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The Daily Canadian May 27, 1907

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 gtoiltj  <H*ma&ian
No. 299.
NELSON, B.C., MONDAY, MAY 27, 1907.
Fifty Cbntb a Month
so Beyond Control
of Sultan
Ino chiefs arm
Lscs, Rifles 2nd Ammuni-
krgc Quantities���French
lance the Signal.
.s>    117.���Tho   latest   dos-
Parla Indicate the pussl-
Moroccan situation aBsum-
|a nature before long.    Hou-
e la undlsgulsedly fierce.
iss-   with   foreigners,"   la
uf the Sultan's nominal
french, Italian, Kngllsh and
niMs have   Ued   from   the
ilie  count.    The  ssuliiiii'a
��� ii Marakesh Is laughed at.
ins uf  the  big  tribes  and
clans uie buying up horsea
rkct partly for remountii,
iss leave none for uny for-
llon.    Kvery repeating rifle,
ssl ii million are Bald to be
ry. Is being oiled, and ball
re nearly double their nor-
���Mall (iuzette this afternoon
mi- tu u letter from Mog-
li>- au  Kngllsh resident.
Even the  most authorlta-
lalilfil frum Tangier wholly
11 idea ot what Is going
sit Morocco,  which knows
nor Kiirolgn Ofllce. Eu-
s t'-sl 11 groat deal of what
1 IV* uml what Fes re-
aeenu   lu   be   taken  for
with   the acceptance  by
llf tin' Fp'iK'h piupusul there
tin- trouble.    Unless I am
nistaken  the  trouble   will
fi beginning.   We muat rcii-
I tliat tlie Sultan's authority
isills uf Fez and lho sea-
luluii'lj ignored by Ihe vast
liissininul subjects. Ills uctuul
I practically limited to what
ctisiutns after the French
their 60  per cent.      The
ninl irlbute which his father
collect at the bead ot n.
dwindled to a paltry frne-
Y 11 wits 15 years ago.
yeara, while the Moorish
ce hits been growing weaker
|liulniiiK tribes have become
I inure arrogant. Their sav-
t'l u( going to the Fez treas-
siii Invested In horses, rllles
sltlon. Tlie suggestion that
I li. I ij their sovereign lord
Itary contingent is derided.
ins' to ub If he can, Ib their
ins. after a decade of more
tlcal Indeiiendence, with con-
lrs*:isliig accumulation of arm��
ils-s. the real lighting
1 .Morocco Is considerably
i< it bus been within half a
leaders of the nntlonnl party
with   unqualified   tierce
There   Ib   not   a   dissenting
Isl be futile 10 Ignore lhe
��� li.iii'vor the nominal Sultan
1 ilu In Morocco, the real light-
' will accept no compromise
foreign  power the right lo
the Internal affairs of Islam.
s "eaportt only nro affected
'ii"* may continue to be of
' kind, but Blgns ure not lack-
ij attempt to establish so ap-
harmless an  Institution ub a
ppltAl at Morakeah might easl-
Juii* Ibu sssiilsiirssi of n storm.
liltuu's viceroy,  I'rlnce Abdul
I nominal viceroy of Mnnikeah,
Vn game to pluy.   He has not
*" even If he hnd the will, to
I'sut popular movement.    Hla
J uui frum Fez, bul from thc
I nominal vassals of the crown,
lever willing Ihey may  be to
tench gold, have no Intention
I'lng to foreign dictation.
1 having come lo the present
I'oiild Beein that Franco niHBl
��� her mind cither to rctlro and
"'���can   nffnlra  lo   take   tholr
murse   or  glvo   her   advance
'res hand to stir up a mas-
reby n pretext would be found
IT ncpiipation of MoorlBh ter-
s nut. then?    More muBaacres,
icdlntely fullowed by more oc-
I* and then the long-predicted
| Ki'lni und earnest."
^cheater Threatened.
N' Y., May 27.���Tho en-
glre depurtment Is fighting a
I"10 downtown retail district
irteil early thla morning ln tho
li i .i& (;n,lu��in'a dry goods
I'to the Chamber of Commerce
|*M Worked Into the Nstlonal
Clothing company's stores. It Is
thought, the flremen have the flre under
control.    The loss will he heavy.
Chicago Packers Give Notice of Delay
of Payment���Supply Reduced
Chicago, May 27���Mont priceB In
Chicago may Jump akyward this week.
The packers notified the commission
firms that beginning today they no
longer would stand the loaa ut condemned cattle and In order to protect
themselves they had found it neceaaary
to refuse payment un "cow atuff" until
It hua puaaed the government Inspectors. During tho latter part ot lust week
thousands of letters und telegrams were
aem out by the commlaalon meu to their
customers notifying them of the stand
taken by the puckers aud advising them
to withhold all shlpmunta of cattle to
the inarkctB controlled by the trust until the difficulty bad been adjusted.
This la expected to cut the meat supply
tremendously before the week is over,
and pricea are expected to gu up correspondingly. Commlaslon men declare
it is tbe intention of the packers to enforce the rule with regard to "cow
atuff" now, ln the hope that similar
action may bo taken later with reference tu their purchases ot sheep and
Some of the leading commlaalon linns
and shippers have communicated wllh
the aecretary of agriculture's department at Washington with regard to the
uo wactlon on the part of the packers,
and it is said usauranceu bave been
given tbat any attempt to delay puy-
ments on live atock , us threatened by
the packers, would result In the withdrawal of the Inspection aervlce.
Won by Belgian.
I'aris, May 27.���The    Belgian,    Van
Heuvaert,  won  the   llordcaux-Paris bicycle road race yesterday, his time being 19 hours, 3S lulnulca, 27 seconds.
Sermon   on   National   Righteousness���
Strtnth of British Race ia
In Religion,
Nelson lodge of (be Sons of England
purudo I. about GU strong, last evening
to St. Saviour's church for their annual
corporate attendance at public worBhip.
The sermon, by the rector, llev. F. H.
liiulium, wus bused upon Prov. 14, 34,
'Rlghteousnesa exulteih a nation."
The preacher said, in part: "The
world hue travelled fur since those
words w'ere uttered by Solomon the
Wlae, but the experience of all the Intervening centuries has Berved but to
confirm their truth. If we, the heirs ol
all the ages,' wished to make auy modification of King Solomon's words, we
would say 'Righteousness alone exaltcth
a nation.'"
The Sons ot England la a national,
patriotic and fraternal Boclety. No
name can be prouder. England bas been
thc pioneer of progress and civilization.
Her name la a aynonym for that liberty
which Is the reault of willing obedience
to Juat lawa. England has beeu singularly Instrumental, under God, in
spreudtng the gospel ot the Lord Jesus
Referring to Victoria Day, he said
Rome might boast of her AugtiBtan Ago,
'nnd Greece of the Homeric Age, but
England was happier and greater in .her
Victorian Era.
As the Sons of England la a national
and patriotic aociety it ls their Bpeclal
business to further tho lutcrest of the
great cauao of Empire. The aecret of
British Bticceas la llrlllsh character and
the strength of llrltlsh character Ib religion. Urinous- need not fear the
growth of Amerlcnn truBts or German
navies; tho only menace to British wel
fare can be the deterioration of Hritish
Tbe religion of the Brltlah has Its
fruit ln the righteousness whicli exalt-
ith n nation. The ritual of the Sons of
England culls tho Bible "the source of
England's power." "
The religion must tind Its base and
lis strength In the home. Thero is
danger of home's growing less dear to
ub In the WeBt than to our fathers.
"Charity begins ul home. Charity is
love of God, and love of men In God.
Righteousness implies such charity, tne
maintenance of Christian homes and
Christian discipline, with tho aensc or
Christian responsibility.
Hy such means the churncter of Englishmen hnve been developed In the
past, and by such means, such character
will still be developed, and wil be the
greatest of all possible aafegiiards of the
llrltlsh Empire by prpservlns ��nd ����>J:
tlnulng the British character, dominated
hy the religious spirit.
PrcBidcnt E. J. Marks WP**
were nearly nil the ex-presldents ot the
French Oaks.
Paris, Mny  27,-The  Duke of Orain-
monfs Saint Austria won the Prix du
Dttalne (the French Oaks tor three-year.
old    fillies,   at   Chamtllly   1*a*���&s
There "������ hrllllant gathering ��t the
race course.
British Radicals Deceive
Trusted, Like Young Egypt, in Flowery Speeches on Natives' Right
to Self Government.
London, May 27.���Il Is a pleasure to
be able to apeak iu terms ot commendation, at least in one respect, of the
policy of the present Brltlah government. They have shown qualities of
strength and intelligence lu meeting the
serious crisis caused by the seditionary
outbreak In India which commands the
approval of the entire country. There
are Borne exceptions, of cour*ie, even in
the House of Commons, where certain
doctrinaires, notorious for their swashbuckling democracy, pretended that
their dearest principles had been outraged by the high-bunded banishment
withoul trial of prominent inciters to
rebellion. A great majority of even the
Radical members, however, understand
the necessity for the suspension of the
ordinary form of law ln dealing with the
iguorant people ou the eve of the rebellion. The latest despatches indicate
lhat the situation bad reached an extremely grave stage before the government took drastic action, aud that the
danger has not yet disappeared.
The firm allilude of the authorities
has, however, undeceived the natives ln
their belief that they could with impunity preach the natural application of the
same doctrine which the controlling party ln Great Britain has been proclaiming. The agitation is, indeed, one of
the far-reaching effects of the advent
lo power of tbe Brltlah Radicals. One
cannot feel but, as a writer in one ot
today's reviews expresses lt, a certain
amount of sympathy for the Indian agitators who are being perpetually misled by the British Radicals. Their Brltlah friends must seem the most faith-
leas men. They use language from
which It appears that they consider
tlieir principles applicable to all peoples at all times and in all places, aud
seem willing to encourage specific proposals of tlie revolutionary kind. Naturally, tho Indian agitator is delighted to
receive such help and begins to believe
that his cause is half won. As soon,
howevor, as the slightest atraln cornea
in tbe attempt to translate the theory to
practice, the British Radical starts back
in indignation and declares he never Intended to sanction anything of that sort.
Such ls the present dilemma of the
fomentera of rebellion In India. The
effect upon them scarcely makes for
peace and tranquility either now or in
the future. It will cause a change In the
Indian point of view of British char-
acter, and It will not make easier the
difficult problem of the future government of the Indian Empire.
Important  Gathering  of  Canadian and
American Churchmen.
At the United Clerlcus to be held in
Vancouver, on June 5th, 6th and 7th,
the following dioceses and districts will
be represented: Olympla, Oregon, Montana, Spokane, Columbia, Caledonia,
New Westminister, Kooteuay and Calgary.
The papers to be rend and the leuderB
of the discussions, are:
"The WilderneBs Time of the Church,
A. D. 30-70." Rev. H. 11. Gowen, Seattle; Rev. H. G. F. Clinton.
���Church Building for Modern Needs,"
Very Rev. Dean Puget, Calgary; Rev.
A. Silva-White, Nanaimo.
"The PariBh Clergy and Their Missionary Obligations," Right Rev. Bishop
Keator, Olympla, and Right Rev. Bishop
Perrln, Columbia.
"The Devotional Use of Holy Scrip-
lure," Rev. C. C. Owen, Vancouver;
Rev. It. Connell, Victoria.
"The Church as a Power for National
Righteousness," Rev. J. P. D. Llwyd,
Seattle; Rev. F. H. Graham, Nelson.
"Church Discipline," Rev. Canon
Beanlands; Ven. Archdeacon Small.
"The Church Catechism aa the Baals
of Church Teaching," Right Rev. Bishop
WellB, Spokane; Rev. John Simpson,
Zlonltes at War.
Chicago, Mny 27.���Following a riotous
meeting ln Shiloh tnbernucle at Zion
City yesterday, in the course of a speech
Wllbut Glenn Vollva, John Alexander
Dowie's succeBBos bb head of the Christian Catholic church, found it neceBSary
to call for polled Intervention to restore
order; 800 opponents of Vollva last
night united to overthrow him at the
September church council. The clash
came over the alleged opposition of Vollva to the calling of a general conference. Vollva claims the right to
name his successor and declared he
would take the fight Into the courts.
Undertaken In  Midland States to Help
'        Iron and Steel Industry.
Chicago, May 27.���A Byndlcale work-
lug In the interests of New York, Pittsburg and Indianapolis capitalists, Ib
completing plans tor an extended system of canals from Indiana Harbor to
a point between Oarry and Michigan
City. The flrst sui'fey provides for waterway 50 miles long to cost {10,000,000.
