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The Nelson Canadian Jun 11, 1906

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Array _3Mje  illelson Ccmatoan
ii.i.mi-: I.   No. 7.
Delta Member's Shrewd
|Oiiginal Owners Ousted by a Talc
of   Woe   Told   at
1 ii. Westminster Columbian publish, 's the following story setting forth
ii,. [acts in q singular land tmniaoUon
i,, In red In   Mr. John Oliver, 11 l\ I*..
iii.  doiiglii)  chaniplon of gorenunenJ
[.���specially in tlie matter of .ami
Itransaetiona,    Mr. Oliver was the lotnl-
esi shotiter ai  tbe Innt session of the
Iprovlnclal   legislature    on   ihe    Kultn
[is.&ml 0, T,  IV ileal,    ll will    lie    oh
nerved   that   ihose    who    about   most
I luiiilly are usuall) judging other people
ilir measure of their own   astute-
| in ss:
Thai Mr. John Oliver should receive
I:.-nir reward from Ottawa for his as-
biduoufl labors as the scavenger of his
rtj was io be expected, and the im-
luru <it his recompense, or the first in-
talment, appears from the publlca'Ion
��� ii ,iu order-ln-councll in the   Canada
iiiuxutU', the official publication of the
. inurnment at Ottawa. To a man more
sensitive than Mr. Oliver the shape
iiia reward takes would be somewhat
i in ha missing, hut  while he enjoys the
j i roiita 11"in tbe transaction, no doubt
Uentli man  will   be   reconciled    to
I I.earing  the attendant  leproach,
ii  seems  that  certain   land   In  Co-
[qultlam  was sold  many years ago for
dollars per acre-*-not an extruva-
I Kant prlre lor the land in that neigh-
lot-hood 'ihe purehasers, however,
;. pjiear io have been unable to com-
idete their payment, and from them
their Interest was bought by Mr. 011-
er, no doubt with thrifty regard to
'in- Bum still due to the Dominion gov
eminent, as to be deducted from the
price payable to those from whom he
tn-uulrod the property. Then the course
clear for a 'touch,' lo prove the
Mulity of party gratitude, Who more
entitled to Tir.st favored treatment'
Mi.hi the doughty political warrior of
ii Delta? And Mr. O.lver having
' n able to liml a ease wherein certain
individuals under special circumstances
���me years ago secured a reduction in
ih. price of Coqultlatn lands from ij to
ii) [ii i aero, had no difficulty In
tv'irktng the oracle so that a rebate of
' i'J was made to him. Accordingly
1 receives this gift. Wlmt the late
own is of lhe property will think of
the transaction when they discover
tlial tho burden of the debt they supposed they owed to the government
uns no burden at all. hut was to be
wilted ofT in whole or in part upon ap-
I'Hcatlon, remalnb to be seen. The
original holders of the land arc the
men who oughl to receive the govern-
meat's bounty in this connection, rather than the thrifty politician who has
acquired from them because, It may
he, oi their financial distress.
"The beneficiary of this out of the
ordinary transaction Is the man who
lias been shouting corruption at the
provincial government because a com-
pnratively valueless trad of land fur
north has been sold to a railway com-
l��anj for a dollar an acre plus a fourth
of whatever the purchasers arc able to
leallzo from the sale of It for townslte
purposes. If a dollar an acre Is too
little to charge for Kalen Island, with
iim prospect of a substantial further
payment, then ft Is rank robbery Tor
dr. Oliver to accept CoquiCam lands
in $2.50 an acre, let alone to go to Ot-
���awn with a tale of woo and have the
price reduced from $f> to $150 aB a spe-
c;ii case.
'"Thlri case Is in strange contrast to
'he refusal of the government to accede
i��> Hu- request of the settlers In the
railway bell to remit lo them the $1
per aero collected before this charge
abolished. To every plea the de-
P'H* tie. nl has turned a deaf ear, except
ti' election times, when the party con*
viiillons have participated in the bun-
' i  pasBlng resolutions assuring the
>;'i!>is thai this boom was to lie look-
''I for as pari of the reward for lhe
BUr.co^R of the i.aurler candidates.
Since tho election, however, the unit-
ii'irj Bottler finds no heed paid to hts
' ���'*'. :iu I his disappointment In this
connection will not be lessened when
1,1 RiuIh lhat the Bpeclal consideration
refused to him Is extended to Mr. John
Oliver, M, ]>, p. Mr. Ollvor does not
need ihe money, while many of the
whose claims have stood do
u: i ntly  require tho funds/'
Fifty Cents a Month
terday. spent Beveral days aboard tao
steam yacht Erin with Sir Thomas
Upton while the Irish baronet was
cruising in the Mediterranean. Mr.
Smith said that Sir Thomas would vis-
It the United States during ihe coming summer, bul of his yachting plans,
either with respeoi to the possibility
of Shamrock III starting In the king's
cup race off Newport, or with regard
to a challenge for the America's cup,
Mr. Smith could say nothing.
I lift
Upton  Won't Talk.
Npw York, June ll.-R. a. C. Smith,
' '" arrived here from Liverpool yea-
C  P.   R.     Will     Build    Branch     Line
Through the  Yellowhead Pass.
(Special to The Daily Canadian.)
Victoria, .June Ll.���Lord Aylmer, Inspector-general of Canadian militia. Is
In the cKy on his annual visit to the
province. lie will Inspect Ihe fifth
regiment and the other forces at Work
Point tomorrow.
It is reported here on what seems to
be good authority that the Canadian
Pacific railway has acquired large
property Interests at Qsqulmait There
is consequent Joy among the Victorians, as it is announced thai the c. P.
II. will build another branch line
through Lhe Yellowheml  pass    In    the
Rocky mountains,    it is beUeved that
it win reach the tidewaters at Butte
Inlet. It  will then  cross the inlet  by
bridge over SeymoUr narrows,  thence
on to the west   coast   of Vancouver
island, with a brunch line to Victoria.
Recommends    Employing    Native,    to
Assist   In   Preserving   Va.t
Timber Resource..
Mr. J. K. Anderson, deputy minister
"f agriculture for the province of British Columbia, has again furnished tho
Canadian Forestry Association with a
detailed report nn the tires that occurred In British Columbia last season,
with a partial estimate of tlie value of
the forests destroyed. Though the
season was very dry In some parts of
the province, the destruction of forests
by fire was, on the whole, nol great,
when the great extent of Ihe province
is taken Into conslderallon. Railway
locomotives nre a constant menace to
Ihe forests through which they pass,
and as there la apparently some illill
cully In punishing the offenders under
lhe act now In force, II Is hoped that
It will lie so amended thai railway companies may be compelled to take belter precautions, and be made liablo for
tin.' full amount of the loss caused by
the negligence of their servants.
The comparatively small number of
llres last season was due in part to n
better observance of the bush tire no-
I ices posted everywhere. Theae notices nave made every one familiar
with the laws relative to foresi llres.
and prospectors anil miners, as well as
lanchers and settlers, are acquiring
the hnblt of pulling out their ramp
fires, Instead of leaving them to smoulder. More care is also taken by those
clearing up land to prevent fire from
spreading lo the adjoining foresi. The
preventive measures taken by fire wardens and their promptness In dealing
with fires hnve done much to restrict
the loss from this cause.
The exceptional heat, and dryness of
the Hummer was generally thought to
he the cause of the unusual number of
forest fires In the Kootenay district,
where Ihey caused more damage than
for several years past. As the greater
portion of the district is unsettled, It
Is Inqiossiblo to arrive al any accurate
estimate of the loss of limber, though
ii must be considerable. Fires caused
the deal met ion of government roads
and bridges In this dlslricl to the ex-
lent of 19,000, The efforts of the lire
wnrden doubtless reduced the threatened lire losses. A system of super-
vlBion Is recommended by tho ngenl
which will permit of officers getting
early to lhe lire, nnd 11 Is suggested
lhat provincial iiolice officers be authorized to make expenditures up to
$25, without walling for special authority.
All the government agents wore asked to atate tho causes of llres, so far
as known, and to suggest remedies.
Their replies nre naturally somewhat
similar, and only a few of them havo
been quoted. The hgenl ul Nicola
mukos ii suggestion that seems well
worth, acting upon. It Is that 0 special
effort should be made lo Interest 1ho
Indians In foresi preservation, A clr-
euiur addressed to nil the chiefs could
not fall to cause the matter to be discussed In their councils, and If In tho
different sections one reliable Indian,
at least, wore appointed, witli Instructions to ncl promptly when a lire started, and even given some authority to
lake preventive uctlon, much loss
nilghl be avoided. Ignorance and carelessness on the part of the Indians
doubtless cunse many llres, but It
should not be very difficult to tench
them to he more careful.
Material Reconstruction
of Egypt
Condemns Use of American Flag
for Advertizing and Decorative  Purposes.
New York, Juno 11,���The Times today says:
"Afioi ii prolonged vlsli to England,
the continent and Egypt, Bishop Potter arrived here on Hie White Star liner Celtic yesterday, lie appeared lo
be in excellent health, and talked freely of his trip abroad to the reporters
who met hlni down lhe bay and al the
pier. The bishop explained whal he
really meant when he told the Pilgrims in London that the American
Bogle In Cairo 'hud Ills toll between
his legs; He nlso said he feared there
was nol any too much affection between Ihe United Slates and Hngland.
'You depend on II, there is no love lost
between the Iwo countries,' said the
bishop. 'There Is, I fear, a good deal
or gush about It. The Br.'tb) i idea of
Ihe I'nlted States Is very vague. Th��y
have certain impressions that ar.' unjust, nnd-when I arrived over there on
my way out I told them so. The more
acute and serious do no- think we are
a lot of grafters, but thai we are very
easily templed by gain. It Is the gen-
oral irowd lhal thinks of us otherwise.'
