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The Daily Canadian Nov 9, 1906

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Array yitti
Volimh I.   No. 134-
_stf.UUI.-S HUM
[traces Usual Inaugural
festivities Today
even Centuries of Dress amd Civic
Life Represented in Monster
Parade Today.
Usiidi'ii. Nov. Is���WHh all the glitter
thai have marked uu
irciuiHis is,i centuries past, Sir Wil-
in, Trs-lnur, known as the "Chtldrou'B
Idsiiisisis. wan today installed as
in! Miss.,: ,,i London, succeeding Sir
nlin Vaughn Morgan. The old es-
i,lihi,,.,i i-nstom showed little Bign ol
scoinlim ssbsolete, uud owing to the
s;,i;],i!i ssl slit- new Lord Mayor and
mi- 11.-is I feotureB In tlie street parts it cusloii  wub the most inter-
res -ssi years.
Tin- ill ��� :   1-ature of lhe  procession
i.. tlss   is -presentation In costume of
s ;��� a ssl  llie civic life of llie
s nl Lsiiulsin, In the person of a I.ord
nllicei's of each century.
ie pwaiit was rendered additionally
Iran the fact that the various
sstili-s were mounted on horseback,
ilrli usss, sill Ilu- spectators a good
itn ..iisli-iit civic state dress.
Suds historic Lord Mayors as Klu
sn siisil Dick Whlttlngton were In-
ids-il, Inn li wun only after a long
iiats' iiissi ihs- committee finally de-
|s-,i i��� iiirluile John Wilkes In lhe
Si-uist.   Wilkes, who was Lord Mayor
In parliament for Ayles-
ry uml also Midilleser. Hla expul-
ii fnnn parllainent and the stormy
''��� .nli   he   was  the  central
lti us ssf history.
"flsil compliment to the
I-sss! Mayor's long connection wllh
liildren'a movement, the
<;iidcd ln the procession
I carrying a score or Ikivb
selected by the -lagged
swil I'liissii. und carrying banners
ir'sniss'iss' tsf the numerous phllan-
"Iss si- I'.siiinenls of this well-known
1' * ��� monies of the day conclude
k evening with the customary Lord
i'-��� banquet at the Guildhall, at-
Asl I*.' Hi.- cabinet ministers, foreign
and   many  other notable
Treloar, the new    lord
lean old and a native nf
]il"ii    It is a quarter of a cenlury
"  '���   flrsl came  forwnrd for clec
i as   common    councillor, and    14
*������   ho was elected alderman.
nhor nml a traveller, and
' -i'l* in    of the    National
i     in   which   capacity  he
"'���''���*' 'I'*' opening on  Sundara of
'  sssi exhibition.
���"aslssn. N,,v ll���Among the king's
Inlay Ii���nnrs |B ��� knighthood to Mr.
'" Norman, llie distinguished jour
let atul M.  p.
Acting Ambassador.
"i"l"ii. Nov. 9��� Esme Howard.
lsh ���'���������' ul genera) at the Islnnd of
le. has i���.on appointed to the re-
U) created tssssltion 0r councillor of
British embassy at Washington,
*[" be acting ambassador (luring
Minim, pending the appointment
j" "ssss,i  of Sir Mortimer Du
111,1,111 Nov. n.-Ksme William How-
* *'1*1 and has had a var-
���    lhe   illplotiiHtlc   service,
,     ' ::" "fficc he Is considered
I 'he    most    able of    the
,  ',, """is.    Ills wife, Ijidv  Is
*  """aid.  |8  ���   dnnghler   of' the
**��lsiiri-.   who  nlso  henrs   Ihe
,:,        !   ,"f     1'iltiee    (lusllanjanj
,'���"���''  '-nny  Howard and hor
,'"   f--* very  popular socially.
lH,td Pre" '""nis orflclal
�� '" ������>��� Sir Mortimer Durand
,'i*1  'h" end of lhe vi-nr
..''.'""ii'railhs* vacation due him
���,��� ' , ''"raenl   of  his   successor
wtilrsti��� . K l,r"m'i'gau*d until
"'"'���"nm of his lea���.
Rockefeller Divides  Up.
'";' niii"' Not. it.-An advance of
1    l"*r cent. |��� lh- waR-��� of .���
C-iarddn" r"rl""1K b���nch of
,.,.,. ,,','" ,01 company was nil.
, '      r" loday.   The advances ef-
, ',"   " 1"*'v 900 employees of tho
WI, ih , \" ,"''��� 0,lin- Oil Clly,
���;"-; I'-'l: llayonne, N. J.;
I���. I ' ' ���'���"���lestnn. 8. C. Notice
ni,,." ;,'""' l��a�� been received bv
i, ,,,,,"' '''���Parlmenl, bnt rumor
,,,l ( '"" vn -inlnry advance will
"���n*  brunch  of  the  com
Fifty Cents a Month
-So-Has New King,
itSRels. x
-���Prlnoe Albert of
t j;'.' h"w of King Leopold,was
,,. M .""���' """dared the successor
U "h ""vereim of lhe Congo
n.lependent slate. This puts an end
to lhe controversy over the political
stains or llie Independent ���,��,���' In the
event that Belgium does not annex It
Suicide Warns   Young   Men   to Shun
Kingston. Onl., Nov. It.���George Zelg-
Ier. Insurance and real estate agent,
committed suicide this morning by
shooting himself. H,. took hut life because he was fearful of arrest foi
forgery. He had tried to pass a note
on Monday which had been endorsed
by two leading citizens, but the latter
denied algulng It and a warrant wus issued for his arrest. Deceased was iii
years of age.
Coroner Mundell round a message
on Zeigler's body entitled: **A word to
young men." ln which he calls drink a
curse." It had ruined him and was ruining mors- young men than any othet
th:;ig. He asked young 'men to shun
barrooms an. s__lls on temperance
workers and ministers or all churches
In our fair Dominion, he they Protestant or Catholic, to take an acltve step
In suppressing the sale and manurac-
lure or liquor. He besought young
men ror God's sake lo take heed,
"lost you fall as I have. May my fall
be a lesson to you which you shall
never rorget."
He also left a personul and pathetic
letter lo his wire and 5-year-old
Eckstein's Case.
There was another chapter nt the
Eckstein case reeled off ut the iKilice
court last Saturday. Mr. W. A. Macdonald, K. ('., of Nelson, appeared on
behalf of Mr. Uckstein. and the evidence or Mr. Hoggs and Winnie Simp-
sou wus taken. Afler hearing these
Iwo witnesses, Mr. Maedonuld requested on behuir of the accused lhal he
be bound over to a higher court lor
���final trial.
The magistrate did nut commit him.
but bound him over on his own recogn-
izani's- al his own request, and u commit ment ror trial, which some overs'.-al',sis reporter seems to have overlooked In making his report to Ihe
The Ledger has not as yet published
any of the evidence In this case, but
exiM-cls to do so when both sides have
been examln.-d and n verdict rendered.
���Kernle ledger.
Review of the   Case   of    Extravagant
Provision of Revenue Cruiser Petrel In British Columbia Waters.
Ottawa. Nov. 9.���During last session
when the house of commons was discussing Ihe marine and fishery sean-
duls. Mr. Foster brought up the case
of the fishery protection boat Kestrel.
This Is a little craft ot 300 tons which
crulscB on the Pacllic const, wllh a
complement of 22 officers and crew.
She was in commission III months.
during the fiscal year 1905. It will
cause some amaxemenl to shipping
people (o know that the country paid
17600 to provision Ihe party for thai
time. The figures work out to more
than $114 a month for each person on
the ship, or nt least for each person
who had business on the ship. This
Is a pretty henvy bill ror raw material,
tor II must be remembered that $H4
wns not the price of hoard and lodging In u hotel, but the cosl of uncooked provisions taken ou board a boat
whlih wns provided With cooks and
The Items cannot alt he given here
but tbey lbe quite Interesting. Por
Instance.'tile frull bill was $51 Tor lhe
season of each ninn on the ship. An
the canned pouches and pears were
bought by lbe case II would appear
that the Kestrel's crew was served
with aboul one can a day per niun.
The bill for eggs Is also n little el-
(inordinary. From oils' dealer there
wns bought $9.90 worth for each of Ihe
crew. Another supplied 430 worth,
another $3, another one $1.50, and a
fourth $1. There were other purchases
amounting l*> seven or eight dozen
eggs per man. The hills Insllcnt.- Ihnl
each member of Ihe crew got away
with $20 worth of eggs during lhe seu-
Bnn There was a similarly large consumption of honey, oyslers, cream,
poultry, asparagus, creamery I'uiter.
sauces and other g""'l    things.      JOT
provision bill exi  lhe wages hill,
which fact might Justify lhe statement
thul the men ate more Ihun Ihey wero
worth If 11 wen- supposed hal these
goods were renlly bought nnil used for
lhe purpose charged, i"" ��o mlao";
able person believes that the crew of
Ihe Keslr.'l were fed in thai way and
"Sn^pariianien, lhe minister seemed
lo mnke,  t_hl    "' '"e   ���**���'���"'�� "1"tler*
The Liberal    m ber    ror *'">���'
solemnly declared thai (here ��s fl Ih-
ing wrong and thai the cosl^ol^rov��
Inning the ship was quite reas naliii.
Hut another session Is ?VP���*to$
wiih further Invesllgl s In ilew and
the minister of marine has found It
necessary to take some action. Now
the official report is given out that
Mr. Brodeur hae held nn Investigation
unsl ihat this captain of the Kestral has
beeu suspended.
If Ihis Is so, It Is all on account or
'he disclosure made by Mr. Foster.
The bills came lo the department long
before Mr. Foster saw them. Departmental officers saw nothing the matter
or ir they did, they did nol venture to
tell the minister bo. The minister hlm-
��'*ir was satisfied and Ihe bill were
audited and paid Just as many other
bills for two or Ihree times llie value
or lhe goods, have been regularly pas-
sed and paid hy the department of
marine and other departments.
His  Majesty  Spends  Sixty fifth   Birth
day in Family Cluiet.
London, Nov. 9.���At Sandringham,
the charming little Norfolk estate
where the happiest days of his life
have been passed and from which
neither the stateliness or Windsor
Castle nor the charme of Ilucklngham
Palace have been able to woo him,
King Edward today celebrated his
slity-fifth birthday, surrounded by a
happy family party. Congratulatory
messages poured in from all parts ot
the world, but these, sincerely felicitous though their tone might be, did
not give His Majesty any more pleasure
than ft did to receive a little deputation of his tenants who called to con-
gratulte him upon his anniversary.
King Edward is enjoying good health,
though quite naturally he ls beginning
to look and feel the burden of his
years. His hair and beard have noticeably whitened during the past year
and there are many deep lines on his
face that were not there when he came
to the throne. The changes that have
laken place on lhe thrones of Europe
during the past year leave King Edward among the oldest of tbe pmmln-
eni rulers. King Oscar of Sweden. Em-
perOr Francis Joseph or Austria,
Charles of Koumunla und Leopold or
llelgluni are his seniors. All the other
rulers, with lhe exception of those ot
one or two of The minor German states,
are younger than King Edward.
Well Disciplined Rebbera Blow Up
a Train and Decamp.
Rogow, Russian Poland. Nov. 9 ���
The Cossncks hnve thUB far been uu
successrul iu their pursuit oi Ihe revo
lutiiiiiisi train roblx-rs, numbering loo
well arnied men, w-bo aturoimded this
station last night, threw a l><sinh al
the mail car ol a train, derailed il. kill
Ing or wounding several soldiers ol the
i-Bcort and lied wllh n sum of money
now said to amount Lo $(150,000.
The robbery was well planned. II
occurred at 9 o'clock while Ihe train
was changing engines. The station
master declares the revolutionists hid
in the neighboring forests, and were
excellently well disciplined, their commander giving orders through bugle
signals. When the rubbery was com.
pleted the revolutionists transported
Iheir booty to two wagons anil marched
iu fine military order, singing Socialistic songs. Hogow is now occupied
by troops.
Eyewltni sses confirm the statement
that lhe revolutionists were hidden in
the neighboring w-oods. When the
train stopped lhe men, arnied with
rifles, sprang uiKin all sides, quickly
executing the orders conveyed by the
bugle. They shot and killed the gendarmes standing In front ol the station. Sentinels were placed at all approaches and the telegraph wires were
cut. While some or ihe robbers overpowered the trninmen others attacked
the escorts or the mail car. Three
bombs were thrown. Two ot them ex-
pl'ided wllh terrlric force, blowing the
cars into matchwood, killing five sol-
slls'rs and badly wounding  11  others.
The robbers Ihen ransacked Ihe
mull cars, transferred lhe banknotes,
gold nnd sliver to their own bugs und.
unfolding the red Hag. formed up In
military order, marched out or the stn-
Hon. entered wagons which were In
waiting  and   drove  off.
II was nol until Ihree hours later
thut u detachment of Cossacks, hurried
ly sent for. appeared on the scene and
started In pursuit.
Tlie Bi'Ci'etury-munuger ol the Nelson Lacrosse assoclutlon Is preparing
his annus! report. It will show a fear*
plus of $125. There will be u meeting
of the executive next week, when the
report will be presented and steps taken to dispose of lhe surplus. If there
was nn athletic association In the city
this money could be turned over for
Ihe general use or the various clubs
represented therein. II Is worth while
BOtlttg that the local lacrosse club
played five matches the pant season
and won three. Only locnl men wero
played throughout lhe season.
Tlie ranks oil Ihe medical profession
In Nelson are about to be augmented
hy Dr. A. Goldman Levy, M. D��� Isnld.
Dr. Levy has occupied several prominent positions In the medical world,
among others, auaesthellst to Guy's.;
hen. physician, Furrlngdon general ills
ponsnty; principal medical officer to
tho troops lu Mntoheleland In 1896, He
htti nlso made several literary oontrti
:i���i:_r._ oh hdcntlBc mtljcctg, tro-h as
works on nnaesthetlcal matters nnd
Ihe scientific aspects or medicine. Dr.
Levy Is engaging rooms in the city,
Ihe locnllty of which will shortly be
Optiosition Leader on Can-
J. A. Macdonald Executes Screaming
Farce in Criticism of Premier
HcBride's Action.
The Vancouver World in its Issue of
November 5th instant publishes a long
interview authorized by J. A. Macdonald, the leader of the opposition ln the
provincial legislature.' Tbe Canadian
reproduces it iu full so that our own
criticisms of the speech may be fully
'"Why didn't the premier take Mr.
George H. Cowan with him to the conference?" asked Mr. J. A. Macdonald
Liberal leader ln the provincial house,
ln an Interview with The World this
morning. Mr. Macdonald wae prepared
Lo talk, and he did so forcibly:
"1 think it is a matter much lo be
regretted that Mr. McBride should
give to the question of 'Better Terms'
a partizan cast. 1 am aware, ot
course, lliat il is claimed un au excuse
fur this thut some Liberal newspaiiers
have criticised his conduct at Ottawa;
but, even so, the premier of the province sliould realise lhat the question
is n large provincial one, antl should
be kept out of party politics.
"I have Issll.swi'd the discussion ol
Premier McBride'a course at Ottawa
with keen Interest, and a desire to arrive ai the facts, und to come to a fair
cousiusion with regard to his presentation of liiitisu Columbia's claim for
a re-arrangement of the financial terms
of union. It cannot be truthfully said
either of the Liberal party in the province or of myself that we have failed
Lu keep the question of belter terms
on the high plain of non-partlzanahip.