The Hy stem ls held* necessary to the development of the steel and Iron Industries. The main channel will be 230 feet
wide with lateral canals 100 feet in
width. The system Is to have a uniform
depth of 24 feet, turn basins 800 feet in
diameter will be dug at intervals of two
miles. It ls estimated that It will take
10 years to complete the work.
Dominion  Railway Commission  Busy-
Consider Hours of Labor and
Cause of Accidents.
Ottawa, May 27���The railway commission has been viking Into consideration the question of the hours of duty
of railway employees, alike ot their own
volition and compulsion. The Inspector of accidents has been making an exhaustive investigation of the regulations
of other countries and of -conditions ln
Canada, and the commission will use his
report as a ba8iB tor a -consideration of
the matter.
The commission has also bad Its attention directed to -the inordinate number of railway accidents due to defective
rails, and iB watching with interest the
tests made in the United States. The
information at Its command inclines it
to believe tbat American-made rails at
present are not as good as those made
in Canada; the demand of the American mills has been so enormous that
they have been working overtime, and
apparently have not been as careful aa
they formerly were. The commission
was contemplating a series of tests,
but the engineer reported that firms already exist which make a business of
making tests, acting as middlemen between the manufacturers and the railways.
Prices of Metals.
New York, May _7.���Silver, 67c; copper, 23>_c; lead, |6.
London, May 27.���Silver, 30d.; lead,
Daily Searching for Social Democratic
Conspirators���Trouble for Visitors to London.
St. Petersburg, May 27.���Searchings
of the lodgings of social democrat deputies are now ol almost dally occurence
here. The authortles have searched several branches of the social democratic
organization which have been conducting a Bpecial propaganda. Officials
of the secret police yesterday visited
the apartments of Deputy Prlkthod, constitutional democrat of the Tchernlgoff,
and found documents showing that a
railroad men's organization is making
preparations for another general transportation strike at the proper moment.
As Boon as the Investigation is completed the public prosecutor will demand the suspension of Prlkthod, who
is a railroad workman, in order to place
him on trial.
A number of social democratic deputies, who have been holding a congress
ln London, have arrived at llelsingfore
to prepare for the return of the other
deputies to Russia by way of Finland.
They found that the Finnish police,
under instructions from the senate,
were everywhere demanding the passports of those bound for the Russian
frontier, making the repatriation of the
deputies most difficult.
Brig. Howell Coming.
A telegram to hand last night Informs
Captain Johnstone of the local Salvation
Arrmy that Brigadier Howell of Toronto, commander-in-chief of all emigration work done by the Salvation Army
In Canada, will arrive here tomorrow
night on the Kuskanook, and will conduct a Jubilee meeting In the large hall
of the citadel on Victoria street. The
brigadier has a host of friends In the
city, whom he ls anxious to meet one
more, so everybody Is cordially invited
to be present. Emigration will be the
topic of the day; the brlgadlor is In a
good position to give the public a lot of
Information on the subject.
Amusing Rivalry Between
Emmerson and Pugsley Both Working Assiduously and Appealing ior Support.
Ottawa, May 27.���The vacancies In
the Dominion cabinet form one of the
chief topics of conversation in the capital at present. Mr. Hyman's seat it
still ln doubt. No one can say definitely whether he is still In the cabinet or
not But Mr. Emmerson's resignation
has been accepted.
"A~good deal of interest ls felt here
over the question of Mr. Emmerson and
his successor in office. After resigning
his portfolio Mr. Emmerson left the
House and was not seen for tbe remaining four weeks ot the session. He spent
some time in Boston, and took no steps
towards prosecuting his libel suits for
six weeks after giving notice of action.
Meanwhile, Mr. Pugsley, premier and
attorney-general of New Brunswick, had
entered the field as a candidate for tbe
Commons in the city and county of St.
John. ThiB seat is vacant, and Mr.
Pugsley's candidature was promoted on
the evident understanding of his friends
that he waB to succeed Mr. Emmerson
tn the cabinet. It was announced that
Mr. Emmerson would attend the ratification meeting, but he was not there.
Mr. Pugsley has been paying frequent
visits to Ottawa during the last two
months and ia supposed to have an understanding with the party leaders here.
All this has stirred Mr. Emmerson to
renewed activity. On his reiurn to Ottawa he saw how things were drifting.
He hurried to New Brunswick and met
hia friends in Westmorland. Then he
went to St. John and took pains to announce there that he was about to push
forward his libel suits, was certain of
vindication on the "wine, women and
graft" charges, and would soon resume
his position as minister of railways.
Rushing to Frederlcton he had a consultation with counsel. He had celled
a meeting of his Westmorland supporters, with u view, it is said, of declaring
his innocence and securing from the
convention an expression of confidence
with further declarations to strengthen
him in his claim for the restoration ot
the portfolio. In this capital the struggle
between Mr. Emmerson and those who
desire to succeed hlm is watched with
interest. The department of railways is
the greatest spending portfolio in the
government, lt has the most patronage
both tn the way of contracts and appointments. Favored dealers are anxiously awaiting the turn of events. At
present they do not know whom to
Labor strikes on works ot public utility have been following each other
rapidly since the enactment of the
Lemieux bill making such strikes illegal.
First the coal miners in the Crow's Nest
country quit work without regard to the
act. Now lt ls the longshoremen In
Montreal and some of the teamsters organizations there and elsewhere, who
disregard the measure. In vain does the
minister of labor explain that strikes
are prohibited. The men simply quit
work and ask the minister what he can
do about it. 'Strikers contemptously say
they ve not on Btrike, but are simply
not working. For practical purposes it
does not seem to matter what the thing
Ib called. Labor unions pass an Older
and the men go out simultaneously.
They act ns a body under their loaderB
ln the same way that men do who do
go on strike. The consequences are the
aame. Coal Is not mined, ships are not
discharged, goods arc not delivered,
and all the disasters occur which the
Conciliation Act is supposed to prevent.
The trouble 18 that the law contains
no means of enforcement. When the
bill was before the House opposition
members pointed out that It was useless
to create an offence by law without providing some method of preventing or
punishing the w-fong. But there ls no
public officer of the Dominion with authority to act. Consequently the parties who decide to strike are In a position to laugh at the law and the depart-
of labor. The whole matter stands as
It did before the act was passed.
Strikes In Berlin.
Berlin, Mny 27.���I.ubor troubles are
multiplying in Berlin. The bakers yeaterday decided to declare a general
strike on May 29. Some of tho bricklayers, who are still working on build
ings where the lockout does not exist,
have decided to strike for an eight-hour
Ontario  Will  Compel  American  Firms
to Keep Canada's  Holidays.
Windsor, Out., May 27.���Because
Jease O'Neill, employee of Pemberlhy's,
a Detroit concern with Its Canadian
branch here, celebrated Victoria Day, all
United Statea plants with branches in
Canada muy be compelled to observe
Canadian holidays If they do not already
do so. O'Neill had planned to celebrate
the duy. Learning thut the plant waa
not to close on Friday, he went to the
office to ask to get away. He says he
was told the company observed United
States' holidays, not those of Canada,
and that If he absented himself he
would be discharged. O'Neill took the
day and called upon Dr. Reaume, who
ls at his home. The latter told O'Neill
to report for work Monday morning, and
promised that If he was not taken back
he would take the matter up.
Dr. Reaume said that there ls an alien
labor law ln existence and if the Pem-
berthy officials are so loyal to the United States that they cannot conform to
the customs of Canada, they may be
giv* a chance to return to their own
country and reside there.
Hindu Conspirators Bound for Toklo to
Ask Aid In Revolt.
Lahore, British India, May 27.���Those
who havo been attributing the unrest
in India to the victory of the Japanese
over the Russians find confirmation of
their belief ln documents found in the
possession of a Hindu lawyer and a
companion, arrested here ln connection
with the recent riots at Rawalpindi. The
documents show that the men taken
Into custody were on their way to Toklo
to solicit Intervention on behalf of a
native revolt against British rule.
Massacre   of   Officials   at    Swatow���
Fears ot Rebels Being Joined
by Pirates.
Swatow, Province of Katan Tung,
China, May 27.���A rebellion has broken
out at Wong-Tung in the upper district
of the Chin-Chui prefecture. AU the
civil and military officials at Wong-Yong
have been assassinated and their homes
burned. The local revolutions, who
were Joined by natives of the neighboring provinces, concentrated for their attack on the officials without being molested by the populace.
The military commander here mustered the station guards and started tor
the scene of the outbreak. Steps are
being taken by the local police to prevent excesses here.
The Chinese bankers have organised
a steam launch patrol* of the coast to
prevent piratical attacks on the part of
marauders from the the eastward.
Attempted Holp-Dp Fail.
ChW Jarvis, Assisted by A. Clayton,
Captures Two Bea ia Act
of Ribbing a Third.
Deposits in Canada Increasing Rapidly
but Loans Reduced.
Ottawa, May 27.���The bank state
ment for April reflects the remarkable
progress which tbe Dominion ls making. It also shows that the banks are
"shortening sail" and curtailing credit
upon speculative investments.
The notes in circulation in April, 1907,
were $72,842,909, against 176,346,013 ln
March, and $66,630,677 ln April, 1906.
The deposits payable on demand Increased by over ten million dollars ln
the year, the figures being:
April, 1907  $167,217,947
March, 1907  163,637,868
April, 1906   167,147,012
The deposits payable after notice also
show a substantial Increase.   In April,
1906, they    totalled    $373,376,049,    In
March, 1907, $404,299,184, and ln April,
1907, $407,370,491.
Dominion note circulation increased
by nearly $3,000,0011 in the month, and
by nearly $9,000,000 in the year, the
figures being*.
April, 1906  $36,689,186
March, 1907  42,631,694
April, 1907   46,407,377
Call liniUK on stocks ln Canada are
over $6,000,000 less than In April 1906,
when thoy totalled $66,296,613. In
April, 1907, they amounted to $60,367,-
266, against $62,676,692 ln March. Call
loans elsewhere also show a decline.
In April, 1906, they were $61,742,814;
in March, 1907, $61,340,792, but In April,
1907, had been reduced to $48,430,477.
Current loans In Canada have Increased by nearly one hundred millions
ln the year. In April last they totalled
$686,149,738, against $679,067,664 In
March, and $486,683,324 In April, 1906.
Current loans elsewhere, on the other
hand, show a decline from $36,678,166
In April, 1906, to $33,306,188 In March,
1907, and $28,933,174 In April, 1907.
The total assets of the Canadian
hanks in April were valued at $961,-
058,677, against liabilities ot $734,904,-
327.   The comparative figures are:
March, 1907, assets, $943,695,386; liabilities, $765,737,503: April, 1906, assets,
$843,599,867; liabilities, $681,700,166.
Nelson was the scene of a "hold-up"
last night, and the two who made the
attempt are in the police station. They
pleaded not guilty this afternoon, and
after taking the evidence ot Chief Jarvls
and A. Clayton, were committed for
Joseph Thomson, a carpenter, formerly resident ln Nelson, but who returned
from the Boundary only a week ago,
fell in with one Morrison and J. Clem-
denning in the Madden House last evening. Clemdenning has lived In and
around Nelson for a number of years.
Morrison is a recent arrival.
As they came out of the hotel the
other two hustled Thomson, who was
under the influence ot liquor, round the
corner to Ward street
A. Clayton saw the performance, suspected Its nature and followed. The
two turned to the right at Victoria
street and started towards Stanley.
Clayton followed, taking the opposite
side of Victoria street, the upper side.
Chief Jarvls who was standing near
the opera houae door also noticed the
proceedings and Joined Clayton, wbo
told him of his suspicions.
Just in front of the public library
building the trio stopped, and the chlet
and Clayton saw Morrison and Clemdenning proceed to search their vlctlm'a
pockets.    .
Tbey crossed the street at once and
the chief asked the meaning of tbe proceedings. Morrison and Clemdenning replied tbat they were taking Thompson
"Very well," said the cblef, "I'll help
But Thompson promptly repudiated
the suggestion and said they were no
friends ot bis.
Morrison at once bolted toward Ward
street The chief had recognised Clemdenning and knowing where to find him,
gave chase to Morrison. Clayton joined
tn the chase and outran the chief. He
caught Morrison, threw blm and held
him until the chief caught up and handcuffed him.
By 10:30 Morrison was in the cells,
the whole Incident having lasted ]us(
16 minutes.
Three hours later Sergeant Pltchford
went down to the Kokanee, at the
wharf, arrested Clemdenning and placed
him ln the cells.
Tbey were arraigned this afternoon at
2 o'clock, pleaded not guilty and were
committed for trial.
