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The Daily Canadian Feb 8, 1907

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 I.    No.  211.
luteal Evidence of
messes Continued
Court Go to Show Inner-
less of High Life in New
York Society.
Vsirk,  Feb. 8.���Evelyn   Nesbitt
Hiiuied tils' stand in Ibe Thaw
lay.    Ureal   crowds today   belli., doorways of   the   criminal
llie beginning of the trial of
Thaw for the murder of Stan-
sin      The corridors   aoon   be-
ronged  with the curious, who
Issr admission  t o the room
was expected Evelyn Nesbitt
snld continue the story of her
|ntiing  the  narrative  from  late
where she left off yesterday,
slate.   The doors of the court
-re not opened until 10 o'clock
������ was taken today to see that
llmse  business  compelled  their
in   the trial   had  the  first
iity  to  enter,   then enough  of
* i had found thlr way through
],iilice lines to fill t he room
Itnost  seatolng capacity  were
There  were nol moer than
ore of women among the spec
l.i ,i  in Justice Fitsgerald took
ssn Hie bench and Mrs. Thaw
->! to the stand.
|.Mis   Evelyn  Nesbitt Thaw to
sl     requested   Mr.   Delmas of
When she appeared and look
* in the big witness chair she
>vl ajie  same  a��  yesierday.
.-mi-mely  pale  and her lips
visibly as she replied to the
pie question    asked    by  her
Tills  wus after  Mr. Delmas
-d lhat before any  testimony
Jen lie would continue to read
crlpl of thc last letter offered
ice yesterday.   The letter was
Attorney Longfellow.   Tho
|t was as follows:
could have made be believe
[first saw her that  she would
one except hlm, whom I first
|slie cared for, my    letter.     I
ive tied up eirery cent ln the
ee weeks ago to get money
ns presents for you, tlial nf-
rusting each other no bypno-
_lt make you forget all, and I
bul   lt   Ib   Inexpresslonably
llmas' rirst question lo the wit-
as to whether or   not   the
I the letter referred to tbe witli r." came the tremulous reply.
"i* continue*   "1   have been
|t I" have anything to do with
u.e    you    are    a dangerous
s* never lied lo you. From lhe
In- ever saw you he wanted
best for you, to send you to
Paris with your mother or to
Issitli to school and he never
ping not respectful.   Yesierday
believed  everything  false
I'.i you. us you did before, but
absolutely honest, be would
s harm ever  for it, only he
lie won't    trouble   you at
would do anything for you,
.���su  must  get   stronger with*
Vou said you would live any
hy way he wished, so ho could
||s> lened you und had all the
l.vssur exclusive friendship and
|lm himself.   Instead, he wish-
up everything to do all be
* you.   I wish you would have
bis- evening through tbe phone.
Mm sure I'll explain.    Afler
poor m-advlsed angel I was
Bhe meant to do right, and
,   uni had she only kept the
|hics from ihat polluted, lying,
niled, money grasping, smooth-
jinn-d-hearted but soft-speaking
pal deceiver.'*
letter were  also  the wordB:
Evelyn   to  become  Mis-
but    through    them had
fm n line.
'he* in lhe letter refer lo
Did he speak of himself
oriespondence?*'    asked    Mr
.-." replied the witness.
|er   atiil a small    magnifying
Te pnssed to the Jurymen, who
he  time examining     the  pa-
er which was also written to
|ellow by Mr. Thaw while ln
after he heard Evelyn Nes
J, said in part:
I you for Bending (5 (land 820
for White's telegram. 1 know a contented woman is happy. If vou hear
anything please cable, hut 1 think it
will he secret. I was not mlsluken.
Being honest has finished  ine."
The next leller read by Mr. Delmas
was very brier and was written by
Thaw after reaching New York.
"Dear Longfellow," lt read, "Enclosed find check.   Sen d  a $10 bill
alwayB cleean. In first typewriting tomorrow send till to May. Thank you
more Ihan ever. I have nothing to live
for.    Yours, II. K. Thaw.'*
The next letter contained these
"Slept seven IiourB. Saw many Pitts-
burgers on the train. Mr. and Mrs.
O-eorge Carnegie should be your living
sister and brother-in-law. I am so glad
the Duse dress is pretty for you. I
wish I always knew you would wear It
first for me. I hav something Important to tell you when I see you. r saw
all through It. I believe you are hypnotized but I know It is not your fault,
and you meant no wrong. 1 want you
to know I shall never hurt you. You
know 1 never lie. 1 give you my sacred word that by the oath tbat there
Is lhat heaven above, your pure soul
shall go there. You have already been
-unlucky enough. You know 1 have always treated you with perfect respect"
The tone of the letter was most de-
Bpondent and spoke of "one .about to
expire." It continued. "You have lost
all faith now, when I've gone so broke
to please you. You know I have always
thought you the most good. 1 have always been honest and trustworthy wltb
you. Let your heart feel that there is
faith. You ought to know something
now of what faith is of my being
faithful unto dealh, and beyond. You
begged me not lo, so 1 have seen no
>oung ladles except , by accident.
You have In three weeks gotten a dangerous reputation. Also for telling
scandal, true or false.
"Take that back about Eleanor. How
would you like, without my asking ���?
Only I understand, and , therefore re'
spect you the same. Say someone got
It out to Bay so, not someone ��ou know.
nome stranger. They also say you are
going to Plero's and In six months you
may be ln lhe gutter, mentally and
morally and dishonorably. Is Howard
ln school? How much does lt cost?
If your mother must trust her friends
who robbed you ol >our birthright ttt
a young lady and made your father's
name a bye-word. If you only had let
me save you before you were 16, he
never would dare "
The letter continues: "It would never
havs- been told, I would have just acted as a friend, you know, and as a
Mend would bave rejoiced end asked
you nothing. Those stories aboul morphine. I have not used any dope in
my life.   I never lie to you."
It was evident from this letter
which was sent lo Attorney Longfellow
to be delivered lo Evelyn Nesbitt, thnt
It had been written subsequently to
the Interview with Ihe girl nt Ihe Hotel Navarre after their return from
Paris ln 1003.
At this Intervltw the girl told him of
the stories ahe had heard about him
and sold she could nol see hlm alone.
The letter, which In places was blurred
and had lo be Inspected with a magni
fylng glass, went en:
"I hi"c tried to forget you. Yon
should have been at Jo's wedding.
Mrs. Thaw said the reference w��s to
the wedding of JoBlab Th��w, the defendant's brother.   The letter went on:
"They would have seen onr honesty
and vou would have been so respected.
Your reputation as a beautiful woman
would have been greater over the
world, You oould have owned Pittsburg, not In money, but politically.
Alone I can't settle down. Besides, 1
have no one worth doing It for. Twice
I had to leave the table so they could
not see, bul In some ways I am a bear
it times; every other way I am more
cheerful- I nm not responsible now.
You must know every story, including
Dillingham, aud a fake, except one. .
I saw all those letters, all shame, but
I don't care a little brass check. You
knew me better than anyone and if ypu
don't trust m*. nnd you know I am true
and unselfish compared to most men,
then there Is no hope for me. 1 am
changed now, but nol lu truth, faithfulness or courage. Promise me one
thing: don't drink any champagne I
am too poor and must live at home. 1
can't pay for your ring now. Of course
if you are In need I can get loads of
money, but It would make trouble,
must stay here or get a cheap ticket
east. Of course, don't say anything
nbout thla." -
ThiB ended the letter reading ano;
Mr. DelmaB returned to the direct examination of Mrs. Thaw.
Japanese Do Not Want Mlxup Between
Labor and School Issues���Honor
Toklo, Feb. 8���While Ignoring the
Anti-Japanese feeling in a portion of
the American presB Ihe Japanese public la unanimous in demanding that the
solution of the San Frnncisco school
question must not Involve the labor
question. A mutual treaty restricting
the immigration of laborers Is contemned here as a onesided concession.
sacrificing Japanese honor without any
recompense. It Is felt lhat nothing de-
rotatory to the nation's honor, however
alight, muat be admitted In the diplomatic relation of the two nations.
Fifty Cunts a lffewT*
Governor Swettenham in
Public Eye
Remarkable Career of Public Man
Who Has Antagonized the
American Republic.
New York, Feb. 8���No man ls more
completely In the public eye at this
moment Ihan Sir James Alexander
Swettenham, governor of Jamaica.
Sixty-one yearB old, with the physical energy and vigor of a man of 30;
six feet tall, muscular, commanding.
Imperious, a ruddy face, steel-gray
eyeB, keen as a hawk's. There you
have Sir James Alexander Swettenham,
governor and commander-in-chief of Jamaica and its dependencies. This man
haB been a fighter all bis life. He
served his apprenticeship to the British
colonial civil service ln Ceylon and
Cyprus. A raw clerk, be worked quietly when other men were busy with ten*
nis racket or idling In the clubs.
In Cyprus be followed the same line
of action, studying the people, getting
near to them, striving to feel with
their feelings, think with their thought.
He was feeling for a method, striving
for a system. And when bis chance
came be bad found both.
When, eome 14 years ago. he became
colonial secretary of the Straits Settlements, with his brother, Sir Frank
Athelstane Swettenham, as governor-
in-chief, the Straits Settlements were
a burden, financially and In every otber
sense, to the llrlllsh government Tbe
country was undeveloped; Ihe natives
were unhappy and discontented; commerce was a negligible quantity, and
gloom in the minds of the people and
the government alike. Tbe 8wetten-
hanis changed all that. Finding that
the natives could not be persuaded to
work, they determined to |e��ch tltem
by another method. Tbey imported labor from the neighboring Hritish stales,
set about road making, railway construction, tbe establishment of towns.
tbe development of trade, the creation
of a popular reliance ln sympathy for
British doggedness, determination and
capacity to achieve. When he left the
Stya|ts Settlements to become governor ot British Guiana the country was
being rapidly developed, trade was
flourishing, towns were springing up
everywhere, the people were beginning
to take a pride in action, and the colony not only showed a handsome yearly surplus but made itself unique by
contributing, alone among all the colonies of the British empire, to the revenue of the crown.
ln British Guiana he met a task
worthy of his powers. The negroes,
who constitute the great bulk of the
population, were Incensed against the
planters for importing coolie labor.
Tbey were disinclined to comply wltb
lhe requirements of the education
code; they were determined lo make
trouble. Alexander Swettenham put a
stop to all lhat. He told Ihem thai,
since they declined to work on the
sugar plantations, upon which the commerce of the whole colony depended,
they must be content to let the coolies
work, snd since tbe sugar Industry supported them all, tbey must pay their
Bhare of the cost of immigration. He
devised a new education code, which
hn put in force, and which he compelled them to accept. He condemned
them for their Inertia, shamed them
with fiery words of scorn for their lack
of self-respect, and taught them bow
they might make themselves a power
in the land.
Once, when a negro village was flooded and the villagers thought they
should be paid for digglnng the drains
to save their village, he leaped from
his horse, lashed the bystanders with
words of contempt and, seizing a spade,
worked for an hour In Ihe trench until
it was completed. Tbey took the lesson to heart and did the necessary
work to protect their village without
He was never a respecter of persons.
One day a "big gun" went to government house to argue with him about a
certain meaaaure he was engaged in
drafting for the consideration of the
local legislature.
"If you do It that way you will hurt
ub," he said.
"And who are you that you should
not be hurt if the mosses of the people will benefit?" thundered the governor. "Go away, Bir; go away, and
���nark me, I am governor here, and I
govern for the people, not for selfish
When the news of the Martinique
cataclysm reached B rltish Guiana, the
legislature was not sitting, and its
members were scattered all over the
hundred thousand square miles of tbe
colony. Swettenham did not hesitate
an Instant. He chartered a steamer ly
lag In port, bought the entire cargo of
an American flour boat, despatched It
With a letter of credit on the colony
for (10,000 to the suffering people of
Fort de France���and then summoned
tbe legislature. There was some protest mi the part of the native members
of tbe legislature, but wben he threat
��ned io pay for tbe provisions himself
Ihey Abandoned tbelr opposition and
the bill was paid.
As it protector of the common people
Swettenham has bad no equal In the
reeorf. of tbe West Indian governorships. He discovered, on his arrival in
Brills! Guiana, that the coolie Immigrant j.omen were being made the vie
tims i, the planters and the estate overseers. Several of the most prominent
planters, leaders ln tbe society of tho
colony, were guilty. He warned them
by circular and by public utterance.
They took po notice.
