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The Daily Canadian Sep 12, 1906

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Array mt I.   No- 86.
r Sheep Creek Mine
I Known Free Gold Property Will
K Reopened and Operated at
Once -Its History.
i,.-k valley Is at lust coming
I   own    A claim or proaped  lu
district  Is  now  moro Btiro et tall,], cunsdderation    by     n    with
capital   mnl   mining   experience
sl,,  in.���[,< sils's  of  any  other lo-
I'nt    Interest    hus   attached
|      ... i isslins than lo developed
r ; developed  claims.
| ��� sk Um bonding   of the
[Wile    and    the     Colninlilaii
s. iss-i'U announced In the ool-
:..  s'unadlau.
��� .-.��� another very imiiortant
lolnded in Nelion, when
���; li Bull and M. I.. Donalds' sliuii. took a bond ou the
lielle   from   the   owners.   J.
I   Dennett and  F. 1'. Drum-
I Kootenay   lielle has been uper-
I fair about four years, but not
���Quouely.    Its  shlpiuents    to    the
Miiis-s   smelter   have   averaged
| It" B  ton   from  the run of  the
I year Igo a    lower   tunnel
(darted us ta|i the ore bodies from
i mnl racllItaU the    taking    out
|slii|';sliii! ssf ore.
ssi that time Pataey Clark ol
���aiir issssk a bond on the property
lr ilie management of his repre-
jaivu, Mr. ts:��� . sisilssiii. a lot of ex-
wury work was done, but the drlv-
let tti*- iiiiuiel was dliH'onttnued.
���only urt.-i ('lurk's bond had laps-
���ii'i ibe owners were again in con-
I work ssn the tunnel was resuming ills.- ledge was struck within id
p Kootenay Rail. Is a property ol
rnu.lil.v proved value and has al-
shipped ore lo the value ot
|ll II ss.ilOO.
: is'ss-nt    ownerR    are    familiar
II sun! other sheep creek proper-,
and are prepared to resume opera-
; ssi once under their bond, and In
time tn csmipleie Ihe purchaie.
Terrorist Leader Captured.
oscow, Sa'pt. 18.���Vladimir Ma/.ary,
leader of  the  Moscow  section  of
lis mi; Qroup," with his principal
lu-nant, bus been captured arter a
Iniiii! flclii   wlib   agi-nls of the  se-
I l�� Ice, in  tlii' course   of    which
iy  was   wounded.     iMimiry  Is  a
youth and when he was caught
| sged ibe officers to kill him im-
Kllaiely. res-uguizing that he would
poabtedly be executed. He wob the
���'���Hiiu siilrlt In the bank robbery
tamltted here last March by lloleu-
I1- and be is accused of tbe murder
��� Colonel Von Loahlnlkoff ot the soli service during tho revolution of
k December. He Is considered to
of the most Importanl leader.
I ilu  entire terrorist group.
Warsaw, Bept, i_.���The sol-lora mi
li"is' nisi enraged at tin1 oontlnu-
s'f murders bv the terrorists ami
"Hm.'   wiih  brutality.    Qovornor
"era! Bkallon isi taking energetic
to prevent an attack on the Jewa,
" are lu n slate of panic.    Blodloo
Sported ipilel  tssdiiv.
In Hard Luck.
fTlic editor   uf  tho   McCutle   lleruld
arks;   "Editing a nowapaper Is a
tblng.    If we publish    Jokes   the
r'l'ls' say  we are rattle  brained.    If
don't  publish original matter they
|> ��.- don't give ihem enough aeleo-
If we give Ihem selections ibry
''��� ure too lu7.y to write.    If we
I"'1 im  lo church  we aro heathens.
' do we nre hypocrites.   If we re-
"]" '-" Uie ofrice we ought to be out
���King for news items.   If we go out
"'" we are nol attending to business
wear old Clothes they laugh nt
worn- good cIiiTIich they Bay
pull.    Now,  what   are wo
ta>-   -lust ns likely as not sonic ono
that   we stole  this   from  nn
So wo did."
If we
Imv,.  ,
Morgan Buys Out Leopold.
���BruaselB, Sept. IS,���II Is slated on
H authority that the Anglo-Belgian
J1'1"'! true! bus decided to dlscon-
J""' Hie exploration of Its concession
Ino Congo, and ll Is believed Hint
1 j|,i pun Morgan is disposed to
I"" �� syndicate to   curry   Ihem on.
Fifty Cents a Month
Negotiation are .aid to already going
e.m.in ,1 " C0",l<"j���<l sufficient to
explain the recent interview between
.1 ���' _ *?." 8?d, Klng LeoP��'<- "' SS
ve , the king being one of the principal shareholder!) of the Anglo-Belgian
What It Being Aimed at by Interstate
Commerce Commitiion.
Washington, Sept. 12��� Discussing
the probable method of preceding under the new railway rate law, Inter-
slate Commerce Commiasioner Cock-
re!] said today that the first effort of
the commission would be to secure
the adopiion by the various railroads
ssr a uniform system of conducting
thetr business.
"We are now giving most of our at-
ts-ntion." be said, "to securing tbe
adoption of a general Bystem, believing that by pursuing this course we
will lighten our own labors and render
it possible for the roads materially lo
aid us ln carrying the law Into effect."
lis- tlii'ii outlined the plans or Ihe
s-oniiiilKsioii to secure: Flrsl, u uniform Bystein of accounting by the railroads: second, a uniform system of
classification of rreigbt throughout
Uu- United Slates; third, a uniform
schedule of rates, fares and charges;
fsiurtb. lhe performance by the roads
of the entire transportation service,
from tho place where freight in received io the point of its destination.
Mr. Cockrell also said that the railroads nre manifesting a disposition to
aid the commission in its enforcement
of the law.
Big Railway Deal.
New York Sept. 12.���The Times today says:
"The purchase of Ihe Virginia &
Bouthweatarn railway by the Southern
Hallway company, of which rumors
have been current recently, was confirmed yesterday. From one of the
stockholders In the Virginia & Southwestern It was learned tbat the Southern railway has acquired all tbe Vir
glnla & Southwestern stock, paying
therefor tWv tt share or a total of
Opens Sessions   in Montreal   Today-
Outlines Program of Future Work
���Officers Elective.
Montreal, Sept. 12���The General
Conference, the supreme governing
body of the Methodist church In Canada, opened its quadrennial sessions
in Montreal today, after an absence ot
sixteen   years   from  this    clly.      The
gathering   convened   in   si.   James
church with Ihe ltev. Albert Carman,
I). 1).. general superintendent, occupying Ihe chair. The delegates were in
their places and a number of spectu-
tnrs occupying Ihe rear of the audi-
tisrlum and tbi' galleries. A large
number or newspaper men, both of the
secular and religious press were ai
Uie tallies below the rostrum. The
delegates present were several hundred in number, and among them were
many ministers and laymen of wide
prominence. They came from Nova
Scotia, New Urunswlck and Prince
Edward lslaud, and from as far west
as llrlllsh Columbia The gathering
as a whole was one nf the nissst distinguished ever assembled in Montreal.
The intllul sessions were given
nvi'r to the work or organisation and
to routine work of a preliminary char
actor. Owing to the large number and
unusual Importance of the matters on
the agenda the conference t�� likely
to remain in aeaalon ten days or longer. Union with Congregational ami
Presbyterian denominations win again
be one id the great  Issues before tlie
conference:    The   proposed   oonstltu-
tion ror the Melhodlst church of Japan
is another matter of Importance to be
discussed and acted upon. The publishing, educational and missionary In-
t .rests oi the church will, ns usual,
occupy much or the time of the con-
With the exception of lbe general superintendent, who was elected for eight
rears ai the Winnipeg conference, all
l,r ih" orricers or the general oonfer.
once are to conie up ror election. Tho
chief interest centers in the choice or
a new editor for the Christian Ouardtan,
and the appolntemenl or a new associate secretary of tbo missionary society.
Report a Valiant Fight
Havana. Bept U.���Colonel Avalo's
report or the capture of Consulaclnn
sb'l Bur on September'!!, which was ex-
pecteil in connection wiih a movement
of armored   I rains,  was  received   Inst
nlghl in' the commander of the vurai
guarda.   II i�� the flrsl rooltal of ono
of llie mosl vallanl rights or Ihe pres-
enl war. Colonel Avnlos. with 1-0
cwvalry and Infantry, appeared In Ilm
i���wn ai 8 o'clock on Bunday morning,
The cavalry  advanced    rirst, the    In
fantry entering the town from both
aides and steadily driving back the Insurgent!, whose force ls eatlmated at
1500, The Insurgents were entrenched in the quarters of the rural guards
and occupied positions in the church
and city hall, and behind pillars and
porches. The Insurgents were slowly
dislodged. Colonel Avalos says that
the triumph of the government forces
was due partially to the disorganized
conditio, of the Insurgents. Seventy
wounded and nine bodies were found
after Ihe fight. Two lieutenants and
four rural guards were wounded. Tho
government forces captured ISO horBCB
and many accoutrements.
A   Real   Bear  Story���Notes  of  Mining
Progress and Pay Days.
(SlH'cial io The   bally Canadian.)
(Irand Forks, Sept. 12.���From time
to time various reports have reached
here regarding the great number ot
bears lhat infest the shadyVgroveB ot
tlie North Fork of Kettle river, and
tln-sse slatemouts are now corroborated bs Jeff IJavis, the pioneer merchant of Grand Forks, who. while
driving Mrs. Davis and some other
ladles up to Bannock City a couple ot
days ago. encountered a blas-k object
just ahead ol them on the bridge
across the Kettle river. At rirsl there
was a doubt iu the minds ot the party
w-hethor It was a bear or not. hut as
they drew nearer there was no mistaking it, as an immense black bear
walked leisurely ort the end of the
bridge and reluctantly strolled up the
mountain side, showing his teeth. If
ihe party had not been behind a good
team of horses the story of the en-
couiitir might have read differently.
Word has reached here from Iloun-
dary Falls that, impatient with tbe
long delay ln the arrival oi the machinery tor the Dominion Copper company's smeller, Superintendent W. C.
Thomas has gone easi for the purpose
of hurrying up the various shipments
of machinery, with a view of having
the machinery all placed in position
and the smelter blown in by January
1. The new plant at Boundary Falls
will have a dally capacity of 1200
tons, or a little less than half the present capacity of tbe Granhy smelter.
The latest dividend paid by any
mlne in the Boundary is that just paid
by the Providence Mining company.
Tlie total amount ol the net dividend
was 116,000.
A despatch received here Irom Midway states that Police O-rflcer Dan-
a ugh of that place has fallen a victim
to a severe attack of typhoid fever,
and be has been taken to the Greenwood hospital.
Word has reached here from Franklin Camp that L. A. Stadler a prom
lnent milling engineer from Butte,
Mont., Is making good headway with
Ills task of surveying the underground
workings of the MeKlnley mine and
making a map of the same. It has
been learned that the work of devel
oping the MeKlnley can be prosecuted
much more satisfactorily after the exact extent of the underground workings havs' been mapped out on paper
It Is also slatesl that the work oi mak
Ing plans of the underground workings id other prominent properties In
Franklin ('amp will he commenced In
the near Tut ure.
Yesterday was pay day at ilie Gran-
hv smeiter and some $40,000 in cash
was distributed among its 350 employees. The lowesl wages paid hy the
Grantiy company to common laborers
Is $2.50 per day. while skilled mechanics draw from $1 to $5 per day.
Independence    League    Favorable  for
Straight Ticket.
New York. Sept. 12.���The advocates
ror a complete ticket weiv Jubilant to
slay because the convention ot the In-
dependent league lasi night put Itaelf
on record an favorable to the nomlniv
Uon of a straight ticket and Instructed the committee on resolutions to so
Inform w. .1. Connors and other delegates to the Democratic state convention. The convention win meal again
nt 8 o'clock tonight, when a full ticket
will he committed. Prom talks with
many of the delegates anil with lenders of the movement, It appeared to
day that the loiiowing ticket ls preferred: For governor, William Randolph Hearst ol' New York; for lieu-
ti'iinnt governor. Lewis Stuyvesnnt;
ror secretary or state, Reuben it. Lyons of Steuben; for controller, isnne
llosenbloom or Onondaga; for attorney general, John Ford of New York:
lor state treasurer. Dr. C. II. Auel or
Brio;  tor state engineer and surveyor.
im candidate.
Piped Across Panama.
Snn Francisco, Sept. 12.���The Union
Oil company of this city has. Just completed Its pipe Hue across the Panama,
and within 45 days It will be supplying the Atlantic seaboard cities wllh
California fuel oil. The pipe line is
to be operated lu connection with tank
steamers ou both the Atlantic and the
Pacific sides. In length tlm pipe line
is 50 nillos. Oil will be pumped over
ibe Culebrogade at lhe rate of 25,000
barrels a day.
German Kaiser Marked
For Assassination
Three Terrorists Arrested at Breslau
Commissioned by Central Committee to End His Career.
New York. Sept. 12.���A llerlln cable
to the Sun says:
"According to the Tageblatt the
kaiser was Jusl saved from being the
victim of an anarchist by the timely
arrest al Hre-lau of three foreigners,
whai had been commissioned by the
international terrorist organization to
assassinate Iiis majesty during the military maneuvers he Is now attending
In Silesia. The prisoners, an Italian
of the name of Matacci or Macclni, au
Austrian known aa Fliegener or Fried-
ling, and a Pole named Laudesberg
or Lendeuberger.
Matacci was expelled from Italy-
two years ago. Since then he has associated with Russian terrorists in
Geneva. He shared in the recent outrages iu Poland. The three arrived
at lireslau at different times. They
were watched by detectives for several
days, including the four which the
kaiss-r spent on the eve of the maneuvers, when the most elaborate precautions were taken to protect him. It is
explained, also, why they were not arrested then, that they are alleged to
be known as more dangerous than
any others who are reported to have
been arrested or expelled from the
A dozen police entered a house
which was their rendezvous on Pose-
ner street today. They had a hard
fight lo capture the desperadoes who
savagely resisted with knives and
daggers, bul after a long tussle, ln
which the furniture of the room was
wrecked, tlie police secured and handcuffed them. It is stated that papers
found in the house established the
fact that the three men were constantly communicating with the terrorist
group, lor whom they were acting as
The papers Indicate that their intention was to throw a bomb at the
emperor as he was riding In an automobile between certain points in lhe
Cruisers Despatched to Cuban Waters
to Watch Events.
