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The Daily Canadian Dec 19, 1907

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 ��� iiWi'sT**
What Will You
~~~    HavewTtrTlt?
Il i  bottled at the Springs.
Will  be delivered
your door for
every evening    at
No.  168
Fn*TT Cbnts a month
IPublic Consistory Shows
Old Policy
npressive Ceremonial Followed by
Private Devotions���No Recognition of Modernists.
hi..*!, at   work  ihrc.. days and  Boem to
kIv.. lenarai satisfaction.
8pokane   Man  in Calgary   Praises  Bank
System  of Canada  and   Decries
Clearing   House  Paper.
Criminal Prosecution of
Berlin Editor
��� prl
Rome, Doc   19.���The Pope this morn-
per anally oondaettd the oeremony
li the public consistory vrhlOta was :tt
\ thousands of Invited persons,
foreigner*.      Thousands or
inn]   been  distributed   Tor  thin
*-��� ti-uiiv. and ;i denso crowd peoedthe
halls and tribune and reached
Bmosi to the fool of tha throne itst*;t
soeous Lo the cere-atony Bfttf-t
< i lal places Inside tin* Vitifraii
|: ��� ��� ��� ilmalH,  bishops  and   court
�� ��� mbled in Jinnthi-r hall t����
li ihe Pontiff.    At one end of ths
Kesia stood thu papal throne Hank
i ai -sl t ihi It** stalls,  und nt   the
... :���    |.!iin-H   for  tilt.*   bishops.     Thi-
was   heeded by the Bwiss
towed by many personagss
Pope was dressed in complete j>on
ea  aud   With  raised  hand  he
ims  as hi-  went.    Following
ther   rami*   it   long   train   of
together   with   the   Bletins
Dfr sho aani  as the  pi01 IWMlOll   pro-
sided under    the    direction of   theli
���  Pt root ,
it Pops mounted the throne amidst
ofound ellence.    The new cardinals
entered    and    while    they   wen
tins. 'in,. |,v one at the Pontiff's steel
-epsated  the  formula:   "Acctpo pal
n rabrum."   A ma-ster of ceremonies
frlfj the Red Hat over their heads; they
n  separated,   B   pupal   emliracc   went
each of tin* cardinals, nnd  reoetved
iernal salute.    After having returned
panics before   the  altar of  the  Slstlne
el the    new    cardinals  joined   the
I Oen  In  the     hall    of  the  consistory
here Plus  x   had a short suppleu.en
Dec    IS.���The pobllc   oonals
.> was a brilliant and Impr.-s
etaele and was marked by
Jr..ni; manifestations of loyalty on ths
n ol ihe thousands who attended tin
remony. The function was held In
i IS..yiil Hall of the Vallcan In which
���''in. tit and In the Duoal I It."
rough which tha Pops paaaed srers
ouped thousands of ticket holders,
eluding many foreigners aa well as
.' diplomatic corps and Roman aria-
cracy. Plus X. entered In procession,
i-il.-.l, aooompanled and followed bj
cardinals and the guards, t!.��. dlgnl
bs ol the court and Church. Ths
it.lutes who were raised to the
irdlnalata al tha last consistory, Oar
na; Itiiial.linl. former papal nuncio
' Bpaln, and Cardinal Agutrn*. arch*
l".|> of IliirRoB. look ��Hlh nnd re-
Ivsd from the 1'opo thu red hats ���*
���<��� cardlnala' rings.
Oalgarjr, Dec. 19.���The contrast between the effeol ���f the financial Btrin-
gency In American cities and lu Canadian wi.b admirably expressed by a
business man from Spokane in conversation win, a resident of Calsary.
I suppose you people down south are
rather hard up. In a general way?"
"Hard up. I should say we are. And
nothing has amused me so much In a
long tlm,. as meeting a few of your long
faced citizens iu Calgary who think they
ban- a tale of woe about tightness o;
money. When I tell you that a retail
merchant can do a days' business In
Bpokane, a   good   day's  business,  and
ontsld    some few  dollars  In silver
never take In a mil ,,r United Statea
lander, nor gold either, you will hardly
believe It."
"Well l suppose yon do a credit business."
'Ni.thing of the kind, in fuel It is
the other way, a merchant hates to give
credit lo even ills own family and we
closely follow out the old motto. *We
trust in God, all others must pay cash.'
Legal tender of the Culled States gov*
einmH.it is practically au unknown
quantity. In place of that we have
Olaaring house checks. I am sorry 1
have not one with n.e to show you
what they aro like. Hut there Is what
they cull a clearing house association
there tu which nearly all the banks belong, and each bank Instead of paying
out g.��r.,l money when a depositor withdraws his account they will give you
a couple of dollarH in silver and the
balanc*. In clearing house cheques.
These cheques are t.f $1. $2. $.",, $ltl an.l
I-" denominations, and are signed by
tha clearing bouse otllcials.
"The whole trouble struck ns about
six weeks ago when the banks In their
usual methods sent deposits east, expecting to get their returns in legal
tender. In place of which they were
stood off.
it looked then as though something
was going to happen and had one of
the banks In Bpokane closed its doors
the whole lot would have gone under,
as they did not have enough cash in
the whole hunch of them to withstand
a six hour run.
"The governor of the slate or Washington then took a hand in the game
and declared a legal holiday ol onS
week for the whole slate. This allowed any bank to close Its doors for that
period without denoting the /act that It
was insolvent.
"I'll,, clearing house men then got
busy nnd started to issue tha olaaring
houss paper, it was taken all over aa
legal tender, but is not guaranteed tor
one cent, and If one bank were to fail
all the clearing house paper would become useless.
"The stale or Oregon was perhaps a
Mule wots,- than Waahington nnd tha
governor of that slate declared a legal
holiday for several weeks to help tha
banks out. As a matter of fact I think
It Is a legal holiday in Oregon now.
"To give you an Idea or our financial
stale and how rickety II is. suppose one
goes Into the post olllce al Spokane to
buy some postage stamps. You present
a clearing house cheque Tor ll dollar,
but no chnng.-
Olarad tbal In consideration ot the
health of the accused he- would adjourn
court uutll tomorrow.
Christmas Mail.
New York, Dec. 19.���The steamer Majestic arrived today with fifty cabin and
throe hundred sleerage passengers from
the steamer Kroonland, which broke her
propeller shaft on the way from Antwerp to New York and put into Southampton- for repairs. Kive thousand
and fifty sacks and 35 packages of
Christmas mail  were on board.
German Capital Will Now Hear All
Details oi Stories Hinted at
in Former Trial.
fltlsh Bank  Manager In Teheran Says
There is no Danger.
l..n.lon, Dec. 19.���Presiding today at
" annual meeting of tbe Imperial
*"ii or Persia, sir Lapel Henry Qrifflu
���"I a cablegram dated from the man
Ml of the bank al 'reheran. The met
'��.' said: "Since lust Sunday there
">.' been numerous aimed parlies
'""tnl lhe assembly building nnd a
"Ke display of troops In the iiilllliir*
Ware, but lt ls evident that neither
"Hy Is anxious to fight. There Is no
llsonler.   The exile of lhe late premier,
I'SI   Mulek. and  two  princes, has
You can gel the stamps
If you take a whole dollar's worth of
stamps il Is all right bul the government
will not give you any change on a clear-
lug house cheque. When one wants to
take a trip out ot Ibe slate he goes to
railway  station  to  buy
Herlln, Dec. 19.��� Mnximilieti Harden
was haggard and worn and his ra.-,- paled and Studied alternately when he appeared before the criminal oourl today
and took his plaee In tbe dock to answer
the accusation broughl by lhe slate that
he had offended, not only against (Jen-
eral Count Kuno Von Moltke. but agalnsl
Hie Interests of society In writing in
Die Zukunft ol Von Moltke, Prince Phillip Zue Bulenbnrg, Genera] Count Willi,-im Von llohetiau and others In" the
manner In which be did. Harden smiled wearily ns he acknowledged the solicitude of the bailiff 111 helping him remove his fur coat. Tbe president of
the court Inquired courteously If Harden felt strong .-Hough to follow the
"1  hope so," replied  Harden.
The prisoner was shaken from time to
time with fits of coughing which he tried
in  vain  to suppress.
Count Von Mollke looked to be much
better In health today than when he
was In court  last  Monday.
He occasionally gazed Intently at
Harden, but the prisoner paid no at.
lention to him.
Counsel for Harden moved that pro- I
ccedln^, be quashed on the ground lhat
a person could nol be tried In two courts
at the same time. Hy reason of the appeal and the subsequent processes the
proceedings In the magistrate's court,
counsel declared, had not yet come to
an end. The attorney for the state. Dr.
Is. nbiel. declared he had right to bring
the case before the criminal court upon
the fact that he had refused to institute the prosecution of Harden before
Von Moltke began his complaint, on the
grounds that Interests of the state were
In no wise concerned. During the hearing of the private suit representatives
of the ministry of justice had perceived
that the interests of the public were
affected and he uow brought this prosecution ln order to atain these Interests.
At the conclusion of the arguments ot
counsel lln* Judges announced they were
competent to try lhe case. The defence
ut once entered an exception.
After the short lecess the hearing was
resumed. The president of the court
asked whether or not the hearings
should be considered iu public. Dr. lzen-
bell und Dr. Sello for Von Moltke, and
Herr Bernataln for Harden declared
that they and their clients desired publicity. Dr. tsenbell reserved tho right
lo ask lhat the public be excluded during the taking of testimonies. The Indictments ngalnst Harden were then
read bv the judge. It Is a long account
covering Hardens political
Hie Znkuuft for a period
The  president  questioned  Harden as
Adjournment or Decision.
Chicago. Dec. 11).���Judge Hall announced today after a conrerence with
the attorneys for the Harriman and
l-*lsh interests lhat he would at 2 o'clock
this afternoon decide whether to adjourn the annual meeting of the Illinois
Central Railway company or give a decision on the injunction proceedings
that have been held before hini durl:.g
the lasi tew days.
IMrrilliRATION   HlilMS
Insurance Men Satisfied
With Provisions
President of Underwriters' Association Expresses Approval���Canada From Ocean to Ocean*
America's   New   Comers   Chiefly   From
Souiherrr Europe���Increase
in  Emigration.
Toronto-, Dec 19.���H. C. Cox, president of the LiTe Underwriters' Associn-
tion, and Field, manager of the Canada
Life, Bald today that the life insurance
companies would welcome (he new insurance bill. It is apparently based
largely on the Kngltsh system of publicity  and hoard of trade  returns.
Ing the lavatory he plunged through an
open window. Officers returned to North
Bay and set out in search, finding him
ut a house near the place where he
jumped off the train.
articles  in
of    several
^  his   ticket
and presents a clearing house ohetlU
payment, The clearing house mon,*
accepted in payment for
lge in
t rav
the state hut is no -gOuu mi   ...
beyond the borders of the state.
"There is only one bank in Spokane
makes any pretense at paying out
United   Stales legal tender,  that  is
but tlu
Peru  and  Chili   Are   Friends.
Lima, Peru,  Dec.  \\).��� Peru and Chill
��terday   signed   their   llrst    treaty  of
���""������ly, one provides for a consular con-
l^-Mition nnd the other concerns the pur
of the liberal professions.
Japanese   in   Boston.
Boston,  Dec.   19.���Tho   Innovation  of
(''���"I'lnylng .Japanese    as    bell-boys has
Uon made  In the  American  House in
UHb city where fiftoen of them have dls-
��� d  colored  men   in   nnswerlng   the
1-Jelln and running elevators.   They have
branch "' the Hunk or Monl real,
amount   of   business  one   bank   w\l\ do
a city that size does not amount to very
The bnnkers say that this clearing
home paper is to lie all called in during
ibe next few weeks, at the rate oi
$100,000 a week, for there is a million
of lt out, issued during six weeks. Hut
they know very well that this is not
the case and it will be u long time be-
they start to call It In.
seems funny to come ovor to a
young country like this and hnve real
money thrown at you when you get
change, but It is mighty nice to feel
bills in your pocket that are backed by
the government*"
to what he meant by his articles In Die
Zukunft, Harden replied that they were
written in the interest of the laud he
loved. lie had no intention of libelling
Von Mollke. He considered the Interest
of Prince Zu Kulenberg to be harmful
and he sought to remove it. The president checked Harden and pointed out
that he was digressing. What the
prosecution charged him with was accusing Von Moltke of various inclinations and habits. The president went
over each articlenvritten by tlie prisoner and argued with him In an effort to
show how his reference to the friendship between Von Moltke and Zu BJul-
enberg might hnve been misunderstood.