" They had not gauged their man. He
promptly took up the case of one of
Ihe worst offenders, took away every
coolie from the estate under this man's
management, and notified the owners
and attorneys of the estate that tbe
coolies would not be allowed to go back
as long as the manager remained ln
charge-. The proprietors took the matter into court. The courts upheld the
governor and the proprietors appealed
to. the colonial office. While the appeal
waB pending, a deputation of planters
approached the governor and threatened n. make things so bot for him if
he did not give way lhat he would be
compi'-fted to resign. He heard them
oul and then h turned on Them and
���'Gentlemen. I hold my commission
from the king. The king ordered me
to gn��-d the interests of his subjects
here. 1 am the guardian, tn the king's
name, of every coolie man and woman
hi this against thes epeople. I warned
you to desist. Vou have defied me.
Now you thraten me. But I'll make you
nil an example ye! Go home and try
and be men!"
The colonial office upheld the action
of the governor, declared that be had
acted In the Interests of the people.
In Jamaica, which he haa governed
for three years, Sir Alexander has re-
organt-r. -the financial resources of the
island, purged tbe local civil service
of Idlers, Improved the educational
svstem and wakened the people up.
When It was proposed to Import Jamaica negroes to work on the Panama
canal, he refused point-blank to let a
single man go unless the United States
government would lodge a cash guar
antee on account of each negro sent to
Panama, to provide against their being stranded and their families becoming a burden on the Jamaica public.
Interesting Budget of Newsy Happenings���Value of Granby Railway and
Smelting Equipment.
(Special to Tbc Dally Canadian.)
Grand Forks, Feb.7.���The first regular business meeting of the city council was held last evening In the city
ball, when Mayor Hammer appointed
the following standing committees for
the present year:
Finance���Aldermen Woodland, Donaldson and Hardy.
Board of Works���McCallum, Mcintosh and Horner.
Water and Light���Donald-son, Hardy
and McCallum.
Health and Relief���Mcintosh, Woodland and Donaldson.
Cemetery ��� Horner, McCallum and
A. Olson, t he Swede laborer who attempted suicide lost Saturday night by
trying to cut his throat with a razor.
is recovering In the Cottage hospital.
Ihe wounds not being deep enough to
cause death.
W. J. Mclntyre, a foreman of the C.
P. R. yards at the Granby smelter, left
here yesterday for his home ln Toronto, where he will be married .and will
return to Grand Forks In about a
month with his bride.
P. H, Burnham, district passenger
and freigh agent for the Great Northern, wltb headquarters at Grand Forks,
is authority for the statement that the
trains will be running Into Oroville,
Wash., just as soon as the ballasting
of the road bed can be completed,
which has so far been delayed by the
bad weather.
From the latest advices received
here from New York, it Is learned that
the Oranby railway equipment and mining plant Is valued at 8458,385. The
smelter equlpmnt represents a cost of
(-S28.005. the converter plant and equipment, (128,492, while the power plant
is valued at (243.938. Then Is absolutely no bonded Indebtedness of any
kind on the Granby reduction works,
and Its surplus Is now estimated nt
The Brooklyn mine, after being Inactive for tbe last few weeks for wont
of ooal, has again resumed operations
and It making regular shipments to the
Boundary  Falls smelter.
- ���
Will Be Med from
Prestige and Power
Attorney   General  Walton Says:
"liberals  Entering on a
Strenuous Campaign*"
London, Feb. 8.���The attorney general. Sir John I.. Walton, who presumably
spoke with full knowledge of the In-
tentions of the government, made an
important declaration (n a speech at
Leeds |ait night forshadowlng the government programme ror a reform of the
house of Lords.
In his remarks the attorney general
Bald that the "grim and serious work"
upon which the Liberals were entering "would mean a revolution and Involve two or three dissolutions" He
admitted that the bouse of lords was
entirely "cuf of barmony with modern
democratic Institutions and must go,"
The government would endeavor to
give effect to the win of the people
by blllB which Iiie house of lorda would
probably throw out, leading lo a "oom-
bination of the crown and people to
defeat the aristocracy,"
Attorney General Walton recognised
that the struggle would be prolonged
and exciting and would mean a complete rearrangement-of th constitutional and political forces,
Necessitates   Added    Terminal   Facilities at Vietoria.
Winnipeg.. Feb. 8.���Immigration to
Canada from trans-Pacific countries
has Increased to such an extent during the past year that the facilities for
handling the Immigrants at Victoria
have became utterly Inadequate to the
amount of traffic bandied.
ThiB announcement was made by J.
Obed. Smith, commissioner of Immigration, wbo returned last night from a
three weeks* sojourn at the coast city.
While there Mr. 8mith made arrangements for the consolidation of all the
different Immigration offices in one
large building, similar to the Winnipeg
Immigration ball.
Victoria's new immigration hail will
be located near tbe outer wharf, where
the steamers arrive, so that Immigrants
may be easily disembarked. The old
Bite waB not large enough for the purposes required and a piece of land ad-
Joining has been purchased. Tbe bail
will not be as large as tbe Winnipeg
building, but will contain medical inspection and detention rooms, also a
main hall.
Victoria is the first port of landing
for immigrants from all parts of the
Orient, and the arrivals there during
the last year or two have almost
Mr. Smith thinks that the influx
of Winnlpeggers to Victoria and other
coast points has been the cause of a
great appreciation of real estate values, and looks for a wave of prosperity
nt the coasr during the coming year.
Wakefield  Women Call   Bachelors  by
Hard Names.
Boston, Feb. 8.���The following petition from the unmarried women of the
town of Wakefield was received by the
legislature loday: "We, the unmarried
women of tbe town of Wakefield, petition your honorable bodies for a law
levying a tax on bachelors, said tax to
be graduated as follows: From 20 to 25
years. (5; from 25 to 30. (10; from 30
to 35 years, (15; from 35 to 40 years.
(20; over 40 years, chloroform ln large
doses. And your petitioners further
represent that bachlors are a barnacle
growth on the ship of society, Impeding its progress and of no earthly use
except as pall bearers. We are not advocating this law because we are
single���that concerns us least. If you
do not believe It, ask us and see."
It has not been decided to wblch committee the petition should be referred.
theatre last night. In trying to escape
the assassin also killed the assistant
chief of police and another policeman
and wounded tbe manager of the theatre. The terrorist then shot elf
and died in a hospital. The sts
which he used were dlscoveret be
M. Alexandrovsky was well kn..w . as
chief commissioner of the Red Cross
In the field during the war between
Russia and Japan.
French Press Not a Unit on Government Measures.
Paris, Feb. 8.���The newspapers of
the extreme Socialist-Republicans today hail the cabinet's incoming measure ss being a great reform and as
testifying the democracy's confidence
in tbe government. Tbe more moderate Republican papers are less enthusiastic. The Republic de Frnncnise
thinks lt ls "quite as inequitable as the
old royalist system, as It simply shifts
ihe privileges formerly enjoyed by the
richer to (be poorer classes."
The Bclalre believes that the measure will drive French capital abroad
and that foreign bankers will be the
gainers. The Gaudois charges Finance
Minister Calllaux with hypocrisy and
lack of courage ln nominally exempting
rentes. The royalists' organisation are
hostile to the new taxes, fearing thai
the ywlll become an Instrument
their oppression.
i erv
C. P. R. Will Shorten   Route   te   the
Orient���Survey    Partiea   Are   Already in the Field.
Victoria, Feb. 8.���There can be little
doubt that the C. P. R. intends to expedite the extension of the E. ft N. line
to deep water on the Alberni canal,
following out the policy contained In
the announcement made some time ago
by Sir Thomas Shaughnessy that a
port of call for Empress liners would
be established on the West coast of
Vancouver Island.
Already survey parties are In the
field. The Instructions Issued to the
chief of the staff is to path the work
forward ps fast as possible, providing
for the extension of the E. ft N. to
deep water on Alberni canal. This ls
being done ,and Frank Shepherd, the
engineer In charge of the party, has
already located a route across the
Beaufort range, west of Cameron
lake. It is more than probable that
the route selected will be along the
shores of Cameron lake, although an
alternative route is availabl by way
of Home lake.
Along a spur running out from the
Beaufort mountains on the east side
affords a good opportunity tor making
an easy ascent. It Is possible by taking this to get a grade nowhere exceeding IH per cent to where the summit is reached. The descent on the
other sld of the range can be made easy
by making a circuit away from the
wagon road. Deep water can be reached at New Alberni townsite, some miles
from the head of ehe canal.
It ls reported that the C. P. R.. Intends to begin work on tbe extension
of the Une early this summer. At the
present time another survey party is
working from the Comox valley ln the
direction of Alberni to connect with
the line from Wellington to deep water on the Alberni canal. The party ts
working on the shores of Comox lake.
This section of the road offers little
difficulty, it ls believed.
Th C. P. R. liners, by steaming Into
Ihe Alberni canal, would be able to
land mall and passengers desiring a
quick despatch. ' The railway line
would convey them quickly to some
point on the east coast of Vancouver
Island, presumably Nanaimo, and from
there a fast passage by special steamer would shorten the time very materially. The liners would be delayed
-some hours in reaching Victoria and
Vancouver with the freight and passengers who were not tn any particular
hurry, but an advantage would be gamed In time with the malls.
Governor  of  Pensea   Assassinated   by
Suicide Terrorist
Pnses. Feb. 8.���S. A. Alexandrovsky,
governor of Pensea, waa shot and killed
by a young man as he wss leaving the
Ex-Premier Dead.
Sydney, N S. W., Feb. 8.���Sir John
See, ex-premier and colonial secretary
of New South Wales, Is dead. He was
born In England In 1851 and was a
member of many Australian public
companies and Institutions.
Tupper*s Turner Portrait.
London, Eng., Feb. 8.���At the Canada
club dinner on Tuesday Sir Charles
Tupper was presented with a portrait
of himself painted by the late Mr .Turner.
Price ef Metals.
New York, Feb. 8.���Silver,
copper, 24 3-8c; lead, (6.
London,   Feb.   8���Silver,   01 9-ltd;
lead, Ml* 10s.
MM CoMb Sets In
Political JUMrs
Splendid Victory  of  McBride   i\
Healthy Sip of tbe rimes���
Federal Interference Rebuked.
Winnipeg, Feb. 8.���J. J. Young, owner of the Calgary Herald, who is in the
city on his way Irom the East, in speaking of the result of the British Columbia elections, said:
"i regard Premier McBrlde's splendid
victory as the healthiest political sign
of the times since th edefeat of Sir
John Macdonald's government over the
Pacific scandals. The lesBon the Con-
Bervstive party got at that time it remembered and profited by for nearly
18 years, until It was again turned
down by tbe electorate, not for corruption, but for the Incapacity of its leaders to lead. Though the Liberal party
in the Dominion has now held office
for only ten years, it has arrived at a
stage snch as was never in Canadian
history* reached by any Conservative
"In Alberta and Saskatchewan, by an
indecent distribution of patronage and
an Ingenious dangling of senatorial and
other fat offices, the Liberal machine
succeeded tn cajoling the pople of the
new provinces Into voting away their
heritage, and t he other day, aided by
on army of 'workers' and carpet-baggers of the Dnncan Marshall type, It
persuaded the electors of Gleichen to
reject W. L. Walsh, a gentleman whose
oonaplcoous ability was badly needed
In the Alberta legislature.
"The stifling of local opinion by such
methods and the braxen Interference by
the Federal machine In provincial affaire ls one Of the oust baneful results
of Liberal rale. It is time lt was stopped, and the people of British Columbia on Saturday set a healthy example
to the rest of the western provinces by
indignantly and unmistakably resenting it."
Recipe fer "Hunger Bread" Eaten by
Starving Russians.
Moscow, Feb. 8.���The but number ot
the Agricultural Messenger contains an
article on the so-called "hunger bread"
of the starving peasantry, and gives directions for its preparation from���
This remarkable recipe runs as follows: Rye, wheat or beaten straw will
do, bot the last Is the best where procurable. A few knots of the lower end'
of the straw should be cut away, and
the straws sorted to eliminate weeds.
After this t hey are cat up in lengths
Of about halt an Inch and washed In a
sieve. The washing should be done In
running water, or by continually pouring water over tbe sieve rested on the
edge of a well. This is not only to
clear away dirt and dnst, but to remove aa tar aa possible the rusty spots
on the straw. After the straw has been
drained, It must be laid up to dry in
the sun and Is then ready for use.
Good bread ls made by mixing thin
straw flour, half and half, with any other kind of flour and baking tn the ordinary way."
Th paper goes on to explain that
for children and sick persons straw
bread Is unsuitable, but If "made palatable with a little skim milk may bo
given even to the sick when It la on-
Reported   That a Woman   Has   Been
Burled by Avalanche In Silver City.
It was reported In Nelson at noon
today tbat a serious snowsllde had occurred In the town of Sandon, resulting In the death or a woman whoso
name could not be learned.
The news came by telephone from
tfEree Forks, and lt was stated at the
time that parties were still searching
for the body.
Later, a slide between Three Forks
and New Denver. destroyed both telegraphic aad telephone communcation
and nothing further could be learned.
Rendered Submission.