Washington, Sept. 12.���President
Roosevelt's policy of preparedness for
any emergency in Cuba, so far as the
immediate operation of war vessels ts
concerned, was announced at the
state department today. It Includes
the arrival at Havana tonight of the
protected cruiser Denver and the gunboat Marietta at Cieufuegos tomorrow.
The cruiser Des Moines will remain
at Key West until further orders. In
inuklug public these tacts Acting Sec
rotary or State Bacon said thai there
was no disposition on the part of the
United Slates government to muke a
demonstration lu Cuban waters but
thai the insurrection had attained
suoh proportions it bad been necessary to take Hteps ior the protection of
American interests in Cuba, The de-
pertinent believed that for the present
ibe Denver win be BtiffJoieul ror all
needs along the northern coast of
Cuba and the Marietta ror lhe soutb
Prince Albrecht Is Dying,
llerlln, Sept. 12.���The condition of
Albrecht, prince of Prussia, regent of
the duchy of Brunswick, Is worse to
day and Ihero Is little likelihood or
bis recovery. The prlnco had a stroke
of apoplexy yeBierday. Albrecht Is
lho richest prince In Germany, In addition to Ihe possession of many large
estateu he ls reputed to have Investments totalling $16,0110,000. His for-
tune-fln Germany Is second only to
Hint of Miss Krupp, daughter of tho
late Kunmaker. The regency of llruiiB-
wick, which Is one or the umperor's
appointments, will probably bo given
to Prince Mitel Frederick, tile second
son or his majesty.
Heirs See Millions In Sight.
Reading, Pu��� Sept. 12.���The Spang
heirs, ol whom there are several hundred scattered ovor the country, are
eagerly awaiting news Irom Germany,
where the rainous case ln which they
an) Interested comes up ln court for
trial today. For a number of years
the organisation for Spang heirs, ot
whome more than 200 reside ln this
part of Pennsylvania, has been working to rotcovef the estate and and
fortune left by their progenltof, John
George Spang, and which is estimated
to be worth something like $34,000,-
000. The fortune ls in the possession
of Prince Von Kuyppkausen, against
whom court proceeding have heen begun at the expense of the Heirs' association. According to the attorneys
representing the heirs the estate consists of several caBtles, thousands of
acres of timber land, copper mines and
cash deposited in PariB hanks.
Engineers    Exploring    Right    of Way
From Midway to Vernon.
(Special to The Dally Canadian.)
Greenwood, Sept. 12.���I.. M. Rice,
mining engineer, of Seattle, and S. L.
Tomlinson, mining engineer, of Montreal, left Greenwood Monday morn-
lug for an inspection of the proposed
route of the Midway &. Vernon railway. They went to Beaverdell by
team and ihence they take saddle
horses lo Vernon. They will spend at
least one day looking over the mines
at Beaverdell and Carml. Those who
know the country believe these experts will be able to make a satlsfac-
tory report of the conditions to their
principals and that money will be
forthcoming for the Immediate construction of the road. Much of the
way traversed lies through a good
timber and ranch country. Greenwood people are Intensely interested
in the outcome of the present trip.
Large amounts of Greenwood money
are Invested on the west fork and the
railway will enable rapid development and realisation on investments.
to temporary renewals of the alarm.
Some revolver shots tired from a garret this morning drew a volley trom
the troops below, but no casualties re
suited., About 300 wounded persons
have heen cared for ln the hospitals
or attended by ambulance surgeons.
French   Cabinet   Slews   Off   Trouble
Over Separation Act.
Paris, Sept. 12.���There was an animated discussion in the course ot the
cabinet meting held at Kambouillety
today, relative to the application of
the separation law. The result was
that the ministers decided to enforce
the enactment in Its entirety with resolutions of firmness but at the same
time to pay the greatest degree of respect possible to the conscience of the
No church will be cloBed before December, 1907. The government can
issue a decree of closing only ln cases
where worship has not been exercised
during twelve months preceding the
enactment, or where no worship association has been formed. It was the
general sentiment of the members of
the cabinet lhat a great change in
public feeling would occur before such
action became necessary. They believe opposition will subside, thus obviating the danger of a religious conflict.
Combine In Steel Plants.
Glasgow. Sept. 12.���It is announced
that a combination of Scotch and Eng
lish steel tube manufacturers, to regulate the home and export business,
has been formed with a view to abolishing the present keen competition.
The industry has Buffered incalculably
since the previous agreements between the firms in this line were cancelled 18 months ago. It is understood that the new combine is wider
In Its scope than the old, taking In all
the firms in the United Kingdom except one Clydedale concern. It is
stated that the American producers
are supporting the combine. It ia expected that ao advance in prices will
be soon announced, aB it Is believed
thut the agreement carries, a permanency with 11.
After Many Years.
Moosoniin, Sask., Sept. 12.���An investigation of human bones, found by
Corporal llossange of the It. N. W. M.
P. on August 20 last, south of here,
discloses the fact that they are the remains of .lohn HobertBon, aged 05,
who disappeared on November 19,
1892, from the home of Mr. Evans,
who lived 10 miles souih of Broad*
view. Robertson had gone for the
mulls and became lost. After a care-
riii search ills wife returned to her
former home lit Ontario. He also left
un adopted son. The police nre anxious to hear from his friends or rela
The Dally Crash.
Atlanta, Ga��� Sept. 12.���A telephone
message from Ringgold Bays that five
men were killed on the Weatcrn & Atlantic railway early today hy tho collision of two freight trains.
Siedlce Is Quiet.
Siedlce, Sept. 12.���The town is comparatively quiet today. Peoplo are
beginning to move about on the
streets and tho shops are opening
again, although occasional shots tend
Unusual     Cloudburst     Causes    Great
Damage at Squamiah.
Vancouver, Sept. 12.���Six hourB on
a drifting log In cloudburst-swollen
torrent, was the terrifying experience
of Mall Carrier Madden of the Squain-
Ish valley on Thursday last. Then,
but for the fortunate proximity of
Bome men building a road for the government, he might have gone to his
death. HIb team of horBes were found
struggling to keep their heads asbove
water and were cut loose. They are
now loose in the woods Bomewhere,
and it is feared that exposure and starvation may have caused their death.
The horses were pawing U> get up the
bank, but were held back by the rig,
which was entirely submerged, only
the tip of the whip being visible, lhe
mail bag was fished out after Mr.
Madden had been rescued and a raft
was built on which a fourmile trip was
made. Since the above facta were
learned all communication with Upper
Squamish has been lost. Pour miles
of road Is known to have been washed out Just near where Mr. Madden
and his outfit were washed into the
river by the sudden burst of water.
Hop ranches were flooded, and enterprising dealers who had set up
business intents to supply lhe Indian
hopplckers, lost the bulk of their
Btocks. The water la four feet deep
In some of the settlers' houses.
St. Leger Stakes.
Ixindon Sept. 12.���At Doncaster today the St. Leger stakes of 2500 sov
erelgns for three-year-olds about one
mile six furlongs and 132 yards, was
won by Troutbeck, owned by the duke
of Westminster. J. B. JoII'b Prince
William was second and Peppo, owned by J. A. Rothschild, was third.
There were 12 starters. The hot favorite. Keystone, ridden by Danny
Maher, did not get a place.
Corruption of Officials  Extends Field
of Revolt to Frontiers of the
Russian Empire.
Krasnoyarsk, Western Siberia, Sept.
12.���Conditions here are becoming
unbearable. There is terrible corruption and depravity among those in authority, which makes the people an
easy prey of the agitation. Tho peasantry are an Ignorant lot. easily amenable to good or bad Influences, but all
the advice which they get now is In
tlie direction of lawlessness and crime.
Murders and robbery in the country
and in the cities are daily, almost
hourly, occurring. The streets lu
Krasnoyarsk are unsafe after dark.
Meetings are held daily in the woods
surrounding the city. The principal
agitators arc Jewa, but they are too
clever to be caught. The railroad employees are revolutionary to a man,
but remembering lhe awful expressions of General Meller-Zakomelsky,
who cleared up the Siberlaa strike
last fall with a ruthlessness that is
almost Incredible, they are afraid of
tlie initiative.
In Siberia the agrarian question la
not pressing, as there iB no such land
hunger as exists In RubbIu proper.
The plague of Siberia Is the official
highwaymen, who iu every station,
rrom the lowest to the htgheBt, is a
corrupt and dishonest petty tyrant to
his suliordlnales and the peoplo generally.
The peasants are not against the
emperor and they make a distinction
between the emperor and the government. The forriier tliey consider their
savior, the latter their curse. The dissolution or the douma. through the reports dtmtad Into the peasantry by the
clergy and police, which made it appear that the assembly refiuied to cooperate with the emperor, created little sorrow among the mujlks.
The Deadly Smash.
Chattanooga,    Tenn.,    Sept.    12. ���
Freight   trains Nob.  8  and   13 on  the
Western & Atlantic rutlroud collided
at Itlugold today aud sevou wero
The accident was due to the overlooking of orders by the engineer of
No. 8, who went to his death, as did
tho engineer of No. 111. llolh I Iranian
and one man who wns learning the
road, Conductor Whitehead of N'o. 13,
and a hrakemasn were killed. The engines were demolished.
Valparaiso Still Shocked.
New York. Sept. 12.���A Valparaiso
cable to the liorahl, dated yeaterday,
says: "Another violent earthquake
shock at K: 15 last nlghl caused a tor
rlbla panic. Tho people, rearing another catastrophe, spent the whole
night in parks nsi.l open places. The
quakes conllned al short Intervals but
were less violent,
Popiar Creek Stiver Mine
Will Resume
Manager J. A. Magee Tells oi Arrangements for Construction of
Plant on Property.
J. A. Magee, manager of the Spyglass mine, on Poplar creek .arrived
from Seattle last night to confer with
Bruce White the local representattvt
of the company, on the Immediate re
opening of the mine.
The Spyglass is situated on Poplai
creek, 11 miles above its confluence
with the Lardeau river. Unlike most
of the other Poplar creek mines which
are mainly of free milling gold, the
Spyglass carries only small values ln
gold, but very high values In native
The property was closed down
about two years ago on account of financial difficulties of the company.
Since then Mr. White has visited
the property frequently and has lately
had Borne more development work
done. A coupie of weeks ago he
brought down a sample flecked all
over with Bllver.
All financial difficulties are now re
moved and Mr. Magee is here to arrange for the resumption of work and
its continuance through the winter.
The lower tunnel ls already tn 300
feet and in good ore.
Mr. Magee stated this morning to a
representative of The Canadian that
as soon aB a little more work Is done
a mill will be erected on the property.
General Rennenkampff's   Chief    Lieu
tenant le Promoted.
St. Petersburg, Sept. 12.���General
Sakomelsky, who subdued the mutiny
at Sevatapol, and later waa General
Rennenkampff's chief lieutenant ln
crushing the Insurgents who controlled the Trans-Siberian lines for months
last winter, has been appointed commander of the Fifth army corps, the
headquarters of which are at-Warsaw.
The general, who stands high ln the
confidence of the emperor, on account
of the energetic showing made by him,
has been selected as the best officer
tn the army to grapple with the task
of making life ln Warsaw safe. He
will be named governor general ot
Warsaw If he Succeeds.
It Is a matter of current gossip that
Governor General Skallon's mind has
been alfected by the butcheries ln
Warsaw and the constant threats
against his own life. Despatches report 12 condemnations to death on account of attacks on policemen, and for
highway robberies, eight In Waltau
and two In Itlgnu.
Por Murder of His Family.
San Francisco, Cal., Sept. 12.���Unless Governor Pardee Ib moved to Interfere by the strong pleas for clemency, Adolph Weber will suffer the
death penalty at Folson today for one
of the most sensational crimes that
has ever stirred California. In the
sprint of 1904 Weber killed bis
mother, father, sister and brotlior. IJe
shot them at night at their home at
Auburn and then set fire to the house
to destroy the evidence of his crime.
At the time he was Just 20 years ot
age. Hla motive seems to havo been
the annihilation of his family that he
mlghl receive their estate. Subsequently he did receive tlie ontirc estate,
which was valued at about $00,000.
Weber was also charged with the
robbery of tho Placer County bank.
Gold stolen from that Institution wus
found burled on the Weber farm.
Gehenna 37 Year* Old.
New York, Sfcpt. 12.���A despatch to
a nioniiug paper from Pottavllle, Pa.,
says: "The fire In tho Anchor colliery
or the Reading company, which started 37 years ago, Ib still burning as
fiercely as ever. When the fire sot
beyond control of the firefighters the
mlno was clo.ed and filled with v.ator.
11 has been filled since that time. Re
cently It waB desired to pump out Ihe
water In the hope that the fire had
heen extinguished, but yesterday,
when much of tho water had ben taken out It was found that it waa still
!<      1
fl The Daily Canadian
Cool nights are now iu order.     They will iuvite
pleasant dreams of
We have plenty of them in red and blue.
3 1-2 Points, weighing about 10 pounds, $7.50 per pair
4 Points, weighing about 12 pounds,   -   8.50 per pair
These blankets are Justly celebrated for their excellence, We alone carry
them in ibis ciiy.
LUMBERMEN.���Pillows. Cosnfo.'te rs. Gloves and Mils, Socks. Shirts and
Underclothing. Oil Clothing. Sweaters, Miners' and prosoectors' Boots
and Shoes and Rubbers.. Groceries and Provisions.. Everything of the
Best  quality and  prices surprisingly Low.
PoblUbod fix ilajn <s wees i.y Uie
Baker BL, Nelson, B. C.
Hibsssriptlon ratasF. 60 cenll a month delivered
In Ihe ally, ssr (-.00 a year If sent by mall, when
isaisi in advance.
Aslva-rtlslne: rales on application.
All monies pal-l In .ettlement ssl rhe Daily
Canadian accounts, either (���" lUbKrtptloni or
asivcrti'ini:, issss-i bo receipted lor on thi printed
tornu ol tin- Company, other receipts an- nol
SEPTEMBER 12. 1906.
���' By one wofsl we are ssouieliinen Judged lo be
wife ansl tty one wssr: M.metiiua-s jisslisi-al tss he
foolish. 1*1 us ihereiore he asari-fssl wiihi we
lay."���Comtsis ta. 	
The approaching visit of the Rev.
