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The Daily Canadian Nov 24, 1906

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Array Volume I-   No. 147.
lfirili.11 Press on American Ambassador
|Outlook Says Appointment of James
Bryce Would lie Nothing
Short of Disaster.
iindssn, Nov. 24s��� Perhaps never I e
���,. in ilu- history oi Hritish Journal-
\nierican   topics   and   news
Lik.-ii up fs much space- In Kngllsh pans, al present.   Just now the lead'
mihjecl   in   dozens  of   tile   BngUS-
1. la ilu' si-h-eiion of a successor
sis Mortimer Durand IUI British am-
msasisii    ;si    Washington,   which    Is
iiiisslil  in  under siiine form or other
mail) all the comment of Imperial
:   1     muny   editorial   wrtUni  agree-
|iS is 11I1  Sii   Mortiiner, thut  Washing.
Uu- imssi important diplomatic
J,,,   us siis- world.*'    One of the prln-
,,1,1 weekly    reviews,   Thc   Outlook,
|aks    llle mlbjecl   tbe leading feature
11   Issue ninl gives up more than
j     SIS'    lu   il.
If,"   ays  tin* Outlook, "the llrltlsh
In at  Washington haa lost com-
|.i.|s ih,- political and social aseen.
^isi> 11 enjoyed under Uird I'nuu'ce-
. tii,' blame for this is not on Sir
tinier, who conimands universal re-
i Ilul In- was transplanted from
liherc which In* filled with great ills-
liicili'ii tss nn environment where It
rai Ically inijHissllile for a dips' "t Iiis traditions to become ac-
had   Iseeu no misunderstand-
between tin.'    I'nited    States   and
n-at llrltaln, hut there bas been some
kaailiui of a complete understanding.
is now needed Is a man who is
little of 11  professional diplomat as
In  Is'-  imagined  and   resembling   as
larls  sis possible American represen-
fives, ssisli as Lowell.    Choate   and
id, ss in 1 have  been  the most  effec-
imhassadors In the world, because
jers- lias heen no atmosphere of for-
pliant or convention ahout them."
"titluuiiig,  the  Outlook  says.  "The
*     fo sly   occupied   hy lhe   Brlt-
ador In    Washington    has
��n tssk' 11 Isy Huron Siieck vou Stern-
sslin i-iiinlilnes    every    qualiflca-
for  Uss-  post.    The German   am-
I    ��� sslinssst an Kngllshman. He
- Linn lu Yorkshire and might [iob-
[sly have become a British subject at
'iiis-'. anil he swings our language
diplomatically  as  ourselves.    His
f be 11 as brilliant us the fall-
theatrical diplomat. Count
ninl "I Itussla, has been dismal,
sok praises M. Jossurnnd.
French representative at Wash-
���'"ts. sshniii it describes as a "more
fcinattDR critic and historian of Eng-
~ litters ihan any other writer now
tit." Whlh- lauding .lames Bryce's
"Mpllshments, lhe paper savs It
feves Iiis selection to fill Ihe Wash-
Isss.i would bo "nothing less
In a disaster at the present phase
lAiiL'iss Am, rlcan relations, and calls
1 a very imcotiventlonnl appoint-
P' In utter disregard of precedent."
("' paper also says: "It would he
|��stenishlng iiroof of national weak-
it ss. were unable to find one
Musadnr :,i |,.ast able to make him-
?��l��r wllh th,. Americans, as all
i-fi's'ii nmhnssadon are with us."
[(Mentally Ihe Outlook declares
Presidi.nl Roosevelt's persimnllly
nominating Influence upon the
Iran nation, and thnt it will re.
1 il'iiiluani oven If he Is not chos
l'"i a third term.
Fielding's   Anniversary.
f'ltllnm Slovens Fielding. Canadian
���f1-1*!* "r finance, is of iCngllsh das-
" :ihl was 1,1,111 ���i  Halifax, N. s..
21 MS. ai (|lp oa-|y ag0 of j.
I'** Mr Fielding began newspaper
Y tuul passed througb the various
* "' Journalistic work till he he-
managing edJtor of Ihe Morning
"Ide of Halifax.   At the provincial
<tl election of 1882 Mr. Fielding
_|( ''"'I'ti'il member for Halifax
f ������   In 1881 In- became premier of
|IN'S,||,|.,..       |n    JU|y_    mR      M|.     piel,).
1 *'�� appointed minister of finance
I i-aiiiler cabinet and was elected
' house f���i- shelboume and
"tiring the session of 1897 ho
theatre car bound oul to Pontlac
rrom Detroit and was well rfM<-<l It
hail stopped at the fool of a
grade  In   front  of
when withoul warning tl���. freight,
hound trom Detroit, appeared over thc
crest of the giadi
the 800-foot India
It Struck  lln-  standing   passenger ear
with sin-h force thai it telescoped ihe
car for iwo thirds of Us length. Miss
Harriet llarmer of Pontlac wub Instantly killed.
power   house,
and  dropped  down
at a terrific speed.
pdttced a
"ew tariff policy for tbe
,, striking    renltiro    of
��� s .is n,o Knln||n_ uf prefproiumi
[    "'���ngements with Great Britain.
The Daily Crash.
"      '  Nov.  24.���One  woman   wub
L |"Ul BlxtBei1 other persons wore
r'   '"fly  loday when  an  electric
��� stihm. ''"'sl,"'(l lnt" "ie rear end
lltt "nctrlc c'"' f Blrmlng-
W-'iw ,1 i- I" ''"'" ��� ttty Oh the
I,-!," "*,,*���  "I" the Dclrolt United
,'���', passenger   car    was a
Compared  With  White  Men  They Are
a Nuisance,
"We have 120 Hindoos employed at
our mills, and after a careful estimate
of tbelr worth as laborers 1 am confl-
went wc- ciuld get' as much work,
more satisfactorily done, oul of Ml
good white men.' So suid Lester W.
luulil, managing director of llie Kras-
er Klver .Mills of New Westmiusler.
"At the same time," continued the
David, "I do not know what ���e mill-
,,,s ,i . ii the Praaer river would do ut
Lbs pieseut :i..���' if it were not for the
Hindoo. We u���vu paid, aud are still
prepared to pay, fB.SO a day and up,
lo white men for common labor, hut
many that we had would not stay
more than a few days, and others ure
hard to find. We bave Hindoos on our
payroll ut J1.J0 a day, and some of
iliiiu are barely worth that amount.
Then- are others In our employ who
are belter paid, but we would not
have lheni al any price If there wns
n sufficient supply of white labor at
wages that would make lt possible for
ua lo operate with profit."
R. N. POPE, H. P.
Kufus II. Pope, M. P. for Slier-
brooks, one of the most premium! among the Quebec Conservatives, and one of Sir Johu A.
Macdonald's "Old tluard," will
address the Conservatives of Nelsou in Fraternity hall next Monday e'vetiing at 8 o'oloek.
The meeting was hastily arranged today by W. K. McCandllsh. first vice president of the
Conservative club, on receipt of s
a telegram from President It. S.
Lennie announcing Mr. Pope's '
Mr. Pope will discuss the political Issues of the day and the
prospects of the Dominion.
All citizens, irrespective of
party affiliations, nre cordially
Invited to he present.
Official  of Steel  Ball  Company Mixed
Up In Bank Failure.
Chicago, Xov. 24.���Chauncey L. Mor-
ham, vice president of tbe Steei Ball
company, was arrested last night at
his residence at Evauston hy detectives from lhe office of States Attorney Henley ou a bench warrant Issued
hy Judge Kersteu, ihe charge being
Uttetlng fictitious paper. The accusation grows out of lhe Milwaukee State
Hank failure. The concern owes the
bank approximately $270,000 and most
of the notes given In security are considered worthless. Receiver Fitzer of
the Milwaukee State hank has been
unable to find the makers, endorsers
of guarantors of certain of these notes
and he does not believe they can be
incated. He thinks they are all fictitious. Receiver Wm. F. Zclbell nf the
Sleel Ball company will he elected
trustee by a vole of the creditors. He
expects to qualify on Monday. The
business Is to continue. Outside of
the claim of Receiver Fitzer lhe aggregate claims of creditors against
of the Steel Ball company nre nhout
Farm on Large Scale.
Regina, Nov. 24.���The drain Grow-
ers (Incorporated), a concern composed of New York capitalists with a capital of $600,000, Is staled to have
bought 4000 acres of wild lands nt
Voiila, near here, at $11.50 per acre.
It is the Intention of the company lo
farm oil a large scale, and several
sl-nin ploughs will be pill In wssrk next
siuiiig. H is also reported that the
Oompany will build and operate a
suing of elevators throughout the
province, bul of this no confirmation
Is at present obtainable,
Caruso Pays Fine.
New York, Nov. 24.���The $10 fine on
Enrich Caruso, the famous Italian opera singer, ill the Yorksvllle police
couri yesterday afternoon after he had
been found guilty on a charge of annoying women in lhe monkey house at
Central park was paid today. The r ne
wns paid under proteSI by one of Mb
attorneys, who at the same time re-
I'eral'ii lhe announcement made yes-
terday thai an appeal would be made.
Gotch   a   Winner.
Chicago,   Nov.   24.-Frnnk  Gotch  of
Iowa last night dsfeated Leo Pardello
_.!���_. �� -���s^sH
able to leave lho ring for several minutes. The physician declared that the
Itallun had suffered a strain of the
right leg. It took Gotch 14 seconds
to win the second fall and the match.
News   of   the   Political   Situation    In
Grand Forks.
(Special to The Dully Canadian.)
Grand Forks, Nov. 24.���The recent
reports that u gi neral provincial election will take place In the near future
hus not been a surprise to any of the
political parties in Grand Forks, their
Is aders having had their ears to the
ground for some months past, and
when the call to muster Is given will
present arms. The Lib: nil parly in
Grand Forks is practically a blank, as
nonsi of the Liberals of Banding want
to be Identified with the patty, nnd It
is extremely doubtful If they will nominate anyone to contest this ridltig. It
Is quite possible lhat a Conservative
nominee will be elected hy acclamation
hut should this not occur, ihe fight will
be between Ihe Conservative and So-
clallsi pa ties It Is generally conceded here that the stand taken by Front er McBride at the recent premiers'
con erencc on the question of better
terms for this province will re-elect
the Conservative candidate In Ihis riding hands down. Among those who aro
mentioned as possible candidates for
th- Conservative party are E. Miller.
L. A Manly and E. Spraggett; for the
Liberal party, Nlel McCallum nnd
George Clark; while the Socialist party will Ik ly ch o e a candidal, fn m
among lbe faithful at Phoenix.
Four fes-t of $100 ore has just been
encountered In a long tunnel on the
Wonder property on Goat mountain,
a fo (thill of Hardy mountain. This
claim Is owned by Gus BJnrkland, who
has r c-ntly sold a nin -ral claim near
1-and m for several thousand dollars
and will now spend this money in
opening up this high gr-d- ore .body
In the Wonder. Mr. BJnrkland Is a
Ihneer In Grand Porks and Is now
reoi Ivlng many congratulations from
his numerous friends.
Made No Excuses.
New York, Nov. 24.���Miss Otillia
Schneider, once a German Sister of
Charity, who, wlille disguised as a Salvation Army girl shot three men on
Thursday al Fifty-ninth street and
-Miuil on avenue, was arraigns d and
held without bail for further examination, lt was said In court that Paul
Sheeban, a Columbia student 20 years
old, one of the men who was shot, Is
in a critical condition as a result of
his wounds. Otto H. Droge, nn attor-
new, and Dr. Frederick Nlerhoff, Ihe
other men who were shot by Miss
Schneider, were in court lo appear
against her. Miss Schneider had nothing to say when arraigned.