"Then the bishop exp ainod 'the
eagle with his tail between his legs'
remark. 'I think the Idea ih.it was In
my mind on lhat occasion.' lie said,
'wan a condition In Cairo lhal Irritated
other Americans atari, namely, the
question of advertising, and other
things of lhe same order, with Ihe use
of the American flag. It was tins, 'he
use of our flag for advertising purposes, in contraal to ihe splendid
achievements of the British government in Egypt that I mean '
"Then speaking of his trip. Ihe bishop said: 'I spent my winter In Egypt,
nnil was greatly Impressed with lhe
splendid achievements of the Brills.':
administration of affairs there, li had
been Ihlrty years since I was in Egypt,
and the change made In lhal time is
Indeed wonderful. No more brilliant
Jewel shines In Ihe crown of Great
Britain than her achievements in
Egypt. On one occasion I was talking
wiih Lord Cromer, and In lhe emus"
of our talk ll was mentioned how seldom the Oriental changes.In mind In
spile of material changes. To this observation Lord Cromer made Ihis profound and aslule reply: "Yon can
change the face of land by canals and
railroads, and you can Improve Ihe
conditions of people by Introducing a
better governmeol: bul you cannot
change the mind of nn Oriental in a
quarter of a century. Us will still
think Orientally. Till" Is tuc fact
which we have lo contend wiih in all
our dealings with hln..	
Only Borrowed to Pay Debts, but Forgot to Consult  Owners.
Borrowing of money or collateral lo
pay debts, without Ihe sanction of Ihe
owner of such money or collateral. Is
held hy the oourls not lo differ In any
respect   from   vulgar  theft.
Ling, a Chinese janitor, who taki s
tare of several offices in the city, played Canton In his leisure hours and lost.
His 1. O. I'.'s were valued security for
only a short time, and his standing in
the Chinese community dep: n led upon
prompt  liquidation.
Ling's only resource wus to borrow
from his various employers, and he
did���stamps, keys, knives, anything
Of course he intended to redeem them
and make restitution. But h's plans
miscarried, ills in luck continued;,
nnd Ihis morning he .had to explain In
Ihe polled court.
J. O'Shea appeared for the prisoner,
and admitted the Inking of stumps. He
asked thai Ling be allowed to tell his
story through the Qhlnes9 doctor, who
was present lo Interpret. The story
wns told, and Mr. O'Shea argued that
the act waa so simple It plainly showed an absence of gullly Intention. But
the magistrate COUldn'l see It that way,
and Ling will spout! three months in
George Garner, alias Pn'lor .lack, ap-
peared. thoroughly sober, to answer to
the charge of being drunk an I disorderly Insl Friday morning, lie pleaded
that he was 72 years old  "come next
October;" that; he has an honoiablo
discharge front.the British navy, where
he had a recuid for good conduct; that
he had been 9 total abstainer for six
weeks; that some one gave him bad
whiskey becainje he was known to be
lull of fun when he was on; tha( If
the present o;Tenee wero overlooked,
lie would nevor touch a drop again as
long as he lived
Prima facie It was n go:ul plea, but
it bus grown feeble in .lack's ease from
long and rough'usnge. He was remanded for sentence till !i p. m. lodiiy.
Tho only other case was lhat of a
male frequenter of disorderly houses,
who paid a line of f 16.
warn of pastor
First  Day's  Sermons  Introductory and
Expressive of Hope for Mutual
Help and Harmony.
Rev. It. Newton Powell, newly chosen pastor of lhe Methodist church In
Nelson, addressed his congregation
yesterday for the first lime. Both
morning und evening sermons were in
the nature of Introductory greetings,
especially the morning address, a synopsis of which by lis author follows:
Text; Revelation, 4-1: "After that
I looked, and behold, a door opened in
The first five chapters of this book
constitute the introduction to what is
lo  follow.
This iu r Iductlon naturally divides
itself into throe parts, ouch Jiarb a
separate Wslon
The text relates lo lhe third vision,
���he vision or the open dcor. Through
Hiis door opened in heaven John is
shown "ihiugs which must be hereafter." The vision therefore becomes a
revelation of Ihe churches' future according to the purposes of God.
It cannot be Irreverent lo And in all
thin magnificent imagery our parable
for this first service.
We stami together in God's house
today us pastor and people We look
not about us at the work lhat waits to
be done, tbe hu��'nns we must together
share; i-ueh considerations WbuJd tend
to depress aud ..iscourage us. How
wisely are the details of our future
bidden from our eyes!
We look not within upon our heart's
condition; introspection is sometimes
wise, but always possible of harm.
Even Paul, the giant apostle, when he
allowed his thoughts to turn iu upon
himself, wrung his hands und cried:
"Ob, wretched man that I am, who
shall deliver me?"
Together, in 'these first hours of worship, we who have been Joined together look beyond aud above, fixing our
eyes upon lhe things revealed and that
Bhall be, as seen tbruiigh tills open
door of heaven.
We are not unused to this phrase���
an open door; we have often met It in
commercial life, in the history of treaties between foreign nations. It has
become familiar in missionary literature, and even in God's word we find
it here and there. It is Ihe door of
God-given opportunity.
One writer has said, "Every crisis of
our history is in God's good purpose a
door opened in heaven." The vital
question for us this morning is, "is-uiis
arrangement that brings us into such
close and sacred relation a door opened In heaven?" I 'trust we may all of
us be able to so view the matter and
draw whatever of hope and courage
and purpose from such a view.
For myself. I have not sought this
association. 1 am here today because
I believe it is God's way and purpose
for me. I have broken association
wiih n church where I have spent three
of the happiest years of my life, and
where I looked forward to spending
another such year. I do not repent
ihis; I am glad lo come. I only long
and pray that we may at once be united on this question, and realize as we
siand together thai we so stand by Ihe
appointment of God, nnd through this
door llius opened see such ihlngs na
.loiin saw.
John saw ami 1 the. glories and dazzling radiance of heaven many things
--many mysteries beyond our comprehension, bul s. me that are eloquent
with meaning.
1. He saw "A throne was Bit in
heaven, and One sat on the throne. He
snw God In the future���'She risen, victorious, glorified Son of God. ' Thjls
assurance of God's manifest presenile
In the future has always hen heaven's
full answer lo earth's direst need. To
Moses. Elijah, Isaiah, and all through
God's wind, this assurance has always
boon the sufficient answer to man's cry
for relief.
2. John saw "There was a rainbow
round about (ho throne." The rainbow
of promise, the bow of hope. There
mny be storms of weeping, lint tho glo-
i.v of God's presence shall ever produce
the rainbow of hop;-.
;i. John saw "Four and twenty elders
silting, clothed In while raiment; nnd
Ihey ha I on I heir hends crowns of
gold." These nre they who have e-n
quered, and aro victorious in the presence of God.
There is victory In tho future.
Of New Zealand Dies
Very Suddenly
Had Just Completed a Visit to the
Principal  Cities  in
Sydney, N. S. W., June 11.���Richard
John Seddon, prime minister of New
Zealand, died from heart failure this
evening aboard the steamer Omstrey
Grange, on which he had embarked
this morning to return to New Zealand, The Omstrey Orange put back
into Sydney. Premier Seddon was 111
years old. His death was totally unexpected. He had been in Australia
Blnce the 1st of May. He came here to
consult Alfred Dekln, the prime minister of Australia, on Important questions, mainly those concerning the
New Hebrides. He visited the principal towns, making speeches and receiving deputations on various matters
interesting to Australia, such as colonial preference and alien immigration.
He made a speech at Sydney on Saturday, declaring It was a suicidal policy for tbe colonies to send trade to
foreign countries, thus enabling them
to strengthen their navies. "Trade,"
he said, "should go to the mother country to assist In strengthening the British navy." When Premier Seddon sailed this morning he appeared to be in
his accustomed health.
Premier Seddon wns one of the most
remarkable characters in modern political life, and the courage, moderation and persistence with which he
clung to bis adopted theories of reform
are remarkably commended in the
unique political and economic conditions In New Zealand today. He was
at different tlm^s premier, colonial
treasurer, minister of defence, minister of education and minister for immigration In New Zealand. Born In
Eccleston. Ijincashire, in 1845, he removed to Melbourne in ISM, and after
an unimiiortnnt but brief buslm ss en-
reer there, he removed to New Zealand, where he entered pnrliamnt in
1879. 11 had a thorough training as s
niechauiral engineer, and was also an
associates of the American Institute of
Mining Engineers. He was a life member of the Geographical Society of California. He pnlnsed through Cnnada
and attended the conference of colonial premiers In London In 1897. and
again in 1902. His speeches on both
these occasions were replete with facts
and figures of the greatest interest to
the other colonial premiers and people, and to the people of Ihe mother
country as well.
Good   Program    Rendered���Hour   Will
be Changed for Convenience.
The second Sunday afternoon band
concert of the season attracted a large
crowd to the lake park yesterday afternoon. While recent difficulties have
seriously handicapped the band, an excellent program was well rendered, the
concluding selection, the serenade from
"l.urline," by W. V. Wallace, he exceptionally pleasing.
The band went to the park on Ihe
2:20 cnr. and began the program Immediately on arrival. Consequently
the program was over shortly after
8:30, while people weie still arriving
on the cars. The late comers wero
naturally disappointed to hear only the
last strains of the serenade and the national anthem.
Bandmaster Irwin states today that
herenfter the concerts will be timed
to last, from about 3:30 to 5 o'clock.
The band Is practicing new music
steadily, and hopes to give creditable
concerts during the summer;
Steamship Arrivals.
Slaaconsett, Mnss , June 11.���The
steamer Potlsdam, from Rotterdam,
was in wireless communlcalion with
the station here when 55 miles cast of
Nantucket lightship at 3:30 today. She
will probably dock'at about 8 a. m.
To Breed Trout.