It is atlniitled that the resolution which
I'ssniains the legislative assembly's declaration, lhat the province Ib entitled
Lo special recognition was proposed by
me and was accepted hy Mr. McBride
in the house two years ago. This reso-
!siti's:i embodies iu a few words Uie
sentiments ol British Columbia on this
subject and with this non-partizun and
unanimous statement of British Columbia's claims Mr. McBride went to
Ottawa to join in a coference with the
premiers of the other provinces In an
endeavor to come to a common agreement regarding better terms. Such a
conference was the obvious, if indeed,
not the necessary* preliminary step,
where it was proposed, as here, to alter the financial terms upon which
each of the self-governing provinces entered the union.
**The propriety of such a conference
will appeal to every reasonable man,
and while II was known, for tlie pust
two years at least, that such a conference would be called, no objection, 1
believe, has ever been made against lt,
either by Mr. McBride or his party
press. Nor Ib Bitch a conference without precedent. One was held in 1SS7,
when a Conservative government was
in psswoi at Ottawa, and another in
"Mr. McBride has distinctly recognized that the recent conference ought
to take lhe whole quesilon of better
terms, including Iho special recognition claimed���and propery claimed���
hy Hritish Columbia into consideration
and formulate a general and comprehensive scheme of readjustment of the
ixistlng financial arrangements between Ihe provinces and tile Dominion,
lie recognized this when he asked the
iMuloicnco to afrirni lhe cluim ot
Hritish Columbia to special increases
over and above those which we could
claim in common with the olher provinces.
'This being the situation we had tho
right to expect that onr representative
at the conference would be fully prepared to support Ills demands with the
facta and arguments uihiii which llrltlsh Columbia relies. Had he been so
prepared he would not have had lo resort lo the weak expedient of asking
for arbitration. The government of
British Columbia had the means or collecting and placing before the conference all matters and fads showing our
exceptional conditions and contributions of this province to the Dominion
exchequer, and should have been prepared to submit, an overwhelming case
lo the conference in favor of exceptional treatment.
"Mr. McBride says that he went
alone. He did not take Iiis attorney-
general with him, nor did he invoke-
as he might have done���the assistance
of Mr. Geoge H. Cowan, ot your city,
who was engaged prior to the session
of 1905 In collecting and tabulating
facta and figures upon this subject and
who had made a very careful study of
Ihe question.
"Mr. McBride now claims lhat the
conference, h&d-no rich* to deal with
British Columbia's claims for special
recognition���that is a matter between
the province and the Dominion alone.
If this be so Mr. McHrlde failed In his
duty by not taking the objection In the
first place.    He placed his province in
a raise position, He raised no objection to the tribunal until he had got
an adverse decision from it. It was
after his claim for arbitration had
been rejected by all the other members, including his Conservative friends
from Ontario aud Manitoba and after
he himself had voted upon it, that he
filed his protest, claiming that the conference had no authority to deal with
the matter.
"Thore Ib a controversy as to
whether or no Mr. Whitney said that
Mr. McBride was neither frank nor
candid; but there can he little room
for controversy about the candor of a
gentleman who votes upon a resolntlon
and Ihen takes the position that neither he nor his fellow members had any
right to vote upon it at all.
"The premier has placed himself In
this unhappy position. On the one hand,
if as he now claims tbe conference had
no business with British Columbia's
special demands, he should have taken
the stand at tbe outset and eo eliminated that question from the deliberation of the conference altogether. On
the olher hand, if by reason of the
terms of union constituting in effect a
partnership, It was necessary that ail
the provinces should join fn any
change ln their contractual relationship, Mr. McBride should bave stayed
at his post, and have gone down fighting if need be, for the rights of hla
province. It is absurd to say, as be
said In Victoria, that there was nothing
he could do but withdraw.
"The matter of hetter terms is a
matter of plain and honest business
dealings and diplomacy. To drag such
a question inlo the arena of party poll-
tics Is a crime against the people of
this province.
"I venture to think that Mr. Mc-
Hi-lde's own friends regret the partizan
tone of his speec hat Victoria the other
day, and the extreme partizanshlp displayed in the address presented to him
by some of his political supporters
there. He and they lost sight of the
fact that British Columbia's case is a
provincial not a party one.
"It is no less to be regretted tbat
sister provinces should be belittled and
ridiculed for no apparent reason unless
to excite sectional prejudice. The
question can be dealt with without resort to petty recriminations. If any
one doubts that Mr. McBride attempted
to give the whole question a political
and sectional cast let him read the
premier's speech aa reported, apparently rerbatum, in the Victoria Colonist. From beginning to end it ls a
labored attempt to make lt appear that
his failure was due to the Ottawa government, whereas it is an undisputed
fact that the premier failed In the preliminary conference with the other
provincial premiers and tbat upon the
two points pressed upon the conference
by him, viz., arbitration and additional
subsidies on a sliding scale every one
of his fellow members, Conservative as
well as Liberal, were opposed to the
particular form of relief which Mr. McBride advocated for British Columbia.
Does Mr. McBride suggest that the
Conservative premiers of Ontario and
Manitoba desired to injure a fellow-
"In the face of these unquestioned
facts. I fear Mr. McBride Is a little
weak in his Insinuation of partlzan-
shin To sneer at the size of Prince
Elward Island is equally weak. British Columbia is undoubtedly a big,
broad and progressive province. We
never tire of saying so, and we believe
whai w,- i.ay. I hope we are big in
ideass as well as In extent of territory.
We are big enough to realize our responsibilities as one of the members of
a united British North America, and 1
trust we are big enough to hold our
own in any conference, and big enough
to take defeat, should It come. But
are we defeated? I do not think ao.
Mr. McBrlde's retreat was ill-advised,
to use no stronger word. In his Victoria speech, Mr. McBride asks, 'What
would a Liberal prime minister have
done?' The answer Is, he would have
stood to his guns. He would have at
least gone down fighting. Arbitration
and a sliding scale would not have been
the only strings to his bow. If the
terms of union can only be altered
with the unanimous consent of all the
provinces, then we must get that consent or fail. Mr. McBride, who ought
to know his case, leaves ub in the dark
on that point; but this I do know, that
tbe Dominion has the power to assist
our province In other ways, if not by
subsidies such as Mr. McBride claimed
at the conference, then by still more
liberal treatment than we have heen
receiving in the past, and by assisting
us ln the development of those resources which nature has so freely lavished upon us.
"We find no indication, however, ln
Mr. McBrlde's speech of any attempt to
negotiate upon lines other than that of
cash subsidies upon a sliding scale.
For my part, I believe In the future of
British Columbia too sincerely to be
wedded to the idea that our prosperity
depends upon a per capita grant of $1
sliding down lo 26 cents. What we
need Is present help to enable us to
develop and reasonably conserve whnt
we have and we need have little rear
of future generations.
"I hope the premier will reconsider
his determination to throw himself nt
the feet of the king," said Mr. Macdonald, smiling. "Considering that It is
admitted tbat no obligation binding on
the Dominion or other provinces has
been broken, the sacrifice would be
both undignified and futile,"
"What Is thc present position of tho
Question?" asked Thc World representative.
"The    litslr,;    Isupm^lr*    pl.��J"   "*   ��."��
question now is, where nre we at?" replied M. Macdonald. "Our champion
came away before the business was
finished. I hope he will at once outline a policy which will enable British
Columbia to  recover her equilibrium.
We have a good cose. The government must see to it that it is not
thrown away, either by reason of childish pique or to obtain an election cry."
Denora Compressor Plant Burned With
Serious Loaa to Company.
(Special  to The Dally Canadian.)
Greenwood, B. C, Nov. 9.���Summit
camp has resumed the activity of the
former days, when the B. C. Chartered
company were operating fn the camp.
The B. C. Copper company now haa
55 men at work here on its properties,
the Emma, Denoro and B. C.
They are shipping large quantities of
ore daily from all these properties and
are also doing much development
work. The Emma is showing up Into
a great mine. From the 150-foot level
the company has run a drift ln on the
ore body 146 feet, and the drills at
the face are still all in ore. The width
of the body la unknown but ln place.
Tbe ore ls chambered out to a width
of 32 feet. Beyond that on the weat
the diamond drill still shows ore, but
of unknown extent
The compressor building and plant
of the Denoro was burned on Tuesday
last, involving serious loss to the operating company. Tbe plant was partially Insured but the loss of its service Is considerable. The cause ofthe
fire is unknown.
Great Northern Train Runs Over Body
of Sleeping Man.
(Special to The Dally Canadian.)
Grand Porks, Nov. 9.���Word reached
here yesterday evening that as 'the
Great Northern passenger train was
nearfng Grand Forks that evening
ahout 5 o'clock it ran over a man
named Guy Reeder near Orient, Wash.
The man was literally cut to pieces.
Thc crew of the passenger train were
not aware of the accident and It waa
by a mere chance that the section men
of Orient found Boeder's remains on
the track laat evening. It ls reported
that the victim ot this accident had
been drinking heavily at Orient yesterday, and lt Is supposed that bo fell
asleep on the track.
Noted Sculptor Dead.
New  York, Nov. 9.���Samuel J. -Kit-
son, the sculptor, died here early today
of kidney disease.   Mr. Kilsssn was born
ln England 58 years ago.
Chicago A Alton   Sleeper    Invaded at
Point of Gun and  Passengers Relieved of Valuables.
Hloomiugton, Nov. 9.���The operator
at the Chicago and Alton railroad station here reports that the Golden State
limited passenger train, east hound on
that road,, waa held up and robbed one
mile east of Glasgow, Mo., about 3
o'clock this morning. The bandits went
through the sleeping casrs robbing the
occupants but were prevented from
entering the chair cars and day coaches
by tbe conductor of the train who locked the doors.
No one was injured and the care were
not damaged. It is not known how
much booty wss obtained nor how
many men were concerned in the holdup. The. robbers jumped off the train
and escaped in the darkness.
Kansas City, Nov. 9.���Tbe Alton offices iu tlie city say they have a report that one man boarded the rear
sleeper of tho Golden State limited at
Slater. 15 miles west of Glasgow and
with a revolver in each hand ordered
the Pullman conductor and porter to
walk ahead of him and awaken the
passengers. Ho was prevented from
onterlng the second car by the conductor who closed and locked the door
and the robber escaped by jumping
from tbe train. The amount of booty
Is thought to be small. The Golden
State limited left Kansas City at 9
o'clock laat night for Chicago.
User Pays the Price.
New York, Nov. 9.���Tho wholesale
rate on all lead pencils costing $1.60
or leas a gross has gone up. According to announcements now being sent
(o stationers by domestic manufactur
ore, from G to 25 cents a gross. New
price lists on some lines of foreign
pencils are also being sent to dealers.
The reason given for this advance is
Ih ehlgher cost ol .alior und materials
Tho chlof of p'olicc has wnrned boys
against tobogganing on the sidewalks.
There was a narrow escape from an
accident from (his cause Ibis afler
Is&rgc���rfr .Tsci.iiiigiiiiii, For many
years a resident of Nelson, Is now
cashier of tho Northwestern Guarantee
�� Trust company of Portland. A recent issue of thc Oregon Journal has
a page advertisement with Mr. McLaughlin's name attached to It.
Hve Buildings Ignited Dor
ing Early Morning
New   York  Vaudeville Performer
Arrested on Sospickm of
Dastardly Act.
New York, Nor. 8.���One woman ls
dead, a man is In a hospital suffering
from severe hums, 2000 persons fleU
from their homes In panic and thousands more passed a sleepless night,
aa a result of a> series ot Incendiary
fires In two blocks bounded by Sixtieth
and Sixty-first streets and Columbus
and Weat mud avenues early today.
Scores of persons whose lives were
endangeix.il by flames or choking
smoke were rescued by firemen. Many
of the rescues were of a highly sensational character and were witnessed
by the thousands who crowded around
the burning buildings. In all there
were five fires, every one of them incendiary, between midnight and t
o'clock this morning.
The woman who lost her life was
Mrs. Caroline Swain, 70 yeara old. She
lived at 107 West Sixty-eighth street,
adjoining one ot the buildings which
was fired. She died of heart failure,
induced by fright Adrian Tompkins,
40 years old, ot 110 West Sixtieth
street. Is In a hospital with his hands
and feet severely burned as a result ot
climbing down a redhot fire escape.
He Is ln a serious condition. The rapidly-succeeding fires, the crowds of
evicted tenants and the terrifying rumors spread through the neighborhool
with the constant appearance and reappearance of the fire engines and
the big sq'uads of police, raised the
people throughout the vicinity to a
high pitch of excitement, which did not
lessen until daylight brought a message of assurance that the Incendiarism was stopped for a while.
The. excitement spread even to
liroadway and In the Marie 'Antoinette,
Ansonta, Empire and other big hotels
In the neighborhood of Lincoln square
the guests were aroused by the contagion of fear, and many remained up for
the rest of the morning, discussing the
situation. '
All the houses where the fires occurred were flat houses. A number ot
them were occupied hy white 'families
and the others by negroes. Some of
the tenants fled to the street In their
scantiest clothing when the fire broke
out In each case the firemen quickly
stopped the progress of the flames.
The loss was about $20,000.
B-rank Morris of Boston, a vaudeville
performer, was arrested on suspicion
of having set the fire. The police allege that in each of the fires tenants
reported thnt when they fled from
their apartments Morris was the first
person met.
Courts Decide Intricate Case en ���ante
ruptcy Petition.
St. Paul. Minn., Nov. i).���The United
States courl of appeal handed down a
decision upholding Ihe validity of contracts for the purchase and sale of
grain for future delivery aa It is prac
Used by the Chicago board or trade
and the Merchants' exchange of SL
Louie. The case Is that of Thomas A.
Clege, Jr., appellant, against W. H.
Laldloy and others.
Clege, Jr., dealt In about 14,000,000
busnels of grain and lesa than 2 per
cent, of It wae delivered. He testified
that he did not intend to deliver or to
receive any grain under his contracts
unless forced to do so In order to prevent his contracts from being closed
out under the rules of the board of
the exchange.
The brokers to whom he became Indebted filed a creditors' petition In
bankruptcy, on which Clege waa ad-
Judged to be a bankrupt. The petition
in bankruptcy was assailed on the
ground lhat Clege was not legally In-
debted to any of tho alleged creditors
for anything aud that tho claims
against him were grounded upon wager
agieemenls and therefore were void.
The conn of appeals holds that tho
���vidince did not disclose a purpose to
sell el the obligation of his contracts by
paying to, or receiving from tho othei
names, therefore, the difference be
tween the contract prices and the market, prices at the time of delivery did
nut make the transactions wagers nor
rentier them void.
Prices of Metals.
London, Nov. 9.���Lead, ��10 7s Mi
sliver,  32   lS16d.
New York, Nov. 9.���Casting copper,
21 1-ic; lead, 15.75; sliver, 71 M*. ���
sim fa I
mi The Daily Canadian
Cool nights are now iu order.     They will invite
pleasant dreams of
Ws- have plenty nl them in red nud blue.
3 1-2 Points, weighing about 10 pounds, $7.50 per pair
4 Points, weighing about 12 pounds,   -   8.50 per pair
These blankets nn- Justly celebrated ror their excellence. We alone carry
tbeni iu this city.
LUMBERMEN.���Pillows, Comforters. Gloves and Mits. Socks, Shirts and
Underclothing. Oil Clothing, Sweaters, Miners' and prospectors' Boots
and Shoes and Rubbers.. Groceries and Provisions.. Everything of the
Best quality and  prices surprisingly Low.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office:   Toronto.
CAPIT \L AUTHORIZED... .��3.<i<i0,u00. CAPITAL PAID UP... .f��,'>-.0,000
KfcST J.|.*.ni,0O0.
D. 11. WII,KIK, President. HON'. ROBERT JAFFRAY, Vice-President
Branches in British Columbia:
Deposits reoalved aod latemst allows d at current rates trom date of opening account aud < indited half-yearly
NBUSON BRANCH ��J��   IVf.   LAY,   Manager.