Won Hammer Throw.
Oxford, Eng., Nov. 24���In the fleTd
Sports today between Oxford university and the London Athletic club, A.
M. Steves, a Rhodes scholar of Yale,
won the hammer throw with 140 feet
T, Indies. The London Athletic club
was the winner of the contest by 6
events to 4.
Gomez   Believes   People   of   Cuba Are
Capable of Self-Government  and
Disapproves of Protectorate.
Havana, Nov. 24.���Joso Miguel Gomez, who has arrived here from Sancli
SpirKus, his home town, to personally
conduct ihe canvass of his nomination
to the presidency of Cuba, said to the
Associated Press that hi* disapproves
strongly of the present propaganda in
favor of an American protectorate over
He believes that such a sulunisHioii
by Cuba to the dictatorship of the
United states would la- deplorable and
he has supreme confidence in the ability of the Cuban people for self-government.
He ptopnses lo direel all his efforts
toward lln- accompHshtnenl of this and
believes lhat he will have the support
of al) patriotic Cubans.
Students Backslidden.
New York, Nov. 24.���Shouting "Wo
want foolball," 1500 Columbia university Students paraded around the campus yesterday, through the college library, held a meeting on the steps of
the university, and wound up the demonstration by demanding a speech
from Dean Van Anryuge. Tho dean
spoke briefly to the cheering students,
The students adopted a resolution that
a Committee be appointed to begin
work at once to have football restored nt Columbia. Tho game was abolished Inst year because of its allege .1
demoralizing effects.
Man and Gun.
Ca'gary, Alta., Nov. 24.���While hunt
Ini prairie chickens on the Great Deer
ilver a seven-year-old son of T. P.
Grountpee wns accidentally shot In lho
right lung ypsterdny.
And ft sometimes hnppens that the
light of truth casts the shadow of suspicion.
If virtue were not its own reward
It would go unrewarded In most cases,
immigration Department
Officials Suspended
Charge  First  Gas   For Sleepers
and Travel Coloiiist Pocketing the Change.
Ottawa,  Nov.  84,���Flv.  officials of
tlie immigration ili-purtini-nt havu been
miujif-ndetl for alleged falsification.
These men are J. O. Cowan, James
White, (leorge A. Johnston, O. P.Ward,
II. W. Ross.
It is the custom of the department
to send one of lis officials through to
Winnipeg with every immigrant 'train.
At Ottawa some six or seven men are
always on tho roster for duty as inspectors or guides to give Information
on the immigrant trains. These men
proceed as far as '.Vinnljieg, and immediately Ihey reach that point they
are under instruction-i to return to Ottawa  to be ready  for further work.
They are paid at the rate of 14 tier
day' sand tlu|r actual travelling expenses. They are not stinted ln the
latter, hut it is not designated that
they shall receive more than their actual expenses. During the season they
will put in from 160 to 2(10 days and
witli their extienses accouut wit] draw-
anywhere from 11500 to 12000 during
the summer.
For sleeping allowance alone during
the season as high as $350 has been
paid to one man. ii is ou this latter
acc'ouat that some of the meu bave
Fallen down, and five, Messrs. Cowan,
White, Johnstone, Ward and Ross are
today ui.der su.ip.-nsleii. It seems thai
in place of taking'_. L.-eping car from
Winnipeg to Ottawa, the charge for
which is $8, the men had got Into the
habit of availing themselves of the colonist or touring cars, but charging for
the first-class sleeping car in tbelr
expense nccount. This is In direct violation of a departmental order of last
The officials argue that inasmuch as
they are entitled to draw |8 extra for
the return trip, it is their own funeral
if they put up with some discomfort in
order to earn $8 which otherwise
would go into the coffers of the railway oompany. The department, on the
other hand, contends that it requires
Its Inspectors at all times to he in the
best of physical condition, especially
ln the height of the summer season,
when trainload after trainload of Immigrants are moving to the West.
Thore is little time for an inspector
to rest at home. He might return
frnm Winnipeg In the morning and
within three or four hours Instructions
might come for hlm to proceed to Win-
nip-��� again. It is upon this point that
the department Is at issue with Its officers, and. ns already stated, five have
been suspended, and possibly a sixth
mav be laid off tomorrow.
Tbe C. P. R. now gives to passengers duplicate sleeping car and meal
checks. These are accented hy the accountants or the departments as
vouchers for travelling expenses. Now
It Is eathered from statements in oil*,
dilation nmonir friends of the suspended officials that some or the departments find themselves In possession
of vouchers or this kind that are not
Will Be Clean Town.
Edmonton. Nov. 21.���If the hopes nf
Ihe promoter are realised and Slrnth-
conii gives the encouragement Ihnt Is
asked Ihis town will hnve. In the
course or a Tew years, the largest nnd
most up-to-date soap wnrks between
Toronto and Ihe coast. C. t.. Ilnllcy
of Oobourg, Out., is the gentleman who
proposes to build  lho plant.
Banks Are Solvent.
New York. Nov, 24.���The statement
of clearing house banks tor the week
shows tbat the banks hold 11,403,425
more than tho legal reserve requirements.
Gompers Elected.
Minneapolis,   Minn.,   Nov.   24.���Samuel  Cumpi'rs    wns    todny    re-elected
president or the American Federation
nf Labor.
Prices of Mctsls.
Now York, Nov. 24.���Silver, 70 1-4c;
cupper. 21 S-Soj lead, *r..7.r>.
London, Nov. 2*.���Silver, 32 7-If.d.
Repairing the Kaiser.
Ilrem3n, Nov. 23.���The damaged
steamer Kaiser Wllhelm der Grosse
will he-repaired here. Her second cab-
In and steerage passengers will leave
for New York on Sunday on the North
German Lloyd steamer Rheln and the
first cabin passengers will leave Cherbourg for New York tomorrow on the
American Line Bteamer St. Paul and
the French Line Bteamer La Lorraine.
Emmlnent Philanthropist Will  Receive
Congratulations Tomorrow.
New York, Nov. 24.���Andrew Carnegie, bestower of libraries, capitalist and
philanthropist, author and philosopher,
will enter upon his 70th year tomorrow.
It waB on November 2.,ih, 1837, that
the light first came to bis eyes over
the heather of his native Scotland.
Mr. Carnegie Is in as rugged health
as if all these years he had been free
and wild in the land of cakes by brae
and burn, Instead of amassing millions
to give away with a conscious pang
that It is not good tb die rich. Mr.
Carnegie will ceirlirate his birthday
quietly in his Fifth Avenue home, with
his wife and daughter.
Mr. Carnegie has given away nearlv
1160,000,000 of his colosslal fortune
and declares that he Ib still ready to
give. Libraries bave been reared all
over the land with his capital, and
many others are In process of erection. Not only in the matter of libraries has Mr. Carnegie invested his
money for the public good, but he has
expended many millions along other
educational lines. There have also been
Innumerable contributions to charity,
but In this matter Mr. Carnegie doeB
not take the public Into his confidence.
Poisoned Confections.
Iluffalo, N. Y., Nov. 24.���Between 60
and 100 people living in various sections of Isiiflalo we're poisoned Irom
eating croam puffs yesterday and
Tuesday. According to reports this
morning none will die, although a
number are still very ill. The police
and the health department are working on the case to place the responsibility for the sale of the cream puffB.
It is supposed they contained formal-
dehide or Ihnt the poisoning was from
ptomaine in the filling of the puffs.
It has not yet been decided If any ar
rests will be made.
Second Attempt Failed.
Constantlnoyle, Nov. 24.���It became
known today that the explosion of a
bomb In the Pera quarter of Constantinople on November 22 was a second
attempt to blow up Fehml Pasha, chief
of the secret police of the palace. The
bomb exploded near bis carriage while
Fehml Pasha was driving through the
main street of the Pern quarter. Two
spectators were injured. The police
claim that tliey bave arrested tbe man
who threw the bomb and that he ls an
Declined thc Advance.
Reading, Pa., Nov. 24.���At a conference between the trainmen and General Superintendent T. A. Dice of the
Reading Railroad company today tbe
demand of the men for a 10-hour day
was rejected. The men were told that
the company had granted them a sub-
it ntll Increase in wages and a num-
Ls r of other concessions, and in view
of th's f-c* nothing further could be
expected for the present.
Annual Match at New Haven Won by
Sons of Eli by Narrow Score of   .
6 Points to 0.
New York, Nov. 24.���Early trains
from the Giand Central depot carried
hosts of football enthusiasts who were
going to New Haven to Bee the annual
game between Yale and Harvard.
About everyone was decorated in some
way with the colors of either Harvard
or Yale.
N.w Haven, Conn., Nov. 24.���The
Yale team will go into the game with
a slight advantage in weight, the average of the Yale men being about
180 pounds and of Harvard 184. Yale
HtipiHirters are depending upon the
speed of their men to count in open
pluy. Just beforo noon the wind became very chilly and a few flakes of
snow fell, lly 1 o clock the crowd waa
pauring through the gates ln steady
sti* ams and outside the gates bun
dreilB of tickollnss men and women
were waiting for n chance to get In.
Hitting just before the game was 5 to
I that Yale would win. and even money that Harvard would not score.
The Yale team forced its way
through the crowd at the northeast entrance and came on to the field at
1:56 p. m, and Immediately went out
for signal practice. The Harvard team
crossed the field at exactly 2 o'clock
and took only a minute's practice.
Yale won the toss and chose the north
goal. The whistle was blown at 2:07
and Ihe teams took the field. Knox
and Howard Jones were In Yale's lineup. Ronnie nnd Alcott are out. Harvard kicked ofr to Yale's 70ynrd line:
It wns carried bnek to the 28-yard line,
where the first attempt at tho lino was
I'oome rep'need Knox on thc Yalo
tmm before the first score wns made.
uarvnrd was given flvn yards becnuse
o' Yal -'a holding. Vee-ler. nn n fake
k'Olr. throw the ball to Forbes at Harvard's 4 yard line. One yard was
"sln-vl on mass nlny. On the n��xt
nlasv fo-sme was shot over the line
fer the flrsl touchdown. Wild enthu-
s'asm  prevailed  on the Yalo  side of
the crowd. Veeder kicked off over
\ ale s goal line aud the ball was
brought ln for a free punt from the
-0-yard line. The first half ended with
the score Yale 6, Harvard 0.
The ball was on Vale's 35-yard Hue
when the whistle blew. The playing
of the lirsl half showed that Yale had
been ordered to play a driving, olfen-
a.ve game. T. A. Jones diove his men
fast, vailed the plays, working In
many attempted    runs    aud    forward
sses. The sensational play was a
30-yard pass by Veeder to Forbes at
Harvard's 3-yard line. Three drives
through Kerberg sent Roome over for
the touchdown. The best run was by
T. A.' Jcnes from Harvard's 60-yard
line to the 30-yard line. The feature
of Harvard's playing was the way that
the Harvard backs were able to tear
through' the Yale line when Yale had
the ba'l. If lt had not been for this
Yale would undoubtedly have been
to accomplish great things by her
open playing. The playing of Knox In
Yale's back field was the surprise of
the game. He did not show any lameness at the time he was replaced by
Tbe teams took the field at 3 o'clock
for the second half. Yale kicked to
Harvard's 20-yard line.
Neither team scored in the second
half, the game ending with the score,
Yale li. Harvard 0.
Kings Go Boar Hunting.
Rome, Nov. 24���King George of
Greece and King Victor Emmanuel,
accompanied by their suites, were
driven In automobiles today to Castle
Porzlano. the royal preserves situated
In the beautiful pine woods near Os-
lia, which extend to the Mediterranean. After taking part In a very successful wild boar hunt the two kings
lunched at the royal hunting lodge and
Ihen returned to Rome.
