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The Daily Canadian Dec 22, 1906

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Array <%i)n glctiltt
I,   No  170.
s Good Prospects
lor Next year
Socltcf Situation Still Unsatisfactory
-Quid Week on Stock Market- -Quotations.
Tut- mosi liuportanl event of the
wet lu Kss'-s... mining circles fa the
dosini: flown 1,' llie Vmlr mines anil
I mill ssml sis- announcement of an early
RopeainL- ol 'Is tormer, ai leant, and
-:,, c xpendlture of a   large
j��n ol us is- Iroui $7f,.000 to (109,-
tm-ai rn- development ol the ore
l^li.-ss disoovt'1-t-d ;s year ago In the
m:en , the mine. The Vmlr
|U ilp lid In  dividends a large
puportioD ol purchase   pi-ice,   hut
sis  1 :.. ivolved   almost   the
1 -sitlinal   ore   liollien.
Bl sii- sss- i-i . : nilici and largi-r 0115
:, n Idi  suisl at graatSr
ati'i. iss   proper!)  a  new
Ink- ol 1U>-  ,ll,sl   < KlenslVe   Khlplllt-IltN
soon llss llle llecet--
n work    is    act-otn-
ni   ths-   Queen  Vic-
13miii oopp la being vlgnrouKlv
ljmetutni.  ..   ;   Manager   N.   J.   t'av.
I sn.-. sl sti-- opinion thai
I ;is; .- In !���>  tin- middle 01
ns.sk   In   Still   HU111C-
I Mat ���'.,.��� is iiie uiisatisfai tur\
[Mrpl Us. sad, Mlilcli permits only
tear ui . entrates a day to reach
I lit kadtai.' and also by the lnabilii>
Uf local laji-liera to handle even that
Uaruut t,.'i,|isjj,iy
Huh loui .-.is extensive properties
"'-sss '111s. La Plata, Reliance and
*--' ��� 1 1. Ue immediate vicin-
tt;, all i-snaiis to i��- actively operated
���trougtaoui Cuming year, the pro*
* -ss mining cenlre are
*��T bright
Mennwiss       ...   Sandon   and   Slocan
If** is>    report    steady
no�� ��m, .        esulta
Development   wink  is  being carrleil
'-"��� - continued  throughout
ttt winiei    .si,   n.any    properties    In
[Hap Ci
���**-' .s   strikes  lu   the Lar
I'1'- I'siu bul definite Infot-
I ���tm. is 1     11 unobtainable,
Tbc (railings  on   tbe  slock   market
I ���" Uii' nasi week have been somewhat
*&&tt ttian usual,   in  consequence ol
ta appro,
Bona,, ni
Idon ���
Ptfvtisil   Sl .
��a�� sinn,,,
mn note
I Coba/t ahai
��'iy Inn.. 1
1 nejlei���
I '*����� s.,,1
tin- ,n ,.,
clung   tioliilay   season,   and
one ssr iwss stocks tlie quo
i"l   Imi   slightly   from   the
1     The Bpokane  mark ���;
Mum has been usual there.
Us-   Kasiern   exchanges   re-
unit   tne   tradings   111   thi
have also fallen orr. Thla
��� 11 caused by th,- tendency
suiiilos  at   this   tlm''   ol
1   Isy    investors    becoming
equonae ol  lhe greni  de-
I"">��� in Mni��sin��
5 *���      ir-d Hun Intcrmiilonal <*onl
*��lil i.r. i,k   slightly,   owing    10    the
jpmll llriiieini declared, when u larger
��pi cted.    However,   this
lhe ins,- aud the shines
.1   sevoinl   points   In   tbe
���sss.  wiih  a large ilcniunil
sruspeot   of a allll  greater
I Muni
Is-   .
ha\e ,���!
Bail Hi,,
I ����tl eve
-advancf.     ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
j)Miora Mlnea was somewhat weaker
Jl��v .' le** iharei offered.   Trndlni;
'�� tills M,. 11, ��-a, Ve,-v 0tall.    Diiiinonil
J   ��t ilnipiied, win, but few buying or-
\ ��,��      ''v"''""'���    wl'He  "ear was  In
.'���ati.l. ii,,,,,,.,,  ,��� ���   !���,,,,_ u���-hangeil
��-.��� .    ��sshs   quotation.    Ciinsoll
I ,"""�� Snis-1*
'leliln were
."tm last    _   _������._.���_,,
and    Canadian    Gohl
11 ailed In lo a limited MM
'* limitations varying bul sllghl-
k.   These slocks are
I'reil   to   be   selling   lower   than
������r value warrante and a  large de
_pnte_   h"Tr*ls"'11   l>flces  la  not   un
'haiiiiv 1
ttm, ll,,.
Muring ii���
I shortly. ^^^^^^^^
pper nad 11. C. Copper
traded In but very little on any
italic 1 "'"' 'l"",llll��"�� remained un-
"ea.lv ��q ""l"1"1"'1 Copper advanced
'- per shnre nnd was very ac
���ur**e blocks
il���, '.,;""*'��� "iocrr changing hands at
,., uh���1" l���� of the woek at the high-
���nuiii,"'1 "' Rossland elicited some In
I'M rP, ""cl1 "' Pi'leeB which caused
''bare * * ln    UH    hroucht out.
ettt ,���.'''' ""'"'is uriont that thla prop-
fiaiiu..','V """lln'* work under a new
caii���,j '!""' "hlch Is presumed hns
IHrt|., ���'" '"��' Inquiries from among
���iMcKin,,,?'"' '"""'"d to know. Oarlboo-
u > ' 1'iiieii  |10 demand, but on
the  other   Ins nil  large   blocks  were ol
Is-rs'il, with no takers.
Tbe   following  are  the  approximate
iiuniaiions for the week ending today:
 Asks-d.     Bid.
American  BoJ   . n::i..      n-nd
Alberta Ooal 16 "     .24
lliet-ls I.ssml Coal.   ..       ,66 (J
II  C   Uoppei 11.sm      12 im
IJ.  0.  Standard     . .18    [
Consol. Smellers ..   . I'D.no     U2.un
Can   Oold  Heidi   ...       .lit)   |     .07V4
t:alirornla (17   1     .fir,
Cariboo-   McKlnin-.v OS AH
Dominion copper ...    i;.4ii      5.90
Diamond vale ::o  1    .25
Denora Mines 13   I    .11
Granby  Copper   ..   ..' 1*1.50    | 13.25
Glnni    I .U2'4 .HlVi
Handy   Uold   Mines..| .02   | ,01
inler.   Coal | .70   1 .Ca
La I'lata Mines 23 .11)
Norlh   Star  .20 ,]X
Nicola Coal Mines ..; .08^ .117
fathrinder \ .03   1 .02
Hainbler-Carlboo .   ��� .31   i .28
Sullivan I .09   j .08
Virginia | .06   j ...
White lti-aniH4c pd.) .0C .04
Substitute lor Street Cart.
Calgary. Dec. 22.���C. S. Lett, who is
chiefly Interested iu the motor busses
which will run on the Btreels of Calgary, has received a cable from the
makers in Glasgow that the motor
basses have been shipped, and as special arrangements have been made
wllh Ihe C K K to convey the cars
on a through freight as soon as lauded, there la a possibility of the bus-
aea being run by the new year. The
Oompany is sending a man with the
shipment who will acl as head engineer and siiiieriulendcnt over the busses. Cape, badges and conductors'
collection boxes are at hand and uni-
lornis lor ihe 111-11 will lie purchase,
later It was thought Home time ago
that tbe prices would be 10 cenls
Htralgbl or seven lor 50 cents. The
workmen'! tickets were fixed at 5
cents. These prices have been definitely decided upon.
tins city. Ti,, line, which has been
under construction for some years, extends almii; Un- south shore of Nova
Bcistla, touching Shelburne, Liverpool,
Lunenburg, Bridgewater, und other
Amer.can-Japanete Relations With Pos-
���ibie  Embroghoi  Keenly  Watched in  England.
London, Dec _!_.���The British prea_,
editorially and through Us correspondents in the United Slates, is paying
keen attention to the American-Japanese relations, and Ambassador Aokl'.
spetch ai tho American Asiatic society. Secretary of Commerce and Labor
Metcalfe rejtort on the San Francisco
dispute, and President Koosevelt s
DMttge on ihe Japanese achooi situ*
a.lon In ������.'alUoruia are discussed whh
aoine concern. The Tribune tliink.s
that Prealdent Roosevelt's firmness
and tOlemnM have had their reward,
wh.le the weakness ot M. Stulypin, the
itu.Hsiuu i'r* oiler, is a pledge for peace
almost ss vinuabie as President {loose-*
veils Rrmness and popularity, "We
may aifuid u> dismiss both the Kussian and tbe American scares Iromoui
Binds," isya tbs Tribune, "but none
Uie less, the recent rumors are tar
irom agreeable or reassuring.-for tbpi
who leiuemuei the grave obligations In
the event o! war which Lord Lans
dowries tr-aty imposes upon England
for the next decade." ,
Tbe Tribune acquits Japan of any
desire lo pick a quarrel and thinks
that ih** other powers, notably her ally, would have something to say on
the subject, but it admits that the fanatical elemenl is b danger, It is obvious, the paper declares, that England, as au ally, may play a great pan
in moderating the resentment of the
Jspaness, and checking their unwise
ambitions, and above all in helping
Japan to achieve a cordial welcome as
a civilized power.
Tlle Standard ihlnks that President
Itonscve.Vs  second     thoughts    on   the
San Psrncisco school question, as re
waled by his last message to oongreas,
may prove the beat
The Kxcbange says: "Let us hope
lhat President KooseveH, who seldom
fails, will  succeed even here."
The Daily Tel-graph, at the conclusion of a long editorial devoted to to*
today's tercentnry, says: "The United
States, under President Kosevelfs bold
and st>ady leadership, is rising to political greatness as rapidly as she Is
breaking all economic records of her
own amazing past."
Welfare at Heart.
Roth the Liberal and Conservative
factions in Kevelsloke will plainly aee
thnt Mr. MelJrlde had the welfare of
our city at heart, and, as the head of
the government, thinks only of what
ts Just nnd right for Individual cities
throughout the province and for
Hrtilsh -Columbia as a whole. There
fore it is only In justice to the premier
to have confidence In him, and,both
Conservatives and Liberals will share
that confidence when It Is ho closely
effects our homes and our clty'B welfare and development.���Revelstoke
New Nova   .-cutis  Railroad.
Hallfas, Dec. 22.���The Halifax &
Southwestern railway wbr today open*
ed for business between Yarmouth and
Laurier Extends Citizens' Rights to All
British Subjects,
Ottawa, Dec. 22.���Sir Wilfrid Laurler
moved the second reading of the Naturalization Bill. The existing law was
lhat naturalization conferred upon
aliens hi any part of the itritish empire was effective only, and grave po-
liiical and civil rights only In the territory covered hy the legislature which
enacts the law. An alien naturalized
in Great Britain only received tbe
rights within the limits of the United
Kingdom. It was the same thing In
Canada, in Australia, or any of the colonies. The object of the bill was to
do away with the three-years' residence which Is now necessary under
the, law. In the ease of any one coming to Canada wtio was naturalized ia
any of the colonies, all that he had to
now would be to comply with the formalities of the law, take the oath of
aiepiance, have the certificate recorded, and then he became a British subject.
Dr. Stockton said he wanted to see
the law so that when a man was nal-
FS-lsed In any part of the British empire ho ought to be a British subject
throughout the length and breadth of
the British empire. The subject was
one which should come up at the colonial  conference in  April  next.
Sir Wilfrid Laurier said that the
subject did engage the attention of the
conferences or 1897 and 1902, but
nothing was done.
Big  Building    Boom    in    Prospect for
Next Year.
Winnipeg. Dec. Tl.���Ex-Mayor May
of Edmonton, in an interview said today: 'Edmonton will increase ln pop-
u'ation next year more than it has In
Uie last three years. I think Bhe will
add 8000. There will be, in my opinion, 15,000,000 worth of new buildings,
at least. The new parliamentary
buildings are estimated to cost a million; the new postoffice a quarter ot
a million; a pork packing plant half
a million; a new brewery a quarter of
a million, and the new courthouse
about a quarter of a million. The city
corporation will lay some two milea
of street paving and there will be six
or seven miles of electric street railway constructed.
"To all this work you may add leas
pretentious buildings and residences,
incidental to the genera] growth ot
���be city."
Hicks' Thrilling Captivity.
Bakersfield, Cat., Dec. 22.���"Hick*
will be rescued" had become a com-
menplace expression last night. A number of crevices had heen brought to
view which lead directly to Hicks. Not
only is conversation possible through
the* crevices but it was found lhat
Small articles could he lowered by
means ol a string through the cracks
to the captive miner. A lighted candle
was dropped to HickB and he was, by
the reflection oi Its glare, able to survey the scene of his earthy enclosure.
He reported that the sudden Introduction ot the light did not affect bis
eyes; that. Indeed, be would be willing to sacrifice one eye just to get
sight of the precious rays of the sun.
'lhe crevices disclose the Tact that the
company b otgineers have been correct ln their calculations. Tbe caudle
was dropped on a airing IS Inches long
aud It struck plumb at the side of the
ore car, proving exactly where Assistant Engineer llall and his assistants
planned to arrive. High hopes are extended for a release today.
Toll of the Sea.
New    York.    Dec.    22.���A   despatch
from Buenos Ayres to the Herald says
tbe Argentine steamship Cacholot,
coming from the south, has brought
here the captain and 26 seamen of
the Norwegian steamer Frithjof, which
was wrecked during a whaling expedition at South Georgia, in the Antarctic ocean, on November 20. Nine of
the crew were lost lu the disaster. The
Frithjof is the same vessel that was
sent ln November, 1903, to rescue the
Nordenskjold, with an Arctic expedi*
Changes In Mount Vesuvius.
Naples, Dec. 22.���Another portion of
the crater of Mount Vesuvius fell yesterday. Within the last two days tlie
rim of the crater has been lowered
about 80 feet. The rain of ashes which
began yesterday continued todny over
all the villages at the. foot of the
Ex-Premier 8cott III.
Regina, Sask.,   Dec.  22.���Ex-Premier
Scott ts seriousi>   ill with pneumonia.
Last night bis temperature wos 108.
Stands Between France
and His Holiness
Populace Crowd French Embassy
and Acclaim the Republic Police From Cordo**.
Home, Dec. 22.���lt having been currently reported that all attempts to
reach au understanding with France
will be ugeleBB If Papal Secretary ot
State Merry del Val remains ln office,
It was ���eml-offlclally stated today that
the pope has determined to retain him
and thus keep his word given to Merry
del Val when he conferred the red hat
upom him. ,
Upon that ocegbion the pontiff remarked: "It ls pleasant to think that
you will be of powerful assistance to
us so long ae life lasts.'*
On the other band, the enemies of
tbe papal secretary- of state assert that
France looks upon him as being prejudiced aud compromised, and that as it
Is impossible to change the pope, there
must be a change in the papal secretary of state, sucb as occurred under
Fopes Plus VII and Plus VI, when the
secretary of state was often removed
until Cardinal Consalvl, who was made
papal secretary tn 1801, concluded the
concordat  with Napoleon I.
