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The Daily Canadian Sep 14, 1906

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Array H&pz ��UxUy   _cmafctcm
!   I
I.   N<>- 88.
hi Altempl to Show Its
Fruits and Flowers
moty Packed With Citizens Viewing Splendid Collection of
Local Products.
dai i" 'i'i"' Dally Oanadlan.)
i: r, Sept H.���This armory,
,���..  been   loaned   fin'   t-6  first
aliilillliui nf Ills' KukIo Dlitrlot
Isllisl   illlll    l-'rillt   (IrilWlTH-   I1HS0-
1^,11, won imckfid    imliiy    wltb ritl-
, n In   mnl   vlHlta.ru   wins   huil
,, miiulre the Bplondld array ol
lie  building, sm  Un- right
ii���. tabid, were devoted to the
m-emi-iit ssl flowers, baith t-ut tuul
t which there are many mag.
anil beautiful Hpei-ltnens Tho
agisted of utmost every known
iml the blending of the colors
���!-'��� ni wub beyond crltl-
piiiiiiii-ni ui agriculture is developing
u new industry thai the department
niiyn is likely in be of large comma-
Ota] valusa
Inveetlgatloni which Ilu- department
Ix making at Hoopiton, Illinois, huve
proved iliut ilu- large quantities of
rum iiiiim, which every year heretofore
liuvi- gone in wuhtc, am hi- oonverted
Into alcohol In i_fflel.il quantities in
Justify ihu ereotlon nf u dtitlnct plant
In i-iinns-ftliiii with a corn cannery. The
department nf agriculture   sent   two
rhi'iulHtH tn Hoopiton In lliaki' expert-
ni.-niH ut u large cannery thore. They
luooooded limply by ntethodi nf fer-
mt-titailnn In getting u yield of eleven
gallon! nf alooho! fnnn a ton iif green
coba, anil six salluim nl aloohol from a
ion of rreen enrn stalks.
this plaee. (inly ibo utmost effort! of
member! of tho Twenty-second lrnltoil
Btatei Infantry, ilu- state tin; Fove
Markhuni, lent frojn Sun Francisco in
reiponie to an appeal for assistance,
saved tho residential portibn. Two
hundred pereone won- renderod homo-
less.    Tho lusa is $1110.1100.
Conservative    Leader 8ayi    Party
Committed to It.
Mrs. Longworth Pulls the
Heavy Ms
I'l     Sllll
! hail b
tho shelve- were
nnd roots, with uu
display, while llir
���en roHi'i-vi-il fair Ilu
ortieoltural exhibit    Uv.
iden wllh cherries, ���on.'tlici
a.-ssiitiin'lils   of   cIhsshh":   f'lll'-i
well known varl-i..-��� tor
Kaslo   Is   famous,  cov >.' id   lhe
srmory   was  lustily  deoomted,
I ��ils were festooned with grains
hf s-iruw.   lusllly   corded   iltnl  ills'
��� -; wins pleaiing effect
������ fair wus opened formally m -
rt bv Mayor McAnn, w.i i tnfado a
. ipeech. There wen ?.U0 visit-
present, who came from Nelson,
worth. Lardo, Sandon, Troul l.ak.-.
aril.   Howier   and   Kootonay  lako
- .-xliit.ith   Included   contributions
Trout Lake, Duncan valley ami
(���nay lake, wllh Kaslo exhibits
.'��� Judging   was  finished  nt   noon,
'lis- rs-siills could mil bo obtained
ii,-- fssr Ibis wire.
ii afternoon program of sports is
-sn and Includes a baseball eon-
between   Nelson  nnd   Kaslo Junl
Kasln's flrsl fruit fair is an un-
Ifled Jucceas and the oxhlbltH nre
:���"��� ssf wssnder lo all the visitors.
ssn credit Is due to Then Adams
W Cockle for the success nf the
in:.iiii-nts.      The    fair   will   clime
evening with a We promenade
concert In the exhibition building.
Would-Be   Murderess   Made   Mistaken
Attempt to  KIM   Durnovo.
Ht Petersburg, Sept. 14.���The Idon-
llficntlnn of Taplanu Leontietf, tins
Woman who killed an aged Frenchman
named Mueller at tnterlakan, Bwltzer-
land, on Beptember I, In mistake fnr
m. Durnovo ,the former Rnaslan minis
Ier of the interior, wus established to-
day. This opens up the final chapter
or an Interesting romance, us Mdlle.
Leiuitleff is one nr till- Hires nf r.elleinl
Trepoff, who wns concerned lu nn unsuccessful attempt nn ths- life nr bei
uncle Iii llior.. This oaiisi-d un ini-
moiise sensation, as Mdlle. Leonttff
wus arrested und oottfined fnr hoiho
lime   111   ull   Insane  asylum.    She  wns
eventually released upon her promise
In hnve Russia fur over. She did. but
she maintained her connection with
the revolutionary group in Switzerland, and when M. Durnovo went
abroad she volunteered tn execute upon hlm tho sentence of the "Flying
group," of which Blie Ih n member.
Since the slnyltiK nf Mueller, M. Dm-
iinvii bus returned to Rossis nnd is in
close seclusion on his country estate.
The Itusaky Invalid hus published a
law. Increasing the penalty fnr refusing to do military service, to six years
hard labor and the inss nf civil rights
This measure Is directed against those
men who might follow the advice contained in the Viborg proclamation of
the outlawed parliament and refuse to
serve In tho army. At all the recruit-
ins station! this refusal has begun,
and reports have already boon recelv-
ed of several attempted atlacks upon
local military bureaus-for the purpose
of destroying recording lists.
Fares Cut Down.
New York. Sept. 14 ���It was announced today, m take effect on November 1 or as soon thereafter as possible that the maximum passenger
rate per mile on Un- l-ehlgh Valley rail
way system
2>_ cents.
lie  on  the   basis  of
Pet Neutrality Between Warring
Factions In /*T.erlc*n Policy,
aahlngton, 0. C, SlmiI. 14.���Cuba
ie Bole tuple of conversation In tho
i:ii circles of Washington, which
eating wiih tin- disturbed situation
lu island republic. Tbe policy ol
Kovernmenl Ih shown in tho order
-.miikIu.w from Havana all forces
tliuae which may ho accommodate
ti the American legation and which
���un as a legation guard. Strict
trniit) between iho warring toe-
in. hut with every possible precau-
to iiroteql American life mui prop*
. is the policy of tho United
:-      The navy i�� ready and pre-
Gil in furnish such force iih tuny 1)0
ternary to oarry oul tho policy. If
���ships -already In Cuban waters are
sufficient, others will lie tjlspalch-
riie withdrawal of nearly tho en-
��� force landed hv Commander Col-
i on orders from Washington, has
i ��� ii considerable oorament, hm li
aworted that no reflection on tho
Ic- i Is Involved. Under the In-
iictlons ho received when ho depart-
i"i* culm, he was io put his force
Uu- disposal or ihe mate depart-
nt .the authority of which, in Cuba,
- vested In Iho person i>r Charles
' |"t. ;uiil his action In landhiR a
'"��� whh at  lho tatter's request
British Papers    Urge    on    America to
Annex Cuba or Exercise an Effective Protectorate.
New York, Sept. 14.���A London do-
Npaich to the Sun says that lhe news
of The landing of American marines at
Havana confirms the opinion hold at
the Hritish capital, thnt American intervention lu Culm cannot be long delayed. The Standard, editorially,
blames the
eni   disorder
Six thousand people heard R. L.
Horden at Truro Saturday, says a special to iht; Winnipeg Telegram. He
made a strong public ownership ad
dress. He said lhat public domain
must be regarded as Including not
only the natural resources and facilities with which Canada has heen so
abundantly endowed, but also the
great national franchises and public
Utilities. These, of right, are the
property of Ihe state, and they must
be administered and exploited for the
public benefit. The Conservative party
maintained this principle in 1904 when
it declared that tbe new transcontinental] railway should be a national
work, owned and controlled hy tho
state. Government ownership or operation is repeatedly challenged because
of Incompetent or corrupt administration. There is no other argument
agalnsl K. but shall all private enterprise be condemned because of insurance frauds or bUSln-888 failure of corporate graft?
We shall not renounce administration of our public lands because of the
-Saskatchewan valley land deals or
grazing lease scandals, nor hand over
the Intercolonial lo a private corporation because Its management has been
iso utterly discredited. The principle
of state ownership is no more to be
condemned for defects or errors of administration than is the general principle of responsible government. The
remedy Is to mend the methods. Today the grossest maladministration is
rife in some public departments of
Canada. Outrageous election scandals
are continuously disclosed. Shall we,
therefore, abandon altogether the system of parliamentary government or
repeal the Hritish North America act'.'
The Conservative party affirms "that
our public domain, In its widest sense,
our great national franchises and our
public utilities, are for the people and
not for the speculator. The policy of
our opponents denies this. When Canada's credit was pledged for the building of a great transcontinental railway
why should not Canada have huilt and
owned the road? Why, at least, should
Canada not have some share In the
profit as well as in the risk. The
watchword of the Conservative party
should he clean elections and merciless punishment of the briber and hal
lot forger, it is not enough to cry
clean elections.
"There aro two other essentials,
namely, to run clean elections and to
punish corruption or fraud hy every
means known to the law, and that law
must be made simpler and easier of
enforcement. Opportunities for delay
nnd petty technicalities which accompany and surround the present law
must be abolished. It is idle that there
should be anv question about the service of a petition upon any person who
has been returned as a member of par-
lit.nT.nt. The filing of a petition in
tlie court and a short public advertisement as notice to the constituency
should be sufficient."
monument to Mckinley
tlie president and the two groups are
of bronze and the entire memorial
stands upon a handsome granite base,
the sides of which bear suitable inscriptions. The location of the monument is a conspicuous one, heing directly in front of the main entrance
to the state capitol.
Wobbly Position of the Minister of Inland Revenue.
Ceremony Today Recalls Memory of
the Late President���Columbus
Dedicates Memorial.
United States Tor the prosit says that Presldenl
MeKlnley's intervention was carried
out in the name of peace and civilization, bul the not result is renewed tumult, barbarism and savagery. Either
Ihe Americans must tolerate anarchy
ln Culm or exercise tm effective protectorate. President Roosevelt would
doubtless net promptly and vigorously
did nol have to think
Duels Multiplying.
Madrid.   Sept.   l-i.���Newspapers
If hi     	
tion oongreBs.
Canadian  Manufacturers.
onto, Sept  14.���A  large number
omlnent manufacturer*   of   On-
Quebec  ami  the  Eastern   province gathered here preparatory
artlng  by  special   train  tonight
Winnipeg,   where   the   thirty-fifth
uni meting or Ihe Canadian Manu-
urers'  association ia    to    hold Us
|Bslons next.   week.      From    all    ao-
("'I'iTh the coming meting will be the
'K����l  nud  most  successful  over hold
Hu* association.   Many of the mem-
fa rrom this section  will be aeeotn-
���fluiled by their wives.    After the Win
onvention   is   closed   tliey   will
Ilk"  ii   trip through   Western   Canada
far as Victoria,
the elec
^^^^ tho final  Is-
sue, ft will be condemned by the Hem
oerats. who are standing aside ready
to make political capital out of the
The Morning Posl says that Cuba Is
not selling enough t> work oul her
OWH  salvation.     She    cannot, without
American support, maintain n government  nml  secure the  progress    " * '
country.    Much  as the
omrooni may regret th
taking such a stop,   _._
largo  section   of   tb
A Till'
r the
rtcan gov-
^^^_^ I for
fry-itch  will  hi
popular with  ���-
country, she will not ho able lo refrain
permanently from tnklng It. The destiny of the United States stands behind her nud urges hor Imperatively
to take the next stop in her overseas
Another despalch
loan charge at  Havana
ported  that    300
the   rural   guards
the 12th nt ZeflB,
Ince, nnd that the
men.    The  loss  ������
not   known.     ....    n _
claro that a duel between General Linares, who commanded the Spanish
troops at Santiago in the Spanish-
American war, and Senor Soriano, editor of Kspnim Nueva. occurred today
near Saragossa. Pistols were used
and tho conditions were particularly
severe. No details of the result are
given. The trouble between General
Linares and Senor Soriano grew out
of attacks published iu thi' paper on
ral Linares' conduct    of   the de-
��� of Santiago.
Delegates Arrive.
San .lose, Costa Hico, Sept
egates from (luntomnln,
and Honduras ti
which Is To he h
the   signing
board   th
Alcohol  From Corn Cobs.
Washington, D. C. Sept. 14.���In the
���"Hifaeture of nlcohol from corn cohs
1'nl corn stalks at small cost, the de-
iho Ainer-
s It   Is  re-
Insurgents attacked
on   the- morning  of
Sanln    Clara   prov-
government lost is
f  the  insurgents  Is
The government  forces
retreated   to   saucit   Plerrletua.    M.
Steeper Mho charge) adds thai i rumor is current of tin uprising In Cann-
guay. The postal Service between """
Hugo and Havana Is Interrupted.
Steepers' report is hnsed on a
gram received from the American consul at Santiago on the afternoon of
September in.
California Fire.
Tiburon, Cal., Sept. 14,���Fire yesterday destroyed" the business quarter of
San  Salvador
the peace conference
hi here as a result ol
of a treaty  of  pence  on
.   United  States  cruiser   Mar
last   .Inly,  hnve   arrived   aud
 ordod an   official    welcome.
The conference will   probably   begin
Beptember 15.
Cease Hostilities.
Havana, Sept. 14.���The emissaries
sent to Havana bv Alfredo Soayaw, the
Liberal leader, Informed the Associated Press that Seayas has telegraphed
the insurgent commander in every
province to cease fighting because negotiations were pending for surrender
to  the  American  naval  commander.
n San
Prince Appointed.
llerlln. Sept. 14.���-Prince Henry or
Prussia has been appointed commander-in-chief of all lhe siptadrons In the
service. He succeeds Admiral Vo:i
Koester, who retains ihe post of chlel
Inspector of the navy.
Dates of the Fall Fairs.
Nelson���September 19, 20. 2t.
Vernon���September  IU.  20, 21.
Kamloops���September 26, 27.
New   Westminster     Provincial-Oct.
. 7.
Columbus, O., Sept. 14.���Tribute
was paid today to William MeKlnley,
patriot and president, when the MacNelll monument to Ohio's illustrious
son was unveiled In the presence of a
gathering that included many distinguished visitors from all parts of Ohio
and from other states as well. The
statue Is placed at the west entrance
to the state capitol grounds, where a
vast crowd of people gathered to witness the  unveiling ceremonies.
