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The Daily Canadian Apr 15, 1907

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IVolumB I.   No. 264.
Firry Cksts a Month
Colonial Premiers Meet
in London
Nival Defence of Empire Likely to
Be Chief Subject���Many Others
of Less Moment.
London, April 15.���Tho fourth confer-
nee between tbe premiers of Ureal
[rltaln's self-governing colonics and the
itlsh csjlonlal secretary, was opened
Inlay ut the colonial olllce under tbc
Residency ol lhe Karl of Elgin, secre
ry of state fur the colonies. Report
|r.. an- not admitted to the conferences,
the public will have to be contented
lllh Btrictly censored official summar
Lis ut each day's proceedings until a
lue 1,110k ssn the conference Is Issued,
nihil alter Its tlual adjournment. Tbe
liiiiin-is present included Ur. Jame-
'on, ol  Cape  Colony;    General  Louis
(loiha, premier of lho  Transvaal;   Al-
red Deakln, the Australian premier; Sir
Ward, premier of New Zealand; Fred*
brick It. .Moure, premier of Natal; und
kn Wilfrid Laurier, premier of Canada
Premier Sir Robert Loud, of Newfound
.mil. will arrive In the middle uf llle
.-sk.   'i'he premiers were accompanied
their u'ivisors.   A number of llrltlsh
blnet ministers attended the morning
1-1,1011.    Premier Campbell-lianiierman
||,s'iied   the   proceedings   wllh   a short
elcome, in whicli ba outlined suhjects
|f discussion such us preferential trade
-tween tbe colonics and Ureal llrltaln
|nsl anissng thc colonics themselves.   A
eject providing for a permanent coun-
!il. Imperial defence, Bchcmcs and  lm-
ilgratlon   with    minor   questions   like
Ieany postage, naturalisation laws. The
render earnestly expressed the hope
hat thc deliberations woulsl have useful
esulti Each of the colonial premiers
liml" a brief reply, after which the con*
pence discussed lhe procedure and ad
Tmrni-tl.     The meetings  will   lie  held
���������!��� times a weak nnd they are ex
(scted to lasl at least a month.
Premier Campbell - Ilnnncrman's
 rii today was largely composed ol
_neralllles. Ho only touched lighll)
I the siilijs*s*t of tariff conferences.
|lsish to colonial rcprcscntutlves Is thc
sst Important matter lo come before
I- conference, nnd on which they
Ve an agreement will be reported to
JI parties concerned, In regard to the
|cislon not to admit reporters to the
ih sessions, ii is stated that the co
���nla] representatives were, ns a rule, in
l-sssr of publicity, but the home govern
Vm was opposed Is) It. and Premier
purler supported the home officials lt>
1 matter.
|��avy Earthquake Shocks disturb Mexico���No Lives Lost. I
iMeilco City, April IS.���Official rcc-
rsls of the meteorological burea on last
light's earthquake shock gave the dura-
|on of the shock as four minutes. The
lovement was from east to west and
nn ovui Bliape. The observer declared
tu th- centre of the shock was prob-
I*/ to the southward nnd It ls feared
111 towns In that region may have suf-
fed. I.alc reports from the various po-
stations here state that  no lives
Jen- Insi and none Injurod, not a sta-
I"1 of the lire department received a
11.   One freak of lhe quako was re-
(' * driver of a circus wagon,
111 was hiking paraphernalia to a rali-
'"'���Pol was thrown from his seat
"'" torco ��' lhe shock. He was un-
��""''t beyond slight bruises, but every
III si'' "H a"'"""8 he was driving was
I -Telegraph communication as far
P ' "8 0ax��oa and San Juan Batista
r '"?ou establlslied. but beyond the re-
!m 'hat the shock was heavy ln that
���Won along the coast nothing more
ruz south the shock Is reported to have
uraJ, o Bevere* At the meteorological
en-LJ' Was 8ai(, th�� ^ock was the
Von i*,'i!Cp.e,'ience'' h*��> "Ince 1882
hock ! ," i8 known �� this time the
oils p U".ed trom th�� city of San
i the S* on the noith to Oaxacu
Bet.re,.���.''\v a ^stance of 500 miles.
L I. ."tal,1veB of lhe Associated Press
U , '' l'","1" tour "> a cab over the
tl ' . e, * Tts of the dty* hut no-
falls an,""1 <**���?��**, hoyond cracked
f"t bo ,���S"  fl91",ro8 ln  ,he P��w
\Wes and 'il!'10, of the  flrst ahook  'he
he   "���P m1c was fenr<*'1- but owing to
��wt. the TVA ln, the cnrU',�� mov_!
3 the cr��w��ls left the building In
comparatively good order. The shock
was proceeded by two brilliant (lashes
which lit up the whole of the northwest
of Mexico City. Up to this time the
property Iohs Is reported small. A number of walls In unsubstantial districts
collapsed and one In Ilucharell street
narrowly missed burying the fleeing ln
mates In the hotel.
Canadian    Church    Cannot     Maintain
Them Without Aid.
Toronto, Apill 15. ���A iiiiesllon of
great Importance lo cume up at the
semi-annual meeting or thc Missionary
Society of the Church of England In
Canada, which ls holding a three days'
session In Hamilton, is the Indian work
In the West. In the past ihis work
hus been supported by the church in
England, which ls gradually withdraw
ing its grant and throwing thc responsibility upon thc Canadian church, thai
haa not enough money to maintain its
own missions, lf all the money given
by the 11. S. C. 0. to the white people
and what Is at present contributed to
the Indian cause, were Io be devoted
to the work now maintained by tho
church in England, It would be as noth
ing, so great is the magnitude of the
Tho Important question to be dls
cussed at this meeting of bishops, archbishops, . clergymen and laymen is;
"What shall be done with the Indian,
who has hitherto been cared for by tht*
church In England?" As the Canadian
church cannot possibly maintain It,
there app-ears to lie no alternative but
to drop It, and this thc church does not
want to do.
At present there Is a conference In
Ottawa between representatives of the
several Protestant denominations as to
what Is the best course to pursue In
this matter. The per capita grant given
by the government Is not half enough
to maintain the Indian.
Archbishop Sweatman will preside at
the meetings.
Report That Thaw Steadily  Interfered
With  Hie Couneel���Dictated
Line of Defence.
New York. April IB.���Interest ln the
case of Harry K. Thaw now centers
upon tho probable changes he will make
In his staff of lawyers. While no official announcement has been made ln
this regard Intimations bave come from
thc lawyers themselves that changes
havo been made and that others will
follow. Delmas, who led thc light at the
recent trial, has, It Is stated, severed
his connection with tho case. In this
connection, a story of a remarkable proceeding of Thaw's at a critical period
of his trial Is published here today. Tho
story rocltes that wheu the trial wus
resumed after Ihe reporl of the lunacy
commission, Mr. Delmas called Dr.
Hamilton to the stand to have hlm testify as to Thaw's mental condition
when thc murder wns committed. He
was just about to question him when he
received a note from Thaw whicli read:
"You aro no longer In chnrgc of my
Delmas, surprised, secured the court's
permission to confer with his client, the
story states, and when he asked Thaw
what the note meant, Thaw is said to
huve replied: "It means Just what It
satd, you aro not going to make these
men testify that I am Insane. I am
sane and you know it. You are no
longer In charge of my case."
Mr. Delmas then asked Thaw's permission to withdraw from the caae, but
Thaw refused. Delmas, under the law,
could not voluntarily withdraw from
the case and Thaw having told hlm that
he (Thaw) was the leading counsel ln
his own cnse, Mr. Delmus asked hlm
what he wished done.
"I want you to take Dr. Hamilton off
the stand and begin to sum up lo the
Jury," was the reply. Delmas attempted to reason with Thaw, but he wns Immovable, and he thereupon announced
that the defence had rested Its case and
Dr. Hamilton was excused without testifying.
Daniel O'Reilly makes tho announcement that he Is now counsel of record
for Thaw and will be In charge of the
case hereafter. He was appointed to
that position a couple of weeks ago, he
says, succeeding Clifford W. Hartrldge.
Thaw appointed O'Reilly the day Mr.
Hartrldge started to crosscxamlne Dr.
Mabon, Mr. O'Reilly says, and tried to
frame a hypothetical question, which
tho Judge ruled out. Mr. O'Reilly Is
authority for the statement that he ls
the only one of the five lawyers re-engaged, but he says that Thaw Is fond
of Lawyer Peabody, and that he will
be retained. Delmns and Olenson, according to Mr. O'Reilly, are out for
good. Lawyer O'Reilly will move within a week to havo Thaw relensed on
ball and he says he expects to succeed.
Rebel Releases Captive.
Merlla, Morocco, April IB.���A*) despatch received here says that the re-
bellons leader, Rnghi, has released the
son of General Delbrell, governor of the
Spanish fortress of Allhucmns, who wns
recently captured and beaten at Do-
Included in Grant Made
to University
Endowment Bill as Reported from
Committee���Opposition Fought
Every Clause.
The University Endowment bill Ablch
has been the chief subject of controversy at this year's session of the British Columbia Legislature, passed the
committee stage last Thursday night
and has been reported for third reading.
A copy of the bill as reported by committee is now at hand.
Of ail the amendments offered by the
opposition none were accepted. Pressure from government suporters, however, caused tins Insertion of a clause
which takes from the grant revenues
from coul ami mineral wealth that
might be contained in the lands to be
While the less will he regretted by
all advocates of university establishment. Its effect Is purely speculative. It
was never expected that the university
hind grant would be deliberately made
to Include coal or mineral areas.
The bill has already been published
ln full. The only amendment Is ln
clause 6, which now reads: "All revenue derived from the sale or other disposition of said lands, not including,
however, any taxes or royalties, shall
be devoted to the maintenance by said
university of the following faculties:"
Then follows the lost of faculties, Arts
and Science, Law, Medicine and Applied
The only change from the original
form Is the Insertion of "not Including,
however, any  taxes or royalties."
Replies received from Conservative
members to the communications of the
Nelson University Club, state that the
opposition was strenuous and bitter,
and that some, even of the government
supporters, were not enthusiastic, contending that primary education sliould
be more generously provided for before
a university is thought of.
However, there is now no doubt that
the bill will pass Its third reading and
become law.
Two  Days  of  Hurricane,  snd  Five  of
Starvation and Exposure.
New York, April 15.���Among the passengers who arrived last night on the
steamer Seguranca from Santiago do
Cuba, were six seamen, who were
wrecked on the llrltlsh Hark Trinidad.
The Triniadad left Santa Cruz, March
2Mh, with a cargo of mahogany. On
April 1, she ran Into a hurricane. For
two days It blew with terifflc force; the
men were at the pumps all the time,
and, as she had lost her masts and rudder, she became unmanageable. The
storeroom and cabin were flooded, nil
provisions were ruined and for five
days they had nothing to eat, and no
water to drink. They were completely
exhausted and almost crazy from their
sufferings. On the fifth day they were
picked up and taken to Nassau by a
sponging schooner. Captain Christen-
sen and three of the crew are still at
Ihe hospital at Nassau, the others, in
charge of the second mate, Randolph
Quest,, came to New York. Mr. Quese
said that when rescued (hey were chewing bits of lead to keep from drinking
salt waler. The Trinidad was owned In
Nova Scotia.
Cost  of  Living   Increased  but   Wages
Also Rising.
Berlin, April IB.���At a meeting of the
German Commercial Union today Count
Von PosadowBky-Wehner, minister ol
the interior, declared that the ship oi
German commerce was still on the top
of the wavo ot prosperity. The only
things lacking were a sufficiency of native workers and ready money. The
mlnUter added that If the prices of the
necessaries of life had risen, so had thc
rate of wages. German workmen were
now better off than ever before. There
wns no evidence to show thnt Industry
hnd suffered from tho recently conclud
ed commerclnl  treaties.
Germany, Austria and Russia Decline to
Discuss  Disarmament.
Rome, April IB.���From the exchange
of official communications Is Ib appar
ent thut Germany, Austria and Russia
are unanimous concerning discussion of
the question of limitation of armament.
They will not partidlpate In It, -considering the proposition an impractical one.
Italy has chosen as her representative
at The Hngue, Count Tornellli, ambus
sador to France, deputy minister and
under secretary for foreign affairs, and
the Duke of Cavcllon, minister at The
Hague, as plenipotentiaries, and General Robllant and Admiral Callcndrln as
technical delegates.
University   Club   Endorses   Committee
and Continues Authority���Discuss
Dangers of Democracy.
The University Club of Nelson In regular meeting bas unanimously endorsed
the action of Its commltttee, In urging
the provincial government to adhere to
Its bill for the endowment of a provincial university. The work of the club
in promoting the cause of university
education Is recognized throughout the
province, and ln all quarters Its repre
sentatlons have received attention and
The regular meeting ot the University Club was held In the club parlor
Saturday night. There were present
C. M. Fraser, prealdent; Mrs. W. 8
Pearcy. Mrs. W. J. Baird, Rev. J. T
Ferguson, Rev. F. H. Graham, A. L. McKillop, Dr. E. C. Arthur, W. J. Baird,
Dr. Petersky and R, J. Clark.
R. J. Clark and Dr. Arthur reported
for tho University committee. Mr. Clark
told of the action taken by the com
mittee, the resolution adopted and tele-,
graphed to the premier, and mailed to
other membera of the legislature. Dr
Arthur read replies received by him
trom J. A. Macdonald and Dr. Hall, the
former stating his objection to the
amount of the grant and lta indefinite
ness, Dr. Hall merely crticizlng the
form of the bill while declaring his general approval of tte purpose.
A short discussion followed showing
unanimous agreement among the mem
bers that the grant was not excessive
and that Imperfections, if any existed,
In the framing of_tbe bill, should nol
be a reaaon for Ift defeat. Mr. Clark
further reported tbat although the official records of proceedings were not
yet to hand, It was clear that some at
least of the royalties from timber, coal
and minerals were included In the
grant, as passed by the legislature in
On motion of Dr. Petersky the ac
tion of the University committee waa
unanimously approved.
R. J. Clark, for the programme committee, announced that at the May
meeting of the club a paper would be
read by His Honor Judge Forin.
A new committee on membership was
then appointed, consisting of C. M.
Fraser, Rev. J. T. Ferguson aud Dr
The University committee, composed
of nine of the most active members of
the club, was continued In office, with
instructions to keep In'touch with all
legislation affecting university endowment and establishment, and with authority to take such action as might
seem expedient at any time.
Dr. Petersky then read a paper entitled, "A Comparison of Democracy of
Oreat Britan with That of the United
States." He drew a detailed and elaborate comparison between the powers
and functions of King and President,
Lords and Senate, Commons and House
of Representatives. He contended that
the British system of ministerial responsibility to the elected representatives of the people was superior to the
American system In which the President Is Irresponsible, and was also more
In the discussion that followed all
who took part agreed that the British
system was obviously superior In the
respect mentioned. The discussion then
drifted away from the paper to the
dangers ot Democracy In the United
Rev. F. H. Graham quoted from De
Tocquevllle a warning written In 1835
of tho menace of thc mnjorlty, and the
entire absence of legal nnd constitutional safeguards for minorities. He
pointed out that every prediction of the
French historian and philosopher had
been, or wns being, fulfilled ln the development of Amerlcnn political Institutions.
A. L. McKillop said that all the safeguards Intended by the framerB of the
American constitution had completely
failed. The Senate was no efficient
check on hasty and imperfect legislation by the lower chamber. The House
of Lords, on tho other hand, which was
the greatest safeguard of Britain
against the dangers of Democracy waB
not at all democratic ln character.
Rev. J. T. Ferguson, while conceding
tho value of the House of Lords and the
present strength of British royalty,
thought that Democracy was Inevitably
the form of government for the future.
He pointed to the present remarkable
popular movements in India and Egypt.
He held, therefore that the aim should
be not to check and restrict It but
r,ather to Improve It by elevating national Ideals.
Other speakers. Dr. Arthur, A. L. McKillop, W. J. Baird and R. J. Clnrk,
thought that certain defects and vices
were Inherent in the democratic form
of government, and safeguards must be
urov'ded In the interest of Democracy
Machine Sacrifices Petty
Small but Typical Example oi Fraud
Connived at by liberal Members and Officials.
Ottawa, April IB.���Even the machine
majority cannot suppress everything.
On Thursday morning ln the accounts
committee, Mr. Bennett obtained from
one witness a remarkable story ofdredg-
lng finance. The auditor's report (V.
249,) baa the following item in connection with the Matchedash Bay dredging:
"Eastwood, C. 8., Inspector of dredging, August, October, 65 days at $3.00;
overtime 64 hours at 30 cents; boat hire
$33.33; rope 11.50; postage 26 cents
Regarding this little Item "Inspector"
Eastwood himself testified. It appears
that another inspector paid by the government was on the ground and the
district engineer thought he could do al]
the work, and this proved a correct
opinion. But Mr. Eastwood's employer,
a good Liberal who supplied provisions
to the dredges, asked that his book,
keeper should have the Job. Mr. Gunn,
who ran against Mr. Bennett In the last
election and ls now a Judge, used his
Influence, and Mr. Hyman, against his
engineer's advice, appointed Eastwood
at $3.00 per day. Eastwood confessed
on the stand that he remained in' his
previous employ and hired tbe other Inspector to do his share of the work at
$1.25 per day, Eastwood pocketing the
other $1.76. Eastwood occasionally
took his wife's canoe and went out to
the dredge, where he obtained orders
for his employer for provisions, and not
satisfied with his $1.75 a day rake-off
he put In a charge for boat hire. Fearing that there would be trouble If he
claimed pay for the use of the family
canoe he charged boat hire paid to "L.
H. Hubbard," whose name Is nn the
voucher. Mr. Eastwood explained this
voucher by stating that Hubbard was
his wife's maiden name. It will be
seen that Mr. Hubbard is an apt scholar
ln political finance. Unfortunately he
has less pull than those who have obtained larger sums of money and there
fore Investigation ln his case was not
forbidden by the majority.
A splendid tariff discussion took place
on Tuesday, when Mr. Shaffner, the
Conservative member for Sourls, Manitoba, moved that the duty on mowers
and binders be reduced from 17H per
cent to 10 per cent. This proposition
was supported by Mr. Staples, Dr.
Roche, Mr. Lake and Mr. Herron, Conservative representatives for Manitoba
and other prairie provinces.
The west is naturally Interested In
this matter, for it was in Manitoba that
Sir Wilfrid and his friends promised
entirely free farm machinery.
In Tuesday's debate some of these
pledges of the premier and his colleagues were read, and It was shown that
while the Conservatives had reduced
the harvester duty from 35 per cent to
20 per cent, the Laurler government
had ln ten years made no change from
the tariff they denounced.
In the eleventh hour they reduced the
duty from 20 to 17H per cent, and compensated the manufacturers for that by
special regulation, admitting their raw
material free.
Several eastern Conservatives sup
ported Mr. Shaffner's motion which was
rejected by a vote of 84 to 36. The vote
In favor of lower duties was wholly Con
servatlve, the solid Liberal party, Including all the government supporters
from the West, declaring for the tariff
as It Is. While some opposition members did not vote for the proposed re
ductlon, a number of strong protection'
ists supported the motion, holding thai
10 per cent was adequato protection for
harvester manufacturers who had free
raw material and were reported to be
prosperous. It was also pointed out thai
the small decrease In the dutv made by
the government had not affected the
price, and that nothing less than the
substantial reduction proposed would
give the farmer cheaper machinery.
Sir Wilfrid Laurier, Sir Frederick
Borden and Mr. Brodeur have left for
England and the Colonial conference
As Mr. Emmerson's place has not been
filled and Mr. Hyman Is still away the
great spending departments are now In
the hands of acting ministers who know
little of the business. Mr. Fielding has
tho railway department In addition to
finance. Mr. Fisher is minister of public works as well as agriculture. The
venerable Senator Scott is minister of
war, Mr. Templeman add the marine
department to Inland revenue and minus
We have therefore the estimates of
theae great spending departments be
fore parliament with no minister to explain how money has been expended or
for what purposes tbe appropriations
are required.
In the auditor's 'report there la a bill
for the special flak for the minister of
marine to show when he Is on board a
government cruiser. The acting minister could not give the design of this
(lag. Mr. Bennett has suggested as an
appropriate symbol "a tree with a man
on it fixing grafts."
In Thursday's debate on the N. A. T.
contract, described above, Mr. German,
a leading government supporter, said:
"Insinuations have been made that Mr.
Smart, late deputy minister, had something to do with Ihis company. 'It bas
been insinuated that Mr. Sifton had
-something to to with It. I venture to
usy; thai the bulk of the people of Canada do eare who got the money so long
aB we got our money's worth."
When a prominent government supporter takes thc ground that a minister
nnd his deputy .may properly give governments contracts to themselves he
Illustrates the moral decay of his party
as represented at thla capital.
Laundry   Destroyed   and   Three   Live*
Lost in Greenwood.
(Special to The Dally Canadian.)
Greenwood, April 15.���A disastrous
flre occurred here early this morning In
a Chinese laundry. The building was
completely destroyed and three Inmates,
all Chinese, were burned to death. The
flre was confined to the building In
which It started. The origin ls unknown.