Harden explained thnt they must ho
read In their entirety In order to perceive their political object. The president remarked thnt the public was Incapable of distinguishing between
ssubleties in Die Zukunft articles
the epithets used by the prisoner.
The president referred to Harden's
statement that he mocked the friends
of Zu lOulengerg. "Yes," replied Harden.
"Mockery is a fair weapon, else where
would the world's greatest satirists be?"
Harden here began to show signs of extreme    weariness.'   The  president  de-
Washington,   Dec.   19.���The  immigration to America during the year ending
June r.Oth, 1907, was greater than in any
previous years, according to the annual
report of Frank p. Sargent, commissioner general of immigration and naturalization, which   was  made  public  today.
The number of immigrants to arrive
was 1,285,249, exceeding the number of
1900 by  184,614, and  that for the year
1905 by 258.5f>0, or an increase over the
year 1906 of more than 17 per cent., and
over the year 1905 of more than 25 per
cent.    During the fiscal year 1906, 2,432
aliens were rejected, and during the past
year 3,064, an  Increase of 632.    Of peculiar significance   is   the   table,   which
shows the number of Immigrants from
each foreign country, together with the
Increases or decreases as compared with
the previous years.   Twenty-seven countries  show  increases    and    eleven decreases.    The tide of immigration from
some  of tlie  countries  is  indicated  by
the following figures:   Austria-Hungary.
33S.452, increase  73,314;   Bulgaria,  Ser*
via and Montenegro, 11,359, increase 6,-
691;   France, 9,731,  Increase  345;   German     Kmpire,    37,807,     Increase    243;
Greece, 36,580, increase 17,091; Italy, including Sicily and  Sardina, 285,731, increase, 12,611; Russian Empire and Finland, 258,942,  Increase  32,278;  Turkey,
20,767, increase 11,258;   England, 56,437,
increase 7,146; Ireland, 34,530, decrease
465;    Scotland,   19,740,   increase   3,874:
China, 961, decrease 583;  Japan, 30,883,
increase 16,391;  Hritish North America,
19.91S, increase 14.855; West Indies, 16,-
6N5, increase 3,033.    ,
While the exclusion laws have rendered practically nil the immigration from
China, the immigration from Japan, although relatively not great, has trebled
in the past  year.    This increase Is significant  too, because   it   comes   in   the
face of the regulations adopted by the
American   government   with   the assent
of Japan, which it was supposed would
curtail  t'-e immigration of Japanese to
the Unite*   States very materially. Commissioned Sargent presents excepts from
Official    representations   made    to   his
bureau   by   inspectors   sent  to   Mexico
showing    that     thousands of Japanese
landed In  Mexico during the past year
and   ultimately   gained   a'dmlssion   sur-
leptltiously  into the   United States.    A
table   showing   the   outward   passenger
movement during the past year develops
the fact that the movement was greater
than  in any   preceding year for  which
statistics are available.    The total number of cabin passengers was 229,892, and
other than cabin 344..3R9. The aggregate
number of   outward   bound   pnssengers
was   569,822.   which   was   73.145  larger
than In 1906.
Montreal, Dec 19.���It was stated at
the chief offices this morning that reports from men who examined the
"Mount Temple," now hard on the rocks
near Hridgewater, N. S., Indicate there
is little possibility of saving tile vessel
this winter.
Toronto, Dec. 19.���A deputation representing the Dominion Orange Association, waited on Premier Whitney this
morning and protested against the Introduction Into the schools of Ontario
of a military training on the lines suggested by Sir Frederick Horden, which
Is similar to the system In vogje In
Nova Scotia schools.
Ottawa, Dec. 19.���The attention of
the immigration official*-) will be drawn
to the complaint that many immigrants
who have reached Quebec and Montreal
and under contiact been taken on to
points at Hllnd River vicinity, where
there are many-lumber shanties, do not
get a fair show.
Montreal, Dec. 19.���Knives razors and
revolvers figured in an Italiau row at
the corner of St. Antolne and St. Monl*
que last night and as a result three men
were taken to the hospital, two of whom
had nothing whatever to do with the
row, but were shot while walking up
St. Monique street when the fight was
in prcgress. Those taken to the hospiU-1
and their injuries were: Ell Comlta, 22
years old, stubbed in the left arm and
left side; Irving Everett, 19 years old.
shot in the left leg; Frank Hell. 31 years
old, shot In the right arm, John Ferguson, 30 years old, had a narrow escape from being shot, a bullet passing
through his overcoat and the leg of his
trousers, just grazing his left thigh.
There were four Italians in the row, but
only one arrest was made.
Toronto, Dec. 19.���The Methodist
mission council at Chengtu, west China,
has asked for 107 more missionaries at
a cost of $148,000 a year. The baptists
have extended a call to Rev. D. W. Jenkins, pastor of Salendyne Nook Baptist
church,   Huddersfield,   England.
St. John, N. B., Dec. 19.���The funeral
of the late Dr. Mayard, the oldest practicing physician in New Brunswick, this
afternoon was very largely attended.
Ottawa, Dec. 19.���A man, supposed to
have been J. Moore of Ottn-va, who committed suicide at Alexandra, Monday
night, has been Identified as J. D. Cham-
pigny, of Manlwakl, Que.
Toronto, Dee. 19.���Nineteen of the
fourteen hundred Bulgarians who were
stranded in Toronto and who refused
work offered them by the city, were deported this morning by the Dominion
government. They will be shipped from
The Paper Published by the Sappers and
Miners Aboard  Ship  in   1858-9
There has just been Issued from the
government printing office at Victoria
a book which contains all the papers of
the "Emigrant Soldiers' Gazette and
Cape Horn Chronicles." The story of
the origin of this publication is best told
in the preface ot the work, which has
been prepared under the supervision of
Richard Wolfenden, one of the soldiers
who came out at that time.
The "Emigrant Soldiers' Gazette and
Cape Horn Chronicle," says Mr. Woil'en-
den, was published  originally  in manuscript form, on board the ship "Thames
City," which sailed from Gravesend on
the 10th October, 1858. and reached Esquimau, V. I., on the  12th  April. 1859,
'having on board a detachment of Royal
Engineers selected for service In British
Columbia.     The   paper   was   edited   by
Second-Corporal Slnnett, K. B., assisted
by '-.i-. utenaut H. S. Palmer, R. E., and
was read aloud each Saturday night, the
day of publication, by tbe commanding
ittbcer, Captaiu 11. R. 1-uard, R. E.  Atter
Uie   arrival  of  the  duchment at  the
camp, New Westminster, it was thought
advisable to have this most interesting
journal printed for distribution amongst
the members of the detachment.    This
was done at the men's expense, at the
office   of   the  British   Columbian,   New
Westminster, by the late John Robson.
As only a limited number of copies were
printed, and as It is believed that very
few are now extant, it occurred to Mr.
Wolfenden thnt it would be well to have
the paper reprinted as a souvenir, and
distributed to the survivors of the members of tbe detachment, and their descendants, now residing In British Columbia; the descendants of those who have
passed away, as well  as those who r-
turned to England, and to their friends.
Accordingly, by the kind permission of
the Hon. Richard McBride, this has been
done at the government printing offlce,
The foregoing from the preface, prepared by Mr. Wolfenden, gives very
fully the history of the original papers,
and the work as It has been turned out
by the government printing office, is
not only creditable to that establishment, but also to Mr. Wolfenden. under
whose supervision It was Issued, It
contains excellent portraits of the officers In charge of the soldiers,
and gives also a list of the Boldlers
on board the "Thames City.". It
may be Interesting to the citizens of
Nelson to know that the father of Chitf
Deasy was one of the soldiers *_0 can c
out to British Columbia in 1859, end his
name, Daniel Deasy, ls ln the list of
those who have passed away. There
are only a few survivors,
Over 200 Hen Entombed
in Burning Mine
Flames Preclude Attempts at Rescue
���Little Chance of Survival of
Any in the Mine.
Plttaburg. Dec. 19.���Four hundred men
ate entombed ln tne Dan- mine of the
Pittsburg Coal company at Jacobs
Creek, on the Pittsburg and Lake Erie
railway near here, lt Is believed all the
men are dead.   The mine is burning.
Connelsvlllc, Pa.. Dec. 19.���Pour hundred miners are entombed in the Darr
mines of the Pittsburg Coal company at
Jacobs Creek, 18 miles west of here. Of
these four hundred, fully 100 are Americans, the rest being principally Hungarians. A teriffic explosion shook the vicinity of the explosion at 11.30, and announced to all the suiToundtng community that a great convulsion of some
kind had occurred down under the surface. The mouth of the mine was
wrecked, and this circumstance in con.
nection with Ule fire which was dls.
covered to be raging, prevented effectually up to 1 p. ra. any attempt at rescue
of the Imprisoned men.
���t. only it .t.*, bu. ......
ln a future Issue The Dally Canadian
may enter Into a more lengthy review
of this interesting work.
In    chambers    this    morning
E.   C.
Elaborate  Celebration   of Czar's   Name
Day���Picturesque  Uniform of
Army Restored.
St. PetOtSbufg, Dec. 19.���The name-
day of K'.ni.ei-or Nicholas, which is be-
ing��elt-l>rat,.<l toffSay, hns been signalized
by an order restoring to the Russian
army the picturesque uniform worn in
the reign of Alexander II.
All lhe Russian grand dukes have returned from abroad for the celebration
of the emperor's name-day.
The empress was  unable  to  partlct-
| pate in thu ceremonies owing to Illness.
Forln heard four applications.
Wragge for R. G. Momice, owner, applied fnr the cancellation of a port,-.n
of an addition to the townslte of Kas-lo
and amendment of plan. It will CUBto
up again on Dec. 30th. An application
In connection with official ad,nSnl,l-u-
tion of tho estate of M. W. Garrison, deceased, was ndjourned. E. C. Wtagge
an.l R.*\V. Macdonald spiK-are-l. J.
O'Shea obtained orders for pay,.,**- tut
in the cases of Gallaher vs. Rius .11 ai.d
Uoyer Hros. vs Caffrey.
Montreal, Dec. 19���The C. P. R.
steamer Lake Manitoba arrived at Liverpool yesterday at 8 p. m. The steamer
Lake Chnmplatn sailed from Liverpool
yesterday at 4 p. m.
North Hay, Dec. 19.���In a sensntlonal
effort to eBC.ape the ex-tire chief and
convicted flro bug. Raymond of Hllml
River, threw himself out of the window
of a moving train tn which he was being
taken io Kingston. The train had only-
left North Day a short time when Raymond asked the sheriff to remove his
handcuffs as he wished to go to the
lavatory.   This was done, but on reach-
Losses on the Lake.,
Cleveland. Ohio. Dec. 19.���The total
loss to vessel property on the Great
Lakes amounts to $74:1,000 for the season of 1907, according to figures com
piled l.y Marine men here. Thirteen
steamers antl one schooner were lost.
The greatest single loss was the steamer Cyprus valued at $175,000. ln 1906
f*.rty*four vessels valUQd at $1,095,900
w-ere lost. During WOfi forty-eight ships
were lr.st. valued at $^,341,500. tho greatest for any one year In. the history of
the lakes.
Cabinet Dinner at White House.
Washington, D. C. Dec. 19.���Tho social season at the White House opens
this evening with the customary dinner In honor of the members of the
t'ablnet and their families. The President's reception on New Year's day will
be the next official affair, and a week
later the .'resident and Mra. Roosevelt will give the annual reception tn
honor of the diplomatic corps.
Conneliaville, Pa., Dec. 19.���Within a
few minutes after the explosion the
mouth of the pit was surrounded by
relatives and friends of the entombed
men. The scenes were most pitiful. The
smoke and flames Issuing from the slope
made lt Impossible to enter, and the
wives and children were frantic. ,
Of the 400 diggers employed ln the
mine It Is said 150 took their checks off
this morning, which would Indicate that
from 200 to 250 men went Into the mine.
Appeal to Satolli.
Montreal, Dec. 19.���The papal ablegate in Canada will be asked to consider the complaint ot a faction of St.
Patrick's parish over the removal of
Fether Martin Callaghan from the head
of the parish. At the close ot last
night's meeting of parishoners It was
decided tu send a delegation to Ottawa
to call on Monslgnor Satolli.
Only Illusion.
Nancy, France, Dec. 19.���The dioces-
lan authorities have investigated the alleged miracle reported to have occurred
in the village church at Brtn recently
and found it to have been an optical Illusion caused by the reflection of a
church image upon the sacred water.
Reproof for Cunsel.
