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The Daily Canadian Jan 28, 1908

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 FEB 1.1808
\\           *8K
The monarch ot
tme all the time.
bottled  at
/OLUME  2.     No.   2< >o
s=SHHB_BW_H=-*��__B5= '     T
*D. fi. P. liraliam Is
)  Kept Occupied
63rje gfctilij
V-.!2ctorj _3;
THE   DAILY ��. �����u_MAN
Will  be delivered    every evening    at
your door for
Fifty Cbnts a month
^colonial Eaployec*. Want Wage
Scale Baited���Canada From
Occan to Octsan.
'ttawa, Jan. 28.���Bepreseutniivcs  of
Intercolonial   rail v..-     i * - i ��� ��� -. -. 1 *., > i > ��� a ������
ted   upon  Ur.  Oral.....     uni... i. ���>���   ail
ways,  this moruim    v.i'i.   ......i.t   i..
wage scale on th.   u..-.. i a,.,, :.   ......
'he railway coram.  ��� an
ring  the  apullcu *.,, .,,
thorn railway to i m.   '
.'thui-n to roduoe li*. ...    ..a
���uu    Fort   Frauei      ,,i,.i     a.   i,i,.,,.
vur 1. J. Oarrlci.  an..  . ...
t>ier ot Port Arthui. ,.i.  ..[���!.*. m_ tin*
 dlcation.   Keeter su      -., in.   ..,.,.1,..,
1 is granted it w'ouiai 1,,. ..1. an .-nan
US   tralhC      WOUld      I'*'   alia. 11. al   ll..u.
���t Arthur and Fort u u.iaui lo Duluth.
Ittawa, Jan. 28.��� 'I i.- i.tii**a* aauii
ision has ruserveal 1. 1 . ..*..... in in.
a.- ol the Vaaoouv, ' \*. , .1 mi:..-.t, i an.l
ko���  Uuilway iompunv   loi   p. : iiii.-Kiiui
.-construct branch nn.-:   .11  * ..na-.niv. a.
1  another  request   i>*   11.,-   ��� nn,. u.
.vnilll compauy ior uni.ni.'l   .'.. nan::.
plan ol locution ���i   11.     .am.    ia>l
movement la on ina.i a,-:*  ,.. ,'s-,aii
. ...i women's alula*
Ottawa, Jan. 18.- Ham 11.1,aim . ,. i>
. aptinc the Onturic ^..\. iiuu-iii. .<...-
V tab, chairman a.; ih. 'ii'inna. nulv.a.*
1 Braunlcipal board   ..mi <    ,i  u.ia-in,
B., Toronto, are 11 * -,. ��� ,...la.. i.�� ali_
-^1  with  Hon. Gruliahi   ih.     :   i.iii.'.i
Mtlotl   uf Jurlsdiin   :    ���.!'   railv.il> s   as
.ween federal su.1   pn.* iiu'.ui   a....:n
roronto, Jan. 18.-    in.' n.'��  .lit..-,,,:*.
___-ea  the eatlmateil   ]...|.u,aii..ii  ,.1   '!..-
lto at orer 86Q,O0i.
3t. John. N. B.. Jan .* A   : 11.111U In
pendent orsanlsii.       na Im-.-h   inrin
at* ln New Bnmawi.      n. 	
���ptlon in elections.
Toronto,  Jan.  SB.-   ���!..*     .\1. - > *���     lata*
neral manager of tli.' I'l.in-iaiiil-tshat-
son Co.. has taken action i.u   Sla.iniO
mages against tlv nun. ..i ��� ��� 11 a- thai
baa been tricked   nn.. a.i\ 1111,  up an
ency worth $6,0,ip a \.ai ami i.uiij.-i
t-i to indignity, nim...    in .nit*  ami i-i.u
I Vie.   The firm den..
Hamilton, Jan. -*     \  ..���������..n *     un.*
_,is returned a venin' ,,i iiiaiisiaiu'.iiii-i
IL.,-alnst William 11   i
.Se   Of  John  J.   <'uN.i..!n I*..     aaa
arras  fatally  stasia I >..i    1., .1      .1   n.-.a
���_[finuary  17th.    Tli.    nr      h. a..      ���    ml
Ml  that the erlln.     a*;a ...mi:;;:;. .1   nn
,r great proyoc.	
TruuUin. Jan. Us '.,���.. 1,���.,- M Mt. 1.
' Frankford. was a-..ml.nil and llm-.l
,r offurlng for sun tin* ii>. i.mh.Is a.r
)|,les packed cam",... 1., ,;. iv.i ,,t,ia,,a
Toronto, Jan. _* Mn Miarllin Mm
oawick,  relict  .,1   ��� 1.��� -   in'.-  .i.nn.'H   r
oawlck,  ls di'ii.l   aal   I 1 .���' .11'     all.-r  a
eek'a Illness      >'"     " "''1    in     '.
A   a Child   111.    .1' '���' ���<   .'I   .ail'..I   at.
sewed iii ini .if": 11..in ii. a.i
an  ln  Tim,an.       ' 1....1-   ..rn
sartors" of <������ ..m 1  u .si: .immr  ih.
lUoa ot 181.7
* l*Orth. .Ian 'I'll. I . 1..T11I mn
"���"' .   ii tJOIltll   Mill..I.   I      a.111,':., II a    |.| I
Bton, .inn \   ii   nn "i  .1
l.*HOlli:m.li   "I    ' v\ ..   . l.'.'i 1 ir   i'.11
idWH   hall.   I'aali,li||.|.|.     I'llll.    a< 'II'
- -._,   and     . \. 1 ai |.ii'.*.'ii a .    *.. 1.
dly "Tighten, il      Sii;.p. ra   mih.  .an:..I
he aocldeni
effect that he lluds nol one ilem proven
against the chief of polioe on seven
A lire alarm Bend, who was cauglil in
the act of pulling 11 nre alarm on sun
day   iiiiirniiig.  was lin.,1   -f ini.  ���m)  costs
a, the polios court this morning,   it was
tlaana- as a jlakr.
Cardinal Richard Dead.
1'arls, Jun.  tt.���I-'runeaais   Maria,   lla-n-
janiiii Richard, Cardinal Priest ol Che
Hoi] Roman Church und Archhisliop or
Paris, died here today ol  congestion of
Un iunK's alter a short illness, CSurdin*
til itichard wus born nt Nantes. March
1, 1819, and wus made Cardinal in 1880.
Boaton, Jun. 28.���Cardinal Clbbons,
who is in this city toduy, received wind
of the death of Carditis Richard at Paris
through the Assa,dialed Press despatch-
..- announcing the event. The Cardinal
"Cardinal Itichard waa the uldest of
the college ail' cardinals. lie was u very
strong man, and his death means u distinct loss to the chinch." The death of
the ag'-d cardinal wus not unexpected,
Cardinal Qibbona suid. on aooount of
his advanced years
Hayashi's   Clear   Statement   to   Diet  of
Japan���Has  Written   Definition
of  Reasonable   Limit.
Tukio, Jan. MB,���Replying to imeip.-l-
lulions in the lower bouse of lie- diet
this evening, Foreign Mlnlater Via
count Uayasbi BpOke ui length on the
toraign policy of the government la*
eluding the negotiations with the i'nited Btataa und Canada.
lie announced that the Canadian
Question haa bei;. definitely settled and
read the correspondence with EtodbSpbe
l.ciuii'iix. tin- Oanadian oonuniaaioner-f
labor, wherein Japan baa agreed ta re*
strict emigration to Canada within rea-
sonable limits. He said that a memo,
nudum atiached thereto defined what Ih
touaidered reasonable limits, but L&sls*
ti-d that Japan hud toot oonoeded ans
of her treat} rights nor had her pres-
tiga suffered. Viscount Ilnyashi said
fun her ihat certain negotiations wiih
China wove unsettled.   Referring to tha
Si 11 minium FuUoui railroad ragarding
which a protest hud been presented to
China, regarding the Kaatoa boundary
dispute in Korea, he said lhat Japan
oooupied the position of arbitrator and
WOUld decide according to the merits of
the evidence.
Viscount llaya.shi, e<mtimbnK. said it
was the duty of the central government
to conserve the interestB of the Japanese ���ubjectS resident in other countries by preventing a further exodus of
their cnunirymen which might be prejudicial to those already abroad, and
the restrictions therefore could be e\
tremely  rigid.
One speaker In reply said that if
Chins refused to listen to reason, Japan should Band ��� military Korea and
compel her to do so.
viacount HayusUi laughingly turned
ths tables cm tha ���peakor b\ asking
hi in if he would guarantee the result
of the expedition.
(.o<ni humored throughout, Vlscounl
i'a ftS-i raised oonstdeiable laughter
by his ready reaponss i*> ttie opposition
which did mu develop any antsgonlaxg
'ii the government- policy toward ami*
rangetnent had bean announced, however, when the morning prooeedlnga
were taken up. The state began lay oali-
ln*_- bo, I'lal eye witnesses to the tragedy
who declared thut Thaw's conduct im-
preassd them as rational. One of the
�� ItnaesSB was Warner PaxSon, engineer
or Mudisaaii Kaplan* Harden. lie said
lhat Just hefore the killing of Stanford
While one of the performers on tho
stana. made a remark al.out challenging
suiuctitady in duel.
"Was ti,,. performer who passed the
remark Harry Hudson?" aBked Asaisi-
unt Uistrict Attorney Carvln.
"I don't know. Harry Thaw's shouts
lollowed the remark so Quickly 1 thought
al first ihey were part of the play."
"thats all." Mr. l_,ittluiou caused a
smile lay saying he could not think ol
any  nuestluus  lo ask the  witness.
"With the exception of the teatimuny
of Air. lluiuuiel, this is all the evidence
the Blute will have lo offer," said Mr.
Jerome. It has been rumored lor some
time lhat the district attorney woum
not call uny insanity experts on rebuttal
Ur. l.'raucis .Muguiiu, the Tombs iiia..-
siciau, was culled by .Mr. Jerome 10 testify us lo '1 Haw s eouduci in jail, out
his testimony was barred out wham Air.
Littleton raised the objection as 10 professional privilege belween physician
..ud palieni.
Here Mm. Jerome sprang a surprise
ii.. nailing Roger O'Meara. former chief
*, d. tectives of Pittsburg, to the stand.
O'Mearahaa been a prominent figure iu
Lhi Thaw defense work. Air. Jerome
asked Iii 111 il lie had been connected
with the Pltttbug detective toroe and
upou receiving im affirmative reply said
aud ihls Slaleinenl continued it.
lt was reported Air. Jerome would contend iu Ins summing up to the jury that
no competent ease of mental Irvseponsl-
bilny under the law had been made out
by ilia- defense^
Another coul*.rence of attorneys followed Air. Jerome's uunouncement. It
wus liualiy agreed lhat Hummers testimony at the lasi trial should he read to
the jury and that the Thaw will also
should be read. Hummel is now con-
tin.-<1 in the penitentiary on BlackweU-s
laland, B6r-*lng a sentence tor subordination 1*1 perjury. Tlie reading of llum-
111*1 s testimony was still in nrogresa
v.lien the luncheon utljoununeul was
an dan a'd.
Ilaaili prosecution and defense In the
Thaw case finally rested ut SI.Hi o'clock
tins afternoon.
Conscience or Fear.
London, Jan. us.���The three miniatures aaf the Duchess of Fife, the Queen
of Norway and Princess Victoria, belonging to Qu.-eii Alexandra, which
Were stolen recently from the Bludlo
of her engraver in Lontlon to which
they had been sent for reproduction,
huve lai-a-n returned.    There is no trace
Of   the   thiol
Leonard Phillips was charged in a
police court here today with tlu- llia'll
of thrt.e miniatma's belonging to Queen
Alexandra, which were recovered lust
night. Phillips vraa apprehended by the
aid a.i a suloon keeper to wlitmi lie saild
tin- pictures for jiuj.   They are worth
City and West Kootenay
Neglected in  Death.
ITnri'iici..  Jun.   -S.���The    funeral     of
"Ouids" yesterday wus a most pitiful
epilogue to her pitiful end us she died
anihl squalor anal poverty uiul her body
was iiillowa-d ,aa ihe grave only by a
.1   ..'it   alaigs   she   hud   stai veil   lla-rsadf  lo
toed, mul ber faithful moid to whom
she h'lt her lusl manuscripts. The
body was burled in ihe Kngllsh ceme-
t.i> 11; liiigul all 1-tiaien. and lhe spot
Is  marked only hy  a Wooden cross.
Onto, .lai I'   is aiimnim-i'il 1 Im
I        V  bulUlin .".in ' in--      v 'Hi   i!i
egialatlve Sim   Inn .   .   ,ll    .      1    a. ill
I,   this   next   lev.    im.lill. Ill,     im* ,'iil
parliament 1 >,,i 1.n, 1,���  i-   ...m.-.>. .i
tlgary. Jun    SSS      Tliou,*h   seven   ,11 r
terent petit 1 um were t.1, *a,���,,,. ,i asi.tutor   lt*fee*Jgliiinn.    lhe    city   euiluell    lusl
 night d^Ksed the clly engineer by u
*Ote Ofl to   I       'I'll'' a'Iie.il r  will eiit."
."aault agalnsl Aid. Wai....a ..11 tin. r.n.mul
^iftor slander.    Tin   ,.11.11-1.. i_ i.aid 1.. huve
been comn,Hi"d  ai   the  lam   n lelpai
 .     .llldge Bttin ''I   lasi   nh'lil   liali.l.'.l   ill   Ills
TCPOrt OU the civic llivesllgnthuiH to the
Second Trial   of  Harry  Thaw   All  Over
Exoept Argument of Counael���
Issue  is  Insanity.
New Ynrk. .Ian. 2S.���The Thnw case
progressed tn within a few hours ��r its
close today. By the time noon recess
was taken the state Iiiul practically con-
aluded Ita case in rebuttal and the defence hnii only a tew witnesses to call
in sur rebuttal.   The summing up of tin*
iitlnrnovs   will  begin tainuirrow.
