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The Daily Canadian Jul 6, 1906

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 ���fWje Sktiltj Canadian
I.   No. 28.
NELSON, B. C��� FRIDAY, JULY 6, 1906.
Fifty Cents a Month
old lie Motto of Local
Fruit Men
K. Lindsey Advises Independent
Work Instead of Contributing
to Provincial Exhibit.
ii,,. 1, pin-i ni iin- quarterly meet'
.  iii. Hi 11 e ii Columbia Prnll Grow-
��� niion, held lasi  night, which
11 hlnl page of ihis issue,
Siuiili Ih ipioleil as HiiyliiK Unit
rl, provl  01 Canada��� lie oh
,1 in iii,- term "NortliweBt" as ap-
,. I, iin in would remain the best
nl.. i fur British t'oliimlilu fruit, anil
11. Mlille triumphs ut exhibitions in
,11,1.111 were Invaluable us advertise-
,11 1.: iho province, the greatest ami
lailiesl  efforts  should   lie   devoled   to
lain i,   'in- favored place already se-
,.! mi ilie  market!   of the  prairie
AD11I111 visitor to the city, Interview-
night, emphasized  the    same
nu. nml  added tunny    things    that
. I., 1.,nml worthy of serious could-
1 \ Kootenay fruit growers..
lit  K   Lindsay, of Winnipeg, western
j tor   ihe  Montreal Slur,    has
- . iii weeks traveling   round
mi!   111  tho  interest of the Star
tii ..1 several other enterprises wiih
|    ii ii-   ih conneoted.   He fully    en-
-  claims of Ihu local frull men
itrlcl  is not inferior ns   a
i.unln   lo any olher In  Canada,
I 1 lini    even    greater efforts
Ills   fi.isl   be innile to impress
1 Ihci upon lhe Canadian puhlle, es-
i-iallj   the   puhlle of  Manlloha.   Sns-
1.  ...111 ami   Alberta.     Mr.   Lindsay
fo ilm great, majority of people In
.1   British Columbia fruit  land
means onlj  Okanagan,    The fame
therdeen anil other, large frull
iii-  produced that  result.    It
ie He   iilnt of Kootenay meu to
.1 name for their own fruit.   Thai
unnoi l���- achieved by pnrtlelpallng lu
provincial exhibits, but only by
Kootenay exhibits.
in convinced that Kootenay in u
i'  nnii   country   ...an    Ohunngun.
 lucl   is  at  ieasl   equally   good,
laud  requires   no   irrigation, and
liurtation  facilities are  lar  sups.
I  have seen  in The Canadian that
Kootenay  Fruit Growers' Assochv
- n will send exhibits to the Winnipeg
ui a f,w others,   Thai Is an ex-
��� nt move; bill they should do more.
should exhibit  at  all the prairie
I'ii i-y funnel- who grows Wealthy
��� prairies is noin>; to move sooner
laier to a milder climate.   At pros-
��� uiianngan is getting a hundred to
"���  ni> s ten    That proportion cuu
n . rsed.
1 .ml,iis should he accompanied hy
rings nf photographs, as many as pos-
V,,ur people here don't seem to
��� how  keen the interest  Is.    Ev-
no examines such photographs.
1' - ii would in- no expense in send-
uell exhibits, and n good profit In-
1 I nm certain tbal the C. P, it
ii) will give free transportation.
iilnrj ol a man In charge for
lliree months would he the chlel
nml   thai   would   he tnoro  fliatl
Hie proftl mi sales.  Mr. Palmer
1 -l "very pound of frull he lind   last
i" ihe provincial exhibit, and got
Ices   lor  lhe whole  of  It,    Tlie
'"mid he replaced regularly, and
111   consignments sold   to  udviin
- whal would i�� accomplished hy
��� iovo,   The ranchers would be sell
'< ir fruit lu the iiesi market they
 I Improving iheir hold on It;
would lie advertising   their   re
1     in ihe besl possible wny. and
would lie Interesting and attract,
I rn riini-iiers  io  litis dlstrlol by
I      ii  1 class, successful farmers with
I       1 ipltnl iimi experience,"
Maoonle Symbol to Travel Round   the
''���'''���ago, July B.���Bight hundred Mn-
'"" "I Illinois. Ohio, Indiana and wis-
' '"'ni assembled at tho Bnglewood
Ma "llle temple last night to witness
J1'" lii'i'si'iiiatinn ot tiio. Masonic silver
'"well m ||���, mystic Slur lodge or
���iiii'AMiiiil. The trowel, which i�� lo
li'"*''1 round the globe as a symbol of
'"""Hy love and nITecllon In Ih ���-
i ��� "j in remain In possession of tho
''''' ,l'11"-'' for thlrly days nnd then
.'',"" ' lis lung Journey, The trow-
.     wis marled on lis trip hy lhe .liislleo
I   "Ro 01  New York clly last October,
and already has passed to seven different grand Jurisdictions and sttaes In the
Unite dStales anil Canada. Twelve
years win be required for it to go iho
required  Journey.
Edmonton'B Aspirations 25 Years Ago���
An Interesting Relic.
K. !���'. Gigot, manager of tlie Hudson's
Hay Company's store In Nelson, has In
his possession a copy of the sixth number of ihe first volume or lha Edmonton Hiiiieiin, the publication of which
was begun by frank Oliver, now mln-
isier of the Interior, in 1881.
Tin- Bulletin w-as then a four-page
paper, bul the pages were about six
incites long and four inches wide. It
was then a weekly.
The most Interesting thing In Mr. 111-
goi's copy is the editorial urging united
effort on the pari or the citizens of
Kiioinonion to secure a semi-monthly
mull service to and from Winnipeg and
Fori Maileoil. That was 2ii years ago.
Now Itdmonton is ihe capital clly of a
hig rich province, and will soon he one
or Iho mosl importanl points on the
line or three transcontinental railways.
Sketch of Members of Argonaut Crew-
Winners' Advantage In Having
Pick of Their  Country.
The Ilelglnn eight carried off the
world's championship and the grand
Challenge cup al the Henley regatta
held yesterday, and tor the lirst time n
foreign crew will hold lhe trophy for 12
months. A great deal was expected
frotu thi' Argonauts ol Toronto. Every
man In the Canadian crew was a giant
lu stature and trained to fhe limit. They
defeated Hie First Trinity (Cambridge)
crew and Ihe Thames rowing club, but
went down lo defeat before the Cant-
hrldge crew In lhe semi-finals, The victory of the Nautique de linuil eight was
unexpected, and the time made, 7 minutes and '.i seconds, Is IS seconds over
ihe record made on the some course by
Ihe New College eighl lu 1JS97. For
some unexplained reason lhe I.eander
club did not enter a crew, and it was
known that the sympathies of the members were with Ihe Argonauts. Tho
l.i-anders held the championship for
nine years.
Three lengths separated the Belgians
rrom the Englishmen at the llnlsh ot
Ihe race, and II was apparent that tlie
Canadian and Cambridge crews were
no match at any time for lhe plucky
foreigners. They have contested annually, and the pick of Belgium's besl
oarsmen proved that It is not u wise
course to divide up the crews In the
manner adopted by the English. The
universities of Ihe I'nlted States and
England enter a number of boats, and
the clubs of ihe various cities also take
purl. In the second heat, when the
Argonauts defeated the Thames Rowing
Club, the time made was ri seconds
Taster than the winners were called on
lo row In order to defeat the Trinity
Hall crew in yesterday's race. The
victory of the Belgians was unexpected,
and now that tlte faial thirteenth contest tor lhe championship has resulted
In Ihe downfall ol the crack loams or
England and America, It Is to be hoped
Unit llle next regatta will find the trophy In the hands of a crew rrom the
Canadian side. The Belgians met detent year alter year, but Iheir persistence ended in victory. They deserve
lhe congratulations showered upon
Ihem, and will, no doubt, make every error! to retain the proud posltupi won
arter so ninny struggles against tbe
best   oarsmen In the world.
Tlm Argonaut crew, with their ages
nnd weights, arc as follows!
Weight. Age.Height
Joe   Write  (Stroke-) .185 12        0.1'i
lion Muckensle tTi.lTu       80       0.4
Body (til 176       2s      ti
Fellows   ir.l HIT 21 0.B
Walsh   (II 1ST        1!K        0.4
Kent   (8) I"l        2S       f,
Grubbe (21 lTr.       84       (UV4
Thompson (bow), .i<".r.      21      0.1
l.ou Dixon (spare).100       2.1      0
Loudon   (coxl    ,...11B       ���       ���
This makes an average weigh! nf
17(1 1-2. average age ,2S, average height,
1, reel 2 inches.
Don Mackenzie Is a brother or Archie
Mackenzie or Itossland.
Not Dead Yet.
Revelstoke, July 0.���W. 0, Wells, M.
1'. 1'.. has again determined lo he a
candidate in the Liberal contest for
Norlheast Kootenay. He lind intended
retiring rrom politics, bul on his recent
trip through the district he met with
such an enthusiastic reception everywhere thai he lias determined to run
again.    II   Is slated   thai   Mike Cnrllu
may oppose Mr. Wells in tlie Conservative Interesi. and. falling lilui. Captain
Armstrong or .1. C. Pitts will be urged
lo come forward.
Franchise   Assessments.
Sacramento, Cal., July 0.���Both the
Western Union  nud  Iho  Postal  telegraph companies have been    assessed
here on their franchises, and are making a light before the, local board or
equalization on the ground (hat If Sacramento can enforce the payment of
tux on franchises, every city, town and
hamlet in the county where they have
offices may do likewise. The contention Is made ���n behalf or lhe companies
thai ihey are operating under federal
franchises, and therefore are not amenable lo: laws Imposing franchise taxes
In cities and towns.
Salvador  and    Guatemala    to   Become
Washington, July it���The state department has heen notified UtfOUgh a
cablegram from American Minister
Coombs, dated yesterday at Guatemala
City, lhat. efforts are being made to
prevenl hostilities between Guatemala
,-ihil Salvador .as a result of an alleged
breach of neutrality by Salvador during
the progress of the insurrection which
lias just failed. Mr. Coombs says thai
S'-nor Pacus, a special envoy appointed
hy the president of Salvador, is already
ou his way lo) Ihis city, and he (Mr,
Coombs) is aboul to leave Immediately
for Washington to confer here with Be-
nor Pacus and the ollleials ot the stale
department and endeavor by negoiiu-
lion 10 bring about a peaceful settle-
men! or Hie difficulty.    Meanwhile the
government or QUatemals has agreed
lu suspend preparations lor war with
Salvador pending tlie conclusion or the
peace conrerence at Washington,
Victoria  Magazine  Devoted   to British
Columbia  Sports.
The July number ot Wild Lire, or
Victoria, a magazine of sports, is to
hand. It Is an excellent number, full
of interesting articles on British Columbia recreations.
Dan O'Sullivao, the veteran coach or
the .lames Bay Cluh, contributes an article on Amateur Rowing In Victoria;
W. F. Burton describes "My First (iriz-
Sly;" Rev. W. W. Boullon writes on
lioxlng and lacrosse, while hull, s'
hockey, baseball, yachting, trap shooting and other sjiorts are also dealt witli
in interesting style.
