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The Daily Canadian Jan 30, 1907

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Array _[h
IDaU^ <H*. na&tan
���ME I.     NO.   203.
Fiftt Cents a Month
DliuiBS Ref-isss to Meet
I Points on Island and Lower
ainland Promise Big Gains
to Conservatives.
to The Daily Canadian.)
���.couver, Jan. 29.���Tho    American
mn'is have been laid off the Do-
post  office   today.     The   men
|that they have a week's holiday
,111 be re-employed next  Monday,
ine Canadian Ih employed.
Liberal  committee   published  a
in Tin- World slating lhat Mclu-
���ould not  meet   Hawthornthwaite
considered it more important to
i discussion  of practical  island   not   waste   time   with   ihoBe
���vild,   un Mritish   attitude   give-a
i standing with the electors of
rt Henderson1! meeting al Agas*
*_��� night was captured by Conserv-
thc meeting closing with three
for the King and McBride.
louver teland is solid for the gov-
nt;   business people,  miners  and
lent well-to-do farmers say; "The
|de  government  we   know,   lt  iB
tnongh for us."
Fairvlew meeting last night Mc-
asserted that it was due to him
Iht- head tax on Chinese waa in-
pd to |600.    He said that by his
talien   from   the dominion  house
d  compelled  the government  to
1 the head tax.   The labor men
phis is th.* last notch.    They say:
���'low, what next?"
h pieman's   letter   to   Drury.   pub*
The Times, closing with the
that  UhiTal membera will be reby large majorities shows clear-
Irnitilon interference In the present
i World cannot find the promised
iGreen letter It promised to
pr-iph  and  publish.
fitted Press on  Reticence of British Officials.
.don, Jan. 30.���*There is reason to
that the  resignation  of Sir J.
I Swettenham, governor of Jamaica,
en accepted, though the officials
foreign office are  mystifying!)'
and   refuse   all   information  on
|ubject    This official reticence is
ited  to a desire to  complete the
iments for his successor to the
1 before  announcing   Swettenham's
fcment.    It   Is   expectod   that   the
will leave the island as soon as
s can  be  completed   for  handing
tthe affairs iu his office.   The govern    officials    here,    particularly
or  the  foreign office,  have  ox-
?d the opinion    throughout    that
s the only possible outcome of
Llngston   incident,  short  of    the
���frptory dismissal of the governor.
fore the danger signals could be pet.
The dead are: Conductor Geo. liusseno,
of the express train; Baggage-master
Harrington, of the express train; Fits.*
Patrick and Coady* The three latter
Were Bofton & Maine employess who
were travelling in a "deadhead" coach
which was in the rear of the express
and which was demolish* .1 in the collision. The injuries to tlie passsngsrs
consisted mainly of bruises caused by
lb-' sudden stopping'of the I rains In
the shock of the collision. It was several hours before the wreck wns
Engineer Hutchlna of the express
says he received a signal to BtOp just
after his train had passed Deerfleld.
He brought the train to a standstill and
the rear brakeman ran back, placed a
red fuBe at the required distune*/** and
went on waving his red and while lantern. Engineer Ahearn of the freight
train saw the lights but was unable to
avoid a collision. A wrecking train
brought several physicians, who attended the Injured. Later all the passengers were taken back to Greenfield,
where Clapper, an Injured employee,
was sent to the hospital. It is believed he will recover.
j Fire Valley Largest Tract
In Kootenay
W. A. Calder Describes Coaditions
and Prospects of Settlers ia Garden of British Columbia
After Long and Hard Campaign Ha Has
Contracted L.fluenza���Seat In
Dewdney   Safe.
Mission Junction, Jan. 21'.���Premier
McUride arrived here this evening from
Chilliwack. and owing lo severe cold
wea on   Ms  long  drive     he  con
tract s slight attack of Influenza.
His phyBlclan, Dr Stewart, would not
allow him to speak at the public meeting called for tonight In his interests.
'. 0 ' **cas and A. L. Belyea, however. we,*e present and spoke for lhe
government to a meeting of 400 people,
who crowded the public hall. Sympathy was altogether with the premier
and his note of regret. Including the
belief that Dewdney would stand by
him ln the election was cheered vigorously.
W. T. Cooksley spoke for Jardlne but
the meeting was overwhelmingly In
favor of the premier and his election
ls assured.
The premier Is not seriously 111. bul
his doctor decided that It was not wise
for him to venture out. He has hasl
a most arduous campaign, having spoken at 28 meetings In 16 constituencies
during the present month.
British Promotions.
|don,  Jan.   29.���Three  ministerial
titnunls are announced.     Walter
'. parliamentary secretary to
government board, become?
[lal  secretary  of    the    ireiiHiiry;
i io. lloiibhouse. Liberal member
iiiiiient for Bristol, under ss.cre
Btate for    India;    Thomas J
niiiiii. Radical m. P. for Camber
arllamentary  secretary    of    the
government hoard.   None of these
iilitsiMitH  Involve by-olectioiiB.
Better Be French Than Wise,
���a. Jan. 29���Thc cabinet hns
'���'I P. 0. Martlneau, Montreal,
vacant Judgeship of St. Hya-
caused by -the death of Judge
;nnd Mr. ilrnncnu, M. P., ls
i'ii to Sorel dlstricl In the place
Iwice Cbarbonneau, who goes to
to take the place of Justice
.'"can, who ls made chief Justice
court of appeals.
I "ger and Freight Tralnt Collide���
Three Killed.
iferfield, Mass., Jan. 29.���Five per-
e killed and several others In-
1 In a collision between an express
| "ml n special freight on tho Fltch-
dlvlslon of tho  Boston  &  Maine
|"il near Smilh  river today.    The
were all employees of Ihe rail-
The Injured    Included    railroad
yees nnd several jinssengers. The
ton was caused by a sudden stop,
of lho express train, the fast
I crashing Into the rear car be-
Killed Wife and Child.
Washington, D. 0_ Jan. ,10.���Answering a call from W. G. Copeley, a census office clerk. Dr. John S. Dorsey, a
physician at Langdln, rushed to the
man's residence early thiB morning and
there found the wife and a three-
months'-old child dead with several bullet wounds ln their bodies.
"My wife has shot herself and baby
and I want you to hasten to the house
at once," Copeley Is alleged to have
said when he aroused the physician.
When the doctor arrived at the Copeley residence both mother and baby
were dead. The former hnd been shot
In the right side and the lutter shot
through the head. Dr. Dorsey notified
the police as soon as he had grasped
Ire situation and as a result the husband and father was placed under arrest He was taken to the Ninth precinct station. Dr. Doraey this morning refused to give any of the details
which had been learned by him through
hlB connection with the case.
"When I go before lhe coroner today
11 will be time enough for me."
Police Lieutenant Falvey, after examining the wound which caused Mrs.
Copeley's death, said that II would have
next to Impossible for the woman ti*
have lnwllcted the Injury herself. Copeley ndmllteil to the police today that
he anil his wife had qunrreleil sMirly
'ast night, and said that he wife had
taken the two children, Raymond, '!
years old. antl Ruth, the baby, nnd gone
to a room, and thnt he went to his
room on the second floor to retire for
ihe night. Shortly before midnight lis1
snld he henrd two shots In the bedroom
tireuplod by his wife nnil rushed Into
the room. He found his wife had shut
herself and without making nny fiirlh
examination he
Copeley Is Uli yenrs    old
Copeley was 29 years old.
hurried    lo    find  Dr.
nnd Mrs
  Her maiden name was Amanda Hunker. Persons
living nenr the Copeley home snlil that
Mr. nnd Mrs. Copeley hnd always appeared to be happy; both were given
excellent reputntlons. The coroner will
hold nn Inquest todnv. Raymond, the
*t-vrnr-"ld sen. is be'it -"���"*! '"' "'
friends of the Copelev famllv. He W��f
sleeping in a crib In his mother s-roon*
but wnB not molested.
Scientist and Staterman.
London. Jan. 30.-Slr Michael Foster, Unionist member from London university since 1900, died suddenly yesterday, lie hnd beon 111 for some time.
Sir Michael Foster was born In WW,
and waR professor of physiology at cam-
bridge university from 1SSS to 1903. In
1S9I1 he wns president of the Hritlsn
Association for the Advancement or
Prices of Metals.
New York. Jan. M.���Silver,
copper, 24 l-'c;  lead, $'!���
London,   Jan.   30.���Silver,
lead, ��19 12s Oil,
07 :i-4c;
;il  5-16d;
The marvellous success achieved In
Ihe fru:, growing Industry in Kootenay
during the last two years Ib, in the
opinion of practically every fruit grow-
' *.* in the district merely an Insignificant beginning in comparison with the
results still to be achieved. It is certain nosn the immense area taken up
in pre-emptions during the fall and
winter, and from the number of sales;
recorded to actual settlers, that before
the end of 1907 the number of persons
ln Kootenay. settled on the land and
engaged in fruit growing will be more
than double what Is is today.
Undoubtedly the surprising success
of the Infant Industry, as frankly conceded by so staunch a Liberal as
James Johnstone, president of the Hritish Columbia Fruit Growers' Association. Is due to a great degree to tho enlightened policy of the agricultural department of provincial government,
which has given advice, instruction, information and substantial aid to those
engaged In the industry, and has enabled them to compete successfully In
fruit exhibitions In tho world's greatest
market, I.ondon.
Hut no amount of government aid
could have made such lesults possible
If the district hnd not the unrivalled
advantages ln soil and climate
have been conceded by every
to a Kootenay orchard.
Under the circumstances the extent
of land ln Kootenay suitable for fruit
growing is a question of very great Importance. As bits- as a year ano lt was
estimated at 50.000 acres along the
shores of Kootenay Lake and its West
Ann. and in the valleys of the Kootenay
and Slocan Rivers. Rut since then the
shores of the Arrow Lakes have been
explored and taken up to a large extent, and It has heen proved that not
only are the shores of both lakes, for
nearly their whole length of over 100
miles splendidly nilnpted for fruit
growing, but that nearly every one of
the many streams flowing into the lake
on either side waters a fine valley, narrow, probably, but containing many
acres of rich soil and generally well
The greatest of them all Is Fire Valley, about the centre or the west shore
of the lakes, It Is Ihe connecting link
between the valleys of Okanagan and
Harry Wright. M. L. A. for Ymir riding, which Includes a part of the wcbI
shore, once declared thnt Fire Valley
was, above all other districts, the garden of llrlllsh Columbia.
W. A. Calder, who has been In tbe
c'.ty late'y, kindly furnished The Dally
Canadian with addllionnl Information.
In reply to many questions, Mr. Calder
"Fire Valley Is easily the largest
tract of fruit land In Kootenay. It contains 35.000 acres. The entrances to
the valley aro at the norlh and south
ends, between which lt lies almost par
a'lel with the lake, separated from It
by a low divide.
"There have been a few settlors In
the valley since 1893. when n govern
ment road was built through it. Kver
sinco I! hns been recognized as the unt-
ural road from Kootenay to Okanagan,
There are charters still in existence
for two railroads.
"There are now. I should any. Oo set-
lb ra In Hie valley, niiiing 1900 n grain
exhibit from the valley was awarded
first prize lit the Nelson Fair, and fnllt
from there won prizes al Nelson and at
"Every rancher In lhe valley keeps
stock. In fact for a long while slock
raising and grain growing were the
principal Industries. Btfl nt Uie same
time everyone had nn orehnrsl. nnd dur
Ing Ihe last two yenrs all Interest has
centred on the frull.
"One of the ranchers cut two nnd
three-quarter tons of nny (o Hie ncre
Inst yrar. Hav, grain and vegetables
all do splendidly In ths> valley, anil the
stock raised there Is Ihe finest tn the
country,   At  Bdgewood, dairying has
been   followed with  splendid   results.
"Rut there Is more money ln fruit
growing, nnd there Is no finer fruit land
In the world.