Victoria, Juno 10.���It Is reported hero
that the C. P. R. has mode an offer to
the   Dominion  government  fishery de
pnrtment to provide a spicial car, with
all the neressary appliances, for the
carriage of trout frv, and. to carry It
and the men required to distribute the
fish free of charge All that Is needed,
therefore, to make the restocking of
the streams along the line of the Canadian Pacific railway possible la a supply of fry. ThiB. it Is stated, the government is likely lo provide next season, the present spring being too far
advanced to allow of the ���ocuriiig of
Serious Disaffection Among Repatriated
Odessa, June 11.���Since the commencement of the repatriation of the
troops who took part in the war with
Japan. 152,000 men. Including the Russian prisoners from Japan, have landed
here and have been distributed throughout the Interior of the country. Tho
most stringent precautions are observed In order to prevent the slightest Intercourse between the returning
troops and the townspeople in consequence of fears of mutinous demonstrations, as it was undeniable that
Ihe troops coming here were largely
disaffected. The spirit of disaffection
was even more noticeable among the
officers than among the men. The former frankly expressed the opinion that
If parliament can hold Its own until
the spring it will be able to count on
the army to support Its demands.
Several  St. John, N.  B��� Sawmills Are
Idle, and Likely to Remain so
, for Some Time.
St. John, N. B., June 11.���One thousand men are idle here as the result
of the strike which was declared In
the sawmills last evening. The deal
pliers asked for an advance of 30 cents
per day, which was refused, and in
consequence of this action seven mills
closed. There has been talk of this
for same, lime, and.onlx. three weeks
ago one mill was closed for several
days, but this strike is of much more
Men nre scarce, but the times are,
good, and thus both sides are in a good
position to fight. The outlook Is that
a majority of the mills In St. John will
remain closed for many weeks. Although It Is only the deal pliers who
are now asking for more money, ail
the rest of the men desire Increases,
and their wants will be made known
Arrived  in Quebec���A Thousand  More
Are on the Way.
Quebec, June 11.���Over 3,000 Immigrants from Europe arrived here Saturday morning, and more are on the
way by the Empress of Britain, the
Victorian, the Canada and Lake Michigan. Four thousand embarked on
the steamer Liverpool on Friday, and
these will reach Canada at the end
of the coming week. Besides these, a
contingent of nearly 3.000 Is expected
in Montreal on Monday from New
York, at which port they are expected
to land on Sunday. All second-class
and steerage accommodation on vessels plying the St. Lawrence for weeks
to come has been spoken for, with the
result tbat thousands of British and
contingent immigrants for the Canadian west have been obliged to book
their passages either by wire to New
York or Boston.
Problem Well Solved.
Li'illi, Scotland, has a solution of tho
unemployed problem. The municipality is aiding persons out of work to
emigrate to Canada. Over 400 persons
have lately been so aided. This settles
"what to do with the vvorkless" but is
assisting in depopulating Scotland aud
thus vexing another problem���the emigration question- fast becoming serious In parts of Scotland. So many
have lately left Glasgow for America
that hundreds of vacant houses are to
be found all over the city���a condition
never before equalled In Glasgow.
Ves, Earlier Than is Expected.
The first number of The Nelson Dal
ly Canadian appeared on Monday. The
paper starts off with an evidently good
business bucking and a robust tiilth In
the future of tbe Kootenays. Politically The Dally Canadian is Conservative,
and, though now issued ns an evening
paper, It Is announced that the change
to a morning paper will be made a,t us
early a date us possible.���Grand Forks
Mrs. Francis Shanks. Victoria street,
gave birth to a son yesterday.
Hill vs Granby Decided
Against Plaintiffs
Holds That Deceased Was Guilty of
Serious Neglect���Second Failure of Damage Suit.
A very Important decision by Mr.
Justice Duff was received at the Nelson registrar's office today. It Is tile
finding in the case of Hill vs. Oranby,
a claim by the widow and children of
an employee of the Oranby company
for damages by the death of the husband ami father.
The deceased was In charge of an
ore train In a tunnel. He remained
standing, Instead of stooping, as the
car enlered Ihe tunnel. He was struck
on tlie head and killed.
Afler several postponements the case
was tried In Nelson on February 19,
1900, by Mr. Justice Duff and a special
Jury, S. S. Taylor, K. C, appearing for
the plaintiffs, and A. D. Whiteside, of
Greenwood, for the comvany.
As the evidence was finished, the
trial judge withdrew the case from the
Jury and non-suited the plaintiffs. Mr.
Taylor Immediately made application
under the Workmen's Compensation
Act, tbe action on common law
grounds having failed.
His lordship* again non-suits tbe
plaintiffs, holding that the deceased
contributed to his death by his own
acts, and that the company neglected
nothing that a prudent and careful employee  should have required.
The following are extracts from the
"Serious neglect means, 1 have no
doubt, something more than contributory negligence; otherwise the phrase
Is purposeless. Further, 'neglect'
points, 1 think, to the failure to do
some specific act which, in the circumstances, ordinary prudence requires
the injured person to do; or the doing
of some specific thing which, in the
circumstaLces, ordinary prudence requires the ordinary person to refrain
from doing, and its sense is perhaps In
that respect more restricted than the
meaning which should, In the like circumstances, be attributed to the word
���negligence.'       ,
"It is, of course, impossible to give
any precise description of the meaning
of the phrase, 'serious neglect' I cannot, however, agree with Mr. Taylor's
argument that It necessarily Imports
the quality of deliberation."
After illustrating from judgments of
Lord James of Hereford and others,
the judgment proceeds:
"It seems to me that any neglect Is
serious neglect within the meaning of
the act, which, in the view of reasonable persons in a position to judge,
exposes anybody, including the person
guilty of it, to serious Injury.
"In the present case the deceased
person was, In my opinion, clearly
guilty of neglect in remaining standing on the frame of the truck after
the train entered the shed projecting
from Ihe mouth of the tunnel."
Water Everywhere, but Not a Drep to
Frankfort, Ky., Juno 11.���The Fake-
stand distillery broke down yesterday,
and more than 14,000 gallons of whiskey was lost. The whiskey made Its
way to Benson creek, only a few feet
dlstnnt. Farmers living along the
bunks of the stream later noticed hundreds of fish either floating lastly on
the surface or else leaping playfully
ou the shore, altogether unafraid, of
the presence of the men. The farmers
caught them by the bushel, and it was
not till the news of the break at the
distillery became known that tbe mystery was solved. The fish had become
intoxicated. The loss to the distillery
will reach about $25.01)0.
Two Roman Catholic Bishops Deceased
Manchester, N. H.. June 11.���Right
Rev. John Delaney, Roman Catholic
bishop of Ihe diocese of Manchester,
died here today at the Sacred Heart
Seattle. Juno 10.���A special to the
Post-lntelllgencer from White Horse,
Alaska, says: The Right Rev. William llompuB. for 40 years bishop of
the diocese of Selkirk, died Saturday
night nt his home nt Caribou Crossing,
aged 78 years. The Dally Canadian, Jane ti, 1906
Tents, Blankets,
Overalls, Boots,
Mackinaw Clothing.
Everything for the camper, prospector, hunter and
Publtilled ilx days c week by thtt
Baiter Bt., Nelson, B. <\
hi tin- iin.
jmM in mi,
Advertising rates on application
iii^, bo cents ii month delivered
i.ixj ii year if soul by mall, when
JUfNB  ll,  1906.
���*Uy one word wo are lumetltuca judK;d io bo
wise and by one word lometiniui judged to he
Iouii.*ti. tet iin therefore he cafetul wbat we
Thero arrived In Loudon on Friday
ui ins: week thfrty-tbreo tralnloads of
over 33,000 Lancashire people as a
delegation to p rotes I ugutnsi tlie proposed educational biil now before the
British parliament. This is probably
the largest lobbying delegation recorded in history, and suggests an invading aiiny. Tlie question of reilglous
Instruction in the public schools has
been for Bome years n burning one in
(iicai Lni.iin, and its solution has involved tho hii- ql ai least two governments without apparent progress iu the
direction of harmony between the contending factions, The established
church in England has had for years
its parochial or board schools, ut which
leWgious instruction according to the
tenets of thai church was regularly
imparted. The non-conformist bodies,
dissatisfied with their status under
these conditions, Becured tho privilege
of building and equipping their own
nt n<mis itini conducting the education
of their children al their own expense,
the parochial schools still receiving
their main support from tlie public
treasury, Three years ago an amendment to the act was passed compelling
the non-conformists iu pay their share
of the taxes levied to support the parochial schools aud forcing them lo
maimain their denominational schools
it their own expense or abandon them,
I'll is gave rise io the passive resist-
ince movement which spread all over
England ami Waits, the dissenting religious bodies permitting their property to be sei/i'd and Bold al public auction, Home of them again ami again, lu
meet the taxes imposed by the law.
We saw the other day the name of
one man whose |novelty had been
seized and sold seventy-eight times for
refusal to pay lhe parochial or school
uix. Thi re can I"- no iloubi that the
passive resistance movement was uti
important factor in ihe reconstruction
of tho government at the lasi elections,
nnd lhe present government has proposed some amendments to the school
law, which probably account for the
delegation whlcb arrived In London lasi
Tlie chief resolution of their meeting
in Albert hall recorded "an emphatic
protest against the education bill on
the ground thai ii is destructive of all
forms of religious Instruction in the
elementary Bchools, and contains the
Btatemenl thai "the onlj Line safeguard of religious education * * ���
is n continuation of the denominational
schools." As the draft of ihe bill is
not before us, wo refrain from comment upon the substance of these resolutions; but tho action of the delegates shows that In England the members of the established church have
very stnng, and, doubtless, consolen*
tious, convictions on the question of
the Importance of the proper religious
training of the youth of the land. That
the     members     of     non-conforming
churches have equally strong convictions has been amply demonstrat d,
and thai these two factions���for we
can call them nothing else���do nol
agree, is a matter of serious history.
