bill, Including those proposed
by his majesty's minister, without giving any specific reasons for the rejection of those amendments, and that
the house adjourn the consideration of
the commons' amendments to the lords'
amendments in order to afford the government an opportunity of making a
definite statement as to the course they
were prepared to recommend to the
house of commons with regard to each
material aoendm ent to the bill.
Mayors Elected in Ontario.
Toronto, Jan. 8.���Chatham, Wm.
Stone; Stratford, Win. Gordon; Gan-
anoque Dr. McCarnmon; St. Thomas,
J. Lawrence; Uxbrldge, M. P. Crosby;
Gravenhurst, F. Slater; Colllngwood,
D. Wilson; Napanee, H. Merry, Inger-
soll, Dr. Coleridge; Alllston, W. G.
Fisher; Parry Sound, J. A. Johnson;
Deseronto, Dr. Newton; Welland, J. H.
Crowe; Bracebrldge, S. H. Armstrong;
Oakvllle John Kilby; Kincardine, W.
G. Temple; Sarnla, G. A. Procter;
Smiths eFalls, J. B. Lytle; Waterloo,
Ed F. Seagram; Soo, H. Gimby; Camp-
bellford, W. J. Doysle; Godertch, Jos.
Elliott; Midland, W. Findlayson; London, J. C. Judd; Owen Sound, M. Kennedy; Barrle J. H. Bennett; Peterboro,
F. Williams; Fort Francis, Herb. WU-
Hams; Kenora, Chas. Belyea; Brant-
ford, Aid. Bowlby; Brockville, J. H.
Fulford; Stratford, W. Gordon; Guelph,
John Newstesd; Woodstock, Mayor
Butler; Windsor, E. Wlgles; Port Arthur, Mayor Clavet; Hamilton, Aid.
Brltt and Gans Sign.
8an Francisco, Jan. 8.���Articles were
signed last night for a fight to a finish
between Joe Gans and James Brltt at
Tonopah, Nev., on March 17, for a purse
of $26,000. Both are to weigh 134 lbs.
two hours before the contest. The
purse Is to be divided 60 per cent, to
the winner and 40 per cent, to the loser.
Poisoners at Work.
Ottawa, Jan. 8.���Complaint has reached the interior department that trappers are sending out poison Into the
neighborhood of Fort McMurray for
the purpose of getting fur bearing animals.   Poison Is killing the Indian dogs
which Is a very serious matter. Comptroller White has Bent out a mounted
police patrol from Emerson, a distance
of some 700 miles, to Investigate the
matter. The price paid by the department for dead animals haa been Increased from$ 5 to $10 per head. Animals are killing the wood buffalo.
Newfoundland Fishermen Appeal Prom
Fines Under Bait Act.
St. Johns, N. F., Jan. 8.���The supreme court today took up the appeal
of the West Coast fishermen against
the decision ot a magistrate, handed
down last November, fining them $500
each tor violating tbe Bait Act by fishing for American vessels within territorial waters, tf the magistrate's decision Is upheld by the supreme court
the result will be that Newfoundlanders
will be stopped from shipping on board
American vessels, and thus the modus
vivendl will be virtually nullified.
Uruguay on Har Rights.
Ottawa, Jan. 8.���The Dominion government has been advised that a law
prohibiting the licensing of seal fishing
ln the territorial waters of Uruguay
has been promulgated. (Several Canadian vessels have been seised for fishing
in Uruguayan waters and it was found
that there was no law to prevent this.
It was also denied that the vessels were
within the three-mile limit. The law
bas now been promulgated and Canadian sealers will have to keep out of
these praters.
Premier Scott Better.
Regina, Jan. 8.���The marked Improvement in Premier Scott's condition continues.   The position ts more hopeful
than at any former period of his III-
Times' Review of Anti-Japanese Feeling in California   and   President
Roosevelt's Stand.
There ls a striking discrepancy between the views of President Roosevelt's Japanese policy reported from
the Atlantic and Pacific coasts. Our
own correspondent ln Washington tells
us today that the president's message
on Mr. Metcalfe report meets with almost unanimous approval In the East
em press, and that among the representatives ot the Pacific coast there Is
no indication of any outcry. People
are convinced that the labor unions
are at the bottom ot the expulsion ot
Japanese children trom the schools, snd
that the courts will know how to deal
with the matter. On the other hand,
we learn trom San Francisco that the
feeling against the Japanese has become so acute ae to excite apprehension that nothing the federal government can do will have the least effect
In improving the situation.
What is wont of all ln this matter Is
that the whole trouble Is of political
origin. There was no quarrel among
the people. Japanese children were
noted for brightness and Intelligence ln
study as well ae for hearty participation In games, and they were Uked by
the American schoolboys among whom
they studied and played. But It occurred tn the politicians now In power
in power that capital could be made by
stirring up race hatred.
Having Inflamed the populace against
the Japanese the next step ls to appeal
to Its passions against the federal government, which dares to insist upon the
observance ot national engagements
and to give effect to the sentiments ot
the overwhelming majority of the American people. Tbe cry of state rights la
raised and the constitution ls appealed
to, and at once the justice, the legality
and tbe national expediency of the San
Francisco policy are forgotten questions. . . . The Amercan constitution ls a written document, but its Interpretation is liable to change. It was
once thought sufficient justification of
slavery to quote the text���"Cursed be
Canaan." That text stands where It
did, but lt Is differently read, and slavery haa been abolished. So there are
things ln the constitution that had one
meaning when relations with the outer
world were very scanty, but must carry
a very different Interpretation when
those relations are numerous and Important. It Is more than doubtful
whether the constitution ever contemplated a case In which one state might
Involve the Union In war, commercial
It not military, by sets which It would
not dare to perform If lt had to bear
the burden of Its own defence.
Shah Dying.
Teheran, Jan. 8.-3:20 p. m���The
shah's illness took a decided turn for
the worse today and at 2 o'clock this
afternoon his recovery was declared to
be doubtful.
Hen Who Will Represent
The Capital
HPJU thet .Says Btataeu Interests
of Province Require Government to be .Sustained.
(Special to Tha Dally Canadian.)
Victoria, B. C. Jan. 7.���At one of th*
most enthusiastic conventions ever held
In the city of Victoria the Conservatives tonight placed the following ticket
in the field:
.Hon. Richard McBride, H. B. Thomson,
H.F. W. Behnsen and Alderman Fred
R. P. Rlthet, a pioneer merchant, and
one of the most Influential business
men In the province presided and delivered a strong speech ln favor of the
McBride government.
He aald the business men of the province ware behind McBride In the present fight They wanted no trifling
with stable conditions and the conn-
try's prosperity which had bean
brought about only after a great struggle to combat the forces which wen
now arraigned against McBride would
lose In the end.
Both Mclnnes and Macdonald met
with an absolute frost at the Victoria
theater tonight. The audience wes
markedly apathetic, neither ot tha
much-lauded leaders ot the Liberals
ottered a single word ln development
of their line of attack which ia worth
telegraphing to yoa.
Fair Directors   Want   Definite   Reply
From Bart 8rsy.
A regular meeting of the Fair dine-
tors was held this afternoon in the of- i
floe of the secretary. Captain D. C. Be-'
Morris. There were present C W.
Busk, ln the chair; O. A. Hunter, W. W.
Beer, J. A. Kirkpatrick, J. J. Malone.
J. A. Irving, E. C. Traves, A. D. Emory
and F. A. Starkey.
After passing the minutes of the last
meeting and. authorising the payment
of several accounts a letter was read
from the honorary director ot the
Kaslo district. The resignation Was
accepted and Alex Lucas of Kaslo appointed.
The meeting decided, on motion of
F. A. Starkey, seconded by A. D. Emory, to appoint'a committee to compile
statistics showing the values ot trait
lands ln the raw and Improved states,
the time necessary for an orchard to
come into bearing, the profits to be derived from orchards, and other Information of interest to frait growers. Mr.
Starkey pointed out the value of audi
information, not only to Intending settlers, butt also to those at present engaged tn the fruit Industry. He dwelt
upon the benefit such information
would confer on those desirous of financial assistance, as it would give loan
companies and capltalsts a bass upon
which to act. A committee consisting
of C. W. Busk, D. C. McMorris, F. A.
Starkey, A. D. Emory and J. Hyslop
was appointed to gather Information.
This committee will confer with the officers of the Associated Boards of
Trade aod other bodies Interested ta
the advance ot agriculture.
It was announced In a communication
from James Johnstone that the governor general had declined the honorary
presidency of the Nelson Agricultural
and Industrial Association. The secretary was instructed to write the governor general and obtain direct Information on the subject
Soldier and Laborer, Too.
Honolulu, Jan. *.���Although most of
the 6000 Japanese laborers arriving on
the steamer Chusla were classed aa laborers ln search of employment, none
have gone to the plantations. It has
Ma* discovered that many of them are
former soldiers who brought with them
their uniforms. All are now scattered
in Oriental quarters.
