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Array \%\)z gktilu  CanaMan
VouimR I.   No. 254.
Bright Oullook for Miners
Development Everywhere Gives New
Hope--Barnhart Takes Bond
on Glengarry.
(Special 10 Tbe Dally Canadian.)
Alntworth, April, 1 -The revival of
mining In this oamp which followed tht
sensational sirlkc In tho Krao mluo
curly tail summer promleet to i"* ' Vl*n
mort- marked Mils year. i:nry*liere
wnrk in band l�� making good progrtM
and ni-w work i�� being undertaken, und
nothing of u discouraging nature bus
yel been reported.
On tbe Krao the main shaft is down
to the 300-foot l-avel and a sialism is b��
ini; constructed preparatory io drifting
and croHrontUnff. Nene ol the work-
lugs bave not out of Kood ore.
The contractors on the Highlander
are returning operations t.xliiy. A Uttll
delay hat beon oauted hy tin- necettlty
of some repalra iss the oomprettor, but
theae bave been completed at tht Nelion Iron Works, iu ihu meantime work
hau been going on by hum! drilling.
On ihe l.liiby, Qeorge Barnhart bus
two iiis-n engaged running u cross-cut.
on ihs- Bpokane, Ur. Barnhart uttll
has h!n regular force of seven men am*
ployed III gelling oul ore for tbipmant
Alsssssly 846 tons huv,- been tent to tht��
amelter, unsl ihs- amounl win be groatly
Inoreaaed un the roada Improve,
The force al lhe Meostm Is still drifting uni] isrsi.ss-euttliifc. Tbey huve encountered tome very gn<>d sire bul have
nol yet struck the muln ledgt
ou tin- Diamond and Donald, worked
under Is'isss- by Hurray and Wright, a
vieti has been struck varying from 18
Ins-lies to two feet in width. Two car-
load! an* ri'usly l.,r shipment whicli will
chits about 7(1 per cent In lend.
On Ills- No.  I, Ills- Cliinl  In,,Users,  lea.
teet, nis* working away and saying nmh-
lm;. 1 mv|il Hint they are satisfied.
riii* deal tor tin* Qlongarry which has
In iti under consideration fssr muni- time,
lias 1 n doted, Qeorge Barnhart ink-
ins a bond ssn die property Tin- first
paymenl lias already been made, und
work wil] begin as soon aa the suow
K|!l��. Tin- Glengarry is a very promia-
Iiik lead-zinc property with good ore
20.000  CLUB   IS  ALIVE.
Explanation   of   Unfortunate   Delay   of
New Folders.
Mr. .1. M. Lay would not huve had occasion to complain ol the secretary ol
the 20,000 Club If tlu. mails iu and from
Ilu- coast were regular. Apart from the
fuel ihai since last November there has
always been u loss or one day In the
mall aervlce owing to the lateness of
the main Hue trains, there Is often the
loss of a day or two or three coming
from the west. Aa for example, a letter
mailed at Vancouver ssn Tuesday morning was reccelved hero on Friday.
The proof in question, though dated
Victoria, the 2(ith was not received here
till Sunday tho 21th, and wus returned
ass quickly as possible, or on the 2Cth,
tin' slay mi which Mr, Lay wrote
The question of mall service Is an
ever Importanl one. ami equally ao is
ths- meeting ot the 20,ikiij Olub. Perhaps
now 1 hut the presldenl has returned the
meeting will be held and u society thut
is showing renewed signs of life muy
not have to he culled "moribund."
Greek Letter Men Meet.
Washington, April l.-Delegntes representing 19 colleges of lho Delta Chi
fraternity, met In annua] conference to-
<l"y. The adtjresa of welcome was delivered by Commissioner West nnd the
irateralty't response was made by John
���- Kuhn of Brooklyn! tho response on
behalf of the alumni was made hy Bar-
,',','.' (''iB'A* "' Michigan, while W. W. Tay-
lo Jjjhfffi r"8|"""";" on ***$
��� no active chapters.   Among    Ihe    onl.
1ZVnmm w�� O'Koto ..an,
Sunk In N.w York. Harbor,
New York, April l.-Two men are bo-
lo n T ���""" ,he'r "V<!8 ln �� collision  In the north rover early today
^��en  lho tug John  D. Dal - was   n,n
feSS RofntkhebyDi,l,R forr>' ������� "m
* Wes em iw, ��elew"���. Lackawana
�� western Ferry Company,  Four mem-
b< rs of Ihe lug's crew were laved after
Jumping overboard, hut ihey suffered
severely frum exposure and Were taken
to llellevue hospital. The men unae
001111I11I for are :.lohn Shniiphy. (Irsl ol
Boar, und a deck hand mimed McDevllt.
Oaptain William Htaly ami First Engineer .inim Cronln also art miuing, bul
II Is thoughl Ihey were not on hoard the
tugboat nl lhe lime of tht accident. The
ferry boal  suffered  Ilm,, damage.
Dwlght Milet Headed for Canadian Lint
���Conductor Was Sharp.
New York, April 1.���Dwlghl Milea,
of Ns-wpori, for whom tin- authorities
had been searching alnce Saturday
night, when he was alleged lo huve shot
uud killed his wife, wns arrested at
lllchfurd today und placed In the local
lockup. Shortly afterwards he cut his
llirout with a Jack knife, hut ll Is believed thut the wound will not prove
serious. Arrangements were made to
have hlm brought here on the noon
truin und It wns expected lhat he would
be given u hearing here this afternoon.
Milea, who lu suid to have shot hla wife
at her father's home after she had re
fused to return to live with him, fol-
lowing a separation, disappeared afler
the ahooilng. He headed for the Can-
adlan line and yevtcrday boarded u
freight train on the Canadian I'aclfle
rallwny bound for Montreal. The conductor had heard of the murder, and
becoming suaplcioiia. when the train
reached Klchford. notified the author!-
tlPH. Miles made no resistance when
Collision in Texas.
Fort Worth, Tex., April 1 ���Six men
are reported lo have been killed In a
collision between two freight trains on
tin- Missouri, Kansas & Taxaa railroad,
ut llethol Switch, six miles south of
here today. The eight freight carB were
burned. Aid has been sent from thU
Prices of Metals.
New York, April 1.���Sliver, C5\c;
copper, 21-He; lead. $6.
London, April 1.���Holiday, no quo-
Thaw's  Counsel  Said  to  Be  Confident
That   Lunacy Commission   Will
Pronounce Him Sane.
New York. April 1.���The trial of
Harry Thaw will probably be resumed
on Thursday, when. It Is expected, tlie
lunacy commission will report
An Important development In the
court proceedings ugalnst Harry K.
Thnw is the nnnouneement today by
csmnsc] for the prisoner, thnt the Thaw
side rests, so far as further testimony
by their side ls concerned before the
lunacy commission. The defence be
Moves this will help to bring this par
tlcular hearing to a close by Tuesday
night, so that the trial delayed for moro
than a week by the movement to determine Thaw's sanity at the present
time, can be Immediately resumed, The
defence assumes, of course, that the
commission will lind that Thaw Is now
sano. In fact thoy are supremely con-
fldent of such an outcome, basing their
opinion on Ihe splendid showing Thdw
la said to have made, when questioned
by the commissioners. District Attor
ney Jerome does not share the opinion
of the defence that the commission will
conclude its hearing on Tuesday. He
said the defence was assuming too
lunch and expressed tho belief lhat sev.
ernl days would elapse uefore lhe commission reported. Mr. Jerome believes
lhat the commission will hear his alienists, besides, that the testimony of Dr.
Allnn McLane llnmllton will be admitted. There is no doubt thai thc hearing will be prolonged lf lhe slate's alien-
lsta are allowed to testify as fully as
Mr. Jerome wishes them to do but the
defence's Inwyers believe that they will
only bo allowed lo loll what they think
of Thaw'B present condition, and that
facts of the distant past, on which to
baae their conclusions, will be eliminated.
Daniel O'Reilly, who since the commission was appointed, hns taken an
nctlve pari In the defence with Clifford
Hartrldge, made tho announcement that
Thnw will stand on his testimony before Ihe commission nnd that counsel
will call no witnesses.    He said:
"The defence will offer no more witnesses. We will not call any alienist
although we know thai Mr. Jerome has
the promise of the commission to hear
what experts have to say on lhe writings of Thaw, on the evidence us adduced at the trial, and on Ihe observations Ihov hnve mado during (he trial.
Mr. O'Reilly exiircssed his opinion
that Dr. Hamilton would not be allowed
to testify and ho ndded thai he hoped
lho whole mailer would be ended Tuesday nlghl. He did not soe why It would
not. There was a brief session of Justice Fltsgernld's court today but the
jury was ngaln dismissed, until
Thursday, to await the report of the
lunacy corn-million,
Russian Parliament Fears
to Speak
Every Section of Douma Pledged to
Reform but Expect Dissolution
at First Mention.
St. Petersburg, April 1 ���The dlBcus-
Blun of the agrarian problem to which
the flrst Kussian Parliament almost eu.
tlrely devoted IU legislative activity, began In the bouse today. Over 100
a|��-akers signilied their intention of participating lu the debate, to which, according to the plans of the parliamentary leaders, only one day per week will
b>- devoted. The question is considered
to be of far less Importannt than it was
last year. Neither the Constitutional
Democrats nor the Socialists have much
expectation 01 s.rsiivlng ut practical results during the presenl Parliament.
Tliey are convinced that any measure
Involving lhe coni|iulsu:-y expropriation
of laud, which Is the basis of all Lib.
oral solution, will Immediately be vetoed by (he Emporer, and he regarded
hy the cabinet as a justification for the
dissolution of Ihe parliament. Bul the
house was forced to begin tbe discussion of the agrarian problem as a concession to the peasant constituents of
many of tbe members. Each political
party has put forward three or four
spokesmen to explain the features of
the programmes, but the great mass of
the speakers are peasants whose remarks will contribute but little to a
solution of the question. The real work
will mainly he done by the commiltee
to which the varlotiB projects will be referred.
The progmsltion of the Constitutional
Democrats, which was Introduced today,
was Identical with lust year's draft, it
Involves the compulsory division of all
estates above established maximums, to
be determlued by commissioners In
each province conBtituted for this pur-
IKise. The hill contemplates Individual
ownership, whereat, the programme of
Oroup of Toll, which was also Introduced, propscd the nationalization of all
land In the empire. The National Socialists Introduced a bill repealing all
Premier Stolypln's temporary agrarian
legislation, hut this probably will be allowed to die a natural death In committee.
The cabinet enactments such as the
abolition of the communes, modiflca-
tlons of the old system, and the dlstri-
but of land belonging to the imperial
domains are already In effect and loo
Intimately connected with the life of the
nation lo permit of their withdrawal.
The lirsl speaker today was Prince
Sviatopolk Mlrsky. a Monarchist and
land owner of Bessarabia, and a relative
of ex-minister of the Interior, Sviatopolk
Mlrsky, who made a long speech in defence of Individual property, quoting
literally from English and American authorities.
American  Trunk   Lines  Raise   Freight
Rates on Grain and Coal.
Pittsburg. April 1.���Tho new coal
freight rates recently announced by the
trunk line railroads, an advance of from
6 to 10 per cent over lhe old schedule,
went inlo effect today. The coal companies In Maryland, Virgins, West Virginia, Pennsylvania and Ohio are affected. Increased cost of operation is given
by tho railroads as the reaBon for the
advance In rates. A slight addition lo
tho price of coal will probably result
from the advance In railroad rates.
Chicago, April 1.���Increased rates on
grain and grain products from Chicago
to the seaboard were put Into effect
by tho railroads loday. The new rates
are from 17 1-2 to 111 cents. While the
Increased coat of operation ls given by
this railroads as Ihe reaBon for the Increase In rates It Ib generally believed
that the action they have taken is
meant as a counter-blow for the adverse
railroad legislation recently passed in
so many stales. It Is believed, furthermore, lhat this increase is but a forerunner of a general advance In rates
to be made by the roads throughout the
entire country. ^^
Following Suit.
New York, April 1.���Charles F. Bruch,
nsstetaiit general manager of the Postal
Telegraph, is quoted today as stating
that his company had raised lta ratei
practically to the same basis Is that
rectntly announced by the Western Union. The new rate went Into effect last
midnight, April 1st. Mr. Bruch suid
lu addition that It was caused entirely
by Ihe Increased cost of maintenance.
Foundation Stone Laid for German Hot
pltal  on  Olivet.
Jerusalem, April 1.���The foundation
stone of the new German hospital on
the Mount of Olivet was laid yesterday
In the presence of the governor of Jerusalem, the other local officials and
many spectators, to the accompaniment
of cheers for Emperor William and for
the Sultan of Turkey, who gave the
land and authorized the construction of
the hospital. Oeneral Dryander, the
court chaplain of Berlin, represented
Emperor William and Baron Von Mir
back represented tbe Empress. Dr. Dryander read a telegram from the Emperor greeting the Germans, the local
authorities, and tbe representatives of
other nations who attended the ceremony, and praying for the blessings of
tbe Almighty on tbe hospital.
Churches  Crowded with   Worshipers���
Approprltte Music, Decoration
and Sermons.
Easter Sunday was duly observed In
Nelson yesterday ln all the churches,
and everywhere the attendance over
taxed the seating accommodation. Oreat
pains had been taken at all tbe
churches with music and decorations
and ln both the results were worthy.
The early services at St. Saviour's
and at the Church of Mary immaculate
were very largely attended.
At Saviour's the rector's sermons
were both on tbe subject of the Resurrection. In the morning he spoke of
the Resurrection aa the demonstration
of the Divinity of Christ, of the Forgiveness of Sins, and of the "sure and certain hope" of Immortality.
The evening Bermon waa devoted to
thc significance of the Resurrection to
the world. Mr. Graham spoke of tbe
great experience of Christ, of life and
death, and life after death. The accounts of Christ's presence with his disciples after death proved him existent,
clothed upon already with His Spiritual
body, personal. Identical with His former self, except ln the flesh, but free
from all human limitation In time and
Turning to the meaning of death as
an episode in eternal life, Mr. Graham
strongly deprecated the use of the
broken column as a symbol of early-
death; It ls heathen ln its significance,
Implying failure and loss. Nothing ends
with death, no growth or development,
no acquired power, no achievement, no
effort Is wasted or lost by death.
Russian Statesman Burled.
St. Petersburg, April 1.���The funeral
of Count Lamsdorff, ex-Russian minister of foreign affairs, who died at San-
remo, Italy, March 19th, took place here
today and was attended by many prominent persons including all the ministers
with the exception of Premier Stolypln
and the members of the diplomatic
Better News from Chicago Conference-
Employees May Now Accept
Company's Concessions.
Chicago, April 1.���The railroads announce a secret canvass just completed
among their employees showing a
strong sentiment against the calling of
a big strike and in favor of accepting
she wageB offered by the roads. The
announcement was made to the federal
commission, which Is attempting to
bring about a settlement of the dispute.
I! may have nn Important bearing on
the peace negotiations. Following this
move of the railroads a report was
spread that the leaders of thc unions
were preparing to make several concessions.
Hume School   Report.
The enrollment for March was 72;
average attendance, 62.05.
The following pupils made perfect attendance:
Fifth class���Edith Gilchrist, Leona
Engel, Ruby Gilchrist, Edwin Graham,
Thorwald Hansen, Nellie Balding, May
Fourth reader���Lizzie Lynch, Frederick Hurey.
Third reader���Arthur Maurer, Ger
trade Gaspell, Wm. Hodgan, Telesphore
Mnrqula, Nelson Jackson.
Second reader���John Marquis, Lillian
Oliver. Freda Bullock.
First reader���Vera Gilchrist, Bessie
Hurey, Alonzo Engel. Jonlca Young,
Jack Jerome, Frank Bridott.
Second nrlrner���Dayrell Bate, James
Ringrose, Wm. Stewart, Earl Jackson.
