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The Daily Canadian Sep 16, 1907

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���miie  ��ailu
VolumB 2.   No. 88
Americans Control Arctic
Fifty Cbnt3 a Month
Bij; Sura Annually Earned  for San
Francisco and Seattle, Instead
of for Canadian Ports.
Bept  If,.���A revenue of *l'.'!i.
I1, who bin jimi returned tram Hsrschell
.-ric-aii pei Ills  '.|SI  >'"���"' """" ""' a*re*l
North sin.  when   ll   might   as   wall,  nr
better, have  boon   applied  toward  the
ol  Canadlani   rich.      This  Ib
Hi,, astounding stala'inent  made by  Inspector B   Howard a.f tin- ll. N   W. U.
!���  ��ir.. baa   returned    fiom    il.tiahell
Island,  where   he   (pent   Hu-   past   two
yean in command    uf    the    ik.bi, and
which he haa BOW relinquished to Maim
Jarrls.    In hl��   n-|)Ort   to   the   coinmlB-
���loner, ��ay�� Inspector Howard, he will
my particular stress upon the fact that
Uu ami rican��   are   securing annnalli
���ome   half     a     million      ilaillnr��    .-in
a reaull   ..I   the    whale trade in the
over    which     Ilorsehcll   Island
entlnel,  while  Canaala s*awttres
not one cent from that source.   Canada.
loo. Is In   a   much   better   position   to
s.-cura.   lhe trnile  than   is   the   United
SutM, t..r the iteamera could be op-
greal deal easier from Victoria
ituui (hey  ami   be  fra.in  San Krnnclscai.
,,l othei   points along the American oust.
Inspector  Howard  retiirm-d  on   Mon
daj an.l spent  Ills first day anion* the
>l  ii.lli/.Hilon  Ior the past two
reari     He tins  como  from   n  land   of
."no-*  and  lee,  when   the  therma.ni..|i'r
.'  I�� low  zero   anal   you   don't
i old, and he Is now going to
bar. ri li .... ..f nlini-nc...    In �� taw alnys
he ..... a for his old home in Toronto,
���here he mil visit tor a short time.
mil then In- noes to England on extend
"! leave
I ii man up you know," ho
���aid, and nlihuugh I had two years ot
n there is n time to unit. Too much of
ih.. ilnil.s in that  country Ib not  Rood
Ior una    |Klll....   aaflleor."
Inspector Howard left Raglna in Hay.
1S"5. and with bis party of men he
vent first to Ealmnnton. From Edmonton nairili they packed It for 100 miles.
until Athabasca Landing waa reached.
Craning the Great Slave lake, they
'rs.k boats down tin. Mackenzie river
io a poini where the Pea! river branch's oft. Damn the reel river for 30 or
W mllei they come to Fort McPhareon,
one ot the northern posts of the Mount
"I Police, lla-ra' Inspector Howard left
some of the men. nnd he with a   smaller
Party i >ded    north    again  tn tha
Mackenzie nnd down that river to the
wean. They Anally brought up "'
Herat-hell Island, some 300 or -too miles
within tin. Arctic circle, and n distune,,
'torn Edmonton of MOO mllea. On the
""im trip iha- inline route wus followed,
and Hi,   part* hus I n sine,. July  1st
'""ii Honda] laat making the down
trip, with only two days' Rlop. one nt
Port Saskatchewan, and another al
wannan whan, connection*! could not
be made, fnr Hu. Inspector came down
li.v Hi.. C, ri, It.
Th,. duties or the police ln the north
country nn. i(J preserve order nnr.iiiK
tl"' natives nnd among thu whalers, nnd
to colled  the  cuatornt  duties fa-.- the
Dominion govern nt.      At.  run Mo-
Pherson there are lndlnna called Lou-
"oeauM, n peaceable tribe, nnd at Her-
"Ohell island there are a race of Hue*
'"s anown ns Rogmollik, who nru also
boted r.,r tti.-ir peaceable nature. There
i another raoe or Huskies further
'"""'��� '"" fh..y are not under the <!l-
���>t attention  of  tho   police  as  their
of the south  are. nnd  fnr lhe
part they nro over on the Amorl
���" "We,    Tho chief duties of tho |:o-
"��� therefore,  are  to  collect  the  ens-
���i   inspootor  llownrd  l,.���i-iie 1  of  lhe
I'lSt   HlllTlu   ...  ..        .
""tt stuns of
They will bo out again this winter,
however, in greater numbed thun ever
und Inspector Howard Is surprlsod lhat
iiiore of the Canadian Inventors do not
fit out expeditions.
Kna-h whale caught values between
110,000 and flSjJOO In oil and whale
hone, varying according lo their size.
The siniill whales, of course, do not
yield the amount of hone and oil, and
they are therefore of less value.
While In the north country Inspector
llnwurd came across two northern ex-
pedi linns aent out by the Norwegian
government. Capt. Aniiniindsen, who
had the "GJcoa" In the far north, discovered a magnetic pole and the northwest passage in the winter of 1905 and
1U06, and shortly after this Inspector
Howard fell In with the party. He met
with them In this way: The police poBt
and the whalers al llerschcll Island
were frozen In. and Inspector llownrd
made the trip down to Fort McPherson
ll was agreed that the American gov-
.iiiiinnt should send the mall hags
across from Dawson to Fort McPherson.
nnd at that point Inspector Howard took
Charge. He made the trip to Herschell
Island, delivered the mall, and after
nwnliing two or three days for answers
in be written, ha. mnde lhe return trip
tn Fairt McPherson.
Agreement Between Christian  Farmers*
Union and C. P. R. Company
Practically Cloaed.
Calgary, Sept. 16.���Rev. Father Van
Aken, who Is negotiating with the C.
P. R. Irrigation nnd Colonization Co. for
tha* pnra-liase aif many thousand acres of
Irrigated lauds for the establishment of
a Uutrh settlement. Bjient the entire
day yesU-rday In consultation with Mr.
PetiTsam. and when Been last night Btat-
ad that he wus very hopeful of the outcome. Matters, he said, had ro far progressed very favorably, an.l ha" will
leave wllh Mr. Petersain toalay to look
aiver the large truct of land which he Intends to puichuse, ri'turning to the city
am Mondny or Tuesday. He Intimated
that the C. P. R. had agreed lo establish a larga- sugar factory If the ala-al Is
completed and the Dutch farmers settle
nn th,. land to grow heels. As far as tha.
rest of tha' terms which were illseussed.
ha- refusa-al lo say any more at praaattt.
preferring to visit the lands tirst and
wait until the matter Is practically com-
Th.. Christian Fafniers' Union of
Holland, muda* no mistake In ehoaislng
Rev. Father Van Aken nnd his brolher
to handle the mutter nt this end for
iharm, as bolh are experts In the noces-
tbein. as both are expers In the
a business.
Rev. Father Van Aken Is a great student nnd has devoted much attention
to Boclologlcnl qua'stlnns nnd hus written several works on lhe subject both
In Holland and In the States. In n large
question of this kind hla knowledge
will he of great benefit to Uioso whom
he   represents.
HIb brother, G. Z. Van Aken Damon,
on the other hand. Ib an expert In the
business of growing sugar Isocts, and
ns un expert farmaT he has studied in
some of the great agricultural schools of
Europe. Both gentlemen, though striking the country at a bad time, are very
cuthusinatlc with everything they hnve
When asked If lt would noi bo a groat
cxpi'iise In moving nil these people
from Holland Father Van Aken Btated
that they Intended lo charier a steamer
and bring them through from the coaat
In apeclal trains, thus suvlng all worry
nnd trouble.
lie further stnted that many of the
fnrmeis would hnve enough to pay their
way out. and some I'liiiugh to muke a
first payment on the hind, hut of course
In any case their Interests would be
well looked after. Regarding the data
of the migration, he stated that they
would come In May. so as to enable
them to have a long summer season In
which lo erect their houses and shacks
money annually being sent
111,1,',"' '!"""'' H,"lp" tor ,lllK t**��a,  The
������M ha quoted were for lust year, he
��� "wing ���, th��� r,lot lnat  ,���,��� y���ul.
. "JW   been f,.w   whaling   vessels
���llsnl" n"rUr    Tho  Sim   Francis.'..
not ���,,���,'        ' """ th" companies did
""'"I   out  their   men   laat  winter.
"Pair of Country Kids."
The Calgary Albertan, August 19th.
snys: "The Pair of Country Kids concluded their engagement Saturday even
Ing, and It Is safe to sny that a Calgnry
audience never laughed bo heartily or
so long. There were pnthetlc moments
of course; moninents of sympathy, moments of clmmlBoratlon���but fun and
frolic predominated. Tho "Country
Kids," as tho central figures, were excruciatingly funny, and they were several times   recalled  to the  foot lights.
The "Pair of country Kids" company
win appear at the Bhannan opera
Bona* on Wednesday and Thursday
Andaman Islanders Make
No Progress.
Sketch of Country Chosen as Site of
Penal Colony for Dangerous
Hindoo Agitators.
Calcutta, India, Sept. 10.���Earth's old
est and oddest race of men has been
brought prominently Into notice again
through the widespread Interest aroused by sending a batch of Indian i.i.lin. ;.l
agitata.rs to the penal settlement on the
Andaman Islands, that beautiful coral-
bound archljH'lago In the May of llengal.
This remana'nt of the most primitive
existence will soon be nothing but an
a'thnologfcal memory. Contact with advanced clvlll2atii.u has been followed as
usual with a train of Infectious diseases
which are steadily thinning the ranks.
Owing to the ancient course of trade
the Andamaneae bave been known
about from th e earlleat times. Ptolemy's Agathan Diamonos Nesos probably preserves the misunderstanding of
some term applied by Bailors to a place
ln or near the modern Andamans. Notices of them by travellers, Asiatic and
European, are continuous from the seventeenth century', and the Islands regularly apisear ln some shape on tbe maps
of those regions from the middle agea
The Adam'anesc live In a HeBperid-
ian garden where they toil not, neither
do they- spin. For the product of the
spinner they have no use, aa the men
go Btark naked, and the women wear
one or more leaves in front and a bunch
of leaves tied round the waist behind.
The average- height of the men Ib 68
Inches aud that of the women 64 Inches.
They appear to dwell free from care
In a country thut is evenj-where beautiful and varied.
In the ordinary attainments of human beings, however unenlightened,
tho Adamanose aro amazingly deficient.
During all tbe ages of their Intercourse
by word of mouth they huve not developed a medium worthy of the name of
language. Hefore the arrival of the British the tribes, except actual neighbors,
had no intercourse. Even clans of the
name tribe found difficulty ln the de-
tat Ib of dialogue with one another.
There Is u change of jargon along about
every twenty mll.rs of the coast. They
have no words for ordinary greetings,
salutations or expressions of thanks.
Such language ub they have, however.
Is exceedingly Interesting from the
philological point of view. It possesses
a quality which would be invaluable
were the Andamanese a business people. In their speech only what Is absolutely necessary Is usually expressed.
These miles of humanity could do just
as Wall probably without any words ut
all. Th ey have an expressive sign Ian-
gunge, which they employ almost as
much ns Ihe spoken words. Their
speech Is Jerky, disjointed nnd helped
out often by a grimace, a gesture or a
sudden change In tone.
The Andnmiineae knows scnrcely any
thing nnd has no desire to Increase his
atock of kno-wlodgo. He has never
learned any sort of agriculture. Until
the English tiiughl him io keep dogs he
did not know how lo domesticate any
animal or bird. He cannot count, even
with his flng-TB, and doesn't see the
need of counting. All his Ideas are hazy
and Inaccurate.
On one point, however, he Is level
headed. He belongs to a race of bad
fighters, knoifs It and will nover attack
unless cortnlm of success.
Tho Andaiimneso are nomads. They
have their customary places for encampments, nnd dwell there by turns
year after yen r. Close to every hut is
a small ptatfiirm built of palm wood,
Minn.ling about elghtoon Inches from
the ground. This Is a storage place
for the surplus food that they gather
when nature for some reason fallB to lay
It In tholr hands.
Under this platform at least one
flre is always kept burning. Good care
Is taken that Ihe plnt.form shall bo a
protection for the Ore against rain and
not fuel for the flame.
Thlfl preservation or* flre la tho only
thing about  which    the    AndaraancBo
evince any particular care or Interest.
And the reason Is a simple one. They
do not know how to produce flre. One
of tbe greatest mlBfortunea tbat can
befall a camp Is the going out of a flre.
It may be weeks before the clan can
get a new  blaze for their cooking.
They carry their flre with them when
they break camp, and tbla despite the
fact that their journey Is sometimes
from one Island to another. They show
amazing skill In carrrying a smouldering
log across deep water. Two or four of
them will swim the distance, holding
the log clear of the water. To arrive
on the opposite ahore with the blaze
extinguished It a mishap so rare as to
be handed down ln tribal legend for generations.
The religion Is animistic and consists
of fear of the spirits ot the woods,
the sea, disease and ancestors and of
avoiding of acts traditionally displeasing to them. A deity in the form of
man���Paluga���Is the cause of all things,
but It Is not necessary to propitiate him,
though acts displeasing to him are avoided for fear of damage to the products
or the jungle. Paluga dwells now in
the sky, but used to live on the top of
Saddle Peak, the highest mountain ln
the Andamans.
The. Andamanese Idea of the soul arises out of his reflection In the water.
This reflection Ib his spirit,, which goes
after leaving him to another jungle
world, which he believes to be flat and
supported by an Immense palm tree.
As near as anyone can get at his Idea,
the Andamanese believes that the soul
will go under the earth by means of an
aerial   bridge.
He has no idea of a heaven or hell or
a resurrection In the religious sense.
In other jungle worlds the spirit repeats Its former life, visits earth occasionally and never breaks Itself of
a habit of transmigrating Into other living spirits.
Lone  Hunter  Found   Dead Near Shore
of James Bsy After Absence of
Msny Mentha.
Fort William, Sept. 16.���The north
has revealed another tragedy in which
a trapper died alone far from the help
which   he   so   much   needed.
Wm. Fraser, guiding a party of Chicago gentlemen, named Dr. Bain, and
Messrs. Brlen and Logan, snd accompanied by four Indian csnoemen, left
.lui'ktisii for the north several weeks
When thirty-five miles Inland on tbe
Steel river Mr. Fraser discovered a canoe lying on the bank ot the river. On
examination he found that lt wus a
canoe he had loaned to a French Canadian named bastiste J uie ln the fall
or 1905. Following a trail which led
away from the river a short distance,
the party came to a shuck. There were
no signs of life about, nor Indication
that the Bback had been visited for
many months. Opening the door they
entered und discovered tbe evidence of
a iragedy.
A cap lying at one end of the rude
bed attracted attention, and on exam-
tlon It was found to cover the bare
skull of a human being. The bed clothing, which was in a bad state of decay,
on being thrown back, revealed the full
skela'tun of a man, and there on the
skeleton hung shreds of dry flesh, but
save for these the skeleton was perfectly bare.
The skeleton was resting on two
blanki'ts. and covered by six blankets.
Jtile, after locating his camp ln the fall
of WOO, procured traps and provisions,
and returned to his camp. That Is the
last time he was seen alive, and it Is
evlilcnt from the condition ln which his
remains were round that he died that
winter before the spring break-up.