Prices of Metals.
New York, Jan. 8.���Silver, �� S-tc;
copper, 23 l-4c; lead, $6.
London, Jan. 8.���Silver, 31 Mid:
lead, ��1$ Ua. The Daily Canadian
 STORES =====
. . Just Arrived . .
English Cured Meats
Irish Roll Bacon
Ayrshire Roll Bacon
Wiltshire Hams and Bacon
Yorkshire Hams and Bacon.
PRICE 21 l-2c PER LB.
Procurable Only at
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office:  Toronto.
UAP1TAL PAID UP... ,��4,.100,000 BEST ��4,500,000.
D. R. WILKIE, President. HON. ROBERT JAFFRAY, Vice-President
Branches in British Colombia:
Deposits received and interest allowed current rates from date of opening of
ao-onnt, and compounded half yearly.
NBL.SON BRANCH J.    Me    LAY,   iWtinagor,
j The Royal Bank of Canada
Capital $3,734,310    Reserve $4,207,741
Total Assets $41,860,353
Accounts of firms and Individuals opened on the most favorable terms.
Thirteen  branches In  British Columbia.
Special  attention  to out of town business.
T. E. KENNY, Pres., Halifax.       E. L,  PEASE, General Manager, Montreal.
G. A. SPINK, Manager Nelson Branch.
Publishes! alx 'lay. a wcpK Uy tils!
Baker St.. Nelson, B. C.
BubfKsrlpllisn rates, bit tsems a month delivered
Id the citv, or fpi.00 a year 11 sent hy mall, when
paid In advance.
Aslvertlslua; rates on application.
All monies palsl lis settlement of The Dally
Caiisulissti aiTissiiils, either fssr sulsss-riptloiis or
atl.ertis.lrii; musl he receipted Issr on the prlutesl
furma ul use Company. Other receipt, are nist
JANUARY 8. 1907.
" By one word sve are sometimes Judged to he
wile aud by oue word sometimes judged to ise
'lsh._ 1 er ua therefore be careful whai we
Nothing that has occurred so far ln
the provincial campaign shows quite so
plainly tbe desperate plight of the opposition as the resurrection ol the ancient complaint about Mr. MoBrIde'8
failure to take John Oliver inlo his cabinet in 1908, It was believed that that
childish complaint had been abandoned
by everyone excepi the unfortunalc Mr.
Oliver himself, In whose bi'aln ideas
take root slowly, and by lhe compensation of nature, also decay slowly.
But the Inclusion of the old charge
��� among the long list of equally valid
' criticisms by ,1. A. .Mncdonald recalls
it to the attention of tbe public, lt is
true that Mi*. Macdonald furcbore all
mention of It until he had talked his
audience Inlo a somnolent oonditlon,
but the words were spoken and reported in the local opposition organ.
II Is fitting, therefore, thai lhe slander should be laid at once and for ever.
When James Dunsmuir resigned the
premiership In favor of Colonel Prior
the division of the legislative assembly Into parties was a very complicated
one. The only opposition at first had
been the little group of followers of
ex-Premier Joe Martin���Including Willi'
Mclnnes. But when a secret alliance
between Ihe premier and Mr. Martin
was acknowledged by the taking Into
the cabinet of J. C. Brown, Mr, Martin's
chief lieutenant���Willie was then only
a full private���a new opposition was
formed under Mr. McBrlde'B leadership.
Its largest element was the group of
Conservatives who followed Mr. MoBrlde. It included also Smith Curtis,
who denounced Martin's betrayal of his
follower* and of a few like John Oliver
���himself n Martlnlte originally, who
could never he happy except In oppo-
When Colonel Prior's administration
was defeated in the house. Lieutenant
Governor Sir Henri Joly, following established precedent, called upon Mr.
McHrlde to form a cabinet.
In Ihe meantime provincial conventions of Conservatives and Liberals had
both declared for parly lines as the
only solu Ion of the difficulty, growing
greater year by year, of keeping any
parly united long enough for the transaction of public business, when Its
members were elected on local Issues
untl had no common purpose.
Mr. McUride himself had twice���in
1S9S and 1900���been returned as a Conservative by the electors of Dewdney.
Naturally, Mr. McBride gave effect
lo Ihe publicly expressed and reiterated
wish of the country for a system of
government and party organization
which would ensure continuity of policy nnd administration.
Why It should be thought that John
Oliver has a special grievance while
Smith Curtis has none, it Is difficult to
conceive. No one would pretend for
a moment that John has a fraction of
the ablllly of Smith Curtlc. In fact,
to anyone who knows John Oliver It Is
Impossible to conceive of a position In
u cabinet that John could fill.
Possibly ll Is for John's benefit that
J. A. Macdonald suggests a portfolio
or Labor nnd Immigration that Is not
to Interfere with labor nor assist Immigration.
Surely in Nelson, where the headline
'Dishonorable Dick MoBrlde," perpetrated In lhe local Libera] organ, is
still remembered with shame by decent
Liberals, Mr. Mncdonald was Ill-advised
In referring to the matter even before
a tired and sleepy audience.
J. A. Macdonald has publicly ln Nelson declared that has no sympathy with
Joe Martin. Has he exacted a similar
profession of faith from his "powerful
colleague," Wlille Mclnnes? Willie
was one of Joe's llttlo band of followers
afler the collapse In 1900 of the only
Liberal government British Columbia
ever bad. Still, Willie, "It Is said," was
once quite ready to swallow Socialism,
even the revolutionary Socialism which
Mr. Macdonald calls anarchy. Willie
also swallowed "Liar and Slanderer"
from the Toronto Olobe in 1896.   Prob
ably Ihe variety of diet In which Willie
has indulged has cured his appetite of
any nicety or delicacy It may ever have
known. It would not be surprising If
he oven excelled his leader I ?) In the
warmth of his denunciation of Ihe now
despised and rejected Joseph.
The one touch of humor In J. A. Macdonald's address to tho Liberals of Nelson was his complaint that the government paid too high a rale of interest
ou thc forced loan of $1,000,000 which
Ihey had to raise to cany on the business ot the provlnoe when they took
ofilce in 1808. It Is quile evident that
Mr. Macdonald, tho busy legal practitioner, has never had to arrange an
overdraft or negotiate a loan. We confess humbly and sorrowfully that we
have not been so fortunate. We have
descended to such measures frequently, and on each or such occasions we
have allowod the manager of the bank
to Ilx the rate of Interesi. That was
our stupidity, of course. lt really
never occurred to us to tell the manager that we preferred arranging that
detail ourselves.
lt was suggested by one of the patient
ones at last Thursday's meeting tbat
ou all such occasions a band, or at least
an oiclKBJra, should be lu attendance
lo enliven the Intervals between speeches!. The idea ls a good one, but
perhaps It is as well that lho device
was not resorted to laat Thursday. The
painful contrast between the music and
Ihe "stirring" campaign speeches would
cause so many encores of the instrumental numbers that Mr. Macdonald
would never have reached Kaien Island,
not to speak of Ottawa.
It Is a sin on the part of the wicked
Conservative press to Bay anything
about such a trifle as the claims of
the Dominion when the Liberals wish
to discuss matters of such overshadowing importance as a government land
sale, John Oliver's grievance at not being called the Honorable, and, chiefly,
the "merciless** eloquence of that modern combination of Pericles and Demosthenes, Willie Mclnnes. The Liberal press is probably well advised. Its
readers will feel more at home in the
mire of Oliver, Mclnnes and scandal
than they possibly could in the discussion of a question of real Importance.
Much Is made by unthinking Liberal
speakers and writers of the fact that
the opinion of the minority of the Kaien
island investigating commlsson ls not
Included in the printed reports which
are obtainable at the government offices by all who wish to read them.
The reports contain every word of evidence offered and the official finding
of the commission. But lt Is not evidence that the Lberals want; lt Is lurid
denunciation. So keen a student of poi.
il les as S. S. Taylor, K. C, has not
taken the trouble to read the evidence,
as was proved by his hesitation at the
Liberal nomination meeting, and his
final frank appeal for Information to
the only Conservative present���the representative of The Dally Canadian.
Even J. A. Macdonald, after delivering
himseir or that pretty and polite phrase,
"a band of adventurers, male and female," has not cared to discuss the
matter seriously. His chief complaint
now is that before the transfer was
made the government should have told
the legislature���that Is, Mr. Macdonald���all about It. Meanwhile, serious
people who really wish to know the
whole truth ahout the matter may obtain full reports of all the evidence by
applying at the office of Government
Agent R. A. Renwlck.
London Times Exposes Drift of Fielding
Tariff Polcy���Sir Charles Tup-
per's Views.
I-ondon, Jan. 8.���The tariff reform
controversy In Great Britain Is not by
any means dead, as American despatches attempt to prove. Joseph Chamberlain may be worn out in the fight, but
members of his fumlly deny It. But
even the death of Mr. Chamberlain,
while it would be matter for general regret, would not be the death blow or
the fair trade movement.