J. Irwin, ot Nelson, contributes a letter protesting against any rurther steps
towards game protection, and incidentally expressing grave doubts as lo the
accuracy ot hunters' stories tor publication.
More   High-Grade   Ore    Locations   Are
Discovered in Franklin
(Special   to  The  Daily Canadian.)
Grand Forks, July C���The silver medal presented by the Eastern Townships
bank for the pupil obtaining the greatest number of marks in division "D,"
wns won by Miss Elhel Cook nt lhe recent school examinations here.
Charles .1. McKonzle nnd Mis Anna
Sherrald. both of Grand Forks were
married by the Rev. T. G. McLeod here
yesterday. Both the bride and gnxim
are unusually popular young people.
They will reside in Grand Forks.
Howard H. Lewis and lt| Mclnlyre.
of Seattle, accompanied hy George A.
McLeod. hnve jusl returned from a tour
of Inspection of Franklin camp, and
were greatly Impressed with what they
The American portion of the community celebrated lhe Fourth ot .Inly this
year in right royal style by exhibiting
a most elaborate display ot fireworks
from 11 high mountain directly easl of
tlie city. The Gratiliy smelter officials
nlso liild some excellent fireworks,
which would have done credit anywhere.
The Riverside and Copper are the
names of llle iwo rich locations recent-
1 made near Franklin City townsite
by Dan Morrison. These properties are
now being developed by means of surface snipping, nud high-grade copper
me is exposed lo view on all sides. The
ore found Is exactly similar to that of
the Maple Leaf. 11 is reported today
thai a deal of much Importance to the
camp Is pending lor Ihe Copper and
Riverside claims.
Hunk Win Iin. a pioneer prospector of
the Boundary, has Jusl returned from
Franklin canip. where he has boen
working on the While Bear group. He
luiB heen doing stripping work on Ibis
group, and has exposed several big copper leads. Hu says thai in one p'uee
on the Willie Bear property Ihcro Is
live acres or ground that wherever you
sink shipping ore can he taken out. The
While Bear group consists or live
claims called the White Bear. Black
Bear, Llllle C11I1 and Big Cub and the
l.uck'v Jack. Tills group is owned by
a syndicate of Grand Forks business
An assay or $111 In gold alone was
mude from Samples of ore taken from
lhe Dawn properly In Franklin camp.
which adjoins Ihe While Bear group,
Tho Dawn is owned hy Peter Donald
son, of Grnnd Forks, und others.
Forces Polish Policemen
to Resign
Have Demonstrated Sympathy With
Russsian Democratic Ideals-
Germany Opposed.
St. Petersburg, July C���The Reich
today discussed lhe efforts made in lhe
British house of commons to induce the
government of Great Britain io send a
lleet to Cronstadt.   It sayB:
"Whether tlie fleet comes or does not
come, tbe sympathy ot England and
the English wiih the struggle ot the
Russian democracy for constitutional
Institutions is already proved. The
same is true of Fiance. As regards
Germany, she la tlie solo supporter of
the old regime in Russia. Emperor
William prefers to maintain the sources
of weakness or the Russian state in
order to profit thereby. But Emperor
Nicholas should remember the danger
or outside Influence. It was the Duke
or Brunswick's threat to destroy Paris
it King Lonls was harmed, which forfeited the king's head."
Warsaw, Russian Poland, July C.���
The relgn'-.of crime and terrorism Is so
great here'that tbe police have decided
to resign. A few days ago, as a measure of protection, the system of police
beats wns abandoned and the liollce
were formed Into patrols for niulual
self-protection against bomb throwers
and anarchists. But this only made It
easier for the terrorists to shoot them.
The governor-general, when apprised of
the decision of the police to resign,
threatened to arrest and punish those
who fail"-! to appear for duly.       |
St. Petersburg, July 0.���During the
debate in the lower bouse of parliament
today on the Bialystok report, another
priest, Falher Arandsieff. a radical
member from the Don provinces, fierce-
ly denounced the policy of the governmenl, which he declared, instead of being directed to pacifying the country,
seemed to be deliberately provoking
anti-Jewish riots and every manner of
class and nice riots by the spread of
proclamations against the Jews and
Baioutn, Trans-Caucasia, July fi.���
The mutiny of tbe troops here is ended.
The ringleaders escaped, whereupon
their followers yielded and nre confined
in the fortress.
St. Petersburg, July C���Rioting occurred today among the employees of
ihe government printing office, where
the plates for the paper currency aro
engraved and printed. The men left
their work and went into the courtyard or the building singing the "Marseillaise." Gendarmes aud Cossacks
were summoned, and drove back the
demonstrators into the building, where.
after some parleying, they returned to
Interior Minister Stolypin hns removed General Kourloff, the governor
of Minsk.
General Kourlog was held lo be responsible for the anti-Jewish excesses
at Minsk In November last, and M. Ar-
akantseS, in the lower bouse of the
Russian parliament, urged that he be
Hied on that charge. The higher Russian authorities decided nol to prosecute the general.
List of Officials and Committees���James
Bays' Representatives  for
Senior Fours,
The following were named al last
night's meeting of tho boat club to
take charge of arrangements for the
rcattn of the II. P. A. A. O.:
Commodore���A. Whonller.
Vice-commodore���Dr, Hall.
Ensign���0.   Waterman.
Umpire���R. C. Hart.
SI alters���F. D. Arundel nnd L. B.
Judges���Captain Gore, A. H. Buchanan, W. 11. Kent.
Official timekeeper���A. Ker.
Entertainment ��� Messrs. Smyth,
Wrngge nnd Arundel.
Finance���Messrs. Fraser, Teagtto and
Wrngge. 1
Program���Messrs. Nolt. Mnnhnrt nnd
Course���Captain Goro, Messrs.  Hunter. Larson, Munhurt nnd Mclntosh.-
Decorulions���Messrs.     A.      Perrler,
Fatherlnghani, Hopkins, Heam, Bell.
Johnstone, Ledwell, H. Manhart, Pale-
nuude, Bell, Cummins, George Gore and
W. Davidson.
Reception���Messrs. H. Briggs, Buchan. deVeber, Beattie, Gillespie, Gibbs,
Procter, Robinson, Gillam, Kurtz, Leith,
Senile, McLean and Chief Deasy.
The crew that will represent Nelson
in the Junior four race will be composed
of: Archie Bishop, bow; R. Sharp, No.
2; N. Mcintosh, No. 3, and P. Nott,
stroke. The crew is lhe same as lhat
which wos only defeated at Portland
last year by an accident, except thut
Archie Bishop replaces Harry Bishop
at bow and is replaced by Mcintosh us
No. 3. Captain B>. C. Wrngge thinks Ihe
crew has an excellent chance of winning tlie junior championship.
Regatta programs will he published
early next. week, when entries from Victoria, Vancouver and Portland are received.
In the senior fours tlu. James Bays
will he represented by: Austin, bow;
Kennedy, No. 2; Jesse, No. 3; Donaldson, stroke.
Had Almost Reached the Scene of Operations.
Now York. July C���A despatch from
Seattle on July 3rd reported that the
police of that city, acting at the Instance of the German government, had
raided the house formerly occupied by-
August Rosenberg, a bricklayer, and
had found a plant for making bombs
and infernal machines. Rosenberg left
Seattle for Hamburg, Germany, on May
1st. At that time the German govei r-
ment received a warning from Seattle
that an attempt would be madel to assassinate the German emperor.
Altona, Prussia, July C.���An alleged
anarchist named Rosenberg, who is reported to have left Seattle, Washington, for Germany recently, was arrested here yesterday.'
London, July CJ
patch to a news a
archlst arrested P
named August R<    *
lted with having Wslgte
Emperor William.
ascribing the former's success to Meek-
el's Instructions. The emperor of Japan conferred the grand cross of the
Order of the Sacred Treasure on the
general after the battle.
Personnel Changes, but Policy Remains
the Same.
Madrid, July C���King Aipbonso today
sanctioned the appointment of the! following ministry to succeed the cabinet
beaded by Morley Prendergost, which
resigned yesterday:
Preimer and minister ofi war, Field
Marshal Lopez Domtngucz; minister of
foreign affairs, Senor Gallon; minister of the interior, Bernahe Davila;
minister of llnunce, Navarra Reverter;
minister of public works, Garcia Prieto;
minister of marine, Senor Alvarado;
minister of Instruction, Amalio Ctemen-
to; minister of justice, Count Romana-
Although the Moret cabinet disiip-
vears, the new ministry represents the
same general policy, coaslsting or prom-
inent men representing the various liberal groups In tbe senate and chamber
of deputies.
Municipalization the Safeguard Against
Rapacity and Exorbitance
of Combines.
Beginning Early.
Charlottetown, P. E. I., July 6.���
Queen's county Liberals here have nominated ex-Premier Warburton and
George Simpson as candidates for the
next house of commons elections.
Say British Policies Are Well Secured,
but Foreign Confidence Not
Yet Recovered.
London, July C���Paul Morton, president of the Equitable Life Assurance
Society, and Emery McCllutock. vice-
president of the Mutual Life Insurance
Company of New York, appeared today
before the select committee of the
house of lords on life insurance companies. Mr. Morton explained the
methods by which the Equitable was
conducted, and called attention to the
special provision made for the security
of British policy holders by the $500,000
deposit in' the Bank 01 England. He
considered that the investigations had
clearly shown the sound financial po-
.ition of the society, but he admitted
that confidence lu it had lieen restored
more in America than abroad.
German Socialists to Establish  Expensive  Schools.
Berlin, July C���The executive com-
miileo of the Socialist party has announced   lis  Intention    to establish n
partisan war school in ihe autumn with
the object ot preparing socialist youths
for public life hy leclures on national
economics, socialism, law, history, science, literature, the natural sciences
and debating exorcises.
The Voerwsrtz, the organ of the party, says thut no expense should bo
spared to curry out tho plan of thus
creating n body of well Informed
agents, adding (hat owing to the relch-
stag's decision to pay members of the
relchslag for their full services, It Is
not necessary for the Socialists to collect money lo pay their own members,
ns has hitherto beeu done, thus saving
$20.11(10 annually for the partisan war
New York, July C���Sir Joseph G.
Ward, K. C M. G., premier ot New Zealand, accompanied by Lady Ward and
his daughter, arrived her yesterday on
the While Star liner Majestic Sir Jo-
""ph is on his way-to New Zealand. He
:td his family have ben Invited by
e'f'Xo take luncheon
f! ��8 Mitt, jsier Bay. They
rly train for
__ ime to start
lonfgfil tor aatt r-'ranasco.