Tangier,     Feb.    8.���The   Insurgent
chlet, Zellal, tn whose fortress Rebuilt
sought refuse, eame la today and teat
dere dhls submission.
i '_
.*���>'- ���*�����������
The Daily Canadian
-Sri���-i-"tTi-.m *s     i "ll" I"-������ i ��i�����������
wyu.'Viii aa.is i
���,��,..,, .mirig&Mmamm
=ssr=r. STORES 7=
ammtmmmetmW. ""     * ""* ��� ��������������� -
f , Just Arrived . .
English Cured Meats
Irish Roll Bacon
Ayrshire Roll Bacon
Wiltshire Hams and Bacon
Yorkshire Hams and Bacon.
PRICE 27 l-2c PER LB.
Procurable Only at
t'ru... His-ii Ht" ���silhli'*.* tilll Im-iA Ih
���icll *��iiii oil K iu HMtOgl uni Ait��n-.
lion ihjii. ik h��ii��snsry u. Its ilivorsl*
find inieresta Is eunfldenjly expected,
and tn��.* rein*es��niailves fBflta the varl.
i.-ilj. t'Oiistltilisileles are thi. surest guar-
amee ihat then, will be un disappointment in iliis regard.
Wo confidently i��rei|lct for the province of Brltlah Columbia a period of
prosperity and advpndemonl hitherto
unexampled, and we believe our feel-
ins:-; will lis- shared liy the business in*
tercets nl  Uss. eiiunti-y iii general.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office:   Toronto.
CAPITAL PAID UP... .0-l.riOO.OOO REST 1-1.500,000.
D. K. WIL.KIE, President. HON. ROBERT JAFFRAY, Vioe-President
Branches in British Columbia:
Deposits received anil iuterost allowed current rates from date of opening of
ecoounr, and compounded half yearly.
J.   M.   LAY,  Manager.
The Royal Bank of Canada
Capital $3,734,31U    Reserve	
Total   Assets $41,660,353
Accounts of firms ausl Individuals opened on the most favorable terras.
Thirteen  branches lu   llrltlsh  Columbia.
Special   attention   to out of town business.
T. E. KENNY, Prea., Halifax.       E. L.  PEASE. General Manager. Montreal.
G. A. SPINK, Manager Nelion Branch.
Publishes! six days si wees Isy tbe
kcrBI., Nelson. B.C.
lien, Ms eisnls H ins-stitli lissHvisred
t.lili si fear H sent by mall, when
Advertlssinsr rssli-s on tspislls-atlon.
All monies pssM la settlement ot Tiss-j-fciily
Cuimilliin ai*s*s,ssssis, either loi subscription or
sdverUsins, isisss-i is,, receipted fi.r on tis,. printed
forms, ol the Company,  Other reoelpta are not
"By one word weare si.inetlram jsislRsd t��� l,e
wife nasi by one wor-l sssus, sliiies. JsislRed t-s be
foolisli. Let um ibi-relssie b,.- eaictnl what we
Tbe position of the opposition in relation tn ihe prs'sieni political Bltuation
Is, to say the least, peculiar. Evidently
word hmi been Benl out from Ottawa to
expect a Libera] vlotory In llrltinh Columbia, and the Liberal forces have not
yel recovered frnm their disappoint-
in-ni. Tii,. capture or ilm country l>>
th.* machine was n foregone oonolualon
uml iimi the resuli lins boen ti failure
has heen inie ,,1 tin- Isiiieresi disap
P'sliittiienis of Uie Oitawa operators,
v.'lmt to do next is the Question which
is evidently pusfllitg t in - managers,
The retirement of Mr, Mclnnes to the
shades of n legal practioe In Vancouver
is only om* of the methods of blinding
thc public wiih whioh 'he machine le
only too accustomed. That he will be
discarded and left to hi? own resources
Is only to he supposed by those who
are unfamiliar with the methods of the
���Rreiit combination of wheels which
have made Liberalism a baneful power
in thc Dominion during the lasi decade.
The province of Hritish Columbia
hats: happily been saved from entanglement with these matters by the return
of the McBride administration, and it
Is to the credit of the country thnt
whatever may have been said as to the
alliance between the McHrlde government nud lhe Soclalisi members of the
bouse there run never lie charged any
Compromise between the premier uml
bis Liberal opponents. Party lines
have been us stroiiKly drawn liy lhe
premier and hla followers un by the op-
[os-itiuis and there baH beon no attempt
al deception by either side.
By the premier's return to office lt
lias been maile known thai the country
stands for the traditions of the Conservative party. While Ihi re sue periods
ot transition ami political change, during which times many pei sons are undecided as to where they belons politically, it may be said that Hritish Co
luniliia is sotting an example for all
Canada in its return to the political
traditions which have made the whole
Dominion what it is. The policy originated by Sir John A. .Macdonald and
which has lieen followed with more or
less persistency by every responsible
minister since llle dnys of the power
of that lamented statesman, is the poi-
Icy which is being revived in Hritish
Columbia by the McBride ministry, and
which promises for this oountry u future which is as yet unanticipated bj
any but the most sanguine.
Th;. government is now free to pus-
sue the traditions of the parly hy which
nssiii" ii is called. The significance nf
the vote of tlie last election may not
be fully realized until the governmenl
lakes In hand the task of promoting
and exploiting ths. platform oi' its traditional party, Hut thai the governmenl
will lull to do lliis is nol lo he supposed. The Wesi is fecund ami in iis
nallve sons represents the character of
its soil and of Its climate. There is n
sturdy Independence that is peculiar to
itself and lhat this i.s and will be as
manifest in its pollttoal developments
as Otherwise win soon become apparent The traditions which have made
other provinces called hidebound will
not affect the free and Independent
spirit of the Pacific Coast an dthe prov
Ince of Hritish Columbia will continue
tn distinguish itself as ths- originator
of measures that will lead In the economic ndvances of the day.
Conservatism in Ontario and in Manitoba has shown Itself to be full}
abreast of the times and of the advancing sentiment of the public on all
(inestlons which affeel public progress
and we mny well feel assured that In
British Columbia the traditions of the
grand old party which has always stood
at the front in the march of progress
will not be in any sense betrayed.
While It would he unwise al this
siage to anticipate the measures whicli
will be Introduced liy the government
nt lhe early session of the house, those
wbo know what the Conservative party
stands (or will not be at all Inclined
to heslitate ln their expectation of pro-
Sn nuicii bus been made of ths- move.
ment of American citizens toward Canadian territory and so much self-
glorification has been Indulged in by
ilie Oitawa governmenl on this account
ilini li is nm surprising iss have tin-
facts Investigated, Tin* Philadelphia
Ledger publishes some comparative figures which gis io show that the boast
nil success of thc Laurier administration is. after nil. mine a matter of
lioast than ol fuel.
Tin' Ledger charges that our officers
docii.r tin* I'lsun-s. nml adds: "There
is high authority inr ihe statement
that from 1SU7. when the Canadian
movement began, only 02.717 citizens
ul lhe United States, of both sexes
und all ages, have been officially re-
poited as entering tlle Canadian West;
and, as many of these departed, it is
now estimated that there are in all
Canada, wesi of Lake Superior, no
more than M.OUii male persons who
ivere originally American ciiUens." It
is mentioned incidentally by tlte Ledger that during the whole or last year
ists.ouii immigrants entered Canada,
und when this number is contrasted
wiih the 1,1011,71)0 foreigners who
sought permanent homes in tlie United
Slates the republic has no reason to
be jealous. On tins point It cannot he
forgotten that Slfton's Immigration figures gave us between 1900 and 1906 a
very large addition to the populaiton
ol the West. When, however, the census
of 1H06 was tuken It was found that the
Increase In the population was not so
great as tbe figures of Immigration
would lead us tn expect. Some 100,000
people reported ns having nrrlved were
missing, nr. at nil events, were not ae-
cnimieil I'm* in the census. This dis-
covory gave color to the theory that
the Laurler government had been Issuing lying returns for the purpose of
excusing its huge expenditure under
ilie head of Immigration. The entire
ltiimigr.ilIon system, ii Is very clear,
requires Investigation. That it is n
neat of robbers there is reason to fear.
We had one proof or this in the North
Atlantic Trading company "Kraft," un-
ilei which some unknown men. whose
nnmes cannot be mentioned lest they
commit suicide, have been pocketing
$n for every Bnropean immigrant re
ported as arriving on these shores.
This roguery emphasizes the fact that
we have In tin' United States an army
or politicians, or ol' relatives of politicians, living upon the service and
doing nothing in particular for the
���W... ������'UT' is      arenas-. ..mis slim^-
THt ftftMWfy ia*,*.
CoHlWffi1    *��    |mI��M1    IHerew    In
Tin, Ottawa Citizen epmmen*tlng <*sii
tonally ou the business of Cuii-nhi Cor
the past year says:
"The record of the year HiOfi in banking circles bas beaten all former years.
Tin- bunking business, of Canada show-
ed an Increase in loans ami -discounts
or from 1600,000,000 to over $701,000.-
oiiii as compared with tin- previous
year. As this business is nearly all in
connection with the Industrial expansion of the oountry it reflects the great
activity in trade ami commerce which
exists III lhe Dominion. The deposits
In banks amounted tp $066,000,000,
showing an Increase ol' nearly $100,000.-
000 iii twelve months, Tin' margin i>.'
tween nm.. circulation ami capital in
Ootober lasi was $10,686,000 agalnsl
rather less ihan $7,000,000 in ihe corresponding month of 1906, The total
circulation ol nearly f8i.iioii.oo" was the
greatest nu record.
The chief advantage In publishing
these records is in keep vividly before
tin- minds oi' Canadians the Immense
prngress their country is making, so
thai ihey may lay their islinis unsl sli
rect their tinterprises with ss due real
lzminn ol' th.* opportunities that are
now being afforded to grow up jwlth
the oountry. Taking mn- population,
nut* resources In their preson suite of
development, t li.- aggregate wealth of
this country, nnd Its fairly otiuable distribution, there does nol seem any gond
reason why every man who has his
health ami is fairly Industrious Bhould
nol achieve the ambition of corraling
enough means to make him modestly
independent In his declining yenrs. And
this without in any way discounting the
linigniticeiii promises s.i lie* near
future. ���'
The Liberal press Is very much exercised tn know in advance what ls to be
the program of the government. Anxious to Jump ai the throat of the legislature on any and every question, Its
Impatience is unrestrained. Instead of
anticipating wholesome legislative work
ami preparing to share In the honorable effort to pass necessary measures,
thi' policy pursued by the opposition
through tin- last three sessions Is to be
continued, Ii is the measure of the
men who wonld he statesmen.
The benefit concert to he given by
the city hand deserves the fullest ap
preciatton of the public. The hand
has struggled hard with financial em-
barrassmentBi bui bus pluckily held
lis own. The concert is nol in the nature of an appeal for charity, as the
hand proposes tn place an entertainment quite equal tn anything nf Its
cuss.    There shnulil  lis- liberal  patron'
Th'- Trnnto Qlobe says: "Nelson, II.
C, has n municipal lighting plant In
operation. Municipalities an. slowly
learning thai lhe company Is the
greater evil in operating public services." ls the Globe as well informed
on all other matters which concern the
West ?
Blessed be tin. man who rirsl Invented work. Not too much nor too little,
bul work; and after work blessed be
the man who Invented "Nature's sweet
restorer���balmy sleep."
Tho country seems to feel pretty
safe as to what McBride will do, bul
ll wns uot quite so sure ns tn what
Macdonald would have done.
"What will McUride do?" i.s un easy
way of throwing dust Into the eyes of
the people as to whnt he hns already
tlex* i iii'fcfi4 fo Bpf
lb.el t;,lfifiniiis|;nuii ol lunfti and .
lermlinjbn topmwnssa ih�� R._-"_a_ '
uml*   BPaiteq on iho ��*���.( .Id,-, nf An
ii  tii.    .Vtvt   Kt.i��l(*hii\   ilu-irift.  aboiii
in the  Weil K
above hurton Uit)
i'.l HI Uiu inirlhwe
cbtio, tbenee ea*
chums, thenee we
Hill IIH IO JMllIlt <ll
iUK Whitc! mnre
January 18. 1907,
ilnji'rlf'i, abon
MiH-i'.rillU ttt tl ]>���>
net o) 0. Wn��*ii.
chgtni, theme
ohftina, lbence
iifiii-eiueiit mnl
1    |-1HI
Ull.lUM  FltMKH
The Bostonian Question.
A young lady or this town entered
a dry goods Btore recently ami blubh*
Ingly nske<l the head clerk If hp "had
any of these elastic bands, capable of
be elongated and adJuBted ��t pleasure,
and used by the feminine porttol ot*
mankind ror putting around tlie lower
extremities of their locomotive members to keep the proper pewit lon and tho
required altitude for the habiliments of
their tibas." The Clerk fainted.