The names of Cardinals Vlnconxo,
Vanulelll, Agilardl, Satolli and Ferratl
are mentioned as candidates for the
Rome, Dec. 22.���The feeling of the
populace hare ts so strong against
mJ* vutlean in connection with the dispute wllh France that the authorities
employed the whole police force and
have the entire military garrison under arms to prevent a demonstration
arranged for the purpose of acclaiming the republic outside tbe French
embassy. Experience has taught that
political demonstrations with apparently disinterested objects often lead here
to unforseen and undesirable resultb
Hence strong measures were taken to
repress a possible dangerous outbreak
ot anti-clericalism.
The streets and biidges leading to
the Vatican were occupied by the
tloops and traffic were stopped. Troops
were stationed in the Plaza Farnese,
where the French embassy is situated.
Large crowds, composed mostly of
students, loafers and the dregs of the
city, gathered In the afternoon. They
at first tried to reach the Vatican but
found everywhere a line of bayonet^
opposlug them. Several rushes were
made, and there were shouts of "Death
to the priests!" "llown with the pope!"
and "Long live France!" Thc soldiers
stood their ground firmly and uoue of
ih-- crowd passed Uieiu. Some of the
more demonstrative were arrested.
Then the mob tried to reach the embassy, but troops cordoned the streets
1-ading to lhe Plaza Fnrnese and prevented them. Several charges wen-
made. The crowd was never allowed
to gather streugth.
Conflict Ow. Wage*.
New York, Dec. 22.���The reply of
the general managers of other rail-
toads ln the New York harbor dUtrict
except the New York Central. New
Haven & Hartford, to the demands of
tbelr yardmen will be given to the em
ployees today. A refusal to grant an
advance or b cents an hour In wages
It is stated will precipitate a strike.
The railroads have offered 4 cents increase. Three thousand men are af
fected and they have asked that their
wages be made equal lo that of the
men employed tn the west who do the
same work.
Ths Daily Crash.
Urantford, Ont., Dec. 22.���Fireman
Dymond of Stratford was killed and
Fireman Knight of Uoderlch Injured
by a Bulled train backing down a hill
into an engine and cars tn wblch were
���nany men. ,
Price of Metals.
New York, Dec. 22���Silver 60 l-2c;
copper, 22 l-4c; lead, fl,
London, Dec. 22.���Silver, 32 l-4d.
Shingle Mills Close Down.
Victoria, Dec. 21.���The British Columbia shingle manufasMiirers today
Cosed down their mills to aid the
movement started by the shinle manu
facturers of the state of Washington
to curtail the output. The mills probably will remain closed till the middle
of February, by wblch time it ls expected the danger of overproduction
will have been passed.
Nova Scotia    Grafters   In   Legislature
Turned Down.
Ottawa. Dec. 22.���The supreme court
Saturday gave judgment in several
Nova Scotia cases.
In tne the case of Dodge vs. the king
a decision was rendered which shows
the effectiveness ot opposition criticism tn parliament. It Involves the
purchase price of land for the Kent-
vllle, N. S. rifle range. B. H. Dodge
and H. H. Wlckwlre purchased Borne
600 acres for less than $7,000, and offered It to the government for $23,680.
A counter offer wae $12,460. The
question was referred to a valuator
named Crawley, Dodge in the meantime, having tilted his figure up to
$45,111) (J.
Crawley reported ln favor of $38,000,
but public attention having been called
to the matter, tbe government took the
case to the exchequer court. Judge
Uurbrldge awarded $22, 649, and then
Dodge appealed to the supreme court.
This appeal was yesterday dismissed
with cosiB. Judge Burbridge's award
ls upset, and all that Dodge will re-
celve is the amount originally tendered
by the crown, $12,460, with interest.
The two principals were at the time
of the purchase - of the land Liberal
members for Kings county in the Nova
Scotia legislature, and Mr. Wickwire
was a member of the government
shortly after, but lost his seat at tbe
last provincial elections.
Oliver Would  Not  Divulge" Names of
North Atlantic Company.
Ottawa Dec. 22.���In the house on
Wednesday Mr. Monk asked the minister of the interior If he had learned
on his trip this summer to Europe who
composed the North Atlantic Trading
Mr. Oliver said the had visited the
famouB office ln Amsterdam and had
found things In active operation. How-
lever, he had seen no reason for res-
���scinatng the action the government
had taken in cancelling the contract
with the company.
Mr. Monk asked if Mr. Oliver was
not tn a position to give the names of
the  penir.is  comprising the  company.
Mr. Oli-er said it was not the part
of the government to act the role of
detectives. The opposition had endeavored to find out the numes last year
and had failed. He did not think he
could be expected to do better than
tlie whole of the opposition. He had
not gone to find out the names of tbe
people of the company, but whether
the government had done well to cancel the' contract. This closed the Incident.
Knocking the Schedule.
Montreal, Dec. 22.���The Empress of
Britain arrived last night at Liverpool
too late for the passengers to catch
trains, and they will not reach their
homes until some time today. The
loss of time to them Ib 24 hours, foi
which the call at Halifax is responsible. Had the Empress sailed direct
from St. John she would have landed
her passengers and mails at Liverpool
yesterday morning in time tor its
Booming General Veles.
New York. Dec. 22���A despatch to
the Times from Havana says Governor Magoon today signed a decree appointing a commission of Americans
and Cubans to revise the municipal,
electorate and judicial laws. A new
party Ib being formed to boom General Garcia Velez for the presidency.
Gripped by Influenza.
New York, Dec. 22.���A London de-
patob reports that Influenza of a particularly virulent type is raging there.
The lord chancellor and the archbishop of Canterbury are barely convalescent. Arthur J. Balfour and Speaker
lowther are both s. rloiisly ill.
Still Buying Gold.
London, Dec. 22.���The Bank of England today  bought $105,000 ln American eagles from Paris.
This la My 64th Birthday,
llaron Alverstone, who has been
Lord Chief Justice of England since
1��00, was born December 22, 1842. As
Sir Richard Webster, by which name
be was known until he created a baron
moo, be was famous as one of the fore-
moat members of the English bench
and bar. He received bis education at
King's college and Charterhouse
schools and at Trinity college, Cambridge. He was called to the bar at
Lincoln's Inn ln 1868. Ten years later
he was made Queen's Counsel, and Is
believed to be the only man who has
for many years past received that
honor at so early an age. Prior to being elevated to the bench he was extensively engaged ln most ot the heavy
commercial and railway cases of the
day, and, besides having a Urge general practice, he appeared in numerous
appeal caBes In the House of Lords.
He served in parliament for a number
of years and in 1885 he waa appointed
attorney-general in the first government ot Lord Salisbury. Baron Alverstone has been a widower for many
years and Is without direct heir.
Kauffman of California    Disposed   of
Los Angeles, Dec. 22.���George Gardiner of Lowell, Mass., was forced to
lower his colors to Al Kauffman of
California ln the fourteenth round of
a fight scheduled to go 30 rounds. Defeat was acknowledged by the seconds
of Uie Massachusetts man throwing up
the sponge. The tight was slow and
neither man showed any cleverness.
Kauffman had Gardiner all but out in
the second and again ln the eleventh
rounds, but Gardiner's ability to hold
on saved him from a knockout. Gardiner appeared decidedly awkward ln
the ring and his blowa were low and
without effect when he landed. In
the early rounds he seemed to lack
confidence and though he showed some
aggressiveness ln the last round, he
was wary of the San Franciscan.
Kauffman had a strong punch but
fought with little vigor. Kauffman's
weight was 135 pounds, Gardiner's 120
pounds. The blow that ended the fight
was a stiff right to the paw, which tendered Gardiner helpless and caused
bis seconds to throw a towel into the
ring. Gardiner was also so far gone
during the last round that he fell to
the mat twice from sheer weakness
and took the conni of nine each time.
Members Feel Strain   of Sacrifice   of
Time From Work and Rett���Mere
Support   Required.
The Nelson city band has a problem to solve for itself within the next
week or two. During the year now
cloBlng the band has spent over $200
for instruction and nearly $700 for new
uniforms and instruments. Its revenue to cover such expenditure has included a grant of $200 from the city
council for the Sunday afternoon concerts at the park. Similar sums from
the Dominion day celebration committee and the Agricultural society and
the proceeds of a few dances.
The result is that not only have thc
members Individually received no Indemnity for their frequent loss of
time in tbelr various employments,
but tbat the band treasury ls now
Three courses are now open to the
members for choice. One ls to disband, which would be a matter for regret to the members and to most of
the citizens, who recognise the value
of good music, and Its attractiveness
in public functions.
Tbe second is to become strictly
professional, finance Itself and charge
for Its services on all occasions at the
usual band rates obtaining tn other
places. The adoption of that course
would mean no Sunday afternoon or
Saturday evening concerts aj|d- no
gratuitous services at church or charitable functions. That also would be
unfortunate, as It would mean that a
large part of tbe public would hear
the band only at the Fair and during
the Dominion day celebration.
The third course, and the one most
likely to be followed, ls a new appeal
to citizens ror voluntary contributions
that the band may be retained aa a
public Institution. Citizens are In danger of forgetting sometimes that the
maintenance of a cridltable band, always available for the assistance of
public and charitable entertainments,
Involves very considerable sacrifices
of time and money on the part of the
The decision of the band as to Its
future will be taken tn a few days
and will be determined In the main by
public opinion.
Leather Merger Formed.
New York, Dec. 22.���Through the Issue of the calls for special meetings
of the stockholders of the United
States Leather company and the Central Leather company the Times today
says lt became known that the merger
pan formulated on December 17, 1904,
will at last be carried out. The Central Leather company was formed In
1VU4 to acquire the stock and the business of the United States Leather oompany.
Let Out fer Christmas.
Montreal, Dec. 22.���It has been discovered that a clause in the city charter makes it impossible for a magistrate to Imprison drunks and 61 at
present ln gaol were released today.
Extensive Boring Operations on Prairies
��� -
Highest Grade Crude Oil Found in
British Colombia���Various Canadian Reld Reports.
Lethbrldge, Dec. 22.���While the development of Canada's mineral wealth
has not proceeded equally with tha
growth of agriculture, steps are yet being taken to ascertain what that wealth
amounts to, and the prospects ln several directions are very hopeful. An
Instance of this ls the signing of a
contract with the city of Lethbrldge
lately for the boring ot a well 1000
feet deep ln the expectation of getting
oil. The contract has been given to
the firm of James Peat s. Sons, Petro-
11a, Ont., and Mr. Peat has just returned home to ship up the necessary machinery to carry on the work. He has
had a long and diversified experience
ln oil fields and he speaks very hopefully of the prospects of the Lethbrldge
Hr. Peat, who is a native of Lanarkshire, Scotland, which he left as a boy.
got bis first experience in the business with which he has since been
connected, 1868, In the oil fields ot
Pennsylvania, and since then he haa
visited the West Indies, Trinidad, and
Western Canada on prospecting expeditions.
He came over to Canada frott tha
United States in 1870 to Petrolia, Lamt-
ton county, Ont, There he has been
actively engaged ln the production of
oil, and he has also explored new fields <
ln all parts of Canada For an English syndicate he went to the West
indies and conducted operations ln the
island ot Cuba. In Trinidad, he says.
they have so far got only shallow oU.
it Is asphaltum, a iake, practically, ot
heavy oil, there being no paraffin
bases. The oil on the margin is cool-
ej and hard, but ln the centre of the
lake it ls hot and a man would sink
lu it if he attempted to cross. From
Trinidad supplies have heen drawn for
ISngland for the last 100 years, hut no
light oil bas been found there.
ln Pennsylvania, Kansas and Ontario
on tbe other hand, the oil has a paraffin base, and this Is also the character of the oil ln the West of Canada.
-Mr. Peat visited the Flat Head valley
In 1901 tor the Crow's Nest Pass Railway company, which held a conoessloa
from the British Columbia government
Since then this oil Held haa come into the bands of actual prospectors and
is being developed by private capital.
The oil that Is found there Is vary flat
as light as 40 specific gravity. In Ontario the specific gravity ot the oU
ls 32..
On the Alberta side there an springs
coming out of the mountains, and ths
oil runs to SS and 38 specific gravity,
not so light as the Flat Head, but considerably lighter than the oil ot Ontario. Here there have been only partial tests made. One or two wells havs
been put down, one to a depth ot MH>
feet. They haw not yet reached a
formation that will give sufficient oil
to make tt a paying territory. Mr. Peat
says from his experience that they ara
not looking In the right place and tha
point he makes Is an Interesting one.
They can never expect to tind paying
oil where It Is oostng out ot tha
ground. They must go back to where
there Is overlying rock to keep It back.
When they get that they will have a
field that will pay. At Medicine Hat
the pressure Is as high as (00 pounds
to the square Inch. He has no doubt
that there will be found a rich oil field
In Southern Alberta and ln Northern
Alberta he Is satisfied that then ia
Mr. Peat Is satisfied that than M
a deposit to be found In Alberta probably not an extensive field, but a valuable deposit. What must be reached
ls the rock formation that contains tha
oil. All the wells so far have only
reached the tertiary formation. That
Is only the reservoir, not when tha
oil was made. In the Devonian or Silurian formations a valuable deposit
will be found tn limestone or sand,
stone. In Ontario It is found ia carboniferous rock and ln the United
States In Trenton limestone. He expects when they get through the tertiary formation at Lethbirdge that they
will strike limestone, but even swob
authorities ot Professors Bell and Sylvan an unable to say with confidence.
By tha wall tbat they an about to sink
to a depth of 1000 feet he ls satisfied that they will get some-thing
which wUl itutlfy tbe undertakln*
111 .fi:
The Dally Canadian
V    l.   :   *
Cool nights are uow iu order.     They will invite
pleasaut dreams of
We have plenty of them in resl nml blue.
3 1-2 Points, weighing about 10 pounds, $7 SO per pair
4 Points, weighing about 12 pounds,   -   8.50 per pair
These blankets are justly celebrated fur their excellence. We alone carry
lheni in this city.
LUMBERMEN.���Pillows, Comforters, Gloves and Mits, Socks, Shirts and
bisdesclcthing, Oil Clothing, Sweaters, Miners' and prospectors' Boots
and Shoes and Rubbers.. Groceries and Provisions.. Everything of the
Best quality and prices surprisingly Low.
tactics  were made tbe sum-ding rule.
Worse than .ill else, ihu people are
getting tu suspect the judiciary ol' political partisanship, One hardly ever
i" .I'd this suggestion made yeurs ago,
and it is well known thai both Sir
John Macdonald and Alexander Mackenzie were specially careful in their
appointments to Uie bench. But, In
more recent years, judges have been
chosen in many eases, not because of
their legal standing, but on acmmt of
Iheir services io the patty,
"This habit of the parties in appointing 'workers' to the sacredness of llie
ermine is not only dangerous in the
extreme, as unsettling the faith of the
people iu the Impartial administration
of law, but ll Is beyond measure absurd, since it is evident that no professional politician can possibly have
the knowledge of law which the bench
demands. Fortunately this distrust of
the bench bas not spread widely as yet,
and the parties can yet eradicate lbe
giowing Impression by choosing judges
without regard to patty, affiliation, and
-sol-fly on the ground of character and
Thus more In sorrow than in anger
and with a temperance and wisdom
that is admirable does Mr. McBeth
point out the outrages under which the
country has suffered and which threaten more than ever to hurl us upon
the rocks of political dust ruction if
Imperial Batik of Canada
Head Office:  Toronto.