District Attorney Jen,me cause a '''*-���
Unci   surprisf   hy   uuiuitint'iug   lhal   ile
woulal  call  no i'Xpa'l'1   wllnesiaes  In rebut
the testimony   of   the   alienists Introduced by the defens,
New York. Jun. us.���Before the opening of the state's cub,* in rebuttal In
the Thaw esse today, there was u eon-
terenoe of counsel having us its object
the atiiiugi'inent of a compromise SS to
admitting certain evidence, principally
the oopy of the Evelyn Nesbitt affidavit
supposed to have beam made hi Alit-i.-
luun iiiiiiiiin Is iiiliee District Attorney
Jerome offered to lei in Harry Thaws
will by consent If Mr. Littleton would
admit tho alllditvlt. This urrungeiiient
would do nwny with the necessity of
Inking Hummel's teBtlmony en Black
well's Island und would nlnaa hasten
tho conclusion  of the  case.      No    ar-
From   Hi. Grandfather's Table.
Brockton,   Muss.,   Jun.   US.���A   violin,
whioh is the property of King Ddwat-d
of Knglund. has just  been completed by
Archibald Mcintosh, a violin maker of
Brooton.    The Instrument is  made aaf
curly  maple,    the    waaaaai liuving  been
tllkcli   In,111   an   ntieieal   labia,   .iita-e   Ilu-
property aal the Duke of Kent.
L. A. Campbell Addresses Council���
Zinc Company's Request���Proposal to Stop Street Cars.
Turkey's Old Game.
Gonatantlnople, Jan. us.���The Porta
Iuih mude Un reply to the repreaenta-
tiona made by the Ruaaian ambaaaador
here to the afleet thai Turkey hUH permitted her troops to Invmle and occupy
the town of Sunjtntlak in Peraia. In itn
anHWer the Bovernmenl Ol the Siilluu
dentea that there haw been uny violation
of Persian territory by Mia Turkish
troopa. The Ruaaian nud Qritiah ambassadors huve counselled the Porte to
avoid q cuitliet iu Persia
Calm   at   Buenos   Ay res.
Buenos _yres, Jan. 88.���Following
the promulgation of an executive de-
er,*e oloslug the congress, large forces
ol polioe yaaterday oooupied the con-
resslooal building to prevent the sen-
atqra and deputlaa from attempting to
take poesaaalon. The troops wen. Ht ni
oanflned to barracks, it is stated to he
largely uh a treasure ��' precaution. At
presenl there are no ind l cut ion�� of dis-
turbannas unywhere.
The beginning of negotiations be-
twaen the city and the West Kootenay
Power nnd Light Co., looking to inmir-
ance ol' the city against accidents to
Ua own jjiauL, OtUB made last uight, and
was u.ii auspicious. Manager U. A.
���aJaiuppeH resems the treatment accorded hiiiisulf antl hin company Cor many
years by a part oi Nelson, and Uinta
that he may preler to Ureas uH ail uusl-
uosa reiationB. There is still a piospect
oi .',,1. CanipoeJI's acceding lo Um
Mayor's suggestion that the past should
be Ignored antl business relations con-
The mayor made au important suggestion legarding the iramway, tual the
service  be  discontinued.
Many important matters were dealt
���with, aud, of necessity, left untiiiished.
The meeting lusted over three hours.
The council met ut S o'clock with
Mayor Taylor in the chair, and Aldermen Procter, Kerr, Hale, Patenaude,
Bleed and M"*.Morns present. The
minutes ui the lust meeting were read
uud adopted.
The fire, v^-Le-Jj-ii ,light committee
reported recommending that the city
install u high voltage transmission line
through the city aloag a route to be approved hy the city electrician, ut u cost
uol to exceed 98*600, the Canada Zinc
compauy to pay leu per cent, of the
cost ol construction annually, give the
eiiy the light and motor load at their
plant, and to give ulso their smelter
load when the cily is iu a position to
luruish   them.
The report was taken up clause by
K. y. Lennie, who appeared for the
Canada Zinc company, could not accept the conditions. The company
could not at present afford to divide its
patronage. The city cannot now supply
it with electric power. Their only
available source is the West Kootenay
Power and Light company. They ask
only for Irauchise to lead their transmission line through the city. They
are willing to build that at their own
expense or to pay a reasonable rental
if the city prefers to build, own and
operate the line, lie could assent to
no stipulation as lo future patronage
in the matter of power, lie dwelt on
the luture advantage to be derived hy
the city iroui the operation of the plant,
and urged that nu onerous conditions
should be attached to the concession
The mayor thought that, us it was
likely that the cily must shortly Install
another unit, the couucil must safeguard every available market by guar
Aid. Hale Informed the mayor that
these matters hud not arisen In conference with the committee.
Aid. Procter asked if the city could
not ln the meanwhile purchase surplus
power und be In the position of vendor
to the Zinc company.
Mr. Lennie replied thut all their negotiations had been based upon the assumption thut the city could not. during the present yeur ut least, supply
the power required.
The mayor repeated that the Hty
could not give away its natural adjacent
marketa,   und    recommended   another
conference between Mr. Lennie and the
Mr. Lennie urged thai the city agree
to the conipnny's request for the present, the agreement to terminate ai the
end ol the year, lie suid that further
delay would he most unsatisfactory and
begged for a decision.
The mayor thought the suggestion wns
excellent hut thought It should be referred  back  to  the  committee.
Aid. iiuie, chairman, could not see
anything to be gained by a further reference without concessions by the compuny on one or both of the points In
dispute, whp should incur the original
cost of building the line, und, whether
there should be any condition attached
as  to future  patronage.
On the mayor's suggestion, the matter was referred back to the committee.
The second clause of the report
recommended that the Kootenay Engineering Works be required to connect their motor with the electric system within ten days.   This was adopted.
The mayor reported for the special
committee that it was tentatively agreed
that the Allis-ChalmeiK-liullock company should restore the draught tube
am! attach it, and the city attend to the
bracing. Other matters ure not yet set-
Mr. Lennie���Without prejudice to
either company or city.
The mayor's report of progress was
adopted, and instructions were continued.
The questions between the city and
the West Kootenay Power and Light
company were then by resolution referred back from the fire, water and
light committee to the full council.
L. A. Campbell, by request, addressed
the council on the subject of the retainer. First he asked what was to be
done about his verbal agreement with
Mayor Gillett for the payment of the
The mayor���Personally, I am in favor
of paying all our just debts whether acknowledged in writing or not.
Mr. Campbell���My understanding is
that the agreement dated trom tlie expiry of the substation agreement, about
Jan.  2lst.
While the cly clerk looked up the
agreement the mayor asked Mr. Campbell it his company were willing to continue the arraugement.
Mr. Campbell replied that he did not
think that Nelson wanted his company
in tbe city. He was not anxious to do
business in the city. They had never
seen any sign of welcome, and had now
completed arrangements for removing
their apparatus from the subststioo.
The mayor remarked that matters of
history need not be revived. The present council was prepared to talk business  without  prejudice.
Mr. Campbeii thought the circulation
of "The Campaigner" indicated the survival of all the prejudice.
Tbe mayor and Aid. Procter disclaimed au> responsibility for the paper mentioned.
Mr. Campbell exp-lainod that the fee
of $1,000 retainer was agreed upon when
the company was also supplying the
Hull Mines smelter.
Asked for a proposition he suggested
taking over the city's lighting on a rental or percentage basis.
The mayor assured him that such an
offer could not be considered.
Mr. Campbell further explained that
for the past year he had kept prepared
to supply Nelson. The business in the
Houndary as well as at Trail und Koss-
laud was so extensive that he feared
the cost to Nelson of reserving power
and keeping It regulated, would be considered excessive.
At the mayor's request Mr. Campbell
promised to submit a proposition in one
week. He remarked on the benefits
conferred upon Kootenay and Houndary
by the operation of the Uounington
plant. He regretted that all interests
in Kootenay had not cooperated from
tlie beginning, if the company had not
been bumpered by the city of Nelson
they would furnish the zmc plant with
power free for a year.
Mr. Campbell agreed in the interval
to leave his plant at the substation ln
working order, pending the submission
of his proposition. He agreed also to
meet the lire, water and light committee within a week.
Mr. Lennie arranged to meet the fire.
water and light committee tonight at S
o'clock in tlu- city hall.
A letter was read from ex Mayor 011-
leit in reference to the power plant machinery, asking for a written request
and reasons. He pointed out the injustice to him of so sudden a notice in
view of the arrangements he had made.
He also offered to purchase the second
boiler which was valueless until he hud
ii   repaired.
Aid. Procter thought if the machinery
Wen   not needed  Mr. (Jiliett should  he
allowed to retain it us long as he need
.-.I It. Of course If it were required by
the city, there could  he 00 delay.
The mayor explained that the ma
chlnery is absolutely needed ut the
plant  ul  once.    He  regretted the street
gossip which represented the move as
deliberately unfriendly to ex-Mayor Gil-
leiie. If an assurance to the contrary
were desired he would gladly fuvoi
BUCh being given. He saw no reason
for refusing Mr. Cillett's offer for the
The mayor's suggestion was unanl
mOUSly   agreed   to,   and   the   city   clerk
tvas so Instructed on motion of Aider
men Steed and Hule, the hitter SUggeBl
ing thnt the Immediate need was '*thi
only reason" for the request.
The finance committee reported progress on  the school   board  estimates,
Aid. McMorris stating that they had
asked the board for some details.
Tin- committee ulso recommended a
dumber of accounts aggregating J I.
721.81, and  a  payroll  of $95.��5.
The report was adopted and accounts
ordered paid.
The city clerk then reported thut the
boiler Mr. Gillett wanted hud cost
$897.50, hut was useless at the time it
had passed to him.
Aid. Kerr questioned the expediency
ol selling It till sure of the efficiency of
the city's oilier holler.
lt wus agreed to leave it with Mr. OU
lett in the meantime, and give him ��
definite reply as soon us possible.
The tramway and health committee
reported, recommending the purchase
of a wagon for the scavenging depart
ment, and the connecting of Baker
street buildings with a sewer through
tne alley between Baker and Victoria
streets trom Hall to Stanley, and the
extension of the Haker street sewer
from H-Budryx to Cedar street.
Aid. Patenaude suggested thut the engineer estimate the cost of work proposed, and that the report be considered
at the next meeting.
Aid. Steed drew attention to several
instances ot luilure iu comply with the
sewer bylaw.
A letter from J. H. Hoyes complained
of a shortage in his November time
cheque, and asked for a hearing on his
dismissal by K. A. Hrown.
The clerk explained the dismissal of
the matter at the council meeting of
Dec. lUth.
Aid. McMorris thought the matter had
been fully dealt with before.
The mayor added thut they must leave
certain discretion to the heads of departments.
Aid. i' .enaud* thought sufficient had
been heard ot it.    The letter was filed.
A letter from the Canad.au Municipal
Journal asking for lantern views of Nel
sou, was referred to the 20,000 club.
A letter from the Union of British
Columbia Municipalities invited dele
gates and recommendations to the annual meeting to be held in Nanaimo on
Fob. iirrd.
The letter was filed.
The statement of school expenditure,
aud-teii. for 1907 was received and read,
as loilows;
Publis School, salaries	
Public  School,  salaries $ 9,949.25
High School, salaries     3,475.00
...$ 1,172.115
Repairs and  alteration,,..
Tuial.  high   school	
Grand total	
 $ 4^35.23
Estimated     $16,560.00
The statement was filed.
The tinajice committee's estimates for
alifferent committees and departments
were referred to them, without beiuir
read, to be reported back at the next
The council then informally discussed
several matters, including the future installation of a second unit of the powa_r
plant, and financial  preparation  for It.
Copies of the Municipal Clauses Act
for the use of the council were ordered.
The mayor directed attention to the
increasing deficits on the operation of
the tramway. He thought It far greater
than the city could afford, and that the
advertisement is too dearly bought. He
t'avured i,roti��cting the Tramway company s charter and suspending operations. Even making a liberal allowance
tor preventable waste, the loss this year
must be estimated at about $5,600.
R. A. Brown reported the track ln
good condition but ull other parts of
the system in very bad condition.
Aid. Patenaude Tavored discontinuance. The question was referred to tho
tramway committee.
It was resolved to restrict coasting
to Silica street.
At the mayor's request Aid. McMorrls
was appointed acting mayor during the
mayor's absences from the city.
Warden .larvis' offer to employ the
gaol gang in tha* recreation grounds was
granted, the work to be done under the
alireetiou of the city engineer after con
ference with the Agricultural society,
The council then adjourned to Feb
3rd after passing January salaries.
Russian   Emperor   is   Plaintiff   in   High
Court   Action   at   Winnipeg���
Governor Absconded.
Winnipeg. Jan. 28.���One of the most
extraordinary lawsuits that was ever
heard in the court of King's Bench for
Manitoba was instituted today. The
plaintllT Is Czar Nicholas of Russia and
he is suing for a large sum of money Invested in Winnipeg real estate by his
absconding treasurer of the department
of the interior of Turkestan, who ran
away with 1140.000 roubles some time
ago, and who has since been living
nuietly in this city. Stefan Proaldxiaah*
otf is his name tmd with him is a lady
Of high degree, Countess Annie Zeniau.
who aooompanled him when he fled
from Turkestan. Since arriving in Winnipeg Proskmuchoff has Invested heavily in city property in ttie name of the
woman. It is in order lo get this prop--
erty turned over to His Imperial Majesty that the present suit Is instituted.
The defense will put up a vigorous fight
and the case will excite great interest
on account of the high interests involved.
All Bonspiel Events Are
Still in Doubt
Nelson Rinks Still in Line in All
Contests Except All Comers'���
Scores and Standing.