Nor are all the members of each faction a unit iu their disagreement, local
circumstances In many cases making
the difference, Thai they will ever
reach a common ground of settlement
under any pioposal to continue religious instruction in ihe schools is too
much to hope, and it would appear that
the complete secularisation of the public schools is the shortest way to the
solution of ihe difficulty. Whether II
i. the wisest way is not equally open
to demonstration, There are many
who stoutly maintain that the home
and the church are the place for rell-
gious teaching. Doubtless in a thoroughly Christian country that assertion
could be made good, but one of the
perils of our religious liberty as a pro-
testant people lies in the religious indifference of a large portion of the
population, How far ihe state is justified in assuming authority and enforcing religious teaching is a debatable
matter, and one on which tin re will
be serious difference of opinion for
many years to come. That the "Tight
Utile Isle" will have to settle the question for herself can no longer be disguised, and in doing so ji will be hoped
that she will iind u method that will
be a safe course for other nations to
Our esteemed morning contemporary on Saturday attempted In Its editorial lender to set the Colonial right oi\
the question of "better terms for British Columbia" in Its discussion of Premier -Mcllride's Visit to Ottawa to meet
the provincial premiers with the members of the federal government. This
is from the Colonist:
"If we are to assume that Premier
McBride will go to Ottawa to attend
the conference of provincial premiers
with members of ihe federal government, with the preconceived idea thai
the LaurieV government \.ill do nothing for this province, we fancy he will
make a very poor ambassador, and, iu
the best interests of the provinc ���, he
should absent himself from the meeting."
And Ihis is from the News: "The
Colonial is deliberately attempting to
mislead ihe public in ihis matter. To
lead Colonist articles on the 'belter
terms' question, one might be induced
io believe thai British Columbia wa*
receiving less consideration al ihe
hands of the Liberal government than
it did when lhe Conservatives were in
<-nice at Ottawa. Anyone al all c m-
versanl with the facts knows this to
he absolute'y fa'se. Apart from the
question Ot increased subsidies, the
public accounts prove conclusively that
Itritish Columbia has fared Infinitely
better under a Liberal administration
than It did when the Colonist's friends
were in control of federal finances."
Will the Dally News please tell us,
if it would have us believe ii sincere,
why, In the last Dominion bye-election
in Victoria, after the cabinet shuffle
had transplanted lhe Hon. William
Templeman from the senate to the
house of commons. Mr. Templeman
had only one plank In his platform of
appeal to his constituents? Only one,
and thai one "better terms for. B. C."
from the Ottawa government! II was
with this slogan that the Hon. Mr.
Templeman secured his election. What
dunderheads the Victoria people must
In the old days, before lhe Lnurier
government came into power, the
Globe used to print a standing query:
"Has lhe X. I'. male you rich?" The
conundrum is sun unanswered, but
.Mr. Clifford Siftou ami w. T it. Preston will tell you that there is no mon-
ej  in politics.���Province,
The Dailj Canadian, while glad at
all times to open iis columns to lhe
public 101 expression *>t their views on
current topics, does not assume responsibility for opinions so expressed.
The following    ' ommunlcation    has
been recelv* d:
Editor The Nelson Canadian:
Wo ha >e for some lime east be. n
rending with horror ihe disgusting revelations of the conditions existing In
the packing lloilsoB of Chicago, Kansas
City and i isewhi re iu the United
States conditions so vile nml revolting as to cause one lo �� ease for Ihe filmic the use of any ol these products.
Hew is it wiih ib.' Canadian packing
bouses in ihis respect? A few may
snj thai nothing charged agalusi the
i Hind Slab's packing houses is to he
fouti i iu Canada, bul in the ease of ihe
many, It will, I think, be found that
they will cease from Hie use of put Icing house products unless the public
is assured that all operations are conducted under ihe constani supervision
oi competent, careful ami Incorruptible
Inspectors, ami thai nothing will be
permitted to Issue from Hi" packing
houses without a cortlftca f Inspection, Without this all packing house
products   wbl  be   tabooed.
For Cranbrook, but It is Not Needed in
In these days or political strife between two greai political parties, we
must rem ember that, after all. we are
just brothers here on earth, iravelling
from the cradle to the grave. We live
side by side; our children attend the
same school, and afler ihe smoke of
the battle has cleared away, we will
still bis friends and neighbors. Let
the hitler filings go unsaid. Ai best,
life is short, and we gel out of it a full
measure of sorrow. Lei us iu our city
live ns one big, uo.d-naturel family.���
Cranbrook   Prospector,
As   Others   Sec   Us.
(Moyle Le.idt r.t
Tin' Dally Canadian, Nelson's new
paper, entered upon its journalists ca>
roer lasi Monday, and, judging from
iis robust appear.mr e, :i is on earth
to stay. IV M Carley Is lhe g neral
manager, and much of ih ��� editorial
work is done hy W. W. ltnor. In poll
tics the paper is Conservative, and in
The Canadian the intf r. sis of the parly
will   he   well   looked   afler.
(We like thai "much o*' ih ��� edit nint
work is done by." etc. Send along a
leader,  Brother Smith.)
It is an evening paper, and starts
out with a list of over loo subscribers
iu Cranbrook, which bespeaks a generous support from every town und
city in ihe KJcotenoys.���Cranbrook
Prospector   (Con.),
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Phoue 206.
Notice ���* hereby given thai"' dayi from date '
intend to apply tn tin- Bouojubl > tlie tlliipf Com-
mlulooerol UuUmoi d WorJta. for pennl ulna to
parchue the following dotcrfbed Ean-ii, situate
hi ilir iiiitutii of linn lii'.ni ert'ek on the Arrow
Lakei in the Weet Rootoney bfitrid About 80
Bfrrh of linn); eommenoiOB al a i"-' murio'ci
w H. p B.W,poit.tbence oo Hi i" 'lialui. thence eaal 30 chain*, thence foutli i" rim in-. Lbei	
trait 90 ohalni in point ol comoioneemeat.
lintel I hie Jlh day of June ���'���' '
William Habb\ Pi rsw
William j. Toyi  agent
Notice ii hereby given that flo day* i oni date I
Intend to apply to the Honoiabl ihe i lilel Com-
iiiiM-iniicr of I.hiiiIh toi'i Worki i"i permlulon to
purchase lOOacrei of lead hi Van douten creek
fo Ui ��� Arrow uJtaalntbo Weal Kootenay Die-
trtct. Btartlng from a postmark d \ I. n w.
post, tbeuce hi ohalni east, them ��� n MmIus
son li. thenco 40- chalai irut. thence t rhalni
nortu in i>nmt of commencement
Dated tali 4tb day of Juuu i "<���
Artiiod John I.om.
\vo i.mi .i Tuva, Agent.
Notice in ueroby a it n thai 00 dayi afloi date
we Intend lo aooiy to tho llunorabli ilio ciiiel
ConunlteloOHr ut Loi-lsioni Worki al Vlt'lorla,
11 ('. fur IH*rnilv-loi|   to   DUrclllUO   ll illiiVVjilft
dMcrtbed land*, altnato Iii Weal Kooiciiaj dlB-
trlot   Com in- Ddog ui ii poll plan led ai Nioinai
Jer e'l N B poet, and marked  Mm  I'-'-it
and a CboquoLte n ��v. (Joruor; thorn v w i halm
eaal Hutu.' so ohaloe ponth. thenoe ��o chalui
wesi, thenoe90cl iloinorth to thooommcncing
poit, con la I u Ing 40 aorei more or lea*.
Uali-.l May 9ft,
I'Kirn DkkI i i
A. CaOQI i M i
W. A.JuNBa, Ageni
I'hy given nun '�������� iiuvM afti r <iat<' I
lulend to apply to the Honorable ih- L'hlel Com
mlaalonerof Lands I Works fir perm is ion tn
purrhaee the following den ribod lands, -if ab i
oi thedlatrtotol Weit Kootenay,adjoining lot
700 on the Weal arm of Kootenay Lake.   i:om*
mennlng at an initial poit placed at the �� >���
weil corner of Loi 790; Uk-i  uorth W chalna,
thenoe west 10 chaini. thonoo louth W chains.
thence oast 10 chains to point ol conum no��*ini nt.
Dated Uay98,1900.
Nntlue i�� hereby given that sixty dayi afterdate
I intend to apply to the Honorable u>- Chief
Commbulnnerol Lands and Works. Victoria, u
pormlasion lo purchase tbe following described
[andi In Wesl Koolonay. t-ommenclOKnta |mmI
marked Bdgar W. i ynas south weal oomor near
toOamel creek nnd about 9 miles sonlh ol Moa-
ijiiitu i' ot'k nml About I miles weit of �� olutnbla
Klver: thenoe north B0 cbalm, thence cast io
chains, thence south .m1 chaini, thence west to
ohalni i" place of commencement, containing
820 aorei, befog tbe same more or less.
Dated June 4,1006.
Bdgab W, Dvhw.
V. pywis Agent.
Notfeo is hon by given thai oo days af'ei date I
Intt-ii.l t- upplv lo the Honorable lb.- Chfef
Commissioner of Lands and Works for permission to purchase the following described lands,
ciiuiiTi'd in ulocan Dlsfrlot. Commem ing at
north east ootn^r post of i^.t Bfl 0, thi nee i unn*
lae snntb 80 ehajnsi theood ca -i B0chains, thence
north to ohalni, tbeoeo wosl 30 chains loC. I'. H.
right-of-way, following same south wesl :o a
point lntM<eplIne n< -ih une of Lot WW, thence
cut t<> point of commencement, contalutna 180
aorei more or less
-May BOth liHHi.
r L. Can-si ii
ttci date i
I c il
ii 1 V'oSh for per
Notice i.^ hereby given
Intend to make appllcal
i iii'-f' oinmlsaiooer of I
tuiulon to purchase lhe Follow]
lands: Commencing at a pi si placed on ihe eaal
shore of Lower Arrow lukr, adjoining J. tint-s'
pre-emption on the southwest marked '-T v .'*
N w o ruerptbt." 1 iu*n .��� rnnnl k B0 chalii
cast! thence hi chains south; thence BO chaini
more or leu, west to the lav shore; thenee following ink- shore to point oi < raencemeut,
coat1 lining MO tarei, more or ten
Tuns KiVAH.iv.