Russian    Reactionary    Party    Sounds
Note    of    Warning    Against    Extending Jewish Rights.
St. Petersburg, Nov. 24.-r-The
threats of the reactionary party that
Jewish massacres will be organised If
the rights of the .Tews are enlarged
are becoming more definite. The central council of the league of the Russian people, claiming to represent
200 branches with 30.000.000 members
has issued a declaration disclaiming
responsibility for the outrages which
may result from the "Just Indignation
produced by the enlargement of the
Jewish rights," and has published the
text of 200 despatches of protest to
the emperor from local organisations
or which the following Is a sample:
"It is dangerous further to test the
gentleness and patience of the peaceful Russian population, which may be
forced in Its defence against the Jews
to overstep the llmitB of the law and
resort to violence."
Looted the Station.
Charleston, W. Va., Nov. 24.���Tbe
Adams Express office and tbe railroad
station at Kay ford. 36 miles from
Charleston, at the Cabin Creek bridge
of the Chesapeake & Ohio railroad,
was looted and burned by robbers
early today. Of $6000 taken more than
$5000 belonged to C. W. Boxley, a railroad contractor, and waB for today's
payroll. Agent V. E. Adams was
found bound and with a bullet wound
ln his leg. He said he fired and was
wounded In return and was beaten
over the head when he tried to give
the alarm.
Prairie Population.
Ottawa. Nov. 24.���From present appearances the iKipulaiinn of Saskatchewan will run as high as 257,000,
which will entitle the province to 10
members fn the house of commons ou
tbo expiration of thc present parliament. Alberta's population Is nbout
184,500, which will give that provlnoe
seven members. After redistribution
at the present session, the two new
provinces will be on the same basis as
the o'der provinces, that Is, they will
i nly secure the Increased representation on the conclusion of each deceit-
Dial census.
A Tragic Death.
Edmonton, Nov. 24.���George flron-
nan, chief clerk to Superintendent
Carey of tho C. P. R., died on Wednesday about 9 o'clock at the Isolation
hospital from the effects of drinking
formalin. The body has been removed
lo the Alberta undertaking parlors at
First street, awaiting Instructions
from Winnipeg, where the family of
the deceased lives. Tho circumstances
connected with Rrennan's death ure
The first of a monthly series of
bniis was given in the armories last
night by the local company of the
(.'angers. It was a- brilliant success in
every respect, except in tlie matter
of attendance. The floor was in per-
feci condition and splendid music was
supplied by Irwin's orchestra. The
sup;er arrangements were perfect.
Long tables, prettily decorated with
carnations and chrysanthemums, afforded ample room for all to sit down.
Tbe number of ladles present was unfortunately small, nbout one to every
Ihr.e mm, but all present enjoyed
themselves thoroughly.
Preparations For Winter Campaign
Being Hade--Many Deals For
Properties in Progress.
The most notable event of the week
ln Kootenay mining circles wu the
striking of the old vein of the No. 1
mine in Alnsworth camp by the Grant
brothers, who are working it under
The vein, which has been encountered in two different places in the
new workings, ls of very high grade
native silver, and about 14 inches In
width. It was one of tbe most promising discoveries of the camp in early
days, but, like many others. It pinched
out and tbe slump in silver and In
mining generally lhat followed prevented further search for it.
Negotiations ure still ln progress for
Ihe tiansfer of many Alnsworth properties, which Ute owners are encouraged to hold at fairly high prices.
In other parts of Kootenay the mining situation Is unchanged. The small
properties are closing down for the
w.'nter. The larger ones are laying In
supplies and preparing for big underground work. The settlement of the
coal strike bas cleared the air, but
tbe supply is not equal to the demand
and smelter operations are still some,
what restricted.
The stock market for the week ending today showed an Improvement on
the previous week's business. Orders
were' more widely scattered aod a general revival ln other parts of this province and adjoining country seems to
have taken place. From Eastern'
points, too, the demand waa greater
than for some time. Spokane continues to trade in a great number of the
securities of tbls vicinity and all stocks
offered  there  continue  very  firm.
Ora Denora Mines perhaps was the
feature of the week. This stock opon-
ed fairly strong, at abont 9c to 10c,
and toward tbe middle of the week advanced to 12c, but with reports of a
close down of the B. C. Copper company again dropped and la now being
offered very freely at 10c per share.
These offerings are coming from speculators who anticipate a still greater
decline. If their expectations are realized the shares can be purchased
mu;:h lower, and thus a profit secured.
International Coal opened a little
weaker than at the close of the pre-
tlous week, but did not decline very
much during the week. It remained
almost unchanged, with large blocks
changing bands at almost stationary
Sullivan advanced a few points and
war in demand toward the beginning
of the week and Is now showing more
weakness than bas been exhibited for
some time.
Nicola Coal Mines remains very
firm, with a great number of shares
being bought and sold, which affects
the quotations very slightly.
North Star continues weak with
very little demand and almost no business offered.
Cana.linn Gold Fields and Consolidated Smelters advanced several
points and a:e almost standing at their
old quotation before the shares were
affected by the close down of tbe company's smelter. There was considerable business done in these stocks, and
large profits made by the speculative
i lenient, by to king no chances whatever.
American Jloy continues to show
some strength,* hut Is not as active as
1> has been In the past, but now that
the property Is again being worked a
demiind for these shares is expected
Dominion Conper. Ornnbv and M. C.
foppT nnoned with little clisnge from
th- quotation nf last week, but thev
a'l declined toward the close. R. C.
fonner is weak In consequence of the
strive at the smelter.
TV-H-wl-er nre thrt annroximi��te eolations for tho week endinctodav:
Asked.        Hid.
American Boy U3%      .02%
Belcher 60 .42
Beatrice 25 .18
flreck-Lnd Coal 67 .62
California 07 .05*4
Cons.].   Smelters   ...148.00     136.00
Can. Gold Fields Syn.     .09 .07!.
Denora Mines 10VS     .09
Diamond Vale 20 .18
Dominion Coppe'r ..  .   6.60      4.60
G'ant 03 .02
Inter. Coal 67 .64
Jumbo 18
La Plata 22
Nicola Mines 07 .06*-.
North S'ar 18 .14
Rambler Cariboo  ..   .      .3*4 .31
Re'erendum 05'*.      .03!_
Sullivan fl!>%      .08
Tel-Kwa Mines 22
VirRfnlas 05 .03
V"n An1a Copper..   .      .06 .04
Western Oil 20 .17
White Bear (914c pd.)      .05>i      .04
m The Daily Canadian
��� STORES =
Cool uights are now iu order.     They will invite
pleasant dreams of
Wc bave plenty of them in red and blue.
3 1-2 Points, weighing about 10 pounds, $7.50 per pair
4 Points, weighing about 12 pounds,   -   8.50 per pair
These blankets are Justly celebrated for their excellence. We alone carry
them in this city.
LUMBERMEN.���Pillows, Comforters, Gloves and Mits, Socks, Shirts and
Underclothing. Oil Clothing, Sweaters, Miners' and prospectors' Boots
and 8hoes and Rubbers.. Groceries and Provisions.. Everything of tho
���est quality and prices surprisingly Low.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office:   Toronto.
CAPITAL PAID UP... .*4,'.i00,0O0 REST |4,lt*_0,000.
D. R. WILKIE, President. HON. ROBERT JAFFRAY, Vice-President
Branches in British Columbia:
Deposits received and Interest allowed at current rates from d ite of opening account and conijiouniled half -yearly.
nblsoin bhanch J.  M.   LAY, Manager.
The ^yal 'Bank of Canada
ASSETS, $39,771,803
Capital Paid Up $3,629,130 Reserve Fund $4,092,043
Accounts of firms ansl Individuals opened on the most favorable terms.
Thirteen  branches In  Hritish  Columbia.
Special   attention   to out of town business.
T. E. KENNY, Pres., Halifax.       IC. L.  PEASE, General Mannger, Montreal.
Publishes! (six sUyss H weet Isy llie
Baker St., Nelaon, B. 0.
Subscription rateB, Ms cents & inisiilh slellvercd
in the CUT, or 15.00 a year lt sent by mall, when
paid lu advance.
Advertising raws on application.
All monies paid In sillli-sssi-iit ssf 11st-bsslly
CSauadlau ai-cssunls, elllis-r list lUbSOliptloni sn
advcrllaing, us usl be reeeiplesl f,,r ssn the printed
forms ot use Company. Other receipt! sire not
���'By one word we are sometimes justed to he
wlae and hy one word somellmes judged to he
looliah. Let ua therefore he careful what we
The first of the public meetings at
which the leader of llio opposition
graced the platform and voiced his
sentiments on provincial Questions was
held ul New Westminster last Tuesday evening. The honors of lhe pint-
form were, of course, shared liy Mr.
John Oliver, the member for the Delta
of the Fraser. Mr. Oliver, of course,
dealt with the Incompetency ami general mismanagement of public attain
by the government, in spite of which
the country lias enjoyed an era of unexampled prosperity and for which, unlike the Dominion government, the provincial administration deserves no
Mr. Macdonald, however, us might
be expected, dealt with tb-' Question
of belter terms. Unfortunately for
himself and his party, probably ns a
result of the uncomfortable position
In which he finds himself, Un- leader
of the opposition threw no new lighl
on the subject. His argument, if such
II may be called, was a circuitous one
und brought him back each period to
the place where he began. As a
specimen of the unconvincing nature
of the brand of logic employed by tin*
opposition leader on thnt occasion we
reproduce a pithy paragraph of his ad
dress as it is reported hy the Westminster organ of the Liberal champion,
lie Bald:
"There could be a readjustment of
the subsidies without the consent ni
the provinces, but not without the
consent of the imperial parliament,
which had the power to amend the B.
N. A. act. The speaker d d not believe,
however, that the imperial parliament
would make any changes in lhe act
without the consent of the provinces.
The provinces must all agree on a plan
of action,  and   then   tne  Imperial   au
thorities would be able to take the
matter up and deal with it."
The argument is certainly convincing. It says the imperial authorities
cau rearrange the subsidies without
the consent of the provinces but that
the provinces should take the matter
up and agree upon a line of action, so
that tlie imperial authorities would be
able to take the matter up. We are
uwa.e that our phraseology is somewhat awkward ami stilted, but that is
just what the leader of the opposition
said.   The fault is not ours.
One cannot but admire the sublime
confidence with which Mr. Macdonald
asserts his belief lhat the imperial
parliament will nut take any steps to
remedy the injustice or right the
wrongs of this province unless the
provinces constituting the Dominion
agree to the plan of readjustment. The
Bltuation is embarrassing, lt is admitted in all quarters that this province
bus a new grievance. It is admitted
liy .Mr. Macdonald that the imperial
authorities have the power to adjust
that grievance, irrespective of the feelings or protests of other provinces,
bul it is claimed that the imperial authorities will not Interfere to right this
wrong until all the provinces agree upon a line of action. Mr. Macdonald
may be right in his contention, though
wc doubt his summing up.
II litis province has a grievance���
ns Mr. Macdonald says it has���and the
Imperial authorities have the power to
liglu it and will uot do so, in affirming this tlie opposition leader is strain.
Ing Ihe strands of our loyalty to the
Dominion and the empire. He is sowing the seeds of discord and secession
more surely than anyone who has
spoken upon this question.
The Dominion has refused to give
us justice because���as Sir Wilfrid
says���the provincial premiers did not
agiee. The premiers did not agree be.
cause Mr. McHrlde refused to accept
ihe miserable pittance the others were
willing to deliver. To say that the
terms oflered by the other premiers
must he accepted by Mr. McUride is
to bring the question back to where
it was when the dispute began. To
say that even Mr. Field ng's parsimonious offer must be accepted Is to place
lliis province at Ihe mercy of the federal administration and to compel its
submission to the rule of thc Laurler
That is what  this province will not
stand for. We have hnd ten years of
pleading at the Liberal door for justice, only to be turned away with our
grievance unremoved. The Globe, that
comanindlng mouthpiece of the Liberal
parly, has told us that we have appealed to Ottawa for the last time. In
effect It has said that we must accept
what was offered or close the case.