Interest in tariff questions was lately revived hy an editorial in the TlmeB
exposing the delusive character of the
alleged Canadian Preference ns modired
In Hon. Mr. Fielding's latest pronouncement.
To the resulting controversy the veteran colonial statesman. Sir Charles
Tapper, who was one of the first to Bee
and proclaim the advantages of reciprocal Imperial trade relations, has contributed the following:
Tc the Editor of the Times:
Sir���I have read with Interest lho
letter or "Tariff Reformer" on "Imperial
Preference or Amorlcan Reciprocity"
In your Issue of today and your leader
on Mr. Fielding's new tariff.
Will you allow me to give you some
reasons why I share the serious apprehensions to which you bave given utter-
JI. Brewster.
('. W. Munro.
j. B.Bennett.
,' J. N. Evans...
���Dr. King	
i, John Oliver..
Ii. Jardlne	
John Jardlne,
Dr. Young	
Win. Manson.
I'. Wilson....
S. A. Cawley.
11. Grant	
j. .A. Harvey,
Grunsl  Forks....
New Westminster
0. It. Nudon	
T. W. Paterson.,
J. D. Swnnson...
,M. Eugleson	
H Sheppard	
Dr. 0. A. B. Hull.
F. W. I loway...
Dr. Macdonald.
R. Cnley	
J. W. Wcarl...
J. A. Macdonald.
H. Tanner	
J. W. Morrow.
A. B. Dockst^ailer
W. W. B. Mclnni's.
T. F. Neelands...
..P. A. Gilchrist..
3. W, Dell. Farrls
C. Tossel	
H. McHrlde	
(', E. Poolejr	
W. II. Ross	
EC Miller	
i'i ti. Warren	
A. E. MoPhlllips.
F. J. Fulton	
A. McDonald..
Soc. Labor or Ind
J. Cartwright (Soc.)
Thus. H. Kelly (Soc.)
T. Gilford	
Price Ellison	
Thus. Taylor	
F. L. Carter-Cotton
D. M.Eberts...
L.W.Sh nl ford.
Win. Hunter	
It. G. Tatlow	
J. F.Garden	
A. II. MacGowan.
W. Bowser	
Dr. McGuire	
John Mclnnes (Soc.i
D. Dynes (Soc.)
W. .1. Lcdinghain (Soc.
Hawthornthwaite (Soc.)
Frank Phillips (Soc.)
P, Williams (Soc.)
J. W. Logle (Soc.)
a, McBride (Ind.)
S. Livingstone (Ind.-Con.)
Geo. Kllby (Soc.)
W. Davison (Soc.)
E. Kingsley (Soc.)
li. P. Peitlpleco (Soc.)
A. Stcbbings (Soc.)
K. II. McVety (Soc.)
.I.E. Dubbsrly (Soc.)
Dr. Ernest  Hall (Labor).
A. Johnson (Labor).
u__S__ Fine Bderdown Qui
From $6.00 to $35.00.
��.�� Our VfiHety of .UM) I'itiurc.H I'rumMtf In thu
l.nit.sl   .Style,-*.
Standard Futtiitute Company
Mason it KJhi'Ii Pianos.
-HtiTinnor M it 11 re-sacs
Marshall Mnltary lUttXMIH
Complete House Furnishers
Undertakers.    Embalmers
The Hall Mining and Smelting
Company, Limited.
Sluurt Henderson
Chas. Semiin.
Certificate of Improvements.
������May," "B.C.," "Strathroy," "Joy."  "Joj Frac-
tissual," and "John D,M.f>lay"_lDeml( lalns.-s,
situated In the 91oi.au  illy Mlsiiiiss Dlvislisu sst
the tVast Koolenay Dlitrlet.
Where locates!:���North ol Twelve Mile Creek
about one and a half milea np,
Take uotln, that I, II. R. Jorand ol Hlocan B.C.
Free Mlner'a eeitlili'ate No. iSTSHOO, aa ag.nt fssr
Horace O. Van Tiiyl, Free .Mlner'a essrtltieate No.
His*,'!, nit,���snl, (sixty (lays from thu slate hereof,
to apply to the Mining Recorder for a ((srtllli'ate
of Improvements, for the purooseuf otslaiuluga
Crown (.rant of the Haiti mineral elaims.
Anil fuither take nistlse ihat action undai
Section 87, must be commenceu hefore the Issuance of inch Certificates ot improvements.
Datest this 3rd Pay of January, IWi.
PUUNINU AND URAJTIXli earefully atland-
ad to. Apply
Silver King Hotel.
ance on this vitally important question?
At the general election in Canada of
1891 Ihe Issue raised by the Liberal
party was free trade with tlie United
States, whicli Involved the adoption by
Canada of Ihe tariff made ln Washaing-
ton against all the world, including
Great Britain.
Mr. Laurler (now Sir Wilfrid), the
leader of the Liberal party, after his
defeat publicly pledged himself to a
lifelong devotion to that policy.
At the general election of 1896, as
leader of the Conservative party, I propounded the policy of mutual preferential trade between Canada and Great
Britain, which was received with such
enthusiasm throughout the Dominion
that sMr. Laurier was obliged to declare
in favor of it and pledge himself to do
his utmost to secure its adop'ion if he
obtained power.
Having secured a majority upon a
race and religion question, Mr. Laurler,
when called upon to form a cabinet, selected as his minister of finance Mr.
Fielding, who ln 1886 had obtained a
majority in the local legislature of Nova
Scotia In favor of taking that province
oul of the Canadian federation.
Mr. Fielding, knowing that his party
could not retain power unless thoy
adopted the protective policy whicli
they had denounced for 20 years brought
forward a preferential tariff as the only means by which they could lower the
Sir Wilfrid Laurier, on his first visit
to England In 1897, denounced mutual
preferential trade, but when Sir Michael
Hicks Beach imposed duties on bread-
stuffs both he and Mr. Fielding were
compelled by the overwhelming public
opinion of Canada to declare that, If
Canada were exempted from Ihose duties, they would Increase the preference.
The effect upon this question of the
last general election of the country has
been well expressed by Mr. J. J. Hill,
who told the people of Chicago that
"Canadian reciprocity" Is still possible
because of tho downfall of the Chamberlain policy in "Great Britain," and
that Is followed by a tariff ln Canada
which opens the way to destroy the existing Britsh preference by tiansfcrrng
it to the United States.
With the potentialities of Canada to
become, ln the eloquent words of Lord
Grey, one of the "most powerful factors
of the English-speaking world, "what
lover of the empire can contemplnte
without dismay these proposed measures to unite the destiny of Canada
with that of republican America?
Notice tlial thirty days Biter dnte I intend
Hulking application [i. il,.* Hi.ii..mt.I-- the rii iff
1 iimmifls toner of Lands mnl Works for** special
license to cut ami carry hwhv Umber from the
following duorlbed land, iltnated on the right
bans of Kokanee creek, about live mllei from the
lake, commencing ��t a poit marlctd "Brace
White, B. E. corner.-'   Thenee north 80 chains,
thenee treat to ahalni, theuee north -so chains,
thence west 40 chains, thenee south flu chains,
thencc ,-mm 4D chain*-*, thence Houth 60 chain*,
tlience t-n-t 40 chains to point of commencement,
Dated Nov. 19th, 1006,   BMJC1 Whits. Locator.
Notice is herehy given thai two months after
date we intend to apply to the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for a lease of all that
land being the foreshore adjoining the Canadian
Pacific Hallway Shipyard on the west, part of
Lot68A, group 1. ana being on the south Hhore
of the west arm of Kootenay Lake, fn the dls-
rlct of Kootenay: Commencing at the southerly comer of lol 706-1, group 1; thence along the
south Westerly bonndary of lot TOM and the extension thereof, In a north westerly direction, a
distance of 420 feet; thence ttt right angles to
said boundary in ft south westerly direction, a
distanc* of 315 feet, more or less, to the north
easterly boundary of lhe City Park, continued;
thenca parallel to said westerly boundary of lot
"0C4, iu a south easterly direction, a distance of
.���MX) feet, mora or less, to the northerly boundary
of lot 58A; thence following the northerly bound-
ary of lot 68A in a north easterly direction to the
point of commencement, the area being ::...(
acres, more or less,
Dated this 7th day of January, A.D., 1907.
Hixty days after date I purpose making application to the Honorable the Chief Commfsajoner
of Lands and Works for permission to purchase
the following described land: Commencing at
a post placed st thc fl. W corner of Lot 6900 and
marked "F. ti. F.'s" N. W. comer, theuee follow-
Ing the southern boundary l,ot 6*900, 6*. chains
moreorless easl to the west boundary of Lot
6901, thenco followlug same south 3o chains to
thc north boundary of Lot 69011 thence about 70
chains west along said boundary to thc lake
shore; thonce north 30 chains more or lesi following the lake shore to point of commencement, containing 317 Hcres more or less.