Mrs. Alice Roosevelt - Longworth,
(lovernor A. L. Harris, Senator John
W. Daniel of Virginia and Justice William K. Day of the United States supreme court, were the principal participants In the ceremonies. The invited guests included many men who
were intimately associated with the
martyred president In public life.
Grand Army veterans from all parts
of Ohio were In attendance. Conspicuous among them were General R. B.
Hi-own of Zanesville, national commander of the G. A. R., and General Joseph W. McKay .national commander
of tbe  Union Veteran legion.
Tho program opened with selections
ol patriotic music .following which Dr.
Washington Gladden delivered the Invocation.     Governor   Harris   delivered
a   brief  address  and   then introduced
Mrs. Longworth, who had the honor of
pulling the cords that loosed the drapery of flags concealing the monument.
The daughter or the  president was
given the signal  and  she seized hold
of the ropes with a quick, determined
grasp    that    bespoke    the    Roosevelt
spirit through and through.   She gave
one pull and then another.   The crowd
stood as one   man, expectant   and intent.    Another quick pull, and within
a  moment the starry folds about the
monument   began   to  shake and  part.
Gradually they dropped away and off
the heroic figure, and all at once they
fell from the monument tn a heap and
the whole work stood revealed. As the
statue came into full view its magnificence was strikingly presented to tbe
people.    A mighty cheer, such ae welcomes the great ship as she slides into the water after the christening, was
heard, and the band struck up "America."
Governor Harris acted as master of
ceremonies, and made a.short speech
in which he referred most eloquently
:o the great man who passed from
earth five years ago today aud to the
artistic beauty of the monument which
11. A. MacNelll has modelled to perpetuate the MeKlnley name Governor Harris presented Mr. MacNelll,
who wis received with applause. It
was at this juncture that Mrs. Long-
worth was given her cue to pull the
ropes that released the draperies covering the monument,
Justice Day, who was a member of
Mr .MeKlnley's cabinet and one of his
most Intimate personal friends, was
greeted with hearty applause as he
Stepped forward to deliver his address,
lie spoke in his usual earnest and emphatic way and frequently was applauded. Justice Day was followed by
Senator Daniel, who spoke at considerable length and extolled President
MeKlnley, Moth addresses were sincere eulogies of the character, devoted
fealty to country and home and the
courageous qualities of the martyr
whose statue served to inspire the
The monument unveiled today takes
drat rank for artistic beauty nmong
the many that have heen erected to
lhe memory of President MeKlnley.
The memorial consists of three centred figures, two groups and the statue
of the president, in the middle. On
one side is "Peace" and on the other
"Prosperity," representing in bronze
two cardinal principles for which the
dead president stood. When he received the wounds which resulted In
his death he was talking prosperity
and peace. The statue represents him
as he appeared standing before the
people at Mnffalo, and a large part of
the text of his last address 1st In relief. Tho statue is warmly commended
hy those who were most closely acquainted with Mr. MeKlnley. It was
with some difficulty and only after
months of study that the ��.culptor felt
salisfled thnt he hnd truly reproduced
Ihe president in tho pose that was
characteristic of hlm and one so well
known to the people of the entire
The group of Ponce portrays a child
and Its mother, In an easy pose, ap-
nnrontly listening to what the speaker
Is saying. It Is a bronze statue of a
typical Americnn woman. The figure
!'r Prosperity tdiows a toller nnd an
apprentice, both listening to the remarks of the president The statue of
The following Is an excerpt from the
speech of Hon. W. Templeman at the
Young Liberals' banquet in Victoria
on Tuesday night:
"I  believe the  whole    province    of
Mritish    Columbia is on    the eve    of
great development .Indeed.    When the
railway  enterprises,  including that of
the  Grand   Trunk   Pacific,   for   which
the  Lllieral  government has been  severely criticised, have been completed,
they  will  assist  in  a tremendous advance for Mritish Columbia.    Speaking
to Mr. Wainwrlght of the Grand Trunk
Pacific some three or four weeks ago
lie told me hlB company was prepared
to have the   railway    constructed   as
purposed  under the    contract    before
1911.    If they do that���mind, I make
no promise.!���that  means    only    five
ytars before the railway  will be running to Prince Rupert.    I am told the
railway company has 12 or 14 survey
parties in  the field in  Mritish Columbia and    it    is expected I  the survey
work will be completed this year, the
pass to be used selected and construction promised at once.     Of   course 1
make no  promises;   I  am not In  the
confidence of the Grand Trunk Pacific,
but waa told  by  Mr.  Wa.nwright the
company would live up to Its contract,
and I expect them to do so.    I have
also in  mind  the construction  of the
Canada Northern road, which will also
shortly be brought to the coast, for It
is hy no means the Intention of  th'.-.
company to make its terminus at Edmonton.    These two continental lines
are building from ocean to ocean, and
will  have the    necessary    subsidiary
lines.    1 believe the Grand Trunk Pacific will never stay in the north, but
will build to   come    Into   Vancouver,
and with all these railways and the influx of settlers I  feel sure    we    will
have very prosperous times In British
Columbia within the next five or six
"I  have noticed  in the newspapers
that some fruit growers of the interior
have started agitation to remove the
head   tax   on   Chinese   coming   Into
British Columbia.    I  don't know how
you young Liberals look at this thing,
but think no  Liberal  should  join  in
any movement of the kind.    1 know
the long struggle there was to put the
head tax on Chinese.   I am not going
to say there Ib not a demand for labor
in  British  Columbia.    There is a demand ail through  the  Bast also, and
they're not looking for Chinese labor,
but for white men from Europe.    We
should  look  to  my   friend,  Hon.   Mr.
Scott, minister of Immigration, to send
ub the unemployed and poor laborers
of  England,   Scotland  or  other  countries of Europe.    There are plenty of
them there.    If we    want    labor    we
should get white labor.    I never was
a great anti-Chinese    man;    I take a
broader view.    I  believe in the open
door policy, but I would have a sentinel at the  door to admit only  those
who would become In the fullest term
citizens of Canada.
"I hope there are no reporters here,
for my views may not be In keeping
with those of the minister of immigration.    (Laughter.)
"I would confine my policy to people  who  nre  going  to  be  Canadians.
We don't want communities by themselves, nor want    those    who    retain
their home customs.    If Chinese, Japanese,    Doukhobors    or    others    will
not become citizens I would put some
impediment in the way, and  make It
difficult for them to enter thiB Canada
of ours.   If we look to the future, and
know what this Canada will be In 10
or 20  years hence,  we will  feel  that
thosi?  who come into Canada will be
those who come to full citizenship and
the   responsibilities   of   citizenship.     I
will  not say  that we do not need a
servile class;  some say we do.   I believe, though, we can get white men
lo  work in  canneries and  other  employments ,and feel that It Is the true
policy to have them do so.    We may
go slower, we may not develop ae fast.
Ot fill up   lhe    North    as    fast,   but
wouldn't It be better to give place to
our own race or to the northern races
of  Europt���at  all  events to  a  better
class of people."
by  the officials here    to have    beeD |
very fortunate.
the first place several events of
importance have taken place .raising
iBsuea which It will now be possible
to bring before The Hague conference.
Some or these, indeed, bring superior
interest and importance to the topics
that, are suggested for consideration
In Ihe first tentative Russian program.
In the second place, as a result of
Secretary Root's South African tour,
It Is probable that nearly all of the
governments of the continent will be
represented at the second conference,
which was not at all certain had tbe
conference been held when originally
proposed. The representation will
thus be Increased from 30 nations to
about 45.
Fifty Cents a Month
Splendid Exhibit Assured
For Fair
Spokane    and    Nelion   Builnew Men
Exchange Compliments.
The banquet of the Nelson board ol
trade to the member- of the chamber
of commerce of Sookane wa- wholly
successful. The program as annouDo
ed In yesterday's Canadian was carried out to full. U. Tomkins bad
charge of all arrtsvugemeuts for the
dinner and did his part perfectly. The
wives of board of trade members
formed a decoration committee and
made a tasteful display of flowers and
flags, tbe Stars and Stripes being very
much tn evidence, in compliment to
the visitors.
From the nature of the gathering no
Important announcements could be
expected to be made, but the speeches
were full of good will tactfully expressed, and several of them were full
of wit and point. A. W. Hyndman proposed the toast to the ladies ln hU
first recorded public speech.
i'he banquet broke up between 11
and 12, and some of the more youthful members of the party enlivened
with choruses the march to the station
to entrain for Rossland.
Gold Export From France.
Paris. Sept. 14.���Rumors    that
Bank of Prance had agreed to permit
the export of $16,000,000 ln gold for
the relief of the New York money
market, has caused disquiet on the
bourse, and the following semi-official
statement In behalf of the bank has
been made.
"These rumors are false. The
Bank of France has refused absolutely on every occasion to allow gold to
leave for that destination. It ls possible, however, that the Bank of
France, owing to the rise ln the rate
of exchange In London and ln the
event of Egyptian requirements becoming pressing, will export gold to
London, but such a movement would
necessitate a rate of exchange of
Rev. J. G. Shearer, of Lord's Day Alliance,    Speaks   on   Recent   Campaign���New Officers Chosen.
An Ominous Note.
I'nrls. Sept. 14.���In a formal note to
Franco and other powers, Turkey
slniws attention to the warlike preparations which nre Roing on In Bulgaria. While It ls declared that this
note makes no allusion to retaliatory
steps on the part of Turkey ,thls notification from the Porte is regarded
ns ominous.
Hague Conference Delayed.
Washington, D. C.,- Sept. 14���Al
though lhe date has not yet been definitely fixed the second Hague conference will priibitblv bo held next May
or .lune, according to Dr. David Ley
lachlll, It. S. minister to The Nether
lands, who Is now In Washington on n
special mission. Tho postponement of
[Ills Important gathering, at first re-
irrcttcd by every one Interested ln the
encouiagement of the great principle
nf the settlement of International disputes by arbitration, is now believed
Rev. J. G. Shearer, secretary of the
Dominion Lard's Day alliance, addressed a meeting in the Methodist
church last night on the subject of recent legislation making Sabbath observance compulsory.
Several times in tils speech he Implied that malign Influences had been,
and were still, at work hampering the
work of the alliance and misrepresenting its objects. He charged specifically that the Influence of corporations
had been strong enough In the Canadian senate to secure modifications of
the new Lord's Day act
On behalf of the alliance Mr. Shearer disclaimed any intention or wish to
enforce religious observance of any
kind. The object of the legislation, he
said .was almost exclusively the securing of a day of rest for all laborers, so fixed that no employer could
Interfere with it.
He quoted the examples of France
and olher countries to show that a
li-gul Sunday did not necessarily imply religious unanimity.
He claimed that the act passed as
the result of the efforts of the alliance
secured the wished for day of rest
without unnecessarily interfering with
the liberties of anv.
At the close of the meeting the Nelson branch of the alliance wns reor-
��� ganlzed with the following officers:
President���M. J, Frasscr.
Vice   Presidents���Rev.  ,T.  T.  Ferguson. Captain    Johnson.    Rev.   R.    N.
ftecretarytreasurer��� Captain D. C.
Members of the Executive���Messrs.
F. M. Black, .1. A. Lament. <"��� F. Mc-
Hardv. Wm. Ebbs. II. Amas ,C. A. McKay. A. Sullivan. J. A. Irving.
Dally Russian Slaughter.
Vllnn. Russia, Sept. 14.���An attempt
made by the Russian police to arrest
several peasants of the village of Lu-
konlsa, who had been organizing dls-
sutlers among the peasants, has resulted In a collision between the mob and
the soldiers. The latter fired a volley,
killing eight persons nnd wounding 60
All Sections, Grades of ore. and Mill
and Smelter Products oi Kootenay Will be Represented.
The mineral exhibit at the Nelson
fair this year Is certain to be the best
of Its kind ever held ln Brltlah Columbia or Washington, ln respect both
of the number and value of prizes offered and ot the exhlbtt, variety and
wealth of resources displayed.
The mineral department ls under
the supervision ot Chairman 1. ti.
Procter. Mr. Procter has secured the
services of A. W. Dyer as manager..
Mr. Dyer has been promised a full
exhibit ot all the products ot the Trail
smelter. There will be specimens ot
pig lead, lead pipe and sheet lead,
which have been prepared for shipment to China. The products of the
gold and silver refinery will be displayed, special space ha-vln. been reserved for them. An interesting feature of the Trail display will be a
collection of the products of the new
Heberleln roasters.
A special exhibit from the Boundary
district. Including products of the
Granby , Dominion Copper and B. C.
Copper company's smelters as well as
exhibits of the ores of the whole district, including Greenwood's celebrated hlgfi grade belt, is being prepared
by G. W. Cornish.
Mr. Dyer ls giving special attention
to the Nelson district The Hall Mines
smelter will be represented hy a fully
comprehensive exhibit ot all Its products.
The La Plata Mines company will
contribute specimens of Its ore of all
grades. Including a new shoot of concentrating ore recently encountered to
the westward, up the hill, In the No.
3 and No. 4 tunnels, and also the products of Its new concentrating plant.
Promises of exhibits from the Silver
King and the Eureka have also been
Preparations for an exhibit trom
Alnsworth on a most elaborate scale
are being made by Messrs. Stevenson
and Smith, who promise something
surprising In lead and tine, aa well as
in silver.
Mr. Dyer wishes to hear from any
prospectors who wish to exhibit, not
later than tomorrow. The fair directors will meet all charges tor carriage.
The prises tn the mineral department are on a very generous scale.
The cups offered by the smelting companies, and the medals given by the
Canadian Bank of Commerce and by
K. W. Wlddowson have already been
Letter Rests in Fire Alarm Box Until
Found by Visitor.
A few daya ago Alderman Nell B.
Mclnnes ot Regina was in Nelson on
a visit Having been city general Inspector for some years he could not
refrain from observing things ln Nelson. His activity revealed at least one
peculiar fact.
He opened the fire alarm box at the
oorner of Kooteuay and Baker streets
and found a stamped letter addressed
to an Itallun resident of Winnipeg.
Two years ago an alarm was turned
in from that box. The brigade turned
out and found no fire, nor any other
cause of the alarm.
It seems likely that some guileless
Italian mlBtook the box for a lettr ��� receptacle, accidentally gave an alarm,
and disappeared to save trouble.
The long-delayed letter was mailed
by Chief Deasy, to whom Mr. M.luucs
handed It.
Say Much Blood Will Be Shed Before
Dawn of Freedom.
Now York. Sept. 14.���Dr. Emlle O.