Sixty days afterdate] intend to ��pi If to tha
Bon, Chief Commluloner of l.nnds hihI nnrku
to pnrahaM i^ hitch of lend, oommenolaii '*���' ��
poal marked B, B'l s B eorner mh', pJanled it
th.* s. w. corner of <;. w. Hieele*i eLlra on tba
wen nidc oi Arrow lako, aboul lour milea above
Bur lou oity, thenca weal tOebaln-t, Ihi d waontli
tt.W ubatna, tbenee eul *���'�� cbaina, Ihen >nu
4AM riiaiiiH to place of beginning, contain] igwl
aorea, mora or leaa.
Dated swili duy oi Nov.. IMD.  Bvww Btnmw.
J. K. ANWIBLg, -Ageni
Notiee la bereby given nmi two month! after
date we liniMid inamdy to llie t'lilt I Commit-
niotu-r id Undi and Worki tm �� leaaaoi nil iimi
hmi being lhe foretbora ad-mniiix tin* Canadian
Haolflo Railway Shipyard on the weal, pari nl
i.ni &8A, group It and being on ihe iouth ihora
nf  lhe WOlt anb ol   Kumenay   Laki-,  in   tbo div
rlct nl Kootenav: Commeneing ��t tin- motherly corner of lit TOM, proop li thenee along tbe
loutn woaterlyboundaryoflot7004 ami the ax-
tenalon thereof, tu �� nortii weaterly direction, a
dtatai r IM feel) thenee ��i n��ht ansloi to
iald boundary in a aoutb weaterly direction, ��
distance of HUi feel, more  or  Ich*.  to tin*  north
eaaterly boundary of tbe City fn rk, continued;
thenee parallel to aald weaterly boundary of lot
70M, In atoutheaatcrly-dlrectlon, a <iivunc>* ol
B00 [oet, more m- loaa, lo the northerly bouudarv
nf lot HA] thence following the northerly boundary ol lot MA in a north eaaterly dirootlon tothe
po'int nf commencement, tbo area Mob MH
acre-, more or loaa,
Dated tbli Tth day ol January, A.D., IW
tin dav* after dau* I Intend lo apply to lbe Won.
Cblcf Commlnloner of Landa and worka tn pnrehaae 820 aorea of and located In fire Valley being part of BeetlonaO and 10 TownthlV fin, and
deaeribed hu followers Commencing at a poat
marked P. w. J. s. k. eorner and planted at tbe
northwest oorner of Wm. Winlama1 pu'obaee;
tbenoe west40 ehalna; thence north hi chalna*
thenee eut to ohalni] thenee south ho ihaioK id
place ol beginnings
November SSrdllOSi
P. Vi. Jrni.AN,
 J^K. Ankablk, Ageni,	
oo day;, after date i intend i<> appli to the Honorable the ciuef Commlaaioner of Landi and
Works,  lo pnrehaae  W0 acres of   land:     Com-
menelng at �� poel marked O, W. B. N, K. oornei
poat ana planted on ibe weal ahore ol Arrow
lake adjoining Lot B7fl uii llie -smith Mile nf *>aid
Lott then e weht tin obaina along tin* louthern
boundary of Lot STS] thenee smith 4&M uhaiii",
theoeeeaht tUchtltiH mure or lesK to lak>- ibore;
theueu nm Lh itloii.; lake k ho re tu plate ul   bt*Kln-
Dated 23th day of Nov. I<i06.
(.Ko. Vt, Stickl,
 J   K Annabi.k. Aat'tit.
Blxty days afu-r date i intend to apply tp tbe
Hon. Chief Commlaaioner ol i -m-i- ,i.. I '��������� <���[>,
Vtirturia  to )Mtrchase IflOaorei of land lot-aU-ii in
Ktre  Valley, heiui; part of Kt-etimis Three and
Four, Townabip A, and deacrlbed as (ollowa:
Coiiuneneliig at a pout plauied at William
Williams' N. W, rorner, and marked "K. E. W'|
N. e. eoruer," and running *ti ehalni west,
thenee .������ chains i*uuth, tbenoe :i)riiuiui ea*-i,
theuee 1" ehaluK -...;ih, thence 2n chain*, met,
thenee GO chain* noith to place nt hfKiunin?
November _8rdj L906, R��l B Williams,
a sk a me. ieent.
Take not'ee tliai thlrlv daya after date I intend   tn ftl'I'lv  to the   Chief   CoininlsKlniitT   of
I.tm������- atei u.i! s ni Victoria im permlaalon to
cut and cairv away timber from the following
deeerlbed lands In Weat Kootanay: ���
No L,���Commencing at a poat planted at the
���obtbweat corner pi timber licence No ran;
th<*neg eaat lorty chalna] theuee north eighty
uhalUF; thenteca-t I o ehatns. thenee nouth tb
northern boundary oi timber Llmnae WW;theuce
'.v*i-! aioiin said nor:li-.- ii tioundary to
the nortlPweat eorner ol aald license;
then south to tbe northern boundary
of timber license 7018; thence west to
apo<nt due south of the poim oleouuneiicment;
thence north to the point of commencement.
January J.itb, 100.
No. 2���Commencing at the northwest cornei
id limber lieeune '������*-'.; tlieuee anuth tc the northern boundary of Umber license T01H; theuce weft
to the north-west corner of iald timber .>. t-n-.
tbence aou'h to the northtm boundary of Lot
612; tbenee following said boundary of tald
lot west tO the light of way of the b.c Houthern Hallway; theuee followtuit said right of way
in a north easterly direction to tlie place of cutn-
January 1'itli, 1907,
Ho. 3.---Commencing at a loutheul coiner ql
timber license No. 7831, about fifty chains mnth
of the right ol way id thi-  It   C. Southern Itail-
way;thenoe east lfio chatnai thence north forty
chains) theuee west n- t-halus; theuce south
forty chaini tu place of eommeneement.
January 16th, i ����� ..
*"o. 4.���Commencing nt a post planted ��' the
intersection of the southern boundary ofthe
right ol way of the u. c. Boutbern BaUway, an>i
the easlem boundary uf Lot Glh7; thence south
to tlm northern boundary of Iteenae upplleation
No a; tbence ��� ������..~i !<���'��� ehatns; thence urrth to the
southern boundary of timber license No. 71tf-5;
thence following the southern buundaiy uf salt]
license weaterly aboul aixty Dnalfll, more or lem
loan eastern boundary of said lieeii-e; thence
south forty ohalns] theuce west eighty ohalna]
then north to the ruin of way of tlie il t'
Southern Hallway, thence following said right
of wav lu a HOUlh-westerly direction to the place
of beginning.
January 1Mb, 1.K17,
No 8.���' ommentriog at a post planted at the
���outhweat oornerol funbnr license B686i thence
west slxtv chains mure or !������'-- lo a point due
south of the southeast corner of license applies
Hon No. 3; theuce north sixtv obalns mure or
less to tbe south boundary of license application
No -I; thenre nortii  tn the northeast corner of
salt! lleenie application No 4; lbence eoat tothe
southeast corner of timber license 7195] thenee
north forty ohalna more or let* to a point duo
west of the uorth-we-i corner of timber license
0085] Ihcnce easi to ihu nortbwust corner nf Said
timber license No. UtiM; thenc* smith IM cbalni
tu the poltlt nf eninuieiiccmcni
Jauuary 15lh, ii*i7.
No. 0--t nijiui. ii.-nii{ nt ,i post planted al  the
loutheaat corner ul timber license 8686; thenoe
west to the southwest oorner ol license appl lea <
tlon.No :i; tbenoe nortii to southern boundary
Ot license appllcaUon No.:*; theuee west tu thi-
northwest corner of license apphcalinn No. 1;
thence soutli   to   the   northern    buiimiarv   oi
llinbef Uct- -. ,h ,; lhetice eaat  to the DOrtttOaal
corner of timber )l��euse h-VIS; thenee smith
thirty chains; thence east lo the weni bounder)
uf timber license Bfttsi thenoe north to tbe place
of hegluulni;,
January 1Mb, 1907.
Nu. 7.���Commencing al a post  planted  nt thc
northeast corner ol timber uoenae 88i*i thenc.*
SOUtb furty chains more or less to the north
bonndary of timber license 8-M.j; thence east 180
i'h a nr : thencu nortii forty chains moreor less tn
a point due east of the suiithcast corner ol tlm
borlicense8648] thence west 180 chains tn Hit*
|i|iice of beginning.
January l.Mh, 7WI7.
No! 8.���Commenting at n post planted at the
northeast corner of timber license No. 8516]
theuce south elghtv chain**; theuce eastefgbty
chains; ihence north eighty ebalns; Ihence WOSl
eighty cliaina to place of commencement
January l-'��tli, 1Wi7.
No ���', i tiiiiinenciiig nt a post planieil at tb'*
southeast corner nf limber.license 8647J tlience
north eigbty chains; thence east eighty chains;
thence nortii uo clients more or less to the north
eaat lorner of license Application No. 7; thence
west to southeast eorner of timber license No
86481 thenco north to tho southern boundarv of
license   application    No.    0;     tbenee   east to
the  west   boo ndary of timber   license  No.
8M3) thonce south to tbe southwest corner of timber license Bft-iHl thenee west
loth nortbWOSl eornei of timber license No.
86481 tbenoe south to Ihe northeast comer of
timber license No. Wd': thence west eight**,
chains; tbonce south to a polut due east of thi*
southeast comer of timber n mtt BM7) tbence
went to place of eommeucement.
January Uth, 1D07
No, in.���Commenclngat a post planted at the
soutiieasi corner of limber license hm��; thonce
south eigbty ehalns; tbence west lo thc east
boundary nf 1-ctHI'i; thenc? north to the aoulh
em boundary of timber lie nae No. 7018] theuce
eaat to tbc southeast corner of timber lleenie
7018; theuce uorth to lbe south boundary of t tin
ber license b-.iif: tbeuce oast to plaee of commencement.
January ]..th, 11.7.
P. I.t;Mi, Looator,
Dan McDornau, Agent
Notice is hereby givt-u that 80 dan alter dfttu I
Intend tu apply in the Honorable tne CnlSl Coin-
missionerof Lauds ,n ! Works for permission to
purchase thc following described lands: Com-
mtnctng at a i��>* ������ t>laced 'Aleaalns wett of the
southeast eorner ol Lot *j->i.', marked "It. a. Bell's
northwest corner,*' ihence south m ehains,
Iheuceeasl Ai i ba1n>., then e north 90 'huiiis,
tbence wct-t M chains tp point ol commencement,
couialnlug 4<i acres, more or letti
Loeajed this <ith dayol Nov , lins;.    H. A.Htti.i,.
Buty days after ilate 1 intcu't to applv to tne
Hnn chief Commissioner of U-Ads and Works,
Victoria, to nurchass 4hu acres of land, in Kire
Valley, West Koolena) ��� Commeneing at a post
plauteil tio chaius west ol then. W coruerof .1.
Robinson's preemption, and marked W. W's N.
E. corner, snd running w��t 60 chains, tlience
south Mi chalus, theuee east Go chaius, thenee
north Wl ehalns to place ol beginning
HOY. 18th, lavxi. William Williams,
 .1. K. AHNAnt.B. Agent.
sixty days afier dut�� i intend to apply to tbe
Hun.tbeChlcfrommlsHionerof LauOsand Wuiks
tO purchase 1*> acres of land ; Commenting at a
pust plauteil on ih<* west side of Hu mile creen,
on wagon road, about two and one half miles
from Kootenay lake, and marked "Neil Mo
Keehnie's H. West corner pout," thence east 40
ehains, thence north 4U chains, ihence west 40
chains, tbence south 40 ciiains, lu plate of eoni-
Looated thtt 10th day of November,1906.
 N��|i Mi:K self Nil
Sixty days after date 1 purpose making appli-
Cation to tbe Honorable the Chief Commlaaioner
of Lends and-Works for permission to purobase
the following described laud: Oonunencfng at
ii post placed nl the M. W i-nrtM-r of |A,t 8000 aud
marked "K. O. F.'s" N. W. corner, thenc* followlug the southern boundary Lot filJ00, 80 chains
mure or less east to tbo west boundary of I��l
8801, thenoe following aame south 80 chains to
the north boundary of Lot (.vet; thenco about 70
ehulns   west along said boundarv to tbe lake
shore) tbence north 80 chains mure or less fni-
Inwlng tbo lake shun- in point of commencement, containing :tl" aens mure or less.
