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The Daily Canadian Mar 5, 1907

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Array I MAR 8-190/
1.UME I.     NO.   232.
5U*U#  ��anahian
Fifty Chmts a Mount
jnder of Salvation Army
I Lands at New York
Be Carried to Completion and
I Round Out Life of Venerable General.
Yssrk,   .March   5.���General   Wil-
isssith. the aged leader of tlie Sal-
Army, arrived in this clly today
|li,- sleamer UinnsapoUl from Lon-
llss will spend two days here as
| gus sst   of his  daughter,  Comandet
llssssth. uml then will leave for Mon-
Torooto, Ottawa, Vancouver and
e, whence he will sail for Japan.
a hhort stay in that klngsioni he
:ss to India and thence return to
laissl.   In the fall he will again come
|<- I'nited States this time for a gen
sir of the country, during which
he will hold a number of public
Dgs In the larger cities. His preB-
-visit Ib purely a private one, and
rii! make no public addresses. Dur-
s stay in Ottawa he will be the
sit liarl Grey, the governor gen-
|n"!."s]   Booth   was   enthusiastically
s��n  his  arrival   here  hy  Corn-
Miss Eva Booth and her per-
ss.slT. together with a large num
|f leaders und soldiers of the move-
wtuch    the    venerable    divine
psl from a cracker box ln Mile End
���London in July, 18G5    He showed
parkahle vigor for a man who, on
'th, will  celebrate the "Sth  an-
(sssr;   of his  birthday.    When  re-
accoBted   hlm   on  the steamer
Sooth declared that he was In
(ct h.allh and that he had enjoyed
met    with    troubled    waters.
)ls*<] winds, Know storms, all sorts
erms, just as we do through life."
After outlining his planB for
-nt visit he .turned to the sub-
wssrk  for the   amelioration  of
Dndltlon of those who have failed
struggle  for life.
have   three   great    Bchemea   on
lie stated. "First, I hope to com-
111 experiment of putting the peo-
possession of small land holdings.
I live or six acres near market
where they can support them-
1 have one tract near Colches-
f.ng., and hnve heen given 1500,000
work there, and have a great
Illation    scheme    with    Rhodesia,
I> third scheme Ib to create two to-
one In London and the other In
|York, to teach suitable persons the
way to deal with the vice, sins,
brumes, and  miseries of mankind
pally."    The general then dwelled
plastically upon the success which
already  attended  tho founding of
filicide bureas in  many  places in
id.    The first five weeks of tlie
in London brought BOO cases.
' '*>* represented every walk of life,
'ere almost ull of them saved," he
i nil   Booth  said   he  would   need
JO.iiiiii to accomplish all he outlined
three plans, and that he would
��pt   anybody's   money,"  regardless
s'ther il was tainted.
The   Doukohobor   Problem,
nwa. March 5.���The department of
iits'i-lssr Is now  face to face with
luestlon of specific action with re-
llo lhe failure of some of the Douk-
fr*  to  conform   to  the  homestead
atlons.      lly    the    failure of the
Ihohors to cultivate their lands ly-
pmtslde   their   communal   villages
have  automatically   become   for-
anil knowing this some Si home-
Is have been pre-empted by others,
lm the Dou'sihobors hnve mado a
Iin to the'effect that tho terms of
agreement  with  the government
[vised su ns to legalize their hold-
It is not cleur how such special
[leges  can  bo granted.    Tho  only
thut can he done ls to give each
lilual   an   unconditional   grant   of
lof throe times the area csiltlvated
pd   the  communal  villages.    This
allow   other homesteaders   who
actually cultivate the lands tak-
bossesslon of them.    The average
Ini of land cultivated by tho Douk-
p Is nhout live acres for each in-
al so that the amount they would
| under  the   regulations  would   be
Hi neres each.
Fatal Powder Explosion.
Itsvllle, Pa., March 5.���By tho ex-
Jn of powder at the Richards col-
|at Mount Carmel, the blacksmith
1 boiler house aBd a large power
tine were blown up. About 30
ns were injured, several probably
The business street ot Mount
vi. I,To      f sha,"y Bl,al"'n* and to U>��
Itlilty   of   the   colliery,   houses   were
badly wrecked.      window panes were
broken foM5 miles from the explosion
Appointment   of   Police   and   LIOMM
Commisiionn Satisfactory.
(Spoclal to The Dally Canadian.)
Orand Forks, March 5.���A despatch
received here last Saturday from the
coast slated that the new police aud
license commissioners for the city ol
Grand Forks had heen appointed and
are as follows: for the combined offices
of police and license commissioners,
Mayor Hammer, Alderman P. T. Mc
Galium and Hubert Mcintosh; the dls
iilct license commlssionisrs.Kobert Mc
Itttost, J. C. McDonald, T. Newby; dls
Wet license inspector, I. A. Dlnsmore
These appointments are generally re
gsirded as good as the appointees are
all reputable citizens of Grand Forks.
The Napoleon mine near Marcus is
is ported to be working some 45 men
steadily. This property is owned bj
the Urltlsh Columbia Copper company,
who have built a new tramway to the
Great Northern track for the pupose ol
conveying ore for shipment.
The sixth furnace of the Granbj
smelter Is expected to be bloivn In to
day when about 2600 tons of ore will
be treated dally, and this, with coppei
at ahodt 25 centB per luund means con
slderablc  for  the  Granby   company.
Information received here yesterday
from Cascade to the effect that George
K. Stocker, a pioneer of Cascade, and
one of the original owners of the Cas
cade townsite, has sold out all his in
torests In Cascade and will permnnenth
reside in Spokane, where he haB aj
ready opened up a real estate office.
Nelson Citizen  Enlightens old Country
People  on  Possibilities of Fruit
Mr. J. Lang Stocks, who, as is well
known ln Nelaon, is at present on a
visit to his aged mother ln her Scottish home Ib not evading and opportunities to paint ln glowing trulhful pictures the possibilities of fruit culture
ln the Kootenays. The Issue of the
Fife Herald and Journal of the date of
February 13th contains an Interesting
reference to an Illustrated lecture delivered by Mr. Stocks at Kirkcaldy. The
subject of the lecture waB "Kootenay's
Famous Fruit and Fruit Lands" and
thc -saper mentioned reports the proceedings of the meeting in these words:
"By a series of beautiful lime-light
views, Mr. Slocks conveyed a vivid Idea
of the scenery passed in crossing the
continent to British Columbia, and on
his bringing hlB audience to Nelson,
which Is charmingly situated at the
head of an arm of Kootenay lake, lt
was here that Interest specially centered. Mr. Stocks went on to tell how
b> accident there had been discovered
tlie marvellous fertility and frult-raislng
possibilities of the Kootenay regions.
The photographs, most of which were
taken by himself, showed fruit trees,
such as cherry, peach, apple, and pear,
In all stages of growth. The highest
awards for the fruit raised In this district had been obtained In open competition In London and eleswtiere with
the fruit growers of the British dominions, and Mr. Stocks conclusively-
showed that a man with a few hundred
acres of frull trees could live In independence and comparative affluence for
tho rest of his days. Of course, lt goes
without saying that the climate of Nelson nnd the siin-oujidlng district is
superb. As to a market there was uo
difficulty about that; Winnipeg alone
could lake all the fruit they could raise,
conveyance being mado by refrigerator
ln acknowledging a vote of thanks
proposed to hlm by Mr. Munro Ferguson. M. P.. who, as proveost of Kirk-
cauldy. presided, Mr. Stocks spoke a
word or two on the relations subsisting
between Great Britain and Canada
which 1 hope Radicals of Klrksnuldy
and of the whole of Fife and the public
generally will take to heart and get
their parliamentary representatives to
put Into practice ere II be loo late. Mr.
Stocks said:
Canada was loyal to the backbone to
the mother countory. There waB a time
when overtunres might have been listened to from the United States, when
Canada was a small and struggling
community, but Uncle Sam hud treated
her then with contempt. Thnt time wns
now past. Canada lind developed Into
n great and mighty nation, and loyal
she was to the mother country, as was
shs *�� bv the pn ference the hnd given
the old country In her tariffs, lt was
now for Britain to do something for
her. If the mother country would do
nothing for her, then an alliance might
be formed with some other country, for
Ihe advances should not all come from
the Bide of Canada."
Rush for Canada.
London, March 5���A Liverpool
agency that had advertised for 10,000
ablo-bodled men to work on railways ln
Canada waB yesterday besieged with
applicants. Commenting on Prof. Lea-
cos-k'B speech before the Insurance institute  at Montreal  In  which he de
clared he did not advocate the separation of tlie British empire, but opposed
the Idea that Canada, being a tributary
state, was dependent on British authority, Letford says that the professor
does not always, or even often, express
the popular opinion, and we need not
attach too much Importance to Lea-
cock's utterances, but take them for
what they are worth. However, they
run strongly against the conception of
Imperial unity and strengthen, rather
than weaken, the conviction that If thc
union is to be nromoted emigration
should   be enco and   lnter-ocm-
munlcatlon Incr J cheapeed.
Religious Ceremony  i recedes Oath of
St. Petersburg, March 5���The dunia.
or the lower house of parliament, was
formally opened at noon today ln the
piesence of all the ministers and many-
high functionaries. No member of the
imperial household was present. The
first ceremony waB a religious service,
In which the Metropolitan AntonlUB. the
higher clergy of the diocese and a full
choir participated.
The session was held ln the Lauride
palace. Mr. Goluboff, vice president of
the council of the empire, accompanied
by Baron Uefkull Deguilenband, secretary of the empire, entered the hall
after the service. The former Immediately called the lower houBe to order
and invited the members to sign thc
oath of allegiance to Emperor Nicholas.
The Conservatives cheered the mention of the name of the emperor but
the opposition remained silent. The
Social Democrats did not enter the hall
until Mr. GolubutT hud finished speaking, when they came in a body, demonstratively. After signing the oath the
balloting for president of the lower
house commenced. There was no serious disorder, but the crowds outside
the palace were unruly, and several
times had to he driven back by Infantry'
and mounted  gendarmes.
St. Peterburg, March 5.���Feodor Mo-
lovln, president of the Moscow zemstvo,
and Constitutionad Democratic member
of parliament from Moscow province,
was elected president of the house.
.The finance minister presented the
budget estimates for 1907, accompanied
hy a memorandum in which the minister pointed out lhat the expedltures
covered up to Jan. 1, 1907, amounted to
$1,229,000,000. He also showed that the
revenue for 1906 exceeded the expenditure by more than tl 5.000,000,000, enabling him to cover the extrarordinary
expenditures aa well as the deficit for
1905, and read the short terms treasury
hills issued In 1905.
Anticipated Excitement.
Lexington, Ky., March 5.���Escorted
by a company of state guards from
Lexington and a portion from Frankfort battery. Judge William Carnls will
go to Jackson today to preside at a
special term of court to try Judge William Hargis charged with the assassination of Dr, 11. D. Cox. In case of the
anticipated court room fight lt Is believed that Judge Hargis, his attorney,
W. A. Coung, ami prosecuting Attorney
Floyd Bierd, may he killed. Blerd said
today that he would be killed if such
a fight occurred. The town of Jackson,
he said, is full of excited mountaineers.
Coaches   Leave   Track   Crashing   Into
Freight Cars���No Fatalities but
Many Injured.
Tlvoll, N. Y., March 5.���The Limited
Fast Mall train from Chicago for New
York was partially derailed while passing throng Tlvoll nt 5:05 today nnd ten
persons were Injured, all hut one sustaining only slight bruises. Conductor
Broke, of the dining car suffered a
broken leg nnd three passengers and
six other employees of the Pullman car
suffered BCnlp wounds and bruises.
Among the wounded was 8. R. Hepburn. Plcton, Ont., scalp wound.
The train lert Chicago at 8 a. m. yesterday and was due In New York at
8.15 a. m. today. It consisted of a bag
gage car. four sleepers and a dining car.'
At a point 800 feet south of the Tlvoll
station while passing over nn Interlock
lug switch on n straight track tho three
rear cars, two aleepers and the dining
car wore derailed. Tho rest of the
tuiin remained on the tracks. The derailed cars ran into a string of freight
cars standing on n siding between the
southbound I racks and thu Hudson
river along which the track runs at
that point. The freight cars wore over-
tunrned hut the pnBsenger cars remained upright. Only the presence of the
freight cars prevented the passenger
enrs from going over the embankment
Into the river and possible loss of life.
The Injured passengers and porter
wero taken to the Hoffman hotel In
Tlvoll where their Injuries were treated. They were then placed on another
train and proceeded to New York. It
Ib believed that the cars were either
derailed by a switch or that a journal
was broken.
Complications Arise as to
Legality of Marriage
Jerome Changes Tactics and Now
'.Seeks to Prove Thaw Was
Never Insane.
New York, March 5.���The growing
probability that the great fight In the
Thaw case will centre about the efforts
of District Attorney Jerome to send the
slayer of Stanford White to the asylum
lor the criminal Insane has caused the
eminent medical and legal authorities
to probe anew into the much-discussed
subject of criminal responsibility of the
The question Is "When shall the plea
of Insanity be considered valid ln extenuation of crime?" In answering
this questiou one of the world's greatest authorities, Dr. Sachs, has said: "In
the light of the present condition of
psychiatry, no person shall be considered guilty of'crime lf, at the time the
crime was committed, he was suffering from any torm of mental disease."
New liork has practically made hei
statute according to this. The statute
says: "No act done by a person in a
state of insanity can be punished as an
offence." In pursuance of the amended
law, Judge Glldersleeve, ln the appellate -court in New York, charged the
Jury In the case of the People vs. Mrs.
Lubtnaker: "If a reasonable doubt exists as to whether the prisoner Is sane
or not, she is entitled to be benefit ol
the doubt, and to acquittal."
Opinions expressed during the past
few weeks make It plain that a majority
of the members of the legal profession
believe lhat the Insanity plea will save
Harry Thaw from conviction for murder. Few of those who have expressed
an opinion however, believe that he will
escape punishment.
One of the prominent members of the
Medico-Legal society of New York Ib
quoted as follows: "The question of Insanity in lis relation to capital crimes
Is peculiar. There are those who will
maintain with logic that no person who
takes the life of another ls in his right
mind. The madness may be but momentary, but, as they contend, the brain
that devises and executes murder is
almost always sick. To follow such a
view to Its legitimate conclusion, however, would be to destroy all the theories of punishment for capital crimes,
and punishment ls intended as much
for the protection of the community as
for the rebuke of the evil-doer.
