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The Daily Canadian Sep 20, 1906

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Array V
���Jktiltj Canadian
; i*
Fifty Cents a Month
\n Magnificent Liners
lake Water Today
���pure- Cruisers and Turbine Grey
[ hound Nine-Deckers Go Into
Commission Early.
i     I,   Sepl   -ii��� Three  leviulliniiH
fl,,   |><.    lilllll' lls-ll     frOln     Ills'     Vill'luil.4
trails In Great Britain tuilny. Tliey
Tn \i s Khannon, the longest ar-
1 in ihe world;  llle Man-
il,,    new    ihiiiiti-tler, n Bister
i   Iilsiitlcal    ni    the    turbine
ssn...   unsl    He-    White
ipi Adriatic, which, next tu the
^   .,     I illllll ili-l-H,   IH     the     largest
��� Sli.- will   lie the  rirst ut
li Hike tu the water.   She Ih
��� ���..sasel   ever   llllllt    ill    Bel-
;; splaoemonl is 40,000 urns;
i-'-i  long, 7.r> teet Is inches
hi !-���' s  6 inchi-H deep.    Her
in   nearly   85,000.    The
nr tin1 vessel are Hlinllar
and she has all the ini-
-��� en  ln   the  American   nt
\iiierlcan    line        The
a-  nine decka    and    Bevcn
mnl haB boon constructed
'ssitril or the comfort tit the
,   i liners   than  spccsl    The
��� 13.760,000.
tiiisin  Is thc  longest   llrllish
1 .1 cruiser arioat. having a total
p, ot I'"'  feet    She    will    carry
ssi:   iii her mnln hnltery and
-.. ins in slss Kibes.   Her tonnage
her  contract   sneed   88
i   Tin- Shannon Ih the eighth or
thi   British   navy.    The
I uon recently Went In the
> beep
r Miuiiiinnlan, the Seconal nt the
(nisi turbine rivers und  Hlstcr ship
iimi. In   77" reet    long,
talsltls  isl  88 fei't     Sh"  will  he
turbine engines uf 70,0011
tv. I  horse power,    driving    rottr
each s,t which Is nttctl with one
s-l'ssisl.ii   isnvpeiler   or   tnatiRiinefts'
ts      Tin     Mniireiiinlan   complies
i Hi-- niltnlralty requirements as an
Jiiit-sl cruiser nnd will he fitted tor
namcnl ur 13 six-Inch gtfns.
Bairglarses  at  Grand  Forks���So-
ctl Events at Greenwood.
i��'ciiii i.s Thi' Dally Canadian.)
 I   I'ssiks.   Sepl.     20.���The     %1'liU
"i ins- hinsi's aboul iu he pur-
��1  in   lie    Oltj   nt    Qrand     Forks
Isti-rimml)   dlsappdarod  'frnm   their
I'l  sr ii,,. ,iiy |mii hiHi night   Nu
nl ili'-ui can he found.
���'"'in S: iiu lasi  evening a  burglar
r<<<\ I   I'i  break   lulu  the  residence
Pl;   Is, i is     baggage    masler at
_ ' I* II depot, hill his 11 yew-old
lisslis. i chased the burglar away
I'1 si loaded  revolver.    Nn truce ot
1 utiniiirrcl can he illsenvereil. Coo-
'I'l'-  excltomenl   prevulls   here
J""'s�� I,   Sepl.   .0. ��� (Special.I���
���' lireaetil  line weather Is very aus-
f""   tor the events transpiring, for
li'h ever-busy  Cupid  ls resisoimible.
'""-'Iss.i   Mr.   IO.   H.   Hill unsl  Mls��
���arloitt. Hallert, daughter of Mr. Ed-
I" Hallert, wero married   and   left
I'li'sliiilely   for  a  brief   visit   to   Nel
I1    A   large  niimher of Greenwood
it;,:. at ihe .spot in speed lhe
li'i's couplo iiii their iriii.
I"1; Wednesday Mr. Ormond Higman
1 'on Saskatchewan and Miss Oath-
J-';   in "���   VVood, daughter ur Chris-
I'"i Wood, wen. married by  tie.
1 '���" ' hPorter  In   Sl.  .hide's ehui-eh.
I s|iiiipliiiiiis    liiuchi'oii    was    sulise
"'imi  spread  in  ihe  bride's  home,
"' ��'hlch the bridal couple Inok lhe
"itm tn ii  Pacific eastbound t i--_tn tor
'"; new home In the North land. Sl
|'"-;�� church wan beautifully deeorat-
' '���' 'In- occasion, large quatttlttes
'""iiu] riiiwei-s having been eon-
.     ed   by   Irieiids or  the  bride,  mil
"!v   hi   Qreenwood   but   iu   several
I'RIihiirlng towns.
judgment    Iiuh   jusl    been    handed
F��" in the case of ihe Bastern Town-
l'i|s hank nml w. h. Coverl  versus
i'!fm"  &  MeliinlR,    tried    here    by
"bee Morrison In  May    lusl.      The
��e Involved water rights on fourth
��� niy creelt uud was stubbornly oon*
"'' mi btiih Hides, Messrs, Taylor
J1 Hnnnlngton representing iheplaln-
E ' "ml  Messrs. ,1. A. McDonald nud
I itealde  lhe ilefendants.    The  case
dismissed with cosis ngnlnsl  the
winter than prevloiisiv.   Althuuiih Ihe
jrtnter wheal harvest wu ge������,-.ny
���Jot. a, svtwg,, 8prlnB whJ.t ��w
ed a disappointment.   The rye and oat
Suit! J���. Hl"" ""li������'ac'oi')', especially the latter. The .emstvo cotrera
are emiily, through the failure of the
peasant* to pay tUSI, und all the
work of relieving tha famine rails up
on the central gnvnrninoni.
Famine In Russia.
Bl- Petersburg,  Sept.  20.���Tho offl-
11 "'IKiit Just Isiiued gives but little
"""'1  for oxpee.tntlon thnt  tho fain-
which has already a grip on many
pl'ict-H In Russia, will be less this
Another Possible Wreck Added to List
of Casualties.
ispi-cini to Tin- Dally Canadian.)
Victoria,   Bept   80.���Tbe    sl ner
I its ul Ss-uiils- run ashore on Trial
island at an early hour Ihis morning.
If the Wind springs up she may bu
lost.   No casualties are reported.
At iiu- trades congress this morning
D Oommunlcation was received trom
tin- Edmonton congress   asking   that
the nest   convention   he  held   there.  Il
will in- considered when the question
ot the pliuse uf meeting Iur next year's
congress Is Isi  he decided.
Seattle, Wash., Bept -n���The steamship ciiy nr Seattle, en route tu
Alaska, wi'in on the rocks al Trial
Island, l" milea from Victoria, al i,
ss'clssi-i, this morning in a heavy fog.
The Bteamer Salvador ami two tugs
have gone to ber aRHlHlaiii-e trom Vic
tnrhi and Poii Townsend, All ihe
pasaengera un- reported sure.
Conflagration MysterieB.
Buenos Ayres, Sepl. 80.���The Cus-
toniH dock, which was deatroyed by
lire yesterday, contained 30,000 tons
nf mercliiinillse. much ol it or German
origin. Tils- losses are estimated at
Jl.2iiii.iino. The origin of lln- cwtflag-
ration Ih not known. Five clerks and
7" workmen havs' been arrested. Five
firemen were injured. The duck and
sliirebmlses erscleil by the govern-
meni at a cost ol $100,000 were com
plelely destroyed.
A Rich Comedian.
New York. Sept. 80,���A special cable
despatch from London printed hero
today states that the will or John
Lawrence Toole, the comedian, dls
poses ol au estate valued at $400,000
Manufacturers'  Association   Expresses
Views on Tariff Issues. Strongly
Urging Protection.
"The Canadian Manufacturers' assoclutlon believe iii a strong protective
laritr tor the diversified Interests ot
"We believe that it Rood, atroug,
protective tariff is as beneficial to the
Weat as It Is to tbe Bast,
���I exp.'ci Winnipeg will become a
greal Industrial city within a very
shun iimi'. Anticipated cheap electric power, togeth-V with the splen-
dui geographical psisiilim. havs' des-
lined Winnipeg in be a great niiimi-
[a-turlng city.
"We believe also lhal a tariff tram
ed In tin' Interests ol Canada su-fiol-
eiiiiy high in preserve nur own markets win mean that not only Winnipeg
bill ull large colli res 111 tils'  West will
become mannfaoturing places which
win create a large home market for
tin' farmer.
"1 think thnt If our tarlfl Is raised
where it Is required in be rwria-d. ii
will mean enlarging tha influx in"1 Ui��
country ol foreign manufacturers, es
penally Americans, Which will mean
inure money employed in the country
fnr the bmielii uf all.
���The Canadian Manufacturers' aaao-
clation's visit lu Winnipeg and the
Wesi win be a greal benefit, not only
ti, the East, bul to the West, as a
greal  number of manufacturers have
Dover been in the West and no diiuhl
will be sn greatly impressed with Winnipeg nml Un- West thai ihey will al
once establish either brunch factories
or warehouses nt  Winnipeg.
"1 believe lhal such visits as OUTS
ure ul grout beneril for lhe sl runner
binding together nf lbe various provinces.
"I don't consider anyone ii litll-tleilK
ed Canadian until thai one bur, seen
tho West. ,    ,
-I believe ibis cuiinirv is only Beginning to realize lis rich resources
and possibilities, and we must all bend
our energies together ns :i milted people to innke Canada one nf the greatest nations nr the world.
"l hope thai Westerners will find
Hum m visit the East, us nu Interchange or visits will greatly benefit
one In the olher."
rergetful Tourists.
Lucerne, Switzerland, Sept. SO.���
Those who hnve vlHlled "Lovely I*
ccruo" nl the height or lhe holiday
season will hardly he mii-pi-ised to
learn that every year, In Swiss hotels
alone, articles lo the value or 186,000
are left behind by forgetful visitors
In u hurry. Swiss railways derive an
equally handsome prom trom the sale
or Objects forgotten by travellers and
never Claimed.
Some extraordinary cases or forget-
riilness are recorded this Reason. An
Englishman bud taken a room at a
Zermatt hotel and deposited bis bng-
gage thore, bul  coming back from a
Kaslo and Nortii Shore District Fruit, Flowers and Vegetable Exhibits Divide
Honors-Many Visitors in Attendance and Everybody Pleased
Tbe ncood dfty <��r tho Nelson ETftir
Iiuh amply redeemed tho tew unuvuid-
libit. d.'ft'ctH In the first day'n pro-
Kiuin und each number waa given nn
promptly ���� possible.
The union muit ����� defection of tiio
Edmonton cricket eleven loft tho
morning without outside attractions,
Imi tin* many vit.iu>rs found plenty of
objects of interest in the main build*
Ing not exhausted bv the first duy'n
The chief interesi this morning wus
centered i" the decision of the dlstricl
frull ami vegetable competition, Tho
merits of tin- exhibits of the north
shore and KuhIo districth were so
evenly balanced tlutt li Ai. Palmet
grew weary of his (ask lust night and
postponed   its   com plot ion     until    thia
Then' were five district exhibits representing'. Tho North Shore, from
Hoover's Point to Italfour, uud from
Hoover*! Point to Slocan Junction;
the South Shore, from Wurd street to
Procter,   KuhIo and   the   lioundary.
The Boundary district wus small hut
choice, consisting entirely of fruits selected by Martin llurrell, most of 'them
from his own orchard.
The western half of the North Shore
was in charge of .lames Williams, and
the display of fruit, though small, wuh
very creditable.
The South Shore was in charge of J.
A. Kelley. Illness had prevented Mr.
Kelley from making any aerioiis effort to compete for a prize, but tho
display contains many choice fruits.
The most noteworthy Is a cluster of
Lombard plums from Kelley & Son's
orchard. It Is two feet in length and
contains over 200 plums, all perfect.
No one interested in fruit ut all should
fail to view it.
From the first It was obvious to all
that the fight for the big prises lay
between Kaslo and the North Shore.
Many referred to the latter as tho
Nelson exhibit, which ^uve rise to an
unfortunate impression that it wae
composite collection from all the districts, four in number, that radiate
from the city. This illusion was,
however, dispelled by John Hyslop, iu
whose chargS the exhibit was Mr.
Hyslop states positively that tbe collection contains not one article thut
was not produced within the limits of
District No. :t, as constituted hy tho
fair directors, for the purpose of the
The Kaslo collection was in charge
of Then F. Adams, and special caro
hud been given to the arrangement
and decorations of this space.
There are two important prizes
Whose disposition depended upon Mr.
Palmer's decision. The Johnstone
cup is awarded for the best distriet display of flowers, fruit and vegetable's.
It was offered lust year for the first
time nnd wns won by the North Shore
The other prlz*- wns $100 in rush Tor
tbe lies, district exhibit of fruit alone,
offered this year for the first time by
the C. P. R. company.
Mr. Palmer studied ami examined
yesterday afternoon. Inst evening and
this morning. His final decision, given
to the committee nt 18:46, awarded
the 0. P. R. prize for fruit to the
North Shore, and the Johnstone cup
for general  efficiency  to Kaslo.
There wns general approval of tho
decision by nil who are competent to
judge or criticize, and also general
sntisfaction It is thought to he in tho
interest of the competition, of the fair.
walk be could not remember the nntnn
nor the locution of his hotel, nnd had
to seek the uld of the police. At a
Zurich hotel banknotes to the value or
several hundred dollars were left behind some weeks ago. and no one has
yet come forward to claim them. At
t.eneva a holel keeper recently restored a Jewel casket  to an American
woman who wus under the Impression
that she hail left it on a train. A
German  paterfamilias, with offspring
numbering eight, accidentally loft one
of his children behind at I-am-mimo
without noticing its absence until he
had reached his home.
Would Like to See.
New Orleans, Sept. 20.���A despatch
to the Picayune from Cuba gives an Interview with an Insurgent lender lu
Havana province. General Rnrluue del
Castillo, ln which he says he would
like to Ben a commission of Americans
appointed to negotiate peace. "I believe there ts no reason to expect
American Intervention immediately,"
General Castillo said, "but It will
come, and I would like to see tho
United States negotiate terms of
Hongkong Has Another.
Hongkong, Sopt. 20.���Another storm,
less violent, however, than tho typhoon, broke he:**- at midnight and
blew for six hours. Tho damn-go apparently was not great.
and of the fruit growing interest in
Kooteiiuy, that a heulthy and friendly
rivalry should exist, and that no one
district should maintain an unapproachable pre-eminence.
Kaslo has fairly earned the blue
ribbon iu agricultural products, as its
sister city, Ainsworfh, hus done iu thu
mineral department.
This alternoon tho 20,000 club booth
has begun Ub career as the scene ot
un active campaign. Two guessing
contests an* in progress, one as to tho
value of a apeOjmeu of ore, the other as
to the total attendance at the fair fo.
the three days. A small fee is charged for registering a guess, and hand'
some prizes are offered, and are on
view In the booth for the beat
Tho booth Is also well equipped
with ndvertislng viewa and pamphlets.
The chlof feature of it, however, and
one that has attracted great attention
and admiration, is a magnificent view
of Nelson from the shipyard to the C.
P. R. wharf, it is a panorama formed
by a series of photographs taken by
A Lean, artist photographer, the sections perfectly joined and presenting
a connected whole, nine feet In length.
Every building and tree, every rock
and sign, almost every man, woman
und child in the view���and it was taken from near the north shore on the
second afternoon of the N. P. A. A. O.
regatta- of this year���Is perfectly distinct and recognizable. It Is certainly
the finest work of its kind ever seen
in Nelson.
Mr. Lean has promised, at the request of many, to make smaller prints
of the picture for sale, of a* size and
shape suitable for mailing. Nothing
else yet designed gives nearly so good
un idea of the beautiful location ot
The copies will be 62 inches long,
capable of being folded into card
form 11 inches long and 7 wide. They
will be the neatest and most valuable
souvenirs of Nelson that can easily
be conceived.