Mr. Macdonald affirms the same thing
when he saj'B the Imperial authorities
will not make reparation unless wo
ugree to the Liberal terms. I-rom tlie
Standpoint of the opposition leader tho
issue Is plain.
it is Mr. Macdonald's opinion that
Downing street will nut help ub, but
It Is Mr. McHride's opinion tbal It will.
|t must appear to the average reader
a strange case that an admitted injustice when appealed to the highest
court for rectification cannot lie dealt
with unless some Intermediary organization agrees. We do not believe
that Downing street is so Indifferent
to the affairs of its colonies or any
part of them that it will stand supinely by and witness a manifest injustice
and when Premier McUride says he
will appeal to the imps-rial authorities
for help in our difficulty we ihlnk he
threatens to take the proper -course.
taken some part in the strike settlement. We would not willingly wrong
a political opponent and are glad that
the leader of the opposition has lieen
so easily able to prove an alibi.
The prize In that guessing contest?
Well, wait till we see who wins It. It
may be a lady or a gentleman or a
child. Even a child can guess as intelligently as an adult. Hut some discretion must be exercised when it
conies to awarding a prize.
The speech of Liberal Leader Mac*
donald, from which we quote in a previous article, was luminous because of
a reference the speaker made to the
probable time of the forthcoming election. If anyone doubts that the opposition leader is a humorist all doubts
sliould be forthwith dispelled. He is
reported to have said in closing his
first famous campaign speech with
these words:
"He did not think the election would
be rung on this year. He believed,
however, that as soon as the house
was dissolved the election would be
rushed forward in the hope of catching the Liberals unprepared. He warned his hearers to be ready whenever
the call to arms was given."
Evidently the only worry that Premier McBride has these days is to
"catch the Liberals unprepared." With
announcements flashed along the wires
on an average of once a week during
the last six months the aggregation of
ihe faithful Is still uncertain as to
what the future may hold in store.
Only this week one "high up in the
confidences of Premier McBride" says
that an election is imminent. And
still the Libs are unprepared. .Now
their leader tells ns that though there
may be another session of the house,
that as soon as dissolution is announced that wicked man McBride will
spring the elections and catch the Liberals unprepared.
Inferentially speaking, that ls just
what McBride will do. Not because
the bogey has not been exhibited often
enough, but because the Liberals cannot prepare. They have nothing to
prepare. They have been three years
trying to foment trouble, obtain the
material for a campaign Issue, get
some plausible theory upon which to
attempt the flimflamming of the electors of the province, and still are unprepared.
Not even the prospect of another
session of the house promises to provide them with mateiial with which
to prepare. It Is not unlikely that if
the house meets before another election the government will bring down
measures that will startle the opposition. Some of these are already well
digested and prepared. But if the opposition is unprepared now, what will
be its position after the sweeping
measures looking toward progress are
introduced and passed in the house?
The hopelessly distraught situation of
the opposition party could not be more
forcibly emphasized than has been
done by the leader of that party, and
if Mr. Macdonald could be induced to
tour the country he would do the government as much good as any of Its
own spellbinders.
Just think of it, with the editor of
the Crunbrook Herald going up and
down the land, with Duucan Ross touring Simiikameen, having Mr. Macdonald with him, with the editor of a local
grit organ looking into the labor situation in the Simiikameen, too. After
nil this,  to be unprepared.    Well !
The city council will meet as usual
on Monday night. It is not too late yet
to rectify that egregious blunder, the
proposal to put the library building at
the foot of Ward Btreet. If the members of the city council were more in
touch with the sentiment of the peoplo
they woul recall the arrangement aH
there cannot be found anyone who endorses the proposal to place the building when* It is to go. It is even hinted
that a public subscription will be opened for the purchase of that memorial
tablet suggested by The Canadian. It
would be liberally subscribed.
Slity  days  afler date 1 Intend lOftPply I'i Hit'
Honorable tii.- Chief Commissioner ol Lands and
Worku, Vlotoi.ft.stopuree aaa 100 aorei of imni,
touted in Fire villa ud described as followi:
Commencing at �� post marked O. it. BloM'i N.W,
oorner. and planted at the louthweit corner of
Lot "M . nnd  running soutli 80 chains, thenoe
eut BO chains, thenoo nortii m ebalni) thenee
Us'!   'JO s   I,mil-   til  JlllM'C Ot  bCgllllliUg
Nov. IHth, 1900, QlO. H. MrMll.UN,
J. k. annahlk, Agent*
sixty iin. j*- alter date i Intend to apply to thfl
Hon. Chief Commissioner ol Landi ami Works,
victoria, to pturohiM MO aorei ol land in Fire
Valley: Coin inenelng at a pout plented 2t ohelni
weat of the uorlInvest comer of J. Roblnion'i
preemption and marked VV. V7- B'l southeast
corner, thenee west 80 ehains, tnence north ill
ehains, thenee wesl '.it ehains, Ihenoe north 40
ehalna, thence east W ehains, thence south So
ehains to plaee oi beginning.
Nov. 1-Slh, 1906, Vi. Vi. BBADUY,
.1. E. Annahlk, Agent
The Daily Canadian regrets the injustice done Mr. J. A. Macdonald by
the reproduction in these columns of
an item originally appearing In the
Prospector which Btated that Mr. Macdonald  had  been  In  Fernie  and had
Notice is hereby given that 60 (lays alter date I
intend to apply to the Honorable the Chief Commluloner of Landa and Works, Vietoria, B.C.,
for perm-isslon to purchase the following descritied land, situated In the West Kootenay distriet,
on lhe weet side of I uhamel (or Six Mile) creek,
on uper aide of wsgoli road. abOUt Sjjf mllei
fro n West-Arm of Ko��tenay Uke: Commencing
at a post marked Mrs Haiti** Puek's N.K corner, running 40 chain*- went; thenee JO chnins
south; thence 40 chains east; thence 30 chains
uorih, to the point of commencement, containing SU acres of land, more or less.
Dated the 17th November IOM
Mrs. IIattih D_cX,
Jhhn K. TayI-OK, Agent
Hixty daya after date I Intend toapply to the
Honorable thc Chief Commie*loner of Landl ainl
Worka to purchase 040 acres of land, located in
Fire Valley, od we, t side of Arrow lake: Com*
mencing at a poat planted 40 chaius we t of the
south we t comer of J. Bobloion'i pre-emption
and marked J. Ws S. B. corner, and ninning
north S't chains, Ihenee west BO chains, thence
south 80 chains, tlience .asl ho chains to place ol
Nov. 18th, 1W6. Jane V.___U_��,
J. E. Annahlk. Agent.
Sixty  days after dale 1 intend  to anply tothe
Honorable the Chief Commlnloner ol Landsand
Works, Victoria, to pnrehaae 300 acrei ol land
located and described as follows: Commencing
at a poal planted at tin southwest eorner of J.
Robinson's pre-emption in Fire Valley, and nhoui
five miles from Edward Landing, west side of
Arrow lake, and milked F O's N E t orner nnd
running west -so chains-, thenoe iouth SO chaini,
theuce tast tf) chaius.  Ihence  south  21) chains,
thence east 40 chains, thence north 40 chains lo
place of beginning
Nov   18th, 1906 Frank Obakgb,
J   E. Annaiii.e. Agenl
Notice is liereby given that w* davs ufi
intend to make applicationJo the Honorable w
Chief Commlaiiouerol Undaand Work* t.
leicrl l
u"-** Ap
Og at a posl jda.
nthweil comer posi of beon nau
Ion to Purehaae, running BO chain
������__ 40 chaini westi tlo-nce ho chalm wut
thanee 40 chain- east, to point of commem
men! oontainlng 880 acres more or less.
Dated October-* 1000. K,,,, W|sUll
By bli agent, Khnmt, W. Robimion
Notiee ls hereby given thai 00dayi alter date I
intend to apply to iiu- Honorable the chief Commluloner of Land-, and Works for permission to
pnrehaae the following described landi iltuate
aboul 10 miles east of the Cttyoi Nelson, on the
south Bhore of tbe West Arm of Kootenay lake,
and OOmmeUOng at a post placed about Si chains
south nf the iQntheai. euruer of Lot IMS, marked
"S, Thorn as rT*J. W corner," thence south 90
ehalns, thence east '-1J chains, them-e north '20
chains, thence west 90 Ohalni to polut of com
bated this Oth day of Nov., UOB.     9. Thomas.
Notice Is bereoy given that 60 days alter dale I
intend toapply lo tfic Honorable the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Worka for permission
to purchase 280 acres of laud, situate on tho Little
Moyle river about 1 mile from International
Boundary and about 1 mile from .Spokane International My.: Commeuelng at a post marked
1). Grant's 8. E. eorner post, tlience west 4*'
chains; thence north 40 ehains; ihenee east in
-.hains; tbence north '20 ehains;  theuce east GO
,o  place ���
s of land
meneement, containing 280 acres of land.
Iaocated Oct. ;Wth WW.
Notice is hereby given that slxlv duys after date
1 Intend to apply to the Hon, chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for permission to pnrehaae the following described lands, .'^o acres,
starting at a post marked Catherine Toye, and
planted on the east shoreof Lower Arrow lake,
near Gladstone Creek, tlience 40 chains east,
tbence 80 chains north, thenee 40 chains west to
lake Bhore, thence suuth along lake shore to
point of eommeneement.
Dated this 13tb day of Septemlier, 190C.
Catherine Toye,
Harry OtBSCUf- Ageni.
Hixty days after ditel Intend to apply to the
Hon, the Chief Commissioner of l_tndsand Woiks
to purchase LOO acres of land: Commencing ru a
post planted on the wot side of Six mile creel,
on wagon road, about Iwo and one half miles
from Kooteuay lake, aud marked "Neil Mc-
Kechnie's (.. West corner post," theme oast 40
chains, thence north 40 chains, thence west-to
chains, thenee south to chains, lo place of commencement
Located this Kith day of November, 1006,
Niil MrK_:- hnie.
Notice Is hereby given thai ut .lav after date 1
Intend to apply to tlie Honorable Chief Commli*
lioner of Lands and Works for permission to
purchase the following described lands, in West
Kooteuay: Commeneing at a post planted at
lhe northeast corner of i ot 4395, Q, 1.. marked K.
Fletcher's northwest corner, thence south M0
chain-: tbeuce cast 10 chains, more or less, to
the western boundary of Lot 306, Q. L;thencfl
north 80 chains to Kootenay river; thenco west
following said river to point of commencement,
containing B0 acres more or less.
36th October, 190��.
Frank Flet. hkk.
Notice is hereby given lhal to -lays aller date I
intend toapply to the Hon. Chief Commlaiiouer oil
Landsand Works, Victoria, fnr permission, to purchase the following deionbed land, iltuated In
the West Koolenay disiriei, on the wesi-sidc of
Huhamel (or Kix Mile) ereek, near wagon road,
about three miles from Kootenay lake: Commencing at a post in ark cil "James J. Duck's S W.
post," running 20 eliains Bait, thence 20 cluilns
north, thenee .''> chain* wesl, thence '20eliains
south, to the point of commencement, con laming 40 acres of land, more or less.
Duled 12th November. latKi.
i-ocatod by JamrsJ. Ihtk.
per JOBH B, Tayi.oh, Agent.