Dr. .Moore, secretary and lecturer of
the Canadian Association ior the Prevention ol Consumption and Other Tubercular Affections, makes timely a
reference to the efforts and progress
tlial have been made lo slay lhe dread
disease. It must noi be supposed that
the public meeting to be held in the
opera house on Friday night Will be
devoid of interest or that the address
of Ur. Moore will be too technical to
be both attractive and instructive.
That the disease commonly known as
consumption and generally denominated the white plague, is one which carries off one iu seven of the population,
even IhNthe oountrles which have made
the most advance In therapeutic sci
ence. lo say nothing of lis ravages in
oountrles where tho hssssiI offices ssi
the trained and qualified physicians
are unknown, is sufficient in Itself to
give any discussion of the subject
wide Interest.
In iss'j Koch discovered the tubercle bacilli. Isolated the bacteria
ami began a si-rii-s of experiments
along lho well known lines or theories
of Inoculation in lhe hope thai Immunity from the dlBoase [nighl be made
iiosslhlsi by ib" Inoculation method.
He was not alone in bis Investigations
but In many laboratories ill America
and Europe the advance guard of -cl-
entlfic Investigators vied with inch
other in their desire aud attempts to
find a lymph which, being injected into the human blood, would prevent
the contraction of the dread ill-ease
as well as act as a palliative, if not a
cure, in eases where il bad already
made some progreaa,
So far, these efforts Boem only to
ban- reached a degree of success
which assures us thai the lower animals such as cattle, can be rendered
Immune, enaurlng the purity ot our
milk supply, and while ii would seem
thai such being possible with the lower orders ssf animal lir�����. the same
thing may be possible for human beings, there Is us yet uo known or
guaranteed specific for Ihe disease
Disappoint, d with lho apparent fall-
urea of these scientists In their attempts to flnil tli*- cure for the disease
among human beings, others turned
their attention to tbs* task of discovering bow to ameliorate t li.��� conditions
oT those who suffer fnnn ll and tho
advances thnt have been made in
methods or treatment have been suoh
as to materially ameliorate the condl-
lions of the sufferers nnd, where tbe
disease hud not made too much progreaa,  to effect  a complete cure.
It is in the prosecution of these latter BtUdles that the most radical slis
coverles have lieen made, and we
opine thai it is of theae thai Dr,
Moore will speak or on Friday even
ing. The formation in Canada o[ an
antliuberciilisals league, tbe erecilsni
ol Hanatoiliiins here anil, there at different points of   vantage    throughout
ihe Dominion, has been one of the
most pbilanthipplcally organized undertakings tbat ws- can recall. The
further announcement that Dr. Moore's
visit is in view of ibe proposed establishment of a sanatorium in British
Columbia, and the announcement that,
on certain conditions his honor the
lieutenant-governor will contribute the
sum of $10,000 towanl the erection
ami maintenance of the same, makes
the prospective lecture on Friday one
of public interest.
The Canadian hopes to see a large
represi niatoin of all classes at the
approaching meeting, nol only because
of the personal information that will
be gained, hut in order that the whole
of the populace may be aroused and
Interested in the great fight which advancing science is making against llie
iniii.iils nl diss-ass- ansl iis ravages iu
the human form divine.
Notwithstanding tbe energetic efforts that are being put forth to entertain the members of the Spokane
chamber of commerce this week, the
directors of the Agricultural and Industrial exhibition are not overlooking any detail lhat will require attention to make the fair a complete success. Nol only is the experience ol
past years proving a valuable monitor
in carrying out the plans, hut there
are certain other incidental occur-
rences which lead io the conclusion
ibai this year's exhibit will be-bigger
a.nl better ihan ever. We refer par-
lieuiarly tn tbe phenomenal development thai has taken place in the mineral resources nf the dl-tricl during
iin' past year. Many mineral properties which a year ago were a source
��� if worry and anxiety iss their owners
ssiisl operators have, tlinsugh ibe dis-
fisvs'i'y of unsuspected veins nr improved methods of refining, been
tunii'sl imn paying propoaltlona, while
iin- discovery nf new claims anil ibe
opening nt new prospects has placed
ib.' dlstricl rar in advance ssr the anticipation of a year ago.
More than tide, the splendid exhibit,
particularly in ores and minerals laBt
year was in itself an Inspiration to
prospectors and exhibitors ami the
success at lhat time served lo act as
..n  Incentive I any  who had maul-
i isted bills' Interesi up tss tbat period,
I" iilan a year ahead for the forthcoming display,
Kiln further, ibe extended advertising which ilm dlstricl Burroundlng
Nelson lias received dining the past
year, both as a center of fruit growing Industry nml as a mining center,
is gether with ilu-   resultant    Intereal
iii.-b i- being taken in tlm tall lair
iss outside parties lias, so to spolll;
:mt the directors upon their mettle
and the results are sure to be gratify
Ing in ib.' extreme, 'iiu- addition et
.; kennel oxhlbll in ilu- besl possible
onse ssf thai term, has already attracted attention as far away as the
ooasl and south as far as Spokane,
while east as far as Winnipeg the
���yes of ib.. prairies are upon us.
Tn have attracted such widespread
attention is something to be proud of
anil it only remains uow to fill up the
measure of ihe expectations of ibe
visitors, who will no doubt come Willi
Hn' critical eye, which is always the
appreciative eye. Nelson's citizens
may confidently look forward to unequalled succc-s this year, with the
i BUltanl fume tbal nl(. center of tin.
Knssieiiays deserves.
The visit of Rev. J, O. Shearer, general seci*taiy .of llie ford's Day Alli
ance, which Is fixed for tomorrow
evening, will be anticipated with no
little degree of interest In Nelson by
those who, before tbs' passage of the
Snnday Observance act, took a hearty
inn-rest in the work of the alliance.
The present visit of Mr. Shearer will
doubtless he to explain whal has been
gains d by the passage *of the act and
to organize inlo an aggressive force
those who wish to preserve, ln tbe
best sense, the sanctity of the Lord's
Whatever criticism has been passed
upon the act by those to whom it came
as more or less of a disappointment,
it is well now i��j remember that It ls
already a legislative enactment and
will come into force on the first day
of March In the year 11)07. No good
purpose can be served by further calling attention i" the anomalies of the
aot. It behoves those who are in sympathy with its prlnolplea, and they are
a vast majority of the Canadian electorate, to settle down to a steady
esuirss' ssf educational development or
the moral and social sanction of the
|ss-s']sli> so that the act may he generally observed. Only in so far as the
moral sentiment of the people is behind the act can it become a living
Is iter, antl while there are those who
will doubtless defy ii at every opportunity ther will be a much larger element ln society who will endeavor to
adjust their actions to the requirements of the spirit of tbi- act if not
always to 111��- letter.
The L. I>- A. has never been very
sirong iu Nelson lint is hoped by all
lovers of a quiet Sabbath that the objects aimed at by tbe new legislation
will be more widely attained, and that
Hritish Columbia may become in its
practice a model province in the federal union.
.Morning paper again suddenly suspicious that building court house here
and Vancouver means approaching
elections, .lust be decidedly uncomfortable to be so intensely suspicious.
Arouses, among unsuspecting people,
other suspicions. For instance, seems
to suggest that there is not a Liberal
editor from Halifax to Vancouver who
does not look upon prosecution of all
public works as a bribe to tlie electorate. Liberal papers so accustomed
to having these tilings done to bribe
the electorate that they cannot conceive even necessary Improvements to
be anything other than bribes. Morning paper forgets that a local judge
recently fined the government the
costs iu an assault case because the
government hadn't provided proper accommodations for the king's business.
Voila tout.
The Morning Albertau of Calgary, in
discussing tlie manners and general
stereotyped character of public receptions to the governor general, says'.
"The city of Nelson broke away from
a colorless method ssf reception and
combined with iheir greeting to tlie
governor general a pleasant journey
sm a lairge pleasure steamer, an address before the school cbildren, a
drive through Uu- nearby fruit farina
and siinii- sort sir lbe ordinary struggle, or public reception, in the evening."
Tin. Albertan might have added that
s-iini' or Nelson's citizens 'lid sume
other things quite out or tin- ordinary
on that occasion.   Not nt SBarily Tor
publication hut as a guarantee of good
No! Tlieri' was nn frost this morning, .lust the usual amount of early
The Polar Trust.
Brussels, Sept. 12.���At llle session
of the polar congress here today, Dr.
.lean Charcot announced that he was
organizing an expedition to the south
lush', anil Charles Henard, president or
ilie Belgian Oceanographlo society,
stated ilint thai Boclety was organizing an expedition In the nortb pole.
The two expeditions win operate in
Certificate of fmprovements
QtgsallO, i.laist,   First I bsini'i', I'liaha'alK, ninl
Twenty Mils- Frli"ll"is mini-nil s-lalms. sltn-
aie in ih" Nelion .Milium Plrliion of Wut
Kootenay diitrloi
Whs-re located; ins liuodea mountain, between
Wild ' "i-i and -earOreo.i.
Take hoUce thai I. .i.itsss -toLatohle, ,,t the city
ssf Nelson, ns una: atageot (sis Joseph Btorgeon,
Free Mins-r's Certificate No. B_in, Intend, lixty
ilays from slss- date hereof, to apply to the Mining
Reoorder fssr Certl-calea of improvi-ms-iiiis, for
tin pnrpoas s>f obtaining Grown -rantsof the
above olalini
Ano further take mili.-*- iimt action,undor iec-
lioii sit. must bo commenced boron) tin- Inuance
nf such iviiiiinati ol Improvements.
Dated ibis (lit day ol July, a. ii. mor,.
IssllN Ms I.ATllllII.
tinier mi'l by virtue oi the power. oontaln_d
in ii ' i-rlaln iii'irtitHi,'!'. svlil'-h will Im- pro.lin-e.l ssl
ihe tin I Hi" sale, there will he offered lor nale
by public niisiioii hy isti-iiHi'i 'I Erani at tin-
Court Home, in tin- Oltyol Bosnian., B. Con
M lay, tin- 'Ills slay of September, A  II , llWsi.
at the hours)! nsson. the equity of redemption in
Usui desirable tract ol issna on the Lower Arrow
lain-, known as iii-nr Park, ami eoDlllUng ssl 11.117
iii-re., sssssrc or less, suet  Ills- nsssjsir  pa-loi the
Kor further IMrlli'iilarn and  ts-riiu anil nil-
lions of sale niuilv to
,,    ,   ,,. Mortgagee- Solicitor,
Hank sii Montreal-bsmberi, Koijlao., n.i'.
Dale') al HoNHlaiul,7l!i Sept., ltwti.
German Methodist Conference.
Columbus. Wis. Sept., 12��� The annual conference of tin' Chicago district of the German Methodist church
assembled hers' today, to remain in
session one week. Bishop McCabe is
presiding. Several hundred ministers
and lay delegales lire In attendance
fnnn   Indiana,   Illinois  and   Wisconsin.
Notice li hereby given ttiui BQ -.lavs after dnie I
intend toapply tn tin* Bonomblfl tlte Chief (om-
niliMoner of Lmids Hnd Wnrks to purchase the
following deserlbed lands,....'! m ret., more orU*f-s;
comiiu'tK'ing at a post planted on the weat bank
of I'pper Arrow [tike at a pulnt about " miles below Nakusp,and marked u. A. B H��� N E, comer
post; thenee *' ehain*. west; tbenee 40 chains
lOUth; thenee ni ehalns east, more or less to lako
shnr.*; thenee aloii-* lake flmre to point of be-
Dated thls5t!idnvof8ePt ,1908,   O. A.B Hah.
fr) days afterdate I Intend to applv tn the Holt-
ond.;.- the Chlel Commluloner of Lftndi ud
Workt, Victoria, B. C , to purcha^ 640 tOXtt ol
land situate nest of Atnov lake on the weal ilde
of w bull-linn creek and j<��i iif nn the nortb bound'
ary of s. .1. Annable application to purcbau,
roimiiemfiiR at a posl marked K .1. K. .-t. B. fir
tier and ruiifiliiir WM' B0chains) I'-tine imrth 80
ehnins;  thence eaat mi i-tiHliibi  theme south  lo
point of commencement
September 9tnd ilJut>. K. J. k.i.i.iot,
Nutlet* is ne-ebv Kivun that 80 dan after date I
Intend   to  apph tothe Hoimruli* 1 blef Commli-
rdoner of Landsand Worki for permission lopur-
cbau ti.e following deeerlbed landi.iltuate in
tin- West  Kootenav distriet; starliii). from a post
planted ar the N. H cornerolF. w. Boblnion'a
Application to purchase, tbence 40 ehalns eaat,
BO ohaini aonth, k* ohalns west, ao chains north,
40 chains we.-t,20ehalni north,30ohaini east, to
ehain*-; nortb to point of commencement,containing 100 aeres.
Dated 18th day of August, 1008
I). ('. K. ROBQffOX,
per Kknest w, Robinsoh, Agent.
Notloe ll hereby given that sixty duys niter
date  I   Intend   to applv   to  the  Honorable  Hie
Chief Commlaaioner of Landi and Works inr per-
inis.lon   to   purehase   tin-   following   described
land on the wesi ihore of upper Armw Lake and
Joining J. II. Keetny's pre-emption: Running
west to chains; tbenee north Bu chalna. thence
east lochiiins. to tboiborc of iio* bike; thenoe
south following lhe lake -lion- (,. point  ol  -
meneement, containing 8vW icrea no.re or lesi,
Iiitlcd August 10, 1908.
II. !���'. M li mm
.!   .1   KELLY, AgenL
Sot lee in hereby given that sixty days after
date I intend to apph to ihe Honorable the
Chlel Commluloner of Lands mel Work- [or per
mission to purchase the following den rlbed
land on the west side of Lower Arrow Lake and
lolning tne sonth line of tio Indian Reservation:
Kiiiiuintf west il) ehain-; thence south mi chalm;
thenee east JOchains, to the -diore of the lake;
thenee north following tbe lake .-nor-.'to the
jHiint of commencement, containing 180 icrei
more nr less.
Hated August ��. 1906. W. B. MiCLKU)
J, .1   K.1.I.V, Agent.
Notice is hereby given th��t i intend, 60 days
after date to apply to the HunorabU the CMef
Commissioner of ��� indiaud Works for permlulon
to purchase tbe follow ink descrlbea lands in
Wesl Kooteiiuy district, about Ove miles south
,d Btirion city J commencing at a posi planted on
the east bank of tract t . R., and murked ���'*. 11.