CAPITAL PAID OP....��4,ri00,000 REST H.D'iO.OOO.
U. K  WILME, President. HON. ROREKT JAFFRAY, Vice-President
Branches in British Columbia:
Deposits rcwsiral anil interest allowed current rates from date of opening of
aniouur, aud ciiuiponnded half yearly.
J.   M.   LAY,  Manager.
The Royal Bank of Canada
Capital $3,734,310    Reserve	
Total   Aweti $41,860,353
Accounts of firms and Individuals opened on tbe most favorable terms.
Thirteen  branolieB in  Hritish  Columbia.
Special   attention   to oul of town business.
T. E. KENNY. Pres., Halifax.       E. Ij.  PEASE, Geueral Manager,  Montreal.
G. A. SPINK, Manager Nelion Branch.
Published six days h men by Uie
j-rikrr St.. Nelson, B. 0,
mliacrtptitm rule*-*, JU conn* a month delivered
In the rn-., or V>M 1. year it lent bj mull, when
pin--, ta advance
A-lv-rUiOU . rat?*-* on application.
"  ~tonlea paid ��u   Mtilemcut of The l'Hlljf
ihu aocuunls, either f.��' inbwrlptlowJ or
iciiiK, muil be lecelpled tor un tbo printed
I iiie Company-,  Other reoolpti nre nu.
DBCBMPBR 33. moo.
������ By one woni wc are aometitoei Juigod lo be
HlK' Hint bj one woM  aoineiimea judged  to  be
foolish,  'lei  iik  therefore  be carelul  what   we
'* -Cot rutin.**,
jt in not often siven lo membera ol
n poliUoal party to openly, boldly und
ti arlesB.y expose the dunm m-h to tin*
uiition that rfiBUl. from .ollowinK u per-
nie "us polioy when ihm party still
h,ku their allegiance or ttult-Hs they
b icoine disgruntled or dlaaUtoted,
lenv iir tbemielvea open to the ehargo
01 being -soreheads- al wiiieh UJuti
tiklr uttera-noea oarry bul little weight
(,c aa'onally, however, the Hpirit ol
pitrlotlam rises above loyalty to party, and we Ond muse who feelingly
afd with regret polnl out the oata-
C Items ihat must befall n nation when
I s pol t'cni lead-era become hopelessly
en unit and timeserving.   Recently, n
<;,' McBeth, n Paris clernyniun well
kno.vn in Mritish Columbia as a nchol
ow R.-nllemun and an independent and
tV;.rl��� aaly  honest   Liberal,  has  written
II long artlole for a Toronto paper In
v'-'h he reviews the late political his-
t ry /if Canada and emphasizes th"
CUtragea which have been committed
under Liberal regime. The letter is
t**o Ions for entire reproduction! bui
I s timely and thoughtful warnings
will be road with interest by all lovers or Canada, and more especially by
thr*se who. like Mtt Mcllrth. are able
to rise nbove the narrow limits of par-
l.zandilp nnd put the Interests of their
(on-fly rirat Amont; the frrnve mis-
il moaoors which be charges npnlns'i
tn** administration of Sir Wilfrid
huw.l !��� and IiIh party are the  follow-
��� lhe Autonomy Bill, with the educational clauses, was one of the most
amazing    pieces   of legislation    ever
brought before the house, especially in
view of the fact that h uas introduced
by lbe leaders of a party wnieh wad
historically and fundamentally opposed to thai kind ot action. It violated
the principles ot religious equality
which was one of the things the Liberal party was burn to contend for.
and lor which it is fighting today iu
blng land, it violated the principles ot
provincial rights, wblch. under Oliver
Mowat, was the cry that rallied Liberals again and again to victory; it violated the whole principle of popular
sovereignty which has heed from the
beginning one Of the most sacred tenets of Liberalism and was, moreover,
In the most direct contempt of the
Canadian  constitution.
������'lhe bill was sprung upon the house
anil the country in the most extiaor-
(Unary way. General ���.���lections had just
been held but the Intention to Introduce such legislation was kept carefully concealed from the people. Mr.
Hauiiain. the pitinier of the Territories, and th<' toremost man in tht!
West, was shamefully ignored. Mr.
Sifton, the champion of Manitoba in
thfl school ease there, Mr. Fielding and
the late Mr. Sutherland ot Woodstock,
were away when the bill was prepared, but M. Bbarrettl was at home. The
followers oi ihe governmenl In the
house were taken wholly by surprise,
bul tbey missed the ohanoe of saving
the great, name of their party when
they slowed themselves to be whipped
in o line. The case of the government
nr vailed In the house by the weight
of numbers.
DV-Sfl Mr. Sifton. one of tho ablcs
delist* rs In Oanada- failed to make an
argument, and confessed that he
would vote for the hill wlthnui enthu-
���lasin rather 'ban defeat his party and
Introduce agitation into the country,
though on tbe latter point his conscience did not trouble him In 1890
to 18BV.
Mye-cloctloiiH In North Oxford and
London were at band, and some of us
claim credit for having pleaded with
Liberals publicly to rebuke their leaders and save the party. The Liberal
party papers could have rescued their
parly by standing firm, but they hnw-
l d th? knee and the government had a
temporary triumph. But the retmlt
wns inevitable. Having abandoned the
n tleious equality principle of George
Brown and the provincial rights principle of Oliver Mowat, the party had
to go the rest of the way antl abandon
th" nurity principle of Alexander Mackenzie.
The London election wan a saturnalia of corruption, planned and worke-
ed ont with deliberate cold-blooded-
edness. Haultaln was set aside ln the
West aud the law as to controverted
elections was somehow abolished in
the new provinces. Men were elected
by polls tbat were never opened, and
on every hand   the most   unblushing
neoi ss.'u-y  to make the Conservatives
invulnerable throughout Hritish Columbia, und Cranbrook. whercAit was per
haps least expected. has'Ulfl the way.
The convention which met in Cranbrook this week and nominated Mr. J.
A Harvey to be the standard bearer
for thai riding in the Conservative Interest has reason to feel proud both ol
the caudidate selected and the unanimity and enthusiasm with which the
nomination was confirmed. Cranbrook
is unusually fortunate in the possession of numerous Citizens either ono
or whom would make an acceptable
candidate and a creditable member of
the legislative assembly. Few cities
of its size have as wide a range of
good Conservative parliamentary material from which to choose a caudidate, aud it was to this very abundance
of good material lhat the Liberals
looked for a disagreement and split
party among the governmenl forces.
There have not been wanting efforts
un the part of some of the Liberals
to foment Btrife among the opposite
party, but the unanimity of the convention will forever silence any future
attempts or this kind.
The action of Mr. Thomas Carta in
retiring from the nomination and his
manly urging of the candidacy of Mr.
Harvey must have been a serious blow
lu those wbo represented Mr. Cavin
as au ambitious and self-seeking politician. That be bas been represented
as such by his enemies no one will
venture to deny and thai he magnanimously disproved the libel must have
been a staggering blow tu those among
whom the wish was father to the
thought. Mr. Gavin's close run in the
last election, when the Conservative
party was less thoroughly organized
than now, pointed him out us the like,
ly candidate at tbe next election and
his generous action ia placing himself
snd his following at Mr. Harvey's disposal will not be unappreciated by
his party, and least of all by Mr. Harvey himself.
In Mr. Harvey, Canbrook has a
strong candidate, A pioneer of the
city, a highly respected citizen, an able
m Wber of the legal piolession. an experienced politician, a gentleman whose
private   life   is above   reproach, and
wnose knowledge of public affairs Is
wider than that of many who have had
ess opportunity lo study the trend of
events. Thoroughly acquainted with
every squaie acre of his constituency
and well known to a large majority of
the voters, he enters the contest douh-
\\ equipped to pui up a successful contest. With the undivided support of
the Conservatives which was assured
by the convention there need be no
Becond thought as to the probabilities
of his election. We congratulate the
Constituency on  its excellent choice.
Laurier Liberal methods or exploiting the public treasury for the benefit
ol members of the provincial legislature have again been exemplified in
Nova Scotia. Fortunately the supreme
courts are not yet all corrupt antl the.
grafters were turned down. Otherwise
tbe Laurler heelers would sink their
palms Into the public coffers high as
their armpits. Bul what of a judge
who allows a valuation of $22,049 tOV
land which a few days before eosi less
than $7(1011'.' Kven the judges in Nova
Scotia   aie   consistently     liberal."
The  morning    paper    seeks    escape
from its misrepresentation of the Timber Leasing Act by asserting ihat it
has the backing of prominent legal
opinion. The Ually Canadian is not
discussing legal opinions. Any partizan lawyer can assert that an act
should be interpreted In this or that
way, but the pro noun cement is far
from final. All holders of timber
leases know that royalties are subject
to revision. Perhaps a little cheap
advertising is being sought by a legal
luminary. jfidMSllJ
Anxious enquirers as to the where*
abOUts of J. A. Macdonald have elect-
t-'d the information that he has gone
into close retirement for a period of
about four weeks, during which time
be will be busily engaged hatching out
a new brood of campaign Issues.
The Rossland Miner had an excellent eight-page colored Chrisimas supplement number yesterday. It is a
Oloe souvenir.
Notiee Im hersby given Ual SB din ei J * , ���
intend toapplJ to mo K.OBMiWe \ae ' �� l'
miaalooei of-Uodi ud Worka - i��r < ',
to ounihaw 9B0 acrei otland.ntnaleoii wew-HM
Moyle rivet abool 1 mdii troui inU'TnaUoiiui
Bound.?, tod about 1 mile from SPOU"**1.^
national Ky.: romnu-n.'iuK at ig martea
it. arant'i B-K- *-,ljnit'r P,,M* ���" " 1., I
ohalm: thence norm 40 ehalui! thenoe '-n1* *
ShSni; Senoe north �� cbaiuii thence eait ui
ohahu thence aonth M chain-to place .oi cum-
menoeniont, containing 380 aorei ut lua,
��� .........11*,.,1   .nn i*����,
D_K1I_ ''KANT.
The sixth annual number of the Aunt onda News has come to our desk,
and lt Is a creditable production, the
1 mire typographical anil press work
being (he handiwork of Master Kobe ft
Kerfer of Greenwood. The News eon-
tains an interesting biography of itself
which is amusing reading, but besides
this It has well written and Instructive
articles ou the mineral resources and
refining plants of the Dominion Copper company and the other mines
around Greenwood and the Moundary.
The Anaconda News ls a weekly paper
and creditable to the youthful journalist who conducts the enterprise.
Cranbrook Conservatives set a splendid example In sinking all personal and
Sectional differences in the choice of
a candidate. If such an example of
unification is followed In all of tho
constltuenclnes of the province the McUride administration will sweep the
country from the Far North to the
Crow's Nest Pass. Unification and
forsaking of Jealousies Is the one thing
American Girl Weds Abroad.
London, Dee. US.���At Bouthsea,
Hampshire, the marriage took place
today ot Miss Klmina Sarah Burroughs,
daughter of the late H* mv Burroughs
and granddaughter of the late Rev.
Henry Burroughs, D. u. or boBton,
Mass., and staff Surgeon Norman Ire-
laud Smith, of the royal navy.
notice u hereby gtrea that an application
will be made to the Letlslattve sAaianbly of iiie
Province ot British CoTumbin at lti next session
tor an art aiithoriEfnR the Patrick Lumber Company, Limited, to place, oouatruet 1 ti 1 maintain,
a dim or dams, bonmr-i, -piers, *-h ���> .mnl other
works in and m-niKs the Koou-iiay river Bt or
near Thrums Station (hI>oui opposite Sub-lot IV.
of Lot 4B98, Qioun 1, Kootenay district); and in
ami oerosa the LlUle Shx-an river; and in and
across .'the Slocan river at a point or points below the mouth of the I ittle Sloean river; fur thi*
purpoae of driving, rafting, torang holding, and
inanufiteturtu'-z taw-logs and timber; to occupy
Hit! surface of tlie said riven where necesrsHry for
the purposes aforesaid; to rjeir improve, and
remove Obstruction! from the-uld riven for Iok-
driving, ratting, and booming purposea, io levy
and Collect tolls antl dues on Ions Umber and
lumber of persons using or profiting by such
works, clearing or improvements; to enter upon
and expropriate lands; and do nil other things
neceuary, incidental or-conducive to the ezer<
claO of anv of the above powers.
Dated the lltlti day of December, 1900.
���Solicitor .or the Applicant
tO dayi afler dute I intend to -spply to the lion.
Cbltl Commissioner of Lauds and Works to par-
chase :JiU neres oi and located in Vire Valley tie-
lug part ot -Sections0 and iu Township <''���*, and
described as follows: Commencing at a post
marked K. Vi. J. Et, K, corner ami planted ul the
northwest corner ol Wm. Williams' pu chase;
thonce west40 chain-si tnence north ni chains;
Mi 1*111 ������ cast. 40 chains;  theuce south fkl c liai ns to
ovember28-d 1900,
K. W, JortiiAN,
J. E. ANN-tiiu, Agent.
Notice Lihereoy given that iXidayH after dute 1
intend to apply tO th-' Honorable ^^[^^^
moner ol Lands ami Works tor PMmhNrttm to
purchase the  following .lescnbe.1 Und, les
Rootenay:  Commencing at a post planted ��t
the norlheast corner of 1 ot ���.!_���, "   1 . marked I-
KI etc her'1 northwest rorner. thence lootn tu
���chains* th.ui-e east  10 chain.*-, more  or  less, to
the western boundatj of Ud -306. G.I.Jthenoe
imrth ���"' clmius lo Kootena) river; thenee west
follow mg said rivet tO pOlDt Ol commencement,
containing ft) iutp�� mon* or lew.
���JAlli tutobcr, WOO. ____,_,
sixt> dayi alter dale 1 intend to apply to the
Hou. (''hief Commissioner of Lauds ami works,
Victoria, to purchase 1�� acres of land, located on
the west side uf Arrow lake, about llvo miles be*
(OW Hurton City, ami described as followi: ('um
mending at a post marked ��F. Q. B's southtist
comer "and being Wchatnseastoi the north west
comer of hot Z719; thence north 10chains! thenee
wesl 40 chains; thence lonth Mchslns; theme
cast -to chain- 10 the plaOQ ol beginning
November lllh, 19Ub. -F. -��  HEW,
per J. E. Annaui.k.
80 days alter date 1 intend toapply tothe Hon.