Taking No Chan-sea.
Madrid, April 15.���The bones of Lady
Desenta Cllnta, the patroness of the
town of Tortesa, have been transferred
to the palace chapel here ln accordance
with the old tradition that they ahall be
under the same roof where the queen is
Will Use Montreal River for Power for
Producing Compressed Air
for Mines.
Cobalt, April 15.���It was announced
yesterday that a pipe line would be laid
from Montreal river to Cobalt In order
tn Bupply compressed air for working
the mines. Compressors will be established at the river, where power will
be developed by water power. McMar-
tln and Timmlns are behind the project.
A meeting of the consolidated Mln,
Ing Company waB held yesterday. The
-company haa 200 acres In the Portage
Bay district, and a steam plant hns
been placed on the property.
The Sliver Bird Mining Company has
now enough money In the treasury to
work the plant night and day for a year
and a balf. The company has ordered
a compressor and two steam drills, and
drifting will be commenced at tbe 107-
foot level, both northward and southward.
The Larder Lake Gold Fields Company has sent 60 men to the northwesst
of Larder Lake, where they, have 80
acres staked out.
The Bluebell Mining Company, which
owns 1,080 acres in the Larder lake district, will organise this week. Besides
the gold fields the company owns some
Islands on the lake, on which native
silver has been found. The officers will
be all Cobalt men.
A despatch from Cobalt yesterday
stnted that a diamond drill has penetrated to a depth of 300 feet on the La
Rose property, and the showing at the
bottom ls said to be as good as ever
Altogether 2,000 feet of drifting haa
been done.
Another strike has been renorted on
tho Peterson lake, within eight Inches
of the former strike. The rock is shot
through with native silver.
The Kerr Lake Mining Company Is installing a new plant, consisting of a
boiler and an air compressor. Two cars
of high-grade -oro have Just been
20,000 Club.
The adjourned general meeting of the
20,000 Club will be held at the board of
trade rooms tomorrow, Tuesday, evening at 8.30. The objects of the meeting are the appointment of officers tor
year and the consideration of a programme for the advancement and advertising of the city. Every member of
the club and all who are Interested In
lho progress and prosperity of Nelson
should be present.
Women's Auxiliary.
Wednesday being the 21st anniversary of bounding of the Women's Auxiliary of the Church of England will be
commemorated by all branches throughout the world. St. Saviour's branch
will attend corporate communion that
day at 10.30 a. m. Thursday afternoon
at 3.30 the branch will give Its annual
teu ln the mission room to raise fundi
for carrying on the year's, work.
Nsw City Engineer.
R. Farror Lawrence entered on his
duties as city engineer today. He has
begun the work.of making preliminary
plans for the new public school; and
��� xpects to have them finished by the
end of the week, unless Interrupted by
emergency calls on his services.
Prices ef Metals.
Now   York,   April   15.���Silver,   6tc.;
copper. 23%c.; lead, $6.
I.s-ndon.   April   )a.���Silver,   30}4d.;
lead, $19, lis., 6d.    ���
Body of Job mickey Is
Victim Probably Met Uitant Death
Before Beta* Swept Down
Bill bjr Avalanche.
(Special to The Daily Canadian.)
Sandon, April 15.���A snowsllde last
Friday swept across the American Boy
ground, carrying away Foreman John
Hllchey. He was walking on the trtdl
between number four and Ave tunnels.
The crews of hoth the Last Chance and
American Boy have been out searching
for the body since tbe accident A large
party, out thia morning at daybesk,
found the body a mile from the point
where he was struck. The deceased's
collie dog, "Bess," waa mainly Instrumental In finding her master's body.
The body appeared trom the shoulders
down unlntiired, but there were severe
outs on the head. It Is supposed that
he was killed Instantly by timber in
the slide as blood can now be traced
down the slide.
W. E. Zwickey,' manager of the Amer
lean Boy, arrived this morning from
Victoria. The body baa been removed
to Kaalo, and relatives (opposed to live
at Edmonton, have been communicated
wltb. The deceased was about 33 year*
old and leaves a wife and three
Quick Work.
This morning Dr. Arthur ud Chief
Deasy turned in an alarm at the Central school. In 60 seconds every pupil
wss outside the school doors.
The $25 donated by the Hall Mining
�� Smelting Co. to the lire brigade has
been placed to the credit of the Firemen's Blek and Death Benefit Fond.
Drowning Accident
The body of Charles Lee was found
yesterday tn the Columbia river and
was taken to the morgue at Trail to
await an Inquest Letters found on the
body Indicate his name, and they were
-addressed In care of F. Brereton, P.O.
Box 346, Nelson. The provincial polios
are anxious to have Mr. Brereton call at
their offlce, and lf he, or any person
knowing htm, should read this notice
the police will be obliged by their communicating with them at once.
Fruit Men's Troubles.
At the meeting of the Kootenay
Fruit Growers' Association Saturday
afternoon, prolonged too iate for report
in Saturday's Issue, T. Morley waa
elected delegate to the conference of
fruit growers to be held In Sicamous on
April 25th and 26th, and James Johnstone's resolution that the local association as a body join the provincial organisation was adopted. J. W. Ford
brought up the question of the danger
that enforcement of the Lord's Day Act
would seriously interfere with the picking and shipping of small fruits. The
point was admitted but no action taken;
A committee of the directors will Interview the transportation companies and
ask tor better freight service during
the season of berry shipments.
Returned to Nelson.
H. O. Neelands, mayor of Nelson during 1899, has again taken up his residence in this city. He reached Nelaon
on the Crow boat last night and today he Is shaking hands with his many
friends, all of whom are glad to see
him back. About three years ago, Mr,
Neelands purchased a big ranch about
23 miles from Wetaskiwln, Alberta, and
during that time he has been engaged
In farming and stock-raising. A short
Ume sgo he received what he considered a good offer for his plaoe and sold
out. Since that time he has been getting ready for a sale ot his stock, and
this sale was held a few weeks ago. He
realised $9,000 on his live stock, and
was paid a higher price for his steers
than any one In hit neighborhood. This
was because they were In excellent condition, and had bean we'l fed during
the winter. While many ranchers were
forced to shoot their cattle on aocount
of lack of hay, he did not lose one animal during the winter. Tbe scarcity of
feed for animals was the result of an
early winter, and tbe severity of tho
season. Snow came In December, and
when Mr. Neelands left home two or
three days ago, there was still a foot of
snow on the ground. Last year at this
time the ranchers bad about finished
seeding: this year some weeka will
elapse before they begin farming operations. There Is a great rush of settle-**
to the district around Wetaskiwln. fit
one day Mr. Neelands -counted 500
teams with Settlers' effects going Inlo
the country.
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ar **m    m���\ lit    or.siutt���t.    noartr    11
-AMIAmUM'* OMITlra.   O:
I���re- arrm   i_s__,.  rats' i��"T*--.innr   r    tr*
Mart-it., iv timOma
1.   ..  AltXTOm.w*n.   mttmsi.
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iiQi..UM'Dab,*-.aniaoMtia-(;r7r. iAinnsan. V.iTt
\tas-t-. i - I* r.-JTtoa�� IS mn* r Ian,
iltiuui t_ '**-fT- "t ai.?. H*e Lt-hitani'- *��, tb-
tm��,i a? tniimr l"��imnnEcUira:tbf'-nnTtnMft*
tvawtv- ti''^jr.-.lmX. ao 1 -nmitav nmti* ** r.aam,
tnaUT^-aas *f ciuu.. uisnr rntta *- tuaa.
tnmtc  ���-t��:.����� cbatn* 1.  Mar--nTMMiinilM
Jtarc'i -ta. ��r ���*.    \    n* * .a._r.
.    i,   AltXJikU.   Ar*��-
'   III
'  " ... -��
���   M*     -    ��-m*    1      M��<     l     PTMU
ur< -:t-       t.    Ttulna*       '-tttu*m>MintM
tiMBMI vi.lifwtiiiti.  rtrrat   idmii? ���<��i:
T.11 -    ���'-*:   ::-   *m*i.i   an   i����t��i    \   ' -m*   hi
mrac     -,b��ms t)nrr*. fsiteautn,  thfiwc-4  ohaii*
-au,    t��*T��p-   *   Akalh    antit..    Utflna   * * ntiatv
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thaii-wiu; *.
i*��at��-*>��TT**t��r nt.   itn
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Am    t!hte' i:MMM.uW.
'.'innrrti.   r   -mi-rct***,   ��ft   ��,-��.   ,
Vaiipi   **M[t*.,MHo��av an.* rt*MTih��, �� 't.,'i
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nrirttw*, (tvtrbP- ai: nis.. k��    ���,
Am v.iunm. maaa t etu m rttum, *��>
- hiatn the.nr- ���out. t Mi lu, th��ttM<M
attatn. Ii.Mm* n   T^uu.ln.   ������,.    h-m     ��.
'   **���'��� -1"11     *t��'  ���' i"  ''"v.
ihatoi w. wr. * ��ni
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HnttH t-. n*i��rt��   !���'������� ,   .
lntBii,  ("aM^'lki it<
m-  btli<v��'ta.  rtwwiv*    ,
kaattmamV   Omimr-t    tammttam*..   n, ,__', *~
��� *   -   .   Ntm ������        > .   ,\
Rhal-fl     InHnwtai   it-
niUM��ti*ia   1    1 ._.���_,   '.'
���M.rr^.' ^    : -m*,*-^!, ���,_uu +
��M*.   Ull    .,;    Bl    .    M.m��.   TV.
-    11..1M- -*Mt>.t> estAtstt   :n
r-ftfcUi- I   iMtU.'- r*mammtsatrastr>*tt. ^
atmmm  TIMM*1    AP���1.
���^ rniWMin;   |..fturfia**   i"
��� -teim*. tf_��.t
mmamm   ���   "S��
I_ms��r-    ������'   "
ii^m..,     '.���7
**-^. ,i����*
��.i.s a Special for Camp and Hotel Use
Heavy Hams
[he Very Best of Canadian Goods
The Daily Canadian
IP. Burns & Co., Ltd.
Nelson, Kaslo, Rossland and Boundary.
uuiii-c Dint tlilrly <]��')'�� alter <latu I  in-
rthtiiv loihf """ uMefComauNloiior ol
mnl Wnrk- nl Victoria, II. 0., for a ipt-clal
to cut snd carrv awny timber from tliu
rum described Is ml* In Alniworth divlHlon:
iii-niK hi h poit markd t lm*  �� Wuhus
hwMt poit, thence north 80 chains,
nl wi itm *.-    themM iouth wi cbalni,
'��t wii-int! ���:��� io i*"i in of nornm once mem,
M|il Imi'i Ix-Witc  ii nulled on tlie east aide of
k, about t1/*, mllei south ol too l.at
���It"irMarch Uth, IW.
nn. F WitMstiY, Locator.
I'. Hhkkan. Agent.
immenclOR at n poit marked  Ghat. F
l.y'l   *. ������" *���   i    |->*i,   theuce  south   KU
thence <*hm *> chains, thenc-- imrih HO
tbence wml Hit chaini to point of <*om-
ftiiii-iit, lhe hrI'1 Imi'! being nltuate (in the
���df uf Cascade creek, atxmt a)*, milea south
Idi-nii nter
hi     Man-b 12th, 19W.
(has P, WaUMLlY. Ixwator,
I'. BtilRAM, Agent.
lomraeiu'ltiB at  a   poit  marked Cha*. F.
lsy'i  imitfiwcn   post,  tbenco  iouth 10
, ihenci' eaat HO ehalni, tbenco north tf)
l thenee weit HO chains to polntof com-
:.*:.''������-".: Inn'l being iltuate on tho
e of Ct'i-ade creek, ahoul ���*���-_ mllei iouth
i river.
|t<*<) Mr roll IMi. 1*7.
CHA** F. \V aum ley, Locator,
1' hhesak, Agent.
i hereby glren * ���.����t thirty -layi alter
Intent) tinppljr tothe Hon. t be Chief Com-
f U: '.- Bii'l Worki, at Victoria,
|pi-cirtl lice nr- tn i ut and carry away tlm-
tm .���:.'���-���.��������� rlbed lendi in Weit
���y, timt i" tu uy: Commeuelng at a
niilfil ���*" >',..'.- Vait of the northeaat
"f block hi/, (|><>!it marked 812 K 8,)
-mining cant *i ciibIiir. tlienco smith W>
thenc* went tt obalm, thenee north ho
to location post No. 1, containing MO
[���( laii'l, more or [em,
U at Clfiton. M C, thin 32nd day of March,
|A.II , ltf07.
(i��o. Hr-i'Korr,
in!Ice that I  Intend, thirty dayi alter
pply to the  llouorable  the Chlel  fom-
"���  ot  l.Hiii-    i   Worki for   m special
cut and carry away   timber Irom lhe
i'   to i in fn*]   furry   nv. ny    iimh��*i    iritni uie
ring dtnriMd   lands, situated on Bandy
t. In Went KOOttnay district: Commencing
toll plnnted on the west side, of said creek,
hiarke l "J. P, H's" iiortliwesi corner; thence
ling soutli eighty chains; tnence eaat eighty
iis, thenee north eighty chains; thence weit
If chalna to place of commeuccmeut.
r, P.BtnnM,
1 "'Is lyth,1.!,"? ol Keb ni ary, 1W7
_.��� ..i hereby given that 80 dari after date
fend toapply in the Moonrable thn Chief
TllMlouerof Unds and Works, Victoria, (nr
I licence to OUt and carry away timber
!��� following de*. rlbed plec* of land  in
IhontctiHy dtstrfct:   (.ommenclng at a post
d'i'i chalim from the east utioie of i'pper
Lake and n-ijoiuing block li'Jtion theiouth
"irked   -('has. Khi'i" northweit corner,
. Minili w chains, theine east Ho rhalni,
I north to ehaim, thence west 80 chaini to
|pf commencement,
elth dayol March, 1807.
_____ Ohaj Khl.
e ll hereby given tliat thirty daya after
nteiid to make application to tbo Honor-
pit.* f Comml��.loner of landi and Worki at
, fnr a special license to cut and
���wny timber from the following deaorlbed
In Weit Kootenay dUtrlotI
nneiiriDK (lt n poat planted about two mllei
.quarter up a southern tributary of the
LHtfHi rive-, rn the creek commonly
|as Houidercreek, nnd a quarter of a mile
i rorki, and marked A. U Ntewart'a
it corner m-t. theuee north 00 ohalna.
ul 8U chaini thenco louth On chatm,
wi wchains to plant oi commencement.
it day of April, 1907.
A  L. Stiwabt, Locator,
Jliheraoygiven that 80 days alter date I
Po apply to Ihe Honorable tbe Cnlel Cornier ol Unda and Worki for a ipeclal
I io cut ami ,arry away tlmher from the
pg deicrlbed lands hi Weit Kootonay dls-
nclng at a post planted ahout two and
iniics up n "oiitiieru tributary of the
"nu river, on the creek commonly
1 ""ulter. reek, and about a quarter of
��� Ho I*.irks, and marked A.L Stewart's
������"'iK'T i>.,st, thenee south 180 chains,
mi��cbalni. thenoo north mi chatm,
'���*��� �� chMnttto placonl commencement.
"K l��t day Oi April, IUU7.
a. L Utiwakt, Locator.
J li herehy BjTon lhtl jjq ,ity| af|^r d(lle l
|H'npply totho Honorable the I hlel Com-
1 Undi and Worki for a ipeclal
"mimI carry timber from the follow-
w landi, iltuated in thc valley of
reek, commencing 8^ milea norlh of
   ''"undary line.   Joining   tbo
Take notice hat 30 days after date I Intend lb
apply tothe lion the Ohvt Cnminliilctiur of
Lands and Work., Vietoria, for a apeclal licence
lo cut and carry away tlmher (rom the following
deaer.bid laud, in Wait Koot* nay: Comineuclng
at a pout planted at Kokanee Hiding, on Band
1'oinl, on iouth Mde Weil Arm of Kootenaf
river about lr miles ent of Nelion, ii C. marked
"C.F Walmalev'i S.f.. corner post," thence NJ
chalm iouth, thtuce 80 chalm weit, thence Ho
ehalns north, thenct 80 chalm to polntof commencement, containing Mo acrei. moreor lesi.
Located March Iflth, I9U7.
Chai, F, W'ai.mhi.iv,
f. Hukrah, Agent.
Take notice thatl Intend thirty dayi after date
to apply ti the Hon. the Chief Commissioner of
Landi and Woiks for a apeclal license toeut ami
(atrr away timber from the following deserlhed
lands, altuated eaat cf Dog creek. In the district
of Weit Kootenay: Commencing ata poit marked '"The Boundary I-umherCompauy'i northweit
corner post " nlanted about a mile east of the
Columbia and Weatern railroad, and ahout three
mllei iouth nf the Big Tunnel, thence-to chains
south, tbeuce fti) chaini east, thence 40 ehaim
soutb.ther.ee IW cbalm eait, thence 40 chalm
north, thence 80 cbalni weit, theuce 40 chalm
north, thence 00 cbalm weat to polntof com*
Dated 4th March, l��n. J Guana,
Agent for Tha Boundary Lumber Co.
Tale notice tbat 1 Intend thirty dayi after data
toapply to the Hon tbe Cblef Commluloner of
Landiand Worki for a ipeclal Hccme toeut and
carry awav timber from the following deaeribed
landi, iltuated on Dog creek, in West Koolenay
dlitrlet: Commencing at a poil planted on the
eait ilde of the Columbia and rt'esurn railroad,
on or about ten chalm eaat, and marked "Tba
Bonndary Lumber company'i poat," and about
a Mile and a half iouth of tbe Hlg Tunnel, tha
utrthweat corner, thence running iouth 140
cbalni, theoce eait-Mt bairn, (hence north 100
chalm, thence west 40 cbalm to pi act of commencement.
Dated March 4th, 1907. J Ubnilli.
Take notice that I lutend, thlrtr dayi after
date, to apply to the Hon the Cblef ComrnliMou-
er o (.Landi aud Works for a special lleenie to cat
an-i carry away timber fiom the following described lands, situated on Handy creek, in Weet
Kooteuay district: Commeneing at a post plant*
ed on the west side ol dandy creek and called
J. F. 8'i aouthwest corner pom, tbence running
eaat 8<i chalm. thence north 40 chains, theuce
weit 40 chatm, tbence north 80 chalm, thence
weat 40 cbalm, thence aouth Yin chaloi to place
of commencement.
Dated this 9th day of March, 1907.
J. P. SwiioBiM), Locator.
Notice li hereby given thai 90 dari alter date I
Intend to applv to thc Honorable the Chief Commissioner of landi and Worki for a ipeclal
licenae to rut and carry away timber from the
following deicrlbed landi iltuated on the weit
side of Big Sheep Creek Valley: Commencing
ahout three and a half mllei nortb of tbe International boundary hue and about one and a
half miles weit of tbe Nelson and Kurt Pftcppard
Hallway company's land grant In the diitrict of
Weit Kootenay:
No. 1 ���Commencing at a poit planted two
mile* weat of Big Sheep creek, known as tba
louthweit corner post, Joining J. R. Craniton'i
timber claim No. f, claiming m) chains north,
thence 80 chaini eaat, thence 80 chaini wuth,
thence no chains weit to polntof commencement.
Located March 21it, HOT.
No 2.���Commencing at a poit planted at the
���outbwest corner of location No. 1, known aa tbe
nortbweit corner poat of location No. 2, claiming
00 cbaina loath, thence 00 chalm east, then e 80
chalm north, thence 10 chatm weat to point of
Lot ated March 21lt, 1007.
No. 3 ���Commencing at a post placed half a
mile weit of loeatiou No. 'i, known ai the loutheaat corner, claiming 80 chains north, thenco 80
chaini weat, thence MO chalm south, thence 80
cbalm east to polut of commencement.
No. 4.���Commencing at a post planted at the
southeast corner of location Nn 3, known aa the
northeast corner, claiming 100 chains south,
theoce 40 cbalm weil, thence <00 cbalm nortb,
tbence 40chaini east to point of commencement.
Locoted March Hilt, 1907
J. 1'. BwcDBike, Locator.
K. T. KNoKiMK.nw, Agent.
Notlco Is hereby given that itn dayi from date
I Intend U> apnlv to the Hon. Chief Commissioner
of lands and worki for a apeclal license to cut
and carry away timber from the following deicrlbed lands iu Weit Kootenay district:
Commencing at a posl planted on tbe north
bank of 10-Mile creek, ahout one mile and a half
from Hloean lake, marked K Btrand'i nortbweit
corner poat, tbence east 100 chalna. thence aoulh
40 cbalni, thence weit 160 chains, tbence north
40 ehalna to point of commencement.
Dated thll 'Jilt day of March, 1907.
K. Strand, Water.
el  K.
fciH lu
rt Rheppard  Railway company's
ha dlitrlot of Woit Kootenay:
unincnelng ut a post planted at tbe
���ruerof A. I>, thtlatie'a pre-emption.