Mr. Eraser haa reported the clrcum-
Btances of the case to Coroner Brown,
of Port  Arthur.
Dominion Officials Face
Oriental Problem.
China Seeka New Ally.
'London, Sept. 16.���The Chinese are
again turning toward America as their
only friend among the nations who can
be expected to take their side against
the threatened territorial aggressions
of Japan and European powers, according to the statements contained ln letters which have been received here from
an exceptionally well Informed American who has been travelling In Manchuria nnd northern China. President
Roosevelt's proposal to remit part of
the Indemnity appeara to have effaced
the resentment cnused by the exclusion
policy and the preparations made by
Chinese mercantile guilds of Shanghai,
which a year ago were actively promoting the boycott, to give an enthusiastic
reception to Secretary Taft, appears
slgnllicnnt ot the changed trend of
(Millies.' feeling toward tho United
Commissioner Scott En Rroote for
VancooTer���bhii to Meet
Foil Cabinet.
Ottawa, Sept. 16.��� The Dominion
government has under consideration a
proposition to amend the regulations
In regard to Immigration so that all
immigrants must have a certain amount
of money in their possession before be*
ing allowed to land. Hitherto there haa
been no money qualification for enter-
ing Canada, as there Is In the United
States. In this country lt has always
been regarded that an able bodied man
willing to work and without a dollar in
his pocket, was as good an asset to the
country aa the man who had some cash,
but was not bo particular about getting
work. However, to aid in solving the
question of Oriental Immigration, the
Dominion superintendent of immlgra-
gration, W. D. Scott, has recommended
that a money qualification be added to
the regulations. This can be done under
the act by the government imposing
such by order ln council.
Mr. Scott arrived from England on
Saturday and at midnight he was on
his way to Vancouver to make a
thorough investigation of the whole matter there. Friday evening Sir Wilfrid
Laurler telegraphed the mayor of Vancouver that the government would send
a commlasloner to enquire Into the question on the spot. It appeared from
Mayor Bethune's telegram to Sir Wilfrid
Laurier that some of the new arrivals
were paupers and should be deported.
Mr. Scott goes to see that all regulations are rigidly enforced and may suggest amendments as he has already
done to meet thla' particular class ol
immigration. Before leaving for the
west, Mr. Scott had a long conference
with Mr. Oliver, minister of the Interior,
and Mr. Cory, the deputy minister, in
relation to the whole subject.
Sunday the special envoy of Japan,
Mr. lshli, arrived In the city from the
coast. He came a day earlier than was
expected. He was met at the railway-
depot by Japanese Consul Qenera.
Nosse and F. C. T. O'Mara, of the Indi
and commerce department, on behalf ol
the government. Today Mr. Iahil will
have an Interview with the premier ana.
some of the other ministers of th.
crown and the views of Canada in regard to the Japanese Immigration wil.
be fully set forth. Canada will Instsi
upon the number of new arrtvels being
kept down to a minimum and Japan will
no doubt agree to this. All the minis
tors will meet Mr. lahll at the residenci
of the Japanese consul general on Tues
day evening. Sir Wilfrid Laurier ha>
received a telegram from the mayor ol
Vancouver stating that the Oriental!
were not paupers, his reason tor asking
the drill hall to house and keep them
at tbe governmen's expense was because there was no vacant houses to accommodate them. In answer to this
the premier said that he was glad ti
hear that the Immigrants were not
paupers. A commissioner, he added
has been sent to look Into the whole
Seen by the press correspondent, Mr
iBhll was asked lt he had anything tc
communicate to the press. He replied
that he had not. Being In charge of the
Japanese consuls ln foreign countries,
he came to Ottawa to see Mr. Nosse
As to the trouble in Vancouver "all Is
tranquil now," was his reply.
School Trustees' Meeting.
The regular meeting of the board of
schools trustees for September which
would ordinarily be held Friday evening
will probably be held tomorrow, as some
arrangements must be made for holidays for the Fair. The date for the
annual field day will probably also be
fixed. Another question which the
board will have to face at this meeting
1b that of teachers' salaries. A request
for an Increase will be presented by the
assistants on the public school staff
who have held their positions tor a year.
The reason for the request ts the greatly
Increased coat of living ln Nelson and
the high rate of pay In nearly every
other calling, even for unskilled labor.
The teachers will submit that their salaries do not bear nearly the same proportion to the cost of living now tha.
they did a few years ago, and they are
ln fact Inadequate, and also that lt la
an anomaly that they, who have spent
time and money to qualify for their
work, should receive leas remuneration
than any kind of unskilled lubor. It Is
asked that the board consider urn', act
upon their request now instead of deferring It as usual till the election of a
new board In January.
Pasaenger and Freight Tralne Collide in
Conservative Leader Off
for fhe West.
White River Junction. >.     ��*iJJL'6-���
A rearful head on collision bet.  '*'���
southbound Quebec express and a n...
bound frt.trht train on the Conoord di
vision of the Boston and Main railroad
occurred four   miles   north  of Cannan
Btation early Sunday morning, due to a
mistake   ln   train   despatchers'   orders,
and from a demolished passenger coach
there were taken out 22 dead and dying .
and 27 other passengers, most of them I
sa-riously injured.    Nearly all those who���
were ln the death cars were returning
from a fair at Sherbrooke, Que., sixty
miles north.
The conductor of the freight train was
given to understand that he had time
to reach a siding, by the night operator
at Cannan station, receiving, according
to the superintendent of the division, a
copy of a telegraph order from the train
dispatcher at Concord which confused
the train numbers, 30 and 34. The wreck
occurred just after the express rad
rounded into a stretch of track, but
owing to the early morning mist,
neither engineer saw the other's headlight until too late.
Historical   and   Analytical   Treatise  by
Rev. J.  T.  Ferguson  Before
University Club.
The first meeting of the University
Club after Its summer vacation was
held ln the city hall Saturday night.
The public notice of the subject and
the general Invitation given by tbe club
to those Interested in the discussion to
attend, drew a fairly large audience to
hear Rev. J. T. Ferguson on "The Present Phase of the Socialistic Movement."
The members present were C. M.
Fraser, president. Rev. J. T. Ferguson,
Rev. F. H. Graham, Dr. K. C. Arthur,
A. L. McKlllop, Sheriff Tuck and R. J.
Clark. Among the visitors were His
Lordship the Bishop of New Westminster and Kootenay, N. 8. FraBer, E. K.
Beeston, F. Phillips and others.
W. J. Balrd having resigned the sec-
retary-treasurershlp "*R. J. Clark was
elected for the balance of the term.
The minutes were then read and adopted.
Rev. J. T. Ferguson defluci .he
socialism of today aa "not an academically formed body of principles but a
generally diffused effort on the ^art of
the men who bave attained political
power to correct the errors and counteract the dangers of competitive Individualism."
A brief historical summary was given of the last century and a half of organized socialistic effect especially in
France, England and Germany, a eullng
with the several revolutions In France,
the general continental movement it
1848, the careers of Marx and l.ns.ill.-,
the Christian Socialism of the English
school, and the late ebullition of a
purely economic socialism in tho Inst
British elections ���
Critical reference was also made to
several books on socialism, by Ileui-imin
Kldd, by Thomas Klrkup and Protessor
Prlngle-Paterson. By all it was admitted that no definite account can yet lie
given of the aims and aspirations of
thoae who call themselves Socialists,
many of whom might much more intelligently be described as humanitarian
Reference was made to a recent debate between President Schurnian and
Mr. Hllqult, ln which the former propounded public ownership of puhli.-r utilities us the goal of -he Anglo-!T.ixi>ii
SoclallBts, while the latter defined It es
public ownership of the means of production.
Mr. Ferguson expressed the hope
that advantage would always be taken
of such opportunities as the club nfforals
for friendly discussion on so Interesting
a subject.
I'.lshop Dart, Invited to speak dwelt
on the unfortunate antagonism to Christianity manifested by some classes or
Socialists, and showed that practically
all of the great reforms looking to tha.
Improvement of the conditions of the
poor were the work of men acting under the inspiration of the Christian
' R. J. Clark referred to "Gen." Booth's
recent remark that the only direction In
which Improvement of human society
may be found ia In the regenerutlon of
the Individual. He described soclalisin
aa an attempt to explain human 111 >
and history by analysis of the results
of only one department of human
effort. Alluding to Mr. Hllqult's definition of Socialistic alms he submitted
that public ownership of all instruments or production ts impossible sine"
the chief instrument of production I.
Several of the visitors also took part
in the discussion.
A. Ij. McKlllop announced ns his sub-
Ject for the October meeting "A Critical
Examination of the Principles of Scientific Socialism."
enthusiasm Shown Was Remarkable���General News of
Toronto, Sept. 16.���R. L. Borden left
ror British Columbia Saturday night on
his tour of the western provinces, having arranged to commence at Vancouver
on the 24th Inst. At the union station
prior to his departure he expressed him-
self as much gratified with his tour of
this province. "I think the attendances
at the meetings and the p ublic Interest
manifested," he sad. "have been very '
great, and this is very unexpected and
unusual in view of the fact that there
is  no  election  campaign  in   progress."
During the Ontario tour Mr. Borden
addressed meetings at Chatham, Owen
Sound, Cobourg, Peterboro, Port Hope,
Dunnvllle, Woodstock, London and
Beaverton. He also delivered a short
address at the railway station at
Orangeville when passing through that
Montreal, Sept. 16.���The  C. P. R. In- ���'���
tends   erecting a   million   ton   dock at
Fort William, six new freight sheds, a
huge cleaning elevator and other neces- ��� i
sary accommodations.   It is part of the'1
policy to build up a great shipping trade,
on  the   lakes  and   make   Fort  Wllllarai
the  finest Inland  shipping jiort In  the'*'
Brockvllle,  Sept.   16��� The  Conserva-*
fives of Brockvllle have decided not to
oppose Ho. G. P. Graham, the new mln-p'
ister of railways and canals.   They met    .
Saturday    and    nominated A. Donovan)'
for the Ontario legislature. The Liberal
members of the legislature have been
called upon to meet Sept. 20 ln Toronto I
to elect a leader ln place ot Mr. Graham.  ���
North Bay. Sept. 16���The local Italian'
colony  Is excited  over  the appearance ���*'
or "black hand" warnings.    Frank  De-V-
cecco, a merchant, received notice that
he could choose quickly between death ,J
and   donating    $1,000     to   the  society.
Dececco  made his  will,  bade his  wife ts
and children farewell and took the train   '
in an attempt to reach Italy before the   I
assassin gets him.   The Italians believe
that  once  marked   by the  black hand, 8
death sooner or later Is certain, that the *.
socletw    first    squeezes    the    victim's
money out of him and Anally when he
has nothing left his lire is taken.    The
letter   received   by   Dececco   Is   In   the
hands ot Crown Attorney Browning and
is without a genuine "black hand" death
warrant.   How Dececco came under the
ban ot the Boclety Is not known.
Montreal. Sept. 16.���Saturday witnessed the biggest rush ot steamship passengers passing through Windsor station, Montreal. In a single day that haa
been experienced this season. The new
arrivals, brought here by four large
steamers, numbered upwards of 3,000.
The Empress ot Britain brought 1,400
In her first, second and third departments, while those trom the Parisian
and Mongolian or the Allan line, and
tho Ottawa, of the Dominion line,
brought the number up to the 3,000
Ottawa, Sept. 16.���W. D. Scott, who
recently returned from Europe, when
Interviewed by a correspondent, said
that he Inspected all the Europen immigration agencies and found everything
In excellent order. He expects that next .
season there will be an Increase of from
30 to 60 per cent. In Immigration from
Britain and the European continent to
Toronto, Sept. 16.���Reginald Jamie-
son, the Toronto university graduate
whose letters tinder the pen name of
"Junius Junior," caused an Investigation
of the university affairs about a year
ago, was drowned In the French river.
With his wife and another woman be
was marooned on nu island and lost his
In attempting to avdm to the main
;   .
m ;i
Winnipeg. Sept. 16.���The plant and
buildings of the Inter-West Peat Fuel
company, just completed, located at Lac '
dti Bonnet, IS miles nothweBt of here,
waa destroyed by flre Saturday. The
loss Is $10,000, partially Insured. They
had just started making peat and the
loss is heavy to the owners, all local
capitalists.    They will rebuild at once.
Justice Mmrison Coming.
The  registrar  of   the supreme  court
has received word that Mr. Justice Morrison  will prealde  at the civil  sittings
of the court here in October.
Coal for American Navy.
London, Sept. 16.���The United States
nnvy departma-nt has. according to a
despatch from Cardiff. Wales, contracted wllh WVlsh firms for 100.000 tons of
the best steam eoal, the delivery to extend over 1908. Tho price agreed upon
has been kept secret.
!' w;
The Daily Canadian
We are now
opening upnliu-ge
shipment of
Limoges Elite China
These   goods   are    assorted   so that   you   can   select   any   pieces   y<
prefer and  make  up to  your taste.
Miirl-nist Quality nt  Ltiwcst  I "rit;<_*��i.
A carload of
haa juat arrived.    These goods have advanced  slightly.
but we offer them
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office:   Toronto.
Capital Authorized   $10,000,000    Capital   Paid   Up         4,830,000
Hest         4,830,000 am.   ...*.
D. R. WILKIE President.
Branch-* in British Columbia:        I
Interest  allowed on  deposits  from date of deposit andcreditedquarterly.
J.   M.   LAY,   Manager.
The Royal Bank of Canada
Incorporated  A.  D.  1869.
Capital *3.9O0.0OO
drivel. He lias not even been consistent in his drivelling. At one moment
he is reported as bubbling of Boston tea
parties and secession from confr-iyru
tlon; ai another lu* is deploring the
foolish excesses of the Vancouver mob.
Poor Mr. Mcpherson's difficulties are as
comprehensible as his motives are transparent, iu* thought that a belligerent
attitude was conformable to the spirit
of his constituents. A noisy mob was
always his conception of a constituency.
Later be was reminded by some Intelligent person that the question was
full of difficulties for the Dominion cabinet, and that while he was welcome
to indulge In such stage play as his
taste should dictate, he must not embarrass his superiors, unless be were
willing tO give up hope of the office
for which be has been a suppliarft.
The attempt of the Liberals, members
and editors, to place the responsibility
for the present situation on Premier
McBride, is as dishonest as it is absurd.
Immigration is a matter or Dominion
not provincial concern. Hritish Columbia cannot exclude any class of immigrants. That can be done only by tin-
parliament of Canada. The resignation
of Mr. McHride, or any other possible
provincial premier- would produce only
confusion in the administration of Hritish Columbia, and could nut affect the
policy of the Dominion government
while our seven accredited representatives at Ottawa vote like sheep for
every ministerial measure. Messrs.
Turner. Semlin. Ma rtin, Dunsmuir and
Prior have had the same situation to
face as Mr. MsBiide, and none resigned.
It is true that Joe Martin didn't last
long enough as premier to pass any
measure, but it has taken him nine
years to evolve the conviction that a
provincial premier should resign if the
lieutenant governor, under Dominion or
Imperial instruction vetoes one of his
The problem ot' Asiatic immigration
may take long to solve. Certainly solution is not made easier by sensational
newspaper articles which are wholly
untrue, nor by such ranting as that by
which Hob McPherson has amused lhe
press of Eastern Canada.
