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The Daily Canadian Mar 9, 1907

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 4%\)z -Daily  ��anaMan
M.IIMK I.     NO.   236.
Fifty Cents a Month
lienists in Thaw Case
del Enormous Fees
[rry and Evelyn  Nesbitt Thaw
Being Made by Countess
oi Yarmouth.
m York, March 9.���Another week-
gap In the Thuw trial, brought hy
sudden dislermlnatlon of tho de-
��� iss s'lisls Its case with (he picture
In- grief-stricken mother on the
ml fresh In the minds of the jurors.
i a welcome relief to the Jurors.
yel* and others who hud to WrOBu*
li s-xpert testimony for many days,
rry Thaw, tlie defendant, was nut
used over the decision to adjourn,
In- thinks ull delays rob hlm of so
i,i slays of reedom, which he feels
,. uill come as a result of the Jury's
diet. District Attorney Jerome Is
indlng the recess time In preparing
ilan of rebuttal, lt seems almost
ni that he will recall Mrs. Evelyn
in Thuw to the stand and thus
kt- her a witness for the prosecution
wil sis for tlie defence.. He caused
lis bs- served with a subpoena yes-
y Mr. Jerome wuntB her lo pro-
ivrtain letters which Stanford
s- wrote to her. and which he be-
- are still In ber possession. When
���as on the Btand she was doubtful
; whether the letters were still In
uisss-. Mr. Jerome may coufront
��lth the testimony of her brother,
rsrii Nesbitt, and may aBk her to ex-
ii how ahe forgot to mention posing
isrinln photographs and a statue,
i'h sire said to be not so convential
lis bs- she spoke of in her previous
ii just what order thc witnesses for
prosecution will be called In rebut-
Issis not been fully decided upon. The
Issslsle witnesses besides Evelyn Nes-
i Thaw are Dr. Francis A. McGuire.
��� Tombs physician, who has main-
iss ,1 an almost constant surveillance
���: the prisoner during his conflne-
ii!  Iiis. Flint Macdonald and Maren.
allenlstl,   F.   W.   Longfellow,   who
��� Thaw's confidential counsel; May
s kcnzle and Mrs. C. J. Calnc, friends
Mrs. Thaw, and probably Hummell,
ward Nesbitt and Charles Hartnuti.
i latter was for yeurs confidential
nlary to White, an das such, would
iw much of While's acquaintances
h Evelyn Nesbitt and other young
la. Hartnuti can tell about the trusi
nis White established for the benefit
Mrs. Harry Thaw and her mother.
When lhe trial is resumed on Mon
will be Ave weeks since the
���tiial Hiking of testimony begnn and
��� ii weeks since the case was first
'il In court.    The expense, both to
Btate and the defence, has been
vy, particularly to thu defence.
Jl>r. Ilrltton 1). Evans, the principal
lleiiist. Is reported as receiving $200
Tday; Dr, Charles Wagner $150 a day,
Isl Dr. Onthnin W. Hammond and Dr.
ehell J. Jelltffe $100 a day.
| New York,  March, 9.���Many  rumors
current    today of a serious es-
in. s'liiont    between   tho   defendant's
mily  and  his  wife nnd  the reported
lire of Ihe former to bring about n
ppuratiun of the young collide in the
eni of u verdict acquitting  thc  de-
iiiliint   on    the    charge   of    murder.
nwiird Nesbltl, brother of Mrs. Harry
Thaw,  Is  quoted  as saying:    "The
buntesa of Yarmouth has said that she
'III not  return to  England  until her
ssiher nnd my sister have been separ-
ed.   As soon aa I arrived, I went to
i   Hotel Lorraine to warn my sister,
il Mr. Delmas would not  let me see
er iilune.   I am sure that lf my sister
new   of  tho   plans   which   nre   beliiR
nie against her Bhe would assert her-
Jelf at once and not remain passive as
Bis' has so fnr." lt has nlso been a mat-
pr of comment thnt inasmuch as two
Kptirts huve declared Thaw was Insane
Iho time of his marriage, the cere-
lony might be declared void and an-
California  School   Question.
| Sacramento, Cal., March *?.���The sen-
last night unanimously passed two
hlls hearing on tho Japanese question.
Ine hill limits the age of admittance
If nil children when first entering the
lrlnuiry  schools   to   ten   years  except
fllli tho consent of the superintendent
the schools, board of education and
sarilH of trustees, who may also grant
ll'l'i* children the privilege ot entering
primary grades for the first time. Thc
mil applies equally to children of all
races and amends the present statute
authorizing the eBlahllshnieul of separate schools for Asiatics and Indians bv
Including the word lawn. The olher
bill provldi-B for lhe expression of the
will and sentiment uf the voters of California at the nexl election on the question of Asiatic Immigration. A place Is
provided on Ihe ballot where voters can
voiu for or agalnBt Aslalic Immigration.
Japanese  House  Interpellates  Minister
on United States Relations.
Toklo, March 8.���Replying this afternoon to a senflational Interpellation In
the house of representatives in which
the Japanese were reported as suffering
Humiliation at the hands of the Americans, Minister Hayashi called attention
to the existence of the last clause of
article 2 of the treaty with the United
States. He said thai the clause was in-
sorted ln order to secure a ratification
of the treaty by the United States senate. Japan, he said, was at that time
revising the treaty to abrogate extra
territoriality, which was the greatest
Continuing to reply to the interpellation, Minister Hayashi emphasized the
imporance of approaching the question
of Japan's relations with America calmly and In a peaceful spirit, as excitement would only tend to Increase the
slsIlls siliis*s and Injure the traditional
friendly relations of both nations. He
also pointed out the Indisputable good
will of President Roosevelt and his gov
ernment towards Japan.
Latest Return Change Complexion of
Legislature���Roblin Has 28���
Liberal! 12 Seats.
(Special to The Dally Canadian.)
Winnipeg, Man., March 9���The complexion of the election returns waB
somewhat changed today by the report
from Russell that A. BonnycasUe was
elected by a majority of 61. Dr. Wright
Liberal, had at one time a majority of
7o. Reports from a number of places
are still incomplete. The returning officers made their official reports here
Nominations for bye-elections have
taken place at Gilbert Plains and Glmll.
At the former place. Qlencampliell, Conservative, wub elected by acclamation,
and at the latter a fight Is on between
1). T. Baldwinson, Conservative, and J.
Jonasson,  Liberal.
Premier Roblin has now a good working majority In the house, there being
28 Conservatives and 12 Liberals with
one place to hear trom next Saturday.
Fruit   Land  Advertising���Police  Court
Note*��� Mining Notes.
(Special to The Daily Canadian.)
Grand Forks, March 9.���A meeting
or the Twenty Thousand club has been
called for next Thursday evening when
sonfc moat important matters will be
dealt with. It is unofficially stated that
lhe several hundred dollars In the club'B
treasury will be expended forthwith In
legitimate advertising of the wonderful
resources of thiB valley from a frull
glower's standpoint.
During the temporary absence from
the city of Police Magistrate Cochrane,
P. T. McCallum and J. A. McCallum,
Justices of the peace, will lie tho presid
Ing magistrates In the police court.
Clnyton Arnold Turner ls the name
of a young lad who was up before thc
magistrates In the police court a couple
of dayB ago charged with several petty
offences. The boy had been brought
to thiB place by Captnln Palmer, an
Englishman, who loft hero some monlhs
ago, leaving this small boy at a neighbors. The court In thla case, after considering all tho evidence, made an
order committing the accusod to tho
Children's Home at Vancouver, as 11
appeared that the lad would havo ut
lerly gone to destruction If he was nl
lowed his liberty.
Properties outside the Little Benito
group on the North Fork of Kettle
river, but which are In the Immediate
vicinity of It, appear to Ire entering
on a new era of mining activity, lt Is
reported that lhe Diamond, Hitch and
olher well-known claims In that camp
will be opened up this spring as wen
the well-known Pathfinder mine, which
has been idle all winter.
Mclnnes Gets Snap.
Vancouver, March 9.���Mr. W. W. B.
Mclnnes, recently defeated ln Vancouver for provincial honors, was In Ot-
awa yesterday, and will probably spend
the week-end ln New York.
A report Is going around the city today that Mr. Mclnnes has been appoint-
od to the position of legal re''re.8���,a-
tive ln Yukon (pr the Guggenhelms.
Of Mineral Claims to Resume Active Operations
W. D. DeWitt Tells of Successful
Organization���Company Will
Declare Dividends.
As an Indication of what may be expected to transpire ln mining circles
in the way of revival of the mining industry In deserted parts ot the district
uud the reopening of closed or uban
doned prospects and imnes, The Daily
Canadian Is authorized to announce
that the organization of a new company-
took place in Spokane this week tbe
purpose of which is the resumption ol
extensive mining operations on the
Fern Group of claims at Halls Siding,
a few miliss soutb of Nelson on the N.
a. I\ S. railway. The Pern Group consists of four crown-granted claims with
mill site, waler rights, compressor
plant and tramway, all of which can be
easily, and with little expense, brought
into a state of satisfactory operation.
W. D. De Witt, of Nelson, has just
returned from Spokane, where he succeeded In interesting an ample amount
of capital for the extensive operation
of the Fern claims. Mr. De Witt will
himself assume the management of the
mines and ls sanguine as to the results.
He has had experience in the capacity
of a mine manager and believes that
Fern Group to bo as good as anything
In BritlBh Columbia. It will be remembered that this group was operated
some eight or nine year* ago, at which
time ore in paying quantities was taken
out. A three-rail tram was built and
a compressor plant Installed, but owing
to the general depression in mining Industries In the province and other
handicaps , the property has since lain
idle. Mr. De Witt, who knows the property thoroughly, took the matter up and
���succeeded in Interesting Spokane capitalists among whom is W. B. Poole, so
long an dfavorably known in mining
circles In the interior.
Development work has been in progress on these claims since the 4th of
February, some half-dozen men being
employed. Ore Is already being taken
out and dumped In preparation for a
mill run, which will be made In June
when the snows are cleared away and
Ihe preparatory repairs to machinery
have been made.
It has not been decided if the head
office will bo established in Nel
son or Spokane, but tn either case a
branch ofllce will be maintained In the
alternate city.
The company is operating under a
British Columbia charter and as soon
as spring arrives the force of men employed will be considerably Increased.
Mr. De Witt Bays the mine was an old
dividend payer and It is the intention
of the company to make lt become the
same again.
The Fern mine is situated about two
nnd a quarter miles from HaU Siding.
The resumption of operations on this
property wilt mean a considerable acquisition to the mining Interests of this
section. Mr. De Witt left this morning
for Spokane to complete some minor
details of the enterprise and will return
to the city on Monday.
Pledget Not Kept.
Regina, Sask., March 9.���A return
brought down by the government today showed that no Bleps have been
taken as yet to refer tho constitutionality of the Saskatchewan Elections
Act to the privy council, as promised
to Ihe last legislative session Mr.
Haultaln gave notlco of n resolution on
Monday In favor of a government-
owned and operate dtelephone system.
English Old-Age Pensions.
London, March 9.���The Tribune thla
morning confirms recent rumors that
the forthcoming budget will provide n
certain sum of money for some kind of
an old-age pension scheme, tho government having decided to make a start In
this direction this year. This start will
be only tentative, however, bb It will
take two or three years to carry
through tho programme.
Senator Casgraln Dead.
Windsor, Ont., Senator C. E. Casgraln
died this afternoon at Hotel Dleu here.
His brother's death occurred only yesterday. The death of the senator wns
not unexpected.
Japan's Loan Difficulty.