Dated this 7th da*- of .tune, IO00
Notice Is hereby given that oo 'ayi nil r dile I
intend to make application to tho Uononblothe
Chief Commluloner of Lands and Woiks i >i pi r
mission to purchase tiu> f-iiiowitin described
lands: Commencing at a poal placed ou Hit*
iioMhua��t rornor of T Klnahan'a Apph'tiiiou to
Purchase.m rked "it. i a corner post " nuoiinti
BO chains e����ti thence BO chaini lonth: thence hii
chaini iv. st; thence f>]lowing T Klnanan'seastern bound a* j to |mini of commencement, containing 640 acres, more or less.
Hannah Tikhnkv.
Dated thll 7lh day of inn.', |ih;
Notice la hereby given Hint OOdoyi afterdate I
Intend to make uppi cation in tho uonorable the
Chief foramlwioner ol Lands and Works f..r per
mission to purchase the following described
lamb: Commencing hi a post placed at the In-
te section of tbeeasl boundary of J Hiiift' preemption and (be north bountfary nf r KjukIihii's
Application to fnrchase. marked HT. K. Jr"s �� W,
comer post" 'lb nee following J. Bites'eastern
boundary, a ohalni north; thence8iichaiiiseast|
thence to chains to tbe no thorn boundary of
Hannah ''I'Tiu-y- Appiicatmii io Purcbarei
I hence rotlowlog tbe northerly boumhryofsatno
nml northerly boundary of r. Kluabau's Apnii-
cation lo Pnrchase, i.> poll i of commencement!
containing 89oacres, more or less.
T. KlNADAN, .In.
Dated this 7th dag of Juno, WOO,
Notice is berby given thai [intend,60 days
after date to apply io the Chief Commissioner of
Landi and Works (ur permlasfon topurchas tho
fo<lowing d' scribed lauds situate ��i i ir.- i allei
Kootenay district. Commencing al a post (mark
ed Ceorge Yoong Morth wesl corner) placed at
tho north wesl comer of section 98 i<>wii��iitii 60;
thenco east ��o chains to the north oasi cornor i f
aaldseellon 98; tbence ��on h 40 chains thence
west 80 chains, thence north 40 chaini to tbe
Elaee of beginning, containing :wi acres and
emu the northerly half of laid section B8, lnwn-
ship 09.
Dated at Nelson, B. C, June6th 1006
Notice ts berohy given that I Intend, 60 days
after 'late, to apply to tho chief Co ilssloner of
Lands and tWorks tor permlulon to purchase
the following described lands,situate al Mr.'
Valley, Kootenay District Commencing at n
poal (marked' George Young north cast corner)
placed at the north cost .-..hot of section 89
township 69; thenco south B0 chains tn the south
cast corner of j-ri<i section 89; 1 hence wesl io
i balnii thenoe north 80 chains, and thenco east
40 chains to the p'ace of begin ti ng.contalnlUN
wjo aores, and being the easterly imif of laid section 8S| lotrnnhipou.
Dated al NelSOO. B. C, .lune Mb IflOO.
CKol',,1;   V(.|\,i,
Notice Is hereby given thai I intend 00 davi
alter date io apply io the oil let Commissioner of
Lands and *��orki for p ilsslon to purcliase
the following (.escribed lands,situate nl h,,
valley, kootenay ' istrh-t. Coiimeucina in n
post (marked L Ualtsgber-louth west ooriuri
pli i in tbe south wesl comer of section iu
iownahlpos ih. nee north M)chains to tbe north
wesl roiner of I ii ol section B8; tbonce east 10
ehalns, thenoe louth ho cbalm to the south
boundary of said section 88, and thenco wesl m
ohalna to the place of beginning containIur 890
aorea and being tbe weiterty half of snlo section ;��, township 09,
Dated al Nelson, B C. June o'h 1906,
 _^_^_ L. H.u.i..u;in;it.
Notice U hereby glvon that i Intend, 80 dan
after date to apply to the Chief Cnmnii'-Moiier of
i mi.ii and Works for permlulon to purchase the
following dawrlbed lan.u Hnd premises, situate
nt Kire valley, Kootenay Dtstrbi Commeoclne
ui a post (marked l'. li. O'Connor bortli eaucorner) placed at the north eul corner of section
91, township 69; thenee south ���io chains, tbonce
west 4u ohalni, I hence nottb 40 chaini to ih��
northerly boundary of said section 911 and tinn
oeout �� chains to the piece of beginning, cou.
taming K0 acres, and being tho north east one-
quarter of Mild section 31, township69.
Nelson. B. c. Junootta IMO,
 hkoiii.k Yiii'mi, Agent.
Nouco is honiuy given that 60 dayi from date
[intend to apply to the Honorable the Chlei
Coramiss oner of LhikimmoI Woiks for pormis-
Hfon lonanhase the folio it log deaorlbed lands,
In the west Kootenay District, out side of Col'
iimhin Kivei,about ixaflM north of Burton Cltv
Commonolng atapoBl marked UoJI winter's
B W. enrnef, at ihoh.W. corner of rt. u, Bmith's
preemption elalm, iheliee norih In Ohalni tnoie
or less to the south boundar)  of Miles Cil I roll's
preemption claim tbence east n chaini thence
south 40 ehalns more or leu to tho North boundary of it. ii Bmith's preemption claim, tbence
weit 90 ohalni tjp, mt ,.r commoncemeiit; containing SOaorri more or less.
Dated this 2nd day of June, I0GO.
LKO M. WiMi-it.
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Nrill.-��. is bercl.y irlvi-ii lhal  I  inienil, IM Ohvs
slu-r .inn. to spplj i,. iii, Chlol Commlnlonsrol
anils and Work��li,rpM,ii i..l���n l��� ruri'l.us,. tlie
liiliiiwiiiic iii'fi'riiic.i lands,altustoal fire Valloj
Sfu tj*?.,.1."1"0]' �� nonclnsatapostdaatli
i"i r. H.o i Miii.ii south ...ivi corner] placeil -ii
t ir iniriii eaal lonier nl section ::.'. ti,\\i,��i,h, 09;
thonoo mat in i-iiiiin... thenco north m chains,
thence oast 10 ohalna, nnd thoi south 80 chains
tn iin- iiiiirc of uegluntng, containing :lii aoros,
Iiiiirii ai Nelann, 0. c .1 ��� :.tii lfloo,
 INH, O'Ookkos
Molloo Is horehj given lhal no ilnyi from iliila I
Inland toapply to tho HonorohletliolihlolCorn.
miss oner ol Lands anil Works (or perin<sslnn i.
pprehnso the Inllowing ileacrll    anils, In Ilia
Wosl Kootenay District,   "and laiano :
��'"' in Klver mt i miles north nf Bnrtnn
<.'"������ all.il��..idi��i. hove high ��,,li,
lOaores mora or leas, K
Dated this 1st Day of June, 1900.
.,.   ,,   ., |,'",!i"   N'l'IMl'V
, .        T. 0 Makimos, Agent.
bUly iIiivk afterdate I Inland to apply tolho
i ommlailoneroi Umdi mm Works   'IcEo ,    ���
pnrohMelM scroi ol hind    'onclSg 5  ,
pott planted on the iron idi' r,. ���f Arrow tlk ���
tin- south a i; cornor ol J J Christie��� nunhaM
running north 80 ohalna, thenoe eaal * ohaliu
X��fcm������dcraent.   ��W *1'"1 *,"l'��'"�� <��
I-m-aifil May, bih usiii.
,  ,,   . A. Carhib,
h. iiAi.r.AuiEii, Locator.
liimiili Uarketa In  Rossland, Trail,  Nil-  Undo,  Bandon, Three Porki, tV��
Denver nml S|i��'im City.
Orders by mall lo any branch ��m Ii��m-
OUr prim,[,t mid careful nil- iitliili.
Heid Office: Nelson, B. C.
Starkey & Co.,
R. A. Rogers��
Limited, Winnipeg.
\VI-iolt'.H<ilis I ��ro\ i.nion.H,
Dominion GoTBmmein OraamorT i Pound Brloki rocolved weekly (raih
trom the ohnra.   Fur nlo by nil leodttig grooen,
Office nod warebonaei Honstou Blonk,   Phone 79,
Josephine Street.       -       .       .       Nelson, B. C.
The Hall Mining and Smelts
Company, Limited.
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry Ores.
Coal Tart Waterproof Paints
Pitch, Creosote, Oils for Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch and Paints.
Boat Builders will find it., ��� ,���h���������lli(, ,��� UH��� ������,. vit,h.
Nelson Coke and Gas Co., Ltd. Canada Dtug and
Book Co'y, Limited
Today we inaugurate our Cash System of doing ���
business, and below is a list of a few of the changes this ���
system will enable us to make.    These are not SPRCIAL   X
but regular prices:
DRUG Department
Oli Price
Si.i id
Cash Price
Mermen's Tale Powder 20
Beef   Iron and Wiuc	
.35         Wood  Alcohol, pts "".".'.'.'.
.50  Wood Alcohol, qts	
.40 Stecdman's Teething Powders!!...!
��� I"        Stedman's Teething Powders ie
���35   Williams' Shaving Stick. .      2r
��� '5      ��� Williams' Barber's Bar "".    !io
.75 Tanglefoot, case of   25 sheets,        *6o
.25   Glycerine and Rose Water, 4 oz. bottles     .is
Stationery Department
���7.S            250 page Letter Books         ,So
*'-2.S 250 page Letter Books ffa'oo
'���5�� 250 page Letter Books        32s
2��o    .Sco page Letter Books      iV0
2.S0  1000 page Letter Books      2.00
j I'apeterie, containing 24 sheets paper, 1
.25 (ruled,) 24 Envelopes, 1 penholder, }
'      1 Pen,  1 Piece Blotting  j
Novds 15c, 2 for .as
30 and 3,sc  Writing Tablets 25
Writing  Tablets     ... .jj
.15 package, 2 for 25c, .   ..Envelopes       3 for .25
and dealks is Ltimber., Shingles,
Lath, Mouldings, Doors, Windows.
urned Work nnd llracktst.H. Miiil Oiden promptly attended i>>-
VBRNONSTRBBT  -  -  ���  NKL.S07N, B. C.