���     'tiHiiiNMiiith along tho eaat bound*
���.'.���'.'.'"���"lea pn-eniptlon, thence eaat
i and Fort  Sheppard lurver
wi chatna, theuco weal l(t>
- h 4�� chaini, thence eail ��o
,t,. 111,01 com neucoiucm.
"rehiHrd.lWR.        J. F, SwgPBMO.
iiiriieniing at a post planted ut tho
,l"r. V' lu,,|��tion No. 1 on the cast
ln* "U.l). Chrlitlo'i
���hence to
1 It
IHI    lot
th along the cut  bound-
raniton'i preemption, thenco
ine Nation and  fori Bheppard
'nee 100 ahalni, norih, thenoe 40
I'oint pf commencement.
n 28rd, I��u7.
���������ii ?��� SwaTftWO, LowtPf
Mo.i!,'1-,1 ,hlrty'liy"��ncrdate I Inteud
Dd W ru   '"''""'hie! Commissioner of
to "JI VnV    lator*-*i B* Oh 'or �� apeclal
,.f1." !Rrry away Umber from tbe
_v*���l 1'tnda In Weal Kootonay:
'si' a poit planted 20 chalna west
cor ii,V B0Ja*w ��! }&* tV2, und at the
��� J.,! I ��.. '���"- 7780, thenco cast ��
in��� . h 4,) fhttlns, theuco eait 40
1 ,. , "r,,h 4" chalna, thenceea��i 60
���nen i�� , '", OMlnii thence weit 120
,.,��� ,l,!lUl 40 chalm to place ol com-
1   ""tainiug 640 HcrcK more or leu.
rcb 9th, 1907. Prtee t.uwd,
Notice ii hereby given lhat 90 nays alter date 1
1 intend tc apply to the Honorable the Chief Com-
I mlssloner of Lands and Worki, Victoria, for a
special license to cut and cstt away limber
Irom the following deacrlbed land lu Weit Kootonay :
Commencing at a poat planted about eight
mllei from the mouth of (loat creek, and where
lt flows into the Hloean river and about six
chains from the creek upon the muth bank, aud
lolning C. H. Illltle's location on tbe west line
snd markeii P. Itatle's southeast corner post,
tbeuce weal 100 chains, theuce north 4*1 chains,
thencu eait 100 chains, thonce south 4o chaini to
polntof commencement, '
Located March 20th, 1907
.    port' B. HlTTLB, Ageut.
Notice is hereby given that 30 days alter date 1
Intend toapply to the Honorable the Chief Commissioner of Lauds and Works, Victoria, for a
special liceme to - ut and carrv away timber from
tho following deicrlbed land lu West Kootenay*.
< ommenclng at it post planted about ilx miles
from tbe mouth of Boat creek and where It flows
Into Blocan river, and arout 1ft chains from the
creek, upon the south hunk and miiricd C B.
untie'* southeast cornor post, thonce west 1��0
chain*, thence north 40 chalm, thence cast 100
chains, tbence south 40 chalm to point of com
Dated March iiiih. 1!K<7.
C. B. HlT'l.K, Locator.
ItU-n, o.<hy ,K'vel- "'Ut I
K", '""My to the Hot
Es     ,."'   "itxlsun.l Wo
ut thirty dayi alter
Honorable tho Chief
Jl'Hi to'c.,!"""Vltt,"i "or"�� Viciorla, for
���owIdb rt*a��� o"1. .'ar7 HV,*X ttmbor from
|.W"��K described Umfi in West Kootenay
Lof%m7teW0lnK *������ �� P"ft  three-
wiu.ua Wnaunr, locator.
It   Nn    9     ��� V- nlltltAtl, Asuut.
Tl'iiirl.'r, ,1 ."'mTs1'"1'"1.. "l �� I*"" ��>>out
��l"v'�� N r"")' Mv"* "'"1 n,��rl"*'1
��nsl Wolultu 110HI1 lo polmo! 1��.
|is*sl March Slh.llHn
Wiuum1 Waww.it, IxxiAtor.
I*. BUUAX, Ajeut.
NoUisoln hereby mveu that thlrcyilnyn aller
(l.to 1 Intend to apply to tht- Hon the tllili'f
Citiiiinl.slnii.T ol IjiusIh anil Work,. .1 VlOtotla,
rernnMoMliteenMlooutand nrryawti; ttntiisT
irom the lolln-svlnii ilcai-rllwd Innilss In Wssst
Kositoti.y, that lis to fsiiy: ' omiminelng at
Hus.iT,,Is ss ami ScliRrnierliorn*. jMigt No 11,
mutlliiK thence ca.l Ho I'lialn,, thence RonthHO
I'lmlns,. lln'iss's'ws-.lsso chains*, thence north Ho
chain, to psslnt of coinmi'lu'cment posst No. 8,
containing CIO nereis nf lansl, moro or leM.
Dntml at Croton, B.C., thin Una day ol March.
A.D , 1007.
U��o. HtnOMTTi
j. c. SciiissMlRHoaw,
Notice 1�� herohy given that thirty uayis alter
ilate I intend to apply lolhe Hon. the Cli left Iom-
minloner of Unili anil Worku. at MelnrU,
Isir a apeclal licenne to cut a nil ssarry away tlmher
from   llio   follsiwlng  ilncrUie'   latisla  in   Wesst
Koolenay, that I, to ,ay:  Oommenelng at a
n situ Mi iihalusi eaat ofthe norlhweat eorner ol
llusens'l and as'hormerhorn'a poal No- >��� rnn-
nlng iouth 10 chaini to poit N*1 *, tnenee
ClalflO chain,, Ihenee llssrlfs HI chalm, lltcni'e
weal Ml ohalni, thence lunlh Ml ehalni to Place nl
coinmeuneraetit psut No. 3, containing MO acrea,
more or len. . ,*    . ���     .
Dated at Creiton, B.C., thla 22ml <OT of March,
*-D-IW rm Huichokt,
lataifi6? 4 ISSff t'Te'1 ,h��t ��0 dayi after date I
Sffl?S*lWl " y^Wo"* the Chief Commli.
S';'-*""' "d Worki, at victoria, for a
ipeclal liceme to cut and carry a*ay Umber
[J,��� the followin�� deacrlbed landi in Vale dli-
eh1!!l,;i'rV,om.,nenp|t,-L*lB p0-1 pi����t��i about 10
fhaluieaai 0| main TCellle river and about oue
mile more or leai norih of C. P K. Block No.
M.s-1, and marked Bouudary Lumber (Vi 8. K
oorner mm No. i, thenee ��chaini n-rth. thence
* eh.iua weit, Ihence to cbalm iouth. thenoe W
cbaina eut U> the point of commencement,
i'ated Mar, hZlnd.IOW.
nt?l?;?'~' ?m��mem:ln? at�� P����t planted about 10
cha m eait of main fettle rlrer about w ehulna
north of Boundary Lumber (Va Ux-atlon No. 1
ami marked Bouudary Lumber Do'l H. H. corner
poa ^o.a, theme 00 cbalm north, tbenee ho
cha na wait thence W chalna imith, thence w
,, . MB u\.*lv VQloi ��' commencement.
rhIlV;!'T<:'.,,nmeD('.n-t 5* ft pott planted abont M
cha ni eait of main Kettle riverand about 10
en mm north of Itoundary Lumber Co'i location
POII Ho 1, and marked Boundary Lumber Co'i
n.i./'^VVr1 s,,':,-tl'��"^ �� fihaina north,
thenee no chalm weat, them 80 chains aoutb
thence m chalm oaat to tbe point of ommencc
Dated March 22nd, 1907.
N?*<^oMinoucmg at a pout plauted about
10 chalm eaat of thc i.ialu Kettle river anl abfiut
w chalna north o( Boundary Lumber OftVlocation pnat No H, and markeii Bouudary Lumber
Cob rt a. corner rn.it No 4, tbence 00 chalm
north, thence tv, chalm weat, theneo HO chalm
aonth, thence m chain- eait to the point of commencement.
Dated March 22nd, 1907.
..K" ������1-C("n>����ncin|t at a poat planted about
10 'ha ni earn of main Kettle riverand about
two milea north, morn or leu, of Boundary Lumber in a L���*atlon No. 4, and marked Boundary
Lumbar Co'i 0 B. corner poil No. 8, thence HO
ehaim north, tbeuce 80 chaini weit, thence 00
ehalna aouth. theuce IW chatna eait to tbe point
Of eommeneement.
Dated March r8rd, 1907.
No. e.-Commencluf at a poit planted about 26
chalna eait ol main kettle river on C P. R. line
bloc* No, 2714, and aboul 80 cbalm north of
Boundary Lumber Co'i location poit Wo. 6, and
marked Boundary Lumber Co'i B. K, corner poit
No, 0, ihence 80 cbalm north, following C. P R
line block No 2714, thence UOcbalm west, tbence
80 chaini iouth. thence 8o chalm eait to the
point ol commencement. *
Dated March ��rd, 1907.
No. 7.-Commenclng at a poit planted about
U chalm weal of the main Kettle rlrer on C H.R.
Hoe bh ck No. 2714. and about 80 chaini north of
Boundary Lumber Co'i location poit No. 0, and
maiked Boundary Lumber Co'i 8. E. corner pott
No. 7, thence UW chaini no*1b, following C. P. R.
Una block No. 2714, thence 40chalm weal, tbence
ISO chaini iouth, tbence 40 chaini eait to the
point of commencement.
Dated March 23rd. 1907.
No. 8 ���Commencing ar a poit planted about
30 chaini weet from river bank and about 8 mllei
���outb, more or leu, of the lait eait branch of tha
eaat fork of the main Kettle river or about 18
mi'ei north, more or leu, of C. P. R. Block No.
2714, on eut fork of Kettle river, marked Bound*
ary Lumber Co'i N W corner poat No 8, thence
W chaini eaat, thence80 chalm iouth, thence M
cbalni weit, th-ncc hi chaini north to the point
Dated March 20th, 1D07.
No. B.~Com mencing at a poit planted about
V) chalm weit from river bank, on tbe eait fork
of Kettle river, and about SO chains iouth of
Boundary Lumber Co'i location poit No 8, and
marked Boundary Lumber Co'i N. w. corner
poat fa. 9, thence iOchainieaat. thenc 80chalna
���outh, tbence SO chalm weit, thence 80 chalm
north to the point of commencement.
Dated March 26th, 1907.
No. JD���Commencing at a poit planted about
30 chains weit from river hank on the eaat fork
of Kettle river, and about 80 chalm south of
Houndary Lumber Co'i location poat No if, and
marked Boundary Lumber Co'i N. w. corner
poet No-10, ihence 80 chaini eaat, tbence 80
chaini aonth, ihence 80 chaini weit, thence 80
chaini north to the point of commencement.
Dated March 25th, 190*7.
No. 11.���Commencing at a poat planted about
r> ehalni weit from river bank on the eaat fork
of Kettle river, and about 80 chalna iouth of
Boundary Lumber Co'e location poet No. 10, and
marked Boundary Lumber Co'i N.W. corner poil
No. 11, theuce 80 cbalm eait, thence 00 chalui
aoutb, thence 80 cbalm #eit, theoce 80 cbalni
nortb to the point oi commencement
Dated March 26th, 1907.
No. 12.-Commencing at a poit planted about 12
chalm weil from river hank in the eaat i' ok ot
Ke tie river, and about 80 chalm iouth of
Boundary Lumber Co'i location poit No. 11, and
marked Boundary Lumber Co'i N. W. corner
po*t No. 12, tbence 80 chaini eait, thence 80
chaini muth, thence 00 chaini weit, thence 10
north to tbe point of commencement.
Dated March r&th, 1907.
No. 13.���Commencing at a poit planted about
1J chain, wcsl from river bank on the eaat fork
of Kettle river, and about 80 chaini south of
Boundarr Lumber Co'i location poit No. 12, and
marked Boundary Lumber Co'i N W. corner
pit No. 18, tbeuce 80 chaini east, thence 80
chaini iouth, thence 80 cbalni weit, ihence SO
chaini north to the polntof commencement.
Dated March 20th, 1907.
No. H,���Tommencing alapoat planted abont
10 cbalm w it from river bank on the eaai fork
of Kettle river, and about 80 chaini iouth of
Boundary Lumber Co'i location post No. IS, and
marked Boundary Lumber Co'b N W. corner poit
No. 14, theuce 80 chaini east, tbence 80 chaini
aouth, tbence 80 cbalm weit, theuce 80 chaini
north to the point of commencement.
Dated March 2Sth. 1907.
No. 15.���Commencing at a poit planted about
10 chains weat irom river bank on the eait fork
of Kettle river, and Ubout 80 chains aouth of
Boundary Lumber Co'i poit No 14, and marked
Boundary Lumber Co'i t* ��� W. corner poit No. 15,
thence 80 chains east, theuce 8�� cbains south,
thence 80 chains west, thence 80 chains north to
point of commencement.
Hated March 2Stb, 1907.
No. 16.���Commencing tit a poit planted about
8 chaini weit from river bank on the eaat lork of
Kettle river, and about 80 cbaina south of
Boundary Lumber Co'* location post vo. 15, and
marked Boundary 1 umberCo'a N. \V. corner post
No IG, tbence 80 chains eait, thence 80 chaini
���outh, thence 8< chaini west, theuce 80 chaini
north to the point of commencement.
Dated March 26th, 1907.
No. 17.���Commencing at a p,-iit planted about
b chaini weit from river bank on the eaat fork
of Kettle river, and about 80 chains iouth of
Boundarv Lumber Co'i location poat No. 16, and
marked Boundary Lumber Co'i N. W. corner
post No 17, thence 80 chaini; east, thence 80
chains iouth, thence 80 chains west, thence 80
chaius norm to tbe point of commencement.
Dated   larch 2-Mh, 1907.
No. 18.-Commencing at a post planted about
5 chains west of the river batik on tbe eaat fork
of Kettle Klver aud about 80 chains sontb of
Boundary Lumber i'o'b location powt No. 17
aud niarked Boundary umber Co'i N.W. eorner
post No. 18, lbence 80 chaini eait, thence 80
chnins south, thence 80 chains weit, thanee 80
chains north to tbe point or commencement.
Dated March '2Mb, UM7. J. UlNBLLl,
Agent for Boundary Lumbar Co.
Notice Is hereby given (hat M days after date I
intend toapply to the Hou Chief t.ommlSHloner
nf Unds and Worka, ftt Victoria for a special
liromc to cut and carry away'Imber from tho
following deicrlbed lnnds in West Kootenay:
('ommenclng nt a post )>lauted on iho cast lino
of Un 812, two miles south of the southern
boundary of my Timber Liceme No. 10, Ihence
cast 41) chains, north 80 cha'ni, west 40 chains,
north 8(1 chains, wosl 40 chains, south HO chains,
chsI 40 chains, south 80 chains to place of commencement, containing tht acres, more or less.
April 8tb, 1907. P. LtJND.
Notice Is hereby given that 80 days after date 1
Intend to applv to the ��*0n. Ohlcl Commissioner
of Unds anil Works for a special license lo cut
and carry awny timber from the following deserlbod lands, situated on Corn Creek li the
lioat creek division In Southwest Kootonay, B C.
������A"���Comineuclng at post "V planted about
UP chalus west from southeast comer of Block
No   1006, and marked " ' . L Beekwlth by I  J.
Lucia, agent, northeait comer post." about two
chains north of the stream, then west IflO chains,
then 40 chalus sou h, ihen east 160 cbains, then
40 chains north to post uf eommeneement.
Dated March 6lh, 1907. W. L. Bacawmi,
by I. J. Lucia, Agent,
"B"���Commenolng at post"B" planted on the
south fork of Corn creek, abotitW chains from
where the slream empties into the Main stream,
marked "W. L. Beekwlth by I i Lucia, agent,
northeast corner poit," about throe chains treat
of stream, then 160 chains aouth, thou 40 chains
wu-i. ihen li*'1 'ii'iln* north, then 40 ohalus east
to iiolnt of comnieucemeut.
liatcd March 7th, 1007       _   W. L ��wkwith,
by I. J. I.i'cu, Agenl.
"O'MKimmeM-injr at post "0" planted 80
ohalus south of northwest eoruer of Block "B
marked "tf I. Beekwlth by >.*��� Luclft, airent.
northeast corner post," abont ten eliains west pf
stream northeast eorner, then IflO ehalns south,
then 4o chains west, tt.eu 160 ehaim north, then
40 chsini east 10 post U ''ommeneement
Dated Jtareh Sth. 1WT. W. L. Bkckwith,
Pioneer Fruit Grower of Simiikameen
Telle of Troublee and Him They
Were Overcome.
At a meeting of fruit growers held
recently ln Keremeoe Frank Kit-liter
gave an addreau detailing hia difficulties In connection with hla drat attempt
to mart an orchard ln the Simiikameen
valley yeara ago. Tbe place la now
owned by Mrs. K. Lowe and family. He
got his flrst trees from New Westminister, and had to pack them in with
horsea from Hope. Being anxious to gel
fruit at as early a date as was possible, he ordered four year old trees from
eight to ten feet high. Think of packing
such cumbersome things such a long
distance. The flrst night in bringing
the trecB home some of the hqrees
broke louse und whether or not that
they had "horse sense" enough to know
that they were carrying a lot of uae-
less wood, or horse feed was scarce,
they ate nearly all the limbs off the
trees. In due course they arrived home
and planted the remnants of the trees,
which were a sorry looking eight. When
the trees began to grow, Mr. Rlchter
began to congratulate himself that his
troubles were all over, but not so. Every
animal on the place seemed to have a
special spite, at these trees. If any of
the horsea or cattle got near, they Invariably made a dash at the trees, eating all they wanted and then breaking
down all they could. Even the hogs
when they got Into the orchrd amused
themselves by tearing off all the bark
they could from the trunks of the trees;
yet the trees made a good growth tha
flrst season. The next spring as Mr.
Rlchter was passing through the orchard he noticed a couple of trees toppled
over, and upon examination he found
lt to be the work of gophers that had
eaten the roots completely off of a number of the trees so tbat when a person
took hold of the top he could lift lt
right out of the ground. Yet, notwithstanding all those troubles, the major
part of the trees grew well and for a
great many yeara bave produced large
crops of excellent fruit. Mrs. Lowe's
Baldwin apples have earned a very enviable reputation, many people believing that they cannot be excelled elsewhere. Mr. Rlchter's next attempt was
on what ls known as the Lower Ranch,
ln Rlchter's pass, where Mr. and Mra.
Edward Rlchter now live. Here his
great trouble lay in tbe unfavorable predictions of bis friends, who all seemed
determined to make Mr. Rlcbter believe
that he was only throwing his money
and time away planting an orchard on
such gravelly and stony ground. But
in spite of all the "blue ruin" as seen
by his friends he kept right on. The
orchard, then planted, although on very
stony ground, baa been a great success
and Is producing every year an abundance of very line fruit, being especially well colored, the reason for the high
coloring ln Mr. Rlchter's opinion being
ao much lime In the soil. Hie last venture was where he now lives. Every
-person who visits this orchard can see
nt a glance that it la controlled by a
master band, and lf fbe visitor be lucky
enough to be there when the fruit Is
ripe he can get what may perhaps not
be equalled on the continent of North
America, that Is, tbe excellence of Mr.
Rlchter's Early Crawford peaches. Although this was Mr. Rlchter's first appearance before a public audience, be
made a very interesting and entertaining address and everybody was pleased.
But the Author Tried to Tell Part of tht
8tory With Pictures.
One could not tell all there is- to tell
about Semi-ready Tailoring. From the
book, "Dress and Address," one may
gain some clear Idea of the Semi-ready
tailoring system, about which so much
has been written.
The foreman of tbe Montreal Herald,
wbo printed the book, said, " If a man
ls not convinced by studying this book,
there may be something the matter wltb
the book; but if the same man has not
been benefitted by the study of some
Semi-ready book, there Is something tbe
matter with the man."
This ls the book which Is being given
away by J. A. Gilker.	
Tenders at a nominal figure are desired by the
Agricultural'and luduatiial aisoclatlon lor the
printing of tbe prize Hat ior the fruit fair thla
autumn. Tenderers must print according to the
une.'lfleaiiom which are with ttie secretary of
the asioeiatlon, muat give a bond lo complete
tho work by July it next, the advertising ratea
neing at tbe discretion of the.tenderer. All tenders muit be lent In sealed and will hv opened
ou Tuesday next at noou at the offloe of the
D. C. McMORRlH, Secretary.
A. M. Can. Soc. 0. E.
Mining Work a Specialty.
Office: Bealcy Building.   P. O. Bo>
Baker St.. NELSON, B. C.
Notice li hereby given that the Wattsburg
1 umber company baa applied to His Honor the
lieutenant tlovernor ln council, under lhe pro-
visions of the "Hirers and Streams Act," for the
right to Improve Kykerta creek, in the district of
Weit Kontenay. British Columbia, by removing
tbc obatruetlouH therefrom and straightening
the banki thereof, mid to construct dama, boi.nti,
slides and chutee, snd niakeaue-h other Imp* ove-
ment" ai may be teeessary for the driving and
raiting of 1o.ii* and thc tl liming of ttmbct thereon
The landi to be affected are govermeut landa and
lAttt'OtlMnri'2K, (ironpi, ���* oolenay distriet. and
the tolls that are propped tobcehatged, If any,
are such as mav he llxedbya judg.>of the county
court of West Kootenay
Dated this 27th *ay nf March, A, I). iwn.