The 'Ifayal 'Bank of Canada
ASSETS, $39,771,803
Capital Paid Up $3,629,130 Reserve Fund $4,092,043
Accounts of firms and individuals opened on the most  favorable terras.
Thirteen  branches  in   British  Columbia.
Special   attention   to out  of town business.
T. BL KENNY, Pres., Halifax.        ��  L    1'MASK. Central  Manager,  Montreal.
l'ubhshed uii dayi a weet hv the
Baker St., Nelion, B. C.
Subscription rules, 5*e win* a inomli delivered
In the city, or (LOO n year i( lent hy mail, when
paid in auvau. a,
AdverUhlun rules on app^-aiton.
All ninnies paid In settlement ol The Dully
Canadian aoooantti either i'nr labacrtptioni or
advertising, must l��- receipied for on tht* printed
forms ot 11k- Coinpaiiv. uih_r receipt* nre not
NOVBMBBR ��>. i<_.w��.
"By ona frord we tr. aomattmea lodged to be
wiie and by one word Kunotlnui judged io be
foollib.    l-et  ns  therefore   be  careful   what   wt>
The Daily Canadian publishes today
in other columns a deliverance of Mr.
J. A. Macdonald, leader* of the opposition in the local legislature, on the
question of better terms. Mr. Macdonald recently visited the city of Vancouver and attended the meeting of Uie
Liberal party, and while there .vl<l'-m-
ly ftUthoiiia-d tbe Vancouver World lo
publish bis views.
The interview is interesting because
it is the deliverance of a party leader
on a burning question and may be said
to OOmprehent tbe views around which
lhe campaign from the opposition
standpoint will be obliged to crystallize, while the oonscteotoeteM cam
paign that has been conducted by the
organs which support the party of
which Mr. Mnedtuiald is the l<*ader deserve scam courtesy, the dellTerances
of the leader hiins.i. deserve a respectful consideration, and as far as Tlie
Daily Canadian is concerned it Is just
such treatment tney shall receive. We
have reproduced the interview In full
that we may be fiee from the suspicion-of in auy way garbling the would-
be premiers utterances.
A scrupulous reading of Mr. Macdon-
ald's article will disclose the fact that
he states six grievances and makes
ihat number of complaints or criticisms of the action of the premier at
the Ottawa conference. Succinctly
stated, they are as follows:
First���That      Mr.    McUr.de    should
have taken Mr. 0. II. Cowan with hlm_
-ro GUawa.
Second���It fs to be regretted that
Mr. Mel.ride should give the question
of better terms a partisan cast. j
Third-���That Mr. McBride was not
prepared to state the case for lhe
Fourth���That Mr. McBride placed
the province in a false position.
Fifth���That Mr. McBride erred in
leaving the conference;  and,
Sixth���"That the Dominion has power to assist our province in other
ways. If not by subsidies such as Mr.
McBride claimed at the conference,
then by still more libera! treatment
than we have received in the past and
by assisting ut in the development ol
the resources which nature has so
freely lavished upon us."
Stripped of all its verbiage and spoken to the point, without the tone of
disappointment and complaint which
wails out through all of the Uberal
leader's remarks, this is the whole sum
and substance of the criticism levelled
by the man selected to lead the Liberal
forces in the next campaign. It is true
there is much shuffling and Indecision
In the statement of the case as rejKjrt-
Sd iu Tin' World, but we think the candid reader will admit that the pith oi
the argument is unreservedly stated
above. If there is any further cause
for complaint it evidently has not yet
occurred to tbe opposition leader, but,
as he Is admittedly "slow to see a
point," we may anticipate further additions at some future lime.
We propose, therefore, to analyze
iii* i ��� criticisms, and we regret only
that it Is onr bounden duty to show
that Mr. Macdonald is unable to rise
ali-iv * tbs cheap partizan tricks of the
iM.-r-s which Bdoret him and that he,
like they, misrepresent the facts. Mr.
Macdonald'a interview |t> an ignoble illustration of th** too-often used formula of the legal fraternity who centuries ago were advised, "When you
have no case abuse the plaintiffs attorney."
That Premier McBride did not take
Mr. Cowan to Ottawa with him Is a
matter upon which Mr. Miicdonald
has uo right to express au opiuiou. It
la none of Mr. Macdonald's business
whether Mr. McBride went alone or In-
tiea^ed the expense to the province
I'v taking along some nominee of the
Liberal party, Mr. Macdonald is sim-
l ly resorting to a peevish way or expressing his resentment at the fact
thut   Mr.  McBride did not Include _M___
Mardonald In his delegation.    That his
criticism has any other force will not
be believed by sensible people.
The  second  comment,  that  Premie
McBride gave the question a partizan
cast Is one which every self-respecting
paper and all who heard the premier
will give an unqualified denial. The
report of the premier's speech���which
Mr. Macdonald concedes appears verbatim iu the Colonist���does not contain
a single sentence that cau be called
partizan. Indeed, the comments or
many Liberals who were present at
that meeting were expressions of admiration that the premier has succeeded so cleverly in avoiding partizan references or that he resisted the temptation to make part} gain out of thu
occasion- Tne special despatch" t<�� the
local organ of tha opposition express.)
stated tiiis aud much more of a like
Datura in reporting the premier's ad*
Mr. Macdonald admits lhat Liberal
papers projected the debate Into the
realm of party politics, bul thinks that
the premier should have lived in a se-
K-ne atmosphere, oblivious to this
criticism. We may tell Mr. Macdonald
that the premier has so tar made ouly
one deliverance on the subject and that
is admitted to hgve been free from
partisanship, If the question has acquired any party coloring at all, il is
bt cause the organs which are support-
Ing Mr. Macdonald, The Victoria
Times, The World, and the local demagogic sheet, have adopted a policy ot
misrepresentation, fabrication, intemperance and indecency in their abuse
ol' the premier. II to reply to these
sheets is to project the debate Into
the realm of party politics, then all
we can say is that there must be an
end of all debate. The Liberal organs
are to be permitted to say whai they
choose and there must be no answer.
ll Is to be regretted that the one man
in the province who could Intimate to
these journalistic fakers that they
biiouid play fair'' prefers to get inlo
lhe same boal and join iu their snarling whine.
Mr. McBride "was not prepared to
state the case for the province.'' Mr.
Macdonald was not at the conference
ot premiers and he haa no Information
upon which to base any assertion, excepting the published statements ot
those who were present. It is a singular comment on the fecundity ol
some Imaginations that those who
were not present claim to know more
ol what took place than those who
were. Five out of seven delegates
who attended the conference have admitted in interviews which have since
been published that Mr. McBrlde's
statement of ihe case for the province
of Brtiish Columbia at first surprised
and then amazed them, and ihai the
facts and figures which he adduced so
thoroughly convinced them of the
strength of his position thut they were
all of one mind as to the Claims of ihe
province to the special consideration
Which il should receive. Some of them
were even sorry that the claims in full
could uot be allowed.
Will Mr. Macdonald explain how this
conviction was produced in the minds
of the other premiers if our own premier was unprepared to state the ease?
We fear that Mr. Macdonald will be
unable lo clear himself of the suspicion
that bis utterance of these words was
not sincere, and that he resorted to
an unfair method of criticism when he
staled what the least acquaintance
with the facts woald have informed
him was untrue.
Premier McBride "placed the province in a false position." The manner
in which he Is alleged to have done
so Is in lhat he did not at the outset
Intimate that the case was between the
Dominion and the province of British
Columbia alone. That he should have
said from the first that the other
provinces had no say in the matter.
A re-perusal of Mr. Macdonald's interview will show ihe point
We submit that this is a species of
quibbling which does no credit to Mr.
Macdonald and which will not tend to
raise him In the estimation of the public who are acquainted with the facts.
Premier McBride went to Ottawa on
the invitation of Sir Wilfrid Laurler
to mel the other premiers and duscuss
Inter-provincial questions He did not
know till the conference had proceeded
a day or two that the special claims ol
British Columbia would not be admitted by them. To have taken tb<* stand
al first which he was forced to take
after all negotiations with the other
premiers had failed would have properly proclaimed him just what he is
not and what Mr. Macdonald would
like to see him be. Mr. Macdonald
might have acted as he suggests, but
Mr. McBride has too much good sense
to have done so.
We have before pointed out that it
Is a matter of opinion as to whether
ihe premier erred in leaving the conference, lie alone is responsible for
bis course. If he cannot convince the
electors of the wisdom of his action,
upon himself will be the blame. But
we opine that Mr. Macdonald will havo
.-���mi'* difficulty  in   miking his opinion
IWI-.-WO   ��� **��������  "-   ��Mq   .wtlnt   u-hen  he  Ih  -_.
palpably mistaken on all others.
I-astly, we are told that there are
"other ways to ar.sist the province than
by subsidies," and Mr. Macdonald hints
at what they are. A reference to his
published  statements  will  show.
The plain significance of Mr. Mac-
donald's statement is that Sir Wilfrid
Laurier and his Liberal coterie, while
not prepared to do justice to the province on the merits of the case are willing under certain conditions, to wit,
the election of u Liberal following in
Britisli Columbia, tu open a sort ot
hack dour aud assist in underhand
methods In the development of the provincial resources. ui other words,
tbal if a Liberal governim nt Were in
power here, there would -some, In some
dishonorable    and      roundabout    v. a \.
through the channels   usual   to   the
spoilage system, financial assistant*--
to the province. This assistance would
of course be dependent Upon the subservience of the province and its perpetual return of a Liberal government.
There is no other construction which
cau reasonably be placed uj>on this
language, and If Sir Wilfrid Laurier
does nol rebuke the coarseness with
which his local satellite sought, aud
will doubtless seek, to bait the province into the Liberal f-oid, then we shall
be obliged to lose the last atom of reaped we ever had for the Liberal premier.
If Mr. Macdonald and his part/ g.
upon the hustings wiih u proposal to
open a hack door somewhere by winch
dabs of patronage and fitful assistance
may be doled out to the province so
long as il is faithful to the Liberal
parly the country will have its best
excuse for hurling that party into the
shades of eternal opposition. The proposition ia too revolting to be calmly
reviewed, lt would mean the Introduction of the methods of debauchery
practised in the East and now, since
Mr. Macdonald has suggested It, it
might be well for someone to look into the amounts which Eastern provinces are receiving under this back
door method.
We shall revert to that phase of the
question again, but In the meantime
we thlug our readers will agree that
Mr. Macdunald's criticism of Premier
McBride Is a pitiable object lesson in
the incompetency and unwisdom ot
the Liberal leader.
Notice is hereby glveu tbat SO days titer date I
intent, io apply to the Honorable the Cniel Com*
nlntaDBTO. Undsand Work-for perinlsilon lo
purchase Ur* following described Until: Com-
ni. nelng ftt a post placed JOcaainn weet ot lhe
bo ii thu--h 'Drm -r of Col K"*tJ, marked "R. a. Bell'i
north wet. t    r-irrw,"   thence    south    'io   .-ha I "8,
thence east 'Ai (hains, thence north '��!_ Ohalni,
thenee west At chains to point of cotntuen' lament,
-.uDniiRing .Carres, more or leu
Located this6th.lay of Nov , 1906.   It. A. But,
Blxty dayi after date I Intend to apply tothe
Honorable lhe Chief Commissioner ol Lands ami
Wo-ki Ior permission to purchase the followlug
described laml-. in Kootenay tlistri<*:: Com-
meucingal a post marked J. Ji. Annable'*- northeast corner pot, said pu_-: being on tbe iouth
side  of  the Lower Arrow lake, about two uiik-s
below Burum City; tbenee south to Chalna;
theuce west 20 chain*.; thence iouth 20 chains;
thence west 20 ebalni; ihence north 32 --ha-u��
ait-l 20 links, more or Ier** to the l��t. -hort*.
thence easterly along lake 40 chain*-, more oi len,
to the plaee tif beginning, containing 105 acres
more or leas,
bated this 5th day of November, 19u6.
j. b. Amunju
perK. L BrRsrr. Ag.-nt.
Sixty days after tlate 1 Intend toapply tothe
Honorable the Chief Commissioner of Un-Nand
Workr for permission to purehase the following
described lamls in Koolenay district: Commencing at a post marked -a. j. Dill'i toothiresl
Corner post," said post being on tbe northwest-
erly ahore of the Lower Arrow lake and is links
due east, on the northeait corner of Lot 1719
Group l; theme north to chains: east I"' chains;
south-to chains, more or rea, to the lake ahore,
tbenee following said shore  in a sotithweiter.*.
OtreeMon ."���_ chains, more or less lo the place o'f
beginning, containing itio aero, no.re or  lesa
Dated this 5th 'lay of November, ltfOr*-
A.J. Dill,
per K L. BtntVBT, Agent.
Notice 1-- ben-by given mat ���>.- ilays after date I
inteud lo apply to the Honorable Chiel Commissioner of Lauds am] Worka for permlnion to
eurchasethe following tieserib-d lands, in West
eotenay:   Commencing   nl  a  post  planted  at
the north.a-t conn r ol iot ..lit... <; i . marked f.
Fletcher's northwest corner, thenc,. lontb BQ
chains; thenei east l't chalna,more or leai. to
tha weetttn boundary of Lot MB, Q i : tbanca
north SO ehalns to Kooteuay river; tbence weat
following raid river to point of eommeneement,
containing 8j acre* mon- or leas.
y,th Oetober, 1906.
Funk FLrTf hek
Notiee ia hereby rl nn tbat ila tydara after date
of l-ands and worka for permlaalon to purchase
the following tb-erlt-ed lands in th- Weat
Kootenay district Beginning at a post marked
**J. .-v btmlneo. ft W. oorner, ' and piantedabout
one-half mile east of the abort "f WhaNhan
(CarH.00) lake an.1  about  i milt-s north ol the
narrowi ol thi f-md lake, and >t tbi -. B cornet
ofj Arthur Warrens application to PtUfbaaei
!h.*ii. ������ > ,i>i fin ehalni; thence north ho chain*:
thenee weat n cbalm to tba northeaat corner of
Arthur _ arreli'sapplication to pon haae; tbence
wath M> ohalni to point ol commencement, con*
taming ������_ i aerrn, more or less.
Oet. nth, 1906. J.b.hkisio,
F. I. EUKMCWD, Ag.iu
BUty dayi after date I pn IngtppUea'
tton tn tbi ll.-ti i bit I > ommliiloni r ol Umi-
an.'. \\.��rk�� lor penr-lufon totmrebaai the follow*
ing   deeerlbed   land:     -.onim. nem*   nt   a post
planed at tbi nortl weel corner ol H i> ��ld'sap.
plication to pnrebaie, marked -B v   H
corner post," mini tug  thenee SO ebalni   I
thence .��>.��� loutn eaat; tbence ���*., ebalni tooth;
thence n cbalni weal to point ol coi
ment. containing HO a*. ���. mora a
Dated tlm loth lay ol October l>��.
B n n uanMTCK,
per B 6HIELL. Agent.
Notice I* hereb) pn :, that _J dav- alter daw I
int.ml tomakeappibatlon to trie Honorable the
�� hi*-** com mis-: ion. r of Unds and Works for permission to pur-hasc the following described
lands: Commencing at a |*.--t pUnt'-d on the
northeast co net ol Pet��*r MelCaogbton'i appliej.-
tion to purehase. lollnwtng the east boundary of
fame BQ chatm math; thenee tn rhafns east;
tbenee n ebalni nortb; tbence80 chains west to
point ol commencement, containing HO aerea
non or Icm,
Doted Oet. I-I. w*. AI.pmt Fu.lt/IT,
�� By his agent Ernest W. RoaUMOW.