Canada Drug and
Book CoVt Limited
To the Members
of the
20,000 Club.
Poll l*o tho 'iikhi who art)
here 1, ,w. nml we will
)"��� 11 long way tn-
v.iinl 1,in- goal.
Thorpe's Lithia
In eqnal to any aperiont
autl-rhennintlo win
its bottled in
tho United
II  m.ii ns,. ctiosij.;]! nt It wii
inn inpporl another
fauilly in Ni-lsiin.
& Co., Limited.
C/t( sip tf'/iin
WUljk Ihtdmimfl spirits in dtlinht
Sifnilttk bliss cfJtrniiK-Dt 'fistcixlttdi.
[.SODA   C,' J^> ^VAUat J
did VOL) know
Ida! tlir ilrlnks mTvnl ill our *>,!�� Fountain
w,. n��,. ,���iij rt-Mi (run syrapi of n��-itut-.t
BtlrarStruti (lolson, B.C.
f c4 Trp" /br a
Canadian Morning.**
pvootenay Coffee
'H��NEl77,        ���        BAKER ST,
Gait Coal
Tormn Spot ('null
Telephone 2&>
A full Hue in   Crncki.rv.
Ohliifi Mllil  �� lltmsw Ol'W.
AlioBMond Hnini Ooodrol Brery Dnoidt***
tIon.   Wi' tinvi' i/(>: iin'iK'ii'is nml -���������il nt
Lowo*( I'rii-i'i) in Town.
BaktrtH.,no3ci to'MMt HoketOffloei
P, O. Hni WW.
The Daily Canadian, June H, t906
News   Notes   and   Happenings    Around
Grand  Forks.
(Special lo   The Daily  Canadian.)
Grand Forks, .hint. 11.���It has been
ascertained that among Lhe many gold*
copper proneitien lhat will be working
good crews of minei-H this Hummer, in
Kianklln camp are the following: The
MeKinley mine, bonded to F. August
Hclnze for some $2()!>,U0u, will be working about 40 men; the Glouuter group,
bonded lo the Dominion Copper Company for $110,000, will workf soma 86
men; the M. S., bought by A. K. Smith
& Co., will work sjme 2it men; thi
Maple Leaf group, bunded by 11. W.
Warrington for $60,000, will work 2ii
men; the Mineral Hill group of eleven
claims will work 25 men at least; the
Banner group, bonded by Grand Forks
parties, will likely be working 10 men;
the Jumbo group, consisting of three
Claims, will be working some 16 men.
There are also, in addition to these
groups, fully 50 other properties of
merit owned by single Individuals that
will be working this year, all striving
to have their claims on a shipping basis by\ the linn* Ihe two railways now
contemplated are built up the .North
Frank Williams, a mining engineer
representing a Birong Colorado syndicate, arrived here yesterday and proceeded to Franklin camp to inspect th<*
various rich showings iu that region.
Before coming here Mr. Wi ii.im.s was
looking afler some valuable holding!
for his company near Marysville, B. C.
At the Provincial Kag'es' convention
held at Revelstoke on the Bth Instant,
John Temple, proprietor of the Oranby
hotel here, was elected provincial vice-
her  off to  an  unknown suitor.    This
does not meet with her approval, and
she confides her trouble to the profes-
Bor of the female academy, and he
agrees to help her defy her guardian.
Running, uway, both join a band of
wandering minstrels, and in their company tour the continent. Thus It hap-
pi ns they meet the guardian and the
hitherto despised suitor. The fates
Will have 1'. thai the young couple dutifully fall In love with each other, little
dreaming that Is the result so wished
for by the guardian. The fun of the
trip largely binges on the escapades
of Flipper, a jockey, whose sweetheart,
Alice, in her lonely yearning bethinks
herself of Flipper, and engages him
to net as a guide for the party. He arrives, whereas, to his dismay, he finds
himself impressed to do duty as a continental steersman. What he does not
know of the continent and foreign languages, ail lhe editions of Baedecker
would not suffice to answer, and so
there Is plenty of fun for the audience
and Ihe party.
The musical numbers are a prominent part of the presentation, and are
bright and tuneful. Ti ddte M; Numara
will have Ihe role of Flipper, and the
rest of the children will be well cast.
The company arrived In Nelson last
night and took all the available rooms
al the Hume and Btrathoona hotels.
The number In the company Is between
forty  and fifty.
Torrey's Patriotism.
An Ottawa despatch pays: "Considerable feeling has been aroused over
an incident In connection with Ihe
forthcoming Torrev-AJexander meetings. It Is over the hymn books. The
Ottawa committee bought COO copies
of the British edition of the revival
hymnals, but Dr. Torrey has wired that
he would not come to Ottawa unless
the United States edition of the Tor-
rev-Alexan ler hymnal was used. Needless lo say, the message had the effect
of a bomb thrown into the evangelistic
camp here. Many strong opinions were
expressed. The Ottawa members were
indignant at the national affront. The
Pembroke    members     coincided,    and
The   new  pastor  of  the   Nelson  Methodist church,  Rev.   R.  Newton and   Mrs. Powell.
A mushroom found a coupe of days
ago near the Riverside nurseries, some
four miles east of Grand Forks, weighed 10 1-2 ounces.
Yesterday (SundayI at, 4 p. m the
members of Gateway lodge, I. O. 0. F.,
assembled at Ihe lodge rooms and then
proceeded to the cemetery for the purpose of decorating the graves of the
members of their order who are buried
t here.
Il has been learned that in operating
���the diamond drill at the McKinlev mine
���or, In fact, wherever a drill is used���
that it required eight stones to operate
a ,tbrce-shi.t drill, which cost fully five
Chnmtand dollars in every instance.
WIwji a drill of this kind is used, Invested capital exists to the extent of
'ftoe district licensing board will hold
lis regular meeting here on the t5th
Instant to consider the granting of
some eight itquor licenses up the North
Fork. Th 're is great strife among the
various applicants for prefer, nee, ami
an Interesting meeting is expeoted. The
commissioners are HJ, Miller. A. 1. McPhee and M. 1). While.
Famous Company of Children Will Present  "A   Runaway  Girl."
The popular Pollard Lilliputian Opera Company, composed of the most
wonderful juvenile singers and actors
tn the world, will tonight open at Sherman's opera house a week's engagement. The opening hill will be "A
Runaway Girl," in which the1 company
has scored lhe greatest BUCCCffS. The
il-year-old prima donna, Eva Pollard,
win make her firsi appearance In the
title role, and the coming of the company is most eagerly looked forward
to by every theatre-goer in Nelson.
Hundreds of people who are not regular theatre-goers never fall to intend
one or more of the clever performances given  by   these world-renowutd
children.    "A   Runaway    Girl, Fhe
Geisha," "A Gaiety Girl" and "The
Belle of New York" will be given.
"A Runaway Ghi" will be the attraction tonight at the opera house by
Ihe Pollard Lilliputian Opera Company.
The story of this London aud New
York musical comedy is woven around
the adventures] of a pretty miss, who,
while attending hoarding BOhOOl, learns
lhal her guardian has decided to marry
there was a strong disposition to cancel the mission altogether. This, however, was overruled by reason of the
expense already involved in preparation pf 'he visit." The evangelist's
culling, like most others, seems to have
gotten down to a strictly commercial
basis.���Rossland  Miner.
High Grade Oxocolates, Gum,
Candies and Fruit*
Thorpe's nice cool drinks.       Lunches
put up a specialty.
W.J. Walker,   $2%
For Everything (food
to Smoke.
Imported and Domestic Cigars, Tobaccos.
Do You Know Thurman's Special Mixture?
Mill hands, Imshmen, yardman, engineers, millright Highest wages paid
iu competent men. ITajnlltes wishing
to make permanent homes, win bo hup-
plied with materials for homes and as
much land as Ihey need for cultivation
free of charge.       watts &��� CO.,
Wiittslmrg. nonr Cranbrook, B, c.
Nebcin, B. I!, Juue'lh, 1MM.
RKALBD THNnKKN win tn received  by tlio
Wanton ol Uto Prorinclal |nt>h Newn, a. c,
until in.,hi .1 uin1 "Mli, lor mij lillta 'ur oue rear,
rutin July 1st, I9C6, tn June soil,, iw>7. Meat,
bre*di grouerteii imniwinv, iiout* nail hIiol'h,
clothing! il i y (to wtt fuel ana atusi
Forme for tender and tp*n [flettlon* can be Lad
nt tin- Provincial khdI, NVison,
Tlte lowest ur iinv tender aot naoeuatlly ac-
t'eiilcd. K Y, WfiMOS-,
Tiuriy dayi after date I intend making npnlt-
fiUi u hi tlie llnimrnble tliu ('hid f.'omnrssloniT
id Uinix mid wnr'v', torn. HnocJal Hcrnao to eat
.iilrt c.irrv uway tlmbiT from the lollnwiiiK de��-
i rilird lundn- Commencing at a post winced on
the lou'/hfifj] Ijouiniftry of Timber Uccnue No.
MV>, .iikI abmil l(tfhiliinii rtliof tlio N. W.oor-
uerol lot 628 u. I. Went Kiwnny. rutiulng ttiuncu
whm *i ohalna, thenco buiuIi hi elialnu, iliei.ee
eii��t Mciu ns, thenco norili *) chains to point nt
Dated tilth April hHiti.
Uamri, Tuumky.
Silver King Hotel
Best Dollar a day bouse in the
Rooms are well furnished.   Table as good as anf
lu.'.'ilMiii     Bar supplied with good
llauors and clears.
W. E. McOANDLISH, Propriator.
Ttemont House
European and Amerlrran 1'laii
Meals i'�� cts.   Koumi from 'it, eta. to tl
Oulj White Help Implored.
Baier St.. Nelson l"ropr
Bartlett   House
Best Dollar-a-Day House in Nelson.
The Bar la the Flnnt.
White Help Only Employed.
Joeephtue St.