The conclusion of the fourth day of
the bonspiel sees no contest decided
but all except the consolation are In
their final or semi-final stages.
Wallace is still undefeated but is not
yet in finals. His rink is Christie, lead,
Tnompson No. 2, Dir. No. 3, Wallace
The scores since yesterday afternoon
and standing to date are as follows:
In the All Comers, the first round���-
1'retty 12, Buchanan 8; Renwick 11, McMynn lu, McCallum 12, Morrln 'J; Hogarth 12, Dill 8.
In the second round Hogarth defaults
ia uviug McCallum lo play one of the
Rossland rinks.
In the Grand Challenge, Folia defaulted to Pretty, who in turn lost to
McMynn by 14-8. McMynn will play
the final against the winner of Wallace-
In the B. C. Association, McMynn defeated Jones by 10-2 in the semi-finals,
and has to meet the winner ot Wallace-
In the Oliver, third round, Richards..,-,
defaulted to Wallace, Buchanan beat
Bunyan 12-7; Pox beat Bird-11-8; Pretty
neat Wells 14 13.
ln the semi-finals Fox beat Pretty,
14-7, and meets the winner of the Wallace-Buchanan.
In the Walkerville, second round,
Wallace beat Fox, 1S1-10.
Third round scoreB were:  Walley 16���
.McCallum   11;   Morrin   9,   McMynn  7;
Wallace 17, Bird B; Dill 17, Buchanan 7.
In the semi-finals Walley defeated
Morrin, 13-12, and plays the final
against the winner of Wallace-Dill.
In the Tuckett, Wallace defeated Morrln, 14-11. and meets Cranbrook ln semifinals; Buchanan defaults to Pretty who
plays McMynn.
ln the Hudson's Bay, Renwick defeated Buchanan, 15-8, and meets Cranbrook; Dill defeated Morrin, 15-4. and
nia-a-ts Nelson.
Nelson is still represented in every
contest except the All Comers.
The Burns Consolation event cannot,
he drawn for until other events are decided.
Dillon Wallace Home.
San Francisco, Jau. 28.���Dillon Wallace, the explorer and writer, who carried the dead body of the leader ot
the Hubbard expedition four hundred
miles on his shoulders, has just returned from a Journey throuKb Mexico. He
left last night for New York, and lt is
Ills intention next spring to make further explorations ln Mexico.
Portugese Rebellion Crushed.
Paris. Jan. 28.���A despatch to the
Matin from its Lisbon correspondent
says that Premier Franco declared
yesterday that the situation is now well
under hand and that the conspirators
probably would be banished until the
country is absolutely calm. Continuing Premier Franco said: "The more
uiy adversaries labor, the mure brilliant will be my triumph."
Ten Water Spouts.
Philadelphia, Jan. 28.���Ten water
spouts encountered In the guir slreum
Impeded the progress of tlie Nurweglan
steamship Cecilia last Friday when the
hurricane which brought death nnd destruction swept up the coast. In the
wake ot the hurricane came the water
spouts. From port to starboard, over
u course extending five miles, the Cecilia was steered until ten huge spouts
were eluded.
Americana in Congo.
Ilrussells, Jan. 28.���Advices have
been raoelvs* here to the effa'Ct that
ilia* American expedition, led by ft
Horsey Mohun, which was Reeking to
panetrate Into the wilds of the Congo
Fr.���>. State In the Interests of the Am
erican Congo Company, was attacked
by natives and compelled to withdraw.
Hart's Holiday Granted.
Pekln, Jau. 28.���Pursuant to an Imperial rescript issued yesterday. Sir
Robert Hart. Inspector general of the
Chinese customs service, has begun the
transfer of his duties to Sir Robeit
Hieden, the vice-Inspector geni-rul The
rescript grants him a year's sick leave
and confers upon him rank equal to that
of the president of the foreign board.
Sir Itobert ls planning to leave China
for England in May. 1 -js Daily Canadian
Clothing,    Gents'   Furnishings
and Boots -and Shoes
Is begiiiuiug to arrive.
In about another week we will be able to offer full lines
in these goods, aud can promise you the best value ever offered in the city.
In the meantime it will pay you to await their arrival
before making your purchase.
imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office:   Toronto.
Capital Authorized   $10,000,000    Capital  Paid Up $4.BG0,000
Rest    $4,860,000
D. R. WIlaKH?. President. HOK. ROBERT JAFKHAY, Vice-President
Other cities, notably San Diego, have
faltered ln their course as it. is n*j\v proposed that Nelson should do, have
abandoned enterprises begun in hope
ami attempted a i��a!ia*y of so called retrenchment, in every case the result
hns bi't'i, disastrous, and such cilies
have later, at greater cost, been compelled by their own business men to
reverse ilua retrograde policy and fiiri>
Hi,, front again.
There are scores of other arguments
thai initillt lia> urged���the loss of bnsi-
lia-ss lu Nelson merchants if suburban
customers   laase   their   means   of   access
in the dty, ihe enjoyment by the elti-
sens and their families of the recently acquired Lake l'ark which will be
hardly irsa'il at all in the Bummer It
young children have to be carried all
the way, the Inevitable discontinuance
of th** Sunday afternoon concerts
which are a delight to the summer traveller who has so far always chosen
Nelson as his week end resting place.
We trust that before the tramway
committee presents any recommendation to the council on the subject there
will be so strong and so general an ex-
pressldn of opinion as will convince all
concerned that Nelson has not yet lost
hope and faith, that this is one economy she will never practise, and so
give an unfortunate proposal its final
Branches^in British Columbia:
Interest   allowed  on  deposits  from date of deposit and credited quarterly.
NBi-SON huanch ��J��   IVI.   LAY,   Manager.
the Royal Bank of Canada
Incorporated  A.  D.  1809.
 $3,900,000     Reaerve Fund	
... ��4,390,0O0
Unexcelled facilities for the transaction
of all  kinds of Banking Business.
savings Bank Department, and
Merest    credited    Quarterly    on
,        javings Bank Accounts.
on Application, In Large, Medium
or Pocket Size.
Nelson Branch, G. A. SPINK, Manager.
Published sir nays a wee* by the
Baker St..   N 1*10011, B. 0
SuoBcriptioii rate*-, bo cents a month delivered
in the city, or ti.oo a year il sent by mail, when
paid In i: 1 \ mice.
Advertising rates on application.
All monies paid in Battlement of The Dally
���Caoadlun eaoo-O���ta, either for -.ubHcrlptiotiB or
ad ver tin! ni*, must bo receipted for on the priu.u->l
form of the Company,   other receipt*, are uot
Tuesday.  January 28,  1908.
With every respect for the motives
that Inspired Mayor Taylor in recommending Investigation of the financial
reaulta of the operation of tbe tramway
system* with a view to Its possible dia
continuance, we dissent in toto Inun his
opinions as  to  its expediency.
The question whether the original Investment ot" money in a tramway system tor Nelson was wise or unwise la
now Irrelevant Whether the council
of 1904 was well advised or nol in tak
ing over the operation of tin* s; ti m
is also trrevelant The only thing ta
be considered now is the present situs
tlon as ii confronts tbe council, the tax
payers and tbe Citizens in general.
Nelson is ilie only city in Canada between New Westminster and Winnipeg
which has an electric street cur sys
inn. The New Westminster system i��
an adjunct of the Vancouver Bystem,
Jt was operated tor years al a loss, bul
thu company never Utoughl or so retro
s-gro-ssive a -sti'ji ;ts- ; usjuiuiing opera! Ion.
The service is now paying a profit
Thu fact thai Nelson has a streei car
system la Well known ami has a value
us an advertisement which la hard to
estimate. We .believe that on thla
/.���round alone an excellent case could
be made out for the continued main
tenance of the aervice even at a very
gn at  financial sacrifice.
It tin- question of Installing an electric car system were presented to tie
citizens now for the flrsi time there
would be room for argument as to
���whethi-tr the ultimate benefits would !����
proportionate to the cost. JJnl the sys
tern has been In operation now for seven years. The question now is: "What
���will it  cost   Nelson to abandon it?"
Kveryone knows that the company
ivnulj   built  tbe Hue seven  years  ago,
did not expect that It would earn pro-
lit* from the beginning. It was an
heroic enterprise lor a small town of
In 1 ween :..UU0 and 4,000 inhabitants.
It was built and Its operatiou begun
in hope and confidence that the future
held good things in store for Nelson,
and that ultimately the courage and
faith of the investors would meet with
substantia]  reward.
Are we prepared now to advertise to
the world that we have lost that hope
and   that  confidence?
We are ln the money markets now
trying to sell $60,000 worth of school
debentures. Very soon we must face
another issue of debentures to install a
second unit of our power plant, to
which we are now so heavily pledged.
Can anyone conceive of a more deadly
blow to our credit than an acknow-
li dgment that we can not now, and
tu ver expect to be able to maintain
a Street car Bystem, which the Nelson
of iH.tj-t and 11*00 considered a fair en*
1 In name "Progressive Party," has
figured in Nelson's municipal politics
for five years. A majority, il not all.
of the members of the present council
hav* at different times been connected
with that party, They have assert I
that, in contradistinction to other municipal parties in Nelson, they stood foi
progress, for confidence in the future.
auob confidence as launched tin* city
power plant enterprise which is only
justified by the gnat expectations or
Nelson's future which we all profess
to share, [a ii consistent with the professions  of  men   who call  themselves
Progressives to advocate the first retrograde step in the city's history?
This Is the first and -greatest consideration.    But there are many others.
The operation of the tramway system has encouraged the growth of the
city. We have a populous and growing suburb to the east, and to the
.--outh of the city, up the hill In every
direction, citizens have built homes,
easy of access by means of street cars.
Very inconvenient without. It Is quite
true that many of the residents of such
Suburbs do not at present contribute directly to the city's revenue. Thut Is
only a matter of time. Kveri now they
are all working iu and for Nelson. Further even Within the city limits proximity to Uie car line is an Important
factor lu fixing the value of residential property.
Jobbing   promptly   attended   to.     Plana
and Estimates.
Apply 415  Hall St. Box 385.
Talte notice that 1 will, on the nth
day of March, 190S, apply for a transfer
of the liquor license for the Silver King
hotel, situate on Lots Seven |7�� and
Bight (8), in Hlock Ten (10), on the
south side of Baker street in the City
of Nelson, from Robert Dalziel to myself.
Dated at Nelson. B. C, this 20th day
of January, A. D. 1908.
Notice is hereby given that all taxes
for the year 1908 under the Assessment
Act 1905 and amending acts, and under
the Public Schools Act, are now due
and payable.
Collector of Revenue, Nelson, B. C.
Nelson, B. C, 2nd Jan., 1908.
Certificate  of Improvements.
"Red Point," ������Vernamo," "Greenwooil Fractional," "'-reenwood and Jack Pot Fractional"
Mineral   (Malms, situate  ln the   Nelson   Minluj*
Division of Weit Kootunay District.
Where located:���On Eagle   Creek above the
I'oormaii Mine.
Tane notice that I, John Mc Latch ie. of the
City ol Nelson, acting nt* agent for Jons. P. Bwed-
bertf, Free Miner's Certificate No B7-I75 ami
(incur JohnHou Free Miner's Certificate No B-328,
int-nd sixty (lavs from lhe date hereof to ap.
ply to the MiuiiiK Recorder tor Certificates of
Improvement*-, for the purpose of Obtaining
i 'rown 'i rants of the uliovc claim ft
And   farther  take  notice   that action,   under
Section87, must be aomvienood betore the i**-
suiincc of Much Certificate! ol Improvements.
Dated tljis 27lli day ;of .September. A   I) , UOT,
In the mailer of an application for the issue of
��� loate -ertlfioate ol Title tor lots 4,6,-9,11-
and S3, of lot nyi, Group one,  iu   the
a duplicate Certificate ol Title tor lota *t, 6,9,11,
ID, 8ft,  and   Sl!, of  lot H91,  Orr
District of Kootenav (Map 698),
Notice in hereby given that it Is my   Intention
tn Issue at the expiration of one month after the
flrit publication hereoi a duplicate ��>f the Certificate Oi Title for tin* above mentioned lots in
the name of Richard Helme, which UerUOoatc '��f
Title Is dated the   *Hth   day   of  November, 11*06.
ami numbered rviioA.
Land   Kcj*istry Office, Nelson,  B. C , January
17th, I'.n H
���11    F M*< LaOD-*'
District Regletrar
Nelson Land Dlatriot   DlitTiOl of We-t Koo'eiiay
lake  notlO.    Iliat   James   Fisher,  of KunkIhM r,
H 0 . occupation proepector. Intends to apply
tor a event*! Umber   loenoe over the toliowing
de-"rlti'd iHtids;
LinHtJou Nn   I,    Com im-nd tiff at a pout pin iii-".
about two mllei went of tin- Colombia and
Western ��� ajiway's ttohUot-wof and about one
���mil north of ihe iinriieni boundary of C   P. K
lot SM96, and wenl of Dog cii ik, north of Farron,
H.   0.,    be I ui*   the   Initial   post   adjacent   t<>   (he
north wee- corner nf umber tli anoe oumbei ifiTM
and marked J. Fishers N K oorner, thence
nonth to ohaini, thenee  west ho chain., thenoe
north   hi Ohalna,  thence ca-t HO chains   to the
polnl    of   cuinmeiicemenl    and    run In in ink  MU
aeres, more oi li ii
hated December 16th, lttoo.
J*M,'H FlSHKH, In-fttor.
Lor-miou No 'i Commencing at a posi planted
at the southeast comer being the initial poal
adjacent  to the   nortbwoat   corner   of timber
Uoenoe No. 187 4 mi-l adlaeciit to lhe northeast
OOmer Of J Fisher's No 1 loeatlin ali<: ina-kod
J. Fisher's H K eorner, lhenoe north HO ehainn,
thence   we.t ho chains,   ihence  -south 80 Chains,
thenoe aaat ho . bains to tha polnl ol oommenoe-
ment and eonlaiiiiiu* MO acrei*, more or less.