London, March 9.���In the opinion of
the morning newspaper, the Japanese
conversion loan of $115,000,000, a prospectus of which was issued yesterday,
is not likely to get such an enthusiastic
reception as the previous issues. The
Morning Post in Its financial article
voices the disappointment of the market that the new loan is merely a
charge on the general revenue, and Is
not secured by the custom, as is the
case with previous Japanese loans. This
paper says: "It Is generally felt that
the Japanese will have a very heavy
tusk in establishing its finances on a
sound basis and Ihvestors would have
been better satisfied to see specific return assigned to the service of the new
Appointment! to the Bench Held Over
to Suit th* Convenience of Favorite*���The fH>*s Rifle.
Ottawa, March 9.���Nine times this
session the attention of the house has
been called to the delay In making an
appointment to the supreme court
bench of Nova Scotia. More than 11
months ago Judge Fraser was made
lieut. governor and since then the court
haB been short handed. It is shown
that justice has been greatly delayed
and made more expensive by frequent
adjournments, that appeals have been
heard by three judges Instead of four
or five, that juries have been dismissed
because there was no Judge to hold
court. The chief Justice has made protest to the department of justice and
so has the president of the Law assocl
atlon. I \
All this inconvenience and injustice
results from the well-known fact that
the seat on the ben* ls held for a
member of parliament, who now sits
la the house and professes to act as a
free representative of the people. When
It Is convenient to open the -county and
the member shall have got Us sessional
Indemnity, the appointment will be
made. Meanwhile, as Iir. Borden points
out, 24 judges have been appointed
since that seat became vacant. Some
of these vacancies wan filled within a
week, many within a month, and all at
such times and by such appointments
as political exigencies required. Sir
Wilfrid's only excuse for this delay in
Nova Scotia was that the minister of
Justice could not find time to make a
selection, though the fact Ib, that the
choice wes made long ago. Mr. Lancaster points out that Mr. Aylesworth
easily found time to have his own
brother appointed to the public service
and even to get an offlce created for
Mr. Aylesworth pleads that no one ls
suffering serious Inconvenience and
that there is no occasion to hurry ln
the matter. This view was supported
In the house by Mr. Macdonald of Pic-
tou, and Mr. Roche ot Halifax. Mr
Bennett replied that !f no judge Ib
needed In Nova Scotia the appoinment
Bhould not be made at all and the salary
might be saved. As to Mr. Roche's
contention that no change ls needed,
Mr. Boyce explained that thc member
for Halifax was best satisfied when justice was delayed. For three years ke
had been sitting ln the house with an
election petition hanging over him, and
facts already proved, showed that his
seat was corruptly obtained. One
Judge had so declared. Mr. Roche was
In the house through a techncal objec
tion which the supreme court of Canada
haB set aside. The longer Justice
could be delayed In Nova Scotia, the
longer Mr. Roche might hold the seal
that did not properly belong to him.
After a breezy discussion Mr. Borden's motion condemning the delay In
making the appointment was rejected
by majority of 33 on a straight party
The Ross rifle has been a frequent
subject of discussion In the house. Dr.
Worthingten, of Sherbrooke, has been
Industriously and persistently gathering
by questions and motions for returns
Buch Information as could be had about
the contract for this weapon. He has
not yet secured all that Is required, bul
It Is shown that the department began
to pay for the rifles some years before
the first consignment was received, and
1st fact, before the factory was built.
Payment in advance has gone on ever
since. In this way the contractor has
been able to do business without much
capital. Ab to the defects of the rifle
Itself, Dr. Worthingten has collected
from official reports, departmental
statements and other authentic sources,
a mass of evidence, port of which he
will present to the house this week in
an able and comprehensive review. The
minister of militia defends the rifle as
a weapon, and In this he Is supported
by Col. Sam Huges. Col. Worlhlngton
has on the order paper further questions concerning accidents by the use
of this rifle. Though the government
claims that it Is a military necessity,
or at least a military advantage, to
have the Bervice rifle manufactured in
Canada, It Is admitted that many of
the essential parts of the Ross rifle are
manufactured In the United States.
A return brought down this week
bIiows that an Ottawa firm were the
sole tenders for the Port Daniel Wharf,
Bonaventure, and though this offer was
more than 65 per cent, above the engineer's estimate, the contract was
awarded without further ceremony.
This road also leads to the London election case, for lt was the junior member
of the Arm who went to London during
the campaign, paying the way of four
comrades und distributing among them
a handsome sum of money.
Former Shippers Will Be
Extensive Development Planned in
Many Camps oi Kootenay���
Week's Stock Quotations.
The nearer approach of spring Is seeing a steady Increase ln mining activity
and in preparations for activity. Among
the properties tor which plans of extended development have been formed
are the Kootenay Bell and Ore Hill, ln
Sheep Creek Valley and the Fern.
There Is no pause In the work ln
Alnsworth camp, where every property
Is busy.
But lt is ln the Lardeau and Slocan
districts that the most marked revival
ls looked for during 1907.
There are no marked changes in any
of the stocks dealt ln locally during the
last week, but prices remained firm
and tradings active. Spokane reports
several quick rises in the. shares of the
Coeur d'Alene district, and with just as
sudden declines. Eastern exchanges
seem to be normal with the interest in
Cobalt waning.
Alberta Coal & Coke rose 3 cents on
the bid price, but towards the close
sold back again. Breckenridge-Lund
-Coal was tn some demand, though at
prices below the market American
Boy strengthened somewhat with indications of being much firmer ln the
near future. Dominion Copper gradually declined, and is now being offered
at a lower figure than for some two
months, with almost no tradings recorded. B. C. Copper also dropped and
in selling lower than for Beveral
months, this decline being due to the
placing of tne new shares on the market. International Coal was traded in
a little, but the price is still very low,
and It Is expected lt will continue so.
Rambler Cariboo declined after its
recent sharp advance, and is now easy
at Its quotation of 10 days ago. Sullivan called some Inquiries, but did not
sell to any extent. Nicola Coal Mines
was very weak at the opening of the
week, but towards the close strengthened somewhat, and advanced about 2
cents per share.
The  following are the approximate
quotations for the week ending today:
Asked.   Bid.
Alberta Coal ft Coke I     .40 ..32
American Boy 02 .01H
B. C. Copper        7.37H  \ 7.12%
Breck.-Lund     57      \ .55
California     07 .05
Con. Smelters     140.00     130.00
Can. Gold Field 07 .06
Cariboo MaKlnney  ..       .04 .03%
Denora Mines   .10
Diamond Vale 31 .28
Dom. Copper        6.25        6.12%
Giant  (Robs)     .01
Granby      160.00     140.00
Inter. Coal 63 .60
La Plata Mines 20
Nicola Coal    07 .06
Nicola Val. C. &. C. . 100.
North Star 17
Novelty     02%       .01%
Rambler 34 .30
Sullivan    09%       .08%
Sullivan Bonds   *>5.00
Tel-Kwa   16
White Bear 9%c pd..       .06%       .05
West. Ooll Con      1.85        1.60
Methodist Clergy Move From West to
East and Back Again.
Toronto, March 9.���The transfer committee of the Methodist church has arranged transfers among the 13 Canadian conferences as follows: Rev. R. K.
Morrison, Manitoba, to Alberta; Rev.
Dr. James Elliot, Montreal, to Manitoba;; Rev. O. Darwin, Manitoba, to
Saskatchewan; Rev. S. G. Bland, Manitoba, to Saskatchewan; Rev. R. M.
Thompson, Montreal, to British Columbia; Rev. E. A. Davis, Montreal, to
Saskatchewan; Rev. W. E. Prescott,
British Columbia, to Manitoba; Rev. R.
Mllllken, Manitoba, to British Colum;
bis; Rev. E. E. Marshall, Hamilton, to
Alberta; Rev. J. E. Hughson, Alberta,
to Hamilton; Rev. E. R. Stelnhaeur,
Montreal, to Alberta; Rev. J. P. Kerry,
Bay of Qulnte, toAlberta; Rev. A. H.
Hoare, Saskatchewan, to Bay of
Qulnte; Rev. S. W. Wilkinson, Manitoba, to Saskatchewan; Rev. W. P. Goard,
Saskatchewan, to Manitoba; Rev. 8. P.
Ridden, Manitoba, to Saskatchewan;
Rec. C. S. Reddick, Bay of Qulnte, to
British Columbia;  Rev. J. W. Dicken
son, Saskatchewan, to British Columbia; Rev. N. H. Bugg, Hamilton, to
The changes will go Into effect between the middle of May and the end
of June,
General Auditor of P. Burns and Company Dies After Operation.
P. Burns, who arrived In the city last
night, received a telegram from Calgary
this morning, announcing the death of
George Macdonald, general auditor of
the company. The news came as a
shock as, although Mr. Macdonald had
undergone an operation for appendicitis, his condition was considered
quite satisfactory when Mr. Burns left
George Macdonald was born in Nova
Scotia 34 yean ago. In the early 90's
ho was In the employ of Porter Bros.,
railway contractors, later with Wrenn
& Greenough, of Spokane. In 1896 he
went to the Slocan and became manager of the Noble Five group. Two and
a half years ago he became general auditor tor P. Burns A. Co.,
The deceased was widely known
throughout the West and universally
liked and respected. He was most popular with all the employees of the company, all of whom have heard of his
sudden death with sincere sorrow.
"Mr. Burns said; "I don't know how
we can replace him. His death Is a
great loss to the company, as well as
a blow to all his friends. There is not
a member or servant of the oompany
who had not the very highest regard
for him."
Strike of Electrical Workers In Paris
Renders Impossible Regular Publication of New*.
Paris, March 9.���The strike of the
electrical workers ot Paris which commenced yesterday afternoon brought
about remarkable scenes in the vicinity
of the newspapers offices esrly this
morning. In front of a building occupied by the only firm of private printers
who have presses Urge enough to take
plates the siie of a dally newspaper
there drove up early this morning a
number of trucks loaded with the plates
and rolls of paper from the different
morning papers, each of which hoped
to discover some means of bringing out
even a small edition. Not a single
newspaper was obtainable in Paris until long after the regular hour of their
The Figaro, the Petit Journal and
Petit Parlsien finally succeeded in developing electricity and made their appearance at a late hour. Each of these
newspapers printed papers for their
rivals after their own editions had been
run off.
The strike resulted early this morning in a serious flood ln the tunnel of
Paris subway system now In course of
construction on the south side ot the
Seine. The reason tor the inflow of
water waa that the electric pumps
ceased working. There Is over 12 feet
of water for a long distance ln the subway and it is feared that the sides and
roof will fall In. The men who were
at work tn the tunnel at the time of the,
Inundation made their escape hurriedly
and had to leave behind their tools and
other property.
Paris, March 9.���The strike of the
electrical workers, which began here
yesterday evening, has assumed a serious aspect. The men employed by the
two remaining independent companies
went out early this morning, and unless
the disputes are settled immediately,
P. is feared that the workmen ot the
gas companies and the employees of
the Metropolitan underground railroads,
or. which the majority of the. population
relies tor transporatlon, will be Induced
to leave their work in sympathy with
the strikers. Not since the siege of
Paris, ln 1870, has the city been plunged
Into such darkness, and last night's experience, coming without warning, has
aroused the most intense resentment.
In addition to the inconvenience resulting from the closing of places of amusement and the stopping of boulevard and
cafe life,'the business Interests of the
capital are greatly alarmed at the prospect of heavy material loss. If the
strike continues the stores will be
obliged to close at dusk. Many of the
workshops and manufacturers will be
compelled to shut down on account of
the lack of motive power, and the foreign visitors, on whom the hotels and
many tradespeople largely subsisted,
will be driven atfay.