"It has been generally deemed safer
to err on the Bide of extreme meausures
dealing with criminals who attack the
state of their fellow-beings than to take
the risk of jeopardizing the general
Bafety by undue laxity. It ls questionable, at best, in how far insanity can
be pleaded as an excuse for capital
crimes. The man who is right on all
points save the one that nerves his
hand to murder is a dangerous criminal
at least in the eyes of the law, and it
has generally been thought best for
him and for the community that he
ba prevented from the possibility of
further harm."
New York, March 5.���It ls probable
that Mrs. Wm. Thaw, mother of Harry
K. Thaw, will take the stand In the
Thaw trial today to do what she can to
save her son from the consequences
of the act which resulted ln the denth
of Stanford White. Mrs. Thaw's testimony Is expected to show that In
his youth her son was of a nervous tern
perament and that he suffered from
varloiiB nervous diseases. It has been
said that she will also tesltfy to a strain
of Insanity In the family.
Dr. Charles G. Wagner will be put on
the stand for a time, at least, today, as
his cross-examination was not completed when court adjourned last night.
Mr. Jerome seems to be trying to show
by Dr. Wagnor'B admission that Thaw-
was Insane, while he devoted most of
his time with Dr. Evans In attempting
to compel the alienist to make admissions that would tend to show Thaw Is
now Insane. Mr. Delmns made few ob*
Jections to Mr. Jerome's questions to
Dr. Wagner, and there are many who
rollowlng the case closely, who are of
the opinion that the defence will not
object to this line of questioning, while
they will resist strenuously any attempt to show that Thaw Is now Insane, preferring to take their chances
with the jury rather than with a lunacy
commission. Tho Insanity plea allowed
them to put Evelyn Nesbitt Thaw's
story before the Jury. It is certain that
the defence will take the case to the
Jury If lt Ib possible and will light to
the last ditch against a lunacy commission.
Another point ls being dlsucssed. It
ls the legal standing of the marriage
between Thaw and Evelyn Nesbitt.
Both Dr. Evans and Dr. Wagner bave
testified that Thaw was of unsound
mind when he signed the will and codicil on the night of April 4th, 1905.
This was the day of the marriage, lf
Thaw was insane at tbat time he was,
under the law of Pennsylvania, incompetent to enter into a contract. Marriage ls under the law, a contract, and
if he was Insane at the time, his marriage would be actually void under
the law.
New York, March 5.���The prospects
that Mrs. Wm. Thaw, the mother of
the defendant, might Ih* a witness today at the trial of Harry K. Thaw,
for the murder of Stanford White, apparently had but little effect ln reviving the Interest In the curious for the
courtroom Bhowed many emvty benches
when Justice Fitzgerald took his place.
Dr. Charles Wagner, superintendent of
Ihe state hospital for insane at Blng-
hampton, was recalled to the stand and
his cross-examination resumed by District Attorney Jerome. The prosecutor
began by reading the characteristics of
the brain storms so as to take up the
line of questioning where is was lelt
off. The witness yesterday referred Mr.
Jerome to any state of brain storm
cited in one of the medical authorities.
Today thc prosecutor asked lf the alienists knew of any other reported case
of brain storms. Dr. Wagner said he
could not recall any offhand.
Thaw brought his customary batch of
letters into court and after a brief whispered conversation with his counsel
proceeded to read them. He then took
a large pad out of one of his big brown
paper envelopes, secured pen and ink,
aud began to write a letter. He was de-
cldedely the least Interested spectator
in the room. Dr. Wagner's definitions
of the various forms of insanity apparently had no interest whatever for the
man on trial for his life. In fact, the
expert testimony throughout has bored
the prisoner Immeasurably.
Mr. Jerome asked Dr. Wagner lf he
could cite a case of brain storm ln
which the onset took place In 10 mln
utes.   The doctor could not.
Mr. Jerome then decribed In detail
the scene on the roof garden when
Thaw shot White.
"Does the calmness and deliberation
with which Thaw walked down the
aisle and shot White indicate anything
about his metal condition? Is lt natural
for a person suffiering from brain
stcorm to act In this manner?" he
"I have already told you that I can
not lay down any rule as to conduct
in Insanity," replied Dr. Wagner
"There is no natural way In which
things are done. Insanity is ln itsef un
natural." He then cited two cases in
which Impulses controlled the patient.
Mr. Jerome asked Dr. Wagner If he
knew personally of any case similar to
that of Thaw.
"I have seen thousands of cases of
Insanity." replied the witness, "but
none of them were alike."
"Since you will not answer my que*
tion directly, am I right in assuming
lhat you never heard of a case of brain
storm or mental fulminntlun In which
the person committed a violence with
"I prefer to answer as, I have."
"You couldn't tell what was going on
In the defendant's brain except whs'
was apparent to the eye, could you?"
"Now, was there any single thing in
the hypothetical question indicative of
a brain storm?"
"I can't treat the hypothetical que*
Hon in that way."
The district attorney read extracts
from the question and asked if they Id
divldually  suggested a  brain  storm.
Dr. Wagner said that, taken collec
tively, the facts Indicated a mental ful-
mlnatlon, an extraordinary state of
Animated  Discussion on Closer Union
With Britain or Independence���
Cruchmen'i Club  Meeting.
The regular meeting of the Churchmen's club held in St. Saviour's mission
room last night was very welt attended.
The only programme was a debate "Resolved, that Canada's ideal is independent nationality rather than membership
in nn Imperial federation."
Mr. Ebbs suggested that speakers for
the club's debates should be chosen
from the young members rather thau
from veterans. Mr. Clark protesUJd
against being asked to treat a serious
subject seriously ln n ten-minute
Mr. Ebbs led, painting the glorious
potentialities of Canada, Its extent, Its
wealth, and Its fast growing population,
nnd urged that very soon independence
would be Impossible.
Qeorge Johnstone's line of argument
wae simple and direct. He declared Independence Impossible, and of the alternatives of closer union with Britain
and annexation to fie United States
ho showed the Immeasurable advantages of the former course.
It. J. Clark had no enthusiasm for
Canadian Independence but was averse
to further union with an empire ln
which the mother country and several
colonies were committed to labor-liberalism, which meant selfish class legislation and neglect of the duties of
J. Feasor closed the debate showing
the advantages enjoyed by Canada at
preaent, and the dangers of Independ
ence not only to ber freedom but to
her Ideals and national character. He
admitted, however, that the present
home government had no sympathy
wllh Imperial aspirations.
Rev. Dr. J. H. White and Rev. R. N.
Powell, who entered during the debate,
were warmly received. Dr. White spoke
briefly, greeting his many old friends
present. Mr. White spoke eloquently on
the glories of the empire, deprecated
the attack of Mr. Clark on the British
Liberal government, admitted Its neglect of colonial interests but hoped for
better things.
After the meeting a large majority
voted In favor of federation, short
speeches were made by A. W. Dyer and
W. Brown, and refreshments followed.
The next debate will be arranged by
George Johnstone.
Greene-Gaynor Appeal.
New Orleans, March 5.���The appeal
of Benjamin D. Greene and John F.
Gaynor, the wealthy New York contractors convicted of defrauding the government in connection with the Savannah harbor Improvement work, waa
called for a hearing today before the
circuit court of appeals in this city.
Since their convction at Savannah more
than a year ago Green and Gaynor have
been prisoners in the Bibb county gaol
at Macon, Ga., awaiting the result ot
their sppeal for a ne wtrlal In the famous case.
Dowager Empress Abroad.
St. Petersburg, March 5.���The dowager empress of Russia left here for
London lost night to visit her sister,
Queen Alexandra. The emperor and
empress, and other members of the
royal household of Russia went to tbe
railroad station to bid her farewell
Circular Letter Addressed ta Employer*
and Employees in Mining and
Lumbering  Industries.
The committee appointed by the public meeting held Saturday to protest,
on behalf of the mining, smelting and
lumbering industries, against the enforcement of the Lord's Day Observance act ln British Columbia, has prepared the following circular letter for
Nelson, B. C, Srd March, 1907.
Sir:���A meeting waa held ln Nelson
on the 1st March, 1-907, to consider tbe
effect of the enforcement of the Lord's
Day Act upon the mining, smelting, aad
lumber interests. It was decided that
the opinion ot all those employed In
these Industries In East and West Kootenay and Southern Yale should be obtained as to whether they desired the
enforcement of the Lord's Day Act or
were opposed to the enforcement of
the same. In order to obtain the opinion of these men It was decided that a
petition be circula 1. among the employees of the mines, shelters and
sawmills, and you are requested to lay
the enclosed petition before all your
employees and request them to sign
their names in one ore other column as
being in favor ot or opposed to the enforcement of this act.
lt was decided that the employees
should not be influence in their decision.
It was decided that a meeting of the
owners and managers of all mines,
smelters and sawmills In East and
WeBt Kootenay and Southern Yale
should be held In Nelson on Thursday,
llth March. 1907, for the purpose of
taking such steps as may be deemed
necessary in regard to this most im
portant matter.
You are particularly requested to
have the petition signed and sent to
the secretary as soon as possible, and
certainly before the date of this meeting, and to attend this meeting either
personally or by deputy.
Enclosed are some of the forms of
Ihe proposed petition.
J. J. CAMPBELL, Chairman.
LESLIE HILL, Secretary.
The form of petition attached Is
simple; two columns provide for signature of those who oppose and those who
favor the enforcement of the act
No Sub-Treasury Disclosures.
Chicago, March 5.���No Irregularities
had been discovered in the case of tbe
sub-treasury at the close of the first
day of the olflclal count by the tour
treasury experts. The count will take
two weeks. The government's object
Is to ascertain whether more than the
1175,000. for which the secret service
department Is unsuccessfully searching,
has disappeared. George W. Fitzgerald,
thc assistant teller, from whose cage
thc money was stolen, was examined
lor over five hours yesterday. His examination developed nothing important
tbe secret service detectives say.
Has Natural On.
High River, March 6. ���A subscription
ia being taken up among tbe cltisens
of the town for the purpoae of testing
for natural gas, the existence of which,
there are strong Indications,
Th* King's Travel*.
Paris,   March   5.���King        Edward
started tor liiarrltx today hr a special
Shoots, Kills and Wounds
Causeless Assassination Tears Man's
Ling Oot With BockshotFiitd
in Frenzy.
Fort Williams, Ont., March 5.���A '.er-
rible crime was enacted at tbe Riverside boarding house at abont 3:30 yesterday afternoon when Manson Patten-
eon, who was apparently -demented ran
amuck, and fatally shot Bernard Armstrong, who Is now In the hosptal hovering between life and death, and
wounded Wm. Costello, who, after a
desperate battle, succeeded In disarming the desperado. The crime occurred
upstairs In a small bedroom where the
victim, Armstrong with another carpenter, Fred Abbey, wa* encaged ln some
minor affairs.
No reason for the (booting can be obtained, but according to the dying statement of tbe victim -and Mr. Abbey, Pat-
tenon rushed wildly np stain, pointed
bis gun at Armstrong and fired, the
���hot entering the victim'* right lid*
and inflicting a terrible wound, part*
of the lung hanging out ot tbe gap
when the doctor arrived on the scene.
After shooting this man, the murderer
rushed down stain into the store and.
fired at Mr. Costello, who was Just com.
Ini; np from tbe cellar, tbe shot ripping
tbe arm out ot Costello's coat and (event shots entering bis arm. Mr. Coa-
tello at once -grappled with hi* assailant and a desperate battle occurred.
Showcase* were overturned, stovepipes
knocked down, and tbe entire store almost demoUahed. Wresting the gnn
away from the maniac Costello bit hit*
wltb the butt end on the bead, knocking
the man to tbe floor. A crowd of boarders rushed In and Patterson waa held
until tbe police arrived. Soon Constable Taylor and Chief Debb* were oa the
scene and the desperado was put under
arrest. Tbe Injured man waa conveyed
to tbe hospital.
Magistrate Palling wa* summoned
and ln -short disjointed sentences Armstrong told his version ot tbe affair, hla
assailant under arrest being brought np
and identified as tbe man. When life
was slowly ebbing away Armstrong told
his story. He wu utterly unable to
raise bis atm to -sign tbe statement aa
some of the shot bad entered bis arm
and It waa partially paralysed. He
seemed to be very low and doctor had
to revive him with stimulate as be made
what may prove to he hla dying statement. Costello, the proprietor the
boarding house where tbe shooting occurred, wbo was also injured, says tbat
he bellevea Patterson was crasy. He
did not sets the shooting of Armstrong
but rushed upstairs from the collar
when he heard the shooting only to be
confronted by the maniac, wbo at once
fired. Costello then grabbed for bin
and succeeded In felling the man to tbe
floor with a blow on the top of the
Dr. Martin and Dr. Manlon, who attended the Injured man gave little
hopes of the victim's recovery. His
lung ls practically destroyed and his
entire system was filled with buckshot
After making his deposition tbe victim
seemed to gain a little strength and
wanted to know lf the assailant bad
tried to kill himself.
Manson Patterson, who committed
the crime, Is a nephew of Mn. A. R.
Elliot of this plaoe. He haa been In
town for a considerable time and at od*
time worked In the local elevator*.
Retired   Manufacturer**   Quarrel   with
Conductor End* Fatally,
New York, March 6.���Ira Klllburn.
a wealthy, retired manufacturer of
South Orange, N. J., dropped dead In
a police station ln Newark, N. J., laat
night after a fight with a conductor on
a street car. He bad heen knocked off
the oar and with tbe conductor, Jamea
Kelly, taken to the police station. He
waa 72 yean old.
Mr. Klllburn tna on hi* way home
trom work and boarded a oar. He aad
tbe - conductor exchanged word*, and
then blows, and both were taken to tbe
police station. Klllburn started to tell
his story and fell dead ln front of the
desk. He wa* one ot the best-known
men ln the state, not only by bl* long
connection with tbe Agricultural society, but because of hi* reputation aa
a breeder ot trotting and road bone*.
He waa an expert driver. Kelly wae
held pending tke result ot aa autopa-j-s
P, The Daily Canadian
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office:   Toronto.
CAPITAL PAID UP....N.500.000 BEST H.500,000.
D R WILKIE, President. HON*. ROBERT JAFFRAY, Vioe-Pr-wident
Brinchcs is British Colombia:
Deposit, rauelied snd interest allowed current rates from date of opening of
acxran:. and -BOOipuuudad half yearly.
>Ei_so> branch ��J��   Me   LAY,   Manager.