Nelson Land I'latrict. District ot West Kootenaj
Take aoUee that R. 8. r. Smyth, oi Procter, B.
('., occupation luiuheriuan. tnt��iiilf to nl'i'-l" ���'**"
a special timher licence over tho (ollowlaf <"���������
���Oribed lands:
No. 1.  Commeut-liiR ata pout   plaiCed near lhe
northeast iDnitTpoet oi uim> isHS. on Lemon
Croak Hii-i nuked *-- h i'. Hmvth south weai corner post No 1. theuce 40 chains norlli more Or
less to Sbont midway of ihe souih boundary Hue
ol timber Lloenoi No.92tW, them ����� B0 ebalni east.
thenoa io chains aonth, thenco to chains aaat,
thence-to chains aonth, thanea to chalna weat.
mon- or lean to the southeast corner ef aforesaid
Lot No Satt. thenoe *o ohaini north, thenoe 40
obaina we*>t to the pout of oommencentum.
DatedSSth JiUy,ftor. R.8. P bmttth,
Honry Bali hart, agent.
Nelson Land Dlatriot, District ol Weat Kootensy
Take notice that J. U.K. Blewart, ol Colllnf-
wood, out., occupation lumberman Inlands in
apply tot a special timber Hunt'' over toe IS1��
lowing described lands: Commencing nt a p >st
planted about .%S ehalns south and lOi oaiMWest
Of poat Ko. 2, marked J. R P. Stewart's N r-.cor
ner post, thence south lbu chains, thence west I'
chains, thenee north 160 chalna, thence esstw
chain**, to place ol oommeneement ������oriiau.itin*-*.
acrea more or lean.
July Nth, 1W7. JaMK*>  B, F. BrSWIBT.
Reoerve Fund.
Nelson l.*nd Disttiut   Diatrict ol Weat Kooteney.
Take notice that Henry Keichert ol Nelson, II.
C , prospect r, tnten.it, io apply lor a special U-
ci uce tOOOt aud carry away UmltT from tnO 101-
Jowlug deai-ilbed landa:
No 6 Commencing at a poat planted near ths
northeast corner post ol timber Licence ro MSB
and marked Henry Keichert uorlhweat eorner-
post No 6, thenee s-j I'lmiiii- south, thenoe w
cnaina east, iheuce BO chains north, thenca ao
chain** west to place of eouimeni ement.
liated July 2*lh, I9U7.
No.", Commencing al a post planted near the
northwest coruer post of timber ll tence No yjoa
and marked Ueuiy Raichert S. weat cornoT post
No 7. thence 160 chains eaat thence .'��� chains
north, ihence 160 chains weat. thence 40 chains
souih to point of commencement.
Dated July *��ih. I****..
No. 8. t'ommencltiK at a posl planted nn Monument ereek about "U chain- more or laaa from
where Monument creek empties into 1-emoii
ereek and marked llenrv Belcher* n.-rtbeasi corner post No S. theuce 160 chains south, thenc* to
chaini weai. thence 160 chains nnrth. thence 40
chains easl to place of oommeneement.
Dated July Mth. 1--U7 lltsmi Kbk hrkt,
a,i Wait Kootenay
M ������ " after date
fTs-tnimiSHlouer 0i
u to cut and
lug described
Unexcelled facilities for the transaction
of all  kinds of Banking  Business.
8PEC1AL   ATTENTION   given  to the I       HOME   SAVINGS   BANKS   Furnished
8svlngs    Bank    Department,   and _   .      ,. .. . ..    ..   _
lr.ter.-t    credited    Quarterly    on on Apphcat.on. In Large, Med.um
Saving. Bank Accounts. or Pocket Size.
Nelson Branch, G. A. SPINK, Manager.
Published six days a week tif the
Baker Hi..   Nelson, B. 0
Bnoacrlptlon rates, N cents a month delivered
tn lhe city, or 15.00 a year 11 cent by mall, when
paid in advance.
AtSvertislnK rates on application.
All monies paid in M-Ulemeni ol The Dally
Cauadlan  accounts, either for subscriptions or
*dverti��ingVmuVt be ?��^pted"loVon the printed
forms ol  the Company.
Our conU'mi-orary, *n ita second reprint of the same eastern comment on
Mr. Borden's campaign, has olssstfled
the Toronto News and the Toronto
World as the "heavy weights" of the
regular Tory organs. Hoth would be
Kreatly diverted if their attention were
drawn to the description.
Ladies' New Fall
and Winter Coats
We are showing our firs* importation of Ladies'
Coats. Tbe very latest and nobbiest styles in cloths,
etc. Now is the time to make your selection when
stock is complete. No two coats alike, we invite inspection.
Nelsou Land District.   Dlst-ut ol West KooO-nay
Take notice   that   Georfto Alexander, of K
B. 0*i   Intends   lo   apply   for   a *p<
licence   over   the    following   oesri
Comuu'luliiK al a post   planied at Ui
corner of Section I*,     owushlp 7,   "
trlct,   belli)*   abool   one-third   of *
the souih boundary   line  ol   the 1
thenOS  s  uth   about   SS   chain-*   I
bank o( Kootanaj river; thence
alone   Kootena*-   river  bank   -*""'
Nelson l*nd District.   Distn
Notice is hereby -fjvcu tha
I intend to apply to ihe  Chi<
Lauds   and    work*,   foi   "tiermli
carrv away limber   from \u<-- loll
landa: ,   ���   , ���
No. 4 Commencing ai a ��� ..>*���' marked II. A ti.
S. w c.irner. AW chain*, cn-i ���-( tie N. K. ccrner
of lot No Sirs, post Hiark-d K S. H. ��.. corner,
Ihence  east   *J chains, tLi-tnv   snuth   B0 chalus.
thanoa west ao ehstna, ihenoe north *' chains to
place of commencement centainiiiK 6*' acres.
No   6   CommencliiK at the   N   w   corner ol H
A ri. ttmber claim No   4, thenoa north **> cbains,
lbenee east SU ehalns, tbence  south 80 cbains.
thence west 80 chains t<> place of eoinmenr*.ineut
al location post So   5, cunUtiuiut* ti-to ures
I     lj.   t**'HEKMICKHOR.*.. LOeSlSff.
fieo  Boacroftt Agent.
Dated July 8th. l*a/7.
Nelaon lmn& District District of West Kin>P-naT
Take notice shal I'anl August 1'aulst n, of Kit
chener, B. C, occupation lumberman, lntandi
le apply foraspcclal umber licence over the following descrtbe'1 land-i: Commencing alapost
planted at the soutnwest corner of surveyed jot
.'-������JIG 1 thence south to the uortbern boundary
��� >( timber Ueenpe-So.70U< thsnos wesi to tho
uorthweat corner uf said umber iU-encu, ihence
-ouih u> the northern boundary of lot U3. thence
following said boundary, of said let weit to the
right of-way of tut- British ColumL.a -wmlhein
Itallway, thanoa futlewing -aid right-'d-way tn a
north-eaaterty direction to plate ofcommenoo-
ment. and containing 0IU aorOS, more or leas
Darted Julv 2nd, la-rf.   PaoL Anenar Facuioh.
lal Umber
���,"1    lanus:
.ti   iay dls-
milc BOOth ot
icftan reserrej
i  tha eatterly
^^^^ t liO chalua to
the aoulh l-ouinlary ef ?<<-i- loo 13, lewnvhlp lj
tli. i.e.* .'ii-!.-11 ���. about M chain- to Iha uorlhweat
cornerof I-ot i.1.!: thenos north so chains aloag
the wt'-t btinudary ol 1-ot Ml; th-me west to
chalna to the pofent Ol . oinmenccnieiit. and coutainlug fin* at"---. mora or I* s*
Dated Julv 4. )'��'. i.roK'ir Ai aiANnta.
Helson I aud Di-m   t    Plsllil I of West KooU-nay,
Take iietlce iha 1* vnti Mc l< I'and Kras*T, of
Fernie, H 0-. olork. Intatlds teSSply l��r a H|ieclal
Ueenoo   over   the   fulio-Aing    de*., ribe.1   leads!
Commeuctn-i at n poat plained afaonl seven
miles west nf the Kooiottay river, and at.tmt one
mils north Of the tu etnatlnual iM'iindary line,
and about DOS and a .-carter north-easterly from
the north east corner of umber licence No. ���0BT-
thanoa south ho tha ns. iIk'Hip -m-Mt w chains,
then* e north -*-1 ehalns, theuce cast Ht chains to
point <>( commencement, and (.��,utainlng ��-1.-
aerea, more or test-
Located Utlh, of June. 1907.
Kvaj* MOOLStsUS FiungR.
Dated this ��th of July, 1907.
Other receipts "are not
Monday, September  16, 1907.
The feeling of panic, that was probably genuine enough while it lasted, Is
passing away at the coast. It haa probably dawned upon all thinking men
that there ia no immediate danger of
the province being overrun by Oriental's
of any nationality. It la true that there
may even now be enough to compete
albly with certain classes of skilled labo.
aud, in the case of the Japanese, pota-
Jiibly with certain classes of white labor,
iiut unless the rate of Immigration ol
���She last few months lasts for several
.years there Is no danger of even the
numerical supremacy of the white race
tn British Columbia being threatened.
At the Bame time It la obvious to all
that a great part of the anti-Orientai
agitation haa been fomented for politi
cal  purposes.
This Is obvious from a very brief review of the facts. For nearly ten years
the legislature of Hritish Columbia has
been passing measures attempting to
restrloi, the entrance of Chinese and
Japanese. The great difficulty haa been
that the question Is of very little in
terest to the rest of Canada, and Hritish
Columbia's representatives at Ottawa
have been a neglibible quantity.
At laat an Increase In the head tax
on Chinese was secured by continue"!
agitation for it which, as far aa political
organizations in the west were concern
ud, was unanimous. Hut the matter of
Japanese Immigration could not be bo
easily dealt with. Japan Is in alliance
with Gnat Britain, and special restrlc
lions on the subjects of the Mikado
In a colony of an allied power would be
regarded aa an  unfriendly act.
Moreover at the last session of the
Canadian parliament a special agreement with Japan on lhe very subjec'
of Immigration was unanimously ratlll
ed.   It bappene that all the members of
parliament from this province are Liberals. Not one of them went on record
as opposing that agreement.
It Is only within the last few months
that Immigration of Japanese from
Hawaii has assumed large projiortions,
and. probably by mere coincidence,
there haa been a marked Increase in
the volume of immigration from Hindustan.
The attitude of Liberal politicians
and newspaper organs is worthy of
special analysis.
One feature, especially of local Interest, we refer to reluctantly. The Vancouver World published a sensationally
circumstantial story of a deal between
Premier McHride and the Dominion
government. Our contemporary published the same story on the front page
under a double column scare head. We
remarked that the story was obviously
absurd as the motives attributed to the
contracting parties were ridiculously inadequate, Our contemporary objected
vigorously to our view.
A few days later the Vancouver
World retracted and apologised for that
part of its story which alleged a corrupt
deal. Our contemporary did, indeed, reprint the retraction, but on an Inside
page, and under a heading which did
not in any way Indicate retraction, nor
was there one word of editorial notftN
of it. Even the Vancouver World,
pariah as It is among Hritish Columbia
newspapers,was more manly and courteous on this occasion than the usually
decent Nelson News.
Hut the attitude of Liberal politicians
is even more curious. Hon. Frank
Oliver paid a visit to the province and
all his utterances on the subject of Oriental Immigration both during and after |
his visit were purposely meaningleas
Hon. Mr. Templeman's remarks to the
Victoria Times, hi* own paper, are almost equally obscure,
Dut R. G. McPherson, M. P. for Vancouver, has held the centre of the
stage. Where the gentleman was when
the agreement with Japan was being
ratified by the Dominion parliament has
not been explained. Hut since it be
came obvious even to his intelligence
that the question was likely to be a
burning one in Vancouver, he has certainly not  been silent or Idle.
His utterances on the subject, unless
he haa been grosely and wilfully misrepresented by reporters and telegraph
operators, can only    be    described  as
For Sale
25 ft. lot on Carbonate St J175.00
50 ft. lot on Latimer St., fenced
and cultivated $450.00
Cottage,  3 rooms,  electric  light.
water    $750.00
6-. acres within one mile of city; suitable for market garden.  Terms given.
R.al  Eatate and  General Agent.
J15  Baker St.,  Nelaon,  B. C.
-$.0 K>tZR MONTH
IO Ai^Rk^S
Wo offer yon best fruit lands;
beat terms; bes^. location; beat
climate. Absolute     titles.       Yon
don't have to uao all of your mcans
ln paying for land. We want you
tO put It into development. We
slao have tracts of DO to 6000 acres.
pftaM and terms the beat. We own
then/- lands and handle nothing on
If you don't see Frultvale you
rnlss the best In B. C.
Kootenay   Orchard
Ward  Street,  Nelson,  B. C.
KotleS In '.������:��� *:��� Kivt-u '���'*������ 80  :.���;.- *.tt*-r date I
!:.���'���;.. to apply to iht: Hull. Cblel coinm lust oner
of tends end *orss for permission to pnrebsas
thf InUowuitf ilc-itTlbed lan-lii. litSS-ted In  West
Kootenay iiu-tnii: Commesetni nt s post marked by earns *���- initui post of the .-������ it;. Pork
breach- quo hundred (est from tbe junction of
Loel creek  with tht* south fork;   tht;nee  one-
���luarUT milt.' lo tht- uorthwi-��ttx>rtier po-*t,thcnr��-
one mile to the ���.��� ��� ��� :'.-n*- corner po��t, thence
one-quarter mile to the mi uth earn corner pout,
iheuce oue mile to  the place of commencement
inns37,1*07,       Located hy WSt, conuolly.
NeUun Land District.   Dlfttrtct ol Well Kootenay
Take notice that  Moore,   Kepple A i o., of Oar-
lautl, I'eriu , occupation  Iwuiherineu,   luicu-li-to
apply lor a upeeial timber   licence  over   the   fol-
lowlng described lands:   Commenetni at ajwet
plaute<I ou Motujiiin* creek, on the weit tide of
Arrow lake, aod about one half mile weat of the
southwest corner ol timber limit No. tin,thenea
north hij ehalns, theucu west -" chains, thence
noiith 80 ehalnis, thence eaat &'> chain*- lo point of
commencement, ami containing 040 acrei, more
or leaa.
Dated i*>th, July. wn.    moorf, Csms A Co.
John B. Calkinn, Agent.
Take notice that .'*) -lays alter date I intend to
apply to the Hon. the Chief I'oinmlmiloner of
[audi and Work*, Victoria, for itertnlMlon to
cut end tarry away timber from the follnwlnt*
described land, lu Weft Kooteuay'
No. i.  Oommsaeinf ��t a poet planted at the
-���outhweflt corner ot timber (lcenhe V*46, tbence
went ho ehalBH. thence south HO chaini*, theuce
eant m chain1*, thence north *o ci.a.i.*- to place of
Dated May ..1, IWf.       J. T- BijROiWB, Locator.