Dated Decern her IHth   1907
JAMtes FisiiKH, locator.
Looatlon No 'A. CommencliiK ala post planted
al the southwc't corner about one tulle north of
he norther* boundary Of 0 P. B lot an �����, a'i-i
about 2 in ih-a west of Umber licence No 18784, and
about    four   miles   went    of   the   Columbia   mid
western Railway, north of Farron, B. <*.. and
adjoining J Fisher** No. x looatlon on the north,
being tho initial post and marked J Flsh'ir's
H. W  corner, theme north SO chains, them.�� east
80chains, thence south hu chains, thence west
HO chains   to   the  point of   commencement nnd
con tn In lnt* MO acres, more or less.
Daied December Ifith,  IWl.
Jamk-s fihiikh, Looator.
Looatlon No. -i. Commenolng at a poit planted
at the northwest oorner being  ttie initial  post
adjacent to the southwest oorner of J. Fiaher's
No. 3 location and marked J. Fisher's N YV.
corner, thence south 80 ehulns to the northern
boundary of 0. P. K lot 9898, thenee east 80
ehaina, tbence north HO clialns theOM weat HU
chains, to the polnl of commencement ami eoti-
t in in: M0 acres    uum- or less.
Dated December 16tb, 1W7.
Ji'Ji' FiaiiKB, locator.
Local on ":
llie si-uihi
j (Cent to the
ommencing Ht a post pianu-t
nicr beiut*   ho Initial post ad-
lornerol i Fimmh ���* No.8 loeaiion, au.l marked J   Flaher'a 8 k oornor, thenoe
north so cnaius, ineuee west so ohalns, thenoe
BOUth   Nl  chaius,   thenoe  easi  Hit  chains   to   thu
point of commencement,  aud oon saining   ���,w
acres, more or le-sB.
Dated Deoember 16th, 1907.
.Iami:s*. Fi-UEk, locator
Location Mo. 6. Commencing at a post planted
at tue northeast corner being th*' initial post
adjacent lo the uorlh went comer of j. Fishers
No i location ami marked J. PiSber'S S. ti
comer, theuce south SO chain!* to the northern
boundary  of  C,  P    R.   lot   1(898,   theme   WOSl   90
chains,thenoe nortb so chain* thence eaat80
chains io ihe pointof commencement and con
taining 840 acres, more or teas.
luteii December i6th, iuo7.
J. Fisiikk, locator
Looatlon No. 7. Commencing at a po��i planted
at^the SOUthweSt   corner   be,iik   the   initial   post
adjacent iii ihe norih\\-.-st eorner of .i  Klsber s
���No. 2 looatlon mul marked J. Fisher'-. B H
corner,   llicoee   uorth no  chains,   tluuie   east mi
chains, then e south 80ohalns, thence west BO
�� halns to the point of i-oiiiiu. neenient and con-
tan.nig i,In aores, more or less.
Dated Deoember 16th, W07.
Jamks Fisiikk, locator
Uieatlon No. S. Commenolng at a p .st planted
al tlie Southeast comer and being the initial
poal adj iCi'til to tku southwest corner ol J.
Fisher s .So. 7 location an.l marked J. Fishers
n. _. corner, '.hence north 80 chains, thence WOSl
mi chains, thence south no chalna,   theuce easi HO
��� imr i to the point of commencement and con
talulng '..io acre.-., more or leaa.
Dated December itith, 1907.
J_his FifMKR, locator.
Location No.9, Commencing at a posi planted
at the southwest cornar b.mt*  the Initial  posi
adjacent lo the northwest i-onier ol J. Fl-her's
No. 7 location and uiark,il J Fi-dier'** H W.
corner, thence north 80chains, khenue east80
ohalns, thence south Buchains, thenee westhO
chains to tut pointof commencement and oon*
taiulug 6|n aOtOSi  more or less.
Dated December ttilh U107
Jambs PlSHXB, locator.
Location No. 10. Commencing ata post plaute.l
at the southeast eoruer being the initial DOSt
adjacent to the northeast corner o( J. Fibber's
No. ���*��� location ami marked J Fisher's H. K.
eoruer, tin ine north 80 chains, thence west 80
chaius, thence south 80 chains, theuce east SU
chains to the point uf commencement and cou-
taiiaiug 640acres, more or letB.
Daieii December toth, 1907,
Jams.** Fishkr, locator,
An extension of 10 daya   within  which lo 00���l
munee   puhlp-atiou    *<rauted    by   uie   this   Mate
December Slat, 1*17,   Harry Wright, Assistant
Commia loner of Landa and Works.
West Kootenay Laud District. District of West
'lake notice that I, J. C. Jatiseii, of Hpokane,
Wash, occupation tun be no an. Intend to apply
for a special timber   licence over   the   following
deaorioed lan���!���*.:
l    Oommenclng at a post planted attheB.W.
corner, about I mile from Kvin Johnstons 1' | It
No. tK'ii, saiil post ticiiiB placed on the Interna*
lloual boundary line, theuce north 40 chains,
thenoe east 160 chaius. thenoe south -to chains,
thence west 180 chains   to   point ol  enu.int.nce-
iin'iit, containing tiu acres.
Dated  Dec  ruber ^rd, 1W17. J. C   Jakskn.
2. Coiumem/1'ig al a poat planted at the S. W
eorner, about 40 cnains north from the ti. W.
corner of loeaiion No. I., thenee nortb 4u chains,
theuee east it'*., chains,   thenee south 40 chains,
thenoe west 160 i ihaina to point pi oomm-snoa-
ment, eontaiuliiK 840 acres. J  C. Janss.n.
��� ommencing at a post planted at the ti. W.
corner about 40 chains north from the ti. W
Oornei Ol location No. 2, theme   ii"rth 40 chains,
thenos east 180 chalna, thence south 40 chains,
Ihence west 1-40 chains to point of commence
int ut, containing Mo acre-*.. J   C. Ian.sbn.
���I Commeneing at a post planted at the B. W.
cornei. about 40 chalus north from the s. W.
corner of loc-Uion No .*. theme north -to chains.
thence east 160 chJlus. Ihence smith 40 chains
thence went IW riniiij* to point of commencement, eontalnlng mo acres. J. C. Jans-jcn
b.    I'oimueucing at a post   planted at the 8. W.
corner, about 40 chains uorth Oom tlie ti. W.
eoruer of location >o 4, theuce north 40 chains,
thi nee t-nst l-i chains, thenee *outh 40 chalun,
theuce west lfio chains i*�� ptdut oi commouee-
uie.it, oontainlng mo aend
December 4th, IWl. J. C. JaNSKN.
6. Commencing at a post planted at the S, W
eoruer about 40 t haiua north from the ti. W.
eoruer of location No. b, theuce north 4o chains,
theuce east 160chains, tiienee i_��uth lo ehainn,
thence west 180 chalna, to point of commencement, oontalning 840 a. r**.*.
De-oember 4th,   VW, i. 0, Jamksn
7. Commencing at a post planted at the N. W.
corner ami adjoining iho N K. corner of lot -2W0,
theme east 40 chains, thence south 10 chains
thenoe east 40 chalna* theuce aouth 'Wchains,
thence west ��o chains, theuee north .loo chains
to point oicoiniti-iHsement, coutaininfe 840 aorea,
Decemoer4th. w. f.  SirnoK.
8. Commeucli h- at a post planted at the tt. W
corner, about '_, ol t*. mile in a southwesterly
direction from the south fork of HalmOD r:, r,
and about "'a miles from the mouth, ti. loe
sotith Imi chaius, tl enec east 40 chains, thcuce
uorth 180Chains, theuce west 10 chains io polnl
of com m en cement   containing Mu acres.
December 5th, 1W7. K. J. Rkouh.
Nelaon Land District. District of Went Kooteuay
Take notice that W. A Hudson, of Spokane,
WpehlngtOtt, C 8.A., occupation timber cruiser,
luiemi to apply for a special limber licence over
the following OesCrtbOd lands: Coinmutidug at
a post planted on the north bank of Corn creek,
at the junction of the north fork of Corn creek
with tiie main stream, about five miles in a
westerly direction from tbe confluence of said
Corn creek with the Kootenay river, thence
north 80 Ohanis thence weat 180 chains, theuee
south *10 chains, thence east I-OO ciialm to polut
of commencement, containing 640 acres, more or
Dated Noverabei 7th, 1907.
William A. Hipson.
Nelaon Laud Dlslrlct. District of West Kootenay
Take notice lhat I, h W. rihaver, Intend to apply for a special He. nee lo cul and curry away
timber from Wo acres of laud: Commencing at
a poet marked L. v> . Shayer, northweat corner
thence eighty i bains south, thence eighty
ehalns east, thence eighty chains north, thence
eighty chains west to place ol I.. 1*1 nning. cull
tain Ing 010 aire-,, more or lenn, and  east  and ad-
Jaoant to timber Uoenoe i.vrit. ami also south
and adjacent to timber licence No \!*OX21t and also
south and a-ija--eni to F. A. t-havci limber limit
No   1.
Dated   November 2U\, VMfl.
L. VV, HiiAVsn. locator,
A. Hai Hitn, vgent.
H��� t#-iislon Of one Week within which to advertise granted. Harry Wright, Arm'*.. <;om-
misHiouer of Land and   works.
Nel on Land DlstrlOt.   District of West KfMilenay
'lake  notice that   I, T,   L,  Ixigan,   of Honners
Ferry, Idaho, o> cupati.in   painter, inlend to apply for a special Umber licence over the follow
ing deaorlbed  .ami*-     Commenolng at a post
planted at the s.uithi-ant corner of UiuIht
lie. nn- No. 10494, theme aaat SO chalna, theme
north Hl| chains, llu-tue west HU chains, then OS
south   HO   chains   to    point  of  Commencement,
i on tat ning 840 acrea. more or lena.
Dated AoTember 21st, 1W7, T L Lotus,
��� ui.ih    mi i ii, agent.
Nelson Land District.   Dlslrlct of Wcsi Kootenay
lake ttOtlOS lhat I, Charles Dutcher, intend
to apply for a special timber licence, to cul and
carry away Umber from 640 aires of laud Commencing at No. I   post about 1^ miles west ol the
Kootenay rJ-rer, on tin* north side of|Ronndary
* rei k' anil norih. ami adjacent to Umber I tee lines
16198, and one mile nonh of the international
boundary line: commencing ata posi marked
Charles Dutcher'* southwest corner, thence HO
ohalna north, Ihence80 chains east, theuceHO
ohalna aontb, lhenoe B0 chains west to tno place
of beginning, contain log Obi acres, more or less.
Locaed Novemlasr 18th. 1907.
CitAal.s*-  iM'KHKit, l^icator.
No. 2. CommODClng at a poat marked Charles
DuUsher's *.oulheasl corner, tin nee ho chalni*
north,   ihence HO duilim west, thence 80 chains
south, thanoe hoi-ham-i easi to the place of beginning, and west and adjacent to number one
timber limit, and coiitHlning MO acres, more or
Located November IHth, 11*07
i'iiahlbh ��� "Tf:nKn. Looator,
No. 3. Commencing at a p t marked Chaiion
Dulcher's northwest corner aid about 16 miles
west of lhe Kootenay river v.. the north ride ot
Boundary crck and north ami n-Haeent to timber lleen-0 16680, ihence south HO chains. lh-*nce
caul hn chains, theuce north H.ji halns, theuce
west HO chains to the place ol beginning, containing 640 hcm-n, more or lens.
I-ocai'id November IHth, l'JU7,
CHAIU.KH DuTCHF.a, locator.
No 4 Commeneing at a post marked Charles
Dutchur's  uortheast   corner,  tbeuce south 80
Having just received a large shipment
of these tinea, and having bought before
last advances, we are selling this lot at
last season  prices.
This is a f'ne opportunity for hotels,
furnished rooms to Btock up as pncei
nre specially low. We want your attention  and   inspection,
Laa Ih
From    Tuesday    Night
Until    Saturday    Night
Rossland    Carnival
J.   S.   C.   FRASER
FEB. 4 to 8
For Information apply to
A.   B.   MacKENZIE,
Becretarj and is- di ral Managar
I hamptonrdilp of  H   0,
,'laa,aa|. .h.p ���l 1 aaaa.l. **���
I "hainpioiishlp of H   C.
Yo 6. CommencliiK at a post maiL.-.l ��� ���
Dutcher's ioiithwent cormT, th**in'e north -u
chalni, thence can ho ��� t ��.-..��� thenee south ho
chalnii, tlieiicf west Hn chalim to the plai-.< of be
KlnnlnR.   < onalnlOK <->4o acrea, more or leu
Lobawd November IHih, lft<7-
riiAHirs di'tciirh. Locator.
r*o* 13.    -ftest tork. t ire i r-.K
Nelion Land Dtatnel   Ulatti-j) ol Weal R-ootena-f
lake noiice that I, Joaepb I'atrick. ol Nelaon,
B.C., occupation  lumberman,  Intend   to appl)
tor a i-peclal timbei licence over the follow.n*/
daeOTlDH lands: t'oiiiniiociiiK nl a posi plant,-.]
about ���*> miles up the west fork Ol Kile ereek,
and about lu chains from tin- i>utiki,l -ulli w,��i
fork, and marked Joneph Pair), k's H. K corner,
ttu jo i- weftlHll chaliiH. Ihcme m.rt b 00 cliuJn.,
thenos <������*���"' M' cha In* thenci* nouth **. ebains lo
point ol '-otniiielicMiiciit, containliiK MO MM,
more or leis.
Iiuti'd December Mh, 10*7,      Joskih   I'atrh k
I   .1. Ln XA, aaciit.
So  li      -Aesl fork, rile creek.
