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The Daily Canadian Mar 22, 1907

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NELSON, B. C, FRIDAY, lHARCH 22, 1907.
Fifty Cents a Month
Ichool Board Prepare for
New Building
Itgular Meeting oi Trustets���Discuss Fire  Protection���Assist
Staff to Entertain Visitors.
Ths. rei;nlar monthly meeting ot the
uard ol lOhOOl trustees wan held laat
s'liliiK Id Dr. Arthur's ofllce.
yueMions   rsiiiii.'i.'ii'sl    with   prepare.
lissuu Iur the building or o aew public
icliuol   were   dlseussud   at  length.     It
tan r-e.siUv.-.i  thut everything  possible
��� dune by  thu way of Improvements
tin- grounds und preparation of plans
-Jure    the    necessary  by-luw  ls sub-
Other   mutters   considered   wore   the
pproachlog convention of the Provln-
ll.'U TeacherH'   institute,  accouats and
loutlne affairs.
Ths- board mel shortly after 8 o'clock,
fhi-n- won* present: A. U. Emory. F.|
Swannell. R. .1. Steel and Dr Arthur,
the absence of W. Irvine, A. D.
femur, waa elected chairman. C. M.
fiasser anil A. Bulllvan. principals of
lilgh and public schools respective-
were also present.
| Tlis- minutes of Ihe last meeting were
least and adopted.
1 Thc finance committee reported re-
pimii'-tidlDg the payment of the month-
salary list, and miscellaneous ac-
lunts totalling (339.26. The report
Is*, asisspted.
A Inter was read  from T.  Densy.
���lief ,'   the flre  department,   making
*" ��� ���   ii'lattiinis for greater safety to
��� c'asss in Fraternity hall, and referral [i> the flre alarm and flre escapes for
���sal ral public school.
Dr. Arthur reported that a temporary
escape had been constructed.
ln8|iector   Qlllla'   confidential   report
_i   lhe result of his Inspection of tho
'���Inon schools was submitted.
It was reported that the preaent flag
llafT on the high school building waa
pnt high enough to oarry a flag to advantage.
Dr. Arthur reported that permlailoD
���ad been obtained from the provincial
jtnvcrnment for the borrowing of 160,-
P"" for a new public school. He ��ug-
lested that the council be aaked to
bawe certain grading done on Ward,
Carbonate and Stanley streets, and alao
that plans and specifications be prewired before the loan by-law be submitted to the property owners. He re-
narked that the work would take some
lime and should begin at once.
The suggestion was made a motion
intl adopted.
It was resolved, aso on Dr. Arthur's
lugtestlon, tbat a committee be appointed to wait on the council at tte
next meeting and lay the matter before
Ihem Dr. Arthur and A. D. Emory
*���.'!������ nppolnted.
Messrs. Fraaer and Sullivan reported
lhal the armory had heen secured for
the meetings of the Teachers' institute,
and extended nn Invitation to all members of the board to attend the Tuesday
���venlng reception to thc visiting teachers. They were assured of all necessary financial assistance.
The board Ihon adjourned.
Year's Copper Production,
The Boston News Bureau bus figured
out Ihnt thq production of copper In
the United States, .Mexico and Canada
lor the month of January of this year,
was 12,361,267 pounds leas thnn thai of
January mini, lis figures are: January,
1908. 97,296,40(1 pounds; January, 1907,
*4,9.16,143 pounds. The decrease was
chiefly in Montana and Canada. Floods
interfered somewhat wllh Arizona production but the Copper Queen smelter
produced 9,500.000 pounds In January,
an Increase of 1,800,0110 pounds over
January, 1906, which overcame somewhat the falling off In other camps In
-Arizona. This Increase in Copper Queen
production is partly explained by the
tact that over 1,000,090 pounds of matte
'rom tho Detroit Copper Co. were
treated at Douglas, the Detroit plant
toeing out of commission that month.
The production In Utah and Canada
was reduced nearly one half, largely by
reason of tho severe weather and acute
fuel conditions, but at tho most this
fulling off Id copper production In these
two districts amounted to only about
G.ooo.uou pounds, while the Increase In
Mexican production largely offset tho
'ailing off in Utah and Canada.
Ex-Senator Burton out of Gaol.
Ironton, Mo., March 22.���Joseph K.
"flurton, who, until his conviction In tho
'edernl court, waa United Statea sen-
���tor from Kansas, was today released
from tho county jail here, having com-
tuleted his sentence of six months' Imprisonment, Imposed when he waa
found guilty of violating a federal Itat-
���uie hy appearing before a governmental
of an alleged "get rich quick" concern
or Ht. Louis. Hurton entered .the jail
at Ironton October, 22. 1906. Hii roleo-e
today 1��� due to fhe law which provides
ior a reduction frum a sentence for good
behav or Hunt's sentence also in-
Uttdtd a fine of 12,500, and thu statute
under which he was convicted, debars
hlm frum ever holding an office of trust
or remuneration under the federal gov-
ernm.'nl. The fine, which has not been
Mild, will be held over him as a civil
Pr��ild��nt   Begins   Reform   of   District
Government in Panama.
Washington. March 22���Changes in
thc local government ln the canal lone,
which will abollBh all municipal governments now In existence and result In
thc harmonizing of various part* of the
zone, are to become effective April 16th.
President Roosevelt has signed orders
providing for wholesale changes, and
Richard Rogers, general counsel for the
Isthmian Canal Commission, will go to
the zone with Secretary Taft and remain there for sumo time to assist in
reorganizing the government. The Ave
municipal governments in the canal
zone will be replaced by tour administrative districts which will be under the
direction of tbe canal commissioners.
Carelaaanaaa Kills Four.
Helena, March 22���Four men were
blown to atoms last night in a Northern
Pacific tunnel near Lombard, a�� the result of a careless workman tamping a
hole with a steel Instrument. The names
of thc dead were unobtainable.
Material  Long Considered Waat*  Now
Known to Contain Recoverable
Mineral  Wealth.
Among the forthcoming publications
of the United Slates Geological survey
will be one by Dr. David T. Day and
Prof. Robert H. Richardson entitled
"Useful Minerals In the Black Sands
of the Pacific 8lope," which Ib the result of an investigation authorixed, by
Congress March 3, 1906.
In the beginning of the Investigation
a circular letter was sent to all the
placer miners In the United States
whoso addresses were known, about
8,000 In all, authorizing them to send
ln samples of the black sands obtained
by them up to 14 pounds for eaeh sam
pice. Tho examination of theae samples, partly ln Boston, Mass., and partly In Partland, Ore., showed that the
following minerals, In the order named,
are most commonly found tn these
sands. Magnetite, ilmenlte, gold, xlcron,
garnet, olivine, and Iron silicates, py-
rlte. chromlte. platinum, Irldoamlum,
monzalte cinnabar, corundum, and cas-
slterite. Other heavy minerals are only
very exceptionally found.
In this report the expression "black
sand" ls used to embrace the residual
sands left In the concentrating placer
gravels; not merely the heavy materials left ln the sluice boxes In plaoer
mining, but also the black sands left
by the concentrating action of waves
and Ihe natural concentration products
of stream action.
In order to determine what minerals
could he Included under the title "Useful .Minerals" In these black Bands. it
was neressary to determine how readily they could be separated from one
another by the varioun methods of con-
centratlon. As a result it waa found
thnt with careful sizing It Is posalble
to separate gold and platinum from
thesu Bnnds with comparative ease and
with small expense by the use of con-
centratlng machines of the shaking
table class, and that partial separation
of the various othor minerals can be
made at the same time, ao aa to render
available for thc market at a low coat
monazlte, zlcron, ilmenlte, chromlte,
garnet and cassllerlte.
Well Known in London.
E. J. McGregor, who with his family.
left Nelson last June for a lengthy so
Journ In the old country, has returned
While away Mr. McOregor spent mosi
of his time In London and the aoulh
of England, but he alao found time lo
take a short run over to Scotland. One
thing that surprised him very much was
thc Information possessed by so many
In London In regard to the Kootenays.
Besides everyone was anxious to aecure
further Information. While riding In a
car one day, he happened to mention
tho name of Nelson, wnen a passeugor
on the other seat immediately entered
loto cooversatloD with him, telliog Mr
McOregor that he had heard a great
deal qbout Nelson and tho Kootenays
and wanted to find out something more
This resulted In a lengthy conversation,
the result of which waB the stranger expressed his Intention of coining oul
here. Thnt thore will bo a large Influx
of visitors to the Kootenay, Mr. Mc
Gregor has not the slightest doubt. Not
only the Kootenays will be benefitted
by the movement In settlers; It Is impossible to get a passage leSB than three
months ahead on account of tho great
travel, the moat of tha travellers being
bound for the Canadian west.
California Railways Art
at a Stand SI
Waters Subsiding and Improvement
Is Expected���Passengers Bare
to Hake Long Detours.
Ban Francisco, March 22.���Tbe atorm
which bas hung over California haa
broken and conditions everywhere have
greatly Improved. The rivers running
through all the greal Interior valleys,
which Hooded waste tracts of lands and
threatened several cities, have fallen
rapidly and no more damage from this
source ia apprehended. Telegraph communication, which for a time was interrupted ln every direction, haa beeu
restored. The weather bureau predicts
clearing weather, though showers may
continue to fall for several days.
The railroad blockade has not yet
been lifted, but both the Southern Pacific and Bante Fe roads are* making
strenuous efforts to repair their Hues.
which were damaged by washouts and
land slides. Tralna are being run today
over both the Ogden and San Joaquin
Valley lines to the east, though they
aro not on regular achedule time. Tiaf.
flc on the Shasta Route Is interrupted
near Redding and regular Bervice cannot be resumed for several days. The
coast line is blocked by a landslide
at Santa Margarita, and may be tied
up for two or more days. One Overland Limited train leaving at noon today will go east by way of Fresno,
Stockton and Sacramento, making a
detour of over 600 miles. Oregon tralna
leaving tonight are not expected to get
beyond Kennett.
Railroad passengers are going from
here to Portland by steamer, transportation being supplied by the railroad
companies. Thirteen delayed overland
tralna are expected to arrive here
Two Dying *n4 Many Injured In Colli-
���Ian  In  Datroit.
Detroit, March 22.���Two persons
were fatally Injured and nine others, all
girls, were more or less seriously hurt
today, when a atreet car waa struck at
the Fourteenth avenue crossing by a
Michigan Central Railway train. The
fatally Injured are: James C. Smith,
age 66, Detroit; Miss Charlotte Martin,
Mason City, Mich. There were 22 passengers upon the ear, a majority of
them working girls. The ear got paat
Ihe gates before the train was sighted.
Tho view waa obstructed and the engineer did not see the street car until
within 76 feet of it. He was unabl-j to
stop the train aod the engine struck the
car in the middle, splitting lt in two
and hurling the wreckage a dlstanc? of
60 feet. A few of the passengers
jumped and escaped injury. Others
were thrown Into a heap among the
wreckage. Engineer Smith was taken
from the wreckage with his skull fractured and other Injuries about his head
which will prove fatal. Miss Martin
was Injured Internally. Tha others sustained cuts and bruises.
Bill lo bt Introduced Establishing Penny Poatage.
Melbourne, March 22.���The federal
government has decided to introduce a
blli during the next session of parliament estab'lshlng a two-cent-rat-" of
[vwtage on letters, not only throughout
Australia, but with all parts of the
British Empire and all foreign countries that will deliver two-cent letters
from Australia.
Qrand  National,
Liverpool, March 22.���Tho Grand National Steeplechase of 30,000 sovereigns
for five year olds and upward, about
four miles, waa won today by Stanley
Howard's Eremon. Tom Weat was second and Patlander third. Twenty-three
horses started. Eremon made all the
running and won by six lengths. The
betting was 8 to 1 against Eremon, 100
to 6 against Tom West, and 60 to 1
against Patlander,
Who Won?
London, March 22.���The annual Oxford-Cambridge Held sports took place
at the Queen's Club here this afternoon.
No fewer than (even Rhodes scholars
were among the Oxonian competitors,
Including P. M. Young, of South Dakota, In the long and high jumps, blth
of which ho won laat year.    Albert M.
Stnvens, of Yelp, In the hammer throw-
lug; W. E . Schutt, of Cornell, in the
balf-mlle run; and W. W. Thayor, of
Harvard. P. M. Young won tho long
lump, dlatance, 22 feet, 4 inches.
Mr and Mra. J. Laing Stocks Baok from
Scotland after Long Visit.
J. Laing Blocks and Mrs. Stocks returned laat evening from a visit to
Klrkaldy, Scotland. Mr. Stocks left Nelson a few weeks before Christmas, and
most of the time since haa heen spent
visiting his mother at Kirkcaldy. She ta
now 88 yeara of age and anjoyed the
visit of Mr. and Mrs. Stocks exceedingly. Mr. Stocks was pleased to note
that the people In the old land are getting a better Idea of this country than
they had when be last visited Scotland,
six years ago. and It will not be his
fault If they do not know more about
British Columbia than thoy did three
or four months ago. He bad prepared
several picture alleles ot Kootenay fruit
and delivered two lectures on the fruitgrowing possibilities Of the interior���
one at 'Kirkcaldy and the other as Glasgow. As a result of these lectures Mr.
Stocks was besieged with Inquiries regarding the Interior of British Columbia and Its future from a fruit-producing point of view. One man, who had
a son who contemplated coming out
here to engage In the grult growing,
travelled 26 miles ln an automobile to
get all the Information he could on the
subject. This Is only one of the many
instances that came under the observation of Mr. Stocks' which Induced the
conclusion that there will be many new
settlers from Ue old country within the
next year. On the boat coming out
were a great number who were going to
the Northwest to lake up land. Mr.
and Mrs. eureka enjoyed their visit
very much, twit -Sre delighted to get
back to the Kootenays.
Paaaant'a Rising in Roumania Grows ta
Serious Proportions.
Vienna, March 22.���According to the
news received today in Budapest from
Moldavia, the peasant movement. In
Roumania Is spreading. The town of
Doroger haa been sacked and burned by
the peasant*, the Inhabitants were co-m-
compolled to fl-ae for their lives. At Cu-
ctttenl, where many Hungarians live, a
light occurred between the Hungarian
and Roumanian Inhabitants; four Hungarians are reported killed and 30
wounded. Fourteen peasants were
killed In a collision with troop* at Bel-
g-estte. while tn Fokeahanutb tha people
are in revolt agalnat tbe authorities.
The village of Soluee waa destroyed by
peasant rioter*. The fat* of the Inhabitants 1* not known.
Thaw Trial  Postponed   While  Justice
Fitzgerald Consider* Affidavit*
for Btat* and Defence.
New Lork, March 22.���The ��tatun of
tbe Thaw caae, now that District Attorney Jerome has furnlahed Justice
Fitzgerald with affidavits of aeven alienists who substantiate his expressed
opinion that the prisoner ls Insane and
Incapable of consulting bis counsel as
to hie defence against the charge of
having murdered Stanford White Is
this: By 2 o'clock tomorrow the attorneys for the defence must file affidavits answering Mr. Jerome's assertion and his uflldavits. The district attorney has not formally moved the appointment of a commission to examine
Into Thaw's present menta' condition
but has left It to the consclunce of tho
court, as he expressed It on Wednesday,
to decide whether the caae should go to
the jury, so Justice Fitzgerald will consider the affidavits submitted by each
side and Inform the counsel when to appear ln court to hear his decision. He
may more than weigh the contents of
the affidavits, for he may call for moro
evidence before he makes up his mind
what procedure Is advisable. In particular he may seek the opinion of Dr.