Dated Decembe nth, 19117.
          v. <i fivojjintu
Notice  Ik  hereby given  that sixty uavs alter
���late  I   inteml  to   apply  to tbe Hon. tlie Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Worki fur permission topurclia.- the following desi-ribed laud
situate.1 in the Weat Kootenay district: Commencing at a posl planted at tba "N.B eormr
of    L.   Pniters's    pre-euinlluii,"  ami    ninning
tbenoe east 4u ehHiur.; tnence south 40 chains;
ihcnce wait40 chains; Ihenee uotib to chains,
tu place uf commencement, containing 100 acres
more or lesa,
Heeember Jn, 1808,
Hahhv   PrTM, [neuter.
   SI    h    MiIM'aHHIK, Agent
Notice i�� hereby giren that sixty a an alter
dale I inieml  io ap|, y m me Bpnprftblo lbe
Chlel  CnmiiilSMlonci   ul   Lands  au<l   Worki    |,,r
permission to pnrchase tbe following deacrlbed
landi situated n> the Wusl Kootenai district:
Commencing at a post maikeil '-ll H souih
/'and north of A II. LdCSi'S, nur
land  Or-oei; thence uorih 40
si  80 chains; theuce  Kouih 40
'iinai -��������� ohaluiwM   <" pmm oleum-
ment, 'untainiux IQ acres, nmre or lesi
wesl corm
uhase 11- im,
chain*] thei
imberiffl, iwsi.
IIkniiv Hooks,
M     ft    Ml     lAHHIK, Agelll.
Hixlv ilays after .lute I liiteii,! lo apph   lo Uu-
Chief Commlnloner of Lands ami Worki to bur
obaae 840 aores of land, located in Lower Arrow
Lake, wesi Kootenay!  Commencing at a post
'danied   at   the   "N.W,   Corner   of  Ar-mv   Lake
Indian Keservt ���"; Iheini
west80 chains) tnence north 80 cba
easl ni chain-., to place ol beginning
Located 86th day of December. 1808.
C  BswgU.,
Sixty davs after <latc 1 .nicn-l to apply to the
Hon thoChlofCommiMionerofUndaanci w orks
to purchase 840 tcfis of land i Commeorlni al a
post marked "N.T B'lSOUtfaotSl eorner Mil"
'aid pust b��lng at the iiorthuiM corner uf i.eo
Hodaon'i pre-emption claim, about two miles
sotitheasl of Hurton CHv, tbenoe west 40 chalm-
soutb 90 obalns, west 40 ohalns, nnrth 40 ohalns!
east ko ehalna, south 80 chains to place Of commencement, containing'J4u acres.
I>oi'ateo8th dayof Nov.lWKi.   NkitieT. Bigg,
Hlsty days after date I inieml to apply tothe
Hon. Chief Commissionerof Lands and Works
Vlcloriu, to purchase 40 acres of laud, situated
on the west side of Arrow Uke, abouTflW mllei
below Burton, ami desoribed a-( follows: Commencing at a post plained at the northeast
coruerof Lot 7971), uml running north _. chains;
thenee west ��l ehains, thiucc smith ifl chains
thenee eaat 2b chains lo place of bcL'Innine*
Nov.Utb.lHOfi. H  E lilLL,
 J-_K Annahi.k, Agent.
Nollee la bereby given that auiai* ii'itcr datTl
iniend toapply to the Honorable lhe chief Commissioner ol Unds and Works for permission to
purchase the following described lauds situate
aboul 10 miles east nf ihe Clly of Nelson, ou the
aouth shore of the Wen Arm ot Kootenav lake
and commeucug at a post placed about Wchl-ilui
_?_PW^_ ^���'.���'"VHieMi eoruer of Ut 8848, marked
���8 Thomas H. W corner," lbence sonth 20
chains, .tbenco oast w chains, tbence north 20
chalna, ihence weit 90 chnins to point ol coin-
Dated thla 8th day ot Not., 1808.    a. i nomas.
ANHEUSER    if. THf ��^
BUSCH...       Budweiset Be]
DISTILLERS, 12 aud 20 years old.
ITCT G/"\1U Hol�� AgontH In llrltlHli
rNt-t___--.-TJ i_.��.iun.i.iii.
The HaU Mining and Smeltin,
Company. Limited.
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry Ores
Winter   Carnival
Five   Days
Feb, 12, 13, 14, 15 and 16
B (.trend Trophies and t'i.uoo In pmes.      Two Band* In Atu>n<Ianc<
HOOmif ���.International nnd Inter- Provincial chunijiiouHhijw
BNOWSHOKIKQ���Ohampionthlp Df Brltlth Columbia
TOBOGGANING���A mile a nitrate down tht* "ZIP"
SKl-IN-t- .lumping nnd Rftdl-tft.    ('hanipionhhip of Cunailn
SKATINCJ HACKS- For ChmnpionHhip of HriliHh Columbia
OURLINO���A Pruvimial Bo_jJ__8l
Horse*Baelng.     Masquerading.     Tugiof War and other intcrcr-'Lina event
Seduced railway rate** on all line
J. 8. c. Kraacr, Presldenl
For further particular* app'v to
ie Kiuk K. Ai|Hm��,(sTcreUrT
Notice ta liereby given tbal tt) days alter dato 1
Intend lO apply to ttie Honorable tin- ( lilcM'otu-
tuUMuiiei OI landl and Works, Victoria, h. C,
lot tM-rmlhhlon to purchase tbe foUowlng dcucrib-
ed land, situated In ths West Kootenai dlntrtci,
un ib�� went side ol I nbniml (orSU Mllr) eree*,
uu   no cr nlde  nl  VSgon   ruail.  about '_', nil Icm
Iru ii Weal Ann nf Kootenay lake: Commencing
at a baet marked Mra. Hattie   Duek's -KB   corner, running m cbaim weht: tbenoe 9D ebalni
 t:,. um-i,i .- 1't ebuiti   east; ihenee 88 ejiaiim
northi to tho point oi oommeneement, oontaln<
lug so aores of laud, mor? or leu
Dated the 17tii Mm-mber m*ti
Hk��   llimi: Pi'iS,
John K, T_vlok, Agent
_lxty <lavi after date 1 Intend toapply to tb��
lion Chief Commissioner of utw- mut Uorkx,
Victoria, to purcbaao 160 acrei of land about two
miles below Hurton Dllr, West Xootonay. oom-
manolni at a poet marked ��J. A. Irving'* OUt
corner iMwt," aabl jMint being on tbe easterly end
id an Inland V��tO] Lol8647,and claiming all tbe
laud contained In aald ialanil, tM-1ug about one
inlle in an eaaterly aud weaterlv diieelion and
about 80chaini Irom nortb toaoiitb.
November lltb. IWai. J. A. Irvino,
J K. AKNiniJt. Agent.
Hlxty daya alter date 1 intend lo apply io the
ion, chief Commissioner ol Uiiib and Works.
1 .    �� ,  , -S .. , . .       .............       T    Ul     - ,.. _.-._! ���       .       __._J
uvu^vumvuauuiwBu oi i.ait-ii- and worka,
Metorla. lo purchase UIO acrea of Und located
OO lbe WOStStdOOf Arrow lake an.1 i��in�� tiirectly
north of Uit 7'.i76: t'otuineticliig ata poat planted
al thu N K. oornerol Lot VXiH and marked "B. Ii
H, K .-orner," and running north 80 chalnn,
thence went 20 ehalns, thenee north 88 ebalna,
thencu west 20 chain., theneo sontb to ehalna,
thenee eaat 40 chain*, to place off beginning.
HOT.Mthi-808. Hkrtiu Bradlkv,
J. K. Annable. Ageut
Notice ll hereby given tbat 60 daya alter dale, I
intend to apnlv to the Hon, chief Commiaaluner
id i,anda and Works for pormlaslon to purchaao
the following described laml in WastKootensT
dlatrlet:   Commeneing at a poat marked Mra. v.
A   �����*; nunn a corner Mat, planted al the northeant
coruerof BootionIT,Townsite7, running routh
tu cbaina, tbenoe west tO chains, thenos north 40
Obalns,  thence eut 40Chains to  place of com-
mancement, oontainlng Ud tons, moreor ichh
Dated Not.29,1808. Mm, v. a. Wilso.
.1. Wilbon, Agent.
Notice la hen-by glreu that 80 daya alter dale I
intend toappiv tothe BoojmUe tna Chief Commissioner of LsUdS and Worka for permlaalon
to puri'ba��e-itm acres n( land, ailnato on ibf> Little
Moyle river abont 1 mile fnnn Iiiieiiialloiial
Boundary mid F.-mut i mile from Bpskana inter
iiHlioiial Uv.. Oommenelng ut a p,.M marked
l>.   Oram r��   t*.l-'.   corner   poM,   Home   wi-m   10
obainai thenoe nortb to cliaina; ihence eaal _j
ualna; tbenco north 90 obalns; tbence ea-t fio
Qbalnst lbence sontb Bnehalos to plaee nf aim-
mt-neeiiuiit.eouia ulog 880 aores ol laud
I .icaledUel   KHblOiiQ,
Bitty dayi afterdate i inland to anply to tho
Honorable the Chief i ommlaaioner o| Lands and
work- Vietoria. lo purchue l(Xiai>r��a of land,
located In lire valley end desRrtbea as followst
Oommenolni at a pout marked O, II. McM'h N.W.
oorner. and planted at the ponthwest eorner ol
Lot 7818, and  running aotith 80 cliaina, thenca
east 80 cliaina, theuce north 80 ohalns, thenca
weat 80 chalna to place Ol beglnulng,
Nov. IHtb, 1808, llso, B! McMillan,
J. K. AnnaTile, Agent.
Hlxty daya alter date I Intend toappiy to tbe
Honorable thfl Chief CommiMioner ol Lauda and
"orka to purchase MO acrea nf land, located In
I Ire talley, on \vc��t aide ol Arrow lake* Com-
moneing at a post planted 40 ehalna wc t oi tlie
Miiithwcn comer of J. Koblnaon'* ]ire*einptioii
and markeii J. W'l H. E. corner, and rumilng
north 80 chaiua, thnnee weat 80 chain*, thenee
lOUth 80 ehalna, (hence eaat 80 ehalna lo place of
com mencemont
NOV. 18lh, 1WI6. JANK WlI.LIAMfl,
J. K. Am. Aiil.i. Agent.
Misty daya afler dale I lutend lo apply to tho
Chlel Conimiaaioner of Lauda and Worki for
permlaalon to purebaae the following deacrlbed
lauda in Kootenay Dlatrlct, about three*onartan
of mile from Thrum'a anting : Commencing nt a
post.nlaoed at tbe B.W. corner of L 6JB8, Jrou���
I, Weat Kootenay Dlatrlct; Ihence weaterl.
loUowing tbe north boundary of L 469H ffi
ehalna; thenee north 10 chalna; thenee east40
i halus, moreor leas, tothe N. W corner nf
Umtli; thenee aouth following the west boundary
of bOB8, 10 ebalna. more or less, lo plaM ol oom.
menoement, containing to acrta, inure or Ihhr
Datod thla 6th day ofbcceiubcr. \w
       ����� H, Pitts, Locator.
Hlaty daya alter date I intend to apply to the
Hon. Chief Commlaaioner of Lands and Worka
V ictorla, to purohaae Itto aerea of laml, located nn
lbe weat ilde ol Arruw Uke, about IwifflBrffl
low Burton City, and deicrlbed aa followit Com
mencing at a poit marked "F. Q. B'l annthauiii
��orner,I?and lM./ngWchainaea_t0f lhei_or__w__
eorner ol Lot 2719; thenco north40obalniiSSS
weit 4d ebalna; thence iouth *0 chalnn t 1
eaat 40 ebalus to tbe place ol beglnnltia
November 14tb, 1800. _t% B���.
per J. K. ANKUU.
Huty dayi alter date 1 lntenO to apply H
HouurRbietbe Chief Commissioner o) uasii
Works for permission in p*.;��� : ����������� tlicroltffl
d'st'tbed lauda In Kooicn>y dlltrkli (
inenelng at a post iuarke<l J. H- \nn_b__l|
easl comer poetf aul>l i"--1 belns mt tbc ai
side  ol  the i-.v,,.   Arrow lake, about ISSfl
below Hurton Cit>; tbenoe ��<mtii wtM
thence west 20 cbains: thence soutli Dtldl
theuce west 'X\ chains; thenee mirth Ud
and 20 link.-', mora or less to .th* lite*
theuee eaaterl r along lake ���ocbalii-. mon orl
to tbfl plane ol beginning, eontainiD|tulM
mor<- or leaa.
Daterl n.i* '.tl, day of November. IM-
pet K. L BtmiRT, Afj-at
Notiee li hereby given that sixty daya al
date I Intflttd to make appllcatluii to lbe Hal
able Chlel Cuiumlaatonerul Lamls an<l Werto
Victoria. B.<;.,forp��rmlsilou to purchfuetkt.
lowing dflSOrlMd   laud, altuate in litt til
Weat Kootonay district: couuiiHieiniitij
olauteii ai the southwest eorner oi Jaibul
Insoo's prv-emptloii, marked H. I K'irt. 8.M
poal, thence tu chalna *.*.*-:, theuce W dl
north, thenoe 40 chains ea*-1 t-iJirtluiaRiAlll
northwest eoruer, tbeuce BOUtb *irhalaiis8
of eumiuenceineut, oontainlng lCuaervi.i
Dated thla 28rd day ol Noy.,1sM4.