J. W. UOLSOBSi Ageut.
No. 2 Commencing al a post nlauted at the
southeast eornei oi application no. 1, theuce east
HU cnalns, tbence north Hu chalna. thence west no
chains, thence aouth HU chalna to place of iijiii-
Dated May 31,1907.     j T. Btmosss, Locator.
J. W. Coliiurk. Agent.
Noti"'   is   hereby given   that  the uiidcrKlgncd
have submitted to the Limtenant-OovernoMn-
Council a prop'��>-il undi r the yruvisions of the
"Rivera and Streams Act," loi oUarlDI and re-
movlng obstrnatloni fromQoal Rjrsr and Meadow Creek, in the DUlrtctoi Wesl Kootenay, and
for making the i-auie fit for iiittlu-' and driv
Ing thereon logs, timber, bun her, rafts > hd ith ft*.
and for erecting and miiiiiinluing booms for
holding, -a.r ��� ,ii,- and delivering logs and timber
brought down HHid ereek and rlv.-r, and for attaching   DOOme   fo the  shore of  mid   creek   and
river for raid purposes.
The  landj   t-.be BCsetSd   by suid work are:���
I-ot- ���'������'.    I-'.    I 'U.'- t.i,.! m  i,  ...1     I   i,   ! i    \$,U  mid
161��Lot4602, '-roup i. Kooleuay District.
The tftlll proposed tO In* charged SIS lUOh SI
may hi- llxed hy the Judgf of the Coilgity Court
of West Kootenay
Dated 31st  ''il v. 1907.
THBlNTSHMATIONAI. l.fMi'Ht .. MlinvMin.  C. .
lake nonce lhat John Rom, of Fernie, B. C,
hotel*keei��er, intends to apply for a special timber licence over the follow lug described lauds:
1 Commenting at a post planted In the Dlstrlctof West Kootenay, N el-toil   Mining Division,
on the north fork of ths south fork of Loetcreek,
about flte miles up creek from whsretwo forks
DUSet and about six miles uorth of the Interna
llonal Hound a ry blue and ahout twenty eight
miles west of Kooleuay RiTer, thence east M
chains, thenee north 80 chains, theiice west m
chains lo bank of -.aid ereek, thence down stream
to place of oommeneement.
J. Kojih. Ixeator,
2. Commencing at a poat .named at the southwest corner of 1. Korjs'a No 1 locution, thence
freSt 10 ehaliiH, theuce north t*f�� chaini-. ihcn-e
eaat WJ chains more or leae to hank of nald < reek,
tin ii* ������ down stream to place Rl eoiiirneneemunt.
J. Roas, I<ot-ator.
3. OommenctDS a* a post planted ator near
the southwest corner ol J. ROSt I No. 1 location,
theuce weat HU chains, thet.cu aoulh hu Mhalns,
thence eaai Wl chains, more or leas, to said creek,
Mienee up Stream to plain; of beginning.
J. Ron, Locator.
4. Commencing at a posl planted nt nr near
lhe southwest coiner of J Ross's BO. 1 location,
theue east ku chattm, thence south HO chains,
thenee west HU chains, more or less, to hank of
said creel. thenee up stream to pin.ee of coin-
J  BoeSi Loeatofi
f>. Commencing atS post planted ahout two
miles snuth of the southwest corner ofJ.Roaaa
No I l--CatlOD, on tbS north fork of the south
fork ol I- It Oreeki and shout four inlbs up
stream, from where the two forks meet, thenee
eact Wi chains, thenc north HU chains, thenee
west HO ehalu**, more or leaa, to hank of said
ereek, theuce dowu stream to place ol commencement.
J. Rons, Ixx-ator.
6. Commencing at a post planted at, or near,
the southwest corner of J. Ro-s's  No. ft location,
Take notice that C. C. Cl��rk, ol Nelaon. B. C,
saloon keeper. Intends lo apply for a special tlm*
her llct nee over the following described laud;
Commencing at a post plume-l on Morning
Mountain, ahout one mile w- at of Sin viler ��� reef,
snd adjoining C-C Clark's location for tlmt-er
licence Mo 1. and about one mile south of Nelson, thenee west uu chalui, thence south aO
chains, thenos east HO chains, thenc** north *>
ehains to place of beginning.
Dated July 16th, 1W/7. C   C. CLASX,
I'Avit- Bi-OTH, Agent
Nelaon band Dlitrict.   District at West Kootenay.
Take not Ice that I, li. f, WalUce, of Kernle.
H Cm hotal-ke. ,.- - luteml lu apply for a IpeCtSJ
tirnluT licence over the following dcacrlbed
1. '���:.:.��� n. itiu hi �� *- -.: plantetl aboQt tour
mites west of the Kooleuay ttver and one mile
north of the International boundary line, thenca
south HU chalna. iheuce t-ast SO chains, thenee
uorth hu chaini. thenee west So chains to tbe
polut of i ��� i.,::,.:.- en..tic containing ���'���IU gSMB,
more or leaa.
Dated July J3rd, HW7.
2. Commencing at a p*��st planted at the north
west corner ol location No. 1, the-ce south tw
chalna, theuce west SO chains, theme north SU
ehalns, thenee east to chains t<> the point of
commencement, eonlalnlug ������i" acrea. more or
Dated July 28rd, 1907.
3. Commenekng at a poit plauted at uorth
west cornerof IocmUoii Mo.fi theuce north - ���
chalna, thence we��t t*u chains, tht-nce south -*'
chains, thence ea->i no chalua to the point of
commencement, containing Mu acres, more or
Dated July 28rd. 1907.
4. ('ommenclng at a poat planted al the northwest eoftner of No. 1 location, thence north Ho
chalna, Thence eaat 80 ehaius, Ihence south HO
chains, thence weat 80 chains l o the '���>���..* of
commencement, containing 64U acres, more or
Dated 'uly *��lrd, 1*107.
6. Commencing at a posl planted about two
miles north and WmllC east of the northwest
corner of loeatlou No. 1, thenco aouth ao chains,
thence But Ho chains, ihence norlh ko ehalns,
ihence west HU chains to the point of commencement, containing tViu scree, more or leis.
Dated July lCird, 1907.
6. Commencing at a post planted at northwest corner of loeatlou No. ft, tbence SOUtfa 8*>
chains, thence weat 80 chains, thence north Ho
chains, theuce east HO chalna to the point of commencement, t onialnlng MO acres more or less.
Dated July S3rd. 1907.
7. Commencing at a post planted at Uie northwest coruer of location S't .. u.iTi'e north SO
chains, ii.'ii'. west 80 chaini, theuce south HO
'halns, theuce east 80 chalna lo the poiut of commencement, containing 640 acres more or less.
Haled July 23rd, 1907
8 Commencing at a post planted at the north
weft corner of location No. ft. thence north Ho
chains, thence east hu chains, thence south no
chains, theuce westHO chains to the point of commencement, containing 640 aerea more or leaa.
Daled July ttrd, 1807.
tt. commencing at a post planted aboul I
miles :<.���-��� of the northwest corner of location
No ft, thence aouth HO chalna, thence eaat HO
chains, thence north tin chains, thence weat ho
chains to the point of commencement, and containing MO acres more or less.
Dated July Mth, 1907.
10. Commencing at a post plantetl nt the
northwest corner of location No. 9. thence noi th
wi - bains, thence east 80 chalna, thence south Hu
chains, thence weal nn chains to the point of
commencement, containing 6-10 acrea, more or
Dated July 24th, 1907.
II Commencing at a post plantetl ni .-,! ;
'���., miles west ol the north weet corner of location
No 9 and about U *' ���'', South (hereof, thence
south HU chains, thenc** eaat ft) chains, them
morti or le--
Hated Juir 24th, I'-"n
lt. Commeuelug at a poll planted at tut* north
west corner of location No 11, thence north Ho
chalua, ihence ca*-t ���*> chalua, thence south Ho
chains, thence weat HO chains to lhe point of
commencement, containing (Mo SOKS, more or
Dated July.24th, 1907.
18. Commencing alapost plantetl at thn northwest corner ot location No 11, thence norlh 80
chains, thence west 80 chains, tht-nce south 80
chalus, thonce eaat Si ehatm to the point of
commencement, containing MO acres, more or
Dated July 21th, 1907.
14. Comineneingata post planted sl the north-
west corner of location No. 11, iheneu south 80
chains, thence west to chalus. thence north 80
'ihains, thence east 80 chains to the point of
commencement, eoutaining 64o acres, more or
Dated July 24th. 1907.
IB. Coinmencing at a post planted about two
miles north of northwest corner of location of No,
11, thenee south 8o chains, tbence cast iV! chaius
thence north HO chain*, theuce west 80 chains
to the point of comuiencemeut, Coutainlug 640
acres, more or less.
Dated July Nisi ""'7.
Nelson LfUftd Dlatrlct. District ol Weat Kootenay
Take notice that Moore. Kepple A Co . of ,.<��r
land. Penn., ot-eupatlon lumbermen, intend to
apply lor a ipeclal timber licence over the foi
lowing described lauda: Commencing alatMial
planted on Mowiuito creek, * u the weal side of
trrOW lake, snd about one half mile west. Ol lhe
southwest corner of limber limit No. 4877, thence
south 80 chains, thenre weit 80 cbalm, thence
north HO chalna, thence eaat SO chain*, to point of
i ommcnccn.ent, and coutalulne 640 acrea, more
or less.
Dated lftth July, 1907.     Mo-one, Kan" a -t Co
John K. CaliiIm, Ageut.
Kelson Land Dlitrict.   Diatrict of West Kooleuay
Take notice   that  William    Audrew    Rosa,  of
Fernie. B   0 ,   hotel-keeper  lutenda to apply for
a sp->clal tlmt>er licence over the  following  dea
erloed lands: ' "in men- log at a poal planted
ahout six miles wesl of the Kootenay river, on
lorn creek. In the District of Weat Kootenay
anil being atiout six miles uorth of iho Intei-
nstl >ual boundary line, and aituate at the
liorthcaat corner of William Andrew KoSl' No
8 timber claim, thence north 80 chalna, thenre
w-st v-chalus, theuce south So 'halua, theoce
east hu chalna, to tbe point of rtimmrureincnl
Located July 2Srd. ItHfJ
Dated the Mth of Aug    1907
Nelson LSIld iMstrlcl.   District of West Kootenay
Take notice that 1, Kvan Kraeer, of Ferule, H.C.,
clerk, iui> ud to apply for a sptM'lal umber license
over the following described landi;
1. Commencing ai a ptivst plant*! at the N. X.
corner ahoui P, mllea north of the interaatlon
al boundary line and ahout 11 miles weat ot the
Kooteuay river (about one mile north of the
north boundary of T. I. No 80T2) tbanee HU
chains aouth, theace 80 chaius weal, theuee SO
chaina notth. tbence 80 chains east to the place
of beginning.
Dated July ..lit, 1907.
2. Commeuelug at a poet planted at the If. K
corner of loeatlou No 1. thenre south 80 ehalna,
thence east *���*��� chalua, thenre north hu ehalns.
thence weat 80 chains to the place of  N-gtiming.
Dated July -1st, ito7.
S. Commencing at a poit planted at the M. K.
corner of location No 1. thenee uorth SU chains,
tbence eaat 80 chains, thenre aoutb NO chains,
th-. .ce weat 80 chains to piece of beginning.
Dated July 21st. 19U7.
4.    Commencing at the N. K corner of location
No. 1.   thence   north  SO rhalna,  thenre  west SO
hains,   thence south Ho rhalna.   theuce eaai 8U
Take notice that I. Anhur Ibt, tlmkkm, ,.
tend to apply for permission tt. nnuSuifi
lowing described Una.:  OomsteseusflJt-S
planted at tbe N. E. corner of Lot ESTmSLS
ed H. K. corner, tbence norlh SUehsi*, ,��
west �� chains, thence aoulh 40 chain,' SS
eaat to chalna to point ol 1HSS���SUlngja^
contain lug 80 acrea, more or ir-s. ' -*���
June 7, ftu7. Asthcralii i*m*ss*��
Tase notice tbat 1. William R Jarru lnitU
to apply for permission to purchase iu EC
lug described lands Commen.lt-f.i-.il
planted at the ti. K corner ol tZtUMLuiSaS
���ai northeaat eorner, thenre weat tt (Z
thence SOOth ��' chains, thence eait S rhtu
theure ���-- "- -*-	
De north 40 chains to point of toma-*** I
ment, an.l containing 180 arrei mow t.r trti
June 7. 19U7. WiUUi MtlSllSlllie
HniT days after dale 1 loteoc to ipaiTtou.
Hon. Chief Commissioner of l*andf ����� i ��-'i,
Victoria, B.C., to porchaas thi WeeUfS
acrlbed land, situated tu ibe West ki..>��*�����
trlct: tremmenclng at a peat plani��! o-^
west side of Kootenay lake, near Iklbxite
point, aud marked J. McKIudoo'i 8,|gM
p..si. thenre weat SO ehalu. fsesS| noril |
cbalua, thence eaat SU chain more<ir .**�����.��� jj
���bore, thence along lake kimrr tu j- ::.���.,:��-��
Signed J ScZmea.
IIH'l]' fUT'lll
Dated April 4, 19C7
Nelsou Land District. Mstrtrtuf Wrm k^aa-
Take notice that Id ward Prssst, of IseaS
Montana, D.I A . orcupatloa wool l-*ir a
lends to apoly for permlMtoo le -aimn-a
following deacrlbed land . ConmcarUi ui
p*%si planted ou tbe west short of t'pprr ���st
���ban (Cariboo) laks. aad al thi soutliMii ��� *x
of Lot 81S9, thence west X ehalDi. tkfts-tvta
e�� chelns. tbence) esit JO chaina, faSssessaSI
chains, theoce east 40 chalm, mor*or;��i.-4&f
weat shore of I'pper Whauhaa (larborjiiii:
tbenre northerly and weiterly alon|UtaS
���bore 80 ebalni, more or leai. ta polit -f eee-
mencement, and containing tXlaVcrtaai
chaini t.i the ijace cf begiuning.
Dated July ilst. 1907.
th 80 chaVns, tbunpe west  SO  chains   to th_
it of commeucemeut, contalnlug see acres,
b Commencing at a poat planted one mile
eaai of the m. K corner of location No. 3. tbenre
aoulh 80 cbains, thenre weat so chalna, thenoe
north 80 ehaius, theuce eaat HOchaina to the place
of iK-glUTIIng
Dated July .'1st, 19U7.
6. Commencing at a poat planted at th* N. K.
comer of loeatlou No. *>, then, e south B0 ebalni.
Uience eaat 80 ��� haln-*. tbence north SO chaini,
thence west 80 chains to the plai c ul   .eginnlng
Dated July 1*1,1, ISII7.
7. Commeuelug at a poet plante*! at tbe N. F.
corner of '������-ntlon No. i*>, th**uro north SO ehalns,
iheuce ��� .-t mo ehalna. theii**e souih 80 ebalua,
tbence west -*i chains lo the  plaOe of  beftuniog
Da:.   : July Oat, ���*���'���"
8. Cornmem ing al a poat planted at the N. B.
corner of location No '��� u,.:.. north 80 chains,
thenc.- west hu rhalns, thence aouth *> ehalna,
thenee    ���*-' H.I t hains lo lhe   place of Wglanlug.