In the booth are photographs of
many Nelson worthies, also done by
Mr. Lean. They include the officials
of the hoard of trade, the 20,000 club,
the agricultural society and the fruit
growers' association.
At 1:30 a baseball match, postponed
from yesterday, between the nines of
Kossland and Phoenix began. The
teams lined up as follows:
Rossland��� Phoenix���
Holland    c    Speidel
Byrara   p   Stanley
Gibson    1 b    Sherbino
Puller   2 b    McLung
Costelln     s s     Ulll
Brown   8 b   Haverty
Harding    r f    McAstocker
Preston    c f    McKelvey
Nlssen    1 f    Kelly
The game was a very one-sided exhibition. Phoenix being unable to
make any connection with the curves
of Hyram, Itossland's ex-Princeton
pitcher, now on the staff of the War
Eagle mine. Mr. My ram struck out
15 men. The score was 11 to 0, in
Uosslaud's favor. tl. P. Wells um
pired to the perfect -satisfaction of
both teams.
The balloon ascension was managed
much more efficiently and promptly
than yesterday. The ascent was made
shortly after 1:30, and the aeronaut
descended without mishap.
The  horse  races    were    somewhat
York State Medicos Go on Record Favoring New Trial for Convict
Under 8entence.
are refusing to settle their Ban Francisco losses In full. The companies
referred to Include the Commercial
Union. Alliance, Palatine, and Norwich
Union. Added to these are the Indemnity and WlUlam'aburg City, of thl��
country, whose policies contain the
���ame provision, purporting to exempt
them from liability for low caused by
the earthquake.
Notorious Outlaw Meets Death at Hii
Brother's Hands
Albany, N. Y , Sept. 20.���Nearly 3G0U
phyalolans of tha state, representlnai
51 cities uml towns nud tncluillnfr
some of the best In the profession,
were Big-era of the petition presented
to Governor lliKKlns today In behalf or
Albeit T. Patrick, the New York lawyer, convicted and under sentence of
death since 1901 tor the alleged murder of the aged millionaire, William
Marsh Klce, In September, 1900. The
petition Is as follows:
"We, the undersigned, physicians of
Now York slnsle, have read the medical testimony presented on a motion
for a new trial to Hocorder Goff ln
Ihe case of Albert T. Patrick, charged
with the murder of William Marsh
nice. The conclusion of the experts
who testified on the motion are quite
nt variance and the questions are novel as well as grave, and important to
the members of this society, and especially to the defendant, and therefore should be justly solved."
disappointing, No entries were received from outside and the local
horses did not develop any sensational
speed. 'They proved, howtjver, that
the new race track Is equal to any iu
the Interior.
The lacrosse match between Revelstoke and Nelson was rather late ln
starting and Is JiiBi about to begin as
The Canadian goes to press.
The Sml-Letta troup of acrobats
from Chicago arrived last night. Their
stage could not be orrauged ln time
for their whole performance, but tbe
three girls gave an exhibition, which
was well received. This afternoon all
waB completed and the full BerleB of
acts was given. It will be repeated
tonight and tomorrow afternoon and
The Japanese drill Is one of the
prettiest and most pleasing features
of the whole fair program. The mem
bers of the chorus have perhaps not
profited all equally by the rehearsals,
but the principals. Mrs Parry, Mrs.
Goepel, Miss Nellie Annable. Miss C.
Fernau and Edgar Mason performed
The visiting engineers were interested visitors early ln the afternoon.
Several of the party have elected to
remain ln Nelson until Sunday.
General Notes.
Very favorable comment was heard
on the improved arrangements for the
floral displays. All the flowers are
grouped ln their classes and arranged
ou inclined tables, where they show
to the best advantage. The floral exhibits as a whole, including thoBe in
the district collections, are magnificent and bear eloquent testimony to
the glories of Kootenays climate.
A lonely exhibit, but well worthy
or attention, is a sheaf of grain from
Hurton City, grown by Peter McDonald, a one-armed rancher. Mr. McDonald did not enter for a prize but
wished to show the outside world
what the soil of the Burton City district was capable of.
In yesterday's report of the displays In the main building, the exhibit of Kootenay Standard cigars,
manufactured by J. C. Thelln & Co.,
was erroneously credited to the Kootenay Cigar company.
In the arts and manufactures department two first prizes, for netting
and old ladles' work, were won hy
Mrs, M. Squire, both for work done
since she passed her eighty-first birthday.
In the contest for the gold medal
for the best district display of ores
the competition was very keen and
the Judges, 11. W, Brock and D. S.
Lay, took a long time to decide between the exhibits of the Boundary
and Alnsworth districts, ln charge respectively of G. W. Cornish and H.
M. Stevenson, finally deciding ln favor of the latter.
Mr Cornish wns surprised at the
opposition he encountered, as his own
collection represented practically all
the famous camps ot the Boundary.
Program for Tomorrow.
9 a. m.���Buildings open.
9:30 a. m��� Junior baseball match,
Northport vs.  Nelson.
1:30   p.  tn.���Balloon  ascension.
2 p. m.���Sml-Letta Troup.
2:20 p. m.���Horse races, open, quar
ter mile.
3:15 p. m.���Lacrosse match, Revelstoke vs. Nelson.
7:30 p. m��� Sml-Letta Troup.
8:15 p.  m��� Japanese  Parasol  Drill.
9 p. m���Opera house���"Johnny on
the Spot��       	
Moro Castle entered port last night
after 11 terrible experience In n tor-
undo off Cape llatteras, in which she
wus damaged and had B narrow escape from foundering. The passengers were greatly terrified, but the
Ship's crew showed excellent discipline. The ship wns headed to windward but she was driven 50 miles out
or her course. One of the quartermasters wus swept from the bridge
and drowned.
Tornado Off Hatteras.
Havana, Sept. 20.���The Ward liner
Cabinet Crisis Over.
Madrid, Sept. 20.���The threatened
cabinet criBlB la regarded as being virtually over, although the exact nature
of the disciplinary action which the
government will take against the bishop of Tuy for his pastoral letter denying the civil marriage law has not
been announced. It Is evident that the
Liberal ruction of the cabinet, headed
by Count Romanone. minister of justice, has been victorious. The assembling of the cortes has been fixed
for Ootober 20 to 22.
Will Sue for Insurance.
San Francisco. Sept. 20.���The Examiner today says that the Sharon estate, Parrott estate and California
Wine nusoclation have decided to combine In a 9500,000 suit against the Insurance companies which by reason of
an earthquake clause In their policies,
New York, Sept. IIO���A Huntington,
W. Va., despatch to the World says
that "Cap" Hatlield, the state's most
famous outlaw, who haa spread terror
among thc natives in Virginia and the
Kentucky border, especially the McCoy family, Is dying at Wharncllffe,
in Mango county, as a result of two
bullet wounds Inflicted, It Ib charged,
by Dr. Ellas R. Hatfield, his youngest
"Cap" and the young doctor had uot
been on the most friendly terms for a
few weeks, but why, no one may ever
know. They met yesterday on the
railroad track below Wharncllffe.
"Cap." as usual, carried a Winchester
i-lflt-, while the doctor had a pistol.
The men began shooting when within
40 yards of each other and the young
doctor proved the better marksman
and, it Is alleged, put two bullets
through the chest of his outlaw
"Cap," It Ib said, had killed more
than a dozen men. Dr. Hatfield has
surrendered to the Mango authorities.
He ls 26 years of age and la a grad
uate of the Louisville Medical college.
Montana W. C. T. U.
Kallspell, Mont., Sept. 20���White-
ribboned delegates from many parts
of Montana are gathered here for the
annual state convention of the
Women's Christian Temperance union.
A program covering three days has
been prepared for the gathering and It
provides for numerous addresses and
other interesting features ln addition
to the usual amount of routine business. Ample entertainment has been
arranged for the visitors by the local
members of the organization.
Organization of Interior Chiefs la Accomplished This Mornin.���Forecast of Work.
The Police Association of the Interior of British Columbia was organized this morning In the office ot
Chief W. R- Jsrvis ot the Nelson city
There was a large attendance of
chiefs from the neighboring cities and
towns ot Kootenay and of the Boundary district of Yale, and many unable
to be present sent letterB expressing
entire approval and willingness to cooperate.
The following officers were chosen
as the executive of the new organization:
Honorary   President���F.   S.   Hussey,
Victoria,  superintendent of  provincial
President���W. R. Jarvls, Nelson.
Vice     President ��� M.      McKeuale,
Secretary-treasurer ��� T. H. Long,
Additional membera of the executive
committee���W. J. Devitt, Trail; J.
Barren, Cranbrook; T. Bain, Revelstoke.
The membership fee was fixed at
|10. Nelson was chosen as the next
place ef meeting, the date to be determined later by the executive.
Problems of co-operation were dls-
cttsBed informally, lu detail, and at
considerable length.
The meeting wns not open to the
lireas, aa full publication of the mean-
urea resolved uiion might have the effect of defeating or hindering the attainment of the object b sought.
Chief Jarvls Is authority tor the
statement that there was entire unanimity among th, ie present as to the
desirability or close and frequent
communication among chiefs, and aa
to the keeping of a careful record of
convicted persona, and prompt notice
of their motions on being released
from custody. It waa also decided
that notice of the moving on or vagrants and Itinerant beggars, so that
not only the Individual cities but the
whole province might be quickly relieved or their nndeslred presence.
Other resolutions were passed which
may Involve an appeal to the provincial government for modifications of
prison and gaol  regulations
The organization la well begun and
all Its membera aire satisfied that It
will have a useful career and assist
materially ln maintaining British Columbia's already high reputation for
law and order.
ie mum
Is the End of the Mil
Approacbtog ?
Details of the Wreck and Damage
Continue to Horrify -Irreparable
Losses Recorded.
Hongkong, Sept. 20.���The full extent
of the typhoon catastrophic is not yet
known but conservative estimates
place the number of Chinese who lost
their lives at 5,000 and the total ot
material damage to the colony at ��20,-
000,000. Word of the disasters at sea
are also being received. The steamer
Albatross with 160 passengers ou
board foundered; near Autumn pass,
only six passengera and two of the
crew were saved.   They swam ashore.
The Bteamer Hongkong also was lost
and her entire crew is missing. The
steamer Ying Fat, from Sam Chung,
foundered and her 130 passengers and
ten of her crew are missing. Only
two of the crew are known to have
been rescued.
Mrs. Hoare and her search party
have returned. They found no trace
of her husband, Joseph Charles Hoare,
Anglican bishop ot Victoria, wboae
yacht was lost during the typhoon.
Captain Thomas, commander of the
river steamer Falshun, whose Chinese crew clambered on board the
French steamer Polynesian when the
Falshun collided with her, saved his
vessel and 160 Chinese passengers by
splendid seamanship. Fortunately the
engine room staff, stuck heroically to
their posts. Captain Thomas waa left
almost single handed on deck. He
took the wheel and navigated the
Falshun for an hour and forty minutes through a tempestuous aea and
finally beached the vessel safely. It
Ia believed that she can be refloated
without trouble.
The staff of the Jardine Matheaon
sugar refinery rescued two hundred
Chinese. The losses of the Kow Loon
Godown (warehouse) company are estimated at (760,000. Forty thousand
bales of yarn which were In Storage at
Kow Loon probably are Irretrievably
damaged. The beach Is littered with
valuable silks and many looters hare
been arrested here.
There were several hundred passengers on board the Heung Shan trom
Macao, which stranded oft Lanta'
Island. All the European passengers
Including thre��i women, were snved
but manv of the Chinese were drown
ed. and the total nnmb"r of deaths I'
lint Ono-". "*�� wWnri (if rh�� '"
ens Shan is hopeless.
Ran Her Nose Into Trouble.
Cleveland, Ohio, Sept. 30. ���The
steamer City of Ohio ran aground on
Rattlesnake islaud early today. The
passengers were taken off In safety.
The vessel belongs to tho Detroit &
Cleveland Steam Navigation company.
A telegram from the purser says the
steamer had shoved her nose aground
and was stuck fast.
First Practical Teat of Municipal Own
ership of Street Railways.
Monroe, La., Sept. 20.���Though th.
street railway line here has been It.
operation or some time today market
the formal Inauguration of the enter
prise. It was made the occasion for a
public demonstration, tor the reason
that tho people own the railway system. It is the first practical test ol
municipal ownership of street railways
anywhere ln the United States and as
a consequence the success of the enterprise will be watched with close attention.
Two years ago, following the success
of the city's move In taking over the
water and lighting plants, Mayor Forsyth and a delegation of citizens went
before the state legislature and bad
the city's charter changed so as to permit It to operate and own a street
railway system. The system Just completed Is first-class In Its equipment
and compares favorably with the street
railways In other of the same size. In
c-nncctlon with the railway line tho
city has purchased for 140.000 a tract
of 130 acres for use as a public park
nud fair grounds.
General  Baptist Evangelist.
Chicago. Sept. 20���The Rev. Dr.
Johnson Myers, the toe of' liquor-law
breakers and the pastor of Emanuel
Baptist church here, will leave Chicago October 1 to buuouie general
evangelist to the Baptist church In
America and will devote his tlrao to
He was chosen for the honor, oue
of the highest to be conferred by his
church, nt a general council last August, but did not decide lo accept until yesterday. Dr. Myers was born in
Kingston, Ky��� In I860. Hla brother,
the Rev. Cortland Myers .Is pastor of
the Tomple Baptist church In Brooklyn.
Is Total Wreck.
Hongkong, Sept. 20.���Tho British reserve ship Phoenix, which was reported ashore yesterday, Is a> total wreck
���If The Daily Canadian
Cool nights are uow iu order.     They will invite
pleasant dreams of
Wi ;*,:,���.< pi :. ������ of them in red nud bine,
31-2 Points, wttghlq   -bout 10 pounds, $7.50 per pair
4 Points, weighing about 12 pounds,   -   8.50 per pair
These blanket! ore Juttlj  celebrated for their exoelleaoe. We alone carry
them in this city.
Underclothing. OH Co.
and Shoes and R ._>-- r.
Dest quality and pricei
I.    forters. Gloves and  Mits, Socks. Shirts and
mg.   Sweat.*rs.   Miners'   and    prosoectors'    Boots
,.   Groceries   and   Provisions..    Everything   of   the
surprising ly Low.
Published lis dayi a wee* by lhe
Baker St., Nelson, B.C.
Subscription rated, b0 oentl * mouth delivered
lu llie BUT, or 18.00 a year if lent hy mail, wtai.ii
paid la u.', ..,:������ .
Advertising rttM on application.
AU mon if? paid in HtUemenl ol The Dally
Qanadlau locotmti, elthei lm rabscriptiont or
ad ver tit. mg, must !����� receipted (nr on the printed
(arms ol the Company, uther receipt! an nm
*��� By one word ire are wmetlmei Judged to be
Wise and by oue Wor I  mi uie times judged  to  tM
fooli*ib.   u*t u�� therefore be careful what we
The development of Ou* West is n
-matter of pride to the West, especially tn the pioneers who braved the
early day risks, and tin- Inconveniences of frontier lift'. Incident bo the settlement of a new country. Bul the
term "West' is not oiil> a comprehensive one, it has a varying significance,
To the Eastern provinces it means
the indiscriminate and extensive territory stretching from Winnipeg to the
Pacific ocean while to thc Winnipeg-
ger it nienus the prairie country to the
base of thc Rocky mountains. To the
Hritish Columbian however, it has n
somewhat nmre local significance and
naturally emphasises the province of
the extreme west of the Dominion.
While the Easterner may realize iu
a general and Indistinct way something of the importance of the Pacific
province, the Inhabitant of Hritish Columbia realizes that this province is,
In the variety of its resources and the
magnitude of iis wealth, an empire itself and during recent years the pride
of the Hritish Columbia old timer refuses to humble itself before any of
the pretentious claims of the other
Ontario may have its mixed farming.