Illrch, professor at lho Un'verslty of
Chicago, urrlved here yastei-ilay. He
has been abroad several months und
hns made some Investigation of the
Jews' position in Russia. While he
did not go into Russian territory, Dr.
Illrch said he met many Jewish stu-
stems tu Germany, where they had fled
for protection In continuing their
studies. "From my talks with the
refugees In Germany and general observations," he said, "there Is evidently a universal feeling of despair
among the Jews of Russia. Those
with whom I talked nre ot the opinion
that much blood will be shed before
the dawn of freedom breaks upon
; a ���
li '���*.
The Daily Canadian
Cool nights .ire now iu order.     They will invite
pleasant dreams of
Ws- have plenty ssf them in red and Mui1.
3 1-2 Points, weighing about 10 pounds, $7.50 per pair
4 Points, weighing about 12 pounds,    -   8.50 per pair
These blankets are justly celebrated for their excellence
tlleni in this city.
We alone carry
LUMBERMEN.���Pillows. Comforte is, Gloves and Mits, Socks, Shirts and
Underclothing, Oil Clothing, Sweaters, Miners' and prosoectors' Boots
and Shoes and Rubbers.. Groceries and Provisions.. Everything of the
Best quality and prices surprisingly Low.
Published Fix dayi a weet by the
Baker Ht., Nelson, B. 0.
-Subscription rate..-, to cents a month delivered
lu the viij, or Ji.ooa year if sent by mmi, when
p&l<. lu advance,
Advertising rates on application.
aii tnonlea paid in settlement ��r Tin- Daily
Canadian accounts, either foi subscriptions or
advertising, must be receipted for on the printed
forms nf tne Company.  uihcr receipts ar.* nol
" By oue word we an- sometimes Judged to be
wise and by out-wor t sometime! judged tu be
Iboliib. Let us therefore be careful wnai we
The visit yesterday, of the Spokane
chamber of commerce, was an importanl one in several respects. Arriving
early in the morning as they did, with
flaring advertisements of the Spokane
annual lair, ami With streaming
badges announcing who they were and
what they came for, they took the city
by mild storm. To Canadians the tin
pan multicolored show cards were
somewhat of an Innovation, especially
tn the way they were worn.like so
many wooden medals, but it required
only a few minutes association with
the members of the party to discover
that they themselves looked on that
feature of their advent as oue of thi
superfluities and effervescent methods
of adding zest to a foreign visit.
The brevity of their stay in Nelson
was in some respects to be regretted,
but aa Ihey saw the city in the best
possible view, that from the water,
both in the early morning and the
shades of evening, the Impression
created was perhaps more favorable
than if they hot] spent the whole day
Jn loafing about ihe slrec'ts, In their
walk from the mountain station they
passed some of the beautiful gardens
and well kept laws and their expressions of admiration wen* -gratifying to
the ear.
During the entire trip to ami from
Kaslo the members of the party showed how thoroughly the American can
relax when he resolves to throw off the
cares of business. For the most of the
party lhe outing was an "outing" pure
and simple, and right properly did they
make it such.
The party was representative of tho
Various business interests of the city
of Spokane and there were few accompanying itie excursion who have
not some vital interest in the commercial affairs of lhat city. And best of
all, there were among the party those
who know full well how io combine
with a pleasure excursion the observant attention ttt future busness possibilities which, to some men, are a
part of the zest of an excursion. Tin*
several citizens of .Nelson who accompanied the party to Kaslo were kept
busy answering questions, and some of
these showed an alertness and a business capacity that suggest the value of
such a visit, not only to the visitor,
but to the place visited.
It will be but stating the truth to say
that the visit of tlie party to the Kootenays has been a marvellous revelation. Throughout the Boundary and
along the lake, the developments that
have taken place, with the still undeveloped possibilities, both in horticulture and mineral resources, were like
a peep into a new world, and loud
were their expressions of wonder at
the wealth of the country.
���   ���   ���
In polities, while the chamber of
commerce Is divided, as is of course
every body of business men, there was
an undisguised admlralion for the ad
ministration of President Roosevelt.
The strong character of the chief executive of the i'nited States government seems lo have created n tendency, especially in the west, to break
away from party lines and follow the
man. who In his politic:.! initiative and
execution, does the work which his
office calls for. it was generally conceded that Mr. Roosevelt i.s the man
for the limes and fUso unfeignedly believed that if he can Ite persuaded to
allow his name to be placed in nomination for the next term, the I'nited
States has not today p man who can
win against him. At the same time we
gathered thai the general feeling is,
since Mr. Roosevelt's administration
has been so strenuous, and since he
has been so firm tn his opposition to
many legislative and administrative
abuses, it might be wiser for him to
retire for a term so that popular sentiment may have time to catch up with
the advanced positions which he has
The view was generally held by
members of the party, that in the
event of Mr. Roosevelt declining re-
nomlnatlon, Mr. Bryan's chances are
of the best. Undisguised admiration
for Hryan us a man and for his strong
Utterances were certainly the sentiments of the politicians of the party
In their discussion of Canadian affairs the party were much given to
admiring the judicial system which
prevails in Canada and which removes,
at least in intent, all political or partizan feelings from the mind of a
judge. The system of promotion to
the judiciary which is in vogue in
Canada was also much praised. We
have every reason to believe that it
was not merely the exigencies of the
moment which made President Ham���
i!i replying to the toast to the visitors,
say repeatedly that the line which separates us is only an imaginary one, aud
while in the matter of national ideals
we may differ somewhat, we have afler
all that deep seated friendship which
will evolve into the solidarity of an
Anglo-Saxon race dominating the
American continent.
The further expression of President
Ham, that the few members of Hie
S;iokane chamber of commerce who
were visitors to Kootenay this year
will act as a leaven with the entire
membership, was doubtless sincere,
and we ibink it was no idle promise
thai he made on their behalf lhat next
year and in future years this paradise
of thi' province should receive from
the chamber, ihe attention which ii so
manifestly deserves
i'he Winnipeg Telegram publishes a
special despatch from London whjeh
says: "The liirmingham Post London
correspondent says that the result ot
Oliver's officinl investigation into the
Bpeclal propaganda for emigration,
carried on by the Canadian office here
under the direction of W. T. Preston,
has been distinctly favorable to that
Of course. W. T. R. Preston is all
right or he wouldn't have been sent to
the Orient.    We told you so.
Hill Nye once said of lite Shinne-
Coch hills on Ixmg Island: "I could
test there all summer and then after
a good night's sleep go right at it
i gain the next day."
Ulalr,   transportation    manager for
the H.  \.  R.,  who    accompanied the
party  to  see  that   none of  them got
left along tho    line, stepped    off the
boat at Ainsworth and wasn't missed
for some time, so the steamer had to
put back and pick him up.
From Mayor MeAnn's speech of welcome:
"Kaslo fruit in competition with the
fruit of all the world iu the Hritish exhibitions took first prize, and ladles
and gentleman, in tin- words of the
book of books���'Hy their fruits ye
shall know  them.' "
"See, they have the Hritish flag up
there. It's not nearly as pretty as the
Stars and Stripes .but I suppose they
ihlnk  it's all right."
speaking of the Kaslo complimentary luncheon. "Hy .love, I'd like to see
the place of ihe same size on the
American side that would do this soit
of thing by us."
Adopted the Roosevelt spelling reform already over there. Most of
them called it "Spkan."
"Frank!    John says, 'The more I see
)f meu the better I  like dogs.' "
"Jim, don't you think litis lake beats
Coeur  d'Alene all   hollow?"
"Isn't Nelson a  pretty town?"
Anniversary   Recalls   Assassination   of
Late  President   McKinley.
Washington, n. c. Sept H.���President Roosevelt, who is enjoying the
closing days of his summer vacation
at Oyster Ray, today begins his sixth
year as chief executive of the nation,
it was on September 14, 1901, that Mr.
Roosevelt took tlie oath of office. On
the preceding day the attention of the
whole world was centered on Milburn
house at Huffalo, from which bulletins
were issued in the afternoon announcing that President McKinley -was sinking. Vice President Roosevelt who.
like the rest of the public, had been
led to believe by the physicians' re-
porta earlier In !ti�� \v.iek that the
president would recover, had gone on
a trip In the New England mountains.
When he received word that their had
been a turn for the worse tn the president's condition he hurried to Huffalo
and arrived just before the end came.
In the middle of the afternoon, shortly after the martyred president had
answered the final summons. President Roosevelt was sworn into office
by Secretary of State Day.
Notice is hereby given that ilxty days alter
date 1 Intend toapply to the Honorable tne Chief
Commiasioner ot Lamls ami Worka for permission
to par-chase the following described lamls altu-
a.-a-tii the West Kootenay dlatrlet, and adjoining
Paul Andre's pre-emption, Martin* at a poal
marked a.i. L-ong, n ft, corner, on the west shore
ol Lower Arrow lake, thence SO chains weft,
thence 40 chains sonth, thence 20 chalna east,
lUenei- jo chains north to poim of commence.
Dated at Nelson. |(. i'., thj. bth dav ot Sept-am-
ber, IKIi A.J. I-OM.,
Wm. poi.ui**.-., Agent,
Notice U hereby -given tbat 00 -Jay* after 'late 1
intend toapply to the Honorable the chief Commissioner ��f Lands and Worku tor permission
to purchase tbe following described land, situate
in Fire Valley, In the West Kootenay dlatrlct, adjoining W. a. Calder*i pre-emption, starting Rt a
post marked M. McQuerrle'i southwest corm-r,
running w chains cast, tlu-nce 40 chain* north,
tbenco Bo chalm west tbence to eliains south to
point of coiniiient'eiiiclit-   .
blued tins nth .lay of -September, met!.
Mam   Mita'AKHlK,
j. e. Taylor, Agent,
Notice is hereby given that iio davs after dale I
Intend to applv to the Hon. the Chief Commissioner nf Unds and Works fur pcrii.lc-.imi to purchase the rollowlng desoribed lauds in West
Kootenay district, province ot British Columbia.
Commencing at a post marked a. ... Burton's
B. VV, comer, on the south side of Cariboo creek,
about tWO mile! east of  Iturton Clly Inwnslte,
and ul lhe northwest eorner of William MePev-
m's pre-emption claim, thenee eaat 40 chains,
iheliec  north  80 chains tbenee  west -in chains,
tnence south 00 chains to tbe place of beginning,
containing 240 acres more or less,
bated Ihis 24th day nf July, 1.W6.
Notice is hereby given that SO dayi afier date I
intend to apply to the Honorable tne Chief Com*
mlssloner of Landi and Works for permission to
purchase the following described land in Weat
Kooieimy in.-tric* abont seven miles soutli of
Hurton city:  Commencing at n posl planted on
the easl bank nf   I rout i reek  and   marked   Alex
Cheyne'- N. \v. r. Pout ami running south BO
chain-; thence east m ehalns; tbence nnrth .so
chalns; thenee wesi ao. halm lo post of beginning, containing 6*10 acres Ol hind, nmre or less.
hated thlStmid dav nf August. P*t\
AMU! Chbvkk
VV. H  Hahiiton, Agent
Nntice is herebv given that slxtv dm* after
date   I   ini. ml    loiippv   In   ll,r   |{,.11,,table   lbe
thief Commisaloner ��{ Lauds Hmi Wnrks, fnr
permission to purchase the following deaerlbod
lands commenelDg at a post marked Qeorgc Toi-
11 ng ton's K. B.C. post, at tlm southeast eorner
nt J O. McUrado's pre-emption claim ami
running south W cbalni to suutliwesi comer of
Ueo Hudsonv pre-emption claim] thenee wesl 30
chains; theme north 40 chalna, them isttU
i hains to place of i mencemont, containing BO
aorei of laud more or les-.
bated this Mb diiv of Augnsi, littt..
A. A, Hurton, Agent.
Kptfca ib hereb'* given thai 00dayi alter date I
Inieml loapply to ihe flnm,rable Chief I'mnmis-
.inner uf Lauds and Wnrks ior perml-simi to pur-
clKtue (he following described lamls, situate lit
the Wot! Kfioiciiav dUtrlct, Marling from a post
planted at the 8 tt eornernl (Ernest w.ft.bln.pn'1
Application |o hirchase, and on the north bunk
of the North Kork of' oa creek) thonce in abftlni
west. M chains nortii. HI) chain* east, in chaltiK
south. -<.och_Lt!u west, .ii chains muith to lntcr-.ee.
tion of north line ol i*: w. HobiusoirHAppiicatiou
tn Purehaae, tbence in chains wesl and 20 ohalni
south to point or commencement, containing-do
Dated 18th dav id Auguit, lot**.
F, W, HoBiKaitS,
 per KhnkktV*'. Uoi-.inshs, Agent.
Notloe Is hereby given thai sixty tiny* afler
date 1 Intend to apply to the Honorable the
''hief Commissioner of Lands aiol Works for
permission to purchase the following described lands situate in tlie West Kootenay
district, siartlng from a post planted on the
norili bank Of thfl North Pork of bog creek
thenee SO chains west, ao chains nnrth, do ehalns
West] 40 chains north, ai chains west, a-ehulns
north. ��) chains west, SO cbalm north, HO ehaiim
eaal, *__*! chains smith, 90 CbaiOl easl, lo < hiitn*.
south, ���Jl chains east. 40ph"lDBSOUtfa to point of
commencement, containing ow acres.
bated :-* I, day of August, WOO,
gBKVSl W   RoBimON
Notice In herebv given that <I0 days from dale I
Intend bt apply to the Honorable tin- chief Com-
mfsaloniT of Lands and Worka lor permission
to purchase the following described  Inn Is sit"
lutein West Kootenav District:  Commencing
ai a post marked " E. -Stewart's N W, eurner
post," situated near the .luiieilon of Lost ereek
ami south Fork ol Salmon, thenee souih -to
chains, more or less; thence oast HO ehains;
thenc  north  40 chains,   more or  less;   thence
west so chains to point of eommeneement.
Balmo, August iiih, 1*906.