Dated December 17th, 1907.
F. o. FAI..UII*.
Notice Iti hereby given that sixty days after
date 1 intend to apply to the Hon. the Chief
('ommlssloner of Landsand Works for permission to purchase tho following described land
situated In the West Kootenay district: Commencing at ft post planted at tha "N.K. corner
of L. l'orters's pre-emption," and running
thence eaat -tt) chains; tlience south 40 chains;
ihence west 40 ehalni! thence north 40 chains,
to place of commencement, containing 160acres,
more or less.
Harry Pktrjls, Localer.
M. It. Mct.DARRiK, Agent.
Notice is hereby given thatilxty days alter
dale I intend to applv to the Honorable the
Chief Commissioner of Lands and Worki, for
permission to purchase thc following described
lauds situated in the West Kootenay district:
Commencing at a posl marked "H, H, aouth
west corner, and north of A. B. Lucas'n, pur
chase claim, on Baud Creek, thence north 40
ebalni) thenee east 20 ehains; thence south 40
chains; theuce 20 chains went, to polntof commencement, containing 40 acres, more or less.
December 20,1906.
HKNRV Hati.*-::.,
 M. R. McQuabbik, Agent.
Blxty days after date I Intend to apply to the
Chief Commissioner of Lands ainl Works to purchase 640 acres of land, located in tower Arrow
Lake, West Kootenav: Commencing at a post
planted at the "N.W. corner of Arrow Lake
Indian Reserve": thence south 80 cbains; Ihcnce
west rW chains; thence north 80 chains; tlienco
cast 80 chain*, to plnee of beginning.
Located '.Iflth day of December, 1906.
Hlxtt days after date f intend to apply to lhe
Hon. Chief Com mlssloner of Lnnds ami Works,
Victoria, to purchase 160 acres of land, located on
the west aide of Arrow lake, about five miles below Hurton City, and described as follows: Commencing at a postmarked "F. O. B'a southeast
corner," aud being 20 chains east of the north well
oornerol I-flt '2719; thenee north 40 chains; thence
west 40 chains; (hence south 40chains; thence
east 40 chains to the place of beginning.
November 14th, 1906. K. U. Burr,
   per J. E. Anhable.
Hlxty days after date I intend toapply to the
Hon the Chief Commissioner of Landsand Works
to purchase 240 acres of Intid: Commencing at a
post marked "N. T. B's southeast corner post,"
said post being at the northeast corner of Geo.
Hudson's pre-emption claim, about two miles
southeast nf Burton City, thence west 40 chaini,
south20 chains, west 40 chains, north 40chains,
east to chainfl, south 20 chains to place of commencement, containing 240 acrea.
Located Sth dayof Nov. 1906.   Nbttik T. Beer.
Sixty days after dato I Intend loapply to the
Hon. Chief CommiMioner of tandi ana Worki.
Victoria, lo purchase 40 acres of land, situated
on the west side of Arrow Uke, about SU miles
below Bsrton, and described as follows: Commencing at a post planted at tho northeast
corner of Lot 7970, and running north 90 ehains;
thonce west 'iO cluilns, thence iouth no chains,
thencecast 20 chains to place of beginning.
"-'    "���" t ���   . "  K. W,
J. K Annaiii.e, Agont.
Nov. lllh, 1906.
Notloe is hereby given that00 dayi alter date I
Intend to apply to the Honorable tne chief Commissioner of Unds and Works for permission to
purchase the following described lands situate
about 10 miles easl of Om City of Nelson, on the
south shore of lhe West Arm of Kootenay lake,
and cominciicng at n post piaeed about 20 chains
 '���    '     1 souther-" - ' '   	
/_-..  W
chains, theneo east 20 chains, thence noriii 20
chains, ihenco west 20 chains to polntof com
Dated thu 6th day of Nov., 1906.    8, Thohai,
south of the Hoiillii-iiM. corner of Lot 254a, marked
���S, Th(jiiniHr _*..  W   corner,"  thonco soutli  20
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry Ores.
Notice is hereby given that BO davs alter date I
intend lo apply in the Honorable tne Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works, Victoria, It, (',,
Ior permission to purchase the following described laud, situated iu the Wt*st Kooteuay district,
on tbe west side of I utiamel (or Hlx Mile) cn-ek,
on nii'rr side of wsgoii road, about 2*a mile..
fn. 11 Wesl Arm of Kootenay Uke: Commencing
at a post marked Mrs Hattie Duck's N.K corner, running 40 ihains west; theme 20 ciiBili"
south; thence 40 chains eaai; Un* lire 'Hi ihains
north, Ui tho point of commencement, eon tain-
lug SO acres of land, more or less.
Dated the 17th November 1906.
Mi*.*** Hattir Dock,
John 1. Tatu-k, Agent.
Hixty davs after date I intend toapply to the
Hon. rhu-f <i. mini-'1 ���;��� of Uuds and Works,
Victoria, to purchase 1 ���" seres of land about two
miles b**low Burton Oily, West Kootenay, oommenolni at a post marked **J. A. Irving'a Met
eorner post," said post being on the Bitterly end
of au Inland west ol Ut_M7,en_ clnlinlug all the
land contained lu sHld Island, being about one
mile In an easterly and westerly direction and
about 20 ehnins from north to south.
November llth, 1906. J. A. Irvino,
J K. Annaiii.e. Ageut.
Hlxty davs afterdate 1 intend lo apply to the
Hon. Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works,
Victoria, to purchase 120 acres of land located
on th* weit ilde of Arrow lake and lying dlraouj
norlh of Uinvjij; Commencing at a poil planteri
ai tho N. K. oorner of Lot 797B and markea *'B. B.
8.   K   corner," mid   running   norlh 30 chaini,
ihence west 20 chains, thence north 20 chains,
tlience west 'M chains, tlience south 4n chain,-',
tlience easl 40 chaius. to place ol beginning.
Nov. Nth, 1906. HlHTHA  HHAtJl.KV,
J. K. Annable. Ageut.
Notice Is hereby given thai 60 days afterdate, I
intend to -Hpply to the Hon. Chief Coiamisxloner
of Lands and Works for permission to purehase
the following described land iu Went Koolenay
district: Commencing at a post marked Mrs. V.
A. Wilson's corner post, planted at the northeast
eorner of Heetfoii 17, Townsite 7, running ninth
40 chaini, thene* west 40 chains, thence north 40
chaius, tbenee csst 40 chains to place of commencement, containing 160 acres, moreor less
Dated Nov. 29, 1906. Miu. V. A. WiIj-on,
J. WiLaoN. Agent.-
Notice is hereby given thai 60 days alter date 1
intend loapply to the Honorable the Chief Commissioner 01 Lands end Works for permission
to purchase 280 acres of land, si tuate on the Little
Moyle river about l mile fiom inter national
Boundary and about 1 mllo from Bpokane International By.: Commencing at a post marked
D. Grant's B. K. eorner posl, thence west 40
ehalns; thence north U eliains; tlience east M)
chalns; thenee north 20 chains; thence cast GO
chains; thence south 60 chains lo place of commencement, containing 2flQ acres of land.
Located Oct. :wth 19W.
Daniii. Chant.
Hlxty days after dale 1 Intend 10 apply to thi
Honorable the Chief Commissioner of Uiuls and
Works, Victoria, to purchase 160 acres of land,
located ln Plre Valley and described as follows:
Commencing al a post marked a. B. MeM's N.W.
eorner, and planted al the io_thwMt oorner0|
Lot 781ft, and running south <*> Chain4- theuee
east 20 ehalns, thence north M0 ehulus, thenct
west 20 chains to place of beginning.
Nov. 18ih, 1906. 7;eo. b. McMillan,
J. E. Annahlk, Agent.
Sixty days after date I intend toapply totho
Honorable the Chief Commissioner of Landsand
Works to purchase 640 acrcB of land, located in
Fire Valley, on west side of Arrow lake: Commencing at a post planted 40 chains wot of the
Bouthweit corner of J, Boblnion'i pre-emption
ftnd marked J, W'b 8. K. comer, and running
north 80 chnins, thence west 80 eiialnB, thence
south SOchaliiB, thence east HO chains to place of
com men cement
Nov. 18th, 1906. Jank Williams,
J. K. Annahle. Agent.
Blxty days after date I intend to apply to the
Chief Commissioner of Unds and Works for
permission to purehaso the following described
lands tn Kootenay District, about threo-iiuarters
of mile from Thrum's siding: Commencing at a
Post placed at the 8. W. corner of I- 6893, group
1, West Kootenay District; thence westerly
following the north boundarv of L-4698, 40
cbains; thence north 10 ehains; thence cast40
chains, moreor less, tothe N. W. corner of
L-8890J tbenee south following tho west boundary
of L6893. 10 chains, more or less, to place of commencement, contnlnfng4o acres, more or leis.