Quebec its simple life, the maritime
provinces their ancient history, hut
Hritish Columbia is rising to her opportunities and is displaying a variety
of characteristics that include within
themselves as much that is interesting and reassuring as any or all of the
older provinces. The resources of tho
older provinces are being exploited liy
the assistance that is being given
from the coffers of the Dominion treasury, ln the matter of farming alone,
the experimental farms that have beeu
dedicated to tlie service of the farming communities have been of Inestt**
niable value anil those have complete'
ly revolutionized the methods governing the pursuit of agriculture. The
government practically stepped in and
established schools where the BClons
of the agricultural nobility OOUldi be
Instructed In the essentials of soil
chemistry, rotation of crops, climatic
influences, adaptability of vegetation
and all ihat goes to constitute a
knowledge  of  successful  farming.
Iu Ontario alone, the crude methods
which were in vogue iu the earlier
days are a thing of the past and agriculture, through the experimentation
of the government farms has become
au  exact  science.
With the agricultural and horticultural development of Hritish Colum-
bit, the time has arrived when equally
fair treatment may be expected for
this province, and In bespeaking it we
mean that 'the single experimental
farm, conducted by the Dominion gov-
eriiment ni Agassiz, ts far from being
adequate to meet the rapidly growing
needs of the entire field.
The farm at Agassiz is well conduct.
ed and thousands of farmers, fruit
growers and others    on    the    Pacific
slope will bear testimony tn the val
niiiii.* instruction the) have received
from its competent superintendent
Hut while ibis farm has filled a rec-
ognlsed want and is prooably suffi
ciently extensive to comprehend the
needs of the Pacific slope, the condi
lions existing in thc interior of Hritish
Columbia are such that it can only be
indirectly of any assistance to ihe interior.
The differences In altitude are such,
were there no other climatic condi'
lions governing, that experiments con-
ducted in ihe valley of the Fraser cannot In accepted as criteria for the Upper country, but adding lo these the
adaptability for irrigation, the difference tn the quality and character of
thc soil, the need of a similar institution at some point in the interior is
being seriously felt.
We n commend therefor, a concerted movement among the ranchers and
fruit growers of the Columbia and
Kootenay valleys, urging upon the
Dominion government, not only thc
feasibility but the necessity of establishing at some [Hiiui. to be wisely se-
lected from a careful study of the
conditions governing the extensive
territory of the Interior, an experimental farm on which the conditions
of these immense areas may be scientifically studied and the results made
known to the settlers. The possibilities are now of such admitted magnitude that such an expenditure of public money would redound to tbe credit
and administrative genius of any government. The Dominion government
boasts of its annual surpluses. It expends a very large percentage of these
in public works in the East which are
not always of thc nature of a necessity and In many instances are a
waste Of public money. The development of the West will add materially
to the wealth of the Dominion and
will repay a thousandfold any investment of the nature we suggest. We
hope therefor io see Some Steps immediately taken to bring the beets to
the attention of the Ottawa authorities iu such a way as to convince
them lhat there is a felt need of just
such an undertaking as we outline.
We even venture to suggest that such
a presentation would receive respectful attention if so placed before pair*
lianient .ls to leave tlu. impression
that the Interior is a unit on the
There  are   in   every   profession   anil
business, features   anil    experinenees
Mat are worthy of being called unique
uiu] while some of them af eomnion-
ly recognised, occasionally one is
heard of that is suggestive in its sig-
ni ft canoe. Magistrate B, A. Crease ot
this city, experienced yesterday, one
of those peculiar sensations that come
all too Often into the life of a dls-
peusor of justice. Mr. Crease Is probably one of lhe most active and busy
among the many who preside in the
courts where the blind goddess ls
reputed to hold sway. During a
lengthy and creditable career he has
occupied ihe position of magistrate,
both iu the city ikjHcc nnd the provincial lower courts and altogether has
been faced by some 4000 culprits and
transgressors of the law. Singularly
enough, it was his experience for the
first time yesterday to deal with a
charge of a capital offence, which
may make it necessary To him, in
the discharge of his sworn duties, to
send a prisoner up to the higher courts
for trial on a charge of murder.
Such  a   record  must  be except lotial
and it suggests to us, what is too often
overlooked,  and  Indeed  misrepresent
i ii. that is. the generally law abiding
character of the citizens of the wild
and woolly West. We do not mean to
say ihat serious and grave offences
have nol been committed or that the
Wett is entirely free from the criminally disposed, but it must appear
significant that uf so many cases as
have passed under sentence of Judge
Crease, he should have, after all these
year., to send his first case up fur
trial ou su serious a charge. Thy
temptations of frontier life lead many
astray but there must be something
lik. sturdy manhood and praiseworthy
dtlsensblp abounding In so large a
territory when so few commitments
, .�� reoorded. Kelson and the Umnedi-
. ��������� surrounding districts are oertain-
Ij ;> be congratulated on a court record in which '.he criminal charge is so
pat< ntly  infrequent.
In letter to the Calgary Albertan a
few days ago a Staunch Union Man '
expressed th- opinion tl.at ib.* press
of that cii. is always knocking the organised labor movement To tlii^ the
Albertan makes reply as follow.--:
"inn the newspapers mlghl retort
thai laiK��r men are always knocking
the press. The press general) gtree
sed labor a fair show, Put in
many casts It Es bo hard lo get any
information from the unions. and there
,.*'���    always   BO    ma!i>'    people    -hid    U>
give the newspapers anything that win
hurt tbe labor cause, that it is a
wonder ihat more misrepresentations
���lo not occur.   The mission of the press
is to give lhe news, and when the
labor men get wise they will furnish
the newspapers with reliable news, instead of waiting for them to get it
from sources unfriendly to labor. Organized labor has nothing to cone, al
and it would be a wise thing for each
union to appoint a committee that can
furnish the news in a cl*?ar and concise manner to the press "
American genius can get alcohol
out of corn cobs, but Ni pissing will
go right on getting its flasks out of
Canada's favorite among alt the
king's horses will be the one that goes
back to England and kicks Winston
Cover nor Smith Inaugurated.
Manila, Sept. 20.���The inaucura!
ceremonies in connection with the Induction of General James P. Smith in
lhe office of governor general took
place today with civil and military
display. General Smith was escorted
by the veterans of the army from the
palace to the city hall, where the in-
augural ceremonies ti>ok place. The
official home of the governor general
wag thronged during the day with
thousands of citizens of all classes,
while army and navy official-, consular
officers and others, all, in full uniform,
adfied    brilliancy    to    an    impressive
(At $joeftki%
Wlbitfk (kdrttpmy spirits in dtliqht
 ^  ~_i
thai the drink*' nerved at our Soda Fountain
ha-1 U)DlC propertfei bes'des rf freshing?
Ws me fiuiy real fruit lyrapi of the One/it
'(tiHllijv      Fountain, counter, gluuet ami
receptacles Hrt kept Krttptuoualy clean.
Haker Street, helr-mi, B. C.
BlzO dav* after -lau* I Intend u- apply to the
1ft.u. chlel * ommieiloner *-f Landi ind VWrks,
Victoria, in purchase t '��� id land: Commencing at a poet planted at tie City ol Kelwn'i
���power plani lot t. B corner poit, oa Koolenay
river, thanee _s�� chain- south thenoe wait 20
chains, thanee north ao chaini, thenoe i*a*i 20
chains to point of oommenoi ment
Nelson, B.C., Aug. 6, 1006. K J. COTUUX.
Notice is hereby given that tt) *-!�����>> from date I
Intend to applv to the Ronorabll the Chid Com-
minloner of Lands and Worki for pcrtnlinion
to purchaie the followlni* aucribod lamls situate In We^t Kootenav fmtrk't; ('nmhieorlug
at a posl marked " ��,. Stewart's N VY. corner
poit.''situated near tiic Junction of Lost Onek
and South Fork of fchnon, thenre iouth 40
chains, mnrc or leis; thence east 80 eh"-.ini;
thene.* north 40 chains, mure or leu; thence
\\:��: ���-���. ciinfiii to jioin. of cmm-i".merit.
Saline August llth, U��0.
B. Stewart
T. II. atkixso.*, Agent.
Hot! 1 ll herehy given that M dari after -Lite I
Intend to apply to the Bonorable thei'hief Com-
minloner of Landi and Worki to purchase the
following deacrlbed landi,��. acrea, more or li -
oommeoi Ini ��. n poal planted oa tie* wait bank
ol fiipiT Arrow lake at a polnl about' toilet below NaJtnip, i-ii'l marked Q. A.D If., N 8 oornei
poet: tbenee D ehalni weatl thence Bel
���oath; thence e0 chains eait, moreor laa to lake
ihore; thence along tnkc ihore t" point of be-
hite-lUil-. .thdavof.-, ft ..1908,   ii  AH II ill.
60dayi -.ft. r date 1 Intend to applv to.tlie Hon*
orablc the ' blel ComtnlfeloneT of Landi ind
Worka, \ let or La, H C . la i'tmha.��e Mu acre* of
land iltna well trroa lake on 1 be weat fide
of vthatehaii rreel 1 Ins tbe north bound-
irj ol - .1 Annable ipplloatton to purchaio.
Commencing at a poal marked K J.B.-9 1. cor
ner and running wee' n chalm; t 1 nee north BO
cbaina; lbence eaat 80 cbalni; tbenee iouth to
: eni
��� r Ja-i 1908 It J. BlXtOT,
Notie i- tteteb} glran tbat 80 dan after date I
intend i" appl j'10 lbe Honor-ale t hteH ommla-
lioner "f Lanasend Works [or permbwlon to pur���
chaae tbe following dciri 1- i landa, situate in
tbe Weal K.. itena; dlstrl I starting !r..ut h poil
pluuk-il 11 tba N. B. coruerof P. W..RobIuaon'i
Application t-> purchaw, tbenn 10 chains east,
���*'i bains south, it chaloi west, to chaini norih.
to cbalni west, IV chains north, W chains east, HI
r hains north to point of eommcji cement, coataln-*
[nr loo aerea.
Oatcl 18th "lav of Aogosl   ' fl
{t.f. i    Ki.JUNMiS,
p- r Kkse-t W  IU11 itook, Agent
Kotiee ts bereb; girei -������'.��� tlayi afler
<lnt<- I Intend t" applj 1 ��� the Honorable the
1 hief t ommb-slonei of t_ands ad Works I ri 1
mission  to pun-hs>e tbe following described
Un 1 on the west shore ol up;- I Arrow Lake an-1
joining J. H. Feeiu-y'? pre-emption: Kuutiiug
wesi 1-1 chains; thence north W chains, them-e
east tOchains, to the shor- ol the Uke; thfOOe
south following the take thore to point ol eom-
menoemant. containing&o -.. ret more or Lesa.
Dated August 19. 1906.
II. P, M...   100
J. f. fUtLLT, Agent.
��� ;- hereby *-.���!%���:. 1 sitij 'lu?- titer
dnie I Intend to apply Hi sorahle the
' hlel ''"innm-iouer of lands and Works lor per
: .-���       to purchase  tl Ing  ���-��� scrlbi 1
.  ... wi .-i ilde of I now ���'   ������ and
kilning tne -outh Uaeol thi Indian EteserTatlon:
Kunning west 3D chains; thene* - ith 80 chains;
isl 20chains, to tbe Uke;
north  followlni ke sl on to tbe
polnl ol romflusiaBment,   ouiainlng 180 aem
noire or le*s.
i��rtte-i August au, ia*. n  B ifActaoo
J.J. Kti.i.v, Agent
Notiee Is bembj glren thai I Intend, 80 dayi
after date to apply to tbe IJonorablt the diet
1 ommiwiouorof . aiidsaixl �� oris for p..-rmlw*i.ira
to pur-hast the followlni escribed Utnis in
\\. _[ k otenay dktiicl t tn mUee sonth
of Burton City,eomiseni ,      t a post planted on
lliecatt tMlik   otUHCtC   :.     iim inurkvil "W. H.
BamIIton'1 s \v. c. 1-.^:. md running north si
< hams, thenoe easi ���**> rbtins, tbenee sooth 8Q
1 hains. tbence ttttei ",l ��� uni to pine ..? i-^gtu-
i.ifn . ��� on iam mt; ������.>��� seres ui land, more or uss
Imi.-I il. 1- -I'lt-l ���!./ ������:  * ._��� .t. V*..
W    H    II.lMII.TOV
.1-.. ._    JM*mi*Mm*fl*i��*��-
Notice 1- betel dat 60 days after date 1
inten<i to apply to uie H notable '"hief Commissioner ol Land* an.i v\..rk���* (or permlaslon to
pun*ha��pthe following deserlbed landa, situate
in West Kootenai disin nnunetnc al a
poat marked "B. Conker's iii H corner PoaL" situate near the S K conn ��� Of Un<f appl)'-.! for by
ELB., tbenee aonth ��� more or len; tbence
east 80 ctmiiii; the are north *i chains, more of
lev Ibenee weat 8i datui to polntof Dommenoe-
ni- nt.
salmo, August n. lft*. B CoVKsrri
  T   "   ATKlN-'.v, Agent.
Notiee U ii'ii;. ... a that 80 days after date 1
intend, toapply lo Lhe Bonorable the Chief Com-
mivlotter 0/ l^n !������ au>l vYo'k* U r permissloa to
pnrehaae the follow .na .\tfrrii��oO landi situate In
Wt--t R' Mens Commencing at a po*t
marked ' !. rtoes'i tt W corner pon," situate
near the N B corner of land spptled for hr A.
Mi-i/'un. tbenee sooth -10 chains, moreorless;
Ibenee east 80 chains; thence north *> chains,
more or leas; thenee wesi wnhains to p"-int of
commeno mt nt
Halmo, Augm-i 11, VkJR R. Boat,
"I   H. Antimox, Artnt.
Notice 1- herehy given that sixty dayi sftei
date I Intend to apply t.i tbe Honorable the
Chlel Commisaloner of __andi an-l v*
permission to purchase the following ���:-
lands situate in W1-1 Kootenay .ii-irl't: Com-
meociug ata Jiost markeii "A. Mcl-ean's N W.
'orner post," -iiuate near the N-B. c orner of Land
applie-l   for by   A. M* I-aughUn, tbeuce s<.nth  CJ
ehalns, more or lis*; tbenee eait BO
tbence north *�� chains, moreor leis; thence we-i
���su chains to point of 1 om meneement
Balmo, August ll,; ** a. M< Lux,
T. H. AtxI-Wos. Agent
TAKK NOfll K that an application ban been
made to register H. u, McLeod as thp owner In
Fee Simple,   unif.-r a T��i  Bale [i.-ed from   1:. J.
Btenion depot) assessor uni collector of the
Blocan Asseasraent Dlstr'ct, to ft, o. McLeod.
bearing data the 35 tb day of sngirstA. D, UD6,
oi all uti'i singular thai certain parcel or tract of
land mi'l premises iltuate. lying an��l U'lug in the
���Metric! of Kootenay, In tin* Province of Britisb
Colombia,  more  particular!/  known an-) de*
Scribed as -al! mineral*-, prccfottl aiol base, (saTS
Coal and   petroleum) mnlei��� l^t 'M>Vi, -t-roiip 1, lu
the Dlstnot of   Koutenay, "Bsrnet" mineral
Yon and each of yon are required lo contest
the claim of the tax purchs'i-r within fourteen
days from the date of the service of thf-. notiee
upon you.ninl lu default of a caveator oertlfleetf
of lis peinlens being tiled within SUCfa   pC'lod,
yon win be forever estopped and debarred from
s.-tting tip any claim to or In respect of the laid
landi and  I shall register K. (i   HOLeod as the
owner thereof.
Dated at Land Registry Offloe, Kelson. Prov*
inc.-of Briitsh Uolomnla, this _*>th dayol Pebru.
ary, A. D.1908,
H. P. Ma'I.KOD,
iiistrict Registrar.
To Richard Keeniat).