Chlel Commissioner ol Landi ami Works, vlo-
icria, to purchase 340 acres  ol   and  located  in
i-'ire Vallev and. being a portion of lections 18
and ifiinTownanlpODintrdesertbed as follows:
Commenolng ��i ����� poet planted ut the southwest
corner of the southeast ouarter of section _,
Townsblp M snd marked J *'���. B. h.. corner,
thence north 40 chains; tbenee WClt 60 chain.;
thenee south 40ebilnn iheucn eiu>t w-iiiiini to
Notice Is hereby given tnat W) tlays from date I
intend to apply to ilie llouorable the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works tn pnrchaite Oil)
acres of laud described as follows: Commencing
at a post planted ou the north bank of the Little
Moyie river, about '200 yards from mouth, ami
marked "K. McLean's >* W. comer post,"
thenee east SO chains, (hence north Ho chains,
thetieo west 80 chains, thence Hoinh 80 chains, to
plaee oloonimen0ement>andoontAtnlng&4Oacrei
more or less.
Located 80th day Oet, 1����.      Hoar. M< I.**?.*.
Hixty dnys after date I inieml toapply to tho
Hou. Chief Commissioner Oi Lands aiol Works,
Victoria, to purchase iu acres of land, situated
011 the west side of Arrow hake, about .1'., miles
belOW Hurton, and described as follows: t'oin
ineucliig al a post planted at the northeast
corner of Lot 78.0, and running north '20 chnins;
ihcnce  west  M chains,  tin nee south NcbllUs,
ihence east 90 ohalni to place of beginning.
Nov. llth, 1906, 11  k.Imu.,
J. K Annaiii |, Agent.
Sixty days after date I intend toapply to ibe
Hon   1 hief 1 '.miiti*-- -1  ni  Lauds amf Works,
Victoria, tu purchanu KiO hitch of land about Iwo
miles blow Uurloti ('ity, West Kuotelitty, coin-
iiifiM-lii**. a* a post marked "J A. Irviug's cast
comer -post," sahl post being on the casu-rlv end
of an ihlaud went of Lot0047,and claiming all the
land contained hi said island, being about one
mllo in an center!y and westerly direction and
..bout '.'ii cbsius from norlh loHOuth.
November Uth, WOtt. J, A, Ihvinu,
j K. ANH4BLB, Agent
-lixty days afterdate I lulend to apply to the
Honorable tbo Chlel Commissioner of Landa aiol
Works. Victoria, to purchase m acres of land,
locale,t In Kire Valley and described as follows:
i> minciiclng ata post marked U. II. McM'n N.W.
corner, antl plantcil at the southwest corner ol
lot "Hir.. and running south 80 chains, thene*
eut 20 chains, thenee uorth 80 chains, theiiet
went '20 chalna tt) place of beginning
Nov. lath, WOO. Tiao. R. McMillan,
J. I'.. ANNAHLK, Agent.
Blxty days after date 1 Intend to apply to the
Honorable the Chief Commissioner of Landl and
Wo'ks for portal-iion topnrehiM tho following
d<*srrib��d lands in Koojeniy dlatrlet: Cum*
mencing at a post marked J, ll Annable's north-
cast corner post, said post being on the aouth
Hide of the Lower Arrow lake, about two mllei
below Hurton Clly; theuce aouth 80 chains;
thenee weat '20 chains; ih.-nce suuth 20 chsius;
thenoo west 2-chains; theuce norih ;*.'. chains
snd 20 links, more or less to the lake ahore;
ihenco eaaterly along Iaku40cliainn, moreor lesa,
to thc place of beginning, containing 105 acres.
moro or leas.
Dated thla Mh day of November, lwft.
per K. L Burnet, Agjnt,
.Suno.- is Hereby given that fri days alter tlate I
Intend to apply to the Honorable tho utilcl Com
missioner of Lamia nnd Works foi permission to
purchaao the followlug described lauds sltuale
about 10 miles eait of the City of Nelson, on tho
���OUth ibore of the West Ann of Kootenav Ink. ,
and commenctig at a post placed about iii chnins
���outh of the southeast corner of Lot 2M2, marked
������a. ThomasrTl. W corner," thence ���outh SN
chains, thonce east 20 ohalni, thence north 'A
chains, thence weit 20 chaini to point of com
lilted tbU 6th day of Nov , 1106.    8, Txohaj,
Bargains for
��� Christmas
Having purchased a complete Iin; ol Y
manufacturera* aamples in Ladles* Silk ���
Ties,  Sharfs.  Stocks,  Belts,  Fans. Op- *i
era   Bags and  Shawls, we are selling **#
them   at  wholesale   prices  while  they 4
last.      No two articles alike and over X
700  Ladles' Ties to select from.    w��
invite insoection.
om.    We   ���
November ttrd Iwfl.
lu'Vrii  (ilKMiN,
J. B, Atouitiit, Agent.
*e,g.i;���vc.o, Fine Eiderdown Quilts
From $6.00 to $35.00.
S��c* Our Variety ����f -.MM) I .uturea I'runtULl in thu
I   nlust   .HIvIom.
Standard Fvtnitvte G>mpany
Haeon & Ktseh Ptinoe.
���-:.-���"���-   M H 11 TUttMi
���MirihaJI Benltary Hattreasei.
Complete House Furnishers
Undertakers*    Emiulmcrs
BUtty days after date I inland U> rapnly to ibe
Chief Commissioner of undi untl work*. (<>r
Cvmiaidon to purchue the [ollowlng described
n-i* in Kootena; Dlitrlet, about three*qoarten
of mile (nun Thrum's siding: Oommenelng at ��
Met plaoed at the B. If. comer of l. iisy;i, group
i, Weet  Kootenay   Dlttrlcti   thence  westerly
Miuwink thc north boundary ol !_. *1.M**��, 40
chain*; theuce nurth 10 onatUli Ihenee OUt-40
chains, moreor lean, tothe N. W comer of
l/<*r,t; theuce south folhiwiiik' the weft boundary
Of lAsy:i lu chains, more or lees, to place ot coin
meneement. containing 40acrea, mon* or leis.
Itaied thll 6th day ot December. 1006,
II. 11. I'itth, Locator.
BUty itavf after date 1 Intend to apply to the
Hon. the Chief Cominlxhtonerof landsand - - ��� ��� i tt -
to purchaNc'240 acres of land: Ctinnucnciu^ al n
)KiRt marked "N.T B'ssoutbesat ctirncr |����fit."
������hid )...:'. belli*/ at the nortbeut oorner of Qea
11 -i-l-iiu -  pre-emption  cIhIiii,  abuul  two  miles
MUtheut cf Borton City, ihcnce weat 10 chaln-i,
aonth 30 eheine, weal tn ohllna, north 40 ehalna,
eaat BO chains, Ninth 30 chain* to place Of com*
meneement. containing 840 acres.
Locatea8th dayof KOT.1900,   NaTTinT. BtlB.
Slaty dava afterdate I intend to apply to the
Hon. Oblet Conuninloner of Landi ua Works,
Victoria, to purehaae ISO acrea of lan'l located
on the west aide uf Arrow lake au 1 lying direct Iv
north of Lot7976: Commencing ata post plantcil
at theN E, comer of LotTOW-ind marked "B.H.
S E comer," and running north '20 chain;',
thence weat '20 chaiua, thence north '20 Chains-
them-e west '20 chaius, thence aouth 40 chalm,
tlience eaat 40 chains, to place of begiimiiij;.
Nov. Hth| 1906. Hi.aim  ItRAOLKV,
J. K. Annahlk. Ardent.
Notice la hereby given that -SO days alter tlate 1
inteud to apply to tbc Uouorabln the Chief Com-
mliiBloner ol Landa aud Works, at Vietoria, II. (.'.,
for permission to purchase the following de-
���crlbed lands, situated ln the Weat Kootenay
district, south of Forty Nine creek, com mend iir
at a poat marked "L. II Choouelle'a N. \\. corner," theuce 40 chalna eaat, thence 40 chalna
SOtttb, thence 40 chains west, thenco 40 chains
north to the commencement post, containing it>0
acres, more or leaa.
Nelson, D. C , Oct. 16tb, 1906
W.A. Jokes. Agont.
���Sixty dayi after date I purpoae m-king "pplica-
tinti lo the Hon Chief tominiaaione*'of Landx
and Works for pexgotuton to purehaae the (oliow-
lug deacrlbfil land: C'ommcucliiK at a poat
placed nt theaonthweatcornerof It W. Harming*
ton's application to purchue, marked "L. M R.
Hart. K comer post," running Ihenee BO chalna
west; tbence 8u ehalna aoutb; thence 80 chalna
cnat; thence 80 chaluh north to point of eommeneement, containing 640 acrea, more or leis,
Dated thc Kith day of October, 1306.
L. M. 8, IU -SJNoton,
per K. BaigLh, ,geni,
��lxy days after dab'I purpoie making application to the Hun. Chief Commissioner of hand*.
and Works Ior permlaalon to purehaae the fol
lowing described land: Commencing at a poet
piaeed on thu north boundary of lol No. Mil ami
abont two chains eaat of Whatshan creek, mark
od "M. H's. S. Vi. corner," running thence 40
chains eaat; theneo 40 chalna north;  tbence 40
chains west) tbence-40 ehalni south, to point of
commencement) containing 160 acres   more or
Dated the loth day of October, 191*.
Per H.Khibi.i,, Agent,
Hlxty daya after date I Iniend to applv to the
Honorable the Chief Commlaaioner of Landa aud
'������'ik- to purchase 640 acres of land, located in
Ure Valley, on weat side of Arrow  lake:   Com-
mencing at a poat planted 40 ohaini we t of the
Miuihwct comer of J. Robinson'* pre-empllon
and marked J. W"a H. K corner, and running
north BO cbaina thence weat so t-hainn, tbenoe
south If) chaiua, thenc-. eaal (to chains to place of
Nov. 18th, 1W6. Jank Williams,
J. K. AKNAliLa. Agent.
Notice la hereby given that 60 dava alter date I
inlcnd toapply to the Honorable thr Cnlel Com.
mlutonerol Landiand Works for permlaslon to
purehaae the following described landa: Corn-
rat iiciug at a  post placed VD chains west ot the
loiubeut corner of Lot9643,marked "R.a. Bell's
northwest corner," theuce south 10 ehalna,
theiiieertsi 'in ihalna, ihence nortb 90 chslns,
tbenoe west lOohiins to point oi oommencement,
oontltnlng ���***����� acres, more or leaa
Looated thll Oth day of Nov , Ifloe,   It. A. Bull.
BlXty dsvs allci dale I purpoM*  muklng  annll
cation b. the lion. UMel Commissioner of hand*'
ami Works lor permission to purchase the fol
lOWlna described landi Commencing at a post
placed at the north easi eorner of B, t rklutier's
application tO purchase, marked "H. D's m vy
corner poal," thenee following the cnat boundary ot same Ho chains aoulh ; thonce  Mill   HI
chains gut) thence M (IibIun north;  theuce HO
chains west to point Ql commencement, contain
ing MO acres more or leai
Daied the loih day of October, 1906
POI It. Hll I KM., Agenl.
Hlxty daya after data I Iniend to apply to tne
Hon Chief Commlaaioner of l.nnds ami Works
\ Ictorla, lo purehaae 4H0 ncrea of laud, in Kire
\all"y, Weat Kooteuay: Conimentdug at a post
Planted 60 ehalna weat of the H. W. eorner of J
Hotdnsoii'a preemption, and marked W. W'a N
K. corner, and running weat 60 chains, tbence
south HO chaiua. Ihenco cast 6ii chains, thenee
uorth HO chains to place Of beginning
Nov. 18th, i��oti. William Williams
J. E. Annahlk, Agent.
H xty daya after date I purpose making aiiDll-
catlontol.ieHon Chief Commlaaioner of Undi
and Woks for permlnion to purchase lhe lollowlng described landa: i ommenclng at the
norlhweat comer of K. A. Creue'a application to
purehaae, marked "W. U. (fa. 8 VV corner "
ruuning thence H'J cbaina north; thence BO
chains east; thence 00 ehalna iouth: tbence BO
chains weat to point of eoinmencemuul, oontaln-
iou 64o acrea, more or leaa.
Dated thu 19th tlay of October, 19ofi.
W. Q.OlLim,
  Per J. HiutLb, Agent.
Sixty days after date 1 purpose making appli-
cation to tho Hon. Chief Commlaaioner of Lands
and Works for permission to pUrehlse the fol
lowing dwerlbeil lands: Commeiicliig al the
norlhweat corner of 1). Dodd's application to
purchase, marked "M. F's H. W. cornor," rnuiili -J
thenco 80ehalns north; thence 80 ehalns, more
or leaa, lo the west shore of Whatahan lake, fol-
lowing wmo 80obalns south; thence Ho chains
more or leai, east to the point ot oommeutetnentl
containiuf640 acres, moreorless. ����""i
Dated tbe 19th day of October, us u.
per J. Shiiu., Ageai.
Bohemian Beer
The Nelson Brewing Co., Ltd.
Kotlce i" hereby given that sixty daya alter
date I intend io apply tothe Hon. Chief Commissioner of  Lands and  Works  (or  permission  tO
purehase the following described lamls, In
Weat Kootenai Dlitrleti Oommenolni at an Initial post planted at the southeaal comer of Mc
t oy's pre-emption, theme 90chains matt to eaat
i ndary ol Lol BlW; 'bene.* following said
boundarv south to sotitheasl corner of said lot;
tbenoe 10 chain** wesl; ihcnce  -i chains south;
thenee tt chains eaat] tbenee 'jo chains north to
southwest comer of Ud 939; thence following
weal houndarv id Lot If" t" initial post,
t-eptember It, ItML D. t�� Woi.rr,
per __UtWW, Roiiihson.
Notlco Is herebv glren that GO davi alter dale I
Intend to apply to the Honorable the Chief Commissioner ol Lands and Worka, Victoria. H. C,
lor permlaalou to purchaao the following deaeribed land.allualcd in tbe West Kootena-f dlatrlcl,
OO the weat side of I uhamel (orHU Mile) creek,
<oi linger side of w-gou road, tbout 'J'j milea
fion West Arm of Ko- lenav lake: Commencing
at a poat marked Mr-. Hattie Ducks N.E corner, running .o chain- west; thence 10 chatna
south 1 thence 40 chain** eaat; thenee '20 chains
north, to the point oi oommenoement, containing H0 acres ol iand, more or leaa.
Dated the 17th November l��tV
mrs. iiimr Done,
Johs K Taylob, Agent
Sixty days after date 1 pOTJMM making appli
caiton lo the Hon. (hief Commissioner nf Land,
md Works for permlnion to purchase the fob
towing d,**M*niicd land: Commantinff atapoet
plaoed at f.n- southwest corner of Is, eniell'i ap-
plbattoii to purobasei maiked "F Fs i*. E.cor
uer," running thenoe w cbaina north; thenco 4i
i halm wi-at; thence 80 Ohaini aouth; Ihence 44
chains east to point of commencement, containing 'S20 acres more or leaa.
Daied the loth dav of October, 1900,
K Knyt'iaa,
  1-cr R. HiiiBLi..
Notice i.' herebv given that 60 dB\s alter dat'*, I
Intend to apply to tin* Hon. chief commissioner
ol Lands and Works (or pcrmlshlon to purchase
the following deeerlbed land lu West Rootenay
dlsirlct: Commencing at a post marked Mrs. v.