Tho newspapers, with the exception
nt the out and out Socialist organs, condemns the strikers most severely, and
Ins 1st that the government should Inter
v.ne and compel the parties to the dispute to reach a prompt settlement. The
conservative newspapers, like the
Eclair, says the strike proves how com
pletely Paris ls under the dictatorship
of the federation of labor and Its poi
lltlcal allies. The cause of this dispute
Is the city council's rejection of the
plan for the munlclpalliatlon of the
electric plants of the eity. The granting of a new concession for 32 years to
a private company and the subsequent
refusal the company to place Its employees on the tooting of the men employed by the city In the matter of
hours, wages and pensions.
t .
Sudden Death of Elijah
lie Restorer
Carer of Remarkable Han How
Bctered by Relatives to Have
Been Always Insane.
Chicago, March 9.���John Alexander
Dowle died at 7:40 this morning at
Zion City. There were present with
him when he died only Judge Barnes
and two personal attendants. It had
been Dowie's custom to hold services
every Sunday aftemooi) In the parlor of
Shiloh House. About 36 of his followers attended these services. Dowle always wore his apostolic robe and made
a characteristic address.' Seven week*
ago these meeting* ceased and Dowle
appeared no longer tn public.
The public meeting, however, were
still held by hla adherents. Since that
time Dowle had gradually been failing,
during Friday, however, there waa no
indication of approaching death. Ha
received a few followers ��cd prayed
for some people.. Hi* -condition seemed
to be ahout the aame for the last two
or three weeks.
One of tha attendants remained with
him until midnight and wa* relieved
hy the other attendant Shortly before
1 o'clock thi* morning Dowle became
delirious snd hi* talk was as at a religious meeting ln the -days of hla
prime. He denounced with old-time
���vigor, ordered the guards to throw out
disturbers and acted juat aa be had oo
many previous occasion. He gradually
became weaker aad weaker aad the attendant tslap-honed for Judge Barnes,
who reached Shiloh Houae at 7 a. ra.
Forty mine* later Dowle -died. No ar-
rangeemnts have yet been made for the
funeral. *
The death of Dowle waa uneiepeeted.
A large number of followers gathered
at Shiloh House. Hr*. Dowle, Judge
Dowle. the prophet'* father, and hla
sons, who are ln Michigan have been
notified and are expected at Zion CUy
Judge Barnes, who waa at the bedside
of Dowle, la a member of ToUra'a
council, but remained friendly to Dowle,
believing him to be Insane and not re-
sponsible for hi* actions. Dowie's wife,
father and son, held the same view and
It la therefore believed that .although,
they have been estranged, that they
will attend the funeral.
John Alexander Dowle was born In
Edinburgh, Scotland, Hay Uth. 1847. In
1M0 hia parents removed to Melbourne,
Australia, where for serea years he
waa employed aa a clerk la a business
house. Here Dowle developed the commercial Instinct that served him so well
later In life. He saved enough money
during their period to return to Edinburgh at the age of 20 to take a Ave
years' course ln theology and the arte.
He became a master of Oreek and cultivated a literary taste tbat reaulted In
after yean In a library of 10,000 volumes, with which he ws* thoroughly
Six years of denominational activity
weighed on Dowle, who forsook hia
church and In 1878 went to Melbourne,
where he set up a Free Christian tabernacle and Divine Healing association,
of which he became president, and
gained fame during the prevalan-ce ot
puterlc fever, apparently effecting many
cure* by prayer and laying on ot hand*.
After 10 yeara la Melbourne, Dowle decided to remove to England, where hla
association had braaah-ae. Dowle
landed In San Francisco ln 1888. He1
needed MW and had Just told "hla trite
he had "Asked Ood for It," when a man
came along and put the amount la hla
hand. That was the starting point la
hla wonderful career ln the western
world. After three yeara of wandering
along the California coast, Dowle, his
wifo. his son. John Alexander Gladstone
Dowle, hla daughter and father arrived
ln Chicago.
During the next five years Dowle waa
arrested at least 100 time for violating
orders relating to the cure of the sick
but. he continued to prosper. A large
hospital for the healing of the rick waa
built In Chicago and a college for the
training of missionaries waa organised.
A printing plane waa put ln operation,
and a bank was also atarted.
The Christian Catholic church of
Zion City waa formally organised la
February, UN. Dowle became general overseer. Four yeara afterwarda,
Dowle, In the Auditorium theatre, announced that he waa Elijah the Be-
storer, spoken   of In Malachl.
Prleee of Metal*.
New York, March ��.���Silver. UKo;
copper, !4Mo; lead, M
London, Much I.���SlWar, Sl U\*a\,
km ���**H
The Daily Canadian
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Two Card of the Celebrated
A. B. C.
Imperial Bank of Canada
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ititiiiuiut; thu policy >uily Willi Uh fulnl
pmtae riu< oppOitUOQ lu ilif houau
(viH have UtUt to do tim-iua tin* preieni
hisMini >mHi mob uu .*\f<*iu-iu outlook
before iiu* provluoe k nui> tranaplre,
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iiu* Dordlal aialitauoe ol the govern
niiiii in uii daalrable legtitaUou umt
target tbe taotloi ol tbe laat three yeare
wbtob latined to Im boMftdo^ wltb tbe
deal re to turn tbe Rovemmaol tuu of,
.NUl fcUV  tin \:n*;i��
J. Wa UAYi (ViAnuMiv
The Royal Bank of Canada
l\-*:OK'-t'i��K  tlt.l>    ISOV
| ;.  00,000
iS, 400.000
$4 v J.V..W
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ate auJ
Nslsoa Breach, G. A, SPINK, M.m*g<t.
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ana t>uttui; ihe [>**,��{ (uur yaua t*iv-
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.s'Liutus.s ii Canada
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lovolvlui thf wpendlture ol pubUo
mono) We have nol "" a alugle
n'Milutliui. paued 1>J iih> board, iimt
hai ugl it'iiiint'M itroagi) oonttnciuUhg
ii to iiit* uuiitv ol Hu provincial hihI
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requeeta made uwaMonable bul ��" *P
paar to have �� mUottal baala In lbe
naadi ol tbe reepeoUve dlatrloti
riu' oonveaiioo Itaell i.-- bu eacuaet
ui ilu* ii\t> latareel tbal la helm takaa
in iiu* davaloptueul ol tbe oooutn ���'"��!
iiu> praaarvatlon ol |,s aatttral raeoui
k*t*n siu'U latareel II mora leueral ao
;is lu comprehend lbe oltlaeo In avwrj
wi.ik of Ufa would mui"' Brltlah Co
tuinhiti the moat proaparoua ol tlu* pro>
tuoaa Oua ol tbe dlfltcultt< * couetautl]
ooufra&tlut the aaterpilebm olaaa tu
un> oomtuuolt) la tbo seuaral ludlSar
ouoe to tboaa (tteitloiui which vttalh
aflaot lti welfare shut tbe boarda ol
tutir to*' leading, however, it nm>
raaaouablj ba bopad tbal i moia p u
oral lataraat in tbe country's progrou
will he developed
Tbe reetauraut aud b*��u dlui houae
hoapera ol Roveletoke hava tolloarad
the axaauplo t>f the aame peupl< tu Nel**
suit aiul \iA\t} rnUt't! the prioe .'i uit'ttls
iimt hoard tuliko tho public ol Nal
sun, howavaf, tba hoarUera ol Revel
atobe have lone -.,.' i - rihi aud haya
r4gaed 1 moaalai ���.������.uimli in tbe tom
ot a contract pi-edging tbeli whole twt*
u*tu.*.*, to aayi m vh< �� opw an aai
but houae m iho lov a and t'uniUh
Eaeata at tba old prioa Wa have =*<-���<"
mob tblaaja bafwe Pbe trouble with
iht* eatw is that he la particular, and
H a aaa eaouaaaa] boaKHai honai wv
eataallabed It eroald not he Iom UU
���.'a, \%m\X*\$ ot nu*aU would heeonto,
;uhi!> ni tntxtejfy, .* mattai Em aarioaa
eiLtletam U ami d ��� > * *���: htf ttM
sv��vHi t��t\>t']f nl Rev*: atohi to t>^**v ihe
HI* ihey haa�� thau tl> to inhere thdt
thev luow Lyt <?t
lUtj Ami Hii.-i  (UtoJ iBMtf te��p|4l tfl Ou
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U ii,, , M|  IikII ui ilu' northWMt -im.rii'1
The Tofaato Telefliain inhltabaa i
airtkiui onitonn ranfaaantlai the chancel ot a t'hutv-t. wtih .a tud^uitlceuc pipe
aiQHi       ��� 1  ia/*)**, * Caraagia
i.*>u th**   . :���-.     -. ia    eaaaa the
1 Banna pfeanari
n^ -    fala Cbnrah VHl I
John l>. K^ i. a: UM ii��ht
nl tht* iaui..-- ..���. ��� v    -   ��� u-viu\*u*
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Ai aoon  it  1 anbra can hi
who  wi���:  hni   Baatai  N.��uaeu (or  the
abate ah J ���*;��-*.
I  .-iise in which
.       . .V , *      * A. I
nana rn m iniMnraiau
-Campaniet Act,  \S9? ���
ttu.I ill,- we*\ I1"!' "f ilu* Hurllii'tu.1 ipmru-r ��i
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it,,*  weal ihoi   ul Uie low�� km*, \ekttt ��w
iMlHlUi It-1 ai,.*   in,'i,   ��>r  1.*--
Mm.'i, in . uaoaai Mtwoi*,
M    K   M.'.'l  IKHIK, Am-ut.
Bixt) daya after e*M 1 intaad ui applj la tba
Chief i'.'iiiini*.��inin'i mi Lftudi mnl Worki for
iwrut iMmu to puh Uttu> tha tollowloi de* rlbed
Uni Bl'untvrfoii tho eut ��ldeol kttea lax*
in llie Weil K����'i��*n��* dlitrlet, aboul * aliet
��i*,.,, lurlou Clly. ruuiiueuciui at a poat i*itnn
erf��t (he uorthwoat fvruar of *' Baebefi pur
ttiAv-.- linn,.' mui in ohalna. Ibauea 0 ria *'
-imiu.. iin un- wee)   u I'balm   thanee Miutha)
��� 1 .-;iu i'l ��� .*Mi'ni*n.*cuii'iit  mi.l  i-utilmn
lue au aerei
Jmiiuhi ** II   1*1
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auh dan afterdate! tattad to appl; ��<"ii��
Hi�� efl mn i**i.'iu*f uf UuiU ami Worka
to purebaae III acre* ol laud oommenelog at a
hmi marked i; B'a K  K ooraer poel. pianwl a(
ih,- s   u     . ��� atl   ���������  U   a   Bti ��b  - ���  Aim on ttie
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Hurt Ity, tbenee weet�� obaina, thenee aoutb
I . ui, ilu uee aaai t*1 1 hatna tbeni ���  nortb
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Uat��d lathdaj ol Kot   teon.  B\**.>s Btwvcn.
.1 r kjnuai a. Agfut.