Nelson Land District. Distrlotof west Kootenay
lake notice  that Joseph Patriot- <>' Mels	
B o , ooonpatlon lumberman) Intends to apply
tor a npecial timber HoonM over the followin--
dCH'-rlhed lands: CommencliiK at a post piiuite.l
about two chalun illstaiil, titi'l in an easterly
direction from location No. VA and marked
Joseph Patrick's N.r. corner, tbenoe SOUth 80
chains, thence weat 1") chains, tbence tuuih 1*1
chains, thenee .a* l Hll chains to point Of OOm-
ni.-iK '-in,-ni, containing 040 acren, more or Iom.
Dated Deeciiiber ,th, I��i7.      Joshtii I'aiiih k,
i. J. 1,-uciA agent-
No   16.    West fork. Fife crmk.
Nelion Land District.    District ot Wesl Kootenay
Take notice that I, Joaeph 1'nltlck, of Nel "on,
B, (;., oceupatloit lumberman, Intend to apply
for a ipeclrl timber   titmice over   the   followm-*
desortoed landn:  uommenolng at a post planted
about -I" chalun distant and lu a westerly illrcc
tlon from the wenl fork of PIf,.* creek and about
*> miles from mouth of creek, and inarnc'l Josepb
1'atrl<k's H K corner, thenee west bio i-hairi-*,
ihence north 40 chaliiF,   thence eaat IM) ohaini,
thenee ni.uih  iu ohalna to Mint ol oonunanoa-
nirnt. coiitaliiluii MO acres, more or IfM.
Dated December Uth, 1W07.      Jomkcm I'-*thick,
1. J. LOOJ���4 agent.
No 16.   ItaranJ creea.
Nelnon l-*ttid DiitrlOt,   Dlnlrlet of Went Kuotermy
Tafceaotloa that I, Joseph Patrloa.ol Melaon,
h t:., ocoupatlon Lumberman, intend to apply
for a npecial tlinbrr Ihence over the following
deierlbed lands: < omuicm-ln*- at a pont planted
about.Vy tn i.s up HiesvetiH creek and In a N. redirection from mouth ol ereek, and marked
Joneph I'atrick's N K corner, tln-nee south mo
chalim, thence tveat sn chalim, thetice north Kb
chalni, thenco east ho chains to tin- point of
eomtnuneemuiit, iiuutalnliiK 040 acten, moie or
Dated December ;ird, i'.nr/ .lost en 1'aiuii k,
J. J    I.e ia, Akciii.
ehainn, theme   we**t M chaina, thOOOO   north w)
chains,  thence  east WI ehainn to the   place of b��-
KlnnliiK, containliiK 6U) acren, more or lenn
1-ocaied November IHth. I'Jo7. ���
i ii a ai ks DtnfHK-B, I-ieator.
No. b.
iu a
- -pen
'liamptoiishlp of the l,*n ->JB
��, au
���t OO
s, to
, tlon
m, to
S--SBB_____maBBSB___l-_____--_Sli<>t t
7XOTEC5 ^.'^L''S_7rTri?_rf__|
r p.,
Y..H aim buy a   Hi.-ia-i-,. Kruli Ituncli In   Ih.'  N"f   fi-ili   m.awina;  .1: "     *,?**,
Iii  iiritiHh  Columbia bjr  paytDf |10 dollars down and $10 par moulli H|
IS*'.I   UH   11,1   lllVl-Klllla.,,1    thll   Ih   waarlll   raillHllll'lIltlon. 1",*
Krult Land baa trablad In >ralna withi,, tli,. >a-nr.   wimt ��u: ii .i. ,��������� >' d��u
>VAMI > NTWIil- Mb,
i��l!I.M(�� "ct\
Lumber. Shingles,
MANUFACTURERS    T   ^_-<.���,      C_"     ~t~,.    *���**_
and dealers in JLttmbetf bhinpies, ��**
L. . :  . .. ._ *V urat
-titl-i, A^\oulctin-a-:��, Doors, VVinUt>vv*j��
Tumad Work und Hroi-kuta. Mini Or,lur�� promptly ******__
MII.NON, l��. Cl.
Ho n    Bm.oi .-ri-.-k
Nation l.an.l Dtitnot   Dutrlctol Weat hum.
'lal,,. ������ii,.i, iii���i i..i���.,.|,i, Patrlok,olN.I	
h O,oooupatlon   lumbarman, ini..a,.i i.. ���,,.,,>���
Inr ai . |.a..-l���l iiimIh - lloanoa ..a,r th. |.||.,wi���K
,la...rll....l I.....1-:   a ,,mm, m.Iiik al ��� |...,l |.|��� ,1
about 1 mil. In an aaal.rljr dlrMtlon  Ir.	
 .nu ���i -ai. v.-an oreek, vber.lt  ptl.i inlo
a 'aill..... 1., k... an,I na,., k.-.l J....-|.li lain, k n H W.
corner,  thene. north *i a-haii,.. ih.-i, ������, w,
ohalne,iheno. .,,ni,i��a.i obalm, tbttnc tveatM
f-hallia. in   |...lail  ,,{  (.(,],iiii in-in,   , ..nliilnltiar
l.l.i ,a.r.-_   I , I. .
iaaai..,i Deoember and, U<n     Joimi Patbiok,
i J. i.a, ii. agent,
Nn ih.  Bfcmai omk.
n. i* .M Land laiMria-t. Dletrloi ..i w,��� RoolainT,
lake notloe lliell.J j.i>  I'atrlok, ol Neliaan,
"* ' ���    up.alia,II   liii)ll...|liinn,   hit,.nil    t,   ..,.,,I,
luraaji- lal timber licence or., tbe Inllowlni
.1.IgOl ib.,.1 Ihii.Im: ,'aanil.ii-la. Ina at ia ,���..t [.lialit,..,
alaaaill ���'. iiiiI.n ii|. a ,,-\ ,-iih .a.-.-k, ati.t ���t���,iill'i
I'luili.H .man, Imin lln- bank ol ll..- a-n-a-k, uml
mark,-,I louph r,ilrli-k'�� N K ...rnnr, Ihenc.
..iiatiiHii ohalne, tbenoe w.iii wi i-iniiim, tbenoe
n,,i III Ha, ,-,i,uriH, th.noe < ta.l aat.liiitiiN tn imlul ,,l
oommenoement, i'niiiiiinii,K r.iia ,���-,a;a, more >.a
Dated Dtonnbflf lea, iso,,   joetra PAiraioa,
��� . 1   J. I.lllllA, UKUIll
No. 19.   8UT.ni oroa-k
Na.l.aall I- I DuUflOl     I l.lrlotnl IVwt mia,,a.|iliy
Tak.. nolle, ii.ni i,  i j.ii Patriot, ,,r Nelion,
ii.,:., oooup.tlon lumbarman, iui,-n.i to apply
Inr a��i...,lal llinbor llo.no. OT.r Ilia, lollowlng
1...I lb. .1 lauila:   '  aa,K ai a (anal planted
anon, I. mil,., up   Hlcvauia   ere..,
I...nil.,11 So l*�� on Hi.. ...ulli, 'inl
Patrick', N  w. ,.,,ri,,.r. tbenoa
iheno. ai.aaih  an i-iiaitt., tn.no,
Itia-ai.-t- li..rib Hal iliniai. la, pnlail
III,-111   , ,.l.hi 1 111,ik una aiTI'H. llMiai"
lialcl la,-,*-uibrr llr,,, llkl       .'<'
I, J, Loi
N���. 20     Woat fort, Ftto ,-,.,�����. ���
N.laoo 1...11.1 Dlatriot   libinoi ..i *'���*' V"���
���ink,- nolle, ihai i, Joieph P*UH>, <*. ,er;
B. 0 , oooupatlon lunai..-,uaa,,. hi,';'"'1  ���*
faara apii'lal IIiiiIht   11,-,-r-**7.-   UV0I   H"'   ,.,***.
duarlbod landn  r ,,,.,>.,i,u ..i ��i"    ,]���
Kb..Ill 1 mil,-, up lln. vv|.��l t'Mk .1 '���'"'.'���'..JM
��� 1....II ... - I,.,Ii.h n,.rlh of tb< ��� II, '���"���" Zj*\\\
Jo..Pb I'atil.'k'k N. I-: a-nrniT. II"'1"" ,^*B
'-iMiiu. th.no. av,..l Hu.-liali.". II"11'' ' ^M
i liialMH. Ibolii,' ,-K.t Hi) oliallia I" i",'.**M
-li t. .-..Iil.ilnliiu ..," ���,'i.'.   "I",,' ., W
daiorlbad land.) Uomin.nol .
labatlil I mil, a. up 111,,  avat.l lorl
plain.-.I mi  lln-  iinrlli  bank nl l>
inark.-.l  Joe��pb   Palrlrk'a N- I*
...aatli Hai I'lniina, thonoa.  w.'.t wl
M'.rlh   Hll rhalua, 11,01 nUtee
..a ootnjo.noain.nt, *-..,. r,.i *
1'ateil I..'..'i.ii,.i bill, IM
,'.;!,','i'i.." t.
..i,���i!i* ' ' dan
i,in...'--     or
.In. .Ill  '''!-BfcL*-~
I.J Li'.1' ��W
,   -a
isiiart* -��������������������"������
..   .
���HH The Dally Canadian
u cam   t din   mi l'Ri)('. I.ECS every clay.    We furnish the
eei.   Pork,   Mutton and Veal
Hams, Bacon and Lard
With all varieties of
esh and Smoked Fish
in the market
HtnCM&eat of l'iiK-.st (Juality in glass aud wood.
Pe Burns & Co., Ltd*
islo, Rossland     NELSON, 13. O Boundary
The Nelson Brewing Co'y* Ltd
son Laud District. iHstn- t <>i ��v,.-i Koolenay
ib* notice that Ft-hS. i  -nini-ii'i,**. '-t
J.J. Tanner, ol Mot sen,   -- ���   ipiitfn   watfti
tor, In ten-Is to apply im   *,.������. ,.u-*.i��in to wi.--
im the following deserii..
getepoet aUnted  about  j1, unties cast of
Ihence   40
2*1 ebalna
son creak, tnence to i-i
M:t.on, tbence sag chin
Ins in a weaierlj aire, i n
th to the point Ol com m  i
ci-ee. more or lesa
ated Mot*. 'Jutb. tun.
JTaanHt'  K    I'lHN   TA--NKII,
F. i- Kathmon.-,    ������-��� nt
son L_n.l District. Dlatri<������ ,,, ,\, . *, ,t,���,i, i,���y
ake notice that Fred .i Saniinon-.. m-< ot i. r
a    Mallard, ot Proctor. o<-, npati.-n   r,i:nTo r,
row Lake, on Mosquito (���reek) ami'-Jl ohalii'* 7h
UukHNiiHlliof the N Wt:. of aabl lot, run u ii.fr,
thine, weat 10 chalun, thenco aoutb HO Chains.
thence eant HO chains, thence north no chains; to
plaee Ol commencement, containing Mo acren,
more or Iufs,
-t'HAKI.KM  MAltMUl.I..
a .tu nt (or Hugo Cantons.
lialc-l 23 December 1U07.
ends to apply for pernn--
owlng deati rlbed Ianit*. �� nmi.oiiiiiii* m a
I plauted atkontl^mll' ��� . ' oi .\ ii-.uu eieeli.
'lice SOUthWOSt 30��natlis ti,. n, -��� in .rtlnv*.--! *>i
illis*. ttiene ������ north-can'. .'< tint it- , tin-in -**��� *.,. iiii-
t 20 chaius to lhe the point ot lUiiini.   mh nt
italu.ngeOanrea.more or i,-*.*..
'at-od Nor.atth, text}.
AatMtBAII'   A, OKK-OS   lUl.I.API,,
** Agent V   -J   mmm'imi.
ison l-*nd Diatnet. District ot Wi-si Kootenay
ak��* notice that W.A. lliel-u.. timber.Tinier,
Hpokane, Hpokane county. Wn��iiiin-iuii, u
he United HtaUWOt Ano is- ... int. n.li i,. up,.
aspec-tai llvber lltvn- ��� *-*.,���:   ii.,- i.,n.,.ni ..
���crlbed landa:  Comim-n, *  .  ..��� a f-i iiimke.i
- 9, planted on the north bank, ,>i  , ..rn i nek,
the junction ot the flora i tork ol-'om creels   |
.h tne main stream, about     ������   mil,**, in a
���terlT direction (root ���      s   ,:   .   ���. *   ,.\     I
efc With the _UoMma>  tiu:;   th. m-e  ii->nli   I'i   |
Una; thenee weat Mb ct,.nn-; tt.. n. .* -,.u-h i<>
-Jos; thenee eaat H*> . nam- to --.���tut oi ....u-
boeraent, containliH' '���!" -or - mor- >>t i. --*.
-%ld land adjoins itm������*���*���  inun  No   the
" aud timber Unit n<> ���*. *m it,,- mhuh, a.- lo-
"by toe.
,ltHl November 7, P.*- .
William A   Hi ii-in, Locator
ise-1 by Patrick <:. mhu,'
��ulim1 and signed by th.   within named W
mi nun on the-Mth da*,   ol  .\..�� .-mb. r, A   ll
T,  before me at Bpokain     -Spokane   t ountv,
lahlngtnn.oneot ibe I in ltd state*-ol Am. rn a
Patrick C   �����***���
Nelnon Land District,   Dintrictol West Kootenay.
Take   notice   that   Tina   BorgmaAi OJ   Altona,
Man  .  Occupation   vrtfOOl   0.   Heri-mau,  farmer,
Aitona, Man . intends to apply for permission lo
purohaae the following deaerfbed land:
'ommencing Ht  a poit   planted at the S. Y. C-
otBngoCantena' application to pnrehaaa and
ruiiiiiiiK theme went HO chalus  thence  north HO
cbalnn. thence   cant   -to chalun,   thenoa   nouth   H
ehaina36 links**, theuce eant to c ains*, thenee
nonth 71 ehaina76 iiukn to point <>i oommenoe*
ment, couiidliiug 0**7 acren more or lenn.