A   \\ ilBon'a corner posl. planted at the northeaat
corner ol Beetlen 17, Townsltl7, running gout-fa
i ii tiaiiis. thenee wu) (0chsini, thenei. north to
chains, thenee east tiicimiii* to plaoe of oommencement, com ii in In*-,* IM acrea. more or lets
Datod Nov. 39,1906. Mas. V. A. WlLSOH,
J. Wijaop. Agent.
Sixty dayi after datel nnrpOM making application to the Hon. (blef (ommlaaioner ol Lauds
snd Works for permission lo purchase the follow-
Ing described  latol:    Commenolng ai a post
placed at the north weal corner of H Dodd's ap-
I.llation to purehaae. marked "K W.ll'aH, W.
oorner posi," running thence 80 chalna uorth;
ihenee 80 ehains cast; thenc* Hn chaiua aouth;
Ihence  B0 chains west to rolnl of couiineiico-
 ni, containing fi-Hi acres, more or leaa.
listed this 10th day of October, 1906,
hhiki.i.. Agent.
'inlay*, after dat'* I Intend toapply to the Honorable the chief CommlMloner ol Landi and
.Yorkl. to purchase 870 aires of land: Commencing ui a  poal marked ti. Vi. H N. K. oornet
itostand planted en the weal shore of Arrow
Isko adjoining Lot H73 on the iouth side of said
Lot,thcii**e  Ht-stW) cbaina uloug  the southern
boundary ol Lot 878; thenee south i&M chaiua,
thence easl **> chains more or less to lake shore;
ihonoo north aloof lake shot.* to plate oi begiuniug.
Dated Wth day of Nov. FJQ_.
J- F��� AMKABM, Agent.
Kotiee is hereby given that -30 .lays after date I
intend loapply to the Hon. tho Chief Commls-
lionet of Lauds ,ui*1 Works for pcrmlsHioti to purchase the following dcacrlla-l lauds In Weal
Koolenay district, province of llrltlah Columbia;
i ommenclng at a posi marked "William Tolling-
ton a norlhweat comer poat," aald poal being
planted nt thc aouthweat corner of the "Queen
Mineral Claim," and adjoining the east Hue of
Mel hail a preemption, thence aouth twenty I'M)
chllni along sHld line, thence eaat forty (40)
ilia ns, ihenco north twenty fflO) chalna, thence
west forty (40) chains moro or leas, to lho place of
Haled 1st day of Auguil. IMM.
William Tolmhoton,
  Ry his agent J. H. Taylor.
Notice la hereby given that M days after date I
intend .tpinnlj tolhe Hon. Chlel Commiasioner
oi bami sand Worki for permlMlon to purohase
the following described lauds situated in the
West Kootenay disiriei: He,inning at a post
market      Will,,,,,   Keil's   N.  W.  comer," V...1
il*  J -_.    " ..""onillV . ,utl1 of the north eud
01.Whltlhan (< iHbpo) lake, about twenty chatna
___._f.__i '__?_*__!-"W^1 ��bl liko arnf on the
,     ,���      l_l,ir-T of K, R' ?wl'a ippllcitlon to
it has.*, thenee aouth 80 chains; llicnce cast 20
_h��i��l'��S?K Pi *'""��� V tl,u "Id like shore;
hence northerly along the snld ahore HO chains,
i ��V..i. !',' tll(' ""Id wmth boundary oi
_D__a___1_L*___J__Uo. *_ W��taHI ihenee west
;,.,;,_,/'. "T Tl"tlH! Point of commenoe-
ment, t ontalnliijt imi aeres, more or lesa.
Hated Oct, 1-J, [BOB.
William Kkil,
By F. L Hamhonu, Agent.
oo   .,.  VH tftPw d._l? ' W|M>_*t(* **PP'y to the
i   ,?,*,! I    rfiL0' l-"h'��Mierof Landsand Worka
,      ,   i     Blll'"fl'lK11^ Commencing at a
fill , !' "", lhS Wt'Mt Ml(,,, 0( H,x '"H" M��_��.
on   wiiLiin   road, aboul  two and one half mllwa
K ..��_���_   ��� ?J !"������  Rn(I "i��rked  "Noll  Mc-
ohalna  th n    CHt  n'rii_r l.��V'" th��nt',! 0"1*"
Ohl Qg, tbenco north �� chains, thei.ee weat 40
menoement *' tn I>lftC0 ot 00,n"
Ucatert this loth day of November, 1M��.
Mui, HcKicinu,
Notice Is hereby given toat **i dati after ggttl I
Intent) lo apnlv to the Hon. Chirt ConuniiiluDtT I
of Landl and Work a for permission to purcbau I
the following deacrlliod lands situate'l lti tit I
Weat KiKitcnay- district: Begiuniug al spot 1
marked "O. V, MacMtcklug'a N. W. corner." ��4 I
planted on the west shoreof Whatahan ((artboo) I
lake, ibont three mil ;n north of Hn* I'-pper Ner* I
rows of tlm aald lake and oDDorm-*- tho Islam! la I
thc satd lake; thence aoutb B cbatuj thenre I
cast to chains, more or less, to '.1.- lake ibon; f
thence following thc said ahore in a northerly I
and wcatcrly direction 1'JO ehatnp, inorecrlesa, I
to point of eommeneement, contalutugsnnacrta, f
more or lesa,
Oct. 13. 100C. O. 0 MiCMti-intQ,
By F. L. Hammomi. Agent.
Notice la hereby given that sixty daya rafter I
dale I intend to maaeapplleatloti lotbe Honor- I
able Chief Commlaaioner ol Lands and Worki at I
Victoria, B. t'.,(or permlaslon to purthawtbt '-*.*[
lowing described   land, situate In Fire Valley, I
Weat Kootenay district:   Commencing at a wit ]
planted at the aoulhweat corner of JtuhuaRob-
Inaon'a pre-emption, marked K. I. K'a N.K. corner |
post, thence 40 chalna went, thence i   chain
north, theuce 40 chains east to Joshua BebUdOll
northwest corner, tbeuce south tu chaiua to plats I
of commencement, containing 1** acrta, mnre or I
Hated thia 23rd day of Not., 1 - >
 K. IK. r s a wood.
Blity days after date I Intend to apnij to the I
Honorable the Chief Commissioner of Lan<1iaD4 I
Works, Victoria, u> pnrohise300aorei of Uni
located and deicrlbed as follows:   Cmnmcnclai I
ata [visi planted at tht aoothwest enrner ol 1. [
Bobu_son*ipi*o*emntionlnFlre VaUiy,aodabeij I
Ave miles from Kdward  Landing, wrai iWe�����
Arrow lake, and maike I V. O'a N  B. corntranl I
ruiiulng weat 00 eiialu*., :i ',,-*���: t<\ I
theuce east  i-> chains,  Iheucr -smith DebStBl I
theuco east 10 chaiua, thence north 40 chsini Sti
place of begiuniug.
Nov- IHth, I90t, Fa*5K OlAJUi
J, E   ASMAiiir-, Agriit
Notice is hereby given that 60 daya alter date 11
intend toapply to the Hon. Chief I lommlUlOMrM I
Undi and Work a, Victoria, for permlMiooto pur* |
chase tho followlug dcserllied laml, situated m I
the West Kootenav dlatrlct, on lho wi*st aide i'l I
Dubainei (or Hlx "Mile) ereek. near wagon roaJ, T
about three miles from Kooteuay Iske:Jjt&T
mencing at a poal marked "James J- liui'k'iS-*
poat," running SO ehalna eaal. thence BO i balm i
uorth, thence au chaiua west, tbenoa VCOSIHI
south, to tho polntof eominenecinctil, contaW-f
lug 40 acrea of land, nmre or leas,
Dated llth November. 1��06-
Locatcilby JAngiJ.hra.
per John K, Iatlqs, Agent,   j
Hiity daya after date I iniend to apply lol" I
Honorable the Chiel Commiaaiontr of Uti'li"" ���
Works for permission to purchaie the tewmH I
deacrlbed lands in Kootonay dlatrlcl ' "n "l*' ���
clng at a post marked "A. J. Hill's .....
comer poat." aald  poat  being nn the. ""JPjJSj I
erly ahore ofthe LoWlf Arrow lake anH-MIn" I
due euti on the northeast corner of W��w��||
Oronp 1| thence north to chalna; cast .11 iii��m��' I
south 40 chains, more or less, to th" lake Hint'. I
thenoe lollowlnl *ai��l shore in anntbeavnii
direction ao chains, more or leai tothepuoi"|
beginning, containing lfio acre", mor*. cr ��m *
Oltea this Oth day ol November, lWt>.
per K   L. HDltgrr.AgeDl
Nollco la hereby given ths- -so dsy-isllrrdiBj I
I intend, to apply io tbe HonorableIbtOWl
CommUsloner ol Undt    o   Worts WffBl
sion lo purchase tio*  foil '"'"',1    ^11
Koolenay dlatrlcl: < ��� -. ln| al ' "��|
marked "J. H. Wallace's DunhvestmMFj
aald poat liclng on the eastern ��wa <"�� _. ���
Arrow lake, aud at the lontbwest "JJJJf
1'orlcr'a pre-emption claim; ihciiceessl-fl ��� . ,
ll.iMi.-e .mill, ia) ch.l-111. llioi..*<* we�� ��<__\
llioll.-c noiltli 90 rlialnn. llieni-i- wi-M"�� ' "S I
lssssi��,,r '���.. I,, llir Am,is* llki-.il "  ' .   "iM L
.K.li-Hy   ilirri-lli.liilssi'liHli '""'"r'�����,,�� I
|.l��,eol iK'jIniiln-i,i-oDlilalug 1����"'������ ""-"���" |
D��Wil Ihu ��th <Uy ol October^m*- _,JLUCI|
 By hU mot, Kimimi l'- Bw��n-���.
Blity ii... illar italo 1 pur|H.io mMliijI ��*jjj I
Mllim lis the Hon. Chlel i:niiiisilis��li;iii'i.'"w. I
���nil Worku Iur pmiiuIiIoii lu purrli��M ����� , I
luwliiK denorlhtld Undi: Comuieiiclil ".,j I
pom |sk.sesl s�� the Dorthwenl i*nrn,l ������ ^ I
A. Ureue'i ��p|illcillon tss pnwhwe. ���"_, I
"K.R'n H.K.oirner," running lheni* m ��
norlh, thonco HO ch.ln, writ, __"___**���
���oiitnlthelircBO.-h.lnie.lttups'l'i" ���m" [
cement, conlelnlii-j -Mil nsrcn. m.''*"' '���"'
beted the Hth dey ol Oo,��bcr'�� Bo,,,**
Blue i.p .ller dete 1 Injenl ����Mj" w���rti
Hon. Chief (lominlnloiwr Ol UM' ���' t, ,i,
tu purcheeo 187 ecrei ol.l.llsl. '�����<"'"<*__ ,1
pniit ni.rkwl B. B'l N. K. comer V '"V.-? J,,,. IW
[he N.W.isurner ol O. W. Uteele Ijl*l�� ' ���,
we.t.uleol Arrow l.ko, aboutl"> r.-?._������*
Burton city, thenco well 40 c.1'",''1**.',,-nc*norlh
��.**��������� i-h.liii, thenco cent *0 0h�� M,��'<_���,#
VIM chiln, to Piece ol boRlnuinj, WW*"" I
fti-ri-H, inure or leu. uv���sll^lIU���T0,,'
D.t.,1 mtt d.y ol Hjf jJ-^JtM^..
Blityd.yi liter dete I Va'l**''u'm't"l ^S'1,'
aims'to the Hon. Chlel Cog ml ��_I '*" ,���, W-
1 Worki lor pormlulou to po"___*M_
HUK sleis-ribed l.nslss Ciiininen ����,r,nJs>
s-eif.liout hill�� inll.' ����' ��',."�� w.'��""',
.t.heii l.ko, ln.tke.1 ' B- ____��*__
Vlielsslilll  lists-, ...er.;-"     ���-���.-   .|,pnreHurn";::
riiiinliiK thence ���iOch.lnsisi""1 ���    '���% W_
cf. Ihenco80 clulne north, �� J *a,.inla( *��
weit lo point ol commencement, com.
"SSWlK l_b d.y ol October, MM. _ ���__,
PW J, IBlIWi ���*���**���*
rr____________sa__a_i *���������#������������:������������������������������������
The Daily Canadian
Thc Leading Dry Goods and
Millinery Store in Nelson.
.. ou WJnt useful and acceptable Xmas Gilts its: our atock. For
( m money you ��"*  *>"�� * "<" ��0��d ��"**
flJB RUFF5 AND MUFF3. DRESS GOODS.���The making ol a
. _ . lt|K oi wool; Eiderdown flannel.; Silk and Mohair Un-
[...,       Walking  Skirts;   Kid Gloves, lined and unlined.
I Hemstuchei) Handkerchiefs. Fancy Linen Centres and Odd Pieces
l,ICIi<���� *-"""��� mt"t  >����tpttb_  Hl,u-
LIKEN TABLE CLOTHS, Napkins to match. A gilt anyone
\ niiie ippreeHL.
Our store *'ll be opened each evening from now lo Xmas day.
3USCH...       Bud weiser Beer
DISTILLERS, 12 and 20 years old.
NELSON       **��� -^SSBSJEff r""h    VICTORIA
. Burns & Co.
^���Hartetoln   Bonlind,   Trail,   Nelsou,  Knslo,   Sondou, Three Forks, Now
iVnvw nml Slocan City,
���     1 havo
Head Office: Nelson, B. C.
I*'* ���
1 meHnii epi-ll-
II-. snmlooer of Liissls
I, ' 10 purebaae tbo  I.I-
^11 11.     Vs.""*    ' ""iin.susliill ��l �� i.,m.'
��ner ol J. fflilell'iT.P-
I . ��� ' 11  8*18 K. c.sr
la��.,,','    '    ""���hains nortii, thenoo 10
*����,ii,   "'     "   ssl'sssu. .ssulli, Ihs-ne,- sss
��.��.,��', "' '"''"'"'ll'-eills-lil.l-islil.lii.
'    1   '    ,.-*
���;.i.sl,M���|.,... 1906
11   MI1II S
r-- J Sum t. Am-tii
S��il,',      ' '    ' "��.in*>M..ii.-r ssl Uis-1.
it,:.. ion,u, purahsH lie lol-
... ' sssilii-a.il orner ol It shim's
1-   .      '. sss.rk.-il-M.K 8'sB  K
I "".���";*��  sins north to ih.
tl,    , I   '������'-:    thenco  Ms ilsisssns
��ouih, llionco DO c	
���i ocemeot, oonuinlni HO
' 1 1     ioctoh��.woa.
M  I: OmsNi-ei [.,
l'��'l J ssilll.1.1 . t|l sl
Jklbe'li   ',"1    ' ","''   -"."'I*!  "I'I*"-
h I's-riillMls.n to purchase lie
liV-is... \    ""'l:   ' "���' neiim i'' "
1'     lunnlnn s,l linns.-, i.ii.l
   It. J. Elliott's hi,
 koil"\V s I"., s. ll
' 'i'" W ohalns north; ilien- ���-
1 issitH loath; IhencoBO
II !    IS.-S-l||,.||l, ,<|S||I,1||1
- s.lWM.