Notice i* hi-reby given that 60 days after date I
inu-nd to apniv tothe Hon. Thief CommlMloner
of Undsand Works for permission to pu re-base
the following described lands ��itoated in the
V--..-1 Koolenay oletriet-i   Bectnninr at a post
marked "O. C. MacMlcklng'a K. W. corner," an.1
planted on the weat shore ol Whatshan (Cariboo)
take, abont three mil *, nortb of ihe rpper Narrows of th- said las.* and cnooatte the Wand In
eaat io chain", moreor leu, to the lake shore;
tbenee ! wlog tba said shore in �� northerly
Ud westerly ���Mre-cli-.n 1-J0 chains, more or leai,
to point ol c<immeneement, containing HO acres,
more or leas.
Oct. 13. ISMS. or MacMltaiNo,
By F. L BMtitamt, Agenl.
Non �� li hereby givenlhal tp dari aftei dati I
intend to make application to the Honorable tne
Chiel L'onunUMioner ol Land* and Work*, lor Per-
mist-ion i-i purchaie ih.* following deicrlbed
land* < ommenclng at a poat place') adjoining
tbe loutbweit corner pott ol ���-���-���������-���"������1 WaUoi * M
plication to Purcbaie, miming ni chain*- nortb;
tbence 10 cbalni west; tbenco BO chalm soutb;
thence 10 cbalni eait. to polnl ol commenct
ment, oontainlng sro acrei moro or leaa.
Dated Octobei I ������ 1900
Bonn v IKTM.
B>  hi- ag* "'   I'-^'-r* w  K-.iWN-1'N
KoUcm is hen bj glreD mai SO dari alb r Bab I
mi. ud to appiv to the Hon- the- *. hlel ' ommli*
���loot i of Landi and ft'orl i for permlmloii to poi
cheat lbe following deeurfbed lands in v.. -i
Kocienav diitrloi: Bt glonlni al a poll tnarki i
������Otto lltneb1! N \\ corner" ami planted on
the west ibon ol Wetiban (Cariboo) lain-, aboul
one*fourtb mile weat of ibe narrowiof WhHt��h��n
i,,k- th< nee wutb 8u cbalni) tbence * f' I
chaini mora or leai to thi ihore of tbe Barrowii
lbence followlni tl i nid ibon la a general
northerly eftd weiterh lln Hon 190 cbalni mora
or leu, to the point ol commencement, contain
��� ic- .Ji.-n "r le*|
Del ���
i thli-Sihda] nl Ot'    19W
ono iiik . h.
r i. 'Ia^miiM'. tgeui
,-i.. n I glvi ii ������ al ilj dayaafterdate
I im* od toapph to thi Uon Chief i ommlnlonei
ol Landi and H'orlu for i* rmlmlon to purohaae
the following deacrlbed landi in Waal Kooteuay
dlitrlet: Beginning -tt a poit marked "t K
Alden'i B y oorner," mid planted on the Mil
ibore ot Whauhan (Cariboo) lake, aboul one
mile north of tbfl loutbem end of tbi lake;
tbenoe nortb ���*������" chalna; .bene veil *0 ebalna,
mon "f leaa, lo lb.  ibon ol 'i*> iiat-han lake.
tio -nee hill iwlng  said  *.|..if   in a ����� -n'-ral southerly  and  easterly  direction  lOOcblini, moreor
ten, to the i*H>iiit of eommenc< mi nt, * ontalnlnj
A20 aoree, more or les*
Dated Ibtiltb dai nl Ocl   '
i-; k  Auay,
K   L  Ha-Moms, am ,.\
Notloe i^ benby given tbat ilxty day* after
date I intend lo applv to the Hon. Chill l ommlJH
���loner of I_mids ami Work.- for permliilon tojtur-
obaae the foUowlng deacrlbed landa in tht ft*eaj
Kootenay district: Heginniitg at it p*-i marked
���H.rihtt Hirscb'* N sT corner," aud planted on
tbe eait shore of Whatshan (Cariboo) lake, al thc
narrowi of tha lake, and about one mil
Arrow Ink-* trail: th'-m-e lOUth BO chains; thenee
weat ni ebalni more or len lo the ihore ol ihe
narrowi; tbence following tbe laid shore in a
general northerly and easterly direction i-i"
cbaina mora or less to the eolntoi eommeneement, eiintalniiig o-to aeres more or Leal
I>atv.l thlsSlh day of Oct., 11"W
Bkhtiia HlUCH1
V   I.   Hammomi. A gem
Sixty days  afler dale, I   Margrett  Mctjnarrie,
intend loupply to the Honorable the Chief! om-
iii'.r-.-ioner of 1-ainls mxl  Work",  Victoria. H C,
to jiurfha��A the follon <-ij,* drtcribfd land, Ct m-
meiicing at a post marked M. MK^narrie, on tbe
bank of   Lower  Arrow   lake, thence -to chain-
weat; tbence00ebalni north; thence -to chain:
eait; tbence 00 ehalni tooth to place of com
meiiceiiH-nt, said to eontaU)   160 itcri*  more or
i...     Corering ground held by *>. B. Andersons
Datetl this llth day of i-eptember. 1W��.
Vi. I, Payne, Ag.*n:
Sixty dayaafterdate I purp*****; mai ing application t.i l!i'- Chief I iiininli>sloner of l-amls and
U'< rk** for permission to purchase the ft
deecrll ed laud: commencing ai a pnt marked
'K P*|8 h OOrner," and altuate about DM mill
from Silv. r Tip Point, on Whatahan lake, and
near C'liri.-tle creek, running thence 90 rhalni
north; theuce Hn ehains weit; thence ho chains
south, following the lake shore; tbenee ���** i balni
eait to tbfl polnl of commencement, containing
64*i aeies more, or less
Hated the llth day ol August. 1906.
K. Fai-qiizr,
 PerF Q  PaPHPinn, Agon I
Noticx is hereby glren that m* day* after date
I intend toapply to the Honorable the Chief
CoramUMoner of Lands and Works for permission to purchaie tbe following deM-ribed lands;
1 ���'**. :;.��� -.c-iiig ai a jh.-i planted "ii the northeast
eoruer ol Peter .McNaughton's appll-atlou to
pun-base, running &> chaini west h!*>d*-. the
northern boundary of same: theuce mj ehalna
north; thence DO chains aaat; tbence *v chains
south, along the west boundary of John Klliotl's
applkalion to purchase, to point of comincuce-
meut, containing -'-in acre**, m' r>- nr U*n��.
Haled Oot   13, _'X6. TBOMAI -MITII.
Bj his agent, Ermeit W  RitRinnos.
Notice ts hereby given that M) dayi after date I
Intend to apply to the Honorable the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works, at Victoria, i: c ,
for permission to purchase the following described lands, situated in the West Kootenay
dl-iri't, tooth "I Forty Nine creek, commencing
ai a post marked "L. H i'h.��*uetie's .V. W. rorner," thenoe *0 chains ea-t. ihence 10 chaini
a*.uth, thence 40 chains west, thence tu chaini
nnrth to the commencement post, containing IWJ
���acres, more or leu.
Nelson, B. C , Ocl. ICih, 1905.
L. ii. Csoqcsm,
 VV. A. Joj-Bl. Agent.
Sixty day- after dat. I pur|*oaem*klng ���pjilb-a-
tion to thc Hou. chief Commlmloner ol Lands
and Worki for permiition to purobase the following described land: Commencing at a poat
placed at the ��,. nth west corner of K. W. Hanning-
lon'a application to purohaae, marked "L. H. P.
H'lg I corner post.'' running thence Jt) (hains
west; tbeoCI ��0 chains south; theuee 0U chains
qks:; theuce W chains north to point of commencement, containing f-w aerea, more or leas.
Dated the Kjlh day ofOetcber, .WW.
L M. B. Hanningtok,
nvr K  SHtri.L, Agent
pixy days after date I purpose making application to the Hou. chief Commissioner of Lands
aud Works (or perm Imion to purchase the fol-
lowing de-cribed |��ail: Commencing at a post
placed nn thfl north t-oundary of lot No. t#A ami
alxiut tWO Ohalni east of Whatshan creek, mark-
o*l "M. B'e. B. W, corner," running thence to
chains east; thenee to chains north; thence 40
chains west; thence to chains south, lo point of
epm.nencan.int, containing lfi. aeren more or
Hated th.- Mb day ol Oc toner, 1906.
 Per B. Smr.Li., Agent.
Notice i- hereby given that sixty days after date
I inteml to apply to the Hon. Chief (ommlsaion
erof [jinds and Works for permission lo purehaae the following described lands, lf*o acrea,
commeneing at apoat marked .'ohn Toye, planted on the eut abort* of Lowei Arrow lake, about
one mill- nortii of Sunshine creek, Ihenc* forty
chains OUt, thenee forly ebalns south, lbence
forly chains weit, tbence forty chains north
along lake shore to point of commencement.
Hated thii Uth day of September, i����.
Jon* Ton.
 Harry QfMOIt, Agent.
Notice fs henhy given that W days alter date I
intend toapi.Iy to the II one rable the 'hief Commissioner of Landi and Work* for [wml***.!.*-**!
io pun baae ibe following deeerlbed land, altuate
tn Kire Valley, In tbi weal Kootenaj dlatrlet. adjoining W. A. i Alders pre-emption. Marling al a
|-��st marked M. Mts/uarrie'i aouibM��*-t .orner
running-v'. haim. eaat.  thence 10 chain-, north.
lb- di .* -j) cbalm ��� sal  tbenee to chain* souih lo
polnl nl commencementi
Haled this llth day ol September, IS-L* ���
Maav Mft^i'ARRii,
J. E. TaYl/n, Agent.
BiXtJ dan afterdate I pnrpo*'* making appll-
�����   n      ' m  H -ii ci.i-i t omiiiiaaionero. Undi
and Worki for permlulon to purchase the m<
lowing deacrlbed Und: Commencing atapnst
pli'.-d at thi nortb seal eorner of B. c Fklnner1!
application to purchase, marked "It. OT N.W
corner pool ' tbenee loiiowing the *���*��-,! i^und-
ary of mme 80 cbaina aioth; Rmnoi running ni
obaina eut; thei balni north; tbenoe *i
chains wesi to point oi commencement, Contain-
in ir ��'-*i *.. t- ��� :i..-r- ..r |i -.*���
Dated thc loth day of 0.tober, 19*.
II  Dot.n,
 Per R. SimtiL, Agent.
6*> days after date I Intend to apply to the Honorable the Chlel Commlsslooer of taud* and
Works. Vidorta, B C , to pirchase M. acrea of
land situate west of Arrow lake nn the west side
ol Whaichan creek and Joining the north boundary of fi. J Annable applicnfton to purchaie.
Commencing at a post niarked R J. E. B. K. corner aiol running wts' 80 ,:halns; tr-em-e north 80
chains; thenee ea*t 60 chains; thence south to
point of commencement.
Peptawbw 2od i��j6, r. J. Elliot.
Notice l�� hereby gtren lhat AOdays after date, I
ini- n 1 to a poly to the Hon. Chief Commissioner
of lAnds and Works for oermisaion to purchase
the following described Ianilm in the West Kootenay District: H-Tinning at a post marked "W.
.���* fclvidge's S W comer," and planted about
one qnarter mile west of the wett shoreof Whatshan (Cariboo) Iske, and about one and one-
qosrler mile-i north of lbe sooihern end of the
lalie; then-e north ��n rhalni; them-e eaai |o
chains more or ess to tb. -sbon* of th ; Whatshan
I kk- ;  th'-nee foil 'Wing aald ��nore In a general
��� FRED IRVINE & Co, t
Jum recolT.fl, n K|ilcu'U<l Block or atamiiwl I.lnons Cmklm a
Covers, Tea Clothe, etc Aa eli-guul ansnrtnieiit for to work" T
Xmas preeenti. ���
We an- olno showini; a lot of new Fancy T��M an.1 Ribbon Work
Bee our show  windows for some  novclllcs    we havo    lnr   v.,.,..
trade, which  we had made n> "nr ordor hy    the   Ui-hI    ichobl   ',"
is,!:, v wssrk in tho Msmtrt-al convent.    Now Is the time for ,00 '   4
insiks- selectkuu  ' ���
Notice Is herein rucu that M days a!U.*r date I
Intend toapply le tba Honorable Chiel Commissioner of Und- and w.-rL- loi permlaalon to por-
rhase tb- followlni deaerlbod laii.U. situated on
the eaal side of Arrow lake: Coininenilni,'at a
postmarked A Macleod *i location poat, thenee
aouth  l.rty tbalna, followiua W. Toye's eaulern
bonn.larv, tbence -��*t ilxty ebalna, to aui bank
of thtribaldl < reek; lbence nortii lorty chalm:
tb. di 1 Mat miy chaini lo i��>nn ol cob   ..nee-
ment. contalnlni UO acrea, more "r mm
Date<i Beptember 1. WW        Ai.kia U*V : M_��,
1'erN. Demers, A$ml.
=ttt-tt,.' :v> .iii-i i.-irn, oifeet,..!! i����i eioiiiin more
or leaa to a judnt on the shore due eai-i ofthe
post of eommeneement; thence west "Jn chain**
more or lea- to tbe point of commencement, contain Injr :u>a'-rea moreor less
Dated this 9th day of Oct , i<��*
W. 8, ELviiwa,
F. L. Hammokd, Agent.
Notice ii bereb] elren thateoitay-' alter data I
Intend to appl] '   the Honomble the chief com-
miaslouerof landsand Works ior pertuisaion to
burebaae tbi loll a Ini '��� icrtbod tuda, iltnated
on tbe eait aide of Arrow lake: commen.-.nK at
the northeast et.no r ol A. Anthony i purchase,
theuee uorih forty chalna. thence weat forty
ebalna, tbenee Nuitb lort] chains, theuce eaat
f..rtv chains to polnl ol cnimenccment. con-
lalnina 1-soaert", iL..r- ������: I'-***-
Dated Sjpteml-er 1. U0*.     JaJC* t. MaCLWD,
perl Dbmbm, akcui.
���.������V-  ||  bOltb)   fITtn tbat sixty 'lays afler
date I intend i.-aj < ' hief Coinmls-
iloner of Und*. and Work* for perini-tion to
pnrebiM the followin�� deaulbed landa, in
���Weal Kootenav Dlatrlcl Coi imeni Ing at an Intra! poet planted at tbe aoutheaat corner oi Mo-
Co    - pre ,.mptiou, ihen* ���   ju chi *.-���*. ������
boondarj "f Lol titt\ tbence bllow/tai **td
nth b "  t   f ���aid lot;
thenee 10 chains weet;  ibenee m ebalus couth;
Dcbalni east; theuce jj chain* nortb to
i corner  of  Ud  i^f:  lbence [olIowiUK
Notice Is  hereby Hlven tbat _1M��4.
dale  t   intend to aHdj*  ,, \|*   ,    ,\\^\ -^1
ulialcmerol Undi and Worka w^S"_i
to pnrehaae the fotb.wii,K _UeertlV_____l
uale In Wesl Kootenay l" M|��� ��� ,,1kM' '���*-���
-i   a   ixtst   marked ''A'Blrach'i -
treat bonndary ol -Lot t��i to Initial poet
.*, IWO.    ._ D-D  WOLFF.
irv.d Lot t��l tt. initial jHist.
; ���- D. D  Vio
\*t Eas'iar W. tiontxaoK.
Notice is heieby given that ftJ days afterdate. I
Intend to apply to the Hon. chief Cot_mtvaioner
of Umls aie] Work* for {termUaion to purchase
tbe lollowlnl described lands, situate on the
K_-l  ���bore of Lower Uke, a��*out one and one
balf mlb* Soulb of Bdgewood. B.C. and ad
joining -1- T. Heattle'i application to parebaaa,
and commenelni at a poat marked Donabi ��ii
m.ij> South We-t corner, thence rut.n:iii: S��>rth
suty cbains, thence Kasi forty chaln<i. tbenee
BouUi-alxty cbaina, tbenee weal forty chain** to
plaei ��� f c.���iiimeiicenieni, and eoniainitiK -*.*>
acres more or less.