Halifax, Dec. 19.���Tbe Dominion Coal
company's lawyers closed their case this
morning and the Dominion Steel company's lawyers commenced to reply. Ex-
Judge Nesbttt was speaking when court
adjourned for luncheon. At the conclusion or his address J. J. Ritchie, counsel for the Coal company, was reproved
by the chief Justice for declaring that
the Coal company did not get the fair
unbiassed decision it was entitled to.
The Abbey for Kelvin.
London, Dec. 19.���In accordance with
the desire of the Royal Society Lord
Kelvin, who died two days ago. will be
buried in Westminster Abbey. The last
scientist to be buried ln tho Abbey was
Chrales Robert Darwin, who died In
1882. The funeral of Lord Kelvin will
take place next Monday.
J. A. Harvey, barrister, Df Of���tat.-It,
Is in the city.
J. I_. Retallack, ot Kaslo, came dewn
last night and is at the Stra.hconi.
Miss Christine MacKay has ret,lined
from a visit to her brother at Moyli.
J. M. Harris, or Sandon, plaintiff 'n
tho Slocan Star cas . is at 'he Hume.
II. P. McCraney, Inland revenue collector at Rossland. was In the city last
night to attend the annual me.'tSiiK of
the Koolenay Curling Ass...l nioo.
.- - _ Farewell to Aokis.
Washington. Dec. 19.���A farewell luncheon was given by President and Mrs.
Roosevelt at the White House today to
Ambassador and Viscountess Aoki of
Japan. ���
I ���
���   -- T..v uaiiy Canadian
'���I ��� '
Clothing,    Gents'   Furnishings
and Boots and Shoes
Is beginning to arrive.
In about another week we will be able to offer full lines
in these goods, and can promise 3-011 the best value ever offered in the city.
In the meantime it will pay 3Tou to await their   arrival
before making your purchase.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office:   Toronto
Capital Authorized $10,C00,00C    Capital Paid Up ..,
_r . Rest    $4,860,000
D. R  WIL.KIE President. HOi*. HUBERT JAFERAY, Vice-President
Branches is Irtish Columbia:
ARROWHEAD,       HOLDEN,       S_aB )N,      REVELSTOKE,        CRANBROOK,
Interest  allowed on  deposits  fr 'in date of deposit and credited quarterly.
mhlso>  branch *_ .    IVI--,   LA t ,   AA-&ri���ijjp._-r.
The Royal Bank of Canada
Incurpc.raL J  A.  D.  18C9.
Capital 13,900.000     Reserve  Fund     M-890-000
Unexcelled facilities for the transaction
of all  kinds of  Banking  Business.
savings Eank Department, and
Interest credited Quarterly on
Savings Bank Accounts.
on Application, in Large, Medium
or Pocket Size.
Nekon Branch, G. A. SPINK, Manager.
}   . ���!-.    f.Z  Z*-~t   a.  wi.*-!    IJ  \L*:
c_jl_d_d t0B_Or__ira ocaCs-jrr, lte.
e_B_B ���        :-'.*I a MB���1 a*-..:*---"
Il ;_���: k:t ��������� ��. j t, ytsivr .'. % _.-. by _.*_. when
: .
���    ��� ��� - i  - :
i...   _ -   : -       -3s-:l:  of  T-.
C *-_*." a.*-!      L
.   ���    ��� are not
Thurvda/. December  '9. 1907.
n i ��� -
- -*
l - .��� * .
End   brown. Ln  Canada.
Ii, ISM Sir Richard ��� thun*
1-...V apjilauded hy Sir Wilfrid
-L.aur.c-r Sir William Mttllock, Mr. Pat.
��� i ..:,d  loudly ��� l
ty the Qlobe    and    Ita    r.-iiow .1.
nounoed  aa outrageous  under an.,   dr
etmistances an expenditure  of $40,000,'
���toou by 6,000,  peopl. pita ".\
penditure oT $&. Ii txaa been Lncrea ed
by 160 per cent, b) Mr. Fielding but the
outragooua  ,��,i'.. mlraculouel)
The defend offered for auob a bwoI
Ion budget by the Liberal presa o- curl
oub. It Is that the country can afford
to pay it. Obviously, yea. In an 1 li* i
gency Uie country could stand sun
more.   Wh} not levy it'.'
Our contemporary aaplentl) calls al
tentmu ui the fad thai criticism i.s noi
detailed. Thai in dellghtfull;, easy. One
can bear the same voice saying In reply
to an attack based on close ana
"liut these are mere mattera oi detail.
You have bave no general criticism."
Tbe uncontrollable annual expi mil
inre _>r ordinary administration hai
grown to nearly $75,000,000. Under the
laHt Conservative governmenl ii was lesi
than $36,000,000, The popola-tion has increased perhapa SO per cent. Tbe oosl
of administration has Increased 120 per
cent. Tbe experience ot all oountrlei
has shown bow extremely hard it la to
reduce expenses thai have become *'s
tabllsbed. While a period of rapid
growth lasted it might be borne un
noticed. A wave ol depression*, bow-
ever ihort-llved, oompels nil to realise
tbe burden,    ll cuuuot seriously be con
��� ������������������������������������������*>������***->���������** ������������ ���
���     ���
Latest   Styles   at   Low   Prices.     Fron
$1.25 to $25.00.
It is worth your while to inspect therr
not been in the public eye for the last
live years his death will be generally regretted. In changing sides he exercised
the privilege of every thiuking man. and,
to his credit be it Baid, he went from Lhe
-Stronger to the weaker side wiih &Q
definite provpocl of n-wurd. Hv was
loyal to Canadian interests as he conceived them and be showed at the Lag.
thai he put principle above personal interest and love of power.
I   that   the   additional   $40^00,00 I
:  efficiency and its
Making even   conceivable allow-
than   half  the  difference  is
due  to wasteful extravagance  and  cor-
and  profits.
Of the estimated expenditure on capi-
ooount  more than  $30,0004)00 .goes
] ���!,*].,   Pacific,  or  if  our
- Iter tbe nam'-. to the National
Transcontinental.   How much went this
-v  are not   told.     How much  will
MM_i   way  In   IfiOfl and following
���nly guess.
When  th is ot the road   waa
Dined   ui-on   Sir  Wilfrid estimated
������   I * .j* try  at  $12, 1,00
Mr   Blali  said $125   00, Mr. Horden.
I:  la now evident thai ev�� n
Hi. ] *     mati   ;���- libel)  to prot ���
too low. It it- only fair, in this connection to recall that even .Sir Wilfrids
own Eoilowera laughed at his essay in
financial calculation.
.Mi Borden'B prediction is being fulfilled to tli' letter, The Dominion, that
Ib the Canadian people, are paying practically ihe whole cost oi building tins
road and when ji bs finished they will
own only the unprofitable section, from
Quebec to Winnipeg, through u terrl-
Lorj thai eannol be more than thinly
bi ttled for many a decade to come.
The National Transcontinental may
appeal to the Imagination, but its appeal to the treasury i.s more direct and
more Insistent It is time at least that
he people of Canada should appreciate
ths magnificence of the gilt they are
making to Senator Cox aud his friends.
Would Mr. Fielding deign to study
1 !n methods of Hritish Columbia's finance minister, Hon. H. Q, Tallow. We
have bad a fairly good year as well as
the Dominion, our increased revenue,
however, has not gone to reward gentlemen like W. T, U. Preston. It has been
devoted to reducing liabilities. That is
the essential difference between Con-
Bervatlve and Libera] financial policies,
it would be some consolation U Mr,
Kb-iding would intimate that he and his
iniieagues contemplate no further Increases. The expenditure now. If the
population were L6,000,000 instead of .;.-
000,000, would be on a scale once deaorlbed b>  them ns outrageous.
The mental calibre of the men who
are found to carry the Liberal  banner
at present, and incidentally the grasp
of the Oriental question Eastern Liberals have acquired by reading Sir Wilfrid Laurier's speeches, may be judged
from the following extract from a report of the speech of Dr. P. D. McLean.
Liberal candidate in Centre York:
"Canada, he continued, was now a
nation, and this statement brought him
tu say a few words on the Japanese
question. Canadians, he said, wanted
to keep British Columbia a white man 'a
country, aud just allow sufficient .lai>
am Be in thai they might  be assimilated."
The report is the Toronto Globe's and
therefore as friendly as possible. To
quote any more of tbe context would only make matters worse, and we have w>
special animus against Dr.  McLean
Testing New Battleships.
Rockland, Me., Dec. 19.���The new
battleship New Hampshire, built at
Camden, N. J., started out today for her
official standardization trial ou the
Rockland course. The trial was expected to conclude this afternoon and will
be followed by the usual anchor tests.
The contract requirement is a speed of
l>s knots an hour.
When the New Hampshire goes into
commission it will mean the addition of
a formidable fcgbtiug machine to the
American navy. She Is of Lg.OOO tons,
with a low water line of 4_U feet and
with a complement of B66 persons. She
will carry as a main battery four 12-
inch breech-loading rifles, eight B-lncfa
breech loading rifles, and twelve 7-inch
breech-loading   rifles.
No. 2. Foal markc-t B O. Jagow northw.-s
coraer, tbeuce eighty chai-i** s uth. tbenc**
fight y chains eaat, 'tie n'cc eighty chain* uorth.
l_6_M al_bty nhft.il 1 ~est to pUus ol t***-inn in-*.
containing '���*>��� asm. mon or it****,   ami vast tuti
KiV-i'i'iil  '��������� 1:11.  ������'!��� Ul ��� D���   Nn   IMUi
bated November 2.at, 1-W7.
B. C. Ji'iiiw. locatnr,
A   H-i-'fcrrr. ait-tat
No-It.   Fofct   mark..*!! T. J-. Jai-kmao   BODthetSt
oomai-  tbenct.    fiKhty   < hum*-   nortli,   tht-nc*-
elgbty i*liain�� wtt-t   ti)eoos nighty *.*tialus notith,
thfjut* elfttity  chaius cant   in lhe  plaee o(   be-
giuuitig, r.-M-nitiiiu' Mo n'-r***,  more or Ims, nnd
eaat aud  ad'aceM  to   W, a.   Sou No  1 pIMVOO
t'orn i-reek.
paled November Jlnt. 1901,
T   I-   JACK���AS. lo.*ator.
A. BaOKSSTi BgL*iit
So. 4. Pott markad Tom l.��vi*aiu* ���ouUi-vortt
cornet iH>Bt tbanoa eu;hiy ���nhalfii oorih, tbanus
I'iirhiy rhKiriB CM��1. tbanoa t-igh'y ,-hniri*. loOUl,
iiitMH-i- eighty -ohalna nil to plm*��- ol i-igiaulng.
i-oiitatulUK MO u*ra*, mon' or Ian. and Wait an.l
adiaeelit lo tlini**r lloaDftd No   lW2i.
Dated fiuvamtMfraitii. Ia07.
Ton l.Ava-ii.is, locator,
A. 'IaiKKTT, ageui.
Neloon Land Iustrit't.   DtttrtOtOl \909t   KiMitniay
lake uotlee that J, K A Bbavar, Intend to apply tor ft IpealaJ Ucamx l" ��� Ul and carry away
timber from SB BOTwl ,.( land: ('oinmeiielng it
n potct plaood ori th��* Dortbweal corner marked
Y A Bur.VSat.Xa I, ihence eighty chalna louth,
thence eighty chain** ���*K*-t ti,.-n-.- eigl'iv chain*
north, thene. sight] chains west to th. plaorol
t.ci*intnng. eon-U���niai B_ aorm, more or laat,
and  aboul tiir.-'   iiin>- troti  "t thfl Koottnar
river and ���bout O&a mile south of Corn oreaa
aud south and adjacent to timl��jr llceuee Ufttl
and eant and adjacent to Umber llcanoe I5u_i.
Local-id Novenjber 2t��t. 190T.
Y A.HHavkr. locator,
A. flAt-KBTT, tffeDt.
Nelfton I^ud EUltrtot Mstrict Of West Kootenay
Take Dottee that I, L W Sbaver, l_t��nfl to apply (or a-special licence :i, cut aud carry away
timber from Mo a'-ret* of laml: Commencing at
a pom marked   I,   Vs     Shaver,   DOrthweat   ci.rncr
thenea eiglity chain.** noutli, tbenoe eighty
chain*, cum thenee eighty clialni north,thenee
ei-fhty chain*, araal to plaee ol be-jinning. eon
taming -M0 tone, more oi laaa, and wai and adjacent to timber licence ItttiH and aU**> south
and adjoioent to timber licence No IfV/^l, aud also
nouth aud adjacent to F A shaver timber limit
No 1
Dated  November Slot, 1907.