Th* Stfathcona
Nelaon, B.O.
Reg. Geo. Webb, Prop.
The Leading Hotel in the
Qood    lamplt    Rooms.
Queen's Hotel
���aker Hieet, Kelion. I. O.
Lighted br Bleotiiolty and
Heated b7 Hot Air
Lane end Comfortable Bedroom, end Pint-
oleeamuln-K Room,  (temple Boome for Coauner-
eW Moa
MRS. I. G.CLAUKE. Proprletreee
Grand Central Hotel
Tale bote) Ism Itn. n completely renovated end
newly furuiehed with ell modern equlpmente.
Hot w.ter heetlnf ttirougliout.
RATES : Room., Ue. upward. ; meala 3M. i
epeelal ratee by tbe wee-.    ,
J. A. ERIOKSON, Proprietor
Telephone, 260.   Opposite Court House
ud Postoffice. Nelson. B. C.
Tf emont Hotise
Maali ��� ea. kmama ham ��� sts. M B
only wane MM* ftsplei**.
Bartlett   Hotise
SMI. W. BARTLm,      ,
Best Mar-a-Day Book is Nelson.
The Bar le the FUieet.
White Help Only Employed.
Joeepblne St
Helen. B. O.
Royal Hotel
Batea fl and 11.60 a Daj.
Special Batee to Regular Boarders.
Moet comfortable quarters ln Neleon
_ Only the beet of LIquore and lifera.
Reduced Rates
Atlantic Seaboard
Kootenay Points
Effective for Trans-Atlantic paaaen-
gera arriving on or subsequent to April
from points in Ontario, Quebec, Maritime provinces. St. Paul, Chicago, and
United States.
Send For Yotn Friends
Full  particulars   on    application  to
local agent or write
A.0.1*. ...VaneniiTer. D. P.A.. NeUop
Wholeeale and Retail Dealera In
Fresh and Salted Meats
Oanipe supplied on shortest notloe and
lowest prims. Nothing but fresh aud
wholesome meats and supples kept in stock
Mail orders receive careful attention.
A Snap
For a
Two Houses for $1200.00
���100.00 down���balanse $12 a month.
Inatructed by Loan company to make
qalck sals.    Call at ones sn
S. Me BRYDGES,    Imperial Bank .Block
Two of the Best Improved Ranches
With bearing orclmnls and running water on -each property.    Them properties can be purchased on reasonable terms if sold at once.
Choice Fruit
I Hit* 10,000 Aon
of thi
Orient Frait Laa* la
BrtUsli -Cftfamfcto.
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in om bloc*.
Buy now and get the ground floor -prices.
J. E. .ANNABLE,    -    Nelson, B. C.
Certificate of the Registration of An
Extra-Provincial Compiny.
"Companies Act, 1897."
I   '   ' '������
I HKhEBY ClKTirYUutt the "Krao ttlvn
Lead Mlnlog Company, Limited/' bai thii 6ay
been restitered u an txtra-rrovlneUl Compear
under tne "Comptnlei'i >ct, 1M7," to carry oat
ur effect all or auy ol the objects of the company
to wblch the legiilatlY�� authority of tht -Uglf-
Utuieot -ritiib Columbia extendi.
Thu he-id offlce of the oompany ii iltuate at
'"*��� leulx, Territory of Artiona, V.H.A.
The amount ot tbe capital of the company ii
three million doilari, divided into lU hundred
thousand ihnrei of Ove dollan eaeh.     **
The head office of tbe company in this provlnoe
Is iltuate at Kulo, and VV. K. Zwlcky, mining
engineer, whose addrcsi is Kaslo, B- C, Is the at
torney tor tbe company.
The time of the existence ol the company is
twenty-five years from the eighteenth day of
October, ltot.
i he company ts limited.
Given under my band and seal of office, Victoria, Province of British Columbia, this f3��d
���my of March, one thousand nine hundred and
Registrar of Joint Stock Companies
Tbe purposes for which this corporation ts
f riued are to buy, hold, !eate, sell, work, ex*
plore, develop ann operate mines ani saining
claims, and all kinds of mining property; to locate and procure pat>nts for mining elaims; to
buy, erect, construct, or otherwise acquire and
sell mills, smelters, concentrators or otner reduction plants, and to run and operate the seme
in the reduction of all kinds of ore, and the extraction of mint ral therefrom; to acquire la any
manner all kindi of real eitatc nectssarr for the
economical and expeditious operation of its mining and smelting and reduction business, and
other business incident thereto; to buy and sell
and otherwise acquire ai*d dispose of tny and
aU kinds of personal property, machinery, tonli
and merchandise, for the convenient and practical operation of its business ln any branch
thereof, and to tbat end to establish and conduct
stores and merchandising establishments, for the
purchase and uld ot all kindi of. oodi and merchandise; to acquire In any lawful manner telephone and telegraph lines and rights of way; to
operate and conduct mih lines In any manner
ueceaiary or convenient for the operation of Its
miuing and smelling aud reduction business or
any branch lucliluui thereto; to build,construct,
equip, operate and conduet railway aad tram
lines wheiever necessary an ������ convenient, to the
Croper operation-of lis said lines of business; to
ay and icll or otherwise acquire and dlspoee of
the stock of olher corporations which may In Its
judgment contribute to tho success of its operations, or which iu its Judgment may be for the
benefit nf Its stockholders, to acquire In any
manner ami to dUiKwc of water rights, ditches.
Hume?., pipe lines or otber aqueducts, which
may be necessary or convouient for supplying
water to the various plauut of the company, and
to acquire In any manner and to establish and
operate plants and lines for operating, heating
or lighting the property or plants ofthe company, aud to acquire in any lawful manner, and
to dlipn-M of tow unites, or any portion thereof,
aud to bold, operate, sell, and dispone of water,
llgntaud heat for the purpose of lighting, neat
lug or furnishing water to said townsite or
towniltcs, and each and every portion thereof,
and generally to do any and all things and to acquire and hold and diMpose of ali ki ds ol property, and to mausge, operate and conduct any
and sll kinds of plants and builneas which lu Ihe
oploto:i of the directors and stockholders may
be necessary for tho conveniens and successful
operation of Its buiineii as a mining sad smell
Ing and reduction company.
E. C. TRAVES, Manager.
In list- isirtttor nf ssn Attplicetlon for tbe lesueof
. dupllrftteof IheCerlihuerseuf Title ol Lote8ftn<t
4, Block it, 1..H 9. Hl.H-k �� ��nsl Ut 11. Rlouk 50,
Nelson t*itv (Mt.i�� -i.u mu.I *J6�� t )
Nsslis's* is isi'H-siy Htvs'n tlsst*. It Isi my Intention
In l..i>o e tlupIU-Rleof His* 1's.Ttllls'i.u, ot Title lor
the above loll et lbe isxplrHl Issss ssl one month setter
thoflntt publU-atlsit) hort'sslln Hit' ueraeofFreni
Jes'nl.v ensl mui r.shil whls'hi i-rtlDoete ol Title
1. suits 1 tlit- -tils (ley ut JttnustrT, 1AI7, eusl uumb-
c red 4*7..
��� II. F. M-cLKOD,
DUtrlct Heilstiesi.
Leusl R'-RlKlrv nmre, Neleon, B C
4Ui, April, HW7.
"Com-Mtilw Art, 1SS7."
Faovttte or Bum Oownou. \
a*, tit,
THIS 01 TO CMT1FT the! the "ColaaMt
Veil.*- Least Compeny," liaotliorfcod -ead Mm.
���___ to mot <w bneloeee within tke peonnee ol
BrltUh UolnMM, send to cerrjr ml or ���Coot sell
or eny ot, the objeeu ol the CoaMay to wkl'
the liileUthe enlhorliy
BrltUh cotnabte ���stehib
The heed oSee tl th* Coapeay ie i
the city of Winnipeg, prOTlneeofll-m
The .mount ol ihe capltMot the eeJd oom
U one hundred thouenddolMn.diTMtd
one thouMnaehnreeet e-nehni
The bend oAoe of the eomj
ell-oat* M
_. i-�����*
l nee la .Itnete ei ihe Clly 'otiffiwa'aa* JSmi
Wetmoro UunlMton, barrister, wfcees eot-di���
I. Neleon. B.C., Is the attorney lor the eoataeu.
Ulten under m, head end era! ae-oSeSal
Victoria, rrorlnoe of BrltUh Colombia, tlfi����
day ol February, one thousand nine huad red
|U a] " S. Y. WOOTTON,
Keftltrar ol Joint Stock Companlee.
. The objecu lor which Ub oompanr haa been
���eublubed end lloeneedare:
(a) Buying, ealUax, Issuing or dlepoelaa al
ooal mines, eoal aaa wood lendi, hnalat. truing and fruit landa aad timber Umlte, aad to
Work and develop tha -mme:
i�� To earry on iho builneee ot emigration
and colonisation agenu, make adnaeea to aaam
settler, oa laade purchased trom the eompaay,
and eeonra repayment ol snch adnnoae. with
lulere.t, o-jiu-b burnu and la auch manner by
way ol mortgage or agreement ae may ba mum-
ally agreed upon. .
(e.) To oarry on the business ol ranehlng,
breeding and selling and dealing In name,
horeee, eneep and other live stock;
(d.) To purcbeee, sell and deal la lumbar
wood, eoal, mlaeral, grain, provUloni, clothing'
aad general supplies:
(e.) To carry oa the Irade ae general merchant, and forwardere:
(t) To issue In payment of -any properly acquired by the company aharea ot tha capital
stock of the company ae fully paid na aad noa
assessable or olherwise:
(a) To carry on Ihe business of mannlaetnrani
aad dealera la power generatore and motor, ol
every description, to construct aad operate all
classes of vehicles, agricultural Implements, at-
cblnery, boau, steamera, barges end (irflee la
which the eald mototeara need; to eoeatraet aad.
operate boat Haae, aad to oarry on tha buslneee
ol aarrlara, cartage and parcel delivery; to own
aad operat* omnibus lfnee and vehicle*, .and
boau lor hire; lo eell, lease ud enpply ,ower.s
and to generate ana ecu, lease, and supply electn-'
city; lo own and operate electric piaau and generally to earry on any buaineaa Incidental to lha
aforeeeld purpoar. sand objecu of the company:
(h.) To purchase, taka or leaae. exchange or
otherwise acquire and dupoee ol aay laal *t
personal property and any rights and prlvlletce
which the oumpany may conelder neoeeeary for
the purpose-, ol their operatlona. and lo sell and
dupoee of any landa or otner real estate and personal property at any time owned or controlled
by the oompany, or any part thereof, or any -Mn-
trol therein or clalme thereon, end generally lo
do all auch things ea are IncMental or conducive
to the earning out ol the oblccu of Ibe eompaay
(I.) To become ebareholdere la anyaaktlgg
or propoeed -company and lo promote audasnUl
In promoting any company carrying oa a��tut>
neaa pertaining to the objecu lor whioh thu
oompany Is Incorporated and whioh atat T*��*��4
i marl*
neeful to thu eompaay, and to acquire, lake ever
aad operate the buaince of any euoh eeaapaay
or eompenlea, and to enter Into engageawaU for
sharing pro! Is, union ot Inlereet, Joint adven-
turee, reciprocal coneecaloee or othealae With
any peraon or company, aad taka or otherwise
-acquire and hotd shares aad eeenrltiee af snch
- ssmpany or companies
Notloe is hereby glren that Jas. H Goodenongh
'������ ��� "itinn under "������- -���*--���*
....    . ._, _���(���*���*����� Act,1M(V  -_.- 	
foi (he Whitewater Hotelat Whitewater, and that
has made applkal _ _
the "Liquor Llcencf Act, 1!
under tbe prorlsloMof
for a hot
s nieciiiig of the Board uf Licence Commissioners,
of UioAliHworth Liuenoe ��� lstrlct. wlllbebnlil
to consider such application, at the Kaslo Holol
at Kaslo, on Tuesday, the Hth April, i��n, at the
hun of eight o'clock In tht* afternoon.
Chiel tloenae Inspeotoi
Kelson, B.O.. Mth Muth, IM* ^^ The Daily Canadian
Miners' and All
Campers' Supplies
TENTS in aH sires and weights
UNDERWEAR  at all prices
From 8 to 12 Pounds.
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Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Offlce:   Toronto.
CAPITAL PAID UP... ,��4,73O,00O REST *4,7SO,0OO.
D. R. WILKIE, President. HON. ROBERT JAFFRAY. Vice-President
Branch*. In British Columbia:
Deposits re-reived and interest allowed nt highest   current rate from date of
s-penimr uf account, and compounded quarterlv
inBU��o^�� branch *J_   IVI.   LAY,   iManagsr.
The Royal Bank of Canada
Paid up Capital $3,900,000    Reserve Fund	
15 Branches in British Columbia.
A General Banking Business Transacted.
Deposits of $1.()0 and upwards received. Interest allowed thereon at highest current rate, and credited quarterly. Depositors are subject to no delay
whatever in the withdrawal uf the whole or any part of their deposits.
 Nelson Branch, G. A. SPINK, Manager.	
pQl-lUbed ilx d��j*B * weei t>j the
Baker St.,  Nelson, B. C.
ouoacrlptlon ratea, -i cent a m month delivered
in Llie cits or t&.OO a v..*ir If -.*nt by in&ll, when
paid ln advance.
Advertising ratea oa application.
Ail mon lea paid tn aettlement of The Dally
Canadian aecounta, either lor s u bit-rlpt lona or
advertising, must be receipted (or on thfl printed
forms ol the Company,   uther receipt's are r.ot
APRIL I*. 1-907.
The Colonial C< inference opened in
London today. The subjects discussed
and the conclusions reached on them
will not be officially communicated to
the public until the sessions of the conference are ovei. It is generally taken
for granted thut on this occasion the
subjects of discussion will be more lim
Ited than before. There are a great num
ber of minor matters which will un
doubtedly be discussed, such as unifoi
unity of copyright and patent laws, im
proved telegraph and postal communications and possibly improvement o(
bureaus  uf  information.
The question of naturalization may 01
may not come up. It ls one full of difficulties. At present there are several
classes whose members may have full
rights of citizenship in the British
Islands, but are debarred ln many of
the colonies. Australia, Now Zealand
and Natal have definitely declared
against the admission of the Chinese
and Japanese. Hritish Columbia has
tried to do the same but has bben pre
vented. The Chinese are a patient
race. It may be safe for some years yet
to exclude and affront them. But tt is
different with the Japanese, a proud, ag
gressive and warlike race with the
ability to assert and demonstrate theii
equality with the white races. More
over Japan is the political und militar.
ally of Great Britain. The advocates in
the colonies of "White Men's Countries'
are certain to resist any proposals for
concessions. Therefore any attempt to
secure or even approach uniformity of
naturalization laws will present a problem difficult enough of solution for the
highest Btatemanshlp in the Empire,
Theoretically, of course, all subjects of
the King should enjoy equal rights in
all parts of his dominions.
It ls unlikely that the question of
tariffs, which was so prominent and im
portant at the last conference, will be
even mentioned. The attitude of the
present government of Great Britain
precludes the hope of any form of mutual concessions being even considered.
At the laat conference Mr. Chamberlain,
representing the Mother Country, tried
earnestly to secure expressions of approval for the principle of mutual preference, but it waa foiled by the steady
resistance of Sir Wilfrid Laurier. Now
there will be no such suggestion from
any representative of Great Britain.
The only hope for its being even introduced lies with the Australian and New
Zealand delegates.
One subject, however, of paramount
importance is sure of a prominent
place on the programme of the conference. The question of naval defence
or the Empire and how it shall be provided for, Is one that cannot be further
deferred. It is grossly unfair to th-?
British tax payer and humiliating to
every self-respecting Britisher in or.y
part of Lhe Empire that ihe whole i up
den of supporting the navy is borne i y
the inhabitants of the British Islands.
There Is no doubt that the colonial premiers will be asked by representat. es
of the home government to declare
their viewa as to a fair and equitable
division of that burden.
The question that most deeply interests Canadians, of all that can conceivably arise at the Conference, is
'What answer will Sir Wilfrid Laurier
make to that question?"
Canada fs growing wealthy. She has
so far paid practically nothing for her
defence. We believe that the great i. a-
jority of British Canadians are heartily
ashamed of that circumstance and
would cheerfully support any scheme
which would enable us to remove the
Will Sir Wilfrid Laurier prove himself a self-respecting Britisher?
The news from the northern coast
that the Grand Trunk Paclflc railway
officials have practically abandoned all
appearances of working on the alleged
townsite of Prince Rupert will surprise
no one who has followed the career of
that company and knows its officials.
The company that undertakes to build
a railway, whether for a few miles or
across the continent, is not actuated
solely by patriotic or philanthropic motives.   It is a business undertaking, and
its conduct is regulated only by such
morality as prevails in the business
world of the  twentieth  century.
People are accustomed in western
Canada to manipulation of mutes,
branches, stations and termini, and. as
a rule, no attempt is made in either
Canada or the United States to attack
the corporations for obtaining money
under false pretences by selling terminal city property in places they intend all the time to abandon.
But the National Transcontinental
railway ,as lt is called, enjoys a relationship to the government of Canada
not enjoyed by any other. The country-
has pledged Itself, directly and indirectly, to the success of the road, in a sum
estimated by the late A. G. Blair at
$150,000,000. It Is true but of little Importance that Sir Wilfrid Laurier*s estimate was only $11^000,000, A company thus guaranteed against possible
loss���actually guaranteed dividends-
Is in a slightly different position from
others, and with the government aid
should go such efficient government
control as would prevent auy playing
with the rights of the people. Already
a lot of money is invested in Prince Rupert which will be thrown away if that
be not the terminal site.
But the salient point in the new development is that the company's action
verities the contentions made by the
Conservative party throughout the recent campaign. The first was that the
McBride government had safeguarded
the people's rights fn the matter of the
Kaien Island land grant more fully
than had ever been done before by Dominion or provincial government. The
company now admits this. They have
not enough monoply at Prince Rupert
to satisfy them, and think their servants, the Dominion government, will be
more  plfable.
The second contention was that there
was an alliance between the G. T. P.
company and the Ottawa machine, by
which the former was promised extensive privileges in return for a huge
contribution to the Liberal campaign
fund.. It is inconceivable that the officials of the company would attempt
the seizure of lands in the Indian reserve on Tsimpsean peninsula without
a promise of protection and support
from the Dominion government.
Mr. McBride has already refused to
obey the formal order of the Ottawa
cabinet to waive the reversionary rights
of the province in the Indian lands, and
provincial constables, acting under explicit orders from the attorney general's department, have forbidden trespass on those lands by the servants of
the G. T. P. company. It remains to
be seen how far the Ottawa machine
will dare to go in supporting a highhanded attempt at land-grabbing.
The future of Canada, especially Its
immediate development, has lately received attention from three men of
learning, Prof. Leacock of McCill, Attorney General Longley of Nova Scotia,
and Prof. Shortt of Queen's. Prof. Lea-
cocks' contribution was an after-dinner
speech, lurid in language and quite
wild in Its statements, and really containing no suggestion practical or impractical. Mr. Longley, who loves to
create sensations, advocated independence���also after dinner���and all the
other guests sang "Rule Brittannla"
But Adam Shortt, professor of political
science in Queen's university, Is not a
negligeable quantity . His article was
written deliberately and thoughtfully.
He discusses clearly and frankly all the
proposals that have been made, and his
conclusions is an amplification of the
last words on Empire by the late Lord
Salisbury-: let there be no haste, let
all parts of the Empire remain unfettered and unrestricted in their development, and let it be the aim of the statesmen of them all to remove all barriers
to mutual knowledge and co-operation,
that the ideals and the standards of al!
the parts may gradually be assimilated.
Dr. Hall is growing rapidly as a parliamentarian.  He has already attained
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Mirer King Howl.
such expert knowledge, and confidence
in it, that he is acknowledged���by himself���as an authority on the drafting of
legislation. He had no quarrel with
the Intention of the University Endowment bill, he did not even protest like
his leader that the grant was excessive,
but his legal mind was disgusted with
the slovenly drafting of the bill. Wait
till Dr. Hall drafts a bill of his own and
no doubt we shall have a perfect example of what such thfncs should be.
Mr. Cotton, we are told, is the one
brainy member of the McBride gov.-rn*
ment. Captain Tatlow used to enjoy
that distinction. Wfl have no doubht
thnt all will receive it in turn. But
who i�� 'h" <���"����� h-'-f- f""'iiber of the
opposition?   We give it up.
The chl^f nbstacrV to a settlement of
the threatening labor troubles In Alberta and East Kootenay is that the
miners have no confidence In the dominion department of labor. Has
any one? '	
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P. 0. Boi US    Phor<:6IB.