 T. n. Atkinson, Agent.
Notice i.s hereby given tbat sixty days after
date 1 in lend tn applv to tin.- linn. Chief! 'mnmi-..
sioner Of Lands mid Wnrk- Inr permlaalon to
purohasetbefollowlngdeacrlbed landssUuatelp
West Kootenav district, adjululug lhe Interna'
tional boundary  line,  about   four  miles east of
the Columbia river, commenolng ai a post narked "I. M. F's B. w. comer," situate on tbe In
ternatlonal bonndary ino*, at tbe southeaal corner df 1,8. c. Krnser'siaud; tbence easl mi chains,
theme north tio chains, tbenee west 80 chains.
ihenee south ftt (-hain-. to the plaoe of commencementi containing 480 acres more nr less.
bated 88th .tunc, t'JOti. I,.ii!.\ M. PSASlfi,
F. .1 O'Reilly. Agent.
Notloe Is hereby given tbat oo dan alter date i
intend lo appiv to lhe lluiimable the Chief lom-
misslonernf Lands and Works to purchase tbe
following desoribed lands, S3Q acres, moreorless;
co cueing at a po<l planted mi ibe west ban*
of Upper Arrow lake at a point abmit 7 miles below Kaktup_andmarked Q. K, H il, U.K. cornor
posi;   thencO 80 Chains   west;   theme 4i> chains
smith; theuce no chain- east, more or less to lake
ibore; thence along lake shore to point of beginning.
bated thlSfith dav of Sent.. I WW.   ti, A. B. IUI.L
00 days after date I intend toappli to the Honorable the Chief Commissioner m Lands and
Worka, Victoria, B. C, to (.urchasc 840 acres of
land situate west nf Armw lake on the west side
of Whaichan ereek and Joining the north boundary of s. j. Annable application to purchase.
Commencing at a post marked R. J, B. & B, corner and ninning was' 80chains; u ence north ni
chains; tbence eut 80 chains; thenco smith to
point of nmencement
September 'Jnd 1906. It  J. ELLIOT.
Notice is bereby given Hmi c-o duys after date l
intend to apply to the Hnuorale Chief Commissioner itf Landsand Works for permission to purchase the foUOWlna desoribed lauds, situate 111
the West Koolenay district. lUrting from a post
planted at lhe N. K enrner of F W. Etoblnson'l
Application to purchase, tbenee 40chains east,
su chains smith, SO chains west, M) chains north,
lo chains west, SO chains norlh. 20 chain I cast. 40
lhains imrih lo poi ut of com iii'iicoiiient. contain
ing 100 acres
bated 1
Thi Ii 'lav of August, 1QO0
D. C. K. I.O..IN*
per Kumar W. Robinson, Agent.
Nnlfecis  hereby  given   that  *i\ly  days  afler
<iate I intend to' appiv to iio- Honorable tbe
Chief Commluloner of Lands and Works foi permission to purchase  tlie  following described
land on lhe west sbon- ol Upper Armw Lake and
joining J. ll. Feeney'a pre-emption; Running
wesl io ehains; theuce north -' ehains. ihenc
east 40Chains, to the shore ol the lake; thence
south following the lake Bhore lo point nf commencement, containing :t*_xi acres moreor leas.
Dated August pj, iwo;.
II. F. Ma(I.koi)
J. J, Kki.i.v, Agent.
Notice Ii hereby given that sixty days after
date I intend lo applv to the Honorable the
Chief Commissioner ol Lands and Works for per
mission  to purchase Hr- following described
land on the west side of  Lower Armw  Uke and
joining tbe sou tb line of the Indian Reservation :
Kunuing west Lit chains; thence iouth to chains;
thenee east 20 chains, to the shore of Ihe lake;
thence north following thu lake shore to llie
polnl of commencement, containing UW acre*,
more or less.
Dated Auguit90,1908, w. B,Macleod
 J.J, Ksi.LV, Agent.	
Notice is hereby given that 1 Intend, 60 days
after date to apply to the Honorable the Cnief
Commissioner of > andi and VV orki for permission
to purchase the lollowlng described lands ln
West   Koolenay  district,  about live miles south
of Burion t'lty, oommenelng at a posi planted on
the cast bank of tract C. K., ana murked "W, H.
Hamilton's S. W. C. post," and running north Wj
chains, tlience east 80 chains, thenee south Nt
chains, thenee west 80 chains to place of beginning, containing ti-iij ueres of land, more or leis.
I'ated this-'Jnd day of August, 1006.
w  n Hamilton,
Notice is hereby given that 60 dart after date 1
intend to apply to the Honorable Chiel Commissioner of Lands ami Wnrk-. for -permission to
purchase the following described lands, situate
in West vontenay district: Commencing at a
post marked "B. (Jockey's N. W. corner post," sit-
in. t-- near the N K. corner of laud applied for by
K.K., tlience south to chains, more or less; thenee
cast ��0 chains; thence north Mi chains, more or
loss; thence west 80 chains to point uf commencement.
Balmo, August 11, 1900. B. CONJOtT,
t. ii. Atkinson, Abciu
Notice is berbj giren tbat 60 days after date i
intend, to apply to the Hnimrabiethe Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for permission to
purchase the following described laudssiniale in
West Kootenav district: < omtnem ing at a post
marked -li. Ross's N. \v corner po-.i," sltnate
near the X. K. corner pf laml applied for by A.
MeL��aib thence suiilh 40 citaiiis, moreorless;
thence east ho chains; theuce north lo chains,
more or less; theliee West 80 chaius to point of
-Sauno, Auguid ii, 1900 K. Boas,
T, H. ATKINSON, Afent.
Notice is hereby glveu  that sixty days after
<latc  I   Intend  to apply   l"  the  Honorable   tlie
chief Commisaloner ol Lands ami Works fnr
permjsston to pnrchase tlte following described
lands situate in West Kootenay district: Commencing ata post marked "A. McLean's N W.
corner post,"Situate near the N.E. corm-r nf land
applied fur by A. Mcl.augbbin, theliee south 10
chains,   more   or   less;   thence   east KU chains;
thence north 40 chatna, more or lc.-.; thence west
nn chains to point of commeii'-ement
Salmo, August II, 1000 A. McLean,
T. H. Atkinson, Agent
Notice is hereby given tbal 60 nays alfr 'late I
Inleuil to make appnt allou to the honorable the
chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for per-
ndtton to purchase tbefollowingdescrlbed land-,
situate tnwesi Konienay district: Commencing
at a po>t marked "A. MaLftuehlin'i N. W corner
post." situHte near tbe N -s, oorner of land ap-
plied for by P, McArthur, ihence souih40 chains,
mure or less; thenee east m chains; ihence north
4n chains, more or less; thenee west 80 chaini to
point of commencementi
Balmo, August 11, 1006, A. McLai-uHI.an,
T. H  Atkinson, Agent.
Notice is hereby given that 60 days alter date
I intend tO apply tO the Chief Commissioner of
Lands and Worki for permission to purchase
the following deserlbed lauds, iltuata In West
Kootenay district: Commencing at a posl marked J. Me Arthur's H. W.eoruer post." situate near
lhe N. B corner of land applied for by A I uriier,
lbence smith -U' chains nmre or le--; ihenc easl
M- chains;   thenc- north 4" chains, more or tell.
tlience west ao cbalm to poini of eommeneement.
Halmo. AngUSt 11, 1906.
J. McAinin k,
T. II   Atkinson. Agent.
Notice Is hereby giv< u that 60 days after dale
I   intend, loapply  to lhe  Hmiomble llo ihiei
Commissioner <>f Lands ami Worka for petmission tot urehase  the  following described lauds,
���lluate in lha We��t KpoUmay district: Commencing at a poit marked "A. Iirner's N.W coiner
post," situated ai the N. K, come-of land applied for by k Btewart, tbenee south 40 chains,
more or leuj thence easl Ho chains; thence north
4o chain*, mora or leas; thenoe wosl BOcbelm to
pniut of commencement.
Balmo,B U.Augu i n 1006, A.Ttkm.*.,
I    H   ATKINSON, Agelil.
Notice is hi reby given that 60 -lays after date I
Intend to appl) to the Honorable Ihe I blef Com
minloner ol Lands und Works fnr permission lo
ng described In
iv Uist let about seven mlL	
Hurton i ity: Commencing ata post planted mi
[lie east bank of Irmtl Creek and marked Mrs,
W 11. Hamilton'" g. W. C Poal and ni'nilng
uitrth 8<i chailiM ihcucc east 80 chains; tlu'tice
smith 80chains; ihence west 80 cha'ns to place
of beginning, containing 'ilu acres, moreor less.
Daied UilsJ-mldaynf August. IWOfl.
MK.i. W  H. Hamilton
w h. Hamilton, Agent.
Noiiee 1* herebv given that to -lays afler date 1
Intend lo apply to tb�� Hon. the < hief Commissioner oi Undi ami Works for permission Eo
purchase the following described lamls in the
Wnst Kootenay district:  Beginning at a post
marked It. Kcll's B. K. comer,  about   Iwo  miles
east  nf  (he hilinmi river, and ball a mih- fr	
tin- I'end d'Oreille river, ihenee an-hains norlh,
|0 chnins west, m chaini sonth and 40 I haili" east
lo place of beginning
Hated 27th day of July, lwifl. It- B. Hai.l���
Blxty days afterdate I Intend lo appiy totho
CommlsiWier ol Landi aim Works, Victoria, to
purchase 1W acres of land. Commeiieing al I
posl planted on the west sh->re of Arrow Luke, at
the south cist corm-r of -I, .1 Christie's pnr. base,
running nnrlh wi chalna. t hcliee east 'ki ��� halus,
tbence south HOidiiiiriH, thence west Ho chains to
place of com mencemont
located May, -ih 1906,
1,. i.Ai.LAoHKK, Locator.
Notice is hereby given that sixty days trom dan
I Intend toapph* in the Hon Chief Commission ei
til Laud-, and Woritl fnr permission tu piirehn-.
the followlug described lands situate iu Wen
Kootenav District adjoining the Internationa
boundary Hue. about Ave milea east of tbo Col
umbla river; commencing at a postmarked R
t.-s. w. corner,ou the International boundarj
lineal Laura M. I*ra-er'-s<.utliea>t corner, ihenci
north 80 chains, lbence cast .n chnins. thenei
south Wi ohalus, theuco weat in ehains ui thi
place ni eommeneement, containing 830 acrei
It A I I'H t.ll.l.KSI-lK.
or less.
Haled -JiUh.Inn-, B   _^^^^^_
Notice is hereby given that sixty days after
date i intend I., appiv to the Hon. Chief Commls-
sioner of Lamls aiol Works for permission to
purehaae Lbe lollowlng described lamls In
lbe Well Kootenav district, south ol tbe Pend
d'Oreille nver; Commencing al a postmarked
C. B's B. K. comer, situated on the trail near
Bearcreos abmiia mih- from tbe international
boundarj line, thenee weal bO chains, tbence
north BO ebalus more or less to tbe Pond d'Oreille
river- thence foMnuliig lhe smith bank of the
Lend d'Oreille river southeaal so cbaina. nmre
or loss; thence south W chains, moreor lc- to
the plaee of commencement, containing 860
acre.-, more or leaa.
Haled 5th July, HM*' ClUKUM BlKsKl .
P. J. O'Hlelly, Agent.
Noiiee :- horeby given ihat slxtv dajrsa.'ter
��� late I intend to apply io llo* Hon. eh ief t ommis.
sinner of Lands and Winks for permission lo
purchase tbe following described lauds, in
the Wesl Kootenaj District, Baal ol ami ad-
mining .lames,n, uaokenaio's land* Commenolng at a post marked A. fft 8.... corner, on the
smith   bank   id   the   1'i'lld  d'Oreille  river,  jusl
above the mouth ui ilu- Balmon rher, thenee
west 80 chains, thence north 00 chains nmre ,>r
less io tbe Pend d'Orelllo river, ibenee following
the south bank of the -aid river in a southeasterly direction to the place of commencement,
containing '2.'-) acres, more or less,
Haled lib July I0U8 A BTH I'H Si IINKIOKH.
Notice is herebv given lhat sixty days after date
I Intend to upuly to the Hon. Chief Commissioner
of Lauds and Works fm permission to purchase
the following described binds io   West Kootenav
Distriet smith of the Pend d'Oreille river. Commencing at h post marked E. T. M's, s. B. corner
ou the SOUth bank of tbe I'eml d'Oreille river,
about a link and a half eaat "f tin mouth of KihU
creek, thence south Ml chnins, thenee west 80
eliains. theuce north 40 chains  more or  less  to
the PonddO'rollle river, thonce following the
soutb bank of the said river In a northeasterly
direction to the place of commencementi containing -Isji acres, more or less.
Haled 2nd July 1906. Kt.J.A T. Maikkniik.
'Aimirii Si HNKiitRK, tgunt.
Nntice is hereby -given thai 60dajbafter date I
Intend to applv i'o the Hon. Cblel I ommlssloner
of Lamls ami Works for permlu to pnrehaae
tbe following described lands,iltuate in West
Kootenay Dlstrlot south of the Lend d'Oreille
rlvor; Commencing at a postmarked a.B Ms. n.
W. rorner situate at the south bank of the Lend
d'nreille river at Klla T. MacKcn/ie s imrth caM
enrner posi, thence nouth so elm ills, thelle.-   .-a>l
mi chains, thence north mi chains more ur less to
the I'eml d'Oreille river, thenee woal ni chnins,
following the bank of the said riwr tn the plnee
nf commencement, containing 040 acres, more
or leas.
Haled Jnd Julv 1008. A. ll  Mai kkniik.
Notice Is hereby given thatstxtTdeysafterdate
I intend to apply tothe Hon Chief Commissioner of Land-an I Works for permission to purchase thfl foUowlng described lands situate in
West Rootenay District, south of the Pend
d'Oreille river, commencing at a post marked
M. H'aN, E.corner, iltuate on the south bank
ol lbe I'end d'Oreille river at J amen >'. Ma.k.-n-
/ie'> southwest enrner. thence south pi) chains,
thence  wesi -j> i'l,a:n��. thence  north  To chains,
more or leas to the Pend p'Orellle river; thenoe
fntlnwhig the --nuth bank of the said ri\er In tin
easterly ami northeasterly direction to the place
of commencement, containing oio acres, more or
Hate Brd Julv. 1806.        Maki.ahkt Hawocht,
Arthur Schneider, Agent.
Notice ls hereby given tbat sixty days after date
t intent* to apply to theHon. Chief Comminionei
of Landi ami Works tor permission to purchase
the    following    described    lamls    in    West
KooKimy District, -outh nf the I'end d'Oreille
river, cnmniem'iiig at a post marked J N. M's
B. W. corner, situated on the south bank of the
I'end d'orelllw river, opposite the month of lfi
Mile Creek; tin u<-r easi m chains, thence north
���tu chains moreor lesa tO the I'end d'Oreille river,
thence following the south hank of the said river
in a westerly ami louthweatAlj direction to the
plai I commenoement, containing -Wo acres
more nr leas.
Dated 3rd July, 1908.       JauB-i N. MacKK.vzie,
Arthur Schneider, Agent.