L. w, HiiAvcK. loostor,
A   1U�� taTT, ageut
Prices of Metals.
New York, Dec. IH���Silver, 5.1c;
copper. 12-%-c.;  lead, $4.75.
London, Dec. 1!..���Silver, 25 l-16d.;
lead, ��13, 17b., 6d.
Openinq   Copper   Quotations.
New York,  Dec. 19, 1907.
(By  McDermid & McHardy.)
Asked Bid
Granby   $75.00       $70.00
Dominion   Copper....    1.75 1 .*��2 V_
B. C. Copper      4.00 8,87���i
The death of lion. J. Israel Tarte re
calls one of the Stormy periods of Can*
adinn political history.    Though he has
F. C. GREEN        F. P. BURDEN        A. H. GREEN
Ovil Engineers* Dominion and British
Colum-bia. Land Surveyors
P.O. Boi 145    r_S_! 261 B.
Take notice that I. K. 0. ->tin Intend lo apply
Ior ii special licoiifM* to cut and carry away tlrn-
bur Irom Mi) acrea o[ land: CoinuiencliiK at a
pout planted about four mile*, west Oi the konte-
nay river, on a small creek uowlng from the
f-oiilh into Corn creek and about one and one
half ml leu south ol Corn creek and weat and
adjuceiil to timber licence So UOSti commcii
cing at No. 1 poat marked K. <:. Ottt* nortlicaat
corner post, theuce eiiihty chalna aoulh,   thence
eighty ohaini west, thence eighty ohali��� ii��rth.
thence eighty chains eaat  to  the  place ol   be
ginning, cnmaltiing Mh aerBK, more or leaa.
Paled November 21, ivtfi.   K 0. Otim, locator,
\W- ;iri: showing a splendid Stock of Goods for Xnins
Presents including:
Ladies' and Gent's plain aad fancy l_ndkerchi< fs.
Children's Eancy haudkercliiefs in boxes from 75c. for
three haudkercliiefs.
A very pretty lot of Ladies' tics, collars, stocks, silk
scarfs, hue ties, silk belts, metal belts aud fine cut sucl
elastic belts.
Pine stock of Men's silk ties, scarfs, mufflers, silk and
liueu handkerchiefs, kid gloves.
Complete range of fine drawn linen, 5 o'clock hemstitched
linens, citrine art embroidered linen centres.
We invite inspection of our stocks and prices.
���r 1
-trtonatenol one week within which to ad-
vertue   grauled.     Harry   Wright,   Aas'i.   Com*
uiinaiou'-r of Land and WorkB.
Nel 011 Land Dlatriot insirict oi West Kootsnaf
'lake notloe thai I. T. L. Uigan, of Boonan
Ferry, Idaho o. , -*pai |,��i, painter, intend to ED
ply tor a -peioil UmbOt lic-nie over the follow
ing descrilmd landa: Commencing at a poal
planted at the southeast eorimr of UmbOl
llcenc No l-M'.i, theuce east HU ,*haii)h, thence
north Nt 1 haln thenoe WOO* wirlialni,. thence
Homh Ns rhmiis to point o' commencement,
containing M acrea, more or 1--**
DstadMorember3Ut. 1907. T t Lo-.ah.
Cqlw h��ith, agent.
RolgOS Land DlflrlOL   Ulslrictol VSil Kooteuay
Take notice that I, CharleH butcher, Inland
lo apply for a Ipaotal tliiii>.-r 1(001100. to cut ainl
carry away umber fiom fttu acres of land Com*
meucitif- ai No 1 post about 12 mijei- wc-i of the
K00b���iih;. riv-r, on the north aide of fRniindary
Drew' and north  aid adjacent lo limber licenses
IMflO, and ona mile north of Uu international
bonndan tine: commencing at a posi marked
Churl*^ DntOhor'i t-mnhwes' corner, then. . Hti
chain- north, IhtnoO 80 chains easi, thenee Hi
chaim- aouth! lhenoe HO chains west to the place
oi l-cKlnutiig. coiHiiiuing Gin acrea, mure or less
Located Norembar lhtii. iwr7.
ciiari.i*- jutchek, booator.
Nn. 2 Commencing at a poit marked Charles
Dntoher'a southeasl eoruer, thence no chaim-
1 .irth, thenos m> chains weal, tbence Mi ctiains
south, Ihenc* ho chain*- eaat to the place of be*
ginning, and west and adjacent to number one
limber limn, and containing 540 acrea, more or
Located November lhlh. 1907
chaiu.kx DuTQBSB- E-ooator.
f o B. OommenOlOg Ri u poat marked Charles
DuU'lier's northWOtt corner and about Irj miles
went of the Koolenay   river  on  the north side ol
Bonndary creek and north and adjacent to timber lloeiwe IftfttKi, thence aouth HO chains, thence
east Hit Ohalna, theuce north Hoihiilns, thence
west ho chains to the place of beginning, containliiK ���>�������� acres, more or lean.
Located November lath, WW.
CiiAHi.sKt- UtrrcuKK, LO0S>tOr.
No. 4. Oommanolna Ot a post tpuraud ('harles
DntOh-ST'l unrtheHsi o<��rner, thunce south ho
ohSlni, thence weat Wi chain", ihence north HO
chains, thenoe eaat 80 chains to the place of beginning, colilainiisr LID acres, more or leaa
Legated November IHth, fwr7.
('liAHi Kh I'tTniKH, I/oeator*
No. r>. commencing at a poat marked <;har|ea
DutohOT'l Hotitheaat corner, thence 10 chalna
north, tlieuee KO clialns west, thence Wi chains,
south, theuce hi chains eaat to the place of beginning, Don tain Ing HIO acres, more or iesa.
Located November IHth, l��o7.
Obasum Dotubbs, Lsoatoti
So. 6. Commencing a a poat marked Charles
Du-Obor-V souttiwesi "onorr. thence north SJ
OhSlni, thetice ami! HO ehaina, thetice aouth HO
' halns, theuce weat HO chains lo the plac of beginning.   couatnlliR 010 a  res, more or leaa.
Located November IHth, 1fl-*7.
CiiAHit-s DUIUsSBB, Ixwair.
Nelson Ijtnd Uislrlct. DlHtriot of Weal Koo', nay
'lake notice thai '���'nlonion Wilkinaoii, o! Nelson, B.C., occupation lumherman. tntOUdi to
apply for a ipOOUl Umber tlCS���Oe over the foi-
lowing deeorlbed lai
bank of Hummit creel about two and a half ,
mllea Irom Ita mouth UwDOe north 4*< clialu-.. ,
tbenca eaal na- ehaina. thene-- a����uth *) obalna, ,
-tbanoa west kmi chalna.
Doled aotfe Nov.-mber. i*r.
2. Commencing at a |wi��t planted on an un- j
named nre��k which Aowi into onmmll Brat!
from the south at a p-nnt about two and a half
mllea eaat from the imrih fork of summit oraaS
ca ui spw.: iretng placed ntHini three quartan mile
up such unnamed crook, and ab-.u. BS foot tn
the eaat thereof, th.n, e eaot 00 Ohoint, tbence
south  l��i   chain-,   thi inNj    ttOOt OOOhOlSO. thOnOQ
north 1N> chains
Iiau-d 1'Jth Nitvemwr, 1907.
,. 1 ,,mm.-icing at �� it-oat planted on au uii
named creek whleh llnwa ItiUi Hummit < r. - -*_
from the r>outh al a   \m\tO   about   two atida   half
mile- aaal trom the north fork of Bainn.lt crook
al a iMitni about three -luailura mn, up BUOfa
creek and about HOD feel to the eaal tlo .,-,.!
thene* aouth in- :*haiua,   thence   west 4" chains.
iii-n, ��� north ISO 1 balm, tbanoi east m ��� balao,
UaU'd lwth NovemtM-T. 1*7
4 Commencing at a po**t planted on tba north
ea-t fide oi the north fork of Brnmmll creak
about four miles from the junction of I hi* north
fork with the main Hum tint ere* k. thena -���" tb
HO chalna. theiie*- west -**��� chains, llicic ��� lo, ��� -
chalna, thence eatl N- Ofaaina.
Dated luth, November    1> 7
t.    -.Roru.K TOVMQ, Ageul
Nalaon I���.ud Ulatrlct    IMstrn-t of W eat Kootenay.
~aae notice thai I. W a Hudson, ofHpokaue
Wash, occupation limber crulaer, Intend to ap
ii- lor a si***cial timbei UoO���Of over the /oll.,w
lug de��-Tit-cd lauds I'uuiracui'liig at a poat
plauted on the norih bank "f Hummit ItrtoS, t nd
marked W A Hudaoua B. W. corner, Ho .
north 4ii chains, theme ea>t 15U chain-, thi ���
south 40 ebalna- theuce weal IttODJUM to u<
point of comnieiicemeni, coutalnlng M0 OSroo,
more or leaa
Late.I N10    2, IWl. W , A   BtTBOCN
RalaoS Laud IMslrict    Insi'ici of Otoot KnOtOba-f
Tak^ ii-iiice that Vt   a  Hud.'Hi   ol Ipoaanoi
Waah., fM'cupa'i-,1- UiiiI-t t-rinvr   Inietli]
!dy ior a nMM ml timbei ItOOUl I "\ .0 tbi follow���
ni- deoonbed   landi:    C'ommanetng ��*t a po-t
planied on the sontl-   bank O, Ho-   UOI   l*    tork Ol
Corn orso���t thonoo oonth 4S oboina, then ���   teal
lfio chalua. thence north 4u chalna.   tlon 1
lfio Bbalm to lhe point of oommoacenn r.t ion
Ulnir.K Mu acres, more or lea*
Data- Nov Mh. -iff, W, a   it   1
Nelaon Laud lijatrlcl.   hiatrict ol VtOt I OOtOna?
Take   DOttH   that W    A   Hudaon,   of  BpokanO,
Wash., occupation tlmla-r crulaer. tStondl to np
ply lor a *-p-M*ita] timber Mewuce OWOI lhe foil.,,-,
liiK deacrlbed landa. ' oiuliuMiciiig at h -}..,-1
pi-tilled on the eaat fide of the Ja-tutn fork of the
north fork ot Corn crook, thanoe aoutb **������ ibattu,
thenee west Np chains, thence norih 10 cbalni.
thunce east Ho chains lo ihe point of oommonoi
ment, containing Mn acrea, more or li   1
I'aUsil Nov   '1th. 1*07. W   A   Hi om.s
Nelaon laud Uistrict    District of ffual KooUiu,>.
lakertolli-e that W.A HudauU, ol nj-okaii,
Wash., occupation timber crulaer, Intt 1 tl- t<< np
ply for a at.i'cial timber Ipeiu^' ovei tho foUon
[llg   dOBOrtbod    IhimIs :     < ommeuci n,    a:   n   j,.-
filatitud ui,mi,1 .*<������ feet north of the nor'.ii
urk of Corn creek theuce 10001 N> ohalna,
tlo nr,' weat ttu ehaina, thenee 00 ih Hi
chalua. theuce eaat -*��� clialna to tin point ol
commencement, containing otu a-Tea, more <>r
Dated Nov. Htb, 11*07. W. A   BOOOCSI
Nelson LSOd Diatrict rniatrlct of Wesl KoOtanS|
lake notice that W A. Hudson, of Bpokana,
W'aHh.. occupation timber crulaol, Intonol to ap
pi) for a apecliij timber UOOOOO over the following described landa: Commencing ttt a nos
planied about httO feet north ol ttie north lork ot
Corn creek, tbence north HO chain** liicuce west
M�� chains . thence 1011th Hu chatn**, I hem e eaal HO
chalna to the spoilt (if t��unmc|iceiii MH contain
log no acrea, more or lent.
Dated Nov  (Uh, 1907. W    A. Hi'|m-on
Neiion Land District.   Diatrict of Weal Eoofa nny
'I aki; notice thnt W.A. Hudaon, of Hpokanc
W'aah , OOCnpaUon tlmbar omlMfi lnieiiils to apply for a special Umber -UoonOO ovor the folio
lug described lands: CoinmeiieinK at 11 posi
planted about U*< leet norih of tin- north fork ol
Corn creek, then,, south HO chalna, thunce eaat
-Ho '-halns. ihence nortli HO ehaina, thetice west WI
chains to the point ol commoncement, contain
lug MO acrea, mon* or leaa.
Dated Nov. flth, 11107. W. A. HuimoN.