Notice Ih hereby given that sixty davs titer
dale I Intend toapply lo the Hon, Chief Commissioner of  Lamis and  Works  for  permission
to purehase the followlna descrlbea lands situate in West Kootenay District, Commencing
at a post marked "A. UJrsch'* B. k. Corner"
planted al the s. w. corner of Lot n>, about 7
miles north of Purton < ity an<l aboul % ul a
mile west ol the Columbia rlrer. tbenee north
Mohalns; lbence west 4*j ebalns tbenn- Moth
wi chains; thence past to chains to point ot com*
mencemont containing B3D acres,
Dated ih!�� Nib iluy of Beftiembor, 1��(*.
A. llihw'H,
Per Kau'h Sen, Agent.
For Unpaid Delinquent TaxeM ln the INelaon A����.a��ment Dlatrlet Pr i
of Brltlah Columbia. '   rovl"(n|
I n��ra-l.y |lve -OtlM Hut ou rriJuy, line laaislllli il.v ul Oi-Kiucr, A. I)., 1806, .1 lln liuiir isl twelve o'eloek iinon, >t the i/ourt
��. e., I ��li��ll O-.I lor Md. t'T puMss- nuell.su list Ininli lierel-ialter Mt nut ol the permm lu Ltal lint hetelii.llar ,el out, Issr Use dellu,,u
Is)- mill pemssin an ..n Hn llilrly-llril day ol lli-ieintsei. IW6. nml lor luteri-,1, i-inti .nil IzpUKM, Ini.luilhi, MMI isl ��ilvirtl,ln, >g|,| !",''"" "W
._, ��� -. A... 1. ..-. .-.-���r h,l,ls **l lf Iht |_|
Hlnssuilt ilue I. lies! ssi'ilssr !>a|il:
rr.n-asi.'i A--1--1 :u
S Is. allllSI.   B_
I is!  I,. II
Maallstn-lnliii-.  K-l
Qualf-,Tho. .....
Prueberg,  ���.-:���
Jobnwn, K. ��'
H,-isiss. s,l,u M
I.s-S ,ss'-. I.i'slass
Bursough, !:,���is,l -
Wrlirht, H
WsslI, I'linnssd si 11,-vnull. J   K.
sinn, Km
-1   ������ -. Henrj
-nd, :..,n. 11., ���r
' :i!s���l. a hfsrl, .
Bldor-da Mnsr-. I IuiIUhI
Asiierii MSI I-,,c ���   1 ���   M   s ,.
UuArthur, Hiss
lir,iti I I. Kr-Lsis,-
Kldor-do Min, -. I.snillr.l
ASIshI.,,-   ,1  V,���!,,!.   CO
Ilu- mil,	
!>!< la.  Art],sir
1 Iiii.ssi.sii. J
K.lla.A   11
llrSi ItlrllOX IIF I'ltdl'KltTV
10.ore. in bi.k'Is in, Ust ni,, u 1 	
M,��� k 1   Lol -'.' 1. '.   1 . (OtOfM 	
Ii ,., k.17, U, :'���'. I.n Mr, -.I-]M ��sre��
Bli    ,1,1 ,.[ sail. IS   I . -J tti-r.-s. 	
Bloc, tl, -OlHI, sl. |��� 111 K.rs-�� 	
Illsss'k 11. U'l WI, I,. [., IS. I.S Hire,
iii.H-k ia, Loi -M, 11 L.ttton.
IJssH.taa 111 <,,.   B.ndlO, Ip. Itn. 1111,1 BM  31. T|s. I'.'sj,  Ull UN, (I   I
1 un in A-iiioii 1, T|s 11. Lot ltal " '
',.��� .tn acre, in Ss-.-i,,ii :��. Tp. '*i. Lol l-in.
    sir.. Usl ls!A
. I
I sas-r,- 111 Sai Hull ��� Tn. I 	
1 nl .ers-. 111 BeoUon I. Tp 1:. Ull l_'l_. u.l
11.71 urn 111 SectionfT.-l,m,M,T, 17, u,i mt,O. I
sss SWura. sis S-,ll,.lsli,Tp. 17. I.sst IsMi.ll. I	
,��-JU.sls. Sll Si-.ln.il JI. Tii   17. U,l Ul.' 	
ttl d8 _en�� in Beetlon H. Tp 11. Lot IMI. - 1   	
is  Dftore.lu8-oi BTp -l,LotlM_,G  I
n.W .or-. In Bectlon ]D,Tb .us. Lot 1344, d I 	
n -9 urn In Sectl n 1�� ind ��, Tp :in. Us i-.mi.i;  i
ii U-ere. In Beotlon tt,Tp SI.I-HttBl, - I.
71. aasra-s, III l.,t :l>s|. s.1 ,
; -ere. In Lot 6M, a  I   .
Hl,.k li. Lol61��,.  I .  rn
Lol .'ii'i,'.   I    in ss, n.
I'nrl LotttBD, (1   I
HO-cre. in I.it sti. ii I
'-">1< >Dd
1 . ,.
: ui
i i.i
i i.s
��   7n
H 111)
.'W KI
;i i.s
0 00
6 40
H no
1 so
��   .U5~
i B
Is  tt,
i i.i
4 s.s
fl eo
:i ihi
S. tl,
2 s.s
is nr,
1 i.i
1 '.li
r s.s
:s mi
l no
4 .VI
, Nl
:i s.s
Is', 7.',
0 s.i
j i.i
12 1)0
���r in
i��e |
Dated tt Kelton, H C, thin 6th day olflt^lember, 1MB
Colleetor Neln
Notlfo U herebi tlven that GO days efter dutt*
I inn nd i" apulj   i - Honorable the Chiel
Cominliloneroi Land* and Worki lor itrnnlmdon
I" inirclme llie following deacrlbed Imols in tlie
Weal Kootenay DUtrlel Commencing at a noil
marked i. i:. Prenrhc's Hnd H K, corner piaeed
near r.i , 1'oynta - w comer, thenee emit m
eliaitu, thenoe nortii W ehalna. thenoa Meat no
rhalns, theneo eontti 10 chalna to plaee ol oom*
hated'Juth davot .Inl\ IMw.. T. K. Fhenih,
By A.vLhEW Ante, Agent.
Noiiee is hereb*. _
Intend to in rake -_.^;.,i**��tlon to the Honorihleihe
Chlel Commleboner ^f I*mi)< anil Works for pr-r-
nlnon i" porebaae the foUowlngdetcribed landa,
situate tn Weel k- u-nay dtttrfin: Commencing
ti & po*-t marked "A MeLanahltu'i N w rm i
poet," iltoaie near tbe N K. corner of lend ep-
plied for by I' Mr-Artbnr. theneeeonth* ill
moreor leas; ih _t-e ea*t it) chains; thenee norlh
40 chains, moreor leM] Ihenee weet 80 ri���Ine to
point ol' D-Otn tna n ant.
r-_t!mo, A-,i.'i.*t U. v'f, A. M'lsitoHUN,
  f. H. atki>'on. Agent.
Notice L- hereby Ki��en that CO dayi aft-r '!at.;
I Intend to apply w> the Chief ('oinml*>sioner of
Ixnd* aij<] "*orki for peMiii-ti'iii to pnrehaae
the following describe-*] landi, ittnate In Weet
Ki>itenay dlitrlet: '.omim-O' ini? ��i a j��/*i marked J. McArthur'* N W.corner port." iftnate near
the N. P. eornei ol aiol ipplh d loi hy A 'f timer,
thene* n��a ��� -mi ��� halm mora or i--������*; thencaeaat
iu ebalni; tbenee north 40cliaina, re lew;
thenee -re*t 80ebalni u>p<*int of coiiu:i-i]c.-Httut.
tfalmo, Angn>t 11, 1306.
J    '���!'..r.THIR,
  T. H AfKiwoi,, Agent.
Notiee is hereby gtren ih��t n> dayi afi< r dale
I intend, to apply to the Honorable Ihe Hi lei
i.'ommlftsloiiei  of Lands  ant W.,rk�� ft.r j--;  i��-
plon to f orehaee tbe foUowiiur del rlbeo landa,
iltsateln*hi West Kootenay dlttrlct: (   mmen*
ting at a \��,n wario-d "A. in*ner> N *A Burner
po��t." llulated   at   the  K   Ji- erne- of  )h!i.| ap-
nlied h.r by E Btowart, Iheneeimitfa i
more or ie--: tiers    ,-..,. |q ,.jj( Ul, ��� tbenei i. .riii
4o i r,i.i-i-. in'ifav 'T i. aa; ihenM >veit BO ehalni to
jMiii-t of comment ��� ment.
Halmo, li t; , Aogu 1 11 1*��. A. Twwntt,
T   II   ATKIN-oN. AgeOt-
Motlofl h bereby (de-en that 10 dan after date I
Intend toapply to tne HoiHirahi-- ibe Chief CommlMloner of Lands and Work* for permta-slon to
liurctiase tin-f'lii'.wiiig 4leacribtf<l land in West
K'OleinO" V\fi in nhuut M.-ven roflea south of
Hurton clt):  ' ommenclng at a poit planted on
the east Unk of Trout r-ret_ and marked Mrs,
W IL Hatnilloti * -. W. r*. j-���st mid runnini.
north Su ebalni; thence eaat Rl chalna; ihence
���onth80cbalm; tbenee wfi m <u* ns to place
of beginning, TOnulnlng (HO acieivmore or leai.
iJaled Ihli- 32nd day of A ugust, II**.
Mn W 11- Mamh-to-v
 W. H. Hamii.tos, Agent.
Kotlce b nerel y glren thai B0dari after date i
int'nd lo apply to theHon. the Chief Commla-
iloner of Landi and w'orks for [K-miisiioii to
pnrehaae the following deecribtd lands in the
West Kootenav dlitrlet: ik-ginnlng at a poet
marked K. Hell's K. K. comer,  nhoiit  two inllcf
east of the Balmon river, and half a mile from
th'- Pend d'OrelU-a river, thence80 chatm north,
loi hain*. weit, 90 chalm Math and tUclotinsertSt
to place ot beginning.
Dated nth !ay nf Jnly, 1008. H._��, lieu..
eixty dayx hIU"-date I intend lo apply to tii"
CoiiimlsM'ne- of Landl ano Works, Victoria, to
pnrehaae 100 acres rf land. Commencing at a
jHi-t pliint.-d (��ti the we-l --here of Arrow Laic, at
tba tonth cflit corner of <1 f Chrletie'i purebaae,
running 14'irth wi'-h-ins Ihence east ai ehainfli
thenee wmih B0ebalna, tbenee west oichaln** to
pine,: nf commencement.
Located Hay, Bth (90S,
L. (iAUAOiiEH, Locator.
Notice is herehv given that ��i dan after dale I
Intend to apply to thi Honorable the Chief Oom*
mlssloner t>f IJind- .:. 1 Works for iwrinlsiion lo
purchase tbe following deacrlbed Unds tn the
West Kootena) dlitrlet, near Burton City] oom*
mencing at apoct planted at the souiiuaat oornet
of i-eorge  Hudson'i   pre-emption cinim.  and
marked Harry t,  TnlHttfton's N. K. 1". ikkC and
running eonth 10 chaini, thenee wait 3D 'hains,
thence norl dm thence eaat 90 ebalu to
ptaoeof beginning, i-i-mAiuing su acres of land,
more nr lees.
Hated tin- BOth day of August, IftA
Bam. q. Toilinoton.
St.li .* l- .��� -. :...���'.���. ��� ii Mint ���" lavr- aftiT date I
Intend in innke application to ihe llouorable the
Chief Commisaloner of I*nds anil Work-* for per-
mlmlon to pur. hane at>oiil 100 Rerai of land situ
ated oo tl ��� Salmon river, vVeel Kootenaydlatrtat,
eommenelng at a poii markeii B k Boner*i N K
Comer, planted on the west hank of the river.
abont-t-V i Ileal nbof thfl International bonndary, tbenei weal 80 'liains, them-e BD i-iialns
soilih :Inm ��� ,->,.! nt-ml JJ chains to the river,
tbence northerly along the river to plnee of oom-
August iMh, I'JOO. h.R  Hi rrr.H,
T II. Atkioaoo, Agent,
Notice i- hereby irn.-n tlial iwo months after
date I Intend to anpiy tothe Honorable the Cblel
Commlaaioner oi lj.ti.l- and Works for a Lease of
all that ituid !-. nm the foreshore adjoining sul>-
dlvHioni i . and i of Lot rm, Qronp ..tied)
Kootenay, an.] Im ing on the south shore of the
\\... Ann ol Kootenay lake, in the district oi
��� nmmcnclng it �� |n-i*i ftaarked "A, K Welti'
loatheaal rorner post"; theuee Co chains ��i-��i,
l!i. ic---   io i'heii��   ii.'illi:   I he nee  iio  ch��lti�� easl.
thence .* ��� ��� hains iouth tothe piai-e of commenee
ment; thi  said   Uni and foreshore lo he I* used
for nawmill purposes.
Dated tin. .in lay of August, 1*��.
a.k. Warn
Notice li hereby given that BOdun niter 'lat.-1
intend toapply to tlie Honorable the Chief Com-
ter of Landa and Worki for permlulon to
i.nn'has*-the following dsM-rlbed  laml   In  Weil
R ]   i-i-tri'*' at*ml seven miles aonth of
Hurton i Hy: < ommenclng at a post planted on
lhe eaat bank of Trout creek and marked Ain
('heme's N. W". c. Post and running south an
ehalni; tbenoe east to rhalni; thence uorth W
ehalni; tbence weetBOcbatm to poet of beglan-
ing. oontainlng 040 acres of land, more or l'����.
Dated thta 2��d day of Angn-rt. p**
Ai.ri Cmnrn
W, ll  tUlUXtlOy, Agent.
;- hereby given thai ilxty days aftf-r
d-v<    i   intend   to  app'v  to  the  H..u<irall-  the
ommlmionef of Lendl and  Works, fur
on to porebaee the lolloving deeerlbed
Landi eommenelng at a j��>st marked/ieorge To|-
ogton ��� N. v.. C, jtcist, at the soiitliein.*. eorner
ol   J.   O.   Mci.nide's    pre-emption    olaln    aud
running ��<>uth 40 chains to south went comer of
H .l-"n> pre-emption claim; tbenef west'_0
chains; thence north 40 chains, thence east 'ki
tu to oisce of eommeneement, containing w;
acrea of U   1 mor*- or leM.
HaiL..   -<i- *th d��y of August, 1906.
(iE����lw,K TOLUWTOll,
A. A. Burton. Agent.
Notice is hereby given that sixty dayi after
date I intend to applv tothe Bon. ' hl'-f I'ominls-
fdonar Ot Lands and Works for t-ermtsslon lopnr*
i ha.*e the  following  de*crll*d  lauds  situate in
Weal Kootenav dlitrlet; Commencing at a po.i
marked JF.H. VaiUtone'l H.K oorner post, situate
in the Balmon Klver Valley, at a |��.mt ndjolulug
j Heeeher*i land at western bonndary, (henefl
ireflttO chalna, thence north 40 cbaina, thenee
east ��) chains, theuce south 40 i-hain* to point of
'-oiniiM-.'.i emellt.
July ^4tb, 1����- J. H. VaJ-VTOKB,
T. H. Atkinson. Agent.
-iity dayi alti.r datf, I, Margrett McQoenlei
Intend lo apply to thO Uonorahle the Chief Com*
miaaionerol Landsand Worka, -/ietona, B, I .,
w pnrehaae Un* following deeerlbed land, Orm-
mem ing at a poel mnrkoo M. HeQuarvIe, on the
hank of Lower Arrow lake, tbenee lo chain*
weet; tbence oo cbalm northi thence vi ehalni
eaat; tbenee DO ebalni lonth to pbui ol com
meneement. aald to contain 180 acrei more oi
i,���-..  covering ground neid by *���. H, Anderana'i
Dated thii nth day "f September. 1MB.
HAi-ORRi McQuann.