Sir Joseph was for many years postmaster-general of New Zealand, and
lately filled the important position of
minister of railways. He has been visiting In England, and attended the recent international postal congress at
Rome, He was asked yesterday what
action would be taken In New Zealand
if an ice trust Increased lhe price of the
commodity to consumers 10 get more
than a reasonable profit.   Ho said:
"The solution of that problem is simple. If any man or company should
buy up ull the Ice plants, control the
supply of Ice on hand, and, then push
up the price to consumers, we would
Immediately build ice plants and give
the people all the ice they wanted at a
small price and fair profit. We had a
similar condition to arisea t home in
the coal industry, and we put it down
When the question of the government
regulation of railroads and other great
aggregations of wealth which oppressed the masses was refererd to, Sir Joseph said the measures taken would
have to be drastic to be effective. He
suggested aa_ a remedy extensive publicity obtained by an Impartial and
thoroughly honest system ot investigation. Concerning the operation of railroads in New Zealand, the premier
"Wo have the largest per capita of
wealth in the world In New Zealand,
and we have proportionately the lowest rate of taxation. We have the
cheapest public utilities and probably
the most efficient. Our railroads haul
people cheaper lhan any in the world,
and nowhere are tbe railroads operated more economically. Whenever we
lind that any public; utility is earning
more than 3 1-2 [ier cent., wo reduce the
charges to the public."
German General Dies.
Berlin. July 6.���Major-General Meckel, formerly professor of military tactics In Japan, died today. He went to
Japan in 18SB, stayed there three years,
reorganized the Japanese army and
wrote ;i notod book on tactics. Fiold
Marshal Oyaniu, after the battle of
Mukden, telegraphed to Gem ml Meckel
Oyster Bay, July 6.���Sir Joseph
Ward, premier of New Zealand, took
luncheon witli President Roosevelt at
Sagamore Hill today. Before proceeding to the president's home. Sir Joseph
said lie was mosl interested with tho
president In lhe possibility of negotiating a reciprocity betweenj the (lulled
States and New Zealand.
Tbe latter country, he said, had a
surplus of wool and gum. New Zealand
could negotiate a treaty with the
United Slates, he said, without reference to the Hritish govonrment. and he
was prepared to take the ofllclol preliminary steps In tlutt matter, and was
anxious to do so before he leaves the
country. He said he should endeavor
to leave the matter in the hands of the
British embassy at Washington on his
departure from the country.
Price of Metals.
New York, July 6 ��� Silver, 04 5-8;
copper, 18; electrolytic copper stock,
18 1-IS1 IS 3-8;  lead, $5.75.
Ixmdon, July 5.���Silver, 29 16-ICd;
loud, Jtlli 10s; zinc, ��16 17s Gd.
Trains and  Steamers.
Crow boat���25 minutes late.
Slocan naln���On time.
Coast, Boundary und Rossland traiu
-On time.
Preston's Dismissal is to
be Delayed
Motion For Dismissal was Defeated
Rather Than Embarrass
A man finds that he can learn a great
If he doesn't " know too much;" and
something  from everybody and thing.
Ottawa, July C���On the fisheries -bill
Mr. Brodc-ur announced the Intention of
the government to proclaim Hudson
bay as a portion of Canada. Tbe Arctic
would leave for the bay In a week or
so, and it was the intention to patrol
the bay annually. Whalers would be
charged a license of fifty dollars.
Power in the senate sought to secure
an amendment of the Emigration Act
under which a feeble-minded child
could enter Canada when accompanied
by parents.
Scott said the bill would allow a government agent to exercise discretion.
The amendment was rejected by 24 to
Mr. Coultier, deputy postmaster-general, returned home yesterday after attending the international postal convention at Rome.
In the house on Wednesday, Lake
(Qu'Appelle) called attention to a report in the Regina Standard stating
that H. J. Moberley, who was convicted
of ballot-box stuffing, had been rewarded by the federal government by being
appointed an enumerator In northern
districts, thus furnishing* him the
unique opportunity of putting on the
lists fictitious names and covering np
his tracks in the matter ot ballot stuff
ing In the mushroom polling places in
the north.
Mr. Fisher couldn't say whether Moberley had been appointed or not He
had a list of the enumerators, but had
not looked at It. He prpomised to lay
It on the table of the house.
"If his name is there, will you dismiss him?" asked Mr. McLean. The
minister would not promise to do so.
Mr. Hughes drew attention to a cablegram to the effect that the Salvation Army was sending 10,000 emigrants
to South America. It was the duty ot
the government to divert the proposed
emigration from South America to this
Hon. Mr. Oliver replied that only
yesterday he had seen representatives
ou this vcr - matter, but they said the
people refer:--.' to were not as good a
class of settler^ as the army had sent
to Canada and hoped to send In the
future. They might do very well, however, in South America.
On motion for, supply, Mr. Monk
moved an amendment declaring that,
owing to facts brought out before the
public accounts and agriculture committee, and for other reasons, W. T. R.
Preston should no longer be continued
In the public service. Mr. Monk made
a powerful speech Justifying his motion.
Mr. Oliver's reply was weak. He
pleaded with him to wait for a little
while to see what the government will
do after full Investigation.
MacDonnell and Bristol read communications from trades and labor councils all over Canada urging Preston's
Vervllle (Labor Liberal) agreed with
the amendment, but would not vote for
or against It, as ho did not want to embarrass the government
Tint amendment was defeated by 84
to 39.
Tramway    Returns   for   Week Again
Above Expenditure.
The trnmway returns for the woek
ending Sunday, July 1st, were again
above expenses, amounting to $183.50.
The same week of last year was alsi ��� a
good one, with receipts of |174.i!0. The
gain for the week of this year ts therefore only 18.90.
The receipts for the year to date are
$2,493.90, against $2,U3��.20 for the first
six months of last year. But the average weekly earnings for the first six
months of last year were only t\i fraction over $100; for 1906 they are over
Tbe Inst two weeks have far exceeded the average. If the present rate Is
maintained for the balance of the year,
the deficit will be about $1,500, and the
city's share of It only $600.
Silver recovered two points on eaoh
metal market today. Lead and sine on
the London market have declined three
and two points respectively;
There Is nothing more eloquent than
silent industry.
���v '������  . The Daily Canadian
Crown Gem Jars, Pints per doz., $1.00
CrOWn Gem JarS, Quarts per doz.,     1.25
Crown Gem Jars, Half Gai. per doz., 1.50
Our stock lus just arrived. Secure
your requirements at tbese low prices
before lhc.3' arc all gone.
Putillshod rtirtkiyfl r woek by llio
Baker St., Nelson, B. 0,
BnbscrlptloQ rates. BO oontsa month delivered
in iin' oils, or ?.>.oo 11 year if Bent by until, when
paid iu advance,
Advertising rates on application.
All monies paid In setUomenl of The Daily
Canadian uccounts, etthor lot snbserlptlons or
advertising, musl bo receipted (or on the printed
forms of tho Company. uiIht rocolpts nre not
JULY   6,  I906.
������ By one word we are sometimes Judged to be
Win and i��y one word lomutlini-i Judged ti Le
foolish. Lotus tnerufore bo eareful whal we
Wo have on several occasions commented on the Brothler oasi- which is
now a familiar and even notorious one
throughoul the Dominion, but we revert
to it again because whai al Brsl appeared to BUggesI a miscarrage ol
justice lias, in the light of more recent
events, resulted in u conviction Lhal
tii ore has been Berious maladministration i" the departmenl of justice al
Ottawa, ir, as our special despatches
from Vancouver show, there was an attempt i') prevent the landing of the notorious criminal al Vancouver, after the
Blrenuous efforts that had been, put
forth by tlie provincial authorities to
Beeu re hi* return to Canada, and 11
these attempts were made under Instructions from Nit.' authorities al Ottawa, it i.s high time for the whole
country to arouse and demand an explanation fur this strange procedure
We do nol for a moment doubl tho correctness of the despatch, knowing as
we do the Bource from which it came,
ami we are the more readily moved to
resume a discussion of the affair be
cause of further knowledge thai the
whole department ot justioe in British
Columbia is Incensed thai Bteps should
have been taken to prevent the execution of lis concerted plans for Broth-
ler's recapture.
After weeks of unavoidable delay,
through Brothler's appeal to Washing-
ion for some Interference In his behalf, and afler a decision, both apparent
and real, that no help would be afforded
tbe Bcoundrel from that quarter, he waa
brought under police escort to the place
where his lirsl trial had boen held.
The eoasl papers Intimated thai on his
arrival there his landing was opposed
hy the Immigration agonl of Lho Do
minion government, bul they wen' sin
gularly reticent In as much as littlowaa
known ami probablj nothing suspected
���i., to iiit motives which prompted lhal
officer to act. it was learned only yesterday that ho had imperative instructions irom Ottawa lo prevent the land-
���Iiik of Brothler on the ground iimi tie
is an "undesirable alien,' the flrsl plea
oi the .son ihai has been made in any
case in Vancouver and as far as we recall in the whole of Canada.
Its  race  this would  seem  like a
Prminoii effort of some high official
'pi'otec Brothler Irom the rigors of
tho law. ami until some explanation ol
ihis extraordinary case la forthcoming
there will lurk in the minds of the Justioe loving people of Canada a suspicion
that criminal procedure is losing : >me
of the tone and character which has
made ihis country an undesirable Held
for criminal operations.
Tho clly of Vancouver, in which
Brothier was arrested, is not noted for
Mr prudlshneas In the matter of morality, a fair degree of liberty being the
privilege allowed every one who lives
within Its limits. No man who has a
right to live   anywhere    can Consldor
himself oppressed in lhat city, though
there are many arrests for petty offences, nm the case of Brothier was one
so uncommonly rank and disgusting
that special efforts were made by the
police to acquaint themselves with his
behavior. Tlie result wus that he was
arraigned on a combination of lhe vilest
charges upon which anyone has ever
appeared in a criminal docket in Canada. The remainder of the story is
familiar, the charges were not all pressed conviction was Instant, sentences
were made lo run concurrently and yet
alter less (ban) a third of his term ot
penal servitude he Is pardoned oul under the general Clemency Act. and no
oni appears lo know why. Was there
any douht as to his guilt? was there any
limit to the feelings of disgust lhat such
a creature could come lo Ihis province
ami play his damnable arts? Did anyone
breathe less freely for the virtue and
innocence of the pure when he was
sentenced? Did the trial judge recommend him for clemency? Was any petition for mercy forwarded in his behalf? Were the ordinary methods of
procedure followed in order to procure
iiis release? To each and every one ol
these Questions an emphatic negative
answer must be recorded. And yet, aciing under instructions, an agent of the
Ottawa authorities lakes sleps lo prevent his re-eommlltal for trial, or even
his recovery by the officers of the law.
Hy what manner or means has Ihis
transpired? Who has a pull, and how
can ther be such a pull withl those in
tlit high and responsible positions in
the gift id' the country? Are there any
secrets behind Ihis strange affair? li
bo, the country will want to know them
now, or we will blush for a long time to
come at our boasted flawless justice.
This Is by no means a political question, though we have noticed thai few
of the Liberal papers, make any reference to the unfortunate affair. Lei ii
he kept out of lhe sphere of polities
unless ii \ti already in it, and if il is.
hi it be lifted out at once and placed on
a fooling where our boosted equality ot
rights may be sustained. We feel the
more keenly upon the subject because
In this very cily there languishes in
gaol one who has been favorably recommended to mercy, und whose pardon
has been petitioned for, but withoul
The Bister city of Itossland, which
had no official celebration on Dominion
May nr tor July 4Hi for Its American
citizens, is advertising a union celebration and summer carnival In Ihe middle
of this month. It is the genius of u
cily  io have a  local celebration    of
some soil, and however much citizens
may appreciate a trip away from home
to Join iu the festivities of some other
place, the spirit of loyally requires that
some official recognition be given   to
passing events by local attention.