Vi. N. I'onl.l.
Ier J. hhiki.i,, Agi-in.
'���''"''.""i'iT,;!",';''|"1"" ""���������< ��i.i'ii-
'���sii.s .Vi" lol Con iloner ,.i
IS"' "IK' rs,,,.",   j" ,ll,ll"l"il IO I'Sll'l-llH-l- llll-
KMsiih!.,.,1.1!"''^   'I'lnini'iii'liiit in ���
". '""lieaetcornerofM.KOren-
I'ssii-tiH.,-. niHrk.sil "V. 6%
""��� lli-ius-Hii i-ligiiiH north;
**' slsatii. eail; tlsi'ln-,s ml
**'<��� laiiiss watts to point ol
I'lallilssii Mil ���.,,,,,  ,���������, or
V Dolus
��� lerJ.HIilell.AKont.
Ki','1"''" "Ier .,-_.   1        ���	
EJ��, Il������ n,  * ' I'lirpoai' making appli
M, "*��� li'i i .���," "liiiiil����loili-iol Laliilss
ft" 'U-, '  ' ' >-i"ii i��� purrhsse llie l.il-
>,,'*' '"���''������' , ''1,' ��""""ll'*, HU .1 Hi"
ET- ��'��'k,'l ..,. , ', V'*' �� aPI'll'Bllilll lo
ai ,.'"''��� *> .-��� 1, " ', N- " s'sirlier," run-
tt',.',""- >0 ,.,.,,' 'onili, theuee DO ehsllia
C '"' i"'iin ,, ,     """n, thene. h chains
! |i>'""l"i*siieeiiieiit,i-oiitaliilng
,lH> 'll OotohM, 11100.
,   t*'   I..  llANMNslTON,
per 1 Hiiim.1.. Agent
BUty sl��v> alles .Isle I purpoee iua��ln��sppll-
nation s.. t!>������ Hun. t'htrl t'omm's -l.sus-r <sl I. isi'l*
Jinsl Worki (ssr perinl'Mois lis pnn'liaw the fol-
lownm ,k-��rrllse-l lansl.s 1 i.sisllisiss'lllK at the
aotthawt eorner ol C. I. lianuliis- p'l spplloa;
lion lo pun-haae luarkcsl "E. A. V.n S B-enrnaJ*-
luunii'B iheu.-e ��0 rhalni north.llieureiwehnlii-
west, iSenre *s s-haiins ssssuiis thene.MUislni
aaat t" point <si oommnounut, euntaUlni ��u
A.-rei. inon- or lea..
Uall',1 the IiIh slay ol tliloher. WU.    	
per J hniKi.i. Ae��ni.
''llll; 111
Ks.' ��� "s- Is-1
P1'Is. I'll,
"*i| tliaiauila��s altcnlaiel
7,',is"",(1 ^'sris^'s!.       * ftltt Commissioner
�� .'""im 'I.-..-,i ' ";"'ii����lisu lo purehaso
i*  i     '   lands tltuataa in the
���Mil"1.11"* i!'...' 'i.^.i*'"'"*::,'""'
in ii" "'" ��,,,  ,',,���,"��� K-'���"rner," anil
|i��,. '"' ���oiitliei. '' l'"i��lian (Cnrllioo)
III,*'",1 s-liai,   ''",r,"or "' "so aalsl Inke;
���ns.., .;-*���'" ts,,    i' u"*'"*'* weal 40 ohalna,
lissii.  "''"i'sist sl��� . ""*,"'' iVhataliati ereek;
m> iS'I'iiitb .' *"",'' "I ��alsl ereek ami
S'ntisn.'""-' i.   , 7 *'"' "aslerly dlres--
i i-i i        *������"��� hi num ii ri* k nn*
,.,������,. ,','i1 y i""' oaslerly direr
Nollee li nereis)' givon lhal SO slaji aller Jala 1
Imen.l t.s applv I.s lhe II.ni. ehlelOommiUloner
s.1 bands anl Works lor perranalnli In pisrs-hasse
the loll.s�� mg ne.s lil.-'l latl'l" iltnateil su the
West K.sistinav dlitrlel: Heilunliig al a P��H
marked " Serberl Warren'a N. I., eo-iier,   an-
pUnled on tbe W .tilii'r.'nl Whalilian larl ��   I
lake, about one-quarter mile norum! ins snnin-
era endohh. Uke; thenee vriislio^es-thenes
sonllilWehaina: Iheiiri' eail Mi eliilni. i '"���  "
1,..,. i��� Whatahan ereek; thenc. Wlowlni
norih s-is.im the ereek and lake shore mi iin'iiii.
more sir leis, 10 polnl ol s-isuinieuceiiieiil, eon-
talnlniMoserel, inoreorlesi
"**���"���'* "*l" ��""'������' """"'.I'.IsSt wa����.:��,
K. I.. lUamssis, Agi-nl.
eilty day. oiler dale 1 Inland In apply U 1 he
lli.iissial-le lhe ''iml I oliiinli-li'iiei ol I an.l- as I
Wnri a. Vli'lnrla, lo purohaae '* "''"'""' I'".
1,,,-aleil on ih.-we.lil.leolAirowl.ko.a.ljol
Lot 6111 and dese
at a posl planlesl
lolloiva:   Coliiliis'isi log
roit boundary ol -u
,i   ��� s  is riii nl ilu-s. w. oorner ol
aald' lol   Ihenee .sell *l elialm. llieneo luulll 61'
"hah.    I .nee  eail N slsalin In the mnern
honndari ofprvEapUon Ss,.s7��, ihenee imrth
doohiilniilss pliiooiillsealnnlug.
BUty .lava aller dale 1 Intend to spp r lo'*J
Hon. Vhlei 0 llialonerol Ui .li and Worka,
Vlowrla 1.. p.srs-h.ie UO aerM s. an.l, l��*" "'
Kire Valley, being part-ol Mtlons Thnit��
Four Townabip *', mi'l sloasrltsesl ai 1,1 "��i
[���',', ,','���',���",','g il . poat JlMtg at WlUl��..i
Williams' NW. eorner, ami marscsl '����� *������ J ��
N. K isomer,** ami running ��_ifdnj ���� ���
tlenee JU ohalna aouth, thenoe JO ehalns oai ,
-ne- iss obaina aoutb, thenoo 30 ohalna oaal,
tEmntOnhalni north to pUftsolhealnn nj.
Noveinhoraarsl.l'Jii   _     KoelK William,
J. E. Annabls. Agenl,
Slity daya slier ilale 1 DVtMi] mailing app
I'allini lo {he Hon- Hi" OhlM fummlis oner ���[
"an.la ami ��ssrki Issr permission lo purs'liaa'' he
" lowing ileierllseii   and;   fommene ng at ��
, ,   P   s-,',1 ahssill hall ii mile weal ol Barnes
,'eok an Iahout one ml e north ol ihembuth pi
ibe asms inarkosl "J. B'a. �� W. oorner,'* ruimlssg
��*Smohalni norih; Owno. J*; ',*'"""�� ����,i
ilsiuoe sn ohalni smith t.s th,- north boundarj ol
W.-S  Poola'l applloallon lo purehase; llieneo DO
oh'alns west to point ol ooiumencmuenl; eonlaliilng IHO aeres sssssre or less-
fialesl lho Uth dsv ol October, 19M. Smru
Significance of Christmas to Christianity���Holy Days of the Week���Services for Tomorrow.
Tomorrow will be the fourth and
last Sunday In Advunt. (ho season of
IosIIiik eudini! nl midnight on Christinas ere, Darin, the week four holy
d;iyn occur In Biicci-Hsiiui. Tuesdny
will is'- Christmas, or the festival of
tin* Nativity iii the Lord, the first day
of the juii in popular osilmaiion, but
lecond iu Outer in religions slgalfl-
t*a:ic-. Then follow the days of com-
immolation ol tin- muriyrdom of St.
Stephen, of st. Jolm the Kvaugeilst,
Ths- dlsiiiile wlioni Jesus loved," and
lhe Holy Innocent.' Ilay, on which the
imams of Judea were murdered by
comiuaii'l of Herod the tetrarch ln his
eflori to compass lhe death ot the
uew-iio/n  King of the Jews.
Qhrlstmai duy has established itself
throughout the civilized world as the
one day of peace, goud will and rejoicing. It is observed by men of all
faiths and of no faith, us an occasion
for gilt (living anil, generous good
cheer, and us such Is observed In the
Western world even by Jews and Mahout tucdans.
To Christians It Is ths.- great day ot
rejoicing for which Advent has been
lhe prs-iimation. Though of less vital
s-lgnillca.ico to Christianity than the
Hesuneciion c-lebraiesl ut Easter, the
day of His blnh was in reality the beginning of tho new dispensation to
mankind. Willi the celebration of
Christmas is associated the doctrine of
the lncarnaiion. with lis mystery ot
lhe virgin birth.
The following services are announc
ed at the various churchea for tomorrow:
C;,-'rch of England���St. Savlour*B,
cor. Ward ami Silica streetB; fourth
Suuday in A.vent; holy communion,
H a. ni.; morning p-aver and litany,
II a tn.: Sunday sc.huul. 2:*10 p. m.;
evonsong. 7:llii p. ni. Kev. F. H. Graham, rector.
Roman Catholic���Church of Mary Immaculate, corner of Ward and Mill
streets: Low mass. 8 a. in ; high mass,
10:30 a. m.: evening service, 7:30 p. m
Rev. Father Allhoff. priest.
Presbyterian church���St. Paul's, cop
ner of Victoria and Kootenay streets:
Morning Bervice, 11 a. m.; Sunday
school, 2:30 p. m : evening Bervice, 7:30
p. m.: Sunday school, 2:30 p. m. Rev.
J. T. Ferguson, minister.
Methodist church���Corner Silica and
Josephine streets: Morning service. 11
a. m.; evening service. 7:30 p. m.; Bun-
day school, 2:30 p. m, Rev. R. N.
Powell, pastor.
Baptist church���Stanloy street, near
Mill: Morning service, 11 a. m.; even
Ing Bervice, 7:30 p. m.: Sunday school,
2:30 p. m. Rev. E. H. Shanks, pastor.
Salvation Army���Barracks on Victoria street, weBt of Josephine: Special sen-Ices for tomorrow. Knee drill,
9 a. m.; holiness meeting, 11 a. m.; a
praiBs- meeting at 3 p. m.; salvation
meellng at 8 p. m.
West End shops selecting gifts for ber
relatives and friends. This year the
souvenir will mark an interesting event
In the laud of Her Majesty's birth.
There is an ancient, custom in Denmark of fastening it bundle of hay to
the eaves of a cottage, so that the birds
may find warmth aud shelter while the
lr.asanls aro leaailng within, and of
the rustic Yueltlde ceremony Queen
Alexandria possess a picture which she
has had reproduced for her Christmas
cards this year. Toys enough to fill
several wagons were purchased this
weak for disiriliutiri.i among thc royal
grandchildren, including the elx children of the l'rtnce aud Princess of
Wales, Prince Olaf of Norway, and the
*.-.vo daughters of the Duke and Duchess of File, who are now blossoming
inlo womanhood.
Noted Historian Congratulated.
Boston, Dec. 22 Colonel ThomaB
Wentworth Higgiuson, the noted historian and scholar, celebrated his
eighty-third birthday anniversary today
at his home ln Cambridge. Col. Higgiuson received manw letters and telegrams of congratulation, and his home
was fragrant antl beautiful with many
tlorai tributes from his closer friends.
Silver King Hotel
Best Dollar a day house in the Kootenays.
Kooms are well lurnlsbed.   Table as good as any
ln Molson.    Bar supplied with good
liquors and claars.
W. E. MoOANDLISH, Proprietor.
Tremont Hotise
Karo-peta _m1 Aneiic_n FUti
Ueelt to cu.   Koomi from 2b ou. to tl.
Only White Help Implore-.
Baker Bt., Nelion Proprietor!
* 1PES
A collection of all the Latest
Shapes and Sizes.   A free
smoking and most satisfactory pipe.
Tobacconist.   Baker Street.
Certificate of the Registration of An
Eztra-PrOTindal Company.
"Companies Act, 1897."
tin; authority of the Legislature of British Cul-
1 HEREBY CEKTIFY mat "The Undiley
Brutht'ia Company" baa this day heen registered
en an Extra-Provincial oompany under the
"Companies Act, Iten," to carry out or effect all
or any ol tbe objects of the company to wblch
of ll     ' 	
umbta extends.
Tbe head office of the company ls situate at
tbe City "t Portland, in tbe county ol Multnomah, staU.* of uregoii.
The amount ol capital of tbe company it
twenty-five thotuaun do'.lari, divided into
Into twenty-five hundred shares of ten dollars
The bead office of the company ln this province
ls iltuate at Nelson, and Kdward A. Llndsley,
secretary, whose address is Nelson, Is the attorney for tbe company.
Given under my hand and seal ol office at
Victoria, province of British Columbia, tbi* 6th
day ot November, one thousand nine hundred
aod six
(L. B.)        KegUtrar of Joint btock Companies.
H*��p Majes***'*i Choice of Gifts Original
Every Year.
I.otido:). Der. 2_���Qur.n Alexandra
did her Christinas shopping this week.
She follows the custom of the late
Queen Victoria in having lhe tradesmen submit th *ir wares for her inspec*
i on at Buckingham Palace, from which
she ma_es her selections. Princess
Victoria, however, often joins lhe general crowd of Christmas buyers, and
recently she was seen In many of the
Bartlett   Hotise
Best Dol_.r-��-Day Howe in Nelson.
The Bar la Ihs Finest.
White Help Only Employ...
Building Lots for Sale
H.  &  M.  BIRD.
Joatphlne St.
Lake View Hotel
Corner Hall and Vernon,
two blocks from wharf.
Rates It oo per day and up.
P.O.Box 161.
Telephone 118.
Grand Central Hotel
J. A. ERICKSON, Proprietor.
CeDtr.Ur LocsUd. Open Bey snd Nl_ht.
temple .nd Bath Rooms Free.
Opposite Court House ud Post Office.
Comer Ward aad Vernon Streets.
Th* Stfathcona
Ncbon, B.O.
B. Tomkins, Manager.
The Leading Hotel in the
Has every class of Real Estate and Buildings in Nelson
for sale, from Business Blocks and Warehouses
to Market Gardens.
Choice Fruit
I Have .0,000 Acre*
Choicest Ftott Lands ta
Brtttah Colombia.
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
J. E. ANNABLE,    ���    Nelson, B. C.
The Hall Mining and Smelting
Company, Limited.
Qood   Sample   Room*.