Hixty  dav afler dale I Intend loapply to the
Hon Chief Commtuloner or Landi and'Works,
Victoria, to purchase IflT
miles In-low Hurton Cl
mencing  at  a  post marked  "J. A. Irving, east
corner poit," said post being on tio* eaiterly end
of an Island west ol Lot0647,and claiming ali the
land contained lu said inland, Mug about one
mile in an easterly and westerly direction and
���bout 90 eliains fn.in north to aouth.
November nth, iwc. j. a. lavwo,
J. E. Annahlk, Agent,
Sixty days after date I intend to apply to the
HoD. Ohlei Comminioner Of Lands ami Works
Victoria, to purehase 40 acres of land, situated
on the wesl side of Arrow Lake, about;!'-_ miles
belOW Burton, and described as follows: Com-
mencing   at   a  Mat   planted   at   lhe  iiorlhcusl
corner of Lot7070, and running Dorthaoohalni]
thence west 00 eliains, thi nee soutli tt chains
thenee Oaal 20 chains tO place Of beginning.
Nov. Iith, 1006, H   H. l)i].|.,
J. E. Annaiii.e, Agent.
Not ice is hereby given that sixty days Hf ier date
I intend to apply to the Hon. Chief Commissioner
of Lands and Works for permission to purchase
tbe following described lands in the Weit
Kootenay district: Beginning nt a post maikeil
".f. H. Himinco's K. W. corner," and planted aboul
one-half mile easl of the shore of Whatahan
(Cariboo) lake and about 2 miles norlh of the
narrows of the said lake, and nt the K. E corner
of-Arthur Warren's application to purchaiei
thence east HO chains;  thence nortii BQ chaini;
thenoe west so chains to the northeast oorner of
Arthur Warren's application to purchase; ihence
south ho chains i�� point of oommenoement, containing -uu acres, more or less,
Oet. IHth-1006. J.8. SiMiNEO,
F. L. Hammomi, Ageut.
Notice is hereby given lhal to days alter date l
intiiid to apply to ihe Hon. the chief ' ommli-
Honor ol Landa and Worki lor permlulon to purehaae  Ihe  foUowlng   described   lands   in   Wait
Kootenav dlitrlot:   Beginning at a posi marked
"Otto  Blncb'l N   W   corner" and   planted on
tin* wi it ihoro ol Watabau [Cariboo) lake, about
one-fourth mile weat ol the narrowi ol "haUhan
lake;   ihence   south   ho chains;  thence   call ��
ohalni mon* or len to the ibore of the .Narrows.
thenco following ll Id il i n a gonerel
northerly end weiterly direction W0 chalm moro
ur leaa, to the polnl of oorameuoement, contain
nBated\hli 8th day of Ool . IW
Otto Huuca,
f I. _Ummohd, Agent.
Noii.-e ii bereby given that ilxtj dayi alter date
[ Intend toopply to theHon.CbiefCommtailouer
of Land* and Works for permlulon to purebaae
the following ducrlbed landaiu Weal Kootenay
dislrid: H.'ginning at a poit marked "I K
Aldcn'l B   K   rorner," and  plauied on thc cast
shore oi Whatahan [Carll | lake, about one
mile   north   of   the   southern  end  of  ih, lake;
thence north B0 ebalna; thenoe weil ��chaini,
more or leu, to the ibore of \M.at-baii lake;
thence following said -lion* in a general southerly  and  easterly direction 100ehalni, moreor
leil, to lhe point nf commencement, containing
H-O acres, more or lesa.
Dated this stii day of Oct , 1000
K   K   .UHKN.
F   I.  Hammosi*., Agenl
C-ishim) ,
��������������������� -^������������^������������������������-h-hJ
X ___,
Juet reoelved, a splendid Btock   of    stamped    Llnoni
Covers, Ten Cloths, etc.    An elegant    a_aortment   for to' work T I
XimiH present*. ��� Iw
Wo are also showing a lot of new Fancy Tape and Ribbon W��*
Eteo our show  windows for Bomu  noveUlen    w_ have   for   x
trad*1,  which  we had  mado to our  order  by    the    bout    Hrhool  ^
fancy work fn the Montreal convent.    Now Ir tho time for Job u
make selections. ^
Notice is hereby given that sixlv .lays afler
date! intend to applv lot lie Hon, < hief ��� ������minis-
sioner of Lands and Works [or permission lo purchase the following described lands In the West
Kootenay dlstricl: Heginniug al a DOi.marked
������Bertha Btnch'i n _Coorner,"and planted on
theeeat shoreof Whatahan [Cariboo) fake, at tho
narrowi of Uu lake, and about one mile wuth ol
Arrow lake trail; thence south B0chaini; tlidiee
weit hii chains more or less to tha ihore of lho
narrows; thence following the laid -bore in a
general   northerly   and   eaaterl]    direction   IW
ohalna more or less to the point of commenoement, containing 0_0acr_l more or leai
hated thll 8th day of Oet , 1906
F. L. Hammond, Ageut
Blxtl  days  after dale 1 Inland toapply to the
Hon. Chief Commlaaioner ol i-ands and Works,
Victoria, to purchnse !�����> acres of land, located on
tlie west side of Arrow lahe, about live miles be
|0W Hurton City, aiol described as follow.-: L'om
mencing hi a posl marked "F.G.B'laoutheui
comer,' and being Nohaiui east of thenorthweii
corner of Lot 271911 hence north-Hi ehalns; thence
weal 10 chalna! thenoe south 40chalna; thence
east 40 chains to the place of bcglnniiig-
Norember nth, 1906. v '*���*. Bwa,
���per J. E. Annaiii..;.
Sixty davs afler dale 1 purpose making appli*
cation lo the I'hlef t'ouiini*-sioner of Lands mel
Works for permlaalon to run-base thi toiioamg
deaerlbod (and:   Commencing at a post marked
-K. K'bs B oorner/' and iltuate abont one mile
from Silver Tip Point, on Whatshan lake, and
near din-tie creek, running theliee U chains
north; thence 80 chains went; ihence ��o chains
south, following the lake-shore; tbence80chains
east to the point of commencement, containing
f4" aces more, or less.
Hated the Hth day of August, 190*.
K   Fa iv I eh.
  Per F. 0 FAPQonw, Agent
Snow is Here
Kn\��r A Speeder Sled or CtJ
we Have Th-am ��t AM i.*Ic��n. ~~~
Standard Furniture Company
Complete House Furnishers
Undertakers,    Embalmers
MasMii ,t lllsch Pianos.
Oiler U Mattresses
Globe Wernli ke nook <
Notice is hereby given that 00 davs afler ilale
1 Intend toapply tO the Honorable the Chief
Commissioner 01  Lauds and Works fur permll
sion to purchase the following deaerlbod land:
ippllcatfoii   to
Commencing at a po-t  planted ���
corner  of    Peter McNaughlon's
purohaae,   running   hu chaini   we
northern   boundarv  of eamei  thence NO chains
north; thenee80 chaius eaat; tlience 80 ehalni
south, along the west boundary ol John Elliott'���
application io purchase, to point of eommeneement, containing t>4(i acres, more or lew.
Haled Oct 13, llKC. Thomas Sjiith,
lly his agent, Khnem W  Rop.insos,
Notice is hereby glveu that widays afler date I
intend to apply to the Honorable the Cbipf Commissioner of Lands and Works, at Victoria, It. ('.,
for permission to purchase the following de-
H-rlbed lands, situated in the West Kootonay
district, south of Forty Nine creek, commencing
��� t a posi marked "I.'. II Choquette'l S. W, cor
ner." thenoe *tu chains easl, thenee 40 chains
south, Ihence 40 chains west, thence .u chains
north to the commencement post, containing IW)
acres, more or less.
Nelson, B. C , Oct. 16th, IM),.
 -V. A. Jones, Agent.
Sixty days after dale 1 purpose miking ippllBa-
lion to the Hon. Chief Commissioner of Landl
and Works for permlaalon to purehaae thi following deacrlbed lend:   Commeneing at a post
placed nt the southwesi comer of K Vi. lianuing-
ton's application to purchase, marked **L. M. B,
H'stt K corner posi,'* running ihence wi chains
west; theuee 80 chains south; ihenee 80chslns
east; ihence W) chains north to point of com**
rueuceiiicnt, containing M0 acres, more or less.
Dated lhe 10th day of October, 1906,
L. m. El ELunrcxQToir-
 wr R. Bhikll, Agent.
pixy days after dale I purpose making application to the Hon. Chief Commissioner of Landl
and Works for i-ermission to purehase lhe following described Und: iumiiiencing al a post
piaeed on tbe norlh boundary of lot No. H6-4 and
about two chains east of Whatshan creek, marked "M. K's. H. Vi. corner," running (hence 40
(hains east; tbenee 4)1 (hains north; thence 40
eliains west; tlience40ebalni south, to poini of
commencement, containing lf<0 acres   more or
Dated thc loth day of Ootober, 1906.
M. SuiKI-l.,
Per R. Shikli., Agent.
Notice is herebvgivn thatslxtvdavsafler date
1 intend to apply to the Hon. rhief Commission
end Lands and Works for permission to purchase the following described lands, 160acres,
Oommenelng al a posl marked John Toye, planted on the east shore of 1-owcr Arrow lake, about
oue mile north of Sunshine creek, tbeucv fortv
chains ensl, Ihenee fortv chains sonth, ihence
forty chains wesi, ihcnce forly chains north
along lake shore to poini of commencement.
Dated thii Uth day ol Beptember, itwfl.
John Toy a,
UAjunr Oiaaov, Agent
Notice Is hereby given that sixty days afler
date 1 intend to applj tothe Hun. chief Commls-
lloner Of Lands and Works for permission to
purchase lhe following deaeribed lands, lu
Weal Kootenay Dlitrlot: Commencing ai an in
Mia! |.**sl plant, d at the loUtbeaal corner of Mc-
t'oy'i pre-emption, tbence X chai oa weat to cast
l*.i'indary of Lol 61M; thenee following said
t.-.si.iiiiv south tOfOUtheaat  corner of Said lot;
theuce iu eliains we-t: ibenee ���*> ebalna aouth j
ih. uee ;w chains ensl; tbenee Jo chain-- nortii to
loutbweel comer of l-ot 222; tbenee following
weal boundary ol Lot 132 lo initial poet,
Beptember fi, 1908, l*>. I�� Whi.it,
per Khnkst W. Hohinsom.
Nntice is liereby given thai fio days afterdate, I
Intend to apply to the Hon. chief CoumiaBioner
.���! I.tui.i- and Works for peruilsni'Oi in (,i; reMoe
llo- following deeerlbed lauds, situate on the
Last shore of LOWCT 1-ake, aboul one undone
half mile Souih of Bdgewood, B C, and ad
lolning  J. T. Beettie'l application to  purchase.
itn.I oommenelng at a poat marked t'ouai.i wu
son's South West comer, theliee running North
���lit* chains, tlience Kasl forty chain*., ihence
South, sixty eliains, tlience West forty eliains to
place of eommeucement, ami containing '240
acres more or less.
M   K. MiVAKRia. Agent.
Hated thie-Oth day of Beptember. i-__.
Notice is hereby given thai two nionlhs afler
dale I intend to apply to the Honorable Chief
Commissioner of IjiihU and Works for j>eniit*-
llOD to purchase MO acres of land, dew-riU-d al
follows: Coiumeueln| at a poal planted at the
southwest of -. L Morrison's ran h in Pire
Valley, Wesl Koobnay distriet. marked "J. H.
Monro1! northeaat eorner poet" i thenoe B0 chalna
west; thenc. ��o chain* smith; thonce MO chains
eaat) lbence ��0 chalus north to lhe place of com-
Dated nth dav ot September, iww.
J   1'.. Mimi- .