Allan McLean Hamilton, the alienist,
who, when called to the stand by the
defence on Wednesday, evoked District
Attorney Jerome's statement se to
Thaw's mental state, and brought about
the present condition of the case.
Should Justice Fitsgerald do this, the
defence is certain to strive to exclude
Dr. Hamilton's testimony on the
grounds of professional privilege, ln
which he was engaged by the defence
to examine Thaw, and did so shortly
after White's tragic death. In all this
the jury will have no part, although lt
wob excused yesterday to (uppeui In
court this morning. This, however, will
be a formality and tt is certain that It
will again be excused until
decided whether Thaw mui
an examination as to his ssi
Notwithstanding Jerome's
Thaw iB a paranoiac and thi
tive opinions of the state's
he is practically incurably
defense will make a deteri
to combat the appointment of a lunacy
commission or his going to an asylum.
His Ave lawyers (net at th* ofllce of
Mr. Delmas ln the Equitable building
���ast night.
Women Suffrages' Silly
Small Group of Lady Agitators Annoy
Authorities and Continue to
Amuse British Public.
"Piccadilly," ln the San Francisco
Argonaat, gives the following account
of tbe English suflraglsts' raid on the
"The invading forces sent an advance
guard of two hundred women, headed
by Mrs. DeBpard, who is the slater of
General French, the well-known cavalry
leader. They sang as they went, and
the nature of their melody may be
judged from a single verse:
Uinu up, women!  for the tight Is hard
and long;
Rise in thousands, singing loud a battle
song. <
Right is might, and in Its strength we
shall be strong,
And the cause goes marching on.
Glory, glory, hallelujah!
Glory, glory, halleujah!
Glory, glory, hallenjah!
But the cause goes marching on.
On arriving at Westminster the women were warned by the police, but
they disregarded the admonition to go
home and behave themselves. The police tried to disperse them and failed.
Then some mounted men forced their
way through and through tbe demonstrators, breaking them up, and trying
to scatter them, but the women simply
dodged the horses and re-formed still
nearer to tbelr goal. Then at laat and
when everything else had failed, tbe
police laid forcible hand upon the reformers, dragging them back Into tbe
road and throwing them about with
some violence. Mrs. Despard -was the
flrst to be arrested, and she at least can
have no complaint, as It was the desire
of her hesrt to be a martyr to the cause,
and she had been grievously disappointed upon the occasion of the previous
raid. Altogether about fifty were arrested amid scenes of Indescribable confusion, and from the throng of many
thousands of persons who bad been attracted by so extraordinary a scene.
Some of the prisoners submitted with a
good grace. Othere were Indignant, defiant, or sarcastic. "Tak, tbs 'ands off
me," cried one sturdy lady from Lancashire. " Ah dunna want to be touched by such Angers a* thine. Another
captive Bald, "Vou lay a hand on a
woman and, mark my words, It'll come
back to you some day," Others shouted
"Cowards, to strike a woman!" The
police upon ooeaslona showed a marked
facility for repartee. Ono defiant little
lady was advised to go home to her
mother and learn to darn socks, but as
a rule tbe arguments were more forcible. At least seven women received
bruises, some of them severe.
"Tbe scene at the police court In the
morning was an Interesting one. Mrs.
Chatterton refused to stand up on the
ground that she was tired, and the magistrate judiciously excused her, but ss
she refused to withdraw when her case
wbb put back, she had to be carried out
bodily by a burly policeman, murmuring as she waa carried away, "Thin is
just lovely." Miss Seruya, a graceful
young lady, openly chuckled at the grim
policeman wbo testified that Bhe had
Biruck him with ber clinched list.
"What?" said Miss Seruya. "I only
struck you with this mult, although It
certainly did have a book Inside It."
"It seemed like a clinched fist," exclaimed the magistrate; "twenty shillings or fourteen days." "Oh, the fourteen days, of course," remarked the defendant sweetly, as she stepped off to the
coveted martyrdom. Miss Olivia Smith
was equally amusing. She waa accused
of "pushing and shoving about," and In
her defense she said, "I had already
shoved one horse off the footpath, and
the policeman said, 'There's another
there; go and shove that'; so not liking
to disobey I went and did ao." Forty
shillings or a month for her. Mrs.
Sanders, the delicate and fragile wife
of Alderman Sanders, was accused of
striking a burly policeman, and convulsed the court by tenderly enquiring
of tlle aggrieved minion of tbe law lf
she had hurt him. The majority of the
defendants were fined twenty shillings
or fourteen days; half a dozen were
asked to pay forty shillings! or go to
prison for a month, while a few escaped with a fine of ten shillings or seven
days In durance vile. All the prisoners,
with the exception of two, elected to
go to prison snd were duly removed to
Hallowsy gaol, where their sufferings
will not be very scute In view of the
welcome and demonstration that will
-certainty attend their release- It will
lie a long time before tbo women's raid
upon the houso of common? Is forgotten, even If It is not repeated, as it
most probably will be."
typewriting contest at tbe Coliseum.
laat night won tbe championship for
the third time, winning permanenilly
tho silver cup offered snd breaking the
world's record for -copying dictation
from shorthand notes. The record she
established laat night was 2,440 words
In 30 minutes. Tbla Is 200 words better than her last record, which she
made a year ago at the contest held at
Madison Square Oarden, New York.
Fund   to    Purehaa*    Homestead    ef
the Inventor.
Ottawa, March 22.���A deputation
from Brantford which Interviewed the
premier in behalf of a grant ot 110,000
towards the erection of a $40,000 memorial to Graham Bell, Inventor of tbe
telephone, was assured of Sir Wilfrid
Laurier.s personal favor toward tbe
project and tbat tbe matter would be
reported to the council. The telephone,
ho said, was one of tbe greatest inventions of lost century and the proposed
memorial to Mr. Bell was a worthy
object. Among those supporting the request were Sir John Carting. Senators
Jaffray and Melvin Jones. Twelve
thousand dollars baa already been
raised for the memorial, which Includes
the purehase of the Bell homestead In
Premier McBride Finally
Socialists VoMngSteadlly With liberals���Dr. Hall's Maiden Speech-
Compensation Act Stands.
Prloe* ef Metal*.
New York, March 22.���Sliver, 6GHc;
copper, 26c; lead, ,16.
London. March 22.���Silver, 30%d:
lead, ��19, IS*.
Real   Estate   Changing   Hand* Rapidly
and at Steadily Rising Figures-
General Net**.
(Special to Tb* Doily Canadian.)
Orand Forks, March 11.���J. W. Jones,
a pioneer contractor of this plaoe, and
who removed to Riverside, Wash., a
few months ago, arrived here yeaterday
on a buslneee trip. Mr. Jonee aays that
the greatest activity of all kinds prevails st Riverside -this spring. - The
state government Is expending oxer
11,000,000, In opening up the district:
the new southern branch of the Kettle
Valley Line Rlalway win pa** through
Riverside, and already property Is
Steadily rising In value.
Several Important real estate deals
were closed here Oils week and probably .the most Important one wo* the
purchase of the Hector Kelley proper-
S. -consisting of some lt aerea inside
e eity limit* by Peter T. McCallum,
J. P., of thi* place. It Is reported that
tbi* land brought over 1100 per acre
The chief of polices has been Instructed to notify all disorderly homes Inside
the city limits tbat they muit close on
snd after April 1st, next. An effort Is
also being made to rid the town of all
"rounders" end others not having ���1*1-
ble means of support The chlet of police hss also been Instructed that hereafter he must wear his full uniform
when on duty.
Owing to the delay ln securing long
bridge Umbers from tbe coast for the
two big bridges being built over the
Kettle river work on these structures
hss been temporarily delayed. The total
cost f the railway and the traffic
bridge will amount to about 130,000.
A Winnipeg land company has Just
closed a deal of considerable Importance to this valley, they having purchased some 6,000 acres of choice fruit
lands up the north fork of Kettle river;
the lands included ln this deal are aome
fine locations on tbe main North Fork
river, aome on Lynch creek, and some
on the east fork of the Nortii Fork
river. It ia the Intention of the vendor
company to expend many thousands of
dollars In clearing and putting this land
in shape for fruit growing.
Fast Typewriting.
Chicago,  March 22.���Miss    Rose    L.
Frits, twice winner ot the championship
Miles Csrrol, who haa been laid up
for some time from rheumatism, is
again able to be around town.
Mrs. Joseph Thompson and children
will leave for Toronto tomorrow morn
Ing, and will be absent several months
J. McDonald, who haa been In the
Home hospital since Monday night suffering from the results ot a fall from
the wharf at Kootenay landing, is now
recovering rapidly.
Percy Jaynes, who waa severely injured last February by a fall, has ao
rar recovered at to be able to walk
without the aid of erutchee and will re
turn to hla work in * few days.
The appraisers are busy going over
the stook of Taylor ft McQuarrle, recently damaged by fire. A great por
tion of the stock bas been damaged,
and nearly all the suits being made up
were ruined. It Is expected that the
Arm will be able to resume business tn
a day or two.
The report that M. DesBrlsay hsd
consented to oppose W, J. Manson In
Dewdney le denied. Tbe report went
on to say that Mr. DesBrlsay would
stand aa an Independent Consenvatlve.
which was the more surprising when It
was realised that he had voted oa a Liberal In the recent election. A* ��� matter of toot, Mr. DMBriaay is a very busy
man, and hss no dealt* to make a eon-
test for a seat that he could not possibly win.
(Speoial to The Doily Canadian.)
Victoria, March 21.���Today's session
was marked by the maiden speeches of
three new members, all of the opposition, Hall of Nelaon, Naden, of Greenwood, and Mclnnes, of Orand Forks. All
acquitted themselves creditably.
Hawthornthwalte's Eight-Hour billl
for smeltermen came up for its second
reading and was adopted unanmioualy,
the premier and .1. A. Macdonali! both
speaking in favor of it. Mr. McBride
remarked that cloeer acquaintance with
conditions ln smelters had convinced
him of the justice ot such restriction,
thst the Eight-Hour system was already
practically in force by agreement between managers and employees, and
tbat there was no longer any danger of
disturbance In Industrial conditions. He
-was, therefore, now quite prepared to
accept the bill.
Parker Williams* payment of wage*
blli waa opposed by the premier, but
supported by Ross of Fernie. J. A. Mac
donsld also declared his Intention to
rapport It
Hawthornthwaite'* Workmen'e Compensation Act amendment waa debated,
being generally opposed by the government and eupported hy the opposition.
The motion for the second reading was
defeated on division, 21-16.
Tbe Assessment Act amendment waa
then reported. Two amendment* were
defeated before the debate was adjourned.
Tomorrow's session will be devoted
to the Fair Terms -resolution by the pre-
mier, which Is looked forward to with
great Interest as it ls likely to be th*
chief field day of the session.
Protective Association Formed Loot
The public m-eettng held In the board
or trade room last night to consider
step* to be taken for the preservation
of game In Kootenay, resulted in the reorganisation of tbe Kootenay Game Protective Association, with C. W. Busk,
president; J. Johnstone, vice-president;
W. F. Mawdsley .secretary-treasurer;
and Rev. F. H. Graham, C. D. Block-
wood. F. F. Fletcher. C. W. Young, O.
H. Burden, W. T. Choate. W. A. Ward,
aa the executive committee.
There waa a fair attendance and keen
discussion on many suggestions.
Proposals to recommend the imposition of gun and guide licenses, nonresident fishing license, a longer closed
season for grouse, were disapproved.
Among the recommendations approved, the chlet were that Kaslo, Slocan and Ymir be recognised as organ-
lied districts; that tbe present game
laws be amended by the fixing of a
fairly high minimum penalty, and
strictly enforced; that flab hatcheries
be established on Kootenay; that a license of 160 be collected from sll nonresident trappers; that a bounty on certain birds and beasts of 'prey, bowks,
owls and skunks, be offered.
Seattle Steamer Wreck-id.
Seattle, March U.���The steamship
Northwestern, formerly th* Orisoba, of
the Ward Lin* on the Atlantic, lies a
wreck on the south end ot Latouche
Island, on the southwestern coast of
Alaaka. The vessel will be a total loo*
as she lies In an exposed condition. The
Northwestern sailed trom Seattle
March 10th, and reached Valdes flv*
days later, going to Seward.
Wednesday she sailed from Seward
for Valdex enrout to Seattle and woo
wrecked yeaterday afternoon.
Expect 100.000 Immigrants.
Ottawa, March 22.���Thc outlook for
a large number of Immigrants this ysar
Is exceedingly bright. Department or
Immigration officials soy that they expect about 300,000 during the season.
All the accommodation In the steamer*
la taken for some time io come.
Debility and Suicide.
Chicago, March 22.���Louis Chalde-
scott, secretary and treasurer of th*
National Cycle Co., committed suicide
today by shooting himself through the
head. He suffered from nervon*
No Fooling There.
London, March 22.���Horace O. Ray
nor, who, on January Mth. shot aad
killed William Whltaly, of Weetbourn*,
wis tried today, convicted and sow
fenced ta death.
���*��� ���
iiii '���
i "0-^/^-^.1 ���"'mUmm iii Mam , atay*mmmm���am\ "     ^"'     KjM=*_Mt^^mmmmMaim��mm fr,m jm
Two Cars of the Celebrated
A. B. C.
mperial Bank of Canada
Head Office:  Toronto.
CAPITAL PAID 0P....H.700,000 RKST ��4,7M,00��.
D R. WILKIE, President. HON. ROBERT .AFFRAY, Vioe-Preddeat
Braachu in British Columbia:
Deposits n--''i%��t and interest allowed current rates from dote tt epeatag at
���cs'ount, Mid compounded quarterly.
J��  M.   LAY, Manager.
The Royal Bank of Canada
Cas.i.1 j. Pesefm
Tmm Amm.
De-posits of fl.OO and upwards received at highest current rat* and Interest
paid Quarterly Instead of seml-sanually, as heretofore.
 Nelson Branch, G. A. SPINK, Manager.
Publl*h.d Hi slaj-i a .tea br It..
B-keret., Nelion. B. C.
Huoerrip-slon rates-, tm cent, a moDtb delivered
tn Use Btfir, or IS,.,. a .:.: II tent by mall, when
tmM In esi'.ince.
Adrertmnff   alej OD application.
a:i rc-.isie, paid in aetllement ol Tbe Dally
'--isidii.u as-cosiDU, either tut lubacrlptioni or
-��<sveru-:aj, muil be receipted Ior on tbe printed
lornii oi me Cumpaor. other receipt! are not
MAUCH 33. 1907.