The Royal Bank of Canada
CaaMal *td m\taehe
legis'ature which haa In view the imposition of a tax on lhe products of
metalliferous mines. The tax is not yet
fiied but it is to be upon a sliding
scale dependents upon the profits accruing from the exploitation of the mineral
resources. The salient features of the
bill as stated by the Toronto News are
"a recognition of the rights of the peo
pie of the province to benefit in some
degree from the rich mineral stores
of the north."
In the enactment of this legislation
Ontario is simply following the good example of British Columbia, where the
2 per cent tax has been in frictionless
operation for three years. In Ontario.
85 here, there may be a temporary re-
rigtance of the ordinance, but when the
fairness of the proposed legislation is
understood it will be as heartily ap
predated as any measure designed to
conserve the people's rights, in public
A more striking feature of Ontario's
new law is the clause in the bill
which taxes natural gas. The same
principle which is applied to the mines
is found here. A meter is to be attached to every well, and a tax of a
certain number of cents mot yet fixed)
charged on every thousand feet of flow.
In case the tax is promptly paid, a rebate of 50 per cent shall be made on
the amount used in Canada. This legislation is necessary because of the enormous amount of natural gas piped over
from the Weliand Peninsula to Buffalo.
The bill is so explicit that it will be exceedingly difficult for anyone to evade
lu provisions. The penalties are heavy,
and affidavits are demanded from the
men in charge of each mint? or gas
We wonder why the same principle
might not be wisely extended so as to
Impose a tax on oil. Many pans of
Canada have extensive oil fields which
arc yielding fortunes to the operators
and owners. Surely if minerals and
gas are taxable as public resources oil
should be in the same category. Slowly
but surely men are coming to adjust
themselves to the economic principles
and to adapt themselves to the economic measures which will right the
r.rongs of society and hasten the day
of economic contentment. Ontario,
through her government, is helping to
educate tbe public sentiment to the
point where righteous legislation is ap
Deposits of |L00 and upwards re
paid quarterly instead of semi-annual
elred at highest current rate and interes
*   as heretofore.
Nelson Brancht G. A. SPINK>Manager.
Published ilx c*r�� a weel by tbe
Baker St.. MM B. C.
S^owcttpilon mata, *>��� cent* a month dellTered
in tb* cut, or B.00 .. year it lent by maU. when
paid :z adranee
Ad Terming rales on application.
AU monies _a.lt :n settitment o! The Daily
Caiadian aeeounu, either for mtrtcriptlon* or
advertising, mmi be receipted for on tbe printed
formi of tbe Company. Other rer-tip:* Are not
MARCH S. 1907.	
��� By one word wt are Rimeum*** ;adg-d to be
wise and by one word tometlsei ja<iged f�� be
foolish Let ci tbtr^for* bt ear*elui ��ln! we
The opponents of the principal of
municipal ownership hare taken to
citing London, the capital of the world,
as a conspicuous instance of the failure
of the principle when put into operation. For more than ten years that
city bad bean under the rale of a radical element In !;s citizenship who have
run the practice of the theory into the
ground and a st,rong reactionary movement has developed with the purpos-
of defeating the Socialistic county
ex unci 1 which has so extravagantly
managed the peoples' affairs. I'nder
Socialistic regime the city has been
plunged Into an indebtedness of one
hundred and twenty millions and the
more conservative element in the pott-
tical life of the metropolis have determined to call a halt.
We are not surprised 'hat Orii f* * :���
Jng should be arounsed for the county
council has managed th** business of
the miniature universe with a recklessness and extravaganec that beggars
description. With the vast resources
0' the city at their disposal they have
systematically squandered the peoples'
money in putting into practice the least
profitable features of the municipal control  program.
Nor are we surprised that the Utopian experiment should have failed.
The larger the city, the more need of
ihrewd and conservative men to manage Its affairs. The London county
council was composed of men elected
from the popular walks of life for the
most part. A largo majority of them
were men without business experience
and whose minds were saturated with
extremely   impossible  ideals   of   munf-
pat government. The necessary balance between income and expenditure
was, with them an afterthought, and
when deficit stared them in the face
the borrowing power of the municipality w-as invoked to bring relief.
Such methods of financing must have
an end and the great city is facing a
More than that, the largest city in
the world ls the last place in which
such a radical theory as that of municipal ownership or control of public
utilities should be put into operation.
The traditions of centuries are hard to
overcome and to place before the public
free baths, free theatres, free lodging
houses and other things is to begin the
work of economic reform at the wrong
eni. Municipalization fs, at first, best
���dftpted to smaller communities and the
municipalization of public utilities is a
slow process which must not travel
faster than the appreciation of the people nor must it made an excuse for a
system of free benefactions to the
; ��� ;* ��� At best It is but a system by
which tlie municipality should manage
the affairs of the pubile with the same
-regard for business principles and
sound economics, as any other, such as
a private business enterprise. The salient feature is to save for the people the
vast sume that, under private ownership, go to enrich avaricious corpora-
The reason why the principle and
practice bas failed in London is be-
eaug��t it has bea operated upon Socialistic lines instead of upon sound economic lines. The county council of
Ismdon has afforded the best object
b-sson in the difference between th*
va-^ari's of Socla'ism and the soundness and practicability of an economic
theory which in other places is proving
the right to a wider public recognition
Whether London will be able to retrieve her fortunes and shake herself free
from the rule of Irresponsible spendthrifts we shall soon see but in the
meantime the student of economics will
not fail to distinguish between the
value of a sound principle and Us reckless abuse.
The government of the province of
Ontario ls at last awakening to a rea*
l'zatlon of Its responsibilities as mis*
tees of the people's property and a new
mining law is under discussion in the
While the coast cities are busying
themselves with questions of game protection and representative committees
will approach the legislature will petitions for more stringent regulations for
the preservation of wild animals the
attention of the government will be
called to the necessity of exercising a
jealous care over the fisheries of the
interior. The Kaslo beard of trade, at
Its regular meeting last week, passed
an important resolution which may well
be emphaclsed by the endorsement of
the local board. The resolution was
as follows:
"That the fisheries of the lakes and
rivers of the interior of British Columbia are capable of producing large supplies of food, and that it is the opinion
of this board, that a systematic investigation of their varied resources, and
the means best adapted to conserve and
improve the present supply of fish is
one which is of importance to the prov-
luce: Therefore, be it resolved, that the
provincial government be requested (lt
to instruct its fisheries commissioner
tn examine and report on the same (2)
to enact such regulations that will be3t
conserve the present supply, (3) and
further aid the industry by the erection
of hatcheries and other work."
While it is always desirable that our
fecund supply of fish and game should
be widely advertised it is equally wise
that an eye be kept on the future, and
recognition be given to the fact that
the constant depletion of these supplies
by the free and wholesale slaughter of
game that is Indulged in must, in the
near future rob us of one of our boasted assets. The government has announced its policy as one no longer
necessitating anxiety as to the accruing revenues but more property one of
wise expenditure. It Is evident that
ih" various sections of the country do
not intend to be backward in suggest-
ine to the authorities the manner in
which money may be wisely expended
in the public interest. We heartily endorse the suggestion of the Kaslo board
and hope its effect will Ur supplemented by similar resolutions from
Chief Justice Hunter in an address
delivered before the Canadian club at
Victoria last week among many other
important things said: 'To his opinion
llrltlsh laws were superior to any
others upon two particular points, 'the
even-handed administration of Justice
and the full and free development o*
absolutely responsible government.*
"Another point wblch be though:
might well be emphasized was the necessity of introducing into the public
schools, the colleges, etc., more of the
spirit of patriotism   than   at   present.
There *as no d*. ubt th.t
eepttve period of a youai nuufi life
was between the ages of 18 and M    It
waa during that i>eriod tho: infraction
Upon  the  principles  <-..   Bl
Uona should be instilled into t!.*
fu! mind.   Moreovr. he thoughl it was
incumbent   upon   the  provinces  of  the
Nonh west   and    British   Columbia   to
establish provincial  universities
institutions might   b~ made centres of j
Canadian thought.   He thought that the !
government of British Columbia should 1
set  aside a grant  of land  fur tbi   ��� :i
dowment of a university, expressing the j
opinion  that tbe  necessity  of  -
the young people many mik-s away  !:i j
order to obtain higher edurati* n
much to be deprecated."    These words
of the eminent jurist should bear fruit.
... *    Uk*
in uh  *      ������    ������   ���- llrtrtel   �����
above B. ion 11                ���"������;
dun, Uwi        x-'  -- r IT.
���b��iu��. It '    *
efcauu te poini ***at ud o*nuin-
. -   -   Ml
Jtuuir; U _     ___
ttuiuM PtLL-XKB
The Armstrong Advertiser Slates Mr
Price Ellison. M. M. P., for a portfolio, j
though it does not specify which one. ;
U claims that such a reward for politi- ���
cal  good faith  is coming both  to  Mr.
Ellison and  his constituency.    We are
not   assisting   in   cabinet   const ruction
but there are many old timers who will
agree with the Advertiser.
The Toronto News says: The Thaw
trial will cost JSWMHW. Aud Kalzac's
complete works cost only l-��. The entertainment is not worth the money."
Japan Angry at Last.
Tukio, March 5.���Thf Nichl Nichi to
a leader this morning protests against
the persistent determination of the people of California to persecute and exclude the Japanese from that state. In
the proposed law, .limiting aliens to a
fiv-t.- year ownership of land, the Nichi
Nichi can discern but one Intention,
that to deny land owning rights to
Japanese. The paper advises the government to take steps "to counteract
such an outrage against the Japanese"
and expresses the belief that an effective solution may be reached by the removal of the disability of Japanese to
attain naturalization in the I'nited
Sixty days afi<r data I inland to appt* M Jbj
-.>{ t/.imiairwuintr ��>l Ur..:. UM   ���   ����
*nd, 1-ommennng ��' ���
irked H Hss N   R coreerTwat. planted st
��� .,,. \  ���-..      reef , ; ,. w   -        -    .;:.. *m the
of Anon taka at-uui (our miles above
-���,1..   ���;���-���      *  *   *:
_       |BCi <x>nuinin<i��
.    UQl   Rtkix HrtTo!*.
j t irritTffl. tfmt
:����� herebnei' ta tn*i two monthi M,ltti
,-, :.. the Chief < ..mmi��
���ioeeryf Undi �� -     ���  *U'��'
i*n 1 t-rltitr the forctboi-* ��dw��inlnj[the < m��dun
recti    lUUwy S       -   . * ttest   pert ut
Uura l��.:nc��>n ihe iouth ���b��,e
ol the weft ��nao! Koowssj I-**"-, m the a\a~
-   -       1    -.v-ittsi in* At the tontber-
��� ;   . -. ,_p 1: tb*nc* ���long the
���OttUB we-nt-fi-i *W��mi'l*fv ftt lot TON *ml   U I M*
'  :u a north  weiterly  din
(Ml.  thenee ��T  right ttic-r* III
Mid boundary in ����� bouth  we*l*rl�� ilir.--.  :    ���
-.  ee ic". 10 Uh
t.iund��*T of the ��� uy ^rt.-esntlaoad;
th.-in-r pwtllet to Mid we*terty  umu<l��ry of lot
1 MMtUi ��uterty dlnetkia. ��� dtenaew fl��
..       *       - ���-  to UM northerly U'*.in..��rT
��� -��� 1 ��� theacc [oil -wine tha norths!
��� 14 is ��� north e��*ierlj dlneUos t<��ihe
: I   i-ommcnconieni,   the  f��re�� U?mg 3-M
r.   :��� -   :.* '���  "-���   * ������
I����ted thU Tth day of January. A.P., IW..
ANHEUSER    -** THE otd
BUSCH...    Budweiser Beetl
DISTILLERS, 12 and 20 years old.
.Silk- Aeente in DritiMH
-    ;-.   ��� n':--: -I-.*.  I Intefl I Hi ���Pply 1*' the Hon.
��� : i:n>"        r ���-'. Undi and Works to pur-
t*ha��- W sent "! ��nd lomtod in ?tre \ alley ba-
Ing part <���: --.*:.-'  *'.. -   1"  'JownitCt. "t, ind
I ai fohow*:    Commencing at a [***��l
marfcftd 7. W. J. S t. n-.rner *ud planted at tbt
nerthmsi texnet ���'. ��ia  wiutann' puieh***;
tiwooi mtttcbaini; tlenre north ai ��*haint:
Mat *"it.*:n-'.  ihenc* iouth 80 ttiain* to
-plare of N-ginoin*.
November J3rd 1906.
K. W, loetiAlt,
J. E. AmiaBLi, Agent.
The average man has more friends
and fewer enemies than he thinks he
"Companies Act, 1897."
Provixce or British Columbia, i
No rs.
THI.S 1$ TO CFKTIFY that the "KakUp Fruit
Land*. Liraitad/1 ;* ft'Jitborl-nl and ifeenwl io
cary on b'.^ines*! within tht- prorlnt-e of British
Columbia, rDd to c*rry out ur effect 411 or auy of
ihe objecti of the comp ny to which tbe lettlila-
tive BUthoritv of the i-tgisiatu-e ot crltiib Columbia Bzteods.
Thf head officeof the corafanj li��ituate -at the
City of Winnipeg, Province <4 .Maniioba.
Tne amouLt ofthe capital oftbeeqmiMnj i*. five
hundred tbonsand Oo Ian, divided Into tu<>
thousand five hundre<l *hare* ol ten per ceut
preference nock of the par value of ont hundred
dollars ea'-h, and twenty-Ate hundred nbaret of
common stock of the par value of one hundred
dollars each.
The hea<l office of the company in ihi.1! province
Is -:���;*,*��� at tbe C ty of Nelson, and ���>;.���-��� Wet
mo:- Hannington. barrister, who e ftddrew ;*
the same, i* the alioruey for the companr.
Given  under my hand and seal of off; ���
torift, Frovtnce of   Britten   Columbia, this lfith
net of February, one thousand nine hundred
and seren.
[L.*.] B   V. WuOTTON,
Kegistra- of Joint -Mock Companies.
Tbe object for which  the company bas been
established and licensed are:���
(a.) Buying, seldng, l-a��iug or disposing of
coal mines,coai and wood lands, farming, grulng
and fruit lands, and limber limits, ami to wort
and develop the -ame;
(b.) To carry on the business of immigration
and colonization agents, m��fce advances to
assist settlers on lands purchased from the
company and to s��'*ure the repay ment of such
advances with interest on sntn terms and fn
such manner by way ol mortgage or a;reetnent
M may be rn'ittislly agreed npon.