I'at.  ��� July Bat, 1 * " K, * H4*ii, UM*ator.
J-���||^  MeowN, Agent.
May mil. isn.
Il.Wa.1.1, Fug
AlKty davs after data 1 inteod to i^i*uai
Hon Chief Commtssloaer ol IabsiimSnS
for permlaalon to purchase tht fulkivisg *���
acrlbed land in Weat Koeieaay abtrtft a
men.-tug at a post marked A. C. S'lur-iea
uorner poat, running 40 cbalm MMHtj mat
the boundary ol Timber Ureses So SI -j-m
southerly BO chains, tbence wteterije-Usi
theuoe northerly ���* chains aloag :>. : 1
track to the place of commencement, M.-.-uug
two hundretf acres, more or leas.
Located this Stb day of Msy, lSR.
A. C. kliSaUs
Notice Is careCy given tbatWdailinkif
  pplT to tbe HonorablstsiC-JJ'-
of Lands and   Works (at u
intend to apply to t
mlMlouer  of Landi         .- .. .
ki pun*.hase the following describedk��d��
in Weit Kootenay duirict: ConaeKtuSi
poet plauud at tbe weet bounded-***"'*
and about 10 chaini aoulh of tbeiclStoaiW
of the right of way of the 11 C "��--*"*
way. an<T marked P. A. P'i wil^ ����
thence weet l*m chains, thenre BoM*B*ssb
boundary of tbe rtgbt-of way of B ' 0*m
railway, thence foliowlus said U.uodirr&si
right of-way In an eaiurly dlmtitweoasi .
boun.lary of Lot MS ill. thence aoulh --"MfJ" |
commencement, oontaluiug 100 awstr--
Datad this 14th day of Juns. 1*-T-- ,
Pat - AwieiNnsa |
Nelson I-aud District.   Dlatrlct of VTeet Kootenay
Take uotice that I, Kli/aUth Ferguson, of Nation, British  (Vilum'da, occupation   married woman, Intend to apply lor permlaalon to purchaae
the following described land:   Commencing at s
post plantetl 4U ebalna west of thr southeast corner of   st. n.,11   22. Township to, Kootenay.  and
marked "K  F *i  N   E   corner,"'theuce   wesi   so
�� haini, tbence   aouth   40   chalna. thenee east 80
chains,   thonce  north  40 chains lo  tbe plate of
commencement and contalulng 3J*> acres mora
1Mb Julv, A. D. lft/7.    F.LIZATriH FSkuiium.
by VV. A . Calder, agent.
Kelson Land District. District of Weat Kooteney.
Take uotice ihat 1. David ti Kurt*, of Nelaon,
B. C., occupation merchant, intend to apply lor
permission to purchaae the following described
land: -"ommenclng et a post planted at the
-..'.'!,'���'��� corner of section 34, township 89,
Kootenay, and marked "D. U. K.'S ft. W. corner."
thence north 80 chains, thenoe eaat ��) chains,
thence south 80 chains, thence weat 40 rhalns
to the point of commencemeut aud containing
���*��� acres more or less.
Uth July. 1W7. DavmO   Kcsrz,
W.   A   i-al.^r, agent.
Take notice tbat I, Thornu Harry Wllaou. intend to apply for permission to purchase Uie lol-
i" ����� lug described land : Commcuciug at a post
planted at the H K. twiruer of Iut7miand marketl
N. K. corner, thenre aouth lu chains, thence
���a..' i' .imii.s.tV'iu'.' south It) cbalua, Ihenoe
west 10 cUai us, thence aouth 10 rhalni. thence
west lu. chains, tbence stiuih 10 chains, thence
west lu chalui, Ihence north 40 chalm, thence
eaat 4u eltslus to point of commencement and
coutainlug luo acrea, more or leas
June 7, IB07. Thomas llrsir Wilsoh.
William aixihe., Miixs, sgent
Nelson Land District.   Dlatrlct of West Koolensy
Take notice that I, John Lang, of Nelaon, It C,
001 upatlon  miliar  Intend   to apply for permission   to purchase the following described lands:
' nn, in H.j, nt   n  pout  plauteil at the   N   K   of
I.... ���*���*��.��� thence eaai 20 chains, thenco south M
chains, thence v*e*t .11 chains, thence north SO
chains to |" 'in i of corameiioemenl, containing 40
acrea. nunc or leaa.
August and,  11*07. John Lako.
on  I.
north Ho chains,   th<
leis, to hit ok of said
to place ot common-
Located Jff.th Jimp. 1*817
t 80 rhalns, thence
HUchiiiiM east, more or
k. thence down itrcam
int. '
J. lions. I/oealor.
Time for advertising  extendeil  by the Assistant
NeUon Land District.   Diiinct o| West Kooleuay.
Take   notice   that Tl,o��    K    I. Uigun.of   Bon
tier's Ferry, occupation puintor. lutenda to apply
ior a si.eehtl timber llt-enOS over  the   I .-.-11���-.-
desm-lbed lendsi   Commsucloi at s post planted
OU the aOUtb   ������* ������   ������' I'.'.'.u-in' ���-   creek,  about  10
miles west of th* Kootenay liver, thenee west 80
chains.   Ihence   m,,uiI.  HU chnins,   thenee  east ho
chains,  Ihence north   HO chains   to the   polntof
commt-neuineiit, aii��l coutainlug 14U acres,   more
or less*
Daic-i July Oth, 11*07. Thomab K, L, L*f> .*.-*.
16, ' 'fin me nc.tiy at a post planted at the Dfffl
wesl cttrner of location No. J.*>, thence north
i-lialns,   thonce  east 8*1  chains,   theuce  aouth
mill 80
^^^^^^ - _   th 80
Ohaini,  thence   west KO chalna  to the  point of
commencement, containing &40 acres, more or
'Dated Juty mi-, IK*.
17. Commencing at a post planted at Ihe northwest corner of lo'allou No. In, Ihenoe north 80
chains, thence *cst 80 chains, thenee south 80
chalna. thence cast 80 chains to the point of
commencement, containing o40 acres, moro or
"Dated July 94th, 1907.
18 Commencing at a post planted at the
northwest eorner of location No 16, thence south
HU chains theuee west NO chains, lln-tice north 80
chains, thence eaat HO chalus to the point of commencement, containing MOfSSnS more or leas.
Dated July 24th 1907. ti. F. Wallacs, Locator,
JOUN 11 HOW H, Agent.
Nniic,. le hereby given that SO dsyi alter date,
Intend to appiv to the Hon. Chief Commission*-.
of Landi and Works for   permission to juirchaae
w loner
.   . i m im
the following deacrlbed land In Weat Kootenav
district, on weat sh ire of Lower Arrow I-eka,
adjoining l.ot No.494S, on the south: Beginning
at a post marked  "Harry   McLeod's   N.K    corner
Kost and Hun led on tho ahore of Lower Arrow
ake, at the southeast corner o| Cayt Vosleuid's
i.4*oj8. thence weat 30 chains, tbence south to
chains more or leaa to the north boundary of K.
Fuilmorc'a 1*. U , tbence '#' chains eait along ths
said boundary in lake, thence north along the
lako shore A" chains, more or less to polntof
���lay and. 1907.
J. D. Moon,
Agent for Harry McLeod.
Nelson Land District.   Dlitrict of West Kootensy.
Take notice that Ocorge Kufus Carter uf Hirdar,
occupation, hridgeman, intends tn appiv for per*
i appiv for
lug   descr
snd r��
marketl F K.B.B B 22**J| w S^JR
north SO chains,  thai ��'��� "J g fbt|oi UP"
tOUtll B0 ehalna  thenn�� J-JJ. g��o gfret-
rlalKa.1      ^^^^^^
1iiii.1i.is.-    t,h.  lollowl:
Waat <-..r..�����. ul   B, R4,H'-ft|.l>Ila.Ktlaan I.. pura.h.s*,
..IK....1 R. W., th.ni'O iiorll, *0 ilisli.s. then...
.n't 41 .li.ili... ttiali.f .a.(.11. 'JO a>l..lus to A.
' ..rry's prr-arliiutiaiu, Hit n. a: well VD aah.llis.
thun.ru saaaith 'Jfi iihalns, th.noe wisst vo nh.lns tn
place ol . .iiiir... .,. .iiiajri. contaliihi. 130 .errs
more or less.
Ii.lai.l J ul j 1J, iisn       . i....... Ron-. C.araa,
W.J. H ...r, A.rl.l
I. thn iinalorslttna.il, .Iter 00 al.y. n.iaan.l to apply to the Hon. the Chief corn mission,rot l ..mis
.nil Works to purrliMai the following aleearrllaeil   _ MM __
l.ii.l ���   UommenarliiK at the N. K. l>. ol Lot 7U> I "U. B. n *.eorn*.,.   ---     , a. rn..��   ���m
U. I., UMBO,   west ��0 . Ii.u.s. il,.-,..., north ��J thence ���n",ll,'~.'���,  bealnnln".  ""
ch.lns, ll..-ina. eaat in chain., thenc. smith 90
eh.In. to pailnl i.f commencement, containing 10
acre, more or le...
Local*-' liaron mi., MOT, W. A. NiUi.
Nebon Land ULtrlrt.  l)lstrla-lol W.I*.
T.k. nolle that Paul Au.o.1 -""���-'S
chener. B. C . oocupatla.n lumli-mM, is���
to.pi.lr lor permission to ""''"*��� "STS
In, Me.c.11*- lands: ..'omm.i-su, slMJ
plll.tol st the ��a>uta laouiid.rj *t SiSfZ
w.�� ol the British I'oliiBDta �����"*'"".
w.r .n.l about M cb.ln. ���������"'���I'JJi'iS
6J on .aid rallw.T. thence ��������������� !|II*{S?S
r.sl 'a. chain., tnei.ee naia ��.���TH
.... (0 chain., Ih-n, . ""."J.-fiSJJSSS
ary of lh. rl.ht-of.w.T ot lh. Brlns* �����
Ba.uth.rn   Railway, la.oc. *��<?}12ZL
uld rl.hl-of-w.y'fc|dV���Vi���mij.i��ia***
.'' n.l.
Dated I
IfslMBlalial Dlatrlct.  UUltlri.t*'*"***!
poat planusd on the w��t ��M��<'"*K3
shin (I'arlboa.) l.kk ����! J. ih. ***iE3
���i ,���iiim. theoc �����! aayttSai
thMM�� M.t * analaa^tMaj,
0hala.*n*DMst ..rcommencennnl. s
  "r, or Ir���
tie K>
��� ay
ay ��th. 1WT7.
ii.os.1*** I
N.laon L.nd Dlatrlct.  DUIrt-l of"���"fjjj
T.k. nolle, that Walt..   "��i'tft. W*
Montana. U.S. *.. aaca.aip.tlon BJjrr*"'   ^
lo apply  lor nermLsloo to p "����    1;J��
in, Swrlbed land ; I'���>I*rn"?�����*.��.u..nliw��l
*l on th. we.t.horea.l I |.ner ��    �� Jijilt
Is... .....   .1   l"-.-V,''Vh'ninertbl��'��l��
theuce  we.t �� chains   ���"'"'-"X vctw>
thenoe Mat �� rh.lns, then.* soul"    ,,,��
point  of  commencement,  anal
ea-ra-s. more or laa*.. W.LTH sW** I
May J.lh, 1W ^^1���������:
���HIT dara after date I Arthur '^"u.
raBC-h.r, of Burwn C.tr InJeBdJ. .^
chief <:omml..loner of L.n '''���"���, l**1**
tori.. II 0 . lo purch... lb. '"i.�����'.��*.;l��j
l.n.l..ltu.l..Mt ail ",,r'��"i,��l,ToJ.<*5
post marked "A A B """'''",���", Mill *
danted at th. �� w aaorn.r """'*�����cM*
ri.nir lu, norlh M charts .h-ui*J**V,,|,.��'
th.ni-cloiith-al.'h.ln.. lhe��i�� *M
plM.otcomincnies��.nt .-,-.. A, t*m
%u,u.tlat.l��rl. _^?*-���g-*;.
Ne,.���.. L.��J DUlrlcl.   ��"-''""���"',*% l.l��l
Taka B��l��. tkal Arlhur A   But",   ^am
VAX,, wro.iaall.an rem her, IBW""*... ir*i*-|
it .oo tJ-'r**-*.
 . -TiCa lis."*' I
N.IMB Land DI...K-.^YU'���.I 1.--I
���'-'-������ ���*- K*s-v.V.-��aC5fl
^.ron^'nch.r l..t����;r��� �����
cilhSdTand:   Commencln,r ��l ��� LM ur >J*J
iw*: I
K.I.O.. I-and Dl.lrlcl. ��^\SgifJ*\
T.ke. none i*����.s?-2:2S. m����v>. I
ch.lus  U.   Pi*��� ��'   "ffli?    _ rii""1
acre, ol land, .now or^ss^,,,,,.,��..       |
D.le.1 ��rd AutMy*"-.1 ,���,*,*, *!"' The Dally Canadian
Who Want a Good Arcticle Will Buy
The BACON We Sell
It Gives Satisfaction, Because It Is Lean, Thoroughly
Cured ami   Smoked.    Our  Hams   Are
Excellent   Also.    All   Are Canadian
Goods.   Pure Lard in All Sizes.
P. Bums & Co*, Ltd.
I Hsu 1- nd I .strict  Dietrl "tol West Koolenav
':\   notice thai l-atrl k  ihe ran. ol  Nelson,
In J    ���. ��� -i.-imoii   proipector,  intends i-> apply
I ' ' llrei ii the   ollowKa
I,    . a ,,   m> nt loo at s poet i-iimi-d
I    ��� po,,    [lotfe��, i-.|i.K.'atrick
-������     *      "'TIIIinK    south    rV)
. ,.i -1 i hains, tbenoc north s-.
���   - ���  ��� SHin-   to -mint   ol  rum-
, i.tSlst, 1907. I'ATS!. K Hl|r��AS.
���"���"���*-"'��� Kin s HntAMi, Agent.
w und District, l-istrinl of West SooUnay
r.vm N�� i Tak* notios that Peter Lnnd, ���
FitdBer.B C
ni upatlon  IuiiiI-tuiuii. lutein]*.
���a-5? ,-. -,-���-������������       aber Ueenes ��rsr th.
LiiiNiba- deacribtffd   lands:    Cnnuni-nrliig  at   H
: ��� the mirth easterh poetoJ.ot8l*3
������ .      -  of tlmbei AesmKo  W
��� [h it.t chaina, thenos real SO chains,
-.nr*- north 1��0chains,  ttience west to chains
9 tar point ol oommeneement and containing
���* ��� ���'���' ' ' ���' *-- .. -   . -
[*;,,.,  ��� j I'KTSR I.rWI..