Tpsi.i.-is addnseed i" nif LrsliMd. at Ills
nm lis Itn- .-.s.irl l.sssiss-, In lli�� I'ilv ol Nolson,
will 0. received ssjs n'l uiohonroISo'oloek In
sl,.. iiln-riiiK iTIiiirsiliiy, January ��rd, lau. lor
Ihe initsissss-s  .sl Hi Irlsslj  lli-iir" mliii-rsl
, itssisi 1 nt Ko in. svisicii was aaolarw is. i... for-
(,|l,il 1-, til-- .'r.swis sst tins lft\ sals! Iielsl 111 Uio
(flu "l S-l-si.ssss llss-Bill slay ol Nssvsnislss-r, In S.
lord5uoqo.ntuiestip.Mll June aiib, wus, and
Thaflnsat orloa sii.ou lln- salsl mineral .-latin,
ui, 'is 1 ii<iii.l.���> Un-issssssssssi..( delloquanl ia...
ass,I Baataal ilu- ni'S'- "I forfeiture, .villi lnti-icst
.I.ls-li lisus- 1
mnl fi.   Inr 1
Is the least at
    ... .1. i-i aslvrr-
row n erent [W.00.1 Ii IM.M.
sunn that will I"' s'siis. lilss.-il
Kai'ls  ton.ll'l-
v|.l,'sl s'lss'iin
Blatv -ays aller dato I purpose inaslne f__f
e.tSn to ten Hon. l-hlfU-oramlssUnicr ol I-��'��'��
a" Works lor permission,to lmroli-.* the lo -
IswIUB dMS'rllse.1 laii.l: llomineneliM al atiusl
ilaeos. alsoiil IM yards WM ol Iho'X iat�� an
ake trail aud about two inllos soutb ol �� h.t
ilsan lake marked "��. C, H's N i. isomer post.*
r ni11 mr ii��"��� ��o e"��"" """'������ n!i'"'e _
��� a 'wes t- llieneo HI ebalns uorih; thenee IW
_lii,�� ea.!. lo poiutol oouiineneements eontaln-
Isik- fslsl ueres. more or loaa.
I'er It. HHHU, Aiont.
iiiss.t lis- nc.'siini'aiils-il hy an ae-
.or the lull ssssssiiiiis .>l His- less.Ier.
hie t��� lhe order ssl lb.' Heputv Coinmlssloner
ol IjiiisIs and �� orks. at par at Victoria, B O.
Daied at Nelaon, B,tt, ihu wtii day ol Noveiu-
her, 111*. ROBKKT A. BENWICK,
vertnneiil Aitcnt, Nelsnn, B. C
Certificate of Improvements
���f inisress *' ���H'llinax," "Horseshoe," "Queeu,"
"1 iiluii  Jaek.*' situated In Nelion Mliiinj
Lsieatesl on l'ssrs'sil-lne ereek.
Take Notloe thai 1. Frank Fletcher, went lor
the "olive Uold   Missis K I'muiianv, Free Miner.
t" rtllie lis- No  1IW-HI mnl"1- ��" (1">*�� "i��� ,***to
ere     I" apnlv lo the MIMM Recorder lor a
J-erlllloate ssl Ii.sprssveniellts Issr lhe purpose ol
,hlninini! a irosvn ..rani ol lbe above olalinl.
Ainl lurllier lake ni.ll.e that action, under
Beotlon I'7 l'l""1 |H) coiniu.-lieed before lhe issu-
aneo ul siieb Cerillieale ol Improvements.
"���"-'���*"'��""* ,St"1""!'".-���a>.�� Ftmiicn.
Notlco w herohy R|V��n lhat a court of Revlaion
' Si IteI. noier ih. provliloni ol the "Ar Mh
man affl "' ltwa !'and Amen.in-xAqU, ami the
���T llirfthoSS A0t" will h< hel.1 inthurourt
hou�� in thfl Oity Ol Nelaon, on Thurm ay. pe-
doum, in u��     ' - ilimr���f woVlock in the
lu   lumeMSol bWS Vmlr ^hool Dlntrict,
WiJoTbhool Dlitrlot, wd Orealon soliool Du-
trlct.i'oiitatiied therein.
Judge of Court of RovIbIou and Appeal-
Dattul at Nelaon B.C.,
this -tth day of Dceemoer, WOO.
The object*, (or wblch tbe company baa been
eitablubed andregletered are:
1. To encage In and conduct anv and all
brancbri ol huslneeH for the ������! ��� ami maimfac
turvi of lumber and forest products, tlei, piling,
poles, posts,logs, it mber, timber, wood, shingles;
and to engage and onduct any and all branches
ot manufacturing into the finished product of
which wood, ln any of its forms, may enter
wholly or ln part; and to engage in, conduct and
carry on thc general or common business of the
manufacture of lumber in all it. brauehes
X. lo engage ln and conduct a general logging
business ln all its branches, r��n<f to purchase or
otherwise dispose of, and deal ln stumpage
rights of every description:
3. To manufacture, purehaae or otherwise ac-
quir\ sell ortoiherw.se dispose of, aud deal In
logs, lumber, wood and fuel lu any and ell their
forms, coii'littous aud combinations:
4. To purchase or otherwise acquire, sell or
otht-wlse dispose of. and deal in raw materUls
and Ci -nmo*.!nie* of any and all kinds:
5. I'* > '-��� and act as agent for others In the purchase, ssl handling and traffic of aud ln logs,
lumber i* i ii wood Tn anv and all tbelr forms,
conditions tn.'! "omblnatlons, whther crude or
manufactured, and other oommodltifi:
(. To engage tn and conduct tho business of a
warehouseman in all its branches, and to store
com mod me*-** for hire:
7. To conduct a general merchandise busluess:
8. To purchase, or otherwise acquire, lease,
rent, construct, build, hold, operate onduct and
maintain any and all manner of luinher mills for
the manufacture of all kinds and descriptions ol
lumber, and any and all docks, booms, piers,
wharves, yardi, warehouses, mill**-, factories end
any and all other buildings, structures and enclosures of a.1 kinds that may be required, or that
nay he convenient or desirable for any of the
purposes for which this corporation is formed,
and to rent, lease, sell, transfer, convey, or ln anv
manner dispose of tbe aame, or any part thereof,
as may be desired :
9 To locate, to acquire by purchase, lease or
otherwise, to possess, operate, and dispose o.' by
rale, lease or otherwise, and to convey timber
lands, coal, coke, oil, aud asphallum lands and
deposits, and lodesand veins of gold, stiver, hou,
coptier, stone, and all other mineralsand mineral
lands, farming ainl other lauds, city or town lots,
mill sites, water rights and privlluns, and other
rights, privileges ainl property, real or personal:
In. To acquire by purchase, lease or otberv. ise,
to erect, build, operate, maintain, possess and
disporeof by sale, tease or otherwise, and to convey tlumes, roadH, railroads, tramways, steam
boats, nud all otber boat-j, bcows, barges and
vestels;and to curry freight and passengers on
any aud all such transportation lines, aud to
charge and receive tolls and compensation tbere-
11. To purchase, U-aso (tr otherwise acoulre,
aud to erect, build, operate, maintain aud posse bb,
and dispose of by sale, lease, or otherwise, and
to convey, machinery Ior the produc
Hon or generation ol steam or steam power, electricity, electric power, and any other power
known or hereafter to be discovered, aud to use
M*li. lease or oiherwlnu dispose of, and to convey
Kiirh steam, olectrlcily and power for heating,
ltghtlug or other purposes, aud to erect and con*
nt met poles, wirt". and subways, or other necessary or proper means and appliances for tbe
conduct of electricity or electric power (or any
ol the purposes aforesaid:
1*. To subscribe for. purchase or otherwise
acquire, own, hold, possess, sell or otherwise
dispone of, and to convey shares, stocks, bouds,
or other securities or assurances ol Its own or
any other company or corporation, and to guarantee or otherwise secure the payment ot dividends on shsren or stocks of Its owu or any otber
company or corp ratlou, and the Interest or
principal of bonds of any company or corpora-
IB, To make proml*aory notes, bills of ez-
chango and other evidences of indebtedness; to
borrow or to loan money on bunds, debentures,
or otherwise; to secure, In such manner as to lt
may seem proper, tbe payment of any promissory notes, bonds, debentures, or other evidences of Indebtedness of the corporation, and to
mortgage, pledge, or give or convey In trust any
or alio! its property, real personal or mixed, to
Kcurc the payment ot such promissory notes,
bonds, debentures or other evidences of the corporation : , _���..-.'������"_
H.���Tobuy, purchase, own, hold, acquire, vend,
sell, barter, donate, mortgage, encumber, lease,
manage and dispose of allkluds of rual and personal property.
15. To DuUfl.ootiBtrttct, maintain and operate,
to possess aud own by lease, agreement or otherwise, and to lease or dispose ol the same by
agreement, sale or otherwise, all telegraph ainl
telephone lines aud all other means of communication, and to oharge aud receive tolls and
compensation lor the same:
IA. The business of t e corporation or any portion thereof, may be transacted in the states of
-Oregon and Washington, or in either ol said
states, or in any ttatt parte of the united Mtates
of America, or its depeuuencieB.or in any foreign
country or countries, or in any or all of such
���Ulei, dependencies or countries: 	
17 To do and perform any and all other matters and things necesiary, proper or convenient
Queen's Hotel
Baker Btreet, Nelaon. B. C.
Lighted by Electricity and
Heated by Hot Air
Larva .nil Comfortable Bedrooms and First-
class Owing Boom. Sample Booms lor Commercial Hen
MBS. I. C. CLARKE. Proprietress
Royal Hotel
Bates 11 and 11.60 a Day.
Special Bates to Regular Bcard*ts.
Most comfortable quarters in Nelaon.
Only the beat of Liquors and cigars.
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch,
Creosote, Oils for
Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch and
Boat Builder, will find it to their advantage to twe onr Pitch.
Nelson Coke & Gas Co.
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry Ores.
. New Year
for the accomplUhment of all or any of the object! hereinbefore ipeclfled.
Wholeaale and Retail Dealers ln
Fresh and Salted Meats
Gamp, supplied on ahortest notioe and
lowest prico. Nothing bnt fresh and
wholesome meat, and supples kept in .took
Hail orders receive careful attention.
E. C. TRAVES. Manager.
Contractor and
Bole agent for the Porto ftloo Lumbar Co., Ltd.,
retail yards. Bough ami dre*ned lumber, turned
work and brackets, Coast lath aud ihtngles, raah
and doors. Cement, brick and lima for sale,
Automatlo grinder.
Yard and factory; Vernon 8t.. eut of Hall,
A. M. Can. Soc. C. B.
Tickets on sale at all -Canadian Pacific
Railway Offices, Port Arthnr to Vancouver, aud all intermediate branch line
points, December 21. 22, 23, 24, 25; also
December 28, 20, 80, 81, and January 1.
Good Rctwni. g Until January 3,1907.
A.O.P.-*-., Vancouver. P.P.A., Nelson
Certificate of hnptoTt-i-fiiti
"Hatton" mineral claim, iltuated ln tbe Nelaon
Mining Division of West Kootenay district.
Where located :~On Toad mountain.
Take Notice that I, John McLatehte acting as
intend, sixty daya fn
_  .. toapl . -    ..
a Certificate of improvement*, for the purpoae of
tlie nonce mat i, juuu mi-,i_ncuie  act!
agent for George A. Campbell, Free Miner
tiflcate No. b.077, Intend, sixty davs from-toe
date hereof, to apfr to tbe Mining Recorder for
a Certificate ot Improvements, for the pur*-,**
obtaining a Crown Grant ot tbe above claim
And further take notice that action, un'er
section 17, must be commenced before the issuance of such Certificate of Improvements.
Dated this 17th day of November, two.
John McLatchik.
Certificate of Improvements
"Spyglass" and "Globe" mineral claims, situate
In Trout Lale Mining Division.
Located on Poplar creek.
Tade Notice that I, Bruce White, acting as
agent for the Spyglass Mioing o.. Free Miners'
Certificate No B M*, Intend, to days from the
date hereof, to applv to the Mining Recorder for
a Certificate of Improvements for the purpose of
obtaining a Crown Grant of the above claims.
And further take notice that action, under
Section irr, must be commenced before the Issuance ot such Certittiate ot Improvements.
Dated 26th October, 1W6. Baucx White.
m G..E<-T
Excursions to
Eastern Canada I
Oriental Limited
With through tourist, ear to
To Toronto, Montreal
and points west
ST $78.25
Corraaponding low rataa to
points aaat ot Montreal.
Tlckata on sale Nor. 14th to
Dec. 31st. Qood tor three months
with privilege ot extending limit
doing via Sault Ste Marl.
stopovers allowed east ot St
Paul and Duluth.
Oolng via Chicago stopovers
allowed eaat ot Detroit and
Port Huron.
For  further Information oall
on or address
City Paaeenger Agent.
A U.P.A.,8aaula.
A. McDonald 4 Co.
Dealers ln staple and fancy Grooeriaa.
Butter, Eggs.
Damp and Miners' Supplies.
Old Curiosity Shop
If you want to buy or sell anything,
go to the Old Curiosity Shop. A new
Une of Japanese Goods now on sale. Ail
Unds  of   Dlnnerware In   stock.   Prt-
j      H
."I    ��� !
The Daily Canadian
���st*! -jtj_!_i--l.���-
New Lines - -  Just Opened!
silver deposit WARE. In   i'i Sets H'HIs". Claaki  Qlaase*   i,-., I
li   ii- s. Vases.
jtwtL CAsts. m Qold aim ml ver.
HANCY   BACK   AND  SIDE   -UMBS,   In  Iho   newest   .lesiiilis
FINE   LEATHER   BAGS   AND   PURSES,   sn   styles   thai   cuilll.M   l>e   IV-
tist< ,1    i iu- st.sr,- is open every avanlni
sum FAsTrKissi nwnxu
*********** ********
=z Chocolates
l lb. box   -   50c
t-2lb. box-   30c
Tht+*> mil   Ul   *������   ' ��� '���'",T*
lirt-!*- it** ���"-   *���     " ~ ���*���'���-' ^iK*-
TKY A   -I-tl.
PhMe K.
Xco.: P. Bs
Rsler Sl
- A Oo.
Cranberries  at.   per  Ib 15c
Mincemeat  at.  per  Ib 10c-
C .mges  at.   per dox *5c .
Candies   from,  per Ib  15c [
L'yer   Rasisna  at.   per  Ib 25c
.--�����.   ;   lbs.   tor    25c ���
Kmaa, Cs-acKes..  per  box..      25c
Popcorn. 2 lb��. for 25c
B    ....    s'.esgh   will   deliver   rush ]
I Bell Trading Co.
Coa. arid
Telephone 265
Bay Ycor Chnstnas
Grocerurs irom JOY
G"aprs   f-oni   Ca   Tr- ��        TSc
O-.-ccs  Fleas  60; s 35c lb.
Ta.--le   Ra.ssna   t-on-.    Spa s-
Slld   Oc lr.
C*rstnuts  Iraaa   luly 30c ib. 1
Kcc-Unay   Peas-s.   2   lbs.   for      25c J
Apples���Rcma-   Beautea. NorttV
bra   Spy.    A   goea  ass.-s-tn-rrst   cf *��
S   F   Fiiswo sl i.:. . *.:>   tm > -    -
n   Bayel, Reglas    D   CsMtKfl   sT-t-r
brook.   T    N.   McDoufall,  Mtmt
D. \V. McK.nrie, J. AlnstHS, .v.:.l.;--.>
H.   A.   Simmons.  J.   M.  Craipe.  Vera
Em*.reo. C.rsenwood.     F     i.    Ftt
B.llevue;   G.-o.  McOarter, KutIs-usk
K.l. Kcll>. Spokane;  Q   F   Doucher
ly, \Y. T. .iflcks-oii. Vanoouver   3.   C.