I*OMAi.D Vimtov.
Dated this i.tb day of September, .9C*.
Notiee is hereby Riven thai two months after
date 1 intend to applv to tbe Honorable Chief
Commissioner of Unds ami Works for permission io purchase M0 acres of land, dem riK*d as
follows: Commenclna al a post planted at the
southwest of i. c Word-son's rancn in Fire
Valley, West Koot*nay district, marked *'J- B.
Muun/s northeast rorner post"; thenee SOchains
west; thenee ��0 ehalns south; Ihence NJ chains
eaat; thenre SOchains north to the place of com*
I.at-d lllh day nf -������pi*- ml.T, !�����������
J. ft. MrsacE,
W. A  CAXMB, Agrnt.
plauteil nt  ihe H. W. torn
bllaa north of Burton City and aboDt
nib   weat of the Colombia rim-SS
�����cbaina; theme v,tn*n ,.u%o .
���90 chains; thence eaat *��� cimiri_ u. aatto   <
in- ik eni.-nt. containing .it ner.* '   lM
i��au>i this Hth daj oi Beptember,ttt.
 l>erR-U-,.Nm.AH,y   i
Notice Is hereby (tlven that Ifl dari aft�� ���   ~~i
Intend lo apply to the Honorabl-	
mlMfonarof Und��aiid Works Ior r**-rini��ii*u 1
norrliaw the following described i,,���i, ,.,**
fr..in a |K����t market! W.T'snor'l.u.-��� ��� '
south to chains, thence ea-t m ,'[������,,-, ..'?* '
north _n chains, thence wesl . i i-haini to i��iTrt3 i
.omineincnieiit,  containing J�� aeM.fc.iJl
Lorn, adjotni on the east of I.Antfaony_n__�� l
tion to purchase. **     ***** '
Dated Ibis -_8tb day of August, ISM.
��� n WTtoi,   !
 N. DEraia*.. \ini *
Notice ii hereby glren thatatxti _��n_fi__'____i *
I intend loapply to the Hon t blef '-���-���wi Ji
er ol   Undsand   Worka for |.  -   ���        , ���
cba.-*-    tlir* following de-M nU-!  ...     ���
tuning ai a poat marked Catherine i./oi3i
ptanteaon the ea-t iboretrl I  ���. i
roar  'Hadslone Creek.   Ibenee -to ebalni m_l I
tb.-ure SO chains north, thenee K'chaini aanti I
InKe   Ihora,   thence nouth along lake shim a
I^'lnl of iitmmeneement.
Dated this 13th day ol September,IM.
f -1THMISI Tori
Hakry Qinoir, __mt,
Nr.ti.e t> !)en'by given lhat OOdanattvlMM
intend toapply to the Honorable tlieChte(C��l
m 1m>loner fif Undaand Works for prrmlubaii]
purtdia*** the following t|eserit-.d l����.li ���jtnildj 1
on lbe eaat side of Arrow lake: ��� .itnKn,f\un 1
tbe se-ulhwest eorner of A An!to,in i p��rtia,j
ibenee aouth twentr chain", tbi - M_nbj_9
chains, thence norih twenty chains. '.hr��t��_|j
twenty chatm to point of eomutQee_uat,iSj
lalninK ���� acrei. more or less.
I'ated -��� j.U-mt'. r 1. I'm*        Hr- t V -r or    ,
larN   Dr***-*.  Her!
Notice Is hereby given that W daj*alter date I
intend to apnlv to the Hon. chief t ommiasioner
of Und* and Works for permlasloa to purehaae
tbe following deeerlbed lands, situate in West
Kootenay district: flegltinlng at a post marked
"Arthur Warren's H Vi. eorner," an'l plani'-d ou
Uie eut shoreof Whelohan (Carlbtto) lake, about
two miles north of Ihe narrows of Wnalshan
lake, and at th- S. K corner of W. gecombe's ap-
pllcHtlou to piir'hase; tbenM east V) chains;
tbence north wi chains: thenct- west to chains;
thenee south eo chains to point of commencement; Containing ._�� acres more or leas
Dated thii "th day of Oct. I80S.
Annua Warrfk,
F. U llAmUono, Agent.
BUty tiays after ilale I intend to applr to the
Commissioner of Unds ami Works, \ ntoria. to
purchase 160 acres of land, situate and described
as follows: Commencing ata post planted on tne
west side of Arrow lake opposite Cariboo City, at
or near the southwest corner of B. Halg purehaae. and marked "G. M. A., fl. E. corner," and
running north 40 chains, thence west 40 ehains
to II. Amiable . pnrehaae. ihence south 10 cbalm
moreor less to the lake shore, Ihence along the
lake ibore lo place of beginning.
A muil 2-th, 1906. G, M. AN.-.AR1.E.
Notice  I*  liereby given   that sixty day* aller
dale f iniend to apply to the Honorable the
Chief Commisaloner of Unds and Works, for
permlaalon to purchase tba following described
lands in the West Kootenay dlatrlet. Beginning
al a pom marked ���James U Kraaer's N.K. torn, r.1
and p anted on the east shore of Whataban
Cariboo) lake, about one half mile north ol
Christie cre.-k:  thence smith -Hicham
lew, to the north boundary of W. Herombe'i application lo purchaie; tbence west along the said
boundary 40 chains, more or less, to the shore of
the lake; thence following tbe said ihore In a
general   northerly    anil   easterly   direction   HO
chains, mine or leis, to point of commencement,
conuinlng 100 acres, more or leas.
Oct Uth.Uur. .AMMO, hum,
F. L. Ham-iowij. Agent.
Notice Is hereby given that siity days after
the date I Iniend lo apply to the Hon. lhe'blef
Commiasioner of Unda and Works for j-ermis-
HOfl to purchase thu following descried laml
in the West Kootenay dial r let: H-ginnlng ata
po.t marked -K. It, Ketl't N.K. .���orncr.psnd
planteil on IbeabOfOOl Whatshan (''artljoo) lake,
at ibenorth*ae-.t corner of said lake; tbence -i
���shaliis went; lbence ���) ehalns  aoulb,  tbence  411
chalu* east: th<-n-e tn ehaim south; thenee ca-'
���W chains, moreor lesi to the iboTa -��f tbe ^ai!
lake; thence northerly along ihe ��� .; i jnk.- ibore
"0 chains, mon* or lets, to tbs point of common-
ling tr*) acres, mora ot Ian
1���� B. it. KKII.,
K. I.  ttAJtWHCD, Agent.
Notice fs hereby gken tbat f��. days afler date I
Intend to apply t.. the Hon Chief Commlaaioner
or Und* and Worka for parmhHlon to purebaae
lbe follow in k deicril.-ed lands Ml lotted tn lbe
We-l Kixiifnay district: Be inning at a t-.��l
marked -wilHaia Kill's N \v -wnv,1' lfi.
plante.l about one mile south of ihe north end
of U hatshan (���aril*.*.*) Inke, abonl Iwenty ehalni
wesl ol the west shore of aald lake ntid mi the
���outh ltfiumlary of K K. k>tl'a application lO
purcha*..; tbence aouth m .bains; thenee eaal W
cbaii,.. more or less. b. the aald lake Sore;
thence northerly along lhe salt) shore RO chain-,
!?"_!��� J"..-!**������ ,n Ul" '"I*1 "'���"th boundary of
fc   K-Keil'iappll.-att,jn to purcb.,-.        .���*,*.���,,   ���
jo chains, more or k-s- to the point of. -eminence*
ment. oonlatnlne liB acre.-, more ,.r leai
PabM 0_t. U. Iisti William kkii.
 By F, I.  EUiaraKp, Agent.
Notie- i��  hereby given  that Mil) dijs a_H ]
date I Intend Vi apply to the Hoii-t*!���!�� ii- r_tf|
t i.m.: :i--i..ii. rof Undsand Woiki(Ctj-miiea 1
to purchase thc following dc-ribttl landi.ita-1
ate In the West Kooteuay district, ���nd sd^ism 1
Paul Andre'i pra-ejnntinn, starting si iimi
marked A.J, l-*-iig, N  K. comer, on thtat-sttaml
of 1-ower Arrow lake,   thenc.   .���" .-tisi*.. na,.]
tbenoe W chains south, tbeuce _v cbal&iN
tbence -10 ebalni north lo point of cuiitam
.���ated at Nelson, B.C., thii Hth day ..[.trait* |
ber, 1X6 k.l.le~T
Wm 1'oiURb, Afeut.
Notice is hereby given that 60 days after date I
Intend toapply u, the Hon. the Ale i-.n'ml.
_S_!!_ir?LU." ?an:i w".rk"',,rl��nnl__io_ t .nur-
chase the following described lands l-i We.t
Kootenay district, provln<-e of British Columbia
Commencing ata r-r-t mark..! -WlllUn.-ioinnK.
ton s northwest corner p-,st." ufd ,���,_, ���.,,,,
nlante. at the southwest corner oj th-������< . -n
_______ f   w""'" !_?d "jy0*0^ ">- ��l I ine of
chains, then*-   -
Dated 1st '-ay of August, UM
_ans  .long   said   Une,   theuce Vs.   firlV ffl
tain*., thenc north twenty ram cbams   i���enc.
llAteii 111 -lay of Almii.t, 1906.
Wiii.um Tol.MNHTON,
Uf hll .(.in J. k. Taylor.
ii.fiI'i!n''ir,"['r,!.,"}' issa?" ""wwmpii-*
lion    in    ine   I  lilef < otnni  v��lot|,.|   ,,(   ln.,i'    .,, ,
NotUe U hereby given that sul; dayi __tl
date 1 Intend !������ apply to the It..i,.;���.'-.- ttrftif 1
Coraml*i|oiicrof Undaand Works ���' ���;- T'.r-a I
to onrsbaaa the followingdeaerttHHllaodiittHkl
tu West Koolenavdl��trU-t:Comiji. :������ ii:tv.t.*m*\
planted  at  Koberl   Corleits  norlh easl cotHt]
j>--t  and  marked   A. M's  N. W   Comai tfafigf
east to chains; tbence 40chains souih. n<
lesa to the Kooteuay rlrer; then..--m rbaiMitfj
along   the   Kooteuay   river;   thence lu -���__���
norlu. more or leas, to tbe plaee of coaaofj
raeui. containing KO arret moreor lest,
fleplumber Iith I'JOA.
Ami v ���"
William Koou --*.-:���:���   I
Notice Is herehy given that W day liter date MJ
intend to apply to the Hon. the) hl**f<'uaa��l
sioner of Undi and Works for p*-nnt��i"�� H|
(nircbaav tlie following descrilx f Itieli ID tbi
test Kootenav district: Begtnnliift tt t F*e
marked', lb ftelland K. BelNs. K eon*f_\
about '1 mile* cast of theflaiuion river tnd iml
U mile (nun the Bend d'Oreille rher; th.D*il|
t-baiiii north; thence tu chains wait; tbdwll
chains souih; thence to chains > a_t to plir* gl
laylnni g.
fiaty*l the B_Od day of flepteuit-r, IW.
KBIIJ,   :
B. m. Bnro, -ii-Bt
Sixty dari nfler date I purpose raakin-t affB. j
cation to the Honorable the Chief Ci'mmi��tf��i
of Unds and Works for perm!--i"T) t" I "-���** f
the following demtbod land:   �� enimciirtw a
a pnst marked "D.Fekw.corner."aflwM
K. Kaii'(iiler's application  lo pnrel Ji
tbenee 10 ebalna nortb j thenei *-�� .-t;s:e�� e*j
thence mi chains muih; thena ' ' 1'
io thc polnl of commencement..onumu. ���]
arret more or k*aa.
Dated the lllh day of Augnsi. 1 ������-
Per F. (i. Fai^i iei. Aircnt^ ]
Notice Is hereby given that fti days aft-s-r da��l.
Intel,.I to apply to the Honorable uie' tile'1***.
mlsitoner of iJiuds an.1 Works to pur* b*t*f'?-|
following dt-a-Tllie-1 Unili.rJO aires. '���'"** "'*5i
com nn* in* log a I a post planted mi il*.** *,H!^Tj
of I'l-iwr Arrow lake .1. point aU-ut" J-'1*^!
low Nakusp, anil marked (J. A. H II - > r. ram,
pc-i: tbenee m chains wc*t; il.*:.-* * ���*
south; thence s*) chains cast, mi reol ��� ' '*���'
shore; theuce along lake ibore to j-'ini one
DatedtbliMbdarofSent.UOB, a J.B.PM
Notice Is hereby given thai stxt*. U)-*fr��B**|
I Iniend to anply to the Hou Chief! eiiin:��'w����
of Un.l> an.1 \\ orks fnr t��ermi*-��i'Ti t- . *���'
the fo;i..M nm deaeribed lauds, stnrimf �������
plante.l on tb�� North Waal ���
th.-nce  running   twenty chain- BflOtk, li
Iwenty ebaiur*  Wi'��t, thence  lortrehaWj
thence twenty cbaltu Rant- lbencetweBUTK
Bontfa it) |Mdnt of oommencement, and ci
ing W acres moreor leaa. _    _.
Kioaw< ���* Bii��i^a
Dated l he 1st day of October, 1900.
Hlxty dava .fUTdatel ptirp-wiriakinrjljl
cation tothe Hon. Cblel Comiiil*** |
and Works for permission to piir.-hai* WJJT
lowing described land: Comn
pluied al the soiilbwcst oorner .*; s* '������' ,*_^
pll.-atloii to purchaie, marked -Y ��� ' * '' |
ner," running tlience *i chains ivt^f. '^ f.
chalna west; Ihence -SO chains south: im�� ���
chains east to point id BWnwwtcenienti���*���" j
ing WO .i*res more or lein.
Dated the 10th day of October, 19J,** ^^m, I
perK.-^ni111* ^1
Notice li hereby glren that-so day �����i",r _t j
Intend It apply to the HonoraM- ll" ���, '
CoinmlsiloLur of Uml* and Wort- g*Jga
Hon to pun-has. the following '!'���""���"''', ,.|
In llo* West Kootenay district: I '���.'���' :: ���';.>���
|Misl marked "Kleanor tflrseb'l - '' 2S1
and plankd oil the we��t shore nf tbi :" * ,pr bi^
Whatshan (<'arib<M>) lake, about one "'��� " r,*,*j
miles Mouth of Arrow lake tiall: Iheno ';*]p.
chains; thence eaat to chains moreoj ������" J
hhore of the Narrows; theuce follow'*Vjffflj|
shore in a general southerly and ��' (.'.'r.lFDre-
tlmi N) ch.lns moreor less lo point ol���"
liienl, conlalnlug Hid acres nmre "i '���'"������lMfK,
Dated Oct   Hth. Hi-fi- ���^iW*JsT
cwl; Un-JM M chai,,. ���,���i|,   11,,..^.."
SSL%lt&tt 'n"m'mi H-S*
re tad Ull lllh day of Auguit, 1906
per P. u. rADQCttg,
Notice ii hereby given lhat sis';'"-'���,'.-.
I intend lo apply to the lion chief' ���    '
er of Utidaaml Works (ornermlwion ��1
chase lhe following described bind- "'''   rji_ 1
Ko'deiia*, tlisirlci:   llivinnlng ��' ��.l"'   .��������� "
���V,   Beoombe'lB   K   enrner." ami I'"*1"!   .
can ibore of WheHhen (i'ania.��d '��* ;,,
two  nill..��   nnrlh n'  ilo> unTro��*' '���'
lake; thenre north ��0 chains; "i'"'',.',*-,
ebalna, moreor Ifltt to the takt ��� ���*" 'r ',*���,��. 1
following the said shore iu a c 'i'"'1' f ]fUltt J
aiidoastcrlvillrectloii IJ'chain-. ""''���,���,,,[ W 1
thfl  point  ol commencement:  .nii-i'"1 "
acres, more or lesa
Dated UbMtbdarofOct iiw.... HF.(<,*ii,
r, L. iUMlioM'. ���Ane0t m ���
A NHEUSER     ���AND *** original
busch...    Bud weiser Beer
DISTILLERS, 12 and 20 years old.