Hamilton'-- S W.C. post," un.i riinniio; norlh *>
chains,   thenee easl  wi Chains,   Ihence south W>
ohalm, thence we-i ni chains to place ol beginning, containing *V4o acrei of land, more or less.
Hated ihlfl '-"Jild day of August, 1008.
W   If   Hamilton.
Notice is hereby given thai '���"days afterdate I
intend to apply to the H ral-lc Chief Commissioner df  i-arnlfl  and   Work-   for  jaTiutsslon   to
purehaae the following deacrlbed land,-, situate
in West Vooteiiiiy district:  Commencing al a
poit marked "B. Conkey'l N W. corner post." sit-
uat* near the N h corner oi Und applied for bv
It.It., theuee south 40 chains, more or less; theliee
i-ast so ehains; thence north 40 ohaini, more or
less; theuee west SUthain-to point of commence-
Halmo, August 11. l!s��.
B Conkky,
T. H. ATKINSON, Agent.
Notiee ls herbv giv--n that ��Vi dayi-after tlute 1
in ten.1. toapply lo lhe Honorable the Chief Commissioner of 1-ands and Work,, fur permission to
purchase the following described lands sliuaie iu
West Kootenay district: Commencing ata poit
marked 'K. Ross's N. W corner posi." ���itiuite
near the N. K. rorner of land applied for by A.
McLean, thenee south -Hi chalus, more or less;
th-nce east Wi chHins; thenco north io chains,
more or less; tlience west 80 chains to point Ol
Salmo, August 11, PJOrt ft. Ron,
T. If. AntlfflOH, Ap-nt.
Notice is hereby given that slxly .lavs after
date I inteml to apply to the Honorable Ihe
Chief   Commiasioner of   1-unds  and   Works   lor
permluton to purchase the foiiowim. described
lands situate in wot Kootenay district: Commenolng ata post marked ' A. M, l-eitn's ^ W.
turner pott,"_utuate near Ho* N.K. corner ol land
applied bu by A. McLftUghlan, thence sontb to
ehalns,   more   or   less;    tlu-nce   easl   80 chnin-:
thenee nortb 40 chains, more or len; Ihence wesl
80 chains to point of commencement
Balmo, August II, 1000 a. McLbak,
T. 11. Atkinson, Ageni
Notice is herebv given that no dayi alter date i
intend i ake 'ippucaiioti to the Honorable lbe
ChiefCommlMioui rol Undsand Works forper-
mlaaon lo pun hose tbe following described lands,
situai.- in Wesl Koolenay district! Com round ng
at a post marked -A. McUutrlilln's N. W eorner
post," situate near the N K. corner of land ap
piled for I.y I', Mi Arthur, thenc-south40Chains,
m..rc or less; thenco cast BO Chains; thonco norlh
40 chains, more or   less;  theuce went 80 chain- to
point oi oommencement.
Salmo, AngUBl II, I'.Wfi. A. Mc I..\i i;ni.\N,
T. If. Atkinson, Agont,
Notice li hereby given that wi dayi after date
I intend to apply Eo the Chlel Commissioner of
Lamls  aiol   Worki  for  permission   to  purchase
the following descrlbea lands, situate in Weit
Kooteuay dlstricl: Commencing at a post marked .1. McArrlmr's N. W.corner post," Iltuate near
the N. K corner of lmid applied for by a Turner,
tbence souih 40 chains   more or b**-s; Iheiie-casl
80chaini; thence north 4n chains, mora ..r leas;
thenoe west Mjfin.i-_-.Hto point of commencement.
Halmo, August 11, PJNKi.
J. McABTHua,
T. II   Atkinson, Agent.
Notice is hereby given tliHt oo dayi after date
I intend, lo appl] to the Honorable lhe (.hlel
commissioner ol Lands mid Works forpermls-
Mmi to i urehaM' ibe followiiiK described lands,
sltnate In ihe Weti Koolenay district: Common-'
dug at u poat marked "A. lufner'i N. w. eorner
poet," situated al lhe N. K, eorm*- o| land applied b.r by k Utcwarl, Ibenee wroUi lo chains,
more or less; tbence easl Ho chain*; ibenee north
40 chain', moreor lew] thence west 80 chaloi iu
poim ol commencement.
Balmo, it c , Augu��j n lonn. a. Ti knkh,
i\ II  Atkinson, Agent.
Noiiee in h< ret .\ kivcii that80 days after date I
intend to appl) io the Uonorahle ihe i 1,1,1 < om
mlssloner of Lund- md   Works for permlnion in
purobase the following deicrlbed land in Wut
Kootenay District about seven miles aonth oi
Morion city:   C mviif Ing nt a post planted on
the east bank of Trout creek and marked -Mr".
W   II.  Hamilton - H.  ft, 0,   I'osl and   running
north 80 ehains; thonoe east hi chains; ihence
south 80 cbaina; thence weit80 cba'na to place
of beginning, containing 840 acres, more or  less.
Haled this Wnt] -Jay of August, HBO,
Musi. Vv. II. Hamilton
ff, H. Hamilton, Agent.
None I* horebyglven that S) dan after date 1
Intend to apply ta tha Hon. the Chief Commli-
Iloner of Land- and Works for permission to
purchaie the Mbovtiig described lands In U���.
West Kootenay dfitrloti Beginning at a post
murked It. DelVl B, K. corner, ahoul two miles
easl   of  lbe Salmon river, and half a mile fr	
the I'end d'Oreille river, Ihence HO chains north,
to chains west, ao chains south and .0 chains cast
to nlaeeof beginning,
PHt.-d_.Tlh day or July, 1000. It- B, 0KLL.
BUty days alter date I lutcn-l to applv lo the
Commissioner of Lm.ls ami Works, Victoria, to
purchase ISOaorci ol luild, Minute and described
ms follows: Commencing ata post planted on the
west side of Arrow lako Opposite Cariboo I'Hv, ui
or near lbe southwest corner of K. Huh; 'purchase, and marked "0. M. A , B. K. cornor?' and
rnnning nortii 40 chains, thonco weit 40 obalm
to il. Amiable n ptirchail. theuce souih 10 chains
moreor less to the lake shore, thence along the
lake shorn to place of heicHmlng*
Auguit25th, I0U6. Q. M. Annahlk.
No!ice lihereby glT_ thatfiOdaysaiienlatel
intend to apply i" the Hon chief Commluloner
of Lands and Works for permlulon to purchase
ihe following deacrlbM lands. Mtiiatcd in ine
Kootenay district: Commencing at a post marked **HK\\ B, I    corner." planted on  the-bore OI
Lowei Arrow lake, ubout one mile iouth 01
Gordon creek (Johnston creek,) thence north so
chain- tbence ��*-t *o chaini, thence aouth so
chain-, tbence eaat N chalna 10 point of commencement, containing 180 acres more cr less,
ind comprising abandoned pre empiiou No. t>.o.
���   -ugust, 1��V.
A   N   WoI.VKKH.N, AKfUt.	
Notice ia herebv given that ilxty   days after
date I Intend to appiv to tbe Honorable the
Chief Commissioner ol Unds and Works for
permission to purchase the following described lauds situate In the West Koolenay
district, starting from a post planted on the
north   bank of the North Kork of   Hog  creek'
thence 20 ehalni wait, mo chains north, BD ohaini
west, 40 chains north, JO chains west, -tl chains
north, 20 chains west, 20 chains north, 80 chalm
east. *J0 chains south. 'i0 chains east. 40 chalm
south, 80chalm cast, 40cbilnisouth to point of
oommeneement! containing wo seres.
Dated 18th dav of August, I90fi.
KBXtR W  UohinsoS
Notice Ii bi rebj given tbat00 dayi from date I
Inteiill lo applv to the Honorable the Chief I om-
mlaaioner of Lauds aid Worka for permlnion
to purcbue ilu followlni described lauds situate in West Kootonaj  Distriet!   Commencing
al   a  posl   marked   " E,  Btcwart's  N   W.  corner
post,1'situated near the Junction of l-'si creek
and Mo itb  fork  of Ball , thi nci   ���    tl    10
chains, more nr  leai; thence eail  80 chalna]
thenc ��� north 40 ehalna, more or leas;  thenoe
west ni chains to point of oonunencomi ut
Balmo, August 11th, 19o0.
T, II. Atkinson, Agent.
Notloe 1- bereb) given tbat sixty daya after
daie 1 [ntend io applv to the Hon. Chief Commissioner of Landi and Work- for permission lo
purchase tbofollowingdescrlbcd landi actuate ln
West Kootenay district, adjoining the interna
tional boundary line, abom four miles eaat of
the Columbia river, cotnmenclua at aj-ost marked "l. M. Fs B, w. corner, situate on the international ttonndarv lineal the mmi theaat corner of J. H. c, Kniser'nlaud; tbenee east MO chains.
thenre north Til ehalns, thence westSO chain*,
ihence lOnthsoO ediatns to tbe place Ol commence-
uicnt, containing480 acres more or less.
Hated 25th June, KOfl. I.aiha M. Kraskb,
F.J O'Keilly,Agent.
Kotlce is herebv given that lixty clays from
date 1 Inteud to apply to tbe Hon. Chief Com*
miaaionerol Landi and Worka for permission
to purchase the rollowlng descrlbea landi situate in Wesi Koolenay District, between the
I'end    d'Oreille   river   and    the   international
boundary line, about three milea from ihe Co)
umbla river. Commencing at a poal marked
.i.s. c. P'a 8. W. corner situate on the International Ixiuudarv hue. al-out naif a mile east of
the east boundary oi the N. i F. 8. By. lands:
theuce  north  40 .bain-,  ilieiu.  east 8d chain-,
thence iouth40chains, thence wosl B0 chains, to
the placoof commencement, containing hm acres,
more or less.
Dated 24th June LOOO, J. 8,0. Fraskk,
F. J, O'Reilly, Agent
Notice ia herebj given that ilxty dayi from date
Itntendtoauph tothe Hon. Chief Commluloner
of l-ands and Worki lor permission 10 purchase
the following deserlbed lands iltuate in W'e-t
Kootenav District, adjoining the international
houndarv line, ab.Mii live mtb-H east of the Colombia river; commenolng at a poal marked K
i.s 8. w oorner, on the International boundary
line ai Laura M i raser'iioutbeasl corner, thenee
north BQ chains, thence east -in chains, llienee
south so chains,  ihence wot   lu chains to tbe
place oi commencement! containing BSD aerea
more or less.
Dated tfth June, 11x16. IUi.ru QtUJttn*.
Noiiee la hereby given that sixty dan alter
date I Intend to npplv tothe Hon, Chief Commissioner of Land- and Works for permission to
purobase tbi   following deeerlbed   lauds   in
the West  Koolenay district, south of the I'end
d'Oreille river; Commenolng at a poat marked
C. B'l 8. K. eoruer, situated   Ott the   trail   mar
Bear oreek about a mile irom the international
boundarv line, ihence wesi u chains, thence
north ko chain- moreor less to the ivnd d'Oreille
river- tbence Following the souih bank of the
I'end d'nreille river southeast NU chains, more
or less; thence sontb 30 chains, more or less to
the phi.-c oi commencementi containing .wo
acre-, more or less.
Dated 8th Julv. laoo. chaki.k** Bibil,
Y. 3. O'Klully. Agent.
Non.-,- ;- hereby given that rtxtf dayi after
date I intend toapply lothe Hon. Chief Commls*
sioner of Landi and Works (or permission to
purchaie the following described lauds, in
the West Kootenav nistrict, east of and ad-
Joining .lames N. .Mackenzie's land; Commenolng at a post marked A.H'sH. E. corner, on the
south   bank   of   the   Pend  d'Oreille  river, Just
above the mouth of the Salmon river, thenee
west 80 chains, tbence north 60 chains more ur
len to the Pend d'Oreille river, thence following
the souih bank of the said river in a southeasterly direction n* tlie place of oommeneement,
containing 360 acres, more or less.
Haled Ith July l'jsl ARTHt'K S< HNKM1I.K.
Noii,c is hereby given that sixty days afterdate
1 in lend to apply to the Hon. Chief Commissioner
of Landl and Works for permission to purchase
the following described lauds in West Kootonay
District south of the I'end d'nreille rher. Com
-DCncInn at  1 poll marked K. T. MV N   F corn, r
on the south bank oi the Pend d'Oreille river,
about a mil.-and a half east of the month ol Fish
creek ihcnce south mi chains, thence weal hu
chains, thence north 40 cbalni mon* or [aa lo
the Pend dO'relllo river, thence iAllou,nK the
south bank of ihe said river In a northeaster!]
direct!..11 lo the place ol commencement, eon
tain Ins Nl acres, more or less
Dated-tod July 1008,        Ki.u T. MAciBMtii,
Notiee is herebv giy.-n (hat to ,|Hv sailer date I
Intend to applv tothe Hon. chief 1 om mlssloner
oi Lau.i�� and Work- (or permlnion t>> purchase
tho tollowfng deaeribed land", situate in West
K 101;  Dlitrlel south id the Pend d'Orelllo
river; roiiiiueiici ng al a posi marked A M M's. N
W, corner Situate al the -outh bank '���[ the Pen.I
d'oreiiie rlvei al Kiln T, UaoKotislo'i uorih easi
eormr (toil. tllOUCO south SO ehulns, lbence east
mi chains, tnence north so chains more or less to
th" Pend d'oreiiie river, thence wosl 80chnlni
following the bank ol tba laid river to the place
oi commencement, containing 810 aorei, more.
or ton,
Dated 2nd July 1906. A   11 Mai kkmik.