\ H it. r.*l>> iiiv.'ii tu*i IWO uiuuthi alter
dttawe luuiii toannt) to ihf Chlel Cotanla-
llonai .*! IjiuiI- ��ui warka Inr a loam' "l all tbat
mn 11., ii.. ��� adjoining the-Canadian
i*��. ni,* hailera) Ibloyan^oa iltt* veal. [iart u(
!������ iu |tonpl.ana beluion tba totttb ibtir*
p,.! the waat arm of Kootenaj l*kr, iu tlu* ��l t��-
:u*i ..i K-*.*u naj 1 ������ini-uiu'tii-j ��t the aonlhw<
ly oorner of Iii Wf rronp I] laanca ��ii*n*f ibe
lonta weatrri) bounaarj ot lot TOM a-u-i tM Kt-
fataataa thereof, tn a nortb wroterly .lirwtlon.a
dlatuet ��� ��� * ��� tb< nee ��i r:*;tit ���au^lM to
tald umuiUrj ia a Ktotb woatarly diraenon ��
dlatanco of Su feel, man -��r lew, to ib* uurtb
eaaterly bonadm ��� ; a ��� It] lurk coailBBOdi
Utauoo p*ra!lel toaiud woatwty uiuinUry uf lot
fnk In a te ������" , uti; 1 ll eetloa, �� ,ii.��t*uae u(
ninei Biortw ���*-*��� to tba northerly boanaan
HA   ibea wiu< the uortoerly tkiunrf-
ary of loi 114 in a d<   tb eaatarlj dlreetioa tothe
pOUM bl   iviiuu. ii 1. nn ui.    lbe   area  -Wiug 154
taiaa, suiore 01 leaa
CAN i!'t   'IM" I'OilPANI    LIMITED.
BaUd tbia "h -Iai ol Jauuary. A I> , ' ��� .
iBttl t uiuiniMioiur .
i'ba��u 3*1     ���
ta| t��:t of Seel      - *
ilem-nbci!  aa I
marav.l f. Vt. l.i a.
u.'rth'***"* i
ibeaoe *vai *u .*a*iu��
tbenee ea*t a> abalnaj
plaee ot betiuutua
November -3rJ \*M.
Btaa t loapfti lo tlie Hoo.
I l ��u.u and worka tu pur
i.veted iu f\n "�� alley b#>
and to Townabip tut, and
I'ommeuolug at a poat
si-ruet au ! ptanuM at tbe
Wut   WtUtam*' piiiehaae;
theuce uorth * .-balni.
theui'e aouth �� cbaina to
r, W. IosdaJI,
j. i- junuan
v AN It     \
: .     ��� r-.    in CoL-wna,
Nu sJHsa,
.   _ . 3    .       . .
.. I   ...  .
��� ���
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��� . .    ��� -.. I _ -.
^t.^u.-wa-l I  $ ���.*.'-.*.
���      .      ..   ���
:     . *. m
.    -   -TMHsia
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. -   -. <
uiurc  Hi%.> o
. ���    1
I ��� . ,t."*.*l
'*  .1: *..-..-       MM     buOsMaUiJ      -     I--
',      . ���     s
-    ,   *       ��� .
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au Ja>�� after dnM I tateaj to appij to the Hon-
ora&ie lln Cblal '.���uitaiaaiooa. oi Landa and
tracu. ti* p.i^-aaae f:\> acrea of '.aad Com-
auttvt-ua at a pi**��: marked O. * ss N E corner
poet aaJ plan led .-n tb* weat ahore o( Arrow
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-iflLMMiiefoi Landa aim Warka,
1. iu pun hub ��� ��   ��� 1  i :��;*.���] loonlMd ta
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tbeuce x .aaioa eaal,
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lue tjtaa imim I auna la appiT m tae
Mualraaluaat .if La.a-.ta aaa Worts,
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uim tt  *a*.ua ����i -   I    msmas a 1
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taaaaa 'Jus '.um Jar ti >u-r^m>.r am
^w M.a-jta.iia,
ANHEUSER    -AND ��� om
BUSCH...       Budweiser
DISTILLERS, 12 and 20 years old.
R. P. RITHET & CO., LDffll
NELSON       H'"" '\*.iL..,{;.���,.4r,,,"h    VICTORU
The Hall Mining; and Smelt
Company, Limited.
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry Ore
Full Stocks
B. C. Salmon
Atlantic Haddies
Manitoba Whitef ish
BEEF, PORK and MUTTON of Finest Qwlity,
P. Burns & Co., Ltd*
Onlert bf ma
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Hetd OfiJce: NeboaU
*-;t�� tiTi after <law 1 lnt*n't u, applr to ua
Hs.-u'ra *���*.<���* thr t'!ii**f t '.'mmwiMa* r nl Laa>la and
W,.>rt* f"f pernilaat>*n 10 puntiaer Ide (i>;:>witi|
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rhre>-Ui.<Q ��� I'baina morv or U-aa Ut iht pi����-�� <_a
b^fiaatox. ���.t>auiaiaa  Idu mi'tv*.  more or   laws
Pa:-e*l ta-jt Ma iav Jl Su**oii��r. ISOi.
wrK   L. BvuftT. *\<-o:
J-Wix-e ia a^reoy gtvea Ua: ��� .lay* ai%*r tare 1
mtaatoQer  4/ Landa  *a��i   Wi-rli  for prnotaaluD
to ffiit.--a*ae _au acrea oliao4.��itiiaEe on *:
-fuvie   river  about 1 sille Itttux   Ia;#taauoaaJ  '
tmamaaVf antl ��"Sout 1 mtie from ^pvtaue iaier
ia        %    it      *    inaieuvia-e at a piwt aiartt^l  :
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ln��on> pre-eaiptlon. market R. 1
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northweal wrner, tb*--::* .* �����"���.::. * -u3H|l
of rosuneacemeat, coniainindlfcu
D��l*J thla _IH day *t Nur., IM.
���*' data a/Wr date I intend V\ *pp < tm\\
��� -inm'��aiont;r .��(  Und* tM *m|
toria. to purehaae 3a> acre* i>(  1*1-1 ���*���"
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aad 1* In Townabip��t and dearribM Ml
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T-owaahlp  �� and   atarte��( J ,'**i-
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thenee *m:h a.1 *-bai3f. themre tmlMf
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Honorable the Chief v'omaiaeioner ei Law!*-* ami
***>ta. Vmamtan to purebaae lau --ttt* at laaO. I
loaaM a lam Taimj aa��i aaaartbed ���..*.. ��-
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 ��__ 5.  iLXHUkUA  i��
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mam ma-ampaiow. md run man
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'teK-araoer v.  tarn.
laaaa   Tw, Immm
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meammannt. .minimat  ��� . "
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 l    I     "t--.  .-^wior.      '
Sott.*e Is berebj- cleen mai * Um r_*st\
atsaad m appir m '.a** Baaorahnnaonj
maaionar ol Landa and Worka to !��*���
�� I   aad 1-i-rwTibed aa folloej   I ottM-^
at a p*-et piastrd ��a the n*or<b bail -iimi
M ���������� iliat, ahwut JBO yardi Croaa^P
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thenew weat m -eta-**, thence mnl mar
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ttam    ' m us: '."oaiauHttoner ol Lan.li ia*J"
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muw ia ea ��a*ttr!*r and eaaaewet~~j
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'ss,,s.:j_,    is.m    i--'"   ""L���,ini^
*  ** r
i*M��UsUulllU  l��l   sl s-Bssrss.!^   ; ,.__I��A
j. ]t.���.JJl��n*��������H*l"��� The Daly Canadian
lotice to Fuel Consumers
All orders now standing on W. P. Tierney s
or our books for any amount or description of
coal must be settled for, otherwise delivery will
not be made.
Dated February 18, 1907.
I Yale-Kootenay Ice, Fruit, Fuel and Poultry
Company, Limited.
<A Meeting of the Employers of tabor
in the mines and smelters, and in the
lumber industry of East and West
Kootenay and Southern Yale, and of
the representatives of the men employed in these industries in these districts,
will be held in Nelson on Thursday,
14th March, at 9 p. m. in the Board of
Trade rooms, for the purpose of considering the effect of the Lord's Day
Observance Act upon these industries
la borate given tbat 8" dura attar date 1
"*;*|. i to in. Hnn. tin* t'lilul l-oniiula
.! Uml. Htid Worka, victoria, (or pur-
l.iti toi'ut and carry aaai Umber Irons the
wiiii.; -tMQribati lands in wait Kooteuay:
Y< ommanolng ki a pott planted about eighty
n weit of thf moUu Oi eureka creek, where
vi  ihu   linriii- creek, and uu  tin* mirth
ol turtku cr��*ck, au l marked (i, A. Laurie's
���lu*itst corner pofii tiieucc weat ugfa y clialun,
��� -    nortii ctgliiy chalim, thence cast eighty
���nt, thenc ���  -..mil eighty < lalm to i>olnt ol
^i*-d Jan nth. 1U-37    U A. LarniE, Locator.
' omtnanoliu at a \m-', planted cam of and
-titttg ti A. Laurie'-* lociitloii pout No. 1, and
led 0. A. Laurie's nouiliwesl corner pott of
location, thence Uit tight v chaiUB, thenee
, i Ighty attaint, thence west citjhty chains.
' ��� -oiith eighty chains lo polul ol comuien-
i.l Juu   3Stn, Wl
. A. Lat'KIE, locator.
immenolni nt�� poit plauied aboatalghty
"nuth ul turcka 0IMI where lt Hows tnlo
creek, *nd marked U A. Laurie's south-
irner posl, on location No. '���<. tbeuce cast
liHltit., ihcnce uorth elghly t-lialiis, thence
jhlj  ohaini, ihcme nouth eighty chalus
���tuul oj cotniucnccincnl.
(aud Juu. tltlh. Wl.   0. A. LaiRiit. Locator.
onunonoina at a put planted south ot
loiuiuati A Uurie's location No. :i, and
1 ti. A. ��� aurle's northwest co ner post,
east HO  ehnllis, Ihence   south   80 eliains.
west HU ehulns, Oiutice uorth Bo chalus
ii nt commencement.
1 ���Un. -vith, HR-",   ti. A. I^at'itiit, Uicator.
���nunenclng at a ih>hi plauied eighty
Bail und lorty chains south of location
i 4, and nmrked W II. 1'uge's southwest
post oj loeatiou No (��, thenee cast eighty
, thenee north eighty chains, thence west
fehty ehalns,   Ihcnce  south eighty ehalns lo
\m\ nl eomiiieneenieul
i-d Jau -Jfitlt, 1WI..     W  11. 1'AUit, Locator
i>    ' onuni'tH'ltiK at a post plaulcil   south   of
Id adjoining location No, 5, and murked \V. 11
1-���'i mm Invent eoruer posl of  loealion No t>,
������  iftll  eighty  chains, theuce Mihth llghty
-. tbenoe wait eighty eliulns, ihenee north
chains t.i polnl of couiiucncemolit.
f'alctl Jan. MUt, 1U07.      W. II. 1'auk, Ucalor.
i oinincnelng   at   h   posl   planted   eighty
lm eul and twenty chains south ot looatlon
; No ti.aml inorkcil ti. A. Laurie's southwesi
fruer po*-l ul looatlon No 7. ihence east elghly
, ihuucc imrth eighty chains, thenca west
Ihty Ohalni,   theuce amilh  elgoty  chains to
Dim ol commencement.
|l)*tcil .lau._ntll.lUU..    Q, A. Lit'HlK, 1/iculor.
ommenclng at a post planted eighty
icust uud elghly ehuilis south of lov.allmi
0.1, and marked U. A Laurie's soiiliiwesl
_ ....' posl nf location No. H, thenee east
���ghtv chalus, thence north eighty chains, tbuuee
lest eighty chains, ihenee south elghly chains
J' point nl comiucuOemcnl.