The triumphant rcpiy of Canadian
Liberals 10 ail questions as to the loyalty of Sir Wilfrid Laurier 10 the Brit-
iiii Empire and to British ideals, has
always been to point to the way be has
been received in London, and how he
has besn praised by an almost unanim-
., t- British press. They must find a
new reply.
It is true that in 1^97 when he, as
premier uf Canada. a/t��nded the Dia-
ir.siid J'ibliee. he was received with an
enthusiasm tbat was not aroused by
an>  other colonial premier.
The reasons were, or should have
been, obrloua. It was flattering to the
vanity of the British people to receive
;i French premier of Canada; It was an
dcque.it tribute to British colonial ad-
isimis-tr.ilion and to the virtues of the
r.ice that in 150 years a conquered pes>
rile had been so thoroughly assimilated
i!ar a Frenchman whose KagUbh .:: ���n-
���niiB'akeab'.y an alien icugu i to h':u,
should rise 10 leadership In a great,
young nation. So the British at home
w -re very complacent and petted Sir
Wilfrid as they would have petted a
Hal si premier of New Zealand or a
Kaffir premier of the Cupe or Natal.
He had also list) lhe good fortune to
is vs pm a llriiish peference clause In
the Canadian tariff the fW before. The
jsli 1 wsi borrowed from Sir Charles
*rii-,.--.iT 'lbe preference was bo ar-
rung id liy Mr. K-k-ldlng as 10 be almost
worthless But John -Bull was not ln a
critical inood Ihen. 80 Mr. l-itnirler be-
-.inns' Sir Wilfrid, and the good, h*rm-
is'Hs. Inn hopelessly Illogical people of
tlie Cobdcn Club, to show their apprecl.
_itlon of his retaining Sir John A. Mac-
Donald's protective tariff, gave hlm a
jisedul for his Hdvoeaey of free trade.
Bul many things huve huppened since
then.    Except  In moments ot national
enjoyment and enthusiasm, British
statesmen and British journalists are
keen observers. It was with pained surprise thst they saw. in 1489, that Canada was last of tbe colonies to offer aid
in tbe South African war. and that
even the offer of a mere handful of nn-
trained soldiers, who. incidentally, hail
to get their pay and all expenses from
the home government, had to be forced
on Sir Wilfrid Laurier by the Impassioned apiieal of Sir Charles Tupper to
tbe  people of Canada.
British Liberals tried to explain Sir
Wilfrid's tardiness and obvious reluctance by his extreme reverence for the
But since 1*99 there bave been two
colonial conferences. At each Mr. Chamberlain presided as colonial secretary,
and nearly ali the delegates were In
sympathy with his Ideals of Greater Britain, and of closer union among the nations of the Empire for greater prosperity and progress in peace, and greater effieieney in war.
There was but one stumbling block,
Sir Wilfrid Laurler ruder the pretence that Canada's tariff could nol be
Bubject to change, and lhat her people
were so opposed to militarism that they
could not be Induced to think of preparation for war. be refused to discuss
any practical suggestions in either direction.
Now, on Ihe eve of another conference, the enlightened English know
that that only unanimous expressions
from the colonies could avail 10 disturb the slumbers of the Little Engenders at Westminister. They know,
too, that there will be no unanimous expression from the colonies, and they
know that the only bar to unanimity Is
the narrow race bigotry of the once
petted and flattered French premier of
*   -~
. I    " -m ��� j* *
The Daily Canadian
jrcfmiu arp mel with. The la��. uh^n
finally paatttj, ivlll merely, as nil law
shou'd. make permanent une] nh! gfttory,
a condition whfch has alivad commended itself to the common s, um of
the community. Ii is worth] .jf note���
but will, of cmirse. not be not/ d. by the
parrots who still continue t-o icho thc
silly cry of CoOftervatlrQ-f.oc _il u alliance���that the j:overnm'iit refused to
pass the act. for gtxj'i raaxt n-. twice
whfle their majority was very narrow,
and their acceptance of it com-s when
Socialist opposition is as intfft etna] as
the Liberal.
In nothing is a little learning so
dangerous a thing as in political history and philosophy. It is delicious to
be told that a law restricting the hours
of labor in any occupation is preeminently a radical measure. In Great Hritain all the early measures of that na
ture were passed by Conservative ministers against the interest,and of course,
therefore, the opposition of the manufacturing class, who were Whig or Uberal to a man. A very brief glance at
the history of the lives of Canning. Peel
or Huskisson. to go no farther back.
may yield some enlightment. In Germany many such laws have been passed
at the instance ot Bismarck. The "man
of blood and iron'" would probably have
stared i fany indiscreet writer had described him as "prp-eminently a
While the lunacy commission appointed by Justice Fitzgerald is examining into Harry K. Thaw's mental condition, might it not be well to extend
lis functions and have- it report generally on the administration of criminal
Jaw in the I'nited States, and the public opinion that demands daily details
of revelations that are disgusting?
Apropos of the plea of insanity entered In Thaw's case, we are reminded
of a judge's charge in respect of a similar plea entered in a Canadian court. Sir
John Boyd was on the bench. After ex.
plaining the plea, he said to the jury:
"Gentlemen, that is the kind of insanity
lhat you and I are here to cure." The
whole story, Evelyn Thaw's life and
that of all the others concerned, and
the proceedings at the trial, are a disgrace to American law and society.
"The Conservative party with a muzzle off," our esteemed contemporary
thinks is "a good expression and likely
to stick." It will, if parroMUe repetition can make it. Such "good expressions" have been the only stock In
trade of Hritish Columbia Li!��*rals for
many years. We fall to see either wit
0/ point in the expression. The government has made many concessions
this session to both Liberals and Socialists which It refused la.st year when
It was "the r.bedienr Blave of the Socialists." The press that perH3t.s in such
nonsfnse, which is so obviously contrary to the truth, shows little respect
for  public intelligence.
The Transvaal government has decided to follow the example of Natal
and exclude Asiatics from the country.
The British government has already
disallowed such an act once in the
Transvaal, and now Lord Elgin will
have another opportunity to offend a
colony. Whether the permanent exclu*
sion of whole races from any country
is jusUfiaMe is a very large question,
and may be answered variously according to the point of view. Whether it Is
possible or not a few decades may tell.
Three-fifths of the world's population
consists of Asiatics.
We congratulate Dr. Hall on his
courage in addressing the legislature.
and his still greater courage in crossing
swords with Mr. Tatlow on a financial
question. It is to be hoped that the
good doctor will not forget the homely
i adage about discretion and valor, nor
in his great zeal overlook the fact that
hn went to Victoria primarily for a rem.
The Eighi-Hour law for smelter employees was paBBed Id the legislature
yesterday without opposition. The bill
had been defeated at two previous sessions, the first time on account of
strong representations from mine and
smelter managers that its adoption at
tfciu lijne would hamper ttu�� work of
Caaadla-ii smelters. Lattt year the mea-
sure w��s Introduced again, but In the
meantime mt-Hu*J concessions bad been
made by tbe managers and men, relations were harmonious and the government thought lt Inexpedient U disturb
those conditions,   This year no such oh
Justice 3rewer of the I'nited States
supreme court is the beBt speechmaker
among the nine members of thut distinguished body-
Joseph Mannettl. recently re-elected
Lord Mayor of Dublin, haH sat In parliament tidnce 1900. He is the son of an
Italian modeler and was educated in
Dublin. Mayor Mannettl is in his 57th
It has become known that M. Clemenceau, the French premier, wrote a play
many years ago that was never produced. This play is entitled "The Veil
of HappineBs," and arrangements have-
now been made to present it during the
forthcoming spring.
The Empress of Japan has been reading some European plays, and ��he does
not like them. She considers that they
deal with forbidden subjects and must
lead to dangerous meditations. The
freedom   with   which   women   in   them
Hall Street, Hor Sfltu.
l��eughior and pupil of I>r Torrington. director
T.r.nio College of Muair, desirea e limited
number of pupils in
Apply et residence or by wail,     hai UM.
8rr�� represent"d tt c.\pr> sslUg 'hnr
npttinSns in public, giving vent to their
moM intimate Bontlmentfl and putting
their hankerchiefs over tin-it eyes and
weeping before people, is said to strike
her as quite incomprehensible.
The French academy has elected Man
rice Dounay. the dratnitist, and the Marquis de Segug, the historian, to the
seats in the academy made vacant by
the death of Albert Sore!, the historian,
and Edmund Hotnsse, who was counsel
lor the Communists in 1S71
The visit of Alexis Alladin is attracting much attention among the Russians
of New York City. Alladin will make a
tour of America, making speeches in (>������.
half of freedom tor his native land- Ho
will speak both at Harvard and Yale,
Although born a peasant, he has received a liberal education, having studied at the university of Kazan Hi
founded 'he group of toil in the late
Douma, but fs prevented hy the government from re-election.
The Danish minister of agriculture.
Ole Hansen, is one of the most i>opuIar
and democratic of the public men of his
country. His daughter, desiring to leiim
practical housekeeping, decided, with
hei father's consent, to start at the
bottom of the 'adder. Therefore, she
went to Berlin and took a position as
cook at a mexje^t stipend at the home
of a small government employee. Her
employer for a long time had no suspicion that her cook was a daughter of a
minister of the state.
Many times did the German emperor
press the title of prince upon Herr von
Billow before th*- latter would accept.
The statesman wanted the title, hut
could not afford to live up to It. Of this
the kaiser knew nothing, of course. At
length, about eighteen months ago. a
relative of Von Bulow died, leaving him
ll.35u.000. A Ww days later he showed
the kaiser a legal notification of his
good fortune. "So that was the reason
������my prince." he said, laying stress on
the title. '"Whv did vou not sav so before."
A collection of all the Latest
Shapes and Sizes.   A free
smoking and most satisfactory pipe.
Tobacconist.   Baker Strut.
Htxtr dtys afu-r date I :���:���..*u i to tppiy to (be
Hon tbe L'Mef ���"'.���:!���.::. :������-:. tri-vf of LAO-la and
Worki, Vu-iorlft Sk pu't-lia e ttie Mluwliig Jt-
M-Tltx-d is*i 1 CoranifQciiig at a ;������- marked
11 H ��� - W. t-oraer, ��n.t j.;�����!,>.; ;,.-,.��� ���;,,. oorth-
��e*st PornT ot I ut -:���'-'. about une mile wt-ax ot
Slocsn rirer, and running eut -i < etiatna to Lot
381. tbenrcnor'h iOftiaini, tnence we*t*JC*haltm,
tbeuce .->���,.:. 4   cbaina to place ol beginning
Marub 91b, 1SVT. Miuu Ilicrg,
Pari Har-CK, Agent.
S:itT daji after 'late I intend to apply to tbe
Honorable tbe Chief CommKitoner of Landiand
Worki, Victoria, to pur<*b��ie tbu following
deacrlbed laDd-�� In weat Koolenar diitrict:
roramenclng at a pott planted at lbe S E. coi ner
of Wm. Lovett'* purcnaae L7696 and marked
"E. U. B'l N.E corner," and running eO_th 60
rhaim, tbence went 40 chaini. (hence north 60
cbalni. tbence eait 40 cbalm to place of beginning and conut'ilng 'J40 acrei.
March Mb  Iir:, ��. M.Bhav,
J.E. .A *���-.-_, mli Agent
Siity dayi ��fter date I .utend to apply to tbe
Hon the Chief'"ommWlonerof I-andnand Worki
Victoria, to purchaK'MU ������>���/���>.-�� of land In W eut
Kootenav dlitrttt: Commencing at a i-***t
planted about o niiM from the month of mea
quitncre k and abmu one mite w��--*t of the wild
creek and trarKt-d I'H. H. B'lU.W i-rnner " and
rnDnfng north 80 ehalnn, ihence eul m chaini.
thenc- south ** t-hainc, the_.ee wcm W'cbalm to
plae* of t-eglnnlnK.
March iKh, 1KT7. It. ft. rook,
J. E. Ajcnarlk, Agent,
Blity days after date I intend tn apply to the
Hon. the Chief t/ommliiioner of L*nd��and Worki
Victoria, r! '.' , to purcbaie IS) acres of land
iltuate In Fire Valley, Weat Kootenay, and deacrlbed aa followi: Commencing at the nortbeaat
corner of Let *%t&_ and running north 60 chalm.
ihence eait 20 chaini, tbence foutb 60cbatm,
tbence weit 20 chains to place of beginning.
March 4th, 1907. W  W, Bkidliy,
J. I. Asfkhir. Agent.
Sixty dari after date I intend to apply to tne
Hon Chief Commissioner of Landi and Works.
Victoria, to purchase 4fl0 acrei of land. In Flre
Valley, West Kootenay. and dea��rlt>ed as follows:
Commencing at a post planted at Walter Hulls
northweit corner and markel A. 8's i*. E. corner,
and running north 60 chains, tbence west <<
chains, tbence south to chains, tbence east Vi
cbalm to place of beginning, and being part of
���Sections N and hi In Township 71 and a portion
of Section* 1 and 2 In Township W, Group 1.
March Sth, 1WL a. ��trn.
i. 1. Akvablk, Agent.
Slxtv days after date I Intend to apply to the
Hon. cblefCommlsiloner of Lands and Works,
Victoria, B. C, to purchase J40 acres of land, in
Eire Valley, diwribed ai *ol ows: Commencing
��� t a post planted J) cbains west of Walter Bull's
���T. Vt. corner and marked J. W Holmes' Jr. N. E.
comer p�� it. and running routb �� chains, thence
m est 60 chains, thence north 40 chains, thence
east 60 cbaioa to plsc�� of Deglnnlng. and being a
portion of Section ai, Township 71, West Kootenay.
March Oth, 1S0T J. W. Holmks, Jr.
J. E. AKKADLS, Acikt.
Sixty days after date i Intend to apply to the
Honorahle tbe Chief Commlaaioner Of Undi and
Worka, Victoria, to purebaae 640 acres of land
situated on the weat aide ot Arrow lake, and described ai follows: Commencing at a post marked J. H's N. E eorner and placed at tbesouth-
wwt corner of Lot 76M, Orcupl. W'est Kootenay.
and running west W cbains, thence south 80
chains, tbence eait W cbalm to tbe akesboi*
tbence north along the lake to place of beginning
March lib, 1W7. 3 Haiohi,
J.E. Axkadls, Agent.