Kotlce li here nv given thai sixtv days afterdate
I intend to appiv tothe lion chlel < ommlislon-
er of Landsand Works lor permlnion to pur-
chaae the loiiowing deaorlbed lands situate in
w.-t Kootonay nistrict, soutli of tbe Peud
d'Oreille rher, commenolng it a posl marked
M. H's N. !���:. comer, situate OU the south bank
oi the pen,] d'Oreille river at .la s N Mackenzie'-, wuth west corner, tlience iouth inn chains,
thence west to ebalna, thence north To ohalni,
more or ton to Um* pend p'urclllc river; Ihenee
following ihe -outh bank of the said river In an
easterly ami nortbeaitorlydirection to the piHcv
i.i eommeneement, oontainlng MO acres, more or
Dato-3rd July, nxxi.      Maboaxh Uabcodrt,
ArthurHchnelder, Agent,
Notice is hereby given that-I.m\ daya after dnle
I Intent" to appl* lo theHon, Chief c mlnlonot
>.f Lands and Work- lor |.crml-��iou i��> purchase
the      lolloping     .|i scribed     land-     in     West
Kootenay Dlitrlot, south of the Pend d'Oreille
river, oommenelng m a posi marked J \ m*���
.-. w. comer, iltuated on the umb bank oi ibe
I'end d'creiiiy rher, op poi ite th. mouth oj 15
Mile Creek; thence eail n chaini, thenee north
lucbaiiis moreor less loth" Pend ili.r. ill,. r|v,.r
thenoe following tbe south bankoj iheiald river
in a weiterly ami louthweilerli direction to the
plaoe oi oommencement, containing no acres
more or Ion,
Dated 3rd July, 1900.      Jaku n. Uackkkxh
\rllnii Schneider. Agent
Notice   Is   hereby   |(lven that tWO monihs after
dale 1 inlcnd lo apply 10 the Honorable the 1 blel
Commissioner ol Lands and Works for a Lease nf
all thai hmd being the foreshore ad|
.; and   I  of   lol  BOB,
IQp one (|)
Kootenay. aud being on the south shore ol th.
West Ann of Koolenay lake. In the district ol
commencing at 11 post marked "A. EC Walts'
southeast  comer  p��sl";   thence 00 chains Waal
thonoe 30 ohalni nonh; tbenco 80 chaini���!
thonoe a 1 chains south loihe place of 0 mon cement; the said laml and lorcshote io be (,_��� u*c,|
for sawmill purposes.
Haled this '.1st day of August, IO06
A. K. Watts,
Notice is hereby given that nndiivs after dal�� I
Intend to apply tJ [1 ������ i.-c   ef ���   ,
mlssloner rjf Lands nnd  Works ,���   ,,. 58 I ,   ' ,
br ��. McArthur lho. .,��� , ,., , ''       .'��'
SS;;.'::;;,;:,,!:,:,;.::!"'" ����� s
Halmct, 1LC, August Uth, 1906.
'I* 11   ,        *" McAhtiiuk
l-II- Atkinson, Ageut,
Notice is hereby given that 80 davs after date 1
intend toapply to lbe Hon. thei hief Commls-
sloner of Lauds and Works for permlnion lo purchase lhe lollowlng described lands iu West
Kootonay district, province of Hritish Columbia;
Commenolng at a post marked "William Tolling-
ton's northwest corner post," said post being
planted at ibe southwest oorner of the "Queen
Mineral Claim," and adjoining the cast lino of
Mi-I'hail's pre emption, lhetice south twenty (at)
chaius   along   said   Inn-,   thonce  east forty (40)
ehalns,thence norih twenty t90) chains, thenoe
Well lorty (40) chains more or less, to the place of
Hated Isl-lay of August, 1008,
W'iu.iam Tou.iNfiTON,
Hy his agent J. K. Taylor.
Notice Is hereby given that slxtv days after
ilale 1 intend to applv to tlie Hon. t'hiel Commit-*
���loner ol Lands and Works fur nerniUslou to purchase the following descrlbeil lauds situate In
Went Kootenaj* disiriei; Commencing at a posi
marked J. H. \ initOOO'l S-E. comer post, slluate
In the Salmon River Valley, at a point adjoining
J Ueeohar'l land al western boundary, theuco
west ft) chains, thence north .0 ehalns, thence
east fo chains, thence aouth IU chains 10 point of
Julv Hth, 1808. J. H. VansT!*!,
T. II   Atkinson, Ag.nt
BlXty davs after dale 1 intend lo applv to lhe
Hon.  Chief Commluloner Ol   Lands and Works,
Victoria, to purchase 4o a-res of land: Commenolng at a post planted at ti.e City of Nelson's
power plant lot h. k corner poet, on Kootonay
river. Ihenee 20 chains -outh, tbence wet\ 'M
chains,  ihen.-e north  Jo chains, thence east JO
cbalni t,> polnl ol commencement.
N.lson. II c , Aug ii, 1908. K. J. CtOUUlf.
.Nonce is gneu ibai 80 dayi altar date 1 Intend
toapply to the He rable the Chill Commissioner id  Laudn and   Works  for  permission   to
purebaae the following deaorlbed lands in the
West Kooienav HiMrict: Commenolng al a poel
marked C. C. I'oynt- Land H. K Corner placed
mar the I'end d'Oreille river at Houndar'. creek
east side of Salmon rner. thence east HO 'chains
along the International Boundary Line, thence
n-nh 80 ehalna, thence west mi ohalni, tbenee
south -Ul chains t<> place oi commencement.
bated the -Wih cd July laoe,      c, c. porvn,
 By AM.HKW APIS, Agent.
Notice is herebv given that tWO months alter
ib |������ I intend lo appl*. tn ihu Honorable the
Ch' f Commluloner ol Lands and Works for
permission to purchase the following described
lands situate on the \u-t arm of Kootenav Lake
iu the Dlitrlot ol West Kootenay:  Commencing
at a posl marked ������William Luefbvs S U . post ;'*
Ihence .vest twelilv [30] chains; theme south
twenty tJUJ chain-; theuce cast tweut*, (80)
chains; theuce north twenty (Jul chains to the
point of commencement, containing forty (iti)
acres, more or less.
Haled July 7, lSuR. I. U. Nm-oN.
Notice is hereby ghcii lhat 60 davs after dale, |
intend to appiv to ihe Hon. chief Commlnlonor
0? Landi ana Worki foi perm Inl ou to purchase
the following dcscrlUd  tract Ol   land situate iii
West Kooteuay Dlitrlet:   Commenolng at the
SOUth Weet corner   Ol   \*>t  ~,M*);   lbence  runlng
west 40 chains; thenc-north ji chains; tbenee
west 40 chains; theuce north'JO chains; (hence
east SU chains; thence s.nilli 40 chains lo point
oi commencement, containing J40 acres, more or
Hated at Nelson, H C, this ggrd dav of Julv,
1'aXft. Maiiv nanus,
|a.*r Y. (*. (ireen, Agent,
Nut Ice is herebv gUeii tbal 60 days afler date
I Intend to apply to the Honorable the Chiel
Coiutuislouer id I-ftiidsand Works ior permission
to purohaae the loiiowing dncribod lauds in the
West Koolenay District: Com inenelng at a pool
marked T. K. Frenches Lind B, K. corner plaoed
near C. C, Poynti B, VV. corner, thence cast W
chains, thence north 10 chains, thenc- �� .1 BO
chains, theuce south 40 chains to place ol coin-
Dated Uth day of Julv li**.. T. K. Kkkm H,
By Andrkw Adii, Agent.
Notice Is hereby given tbal DO-.lava afler .Uie I
intend toapply to the Honorable tne Chief Com*
mlssloner of Unds and Works (or permission to
purchase the following desert Imm) landu tn the
West Koolenay dlstricl, near Hurlon 1 nv;  com-
in. ti. Ingatapoet planted at the southeast corner
of t-eorge Hudson',, pre-emption claim, and
marked Harry ti. lollliiKtou'a N. K C p nl. and
running souih tt chatna. thenoe westSchains,
theuce north to chains, thence east Jn chains to
place of beginning, containing W acres of Und,
more ur 1cm.
HsU.-d ttilaWth day ol AogOlt, 1808
   Hahrv i.  TOLLDHntm,
Notice ls hereby given lhal to days after date I
Intend to make application 10 ibe Honorable the
Chief Commissioner ,,; i^indsaiKl Works for permission Io purchase about &>> aires of Imul mtu
ated on the Salmon river. Went Kootenav ilistrlet,
commencing at a post marked S K Hutter'a N K.
Corner, planted on the west bank of the river,
about l\ miles north of the international l��.und-
ary. Ihence wnt to chains, theme si chaini
south, ihcnce vast al-out 90 chains to ihe river,
tbenoe northerly along the river to place of..> 111
August lath, laoft. *�����. R Hvrrtt,
 T. IL Atkinson. Agent,
Hiity days after date 1 intend to apply to the
Hoiioiible the t'hli-I Commissioner of Unds and
Worts. Victoria, to pun-hase Wo n- res of laud,
located and deicrlbed aa follow*-; Being the
northcasl quarter of Section twenty In,., and
the souih half or  lhe liorthwesl quarter r-V-rlIon
twenty three, Township sixty nine. Ami furiiti-r
described HS Wlowi: Commencing at a pool
marked J J s. W.oorner,and planted tucU-iinM
east oi the northwest comer of Bectlon twenty*
iwo and running cast 80< h*lii��. lhetice south .si
.hains, thence east 4o chnins,  thence south jo
chains,   thence   wesl   NO chains,  theliee north 40
ObaltU lo place o| heglniilug.
August Jlsl, Hani. Jkktttt Jomnstonk,
W. A.Calder, Agent
Notice is hereby giicii that 80 dayi after dato
1 Intend i.iai.pu to the Hon chief Commln r
of Lands and Works for permission |n purchase
the following deaeribed landi m Weil Rootana.
dlitrlet, south of the pond d'Oreille river, eul ol
nsb creek, oommenelng ai �� post malted K,W,
llsN   W   eoruer,  alsiot   hall a mile cad of thr
northeasl porner ol Lol 1438,0.1., tbence south
to chain-, thenee east Mi chain-, Ihence north I ���
chains,  thence   wc-i  so  chains   [.,   the plaoe Of
commenoement, oontainlng HP acres, more or
Hated *Jnd July 1006. Khkii W. Hah. ot ht.
Nollee Is hereby given tbat llxtf dnvs after dale
I Intend (o apply tothe Hoil.Clfef Com lion
��� rof Lands and W orks for permission to purchase the following described lands In Wost
Koolenay Hist rid. south ol the pend d (ireille
river, commencing at a poll marked A  I*"h N   \v
oorner, iltuated at tbe southweit corner of Lot
���4438. U. I . (hence cast so chains, thenee south (Ml
chains, ihcnce west Bn ohalna, thonoe north 80
chains  io the place of coiiimen, .ui'iit, contain-
1 iik' |so seres, moreor less.
Dated ��tb June. I008. Annik I-iiA-Kit,
 y. J.O'Bellly, Agent,
Notice is herebv given that 80 dayi alter date 1
Intend to appl) to the Honorable Chief V mis
"loner ol Unds ;uid Works n,r pel ini--lon to our-
chaae the following described lands, situate In
lhe Wesl  Koolena) district, starling from a i��,.t
Planted at the 0W,corner of BrnestW.ltobfnilm'i
Ap|d|catioti lo I L) rob UO, and on lln- liinii, 1 9
oftne Norlh Fork of I'otoreekl tbenoe �� ohaini
w. .1, ao chains n..rlh, 100 chains eaat, iu chains
souih. jo chains weil. lOobftlniioutli lo I nie rape
tioit ,d uortiiiitieof !���; W.Roblnsnn'iApplication
to Purohaae, thenc- 40ohalni west and 20 ohalni
smith io point of uommenooment, contniuHig mo
80) ea,
Hated IHth day ..I August, It*A.
Iht KiinKstW. RohtX-KW, Agent.
���sixty days afterdate 1 Intend to apply to thi
�� omuilhsPmer 01 Landl and Works, Victoria, to
I IfVl
I land,   Commencing ,,i  ,.
post planted on tbo ffOHiliore of Arrow Uks.at
thO sooth cast corner of.I. J Chrlltfo'l pun base,
runnliig north BOohllm. thence .-ast at .hains,
"'��' iouthaoohalni,thenoe weal BOchalm to
(dace ol 1 ommeiiccinetjl,
Looatod May, nth 1806,
a, Cahiiir,
L. 'lAti.AouKit, Locaior.
Nollee Is hereby given lhal to days alter date I
inteml to apply |., the llniio.ilhlo lhe Chief Com-
mlaaioner of Landiand Works, Victoria, to pur-
���"has., m ftoroi ,,| |ond| slll|tlI(1 ll|1(ltJl ������,. 'niU,
eail or Barton City on the easi side of Arrow
lako, and described m follows! Comm 0 no in a el *
post plauied al  tho nortbeul corner of Lol two,
noneo north 20 chalm, (hence wait ."chaini,
nence souih BO chains,  theuce easl -lilrhnliia lo
place of hc-duniug
Augusl J 111,1006. J. K. lli*NTi:n.
Notice is hereby given that M days after dato I
Intend to apply In tlie Uonorahle I he Chief Com-
missionerol Lamls and Works for permlsdoii (o
purchase lhe fotiriwiiig described lands: Com-
mencing at a poll narked "J. A.O, It* H. W. corner,  placed at the not lb eait oornorol Loi r.i>"i
running Hdehaiua north; it .,*m chains misi;
tbenco m chslm iouth; ihence hu chalus weal to
poinc of commencement, contilnina 840 acres
more or lets.
Hated the'JIstday of July HlXl,
"loner of Undj and w ,rl';"- lil�� 0%*
ehase  thfl  following  ,|m_S___?^lWo_*!
Kootenaydutriet.,,n,v ... "'"  "��m.u ]*
< omineiicliiK  llt  a    m.1 "lri,iMic,.
��/V. corner" ou'tS,.' 1 i,Rf'���'�� A. a fi
about two miles ,.,., f'l". V ,rll��Si-
and at the northw_ ,    ?Urto�� Qti iJ_S
''V.y I
Nolle.- In hereby KlXeiTiuTrrT1-^
Biirlisiilltys   r.',,,,,,,,'.,,^1''"!!,,,,^1
Hh.f-,1 th.tio e.,i *   ,.|*. L, u"��l��, KJ
Ji-��l-illlini1-.we,l��uri,'f ' ���'���'���l.'.D'
ln��. conuiulnii WI aa.-r,-.,,\\.,">i ol t
Chlel _omnl_M0Mrt? u���'."',"Vi
['���"'"-I'sii i" i"T"is��-ii"  ,,,'" ��;"i
I"'"'"- I'li'lissi sss .. s�� , ,.'"""in.
"I J- ')-  M'-.ssi.l,' .   ,,, ,',';""""'
111 nK M.iul, is..-i,��,���'.,���' [���:"'"   'I.n.