"All kinds of fruit thrive. R. Shields
raised 35 varieties of npplcs last year
and succeeded Bjilondldly with them nil.
His fruit, ripened nenrly a fortnight
earlier than the earliest on oKotenay
"Paul Andrews has a magnificent
peach orchard, and every rancher has
apples, plums, pears and Btnall fruit. I
havent heard of a single failure.
"One fold deserves special mention.
It ls certainly the finest ln Kootenay.
containing more than 100 acres, level
| as a billiard table, and without a stump
or a stone.   It wil, be divided this year
Into 10-acre block j for orchards.
"The climate is the same as that of
Nelson, nnd the soil Is a rich loam with
a day subsoil.
"The valley will never need Irrigation. The Inanochlln and many other
beautiful streams flow through it, all
fed from the high hills that enclose the
valley on both sides.
"Westward towards the Okanagan are
splendid timber lliults and rich and extensive mineral deposits, which will afford employment to a large population,
nnd supply a rich market right at the
doors of the fruit growers.
"The provincial government bas
treated tis well In the matter of roads,
and generally has given us every possible assistance.
"At each end of the valley Is a post
office and a whatf, and the C. P. R.
steamers call at each twice dally.
"The few settlers, although many of
their orchards are yet hardly in bearing, shipped 300 tons of produce last
"All things considered Fire Valley is
the   best part of  all  Kootenay.     Certainly, no one wbo Is there now could
be Induced to leave."
Against Adulteration.
Pittsburg. Jan. 30.���The grand Jury
of Alleghany county has returned six
truss i)iuK against the Pullman Palaci
Car company alleging the sale of impure milk and cream to its patrons
Over 50 dealers In this city were
dieted for selling adulterated food.
Canvassing With Mas
in Cranbrook
Conservatives   and    Independents
Angry at Discourteous Treatment
of Mayor Finlay
^^^^^       tt**********
On account of the late arrival
of tonight's coast train, Mr. Mar-
tin Burrell will not reach Nelson ���
In time to address the electors *
this evening. The meeting, t here-
fore, announced to tak-- place in
the opera house has been cancelled.
Settlement of Church and State Question in France Is Still Not
Rome, Jan. 30.���It ls reported that
the pope has made his last sacrifices
In the matter of the conflict with
France. The Vatican Insists that not
only must the parish priests and the
mayor sign the leases, but that the
bishops and the prefects countersign
them. If the proposal of the bishops is
nol accepted the abandonment of the
churches In France is considered likely.
Paris, Jan. 30.���The concenusu of
opinion expressed in clerical newspapers this morning on the developments
of yesterday In the religious situation
is that Minister of Education Briand
slid not Intend to destroy completely all
hopes of a settlement by the phrase
"The conditions are unacceptable," but
that he merely desired to voice the
Idea that if they are to. be right and
satisfactory there must be concessions
by each party to the controversy, and
that the terms of the bishops were not
acceptable, and that at the outset they
had the appearance of an ultimatum.
The extreme anticlerical view Is summed up In tfip Petite Republic, which
says; "The conditions nre unacceptable
nml we do not think they will be accepted."
Paris. Jan. 30.���The French cabinet
has hardly recovered from its surprise
ar the proposition which the bishops,
with the approval of the pope, submitted to the government for a modus vl-
vmill on the basis of a virtual lease of
ihe churches ln perpetuity to the parish priests by the mayors, and appar-
s'titly some confusion existB as to what
cssurse to ndopt, while the off-hand remarks of tbe minister of education, M.
Hrinnd. In the chamber of deputies laat
night, In which he said that the conditions proposed on behalf of the episcopate were unacceptable, does not necessarily exclude the possibility of a om-
promise, The attitude of the extreme
: ndleals, who are Incensed at the p��r-
s'lnptory tone of the communication lu
the despatches from Rome, representing Ihe Vatican as being determined,
null sn the bishops' proposition Ib 1m-
medlat'ly and iinanlnioiiflly accepted,
lo order the pnrlflh priests to leave
their churches and suspend worship,
greatly otubnrrasses Ihe moderates. The
latter believe lhat the government, having accomplished the separation of
church nnd Btate, can afford to accept
any definite solution of the difficulty
in the Interests of peace.
The Echo de Paris remarks: "The
means for pnclficatlon have been offered. If Ihey are brutally rejected the
government will Inevitably bo driven
to persecution."
The Figaro says; "The whole world
will Interpret the bishops' proposition
a*. a sincere desire for conciliation."
The Oattlols states that Rrland's
words prove that the government decides a final rupture. "Let lt accept
an honorable way out of the difficulties."
Easily Crushed.
Amsterdam, Jan. 30.���A brief encounter with the troops sent to the
seone of the native rebellion In the
Island of Java, Dutch East Indies, sufficed to suppress the rebels, whose
ringleader and 15 followers were killed
and many wounded.
(Special to The Dally Canadian.)
Cranbrook, Jan. 30.���According to
the Implication of the Nelson Daily
News, Billy Mclnnes was compelled to
resign his office of governor of the
Yukon owing to a threatened breakdown in his health from long-continued
fasts, long viglU of prayer, penitential
flagellatlonB, and the most austere
practises of asceticlc religion. The people of tbe Yukon are as godly aB any
you will find ln a five-minute march
and they, fearing that their children
might be induced by such good example, Into a life of pure monastlcism
rather than Into the path of practical
religion, proceeded to harry and chase
St. Billy out of hlB Job. Ottawa endorsed the sentiment and shipped Billy
out West to convert the heathen in
partlbus infidelibus, to wit: Southern
British Columbia, but not before the
sachems of the Grand Trunk Pacific invested him with their grand order of
chief peripatetic dispenser of the long
The Dally News, with holy ardor,
swallowed this record at a gulp and not
alone hailed him aB a gentle youth who
combines all thc holy virtues of St.
Francis, of Assisl with the eloquence and
statesmanship of the younger Pitt, but
also offered him Its own halo of smug
sanctimoniousness. It fitted St. Billy
except In the mornings. If further proof
were needed of the shrinking modesty
of that battered old trumpet of Libera]
salvation, The Dally NewstMt can be
found tn the chaste delicacy with which
P. shrank from ptihlishlng the prepaid
wire of the mayor of Cranbrook, In
which he invited it to a banquet of
most excellent crow's meat of its own
and its Cranbrook friend's providing.
The neglect to publish lt was about
as sensible a proceeding as that of tbe
renowned fool who hid In the river to
escape from t he rain. Blnce The Dally
Canadian and the Rossland Miner made
it eat the crow in public with comments
suitable to the occasion.
The Dally News can now be left to
savour the bitterness of Its own bile
and to devise arrangements for pre-
Bentf&t the Journalistic swashbuckler
fiom Cranbrook, who walked Into the
trap with an elegant dagger of boiled
The managers of the Liberal campaign in Cranbrook have hit on a new
device made for the capture of Conservative votes. We know of the famous
Journey of Pantagruel to the oracle ot
thc holy bottle, but it remained tor the
Cranbrook supporters of the Ottawa
machine to send vote drummers Into
the lumber camps to work the oracle
of the unholy bottle. Where go the
drummers, there go tbe bottles. Only
the other day two of the men ln the
Roblnson-McKonzle mill were subjected to the ministration of the bottle
drummers to such purpose as to wholly
Incapacitate them from work for a day
or two.
As a specimen of clean fighting and
the general methods of the disciples of
St. Billy of the Yukon and Qrand Trunk
It Is worthy of passing comment.
Names of the bottle drummers, dato
and names oj victims furnished by wire
If necessary. Let the good and holy
war go on. It hurts them more than
It Injures us.
Funeral of Murdered London Merchant
Was Largely Attended.
Lon.Ion. Jan. 30.���That unusual interest ls being taken ln the tragic death
of William Whiteley, who was shot and
killed ln his great department store on
January 24 by Horace George Ralner,
was shown by the scenes at the funeral
of the merchant this morning. Long
before the hour for the ceremony, thousands of persons gathered about the
Whiteley residence and dense masses
lined the streets leading to the church.
Most of the shop sin the Westbourne
Grove district kept their shutters up
and over 100 carriages followed tho
hearse to the cemetery. Four of these
| were laden with floral wreaths.
According to the newspapers Mr.
Whiteley bequeathed $6,000,000 to provide almshouses and homes tor the deserving poor.
Filled to Establish Case Agalnat Former London Manager.
London, Jan. 30.���Justice Sir Charles
Swlnfrn Eady, in the chancery division
ot the high court of Justice today pro
nounced Judgment lu favor of D. J.
Haldeman, former London manager of
lbe Mutual Life Insurance oompany of
New York, and the North British &
Mercantile Insurance company, ln the
suit of the Mutual company, asking for
Injunction and Indemnities. Justice
Eady said that plaintiffs' case had
wholly failed against both defendants
and It was therefore dismissed with
costs against the Mutual company. The
Mutual Life Insurance company asked
for an Injunction and indemnities
against Mr. Haldeman and tbe North
British company, alleging that while be
was still ln their employ Mt*. Haldeman
suggested to Ihe Nortb British company
a scheme to transfer the British policy
holders of the Mutual to the North
Hritish, and that on the day of the termination of bis engagement with the
Mutual Mr. Haldeman sent out a circular to all the British policy holders ln
the Mutual and transferred them to the
North British. II Is therefore contended by the Mutual that Mr. Haldeman
wrongly -usesd Information which he obtained as London manager of the Mutual.
Canadian Government Negotiating With
Australia About Mutual Tariff
Effrontery of Vancouver
Denies Statements Hostile to Parly
.  Attributed to Him���Opposition
at Last Ditch.
Ottawa, Jan. 30.���The Dominion government has made a direct offer to
Australia of a mutual preferential arrangement. It was sent December 8
through D. H. Ross. Canadian agent at
Melbourne, and is as follows:
"Suggest to the Australian government that the Canadian government
will agree to a BrltiBh preference on
everything they produce. Ask for scon-
cessions on fish, lumber, paper, agricultural implements. Fish, lumber and
paper might be absolutely free. WUI
you a scertaln what concessions they
Correspondence on tbe subject was
presented to parliament yeBterday. It
shows that through an oversight the
communication of Premier Deakln was
dated November 25, and was pigeonholed here. Sir Wilfrid Laurier made
ample apology.
Negotiations will he conducted verbally by representatives of the Dominion and the Commonwealth governments In London next April.
Many Deals and Negotiations Reported
From the Boundary.
(Special to The Dally Canadian.)
Grand ForitB, Jan. 29.���The nearest
attempt at a forecast of the result of
the present provincial election can be
gathered from the following Information, for which, of course, a slight alteration must be allowed for a slight
change ln the conditions existing here.
The results ot the last provincial election over three years ago were as follows:
Cascade ..
Orand Forks
Phoenix  ..
8oc. Total
0  20
2  19
15  50
56  398
160  264
  '-  ���
232  751
here that;
It  ls  generally   expected here
there will be about 900 votes cast at
the present provincial election.
Word has reached here today from
Rock Creek that P. J. Dermody, formerly superintendent at the Providence mine, and his associates, have
tnken a bond on the Riverside group
of galena claims at Rock Creek, the
former owner being B. J. Perkins. It
is reported that the amount of the bond
is (50,000, and by its conditions development work will start Immediately.
Cash payments on the bond will also
be made at stated Intervals during the
life ot the bond.
Tho Suowshoe mine haB again resumed operations, working some 36
men, which force would be doubled If
the smelters were running full capacity.
This property ls shipping to the British Columbia Copper company's Btnelter
nt Qreenwood, and also to the TralsJ
Advices received here today say that
the Brooklyn mine, owing to lack of
coal, was forced to closo down, but the
Rawhide Is still working and making
small shipments. Thus It can readily
be seen that the coke famine affects
the mines equally as much as' It does
the smelters.
Latest Addition*.