Sixty dayi after date I Intend to apply to lbe
Honorable tbe Chief Commlsijoner of Lands and
Works, Victoria, to purebaae W acrea of land
located on the weat aide ol Arrow Itke and de.
de'-rlt,". as follows: Commencing ���> a poat
marked ? A's N. E. corner, tnd planted 40chains
BO'th of the aouthwest corner 0/ Lot 7104, '.roup
1, West Kooenay tnd running eo-utb 40 chains,
then*** west 20 chains, tbence north 40 chains
thence east V) chains to place of beginning
March llth, 19VT p. awhu,
J. K AniilM, Agent.
Six'y days after date 1 intend to apply to Uie
Hon. Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works,
Victoria, to purebaae sai acres of land In West
Kootenay, described aa follows: Commencing
at a post plmtad up Mosquito creek, about eight
miles from the mouth and marked E Cross' H W.
corner, thaac* nori" go chaloi, thence 40 chains
���mat thU'-a Wi chain* south, thenc* 40 chains
w��t to pUi-e of beglnolug
Feb i-.tb  vtn t.Cmtm.
i. E ANhaai-i, Agent
New Spring
Dry Goods
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Notice Is hercliy given trial two months after
date ue intend to apply to the Chief icramii-
niuner of Unds and Wiirke for a lease of all tbat
-���*���)'. being the foreshore adjoining the Canadisn
Taciflc Railway Shipyard on the west, part Of
f��t MA, group 1, ana being on thc south shore
of the west arm of Kootenay Lake, In the dls-
rlct of Kootenay: Commencing at the southerly corner of lot 70W. group 1; thence alung the
soutn westerly boundary of lot 70W and the extension thereof. In a north westerly direction, a
distance of 4& feet; lbence at right ancles to
said boundary In a south westerly direction, a
distance of 31S feet, more or lesa. to the north
easterly boundary oi the City 1'ark, continued;
theuce parallel to aald westerly boundary of lot
'OM, in a soutb easterly direction, a dlsuaOd of
SOU feet, moreor leas, to the northerly boundary
of lotttlj thence following the northerly boundary of lot -> \ _ ij- ��� north easterly direction to the
point of commencement, the area being 3.34
aires, more or leas.
Dated this 7tb day of January, A.D., IW..
60 dayn after date 1 Intend to apply to tbe Honorable the Chief Commissioner of Landi and
Works, to purchase 37u acres of land: Commencing at a )������ it marked U. VV. H N, E. oorner
post and planted on the weat shore of Arrow
lake adjoining Lot 373 on the south side of said
Lot, theuce ��H" chalna along tho -southern
boundary of L>>( 373; thence soutb -i1* '*.' chains:
tbence east B chains more or leaa to lake ibore;
:;,'���..* north aloug lake shore to i ��< c of beginning.
Dated Mb day of Not. IMS.
(i��o. YV.Html,
J. K. AMxagt-i. Agent.
Sixty days after date I intend to appir to the
Hon. Ch..' Commissioner of L��udi auo Worki,
Victoria, to purehaae :���*.< acres of land located in
Eire Valley being part of HwillOIII Three and
Four, Township fy, an<l dewnbed aa followi;
Commenciug at a poat planted at W'UHam
Williams' tf. Vi. corner, and maraed "B. K. W'i
N. K. corner," and running 40 chalm weat,
thence A) chaini aouth, thence X cbalni east,
thence �� chains aouth, thence 20 chains eaat,
thence GO chains not tb to place of beginning.
Norember 23rd, 1906 Koaa E WiLUaMl,
J. E. Asr-Au:*. Agent,
Notice is herebr giren tbat 60 davs alter date I
Intend to apply to the Hou the Chief Commlaaioner of Undi and Worki, Victoria, for per
I*.:**-::, to purebaae the following described
land; Commencing at a poet at the intersection
ol the south boundary of lot &tt, and east
boundary of "(.olden Queen" mineral claim,
thenct* east 19.Fr5 chains, mor* or leas, to southeast corner post of lot &283, thence north .*-*
chain*, more or Wea. to northeast corner pott of
��� ���.-::,* ij. . .-��m tn chains to the aoutheast
corner post of lot 'ibiS, tbence south 4 chains,
lbence west 60 chains, more or leaa tothe east
boundary oi the "Uoldeu yueen" mtueral claim,
:;.��� ,s ������ along east boundary "Golden Queen"
mlaeral claim to point of cVmmenceoient. lu
cbaius, more or leu
Nelson, B.C., March 13, \<*T,.
JOH.N i lUHMu.v,
Per Ws   iollijiotok. Ageut.
Notice Is hereby given that 60 daya after date I
Intend to applv to the Hon. (hief < onunliwiooer
of Lands ano Worki for permission to purr-titee
the following deacrlbed lands, situate Id W��si
Kootenav district: Commencing at a post marked J. L. Porters N. W. corner, theuce aoolh U
chalna, following the eastern twundar) of H.
Selous'application to purchase; theofeeaatMi
''hains; thence north *�� chains: tbence west -*u
chains to point of conimcuceinent, containing
3/0 acre* more or less.
Dated this lllh dayof March, 1W7.
J. L. PotTgg.
Blxtv 'lari afler date I mtend to applv to the
Bon. Chief Coinmla-loner nf Lands ano Worki
for permission to pun-bare tbe following de-
tcMbci proprty Uimw msrk-o "9 M B.B,
cor-.er,' tbeut**40t*hatn�� north lboHM40eboftll
weft.'hence rO chains aoutb, ihence 40 chains
east tn po nt t f i-fiinmenceiiient, a relocation of
the abandoned pre emptlou 72�� ol W (' Knapp
and l* the east half ol the uorthwi-st <|ii��rter,
aod ih��* west half of the northeast q-u-trter of
HOU00 7, township Tu Weet Kooloau nistrict, on
the west shore of the lower Arrow lakes, containing lUn acres, more or less.
March 1st, IX". Ggoioa Milto*,
M. R. HoQDAmsj Agent.
Notice is bcreny given that sixty dayi afterdate
I Intend to applv tothe Hon Chief (Ommlaaioner of Lands and Works for the right to purehaae the following described landi: ('ommenclng at a post marked "M. J Cameron's
N W corner post" plauted at tbe 8.W. corner of
the K- and b. blocfc, No MB, running eaat 120
chains; thence sou h l.OtC feet, moreor leas to
the ('.PR. line, thence west 120 chalm to the
Arrow Lake; thenc north 1000 feet following
tbe shore of the Arrow Lake to the point of com
Dated tbti Jlth day of February, IM?.
M   J. Cammot,
J. M- CiMtrox, Agent-
Sixty days aft��r date 1 Intend to apply to t*t
Chief CommiMioner of Lands and Works for
permission to purchase the following described
land: r: ualed rm tbe eaat side of Arrow Lakt
In the West Kootenay district, about 5 miles
alcove Burton City, commencing at a poat planted at the northwest r-orner ot C. Bacher's purchase, tbence eatt Vi chains, thenre n nu ��u
"hains, thence west 3j chaini, thtnee aoutb 40
chami to point of commeneemvit and coutAln-
ing bu acres more or let
January *
January is. \:*r,
WLUim  fUMfft.
fclxty days after date I intend to arjdv lo tba
Hon tht ch cf Comm las io >er of ums and
Works. Victoria, to purchaie Xti acrea ofla-jd, to
Wwt Kootenay. described as follows: Con-
mencing at a post planted about I miles op
Mus'(ufto Creek from tbe moutb anil marked
"A G." h w. corner, thcnc# iouth K0 chalm,
thencecast 40 chalm, thence north Ik) chains,
thence 40 chains we��t to place of beginning
Kebmary 16tb,li��l. A.tig��HAK,
J. K, AX5ARL1. Agent.
clxty days after da'e I intgnd to apply tothe
Hon -he f hief Commisaloner of Lands and
W or ks, Victoria, to purebaae M0 acres of land, in
Vnal Ethtietmy. denrlbel at 'ollowi: Com-
mencing at a poit marked "D. B- N K, corner
aud being at the N.W. corner of A. (irahami
appliesiton to purchase which la abont H milea
up MqeqOltO Creek from the mouth ��ad running 80 chains tou'b. thenre m ibain* weat
theuce ��<c alas nor.h, tbence tu ebalna eaat lo
place of beginning. "  '
February 16tb, Wi. $   Pvetoa,
          J- E. Aa*gB4Lg, Ageuf
Slit) dayi after date I Intend to ar.ply to the
Hon the Chief Commisaloner 0f (OU and
Wo k*. Wctoria, to purehaae M0 acres of land in
West Kootenay, described aa follows; Commeu
c ug at a post plauied about eight mllei up
Mosquito creek and Joining K. Qnfi? appllcatlot
to purchase, and markecTC. Mi H �� corner
��� bene* north HO chalui, tbence west M cbalni
thence aonth 80 ehaim, Ihenc* east M chaltl |S
p'ace of beginning.
Fab. Mtb. IW. c. IfAMBAU
                J. I   AXNagLI,
Hfxty <iayaaft#r date I Intend to AM* to tba
Hoo. the Chief Coromissioner of UMI i__
WorkaMctoria, B C��� to purchase ��7 acre! M
West Kootenay, and described M follows "om
raenc-u, ata post marked R r, H %. ^t\i% ffl
RS a the sou-hwei, eorn.r of & SSSrSS
k_K ru.'in,0E __$__ **" ebalna, th.ocaw.af *
cha ni,  thrnee wuth 40 ehalns   tk��_M��i!t 5
"**fc,!T [ Bor8��aar,
The Hall Mining and
Company, Limited.
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry)
Special for Camp and Hotel I
Heavy Hams'
The Very Best of Canadian
P. Burns & Co., Lti|
Nelwm, Kaslo, Rowland and Boond*ry.
Notice is hereby given that 10 dare attar data I
Intend toapply to the Honorabl. the Chief '..m
mlssloner of Lands and Worka for permUaloo
to purchase 2W acre, of land, altuate on the Llttl.
Moyle river about 1 mil. from International
Boundary and abont 1 mil. from Hpokao. International Ky.: Commencing at a poat marked
I��. '-real's B. K. corner po*t, thenc weat ��0
chains; Ihence nortb -to chains; tbeoe. Mat ID
chaloi; theoce nonh JV chains, thenc. eaat 40
chaini; thence .outh 40 chalna to place of com*
-vneement. containing p*
Located Oct. 80th inf.
meneement, containing _H0 acre, of land.
DaWlII, Gfcalff.
Hilly dayaafterdate 1 purpoae making application to ibe Honorable the Chief ComalMloorr
of Lands and Worka for permlaalon to pui-v-baae
tb. follow ih dc*crlh��d laad: Commencing at
a post piaeed at the H. W coroer of Lot ttOO and
marked "F O. r.'a'* M. W. corner, thence follow-
log tbe aouthern boundary Lot 6000. 46 ehalna
more or leaa eaat to tb. weat boundary of Lot
ttol, thence following aame aoutb an chaini to
the north boundary of Lot 6MM; thenc aboot 70
chains weat along aald bonndary to th. lake
��� bore; tbence north to chaini more or le�� following the lake ihore to point of commeoc-
int nt. containing 31" aeres more or lesa
I'ated Decmber I7th, IWI.
t. (i Tki-jrin.
Htzty days after date I Inteod to apply to lb.
Honorable the Chief Commlaaioner of Unds and
work* for Mrmlaalon to purebaae the following
ducrlbed landa In Koot.nar dlatrlct: Con*
menelog at a poat marked J. B Annable'i northeait coroer onat, aald pnat being oo tb. south
sld. of tbe Lower Arrow lake, about two milea
below Hurton City; tbeoc south �� cbalni;
thenc wett 30 chains; tbeoc aouth ��chains;
thence west 90 cbatoa; tbeoc north 13 chalna
and 20 links, more or leaa to.the lake thor*;
thenc easterly along lake40cbalns, more er leaa,
to tbe place of beginning, containing 106 acre*.
more or leai.
Dated tbla 5th day of Nov ember, im.
J. ��. AmugLi,
per K. I. BrgntT. Ag.-ni.
BUty days after date I intend to apply to th.
Chief Commliaiooer of Unda and Works fof
permission to purebaae the folio*.Ing described
lands in Kootenay District, about thrc-uuartera
of m'le from Thrum's sidUg:   Commencing at a
rt placed at th. B. W. eorn.r of L -SM. group
, ���**-1 Kootenay Dlatrlct; tbeuce westerly
following the north boundarv of L cv�� ��
cbains; thane north W chalna; thence msi 40
ehains. moreor lea., to lb. K W oorwr of
iam: thenc aoulh following th. weal boundary
of LGU8 10 chains, more or It*a. lo plac of eotn-
mf^*B,al* wbUIuIm 40 acre, mor. or loaa
D��t*d tbla lib day uflter��iBb.r  IM.
H H Pirn. Looolor.
Nolle is oer��h*f % iven thai Wi dayi after data I
liteudtoapply to ibe Moo. lha Chief CoumU-
itotier (j Unds and Worka VieiorU, B,C , for
permission to purchase the followlug d.��erlb��d
lands In  WMt Kootanay district:   Commencing
2et a poet planted ai the aouthwoai eorner of lot
ul. group l.aud ruoulO. JO chains to tha south-
Jt corner nf lot TVO. group I, ti en In ao eaatcr-
r direction 3D ebaini, thto nortb �� ehalna,
then west �� chains to point of commancm.nt,
fnntaining_io acres mnra or len. ��W*
���LocatedTebrmry lltbJWT.
Philip W*di, Loentor.
Notie Is bereby given ::.��:��������*
date I Intend to maW s;���;*.."��_. ^^2
able Chief' u::iril";**:r*: u' * Smtt
Victoria. B. i'.for permlsiloi'iMdaL
lowing descrlbt4   land, c:*,Jfl *^l
W��at  Kooteoay dlstrlrt: ' mtv.i
plauied at tbe aoulhwt-atefgrg;*
Inaou's pre-empth'U, markrtiUilJ
poat,  Ihenc th chains *i**\ iuwi
nortb, tbentT 40 chalnse��At��lMrf
northweat corner, th-i.i ��� mn-xu
ot cummencment, contAiiuu Wt
IMS. m
Datod this 23rd day ��f Xoi.,1* J
Aodars after date ' inteodmspttiJ
Chief Commissionerof Landi id Ml
torla, topurchas. 240 acres ot eta
Flre Valley and being a [*mm ta
aod 16 1oTownsblpMan<UrsrnMM
Commencing al a p-nt piaai^itlifl
corner of tha southeast .-.weta
Township fit aod markeo J. G. IU
tbence north 40 chains; tlieortmlf
thenee south 40 chains; tbtcot MM
placoof beginning
November Anl 1*4.
J. E. An
_  dan af���
Hon. Chief Commissioner o! UsOM
Victoria, to pnrekase W acres of km
milts b-iow  Burton Cjty, ff-wtW
taenclng at a prat marked   ���' ���*��� ���*-'
corner poat." said |-xt l*liif *t__\\\
of an island weit of I��t M-C.snd**M
(aod conlalnH  In uld iilanri.WiH
mile In an easterly and wNierlT��r
aboul *> cba Ins from nortb to so��  m
NoTemberlltb, IM J "t
J _. Amntllat
Slaty'lavs afterdate I ir.lti.iva,
Bon. Chief Commissioner of lafl**
Victoria, to purchase l**<'"���0,���-
oa tbe west side of Arrow laSrindi"*]
ftortb of Lot 7W4: Commcnciaf si��F
ftt tb. ti. K corner of k�� Wl *** M*a
B.  ���   v*ornar," and  runnlnn ttoiesm
thenc  WMt 20 chains, thence |H
thenc west �� MtlM theuce __\M
theuee est ������� ehtita* tt*mMa_**J~
Nov. Htb, I��C. "M
J. tl. Ast Atite
Notice la hertby given 'b"*1*.,1!",
date  I intend   to app'T It 9* _f_\
Chlet Commisaloner of UMMgl
t��rmlaak>n  to purchase tht*  _f_______\
Undi situated in the ��>si uf&m
Commeuelng at a poll msriri ���!
weal corner, and north w A gJaM
mhtte claim, on Hani Cjrt�� __M
chain*; thenc east H chains. LOTM
chains; thenc20 chatm wm. IIBM
m.DCment. conuinlng 40 ecr��, ��w ���
Dtcmber-X), YS* M^irl**!