Itossland has wisely covered the ground
by its proposal to bold a union affair,
aad ihe program arranged for lhe dales
advertised is one which will sustain
and probably add to Kossland's reputation for sport iveness.
Ii is pleasing to note the lone of confidence which prevails In the mining
circles of thfct city, and to learn thai
the business Interests of the largest
mining camp in Hritish Columbia aro
steadily prospering, it is equally gratifying to know that what was once the
centre of disputes and conflicts between managers and men, ami even between the workers themselves, Is now
a place of practical harmony. The citizens are acquiring their own properties
and the town is taking on the nature of
a   more settled and permanent     pla
rather than of a frontier and    plone
town, as such  places must always
for a time at the start.
The citizens of Nelson will rejoice
the prosperity of our nearest lar
neighbor. While there is little In CO
mini between the business Interests
the two places, both arc British Colu
bla towns, and ihey will vie with ea
other In the building of a national s<
tlment which In a short time will ma
all It. C. towns thoroughly patriotic
spirit. We wish the carnival every bi
The directors of Nelson's annual ag-
rlcultural exhibition are taking time by
tlie forelock and making extensive prep
arations to but puss all previous refolds in the excellence of thi ir tall fair
this year. The business of managing
an exhibition is one like every other,
aud experience teaches more readily
than theory how such success can be
achieved, wiih the Increasing Interest
abroad which is centering in and
around Nelson as an agricultural and
horticultural paradise, there should bo
fascinating work for the Agricultural
Society ahead. There can lie no doubt
ihat judicious advertising in the North-
west and in the East will bring to this
section a large number of people this
fall who will have been attracted by
the reports of Uio rich fruit lands thai
surround this vicinity. Every effort
should be made in secure suitable < x-
curslon rates from the C. P, It. and (.!,
N, K. from points as far easl as Montreal and as far south as Si. Louis. A
judiciously advertised railway excursion is iu Itself suggestive, and when
there is added to it ihe feature oi a
unique exhibit, it will be still more attractive io strangers. We believe the
directors of the society are already negotiating for satisfactory rates, and
have no doubt that this year will rival
all previous ones in the character, va
riety ami success of the exhibit
The fat supplements being handed
out nowadays hy Ihe Liberal weeklies
indicates that Ihey think something] is
about to happen politically. It one out
of a thousand of ihem is read, ii will
he a wonder.���Phoenix Pioneer,
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Frart, Fuel
& Poultry Co., Ltd.
tlTT^T"',.^", y--^vvM��*ssBi
fi.,:.! liiirt f.s**3fcts .
Deliveries mad.-' daily throughout Nelson
nnd its snlmrhs. Phone 14H.
Notice ii hen by kIvpo that HO flays after data I
Intend ti njiriy lo tin- Honorable tbo Chltd
Commissioner of Land* and Worki for pormls-
hfon lo purchase the followtug daiorlbod lands,
pioiiiii-a in slocan Dlsfilct. Commn-m tug nt
north east coin rpoal ni lot 88 o, theuco running N'-niii sooIimIqr, theuce east 80ohalna. theuco
north 40 chains, tlienco wesi so chalna loC. I', h.
right-of-way, h.iiowinj; same ninth west to a
pi'ini tnlen'opllUR north lino of U>t8ft&), Lhctiee
eost to point of comnteneciueoti containing nn
acres more or loss.
May 80th 1906.
0, h. Ganbnkh
Notice is horoby given that BO days after date I
I ii tend totipplv in I Im' HoijoraU.- lho Clllof Corn-
mlsBionornf Unds and Works tor permission lo
purolinao in- following do-orlhed Unds situated Pi tio> Kootenay in-nici. Hog] mi Ing hi r
post planted on tbe noriii slum' of iin- Uwor
Arrow   Ukr nli.nil   In cliniiiN  west   of  Hit-  west
boundary of C i\ k Lol IB93, Marked ll. a w.
s K. corner, tbonoo west in chains, tlienco norih
00 chains, tlienco oust 80 chains more or \t>_�� to
lake .-loo,', llieiica In n south westerly direction
along lake shore lo point nf commencement, contain fir�� I'mi tier s moiv or le*i.
Lni'iiii'il Ji H8, 1000,
If. A. Wnl.VKItToN.
A. N. Woi.VSHtON, Agent.
Notice is hereby given that iwo monMis after
date I liii"int to apply to tin- Honorable Chief
Commissioner of Unds and Works fornormts
tion to nn chase sis hundred nml forty (Mo)
acres of land, desorlbod as follows: Commencing
nt a j.o-i planted at Die northwest corner ol I.
Unllaghcr's application m purchase in fire Valley, on tho wesi hide of Lover Ar ow Uko, in
Kontonaydistrict, marked "W.A.C's N.K.corner"; thaiico running eighty fWj chains west:
Ihence eighty  (*') soalh;   then ighty <m)
i-haiim .-an; thunco elglily (juj ohalna norlh u>
place of oommoncoinont.
W. A. CiM-KR,
I "I  111"   'll'l fill V n|     \|,n|. I'M',
Nolle.' Ih h't-i'iiv Kh't'ii tlini two monMis itfti'r
dale I intend to apply tn tin- Honorable Chief
Commissioner of I.. .... .,, i Works for nonnls
Hon io purchase six hundred nml forty fWO)
acroa of land, described in follows i Commencing
nt a i-om plant..i f.t ii,,- uorihwcsl corner or
UOallaghor's application to purchase, marked,
"D. ��, uac'iaouthcosi corner1') running thenoe
eighiy mn) ehiihiK west; thence eighty On) chains
north; thonco eighty <*�� ohalni castl thonco
eighty (80) chains south t.. lho place ol com-
menct mt,containing sis hundred and forty
(i.lii) iien-h, more i.r le.*H,
Dated the Snd ol April, 1000.
ll. A. MCClH.UKJH,
VV- a. Calurh, Agent.
Not lie in htirei.y given lhal 00 days after date I
llltellil  lo Nlilke ll|>I>Meall<itl In till- 111 i||,.l it Mr the
Chief C Isstonorof Unds and works for por
mission to purchase Lho fidiowing Ascribed
lands: Cnoimonotngal n post marked a. w Gal-
tier'* hoiiitie'Ht corner,section 12,Township HO,
rnnnlng east Iwenly chains, south forty chalm,
went twenty chains, ninth forty ohalus la place
of eoliillli'llet ment.
  .ions Bangs
Noi lee is hereby given that 80 daya after dale I
intetiil io make application iodic ' unorablo ihe
Chlo flommta I mor of Landi and Works for nor
mission n> purehiiBo tho following descrlbeil
hinds: t'oiioneiiciiitf nt n post planted at the
oorthwoil corner of 'tabic ������ cCandlMis'application' to nurehoio In Plro valley, marked "K. m
Mc N. K. corner," running n ihalns west, 40
chain.- south, i" uhalns cast, 40 chaini north to
place of (omtiielieemciil,
K. M. Mi'f'Avi.MNU, Urator.
W. A. OAI.OS i, Agent.
July 2nd, 1900.
Notice is hereby given thai 00 days from date I
Intend to apply lo the Bonoiablq too Cblel Commissioner ol Unds and Works, ror uerml sion io
purchase tho following described lauus, situate
hi the mouthof ttutohiion creek on the Aimw
Lakes In tbo Weal Kootenay District. AboutSO
hit.- of Und; enmniencing ��( a post marked
W. H. 1'. B, W. pimi, ihcnce north 10 chains, Ihence easl 30 chalna, thenoe smith io chains, thenoe
wesi 20 ohalus to polnl of
Pat. '
.ii'tniliiK to ImOil of eoiinmiei
d this 4th day of June 1906.
William Harry Peters.
William j. T.-i i    >.;km
Notion u hereby given tbat 00 days from date I
Intend to apply io tbe nonnrabl the Chief Commissioner ol Lands and Units, for permission lo
purchase 100 acres of land at Van Hoaten creek
In ihe Arrow Ukes in the West Kootenay IMh-
triei. Starting from a post marked A '. L N w.
pohi. thenee in ch��inn east, thenee 10 chains
south, theuce 10 chalus veil, thence lo chains
uorii, in point of commencement
Dated this lib d��y of .lime 1900.
Arthur John loso,
William .i Tovb, Agent.
Nol lee |s licreriy y\v-u that 00 days alter date
wo Intend to apoiy to Ibe Honorable the Chief
Commissioner of Unds and Works at Victoria.
B C. for permission Lo purchase ihe follow hir
ducrlbea lands, sltnato In West Kootenay district, coiuiii' nelng al a posl plan tod ai Tbomos
Jerome's N R posl, ami marked I'eicr i-c-ell
ami a Choquette n. vv. Corner; thonce 20 chains
oasi thence -A) chains south, thenoe W chains
west, thence20 eh tins north to the oommeneing
post, Containing in acres mure or less.
Dated May 26,
Prtbr Dribij.
W, a. Jones, Agent
Notice is hereby given thai sixty days afterdate
I inlcnd io apply to the Honorable the Cblel
Commissioner of Unds and Works, Victoria, tor
permission In purchaao the following described
[ami- in West Kootenay. Commencing ai a po*l
marked Kdgar W, i ynes south wesl cojuer near
to Oiirnet .-reek ami about 2 miles smith of Mos-
nultoeieok ami ai.oni ���! miles west of Columbia
Klver; thenco north BO chalna, ihcnce oasi 40
chains, tbence south w chain-, thence west in
chains to place of commencement, containing
B20 acres, being the same more or less.
Haled June-I, 1'fOC.
Eihiak W. DYNW.
V. 1'VNEh Agent.
Notice is hereby given ihat 60 days niter dale I
Intend t�� make application to ihe Honorable the
Chief t'ommlasiouer of Landsand Work- terror-
ino.-ltiii to purchase the following described
lam la: Commeneing at a posl placed on Ihe cast
.shore ot Lower Arrow Lake, nd Joining J. Bates'
pre-emption on tbo southwosl marked "T w.'s
N. W.ih rnerpost."  Thenee runnlug mi chaltig
easl; thence Ho chaina isonth; thenee BOchaltU,
more or leas, weal to the lake shore; thence following lak-* shore io point <>f commoncemeut,
coin fining i-In acres, more or less.
Tims Kinaii.in.
Dana this 7th dav of June, 1906.
Noiiee is hereby given tliHttnj day* an r date I
intend to make application to the Honorable tbe
chief Commissioner of Unds and Works for permission lt> purchase the follow ing described
lands: Commencing at h post placed on ihe
northeast corner of r Klnanan's Application to
Purchase.marked "if. T 's ccnerpost." running
mi chains ea-i: tbence 80 chains south j thence *i
chains wesi; thence following 1 Kinaban's eastern boumtay to  point of eononcnt't-ineiit, cou-
taining 610 aores, mor*, or less.