W, A- CA1.HKR. Agent.
Notice Is hereby given that fio days after date I
intend to apply to the Hon. chief ( ouiuilssioner
of Lands and Works for permission lo pureliase
the following described lands, iltuate In Weel
Kootenay diurict* iVgiiintUK at a is.st marked
"Arthur Warren's S tt , corner, ' and planted on
the east Ihorool Whalshan (Cariboo) rake, about
iwo mile-* north of ihe narrows ol Whatshan
lake, and at the s K corner ol W Hecomtie's ap-
pilcatlOD to purchase; thence easl 40 chains;
tlience north W chains; thence west to Chain!j
thenoe aonth 80 chains to point of oommeneement! (on lain ing '~2�� acres more or less
Dated this Bth day of Oct. 1908.
A em rit Wakhkn,
F. L IUmmokd. Agent.
Sixty days after date I PUfpOM making ai-pltca-
t1i-.ii to the Hon Chlel Commissioner ol La no*
and Works for -permission lo purchase the following deeerlbed land: commencing at a po*i
placed al the northwest corner ol II Oodd's application to purchase, marked "R W, B'l8. W.
corner ]��,*\," running theuce B0 chalna north]
thenoe eo ebalni east; thence 80 chains south;
thence BD chains wesl to point of commencement, containing 640 acres, more or less.
Dated this 10th day of Oetober, l����.
R Vi. BAanwtw,
pet R- Bhihi.1., Agent.
Notice Is hereby given that sixty days alter
date 1 intend to apply to the Honorable lhe
Chief Commissioner ol Landl and Works, for
permlMlon tO purchase the following described
lands in the West Kootenay district: Beginning
at a pimt marked "James0 Kraser'sN.E oornei "
anil named on tbfl east shore of WhatahaS
(Cariboo) iake, about one-half mile north of
Christie creek; thence south 40 chains, more or
less, to the north boundary of W, Beeombe'i application to purchase; thence west along the said
boundary 40 chains, more or less, lo lhe shore ol
lhe lake; lbence following the said shore in a
general northerly ami easterly direction 80
chains, more or less, lo point ol commencement,
containing Kg.) neres, more or leas.
Oet 13th, lone. JAMisei. rum,
F, L. Hamjcom*. Agent.
Notice is herehy given that 80 days niter date I
Intend to npply to the Honorable the Colet Com-
mlnlanero. Landsand Work-for permlaslon to
purehaae the following described .amis: Com-
mincing ata poat placed 90 chains frail of tbfl
���OUtheaat corner of Lot 8542, marked "fi, A Be]I'i
uorihwesl corner," thenee souih BO chalnn,
tbenee east 80 I hains, tlience north -3D ebalni,
lbence wesl BOobaitliio polntof commr-nceinenr,
containing il) acres, more or lesa
Located this llth dayol Nov ,1900,   ll. A.IIkll.
sixty dan after date I purpoae making appli-
cation to the Hon. Chief Commissioner id Lands
and Works for permission to purchase the lollowlng dc".cril>e(J |,,iid: Commencing al a post
pliiced tl tbfl north cast corner of B.C RklUUer'l
application to porebaee, marked "H. D'l n w
corner posi," ihcnce following the east bound
ary ol lame 80 chains s mih; Ihenee running BO
chains easi; ihcme MO chiiius north; thence HI
chains wesl to point o| com meneement, containing Mo acres more or leu
Dated the 10th day of October, lOOfl.
I'er it, BHIKI.I., Agent.
00 days after date I Intend to apply to the Honorable the Chief Commissioner of Lnnds and
Works, Victoria, B C , lo purehase 840 aeres of
land situate wesl of Arrow lake on the west side
of Whnichaii creek aud Joining the north boundary id fl, J Annnble application io purchase.
Commencing at a post marked R. J. 1.. s k corner and running wes* BO ebalns; thenee nnrth HO
chains;   ihenee east BOobalni)  theuce south to
point of oommeneement,
-September '2nd iom. r, j. Bluot,
Notice Is bereby given that no-lavs after date, 1
intend to apt'Iy to the Hon. Chief Commissioner
of Lands ami Works for permission lo purohai-a
lbe lollowlng described landa In the West Koolenay Diitrloi:   Beginning at a post marked "W
8 Bmdge'l S \V oorner," and planted nhout
ono-ijiinrter mile west of tho west shoreof What*
shan (Cariboo) lake, and about one aud 000-
quarter miles north of tbe souibern end id ihe
lake; thenc north M cbains; Ihence east 40
eliains more or less to the shore of the Whatshim
lake; thence following snid shore In a general
southerly nnd westerly direction lun chnins more
or less to a point on the shore due oast Ofthe
posl of commencement; thence west 2H clmlM**
more or less to the point of commencement ������,,,,
lain no; .''_x>iieren more or leas.
Dated this '.ith day of Oet., 11KM
_ _   __        W.H.Ktvihui,
F. L. Uahhoitd, Agent.
,"u,u���    '"    im.-ic-.JJ    gMi-ll    Illllt   PUT!    ijfiyn  aller
the date I intend to applv to ihe Hon. the chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works lor permis
sion to purchase lbe following detOrlbM land
in thfl Wesl Kootenav distriet: Bflgtnnlni nt a
post marked 'K. K, Keil's N, IC. co,���er * snd
planted on On-shore of Whatahan (Can Uio) lake.
at the nOTthWeat  comer id said lake; lhetice Ho
ohalna weati thenee40 chains aouth: thence .u
ohalna ensi; ihtnee to chalna aouth i ihence eaaf
���ll) ehulns, moreor less lo the ihore ol thfl said
lake; Ihence northerly along the said lHke rhorc
n ohalna, more or len, to the polntof commencement, eontainiug-Imi acres, more or less.
Dated Oot. 12,1900. K. It. Kan.,
              F. [> Hammond. Agent.
Notice is hereby given that tio davs afler dnte I
Intend to apply tothe Hot Chief Comal-elpner
^Undaand Worki foi permlulon to purohaae
be toHowing deserit  landi iltoat��a in the
'""L   ,'" ,'.'"!.y  'H"lrl,,,:    Bi-   liming  nt  n post
marked   "William   Keil's   N,   W    corner"   and
P anted eboot onejnlto aouth of theaorthend
��� >f WliKlshHii (( hMIhio) Inke, nhout Iwenty chains
""        ' * "'-iiiioieoi laJdlakeenJon thi
7  OI   B   It.   KciC-   application to
-��., tnence aonth 80 ehalna; thenoe eaat 90
more or ton, to the snid [(Ute shore;
���  northerly along tho said Phore bo ohalnr
K"i.,'-.,rii;M,' u V!1' ^H,<l "n,,,h -Mnodwy t:
k I . Koll'i application to purebaae; ihcnce west
ao chains, more or less to the point ofcommenofl
ment, oontainlng 100 aerea, more orleSr^   "
I>atedO-,.I*-,i-M, W,I.I.UMKE1L(
  By V, I, Hammond, Agent.
South    I
ilMend'lo1 WVw'l *\Yn .,,,Ht U\ 'lBy H,t��'r ��lBt�� I
WiHsc   ,/oUowlog describ/d   Innds'iu'Mvn
(_5_J^n^��-t_.01, EL.'1110. ��_ltr,,Ml Colnmble
u,T    I,   K    , " ,,,,hl ",arl(,"l "William Tolling-
5S���. pi*I">." "'"i edJolniugtbeSitffi..
Mcriiiiii s pre-emption, tb.nc. soinii twmtr.i.
;;;�� ms ..long JM ii,,,., .i���..,J,"'i1.,?.? S
c^m-encementT "r     'l0 thc ',la<:(, "f
Dated 1st .lay of August.1906.
William Tolmnoton,
-...:.--. I.l||,|>,,|
By his agent J. K.Taylor.
Hon"1..,'1 T, "I'm '!"> ' ��,urB��w "'Hk JIlK M,,,hrft-
Work   o     rmil! cop��n��lMioner of Laud's mid
woreiiforpermlnli purchnse fhe followlni.'
d scribed land;   Commeilcing at a mauSfil
a volh     .���XT'''   ""'"'"t'lg the eaat liound-
ni il i .i,.  L   i'',;,'lltHli',V " i"ir��-i"""'.ran-
r o        E   ' ,H ,lh mrlh' thence Hdchains
�� -ki i. w,' <',,,ll"', H0",h: theneeWchelnfl
-urea:moe or ��^mmflnMmt5I>*- '���������ntalnlug 040
Tated tlie llth day of Auguit, 1006.
_   _   _     I. PlIBCK,
perF. U-FAUquntn,
Notice ts herenv given tiiat -i-i.
Intend toapply to ito* Hou ChU
ol Undsand Work- for h*riuh .
the following dncriUnl lmj-.a siu'iii,.?^
Weet Kootonay dlatrict: B.*tinn*
marked "O, U, IfaaJ-tCklDg'i fl W him-t
planted on the west shore ol t\ aauh_ji____
lake, iibmit three mil ������. i.urih ni iii'r��.fl_
rows of the said lake aid mMm-si*,. u./u^J
lbe satii lake; llienee -.,*;ih sn , )������,,. **
t-ai-t  40 chains,  more i.r leu, to Hi- WUtt
thenee bdlowing tha said ihore iai
and weiterly  direction  IA) i-lialniiH
to point of oommenccm* nt, < 'umimiiuig
more or leas.
Oet. 13. 1906. 0. V M.cMki���
By r. 1. lUm-osr, A|^
Notice Is hereby flveti thai oo dayi utetm]
Intend to apply lothe Hon theChkloj
���lOUei  <d l-atidn and   Worki lor hcrnlia
pureiias*'  the  f.dlowin-/  ���!��� -i riln-if lindia"!
West Kootenav  dlatrlcl;   BrtlDnlng ������ ��� J
macttedti 1>. &-11 ami i: B*triita��*
abtoit '2 miles eaat of the >��Jini.u .i.--ir_t.-��
K mile from the I'end d'Oreille tint; ibe
eliains north;  thenee 40 clialtiB ��h|; lb
chains south; thence lOchalUI eut toil
l>.-giiinl  g.
Dated the 22nd day of s-pii-mk*r.lSQt
0. ML
R. M K��Bvt-.Afat   *
Hlxty days after'late 1 purra
cation lo the Honorable ���:.. t litflComil
id Lnnds aud Works for [s-mits��luD 10 p
the following dckcriUl Land;
a jmst market) MD, l'- B w corn��,"
K. Faii'iuier's appliealloii  to purrhu
tbenee B ehain J north; thence �� thi
tlieueetwchains  souili;  UieUM 8B f
lit thc   J--o]nl of colllUo iceinenl.conui
acres, more or less.
Hated the 11 th day oi A .,*.-��� : ��.
Per t. G. iirqnii. A|��,|
Sixty dayi alter date I loiesd 10 ipwyi
Honorable the Chief CoinmlstiuDfrof U'*'
Worka fu permLulon ni pun hue UieH
d<_cribed lands in Kootemy -llitrtfl:
meocliigata post marked J b. AetuMrti
east corner post, said i***��i lnui en th"i
side of the Lower Arrov lake, aboallen
below Burton t'lty; thenee smith ndr
tbeneeveet 80 chains; theucemrthM
thenee west 20 ehainii thence mint ttt
and �� links, more or less to thr Ubfll
ihence easterlyalong lake40c_aiai ->i��te
to the place of beglnmuc, conuiiuDflKM
more or leas.