NELSON       *'"* A&*S��ZJlBP*Umtt    VICTORIA
Burns __ Co.
in   itc*___nd(  Trail,   NoIhoii, Knslo,  Sawlon, Three Korku, New
Deav-fir nnd Bluca-n City.
t by mill to miv i.mnch will have
tompi and careful atleiilion.     	
Head Office: Nelaon, B. C.
*    !..!-   I purpose mulct UK appll-
��� 1 ii*f 1 ommlailoner of Un-i-
1 minion to purobaM lha foi-
, mh i-     '.iiinneii'-liiK ut a |w��'.
Ltiv ��� -I rorner of J. Shieli's ap-
4111 11. (.in bat . marked ' K- B'l B. K. eor-
*.iiinliij* ilu in ���   WI tibalOl north, Ihenee K_
so cbalni iouth. tbenoe no
...      ;.   ui oi com menoement) con ta lure oi lesi
laj ol October, i����'��-
it. Hmieu.,
Iter J. hhiki.i., Agent.
laic I pnrpow nuking appli*
H     <        Coumiaalonei ol l-and*
orki for i] rmisalon to jmrebaM* the  fol-
I .iiiimt-iiciiig at a |wi��l
rthi aai rorner nl It Hhiell's
..���-������,  murked "M. K <���_���*��� 8. E.
Iheliec 111 hal us north to the
!   L MH. Ihence t*> chains
aim nouth, thence HUrhaius
ummenoemonti coiitaininc 04.1
1   ���      ��� - -
iy ol October, two.
M    K. (JRCKrCl.1.,
jar J.Hlllll.l,, Agent.
'���isrcKlei date 1 pUrpOM  making  appli-
l blel iVintnltMoiier of
;������ rmluton lo pnrehaae tba
ed ii n.i    Comntanelng �����*- a
Junction  of  Humes  ami
snd   ��at <d K. J. Klllott'H ap
��� marked "W. n i"s. h. tv.
������..���n.*i* NOi-haiui" north; theme
ur. B1 ohaini Miiitli; thence Nl
��� ol ".iiiineiiieinenl; coiilalu-
01 leaa.
ul Oi lober, i'AK.
I'er J. Hjiiki.i., A Ken I.
���iavnlterdatc 1 purpoae making appll-
l" iii*   Mon   lhe 1 tnel CummiasloliiT of
��� |>i rmlailon to purchase the
nr dttiTiii. i landa:   Conunenolu ��t a
soutliMateornarof tf<K>Oren>
'pll.-ation 10 purebaae. marked "V. U's,
:.nmi! Mu-ueeSO ehaim north ;
��� *��� -1 -lialns east; Ihcnce HU
ice-Su 9ha.n1 watt, to polut of
attaining 04i) acrea. more or
ol Oetobert 190c..
v. Dodo
iVr J. Kblell, AgenL
Klvi n that flOdan aller dute !
; i Ucation lothe Bonorabli the
id Landa aud Wurks i..r v. t
thi    loUowing   deaeribed
tommeiirltig  nt   a   |��.at   ou   the   north
rj oi  Utfsdaud  about l ebalus met of
<<--iiU'g-lot-balnaraat; theuee
'���""'Tlii; lln im 10ehalna weal: tbuiiec 40
ni "i cotntnanoMnenL non*
|r" -Wren I-or leaa.
Octobei la, I'.ssi.
Hy :��������� nn. ni, KaNRMT W. UoatNauN.
���iin afn rdato I purpose mailng appli-
-d" Hon 1 liiefCommlntlonerol Undi
������'��M"'H Ion to pureliase the fol
land; < ounneiieiiiK ata i...-t
* yardi went of the Whal.liaii
'���-iiiUhoul two miles souih of What
I B.-n.g'iM R eoruer poat."
. 1 1. ii.-. -j. 1 hRUin Miiitli; tlience Nl
���*���'���', ilu;,,. BO rhalni northi tbenee *_J
mi, Ui j. .mi >.| eoiiinieiu-eiiieiit: contain-
wret, more ..r lew*..
iiicbith.iHi' of October, UW.
I'er It, Siiiei.l, Agent.
*���''* I iniend loapply to Hit*
.it tin-1 in, r 1 om nit red oner of Unds aud
<."���.���,   ui  nurcbaM  1N> acres of land.
"IdcolArroa bin. adjoining
,,     ���   r;l"i ai fid low**:  Ootnmenolttg
.��int.-i on Ibu west boundary �����( Lot
��� *< .-.lain* Mirth of lhe H. W . eoruer of
.J1""1   woal  K) ehnllis. tb.-ll.c lOlllh ttu
'" "'" easl ft) chalna in ihe western
J <"    '��� .iiil'il 11 N���...7H, ihcnce north
.,;;��� 1 botlnnlag.
""       >'- M  K.WAl.I.av,
H  J. Kl.l.miT, AkciiI.
Notice li hereby given lhat GO dan afler date I
lutend In apply lom-'iioii.irBMc the Chief Com-
uilMloiii-r of Utida and Worka for MnnlMon lo
pprubaae the loiiowing damned lands in the
Wa�� K.iot-imy dihlriet: Bialnnlng ai a post
marked "Alexander r raaur'a I. W, eoruer " and
plauied   on   lhe   easl   ahnrr   of   the uan'ows of
Whataban (Oartboo) take, at the B. K, corner of
1 iTuiiard  EUnob'i  appilaation   to purohaae;
Ihcnce east 40 chaius; thence aouth N chulns;
lh?n'-e wst 4o chains, mon" or Icks, lo the shore
of the narrows; theuee following the said sbore
In a northerly direction ni .-hains, more or Jcib
tothe polut of commencement, containing H20
acres, more or less.
Oct. irtth, IM*. .uu.-iAK Fhahkb,
by V. L Hammond, Agent.
Hlxty daya aflei date I OOrpON making application to the Hon. chief Commissioner of Unda
and -Worki for nerinlsstnu to purchase the following deacrlUd In nds: Commencing at the
northeaat comer of C. J. Hannlngton'i application to purehaae, merited "t. A. 0_ K. E. coiner,"
running Qianoewebalnjnorth.tbanoilDebelna
weal, lbence BO ohalni nonlb, theuce 80 chalna
cast to |Hdul of eommeneement, containing wo
acres, more or less.
Dated tbe Irtli day of October, 190G.
E A. Ckkabk,
per J. Bhicll Agent.
Notice is herehy aA_\ lhal CO days after dale
I Intend toKpjdv lotbe Hon Chief Corn in laaioiier
of Landi and worka for penniaaion to purehaae
the following deaeribed lands in West Kooteuay
Dutrlnt: BMinnlng at a imst marked,-"Born-
bard Oliaeh. B. K. corner." and plained on the
cast ibOre oi the narroWH of WhataliHu (CarihOO)
lake; thenoe n<_l_ Ni chains; thence weit |o
chains moreor less, to thc shore of Whatshan
lake; theuce following said shore in a general
���southerly and eaaterly direction 1*20 chains moreor leaa. to point id commencement: containing
-JO acres, more or less.
Dated tblsHtli day of Oet- 1WI>.
ItBKirilABll   If 1 KM JI,
P. L. Hammomi., Agent
Blxty days afterdate 1 purp-we making applt-
Oatlon to t1,. Hou. the Chiel Commissioner of
l.*it*'l-. and Works for p��'ruiUiton to purehase the
following defcrilied laud: ('ommencing at a
I.011 placed at.otit half n mile west of HarucM
creek, and ai-.mt one mile uorih of the mouth of
the sainti, uianted "J. K's. H W. corner," running
tbence W chains norlh; tlience 80 chaltia east;
Ihcnce W> chahis aoiuii to the north boundary of
Iff, S PoolO-iapplication pi purebaae; theuce N)
chalus west lo point of commencement; containing ������*������ etwee more or lesa.
Dated the 1-th day of October, 1900.
- uei
1 tin
daya after data I
���Pld.-t-wti.iu UilbeBonorabla ihe
��� "'cr of Lauda and Worts for i*-*r-
"���'   the following described
'���-���n-ma at n poet pl.iec.l about oiif
' " loifiiiiii .reek -md about lb rea
, '" hut ���.him lnl.c,ru lining Nifhaliif*)
,,,; "ir1"*"1,1  wot.1;  lli.hr, Nl chaiua
* ciiaiui unat, to polntof com-
&s\t& w"u!n ''���""'-'���
I, ... flm  M. NJI'UBTISN,
m-isi'.il. I'.iikk-i iv nonmoH
**) Jiv.-jilli.iH),i��v��mi.r.l���1,-1
���   Is- "���l.THlsk-ll���-1 l,l.f Uira-
Ml III If.   Ill  ij  \\ ,,, 1 K    \'i  ,.,,_(���     ... .,,,-
I lli-rii_     ���   1       .      *T��.��w,  1 ll OiriKi 10 pur-
,:* ['���"<;  an-i, Mli.nu- Hl.oul ..,.�� mile
 .,!',,   ���������   *;",ll-s- s-ssssl nil,, af  Arrssw
111.,I ,.",';" ""'"'"�����>: '���I'liiineili-lliit ill .
ii-'slli i,    '   "r"" '"*' I'ssiissT ssl Mil tm,
������   ',J   ,''""'""-., ���'* w��il".-li��l,i��,
-    I'l'i'si, tin-in-,, .ait 40 i-hulni to
J. K   lll'NTKK.
iss-|,���|���   ���,'",.'  *ili, ilii-iii-uiw ilmlns
-.in ,,.,���"'    ' ���"" "��'"'.iisiiumiim
"'"'���" lo'Oototjr.im,
,   0   L. IlANKINOTON,
l"'r J Hiiiku. Agent
'-"n,". ,,J'|1;,;;'','I,1'. > |mrpon tumu apnli-
the  lol
I*, 'i,ii���.-��� " ! purcbaw),   marked
'"'"'" M rhalii. tit lbence 80 chaina
.���,,,,��� ,,"; ��H lopuiuiofcomuicn-
'"''-tbiirtv .     ,!'M. I,l,,rt'<'fb**��i.
���� ��d October, hn.fi
her  I   u       K    ''"i-K'tTaoN,
pur J, Hiuitu,, Agoui.
BUty <1ars aft^r dale I purpOM making application to thc Hon. Chief i:oiuuit*.slcncr of Ijhc!-
Hti.l Works for iKTinissiuii lo purchase the fol
lowing deacrltied lands: -Commencing ata pnst
iilaeed ahout bulla mile wcsl id the lower end of
WliaitdiHii lake, marked "D. D's, S. Vi .corner,"
rutin Iiik theuce Hu chaiua south; tbence W cbalni
east; thence Hit chains north; lhetice HO chalnn
greet 10 polut of eoiiinivncement, containing mo
acres, more or less
I'h ted the tstfc -im- of Ootobnr, toot.
D. Dorm,
Per J. KiiiKi.i., Agent.
h xiy days niter dale I purpose inaline appli-
callou to lbe Hon Chief CommlKBloner i-T 1-tuds
hihI Wo ks for iH-rmlsalon to |>urchane the following described lands:   1 om-naneUu at the
northwcsl corner of K, A. Crease's applicatlou to
purchase, marked "W. ii. Ci. H W corntT."
ruiiniiig Mii-ine W -luiin- north; theuco 80
ciiaiui east; tbeuce ho chaiui south; tbenn ho
1 imni" west to pi.mt of commencement, containing Wil acres, more or less.
Dated Ihe Vith day of Oetnt-er, 19. f>.
W. (i. Cil.LITT,
Per J. Hlilgl.l.. Agenl.
Sixty days afterdate 1 purpose making application to the Hon. Chief Ciuiimlssloiier ol Lands
and Worka for perm Ihs Ion lo purchf*-,*.- the following described lands: Commencing at the
northwest comer of D. Pcdd'i application to
purchase, marked "M. Vt B. W. eoruer," riiuniug
thence Ho ohalna north; thence ho ohalni. more
or !��� ���-***���. to the wett shore of Whalshan lake, tot-
lowlng tame HO chains soulb; theuce Ho chains,
moreor leit, east lo tlicpolnt of comiiieiiseinciil.
oontainlng MO aeta, non <ir Iw.
Dated the i.th day id Ootober, i�� ��-
M. Kahjiikr.
pt^r J. Hmiki.l. Agelil.
Noilce la hereby given  that  sixty tluya after
date I Inland to apply to tho HonomblaUblel
Commluloner of Landi ami Worki ror perm is-
lion to purehaae the followlni: deaerlbod hmd":
Comiiiencliig al a poal placed on lhe norlhwcNl
oornerof Albert RIHott-iapplication topnrcbaas,
ruuiilllK   Ho  Ohalni    eaal   along   lhe    lioill.citi
bonndary of mmv, thence  M chaiua north;
Ibeiiw BO cbalni wes'; ih noe 80 chainsaouth. t<��
pniut of eommcnceinciit. cuuta-iifng rdu acres,
moreor leas.
Dated Oct. I��. IW6. Jn,,N' Kixiutt,
By his ageni. KlDflMT W Kobinson.
Nollee is hereby given (hat BD day* alter date 1
Intend to apply (oUe Hon. Cblel flomfclulpnor
n(i,andsaii1 Works lor pormlwlon to nnrehase
thc following described landa situated in the
West Kootenav dlitrlet! Beginning at a peat
Herbert Warren's H. K.
' Htid
planted ou (he W ��> shoreof WhHl.ha.i (Carila.o)
lake, about onc---,uarlei mile nortii of the mhhu-
em end. if lhe hike; ihcnce weat Wiebaiua; thence
south HO cl.aliiH; thciicu Mil W^-^VnSStfi
iete, to Whaishoti crc��*k; thciict��� I. 1 wing
north along lbe creek mid lake (.bore HO (hains,
moreor'left, to polnl ol oommenoemgnt,oon-
lulnlug MO acrea, more or Jess
I.��U*.Mhl.Mhd.f,,rO,.,,.l.s-r.|��T ^
K. I.. IlAMWI'IUs, AKi'llt.
Noiioc i�� herebj liven ti,��t w aw" ��'"*r ''��"-* J
ln*m_����,.|.iy fo_e Bod. OtWComnWoner
ufUliili ssml Wsslk-slssrl	
the teUoWnj ik-sss-rlK-sl Issiiil
.11 imt.-.l  11     '
,���C    IHUIIWIlll.    ,,vr. ,,....    ������'"        . .
BMtieil,"AntoinetteHlroh*>,*���_,' rV-.'ri"
���l.nl,.,l  on   Ihe ihs.ru ssl ��h��tlh" <<'" "��� )
Sals...I llss- .niillirn-l isssniir "I ihis Mi'l  i"l- ���
The Daily Canadian
Regular    Meeting    Diicuiaes    Froight
Ratea and Account!.
A meeting or the Nelson board ot
trad, waa held in the board room yesterday at ...SO p. m, Th��*|)resident,
K. Starkey, waa In the chair and the
other rn.mb.T_ were preseut. The minutes oi the previous meeting were read
and oonflimed. The secretary read a
���Hlateruent of account of the banquet
givi'ii by ilie board of trade to the S]h>
kane chamber of commerce. This
showed a present small deficit, which
will ba mora ihan covered when all
the outstanding mbtorlptloni- amounting to $_8, um collected.
A lettar was read from the Wholesalers' aaaooUttoo suulng that they
were employing an expert to collect
data upon freight rates, and when
Ihese were In they intended to go thoroughly into ihe matter. Tlie letter
WOfl received and filed.