(c.) To tarry on the business of ranching,
breeding, seliiDK and dealing ln cattle, hoi tea,
sheep and otber livestock;
(d.j To purchase, sell and deal in lumber,
wood, coal, minerals, grain, provisions, clothing
and general supplies;
(e.) To carry on trade a.i general merchants
and forwarders;
(f.) To Luue in rayment of nny property
acquired by the company, shares of thc captal
stock of the company ��s fully paid up and non-
aa**s-ahle or otherwise;
(g.) To carry on the b��i��fnes��of manufarrtnrers
and dealers in power generators and motors of
every description, to construct and operate all
rja*.ses of vehicles, agricultural implements,
machinery, boa's, steamers. h��rgt*�� and ferrys
In which the^aid m��tors are used: to ���:.-'*. *
and operate boat lines and *.o carry on the bust*
ness of carriers, cartage and pared dehvr:-,*,
to own and operate omnibc*" line�� god
aad boats for hire; to sell, lease aui i ppl)
el'-ctrlcity; t" own and Operate ei-ctric plants,
and geuefally to carry on any of tbe bnelnea
in*i'feuul to Die aforetftid purposes and ol ��� tl
of the company;
(h.) 7o purchase, take on lease, exchange or
otfaenrlaa uqofn or dfapoae of any real or
l-ersonal property, and any right* or privileges
which tbe i:onij**aii> may to--;:t-r u.-ri-^'ry
for the purposes of their operations;
an i !o H-il an<l diipose Of any lands or otha' renl
Mtateaad j***m*jnal properly at anv tim- owned
orcontndlcd by the company or any" pari 'hereof,
or any control therein, or claim thereon, and gen
erali/ to do all :sucli thing�� aaar' incldentHl to
o-conducive to toe carrying out of tHobject*
of the company;
fl) To f��oine shareholders In any existing or
pro[^��^rd company. an��i to promote and assist in
promoting any comjtny carrying on a business
pertalalag to lbe ob^eteforwnfefi this company
:*. tmeotpotate6 and which may prove useful lo
:;..��� eonpaajr,ajtd toac��|Uire, take over and op-
i rale the bUHSfM of ��ny meh tiDfttpaST or com-
panle��, and to enter Into ��u acrtenient for shitr
mg of profits, union of interesU. reclprot*! ��� ��� n
is*-��Aont or otherwise, with any person or com
pany an*< uke or otherwise acquire or bold
shares and securities of iul company or companies;
(J) Toa'-i'iire and hold i��nd* bj jjift or purchase or as mortifaget** o- otbenrift ac fullv nnd
freely as private individuals, and to sell, lease,
mortgage or otherwise alienate tbe same and to
exercise all the powers set out in the several
6o days afti--. date I ;n-.��nd to appiv to the Baa,
orable the thief i ���iinmtssioner of Ijtuds and
Works, to pnrchase ttt tas**\ of Ui,*l OOM"
tne tiring at a  p-'-st   narked  0. W.8  N.K  o.ruei
post ar-d piatr.'d po the we��i shore ol tstaa
fake edjoimng I>'t ���"''-ti ihe m��uth side of ��ald
Lot. then e weet ID 'bams along tbe southern
boundary of I.i ���   tb ������ tt chains;
thence east Sjcha::.* nure or less to lake shore;
thence north aloug iake ��hore to plate ol beginning.
Dated 29th day of Nov  IX*.
Qbo w Bcnti
J. E   AM��SBLI. AgeUl-
Sixty day�� after dale '. iat��na to sppiv to the
Hon Chid Ow ���laa ner Of lands and Works.
Victoria, to pur* haa** UQ MTW Of laud located In
Fire Vallev. being pan of bectlons Three and
Four. Tow::-.,:;- ��� n*ii desrrlbed as foildwi:
Commencing at a p<��t planted at Htiliam
Williams' V a corner, and marsed *K I w*��
N. K. corner," and running 40 chains weet,
theuce 20 chslns soutb, tbence 20 chains east,
thence *0 chaius south, thence 2D chains east,
thence WchsiiM norih to place of beginning
November 23rd. 1906 Koel E wiuiiH,
J   K  AXt____ \gent.
Notice is hereby gHen tnst eodavi aiu-r date 1
intend to apply to the Honorable the Colel Com-
mlssf-jner of landsand Work* for permission to
purchase the f-.U��wiag described lands: Com-
mtneing at a (>ost place'l 20 cnains west of the
���ouibra-* *���::;���: of Lot ST-42. marked "K. A Bell's
northwest corner," tbence south l" chains,
Utonoooait M <tisins. theii'e north 20 chains,
then-1 west iC chains to point of commencement,
containing to a> res, more or leM.
Located ti.i*-i:h ".ay of Nov , ia*    k. a. Bill.
Sixty .lays after date I intend to appiv to tfl*
Hou Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works,
Victoria, to pnrchase UO acres of Isnd. ln Fire
Valley We��i Kootenay: Commencing at a post
planted W chains west of the u. W corner of J.
Robinson's pre-emption, and marked W. W's S
E. corner, and running west 60 chains, tbence
south SO chains, thenee east 60 chains, theuce
north 80 chains to place of beginning
J. E. AJOUBLE, Agent.
BUt; dajl af'er dale I intend to apply to the
Hon. the Chief Commissioner of Landsand Works
to purchsse 160 acres of land: Commencing at a
- "Ion the weat side of Hlx mile creer.
on ��at>on road, about two and one half miles
fn ni Kootenay lake, and msrkrd "Neil Mc-
Kechnie's ft, West corner post." thence east 10
chains, thence north to chains, thence west a)
chains, tbence soutb to cbains, to place of commencement
Located this Htth day of November, 13M.
Mm M'Ki/hx.i
Sixty davs after date I purpose making application to the Honorable the Chief * * . . -a r * -
of Lands and Works for permission to punbase
the following described land: Commencing st
a pn-i Pla-Md ��t the B, W corner of I*t H*M) and
marked *'F. G. F 's" N W, corner, thence following the southern boundary Let WOO. ���&.-> chains
! ���:���*.���-:���---���-.'������. :������ the west t-iu-idar-i of I-ot
6901, tbence following same south 3u chains to
the north boundary of Lot VAn; thence about 7(1
chaini west along said boundary to tbe lake
shore; thence north 30 chains more or less following the laXe shore to point of comnience-
.r.ftinlcig 317 acres more or leas.
Dated December 17th, 1907.
 F. G Facqcii*.
No'i* ���"��� is hereby given tnat 60 davs alter date I
intend to a poi y to the Honorable the Chief Com*
mlssloner of lands and Works, V-ctorta, B ' .,
ior permission to purchase the following dcscrlb-
ed land, situated ln the Wesi Kooteun* dlatrlet,
on the west side nf i uhamel (or Six Mik) creek,
on up*er side of wsgon road, about 2!^ rnlle*
fro n WeatAtmol Ko' tenay lake: Commencing
at a post marked Mr- Hattie Duck's * E corner, running 40 chains west; tbence 20 chains
south; thence 40 cbains esst; thence 20 chains
north, lotbe no'nt of commencement, containing m acres of land, more or less.
Dated the 17th .November IXt
Mm  Hattie Una,
 Jogy E TsTLoa. Agent
Notice Is hereby given 'bat sixty days alter
dale I intend to apply to the Honorable lhe
Chief Commissioner of l*nd�� and Works, for
permission io purchase thr following desrritied
lands situated in the West Kootenay diatriet!
Commencing at a jost marked "H H KMltb
weat corner, and north of a b. Lucas's, pur
i-hase i*I"lm, on Sand .Creex; theuce north to
chaini; thence easl 30 ObalDa; tbnca south to
chains; tbBties20 chains west. t-�� point of corn-
meneement. ���>outalntng to acres, more or lesa.
December 20,1WK.
     M. It, Mf^osaaie, Agent.
Sixtv davi afler data I intend to apply to the
Hon. Chief Commls*.oner of ..-.nds and Works
for permission to purchase the following de-
ac-ibel propert* ais ,*������*.*��� mark*, "ii M..8E
eoruer.' tben'e Vt'\,a\tt. north thenwtocbains
west, thenc* Vj chains soutb, tbence tn chains
easl Ut po nt of et mm��nssmsnc, a reI***ca*lon of
the abandone<l pre-��rr*t.*|on ",l\ nt W C Knapt-
aod Utbs east hsif o! the northwest 'tu��rter,
and 'he wesi h>��if of the northeast ouarter of
f*ctlon 7, townsbifsT') w**t Hoo-teoay di*tri':t, on
tbe west shor- of tbe lower Arrow !��kes, containing lfio acres, more or \**m.
March 1st, M. <,\v,ttue Milt.-',
M E. McQtaaaic, Agent.
Sixty days afler date I Intend lo spply to the
Chief Commissioner of landsand Works to purehase fV*' tu res of land, located in Lower Arrow
Lake, West Kooicimv: Commen'ing at a post
plsmed al the *'S.W. corner of Arrow lake
Indian Reserve"; tlience south Mf) ehains; thetjcf
treatWchatna; tbenoe north so chains; ibtnM
cast rtO chain*, to place of beginning.
Located JHth day of December, 1906.
c saw eli..
Sixty days after date I .nteriil lo apply to the
i  Hon  the Chief *Corninls.��triner of lninls and Wnrki
to pnrehaae 2to air res of land; commencing at a
poit marked "N.I B*iaootheaii oornar post."
said poat being at tbe northeast oorner 01 0m
Hudson's pre-emption claim, about tiro miles
-outheast of Hurton City. Ihence west 40 chain*
soutb 20 chains, west 40 cbains, n-.rlh 40cbains,
cut tu chains, sonth 2> chains to place of eom-
mencernent. containing 24o acres.
I or atcfiKih dayof Nov |'-*v,.   Nettie T. Beer.
Sixty davs after date I intend toapply to the
Hon. (.htef Commissioner of Unda and Works
Victoria, lo purchase to teres nf Und sitnaU-r.
on the west side of Arrow Uke, about v_ milm
balow Burton, anl dtserilieda- follows Commencing at a posl olanted at the northeast
' orner of Ijtt .r.o, and running north �� chains-
tbence west m chains, tlunce scuih i?0 chains
thenee ea��t'2n chain* to place of bOKiOOttU
Kov.lltb.19W. bh  ETitl,!.,
��������������� *__.? *J_?A��". Agent.
ho��* laaerebj ni 0 tbat Bo days attar date.
Iniend to apply to the Honorable tne chief f'om-
mi-Mon-rof land-and Works for permission to
purchase lhe fr,;i(.Aiog dft.crlbed lands situate
about 10 miles eas: of the City of Nelson on 11 e
south shore of the Wesl Arm of Kootenav like
I an.l comnienetig at a post placed about ��� .-haini
; ���-Thomas' N. W roniW," them-e south 20
cha ns. .thence east _�� chains, theoce north ��
chains, thence west 'S, chains to point o com
meneement. ^       '  vra
1     Datod this 8th day of Nor., ����.    g. thokas.
The Hall Mining and Smelt
Company, Limited.
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry OrJ
Full Stocks
B. C. Salmon
Atlantic Haddics
Manitoba Whitefish
BEEF, PORK and MUTTON of Finest Qoality.
P. Burns & Co., Ltd.
Orderi by mail to anv branch wui have
out prompt tnd careful attention.
llt*d Ofllce: Nelsan,&d
.-l��ty I'.ays after date 1 intend toappJyiotbs
Honorable the ��'bicf <. ommtasloner of Lands and
Worka for permlaalon to pnrchase the following
daadrtbod land* in Kootenay district; (ommenclng at a posl markefl -A. J Dili's southwesi
corner poat." said post being on tbe Uorthweat-
erly shore af the Lower Arrow lake and ift Mnki
due east, ou the northeast corner of Ixtt 2Tlt
Oroup I: :t,--.,"��� north 60 chains; eait to chains;
south to chains, more or 'esa. to the lake shore,
thenc* following said ihore in t southwesterly
dim tii-n M chtlns. more or leas to tha place df
beginning, containing 160 aeres, more or  1cm
Dated this 4lh dty of November, lis*.
A.J. Dinner K  L. Bra-Kir. Agent.
Notice u hersny given that 6�� days alter date I
Intend toappiy If the Hourrablc lhe ��'blcf t'om-
m las toner of L��ndi and Works for penataal D
to pur'-haae ff*i arret of Itnd, situate on tbe Little
Moyle river about ' mile from International
Boundary and about 1 mile from BpokaM I titer
national Ky : 'ommenriug ��t a po��t markol
I). Oram's B E. corner post, thence west *0
chains; thence north to chains; tbeuce eut **0
chains; tbence north Hi chains; iht-occ east 10
chains; thence souih **i chains to piu*e of com-
meneement, conta'nlngao acrei of land.
I.-if.-ate-l Uct. *Jth lasi
Damiil (iaain.
Notice u bereby given Uttt Bitj *jai
date I intend to male application mfrlj
able'.'blel t'-ommlsotoner of Lands uld
Victoria. B. i., for permissioo ie pri-jBui
towing described land, sitaau ti \\*\\
West K'H'ieniy dlstricl: t'otcat-.r^tijl
t lamed ai tbe southwest corner al ^_m_
tn^tn'i pro-emptlon, markedK.I.lilbT
post, lbence 10 chains west, iVmIM
north, tbence so chtlns east tc 'n��t��k"
northwest eurner, thenre south tOrt
of '-iinmeij -ement, containing ltf*-.?ktet\
listed this ��lrd day of Nov.,in
ILI.tp* I
fluty days afterdate i Intend toapply to the
Honorable thc Chief Commissioner of I^inds and
Works, Victoria, to purehaae 160 aires of land,
located in Fire Valley and described aa follows:
LV in mencing at a |*o*t market '< H Mt M's N.W.
corfler. and planted tt the southwest corner o|
lot 7S1-V tnd running aouth a* chalm, thencr
east 31) chtlns, thence north at rbtios, tin hm
well JO chtlns In place of beginning
Nov. Wth. I!��6. "ito- Ii. MtMiLUttt,
j. F-. AmuRUt, Agent.
Plsty dtyi tfter dale 1 Intend to tpply to the
Honorable the Chief Commissioner of l_audaand
Works tu purchase 640 acres of land, located ln
Fire Valley, on wesi side of Arrow lake: Com*
mencing at a post planted tOchaim we*l of the
southweit corner of J kobinson'a pre-emption
and marked J W'i fi _. corner, and running
north fti chtlns, thence west 10 chtlni, thence
south SO chains, thence east K> chains to place of
Nov. ISth, IK*. Js.vg Wili.hms.