_^^_fea.��SSS ::;"'::-d
Iliil.-.ltl.l.MI, ,l���,,��� AUK���.t���, I
.  .''?""����� TounJ
Noll, i'I, lssTf by itlvi-n ilmis,,,.... ,    T
l'sl"i.'l ' ikf ��l.|.|i,-,n ���,, ,, ,,���T"��'*J
risi.-ir.,s.ii.,l'..i���i,,',���ii, , '' 'i5'""WakJ
l.ll.Msss,   I ,���-l���,... ffi��^f*,*f*fi|
.li��iri.-...iw.,,l 1.,������,.,������.,"���,^; Nl
l'llllS""l"l  S.UI1II, -I'l'''  1,111,,, '"""I.
"'������""������n.Hii.,,,,,1 bo. ,ryi���,���;,:;*��"
K.   Ailialts..  Mattae-lt   , ,,1,,,., " ii,, ,M ��*L
-h��ln��, ilsi'ii ,u, ��> ,.h,i_,"SS *��1
0 1, 1I..I...- ..uiu, h,,,.|   ,   ���,"l"7��l
���um in. '"""""1'i.itnJ
K1.1111   1:  .���,u, 1       1
BUly .iHyi. ssll. r duel nil, ,1,1 ,
Chi.1 c 1 , ���i u,���,,',''*��
viei.sriM. loi jK-nnlulon i ,,i,,v ' ,���,
mnl sslrny (iai, uni ol issn.i, s,.���,.i ' f?f_
.���.I uss follow,: - s-ii,-i���K ��� , ''"'_"
.Hhly(��)i!b_ln.c..l ol Uu �� SSL"
BisIk.-iV 1 -1 - -1.. 1.1,. - s a,. r,. 1 marked l l."
'-..rli.-r."   nil.t   iiiisiisiik   i-,,-i   (������, ,��� ���
lb.no. until l���rly  (l.,),-b.i,���. ,{,'*"
OD-lns, lb' si's- lissrll: forly (,ls)s-ls,|
Julv 7, l9s_.
li.... -. 11
a loi
Notice l�� lss'reby bivs'ii ii���t ,������ to
���IhU- I Inl, 11.1 li.ii.ply to Us,- II,,ii������!J
CommlHloou .,i l.,,ii. ��,,���>. \\..t,..<j.
in |.llr.-lna��s- lbs lolls.aalni, o,.K.tibrt��
Iis ��,-.! K,,ssl,-ii��y ill.irl'-i: B'-risnfcV,
IslullUsI nl Ul, liisrlba-,',lss,rii.rsili|J
lis* iri'.'k, Ihelii-i- ...sills Iss -|���|���. ,J
*H cbalm isssirt, or lew, th.-ra.-e in,ri|s_
mora or la.-, ihenee sh.i usi.kn
t.lH'-s- of tis-RliltilHK, lbs- (Hams' 1. 1S11
brut sviiHt i. knownutb,Hum
llsali'.l July .',. lis.. htitl
Notti'i' 1, lss-ra-by uls.-ii Ib.t ,ln,.
list' ilslta- I llil.'iail tss  n111.1y Ul Ihe ChWi
ssioissT ssl I.ris'Ik ensl Work. Vlcttsrli, Ihi
-foil lo pnrfbius.' tba- (sills,value iis-,
1,1111.la'  111   Ills' ills.lns-1 s,l   \\e.l K'-ilstlJ
ssf slrssbniKii i"r,-ask: hurting il , p__|{
Jsibn Wblii''. h. w   oorner, isLm,-! l
rblillH sassislb asl J. Meli'lii-', susulhtulM
rnlililiiK ii'Tlb Ski f behi,. tlst-iir-p a-sMI ����.
tbi'IH'a' ."ills -US s'liHlis., tlsa-ns. Mi��tlBr.
pssinl of s-"liitisa'ni'tllla'Iit. JoklsfL.
June II. 1��*. I Is,.ia. .!,.;;
Noll's- !�� bs-r- by Kls-s-li I Ssss! '>'.!,���:rii,_|lsl
inl'-n-l loupply to the Hv'ii"r��ll|-!h.'llsf(-.|
lills-.lona-r ssf Ijaosl. ensl Work,, fssr mi
purcbMe lbs- (nlkiwiuK iie*critssid sun
ill no- il|.lris-l s,f \V,.��| K"s,li-iiBs.��;y.kflj||
;���',,,1, tbe sas-.t .nn of K""i'si��s liismr
111111 hi Us,- llllllnl DCMt I'lHi's-'i .tlKM-1
"Tli.-r ol LOI 7W, llu'lli'r tlsTlh Iklde-aS,-,
saa-sit .1 chain,, thence ��niiii -st-a-i
' ss-s .1' s-liNlli, In (."is,!..1 a,,ij,us,: s.iV..
Datad Aisk i-'stb. Uot, Jam fun. '
Nssllr,' 1, lis-n by glvcii tbal i.l'l.iieiB-,1
Intasnal t-t .pi-Is to tba- H ���' ���-.' - " {W
i:ssinuil���lniia'r of Us.-I- sausl Wttrta lol r-raa-
silou lo pisis-liHsse lha' fsslliswlnn ���-���"���' is'a
.lissai.-'l In lbe Wet Kootenaysiliai aw|
r. I. Paanon'i on tb.' north, .Nsut'sss.*-*
��� |iih rt.-r lulls'., Irs,in lbe Pend d'Ol.llbrtl-.al
iii.ii'-lsia: Ht aa im-i tn.rki'il I' K I .ll.-ll'ilt-
.-.,rr.,-r poet, tnence ni , hain. north.-i-.fi
s-isHiisss \as-.t. tin-  1 ehain,mnth.lumMt
1 lsBlini a-aftt to plas'ts s,l I'oiiisisa'ii'-a'ins'lil
l/'ints'sl the I"I slas- of Auirti.l, 1)�� ,
Nsiih-i' I, bi-ri-by atlvi-n tluil --��� .I-y^a!t.rJase��
slit I loiipplv to lbs- 11 ral-1' Ills''Isl-l'sa-p
mini s ..I Und,and �����ri.i..r i-raww*
purohaae the loiiou-nm deacrlbed fm m ����
Koolenay Dlitrlot ub .sv mile ill - '-
l"0 s'tlv :   1-0us Iii-lni; ssl ss Isosjt s-Usit.-l "I U
.-H-l Iiis ssli of I rolil creek ninl Iss.rki. ' 1.1.
s-r'- N   H.C. I',,s<l ssli'l rssiiiiinv s-.ssl'1' - a*-"
thence eail -0 chains; ihence imrifi w( ^_
Ihence wait n cbaina to tbe place of sninmrtaa
ment, onnla'nltii! '���!" '"-i- ��� '"���"' '"1"���
I'ssis-.i iiii. .Jusl day oi aukii.i. l'A*-        .��
\\   II   IUNILT-H,A|tkl
Notice l<bi'ri'liy��lvfnlb.l.iili'l��)-��"''
I Intend to apply Io the Hon CMCmajm
erol Und, and Worka for jser- , I
rhaM   tbe   followlni  deacrlbed k,ll �� ' J
Kootenai  Dlalricl,aoulbof    '"'''''"S'S
rll.-r ssilns'lis-llll-Hli. |��s-l  Illllll.'-   I1:""?
N. iv. corner, iltu I on lb nth uni J��
Pend d'Orelllo ritar al Jama >, >'"������*- ?���
���...isibsa.'.i oornor; thonceeul ��-f^S8S
���".ill, lis ,-l,��lii..tb.-i  i" '''""iSl
north m chaini to the place til rom nrewni
s-oiiiriuisiK IB. acre, more or leu. ��� r
Dated :lnl Julv 1803.    1'oN.li'K ".':",
AHTiirii s. iivmniiii. Ai'iii- _
N.slli'S' I. Iscri'by ||lv lusl l'l''��f. ?.'^r,1SSjl
Inland loapplj i" Bti """'""'T  '' ..iusail
mluli r.'f I.... ind ivorkilo;F*?j?_i
purohaae the tollowini dsMCribad l���� , _,!
nenolniatap sif.'''    ' " P*.; u:<|
iht," pla uu Hi., eail  re o <���"<���' ",.1
l.ssks. ai ib" northweal corner of i ' "'""JI
|illi'ssl|oii to I'ssr.-I.H.i'. riliinlnil H"""'  ' ."',,1
Iui; thanee lo chaini north! 'I"'""'*, ,���*SS1
sussrs-or lc��, aa.-l lolls- " ' "I""'���    '   nl���i,|
lowi.'it lakaibore lo poi ' ' "       ���
..illliillllllKllillsl.T ",���",',_, |
haled ISaOrdday ol Jnly.UW-j w Hl_i
Nolloe ii hereby liven "ill ""WSSSfli
Intend to apply I  ,f,!l��^H��,'~riKi
mlaibiueroi lindi I ��'"1", LuKdJiDi
purchnae Hu- f..li-.mimk 'I""'1""''""'���,..imiI
nil tl i��l.|.|""l Arrow lake: '      '     . ,.
sl nHbwail corner nf A. Aoinw     .,,,..',
ib.-i s.iiib twenty chalna, ' " ;''     ,. ,,*
cbalni, iba-n.i nh iwonu ���ll"1"    ���, ,��-
lav.-nii cbalni i" I'.'ss.s "i'���".'"" ��"	
Isslllluar ruliirri-.  Ills' ' l"��ss .. STurr,
l.ala.,1 .-,.pl,���,l-s 1. IIM'^,   pfSjjM   -
.,   , ,.i,l,.v- alls-S'l." 'M
Notice ll h.-r.-l'V ilran tba ' ,    ,,.s'l,lrll'*|
Inund pi] to 'b.- i"""-��' , ' ,.������i..im_I
mluloniroi land I Worli " I     ,������rf|
puri'bssssi' lln' foil"" Inai'l.'.' M '.'"   ' .n,,M*
nn tbi .-a I- ol Anoss i.��';;    ''.''"   -��
 ortntaal �� "  * -1"  ,' ,',:, ini w"
ii.-i rtb   l..rl>   '''"J,"'',!.',,'.".ih."'-"
Notloe llhirib) Ijvonl h,���_hiifCiWB_l
Intend loapply tolliiHonor" "r,,,..i������i"|*I
���loner n? Landi and Worki io v <��> ,lmVi�� I
��b-�� tha Imlowlni diiiertMo i������..   dDI��p
if Ill aide s,f Arrow "I"'-,  " ,"���,.i. nrr*
P���,i marked A. Maclco.' i o��Hi '    .,��.�����
nsuib (riy ohalni, h\lowlni ^.'."lieiillM
bisiiu.liirv; llli'll" Itlll'l '   "   . inriyls-J'''
nf los'llissl.ll  Croek.l  ""'",    ,���i    sili-olis!""*
 nceeaitllxtj glial"" '"      , i,,.
i nlnliiliii-J-'i .',"';,"��� '"',,���,, M.ru*
lisili'.l Bi'pli'nils.-r I, 1'"-   ,,,;,,���-..A>;.">-_���-
 ���    "' us.mIis'''1'"1
Nnil.',' I�� hereby liven H'">'* ',%rlsls-M*
I.n 1 loupply lofl'O, "'J-' 3 ' ,! ��������!����� ,J
irnllli in ohilM, Ihence '���"' ��  ������, ��i�� '
llssu 1" puriliii'"'- a������,,��i  llMll-      _,,
lial.i.l llslsaailtbslsiyof Aniiui.!.'-    iv'.To"'
N. |ii:������"
_��� The Dafly Canadian
Carry a oompaatai(jekoiFpr,lgn Wine, R,.���r ti,.,.-..
and Uquaun, and C_i_d__ WtaSi an-^hte?
*,,,11 euti huy ONK hottle I'ort, Sherry. CUrt-t. Rrandv ttt-  u        ,.
Ale 0r r-ioiii, or any Increa.ed qnin\ ty v,.d_.    ''   i    ' SSft ���**����� P00**'
P. O. BOX 1030
(Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office:  Toronto.
-APITAL AUTHOR__7ro....tt.fl(jO,000. CAPITAL PAID UP      $4 .so 000
BUST  (4,180,000,
D K  W1LKIK, Pnsaiilmit.        .HOW.BOBBBI JAKFKAY, Vice-President
Branches in British Columbia:
Deposits i-sss'ivi'ii ninl intent allowed at aturani rata ham date of openi-K no-
lount and credited liuli-ynarly. ���
MJUSON umanch J.   M.   LAY,  Manag-r.
The Biggest and Best Ever.
SEPTEMBER 19,20,21,1.06
Horse Races, Lacrosse Tournament and other attractions.
The Largest Fruit, Vegetable and Mining Exhibits
in the Province.
D. C McMORRIS,        J. J, MALONE,
Secretary President
'. Burns Sn Co.
|Briii.-li M.irketH in   HtWHland,  Trail,   Nelson, Knslo,   Sandon, Three Forks, New
Deliver nml SIik-um City.
"i hj inu'l in any hrmu-h w ill Imvr
l>roi 11>r nn.) '-itrt-rul alien t imi.
He*d Office: Nelson, B. C.
BUSCH...       Budweiser Beer
DISTILLERS, 12 and 20 years old.
Kootenay Lake Fruit Fair
'irsitid Display nf Finite, Flowers
mnl Vegetable.,
Kntri.'Hi.iisuHi'jst llth, Spoolal
Rate* on nil boot! and trains.
Kaslo, B. C, Friday, Sept. 14th
New Fall
Goods Arriving
���mpt.i-lui- of   Plnu
���Hiiu.ImI.   (IikkIm
Jno. T. Pierre
linker St.
INelMon, B.C.
Executive  of 20,000  Club  Resent  the
Charges of Disloyalty to Nelson���
Must Have First Class Work.
settle the matter once and (or all. The
administration of the law, with true
Solomonic wisdom, has cut the knot
by awarding one garter to Lyman add
one to Lena���which, however, in each
case will leave one loose stocking.
The nioBt animated discussion at the
regular meeting of the executive committee of the .0,000 club, held In the
board of trade rooms laBt evening,
was on the subject ot the censure
lately passed "" the club for ordering
some printing out of town. The club's
defence, and It seemed valid to all
the members present, Is that the best
work, of the kind required by them,
cannot at present be done in Nelson.
The meeting was held at 8:80, witli
T. U. ProeUr In the chair and F. M.
i'arry, S. M. Brydges, I. G. Nelson, 11.
G. Gooileve anil .1. ID. Taylor also present, The minutes of the last executive antl general meetings were read
anil  confirmed.
The chairman referred to the importance of tlie meeting and expressed
regret at the small  attendance.