Dated this 6th day of December, 1906.
H, H. I'ittb, Looator.
60 daya after date 1 intend tb apply to the Honorable the Chief Commissioner of Unds and
Works, to purchase 370 acres of land:    Com
mencing at a post marked Q. Vt. 8 N, K. eornei
noitand planted on the west shore of Arrow
lake adjoining Lot ;n:i on the south side of said
IM, Ihenre weat 80 chains along the southern
boundary of Lot 3711; thence south 46 Vi chains;
thence east 80 chains more or less to Inke shore;
thence north along iake shore to piece of beginning.
Dated 29lh day of Nov. 1906.
tlEO. W.fiTBKL,
J. ��. Annahlk, Agenl.
Notice Is hereby given tbat 60 dayi alter date 1
intend toapply to The Honorable tneCnlcl Commissioner of Landsand Works for permission to
purchase the following described lands: Com-
mt nejng at a post placed 20 chains west of the
southeast corner of Lot -1-642, marked "K. A. Bell's
northwest corner," thonce south so chaini,
thence east 20 ihains. thence north 20 chains,
thence weit 20chaini to point of commencement,
containing 40 acrei, more or len.
Locatedtbls6th dayof Nov., 1000.' It. a. Bell.
Blxty days after date I Intend to apply to the
Hon. Chief Commissioner of Unds and Works,
Victoria, to purchase 480 acrei of laud, in Kire
Valley, West Kootenay: Commencing ata post
planted 60 chaini west of the 8. W. cornor of J.
Robinson's pre-emption, and marked W. W's N.
E. corner, aud running west 60 chains, thence
south 80 chains, theneo east 60 chaini, thence
north 80 chains to place of beginning
Nov. 18th, 1906. William Williams,
J. E. Annahlk, Ageut-
Klxty days afler date T intend to apply to the
Hon. the Chief Commissioner of Undsand Works
to purehaso 160 acrea of land: Commencing nt a
post planted on the west side of Six mile croft;
on wagon road, aboul two and one half miles
from Rootenay lake, and marked "Nell Mc-
Kechnie's 8. West corner poil,'' thenco eaat 40
chains, thence north 40 chaini, thenee west40
chalm, thence louth 40 chains, to placoof commencement.
Located thll 10th day of November, 1906.
Kiil McK__h.II,
Hlxty days sfter date 1 Intend to apply tothe
Honorable the Chief CommiMioner of Urnlr* aud
Works for permission to purchase ih,* ���-. ,..*������������
desert Ind   lands  in   Kootenay   dUtricl:     I'om-
mencing at a i��.-t marked J. it. Annable'i mirth-
cast corner post, Bald post being on ihe mmlb
fdai of tbe Lower Arrow lake, about two mllei
below Hurton ('ity; thenee souih N chaliuj
thenoe WMt -0 chains; thenee souih 20 "lisini,;
thenee west ai chains; thenee north .11 chaius
snd 20 links, more or less lo the lake -shore;
thence easterly along lake 40 chains, Don or lew,
to the place of beginning, containing Mi arret,
more or le��s.
Daied ihis Mh day of November, UU.
J, B. ANN a M.l,
per K. L Bi*rnkt, Ag.'iit.
Noiiee Is hereby given that sixty davs alter
dale I Intend to make application to the Hunorable Chief ��� '.'!-.iiii"I'm-* 1 <>f Unds and Works at
Victoria, B. v., tor permission to purchase the following dem-ribed land, situate In Fire Valley,
Weat Kootenay district: Commencing n 111 pott
planted ai the lOUthwMl corner of Jo*h��s Rob
hi, thei
iiorth, thei
 -it, theuce te eliaitii
haluseaht to Jo-dma Koblii-mi'i
a,-'a. ia,   11      ��v .   III.IU1 nnr a   [ ��� ' -" s - i, s, si   (������.,.     |
rinrthwei. corner, thence south 40chtin�� to place
of commencement, containing 160 acres, inure 01
Dated this 23rd day of Nov., IH06.
it, I. Kir*wool).
fio day- afterdate I Intend toapply to the Hod.
chief Commissioner of Lauds and Work-^, Victoria, to purchase 240 acrea of mnl looated 111
Kire Vallev mid being a -jiortlon of l-ecUoim LS
and Id in Townihlp*M and deserlbed as folium:
Commencing *i a post plained at the souths*"!)
corner of the southeast ouarter of section 15
Townabip  60  snd   niarked   J. O. ti. k.  CO
thenee north tt chains; thenco west 00 <
ihence south 40 chains; theuee east Wl Ifcatni to
place of beginning.
November tftrd 1��06.
Jf-n-n OlBBOlt,
J. E. AnnAiiLr**:, Ageni.
Notlpe Is hereby given that 00 days Trom date I
Intend to apply to the Honorable the Chiel Com-
mlssloner of Unds ami Works to pureliase 040
acres of laud described as follows: Commencing
at a post planted on the north hank of thc Little
Moyie river, alr*otit DUO yard! from mouth, and
marked "It. Mcl-cau'i ti, W. corner poat,"
thenee cast so chains, tbence north ao ehalni,
tbenee west ni ehalns, thence south HO chain*. 10
plat-c of commencement, and containing&Hiai res
more or less.
HOtted Rttfa day Oct., 1906.      ROBT. McLlMK-
Blxtf days alter date 1 intend to apply to tlie
Honorable the Chief CommlMloner of Undsand
Woiks, Victoria, to purchase 200 acres oi land
located aud desciibedaa follows; Comment ing
at a post planted at tha southwest corner of,'
Kohinson's pre-emption tn Fire Vallev, and atxiul
five miles Irom Kdward Unding, west side of
Arrow lake, and milked F. O'i N. E. corner and
running weat 00 chains, tbence south 10 ehsiitrt,
thence east 20 chains, thence south 20 chain*,
thenee cast 40 chalm, thence north 40 chains to
place of beginning.
Nov. 1Mb, I'm. Frakk Okakur,
J. K. Akkablk, Agent.
Notice ls hereby given that 60 days alter date I
intend toapply to the Hon. Chief Commtsslouer if
Undi and Works, Victoria, for permission to purchase the following deaeribed Und. situated In
the West Kootenay district, on the wcsl ilde of
Dnoamel (or Hij Mile) ereek, new wagon road,
about three milei from Kootenay lake: Commencing at a post marked "Jamea J. Duck's H W.
post," tunning 20 chains eait, thence 20 rham-i
north, thenee rn chains weat, Ihence 20 chnins
south, to the polntof commencement, containing 40 acrea of land, nioreorloai.
O-eted li'th November, 1.906.
Located bv J amps J. Dock,
per John E. Taylor, Agont.
Sixty days after dato 1 Iniend toapply to tn*
Honorable the ("hief Commissioner of Unds and
Works for permission lo purchase the following
deaoribed lnnds m Kootenay district: Commencing at a poBt murked "A. J. Dill's southwest
corner post," aald poit being on the northwest
erly shore of the Lower Arrow lake and Itt link!
duo cast, on the northeast corner of Lot 27PJ.
Group l; thence north 60 chains; eaat 40 chains;
south 40 chains, more or less, to thu lake shore,
thonce following aald shore in a southwesterly
direction 60 chains, more or less to the place M
beginning, containing 160 aerea, more or   less.
Dated Ihis Mh duy of November, 1806.
A.J. Dill,
per K  L. BtfHwirr. Agent.
Notice ii herehy given lhat 60 dayi after dan
I Intend, to apply to the Honorable the Chlel
Commissioner of Unds and Works for permission to purehase the following described lands,
Kootenay distriet: Commencing at a post
marked "J. H. Wallace's nortbweiteornerposl."
aald post being on the easterly aide of Lower
Arrow lake, and tit thc southwest corner ol
Sorter's pre.em nt Ion claim; thence east Nobalm,
thonce south �� ohalni, thenco west _0 chains.
thenc,. aouth 20 ehalns, thence west 00 chains
more or less to the Arrow take, thence In a north
easterly direction 60 ehalns, moreorless to tha
place of beginning) containing 140 acres, more of
Dated this 39th day of October, 1,906.
J. If Wallace,
BJ'bis agent, Kknnkth L Bithnkt, __
M day" after dato I Intend to apply to the Hon.
Chief (.ommlssloner of Unds ami Works to purchase 820 acres of nnd located In Fire Valley being part of Beotloni 9 aud 10 Township 08, and
described as follows: Commencing at a post
marked K. W.J. H. K. corner and planted at the
northwest corner of Wm. Williams1 put chaw;
thenee west 40 chains; tbenoe north 80 chains;
thence easl 40 chains; thenee south 80 chains to
place of beginning.
November 23rd lOOfl.