 J. K. Ayyar.Lt. Agent.
Notice ls hereby given ihat Wdtvs after date I
Inteud toapply to the Hon the (hief Commia-
sioner of Land* and Works Victoria, B I , fur
permission to purchase the following d. m rsU-d
lands in W"e*i Kootenay district: CommeaclDa
at a po��i planted at the south a est corner of'.it
nm. group Land runuin* JO chains to tbi
etst eorner of lot ~~.iU. group I, then In an easier-
Iv direction _D chtlns, then norlh jo chalna,
then we*t L*0 chtiiit lo p-dut of cowweiirenicnt.
conuinlng to acres nu-re or less,
I'-ated FebrVury lllh. l_*��/7.
_             I'll 1 lip Wsing  Ixicalor.
Notice Is bereby given that slitv <iayi alter
date 1 Intend to appl) to tba Hon the Chief
Commissioner of Land* and Works for permis-
sion  topurcl.t*e  the following  de-.crll.ed   land
situated in ihe West EootaiUf dlatrtot:  Com-
mencing tt t post planted tl th->"N. I OorMI
of L Porters's pre-empllon,*' and rimtiiitg
tbeiUf cast to chains; thcu'i-sotttn to (hams;
thence west #) chains; thuice nortii 10 chnins,
to place of commencement, containing tr.o eeeetx
more or leas.
Iiecemoer *\\ 1906.
lUr.r.y I'g'KRs, Locator,
 M   R   McQi-ahkii. Agent.
(���Iity dayi tfu-r dale I Intend to apply tothe
liuimrabletbc Chief comnnsfinner of lands and
Works for nennl/Klon to purchase the following
descriu-d lands in Kootensy dlatrlet: Com
meii'ineat a post marked J. B Annable's north
east corner boat, mid posi batOI 00 tbe south
side of the I>iwer Anow inke about two miles
I* low Hurton (lt>; thence south ao chains*
thence wesi JO chains; tlience south'.U chains
tlu-nce weat w chains; tbence north ft t-haiut
Ifld 20 links, more or )?�� to,ihe lake shore;
thence easicrlv along lake tt) 1 hains. moreorless
to ihe place of beginning, containing m aerea.
BOrt or leis.
I'aled tills Sth day of November, WOft
       p�� r K   I, Bihhkt. Air/nt.
Sixty days after dale I intend lo apply to the
Chief commissioner of Unds and Works for
permission to pun-base tbe foUowlng deaeribed
lands In kootenay District, about three .inarters
of mile from Thrum's aiding: Comrnen-ing at a
post placed at lhe S.W. corner ol I. fik groun
1, West Kootenty Dlsirlct; thenee -.f.terlv
following lhe north boundtrv of L+v.��' ��>
chains; thence north 10 chtlns; thencu east 40
chains, moreor less, to lhe N W corner nf
IMM; thence south loiiowing the west bo .ndaw
of lV��sn 10 chalm, more or rest, to SESSB,
meneement, containing to acres, moreor le*.
Dated this 6th day of DtMmbaf I9M
 a. U.sPtrn. Locator,
Hlits days after date I intend toappiy i��� the
Hon, f hief Commissioner of Lands anVvtorks!
\lctorls, to purchase 160 acres of Und, boated on
the west side of Arrow lake, aN.m fiv,* _Mm*_Z
low Burton cily, and descried *,��� foUows-Com
mencing at a turn marked 'P (., U's southeast
eorner.'Taudhefng��chalriscaitf.ftb..���,^ ����� ��'���
corner of Ut mt; thence north ��> .-|,a| ,, "
west 40 chains; thence io.it), 40 cha nv   henTe
east to chtlns to the nlaog of heglunini
November Hth, 11*06. | ,j *,tSB
par J. I. AimaBLi.    '
&days tfter dtte 1 intend toirr-MSlal
I hlel ' ommlaaioner of Lands ae   W____^
torla. to purchase M0 acres of ���ao4k
Fire Vallev aod being a ponton *4 let
am) 16 In Townshlp6^ ar.d desenbrt al
' ommenclng at a post [..anted at tit*
corner of  the southeast uusrler *t e
Township fia  and   markC'l I.f
theni-e nortb 40 ebalns; thenca west ���_t
thence south 40 chains; thence eait tl 'J
plnc�� of brgimiing
Novemb*-r rtrd me.
Nfitue li hereby given lnat��,:i;i!r*��
intend lo apply to the H��.nirrib>im��J
mlsaioner of lands and Works ayaa_
a- PM of iand described as foliowt 1 "a*fl
tt a po*t plante��l on the north bank ___L
Moyie river, about 2J0 yards Iron ���*___\
marked "R McUan's a. W ^rV*^T
thenoe east �� cbains, thence *atm\__\
thence west ��0 chains, ihence soots *d��
place of commencement.andcontaiawtw
more or lest. u,.
Its ated ��uth day Oct.. 1����     1
f=lity days after date I intend wtf'��l
Hon Chief commissioner ol Lan-it wV
Vietoria. io purehase I-'o ���- ret cf :��3-U**��J
mil-s b-low Burton 1 'ity. ��'��i KiV'*Ll
ineming a* a pnit marked J A lrf*!3
corner p��,��t." aald poil tiemgen thena^K
of an Island west of I/O (AT.snd ��� ���^aat_m
land contained tn iald Island, l��'tk-���a
mile In an easterly and westerly dinft*��"l
tl-o'ii j.-ehalns from nortb to south.      JW
No��ember llth, 1W6. J J**^
Sixty days altar dato 1 intend teinW]!
Don ChieU'ommtMioner ol Ud ' '"TJ
Victoria, to purchase IX acrrcsof isaa wm
on lbe westiideof Arrow Iskeml >'"l^h
north nf LOI Wl*. Coninieni log *'-t'',*'j!tW
at the n 1 corner of Lot :?:��� snd wi"!*
8,   E    .-orner," aod   running n'jr'" ,T^
thence west _B chains, the me i"r,.3*2
Ihem-e weat  Al chslns. lbence **���-j>"Jl*l
thence cast 40 chains, lo plsrc - A *Q_m I
NoT.Hth.lW6. Bk��hs.*��J"|
J. K. AK.fiBLI A(��*^
BUty dayt after daw TTnTead S '^-jj
Honorable the chief t*omn��*^,0J^f^LrSBl
Worka, Victoria, to punhascJva��*w��|jM
located and d-acrlbe-i a* lo'lowi: y^M
il a poat planted al the wuih��*'*K|
Kobinson's pre emption in H" w ' ' 51
Ave miles from Kdward Unding. ^JJ3
Arrow lake, and m tked P <���*, > l<-]$~
running weit <o chains, thrnrefcutn*
ihen.e. ast *' chains, tbence W';1'DB^|
tbet.i*. Mud] ;o chalm, thenre nortna^-a
pla.e of t^glnnlug. nu��|
*" ���"*"''*  ,.,.mET>__.'
till*is.l lo.pr.ly lollif H.111 l talff' ���?_��**,
UidlUd W���,l,, Vl,*s���rl..l*,r|- ";'"X_,S_
1 issism- th,- r. s. ���,.,i..- dnerlbM '*'   .,,11*1
Hi- ��.��� Ks-ssU-.s.s .ll.srss l. sn si.."�� J
Iliih.mfl (nr ��U MIL) ft*. ___* ,.{, _\
���Ixssii thn. mile, Ir.sns to"""*! i���,illi
rn.ti.-1n_; .1 a iks��: m.rks-,1 ' J.mf**_ .,m
poil," isitisslis-j M i-h.lni s*..i. &___,��' *
ns.rlls, llsmw *l i-li.ln�� *��'��� ,h'"'. ,
sussiih, io ih- poini ul mmwmmmA
Ins/ Vt .ire, ol Uml. to-sr- ��r !�������
IHteil l��h Novt-mbt-r. If* j ;��l|
per JsshkK T.s ����.��"*".
N.sll-,-1. h-r-lis ,:-..i," " "''HV'.'B*
Imeml lu ��|,|slv l��� Ih- BOB. I l|l' ,,, ,���poK*
of Un.l. .is,! iVork. Issr p-rns ""JirM-
Ihe Issllowing tlMrrllx-'il 1��"*> ''l^ilfj
-,,���-, o^.,.���....^sjs&^i
������ *"-|!;!"'.1���,��!s-.��"^
s * , i.h.ss-  theni-.
-h.tts,, th, D-e -.
���ucuoui, -Mmtiinlni n�� ���"".*" ft
1,,. s, ,1 S..v    -'   S-.-S U.P-.11   ,..nS
II.lesi Nor. 29,1����-
j. wil**.
Ns.lls-e I, her-or nil-is''!"''',','���fij,'t,i't*i
II isslt.s a|.plv to lhe Hssii    I "���_, ��S
,-r o"l-.ii.ls. an.l Worta ''*;,���*���,���'.,: %
CUM  ISO   lolloolnil   ���!���    '""!���   i  r.��l��H
lis-is-lnn at a   pii'l   I"
N ��-,.-i.ri;-rj��i::jIa^ -Bi na.��.ym_
.���,.!"  plants
IhcK. anil i". bls-k. So
Ihe C "
,l,��li���;t���-ri,-i...ih i.i��" VV,'nlH���"i
ill- (I'll line. Ih.'is'i' "������',*, i,,ilss*2
Arrssw Uke;   Ihelir    l';"'11 ,' ..."wl��lr'
lhe ihore of Ihe Arrn�� uuw ������*����-
nu-lisement ._,..,.,. I��^-  __t I
Dau-sl Ihi, lllh slay ol ftHM-jf; j ,,�����*"* I
JSl.tUI*""     '
Vpff-t [otice to Fuel Consumers
All orders now standing on W. P. Tierney s
or our books for any amount or description of
coal must be settled for, otherwise delivery will
uot be made.
Dated February 18, 1907.
fale-Kootenay Ice, Fruit, Fuel and Poultry
Company, Limited.
\<A Meeting of the Employers of labor
Un the mines and smelters, and in the
lumber industry of East and West
\ Kootenay and Southern Yale, and of
the representatives of the men employ-
led in these industries in these districts,
ywill be held in Nelson on Thursday,
114th March, at 9 p. m. in the Board of
j Trade rooms, for the purpose of considering the effect of the .Lord's Day
\ Observance Ad upon these industries
creby given that 80 days after date I
a\>\i\j t��i the Hun. tbe -Thief coin in Is
| Unit, ami Works,   * tclurta, for   pcr-
* i ui aii'l tarry �� >ai   llmltr from  tba
ii icribed lamls in West Kootenay:
ni pclng ai n p"��t punted about eighty
it -il the inouih uf rurcka creek, where
nto HarncB creek, ��nd un the north
ireka creek, anl marked (4. ALaiiiic'n
turner |><ist, thence west elgh y chains,
nh eighty chains, ihenc;.- *ast eighty
cm** kuiilh eighty ehulns to point o(
���an 38th. I ���'    U A. Lst-Rll, Loealor.
lm- ining at a PMl planted east of and
���tl A Laurlti'B liHiniou post No. 1, and
1 A Laurie's aouthwvst corner poet of
_tlou, thence enst highly rhaim. (hence
���)���'> i balni, thence west elghly chaini,
���uth eighty chnins to polut ol comiucn-
ttth, 1KC7.   ti. A. Lat'RIE, Locator.
enclof al a ]>��������� i planled about eighty
ii ������[ hurekanrm where it llown into
k, and marked U A. Laurie'i iouth-
i post, on location ^o. 3, theuce cast
is, thence north eighty chain*, them-e
chalna, theuce south eigbty eliains
- -���-���ih. 11W7.   U. A. Laritlft. Locator.
eitciiig at a post  planlcd   aoutb of
P"iiKii   A, Laurie's loealloii Nu. 3, and
A.    uurle'i   uorlbweat  corner  l>oit,
i *" dm in*, thenee nouth   8u cbalni.
i NJ etiHins, lbence north 10 chains
pi commenoement.
i. 36th, 19W.   ti. A. Lavris, Locator,
K'licing    til   a   pout    planted   uighty
ih and inrty chaiui south ol location
'     nl marked W    II. Titge'i H.iithwcit
l loeallitii No. b, theuce caul eighty
e norlh eigbty chain*, tbence weBt
i",   thence   aouth eighty chaiim to
an K6tbtlwTi     W  H. 1'aoa, Locator,
hmeiiclttg at a poil planted   couth   of
'"lug loealloii No. h, ami marked W. H.
ihvett oorner pout of location Ko ft,
���i ilghty ctiHin*, tbence (outb eighty
iI'M weht eighty chaiua, thuiicc north
nn t,i iHiiiit of commencement,
h. *___, 11W7.       VV. 11. Pauk, i-ocHtor.
tensing at n post plauteil clRhty
t uml twenty chain* aouth of loeatiou
��� '���.ami in.nl,.i (i, A. Laurie's Boulhweat
���tf-lot location No. 1, tbenee east eighty
���heme uoilli eighty chalux, tbenee west
���""'Oi,  theuee  south   eigi.ty   chains to
Van. Uth, V.tr,    Q, a. 1_aukib, locator.
Aiinetu tug at a post planted eighty
'"- am) eighty ehiull* nouth of loc-ailoil
'���ami murked ti A Laurie's (mut Invest
!"���-! of location No. t>, thence cast
lain*, theuce north elghly chaini, thence
|lit>* elittlUM, thence Muutb eighty chalu*
�����l' I'Tininiis finfiil,
'an. Bflthi 19U7.   it. A. Lauhif, t ocator.
nuiencittg at a poat planted eighty
���ahl ami eigbty ebalus aoutb of location
fend marked Q A. Laurie'i aoulh west
Dl lot-Hiioti No. U, tlicm-e cant 1 GO chains,
north iu ebailiB, tbenco west 160 chains,
" utlHUehamaio point of commencement
����. atith, 1907.   u A Lai'Rta, Locator.
fcmmeiieiuK at a post planted about ilx
 ii  BnrueM creek   from thy mouth of
*ck where It Hows into llarnei creek
gnetiterlj illrcction. and marked ti. A.
lOUttiweit corner poat of location No.
i i'o-i eighty chaloi, tbeuce norlh eighty
Itbetiec west eighty ehalna, Ihence south
'aliiB lo polut of commencement.