Notbe i- bereby given that two months after
date I Intend to apply to the Honorable the Chief
Commissioner id Lands and Works for a Lease of
all thai land Ling the foreibore adjoining sub-
tlivi-ions 1, a ami I ot Lot 300, Group one (1)
Kootenay, mid b^ing on the south shore of the
W.st Ami Ol Kootenay lake, in the district of
Kooteiiuy :
Commencing at a pet marked "A. ��.. Watts'
southeast eormr  pTBt";   thence 60 ehalni west,
thence20 chains north; theuce co chains east;
thenoe Bo cbalm south tothe place of oommencement; the said land and foreshore to U* be und
Inr -awmill purpoiei.
Hated this .1st day ol Auguit, 19"6.
 A. E. Watts
Notice is herebv given tbat 00 dayi alter dite I
Intend to applv to the Hon  Chief Commissioner
ol Lands and works for permission topnrohase
the   following   described lumls,   situated   in Ihe
Kootenai district: Commenolng at a post mark
. l "BBw B, K oorner." planted on tbe shore of
Lower Arrow lake, abont one mile south nl
(.onion creek iJnhnstou creek,) theme norlh to
'hains,  thence  west  ki chains, thence smith no
chains, thenee east 20 chains to polntof eommeneement, Oontainlng WD acres moreorless,
and comprising abandoned pre em pi ion Ko. 870.
-jinked this .Mth day of August, 1900.
B. It. Wfll.VIKTttN,
 A. N. WtH.VBRTOy. Agent
Notiee is hen by given lhat 80 days irom date I
Intend loapply to the Honorable the Chief Com
mlssloner of Lands and Works, for permission to
purehase the following de'cribcd lands, situate
In tne dlstrlol of West Rootenay, adjoining Lot
T'.si i-n the west arm of Kootonay lake, commencing at lhe initial post placed al the southwest
corner <d Lol 790, thi noe nortii 20 .'hain-, thence
weal SU chains, thence south 30ohalna,thence
east -ti chains 10 point of commencement.
Hated Aug. L"ilb, llljfi. JAXH KkazRK,
Nntle.-  is hereby given ihat fit) ilavs after date I
Intend lo apply ttt the Honorable the Chief Commissioner of Landsand Works for permission to
purehase the following described lands: Commencing at a pnst mtrked "J. A. o. If s, W. ,or-
nor," placed at tbe northeast corner of Lot *.** 1
ruuntm.- So chains north; theuce to chains past;
them e so ei, iim south) thenoe hii chaini .test tn
poiii' nf commencement, containing 840 acres
more or leas.
Haled lhe31st day of July 1900,
J, A. O'ttatixv.
notice Is hereby given thai 00 days after dale
I intend lo applv 10 the Honorable the Chief
Coraralslouerof Landsand Work* fnr permlulon
tn purchase ibe following described landa iu the
Wist Kootenay District: Commencing al a poal
marked I. ll. h-enche's Land B. B, corner placed
near C.C. Poynts s. w. corner, thence eaal 80
chalna, thenco nortii 10 chains, tbence wnt ni
chains, Ibenee smith III chains to   place  of  com-
Hated 90th tlay of July 1900.        T. II. I'hknim
lly Amikkw Ai.ik. Agent.
Sol ice is hereby given that 60 ilavs after date I
intend to apph in the Honorable in< Chief Com*
thlasloner of Lands mid Works for permission io
purchase tho following described lauds m lho
West Koolenay district, near Hurton t'lty; com-
mencing at a posl plauied at the southeMi eorner
of '-eorge Hud'on's pre-emption claim, and
marked llany u Ti'llHIalon'a N. K c. post, and
ninning south in chains, ihence west90 obalns
thence north lo chains, ihcnce east90chains to
place of beginning, containing go acres of land,
more or less.
pated Hils ..-mil day of lbgust, ilk*.
Notice 1 ��� hereby given   hat HU -lavs afler date I
inteml to make applbattou to ihe Honorable lhe
Chief < ommlssloner of i .uidiaud Wo-ks for per-
mtislan to purchase about Boo acres of land situ
ated mi ihe Sal inon river, Wesi Kootenay district
commenolng al a post marked 8 R. Mutter's n ic'
Corner, planted mi the west bank of the river'
iiiaiut 4% miles north of the Internationa] bound-
ark,  theuce  wesi tin chains, (hence m chalm
souih. th'-i cast about ai chains to the river
Ho uee northerly along tbe riverto place of com-
Augnsi IHih, 1908. "   R   BOTTBB.
'}'��� H   Aila,ii-,,n( Ageiit,
Slxtv  ilnys  after  date I Intend toannlvtntha
Chiel Commisslonoi of Lands and Works at
\ IQlnrhi, fnr permission tu purchase one hundred
and Sixty (160) acres of land.loci 1 and described a* follows: Commenolng at r post planted
eighty (80) ehalna easl of u.e n. n corner ofD
Huigcr's pre pmptlon and marked **c. g _>>t # w'
corner,���' and running cast b.rtv (mt chains'
ihenee sm.ih forty (40) chains, thenceweatHO
chains, thenee north forty (40) chains to place .f
���/ulv 7, ftufi.                                 CK.CHRiHTii.
The Biggest and Best Ever.
SEPTEMBER 19,20,21,
Horse Rjccs, Lacrosse Tournament and other attractions.
The Largest Fruit, Vegetable and Mining Exhibits
in the Province.
Nollee is hereby given that 60 daVS after dale 1
Intend toapply to the Hon. tho Chtaf Commissioner of Lands and Worku for pormMelon to pur
chase the fnllnwing dew rlbed lands In Wesl
Kootenay district, province ��! Mritish Columbia;
Commem Ing at a post marked ���William Tolling
ion's northwest eorner post," said posl being
plauied al tho SOUthWCSl cm hit nl' lln-"t.in- li
Mineral  Claim,"  and   adjmiiing the east Hm- nl
Mcl'haii's pre-emption, thence smith twenty (J>)
chains ah.lig said line, thence cast forty (10)
chains, ihcnce nnrth twenty i-*") chains, theme
west forty (40)jchalnsmore nr less, to the place nf
Haled 1st 'lay of August. 1808.
By hlsagentJ, E.Taylor.
Notice In hereby given that sixty days alter
dale I intend loapply In llo Hmi. Chief rmntuis
Sioner of Lauds and Works foj permission in par*
chase the luiinwiug deacrlbed lan-ls tltaataln
We-t Kootenay district;  imencing at a pain
marked .1 II. \ austoiie's Sk eurner pnst, situate
in the -Salmon Klver Vallev, at a point adjoining
J. Meecher's land  al  western   boundary, thenee
west80 chains, tbenoe north -m ehatns, thenoe
east to ehalns. thenee south ID chains to pniut of
July Mtb, MQ8. J. II. Vansti.ve.
T. II. Atkinson.  Agent,
Sixty davs after date I Intend m apply to the
Hon. Chief Commissioner nf Lands ami Works,
Victoria. Io purchase 40 aires nf land: Com-
mem log at a pnst planted at ti.e City of Nelson's
power plant lot H. K enrner  post.  OH   KoOteUU
river, thenee -ii chain- smith, thenee wesl 90
chains, tlo-mc north 90 ebalna, tbenee east 'JO
chains to point ol eommeneement.
lams to point oi commend im-nt.
Nelson. ltC, Aug.fi, 1000. K
      I. J. CfRHA.V.
Notiee Is given lhat (JOdavs after date I Inteml
loupply tO the Ihtnorable the Chief ComulS-
sioner of I-auds and Worku for permission to
purcha-c the following  described   lands  In  the
weal Kootenai Dlatrlet Commenelni; at a pnst
marked c. c Vniiiu Land g. X. Corner placed
mar lhe pen.I d'Oreille river ai Boundary creek
east side of Balmon rlrer. thenee east m ehain*
along lbe International Boundary  Line, thenee
narth-to ohalns, tbenoe west bo chains, thenre
south 40 chains to idacc ol commencement.
Hated the 90th of-July m*.       CC, Potkti
By ANi-arw AbiK, Agent.
Kotiee la hereby given that two months after
dan- i intend to appl* tn the Honorable the
Chief Commissioner ol   Lands ami   Worku for
permission to purchase tbe following deeerlbed
lantls sliualcun the west arm of Knott nay Luke
iu the lu-trlct of West Kootenay: Coniineiictnp
al a post marked ������William Kuerby's N M poet] '
thenoe west twenty ('J��J chains; thenee souih
twenty (ki) chaius; theliee east twcnt> (M)
chains, thence north twenty (901 chain- to the
point of commencement, containing forty (10)
acres, more or less.
Hated July 7, lime. I. U. Nelson.
Nollee is hereby given lhal 80day*after date, I
intend io appli to the Hon. chief Commlaaioner
of Lands and Worki ior permission to purchase
the following described tract of land situate 111
West Kootenay District:���Commenelni at the
Southwell corner of l/��t 7,8801 lbence Mining
weal U ehatns; thenee north 90 chains; thence
west -HI chains; ihence north al chains; lbence
easl  wi chains;   tbeuce south 40 chains in point
of i inieiicemeiit, containing .0) acres, more OF
Mated at Nelson, B C��� this -5lpl day ol Julv,
HJUfi. Makv s(AM.AN,
|a.T K. C. Ureen, Agent.
Notiee is hen-bv given that 00 daya after date
I intend toapph* to uie Hon chief Commlaaioner
ot tends and works for permkaionto purohaae
the billowing described lands in Wesl Knnlenity
dlatrlct, south of tin- Pend d'Oreille river, eaal of
Plah ereek, cniiiuietieing at a pnst marked K. W,
B'sN W corm-r, about ball a mile eail of the
northeast corner <>f  Lm M36, <���, I., thenee smith
tn chains, thenoeeaai BO - hains. thence imrth iu
ehains. thene.- wesl to chains to the place of
commencement, cntittiining UO acres, mnrc nr
Hated 2nd July 1908. I*'iiei> W. H ak<-tut.
Nntice Is bereby given lhat sixty duys after dale
I inieml to apply' m Um- Hmi, Chief Dl Dlulon-
er of Lamls and Works fnr permission to purchase the following described lamls In west
Knoicnay District, south ol the Pond d'Oreille
river, oommenelng ai a posl marked A P's n w.
eorner, situated ai tbe-sonthweet corner of Lot
44t5- 0. I., thenee SSJ I  80 chain*, ihellce south till
chains, ihence weat 80 chains, thenoe north 80
ebalns  to the place of  couinieni emeiit. coiilaiu-
tug IM) acres, mnrc nr less.
Haled _XH.i June, V.**\. AKHll PHAIHt,
9. J,O'Reilly, Agent.
Sniice Is hereby given that oo dayi after date I
in lend toapph in (he Honorable iloebief Coin-
inlssloiicr nf Lands and Works for iiermlsslnu to
purchase the fallowing described lands situate
-ll    West   Kootenav    District!    ( oliimclit Iin   at   a
posl marked "KMcArtbur'i N.W.oorner post
situate near lhe N. B. enrio-r nf land applied fnr
by B, MeArthlll- theliee soUtll III eliallls, more nr
ICSNI theliee eii-| HO chains; Dieme imrlli to
ehalns, inn-c or  less: llichce  wesl  to chains  IO
pnini nf commence in
Balmo, H. <., August llth, WOO,
P Mi AimiiH
T. II. Atkinson. Agent.
Sixty day.  alter 'late I Intend to im.j.Iv in Ihe
��� oiiynUsiniicr of Landiand Works, Victoria, to
purchase 180 acres ol landi sltnate and deacrlbed
as fnlloWS! Commencing ata post planted mi the
WOSl Ilde of Arrow lake opposite ' ailboo City, at
or near the southwesi corner of H. Hslg 'purchase, and marked "'I. M. A, S. K. corner." and
running north io chains, thence west K) chains
lo 11. Aliniiblc's purchase. IhellCe south 10 chains
moreor Ices lo the lake shore, tbenee along the
lake shun- lo place ol beginning.
August 26th, 1900. ii. M. ANNAiiUt.
Notice Is hereby given ihat 80 davs after date I
inieml toapply to the Honorable Ino Chiel Commissioner of Lands nnd Works, Victoria, lo purchase NO SCrei Of land, sllnale ithnllt olic mih*
easl of Kijrloli City on tbe east side nl Armw
hike, and dcserlbwl as lol lows: Coiiunciieluir at a
post planted at the northeast corm-r of i-ot 8M0,
theme north 90 ebalns, thence west l" chains,
thence south 20 chains, ihcme east in chains lo
place of beirinnliig
August g Ih.lWB. J, R, Hl'NTKH.
Notice is hereby given  tbat sixty dayi from
date I intend toapply to the Hon.Cbi��Commissioner 01 Lands and Works for permission
to purchase the following deiprlbea landl situate Iii West Koolenay District, between the
I'eml d'Orolllfl river and the Inlerliational
boumlary line, about ibn-c miles from the Columbia river. Commencing at a post marked
J.B.q.F'B 8. W. corner iltimt. on the international  bonndary  Hm, about half a mile cast  of
the cast boundary of the N. 4 P. B. Hy. lands;
thenee  north   lo chaius,  thenee east HO chains,
thonce south 40 ohalns, tbonce woal to chains, to
the plaoe of commence. m, containing-li-'"ucrcN.
more or leaa.
Hated MtO June, 1906. J. H. Q. I-'hahkh,
K.J. O'Reilly, Agenl.
Notice la hereby given IhalflOflsritJUti ���
plauied m. Lhe SOUth Bide  nl   lin.������u" * ,'
ibe International boundarj in,,, ,* ['r ���-,
miles oast from the Sa n river. wukM-sH
i-    .dams, southeaal  eorner," i   , . ' ft
-halus,   lhet.ee   l.orlh   to  Chains   thSt/S111
chains, lbence south ao chain- IodIium i
menoement '
Euan i:. .M.Aai.ulto
per It. II. Reev�� ...w,.
Dated IhUBthday of Jnly, |��i.  **m
Notice is hereby given  tin,, ^-m ,W^T
date Intend to apply to the HonomUtfiS
i miiiiilssimiemf Umls an-i Work* forik-rnifci.