���elfou Land I'l'trlfl.   nistrli-t of West Knotcnay
K | �����.,. :     rake notloe   lhat   l*tUT l.uud, ���i
*.. . ; ation Imnhermaii. intends
* ipeoial Umber llecnce over the
talni described   lands:     Commencing  sl a
,i;��ii.-����.i   houndary  of lot MlJ, loo
. . i   .-r.. -   Tula an 1 I" chain-
.    . , i   -- i lairs   No. i. thi-n-p  north
,   . bains, them s sooth to
Saint then.. West BO �� Imins lo ihe j*olnt of
i-man-aceuitiil. aud --ui.uiulDg '**0 acrea, more
if 'mi
f Dated I ir auth. wen. rrrrn LoSD,
Belam land District- IMstrici of West K��.>>iiay
lCiiira No s. Take notice thai Petst Lund, of
pan-uer. M C.,0( co pat ion lumberman, Inten '.<���
i . i.��� * ii< enee oret the foi-
i rtbed lands:   Conmanstst et a poet
|>. an east Umndarr of lot SlITSO chains
local ton post  claim   No jr.  ihenc.
-   i .    ���  "--,-t -*-> ehains. then ���
red So < bains to potat
OBBMCsneDt,   end containing Mo acres,
I or lw
��� baud Ai-a-tni 1st, 1907.
Prraa I.vho
It��i* h ': - thai Ira K. Taylor, rlers. of Arrow.
Vs.'. K.t    .:.:.:i i* l" apply f��ir a fpeclal ll'-cnce
-*��� fat tin.""**  from   lhe    following   dseerihed
tS :iir al a ptvst planted ?0�� halns
Tptant-i*!ri in i-s-tirly dirt-ctmn from Cariboo
1   atrip.! -ir* V. Taylor's, w". I'arltins"   B   w.
er.' beuDdt-d on the south by T. L No 7��a.
De wesl by 1". I*,   f*o. "CTi, ihence  north w)
. raal HI chains, tbence south sn
Itiat, thr-ni.-  met to i'h��tn�� to point ol com*
i 'uEnrn'-ti'-iniE sl a post plan ltd HO * ham *
|lUni-**kad In a eastern din-ctlon from Cariboo
emarked-w I'arkiaa', IraF Taylors H. W.
Wjn*t post," bounded on the wrsl bj T. L. 7W7,
Tnth EvIraP. Tavlor-l am'. W. 1'arklus'T. I~
1 ���    DOrtn *������  ahalnSi   Ihence  cast   IfO
lb 10 chalna. thence west i��i
uutopoini ol eommenoenwnj    	
^Min Land District.  iMttrlct of Weat Kooleuay
t to hereby tleen thai to days titer dale j,
P.Swedben, miner,ol Nelson. 0.G , Intend
ply utu.v H..H il,.. t'btal I'ntiimi'-Ktni-r of
��r.d Worki lor �� -itH-iai lleenre to cut and
a*��v Umbet from th��- toll owing described
-��� on .-iummit creek, io the West
wienaj Dtotrlet.
���aendng st a post market J P. H'a
��� -i-t . ..rtiiT   post,   locatod on
-   iniii.t i rtt-k   hIhiui twtt in ilea from
- r'inulna south  >v chains,
>-    hinaint west so chains, thenea mini ton
���rfn e, chain-. Ihence west 40 chains, thetio-i
wt\h *�� rluui, tli,.in-,. riiiminK east 10 chains.
I' D*  south 40  chains,   thence east 10
I'- tote Pit      .!        .tn- uecment.
TeeMe-l ->n the ��th day ol Au-tnst, l��n.
Iohm p. flwaosssa, LoeslST,
r tn* agent I-Sli a McPOSTSM
..m. in nil* at a post marked J P. 8's
SSsrittBiL northwest corner post, locatetl on
rtrirk uf S'laimit creek, about two miles Irom
pin ossk, tbence rntniinK south so abeltis
f- ' ���    --iriK east ho chain*-,   thence   running
���slni   tbence runuing west ho chains
. --ortiaiprit'ciiH.iu
dgj of Aiumo-I. 1W7.
John (��� SersDBBSa, I��ocalor.
l-cr hu sgeni Pain: Mi Ik.naih.
DsonUnd Mstriet.   Uistrlet of West Kootenay
FJJ* aotireihiii J. R. p. Htcwart. ot Colllng-
swo.uru,(MTiip��i|Iin lumberman.islands b
WWMpsclsl tlmbei  I leenos ov^r the fol-
pinicicurii,,..! ln.n.1-      rt.unneiU'lnK  at a post
iw-don h tmal! itream ��u>m one mile south
'numbi�� kiv.t neer the head waiersol Oran-
o\   m-,r1"*'1 '   '* '   Stewart's N. K. anftie
tUeaot Qortb   4u chains,   thence    wesl   40
��� 'r":i ���  touth SO chains, ihence  west w
js.ui. th.-tn-,.  lomh   1*, chains, thenco  cast  SO
halt      '" Il"rUl ���-���chaina, thenoe wesi-a)
f" a .'t j..,,!. n| , niinn.���lot'iiieut, contallllllK
i����r'" boreoi less. "
|��ySM,U0l J*hk* K. K Htbmaht
"���a Un-l District.  District of West Kootenay
f��fp notice that J  R. p,  Htcwart, of rolllng-
ssW-r�� i *��� "���������������t''*-i-��ti luinheiuiaii. Intends to
IniVrl ' "'" ;"1 *'"'���--���'   II.���������io.*   "vei   lhe foi
fciw.mo    ' u,,,|,,:   Commenelni sta posl
K���  '"-^""tilh  lids 01   a -onall   crc-lt   due
��ws HouQtatn Meadow nitne, abont w>
[��bm-7st ^" ,"",">" *-reek  marked 1. it K.
Err' ",.*-  --"xl" l-ost. Ihenoe eaai M chains,
1,111 i -f"1 ohalns, thenca west 'to chains,
oi   t. tlmiii-,   thenee  west H ���  chains.
""Mil   ,,  i-litiin-,. thence   en-1 HO  chain*.,
...���,��� .'" ! '",l1"- -�� P**ns ol commence
P"r ���ith.nan. JairasB �� Isswasr.
|!��'ii Und liMr.-t.   iMrttnel of Weil Kootena]
TOCS thai   I.  Alexander   QOlSspIs, of
r^*! 'i..-.. '   '     ' ,"1"1"' loappiy  |(,r a sp.-etal
���"fine    over    the   lollowin-*   .leserihed
���"h^hf st a posl planted at the con*
��-nonh inrk of Corn ereek wrtlh the
P'-hilii- ,i ' *' ",,rI,t 4" 'halns, Iheuce west
.J     .      '"���,; ��""lh 40 chains,  then. est
jw-rt-s. dwSorlem "' bt*lanto��< oonlsiniag
Prl-m A,"*ll"*l-Hi  IWI7
I*-.*- SeruThSK fxA P?** P-��ni#a on lbs ��>ank
P'iMi-.,..,   ,      , "'  '   ,r�� creek aboul four mllea
i.iinn  I." w1"111"' M��>'�� oreek.thenS
eh. ,.'.   .1,'",v   w'"'   Wifhalna.   thenee
- -iir ill,,,',,     ll''' ",,kt *" ohalns 10 lhe
IUm,   ,|,m,ll"j.. oontatnini bio acres, more
berth ork* ?\* ,,"Hl I'lsHtM on Hie hnttk
'" ''otilliiei.' "r" O-fOOk nhoiil lout miles
-��>ebalii�� .!' "Ilh ���'"��� ���������*������'��� creek, theme
f'-h HO (-hii.* ,'1;*1"*** wi-st Niidinlna. thence
fl* "I beiinnln. ^.W *��''halns to the
LlfM. ""-hliiK. enn.Hinlngr.w acres, more
-OSskfl Augusi lr.th, ipn
Alexanhkh <4ir i.iwi-in, l.ooator.
A    IU. kbit,  Agent.
P^^uV'm^''1- "����i'<��tn! West Kootenay
V ��� Pfospsctiif IniSS*?   ������"���''hert. t.f  Nelson,
fc;""-'�� h��� ���,;,"!.���,M-"��--pply for a ipeciai
r"w"iKii(,M,rl,' .'"rr>; sway limber  from tho
No to Commencing at a post planted abonl 20
chains mire 01 :���--.*. south frtun lhe norb-
west corner of I nt nn :(M'J on main Un.on
ereek and maraed Henry Belohert east eon er
post tto 10, thenc,- 41 chain* norlh more or I sa
Ui ahoiil midway of the  BOOlh   hound-try line  of
timber tloenoeito   bh, thenoe I80 cbains we*t.
theuee 4ti chains south. Ihence 160 chains ei st
to point of commencement.
Daled July SItb, iw7
ko. ll Coi.'imeurlng at a post planted on Monument ereek, al-om 70 chains, more or It-is, noulb
from whir" Monument ��� r -ek. eniptvs Into LeSfc-
011 ereek, 11.-I near Henry Uelehcrt northeast
comer |*o*.t ot Umber lociation Ho S, aud marked
"Henry Keichert northwest corner poal "o 11,"
theuee 16o chal-i*- aouth, thctice 40 ohalns east,
Ihence lfti chalus north, thenee 4o chains weat
to ih.- p'lint o'eoninieiif-emeut
Dated Inly 17th, iwt.
Hr-tRV Ki:ii]IKHt, l>K-ator.
N-i-ou Land DtstrtOt. Dlstrirt of West Kooienay
Tnkc notice Hint I. Harold N. Kdgi-coiabe, of
Ferine, B. 1'., clerk, intend lo apply tor it special
Umber llCcnSS out tbe foliowlu-t deacrlhed
i. t.ommeticing at a (M>at planted at the continence of lhe north fork of Corn creek about
tun miles from lis confluence with the Main
creek Ihence south 40 chains, thence west ISO
chains, tbence north 40 chains, thenee eaat KW
chains to the place of ttegiunlUK, containing 640
a< pes. more or leas.
Loeatad August nth. iiwr.
9. Commencing ai a ��� ���������' planted on the bank
of the north fork of Corn creek aboul two mllea
from ita confluence with the Main creek, tbence
sout*. SO chain*, thence west MO (.haitis, thence
north Ho ebalna. thence eaat SO chains to the
place of beginning, containing 040 acres, more
or lass
Ix-cated August l"lh. 1WJ.
i. ('onimciicing at a pott planted on the bank
of the north fork of Corn creek abont four miles
from Iti continence with tbe Malu creek, theuce
south Ho chains, thence ea-l SO cbalua, thenco
uorth So chains, thenee west SO chalus to lhe
place of beginning, conlainlng 640 atcres, more or
Located August nib, 1W7.
B    Commandite; a- a \- -t planted on the bans
of the   norib   fork   of  " ���-���.,   creek   about 0 miles
from us eoaflnenee with the Main creek*, thence
north 40 chains, theuce east HM) chains, thence
���oulh 40ehalns, theuoe   weal   ISO chains   to   the
ni of  bcglnniug, containing 640 acres, more
or leas.
Dalwd Aiigcnt i- :!,. i.sr
���'. t'oiiiuieneing at a post planted on the hank
of the norm fork of Corn ereek about six mllea
from its confluence with the Main creek, ihence
souih SO ehaius, thence east SO chains, ihence
norlh *0 chains, thence west HO cbains to the
place of beginning,   coutainlug  640  acres,   more
or less
Located August 16th, I'XT..
~. Commencing el a pott planted tin the bank
.if the nortti |*>rk of Coru creek about six miles
from lis .���onlluehce with the Main creek, theuce
south Ho chalus. thenee West 80 chains, lbenee
north ho ehaiiiH. thence eaat SO elm in* to the
place nl beginning, containing 640 acres, more
or leaa
I-t-Cated Auguit lfllh. 19-r?.
11. N    I'l-.ki i'Mi'*. I oeab-r.
A. lltiKMl.  Agent.
Nelaon I*antl lUstrlcl. iHainct ������! 1TSSS Kooteosy
Take DOttOS thai we, Archibald Hrvmner and
i.eorgi- Youtie. httth ��>l lhe city of Nelaon. In lhe
Province of British Columbia lumbermen, intend io apniy foi enesuJ umber licenses earet the
following described lauds:
I Commencing at a posl planted al-nnt 3M
rarda wenerly from the junction of the north
,���.| main forks of trkimmU creek, a creek flowing
into Kootenay river south of tbe southern end ol
Kootenay lake in the district of West Kooteuay,
which I tint Hon U about IH or JL> miles Irom the
mouth ol lOOh creek, theuee south 40 chains,
thence east 160 chains, thence norlh 40 chains,
thei wot ISO chains to the polut ol commencement and contaluins 640 ����:res more or leas.
A It. H M'. t t.l.   KkEMNKH.
Dated this Mh dav of August, 11)07.
X Commencing at a post planted hIkhiI 2W
yards westerlv from the main and north forks of
Ruminli creek, a Break flowing into Kootenay
river aoulh ol the southern end of kootenay lake
in the district ..( Wesi Kooteney, thence aouth HO
rthaina ihence weat 40 chains, iheuce aouth 40
I'aJn^ iheuce west 40 chains thence north g
ehains, Ihenoe east 40 chsins, thenee north 40
ehaius thctice east 4o chains to the poiut of com*
,���,,i���.i,ic.,i. .1.1  .,...,.l.....�� 6-O^e. jjgjjW
l"i.u..i this Mh .i.j of August, imr;.
i o-rmtunlai ��i * pi.st plMittASbent Jt�� teot
n.irih lr..in Hi.' Lank "1 lh. main Huminll rraaek.
.-,,1 .l,a.ul J miles wcliTly Iron, thy Junction ol
'������ norm lork ��n,l ll.a. in.lii l"fk "I ��ui-li crnrk,
. mat llowlnK into KOOUW* river south ol the
I ,���ih"r "n.l "I K,-.t..u��y lake m the >ll��trl,-t ��l
w'.'.t Ka-atenav llieni-o south Wl ehalns. thenea-
...-1 M chains thena-e norlh JO rh.lns. thenae
���,.��isii .-Lain, lo the polnl ol ..ommenceincin
.������ i-out.ln.nK .*. .ere. n';���^^^,.
Ilale.l this r.th .lay ol Ananst. UOT.
. .    ������- M,.-ti. ' nr at a l-ast planted  .bout 'J miles
p .��� ill a aia-.lIttSi ��..** I..K Into Summit
e��ck Ira.n. the soulli Jlr^FyJ^j&ZSji
J    , ."S ".I lake lo lhe district ol  Wesl
K,",t"n.v Ml-nav .��.��!, so eli.lns. thei.c.. east N
, 1 ��111- h.-lia-a. ...iilhixl ehalns. thenee WestHO
Chain!I to "he iv.lnl ol eomnieuaeinenl and coll
Uluin, MO .a re. more or less.   ^^ Yowo_
Datad this r.th day ol Aintiisl. I*"
e.1 Jin nee  ... rlh W (fflffil,   ******  ��.'"' ��
ehllJII'lo tl"!polnl ..I eo.nn.en.-.....ent and eon-
 1 '���"' "''-"" """" '" a"ii.��ai.p Bn.��*..a.
Haled tills Mh day Oi AtlKUst, 19W.
1',.";,;".' e.V Ho,.';';.." .i.'.����������� *��'��� ��; yx:
ll.te.l 11,1" "lh day ot August, W-
district ol We st��.��������' "J . ���  m ,.bmim
thenea. ��*',*''",.'' then'�� ���oulh 40 chains,
thane ...at JO       ����"���  >��0   ,, ,,,,,,1,  in chains,
inen   and  e..nlali.ln�� ����' *<���""���,'����" "' """"
"'ir.',,";'.!,..i..h day "> '"Jiriliim... tntm
���   ���   ,1,1.1    ill an led    ft t'liti l   a
,,���.  ,�����,��� Mi.in.ill     ' '*���'   ,r%,���,i|���,r,,  end  of
Kool.-liay ''*.���';���;I..' .1 IrVtVl.t oFWtlt Koolensy.