BlJttrdayi after JiU Uffc'Sl
blef Commiasioner of Und* m 53
locate-J ik t
Nolle, li hereby given that alxty dayi after
(ommisiionerofUndiand Worka for MiaajT
��� on to purcbaa. tb. following dwrlbrt fcjS
sltu.wd In tb. WMt Kootenaj M_____t m\K
mencing at a poit planted at tkftW ��' oornir
of   L,   l'ort.n'a    pra-emp-.u.n,"   ud    runnlnn
bencwe,t40ehaloai tbenoe north 40 SS��
to plac or comuiencmant, .-..nuii U*.u I40arrei
nior. or l>jss '
l>ae$ntet 'Mt. IM.
-   a 1fi*T '��������������. l*eelet.
tt. a   Mcgmjjg, Agent.
Nolle la hereby given that to days alter date I
VWloaarof Unds aod Worba for permlulon to
Kfflffg* to������i���� "WW Coda: cS^
"HS,�� �� P��i ?__t_\ ��0 ekalna weil of th.
t0JJ!ti*lt.ei,r0M *���'"��! Wt, marked ��E. A. Bell'i
RSS7SL ?2rD_'* th��DP�� �����u*'> to chftloai
bene. *aat 30 chains,  ibenc north �� cha na
winuining 40 acres, moreor lau. 7
Ucatod thtafltb dayof Hot., IM.   t.A.Biu.
Notlo. li hereby niT.n that to daya alter date I
nwnd to .poly to ij. Hon. Chlof CoiiS3ob3o1
I'ssls.ns.l (���, ej, ll||��� ���mk. nuiVMoiTi.
m>n.lB(�� ��� poalmirkM '���'SiirJ b!!*..aw
K IsffiSyaS ^a��2,s.,h_.Bi
ebss\M 640 sk ... ,,( IauS
Lake, ff-Mt fTrwIfmtS *"* < ,��*
fl.nt.a  .1  it, if*. SSUUEb
we,t��)r-,��liu,*lheiK�� ���"��r",."lr.,    ]
\.is Mtb sl.) ol beeetnlt'.jrg,
til sl.v. .f��r d.l* I tamtM_M&
CkhsK'ommlulonprol ___}!*__. ttt
ehme MO htm ol ��nsl lof����J _I_M
lit p_n ol Bwlion.�� tat 1�� j;",'* ,_
m.rk."i r. ve. 1. s. aoofJ"J__$}_*
thenoa -��MnorL��lni;lh'-n'*' ��HM
lhisn<s..M140s'bilni; IW"""
I,l��,*f of Iss'tdlssslilK
Ni.H'mlnr-arsI I��*.
Noilsi* ll heretiy ��l����*�� ^_v9S3|
latM.sl Ks applr lo Use ll"n-���,hi���si��l'
ol Unsl. aiid **ork; H" SsT_ffM_
lbe folls.wln-, de��orltosl _**_%__$��__
A Wiiion'a csisroer p��A pWJ" "___\
corner ol Deeliot. >5, lo*"''1' ' ����*__]
<0 s-balD,. Ibettf. ��-'��l,:f*, ,'o >'J
eham., lb/"-.', tail \____Vt_1
tsams Nov. ��, rn*'      j5-S����M*J
IakAUI br J.Maa J. Dnc.
Hf Jan. t. tOlrnt i,��P
��xtr ittt "aller dale I _f*__\_
Hon. Chief CssmmlMlonar 01 riama__
to purdsaae 1��7 arreiiMIf' '��� ' ���, i, __
poil marke.1 D. a^_*___lj3_
the N. W. corner ol 1). �� i_\"i]M:t_X
woal ,,'le ol Arrow lake abo M     ��M
n.._a.._  -i...    tl,..ti.'n lrm I*1' ' ���"*.'      ,>,#D(*1
.il.id.ol Arrow ItH't'TZ ,', V'-
Bssrlon ell,, thenre ������lfflJS, ����Jl
Vijd rbalsiss. theiss-a eassl __lSSSsM'*^
*��.. moreor leu.., ._- ���avwK'TI
l��t_J��tb da, ol *���]'��%,.*��*I
aoa... ipo
Bau-slzs __t__i_Mt__m^___*ma:_m__m.
 I fl   till
ff" -    - iiii- f
Notice to Fuel Consumers
All orders now standing on W. P. Tierney s
or our books for any amount or description of
coal must be settled for, otherwise delivery will
not be made.
Dated February i8, 1907.
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Fruit, Fuel and Poultry
Company, Limited.
Notice is hereby given that SO days after dale I
inland to applt to thc Hon. the thief (oininla
���Inner ol Lauds aud Worka,   Victoria,
mission Ui cut and carry u��av  Umber from "the
following described lands in Wi   *
lor  per-
    . from
Vest Kootenay:
1 ��� Commencing at a poet plauted about eighty
ehalns west of tbe mouth of eureka creek, where
It flue* Into Br.rii.-h cre*k. and on the north
b��uk ot Kureka creek, and marked ti. A. Laurie's
southeast corner post, theoce weat elgtvy chains,
thenc* north eighly chalus, thence east eigbty
ilialns.  thenos aoutb eighty chaloi lo point of
haled Jau .Mil. mn    (i A. Lai-ait, Locator.
It -Commencing at a post planted eaat of aud
adjoining 0 A. Laurie's loeatiou poal No. 1, aud
marked u. A. Laurie's aouthweat corner port of
ho 'i location, the' p��. east eighty chains, tbence
north elghtv chalus, theuce weat eighty ebalna,
thrure ��outb eighty cbalni to point uf vomini-u-
D-aied Jan   -_��th, 1907.   G. A. Lacmg. Lucaiur.
k. ' '..in ineiwiug ai a post planted about eighty
etialus south ot Kureka creek where It flows into
Hariu-s creek, and marked U A. Laurie's south-
��.-* corner post, on lunation t%o 8, tbence eaal
eighty chains, thence north eighty chains, iheua*
wen eighty cbains, thenre soutli eighty chain*
to point ot cointnvticement.
Dated Jan. tftb. )W7.   0. A. Ut'Bll. Looator.
4 ���Commencing at a post planted aoutb ot
and adjoining <��� A. Laurie's loeatiou No. 3, and
marked G, A, 1 an rib's northwest corner pjsv,
thence east (W chaltis, theuce south to cbaina,
thenot west go chains, tbence uortb to chain*
in iKiint ol commencement.
Dated Jan. .IStb, 100*.,   U. A. Lavaii, Locator.
I -'ommenclng at a poit planted eighty
t-Uiiii ea.it and forty chains aouth of UmmJlttn
pusi >o. 4, and marked W H. 1'age's a^th.-aeav
surnar post ot location Nu. ft, thenre <ja��t eighty
1 u:ua, tbenee north eigbty chains, ihence weak
��� ,��� -j cbaina, thenoe aouth eighty chalus to
ptilul of commencement
i'ated Jan Vtftli, 1W7.     W. H. Ysae, Locator.
t -{.'ommenclng al a poat planted south of
sad adjoining loeatiou No ,'.. and marked W. H.
Cage's northwest corner poat of location So 6,
theuce eMt eighty chains, thence iouth eli-.hty
chalus, thence west eighty chains, thence mirth
tighty chains to point of commencement.
Dated Jan. 26lb  1WT.      W. H. Pag*, Locator..
'.���Commencing at a post planted eighty
chalus oaat aod twenty chains south uf location
post No 6, and murked <i. A. Laurie's southwest
corner po*.t of location No. 7, tbence east eigbty
rhalus, tbence nortb eigbty chains, thenc. west
eighty chalna, thence aouth elguty chains to
polntof eommeucement.
Dated Jan. ��tb.)9U7.   0  A. La. mil. Locator.
fc ���Commencing at a poat planted eighty ,
chains eaat aud eighty chains south of lociiton
poat No. 1, aud marked U. A Laurie'i aoutb weat
corner post of location No. B, tbence east
eigbty chalna, ibenee north eigbty chains, tbence
west eighty chalui, theuce south elghtychalns
to point ot oommencement.
Dat .d Jan. Jtth, 1BU7.  ti. A. La mil, locator.
*.���Commencing at a post planted eigbty
chalna eaal and elghtv chalus soulb of location
No- h, and marked Q A. Laurie's toutl-west
corner of location No. **. tbence east ltOctialns,
tbence uortb to chains, Ihcnce west 180 chains,
ihence south 4u chalus to point of commencement
Dated J ah  20th, 1W7.   G. A. La vmi. Locator.
10.���Commencing at a post planted about six
mile-, down Barnen creek from tbe mouib of
hureka creek whei-e It flows InUt Barnes creek
In a southeaster'.)* direction, and narked ��� >. A.
Laurie's southwest corner post of location No.
10, tbence east eigbty chains, theuce nortb eighty
chains, tbeuce west vlghty chains, thence aoulh
eighty chains to point of commencement.
Dated Jan. Mth, fun.   U. A. Lacaii, Locator.
11.���Commencing  at  a   post   nlanted  eighty
chalna eaat of location No. 10, ana marked (1. A.
Laurie's south we-t comer poat of location No 11,
thenc. east eighty chain1*, thence north eighty
chalna, thence weat eighty chains, tbence south
eighty chains to point of eommeucement.
I'ated Jan. Mth, 1V07.   U. A. Lavkik. Locator.
i'i ���Commenciugat a post planted aouth id and ,
~a-Jj'lQ)ug htca'ion   No.  11, aud marked Vi. H   ��
Page', northwest eoruer post ot loeatiou No. 1   ;,
tbence east eighty cnalm. theuce aoutb tlgh>   y
obalns, thence weat eighty chains, ihence uon  ii
-���ighty chains to polut of couunenc-t-meut.
Datod Jan. Mth, 1907.     W. H. PaOB, U ator   .
18 -Commencing at a poat   planted   eig)   iiy
-ehalns eaat aud eiglny chalna south ot lo. at ��o
bo 12  aud marked G. a. Laurie's uorthw cat
eoruer post uf loeatlun Ko. IU, theuce cast tig Oty
��halna, Ihence aoulh elfhty ehaim, tb-iuv v r.*��i
elghlr chalna, theuce uorth eighty chaini to
polut of commencement.
Dated Jan  Mih. 1WC.   (i   A. L-UBII, 1-oea ��� >r.
14.���Commeuelng at a post planted no b of
-nnd adjoining location No. in, and being u rked
fi. A. Laurie's southwest corner post of Wh-ii iion
No 14, thence east eighty cbaina, them* 1 i.rtb
���elghtychalns. thence weat eighty cbalni, t> rnee
i��outh eighty chains to point ot comwer.cci icnt
Dated Jan. Mth, 1907.   G. A, Lauhii. t-ocm or.
15 ���Commencing at a post planted c ghlr
rhaim north ol location So. 14 and mariii B W.
II. Page's aoulbwest corner poat ol locaMo 1 No
16, thenoe **��% elghtv cbaina, tbence iDorib
���aighty chalm, thence west eigbty chalm, i)*��noe
���oulb eigbty cbaina to point of commtnci > netit.
Dated Jan. ttth, VHP.     W. II. Paoi, Locioor.
16.���Commeuelng at a post planted etahly
ch-lns eaat of location No. It, and markeii G. A.
Laurie'i southwest eoruer poat of location No.
16, thence east eigbty chaiua, tbence uorth
eighty chains, thence west eighty cbalm, thenc*
hou th eighty chaiua to point ol commencement.
boated Jan. 111, iwi".    u. a. Lathis, Locator.
17.���Commencing at a poat plauted iouth of
aud adjoining location No. 18, and marked Q. A.
Laurie 11 unrthwe-l eoruer poat of location tu,
17, thenee cent eighty ebalus, tbence south
elghtv chalus, tlience weat eighty chains, tb.nce
uorth eigbty chalm to polut ot commencement.
Dated Jan. 99tbj 1V07.   0, A. I ai nig, Locator.
W. - -Commencing at a post planted eighty
chalm uoutb of location No 17, and marked-W.
H. Page's northwest corner poat of loeatiou No.
ik, thence east eighty chalus, b nceouuth eighty
Khali.*, theuce west eighty chalui, tb.nce north
flighty chains to point of commencement.
located JaD. ��t, 1907.      W. 11. PAOft, Locator.
l'.i���Coiinaeiiciiig at a boat planted e'ghly
chains iouth of location No. It, and marked li.
A. Laurie's north wi-xt corner post ot locatHm No.
19, tbeitce ewU eighty chalus Ihenee south
eigbty chains, theuce went eighty chains, tbenoa
north e'gbty ebalns to point of commencement.
Dated Jan. 29th, IWI.   0. A  LAi'fcit, Locator.
'JO.���Commencing at a pout planted about
eighty chaiua out of the mouth uf Klght Mile
creek where it empties Into Inonoakln creek.
and on the south bank nf noMwmtereek, aod
marked (1. A-tLaurle'ii northeast corner post of
location No. 20. tbeuce aoutb 180 chatm, ihcnce
weit to chains, thence no-th IflO chaloi, tb.nce
eaat * i chains to point of eommeucement.
Dal *���.! Feb Uud, 1907.    Q, A. l.HKit, Uicator.
'il.- 'Commencing at a post plnnted forty
chat) is wesl aud eighty chains soutn of location
No. 1 j, nud marked W. H. Pace's uortbcaat cor
ow post uf location No. 21, thence west eighty
cb��j ia. thence nuth eighty chalm, tbenn cast
clgb ty chains, thence uortb eighty chains to
l-wli   t of commencement.
tM   ted Keb. 2nd, 1907.      W. H. Plot, Ixwator.
'_J -Commencing at a post planted cut of and
ad| lining location No. 20, and- marked G. A.
La* n.-'- northwest corner poat ��>( location No.
--' theoce south 100 cbains, thenc* ee*l 40 ebalus,
tb* tice north Yo cbains- theuce we it 40 chains to
its,   ut of commencement.
J  'ated Feb -'ii'i.190..    0, A. Lave.'!, Locator.
- SI.���Commencing at a post planted fortv chalna
em  a of location No. 22 aud marked 1*'- H  Page 'a
er post ot location No ��� 28, theice
i   rtbwest eorne. r���_.	
i ith lttichalnh, tbence east forty cha ins, iheuce
rth 160 ebalus, theoce weit forty chalna to
int of commencement.
Uaied Feb. Knd, 1IWJ. W H. Paob, Locator,
ii ���Commencing ata post planted lor.'y chalna
-<t and eighty chains south of locatbn* No. 2S,
d marked ti. A. Laurie's northweat corner
st of location No 24, thenoe aoutb eighty
wins thence east eighty chalus, thenee U"i tn
flity chalna, tbence weatelghty chalm to jH'lnt
Dated Feb. 4tb  1907.   Q. a. Laukie. LocaU-r.