In Weet Kootenay distriet: Beginnlaiu j1
plant..I ai the iinrthwi".! eorner,if Lo|tH
Hng (reek, thence soutb -tUi-lmltiMlittiM
4'l ���hains  more  or  less, theme imnhlaZ
rn-.n  ..r less, ihence ea-t to lakeihaufl
place of beginning, tin- same |i IntcndSte
brace what is kimwn as the Hanson Itrntfc
Hated July.'), itot,. i._.j B Sn
Notice 1- hereby given that lUl-, .infc
the dale I intend to ��,,p|v to the Chief(W
sioner of Lands ami \\ orki Victoria, fur hth-
alou to l-urchasc ihe folioHiug dea*r)MV
-iluate in the dl��lrli-t Ol West Kisitenii ^
of Urobman Creek: hurting at a point au
John While's H. Vt, comer, pltntnl _tu
chnins souih n| J Malmie's miulheut r��r
r-nnnlni north 80ehalna, the-acs tttt ttttt
theuee smith 80 ehaim, them���<��� voiiirtu j
|iolnt of OOmmeneement. Juhh Wan
June 11. ns�� I. Yk.uk Ai-.ni
rility day* after date I iiit��-n-l lo apply b>_kt 1
lloiiotablc the Chief Commissioner of Uodiu. ]
WoriS. Victoria,   IO  purchase iti Kmottti -
liM-nted   nml   -U-HTlbed   as   follewi:  bei^lk
nortlieast quartet of  -V-clioti  twt-nlT-l*!', ul
the Sonth half Of the northwest '[-jirW-Kiai
iwcnty three, Towushlpslxty niac Au.fi.-t.��
deeerlbed as f'dlows:  tomraetniDi ni-m
marked J J. N. W. corner, and pUnie.VAm
east ni the northwest comer ol -Swtu-ttarty-
two am) 'iinnlug eaat 40 . tunic tfu-n-r-Wt*
eliHlni, thence eaat 40 chains, tbenunOV
chalim, them-e west Ho cbalm, ttit-aetMOe
chains to place of beginning.
August ;ln, iau��. JmwJutJim,
 ���_ w, a. Calder,tttt.
Notice is berth! glren thai 00 iiayiii-ii-itl
Intend ti apply lo the Honorablr tbt 4al
''ommlssloner of Luds and Works l��r jwsb-
sion to pun base the following ;..������* lull,
��IImated in Hit West Kootenay di-lrt< ..���d/Mli-l
C. L rearvon'i on the nnrth. ais'tiinn*;WiiMis
��� (Uarter miles from the I'end il'tirrlllf rif.t,��s*-
meiieliig ut a poet marke.1 <\ F. ('alilw*.ll'tll
oornei pott, them-e no chain*, norih, liwwj
cbalni west,  theuce  NO chains south, Ibew8
chains cast to plaee otoonunena niwil
Looatea tba 1st tl��y oi August, iotl
IHcbman Kssrn.Aj��i
Notice Is hereby given UwtOOdWltoMd
Intend loapply to the -Honorable therhi.K'<��-
mlosloiiirof Undsand Work- for j*rmls����a ��
puri*hH-e the follnwing ties' ril��d laiel In ����
Kootenaj Dtstriel alaint six miles smith ot Bur-
ton city* commencing at a posl elsiitt-1 ��p '��
ea*t bank ol Trout creek and marinl *'. LFttk-
it's n w.C. I'ost and runnini soulli PfeatM
Ihence cast 80 chains; thence north H) t'hsiM*
Ihcnce west to chains tt. lhe place el BOBUSM*
ment. eniiiaiulug B40aere
Hated thll S2n>\ day nl Aug
in or tes
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^   i* [. Fi-ari
W il HmitTOi.Apnl
Nntice IsherebyglTenthatslxtTdawsfuriWi
llntend to np,,iv lothe Iimi. thief CommiMioa
erof Unds and Works for pennlwoB wpnf*
phaae the following described Uml' in em
Knnienav DiMrict, soulli of lhe I'eml 'l'}**!* |
river, comnicnctlig at a *|��>-1   nmrki-l  l|R;"'*
n, W,corner.situated ou tho tiiUnk ��i w
Pend d'Oreille river at J ante- N Harkeaiirt
southwest oorner: thencecasl nctiaiiis.ihfsw
���outI halm, thonce weat W eiisiiiMhrtrt
nnrth to chains tn the place of t iimiiHUK"1-
contrlnlng n-o aorea re or leai
Dated8rdJuly 1KB     DokaldR m.uwm
Arthur HtiiNSiniR, Agent
Notice is hereby given lhal M daW "","";!'"1
intend io applv to ih.- Honorable tin-' " f,'(���:
mlssloner ot Undsand Works tor \4tmttt**t*
purchase th. following described }*n���-J'"'
mencing al a hosl marked "J.��   '���'������' "'7
iter," plac ., ihe east shore 0   I**WW*"S
Lake at the norih west comer of J' hr'-,lV,i'
pllcaitmi in Purehaae. running thencstt '.h��B"
out) Ihenoe 80 chains north: thenee* ��*����������;
moro or less, wesl to lbe lake sho-c; H"'^';'
lOWlPg lake shore io polot of e..iiimen��'"i��"1-
��� nniiilning *tto acrea nmre nr lesi
Hated (heardday of July,!**.. ff Him
Nolle.- i- hereby given lhal '"'�����;"-V ���,i.���.
���hi UlWMI  .-..rurr ..I A. Alilll..ll.>-��� I " ,*���
lh��-o.i hlmntroh>liii, ���"M"- ,",,"��..
.Isssiii.. Ihonoo is..nli twonij ch.ln., i       ��
iwsnij shssli.a lo po rcomn .���mrnl.c"
liitiilnal Ws ssiTf. ins,'i- ssr Is-.. ., UT,..|rt,
'���"'""<" "���^'���X,.K.��.r-V. _
ROUOOII li.-r.>hya,lv,.|ilh..l'."l"j'��!|'|;.;l(l,,'B!
U..-...S ,,-. .-..rlssr Dl  A. An   '" >'S U
linns ssrth  Kins- chain.,   Is ��� ��� ' " " [Ul
forty i-hssiii. i im "I comm.nsMMM.'
tsslli'lIlK Ifill ssits'M, msirs'sir Is'.R a-MaSira*.
""��' *p>���'-*". ��������������. ftKs Set ���-
Inteml In ��pplj i" th- Honorable i n'',���-���.
ilonor .,| Undi nnd Work, la" I"'"!1'- ',',,,1����
1-iiBs.i- ih.-1 iwlni do-orlbod l�� ;-������;,,,,,���,...
llss- rut alslii .sl Arrs.sv lull'. '  ��'   ",, ^msr
l.ss.t inurkrs! A. M.r I- l."'��':,,Ll  !;',',,���s��i.
assllth   eriv  I'lmlna. fnll..��ln�� *;,1'''..lis..!
I... I��ryi thence bmi ilxty 'Hai ������ "'\,m,
ol Q.'IlM-dl Oreekl Ihenco ��'^SS,mM��-
Ihonooi -Illy -hilni i" l��l��i��JJ"���"
mnii, oontalnlnoSSOacres, reori ..,r)nw.
.1.10,1 ft'|itt'l"l��-r'.;;��������  ^^.^pnl.
Notlco la licri-tsy ilvon ll'"1��',l"?' '"'('nn-'
llll.ll.l llisa-nly lis lho H.,.,1."1""', , ,. MiilalW"
liilaalisncrisl halisla mi'l ��'"���' ".''.     .,, ,|.rtllil
Ira.lil ll li.s.l msllks'.l Vi. T*l '"""i"   ,���,,., |-l'��!
isth  <li .hull
tiisrtls 111
. tisonsr eail �� chain'    fj
.hence weal BchalM "    .,���
nenoemen', contalnlna ���*,",,.,,ppll��'
���-.-.,..l)���ll,��..lllhro��al..lA.Al U"*r
tissis tn pnrohaN, ,       , ,_afl
Dated thii anh slay ol Annsi"' IJU"- w.tovI,
N. dk*kh��, Agon- WHOLESALE
c.rry a complete atookol Foreign W|���,.���, b���, _��,.���_
���,���!  1.1,, ileum,   .al���l  Can-Hi.,,  wm-, ���,���, rw];W' .'*
l';?:;s�� ?"o��a ��SB?3_-&��� as* tea'.- *-"���"���
IPHONB -��><>
P. O. BOX !(>_<>
penal Bank of Canada
H��>_ nff.ro.    TV ._
Head Office:  Toronto.
I'lTM. ,U'THORIZHID...,^TO,000.      ^OAWTAL PAID UP....��_,S80.000
[��� K wil.Kll'., Prottidout.     _JWN._Kom.mT .IAKKHAY, Vico-Piwident
Branch., in British Columbia:
DpomIIii f��elj���* J2*jJ2to'eM *tOMMi nt current ntM from dato of opeuini; ao-
���J.  M.   LAY, Manager.
credited half-y-SArij
kl.l.SU>'   HWAINCN
>. Burns & Co.
hferkcti in   KoKt-lnnd,   Trail,   NdWD, Kaslo,   Sandon, Three Forks, New
Denver and Slocan City.
i miy Iirnncti whl have
���.refill ntleiilli>n.
Head Office: Nelson, B. C.
JUSCH...       Budweiser Beer
DISTILLERS, 12 and 20 years old.
few Fall
ioods Arriving
������porter of   l-lii-c
��� iuIInIi   OoodH
Jno. T. Pierre
I-anker -St.
Ntilmm, li. C.
i-Ki) TKNDBB8, properly Ladoned, will be
��l bj iiu* uodoniBned ii|>tt>��ini In-
'*-' v- unlay, ii,,- iwi.-ciitli uciuU-r next, Inr
tion and complettoti ol iCoari Boaieat
1 ��� ipeelfloaMon-i tod Doadltloni of tea-
"��� r-ontmei mny be teea ��t iin- I'ltui-.-
��� Kneineor1! offloe, Victoria B. C, end ftt
' ������ n| ilie Qoratnmeai Afrent, Nelion. B.C.,
; iiu r thf iiih -September out
i" ifmlci mint l>��- tu-eiiiiiimii.wl  witli  ���*
1   '������<������  for iu.- (M i��-r eeat. ol the ft-
���' Hie Hinder tor Uio .ftlthtul performance
���'tii(tti-tion oi tin- work.
l *'Im*.|||_-h nf liiiMirct'SHliil tniilcrcrs will DO
���jiriici [., H11.111 m, mc MwrnUon nf the con
pi., i,,.,,'-i or Hliy lender not neeeuvUy uc-
P, 0 tlAMPLR,
I'uhlit Worki Bngloeer
i'l Wnrks 1", iiHrliiit-lil,
"'  .B 0 ,-ihSc|Uciiihrr. IWft.
'���Kn TKNDKBB, laportorlbed "Tendor for
' 1 Imuie/1 win i.c reeelveilby -.bounder-
! "I1'<�� mum nf I'hiirtnliiv the Wth Si'iitcin-
iJi��>, Iur ihe .recti.in mill completion of fl
""||i triune whoDl'houfte ��t Unaie, Vmlr
"mi Dutriot
,[y -)���<< nicuiiuti.cniitnici iitxi forma of tea-
l*11' up -won oa and after lho Itb September,
"l   tl"    ulllcc   of   tlu-   llnvcnimcnl Agent,
,"\ ""'I hi iiii! uiiiio tuul work*Depart-
�� i-I'-ihuhI muit bo nccoiiiimnicii hv ouhr-r
11'K d hunk cheque nr certificate ol depoill
'' i111' rod imnk ut Canada, made poyeolfl to
'"'loriigned in the nuin ui fWQ, which iball
neiteo it tho party tendering doelmo to
mi" contrael when called upon todo io.
��n. choquoi or certificate df deposit of nu-
���i'i! iciidcrurn will he roturoeq to them tip-
'- 1 upcntion ol tho contract The inccesifnl
��� *i wm be required lo furoUb a bond", hlm-
"0 woRtreUei in the sinn of ll^OQeeob,
1 'lllt��� fnlllhiietil nl tin- work cuntiactul Iur
''' ���iiiiffiiciliui pi tin- Honnmblc Chief ��� i>m-
",h"f Upon tbe execution of the bond tho
.'".ni or Dertlncftto of depout ol whovw
; '" 'i win i���. returned totho oontractor-
"''- win imi bo comtdcrod unlei-< imulf
'','n"' [ortim miitpiict hint ilgnod with the
*7^haiuroot the tenderer.
| indent ��r lltly tt-tHlf-r not nccpMHiirlly ftO-
"pp'tly Commluloner of Landi and Wotta
"��aad[Worki Uopattmont.
\ lelorlB, B. C, Bill Auguit, 1W-.
Ka.ll.-a> ia la.-ra-l.v atlvs'Il llssst si Cslirt s,[ Ucalslols
ninl ,\|siHisl fa.r iiii' Bchool Dlatrlotaol 'sresi	
llssin.', -s-lmis rtti.l Ynsil, will I,.' lls-1.1 lu Ills'
Issssrl BoUH 111 Un' 1 Hv ait >..la.sli. 11.11, am
M.inslay. tin' IT.ti slsav nl Baptomberi I 'as, ill tin-
hisssr ssf Ilium ss i-lsss-ll In tho forenoon. IhIh-hs- ssmt
itftiTiniiii' ail appoftl* irsssss tbetweasmant*raade
in iis.. ssi.i.v intloned Bi-hool Dutrleu fssr the
.par 1900, inisis-s ihf ���'Public Boboola Act,"
'  li,als'-l ssl Nelaon, H. 0 , llila ���'sails sissy s.i Asiaiiiat,
Jii.lK'- ..I s'.slill s.( lt.vUls.il Hls,l A|,|H-nl,
Ns'latsis AhM-aanis'lsl lllalrl.'l.
Certificate of Improvements
Olnntlo, i.iaiit,  Pint Chance, Obaba'ala, mnl
I'ws-Sllv Mill- Kr-rlli.ll lisllli-lsll s'lallssa,  allll-
ata In tho Nelaon Mmintt Dlvla|pn of WW
Kootena} illatrli't
Wherolocate.I uii nnndcetnOuntaln, between
Wild Horao and Bear Oreeaa.
Tssl;.. li..ll.-a. Ils.sl I.J..I11S M.'l.ssl..|slo...tllss. rlly
ia( Melaiiil. arlliiB WOlti'ilt fair .Inaa'pli Miirita'on.
ir,..- Minor'. ..-.t tfl... t.- K..MM. Injend,al��(,j
sisaa��fr.un Uss siais' hereof, to npi'iy i" 'i��' ��Inlni
Itecorilor tnr HorUfloaUs. ol imiiroyenipnia. Ior
lis.' |ssiri..s��s' ssf Obtaining I'mavn l.risiilanl tils'
" An"! further isat" ii""'... tW a.(lon,nvdor aectlon XI mtiatbo comroenoctl boloro tho laauanoe
The Daily Canadian
Dad-rand by virtue all llu> puwerawinlalned
Is,   alialralili' inisl ol laml on the Loner Arr.sw
,.,' .11 s 1 ��a Doer l'ork. hii.i oonalatlng -I WW
aorei, noreoi ta". ��<"> ""' ���<"'>'" fut*UM��
'"vi"* furlher partloulcrfi funl lenni nnd oondl-
tiona of talo apply t��aB,HAjniT0��,
Mortbaffee'a Bollcitor,
Hnsik sit Mssislri'iil I'liisnilsssra, Kisasliiusl, II,C,
Dutfsl at RoulUHli i'1' ""I".' m'
Parliament Should Demand  Investigation of Broken Promises.