Ka.ola.nay laka.lll I .a oisij m ,.iml���s,
thenco no, hiJO cha n ������   h'ne m ,.,,���,������,,,
lllc'po.n. a.l eo-oine,. vol.'"'. �����- ���'"���"����""�� M��
"'���,v.Vd ihiVou, :r.y ��t *"->'"';irRn. ;ww
I    commonclng  al ��� P���� V***   ���"0U' '
Fred Coleman, the 24-hour man for
the Nat It. i:-: Carnival company, Ib now
In Nelson, and making final arrangement* for the performance* of that or
ganization at the Fair. To give aome
Idea of the extent of the Nat Reias company the following is reprinted from the
Calgary News of a recent date:
r ���
v-afc* -."
"The huge carnival held under the
auspices, of lhe Klks Cluh of Calgary.
Ixidge No. Bl, the attractiona of which
were all fiirnlKlietl hy the Nat IlefHS
Carnival cimipany. opened vast nlghl
with great success. The show grounds
are situated on ESghth avenue, and oc
cupy  almost  the entire  block  between
Third and Fourth streets west.
"All the evening, from 7.30 to 11
o'clock, a large crowd of pleasure-seekers thronged the grounds, old and young
alike enjoying themselves to their
heart's content.    The  main feature of
attraction was the big one-ring circus
situated at the extreme west end of the
grounds, and the large crowd present
at every performance left the building
heartily satisfied, and feeling that they
had received full value for their money.
Madame Wanda's troupe of trained
Kngllsh coach dugs gave an almost human exhibition of Intelligence when being pal through the numerous variety
of tricks which ellciled the applause of
the audience.    Two  of  the dogs  closed
their performance with a boxing exhibition, which was truly remarkable. The
Smlletta sisters, contortionists, and
Sniilctta brothers, horizontal bar and
aerial trapeze artists, were the chief attraction of the circus programme. Fer-
alla, in the aerial trapeze musical act,
was first class and one of the most skillful exhibitions of the kind ever put on
In Calgary. Roars of laughter iwere
caused by the troupe of Ave very funny
clowns who entertained the audience
during the Intervals between the main
Items on the programme."
liarter of a mile westerly from the north fork
,��[ Summit creek and ahout three tulles up such
norlh lork from Us iiilia-tloii �� ith the main Hum,
mltnra.il a .reck ll..win. Into Kootenay river.
mitt, otitic southern end ol Kaaotenay Like In
the dtstrlet Wesl Kootetiny. thena-e west SO
i-halti. .hence north Wl ehalns, thence east Wl
chains, theuee soulli SO chains to the polut of
.oinmeiicameiil. and i-onlaliilliK 040 acres, more
or lea.. , , .  ,������
Ilateal this 6th day of August. 100..
AH. lllllAlt. Hrkmskh
10 Commencing at a post Planle.l stall,
��� liiarterof amlle weslerly Iron, the nnrlh lork
.1 Htniiinlt a-n-.k .and ahout three miles upsiu-h
no��hT���rk from Its juiictla... wilt, the main Sum-
mil creek, a creek flowing Into son ten ay r tv er.
south ot Ihe southern end of Kootenay lake. I
the illstrlct ot West Kooleuay. I lien��� "' ��n
chain., thenco south IM .halns. th cow.��a��t JO
chain., Ihence nonh ISO chain, lo the l��inl o
...inm.licenienl. an.l conlainlng Mo acres, moro
Paled Ihl.aith day ol August, ml". ������,������_���.
11 Commencing at a paast plained atWUthaU.
mile easterly from the .oulh fork of Hnminli
creek an.l auaaut one mil. so HI. 0 the in all
Sumnilt ereek.acra.ek flowing Into UMtn
river south of the si.nthern an.l of K....I. ua\ lake
lu the district ol West Kootenuy, tliunce east so
chains, Ihence souih SO chains, then.-.. ��"al<"
chains. itKOM norlli *1 chains tn the point ot
a.aimm.lii-einenl and cainlaloliig W0 acre" more
or ip... AnouiHAl.i. Bkkso-KR.
il.Ud this 'Jlsl day ol August, 1WI7.
Qwen's Hotel
Baker Street, Nelson. B. II.
Lighted by KlootrloltT and
Heated by Hot Air
.rt.l'lc Bedroom. -..-,  . ...
Haml'lc Room, for Inulllla-r
MltH.   K.  O.CLARKK,   I'roprltitre..
Larce and tlnmlorUble Bedroom, and Flr.1-
ola7.���lulug Boom.   - ������'������ " '   '"  ""���
��� 1.1   Men
Bartlett   Hotise
Best Dollar a Day House in Nelson.
The Bar ln the Finest.
Whit. Hoip Only Employed.
Josephine HI.
N.laon, B. o.
The Silver Grill ha. op.ned under n.w management. Whit, labor
only employed. The beat 35 cant
meal in the city.
Grand Central Hotel
Thoroughly reno.ated and refur-
tilBh.nl. Rooms 50 cents upward. The
dining room is unexcelled ln the city.
House heated throughout with hot
J. A. ERIOKSON, Proprietor.
Telephone, 250.    Opposite Court Houaa
and Postofflce. Nelaon. B. 0.
Tremont Hotise
European aad America, nan
Heal. J6 ota.   Booma Irom ti ote. ta 11.
Only wait. Help ���mplond-
Bata r HI. Notion Proprietor,
Royal Hotel
Kates fl and *l.50 a Day.
Special Rates to Rogular Bonrdrtta
For Unpaid Ds-llnquent Taxaa In the Nelaon Assessment District, Province
of British Columbia.
I hereby give notice on Friday, the Eleventh day of October, A. T). 1907, at the hour of twelve fc'cloek, noon, at
the Court House, Nelson, H. C, I shall offer for sale by public auction the lands hereinafter set out of the pi.rs.ins
In said Hat hereinafter set out, for the delinquent taxes unpaid by said ii.ts.his a , on the thirty-first day of December,
1906, and for Interest, costs and expense.), Including cost of advertising said sale. If the total amount due is not sooner
paid. ,
J. T. Wilson, 13.85..
A. R   Wilson. 294	
Robert Wood, 70	
John Kay, 80	
C. H. Duncan, 320	
P.   GrlBChell.   61.21	
E.  Mallandalne,   120	
M. McCarthy, 7	
Mrs. H. W. Hendren, 35	
R. Helm, 40	
L.  E.  Schuler. 4.29	
John Reith, 6.37	
N. Gagnon, S9.20	
Mrs. h. C. McDonald 36.40	
Lucky   Boy   Mining   and   Milling   Col,
Ltd.. 93.06	
Theodore Johnson, 99.91	
Ryan & Donelly	
Broken Hill M. A D. Co., Ltd.,29.89	
Pilot Ymlr Co., Ltd.. 42.33	
H. L. Lindsay. 148. 20	
R. L. Baron, 153	
McKelvey A Randall, 776.63.
Ah Wing,  1.09	
Description   of     Property.
Lots 2,  3,
Lot  914	
In lot 3266 	
Lot ���076	
Lot 5372   	
Bk.  15, lot  812	
Bk. 27,28, and 29, lot 812	
Bk. 6, lot 891	
Bk. 14Jot 891	
Bk.  20,  lot 891	
,InS  ec.   6,   Tp.   7 A	
In Sec. 2 and 3, Tp. 15, Lot 1237	
In Sec. 3, 4, 9, and 10, Tp. 14, Lot 1237.. .
In Sec. 1. Tp. 15, Lot 1237	
In Sec. 23, 24, 26, Tp. 37, Lot 1238	
In Sec. 19, 20,29,  30, Lot   1241	
In Sec. 36, Tp. 36. Lot 1238	
In Sec. 25, Tp. 17, Lot 1242	
In Sec. 1, Tp 39, and Sec. 6,  Tp. 40, all.
In  Lot  1	
In Lot 1241	
In Lot 4598	
In Sec. 7, Tp.  17 Lot  1242	
�� a
Dated at Nelson, B. C, this 9th day of September, 1907.
Collector, Nelson Assessment District.
Rates to
The Coast
Gr.at.at Chanc. of th. S.aaon.
See the Coast
at Its Best
Return Tickets ��19.05.    On aala   Sept.
20th to 24th.     Goad until Oct. 3rd.
Return ticket. $16.55.    On aala Sept.
27th to Oct. 2nd.    Good  until  October   10th.
Tickets for Westminster Fair may be
destined Vancouver If desired.
For further particulars call of write
A.U.I'.A.VaooooTor. D. P.A.. Kel.on
Sherman's Opera House
W.dn.aday and Thursday
SEPT. 18th and 19th
Th. Great Comedy Slice...
piii.   Th. Brooklyn Bridge
\h r    at midnight.
*���** al ��   fh. ra.cu. from Drowning.
High  Class   Specialties   and   mualcal
numbers  between  acts.
Prices, 50c, 75c, *1.00.
Seats on sale at Rutherford's Monday
r. c green    r. r. burdqi     a. h. green
Civil Engineers, Dominion and British
Colombia Land Sarrerors
r. 0. Bu 145   l*kMt 241 B.
Fife, Accident, Life and Employers* Liability Tn-twrance
Let us quote you rates in -the best board companies.
Choice Fruit
I Have 10,000 Acres
of the
Choicest Frtttt Lands In
British Colombia.
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
Nelson, B. C.
$1000 Cash and the balance on extended payment swill buy a six-
roomed house and Ave lots; good
location,   price $2,500
$600 cash and the bt- lance on extended payments wiij buy an eight-
roomed house and lot ���& block
from the car line, price... .$1,900.
$500 cash and the balance monthly
payments will buy a six-roomed
house and lot on Silica street,
price $1300.
$600 cash and $25 per month will
buy a seven-roomed house and lot
on Victoria street, price $1800.
H. & M. BIRD
In the matter of an application lor tbe Issue ol
a duplicate of the Certificate of Title for lot 22,
and uie weat hall of lot It* block 61. tn the Town
nf Nelson.
Notice U hereby riven that tt la my intention
to issue at the expiration of one month after the
Ural publication hereof a duplicate of the certificate of title for the above lands. In the name of
l.ydia Bhlelds, which certificate u dated the Xlst
day of December, 1900, and numl-ered Mil K.
"II   V. MacLkod,"
District Registrar.
Certificate   of   Improvements
Wa hav. th.m In 6Tb and 8 tb  Sii...
Quotation.  glTen on    any  Electrical
HeaUng Device on the Market.
������Montreal' and *'<luebec" Mineral Claims situ-
ttte ln the Nelion Mining Division, of West
Kootenav District.
Where located:���Weat branch of north fork of
Salmon river, on Craig Mountain, about nine
miles from Erie, B. C-
Take notice that I, Alfred Kmest (la! lupe. Fret*
Miner*! Certificate No. B6��, Intend, -sixty days
from the date hereof, to apply to tbe Miulug
Recorder for a Certlflcate ot lmprovemouta, tor
the purposi of obtaining Crown i;rants of the
above elalms.
And further take notice that action, under
���ectlon B7. muRt be i-ommf-nced before the issuance of mch Certificate of Improvements.
Dated this mil day of Beptember, I'M?.
A. If. Can. See. G. K.
Mining Work a specialty.
Office:  Bealey Huikltng.    p. <>. Box 434
.Wkor St., NELSON, B. C.
In the Matter of    the "Land    Registry
Act" and Amendments thereto,
In tbe matter of an application tor the Isine of
a tlnplicate of the Certificate of Title lor Lota
-������I'l. 2:k>2, an.l itu.*.,   liroup l, Kootenay Dlitrict*
Notloe is hereby given that lt la my intention
to laaue at the expiration of one month from the
fi rst publication hereof a duplicate Certlflcate ol
Title to tne above described landi*-, In thenameof
Junes Roderick Robertson, which Certificate ts
dated the 9th day of August, 1898, and la numbered 1106-k.
Land Res-lf-try Office, Nelson, B.C., mat of
Auguat, 1907. H. F. MacLKOD,
Dlatrlct Ueglatra-r.
In the matter of an application for tho issue of
duplicates of the Certificates of Title to lota 11,
U and IS, a roup 1, West Kootcimy. District, alao
known as the "Kootenay Chief," "Comfort" and
"I.uiu" mineral claluii respectively.
Notice Is hereby elvan that It Is my Intention
to issue at the exidrtiiton of oue mouth after the
first publication hereof a duplicate of Certificate
of Title M>. 6901a of an undivided 81-l00tha ln
eaeh of the a^ove |oti>, issued on the 17th day of
May, A D. 1886 In the name of John V. Ainsworth,
and also a duplicate of Certificate of Title No.
6900a of an undlvid��d 19-100ths in each of the
abovo lotn, Issued on the 17th day of May, A. D
1886, In the name of George J. Ainsworth.
Land Registry Office, Nelson, B. C, August 6th
"H. F. MacLbod "
Dlatriot Registrar.
Piano  and Staging Lessons
Given by Mr*. Winter Every Saturday
Mrs. Winter holds certlflcate from
Royal Academy for pianoforte playlna;
and singing. Certificate from Trinity
College, London, Kng., for theory of music. Scholarship of the London Conaer.
v:itolre of Music for singing and piano
playing.        Address Box 79ft. Nelaon*
'i* *
���' VfcUf
# 'a.
'. ;1
, '
.*���** *; W'T
.     :
; ,
I li
"The Daily Canadian
TO   O.ET   UP
Our Alarms will never let you
oversleep. $1.50 and $1.50. The
very best.
is manufactured from ir.��- flnasv toba-opo, "*jn*
ripened and dew-��*w-'cicned      .!'*. mild, lull-
flavored and co��.|     A tot.a.cuyou
ought to try
fobaaoiiist.   Baker Street.
Coal! Ice! Wood!
Phone 265
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Fruit,
Fuel & Poultry Co., Ltd.
N. E. co.. Baker   and   Ward   8U.
See Us
For Good Fruit Land
10 Acre Blocks to 800
Acre Blocks.
Bedrock Prices.
Easy Terms.
H. E. Ooadsdaile & <��
Next Door to Bank of Commerce.
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch,
Creosote, Oils  ior|
Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch and
Boat Builders will find it to their advantage to use our Pitch.
Nelson Coke & Gas Co.
5-Rooin House and 3 Lots, Observatory street. House
well plastered and in good
shape. $1,000. Good
General Job Work, Chimney Sweeping, Carpet Cleaning, Fixing and Cleaning Stove., etc.
*,t1 Eaat Baker St. Phone No. A114
A. McDonald & Co.
Dealers in staple and fancy Groceriov
Batter, BggL
Oamp and Miners' Supplies.
Old Curiosity Shop
If you want to buy or sell anything,
go to the Old Curiosity Shop. A new
line of Japanese Goods now on sale.
Al! kinds of Dinnerware Id stock. Patterns.
INEIUSOIN,    -    B. C.