The Big Schooner T}aott 1 A-
Or "Hilland-Hlll"    DC CI     JUL.
Tbe only Gloss of Good Bear In Nelson.
Hotel Accommodations second to
none iu British Columbia.
Special Rates to Monthly Boarders.
The only Home Hotel in Nelson.
Lake Vieti)
Hall and Vernon Sts.
Two blocks from
Rates ll.no per Day
and np.
No Chinese Help employed.
Telephone 118.    '      NJtLLoUN,   D, C.
Grand Central Hotel
J. A. ERICKSON, Proprietor.
Centrally Located- Open Day and Night.
Harnple and Bsth Rooms Free.
Opposite Court House and Post Office.
Coma Ward and Vernon Sheets.
Th* Stfathcona
Nelson, B.O.
B. Tomkins, Manager.
The Leading Hotel in the
Oood   Sample    Rooms.
Qtieenfs Hotel
Baker Street, NeUon. It. ('���
Lighted by Electricity and
Heated by Hot Air
Large and Comfortable Bedrooms and First'
class Dlulug Room. Sample Rooms for Comtner-
���������nl Hon.
MRS. E. 0. CLARKE, Proprietress
West Transfer Co.
General Teamsters and Dealers in
Conl anil Woo-.   Express and
bagfniKe Transfer
K^feS Office: Baker St.
Old Curiosity Shop
If you want to buy or sell anything,
go to the Old Curiosity Shop. A new
line of .lupam'.st' Goods now on sale. All
kinds of Dlnnerwure In stock. Patterns.
Choice Fit*it      �� ^
JL��itKIS**����   - Both Pieces of Land Near Nelson
Clearing light nnd soil excellent.
Very easy terms on payment can be aftfeaged.
Phone 2-17.   Ollico nest Canadian Bank of Commerce,   P. O. Box 62(1.
We have Improved and Unimproved Ranches for
Sale ou the Kootenay and Slocan Lakes, Slocan
Valley and Nelson District.
h7& m. bird
Before purchasing call
and examine our list.
insuimnce!   Real Estate and Mining
Manager for the Kootenay Valleys Company, Ltd.
Uldest established Real Kstnte
Business in Kootenay.
Nelson, B. C.
I have for Sale the Choicest
Frait Lands in this district.
Most of it situate on the West Arm and Mnin Lake.   Sec uie before you decide to locate.
S. M. BRYDGES, inpeS^lckbank
A Speculation
300  Shares   Northwest  Coal
Stock for $75.00.
McDermid & McHardy
Choice Fruit ��� ��*�� 'o?00 a���.
of the
Choicest Fruit Lands in
British Colombia.
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
Nelson. B. C.
Wholes (tie anil Retail DoRlan In
Fresh and Salted Meats
Camps supplied on shortest notieo and
lowest price. Nothing bnt fresh and
wholesome meats and oupplet* kept in fttoolt
Mail orders receive careful attention.
E. C. TRAVES,  Manager.
Thompson & Douglas
&l|(n  Writing *�� Spvclnlty.
Wall Paper unci Burlap.
First Class Heating Plnuts und Modern
Sanitary Appliances.
Phone 181, Opera House Bile. Box 401.
90 Day Rotmtj Trip
Habl ��...
Winnipeg, Pt. Arthur,
Duluth, St. Paul.
TlirouKh Excursion Rates
Toronto, Montreal,
Maritime Provinces,
New York, New England
on application.
DntcB of sale : June 4, C, 7, 23 25.
July 2, 3;   Aug. 7, 8, 9;    Sept. 8, w.
Tickets iubject to usual variations of
route and Include meals and berth ou
C. P. R. steamers on Great Lakes.
Full particulars from
D. P. Agent, Nelson, B. C.
�� Tlie Daily Canadian, Jane ii, i906
Our Souvenir Spoons are the
Best You Can Find.
We have about <io different kinds
in Stirling and Knamel, ranging
in price from 60cts to $2 60 each, and most nf them are new designs
In Pins, Bracelets, Knives, Trays, Paper Ontters, etc., we havi
nil the latest Canadian and Nelson Souvenirs.      If you are
looking for a Souvenir we cannot fail to suit you,
Mail orders receive prompt and careful attention,
Wood=Vallance   Hardware
Company,   L.lmlteci.
Shelf and Heavy Hardware,
Mine, Smelter and Mill Supplies, Stoves and
Ranges, Cutlery.
Another Import Order    *
X lost to Hand. X
I     Fine Ceylon Tea, 20 lb. $
1 Chest $4.50. X
���     Finest   Ceylon   English*
Breakfast, 20II). Chest $6.50. ���
Our own Special Blends,!
English Breakfast 35c, 3lbs|
��. for $1.00, and 25c a pound. J
These line, are fast gainin
preference over premium tec
nt r>n cnits iH-r pound.
"The Store of Sweets."
Fruits, Confectionery and
Ice Cream.
Phone 85. Baker .St.
Two bouses on Lake street, in good
repair, of 6 rooms anil 3 moms, for
cash, $276, Apply to M. Scully, Baker
Shacks for Sale Cheap.
Must be moved at once.   Apply Yale*
Columbia Lumber Company, city.
The bishop of Kootenay left for
Cranbrook this morning. He will re*
turn Wednesday night en route to the
The regular fortnightly meeting of
the city council will be held In the
council chamber this evening at s
James Wadds, of J. <>. Patenqude'a
staff, returned last night from Toronto
with his bride, Mr. an I Mrs. Wadds
have taken up their residence In the
Hume addition.
All changes for advertisem nta musl
reach The Daily Canadian business
office not later than 10 o'clock in the
rooming  in order in  in sine Insertion
in the issue of thai day.
Notice of iliss lution of partnership
between W. J. Toyo and C. A Benedict
was filed today. Mr. item die has
bought out his partner, and will continue die business alone.
Silver baa again di clln d i ne point
on each market since Saturday. Today's American quotation is 65 cents
.hi ounce, Lead is stationary on Ihe
Ixwdon market al C17. Copper is also
high  and firm.
The management of Sherman's op-
i ra house wish to announce that hereafter reserved seat tickets thai are
held for the convenience of iis patrons
will positively nqt be held later than
S p. in. on tho evening of the perform-
George Bartl II returned from Ten-
mile creek Sunday night, and lefl
again this morning, lie found that
ilie door of his tunnel on the Dunlea
group had been broken open, and a
porcupine had gol in and destroyed the
School Inspector l>. W Ison returned
Sunday night from Bast Kootenay,
where be helJ entrance examinations
at Fernie and Cranbrook. iIo lefl this
morning for Greenwood to hold examinations, and will "return lo Nelson
Thursday night
is a beceulty '" every well regulated bono> Our i
oldeiiga wiih abiolute accuracy a* tlmo-keepora.
of on r Clocks i in y ii r.' here in great variety of sty
ami alarm, at f3 un to the floe Imported ones,
famoui iiuK* alarm o '~"	
Invite luaneetlou
irom B-day sirlke
s at only II BO.
I      Bell       I
��� Trading :
Co.        j
��� ���
The Latest Modern Appliances
now in use at this
Baker Street.     -     NELSON.
Ice Cream Sodas.
The Finest in lhe Land.
Cor. Varnon and Word Streets*
N BUS ON,  B. c.
.1   FRED HUME, Proprietor.
II \V U'indle. Q P Douni y. R |,
Phelps, i) K Molleson, It A Creech,
Mrs. i. VVaddleton, B P Qerster, Vancouver; T Heel; and wife. Fernie; .1 T
Nixon, Salinas; F R Simpson und wife,
Mrs. W E Phipps, Cranbrook; D It
Stewart, Medicine Hat; tl members of
Pollard, company; W Wolvetton, Brandon; E F Qereter, R I) BIrely, A B
ISrskine, Vancouver; W J Wilson. .1
Wadds and wile. Winnipeg; Mrs. W'ch-
ster, Greenwood; A Perry, a Gould lug,
<' F Ciller, Northport.
W s Leek}*, Montrealj W C Dalglish,
Slocan; V V I lark and wife, Seattle;
K E Mackenzie, Rossland; C A Arnott,
Qrand Forks; .1 Yaase, Montreal; Mrs.
<; B ('handler. Toronto; \V King and
wife, C Bromley, Pollards, C W Tims.
Ca'gary; t) Wilson, Victoria; .! H Sutton, .1 Smart, S H Small, Winnipeg; (���
li Hamilton, Rossland; A E Woods.
Vancouver; W E Cooke, Harvey; <! E
S   Smith,  Cornwall.
Mrs N -i Hopkins, Slocan Junction;
G W I,Ingard, T .1 Pearson, Alnsworth;
K Hoshino, .1 B Smith, T Hosbino, Revelstoke; II llamer. Uovelslokc; T It
Topton, Strathcona; C Kingaley, Vancouver; It It B Butler, Holla; F 11
May, .1 .1 Barr, Pollards, ,i Bleador,
.i Merryfield, Poonnan mine; \v a
Adams. Kuskonook; M Cohn, VV M
Hindi, Spokane; -i n Davis, Crawford
G Oliver. E Martin, P Maybroth, .1
Slywsuk, Rossland; L Martin, Slocan;
T Mills, .1 Henderson,  Pilot Baj;   D
Burns,   Kaslo.
c Ubertls, C Gunner, (J Slieiiff, Bonnington; N S LuriwIgKon, Marysvi le;
K w Bullock, J If Beverley, Movie; it
Crandall, Cranbrook; s u Selvin, Crawford May; E M Morgan. SaltQO; .1 II
Campbell, Ymir; C Tipping, Slocan
Junction; Rossland baseball team,
Rossland; w s McAJpin, -i a McLean,
Spokane; M Fleishman, Vanoouver;
W  Marsden, Winnipeg.
I  Thorpe. (1  Finohest, Bjmmerson's
ranch; F Johnston, J Qutnn, Rossland;
A   Hawker, Bonn'ngton.
J A GaWwell, Sandon; J Madden.