Nelson's Taxation.
To the Editor, Dally Canadian:
Sir���You suggested in your last issue
that the advantages of Nelson's method
of taxation should receive the attention
of the 20,000 Club.
While thanking you for the suggestion permit me to Bay that this matter
has already received the attention of
the club and ts only awaiting the opportunity���and the necessary cash���to figure in a small folder devoted to the attractions ot Nelaon for residents, capitalists and manufacturers.
The following Is a fair sample of the
incidence and the low total of taxation
in this city:'
House  snd  lots assessed  at $2,000:
lots $600, house $1,400, but worth considerably more.
29 millB per $1 on land value, $600
2 mills per $1 on half ot house
value, $1400   1.40
Total tax: 16-16 of 1 per cent $18.80
These figures speak for themselves.
May I take this opportunity of saying
that any other suggestions as to the advantages of Nelson that are not at once
self-evident will be heartily welcomed
by the writer.     Yours obediently,
Secretary 20,000 Club.
Oas From Fissure.
Naples, May 27.���At Bescltre Cssse
on the southern extension of Mount Vesuvius a fissure suddenly opened yester
day from which a flow of poisonous gas
escaped. A peasant who Imprudently
approached the Assure was killed, and
nine others who rushed to his rescue
and fell asphyxiated, were saved with
difficulty. The gas from the new fissure
rises to the height ot five or six feet
and carbineers have been posted ln the
vicinity to prevent persons going within
the danger sone.
'-��� I
i n
The Dafly Canadian
Hours' aai All
,. Campers' Supplies
TES*"*S     -   J      1 ^!  i~7   mt   7"S
= .5.= = ~5 s-: z l B.. ^ :_;*"*- Si.
,s:i:i��t-:  :-   i     r-:��
__;_;>   s_-   __;>.�����-$  s-r   :iSO��V  =.iS<E~i
z-::t- ��; i-r =-:   s rss
-IV    r_: . -   !-:   -IZZ
esjcij  disi I
���-,..*. r-tt.-t.- ir:
Ws. r-: mC
r.xs ::
I rat;:
Special Sale of Children's Wear
"-     ;-.-!    _-��-     2-TIKI    'Of    	
q. ..-,-  a- :t   2-twes  for     	
C��- jt- i  *" '��   zt~t ?  D'esses
-*.   -.*. j  a ��� ���-  .-:--i-hi  ...
���>j"3   5   :   S- ts  fce-m  	
S-"l-*4   V.l   "  BC"*!tl 	
���"���i-n   :-ti-  S-.f.i '-:���"
��'.00 tul
3* Mc* a|
Fred Irvine <& Co'
:rer  ts;-e..er:  :~_.���.*.*.   i: ver*.-
Imperial Bank of Canada
Remi Office:   Toronto.
cAPiral paH" z?...m~x.���...'���. rest $_~k ��:���.
D B WTLS-CE. rifani-.il HOX. ROBERT JAJTEJ-T. Vk-e-Pr-eaasrt
; -Li .  *...���; ���:..:
_ve to the irc;cr-
everr   asivaniase
Bn-yfas is Brnish Ctfaaia:
Di_S,      nan,     BET__L_-TG__E.
va-,'C>:;ti;,   Tier .���?.__>.
:-:. =_,_
r-'.':--'..*1 r^:-r:T-*t- aaa ist^raFi a-Iia-a-wi ei iugbes:   c-srregt ru* tr~z. djfcJ* of
Yr*ezzzs�� .'. %.:fyz.z.'. and xjczpxzr,
Terr prof:;
J.   M.   LA>',   A\ana��fe:
The Royal Bank of Canada
Savings Department
Nelson Branch, G. A. SPINK, Manager.
AT.     1
:*r   :��
te*. 1
��� *
Mi '.'.
IB MM c��t. c.
;*:: ... _.:; t_.
A.     " ._.-���
-. : l_t
i - t:_t _   fc
li    Ar   Louis   Daiies.
ick and 5:r William Mo-
i; ;,*:���-".:_. r-1"..-    ';    ". i -
lock    accepto
Mr. B.air aac Mr. Tan* left the cal>
tad because of >j**-e quarrels wtHi the
poller of their chiet
Xo explanation of Jl" Sftnft retire-
���eat has ever been  vouchsafed.
Hem. Kyzz&n and Emmereoo have
retired as the reoh of sczzi-.s. pa%>
Life Has Ho Value.
SL Petersburg. May 27.���Emperor
N'icholas in reply to tht message of the
: .:-.. .; "- t;i_:;-: ti::-;=:-.? .'i
��� .zcrh.:z.z:.:zi -.z r.:= es .^\*. '.-.:..
ceath as s nhmm% ot the recent terrorist
plot, has telegraphed to that body: ~I
heartily thank the council of the empire for the expression of its senti-
njents. I am oonrinoed that the council *1I1 be of real a-ssi stance to me in a*:
its work. As for my life, it is not precious to me provided Russia lix~< :-
glory, peace and prosperity.**
Ht*: Km      *
mtmr.-.tt-z ^.l
*fc*i:���f mt a ���
>. ���  :*iij _i_:-
"It**      "1:t   -
Kxq :*.������!  -��. ,
if.._:-i-ft5  I  * -
_..*-. j t- : .t ���    er.
: i *.;a   :.���*:
1    J    ��i.-"      'iL".
1 :iaail
"ii*       ���    .   Hi., i-    ' ���.; *
*;>--t io Utt Esc   .:...:'
���,-     .^   ���*.���     t *.   -
:zk -_'   '.::-
(Lais*.   '.:_*: - :  **
r   **.�� J.
For Further information Apply to
. fl. Il I 1 J, NELSON, B.(
The HaU Mining and
Company, Limited.
t -...'-        .. ���.,.-���-1   A
MAV 37. I90T.
Of --be E*vs-L-.e*n mea who ;c<"t (jf-
��ce as -ainisters of lhe crovn in Ca&ads
in tbe ramoer -of li**, obIj stTea -se-
malz :oiar. atA tare* of tie -seTe-c ��re
Isoo oM for ����iTe sserric*. They ar--
Sir Rictanl Cin*r.t*.L- -v.-.-.-:-.- 5c;.-.-.
-xnil Mr. Patt^son The oiier four sur-
vTTcrs ir-r Ssr 'V..VV Li.:.-: M:
F5eidiog. Mr. F_>h.r a_c Bb r.-.ir- :.-���
Aroonr the name, that have appeared
oa lhe list for brief seasons, to disappear into the drii serric-e. to the bench,
or to tke oblivion of private disgrace,
��_- who have died in office, or afler re-
sii-eiiiLi office, are Sir Oliver Mowat
David Mills. A. G. Blair, lrrael Tarte.
ar Louis Davies, Clifford Sifton.
Charies FSu;atr-.ck. Sir Henri Jo:.v. R
B. DoheU. C A. Geoflrion. M Bemier.
Sir UiUiatn Muiock. R. Prefontatoe.
Charles Hyman and H  R EJcniereoB-
lt was the fashion among Liberai
newspapers in the *��ond half
and it the first few years after to "point
with pride" to their * cabinet of premiers' Mr Heiding. Mr. '.;...
Louis D*vis?s and Sir Oliver Mowat i:i
been provincial premiers.
Hardly eleven years have elapsed
since tie formation of that cabinet, aad
already it is almost completely
The "Strong men" of the. cabinet of
*Se were Sir Wilfrid  Laurier.  B
ver Mowat. Mr. Tarte. Mr   i lair. Mr
Fielding and  Mr. Sifton     Sir Richard
Cartwright was already past his prime.
Of that group only Sir Wilfrid Laurie:
and Mr. Fielding remain. The plaoe of
all the other "strong men" is taken by
Mr. Aylesworth. a novice in parliament
and cabinet, with one year's experience.
What has become of al! the rest?
Raymond Prefomaine died In office
Sir Oliver Mowat and Sir Henry Joly
accepted positions as lientenant-fcvers-
.:     ;
ant readin
idi-.y and incoLgr--iiy are :
dve of    the showmaii s views dissolving into air."
The V.:--.A~i have cot aii been ofcff-
--..- -.: -- --���-���-: ���������: ���.-.s.-.-.-V. i-i
ncn-partiian Ottawa correspondent of
cur esteemed contemporary, to the contrary notwithstanding.
The personnel of the cabinet at present is weaker than it was in Iiii. and
* : .-��� ���_���:-'--- *r-��.r ____ -.: .-_.
Ume -since Confederation.
deep; on tie j-ftform or in an edi-
' - 7 ���-��� ���.-.--:. 7- '. ::*.-:_.���
Bo sane Liberal will claim that Mr. Em-
merson was a worthy ncceaaor to Mr.
Blair, that either Mr Hytnaa or Mr Pre-
fenaine was the -equai of Mr. Tarte.
that Frank OKver is the equal of C".:f-
B ;ton. or even that Mr Ayks-
worth is a satisfactory stxscessor to
Oliver Mowat or David Mills.
It may be admitted that tke caatees
has beea slightly strengthened lately br
the retirement of Hyman aad tTmrnts
bob. althoogh their places a��e aat yet
fined.     Their   soceeasars   eaat   ons-
ceivably be weaker or worse. A farther
----- -���:-      -    .��� '  *   'hi : s v.-:   ���_ -.:.- ������
tiremeot of Sir Frederick Bordea.
What is the reason Ior ao maay aad
-     '-��� , -----    ��� iv.:-*.*
Perhaps a still non* ver���mm imm-
���-:-- . .-;���- ni- -.,������-_'_ ���_���_ -���_. ���_ ll:
tyrapathy is there among the resmaau"
As iate as IH*���Just before the e-tee-
dona���the Liberals Flood (or ninth
mem is national ��rsf-��*-ii.iT reform ia
the dril sserriee and ia election prac j
- t:-s   ���   ..-��� -rt-;e :-
lations  with the United  States. "Pree j
Trade as they hti- .- :l Err.i-t ' -tt.;
the "wiping oot of the laat sitatim of {
-_.:_,-   ..    .   . .__    ���_.   ��� -:;_..- -:
The  -a-ae.-r   i^-rsA.   .,  __\ c_*r__  Intm
���     --������ -:.�� ,-:    - -   '.     '- -
Vi'iat of aii -ia: ;-��:;( _.n*
-National ei;*Li;--.re ai; taiaaan
i��ve -K��re than t7-i:���ii.    Sc far Iron
Floods in Hungary.
Budapest. May 27.���The bursting c
the dams on lhe Dana!* have cause
���disastrous floods in the neighborho:
of Rudolmad in the Torrential cc--:
try. tmt houses having collapsed. Troc;
are succoring the distressed inh-atita--.*
For Sale
*450-00. 2 lots on Lav*rer street.
1225.00, 1 lot en Latimer and Stanley.
tJOO.OO. 30 ft lot ��i Cnatham near P -\��.
It75.00. lot on CartpC".at* near Park
���Vi-50^0. 16 lota en Innea street
���   f   ttcSkVfTT.
Zt-t-    _.  '   t     : ��� i'
���: i ��� 7     : i; *    __r.*:       ft
.   t     .      ��     ���-���         ���;-���;-.
*    :            *.. *""    :"
���    -f     .'""''*''      ' : :
*������'"          A        V        -""-            :
i    ���-.  i'     : -   -v    '��� ��� f*
t         ������**"
-      -        -     _               _   *.��� .-?   . M,
;- ��� i-i't*--
CliiUi f.:**J��T��_����
v.1:. > ��� ':>������;��� ���;." ���".:.'!. .",;���  ;*
:a iW *ttsat aaemtaaj tit-
*    t.   .- ���>:  ~t:kz.\--.  11 .:
y  h.i*i:.i s   L      ���-_-���
la it    -.LtZrVt   __   -��� -    ,
li.'.'z  :-   ���: .ttt :    _., ���
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry
! West Baker street. KELSON. B. C.
Rotic- to hdxzqooi Co Ovtxt.
."-: :      .;: r ���    *-ii
:-���   ::   .al: ,   ,��� :
s: -        - :: -1   .-��
-   ���  -��� ���:,. V   -   ���-  [
,m lujs ,-
t -li-issis:    :���:-.    :i_si.:    ...:���-
!-i_-li*.': *.   :^ -.-. '���* '  nis--; .r.;_:  csstu.i
lis.   s   -. ���   :s   ���:    ��� .,_.,
-*t:^'. :_,! v.: .,- -..'. Aj.rJ tUs"
��  r*tvn��a.
r..-F. i F.....r:L.. set::
-x:-r'.l ttit.ne.