A ktler from the department of
irade and commerce at Ottawa on the
subject of the Atlantic mail service
was also retyl ami ordered to be filed.
-Sir Thomas ShaughneHsy wrote as
follows: "I am arraid that for the present, at auy rate, I cannot encourage
>ou to expect the construction of a
hotel at Nelaon hy this company.
While I think that a suitable hotel in
your city, properly managed, would he
a profitable vein ure, the company does
not wish to unduly extend its hotel
system, more particularly at points
where circumstances offer un inducement to private capital." The letter
was  ordered  to  he  filed."
A letter was read from the Canadian
Manufacturers' association ou the subject of the scarcity uf unskilled labor
and the necessity of a national system of technical education. Certain
enclosures referred to iu the letter
were not received and the secretary
wbb instructed to write and draw the
association's attention to this omission
and when the missing documents are
received to bring the matter up at another meeting.
A petition to the president from a
citizen of Ymir was read, urging the
board of irade to go Into the question
of a road between Nelson and Ymir.
The secretary was ordered to write
to the chairman of tbp Citizens' committee at Ymir and ask for figures re-
latiug to the cost 01 construction of
lhe proposed road and the views generally of Ymir people on the matter.
J. Buchanan rejiorted that he and .1.
M. Lay, who had been apjiointed a
committee on telegraph rales had waited on the manager of the C. P. R. Telegraph company, hut had not found
him in and consequently had nothing
to report
The  meeting  Ihen  adjourned.
Notice is hereby given Unit Sti -inr* nfier dak! I
to apitly t
niinhnniiT  of   ijiii.l*-   mnl   Work*-    lor a kpefial
liHfii-1 tu i
onortiblt* tlit- ('hief Com-
)lren*,_ to cut und carry away timber from the
lolloHlUK -ien<Tibe<l Inn.is: Cnniinein-iug at a
poil iiittrketl "T J. m miliui'- uortlieHKl eorner,"
planter] abOOl a mile west from nenr creek, and
uboui four tnller*- from Un mouth, wlilcb i�� six
miles weel from Nclmin; ihence went Hi ehalon,
���lii'ij'i- nouth Sl) chalnn, thence ennt S" chalnn,
thetu-e north HO chalun to thc initial point.
I.cnitvi October __ik1, lUOti.       T. J. M'ani.an.
Notloe In hereby given tlial-Uilayn after tlate (
Inteml in appl* to thc Hon the chief Commln-
llOBSr of l.nii'l*- ainl Worku for a Mk.'lal licence
to cut ami carry a* ay i inil-r from the following
dcncrihc'l Itm -Ik: Commencing at a pott marked
"T. J. Hraiilan'nnoulhcant corner," plan ted about
five mllen up "romiin creek, which elliptic*-nbout
one ml'c west of Nelnon; llienee went 411 chalnn,
Ihence north ion chalnn; Ihenee eanl .oehiiiiu;
theuce Bouta !���>" chalnn to point of c(imineiict>-
Dated Ocl ��>, 1906. T. J. FClMJUt,
W. J. Mi-Kimm, Agenl
Certificate of Improvements
"Kpvglann" ami "illpbl" mineral chilins, nltimle
In Tnuil I_ike Mfnlng IMvInhni.
I_��catetl on Poplar creek.
'I'atle Notloe Hint I. Bruce White, acting an
Up ni fur the BpyihUM Milling i o., Kr.-e Mlucrn'
CcrlUieate N.i ft W.'fl, innii.]. (n ��1..\ - inmi the
tlate hereof, lo applv to Ihe Milling Recorder for
accriiiicatenf Improvuaouti for the porooH of
obtallilng a Crown lirant of the above clatmn.
And furlher take notice thai action, under
flection :i7. tnoxl be oontnonoed buore tin* Inn*
auce Of lOOh Ccrlilloale of luiproveineiitn.
Dated '.fib octoiier, ivm;. Bauci wiutk.
Certificate of Improvem.nts
������Brllpne No. %" "Vevcy," "Happy llediom,"
"lnleriialioiiMl" and "Ala Fractional" in iti
cral clniiitn, niluale.l in Die Slocan City Milling
lilvinltui of Went Kooteuay district.
Where located:-Nortii of Twelvu Mile creek,
alKiut two mllen up.
Take notice llut I. H. K. Joraud, of SI... .m, B.
C., Free Mlner'n ���;erliflcnte No. B78800, a*-ngent
for h. A.Cole, Free Miner's Certificate No. t-Hl'li,
intend, slaty ilayn from thu date hereof, toapii v
t-i the Mfnlng See-tinier for a Certilleateol lm-
proveiueiita, for the purnoncofobtaiuliigat'ruwn
Uraiil nf said mineral claiin*-
And further take   noilce that action, nn- cr
���Section S7, munt ho commenced before the lutui-
anccof Btieh Certificate of ImprovementH.
Dated thin 80th day of Hepteniber, 19WI.
H. K. JORiNt).
Notice ll hereby given thnt 60 daya after date
1 intend, to apply (0 thc Honorable the Chief
doner ol Lands and worki for iicruifi
Urahaie  the  following tlesurlbed iaudi
Curious Mixture of a Wedding  Report
and a Racy Live Stock Criticism.
Two reporters on a Western paper
who wrote on opposite Bides of the
���same desk���one writing up a fashion-
ah]._; wedding, the other a report on
live slock���got their copy mixed and
this is how ll read when the proof
reader took it in hand.
The church was elaborately decorated with holly anil evergreen and the
allar was hidden in a wreath of flow-
era. Out of the recesses rose rare
tropical plants, and from the celling
hung 16 Westi rn veah-i, which al Ihis
finie of year are very Hdirce and bolt*
rcK-jioniiiiigly dear at 7 to 8 con is a
pound. There was nlso an active demand for choice lambs, and farmers
east of the MlHHlppl river can profitably turn to sheep raising and take
the bride, who wore a gown of white
corded silk, a creation of Worth's, with
pearl ornaments. Then came lhe maid
ol" honor, a cousin of the bride, Miss
Henrietta Blower of Chicago, wearing
a dress of white tulle with diamond
ornaments, and she was followed hy a
Small bunch of Montana sheep, which
bleated most piteously aa they were
driven ou board and shipped Lo the
winler hotels in Bermuda. They will
here he cut entrain and slightly decollete and after the rest of the party
had reached the rail, the minisLer
turned aud said Impressively: "I cannot bid more than li*^ cents for state
veals, but cablegram*--! from Umdon
uuote refrigerated beef at $4.MO for a
car of choice Indian beeves, and hearing this there was a rush for the
young married couple, und the bride
fell Into the arms of her father, who
fs known to hear a striking resemblance to a Connecticut ox weighing
1875 pounds. The market took an upward turn, and the guests, who numbered about 200, were served with a
sumptuous dinner at the home of the
Round the Boundary.
(Special to The Daily Canadian.)
Grand Forks, Nov. 9.���It appears
that the Copjjer King group of claims,
some lew miles up the North Fork river, over which a dispute as to the ownership has recently occurred betweeu
a Spokane company and W. K, White,
a veteran prospector of this valley, is
now recognized as the property of Mr.
White. It seems that these mineral
claims were originally owned hy one
Jack Etonian, a mining man who died
a few years ago, and the administrator
who had the handling of the Haitian
esiate sold these claims to the Spokane compauy, presumably not knowing that the claims had run out about
a year before Mr. Hanlan's death, and
had been relocated iu the meantime
by W. K. White. The Spokane compauy, believing tbey had a good title to
the claims, look possession of them
this summer aud built bunkhouses and
cabins valued at $1000. They also de-
���Moped the Copper King claim by stir-
race workings and uncovered a very
valuable lead nf copper ore. AH these
improvements and the rich body of ore
have now fallen into the possession of
Mr. White, who moved up to the properties a few days ago and will carry
on work all winter, continuing operations exactly where the Spokane company left off. It fs reported that $10,-
000  was    recently    refused    for    this
Harold Nelson Company.
The Hrandon Son warmly praises
the Nelson-Bruce company's' production of "A Soldier of Fori une," which
I_ to be their opening hill here next
Monday evening.   The Sun says:
"Tho opening bill of iheir present
engagement was "A Soldier of Fortune." and there wti-s nothing warning
In the finished production of (hat ro-
man iic drama,
"The bill was a charming one, nnd
the principals were probably stronger
than ever before. The support was
perfect There was a most pleasing
artistic swing to lhe piece throughout
and Ihe play would stand repeating on
some future occasion, ho satisfactory
was the first production. Kxrollent.
Indeed, were the stage .vttlngf, and
lho costumes, as usual, lent a splendor
which contributed in no small measure lo the success of the drama.
"Mr. Nelsou. as Sir Rupert the Wanderer, gave a most artistic portrayal
of that very difficult character.
"Mr. Bruce, as Victor von Tellre*
mund, waB excellent."
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Ftt.lt, Fuel
& Poultry Co., Ltd.
Wieuee Miiitli *tu ooainil ui'
wore or lens, to tlie nbore
(.oMmlnioner ol t_uidH nud Worka for
flow li
Kooteiiuy    dl-.tilft:      fniniiietictiiK    *-���'   ��    pOSt
markeii 'J. H   Walbiee's DortllWSBtl tinier mint,"
-Hid poat Ik'Ihk on Uit easterly iW_ of lower
Arrow   Inke.  ami   at the  non IttrMt  corner nl
I'ortcr'ii pre-emption claim; LhebosesatSOehattit, '
more or less, io uie ��'*���">* ���*��� ,','.,*, ,.r,.,.ii ..,,-i
theuce following ihe ihore Uoe ��';"' ',r..,t,""(!
lako iu a general northerly '�����    turn )       *��
Uon ho ohelni, more or le". l" rlI!L��!-'V..__
Hon oo ohelni, more or ws. ��' '"    ' ""'V"'
]Uei.c_meiit;-*oiitaiiiiiiK �����< *vrv*' mon "T "T
a*. Mil., hub. Armani Biases,
By F. L. ll am*-nn, Agent
ihenee miiitli '20 I'tmliiH, tbence went CO chain*
in nro or leNHiti ibe Arrow lake-thenoe in a north
eiiKteriy direction so chains- ntoreorlou to the
i.lace of iM'KlmiiiiK. > oiihil uin^ 140 arret*, more or
l_ted thin iSUh <lay of Oetober, l����
J. 11 Wallack,
By liln agent, Kknakth h. Buknkt.
Silver King Hotd
Bwt Dollar a day home in the Kootenaya.
Rooma *re well furnlabed.   Tftble u good u any
Id NeUon.    B>r s>uisplle- with good
llsisisir. .nil clean.
W  E. MCUANDLI8H, Proprietor.
Ttemont Hotise
European and American Plan
Mean % eta.   Roomi from 'fi cm to |i
Only White Help Employed.
Baker St., Nelaon Propria tori
Bartlett   Hotise
Best DolIar-i-D-y House in Nelson.
Tbe Ber I. tbe Klneel.
While Help only Kmplore..
loaeptiloe Hi.
Lake View Hotel
Connr Hull _n<l Vernon,
two blocks from wharf.
Kaien fl uo per day and up.
P. O. Box 151.
Telephone 118.
Grand Central Hotel
J. A. ERICK80N, Proprietor.
Centrally Lmsateit. Open Hay aud Night.
Sample and Bath Boomi Free.
Opposite Court Home and Post Office.
Corner Ward ud Venwo Streets.
Th* Stfathcona
Nelson, B.O.
B. Tomlcins, Manager.
The Leading Hotel in the
Oood   Sample    Rooms.
Queen's Hotel
Biker Street, Meleon. B. 0.
Lighted by Electricity and
Heated by Hot Air
large and Comfortable Bedroom, and Pint*
clan. Timing Room. Bample Room, for Commercial Mon.
MRS. X. c. C1.ARKK. Proprtetreae
The well known
HATTTt        O��� BeerGarden ig
AAXJ X CL        the Finest in the
3J2__S_5_____I Kootenays.
J. CROW,   -   -  Proprietor
Royal Hotel
Rate* fl and $1.50 a Day.
Special Rates to Regular Bcurden.
Wholesale nml Retail Dealers In
Fresh and Salted Meats
Oampe supplied on shortest notice and
lowest price. Nothing but fresh and
wholesome meats and snpplen kept in stock
Mail orders receive careful attention.
E. C. TRAVES,  Manager.
vv. a. qillett
Contractor and
Role ace-ill for lhe I->rto RiflO Lu tuber Co., Ltd.,
retKll yardl. Itmigh mnl <lre*Huil lumWi, turned
wnik itixl brat kcli, Cuant lath and -hiu-.-U-s, i-i.mIi
hikI ilmir-. Qamanti hrlek ami linn* lor uate.
Yard mnl f*'.-t��ry: Vernon Ht,. cmm( of Hall,
INBL80N,  B. C
P O. Ilox iTi Telephone 17H.
West Transfer Co.
General Tep-uiBturs and Dealers in
Ooal nnd Woo..   Express and
Haggage Transfer
J"'.p_..t'.?6  Office: Baker St.
For Sale....
^oiSw^iSLA Modern Residence
and part ol three lots in a good position on Josephine street.
These terms only hold for a short time.
h. & mTbird.
One of toe Best Improved Ranches on
Kootenay Outlet for Sale..,.
About 400 Fruit Bearing Trees; also Small Fruit. House and
Outbuildings, Hay Shed, and 20 Tons of Timothy Hay. Nice
Hay Meadow, Spring Water and Fine Lake Frontage. For
particulars apply to
Choice Fruit
I Have 10,000 Acrea
of tbe
Choicest Fruit Lands in
British Colombia.
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
*   Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
Nelson, B. C.
We Will Sell
500 International Coal
10 Ihrconi* Canadian
WOO Yale-Kootenay Ice
- $2.75
- 9 I-2c
McDermid & McHardy
The HaU Mining and Smelting
Company, Limited.
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry Ores*
EAST from Medicine Hat
ST. PAUL, Dally.
TORONTO, Wed., Frl., Sun.
MONTREAL, Tne., Thur.. Mon.
BOSTON,   Saturday.
West from Revelstoke
Daily Standard Sleeprr
For berths,  rates or detailed  information apply to local agents or write
A...P. ���^.. Vhihsosivit. D.V.A.. Nel.ssis
Dei'verit's mitft. tiuily Uironuhout Nelson
and its Buburb*. Phone 148.
j��w<Mi-y and optical liUtlnou Hi nttUon, under tlie
tlrm miiiK'ti. N...kenuu A Hnwurtli.
ilHtud (he l��tli dny nf October. 1WC.
rimiikiiiR my euftotnera f"r patromi-ji- iu Hie
 -���' ' ' ��� -    ���- -       - ������ ��� (ftrf,,,^
iiHHt and Ii**|hiik (or
the tow linn, V
iii-h Iruly,
Nolioe In lii-H'1-y alvon that the luirtner-hlp
Iliri'ldfiH-; hlltiKlsl IIIH lK*hVt'en It". Ill'' lunl. I-.KH-
td, un hotel kevpere Mi the (own of Ktioll, HrlUnh
Culiniililn, hai thlNtiKylKctidi-is.ilv.il byuiutiial
liuk-il thig '..th day ol Octubor, I'M".
Wltne��a:   Alen. Htewart, PhUlp P. MoCnllum
Old CurloMitv Shop
If you want to buy or s-^ll anything.
go to tbe Old Curiosity Shop. A new
line uf Japanese (loodi*. now on suit**. All
kind! uf Dlnnnrware In stock. IV t
Thirty-second Annua. -Convention
American Bankers'
St. Look, Io., Oct. 16-19.1906
Kound trip rates to St. Loui*
and Chicago on Hale October
l.th io 1.1th.
Ht. Luula..