Richard  Gaapell, Grace  Maurer.
First primer���Thomas Jerome, Far-
quar Hodgan, Frederick Hartwlg.
How Dominion Government Buys Land
Middlemen, Prominent Liberal Politicians, Made Profit 120 per
cent���Knew in Advance.
Ottawa, April 1.���One more Intercolonial land deal was thoroughly and
clearly exposed in the public accounts
committee on Tuesday, hy the sworn
evidence of the man from whom the
land was bought. The sum of it Is that
thc government paid |46,400 for a block
of land at Halifax which had been purchased within a few weeks by Intermediaries or middlemen for much less than
half the money. One portion comprising about 20 acres was sold to the government for $27,100 and bad been bought
shortly before for $7,677. While the
public accounts contain the name of
Joseph R. Henderson as the vendor, lt
came out In the evidence that be had us
an equal partner ln the transaction an
active politician and campaigner, a
member of the Nova Scotia administration and legislature, who had already
figured extensively In business transactions with tbe Intercolonial railway.
In Part W, page 25, of the auditor-
general's report for 1906 we find the
following statement of payments made
by the railway department for land and
damages ln connection with tbe establishment of a round bouse at Halifax:
Henderson, J. R��� land near Cot-
to Mill siding ($46,400.)
Windsor street lot 1, 25,800 ft,
land $1,500; damages $1,000.. $25,000
Windsor street, lot 2, 26,800 ft.,
land $1,300, buildings $1,700,
damages $300       3,300
Windsor street lot 3, 239,780 ft.,
land   $7,300       7,300
Windsor street, lot 6, 6a, 252,-
852 ft., land $3,160       3,150
Kempt Road, lot 6, 942,185 ft;
land $26,000, buildings  $600,
damages  $500      27,100
Kempt Road, lot 9, 26,852 ft;
land $1,050, damages $1,00..      2,050
That $45,400 is what the government
pays. We now take a hasty survey of
what went on before the purchase was
Since 1903 the department hns been
considering increased accommodation at
Halifax for engines. Once the whole
engineering and superintending staff
agreed upon a site which waa subsequently abadoned. Then another was
favorably considered and the department went so far as to prepare plans
for the buildings and to have all the
properties vslued. While the lands were
under discussion in the summer of 1905,
mention was made of tbe site at Cotton
Factory siding. Close enquiry fails to
reveal the originator of the Idea, but it
took form In the autumn and before the
end of the year the deputy at Ottawa
and the manager at Moncton were discussing it. In January, 1906, the deputy
minister and several of the chief officers
went to the ground and from that time
forward lt was settled that thla site
would be taken. The final pronoun-cement of the subject wus made hy
Deputy Minister Butler on March the
9th, when he described the property to
the minister and officially recommended
that Immediate steps be taken to secure
it. A week later the deputy wrote Mr.,
Pottlnger telling him to instruct the
agent of the department of justice at
Halifax to close the matter at once.
Meanwhile there waB activity at Hall-
fax. The firm of Henderson & Potts
had paint works near the proposed location. Mr. Henderson of that firm had
discussions with B. F. Pearson, M. P. P.,
who Is now a minister of the Nova
Scotia government, nnd whose name
figures somewhat extensively in the expenditure statements of the Intercolonial. Mr. Pearson ls on exceedingly intimate terms with the railway department. He owns newspapers ln St. John
and Halifax and handles large printing
contracts which are farmed out to local
Job offices. He was one of the Incorporators of the Eastern Supply company, a concern chartered in Newfoundland, whose chief business seems lo be
the Belling of supplies to the Intercolonial on commission. Mr. Pearson discussed with Mr. Henderson the question os
buying up a quantity of land at the
Cotton Factory Siding, which property
naturally turned out to be the very land
that the department decided to acquire.
The property was owned by several per-
sons, and Henderson began to take options Boon after the deputy minister and
his corps of engineers and advisers had
located their round hotise site.
Mr. Pearson remained in the background and Mr. Henderson proceeded
to buy properties. Ho began by purchasing from his own firm of Henderson
& Potts the small block a.part of which
appears in the above table In the auditor's accounts as lot 1. The price paid
bv Mr. Henderson was $750 an acre or
|500 (or the 11,000 feet told to the
government This property as will be
Been was turned over to the railway
department for $2,500.
Uit number 2 wns purchased by Hen-
derson from A. Robinson for $2,500. Negotiations began early In March and the
purchase was compleled about the 15th,
n-t nenr as Mr. Henderson could recollect This property was straightway
sold to the government for $3,3sDO.
Lot number 3 Mr. Henderson purchased from James Reeves In March
for $4,000. It was transferred to the
government for $7,300.
1-ots number 5 and 5a were purchased
on the 29th of March from W. A. Hendry
for $2,876 and aold almost Immediately
for $3,160.
The largest lot of all, number 6, was
transferred to Henderson on April 6th,
negotiations having begun sometime before, though subsequently to the visit
of Ihe Intercolonial officers to the spot.
To the Velth heirs Mr. Henderson paid
$7,670. 70, which seems to Include Interest on notes and perhaps certain
taxes. This property went over to the
government In June but waa sold to the
department In May. The price paid waa
Lot number 9 was purchased by Mr.
Henderson for $1,200 from Susan Smith
and transferred to the government fnr
It wil! be convenient for reference to
set out ln tabular form the whole trans,
I'rssvlom    Bendenon meat   Prisflta  p.e.
Owner. ' paid.       paid.
Hend. & Potts $  500   2,500   2,000 400
A. Robinson .. 2,600   3,300      800   32
.las Reeve  ... 4,000   7,300   3,300   82.5
W. A. Hendry   2,876   3,150      276     9.6
Velth estate  . 7,678 27,100 10,422 2S3
Susan Velth .. 1,200   2,060      860   71
Firry Cbnts a Month
18,753 45,400 26,647 142
This rather startling result lt computed on figures givenby Mr. Henedson,
who told the whole story before the
public accounts committee. It ls true
thut when Mr. Henderson was asked
what were the exact proflts.he stated
that the net gains were $22,521.17. Thla
statement, which would have allowed
him only about 120 per -sent net margin,
included with the payments Uie price
paid for lands and sold to the government and did not Include ln the proceeds the value of the property left
on his hands. The land Mr. Henderson
retains seems to be down in hit books
as worth $5,000. His view aa to the
clear net profits ln the whole tr ansae
tion comes ont In the settlement with
Mr. Pearson. Mr. Henderson swore that
he handed over to Hon. B. F. Pear-son,
M. P. P., as his half share of the profit
Powers   Conferring   In Prlvatt Before
Meeting at  Hague���Britain
Firm for Discussion.
Berlin, April 1.���The Russian government has submitted to the principal
powers confidentially a revised programme of the subjects to be discussed
at the approaching peace conference at
The Hague. Correspondence ln thla -connection between the Russian foreign office and the foreign offices of the powers continue, the object being to reach
an agreement. Great Britain haa not
formulated any precise plan for the limitation of armamenta aud seems unwilling to do so. Nevertheless, it Is -considered most probable that dlacusslon of
tho limitation of armamenta will find a
place in the programme' owing to Oreat
Britain's Inslstance.
Assertions made ln London that Germany will withdraw from the conference rather than have the question of
limiting of armaments discussed are unfounded. The United States, however,
reserves Its decision regarding participation In the dlBcusslon of disarmament,
the general view at Washington being,
lt is asserted here, that the United
States ls outside the European sphere
and It ls not ln a position to urge the
continental powers to reduce or arrest
their land armaments; while on the subject of naval armaments, the authorities
at Washington appear to be Indisposed
to cease their development.
Death of Charlea W. McAnn.
The death of Charles W. McAnn, K.
C, mayor of Kaslo, which has been
hourly expected for several weeks took
plaee Saturday evening. Although It
has long been known to be inevitable
thc news will cause sincere and wide,
spread regret.
The deceased was born In New Brunswick In 1865 and came to British Columbia in 1892. He has been one of the
stanches! and most zealous of the citizens of Kaslo, which showed lta appreciation by electing him to the office
of mayor, which he still held at the
time of his death.
For tbc last fortnight he has been
constantly attended by his brother, and
Nell F. Mackay. his former law partner.
His body will be brought to Nelson
tonight and will be taken Eaat tor. In-
torment at his old home, Moncton, N. B.
Extending Operations.
Timber cruisers of the Canadian Pacific Timber Company are covering the
limits of the oompany, situated around
Trout Lake. It la said that a logging
cow will bo put on Trout Creek at an
early dnte.���Lardeau Mining Rtvltw,
Tractors' While WU
le to Session
Manitoba Expert Missed Train-Wil!
Arrive Tuesday Wfiit���Programme of First Day.
Tomorrow morning at 10 a-m. the
Provincial Teachers' Institute will assemble In the Armoury. Nelson haa
aeveral timet been the meeting place
of the now defunct Kootenay Teachers'
Institute, but thla la the first time lt has
been choaen for the provincial convention.
Already the visitors have begun to ar- -
rive. Inspector J. 8. Gordon, president
of the Institute, arrived from Vernon
Friday night C. J. Fulton and J. C.
Ronton, principals of the high and public schools of Vernon, arrived laat night.
J. D. Buchanan, assistant master of tho
Provincial Normal School, alao arrived
laat night.
Principal Burns and Prof. D. Blair, of
the Normal achool, alto arrived laat
night by way of Spokane.    Inspector
D. Wilton It expected to arrive tonight
Tht superintendent of education cannot leave the capital at prettat Inspector A. C. Stewart, of Ut Lower
Mainland, will alto be absent
The programme for tomorrow's session will be:
TaeaJay, April 2nd.
-10.a. m.���President's address. Enroll-
mtat of membera.  Appointment of com.
mittees.   Address, W. A. Mclntyre, Nor
mai School Winnipeg.
2 p. m.���Grading of City Schools���A.
E. Miller. Discussion led by A. Sullivan.
Drawing���L. Bruce. Discussion led by
D. Blair.
7:30 p. m.���Reception by Nelson staff.
Both sessions and the evening reception will be held in the armoury, which
has been brilliantly decorated for tha
A telegram has been received thla
afternoon from W. A. Mclntyre, principal of the Manitoba Normal achool, stating that he missed connections at Medicine Hat laat night, and will be one day
Hla addresa scheduled for tomorrow
morning will, or course, uot be delivered, but It is not likely that any other
arrangements will be made. '
Race Problem Solved Again.
Durant, I. T- April 1.���Jim Williams,
a negro charged with committing criminal assault on Llllle Mlaner, white,
near Collibert, Thursday afternoon, was
lynched at Durant last night by a mob
of a thousand people. Williams was
hanged to an oil derrick and his body
riddled with bullets. Deputy U. a
Marshals and local officers pleaded with
the mob, and they fired with their revolvers, but to no effect Tbe girl posl
���lively Identified Williams.
Officially Announced.
The lateat Issue of the British Columbia Gazette contains the following:
Clarence Dudley Blackwood, of Nelaon, Esquire, to be deputy assessor and
collector for the Nelaon assessment district, from the 26th day of March, 1007,
in the place of Robert A. Renwlck resigned.
Robert A. Renwlck, of Nelton, Esquire, to be deputy commissioner of
lands and works from the 25th of March,
1907, In the place of William John Goe-
pel, resigned.
Harry Wright of Nelton, Esquire, to
be government agent and assistant commissioner of lands and worka for tbe
Nelaon division of West Kootenay, excepting the Slocan riding, and gold com-
mltsslon-ar for the Nelton and Arrow
lake mining divisions, ln the place of
Robert A. Renwlck, resigned, such appointment to take effect from the 25th
of March, 1007.
Illinois Mine Chtngtt.
Chicago, April 1.���At the annual
meeting here today of the Illinois Collieries Company lt la probable that the
control of the company will pass from
the Pittsburg Coal Company to the Monongahela River Consolidated Coal ft
Coke Company. The cange In control
ls the direct result of the recent removal of F. L. Robblna from the presidency of the Pittsburg Coal Company.
The Illinois company Is the largaat company In the state, operating eight great
mines. The Pittsburg company haB heretofore controlled It through owning 20
per cent of the stock, Mr. Robbln's
holdings. Mr. Robblns, who It president of the Monongahela company, wil]
likely become pratidwt ot tht IUlnoll
corporation, __
. liceu-
ince ft
.'net all
tare uf
uate at
Kl lOtO
��� prov-
hm 8th
lad red
vt bean
ttttm et
% ration
o assist
to. with
mer by
i muiu-
: cattle.
lathing The Daily Canadian
Miners' and All
Campers' Supplies
TENTS In all sizes and weights
UNDERWEAR at all prices
From 8 to 12 Pounds.
SOX,  MITTS,  etc..  etc.
In all these lines we offer excellent quality at very
reasonable rrices.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office:   Toronto.
CAPITAL PAID UP... .IM,700,000 BHST 14,700,000.
D. B. WILKIE, Proaident. HON. ROBERT JAFFKAY, Vice-President
Branches in British Columbia:
Deposit reooived and intprout allowed current rates from date of opening of
aooount, uud compounded quarterly
J.   M.   LAY,  Manager.
The Royal Bank of Canada
Paid up Capital 153.900,000    Reserve Fund	
IS Branches in British Columbia.
A Genera! Banking Business Transacted.
Deposits ot $1.00 and upwards raoalved. interest allowisii thoroon at highest current rate, nnd credited quarterly. Depositors are subject to no delay
whatever ln the withdrawal ol lhe whole or any part of their deposits.
 Nelson Branch, G. A. SPINK, Managet.
PublHliesl tlx slDT" �� ween by the
Baku! Sl.. NelHisu, B, C.
buoicrlpUon mica, m 'Sisiins a month d,sltv��ired
in the ssit-f, sir ,6.011 is yisfsr II lent by mssii, when
palsl in ustvHUcs.-.
AtWermine rrttess on applls-atlou.
All moQltss pat,*l '.is utflsmont ol Tlss* Psslly
Cauasllan aocountl, cltlsssr foi susjHL-rlplsisiss, or
.dvertiaiUE. uni-sl 1st- rsooipted for ssis lists pruned
fornis. ol lists Company, uilissr .'delists mt- uot
Ai'KII.. I. IB07.
"The -question of the greatest immediate Interest m llrltlsh Columbia at tlie
present time is undoubtedly the erar-
rangement of tlie financial relations between the Dominion of Canada and the
individual provinces of which ll is composed. The special interest of IiriilBh
Columbia iu the question is only one of
many Interesting features.
The amount of the subsidies payable
by the Dominion government to the pro
viucial treasuries is lixed in and by the
llrltlsh Nortii America Act, un net of
tbe Hritish Parliament, which only the
British parliament cun repeal or amend.
The amount so far paid lias lieen Kti
cents per head of population, und certain otber allowances for expense of the
administration of jUBiice, Including
judges' salaries.
For many years an Hgitalion has boon
going on, most marked in the maritime
provinces, to secure a readjustment of
those relations.
About ten years ago it became ap-
parent to the public men of llrltlsh Columbia, especially those who had to do
with provincial finances, that the Pacific province was paying iu taxes to
the Dominion far more than It was receiving directly or indirectly. The first
suggestion for more equitable treatment
took the form of asking for increased
appropriations for public works, which
would lighten the burden on the provincial treasury under that head.