ILiit.d Jau. (Mln, IWI7.   u. A. l.AUitir, Loealor.
nj'. -Commencing at n posl planted eighty
Biuliis eut and eighty ctmlns south of location
fo   K,  Mini  marked ti   A.  Laurie's southwoHt
prnor of location Nn. D. thenee east IW) chaliis.
pence north .tl chains, thence west 100 chain".
ncnee souih lilchaltiHto p dni olcmnmeiicemeiit
I I"uied Jan. -itiLh.mn.   G. A. Laihuk, Locator.
lit).���(idiHiuenclng at ti post r-lanteil about aU
riles down Humes creek [rom the month of
|uri'ku creek  where it Hows lulo Harn��s creek
a southeasterly direction, and marked ti. A.
lurte'i lonthwut unrner post o( location No.
. thence east eighty ehuins, thence uortb eigbty
iliiiuis. ihcnce weal eighty ehalns, thenoo south
nli! v ehiiinn to point of uom me nee rutin t.
j Hated Jau.'iHtb, 1W7.    U. A. Laurie, Uioalor.
J 11.-Oommenelng at a post planted eighty
HftlOl eaat of location No 10, and marked 0. A.
jamll'l soiilhwcst corner pust of looatlon No 11,
Bh. in.* cast eighty ebalns, tbenoe north ulghty
���hains, ibenee weHt eighty cimlliH, thonee nouth
fight y chains to point uf eoinmetiuemeut.
1 atcdJau.'JStli, 1007.   G. A. LackII, Locator.
l;J -('unimencliig at a pom planted iouth of and
�����) Inlng loeatiou No. 11, and marked W. II.
I "He s nurth wcsl corner post ut loeatiou Nu. 11,
ihence easi eighty ohalus, tlience south eighty
cbalm, theuce west eighty cha.ns, tbence uorth
eighty chains to point of etimnienceinint.
Dated Jan. 'JJttb, 11W7.     W. H. Page, l-oiet Dr.
13���Commenciug at a post plauied eighty
chains esst and eighty chains soutb of location
-No l'l and marked 0, A. Laurie's northwest
eoruer post of location N'o. 13. thence east eighty
cbalns, thenre south eirhty ehalns, thenoe w��it
elghtf chains, theuce north eighty cbains tu
polut oi commencenu'Dl
Haled Jan 'tflh, liWL   U. A, Laurie, Ixwator.
__L���rummenctng at a post planted north of
aud adjoining location No, 13, and being marked
ti. A. Laurie's southweat corner poat of locution
No 14. Ihence east eighty chains, thence north
eighty chalus, thenoe west eigbty chains, theuee
���outb eighty chains io point ol commencement.
Dated Jan. _Wth, 1W7.   ti. A. Laurie, Locator.
lfi���Commencing at a post planted eighty
chains uorth ot loeatiou No. U and marked ��.
II-Pase's south weat corner post ol louatton No
Iii, ihence auM eighty ebalus, thence north
eighty chains, Ihence west eighty < halus, theuce
south eighty chaius to point of commenoement.
Dated Jau. Wtb. 1WL     W. H. Paoe, Locator.
ie.���Commencing at a poat planted eljjhty
ch-lns east of location No. lfi, and marked (���- A.
Laurie's southwest corner post ot location No.
16, tbence east eighty chaius, theuce uorth
eighty chains, ibenee west eighty ohalus. tbence
south eighty ehulns to point ot commencement.
Located Juu. -JVi, mm:.     Q, A. LarRll, Locator.
1".���Commencing at a post plauted routb of
and adjoining location No. in, and marked ti. A.
Imurte's norihwci corner pnat of location ������> o.
17, thence easi eighty ehalni*, thence south
eighty chalus, theuee weht eighty chains, thanee
north eighly chains io polut of commencement.
Dated Jan. tttbi 1W7-    li. A. Lai'kix. Locator.
18.-Commeuelng at a post planted eighty
Ohaini south of location No. IT, and marked W,
H  Page's northwest corner poat of loeatiou M>.
18, thenceast eighty chains, h uiccsoiith eighly
Ohnli s, ihcnce wesl eighty ehalus, thence north
eighty ehulns to pulnt �� commoueemeut.
Looated Jan. 0, UOT.      W. H. J'AtiK, Locator.
19 ���Commeneing at a post plauied eighty
chaltis south of location No. 18. .and marked t..
A. Uurie's northwest eorner poet Of l<K*atltin No.
Ill, theliee east eighty chains, thenee south
eighty chains, thenee west elghly chains, ihenee
north eghty ehalns lo point of ot mimencement.
Daied Jan Wth, IW7.   li. A   Lac hie, Looaior.
SO.���rnmmcuc(iig nt a post udanlcd about
eighly ehalus easl of tbe moulh of Elgbl Mile
creuk When 11 empties luto luononklu ereek,
and on the south bank if lnom<akln ereek. aud
marked ti. A Uurlc's northeast corner post of
locution No 'Jo, thence s.iuth ItiiMdiatnn. theuce
wesl 40 chains, theliee north IW obains, thoueo
ni-t io chains to point ot cummcnci>meni.
Dnted l*'ch- 'Jnd, 1907.    tl. A. Lai'KIK, Locator.
ai.-IJommeueing at a post planted forty
ehulns west and eight) ehulns lOtttO of locution
No. M, Ud marked W, U. I'agcV ncrthiasl cor
ner poll ol loealion No- '-'1. tlience wesl eighty
ehnllis. thonce south eighty chains, thenee enst
eighty ehatns, thence north eighty ehulns lu
point of e.imiiiclieetncnl.
Dated Keb, and, IW.      W. H. I'aob, iAiciilor.
83.- 'Commenolng at �� post phmtpd efwi ol and
iidiottilng loealion No. an, and iimrkid U. A.
Laurie's northwest corner DOItOt looallolt No.
aa lbence south 100 elm ins, llieneo east W ehalus,
llieucv north UO th*Ini. thenco west 40chaius to
ptilut of uommoiieuuieiit.
Duled Fob. and, 1H07.    ti, A. LAt'UlK, Locator,
a:i.-Commonelng al ft pint planted rortTOhiln*
eaat o'location No. aa and marked W. H. Fage'a
uorthwest eoruer post ot locution No. -aa, theuce
aouth 1��0 ehulns, thenee east forly ehalns. theuce
north loo Ohalni, theuee west furty UnalU lo
point of comniunuemeut.
Dated Feb. Hid, llhff,      W. H. 1'aoe, Iam tor.
84 -Commenciug al a posi plftiited ��rty Ohalni
eaut and eighty chains muth of location An.-a,
and marked I A. Uurlc's northwest onrnu
post of location No M, thenoa south olgUr
ehnins theuce east eighty chnins, thoueo north
eighty chains, thenoo woBielgbty chains to point
of commencement.
Dated Keb. 4th W07.    0. a. Uokik, Locator.
afi.-Uouiiueuutui at a post  plauied  elghly
ohainB east of locution No. at, und marked O A.
Uurie's northwest corner post ol location No.
I .thence soutli eighty chains, thence eust
eighty, ihence imrth eighty ehalus, thence west
eighty chalus to point of coiumenc* -lent.
Dated Feb. 4th, 1��07.    G. A. Laueie, Locator.
an.���Commencing at a post planted about four
and one-half miles down inonoakln creek, trom
the mouth of Klght Mile creek where It flows into Inonoakln creek, and on the east bank of
Inonoakln creek, and marked (J A. Uurie's
northwest eoruer pont, thenee sonth eighty
chains, thence east eighty ehains, Ihcnce north
eighty chains, ihence west eigbty chains to point
of commeucemeut.
Dated Feb 4lh, 1907.     G. A. Latjbie, Locator
Take notice that 1 lutend, thir'y days alter
Ante to apply to tlie Honorable the Chief Commissioner   of   Lands   und   Works for a special
tleei to eul mid currv uwbv  timber from the
followlug deserlbed lauds, situated on Kandy
Creek lu West Kooteiiuy distriet: Commencing
at u post (iliiiu.*ii on the west side, ot said creek,
and marke I "J P. H's" northwest corner; tbence
running soutb eighty ehnins; thence east eigbty
chains, thence uorth etirhty chains; thence west
eighty ebalus to pluce ot commencement.
i. I'.pwmuiau,
Dnted this loth duy ot February, 1907.
Take notice that thirty days u(t*ir date I intend to apply to the Chief Commissioner of
Undsand Works at Victoria tor permission to
cut and carrv away timber from the following
described lauds lu West Kootanay:���
No L��� Commencing nt a post plnnted at the
southwest corner of timber licence No. 7B21;
thanee east lorty cbains; thenee uortb eighty
chains; tbence east 1H0 chains, thenee south to
northern boundary of timber license 8548;tbeoce
west aloug said northern boundary to
the north-west corner uf tald license;
then south to tbe nortbern boundary
of UtnUr license 7018; thence welt to
a point due south of tbe pointofcommeucment:
tbence nortb to the point ol commencement.
January 15th, 19OT
No. a ���Commencing at the northwest corner
of timber license "Hal; theuce south to the north-
ern boundnry of timber license 7U1H; tbence weat
to the uorlh-west corner ot said timber .icense
theoce muth to the northern boundary of Lot
"ia; thence lollowlng said boundary of said
lot west to thc right of way of tbc 11. C. Houthern Hallway, thence lollowlng said right of way
in a north easterly direction to the place of com-
January lfitb, 1907.
No. 8.���Commencing at a aoutheast corner of
timber license No. 7821, ahout fifty chains south
td the right oi way of lhe 11 C. Houthern HaU-
way .thanee eait 160 chalus; thence north forty
chalus; theuce west its. chalus; tbence south
forty chains to place of commeueemenl.
January 16th, 1907.
*'o 1 i iiiniiieiieitig ut n post planted at the
Intersection ot the southeru boundary ofthe
right ol way Ol the H. C. Southern Railway, and
the eastern boundary ot Lot &1K7; tbence south
to lhe northern boundary of license application
No tt tbeuce t-avi 10b chains; thenee uortb to the
southern bouudary of timber license No. 7195;
theuce following the southern boundary of said
license westerly about ilxty chains, more or leM
to an eastern boundary of aald license; tbence
south forty ohalus; thence west eighty chains;
then north to. the riaht of way of tbe B- C.
Houthern Railway, tbence following aald right
of way ln a south-westerly.direction to tbe place
of beginning.
January 15th, 1907,
No 6.���'ommenclng ata poit planted at the
southwest eorner of timber lleenie M86: thenee
west sixty chains more or leai to a point due
���outh ot ihe southeast corner of lleenie application No. I; thenoe north ilxtv chains more or
leu to the soutb boundary ot license application
No 4; thenee eait to the southeast corner
of iald license application of No. 4; thence
uorth io tbo northeast eorner nl aald license
application No 4; thence east to the loutheaat eoruer nf timber llceuse 7195; thence
uortb forty chains more or lees to i polut due
west of the north-west eorner of timber license
oti:tv, tbence east to the northwest corner of said
timber llceuse No. 0685; thence aouth 160 cbains
to tht; polui ot eommeneement
January 16th, 19OT.
No. 6.���Commeuelng at a post planted at tbe
southeast corner ot timber license 0635; thence
west io the southwest corner ol license application No 6; theuce north to southern bouudary
uf license application No. 3; theuee west to tbe
northeast corner of license application Mo. 1;
thence south to the northern boundary of
timher llceuse 8M8; thence oast to the northeast
corner of timber llceuse to4t; thence aouth
thirty ehalus; thenee easl to the weBt boundary
of timber license 8512; thenee north to the place
of begiunlng.
January 15th, 1907.
No. 7.���Commenciug at a poet plauted at the
norlheast corner of timber license i-W; thence
south forty chains more or less to the north
boundary of timber license KMB] thence east 160
chains; tbence north forty chaini moreor less to
a point due east of tbe southeast corner of timber license 8548; tbeuoe west 160 chains to lbe
place of beginning.