ID.ffllh, 1907.    U, A. LAi'Hik, Locatur.
tinnetielug at a post planted elghly
am of looatlon No. lu, and marked (J. A.
"^uthweat oornei poit of location No. n,
teighty ohalhii thence north eighty
���nee wnt eighty ohalnii ihenoe south
'tit to poini of coiuiuHi.cemcul.
ii -���Jib, 11W7.  U. A. Lauhii. Locator.
I'loieitchig at a post planted iouth of and
'�� looatlon   No. ll, and marked W. H.
wrthwon uuruer poit of loeatiou No. li,
thence east eighty chain*, thence south elghtv
chain*, thence west eighty chains, thence north
eighty chaiua to point of commeucemcut.
Dated Jau. Mtb, 1W7,    w. 11. Psag, Locator.
13-Commencing at a post planted eighty
chaini east and eighty chaini south ut location
No li and marked U. A. Laurie's northwest
corner post of location No. 13, thence eaat eighty
chaini, thenoe iouth Olrhty cbaina, th-nce went
eight* chain*, thence north eigbty chains to
polntof commencement
Dated Jan. Mtb, 191/7.   li, A. LUttA Ijocator-
11 ��� Com me nc lug at a poil planted north of
and adjoining location N.i, is, and being marked
(i, A. Lamrlfb southweM corner po*i ol location
No 14, tbence east eighty chain*, thenee north
eigbty ohalns. thence we*t eighty chains, thence
south eighty ehalni to point ol eummcueement.
Dated Jan. 28th. 1907.   U. A. ��40*11. Locator.
1ft-Ce-mmencing al a no*t plauted eighty
chaiua rorth ol location No. M and mailed W.
H. Faao'i south weat corner Mtt O] location No
15, thenei -an eighty chaini, thenee north
eighty chalna, thence west eighty i balni, thence
south eighty cbains to point of commencement.
Dated Jan. ��th, 1907.     W, H. ?*sat, locator.
lfl,-Comraencing at a post planted eighty
Ohalni east of location No 1ft, and marked ',. A.
laurie'i southwest corner post of lot a turn No
16, theoce eait eighty chalus, lbence nortb
eight)' chains, thence weat eighty chatna, thence
south eighty chains to point of commencement.
Located Jan. a, WW.    G. A. Lavmb, Locator.
17.-Commencing a* a post planted south ol
and adjoining location No. 1��. and marked U. A.
Laurie's nonnwest corner poat of location fn.
17, thence east eighty ehi ins, thence south
elghtv chains, thence went eighty chains, thence
north eighty chains to point of commencement.
Dated Jan. ?9tb, 1907.   (J. A. I.aueil, Locator.
lfl^-Oommenolng at a post planted eighty
chains South of location No 17, and marked *A .
H. Page's northwest corner post Ol looatlon WO.
IB, themveastclghtycbalns, ihinos south eighty
ebalns, theuce west eighty chains, tlienoe north
eighty chains to point ol eoniinencemenl.
Looatod Jan. *>, 1907.      W. H. PaoB. Locator.
19-Commencing at a post planted eighty
chains south of location No-1��, and marked tl.
A. Uiirle's northwest corner poet of location No,
li, tbence cast elehty chains thenoe south
eighty ehulns, tbence went eighty chains, tlienco
north eighty rhalni tO point of commonccintnl.
Datgd J����. -"���"����, 19U7.   li. A  Laihik. Locator
ao.-Commenoing at a post P^ntod about
eighty ohalm eut of the month of Klght Mllo
creek where it cmpllet inte Inonoakln creek,
ami un the south hank )f lnonuakln ereek, ami
marked H. A Uurlc's liorllieust eorner |>ust oi
loealtonNo 90, tlience south �� cha us, hence
���wen 40 chains. Ihenco north H*i chain*, thence
,*h.i 4o chains to point tif commencement,
Dated Feb. '.hid, 1907.   0. A. Lai'KH, Locator,
!_l.-Commciiclng   at    a   post   planted   forty
Ohalni west ami eight* chains lOQtO 01 lo.allou
No. il. -nd markiHt W. H. I'age'i ttOtthCUt corner poit of location No. il. thai weet elgnir
Chalhl. tbence south eighty chain*-. Ihem ei
eighty chains, thence north eighty chain
pidni of I'l'inmciK'emcni.
w. li. l'Aui, Locator.
Th�� Dally Canadian
chalna east of location Nn. '24. nnd marked Q A.
I.'iumv'k norlhwcHt corner poat of location No.
a , lbence south eighty i-haltm, Ihoucc east
eighty, ihence north eighty chalnn, lbence wesl
eighty chaius to point of commencement.
Dated Keb. 4th, 1907.    G. A. Laimut, Locator.
atl.���Commencing at a post planted about four
and one-half miles .town Inonoakln creek, from
tbe moulh of fcight Mile creek where it flows into Inonoakln oreefc, and ou the eaat hank of
Inonoakln creek, and marked G A. Laurie's
northweal corner post, thence lonth eighty
chains, theme eaat eighty chalnn. thence north
eighty chains, theuce weat eighty chains to point
of commencement.
Dated Feb. 4th,1907.     G. A. Laueii, Locator
Take notice thatl intend, thir'y days afler
date to apply tn the Honorable tbe Chief Cora-
mlieloner of Lands and Worka for a special
licence toeut and carry away timber from the
following described lands, situated on Handy
Creek, In West, Kootenay district: Commencing
at a |iost planted on the west side, of said creek,
and marke I "J. P. H'n" northwest corner; thence
running aouth eighty chains; tnence east eighty
Ohalni, tbence north eighty chaini; theuce west
eigbty chains to place of cummencemeut.
I. V. "WKMBERli,
Dated thii 19th day of February, 1907.
Take notice that thirty days nfter date I in-
tend to apply to the Cblel Commissioner of
Laml* mid Work-, m Victoria for permisalon to
cot and carrv away timber from tbe following
described lands ln Went Kootanay: -
No L���Commencing at a poet planted at tbe
southwest corner oi timber licence No. 7821;
thence eait lorty chains; thence north eighty
chains; tbeuce east li�� ehalns, thenee south to
northern boundary of timber license 8ftttt;thenee
west along aald northern boundary to
the north-west corner of iald license;
then south to the northern boundary
of timber UcenBe 7018; thence weet to
a point due aouth ofthe poln'.of commencment;
thence north to tbe point of commencement.
January IMh, 1907
No. 2 ���Commencing at the northwest corner
of timber license 7-sai; tbence Bontb to the northern boundary of timher license 7018; tbence west
to the nonh-w^at corner of aald timber ..ccjih-
thence nou'h to the northern boundary of Lot
K12; tbeuce following nald bouudary of aald
lot west to tbe right of way of the B. C Houthern Railway; thence following nald right of way
In a north eaaterly direction to tbe place of eommeucement.
January lftth, 1907.
No. 3.���Commenclngat a southeast corn bt of
timber license No. 7*21, about n Dy chains south
of the right ol way ol the B C. Southern Railway; tbenoe east 160 chains; thence nortb fort;
chains; thence weit I6n chalm; thence south
forty chains to place of commencement.
January lftth, 1907.
vo. 4.���Commencing at a post planted at the
Intersect Ion of the aouthern boundary ofthe
right of way of the B. C. Boutberu Hallway, and
lbe eastern boundary of Lot 6187; thence smith
in the northern boundary of llceuae application
No 3; ibenee east IBB cbains; theuce north to the
southern boundarv of timber licenae No 7195;
tbenco following the southern boundary of said
license weaterly about sixty chains, more or lesi
to an eastern boundary of aald license; thence
south forty chaini; thence weit eighty chains;
then north to tbe rkht of way of the B.C.
Hou them Railway, thence following nald right
of way In a nouth-wcsterly.dlreclion to the place
of beginning.
January 15th, 1907.
No 6.���' ommenclng at a post planted at the
sotithwent corner of timber license 6625: thence
west sixty chains more or lesR Ui a point due
south of fhe southe*Bt corner of license applica-
tlou No. S; thence nortb slxtv cbains more or
leai to the s*- uth boundary of lleenie application
No 4; thenee east to the aoutheast eurner
of aald licenae application of No. 4; theuce
north to the northeast corner of said licenae
application No 4; ihence east to the south-
eaai corner of timber license 7195; thenee
north forty chains more or le�� to a point due
we-stof the uortb-west corner of timber license
G635; tbence eaat to thc northwest corner of said
timber license No. 6G85; tbence aoutb 160 chains
lo the point ol commencement.
January 16th, 1907.
No. 6��� Commencing at a poBt planted at the
aoulheaat corner of timber license 66%; thence
west to the southwest corner of license application No 5; thence north to aouthern boundary
of ttOMUC application No. ii; tbence west to the
northeaat corner of license application No. 1;
tbence aouth to the northern boundary ol
timber Uoense &H8; tbence east to tbe northeast
corner of timher license 8548; thenee iouth
thirty chains; theuce east to the west bouudary
of timber license 8542; tbence north to the place
of beginning.
January 15th, 1907.
No. 7.���Commencing at a nont planted at the
northeast oorner of timber license Mil) thence
south forty chain* more or leis to the north
boundary of timber license 854fi; theoce eaBt 160
chains; tbenoe north forty cbaina moreor less to
a point due east of tbe southeast corner ol tlm-*
her license S548; thenoe west 160 chalm to lbe
place of beginning. ,__-..��*-
January 1Mb. 1W7-
No. 8.���Commenclngat a post planted at the
northeaat corner of timber license No. 85��;
thence south elghtv chains; thence east eighty
chain*; thence north eighty chains; thet.ee west
eighty chains lo place oi commencement.
January 15th. 1907.
*aU> 9,���Coromenclnr at a post planted at the
���southeast corner of Umber .license 8547; thence
north elghtv chains; thence east eighty chains;
thenee north 120 elfins more or lesn tothe north
east i orner of license application No. 7; thence
west to lOtttMgft corner of timber license No.
854s; thence uorth to the southern boundary of
license application N'o. 6; thence eaBt to
the west boundary of timber license No.
8542; thence south to the southwest corner ' of timber license 86(2; Ihence west
to th northwest corner of timber liceuie No.
8M1; thence south to the norlheast corner of
timber licence No. 8545: thence west eighty
chains; thence south to a point due east of the
southeast corner ol Umber ltecnBa 8517; thence
west to place of commencement.
January 15lh, 1907
No. 10.���Commenclngat a post planted at tbe
���southeast corner of Umber license 8519; thenee
aouth eighty chains; theno* west to the east
boundary of i-ot Hi2; thenei north tothe southern boundarv ol timber license No. 7018; thence
east to the southeast corner of timber license
7018; thence north to the south boundary o( timber license 8549; theuce east to place of commencement,
January 15th, 1907.
P. Lund, Locator,
Dan McDotTOAi.L. Agent
dice Is hereby given that 60 dayi alter date I
nd to apply to the Honorable the Chief Commissioner tif Lands and Works for a license to
prospect for coal and petroleum over the following land: Situated two milea north of thc international boundary line and west of the Flalhea.1
river. Beginning ata post marked W. Letiallala'
N W, comer post thence 80chaini toutb, thence
8tl ehaluB east, thenee Sll ehalus north, thence 80
ehalna west to point of eommeneement.
Dated Nov, 14. 1906. W. LKHM.AII.
delegate   Burke    Addreaaee    Advice to
Calgary Convention.
Notice Is hereby given lhat ��l days after date 1
Inteud to apply to the 'Hon. Chief Commissioner
of I*uda and Works for a .icense lo prospect for
coal aud pctroleinn over the following land;
Kitusted six miles north of tho international
boundary lino and east of the Flathead river.
Beginning at a poat marked K. H. Hurd'* N. W
I'lfiicr post, tlience 80 chain* south, thenco 80
chains eaat, thence so chaini north, tbeuce 80
chains west to point of commencement
Pated Nov. 18  W_ K, H, Hum.
Calgary, March 5.���The rseoond meeting of the United Mine Workers' Association waB held in the Co-operatlvu
hall yesterday morning.
International Hoard Member Burke
was called upon to addresB the meeting
and responded as follow:
The district west of the Mississippi
is going along in a very encouraging
manner, and it might have been still
better tn the western countries, as the
only opposition they had had were the
Western Fuel company and the Pacific
Coast company.
The western men were paying an
advance of 10 per cent, but the men
found that this was simply a bonus of
10 per cent.
The Washington association, Mr.
Burke mentioned, received an advance
ot 10 per cent on the scale of wages.
Vancouver Island had also advanced
12 _ per cent as well as Rowland
who had put up a ihi to 9 per cent
If the Pacific Coast company would
allow thetr meu to loin our organization, and lf they could be persuaded to
join they would receive an advance of
25 per cent,
Mr. Burke also pointed out that the
Pacific Coast company, besides not allowing their men to Join the organization, woul not allow outsiders to canvass them.
The Black Diamond and Rossland
mines had had to light vigorously
agalnBt the operators but had not
Bhown very good results, although they
were still continuing the fight, that the
books had shown 61,000 paid up members, and $6000 In the treasury.
He also warnel t!io3C prkH'int lo beware of making any rash statements
at the coming convention. If ihey wer"
not sure of anything do not KLy it.
The joint convention wiuld be the
means of bringing together the un-
ployer nad the the employee, and what
they wanted was conciliation and arbitration.
When they got together they wanted
to reconcile each other and remove any
prejudice that might be there. They
want to impress on the minds of the
operators that the miners' position is
correct and the operators' wrong, and
not merely make it a try to force the
operators to give In by might alone.
He did not believe in arbitration that
called in a third psrty. No matter how
fair the umpire was he was bound to
give the decision to one party or the
other, and the loBer was sure to feel
ssore, as both parties feel that they are
in the right.
The arbitration he believed ln was
to try and settle their own differences
between the operators and the miners
and if they left this week with an
agreement made this way, they would
have so much the better satisfaction.
Their movement was a great labor
movement. They were seeking to go
down and take hold of the man who is
toiling and trying to improve his condition and make a happier and better
citizen of him.
The delegates might not get all they
wanted at once, but they should keep
plugging and plugging along, even If lt
took years and years, and not be dis-
h canned.
They were not to be disappointed if
he and other visiting international officials did not jump right Into the conference, as every step they took, or
statement they made, must be absolutely correct, and they would proceed
cautiously at first, and perhaps be just
as cautious at the finish.
In closing he expressed the pleasure
he felt at being with them, and trusted
that their expectations would be more
than realized.