NN*hoic-��aie Provisional,
Product, - Frult.
&or-s?rnmeot Creamery One Poond P.nrtj rw*jve��i weeily tnsbft-ai
rhnn.    For sale by all kadinjf rrocess.
Office and -warehouse: Houston Block,    Phone V
Josephine Street. . Neisoa,B.C|
tmtaaa te eaaij _c it*
:wioser of hettit mzi
- .-J.-; t. fs��j-t;_.- . ��
ci ia *�����  K��.*tea*j
I kit partPUated &*_*����� j
:. :���
I aortls U   _
hta** THt * thsiasm theace eaath at tatii*.
���:��� ���     '*���"_;'    '-' ' \  ;'-- * /--���'*   ��    '-*��� '-*
l^f*M<l Mirth t*h, ItK. 1   J. ScsjTmMS
-x.j tUjitfu; di^iUic&tuipUT to ae
K,*- :k. ���_.:- 'ss-j;,:.r *.:U::i u!
W.rU io puekate Um toUffw-U* d��acnt��l |
bad*: Cotaacaclty at a m riuaod as tht
manh fork ad wutcd "**, Cooper't viiIhm
r " ��� -.z-mizi* .kit ... ������ --a :k.t��
*k*\ **i '.uiu. a4.5fcc--.ii* (i*ini to a^t* ��tf
Dated �� ur* xti*.. :>w. k Cterca.
i. T. Tl?TW6. Aft-lit.
Btxty dari after date I ia*ieod tea-put to tit
Bo-aoraM* th�� Cb*. CcacTsmutaar afXaata ami
��� orti. Vk-tori*. to ^fr��*j�� t���� toitcwioa
t+trrste-i hxait la w*s: K>_4*c��t dtftrtrt:
Cwawwlac at a acvt akaud at Ue fe.��. naaer
^V=_^.^I*-^', ^��-��*��*   l^**   M<J  mftrktd
IMb} *-B (wawr." ��ad looDirr vo^th��
<fc��toa, vWae* vcat * ctauu. thea** emtth et
Aaaa, themeeeaat thrhsiat te Harr o* N*rm
ala* ��ad eMUiusx Mb aetca.
*anshHh.i%r Z.H.��Msa.
^^^ 1 -h   AJQUKU. AfraX.
r l*-^ : :s��tid io
...i* H ��� >*��: &aik-*4
af*Jj  to *JM
-; ���. Ltr.-ti   -   - -it*
::   W�����*_Z. i*. IL** It".
:i.   tt*' ��.'j����.;*2.    a
Brc-��; Kr.:*.i.-. :s
"J* i*"-    E "���' t-Tfcr    " >--
e-*-1*-^-*:.** f -" -.   .:���- :;
V i'i k- ; it* ;       * j.
p��m\ maitmt * L   a
rz.tr east" kisi r-kf-***:
t. ab��&t feat*} m_>* fr-
n-rti *.��� cLaiai- eait I
a. ����H ft OiAiBi t�� pi-sea
L. a. ru-n��.
1 Tims"*. xee*L
tefet: -: wrt a..
���   i    -
>-�����-   Lt
i -�� �������: :ifti'* ft. m.4.^1
���_��� - tc ������ ; .*.'* ��� Wic:: -;tif
fcj-EALi Kim. LiMmtof.
J. J Ki^-t. aftBt.
-   ���    : t*. '.   :('i i-v 'f. :
: :  :i. -���:-����� . -:*
1 *��-U. at fto-
��� JillV ���'.
;*-_.-....   ��� : ���
htF       I.
5otj�� M -bervtsy it-rea tast le -a_r�� trttr sUt�� 1
���ts,.:: :��� ��;,; . .- .;, _ -.r,.^ .... , ._.,,. . _
SIMMm�� ol Uadf u.  Worts tv puiMn
t���� ���(*������ jvm.4 r i,... Ken ContMsr duum.
��--   *-*���   -*   ���' n        -----   -.- .- ���
J��r��C~-Ji��_,v!tt-J_?��*u" "X ��rt-E��
^mr a ��_BO,UKrm,ta��������tsui.ioti:'>��
*��ia��. tata-e tmn ^ a chuai io ��� pomi��.
m. ra^w-yl-MT ��rf ��tastM Brai*l.*Mi
��� ���    :    :*      -        ��� .  :. .    .     -..      .
^f^rsj?****����� **��**?
auMussra.ua. . ., r.,
  *��� O. Lssm. Afr��L
 7--_**_ *m ^rmwH., w Am* J, ,
-_i��_-_:5f*S,S.',?a t^sms .. o,k,.u.
*    - ���   .: :   ������-sun,*
������'������  ���      :. :���    ::.-. ,   .  ,:_ ��
"^r-�� ^m* m caaias lo Lat ������&, tboie.
e ����t�� ��-_T ii, J����t to H���� ol WiSB
�����**����������������������      , , I H_��.��t
__^  ' t uiic_ areai.
.��� :.v,bj g-.ttttmalsv'"'
la-.psn i�� ftp-pir to ta* SmtSmvam
ot L-xssli ��,k! *ort, for iiliakjaf
. -I ' _ -.:- I ,ii: n**i
slfctrtn. oa vat sikiri *l ttamU*
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cfcuo* nor, or low te IS, a**'6 *"S3
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lako u-sorr Jt thafa. nr* �� *"*
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m.j _d_. art. ' S���
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-m> !��t. _K,r iU�� 1 WK'-i "Jl
Hon    Ui, u��l   lo��*��"��'"!'_l_Jl
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A   i, -   k W. ooraor. tifn" ����"
ikflKsruni tt s-h.ir.t tk��<�� ���
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r,kr��arr Hu.iar:
rTjrPJSZ*���!s2?a \��*B9 ����� Us- Hoa.
iSr.bi^S?4'^ ^ ���u���*���1��� sal Wort ss. Vto.
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-kst. taono wns it s^atas. tbca��,
x:t   -:,-t..y.  *mr. ,i   su,:s   ::.-���-
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ii ru T. M.
:t   :tT.  t   .- v* : s_i*_o tos.-;f< : -.:  "is
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-r*-.*-- .:,������:: i n ,-s
-^nt-.:>'-s-*jf .'��� . p.-
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?���   ':���:   ���-.:,
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���tamtam* I aw u tsmrr to lit
- "   ' ���    :! ���   ���       . *.   ���   i   :
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*    *-���    r  .    .   :..    -..,_:
--"  l: ��� j. ,-.  ���...... i- ... ., ...
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��� '. . ������-, -.. :���; .���...-,,, . L .,
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 Tar: 2ssu itl>l
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Is*:- r ��� ��� -:i i: . -..-:-.��� t:
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��-.-.:,-_  >.;
Maria .-_,._.-     '        * '. 1 ]_\_^
      *1:;'1 ^r**
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ta Bigcaaa
****,*, io | -n
'��� " -: .f .
���ra��J     1WKK
>     A ,;.,       ;
a��rD u. mr.
w. B. w>Iun.
late i iat��ai to .-,;���, to tit
���oioatr ol L.m4. m,-4 Hurts
foUow-tts   iMcrl^
la Weti  sXtwt.
.���-  tk
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Porttr-t *n-on-pi'.oa. sta_
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(somalaia, tt ,���vk man or
Emv* w.risc��ir.
-1 - ..
it kertk-y rltta iku WAa-n
��� ;;.i volr-H -_ . :...���*.',:
���ai Work, lor (��.������= :��.,* s
.'���.-���'.:��� 1
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5-<^_~~-'2 ?"""<�� .��=i. lis..,, io Wett
_��5^*Hl__tU,-_'? ��t"7s��: tbence -ran ��
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i%tod tan uu, a*, * -,,_.,, Iw:
  1 L
....   .
E-. -.     i>'
I.1 ��� -.t
,-.-, .....-���!.__��' ��� ri,t- si^.-, n." -*n :;-
-.I'^iis, oet*: '1 ::..:. t&v:'*. ��� -_������ ::-_--
:-_ezi>-* eavt   �� rtt-jsi ���_ j-iat*     es.s-   :.--!.
*.it :k-. 6 j Brm,    ,    1^-JsLyiir.
per a. MMSOMM. Sft:: I
I     i.-.-si
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���*""���'*- !s "* ��:;si-j -
assts. act -jar..
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'ima trrmn.    |
B_?7_l!yV",,*,.__'> ' ""*tm to k-p-Mr to tae
JSCVJil--?-" ��� *a" *t l��al-1" ''"��
I*1*' *��l*'����a��T tsl dtaarlVfNl at lollowt:
-jnaseattsse tt . ,.., p;,_,,.. ��, Wuter Bul; I
antl-owtl ��,rwer toi tttrtrt a m5 t eorntr.
:r*..   ".'** ��"rl* * 'istav tieDCs, tm tt
i    '   si.i-s, v-.it ',   -:.,:.   -.-.-.-. ���.,: hi
ii'sJv. .rTi'Wf *"����� "*' b"���� !������" ������
���Ts2. H fi': ,* ta Towntklf :i ssnl �� lor-llon
J-"-'  .set . tr    i .:-.:. : ,: .��� ,.i s.r.vjo 1
ssMhmtsaw, '     Ti
J. S. anaaut. a(��ai
i-uti aan sttler dee I lolrt' __
H.so -b. Cklel Con��a��l��5_il_
Wortt. rifw-na. to pirni.* ���"SJ1
W,�� Kooteway. doKTltol Mt*?K J
saearlas at a poat -started -���' *, : __L
aai ������-.. at sr,- H.W. '"������".".'���.wi ���
���tpptlratiSti to pwnriiete ��6��*> ��!r��a
aMoessilloClS <����� "' t_a_i
- - * ��� *��� - *��� :���������-���_ ..'_*��
ik,oee �� rkalaa aorsi. ia,ix�� ��� "^a
piaee of r-jsaolor s
r.-ww^ritu.iVr^ _ i_m_J1
Slitr lays aftor dato I ��"��''.'*f J __
Boaentsi, tk��raie< roiiii��i��i"��r2JI
Workt Vsetorla to porlsaa! ��� uni
ocaie.l oo tke ��,���-. >��������� ���'.'., ul
de-erllnd   sta   follow": l<*��c.': ..*frHf
aarked Hiii tnaat, ���* ^""a
ao tk of lie aootawott isorse'"JJiT
1, Wert ��oo-,oaj. Md ni����i������^|
lh^CK�� wett �� rhtm. lis'-'" D��^g
Ikf-x. rati *> rhalnt to P^��" *" "l|I
Marrkllti.lW      . _ ,������_.��'
out, dan aner^al. I gSjJjl
Honorable lie Ckkrl t1��� ���������MW *.
Work, lorp,nal��si.'= w* P'*"*-^."����
le*.-n��d Und m ww k���"'���-r-1|��ljl
tl ��� ps#l al��ol oneeadast'sarwi"    -ks
Btronn, Undin��. and �����'2JC U
B. { s^mer. ibews. ao-rti f,^**
at i h .in., ihenee Mtt ��________���
cbaiat to point ol rTtr-tz':  _^'-___jt.
March xG��,.��.'_o_^-V,r;-M-|
Slity dayt after -tie I """_",'!&
Hosorabie ike CMrtO���BaggiS I
Work.fr.rj��.rmti��lon U,J*U���!S 5��l
deerrilad land io *��"��*>fiS*LS?l
tl a pott planted oa the ��<*;*;',:n-��1
- -. ati.1 three ***rVj'.u!t^
ol crock, and mar-el I����.l_i'ir>i ��J
ihenc* north ��� tMtaa, Mgl-sl��al
thence tonli �� ehal^ laencr ct. ���
tscint tl ivua-aenceiaenl- m^_f,t___\k
March am*. "^.-...^-^J
sukty nay, sn��_-��' ��� r-r *. ,'ttJ
Hon she l-htef C<M����l��- -.,��� ,�����_���
Work. l,srpcnnl..wntor��-:-', ,vsj
latStftH land in Wett J<"*'"t'*i.��l ���J��
al a i>ort plaiiuJ on *_^*��'���,i ��!���___
��� Trek. abUt. ne mile lco�� =r%���,!."Jl
ntrted -��. fc'*!*1,'Miii,Vt'ii��"',l
��ssihW chaini. """���"*,, 5,sU��'l
rsorlitCshunt.lhenoewrtt*'-' j
Marti ond. I��r  ____.,, Mt��''
,i ' "i.'BKlBlr^l^'-i'air1
.*'.... The Daily Canadian
rospectors     LARDER IMS WEALTH
Who Want a Good Arcticle Will Buy
|vcs Satisfaction, Because It Is Lean, Thoroughly
:ured and Smoked.   Our Hums Are
Excellent  Also.   All  Are Canadian
Goods.  Pure Lard in All Sizes.