The following books have lately been
added  to the public library:
Rock In the Baltic, by Robert Barr;
Great Refusal, by Maxwell Gray;
Vivien, by W. B. Maxwell; Conquest
of Canaan, hy Booth Tarklngton; Barbara Winslow, Rebel, by E. Ellis; The
Spoilers, hy Rex E. Beach; Angel of
Pain, by E. T. Benson; Image In the
Sand, by E..T. Benson.
Rich Hallgonlan Dead,
HaMTax, Jan. 30.���Reuben I. Hart, a
rromlnmt nn dwealthy cltlten, died at
Ihe age of 86. the result of a stroke ot
apoplexy. His fortune Is valued at
Trains and Boats.
Crow train���On time.
Coast and Slocan train���Three hours
Rosslanil train���On time.
Kaslo connection���On time.
(Special to The Dally Canadian.)
Victoria, B. C. Jan. 29.���Under the
caption "Another slander killed," the
Colonist published the following telegrams: Victoria, Jan. 28���To Sir
Charles H. Tupper, Vancouver. Re Esquimau Liberal meeting The Times today quotes MacDonell as followa: "Honest Conservative* were helping to hurl
them from power. Sir Hlbbert Tupper,
Uie man who by right Is the leader of
the Conservative party In British Columbia, had the letters In this (Green-
Caron) scandal and he gave them out.
He ll not supporting the government.
He said: '111 stand aside and let the
party be purged clean.' in thla Statement of facts? Rush answer. (Signed)
Colonist. "
Vancouver, Jan. 28.���To Colonist, Victoria. "I have no letter and gave none
out  (Signed)     Charles H Tupper."
The reports handed Into campaign
headquarters will show that It ls now
only a question of how large the majorities will be ln favor of the Big Four.
The Conservative* ot Victoria, feeling
that the Mainland will roll np a large
majority ln favor of the McBride administration, are determined that the
Capital City ahall be right to the front
with one of the strongest endoraations
to be found In the ballot bote* oo tha
night of February 2nd.
Premier McBride left yesterday
morning for Vancouver and the Fraser
Valley constltuende*. He will return
on Friday to deltver bis final message
to the electors on the eve of the polling day, and on that occasion his supporters may expect to hear him effectively silence the last faint sound of
the slander slogan that has been used
by the enemy ever since the opening
of the campaign. Throughout his tour
of the Mainland the premier met all
the opposition that could be induced to
appear on the same platform with him
and even went out of his way to pnt
the qntetns on Smith Curtis and others,
who believing themselves safe ln remote parts, reiterated the charges that
had been refuted to the complete satisfaction of enormous gatherings ln the
centres. It was k case of absolute vindication all along the line of the moat
triumphant tour ever experienced by a
political leader ln British Columbia. It
was not, however, so much the refutation ot slander as It was the record of
the government unreservedly submitted,
lhat appealed to the great masses of
voters ln the country where the timber
and mineral Industries are thriving aa
never before, and where the agriculturist ls happy In the possession of abundant fruits of the fertile soil.
These electors, who were far too
numerous for the usual hall accomodations, were always remarkably enthusiastic In their greetings and most pronounced In their expressions of approval and appreciation.
The financial achievements of the
government, through which deficits had
been changed Into surplus, and a high
credit established for the province; the
fairness and equity of the School Act;
he splendid business deal with the
Grand Trunk Pacific ln regard to Kaien
'stand; the defeat of charter mongers,
Illustrated by the truth of the Midway
ft Vernon cancellation: the honest settlement of the Columbia & Western
land claim; the successful advertising
of the agricultural resources of the
province, together with effective ef-
'orts to attract settlers: tho Better
Terms question; the careful consideration of the Interests of all classes; and
the wise legislation that bad encouraged capital, protected labor and
brought about a wonderful Increase of
Industrial activity, particularly In the
lumber line, were all exhanselvely explained.
Based on all these the premier's appeal for a continuation ot public confidence In his administration as agalnat
an untried and questionable combination of fair-weather politicians, some of
whom were projected into the campaign by the Ottawa machine, Invariably brought a verdict In his favor so
strong that no minority voice could be
Deficit In France.
Paris, Jan. 29.-���The budget passed
the chamber of deputies tonight after
a stormy debate, arising f*om a diver
genee of views, between th eeenate and
the chamber relative to the new fire
Insurance taxes. The budget Involves
the issue of 116,400,000 In Short term
hills to meet tho deficit.
:������*-. tut
Wi'"" "���
mmmMM*.** ***.. ���_���
The Daily Canadian
���il      12-
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English Cured Meats
Irish Roll Bacon
Ayrshire Roll Bacon
Wiltshire Hams and Bacon
Yorkshire Hams and Bacon,
PRICE 27 l-2c PER LB.
Procurable Only at
It was stated that Sir Hibbert Tupper
had the letters���a He, promptly de
nounced by Sir Hibbert himself. And
yet Tho Daily News keeps on repeating the lie and using it as a grimnit
for further argument.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office:   Toronto.
CAPITAL PAID DP....H,500,000 REST ��.,500,000.
D. R. WILKIE, President. HON. ROBERT JAFFRAY, Vice-President
Branches in British Columbia:
Depofiits received and interest allowed current rates from date of opening of
oount, and oomponnded half yearly.
J.   M.   LAY,  Manager.
The Royal Bank of Canada
CaplUl $3,734,310    Reserve	
Total  Ai��ets $41,860,353
.. $4,207,741
Accounts of firms and individuals opened on the most favorable terms.
Thirteen  branches  In   British  Columbia.
Special   attention   to out of town business.
T. E. KENNY, Pres., Halifax.       E. L.  PEASE, General Manager, Montreal.
G. A. SPINK, Manager Nelson Branch.
Publlshe.l Fix rlnys h ween by the
Baker St.. Nelson. B. C.
Butssss-rlptlon ratess. 50 ssisnli a monlli dellVftfed
lu Uie eity, or Vi.vt a year If nent by mall, wheu
paid is, advance.
AdvertlHlnft nits.- ou application.
Ail mouless pais! lu sseltlitsieisl ol The Ually
s'auadlan accounts., cither f,,i hulisss-rijillnust or
s. lTertlsslnff, Illlll"! 1st- recel|stfsl for OH Use printed
Surma of llse Comptny,   Other receipt! are not
JANUAHV .30. I*��>7.
"By oue worst wc are Mometlmes luilgost lo be
wlie ansl by one worsl aoinellniess Jsislgsssl lo be
foollah. Let ua therelora be ssarefui whal we
The article in the Financial News, a
London, Eng., paper, which The Dally
News can only explain on the theory
that the paper was briln-d, Is as follow*:
"The large number or home Investors who are interested ln British Columbia will watch the Issue of the
elections now In progresi there with
close attention and some anxiety,
.hero is not. much reason to aniiei-
pats- that tin- s'risny administration of
Mr. .Mt'Hrisls... which hau done so lunch
to advance the prosperity uf the country will be overthrown, but sliould
such an event unhappily occur, those
who have the InterfBtB of lhe province moBt closely at heart fear that
a serious setback lu Its economic progress will be experienced."
The Dally Newa offered a cheap and
easy snes-r about advertising rates. Reputable papers do noi publish advertisement! in their editorial columns.
The opinion of t he Plnanclnl sN'ewB
should uot hnve specially enraged our
contemporary, The same thing, practically, has been said by many substantial citizens of llrltlsh Columbia, Including It. P. Rithet and James John-
No friend of J. A. Macdonald will
wish, any longer to accuse him or being
in charge of the Opposition campaign.
Our report In yesterday's Issue of Mr.
Macdonald'B addroBB ut a Liberal meeting ln Greenwood shows that ttie nominal leader of the opposition haB abandoned all attempt b to win by Blander.
It Is true that Mr. Macdonald was himself the author of the Kaien Island
scandal, but. though his persistence In
it nfter his charges had proved groundless was unjustified, we are quite prepared to grant that Mr. Macdonald
really believed In them himself. But
bis final abandoning even of Kaien
Island shows that he, almost alone
among prominent Liberals, is determined not to be associated in the public mind with "liar and Blunderer" Mclnnes. Hut lt ls equally apparent that
any control Mr. Macdonald may ever
have exercised over his following has
utterly vanished. It is not the calm
and gentlemanly, if rather feeble, Btyle
of the Rossland member that has been
adopted by Liberal speakers on the
platform and by the Liberal press. The
fashion for both haB been set by the
disgraced ex-governor of the Yukon���
"drunken anil Immoral," "utterly unprincipled." "a liar ond a slanderer."
Orators and editors alike have followed
his lead. In obedience of course to the
instructions of the Ottawa machine, in
his bold campaign of lying and slan-
slerlng. They are Imitating also his
utterly recklesB disregard of truth, or
even of plausibility. Possibly that
judgment is correct. Those who follow MclnneB are either too Ignorant
und stupid lo recognize the utter worth-
iessiis'ss of the man, or too much
steeped in tho ethics of the machine
to care what means are used.
Never In the history of Canadian politics has an opposition so richly deserved the defeat It has suffered as
the Liberal party of British Columbia
merits tho annihilation that will be re-
corsied Saturday night. Three years of
factions and silly obstruction In the
legislature, that only proved their Incapacity even as critics, have been followed by a campaign in which public-
Issues have hardly figured at all, no
alternative policy has been even faintly suggested, but the whole fighting
organization has been devoted exclusively to the manufacture and circulation of slander after slander, many of
them so absurd as to expose their own
falsehood, and all the rest exploded as
soon as examined. Is it any wonder
that the responsible citizens of the
province turn with disgust from such
a crew to the united and capable party that haB already piloted the province from insolvency to credit and
The Victoria Times seriously tells
its readers on a red and yellow front
page that "the outstanding feature of
the campaign haB been the reception
accorded everywhere to J. A. Macdonald. who has invariably attracted larger audiences than the premier." What
can be the purpose of such an utterly
silly falsehood? Willie Mclnnes, as a
curiosity, attracts larger audiences.
The premier's meeting ln Nelson was
three times as well attended as Mr.
Macdonald's. The same Is true everywhere throughout the province. What
is the lying for?   Mere force of habit?
Hints from the opposition preBB of a
C. P. R. vote secured to government
candidates are highly amusing. One
has only to think over the list of C.
P. R. officials In Nelson, for instance,
to recognize that a man's political
views are not affected by his position.
As for the members of train crews, machine shop force, trackmeu and others,
they include Conservatives, Liberals
and Socialists. We do not pretend to
know In what proportion. The suggestion that C. P. R. employees vote aa
they are told lt Is an insult to the men
a.i well as to the management, and ls
more likely to he resented by the former than by the latter.
Probably the most flagrant offence
yet committed in the campaign Is the
brazen lying of 1). G. Macdonnell, of
Vancouver, reported in our news columns today. Not even Mclnnes, the
professional "liar and slanderer" has
excelled tlle ex-Ontario barrister. To
misquote any man deliberately is decidedly risky tactics, but to Impute to
a man of Sir Hibbert Tupper's prominence words that he never used, with
the certainty that the lie would be
exposed within 24 hours, is proof either
of Imbecility or of sheer physical inability to tell the truth.
Grand  Forks	
New Westminster
Dr. Young	
Wm. Manson	
Chas. Wilson, K. C. 1
L F.J. Champion. .1
S. A. Cawley i
H.G. Parsons   i
W. H. Hay ward... i
J..A. Harvey [
P, J. McKi'iizie....
R. McBride j
(.*. E. Possley I
W.R.Robs i
E Mills r ;
E.G. Warren	
A. E. McPhilllps...
F.J. Fulton ���
N. F. Mackay  	
A. McDonald......;
Dr. S. B.O'Brian...
J. A. Kirkpatrick.. I
J. W. Cairns ,
Price Ellison I
Thos. Taylor	
Cap. John Irving
Ji. Brewster	
C. W. Munro... .
W. C. Wella   ...
J. II. Bennett	
J. N. Evans	
Iir. King	
.Is hn Oliver.