The reasons why Brltlah Columbia's
contribution is disproportionate are
���somewhat complex. The chief reason,
however, Is casllycomprehenslble. Brlt-
ttsti Columbia is not yet to any great de-
Krce a manufacturing counlry, and
therefore derives less benefit than the
Eastern   provinces trom tbe Cuuuiliun
protective tariff. And British Columbia
is only now beginning to produce food
muffs. H iB still by far the largest
Importer, in proportion to population,
und therefore pays fur more In customs
duties, to the Dominion treasury, in proportion to Its |iss|iiiluisiiii thai) any other
But it wub not British Columbia's
claims, it was the Bteady ugitation of
the small Eastern provinces, that led
Sir Wilfrid Laurier to call u meeting
of provincial premiers to discuss the
What happened at that conference
has been told and discussed Bcores of
times und needs uo repetition. The
���salient fact for British Columbians ls
that the Dominion ministers, including
Sir Wilfrid Laurier, admitted that the
circumstances of the Paclflce province
are exceptional and entitle lt to special
treatment. As such special treatment
they suggest the grant of $100,000 a
year for ten years ln addition to all
othpr sums.
The suggestion has lieen declared by
all parties In British fjolumbiu to be utterly inadequate.
In the meantime Sir Wilfrid Laurler
bus introduced a resolution for a petition to the British Parliament to umend
the British North America Act by fixing
the new scale of subsidies proposed by
him, as "a final and unulterable settlement."
it is ii startling fact lhat on the discussion of tliat resolution In the Canadian House of Commons not one of
British Columbia's seven representatives had anything to say. Members
from otber provinces, especially Prince
Edward island, were active with amendments, but the only voice raised lu behalf of British Columbia w��s that of
George E. Foster, ex-minister of finance
Betrayed by her own representatives'
conspiracy of silence, no course is open
to British Columbia bul. a counter petition to the British Parliament. That
course will be taken. It is most unfortunate for the Interests of the province
that the leader of the opposition In the
legislature la a narrow-minded qulbbler.
Whether from mere fatuity or ln conspiracy with his fellow-partlzans at. Ottawa, J. A. Mncdonald has refused to
make British Columbia's protest unanimous.
is merely un amplification of his quibbling and petty fault finding. His
charges of inaccuracy and omissions in
the preamble amount to little more than
calling attention to tlie fad thai Mr.
McUride neglected to say: "Thank you
for that little bit."
The full text of J. A. Macdonald's
speech on the Better Terms resolution
has appeared In tbe Victoria papers. It
The members of the Provincial Touchers' Institute will be cordially welcomed by the people of Nelson. No
other city In the province pluceB a
higher Importance upon education or
takes greater pride in its public schools,
Auy conference wIiobo function Ik to
promote the welfare of tlie schools Is
sure ul earnest sympathy in  Nelsou.
The prompt und full compliance of
the hotel and saloon keepers of Nelson
with the orders of the board of police
coiiiinissioiusrs justify tile claim Dial
British Columbia is a law-abiding prov-
luce, and adds proof, lf any were needed, that the activity and zeal of the
Lord's Day Alliance were superfluous.
The members of the Nelson teaching
staff and board of school trustees will
be glad that, as they Bhow their visitors
round the city schools, they will be
able to anticipate the natural comments,
by the assurance that a new public
school building Is to be erected this
year. ,
A few more bright days bucIi as to-
day, without the accompaniment ol
frostB such as thai of hist night, will
make an effort to clean the streets feu*
sible and  sensible.
ln the death of Charles W. McAnn,
K. C, KaBlo loses a citizen of sterling
worth, and Kootenay one of her ablest
and most honorable public men.
Happenings  of  General   Interest  from
Day to Day Throughout All the
A semi-weekly steamship service be-
twetm Montreal and Fort William will
be Inaugurated this spring.
lt will coBt Hamilton f8Q,000 to in-
stall an electric! pump with a capacity
of 0,000,000 gallons of water daily.
Of the 164 dairies supplying milk in
Ottawa, 211 have been reported to be in
a filthy and unsanitary condition.
New Brunswick will guarantee the
Canadian Northern railway project
down the St. John river valley $15,0011
bonus per mile.
William Walter Woodruff died at Niagara Falla, aged 71, He had been
mayor, councillor, town solicitor and
post master of the town.
The government inspector has report-
ed u shortage of $2,000 in the accounts
of It. Macdonald, secretary-treasurer of
Swun River, Man.
The Moifu River is in (loud and the
cellars of fte|levllle homes have beon
reached by it. -I'he condition there is
on tlie verge of being serious.
It Is claimed that the Bank of Commerce building will be the finest in Cnn-
ada with hut one exception, the head of.
flee of the Bank of Montreal,
The Ottawa Electric Railway Company have voluntarily raised the pay of
their employees 10 cents a duy, thereby
increasing the pay roll $10,000 per year.
The steamer Bornu, for the Canada-
Mexico route, has arrived in Halifax
from Liverpool. She will replace the
Duhomcy, which went ashore last spring
at Loulsbui'g.
Flre escapes are being erected on the
Montreal B_hQO���j, lire drills are rigorously I'lil'iirciid, and kindergarten
clnBsos, whou unable to be held on the
ground floor ure abolished,
Prof. Fleming, of Scotland, u din-
tlngulshed scholar, turn been appointed
professor of systematic theology and
lecturor ln mental and moral science al
Manitoba College, Wlnnipog.
The state of New York and the Dominion of Canada will he asked to take
part with Vermont in the celebration
of the 300th anniversary of the discovery of Lake Chumplaln, to be held
ln  1909.
It is now claimed that Chief Justice
Fitzpatrick will leave the supreme courl
bench in may, that he will be knighted
on Victoria Day, and that he will be-
come tho chief legal advisor of the
G.  T. P.
An amendment has been made to a
bill now before the Nova Scotia legislature providing that mining tunnels may
be driven through the property of
others to reach submarine areas when
notice is given.
Gazette ofllce is built, and will erect a
mammoth new building us u posi oiiico
extension, The entire cost will likely
be over $1,000,000.
The Montreal Gaaette building, which
occupies lli.oilll square fs's-l in llie rs-ur
of the post ofllce in Montreal, haB been
purchased by the government lor |200,-
000. A fine new posl oillce will soon be
erected in place of the present one.
Canadian Bowling Tourney.
Toronto, April, i.���Tan-pin players
from many parts of lbs' Dominion, with
a number ulsss from Buffalo and other
cities across the line, have gathered In
this city lo lake pnrt in the first Interna-
tional   tournament   of   tin*   Canadian
Bowlers' .Assiiciiitiou. The iisiiocllition Is
affiliated with tins Amorioan Bowling
Congress ami iiu- lournamenl takes
place under th" rulea ot tin- latter organization. Tbe play is to ciitiilnue
through ths- week, the games being
rolled on 12 new regulation alloys laid
especially for the occasion. Two thousand dollars in cash prizes nmi u number
of valuable trophies will bs- distributed
among the winners tn the flve-nien, two.
men and individual contests.
Hall Street. Near Silica.
DftiiRhict* and pupil nt Itr. Torrington, director
Toronto College of Musle, desire* a Limited
number ul pupils In
Apply ut reside'
or by yiall.      Bog lliw.
Old Curiosity Shop
If you want to buy or hoII anything,
go to the Old Curiosity Shop. A new
line of .lapancse Goods now on sule.
MI kinds of Dinncrware in stock. Patterns.
A. McDonald &Co>
Dealers In utaple and fancy Grooeri-i
Butter, EguB.
Oamp and Minora1 Supplies.
Notice ts herebv given timt ftt ii meeting of the
Board ni Lleenie oonnniulonori, in t��* held alter
the expiration of 80 daya, 1 Intent] to apply fnr a
trail*!**.'!' of mv hotel llnqaniefor the Grove hotel,
at Fairview, to K  G Burden
Notice Is horeby given that 1 will npply nt the
next meeting Qt  the Licence GommlllionerB for
the City of Mellon to have ihe liquor licence of the
Btrathoona Hotel transferri'd from nurielf to
Begtneld Qeorge Webb of the City of Nelson.
Uuteil un-. Bth ilay ol March, Ab., 1!M7
B. TriMi-iNH
B0 dan after date I Intend to apply to the Hon.
Chief uommlieloner of Landa end Worka, Vietoria topurentae IW aerea of land tn ftm Valley,
Weat Kooteney dlitrlot. and described ae followa:
Commencing ai a poumarked W. ii Wrlgbt'a
B, E. corner, mnl running north BO chains, tbenee
weet 20 ehains, thent*e touth B0 ohalm. tlience
east80 chainsio place ol beginning, and being
the west one-hiiit of tin* N. K. quarter of Bectlon
26, and the west half of the 5. g, one-quarter of
Bectlon -S6 in Townihlp 71 U. 1.
March sot(��, IWI. ff. H. Wright.
Hlxty days nfter date 1 intend tn apply te the
Hon. Chief GommlMianer di Umii and Wnrka
to purchaie lwaerea of Uutd In Hire v&ilev, Wont
Kootenay district nnd described al follows:
Oommenelng et u post marked .1. B's U.K.
corner, and running north sn ohalna, thence
woat 40 chains, thenoe aonth BO eliains, thence
Mil 40 chains to place Of beginning, nnd hut iik
the west one-half of thc H. K. nne-cjuartcr ana
the Jeaal uno-hnlf Of the 8 W. une-quarier, tind
the west onivhaU of tiio N. E. one-quarter, and
the east ane-bulf of thu N. \V. oiiu-ijimrter of
Section 91, Township 71, U. I.
March SOthi Wl, Jons 1.nnxst.
Blxty diiy* after dale I intend to apply to the
Hojq.chief Oommlulonerof Landiand works to
pureliuse tbe following described land located
in Fire valley district of Weet Kootenay: Commenolng ut a post plnnted ut the K. E corner of
John Bangs'p.e-emptlon, thenee wontban rimins,
tlience west 40 chnins, thenee north hi) ehalni,
thenee east 40 chums to place of beginning, containing SsOaoree.
Located March 14th, 1907
i>. a. MOPHte, Locator.
J.J  KeUA, A({ent.
Sixty dayi utter date 1 intend to upp.y to the
Hon    the  Chief   CommiMioner   of   Landl  and
Works to nnrohaie tin* following deeerlbed land
looated in Fin Valley district of WOlt Kooteiiuy:
Oommenelng at a post planted at the B W corner
of John  Huuk' pn'-.'oiiptiou, tliem-e  B0 Ohalna
south, thenee 40 ehnins vest   thenee f.OtilutlnH
uorih, theuee4tu*halni��PH-.ttp place iif beginning.
lii. ii.ii*". Ki:ri'K, Locator.
.1. J. Kgm.y, Agent,
Notice U liereby given thut OOKlayt alter dale I
intend to make application to the Honorable the
elite' CommlMloner of Landi end Works, at Vlo-
torla ior wrrmtMlon to pwobaje tbe following
deioribed [landi i Oommepolne ai u pom planted
at iin southcaRt corner of lot 896,gTOup ), theuce
...is' t.  ���',. ,���]    ,    'i..      tii ���,ii i'ii    n.i Hi    Cli    i'l, nl nu     tlm ikik
.���liai fill chain", thei. .
west Hochiiln* to point
"  *** -cree, more 01
south 90Ohalm,  then
nortii 26 ohaini, tl
of commencement, containing i
Nelsou, March Wth, lOtfl.       tomtit L wade.
p. WAin, Aitent.
Hixty dayi after date i inteml to apply to the
H��h. the Chief C"muil*��aloncr ��f Landi and
Worki, Victoria., for permlMlon to purohaie itm
acres, more or less, situated tu West Kootenay
district *. CommcuciUK at a poit plant* d midway
on the nortii boundarv of Lot 7811 and adjoining
H. W corner ol Lot No8, thenee north lfi cluilns,
thence WBIt 40 eliains, thence south 40 chains,
thenc eeast 20 chaitiB, thenee north '24 ehains,
thence eaat "20 chnins to point nf commencement
Located March 20th, 11*07.        1. J Bca*la.n
Hixty dayn after date I intenp to Rppjy to the
Hon. thu Ctiiul CommUsPiiiei of Lumla nnd
Works  to   purchase   the   following   deiortbtd
lands:  Oommenelng at a post planted on tin*
eaat side of Lemon Creek at the month of thi' first
north fork and marked "B,C oper,i louthweit
Corner."running 8o < hains west, north toohalnii
east 80 chains, and aouth 4o chains to place ol
Dated March 20th, 1907; B Cooper,
J, T. Tiri'imi, Agent
The   Dominion   government   haa acquired tbe Bite oa wblch tbe Montrenl
Blxty deyi after date 1 intend to npply to the
Hon- the thief ('onnniaaionor of lands and
Works to purchnse thc followiiiK described
lands: Commenolng lti ftjpoat marked "L A
TippiiiK's sollthwcit corner post" and planted
near H P. Curtfs's land, about half mile from
Slocan Citv, ru tilling north 40 chalna, enst 20
chain* iouth 40 chains, west 90 chains to place
oi eommenoement
Dated March Hth, 1907. L. A. Tiitiko,
J. T. TirriNo, Agent,
Easter Millinery
We bave just received another shipment of American Pattern Hats which were too
late for our display but are uow ready for inspection.
FVed Irvine & Co'y
Notloe li hereby given mat two mouths after
date we intend to upply to the Chief Coinmi*-
Bloucr of Lauds ami Worki (or ft lease of all that
Lind being the foreshore adjoining the Canadian
Tiuillt* Railway Shipyard ou the weit, part ol
Loi aba; group l. and being on the south ihpre
of the west arm of Kootenay Lake, in  the dis-
riot ol Kootenav: Commencing at the loutber-
Ly corner oi lot70M, group '; thenee along the
���onth weiterly houndary ol lot ?0M and the extension thereof, in a north westerly direction, a
dlitanceoi 4'to teet) thenee at right eOfflM to
iald boundary in a south weaterly direction, a
dlitanoeotUfi feet, more or less, to the uorth
easterly houndarv ol tin* City 1'ark, continued;
thenee parallel to said WMterly boundary of lot
~oM, lu a uniiin easterly direction, a dlsunOu of
fiwi leet, mon* or lew. to the northerly boundary
of lot WA; them e following the northerly houmlary of lot ,*Vi\ in a north eaaterly direction tothe
point of  commencementi   Hie area ijeiiiR t*A
aeres. more or less.
Hated tniti 7th day of January, A.D., 190*.
60 dayi after date 1 intend to apply to tht- Uonorahle the Chief Commissioner ot Lauds und
WorkH, ti, purchase KO ueres of laud: Commencing al u post marked Q. W. B.��. B. cornei
nost und planted on thc west shore of Arrow
lake adjoining Lot 878 on the iouth side oi said
Lot) thence weit80 ehains aloug the louthern
houndary of Un !H3; theuee south 46JS3 Ohalnii
thenee eait 80 clutai more or leii to luke shore;
thenee north along lake shore to place ol beginning.
Dated 30th day of Nov. 1900.
J. Bi Annm!,.k. Agent.
Blxty dnvs afler dato 1 intend to appiv to thc
Hon- Chief Commissionerof Lands ami Works,
Victoria, to purehase 160 ueres of land located in
Kire Vallev, being part of Beotloni Three and
Kour, Tow'iiBhlp 80, and described aa followi;
Commeuelng at a post planted at William
Williams' N. W, comer, and manted "H. K. W's
N. E. corner," aud running 40 chains weit,
thenre 20 chains south, thence '20 chains eaat,
thenee <0 chains south, thence 20 chains eait,
tbenee h, t-hulns north to plaee of beginning.
Novomber 'itiA, 1W6. Kosa K Willi ami,
J. E. ANKABLB, A^t'llt,
Notice Is hereby given tliaV-fW days alter Oate I
Intend toapply to the Hon. the Chiel Commissioner ol LantlH and Works, Victoria, fur per
mission to nil reliant* tbe following described
land i Commeneing at a post at Hip Intersection
uf the south   boundary   of  lot 5988,  and  east
boundary of "Qolden Queen" mineral claim,
thinoe eaat 19.86 ehains, more or less, to iouth'
eait eorner post of lot KI88, theuee uorth Ji
ciiain-, more or leu, to northeait eorner poet of
lot ,'c-;;  thet.ee east 40 ebalns  to the southeast
cornor poet ot lot 3B4B, tbenee south 40 ohalm,
ihence weet 00 ehalni, mon- or less tothe ea��i
houndary til the "Qolden Queen" mineral elalm,
theuee tilting eait boundary "Qolden Qneen'*
mineral* claim to point oi oommenoementi 10
tdiules, moreorless
Nelion, B.C., March 18,1807.