Burns & Co., Ltd.
I veil timt.;" flay* hiii-i 'lull-1
iif   i. *n'*i.lii'* Uie Gnlol Com-
���   ami    WorkH fnr 11   UHMiRl
��� mi i carry nwtty tlmbei1 from tbu
���riU'1 iaiiii'* In Wesl Kootenay dls-
Cn.imcm'lDg Bl s pout planted
oi;  o(  in n-iK-rry  creek, about
I,,     ������ ��������   from   railway  Irai-k,
, i ���-l, tllOUPC   ���������������   'li'Hl-   Hollth,
a.-:, iIk*in**.!  nt I'hHloi north,
.  ������   in-n'<*  W Chillis uorth to
CommwUHni ��t a post planted
ptui rol Location No 1, tin-in ������
i,i]ic�� SO chalm  north, llienee
���act tit i Iniiiin Houth, thence W)
i    iliiiu- iouth to point of
:ommenotng ���** * P^'st planted
: ���.I..-H-1 ojrntT of i/ocatloti
in- south, Ihence 1.'" i*litiiiiM
n- north, thenco 10 chains
in- xnuth   theuce 80'chains
mm in .-inriil.
KriHtsT Vi. Bot.OO0*.
|- ��� . glTOn that '.to days atler date 1
he Honorable the Chief Com-
.iii'i Worka, Victoria, for a
tut and carry away timber
|rlng described land lu thedlrtrict
it a i'"-'. about seven mllen from
inmit creek, in a westerly dlrec-
M Itfuny'a northeut burner
.t.HitiN wait, thenee 40 chains
10 chaloi west, thenre 40 chain*
m rliMn*- ��� n-i, thence hi chaini
i lu rlmlnH oaat, tbenee 40 chalnt
it com meneement.
tb, l%~.
G. M  Hk-.sv, LofHtor,
Am,i h I'tkKtE. Air-f-nt.
iy given tbat 30 dava alter tlate 1
_, to tbe Honorable tne Chief Con*
[ ��� and  Worka   for   a   apeclal
nd carry away timber from the
lied land* Hituated on tbe weit
*p (reek Valley :   Commencing
|i.<l,, tiKif iniU'N north ot the inter-
ry Line and  about one and a
I the Nelion and Fort Hheppard
)'i land Kraut In the dlitrlet of
(iicltii; at a poit planted two
llg Btieep ireek, kuown aa the
t*r poit, )omtO| J. K. Crauatou'a
In. 1, claiming a0 chaini north,
- eait. ihence DO chaiua aoutb,
iweM to i*miiof commencement.
fob .'Im. ittn,
���mnifiiiK hi a post planted at the
~ ro| [oralIon No. 1, kuown aa tbe
r p"*t<>f I'K-atlon No. 2, elalming
|lli, (hence ni rbalQieaat. ihen <* ni
thence SU chalna weat to point of
|rch .'Kt, IW.
neiKltiit at a poal placed halt a
teatlon No. 'i, known aa the ���onih-
���ilalmliiK nu ehalna north, thence W
^ I In* net* 80 chatna south, thence 80
n upint of rommtneement.
J. I". Bvidkebo, Locator.
K T. Kkoiijucjh", Agent._
reiiy Kiven tbat 80 daya after date
���h; to the Hon. Chief roinmfaalon-
MU'\ Worka for a special license to
away Umber Irom thc following
ndi Mtuated ou the west side of Big
"���'alloy, eommeuclng about 41, mllei
nu inntioiiHi bonndary Hue. aud
ilie weat of Big Sheep ereek tn tbe
-'. '���Miolenay;
mencing at a post planted about
: ol itiK Hhoep creek, known m*> tbe
in i poit, claiming 80 chalna aoutb,
in- weit, theuce HO chalna nortn,
lm eaat to point of commencement,
menolni at a pout planted at tho
tur ol location No. 1, kuown to. the
tier post, claiming ��0 chains north,
.lm eaat, tV.encv HO chaina aouth,
in-went to point of eommeucement.
menolni at a pout planted at tho
rm rof location No. '2, known ai the
i�� r poat, claiming HO ehalna north,
mini west, thenco HO chalna aouth,
int- east to point of eommeneement.
rll 16th, HOT.
J. P, -SwRDBCho, Locator,
K.T KwuKiaKltw, Agent.
(Timber Limit 'o.X)
reby given hat 60 daya after dale I
���ciily io 'he Honorable the Chief Com-
"I IttndH and Worka Ior a apeclal
' m aud earry away timber from tha
li"'*rlhed lund, altuated on Kooskanax
<ts\ Kootenay dlatrlct:
'IUK at a post plHUte i at the nortii-
i "I limber Limit No 10247,and mark-
'"�� Mouth weal corner poat, tbence
���halus, llienee eait 80 chalna, thence
�����lba, tlience weat W) chaina to point of
) March SB, inn.      H, D. Laa, Locator.
(Timber Notleo No.��)
��'������ ���������.: at a poit planted at thc southeast
If*1" 'i limit, and at ihenotthwestcomer
etiHe No. 1W46, theuee north 160
ce east 40 chaiua to weat Hue of
_, ��e No HW45, following line of No
l'"M4, UK) ehalna. thence following line
l No. 10146 40 chalna to point of
A March 28. i��7.      H. D.Lea, Loealor.
(limber Notice No. 4.)
|i* hereby given that 00 daya afler dale 1
ti npply to tho Hon. Chief Commiasioner
i ainl "orki for a apeclal  lleenae to cut
jy awHy timber from tha following do-
��� in nds, Hitimtedon Knoakanaa creek In
���Kiteiuy dlitrlot, and about five milea
per Arrow lake:
"icing at a pout p'mitcd on the north
' ���* h'l'l about half a mile from creek,
"Hfd  if. I). Lea'a southeant cornor poat,
''"'iii mi ehalna, thonce west HO chnlna.
iouth 80 chaiua, thonce eaat 80 chalna to
f0 March 81, IW7.     H D Lea. Locator.
{ilmbor Notiee No. 6.)
'"'log   at  s poal marked  It.  D. Lea'a
I corner uoat,  theuce north HU chalna,
J the eaat line of  No 4 location, theuco
S.al.n8i Hiciico south 80 chalna, lbence
iitiiiiH to point of eommeneement.
" March 81,1907.       H. li Laa, Locator.
(Timber Limit No,��.)
li,,, ,h��rehy R'ven lhat alxty days after
V., .   ,'" R��,l'1>* t0 tho Honorable the
"miMMoiier of lAtida and Worka for a
iK'tise to eut and  carry away timber
to lowing dcHi-rihed land, altuated about
Krai.��P ,.lu' l!PI��r Arrow lako on Koos-
X,..? .' "' Ul"" Kooienav dis'rlet:
t nnSi M ll l11"11 PtMted and marked H.
P �� rthwest eoruor posl, thonce oaat 80
ttioi       mmtl1 m '"IiiiIiih. thonco woat 80
lion.      "or     W chains to polut of com-
l��'l Match UI.1907.      H.D. Lea, Locator,
in (Ti��nh��rUm.tNo.7)
fs nn,tlK Rl ft ���JKWt Panted and marked H.
*i I. ,V-.i'1HM.?"ruor PMl�� thenoe aouth Hit
I wei-iut l,"1 tho wt'"l ""�� of No, 6 limit,
leaMijii, i .Hlni�� tn��n"o north 80 ohalna,
���i i \, llHln8 to P��lnt of oommenoement.
I1"" "arch 81, IW.      H.D.Lia, locator.
KiftM WorkH for a ��
m\> f-wav tiitit.u. I-.
i thai Sn flaya from date
Hon C It lol commiasioner
.-I    i ,,.,. ,     .  r * apeclal lleouao to out
P liadi ?�� i^W ttom M�� Allowing de-
f   UllH iQ w"��t Kootenay dlatrlet:
i...L m J K Hl t P?"1 P'��'"*'l ""the norlh
hank of Hi Mile enek, about one mile and a balf
from Hloean lake, marked K Strand'a uorthweit
eoruer noiL theneo oast 160 cbaina, thence aouth
40 chains, theme weat 160 chaini, thenee north
40 chains to polntof commencement.
Dated thia aim day of March, 1007.
K. 8TRANO, locator.
Notice Is hereby glveu tbat M daya alter dale I
Intend to applv Ut the Hon. lbe ('hief Commlaaioner of Undi and Worka, at Victoria, lor a
special licetiic to cut and carry a��ay timber
from the following deserlbed landa ln Yale dlatrlet:
No. 1.-Commencing al a poat planted about 10
cbains east of main Kettln river aud about one
mile more or leas nonb of O. f It. Block No.
!��a7, and marked Boundary Lumber Co'a H. K.
corner post No. 1, thence 80 chains w rth, thence
Wi chaina wes*. thenee W ehalna aouth, Ihence 80
chains eaat to the point of commencement.
Hated Mar* h 'iiu l. I!*t7
N-. 2. ��� oiiMtiein-liig at a poat plantfd about 10
chains enat of main Kettle river about 80 chaini
north of Boundary Lumber L'o'a Location No. 1,
and maried Boundary Lumber Co'a 8. t. corner
post No. 2, thenee 80 chains north, thenee B0
chaiua weat, thence 00 cbaini aouth, thence SO
ebalna eaat to tho point of commencement.
Dated tint March, 1*307.
No. 3.���Commencing at a post planted about 80
chaiua eait of main Kettle riverand about 80
chaiua north of Boundary Lumber Co's location
post No 2, aud marked Boundary Lumber Co'a
h. K. eorner poit No. a, thenoo W chalna north,
thence an chaini weat, theuce 90 chains aonth,
thence t)0 chalna eaat to tbe point of oommeneement.
Dated March 'And, 191/7.
No. 4.���Commencing at a post planted about'
10 chains eaat of tbe main Kettle river and about
80 cbaina north of Boundary Lumber Co's location poat No. 8, and marked Boundary Lumber
l o'a B. K. corner post No 4, theneo W> chaina
north, thence 80 chaiua west, theneo 80 cbaina
aouth, thonce HO cbllnaeaat to the point of commencement.
Dated March 22nd, 1807.
No 5.���Commencing at a pont planted about
IA chains east of main Kettle riverand about
two miles north, more or leaa, of Boundary Lumber i o'a Loeatiou No.4, aud marked Boundary
Lumber Co'a H K. oorner poat No 5, thence Nl
chaini north, theuce 80 chalna weat, tbence 80
chains aouth, thence 80 ohalna eaat to the point
of commencemenL
Dated March rani, 1907.
No. ti.���- Com mc nclng at a poat planted about 'St
ehalni eaat of main Kettle river on C I', k. line
Mock .So. j. 14, and about 80 ebalna north of
Boundary Lumber Co'a location poit No. 5, and
marked Boundary Lumber Co'a 8. H corner pont
No. t, thence Ml ehalna north, following 0.1'. K.
Hue block No -.TH, thence 80chalna west, thence
80 chaina south, Ou-nce 8o chaiua eaat to the
polntof commencement.
Hated March X3rd. 19tf7.
No. 7.���Commenciug at a poat planted abont
15 chaiua west of the main Kettle river on C i' It.
Hue Link No. 2714, and aboul 80 cbaina north of
Boundary Lumber Co's loeatiou post No. ft, and
maiked Boundary Lumber Co'i 8. K. corner poat
No. 7, Ihence 160 chains north, following C. P. B.
line hlock No. 2714, theuce 40chaina west, thence
100 Vilnius soutli, thence 40 chains cast to the
polut of commencement.
Dated March 23rd, 1WL
No. 8���Commencing at a post plauted about
ao ihaina wesl from river bank antl about 8 milei
aouth, more or leaa. of tho last east branch ofthe
ea-t fork of tbe main Kettle river or about 18
milea north, more or leas, of C. P. R. Blotik No.
2714, on oaat fork of Kettle river, mnrked Boundary Lumber Co'a N. w corner poel No 8, theuee
80 chains east, thence 80 ehalna aouth, tbenoe 80
chains west, th��uce 80 chaiua north to the point
of commencement.
Dated March 25th, 1907.
No. ��. -Commencing ata poat planted about
20 chains west from river bank, on the east fork
ol Kettle river, and about 80 eliains south of
Boundary Lumlier Co's location post No 8, and
marked Houndnrv lumber Co'a N. W, corner
post No. 9, thonce HO chalna eaat, thenc 80 cbains
south, thenco 80 ohalna west, ihence 80 chains
north to tbc point of eommeuceiucut.