Nelaon Laud Dlitrlct    Uistrict of Weat Kooteiiay
Take notice that W. A Hudaon, of Himkaue,
Wash., occupation timber - rtliaur, intends to np
Ply for a apeclal timber licence OWT the follow
lug oeserlla-d landa: Commencing nt a pn>i
planted about tfH) feel north of Ihe norih fork of
' orn creek, then-e south HO chains,   th-nce -w(.*t
h" obalnii thanoe north an obatni, ibtnoa eaat ho
chains to the point of commencement, eonialu
Inj- ft40 acres, more or lean.
Dated Nov. (lib, HaTT. W. A.  H-'Jihon
Nelaon Laud DlHlriet.   Dtatrlnt of Weat KOOtoOai
Tale notice that W A. Hutlaon, of HpOkanO.
Waah., occupation llml*-*r cruiser, iuteiuls to ap
ply lor a Mpi-eial timber  llCOUl ver Uie  follow
Iiik descrlbeil lunds: '.ommcnclnic at a i���.m
Idnnted Hboiitan li-et north o' Die north lork oi
t orn crook, thunce south no chalna. thenee tall
ho ehiiina. thence norl!; HO chains, thene* west M
( halna to the point of eommeiicenmnl, contuiii-
ing MO ii'.rea, mon* or leaa.
Haled Nov  Mb, 1907. W   A.Hfbsoi-
Nclson Lantl District.   District of Weal Wootmiay
lake notice that W. A, Hudaon, of Hpokanc,
Waab, occupation limber cruiser, Intends to ap
ply for a apeclal timber licence over the follow
n.i- described lands: Commeiicin*/ ,xt �� ���,���,,
Planted on the aoutb l.ai k of the main flora
creuk and adjoining timber lice.,.,-* No. hrya.
t ence aouth (O chain*, then... west Imi chains.
th. not north Iin lialnt, [heme east IM ohalna ul
ine point of e..nun ncement, eonialnini- f.ie
aeies, mure or lew, ���
WC.icHiiiu   r**r<,^-l��l<>r,��.
��� ���"roilufcivi,
i riiv-rij'.i. nt  OftjftJiiorv On** Hfiuinl   Uncka n��<-*.iv.-_ wtrnkty tntl from tba
i-huri-     l'nr Nile farjr nil .��� aii.n-.- **i ������- .���:��,
Oftliw and   ����iireliiu,*- :  Uonittou Bhick,    Pnoni- 7B-
Josephine Street. Nelson, B-C
v.." .:.n  bnj   i,  in...-!-   rrii!,  ijjm.-li   In   tin*  l.e-st   Irult  powlm distrln
In  iin,i-ii  OolumMi   !������   paylni  tl 0 do_n down and no on monili
ICven h in In*, nt,n,.,it ,hiH i��  worth <-iii]Kiii,-..i!i<in.
I-'ruli l.an.l aaa 11.t.i.-.i la value **i!tiin ih, year.   What ��li: it da aea
��� ,';u"
wawi, alWHBT
,**************.* ********
thai   lHii.tr--   itnr
oiaer. t*J'
frail, wi- have .'��* olfsml ���
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ _t __ _t ^_____ I I
.-I.-. hiM ;i>* aad i(t i.,*.-.u.t. ,uiul.-��.r braoadad Hilk, r,.rrl.-.l ...i^,.**. s|i-n,ii.liy Uu^s. I
l.nrr.,1 luili,,,,,.    Tli,.   amokllig  jink,.!.-- \MTi-   l��,u��ht ilinit   Crm _ mill"''"'" f
liir.-1-s,    ooal     lit'.d     (l.nvi,   ^^  __, 1    �����>       ���   _. |_ , C/--.    ���
��� nu ,. ni.���        S-0 le Price only >o. ���
������������������������ *************************************** ********
���^^~*~***B.   A.   IBAAC M.   W.   HINTON'*^ *~~*-
EiNair-wKEivs  aivo contwacioks
i*/��.*i...*t-i,IK ���and alobblna -. -.-. ���_.m ��_-.i with t >*-*..*��., r.    *>*i-.��**t m**-*1-
Work,   (VHi-tinff  i.inl   Mill   ^iiwliioeo  .       LVf-ariuf*�����>-:* \ir*��r** ��>i
'���!-��.-   Gitrt*,*   to.   to.    Contruuturt'   G��*
Corner of Hal and
Front Ht recta.
NELSON,    B.  G
New and Second Hand
i�� ti,,. plana fur bargains. We .1" up-
holaterlng and oablnal work, and a-uar-
antac to pleaaa jrau in prloaa, work, Btc
A   trli.l   will   r*.invIncc   you.
Turner Beeton Block, 606 Vernon Street.
A Union   of   Hiffh   Grades
and Low Price*.
Applet at j:;."". * - ���r*. *���-���""��� ������*'
OrangM ut Mb, IBo 40o and BM P*
(in/, ui.
Aim. ii nloe aasortnus* ..f Nut��. ��� m
Btooklngi and Candy.
Bave your order tof "��' ll" ' f,���ni
win, tbeWs .took selected toi >"""
the best
Joy's Cash Grocery
'cor, jdaepblns and MsaurBt*   j ihe Dally Canat___.
This is fresh-killed poultry and will give you
every satisfaction.    ORDER NOW.
More supplies arriving later.
P. Burns & Co., Ltd.
NELSON, 13. G-
Kaslo, Rossland Boundary
I Bohemian Beer
The Nelson Brewing Co'y, Ltd. \
Coal! Ice! Wood!
Phone 265
Yale Kootenay  Ice, Frtftt,
Fuel _ Poultry Co., Ltd.
N. E. co.. Baker   and   Wsrd   St..
. I DtatrlOt. liistrlct ni Weal Kootenay
raki Holla that Yrvtl. J. Hammona, at-cnt lor
r-i J   Tanner, ol Nelaon, ooonpatlon aratob-
maker,   tnteoila to apply   Ior   ia*rmiaaioii to pur
hum the following in-acrHaMl ianil��: I'mnnii��n
nu- at a poal -slanted about W% mllea eaat ol
Vllaon ,-t,-,*k.   theuce ����� chains   in an easieriy
lr.**U*m.   thence   20  clialn lib,   thence  *o   |
:,��i;o in a westerly dlr ��**rlioii.  theuce '-*" ehaina   j
nriii to tin poinloieonimoncenieUl.eoniainliiK
��� ����� rea, mon or leaa
Pan ���: Nov   loth. t'Wl.
Knanan ��,  iohn Ta*k_*,
Y   J    .-**->������-.-*    AffCUt.
M 1   Land lilstrict.   Dlatrtci ol Weat Kootenay
Take notloe that Fro*" J- iSammotia. ag-JUl l����r
A A Ballard, ol iTocmr. occupation rancher.
mi. ni- to apply lor purmiaaion to purchase tba
s ;, ,-. so; (It-scrllieil lamls. CommencliiK ai a
poal | lauteil about 1-, milescaalof Wilson creek,
thauc*. MuthwaatSuubaliM, thonoo northwootw
< iihiii-. tn.iic, aortheaatVohtlne, Uwnoo south
aaal _ chalni u> ttie the point ol commencement
eonutniU| m acroa, more or leaa.
baled Nov. 2"ih. IWl.
Aai'HlB-r.I.1-   AivUEWON   BAIt-ARU,
AgllUt   Y    J     bAMMOHt..
Notion i_n,i liutrtcl.   Iilatnct o( Weal Kihttonuy
Take notice that W. A. Hudaon, ttmlMTcrulaer,
oi Upokane,  --pokane county. Waahingum, oiii*
������' in* I unci MUUesof A uierlra. lUieii.l*j to apply
lor a apeclal timber llc��uae over the lollowlng
���lea. Tii....t landa: tJommendugat a post mark en
No ' planted on the north bank ol Corn creek,
ai Ihi uie uon of the Nortli lork ol com ereek
with the main atream. about five miles in a
a ai tar it dlracUoo from oonfluenoeol aaid *;oru
crael v uh the Kootenav rlvaji; tbeuce north -ill
trial OS; thonoa west   lfc> chains; theuce south Hi
ehaina; tbenoeeosi I6n chains to poiut of coui-
Ueooement, conlalnlug ft*' acres more or leaa
fiinl laml rt.lio.i.i timber Itmll No , on lhe
��� ���"��� and timber limit No. H un the aoulh. as locate! i.y mc.
l-oiau-d NiivcmUir.i IWl.
Wili.um A EttnOQM-- Looatoi
���WVnesae'l by Patrick C. -Hhlnu
btclared ami atanod by iho nilbln named w
a Hiidson on 1htt-.-9niK.ay of Nurambor, A u
t*r,,   heforc  uie  at  Hpokanc,   Kpokaut'   CouiUV.
"Uilnngion. oneol the in lied htniesol Aliierlea.
1'ATKHk  (      S1IINK.
Miaou Land inatrict,  DliUlotOl Wool Kootenai
Tain nntloethatlaabollaPleroe,  tltnoibnni
���'���������   alum married   woman,  luieiiii-*  lo h|>I'->
,!��� FoUowina ooa
i >>K  same   ...
ion lU-i  chains,   more  or   less   ,-> ....   	
���* tlon with I ot nitv>. thonoo M abuna. more or
"���"-.lollowlng  uaslerly   boundary   of Lot Hll��'1"
pciniof coiiimuni-eimoii.
1'ated ;tb October, lWH.        Isaiiki ia 1'iekck.
F   t,, KitHitil-JH. a feat,
Nalaon Land Diatrict.   lumrUiiui Weet ���Out- ua)
Take lioltue lliat AlcMindcr J McCool. ol
I Brule, B, 0., occupation clerk, intends to apply
���"��� i-crmtaalou to purchiise the [ollOWi_| 001
������lined litial: Coiuinenetnn ataOMI plained on
thuaoutborn boundary m H (' Houthern Hall
way rtgiii-or-way, about one and a half miles
"i-lcrVy from the uorth'vusi corner of lot .tiKI.
Kronp i, Kootunay, thence aouth HU obalna,
Hi'iice eaal Ho ehaliiH. theuce  north �� Chalni to
mu thorn bound a�� of laid rlaht-ot-wftfi thonoa
���v-il Hu chains along said Houthern boundary to
point of commencement, and containing OoO
���teres, more or less
1'uted November Uth. W07.
Al.kXArtnKlt J    McCOOI*.
Nelaon Land IHatrlcl-   Il.airici of Wesl Kootena>
Take notice thai Y. Y. hurdon. acting as agent
���urJ.ii  Banian, ot  Fokluk, tt. ��.. oooupatlon
lauchanic,   iniciolh   to   applv   for  pcrmlsauiu   to
purahaie iho lollowlng deaorlbed landa:   Uot_��
bii'ueuig at a poal planied mi the easterly ulion*
"! Arrow lake and iiliotit IU ihulns north ol the
N   K. corner  of   lot  9108,  thence easi 80  Obalna.
Unite,, norih 4�� obalna, more di loo*( '" the laito
���iiuie, thonoa ponthwoaterly along tbe lakeaboro
to the point Dfoonunonoemonti ami twntaiiiuig
H" aorea, more or less.
I ated November 18th, WW. lAHSI B   HuiiliKN.
_.  Y   I'     BrjBDSWj   Alm-iiI.
Not$Qo Ib hsreby given thai a Court
of lie via ton and Appeal, under the pro-
vlstona of the asseasmenl Act, reapeol
-hk tlm Asaeaamenl Roll tor the year
IS'iiti, for tho NulHim Abboh tmaut District win be held at the Qovenunenl
Offlue, Nelson, on Deoember l stit, 1907,
at io u. m.
R.   S.   LENNIE,
JiMk** of Co nr l of Revlalop mul Appoa[
Nelson Load iMstriot.   Jdstrlcl of Wesl Kooleiiav
Take  notice    that   John  James   Cameron, of
Kemie. Brt'isu Columbia, occupation oontrao-
tor. in lends to *pp-y lor perm i" ion to
pnr--hav,. iin- foliowmK aeoHTlbOO I-ud: Com
in ii- I1 ,' al a \>i>-\ planted ou tlie aoutlicrn
bouii'.ary of the H ���'. Houtlieru right of-uay
aliout-IU .'halna weahTlv from tlieN.W cnnier
of lot t-m-i. group 1, Kootenay, thence MUtbOO
chains, thanoe eaat -to Ohalna, theuce uurtb *-���
. I1...1, to tlie aoiitheru b-uiudary of the aaid
right of way, thanoe westerly along aaid south
cm boundary of right of why Ut tin* point ���
eomtiM-ticeiiicui nnd runtamlUK 24u acres, more
or leaa
Dated November 9th. 1907
.) 'rm lAicm rumm-wr.