The Vancouver Province deals editorially with the broken promises of
J. J. Hill and his lobbyists respecting
construction of the V. V. ai E. railway
and as the situation Is one affecting
the whole of the Interior, we reproduce
the article In part:
It will be remembered that when
the concessions which the president ol
Ihe Great Norlhern sought came before the railway commission tor consideration, a strong feeling was manifested against granting Mr. Hill privileges which would allow hlm to draiu
the wealili or the Siniilkumeen district
to the cities of the state of VVashlng-
issu. This, 11 was urged, was his real
object, unsl the past history of his enterprises in Hritish Columbia supported the contention lhat such was the
design of his bill, which was then before parliament. This was at the session before last. It will not, be forgotten that the bill was In charge of Mr.
Duncan Uaiss, the member for Yale-
Carlboo, and that that gentleman,
ably r.eslsted by Mr. W. A. (lalllher,
member for Kootenay, and our own
reineselllnllve, Mr. K. G. Maciibersoli,
gave personal assurances of the most
solemn and explicit nature lhat *>lr.
HIII would with all due speed build
his railway from the llrlllsh Columbia
coast through the Sliullkauieen country, and thus give It direct connection
Willi New Westminster amd Vancouver. At lhe oillslile, Mr. Duncan Koss
staled, the line would be built to the
roast In eighteen months or two years,
aud he pleaded with so much pathos
for the I'imiiiill tee's approval ot the
bill that he left lhe Impression on his
hearers thai he was a very earnest It
not an able champion of the Great
Noi.hern Hallway company. The bill
was reported by a narrow majority
and was passed by the house. Subse-
spiently Hon. Wm. Templeman, keeping
1111 the farce of honest intentions
which had Imposed am the committee,
publicly stated that he had the
promise ot President Hill that the 100
miles of the line to be built weBt
toward Princeton would be completed
toward the end of the year.
This was the situation when parliament was prorogued last year. The
construction of the V., V. & E. was to
be rushed through without delay, and
the coast cities of British Columbia
were to be brought Into new and direct relationship with the southern
portion of the interior as far as the
Boundary district. Had the representations thus made by Mr. Hill been
carried out the road would be approaching completion and a large additional district would be brought un-
dur tribute to this city, commercially.
What are tHe facts, however? Up to
date the total mileage under construction lu Hritish Columbia does not exceed .9 miles, and even this is only
partially completed. It is estimated
that if this rale of progress Ib maintained il will be between 12 and 15
years before the line is an established
Hut this is not all. ll will be observed that although Mr. Hill is not
pressing the construction of the V., V.
it E., he is rushing to completion
links Intended 10 connect Important
points in the Similkanieeu with his
main line souih of the boundary- It
is apparent that before long the mad
which We are expeciing to connect tne
Similkanieeu With tin- coast has reached the Hope mountains, the branch
lines from lhe state of Washinglou
will be operating, and the I'nited
Stntes cities will huve captured the
trade of that Canadian mining district.
This is exactly what ��J said would
happen, and the merchant- of Vancouver must realize it by this time, as
the people of the interior realize it.
In viow of Ihis breach of tat-- on the
pari or Mr. Hill, how are we to regard
the assurances given before the railway commitlee, nnd in Interviews to
the press by Mr. Duncan Ross. Mr. VV.
A. QalUher, Hon. Wm, Templeman and
Mr. it. 11. Macpherson, that Mr. 11111
would oarry out his pledges lo build
the road within n definite period? Did
Ihese genllenien believe for a moment
lhal Mr Hill would fulfill lhe promises which Ihey said he had given, and
for which they made themselves responsible? Is It not evident that these
gentlemen were for some reasons of
their own, reasons of course thnt may.
when revealed, commend themselves
to public approval, concerned in obtaining for Mr. Hill lhe concessions
he desired and were not over-scrupulous regarding the arguments they
employed to convince parliament nnd
tho pubtlo thnl the measure wns n desirable one? Whnt explanation or excuse can they now offer for Mr. Hill's
falluro to redeem his promises?"
dist churches. Arriving at one of these
places, they found it ln the hands of a
religious meeting, having turned up in
their four-horse wags snn too soon, and
when they entered and took their sets
near th�� door they found the walls had
not been cleared of the maps and
blackboards. The preacher had Tor
Borne time been standing with his back
to a small slate hanging to the wall
behind the platform, but In the excitement of am extra emphatic moment of
the sermon he strode from his place,
and revealed to all eyes the following
remains of an afternoon lesson for the
"ls It an ox or an ass?
It is an ass.
Do we hear the ass bray?
Yes; we do hear the aeB bray.
Go on, old ass. go on and bray!"
When the congregation had departed
from the schoolroom, and the John-
son-McItaye audience took possession
of the seats, the Canadian humorist
discovered It to be no easy matter to
create laughter as hearty as that which
had shaken Ihe crazy roof a few minutes  before."
Silver King Hotel
Beet Dollar a day boose in tbe Kootenays.
Rooms are well larnlihed.   Table m good ru tor
tn Neliou.     Bur lupplled wtth good
ll-niom and clean.
W. K. M0OANDU8H, Proprietor.
Tremont Hotise
European snd Amrrtcsn Plan
Meal. 16 cu.   Rooma from U CU. to 11
Ouly White Help Staple....
Bsker St., Nelaon Proprietors
Gait Coal
Termi Spol Cub
Telephone. '_��&
Wholt-nale hik) Retail Dealera In
Fresh and Salted Meats
Camps -supplied on shorteBt notice and
lowest price. Nothing but fresh and
wholesome meats and supples kept in btock
Mail orders receive careful attention.
E. C. TRAVES. Manager.
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch,
Creosote, Oils for
Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch and
Boat Builders will find it to their advantage to use oar Pitch.
Nelson Coke & Gas Co*
Bartlett   Hotise
Best DolUr-a-Day House in Nelson.
Tbe Bur ii tha Pineal.
White Help Only Kmployed.
We have Improved and Unimproved Ranches for
Sale on the Kootenay and Slocan Lakes, Slocan
Valley and Nelson District.
Before purchasing call
and examine our list.
H. & M. BIRD
Joiepbine Bt.
The Big Schoon-T D���a�� 1 A/*
Or ������H-l.-n.-Hilf"    DCCl     ��UL��
The only Glass of Good Beer in Nelson.
Hotel Bceummotltallotia aeconsl to none In British llolurobta. K_aasB,l.Utlpera1ay. Sjaeelal raatea
to monthly boarders. Only home hotel In Nelson
Lake View Hotel
Comer Ball and Vernon,
two blocki from wharf.
Ratei f 1 00 per day and up.
p. o. boi bi. iuet c/)w   d  r
Telephone 118, iV_C_U_>L/-.V,   O* \*$m
Grand Central Hotel
J. A. KBICKSON, Proprietor.
Centrally Located. Open Day and Night.
Sample and Bath Boom. Free,
Opposite Court Hotise and Post Office.
Comer Wird ud Vernon Streets.
unsurangb-   Real Estate and Mining
Manager for the Kootenay Valleys Company, Ltd.
Oldest established Real Estate
Business in Kootenay.
Nelson, B. C.
The Strathcona
Nelaon, B.O.
B. Tomkins, Manager.
Tender** add reused to the nnderstgned. at his
i.t.i.-i- in !li>' limit llmiM', lu the City o! Nelsou,
will be n-t-ctvi-d up till the hour of live oVlm'k in
tlie afternoon of Monday, October 1Mb.ISM, for
the pun-liR-"-* nf tin* "Blue Eyed Nellie" Mineral
Claim, Lot39M, which w-.s declared forfeited to
the crown at the Tax S��h- held in the ( Ity ol
Nelson on the fith dav of November. IfiOfi, for delinquent taxes up till June :.'th, Uw, and ooetl.
Tna upeet price upon tbe fcutd mineral fliiiiii,
which Include! tbe amount ol delinquent taxee
und coiUat the time oi forfeiture, with interest;
taxei which hnve since Accrued; and  fee for
crown Brant, is i.~t'i.Q.\ which In the least amount
thai WiU be considered tee tender.
Kiicli tender musl be accompanied by an a_
cepted cheque. pay-Able to tbe order of the Deputy CommlMloner of Landsand Works, at pur at
Victoria, B. l" . for the amount tendered.
Government Agent. Nelson, B. C.
Dated nt Nelson. B C , this 1'Jlli
day of September, iww.
The .Leading Hotel in the
Oood   Sample   Rooms.
Queen's Hotel
Baker Btreet, Nelion. B. C.
Lighted by Electricity and
Heated by Hot Air
Lane and Comfortable Bedroom* and Firit-
olaai DiulUK Boom. Bample Rooma for Commercial Men.
HRB. R. C. CLARKE. Proprletrew
The well known
On the Platform.
PaiiUm1 Johnson, tlie Canadian poetess, and Walter McRitye. who aro on
on entertninment lour in Great Britain.
aro reported by M. A. P. ub telling the
following experience of their tour or
Western Canada last year: "In their
drive of nine hundred miles through
the mountain ranges of Hritish Colum-
bl, up lhe Old Cariboo Trail to the
goldfields of B&rkervUle, they paused
to give their entertainment at all sorts
and conditions of buildings, some,
which they were led to expect, would
lie grand saloons, turning out to bo
mere schoolrooms attached to Metho-
TAKK NOTICE that an application haa been
nnide to renlwter Tariff Mining Company aa the
owner lu Fee Simple, under Uo neveral 'lax
Sale Deeds Irom K J. Stenton, Deputy AtieMtoc
tuul collect,ir of the slocan AHwumeni District,'
io Tariff Mining Company;bearing date tbeflltb
day of Auguit. A. D. Inn, of all and lingular
those Certain parcels or tracts of land aud prein-
(setfdtuat-fi, lylii*.: and i->.u_. in the Distriet uf
Kootenay. lu tho Province of Hritish Columbia,
nit,re particularly -known and ilescrlbed as���I Ada
66*8 and .W.. Group 1, District of Kootenay,
���'Shafer" and "Unbtall" mineral claims.
You and each of you arc required to contest
tbe .-hum of the tax' purchaser within fourteen
days from the date of tbe service of tMsiuKli-e
iipiui you, and in default of a caveat Of certificate
,���Mis pendens 1-elilf. tiled within such period,
you will la-forever estopped and debar red from
lotting up anv t laim to or in respect of the said
laud, and i shall register Tariff mining Company
tn owner thereof.
Dated at Land ROgtltT) Ofllce Nelsou, I'roviuce
itritish of Brltlib Columbia, this mil dav of
Augtatt.A. D. 1908.
Distriet Regiitrar.
To Kootenay -fining company (foreign.
Shafer Gold aud Silver Miniiii; Company
TAKK NOTICE that hii application has been
made to register Clarence Harman u ilia owner
in Tee Simple, under a Tux Sale Deed from H. J.
Stenson. deputy assessor and collector of lhe
Hlocau Assessment District, to Clarence lliinimn,
bcarltiK date the '21a t day of July A. 1). lAl>,of all
and singular that certain parcel of land and
premises situate, Ivlng and being in the DUlrtct
of Kootenay, In the Province of itritish Columbia, more particularly known and desoribed as���
tot?!M, Group 1, District ot Kootenay, "Henry"
mineral claim.
You and each of TOU ire required to contest
the claim of the tax purchaser within fourteen
dava from the date of llie service of thia notiee
upon vou. and in default of a caveat or certificate of Ma pendens being tiled within iiicb period, you will be forever estopped snd debarred
from setting up any claim lour In reepect of the
aald laml, and I shall register Clarence Herman
aa owner thereof.
Dated al Land llenlstrv Ofllce Nelaon, Province ot Hi Itisli Columbia, thia 17th day ut' August,
A. D  UW..
* 11. K. Ma.-M.01>,
District Keglitrar.
To George Henry Harman,
Wilbur A. Hendry j:.
tl/\'l "l.'T        Our Beer Gordon is
IIU 1 C.M-        the Finest in the
J. CROW,   -   -  Proprietor
Royal Hotel
Riitiss fl nnd .1.50 a Daj.
Special Rates to Regular Bcarders.
A. McDonald & Co.
Dealers iu st njilt* nnd fnucy Grocorios.
Butter, tiffin.
Camp nnd Miner*' Supplies.
Contractor and
Sole agent for the l'orto Hlco Lumber Co , Ltd..
retail yards. Rough and dre-Sed lumber, turned
work and bracket*, Coaxt lath and shingles, *������-.!*h
and doorx. Oeineut, brlek And linn- for aale
Automatic grinder.
Yard and factory: Vernon Ht.. east of Hall,
P. O. Box BBS. Telephone 178.
West Transfer Co.
General Teamsters, m>d Dealers in
Coal uud Wmi .   Express und
rs-gRfiKO Transfer
USflS'a. Office: Baker St.
Choice Fruit
I Have 10,000 Acre,
of the
Choicest Ft ait Landa ia
British Columbia.
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
Nelson, B. C.
The Hall Mining and Smelting
Company, Limited.
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry Ores.
September 14
Up from Nelson
$J.80 Retwfl
On sole 12, 18, 14 September,
good to return till 17th.
S. 8. Kokanee leave Knslo 7:80 p m., Friday, Hth September, making all calls
between Kaslo and Nelson
R. J. OOYLE,    .1. S. CARTER.
A.(s.l'.>.,VntiroUYa>r. U.P.A.. Na-l-sin
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Froit, Fuel
&, Poult, y Co., Ltd.
Deliveries mnde daily throughout Nelson
nnd its Bnborbp Phone 148.
Thorpe's Lithia
Thorpe & Co'y,
Round Trip
From all Points North
and West of Marcos
Selling dates Sept. 18-19-
20. Limit Sept. 24.
City P_tB*enger Agent.
A (1. P. A., Seattle.
The Latest Modern Appliances
now in use at this
Baker Street.     -     NELSON.
For Everything Oood
to Smoke.