W. L, I'.VNK.   ��g'Ilt
Notice   l��  hereby  iriveti  that slitv  dan iftei
date I Intend toapply t*�� tbe Honoraoli thetnilef
CommlBeloner of Lari<is and Worki for pennlmion
t.i pnrehaae the following deeerlbed lands situat*
m w.��t Kootenay dUtrfcT: Commencing at a pout
planted at Kobert orlett'i nortii east corner
poal and marktd A. M's N. W. Comer tin-net
.tail |0 chaini ��� tbi rm ���>���. 10 chaini nuth, more ur
mi to tbe Ki^-ifiny rlveri thence w chaini w< >t
along   the   Koolenay   river;   tbence   lu  chain-
north, mora or leeh to lho place of commenv<
ment, containing i'"j seres more or ici��.
Sept mUr nth l'JOO.
Anvir. ItoOtg,
W.LLUH MooiK as Agent.
Notue is hereby given that sixty davs after
date  I   intend   to  spply  to the   Honorable  lhe
chief Commlealour oi l*ndi ami Worn* for
permission lo purchase the followlni. d,..
Krfbfld Iniidrs situate in the Weil Kootenav
dlatrlct, Marting from a poit planted on the
north hunk of the Norlh l'ork <ii Dog creek*
thence 'ki chains west, 10ehalns north, BOnhaln*.
weitj 80 ehalni north, S0 cbalm wait  20 ohalni
north. ^icl.Hin* weet. _W chains north. 80 flhatna
i-a*t. at' r-tiitjjiH south, 'tO chains eul   (Oehaln-
louth, 20 ohalni eaOL tt obsloi iouth 'to twlni .
commencement, containing mo acrai
Dated IHtb day of August, lwjf,
Kurt*. W. KOHlNtkin
Nottee U bereby glren tbttao.iay* afterdate!
nten ��� m make appl cation lotbe ilonoraile ft.
��� htef ' ommtMionPr of Undi and Worku for per-
mlMloo to .purchase rtj Km ot llin,, <g��Jf
.-I <d w.'_'i'it7,!.il.|,��
i',.."t1,1K Hl ��� poit
plan ed on the wuth mi. l\'*' <", i * it*, .V,',' V *" K ���'ll P��*l
the international i ,  ��rv -    '     "ry 'm'k ""
K   \ lama, uutheael .orm-r ������ i    ,i     '   Kllh"
chains, tbence -..uiih bo i-i,.?,.   . in,9l,efleai to
III,.t](i.Ij,i,n. wenaim iopinceof com.
Dltc-d this 9th day of Jn^JX" *W
sixty dan glial data I lutertd to apj'iy to tbe
Honorable tbe Chief CommlMloner ol UiKi-and
Wor��r-. Viitona,   to  purrhaaa  -'lo hit. �� id Ian.I.
ii.iated aud described si followi: H.ing the
northeait ijuarter ol iiecuon twenty-two, and
the south bul fof the Dorthweil quarter-taction
Iwentf three, Towusliip-uiy-nlue. And furthei
deaorlbed   a-   follown     <o<.imenclug  at  a  [misI
marked J J. N. w. corner, and planted W obalm
eaat oi lho northwest comer of Hectiou twenty-
two Kti<l rmiuing east -to i b**-itis, thence noutii ki
i liHius, theuce east 40 i hains, thenee south k*
chalm, thence west *" - limns, theuce north Ml
chains lo plaee of beginning.
August Jilt, 1W��. Jamks Joiisstoki,
W. A. ('alder, Agern.
Notice Is herehy given that mi >1*yi after date 1
intend toapply to the HutioraMe the Chief Com*
mlssloner of Lsuds and   Works for permission
to pnrehaae the foUowlng den rlbed land, situate
in Plre v��u�� >-, in the We.il Kootenay diilriot, a<l-
Jnlnlng W   A. ("alder's preemption, "tarting at a
l��)**t marked M UoQoarrle'i icutbweai corner.
running Wi-hains  east,  theme f. rOain- nortii.
thence So chain-wc-t thanee 10 ebalna aouth to
point of rommeio-eiii'Tit.
Dated thi* nth -lay of Beptember, IMM,
MAKV   Mr-i.fAl.MlK,
I, K  TaVi.or, Agent
Notice Is bereby given that M days after date I
int'-ml to apply to the Hon the Chief Commls-
sioner of Ijind* aiol Worki for permIsMon to pur
cha��c the foii<>\. imt deaeribed lands  in  Weel
Kootenay dlitrlet, prortnefl nf Hritish Columbia.
Commencing  at  a   )���������-���   marked  A   A. DUTtOD1!
H. W  corner, on the lOfltb mde of i artlioo Dteek,
���Unit two mih*" eaal of ituriou iity townalle,
and at i_->- nortbweet corner ol William Heltav-
ttt's pre-emption claim, tbenee cast m i helna,
tbence north 00 ebalna, tbenee weal (Ochaloa,
ihenee lontli B0 ebalni to the place ol bagliralng,
eontalnlna 140 acrai mote or loaa
iuit.-.i tin- .'tth day oi July, ivw.
A. A. Ilt'itos
 Ulniint H
Hated 18th day of August, Itot
P W   Horis���s,
per KhNK-tr W. RonWBONi Agent.
Notice is herehy given that to dari sft.-r 'late I
Intend to apply to the Hon. the Chief Commli-
sioner of land's and Works for |��-rmlwdoii lo purchase the following duorlbed lan.i- m Weat
K.^ti*nay district, province of Hrflp.li Columbia;
Commencing at a |M.st manced "William Toiitng-
tou's uorihwefl corner |mmI," mid jx>st U-tng
plant.-.) at lh>- southwest corner of (he "(jut-en
Mineral Claim," and adjoining tin- cast line of
MtThail's pre-emption, thence aouth Iwentv (JI)
chains   along   tald   line,   ttieut k��I  forty (W)
chains, theme north twenty (_��>) ebalna, thenoo
west lorty (40) ehalna mora or loai, to the place of
I'ated 1st-lay of Augusl  1908.
By his agent J. K. Taylor.
Notice Is given that ��i days afler date 1 Intend
toapply to tbe Honorable the Chief rouiinls-
sloner of Landl and Works for parmlHlon to
purchase the hdlow ing descrlU-d landl In the
West Kootanai District: ('ommeiu-iiig at a pout
marked f ('.Point* Land B, KCorner placed
near the I'end d'crellle river at Boundary creek
east side of Balmon river, thence eaat U eliains
along the Ini'-rnationa) Honudtry Line, thence
n .nli 40 chain**, thence weft fit ehaim*. Ihenee
���OOth 40 ehains to place ol commencement.
Dated tbe BOth of July 1906,        0. C, POTW*
Hy ANitRlw AiuB. Agent.
Kotiee Is hereby given that tWO month* after
date I Intend to apply to the Honorable the
Chief Commlmlouer of   Unds and   Works for
permlulon to pnrebaaothfl following deacrlbed
landl situate on the west arm of Kootenav Lake
in the Dlatrlet of Weal Kootenay:  Commencing
at a post marked "William Kuefby's KW, post;1'
tlience we-t twenty (90) Ohalni| thejice south
twenty   (J.)  chains;   ihence  east   twenty   (90)
ebalni; tbenee north twenty (9D) chains i<> the
jmltit   of  coiiiineneeiiieUt, COlitHllillig   forty   (lllj
a<*n*s, more or less.
Dated July 7,19M. I. (1. Niijion.
Notice In herebv trlven lhat IQdayi after dale. I
intend toapidy to the Hon. Chief CommJailonor
of i.auds and Work�� ior permlulon i<> purchaao
the followiiiK deicrlbed tract of Uml iltuate in
Weal Kootena) Dlitrlot; Commencing nt the
noiitUwest 1.4,mer of Ud 7,:aiU; tlience lunilut
uc>t  -to ibaliix; Ihencfl norlh 'Jl chains; thence
weal -ui ehalni; tbenoe north 3D ebalni; thenoe
<-ad hu obaina; theuee south tt obalm to point
of rom meneement, oontainlng Kttacroiii moreor
Hated at NeUoli, It ('.. this _-trd dnv of Julv,
1��K. Mahv .tanlan,
Iht V   C   lireeji, Agenl.
NotlOe is hereby given thai tWdaya after date I
Intend toapply to n,. Hohontblfl the chief Colil-
���nlulonot of Lauds and   Works for licriuissloli lo
purehan the following deicrlbed lands situate
*n West Kootonay Dlitrlot: pommettong at a
poel marked ���'!'. NicArthur's N. W. Corner pool
situate near thfl K, K. comer "I land applied for
by H. McArthur thence south 40 chain-*, more or
less; thence east HO chains; theuce north M
cJihIi J, more  or  lens; theii(*o  west W) c)ihIuh  lo
poim of commenoement
Halmo, B.C., Augusl 11 Hi, IWufi.
P. Ml AllTlll'K
T. II, Atkinhon, Agent.
Kjitv davs after date I Intend to atiiili' to the
Commlailpnor of Landiand Worki, yiatorlAt to
purchase IMI acrei of land, iltuate and described
as lollotva: ComuioiicluR nt ii poHt planted on the
West side of Arrow lake OppOflltO CartbOO ''Hy. at
or near the BOUtbweit corner of If, Ihilg pur-
cliKNe, und marked "fl, M. A,,H. K. corner," and
I'iNnii.K north 4it ohalm. thenoe woit tt chalm
lo II. Aiinahle's purchase, tlnncc souih ptchiiiiiH
more or lesa io the lake shore, thence along lhe
lake shore to plnee of beginning,
AugtIHt 00thi HM*!. Q, M. ANNA1ILK.
Notice h. hereby given Hint Ul days after dnle I
intend lu apply to lhe Honorable the Chief Coin-
mlHsIoner of Lamia ami Works, Victoria, to purehase tO acres of land, utiuato ahout one mile
eust of Iliirlou City ou flic east side of Arrow
lake, and described mi follow*-.: CommencliiK ���'' i'
posl planted at the iiortheast corner of LotOMOi
thenoo north 'ill clmm.-, llienee weel I" chaliiH,
thence soutli -XiidiHitia, Ihelice east 40 OhatOB to
pliii'ti of taiginuliiK
Augnit ���ihih, im. J. it. 11 i-ntsk.
Notice Is lien hy given that Wfl,T, ,lt.,,   ,|
ntend   tn appl;  lo the HonorJWSP
Commlaaioner of Undsand Work 1,. M
sion lo purchase the follnwiui 'i.��n iV*1-
tltnaUxt in the Wnt K -iiavdi.i,,,.A 1f**|
c I.. iVanton'ion the m-rth, ,1, I
quarter mtica from Uwhndd'O^btS?'*
meiwlng nt a posl marked 1   ...���i,ij
rorner poit,  thenee hu rhalni Worth __���
chains weit,  thenoe B0 ehalns __��____'���
l-i����ted the Isl .lay olAugiiM, laid ,
 H""*" num.!!* I
NotlOl is herehy given UmtBOiUjiifcZj.
Int.-nd t.( apply to Hie Honorable if* _J_I
mlssloner of Unds aud Worki lot ..._lti
purehaae the following described MttM
hootenaj Dlstricl about sli mllui��|g3i
ton ( Ity : commencing ��t a (miM tiluy.Tl
ea��t hank of Trout oreeV andnurVrttviH
er s N W (,. pott and running lamji a*Zl
Ih.nc eaat DO chains; thruci u,,- 4, u
lhetice west 80 chain*, to tin- pt|��e| m
ment, coiiuiuIhk M0aorea, morviirlta
Dated this _KT_r.it] day of August, W
W. I!  HAmiiSrMjP'
Notie. ll hOflby glveu tbatWsUTiiiwta
Intend toapply t.. tlir Honorable tlii did
in laat snared Landiand Works (or mm?
pnrehaae tbe following det-riiH u-_.ii 1
mencing at a |mhI msrk.d "J ��� |<. ��� I,
111 r." placed on lhe east .her* n| \oMHtm
1-Hkc at tio- nortii wi M eorner ol 1 i hriitttsl
plication t<�� I'iii'Ium', niuaiuit ilieni-ei<r
cast; thenee ���*���>chains north; tbeocc *.i
mon or leaa, we-t to the Lake-tho'i; n^il
."���>i*i-   lake Shore   to   JhUUI    ���' ���������     ---v_,l
I'tuitaliillig UOajOrOI imni' or !'���*��
hated iiin'/nrdday ��l Julj.iia
J ��bta
Notiee li bereb) given ili-l o.^ur^Onll
Intend U> apply to tin- I1..[u>ratii�� ihr(^���(��_ I
mlshUtucr of iMiidtatxl Worku in^nisuie I
purchase the lollowlnic dcwrlbed nknuei
<>n the eail ilde of Arrow lake: CwMtOfil 1
the northeail eorner nl A. .iitl>wfinnti*. [
thenea norih forty chains. Pmr n��lMt| }
ebalni, thenc.' -otitii forty i*h��;:.t.-!wa'
fortj   cbalm  to poim of ''<uiiin._a_Hit.nr
tamiiiir H'*i acre-*, more or len
Hated S-ptember 1, PMi,     JasisF ViOM,
peril. DggH drti-
Notlce is hereby given IhatOOtollWHH
Intend to apply to the Hon cutei imsaan
.if Landl and Works for |--rn:!-l-- :-;:nWl
the followiiiK 'lescrlbed lamls, iiiutlri llth
Kootenav dlitrtct: Comm.-iii-ituiispstm't:
��� d **hkw h, k oorner." pismted i.t. tbti**ma
Lowei   Anon   lake,  al>oiil OM mlie wath��
Cordon creek (Johnston creik.) tht-ntivifta"
ehalna, thence west ��) chilus, thfor����w0
chains. lheui*(. v**l M chains to poloielim-
meneement, eotilalning PO seres molt-Mk*
and comprlsini. abandoned pit "-irwiti >sla
Htake.l thUHthdayof Auguil. 1W-
11 K.WMrm��
A. S. Woi.vtHTns.Air.nl
Notice li hereby given that 60day�� sfterJsnl
Inland to applv lo EbO H irableChiflCoaaB*
sinner ol IjiinUaU'l Work* for |*rn]i*.��i''R,"*r*
chase the folliiwlng dcM-rihed lainh. ��i!iiiW ���
the east side of Arrow lake: CommftirlilBi
postmarked A -Maaleod'l lodUOD |*��i. i***
south   f  rtv  chains, lollowlng W. Toye sfajWl
bonndary: thenoo easi sixty chains, 10n��u"
of Oatlbaldl creek; tbenee narthtorty��3
tbenoe east lixty chains to i<oiutofi*omBif��
ment, ciititalnlin''auai*rt"., imm1 cries'
hated Beptember 1, i--w.     alhaM*o.��i
Per N. limn, Agent
Notice I. herehv gltell that "' -Isr. iflrt 4tjM
inlcnd to applv to llie Honorable tlie l hWWJI
missioncrof Undi and Works for perml^i"!