Nelson I-atid District iiiatnei ol '.'. <si Ki/oteimj
Take notice that John Hhiell. of Needle-*. B.C ,
occupation rancher. Intends to apply lor per-
iiu-Muu to pnrObOOe tbe following described
land; Coiamenciug at a post planted at the
northwest corner of l.ot w... thenee weat -IU
etinins,  thenee  south ao ehaina,   thunce  east 40
ebalna, tbenoe north mo chains to the point ol
BOmmi ncemeut. aud containing Sill acres, nice
or less
1 ated IB'.h October. 1907 J-mas Siniix.
F   I.     r-'M-UtlKR.   Agcllt
Nelaon 1 ���io; -Dlitrlct,   Diatrict of West Kooteua*,
Take uotlrt-f that  Angus  Mclilll.  of the City of
Nelaon, >,<���, iip-.fi,>i, fireman, intends to apply fur
noimloeluntopnrohaoe tha following daoorlbad
lauds:    Commencing  at  a   p."*1   planted   at  Ibe
N.  W.   comer   L    G    Morrison'c   ranch,    in   Fir
ailev. th. vce north   fort)   M0) rhains.  thene
aal   fo-'y   (4o) chains,   tlieiice   south    forty   (���_������
alus, lhenoe west forty (10) ehaina ohm q
mme ii cement, and couialulni' one buudred
���1 slxtv (Ifrti) acrea. more or leaa.
Pled -epic jiher 2nd    IWl" * mji> MiChi
Ferry,  Waterloo,   Columbia  River.
In accordance with Chapter 78. It B, B C, 1��97.
--Kerrle-*. Aei,M the Qoi crumeiitof British Columbia invites applications ior a charier for a ferry
io ply tM*tweeu Waterloo, li c , mid a point on
tba opposite aide nl tlie Columbia Ittver
Applications will be received by the Hon the
t'bifjt i'onimlssionei up to am) luciudln*- the
:ilst day of December, 19U7.
The charter will cover a period expiring on
the with. Juno, laoa
The ferry thai I be npcruicd ivtieuever retguirtHl
bot.veen7a.il) Ul���7 p.m. every day except Sun
Applications shall five a description of the
MOW alld Cable ll Is proposed to use,
Applications ahad stale the tolls it is proposed
to ask  for:���
Kach adult paa-.t-i.gcr
Bach DhUd (not lb arms) under 1:1 years.
Knell head of cattle, horse, mule or donkey, otO-
Raoh Oat!  sheep, goal or awine, eic
Saab vitbtolOi with one bor-M aud driver.
Kach   ea't   or   waggou,   with   one   horse and
. lo
I'lilele, with two horses and driver, unlimited.
Kach   vehicle,   with    two   horse*   and   driver,
Baob parcel of i. Ilm , and under.
Freight per hxi . "-.* , and under, Uoli-]>crl*ihable
goo I-
I- reigbl int luilhs ainl under, periahnblc goods
The  tioveriinietit  nl   hritish   Columbia   i*.   nut
Ueceasarily bound to accept uny application nub
ml tied
t, 0, pAllBLK,
I'lihih- Korku Engineer.
i-an it-mul Works Department,
Vletorla. R. C , Deoambei imh. 1907.
Corporation of the City of Nelson.
NoUoa is hereby given thai the ftn-i
sitting ot the Oourl of Revision f��r re-
viBin-n nnd eorreotlng <��f Uie Voters' LiHt
for the year 1908* win be hold in the
Counrll CliiLiiil.rt, (ity Hull, NoIhoii, 11.
C.i on Baturday the imbi day of Deoember, inm., ut the hour of 10 o'clock, a.
ni. W,  ED.  WASSON,
cats Clerk.
NelHoii. II. C , Doc. Ktth. 1S07.
City of Nelson License District.
Wo. Ih,1 undorai'.iu'il. give notloe Hull
at tlie next meeting or the Board of
Uosnse Commissioners we Intend to ap
ply for a transfer of the lloenae of tha
-*so cine.... [nn from Wm. QosneU to
EirWAKll   I'Ol.LAUD,
C.  E.  WADE.
Nelson, Nov. 111. 1907.
Take notloe that u Court  of Revision of the Voters' urn of the City of
Kaslo will Bit on the :mm day of Decern
ber, 1807, at eleven o'olook, a. m., do
oai time), and oontlnue from day to day.
if requlalte, at Che Council Chambers of
the citv of Kaslo, B. C.
Dated this MIH day of Deceml)ert 1ito,.
L. O.  L.
Nelson Orangemen win meet tonight
In   the   Odd   Follows'   bull   to  organize
und Sleet ofllecr-s for tht- your.
At tin- residence of Rev. R. N. Powell,
this morning C3harles W. c'tnik, of New
Denver, wuh united tn marriafle to BSlsa
Bertie o. Bteveno, daughter of Hugh
BtevenSj of Arrowhead. The young
couple have many frlend-s ln NcIbou
who will wIhIi them long life and pros-
IK-rlty.    They left on the morning train
for New -Denver, where they will reside.
Hume School Clo-sing.
Tlie entertiilnmeiit by the poplin of
the aenior division of the Hume wchooi
in their claBB-rooni thla evening will he
the (dosing public examination and an
entertainment combined, a small ad-
miHBioii foe will be charged, the object
being to raise funds to secure a piano
inr the school to permit the training
uf   pupils   in   siiminsK.
Kootenay Bonspiel.
Tlie annual bonsple] of tho Kootenay
Curling Association will be held in Nelson in Jnuary or February of IS08. The
annual meeting was held in the dininp
room of tht* Hume lasi nlghl with the
foiinwin-K delegates present; Judge Wii
son, Cranbrook; II. P. UoOraney, aecre-
tary, A B. KoKtuisle, HosHiand; J. T.
Seattle, Qreotrwood; F. starkey. a. T.
Walb-y, Judge Forln, Nelson; (J. O.
Buchanan, Casio. The following officera
were elected: Patron, CJ. O. Buohanan;
iireBiiient. F. A. Starkey; vice-presidents, J. G. McCalluni, Cranbrook; W.
Q. Myun. ���Oreenwood. and J. S. C. Fraser, RosSland; chaplain. .1. H. Wallace;
secri'tary-treaBiirer, G. A. Hunter ex**
cuilve C. D. Blackwood, Judge Forln.
J, A. Morrln. Phoenix, A. B. Mackenzie,
ItosBland, Judge Wilson. Cranbrook,
and G. P. Wells. The poSnti competition, unfinished IuhI year, was ordered
to be played in .lanuary. G. O. liuchun-
an reported on the Curling Manual being prepared by himself and Judge Nelson of Hossland. Votes of thanks were
extended to both.,
New Missionary Diocese,
Trenton, N. J.. Dec 19.���The conse
oration of ��� Rev. Edward Jenttttlga
Knluht, formerly recior of Christ Epis*
copnl church of this city, as bishop of
the missionary district of Western Colorado, took place in Christ Church today wiih imposing ecclesiastical ceremonial. The event attracted a notable
gathering of church dignitaries,
lUshnps Scarborough of New Jersey^
Talbot of Eastern Pennsylvania, and
Lines of Newark acted us consecrutors,
Bishops Partington of HarrWtracg and
Muckay Smith of Pennsylvania present*
inp tbe candidate. Bishop Bpaulding of
I'tuh preached the consecration sermon.
The ceremony lasted nearly two
hours and was of a most impressive
charter. It included the examination
of the cnndldute, the promise of conformity to the church canons, the assumption of the episcopal vestments.
the laying on of the oonsecrators' hands.
and the tinal announcement of the completed consecration.	
That in every line of business neat stationery is absolutely necessary.
Is done Quickly and   in an
Up-to-date Style at
"COMPANIES   ACT,   181*7."
Province or British  Columbia.
No. 412.
This Is to certify thnt "The Manitoba
and Western Canada Land Company.
Limited," 1 s authorised and licensed to carry on business within the Province of British Colombia, and to cjui'y..ouL .or effect, all
or any of the objects of  the Company
the Legislature of British Columbia extends.
The bead oilier of the Oompany Is situate ai the Town of Altona, in the Province of Manitoba.
The amount of the cupltal of the
Company is sixty tlm.i.,a.id dollars, divided into six hundred ahft-res of one
hundred dollars each.
The bead office of the Company tn
this Province Is situate ut NelHon, and
W. A. Macdonald. Barrlster-at-Law,
whose address is Nelson, li. C, Is attorney  for the Company.
Given under my hand and seal of offlce ut. Victoria, Province of British
Columbia, this sixteenth day of .November, one thousand nine hundred and
Registrar of Joint Stock Companies.
The   objects  for  which   this     Company has been established and licensed
are: ���
For the purpose and with the Object
of buying or acquiring by grant, purchase or otherwise, and leasing, mort
.gaging or otherwise transferring or deal-
lug with or disposing of real estate,
lands, tenements, hereditaments of
every description or nature, and any
and every right nnd Interest therein;
developing, cultivating, forming, set'l-
Ing and otherwise Improving and utilising the same, and of pledging, mortgaging, leasing, selling and otherwise
dealing with exchange or disposing of
the same', and generally of carrying on
ihe business of a land and land Improvement company; and to carry on
the business of ranching, terming and
lumbering; of aiding an dasslsting by
advances of money or otherwise, with
or without security, settlers and Intending settlers upon nny lands belonging to the company or in the neighborhood of such lands, and generally to
promote the settlements of land or acquiring, holding, selling, mortgaging.
pledging and otherwise dealing with
mortgages and charges In lands or any
interest therein, and of agreements for
terest therein, and of investing and
lumbering; of aiding and assisting by
with covenants for the security of
the purchaseand sale of land or any In-
lending money upon the security of real
and personal estate, goods and chattels,
stocks, lionds, hills of exchange, promissory notes or kinds of security as
an individual may; to take and receive
mortgages on real or personal estate, or
other security ut such rates of Interest
us may be agreed upon; to sell and to
assign such mortgages or mortgage the
same by uny instrument in writing or
agreement, subject to conditions and
with covenants for the security of the
money advanced thereon; to execute
mortgages on any lands owned or purchased by the company; to secure the
purchase price or any part thereof of
any lands, tenements or hereditaments
purchased by the company or for any
other purpose whatsoever; to borrow
money at such rate of Interest as to
the company may seem advisable, und
Issue deposit receipts, bonds, mortgages or other documents to the lenders
thereof, and to give mortgages or securities upon all or any of the company's assets for repayment of all or
any of the money borrowed; and to sell,
assign, mortgage and hypothecate or
pledge any of the ecurlties or assets
of the said company for the security
of moneys advanced thereon; to execute, sign, issue, negotiate, transfer,
give and take promissory notes, bills
of exchange, cheques, bonds, debentures and other negotiable instrument,
and choses in action and evidence of
indebtedness of all kinds, and to pay.
charge, and collect .Interest thereon,
and to give and take chattel mortga
ges, bills of sale, and receipt notes, lien
notes, hire receipts, orders for goods,
chattels or money, warehouse certlfi
cates, bills or lading, warehouse receipts and other securities or chattels,
machinery, goods, wares or merchandise; to Improve, cultivate, erect buildings and make other improvements on,
or survey and subdivide any portion
of the company's lands; to lend mono;
and 'take mortgages on real and person
al estate as security therefor aud from
time to time to discharge the same; to
take and hold real estate In trust or
otherwise ns security for such loans,
and to take and hold collateral and
other security therefor or for debts
which may become due to the compuny;
to collect rents, manage estates and
buy und sell property on commission,
and to act as valuators, financial
agents, general and special agents, and
real estate brokers; to carry on the business of buying, selling, manufacturing.
making or otherwise acquiring or pro
duclng any or ull kinds of material
sed In construction, maintenance am.
repairs of buildings or other atrui
lures, includlnc lumber, stone, brick
and plumbers' supplies; to acquire, con
struct, equip, own, maintain and opera;'
warehorseH, elevators, factories, mills.
BaW-mtllB and Hour-mills; of buying and
selling grains of any kind whatsoever;
:��f buying and selling implements, buggies, waggons, sleighs, machinery, and
engines of any kind whatBoever: of buying and selling goods and merchandise
Of any kind whatsoever, and buying and
Belling safes and  vaults; to contract with
individuals or corporate bodies In re
::nrd to any undertaking and to sue
and he sued ln the name of the com
pany in respect of the same and. subject to the provisions of Section (18 of
the Manitoba .loint Stock Companies Act
lo unite and amalgamate In whole or
tn part with or purchase the business
of any other person, corporation or
private individual engaged In any of the
���ustnessss above mentioned, and. If so
agreed, to Issue therefor paid-up stocl.