25 ���Commencing   nl  a   poat   plantea   elc-htf
aim east of location No. 24, ana marked G   A.
itirle's northwest corner post of location no.
,  tbeuce soutli  eighty   chalna,   tbence e*tt
gbty, thenee nortb eighty chalna, tbence wwi
ighty chalus to point ul commencement.
Dated Feb. 4th, 1907.    G. A. Unit. Loealor.
_&���Commencing at a pont planted about lour
id one-halt miles oom n liio.ioaklo creek, from
e mouth of Klght Mile<-r>��!  where It flow io-
inonoakln creek, aud <m the eMt bank of
ouoakln creek, and   im-rked G. A-  Laurie's
i    rtbweit  corner  pom,    thence   soutb  cii-bty
i   tins, tbence east eighty ch. Uni. thenoe nortb
I    h ty chaius, theuce weal eig.ii tv chaloi to point
I    Uted Feb. 4lh, 1907.     G. A. Laokik, Locator
IX, \*
1 abe notice thatl intend, thirty days after
da te lo apply to ibe Honorable the Chief 'no*
Mt ssloner of Lands and Warks for a Ipeclal
tat ence to cut aud carry away timber from tbe
lti lowing deacrlbed landa, aUuated ��n H��. ndy
Cl eek. ln Weat Kootenay diatric t: Commen-lng
1 at a post planted on tbe weit ali le. of aald ci eek,
ssl id market "J- P. H's" nortbwM t corn-tr; tht nee
v inning aouth eighty cbaina; tM nee east eighty
c halm, thence north elghly cbalt '*'. tbence weit
���olghty cbains to place of com moras*, ement-
J. P.    wgoBiat.,
Dated thU 19th day of February, 1907.
Notloe la bereby given tbat �� dari after date
I intend toapply to tbo Honoral�������� -the Chief
Comralsiiouer of Undaand Works, Victoria, tor
a special licence to cut and carry .away timber
irom the following deacrlbed plan of land In
West Kooteuay dtatrtcl: GommeM ing at a poat
planted 20 cbains from tbe east MM * of ' PI*"
* Arrow lake and adjol jing block 3Mo trthe south
and marked "Cbaa. .' .hra" noribw ��st corner,
tbence south 80 chafnj, thenc. mast to cbaini,
thence nortb 10 chalna, thanee win SO cbalm to
point of eommencemen t.
Dated tbe Ul day of March, MOT.
Cff.il. Em I-
Frenchman  Who   Puizled   Dottora   by
Rem��rk��blt Tr��n��formationi and
Strange  Powera,
Parla, March 21.���One of the most
original music-hall characters, known as
La Pendu," or the man who used to
bang hliiiBi'lf, has Just died at Bolliea
Point, near Toulon. HU real name Is
Simeon Alguter and he was born at
SIllleB Villa, In 1851. Unlike Fregoll,
who Imitates various personages by
Budden changes of clothes he could ln
u way trauform bis body and poBseBsed
partialis the most curious physical
adaptabilities ever known.
When a young man he surprised and
puzzled the army doctors. As he presented himself for physical examination
he appeared a thin, spare-ribbed fellow,
almost a skeleton, and before the examination waB over he stood ln the
presence of an army doctor wltb an enormously Inflated abdomen, as if he had
the dropsy. While the physician was
examining this abnormal development
the abdomen suddenly retreated and a
big bloated tumor suddenly grew on the
young man's throat as if he had an lm*
mouse goitre. He had apparently transferred the swelling from the lower part
of hla body to his throat. When the
examination was over, he stood there a
skeleton like young fellow as before.
His gifts tn bodily transformation
soon became known all over his native
district and he waB soon induced to
show himself on the music hail stage.
Far a long time he was known as the
skeleton man, though he exhibited himself as tbe fat man. His physical transformations did not stop here. He was
able to imitate the process of dying and
of death to perfection.
Scientists and the members of various medical faculties often wished to
examine his strange methods, but he
constantly refused to divulge the secret
of his transformations. When he imitated the state of a dead person he
threw himself Into a perfect coma. Ills
bear! apparently ceased to beat, and thc
most expert physicians are said to have
been unable to detect the slightest
movement of his pulse. They went as
far as to apply various instruments to
detect life without success, and even
though the stethBCope was brought Into
{ play not the slightest action of the
heart could he detected. The most expert doctors would have declared him
dead, and yet In the next instant he
woald jump up tod crack jokes and be
as much alive as anyone.
His last trick, and the one which Itept
Sii'llenc^s spellbound wae *hen ho used
to httiig himself by the neck with a cord.
There was no mere lhake believe about
it. He Would hang himself, or allow
himself tS be hanged from a nail in the
ceiling in the presence of a large audience. The rope would fasten rr- 6
his throat, his muscles would stiffen
and the frightened public would see him
go through every one of the phases of a
man who was actually hung. This
ghastly spectacle waB flrst. exhibited in
a babaret an Montm&rte and desipte its
horrors or rather on account of them it
had a great success.
A story ls told of how he once played
a trick ln a hotel where he was stopping. He hung himself from the ceiling
after ringing the bell and when the
waiter entered he was horrified by the
Bight and rushed down stairs to Inform
lite proprietor. Before they returned to
tht room the man who waa supposed
tu bave hanged himself had taken up
hl�� valise and met them quietly on the
Although it might have been expected
that some day he would hang himself ln
real earnest such a calamity never befell hlm- He died of a most commonplace llli.'ess, the grippe, at his home
near Touhon where he bad retired after
earning a considerable fortune on thc
stage. He never divulged the secret of
how he produced the extraordinary rigidity of the muscles of the neck when
be used to perform his feats nf hanging
and carried ths mystery with him to tbe
grave. Doctors proposed to perform an
autopsy upon his body with the idea of
finding out thc secret if possible, but
bis family refused to permit it.
__________ '
Tte SUiiihcOtr*^
Bel**-,, B.O
Reg. Geo* Webb; Prop.
The Leading Hotel tn the
Qood   Samtyl��    Roonu.
Queen's Hotel
telar Btraet, HalMB. B. O.
Lighted hr Kloctiioitj and
Heated by Hot Air
la-rgt and Cumloruble Bedrooms and Itnt-
claM.'iulug Koom.   ts*mple Roomss lor ComBhsr-
rial Un
Grand Central Hotel
Tbla hotel hai been completely renovated and
newly fornlahed with all modern equipment!.
Hot water heating throughout.
SATES : Boomi,  Wc.   upwards ; meali   28c. ;
���special rates by tbe week.
J. A. KRIOK80N, Proprietor
Telephone, 250.   Opposite Court Rouse
and Poitoffice. Nelson. B. C.
[      Take notice tbat thirty daya alter dato I lr tend
]   toapply to iht* Hon. tae ChieM'omml��loi) ;r <if
Lanai and Wnrki at V; ictoria, B. (*., (or a ny trial
;   license to cut anil ca rry awav timber fron* the
!   following described lal di in weat Kootenay:
Commencing at a poi I planted 20 chains -vest
-of the northeaat corn) r of Lot 112, and At the
'   tout beast  corner of   I ot 7786,  then-** ea-t  2D
-chalm, tbence ioulb -W chains, tbence eatt to
���chalm, tbeuce north ��� U chaiua, thence a, at tt
I ���chalui, tbence north * I chalna, thenoe wa t U0
i ���chains, tbeuce aoutb 4 ) cbalm to place of com-
meuccnest, containing M0 aorea more or le *s.
Dated March .lb, 1M1. Pits* hot*.*,
���CMfMM Act, 1��7."
Paovnci or Bmtmh Colcxbia, I
Mo. SIS.
THIS IB TO CfBTirY lhat tht "K'aku.p Fruit
L*adt, Llmlt.st," U authorised and UccnNd to
ca ry on buitnen. wlihio the province of Bs stl.b
<'��lur_t>it. .nd to esrty out or effect all or any o!
Um objecu ot tba oovp-*ny to wbleh tbe les,Mi���
tire autborltr ot the isesl.ls.ture ot British Col*
umbla extend".
Tbe bead offlce u.	
Clly m Winnipeg, PrcTlas-^o!	
The amount ofthe capital of tbe company i.tl.t
-  ..      --.      ���"-������-led Is
Trivial Incident by Which Mineral Water Became Famoua.
T. P. O'Connor, M. P.. who on his recent  visit to   this  country   met   with
great  success  in raising  funds to increase the influence of lreluhd in the
British parliament, tells an interesting
story, in  his London Weekly, to illustrate how great oaks from little acorns
grow.    He  had   been   resting   up  and
taking the waters of the Spa at Neu-
cnahr, a resort In Germany, which he
describes aa restful, quaint and beautiful.    Like  all   others  who   Uke   the
cure af Ketienahr he  paid   a visit  to
the Apolollinarls spring,  which is not
distant.    He describes the studied care
with which  Apollinaris ia bottled and
the springs large volume of natural carbonic gas, a constituent, which, according to medical men, greatly improves
digestion; then he tells how, -some 30
years ago. the capital was secured from
the late Mr. Stelnkopff, who owned the
St. James Gazette,    and the late  Mr.
Smith, the head of the great publishing
firm of Smith k Elder, to exploit the
Apollinaris spring on a large scope. It
appears that a famous English surgeon
who travelled a great deal and generally brought back something Interesting from his tours, put on his table one
evening a bottle of Apollinaris, a water
which he had tried and liked during a
trip to Germany.    Mr. Smith and Mr.
Stelnkopff liked the water, and thus the
bottle which figured in this little dinner
conversation was the origin of the gigantic London company, whose shareholders number thousands, and whose
Income has reached many millions of
pounds sterling.
Tremont House
���nropaan aad American Flan
all as eta.   Booma tram �� cu. to n
Only White Help Imployad.
���aker at., Neleon rnpruton
Bartlett   Hotise
But DolIar-i-Diy House in Nelson.
The Ber la Uie Finest.
White Belp Only Implored.
Joeephlne Bt.
TtaTbeid offlce oUhe Wljjny i�� <�������� ��*th���
bnDdfM/thouMnd^ttblari. divided lnu
tbat thirty Oaya alter
the Honorable tbe <'blef
Notice ta hereby gi** '��
| SSiHSEr'IfiSff. ���� Work.; Victoria, .or
rry away timber Iroin
sis!, in Weet Kootenay
pcruinlnn ts. cist an-ff   e-errj
tiieis.iimi'iiiK dsaarlM* lens
Limit'No. l.-Consaesee sclna at . po.t Ihree-
o...ru.r.ot. ������1, ni' Nl; \_^__*_^,__*i
en.v river, e ud inetat* t -aillem Welin.ley . a. K.
Joiner foii tbenw *���> chain, we.t. thei,��� *
elalu Eor 1 h, tbenw �� �� ��3��' ����������� "*���""�� *>
i-ls.sis. lo t> . point ol b; ilnnlni-
ES-_d ��,.,���b��h.g* WAUiii__ L__il<>r
_*. HKB-UM, Aiseul.
limit  K.  .   1 _t:om��*enclne at a poet .twill
I ih^sSineH   ,,,s il[ilnlle up Jlae Mile creek, ou
���' SiT?��r.     rtn Ol Koeten.y river, and m.rked
�����.�������_���'   ���[����',��� ���. K ,._,n.r po.1, then,-. ��
'Tbence ����chain. ��mih. theuce. 1��
,',_d aX'Ualn. norlb lo point ol be-
willum Ws
chain, wtsf
ebelce eait
Locetesl !
p. HHiBAa, Agent.
Take no
date, to sn
er ol Lauo
.iv. corry
���I'rlhed las
es) ssu tbe
J. P.H'.se
east Ws rl
weit Web
weel eP eh
of issseessee
Deled II
sice that I Intend, thirl, day. alter
w to the Hon. the Cblel Cammlnion-
Lnd Worfi lor ��� xliociel UOSBSS lo eul
'.��.. llmblr fiom the lollowln. de-
,d> elluaud on Bendy creel In ts��
dl U"*"commeneing al a p. t plant;
weit MS ol Bendy creel end s-.lled
uibie't corner poii,J^J'M!J5J
,��fn�� thence north 40 cbalm, tntDM
aim!'thence nort :W chalm. thence
Jin!; thenei aoutb 120 cbalm to place
SSS day of March. 1W7.
iiavtu ��*5^; Bw1Bdmm. Locator.
iyo| Winnipeg,
'heamount oft
iKiDdred   tbOUMU- _____   __	
tbouiaad Ave hundred share* ot leu per cent
Srelen nee ntock of tbe par value of oae hundred
ollars each, and twenty-Bee hundred abaiea of
common atock of tbe par value of oae bat-lred
dollars eaeh.
Tbe head offlce of tba company Ik thii prov 1 one
la iltuate at lbe City of Nelaon, and Robert Via*,
more Hannington. barrleter, who e addmaa la
tbe aame. lathe attorney lor the company.
Uiven under my hand and aeal ot offlce. Victoria, Province of Brltlah Columbia, this ifltb
oay of February, one tbouaand nine hundred'
aud aeveu.
tteglitrar of Joint 11 >ck Compaolea
The objecti for which the company hai been
eatabilnhed and Ucenaed are:���
<a.| Buying, wiling, leaaitig or dlapoUng of
euaJ alnei, coal and wood landi, fanning, grating
ana fruit landi, and Umber Umlta. and to work
and develop the aame;
<b.) To oarry on the bmluesi of immigration
and eoloniietton ageuu, make advances to
aaalit eettieri ou land* purchaaed front the
eonipaay*nd to aecure thu repayment ol *uch
advauoea wttb lutereit on inch termi aiid ln
auch manacr by way of mortgage or agreement
aa may be mutually agreed upon.
(a.) To tarry on the buelnees of rain-liing,
breeding, MtUbt and dealing In eattle, boiaee,
���beup and ather live atock;
(d.i To purchase-, aall and deal ln lumber,
wood, ooal. mineral*, grain, provlilona.eiotblng
and general wpplles;
(e.) To carry on trade ai general mercbanta
and forwarder!;
(f.) To tnue Id payment of any property
acquired by tbe company, shares of tbe capital
Mock of the company ax fully paid up and non-
.bicor otherwise;
Royal Hotel
Rates |1 nnd $1.60 a D��T-
Speoial Bastes to Regular Bonden.
Most comfortable quarter, ln Neleon
Only the beet of Liquor* send Uaaia.
Coal! Ice! Wood!
Phone 265
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Frait,
F��el tc, Pooltry Co., Ltd.