 J. R. Ahkaiii.b, Agent.
Hlxty days afler dale I intend toapply totho
Hon. Chief Commissioner of Landi and Works
to purchase 187 acres of land, commencing at a
post marked B. B's N. E. cornor poat, planted at
the N. w. comer of (l, W. Steele** claim on the
wesi aide of Arrow lake, about four miles above
Burlon city, thence west 40 chalm, thence south
46.52 chains, thence east 40 chains, Ihenco north
48.6a chains to nUee of beginning, containing IW
acrea, more or less.
Dated 28th day of Nov., 1906,   Byhok BUftTOK.
 J. E. Annan_E, Agent.
���Bixtt, .*_"��� Rftor date 1 Intend to apply to the
Hon. Chief Commissioner of Lands ami Works,
Victoria to purnhase 160 acres of land located In
Fire Valley, being pnrt of Section* Three and
Four, Township (BJ, and d1;Bcrlbod as follows:
(ommenpiiig at ft post planted at William
Williams' N. W. corner, and marked "B. K. W'a
N. K. eorner," and running 40 chains west,
thence 20 chalna south, thence 20chalna east,
tlience 40 chains south, thence 20 ehalns cant,
theneo f-n chains north to place of beginning
November sard, 1806. Koaa K Williaub,
J. S. Annable, Agent, The Daily Canadian
Stock-Taking Cleanup Sale!
During the First Two Weeks of January We Offer Big
Bargains in Staple Goods to Clear Out Odd Lines...
China, and Glassware Department.
3 Butter Dishes, nickel top and stand, glass bowl,
regular $2.50, at $ 1.50
2 Butter Dishes, regular $2.00, at ��� -     $1.25
4 Royal Crown Derby Vases, $7 and $8, at Half Price.
1 Blue Copeland Dinner Set, $32, at - - $20.00
Vases, all kinds, at One-Third off regular prices.
1 40-Piece Tea Set, regular $6.50, at       - -    $4.50
Royal   Crown   Derby,   Copelands,   Minton,   Doulton,
Wedgewood, Coalport, and  Beleek  China
Goods at One-Quarter off.
Book Department.
2-Vol. Sets, regular $1.00, at 75c. Set, postage 20c , comprising Conquest of Peru, Data of Ethics aud
Education, Descent of Man and Origin of Species,
Lincoln���His Life and Times, Napoleon and His
Marshalls, Washington and His Cenerals, etc.
5-V0I. Sets, Publisher's price $5, our price $1.25, postage
30c. Works of H. Rider Haggard, Mary J.
Holmes, Edna Lyall, Charlotte M. Braeme, Rosa
N. Carey, Alexander Dumas, McAulay's England,
R. Waldo Emerson, Cooper's Sea Tales, Mysteries
of Paris, Mayne Reid's Works, R. L. Stevenson.
Shakespeare's Works, 14 vols., in box, large type, $4.75
Postage 55c.
Medical and Reference Books.
Wagner's Standard Horse and Stock Book.
$1.50 Gleason's Horse Book,      -       $1.10, postage paid.
$1.50 Dr. Chase's Recepies, large ed., $1.10 "
The Home Doctor, - - JS1.25 "
The Care*of the Sick - -   $1.25 "
The New Tokology       - - $i-3S "
Dr. Chavasse Manual for Wives and Mothers.
Maidenhood and Motherhood       -      $1.25 "
Koradine Letters.   Cassels Family Doctor.
Standard Fiction at 20 per cent off.
Thin paper Limp Leather Editions, regular $1 lines, at
75 cents each.
Over 700 12 mos. at 25c, 35c, 50c, and 75c.
Framed Pictures.
All sizes and prices at 1-4 off regular prices.
Miscellaneous Goods.
A large variety, consisting of Suit Cases, Handbags,
Wood Carved Screens, Fancy Clocks, Candle
Sticks, Bouquet Holders, &c, &c, at prices not
near their cost, marked down to Make Them Go.
Every article is new in good condition.
Dolls and Toys 1 -4 off.
IUSCH...       Budweiser Beer
DISTILLERS, 12 and 20 years old.
'nelson    ���o,���^__^ut_,l,,l_.r,t,",,  victoria
[eavy Hams
Most economical for Camp and Hotel use.
Large shipment just received from W.
Davies Co., Toronto. . . Also Davies'
P. Burns & Co., Ltd.
Order, by mall lo __�� branch will have
our prompt and careful .tlanilon.
Head Office: Nelion, B. C
ttflcate of Improvements
��� ��� ., ''Climax," "Horaeihoe," "Qnoen.**
Jiissn Jark," iltualeil In Nelion Mlullii
���isslon. ���
psssl on 1'orcuplno creek,
ii.   'HiS'.}: '��� Fri">k Hotelier, agent (or
Bate Nss mum. linens!, sill Jay, from date
l w> apply to tbo Mining Kocordcr (ora
irate ssl Improvement, lor the pnrpone ol
���l i( .Crown Urant ol the above claim.
1 lurlhor take notloe that action, unslcr
G .,;,'.i,.���'""��� !" WBUUtnoOd belnro tho hum.
JI iiu., 1 (.ortineatcol Improvement..
|d Nelson, 18th Dec, 1U06.
Fr-nk Flitciiir.
ptificate of Improvements
K,.n��mi'.V0,���1 c,*lISl ���'"'����! m the Nel.on
���nliiK Illvl,ion ol We.t Kootenay dlatrlcl.
���re located:���On Toad mountain.
Ro."<lno.'*'*. *',j0l"_ *oL-.t_lle. ����ln*i ������
K N ffi/*,aPS**1 * ""* Minor*. Eer-
f,,���l ���,,s Intend, Hlxly day. Irom thc
"'ll .'n.i",''1'1'' "' "'" Hlnln�� ����m*nler (or
Vs..,. i*. l"1l:���vomontH,lorthepiiriioiiool
.1    ?r'l,,r'7'!,"ri,"t,,,'tl,��l'l��veclalin.
John McLatchik.
A. M. Can. Soc. C. E.
Mining Work a Specialty.
Office: Dea.ey Building.   P. O. Boy   11
Bakar St, NELSON, B. C.
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch,
Creosote, Oils for
Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch and
Boat Baildera will find It to their ltd-
ruutagfl to use our Pitoh.
Nelson Coke & Gas Co.
King and Queen of Italy Condemn It by
Precept and Example���Stork
Expected Again.
Rome, Jan. 8.���Queen Helena entered
upon her thirty-fifth year today, but,
owing to an Interesting event expected
to take place shortly, the birthday anniversary was allowed to pass almost unobserved at the Qulrlnal. The impending visit of the stork ls looked forward
to with Joy ln the royal household, as
well as throughout Italy, for lt Is the
cherished wish of the young king and
queen to rear a large family.
The royal couple already have three
children, the Princess Yolanda Margher-
Ua Milena, born on June 1, 1901; Prln-
cesB Mafaldos Maria Ellzabetta, horn November 19, 1902, and the heir to the
throne, little Prince TJmberto Nicola
Tommaso Giovanni Maria, Prince of
Piedmont, who was born September IB,
Queen Helena has always been more
than content to devote herself to the
care of her children, holding aloof from
affairs ot state and rearing them with
the care and attention that a woman
of the plebeian ranks would bestow on
her offspring. Essentially a womanly
woman, the queen is perhaps the most
attractive royal personage of the day
and certainly she ls the most beloved
nnd admired woman in the kingdom of
Italy. The king is devoted to her and
as a rule they dine alone by choice, and
their merry laughter may be heard by
those In the next room. They spend
little time ln the royal palace at the
Qulrlnal, but live mostly ln the small
palace at the bottom of the garden
built by Pope Corslnl and set apart during the life of Victor Emmanuel II., and
Humbert, for princes visiting Rome, lt
is of modest dimensions, but is pleasant
and comfortable and furnished with refined simplicity, quite In the English
Queen Helena's love of children ls a
popular tradition throughout the kingdom. The number of fat little "bam-
blnoa" who have felt the caress of her
royal lips Is beyond computation, and
at the charity bazaars which she visits
It Is always the baby clothes booth that
secures her earliest attention and patronage. She cannot be reproached with
bourgeois tastes, however, for when the
occasion arises she presents a bearing
not to be excelled by the most fastidious courts, and lt has been said that
nho surpasses ln majesty of carriage
any olher sovereign ln Europe.
hard punchers, a lively set-to la expected.
The decision of the Western league
magnates to take n Topeka, Kas., now
In the Western association, brings
about a condition among the minors
that will be Interesting to follow. A
team will be placed also In St. Joseph,
Mo., which with Topeka will make the
Western league an eight-club organization. Dut will the Western association
stand by and see Topeka and its champion club taken from them?
With over BO "per cent, of the big
league hitters batting lefthanded, is it
any wonder that managers are working
overtime trying to corral southpaw
As the old grounds have been sold
the Toronto baseball management will
have to do a bit of hustling to prepare
new grounds in time for the opening
next season.
President Dovey of the Boston Nationals thinks Pat Flaherty Is just- the
prize pippin he haa been looking for.