Dntrinm, Blue Bell; W. H   McMiilaa,
vvirnpe.:   Miss  Fraser,  Wes: minster
1!. .1. bong, I. R. Edmondso���. Proc
I.r: Mrs A. Norgren, Si-okane; J
Johnston, A. Qrovenor, Ymir; G A.
Camer.-sn. CYsry.ll.
\V 11 Master. Brie; .lolin Pinie-r
Okanacf.n W. B Ar.dsrsors and fair
ly. Boaadaty Fa)ls. J. Hinton. Granby; J Kennedy. Oemrd: S. Banocci.
Lardo: C Defoe-. Gutelins
R   Farron.   A: I  .    S Pa--.
Blue Rell; T   Trea   Das
J,  Frank.  Sp k -���
*i *.'oor, and v.:'.--. \Yinnij>ec C A
y : a:, Sirdls-. C K. Fk-qiii; S.T. Ci.:
gan     R    1. r':-:    M   | H    P
Iin.   Cranh-,. ��� Creates
VV   Sr.-.
Bl       K. S. Sen HA
Canity   v....        I. Sel
? v   Mor
���     E -l,:hcor,i.       S               * -.       Nf-��
9*p ..ant:   J
I       ��� 7 , ,..~i" tt
-     -
TREV    *"
R  E   9  -���     : *��iU.
B u^ n.i. L   .*���*;���-   DhaaaA
S-- - : ��� . ; ��� -
.       A.
1   meet
you  at
Joy's Cash Grocery Pure 0ntario HoncV
tf*   a I   _ c  n______j   ���        ___���__.
t.tt.: am s��     F'bDii***. 11
lor  \rr��t*��* Tmd��.
Str-nr*-_:i. Crocb. Bur fob. Tu fob Elc-
Munroe & Nelson
5 Poand Cass     90c
tO Potm-i Cani $J.75
T-.-!--.:i-    s.
��� ���t   nnd ��.ft��*f  Ttprvnitirr  In. ffij  hMIItif  and
f *nn.t.ia*t  ln.'irir* will  he lorai***;  it jut nrtr
; Bhu-p twn Open Mi*-*, c: ortt-T% Ucntu  ot Virtnru
Td. 181.      S. A. WYE
Ordo Yoor
Chris trois
Fruit Cikts
We make ihem ir all sizes
and designs
GiociaeP". B*os.
hta       **nT
nKttr. riRf foot aus���aasH c,.a�� ....
p-s. >     .-.   1   Sutherland. VanpouvFT. B   i:.
THt r.ETl Ks ;.-is ��:iis  -: all Mka t��,n��we<
��� ol Nelwsr. Irnia
1 assasliats ..Ills.
T��*0 FIRST -CI. ��S�� KOOMS. (leans beate--   Ap-
- '~Lhon-*kM*peT Sr.l fiat. V   H   C l.l��-k
General Job Work, Chimney Sweeping. Carpet Cleaning. Fixing and Cleaning   Steve*   etc.
121 Ear Baker St. Phone Ne. AH4
K .1   Loofl ol Cr-wton, one ot   '
tuiKis  ol   KotM-iiav    li  in  lfce  dtj   10
T_o ieaVb otx .; i I :. Um Home hos*
pltal re**.er_-_j HI Boon ol a STorf*r,
tote Porftmtxi ol :uo Wiulaw hUIL The
i-omains will be shipiuHl <.*��sl to Min
B M .. ;.>morrv>*A   nu>rnuvg.
I     n     . ��� d   BM   bo  ���  dull   ���
���                N   mm amxi week    Tfce
jQTeatle ttoalonbuu  _m be a.
ora  houte  e_i mUm  a  rmp&r*
���.���;   tltrmctlT. ;-   inter
tperaed mtih th��i.  o*n deilghtrnl s-
e_UUcs,    w,  .     - -   top*-,   B��_��
Uaaoa *   a.- \ 11
[_i   ;_.:..:.?  .*.-  .*:   ihi   I    - I -    .-
m manj> oti.c*-*s ajid on t-M Btraata -.
U .. t* m ln<lj _TM taken bj __i*.->
to bo a test oi it.: now puM-at p*a__L
���*.*a iH_::>. ^��",�� ^ "* ���-: '���'��� ��** IWI__N
that  tho  Mqwr.___"_.:  *-u   -*ta<   aukd-i
^ ^    . .-.���_-������
:,'.;   *    .   .  -   ���
T_w Ohrtstnas ��f__��r_alii-s_at
c   litres.   _*!    __.   F^i:L *   5 - '
Ttt fc**^*:
Vl... ;     i_. ������ ���   . .*-..-
woe* w-*-:; -p^  : JU*
.    I    ;;rv"--c: iJ   ������������������   natal  .
; rc_ir__u_��   watt WLtoWtl
=;*__. __.:   -:    -_ ;
T_rf   _tu_ MMll    tafl    Mhari   Art
.-::_: i    ���**�� i-* 1   -_W      " 4 ���
. .   -. L.     - ��� ... ��� - *    .
* TV   rwosi. I_s__5   aai
?*_ ->     v    --     :--:.._���     LirC-'___��i       Itssi
/ ���:   : _~i >.;-:.*.���.. -     :    :. . ���* :���'
cai.-vi ii>_ "i**1 ; :>l..:. : - .,* .-: - : a
���pssei a. v-ic-'t i__X.'ui;' ": "i�� to,"*'
bm: -   -- aai
.. -     I
dtaORft kanne   v
BOnttOS BN BOttMBI .:;-*ui Fti-J
11 .'I' b;- A���lm- ft-i"��� iur1 unt '
Will Prfaisi '."tie** r-uu Itean i
mast 11 tb( pvpuiup Mrt Ttiu-mai.
will ginp " Naztri'Ma irnc bl chrur
will render ihree anai-fms \ -
'0 Come All Y��� FUfhbfl1 ?__:���-
\'i. Ziol Tha: Brine's;' kul -
Su 1.van's "It  Came Gpon  __*   -
1_H       ��� - 9.     :
Armj   hu nttM cC
ih<- cftade. f.i. ��� .ns for
lbe free   nnc*
Tree to In  ��'������':. T_nsAv]   ---iiie   Thi
- . _._���:. e  _ *
:.-    ���   '
taataama arm
���week    on v.*   Vet -  ���  -: ..i.i.  ,   -
���     -       ���       :-
'.h-   oWai -. . ��� ���   Sb
\ anoca-
.. -   1
:. -
man "     !l  ftl
:������!_>���������*: ������- net
:.   -      .
-L il     .:   ��_��� ���    R
���iuu -   ��� Aa0e.l1'
-    - ���   s*a)tt��.   anc
Letm    M-*   9m___b ��      - " -
���tag   aa
A   TD<*       .
���'..���   K ������:_.'    r- -
rooms   yt*.-f*rd*_y   afleniooe       :
hHtaOM was Transartf-.-i   a  Iom
froin W. J.  B 1
11-nv fcaeW  aaHeMta   was ra
Uvea  ir*-  :h-*  rtH Hi and
tacketj. .':ii*v! bv Qw lataff amenb
m n: ani! a pescitunoii %%*��� i*t_\**'*_ de
tlarliiR tf-r readjusuu.-r.: o'
r��t-s Thi- ant.tm: m-e'int nf Tb* a>
fVOMasa aa~ ht heid it; :h* hnartJ n?
: 1...��   roonif ��ii Janu4��r*i  ^ a; i   :    il
Order 'Xma^ Goods On Saturday
ancf Monday
you will find our staff at both
stores read}* to fill your
orders for
Xmas Gifts
We have all the trimmings for
'Xmas trees.
'Xnus Slsxkings.
'Xnus Cracker*.
Fruit'. Sots,
OnJv. Be . Elc.
iu abundance.
Cm A* Benedict
Cora*r Stiica aa. Josephine Su.
pho\b 7.
Coal! Ice! Wood!
Phone 265
Yi>-Kj-cttajtv u��. Fftrft.
F��I A Pooir.- C��_ Ltd.
V t sex  mmtmts-   i-tx   ��*i-:   S^a-
W'c have the  greatest variety
of goods, and our CASH
PRICES  are doing
the rest.
Follow the crowd to
Canada Drug & Book Go's
....Cast) Stores....
Sen Tmr ___t__c____j r-_______
r�� Zr-nrntm *_r_r_:i Uoz
r_b*_*i*>__>.   _*.   * ::ii-"f   meai*
n*   In-wu-'.llit?    1* . . . -  :���_:
Warn  tiiuuuhs uiu  |m i.    :* -if
t a* MaaMl -^rsinmiflD&eA thai
anrnnttnia h* **nr �� ui a t��� '���> i.:
n*_niziHtirn    anxttt    ni pn    n    a_Taaaax
:i ia i vnirwiai Ba "tiat Hal ���������rtv
r. "- -. - ���' ��� l_ -: ��� ~. - . - : -.-
n-i hi nu r--1 i' ��� : ��� - I iit to
������-*   I_L~Manii2H wi I-.   :���������-
** ������'*- t ; t " ���*_ z - - *��� -��� :-**-i:��
* -     -nt:   -^"^tici  lt. :   ~ : -   �����
5.1-   tn-a*'-     ���: ��� -r.f :���-���_     i	
��� ��� :*_._.- i   :" '*    *:   : , ; --  �����--- ���
How   A trout   Your
Guns and
We hare Kler's. Kynock's. Win-
cheent-x. and Oouwej] &
Loaded Shot Shells
K.-tioc'Vp. Winchofiter and
Rifle and Pistol Cartridges
Huntini: Knives. Wading. Bi-lts,
C<iet��, Pants, etc.
Nelson Hardware Co.
Box 6-31       Nelson, B. C.
West Transfer Co.
���:ii?.i f. H07IOX. Ritifo.
.. T-_:.>vr> Mid P^al.-r? in
'.".ia. >.--. W.-...r     Ea pr M md
bap?a��r<- Tnmsler
i..i  OfEee: Baker St.
W_ G. Thomson Slier[nan,s ��Pera House
a:':-_?rL:.tt. u-.   \-..
rra���j.vfcL NftlSOil,
The Store of Quality
Si-er Teeorere. ��_. patat uiaj cm :
-      ..   :l -.    -
;   O   Gilhc   di?--.      ������   .      -,f Uj.  1
AIUs-Oia1id��;t> .   -        re-
*ume_   u.s:   ��� _
uoundar>   1-om    a trip   -.hroujai    ib. I
t'o.m d AJcne. dis:-.
Wias E  S   Dt Bw;,    ol ihe    pul.lic !
s-aiool staff, m-bes len (or aie t.ii-
nionung   tt-    spent    C-nr.nuus    with
���-.ends  ttiere.  has    hs^et    printed    a
weefc's ssiiteusion (,- b.-r C1.r-.s:maa holidays by the boa-fi ol trustees.    l"ni
i.ei reium ber class aril! be In ch.rpc
ts> Jl'las   Paul.De   Aist.ai.f
40 Cents pet Poand
Tern/mm em B.oau
bo*:���Dm   aDfi a half    hour*
Coam and Btaaa ir_in���On tirop
Houndary trktn���Ol time
KosBl&nd   train���:>l  Tim-f
BU -ata Bapga-iMs. of tho Ne.son
Fe to rites
The Juvenile Bostonians
Plan ai   P.uUiertcsrd'j Satarday.
Prices���50c. 75c. 11.00.
Hume  School   Report.
The Hume schixil closed with appro
pnaie c rcroonies, including the an
una! vial: ol Tiusk-,- B A Craaai
j. sierdav   afiermon
The attendance Is rr It-s ��� rs,i���-r wan
f,: pupils. ��Uh an .ctual average ol
���-.03. about  M per cent.
Th.- following pupils mnil,- p r(,-ot
a: tendance.
Helen Balding. Freda rull.Kk. John
I��ald.ng. Edith Gilchrisl, Edwin lira
liam Kn-d Hartwig. Hoy llodgan. Wil
liani Hodgan. Pred Hurry. Phillip Hurry. Bessie Hurr>, Thorold Hansen.
Earl Jackson. Thomas Jerome. John
Je ome. Liirle Lynch. Telesphore Mar
quia John Marquis. Anhur Philtieri
Joseph Philhert. Monica Yosing Oracc
Mauivr. Arthur Maurer.
In cutler to clear out this line
we are reducing the price to
40c. "We only have a lumt��d
quantity no don't delay ordering if y-cm want any
K  W. C. Block . Phone 10.
Men's and Women's Fancy Slsppera.
Mens and Women's Bedroom Slipper..
Children's Siippera in Great Variety.
When on your round of shopping drop
in to Me us.
R   ANDREW   4  CO.
Fifty Cent Hand Bags
Tliey are beauties at the price.
Telephone 33.1.
Starkey & Co., __M
Wlioiemiias Provisional,
D> milium (rov.'rnuii'iit Creamery One Pound Bricks receiv.-d weeklj Inahl
from lhe (hum.   Kor sale by all leading grocers. ���
Odlc-e and warehouse: Houston Block,   Phone 79.
Josephine Street.       -       -       -      Nelson, B. C.
MANrrarrt'RER- of ths crawfohd
Repairing and Jobbing i Spi
Sh- -tm.-tal Work, Caatiugi, Build, ra' Materinl and Mining and Mill Ibchl
Office and Works Poo* of Park St.
���1...1.U 304.
A Wof d to the Wi
Thin rar wo have appm-UtM. the wtmtt of onr
torn*, ns aud have pMMd into ftock the
Good Cheer Ait Base Burner
This store is adapted for hard coal ouhr, and iif
ante.*! to give satisfaciion.
J. H. Ashdown Hardwa
Company, Limited.
Ucp.iit-ii.tf and .1. ,1-,1,1,-ni cxacutcd with OMapcitcH.   fthaat Metal
Work, Mining find  Mill Machlnar)'-     M��n.,f,.ct urtrs ol
Ora. C-'-m.   w.  ki.   Contractors'  _ara.
Coroti ol Hal and 1NJ F3 I     *i.-T~4 TV! 1%       *f"** MH
VSITE and sing that   thr-  iui|snnatioiu l
John T. Pierre are tbe i>rjfser thing-
My last fall shipment has jntsi arrived, ft
them aid place your order early fur Xmsiio
JOHIN' T. PIERRE, Artistic Tailor^
l ���usinuMH rrttftt.
Working men.
.Men In -Jtcnm .ittire,
SportfnB men,
MnndMiime meti,
M��n tm.t'M full of rir��
All Sizes 35 to 44
Kow i. Ihe HUM
tohur v.nir
Winter dTercoat.
All Prices from $10 to $30
STSS? Umbef, Shingles,
Uath, Moulding-s, Doors, Window*
Mail Orders pnimpllf ��t,8*d
Turn��<l Work and llrnck.ta
NBL80N, B. C.
Christmas Presenb
And many other .ultabl. articles,
Look at 0_^
Bike; %Jm
For f
Wood, Vallance Hardware Co,-^


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