John Ciiaiu.ton,
I'er Wm. Iollinoton, Agent.
Notice \* hereby given that 60 days ufter dnte 1
hi tend to apply to the Hon. Chief I ommisslonur
of Land!- and Works tor permission tn purchase
the lollowlng deurlbed laudi,��ltuate In West
Kootenay district; Commenolng at a posi murked .1. L. Porter1! N. W. eoruer, thtnee south Ni
Cbalni.  followiiiK  the   eastern  boundnry of  II.
Etoloui application to nuichant thenceeaatw
ctminn;  tbenee north ��i chaini: thenee west 40
chains to point of commencement, containing
itS acrei more or less.
Dated ibis Llth day of March. 1907.
Sixty days after date 1 lutend loapply to tin*
Hon. Chief Commissioner of Lands ami World
Iur permlMlon to purehase th'- following de-
sc'ibed property at a post marked "��,H7,8.B.
corner,' thenee40 chaini north, (henee40ebalns
weit, tnenee40 chains* toutb, thence40 chains
east to point oj commencement, a relocation of
tin- abandoned pre-emption 138 of W C, Knapp
and is the eu-st half ol the northwest quarter.
aud 'he west half of the northeast quarter of
section", townihlp 10. West Kootenay district, on
the west ihore of the lower Arrow lakes, con-
talUlng h'1-1 acres, more or less.
March 1st, i%7. Qwuum Miltok,
U. ft, blcQUABttll, Agent.
Hlxty davs alter dnle 1 intend to apply tothe
Honorable tbe Chiel Commissioner of Lands and
Works. Vietoria. to purchase 130 arrres of laud
in   Weat Kootenay. and descrlbeil   as follows:
Commenolng at a poet planted on the east side
of Arrow Lake at the iouth weit corner of Lion
and marked "J. A. K's NW. corner," thenee
eaet-34 Ohalni,  thenre south 40 chains, thenee
eait 80 ohalni, tbence eouth 30 chaini to line
helmer'i pre-emption, thenee west :n chains to
Kauouier-K application to purehase. tbence north
��Obalm. tbenee west 20 chains to lake shore,
theuee norlh along  the  lake  shore to place of
Marchldth, 1007. J. a Kklly.
Sixty 'lays after date I intend to apply to the
Hon   the Chlel Commluloner of Lands uud
Works, Victoria to purehao* the following described lund: Commencing at a poll marked
M H's K. W. corner, and plsnled near the northwest eornor of lot 8813,about one mill*, wei' ol
Moean river, end running eaat to chains to Lot
881. thenc- north 40 chain-, lb na-we.t to chains,
theuee south m chain.  U�� place of beginning.
Matcb orti iwti, MiLpA Haock,
l*Ai:J. HaCCK, Agent.
Hixty ilavs after date 1 mteud to apply to the
Bonorable the Chief Commisaloner of Undsand
Works, Vietoria, to purchue the foUowlng
deioribed hinds  in   weit Kooteuay dUtflof:
Commencing ai u post planted at the ti.K. coi nor
of Wm- Lovett's purchaie Lf808 uud marked
"ICM. H's N.K cornor," and ��� tinning south 60
chains, thenee went 40 ehalns, thence north -SO
Ohalni. thence east 40 ehalni to place of begin-
olng and oontainlng 340 acrei. ��� ,
March 8th. 1907. K. M.Hiiaw,
J. K. Annahlk, Agent
Bixty days after date lintcnd to applv to the
Hon uio Onlef CommlMloner of landiand Works
Vic tor lu, to purchase It40 ueres of land In West
Kootenay district: Commencing at u post
planted about Oinllei Irom the mouth of Mosquito ' reek and about one mile west of the said
creek-ind marked 'H.H.K'sH.W corner," and
runnlu; north 80 ehains, tlience east 80 chalus,
thonce n mth �� chains, thence west 80 chalui \p
plnee nl beginning,
Manh IMh, 1V07. H* 1�� How,
&. L. AN-.-iliU*. A(,eui.
Hlxty days alter dntr I intend to apply to the
Hou. tlm Chief Commissioner of Landsand Works
Victoria, P. C , to purchnse 130 acros ol land
situate lu Tire Valley, West Kootenay, anu do-
scribed as follows: Commencing at the northeast
rorner of K>*i 7��ii'>, and running north d0 chains,
thuuee uast _X) chains, thuiice *��oiith W) cbalni,
thence west '20 chains to place nf beginning.
March 4th, 1907. W W,HR*T)L1T,
J. k. aniuhlk, Agent.
Hixty days alter date 1 intend to apply to tha
Ron. Chief Commluloner of Lands ami works.
Victoria, lo piirchnsi; 830 acres of land in Wett
Kooteuay, d-scrlbed us follows: Cnmmeiictu.i;
at a post planted Up UoiqUttOcreek, ebont eight
miles Irom the mouth aod marked K, Cross' 8 W,
comer, lhetice nort* Hn ehulns, thenee 40 chains
eait, them*'- 8o eliains souih, thenco 40 chains
west to place of beginning
Feb. 16th, 1007. K. Uroii.
���J.E AmfiDM(,As.Ut
The Hall Mining and Smelting
Company, Limited.
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry Ores.
Hixty days nfler date 1 Intend toapply to the
Hon. Chlel Commissioner of Landl and Works,
Victoria, It. C��� to purchase MO neres of lund, in
Kire Valley, descrlbeil as followi; Commeneing
at a post planted ai chain* WMt <���! U alter Hull***
N. W. comer and marked J. W holmes' Jr. N. K.
corner pi*st. And running touth 40 chains, thence
wc* ��� i.n i bit in-, ihence north 40 chains, thence
east 00 ehalns to place of beginnings and being a
portion of Bectlon :ib, Townihlp 71| Weit Kootenay.
March fith, 1907. J, W.HOUOH.JB,
���sixty days nftor date 1 purpose making appU-
cation to the Honorable tbe Chief Coinmlsuniier
of Lendi and Worn for permlMlon to punhan
tho following desert lied lund: Commencing ut
a post pluced ,u the B. W corner of Uit 0000 ami
marked "F. 0. F.'s" N. \V. comer, theneo following the southern boundary Lot 6900. tVi chains
more or teas cast to the west iHiundarY of i.n*
'Wi, tbeuce foUowlng same south %> cbains to
the north boundary of Lot 690V; thencu about 7U
chalus weat along said boundary to the take
shore; theneo north .'to chains more or less lollowlng the lake ihore to point of eommeucement, containing 317 acres mure or less,
bated December 17th, 1907.
F. B. Fai-ucur.
Sixty dayi after date 1 Intend to apply tothe
Honorable the Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Wntkifor permission to purchase tbe following
described landt lb Kooteiiuy district: Com-
mencini*; at a post marked ���'. It. Auuuhlc's nortlieast corner pout, said pnul being on the south
side of the Lower Arrow lake, ahout two mild
below hurton City; tbence south Kb chains;
thenoewMt 'to cbains; theuce nuth90chaini]
thence went ai chains; thenei* north H Ohalm
and SO links, more or less to.lhe lake shore;
thence easterly along laks40ehalni, more or loss,
to the place of heginniug, oo&tainlng 100 acres,
more or less.
Dated thlsdth day of November, IWO.
per K. L. Hpknkt. Agjnt.
Hixty  days after dale 1 inteud to anply to the
Hon the chief OommiMtottcr of Landl and
Worki, Victoria, to purobaM 'Mn aorei of land in
Wut Kootenay,deaoribed r* followi: Common'
cing at u post plaited about eight miles up
Hoiciuito creek anu Joining K. Crow' application
to purchase, and marked C. Mf. B Iv corner,
ilu-iice north 80 obalm, thenee WMt tt chalna,
theuee iouth Ml Ohelni, theme east Hoclialns tu
placeof i ��� h:iiiiu;k
Peb. Hith,l90T. c. Maksmall,
J. K ASNAiit.i:.
sixty days after dute I Intend t" apply to tbe
Hon the ('htef Commissioner of Lund*, and
Works, Victoria, 1* c��� to pnrehiM n> utm of
laud, situated OO the west side of Arrow lake, lu
Weit Kodienay, end deeerlbed ni followi! Onnf
mencing ut a posi marked B K'i it. B. corner, end
placed at the southwest comer ol Lot 14Kt,QroUP
I, and Tunning nortii 40 chains, tbence west 'to
'-hnlns,  thonce  ninth  4" Cthelm,  theliee eu��l 20
cbalnuo place of beginning.
MftfSn ��th, IWI. Kov BtiAHr,
J. B Annahlk, Agent*.
Notice in bere oy given th-atstxtvdnjsiifterilate
1 Intend to applv to tin* lion chief Ciminiisnton-
er of Landl and Works fnr the righl to tuir-
chose the followlug described lands: (.ommenclng at a post marked "M. 3 CatniTou's
N W corner post" planted at the B.W. corner ul
the K. and h. block, No. Wl.!, running east l'io
chains; thence sou h \,o>o feet, mor-** or less lo
the CPE. line. them,, west ISO chains to the
Arrow Lake; thene- north looo feet following
the shore of lhe Armn l.ij.* io tin* pi,hit of com
Dated this llth dav of February, 1907.
m j. Guano*!
J. M. OAMXTOK, Agent.
Hlxty days after dale I inteml to upply lothe
Chlel Commissioner   of Landl und Works for
permlMlon to purthaie the following deicrlbed
Unds In Kooteiiuy hlstrlei, ubout three iiuarturv
of mile Irom Thrum'* Hiding :   Commeuelng at a
rst plaoedat theB. W. corner of I. fiWfi'.. group
Wesl   Kootenav    DUtrlOti    thenoe   WMterly
lollowlng   the  north    boundary of L4ttw, 40
ehains; thenee norlh I'1 Qhainii thence cast 40
chains, moreor lea, cu the N W corner ol
LMOSj thence noulh hdlowinir the west boundary
of iJ����W. 10 ..iniiiiv more or less, to plaee of commencement, containing 4o ueres, mm or less.
Dated this 6th day of December. 190fi
H. II. tM-rra. Loealor-
Notice Is Hereby given that CO dayi after date I
inteud loapply tu the Hon. the Cbluf Coininis-
Blonor ot Lauds aud  Works Victoria,  B.CL for
fiermlsaltili to purohaM the following descrllaill
ands tn West Kontenay dlltriOtl Oommenolng
at a post planted at the southwest corner of lot
7701, group 1, and runuln. 90 ebalns to thc southeast corner of lotTKW, group 1, then in nn eas|.-i-
lv direction vo ebalns. then uorth "to chains,
tlicu west xoeiiaitu to point of eomniQueement,
coniainiHg 40 acres more or less,
LocatedTubrrury Uth. 1007.
l'Hii.ir Wadb. Loeutov.
Hlxty days ufter date I intend to apply lo tbe
Hon. Chief Commissioner of l..uul- ainl Works,
Victoria, to puiebaso 480 nere1: of laud, 111 Kire
Valley, Wesl Koolenay. aud desoribed as IoIIowh:
Commencing at a post plantcil at Walter Hull's
northwest eorner and murked A, H's H. K, corner,
aud running north ��1 chains, tlience wesl tt
chains, theuce south &i chalmi, thenee east no
chalna to place ol beginning, and belni; part of
flections IU and :t> in Township.1 ano a portion
ofHectlons 1 and '2, in Township 69, (ironp 1,
March ML, :*t(7. A.Ull'XH,
j. e. ahnabi.k, Agent.
Notice ti hereby given that 60 days alter date 1
Inteud to apply to the Uononible tne Cnlet Oom*
misslouer ot Lamln and Works for nermt-iblon to
purchase the following described   lands:   Oom*
menalug at a poet placed 20 ohaini west of the
louthcast coruerof Lot H49, marked "tt. A Hell'i
northwest c.rucr," Ihence south Ko chains,
thanee cast '.'" eliains, thonce nortii '20 chains,
thenee west ao chaltis to point of commencement,
comuiulng 40 acres, more or less-
Located this nth day ol Nov., 1000.   K. A. Hki.l.
Notlco is herehy given that 60 days alter dale I
intend toapply to tne Hon. ChlelOonUTjlMlOnerol
Lninls ami Works, Victoria, for permlMlon to purchase thc followlug described IniuL rltualed in
the West Kooienav dlitrlot, on the wesl side o|
Duhamol {or Hlj Mile) ereek, near wagon road,
ahoul three miles from Kootenay lake: Com.
mfiticlhgat a postmarked "James J. Duck's K,\V.
post," ruunhiK tt chains easl, theuee '2<i "halus
norlh, thenee 20 chains wen, tlience 90 chain
iouth, to the point of commencement, containing 40 acres of land, m-Tcnr lesa.
Deled mh Navutnbar, lttfl.
Located by JAKM J. Dreg,
per Johh E. i avloh, Agent,
Notice ls hereby given thut sixty duys nfter
date l intend to make application tothe Honorable Chief CommlMloner of Unds und Works ut
\ Ictoria, B. u, for permission to purchase the fol*
lowitiR d, scribed   laud.  Hitnate In   Kire  Valley,
West Kootenay dlitrlet: Commenolng at a noet
wanted m the Mill-invest comer of Jonhuallob-
n,sons pre-emption, marked ill K'sh.k. cornor
post, tbence in 'bains wet, thenee 10 chalna
mirth, thenee 40 ohalni eut to Joehua Boblnion'i
northwest eorner. tlience south 40ohalnitoplaoe
ol oommenoement, containing ifti acres, moro or
haled this 38rd day ol Nov., UOg,
K. I. KlHK*WCKJt>.
80dayi nfter date I intend tonpply to tbe Hon
Chief CommlMloner Of Lands aud Worka, Victoria, to jMircbase B40 acre, of land located In
Flre Vallev and being a portion of hectlcmi lfi
ami ir. In Townihlp 69 and deeetibed as follows:
Oommenelng at a post planted at the loutbwent
corner of the southeast ouarler ol section lb
Township 6'J and marked J. ti. H. fc. corner,
theuee north 40 chains; thence weit 60 cbalni;
thence south 40 chains; theuce east 60 chalui to
place of hc'ilnnlng.
November tiro Lm��j.
IiA.^n' QtMOff*
j. k. AmuBLg, Agent,
Hixty davs after date I intend toapply U the
Hon. ('hiei CommlMloner oi Lauds uud Works.
Vietoria, to purobaM U0 ecree of land ebeat two
mtu-fl b��iow iiuriou City, Weet Kootenay. com-
nicnclug ai a poet marked "J. A lrvtng's east
eorner pout," said posi being on the easf-riv end
of hu island went of Lot tV,i;,iuid claiming all thc
laud contained in iald island, being about on*
mile hi an euxlcrlv and westerly direction und.
about -tt., bain- from north to south.
NovemlKsr llth, UBB. J. A. luvisu,
J K. Annahi.k. Ageut.
Sixty day k afterdnte 1 intend to applv to the?
Hon. Chief Commissioner of Landl andWerkl.
Vletoriu, to purcbue ittt acres of land located
ou thr weet ilde Of Arrow lake and Ivtug directly
north of Lot "��7R: Commenelni nt n poet cUtntea
at the n B, oornerol Lot TWO and marked "li. B.
B.   K    .���orner," uud   ruuning   north tt chains,.
tbeoc,*  west  '20 ehalns, theuee north '.'Ochains_
thenee west '20 ehaltut, thenee south 4n ehalus.
tbenee east 40 cbains, tn place of beginning.