Notice ts hereby given that at a meeting of the
Board of License Comrnt-wloDer!, to be held after
the explr*tlon of 3) days, I li.'end to app t fnr a
transfer of my hotel lineaaae for the Grore hotel,
at Falrricw, to E G Borden
Notice ls hereby given that I will apply at tte
next meeting uf the Lleeaee ' lu.,���;,.---..���:..:- :'. r
the City of Nelson to bare the liquor licence o! lhe
titratheona Hotel tramferred from myself to
Reginald George Webb of the City of Nelson.
Dated thli9tti day of March, A. D, 19OT
Certificate of Improvements
"Argo" mineral claim, situated ln  the 8 ocan
City    Mining    Division    of    West   V ootenay
Wh��re lo"at��d: On 8prlnger Creek near the
Arlington Sawmill
Take Notice that I, Frank (.', Gresn. m'tini as
agent for the Arlington Mines', Limited' Free
Miner's Certificate No B4��06, Intend, lUty dnvs
from date hereof, toapply to t^e Mining R-K0HMZ
for a Certificate of Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a CTOWfl Grant <>f the above
And further take notice that action, under
section 37, must be cowmen ed before tbe
issuance of ancb Certificate of Improvement*.
Dated this 13th nay nf I ecembtr, 19W
F.Ciiuw, Kelson, B.C.
C��rtlf!cat*   of  Improvement?.
Rio Tente, Orinoco, tjueen Victoria fractional
and OrncH'o Fractional Mineral CUlflU. situate
in the Nelson Mining Division of W��st Kootenav
District '
Located on tjtieen Victoria Mountain, near
Beasley Siding.
Tate Notice thatl. Frank C Green acting as
agent for Michael Egan, Free Miner's Certificate
No. BMo,Intend, sixty 'lays Irom the tlate hereof,
to apply to the Mining Kecorder for Certlficatea
of Improvements, for the purpnte of obtaining
Crown Grant* of the above claims.
And further take notice that action, under
section 37, must he commenced before tbe
Issuance of such Certificates of Improvements.
Dated this 26th day of January, 1907
��   C   GRKKS. NKI.vS. H   <*
Certificate of Improvementi
"Portia," "Amos, ' "Kast Bide No. a" and "Bet-
tina Fractional" mineral claims, situated In
the Hloean City Mining Division oi West Kootenay District
Where located: At head of Springer Creek, near
tbe Arlington mine-
Take Notice that I, Frank C, Green, acting as
fgent lor the Arlington mines, Limited, Free
Miner's Certificate No. B46M, intend, sixty days
from the date hereof, to app y to the Mining Re
corder fora Certificate of improvements, for the
purposeolobtalning a Crown Grant of thc above
And( urther take notice that action, under
���ectiontr, must be commenced before the iuu
anoe of such Certificate of Improvementi.
Dated hii ��tta day m December, 1908.
r.C.Own, Nelson, B.C
I, the undersigned, after flO day* intend to apply to the Hou. tee Chief Commmlouernl Lands
and Works to purchase tbe following detcrlbed
land: Commenting at the N. E. ' of Lot 7M9
O, L, thence west 40 chains, ihence north 'JO
chaini. theuce east *> chains, tbenei south "JO
cbains to point of commencement, containing *>
acres moreor leas.
Located March t&th, 1307. VV. A. Mills.
Take notice tnat Mity days after date
I intend to apply to the Honorablt the Chiel
Commissioner ot Unds and Work* lor permis-
sion to purchase the following described land
situated in the West Kootenay district: Commencing at a point plauted at the southeast
corner of I-ot ta% on the south side of the West
Arm ol Kootenay lake, thence -sOchilm VMt to
southwest eornei of said lot, thence Ji chains
south, thence Ht chain* east, thenc* J) chains
north lo place of commencement, containing 1G0
April 2nd, 1507 Cham.0 Romar-OK,
per KavifT W. Robosok. Agent.
Notice is hereby given that go days atter date I
intend toapply to the Honorable tbe Chief Commissioner i-i Lands and Works for permission
to purchase about 175 acres of land, situate near
the Fend d'Oreille river, West Kootenay district,
and described aa follows: Commencing at a
post marked 0. K. Thomson's N. W. corner poit.
situated on the south boundarr and 30 chaini
from B. W post of Lot 7194, thence south about 70
chains, thence east about 25 chains to a point on
the west boundary and to chains from ri. W. post
of Lot 7741, thence north 70 chains and thence
weit tb chaini to the place of beginning.
-Bib March, 1907. D. K Thomok,
A, G. I .*>-���-. Agent.
Sixty days after date I intend to apply to tbe
Hou. Chief Commissioner of Lands tad Worki.
Victoria, B.C., to purchase the following described land, situated in >he West Kootenaydls-
trlct: Commencing at a post planted on tbc
weat side of Kootenay lake, near Rhinoceros
point, and marked J. McKtnnon's rf. E. corner
post, thence west tO chaini. tbeuce north 4o
chalm, thence east 80 chains more or lesa to lake
shore, theuce aloug lake ��� bore to point of commencement.
Signed J McKiskon.
Sixty days after date I inteud to apply to tbe
H-.n. the Chief CommUstcncr of Lauds and
Worki, Victoria, for permission to purchase 100
acres, more or less, situated ln West Kootenay
dlitrlet: Commencing at a post planted midway
on the nurth boundary pi Lnt 7011 and adjoining
S. W coruerof Lot BOM, theuce north 16 chaini,
thence west 40 chains, thence south 40 chaini,
thenc eeastW chalm, tbence nortb '14 chaini,
thence east ���*��������� v*.-*-,- to point of commencement
L-xated March Mth. IWC. 1. J. ft aslam.
rfixty days after date 1 Intend to apply to tbe
Hon. the Chief Comnji-��inner of Lauds anl
Works lo purchase the following described
lands: Commencing at a post plauteil on the
east side of Lemon Creek ai the mouth of the first
nortb fork and marked *'H.Cooper's southeast
eorner,'* running 80 cbains west, north 40chalns,
ea*��l ���**) chains, and eotttb 4o chains to place ot
Dated March BOtb, 1907. R GOOm,
J. T. Timsc, Agent.
Sixty days after date I intend to apply to the
Hon. tbe ('blef Commissioner of Lands and
Works to purchase the lollowlng described
lands: Commenclngat a post marked "L A.
Tlpping's southwest corner post" and planted
near H. D. Curti-'s land, about half mile from
Hloean City, running north 40 cbalni, eaat t)
chains, south 40 chains, weat M cbaina to place
of commencement
Dated March 14th, 1**7 L, A. Tit-ran,
J. T. TimKu, Agent,
Hixty days alter date I intend to anp;y to the
Hon. tbe Chief Commissioner of Lands attil
Work-s to purchaie the following deeerlbed Und
located in Fir**) Valley dlitrUt of Welt Kootenav:
Commencing ata post planted at (he b W corner
of John Bang' pre-Aruptinn, theuce Ci> chaiua
south, theuce 40 cbaina weat, theme 60 chalna
north, thence 40 chaiua east tc place id beginning.
RlCBAJtnKim, Locator.
J. J. Kelly, Agtnt.
Notice is herebj given that 60 days alter date I
intend to make application tothe r onorable the
Chle' Commissioner of Landl and Works, at Victoria for permission to purchase the following
desc ibcd.lands: Commenclnn a( a post planted
at the southeast corner of lot BH. group 1, thence
south 26 chains, thence east fio chains, thence
north at chaini-. theuce west 60 chains to point
of commencement, containing U&eoret, more or
Nelson, March _*7th, I*i7. Annib L, Want.
P. Wadi, Agent.
Notice fi herebv given tliat fio davs alter date 1
Intend loapply to the Hon lhe ('hief Commit*-
iloner of Unds and Works, Victoria, for -p^r
mission to purchaie tbe following described
land ; Commencing at a poel at the imerserlion
ol the south boundary of lot Um% and eait
boundary of "Golden t*uc.n" mineral claim,
(luuceeait IS^chaics, mor.'or lew, to south-
east corner post of lot MM, tbence north M
chains, mure nr less, to northeast corner pist of
lot .-��_���:<{, thence east 40 chains lo the southeast
comer port of lot i>4��. thence south 40 chalnt,
thence weit 60 chains, more or less to lhe east
boundary nt the "Golden Queen" mineral claim,
thence along east boundary 'loildiU QumE"
mlaeral claim to ptitnt of nom meneement, 10
chains, nmre or lets
Nelson, B.C., March 19,1907.
I'er Wm. iolunuton, Agent.
Slxtv days after date I Intend to apply to the
Hon. Chief Commlaaioner of Lands mid Worka
for permission to purchase the following de-
ic-ibe-i property at a post marked "G. M , h.K.
corner.' thence 40 chains nortb tnenee��chains
west, thence i0 chains south, thence 41) chalna
cast to pn ntof oommencement, a relocation ol
the abandoned pre-emption 7U) of W c Knapp
ard la 'he ea*d half of the northwest qimrter,
and Ic weat half of the northeaat ouarlcr of
VTtion 7, township 70 West Koolenay district, on
the weil inotl Of the lower Arrow lakes, containing l6o acrei, more or less.
m.ii* ii lat, m<7. gkoroe Milton,
M. R. McQl'ABRIl, Agent,
Sixty daya after dale I intend to apply to tbe
Hon, tbeCblef Commiasioner of Undaand Works
Victoria, B. C , to purehaae I'M acrea of land
altuate Id Fire Valley, West Kootenay. ana described as follows: '"-mmcnclngatthenortheast
corner of Lot 7815. an I running nnrth fio cbalm
thencecast 20 chaius, thence routb COchaiut
thence west 90 chains to place of beginning.
March tth, 1907. w \V BlUlW
J, K. AlQtABU, Agent.
Sixty days after date 1 Intend to apply lo tba
Hon. Chief Commissioner of Unds aud Work*.
Victoria, to purchase MQ acres of land in Writ
Kootenay, dcn-rlbcd al follows: Commeneing
eta post pUnted up Mosquito creeV, about eight
mllei from the month and marked I. Croat' H W
corner, theneo nort'. fio oba.ni, thence 40 chains
eaat, thence *> obalns iouth, thenee 40 ohalna
west to place of beginning
reb. l��th, 1907. K. (.rom.
The Hall Mining and Smeltin
Company, Limited.
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry Ores,
Slxtj days after date I luteud tn apply to tbe
Hou Chief CommlMloner of Unda and Works,
Victoria, B C��� to purchase t40 acres id land, lu
Fire Valley, described aa toi oat: ''omm'-ni jug
at a ; - -' planted j":.-.::.- west of tt alter Bull's
N- W corner and marked J W Holmes' Jr. S. E.
corner p. it, and running iouth i : - *,�� thence
weal-SO chaini. thence north -40 chain* thence
eaat 60 chains to place of beginning and being a
portion of Section 36, Townihlp 71, West Knot-
March 5th, 1907. J   Y.HMJtm,J)L
J. ��. APMabli. '��� -i** ���
Sixty daya after date I inteud to apply U the
Hon Chief CommlMloner of Lands and Worka
to purchase XX) acres of land in Flre Valley, Weal
Kootenav district and described af foilowa:
Commencing at a po��; marked J. K'a H. E
corner, and running north do chaini, thence
weat 40 chains, thence aoutb SO chains, thence
east 40 chains to place of beginning, and being
tbe west one-half of tbe 8. E. one quarter and
tbc eaat one-half of the 8. W one-quarter, and
the west one-hall of the N-E one-quarter and
the rast ���tie-half of the N. W. oitw-quarter of
Section 31. Township 71. �����. I.
March 30th, 1907. JoH* LSSUT.
Sixty dava afler date I Intend to apply to the
Hon (-blef Commiasioner of Undaand Works to
purchase (be following de-u-nbed land United
in Fire valley distrn l of West KooU-nav : Commencing at a post planted at the f�� K eonu r of
John Bangs'p-e-emptlon. the nee south KOchalna,
ihence weat 40 chains, theuce north BU chaiua,
theuce east 40 ehalni H plai ������ <d l>eginnlng, containing 8*0 acrea
located March Uth, 1907.
b  A   McI'HBe, Locator.
J. J Kklly. Agent
Sixty days after date 1 inteud to apply to lbe
Hnuorabie the Chief Commlaaioner of Undi aud
Work* for perwisaioo to purchase the following
deaeribed landa In Kootenay district: Commenclngat a poat marked J B- Annable's northeast corner poit, aald post being on the aoulh
tide of the Lower Arrow lake, about two mllei
below I-Juriou Ciiy; thenee south SO rhalua;
thence weit �� chains; thence iouth XI chaini;
ihence woat JO chalna; thence north II ehalni
aud JO Unka, more or leaa to. the lake abore;
thence easterly along lake 40 chalna, more or leM.
to the place of beginning, conuinlng 106 acr*
more or leas.
Dated tbla &th day of Novemsber, lWOfi.
J. B. ArpfABUt,
per K. L Brijarr. Ag.nt.
BUty dayi after date I intend M apply to the
Hon the Cblef Commissioner of Unds and
Works, \ Ictoria, to purchase MO aerea uf laud ln
West Kooteney.des. ril-ol *i follows: Commen-
'.ng at a -post planted about eight milea up
MosquKo creek and j..inlng E. Crosa' application
to purehaae, and marked C Iff S E. corner
thence north 80 chains, thence weat W) chain*,
thence aouth no chalm, theuce east so chains io
placeof beginning.
Feb-16th, I��J7. (*. Marshall,
60 dayi after date I intend to apply to the Hou.
Chief CommlMloner of Unda and Works, Victoria topurohaao lfio acres of land in Fire Valley
West Kootenay dlatrlct,and deM*rir��ed as followi:
Commencing at a postmarked W It Wright's
H. E. corner, and running north ko chalna, thenee
weat JSt chains, thence tooth B chalm. thence
eail a) chalna to place of beginning, and being
the w.*st om-ball ol it... N. E. quarter of Section
��, and the west hail of the S. t. one-quarter of
Section 8.- In Township "1 0. I.
March 30th, 1W7. w, H. Wm-iiiT.
Notice is hereby given that alxty daya afterdate
llntend to applv to the Hon Chief rominlaalon-
er of Lands and Works for the right lo purchase the following described landa: t!om-
mencing at a poit marked "M. .1 Cameron's
N -A corner post" planted al tbe 8.W. corner of
the K- and h. block, No. M, running eaat UO
ehalns; ihence sou li 1.0.0 feet, moreor less to
the (JR. Hue. thenee west lit) ehalna to the
Arrow Uke; thenc- north looo feet following
the ahore of the Arrow Uke to the point of com
Dated this llib day of February, 1907.
M   J. I'iHEftOH,
J- M. CAMEroN, Ageut.
B ity days alter date I inteud to apply to the
Chief (ommlssloner of Unda and Worka fnr
t-ernilsslon to purchase the following described
lauds lu koolenay District, about Ihret-quarteri
of mile from Thrum's siding: Comineuclng al a
poat placed at the S W. corner of I. OML group
1*1 WMt Kootenay District; thence weaterly
following the north boundary of L mtt* 4.
chains; thence north 10 chalna; Ihenco eaat 40
chalna, moreor   leaa, lotbe   N    W    cornei of
mT._-*u1,.o V1!1"1' f"ll''w*��f ��he weal bonndary
of UlUld   lo Qhtlni, more or less, to place of oom.
mencomeni. containing loaoret, mon or les..
Dated thla 6ih day of December, 1906.
Bi H. Ptrtti I-awator.
Notice Is berefcy given lhat Co days after date I
intend to apply lo the lion, the Chief Commit
iloner of l_ands am) Works Victoria, ll(" for
PermlMlon ti. purehaae the following described
lands in \\ est Kootenay dlstric: OmUDMOlU
at a posl plautetl at the aoulhwest corner I Im
7701 group 1 and niiiuln   20 chains to the south
MfiSfrW 7(?��� p^p ������tl"'"(i1" tut;J.
J direction SO chains, then north  ai chains
then weat *0 chains to point of commenime   .'
containing 40 acres mere or less.    iUU,eilw-meu^
Located Febrl'nry llth, 1907.
1'Hii.ir wadk, Locator.
���Sixty dayi after dale I Intend to apply to the
BoaJhtU Commissioner o( Unds ind Work,!
\icorla, to purchase 480 acres of land, Hi Flre
Valley, Weit Knoteuay.and desoribed M Ollowl.
(ommenclng ata poat planted at Walter l Vm\
northweat corner nnd marked A. B'l S V: corner
and running north m chains, theuce west ii
( he oa   thence aouth 6o chains, ihenee"      m
^BttW!'" To",h'p'"* r"Tir
J. g. Axiuu.1, AfettU    '
.Houm ll junto -dm ihm no iur lifter ,iat. i
Chi nss; Uii-iK., nortii *s,*i���,i���.;*��� ,,,.,'*'���: ��
"Jin*.. i��� pm,,, ,,i ��,i���,���,.,i,.������,., * ���;. "'.;!*'
��no acre, more or Itm. wraiwm8|
D��M UiIi litis my ol Mirrsli, lnm.
Ch .1 fomminlssnerol Uodi ..d'tJt
lorl.. lo mir.-h-ssj. MO mn. ,,l ,L ,SB
Kir, V.lly ������,| ^TjSfSwSS
...j M in fnSt���MTmatSSStm �� S
Tsmnehlp  s��  ,_J   m_rkej  5 l'  i*,"*^
Ihensse oorlh 10 cbilm: them-, .,,, I im
Ibenee eoulh Ucb.Hs.i mmSmJiaS
pUe�� ol beilnnlm. ���"�����!!]��
Nofember sard BM.
  '���*��� -wmiiui
Blitj i.��� arte, ,1.1,. , thum ���,,_,_,,
Ho*_<.r.l,le ibe Cblel Commw^ffiJ1'
Worki. Victoria, to porebue UniX
St""\?.*"v'0i."""*' Co��iinen._i_r|i,1J
e-1 J. U ��� N. K eorner ensi piKsrf ��� _,US,.
��� eet rornerol Ut 7SW. l,���m***,__\
���nil runnlni weel �� rb��l�� S, Mb
.h.ln,. tbensse cut �� ehtstiBU, atstw"
llienee north ��l.,����� the UiemkadSSfiSl
M.r.hllh.lWJ. ihu,^
1. K. ..>.,,.lifts
Hlilf ;l��j> alter slate I iss--a: *..-i;;,ss.��
Honssrable Ibe Chlel Commli-Issnrr oSUjou
Wodu. Vietoria to pun-hav la-wnai
In  Weat kssotenar. an,] ,1eh-nbesl ..:.,.
I omrnens-ltiK .1 ��� j.,..: plm^y 0p tt, tut ll
��� ���I Arr����� Uie al tbe ..sulb-sreils-sinuTs-1 U
��is,I marls-d "J   A. KI Svt. rorntr," I
ea.l U rhalni, throre wsath t> rhalni. L
Boat Ms. hain., Ihenee aouth V ehaiai tr l_
beUDer*. ;.r, ��� sn; *i..;, thenre writ 31   Sim
Patio site! ��� appll.-allontopiiirhaise.lhilurir
��� I, halt,  thenee weir JO rhalni te ..i-ia_
lls,*ni e north aloof the Jake Jhssre te pin
sotiim, -aaemeol.
Mareis l��h, 1W7. l.A.ta
rtlxty daya afterdate 1 Intend to at,p];ll
Hon the Chirl Commluloner ol lei-hs
Worki. victoria to puichaie the (olloiui
.'Tll*,l land: i ���:::-'.��� sS'S-.sb at a I" tA.
*-! H'lil W. corner.ansl planted near urn
weitroroer el Lot M12, about s-ue nli,rM<
Plocsan river, and runnlni rail ai _i
Wl. thence norih eocbalm. thence i-ste-kiiM
tlitisi-e lonth 10 chaini lo pile*Iik '
Mar, h Kb, 1907. XsJ.lwl,
Buty 'Sn, alter date I Intenslloiwlial
Honorable the Cblel Commissioner ss! Laaiis
Worka, % lclorla, lo purehaae the Mi
deacrlbed landi In well Ks*steM)s 413
' ��� : ��� :n.* at a poat planted at the a E a
ol Wm ljivett'i porcb-ue I'm. "J ���*
"K. M. Pi N E eorner," and rnonlnck
chalna. thenee weat 40 rhalni. Hear* ��
rhalnss. tlsenc, eaal �� chaini to place a I
Blng atsd conlalislni 340 aerea.
anh 5lh,19��n.
J.I   I.smsu.SisE
Sixty da-ri alter date I intend to ipplll
Hon theClsselCommlMloii'-rislUnJfiDi
Victoria, to hurehaie 640 acre! ol lind 11
Kss-stenay dlatrlet: C'ommeoelnit it l
planted about Iratlee Irom the mouth I
siisttos-re.k and abont on. mile -we-.t ol sl
creek and murlcd -H. H. K'll.W conn
running north 80 rhalni. thence eail 111
theliee iouth ��� chaiua, ihence wtat Mrl-
plaee ol bcxlunlna.