International Vice President Lewis
also addressed the meeting along the
same lines.
He announced that he was opposed
to any law which deprived the labor
man of the right to strike and tbey
should oppose it vigorously.
The next meeting will be held today
at two o'clock.
Dnted Fs'b. 'insi, 1907.
m  rmiimciis-'isK sit a pss.t punk-si salt ofand
.���ij,.|nli,K iori.u..ii No in, Md mart-id O.A.
Ulirlo'l  llullhwi'sl s-ssrnsT  Isss.i ssl IWMIOU Ms
���il ihonco loiitii loo ohaini, tfion-M b���� uuiauu,
Ihonci' norm 100 chain,, thenoo welt �� clialun tn
point of commencement.
Uatosl Fob. ausl, 1K07.   li. A. lit'Bll, Locator.
���fl.--Commenelni! al a pout *M_ti��_p_l e'laln.
eail ol location No. 21 and mark-il w. H. I .ft11
norlhweat corner pout ol location No. fl, Ihssncis
���outh 100 ehalni, tlience earn lorty ohaini, then���
north 100 chalna, thence well forty chaini to
point of commeucemcut.
Dated Keb. nnd, 1SH17.     W. H. l'��o>, Locator.
M -Cnroniencln-jat a pi.st nlnlilcil lorty chaini
������anl and cluhly i hnlns aoutl. i'l l.'Callssn HO. -8,
���i���l   issurkSd U   A. Laurie'i ni.rlhwe.il col >cr
po.t of loiatlun No 24. thenoi iouth eljLO
chaini ihenco eait eighty ohalni, theuee_n0rtt
eighty chalssi, tlience weslelshll elialni lo polut
ol eomineueismont.
Dated Feb. 4th 1907.   0. a. Uv��i��. Looator.
a-Commenciug at a poit planted eighty
Nsstls-e li hereby liven that at a mcctlni ofthe
llosird of L100BN t;oiiiiuli-.ls'nerii. lo be held alter
the expiration ol :��s slavi. I lutensl to app y for a
irassssler ol my lssilel lllicenise Inr the lirove hotel,
al F.lrvlciv, lo B. 0 Borden
�����  IPES
He���Yes, Miss Vere, one of my ancestors fell at Waterloo.
She���Indeed, Mr, Softboy. Which
She (sentimentally).���"How like life
aro the waves of the sea!"
He���"Yes. They come to thc store ln
great style, and go way broke."	
Coal! Ice! Wood!
Phone 265
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Frait,
Fuel & Poultry Co., Ltd.
N. E. cor. Baker and Ward  Sts.
Tb' Stfathcona
Nelaon, B.O.
B. Tomkins, Manager.
The Leading Hotel in the
Oood    Sample    Rooma.
Queen's Hotel
taker Btreet, Mellon. B. c.
Lighted by Klectiioitj* and
Heated by Hot Air
Large and Comfortable Bedroom, and Flnt-
,-slai*Dlnln-t Hos,ra.   sample ssloomi lor -Jominer-
clal  Kvo
MRU.  t.  ,*:.<M.AEKK.  IToIsrletroil
Lake View Hotel
Corn"' Hall aod Vernoa,
two blocks from wharf.
Batei Il.MCper day and up.
TeiuphSlie IW. N*tZ*LoON*   Ba  Cm
25 Feet Frontage
on Baker Street
A collection of all the Latest
Shapes and Sizes.    A free
smoking and most satisfactory pipe.
Tobacconist  Baker Street.
5 Roomed Building
Price ��000.00
H. E, Croadsdaile & &
Not Door to,Bank st Oommeroe.
Grand Central Hotel
Tali hotel hu been completely renovated and
newly (arnlihed with all modern equipment*,
Hot water heating throughout.
RATES : Booms, 50c. upwards ; meals   25c. ;
rpeclal rates hy the week,
J. A. ERICKSON, Proprietor.
Telephone, 250.    Opposite Court House
and Pogtoffice, Nelson. B. C.
Tremont House
European and American Plan
Meali M ole.   Boomi frnm 26 cti. to 11.
Onlr Whlta Help Kmplored.
Sate, St., Nolaon Ftopnetsn
Bartlett   Hotise
Best Dollar-a-Day House in Nelson.
The Bar ls the Finest.
White Help Only Employed.
Josephine Bt.
Nelson, B. C.
Royal Hotel
Kate* |1 and $1.60 a Daj.
Special Ratea to Regular Bcarden.
Moat comfortable quarter! ln Nelaon
Only the belt of Llqssori and ' Igare.
Pacific Coast
Leave Nelson 7:30 a, m.
Arrive Vancouver 11:60 noon.
Arrive Victoria 5:45 p. m.
S* S* Princess Victoria
S. Se Princess May
Berths fl.00.  Can be occupied at Nel
eon Union Depot at 9 p. m.
For ratea, (olders and tickets apply to
local agent or to
A.Q.P.��.. Vancouver. D. P. A.. Nelion
Building Lots for Sale
H.  &  M.  BIRD.
Has every class of Real Estate and Buildings in Nelsou
for sale, from Business Blocks and Warehouses
to Market Gardens.
Choice Fruit
I Hart 10,000 Acn��
of tbe
Choicest Pnttt Lauda in
Bttttah ColwnbU.
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one bloc if.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
J. E. ANNABLE,    -    Nelson, B. C.
NOTICE 11 hereby given tbat an application
will be mado to theXnUlatlvo AMembly of the
Provitiee ol British Columbia at lti next teuton
for an art autborltlng me Patrick Lumber C*m.
pany, Limited, to placeTfconitruut, ��nd maintain,
a dam or damn, boomi, plen, slide*, ana other
works in and acrou the Kootenay river ntor
near Thrnius Htailou (about opposite Bab-lot IV.
of Lot 4598, Group 1, Kootenay dlitrlet); and 1ft
mid across tbe Utile Sloean river; and in and
acrou tbe Mocan river at a point or poinu below tbe month of the Little Sloean river; for the
purpoee of driving, rafting, aorttni. holding, and
manufacturing aaw-logi and timber; to occupy
the surface of tbe aald riven where neceswry for
the purposes aforesaid; to clear, improve, and
remove obstructions from the said riven for log-
drlvingi rafting, and booming purpoeei; to levy
tnd collect toils and dues on Ioki Umber and
lumber of persons ming or profiting by inch
worki, clearing or Improvemenu; to enter upon
and expropriate landa; and do all otber things
necessary, incidental or conducive to the exec-
"ise of any of the above powers.
Dated the 10th day of December, 1986.
Solicitor for tbe Applioant
In tbe m��tter of an application for the inue of
a duplicate of the Certificate of Title for an
undivided 1-Bof LotiJ, andt, Block 12, Town of
Notice is hereby given th nit limy Intention
lolssoe at the expiration of ond month from
tho first publication hereof a duplicate of the
Certificate oi Title to the above landa in the
name of Florence M. Hodglni which < ertifloate
ii dated tbe 28th day or Deoember, lttt* and
numbered 96CIK.
Dlatrlct Megiitrar.
uinil Registry Office, Nelaon, B C
Jinnary Mth, 1907.	
Notice -is hereby given that on Hood-ay, Feb-
ruarv Kith, 1907, that the Court of Revlalon for
the Municipality of the City of Slocan will be
nu.i ln tbe City Hall on above date, at 2 pn ,
for tbe purpose of reviling the Aieeument Roll
ol the City of t*loean. Thoae making complaints
Hgitlnst their aisessment are required to have
their prote&ts in tbe hands of the City Clerk ten
���lays previous to the first sitting of the Court of
Dated at Slocan, Jauuary 'Mth 1907.
Tenders Wanted for tbe Purchase of a
Tenden addrewed to the nudaraigned, at hii
office in the e*nrt house, in the City of Nelion,
will be reoelved up u,l the hoar of 6 o'clock ln
" of Mon ""
__ pnrchase Of the      -.-. ������
LoHWl   roupl, Kootenay Dlitrlot, which wm
the afternoon of Monday, March Mth, IW, lor
the pnrchase of the "Garfield" miners] elalm.
declared to be forfeited te Um Crown nt the
tax aale held ln the City of Melton on the tth day
of November. 1M6, for delinquent taxes np till
Jone toth, MM, nnd costs.
The upset price npon Um eald mineral elate,
which Includes the amount of delinquent lues
and costs at the time of forfeiture, with Interest,
taxes which have since accrued, eoats of advertising, and fee for crown grant MSA)) Is Ufi TO,
whioh U the least amount that will be considered
as a tender.
Knrh tender must be aeoompnnlad hy an accepted cheque lor the f nil amonnt of Ute tender,
pa yable to the order of the Deputy Commissioner
of Landiand Works, at Victoria, B. Cat par.
Dated nt Nelaoa, B a, thb 14th day of tnbrn-
ary, MW.
 Government Agsnt, Boleon, B. C.
Tenders Wanted for the Purchase of a
^maaes^X flahw,
Tenden addressed to the undersigned, at his
office ln the Court House, in the Ciiy ot Kelson,
will be received np till the hour of five o'clock
in the afternoon of Monday, March Mth, Mt7, m
the pnrehaae of the "No. 3" mineral claim, Lot
8140, Group 1, Kootenay Distriet, which wns declared to be forfeited to the Crown at the lax aale
held ln the City of Nelson on the tth day of So-
tember, 1906, Ior delinquent taxee up till June
*Ub, 1905, and costs.
Tbe upset price nnon the iald-mineral elate,
which includes tho amount of delinquent taxee
and costs at the time of forfeiture, with Interest
Uses which have since accrued, costs of advertising, and fee for Crown Grant -.'*�� 00,) li tlUM,
which li tho least amonnt that -will he considered
as a t>nder.
Been tender must ht accompanied by nn ac
cepted cheque for the full amount of tbe tender,
parable to ihe order ol tht Deputy Commissioner
of Land and Works, at Victoria, B Cat par.
Dated at Nelson, B  C this Mth day of Pcbru-
ary. 1907.
Governm* nt Agent, Neleon, B. C.
Certificate of Improvements
"Empress," "Climax," "Horseehoe," "Oneen,'
"Union Jack," situated ln Nelton Mining
Locstfd on Porcnpine creek.
Take Notice that I, Frank Fletcher, agent for
the Active Gold Mining Company, Free Miner'!
Certificate No Bftttdo intend, ��o days from date
hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder fori
Certificate of Improvements for the purpose of
obtaining a Crown Grant of tbe above claims.
And further rake notice that action, under
Section 87, muit be commenced before the Issuance of surh Certificate of Improvements.
Dated Nelson, 13th Dec, 1906.
W.   a.   GILLETT
Contractor and
Bul I-Jur.
Sola agent (or tbe Ports) ivk-o Lumber Co., Ltd..
r.siall -.ar-de. Ksssigls ausl dreaaaH lumbar, turned
Murk ant) bruteta, Coa��t lath and .hlnjloi, nuh
and doora. Cement, brick ud Ume lor aale.
Automatic arlniler.
Yard and tutor?: Vernon St.. eut ol Hall
NBL80N, B. O.
r. O. Boitt ' TtlaVkOM U|
Certificate of Improvements
"Argo" mineral claim, altnatcd tn the Blocan
i-ltv   Mining   Dlvlalon   ol   Weat   aootenagr
Where les ated: On Springer Creek near tba
Arlington Sawmill
Take Notice that 1, Frank C, Green, acting aa
aitent (or the Arlington Mlnea, Limited' Free
Minor's Certificate No. B-M06, Intend, allty da-fa
(rom slate hcteol. to apply u, ts-e Mining Recorder
(or a Certificate ot Improvemenu, (or tha purpose o[ obtaining a i.'rsstn Grant of tha above
And further take notice that action, under
aectlon 87, must be commen ed before tbe
UsUHUce o( such CertlfloMe ol Improrementa.
Dated this 19th nay ol December, I'M.
 F. C. awn, Nelaon, B. C.
PHONING AND GRAFTING carefully attended to. Apply
 Silver Kim Hotel.
Certificate of Impcoveuicnta.
notice t
"May," ���R.C." "Baralhroy," "Jw." "Jot Free
tional," and "Jefen D-MaMaT-Slnanieihliia,
altuated In tha Sloean Cltr ilintng Dlvlaaon of
tha Waat Kootenay Dlatrlcl.
Where located s-North of Twelve Mile Craek
abont one -and a half milea np.
Taka notlis j that I, H. R. Jorand ot Sloett k.u.
Free Mlner'a certificate No. Tttttt*, aa agent for
Horace �� Van Tuyl, Frae Miner a certificate in.
B4621, intend, alxty daya from tha data hereof,
to apply to the Ululng Reoorder lor a Certificate
of Improvemenu, for tba pur-ooM of obtaining a
Crown Grant ol tba aald mineral elalma.
And further taka notice that -action under
Section n, muat so* eommenea. baton lha la-nance of auch Certiflcateaot Imptovamanu.
Dated th u Ird Day of January, tm.
Cou-tlfl-aaat-a of Improvaiimito
Bio Tenia, Ortaooo, queen victorlr Fmotlonnl
and Ornoco Fractional Mineral Claims, allnala
ln tha Nalaon Mining Dlvlalon ol Waat KooUaay
Located on Quean Victoria Mountain, naar
Beasley Biding.
Taka Notloe that 1, Frank 0. Sroen, acting saa
agent for Mlchaal Inn, Free Miner's Certfflcota
No. Btlt,lntand, slaty day, from tha dat* haraof,
to apply to tha Mining Recorder for Certldoatee
of Improvemanta, for tha purpose of obtaining
Crown Granta of tha above elalma.
And further taka notice that action, under
aectlon tl, muat ho commenced baton tha
Issuance of such Cartlflcatea of Improvement.
Dated thu Mth day of Jan nary, 1M7.
F. C.I       	
l, B.O.
M^* m ��� A tata an en A.���      _____b     T_^K^______H____n______________n.-^--__n
' *tiTiiwvffTt   Ol UQDCWCn
it side No. I" and "Bat-
serai claims, sltualad la
lon of Waat Koot-
F.CGREEN      F.r.WTOEH      A.I.6XB3*
Qrll Engineer j, Dominica and British
ColombU Laad Samrors
p.afciHs rtMrwa
"Portla_t"��moa." ���   _
Una motional" minen
the Mooan City Mining Divl
anay Dlatrlet
When looatad: At kaadol Springer Creak, neat
tha Arlington mine.