Nov. :'4th, 1900. Hkrtiia Huadley,
J. K. ANNAULK. Agent
Hlxty dfiv�� alter date 1 Intend tonpply to tbs
Honorable tbe t'hlef Commissioner of l.tuel- and
Worku, Victoria, to purchase Btt iOTM of land,
Iltuated on (Ic wu^l side of Arrow take, and do
icribed u followii Oommenelng at a poll mark
cd J. H'i< N. K corner and piaeed at tbexoiitb-
wcsl eorner nf Lot 78(0, l-roup 1. Went Kootonaj,
and running west Ni clialliH, theuce south 80
chaini, thenee east ><��� eliains to the luke siioiu,
thenoe north along the lake to placeof tieglnnlng
March hth. IW.. J Haiihie,
J. K. Annahlk, Agent.
BlXty days after date I Intend to apply to ��he
Chief ' "iiicn- t.oi. i of i.aii'i- and Workv for
perm 11-mon to piirchaw the follnwlng dep-trfbed
lund: Bltuated on the east Ilde of Arrow lake
iu  the   West  Kootenay district,  aboul .ri milM
above iturton Oity, commencing m a pom plant
cd nt the norihwMt corner of C. Hacher's pur-
chafe, tlience etst 'to ehulns. theme icrtb 40
chalus, thence wcjH 'JO Ohalni. tbence sonth 40
chains to polnl ot commencement uud containing 80 aorei more or less.
n/ so aorea more
January IH, 1901
Klxtv diiy- after dale 1 intend to apply to lha
Hon. the Ch el Commissioner of Lund* and
WorkH. VlOtorla, to purehase )f2ii aQTM of buid, ll*i
West' Koolenay. described us follows: Commencing at a post planted about H miles up>
.Mnstiiiho Otpeh from the mouth and. markeii
"A 0," N W. corner, thence south BO chaini-.
theneo eaal 40 chnins, thenee north tt ohalni.
lbence 4o chains went to place ol beuiunltlg-
Kebruarv 10th, 1007. *��� BUlllfc
J. K. Annahi.k, Agent.
glxty dayi afterdate llntend to apply tothe
lion 'he t'hicf CommlMloner of Lauds and
Works, Victoria, to pun-bits.' OiOaorM of hind, Ut.
West Koolenay, dcseritH- i u follqWJI 00U>
iwencing at a post marked "Il.lt." N.K, corner,
uud being ut the N.w. coruerof a. Qrahatt'a
application to pnrahaM whioh is about n tniiei
un MoMjtilio Creek from the moiilb and run
nliig wi chnins souih, thenee ao chuinH west,
lbence wi Ohalni nonh, llienee ��i ehnllis cihI lo
place of beginning,
Kebruary Iflth, lttr;. D. UfRToN,
J. K. ANNUAl.K. Agent-
Blxty days aller dale 1 Intend lo apply to the-
Honoriible the Chief Coiniuisslolicr of Lands jjul
Works, Victoria tO pureliase BQ acres of Uuulj
located on lbe west side o ( Arrow Inke anide
de'Orlbad as followu: Commenciug at u post
murked P. A's N. Iv eorner, and planted 4-Duhalni-.
nortb of the southwest eoriier of Lot ,',o_, i iron) .
1, West Koolenay. and running soutb 'ibchnlus,.
tueneewMi w ohalni, thenoe norih tOonilnii,
thence -^nsl '" ebalns to place of b.,*. unnu;
March llth, 1007, Y. Annahlk,
.1. K Anhamlk, Agent.
BlXty dayi alter dat* I Intend tonpply to the-
llouorable the ClUel Commissionerof LamUand
Worki tor permlMlon to nurchen the following
described land In Wcsl Kootenay: Com��*nOlng
nt a pos, about one and a quarter mllei ir _i from,
Havomio Landing, and murked liell.i urudley's.
N.E comer, thenee north '.!o ehniny. thence wosl
20 Ohelni, ihcnce south tt Ohalna thence eagtSQt
chnins to point of eommoncenifint.
March Wild, \W1. (Hiwned) BltLA thum.KY,.
ItoranT Houinron, Agent.
Blxty days aftei date llntend to antiiy tcthc.
Honoriible thc Chief Commissioner of Lands nud
Works for permission to I'lucliaH* the   following
deioribed laud in West Kootenav: Oommenolni
at a post plaulcil ou the north bnnkofHnmmtt
ereek, nhoul ihrcc igiMrtersof a mile from mouth
of creek, and marked Kva Cull's B. E. corner,
thence north tt chains, ihcnce WMt 40 ehalna
theuce touth 'tii t'lial -h, thence cast 441 clmln-** to
point of oommencement,
March 22ud, IWI. (Signed) Kva Cull,
ItnliRitT ROMMOKi Agent.
BUty days alter date 3 Intend to apply to the
lion the Chief Commissioner of Lauds and
Works for perml-utea to p rehn>c the (ollowlng
deserlbeti land .u ti'eai Kootenay: Commencing
ut a posi pl'i.Hi ���( on tbe ioulb bank of Bum mil
l raak.aboHt nc mile horn 'i-oulh of creek, ainl
marked "ll. KobhiMOll'i. N \ corner, theneo
wiMih Ho chains, th��nce ens' -ki Cbalni, theme
north tmclianiP. thonco Mi-at 40 chaiua tn punt of
common cement.
A Special for Camp and Hotel Use
Heavy Hams
The Very Best of Canadian Goods
P. Burns & Co., Ltd.
Nelson, Kaslo, Rowland and Boundary.
Nnsis-s. I. hereby llrw """ *" '"J'" '"''' ''*"''
, ., isl,   lis lln- Ussis   lliei'lili-Mssninil..
!',;;'',        is. s.'^Vs-rl...  Vl.*l.s.i��. toi  |kt-
,',��� miilcarry y, Uml.iT lr.,,,, ll.g
,,����������� slcerlbcil laml" lis Weal Kootenai-:
I om_,,nclB| at �� [��>��! .plant*-I about c-lKllty
:*������:. "'." .''.'.:::?*',,''��.:), SSS
���'.,. ul rornor P��t! thenc- went elffhty chain.,
I',! *', ."north eight) ebalni. thence eait eighty
S1JS thenoi "outh eighty chatna to point of
"TSSSufaih.i��n. a.a.utmn,locator.
J      ommi gei   eptHl blamed east of and
uHi-lnliil H -v   Laurie's location post No. 1. and
SSc a beam i loulhweet oonwr poet of
No'loeatinn, the rn ��igbtt chewe. benee
north eighty ebalni, tbonce weel eight]! nbatni,
Ko wuth eighty chaini to point of oomman-
"Sated J�� Wh.MW.  ��;. a. Larai*, Locator.
;   ( ommem*lnp at a pout planted about eigbty
Pliilm south "I Hureta ertel where ll Hows into
iurneftcreek and marked ti. A. Laurla'lunth-
rnerpMi on location No  I, thenee eut
ehrhtvchalni ibeiiceiiorthetghtTOlia.ln*,tMnOi
..,*, lhuln.  ti enw* iouth eighty wuat
to Doint ol meneement.
Dated Jan. ��5lb,lWi    U. t   Ul RiR. Locator.
I -Commenc.ng at a poii planted south oj
andadlnir.i:ii:<c A l-suri< unaUoa Ro.1, and
marked <- A.nurle'i nortbweit corner post,
thencecastff> chains, thena iouth unchain*.
thanee weat ��u ohaini, thence north M Ohalni
to iMiint of commem ement
DitedJan.36tb,l��n. '������ A. Urni*. Looator.
8 -'iimraeiirltig at a post planted eighty
chains esMniid fort) chains Muitb of location
poit No 4. and marked W II Page's mm th weit
corner poit of location No 5, tlience east eighty
ohalni, thenee north eigbty chalnn. tbence west
tilth ty ohalni, thence south eigbty chains to
point of oommeneement
I'sttiiJan *tth,Wl.    W  H. I'aok, Locator
���5 ��� CommetifliiB ��< a poet plantcil nouth ol
ninl ailjoltilmt location No *., and marked W. H.
Pagi ��� northweit corner post of loeatiou Sn fl,
tbei nt eighty ohalni,thenoeeoauelghtv
i bum, thenee wm) eighty ebalns, thence north
���ighty ehalni to poim of oommenoement.
Dated Jan 80th, 1907.     W. 11. Pan, Un'ator.
��� Dmmenelng at a  post planted  eighty
ciiHin- van and tweuti chains mnith of looalton
posl N and trior keel *i. A. Laurie'* MUthwogt
niriHT po-t of location Ko. 7, theuee eait eighty
cbains, thence north eighty ehain-.. thenoi weet
nKiiiy chains, thenee aouth eight] ohalni to
i ini i>i Dommenoamenk
llnted Jan. -"il,. HOT     Q   A. I.n itn.  I^��*ator.
thence north UO eliains. theuce west l11 chalmi to
polut of eomuieiieciiicut-
Dated Fell, tad, WD7.    0, A. Lairii, Locator.
'il.���CnnuneticIng al a post planted fortv ebalni
eust of loealion No. fl and marked W. II Hage's
northweit corner post of location No Zt, theoce
aouth 100 chalus, Ihence east forly chalim. thence
north IGn ehalus. thenct* weit forty ebalus lo
point of eommcneemi nt.
Hated Keb. xnd, ltK/7.      W. If. 1**01, Locator -
24 ���Commencing at a post planted forty chains
oast and eighty chain* south of location No. _8,
aud marked ti. A. Laurie's uorihwent cor**.r
poit of location No U, thenoe south elgi.ty
chiilun thence eut eighty chains, lbence nortn
eighty ohalm, thanee weet eighty ehalni to point
of cotiiliit'licemelit.
Dated Keb.-iiii iw,.   o. a. L-umn, J-ocntor,
IS-Commencing at a post nlanted eighty
chains cast of location No. M, and marked (��� A.
Laurie's northweit comer posl of location No.
2 , tbencr i.n': eighty chains, theuce eaal
elghly, Ihenoe north elghly chatim, tbenee v,.- :
eighty chalus to point of eoiniueUeement.
Haled Keb. 4th, UtSl.    U. A. La ��� iur. Locator.
ai.���Commencing at a poat plauted about four
and une half mllen down Inonoakln creek, from
tbc mouth of Klght Mile- creek where li flows into Inonoakln crock, and on the east bank of
Inonoakln creek, and marked U. A. Ijiurle's
northw-est corner post, tbence south eighty
ohalni, lbence eMt eighty chains, tbence north
eighty chalui. theuce west eighty chalm to point
of commencement.
Dated Keb. 4th, 1W7.      0. A. Lac mi., locator
Take notice tbat thirty daysafter date I intend
lu apply to the :iou the Chief Commissioner of
Laud* and Works at Victoria. B C��� fur ��� special
llceuse to cut and carry awav ttm tier from the
following described lundi ln West Kooteuay:
Commencing ��t a poit planted 31 chains west
of tbe northeut corner ol Lot *Y2, and at tbe
���otitheut corner of Lot 7786, theucx- eut '2><
cbaina, theuce son Hi 40 cbains, tbence eut 40
cbalni. thence north 40 ebalus, tbeuce ea*t 00
chalm, thence north 4u chains, theuce weit 120
chains, the ik* iouth 40 chains lo placeof commencement, containing Wu acre* piore ur leai.
Dated March utb. l��r. Prria i wu.
*��� Commenolng at a ihhi planted eighty
it..iin- em ami eighty ohalni smith of location
pott No. 1, aud marked (J a Uenrle'e southw-Ml
. une     h'��t   ol   loealion     No.   a.   thence   east
eighty ebalni, tbenee north eighty chains, thence
WMt elghtv ehelni, thenoe nouth eighty ohalm
to polut ol oommenoemenl.
hai d Jau 26th, JVU7.   U, A. Lauhii, Locator.
v Commenolng at a poel planted eigbty
ibalnt eail and i-iginy chatm south of location
No - mid marked << a. Laurie'i mmi in weat
corner ol lorntiun Ko. '���'. tbenoe eait ISO ehalni,
thenei norih IO chalm, thenee weet iflo dialm,
Dated Jan uth.iotn. Q. A.Latnm,Loo*tor.
CommenelDg at a post planted nbottt all
i lown burn, ereek nom the month of
Iiu re ka treel where li Bowi lata Harne- eni-k
In a Mutheulerlj direction, and narked *.. a.
Laurie'i louthwwi corner pom ol location No
It), thenre eul eighty chalm. ihenco north eighty
cbalm tbi in. weal otghty ohalm, ihence houth
eigbty chaini to pnmt of eommeneanient.
hated Jan. ttth, 1007.   >���. A. Laurik, Looator,
11 Commencing at a i>ost plauied eighty
ehalnieMtofli ation No io. ami marked 0.A.
Laurie i fctnuhw.^i corner paat of location No ll,
tbenee east eighty chat'u* thenoe north eighty
Ehelni, [lieorp west eighty cbalni, thenoe south
elgnt) 'litim- tn imintof coiumei.eeinent.
Dated Jan. ath, i��J7.  G. A. LAt'hta. 1/waior.
11 i ommenclngat a posi planted south of aud
���di nuiii! |,����ii,,[, No. 11, ami marked W, 11.
Pegei northweit comer met ot location No. ti,
tbenee east eighty ebalm, thonoe south eighu
,-'���,,��� ihenrc weil eighly ohaini, thence uorth
eigntj Phaiiih to pomi of oommenoement.
Deled Jan. 281 b, 1901.     W. II. Paoi, Lo-ator.
Ijnei ling at a noat planted eighty
guliueiit end eighty chaiua south of location
No-ia and marked u. a. Laurie'i northweit
corner post m location No, IS, tbenee cast eighty
oniiM, thence wnth eirhty ohalni, thenee went
eiRi J .-i.hiiis.  thence  imrlb  eighly  chains  to
pmnioi eommenoement
DitedJan 28th,IMfl.   <,  a. Laurik, Locator.
Jj. Commenolng al e poit planted north of
���no aiijoin ni location No IS, and being marked
. a. i-siiri-' i touth wut corner post of loealion
,.,'',,,,:ll,1"""' ���*���' "inlity chalna, thenee north
luiii '-1,-1111- ih��iic.-c uesi clghtvchains, thenee
���"mn eighty chains to point ol emnmcueemeut-
hated Jan ath, \w,.   Q. A. LAltatK. Ixicator.
1 ��� ' "iiuiiciiciug at a post planted eighty
��� balm iimili ,,( location No. 11 and maraed W,
11. ra��a��� loutbwoel corner noat ot location No
eiL'tii '''' " eighty cbHins, thenee north
mm ii',', i'"* '''"'"'''wet elaiity chains, tbence
ignty chains lo point of oommenoement
J* Jtn* "th, 1907.     W. H. Paul. Locator.
"   ("inin,-ii,-inK   at   a post   planted   eighty
'' ���h"1,"b��alion N,,. li,, and marked ii. A.
��� hi      - Miutiiwen  corner  post of  Itiiatluli No.
Jiih,   ;;���;,hv1 ^'"y ,,|ittl��"- ��'ence north
J..       , lrtl" -/'"'n'-e west cijlityehHics, tbence
l-ii!> cbalm to polnl of eommenoemeut.
*oateoJan.��,X907.    tl.jt.Ufait. Uttdtor,
-.'Vj.""1 BJ>lhg tt a post planted aouth ol
ffirtaWWowUo11 N"- "'���,,,,,1 ntttrkM _, A.
I.   than "'lfU,wi"*u corner posi of location *0.
Notice is herehy given tbat thirty dayi alter
date I Intend to apply to the Honorable tbc Chief
('ommlMloner of l.-mdi- and Works. Victoria, for
permission lo cut ami carry away timber from
the lollowlng described lands lu West Knotetiuy
Limit No 1.���Commencing at a post ihree-
ouartersof a mile up Nine Mile creek, on Kootenay river, and markeii William Walm-dey's 8 K.
coiner post, thence 160 chain." we*t. theuce 4u
cbains north, tbence lfio ebalm east, thence 40
chains tn the point of beginning.