According to the Southern league averages, Atlanta's* star pitcher. Tom
Hughes, was a regular wit. Tom will
be with the New York Americana the
coming season.
There will be few circuits "of the
minor leagues the coming season, which
is pretty good evidence that 1906 was
a prosperous year for them.
Silver King Hotel
Beet Dollar a day honae in the Kootenays.
Boom, are well furnlihed.  T.ble aa food a. any
In Nelson.    Bar .applied with food
tlouor. ana dean.
W. E. HoOANDLISH, Proprietor.
Today's meeting of the minor baseball leagues In New York ls to be tho
greatest gathering of Its kind ever
known In the history of the game.
Forty leagueB, located ln all sectlonB
of the country have sent representatives to the meeting. These leagues
control nearly B000 ball players anil
more than J4.000.000 worth of property.
"Honey" Mellody, the new welterweight champion, and Terry Martin,
lhe Quaker Clly fighter, aro matched
for a 16-round go tonight at Augusta,
Me.    As both are rapid fighters and
Pacific Coast
Leave Nelson 7:30 a. m. Daily.
Artivfc Vancouver 11:50 noon.
S. S* Princess Victoria
Arrive Victoria 6 p. m.   .
One Night En Ronte.
Connecting with
S. S. Princess Beatrice
Tf emont Hotise
European and American Plan
���Ml. * ctl.   Booma from �� ot.. to 11
Only White Help Implored.
Dakar St.. Nalaon Proprietor.
Bartlett   Hotise
Best DoHar-i-Day House ia Ndson.
The Ber U the Fine.!.
White Balp Only Implored.
Joeephlne BU
Halloa. B. O.
Lake View Hotel
Corn**-** Hill and Vernon,
two blocks from wharf.
lutes ll 00 par day and up.
Building Lots for Sale
H.  &  M.  BIRD.
______ T. G. PROCTER ____���
Has every class of Real Estate and Buildings in Nelsou
for sale, from Business Blocks and Warehouses
to Market Gardens.
P. O. Boi III.
Telephone lis.
Grand Central Hotel
J. A. ERIOKSON, Proprietor.
Centrally Looated. Open Day and Night.
Hample and Bath Booma Free.
Opposite Court House and Post Office.
Comer Ward ud Vernon Street*.
Tfc Stfathcona
Nelaon, B.O.
B. Tomkins, Manager.
Standard Sleeping Car
Berths, $1.00, cm be occupied 8 p. m.
I        A.G.P.A.. Vancouver. DP. A��� Nelton
The Leading Hotel in the
Qood   Sampto    Rooma.
Choice Fruit
I Hare .0,000 Aem
Chokcst Frott Lands la
���DfiUBD ***wOv0_ttvUL.
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one bloc*/.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
J. E. ANNABLE,    -    Nelson. B. C.
Moat comfortable quarter. In Nelson.
Only the belt ol Liquor, aud lifer..
Royal Hotel
Ratea II and $1.60 a Day.
Special Ratea to Regular Boardam.
Queen's Hotel
Baker Street, Nelion. 1. a
Lighted by Eleotrioity aad
Heated by Hot Air
Um tnd Comfortable Bedrooms tnd Tint-
oltMTMulug Room.  Sample Rooms for Commer-
-Itl  M-D
MK.-.  JE, U. CLARKE.  rro._ltt.t__
NOTICE U hi reby gifts that tn application
will be mt de to tht Leg falttlve Assembly of tha
Province of Brltlah Columbia at Its next session
for an tot authorising Um Patrick Lumber Company, Limited, to | .ace, construct, nnd maintain,
a dam or dami, boomi. plan, slides, and other
worki -In and acroai the Kootenay river at or
near Thrnmi Station (abont opposite Bub-lot IT.
of Lot 46M, Group 1, Kootenay diitrict): and In
and across the Little Blocan river; ana In and
acraia the Blocan river at anoint or polnu below the month of the Little Blocan river: for the
purpose of driving, rafting, sorting. holding, and
manufacturing law-loga and tlmher; Jo occupy
tht lurfaee of the aald rlveri whore nternary tor
the purpo*ei aforeaald; to clear. Improve, and
remove obstructions from tht tald riven for log-
driving, rafting, and booming purpoee*! to levy
and collect tolls and dues on lon timber and
lumber of pertons nilng or profiting by inch
worki, clearing or Improvements; to enter upon
and expropriate landi; and do all other thtagt
necessary, incident*! cr conducive to tho tier*
die of any of the above powers.
Dated tho 10th day of December, 19M.
Solicitor tor tho Applicant. '.
The Daily Canadian
January   Clearance  Sale
Of Cut Glass $6.
Berry   Bowls       Each
Yoa WftUt tbe Bowls.   We want the room.   Don't luiss tlie chance
Looking for Good
Things for New Year
Oranges,   Sween   Navels    25c
Malaga   Grapes    35c
Peart, 2   pounds   for 25c
Bananas,  per  dozen    50c
Nuts, per   Ib 25c ���
Layer  Figs   .per   Ib 25c
Let us have your New Year's
order now and avoid Monday's
Bell Trading Co*
Old Curiosity Shop
If you want to buy or sell anything,
go to the Old Curiosity Shop. A new
line of Japanese Goods now on sale,
-Ml kinds of Dinnerware in stock. Patterns.
January 1st being a clay of resolutions, let me suggest one to you.
Resolved by us. that we give i
Joy a share of our grocery trade '
during 1907, and then Joy will be i
with us till the year's end; and;
let us all say, Amen.
t Joy's Cash Grocery <
Cor Josephtueand Mill 3t��.     Phone 19
We  Havo a  Spucinlh
Select _.-<-1 Stock of
for  Xmn.s Trntlic.
Stoneware, Crocks, Bean Pots, Tea Pots. Etc.
Munroe & Nelson
General Job Work, Chimney Sweeping, Carpet Cleaning, Fixing and Cleaning  Stoves, etc.
121 Eaet Baker St. Phone No. A114
Fancy Chocolates
Leave your order early for
your N���tt>  Year
Choquette Bros*
PfPT��S0N $1.50
A collection of all the Latest
Shapes and Sizes.    A free
smoking and most satisfactory pipe.
Tobacconist.   Baker Strat.
Oor. Vernon and Ward Streets.
J.FRED HUME, ProDrietsor.
Mrs. Benuctt, Miss Beunett, Salmo;
A. Cnrney, S. Collins, 0. W. McAuu,
Alex Lucas, Ealso; E. Nagel, Edmonton;
A. M. Nagle, James Coruin, Spokane;
A. E. Riishard, Fernie; J. P. Vroom, F.
Adie, Waneta; F. W. Ferguson, J. Oppon-
heimer, Vancouver; H J. Birnie, (.Irand
Forks; W. Hendorsssn, Victoria; W. M.
Walker, Cranbrook; W. B Hudson, Erie;
J. H Pinchbeck, Slocan.
C. Olmstead, New York; P. Burns,
Calgary; (i. B. Macdonald, J. Ehrlick,
Greenwisisd; F. W. Bates, Grangeville;
I.r C Fraser, T, W, Whyte, Vancouver;
H. K. Fisher, T. D. Ahier, New Denver.
H. E. Smith, Rossland; A. B. Handley,
Ymir; Mrs. H. McKinney and family,
Boston; J. Ramsay, Winnipeg, J. W.
Nash, Vanoouver j W. E. Pattison,
Arrowhead; Miss K. Ryne, Grand Forks.
H. Guuwood, Fernie; D. Miller, Cranbrook.
W. Johnson, W. Lynch, B. Mills,
Greeuwc-d; W. A. CampbU, Ottawa;
C. Ashley, T. Townsend, Fernie; J, Porter nnd wife, Cranbrook; S. Watson, J.
Hardwig; A. MoGillivrey, Silverton;
E. E. Sutherland, Ymir; A. R. Lillie, E.
M. Hilbert, Ainsworth.
T. A. Voweles, J. Brown, Gerrard; E.
Anderson, Rossland; J. Kelley, E.* Jack-
sou.  Revelstoke; J. O'Brien, Boundary
T. A. Davis, W. T. Buggins, Powder
G. A. Laurie, W   A. Taylor, A Hills,
Arrowhead; G, Dangerfieid,   Tokio; E.
Bricc, Cattlegar.jm^;
J. B. Pant, Manor; R. McLeod, Coffee
Creek; J. McDougall, Ymir; J. Hadden,
R. Thompson, A. McCraig, Bonnington;
S. Wells, Coykendahl.
To One and cAll
Our Many
Customers We
Wish a Happy and
Neti> Year.
Telephone 161.
On wnd after December 1st my heating and
plumbing buslticM will be located in my new
Bhop, two 'loom east of opera hou��e, on Vietoria
Tel. 181.     S. A. WYE
Contractor and
Sole agent for tho Porto Rtro Lumber Co,, Ltd..
retail yanK Rough and drBOHsd lumber, turned
wnrk and brackets, Coast lath and shingles, rash
and doors. Cement, brick and lime for sale.