Dated ililiMb day of Nmember.M.
per K I. ma��n,A|i|
Sixty tlayi after date I intend ��>�����
Honorable ihe Chief Com in iwionef of Ii
Works for permission io p:inli*uethe I
described lands in Koon.-nay distrlrt:.
cing at a post marked -A. J.DiUii
corner poit," aald  post U ing t��n the tt
erly shoreof the Uwer  Arrow like IM*
tine can, on tbe uorlh'S-i'urner ol ��
Uroup 1; thenee norlh EO 1 I.bIiii; ewtOfli
south 40 chains, more 01 ieM.totMW
thence following said ihore in noaw,
direction fto < halm, more ..r les- t-ibcji
beginning, containing IfiO acres, *<_**_
Dated thii 6th day of Noveml
perK I- BfMn.Aiatj
Notice li herehy given that H ____
I intend, to apply to the ^owtmwm
Commissioner ol Und- and *����*M!
alontorurchaae the lollowingdeeBiwil
Kootenay district: Commenrlni i-'J
marked -J. H. Wallace's UOTihw-elfftm
said post being on thc easterlr iW��"J
Arrow lake, and at the ���midiM" ���
Porter's pre-emption claim; llifneeewj
thence south 'JO chains, lhetice 1
thence aouih JO chains, thence *__,**.>*
more or lesa to lhe Arrow takf.dn-D'�� "Jj
easterly direction Ourham*. ��\''ri "-"J.
idai-e of beginning, eonialmnii l-Wwm"
Dated this 19th day of Octnber'j^frf
By hii agent. KknmtwI'-J^J
Notice ishereby given th
I inteml to applv io the l(.
Of Landl and Works for y
llio following descriU'd
planted   iill   llie  Norlh U
thenoe running Iwentj
twenty ohalni weet, then
llienee tweniy cliaili- Bail
South to point of oommi 1
ing m acres more or less.
imied the lit day of Oc to b<
Hixty days after dale i 1
cation to the lion. Chief
and Works lor permhulou
lowing descrlbetl land 1
plneeil at tin* soiithuc-. nil
plication  to purchnse, ins
ner," running lbence v" '
eliains wesi; tlience *i 1 In
chains easl to polntof "���!'
lug HO acres more or lew
Hated the lOlh day ol <>-'
Notice li hereby glren u>;'",,,,,   _
Intend   In   apply   to  Un   > ��. *.r rf
CommiaaloDor of Und" �������'  " .i,.M.riht4 ��-
sion to pureliuse the follm-. i-O!     .,,,.rinll(J
tn the West Kootenay ill-Hi''J-���      y ,-
post marked "Kleanor Hir1
w, J. foft-e
ir. mot
mi n
to pan
u!'."ii! M *ft
poel marked -'Kleanor 1'1"',1 , ,[,. ni*
and planted on the west sno���   _eU.��
niil, . ...sslh ssl Ar
1 liiiin-; then
(liailm; tlici i'ii"l *' 'l'1'""'       ,iis|��S
thore ol Hip Narrow,: i'"���""' ', ��s-��*I
 re in .. iiijiicrsii wui ���>�����) Si���ioi��fl
tli.n ��i i-liiilm more "i '������������ '">. ,���ii��. .
ins-ill.rsiiitalnliiK is.',
IihUsiI Oct. mh, I9q_.
���; j. ii.��visisi>.'
"Nollco I, hori-nj- bIviii i}*'*KH
MiiIi-iiiIKi a|i|s]> I'lH"' '"', ,riss
s-r uf LaiulHttiisI  Wssik- '���'I ,.���,
.���haw tbe lollowlng 'i"*"   ' ' ,u~--j_
Kiiiih-iiaviUnlrli't:   l����-�� I >���" ��� !';..,| ..unfj
"VKaeoombe'iB E '���|,'r,"'r���." i.,.i IjSI
eut ihore nl ��'"'"" , ',. ol "9
iwi lei   nisrili ol lis" "'    . tlsfsss'5
lal"-*: tbeni jrtb _'A\^M0fJ
i-liaiii��, more 01 Iom, w ' ",,.iifi<i��
Blowing tha nai.i ��ii" '*    "J,,iii>">?,_
.11.1 eassls-rly Jlrootlon 1.**'    "'��.'KnU��<*
tiio   point  nl  imiilii'is'l*"""1'
acrea, iiuiro ur lessss. .   ,1,15
Bated thll ��lb day "I""*'      W-^,
K. L. U,������1"'1 Wl ���������
ANHEUSER   g��� ��� om-swal
BUSCH...    Budweiser Beer
DISTILLERS, 12 and 20 years old.
NELSON       **"��� -MS8SML?r,tu,h    VICTORIA
. Burns __ Co.
M irk. ta in  KtrntUand,   Trail,   Nelson,  Kiwln,   Sandon, Three Fork*, New
Denver ninl Sloc&fl Oity.
inn! to any branch will have
nud careful attention.
Head Office: Nelson, B. C.
l-l- 1'. :
* data I purpoae making appll-
iioii chief Commlaaioner ol Landa
- for peruitMlOU  to purchase (he   fol-
-* t ;i,..i i��ri<<f<:   Commenelni at a pout
���MiilliWeKl eoruer of J- Wl)icll'i ap-
in iiiirchaae. markeii ��� R. S'�� S. K. Cor-
iniik.* Ihenee HO chains north, thence W)
-:    Iheuce *) !���;,,. ,:--.   KOth. tlieilCu W)
In polntof eoniinruerineni, contain-
- ���  more or I-ks.
��� lnh -lay of "ctober, i-suf,
per J. Hhiki.i., AkciiI.
lV* afterdate I purpr-ac mat Iur appll-
Uic Hon Chlel ('ouiinifNloner of Undi
for permWIon to pun-bane the  fol-
.*������ ���! landi:   Commenolne at a poet
! lhe iiorlheHit lorner of K Shlell's
1    i-nrchaw-t,  murked "M. E ���H'r* H. K.
������mniuK thence Wl 1 halus north to tbe
���rj  ol T. L tttt, lbence m chains
ice HO chatm aouth, ihence 80 cbalni
im of commencement, con Ui ...iik o-fci
��� * leal,
1 -������ 1 ti, day of Ootobefi ���*-**���
per J Hniau., Agent.
n-after date 1 purpone makliiR appli-
Hon the Chief Oommlacioner ->f j
1 w.irit*' lor permlaalon to pnrohkM the :
* bed   land:    ComincuciUK at a I
ii-Ktoftha jiinetlon of Haruen and I
a-  met eail of  R. J, KUlott'l ap    |
t�� purehaae, marked *'\V. N  V'h. B. Vi.
hi 111 iir 1 he tier M) chain* north; thence !
���tf, .*���.*. lorn!"-onih; thenee Ml
; .mn of commencement; contain- ;
ri - more or lesii.
Ui dayof October, l'JOfi.
vi. n. Pools,
Per J.Rhiiu, Agent.
iy> alter date 1 nurpoHc making appli-
ihe Hon lhe Chief CommiMioner of
1 k 1 for nennlr-mlou to purchase the
rcribed lan-lr-*-: ComineucinR at a
' the        theaM corner of U. K. '>reu-
���:i to purchaiei merited "V,I>_,
r'lnnliiR theuce HO chaloa north;
���   HO chains east;  tbence Kt
Ihence OO obattu weat, to point of
nt,    ������;,*������,!,ii,,v <>4U acres, more or
���lay of Oetober, 1906.
V. Dodo
I'er J. Shlell, Agent.
In reby ftiven that Go dars after date I
��' appllcHtlou <o the ffonoratile the
iicHluncrol Lamls and Works (or per-
1   rt-haae Uie  following deeerlbed
mmencing at  a  poit   on  the  north
���f hit km and about'.'cbalni east of
< reek, running -Ml chalus east; thence
thence 10 chalna weal: thence tt
Hi  i" (Miint of eommeucement, cou-
������' rei more or less.
l-l-er Ll, IWft.
Nollee ls hereby given that fio dayi after date 1
lutend to apply to the Honorable the Chief Com*
in is*, loner oTXenda and Worka for peraUMlon to
l'unhase the following il.-wrilw-l lauds lu tbe
went Kootenay dlatrlet: Beginning at a |H��t
markea "Alexander freeert a. W. corner," aud
planted on the east shore of lhe narrow* of
Wbttahau (Cariboo) lake, at the B. K. corner of
Btmbard Eliraoh'l application to purehase;
tbence east  40 ehulns;   theuee souih 80 chatna;
ihtnee weat 4o cbatuti more or leaLtotbeabore
of the narrows;   theuce following the said shore
tu a northerly direetinn no chains, more or leaa
lo the polul of co.iii.i.ucenicnt, containing _f_u
ai rail more or less.
Oct. J..lh, 1006, AUUiNI.ER Kkaskk,
by F L. Hahmom), Agent.
Hixty days aftei dale I purpose making application io lhe Hon. rhief ('ommlssloner of l-auds
ami Works for permission to purehase the following deeerlbed landai Commencing ai ibe
northeaat comer of i*. L. Hauuingloti's application to purchaM**, marked "H. A. Cs H. K. corner,"
iiiiitiiug thenee hu chaiua north, thence 80 chains
treat, thenee Ho chalui miulh. theuce 80 chains
eait lo I*..in; of eommeneement, containing 040
acres, more or leaa.
listed the Drill day of October, 1900.
V. A. creams,
per J. Hhiii.l Agent.
Notice is hereby given that 6U days after <Iate
l Intend tojipnli to tna Hon. chief Commissioner
of I-aiidsanil Vt orks for permlialou to purehase
the foil-owing descrit*<ed lands in West kootenay
Dlmrir-.i: Beginning at a post marked, "Hern-
hard Hirsehs s K. corner," and planted on the
east shore of thc narrows of Whatshan (< mil )
lake; Ihenee uerth HU chains; theuce west 40
chain, more->r less, 10 the shore of Whalshan
lake; ihence following said shore In a general
s-.iit ii-ti \ and easterly direction V20 chains more
or less, to point of commencement: containing
3.W acres, more or less.
Dated thisHlh dayof Ocl. 1906.
F. L, Hammomi, Agent
Kixty days after date I purpose making application to v*t Hon. the Qhlef <'ommlssloner of
Lands and Works fur permission to purchase tbe
! following   .b-M-nU'd   land:    Commencing at a
I |w*_t j.Jh��� ���' 1 about half 11 mile weat of Barnes
I creek, and about one mile north of the mouth of
l the iam*, marked "J. 8'a. 8 Vi. corner," running
. thence no chain* north; theuce "*i chains eait;
! thence Hu chains south tothe north boundary of
I Vi. N  Poole'N application to purchase; thence 80
chains west to point of eommeneement; containing eto acres more or leu.
Dauyl thc Utfa dav of October, 1906.
J. Stuiix.
Hy h
Lkov Watson,
��� agenti Kx]t____f Vi. Bostmov,
��.*��� afterdate 1 purpose making appli-
ike Hon  ChfOf Commissioner of Lamln
1 ������ -rmlrMlon to purchar-n.* the fol-
"i laod;  roinmcneiug ata boat
"nt loo vards west ol lhe whatsnan
inl shout two milea south of What-
, marked "B.C. aVeU K. corner poet"
thenee sn chains iouth; theme Hi
m. thenc,. wl chains  norUi;  thence 80
Mntof eommenoement; oontaln*
more or leas.
''��� l"th day of lletober, 190fi.
I'er It. Hhiuix, Agent.
���*'-  al er date 1 intend to apply lo the
'��������������� Chief ��� "i-i in is-1. me i of Landsand
h'lorta, io purchase IHO acres of land,
���Wen ih, west lide of Arrow lake, adjoining
(Ml  and deacrlbed ai follows:   Cnmmeucfug
t planted on the west boundary of Lot
out 2n chaluN north of the H. V.. corner of
������'��� ni.* wer.t au chains, thenoe iouth ��>
'   east   :<u chains lo the wcsUtii
H  "i hre-cmptlon No. 378, thence liorlh
i�� i * place nf beelnning-
"' "' I- 2t. PJ06 M   K. WAU.fY,
ll J. Ki.i.uirr, Agent.