Dated March 26th, 1907.
No. to ---Commencing at a post planted about
W chaiua wesi from river hank on the eaat fork
of Ketlle river, and about 80 cbains aouth of
Boundary Lumber Co's location post No. 9, and
marked Boundary Lumbor Co'a N. W. corner
post No. 10, thence 80 chains east, thence 80
ehalna aouth, thenco 80 chaiua west, thence 80
chains north to tbe point of commenoement.
Dated Marcb 96th, 1907.
No. IL -Commencing at a poat planted about
Ift chaiua west from rtrer bank on tbe cast fork
of Kettle river, and about m chalna aouth of
Boundary Lumber Co'a locution Mil No. 10, and
marked Bouudary Lumlier Co'a N.W, oorner posl
No 11, thence 80 chains east, thence to chains
aouth, tnence SO chalus woat, theoce 80 chains
north to the point of commencement.
Dated Marcli 2Mb, 1907.
No. 12.���Commencing at a post plan ted about 12
chaina west from river bank sn the oast fork of
Ke tie river, and about 80 chaius aouth of
Boundary Lumber Co'a location post No. 11, and
marked Boundary Lumbor Co'a N. W. cornor
oo-t No. 12, tbence 80 chalna oaat, tbenoe 80
chaiua anuth, thence 80 chalna weat, thenoe 80
north to tho point of commencemenL
Dated March ��5th, 1907.
No 18.-Commencing at a post planted about
12 chains west from river bank on thc oaat fork
of Kettle rlvor, and about 80 chalna aouth of
Boundary Lumber Co'a location poat No. 12, and
marked Bouudary Lumber Co'a N W. corner
nnat m>. in, tbeuce 80 ohalna eaat, tbeuoe 80
chalna aoutb, ihcnce 80 chaina weat, thenoo 80
chains uortb to the point of commencement.
Datod March 2Mb, 1907.
No 14,���Coin mencing at n poat planted about
io chains w- st from river bank on the eaat fork
ol kctll*' river, and about 80 chains aouth of
Boundary LumberCo'a location nost No, 18, and
marked Boundary LumberCo'a N V.. corner poet
No 11. thonco 80 chains eaat, thence ft) chains
aoulh, Ihonoo 80 ehalns weat, theuce 80 ohalna
north to the point ol commenoement.
Dated March 28th, 1907.
No. 15,-Oommencing at a post planted about
10 chains wost irom river hank on the east fork
,| Kettle river, and about 80 chains aouth of
Boundary Lumber Co'a port No 14, and marked
B t ndary Lumber L'o'a ti W. corner post No. 1ft.
(ence 86 chains oaat, thence 8>i chains south,
thenee 80 cbains west, thonco 80 chains north to
oolnt of commenoomont.
P I ated Maroh 2Mb, 1907.
No 16.-Commenotng at a post planted about
8 chalna woat from river bank on (ha east ork of
Kettle rlvor, and about 80 chains south of
Boundary Lumbar Co's location post * o. 15. and
marked ftoundarv LumberCo'a KLW. corner poet
No 10. thonco 8tf chains eaat, hence 80 cha na
iouth, thence 8' chains west, theuce 80 chalne
north to tho point of oommeneement.
Dated Marcli 26th, 1907.
No. 17.-C\-mmouclng atapj��t P)*ntc,iD,'ll20"J
5 chaiua wost from river bank on the eatt ttfk
of  Kettle river, and about 80 ohalns south of
MSS M*' ('i,,B ^ Wn W corner
marked Boundary Lumber Co I N. MOW n
. ,V��   k<i n   thence 80 chains oaat, thenee ��o
ShSil iis.rll, l,s lln- iis.lnt ol cisrameiiM-ment.
' Pate.1 Man-ll UBlll, M07.
No. 1��.-Ci.nimencllig Kt 11 poit .pljiilo;1 ��W
1 chalna ��������� "I Builmr bans on,tb* J"*������
ulKelllo Ulvcr snd about -*I'"K"^���, l! ii
lloiinslary LlimbiT tV��   loi'.lion   �����i  No.JI
_him! norm to tho point ����� ��''��>"��fflffiffi*'
D.���d M.rob ijhjW^ iJfflBL, 0��,
Description of Northern Ontario's New-
est  Mining  Field���Land
of Nuggets.
Toronto, May 27.���Mr. W. F. Brunne
was In the city after spending -almost a
week In making a thorough survey of
the Larder Lake district for the purpose
of making a reporl on Its values to the
directors of the Manhattan Cobalt company. Mr. Hrunne, who ls now en route
to New York, went up to Larder Lake
with a government parly, who are making ui-ritngeineutH for cnntitt-iictlng a
wagon road tip to the camp running a
Utile south of the proper line of the
railway. Construction work on thin roml
hns already begun. "I vlBlteil every one
of lhe known discoveries," he said, "and
I found that the extent of the gold-bearing belt was at least len mlleB." Mr.
Brunne took samples showing free gold
at both ends of the zone, and every mile
between. At the Harris Maxwell proper-
ties he saw half a ton of samples all
showing gold ln quntlty. The ore there
is not In a well deAned vein, but it is In
a body, mixed with calclte, quartz, and
green BhiBt. From that property Mr.
Brunne went to the Reddlck mine,
where several new velnB were exposed.
These reveal free gold ln considerable
quantities. Mr. Brunne saw on thiB
claim the exact spot from which the
recent nugget was taken, and the superintendent of these claims informed
him that lt was a slab of gold two feet
long and -several Inches wide, with a
minimum value of 112,000 or more in
gold to the ton. At Bernard's Point,
Mr. Brunne was handed chunks of
quartz, nicely sprinkled with gold, which
were being sent lo the head office. A
mile further nortii along the shore from
the narrows of the lake Mr. Brunne also
inspected some gold which was plainly
visible in some quartz veins. A mile
west of the narrows is situated the
camp of MnKnrlghi & Ellis, which exhibits veins with free gold in quantities.
On the Manhattan Cobalt properties,
situated on the trail to Lemieux lake,
two Bhafta have been sunk, one 20 and
the other 14 feet. In the 20-foot shaft
Is a vein of quartz with one distinct
wall considerably wider than the shaft.
This vein iB rich in free gold. Mr.
Brunne some time ago visited the Lemieux Lake distrct, where the formation
was found to be the same as where the
richest discoveries wero being made to
the southeast. Although unable to make
a second visit on his last trip, he heard
of finds ln that part as rich as any
others made on Larder lake.
Land Registry Act
Tase notice that an application bu been made
to reglHtiT Hugh Rss.s Llnklnter an the owner lu
Pes' -Imple. under . Tax sale Deed trom Kobert
A. Henwluk, Deputy Aaaeaior of tbe Nelaon A,-
sstiiHmetit district, lo Hugh Row Llnklater. hearing date the 7th ilay ul Auguat. A. I). l'J'sl, ot all
ansl .ingular that certain parcel or tract of l.nd
anil premise, ululate, lying and being ln the
Town ot balmo, tn the Province of British
Columbia, more particularly known and ste-
sorlbed as Lot It, Block '-D**. Town of Salmo,
(Map 622), being a >ub-di vision of Lot 'JOSa, Oroup
1. Kootenay sllalrlist.
You and estrh ot you aie required to contest
the claim of the tax purchMer within tourtei'n
days trom the date ol the i-iervice ot this notice
upon you, aud In dufaultof a caveat rr certlflca-e
of lis pendens being hied within such perlosl.
you will be forever estopped anil debarred from
setting up any claim to or tn rospeet ol the Mid
land, and I shall register Hugh hou Llnklater
as owner thi-reof.
llatesl at land registry office, Nelson, Province
ul British tloliimhla, this list day of February,
A. 1). 1907.
District Registrar.
Ts, Msirdoek A. Henderson
Notice ls hereby given that thirty days .Iter
date I iuten 1 to apply to the Board ot Licence
Commissioner!' for the Ymir distriet for a transfer of the licence held by me tor the Fort Sheppard hotel to F. Adle.
(Signed) A M. Shisi.1*.
Wanuta, B <:., May lal, IWI. 	
Notice Is hei-obv given that .1 a meeting (if the
Board ot Licence Commissioners, to be htid .Iter
tbe expiration of thirty days, 1 intend lo anply
for a transfer ist my hotel licence for the Creston
hotel, at Crest on, to Ueorge Mead.
16th May, 190H. E. J. mun.
Fotieo is hereby given that I will apply at the
next meeting of the License Commissioners,
lor the City of Nelson, tu h.ve the llsjuor license
ssl the Silver King Hotel transferred from myself to Robert Ilalslcl, of the City of Nelson.
Datod tuts 7th day of May, 19W.
Notice I* hereby given that thirty days alter
date I lute nd to apply tu the llonorable the Chief
Commissi >ner of lands and Works. Victoria, for
permlsstsi n to cut and carry away timber Horn
the follov Hug described lands: Cnmmenelng at
a poat nssrked No. 1,E. Kloux, and planted at
the nonl ��� east eornor ol LotWMO.P,B.,blMk,
near the weat fork ol Kottie river, } ale dlitrlot,
B.C., thunee running 80 chains cast,B0chains
south, SO ehatns west, 80 chains north to point of
Datffl April mth, 1907.
No. J.--Oommenelng at the northeast eorner of
No. t, thanoa running east 80 chains, thenee
as-rath Iso ehalns, thence west 80 chains, thence
north 8) ehalns tu polnl of commencement.
Dated April tn, lttn.
No. 8 ���Commeneing at a point about one hall
mile >���������� of the northeast corner of c P. R.
lllook Mo. 3638. thence running north 80 ch. ns,
tbenoe, wssst 80 ebalns, theuce south 80 ehalna,
tlionco, cant 80 chains to point of eommenoement.
Dated April mh. lttn.
No 4.���Commeneing at the northeait eoraer
of No.. S. thence running nortb SO chains, thence
west SOe.haln., thencu south ��0 chains, thence
eaat mi ch alius tu uulnt uf commencement.
Dated April mth, 1907
Nr. 6.���Commencing ai a ami planted north ol
CooJtllng ereek, near west line of p. P. R. Block
No. HOI, thence running west 80 ehalns, tbence
south 80 clucim. thenee east 80 chains, thence
north 81) >chr.liis to point of comnioacment.
Dated 1 fay 1st, IWI. *. Kioi X, Loce or.
Cambridge, Mass., Will Celebrate Birthday of Great Scientist One Hundred
Yeara Ago.
Boston, May 27.���The centennial cele-
braLlon ln honor of the memory of Louis
Agaseiz, which will occupy the attention ot educators and scientists of New
Knglnnd and other parts of the country as well during the greater part of
this week, promises to be an unusual
Cambridge, the adopted home of the
Illustrious scientist and the scene
of his labors for many years will be
the seat of the principal celebration. A
principal event of the celebration will
be a public reunion of the surveying pupils of Agussiz lo be hold this evening
in Sander theatre. At this meeting
Colonel Thomas Wentworth Higgiuson
will preside and brief addresses will be
made by President Charles W. Eliot ot
Harvard university, Professor A. Lawrence Lowell of the Scientific school and
Professor William H. Nlles of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
Professor Agasslz, whoBe Influence on
scientific investigation in America was
probably greater and more lasting than
any one else, was of French Huguenot
ancestry and a native of Switzerland,
in which country he was born May 28,
1807. He studied botany in his youth
at Metiers and Orbe, and medicine,
physiology, anatomy and zoology at Zurich and Heidelberg. He came to America ln 1846 on a scientific mission for
the king of Prussia and to deliver a
courBe of lectures in Boston. He accepted a professorship in the newly
founded scientific school In Cambridge,
and entered upon his duties there in
1848, having secured an honorable discharge from the Prussian government.
Agasslz never returned to Prussia. He
married a Cambridge woman and settled in that city, afterwards becoming
one of the faculty of Harvard university, but before this came about he had
established several stations along the
coast line aa far south as Charleston,
where he and his pupils made Investigation of zoological study.
Professor Agasslz made the discovery
of copper ore ln the upper peninsula of
Michigan that led to the founding of the
great Calumet & Hecla Mining company, which has since poured millions
of dollars into the coffers of leading
families of Boston. While travelling
through the West on a lecture tower in
the '60b Professor Agasslz heard of a
great outcropping of copper ore on the
Bhores of Lake Michigan. He plunged
into the wilds and made his way alone
to the locality and found the wonderful
outcropping point of copper. Returning to Boston he sent his bob to make
further Investigations, the result of
which was the formation of the Calumet & Hecla company, of which the
son, Professor Alexander Agasslz, is
still the president.