January 15th, 1907.
No. fl. ���Commencing at a post planted at the
northeast corner of timber license No. 8f>46;
thence muth eighty chains; theuee east eighty
ehalni; theuce north eighty chains; thence west
eighty chaini to plaee ol commencement.
January 15th. 1907.
Mo 9,~Commenclng at a post planted at the
southeast corner of Umber; license 8547; tbence
north eighty chains; thencecast elghtychalns;
thenee north 120 cb��lns more or less to the north
east i orner of license application No- 7; thenee
west Ui southeast corner of timber license No.
HM8; thence north to the southern boundary ot
License application No. 6; thence east to
the west boundary ot timber license No.
stii; thenee muth to the southwest corner ot timber license 8512; thence west
to th northwest corner of timber license No.
KM.i: thenoe south to the northeast corner of
timher license No. HM*-. thence west eighty
chains; thence south to a point due east of tbe
southeast corner of timber license 8547; thence
west to place of commencement.
January 15th, 1907
No. 10.���Commenclngat a twit planted at the
southeast corner of timber license 8-*>l9; thence
south eighty chains; thence west to the east
boundary of Lot H12; thence north to the aouthern boundary of timber license No.70lB; thenee
east to thc southeast corner of timber license
7018; Lbence uorth to the south boundary of timber I lee nse 8519; thenee east to place of eommeucement,
January 15th, 1907.
P. LtiNU, Locator,
Xiatt MrlXitTGALL. Agent
Notice Is hereby given that 00 days alter date I
intend to npply lo the Honorable the Chief Commissioner of Lunds nud Works torn license to
prospect tor coal nut', petroleum over the following land: titillated two miles north of the Inter-
national boundnry line Htid west of the Flathead
river, i.eglnulng at u post murked W. Leiiallais'
N. W. corner post. theiuteROchains south, thence
80 chalus east, thence 80 chains north, theuce 80
. imni*- west to point of commencement.
Dated Nov. 14.1906,
Notiee Is herehy glveu that 60 duys after date 1
Intend to aping to the Hon. Chief Commissioner
ot l.uu.l- nnd Works (or a license lo prospect (or
coul and petroleum over the (ollowlng laud:
tiituAted six miles uorth ot the international
houndarv lino and east of the Flathead river.
Hegli\nlng at n post nmrked E. H llurd's N. W
comer po't, theuce 80 chalm south, theuce 80
chaini east, theuce 80 chains north, thenoe 80
chnins wesl to point ot commoueemeut
Dated Nov. 16.1906 K, H. _________
Nollee Is herebv given thnt Bt a meeting ofthe
Hoard of License I'onuiiissloners, to he held after
the expiration of N days, 1 intend lo appiy tor a
transfer of my hotel llnce use for the lirove hotel,
at I'nlrvlcw, lo K. (.1  Uorden
A collection of all the Latest
Shapesaud Sizes.    A free
smoking and most satisfactory pipe.
Tobacconist.  Baku Street.
Impreailons  Made  by the Miracle* of
Chrlet-i Services  Announced  for
Tomorrow will be the fourth Sunday
in Lent; no holy days occur during next
The gospel of the day is St. John's
account of the feeding of the five thousand, one of the most familiar of all the
miracles of Christ.
The remark recorded of some of the
company after the performance of the
miracle ls highly significant: "This ls
of truth that prophet that should come
into the world." The multitude were
Galileans, presumably Jews. They had
learned from their sacred writings, that
constituted their only literature and
their BChool texts, of the Messiah, promised and expected. The common explanation of the Incredulity of the Jews
Ib that the humility of Christ's earthly
condition was out of harmony with the
hopes of the race for one who should
be at once a phophet of God and an
earthly king.
Another reflection suggested by the
story is the temporary character of the
Impression created. In connection with
uearly every miracle it ls recorded that
many "wondered and praised God."
And yet when all the faithful gathered
lor the election of a bishop after JudaB*
betrayal and death, there were only 12U
members of the church on earth.
The following services are announced
for tomorrow in the churches of Nel
Church of England���St. Saviour's,
corner Ward and Silica streets; Fourth
Sunday ln Lent; holy communion I
a. ni.; morning prayer and litany, 11
a. m.; Sunday School, 2.30 p. m.; even
song, 7.30 p. m. Rev. F. H. Graham,
Roman Catholic���Church ot Mary Immaculate, eorner of Ward and Hill
streets: Low mail, 8 a. m.; high mass,
10:80 a. m.; evening eervloe, 7:30 p. m
Rev. Father Althoff, prieit.
Presbyterian church���St. Paul's, cor
ner of Victoria and Kootenay streets:
Morning aervlce, 11 a. m.i Sunday
school, 2:30 p. m.; evening service, 7:3(1
p. m.   Rev. 3. T. Ferguson, minister,
Methodist church���Corner Silica and
Josephine streets: Morning aervlce, 11
a. m.; evening service, 7:30 p. m.; Sun
day Bchool, 2:30 p. m. Rev. R N
Powell, pastor.
Baptist church���Stanley street, near
Mill: Morning service, 11 a. m.; even
Ing service, 7:30 p. m.; Sunday school,
2:30 p. m. Rev. K. H. Shanks, pastor.
Salvation Army���Barracks on Vic.
torla atreet, west of Josephine: Special services for tomorrow. Knee drill,
9 a. m.; holiness meeting, 11 a. m.; a
praise meeting at 3 p. m.; salvation
meeting at 8 p. m.
Clever Resources of Attorney Delmas
Illustrated in Court.
New , York, March 9.���Mr. Delphlne
Michael Delmas, who leads the counsel
tor the defence in Uie Thaw murder
thai, is a small, slight man of decidedly
intellectual features. It ls not long ago
a California friend tells us, that he was
what Ib known in America ae "a one-
horse lawyer." the meaning of which
needs no explanation. For many years
he practised in a small way ass one of
the junior members of a law firm ln the
little town of San Jose. Later he moved
to San Francisco, and set up in practice
there. He gradually took up the defenc"
of criminals and flagrant offenders
against domestis morality, and his sensation fire-work style of defence succeeded ln so many won verdicts that he
became in time famous. He Ib also a
very fine Bpeuker. The first case to
make him talked about was one where
a young man named Peter White was
accused of murdering his best friend,
one Henry Wllklns. The evidence was
all circumstantial of the clearest sort,
aud everybody thought lt useless to go
ou with any defence. Hut when his
turn cume, Delmas desired, the crier to
call aB a witness Henry Wllklns. "What!
The murdered man?" exclaimed the
judge. "The alleged murdered man,"
replied Delmas; "the jury must decide
that, your honor." All right, call youi
witness," said the judge, and three
times the crier's voice at the door echoed through the corrldore���"Henry Wllk
ins come Into court!" without receiving
any response. "No answer," he reported "Call again," requested Delmas
This wub done even a third time with
tlie same result, by which time the dramatic eftect of the scene on the Jury,
as well as on the crowded court, be
cume intense.
The Btillness of the court was op
pi-essfve as DelraaB turned to the jury
and suid: "Gentlemen, the one man
whose voice could have proved the Innocence of the prisoned is now beyond
tht hearing of this assmblage. He
coud tell you, were he here, that his
dearest friend was not his assassin.
Could he respond to our call he would
be here standing before you at this
moment. Alas! that cannot be. Remember, gentlemen ot the jury, he Is
our only witness, and his lips are sealed. He has responded to a higher call
than ours, and the unfortunate prisoner at the bar has no one else to tell us
all, that he Is the victim of ss foul a
concatenation of concocted circumstances as the mind of man could conceive.
Are you going to leave thiB Innocent
man to be done to death, merely because his only witness has passed beyond earthly reach? No! Bather will
you make the twelve witnesses your
selves in Mb behalf. You will take the
place of that absent friend whose voice
is still, and by your just and righteous,
your human verdict, supply the miBsing
evidence which will send this man free
to mix with his fellows one more.
Gentlemen, in all confidence 1 leave the
case with you." It was one of the clear-
est cases of premediated murder, bul
thc Jury were so hypnotized by the
dramatic scene that in ten minutes they
returned a verdict of "Not guilty," much
to the surprise of everybody not presenl
at the closing scene.
Th* Strathcona
Nelson, B.O.
B. Tomkins, Manager.
The Leading Hotel in the
Qood    Sample    Rooma.
Queen's Hotel
B_k_r Strut, KoHon. B. C,
Lighted by Electiloity and
Heated by Hot Air
Lane and Comfortable Bedroom, and Finn-
olsulDlDlus Boom.  E-ss-unplts Boom, lor Cummer-
sstsssl  ��vs_
HB8. K. C.CLAKBE. Praprletteu
Grand Central Hotel
TnlF hotel hai been completely renovated and
newly furnlahed with all modern equipments.
Hot water heating throughout.
RATEB : Boomi. 50c. upwardi ; meali 36c. ;
ipwial ratet by the weak.
J. A. KRICKSON, Proprietor.
Telephone, 250.   Opposite Court Houie
and Postoffice. Nelion. B. C.
Tremont Hotise
Kurapean and American Flan
Meali H6 eta.   Rooms from S ct��. to St.
Only White Balp Bmployed.
Baker St.. Nelaon Proprietor*
Bartlett   House
Best DoHar-a-Day House in Nelson.
The Bar U the Fluent.
White Help Only Bmployod.
Joeephlne Bt.
Neleon, B. C.
Royal Hotel
Bates tl and 11.60 a Pay.
Special Rates to Regnlar Biarders.
Most comlortablc quartern ID Nelson
Oul r tlie bessi of Liquor, and cigars.
Colonist Rates
Kootenay and
North Pacific Coast
Ontario, Quebec,
Marttine Province*,
St. P��d. Chicago,
.and United States,
On Sale Daily Till 30th April.
While the rates are low. Pull particulars on application to local agents
or write.
St.. J. OOYLK, J. 8. CARTER,
A.O.P.A.,VaucoU7er. p. r.A��� Nelion
Building Lots for Sale
H.  <&  M.  BIRD.
Fine Building Site
Chaapaat Buy
....In Town
S20 Feet x (20 Feet
One-half block sonth from Baker St.
Only $4,000, on terms.
Choice Frnit
I Have 10,000 Acta
of tbe
Choicest Fn* Lands in
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
Nelion, B. C.
NOTICE U hereby il��n that ��n application
will tie made to tbe I<e*Hliti�� Aateablr of Um
ProTince of British Columbia at lta next aeMloo
Ior ao act authorlllng the Patrick Lumber Com-
ptmy, Limited, to place,conMruet,��<nd maintain,
a dam or dams, boomi, pleri, illden, noi other
worku In and acroea the Kootenay river at or
Dear Thrums Station (about opposite Bub-lot IV.
of Lot 43K, (iroup 1, Kootenay district); and ln
and across the Little Blocan river; and ln and
across the Slocan rlrer at a point or points below the mouth of the Little Blocan rlrer; for the
purpose of driving, rafting, Bortlnf. holding, and
manufacturing taw-logs and timber; to occupy
the surface of the tald rivera where necessary for
the purpose* aforesaid; to clear, Improve, and
remove obstructions from the said rivers for log-
drivlug, rafting, and booming purposes; to levy
nnd collect tolls and dues on logs, timber and
lumber of persons using or profiting by such
worki, clearing or Improvements; to enter upon
and expropriate lands; and do all otber things
neciKEtarv, incidental or conducive to the eatr-
clse of auy of the above powers.
Pated the 10th day of December, UM.