In this company; of carrying on any
other business which seems to the com
pany capable of being conveniently enr-
���b'd OU In Connection with the above or
which may seem to the company cal
"Ulated to directly or Indirectly enhance
the value of or render profitable nny
of the company's properties or rights.
No. aio.
"COMPANIES   ACT.   1897."
II hereby oflrtlfx Ahitf. Jbft.'JFAlh-- Creek
Copper Mining Compuny. Limited," has
Provincial Company under the "Companies Act, 1807," to carry out or effect all or any of the. objects of the
Cenn iny to which the legislative an-
th.ni y of the Legislature of British Col-
ui.il-i:: extends.
The head office of the Company is situate at the City of Si>okaue, State of
Washington.   D.  S.  A.
The amount of the capital of the
Company Is one million five hundred
thousand dollars, divided into tine million five hundred thousand shares of
one   dollar  each.
The head office of the Company in
this Province 1b situate at Nelson, and
Michael C. Monaghan, Miner, whose
address is the same, is the attorney
for the Company.
The time of the existence of this Company is fifty years from the 15th March.
The Company is specially limited under section  BC of the above Act.
Given under my hand and Real of offlce at Victoria. Province of BrltiBh Columbia, this 15th day of Mav, one
thousand nine  hundred and  seven.
fL.S.l S. Y.  WOOTON,
Registrar  of Joint   Stock   Companies.
The objects tor which the Company
his heen Established and registered are
restricted to acquiring, managing, developing, working and selling mines, mineral claims and mining properties, and
the winning, getting, treating., refining
and marketing of mineral therefrom
and   are:���
(1.) To obtain hy purchase, lease,
hire, discovery, location or otherwise.
and hold within the Province of British Columbia mines, mineral claims,
mineral leases, prospects, mining lands
and mining rights of every description
and to work, develop, operate und turn
the same to account, nnd to sell or
otherwise dispose of the same or any
of them, or any interest therein:
(2* To dig for. raise, crush, wash,
smelt, assay, analyze, reduce,--amalgamate and otherwise treat gold, silver,
copper, lead ores or deposits and other
minerals and metallic substances and
compounds of all kinds, whether belonging to the Oompany or not. and to render the same merchantable, and to buy.
Bell nnd deal In the same, or any of
(3.) To carrv on the business of a
mining, smelting, milling and refining
company in all or any of Its branches:
(4.) To acquire by purchase, lease,
hire, exchange or otherwise, such tlm
her land.:; or leases, timber claims,
licences to cut timber, surface rights
and rights-of-way. water rights and privileges, mills, factories, furnaces,
for smelting and treating ores
and refining metals, buildings, machin
ory, plant, and other real or personal
property as may be necessary for or
conducive to the proper carrying out
of the  objects of the Company:
(5.1 To constuct, maintain, alter,
make, vork and operate on the property of the Company, or on property
controlled by the Company, any canals.
trails, roads, ways, tramways, bridges,
and reservoirs, dams, flumes, race and
other ways, water-course, aqueducts,
wells, whurves, piers. furnuceB. sawmills, crushing works, smelting works,
concentrntlng works. hydraulic works,
electrical works and appliances, warehouses, buildings, machinery, plant,
stores, and other works and conveniences which may seem conducive to
any of the objpects of the Company,
and. with the consent of the shareholders in general meeting, to contribute to.
subsidise or otherwise aid or take part
tn uny such operations though construe
ted and maintained hy any other company or persons outside of the property
of the Company, and to buy, sell, manufacture and deal In all kinds of goods,
stores, implements, provisions, chattels
und effects required by the Company
or its workmen and servants:
(6.) To build, acquire, own, charter,
navignte and use steam and other vessels for the purpose of the Company:
(7.) To take, acquire, and hold as the
consideration for ores, metals or minerals sold or otherwise disposed of. or
for goods supplied or for work done
by contract or otherwise, shares, debentures, bonds or other securities of or in
any other company the objects of which
are restricted ns herein aforesaid, and
to sell or otherwise dispose of the
(8.1 To enter Into nny agreement for
sharing profits, union of interests or cooperation with any other person or company carrying on or about to carry on
any iiusiness or transaction which p
company SpedsUy limited under seel imi
KB of the "Companies Act. 1897,"of Brit
Ish Columbia, is authorised to carry on:
CM To purchase or otherwise acquire
and undertake all or any of the assets,
business, property, privileges, contracts.
rights, obligations and liabilities of any
person or company carrying on any
part of the business which a company
���Specially limited under Section 56 of
the "Companies Act. 1897," of British
Colombia, is authorised to carry on. or
possessed of property suitable for the
purposes thereof:
110.1 To borrow or raise money for
the purpose of the Company, but bo
that the amount so borrowed or raised
shall not, without the sanction of a
general meeting of the Company, ex
Deed one-quarter of the amount of the
palfl-Up       capital       for the time
being, nnd for the purpose of
securing such money and Interest or for
Btiv other purpose to mortgage or
charge the undertaking or all or any
part of the properly Of the Company,
present or after acquired, nnd to areata,
ISSUe, make.draw, accept and negotiate
perpetual OT redeemable debentures or
debenture stock, promissory notes, bills
-if exchange, bills of lading, wnrrants.
Obligations, and other negotiable and
transferable Instrumenta:
(11.) To distribute any of the property of the Company among the members
in specie:
12.) To sell. Improve, manage, develop, exchange, lease, mortgage, dispose of. turn to account or otherwise
deal with the Undertaking or the whole
or any part of the property and tights
of the Comnany. with power to accept
as the consideration any shares, stocks
or obligations of uny oompany the ob-
lects <or which nre restricted under
Section fiG of the "Companies Act,
ISai," of  British  Colutuhln:
^ na.) a'.u.--du *������*��.�����**..-wi.��ttv-ihUiieii a*
ar-e incident, I  or conducive to the at-
We have for rent an up-to-date house
In a good position, containing three bedrooms, dinning room, parlor, kitchen,
pantry,  bathroom  and atone  baBgtnent,
$25.00 per month.
H. &. M. BIRD
A great many Bales have been made of lota ln this charming suburb
of NeU*on and only a few best   lots are left.
Don't Forget
That Fire Insurance you were going to put on thiB fall, or that
accident anil health policy you Intended writing which cov���-
all accidents and tin diseases.
Let us quote you rates on the above.
McDermid & McHardy
C. P. R.
To Montreal, Toronto, and all point,
west thereof in Ontario and Quebec.
Quebec, St. John, Halifax, Maritime Province rates on application.
Tickets on sale daily December 1st to
December 31st. Round trip First
class.   90 day limit.
Halifax, St. John or Portland and return
Sal ooon���$10-4.50. Second���$78.25.
Steerage���$55.00,   and   up   according  to
For    detailed    information,    sailings
ocean  steamers,   first   class   or   tourist
sleeper    reservations   apply     to     local
agent or
A.O. P.-\..Vancouver. 0 P.A.. Nelton
Tremont House
BnraMan and AjDastfcan Plan
Haals 35 tti.   Booms Irom IL Ms. to %l.
obit Whit. Hup amaior**.
Baa.r ex.. sain Propnaton
Most comfortable Quartan,      Netson
Only the bMt of Liquors and (.Igare
Grand Central Hotel
1150.00 Lot on Carbonate St.
$200.00   Two   Lots   on   Observatory   St.
cleared, fenced, email cabin.
-3.325.00 Lot on  Latimer.   (Small cabin.)
$450.00 Two Lote on  Latimer.   (Fenced
and cultivated.)
___��_-**������������ ���*������*������*��� "���fl*1'*
315 Baker St.,  Nelson. B. C.
Thoroughly renovated and refurnished. Rooms B0 cents upward. The
dining reom ls unexcelled tn the city.
House heated throughout with hot
~>***- .. i J
3. A. ERIOKSON, iToprtetor.
Telephone, 250.    Opposite Court Houa.
and Postofflce. Nelson. B. C
Queen's Hotel
BaSsr StlMl. Nelaou. B. C.
Latrgo   .ud   1'omfort.ble   Kt'iln-oma  snd Pint*
UUM DlnlD, .loom.
MRS. E. C. CLARKE, Proprietress.
Bartlett   House
Best Dollar-a-Day House in Nelson.
The Bur lt the Piueii.
White Help Only Xmplo-fed
' me Phi n �� Ht.
Royal Hotel
Rates $1 and $1.50 a Day.
Special Rates to Ke-jrulnr Hoarder*--
CAPITAL,   $25,000.00   in   25,000   shares
of $10.00 each.
MANAGER, Croaler W. Ilourko.
OFFICE, No. 222 Ilaker St. (Croasdalle
& Co.)
8EE the cement blocks displayed ln the
Stamliii'd   Furniture   Co.'s   wludow.
APPLICATIONS for stock are  invited.
PARTICULARS nnd torus of Application may be obtained at the Com-
.      A*.,*.m |L>"   l.,a_ .1.      *M    ���M'Uili     . ,if>
panya office, or from H. A. Stewart,
Ml Kinds at H��u,,i,k  Plants In Stock.
Victoria 8t, Nr. Ooera House.     Tal. 111.
W.   a.   QILLETT
Contractor  a.nd"
Hole RROiit tor tbi* Porto Klvo UinOn-i Co.. h*A._
r.'ti il Min.*. Knugh ami 'lrt-nM'1 luml-cr, turned
work ainl br-tckutr.. Oornut lath ami "hl-iste*, ���**���������
ami ilf-ora.    ���',*,-,,.m, brlok aud Pup for M���a,
tUVamr5tila^1��^.'���^o��*������W?Sr#a,,      ,
lNBl_.ON,  IS. e. ,':
l* !.
I f
i I
f wc isaily Canadian
Our Diamond Rings
are   in   demand.     Why?     Berause they are beautiful, well  made and of
good quality..   We  manufacture  them   ourselves,  and   gna-antee  them.
We will take back any of your diamonds for  90 per cent, of their
Sfe   our   S25.00   rings.
full   value   a*.
Watchmaker and Optician
JVIAINIL',"-*.-^'1 L'WI
.II2Wfcil-t-l .to....
New Irish
New cr.,:;r. scl..:rt'd table
covers and centres. -New
Chinese emb.oidered doylies and centre pieces.
These are all scew go< cs
having just arrived this
Sec Us
For Goo. Fruit Land
io Acre Blocks to 800
Acre Blocks.
Bedro :k Pss.es.
rt E. Croadsdaile & CJ.
fnexi Dos-ir to Bank of Com mere*--;
Queen Cigar Store
���1:1/.;I '.-*-
Xi.'ia* preaeiita  for   everybody.
f>irii<' >������:��� hi  rush.
BUSH  _ MATT HEW, Props. _
Buy Now
We have a Good Selection of
Cheap Houses from $750 to
$1500. Let us show ywi
them. -Miic extra suup.% for
investment or for a home.
A. McDonald & Co.
Dealers in staplennd fancy Groceries
Butter, En-f-TH.
Onrap nnd Miner;-.' Supplies.
A. M. Can. Shs. C. E.
Mining Won   a Specialty.
Office*.   Healey Building.    P. O. Box 434
-taksr at-. NELSON, B. C.
Tb.  Beet Hard Coal on t  e market.
Bunkhend sfciri-
The   Bfi oai
West Transfer Co.
^__iCI_* -V1^
: f^****^,
Corner of Stanley and Victoria   Sts.
Two Blocks from Depot.
J. X. Macdonald, L. WiiUnson. Koot-
��� ..... ']'. J. 11..11. \v  Smeaton
H.   Broadwood,   W.   Bard.
J. L. Retail
.*.!   Wrlgh . i,   Raymanl   B   Town, Van
'��� St. L
i   ll   Cummins, Brand Porks; T. Camp
I., il  Montreal.
*     ���  &.
Cor.    V��r*r��*��r, and    Wart] strsstj.
B   'i. Kaihm uml  wife,  W.  P.  White,
K    IS    !..   Btewart,   H.   P.   Mc
Bo   Land;   .1   .M   Turnbnll  and
W   <i    Bt,   eni     C   Cook.
i      C. F  Bn, rwin, Ainsworth;
i     J. A   llarv, y   Cran*
��   C   dimming, Revelstoke;   0
1-  Ma ��� I   Calgan : W.
ale; P. J. Gallagher und
wtl     A    McGl   tbe   Ottawa*;   .1.   I.,   liry-
-rand   Forks:    ,'
:.  M.   Harris, Sandon;
.',    A.   Davl      3|     ane;   J    tkcBeavey,
iiunrr       .'    ';   Beat,     Field;     C.  Beld,
- be;   .1   Mi: Ullster,  Ore, nwood ;  J.