It. Jardlne.	
John Jardlne...
W, M. Dicken..
H. VV. Gregory  .
<;. Ii. Nuden	
T. w. Paterson..
J. IJ. Swansisn...
John Keen.....
M. Eagleson	
H Sheppard	
Di. G A. II. Hall.
li, Thomas	
P. W. lloway.,.,
Dr. Macdonald..
R. Caley	
Soc., Labor or Ind.
J. Cartwright iSoc.l
Dr. W.J. Curry  ISoc.)
Thos. E. Kelly  (Lab.)
W. II Moore   ISoc.l
John Mclnnes (Soc.i
E, Dynea (Soc.i
W..!. Ledinghum (Soc.
J. 11   Hawlhornlhwalt iSo
Frank Phillips ISoc.)
P. Wl'llams  (Soc.i
.1. S. Itainey.
J W. Logle (Soc.)
W. \V La Feaux (Soc.)
F. L. Carter-Cotton'; J- >*>'��� Weart.
Rossland    LA. Campbell
Saanlch ; DM. Eberts...
Simiikameen     L.W. Shatford.
Skeena , W. R. Lord	
Slocun Wm. Hunter...
H.G. Tatlow.
J. F.Garden	
A. H. MacGowan.
W. Bowser	
Dr. McGuire.
Tho Dully News Is fast qualifying for
the 'same claBS as the Vancouver
World, by persistency in repeating
whal have been proved to be lies, and
deliberate and malicious lies. Premier
McHrlde haB not Btated that there waa
nothing wrong In "n cabinet minister's
acceptance of a valuable gift from a
syndicate seeking governmental concessions through him." Premier McBride has never Bald anything of the
kind. No member of Mr. McBrlde's
cabinet has accepted any gift. The
Dully News knows this perfectly well.
The alleged letters of Sir A. P. Caron
and R. F. Green, that were to establish
a corrupt bargain hnve never appeared.
Their existence was thc only noBBlble
excuse for the monstrous statements
of the Vnncoa *er World. That paper
claimed to have the letters and promised to publish cuts of them. That
statement and that promise, It ls now-
admitted were deliberately false.   Next
What next? There are still two days
and three nights before voting begins.
Is the opposition's whole supply of Ilea
exhausted and the secret of the invention lost? 9urely Mclnnes and lhe
Vancouver World between them can
think of something yet that may take
a few hours to disprove. It would be
a i��or Joke to suggest that either had
any visitation of conscience.
There Is no doubt now in the mind
of any sane man with any acquaintance
with the provincial situation that the
result of Saturday's elections will be
the triumphant majority of the first
stable and efficient administration that
the province has had ln ten years. Will
the member for Nelaon be a member of
that triumphant party, or a hopelessly
beaten Opposition?
Has J. Fred Hume revlBed his plat
for malnce J. A. Macdonald expressed
approval of aid to railways? Has Dr.
Hall? It doesn't really matter. What
all three together think on that or any.
thing else will not affect the policy
and administration, but is evidence,
conclusive though amusing, thnt apart
from slandering the ministers, none of
the Liberal candidates have thoughl
Berlously of any public question.
Since they have been challenged for
a definite statement as to what they
would do ln the matter of railway lax-
allon, especially of the British Columbia Southern land grant, thc Liberals
have become silent on that head. They
should not huve forgotten originally
that even criticism Involves certain responsibilities, and that an attack on one
line of conduct Implies disagreement
with it aB welt as disapproval of it.
Wouldn't it be an honor to llrltlsh
Columbia to have as premier the disgraced ex-governor of Ihe Yukon,
whoso public career haB been marked
bv open nnd Bhameless dishonesty, and
Victoria���1 I Hon. It. McBride
Victoria���2 ��� A. B. Thompson
Victoria���3 ! H. F. W. Behnson
Victoria���4 I Aid. F. Davie
Talc ' Chas. Semiin	
Tmlr I J. II. SrhoHeld  ...
.1 A. Macdonald
John Piercy I
Smith Curtis ....
Dr. Kergan	
A. I). Docksteader
W. W. B. Mclnnes.
T. F. Neelands...
R. P. McLennan..
J. W. DoB. Farrls
A Henderson....
R. L. Drury
W. G. Cameron
J. D. McNIven
Richard Hall
Stuart Henderson
J Fred Hume ...
Archie F. Berry (Soc.)
Geo. E. Winkler (Soc.)
W Davidssn (Soc.)
li. T. Kingsley.
H. P. Pettlplece (Soc.)
A. Stebbings (Soc.)
K. H. McVety (Soc.)
A. 0. Perry, F.WlUiams.
Dr. Ernest  Hall I Labor).
A Johnson (Labor).
J. Houston (Ind.)
DISTILLERS, 12 aud 20 years old.
R. P. RITHET & CO., Llll
Hole Aiicssl-, In ItiltlHl,
The Hall Mining and Smelt
Company* Limited.
his private life by events that shucked
even the ideas of morality that prevail
ia a remote mining camp.
Stories of carelessness about nomination papers, even if true, hardly
amount to political argument, hut their
appearance, filling up editorial space,
is a not unwelcome indication that the
Daily News is beginning to grow weary
of repeating lies and slanders.
Sixty 'lays n-tu-T 'Iai.-1 in ten-1 to applv to the
Hon. Chief Commluloner ol Lu di ana Works.
Victoria to purebaae IW urea ol lind located In
Fire Valley, being part u( Sections Three and
Four, Towns-hip 69, mnl described as followi-,
Commencing at a ].���-*. planted at William
Williams' n. W.corner, and marked "R. B, Wi
N, K. corner," and running 40 ebalni west,
thenee 90 chaini* ninth, thonoe 'A*-chains ea��t,
tbenoe *t<> chain*. BOUth, thence iu chnin** eaat,
thenee tVi chains muth to plaee of begilining
November 3Srd, IW*. Roaa K William.
J. K. ANNiBi.i. -.(tent.
At the coast the Liberals are assuring their drooping supporters of great
gains in the interior. In the interior
they try to revive sinking courage by
foretelling gains at the coast. It ls all
in vain. They are beaten at every
lM)i:it and they know it.
Of ail the constituencies in Kootenay
and Yale, 16 i:i number, there are now
only two, Rossland and Greenwood, in
which responsible Liberals seriously
pretend, except for platform nnd newspaper purposes, to have even n fighting chance of success.
Notice i* hereby alien that so days alter flute 1
iii tend to apply to thr Honorable tne Cniet Commissioner n( Ijmds and Worki tor permlMlon to
purchase the followlni; doscril>ed landi: Commencing at a post placed 9D ehalni weit of the
southeast oornerol Lot IM2, markdl "R. A Bell's
northwest enrner," thenco iouth Pi cliaina,
them ����� east *.tl (halus. theme nnrth 30 chaini,
tlience weit BO chainito polntof commencement,
BOntalnlng 4l) aires, more or leas.
Located thi* 6th day of Nov., 1006,   R. A. Bill.
Sixty daTI after ilate 1 intend to applr to ttie
Hon Chief CommlnJonat of Lini !��� ami Worki,
Victoria, to -pnrohaee 480 acrei of laml, In Fire
Valley, weit Koolenay! Commenolng ata pout
planted 00 chains west of theft W corner of J.
Boblnaon'i pre-emption, aad maiked w, W'i n.
K. corner, ami running weal 80 chaini, thenee
south HO Chalna, thence ���"<--��� TO cbaina, theuce
north Wchiitin u> piact ot beginning
J. K. AnnabLI, Agent.
In the nutter Ol an application for the issue of
a duplicate of the Certificate of Title for hii
undivided 1-8 of Lota'J, aud a, Block I'-', Town of
Notice is hereby Kiven that it is my intention
to lax iif; at thu expiration of one mouth from
the first publication hereof a duplicate of the
Certificate of Title to the above lands fn the
name of Florence M. Rodglni which rertlfioete
ii dated tbe28tb 'lay of December, nwra, and
numbered g-SAIK.
B  v, MacLEOD,
Dlitrlet ttegtitrar.
band -Real-try Offloe, Nelion, B c
January Uth, 11*07.
i Sixty day-, afler date 1 inteml to apply to the
Hon. the Chief Commluloner ol Landiand Worki
to purchaie 160 acres of land: Commenolng at a
poit planted on th** we��t tide of Six mUecreee-
oii wagon road, about two and one half miles
from Kootenay lake, and marked "Neil Mc-
Kechnie'i K. West corner |>ost," thence cast 40
chains, thence north -HI chaini), theuce west 40
chain!., tbenee south 40 ebalni, tu plate of com*
ii) en ceme til
Located this lOtfa day of November, 1906.
Nan. McKkjhnie.
Sixtv'lavs alter date I intend to apply to the
Chief "Commissioner of Landl ind Works f,,r
permlaslon to purchase the followiiiK dcscril��*d
land: HI Minted on the east side of Arrow I.Mkc
In  the   West   Kootenay  district,  about 5 mtl<*B
above Burton City, commencing at a post plant
ed at the northwest corner oi C. Bather's purchase, ihence east 20 chains, theuce ir rth 40
chains, lbence wes' Ji ohalni, thence iouth 4"
chimm to point of eommenoement and containing ho acres more or less.
January 18. 1907.
Wlliiam Kii.urb.
Sixty dsys after date 1 purpose making application to the Honorable the Chief Coiiiinlsaioner
o[ Lands iH.d Works for permission to pun-base
the loUowing deaorlbed land: Commenelni at
a posi Placed *t the 8, V.  oorner of Lot ��wj and
marked "K 0, ��.'��" N. W. corner, thence follow*
lug the southern boundary lot (,900. 6.. chains
moreorless east to the west boundary of I_ui
0001, thence following same south BO chains to
the north boundary of Lot OOOlj tbenco about 70
chains west a Ion-; "U boundarv to the lake
shore; thence north 80 ehalns more or less fol-
l-iwing the lake hhore to point ol commencement, containing 317 acres more or leu.
Hated Decembe, nth, 1907.
v. ii FiuQuiia.
Notice  1.  hereby given  tbat alxlv dnvs alter
date I Intend to  apply to the Hon. the Chiel
Commissionerof Lauds ami W.-iks for permission to purchase thu following described land
Iltnated in lhe West  Kootenav   district:   Cotn-
iiit-l" ,:n* nt h post planted at lh;> "N K comer
of L. l'ortera's pre-emption," and ruuning
thence east   4" chains; ihence south 40 chains;
thence wett 40 obalnil tbence north 40 ohalni,
to place of com meneement, containing lftj acrea,
more or lew.
December 'At, mo6.
Habhv I'I'Rhs, 1-ocater.
M. K   M.t.rAKMR, Ageut.
Hlxty dsvi afler dale I Intend to applv to the
Hon. Chief Commissioner of Lauds and Works
to purchase 187 acre** of land, commeuelng at a I
post marked B. B's N. K. corner post, planted Ht i
lhe N. W. corner of U. Vt, Bteelri Halm on the '
we*t side of Arrow lake, tiboui four miles above ]
Burton city, theuce wesl 40ebalni, Iheiii-u sou-.h j
10J_lChalna, tbeuce easl 4ii chains, thence north !
46..W ebalna lo place of beginning, containing iht i
acres, inor�� or less.
Dated 90th day of Nov., L0OB,   Bvhon Burton,
J. K. Annaiii.k. ���"���gent.
Notice is hereby given tbal two months after
date we Intend to apply to the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for a lease of al] thai
land being the foreshore adjoining ibe Canadian
paolflo Railway -Shipyard ou tbe west, pan ol <���
Lot6SAi group 1, and being on tbc south ihore
of lbe weet arm of Kootenay Lake, in the ,iis-
rlcl of Kootenav: Commencing at Ibe southerly corner of 1 it 7nfi4. group I; theliee along tie*
kouth westerly lioumlary of lol 7U04 ami the extension thereof, In a north westerly direction, a
distance of ��6 feet; theuce at right alleles to
Mid boundary Inn south westerly direction, a
distance Of 8w feet, more or leil. to the north
easterly boundary ofthe City Park, continued:
thence parallel to Raid westerly boundnrv of lot
7W. in a south eaaterly direction, a distance of
WUI feet, more or lesa, to the northerlv boundarv
of lot MA] thence following the northerly bound*
ary of toi ���'-8A in a north easterly direction tothe
point of emu meneement, the area being H.:t4
acres, more or leaa.