I-.K.u.-.i March Hth, Han.
William Wai.msi.ev, Locator.
P. HUMAN, Agetlt.
Limit No. | -('ommeucliii' ai a poat about
three <|imrler�� tl a mile up Nine Mile creek, on
the Welt Arm of Koolenay river, tuul marked
William WalmsleyN N K corner poet thence Idtl
chains west, thence 40ctiaine south, ihences 100
ebalm eaat, ami 40chaluM north to point of be-
Lobated March Itb, 1*307
f. bHIOAN, Agent.
Take notice that 10dayn alter date I Intend to
apply to tin* Hon tbe Chtrl Commintonor ol
Landi and worki, Victoria, for �� ipeelal licence
toeut and carry awny timber from the lollowlng
descr.b-il Imul, in West Kool* nay: Commencing
at a ���."������! ].iiiiiii -I al Kokam-i* Biding, on Hand
Point, on iouth Ode Went Arm ol Kooteuay
river alaiut Iif mllex east of Nelion, I* C .marked
"C �� Walmslev'n S'.K. corner pout," thenee Ml
lihains iouth, tlouce *l QhaUU Wtet, theuce ��i
cli/lns uorlb, tbciic" Ni chalnn to |huu1 of commencement, coiitaluiug i i'i aen*-. more or leai.
Located March lOtli, i'>1'-
I'M as-. F. WaLMSIJIY,
I'. Hiirkan, Agent.
-.   pont of loealion
Ighty   chhins,   tbence  aoulli
'" lis, thenc* met eighty chains, thence
'Kni) chains to point of eommeneement.
��ted j��n. aoth, luov.   q, a. i aukik. Uoator.
ihiln. 2I?.S;0n?1?8 Rt * P"t plauteil eighty
II hnS 1, .. [��_Mt|on No 17, and marked W.
Is tl .-I,.    I1,,M1,wMt eornor poat of location No.
��� < ����h��i cigbtychains, b noeeouthelghty
11, ,v', ,lll'"','lWc8t1 t-'hjhiy obalns, thonco north
to j ��� bains to pUiui of oommenoement,
UlMted Jtn, ��Jt 1907        w   H   1>AoK ^
1 ake notice that 1 Intend thirty ��bt\ - afler date
to apply 11 tbe Hon. tbe Chief Commissioner of
l-aiKi*-. and Works for a ai>eclal license to cut and
carry away timber from the following described
lauda, situated east uf Dog creek, in ilie district
uf W��-st Kootenay: Commencing at a pout mark-
d 'The Houndary Lumber Company.! northwest
corner pout " planted about a mile east ol the
Columbia and Weitern railroad, and about three
���nileK south of the Big Tunnel, tbenee *Q ohelni
���..���itb. ihence 60 chaitin cant, theuciHii chains
-loitb tbef.ci* iio chalim east, thenei'40 chains
north, theuce W chains west, theuce -Ul chalmi
uorth, tbence 80 chains west to point of com.
Dated 1th March, 1W7. J hinrllk,
Agent for The Houndary Lumber Co.
The Daily Canadian
Take notice mat 1 Intend thirty days after date
to apply to the Hon the Chief Commissioner of
Lands and Works for a special llceuse to cut and
carry awav timber Irom the following dencrlhecl
lamls, altuated on Dog creek, iu West Kootenay
diitrict: Commencing at a post planted on lbe
eail ilde of the Columbia and Western railroad,
on or nbout ten chains OUt, ami marked "Thc
Houndarv Lumber company's pom," and about
a mile and a half iouth of tlie Big Tunnel, the
nt.rthwest eornur, tbence running Mouth lfiO
i*l ains, theuee eaat 40 chains, licence north 160
chalus, thenee west to chalus to place of com-
Dated March 4th, 1007, J Obsrllk,
Take notice thut I Intend, tbirtr days afler
dale, to applv to the Hon the Chief Commiasioner of IaiiiIs and WorkH for a special license to cut
and carry away timber Loin the following dc-
scrilied lands. Nluiatvd ou Handy creek, in "est
Kooienav district: Commencing at a post plnnted on lhe west side of Handy crock ami called
J. 1*. H's aouth worn corner post, thence running
cast Ho chains, thence north 40ohalm, thenee
WMt-40 ebalns, tbence north Mi chains, thonoe
west 4(1 chains, tbence aoutb l*.o chains lo place
of commencenieut.
Dated this ath day of March, 1007
J. V, HwiKliiiiau, Locator.
���llhtro ��� . " '"K lU " t,Mt plented about
"iw whS2i.MI 0| the month ol Klght Mllo
,lll(ioniii,-!.,.'.,epPtl*e into tnonottkfn creek.
"iikissl I ! i " ""'' "' Inoiiimkln creak, mid
I'stssllssn n,'. , lll.lrlt* B Hortliuiinl corner ,tui*t of
ivessnii,,;. '.������"���' ."iimi "ssiith IH ohMM, thenoi!
i'innii,ii  , "; il.oiiw. nnrth l��o .-iiisiim, thonco
l>sil,.,l i*���,   , *,P?tSJ ssf s'ssniinssns-ument.
21.-1' *   ��* *��� Um,*i >��o��lor.
''t'siitiss w,!!,,i",,,!"!i"K . at n poit islssnl-'s! lorty
I".*. >nil,���. .''p1',!} ol>��ln�� "out's ot location
mr |., i 'i"""";1,' ���j". I*'W''�� iusrllss*,s��lc,sr.
.,|.'.l.i*i lli ,. '"-'""I!" N" Ms tll'lls'" IVMI olichtv
'���ll.-hiv ,.,'*' *"'"��1. "iKlsiy "linliin, tholiisociisil
I's'i'll's,!   'nmi   "��$!>*   """Is   OlKlltJ*   tltlKltlK tu
i, .      "... issiii-omoni.
,��� '��� ' Jb. and, m.    w. h. Pam, i.���c,.tor.
."l'r"l.il'i!U'"l',',','.',!',',"1' "1���s tSft plamesl out ol anil
'-"."I."   ... r   i'i'.'! 52* '**'��� """ ."��rl"J.' ����� A-
W tktim__'a__l*f-__t "I looatlon ^o,
" "ou"1 lw ohalm, tlienoo aaat -to ohalni,
NsitlM-1�� hereby Riven IhiU 30 a,*B niter ilnte 1
Inteml to apply to the Hisiioratslis tils- Chlel Com*
mtissionor sil LaiiiIi ansl Worki for a special
lleenie to cut anil s'arry away timber from the
tollsiwinsr ileierlbesl lanrt. iltimlesl on Use wen
���Isle ol Bin Hheep Ureok Valley: Commoncln-j
about three anil a hall miles north ol the International boundarr lino and about one and a
hall mile, wen ol the Neliou anil 1-orl Hlieppuril
Haslwisv company'i land grant ln the dlitrlet ol
Weit Kootonay:
No. 1 ��� Commencing at a poit planted two
mllei weit ol IIIK Bhcop crock, known in the
louthweit eorner nml. Joining J. H. Ornniloni
tlnii'er claim No. 1. claiming 10 chains, north,
thence8"chaini eml. theuce 80 chnlni iouth,
thonce Ni ehalni weil io polnlol commencement.
Located March Hit, la*1"
No il.-Commenclng at a pint plaulcil at the
louthweit corner ol looatlon No. 1, known as the
northweit eornor pottot loealion No. ���.', s-lalmlisg
DO chains losith, Ihence 80 chains east. Ihen* o 80
chalui norlh, theuco Wi chains west lo point ol
l/icatesl March 21H, IWI.
No. a-Commencing nt a poit placed hall a
mllo wost ol location Nss,��, known a�� the southeast comer, claiming S'lcliniuis north, thonoo ho
ohalni wet, thonco 8u chains ioulb, tlience no
ohalni Mit to isoini of coiuiiiciicsiiiscut.
No. ,-CommoiicluK nlapsssl planted nl the
louthenil cornor ol lunation No 8, known M.tlie
liorllicssst cornor, claiming ll�� s-lsalli" lOBtsJ,
tlioiicu J-ssshaliiB wesl. tlience �����. chains mirth,
thonce JOelialuicast to point ol comnioncemcin.
Locoled March 'IUI. 1%7.
J. p. twiinmno, Locator.
K. T, K��0��I.lKJ��8i Agent.
Northern Pacific Railway Will Build In
Direct Line.
Montreal, April 1���It In stated by
railway n���sn returning from the Went
tliul plant are being prepared for an
exteimlon or the Northern Pacific Kail-
wny In a direel line from Winnipeg to
Dawimii Clly. in tl���. Yukon. At the
preaenl time, they ��u,.,., ,���, f,,w,.,. n,an
is lurveylng partlee an- acattared over
tin* Intervening country, ami un toon us
the roiile hus heen localeil application
for llie charter will be made In another
The proposeil route will run north of
ll"* main line of the Canadian Northern
In almost ll bee-line between  Winnipeg
and Prlnoe Allien. Prom the latter
pli.ee ii will run northerly to LcsHer
Slavs- Lake, and then another bee-line
will In- iniiii,. to Kurt Nelson, through
the rich Pearl River country ami the
mining districts ol northern nniish Columbia, Leaving l'-orl Nelson, rather
wild country is tapped, which, us yet.
Is Hit I,, explored, ami there the moBt
illffleuli portion of the railway work be-
Kins, rocky passes, lakes uud sloughs innumerable blocking the wav. II Is also
thought lhat the Canadian Northern la
Interested in this jiroject. The new line
would go through the very heart of Sas
katchewan and Alberta, at present untapped by any railway,
Saikatchewan   Legislators   Forget  Old
Charter for College.
Kegina, 8usk��� April 1���An interesi.
Ing tpiestlnn has been raised In connection with the creation or the Unlver
ally of Saskatchewan by a bill which
passed the legislature last woek. It
appears that there Is already a University of Saskatchewan in existence, Incorporated by an act of the Dominon
Parliament 46V10,, cap. 47. The senate
of this university, whicli Is a Church of
Kngland institution, met on Monday at
Prince Albert and passed a resolution
protesting against the establishment of
another university of the same name
and notifying the legislative assembly
and the government ol Saskatchewan of
their Intention tn maintain their rights
and praying thut lhe proposed act shall
be so framed anil constituted as to preserve their rights In full and to continue
and enlarge their Institution, Including
the establishment of a college at Prince
Albert ln connection with the said uni.
An Inquiry here Indicates that the
government Is much alarmed by this
resolution. The legislature has full control over education in the province and
Is within Its rights In establishing the
new university. The Prince Albert in-
stittitiun will con tlnue to have the right
ts> confer degrees In theology.
Notice Is herebv given that so days from date
1 Inteml to anplv to Use Hon. Chlel Cssmmluioner
of Lands and works fssr a s|seclal lleenie to cut
ausl carry away tfusber [rom the following de-
icrtbcsl laml' In West Kooteuay district:
Commencing al a pint plantesl on the north
bank ol lOMlle eraek. about one mile aud a half
from Slocan lake, murked E Btraiist's nortrfwcit
corner post, theuee east lfio chains, thence louth
|,> itiiissi. thens-e west lfio cbains, ihence nortii
,0 ehalns to point of commencement.
Dated this Jilt day of March. 1907.
K. HTRinn. Locator.
Notice li hereby given that SO dayi alter date 1
Inteml Ip apply to the Hssuorable the Chic! Commluloner ot l.usi'1. and Worki, Victoria, ll C���
lor permission lo eut aud carrv away timber
Irom the lollowlng ileierlbesl land in Welt Kootenav s
Coiomens-lng at a posl planted about eight
miles from the mouth of tiisnl creek, and where
It Hows into tlu- Slos-an river and ahout alx
chains from the cteek upon the ,outh hank, ami
joining C. " mule's localism on this weit line
ami marks-,! P. Halle'i southeast eoruer ihiii.
theuce weit IflO chains, theuce north Vi chalus,
thence ca.l lfio chains, thence south *s cbalni lo
pntnt nl eommcns-emcnl.
Looated March ffltb. IWI
Jefi*. h.tv, Lossa-toe.
 per C B. Hittle, Agent.
N,stirs* Is hereby given that 30 slays alter date 1
llllelul to apply lo the Honorable tbe Chief Com-
mlulssuer Dl Landi and Works.  Victoria,   for
permlfalon to rut ansl carry away timber from
the following descrlU-,1 laud In Weat Kooteuay:
Commencing at is issal plstnteil nlsont six mile,
from the rnosslh of Ooat creek aud where It Howl
into Slocan river, anil nNuit 15 chains from the
ereek, upon the -s-tills bauk and marked c 11
tiltil,-*- louthcast s-orncr post, thonce welt IflO
chain., tbence north 40 chains, thence east lfiO
chalus, thanee south 40 chains tss point oi com
Dated March Mill, IWI.
c. B. Hittle, Iascator.
Notls-e Is hereby given that thirty days after
date 1 Inleiul to apply lo the Hon. the Chlel
Commissioner ol Lauds and Works, at Victoria,
for a special lli-euse lo cut unsl carry away timber
irssm the following described lands ln Weat
Kosstciiav, that Is to lay: .ommenclng at
Huscrofts ansl Schormurhorn's post No *,
ruuning thenee easl Sll ehains, thence louth So
chains, llu-nce west 8U chains, thoueo north So
chains to point of commcueement post No. 3,
s-isiiisinsillg sitst acres of land, more or lew.
Dated al Creston, B.O., this Bad day of March,
A.D.. Ulli.
Notice Is herehv given that thirty uayi alter
date I inlcnd to a'pisly lis the Hon. the Chiel Commissioner of LanitB and Works, at \ ts'tssrla.
lor a special lii-onse to eut and carry away timber
from tbc foil-wing daaorlhod lamls in -Ant
Kootenav, tliat Is lo lay: Commencing al si
p-slnt BOonatas-salt ssf the northwest coruerof
ll meruit und Hclii'rnicrhom'a post No. 1. run-
ulug iouth in chains lo poat No s, thence
easi ��l chalm. thence north ��*> chalm. thence
we.t so chains, thenee south Hu chains to place ol
commencement |sosl Ns,.'-. containing 640 aerea.
more sir less.
Hated at Creston, B.C.. this :_tnil day of March,
A.D.. 1IW7
Oeo Huichoft,
j, c scshermerhorn.
Noll,*,- Is hereby given llissl thirty slays alto-
slate 1 llltenil tss apply Iss Use Hon. the Chlel Colli,
mlssloner of Lands anil Worki. at Victoria,
tor a s|seclssl lleonc-j to cut ansl ssirry away tlm-
Iss-r from the lollowlng slescrlbcd laiuli in Welt
Kossleiuiv. thai Is lo say: Commencing at a
post planted 40 Ohalns eait of ihe northenit
corner of block sm. (posl markeii 81J KB J
thonco running eaat Sll cnalm, lhence son s so
ehalni. thonce welt SO chalm. theuce north 80
chains to location poat No. 1, containing 640
acres of land, more or fell. -���    .
Dated at Creiton. B.C., thii -ind day of March.
A.D..1W7. GEO. Htlicsori,
Tnke notice that 1 Intend, thirty dayi alter
date to applv to the Honorable the Chief Com-
nilisiouet of Landl nnd Works for a ipecla
Ucou.se tss csil anil carry away Umber frsim the
following deicrlbed lands, iltuated on Bandy
Creek, lu Wesl Kosslcnay district: Commencing
nl a liost planted ssn ihe wcsl ilde, ot said creek,
ii 1 mwke I "J- P, SI" northwest corner: thenco
running aonth eighty chains; tnence east eighty
chains, theuee lusrtls eighty chains; thence welt
eighty chains to place ol commencement.
'. r. BWlBBIWi
Dated IhliVJth day nl February. 1KB.
All Dominion and provincial civil aer
vantB took a holiday to day.