II.   Kerr, New
Wes ni!n��tor:  .1.  T   Page,  W   Bard, H.
Broadwood   Bonnlngton;   i   I.  Retallick,
Kaslo; II. W. Fritchman, New York. ,
F    Martin.  <s anite;   .1    Bremley   rs.
n   <:  .\]i K.-i-.. F li  Lucas, II   Day,
A   V   Lucas, P. French, Needles;
W    K   Kin��.   W.   Watclay, .1    Murraj
i:   K. lly, .1   Roberta,
W. II   Kiiid.
L-umsden;    Miss  l-s.
.law:    Miss   A.   Hkaln.
-   i.   John McCutcl n   P*robIsher,
.1 n Anderson, Credlton; I. Btreeter,
Nakusp; C Campbell, Oold City; w
. .mi, a BhllUtnd, Bandon; <s H
Benwartz, IS. Taylor, Miss Schwartz,
ii. .-r I'.-i I:;   o  Boden Dog Creek; R. A.
Matthuson   *'��� eenw I; W. P.Clegbom,
.1   McKay, Port William.
IS  Bargeant, New Denver; fl  T. Molr,
Grand  Porks;   I   Hi,ml.-;  il   A. Wilson,
I.   i:   Bhut.    .imi ii.inii.   .1   '���  Carruth-
era   Van, ver; A. T. Davis, 13-Mlle; II.
lllttman, Seattle.
A. C. Smith, A. J. Hath, 8 Mile; B,
Miller, Hosmer; R. Bmpey, Rossland;
A Smith, B. Muraoa, La Plata; W
Scott, Winnipeg; W. J. Carr, Salmo; It.
s, Thomas and wife, Procter; A. Qray,
Bpokane; W. V Crepln, Alberta
P.  Lethln, Cranbrook;    T.   B.  Hus.-.
Creston;   .1.   A.   Renwtck,  Nakusp;   l*.
wiiii.-. .1. whit.-, w. White, Bllver King;
0. mn. B. Oatlow, .1. Wright, Silverton,
w. Symm, ED. Symm, cre*-*i.n; .1.
Holmes, Beaver; C. Orlerson, 13-Mlle;
B. C. Affleck, (S. M. Anderson, P. I'nst.
Ki.nl. Siding;  W. Prenob, Slocan.
Koch   SI,Iin: .   'I
s   Blllfun,
;.:������'   family,
i.s.ii. Moose
JobblnK  promptly   attended   to.    Plana
and Eteti mates.
Apply 415  Hall St. Box 385.
Band  at the   Rink.
The   Ht Ison   band   will   play   at   the
AClce rollei  rink tonight und ag_in Bui
lllil;i>    night.
Geo.  P.  Playe*
Office  Room  No.  2,  ELLIOT    BLOCK.
The Standard Paroltun* oompatt] �� II
keep open  ��� -*������  ;��� o'eloo- evt-.->  tm
until Chrlatmaa
Rink   Flooded.
The carting rink has bean __0_   i nisd
it   is  quilt-   probable  that  Uu ��� ���    .
cood toe within a few days.
Big Score.
In the Indies' tournament at the bowling all*'>   Mrs   Joseph Paxton baa  |
ed a score of 139 for the month.
S.   O.   E.
The regular meeting of Queen Qt3
lodge. S. O. E.. will be held tonichr.
the feature being a number of initia-
t ona  Into the  White  Rose degree.
Full assortment of Tabic Supplies appropriate for Xmas.
Order early and get best goods
and Service.
Metals and Stocks.
Silver rallied today on both markets,
advancing seven jKiints in New ^ oi k
Copper and lead ar*   unchanged     I oca]
t stocks show nn improv'in-Tit.
Skating   Rink.
The skating rink has been flood .d n.:d
as soon as the ice it  ready the hot    ���
team  will oommenoe pi_ctioe.    N*��o_
will have the strongest team in t u- ��   si
this  year.
Schools Closing.
The public and h:uh schools of N
close fur the Christmas vacation tomorrow, the public school ciaeeea daring
the ordlinary school h-nir_. The closint:
function at the high school wflJ be tbi
At Home in the evening.
Court  of   Revision.
R S Lennie sat yesterday as a court
of appeal from assessments. There
numtier of small applications adjusted. The only Importanl case waa
��� med, that of a Winnipeg land
company theii aolioitorj A. H MacN*-ill.
K   f   . being  unavoidably absent.
Managers   Conferring.
W. H. Aldiig-", inntiacer of the t'.-.u-
adian Consolidate Mining and Smelting
oompany, E. O. Kamm, manager of tbe
St. Eugene, A. 15. W. Hod_es. manager
'���i the Granby, and .1. E. McAllister of
the B C Oopper company, art holding
a conference today on the mining and
smelting situation.
On Soaring Wings.
The last flutter for tbe year 1907 of
tbe Nelson Eagles made a new record
for the local aerie. New fledglings were
taught to Hy to the number of 47. Sev
era! others who are now eligible were
unavoidably absent but will join at the
first meeting of 1908. After the initiation
ceremonies were concluded an im
promptu programme was given consisting of vocal and instrumental music.
oratory and elocution. Among tboae
who took part in the programme were
I)r Hose, Messrs. Procter, Taylor, Wye,
Mason, Pollard and Flood. Refreshments, stories and general jollification
brought a very enjoyable gathering to
a close.
Alice Roller Rink
Bowling Alley
DEC.   25th
Afternoon   of  Dea   ^Ist.
D&noe  by   Kink   Company,  Dec.   Slat
Hand;   Monday. Thursday, and Saturday evenings
Mornings,   afternoons   and   evenings,
without  band,  children   L5o  adults 2T>c,
tnoludiog ikatee,
Evenings with band, exeojit Saturday
evening!, 40c, Including skates.
Saturday evening, band and special
attractions, to 11 o'clock, 50c, in lining
skates, spectators 2Eic.
IiOITND-Bunch  Ol  keys un rltlK     Fiinli-r muv
haw by *i|-p!iy I ii** ut tin-   0000 tuid piiyln-j'
ml of H'tvurtUeniiuit.
Ioht-tiii*- morning po BaJtar-tHtaatorS**!!'
l   ley near .:.,.,- -, a Hla'sb Leather HiuhI IIhk.
eoiit-.litluv; pttpen anil h  Hum (if Doner,    KlfKlur
will pli-atM* k'Hve nl Ctiniiilu hi hi' nod Hook Co 'h
B tore,
rASTKh   Two   Kxpfrli-ueeil HeIoh Ladlcf- for
tin- .lull'lityn   Krud Irvlli-' �����* ���'Jo
a nom for table Hoon toi a loom t-adTi aronl
_/\**iilt-���iiiiir ni'hool iuHClmr, or yonriK latly In
Ail-lie*"    K,   0"   Wnlii'
Corner Silica snd Jos��pn;ne 8U
Beautiful Holiday
We   ar.-   showing   a   very   larp
beautiful   assortment  ol  holiday   boxed
11..turnery this year.
Yen don'i hav,- in pay a trig jirlc.- for
it ��� ither.
We ':;.'��� :. box wi'h ..r* pretty Holly
Decoration, filled srith fabric finish note
and snTelopes, at 36c a l..��x.
We hav.-  otbera  in  larpt- aasortmen
at 4."..-. 5IK-. r.i.c and up to J.r.n a box.
W. G* Thomson
SgSS-F ������",    Nelson, B. C.
From $10 to $25.
Old Curiosity Shop
Mrs. Parry  Leaving.
Nelson will Fiirter a heavy Iosh on
Sunday when Mrs. Melville Parry ,.ii\._k
for the coaat to join Mr. Parry in Victoria. MrB. Parry iH deservedly popular
ln NelHt.n society and will be miHsed in
...any circles what her presence bere
bun meant tt. tbe musical world of N.-l
Hon could hardh be overestimated Her
rich and perfectly trained voice haw
been the mainstay and the Justification
for many an ambitions attempt that
would have l���en almoHi Impossible
without her assistance. Her eeryioea
were uHsentlal to the suooess of those
musical and operatic performances of a
few yearn ago that won so hlph a r.-pu
tatlon for Nelson. Mrs. Parry's aid was
never refused to any undertaking in the
cause of charpy or the public welfare.
In the larger sphere of the provincial
capital she la certain ol a brilliant musical career She will lake wilh her the
best and kindliesi wishes of a host of
friends In  Nelson
NICKERSON. the Jeweiery rvianufactur
e*'s Agent will sell you poods from samples at SiG per cent, less than regular
prices dlrecl from the factories, In 8
days from order. Everything ln the
line.   Order now.
The annual meeting and election of
officers of the heal lodge of Orange.
men will be held In fraternity Hall on
Thursday evening, December istth, at 8
p, m. Visiting brethren cordially lnvlt
TWO  HUM  .  ,..,_-   in,, .MS.  .1,-sii, Lusted
plr ttouMt-Mnwi, u.a ast, k. W. v. block.
$1.00 per Box
Telephone im.
UOUBTU-*,' liluUUK.
in attractive boxes makes a
very  acceptable  Xmas  gift.
U'f   have ;i huge range t.f   Xmas Stationery iu   all the
Correct Shapes and
If you buy your stationery from us there is no question about It"
suitability. Prices Right���Quality the Best. Nelson's great
Christmas shopping  headquarters.
Canada Drug & Book Store
��!--*.i---.i-.lt.- and   Kei-ii; I-***n-n- id
Fresh and Salted Meats
Oauipn r-mppU-j-d on -ihocfeMl nutir** and
lowt**-t pric��. NothiiiK bnt   fnstsb mid
wholetioiut- meats aud KuppUi- fet*pt in Ktock
Mail orders receive careful attention.
Let Us "Sock" it to You
in   th��   lOtemt   Full eud  Winu-r *
Man. i' h    Ho  erj   W�� on  *
up wi'h  Hie On���t BaaevreT In       |
f iiiiifurUiU)''   and  durably in wear no)
elwgmnt   in ajp���nmtw    Tm *ui id-
Um   H*w   di tlgOM    nnr]    pattenn
wtiK'li are ihikItiv-'y ji)i-aniDR to ill
eorrtad Ukd pnmrulur drasera. Allfiit
colnrs mid v;i- riintvil to give weiring
an,!   w ashing sausfaotion.
We rould likf toNfl nil cuir pauniiheotururlable thin winter anil Id oner to
-1 I   w.   hftV��  ifi  HtniK  tin   bell   MMfl ed   line  of  hlMftlli  BtOTM ud eooUni
bti'vi's jtini  i:iii.is  f\.t   before ptwentad to tbe public In Kootenay.
Wm w'-uld u< ii, s_ed to ahow >ou our Hue and before -niaking y��r pw*
cbam  k;ud'y nee what  wc have to offer.
J. H. Ashdown Hardware
Company, Limited. Neiwisw*
Standard Furniture Co.
R.  H.   EWERT
Xmas Cakes
We hav,;  thaw  In  all  hIz"h  and   will
have them decora,.id to your own u. ;.
___?B Ltrnibe*, Shingles,
Lath, -Wouldinjsrs, Doois, Window*^
Turn���Workandlln,i.k,-U. H_t OrdarS VNBptij ���***"
VBRNON stwi nn   -
INI'., -Mt.lN. II. C
Choquette Bros.
THE  Up-to-Date Bakers
Filberts, AIii|c,n,lH, VValnnlt,    Bnulls,
C'lieHlnuts,   Apple  Cider.  Northern   S|,..
apples, Baldwin Applss, Jai. Oranges,
fikh, large layer, caiitorniit Oranges
nnd Malaga (Srapea.
A  largo   sasortmant   of   Xman  k'io.Ih
Wholesale and  retail prlei.-H   per Quantity
Your Xmas List
is not compl -tr nnllt���1 yiiii Iimvi* on it n
pair of Blippen for ���oxne msiubsr of the
family. 'I'll" Largvnl nod besl nngt cri
Hlipparv wa have over ihown are tor your
iu-rpeotton thi-s hciihou. OentlaniGu*!
ho_salUppen in fiui'-y teathen Ladies'
Prow ilippan, Pall Etomeoi und bedroom
���llppan, All kinds of lUpperi tot children.
The  Royal
R.   ANDREW   <&   CO.   Proprietors.
S. H. Seaney
Phone 20a. D08i^  linker Bt.
Wc invite you to examine our ��t0CK
before purchasing Christmas presents-
Cutlery in great variety.
Skates, Case Carvers.
Safety    Razors,   Carpet  Sweepers,
etc., etc.
Wood-Vallance  Hardware Co'y


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