Dated thll Tth day of January. A.I)., 1907.
60 day** after date 1 Intend to apply to the Hon.
Chief (-ommlssloner of Lands ami Works to pur*
chaae no aorea of add looated in Kire Valley being part of Sections *j and lo Townihlp fi". and
described as follow**: Commencing ;,t '��� I"1'''
niarked F. W. .1. 8. K. corner and planted at the
northwest corner of Wm. Williams' pn'Phaao;
thence west 10 chain*-*.; lbence norih Wl do,ins:
tbence east 40 chains;  Ihence soutb W) chains to
place of betrlnnlng,
November38ra iww.
V. VV. JOBDift,
J. V  annahi.k. Agent.
00 days after date I Intend to applv to lho Hoiiorahle tbe Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works, to purchase 370 acres of land: Commeneing at a poit markeii uTW, 8 N. EC, eornei
poet ana planted on tbfl west shore oi  *rrow
lake adjoining Ia>t H7J on the south ilde of iald
Lot, then fl west W) chains along tbfl southern
boundary of Lot U7.1; theuce south 1*. ���'���-' chains;
thenee cast 80 ehelni; moreor less to lake shore;
thence nortb along lake shore to plate of beginning.
Datod 2Mb day of Vot. iW.
J. K. ANNAHLK. Agent-
Notice i.   hereby given  that sixty daya aller
dute 1 inteml to apply io ibe Honorable the
Chlel Commlnloner of Lauds and Works, for
permission  to  purchase the following deacrlbed
lands situated in the West KowlenaV district-
Commencing at a poflt marked "!! H souih
west corner," and north of A ll. Luciri, pur
chase Olltm, on Hand OreflKI theme north 4o
chain-; thenei- , asl an chains; theliee south 40
chains; thence30 chains we*-t. to point of com
meticcmt st, containing 40 acres, more or less.
December 30,19M.
u    , JlKNHY  HATDIH,
M. K. Mc'Jt'ARKlK. Agent.
Hixty days after date I Intend to apply to the
' blef Comm 1Mb , of Laudi and Work's to nur-
chaae tit aeru of land, looated In Lower Arrow
Lake, Weil Kooteuay: Commencing al a post
planted at the "N.W. comer of Arrow i!,.k,.
Indian Reeerre"] tbenoe iouth ho chains; tbence
west so chains; thence north B0 chainii thenefl
.asi m chain-, to place ���r beginning,
Located _*nii day of Deoember, un,
c   _IW_U���
SLtly days afler date I iniend to apply to thc
Hon tbe C|, |el Commissioner nl Lands aD_ W0__l
lo purchase 2W acres of land: Commencing H, a
poit marked "N.T B'��� lootheeat corner ���ooit"
jald post I,-* ing at lbe northeast corner o Geo
Hudson's preemption claim, about two miles
southeast of  Hurton City   tbence wesl 40 ____]_?
LocbIcsi ��lh .Uy nl Nisv. 1D0G.   NimiT. Bit,.
m  III   WMt.1 ,.',''"."  "' ��*!" "' '"*���"'' "llimli-i
Ihence   IVMI    jo  ���i V!nln��  "'Tth *S) ehalOS
uiLine weil -ti cbalni, thtnoa annth w��i��i4a
  ���'. M Annaiii.k, A|tmt    "
ubout us mile. urn., Ti,,  , .,      J"," '" ,ll"a,"'
Month  thnra ,.s   .,    ���        .    J   '��� "Wion, 00 lbe
". 1',,-;,,- ,'.:'' "*!A,"""' K""*���*.- __,
si, ,,*|"   "   ''���'-''���>'���'���,.,'i's���t HI,������..I,,'.
I>��t��.l mi, 6th a., ol Not., im    b. Ti,o����.
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry Oi
tenth   Rossland ANNUA��
Winter   Carnival
Five   Days
Feb. Mm \Zm Um 15 and
,'i Grand TlOphiee and 18,000 In prlrer      Two Han.U Iu Atk-ndaure
HOCKKY��� Int. rnntiniinl flml Intor-HrnvinciiU cliampinushipi
HNoWSHOKINtJ���Chnuiiiion*-liip nf British Columbia
TOBOOGAKINO��� A mile i\ niinuto down thc "ZIP"
SKl-lN'f'- Jtunplng and Bacdng.   chanipioriFhij) ofQgntdi
SEATING HACKS��� Fur t .lampioiiship of Hritinh Uolnmkui
CURLING���A Pmvinnnl Hon.pi.l
Horie-Ra<*liiK        Kaaqneradtng-      Ti:7s-nf-War and other intcrer.inf **Tfn*.
Keduced railway rales nn all lluei.
J. 8, C. fraaer, President
For further particulars apply u
��� lhe KiriK a. A-lan-.t.
Notiee li hereby glveu that c-o davt alter date 1
Intend to apply to the Hnuorabie tne Cblel * i-m-
mlsiloucr of Und* and Works. Victoria. H. * .,
ior iK-rmisiioii io pnrehaae the following Aem rlbed 'and. situated ill tbe West Kootenai ,.i��triel,
on thi* west side of i uhamil (or Six Mllei i reek,
on npt-ei side ol wagon road, **��� .��� ."-j miles
fro n West Arm of Kootenav lake    I OOUnenclng
at a poat narked Mn Hattie Dock'i >   B cor
nrr. running .0 cbalni west: thence A) chain*
south; tbenoe 40 chaini eaat; tin-ine 90 chains
north, to the point of commencement, contain*
r 1ms
���ia** Hattik Una,
north, to the MUI of i-o
lug BO aorei Of laud, more or 1��
Pated the l.tli '���oveiiil*_r ititt
John B  1 Avurn. Agent
yi_ty iin\n alter date 1 intend toaptttt to the
Hon t'hiel Commlaaioner ������! Uini-. and Works.
Victoria, lo pareheao WO acrei ol land abonl tv��,.
miles balow I'-.r .. City, Weat Kootenay, iom
menclUK  at  a  fant  marliud  "J  A   lrvin*-i'�� east
eornei post," said poel i*ing oa the earn :i> end
of au Inland went of LotOBfT,and i-lalinlug all the
land contained   in  aald i��land. la-ilia about one
mile in au easterly and   -a ester I v direction and
about 90ehalni from north to iouth.
November lllh, .;���>�� J. A. Ia\ IHS,
J  K  Av.ini k Agent.
Slity dayi afterdate 1 intend to an|dy lo tbe
Hon. Ohio! Commissioner of Landl ami Worka
Victoria, to -purchase uu acres of laml looafa 1
on the westildeol Arrow lake and ���>-,.,��� dirrctly
north ol Un WWj Commencin-: at a poel planted
at the N B. corner of LotW76 and marked H,B
f*". K corner." ami running north A* ebalna,
tbeuce wesl 'Al chains, thence nor'h jn chains,
Ihence west  30 ehfllns, theuce     . .   ,  '    ��� Qaltta,
theuce eaat 40 ebaiui, to place of begtnning-
Mor.MthilSQO. BntTHA Haaiii.av,
J   K, ASNAMLI. Ageut
Notice la hereby given that ��i dan alter tlate, I
intend to apply to the Hon. chief Coumtasloner
oi Lands and Work-* for permlaalon to purehaae
tke tollowtre deicrtt>eil land In Went Kootenay
district*. Commenelni at a OOll marked Hn, V
A, Wagon'l corner po. i, planted at the northeast
corner ol Bectlen It, Townsite 7, running lonth
40 cliaina, theuee west 40 ehalns, thence nor in to
chains, tbeuce east 4U chalus to place of commencement, eonlaliilng IWj aercn, moreor less
Haled Nov. 2_, 11(06. Mas. V. A. WlMOP,
J. Wiuon. AkciiI.
Notice Is hereby gl?en that W) days alter date I
intend toapply to the Honorable lhe Chief Commlnloner of Lands and Works for iiermlsolon
to purchase 2910 arret of land, fit uate on tbe Little
Moyle river ahout 1 mile fiom International
Boundary and tbout 1 mile from BpokaUe Inter
naiional Hy.: Commencing at a post market)
It lirant'i H. E. corner posl, thenee west .u
chains; thence north 40 chalim; tbence easl W
cUiim; tbenoe north SO chains; Ihenee east 60
chaiua; thenre south 00 chains to place of commencement, couta'nlur 2W) acres of land.
Looated Oot, aoth i-uti.
Djurrtt 'iaiNT.
hlxty days afterdate I Intend to applv to lha
Bonorable the Chief Commissioner of Unds and
Works, \ Icioria, to -purchase lAoacren of land,
ttxated in Kire Valley and deaorlbed as followi
Oommonolng at a pogl marked (i  H. McM'n N W
corner, and planted at the loothweatoornerol
Lot  IBU, and  ruiitiliiK south wi , halus, thence
eaal 00 chains,  tlience north  m chains,  tb'n,t
nest bo ehalni to plane ot beginning,
Nov, Llth, V<">'. 7l��o. n. McMillan,
J. K. ANNAIII.K, Agnt.
���Hlxty days after date I Intend to apply to the
Honorable the Chief Commissioner of Undsa* d
Works lo purehase HO aorea of land, looated In
Kire Valley, on west aide of armw lake* Commencing al a poil planted 40 chaiua ureal of the
southwest corner ���/J, Robinson's pra>ampllon
and marked J, W'g S. E. corner, and rimiuio.
north Wi chains, thence weat HO chains, thence
aouth 80 chains, tbence cast 80 chains to place of
Nov. lhtb, 11*06. Jane Williams
J. E. Anna .ilk. Agent.
suty dayi alter date I intend to ik!
Houoiablothe Chief *'om_iluion��_i_P
Wot g�� for permission to percha* tbi
daeertbod lauds iu Kooteau dir_.t.|
mencina at a post markr-l J R. AquKI
eaai corner raist. aald pott Muil
��� ide of tbe l-iwer Arrow ..it
t-elow   Durioti   City;   thcint a*,utk li
tbence weal jo ebunii thenre wnitM
tbenee weat H ehalni; ttien-re nonii|
and   'Al  links,   more or le* U_ibela
thence ea��tef ivmbniK laks4u,bilM._��i
to the place of  beginning, c_-nun,���(_'l
mon ut Laea.
Dated this Mb day of S��vsml��r,MM
per K.I. Hrii-T.Ar*
NoUea la bentq given iu. mii-airl
dale I inteti.t to mak* ��iii>ll<-*uuuujtbe."
able <h lei Commiaslonei of UtfoiMi
Victoria B.t^.forj^rmlMi.iDio^tttard
lowing dewriU-l land, iitunt �� raj
Weat   Kootenav diitrirl:   I'lUntMEej*-
planted ai the ow thwart corw elf
iniOO'l pre-emption, marked K.l-K*
pool,  ihence  tM " halm wesl, thi*a*J
north, tbence IB ofiainiaartUj-JoaB^
uorlhwtMit cornet, thenc* south wrr
of commencement, coiitalning 1&JH
Dated thla __rd day Ol K0T*i 1*4
i.   ia*. - aftei <U.   I Intend to ��p|   '*
t blel Com*-*���*-,iasloneruf Undi iui"
torla. to piircba-v -i**IO letei of '����.11
Plre Vallev and being e portion ��I
and If, In Townskipf'- ��hd deicrlW I,
i "ininciiclng at a Met planted at tMII
eoruer   of   the southeast uuirtM ��j|
.ownnhip &} and   marked  J ������
thence north 40 chains; tbenei ������*%
tbenoe south 4u chains; theOM eait en
place of beginning-
November __rd ll��6. t
J. F. Ainti-M-l
Notice !��� bereby given tnat Wai"B
nteti'l to applv to the HoticnhletbiU
iloner of Ijindi and Worki tof"
apply l
'��oiland deaerTbedaifollowii
I  in oil  .Jem-1 iunt ���� '��� ~      .  j
at a posi plented on tho north hanta
Moyle river, about 'At) yards Iromi
marked "K. McLean's I * ��� ��*\
thenoe east 80 ebalus, thenre now'
thence west m ehulns, theme soiiin *���
place of commencement, and conl*-!*
mon* or leu. ,,__,,
located aoth day Oct., 1-*      --    !