UB-niJM Mak.-iiai.L,
Agent    for   Una    -tJcrgmmi.
Dated 2:1 December DW7.
Nalaon Land Dlatriot     Dintrict ol Weat Kootenay.
Take notice -.hat LctI���BOf-M Pay u.-, Ol Ne* -lie*.
B. *���'., occupation   rancher, tntenda  to apply   for
ptTmiaatoti to purohaae the following deaorlbed
hUlda: Commencing at a Ji-ost pittULed HiHi'it l.'i
chain* went of WfiHlnhaii creek and BS.VM clialnn
noulh of   the  BOOthWeal   corner  of  Lot   Mo*   UM-i
running thenee north .su ehainn, thenee waatgO
chains, theuce  couth   12 166 chalun,   ibeu.e eant
A2.MH ehullia, thcliee Mill tli   67 M:> ehainn, thence
57.4,9 chains cant  to  point  nf eoniineucetnetit,
eoiitainiii^ 'kl a-reii, now -surveyed aa lut nlUS
Dated Mh January, ltsw. Lavi <>aoaSl 1'a.mc.
Rear Admiral   Berry and  Captain Colby-
Reach  Age   Limit.
Washington, D. C, Jan. 28.���Seldom
(1(jgb it -happen that two of the highest ranking ofBcera of the navy are retired for age on the game day, but thla
wiih the case with Hear Admiral Robert
M. Berry and Captain Q. O. Colby, who
were placed on the retired lint today
on account of having reached the age
of 02 yearn. Captain Colby, by special
act of the president and senate, was retired with tbe rank of rear admiral, the
grade to which he would have been promoted in the regular course of eventti
by the retirement of Hear Admiral
Berry, had the dates for their retirements not fallen on the same day.
Both officers have had long and active carreers in the navy. Hear Admiral Berry comes from Kentucky and
was graduated from the naval academy
in lStiG. Since that Ume he has served In ail the various duties of a naval
officer. During the war wiih Spain he
commanded the United States steamship Castine. In recent years he has
been tn command of the navy yards at
Charleston.  I'ensacola and  Norfolk.
Hear Admiral Colby is a native ot
New Bedford, Mass. There he learned
to love the sea, his grandfather being
the owner of a large whaling lleet that
sailed fiom that port In the palmy days
of the whaling industry. Be was appointed to the naval academy in I8fi;j
and graduated In time to see some active service during the closing days of
the civil war. In 1904, when only a
captain, he was sent to Kurope to bring
the European squadron home, and flying his senior officer's flag from Dew*
* y"s flagship, the Olympia, he piloted
the vessels successfully to the Caribbean, where the whole North Atlantic
Meet was engaged in maneuvers. Later
he took a special service squadron to
Havana. .Recently he has been In command of the New England recruiting
i Weal ���ootonaj
���e,   1 Strahsburg,
3tends to apply
*   lollowlng   'le**-
],. -t planted at
Ison I*nd District, Dn-trtt
akc uotiofe that larb. i     r.��
iu at ion married woman.
-permission to porvt"-      -
badlands:   Ooromen.
.* Intel-sect ton  Of tbe   n-ni,   i.,h.ii-u.i>   ,,!   I."t
ifi,ait4 tho eaat bouu -"* -���. i ' *���" *->���>..
-neeeaatMchains, m <<i ;*--.i-,.>.< u-mi.
���t corner of J tuber   l.tnnt ,...).  -i><n<*
rth SO chalna, ibeoce  ��'-:   -'" i-hain-, mon' "r
s, lo tba eaat aide ol w ' m   mm  i.,w.', i i,.-tm .
lowing heme la a souii..-:.-,   -,i,i
reetlonloo ehat_a�� aaoi,   ,-r  n--  ���,. Mt>. min
���-   Lot ��.-�����--���-��*-������it-*--  more or
-lion with tot
w, lollowlng
lint ol comm-
Oated 7tb uetober
allowing eaaterly i- ....'.i*  ���i i   s-
ol commouc*sment.
i7tb October. I*-"        i-ahki i.a pikki-k.
Weat Kootenay hand Diatrict. Diatrict ol tioat
lake OOtlOS that I, tieorge A. Hunt, of Kit.
chent-r, OOOnpatlon tlmia-rmaii, iuieinl lo
apply      for      perm is-*-1 on      to      purchaK*     the
following deeorlbed lal li    Commeneing at a
imst planted about 40 cl a li", went ol '1 hompaon
marked N. W. eoruer, ti.-nee aouth ''������ ������-' chains
theoee eant   H.01    chalna,    tnence    north   1MB
ohatna, thenea weal along B, 0. Bonthern -.aii-
way lo ptaoO Ol comineiiciint-nt, coiitaluliig 9b.IS
Dated January 8th. l'J08 QKUW1 _. Hint.
A1VH.R,   -KCIit.
^.bW^*"^'< ii��}X:i":T2
i, ti,*	
oup t, ������|
oup \,  Kmmui,    Hi.,...'   -.
��u�� Hit 80 chalua. tl* ... *  *.. , 11, --���.. i.i.11._ ...
aal K chalna along aai.i -   ���.    .   _..:...   '
alltt   Ol   uontm.Bcet...   .1      ..., -1    l,.U.IMi:   ....
na, mi>��or !***���,,   ...
.,l.onl*ndBlj-��loi   '���;
���Take nolle.tl,.!'. !    '"   '  .
A,.*x.Ni,an J   M>,
a ��
'TaaainoUe.lk.tl. .
rJ.lt lluMan, ol r ���    ���    s   i
acb.���,c..,��j^.,i.,,���    :,a,.
t Koot.nay
ng aa agent
Irchase 'the 1
..-,,������������ nl "tl   landn:    ' mn-
cueing al a poal plant,'! ,.n  Ibe   i-afletly i-horc
, Arrow lake and ab,, .��� \*< ��� ti.ui,-. io.iiu ��������� xo,-
* K.corner of lot 0\o* M,,i,,. ���-���*- .'��' i-hiiin-,
icnce nortb 40 chain-   tu<,i< ,o I. -., t,. tin- u.,'
"lOlU, Ihenct) aoilthWi -       l> al-.ii** ih,   hike nbore
��� ihe point oft-omtm.il' ui,  uti.t . nnu,imu-t
". acren, more or leas.
laled .November IHi..   r
F. 1
17, Unas ii Buaonf,
in ani s, agent.
���Ison Und Dlstrlet. Dt-tn. i-d w-m Koot. nav
******* -iAMh-tlna  Wi-- '��� J    ���     : ���   'ln    ' '"
oonteecnaiua ���*-n ,      , ., ,,,,,.,   .   ,,��� , .������
BaSadMovembt-t '."h. i
__%y .1 iih HoKn r.Avwnnn,
bMM-<SaTaee ���
sswmeaeMwst t,
t laaa.
lalaoalaukliiii ic i.  io m. t .., v..
rake asjtleet ha'  j  -in-li. ol N llr** it t .,
oounatt&t ranch.', i u.ta t., apply (������ p��i
r:to pnreiipi ,   tie fuiio-.Mti,*   .|c*.ciu..*.i
andj  Oaasmenci i   ut  ���   |... i   T-i.- n <��� i   at  Uf
at corner  of   i ������"���*��� ihcn-- wet   ic
haiaa. tfiaace ^ ���-������������    ������>   ��� ������ ��� ���-��� ���
VMa3   '.ik"   ���  *   I"   Uo     p..nn  >u
^*************++************x- -��� oon taining MO acres, mora
. WOT 3a\U9t HllIKl.I.,
^^^^^^^^^^^    I' A   KApgl'iKK. Agent.
f��*i*onLand Ddi     i    im in  i ..i \\,-i k ,-na>
Take notice tbat   *n.- .-  m,    hi, oi ih.- i uv oi
'Ulaon, OOeUpatlon lit, n,,ui, Int.-n.U to iii|i|>.   loi
^^^^^*"~1S the   IdlowliiK  il'K'illi'il
at n   poit  planted   at   Hie
MoirlMou'h   much,   In   Mr
th   boty   (tti) chalim,  llicm-
QSt Ihence hoinh     i ity 140
toll-,   (llr)    Clllllm* Olllt   li
(   ' oitiiuniiiK   one  i.ui.drid
moro or lesa,
*     IW17. ANOPl    Mit.iil
Notice is hereby given that the Kin-
nay-Miller Cedar Oompany, an extra provincial company duly registered, as
such, and nulllorized to cany on busl*
aeag within the province of Britllh Columbia, and having its head offlce at
Creaton, in the said province, manufao*
ttirers, have by deed of asslgnmoni.
dated tbe Mth day of December, 1907,
assigned all lis personal property, rial
csiau*, credits, and elYeeis, which may
bo seized and soltl iimb-r execution tt)
me. Charles O. Rodgera, of Oreaton,
Hiilish Columbia, lumber manufacturer,
for the general benellt of its creditors.
A meeting of the creditors will be
held ar the office of EL M. .Macdonald,
barrlMer-al law, corner Haker and Sinn
ley Rtreeta, .Nelson, 11. CH al lhe hour of
three o'clock in the alleiuoon on Tues
.lay, the :tist day of December, r.Hi?, tor
the giving of direction! with reference
to the disposal of the ��� gtnte.
And further tnke notloe thai all creditors are required on or before the 88t_
day of Deoember. 1907, to Bio with me,
the  oaglgnee,  full particulars of their
claims duly Verified, and  the  nature of
the gecwity, if any, belt! by them,
And notice is hereby given thai after
the 98th day of December, 1907, l will
proceed to disliibute ibe iissds aiiu'iii*.ll
Ibe  creditors   of   WhOM debts or  elating
t shall then have received notice and i
will   not   be   responsible   Inr  the assets,
or  any   part   thereof,   so   distributed   to
:itiv creditor of whoee debt or claim I
ghall nut then ho ro received notice
Haled :it Cn- ton, B, C . ihls Mth day
or December, 1907
Auction Sale
Dent's New and Second
Hand Store
New   ,**.rchbishop.
Boaton, .Ian. 2-S.���Arrangements have
been completed for one of the most
notable Roman Catholic ceremonies
that has ever taken place here, when
Archbishop O'Connell will be invested with the pallium tomorrow. The
Ceremony will take place in the Cathedral of the Holy Cross and will be attended by scores of prelates and priests
from all over New KugTTtnd. Archbishop
O'Connell will receive the symbol of
full archiepi.scopal authority from the
hands of Cardinal Cibbons. The sermon will be preached by the Very Reverend 1-. F. Kearney, O. !���*., of Washington. D. C.
The pallium is the official insignia of
an archbishop aud before its inveMl-
lure it receives the blessing of the Holy
Father at Home. It consists oC a wool
Bn stole and is worn about the neck.
The bestowal of the pallium is always
a ceremony  of much  magnificence and
Repudiated     Wife     Sues     Estates    for
Widow's   Rights.
Ottawa, Jan. 28.���A local sensation
hag been caused by tiie return of Mis.
J. Warnock to the capital and her announcement that she will start a legal
light to legitimatize her four children.
The case is unique in Canada. James
Warnock, one of the several sons who
each inherited a fortune upon tlie death
of their father some years ago, recently left his wife and four grown-up children and married a young woman named McCallum. He stated that he was
not married to the woman known as
his wife and with whom he had lived
for fourteen years. He went to Hrock-
ville about two months ago after disposing of his propei ty here, and about
ten days a^o died suddenly, leaving
an estate of neatly $100,000. His former wife now appears with a claim
that the dead man married her in Og-
densburg in 1801 and says she has the
i.iarriage certificate. She announces
her determination to light the case. A
big legal battle is looked for. The will
of the deceased leaves $5,000 to each
of the above four children, but the residue of the estate is given to the woman  who  he  married   two months  ago.
Irish Problems Lead.
London, Jan. 28.���Keen interest Is
manifested in the opening of Parliament tomorrow, as the session promises to be one of the most important
since the Campbell-Bannennan ministry came into power. If all the legislation promised for the coming session
is forecasted in the speech from the
throne*, the members of the House of
Commons will have a stupendous task
before them, and the usual session ot
six months will have to be supplemented by an autumn session. Irish affairs
are expected to have the foremost place
on the agenda, though just what turn
the proceedings will take in relation
to this ever-present problem is uncertain. After Ireland, in point of public
interest, will come an education bill
and a drastic  licensing  bill.
Court Martial of Navy Paymaster.
Washington, D. C, Jan. 28.���The trial
by ^otirt-martial of Paymaster Walter
L. Wilson, U. S. N., was begun at the
Washington navy yard today. Pay Inspector -Samuel UcGowan acting as
judge advocate. Paymaster Wilson is
charged with alleged inefficiency in
the  performance of duty.
No. 331.
���COMPANIES   ACT,   1897."
-ermlsslon U |��nr,
an_ft   Oommcnci
<. W. eorner 1-
alia|r, to*, noe '"
ata*, thenoa w>
mmen-jf msnt,
d slaty (KO)aci.
' ->*-Hl^ t*i,"t��* nhei
*Talsoa_aad m-ii   ���   im*. n.-t nf .��.*.i Kooi,-n���y
Take notiee Win i   Hn-i.* ��i-*n in. ol \Vninip,K.
il��U..   OCCapatlon    |.iil,!"ln I ,   Oil, n.l��   lo   n\<yl\
or permission to   * hoe ilu-   ioPowIuk .!,-
��rlned landi
Commenting   st   a   i.i.u plauled   on    (he   went
*unCi**T ol L* **-'���**. ��������� l> lebuul i> wllus bum Ar-
Saturday, Jan.  20
At 2 p. m. Sharp.
Nelson    and   Scaler    Ready.