The matter of a booth at the fair
was taken up, It was decided to secure V. Hyde linker's collection of Indian curios and $-5 was voted for llie
purpose, the Agricultural society having promised a similar amount. The
suggestion of I'l W. Widdowaon for a
guessing contest on the value of a
specimen of ore was adopted and referred to tlie advertising and entertainment committees jointly.
A. I.. McCulloch then addressed the
committee on the Bubject of the visit
of lhe civil engineers. His lulest In-
loiiiuition Is unsatisfactory, Indicating
Iheir arrival in Nelson the evening ol
ihe .2nd, Saturday. He still hopes to
Induce them to arrive the evening of
the 2<lth and visit the fair. it was
agreed that arrangements for their entertainment should be made as soon
us definite information as to the date
uf their arrival is received by Mr. McCulloch.
S. M. Hrdyges, for the advertising
committee, reported, readiug an important letter:
The Ii. C. Engraving company recommended a change of plan from folder to booklet, reported that the Colonist Printing company would produce 10,000 for $215, or 20,000 for $375.
The cuts will cost another $100 and
the map probably a similar amount.
The work can be done aud delivery
made in about a fortnight.
It was decided that 20,000 copies
should be taken of either folder or
T. G. Procter referred to a local
press complaint as to the printing of
the folder being done out of town. He
thoughl il was distinctly understood
that the only reason why ll was sent
out was because it could not be done
ln Nelson, nnd resented the attacks
ou the club in consequence.
A long discussion followed, all mem-
ban asserting that they would glaslly
pairoul/.i- home Industries Where possible, hut lhal In compete with tho
advertising attractions of other cities
recourse must be had to other printing establishments,
W. II. Jones explained that, in book-
lei form, Ihe printing could lie dune
locally, but declined to express au
opinion as i.s Hi.' quality of the work.
Others suggested that lhe advertising oommlttee he aaked to Investigate
again and have lhe pamphlet iluno locally if it can he dolus promptly and
satisfactorily, tin the chairman's recommendation the committee was bo
Instructed. It was agreed also that
Ihe president ot the trades and labor
council be invited lo be present aud
loaru the arrangements.
J. B, Taylor, for ihe entertainment
oommlttee, reported $20 profits ou the
lust pavilion dance; lhal a musical
concert was arranged for October 8 or
12, and that winter dances are being
arranged. At his run.11._t votes oi
thanks were passed to Messrs. Bwert,
Walker und I'alenaude fair prizes
given. A vote of lliauks wus pusseil
lo Messrs. Taylor and Nelson and oilier members of the entertainment oommlttee lor tlie success or the dances.
The secretary reported Ihe presentation by 10. t*. Travel of an order
li'diii Joseph Jackson for $liu ror bis
services us caretaker. As the club
had no contract wllh Mr. Jnckson, no
action was taken.
It was resolvi'd that the purk be
surrendered to the city.
Tbe secrelary repotted that Miss
Mabel McCandllsh is now prepared lo
accept her trip to the coast as tile
guest of ihe club. Arrangements were
made accordingly and the meeting adjourned,
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch,
Creosote, Oils for
Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch and
Boat Builders will hnd it to their advantage to ubo onr Pitch.
Nelson Coke & Gas Co.
Silver King Hotel
Bet>t Dollar a day house in the Kootenays.
Roomi) Are well lurtiUbe...   Table U good tu tier
ia Nelion.    Bar   _ppl_e-d with good
Uaunni ��nn < taunt.
W. E. MoGANDLIBH, Proprietor.
Ttemont House
European and American fits
Mania 26 ott.  Rooms trom ��� -tts. to 11
Only Wkltt Halp Employee.
Biter St.. Nelion Proprietor!
Bartlett   House
Best Dollar-a-Day House in Nelson.
Tbe Bar ti the FineM.
White Help Only Employed.
We have Improved and Unimproved Ranches for
Sale on tbe Kootenay aud Slocan Lakes, Slocan
Valley and Nelson District.
Before purchasing call
and examine our list.
H. & M. BIRD
SK.vi.Ki) ...KI)Kuk, profcrly Indowod, will be
reeelvod by the Dnderiigned up to untl l_
GlUdthg Mnndiiy, the IWlifitlii October next, for
the erection mnl completion of u Court House at
NelKOli, B. C.
DmwltiKH, si- nil''!* imi- and miidltioiiM of te tiller nnd contract may be noeii al the 1'uhlle
Worm Engineer's offlce, Victoria, B.C., ami at
the offlce of the Government Agent, Nelfioti, B.C.,
on and after the llth fie pt em ber next-
Each (ander must M lUTuininuil'-'il with a
marked cheque tor five (.*>) per cent, of the a-
mount o( the under for the faithful performance
mil completion of the work,
Tlie cheque* "f untUOoeitfuI tenderers will he
rciuriit-il to thciu ou Die execution of the contract.
The lowetit or any tf nder not necessarily accented.
F.O <iAMM].K,
[���iilihi Worku Engineer,
l.niirli and Worku Department,
Victoria. B C.,Hth September, 1906.
SEALED TENDERS, Btiperscrlbed "Tender for
Bchnnl-houge," will he received by tbe undersigned up *o uooti of Thureday the 20th Septem-
t>er, l'JOC, for the erection and completion of ft
two-room frame itchool-house _.t Hume, Ymir
Electoral District
Plans, upeciflcation, contract and forms of ten-
der may he wen on and after ihu Hii September,
190G, at the offlce of the Government Agent,
Nelson, and at the Lands and Works De par t-
tnent, Vinoria, 11.1!.
Each protKc-al must be accompanied by caah^r
an accepted hank eheuue or certificate of deposit
ou a chartered htink of Canada, made payable to
the undersigned ln the huh of flon, which shall
he forfeited if the party tendering decline to
enter Into contract when called upon to do no.
The cash, cheques or certificate of deponlt of un-
���dCCftufttl tenderers will be returned to tbem up-
ou the execution ol the contract lhe succesiful
tenderer will he required to furnish a bond, himself and two sureti*.s in the lum of 11,600 each,
for lln due fulfilment of the work contracted for
to lhe satisfaction of the Uonorahle Chief * om-
mlssloner. Upon the execution of the bond tlie
ca��h, cheque or certificate of deposit of above
mentioned will be returned to the contractor.
Tcndera will not be considered unless made
out ou the forms supplied and signed with the
uctual signature of the tenderer.
The lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted.
Deputy Commissioner of Lauds and Works
I^amls and Wor*h Department.
Victoria, B. C, 81st August, 1900.
Josephine St.
TheKg*x_Don��T��-.�� |(|.
Or "H_lf.n_.I_H"    DCC1    IUI.
The only GlasB of Good Beer in Nelson.
Hotel uoonunodlttloxUMOOlld tai mine In Brit-
ltsll Columbia. Ksals-ss fl Ll j'sT-lsiy. S|M-,-i,tl rials-ss
to monthly boarslerH. only hot-fl lintel in Si-Imiii
Lake View Hotel
Corner Hall and Vernon,
two blocks from wbarf.
Hales tl 00 per day and up.
P. O. Box 161.
Telephone 118.
Grand Central Hotel
J. A. ERICSSON, Proprietor.
Centrally Located. Open Da- anal Night.
Bample and Bath Roomi Free.
Opposite Court Home and Post Office.
Corner Ward and Vernon Streets.
Tfc Strathcona
Nelson, B.O.
B. Tomkins, Manager.
In^uancu.   Real Estate aad Mining
Manager for the Kootenay Valleys Company, Ltd.
Oldest I'Kliii.lislii'sl Usui Ketnte
Bii-siiis'hh in Kooteuay.
Nelson, B. C.
The Leading Hotel in the
Oood   Sample    Rooma,
HottOe is horuhy nlvcn thnt a Court of Revision
ami Apjh-hI for the srhool Districts Of -UrtltODi
Hume, -latino Md Ymir, will he held in the
Court Utilise lu tin* Cllv of Nelson, B.C, on
Monday*! tin- 17U_ dny of September. WA, at the-
hour of 10:80 o d1o_ in the forenoon, to hear'inul
determine "" Hppeitt* irom iheasfiessmentiniiule
In the iii.-o" nunUonsd Hehool IHBtriet* for the
vi*ar WOT--, under the "I'uhlte Bohooll Act."
Iiuti'l >it Nelton. tt. C , thU-Mth day of August,
Il.H. 1,ENS1K,
JndRC. of Court of Revision and Appeal,
Ni'l-mi  ..--i-sMnent District.
TAKK NOTICE that iin api��lfc*tlon had lieen
iiitole to register Tariff Mining Company as the
owner ln Fee Simple, under two several Tax
BlUa Deeds from ll J, BtODBOn, Deputy Assesssor
and Collector of the Sloean Assessment IMstricl,
to Tariff Mining Company, hearing dale tha Mtb
day "i August, A. D. UQB, of all and singular
those eerUln parcels or Iractn of laml ami premises situate, Ivlng ami LeiitK In the Distriet of
KooUiiny. In the l'rovlm-e of Hritish Columbia,
more particularly kuov.ii mnl described as I,ot*
HUB ami Bfifi. QtOUp 1. I'lslrlet of Kooteuay,
��� shafer" ami "llohtail" in I m-nil claims.
You and eaoh of you are required to contest
the olefin of ike uu onranaaer within fourteen
days from the date oi the service uf tMs notice
upon vou, and hmI-*i i'Mi of a caveat or cerllllcate
of lis pendens being tiled wlllilu sueh period,
you will Ik-forever uslopped and debarred from
setting up anv claim to or In respect of the said
laml, and I shall registerTarffT Mining Company
as owner thereof,
Haled ut I .nn.I Keglstr> Olllee Nelson, Province,
llrlllsh of llrlllsh Columbia, this nth day of
August, A. D. 1.MHI.
U. Y. Km I.KOD.
District Registrar.
To Kootenay Mining Company (foreign,
ShaTer (.old  and Silver Mining CompHiiy
Queen _ Hotel
Baker Street, Nelion. B. C.
Lighted by Electricity and
Heated by Hot Air
Large and Comfortable Bedroomi and Pint-
islan. iiiiilnst Room. Bample Rooma for Commercial Hen.
MRS. E. C. CLARKE, .roprletreai
TJ^yi'tJT        Onr Beer Garden is
The well known
the Finest iu the
J. CROW,   ���   -  Proprietor
 :���i���; .	
Royal Hotel
Rates fl and (1.50 a Day.
Speoia. Rates to Regular Boarders.
Quarrel Over Garters.
Huston, MnsB., Sept. 12.���For six
yi'ftrs l.yinan nml Lena Raymond,
lirntlii'i- und sisicr. of Pltlsfield, linvo
h'i'i! ilvhii; in bitter enmity, the oante
ni which wus ii pair of red silk gairtet.,
It wiih not thi' Intrinsic value of thi'.-ic
iiH"t'iii uetK'HHoi'ieii of attire tbat orl-
siniili'il tlii' IViul. Inil lho flint lhat
tlmy hud belonged in the litigants'
mother, who died in moo. Neither
l.yninn nor Lonii' would ri'llmiiiissli their
cliilin lo lho full anil undisputed pos-
hcshIihv of the Interesting heirloom,
antl at lust feollnir. ran so high that, ibe
assistance of the law wus invoked to
TAKK NOTICE that an applleallon haa huen
mil'..* to retiUter Claretiee llai'iuau an 'he owner
In l'Ve Simple, under a Tax sale Doed from ��. J.
StfiiHon, ileputy asse-*Mor ami .lolleetor uf thu
Klocan \-.-i*--int'ni l>lt.irietttnClnrenee lliirinati.
hearing tlate the 'Jlnl day ot July A. M. imn, nl nil
and lingular thai eertalu pareel of land and
ori'iui-f. situate, Ivlng and helug In th�� DlHtrlet
Of Kootenav, in lhe Provln.'e of Brltllh Colum-
imi, more partleularly known and dem-rllK'd hn -
Lot 7'_!1,��iroup 1, ldnlrlet of Kootenay, "Henry"
mineral claim.
You and each of vou are ri'unlred lo OotttoM
the chiliu of tin1 tax tmrrhaHiT within fourleeu
lavH from the <late of the aorvlee of thU nollee
inon vou. and tn default of a caveat or certitl-
ale of lUpciideiiHheing filed within Hiieh per-
od, you will he forever QltOpMd and deharred
rom Netting up nnv rlalm to or In reaped of the
iiM land, ami I Ittkll reglnter Clarence llermau
.r. owner Ihercof,
Pated at hand Reglntrv Oflleo Nelnon. Province of Mriti-li Columhla, thla 17th day of Augitat,
A. 1). 191W.
Tu licorgc Henry Harman
Wilbur A. lleiidryx.
H. V. MA.l.KOl*.
Dimrlct Kvglhtrar.
A. McDonald &Co.
Dealers iu staple and funny Clroceries.
Butter, Kkks.
tlnnip nnd Miners' Supplies.
Contractot* and
Boll agenl (or th�� Porto Rico Lutuher Co , Ltd..
retail yanln. Rough aud dre-ned lumliur, turiu'd
work ami hraeketa, Coast 'alh ami slilngh-*, laMi
and doom. Cement, brick aud lime for Hale
Automatic grinder.
Yard ami factory: Vernon Sl,. eaat of Hall.
P. O. Hox BUS, Telephone 1?��.
West Transfer Co.
GEORGE F. MOTION, tkna.<r.
Oeneral 1'osinsti-rs and Dealers in
Coal nnd Who -.   Expross nnd
Biikki'i-'" Transfer
.tl_p__.��iio Office: Baker St.
Choice Fruit
I Have ,0,000 Acms
Cholceit Frett Lands ta
British Columbia.
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices,
Nelson, B. C.
The Hall Mining and Smelting
Company, Limited.
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry Ores.
September 14
Up from Nelson
On sale 12, 11), 14 September,
good to return till 17th.
S. 8. Kokame leave Kaslo 7 :li0 p. in., Friday, llth September, making all calls
between Kaslo nnd Nelsou.
A.O.P.��.,Vancouver. D.P.A.. Nasi.on
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Froit, Fuel
& Poultry Co., Ltd.
Deliveries made daily throuxhout Nelson
aud il* snbnrbs Pbone IIH.
Thorpe's Lithia
Thorpe & Co'y,
-rat conromuuc way.
Single Fare
Round Trip
Kootenay Lake
On sale September 12-13
Limit 17th.