purchase lhe following de��cribed lands.si njji
from a |M.st marked w T>ii��.rtli��vMp��i. wjl
souih 40 chains, theme eaut HO ��b��l"-JS!|
north loe|,Hin,,lhcm.-w.-MSth!.ain��to|'iDt*"|
eommencemen;. coutainIn| ik) Wtt, wn* I
less; adjolna on the east ol a. AiMli-'liJ * ���PP*'"' P
Hon to purchaMf. '
I'ated this Mb day of AUgtUt, UA      _.__,,
N. DKMRit*. Agpnt
Sixtv  .lays afler  date I Intend toipfyg*
Chief'commlaVrone; of Undi udJWJJ
VietorU, forpeTOlmlontoporehwoiielgSI
and si,tv (i./��) acres..f lantf,locatedt*W& 1
e.i as followi: fcHomenelng it A PMffli
eighty (hi, chain- eait ol Ib-^SfflfH
gulger'a preemption and marked Wj5j
eoriier,"   and   runi.iNK  ��it torti    *\r;���|*
thenee south forty (4B) flh��lM.t������� !S?|
ohalni, thenoe north forty (40) ohalni lo m
beginnlog. K ihsi'TH-
Nollee is herehv Kive.l lhat *Wj&_$&
Intend toapply i" 'hell nbwtM���;"    ���.,,
ii.i.sionerof linibi and Worki lor pe mkj y
purehaae the following dc^rilwdlin���� _t,
on tbe cut lido Ol Arrow ��k��:,.(^���.���S_l5
ihooontbWMl ootnerol a Aniimn>�� 1'   _,, 1
thence south twenty ebalns UBWW    ��       ^
ohalna, theme north iwenty 1 ihiln .' '"JJ^
twentv chains  Ifl point of coiniii'i��*v
lalnlngfloaorci mmeorloun^M*l ijTliit,
i.ii.oii F,,,i,,,,i..-r 1. m.;in ,,;:;,,;:���;,,,,,,, j
I sv. .1"'
N.slli-i- is.   tl.Ti-t.y K1VII   Unsl  ���')}',L,\��� n*
,1,11,. 1 Inland lo ippll i""!',""'!: "  ���.����� |
lis insrs-li.sKsi lhe  liillnwliiii 'l"",i '   ' I ,,|l���illl��l
I'isiiI Aii.lrs-'ss  ,.1 .���-���������. ""���   "'���"   ?,��,..lim
ssl Lown .trri.iv  Ink''.   H"""     '., J-hnn.-. �����''
thenco tu s'liiiinii """'!'���.""'",',.:;(,.���,iis,.fii��-
tCinO,  It) ilinlli" iiurili ttt l"'""
nii'lll. ��� , .,,.,|��s' ���l iSs'l'l''"'
isnls-.l ��1 Ni'lmiu. B.C., H.l�� MH >.��? j |<lS,;,
SW.1W ���.���    ,,,��� ,.���,���, .tlla'lll-       .
iiii.ii.i 111 mipi-1"ii"' l;:""rL". s��� .sinl""'""
mlutonor nl Un.i�� nmi wortj."'.'���,���!,..in''"
borohua the lollowlng,'.!���������"   ,'ffiiiuil
In lli.'illsilrli'l nl ���/gSfll��<3
-isiis.ii tho wnt ar I K""" ;, ui,.>.ii'iii,���
,.|i,i,,,iii���. 1.1111..1 po.1 i'""';,'.;,,. �� ."-S
rornor ..I Lol TDO.tlionoo nor b ���>.;������. iW-S
,,,��! n ,.i,iiin��, Him , ,,.-,.,inn. .   ���
ouiaooha no- pointol """',,_, rv��
Dato- Aug. i.'sin. I0M' ,, 1
Nssii,,. i.|,,r,i.y,i.��.;is;;';^;;lS;n,,..M��
hit," |i ti'i'il nl Hi'' ""' ,"',l���,,',.��s .liHln-' ,���
run ilH.ii'li.il--��lii;r"'     ', inlKln'!'i��
thonco m ohalni ��� "���'"   ,ii,iui��''���"
polll    nt ciiniliio n'l'ini'lll, "���""'
inisru (ir li'isss. , ,   ,���a ���.���,,.
D.ti'il thu Ilm .lay ol Jsily l����j ^ d'UllU'- The DaOy Cw.ad.ti.
Carrr a oomrtata rtook ol Poraign wirspi, Beer, !___.���
���iisl I.lsiui'ur., nnd C.n.ill.ii wine, a0j Hhl.ki,.,
Y������ sin buy 0KB l.utile Purl, ntinry.t:i��ret, Br.n.ly,m,,, r,,,,,,k��� ���,,���.,.,,
A,,. .,..,. ,i ... ,,.,�� lacraaaa- .pm-tlty you daaira.   fc _u_t.Tl3.BoS
HONB Jr.o.
P. O. BOX 1030
iperial Bank of Canada
..AKKRAY, Vlon-Prtssiilimt
Head Office:
l       |, AUTHOR1ZBD....��,000,000. CAPITAL PAID UP
it wii.Kii'., President.       HON. ROBERT
Branches in British Columbia:
IbOWHBAD,      ''.DIiDKN.     NKI.SON,     UKVl'.I.S.OKli,     TRtlUT  LAKE,
1 ORANBBOOK,   VANCOUVKR,   viutokia.
scoived nml iiilMi-mit allowed at oamui rata fnnn ilnin of opening no-
il luilf yearly. '
| ���, , -toN BRANCH J*   M.   LAY,  MunaK-r.
Burns & Co.
K(wnliind,   Trail,   KfllfOD, Kiwln,
DflDTar and Slooaa City.
Sandon, Tbi-w Forks, Now
to any
> nre 111
branoli will have
1 attention.
Head Office: Nelson, B. C.
Budweiser Beer
DISTILLERS, r'a antl 20 years old.
Duke George II.,  Beloved  and  Venerated, Celebrates Today.
Berlin, Sept. 20.���Grand Duke
George II. of Baxe-Mein.ngen, who Ob-
nerved hla eightieth birthday a abort
time ubo, to day celebrated his fortieth anniversary of bis accession to the
throne of Saxe-Melnlngcn. The old
duke is one of tho most popular among
German novereigns. He Is venerated,
apart front his devotion to learning,
for his bravery and brilliance as a
soldier. He is celebrated, too, as a
thorough German patriot, for he broke
with hii fiuhor, the then reigning
duke, in iSCfi, when Prussia went to
war with Austria, his father abdicating thu throne in order to side with
Austria. George II then became reign*
lag duke and was made a lieutenant*
general -in ihe German army.
In lbe war with France, four years
later, he served with conspleuotifi gallantry, and at the head of his two
regiments of Meinlngen troops, captured the flrtti flags taken from tbe
���Trench, lie was on the staff of lhe
Old   Kaiser and   Prlnoe   Ulsinark   when
tin1 triumphant Oennani marohed into
Parti and ended the BtrUgtfe.
Duke George has been married three
times, his third wife being the actress,
Helene l.nnge, who after hor morgan-
iilie marriage to the duke, received the
tile of Baroness Heldburg. Mis sou hy
the first marriage, the hereditary
Prince Hemard of Bare*Melnlngen, is
married tp Princess Charlotte ot Pins
sin, a Bister of Kinperor William.
Notice U hereby gtVen that Do dajri utter datte I
intend to Apply to tho Chief CotnmlHiontroI
Landiand work" fovaiwcia] tiwtui to��otaint
cKiry uway tlmhcr from the following defecflDW
* nm un iir-iiix at u pout planted ahout one mile
east ol Bonanza Hilling and ahout one half mile
from the ���ouihwei- miner of K. C. Hooper'i
c'alra, and marked "J. i��. Hooper'i northeut
comer," thence iouth 80 chaini, thence weit 80
obalm, theuce north 80 cbalni, thence eait 80
cha ni to the place of commenoent, and containing Mo acrei, more or leu.
Dnted thii SWth day of Aiiiuit, 1W6
J. K. Ilo'ii'tH, locator,
    J.Y. LinDSpSfl. Agenl^ m
NotW It. hen'hy Ktveli that 30 day*, after dmc t
inlcnd toapph to the Hon, the Chief t���'ommli
nloner of Und it and Worki for a IMO'U licence
to rut and carry a ��� ay timber from Uie followlna
di*-*.**.rlbed laii'ln, tdtuiuo in West Kootenay din*-
trictl t'ommcnitiig at a post nil Kohlneon ereek,
tnretniuartari of a bus nortbweit�� hardier ���
Sn emption, thence went ho chalflii tbenofl no tit
) chain*-, thenee Salt miehaliilt, thenee iouth 80
eliHliiN to p lilt of coitimeneetnenti
Located July -Jotb.lWft.
i.i'.   ili;-'i.*.:i*.-'i*<. !,h ir.. r
Silver King Hotel
Beet Dollar a day house In the Kooteuays.
Room, ara wall 1-rnliha-. Tabla aa goo- m any
in Malaon.    Bar mpjsliea with ioo_
Uauor. an- otaaia.
W. E. M0OANDU8H, ProprleMr.
Tremont House
European aud American Plan
Metli % cti.   Boomi from �� Ctl. to It
Only White Halp F._nploye<V
Wc have Improved and Unimproved Ranches for
Sale on the Kootenay and Slocan Lakes, Slocan
Valley and Nelson District.
itlce I* beroby given i
nd to apply to the Hq
\f Landi   -'
Tour of Manufacturers.
Winnipeg, Ri��i��l 20,���Having completed one of the mosl successful con*
volitions ever held by thetr organ ixn<
tion the memlx-Mi. of the Cnnatlinn
M aim fact urns' association left Winnipeg today ou a trip to the Purine
cuast. The route Ib along the Canadian Pacific railway, stopping at tho
cities of Regina, Moose Juw antl Calgary, at the mountain hostelrles at
Banff, where two evenings and a day
will be passed, and ut the port of Van-
euu.i'C" ���*.V" .;._ y. "K.J1 be ApflJ
Victoria, and the tourists will return
to Winnipeg by way of Calgary and
the Canadian Northern.
Take notice that tn d*ys after date we Intend
limkliiK iippllcallDii lo the Hull the Clilef Coin-
���mis^ioucr i��f Landi and Worku for a ipeclal
license to "'ut and carry away timber from the
[ollowlng deaeribed landii Counonoli k atapoet
planted  near the north boundary of l-ol UU,
wfit Kootenay dUMott running thenoe UOohalni
north, tbeu'-e i" ehaiioi wt-Nl, thenee h'O ehalni
Hnuih, tlience to ehain*. eail W paint of com-
iii* tKTtnetit,
Dated March Sth, 1MB.
WATT��lit!R'i   [.I'MllKR ��'",
ll. Tl'iiMKV, AK'-Ot.
ii that M 'luvs afterdate I
arable the OhlalOom'
toner of Lanfli and Worku tot a itwdal
Hoenee to ont and nuny away timber from tho
f..II.-wiiii: .|.-i nl.t-.l laiidn, -mini.' on Mx Milt*
creek, In the dlnirtct of Went KooU-uuj *.
No. l�����Oommenotos at * poit plented on 8U
Miio oreek, about map mflti from Kootenay
Ink", ami marked 11. B. H^ioatbeaat corner poet,
tbenee running BO ebalni norih, thonoe BO ohaini
went, thence st) ��� liuin- loolh. iheni-e Wt ehalni
eaat to point of commencement, and eontalniiiK
640 tCrei more or IflCfl
Dated thin 12th day of Aognit, UOB.
It. h. Miohton,
iht Bsuoo Whits, Agent
No 2.--Gomm#*nolng at a poit nlaotad on -^tx
Mile creek ahout nine mile* from Kootenay lake,
i.n-i marked ��- B. Il'i northeaarcorner i��i-t,
theuce niniiHiu SO ilntliih went, Ihence m cln.uis
h..Hiii, thenee mi ehaim east, theuee Ktiehaiua
north to tin- point of eciiniiH-neenieni, oontainlng
I'.tn acrei mnrc or leH.
Dated thii 12th day of Angnat, Uf*.
H. It. Ml'.inoN,
per 0B0OB Wiutk, Agent
Ko. P���Commenolng at,a boil glinted on six
Mile creek, aboul ten mllei from Kootenay lnke,
and uni'ked  B. B.  M'a northweit eorner poit,
tbenee ronnlnR Bo chalhi cast, ihenee ho ehaim
lOOth. thencfl 80 ehalna west, theuee SO chalna
north to point ol commencement, and rnntaln-
tuK 6*0 acrei m*>re or leai.
Dated thll Uth day of AngUlt, 1908.
B. B. Miohton,
per BltnOS Wiuti, Agent.
No. 4*���Commencing at a poit planted on six
Mile ereek, about U milea from Kootenay lake,
and market) B. H M'a Koutheaat eorner post,
thenee ninnim: iSochalUR north, thonce HO chalna
welt, theme Ho ehalni xouth. thence HO ehalni
113th day ol Aiir.isZ;
B. B. Miohton,
per Bancs White, Agent.
Baker St., Nelion
Bartlett   Hotise
But DolUt-a-Diy House in Nelson.
The Bar l. the finest.
White Help only Employed.
Before purchasing call
and examine our list.
H. & M. BIRD
Joaepblne Bt.
The Kg Schooner D_>/>��� \C\r
Or "Half and Half"    DCCl    \ UC-
Thia only Ulan- of Oood Boer in Nd��on.
Hiiti'l Hcs'siminsMlHtliiiisi sssseor.il lis none In Hrtl-
1h|, Columbia. llitl-B|t-*-.per--y- twA*\Xk\M
tu monthly boarrters. Only hnnie linla-1 In Nelsson
Lake View Hotel
Corner Hall and V.-nmn,
two bloeka from wharf-
Hatei $1 00 per day and up.
Rlra  Hi-id   Auclclvnt
Real Estate aad Mining
Manager for the Kootenay Valleys Company, Ltd.
Olileat twtnhlishi'tl Ronl Eatrtte
Umaiiii'i-s. in Kixilenny.
Nelson, B. C.
P. O. Box BL
Telephone 118.
New Fall
| Goods Arriving
importer of Pin*
I -n-iil.Hli   ()oo*-l-��
J-tio. T. Pierre
Huker -St.
Nelson, B. C
lALKn TKNUKMH, propurly linUirm-d, will be
rpcidved by the utiderslKiied up to and in-
''HiiK Mnii.lay. the lUitfiith October next, tor
ion and completion oi a Court Bouso at
. n. c,
'rti KuKhicer'
, r-|x >llli-Klliiu��
n tract may i
Hi'- linv-'runi.
ier the mil Boptemb
and oondtttoi
a Men at Hi
Victoria, li. C
t Alien'. Kftll
| ollen-
,  IIIK) ill
r  tn
st   la
ft VI
ho Under fort
ol ih<< fl
en oi urunpo
ilit-iii ou thi
mpanled with
C>) nor wnt. oltUo
ii- latihiul i" ii.-i mini
>sk|h1 tenderer* will i
execution oi the oo
��r any tender imt  necessarily U
id Worki Depart
uidii* Worka Bnglno
Certificate of Improvements
Qlant,    First I'luiUet', ClHili
In In,
.  Mile i''rm linn ii--iii',riii
,'1** iu tin. i-Miou Mining Dlvlalon of Weat
Ko lenay dlitrlot
"i-ii* located] On nundeomountain-, between
"d Horie aiui BetrOreoki.
fjka nollee i Imi I. ,lnhn MoUtcbte. ol thi city
Nelwin, Ai*ttiiK hn nfient for JoWhh fltnrgeon,
���|' miiut'b Ci-rittleiite Ko.B51��) Intend.ilxty
iv'(r,.ui ihe date nereol, to apply to the Mining
"'"filer  fnr CertlflcRtei ol  Impi 'Veim'TH*. for
"��� pnrpuM' of obtaining Crown Qrantio. the
A|"i niribertako notice thnl aottoniUndoriec*
"" ;*. inusi in- Gomtnencou before ihe luuenoe
"'leh <Vrtill'-iit��> of luipr'UenielltR
""I'd Hii*- ;tist day of .liity, A. 1) 1900.
Jons McLiTCHin.
"J imlilu
'.."HI I llll
snd by virtue nt tisss nowora onn.altia-
tii mortgage, wnleh will !>.��� nro'iut'ed ui
'f Ills' hhIs', Ills-is' will Its' isfls-rs'il (ur Still'
' llllrtliin liv lali'lissrsl T Kv.lt.ss Illllll-
nm-. I"   llss-'Clly ssf Itsassfsliiii.l, R fly Oil
""S'lisy. llss- ���Jllli ,|uv ���| S|.|,l|,|ii|���.r. A   I), limn.