I-os Angeles, Cal., Jan. 98.���Battling
Nelson and "Kid" scaler have completed  their  work  of  preparation  and
are reaily to slop into the ring at Tom
MeCarey's club tonight. .Nelson Is confident, of carrying off the lienors, The
result means much to him in view of
his plans to fight hts way to the top
again lu order to be in a position tode*
mand  n  return  Dght   with  Joe Cans  for
the championship,
or desirauie lu transporting logs and
other minerals to the mills and plants
of the Company, and in transporting
the manufactured products of such
plants to the markets; to log and
drive streams; to construct and operate
To purchase, hold, sell, assign, transfer, mortgage, pledge or otherwise dispose of any bonds or other securities or
evidences of indebtedness created or
issued by any cor \Y} rat ion or corporation, association or associations of the
State of Maine, or of any other slate,
territory or country, and, while the
owner thereof, to exercise all the rights,
powers  and  privileges of ownership:
To purchase, hold, sell, assign, transfer, mortgage, pledge or otherwise dispose of shares of capital stock of any
other corporation or corporations, association or associations of the State
of Maine, or of any other state, territory or country, and , while the owner
of such stock, to exercise all the rights,
powers and privileges of ownership, including the right to vote thereon:
To aid in any manner any corporation
or association of which any bonds or
other securities or evidences of indebtedness or stock are held by the corporation, and to do any acts or things designed to protect, preserve, improve or
enhance the value of any such bonds
or other securities or evidences of indebtedness or stock:
The business of the Company is from
time to time to do any one or more of
the acts and things herein set forth;
and it may conduct its business in other
States, territories and possessions of
the United States, in British Columbia,
and in foreign countries, and may have
one office or more than one office, and
keep the books of the Company outside
of the State of Maine, except as otherwise may be provided by law, and may
hold, purchase, mortgage, and convey
real or personal property, either in or
out of the State of Maine.
All the powers of the corporation are
vested in the board of directors, who
may make, alter, amend or repeal all
by-laws of the company, except such
by-laws as regulate or affect the election of directors and officers, and except when the change of a by-law or
exercise of a power is made by statute expressly dependent upon action by
or consent of the stockholders.
Provided, however, that nothing herein contained shall be construed to authorise the corporation to transact business in any other state, territory, or
foreign count ry. contrary to the provisions of the laws of such state, territory or foreign country, and that nothing in these purposes shall be construed
to give the corporation any rights, powers or privileges not permitted by the
laws of the State of Maine to corporations organized under Section G of
Chapter 47 of the Revised Statutes of
the State of Maine, and the following
corporate purposes shall be exercised
only in states and jurisdictions other
than Maine, namely, the construction
and operation of railroads, or aiding in
the construction thereof, telegraph or
telephone companies, and gas or electrical companies, and such businesses
are to be carried on only in states and
jurisdictions when and where permissible under the laws thereof.
T.emont House
Graniteware, Tinware, White Enamel-
ware, Parlor, Dlnlngroom Bedroom and
Kitchen Furniture, Cook Stoves, Heat-
era, and a large assortment of articlea
too  numerous to  mention.
Turner Beaton Block, 606 Vernon Street.
thla  winter.    Sulphur  Springs  and   unexcelled   accommodations.     Ratea   $2.50
per day  and   up.
Correspondence Invited nnd cheerfully imHrtereil.
Call on or wrlto
1) F.A., Neisou
I hereby certify that "The Kootenay
Cedar Company" has this day been registered as an Extra-Provincial Compauy under the "Companies Act, 1897,"
to carry or effect all or any of the objects of the Company to which the legislative authority of the Legislature of
liritish Columbia extends, except the
construction aad working of railways,
and the business of insurance.
The head office of the Company is situate at Portland, Cumberland County,
The amount of the capital of the
Company is one million seven hundred
and fifty thousand dollars, divided into
seventeen thousand live hundred shares
of one hundred dollars each.
The   head   office  of   tlie   company   ln
this  Province is situate at Nelson, and
K.   S.    Lennie,   barrister-at-law,    whose
address is Nelson, li. C, is the attorney
for the Company, not  empowered to Ib-
sue and transfer stock.
The Company is limited.
Given under my hand and seal of office  at   Victoria.   Province     of     Hritish
Columbia, this eleventh day of January,
one thousand nine hundred and eight.
Keglstrar of Join!  Stock Companies.
The   objects  for which   this    Company hnus been established nnd registered are: ���
To acquire, hold, Improve, lease and
seli timber, farming, urnzlng. mineral
and other lands, ami lhe products thereof; tO mine or Otherwise extract or remove coal, ores, stone and other minerals and timber from any Innd owned.
leased or occupied by the company, or
from any oilier lands; to buy, build,
construct, mtilntain and operate plants
and works for the development or
such lands, and for the hundlln.*, pre
pat tug and rendering commercially
available of the various products there
of; and to buy, or sell or otherwise to
-I--nl or to traffic in wood, timber, lumber, coal, stone, ores nnd other material, and any of the products thereof,
and any article consisting, or partly
consisting, (hereof.
To engage In trade and maintain
To huy, build j liolil and lease or Bell
'll kinds of houses nnd buildings, and
the lands on which the Rarne may be located: to buy. own and hold, with a
view to its Improvement and sale, any
kind  Of  real  estate.
To breed, raise and deal In cattle
ami live stock of all kinds; and to manufacture, buy, sell and otherwise deal
In   all   kinds of  dairy   products.
To construe! docks, slips, bridges, machinery, ships, boats, engines, cars and
other equipment. el 0 valors. water
works, gas works, electric works, via-
duott, aqueducts and other water-ways,
and to sell the same, or otherwise to dispose thereof, or to maintain and operate the same; io construct nnd to maintain  and operate  all trams,  railroads,
spuds, switches. locomotives. Oars,
trains and equipment for the purposes
Of tho Company only, nnd not ns a
common carrier, that may be necessary
KirnDt'4-i sud American *':,-u
Meal* :ii ots.   Rooms from tt. ots   to Ij.
oniy White Help _mploye<l.
BsSor St., Nelson Froprlolors
Moat a-omlaarlable nuarlera      Nelaon
Only tlaa* l-.M oll'iquora and a igara
Grand Central Hotel
Thoroughly renoratcd and refurnished. Rooms BO cents upward The
dining room Is unexcelled In the city.
Iliause heated throughout with hot
J   A. KRIOKSON, Proprietor
Telephone, 250.    Opposite Court  Hon*,,
and Postofflce, Nelson. II. C.
Queen's Hotel
Baker Htreaat, Nelaon. H. 0a
Large   .utl   CnmfnrtHlalc   !'..'.;..������,...   and   Klrat
i-laa. Pining Koom.
MRS. E. C. CLARKE, Proprietress.
We have for rent the office In the
Mara Block over the Royal Bank, lately
occupied by Mr. E. A. Crease.
H. & M. BIRD
FOR  RENT���Offlce on Baker St.
FOR  SALE:���Residential  LotB in city and suburbs.
Fire, Accident, Liability, Fidelity, and   Life   Insurance   agents   for   the
strongest companies operating in Canada.
If yon want Good Land
.VIcDermid & McHardy
"VEL-,*30I>t, B.*JC
Bartlett   House
OKO. W. HAR.-ri.KTT,
Best DoIIar-a-Day House iu Nelson.
The tlar II the Pineal.
White Help Onlj Kmployea,
Josaaphlne Bt
Kates tl nnd |1.50 n IViy
Special Hates to Ha.|;u!iii- Boarders
Is now ready to execute   all
orders for Job Printing on
shortest notice.
The Job Department is up-to-
date in every respect and a
full line of stationery -will be
kept in stock.
All orders entrusted to our
care "will receive prompt and
careful attention.
314 Baker St.
Tel. 324.
Royal Hotel
Notice ts hereby given that the un-
dortslgncd have submitted to tho Lieutenant tiovcrnor-in-Council a proposal
under the Rivers and Streams Act for
the clearlug and removing obstructions
from the Luhamel Creek totherwisc
known as Six-Mile Creek) In the District of West Kootenay, Province of
I'.rllish Columbia, and for maUlnw tha
said en ek tit for rafting and driving
tharaon logs, timber and lumber, and
for creeling and maintaining damn on
the said creek, und for constructing
aud maintaining booms for holding
���Qrting and delivering logs and timber
th* icon, und for attaching booms on
Kootenay Lake at the mouth of said
Tho lands to be affected by such work
arc Lots 7N7, 788, 7601, 777:5, 4.1IM, 8411
and 8418 all ln Group One, Kootenay
District, and other lands not Crown
granted, occupied or improved.
The tolll proposed to be charged are
such ns may be fixed hy the .ludge of
lb*' County Court of West Kootenay.
Dated the 28th day of October, 1907.
A. M  Can. 8o��. 0, E.
Mining WorK a Specialty.
Olllco:   Uooru   10,   K.-W.-C.  Blk.    P.   O.
Baix     434.
Baker St., Nel.on, B. C.
W.    O*    GILLETT
Contractor  snd
Sol*1 MTtnt (or lhe i'orto Klro l.uniln-i Co., Ltd.,
rslatl rrkra-S. KoukIi SDd ilr*.-.-i_-<l luiiiliir, lu�� ind
work snd braek-.*ts. r-in-.t lath and shingles, sat-h
ami .loon. Cement, brlrk aud lime (or sale
Automatic grinder.
Yard ami factory l Vi-nn.ii St.. Paat ol 11 aln
i1 iiiii ���on.' b. q.
1"    O'Box 2.TJ T<-i-*phon*-* lis
In th-? mutter ot an iiypliration lor the lsnur* ol
a dnpupatt) oi the -iVrt.fli-at.fi" ol Title to Lots
4, ft. and o, Ulr-tek 6, Nelson t Uy, s-nih-.livision ol
I.itrt ol Lot, IH2, Uroup One, Diitriet of Kimtenay
(Map Oft)
Notlco 1ft hereby given lhat tt In my Intention
to luiiue at (i.e .'Xfi- iitiuii uf one month alter tho
fir.*-t jm 1,11,-nt inn hereof a ilu plicate oJ the -tVrtttt-
��� ate oi Title to theabovo mentioned lota tu tho
nameot Puttie Khoilet* *rr1iteh Certlficatt- In dated
the lti-di da,' of May, ltf<W, ami numbered iKU7-k.
l-iin-i Heittt-lry Office, Nult-ou, IU'��� Jauuary
���2Mb, 1*> s II, F. Ma.sI.HUi,
DUtrlot HAtrlstrtiT.
Cancellation of Reoerve.
Notice Is he-fehy given that the rescr-TS over
certain lsuds n "���mitt. Kmi K,> .ti-i-nv, nt.ti���-,. of
whleh iicyi-rtrea In tne Hrltlih Columbia (i��zi*tto
of the Min of Augunt, IHtU and t "iv dale ol Au-
gmit l'-lth. l���*���'.'\ It* h-reby enncelUd The above
mentioned laudf will ba o-pen for location under
thu Laud Act ou Mtirrh :10, 1W��.
Dtnntv -'i'ih .iii*,.inh.-r of Lands and Works
Landi and Work-, Ocpartmeut,
Victoria, lt. C, December WtL, 1807.
il IP
Tne _��aily Canadian
Hall Clock, 6 ft. high, *28-00 for J.      ���
HtJl Clock, 6 ft. high. 126.00 for *tt8.00.
���_Slon Clock, 141n. high, 16.00, for. * 3.00.
Tin. above strika- hours on cathedral gongs. ._��� ������
S_S_iV_irble Clocks. 29 in. high $18-00 and $20.00.
Fin.* Bleotrlc ].:,,���i**5. $0-00, $9.60, $10.00, $15.00.   These an* a few of tho
bargains.   Come In and we will tell you about the rest.
i. w. w.
The members of the Nelson lodge of
the Industrial Workers of the World
will have a social evening in the K. nt
P. hull tomorrow night,
manupac ruRirsa
Watchmaker and Optician
Cf eating
Bargains in all lines
of Dry Goods, Millinery  and  Ladies*
See Us
For Good Fruit Land
-*saj   -,
Corner of Stanley and Victoria Sts.
Two Blocks from Depot,
il. .1. Bradford, Ottawa.; C. E. Cottam,
Slatcan Junction; A. F. Dudgeon, Revelstoke; .1. Rogers, .1. II. Anthony, .1. W.
Read, Winnipeg; C. 10. Cartwright, .Miss
E. Seguln, Vancouver; C. E. Smith,
Main! leal; -Miss Staples anal sisla-r. Wy-
io Acre Blocks to 8oo
Acre Blocks.
Bedrock Prices.
Easy Terms.
H. E. Croadsdaile & _.
Next Door to Bank of Commerce.
$t.50to $tO.OO.
Welcome  Nugget Smoking
Queen Cigar Store
BUSH  aSa.  MATT HEW,  Props.
We have just received a shipment of Heiuz Goods in foi-
lowing line.
14oz.  Bottle   Sour  Mixed   Pickles.
14-oz. Bottle Sweet -Mixed  Pickles.
14-oz. llottle Gherkins Pickles.
Pint Bottle Ketchup.
Telephone 101
Cor,    Vernon ,.,a*.l  Word   Mrects
NS1.SJN..    E-..C,
S. W. Ross, salmo; P. A. Jones, A.
H. Tuttle. Portland; K. Stewart, G.
Mather, Vancouver; F. P. Burden, Na-
Kusp; P. F. King, Winnipeg; A. I).
Westby, Minneapolis; .M. P. Cannon, W.
L. Humpherles, WellsvtUe; A. R. Spun-
g.-u anal wife, Crane Lake; .1 Lebel,
Pincher Creek, t.'. I.. Hannah, Spokane.
G. W. French anal wife, R. Roman. G,
Sansing, .Mrs. W. G. Blake and son.
Creston; L. C. Carter. Winlaw; F. W,
Revelstoke; W, J, Daniels. Salmo; A.
Oliver, W. J. Phillips, J. 14. Chambers,
Spokane; J. B. Smellie and wife, Lethbrldge; A. G. Williams, Edgewood.