Sixty dava afterdate 1 intend toi..
Honorable the Cblel ComiiilMlotifr-oi u
Works, Victoria, to pnreha����<!
located and deeertbed as hdlowi: t
st a j.o-i planted al the south***"'
five miles  from Kdward  1-mMing..*"
Arrow lake, mid milled I*, '*' ���* ���**..
running weal HUrlieliia, tbence*"^'
tbence eaat  *> chains,  theOOI MM
ihence easi 40 chai ui, tben�� KW*.
place of beginning. -_.,-,
Nov   10th, lW Oti
J. K. AJflM*-***
���Sixty days after date 1 intend to applv io llie
Chief Comrnlasionor of Lands and Works for
ltormlnslon to purchase the following deacrlbed
lands in Kootenay Dlitrlot, about three Quartan
ol mile from Thrum's aiding:   Oommenclna al a
rt placed at the H. W. corner of I. .*.m uroun
Weit Kootonay District; Ihem q WBiterlv
following the north lioundarv of I run 40
chalna; thence north 10 chains; theuce eait 40
cbains, moreor len, to tbe N. ft corner nl
I*.UK; thence aoulh following the wnr.thonu.larv
of VUM, IU chains, more or fe��, to place coin
meneement, conlaiulng 4o acres, more or lea*
Dated thla -5-th day ol _)ecember. pjoe.
H, H. Pirra, tAOfttor
sixty days altar data I intend to apply to the
Hon* Chief CommlMloner of Undi inTwmiii
Vlotorli, to purobuolM aorei of land   ,,-,,!���;
the west side of Arrow laVe, uboui B��* n____T___
low Burton City, and described u [oUowa- Com!
menolng et a post marked "K 1, ll'a un'thaaaf
eorner,,Taud taifiig >li chains eHslof the north west
corner of Lot 2719rthenue north *0ohai___iSe_S
wesl 40 chains; thence south 40 cl,""?������' \____l
cast 40 ehalni to the place of begliininir 1Mnct
November Uth, 1IWB. K     p % _mm
per J. K. Akh-vulb,
Notice Is herehy given that w'���.���*���"
In lend toHpnlvlothe Hon Clint1 *'
Undsaiirl Worka. Vb'toTla, for I***'''"'
obaae thejollowlog deacrlbe*a is''0,
tbo Went Kool-imy dlitrlet, oa W
I'UliHUlel  (,.r Hlx Mile]  vrei-k. IIClT-fl
ahoul three miles from K'��''i*iui; *
mi ncing at a posl marked * .miiii'
posi," running 20 chalm eaat, ���'���
north, tbence KO chains weil. '
south, to tbo point of comni'*'i'
Ing ttt acres of land, more or leM
Dated iith November, iw'fi.     ,  _ji
Looated djJ***M
per hnis B, Till.
1���  __
Hixly daya after dale I Intend Jfl!
Honorable the Chief t ommisshoer��'
Works for permission to PQI��5S_. ; .
described lands in Kootenay dl"",,
(dug at a post marked "A. J*'
corner post," said post being "' -'>%
erly shore ol the Lower Arrow ls"��,,l
due east, on lhe northeast Cora��� ^
Group t; thenco north M opuM *___
soulb 40 chains, more or itmtJ��J___
thence following said ahore IMJM
direellon 60 <*haliiH   more orletfWJj
beginning, oontainlng w*5ffj \<** m
Dated tins -sth day ol November. i*��j
WrK _,Bra.ir.��3
Notice ti hereby given thet J^JSJB
I Intend, io apply to the Hon ora -
Commissioner of Landi ind "Slr-jjjB
sion to ' urcbaae tbe followlm.' ., -|
Koolenay diitrict: Comment���*,
marked "J. 11 Wallncc'a Wttviamx
aald poet being pn the *>lM-*"*JJ'|t
Arrow   lake,   nnd   al  thfl   *___] .f|Jl
porter's pro-emptlon claim! mw< *"'���������
lbence aouth 20 chains, theliee
theui-o south 20 cbalni, tbenw    ��� 1(��
in* re or less to lbe Arrow lake, wit |"* jgfl
.HHtcriy direction Wobalni, met*
plnee of beginning, eotr ���'"'
Dated thla mh day ol O-Otobar-Wf-jJ
By bli ageni, Kbwwith L- r* The Daily Canadian
Ion meting
-/lor Captures Liberal
pdid  Defence   of   Government
jlicy a d Administration by
Member for Revelstoke,
Ipociui to The Daily Canadian.)
m\h-ad, Jan. 26.���Ail extensively
fli,., il "Great Liberal Kally" was
here in the opera house tonight,
pcli ilie Couservallve and Socialist
laies were invited to be present
|li. uk. Tbe meeting was well at-
all parties and classes being
enied. Theodore Ludgate. Eb-4.
Lted chairman, and opened the
���Jig with a few tvtll-chosiMi t*
The Liberal side was well rep-
it*; I-; Mr. Hobert Caley, the Lib*
IntUdaLe; II. l.rowu, l__q., mayor
.. ��� i.', and Mr. A. E. Haggeu.
Feaux, fciucialist candidate, ap
fur the Socialist causu; whilu
hor,  Lhe Conservative candidate
iinted bis end of tho debate.
Caiey,  on  rising  io  speaK,   was
tceived.    He   was, he  saiu,  Uie
Liberal candidal-, and was there
tmt Ua- bUllruges ol Uie electors
all ui   hlmsell  and the Liberal
Ibe McUride admiuisiralion, he
had not fulfilled its duty  to
vtnee, and il was time we had a
ui KuvL-rnmenl.      The    Liberal
|wuuln do mure for the country
Consv-Tvatives bad done, and
bu  returned  on  February  Snd.
big of the School Act, he referreu
[taci that the school at Comupiix
psed because a teacher could noL
tlned ior Uie sum of $00 a mouth.
lar> offered was too small, and
���pied iho School Act for lt. Tht*
i-_P*'Uded upon trails, roads and
in the rldiug, was, he contend-
loo small in comparis-ju with
ouni of revehue derived, and he
, the riding had been badly neg-
There were, he said, several
fcp<uki*r.s present, and he would
|r*' imm occupy any more of the
in   speaking   himself;   but  he
Jfthr electors to voto for hlm at
rthcoming election.! Cheers.)
Lt* Feaux, being next called upon,
[fluently  for au  minutes  on  the
nf Socialism, which was, he con-
the only  correct  form of gov-
i.     11*'   clearly  laid  down the
|f.i.   platform,   and   referring   to
-*nt   government,  he  defended
bwthornthwaite In supporting Uie
p*   administration  in the matter
Columbia   &   Western   railroad
(ram. (Cheers.) He challenged any
thi' other candidates to refute
the  sUitemenls  he had  made,
are being no refutation offered,
|ni-xt BpoakBr waa Mr. llrown. who,
's, ssju'iiinp lrniarkB, referred to
.n Islnnd tUU,   llo had, he said.
|i'ition to tho deal, excepting that
not made direct with the Grand
l'aclfic Co.,  but through  Inter-
��r!s'n.   He admitted there way no
1 of any crooked work upon the
_1 nny meml)..r of the government;
suspected that Mr. Anderson had
|loney  "ln his jeans."    Referring
financial policy of the McHrlde
llstrntlon,   ho   claimed   that   the
was ln a worse condition to-
nn II was ln 1903. when the Mc-
overnment came Into power, and
Inn.what    disparaging   terms   he
In    upon    the    Dewdney     dyke
H>. also blamed  the govern-
���or having carried oul the obllga-
fneurred by a previous admlnls-
in the matter of the Columbia
tets-rn Hallway.    He accused  Mr.
of being one of tho two mem-
o voted ln caucus for the grant-
the   $1,600,000   subsidy   for  llle
& Spenoe'i nrtdge Itailrond. lie
tilateil   that   although  the  n<*el-
rldlng conlrlbuteil $125,000 to lhe
tin]  revenue, it only received a
of some $2.1,000 In Ihe form of
wssrks.    He contended that  the
n�� ripe for a change of govern-
nml   that   the   Interests   of   the
ii*   demanded   thnt   the   Liberal
sshssiild  be  returned.    He.  there-
i-ked that Mr. Cnley be relurned
.lirunry  2nd.    Speaking    of    the
sllseharge of a certain  official.
Briiwn made a bitter personal at-
|U|'iin  Mr. Taylor, whicli  was  re-
wllh derision hy the audience,
ni'ilsl or which Mr. Brown con-
his address, and snt down.
Taylor was then called upon, and
^iiig, was received with loud and
;osl applause of such a nature as
Indicated that the majority of
fidlence were unmistakably In his
He had, he said, started upon
Bmiialgn through the Lardeau dls-
|wlih  the understanding that the
|ngs were to tie joint meetings, nt
each candidate should havo the
llo reply to any charges made. He
|d to state that this hnd been re-
on tho grounds that the meetings
. mil   Conservative, or even  joint
pigs; bul. strictly Liberal ���meetings,
"hat he (Mr. Taylor) was only per-
fl lo nps.nk by courtesy of the Lib-
piidldnte. and that, he miiBt limit
Beech to 30 minutes.   In view of
arrangement   previously  made, he
I'll   this  manifestly unfair,  aa he
I "ot possibly cover tlle ground ef
fectively in so short a space of time
lie pointed out that in addition to this'
fhr.,"Tn c,"!'ronu-"* by >>o IMS Ihan'
three Liberal speakers, to soy nothing
of aie Socialist candidate. (Cheers ) He
l,���.eEh U,Ty rlKht <***# ****** *������"-"���*���*
Have the right to reply to any attacks
made upon the administration of which
he was the only representative present.
(Cheersj He hoped the chairman would
not limit hlm to the allotted 30 minutes
as he thought the public desired a lull
stsatemenL of facts, and he could not
possibly make such a Statement in the
time referred to. (Applause.)
Ml*, layior then outlined the financial position ol the province at me time
.ho Mciinoe government i_u_ omce
urea anu oue-halt years ago. ihe annual deiiuit, he said, ior tne U yeais
proceeding iau2 had .ecu $*i_u,ouu;
while the deficit for the liuanelui yoar
tM2i had amounted to no less sum
man $1,600,000, while tne coudiuou ot
she province was such mat it was, to
say the least, a very dllticult mutter
indeed, to induce anybody t invest auy
capital lu the country. The credit oi
the province waa sadly Impaired, the
treasury was practically exausted, and
lu place the finances of the country upon a sound basis was the first task ot
the McUride administration. No bank
would accept the account of tha province, and lu order to float a loan ot a
paltry $1,000,000, It waa necessary to
pay uo less an Interest than 5 per cent.
1'hls, he thought, sulficlenlly indicated
the financial position at the commencement of the McBride administratiou's
term of office. At the close of their
first financial year they were able to
s.iow a surplus of $36,000, not a very
najusome ssiiphis, perhaps, but still a
decided impro.ement over a $1,500,000
deficit ILoiid cheers.) The second year
they were able to show a surplus of
$256,000. (Cheers.) This, he thought,
was uot such bad financing. I Cheers.)