Imported and Domestic Cigars, Tobaccos-
Do You Kaow .human's Spectal Mixture!
.     '
ii|j li!
The Daily Canadian
Precious Stones. If you want to make a good investment put your
money into a Diamond. Now is the time before the price gets higher.
Our selection of stones  is the  best.
****************** ********
l Crawford Free Stone;
f   Peaches .
'The Store of Sweets/
Fruits, Confectionery and
Ice Cream,
Phone 25. Baker St.
In large variety are now iuj
for preserving.
Buy while quality is
��� :
Bell Trading |
Company        ���
'c4 Tip' for a
'Canadian Morning*
Kootenay Coffee
PHONE 177.
Old Curiosity Shop
If you want to buy or b��11 anything,
go to the Old Curiosity Shop. A new
line of Japanese Goods now on sale. AU
kinds of Dinnerware in slock. Patterns.
MALT and
75cts. per Gallon'
Wc Wnut Fresh Eggs,   Will give the(
Highest Market Price.
! Joy's Cash Grocery;
Cor.JoeepblneaiKl Mill Bts.     I'hoiie 19
Cor.  Vermin anil Ward   _tr����st��f
J   PEED HUME, Proprietor.
H. M. Strathearn, Posl Falls; Rev.
Dr. Moore, Ottawa; Miss Wilson, C.
W, Bougard, H. O. Marshall, K. A.
Rogers and wife, H. J. Williams and
wife, Toronto; B, P, Sise .Montreal;
J. E. Daniels. Northport; J. P. Vroom,
Waneta; R. H. Smith, .1. D. young,
Vancouver; Mrs. G. R Naden and children, Victoria: Spokane Chamber ot
Commerce excursion  en  route.
,1. A. Macdonald, Rossland; Hi. F.
Mlllenburger, St. Louis; F. J. O'Reilly,
Victoria; T. M. Stedman, Vancouver;
Members of Spokane Chamber of Commerce excursion en route; G. B. Paul
Greenwood;   E. S.  Mills, Ferry.
A.   I.   Reeve,    Arlington    mine;     .!.
Boyd.  Wiulaw;  C. C.  Brown, Vancouver;  W. Youngman, F. S. Collier, Winnipeg.
.1. Merryfleld,  Poorman mine;  .1.  F.
Lewlfl, Phoenix.
D.  Wilson, Rossland;    T.    Maitland,
G. King. Sandon: W, B. Mclsaac and
wife, Ymir; W. King. J. Sanderson.
Winnipeg; F, W. Neice, Port Moody;
.1 Johnson. Oregon; M. .1. Thomas,
J. O'Hrie.i, Seattle;  E. A. Raymond,
.1.   I-_. LavHle,    Pincher    Creek:     IL
Woods. Rosebery:  T. May, Nakusp.
P.   Loni-v.  V.   Dynes.  Greenwood;   ,L
Orde. Kitchener;  M. Radcliffe. Golden;
A.   Paul   and  wife.   Winnipeg;   A.   Mc
Donald, Three Forks;  F   Edwards, Eureka.
O,   Hansen,  Arrowhead;   G.   Mindels,
Chief  Waller of  the  S|H.kane pi
force is  visiting in   Nelson  today.
The merry-go-round is now ready
and will begin operations this evening.
The members of the Nelson Cricket
dug put in a good practice yesterday
Two drunks appeared in the city police court this morning and were allowed lo go on paying costs.
The members of the grand jury for
the tall assizes, which will open on
October 2,  were summoned yesterday.
Professor James Mills of ihe railway
commission, is paying his annual visit
to Janus Johnstone's ranch this afternoon.
The finance committee ��>f the fair
directors began canvassing today.
They hope all citizens will be prepaT
ed for their call.
II. L. Reed, formerly of the staff of
the Nelson branch of the Imperial
Rank, now of Trout Lake, is in thu
city for a few days.
Received daily fruiii the
Coldspring ranch on
Kootenay lake.
201b. crates $1.25
Telephone nil.
"Maple Leaf" Brand.
t'NIFOKM Hi'l.NIN*;   In   tlie  mnt-l   im-
porwnt tutor whan bluUns on a hvrge
ic*.?. "Maple Leai" brum, ll claimed
auperior In -thii r_pM&
CumpariaoiiK with oilier makM invind,
Sola AB.nt. INel-ion, B.C.
$(0 Down
$10 Per Month
will purchase io acres of
splendid fruit land which
will double in value in a
few months.
Are yon  grasping the
present opportunities?
J. E. Annable left for Kaslo this
morn ing .taking with him the collection of preserved fruits which was displayed at  Winnipeg and  Brandon.
Frank Phillips leaves for Victoria tonight to reoresent Nelson at the Do-
m Inl on trades and labor congress
which will convene there on Monday.
S'li'ember 17.
The members of the railway com
mission returned from Itossland night.
Judgment tn -the switching charges
dispute was reserved. The party
haves for the Bast tomorrow morning.
Mrs. Jennie E. Harris, having already received many communications
on the subject, wishes to inform the
people of Nelson ami district that the
has nothing to do with baby shows
this year.
Rev. Dr. Moore addressed the pupils
of Nelson high school this morning on
the causes of tuberculosis and simple
rules for avoiding it. He will address
a public meeting in the opera house
this evening on the same subject. The
chair will be taken by Mayor Gillett
promptly at 8 o'clock All are welcome
to att< nd.
The secretary of the fair wishes to
draw the attention of intending exhibitors to the fact that the rules of the
association are that all entries shall
be in the secretary's office on Saturday, September 15, and that this rule
will be strictly adhered to. Positively
under no consideration will entries be,
received after that date.
The fall regatta of the Nelson Boat
club held yesterday afternoon brought
out some excellent rowing. In the
singles Johnstone defeated I learn.
Mishop defeated Nolt. and Mcintosh
defeated Lidwell. Johnstone then won
from Bishop and will meet Mcintosh
in the final tomorrow afternoon. .Volt's
four defeated Sharp's in a close race.
An old friend, "Hooligan," familiarly described as the "people's favorite."
meaning those who read the Sunday
newspapers comic supplements, comes
to Sherman's opera house next Wednesday it is full of fun for the boys
and laughter for the girls, and the old
folks enjoy it just as heartily. It is a
clean, clever, bright and refined musical farce-comedy with book by Mark
Iv Swan and musical numbers by Professor \V. M. Stromberg. The company comes from New York, where
the piece had a fyour months' run to
crowded houses. Those who havp seen
it   say   that   after   you   have  finished
The Store of Quality
��� O MKN, nl owe, tot work Id thfl woO'ls.   Apply
In ','.'    I     I'di-Ici . -��� WHH,'. Kn-ln
l.M'V STKM)'iir M'ilKK Inr (niMH-iii linc.io.Irv.
Uood linim- wiili cinpli.vvr'H laii.ilv. Apply
>.*.-��� w,, fHn-uHaii nffli-f
iti -i!\i i;n. Mill HandionclLoggingContractfln,
ait.il Bogioeer    VYi-tUburg Lumber <'����-, tttti
��� I .iiMii.iL. il. ('
Don't Forget
Fruit Jar
*tO .cut Packages
*i5 cent Packages
And did you see the big packages of Sodas
SO cents per yard?
C A* Benedict
Corner Silica and Josephine Sts.
PHOtNl.  7.
Recently Issued
of Outstanding Merit
and Interest
"The   Awakening   of   Helena   Ritchie."
by  Margaret Deland $1.50
"Mountain   Wild   Flowers   of   Canada."
by Julia  Henshaw $2.75
"Coniston," by Winston  Churchill.$1.50
"The   Treasure   of   Heaven,"   by   Mrs.
Humphrey   Ward $1-35
"Made  in  His  Image,"
by Guy  Thorne $1.50
"Silas Strong,"   Irving  Bach.Her. .$1.50
"Lady Baltimore." Owen Wister. .$1.50
From the factory to your
home direct. Canada's High-
grade Piano.
We are offering special inducements
during the fall months to Intending
You save all commissions to agents,
travellers, tuners and warehousemen
by buymg direct.
Canada Drug & Book Go's
...Cash Stores....
Get  F0R Sept
Busy    First
W. G. Thomson
llll UKS1 il.I.EH   isss.i
Rhone .1-4.
Nelson, B. C.
laughing ai one thliis you fr.nl yourself splitting your sisles over another.
The iiooligan band parade will lake
place on the day of the performance.
The company also carries its own orchestra.
.Mayor Gillett, president! J. J. Ma-
lulls-, ni ihe -agricultural society, ami
A. L. McCulloch called on Superintendent J. S. Lawrence this morning to
try to secure a change in the itiner
ary of the touring engineers. Mr.
Lawrence is In communication with It-
Marpole and it is likely that arrangements will be made to bring the visitors to Nelson in time for the fair.
On their arrival yesterday morning
ihe visiting chamber of commerce
men amused themselves hy distributing advertisements of the Spokane
fair. George llorsteail retaliated by
presenting them with Xelson fair
pamphlets. At first they were rather
shy of accepting them, hut soon every-
imi' (ranted one and It was generally
conceded that NelS0n*fl prize lists and
attractions equalled  Spokane's.
The prices are just the same as for
the ordinary kind
Pints per dozen $J.OO
Quarts per dozen J.25
Half gal. per dozen  1.50
Hood & Teetzel
K. W. C. Block . Phone 1"
September 19-20-21
Ward & (srenell jsresent
Wednesday--"Holligan's Trou.les."
Thursday���"Johnnie on the Spot."
Friiay---"Alphorise and Gaston."
Prices Mo, 75, |1.00. Seats on rale at
Rutherford's Monday morning,
Mining Records.
Two bills of sale anil four certificates of assessment work were recorded in  the Nelson mining office today.
A hill of sale of a half Interesi in
tbe Scerro Verde from Joseph Bernard
to John Waldbeser, made August 19
was recorded;  consideration  nominal.
11. F. Sinclair. W. B. Shews, .1.
Crawford anil .1. Frltsch gave a bill or
sale to the Kootenay Copper Mining
company, of the Kootenay, Mine Bird.
Idaho aud Little Mugag claims, mi the
easl fork of Duck ereek; consideration
Certificates of work were granted to
B. FallowoB on the Davenport, Rock
Island und Moline; tn Francis Holland
on the Nelson,
Select Your Requirements early for Grouse
See Our Window
Nelson Hardware Co.
Sportsmen1* Heiulqunrters,
PHONK lfi.       NELSON   B.C.
Trains and Boats.
Crow boat���Hair hour late.
Slocan train���On time.
Coast, Boundary and Rossland train
-On time.
Cm sip cftJit*
WlhUfx th( dmfimtj spirits in ddight
" \cfdmm4k mand Met
tl'Bl thfl drUUtlflBirW- ��tour BodaKoimtain
hii<i tonic proper tli.it beui'lca TefreiOiinK.
Wc ma im'y real Irull nyrupi of the lln.it
(|nnlity Puuntiiiii, con titer, glutei ami
reCBptaclflfl   arc   kept   |8ftl pill on nl)'  cleati.
Itsaliar Klr.-t, heltoU, B. 0.
Price ot Metals.
New York. Sept. It.���Silver, C" 7-8c;
copper, Is HOc; lead, $6.75; electrolytic copper stock, is 7-xc to 19 1-Sc.
London, Sept. 14.���Silver, '!l 7-8d;
lead.   CU-  Ins:  zinc.   ��27 10s.
Mason & Risch Pianos
It hits boon laid nmre thanonce Hint the in-iiviilmility of these inwtrn-
-montBfln.l the special itnprovemen I and Inventions fonnd in tin-in from
tins to time havo boon-a wraroe of < in nim ion throughout tlm piano Industry. Call at our show room and learn about our easy terms of purchase
Mason & Risch Piano Co'y, Limited
Oltlss.;    Ko.
II is,I.s,u Bur III,
Httsllslisrsl Insulins
Watches! Watchesll
tSts dwLa* x
are  i���aklnK  every  _��_-,  ,��� ?*   �����
requirements ot railroad men        "
J. J. WALKER, ^^S^^ticun
Wo have for mle n -j ���*.#-*t* of Kelson property, 10 minnton walk froi
postoffice i oontalnn WilM feat of Rronudi two -fflnnll cottages, con
pletely faruiahedj also Ui frail trees aud crop of vegetables.
Price $1300
TOYE & CO., _s_��:
Repairing and Jobbing a Specialty
SlieetuietaJ Work, Oaat.UKii, Bnilderii' Mnterial and Mining and Mill Macliin
Offlre nnd Works Koof of Park St.
Muni*;    -IM.
Melmm, q t
Starkey & Co., ggfcfi
VVhole_�����iie Pr����vl_��lon_��,
]-H.miiiic.il (.ssvi'i'iiiiit'itt Cn'.'iiiia-rv One Hound Hrielas ni-eiveil wii-kly fm.
rrom llie elllirn.    l''in' sale I.y all leading iss.- ,-s-
Otliee and warelioiiKe: lloiiiaton Bl-Qk.    Plinne 711
Josephine Street.
Nelson. B. C.
Don't Forget
Is your furnace In ahape to start tha winter with?   If rot, NOlJ
Is the time to have it repaired.
I. He Ashdown Hardware Co,, Ll
PLEASE NOTE���Wo will not be responsible for any furnare not Im-ipt
by October 1st, 190G.
R-spulrlng a..sal .lol. I.I. ,B uxucuteaJ with l).spiit.h.   8hMl Metsl I
Work. Mlnitiic ..aial .Mali Msionlnary.     Munuffictur-mof
On)  Cars,   I-.   I-.   do.it i-siast a..-��'   Cur-s.
""���""���'�����'    NELSON,    B.  C.        VTZ'r
We W.11 Sell
500 International Coal
10 Marconi, Canadian
1000 Yale-Kootenay ke
.      6h\
.   $2M
-  9l-2c\
McDermid & McHardy
I Just Arrived!
A large consiRii-
ment of
All Si/.'-H nml Lowrat l'riei'H
J.  A. QljLKER
STSSSR Lumber, Shingles,
Loth, Mouldings, Doors, WJndovvs.
Turnsd Work and Itniokvt��. Mail Otdstl promptly ��l<-"d'
VKKINON STRBBT   -  -   ���   lNltl-MON, n. c
Our sK.sk  Of HANI)   SAWS is  v,>ry '""'I*'"''
inisluiliiiK gtftdM to Hiiit nil wqttlrWD-nB. ^e
If yon wish n low prlranl saw wu run Hupply yu '
olio enrry tlm iM'Ht i|iinlil.iiss niiulo by
Wood-Vallance Hardware Co> tf


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