R. C. Brock, Granger; Mrs. J. L. Leo-
liill. I'S.liiiunds; R. I. Kirkwooal. Slocan;
II K. Townshend, 13-Mlle: G. I). McKay
Vancouver; Mrs. C. W. Mitchell, RevelBtoke; .Mrs. W. Spencer, HanlT; A. S.
Maurer, Winnipeg; .1. Ilanns, Rosthern.
D. M. Boomer, Whitewater; A. Mackenzie, A. McLean, W. Woo, Rlondel;
A. E. Harvey. D. Keyes. Blue Hell; 11.
Bambridge, G. F. Palmer, Lardo; M. S.
Clark, Spokane; H. Selmes, W. II. Limn
Pn Cter; A. W'arter, S. Stevenson, P. J.
Eyres, [>. Chalmers, Harvey: V. G. Hamilton, Medicine Hal; F. .1. Dllhi, Herbert
Sask.; H. W. Bullard, Swift Current.
.Tim. Reirl, Shields; E. Brookman, Slo-
e.in: C. Simpson, Erie; F. El, Clement,
Victoria; M. Byron, Arrowhead: W. E.
Vearman, Vernon.
C.   Johnson,   Moyie;      II.   .1.   Stevens.
Ulna- 11.11 min,-:  .1.  Evans, Kaslo.
NICKERSON, the Jewelery Manufacturer's Agent will sell yon giaaails from samples at 25 per ca'nt. less than regular
pries direct from the factories, in 8
days from order. Everything in the
line.    Order now.
\i*antkk -I)..n.l bualneu promioera to write
II     Iniuraooe   on  nl!   ain.in  ,.[ live _t.,c_
agalnal ala-atla fr.ua] aaav i-,iu_a.>. British American
Live stooi   Attoclatlon,   yanconver, H   0.. or
W. J. WallaiT. Iluai.a- H.ita-I, Nelson.
rAWTBD���Office, Baker Street  Rronn<i floor
preferred     Hnx 1024 CHiiHiIKn.
OJX-ROOMKD BOl -i; furalshedorunfumUh*
i-��� ' ,i Apply in j. D-iney, oorner Vernoo and
Josephine streeti
FURNISHED   ROOM- 'l*,a���l   loa'allnn.      AddrMI
II   I'.ally a laaiaallian
1W1I MK*l'i.i,A,-** lal.u.MH, .it.ana healed     Aia-
n,v 1.r...,���!...,.,.-.    I. i flu,    if    w   1'   hloa-.
All  Kinds  of  Heating  Plants  In  Stock.
Victoria St., Nr. Onera Home.      Tel. 181.
Wo havo the necpssiljes and many  luxuries.    Tin?  daily  bath is  beneficial when M-cxj soap is used.
The condition of the teeth depends upon a Rood dentifrice,
We can supply you with tbe best   of   Toilet.   Water,    Tooth    Powders,
Sponges, Brushes, Combs, Mirrors, etc. Soaps,  Toilet  Water,   Perfumery,
Canada Drug & Book Co'y, Ltd*
Charity  Tea.
Friday afternoon from i to (�� o'clock
Mr. VV. S. Riblet and Miss Thorn will
I..* ilu- hostesses at a tea ai the Siraih-
riina, llii' olijeci (if which is Io raise
funds for thi- city union charily league,
Churchman's Club.
Thi' next social id' the Churchman's
Club will In' held in the parish hait
tomorrow evening, Wednesday, ai 8
o'clock. This is for men only. The
whlBt tournament continues at ibis
20.000 Club.
The annual general meeting of the
20,000 club will be held in the club's offlce tonight at 8 o'clock. A good attendance is necessary unless it is the
general wish and intention to let the
institution die.
Metals and  Stocks.
Silver declined four points on each
market yesterday. Lead is unchanged.
Dominion Copper declined as suddenl>
as It advanced, but is still high compared with quotations of a week ago. Granby and B. C. Copper are unchanged.
False  Pretenses.
The Nelson man who has been advertising in an eastern paper for carpenters, promising to secure them employment on payment of $1. is likely to get
himself into trouble. The matter has
been brought to the attention of the
Y.   P. S.
The Young People's Society in connection with St. Paul's Presbyterian
church is giving a "City" social this
evening in the church hall, beginning at
S o'clock. All members are requested
to come wearing emblems to represent
,��� city of any country. Refreshments
will be served and there will be a musical  programme.
Fire Water and  Light Committee.
The flre, water and light committee
of the city council will meet at 8 p. m.
tonight in the city hall to further consider the application of tbe Canada Zinc
company for the privilege of building a
transmission line through the city, and
conferring with R. S. L-ennie, solicitor
for the company. Tbe members of the
committee are Aldermen Hale, McMorris and Patenaude.
Not Ignoring City.
On account of an evident misuuder-
.s-tanding in some quarters of the attitude of the Canada Zinc company, it
may be explained that it was not until
authoritatively informed that the city
conld not supply them with power ut
pn sent that the company began negotiations with the West Kooenay Power
and Light company, and then with the
full  approval  of thu  late council.
Church  Indebtedness Cleared.
At the Sunday Service in the Church
of Mary Immaculate, the Kev. Father
Althoif announced the clearing off of
tbe sacred edifice. Some time ago the
mortgage was redeemed and handed to
His Lordship Bishop Dontenweil; but a
small balance of the original cost of the
church, some $S,0U0, remained. The recent socials and contributions aided materially to paying off the small debt,
and the Father, who has been so
energetic In the work, congratulated the congregation on the ownership of this valuable structure.
When he took charge of the parish the
debt was large, but with infomitable
st'lf-sacrifice he undertook and carried
out the collection and payment of the
balance due.
Alice Roller Rink
FRIDAY, JAN. 3 J, J908
Tha* proprietor will have on hand suitable costumes. Thame wishing ,hem can
apply at the rink. Refreshments will
be served ln the banquet hall. Music
will   be    the    best.
The  Event   of  the Season.
Pour reasons why our business bafl
doubled within two years. Vaam- or-
ilers solicited and entire satisfaction
C. A. Benedict
Corner Silica and Josephine Sta.
t��noiNe ?
Passe Partout
Complete   with   Glass   and   Mot���Passe-
Partouted  and   Ready  to   Hang  up
We have just opened up an exceptionally bright line of 1'asse 1'arlnut pictures.
They consist of "Life" humorous
pictures in l.lack and While and in Cul
or. Toasts, and Quotations from Favorite authors;   beautifully   illumined.
Prices  are  25c,  35c  and  60 c  each.
To see them is tu buy. You can't resist them.
See them in  our window.
W* G. Thomson
irf^oVk^ *nd    Nelson, B. C.
Phone ���."**.
From $10 to $25.
Old Curiosity Shop
Bonspiel Smoker.
The visiting curlers will be the guests
of the Nelson Curling club at a smoker
in the Hume dining room this evening.
Hockey Match.
Word was received from Rossland
this morning that the intermediate
hockey team could not come over, so
there will be only the junior match at
tha. skating rink tonight, lt will begin
at 8 o'clock.
Forced  to  Default.
The Kalso rink has been compelled
to default Its remaining games in the
bonspiel, as both the skip. G. O. Bu-
I'hanan, and Mayor Green have business
engagements in Kaslo which preclude
a longer stay..
Prices of Metal..
New York, .Ian. 2S.���Silver, 55%c.
London, .Ian. 2H.���Sliver, 25V*_d.; lead.
iiii, 12s., 6d,
Opening   Copper  Quotation*.
New York, Jan, 28, 1908.
(By MBDennld & Mcllardy.)
Asked Did
llranby     J1M1.00 $85.00
Dominion Copper...,    2.r>o 2:.n*fa
11. C. Copper      5.25 5.00
To Whom it May Concern:
Take notice that J. L. Warner Is not
now and has not been since the 18th
day of November lasi employed by or
ln any way connected with lhe Bradley
Engineering anal IVIachlnery Co. of
Bpokane, Washington.
B��y Now
We have a Good Selection of
Cheap Houses from $750 to
$1500. Let us show you
them. Some extra snaps for
investment or for a home.
wiuu-Miir ami  K.-tnii Dttlen ui
Fresh and Salted Meats
Camps supplied on ihortest notdoe anil
lowest price. Nothing but   fresh and
wholesome meats and snpples kept m st.x.k
Mail orders receive cui-ful attention.
E.   C.   TRAVES.   Manager.
Coal! Ice! Wood!
Phone 265
Kootenay  Ice,   Fralt  and
Fael Co.
N. E. co.. Baker   and   Ward   St..
CAPITAL,   $25,000.00   in   25 000    shares
of $10.00 each.
MANAGER,  Craazlar   W.   llanirke.
OFFICE, ,No. 322 Haker St. (Croasdalle
& Uo.)
SEE the cement blocks displayed ln lha.
Standard   Furniture   Co.'s   window.
APPLICATIONS  for  stock are  Invited.
PARTICULARS and forms nf Application may be obtained at tbe Company's office, or from 11. A. Stewart.
Solicitor. Nelson, it. C.
Geo.  P.  Player
late; accountant at hall mining   &   SMELTING   CO.
Office  Room   No.  2,   ELLIOT     BLOCK.
F. C. GREEN       F. P. BUKDtK        A. U.GRELN
C'vil Engineers. Dominion and British
Columbia Land Surveyors
P. 0. Box 145    Phone 261 B.
NELSON,     -     E^.   _.
S. W. Ross, merchant, aif Salmo, arrived  In  the  city  last night.
A. EC. Tuttle returned trom a trip tn
Portland last night and Ib at the Hume.
C. ES. Cartwright, divisional engin, > .
of the C. P. R., arrived from Vancouver
last night and is at the Strathcona.
Mrs. H. Roth haB left for Vancouver,
where she will remain for siame months,
In Ihe hope of recovering her health.
Hugh  Cameron and  wife will  remain
In  the  city    for several   days:     They
will  go  direct  to Vancouver from   Nelson.
Damages for Explosion.
Rssex. Ont., Jan. 28.���Mrs. Cora Beat
tie has begun suit against lhe Michigan
Central railway, calming $6,000 damage.
foi personal Injuries sustained, by her
at the time of the big ttltro glycerine
explosion last August. Miss Cobourn,
iia*ii telephone operator, also brought
suit for the same amount, claiming Hint
her sight is permanently injured.
Anyone having n good farm for sals
in Western Canada may find ca.sh buyer
by writing at once, giving price and
description,     to     Buyers     Co-Operative
Company, Minneapolis, Minnesota.
Real Estate Agent
S1S Bsker it., Nel.on, B. C.   __
Va lllS
id  a
���hi i for a woman.
eputatlon  for our
li In
thai we teel proud of. While n..
elder the movement tha mosl imrv
part of Watch an* |-l<M-k. beauty
Kiioaiiai in- considered. Our s,.,,.,.,'.,
Time Pleoes an- marvels aar arUsUi
ln <lenlg��� ami Bnish. They uni.
seen to be appreciated.
Jeweller  and Optician. ||]
WholeMiiiu  Pritvlelona,
Government dreamery Oue-Potuul ilnc.a recem-d wi*ekly framh fn,**.'pCCCn
ihuru     For sale by all leading ^rocon, P#I��M,
Olllce anal warehouse: Houston Mock,    Pnone 7U. *
Josephine Street.        -        - Nelson, B. C.
say, ta*
,ce  to
-tided '
vhite ll
be offl<
  tate ci
St. Jl
A thi
bem a
late, I
vhen a
A   reciprocity    of    goo.l    a
wish  yam  a   Happy   N, *   y,a.
I.u I   you   wlah   us   th.
wish for saama-lhlnK el..-     in.] :
ih.- opportunity of provlnc ti
. Kceptional values of our Reel
Suits una! Ova ra outs In nui:
style, in ami ilnlah v.. ,i. I,
tlon, an.l our new siaack Inrlu
of ih.- very latest snd mosl (a
fabrics and ai.-signs. You'll
money v*ll! buy ba-tler g.K,d.��
els. wh, i"
J. A.
\Va> waiulal lika. ta, sa'a- al! a.ur pat roes comfortable this winti'r nna] in ��*
do so wa* bave In stock the Imsi assaart ed line aaf h*-uttng BtoVSI and n.
st..\.-s anal  rnnga*8  a-va-r ba-f..ia-  presented to the public In Kooieiiaj-.
We would be  pleased to show  you    oa,r line and before making ti'.-   Load
chase kindly see what we hav** to olTer. vhat p
.ut  set
o oOc
Unit I
Ntiwr Briieantrj
 Winy i
J. H. Ashdown Hardwar
Company, Limited.
Jl* Ho
jlde   Ol
ind fr
were I
[���***��� K
S,d stai
Lite 0
wiU b<
Pure and Cheap | Frt*it!
\\'e have 1000 pounds or
Which   wc   will pell  at   a  bargain
5 lbs for 1.00.
Hperial   prices   fur   larger  lots.    Com
in and inquire.
Choquette Bros.
Phone 258.
THE   Up to Date   Baker.
Alberta Creamery Ijuii.t In sill... 7 lb
and II lb. blanks al S17c per pound.
For Sale at
Joy's Gash Grocery
Cor. Josephine and Mills His.
__40 ma
ben s
to occ
  If pas
, appro
��� An,
Filberts. Almonds, Walnuts,   i-anien
riii-smuts,   Apple   Cider,   North' : *uch
���PPles, llalalwln Apples. Jap
Figs. inrg.. layer, Otllfornla
and Malaga (Snipes.
A   large   assaartment   of   Xm
Wholesale and  retail prices  ps
ed to
a ne
I'lnuio 20n.
Wood-Vallance Hardware Co*
r'"s'= '" In
NELSON. ���B^_____>Bt ��
>0t  t
Ins i
In i
We linvi* slill n large i
meni of heaters to ohoos.
Also a few odd stoves will
will si'M at cost during
We would like you I" "*
Inapeot our stock.
.... '. -'..-. a*


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