1 ' is' lisisiri.f noon, lliis,-.,t,11%- isl rs'iti'ssivstlmi In
"���it iiiHirHitii. imi'i o( Imul on tin- Irfiwor Arrow
�������a Isiiuavii :ia Dear I'.irk. nml I'on.iHtlng ol IIWT
���rt1., moru or 1,'isis, nmi llss- imi j,. t- pu tot the
'"i issrihs.i hat'Lloulan antl lerjuiandoondi-
""!' "I SHllS ,aist,|y t���
0, ll. HAMILTON,
Mortgngoa'a Hssiis'i'isr,
Bank nl Montreal Obatn-era, itnMliaml, u.C.
"mill rn Roniand, 7th -opt,, Itoo,
Tendon addreaaad lo the ntt-otjlp-d, at hla
���ni.'s' in tin- I'ssssri ll.ssita.'. 111 Uie rny ol Nelaon,
will !����� reeelvad hi.till thaimiiri.i In.otookIn
ilia- afternoon s,l Bondaj, uii..Iist  sth is,*, fa.r
the purohaae ol il Bine Bred He 11." Mjneral
Claim, Lot 1986, which w.a da-lared f..rfa-ita-at us
Ui ownattheTai Bala h.eld m il"' my ol
St'l-ssss sill tlu'illll slsaa  ul Nuai'iillii'r, I'.Wi, tor sie-
llnouent taxaa up till Juna Mh. l*J, and eoata.
Tin' ntiM't prloe iii'isn tin* simiI iiiiniT'ii tHalm.
aalilsli liis'lsisls". Ills' nliisaniit Ol dellnoueni isixi'ii
nml mala al Ilia' lime ��' lorMlnn.. with Interejt;
insii'si which Issiaa. ssins's' acoruedi ami lee lau
Brown lirssnl. ls 183.0-1 avhls'ls Is the lassast amiillllt
Usui ��fi I be csssisislsri'd su si lander.
I'Hi'ii ti'inii-r muat lm aocompanl-d by an mv
,,., i oheoue, payable to the ssrsls-r ol tlir Dopu-
ty s'ltiiii.ssslsissss.'r isl Lsilnls nml Worka. at par sll
Vii-issrlii, H. 0 . Inr llus amount li-mli'ia'sl.
KllllKIlT A. UKXWirK,
-i.vaTiiiiii'iii ak Nelaon, B, u,
Dated alKelaon, B.C. thlaUtn
slay ill Si'iili'lnlsi'r, lau,.
.   Hens l-iv-v, a-iiVv<1^ vriAl.V'iy
no other iiiuke.
Monteliffs Piano House, Limited,
410 IInot 1 nus Htnct.
Street, Vein-ouvcr, B. t'���
D. J. Robertson & Company
Grand Central Hotel
I. A   EBIGKSOK, Proprietor.
Gantnuiy'id-t'rf-i -jp-sn l>�� and Night
-ample and B.tb Room. Fn-c.
Opposite Court House and Post Office.
Corner Ward and Vernon Street-.
Tfc Strathcona
Nelson, B.O.
B. Tomkins, Manager.
Choice Fruit
I Have \ 0,000 Acrei
of tbe
Choicest Frtrtt Lands in
British Columbia.
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
J. E. ANNABLE,    -    Nelsoo, B. C.
The Hall Mining and Smelting.
��� ���     Ccmpa__^rLi_i.t2.4.��.,    ,,..���,..,,
The Leading Hotel in the
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry Ores.
Oood   Sample    Room*.
Queen _ Hotel
Raker street, Nelaon. B. 0.
Lighted by Electricity and
H��ated by Hot Air
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Fruit, F<iel
& Poultry Co., Ltd.
Interesting Mortuary Statistics.
New York, Sept. 20.���A special cable
despatch to thc Times states that a
statistical paper on India iust Issued
shows that In 1904 there were killed
In thut country by snakes and wild
bi'usts, 2:t,o:!4 people; 2880 by snakes.
7'.ili by liners, and 399 by leopards,
and the rest by olher animal-, The
number of cattle killed was 98,582.
Notu-y is hereby given thut 80 dayi after date 1
Intend to apply to the Chief Commtalrmer ol
Landi and worki for a ipeetal lt<*--iife to cut ami
carry away Umber off the lollowlng deaeribed
landi; ...
Oommenetng nt a i">��t planted on tbe nortb
ilde ol Hum ui ereeki about two miles eaai ol tbe
Canadian Paelflo Railway! ami marked "a O,
Hooper'i northeail eorner," tlienoe weit 80
chains, tbenee lontb ����> ehalni. ibenee easi 80
obalns. tbenee nortii w ebalns to Die p tee ol beginning, nmi oontainlng 040 aores, more or less.
Dated the .Bth day ol August, mmi.
B, t'. uoopia. Locator,
j. k. i.iMMtino. Agent.
Take notiee thai 1 Intend to upp'v io the Hon-
orable the rhief Commlifttonet oi Landi and
works (or a ipoeial lleenie toent and carry sway
 -ids   "
_   orth Fork ofiCettlfl riter, In
trict of Yah*
timber from the following dewihed lands, situ-
iite on the North Fork of Kettle riter, In the dls-
ComraencluK at �� post marked _ ft. Nelson's
northwest eorner post No X," belT>a; W ehs*ni
nortb from the post marked "J MeDonald'F
northwest eorner post No. 1" thenee south 80
Ohalni] thence east 80 ehalna; thenee north 80
ehains; tbenee west 80 ebalns to thc plaee ol be-
ginning, containing M0 mmi more or less.
Dated this HUh da}' ol August, 1906.
Chas. Karnell, Agent-
Dt.l.vorioR Dlftde *laily thrmu-rhout Nelsou
nml its Rulmrbrt. Pnona 14R.
Old Curiosity Shop
If you want to buy or H"ii anything,
go to the OKI Curiosity Shop. A now
lino of .lapnneRo Goods now on sale, AH
kinds of Dinnorwnre in stock. Patterns
Notleo le horobyglvonthaithe Anbual aoueral
-Mooting of Tb- itvil tlold Mines. LimiiiHt. ��;> \ ho
hold ini thooltteool theomnpany, K.w.i .blook.
Son, l".'' .onTiuwday, ibd Ootohor.WOO, ai 8
O'clock, p. m. hy order,
ty. d�� BAYLY, Secretary.
Take notleo thai 1 Intend to apply tulbe Cblel
t'tiuimlssloner nf   Landl and Works for a special
lieense to rut and oarry away timber from the
f��.Ilowlug deserlbod  lands  sl mile on lhe North
fork ol Kettle river. It) the tllstrtet of Yale:
t'nmiueneing at a post planted P.'ehulns south
(mm Mi'Knrliuif ereek, mamed "i.O.Nelson's
northwest corner post," thenoe80obalns soutb;
thenee 80 ebalus colt, thenoe 80 ehal's north]
thenee 80 ehahi-. weil to plaoe of beginning.
Located this 18th -luv of AUgUlt, Pkt\
1. ti   RRL80K1 No. 1.
('billies Kiirnell, Agent.
T- Ite lioliei* tbat I luleiil tn spply lo the Hon
oraide th�� Chiel Commluloner of hands and
Works f ir a ipeulal license toeut and carrj awuy
t mher from tbe (ollowlng described lands iltu-
ate on ihe North Pork of Kettle river, lu the .lls-
.trletof Yale:-
uommenoing at a post markea "George Mmi-
roe's .southwesi eoriier post," bqlug 80 chains
west of the postmarked Ml, 0.Nelion'i north*
west eorner post No !t," ihenee eo th IfiOehalUll
thence oast 4d ohaini! thonoe luutli 100 ehains;
llienee wi-Bl 40 ehnins tothe plnee of beglntlthg,
eoiilalnltig (Uu nerrs. more oriels.
Located this tSUl day of August, 1000,
QBOnOl MiMt'ii'.,
 rhiiH. Karnell. Agenl
Take notice tbat I inlcnd to apply lo the llonorablo the Chlof immmisilonaT 51 Landi and
Works lor a speelal license toeut and carry away
timber from the following desorlbod lands, illn-
iit.-on the Norlh Kork of Kettle river, iu thedh-
trfet of Yalui���
Commenolng ata post mark *d " Agnes Karnell'^
northwest come- post," aii'l lieltiji to ehalns
north {.out lho p.,-.i niarked "I. u. Nelson's
northvreit corner p at No '2: theuee south Si
chnins; Ihelnv east Hi chnins; ihenee north h.<
ehains;   th-nee  went 80 ebalns lo the plaee of
Paled ll.is i:*.lli day of Augusl, li'm,
AUNI.S Faknki.i.,
Chas. Kuruell, Agenl.
Take notiee thu I Intend to apply to the Honorable the Chief Commissioner of Uinds and
\V..rks for a Special license to eut ami earry
away timber from the ...Howing described lauds
situate nn the north fori ol Kettle River In the
Dlitrlot of Yale:   Commeuelng at a post marked
"j. MeHonald's nortbweit corner post >'o. i,"
planted 80 eha'ns north fr m the l��'st marked
"1. ti. Hblion'l northwest corner post No. 1;"
Ihenee so ehalns south; thenee 80 ehalns east;
thenee 80 ehalim north; thenei 80 ehains west lo
the plaoe of commencement, containing 010
aeres more or less
Dated thia Kith dav of August, PNtfi.
.1. McDonald
chas. Paeirat-U Agt-ot.
Tak* notice that 1 in end to applv to the Honorable the chief ��� ommlaaioner of Lands ami
Works for a special  license to cut and carry
away timber from the following desoribed landi
sttna^oon the north fork of Kettle Rlvor in the
Dlstricl of Yale: Commencing at a post marked
"D. C. Harbriek's southwest corner post," plant*
ed nt Agnei Kiirnell's northwest corner post."
thenoo SO Chatlll north*. Ibenee to ohalni east:
thonce80 chains iouth; tbeuce ko chains west to
place of oommenoomont. eoutalulug I'.iti acres,
inon* or less.
Dated this 18th day of August, iwo.
chas. KARNKi.t,, Agent.
I_*rgo and Comfortable Fed roomi and Ftrat-
rlaw DiuinK Room. Bample Rooms Ior Commer
��lal Meu-
MRS. E. C. CLARKE, Proprietress
The well known
Ottr Beer Garden is
the rint',-t in the
-  Proprietor
Nelson and
1 Single Fare
Prom Penticton. Calgary, Midway and
all Intermediate and Kootenay
On sole September 18, 19, 20.    Re
turn 24th.
Royal Hotel
Rates $1 and $1.50 a Hay.
Special Ratee to Regular Bcardetn.
Take notice tbat l intend to apply to the Hon**
orai'W* the chu-f Commissioner of inu<is nud
works for a ipeclal lichnie to oul and carry -.way
timber iron, tin- following describe lands iltuato on the Korth Porll of Ketlle river in llie
Dlitrloto! Yale: -
Commencing at a post marked "uoorgo
Voting's aotitneMl corner po*t," planted along
lidotUOpott marked " J. Mi-Donald's iiorlbwoet
oornor poll No. u"thonte woitSOohftinii thonoe
nortii no chatnsi thenee eaat Bo ehalna) thenoj
Koiiih .so eliains to the place ol iM'glnning, eon-
tainiiiK MO wres, mon'or ten.
Daied lliis |8th day of AUguat, 100C.
(iKo, Yol'Wl
ihan. Kaiinki.i,, Agent.
Take Notice Lhal I Inlond to apply to the .lon-
orable the Ohio! enm initio uer nf Land* nud
Wnrks for a Special lle-tifelo eut uml e��rry awav
timber from ihe folowtnu desert ed lands, situate on the No th Knrkof Keltic rlvor, tn lhe distriet of Yalsi
rorantenclng   I a post uiMrked ".I, MeDi.nnld'H
northoast corner poal No. afblanted no rhalmi
north from Ihe |��osi marked "I. Q. Nelson's
norlhwest eoruer i"*-sl No. 1;" thenee ("0 eliains
\w-Kf, Ihenee Si) chains soutli; Ihenee Ki ehains
east; theuee W) ehalns north to the plaee of rOm*
moucomcntiCoulainlug ivtuaeiea, moreor less.
Dated ihi*. l;hh dny of August, mm;
.1   Mi I'i.naih
OhaIi I'aknku, Agent,
Wholesale snd Retail Dealers In
Fresh and Salted Meats
Oiunpe anppliod on Bliorieat notice nuil
lowest price. Nothing but fronh niul
wliolcsimni nii';iis nnd supplt'H kopt in btock
Mnil orders receive careful attention.
E. C. TRAVES.  Ma-tag.***.
W.   O.   Q1LLETT
Contractor antl
Bole Bgont for the Pf-ttO itlOO Dumber Do . Ltd.,
retail yards. Hough nud dro'seit lumber, tin nod
work nud braekets, Coasl 'ath and ahiiiKles, -nsh
nud ihiors. I'emenl, brlek and lime for snle
Autnmiitte grinder.
Yard and factory: Vernon St.. east of Mall,
p o. Box iti. Telephono its.
West Transfer Co.
Gonnvtil Tenffl-tot- ninl D-alors in
Onitl iiini Wsm.,   Bxpyd-tl anil
1'tsKlttta.Ms Tmii8i'-r
Office: Baker St.
Teleidione :u
P.O. Ilox lit!
or Vanconver
On sale September 28th October 3rd
Inclmlve.   Return Oct llth.
Fair full particulars and berth reservations apply to local agents or write
K. ,T. OOYLE, .1. S. OARTKB,
A.lJ.I'. ��� ..Vnni'iinvcr. n. PA.. Ns-I.oii
A-McDonald &Co.
Dealers iu stnplo ami fancy Grocerieii.
Butter, Errs.
Oamp aud Miner..' Supplies.
Thorpe's Lithia
Thorpe & Co'y,
Fait       1
Round Trip
From all Points North
and West of Marcos
Selling dates Sept. 18-19-
20. Limit Sept. 24.
Clly Passenger Agent.
A II. ]'. A., Ha'altle.
The Latest Modern Appliances
now in use at this
aooDS caixkh pod
Baker Street.     -
For Everything Oood
to Smoke. -
Imported and Domestic Cigars, Tobaccos.
Do Yon Know T-urn-n's Special HUlurc?   j
u I
Precious Stones. If you want to make a good investment put your s
money into a Diamond. Now is the time before the price gets higher. jj
Our selection of stones  is the  best.
���                                                 *
���vLnf *?
-~~y\'. (���*$*
_ p _,'_��-
|Book Ahead For!
% Preserving Pears:
���     Tin* right  kiwi are scarce.   Wo ���
4  have n nice lot of  local RaitJetts #
und Flemish Beauties to arrive _
Lowest market price* guaranteed
Bell Trading I
Gait Coal
Terms H[ .it (null
Telephone 'DM
Biker Htreet
MALT and
75 cts. per Gallon]
Wo Want Fresh Bgga.   Will give tin
Higboat Market Prioe.
| Joy. Cash Grocery!
Cor. Joaephlneiind Mill Hm.      Plione ia
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch,
Creosote, Oils for
Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch and
Bout Builders will find it tn their ml-
V&ntoge t<i use our Pitasli.
Nelson Coke & Gas Co.
"The Store of Sweets/
Fruits, Confectionery nnd
Ice Cream,
Bilker St.
" >���* '
l_la.r. Vamon -ind Ward .sti-_-tM,
MiLSON.   t��. C.
.1   TUKU HUMS, Prsijiiiwr.
.1. t'.. Palmer, A. H. Tuttle, A. R,
Power, Pre. i> H Kane, Miss M, Kane,
H, Q-Igerlch, A W. Goodenougb, A. .1
' ..-1.1; -:i "!, !���:. Ohi|s.;ian. C. F. falsi
.. II '���' ��� 0 Uiii:.ra_on, R. J. Mc
s ."���. i i'.s; ,-s. w. McLean. H.
'.....���:. falisssuii; T. U. McCallum, Dan
ville: K. E. Pbalr, Medicine Hat; W.
A. Bayward, Duncans; B. Kenyean,
Prank; L. B. Vandear and wife, ('ran-
hrook; H. Bush, K. F. McLeod, C. K
Legg, Spokane; K. W. Rawson, Van
codver; W. .1. Devltt, Trail; T. II.