Alnsworth; II 0 Rhode, Toronto; J
McLepd, 0 McLood, Moyle; C M Filz-
patrlok, Calgary; s V Drummond, J
Stafford, Colfax.
T I, Bloomer, A W Robertson. H Myers, Cast'egar; H Hillmas, w Boswell,
C E llulpin, Koch's Siding; E Simpson,
C Moon', Bonnington.
S Power,  Shields;   P Clox, Mission;
T Williamson, V Dynes   Deer Park;  W
Currie, Slocan;  I, Gallagher, Fire Valley; II Hurry, J W  Hurry, Bonnington.
At yesterday morning's service in
St, Saviour's church W. T. Johnson,
missionary student ai Arrowhead, was
ordained to the diaconate, Confirmation service was held in the evening.
The bishop of Kootenay confirmed 2a
candidates,   ."���  of them adults.
K. of P.  Memorial  Service.
Tie- members of Nelson lodge No. Ii5,
Knights of Pythias, met in their hull,
on Vernon street, yesterday morning,
where ihe Impressive service of ihe
order for Memorial Day was gone
through, after which ihu members
marched in a body io lhe cemetery
and decorated the graves of their late
brothers, also relatives and friends ot
the   Knights,
A large number of floral designs and
cut (lowers were provided for the occasion, in. VV. O. Itose, William Irvine mid Lawrence tverson took the
ritualistic paits, while G. M. Gunn act-
ed as marshal. A large number of vis-
Itlng KnigbtS wvie present.
boosting in Winnipeg.
W. A. Thurman is putting in a word
in Beason for Nelson. In a report of
an Interview wiih him in Winnipeg,
the Free  Press Bays;
"Mr. Thurman says great Interest is
being taken hi fruit growing in and
around N'eison, where ihe climate
s"i ms io lie peculiarly adapted to the
raising of cherries, plums and apples,
which are shipped lo Alberta cities,
Where there is a large demand. It. is
ex pec led lhat in a lew years Nelson
fruit dealers will be in a position to
cater to the trade in Winnipeg, Mr.
Thurman, while in tho city, is al -'i-i
Sherhrooke street, ilis many friends
today gave him a g'nd welcome."
Game   With   Rossland   Team   Beir.g   Arranged  for   Dominion   Day.
Manager Thomas Deasy, of the Nel
Hon ��� Lacmsse Association, was Interviewed this morning, and gives the following account of the progress made
since ihe organization of the club;
"We are making arrangements for a
game ai the Dominion Hay celebration
Ihai will aste*iish the natives. The
people of Nelson appear to take (More
Interest in the national sport dan the>
do in the larger centres, and ihe association is nourishing. We bave a large
number of players at the nightly practices on tlie recreation grounds, ami
have sent fur a supply of new lacrosse
slicks for Ihe team. The juniors re-
Biding on the east and Wi si Bides of
Josephine street are preparing for a
struggle at lhe Kirmess, to be held
shorily. We desire to encourage the
sport, and the youngsters will line up
on the afternoon of the 22nd. The
players on the east side of Josephine
street will be known as ihe Reds, and
the Wesl End will appear in while, li
will be necessary tor all of ihe seniors
ami Intermediates to attend ihe regular practices in order to have ihe best
material on hand on the afternoon of
tlie 2nd of July, when the Ross'and
team will compete against Nelson. The
following communication was received
from the secretary of the Rossland Association:
���' 'R03sland, June n. 1900.
"'Thomas  Deasy,   Esq, Secretary  Nelson   Lacrosse Association���
"'Sir:    We are in  receipt   of    your
Invitation,   through   the   Miner, to play
a game of lacrosse with your team in
connection with the Dominion Day celebration.    We thank you kindly for the
invitation, and should  be most  pleased
to play  in   Nelson if  satisfactory    arrangements can  be made,    \\'e should
be pleased lo know, al as early a date
as   possible,   what   terms  or guarantee
your club can offer us. with any further
particulars,    Yours truly,
'"DR.   R.   ST.  J   MACDONALD,
"'Secretary  Rossland  Lacrosse Club.'''
An Announcement
l am ntiring from the business heretofore conducted by Toye & Benedict,
ami lake thin opportunity of thanking
our many customers for lhe valued
patronage thej have extended to us in
the pasi. and Blili enlv hope thai Mi.
Benedicl will continue to receive the
liboral patronage thai has been extend
ed to us in ilie past.** (Signed)
Price   of   Metals.
New York, dun 11, Bar silver. OBc;
mper. is l-S; electrolytic copper,
S ::s^( is 5-8, firm; lead, *r..T5.
London.  June   ||.    Silver,  30d;   lead.
The Store of Quality
Specially prepared
Is the
Correct Thing
to use iin slrawlx-rriesatwl all fresh fruits.
Wc have it in 10 |wu.ml sacks to
sell at
$t.00 per Sack.
Have a sack sent up with your next Older
for groceries.
Hood & Teetzel
K.  W. C  Block.     Phone 1G.
George Cann  Found Guilty of Stealing
Liquor on  May 24th.
George Cann came up for summary
(rial yesterday morning before ids honor Judge Porta on the charge of stealing, it. M. Macdonald appeared for
the crown; the prisoner was not represented by counsel j and entered practically no defence.
As Cann had not been represented
by counsel al the preliminary hearing
before tho stipendiary magistrate, the
deposition of Robert Wood on that occasion could not be entered as evidence.
The testimony of the other witnesses
was taken as io the movements of the
prisoner, and as tn the finding of. the
siolen liquor and cigars in his possession. Mr. Macdonald addressed the
court very  briefly.
The prisoner was found guilty and
sentenced 'to six months in the provincial gaol.
NELSON, 15. 0.
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Fruit, Fuel
& Poultry Co., Ltd.
W       iSt*'   ������l ,���, Hon! *���=&   I
IJr without rat ice m��n>T_I
Deliveries made daily throughout Helaon
nuil its fuburlis. Phone 11*.
RAMSAY'S  2 lb.  Cambridge
Package for 40c.    Fresh
and tbe best on the
Saturday at 1 p. m.. in the Church of
Mary Immaculate, by the Rev. Father
Aiihoff, PPaul Ntpou, proprietor of tho
Nelson Steam Laundry, and Miss Annie Svoboda Were united In marriage.
The wedding supper look place at Ihe
residence of the bride's father. John
Svoboda, Hall street. Mr, and Mis.
Ntpou will   reside on  Vernon Street.
Telephone  181.
Mining   Records.
Four certificates of assessment work
and one conditional bill of sale were
recorded In the .Nelson mining Office
Certificates of work were issued to
Alex. McDonald, of Ymir. on the1 Gold
Hill, Silver Crown, Copper Queen and
II. M. Hillings, M. I.. Rorton, M. I-
Pennell, T. Bennett, F. I'. Drummond
and Agnes Billings, owners of the several mines known as the Mother Lo'de
group, situated on Sleep creek, gave
to John Patterson, of Nelson, for nominal consideration, an option lo pur
(base and a lease and bond, to take
effect in the evenl of A. F. Hi\oii's,
lhe present lessee, failure lo perform
his covenants.
teller Lfnen. BitteTHt.
Better Makhig. tfctfer Style.
In Our Collars than in mod nukes offered you.
Kvury Correi't Htvlo.    Try out kind of Coltart,
Near Sight
Slightly near lighted today.
Mori* tomorrow,
Prngi in "I neiir Right ll UiQ (urcriiiiiior
Of bllTUlUCBI, Tll6 tlMM,M|,.f ii.hi M,;lit
-lienM ii.e hen ��|pptrd KXAMINATION
FKKK.       Our OpltOll   l>. |.iutiiiont In u|>-
JKWKUiKIl      and      Ol'TIOIAN
Sherman's Opera House
Pollard's Lilliputian
Opera Co.
Monday-The Runaway Girl
Tuesday Night             Belle of New York
Wednesday Matiuee Lady Slaver
Wednesday Night .The Geisha
Thursday Night Gaiety Girl
Friday Night       Belle of New York
Saturday Matinee         11. M.S. Pinafore
Saturday  Night  Lady Slavey
��� ���������������*���������*������������������ �����������������.' ���������������������� ������ ����**��*4 ������� , ,������������,���
Kmte furniture
: Standard Furniture Company*
mmo!�� a Kwch punot, Complete House Furnishers and Undertakers.   ���
������ f'ltirmoor" Mauri'**,
Qlobe Werolake Book Daiu < iw and Offlca Purulturo.
44,444444*4+4444* ���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� |
A tit 1.11. HUM WAY.
Repairing and Jobbing a Specialty
Sliirtmi-tftl Work,Outing*, Bnfldtn' Hatarial niulMiniim hihI Mill MncbinHj,
I'lioilw    2.14.
iillli'o nml Works Pool of I'nik SI.
Najlaon, "��� C.
The Nelson Brewing Co'y, Ltd-
Brawan ud Boul.ii al
Fine Lager Be-.r and Porter
MnnuliirtiHM- ..I
Every Known Variety Soil Drinks!
And the Celebrated " Red Ribbon Beer."
���>. <>. IH��X JIM.
WM. GOSNELL, Manager j
J. H. Ashdown Hardware Co., LtdJ
Wo would Invito yon in kupeof out large and varied itook of
No in oil to Buffer from boat if yon
w ill only ntll it tn I ask I
Store open
TZZ Hot Weather Requisito|
.' ii in. to li p.m. everj day exeept bolidayi nml Bnnrtnys
M Don't Forget we are
�� For....
Mu��vl���i[   Miichlno   ,Nuo.llv.-.-i   Jflc   .,   DolUn,
���Scwl"��   Mfcohlll*  Oil   Iflt:     ,   ,���..  |l,,ltlo.
Miiciiii.u ii^ii^ .ihu Men,
BavBvouiteen the Antomatlo !),������,, Head Now Home foranleni
H-'.'io.   li la u marvel of nlmpllolly,   Perfeot lu unlsli,
very li��ln r ,K.
Hlgb-OlaM Tailor.
Baker hi,, rTelton, H. <:


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