Hannah Tikiinkv,
Hated Ibis 7th day of lune, l'-tNi.
Notice is bereby given thut 60 day* after 'late I
Intend to male appl cation io iho Honorable the
Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for permission to purchase lho following described
lands; Commencing at a post placed at tho in-
te section of the eaat boundary of J Bates' preemption ami the north boundary of T Kinaban's
Application lo Purchase, marked"T, K.Jr's ���< w.
comer posl "   Th-lH'e following J. Hates'eastern
boundary, t" ohalni north] Ihence 8o ohalna east!
thence W chains la thr- no thern boundary ot
iiiuinah ifemey's Application lo Purchase]
ihence following tho northerly boundary of same
nml northerly boundary of T Klnahan's Appii-
inHon <<��� Purebaae, to pot i of commencement)
containing 820 acres, more or less.
T. KinaIIas, Jit.
Haled this 7th day of June. l!n*..
Notice is herby givt-n that lihlcnil.l-n .lavs
afler .late to apply lo lhe Chief OommlUlOUer of
I ami- ami Winks for permission to purebaae tho
i . towing described lauds situate al Pire \ alley,
Koolenay district Commencing at a post (marked (Jeorge Young -North west corner) placed at
lhe norlh west corner of section 28 township 69:
ihence eaal 80 ehalns to the north east corner of
said section 28] theuce south 40 chains, thence
west SO chain-1. Ihence  north  W chains  to  the
place of twinning, containing -iw aores, and
being the northerly half of caid section -'��, township 69.
Hated at Nelson, B. C. June .Mb 1900
Gbobqb Youno.
Notice is hero I
after date, to appl.
Lands and Works for i
the follow lug described
\ alley,   Koolenay   Ulstn
n iimi ] intend, mi days
I f (
-ion iii purobase
Hurtle nt Pire
inieiieiiig at a
Ibea-t cruel)
placed al tbo north eaat corner nf section 82,
township ti:"; thence south 80 ehalns lo the south
cast corner of s:tii| section 82; tbence west -W
i halns, ihence north ni ohalnB, and thence east
in chains in tin- p'at-e nf beginning, containing
820 acres, ami being Ihe easterly half of snid section 82, to* nshlpO'J,
Dated at Nelson, B. C, June6th HKMJ.
Qboroh Youno.
Notice Is hereby given Hint I Intend til) -h,v,
after dale to applv in the chief Commissioner of
Lands aud ^orks ror permission to purchaao
the following described lands, situate at Fire
Valley, Kootenay iMatrlct. t'ojimcnolng ai a
post fmarked I. Gallagher south west corner)
placed "i the south wesl corner of soollon 8a,
township69 ihence north Ul Chains to the norlh
west enrner of said section 88] thenee easl 10
chains,  ihcnce  south ho chains   to   lhe   south
t dary of said section 88, and Ihence west 40
chains to the place of beginning Containing 820
aeres. ami being tbe westerly ball uf sulri section 8.1, township 00.
Datod ai Nelson, H 0, June 6th I906.
  h. QAI.I.AQirBR,
Notice Is horoby given tbat I Intend, 60 days
afier dato io apply io th,- Chief Commissioner of
Lands ami Works for permission lo purchaao lhe
following described lands ami premises, situate
at Kire valley. Kootenay District   Commencing
at a post (marked P. H. u'Ci or m.rih ea-d corner) placed ai the north east oorUel of Bee I toll
W| township6Bj thenee south -iii chain-, ihence
west in chains, ihcnce north III i-halni <���> the
northerly i>.ooi.i-iry of said section 21; ami ihon-
no easl in chains to ihe piece of beginning, containing L'" acres, ami bolng the imrih easl one-
rjuarter ol said section '-'i wu nshfp60.
Nelson, it. 0. Juno 6th IWfl.
P. ff. O'COKHOR,
 QknitoB Voini;, Agent.
Notice Is horoby given (bat 00 davs from date
I inicml to apply u> ihe Honorable ihe Chlel
Commissioner of I. Isnnd Woiks for pcrmls-
ifoii to purchase ihe following described lands,
in iho West Kooienaj Dlstrlot, casi side of Columbia Itlvor,aboul B miles uorih of iturton City.
Commencing at a posl mnrkid Leu M Winters
h w. corner, Hi ihe N. W. corner of It, U, Smith's
preomptlon claim, thence north 40 chain* mora
or less to the south boundarj oi Miles Carroll's
preomptlon claim, thence oasi sn chains, thence
.oiitb iiichaiii- more ni teas lo the North boundary of n. n Smith's preemption claim, Ihence
west :'o cbalm to point oi commcncem-ni; eon��
lalnlng 80 aorei more or loss,
Haled this Snd day or June, 1006,
l.KO M. WlNIKJt.
ItAI.I'lt Hl.YK. Agent,
Notice IB hereby given lhalslxlv (00) days aflei
dale   I   Ihleml   lo   apply    In   lhe 'llntM.iaiih'   lhe
Chief  Commissi r of   Lamls and   Works (,,r
pcrralBslon to purchase ihe following described
tract of land; situate al Queens' liav mi ihe wosl
shore.>f Koolenay Lake in the District of Wesl
koolenay, Province d! Hritish Cniumidu ami
coin,lining hy admcasuremenl 194.186 acres he
the same  inure or less,  which   parcel   iniiv   he
more parlloularly dose r I bod as follows, t'om-
mencing ix.ini on tbo westerly boundary nf
L. 7080 0. I Wesl   Koolenay  DlslrJel,  being '||���.
south cast corner ..f L 68040. I; thoncewoslorly
following tho southerly boundaryof L. 6881 a i,
80Challll mure ur less in lhe sonth west corner of Hiti>I Lot 0894 o, i; ihence astronomic
s h 40 chains more or less to the northerly boundary i f D. It, flallooh's Application lo
Purchase; thence casierly  following  lhe  north
erly boundary of said i>. It. Balloch's Appifcaiion
to  Purchase M.872 chain.-  more  or  less  to  the
shore of Queens' Bay] ihence following the slim-
oHllynftbcsaltlshi.rcliia nor sterlv direction 70 ehalns more or less lo tbe SOU til west curlier of said Lol70800,1] ihence northorly following the wesicrly boundary of said Lot 1em Q. i,
1,008 chains nmre or less to polnl  of c ici	
men I.
Dated June lfi, looo.
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Notice is hereby givon ihat I inlcnd, (*\ flays
utter date, lo apply to tbe riilet Commissioner of
Lands ami Works foi permission io purobase the
following descilbcd lands, situate at Kire Valley,
Kootenay District. Commencing at a poit (mat*-
ed I'. H- O'Connor south ni-t corner] placed a(
tbe north east i orner or section 83, lownship M;
thence wesl n�� chains, theuco norih nu chains,
thenee east -IO < lutins. ami theOCO south Hii chains
io tlu- place ol beginning, containing SsO acres.
Dated at Nelson, B. C. June '.Ih 1906.
Uroror Voi m., Agent.
Notice is hereby given that no days rrom data i
intend imippM to ihe Honorable tlie Chief Com*
misslnnerol Lends snd Works (or permission lo
pur. hase the followiiut described lands. Ill the
West Kootenay Pis trie I Hand Island, in the
Columbia Klver about 4 miles north nf Burton
Cily; all of said Island above hit'll water, being
10 aores more or less.
Dated this 1st Day of June, 1908.
Kk.*.nk Norton
t. c Makiwsqn, Agent.
Sixty davs afler dale I  Intend W apply to the
Commissioner of Landi and Works. Victoria, to
purchase 160 acres of laud.  Com mom iur ai s
post pi mi led on the West shore of Arrow Ijikc. it!
[he south cast corner of J.J Christie's purchase,
running norih mi chains, thence easl 20 chains,
thence south SOchains, thence wesl 80 chains to
place of commencement.
Located May, Mh WOO,
A. CAltltlK.
L. liAi.l.AriUKH. Ua-ator.
Notice is hereby given iiiai 00days from date I
intend to apply to the Honorable the Commli
Blaner or  Lands ami   Works  for  |>ermis.Hloii   to
purohanc the followlog dew rl hod lands, situate
In the Wesl Kootenay District. Htariinc from a
posl markorl William Krnesi Davison's & K, poil
nboni two mill s .-hm of Deer park on lho Arrow
Lake-ihem.- lOclialUI   south, theliee  -ti. challlR
west, thence 10 chalna north, thenco east to point
of commencement, containing about 100 aores.
Dated this hi), ilay of June, 1900.
W M.l.iam  Krnkst DlVIIOK.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office:   Toronto.
CAPITAL PAID DP....$8,000,000 RUST fn.imcM
D. K. WILKIK. Hnuiili-iit, HON. ROBERT .IAFFKAY. ViiM'I'n-Mrli-nl
Branches in British Columbia:
3ROOK,   VANCOCVl'.U.   VK1'
���ii nmi IntarMt allowed nt omxanl ttttt froi
NBUSON BRANCH .1.    M.    LAY,   Allin.ijjuP.
r),.|H)��its raoelTod nml Intarsit allowed nt otmanl ntei from date ��t opantai��
rnuiit mui oredlted balf-yearl*',
Kotlco i�� hereby civni u,���i im aaya ��fi,-r <f���i,. i
Intend to apply id lhe I rabli l&o Chlol Com-
mlssloner ol i.nini-���ini VVorki for pormlHlon u>
nurcliBso in,. lollowltiK ileserfbeO fatt.lt. In Use
wesl Kootenay ulstrlefi cammenolUR ���i ,, posl
nmrl,,.��l  "Nntltnulel  Melntyre's 8. K. corner,"
pliini,',| mi 11><- west slile of tlte Col l,i��� Itlv.r,
almttl 7 lllllos mirlh .,1 BitrtonCity.ttnil Hiirlmin.
north of tlte sontli-woit cornor of Lol H78, tlienco
innil, ni chains, tltcnce west sn chains, thei	
sonth ni chains, thonce eaal ni chains to point ol
...in in,'i,<-,',,,<'ni. containing WO aorei.
inn,-.I mis lath day of Juno, limn.
T. t'. Maklnson, Agent.
Null,,- is hereby givon that 00 days alter dato I
ini.ni,l toapply i" il,.' fl.'iinn,l,I.-ih,' eni.'I Commissioner ol Unds ami Works lor permission lo
purchase Hi,' fallowing described Intnl.: Com-
monolng  ut n |,.,-l lil��� 1 <<��� tlie li.nlli-l,,,r,. ,,f
Ilm west arm ol Koolenay Uko, hi Ut,. northeaal
cornor ol John etranks1 pro-cmptlon, thei	
west in ,'lniiits, mora ,.r loss, to llio routl si
cornor ���l 1^,1 No.7405, tltcllc ttlt .Ocllalna,
Ihcnce easl In ohalni more ot less, thonce norlh
in chains to lho pniin "f commoneemonl.
Dated Juno 18th, 1900,
  (). B. Ari'i.KTtis.