Long, Rossland; Miss M. Smith. Montreal: Miss Chanute, Miss Boyd, Chi
cago; \v. E Hodder, Kuslo; A. ,1
lli.si,|, i. Porl Arthur; C, VV. Bourke,
Thirteen Mile Point; \v. Barber, E
LM wu nis. Revelatoks.
(1. Robs und wife. \v. .1 Bpront, J.
Ssul and wile. .1. White and wife, C.
Rutter and wife. A. I'. Waller. T. H.
Jones and wife, F. Simpson and w-|fe,
L. A. Campbell, Rossland; T Parker,
Chicago; ('. Hanson, Idaho; Mrs. W.
A. Finite. Qreenwood; Mrs. M. B. Owens, Seattle; .1. W. Jiinkln, C. Demp
Bter, Rossland; 0. ll. K. Hudson,
Okanagau; Gol. Jones. J. w. G. Orery,
Toronto; Capt Lindsay. Halifax; C.
W. Archibald, Truro: I-:. Vim Hlnkle,
New- York, und 25 members Engineers'
Mr. and Mrs. Slovens, Mrs. J. Craig,
.Mrs. W. Ham, Slocan; T. Fuller, D,
Thomas, Rossland; Miss .Nicholson,
Hamilton; A. Slater, j. a Mollen, D.
Mi'lnnls, Cranbrook; Mr. nnd Mrs.
-Linear, Ymir; Miss M. Quayle, Isle of
Man; l>. II. Dickson, Coleman; T. J
Oraham,  Kamloops;   Mrs. u.  n.  Ball,
Mrs A. Ilenill'd. Sullllo: K. MeKenzie,
Qreenwood; Mrs. It. Robinson, Miss
Mlddleton, Woodville; 10. A Itssssi, w,
Altken, Revelstoke; .1. II. Honsberger,
Qrand Finks; T. A. Blackman, Trail.
.1. White, w. Walton, li. Callon, W.
lliilinnii. Slocan;    I-'.    Stewart,    l r
Park;   W. Mlchaelaon, Qreenwood.
.1. Brown, F. Walsh, Vmlr:   L   Finn
cis. Creston;  F.  L. Naysmltb, Slocan
K. Knowlton, Granite; R. Sheridan,
It. A. Duncan, F. J. Dumas, H. icefield,
J. Mayne, Alnsworth; .1. T. Fraser,
Bonnington; C Peterson. New Denver:
A. McMulIan, L. Head. T. Hall, A. Provost, Slocan; J. C. Dewar, Ymir; 11.
Fraser, Qerrard; W. Miller. Rossland;
.1 Freeman, T. Mntuso. Erie.
M. s, Dougan, u. M. Johnston, Hon
nlngton; F. It. Dodge, Revelstoke; J
K. Livingston, Eholt
A. drum. Alnsworth; 'I' J. Oliver,
Winnipeg; ll. E. Curie, PIncher Creek;
G, White, Jr.. Trail: T. Oliver, C. A.
McClung, Phoenix; D. S. Duals', Ss'ven
Mile  Point.
ii. (I Hamilton, Bpokane; M. Me
Auliffe, Cranbrook: o. It. Koenlg, Eureka; s. l. Williams, Lardo; J Kelly,
Slocan; E. Mobbs, Qerrard] W. Carr,
China Creek; Q. White, Deer Pnrk: A.
Barclay,  B Ington;   E.  M.  Stanley,
Troy; D. Cunningham, Aberdeen,
T. Lemlsslsni. Ymir; E. Hughes, Ross
September 19-20-21
Wurd & (Irenell present
Wednesday-- -"Holligan's Troubles."
Th_rs-_y---"Johnnie on the Spot."
Frirlay---"AlphoDse and Gaits n,"
Prices BOo, 75, (1.00. Seats on wile ut
Ruiherford's Monday uioruiug.
Horn.  Ihis  morning,  to the  wife  of
Fnink Phillips, (lore street, u son.
"Alphonse and Gas ton," u tarce-oonr-
edy, win he presented nt Sherman's
opera house tonight
Lead declined one point on the London market today. Silver advanced
one point. Copper and zinc ure un
Tpday ls the anniversary of the hal
tie of ihe Alma, The Nelson Llborul
association meets tonight lo choose in
next lamb for sacrifice.
Thi mirrglgi nf Ooorgi lugllii ��f
Greenwoods and Miss Miiiitiiri'i Mue
l.eiin, of lloslon, wns soleiuiiized In
Nelson loll blghi hy Rev. J. T. Feigns.mi
There wns 11 huge attendance ni itn'
firsi ni.hi performancd nf the Hooligan company, und "Hooligan's Troubles" |siitsiils',i amusement thai s.-.-m-
ed acceptable.
All members of boards o| school
trustees, city or rural, who nre in the
city, un' inviis'sl tn nis'i't tin' Nelson
trustees in conference tomorrow after-
ti.HJii ut 2 o'clock in tin- principal's
room of the public school.
Large  Party Arrives in  Nelson���Visits
to  Ranches  and  Fair.
The party of *.-i - il engineers und
their wives arrived by lhe const train
lasi night. Many of Ihem me quartered ui ihe Strathcona, some al the
Hume and the rest on the steamer Kokanee ul  the C.  1*.  R.  wharf.
This morning all those who wished
were tuken out in launches to visit
fruit ranches on both sides of the
This afternoon they will visit the
exhibition building and view the displays of minerals, especially as their
itinerary sloes nisi provide for au extended Inspection of many mines.
Al :: o'clock they will leave by special train for Bonnington Falls,where
they win he entertained by L. A.
Campbell ansl shown over both plants
of th,- Wesi Kootenay Power & Light
company. This evening they will go
on io Rossland.
They will return to Nelson on Sunday und leave fnr Moyle early Monday
Another   Rich  Strike.
A new und important strike is reported from the Sheep Creek valley.
Messrs. Kennedy and Claffey, who are
winking several claims adjoining the
Kootenay Belle, on the east, have
struck whai is evidently a continuation of the lead of the Kootenay Belle
The ore is of the same character as
tin- Kootenay Belle's, high grade, freo
milling gold.
Tramway   Returns.
The tramway returns for the week
ending September ill were the small-
est for several months, due probably
to the stopping of lhe Sunday afternoon and Thursday evening uttrac-
timis at Ihe park, and to unfavorable
The week's receipts were (142.70,
agalnsl jhh.su for the corresponding
week of 1906. The returns for lhe
year to date are f4026.10, against
$1-0.'! lo lhe same dnle of lusl year.
Price ot (vietals.
Now  York. Sepl. 20.���Sliver, 88140;
copper,   If1..':   lead.  $r>.7r,
ic copper stock, llie to Id
London,  Sept  20.���Silver, ::i
lead,   LIS Ss Ud: zinc,   __7 l:',s
Trains a
nd Boats.
3W   1
hour late.
and  Rsssslnnd
The Store of Quality
Don't Forget
Ftxsit Jar
The Daily Canadian
The prices are just the same as for
the ordinary  kind
Pints per dozen $ J .00
Quarts per dozen 1.25
Half gal. per dozen  (.50
Hood & Teetzel
K. W. C. Block . Phone 10
to om* out-of-town customers, Come
ami sec us and make our store
your headquarters during the fair.
Red lemonade for tin1 ladles and
youngsters and good cigars for
the old man.
Cm A* Benedict
Corner Slllcn nml .lusephine SU.
PHorNH t.
"The   Storm   Centre   of   the   Worlds |
Religious and   Literary  Debate."
Hi  Santo)
fy Matt $1.35.
Yon cannot spend a half hour more
pleasantly than in lookhu; over our
assortment of
In Post Cards we carry one of the
finest assortments in itritish Columbia, Including View Cards. Comics and
Novelties, and we are receiving new
things almost dally.
IN SOUVENIRS, too, nur assortment ineludes a beautiful selection of
dainty and useful articles in Shell.
China, Leather and Enamelled Bronse
and Sterling Silver.
W. G. Thomson
Rhone ..-*.
Received daily fmin the
Coldspriiitr ranch ou
Kootenay lake.
201b. crates $1.25
Telephone HU.
Interest on  Bonds.
San Francisco, Sept. 20.���Interest
upon United States bonds is taxable.
whether these bonds are owned by an
individual or corporation, or whether
the interesi is held in the form of a
draft, cheque or money. This derision
lias just heen reached by the I'nited
siat^s supreme commissioner in thi'
ease of the Hibernian Savings and
i.nan -society against the city and
county of San Francisco, for the recovery of the taxes paid under protest
on tin- interest or $13,000,000 Worth nl
General Funston Confers.
Wa8hlngtn, I), c. Sept. 30.���General
Kunston ha�� arrived here from Amer-
ean Lake, Wash., and has been In consultation with General Hell, chief of
staff, and other officers, preparatory
to depart tonight for Havana to join
Be-sretary Tali's party.
"Thfl Saint Is a finely-Htlrrtiitf, great*
Iy-moving ronmnce, nnd It Is the Inter-
pivtati'on nlso of a new crusade. It
is a vivid anil varied story of Italian
life and <��f that intimate and far-reaching influence which Rome, as the capital and cent re of the Catholic church,
exerts throughout Christendom over
ail   mankind.
"The romance of the Ht range and
strenuous love between Benedetto and
Jeanne makes The Saint a hook to he
n ad   twice."'
Canada Drug & Book Go's
....Cash Stores....
Get  F0R Sept
Busy    First
Select Vonr Requirements early for (.rouse
See Our Window
Nelson Hardware Co.
SpairtsiiR'ii'as Headquarter-,
PHONE 16.       NKLSON   B. C.
I'mWT mnl   by virtue nt tin- power o( ��ak* <-on-
uiiit-il in i certain laden tun oi MortgHgc, wht*. h
will be produced al tlu* tunc uf hale, there will l.e
loldon Friday, October full, WW, m _2o,clock
noon, hy Chea. a Waterman .t Co.. aui*tion.*ei**.
��t Btratncona Hotel, iu the city ot NeUon, m tbe
Province nf HrltUli Columbia, tbe following
IhihU mi'l premlee*! namely.
Lois ., k), -n, -2i. ami rt, in Blork 2, Addition
���A,' in tio- tJabdirit-on of DUtrlot hot U0, Group
l, West i>n leton <��( tbe KouHMtHy Dliurlct, according to a map or plan of the haul HulxliviHloij .1.-
posited In tin- Land Kt-gUirv Olllre mil iiuml��r
ud MB,
lam i liTacant. on Lot* 30 S8 there ti aald to
be h iwo-etorjp Krame Dwelling.- al��o h Frame
|. im- and oondltioni of Kale wilt \��- made
known ��t tin- time "i lale.
Foi iiiriiii-r particulari apply to
Vendor*! Bollclton, lUHttngs Bt.,
Vanconveti B. C
Dated thin Utfa day ol Beptember, I90A.
Looted the Maile.
Havana, Sept 20.-���When the coasl
sleamer Itika arrived at ilahia, llninla,
J eaterday, she was boarded hy arine.l
rebels, who demanded tin- mails. They
took all the official correspondence
and registered letters, then searched
tie* vessel and passenKert., taking sue
arms as thoy found. The government
tu.,' Agreement with a detachment or
militia from Havana has not been per
mitte.I ^t) land at  Hah In.
Wh'ti a fool is In love he acts nalur
60 MKN, hi oriee, for work In the wood). Apply
lo W, K. ('iK)ke. aawmltt. Kaslo.
LAKY STLNOliKAI'IIKK for poNillon In eouniry.
Good hum.* wiih employer's family. Apply
i.i.x w., r-.nH.Ufli. oiii.-e
BISJIMKN. Mill Hands and Logging Con trac torn,
him> Boglneer Wrmshnrg Lumber t.o., near
L'runhrook, H <:.
Visitors to the Fait****
Are invited to make appointments to meet
their Friends at MASON &, RISCH
Mason & Risch Piano Co'y, Limited
���:i.,,:x;,i _,       NELSON, B.C.
"X ���5,/*L.B-��',�����,, ..rr.-rti.K l..r -ssli- is uvull mil,- itssissis. s mflunut���i s,- a
 "Irtlngol lo.oro. .,( sis, -1 i,���it i������,i ������ k,,,.i.t.iV -k.l-w��t.r.|J-iin,   ^ ,'""'
mnl il.s.-s, not risillnll, mi Hi.-ls ���f l������l s.,,,1    DM frull 1 ,-,.; ,,",sa isUrY!,.    K     ,... li   ''
-eanold; op; hill aero ssl ilrawborrj planui larjo otianotr ��r _n_il f ruttet
K.,,,0 ,lw.-ll lag, lm. rs-iiissli-ri-.l wssli-r right ol Is. Innhe. ,i,,.l f������,l ��� ������- i ,   '
iiii.roiigii 1-i.iw ol irriK��ii���ii ii rjaoauaans   Iroptoved ranohoi on
III Ml   Utlll.lt I'r tl-..   1 '   s'.'fl 'l',,r... a.   tM. I llll   ..-..I.      I.I      ... .. "
Uim-h sl'li-M.    I'rleeJj.Vfl.   TerniB |600*00 tush, hula n.i
IS nml 18 months with i per rent Interest.
Watches! Wat
We aro Headquarten ior ihn n
Anii-i'lcai, WiiH'l,��� munur,,,:,,, ".<!"'
ur.s makliiK BVsrj ,._,>�� ,��� ,���1 l<
rsaqnlrnwntl of  railroad men '
Ahlll.tl. TRAMWAY.
Repairing and Jobbing a Specialty
Hhsetmet-J Work, Caatinns, Bt-Qdan' M-ttaria! nml IQatog and Mill Mai:liiue
Offloe anil Worku Koot of Park 8t.
���Mono   -414.
INttlH.il,, i,^
&Co., ps&te
Ma.   \JM*f       Limited, Winnipeg,
W'liolw-Hfiiu   I 'rnviHions,
I 'roducc,
Dominion Gtovermnent Onamerr OnA-Potuid Brioki noetaad weaker bo|
from tbe nbnni.   Pot wtl��' by nil Iwllng gnoors.
Ollii-i* mnl wurehouw: HmiMon HNx'k,    Phono 71*.
Josephine Street. Nelson* B. C
Don't Forget
la your furnace In ahape to atart the winter with?   If not, NOf]
ia the time to have It repaired.
]* H. Ashdown Hardware Co., Li
PLEASE NOTE���Wo will not be ruKpouslble for an)' furnace nut In dip
by October lat, I90C.
R.   W.   HINTON
M-p.>lrl>._: ..nd .l.iHHI.iir exvasulwl wlttl I Lupiil a.M.   IHhe-t Matal I
Work, Atlnlisa .....I  .Mill  Mt.a-laii.ura .      Miiisailsivliii-crsasil
Or* Dara, kt. u. Oontralotorai* eras.
 I!*",n'1    INELSOIN,    B.  C. Wffiftl
We Will Sell
500 International Coal
10 Marconi, Canadian
WOO  Yale-Kootenay Ice
$2JS i
McDermid & McHardy
�� Just Arrived!
A large consiRn*
nieut of
All Si/.i-ss nml   LoWMt I'rii'i'S
L^i?j��5��S--Ss2Sfi-_t.-^* '.'J'^ '''* H''^^^v^^y''!^^-[^s_yc:d^^';v^
KK?S Lumber, Shingles,
L,ath, Mouldings, Doors, Window*
Turned Work and Urncketa.           Mail Onlcru prompUj atten'J'J0**
  VHHINON 8THHIJT   -   -   -   INIJI-SOIV. B. V-	
Onr Btoisk of HA1NI)   SA>\'_rt w  very
Inolndtng gradei to unit all requlraniont-. _,
If you wish n low prieeil nhw wo en" l"PPw -r"
iiIho carry the IwHt qiiitlitins inailo by
Wood-Vailance Hardware Co'y, \%
��� -..���mtt..


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