N. E. cor. Baker and Ward Sta.
Notice la bereby given tbat 1 will apply sl tbe
���est meeting of tbe Licence Commtasloue * for
the Cl ly of Nelson to have the liquor 1 iceuce ��� >f lbe
Btrathcona Hotel transferred from myself, to
Jteglnald Ueortf* Webb of the city of Nelson.
ted this ��tb day of March, A.n,,i907
B. Tome ikh
March 29th to April 1st
C*rtlfleat��   of Improvements
Take at
to apply l
Lamia aa
carry ��� wi
lands, alt
of VirtX K
ed '"Ibel
MOHth.,.   tl
south* tb
uortb, tt
uortb, I
'Bake i
Lamls a
carry av
land*. ���
east ildi
oa or al
lou nds I
a mils i
tice thatl Intend thirty days after date
' tbo Hon. tbe Chief Commisaloner of
1 Wort�� for a ipeclal llcepse to out and
y timber from tbe following described
tiatedeastuf Dog creek.In tbe district
outfim v: Commenciug at a poit mark-
ioundary Lumber Couipehr'a northwest
���st " plauted about a mile eait of the
. and Waalern railroad, aud about three
.Hi if tbe Vlg Tunnel, tlience��) chains
it'iict- 60 cbaina eaat, tbeuce 40 chaiua
ence IW chains east, tbence 40 chalus
ence 00 chaiua wet, tbeuce 40 ebalus
leuco 80 chalus west to point ol com*
4th March, 1W7. J (iw��l.;.F,
Agent for The Houndary Lumber Co.
otlce tbat 1 iutend thirty days after date
to tbe Hon tbe Chief t'ommlstiloner of
id Worka for a special llceuae to eut and
av timber from the foUowlng described
tuated on Pog creek, In West Kooteuay
: Commencing at a post planted on the
i of the Colombia aud Western railroad,
out ten chalna east, and marked -'Tbe
ry Lumber company'! post," and about
tvlahalf soutb of tbe Big Tunnel, tbe
eat corner, tbence running soutb UO
iheueo east 401 hains, thence north 180
tbence west 40 chslns to place af coin-
J. am aui.
(g.) To carry on tbe buMneai of mauufactureri
and Jfeleniin power griterators aod motors of
evory description, to conatruet aud nperato all
da sea of vehicles, agricultural implements, ,
machinery, boats, Mearners, bargea and ferrys
in which ihe^ald motors are used; toconntruct I
aud operate boat Uuea *nd ki carry uo tbc business of carriers, cartage and parcel deliveries,
to <mn and operate uni ill bui I loaa and vehicles
and boalH for hire; to sell, luaee aad supply
electricity; to own and operate electric plants,
and generally to carry on any of tba business
incidental to the aforesaid purposes and objecu
ol the company;
fh.) To purchase, take ou lease, exchange or
otherwise acquire or dispose of any real or
personal property, snd any rigBUor privileges
which the compsuy may consider necessary
for tbe purpvaw of tbelr operations;
and to sell and altpoie of any landi or otber real
ustau* and personal property at any time owned
oroontrolle-u by the company or any part 'hereof,
or any control therein, or claim thereon, and generally to do all inch things ai are incideutal to
or conducive to tbe carrying out ol the objects
of tbe compauv;
(1) To boeoiha shareholders In may exist [ng or
proposed company, and to promote and at-aiat in
promoting any company carrying ou a luiHiuesH
pertaining to tbe objecu -for which thii oompany
Is Incorporated, and whleb may prove useful to
thin company, and to acquire, Uke over and op-
vrate tbe business of any suoh company or companies, aud to enter into an agreement tor sharing of profits, union of interests, reciprocal concession! or otherwise, with any person or company and take or otherwise acquire or hold
���bares and securities of suoh company or companies:
(J) To acquire and held Unds by gift nr purohaae or aa mortgagees o otherwise as fully aad
freely ea private ludlvi, ea% aad to lell, leaae,
mortgage ur otherwise alienate the same, and to
exercise all tbe power! set out la At several
Rio Ten te, Orinoco, Quecu Victoria fractional
ana Ornoco Fractional Mineral claims, iltuate
ln the Nelton Mining Division of West Kootenay
Located on Queen Victoria Mounuin, near
Beailey 8iding.
Take Notloe that 1, Frank C. Green, acting as
agont for Michael Kgan, Free Mlner'i Certificate
No. BHWuiend, sixty days from tha date hereof,
to apply to the Mining Reoorder for Certificates
of Improvement!, for thi purpose af ebuiuiug
Crown (Jranti ef the above claims.
Aud further take notice lhat action, under
aectlon 87, must be commenced before the
issuance of such Certificates of Improvemenu.
Dated this iith day of January. 1W7.
QftUM, Nklron. I, c
Ctfttfieatc of Improremt nts
'���rente," "Amos." "Kast Hide No. a" and "Bet*
tiua Fractional" mlucral claims, iltuated In
tbo fltocan City Mining Dlvliian of West Kooteuay Dlitrlet
Where located: At head at Springer Creek, near
tbe Arlington mine. *
Take Notice that r. Frank C. Oreen, noting as
agent far tbe Arlington mines, Limited, Free
Miner'! certificate Ne. B460��, Intend, alxty days
from tba date hereof, ta app r ta tha Mining Be
corder fer a certificate of improvement!, Ier the
purpoae al obtaining a Crew a Grant nf Ue above
Fare and One-Third
For the Round Trip
Tp and from ill point..
St SE.. Fwiit Lands
In every section of this district.
Large or small tracts.
1 M. BRYDGES, Imperial Bank Block
Fine Building Site
Cheapest Buy
...���In Town
120 Feet x 120 Feet
One-half block south from Baker St
Only $4,000, on tcrma.
Choice Fruit
I Have 10,000 Acres
of tbc
Choicest Fwrft Lands to
British Colombia.
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
J. E. ANNABLE,    -    Nelson, B. C.
For Sale at $40 per .Acre, oa Terms
J 60 Acres on
��� mile* from Nelion. Good wagon
road running through tho property.
IS (ere* cleared and. in. meadow;. 10
aero* partially cleared. SO fruit trees,
out 2 year*. Qood houae, two barn* and
chicken house. An Ideal fruit raiwh.
Apply to
Kootenay Rlrer aad
49-Creek. I
In the matter of en eppllcetloti (or the leiue ol
a duplicate ol the CertlBcete ol Title for en
aaOlTlded HolLouJ, ends, Block U, Town of
Notloe ie hereby given th r sit u my Intention
to liene at the expiration of!one month from
the flrtt publication hereof a duplicate of the
Cermcafc ot Title to tte ahore landi ln the
name of Florence M. Rodflue which Certificate
le datao the Sth dej of Deoember, UN, ud
numbered HM1K.
h. r, macleod,
Dutriet la-fUMr.
tan* BeuUITj OSce, Nelion, B C
January ��lb, 1*1
Certificate of Improvements.
I.C.," "Btr.Uiroj," "Jct," "Joy Free-
, ' and "John D.MaMey" MineralClelmi.
iltuated In the Hlocan City Mlalaf Dt-vW-jn ot
"Companies Act,  1897."
Pftovnfoe or Bhitihh Columbia. .
THIS IS TO CERTIFY that th* "Colmil
Tatle'f Laod Company," is author.**.! and
led vo tarty ou business within uiflpr-orli
British Columbia, aad to carry out or ��8L-
or uy o. the objecu of the Company to wi
tba It |Islative-**authority of the Lefislar
British Columbia extends.      SssB.________H
Th* head offlce of the Company u e*\\
the City ef Wlualpog, province of Maaltc.
Tb* amount of tae capital ot the aald eoi
tbe Wait Kootenay Dlitrlot.
Where located:-North of Tw*I��e HU* Craak
ahout one and a balf miles np.
Take notlo j tbat I, U. ft. Jorand of BlocaL fc.u.
Free Miner's certificate No. BTSttO, as ajent for
Horaoe G. Van Tuyl, rrea Minor ��� oertlflcats No.
14821, intend, alxty daya from the date hereof,
to apply to the Mining Reoorder for a Certificate
of Improvements, for to* purpoae of obtaining t
Crown Qrant of tbe said mineral claims.
And further take notlo* that action under
Bectlon 17, must be commenced before tb* issuance of such Certificates of Improvements.
Dated this Ird Day ef January, It*..
 H. ft. JO RAM B.
Ccttiftcate of Improvements
"Climax," "Horseshoe," "Queen,"
Jack," situated in Nelion Miulns
Looated on Porcupine creek.
*Wmvt-,   ,-__
"Cniou Jack,1
Take Notice that t, Frank Fletcher, agent tor
be Aetlv* Oold Mining Company, Free Miner's
Certiflcat* No mm-lta. Intend, M days (rom date
Ticketa on ul* March 27th to April
lit.    Final return limjt April 2nd.
For full particulars, rates and friders
apply to
A.C.F.A.. Vancouver. D.F.A., Nelaon
Wholeeele aad ti.u.a Dealeia li
Fresh and Salted Meats
Ana I urtlier lake aetlea that action, lias-let
���eeUMll, muat be oommeussed be-fore tae Imn
aaee*t aui-h (sertlfleaie of lmpro-remaati.
Dated bl. llth dat -v December, in,
t, C. uaa.H, Nelaaa, a. a
Cai'iise suppltutt on ihartent n��tice and
loweat prii��. Nothing but freah and
vrboleaoine nieaU and supple* kept ln btook
Mail ordera wwive oarof ul attention.
hereof, te apply to tae Mining Recorder for e
 ��� ��| im  ���- ������
~    ruurante     	
______________________   ��� that aetlon, under
Section If, m*., ba csoMsajenced before the iiau-
Inffforeneuu fer tbe purn>ae of
 ide a Crown Grant ef tbe above clauui.
And turtlier lake notiee that acilou, under
anee et auch Certificate ef ImprovementeV
Dated Nelaoa, Hth Dec.      "
rmn Ft-gronnn.
Certificate of Improvements
"A��o" mineral Helm, iltuated in the Plwan
Cltr   Mining   Uiriaian   of   Weat   Mootvnay
Where lo ated: On Springer Cnak near the
Arlington Sawmill
Take Notloe that I, Frank C, Green, actfnn aa
agent for tbe Arlington Mlnea1, Limited' Kr*e
Mlner'a Certificate No. BMW, Intend, alxty dava
(romdat* hereof, toapply to tb��Mining Recorder
fur a Certificate of Improvemenu, for tho pnrpoee of obtaining a Crown Grant of th* above
And farther take notice that action, under
aectlon 37, muat be commeti ed before the
inuance of mch Certificate of Improvemenu.
Dated thla IM* nay of December, ito*.
F. C. Gam*, Nelaon, B. C.
li one hundred tbouaand dollan, divided
on* tbouaand ibares of one hundred dollars \
The head ofica of the oompany In this
Ino* la sltnate at th* City of Neleon, and
Weimar* Hannington, barrUter, who**
fs NeUon, B. C, lath* attorney for the co
Given under my hand and aeal of u_
Victoria. Province of brltlah Columbia, this
day of February, oue tbouaand nine hand
aaa seven.
iL. 8.1 B. Y. WOOTTON,
Registrar of Joint Stock Com]
The objccU for which this eompanr haa Vri,,
established and licensed are:
(a)  Buyiug, aelllng, 1*using or dlapoalnj-.
ooal mines, coal and wood lauds, farming, g - 5!
lug and frnit lands and timb.-r limits, a��'> .
work and develop the same: fKM
(b.) To can*/ on the business ot otalgia
and colonUatlou agenu, make advances toat.
atttlers on lands purchased from the coanipti
and aecure repayment of such advances, v i\
Interest, on auch tcrma and in such mannet
way ol mortgage or agreement as may be m
ally agreed upon.
(c.) To carry on tbe business of ranch;
breeding and sailing aud dealing ln ���
hot-ae**, sheep and other live atock; ,���
(d.l To purchase, r.-ll and deal In lum
wood, eoal, mineral, grain, provUlont, clotl.
and general supplies: __h
(*.) To oarry on the trade aa general sm&|
anu and forwarders:
(l.) To issue In payment of any propert-j :
quired by the company abarea of tha ca;
 ' of th* company en '"" **	
or otherwise:
r.CGREEN      r.MCRDOl      A.H.GREEK
Qvil Engioecrs* Dominioa and British
Colambb Laad Ssmrofs
r.o.inus rtwsmi.
E. Ca TRAVES, Huutgeca
rEONIMv AMD GRAfTlNO careluUy attended tb. Apply
Stiver Xing Betel
i company aa fully paid up and
_____      jrotherwlae: '
a)  Te carry outbebiiElneanof manufaeti *j
dealers In power generators and moto ���
���vary deacriotion, to construct and operat 1
claasas of vehicles, agricultural implementa, f
ehlnery, bonta, steamers, barges and Isr-flt'-iH
which th* said motors are used; to ooostruet  P
operat* boat linen, and to carry on the bos
ol carriers, cartage and parcel delivery, toi
and operat* omnibus Unas and vehicles
boats for hire; to sell, lease and supply r< I
nnd to generate and sell, lease, and supply sli
oity; to own and operate electric planU aaA- L
eralty to carry on any buaineaa incl.^ntal t ,'fl;
afonsald purposes and objecu of the oomp .
(h.) To purchaie, take or leaae, exchan
otherwise acquire and dispone of any n'l
personal property and auy rights and prtvl  I
which the oompany mag consider neocsaar.
tha purposes of their operations, and to sell
dispose of any lands or otner real ea'ate aw *
aoual property at any time owned or conu.
by th* oompany. or any part thereof, or an;
trol therein or claims thereon, and genera.
do all suoh things an are incidental or cond
to tbe carrying out of the obiecU of the cola   .;
(1.)  To become sbareholders tn any ex   -i
or proposed oompany and to promote and ��� i>
iu promoting any company carrying on a 4 >
ness pertaining to the objecta for whlci
company ls Incorporated and whioh may    j
naeful to this company,aud toarqulrc,tac< ft!
and operate the business of any auch oon ,
or companies, and to enter into eugagemee c
sharingprolU, union ot interest, joints ,
tures, reciprocal concessions or otnewUe 1
any person or company, and tak��oroth< i
acquit* and hold awr^^^^^^^^^^
hares aud aecurltlaso
Notice 1. berebr Ilien that John lfoPI
_aa made appllcatlssn under the provla:
the "Liquor Ueanee Act, IW," tore hotel!
for the Jaokeon Hotel, at Whitewater, aad:
meet.ni of the Board of Licence Coen-galae: is
of the Aln.worUi Ueenoe i letrlct, will I (
to con.lder .ugh epplicatloa, at tbe KiMle f
at Sa.lo, on Taeedar, tke 2nd April, .tat, J
boar of eight o'eloet la the eflereoon.     *
Chief Uoeac
Helaoa, l.C , Brd March, U��I.
...mrnrnrn.,. ,
i Hjirii iimmmrialm
Good Fortune 3
attends thoae who Wftaf their bsrthetones
 for thla month we have some fine
BLOOD 8TONES, In various sizes, auit-
���     able for ringe which we can mount up
Why not have a look at our stock of loose
have   many   suggestions  to
for you in any style desired
stones.    They are excellent value and we
make  as to their mounting.    Our gold quartz  cut ready for  mounting
may interest you.
Of the   differrnoe  there is       X
batweon  1st. and ItoSf. in       J
i Canned   Goods
We carry only
*        FIRS TS
% One trial ot onr
���Tartan   Brand]
m      win convince you  that we
oazx-y a full stock
��� Table  Fruit
��� Vegetables
Pie   Fruit
Maple Syrup-j
���Same Prltie -ua. Inferior J
* Uoods J
IBell Trading CoJ
z�� *************************
Ornamented Chocolate Eggs.