Noli,.,' I. hereby given ii,���i 00 days aii,-t date I
inli-ii'l toapply to lho Hon, rsble lit,- Chief Commissioner ,,( I,',n,In an,i Works f..r i" rmlsslon t,,
pnrehsse tbo lollov/tng described i���n,i-, sltuaied
in the district of w.'st Koolenay, adjoining lol
700 mi the Wosl arm ol Ro nay Uke, commencing al an inniHi posl pla I al Hi,- pt.ntfi'
wosl corner of l.���t "iin: iheueo nmth :st chains,
tiii-iiic west 10chains,thenco south mi ehalns,
thonco i-tiHt lu chiiiii* to pofntol oontmeuci ment.
llatcl Kay28, U06,
 Jam. Kh\/kii
Hixiy days after dale i Intend In applv lo tho
commissioner ol Unds and Works, Victoria In
purolmsciMOai res,,i l.m.l sllualenml doscrlhed
as follows   c louring ���t ��� posl pianti-,1 on
 ensl shoi f Ani.ii' iak,' opposite Kdgawood
Unding nt i Hi weal cornor of James
ll-Hll.y. |'Hmil 1   imnUil   p, i,.   N   W.
cornori llionco ���t,t 00 chains, thei  iniilh m
chains, ii,- west00chains lo tne ink,, shnro,
llti'iiii'mirtlt ttliitiK  the Ink,   Blioro  In |,|��� f
Juno Mtli imn.
P.  I.AM'lNT.
��. Cai.i.kii, I uiiir.
Nnili',' is horoby given thai 00 days aftor dale I
Intend lo apply lo Iho Hi ta llio Chlol Com-
miss oner of landsand Works [or permission tn
inirt'lnisii tho tnllmvlna di'si'i ll.i'.l lamls commeneing ,it ii |,,,si marked w it Mc. h. ic. corner
Idunifd ui tin- N ��', enrner nl w A, Cslder's
prc-omptlon m Piro Valloy, runulng 80 ohalna
north, in chains wosl, 80 chains south, lo chalna
ensl in place ol commencement.
W, it. UcCaxntisii, Umuor
W. A.fAI.nKIt, A|t,.|,t.
June 20Hi,llioo.
N'nllrels bondiy given Hull no davs afler dale j
i ml to apply lb The n��� ablo tho Chief c	
miss oner ol Unds I Works (or permission to
mirohaso the lollowlnj dosorl i'landsiS ilm
\\,'s   Kootenay dlairloti Cot nclngatanort
raarkod M. MoO.N K cornor,  toil "'V ,,   ���
ititiili .,1 il,,. h. w corner ol �� a. Calditr's nru"
empllon in Elro Valloy, running lOchnlns sonth
lililiiillis nest, I'li'lntlns lint Hi. t'l, I,,, i n . ,.���si |0
place of I'lilnineiifi'ini'til
Maiii.k MrC,,M,i,|,it, lacalor
.    , ^    A. I'Al.llKII, Ae,'lit
.Iniie'Jlllli.llHSl. "
Noiloo is hereby given that 110 day. aflordata i
Inlcnd t��� apply lo tho llonotoblo th! Ohlof Com
mis ernf l.i ���  IVorkefot perml".foi   ta
imii'iitis,' iii,. lollnwltiu dosorlbod l���,,    .    ���
lnthoWo.1 Kootenay, IWlol: Con ,.,.'i J'   '
lin-l  marked   M. MoO, B. w. cot    nlanio    in
chalnrwoll "f I., 0, Mnr, Is I in,���bwostenr ., ?
o   liis'ei'invi, gr i land in Hir" Vailov r n
lllng  in I'li.Hus  t, Ul,'I,,,!,,, nru,   |    .i,r,'   ���
wesi, inolialn.soul I,,,,.uicommeZomtnt!
.\i HmUnomw, Looaior,
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Juno 20th, aooo. "genu
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Head Office: Nelson, B.C.
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K. .1. OOYL1C, .1. B, OAUTKlt
A.H.l'.A., Vancouver. ''-'-A', Nolson,
Maxwell    Smith.    Dominion    Inspector,
Poises Work of  Provincial
The quarterly meeting of the British
Columbia Fruit firowera' Assuciatlun,
held in Nelson yesteniuy, was divided
Into twu parlH. In the afternoon a demonstration of pruniiiK nnd caring for
fruit trees was given In the orchard of
J. A. Keller, Falrview, by T. A. Bry-
In tin.' evening a meeting was held
in the hoard of trade rooms, at which
Uiree short practical and helplu] addresses were given hy the visiting experts on subjects nf primary Importance
lo Iruit growers, especially to beginners.
Maxwell Smilh, Dominion fruit inspector, took occasion io praise very
warmly the work done by the British
Columbia govemmeui in euc-ourjMjfing
the industry and assisting so liberally
in advertising il abroad.
The meeting was called about. 8:110,
wllh tlie president, James Johnstone,
in the chair and about 30 members
II. H. ('roasdaile rose and asked that
a general meeting oi' the Kootenay association* be held al an early date to
consider matters Of Urgent importance.
He offered to prepare a requisition if
iu cessary.
The president explained that it wns
huni lo get a meeting at this season
unless lor a spci ial purpose.
Mr. Croasdalle stated that the question, of labor was a vital one. Many
ranchers refused to plant strawberries
on account of the uncertainty of labor,
lie promised to put in a luquesfto the
Mr. Johnstone then inlroduced T. A.
Brydon. president of the provincial association, remarking that the attendance was remarkably good considering
that the farmers were now in the middle of theh- busiest season.
Mr. Brydon spoke hrielly of the objects ami privileges of the provincial
association, staling its chief aim to be
assistance to beginners. He then proceeded to speak of planting, and especially of preparation for planting. lie
advocated thorough cultivation of soil,
oi failing that, cultivation of strips for
rows of trees. He advised fall planting
If all conditions of soil and moisture
were good; otherwise spring planting
was safer. He recommended ileal ing
with tlie nearest nurseries and constam
reference to ihe experience of successful neighbors.
Young nursery stock, he said, should
be very carefully handled, and the roots
well protected from frost and from
bruising, Care, however, need not Imply slowness. The roots should be
cleaned; holes for planting should be
about four feet in diameter aud la
Inches deep, with good soil above,
(irmly pressed down.
Prevailing winds should be studied,
and the trees leaning to windward,
with the longest branches on that side.
Cuts in pruning should he on the side
away from the sun. One-year-old trees
were, he thought, the best.
In reply to questions of H. E, Croasdalle, Mr. Brydon advised planting
cherry trees in the fall. He declined
to offer any advice about peaches.
Keferring to the question of pruning
and the afternoon's work, he said:
"You ate not pruning halt enough. You
are spoiling your trees. They are grow-
ing far out, with long, thin branches
lhat cannot carry fruit. Planting year-
old trees, you should be masters of the
situation. Cut them down and carefully select the branches you will let grow.
Your branches do not taper: they are
too straight, and therefore weak. Keep
your trees low. Do most of jour work
from the ground; attend to convenience, to the health of the trees, and
to light and air. Keep the pyramidal
form of the tree. Don't waste the
strength of your tree on unnecessary
branches.    Prune thoroughly in June.
"Your iruit has made a record In tho
world's market, and the responsibility
of maintaining it lies wiih yen. You
can grow  the  linest  fruit."
A Question of Mr. Johnstone's was
answered by advice not to pinch off all
branches, hut to wait for winter pruning when possible.
Mr. Brydon also warned ngafnsl overburdening. He said: "Some of you
are growing four apples where you
should have one. Thai cannot last.
It will exhaust the tree. You will gain
in Ihe long run by reducing lhe output
J. C. Metcalfe spoke on Hie cultivation of small frulls. IB- though! Nelson's OUtpUl remarkable for the short
lime the ranches had been in. hearing.
He strongly advised the cultivation of
rhubarb as an easy and very profitable
crop, easily handled and always In demand. Rich soil Is the only requirement.
On the subject of strawberries ho
said: "Work your soil well. Get a flno
surface and keep il" He discussed
the various methods of planting, recommending the hedgerow system or
Ihe hill system. The distance between
plants should vary Irom 16 t��> 88 inches,
according lo variety,
He advised careful choice of Shipping
berries for outside markets, the Albany
being generally suitable.
Ho advised mulching with hay or
straw at the first sign of frost. Fern
would do. he replied to Mr. CroaBdalle,
If il did nol dry up, but was useless for
enriching tho soil.
He urged careful supervision of tho
picking and an ample supply of labor
In Ihe Held.
New plants should be taken from a
special propagation bed. Plants tiro
exhausted by one crop, and should not
In- kept In bearing1 therealler, ns the
fruit deteriorates and the soil Is Impoverished.
Raspberry  cultivation, Mr.  Metcalfe
described as very easy and profitable,
especially the Culhbert. He recommended 3 1-2 feet between hills and C
feet between rows. He advised removal of canes each fall.
The only cure he knew for berry
pests was cutting out and burning.
Many of Mr. Metcalfe's statements were
in reply to questions by John Hyslop.
A new berry, the Logan, was next
dealt with, a cross between the raspberry and cane blackberry. It Is, Mr
Metcalfe said, a popular and profitable
berry, but not a good shipper. The
Burbank, a cross between the laspher
ry and evergreen blackberry, is smaller, but a better shipper. Cane blackberries, Snyders, Laughtons, Eries and
Taylors were also recommended, though
I.aughtons arc subject to pests. Evergreen blackberries are the most productive of all, and rows should be planted
about 30 feet apart.
Currants, gooseberries and black-
hemes were dealt with briefly, the bush
form being recommended.
In conclusion Mr. Metcalfe slrongly
advised adherence to a few good varieties for the sake of the markets. To
Mr. Croasdaile he said that the Northwest would never raise fruit in a commercial way.
Maxwell Smith, who was Introduced
as "our old and valued friend," was
heartily cheered as he rose. He Indulged for a few minutes in reminiscent gratululion at the realization of
his predictions as to Kootenay fruit
growing, which were laughed at everywhere as late as fours years ago. He
was still surprised at the rapidity of
the development and the great, spread
of the "fruit-growing fever."    He said:
"The greater the supply the greater
the demand and the better prices." Ho
thought that the prairie provinces
would always he the chief, and a perfectly satisfactory, market tor British
Columbia fruit, which has already displaced there the product of all other
In reply to James Johnstone's reminder that London merchants wanted to
tr.ke more than Kootenay could ship,
Mr. Smith said: "I'm glad to hear it.
Those exhibits in London are the best
possible advertisement. The provincial government is entitled to the greatest credit for il."
Continuing, he told of his own efforts
to persuade the prairie province people
ihat British Columbia fruit was equal
to that of Ontario. It was a shipment
by T. Sterling, of Kelowna, to England
that first convinced them of ihe fact.
On orchard cultivation Mr. Smith advised thorough clearing away of rocks
und stumps and deep cultivation to
form a receptacle for moisture. He
strongly recommended ploughing tho
sub-soiland pulverizing the soil as per-
iectly as possible to preserve soil moisture, which increases in proportion as
the solid panicles of sand or loam aro
broken up,
In reply to Mr. Croasdaile Mr. Smith
said that irrigation certainly affected
flavor, but not necessarily unfavorably. He added: "I am not yet conduced that even your favored district
will not yet need irrigation. There,
are enterprising real estate agents in
Okanagan valley who are taking in
suckers every day hy telling them irrigation Is not needed on slopes where
water can hardly be goi."