March llth,
11. H��
J.E AJ51ILI. *l*
PUD* -l��x. aller ilale I InU-nsl lo y_'
Hon. lhe Ch el ColnnilMlsmsr ssl Usl
Worka, Viciorla. to purcha��e SSI isrrt��i"
Weal Kootonay, deeerlbed ai toltnjfij
sss- si, is:,- ,t ��� poat planted alsosss ,m
M.s- , s *. Creek Irom the mnulb ��4*J
���*A li." N W. ,-orner, tbraei IMla 1J
then,-, e-aat 40 chllni, thence iis"'l *"
theme *,schalnss wet to ,.,.'���'��� <���! I">ilut,a*,
February H)lh,lW7. ��"I**
J. E. AKNUU. ttl
���sixty dav, alter' da'i I Intend ns '!_]
Hon -he Chlel Cotntnl-.il,user el __
Worki. Victoria, to purehaae Mnirrtnl"
Wen Knolenay, sli-aertbe 1 aa lcll��",:
meiielntr ata port-markesl **l'. B' ���***_,
and 1*111, at tl��� N.W. corner til t ���
applleutlisn lo purehaae wlils'h li >��"",',
Up Mi,��|iiito Creek  Irsim lhe moll)[J
nln�� no chaini K.nlh. thei  �� '.�����'���,
iliesi.-e use; alna norih, thence K f"IUP
^to__L-_B!B"!t. p ttt
February 16th, l*n.
1. K. A
81��tr dayi alter date 1 Intensl lo IPR
Honorable the Chlel CominliilssnerolW
Worka, Violotla, lo purcbau* m WP1
located on lhe welt ilde ol Atrow H""*
de crllKsl al lollowi: Commenelni ���' ]
markcsl I*. A*i N. E.corner, an'l PUIcSil
no-th ol the louthweit corner ,sl I"___\
l.Weil Koo-euay, and runnln|K��1��S|
theneo weat �� chain-, thence Mrt�� "
lbence eait�� rhalni lo place ol '"(.'""'J,
Mareh llth, U07. .' ,.,.t
J. K ahwiili,-1'"
Plxtydayi alter date I Intend loa**J
IIssnorable Ihe Chlel Commliisl'siii'"*; **jju
Worki lor ps-rmlinlon to rsiircliaic IBJJJJ
deicrlbed land In Weat Kontenay: '.__,,_,
al a not about one andiqiiaru'" "t'j
Hatulino laudlne, and marked Belli ,
| t. corner, Ihence norlh B chain ��� JJJ
M chalna. Ihcnce mulh �� ehalni, thew
chaini to polut ol eomraenceins'in        _u
Mnrch -rind, mil. (Hline.l) BMW "H
Koiurr BoWlW's'Sa
Sixty diyi alter dale I intend ___��
Honorable lhe Chlel Coninil.->l"iie;'',o|,i
Worka lor permlulon to purchase !*___
sleaerlbe.l land In Woil Kooienav: ��%,
at a poit planted on lhe nnrlh ��""'.",rJ
creek, ahout three siuirlerinl a isiiis ' . _i
ol crock, and marked Era """{-J-jM
thence north ���10 chalm. Ihens-s
thenee iouth 30 chai ���*. theiss-e .
Man-h and, 1107. _'*"*l���.
Ron.ni RohimO"'
Sixty slay, aller ilale 1 laltxti *$_%_
Hon lho Chlel ComniHaloni-r ��'__f_
"orki lor nermlialon to purena'f __0_\
deicrlhesl lausl lu Well KootOJIfl VJki
at a poit punted on lhe iouth ____M
��� reek, nlolit ��� ne mile Irom moiitl ��� r�� ,l��
maeked -*K. Koblnaoll'i >�� ''. ffi, M
iouth HO i-hilni. thonce cs.s-t l" '"���1���.il��
north sn chaini, Ihenco weil 40< "*'"
cssissnsi-nsctnelil. _,
ii��h��,m(_i_rt ,,__,.��** Ipecial for Camp and Hotel Use
Heavy Hams
ie Very Best of Canadian Goods
\ Burns & Co., Ltd.
Nelson, Kaalo, Rossland and Boundary.
itioethal thirty ila'ys alter detuI m
iph tn ill'- "uii ntiol ('ommlssKmcr of
i| \\urka at Victor In, fi. 0., (or a apeclal
cut and carrv awny umber from tlie
deicrlbed Undi In Alnsworth division:
icing Ht " poit ni-it Li-t -i 'Iiuh K. WnhiiH-
bweit i* ������' theuce north 80 cbaina,
Kt kii cnalm. thence aouth 88 cbaina,
.. uichniiin to point of com me nee ment,
iniHieil ou the eaat aide of
milea aouth of tne I.ar
creek, ai.
ut t]
Li March Bth, 1W7.
Ciui. K. Walhiliy, Locator.
1'. Hhrhan, Agent,
imenclog at a poit marked Chai. K
y> nortbweit post, thenoe aouth ���**���
���tht-iiee eaal no cIikIun, theno north mi
ience went M rliains to point of rom-
nt, the ���!��� ��� Inml being situate on lhe
of Cascade ereek, about 3?*j milea aoutb
iMareh'Mth, 1907,
(iui. ��. Wamhliy. Locator,
]'. Hhiram, Agent.
lioeni-ltii;   at   a   poat   market] Che*. F.
utliweM   poat,  tbence muth 80
Ihenci; eait so chalm, tbeuce nortb l'l
jeuce well 80 chalna to polntof com-
ii,*  '. ��� ���*��� I land  being altuate on the
Be' *,*,-,*. :��� creek, about 4% mllei loutb
��u river.
1 March Iith, 1*>7.
Ciu* ��. Wilms lit. Locator,
Y -urras, Agent.
j ��ivt.-n that thh tv  daya after
Iti-I t�� apply to thfl Hon. tbe Chief Com-
ot   Uii'l"   aii<l  Worka,   at  Victoria,
and carry  away tlm-
���Jhe fnli.     ��� ��� rll��*'l lamia  In  Weat
, ihai ia to aay:   Comiueuclug   at a
ii[.--l  -tn i liuliin eaat of  ihu   northeaat
7 block  Hi,   (poit marked 812  K    S,}
fining eaat 80 ciihIun, thonce nouth 80
ence ��eit ho chalna. thence north 80
loeatiou pout Ko. 1, containing Mo
Bam), moreor lilt.
��� at Creiton, B ('., thin '22nd ilny of March,
'.an. HuacRorr,
nolle,- iiIKt I  Intend, ihlny daya  alter
���applj lothe Bonorable the chief Con*
���er   of   I.kii i-   mnl   Works tor   a  speHal
���o cut and earn away tin ber from the
Jnn ileacrlbed Unda, situated on Handy
���lu Weit Kooteimy district: Commencing
pi planted on lhe wi-it side, of iald creek,
krkei "J. p, HV northwest comer; thenee
���g aouth eighty chalna; l ue nee eaal eighty
���, thence north eighty {hains; thenee weit
11.mn- lo place of commencement,
3 l,lf" 19th day of February, 1K07,
hereby given that Su dan Ufter date
��� apply to the Honorable tho Chief
Der of Unda and Worki, Victoria, for
���eme toeut and carry away timber
allowing deaorlbed piece of land in
mar dlatrlct: ( om incite lug Rt a poit
���haltin Irom the eaal shorn ol Cpper
Kiel adjoining block BM on the aouth
���>t "('hau. hill's" northweit corner,
tii M) iIimIub, thenee eaat 80 cbaina,
th mi ehalna, thence weal 80 chalna to
a Ui, dayof March, 1207.
  Cha*   KHL
l iHTeby given ibat thirty days aftor
nd lo make application to the Honor-
Lommlttloow of Landa and Worka at
�� ' -, Inr a ipeclal license toeut and
y timber (nun the followlug deaorlbed
'eat Kootenay district:
icing at a poit planted about two milea
arter up a inutlteru tributary ol tbe
rivet, on the creek commonly
Ier ereek, and a -jimMer ol a mile
1   marked   A.  L. Htcwnrt'a
"t, ihence north 80 chaiua.
���i ao chalui' ihenco aonth ��o chalna,
Bl BOchalm to plaM oi commencement.
|t dayof April, 1907.
A I,. ggWAWj Locator.
��� hereDyaUen tnetSOdaya alter date I
���apply b, the Honorable tbeCnlel Com-
of   Landa and   Worki for a  ipeclal
eul snd carry away tlmher from tho
deacrlbed lands In Weat Kootenay dls-
p'dtig at a posi planted about two and
mile* up mouthers tributary of tho
.��" river, <m the creek commonly
i��uHer .reek, and about a quarter of
i the Forks, ana marked A.L Hie wart's
'Ui.-r poit, thenee south 180 chains,
'i y'lutiiih. theme nortii 160 chalna,
w i'hnitis to placu of commencement.
I'M day of April, 1807,
 -V j^gTiWART, Locator.
hereby given that HO .lays after dale l"
ppply to iho Honorable the (hief Com-
'*' Undi and Worka lor a apeclal
and carry timber from the follow-
1 landi. HtuatOd iii the valley of
*eK, com inenelng 8;% mllei north ol
.nml boundary line, joining tho
Vi, .T1 "-"jeppard Kailwny Company'*
it lu lhe distriet of Weat K..otenay:
uiiiiienciiig at�� pen planted at the
'nur of A. D. Christie's pre-emption,
iHiiiHNiniib .long.ihn eaat  bound-
���WMMLiea pre-einptiuu,  thenco eaat
w nelion and Fort  Hheppnrd survev
..., u"rUl *' t'lialna, theuco  weat ICO
"0 h -to chains, thence eaat 40
i commencement.
Mrd.lWl,      J. p. Bwinnano.
icing al ii pwit plauted ut tho
. k   ,\w'\\MTi N��>. 1 on the eaal
���i a. i>. i.hrlatle'a pre-emption,
n�� iouth along ihe eaat bound-
rab-nom preemption, thonce
the Nelion and Fort Bheppard
ehulns, north, thence 40
,   IH07.
J. P. Bwnpww, Locator
wthat thirty dayaafterdate I Intend
u- '���.'"",!''�� Chiel Commlaaioner ol
���'*����� al \ ictoria, R. C, for a Bpeclal
Idi �� ,n   . !'ftrr>' *W*9 timber from tho
��� , J ,"   l'lll(,,'lu Woat Kootenay:
���l,,.��at    ,,f,Bl PyihtW 'aiO ohalna weat
,...-,.' corner of Lot U9, und at the
wrner of Lot 7786,  thence eaat ao
nen ',"      *l} c,ialn��, thenco eaat 40
,,.,���   "",'" w chatna, thenco ea<t ��0
ii....       .. ���?*Mlnii thonoe weit 120
ulo -wtiUi 40 ehalna to plaee ot rom-
���' "ntanuiig 640 acrea moro or leaa.
F^li'Jtli.lW, pn��l.WDl
^__ Locator
U8..,!'"1.!*.? JL1?���. ��'��t thirty dayi alter
lonorablethe Chief
Vorka, Victoria, for
len, ii J Pllm Ulul thirty daya altor
RnerSfWJ0 thti """oralJle the Chief
ft' h. ',,hfflftt!. Work��' Victoria, for
ilea dmJ&Si Var7 *WV timber from
P'nn deicrlbed landl In \Ccat Kootenay
'-ommenclng at
Vr h   tffiSfJ V1?10" WM*, tbence <t>
arch 8th, IM7. g"
Wiluah VVat.��aLgYl Ucator.
I No   2_Pnm*a   '���oB��iUK, Agent.
_M*ni\t JmBPS?!, at,f���P����t ��b01It
f Arm it Km,.-.Vp   ille Mll�� uroek' nn
frtlwiiSifSWa rlv��r- *at\ marked
t��t,an3MW 8V,ul1' ntntat 160
-ana -iochalna north to polntof be-
* March 8lh, 1907
WILLIAMI W*U|g|.W, Lowlof.
P. Bh��_uh, Ageut.
Take notloe that to dayi after datalinUndfc
applv tothe Hon the OhUt Cominiailuner o(
Undi and Work*, Victoria, for u apecUl licence
to cut and carry away limber from the foibiwing
deacr.brd laud, In Weat Root-nay: Coinuieneiuir
at a poat planted al Kokanee Hiding, on Hand
Polljt, on touth tide Weat Arm of Kootenay
river about IK milea eaat of Nelaon, M C , marked
"X F Walmaley'i VK. enrner poat," thence W)
ehaim iouth, thfnee 80 chalna weat, ihence 80
ehalna norih, thenoDO chaiua to point of commencement, containing 140 acrea, more or leai.
Located March 16th, IW7.
Cbai, P. Walhrliy,
P. Hhcran, Agent.
Take notice tbat llntend thirty daya afterdate
to apply ti the Hon. the Chief Commlaaioner of
I.enda and Woika lor a apeclal liceuie toeut ami
tarry away timber Irom tho lollowlng described
lauda. altuated eaat of Dog ereek, In the dlatrlct
of Weat Koottntjf I Commenciug at a poat marked "The Boundary LumherCompauy'a northweat
corner poal " plantad about a mile eaat of the
Columbia aud Weatern railroad, and about three
milea aoulh nf tbe Big Tunnel, thence 4ft chalna
aouth, tbenoe 60 chalna eaat, thence 40 chalna
aouth. thence 100 chaloi eaat, tbence 40 cbaina
north, tbence 80 cbaina weit, thence 40 chalna
north, tbence SO chaini weit to polntof com-
Dated Ith March, 1007. J Gmixi,
Agent for The Boundary Lumber Co.
Tate notice tbat 1 Intend thirty dayi after date
toapply to tbe Hon the Cblef CommUaloner of
Undaand Worka for a ipeclal licenae toeut and
carry awav timber from the following deaeribed
landa, altuated on Dog creek, in Weet Kootenay
dlatrlct; Commencing at a poat planted on ibe
eaat ilde of the Columbia and Waiteru railroad,
od or about ten chalna eaat, and marked "The
Bonndary Lumber company'a poat," and about
a mile and a hall aouth of tbc Rig Tunnel, the
in rth weat corner, thence running aouth IW
cbaina, Ihence eaat 40 chaiua, tbence north 160
chalna, thence weat 40 chatna to place of commenoement.
Dated March 4th, 1907. J Ubtilli.
Take notice that I lutend, tblrtv daya after
date, to apply to the Hon the Chief Commlaaioner ol-Landa and Worka for a ipeclal licenae to ent
an* carry away timber fiom the following de-
acrtbed landa, altuated on Handy creek, in Weat
Kootenay dlatrlct: Commencing at a poit planted on the weit ilde ol Handy creek and called
J. P. H'i louthweit corner poat, tbence running
uaat 8o cbalni, thence nortb 40 ehalna, tbence
weet #o chalna, thence north 8U chalna, thence
weat 40 chaiua, thence aoulh 1'JO chalna to place
of commencement.
Dated thla 9th day of Mareh, 1907.
J. P. BwiEDBatG, Locator.
Notice la hereby glren that 80 daya alter aate I
Intend to applr to the Honorable the Chief Commlaaioner of Landa and Worka for a apeclal
licenae to cut and carry away timber from the
followlna deacrlbed landa altuated on the weat
aide of Big Sheep Creek W.Icy : Commencing
about three and a half milea north of the International boundary line and about one and a
hall mllei weat of tbe Nelaon and Port Sbeppard
Railway compauy'a laud grant In tbe dlatrlct of
W'eil Kootenay:
No. 1 - Commencing at a poat planted two
milea weat of Big Hheep creek, known aa tbe
aouthweat corner poat, joining J. R. Cranaton'i
timber claim No. I, claiming SO rhalni nortb,
thence 80 chalna eaat, thence 80 chalna aoutb,
thence 80chalna weat io polntof commencement.
Located March Mat, 1907.
No 2.���Commencing at a poat planted at tbe
aoutbweat corner of loeatiou No. 1, known aa tbe
northweat corner poitof location No, '2, claiming
80 chatna south, tbence 80 chains eaet. then e 80
chalna nortb, tbence 80 chaini west to point of
Located March 21st, 1907.
No. 8 ���Commencing at a post placed balf a
mile west of loeatiou No. 'I, known aa the aoutheast corner, claiming 80 chalna north, tbence 80
chalna weat, thence 80 chaiua aouth, thence 80
cbaina eaat to point of commencement.
No, 4.���Commencing at a poat planted at the
aoutheast corner ol location No 3, known aa the
northeaat corner, claiming IfW chains south,
thenre W cbaina weat, ihence '80 chalna nnrth,
tlience40chaloi east to point of commencement.
Locoted March '_Ut, 1907
J. P. BwBDHiao, Locator.
K. T. KsitKi.nK.iaN, Agent-
Notlco la hereby given that 80 daya Trom date
llntend loapply to tbe Hon Chief Commlaaioner
of Landa and works for a apeclal licenae to cut
and carry away timber from tho following described lands in West Kootonay dlstrlvt;
Commeuelng at a post planted on the north
bank of 10 Mile ereek, about one mile and a balf
from Hloean lake, marked K Strand's northwest
corner poat. thence eaat 160 cbains, thence aouth
40 chains, tnence west 160 chalna, tbence north
40 chalna to point of commencement.
Dated thia 'ilat day ot March. 1907.
E. Htrano, Locator.
Notice Is hereby siren that 80 daya atler date 1
intend to apply to the Honorable the Chief Commlaaioner of Lands and Works, Victoria, for a
ipeclal lleenae to cut and ca*ry away timber
Irom the following deacrlbed land in Weat Kootenay :
Commencing at a post planted about eight
miles from the mouth of Ooat creek, and where
it Hows Into thc Slocan river and about alx
chaiua from tho creek upon the muth bank, and
joining C. H. Hlttle'a location on tbe weat line
and marked P. Itatle'a southeast corner poat,
theuce west 160 ehalna, theuce north 40 chains,
thence Mtt tfio ehalna, thence aoutb to chains to
point o( eommeucement. *
Located March '28th, 1WI7-
.    per c  B, Hittlk, Agent.
Notiee in hereby given Mint :tti itays alter date I
Intend lo apply to tlte Honorable the Chief Com-
mlssloner of Landl and Works, Victoria, for a
special license to i ut and carrv away timber from
the following deacrlbed land In Weal Kootenay :
< ommenclng at a post planted about alx milea
from tbe moutii OfQORlOwk and where it (lows
Into Slocan river, and abont 18 0b a ini (rom the
creek, upon the south bank and marled C B.
Hlttle'a southeast corner post, thence weat 180
chain*, thence nortb 40 chains, tbence cast 160
chalna, thence aouth 40 chains to polut ol com
C. B. HlT'l.K, Loealor.
Notice is hereby glveu that thirty daya alter
dato 1 Intend to apply to the Hon the Chlel
Commissioner of LmidN nud Works, at \ Ictotjn,
ior aapnoial license to out mid carry iiway timber
trom the following described land* in West
Koolenay, that Is lo say: 'ommenclng at
Huacroft s and Hchcrnierhorn's post No H,
ruuning thence cast 8it chalna, Ihcnce south 80
chalna, tlience west 80 ebalus, thence nortb So
cbaina to point of commeuctmeut post No. 8,
containing 640 acres of land, more or loss.
Dated at Creiton, B.C., this 32nd day of March,
A.D-, 1007.
Geo. HrsntoFT,
Notice la hereby given that thirty days altor
date I intend to atomy tothe Hon. the Chief Con.
mlssloner of Lands nnd Works, at \ Ictoria,
for a special license toeut and carry away timber
from lhe following describe I lands in Woit
Kootenay, tbat Is to aay: Commencing at a
pdntSOuhalnsoast of the northweat corner ol
lluacro't and Bchermerhorn's post No. l, running aouth 40 chains to post No K, thenco
e.iHt80 chains, thenco north 80 chalna, thence
we��t 80 Chains, thenco south K0 chains to place 01
commencement poit No. 9, containing 640 acres,
more or less. , *    . w ������w
Dated at Creston, B.C., this Mod drfy of March,
AD * """ ������ Hflis-Korr,
The Daily Canadian
Notice ia hereby given that 80 daya after date I
Intend to appU to the Hon. the Chief Commie-
!��D?r.�� ,Ull*i ,nd WMki,at Victoria, for a
soecla lleenae to eut and carry a-ay timber
trSJti       ,ollowin�� described lauds ln Vale die-
��h1I?;1,~C.omJlie"l',f,^-ftt�� P0-1 Pl"t*d abont 10
chains east of main lCettle river and about oue
ma* m7u "*!���*"��� jonb of C, P R. Block No.
msi, and marked Bouudary Lumber Co'a B K
oornar poll No. 1. thence 80 chains n-��rth, thenee
H0 chains west, thence 88 cbaina aouth, thence 80
chalus cut io the point ol commencement.
Dated Mar- b 22nd, 19U7.
i.hI?:!'"',?mimen.l!!nJ "l * P0'1 Pl*n,��d about 10
chains east ol main Kettle rlrer about 80 chains
north of Boundary Lumber Co's Location No. 1,
and marled Boundary Lumber Co's 8, at. corner
post so.% thence 80 chains north, tbence ��o
cha na west, thence 80 chalna south, thence 80
chai na eaat to the point of commencement.