*V�� days after dale I Iniend toapply totMl
Chlel i ..mini.-iutttr ol Uuds nud Worst.]
torla, to purchase 240 a*-rea ol and lorataa
Fire Vallev and being a portion fll "ectlrti
aud 16 in '/..�� n-i. tp .���'�� aud descrlbe'l ai hwo
comiaunclng at a ]����������� punted ai thf **"i*L*
corner of lite aoulbeaat Quarter Dl KeW
'lowuilitp H an.l marked J. 0. B. a- _m
Iheuee north 40 ehalna; thencu weit �� ta~m
thenee south 40ebalua; tbence east *tt**tt
place oi beginning.
November SKrd 1-00. n'
J, E. ANKABLK, A|��t
Notlco ta hereby given tnat 80 ten W����
intend toapply to the Honorable ifieChWW
mlssloner of Lands aid Works to ptireM*"
aocs of laud described aa follows:  <'��"!�����*
at I post planted on tbe north bank sltfcii*
Moyie rher, about 200 yards from -0��_,
marked    "ll.   Mel_-an-a   B,   W.   corner WJ
thenos eaat 90 cbiiliia. thence north 88**m
Ihence west HO eliaio-t thenee south ***_M
place ol eommouceinont, aud eontalnhHWr
more or leaa. ��� ,.,-.
Looated SOtb day Oct., ifloo.     Bon Md_i��
Hlxiy days aller date I Inteml 10 appli" ��1
iHlonerol iaatM
"i*.< 'iHj-" aio-r u��
Honorable tbe Cblel l
Works, V   ���
- ���    io purehaseaxiaom otm
looatsdand described aa tallows:  ComnwWJ
"i men till.I   ili-nl.'i*   iuuwn><    ' .-ll
It a pOSt planted al  the iuuihwe>i cornerwa
Koliinson'a pre emption lu lire Vallf-y.aDdlMJ
live mil.s Irom Kdwarl Lsndtog, ��Mtiuy
Arrow lake, aud m-iked K. O'l M   R ("[""S
running west 60 chains, th�� uceaouili S'gH
thenoe east K chains, tben*. ���*'''^/JKi
theuee  east 40 chaiua, tbeiHJ north 40eBH��
|SlllS-lS Ssf hs-Hlllliim,.
N,,..    IHil.    l>...
J. B, A^N'HIK. Aieisl     *
isvisiobrr, 1��WV , ,IIT[,
per John K. Tivusss. A��-jnl.
Blxty ilnys alter ilnte I Intonit '"��tS'Jj3
lissiiuriiblt) tiss. Ohio! uoinmliilon���� p -J ,_m
Wnrks for nirmlHlnn t.s paiekmlu J����J5
slisniTlbcsl Imii.Ih hi Kitonimiysllsslrls't: __%
olng ��t �� post inarki.il "A. J. Dill's WOTB
curlier pisat," Falsi pisst beluK on llss- n{t"J,_f
erly shore ill tliu LoWO Arrow ls.li' ��n" _'S
ilms nut, ou the nortliewt cornpr "' "J.^
Uri.up 1| ihetieo north 60 chains; *"!,*___
south Wcliilns, moro or less, to IM 'ttlHI
thauiM lollnvrliig salil shore In ���"""'"TjSI
tllretstlon (so ehains. more or less Iss list P��W
tsegluislua, eiintaliiltiH 160 aeres, ui'sri
Dateil tills HU\ ilay ol November, 1��* - CIIJ<
nerK I.. Bii������t. Aitss^
Notleo Is htsruby -Jlvon that m **__*____
��� ������ -���-- tho Holinrabls Ibsji
,      ,  s,...L. Inl Is*s��-
I lntonil, lo apply to tho Hoitorabis toja���
fommissloner ol tanils ansl Worm "OKI
sion lo rurohaac tho lollowlus sli'sisrlK1"*-,-
Koolenay dlatrloti Oommonolnr ��' "J,"
raorke.l 'J. II. Wallaee'a nurtliwi-al "'���y (S��
salsl posl bi'lnn on the eash-rly s-l"'* ' wr il
Arrow lake, ansl at the loulln"--*",'Xbi��
Porlcr's pii-eiiipi imi elalin I tlieui**' r��''*J ,s,,|i*
tlions'o aouth lA eliains, thonoc wisui �� ���
thonoe -soutli ai ehalns, thonee ,veH*.���. nort*
more or leaa to tho Arrow lako, tlienes inj IM
easterly sHroctlonWolinlns, mor""'__t*A
Plaoo ol beilanlag, conulnlug M0 a"01**"
Dtlttd thla MtU day ol Oetoter, H* WlU_rt
S- bit went, wm'- Bm****** Tha DaOy Cmi*-Itn
To Conwime** of Coal
and Wood
.��� undersigned bcR to notify the public that:
On and after the ist February, 1907, orders for Coal
Wood will only be executed when accompanied by
\SH.   This course has been rendered imperative owing
i the largely increasing list of our customers and the
: that we pay IN ADVANCE for all fuel (including
fight).    We  find  we  must either adopt the CASH
gSTEM or RAISE the price of fuel���the latter course
arc reluctant to pursue.
Thanking our patrons for past favors and trusting
��� continuance of friendly relations,
Wc are, yours obediently,
felsou, B.C., 31st January 1907.
EXm Fine Eiderdown Quilts
From $6.00 to $35.00.
No. Our \ i.rloty uf .300 Pletui-aa I'rnoiail In thse
Uatsat tttylaa.
itandard Ft**nittf*e Company
Mseon a hmch I'unoa.
Oitermoor Maureaiiea.
'. : -im .1 tiaultary Matir��fics.
Complete House Furnishers
Undertakers,    Embalmers
Idses.' and Childre'n Club Snow Shoes  $175 per pair
���NEW BOOK by a well known Canadian Journalist. "The Camerona
1 Bruce," by R. L. Richardson $1.25;  pottage 10c
Our Mail Order Department in at your service
inada Drug <5_ Book Co.
(���am fciuinrefc vkahh
Have Made ��� Vutt Change In Unlvlra.l
Oplnlan of Canada,
Toronto, fab. 8.���The banquet given
at the National Club by the members of
llie Toronto branch or the British Empire Leacue to Dr. 0. R. Parkin, late
principal of Upper Canada College, was
most successful, u large number being
present. Mr. J. M. Clark, K. C, pre-
aided, having on his right the llonton-
lint-governor, nml on his left the gueBt
of Ihe evening.
The lleiitenanl-governnr. In replying
to tho toast of his health, saiil be was
di'llglned to he present lo do honor to
Dr. 1'nrkiii. whose departure was a distinct loss lo Canada. He proceeded to
add that Dr. Parkin was,, though, now
able Ut give English people more accurate Information about Canada, and
to enlighten their ignorance about us.
Dr. Parkin, on rising io speak, was
most cordially received. He first referred to the greal changes which had
taken placo during the past eighteen
years in the minds of the other colonies respecting Canada. In 168*3 he
hod made a trip round the world, and
two years ago he followed the same
route, and he was astonished at the
great development of opinion which
manifested Itself on his later tour respecting this country.
There was a change in the mint) of
Canadians, too; there had been a great
growth of national spirit, an assurance
of a great and prosperous future, whicli
nothing short of some appalling national calamity could possibly arrest.
It was a great thing to be a resident
of such a great country, while he at
the same time warned bis hearers that
nothing could do Canadians more harm
than undue inflation, boastfulness and
commercial kite-flying. "Don't gel
swelled heads," was the speaker's
If foreign countries, If the other colonies, could say of Canadians as the
llrltlsh in Hong Kong can say ol the
Chinese merchants: "Their w.ord is as
good as their bond," it would do more
"to promote true Imperialism than all
our Cobaltn"
Speaking directly on Mr. Chamber
Iain's propositions, he laid he though
they had been sprung on the people loo
suddenly, lhat though he felt sure of
iheir ultimate -acceptance, yot he
thought Mr. Chamberlain had been too
eager in the firet place.
Dr. Parkin predicted that the great
Imperial problem of the fulure would
be South Africa, where the blacks in
������������������������������������+������������������ ��������������������������������������������������������������
Every expert examining these Fields have declared
they are the coming Richest Oil Field in the World
..********* ****** ������������ **���������
IMions   of   Dollars   in Alberta   Oil Fields
������ ******* ������ ********
Tfc Canadian Notthweat Oil Company holds nearly 2,000 aeres
in the centre of the Known OH Belt. At the present rate of development prices of shares will advance rapidly, and withiu a short
time will be selling for many times the present prices. The Stock
is uow being bought in Toronto and other Eastern centres���Spokane is also buying. We wanf the people of this district to share in
the good things of this rich Western Canada of ours. To pour her
rich reasures into the lap of those who seek, we now offer a limited
amount of shares for developement only at 50c. per share to be
paid in four instalments���25 per cent to be paid with application,
95 per cent in thirty days, 25 per cent iu sixty days, the remaining
25 per cent in three months.
**** ������������
Send Applications to
Not more than 5,000 or less than 100 will be sold to
any one person.
proportion |.'s ""��� "hiii rinsisi.si.ii. wst*
ion is, ,m>'. 'linn i|iii.s)iusii wus iiiierm;'
au ui.iilui,!,, ono In tbe Unliod fmtot,
or appeared to be au How much
greater a one. therefore, would South
Africa In- for the British government.
the proportion of colored to white being
exactly the reverse.
The doctor concluded his remarks by
urging upon his bearers the duty of
contributing to Imperial defence, which
was already done by the Bister colonies
of New Zealand and Australia.
Recommendations of Committee on Re
vision of the Constitution.
The ll.guo, Feb. 8.���The slate com.
mission appointed to revise Ihe constitution of Holland in lis report just issued, recommends the exclusion from
succession to the throne of children
born afler the abduction of the sovereign, and authorization for the state
general (parliament) to provide for tbe
succession or alter it lu case of emergency. Th commission also proposes
to make the approval of the Btates
general esseintlal for the conclusion of
treaties, recommends tbe proportional
representation and liability of women
for election to the states general, that
lhe qualification of candidates be tbe
same ln the case of both chambers,
and that the first chamber be granted
the right to amend as well as approve
or reject bills, except In tbe case of
the budget.
���__�� _% i r t iin n aaam _,_
The Scarlet Mysteries.
The Scarlet Mysteries from London,
Eng., who have been booked for a Canadian tour, are to appear at Sher.
man's opera house for two nights only,
on Monday and Tuesday next. This
clever combination ol artists have
earned for themselves a brilliant reputation in England, wbere for six years
they have enjoyed an unbroken record
of successes.
The company includes, the following
piomlnent English artists: Roland
Henry, musical sketch comedian from
Daly's theatre, London, who will be remembered here as having been associates! with the Canadian tour of the Meis-
tor Glee Singers; Thomas Walls, a
character artist whose humorous Scotch
impersonations are highly spoken of;
Perclval Mackenzie, a lightning cartoonist who also gives impression pictures in colored chalks in the record
time pf 60 seconds; Penderel Price, a
magnificent tenor wbo bas toured with
Mine. Patti; Ben Calvert, of tbe Carl
Rosa Opera Co.; Henry Luscombe,
from lhe Savoy and Terry's tbeatreB;
Gavin Wood of the Royal opera house,
Covent Garden, and a very clever pianist, ln the person of David Norton.
Notice of Sale
Under and by virtue of the powers
of sale contained in a certain mortgage, which will be produced at the
time of the sale, there will be offered
for sale by public auction on Friday
the 1st day of March, 1907. at the hour
of 2:30 o'clock in the afternoon, at the
office of the undersigned, by C. A. Waterman & Co., Auctioneers, the equity
of redemption In the following property, namely: Lots 23 and 24, Block 44A,
Nelson City, and the frame residence
thereon altuate.
TERMS: Ten per cent, of the purchase money to be paid down at the
time of sale, balance to be paid ln 20
For information as to prior Incumbrance, and for further particulars and
conditions apply to
Baker St., Nelson, B. C.
Solicitors for the Mortgagee.
Dated at Nelson, B. 0��� this 7th dny
of February. 1907
A. M. Can. Soc. C. E.
Mining Work a Specialty.
Office: Bealey Building.   P. O. Box
Baker St, NELSON, 8. C.
A�� McDonald & Co.
Dealers in staple and fancy Groceriea
Butter, Eggs.
Camp aud Miners' Supplies.   .