He advised cutting of cherry trees to
check the growth ol sap, and so promote bearing. No crop of any kind
should come under the branches of
Digressing, Mr. Smith warned his
hearers that next year every party to
the use of llle 'al fruit boxes would be
Mi. Smith concluded with an appeal
for 0O-operation and kindly wishes for
the success of all.
On motion of Messrs. Croasdaile and
Hyslop, a vote of thanks was passed to
the three speakers, to which Mr. Brydon leplled.
There's a world or difference between
wishing nnd  willing.
High Grade Chocolates, Gum,
Candies and Fruit
Thorpe's nice cool drinks.       Lunches
put up n specialty.
W.J. Walker,
TAKE NOTJOK tbat I Intend to apply at the
noxt ilttlngiol tbo Board of UconotnuCotumU-
Blonort tor tho City of Nelmmifom tranafer to
George Harrison ol Nelnn.B aol my License
io ten fermented and rolrltuoui llquon no tho
known M IbelJakO View
rei'i, Nelson.. B, 0.
Dated tho 4th day of July, 1906,
Arm-sT Thomas.
Thirty dayi after date 1 Intend nuWoaappH-
cHtinii to tiu- Honorable theChlei Oonunraaloner
of Landi and worki. tor a special Itoenie to cut
and earn away llmoei from the tallowing del-
ortbod landi. OommonetoR at a post placed on
the southern boundary ot Timber License No-
m;.i tun! hbout io chains n rib ot the N, IV. corner (ir lot B38U. i. Weil KooenaV] running thence
twt so ohatni. thence south 80 chains, thence
oait 60aha qi�� thenoe north Nohatni to point ni
Dated loth April mw.
Thirty days ftfter date l Intend,to apply to the
Commliiloueroj f^andiand works, \ Ictoria, for
a special Itocnietocnl and carry nwiiy timber
(nun tin- following dosorlbed imidc. Commenc*
inK nt a poit lntirkeii J. R, a., s. W. corner, planted nn tho weil bank of Cayouse Greek whore tho
creek Intersects the east boundary of i<>i mm and
niilnliiM north 100chains, llionoeeast -to chains,
thenee south LAOcliatlU, thenee wont to point of
June'.Kb 1006,
Silver King Hotel
Best Dollar a day house in the
Kooms ue well furnished.   Table us good as stsr
In Kelson.    Bar supplied with good
Honors ami tlxars.
W   E. McCANDLISH, Proprietor.
Tremont House
Kuropcan anil American Plan
Men.In 2fi elt.    KooDlfl from it& CU. to 11
Only White Help Employed.
Baker St.. Nelson Proprietor!
Bartlett   House
Best DolIar-a-Day House in Nelson.
The Bar ts the Finest.
White Help Only Employed.
Josephine 8t.
The Big Schooner n   .     ( A-
0i "Hilfino-HiH"   DCCI    JUL*
The only Glass of Good Beer in Nelson.
Hotel Accommodations second to
none in British Columbia.
Special Rates to Monthly Boarders.
The only Home Hotel in Nelson.
Lake Viefo
Hall and Vernon Sts.
Two blocks from
  J. K. Annahlk.
Notlco it* hereby given that, thirty dan after
dale, i intend to apply to tho Honorable the
Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works (or u
vii.-i-hii lleenseto oul and carry away tiinbeF (mm
the lollowliiK deSOHbOd ImihIn. sftnuu- on U'liioii
crook In thodlstrlel of Wesl Kootonay: 0onv
mencing at a posl plan-ad on bemon ere k,
eleven (ii) miles from Kootenay MtRe, adjptnini
Lot 8M8, marked "U. W's H. K. eornur pnm'*;
thenee forty HO) chains weiti thenoe eighty (w)
miiitli; thenoe forty (i��) chains i-ast; thun.v
t'luhiy (ho. cimiiiH ninth topotntofeommonoe-
ment, containing three hundred nud twenty (890)
DatedtheWthd��y.of June, A.D..1W,
Bkite White.
Hates #1.00 per Dny
aud up.
No Chinese Help employed.
p. o. itox i5i. xr/r/ Qf)M   d r
Telephone HM. W*CI*0\J1V,   0�� U#
Grand Central Hotel
J  A. ERICKSON, Proprietor.
Centrally Looated. Open Day and Night.
Sample awl Bath Kooms Free.
Opposite Court House and Post Office.
Corner Ward and Vernon Streets.
T*e Strathcona
Nelson, B.C.
B. Tomkiiis, Manager.
The Leading Hotel in the
Oood   Sample    Rooms.
Queen's Hotel
llsker Street, Nelsim. B. I).
Lighted by Klwtrlcity and
Heated by Hot Air
Large suit ttainfortsblu Bedrooms and First*
class Dlutug Room. Sample Rooms lor Commor*
eta! Men.
MRS. K. C. (II.ARKI, Proprietress
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~���-���" Koototmys.
West Transfer Co.
0E0RGF. F, MOTION, Manijtt.
General Tetttnstors and Dealers iu
Uoal aud Woo \.   Express nud
I'ii^pit:,' Ttunsler
IWCiMi Office: Baker St.
We have Improved and Unimproved Ranches for
Sale on the Kootenay and Slocan Lakes, Slocan
Valley and Nelson District.
Before purchasing call   �� T       t%      ltlt      ��>WT% T\
and examine our list.   X !���   OsV   lTsl��   ssDsssisstV.*^s#
I^slT^clT.   Real Estate and Mining
Manager for the Kootenay Valleys Company. Ltd.
Oldest established Renl Estate
Business iu Kootenay.
Nelson, B. C.
I have for Sale tbe Choicest
Fruit Lands tn this district.
Most of it situate on tbe West Arm aud Main Lake.    See me before you decide to locate.
s. m. brydgIs, "^S&t���
We Will Sell.
20 Marconi-Canadian for $60.oo.
McDermid & McHardy
Choice Fruit
I Have 10,000 Acres
of the
Choicest Frait Lands in
British Columbia.
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
J. E. ANNABLE,    -    Nelson, B. C.
A full line of Crockery,
C 111 nn nud QlaHwara.
Alio Second Hand Goodl of Kvcry Denrrlp-
tion. We huvtj rot the good* and sell ai
lsnwept Brioai In Town,
Baker St., next lo <'.P.R Ticket Offlce.
For Everything Good
to Smoke.
Imported and Domestic Cigars, Tobaccos*
De Yoa Know Thurnun's Special Mixture?
Gait Coal
Term* Spot Caah
Telephone 265 Baker Street
And Builder
Sole agent for the Porto Rico Lumber
Co., Ltd., retail yards.
Rongh aud dressed lumber, turned work
and brackets, Coast lath and shingles,
���ash and doors.
(Iran-lit, brick and limo for sole. Automatic grinder.
Y*rd And factory Vernon, St.,
east of Hull.
Telephone ml     NelSOtl, B. C*
sTinrt Ota Heating Plnnts and Modorn
Sanitary Appliances.
Phone 181, Opera House Blk. Box 401
The Latest Modern Appliances
now in use at this
Baker Street.    -    NELSON.
A. McDonald & Co.
Dealers in staple nud fancy Groceries.
Butter, Eggs.
Oanipand Miners' Supplies. The Daily Canadian
nest stuck we have yet shown.    It includes some
special pieces in  new  and   beautiful   designs.     In
smaller pieces the prices are quite as attractive.
Finely cut Nappie and Bon-Ron Dishes at
$3.0(1 and $5.00 are our leaders.
Three Big Leaders I
For Hot \
Weather !
Drinks.       \
'The Store of Sweets/'
X Monseratt Lime Juice!
Oonhng nml Refrosniin
Welch's Grape Juice  ���
Toonoqunri Bww��tened Nmimmi-X
ml.- iidd one tumbler (tape*
.Juice, and yon Imvo u ilclicimts J
beverage. +
Morton's Raspberry   :
Vinegar \
Tho only genuine. We hnvoj
others imt those ore tlie Benson's T
favourites. �����
Bell Trading j
Company        f
Fruits, Confectionery and
Ice Cream.
Phono 86. Baker St.
44 cA Tip" for a
44 Canadian Mo rn ing.**
Kootenay Coffee
Joy's Cash Grocery j jelly powder
If you don't llko si ilo
deal when' tbo trade lBsobrislf tho!
fresli Bnpplies aro n ived
every dny.
jc of the Nice Things
Tod.ty are:
Homo (liHiltt'il   Boiled  limn,   per
pound S5n.
Orotao ei Blaokwell'B Potted Pisli
uml Minis.
Sardines���Sportsmen, King Osoar,
nml Baasott,
Freab Strawberries and Tomatoes.
Ji-lld Ice Oream Powdorsaud Crosse
& Btnukwell'sBonnet Tublots. Also
Liqnld  Bennott tor making onrds
ami whey.
JOY will meet you at
the door.
l^itr. Vernon sstid Ward  Streets,
J. FKKD HUMK, Proprietor.
0 W Rhodes, Victoria; .1 Oppeahelm-
er, (l VV Martin, Maxwell Smith. ,1 .1
lilns, T W Heme, (i v Cathrea, Vancouver; R A Daly, Ottawa; V 11 Can-
ham, Ouelpb; P 11 IHirnhain, (1 A Fraser. Grand Forks; .1 P McQoldrlck, S T
Culllton, C K Legg, (' T Clark, Spo-
kane; .1 W MoKlnney and wife, Mis.;
MeKlnney, Pittsburg; S I. Magee, Daisy; A. Campbell, Kaslo; N MoLellan.
W It Stephlne, H C Buckles, Calgary; 11 W Aiwood. Hverett; 0 PatfiJon,
Thirteen Mile; .1 l> Parker, Vancouver;
P v Wilson and wife, Northport; .1 C
Sinclair and wife, Scotland; (l IC Wast-
ni'v. New Zealand; C s Pierce, Spokane,
.1  II Knox, Rosslandi W Harris, Slo
can; II C Adney, J Wilson. J Williams.
Creston;   ll   Wlllowson,   Cranbrook;   L
Oxley, Ytnlr; Miss tl Oxley, Hanley.
.1 Burkman, Phoenix; I1 Prince, Winnipeg; .1 Aiiin. Coleman.
It w Johnston, Castlegar; .1 Tarry.
Rlvervlewi ll Parrel!, Koch Siding; 1.
Longden, W Wlnsmnley, Michel; .1
Pringle, F FrlU, Thunder Hill; E S
Counter, Vernon; Mrs. J Paulson,
John Davlsvllle, Slocan; II Whatoutt,
England; (i Mayer. Spokane.
F Untried, Phoenix; (' E Robertson,
.1 Walker, Creston; A Whlttaker, Rex-
tord;  .1 Q Dewar, Erie;  .1 Baslie,    G
Schwlnke, Salmo; A Qowan, Vmir.
11 Williamson, F Dudley Cranbrook;
E Allison, Montreal.