Dated 22nd March, 1907.
No. I.���Commencing at a poat planted about W
cha na eaat of main Kettle river and about W
chains north of Houndary Lumber Co's location
poat No 2, and marked Boundary Lumber Co'a
��. K. eorner posi No. ��, thanee 80 chains north,
Ihenee N chains west, Ihc-cn 80 chains soutb,
thence iw chains east to the point of e .mmeuce-
Dated March 22nd, 1K07.
No, l.-Commcueing at a post plauied about
lo chaiua easl of Llie main Kettle river and about
H" ebalna north of Boundary Lumber Co'* location post No H, and marked Boundary Lumber
Cob rt if. corner post No 4, thanee 80 chains
norih, thence 80 chains west, thonco w chains
south, theoce 80 chain- eaat to the point of commencement.
Dated March 22nd, 1907.
No 6-Commencing at a poat planlcd about
15 * liHlm east of main Kettle riverand about
two miles north, more or luaa, of Boundary Lumber . o'i Location No. 4, and marked Boundary
Lumber Co's 8 K. corner post No. 6, tlience 80
chaiua north, tbence 80 chains west, thence 80
chains aouth. thence 80 chaiua eaet to the point
of commencement.
Dated March 28rd, 1907.
No. fl-Commencing at a post planted about 26
chains east ol main kettle river on C P. R. line
bloca No. 2714, and about 80 chains north of
Boundary Lumber Co's location post No. 6, and
marked Boundary Lumber Co's B. F. corner post
No. 0, tbence 80 cbains north, following C. P B.
Una block No 2714, thence (Wchalns west, thence
80 chains aoutb. theuce 8u chains eaat to the
point of com meneement. *
Dated March *ird, 1907,
No. 7.���Commencing at a poat planted about
IB ehalna west of the main Kettle rlrer on C Y.K.
line bl* ok No. 2714, and about 80 cbaina north of
Boundnry Lumber Co'a location poat No. fl, and
maiked Boundary Lumber Co's S. E. corner post
No. 7, thenee 160 chains north, following C, P. R
Hoe block No. 2714, tbence 40 cbaina weat, thence
IflO chains south, tbence 40 chains eaat to the
point of commencement.
Dated March 23rd, 1907,
No. 8 -Commencing at a poit planted about
20 chatna weet from rtrer bank and about 3 mllei
south, more ar leu. of the last eaat branch ofthe
eaat fork of the main Kettle rlrer or about 18
mt'es north, more or leas, of C. P. ft. Block No.
2714, on east fork of Kettle river, marked Boundary Lumber Co'a N W corner poat No 8, thence
80 chalna eaat, theme ,+> chains south, thence to
chalna west, theoce a i chalna north to tbe point
Dated March 25th, 1907.
No. 9.���Commencing at a poet planted about
20 chains west from rlrer bank, on the eaat fork
of Kettle rlrer, and about 80 chains aouth of
Boundary Lumber Co'a location poet No 8, and
marked Bouudary Lumber Co's N. W. corner
poat No. 9, thenee BO chains east, thenc BO chains
south, tbence Ml chains west, thence 80 chains
north to the point of commencement.
Dated March 26th, 1907.
No. JD --Commencing at a poit planted about
�� chains weal from rlrer bank on the eait fork
of Kettle river, and about 80 chalna aoutb of
Houndary Lumbar Co's location poet No-9, and
marked Boundary Lumber Co's N. W. corner
post No-10, thence BU cbalne east, tbence 80
cbains south, tbence 80 chaini west, tbence 80
chains north to the poi nt of commencement.
Dated Mareh '25th, 1907.
No. 11.���Commencing at a post planted about
15 chains weat from rtrer bank on tbe eaat fork
of Kettle rirar, and about 80 chains south of
Boundary Lumber Co's location post Ne. 10, and
marked Bouudary LumberCo'a N.W corner poat
No. 11, thence 80 chains east, tbence 80 chains
���outh, tbence 80 chains wet, thence 80 chains
north to tbe point ol commencement.
Dated March 25th, 1907.
No, 12.-Commenclng at a poet planted about 12
chalna weat from river bank an the eaat firk of
Ke tie rlrer, and about 80 cbains south of
Boundary Lumber Co'i location post No. 11, and
mat ked Boundary Lumber Co'a N. W. corner
po*t No. 12, thence 80 chalus east, thence 80
chains iouth, thence 80 chalna west, thenca to
north to the point of commencement.
Dated March mtb, 1907.
No. 13.���Commencing at a post planted about
12 chains west from river bank on tbe eaat fork
of Kettle river, and about B0 chains aonth of
Boundary Lumber Co's location post No. 12, and
marked Bouudary Lumber Co'a N W. corner
p et So. 13, thenoe 80 chains eaat, lbence 80
chalne toutb, thence 80 chains west, ihence 80
chains north to the point of commencement.
Dated March 25th, 1907.
Uo. 14.���Commencing at a post planted about
10 cbains w st from rlrer bank on the east fork
nf Kettle rlrer, and about 80 chatna aouth of
Boundarr Lumber Co'a location post No-13, and
marked Boundary LumberCo'a N W. corner poet
No. 14, tbence B0 chalna east, tbence B0 ehalns
south, thence 80 chalne west, theuce 80 chains
nortb to the point of commencement.
Dated March 35th. 1907.
No. 15,���Commencing at a post planted about
10 chains west irom river bank on theeast fork
of Kettle rlrer, and about 80 chains south ol
Boundary Lumber Co's poat No 14, and marked
Boundary Lumber Co's N. W, corner post No. 15,
thence 80 ehatns eaet, thence 8o chains aouth,
thence 80 chains west, thence 80 chains north to
point of commencement.
Pated March 25th, 1907.
��;0.16.���Commencing nt a poet planted about
S chains west from river bank on the east lork of
Kettle river, and about 80 chains south ol
Boundary Lumber Co's location post wo. 15, and
marked Boundary 1 umbcrCo's N. W.cornerpost
No 16, tbence 80 chains east, thence 80 chalne
���outh, thence 8< chains weat. theuce 80 chains
north to the point ul commencement.
Dated March 25th, 1907.
No 17.���Commencing at a past planted about
5 cbaina weat from river bank on the east lork
of Kettle river, anil about 80 chains south of
Boundarr Lumber Co's location nost No. Ifl. and
marked Boundary Lumber Co's N. W. oorner
post No 17, thence 80 chains eaat, thence 80
ehains south, theuce HO cbains west, thence 80
chaiua north to the point of commencement.
Dated March 25th, 1907.
No. 18.���Commencing at a post planted about
5 chalna west of the river bank on the eait fork
of Kettle Klver and about 80 ebalns aonth of
Houndary Lumber Co's loealion poat No. 17
and marked Boundary umber Co'a N.W. corner
post No. 18, theuce 80 chains east, thence 80
chains south, thence 80 chains west, thane�� 80
ehalns north to tbe point in commencement.
Dated March 25th, lft>7. J. GuNKixa,
Agent for Boundary Lumbar Co.
Notice fs hereby given that 30 days after date 1
intend toapply to the Hou Chief commissioner
of Lauds and Works, nt Victoria for a special
license lo cut and carry away Miuher from tho
(ollowlng detcrlbed Unda In Weat Koolenay:
Commencing at a post -planted on thc eaat Hue
of l.ol 812, two miles aouth of the southern
boundary ol my Timber Licenae No. 10. Ihence
eaal 40 chaiua, north 80 cha'ne, weat 40 chains,
north 80 chains, wosl 40 chains, aouth HO chains,
eaat 40 chains, south 80 ehalns to place ol commencement, conuinlng frfci acres, moro or less.
April 8tb, 1907. P. Lwrp.
Nntice Is hereby glreu that 80 daya after dato 1
Intend to applv to the H0u. Ohiel Commissioner
of Landsand Works foraspoclal license to cut
and carry away timber from the following described Umls, situated on Corn Creek It tbe
tioat ereek division in Southwest Koolenay, B C.
������A"���Commencing at post " \" planted about
lHOchalna west from southeast corner of Block
No 100*1, and marked " ���*. L Beekwlth by I J.
Lucia, agent, northeait comer post," about two
chains norlh of the stream, then west IM chains,
then 40 chains sou h, then enst 160 ohalus, then
40 chains north to post of commencement.
Dated March 6th, 1907. W. L. Bkcrwith,
by I. J. Lucia, Agent.
"B"���Commencing at post "B" planted on the
iouth fork ot Corn eroek, about BO chains from
whore the atroam empties into the Main stream,
marked "W. L. Beckwith by I I Lucia, agent,
northeast corner post," about three chains cast
of stream, then IW chains south, then 40 chains
west, then 160 chains north, then 40 chains eait
to iHiiut ol coiniiiencomeMt. '
Dated Mnrch 7th, 1007 W. I, "Jtrawmi,
by I. J. Lucia, Ageni.
"C"���Commeneing at poat "C" planted 80
ohalus south of northwest oorner of Hioek "B
marked "W 1- Heekwtili by I.J. Lucia, aient,
northeait corner pnst," about ten chains west OI
stream norllica'.t comer, then 160 chains aouth,
then 4u obalm west. ti.eu 160 chains north, then
40 chains east to poat of commencement
Dated ^ arch 8th, 1007. W. I, Baca wml,
by I, J. Lucia, Agent.
Pioneer Fruit Grower of Simiikameen
Telle of Troubles and How They
Were Overcome.
At a meeting of fruit growers held
recently In Keremeos Frank Rlchter
gave an add raw detailing his difficulties ln connection with his first attempt
to start an orchard In the Simiikameen
valley years ago. The place Is now
owned by Mrs. E. Lowe and family. He
got his first trees from New Westminister, and had to pack then in with
iiom.-H from Hope. Being anxious to get
fruit at aa early a date as was possible, he ordered four year old trees from
eight to len feut high. Think of packing
uuch cumbersome things such a long
distance. The first night In bringing
the trees home some of the hqras.-s
broke loose and whether or not that
they had "horse sense" enough to know
that they were carrying a lot of useless wood, or horse feed was scarce,
they ate nearly all the limbs oft the
trees. In due course they arrived home
and planted the remnants of the trees,
which were a sorry looking sight. When
the trees began to grow, Mr. Rlchter
began to congratulate himself that hla
troubles were all over, but not so. Every
animal on the place seemed to have a
special spite at these trees. If any of
the horses or cattle got near, they invariably made a dash at the trees, eating all they wanted and then breaking
down all they could. Even the hogs
when they got Into the orchrd amused
themselves by tearing off all the bark
they could from the trunks of the trees;
yet the trees made a good growth the
flrst season. The next spring ai Mr.
Rlchter was passing through the orchard he noticed a couple of trees toppled
over, and upon examination he found
lt to be the work of gophers that had
eaten the roots completely off of a number of the trees so tbat when a person
took hold of the top he could lift It
right out of the ground. Yet, notwithstanding all those troubles, the major
part of the trees grew well and for a
great many yeara have produced large
crops of excellent fruit Mrs. Lowe's
Baldwin apples have earned a very enviable reputation, many people believing that they cannot be excelled else-
where. Mr. Rlchter's next attempt waa
on what Is known aB the Lower Ranch,
ln Rlchter's pass, where Mr. and Mrs.
Edward Rlchter now live. Here hla
great trouble lay In the unfavorable predictions of his friends, who all seemed
determined to make Mr. Rlchter believe
that he was only throwing his money
and time away planting an orchard on
such gravelly and stony ground. But
in spite of all the "blue ruin" as seen
by his friends he kept right on. The
orchard, then planted, although on very
stony ground, has been a great success
and Is producing every year an abundance of very fine fruit, being especially well colored, the reason for tbe high
coloring in Mr. Rlchter's opinion being
so much lime In the soil. His laat venture was where he now lives. Every
person who visits this orchard can see
at a glsnce that lt Is -controlled by a
master hand, and If the visitor be lucky
enough to be there when the fruit Is
ripe he can get what may perhapa not
be equalled on the continent of North
America, that is, the excellence of Mr.
Rlchter's Early Crawford peaches. Although this was Mr. Rlchter's first appearance before a public audience, he
made a very interesting and entertaining address and everybody was pleased.
But the Author Tried to Tell Part of tht
Story With Pictures.
One could not tell all there is- to tell
about Semi-ready Tailoring. From the
book, "DreBs and Address," one may
gain some clear Idea of the Semi-ready
tailoring system, about which so much
bas been written.
The foreman of the Montreal Herald,
-who printed the book, said, " If a man
is not convinced by studying this book,
there may be something the matter with
the book; but if the same man has not
been benefitted by the study of some
Semi-ready book, there ls something tbe
matter with the man."
This ls the book which is being given
away by J. A. Ollker.	
Tenders at a nominal figure are desired br the
Agricultural'and Imiustiial association for the
printing of the prise list lor the fruit fair this
autumn. Tenderers must print accord In* to the
(.pe.'lflcallous whieh are with tlte secre'ary of
tlie association, must give a bond to complete
the work by July lfi next, the advertising rates
nelng at the discretion of the.tenderer. All tenders must be sent in sealed and will no opened
on Tin** <ay next at noon at the office of the
D. C. McMORRIB, Secretary.
A. M. Can. Soc. C. E.
Mining Work a Specialty.
Office: Beasley Building.   P. O. Bo*>
Baker St, NELSON, B. C.
Notice ls hereby given that the WatUburg
lumber company has applied to His Honor the
.,lou'enn"t Governor in council, under the provisions of the "Klvers and Streams Act," for the
right to improve Kykcrts creek In tbe district of
West Koolenay. British Columbia, by removing
the obstructions therefrom and straightening
the bunks tliereof.and toonnstrui'tdams, boi,ma,
sli* l pk and cli liter, nnd make iur)! other Imp-ove*
ments as may be i eeessary for thc driving and
rafting uf hue and lhe ll timing of timber thereon
Tho lands to be affected are guverment landsand
tots 251 and H8, 'iroup 1, -"-ootenay district, and
the tolls that aro proposed to be chaiged, If any,
nre sucli aa may lie llx.-d by a Judg.of the county
���court of West Kootenav.
Dated this 37th day of March, A, )>-1907.
Tb* Strathcona
Nelson, B.O.
Reg. Geo. Webb, Prop.
The Leading Hotel in the
Qood   Sample    Roonu,
teen's Hotel
*Baktr Mnek Xtlsos. >��� O.
Lighted by Electricity ��isi
Heated by Bot Air
hat** and Comfortable Bedroomi tnd Fllflt-
QUMJMalDg Room.   (-Ample Roomi lor Commercial  Men
MRS. I. C.CLARKE. ProprletreM
Grand Central Hotel
Tnls hotel haa been completely renovated and
newly furnished with all modern equlpmenta.
Hot water heating throughout.
RATES : Rooms, 60c. upwards ; meals  2Se.;
special ratea by the week.     .
J. A. KRIOKSON, Proprietor
Telephone. 250.   Opposite Court Rome
-and Postoffice. Nelson. B. C.
Tf emont House
from �� ea. M O
Oily White Help ammUtm*.
Bartlett   House
OK). W. BARTUTT,      .
Best Doflar-a-Day Home Is Nelson.
The Bar le the Finest.
White Help Only Implored
Royal Hotel
Rate. Sl ud H-BO a Day-
Special Bates to Regular Boarder*!.
Meat comfortable quarters lo Nelaon
Only the belt of Llquora aod clgara.
Reduced Rates
Atlantic Seaboard
Kootenay Points
Effective for Trant-Atlantlc pa-Men-
gen arriving en or subsequent to April
from points in Ontario, Quebec Maritime provinces, St. Paul, Chicago, and
United States.
Send For Your Friends
Full  particulars   on    application to
local agent or write
A.ll.r. ...Vanssouver. D. P.A.. Neluon
Wholeaale aod Retail Dealers ln
Fresh and Salted Meats
Oamps Kupplied on shortest notice and
lowest prioe. Nothing bnt fresh nnd
wholesome meate and supples kept in stook
Mall orders receive oaiefnl attention.
A Snap
For a
Two Houses for $1200.00
$100.00 down���balanee |12 a month.
Instructed by Loan company to malts
qalck sal*.    Call at ones on
S. Ms BRYDGES,    Imperial Bank Block
Two of the Best Improved Ranches
With bearing orchards and ninning water on eaeh property.    These properties can be purchased on reeaonnble terms if sold at once.
Choice Fruit
l Bavm 10,000 Aem
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 3,000 in one blocs.
Buy now and get the ground floor -prices.
J.E. ANNABLE,    -    Nelson, B. C.
For Quick Sale
and Two Lots
On Chatham SL Fins location. Class
to ear Hits. Hsuas built af brick first
storsy.   Nlesly furnished.
1700.00 caah,  balance  sn  easy terms.
Certificate of the Robtntton of An
Extra-PrOTindal Company.
"Companiea Act, 1M7."
I HfthEBY C1RTIFY Uut tht "Krao flUrer
Lead Mining Company, Limited," hu this dey
been registered u an bxtra-t-roTlDRlml Company
under the ���Compenlesi *ct, 1M7," to carry oat
ur effect all or auy of the objecti of the ooap>ny
to which tbe legislative authority of tha LegU-
latuieol ?rltlili Columbia extends.
The head office ot tbe company la situate at
Phoenix, Territory ot Arliona, V. A A.
The amount of the capital of the company ii
tbree million dollars, divided iuto ilx hundred
thousand shares of Ore dollars each.     ���-.
Tbe bead offli*e of the company In this provlnoe
ls sltnate at Kaslo, and VT. *. Zwlcky, mining
engineer, whose address Is Kaslo. S* C, It the at
toruey tor tbe company.
Tbe time of the existence of tha company la
twenty-live years from the eighteenth day of
October, IM6.
1 he company ls limited.
Given under my band and seat of ofllce, Victoria, Provlnoe ol British Columbia, this _0��d
nay of March, one thousand nine hundred and
Registrar of Joint Stock Companies.
The purposes for wblch this corporation is
i rm-.il are io buy, hold, .eaie, self, work, explore, develop ana operate mines ant mining
elaims, and all kinds of mining property; to locate and procure pat uU for mimug elaims; to
buy, erect, construct, or otherwise acquire and
sell mills, smelters, concentrators or other reduction plants, and to run and operate the same
In tbe reduction of ali kinds of ore, and tha extraction ot mint ral therefrom i to acquire ta any
manner all kinds of real estate nect ssarv for the
economical snd expeditious operation of its mining and smelting and reduction business, and
other business incident thereto; to buy and sell
and otherwise acquire aud dispose olany and
all kinds of norsoual property, ut'chtnery, tools
aud merchandise, for the convenient and prsc-
hcal operation of its business In anv branch
tereol, and to that end to establish and conduct
stores aud merchandising establishments, for tbe
purchase and said 01 all kinds of. oods and merchandise; to acquire in any lawful manner telephone and telegraph lines and rights of way; to
operate and conduct suih lines In any manner
necessary or convenient for the operation of Its
mining and smelting and reduction business or
any branch incident thereto; to build, construct,
equip, operate and conduct railway and tram
Hues wheiever necessary an 1 convenient, to tha
S"oper operation- of its said lines of business; to
uy and sell or otherwise acquire and dispose of
tbe stiM-k of other corporation which may ln lta
judgment contribute to the success of tie operation*, or which lu lta judgment may be (or the
lienetit of its stockholder*, to acquire In any
manner and to dispose of water rights, ditches,
Huim-s, pipe Hues or other aqueducts, which
may be necessary or convenient for supplying
water to the various plants of the company, and
to acquire In any mauuer and to establish and
operate plants and lines for operating, heating
or lighting the property or plants 01 the company, aud to acquire in any lawful manner, and
to dlspnstt of towusltes, or any nortluu tbureo.,
and to hold, operate, sell, and depose of water,
ligntaud heat fnr tho purpose ol lighiing, neat
lug or furnishing water to said townsite or
utwniih's, aud each and every portion thereof,
and generally to do any and all things nnd to acquire and bold and dmpoee of ali kt ds of properly, and to manage, operat* and conduct any
and sll kinds of plants and business which In the
opinion of tbe directors and stockholders may
ba necessary for tho convenience and successful
operation of its business as a mining snd smelt
Ing and reduction company.
E. C. TRAVES,  Manage*.
Iu thu mHIter iif ssn application for the luue of
eduiilli-ateof thetertihcaleof Tltleof LotaSsnd
4, Block a. Lot 0. Block a�� and Lol 11. Block BO,
Nclismi (Hlr (Maps-JMaust-w, I )
Ntitss-c Is-lit-ri-isy kIvcii tlm; it la my Intention
to isssssc a duplicate of the Certificate of Title for
the above lota at theoxptrKttiiuot one inonthafter
thc Unit piilillcsitlnu Iscrcssf in ihe uame of Fraui
Jas-objr and r mil l'i>Hlt which > crllticale of Title <
1. slate I thc 4th day of January, lsjm, -and uunib-
��� ii. r. haoliod,
.   _ District Hot faint.