Take NoUea that I, Frank C. Gnen, Mtuyt W
agent for tha Arlington mlnea. Limited, Fran
jflner'e Certificate No. *m��, I,
I. intend,
Irom Ua dato haraof, to appty to the Mining Ra
corder for a CertlSealeof Improvements, lor the
purpoae of obtaining a Crown Grant of tha *****
And! urthar  _a notice tbat action, nndai
P.O. aaai.
H ^s*-**
Good Fortune
attends those who wear their birthstones
and for this month we have some fine
_ BLOOD STONE8, in various sizes, suit-
~"~ able for rings which -we can mount up
for you in any style desired.  Why not have a look at our stock of loose
stones.    They are excellent value and we   have   many   suggestions to
make  as to their  mounting.    Our  gold  quartz  cut ready for  mounting
may interest you.
**************** ***********
J      or this  diavrt'ii.i- thare la      I
'       between  Inr. aud Ond.*--   in       T
I Canned   Goods ���
J Y/e oarry only *
|       FIRS TS       I
, Ono trial of our ���
[Tartan  Brand}
���       will convince you   that we       f
,       carry a full stock ���
r Table  Pruit
Pie    Fruit
��� Maple Syrup j
|Same Price as Inferior .
* Qoods J
Old Curiosity Shop
If you want to buy or sell anything,
go to the Old Curiosity Shop. A new
lino of Japanese Goods now on sale.
All kindB of Dlnnerware in stock. Pat-
VVe Huve a Specially
Seleutod Stock of
for   Xmns Trudti,
Stoneware. Crocks, Bean Pols, Tea Pols, Etc.
Munroe & Nelson
W   ____W_k~-f''\
Jlilifi i
Cor. Vernon and >V��srtl streetB,
J. FKED HUME, Proprietor.
R. W. Biggar, F. P. Wilson, C. H.
Wallace, Vancouver; Mrs. Koss. Mrs.
Stewart, Fernie; J. T. Harrisos, Ymir;
A. W, McEwen, Rossland; E. D. Chip-
man, D. P. Kane, Kaslo; W. A. Church,
Lumsden; A. F. Thomas and wife.
Greenwood; G. H. Chataway, Midway.
N. Nicholson and wife, F. 13. Hoi
slead, A. Ross, J. Alexander, T. Johnson. W. E. Hodges, E. Upton, W. O.
Wright, J. B. Henderson, Grand Forks;
T Mason, Danville: H. P. Renwlck,
Rossland; R. S. Smyth. Quebec; W. W.
Ewart, Westport; J. D. Laiselle, Idaho.
R. Lawrence, A. Mclntost, Rossland;
N. Walker, Laoombe; F. G. Miner, Spokane; H. E. nirtil, Calgary; A. Chamberlain, Didshury; G. M, Millar, Grand
Forks; Miss Fowler, Montreal; C. E.
Willson, Fillmore.
C. Murray, Proctor; A. McMillan,
Sandon; R. E. McMullen, J. Ferry, A.
E. Teeter, H. D. Lee, Slocan; J. Lewis,
H. Skonlng, C. A. Peck, Boswell; A. G.
Watson, Watson's Landing; G. S. Van
stone, Rosebery; E. S. Hayden, R. L.
Allen, Tees; S. B. Lucas, F. O'Neil, E.
Woodside, A. P. Southworth, Creston.
T. F. Wilkinson. Krie;  R. Sheppard,
Silverton;   A. Taylor,  Kossland.
J. Roberts, ,1. McQarvin, II. E. Taylor, Moyie; J. R. Toppam, Creston; G.
Klssack, Lacombe; H. E. Wright.
Hr-aito.cbww cinfwvp crnfwy lirtllu������
W. Hansbrok, Moyie; H.Wlnileld.
H. Cameron, Thrums; F. A. Dun
brack, Coykandahl; C. Embury, F.
Thompson, C. E. Larson, H. Croft.
Cranbrook; D. Dickson, Kuskonoon; J.
Mcintosh, Rossland; Miss M. Dupuis.
Spokane; J. Clary, Wlnlaw,
We have just unloaded a car of
Purity Flour
Made from high grade Manitoba Hard Wheat. Without a
doubt it is the best flour on
the market. Money refunded
lf not satisfactory.
Telephone 181.
Hall Stmt, Near Silla.
The Daily Canadian
A new C. P. R. time-table has been
issued  with corrections to March 3rd,
The London price of lead went up
another iKiint today. Other metal quotations show no change.
Mrs. Gordon, a former proprietress of
the Delmonico restaurant in this city,
died  in Spokane last night.
The committee of St. Patrick's society in charge of the annual celebration will meet in the city hall tomorrow
nlghth at 8 o'clock.
E. K. Beeston Is now lu Victoria look
Ins after the production of the 20,000
club pamphlets, which have been delayed  pending his arrival.
Claude Amsden and his company will
seen again at the Nelson Opera House
In a few weeks. The reprtolre will in
elude a pocket edition of "Olivette."
Rev. D. E. Hatt, M. A., of the Northwest Baptist Evangelist assoclutlon,
will address a public meeting In the
Baptist church tomorrow evening al
8 o'clock.
Daughter ansl pupil of Dr, Torrington, director
Tssrouto College Ol Missis-, slissln-s a limited
ISIltllliiT-'i  [SlipllslD
Apply at r.isftk'nne or by mall.      Box U0*J.
General Job Work, Chimney Sweeping, Carpet Cleaning, Fixing and Cleaning Stoves, etc.
121 Eatt Baker 8t. Phone No. A114
For Hot Tomato
Tea and Coffee.
Beef Tea.
A. McDonald & Co-
Donlssrs-s iu sst si pie and fancy Groceriii-
Butter, Eggs.
Gamp and Miners' Supplies.
All Kinds of Heating Planta in Stock.
Victoria St., Nr. Opera Houae.     Tel. 181.
WOMAN 8ECO' II COOK, 110.00   Wlitreil H500
At onsse.   \v. Turk r.
TWO FIKSICI.AS-s HOOMS. uti-sm >>_sti.it,   Applr lious.ke.iier. 3rd Dat. K. W. C. block J
It was reported this afternoon* that
Dr. La Bau had sold his fruit ranch In
Kootenay, the consideration named being $90,000. The ranche Is one of the
finest in the interior of British Columbia.
Gold Commissioners Renwich of Xelson, Chipman of Kaslo, and Eraser of
Revelstoke, held a conference in this
city last evening. The meeting was
called by Mr. Fraser to consider his
suggestion of raising the water rentals
under the Water Clause Act.
In order to accomodate the Increase
in travel, the proprietor of the Gtand
Central hotel will build a large addition to that popular resort. A number of
men are now preparing for the new
building, which will ba on the north
end of the preaent site and facing
Ward stret.
Owing to a prior booking for Sherman's Opera House, made in Calgary,
it has been found impossible to hold
the St. Patrick's day concert by the pupils of St. Joseph school on Monday,
the 18th Inst, as previously arranged.
The date of the concert has heen advanced to Saturday, the ICth. All
having already purchased tickets-:
marked the 18th are Informed that
these will be good for the 16th.
Levi Pogue is again back In Nelson
Mr. Pogue, accompanied by his wife,
spent the winter In California. Mrs
Pogue is now fully recovered in health,
the change in climate having had tlie
desired beneficial effect. Most of the
time was Bpent in San Francisco, although a few weeks were devoted lo
sight seeing in the vicinity of Los
Angeles. Mr. Pogue has many Interesting stories to tell of the changes
ln San Francisco. The streets are now
clean, the debris having been removed.
The business streets bave been
cleared and work is now plentiful.
Wm. L. Spry, wife and son, returned
last night from a lengthy visit to Bow-
manville, Ont., and olher eastern
cities. While East Mr. Spry attended
several championship hockey matches,
and was particularly Interested in the
contests beween the Kenoras and the
Montrealers. He ls particularly enthusiastic over the great revival In business every where and the new methods
In doing business. The cash system
prevails in every city and down ln the
East, and both seller and buyer film] In
the new departure substantial advantage. On his return he passed through
a number of Manitoba towns and reports political excitement at a white
heat over the elections to take place
on the 7th inst.
The Store of Quality
If you like nice, clean, crisp
BlBcults we recommend you to
try the
20th Century Package
Per Package.
Graham Wafera  10c
Lemon  Cream   10c
Vanilla Wafera     10c
Society Tea  10c
New England Ginger Snap 10c
Krispo Ginger Wafera   10c
Butter���Thin 10c
Milk Toait   10c
Dainty City Soda (Salted) 15c
Saratoga Flakea (Salted)    15c
Put up In packages and thus
ever fresh. It costa little to
give them a trial, and they
prove themselves worth it.
K. W. C. Block . Phone tO.
A Few Tubs at
27ds per Lb*
C* Am Benedict
Corner Silica and Josephine Sts.
At 2 Sets
Our 10c Pictures (or rather the oneB
we are selling for 10c) are going
with a rush. We now bring forward a
(ot at 25c. This is an unusually good
opportunity to secure some really
nice pictures at very low cost. Do you
want some of them? Then don't put it
off.. Get them now while the opportunity is yours.
There is still a quantity of the 10c
ones left
W. G. Thomson
BOOKSKI.l.KR  and    \t,_1cr,..     T>    (-1
8TATIONEB. INelSOn,  B. (_,.
Phone 34.
Block Coal Miners In Session.
Brazil, Ind., March 5.���Members of
the United iMIne Workers of District
8, embracing the block eoal region of
Indiana, began their tenth annual convention here today. No officers are to
be elected by the convention, but a considerable Quantity of routine business,
relating to tlie affairs of tbe organization and Ihe mining conditions in Ihe
district,  is  to  lie transacted.
Noted Pianist Weds.
London, March 5.��� Mark Hambourg,
the pianist, and Dorothy, daughter ol
Sir Kenneth Muir Mackenzie, perma
nent principal secretary to tho lord
chancellor, were married at the registry
office this; afternoon. A reception was
subsequently held at the residence of
the bride's parents and was largely attended.
Garfield is Secretary.
Washington, March 5.���James It. Oar-
field took the oath of ofllce as secretary
of the Interior this morning.
It's easy to convince the world that
you have sense enough If you have an
unusually  large  number of  dollars.
WholeulQ����'' Beuul DealMi'"
Fresh and Salted Meats
Oamps supplied on shortest notice and
lowest price. Nothing but fresh and
wholesome mentis and suppls's kept in stock
Mail orders receive careful attention.
E. C. TRAVES   Manager.
A. M. Can. Soc. C. K.
Mining Work a Specialty.
Office: Henley Ilulldlng.   P. O. Ho-
Baker St., NELSON, B. C.
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch,
Creosote, Oils for
Preserving Timber,
Roofiug Pitch aud
Boat Builders will find it to then advantage to use oor Pitch
Nelson Coke & Gas Co.
The city hotels, restaurants
and boarding house keepers
hereby give notice that on and
after Friday next, March ist,
single meals will cost not less
than 35 cents, and meal tickets,
���21 meals, $6.
Nelson, Feb. 25, 1907.
Red Cross Drug Store
for your Prescriptions, Family Recipes,
Hair Tonics, and all kinds of
Note the Address:
[taker St., near Josephine, Nelson. B. C.
Trains and Boats.
Crow boat���Three hours  lale.
Coast and Slocan train���On tlnio
Ilssundary train���On time.
Rossland train���On time.
Kaslo connection���On time.
Prices ot Metals.
New York, March 6.���Silver,, 69Ho;
copper, 'l',\i_c;  lead, $(i.
London. March 5.���Silver, SKA; lead.
��19. 10s., 3d.
Lots of peoplo pray for the poor, but
they don't get any farther.
The Marshall Sanitary Mattress $24.00
The Ostermoor Sanitary Mattress  15.00
The Elastic Felt Sanitary Mattress    13.00
The Ostermoor, fitted two sides,     8.00
The Jumbo, a good two side Mattress     6.00
The Common Wool Top Mattress     4.00
Cheap Mattresses      , 00
V. J. "Robertson & Co.
2SQ doz. Linen Collars To Ue Sold at
$1.50 per do?.
Fifty Cent Hand Ba.
They are beauties at the price.
Telephone aaa.
Starkey & Co.,
VVhoieemie i-'rovlailonai.
Product)) - Fruit.
Dominion Uovernm
tuieiit (Ireansery One Pound I'.ri.ks N06ifadftf__i
11 tho churn.   Kor wile by all leading grocers.     ^*
Offloe and warehouse: Houston Block,   Phono "9.
Josephine Street.
Nelson, B.C|
Water Bottle Sal
2 Quart Water Bottle $1.00
3 Quart Water Bottle $1.25
2 Quart Water Bottle and Syringe $1.25
3 Quart Water Bottle and Syringe $1.50
Canada Drug <& Book
Wo nro
Just iu ReMfpt of a Carload  of
ThoM ar.* the Aneit grade of on Btoki tn the
mark'-t and our prioei an* right*     If .vou aiv iu
nml it*t uk hear from jou.
J. H. Ashdown Harch
Company, Limited.
******** M. A. ISAAC R. W. HINTON'
Mepulrlng mui .Johl.li.)* ttxwuut��J witli D����*putvh.   -Shot*
Work, Miitln-j* nnd .Mill Mu-vtilnery.     Manuftivturtrcfl
Ora Cam,  I*.  U.   Contractor*' Car*.
lUmlncwN men.
Working m��n,
Men In dr��H* iittlre.
Sporting men,
Hiindiiom* mon.
Men tlmt'M full of fire
UNITE and  sin* that   thi' import
John T. Pierre en thepflM
My Inst fall ihlpzneDt him jort tOM
thorn and place your order early f**^
JOHN T. PIERRE, Artistic Tailfl
WeC""y*sd Fine Eiderdown
Large Stock i
From $6.00 to $35.00.
Kmo Our Vm-iutv ol ,11K) Plcturaa I'rmtie-J I"""
l.ssu-��i titylam.
Standard Furniture Cofflpa
"ffiW,  Complete House\a_I
BSSmSffiStttM* Undertakers,   EutbataoJ
KWS Lumber, SttflgN
Lath, Mouldings, Doors, Window
Turned "Work unci Biu.kcU. Mnil Onlcre proropllrtf
VHKNON STRBBT   ���   -   ���   NHl.SON. H. ___
Galvanised ItonjM
��re unequalled In the Kootenay,. If J"-***-1. "TJJ _\
���moke Stacka or special work of any ttlMtw^m
quotation. SATISFACTION   GUA"
Wood-Vallance Hardware Co.,


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