AiHomatii- -grinder.
yard and factory: Vernon St.. c-jit of Hall,
There will be a special practice of
St. Saviour's church choir tonight at
h o'clock.
The members of Nelson aerie, F. 0.
K��� will hold their installation meeting
tomorrow evening at  8 o'clock.
J. E. Annable left this morning for
Winnipeg ou a business Trip. Me will
be back for February 2.
It is announced that the Stanley
street skating rink will be open tomor-
iuw night, with the band in attendance.
A little bird has whispered In the ear
of the reporter that an early morning
marriage will be consummated at .he
residence of the bride's parents. Latimer street, tomorrow. Does the bird
It is rumored that several ohft&gaa
will be made in the personnel of the officers of the 20,000 club at the annual
meeting this evening. The newsgath-
meeting this evening. The news gath-
the secretaryship.
The members of the Conservative
campaign committees are requested to
meet in the committee rooms this evening at 8 o'clock. Much Important and
nocesary work remains to be attended
to which will admit of no delay.
J\ o. BOX 232.
B. O.
Telephone I7g.
Hon. R. F. Green arrived from Kaslo
this morning and left at once for Victoria. He Btated that Mr. Mackay has
acepted the nomination of the Kaslo
Conservatives and will leave Victoria
for his constituency Wednesday night.
The latest Information as to the condition of the infant son of J. Fred Hume
is ihat his system Is now quite free
from any direct effects of the poison he
took last night, and that the only thing
to be feared now Is Injury to the
child's organs that may result.
Al Gray, of Kokanee Creek, is ln
town to learn "what Is doing" in political circles. Al and all his neghbons
are stalwart Conservatives and want a
voice in the choice of the party candidate. Their voices will also be heard
to some purpose on election day.
Silver declined five points today on
the American and four on the Kngllsh
market. Lead recovered two points in
London.   Copper is unchanged.
The Roscian Opera company, by special request, will give one performance
of their greatest success, "Said Pasha,"
at the opera house Wednesday evening,
January _.
The first annual meting of the 20,000
club will be held in the board of trade
rooms tonight ot 8:30. There is a substantial agenda paper, beside the election of officers. A full atendance of
members is requested, as the club
hopes to start Its new year with the
knowledge that it is supported by all
the citizens.
One vagrant appeared in the city police court this morning and was given
opportunity and encouragement to travel. He had been held for several days
on suspicion of being concerned in the
theft of a watch from a man who missed his watch when he became sober
after a long debauch. The watch has
since been returned by the prudent
friend who took charge of it for him.
Instead of the usual band practice,
there will be a public meeting in the
Salvation Army citadel tomorrow nght,
conducted by Captan Davey, who ar-
rnres tonight from Fernie. Captain
Davey represents the social operations
of the Salvation Army west of Winnipeg and will give an illustrated lecture
on Thursday night, the first part entitled, "Willie Wills Wings," and the
second part entitled, "Played Out," being the life story of a gambler. Seventy colored slides will be used and a
good time Is anticipated by all. Doors
open on Thursday night at 7:30.
The Store of Quality
Apples Today
at $1.50 per box
K. W. C. Block . Phone 10.
TWO FJBST-f'I.AHB KOOMS, Keut betted.   Apply lmuiukMDer, 8r- Del, K. W. O, block.
Vienna Sausage In tins, 2 for 25c
Pork and Beans,  large tins 20c
French   Mustard,  per  bottle    15c
Ham Loaf and Veal Loaf, 2 for 25c
Chicken Loaf, 2 for   25c
Herrings  in Tomato  Sauce, 2 for. .25c
Kippered  Herring, 2 for   25c
Sardines in Tomato Sauce, 3 for. 25c
Cm Am Benedict
Corner Silica and Josephine SU.
Of Special
. .To office  men, and  to  all  who  use
Stationery and Office Supplies
Especially Those Who
Have to Order by Mail.
It is our epecial care to give all orders entrusted to us
Prompt and Careful
This is an important consideration lo
any business man, and especially to
those who have to order by mall, and
who are consequently mort dependent
on the carefulness ami promptness of
those to whom they entrust their orders, and on the degree of Interest
taken in the manner in which their
orders are filled. I
We Specialite in
Office Supplies.
W. G. Thomson
_?A��T.eo_k_R ""��� Nelson, B. C.
Phone 34.
R. S. Lennie will go up to Kaslo this
evening and will appear before Judge
Forln tomorrow on an application to reinstate a number of names on the municipal voters' list. The complaining
parties* names were struck off by the
court of revision on the ground that
the conveyances to them of the prop-
ties upon which Ihey claimed to qualify had never been registered and appeared to have been given only for the
purpose of conferring upon them lhe
right of vote. R. M. Macdonald has
been retained to oppose the application.
Whisii-HKie and ltut.ii Detlen lis
Fresh and Salted Meats
Chumpi supplied on Hhorteut notice and
lowest price. Nothing but fit-mb and
wholesome meat* find nnpplos kept iu _took
Mail order*-* receive careful attention.
E. C.  TRAVES.   Manager.
A, McDonalds Co.
Dealers in staple and fancy Groceri'ji
Butter, Hjggl,
Oanip aud Miners' Supplied.
Coal! Ice! Wood!
Phone 265
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Froit,
Fuel & Poultry Co., Ltd.
N. E. cor. Baker  and   Ward  Sts.
A pe culiur and benuiiful frost effect
was observable ami observed by many
on Llaker street this morning. On the
window ot Hugh McCausland's boot and
shoe store was traced a perfect picture
of a tropical forest, with the tall,
straight trunks of gigantic trees with
occasional interlacing branches, and nt
their bases dense and luxuriant foliage,
ferns and giant creepers. To the left
through a perfectly natural-looking
clearing, could he Bean the surface of a
forest stream. A. Lean took a photograph or the window, which, if successful, will be a very valuable one.
St. Louis Poultry Show.
St. Louis, Mo., Jan. S.���The thirteenth
annual pigeon and poultry exhibition of
the St. Louis Fanciers' association is
now open and will be the centre of Interest among poultry lovers until it
closes at the end of the week. The
largest and choicest display of birds in
the association's nstory Is offered. All
the states of the Mississippi valb'y and
the Dominion of Canada are represented, and the competition among exhibitors is lively.
Trains and Boats.
Crow boat���Two and three-quarter
hours late.
Coast and Slocan train���One hour
Boundary train���On time.
Rossland train���On time.
Sherman's Opera House
One Night Only
Wednesday Evg. January 9
The Roscian
Opera Company
Will present
Their Greatest Popular Success
The Excruciatingly Funny Comic Opera
Have a Qood Laugh:
Tuneful, Bright, Jingling Music.
Prices: $1, 75c, 50c.
Seats at'Rutherford's Monday.
Note: This Is the final appearance of
the Rosclans in Nelson for two years.
Fifty Cent Hand Bags!
They are beauties at the price.
Watchmaker Jeweler
Taltphont 333.
V-,V*J>        Limited, Winnlpt.
Wholtswaiw fProvleiona,
Produce, - Fruit.
Dominion Government Oraum'iy One Piinnd Bricks mxiived weekly freds
from the rlmrn.   Kor wile by all leading groceni.
Ofllco and warehouse: Houston Block,   Phone 7(1.
Josephine Street. ���       Nelson, B.C.
Bohemian Beer
The Nelson Brewing Co., Lti
A Word to the Wise
Thin year we have appreciated the wauls nf ourc��|
turners and have pinned into stock th-
Good Cheer Art Base Burner
This Htovn ta adapted for imni ooal ouly, und _.g__r|
aatoed to give Ka.i-._ar. ion.
J. H. Ashdown Hardware!
Company, Limited.
R",^y'^.l'~!'t "JI"* Jobbing "xecuted with Daanatch.  8hMl M-tBl (
Work, Mls.l.sf und Mill Maishliwrv.     M��nul_clur>s�� ot        (
Oi-�� Cara,  u.  U.   Uontnutora'  Cara.
Corner of Hal] tnd
From Btretti.
Telephone H f
P.O. Box IT* '
Buslnerui iri-n,
Working mteii,
Man In driM attlra.
Sporting man.
Handsome men.
Men that** full of fire
UNITE and Kiujr that  the  importations of
John T. Pierre are the proper thing.
My last fall shipment has just arrived.   8��
them and place your order early for Xmas mitt
JOHN T. PIERRE, Artistic Tailor
All Sizes 35 to 44
Now is the time
to buy your
Winter Overcoat.
AU Prices from $10 to $30
j. a. gTuker
Lumber, Shingles,
Lath, Mouldings, Doors, Windows.
Turned Worlc and Brackets. Mail Orders promptly attended t*
Our ttoek of Skates It complete and varied,
including the popular
BOKER'S  BEAUTY  and  CHARM  (Ladles.)
WoodLVallance Hardware Co'f


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