F A Jones, Copper CHIT; C, K Mead,
l.yiion; A (i Miller, Ruekin; It Johnston, (Irani] Forks; .1 F Monte, West
ley; .1 McKlnlay, Vancouver: W Pollock, Calgary.
C Qausner, Bonnington; W Howarth,
It-isshind: J .lames, Chicago
��� have Just received n shipment of
IfT's Jelly Powder In  the followiiiK
Wild Cherry
Pine Apple
Telephone llll.
Ice Cream Sodas.
The Finest In the Land.
Wh.ijYstiif mill iti'tAii Dwlen in
Fresh and Salted Meats
Ooinpfl supplied on Bhottest notice and
lowoat price. Nothing but fresh and
wholesome monte and floppies kepi In&took
Mnil orders receive cnreful attention.
E. C. TRAVES.   Manager.
Hotel girl.   Apply at Club Hotel.   H.
J. flurran.
A bartender.   Address Box 1112, Nelson, H. C.
There wero no cases I'm tbe city po
lieu court this morning.
l��. Wilson, school Inspector, lefl tliis
morning for Kaslo. where  -\. Sullivan
\a in charge ot the high school examinations.
Charles W. Rhodes, of victoria, is in
the city. Mr. Rhodes is a heavy stockholder in ihe Brackman Kor Milling
Company, and is here on business connected with that company.
At a Bpeclal meeting of the hoard of
license commissioners of Ymir district!
,). A. Dewar ami J. a. Kelley sitting, J.
Walker was granted a license for an
hotel at  Krickson Siding, near Creston
At ihe regular meeting of tlie Sons
of England last night Beveral new candidates were initiated and a Boctuj time
was indulged In. There will ii" an
oilier meeting tonlghl to arrange for a
lodge outing.
The Nelson lacrosse club has accepted an Invitation for two matches in
Itossland In connection with ihe miners'
union celebration on tin- IGth an i
17th iusiiinis. The Nelson team will
hi' [-.radically tbe saine as/lliai which
defeaied Itossland here ou Monday by
W A. Thurman's tobacco store is being rcim\ I ami refilled.    New    ami
handsome furniture is being put In,
including iwo big plnteglnss showensos,
When alterations aro completed ihe es
taiiiishinoni's appearance will he in
keeping wiih lhe quality of the stock
A meeting of ihe special committee
of the University Club lo consider ways
and means of advocating tlie endowment of a provincial university will he
held in Dr. Arthur's office on Monday
at I p. m The members are Dr. Arthur, Revs. .1. T. Pergu&on and F. 11.
(Iiuhain, A. L. McKillop, (*. M. Frasei
w. J.  Balrd and it. .1. Clark.
This mnrnins Alex. Carrie, architect.
gave a contract to John Burns for the
building of a residence for .1. A. Qiiker
on Victoria Btreet, near Kootenay. The
building will cost about $i,mhj. Work
on ii will he started at once, and will
he prosecuted steadily unlit It is finished. Mr. Carrie has taken office rooms
in the Griffin block.
The Canadian Pacific Hallway Company has arranged for an excursion to
take place on Sunday afternoon m\t at
Z p. in. from lhe city wharf. The palatial steaimt' Kuskanook will make her
initial passenger (rip. and will sail up
into ihe lake and make a genera) laki
detour. The fare has hen fixed al 50
cents for the round trip. Nn doubt
many citizens will avail themselves ol
'his opportunity tor a Sunday afternoon
Mayor Qtllett said today that owing
lo complaints of interference with im
provements at the recreation grounds,
the rule made hy the council of 1904
would again he enforced. Permission
to use the grounds must he obtained
at tho city hall, where lhe key will be
kept, and to which it must be returned.
Parlies lo whom tlie grounds are let
will ho held responsible for any dam
ago. Placiirds will also be posted offering rewards for information leading
to conviction of thieves or destroyers
oi property.
The Store of Quality
Imperial Tea
because we import our own hulk teas
and pack thorn ourselves, thus being
able to give you a much better article
and still make as good a profit as nu
largely advertised leas. You aro Ihe
one who profits. Every pound guaranteed lo satisfy or money refunded.
Red  Uabel ��()c
Blue Uabel 35c
Hood & Teetzel
K. W. 0. Block . Phone 10
...: si/i cjtins
WulbfSe thedrtttng spirits In t/tlio/it
Bcy/Uthblixifdntims-Bt vise ail whit.
that tho 'i rinks isrved st our Soda Fountain
lini tunic prnpsrlloi lies di�� r�� freHlitn>j?
We B'a only real fruit syrupi of thi Aunt
qiiniiiy Fountains counters ni��'���.-�����* hik)
roceptaclei nru leapt Mtupmouuy oloan.
tinker Btreet, Nslipu, R. 0,
Pure Maple
We Imve received another shipment of
the pure article in hulk, which we
lire putting' up in
Quart Jars for -    70c
1-2 Gallon Jars $1.35
Special prices for 5 gallon cans
This is stiinc quality which we had lasi
season ami which sold BO fast.    Come
in ami sample.
C* A* Benedict
Corner Silica nnd Josephine Sts.
is not complete withoul n Rood
We hove a full line of them nl prices io
suit ymir parse.   Alio W'ai-h Boards,
'jiiiis, Olothtw Tins, Clothes
Lilies, Pull. vs. Eto.
Nelson Hardware Co,
Hot Weather
Fancy Muslins and Ginghams
nt   inc. 11! l-2c, Ilie. Hoc nml 25e n
Summer Corsets at 50c a Pair.
Light Weight, fast colors In black
nml tans, at 2fic and 36c a pair.
White Muslin Blouses, $1.25, $1.50.
Pine for hot weather, nt 7'>c to (2.
Wash Belts at 35c and 50c.
at 12 l-2e. 15c, 25c nnd 35c.
Turnovers tit 10c, 15c nnd 25c.
Light Weight Hats and Caps.
Summer Suits
Washable, al $:'..r,u to $7.5": what
yon want for this hoi weather.
Italian Laborer Badly Burned by Explo
sion of Hot Metal.
This morning al !t:3<i an Italian employee at the Hal] Mines smelter, named
Romano, either in Ignorance or by ac
cident dropped a pot of hot metal in-Ihe
Bottler, where it Immediately exploded.
Romano was terribly burned a hunt
the head, breast, arms and hands.
Dr. Hall was summoned nt once, and
Romano was conveyed lo the Home bus
ptlal, where he lies In a serious cumli-
Nothing is known of the injured man
except his name uml nationality. Me
has not been long In Nelson.
P. N. Burnham. apent for the O. X.
it. company) al Grand Forka, is in the
clly on one of his regular trips, lie
says that the company will do its best
to divert tourist traffic lo Kootenay.
li. M. Adams, of Seattle, general frelghl
traffic manager for the west, win be iu
Nelson   nexl   woek  to confer  with   Ihe
local agents and with lhe Nelson whole
Soda  Fountain
in town at the
Hazlewood Parlor
Try our Doable Jersey
A Fine Assortment of Fruits,
Nuts and Confectionery.
Phone 206.
��� Standard Fti*mtt**e Company!
��� ussod & msch pisnos, Cnmptelt; House Furnishers and UndcrhV...
��� " '.iTMuni" Mattress. "nwitrj,
��� ific.1...w,Tiii'st' Hook buses Csses snd Ofllce Furniture
******** t******v***************************ttu
To the Members
of the
20,000 Club.
Patronize the fiOOO who are
bore how, nml we will
be n Iouk way toward our goal.
Thorpe's Lithia
is oqnal to any aperient
tiuli-rln iimiitii' waters bottled  iu
the United
If yon use onongli of it we
can BUpport another
family iu Nelson.
& Co., Limited.
Look in mi.1 lot us show you the
T1 "���'"    $60.00.
ami tiklng the price ol other blgii*grad< maeh
iiu-s an 11 imsiM ti ilmply meant timt you get
I12S.O0 irortb f ��r tw.w.   It tn the moai extensively uied machine in B.C. today.
Von And them in me everywhere.
W. G. Thomson
I1IHIKS1.I.I.KK  1111,1     v, , T)    _
BTATIONKE, INclsotl,   H. C.
l*llonts .14.
40 Acre Farm
A valuable farm for sale, situated In
lho heart of the fruit growing country,
40 acres, s acres well cleared and about
70 frull trees planted, nre bearing some
this year. A good cabin, root house and
Stable on the property, also q ni<0
spring. The laud Is of the very best
quality, and can be all worked. Ii is
beautifully situated on Howser lake,
Wesi Kootenay. one mile from poal office and Store and two miles from 0, P.
R. branch to Troui Uke Splendid
farm for potatoes. There have been
four crops in succession without manure, and the lasi crop waB as good an
Iho first.
$800 Cash Takes It
Apply t��
Grand Porka, li. c.
Or tn Win. Simpson, Hownen,
If you wnnf to plnoo ymir feel In lux.
iirlinia quarters take �� look al our
Fancy Cottons at 25c and 35c
Llslea at 50c to 75c.
Cashmeres, 25c, 35c and 50c.
" !'*5.*ffi0torS"iS,rw v �����'����>���
'""   '" "���""���   Niiliirul W  rr������,
Repairing and Jobbing a SpgJ
Sheotuietal Work, Oaatlngs, BnUdcn* Maierial nud Mimup and Mill Mvi'
) iffloe and Works Pool of Park St.
I'lMM.L .'1,1.
>-!��"", 11.(1
]* H. Ashdown Hardware Co., U|
We would Invitfl you to Uupeoi onr targe and varied stock of
No need to suffer from heal if
will only call and a>k to see <
:: Hot Weather Requisit|
Store open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. every <|ny except holiday* snd Sunday*
D. A.  ISAAC J. A.  HONEYMAN~"~--'V/Wv|
Uupnirlnu and Jobblns *ic��out<��d witli DMpateh.   sheet M��td|
Work,   Minitii: ihhI  .Mill .Mit<cliin��:r> .      Mi* nuftict in-wi-�� ul
< >i*u barNi  \-t. h*.   Oont rootars'  *^>* <"-���
| Don't Forget we are SEMI - READY
1 Headquarters       ^f    i_f  >*
I f���.... Clothing
MANUFACTURERS   T \L r* <       1
AND DEALERS IN   L^UtXi^tf  OllinglZS.
Uuth, Moulding, Doors, WIndowtJ
'I'urned Work nnd Ht-iickeU. Mnil Ordan ptomptlj iUs|
V8RNON8TRBBT  -  -  .   NSUSONs B. C
have demonstrated to us, and if you will let as make yon
"ue suit we'll convince you that the clothes we
make are superior to all other makes
in every detail of
Hlgh-Oltuta Tullori
Baker si , Naltwit, B 0.
If son wish itonl nntl ll����i
omnfortnlile  Byo UlnwM iw
not I'iJI of
Our Sta-Zon Will Suit V��
.IKWKI.I.KK       ni"
Carpet Sweepers
Ar�� ABknowladarssd  to Uv  Without  �� ,<lv"'
wi; xuii Thsstti.
Wood-Vallance Hardware Co'y, ^


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