Sollel tor far tbe Agplleant
In the matter ot an application lor the Issue of
a duplicate of the Certificate of Title for an
undivided 1-8 of Lots 2, and S, Block 12, Town of
Notice is hereby given th ��Ut is my intention
to Issue at the expiration of one month from
tbe first publication hereof a duplicate ol the
Certificate of Title to the above landa in the
name of Florence M. Hodglos which 'ertiflcate
Ls dated thc 38th day ol December, UM, and
numbered K66IK.
H. F. MacLEOD,
District steglstrar.
Land Registry Ofllce, Nelson, B C
Jsmmryauh.iwn.  '
Certificate of Improvements
"Impress," "Climax," "Horseshoe," "Qneen,'
"Union Jack," iltnated In Nelion Mining
Located on Porcupine creek.
Take Notice tbat I, Frank Fletcher, agent for
the Ac'lve Uold Mining Company, FreeUlnar's
Certificate No R823SD intend, ao days from date
hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder for a
Certificate uf Iinprcvements for the purpoee of
obtaining a Crown Grant of the above claims.
And further take notloe that action, under
s.Ttioii 37, must tie commenced before the laen*
unce of such Certificate of Improvements.
Datod Nelton, 18th Dee., UM.
mam FLfrnran.
Certificate of Improvement*
"Ariru" mineral claim, situated ln the Sloean
City   Wttitug    Division   of   W-st   Kootenay
-  Where lo ated:  On Springer Creek near tbe
Arlington (jr.wmlll
Take Notice that I, Frank C, Green, acting as
agent for the Arlington Mines, Limited' Free
Miner'* Certificate No. B��06, intend, sixty davs
(rom date hereof, 1�� apply to fe Mining Recorder
(or a Certificate of improvements, fur the pur-
i-i isi* of obtaining a Cruwu Uraut of the above
And further take notice that action, under
Motion 87, must In* commuu ed before tbe
Issuance of such ('ertiflcate ol Improvements.
Dated this li'ib nay of Deoember, MM.
F. c Uwgaw, Nelson. B.C.
Coal! Ice! Wood!
Phone 265
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Frett,
Foci & Poultry Co., Ltd.
N. E. eor. Baktr and Ward St*.
F.CGREEN      F.r.MMni      A.H.GRBH
Civil Engineers, DomlalM and British
ColomtU land Satrcron
r.CBaliS  n-mMIl
Tenders Wanted for the toch-ue of 1
___l Onto.
TMdm addrntnl to tlu nnd-mlf nad, at hit
offlce ln the rsourt boote, la the City ol Kelaon,
will be re-nlves-l ob till the hour ol 6 o'clock la
Ibe atternoou of Monday. HsaRb 1Mb, UOT, for
tbe piirchsue ot tbe "OarfleM" mineral claim,
Lot van. i roup 1, Kootena; Dlitrlet, wbleh wm
declared to bo larMted lo the Crown at tM
tu tale bald In tbe Clt, ol N elaon on the etb day
ot NoTember. 1906, lor delinquent tutei on tin
Jone ma, IM, and carta.
Th* npeet price npon the aald mineral elata,
whleb includei the-amonnt ot delinquent am
and coats at the.time ol forfeiture, with Inteteat,
taxaa which bare ttnee accrued, coata of ad-rar-
ttalna, and fee tor crown tnnt (��j�� ) la ��a.TO,
which t. tbc leaat amount that will be conU-ered
aa a tender.
Bach tender muat bo ao-me panted by an aa.
rep-tad obeque lor the toll amount of the taadtf/ '
payable to the order of the tieputy coatmlml-Daor
ot landa saad Worba, at Victoria, B. C, at past.
Dated aiKelswn, B C, thla Mtk day ol fibta-
ary. VMtl.
Oorernment Agent, Nelaoa. a. C,
i imi   _-________________________a___B__________m
Tenden Wanted for the Fuehaae oi a
lineal data.
Tendera addraaaad to the undenrifned, at aim
ofllce ln the Court Houae, In the city of ttainn,
win be raoel-red up UU tbo hour of tn e'oloo-k
In tbe afternoon ot Under. March Uth, UII; in
the purehaae of the "Bo. i" mineral claim, Let
SUB, Oroup 1, Koolenay Dlatrlct, whioh ���*** **���
dared to be forfeited to tha Crown at -lha tax Ml*
held la tha City of Heleon on the ��b day ol November, 1106, tor delinquent taxaa up tm Jaaa
Kith, 1806, and coata,
The uneet nrloe upon the aald mineral elalm.
which include, the amount of daUaqneat taxaa
and coata at the time of forfeiture, with Inlereat.
teiee wbleh have tinea aoernad, eoeta of ad-fas.
tltlna, and lee lor Crown Grant 1*15 00.) la WA
which It the laaat amonnt that will be win-art tied
aa a tinder.
Kaon tender muat he accompanied by en accepted cheque for the full amount ot tbe tender,
payable to the order ol the Deputy Commlaaioner
of Lead end Workt.at Victoria, B C.atper.
Dated at Melton. B c, thla Mih day of February, -HOT.
Oovernm.nt Agent. -Nelaon, 1. C.
Ceraftcate of Im-prorciDcatn.
"May," ' Wi," "otrathroy," "J-ct." "'or free
tional." and "John D Manley"SlnersUClelma.
altuated in the mown City Mining UlvlHon m
the Waat Kootenay Dlitrlot.
Whare located :-Nortb of Twelve Mae Creek
about one and a half mum up.
Taka nolle i that 1, II. It. Jorand ol Slooea fc.u.
free Mlner'a certificate No. BTOU0. aa oaeal.Jgt
Horace (i. Van Tuyl, Free Miner a eerllneete Ml.
BMil, intend, alxty dayt from the date hereof,
to apisly to lbe Mining RecorderfsxeUacMllcete
of lmprorenit'DU. for tee purooae of oMOtal a
Crown Brant of lha md Tolnerqlelalma.
And further take aotioa mat ecMow a-eder
Section OT, muat na eommeaeefraetpce th. -Men-
anoe of auch CertWcolaoof Imetetemeata. .
Dewd tha lid Day ol January, UOT.
CartlMsmtm ol Improvaeyita
Rio 1 onto, Orinoco, Queen Victoria FnotMlel
and Ora-Mo rraetiona! Mineral elalma, a"
lu tha Nelaoa Minim Dlvlalon of Waat Kootenay
Looated on Queen Victoria  Mountain, aee.
i. *M_, ea
Take Notice that 1. Frank C anon,
Nteut for Michael lean, Free Mlner'a u...	
No. Bftie.luteud, al>ty deyt Irom the dale bare.-.,
to apply to Ihe Mining Recorder lor Cortlloalaa
ef Improvameati, lor the purpoee el eblelnlW
Crown Urania of the above elalma.
And lurther take notiee that aotioa. under
motion OT. mut he commented   be'
laauenoe of aueb Certlfloatee of Improvs
Dated thltttth dey of January, Mf.
Ccf-Ufieate of
'Portia," "Amoe." "lam Bide No. I" saad "let-
tine Fractional" mineral elalma, altuated ia
tha floaaa Oity Mining Dlvlaloa of Waat Koot-
Use Arlington nine.
Take Notiee that I, Frank 0. Qreen, eeUu ea
agaat for the Arlington mlnee, Limited, free
Mlner'i Cemaeett No. km. Intend, ilxtv due
rrom the date hereof, to epp , to the lliiaajE
eorder tore Ortlfleauof .mprovementa,JeceS
purpoae of eetamtng a Crowe Oreal of the *****
Aa��f urther take notice that eeUea, aadw
aMonll .muit hTcommenced before tke haa
F.C, ���*_-��, Mak-am.i.Q, I
The Daily Canadian
Good Fortune
attends those who wear their birthatones
and for this month we have some fine
BLOOD STONES, In various sizes, suitable for rings which we can mount up
��sjic   ssss   iniya  wiiicn   we  can   mgsssss  up
for you in any style desired. Why not have a look at our stock of loose
atones. They are excellent v.slue and we have many suggestions to
make as to their mounting.   Our gold  quartz  cut ready for  mounting
,-��i -it,    isttmrmrt    uml
may interest you.
��� 5
��� Of tho  difference ilis-n* la      I
��� between 1st. aud Snub. Iu      f
��� J
*. Canned   Goods 5
��� I
J We oarry only X
|       FIRSTS       I
��� One trinl of our I    #
JTartan  Brand?
will oonvinoe yon that we
oarry h full stock
Table  Pruit
Pie   Fruit
Maple Syru
Same Price as Inferior <
Qooda J
Old Curiosity Shop
If you want to buy or soil -anything,
go to the Old Curiosity Bhop. A now
Une of Japanese Goosis now on sale.
All kinds of Dlnnerware In stock. Patterns.
! During Lent1,
Some People Eat Fish.
Some Do. Some Don't.
For those who don't
can sell them some of
Shift's Bacon and]
And JOY Will Meet You
At the Door.
j Joy's Cash Grocery
Cor JoMphUwand Mill Sim.      Phone 1
W�� Hnve ,��   Spwwlnlly
Sclo.Ss.sl Stock ol
for Xm*t�� Trade*
Stonc-nre, Crot-kJ. Bean lev-. Tea Pots, Etc.
Munroe & Nelson
General Job Work, Chimney Sweep
Ing, Carpet Cleaning, Fixing and Clean
Ing Stoves, etc.
121 Eatt Baker St.        Phone No. A114
For Hot Tomato
Tea and Coffee.
Beef Tea.
Cor. \crsi���n and Ward 8trs_��tH,
INBLSON,   l-l. C.
J. KKED HUME, Proprietor.
T. MeN'eish, Slocan; J. A. Tepoor-
ten, E. Nichols, Vancouver; J- H- Einp
anil wife, rranbrook; J. 11. Kern, J. II.
Qreen, E. Edwards, J. Mllllngton, Moose
Jaw; w. II. Meridtth, H. Prenter, J. It.
Gray, Toronto; S. M. Davis, New York;
J Irving, Brandon,
\V. Clayton. KImberly; E. D. Orde,
!.. A. Campbell, Rossland; R. S. Smyth,
Procter; Mr. and Mrs. Massie. Vancouver; P. Burns, Calgary; P, O. Fauquier,
Needles; Wm. Uoull, jr.. Grand Forks;
F W. McLalne, Greenwood, J. J. Fitz-
Patrick, Columbia.
C. D. Bellany. Durham HUH; E.
Finch. Cranbrook: Miss McGregor.
Oweu Sound; Miss Founder, New Weet
minister; F. J. Gillespie and wife, Spokane; J. B. Wlnlaw. Wlnlaw] Miss Hopkins, .1. J. Hinns, Vancouver; I). McKlnnon. Winnipeg,
D. Boyd. R. McLeod. Kaslo; C. Fins-
ley, Cranbrook.
A. Dumar, Alnsworth; T. R. Schmidt,
M. C. Kudden, C Mortensen, 0. Oleson,
North Dakota; Miss McNaughion.
Frank; Miss M. Sherman. Calgary: A.
E, French. Miss French. Creston; R. C.
Sheedy. Northport; J, Marshall, C. Butler, C. S. Moss. Burton.
W. Moore anil wife, North Dokota; C
W  Bowes, A. Taylor, Fernie.
A. W. Jerlyn. Valley Citv; A. Big .ar.
Trout   Lake;   J. Robert.  J.   M.   Laren.
Moyle: J. Walgren, Northport; D. English, Slocan Junction; S. Clarke. Lardu
Wo have Just unloaded a car of
Pxttity Flout
Made from high grade Manitoba Hard Wheat Without a
doubt It Is the best flour on
the market. Money refunded
If not satisfactory-
Telephone 161.