Newltt & Co. are removing to the
premises lately occupied by thc bowling alley.
The Buster tlecoratlonB of the window
of It. M. Hood's store have attracted a
great deal of atliuii ntion.
With Ti pupils enrolled and over 50
attending every day, the necessity for
an assistant teacher In the Hume school
lu ulready urgent.
Advertising ln The Daily Canadian
evidently pays. A small advertisement
notifying the loss of a simple urtlcle
resulted In the owners of two siniiliir
urtlcles necelvlng their property within
half an hour of each other.
Kootenay Lodge. I. O. O. R, No. 16,
will have a social evening in their lodge
room tonight beglnnlg at il o'clock. Besides a good musical programme tho
proceedings will Include the conferring
of the unique transportation degree.
The enrollment at the Nelson high
-school for March was lu. attendance,
.'16.63; public school, 381 and 347.83; total, 421, and 384.46. The percentage of
regularity Is over 90. Miss Thomas' division wins the Wilson banner for best
attendance, with 94.76 per cent.
"Companin Act, 1897."
Province of British Columbia, \
Do 978.
THIB IH TO CPRTIFY tbat the "Nakusp Fruit
Landi,' Limited," is RUthorHed nud llueused to
ititrv on buiineM within the province of Brltlab
Colu'mbi*. ind to carry out ur effect aU or auy of
tbe objecti of tbe compiny to which the legislative authority of the LegUlature ol uritlih Columbia extendi.
Tbe head offlce of the company li iltuate at the
City of Winnipeg. Province of Manitoba.
The amount ofthe capital of tbe company ls tve
hundred thousand do'lan, divided Into two
thousand five hundred shares of ten per cent
preference stock of the par value of one hundred
dollars each, and twenty-five hundred nharas of
common itock of the par value of one hundred
dollars each.
The head offlce of the company In tb is province
ht situate at tbe Ctty of Nelson, and Robert Wet-
���on* Hannington, barrister, who e address li
tke same. Ih the attorney for the company.
Ulven under my band and sea) of office, Victoria, Province of British -Columbia, this 16th
���vay of February, one thousand nine hundred
an-l seven.
[U��.\ 8. Y.WUOTTON,
Registrar of Joint Block Companies.
The objects for which the company baa been
mtablislicil and licensed arv:--
(a.) Buying, selling, leasing or disposing of
vuai mines, coal aud wood lands, farming, graslug
and fruit lauds, and timber limits, and to work
and develop the same;
(b.) To carry on tbe business of Immigration
and colonisation agents, make advances to
assist settlers on lands purchased from tbe
company and to secure the repayment of such
advances with Interest on such terms and In
auch manner by way of mortgage or agreement
as may be mutually agreed upon.
(c.) To carry nn ute business of ranching,
breeding, selling aud dealing in cattle, burses,
abeep aud other live stock;
(il.) To purchase, sell and deal tn lumber,
wood, coal, minerals, grain, provisions,clothing
and geueral supplies;
(e.) To carry on trade as general mercbauts
aud forwarders;
If.) To Issue in payment of any property
acquired by the company, shares ofthe capital
stock of the company as fully paid up and nonassessable or otherwise;
(p.) To carry on the buMnessof manufacturers
and dealers in power generators and motors of
every description, to construct and operate all
classes of vehicles, agricultural implements,
machinery, boats, steamers, barges and ferrvs
lu whleb the|sald motors amused; to construct
and operate boat lines and to carry on the business of carriers, cartage and parcel deliveries,
to own and operate omnibus lines and vehicles
aud boats for hire; to tell, lease and supply
electricity; to own and operate electric plants,
aud generally to carry on any of the business
incidental to thc aforesaid purposes and objecu
ofthe company;
(b.) To purchase, tsike on lease, exchange or
otherwise acquire or dispose of any real or
personal property, and any rights or privileges
which the company may consider necessary
for the purposes of their operations;
and to sell and dispone of any lands or other real
estate and personal property at any time owned
or controlled by the company or any part 'hereof,
orauy control therein, or claim tbereon,and generally to do all such things as are incidental to
or conducive to the carrying out of tbe objects
of the company;
(1) To become shareholders in any existing or
proposed company, aud to promote ami assist ln
promoting any company carrying on a business
pertaining to tha objects for which this company
Is incorporated, and which may prove useful to
this company, ami to acquire, take over and operate tbe business of any such company or companies, nnd to enter Into an agreement for sharing of profits, union of Interests, reciprocal concessions or otherwise, with any person or company and take or otherwise acquire or hold
���hares and securities of suoh company or companies;
(j) To iii-quiro ami hold lands by gift or purobase nr as mortgagees or otherwise as fully and
freely as private Individuals, and to tell, lease,
mortgage or otherwise alienate the same, and to
exercise all the powers set out ln the several
C*rtlflo��t��   of Improvemanta
The Strathcona
Nelson, B.O.
Reg. Geo. Webb, Prop.
The Leading Hotel in the
Oood   Sample    Rooms.
Queen's Hotel
Dakar street, Helton. B. O,
Lighted by Electricity ud
Baled by Hot Air
Large anil Comfortable Dedroomi eail Flnv
ClftMl'lDlUX KlMSUS.     ..XS,,|>i<    Lull SIS. IIH   s  SSIISSULI-
UBS. I. C.CLAKKK. I'ronrletreM
Grand Central Hotel
Tuu hotel bai been completely renovated and
newly furnished with all modern equipments.
Hot water heating throughout.
RATKH : Rooms, GOc. upwards ; meals 2&c. ;
special rates by the week.
J. A. EE10K80N, Proprietor
Telephone, 250.   Opposite Court House
and Postoffice, Nelson, B. C.
Tremont House
laropestD end American Vlttt
���eel, �� eta.   Booma from a Ota. to P
Only White Help Implayea.
���aker St.. Nelaon Provr
Bartlett   House
Best DoQar-a-Day Hotoe in Nelson.
Tho Bar la the Flneet.
White Help Only Implored.
ioaephlne Bt
Royal Hotel
Ratea $1 and $1.60 a Dny.
Special Hate* to Kegnlar Bcardero.
Moil coralortftblc quarters In Nelaon
Only tbe best of Liquors and cigars.
March 29th to April 1st
Notlco li Uoreby gtveu that 80 dui������ d��$
I intend toapply lo the Hoiiorabk the Chief
('ommlKsimier ol Umln ami Works, VictorU, (ot
tlVfliilli.'omTto��*ut M.2 5��r7 "wVi *!.n ^
m,i tlu' loUOWlllg ileserlhe.l pftwOl iMiil in
Wut KoOtaUM illittrlPt: Commencing at ft post
nlwtedftobttiniFromUM oust anuiu ol bppor
Sm"* '"H1 ftl"1 ��"J,,lim,K ,llm'k :R? m \iw 80llth
iml mnrke.1   "Chas,  KhlV northwest eorner,
tSttSaoutb 80 ohalni. thenea eait 80 ohalna,
u it i<   tl. 80 chains, thence went 80 ehulUH to
point ot (ioinraencemeiii.
Dated the itb day ol March, 1007,
CHAI. Khl.
Rio Tentc, Orinoco,Queen Victoria Fractional
aud Ornoco Fractional Mlueral Claims, altuate
ln the Nelion Minim: Division of Weat Kootenay
Louated on Queen Victoria Mountain, near
Beasley Biding.
Take Notice thnt 1, Frank C Oreen, acting as
went lor Michael Kfcan, Free Miner's Certificate
No. B51S,iutend, sixty days from the date hereof,
to apply to the Mining Hoc order for Certlllcatei
of Improvemeu's, for the purpete of obtaining
Crown Orants of the above claims.
And further take notiee t>*at action, undei
aectlon ;t', must be commenced before the
Issuance of such Certificates of Improvementa.
Dated tins Hth day of January, 1007.
Certificate of Impforfinfflti
"I'ortla," "Amos,*' *-*.aat Hide Ko. 2" and "Bet-
Una Fractional" mineral claims, situated in
the Blocan City Hlulug Division ol Weet Kootenay District
Whore located: At head of Springer Creek, near
the Arllnf ton mine.
Take Noilce that f, Frank C. Ureen, acting aa
agent for the ArllnRton mines, Limited, Free
Miner's Curtlticate No. H460tt, Intend, sixty days
from the date hereof, to apply to the Mining Re
���corder for a Certlllcateof improvements, for the
purpoae of obtaining a Crown Grant of the above
Audi urther take notloe that action, under
Motion If, muat bu commenced before the lean
���noe of such Certificate of Improvementa.
pated hfi 18th day "* December, 1006.
r.U.aaiiK, Nalaon, B.U
Fare and One-Third
For the Round Trip
To and from all points.
Ticket* on tale March 27th to April
Ht.   Final return limit April 2nd.
For full particulars, rates and folders
apply to
A.G.P.... VancouTer. D. PA.. Nelsoo
Wholesale and Retail Dealers In
Fresh and Salted Meats
Oampn supplied on shortest notice and
lowest price. Nothing but fresh aud
wholesome meats and supples kept in (stock
Mall orders receive oareful attention.
f�� slu... F*uit Lands
In every section of this district.
Large or small tracts.
S. M. BRYDGES, Imperial Bank Block j
...................................... tmtMttitMMmatMttaaMMmmMm
Fine Building Site
Chraput Buy
....In Town
(20 Feet x J20 Pact
One-half block south from Baker St.
Only $4,000, on terms.
Choice Fruit
I Ban 10,000 Acres
of the
Choicest Frott Unds ta
BetMsh Cobmbfc.
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
J. E. ANNABLE,    -    Nelson, B. C.
For Sale on Easy Terms
10-Acre Blocks at Thrum's
Being a subdivision of the Manhart Pruit Farm. Flraielaas Fruit
Land. Practically cleared and free from rock. Plenty water and a depot
and postoffice right at the door.    For particulars apply to
In thc matter of an application for the Issue of
a duplicate of the Certificate of Title for an
iin-iivMcl 1-8 nl Lot* 2, und 3, Block 12, Town of
Notice is hereby given th ttlt Is my intention
in issue at the expiration of one month fr--m
1 h>* first publication hereof a duplicate of tbe
Certificate of Title to tho above lauds in the
name of Florence M. Hodglns which Certificate
is dated the 28th day of December, itm, and
numbered _ti6IK.
District HefUtrar.
���And Uegixtrr offlce. Nelson, U 0
January 28th, 190..
Certificate of Improvement*.
"May," "B.C.," "Btrathroy," "Joy,1* "Joy Fractional," and "JohnU.MiibieV'MiBeralClaims.
situated lu tbe Blocan Citv Mining Division of
the West Kootenay District.
Where located:���North of Twelve Mile Cteek
about one and a half miles up.
Take notie. that 1, li. R. Jorand of Sloean hx
Free Miner's certificate No. B7S800, as agent for
Horace Q. Vau Tuyl, Free Miner a certificate No.
HMUt intend, sixty days from Ihe dato hereof,
toapply to the Mining Hecorder lor m Certificate
ol Improvements, for tee purooae of obtaining a
Crown Grant of the aald mineral claims.
And further  take  notice that action under
Section 37, must be commenced before tbe issu
ance of such Certificates of Improvements.
Dated this 3rd Day of January, Utn.
Certificate of Improvementi
"Bmpress," "Climax," "Horteihoe," "Queen,'
"Union Jack," situated In Nelion Mining
Located on Porcupine creek.
Take Notice that 1, Frank Fletcher, agent for
the Active Oold Mining Company, Free Miner's
Certificate No. B&25U. intend, 60 days from date
hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder for a
Certificate oi Improvements for the purpoae of
obtaining a Crown Grant of the above claims.
And further take -notice tbat action, under
Section 37, must be tommenced before the Iwu-
aucc of such Certificate uf Improvemints.
Dated Nelsou, 13th Dec, luoo,
Certificate of Improvements
"Amu" mineral claim, situate*) ln the Blocan
City   Mining   Division   of   WeBt   lootenay
Where lo ated: On Springer Creek near the
Arlington Sawmill
Take Notice that 1, Frank C, Groan, acttnir as
agent for the Arllugton Mines', Limited' Free
Miner's Certificate No. B460R, inteud, sixty davs
from date hereof, toapply to f* e Mining Recorder
Iur a Certificate of Improvemenu, for the purpose of obtaining a Crjwn Grant of the above
And further take notice thst action, under
section 87, must be comme�� ed before the
lsautnce of such Certificate of Improvemenu.
nated this l'Jtn nay of December, IM.
F. c. gmun. Nelaon, II. C.
B. & TRAVES, Manager*
F. C. GREEN      F. T. BURDEN      A. H. GREEN
Civil Engineers, Dominion and British
Colombia Land Surveyors
r.O.BoxU5   TheatliXW.
"CompanlM Act, 1897."
Province of British Columbia. (
;V 374.
THIB IB TO CERTIFY that the "Columbia
Valley Land Company," uauthorised aad licensed to carry on business within the province rf
British Columbia, and to carry out or effect all
oranyol the objects of the Company to which
the liglalative autbortiv of the Legislature of
Hritish Columbia extends.
The head office of the Company u sltuato at
4ht- city of Winnipeg, provlnoe of Manitoba.
Tbe amount of the capital ot tbe aald company
ls one handled thousand dollars, divided lato
one tbouaand shares of one hundred dollan each
The head offlce of the oompany in this province ls situate at the City of Mellon, and Robert
Wetasore Hannington, barrUter, whoee addresi
is Nelaoa. B. c, is the attorney lor the oompany.
Given nnder my hand and aeal of office at
Victoria. Province of British Columbia, this Sth
day of February, one thousand nine hundred
and seven.
\L. a.) 8. V. vYOOTTON.
Registrar of Joint Block Companies.
The objecu for which this company hu beeu
established aud licensed we:
(a) Buying, selling, Itasing or disposing ef
coal mines, coal and wood lands, farming, graslug and fruit lands and timber Umiu, and to
work and develop the aame:
(b.) To earry on the buhinew ol emigration
and colonisation agenti, make advances to assist
h. ttlers on lands purchased from the oompany,
aud secure repayment of such advances, with
Interest, on suun terms and in sueh manner by
way of mortgage or agreement as may be mutually agreed upon
(c.) 'lo carry on the business of ranching,
breeding and wiling aud dealing In cattle,
horses, sheep and other live stock;
(d.) To purchase, sell aad deal ln lumber
wood, ooal, mineral, grain, provision*, clothing
and general supplies:
(e.) To oarry on the trade aa general merch-
anti and forwarders:
(t) To Issue ln payment of any property acquired by the company shares of the capital
stock of the company as fully paid up and non
assessable or otherwise:
(g) To carry on the business of manufutnren
ano dealers In power generators and motors of
every dercriotloo, to construct and operate ell
cleases of vehicles, agricultural lmplemenu, machinery, boau, steamers, barges and ferries in
which thc aalil motors aro used; to construct and
operate boat lines, and to carry on the bustnees
of carriers, cartage aud parcel delivery; to owu
and operate omnibus lines and vehicles and
boau for hire; to wil, leake and supply ?ower,
and to general* uud sell, leaae, aud supply electricity ; to own and operate tleuirlc pianU and generally to earry ou any buslueas incidental to Uie
aforesaid purposes and objects of the compauv:
(h.) To purchase, take or lease, exchange or
otherwise acquire and dispose of any real or
personal property and any rlghta aad privileges
which tbe company may consider necessary for
the purpose* of their operations, and to sell aud
dispose of any lauda or otner real estate aud personal property at any time owned or controlled
by the oompany, or any part thereof, or any oon*
trol therein or claims thereon, and genet ally to
do all such things as ate incidental or conducive
to the carrying ont of the objecu of the company:
(I.) To become shareholders in anyoiutlng
or proposed company and to promote and assut
ln promoting any company -carrying on a bu��t-
neaa pertaining to the objects for whioh thut
company la incorporated aad which may prove
useful to thu eompaay, aad to arqutn, take over
and operate the business of any such company
or companies, and to eater Into engagements for
sharing profits, union ot interest, Jolutadven
tures, reciprocal concessions or otuewlee with
any person or eompaay, and take or otherwise
a'-quiru ami hold shares and securltWs of such
��� ompeny or enmpantae
WUININW AND ilKAPl'lMH oantallT alt��B��.
ed to. Apply
Noilce la hereby at-rao tbat Jsu. H Goodeaouf h
���aa made appUtsatt.su under thv -erQ-rtato-eii of
the "Mtiuor l.Henc- Act, l90n.*foranotelltceiisi#
haa made appUeatlnu under the BroTIMoaa of
the "Mtiuor l.Henc- Act, 190n.* for a hotel Hceissr*
foi the Whitewater Hotel,*! Whitewater, and that
a uitH-UUK oi the ttoaru 01 Uceuve CotumlHlispera.
of IhoAlniwt-rth License > UtMct, will ki-'helil
lis countiler iin-<h application, at the Kaslo Hostel,
at Kaalo, on Tanadar, th* Hth April, IM), at lhe
hull  ol eight o'clooa lu tin- alleruoon.