Tfr�� S\$ *thcooA
_ _��(*. H.G
B. Tomtits, Manager,
The Leadu-ff Hotel in the
Oood   Sample    Rooms.
Queen's Hotel
Hater Street, Nelaon. B. O.
Lighted by Electricity sand
Heated by Hot Air
Large and llomftirtable Bedrooms end First-
fiassDlulug Boom,   Sample Rooms for Oommer.
stel Mra.
MRS. I. O.CLARKE, Proprietress
Lake View Hotel
Corner IUI I and Vernon,
Iwo blocki from wharf.
Katea fl.OOfrer day and up,
ri��Zl^*.      NELSON, B. C.
Grand Central Hotel
Tula hou I bM tttvu cample to I y renovated and
newly furnlibed wltb kII modern rquipmciii-.
Hot water heating throughout.
KATKH : Rooms, Mv.  upward* ; meali   ilx.
special rates by the week.
J. A. ERICSSON, Proprietor.
Telephone, 250.    Opposite Court House
and Postoffice. Nelson. B. C.
Tremont Hotise
Bnropeao and American Flea
Meala �� eta.   Booms Irom ift ola. to 11.
Only While Help Implored.
laker et, Nelaon
Bartlett   Hotise
Best DolUr-a-Day Home in Ndsoo.ll
The Bar la the Flneat.
White Balp Onl? Employed.
Jeeophlne St.
Royal Hotel
Ratea |1 and ��1.50 a D-jr.
Special Ratea to Regular Board-Bra.
Moat comfortable quarters in Nelaon
Only the beat of Liquor, and linarss.
Excursion Rates
Rossland Winter
Fare and One-Thifd
For the Rocmd Trip
Notice ft liereby given that 60 daya alter date 1
intend to apply to tbe Honorable the Chief Coui-
uitiRionrr of Land.* and Worki for a Ucenjw to
���.rimpect for coal aud petroleum over the followlug laud : Hituated two intlei north of the International houndary Hue and weit of tbe Klathead
river, fteginnlng at a post niarked W, LeGallais1
N. VV. eorner post thence DO chaini iouth, tbeuce
so chalm east, tnence W ohalns uorth, thence to
chaini went to point of commencement.
Dated Nov. 14. 1*W. VV. UUau.au.
Notice ii herehy given that wi diyi after date 1
intend to applr lo tbe Hon. Chief Com minloner
of Lands and Works for a license to proapect for
coat and petroleum over the following land:
situated six miles north nf tbe international
boundary Hue aud eait oi the Flathead river.
Beginning at a post marked K. H. Kurd's M. w
corner poit, tbeuce w chains south, theuce 80
chaini east, tbenee W chains north, thence B��
ehnins west to point of eommeneement
Dated Nov. It, ItOt- E. il. Been.
From Revelstoke, Fernie and all intermediate and branch line points.
BtdMing Lota for Sale
H. & m7 bird.
���** T. G. PROCTER Si
Has every class of Real Estate and Buildings in Nelsou
for sale, from Business Blocks and Warehouses
to Market Gardens.
Choke Fruit
I Have 10,000 Acres
x- ofthe
Choteett Frott _____ ta
Bfitiih Confmbia.
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
J. E. ANNABLE,    -    Nelson, B. C.
Ftftt Stocks
B. C. Salmon
Atlantic Hadcties
Manitoba Whitefitli
BEEF, PORK and MUTTON of Ftaeat Qoaltty.
P. Burns & Co., Ltd.
Orders by mall to any branch will heee
out prompt end careful attention.
H__dOfifee: N*bon.B.C.
NOTICE li hereby glren that an application
will be made to the Levfilatlre AaMmbly of the
ProTlnce nf British Columbia nt tta next session
for an act authorising the Patrick Lumber Company, Limited, to place,conitruct, and maintain,
a dam or dams, boomi, piers, slides, and other
works in and across the Kootenay rlrer at or
near Thrums Button (about opposite Sub-lot IV.
of Lot 48N, Group 1, Kootenay district): aad ln
and across the Little Blocan rtrer; and in and
across the Hlocan rlrer at anoint or points below the month of the Little Blocan rlrer; for tbe
purpose of driving, rafting, sorting, holding, and
manufacturing saw-logs and timber; to occupy
the surface of the said river* where necessary for
the purposes aforesaid; to clear, improve, and
remove obstruction! from the said rivers for log-
driving, rafting, and booming purposes; to levy
and collect tons and dues on logs timber ana
lumber of persons using or profiting by such
works, clearing or improvements; to enter upon
and expropriate lands; and do all other things
necessary, incidental or conducive to the exercise of auy of tb* above powers.
Dated tbe 10th day ol December, 1906.
Solicitor for the Applicant.
Id tbe natter of an application lor lbe Issue of
a duplicate ot thc Certlflimle of Title for an
undivided l-Uol Lou 3, aud a. Block 12, Town of
Notice lt hereby given thai It 11 mr Intention
to iMue at the expiration of one month (rom
the tint publication hereof a duplicate of the
Certificate of Title to the above lauilss tn the
uameof Florence M. Hodgins whicli (i-rlllieate
la dated the 38th ,lay of December, law, ami
numbered mseiK.
Dlatrlct Registrar.
_and Registry Ofllce, Nelson, 1 C
January %th, 1907.
(jCftaaCate Of Tawp^ayf ffff__f,
"May," "8.C.," "Strethroy," "Joy," "Jov Frec-
tltmal," aid "John D.Mabley" Mineral claims.
situated la the Blocan city illnlBi Division ol
tbe Weet Kootenay Distriet.
Where located:���North of Twelve Mile Creek
about one and a half miles np.
Taka notlo that I, H. K. Jorand of Slocan ��.0.
Free Mlner'a certificate No. B78W0, as -agent for
Horace o. Van Tnyl, Free Miner a certificate No.
Mail, intend, sixty days from the date hereof.
to apply tn tha Mining Recorder for a Certificate
of Improvements, tor tae purnoee of obtsunlng a
Crown Grant of the said mineral claims.
Aad further take notice that -action under
Section 87, must be eommeneed before the Issuance of such Certificates of Improvements.
Dated this Ird Day of January, UOT.
Certificate of
For detailed information apply to local
Notice is hereby given that on Monday, February 15th, HOT, that the Court of Revision lor
Ihe Municipality of the Clly of Sloean will be
held in tbe City Hall on above -date, at 2 p.m ,
for the purpose of revising tha assessment Roll
of the City of Sloean. Those making complaints
-against their assessment are required to have
their protests la the hands ot the Oity Clerk ten
days previous to tbe first sitting of the Court of
Dated at Blocan, Jauuary Mth. HOT.
A.U.P.A., Vancouver. D. P.A., Nelson
Contractor and
Sole agent for Ibe Porto Rico Lumber Co., Ltd.,
retail yards'. Knugli anil tlre.sed lumber, turned
work and brackets, Coast lath aod shingles-, rash
ansl doors. Cement, brick and Ume lot sale,
Automatic grinder.
Yard and faotory: VernonSt.. eeetof Hs.ll
I t. O. Boi m. Telephone in
PRUNING AND GRAFTING carefully attended to. Apply
Silver King Hotel.
"��mpres6," "Cllmei," "Horseshoe," ���"Qneen,"
"Onion Jack," situated ln Nelion Mining
Located on Porcupine creek.
Take Notice that I, Frank Fletcher, agent for
the Active Oold Mining Company, Freellluer's
Certificate No. BKatS. Intend, Do days from date,
hereof, to apply lo the Mining Recorder for a
Certificate of Improvemenu for the pnrpoee of
obtaining a Crown Grant of the above claims.
Aad further take noilce that action, under
Sect-Inn 17, must be commenced before the laou*
anea at anon Certificate of Improvemenu.
Dated Nelson, Uth Dec., lift.
Fuamt Funmia.
Gartlflsat* ol Ismpravements
Rl s Tente, Orinoco, Queen Victoria Fractional
and Ornoco Fractional Mineral Claims, sltnate
in the Nelson Mining Division ot West Kootenay
Located on -Qneen Victoria Mountain, sear
Beasley Biding.
Tsaae Notice that 1, Frank C Green, acting aa
anenl for Michael Igan, Free Miner's Certificate
No. BMl.inientl, suty days from the dale hereof,
to apply to the Mining Recorder for Certifieatea
ot Improvements, for the pnrpoee ol obtaining
Crown Grants of the above claims,
Aad further uke notice that action, under
section vt, must he commenced before the
issuance of sueh Certificates of Improvements.
Dated this Hth day of January, UOT
Certificate of ImpeoTeowiti
F.CGREEN      F.r.MJN>EN      A.H.fiREEN
Civil Eastocen, Domisioo aad British
Columbia Uai Samrtn
r.0.1m MS nmtuia.
"Hattou" mineral claim, situated ln Ibe Net-soa
Mining DlvUlon ot West Kootenay dUtrM.
Where located :-On Toad mnnntaiu.
Take Notice tbat I, John MoUtchie. setlsag aa
agent for George A. Campbell, Free Miner-eCer-
tlflcate No. 1*7077. intend, slaty days from laa
���data hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder tor
a certificate o! Improvemenu, for the p-anM-anf
obtaining a Crown liraut ol the abovecla_a.
And i urtker uke notlco that action, *M*t
saclloMf. ansl be commenoed before the mt*.
anea ol auch Certificate ot lanmveaeatt.
Datedithls ��lh day nl MmnktUrvm,
. '
*' ' ' !
.1 '!
'1 '     ;!
.���,- is
! .
Tht 0*fly ttfBadlan
S�� (hr Fta< iHipliv a
t,lo.k_- A.. Niw. Al! ���--.  lot
tbc JLrkct Off-!*"*..
Ater��  ClocKi.  tich |1Jt Ind $2.50
MttrtiWI C'ocka. elcH        . $6.00
Oak Clocks. e��ch  1:2.00
Bedroom Clocks, each   .... H.OO
Ch.me   Clocks, each J20 00 to J3E.O0
So. UU.- limes, len )aa needagaoj L MBHIdU.A.    "ur.tuek Kara a:'
.!.:�� ��nj esctj s si.'.re... ,*  inaianlsasfi
STOP!    I
Of ttiv 'litT.r. mv tis. r- .- *,
k*t*t**a  Nt   siu'l **M'>   ttt       ���
Canned   Oooda���
\V   s-sirry ..nlj* ��
FIRSTS       J
i 'tic trial ..f otir ���
Tartan   Brand!
will  .--.iimt.-,-  v.sti   that we        ��� j
s-ssrrv n full stiA-k ���
Twhle   Pruit ��
Vejjetables J
Pie    Fruit J
Maple Syrup <
[Sam��  Price as Inferior J
\ Goods j
Old Curiosity Shop
If yoa ear lo bay or sell anything.
(o to tie OM Cariosity Shop. A new
Une of Japanese Goods now on sale.
All kinds of Dinn<?rwire in stock. Patterns.
Now My Friend \
Wouldn't you like something
these cold murnicg^; something
that Tould send the blood through
your veins and fill your heart
with Joy?
Now, tell your wife to buy a
pound of that good coffee that Joy
sells, and serve some, good and
hot, for breakfast. After drinking some of that coffee, things
will la k rosy all the day. and
) $oy Wil meet you at the door i
Cot% Vernon and  Ward   Str*s*:tfk,
.ni_lso:n.  B. c.
FRED J   HUME. Proorietor.
Allan Merry, H C Martta A Mcintosh. J. Townley. Toronto; H. Wright.
U. H. Jones. H A. Smail. Vancouver;
R.  H   Cotton. Alberta:   A. F.  Dudgeon.
I Revelstoke; W .H. P. Clement, Grand
Forks;  (.;   M   Mackenzie, Montreal;  A.
i C.   McCorkeil.  C O,  v'.i:uiUi_:_._.in.  Cat*
| gaury,  W   H   Sraeilie, Procter.   F   Rob-
j mscn. Summit: J. Rteks, London:  Mrs.
! Aven.  F.    R.  Morris.    Cranbrook;     H.
I Cameron. R. Stewart, H. C. Pringle. J
H.   Martinson.   W.   F.  Hlodger.t.   Wiiint
l peg; H A. Watson. Fredericton; J.
Wilson. G'adstoue;  Mr?   C. H   Levers,
j T L Kerry. Chatham: Mrs. J M. Farrell. Slocan.
F.  H. Parmer, A, C   Blanchard. Bonnington: W   Anderson. Cascade; G. W.
j Kerr. Colt-man; A. H. MacXetll. Rossland; Mrs. ami Mrs. Cooke, Kaslo; J.
H.   Anthony,   Winnipeg;   A.   A    Ayres,
! Moyie; C. B. Smith. Montreal.