There  Are   Certain   Niceties and   Distinctions in Gentlemen's Dress.
"The collars and lapels of the Semi-
ready coats would alone give them the
necessary distinction,' 'said the president of the Semi-ready company. "Only
the cheap old-fashioned tailors and
clothiers are still making the high-button coats and vesta. For summer wear
particularly the long roll collars, and
the dainty rounded lapels of the Semi-
ready garments will be immensely popular"
The Semi-ready representative quotes
this as "one of the 79 reasons" why
Semi-ready tailoring has always held
Its place at the top. A gentleman can
buy a Semi-ready coat today, knowing
that lf he visits any town from New
York to Vancouver he will be dressed
In correct form.
Coal! Ice! Wood!
Phone 265
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Frott,
Feel tc Potfltty Co., Ltd.
N.E.eor.Baker and Ward Sta.
w. a. aiuuETT
Contractor and
Role *g"it *or the VorU* Klt'�� Lumber Co., Ltd.,
retail vet A*. Rough and drewtl lumber, turned
work ��nd brkekoU. Cowt lath and shlnglei, faah
and doom. Cement, brick and Ume Ior aale.
Automatic grinder.     - ;
Yard and factory: Vernon St.. east of HaU
p. o. hn- gp. Trtephona vn
Tl" Sttathcona
Nelion, B.O.
Reg. Geo. Webb, Prop.
F. C. GREEN      F.r.KJWHOI       A.H.GREEH
Civil Engineers, Dominion and British
ColumbU Land Surc-fus
r.O.Boxl-45   rkaeKIS.
The .leading Hotel in the
Oood    Sample    Rooms.
Baksr BttsMt, H��lson. B. 0.
Lighted bj Electricity and
Heated hr Hot Air
largs snd Omafor-Uble Bedrooms tnd first-
clMsiiiuliiK Boom.   HsAissplss Koulns lor s'sjuiiiscs.
MSB. K, aCLAHKE, Proprietress
Grand Central Hotel
Thoroughly renovated and refurnished. Kooms 50 cents upward. Tbe
dining room lal unexcelled in the city.
House heated throughout with hot
J. A. BRICKSON, Proprietor
Telephone, 250.   Opposite Court Rouse
and Postoffice. Nelson. B. C.
Ttemont House
Btuopean .nd American Finn
���trail X cu.   Booms from 3S cts. to tl
Only White Help Implored.
Baker St., Helton Propruton
Bartlett  Hotise
Best Dollar-a-Day House in Nelson.
The Bar li tbe Flnett.
White Help Only Km ployed.
Joeephlne Su
Royal Hotel
Rates |1 and (1.50 a Daj.
Special Rates to Regular Boarders.
Most comfortable qu.rtcrs in Nelson
Only the best ot Liquors end Llgers.
A. McDonald &Co.
Dealers in staple and fancy Groceries
Batter, Eggs.
Oamp and Miners' Supplies.
Examination for Assayers for Licence to
Practice in British Columbia.
An Examination (or Aruayers will be held In
Victoria on the 27th May and following dayi.
Entrance (or any examination muit hn made
in writing to tht Seuretary of the Board of Kx-
aminerti, at least ten dayn before the date set tor
beginning of examination, and mutt be accompanied by the prescribed (ce (|1&)
Any additional Information itvnired may be
obtained (rom Herbert Carmichael, BecreUry,
board of examiners, Victoria-
Minister of Mlnea.
Department of Mines,
Victoria, B. 0., 16th April, 1��07.
Notice It hereby given that the Wattsburg
Lumber company has applied to IDs Honor the
I.leutcna-nt tlovernor in council, under the pro-
vIMons (the "RiversandBtreama Act," (or the
right to improve Kykorts creek. In the district of
West Kootonay, British Columbia, by removing
the obstructions therefrom and Htraiglitcnlug
tho banks thereof, and to construct dams, booms,
slides and chutes, and makeiuch other improve*
ments as may be necessary for the driving and
rafting of loas and the lluming of timber thereon
The lauds to be affected are goverment lands and
Lota 251 and 252, Uroup 1. Kootenay district, and
the tolls tbat are proposed to be charged, if any,
are sueh as may be fixed by a judguof the county
court uf Weat Kootenay.
Dated tbls 27th day of March, A, D. 1907.
I have just returned to Nelson and
hava opened up st the same old stand,
and now resdy to do sll kinds of
KALSOMININfl. Shop rear of Bartlett
House. '
A Client Wants Us to Get an Offer for Two
Good Dwelling Houses on Cherry St
Owner lives out of town and is anxious to make a quick
deal.   Call and see us for particulars ; we can
make it worth your while.
Brydges, Blakernore & Cameron, Ltd.
a i ii
Two of the Best Improved Ranches
With bearing orchards and running water on each property.    These properties can le pnrchased on reasonable terms if sold at onoe.
Choice Fruit
I Hare 10,000 Acrea
Choicest Frett Lands tn
Bctttsh Colombtau
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
J. E. ANNABLE,    -    Nelson, B. C.
40 Actes Fitst-class Fitrit
Land on Kootenay Late I
Within ���/, mils of Earl Gray's Ranch.
Vi mils lake frontage. Free from rock.
Plenty water.   ISS par acre, on terms.
Kootenay Land and Investment Co.
Room 10, K.W. C.Blocl, BsUer stmt.                .        _                 NTfI*V>N    B   C
Phone Wl                        K O. Box-US.                 "         "                  KtaLtOUBt,   D. V��.
Tenders Wanted for the fttrchasc of a
Mineral Claim.
Tenders addressed to the undersigned, at hU
ofllce in the Court Houhc. In the City of Nelson,
will be received up till the hour of five o'clock,
iu the afternoon, of Friday, May Slat, IW, for
the purchase of the "BiWer Champion Mineral
Clntro," Lot 3488, Group 1, Kootenay Distriet,
which was declared to be forfeited to the Crown
at the tax sale held in the City of Nelson, on tbe
6th day of November. 1906, for delinquent taxes
up till June 30th, 1905, aud costs
fhe upset price upon the said mineral elalm,
which includes thc amount of delinquent taxes
nnd costs at the time of forfeiture, with Interest,
MXM which have since accrued, costs of advertising and fee for Crown Grant (125 Oo,) ia $81.K.
which is tbe least amount that will be considered
as a tender.
Kaon tender must be accompanied by an ac
ccpted cheque for tbe full amount of the tender,
payable to the order of the Deputy Commissioner
of Land aud Works, at Victoria, B  C, at par.
Dated at Nelson, B C, thia 30th day of April,
Government Agent, Nelson, B. C
Tenders Wanted for the Purchase of a
Mineral Claim*
Tendera addressed to tie underalgned, at hla
ofllce in tha Court Houae, Lu the City of Nelson,
will be received DP till the hour of Ave o'clock ln
Oieiiflerooon.Ql Friday, May 31st, 1D07. fbr the
-purchase of the "Hryan Mineral Claim." Lot
1890, Group 1. Kootenay lUirlet, which was
deelaicd to bo forfeited to the Crown at the tax
sale held ln the City of Nelson, on the 6th day
nf November, 19Q.V for delinquent taxes up till
J une SOtlu 1*305, and costs _
Tbu upset price upon the said mineral claim,
which Includes tho amount of delinquent taxes
mid (tests at the time of forfeiture, with Interest,
tuxes which have since accrued, cost of adver
Using, and fee for Crown '-rant (fft.00.) is$83,31,
which is the least amount that will be considered
its a tender _ .
Each tender must bo accompanied by an accepted cheque for tbe full amount of the tender,
payable to the order of thu Deputy Commissioner
Sf Unds and Works, at Victoria, B.C., at par.
Dated at Nelaon, B. C this 80th dny of April,
Government Agent, Nelaon, B. C
Summer Excursion
.... Rates East
From Nelson $52.50
To Winnipeg, Pott Arthur.
St. Pad, Moth, Sioux City
St. Loula MOM Ottawa I82.U
Chicago $04.00 Montreal 084.00
Toronto $78.50 St. John $04.00
Halifax $101.80
On Sole June 6th. 7th, 8th.
First Class Round Trip, 90
Days Limit.
Id the -matter of an .ppllc.tlon for thc
a duplicate of the (.milk-ale of Title ol I
4. Block 23, Lot 9. Block 39 and Lot 12.
. _ for the Issue of
Title of Lotslletisl
., ��,��.��, ....... ..... ���.1 Lot 12. Illock 50,
Nelson City (Map. ��> and 2KA )
Notice ls hereby givon that lt Is mr Intention
to Issue a duplicate of tbe Certificate of Title Mr
the abore louat th. expiration of one month after
the flnt publication hereof ln the name ot Fran.
Jacoby and Unll I'ohll which (ertlleate ol Title
ls dated thc ith day of January, MOT. and nnmb-
ored I'Xtk. _.  _ ���   ._,__
H. F, MaetXOD,
Distriet Beflstrar.
land Rcilstry Offloe, Kelion, B.C
<th, April, mn.
Corresponding reductions from all
Kootenay points. Tickets available for
lake .route Including meals and berths
on lake steamers. Through rates quoted
to any station in Ontario, Quebec or
Maritime provinces on application.
A.n.P.��..VancooTer. D.F.A., Nelaoa
���     i ��.������mmm--gs-��~��-_B-__g
In the matter of an application lor the Isaue of
a duplicate ol the Certificate of Title lor an un-
slt.lJVsli, ol lot taxi, group 1, tn the district ot
Kootenay (except part 12.9 acres thereol.)
Notice U hereby tlvan tbat It la my Intention
to Issue at the expirnti'sn nr one month after the
flnt publication he,os a ,lss|.ilcateof theCertll*
sate ol Title fnr ttie above mentioned land*, ln
the name of Malcolm McCorinlck, which Certlfl.
cate Is slated the 19th September. 1901, and aum*
tiered 154A.
UudgegUtry Ofllce, Nelaon, JS.C. AnrUIBrd.
'Dlatrlot Haftitrar
,&1 j r ���>
��� !'!���!
The Daily Canadian
We have  just  received a line  of  Fine   Canadian  Cut
Glass of Excellent value.    The shapes and designs
are new and the prices remarkably low.
Watchmaker and Optician
*       ..s- _____ -^       i    m f.tyrEI^IF.S    ���
[Our Stock is Complete;
I Here are two Soap Special,:
[25  31b.   BARS   HOMESTEAD  $4.5C !
_72 BARS GOLDEN WEST for $2.75 '
f Bell Trading Co.::
X        This store will be Cloud Every s,
2 Alu-riiussii lu Junt'. s ,
WUHIIshj AND UKAKTINI1 i>arelilll*r stlenit
d to. Aispl)-
flllr,-. Klssc Itsslpl.
Old Curiosity Shop
If you want to buy or aell anything,
��o to tbe Old Curiosity 8hop. A new
Une of Japanese Goods now on sale.
All kinds of Dinnerware ln stock. Patterns.
See Us
For Good Frnit Land
io Acre Blocks to 800
Acre Blocks.
Bedrock Prices.
Easy Terms.
H. E. Croadsdaile & <��:
Next Door to l.:ink of Commerce.
Ill Kind, of Heating Plants In Stock.
Victoria Bt, Nr. Ooera House.     Tel. 181,
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch,
Creosote, Oils for
Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch and
Boat Builders will dud it to tlieir advantage to use our Fitch.
Nelson Coke & Gas Co.
General Job Work, Chimney Sweeping, Carpet Cleaning, Fixing and Clean
Ing Stove,, ate.
1*1 Eaat Baker St Phone No. A114
Three Show Cases
and Two Counters
fokaonist.  Baker Street.
Muclf.iiHt Misrt-y inss-is even Friday
Bv.nlns si �� is in , tu iiis- Minor,** Ciiissii Hull
am ssr. Invited; mis* Km- ssiissws-st ii, mills pun in
Ibedebetes.   i Austin,Beorotarr.
Mrs. VS. D, Twiss. Mrs. J. Keen, Kas-
lo; P. A. Qulgley, A. E. Holiness, Vancouver: ll. s. Jones, Calgary: H. K.
Jorand, Slocan; 0. V. McMicklng,
Cos-. V.rnon and ��'si.r��l Str.��tft,
Nf JI.HON,   H. C.
J. FKBD UVtSS, Proprietor.
T. J. May, Duluth; H- f*'agan, Eng.
land; J. A. McCulloni, Ci.iini forks; II.
K. Cramer, T. H. Lancaster, Calgary;
.Mrs. Vickera and family, Moigiiutic; H.