��MMbaC���MllllMM,WI, \
1..- iOafly Canadid..
We can show you the newest styles in TRAVELLING BAGS. HAND
BAGS and PURSES, and can sell them to you at most reasonable prices.
They are all first-class goods, and it will pay you to have a look through
our stock If you require anything in this line.   .
jTo Arrive |
For Easter |
Trade      !
Store will be closed Good Friday
tind Easter Monday.
Socialist   *Pnrty  ms-i-tn ever?  FrlsUy
* 1,'ulon Hall
take part In
evpning at B t�� m., In the Miners' union Hall
All an* Inviicii; Htiy ohe allowed to
lhe debates.    I. Austin, Secretary.
Ornamented Chocolate Eggs.
Blue Bird Eggs.    Cuckoo Eggs.
Robins'  Eggs,   Stuffed   Ducks   and
Chicks all sizes.
Make your selections while the stock
Is complete.
S.   I-I.   SEANEY
         Phone 206.
first-class repair; one block from car
line. . liW*
Price $1,400
$500 down, $100 in six months, balance on mortgage. .    it-Si
H. L Croadsdaile & <L��_
Next Door to Bank of Commerce.
All Kinds of Heating Plants ln Stock.
Victoria St., Nr. Opera House,     Tel. 181.
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch,
Creosote, Oils for
Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch and
Bout Builders will find it to their advantage to use onr Pitch.
Nelson Coke & Gas Co*
General Job Work, Chimney Sweep-
Ins. Carpet Cleaning, Fixing and Cleaning Stoves, etc.
121 East Baker St.        Phone No. A114
For Hot Tomato
Tea and Coffee.
Beef Tea.
,(���# >ft_   i%      Arrivals
J. C. Dufresne and wife, Blue Bell
mine; H. C. Mcllratney, J. C. Phillips,
Toronto; J. F. Cook, Arrowhead; A.
Bald, Victoria; 0. T. Stone, Kaslo; W.
J. Leonard and wife, St. Thomas; J. D.
Buchanan, Vancouver; F. W, McLaine,
A. M, Whlleslde, F. C. Buckles, Greenwood; ,1. 1). Sohofleld, .1. Williamson,
F. Ray, P. MacKay, Trial; Miss York,
Spokane; A, King, Seattle; A. P. Woola-
colt, Rossland; K. H. Farmar, Bonnington.
Cor, Vernon sand Ward Mti-..t��,
MII.SON,   B. C.
J. FRED HUME, Proprietor.
Miss M. English, Miss L. Brunton,
Kaslo; J. Hylmay, C. Fulton, Vernon;
P. Murray, I'eachland; Miss K. Cock-
rell, Miss E. L. Etheridge, Kelowna;
Mrs. McCutcheon, Greenwood; C. S.
Avlwin. Winnipeg; W. Burns, D. Blair,
A. J. Bates, F. J. Gillespie, R. S. Pyke,
Vanoouver; N. McGowan, New York;
S. E. Bradley, Toronto; C. Mead, Montreal; R. Harvey, Gladstone, J. Siemens,
0. J, Handley, R. E. Orchard, S. Nor-
ris, Ymir; W. L. Urldgeford, Salmo; G.
T. Wood, Mountain; A. P, Lorsch, C. K.
McRae, Spokane; D. C. Montgomery,
Port Gulchon.
.1. Kelly, II. Burns, J. Riley, Slocan;
F. Wilson, Silver King; S. Osborne,
R. Knowlton, B. Winter, Mr��, h, Bergeron, sMr. and Mrs. T. S. Richardson
and family, A. Black and family, Go-
mere, Man.: R. J. Percy, Brandon; J. F.
Fraser, Bonnington; R. Rounds, Koch
Siding; J. .1. Worth, Calgary; S. Mur
phy, Moose Jaw.
M. Barry, Kimberly; C. Morris, Slo
can; 0. 11. Cavveth, Erie; W. J. Beale,
J. Lasnre, T. Spencer, Salmo; J. Cul
lv, B. Perry, J. Wood, Phoenix; G. B
White. Doer Park; C. R. Brown. Chi
cugo; W. Johnson, Coykandahl, H. G
Pownall,  MontreaJ.   	
Swiss Cream Sodas
Fresh from the
Next Sunday a forty hours' devotion
will begin at the Church of Mary Immaculate. There will he live visiting
priests In attentluneo, including Hev.
Father Coccola.
Nelson lacrosse players are keen students of the wenther these days. A
meeting will he held Friday evening In
the tire hull at 8 o'clock. The club hns
a cash balance on hand from last year.
The decoration of the Armoury for
the Hospital ball has been eompleted.
They will be in place during the sessions of the Teachers' Convention and
will add greatly to the appearance of
the big hall.
Chief Deasy completed his first year
in ofllce in Nelson yesterday. During
that period the total lire loss has been
$l,fcuu. No flre has escaped from the
building iu wlhch it originated, uml no
building has been completely destroyed.
Telephone 161.
COOK���Hotel, HO. WaUreMiWIatonce Phone
As the season for rubbish burning is
approaching, Chief Deasy of the lire department, begs to remind all citizens
thai a by-law passed last year requires
the securing of a permit from him before any fires can be started out of
doors any place within the city limits.
During March there have been only
two fire alarms, Taylor & McQuarrle's,
and the Hail Mines smelter, the latter
outside the city limits. The loss on the
former waB $1,350, out of a total value
of $6,500; loss ttt the smelter about
$500, both fully covered by insurance.
Complaints of chickens being allowed
to run at large have already' reached
the chief of police. Some salutary lessons were administered last year ln
this connection. If the offence Is repeated this year lt ls to be expected
that the penalties will be considerably
Many transfers of city real estate,
Including business property as well as
residences, are under consideration. It
ls certain that building operations in
Nelson this year will be more extensive
than for many years, past. Baker street
will have several of Us gaps permanently closed.
Late this afternoon It was decided by
the executive committee of the Teachers'
Institute that Mr. Mclntyre's place on
the programme for tomorrow morning
would be laken by J. D. Buchanan, of
the British Columbia Normal School,
and Mr. Buchanan's place ln thc public
school section on Wednesday be taken
by Mr. Mclntyre.
M. Schuster, of Spokane, brother-in-
law of Hermann Iluchtmann, who was
killed at the Hall Mines smelter last
Saturday morning, arrived ln the city
last night, and took charge of the funeral, which was held from D. Robertson & Co.'s undertaking parlors at 2; 30
this afternoon, Rev. E. II. Shanks officiating. The deceased was a menjbei*
of the Lutheran church.
The Store of Quality
You e mmi witli food office experience icak�� e
pOllUOn.   Apply tox M8, Nelion, B. C.
A POSITION A-h ��� LURK, hy a book keeper who
.g quirknii'l accurate a' flgUrei. Addre*�� Sydney V HB.II, box 563, Bag na, Bm-k.
WOMAN SECOND COOK, *4Q.0Q   Waitress ftt-00
At once-   VV. Parker.
TWO FIRBT-v;l,A��*>9 huOrtS, steam heated.   Apply hotuekeflner. 8rd flat. K, w. c. block.
EGOS 8UPPLIBD from the leading vnrletieso!
Pure Bred Poultry, guaranteed true to nam' ���
Apply J (' DlxOD. BOX kit, Vanrouver���Seij'yt
�����[ the Vancouver Poultry and P   Association.
TWO POOL TABIjKS and otiu Combination BU-
Hard and Pool Table. Everything complete
Mi'l In good tondLtion. 8. J. Mlghton, 'Iobac-
rfonttt, Crutlbiook, H. C.
Finder return to thii office aud receive reward
If you like nice, clean, criap
Biscuits we recommend you lo
try the
20th Century Package
Per Package.
Graham Wafers 10c
Ltmon  Cream  10c
Vanilla Wafera     10c
Society Tea  10c
New England Ginger Snap 10c
Krlapo Ginger Wafera  10c
Butter���Thin 10c
Milk Toaet  10��
Dainty City Soda (Salted) 16c
Saratoga Flakta (Salted)   15c
Put up In packages and thuB
ever fresh. It costs little to
give them a trial, and they
prove themselves worth lt.
K. W. C. Block . Phonfl 1ft
i aat t* weaaea .. ��� ���     tata w    ���   11 ^s
W.   a.   GILLETT
Contractor and
Bole agent for the Porto Rico Lumber Co., Ltd.,
retail yardi.   Rough and dre������d lumber, turned
work and brackets, Coast lath and shinnies, sash
and doori.    Cement, brick and lime for sale.
Automatic grinder. .....
Yard and factory: Vernon St.. cant of Hall
P. O. Box 232. Telephone 178
A. M. Can. Soc. C. K.
Mining Work a Specialty.
OHIoe: Bealey Building.   P. O. llo-
*    -taker St., NELSON, B. C.
3   doz.  for
C* A* Benedict
Corner Silica and Josephine Sts.
2 Books
Everybody who would make the most of
themselves and realize their highest
possibilities should read.
Right and Wrong Thinking
And their Results, by Aaron Martin
Crane, price  $1.75
Health Through Stlf Control
In Thinking, Breathing, Eating
Price  $1.75
These are not "fad" books. They aro
thoroughly sane and scientific. They
are written by men who are recognized
authorities on the subjects treated, and
set forth facts and principles which are
coming to be recognized by the world's
leading thinkers.
Orders by mall promptly and accurately
attended to.
W. G. Thomson
ISS* ana Nelson, B. C.
Phona J4.
Franw  Hrewer spent  a part  of last
week in the neighborhood of Hold mil.
There was the usual blank docket in
the city police court this morning.
P. .1. Deane, editor of Tlie Daily New-B,
returned from the coast last night.
P. Lamont has left California for
home. He will return by way of Victoria.
Mrs. P. C. Elliott and daughter, of
Trout Lake, have gone on a trip to Europe.
The coroner's inquest on" the death of
Hermann huchtmann will be resumed
next Monday.
The annual meeting of the vestry of
St. Saviour's church will be held in the
mission room tonight at 8 o'clock.
P. S. McDonald, C. P. R, station agent
at Lardo, has heen transferred lo Sandon. He Is succeeded at Lardo by J.
The tunnel on the Calumet and Hecla property on Rapid Creek Is now in
180 feet and most favorable indications
have been reported.
"A Double Elopement" will he produced at Sherman's opera house this
evening. It is intended to create laughter, and will no doubt attract a large
J. H. Schorield, M. L. A. for Ymir,
arrived from Trail yesterday afternoon
at '1:30, and left again this morning for
the coast. The session or the legislature will be resumed on Wetlnosdady.
Paul Mannarlno came up for hearing
Saturday afternoon on the charge of attempt to murder ami was again remanded for eight days. Chief Bullock-Webster leaves tomorrow morning for
Cranbrook. On his arrival there Dr.
Green will attempt, by means of x-rays,
to locate and extract the bullet lodged
iu James Mannarino's back.
The Full Measure
Style and Value!
You have ,1 perfect right to insist
upon a perfect fit anil perfect style
when you are paying from |1& to
$25 for a suit.
20th Century Brand
will fill llll your highest expectations
and your most exacting ili-inaiuls.
They are the nearest approach to
perfection thnt we Hnd in the tailoring world. We can prove these
facts to you if you will but give us
the opport unity.
$18.00 Style and Value for...$13.00
120.00 Style and Value for...$15.00
Boys'  Suits  at  $2,  $3,  $4  and $5
Important Sale of Men's
and Boys' Shoes
Men's  regular $4.00  Box Calf
Shoea  for $3.00
Boys' regular $2.50 Box Calf
Shoes  for $2.00
Clearance Sale of Mens' Under-
wear at $1, $1.50 and $2 per Suit.
Men's Cashmere and Wool Socks
at 25c a pair or 5 pairs for $1.00.
W. Baker St.
Sherman's Opera House
Monday, April 1st,
Return engagement of "My Wife's
Family" Co., in
A Double Elopement"
The funniest farce ever written. Special vaudeville turns.
Prices 50c, 7r>e, $1.00.
Plan at Rutherford's Saturday.
Coal! Ice! Wood!
Phone 265
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Frott,
Fuel & Poultry Co., Ltd.
N. E. cor. Baker  and  Ward  Sti.
A collection ot all the Latest
Shapes and Sizes.   A free
smoking and most satisfactory pipe.
Tobacconist.   Baker Street.
Trains and Boats.
Crow boat���On time.
Coast and Sloc&n train���Hour late.
Boundary train���On time.
Rowland train���On time.
Kaslo boat���Op  time.
���*���������-���' ��� ���^^���ggrj^ >i iiiLM-j u1. .���.������.���.J���.���'������ ���B     '  -K
We have notice from our landlord to vacate our storo by April 1st. In
ordor to reduce our stock before moving we will sell goods now In slock
at greatly reduced pricos. If you want bargains In Clothing nnd dent's
Furnishings drop In and see for  yourself.
We have just received a most complete and
well selected stock of strictly fresh seeds.
Come early aud get your supply. Prices right.
Wl-ioiesoie Provisions,
Government Creamery Ono Pound Bricks received weekly fresh from the
churn.   For sale by all leudiug grocers.
Office and warehouse: HouBton Block,   Phone 79.
Josephine Street. Nelson, B. C.
289 doz. Linen Collars To Be Sold at
$1.50 per doz.
Spring is Here
We have prepared for this season by passing into stock all the
requisites for the rancher, gardener or householder.  Spades,
Shovels, Rakes, Hoes, Spading Foiks, Tree Primers,
Tree Sprayers, Small Garden Tools, Etc.
Prompt attention paid to letter orders.
I* H. Ashdown Hardware
Company, Limited.
R��spulrIng mnl Jobblnii vitss;uUd -with Dseapntuh.   Shu��t IVIutnl
Work, Mining unci Mill Mi.cslilnc-ry.     Mnnufuuturvra of
Or* Cars. H. tt.   Contruutore* Curs,
NELSON,    B. C.
Spring Stock lust Opened Up!
Car-loud Linoleums and Carpets
Prom Qlasgow, Scotland.
Best Qualities at Low Prices.
Standard Ft**nitti*e Company
Mason ti s9.ir.vh Platinfl.
Ostcnnoor Mattresses.
Marshall Sanitary Mattresses.
Complete Hotise Furnishers
Undertakers,    Embalmers
Lumber, Shingles,
Lath, Mouldings, Doors, Windows.
Turned Work and Brackets. Mail Orders promptly attended fo
VBRlNOtM STREET  -  .   -   NKI-HON. t��. C.
Galvanised Iron Work
are unequalled In the Kootenays. If you require air pipe,
���moke Stacks or special work of any kind call or write for
Wood-Vallance Hardware Co., Limited


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