EL I. Kirkwood. T. V- Woodcock. Slocan:   J. Helme, Creston;   N.  Mchcllan.
| N. McCallum. Grand Forks. J. W. Bennett, Cranbrook; l>. C  Montgomery, J.
Wollax, Winnipeg.
A. A. Taylor. Kaslo: J. Birmingham.
Trout Lake.
J. Finkelsteiu. Edmonton;  ii. Woofs,
1.   '/.iv*-,  Winnipeg.
A   Thomi'Su!.    RossbUkd,   F   Murra>.
C   MeggKh. Midwa;.    F   E  Clement
Victoria.  J. Woggleeye   Kaslo;   E.  W.
Dynes, Greenwood,
E.  F. Wheeldou.  is Creek;  A. Iter
: >   Fernie; a. Palatine  B. MePWiUlps,
Kia Ben mine; P Jafna, Bamtoa
A. Fraser.  B.  L.  Tripp.  Bonningfon:
R.   A    Glenn, Arnprior.   H    PfcflMtl    J
R   veil   EboU.
Bon, i_> Xels-oc yesterday, Februar?
. to the _i;V of K. U Thomas, of Proc*
The thaw has made* the couuauance
of curling Impossible for ihe present.
Notice will be given faktM of the ttf
���tmpdan ol ti    - . ��� *   sta tbe Bum
i up  sent |
Mn   \i*-v - .wd  a
tetter frum Mn   B W   Day, now reai-
d��-n' la Bimnatna. adM-iug her on no
ml Bern   i v -������ riM
���* .������ I          ������ bos', attrac
lion iha-* has ��� ver rtelted the Alberta
Tomorrow night at I o'clock '.!.���   N'�� .
so*.!  t'n   *   - wi"!    meet in the
.ace.    he   programme   ��ill  con
*.*>������.- _}  He*.
F. H  Graham on    E'hic.  aad 1'
j.*. '   ! - BtsfOfi '      _B   who are in
������ect are invited to
. n --n'
at Cost
I have a few hues of s.
left from CteMaM     Vh:> MM
SOld    _".    ^    ->.
At Cash Price
Knives. Korks   S.^x:.-   V-..  9    -
<*ak��. Pines. Bi-, *ii'   *.i -    N
Kim-   ���*-  .a.:   , ��� r.A--'.  ��;-���
*       ramie *=J R<i*11 TMm.U>
Fresh and Salted Meats
C_m_i�� mpplted -.uj shortest not* ��� .nnd
lowei**t pnee. Kothteg but  fresh aud
wtaolfiionte meatii and npflM kept in btoak
mmAid order* MMtfS * an-ftil attetitiun
E. C.  TRAVES.   Manager.
Cm A* Benedict
Corner Silica and Josephine Su.
PMorxM r.
Owinc lo th blockade of traffic in alt
directions th- band COBQHl announced
for tomormw nlskl in the opera house
may have to b-** po^Uwned. Wili White.
the entertainr who has b*?en engaged
(or the evening, has not yet arrived
and may be unable to reach the city.
A definite announcement wflj be made
in tomorrow's :>su *
Advices from the Spokane Falls &
Nelson railway respecting the delayed
train of yesterday are to the effect
tbat traffic has been resumed aud today's train will reach Nelson probably
nearly on time. The obstructions to
traffic have been removed and ever>
effort will be made to meet schedule
The engine on the Hue between Na
letup and Rosebery went off the track
yesterday afternoon four miles north
of Rosebery. just at thf north end of
Slocan lake. No one was injured but
it may be a day or two before the track
can be cleared, as the heavy 3now is
accumulating everywhere. The steamer S!o?an was run to tbe end of tha
lake and the transfer was made there
The Newest Things in
Novelties, Cards, Post Cards
and Fancy Valentines
Coal! Ice! Wood!
Phone 265
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Frott,
Foel & Poultry Co., Ltd.
M.E. coi-.Bj.tr   ana   Ward   Sts.
*   IPES
j Joy's Cash Grocery
_    Cor 11mips ���-.-. **: '��� HillSti-      Phone it
We have juat unloaded a car of
Parity Flotir
Kftda from hi^h grade Manitoba Hard Wheat Without a
doubt it i.*, the best flour 00
the market. Mon*y refunded
if not satisfactory
-SviwctuU  At<��wk.   of
for   \mn-i Triidv.
Stoneware. Crock;. Ibu Pots. Tea Pots. Etc.
Munroe & Nelson
Telephone ML
Resorts on Financial Standing and    on
Vanoos Organi2ation��.
The aiiriua) gt-n��-ral niet-tiu<   of    St.
Paul's  church   congregation   was   held
las' night.     The treasurer's report was
��� !   as follows
Receipts���Weekly envelope offering.
IH9MS; loose collet ions. ICS3L-IS; sp^
ea eoatrflwrtlona, $213^5; toiiection-
for .-hemes. |l^:;..>;; rent of lot. t->:
t\ -: al fund oliec ej, $:l::S."0: on hand
December ::i. 1906, U cento; total.
I.-:-.' W.
E-penditure���Pastor's stipend, $1SOO;
choir. $.l*>: janitor. HS0; fuel. 90.7S,
light, $59.40; repairs and incidentals.
$75.%..; repayment on loan, $409; interest on Epperson and Ironsides loans,
$&2; schemes of the church, $193.50;
painting church. $15*; on hand. $80.6*;
total I3S10.98.
C&rrent UabtHtlef���Painting church.
taxes :iMii acerued bterest, 1173.
V M Black aad G S Beat repented
on rh" Sunday schofjl and the hoys' brigade respectively, and Mrs. A. L. Mc
Culkch for the 1-adi-.   Ad.
Trains  and   tomta,
Our new valentine? : -   i,mved i
and they certainly m-li�� a :..:- display. ,
In comic novelties t^ere ���
ticulaly good things, and  in  th��  fancy
valentines the creations arc ::������_>>- beautiful and artistic lhaa -
Valentine    Poet    Ca- h re are
some  beautiful   things.     Both   designs
and coloring are siuirv- - \      lite   They
ann include s*?*vera| gaod
BtotraM m wtth ���. .'     *. Wi
will fill  it to  vow
and will forward  ta    g��i^   *.*   retarn
W. G. Thomson
BOOKSELLER  -.nsl    v_*       -DP
eTiTioxta. neison, d. \_.
Phone .1..
A coll-ection of ail tlie Latest
Shapes and Sizes.    A free
smoking aud most satisfactory pipe-
Tobacconist.   Baker Street.
Three Furnished
or Unfurnished Rooms
or Part of House.
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch,
Creosote, Oils for
Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch and
Bo��t BaiMon will 4nd it lo their nd-
v.���:;:.-._���- to use our Hitch.
Nelson Coke & Gas Co.
Red Cross Prog Store
fo* your PreacrsDtiona. Family  Recipet,
Hair Tonsca, and all kinds of
Note the Address:
Baker St., near Ji-*ephlne. Nelson. If. C
F. L. HAMMOND 25 Feet Frontage
Room  1,  Hudson   Bay Block.
Baker Street   -
Sherman's Opera House
Tv.-'i Niah'.- 'nt.i   M,ns:.i-      I   ���  ��� ,���
February llth and 12th
Mr   E<1w��r*! F*   ���
Crow train���Eiffht hours law.
*'oa. r aad Slocan rr_;*i���On tfna;
uonad on
Rowland rrain���On rime
K'anio eonn-acdoa���On  ;m*��.
tmindltrj  *.ain���On *
The Store of
Quality i
The   Daily  Crash.
Chicago. F��-b. -..���Two dmo are said !
'o have been    kill' d    tatl a AosflS or
more   wreidjr   injureil.   some   fatally. I
when train No. ._ on tkt Chicago. Mil- |
wauJcee <t St. Paaf railway collided ro
Jay wtriiin 'he city iimJta wi'h a nrifteft
engine drawina sii pa___njrr coaches.
The   "Champion   F. er.'   vWd
mattmag   '."h-cajjo    ami *M   Paii. wa..*
*ei'. Ailed ttmXt , fought
KHagBtf t�� *_������ Wa-.y
^ere ol   I -    ���   md face. The
twa  T.---; t  been
mW     --i'l     :,. ..,:_-n*_\.
5 Roomed Building
Price $2,000.00
H. E, Croadsdaile & Si
Next Door to Bank of Commerce.
She who fishes for a htttbtnd seldom
estcbti one worth while.
The -iecrer or <or' - much ;
nn-. raik,
with sonif pcopli begins and
If  you   like   nice,   rriean.   <*-:.in
Blnenitrf wa r*��f.ommenii you to
i  '      '.!.'
-Scarlet Mysteries"    20th Century Package
General Job Work, Chimney Sweeping, Carpet Cleaning, Fixing and Cleaning Stoves, ate.
121 Eaat Baker St. Phone No. A114
For Hot Tomato
Tea and Coffee.
Beef Tea.
Frnm   U.n-O-l,  En*f;*n*!    ftemaama tb�� I��r___it ;
Leaaat Vaee&ttm in tu-- eat H i  - ;t.   eeea&f
FHtoi -JOc., T.5c.. ���! 00
Sects on fall tl Rufcriorl'* S-atufiA?
All Kinds ol Heating  Plants in Sfos-k
P-r Paokazp
Graham Wafers          10c
Lesron   Cream    10c
Vanilla  Wafera                10c
Society Tea   10c I
New England Ginger Snap 10c
Knspo Ginger  Wafera   10c
Butter���Thin    10c
Milk   Toast    10c
Dainty City Soda  (Salted) 15c
Saratoga Flakea  (SalUd)    15c
��� -Ef.'OSD Ti i NONE.   Wl WILL 01 iMPETE WITH *>
W'n^n joa coaipar*. yonr frei^ht-i you will liny iu Ni-Imsu
D. J. Robertson & Co.
Victoria St. Nr. Opera Houae.     Tel. 181.
ENGINEER sail ����� vIMK*. M WalUbsirsi Ml!:.
tt*At l'r��nbr,wsk B (' . ti,��, Fss.hsowu ��' Prrws>r
(TATTOOM !/*MBh k CO .
...,:, ���.s��   U.l .
TWO FIEBTCLA88 RHOJiS, iteam btated.   Ap-
plT houiekMaer. 3rd flat, K. W. C. block.
Put up in packages and thus
et-er fresh. It costs little to
gWe them a trial, and they
prove themselves worth it.
K. W. C. Block . Phone 10.
Semi-Ready Clothing
For 1007 la now to hand
Fifty Cent Hand Bags!
They arc beauties at the price.
I tloplisine  33.1.
Optlctat I
Starkey & Co.. *����&
WholeaaM Provialona,
Dominion Oorcnmipnt OnamSTT One Ponnil Hrioka risciiii-sl weaUt fj___
from the churu.   For ajJe by nil lendinK p-iHsi-rs.
Oniiv anil wiirehi)nne: Houaton Block,   Phone "IP.
Josephine Street. Nelson, B.C.
Bohemian Beer
The Nelson Brewing Co., Ltd
A Word to the Wi
This r��ir vtp have appreciate*, the wants of *i���_j
(unit-:> and have pawteil int.. ntock the
Good Cheer Art Base Burner!
This store U adapted for hunt ronl only, und up
antoed to givo satinfartiou.
J. H. Ashdown Harth
Company, Limited.
Rapulrlng and .lubhlns tiacutadwllh Uwapaiteh.   Hlia-al MaMl
Work, Mining amTMIII Mawhlnarv.     MNnulHisiui'.i-.ssI     I
Or* Cars.  R.  ft.   Contractora'  Cara.
UNITE and sing that   the  importation ���
John T. Pierre -are the proper thin|.
My last fall aliipnn-nt hns jnst nrrirfd. JJ
them und place jonr order early fssr Xma*n*
JOHIN T. PIERRE, Artistic Tailor
Husln��.��s m��n,
Working tn��n.
Men In drvtua *tttlr��,
Sportlnv men,
ManJitomw mvn,
Men that'* full of fire
Subject  to  Confirmation
Was Will Buy
W�� Will Se��
10.000 Rambler-Cariboo    V%
5.000 Sullivan    07
10.000 I!   C.   Amiilsamali..!  foal. .Offer
100 Sullivan Bonds ..
5.000 American Uoy ...
l.iiOO International Coal
B. B. Mighton <& Co*
Drawer 1082
PhOM ll'
MANUFACTURERS   f .L^f____    Cf.__,��1/_c
AND DEALERS IN   *^iimD4*tm  dlllflgl-^f
Uath, Mouldings, Doors, Window*
1'urnad "Work and Brauk��tai. Mail Ordeta promptly attended*
VtSWNOIN 8TRBBT   .   .   .   XISLSOIN. B. C.
Our atack of Skatta la complata ��na *wri��*
Including  the  popular
BOKER'S  BEAUTY  and  CHARM (Ltdlei)
Wooa-ValUnce Hardware Co'


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