S. Carter, Montreal; G. A. McKlnnon,
Toronto; ,1- C. Newmarch, Cranbrook;
J. A. Loeppky, Winnipeg; J. P. Vroom,
W'aneta; I-1. F. Siemens, Altona; V.
Ouder. P, Itichardson, Victoria; F. A.
Qulgley, W. A. Allan, Vancouver; F. C.
Farnliam, Salmo.
C. Llndow, Slocan; W. J. Hinchliff,
1st. S. sMt-Kechnie, Edmonton; Mrs.
Houghton, A. H. llurden, Crawford llav;
0. J. Hundley. Ymir; F. S. Chandler
and wile. Harne; C. T. Cartwright,
Trail; O. Sproule, Cusler; E. Farr, Vancouver.
J. Anderson, Greenwood; U. Todd,
A. McDonald, Fernie; W. Macpherson,
Rossland. \
.1. McLeod, Winnipeg; R. P. Scrivener,
H. Leach, 49-Creek.
S. Oriswold, Paulson; F. Kenneth,
Koch Siding; H. Ross, Trail; F. I). Con-
derson. R. Y. McPhee, Cranbrook.
Brand New Art Bell Piano
John T. Pierre, Baker St.
Alberta Farm Land
160 acrt improved farm In Alberta,
will exchange for Nelson residential
property or Kootenay fruit land.
Geo. g. McLaren
Baker St., Nelson.
B. C.
TWil smart BOYS -Steady ivssrk; gosisl wages.
A|i-siy Ueuengcr Offloe.
QOOD SMAKT -OY lor delivery clerk at C. P. 11.
Telegraph isffis.es.    Apply sit nncs sit ofllce.
AT ONs.K PHIKOfcg SAWYKR. H.ttr. gooil
ivssiess lo expert. Aslsire.s W. II. Kreyseher,
Neluon, R. G , or sssil al lhe mill [n Nelson
i-isllK-ilsilcl.tlK*.  Waitress. CU; hi oik..   1'lsssise
Yssii'k man with gssinl odlee experience seeks a
position.   Apply llox 61��, Nelson, B. (;.
I'WO PIKR-l'-Us.AisiS noOMU, steam heated.  Applv housekeeper. 8rd flat. K. W. tl. block.
lll'NCH   OF  KKY8.    Return to Chas. Long-
I1RA3S CORNET, Two Shanks b and a, Wllh
Case. For Price, Apply M. J. 11. Box lion,
2 SETTERS, 8 Kdgermen, 3 Tallymen and
flraders, 1 Foreman (night,) circular Sawyer,
Doggers, Engineers, Bossm-inan, ausl mill help sst
all Tilnils. Apply Oeo. P. Weill, Box 1077,
Nelson, B.O,
Creat Interest Is belni; taken In thc
concert to be given by the choir of the
Methodist church on Wednesday night.
Good Catch.
Mr. and Mrs. Archie Johnson relurned
last night from Slocan Junction where
in three days they caught trout to the
extent of 25 pounds dressed.
K. F. G. A.
A meeting of the directors of the
Koolenay Fruit Growers' association Is
called for next Monday, June 3rd, at 2
p. in. in the secretary's ofllce.
St.  Paul's Presbyterian Church.
The C. B. Society will hold a social
tomorrow (Tuesday) evening at 8. A
very attractive programme has been
prepared and refreshments will be
There was no chamber session of the
county court this morning. Judge Forin
lias gone lo Trout Lake to hold court
there. There will, however, lie a chain.
ber session on Thursday morning.
Albert J. Pitts Dead.
Albert JameB Pills, who was operated
on at the hospital last Thursday for
appendicitis, died yesterday. Until
within a few hours of his death it was
believed lie was progressing favorably,
but a sudden change for the worse re-
suited In immediate death. The young
man was only 16 years and 8 months
old. He was born at Hrandon, .Man. Ik-
was a favorite with his companions anil
his death will be greatly mourned by
the friends of his family. His body will
be shipped to Kenora, Ont., tomorrow
Narrow Escape.
George M. Fisher and R. H. Zavltz
of tlie Allls-ChalmerB-llullock Co., had
a narrow escape from a very serious ae-
cident yesierday afternoon. They were
out the Granite road and while crossing
the bridge the horses took fright at the
ore buckets on the tramway and sudden-
ly bucked the rig. In a moment, horses,
carriages and occupants were thrown
over the embankment- It was a bad
smash up, and when the Injuries came
to be figured out, Mr. Fisher was discovered to have a fractured rib. The
carriage was badly damaged.
Canadian Cluba.
During the last year or two Canadian
Clubs have been formed at Toronto. Ottawa, Winnipeg, Vancouver, Victoria,
Halifax, St. John, Mom real and at many
of the smaller centres throughout the
country. In the main, says the Toronto
News, these clubs consist of young anil
aggressive Canadians, and while they
have no fixed policy, they have become
formidable forces in the making of public opinion and In the expression of an
aggressive Canadian feeling. They are
developing a stalwart Cauadlan spirit
and a temper which Is keenly Intolerant
of political rascality at home, or of neglect of Canadian Intereata abroad. There
is no "Canada Firat" movement In the
sense of political Independence, but
there Is a movement of steadily Increasing proportions which makes the character of the nation, the development of
its resources and the protection of its
territorial Interests questions of supreme concern In Canadian politics.
The Store of Quality
Home Made
We have a few Jars left and we are
selling at the low price of
60c per Quart Jar
ISc per Bottle
Both good atock and anapa at theae
ft W. C. Blo-sk . Phone tO.
A. M. Can. See. C. E.
Mining Work a Specialty.
Offlce: Bealey Building.   P. O. Box 434
Baker SL, NELSON, B. C.
There may be others as good
but there are no others
better than
Cm Am Benedict
Corner Silica and Josephine 8ta.
Oar Stock Is Always Fresh
Our method is to buy In small quantities, so lhat we never have any old
Celluloid Trays \ \ x 5> ��* eac|j
I 5 x 7, 45c each
Ruby Lamps, 50c, $1.25, $1.75 each
measuring Glasses,
4 oz., 15c; 8 ox., 25c;  16 02., 45c;
24 02., 70c.
Tripods from   -   -   -   $1,25 each
Also a full stock of Developers, Fixing
and Toning Solutions, anil all the various sundries required in luiiiileui- photography,
W. G. Thomson
BOOK8KI.LER and    Molo-.,    TJ   r>
8TAT10NKR. Nelson, B. L.
Phon. a*.
One of the largest life Insurance companies desires to secure the services of
a first-class Dlstricl Manager for the
Kootenays. To the proper person a contract will be offered that will result in
building up an Increasing income each
year and an Income that will continue
for many years, even though the representative severs his connection with
tbe company at some future date. You
have never heard of a contract of this
nature. Address ���Tiisuranc'e,!' Dally
Resting Baa/,
A telegram from Drury Nickerson at
Grand Forks this afternoon slates that
his brother David, who Is In the hospital there, Is resting easy and progress.
Ing as well as could be expected under
the circumatances.
Picnic Tomorrow.
Tbe Ladles of the Maccabees will give
a picnic tomorrow afternoon at lbe residence of Mrs. Bobs, on the other side of
the lake, In honor of the visit of Mrs.
Schermerhorn of Cranbrook, who Is
visiting Nelson.
T. J. May of Diilulh Ig registered at
the Ihiiiie.
H. R, .liiian-4, the Slocan barrister, Is
In tbe city.
Fred Richardson, the celebrated
marksman of Victoria, Is |n lhe city.
Fred Smith, of the Moyle Leader, has
gone Enst on a holiday. During his absence the versatile Peck MeSweyn will
conduct the Leader.
Mrs. H. A. Stewart and child returned
to Nelson Saturday evening after spending five months with relatives In San
Francisco. Mr. Stewart met them at
Wholeaala mnl Ret��U Detlen in
Fresh and Salted Meats
CaiiipH supplied on shortest notice and
lowest price. Nothing but fresh nnd
wholosome meats aud supples kept in Btook
Wail orders receive careful attention.
E. C. TRAVES.  Manager.
One of the Most Scenic Locations on
Kootenay Waters Is for Sale.
The property comprises about. liJd
acres of timber and fruit land, having
half a mile of lake frontage directly
opposite Nelaon.
The central portion of about 100
acres, with buildings, fruit trees, (lower
gardens an living springs thereon,
will be sold aa a whole, leaving an extensive lake frontage to the north and
south which I will offer in acre subdivisions. For price and terms apply
at my home.
Wanted to Buy
We have a buyer fnr a good house
111 the district west of Hendryx St. and
between Observatory und Carbonate St.
Price must be right. We have buyers
for houses in every part of city.    See
Lipton^ Teas
We are in recoipl of a shipment of
Llplnn's Teas direct.
Half Pound Tins  No. 2   25c
One Pound Tina  No. 2  50c
Half Pound Tina   No. 1   30c
One Pound Tina  No. 1   60c
Telephone 161,
Piano and Singing Lessons
Given by Mra. Winter Every Saturday
Mrs. Winter holds certificate from
Royal Academy for pianoforte plavlng
and singing. Certificate from Trinity
College. London, Eng., for theory of music. Scholarship of the London Conser.
vatolre of Music for singing and piano
playing.        Address Box 796, Nelaon.
Big  Atlantic   Llnea   Competing���White
Star and Cunard Affected.
Liverpool, May 27.���The Hamburg-
American Sleamshlp Roinppny has definitely dee.li(eil lo wstiibllsli a direct service between Liverpool and New York.
Other (tevflopiiienis are expected to follow this move. Herr llallln, director-
general of the Hamburg-American line,
has appointed (he Moears. Maclvcr, Liverpool shipowners, as the company's
agents. Thla firm Iiiih for a long time
been connected with tlle Cuiwrd line.
The move of tho Hamburg-American
line Is considered to be an otTset to the
competition of lhe White Star lino at
Southampton and may have an important bearing on the plans of tho Cunard
Workingmen's Shoes
The workingman's shoe should be
made strong, honest and In a painstaking manner. The stock Bhould he durable, and they should look well and at
the same time be rumCortahlo,
Our shoos meet all these rpqiilrumotf %
by Kate Douglas \Viggj,��
THE PRIEST, by .... Harold Big J
THE FLYERS, by -       -       Geo. Barr McCuckJ
Harold McGrs
Canada Drug & Book Co'y, Ltd
Phone 81
I Bargains!    Bargains!    Bargains!)
Oar Fancy Vestings 1VW Be Sold
This  Month   Regardless  of Cost.
You can buy Wash Vestings for $1.00, worth $3.00.
Handsome Vests, double and single breasted, for $3.00, worth |7fl, I
See them and buy now while the selection Is good.
A. & G. FRIEBERG, __    , c-_     ��r   �� B   r.
Managers. Baker St., Nelson, B. C.
I New Spring Goods Arriving Dail|(
A complete line of up-to-date Soft and Hard Hata In Stock.
Alao a full range of Boots and Shoea.    "WALKOVER" our
��� ~%mm~~~	
Spring is Here
We have prepared for this season by passing into stock all .
requisites for the raucher, gardener or householder.  Spades,
Shovels, Rakes, Hoes, Spadiug Forks, Tree Pruners,
Tree Sprayers, Small Garden Tools, Etc.
Prompt attention paid to letter order* ;
J. H. Ashdown Hardware
Company, Limited.
Work. MjTln��J>MMTll Machinery,     lyfnnuluctumraol
��r*�� C��r��, u. R.   Contractiira* Cara.
Corner of Hall and
Front Ulreeta.
Spring Stock lust Opened Up I
Carload Linoleums and Carpets
From Olattgow, Scotland.
Beat Qualities at Uow Prices.
Standard Furniture Company
A-fl Ft NTH. *
M��.lsll A Html,   F|���noa.
Il.ll.risi.is-r M.slir-Hsris
Hanhall aanltarjr .Mauri-nn,.*.
Complete House Furnishers
Undertakers,    Embalmers
and dealers rn Lttinbe*, Shingles?
Lath, Mouldings, Doors, Windows.
Turned Worlc and Brackets. Mail Ordera promptly atteadedl* I
Launch and Boat
Wa alwaya carry In atock and will bt pleated ttt mpply V0
want a In
Such aa
Wlille Waiito
Mtxi-sl I'.slssls
Borry ��ro��.' BonU Vamllih
Km., etc.
Albany arcrnie
(Jm Engine OU -)
Vacuum Marine Hotorui
(In one gallon eani-1
Wood-Vallance Hardware Co*, Limited


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