��� SbO.OO
Ooiug iratiMi limit ten (Ih-jm
from date of -Hale. Muai return
limit November 30tb,]��on.
Hound Trip Rates to Southern
Ill elTe.-l October With, 1M41, od
Hale dally. limited to ;i monttm
(row date olnale.
on AugeleK and HHiita Harhara . JSi.tO
I'dKadena.-.  st��.IO
Hanta Monica  n,_v
ltiver-i .ii* ami San Ilnritaralno  *?jo
Kedlatida  #f.W
For Further Information Apply to
Clly I'MUMinger Agent.
A il. P. A., Braille.
A collection of all the Latest
Shapes and Sir.es.   A free
smokiug and most satisfactory pipe.
W. c4. nWRMjiN,
Tobacconist.   Baku Street.
r_T The Daily Canadian
IIJ      A    -   Aft-_���..,/-.   Better Value than ever, with
We  Are   Uliering  . great variety of designs in
Cut (J I.._��������*<, China tind
Si I ver w nre
It is not t��o early to buy for Chnstmas. and we can help you out in
making your selections.
,:n ; .iw.aiR
New Season's Pack
fBell Trading
: Company
�������������������������� +-*>>��**���������� ��������������**.������
J lb. box   -   50c
J2Ib. box      30c
.       ���   *,:    ���_> i ".-*.��*.
4     -.  ineoa;* .iifferea-.-*-. u th. p*t-_*ftf.
Fl M -' Baker St
X. it P Barns ic Co.
Coal and
Telephone 265
Some Wise Body
Has Said:
la    England    they    nit*,    .iae
hor-i-es.     In   Scotland   tho    rain ,
fin. men.
In Enetand they te*M th.ir osta
to horses. In Scotland they fee��i
thefr oats to men.
Ft.d  yourselves    and    children ���
B. & K. Rolled Oats
ami th.-n w_t.-_ tAw rt._It..
B Ar K Rotlesl Oat* lu Bb, Mb and I
4Mb sacks for sal? at
Cr. Vernon nnd Ward  _itr__st-.,
m:i.so>, a. C
W.   Haig-Smellie.   P.   Stewart,   Mrs.
j LaBau. Procter: A. St. C N- "���
I). St. Ileitis. Sis-scan: R.Sloan.
t ���-*.- 0 A ;._���!.-:-:-. Crsston:
J. Oppenheimer. S II Cooper, J. A.
FUrminshant. Vancourer: C. J. Cleri-
hue. IVloraine: O. Stai>-s and wife.
Hfle; H. L. C..��ar, A. Vugkaa
Victoria. A. H fcfalsMC, Revelstoke:
C F. Lee. Toronto: E. V. Russell. Golden: Mr.. Bell. Phoenix.
Mr   _r.-i   Mrs.   Macdonalti.   Bonning-
I ���:::   H   '.*   Ballij, C '-.CD.
Blanchard. Montreal: T Et Tretheway,
La Pla:a: D. A. Ayera and wife. Moyie:
\V I'seken. Vancouver: H. S. Carmi-
- ... .i.i wife, Liverpool.
\V. Ha(_r*T, Eholt: J. A Johnston,
A. Patterson. Winnipeg: J. R. Xash.
Ken rm; J Carlson. IVinners Ferry: C
1   s   :-h. \'ancouver.
J   Ringham. Vancouver. A. Kingston.
Fernie; J. Boddle, Rossland.
R   White, J. White. Vancouver:   \V
Squires.  London:   F.   Miller. Victoria.
J. \V Risburs. St. Paul: O. Davidson.
Kaslo:   Mrs   Walker.    D. Jones.    New
Dearer; M. Tait. Vmlr: Mrs. J. Thump-
-on.   Fernie:   W   H    Keating. C.  Chris
tenson. D. Jam-.-s. Spokane.
A    J-  Drf-oiII.  Moncton;   A.   L.   Mi!
Ier, Spokane.
Joe Manville. New Denver:  S. Rem-
ken. R. Vonng. C   K   HcDonaM. Niag
ara Falls: R. Dssnaldson. Harri.non
C  Newcomer. Phoenix:   W   E   War
BOWT, Sandsia: C. Harm, I-ttsadha: C.
Leiffer. J   Kennedy. Winnipeg; C   Du-
enhy. City: J  Briggs.   Winston. N. R :
F   F   Porter and   wife   J.  Foster and
wife. A   La.Mor.t. Miss A   Austin. Nov-
eity   Amusement  company;  S. F.  Por-
teous.  Nontsjn. Alta:  J   Harris   s
anie; J. McNiven. F. Brown. City
Sherman's Opera House
| JOy'S Qsh GrOCCry ?   W��k Commencing Monday, Nov. 12
Waterproof Paints
Coni Tar. Pitch.
Cn08 te, t  __ for
Preserving Timber,
Rooting Pitch and
Boat Bui.-.lers will hno it tn thetr advantage lo u.*- our I
Nelson Coke & G<is Co.
Ms.:. --   S9l ::er of  Fortune.
Ti-.siay���Facing   the   KM
Wednesday��� Duvid Garrick's  Love.
Thursday���The Virginian.
En:.:-,    yh    Merchant of Venice.
I i*
Pin   Ot*M   M   Kusherford's   Frisiaj
Potter Hr Cummwzs
BLUE RIB30N TEA is the
best.     Try .1 pound with
your next order.
Money  refunded if  not  satisfactory*.
h<. _ ::~>. :
Ema .*-_.-*<j _*-..._���
���si hi- Afpii
���*:::   v v -
Stilt-; ��1x14 H..4eL
Q J. South rttaimiI from Grand
Forks last night.
Sheriff Tuck entonained a party of
friends at dinner at the Strathcona
hotel last ulgiit.
Encan.i-lit-nt 1 O. O. F. will hold a
m.*etln_: this -erecting for tho semi-annual nomination of officers.
Mrs \V A. Thurman and sons will
UtVfm St. Paul next Tuesday ou her return from a taftkj visit to the Min-
nesota capi'al.
In spite of the wintry weather U W.
Dun of tbe C. P. R. haa a pretty pink
- ad in his buttonhole, picked from
bis garden this morning.
There will be a meeting of hockey
enthusiasts at the Hume hotel next
Tuesday evt-ning at S o'clock, when organization for the season will be per
The C. P. R. has Inaugurated a new
~ stem of charging freight on cord-
wood. It is now charged by the pound,
a -;-st.ui which adds about 50 cents
to the cord.
There is one drunk awaiting the
city magistrate in the cells of the city
hall, but he was too ill to appear this
morning. There were no other cases.
Tomorrow an assault case, arising over
the damage of a tree will come up.
The Nelson Iron works is pushing
work on fts Greenwood branch. R W.
Hinton is now in the Boundary ittend-
ing to the construction   of    the    new
:.*_s.  which  will   be   considerably
larger than the Nelson establishment
Word reached Nelson last evening
of the death of James Mitchell at Victoria last Tuesday morning. Deceased was M years of age and was well
known throughout the province from
his long association with the E. B, Ed
dy company.
The last issue of the Eagle, the organ of the Fraternal Order of Eagles
it: British Columbia, contains a full-
page portrait of Hon. Richard McBride.
It is an excellent likeness of the premier, who, by the way. is a member of
New  Westminster aerie.
Today being the king's birthday,
flags wren hoisted over the armory
and the Hudson Bay company's stores,
but as it is not the official birthday no
flag was flying at the government office. His majesty was born in 1S41.
and consequently is 65 years old today.
The Ladies of the Maccabees are
giving a social and dance this evening
in the K. of P. hall. One of the most
interesting features will be a drill given uy IT little girls A cordial invita*.
tion is extended to all those who wish
to attend. The admission win be *fl
The winter schedule of the C. P. R
will come into force on the l.th inst..
next Sunday week. Passengers for the
CON* win then leave at 7:30 a. m.
travelling via Slocan and Nakusp The
...coming coast train will arrive at
m- The boats on the Arrow
lakes will run only between Arrowhead
and Nakusp. except that twice a week
The Store of Quality
40 Cents per Pound
In ocd�� (o clear rsot th:.. lin-
we are redaciug tbe prips�� to
I ��� W* only have a BMM
��� laantiij- so don t delsj- _rd_r-
i;:_- i: v,>u want anr.
Rob. M. Hood &Co.
K. W. C- Block     Ph. ne  10
'*& HEX. tt on*-*, (ur work ia !__.*�� ��v-��-i*.   Apst]**
to W  E '',_.-��-_. Mf-aiil. K-wta
-   ��� IAPHEK tor pwMtbt* taeo-aa-.-T
'Joo-1   h-s-Mtt-*.   with  empiortt'a  fajBHry.      Autty
tM  * . ' -._.*__*-*. ��-**��*.
D ��.. Haa____idI_3*vlafC4at(Mianv
���ao Em���a+tr WMtataL��� Lajster C*%, M��r
Ct���ttnom. t C
Hnmn itmj gi��l*  r\��� ehtatxe*.
���om am two um cm a
Good Tea
If you waut a cup of
real good tea try our
T &. B Blend
at 50c p?r pound.
Our 35c blend is the best ou
the market for the money.
Cm Am .Benedict
Corner Silica ansi Josephine Sta.
PHOVIj   7.
Mere Are
Two Snaps
How Ai.out  rottr
Guns and
\V, hav, i:;. v -. Cynock**, Win-
md OuuaallA
H.irr.-':: -
Loaded Shot Shells
Kjmooh i, Wii
I ton .iiiion
Rifk and Pistol Cartridges
Huntinc Kmv.-, Wadiag  Brik,
CoUB,  l'.s:i-s, MB.
Nelson Hardware Co.
Box 631       Nelson, B. C
A new range of  these good just to hand.    The-fm
prices will interest you. !
j. j. wAL____v*--wras_
Telephone 333.
A Parlor Billiard Board
A Large One
w'   \V.X-'   , ,     $20.00
WorthH' 00,.' ' ���	
Two Books
Worth Reading
"The Invasion of 1910"
These Bov__i ar? good v-shu tX
original   prices,  but   th.y are  too  ex-
pensiw to sell, and we have put these
reduced prices, which are away bekrw
cost, un them, to sell them.   In all the
range of parior games there is nothing
to equal these Billiar-J Boards     They }
are as *w��l] made as a regular V
table, and you can play practically as
good a game on ihem.
The morv you  play It  the more it
f-ist-inares you.
W. G. Thomson
BOOKSELLER ��ad    Volc-rs     R   P
statisjser. -Nelson, _5. C
Phone .14.
LORD ROBERTS says of this book:
���The cas-i-sTmphe that may happen if
we still r.-main in our present state of
unpreparedneiM is TlTldly ami forribly
stated in Mr. Le Quel's book, whicti
I recommend to Uie perusal of everyone who has the welfare of the Hritish
Empire at heart."
To Vi.it Us Sat Sunday
Monday  Kvenine.     BOcfca
Methodist Church
Ruinrd Kipling's Rev Book
"Puck of Puck's Hall"
Canada Drug _ Book Go's
....Cash Stores....
a boat will run down to Deer Park
There will be no change in the Koot
enay lake serrice.
There will be a meeting of the
Wholesale Mc-rcban.s' association ibis
evening at 8:30 o clock in the board
o. trade reams. Among other D
to come up will be the report of E. K.
BeestflB, wbo was instructed some
time ago to prepare a tabulated statement of freight rates for the convenience of the association- This report
i s likely to profoke some lii-ccssion
���and ii :-   I  - vhat every member
uf  the association should  be   ;
The fraternal entertainment pven in
*he tfctbodM church in connection
with the Mich T-a next Monda;
ing ts a happily arranged id.a, and includes members representing th-
churches of the city. Fraternal greet-
iegs will be presented by the mfnfs-
ters and the list of musical numbers
I ^he names    of    Mrs. Shank*.
A. McDonald & Co.
Dealers in ��taple and fancy Groceriei.
Batter, E^~.
Camp and Miner.' Supplies.
R        :��teBtetff f iTf n :h*i kt _ si-sctimr o. ii*
AtM.*t\ ���>'.  Li^-ta.** '..%mailMii>D��r.,  to be a��id to
.-:*- .t ���- S.T.��t N-.iiDQ.trti t3tb Deeeai-
��� ! ;o _*.>pu f.��r a, innsitt ot my
r  '..i.  t.'^cv bc-el. ��t  Vrntr   to
Al- bit*-*-*! -i btiu
��th tSeneeeem, uot hit .HELL Tait
Mrs. Christmas. Rev. F. H. Graham
and Captain P. Macl__ Forin. Thia
conirtbndon to the sentiment of Christian unity should be a very successful
Item of the church anniversary program.
Train* antf Beats.
Cr��w'�� Nest boat���One hour late.
BoaDdarr  train���Flf-y   minntea   late.
Slocan traia���On El
Talking about it Tlii neither pq*. a
riano into yen? horn, nor brinj; back
the dayi���raltuble days���your rfauith-
'-r is waiting Let as tell too ho��
^*y we will icake It for yoa NOW to
ir familr the ptano they hare
wlahed (or to too*.
Acts .Not Words'
 tO  Ltt	
two niiT.'Lui toom.nu kauri
ttf klllMtl.i<l. S|4 SsM. K tC. C Mack.
Tlie B����_ In tho
Market iind .Nevur
Out of Sizes.
Royal Shoe Slore
&Co., psstftt
V*.   -wv-.t        Limited. Wtaaipe-j.
W'holeaune ProvlaionH,
Produe*!        - Fruit.
Douiiniivn Gorernment Cr��uii.TT One Poon.l Bricks- r.-c.iT,.l wt*U) frai
from the rhorn    For Dale Vy all leading p-wrs-
OiSceand war*hoa��e: Hotuton Block,   Phone T.-
Nelson, B.C.
_____��_��?." THI 'RAWrcRD    Repairin. md Jobbing a Spoiili*. J
Sh-ettaetal Work. Caning*. EniMeni' Matt rial and Mining and KOI Mirtmaj.
Office and Wurks Foo? of Park St.
I'hona    2' > *.
Ndftoii, 1-t.C.I
A Wof d to tlie Wis
Tht* yrar we havo apprfciatwi th-1 ��-.���;���- .��f matj^
toTiu-n and hav*..- p&rv^-d inr- itodl U
Good Cheer Ait Base Burner
This store b .vlapt-wi for hard ccal only, and ip
���jjiu-ed to fsifo __atisfacti*'>u
). H. Ashdown Hardwa
Company, Limited.
R.  W.  HINTOf ���
��� spnlrina and .IsshlsitsB ciccuttd ..ith lit.pisluls.    Slsts.1 M.I.I d
Work, Mining ..s-i.l Mill Maishlncry.     Mi.nuf__l i. s-cs--. >>t      |
Or. e.ni,   IV.   IV.   Cissslristl-irs*'   Can..
�����*���-*���    NELSON,    B.  C. |
New Fall
Goods Arriving
Importtr of   Pln��
l-ntfll_iti   Good*.
Jno. T. Pierrej
Maker St.
Just Arrived!
A large consiK*
ment of
All Sizes and Lnwoet lYi*****
*��� 'JX~: ;..-;=-. '-'��.*'��� ''-^..fe* -s,'
AUD DEALERS LN   L US���hilt a  ShltlgUh
L-ath, MouldinKS, Doors, Window* j
Turned Work nnd Bra.kata. MaU Ordoi-ii ftoaptij iiiM**"1*]
VIUtrtlMN -. i Hi i: i   . .  .  KBXJMOH. H. c.
Kootenay Ranges
Why do we handle the Famous Koolenay Ra"9e'
Becaute we cannot  procure  a  better, taking '""^ i
count deaign, workmanship, cooking qualstsrs 'fr
Wa will  be pleased to show you its good point*
Wood-VaUance Hard ware u)|l


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