Best  Locitcd  Hotel  in  Nelson
I'nder tha" manag^ma'Dt ol   R   K. Nobta\
late of T.ironta,, Ottawa ami
H. Maxwell and wife. Portland; C. D
Batchelor and wife. Miss J. Sha-iiard. Q
Batchelor, K. G. Sparrow, A. J. Williams.
Spokane; Miss E. Strong, O. Cameron,
L. Poser. Toronto; Mrs. H. Bohme, New
York: W. Hamilton, Boston; C. Curtis.
Montreal; A. I). McKay anil wife. Win
nilK-g; H. Davis. Norwood; CI. .1. Booth,
.1. \V. Freucott, J. llonneau. VanooUTer;
.1. Paisly, Boston; R. E. Ellis. England;
C. H. M Crady, Calgary; H M. An-
guard, tnnlafleld; F. Allany. Montreal;
Mr. ami ,\tis. Clarence, Elgin.
Cor, Vat.-non   and Ward Straa.t*.
D. P. Urquhart, Montreal: W. M
C.reen, Winnipeg; Miss Mcintosh. Clra-en-
wood; K. S. P. Smyth. Procter; Mrs.
Manning, Cranhrook; C. E. Mallish. T.
II. Wright. E. W. Rawson, Vancouver;
U. Brymer, Toronto; S. P. Pond. Calgary; V. W. Bennett, Golden; F. H.
N'ettleton, M. C. Donaldson. R. Hue, G.
D. Bell. Salmo; A. H. Tuttle, Ymir; L
C. Taylor, J. F. Keely, Spokane.
II. Reir. Troup Junction;  A. G. Hath.
C. McCrostle. Six Mile Creek;   P. Wat-
erston, Procter.
D. S. MacKi'Ilzie. Winnipeg;  F. C. Elliott, Trout Lake; W. S. Miller, Cresion.
II. D. Mclntyre, G. Smith, Cranbrook;
A.   M.   Holt,  Calgary;   R.  A.   Webster,
Curzon;   T.   E.   AusUn.   KJmberley,   C.
Sawyer,  Pilot Bay;   J.  Reinecker,  Burton City;  L. A. Mapes and wife, Moose
Jaw;   A.  Hutton.   Kingston;   Mrs   ,1.  R.
Webster. Grand Forks;  C. P. Lorentjus,
Tulemeen;    J.   B.   Fair,   Valdez;   J.   E.
Dolan, Spokane.
J.  T.  Burgln.  wife  anr  child.  Delta;
D. Harrington,  Midway;   T. Hansen, C.
Derguall, Revelstoke.
W.  Langland.   Newcastle;   B.  Callow.
Edmonton;   J.    Emmerson,   W.  Burton,
S. Osborne, C. GUI, Silverton.
W.   a.    OIULETT
Contractor   and
Bole agent for the Porto Ki��_-o Lumber Co., Ltd.,
retail j nr'!* Rough aud dreimtd lumber, turned
work and bracketa, Coaat latb and -thinglee, fash
aud doom. Cement, brick and lime for sale.
Automatic grinder.
Yard and fat:lory: Vernon St.. eaat of Hall
P. O. Box 2W. Telephone 11*
All Kind, nf Heating  Plant, ln Stock
Victoria St., Nr. OD.ra Hou...      Tel. 181.
M'li-t comfortable quarters      Nelson
Only the best of Liquors and cigars
L',J^IrA, PHIr.��I liana, brown glriTes. between
\ ICInrls an.l anruer ol Stanley anal Carbonate
streets.    Keturn u, Canaallan Offlee.
ajOI.I) I1IAIN between Hoo.er anal Vernon
Streets. Suitable rewar.l will be paid lor lu
return.    Mi-Ilermi.l aV M. Hardy.
A l-OI km BOOK coulalnlna a Bl|<uea arhea.ueo!
tbe rwerand Relief Mlnlni! Comi.an.. payable
to i . 0, Wade, and letters. Flnuer kindly
leave at No Plaee Inn.
TWO FIKBT-OLAdS ROOMB, .team heated     An-
PI. honsaak. ......   Srd flat. K. w. O. hloa'k.
A   PARTNER    will,   ,Z,IK��  ���.���    purchase  a   Irt.lt
raneti near Nelson    A (rood spea-nlatltan.   Partner need not be actively a-D.age.l am ranch.
For particular, apply T. G. PROC'IKR.
Another Tumble in Copper.
Tlni   New   York   quotation   uf   (Upper
today  is 15% cents.
Meat   Markets  Close.
All  the  batcher shop-*; in   Nelson will
c-Uise nt noon during the three tin
the Fair.
Rare to Spokane.
The C. P. EL will Rive an excusion
rate of fare nnd a third to Spokane
during the Fair. On sale from Sept.
21st to Oct. 2nd. Rood til) Oct. 7th.
Kootenay Lake Fair.
The Kootenay Lake Fair, to he held
at Kaslo, Sept. 2-i and 86, promises to
ht* a great success. There will he a fine
display of products of the Kootenay.
and there will be $2,500 offered in prize*,.
Fernie  Hose Team.
The citizens of Fernie have faith in
the running powers of their home team.
The Free Press says: "The hose reel
raju-ing team leave on Tuesday for
Nelson to take part in the championship
races at the Nelson Fair. They will
race on Wednesday and return with the
jewelry on Trursday. Good luck go
with them."
Fair   Decorations.
All members of the board of directors
of the Nelson Fair and all other citizens
are invited and requested to attend at
the exhibition building tonight to assist In decorating. So far the manage
ment is indebted for nearly all that lias
been done to the energy and public
spirit of Chief Deasy, but the Chief hai
other urgent calls on his time now in
connection with the firemen's convention.
In Genelle vs. Geiicr.e, an application
for security for costs by S. S. Taylor
was granted to the amount of $15n. H
C. Hall appeared for the defendant. In
Sutherland vs. Walker. F. C. Klliott. of
Trout Lake, obtained an order for service. In the matter of the goods of
J. H. Nolan, deceased intestate, an
order to sell was granted on application
of E. A. Crease. In the matter of the
cancellation ot* Robson townsite H. C.
Hall obtained an order uranting permission to fix the sums payable tn lot
Homer Moore leaves for Chicago tomorrow morning.
Mrs. R. M. Macdonald and her daughter leave for Toronto tomorrow.
R. S. P. Smyth, foreman of the Procter sawmill is at the Strathcona.
Mrs. Gore and Miss Gore returned
yesterday morning from Portland.
Miss Lillian Macleod returned Saturday morning from a trip to Ontario.
Rev. K. H. Shanks and Mrs. Shanks
leave for the east on tomorrow's Crow
F. IL N'ettleton, lessee of the Kootenay
Pell mine in Sheep Creek valley, is a
guest at the Hume.
G. F. Mitchell. Lloyd's agent on the
Inland waters of British Columbia, Is
in tbe city on a trip of inspection.
G. J. Rury, general manager of th e
C. P. R. western lines, will arrive from
Wlnnlnqeg this afternoon hy special
train. Mr. Bury's trip is a regular one
of inspection.
Arrangements for Fifth  Annual  Exhibition  Complete���Splendid List
of Attractions.
The fifth annual fair, under the auspices of the Nelaon Agricultural and Industrial Society, will overshadow all
other events this week in local interest.
Though there have been fewer meet
ings of the board of directors this year
than formerly, the work has not suffered. The executive officers, the president, C. W. Busk, Managing Director
Starkey and Secretary McMorrls have
been working hard, and are satisfied
that ail that can be done In advance ha#
now been performed.
Th�� dominant feature of this year's
preparations has been concentration.
The management decided that pronounced success with a few ventures would
The Store of Quality
Ram Lai Tea
Packed in the Gardens Where
It Is Grown-Can Be Bought for
the Same Money as a Cheaper
We Stake Our Reputation on
the Quality and Reccommend
It to All Tea Drinkers as Absolutely the Best Value Offered
50c per lb.
K. W. C. Block . Phone U,
Green   and
Purple  Plums
at their best now. Dou't delay.
First class stock guaranteed.
Corner SUIca ami Josephine Sta.
com i [\a
If you want to get the most out of
your visit to town, make it a point to
visit our store. Merely as a matter ot
seeing the many beaudful articles and
novelties displayed, a visit to our store
will well repay you.
We make it a point to be always up-
to-date, and II possible, a date ahe;td
If there is any new article or new
novelty in the various lines we handle,
that has merit, we are pretty sure to
have it.
have just opened up a shipment of
beautiful goods that you will want to
is not ex it* ih ii anywhere for richness
and elegance. We kave the very Latest
things in LADIES' HAND BAGS,
BR BOOKS, In rich and beautiful bindings we bave tin- latest and finest tpe. t-
mens of the binder's ait
IF    YOU     DO     PYROGRAPHY     (OR
WOOD BURNING) we bave the outfits.
and a full assort im-nt of materials for
we have the requiHite materials���Whits
French China, Fry s Paints for China
Paintings, Windsor and Newton's OH
and  Water Colors.  Brushes, etc., etc.
IN BOOKS our shelves are stocked
with thi* very best of the new and re
cent fiction, as well as all the leading
standards. If you are a book lover you
should auk to see our leather Hound
India Paper Packet editions of tin-
standard authors. They give an added
zest to the delights of reading.
Katon-Hurlbut lines���Nil IT said-
W. G. Thomson
Nelson, B. C.
be better than partial success with a
greater number.
This is especially true of the sports
anil attraction.-,. Instead of an attempt
to pull off a long and varied list ol
athletic events, only two departments
nf sport will be attempted.
A rock-drilling tournament will he
hold Thursday afternoon In froait of Ibe
grand stand, beginning about 2 o'clock.
Kach afternoon there will lie horse
races on the circular track, but a'.l entries for all races must be marie with
the secretary before 10 a. m. of lhe
opening day.
All other outside attractions will be
provided by the Nat RelBs Carnival
company which has been In the business fnr years and has contributed so
much to Ihe success of other fairs.
Anion;; the latest additions t.i the
prize list are: A fancy brass chandelier
donated hy the Nelson Coke and (ins
company; a gift of fancy soap to the
value of jir, by the Standard Soap company of Calgary. Special attention Is
drawn to the married ladles' tea race,
each contestant In which will receive a
package of Ham l-ai tea donated l.y K.
M.  Hood & company.
Wholcnalti and   Re lull Dealer* In
Fresh and Salted Meats
Oamps supplied on shortest notice aud
lowest price. Nothing but   fresh and
wholesome meats and hupples kept in Rtook
Mail orders receive cmvful attention.
E.  C.   TRAVELS.   Manager.
!s Pemow/ied
Its Busihe55 Energy
Plums, per basket 35c
Peaches, per lb 15c
Pears, 2 lb. for 25c
Apples, 3 lb. for 25c
Crab Apples, 3 lb. for 25c
Telephone 161.
One of Nelson's Pretty Home Cot
tages of 2 bedrooms, sitting room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom; hot and
cold water; large basement. Nice view
of lake. $1,600, $900 down; balance on
easy terms. Certainly a snap. 3 lots
75 x 125. Apply to J. R. B.. Daily
Rowboats and Canoes
For Sale or Hire
Agent for Trtiientt Lainj'-he**
Uld i*eU*rboro C��u*>��*��.
Finest I.m* of  HoaU ln B. C.
F.aatl n( Josephine Ht.       Tel. All.
The only thing required now to inaka.
Iha. Fair of SO? a brilliant luooen is
fair weather, and If there be any such
tiling as a law of compensation in na
ture, fair weather la certainly due ii'.w
to Nelaon and to all Koota-nay.
Laid to Rest.
The remains of the lato C. C. Clink
were laid to rest yesterday afternoon
in the lOagles' plot in Die Kelson cerae-
talry. In Hplto of Hteadily falling rain
there waa a very large attendant*, al
the funeral, testifying to lh" regard in
which lhe al.ca.iisa.il wiim held. The
nia-iuberH of the Nelann Aerie, !���' ir i;.,
turned out ln u body. The Initial service waa conducted by Edgar .Mason,
W. P.. and W. O. Koaa,, chaplain. The
pall bearers were W. Walmsley, J. A.
KrlckHon, T. Cunningham, O, Baconx
It. Keilly and I'. MoNaughton.
,  I '
Be In  111.'  sa.Hn  anil  have  your  photo
taken at the Queen Studio. ��
Call at our large atorerooma on
Baker Street, and see the largest stock
of Furniture, Carpets, Rugs, Linoleums,
and the celebrated Bock Stoves. Our
Fall stock i. now opened up.
During Fare week we pay freight for
50 mile, from Nelaon.
Complet. Hou.. Furnish.rs and Undertake..    Agent.  Ma.on  at.  Rlsch  Piano.
All  the authorized Text Books for
Public and High Schools.
Mail orders promptly filled.
Canada Drug & Book Q^yM
COR  BAKER  and WARD.        Phone 81
-   *VW\>***��*V<MtH   A.   ISAAC R.   W.   HINTON*
li.-N-'H-NI iliUt-l    AfND   CONTRACTOR*
Work,  A.ii.l.-K  and  .Mill   -Vtuuliliivrv.       MnVAw..:-.^**1*1*.
riu-r ol Hall snd
Hit Hir-M-U.
1NEJUSOIN,    B. C. ������'������d
���'', *-JI*f
MANUFACTURERS    f  ���~-U,m.a��     CI.J       f
AND DEALERS IN    ���tUfllDef,   -JWllgleS-
Lath, iVIouldinj-'js, Doors, VVindowa
Turned Work and llriickct��. Mail Orders prompilf.
Vl'RINOIN HTIIKBT   -   -   -    NKI.SON, H. C.
The Hall Mining and Smelt
Company. Limited.
Purchases Lead. Copper and Dry
The "Bare" Wort
would bo onouKh io reancaipo*.*!
looking i-.nd t'liKv-fittinsSboei,Mf
Im n atyltsbncflH ahum .b*-m and ll
It IK   shiipi'liii.-HH   that  !* cisklnj1^
vvvy  popular among ' m<n """-i-"fl
Tli'-v are made on thp new-sir
th*-   best  lea!hern, and con.onnllj
most approved styles I- mtniW
Wo arc ready to    fit all   .(**"���. ���*������
prices that make Shoei Ukllhiff
Whoieaals ProvUlon*.
Produc*),        k-
Government Creamery One-Pound Hri.ks received weekly Ir��h lw*|
oliui'i..    For sale by all leading grocers.
Office and warehouse i Houston Block,   Phone 76.
Josephine Street. -       Nelson, B.G |
We would like to bim- all our piUnnmcomfortable (his wlntiT nnd I"
do ��o we have in ��tock Iho ba'Hi assorted lino of hciitluK *t��T** "
stoves and rnns��H ever before presented to the public In KootenW'���
We would bo pleased to nhow you    our lino ami betor. nink1""" I
rliusf kindly na wliut wn havo to offer.
J. H. Ashdown Hard**
Company, Limited.
for All
We Garry an Afxwtni'^ ��iV'
'���jxtfluaivontw. uml Vanes?
Tools, Builders' Hardwir*.
Ranchers' Supplies. SW*
Fanges, etc
Wood-Vallance Hardware Co., Ltd.
117.,.;.-...!.. rvis ,-s    <2<">1%J *"''-"'       ���^


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