Three years ago, capital couli. not be
induced, by any means, to enter the
province.. Today, capital was freeiy
flowing In from all quarters, and the
mining and timber industries were upon
a sounder basis than ever before in
the history ot BritiBh Columbia
(Cheers.) In reference to the lumbering industry, he said, the McBride ministry had passed legislation which
guaranteed the lumberman a stability
ol title to bis holdings such as he had
never before enjoyed; inasmuch as he
has only lo pay his annual license fee
���in this part of the province, $115 per
mile���to hold his limber, as this license
Is perpetually renewable annually. (Applause.) "Contrast," he said, '"with this
system, that outlined by Mr. Smith-
Curtis, a prominent Liberal, In his platform; which is to 'Publicly sell timber
as needed by millmen,' the idea being
*,o sell to those offering the largest
slumpage royalty, thus eliminating the
speculator, and obtaining the millions
ol dollars loat to the people by the foolish  system now ln vogue."
This would mean that tlie man who
dares the mountains, seeking what fortune may give him, and finding a valuable tract of timber, would be totally incapacitated from profiting by his discovery, unless he were already the owner of a sawmill. Would this be fair'.'
Would this be just? Would lt be a
square deal to the pioneer���the man
who first goes out into the mountains,
opening up a way for capital to follow? If it would, then why not apply
the same thing to raining? Why not
offer the mines to the man who would
offer lhe largest royalty upon the output? "I Bay," ho continued, "that such
a system would be an utter injustice
to the original locator." (Cheers.)
1'nder tbe present Dominion Bystem,
which our friends, the Liberals, would
apply to the timber lands ot this province, the settlement of our lands would
be delayed, our revenues would not be
increased, nor would the interests of,
the province be advanced but rather retarded, while the individual locator, the
man who opens up the country, would
have no incentive to face the wild landa,
to act as the pioneer of capital and
progress. The man who discovered a
valuable bunch of timber, naturally endeavored lo sell It, and If he could
not sell lt at home, he very naturally
sought to sell it abroad;this advertised
the wealth of the province and Induced
the men with caplal to Inks' an Inter
est In the country. (Cheers ) He would
point oul lhat under the McBride ministry, the provincial treasury received
$200,000 ln excess of what would have
been received under thc former rate.
Regarding the mining laws, he said
that thc McBride administration had
thought It best not to Interfere with
Ihem. and speaking personally, he
thoughl the British Columbia mining
laws were, without exception, the besl
In the world; (Cheers.) nnd he was
satisfied they could not be bettered.
But a mining law, however excellent,
withoul stability of governmenl wonld
not suffice io Induce capitalists to Invest in our mines, as with a varying
governmenl, the investor would have
absolutely no guarantee that the milling
Interests of the country would not be
hampered by legislation in the nenr fu.
lure. It must be pats-til lo all Blinking
men that tbe wonderful Improvement
which has taken place In our mining
since 1903 Is In n great measure, due to
the fact that a settled form of government had served to Increase the con-
f deno of th�� mon-ved ni"n o' tbe
world Ingeneral. with the result tbal
money for Investment in our minis
was flowlnq inlo the p-nvlnc? rap'dly.
and our mln-rnl r-sources were being
devlop d. wllh a rreat anil lasting
benefit to the people of the province
(Loud cheers.) Nobody for a moment
questioned the fact that British Colutn-
b'n was a country Immensely rich In
natural resources; but. he a'ked. would
natural resources develop themselves?
No. It required capital and industry.
No man will Invest caid'a' in any roun-
try In which ho hns no conMd roce, and
no man can possibly havo any great
nmonnt of confidence In nny country
whi in dors not possess n st inly, stable
ani respo'slbl* form or government,
Such a government the McBride gov-,
ernment hnd been for the past three
and one-half years, and such a government It would continue to be for a very
considerable time longer. (Loud cheers
for McBride and Taylor.)
He would point out to them that the
increase In the output of the mines of
province since 1903 amounted to no
lesB a sum than $8,000,000. (Cheers.)
Mr. Caley. Mr. Taylor continued, had
mentions d the School act, and a certain
section of the Liberals were never tired
of telling how much evil the present
system of education had wrought. Regarding this matter, he would like lo
say that this province was in a far better shape today than it was three years
ago. in 1903 the cost of education
amounted to approximately $500,00,
while the total revenue only amounted
to some $2,000,000. The cost of education was increasing so much more
rapidly than the revenue was that some
change become absolutely necessary lu
older to prevent the cosl of education
absorbing too much of the total revenue. In casting about for some means
of remedying this state of affairs, It
appeared only reasonable that the laws
of the older provinces Bhould be a
guide to us.
The McBride government, however,
went much farther than the older provinces. Kor instance in Ontario lhe government grants only 40 centH per capita, whereas In the town of Arrowhead,
the amount Ib something like $10 per
capita. Surely, neither Mr. Caley, nor
any of his supporters, can hnve auy
lault to find with Ibis. (Cheers.) Mr.
llrown had spoken strongly throughout
the campaign of the McBride government's attitude ln regard to the C. & W.
subs.dy. ln regard to this matter Mr.
Taylor had only to say that, in his
opinion, the government had acted In
a strictly honorable manner. The company had earned the laud by the construction of sections 1 and 3 of the
line, as provided by the Subsidy Act
of 1906. The company had previously
received one-half of the 1,600,000 acres
due, and in 1901 an agreement wa.s arrived ai between the company and the
then government to the effect tbat certain lands in southeast Kootenay
should be granted to make up the balance. Crown grants1 were issued for
these lands, but these grants were cancelled ln 1903, and the lime allowed for
survey having almost expired, It was
Impossible for the company lo comply
with the condition which required the
surveying of the lands to be selected
in substitution for those covered by the
grants cancelled la 1903. This being
in no manner the fault of tbe company,
but on the olher hand, was directly the
fault of the provincial government of
that time, it was decided, rather than
Ui repudiate the contract entered into
by the proceeding administration, to
grant to the company the land lt was
morally entitled to receive. In regard
to the lauds of the B. C. Suuthern,
which the Liberals complained were nol
taxed, Mr. Taylor had it upon the authority of the attorney general, that
ihese lands could not be taxed by lhe
government, but he wished to say most
emphatically, that should it ever be
found possible for the province to legally tax these lands, the said lands
would be taxed as high as possible, ln
regard to taxation, it was a common cry
with the Liberals that the poor man
was heavily taxed while the great railroad corporations were allowed to go
scot free. Mr. Taylor would say, and
would defy any one to refute his statement, that tbe railway taxation had
been increased 50U per cent, by the McBride government, in plain figures aud
from $18 to $'.'0 per mile. Had the
workingman's direct taxation bees increased anything like this?
Regarding the Kaien Island deal, Mr.
Taylor afllrmed that the deal had been
made with the G. T. P. direct, aud that
no Intermediaries had been imported inlo it at any stage. It was, he considered,
[he most profitable deal the government had ever made from a business
point of view. What man would not
very willingly exchange 10,000 acres of
waste laud for 2500 acres of cily property? (Cheers.) lt had been argued
lhat the late minister of Land aud
Works, Hon. Robert Green, had retired
from political life without assigning
any adequate reason to the public for
so doing. Perhaps the Liberal party
was not satisfied with the reasons
given, but there were others. Why did
W. W. B. Mclnnes resign the governorship of the Yukon and a salary of $12.-
000 per year and perquisites? Why did
Henderson resign a judgeship and $4500
for life? Was It pure patriotism? Just
Taney "Wandering Willie" giving up
$K!,000 a year and "perks." for a possible $800 per year and keep himself. Oh,
no! He*B not that kind of a patriot.
(Laughter and cheers.)
Another point Mr. Brown had tried
l.i make, he had said that the past governments, the coalition governments
who had run the province so onear destruction, were all composed, principally of Conservatives. Was this so?
What about McKechnie. Hume, Henderson, Wells, Munro. Smith Curtis and
others, all Liberals, and all prominent
In Dominion and provlnuclnl polities.
The Liberal's cry is all for a change of
government. What do Hay offer that
Is in any way equal to the policy of
the presento administration? A port
folio of Immigration and Labor, state
schools, whicli the people are nol asking for, together wllh a Umber policy
which would tie up thc timber lands
of the province, and prevent settlement
on the land, this is what practically
makes up tho platform of Mr. Macdonald.
Regarding the promised portfolio of
Immigration and Labor, Ibis will at thc
proper time, be attended to fnr more effectively than Mr. Macdonald would bo
likely to do, and Mr. Macdonald's promise lo create such a portfolio is merely
ball, to trail the unwary workingman's
vote.   And he knows it.    (cheers.)
Mr. Brown had said that tho Revelstoke riding paid Into the provincial
treasury some $125.00 Insi year and received In return only $25,000. But he
forgot to mention a few Hems, as for instance, river bank Improvements, and
the building of two bridges across Fish
Creek, from the contingent vote.
And what about the cost of the administration of justice? And the cosl
of the civil service? And aid to hospitals and charities?   And many other
things, which taken together would
equal the expenditure? He conveniently forgets all these. (Cheers.) Time
after time they have raked up scandal
after scandal. Time after time have
royal commissions and Belcet comlttees
been appointed to enqure into these
muck raklngs, and In every Instance
have the slandered parties been honorably cleared of any suspicion of graft
or crooked dealing. Yet they Btill go
on trying to rake up something that
will stick faBt enough to sully the
names ef some of the province's ablest
statesmen in hope that by this means
they may eventually Bneak Into office
and power. These pitiful tactics, continued Mr. Taylor, must, when brought
to light, as they Invariably are, only
succeeded in defeating their own object. He thanked the chairman and
his opponents for their courtesy in permitting him to occupy so much time,
und concluded with a splendid speech
thanking the audience for the majority
they are going to give him on February
2nd. Mr. Taylor was cheered to the
echo again and again, and resumed his
seat amid a scene of enthusiasm.
Mr. Haggen spoke at some length,
saying nothing of Importance. Mr.
Taylor was repeatedly called upon, and
at length, addressed a few more words
to the meeting, after which a vote of
thanks to the chairman was made, and
the meeting closed with long and loud
cheers for Taylor.
It was no Liberal rally, lt had Blm-
ply been a straight Conservative rally
from start to finish.
We start calling   In   our stock
TueBday, the 29th.
Our store on tliat date will be
closed and remain closed until the
new firm takes over the business.
Customers wanting to pay their
accounts can come in the store
through the millinery department
or by the Ward street door. We
would Impress upon all customers
having accounts to see them paid
or arrangements made before the
1st. By doing so you will avoid
trouble and extra expense.
KERR & Co.
The Leading Dry Goods and Millinery
Hy virtue of t WHrr-.n i ol Execution IsHied out
of tht* County Court ol W-c-stKooteuay,holden at
trout tmae, &t tbe suit of A. < 'ruwfnr.l, Plaintiff,
Hitaiiist _'. h. I'ool. LWendant. and to me direct*
i'd. I hnve seized and taken in Execution all tbe
riKht, Uilt and intercut of the iald Defendant,
W. B. Pool, in about 18,886 ..hares, trore or les******* ot
the capita) itock of the Great Northern Mines,
Umii-j'i, and will well the said aliareti, nras many
thereof an may be necessary to satisfy said Judgment debt ana coots ut Public Auction, at my
office, near tin* court house, Jn the City of Nelson, B.C , on Monday, the 4th day of February,
i'"'T. nt the hour of eleven o'clock ln the fore*
.Vote:��� Intending purchaser-**-; will satisfy
themselves as to the Interest of the said W, B.
Pool, In thc said slmresof the hubl Capttrt] Stock
Dated at Nelson, B.C., ..inl January, 1907.