Blue Bird  Eggs.    Cuckoo  Egge.
Robins'  Eggs.   Stuffed   Ducke   and
Chicks all sizes.
Make  your  a.'ectiona while the etock
is complete.
S.   M.   SEANEY
Phone 206.
25 Feet Frontage
on Baker Street
5 Roomed Building
Price $2,000.00
H. E. Ooadsdaile ft *��
Next Door to Bank of Commerce.
All Kinds of Heating Plants In Stock.
Victoria St., Nr. Opera Houae.     Tel. 181.
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch,
Creosote, Oils for
Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch and
Boat Builders will find it to their advantage co nae our Pitch.
Nelson Coke & Gas Co.
Socialist   Party neM f'rrj  Wdaj
.renins et * P m ��� l' tat .Miner.' I men lis!!-
All s��re Hsvile.1; ens one tllowesl to I.t* part ID
tbs .'.ebates.   f Asiitln. Secn-'tsry.    	
Cor. Virnon end W-srd aitraata.
J. FRED HTJME, Proprietor.
A. B. Buckworth, A. Clarkson. Tmir;
J. G. Wilson, \V. McNelly, W. A. Robert-
son, R. S. P}ke. Vancouver; C. \V.
Austin, J. R. Wright. Toronto; Miss L.
Coulttirad, Quebec; J. D. Campbell,
Michel; J. Laing Stocks and wife. Kirk,
caldy; N. J. Abbot, Winnipeg; A. H.
Living, M. C. Conway, Ottawa; W. Mac
pbereon, Montreal; V. H. Carpenter.
Spokane; S. }A. Oavls, New York; R. J.
Wark, Hamilton; J. H. Davis, Slocan.
W L. Smith. Pembroke; Mra. T.Hall,
Kaslo; J. L. Hirsch, J. Black, H. C.
Whellams aud wife, Winnipeg; A. H.
Kelly. Victoria; J. R. Roblijson, Spokane.
Mrs.  Dickson.  T.  D. Woodcock. Sic
can; P. Harvey, R. T. Waters. R. Clark.
Winnipeg;   E. O. Windsor, Revelstoke.
C. Hewitt,  G. Drew. Cowley;   T.  A
Bennett, Revelstoks?.
F. Collner, Minqpapolts; A. Clark.
Shoal Lake; W P. Hill, Winnipeg: Vt.
Byens, Nelson. Ont ; A McQuer. Salmo;
R. J. Bnmuer. Ymir; N. Hanssn. Nakusp.
J. Bourdo. C. Sparrac aud wife, Slocan; H. A. Ladd. Koch Siding; G. Markl
D.  Marcey,    L.  Malfante,    W. Salton.
E. Toung. Cascade; }. Newhouse,
Bonnington: H. Chlsholm, Spokane; J.
Callahan, Plncher Creek; Vt. Stathuth.
A. Hill, A. J. Ameke. Cranbrook; F. M.
Brown. Koch's Siding; R. McLeod, Coffee Creek; G. J. Hock, Eureka.
Swiss Cream Sodas
Fresh from the
Telephone 181.
W.   a.   GILLETT
Contractor and
Mt tjent for tbe Porto Rk-o Lumber Co.. Ho).,
retail yarda. Ro-.igh aD<.<4r*?M��d lumber. turnwl
work tnd brackets. Cowt lath md -���.:-.s'.<*. Ptib
and door*. Ct m*nt, brick aod llmt for **.'.*>
Antonsatir rrlnrier-
Yard and factory : Vertxm St.. uit of Hall
F. O. Rox WL Ttlephon* ITI
a. it Roily returned in \��*i. to last
night after a trip to ttn> eoa
Mayor Qfltott is much better today
lhau he has been since In flrst I-ecame
Silver recovered two points I a lay un
both nu-tal markets.   The London price
of lead advanced ou<* poim.
The Daily Canadian has t��> acknow.
ledge the court, sy of the publishers of
The DUI) News in pttoUtUng their
press to be ustd for iht issue of this
His Honor Judge Turin, who has been
holding court at Revelstoke, will return tonight, and will hold chambers
tomorrow morning if any Important applications au* offered.
\V. Edwards, of Kngland. offers to
fight any man in Hritish Columbia for |1,(H)0 a side. Mr. Edwards
fights at 190 pooodt, ring side weight
He may be found at the Han let t house.
H. Giegt-rich came down from Kaslo
this nmrnins. He states that Charles
McAnn had a cood niuhi's rest last night.
The general opinion is that he can last
but a short time. The illness of Mayor
McAnn has east a gloom over that city.
A. R. Mackenzie, the veteran lacrosse
player, may be invited to make one of
the Canadian lacrosse team which will
visit Australia this summer, Mr. Mackenzie, who is now a resident of Rossland. was formerly one of the host players in Toronto. He alao played several
seasons on the coast.
Miss Anna Robinson, of Rossland.
who has for some time beon connected
with the Roscian Opero Company, is
lying lu the detention hospital at Sioux
City suffering With smallpox. She contracted the disease while travelling
with the company. The latest report
Is to the effect that she is convalescing,
and will be able to leave the hospital
in a short time.
The newspapers of the Interior, without regard to politics, endorse the appointment of R. A. Renwlck as deputy
commissioner of lands and works. The
Rossland Miner concluding a lengthy
complimentary notice of Mr. Renwick
in connection with the promotion says:
"His appointment meets with the approbation of a large majority of the people of this section,"
Tht Daily Canadian
The Oanasiian l'::clfic Railway company announce the usual redncod rats-
of fare anil ssne-thlrd for the Buster holidays, March 29th until April 1st. Tickets will be on sale at all stations Port
Arthur and west March *_Tth until April
1st. Final limit for return April 2nd
Kor full particulars, rates, fohlers and
tickets apply to local C. P. R. acent or
write J. S. Carter, D. P. A., Nelson, B. C
A success artistically and laugh producing from the start, is the rfftnarka
bis- and ph-asing rs-cord accorded "My
Wife's Family." a three act musical
farce comedy, written by Hal Stephens
and Harry I.ln'on. which was brought
out last season. Built for laughing pur.
poses ouly, It accomplished its end,
with the result that return dates were
played at many of the large cities by
apeclal request of managers and the
theatre-going public. The attraction will
be Been In Ihis city on Monday night.
The Store of Quality
General Job Work, Chimney Sweep-
In-j, Carpet Cleaning, Fixing and Cleaning Stovea, etc.
121 East Baker St        Phone No. A114
For Hot Tomato
Tea nud Coffee.
Beef Tea.
A. McDonald & Co.
Dealers ln Btaple and fancy Groceries
Butter, Eggs.
Camp and Miners' Supplies.
If you like nice, clean, crisp
Biscuits we recommend you to
try the
20th Century Package
Per Package.
Graham Wafera  10e
Lemon  Cream   10c
Vanilla Wafera     10e
8ocltty Tea   10e
New England Ginger Snap 10c
Krlapo Ginger Wafera   10c
Butter���Thin 10c
Milk Toaat  10c
Dainty City Soda (Salted) 1Se
Saratoga Flakes  (Salted)    1Sc
Put up In packages and thai
ever fresh. It costs little to
give them a trial, and they
prove themselves worth It.
to uke charge of little -girl of thr-M je.t* ansl
csMlel wllh plain neesll.work, issii-li-al preferred     Apply Madame Webb, Kstrathcoo* Hotel
A position A" ' l.HkK, l,, a book keeper who
liqulakeDtl ecrarale at figure,. Ad'Ireaa Syd-
uer r Hall, bot ;*.*(, Keg ne. Ha.k.
WOMAN BKCONI) COOK, letl.uu  WaltreH WW
At oriflo    W. Parker.
TWO me-T.sn.AM BOOMI, Mn heeleJ
air boueekeeoer. 3rd flat. g. W. C. bloek.
XOuatltpPLlID Iron the lt-dliii tarlelieeof
/ire llr.is Poultry, iflsarauteesl Truss to ua, ,.
��,,plyJ c Dlaon. Boi 17e. Vancouver-He ',,
...sil lit, \ ssn* o .sssr I'ooltry uid P. Anoolatlou.
TWO root. TAMsgl aad oaa CoaMaWlea HU-
ll-art aad Psvsi Tabla.   gwmktaa eaaiaWa
���nil In siss'.'l s,isi,lii!on.
reolat, Crantsrisok, B. 0
K. W. C. Block . Phone 10.
A. M. Can. Soc. C. E.
Mining Work a Specialty.
Office: Be.-iley Building.   P. O. Bo��
Baker St., NELSON. B. C.
Old Curiosity Shop
If you wanl to huv or sell anything,
���o to the Old Curloalty Shop. A new
Una of Japanese Goods now on sale.
All klnda of Dlnnerware ln stock. Pm-
3  doz.  for
Cm Am Benedict
Corner Silica and Josephine Sta.
Balls at 10c, 160, 20c, 25c and 50c.
Bats at 20c, 30c, 40c and 50c.
Catchers' Mlts at 35c 45c and 75c.
Catchers' Gloves at 25c and 75c
W. G. Thomson
Sfft.SK"  " Ne^on, B. C.
Phon�� ��l-4.
Gus Dunn, the well-known commercial traveller. Is in the city today cal*
inn un his customers.
John McLatchle, who has t>eeu spend*
inn the winter at Calgary, writer it
friend that he will return to Nelson in
a few days, and resume the practice of
his profession.
The Full Measure
Style and Value!
Vou have a perfect right to Infill
upon a perfect fit and perfect Ktylo
when you are paying from $15 to
$25 for a suit.
20th Century Brand
will fulfill your highest expectations
and your most exacting demands
They are the ns-arest approach to
perfection that we find In the tailor
Ing world. IV" can prove these
facts to you If you will but give us
the oi'port unity.
113.00 Style and Value for...$13.00
120.00 Style and Value for...$15.00
Boys*   Suits  at  $2,  $3,  $4  and IS
Important Sale of Men's
and Boys' Shoes
Men*,   regular  $4.00   Box  Calf
Shoea  for $3.00
Boyi' regular $2.50 Box Calf
Shoes   for $2.00
Clearance Sal* of Mens' Under
wear at $!. $1.50 and $2 par Suit.
Men's Cashmere and Wool Socki
at 25c a pair or 5 pairs for $t.0O.
jlllll   HI    -  -**���      "*  """"      ~���*MMMmUlL-Am.^^mt*^
Fifty Cent Hand Bag
They are beauties at the price.
Henry S. Baker, a young Kngltehman,
who came to Canada In August, lyOG,
was employed near Beeton, Out., until
April last year, when he is supposed
to have come West. Anyone knowing
his present whereabouts, is requested
to communicate with the commissioner
uf immigration, Winnipeg.
Sherman's Opera House
Monday, March 25th,
The loss by the recent conflagration
In the Edmonton Bulletin office will
amount to $50,uoo, on which there was
I34.0U0 insurance. Tbe oompany had
recently made large additions to lta
plant, installing new linotypes and a
complete binding outfit. All this outfit Is a complete wreck, and a number
of forms of Alberta statutes, which
were standing for the publication of
the sessions work, which has just been
completed,  tfere also destroyed.
The British Columbia Fruit Growers'
Association has secured the consent of
Jas. .lohnstuie, of this city, to tak- part
In tbe series of meetings to be held
shortly throughout the Fraser and
Okanagan valleys. These meetings will
be a fi dressed hy various speakers, and
(here will be given practical demonstrations of planting, priming and spray-
orchards. Mr. Johnstone will addres*s
several of the meetings on the care of
the orchards. It will be remembered
that he was the winner of the tlankslan
medal of the Royal Horticultural Society exhibition in lyindon. England, in
1906, and won the KnighHan medal at
the same society's exhibition in 190-5.
Both the valuable trophies were won by
fruit grown by Mr. Johnstone at Nelson.
A merry riot of fun and music headed by
Prices 50e, 75c. $1.00.
Plan at Rutherford's Saturday.
Red Croas Prog Store
for your Preecrlptiona, Family Reclpaa,
Hair Tonica, and all kinda of
Note the Addreaa: <
Baiter St., near Josephine, Nalaon, B. C.
Tralna and Boata.
Crow boat���On tlm*.
Coast and Slocan train���Oa time.
Boundary train���On time.
Rossland train���On tlm*.
Kaslo connection���On time.
We have just received a most complete and
well selected stock of strictly fresh seeds.
Come early and get your supply. Prices right.
Vitiit U htrcby _\tvn tbat et e mtctlnr r>( th*
hoert ot l.Uania Cnramluloaera, to b�� hcl-l titter
th�� ���xplntion nf an d��yp. I intend to *pp y lot e
Munro! (nv bowl lio<t'nr�� for lhe flrore hotel,
��i filrvlew, to I a Borden
 3 ; ���������	
W* Mr* notlca from our landlord to vacate our ator* by April In. In
order ttt reduce our atock before moving wa will sell goods now In slock
at greatly reduced prices If you want bargains la Clothing and Geat'e
KuruiaUnga drop In and sea for   yoursalf.
Watchmaker Jeweler
Talaphune aa...
Whol-aaaia Provlgtong,
ProduG*,        ���        Pruit.
Government dreamery One Pound Bricks received weekly frail-. J
chore.   For side by all lending paxm. "
Office and warehonae I Houston Block,   Phone 76.
Josephine Street. Nelion, B.C
3SQ doz. I.lnvn Collars To lie Sold at
$1.50 per doz.
���-J.11- an. _������ h
We an
Jnst in Receipt of a Carload of
Them tta the fiiiftt grade of ore Barks in the
iimrkM and our prim are hj(bt. If yon are in
utml let we hear from you.
J. He Ashdown Hc\tdm
Company, Limited.
Irlns ���net .lobblna staeeuted -with Da-patch.  Ht-iae*MM
*���   "     "    iln�� ���ncTMIII Machln.i-y.    Mnnuf.-wturereol
Work, Mlnlsn. .t-KTMIII Machln.l-y
Ore Care, tt. R.  Contra-s
isctora* Car..
Worklnt man.
Man In cjraaa attl-ra,
Sportlna man,
Handioml mmn,
Man that's full of lira
UNITE and sing tbat the impotuwal
John T. Pierre are the proper ilu* |
My laat fall shipment haa jtut anini ���
them and place yonr order early for SLttM*
JOHN T. PIERRE, Artistic Tailor
Spring Stock Just Opened Upl|
Carload Linoleums, and Curpeto
Frnm Glasgow, Scotland.
BMt Qunlitlwa at I,ow Prices.
Standard Fistnitute G>mp&l\
Complete Boost Furalsioi
UndtfUkers,   Embilm��
Hwoa M ItlMh Pl.aoi.
0,t.nss��.,r U.t'-SMMI
Her Iliall haisltary Uissr.,,,1
STSSSSiS Lumbet, Shingles,
Loth, Mouldings, Doors, Window*!
Mail Orders promptly atten*"|
nbuion. B. C.
Turned Work and Bracket*
Galvanised Iron Work
ar. unaquallea* In tha Kootenaya.     If you requir* ��yB
a.^�� P.CU1 w.r^a^Mn^c.11^^^1
Wood-Vallancc Hardware Co.,


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