Lansl Ui-i.-l-.lrv Offlce, Nelson, B C
ith, Apm, fan.
"Companlss Act. 1W7."
Prorata or Bum Oounnu, (
THIS n TO CBKTirr that Iks ���OslaaMs
VaUsr Uaa Company," ueuttorUad sad Uasa-
Md u> cam oa bnataea. witkla ths assejaee ef
Britten Ool��Mi. aad lo earry ocl or afeet all
or any ol the objscu ol lha Co-assay lo whisk
ft! ,uJ!SS,"1 anihoffiT of tt. Waist-ore sl
Brltlah Ceiuabta szleasa.
The bead otteo sf ths Cesapaay is altaatost
the city ef W iodI-ws, rsro-Uo^Vultoka^
The aatouat of ths espll.lot ���*�� asM oswpaay-
U one hundred thoaaasd doUsn, dl-rtasd lata
one thousand aharea of saa hundred dollan **e*f
Tbe bead offloe of ths oompany la thtaorov-
lnre li iltuate al Ihe Clly ot Nelaoa, saad Bhtort
nelmora HuniMton, betniter, whan maMatat
la Neleon. B. C, lathe attorney for tha ooaa]
OlTen nader m> hand sad aeal H-i"*
Victoria. WoTluce of BrltUh CrtnaUa. I	
day ol February, one tbouaand nine hundr-ed
IU a]        _ 8. Y. WOOTTON.
Hefletrar of joint Moek Companiea.
' The objepta for which thla oompaay baa been
eatabllshed and Ucenaad sn:
(a) Buying, MUnf, ltaalni or dlapoalast sf
eoal mlnea, eoal sad wood laaaa, tanatsf. fraa-
ins sad fruit Isads sad timber limits, sad to
Work snd develop Ihs aame:
(b.) To carry oa the bulaasa ol emlfnttaa
snd colonisation aaeata, mat* advanoaa to aaam
settlers oa Isada punb-ued from tha eompaay,
and eeeun repayment ol such sdvaaeea. wiih
lnteres-t, on auch urma aad la aueb manner by
way of morlmis or asreement aa m*f bs mutually agreed upon. ��
. (e.) To oarry on tha btuloest ol ranching,
breeding sad aelllng and dealing la csltte,
hones, sheep and other lira stock;
(d.) To purehaae, sell and deal la lumbar
wood, ooal, mlaeral, grain, provialoni, clothing
sad ganersl supplies:
(a.) To carry on ths trade as general march-
anu aad forwarders:
(I) Tb Issue lo payment of any property acquired by the company aharea ot the capital
atock of las oompany aa fully paid up sad aoa
aaaesaable or olherwise:
a) Tocarryonthebuslneesofmanotaetunrafc
dealera la power generators ud motors ol
every description, to construct aad operate sll
claesea of vehicles, agricultural implsatsata, machinery, boau, a Hainan, barges aad lerrlae Is
which the eald motors are used; to osaatrnet sad.
ouerale teal Hum. aad lo carry oa Ihs buaineaa
ol earners, cartage and parcel delivery; loowa
and operate omnibus lines and vehicles .-and
boau for hire: to sell, lease and snpply fower,,
and to genenle ssss.l sell, ie��, and supply electricity; lo own and operateeleclrlcptasu aad generally to oarry on any bualne-se Incidental to tho
aforeaslsl purpoees sad ohjeeu nf the Company:
fh.) To purebaae, uke or lease, exchange or
otherwise -sequin aud dispose of aay real sr
personal property and any rights aud privileges
which the company may consider oeouaeary for
the purpoae-, of their operations, and lo sell and
dispose of any landa or otner nel estate and personal property at any lima owned or controlled
by the company, or any part thereof, or say ssn-
trol therein or elalma thereon, and generally to
do all such things aa are lncldeoul or conducive
to the carrying outof the objecu of tbe company
(1.) To become shareholders ia aBysskltM
or proposed company and to promote ehd fsslel
  jloh thU
company la incorporated ud whioh may .toys
useful to thu -oompany, and to acquire, taka over
sad operate the business ol any such e
in promoting any company carrying oaahaab
^?____>s)nlBg_to_the_obJacuJor whtoMhla
as onr
_ -jatpsay.
sr companies, aad to enter into e'ngagemsote toi
sharing prolu, uuloa ol Interest, Joint adventures, reciprocal concession, or olhewlaa wllh
say*   ��� ..-..-     ....
any person or company, sad taka or otherwise
"���ulrsaad hold aasn
spany or co-mosaics
ulraand hold aharee and eeosirltiee ol such
Notice is hereby given that Jas, H Goodenongh
 stion under     	
....      l-juor Mcenc* Act, ISW,"	
loi Ilm Whitewater Hotel, at Whitewater, and thai
has made application under the nrovUfons'of
the "Uquor Licence Act, IW," for a hottl llcem-e
s meeting of the Board uf Licence t'onimlBatona's,
of Ibe Alnsworth Lloanee ��� istrict, will be hold
to consider sueh application, at tbe Kaslo Hotel
at Kaslo, on Tuesday, tha Mth April, lHff, at the
hutt ot eight o'clock In tho afternoon.
W. 11. BOLLOCJt.W-lBWft-
i'biet Ltoenee Inspaatoi
Nabon, B.O., nth Manh. IM. The Daily Canadian
BOX 157
SnclttllSt    Rnrty   meets   every   Fr dnv
�����* inlng nt " ii m . In tne * Inert' Union Hull
All nre invited; miy i  allowed lo I uke put in
tlu- debates,  'i, Austin, Secretary.
I Our Stock is Complete
Here are two Soap Specials: i
25   31b.   BARS   HOMESTEAD   $4.5C |
Ti BARS GOLDEN WEST for $2.75 '.
IM Trading CoJ
Ornamented Chocplate Eggs.
Blue Bird   Eggs.    Cuckoo  Eggs.
Robins'  Eggs.   Stuffed   Ducks   and
Chicks all sizes.
Make  your  selections while  the stock
is complete.
S.   H.   SEANEY
 Phone 206, \
first-class repair; one block from car
I Ins.
Price $1,400
$500 down, $100 in six months, balance on mortgage.
E E. froadsdaile & ___
Next Door to Bank of Commerce.
iL_ A. WYE
All Kinds of Heating Plants in Stock.
Victoria St., Nr. Opers House.     Tel. 181.
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch,
Creosote, Oils for
Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch and
Bout Builders will find it to their advantage to use our Pitch.
Nelson Coke & Gas Co*
General Job Work, Chimney Sweeping, Csrpst Cleaning, Fixing and Clean
Ing Stoves, ste.
111 Cast Baker 8t.        Phene No. A11-4
For Hot Tomato
Tea and Coffee.
Beef Tea.
S. W. Pearson, Kaslo: K, w. stees.
Miss Stees. Chicago; G. W. GUI, Pincher
Creek: E, P. Sternberg, Toronto; L.
Dreyfus, G. .lulien. New York; F. T.
Cherund, Seattle; C. R. Hanna, Cobalt;
V. E. Armstrong, Rossland.
Cor. Vernon sand Ward strcuts,
J. FRED HUME, Proprietor.
J. It. Boynton, Fernie; li. Stewart,
C. S. Sliimpstet, L. E. Snell, F. J. Marshall. Vancouver; M. J. Walsh, G. W.
Brymner, Toronto; W. A. Hussell, Portage la Prairie; A. J. Prockter, Mon-
tieal; W. B. Hudson, Slocan; W. S.
Conu and wife, Mrs. Barker, Miss R.
Bewley. \V. Woods. Portland; A. D.
Dudgeon. Revelstoke; S. H. Lowes.
Trail; D. McConnan, T. Meredith, Winnipeg.
D. A. McKenzle. Winnipeg; W. H.
Manary, Calgary; H. A. Glaspell, Vegre-
ville: W. H. Pinchbeck. A. M. McVean.
Slocan; A. A. Melosh, H. M. McDanlel,
P. McRae, Grand Forks: F. C. Jssns-s.
Seattle; R. E. Kinch. Koch Sisling; W.
Henderson. Greenwood; J. W. Howell,
Crawford Bay.
W. Cole, Fernie;  C. Neill, H. Harris,
Ynilr: W. Peters, Greenwood.
A. Kellogg and w-ife. Spokane; C. A.
Denton. Combo; H. Marshall, W. Walk-
den. Fernie:  W. Jones, Slocan.
C. D. Ogilive, F. ftlluer, 13-Mile
Point; J. M. Appleton, S-Mlle Point; F.
Aiken. Creston; T. Noren, Slocan Junction; G. A. Zilka. Spokane^	
For Sale...
In Fairview, 2 Lots, a corner and
adjoining lot. Enclosed and cultivated.              $350  cash.
Eggs for Hatching
Pure bred S. C. Buff Orphlngton-f.
Buff Leghorns, and White Wyandottes.
$?.00 per setting. Nine chicks guaranteed or order refilled at half price.
D. WADDS, Crawford Bay.
W. Baker St.
Brand New Art Bell Piano
John T. Pierre, Baker St.
riW!T-CI.AM WAITKm. Apply q-oetn's Hotel,
HUTEL I'OKTKK    Apply Qn-Mii'i Hotel
s:OOK~Hsjlfl, IWI.   Wnllrt-Sls 136; st om*l*.  f*ll(iIH-
V< si  i- man with soo-i isffls-e piperlenise seeks a
porttloo    Apply Ps,x fsld. Nelson, n. <J.	
i >��� \j   rt n�� i -uaunajfl   fi ��� ������} ni d,  | train  ii'-n n;*i
ply hoimcb(*r*r Hrd flat. K. W. (..block.
��008 StlPPLIBD frnm ihe (���-a'll.inf'flrletiei ol
I'uro JtrtM J'oultry, guaranteed true to imm ,
Ai.plyJ i: IMJCOO B'l IW. VincOiv.i-S ��>
i.Mil-* \*JUUOOV0< 1'.hiin.�� uiiil 1'   Awoi mil��� ij.
Conservative  Executive.
A meeting of the executive committee
of the Liberal-Conservative Association
of Nelson is called for 5 p. m. today in
the office of the secretary, D. C. McMorris.. A full attendance of members is
requested as there is important business to be dealt with. Those whom the
secretary has been unable to notify personally are requested to accept this notice.
Coming Events.
The next three diversions for the people of Nelson are the performance of
"The Private Secretary" Thursday
night, lhe Sons of England banquet
next Tuesday night, April 28rd, and ihe
production of the cantata by the Nelson Choral Society the next evening.
Hindu's Costly  Thirst.
An exile from the Punjab was thirsty
yesterday afternoon and proceeded to
allay his sufferings from a store of balm
accumulated in his shack Saturday
n.ght. Suffering gave place to joy, and
joy became so exuberant that it had
Anally to be bounded by the walls of
tne police station. This morning he contributed $7.25 to help meet the* city's
Improving the Service.
With a view of still further improving the street car service, Superintendent Smith ls overhauling the little car,
and hopes to have it again in commission in about two weeks. New springs
will replace the old ones, and any worn
parts will be removed and new parts
substituted. Altogether the little car
will have been practically rebuilt before
it starts running again.
"Private Secretary."
The Nelson Dramatic Society will present "The Private Secretary" at Sherman's opera house Thursday night. The
members of the society have worked
faithfully at study and rehearsals, and
now even Manager Melville Parry is
satistled that their performance will be
creditable to the club and will sustain
Nelson's reputation In theatrical matters. Already the advance sale of tickets has been very large.
Churchmen's  Club.
A debate is being arranged under the
auspices of the Churchmen's Club on a
subject of considerable local interest
and importance: "Resolved that it is in
thc interest of the city of Nelson to
raise fGO.OfM) by loan for the building of
a new public school." The debate will
take place a fortnight from tonight,
Monday, April 29th, and will be open to
the general public with a special invitation to ladies. The affirmative will be
taken by Dr. Arthur and R. J. Clark,
the negative by J. Fraser and another,
not yet determined.
Royalty Increased.
Lumbermen's circleB are somewhat
stirred over the amendment to the Land
Act now before the legislature. The
clause which gives rise to the greatest
unrest is one which increases the royalty from 50 to 75 cents. The clause is:
"There is reserved to and for the use
of His Majesty, His heirs and sucessors,
a royalty of 75 cents for every thousand
feet, board measure, upon and in re
spect of all timber suitable for spars,
piles saw logs, or railroad lies, props
for mining purposes, shingle or other
bolts of cedar, fir or spruce, and a royalty of 25 cents for every cord of other
wood, cut upon Crown lands, patented
lands, timber leaseholds, or timber Hm-
1th, and upon any lands hereafter granted. Piles shall be measured by the
running foot, and railway ties and
props, shall be taken respectively aa
equal to 1,000 feet, board measure."
The Store of Quality
If you like nice, clean, crisp
Biscuits we recommend you to
try tne
20th Century Package
Per Package.
Graham Wafer* 10c
Lamon Cream  10c
Vanilla Wafera     10c
Society Tea  .10c
New England Ginger Snap 10c
Kriapo Ginger Wafera   10c
Butter���Thin 10c
Milk Toaat   10c
Dainty City Soda (Salted) 15c
Saratoga  Flakes  (Salted)    15c
Put up In packages and this
ever frebh. It costs little to
give thssin a trial, and they
prove themselves worth lt
__ W. C. Block . Phone TO.
Dissolutoinof Partnership
Notice Is hereby given that the partnership heretofore subsisting between
u.i, the undersigned, as dry goods merchants, In the City of Nelson, has been
tbls day dissolved by mutual consent.
All debts owing to Ihe said partnership
are to be paid to Meagher & Co. ut
Nelson aforesaid, and all claims against
the said partnership are to be presented
to the Bald Meagher & Co., by whom
the same will be settled.
Dated at Nelson this 9th day of April,
A. D. 1907.
Witness:   E. A. Crease.
Garden and Flower
AU fresh seeds and guaranteed
to do tlie business.
C* Am Benedict
Corner Silica and Josephine, Sts.
Clearing Out Sale
Your opportunity to paper those roortiB
This is no make believe just to boom
our wall-paper business, it is a genuine
clearing out sale. We have decided to
discontinue wall-paper, and we want to
clear out our stock quickly and be done
with It. Prices are nmrked away down
'to half, and In many casc-H less than
lialr tlie regular prices.
Enough Paper for a Good Sized
Room for 85c to $1.25.
How does lhat strike you? We have
put up a large portion of our slock In
"remnant" bundles. .Many of ihese bundles contain lu and 12 rolls of wall besides ceiling lo match���sufficient for a
good slzesl room. We have niarked
these bundles at from 15c, *_0c and 2f,c
for 4 and 0 roll bundles up to 85c, U0c,
$l."(i and |1.26 for the larger ones.
Prices vary according to quality and
on   our   regular   stock   in   the  shelves.
15c papers for per roll 8c and 10c
25c papers for per roll 10c  to   15c
35c paoers for per roll 15c   to  20c
50c and 60c paper for per roll 25c and 35c
W. G. Thomson
HMg* "nd Nelson, B. C.
Phont 34.
Heir to Editor.
iijrn, in Bandon Sunday morning,
April Mth, to the Wife of J. J. Atherton, editor of the Slocan Mining He-
view, a son.
Social  Evening,
The young people of St. Paul's Presbyterian church will hold a social evening tomorrow night, to which all
friends are invited.
Metal   Markets.
Copper declined two points on the
Xew York market today. Silver gained
a point on both markets and the Loudon quotation of leud is one point higher than the last, Friday's.
Big Pay Roll.
Last, pay day at the St.. Eugene mine
$:>4,24S was disbursed. For a few days
afterward Moyie was rather lively, although it is complained that much of
the money was sent out of town.
Timber Cruising.
R. J. Elliot returned last evening
from a timber cruising tour along the
Little Moyie river. He is delighted with
the result of his trip. Incidentally to his
search for good timber he took a look
over the land in that district, and reports any quantity of good soil for fruit
growing purposes.
Trains and Boats.
Kaslo Hoat.���Four nours late.
Crow boat���On time.
Coast and Slocan train���On- time.
Boundary train���On time.
Rossland train���On time.
The public are respectfully notified
that ln future there will be an Owl Car
on Saturday nights, leaving the West
End terminus at 11 p. in., returning
leaving the Fairview terminus at
11:20 p.m.
Also that all parcels over 10 pounds
will be charged for, at tho rate of 5
cents per 10 pounds, and must be
slumped with parcel stamps, which may
be had from conductors, city hall and
the undersigned.
Passengers are resjuested to signal
car when watting Tor lt, also to sland
on far crossing.
Supt. Tramway, City of Nelaoa,
The Full Measure
Style and Value!
Vou have a perfect right to Inslsl
upon a perfect fit and perfect style
whin you are paying from $15 to
$25 for a suit.
20th Century Brand
will fulfill your highest expectations
and your most exacting demands.
They arc the nearest approach to
perfection that we lind In the tailoring world. We can prove these
facts to you If you will but give us
tlie opportunity.
$18.00 Style and Value for...$13.00
$20.00 Style and Value for...$15.00
Boy��' 'Suits  at $2,  ��3,  $4  and ��5
Important Sale of Men's
and Boys' Shoes
Men',  regular $4.00  Box Calf
Shoo  for $3.00
Boys' regular $2.50 Box Calf
Shoes   for $2.00
Clearance Sale of Mene' Underwear at $1, $1.50 and $2 per Suit.
Men's Cashmere and Wool Socki
at 25c a pair or 5 pairs for $1.00.
For Quick Sale
A splendid little -cottage, 4 rooms, big
hall, and frost proof cellar.. Verandah
on two sides. Excellent garden with 8
bearing fruit trees and small fruit. Close
to car line.    Owner leaving town.
Price $1600, $700 Cash, balance terms
Sherman's Opera House
Thursday, April J 8
The Nelson Amateur Dramatic
Society will present
"The Private 'Secretary"
Prices 50c. 75., $1.00.
Plan at Kutherford's Monday.
Applications for the position of salesman for the Kootenay Fruit Growers'
Association for the year 1907, will be
received by thu undersigned up till 12
o'clock noon, on Monday, April 22, inst.
Applicant to state experience, salary required per month, or for the season, and
and also to furnish satisfactory references as to character and ability. The
successful applicant will be required to
furnish bonds to an amount agreed
upon. D. C. McMORRlS,
April 15, 1907. Secretary.
I have just returned to Nelson and
have opened up at the same old stand,
and now ready to do all kinds of
KALSOMINING. Shop rear of Bartlett
Seed Potatoes
We have unloaded
a car of
Early Rose Potatoes
Imported expressly
for Seed.
Telephone 1*81.
Sulphur and
An Excellent *npriti& Purifying Mixture
A specific for boils. Tonic for the liver and a valuable
medicine for indigestion and general debility from a disordered stomach.    For sale by
Canada Drug & Book Co'y, Ltd,
Whoieatn-a Provisions,
Produce, ��� Pruit.
Government Creamery One Pound bricks received weekly freeh from the
churn.   For Rule by ull lending grocers.
Office and warehouse! Houston Block,   Phone 70.
Josephine Street. Nelson, B. C.
New Spring Goods Arriving Daily
A complete line of up-to-date Soft and Hard Hats in Stock.
Also s full range of Boots and Shoes.    "WALKOVER" our
Spring is Here
We have prepared for this season by passing into stock all the
requisites for the rancher, gardener or householder.  Spades,
Shovels, Rakes, Hoes, Spading Forks, Tree Pruners,
Tree Sprayers, Small Garden Tools, Etc.
Prompt attention paid to  letter orders.
J. H. Ashdown Hardware
Company, Limited.
R,|��!n-l? *_rid,,,0hh",.*s_;F..'i^t'*^,W,th DSMSPatOh,    HI1..IU.I.I
Work, .Mining and Mill Macliinary.     Mnnulacturara of
Ora C��r��,  t*.  H.   Contractors'  Harm.
Telephone M
P.O. Boi 1069
Spring Stock lust Opened Up!
Carload Linoleums and Carpets
Prom aiasgow, Scotland.
Best Qualities at Low Prices.
Standard Furniture Company
Muud -*.*����� HlMb I-iaiioa.
Ostermoor Matti-Ofnes
Man-hull Hm it ary Mattrt'Mes.
Complete House Furnishers
Undertakers,    Embalmers
MANUFACTURERS   f ^^t..     Cf.i-.~f~_,
AND DEALERS IN   ^XstksDttf  ODltlgltlSf
Lath, Mouldings, Doors, Windows.
Turned Work and Brackets. Mall Order* promptly attested ��
 VERNON STRBBT  .  .  .   Nlil-SON. B. C.
Launch and Boat
Wa alwjyi carry In itock and will ba pleaatd to aupply your
wanti In
Such mm
Wiiiuj dilute
Mlxcl 1'ainta
Merry Biot.' Boal*. Yarn.sli
Etc., ole,
Albany Greaift
Arctic CiipUwufe*
(lax ttUKliift Oil .I
Vacuum Mi��rin�� Motor ou
(la onogallou ���.���aim.)
Wood Vallance Hardware Co., Limited


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