��� 'ity 1'nsM-iigt-r Agent.
A ll. P. A., Hvattlo.
The Latest Modern Appliances
now in use at this
Baker Street.     -    NELSON.
For Everything Oood
to Smoke.
Imported and Domestic Clfus, Tobaccos.
Do Yoa bow Th-rau-'j Special H-tuTt?
W. c4. THURMmAN*
f   H
i ;
\k The Daily Canadian
���*^��*����m> |; ���The Store of Sweets/'
t ���
Crawford Free Stone t
Fruits, Confectionery and
Ice Cream.
Phone 86. Baker St.
NKLSON*. 11  0.
Iii large variety arc now iti.
for preserving.
:    ���     ���
Buy while quality is
| Bell Trading
|        Company
44 <A Tip' for a
44 Canadian Morn ing.**
Kootenay Coffee
Old Curiosity Shop
if you wanl. to buy or s'-ll anything,
go to the 01<1 Curiosity Simp. A new
line of Japanese Goods now on sale. All
kinds of Dinnerware in stock. Patterns.
�����' la*) IP?*.. Ar'"'' '.*���. ��> tttVi ��.
Cor. V.rnon at.ad Ward  Street**,
NJ3L.SON,   li. O.
J. FEED HUME, Pr.ipnstor.
li N Oulmette, T W Madow and
wife, Rossland; C H McDougal, Eureka mine; I. Hanna, Kuslo; A J
Hs.dil.-r. Port Arthur; J T lilack, New
Denver; T MoNish, Slocan; E L Ban-
i.eti. Portland; H W J'sslin, Phoenix;
P ���', Hsiv.ili'ii. W 0 Koss, 10 H Drayton.
G ll Ureen, Vancouver; C C Snowdon,
Montreal; .1 Jackson, Victoria; A A
Magee, Seattle; John Massey, To
ran to.
A Ii Wheeler, wife and children,
Alnsworth; 11 C A Cornish, Trail; il
I Jorand, Slocan; Mrs Smith Curtis,
Rossland; A D Westby, Salmo; Q V
Ingraham, Spokane; A McQueen, (!
Seott, Vancouver; M MoD Duff, Mon
.real; D H Scott, Brandon.
.1 VV Bennett, Revelstoke; 1. A
roung, Hugh McDonald, W L Gallais.
Kuslo; Mr and Mrs Saunders. Cal-
gary; Miss L Antoya. Rosehery; .1 IJ
Wlnlaw, Winlaw; A Armstrong, Ross
mild; R Pearson. Calgary; A Milton.
Fernie; .1 A Harris. Greenwood; Misa
lla-ll,  Kaslo.
W   Johnson,   A   Denton.  Vancouver;
A L Grayson, Grand Porks; R Woiidly,
Fernie;  F Gauthler, Brandon.
M Kodama, Vancouver; F A Hall
I  Wright,  Cranbrook;   S Blalock,  .1
Taylor, A  Kylands, Rosland;  w Mil
Ier. Vancouver.
0 Yssimir, T Pardssn.    Spokane;    A
Wilson. Vancouver.
I' O'Hara, Sandon;  K .1  Bell, Phoe
nix; .1 Johnson, (Irand Forks; it Wood
ly, Pernle;  F Oauobler, Brandon.
E I. Stewart, Hammond.
It Conran, W Carr. W McCann, Fer
nie; .1 Smith, Castlegari  W .1 Fraser,
| Calgary,	
Making Dependable > Fresh
Statements      \ Tomatoes
F1.ru.nr.tr1 is tin* store Mint btu_ the
teputatdou inr dependability Fortunate is the public that litis such ;i
store in its midst. Fortunate oonfl-
dance betweon it store nml its buying
Public nu'iiiis growth This store hns
grown, and is growing nn just those
lines. No ambition higher than po*
seflsingyonroonfldonoe- other tilings
are bound to come. "*
Wt-waut every trade tnuisaetioii t'
be satisfactory, and if it is not wi
want you to tell us about it.
If you huve not bought from Of
send us a trial order.
! Joy. Cash Grocery!
Cor. Juaepliincnud Mill sta.     Phono lu
Received daily fr"in the
Coldsprillg raiicli on
Kootenay lake.
201b. crates $L25
Ti'li'iiliiini' 1(11.
"Maple Leaf" Brand.
I'NIKOBM Bl'RNINii   Ih   thu  DlMt   im-
poriHnt fuciur win'D bluUdg on h large
Haiti. "Maple post" bnuiil la'claimed
BUpertnr In thin ri'spert.
c'uui]iHr.G(jiiN with other makes invite*!.
Sola Auout.   Ncl-��On,   B.C.
$J0 Down
$JO Per Month
will purchase io acres of
splendid fruit land which
will double in value in a
few mouths.
Are you grasping the
present opportunities?
for work In tin- wsss'sls',   Aj'i'ly
, -sssvi'litl, lanslss.
HO MBN, in .
is. W. K. i'i
i.ahv BTKNoaKAPHKBlor|x��ltlonIn
il  Insists' wills sijipioy.r'l family.     Ajsjsly
A slrnnk was fined Ihe usual $!> ami
ousts iii the city police court this
Chairman .Morley of the fair decoration committee will be glad to receive
assistance from all members ot the
association and others.
D. R. Wilkle, president Hud general
inunagsor, and Charles Cockshutt, director of the Imperial Hank of Canada,
arrive this evening and will he guests
at the Hume hotel.
Weather permitting, a practice of
the cricket club will be held on the
recreation grounds tomorrow afternoon in preparation for ihe match
with   Edmonton during the fair.
This evening at i o'clock .Miss Itob-
inson, organizing secretary of the
Women's Home Missionary Society oi
ihe Presbyterian Church of Oanada,
will deliver an address on the work of
the society.
Lead rose still another point on the
London market today. It is uow 11
points above the high market of last
December uud higher than at any time
Bince 1900, whan it touched ��19. Outer quotations are unchanged,
The members of the Dominion Rail-
\\a> commission will arrive in the
a ity tonight and have engaged rooms
ai the Strathcona. Several niaiters
are to be brought up before them at
Rossland, hut so far as known none
in Nelson.
Rev. J. G. Shearer, 11. A., general
secretary of the Lords' Day alliance ol
Canada, arrived iu this city from
Kaslo this morning. He will address
a public meeting in the Methodist
church here tomorrow evening at 8
o'clock, dealing with the recent Lord's
Day Act of the Dominion  parliament
Bank  of  Commerce     Medal     Designed
and Finished at Patenaude's.
The gold medal offered by the Canadian Hank of Commerce fur the best
mineral exhibit at the Nelson fair
from an individual prospect, has been
completed in the establishment of J.
O. Patenaude.
Tlii' work on the medal is certainly
not inferior to anything ever done in
Hritish Columbia.
Tne metal, about an ounce of gold,
was turned and prepared by Mr. Pat-
anaude: the medal was designed and
modelled by C. Wales .and the engraving was done by .1.  Wadds.
Round the edge is the inscription,
'Nelson Agricultural and iuduslrial
���Society," on the obverse, "Canadian
Hank of Commerce," and the Mercury
staff, emblem of commerce; on the
reverse, "Best Mineral Exhibit, Individual Prospect, Hints," with space for
ills' name of tin- winner.
Mining  Records.
Five locations and one certificate of
assessment work were recorded in the
Nelson mining office today.
C. Bchwartzenhaiuer recorded tlte
Kninia, near Deer Park, located August 27.
O. Poulin recorded tlie Monarch and
thfl Empress of Japan, on the divide
between Hall and Barrett creeks, both
located  September -.
.1. Swansea .for himself and A. Garvin, recorded the Durham, on Mount
Vernon,  located  August  .7.
W. A. Jones .agent for Catherine
liomiiiiie, recorded the Catherine, a re-
lucatii f the  Killarni'.v Fraction, on
thfl divide between 49 and Bird creeks,
located August .11.
A certificate of work was granted
io .1  it. Rowley on the No, i Bonanza
The Store of Quality
Don't Fotget
Fruit Jar
, IV., I'UllllliisSIl silts,,
i.    Annff
The prices are just the same as for
the ordinary kind
Pints pet dozen $ J .00
Quarts per dozen J .25
Half gal. per dozen  (.50
Hood & Teetzel
K. W. C. Block . Phone 10
JO cent Packages
15 cent Packages
And did you see the big packages of Sodns
*o cents peryatd?
Cm A* .Benedict
Corner Silica and Josephine Bts.
A Snap
Loose Leaf Memo Books
From the factory to your
home direct. Canada's High-
grade Piauo,
We arc offering special inducements
during the fall months to intending
You save all commissions to agents,
travellers, tuners and warehousemen
by buying direct.
The advantages of the Loose Leaf
over tho old stylo memorandum are
too well known to need any tailing.
We Have Too Large a Stock
and to reduce it we make this otter
Size  3x4J;i,  open   side 90
size  3x434,  open  end 90
Reduced from $1.50.
Size 314x5l/i. open end  $1.00
Reduced from $1.85.
Size  4x6'.,.   open   side  $1.25
Reduced from $2.25.
Canada Drug & Book Go's
....Cash Stores....
W. G# Thomson
SS^a ""' Nelson, B. C.
|.|i...._ ,14.
Cm iip cflhn    I
WillM;c thidmPmti spirits in dtlight
___       '
tbat tin* drlnkiierred atou*Boda Fountain
ha',  tonic properties bent.leu refreshingT
We u��e only real frull syrups Ol thfl flUCtl
quality.       Fountain, counter,  glutei mnl
reoepuclei are kept ���crapolotuly cte&n.
Halter Street, Ne
Trains and Boats.
Crow boat���Two and three-quarter
hours late.
Slocan train���On time.
Coast, Boundary and Itossland train
���On time.
Price ot rvietals.
New York, Sept. 12.���Silver. 67 l-4c;
copper, 18 5-16c; electrolytic copper
stock, 18 3-4c to 19c; lead, $5.75.
London, Sept. 12.���Silver, l!l 5-8.I;
lead,   tis 8a ltd;   zinc,   ��27  10h.
Dates of the Fall  Fairs.
Knslo���September 14..
Nelson���September lit. 20. 21.
Vernon���Septein)��er  19,  20.   21.
Kamloops���September 2i��. 27.
New  Westminster    Provincial���Oct
2. 7.
Gait Coal
Terms Hpot Cub
Telephone 266 Baker Htrect
Get  F0R Sept
Busy    First
St'l.ct Your Requirements early (or Grouse
See Our Window
Nelson Hardware Co.
Sportsmen's Headquarters,
PHONB 15,       NKLSON, H.C.
Wholesale and Retull Dealer! tn
Fresh and Salted Meats
Clamps supplied nn nhortcRt nntiri'und
lowest prtoe, Nothing bat Crab nnd
wholesome tneaU and supples kept in .took
Mnil nrdern receive careful intention.
E. C. TRAVES,   ManaRe_.
Mason & Risch Pianos
It has been laid mere than on* 0 tint tin* Individuality of these Lnstrn-
men ft nnd the ipecia] Improvement and Inventions found In them from
ttnu to time have been a Rottrce of emulation throughout tbe piano Industry, Call at our ihow room and learn alout our easy tm_ oi purchase
Mason & Risch Piano Co'y, Limited
OfflC61    Room
HiitUm H117 Block.
.-*'>ii'!u! I Ptirulliin-
We have for mle u piece of Kelson property, m minntefl walk from
postoffice; contnlm 50--J80 feet of Km"'".; two mall oottages, com*
pletely fiiniishe.l j nlso Iii fruit trees nnd crop of vegetables.
Price $1300
One EyejU Time!
XhtVl tlie wny we te8t.
U-unlly  the eye differ i��� .s���h,
glail whloh suits one ___, ��� 5*ht,i ��
aud ultimately both suffer        ''e othe*.
We use modern appliance, _���,. ,l
greaest caro to trold��__T __���
would bnrt your eyes ��__ otJ\,^
lel-phonu aaa.
Repairing and Jobbing a Specialty
Slientmetal Work, <!a*tiii|!n, Builders' Miiterinl nnd _5inin�� und Mill Uaihi_erT
Offlce anil Works Koo' of l'ark St.
I'llOIIU     3D-4.
-IAVA. Hii..
iNulHam, H.y,
Kootenay Agents
R. A.RogMs&Co.
Limited, Winnipeg.
W'llOlUMfllV.'    I>|-���>\'IM1��>I1>��,
I 'riialik
Dominion Government dreamer; One-Foand Briakt reoelTed weekly fn��h
fnnn tbe ''Inim.   For nie by i'H leading tn^s'ers.
Otlis-i' mi'l warehouse: Houston Hloek,   Phone 711.
Josephine Street. -       Nelson, B. C.
Don't Forget
I* your furnace In shape to start the winter with?    If  not, NOV
le the time to have It repaired.
I. H. Ashdown Hardware Co., Ltd
PLEASE NOTE���Wo will not lie responsible for any furnace not ins-i^
by October 1st, 190G.
R.   W.   HINTON
Raaptalr Iran nnal .Jfibt.lnif asaasasasta-alaalth I hssapisUh.   Sheet Metal '
Work. .Miiiltiit; ...id Mill M.._:lii>i_ry.     Miarauta-sturwr��� of
lira:  Caaraa.   I..   IV.   Cssntructorst'  Citrs..
Corner otHaU .Dal       [NEUSOIN,      B.    C. fflg*^
We Will Sell
500 International Coal     -      65c
10 Marconi, Canadian    -   $2.15
1000 Yale-Kootenay lee     -  9 I-2c
McDermid & McHardy
,A*!'Ji\,''!Mifli;'.'��pi:' s\
I Just Arrived!   ��� a^^^a
lart, Schaffier & Marx t
Lateet Pottenu, Ijitiwt Btylea, nnd All (IikhU Qnaianteed
ANDUDEA_t.f.N huttkbttf Shingles,
Lath, Mouldings. Doors, Windows.
Turned Work and Hruukets. Mail Order! promptly atondta �����
                  VERNON BTRBBT  - -  ���  NHI-HON. l��- O.
Our utixsk of MAINO  SAWS in  ver.v  ��m<t><eK
Inolnding ktihIbh to suit nil requirement-
is Villi.    "
If yon wi��b n low priend saw wn nan miK>*>' W'
also oiuiy the lient i|unlitii'H lumls' by
Wood-Vailance Hardware Co'y, l|


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