Hill Strett. Near Sella.
0��itf lilcr an.l pupil ol Pr Torrington. dlrwtot
Toronto Ct.ih-Kf ol Music. ilf*ir*i * United
niunlnrroi pupils lu
Apply al resl-lenc-o or by mail.       Bo* u��J.
A. It Can. Soe. C. E.
Mining Work a Specialty.
Office: Bealey Building.   P. O. Bo-
Biker St., NELSON. B. C.
A. McDonald & Co.
Dealer* in staple ami fancy Groceri-j-
Butter, Kgfte.
Camp nnd Minen' Supplies.
tn i*k< c' ��:���_������.����� ..r little Rtrl of Ihtas yean atxl
auut wiili pif.m n��>dlfwnrk. ntu*lral ptatet-
red      Apply MtiUiue �� . bb, sir*tli< oti* Hotel,
At oin-e    Vi. 1'n'k r.
TWO WMT-CLABa KOO��t��, ateam hMiwI,
plr biiuavLi't-wr. trd flat, K. W. 0. block
Silver advanced on both markets today, three points in New York and ono
lu Loudon.
Tho   regular   fortnightly meeting   of
the city council    will    be held in tbe
council  chamber   Monday night   at   S
John Hums is building a stone foundation for C. P, Mcllardy for the Front
street  residence  formerly  occupied   by
J. F. Weir.
One "drunk" aud oue vagrant appeared before Magistrate Waaaon in the eity
police court this morning.   The former
paid the usuul $5 und costs;  tbe latter
was remanded till Monday.
Tbo tickets for the St. Patrick's Day
smoker are now out uud may be ob-
tuiued from uny member of the committee. As formerly announced no one
will be solicited to purchase but all are
The management of the Ore Mill
mine in Sheep Creek valley, 18 mlics
from Salmo, have had two men nt work
Ol. winter and have accomplished extensive development. It is likely that
a plant will be Installed this spring.
The long delayed 80,000 club folders
ure at last on the press. A contract has
been closed for the club by E. Iv. Mees-
ton with the Colonist Publishing com
pony for 20,000 folders, 10,000 for im
mediate delivery and the balance in a
month. The contract price is $560 foi
the first 10,000 and $390 for the second.
a total of I960.
Sunday is young people's day at tht*
Methodist church. In the morning the
pastor will give a chalk talk to the
children. Subject. "Dwarfs and Gi��
ants." The evening sermon will be addressed specially to young people, on
ihe subject "A Splendid Investment,'
After the evening service the Family
Circle will meet. The Circle will be
led by Mr. Hulbert, and Mr. J. W. Hen
nett will give a brief address. Mr. J.
Charlton will render selections on the
The Store of Quality
If you like nice, clean, crisp
Biscuits we recommend you to
try* the
20th Century Package
Per Package
Graham Wafer*  10c
Lemon Cream   10c
Vanilla Wafera     10c
Society Tea  10c
New England Ginger Snap 10c
Krltpo Ginger Wafera   10c
Butter���Thin 10c
Milk Toatt  10c
Dainty City Soda (Salted) 15c
Saratoga Flakea (Salted)   15c
Put up In packages and thus
ever fresh. It costs little to
give them a trial, aad they
prove themselves worth lt.
K. W. C. Block . Phone 10.
25 Feet Frontage
on Baker Street
5 Roomed Building
Price R000.00
H. E Croadsdailc & _
Next Door to Rank of Common*.
vv. a. qiluett
Contractor  and
Hotf arent for ������� Porto Bin Uuabti Co., Ud-,
retail jMtilt Hough Kin! ��lrt.'������.l ItimWr. turned
work a������'.���'. brute ti I '..<*���.< Iith and *hiiik!<*-<>, ratli
iii'l doors. <Vuient, brick and linn- tot salt*
Y��rd anil factory: Vernon Ht.. Md of Hall
F   0   Boi Ot       TeJ*>phmi# l>
AU Kinds of Heating Plants In Stock.
Victoria St., Nr. Opera Houaa.Tel. 181,
PKt'Slssi ami o turn NO crelallj iiteiid-
H Is'- Apply
Mirer KlUf ll���u I
Acknowledged by critics to be
Best Blended and Most Suited to the waters of this
C* Am Benedict
Corner Silica and Josephine Sts.
PHO.-NIi 7
Red Cross Drag Store
for your Prescriptions, Family Recipes,
Hair Tonics, and ali kinds of
Note the Address-
Baker St., near Josephine, Nelson, B, C.
After his regular Bermon tsunorrssw
evening Rev. R. N. Powell vviil deliver
a short address on Ills' Lord'a Day act
and its application.
w. Clayton. Inte of Kimberley, has
taken up his residence in Nelson ami
formed a partnership with his brother.
Dr. \v. b, Clayton, as agents for fruit
The Canadian Pacific Railway company announce a new feature for ths?
convenience of second-class passengers
travelling via tl* new Empress from
St John on March 21st. April 4th. ISth
and May Snd, a tourist sleeper will be
run frssm Montreal direct to thesteamer
at St. John, berth rate $1.25. This
gives for the first time direct through
tourist slos'per servies. for passengers
making the Atlantic trip. For reservations or further particulars write J. S.
Carter, D. I>. A.. Nelson. H. C.
The March meeting of Ihe Uulverslty
club will be held ln the club parlor tonight at S o'clock. The reports of com
mittees trill be presented. The University commute will recommend,
though its purpose has been attainesl
by the land endowment of a provincial
university being inclusled In the government, that It be continued in ofllce until
It Is certain that the endowment will
adequate and will be devoted toa genuinely provincial university. The programme of the evening will furnised by
\V. .1. Uairtl���a paper on "Party government. '* All interested are invited.
Hindus at Kaslo.
There are now 22 Hindu gentlemen
now residing in Kaslo, suys the Kootenaian, They appear to he a good-natured
outfit, somewhat childlike and fond of
a joke, and it Is alleged that the elegant
mansion which the colony occupies
near the mill Is filled with strange and
Bars-inspiring perfumes. Taken as a
whole, the Hindus appear to be a much
better race than the Chinese of Japs.
If you throw a stone at the bunch, the
chances are ten to one that It hits a
chap named Singh.
Trains and Boats.
Crow boat���Three hours late.
'Coast   and   Slocan   train���Half
Bounslary train���On time.
Rossland train���On time.
Kaslo connection���On time.
Every   dog   has   his   day���ami     ths*
watchdog his night
H'hiilrnli' ��"'! Retail Iiisils-r. lis
Fresh and Salted Meats
Oamps supplied on shortest notire and
lowest price. Nothing bul trash and
wholesome mints and supples kept in stock
Mail orders reoeiye cartful attention.
E. C. TRAVES   Manager.
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch,
Creosote, Oils for
Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch aud
Boat Builders will find it to their ad-
vantags' to use our Pitch.
Nelson Coke & Gas Co*
4 Books
Which Are Almost
to almost everyone  living  in, or doing
business  in  Canada.
This is a aew work, just published.
Contains New Customs Tariff; CiUtomi
Regulations and Trefttloe; Ports and
OutporU; Credit Report! and Collections. Full Commercial Information
and Hints to Traders; Hanks; Railways;
Shipping Companies. Express, Cable.
Telegraph and Postal Rates, Hoards of
Trade Register: Municipal Register*.
Full up-to-date Statistics. Mining Laws
of All Provinces. General Legal Information. Special articles on Trade with
.lapan. Cobalt Silver Camp, Grand Trunk
Pacific and Prince Rupert.    Price $1.10.
For the use of business men. farmers,
mechanics nud others in Canada. Contains plain and simple instructions to
all classes for transacting business according to law, with legal forms for
drawing necessary papers.    Price $2.25.
liy Hunter, Price |4.75.
Hy S. R. Clark. Price $5.50.
W. G. Thomson
BOOKHEU.ER tl���l    VT-1_-_,     T>    f.
Phon. .1-4.
Truthi Tensely  Told.
The mortgages on Russian farm
lands amount to 27s. per acre.
The total weight of itritish coinage
In circulation averages about 4500 tons.
A stag deer does not acquire full antlers until he ls from six to eight years
India ruliber can be dissolved In
ether, spirits of turpentine, or best of
all. In  pore naptha.
l.ulllngton church. Sussex. Is only IG
feet square, and, therefore, probably the
smallest lu Kngland.
Marbles are chiefly made In flor-
many. Hough fragments of marble or
agale are ground between two millstones, and finished between hard-
.-t, is,*  eyllndiTs 111  a  wooden cask.
Wo have notice from our landlord to vacate out store |,y April Jst, In
order to reduce our stock before moving We will sell goods now In stock
at greatly reduced prices. If you want bargains in Clothing and Gent's
Furnishings drop  iu  and see   for   yourself.
2S<> doz. Llnan Collars To Be Sold at
$1.5Q per doz.
Fifty Cent Hand Ba,
They are beauties at the price.
Telephone .-t.-t.i.
Starkey & Co., ggtf
________________ Provlalona,
Produce, - Fruit.
Dominion Govt
���rnnient Creamer? One Pound lirtcks received wc-tkltfe
from the iliurti.   For sale by all lending poem
Offloe and warehouse: Houston Block,   Phoue 79.
Josephine Street.       -       -       -      Nekon, B, CI
Water Bottle Sal
2 Quart Water Bottle $1.00
i Quirt Water Bottle $1.25
2 Quart Water Bottle and Syringe $1.25
3 Quart Water Bottle and Syringe $1.50
Canada Drug ��& Book
We are
Just in  Receipt of a  Cnrluid  <if
These nr* the finest jmule of ore Sacks in the
nmrket nnd mir prices nre right If you are in
need let us hear from jou.
J. H. Ashdown Hatdw
Company, Limited.
s>S~~~a~B. A. ISAAC R. W. HINTON'
ttwptilrliitf and ilobhlnu wxveutad with L>w*pMtch.   She*t*(
Work, Mlnlntf nnd Mill Miiclilitwry.     Mimulatturtrld I
Om Car*.  W. tt.   Contractor** Cur*. |
INEUSOrN,    B. C.
UN1TK nnd sin* that  tlie liiii>*ttit��|
Johu T. 1'ierro are the pro|*a��*|
My Inst fall Hhipnient hnn Junt anini ���
them and place your order early for.imam
JOI-IIN T. PIERRE, Artistic Tailor]
l-UiMliiOMf* m��n,
Worklnff men,
M��*n In ilrvHi iittlr*.-.
Sporting m*ii.
Hand nom* m��n,
M��n that** full of Nr*
WeC^rfFme Eiderdown Qil
Large Stock i
From $6.00 to $35.00.
�������� Our Variety of 9O0 I'lctur** Prtmffl Ui th��
l.flt^Mt    StvlCN.
Standard Furniture Company
Complete House Furnisher*
Unttotakus,    Embalm*"
MfUKin A Kfnii I'innnn
OBU>r!iii>*.r tlftttnMM
Mftrihtll Stiii-**-*-.*;- Miu [���������"���������������i
R��K L��mber, Shingles.
Lath, Mouldings, Doors, WindoW*J
Turned Work ond llracketx. Mail Order* promptly ii'1"-"
               VBRpfON VTRBBT - -  -  NBUBONi ����� O.
Galvanised Iron Woj
are unequalled in the Kootenayi. If you require ���!'' Ll
���moke stacki or apeclal work of any kind cal ��r "J,��fP|
quotationt SATISFACTION   QUAR*N�� |
Wood-Vallance Hardware Co. Li
Wholesale tmi-i uriN ft'*4"


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