���Sheriff ot South Kootenay
PBOKINU ANI) GRAFTING e��relully attend-
ed to. Aisply
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Excursion Rates
Rossland Winter
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NOTICE In hereby given that kd -Application
will be made to tbe LeiiBlatlve Auembly of tbe
Province ti( Hritish Columbia at its next seailon
fur an *-**,<���< autbor.-i.tiiK tbe Patrick Lumber Company, Limited, to place, eonatruct,. nd maintain,
a dam or dami, booms, pleri, aUdea, and otber
worki ln and acrosi the Kootenay river at or
near Thrumii Station (about oppoiite Bub-lot IV.
of Lot 4im, Group 1. Kooteuay dintrlet): and In
and acroaa tbe Little -Sloean river; ana In and
acroni tbe Blncan river at a point or point* below the Mon th of tbe Little Slooan river; fer tbe
purpoee of tirlvtag, rafting, Bortlns. holding, and
manufacturing aaw-tofe and timber; to occupy
tbe surface of tbe aald rlvere where nefee*_ry for
the purpoHca aforeaald; to elear, improve, and
remove obst met Ions from the said rivers for log*
driving, rafting, and booming purposes; to levy
and collect tons and dues on logs timber and
lumber of persons using or profiting by such
works, clearing or Improvement,*.; to enter upon
and expropriate lands; and do all other things
necesnary, incidental or conducive to tbe exercise ol any of the above powers.
Dated tbe 10th day of Re .ember, 1906.
Solicitor for the Applicant.
Certificate of Improvements
notice    ���
���"Impress," "Cllma-T," "Horseshoe," '���Queen,"
"Union Jack," situated ln Nelson Mining
Located on Porcupine creek.
Take Notlco that I, Frank Fletcher, agent for
the Active Gold Mining Companv, Free Miner's
Certificate No B822N intend, 60 days from date
hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder for a
Certlflrate of Improvements for the purpose of
obtaining a Crown Grant of tbe above claims.
Aud further take notice thst action, under
Bectlon 87, must t>e rommenced before the issuance of ouch Certificate of Improvements.
Dated Nelson, nth Dee., lm.
Frank Furcyia.
Certificate of Improvements*
"May," "B.C.." "Btrathroy," "Joy," "JovIr_a-
tlonal," and "John D.liable/" ���fneral Claims.
situated ln the Bloean City Mining DlvUM et
the West Kootenay Dtetriot.
Where located :-North of Twelve Milt Cmk
about one and a half mites up.
Take notie* that I, H. R. Jorand of BIomb *.\j.
Free Miner's certificate No. BTMH, aa agr-nt fer
Koraoe G. Van Tuyl, Free Miner a eertlfleata Ra.
B4W1, intend, alxty days from the data hereof,
to apply to the Mining Reoorder fer a Certlleate
of Improvements, for tae pnrooae or obtaining a
Crown Grant of the mid mineral elalma.
And further take notloe that action under
Bectlon 87, muat oe cotameneed before the tarn-
ance of such Certificates of Improvements.
Dated thla Brd Day of January, 1WT.
Certificate of Im-provemeatg
"Hatton" mineral claim, sit��ated In tte Heluem
Mining Division of Weet Kootenay dletrto.
Where located:���On Toad moan tain.
Take Notice that I, John McLatehle* aetl _g at
^^^^^ ������acar-
 to spp'v tothe Mining Recorder Ier
a Certificate of Improvements, for the parpaaeac
agent for George A. Campbell, Free Mlner'a
tlQoate No. tltm, Intend, alxty dan froa.
date hereof, to spp'v to the Mining Reoorder I
lat,H^*' '���jj.*7_"_,,it
obtain Ing a OrowYGrenroTthe above claim*
And further taka notloe that mm. *ath
section 17, m-nst be corameneed before the M*
anoe ofanob Certificate of Improvemeam.
T>s*wl this nth day ��' November, UN.
Jow. itf-Ufmju ���      E
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Waltaburg, B.C,
Nutlpc *b hereby given that on Mooiiny, Feb*
mnrv 28th, 1907, that the Court of Kevtofon for
the Municipality of the City of Slocan will be
held in the City Hall on above date, at '2 p.m ,
for the purpose of reviBinj*; the Assessment Koll
of the City of rilocan. Thosemaklng complaints
���miuii-i tlicir ftneiBIDOIlt are required to have
their protosts in the hand, of the t'lty t'lerk ten
ilavs previous to the tlrst sitting of tne Court of
Dated ut blocan, Jmiuary'.-ith 1907.
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M. S. Davys will leave for the coast
tuuiorruw morning.
J. E. Annable went over to Kire Val-
ley this morning to look after his fruit
land interests in that vicinity.
Ex-Mayor Hamilton, who has been
confined to his home for n.-urlj two
weeks, is again able to be around.
lleporls from Kossland would s.-ein to
indicate the overwhelming defeat of J.
A. Macdonald, leader of the opposition.
All members of No. 2 t'umpuny. H.
M. R., taking the course of Instruction,
will meet in the armoury this evening
Contractor John Hums Unbuilding u
new icehouse lor the Kootenay Orchard
The only scheduled curling game
played last night resulted, DeVeber 18,
Heer 5.
Foresi and Stream has a long article
in a recent issue describing the governor-general's fruit ranch on Kooteuay
John Amos, miner, unmarried, a native of Finland, was killed by a delayed
shot at the PontlftC mine, near Sandon,
on Monday.
Silver and lead both declined on today's metal markets, silver four points
in New York and three in London, and
lead two points in London.
Rev. John Cleland, of Roissland.
came over to Nelson to read the service at the funeral of the late Robert
R. S. Lennie, barrister, went over to
Trail this morning, and will address
lhe electors of that city this evening in
the interests of the Conservative candidate for Ymir, James H. Schofleld.
Returning Officer Geo. A. Hunter
will start tomorrow to prepare the polling booth? at the opera house. There
will be five booths, divided up alphabetically.
G. E. Revell, who has been in the
Kootenay Lake Genernl hospital for a
fortnight suffering from an attack of
pneumonia, is now recovering rapidly.
und expects to be able to leave the hospital tomorrow.
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Operations at the HaU Mines smelter
will probably be resumed tonight.
While the smelter has been idle extensive repairs and alterations have been
effected, especially in connection with
the feed floors.
At the next meeting of the Nelson
board of trade notice will be given of
resolutions to be offered at the convention of the Associated Boards of
Trada which will be held in Greenwood
in about a month.
Several voters have stated that In
canvassing Dr. Hall has assured them
thai he will not necessarily oppose
the government if elected, but will exercise Independent judgment. Such
voters had better vote Conservative,
The Nelson hockey team went over
to Rossland this morning to play the return match. The line-up will be as follows: Goal, Greyerblehl; point, J.
Thompson; cover, L. Steel; centre.
Archie Bishop; rover, Eddie Bishop;
right wing, M. Clunls; left wing, A.
At the annual meeting of the West
Kootenay Farmers' Institute, held in
the board of trade rooms this afternoon
al 2 o'clock there was a very small attendance, owing to the illness of many
members. The meeting is still in progress as The Daily Canadian goes to
Chief Deasy has recommended the
city council to place a gong on the
Yale-Kootenay company's mill at the
foot of Hall street. The mill runs day
and night during ten months of the
year, and is in constant need of fire
protection. It Is proposed to connect
tlu* whistle with the fire alarm system,
so that lt would sound the number of
any box. The fire, water and light
committee have the matter under consideration.
Board of School    Trustees    Organized
for the Year���Statement Ready
for Council.
The first meeting of the board of
school trustees was held In Dr. Arthur's office yesterday afternoon. All
members. Dr. Arthur, A. D. Emory, W.
Irvine, R. J. Steel and F. W. Swnnnell
were present. W. Irvine was elected
chairman, A. D. Emory and It. J. Steel
lhe finance committee, and Dr. Arthur
The salaries and accounts for January were passed.
The eslimates of expenditure for 1907
were passed and will be presented to
lhe city council, aB follows:
Salaries, public school  **10,1���0
Salaries, high school      3,52!>
Repairs, etc	
Miscellaneous (rent $445) 	
IT Iri
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N. E. cor. Baker   and   Ward   Sts.
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch,
Creosote, Oils for
Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch and
Bout Build'.rn will Slid it tn their advantage tis utsi.- our Pitch.
Nelson Coke & Gas Co.
Coming  Next Week
Will  exhibit  in  the
For  Six   Days,  Commencing
Monday, February 4
An Interesting and instructive exhibition for ladies, gentlemen and children,
See Them Spinning, Weaving  and
Blowing Glass.
See the Little
This lady's dress Is made entirely
of ^lass, spun and woven as fine as
Admission  15s and 25c.
Arternoons: 2 to 5.     Evenings: 7 to 10.
Each   visitor   receives a   present   free.
A. M. Can. Soc. C. E.
Mining Work a Specialty.
Office: Bealey Building.   P. O. Bn>
Baker St., NELSON, B. C.
On nnd alter Duenber Ut my ht-HtiiiR an .
plnii.i-iiiK bnslnMi will ba loottod in my nuw
r1)o[i, two doors eait at opem home- ou Victoria
Tel. 181.      S. A. WYE
When yon*_impore your freights yon will buy in Nelson
D. J. Robertson <& Co.
_^Bg����2J!5e\a9qs2S?W:'SS- ?JJ'\7.rs^/)P..y7^SfSSWL',sSS;ypSSMJSSS?S'',^o/SWu,,c,i,nCsiy,t
&STf����s_s��OJ,i ���'" :- ���'.�����>:,-.'�����!.���'���''���   vs.'-"- ������-:��� ��������� ���'���>������ ;,   V-.-.xS
Will continue for ANOTHER WEEK
Fifty Cent Hand Bag*-,
They are beauties at the price.
Telephone .1.1.1.
& Co., psi&\
%__   \j\**f       Limited, WiMto
VVhol-MHiit Provl-alorm,
Produce, - Pruit.
Dominion Government creamery One-Pound Bricks receivwi weeiijt,
from the churn.    Eor wills Isy nil li-udiiiK Krocers.
Ofllce nnil warehouse { Houston Block,   Phono 79.
Josephine Street. Nelson, B.C,|
Bohemian BeeJ
The Nelson Brewing Co., U|
A Word to the
This ywir we huvn upjin-rinti-il thf; wutirfd
toman find turn, pamd Into stock t_t|
Good Cheer Art Base Bun
This itOTe in fiilapt*-.! for hurd coal only, u_^
���iiiit'f (1 to (five Kuttsfui-ti'm.
[^ )* H. Ashdown Hard!
Company, Limited.
s^^~^~~-B.  A.  I8AAC R.  W.  HINTON'
Htipiilrinu iiiiil .lol>t��lnu cxccvitt.il with DMputvh.   Nhe��tvt
Work, Mlnlitic unJ Mill Maehlntrv.     Manufu_tup_-#|
Or* Curs,   U.  U.   GotitrnctorM*  Car-*.
IUimImcnh men,
Working m��n.
Men In UrcHH fittlrw,
Mport Ini: men,
Hnn-JHiimt- nicn,
Men thut'M full of fire
UNITK uml Blag tlmt  tbe iinpnmjj
Johu T. Pierre nre the proper_"
My hint full shipment bai just -V-Jfl
them nud plaOO your order rurlv fur I
JOHIN T. PIERRE, Artistic Tailo
Subject  to  Confirmatioi|
We Will Buy
We Will Sell
10.000 Rambler-Cariboo   21%
Cs.OOO Sullivan    07
10,000 b. c. Amalgamated c��ai..offer
ion Sulllvim BODdi ..
5,000 American Boy .-���
1.(100 International C.*;il
B. B. Mighton <&
Drawer 1082
______ L��m-_��, Shingles,
Uuth, Mouldings, Doors, Wlndov-*
Turned Work and Brackets. Mail Orders ptomp_"_
Our itock of Skatei Is complete and ��r" |
Including the  popular
BOKER'8  BEAUTY  and  CHARM  (Ladle*)
Wood-Vallance Ha*dwate


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