Sixty dava aft'r dale I purpose making application to the Hon. Chief Comm lush ner of Lanl-
aiid Works for iK-riiiission lo purchase tbe following described lands: Commencing al a prat
placeTahoul half a mile wesl of the lower end of
Whalshan lake, marked ���'!����� H's. N. W .corner,"
running tbence SO chains nouth; t hence HO chains
easl; thence HO chaini north; thenee 80 chains
went to point of couiiiKHieemetit, containing WO
acres, more or less
Dated the IStfa day of October, lWW.
I>. Dodo,
Per J. Shikll, Agent.
8 xty days afterdate I purpoeu making application lo the Hon Chief Commissioner ol Lamls
and Wn ks for permission to purchase the following deacrlbed lauds: i ommenclng at the
northwest corner of K. A. Crease's application to
pnrehaae, marked ��W. li. Q'e. <���*������ w. corner,"
running thence 80 chains north; thence BO
chains east; thence 80 ehalna south; thence 80
cbaina west to point of commencement, containing fill) acres, more or lesa.
Bated lhe mh day of October, 1906.
, I'er J. HtiiKLi,, Agent.
The Dafly Canadian
'< I'lvs.is thai IKS slav, alli-r statu I
'   application in tin. Bononbla tiw
 s ol I.hiisIi, ssn.) W,,rkss Int i..-r-
���" '������ pnrrlian lha lollowlng .l.-��.rll��-il
' ' nii��;llrlng nt ��� pss.l j.lm, .-. 1 ,il,sisit sssu-
"S*-1 s'l Wliaunan crook ansl alMsnl llirs-s-
-'���'���sis sii w t,,ii,|,,v��� ini,,. r,j at ti ,i>k Hiiclialii.
��� ii.iiis-s-aoiiiam, wail; ihenn m clialo,
.111. sn.. s��s , iintii, ,.HB1i  ,��� t���,|ii|,,| ,.,������.
is,, in. rotitalntiiggfu -,.reM man ���r ItsssK.
mills i......, |s, ,;,.���,
. I'kikii Ms ^asiillTssl.,
") lil, agent, KnNgST w. ItnniN-usN
';' I. iss rvity given tiisit 1,1 iihvh (nmi stati-1
'* ��P|il) 1" tii.- Uonorabli ifn- OOUIOoa-
" *' ol .Hint. ���,,,l Wnrk, to (iliri-liam MO
-.'"���> JMcrlbod an lollowai rmnini-iii-lng
s' i I'Ssisil,,! ,,,, n,,. ���,,rlh (,���,,!, ���f (lll. 1(1u)l,
,.-  *.'..,' "["'"I *.**-sl vunl. Irissil In.iiltli, unit
"      I    Mi-U-an'a  H    w.   i-nrucr   isss,t,"
'. ... |*nalua, Ihrnca nortl, ao i-liaini,
��t��ims-liiina, timni-caoutfa Wi-iiaiua, lo
',,. ||'.'",nil*1S''s'iiii'iit,iiliili-olilatlllngWUaiTe,
______��ltjij1ny Ort., 19U0.      Ronr. Ms:I,��l��.
,'t, ,r '!!'*'* -I'.'.' I j.i,r|.oHo making appli
fori,. , '""-"fa''*" oiniiilsmliillt-rorUnila
is- ,li���..'i! I?'r,1"1'"""" to pnrrliaao lliol.il-
,....., ' ll I'tii'lss: llotiiiiielKMng at Dm
..." '"","'."< ��. I'oilit'B i,,,pli-atlisn lo
l ���',,,.,!?''' "(:- '-��� "'�� N. K. noriior." run
lli.i.V .,''.,"1"" ���onlli, ihonoo on chain,
,��� n,,,1''* ��� * Issiliiss nonh, ihcnce BO chain,
i,. ���|, ,(.l'ir"|  ,'"l,i'ii��*m's-nifiit,roi]tatntiiK
'"' "'"''III ilny ssl llaolior. inon.
C. L. Hanninoton,
per J Siiiei.i.. AkciiI
,nti,r'["}'; l PorpsiHi- making appli-
; "on., isis-i CommlMloner ol Uadi
or IwrmglaUm lis psircliasns lho lol
i .. ., lHI"',s: isoiiiiin-iii-tng at a
,,,,,*"',"oriiiwuai oorner ol *'K.
,- ,,'', *'U,V"" '" piircliaac, marke.
sis',. ��'''',' ,"">"lng llionco KI chain,
si.ni s' ,'""" *"'"'' tfaolici. ��o clinliu
*"a niugMOaorog mor,-or loan.
'"it nay ol Ootober, 1901
K. KsisiiuiMiv.
isor J.HiiiatL, Agont.
Hlxty slay, alter slau-1 isurpone making appli-
cation lo tlie llssii. Cblel I'omiiilMloner ol Lamls
ami Wssrk, lor porriilsals.il lis psircha��c the lollowlng ilcni-rlhest laml,: I'ssmliis-nilng al the
nsirttiws-nt corner ol 11. Iloslsl', applfs-allon to
pori-lsane, markesl "II. K'n H. W. i-orner." running
Iheiii-emis'tiatn. nortii; llsense HO s-halin, more
or le���. Ui thr we��t .liore o, Whamliaii lake, fssl-
lowlng ��ine 00 chain, aonllil theme KI chain,,
more ssr lens-, cunt to lhe point of i-oioiiss-ii.eiiieot.
containing ow aft/Hi moreor ten,.
Daleil the Uth 'lay s.f si.-toher, 1 w rl.
M. I'.I sis ills.
per J. SlltKLL. Ags-ist.
Noll.-s- I, herehy glicu Hial nlmy .lays- after
, ,tate I liilt-ml to apply lo tin- ll.snorahlc t.hls-f
| l*oiiimln,loi.er s,[ lj.n-1- ansl Work, tor pcrmln-
���ton lis l-.sr.-J Use lollowlng detvrllied   nissln:
I'smil lOlOg 111 ll pnsil plas-s-l on Use oorlliw. nl
I i-sirnerisl Alheil Kllloli'.applls-allssli lopnrchiins-.
I roniiliig sss chain, ,'a,l along lha liorlhcrn
I  I, uteri   ol  name:   lliemc   wl  chain,   Imrlli;
IhencoMoheiniwH>itb noeteobelngioutboj)
I ^silnt ssf o.siisuii-iii'i-ssss'iit. coulalnliig Olo iscrcr,
mnre ssr lenn.
Ilalesl Del 111. li����. J'""1 Kl-'-l"".
Bv hll agent. Knsaar ��'. KsinlanoN.
is Is. II.
if  deal
Soller in he
rs-hy given thai Itl ilay, tiller slate 1
Intend tss apply Is. U.e lion. Ihlef ...iniiil-nls.n.-r
o ..ansl. as. Ws.rkn fssr permlgglon Is. pnrs-hanc
the lollowlng deicrlbed lead, .itnat.-.l In thi
Honl  Kool.nay dllUUtl    Itecl.i.il.ill al is P"��
ssinrki'.l " llerlss'il Marreii n N. 1-.. eo ns-r,   ami
S3 on lb. ��� -t tool ��'halnhan (,*arl)��,o)
lake, alasssl ono-qogrter inll
lOUth 80 chalnn; Ihs
len,,    Iss    tVhatabai
norlh nloiig tl
hence weatfloohalnil thenco
,���,, t.Hnl an chalnn, mnre or
,,.,,.���   crock 1    thenco lollowlng
,e ei.-ek uml lake nhorc Wl ehalnn,
 r,, ���r i,.,,, lo i I s'l csitiiiiienoomcnt. con-
F. I,. llAnMol.1", Agent.
N,��� i-hT^h)' k-lv.'ii llinl CO den .tier ilale 1
Noll e l> neroor ... .     , (. ,ln ���|���m.r
Inieml toiipply,lo lb ii ���"���        nurohuo
'.',"���",'", "��'i'1 , -,ci i'l atnin -l'n��ed In tho
,",",'l*;'"!*"���"','l,c"nl,o     ���'     Vl_,'i. n   t-arll"!!.!
plnnlesl   ssn   lhe mn r-   " k
lake at the "gljM*.MSfeJVill �� chain.,
Ihenoe aouth n ';'""'",' ���,  vheUhen orm"]
more or lenn, lis the , ore k ������,,
MSS{_nW,,0grwA' oorlca.
Ocl. mill, HoO- AKTOlliKTrK I1IMCII,
lly I*. I.. lUnaoNis, Agent.
8t.    Andrew's     Day       Commemorates
Fisherman   Apostle  and   Legendary Medieval Champion.
Tomorrow will be the twenty-fourth
Sunday after Tiinfty, the last of the
church year.
Next Friday will be St. Andrew's
day, the day chosen by Scotsmen aa
thfcir national holiday, from the name
of their patron Bflint, one of the legendary seven saints of Christendom.
There is no authority even in tradition to connect the fisherman apostle
with ihe land o cakes, but the day on
which the church commemorates the
ftpostlfl Is the same as lhat observed
by followers of the mythical champion.
Ht. Andrew of the scriptures wati
one of the earliest culled or the apostles, and it was through him that St.
Peter, his brother, became the militant leader of the church after Christ's
ascension. It was to St. Andrew that
Christ said. "Follow me, and I will
make you fishers of men."
The gospel for tomorrow contains
the account of the raising of the lead
girl, and of the healing of the woman
afflicted with an issue of blood. Both
wefe miracles of power and, as usual,
greatly Impressed all beholders, as re-
corded by the evangelists.
The following services are announc
ed at the various churches for tomorrow:
Church of England���St. Saviour's,
cor. Ward and Silica streets; twenty-
fourth Sunday after Trinity; holy communion, 8 a. m.; morning prayer and
litany, 11 a. m,; Sunday school, 2:30
p. m.; evensong, 7: :t0 p. m. Rev. F.
H. Graham, rector.
Roman Catholic���Church of Mary Im
maculate, corner of Ward and Mill
streets: Low mass, 8 a. m.; high mass,
10:30 a. m.; evening service, 7:30 p. m
Rev. Father Althoff, priest.
Presbyterian church���St. Paul's, corner of Victoria and Kootenay streets:
Morning service, 11 a. m.; Sunday
school, 2:30 p. nv; evening service, 7:30
p. m.; Sunday school, 2:30 p. m. Rev
J. T. Ferguson, minister.
Methodist church���Corner Silica and
Josephine streets: Morning service, 11
a. m.; evening service, 7:30 p. m.; Sunday school, 2:30 p. m. Rev. R N.
Powell,  pastor.
Baptist church���Stanley street, near
Mill: Morning service, 11 a. ra.; even
Ing Bervice, 7:30 p. m.; Sunday Bchool,
2:30 p. m. Rev. E. H. Shanks, pastor.
Rev. C. Padley will preach both morn-
and evening. The choir will render
"Our God Is Near" at the evening
Salvation Army���Barracks on Victoria street, west'of .Tosephine: Special services for tomorrow. Knee drill,
9 a. in.; holiness meeting, 11 a. ra.; a
praise meeting at 3 p. m.; salvation
meeting at 8 p. m.
The government of British Columbia hereby offers a reward of
$1000 for information leading to
the arrest and conviction of one
Frank Cedio, alias Frank Agalio
Paimblanc, who on the 18th Inst,
at the Canada hotel at Niagara,
B. C, murdered Louise King by
means of dynamite or other explosive.
Description of Frank Cedio,
alias Frank Agalio Paimblanc:
Italian, age about 38 years;
height, about 5 feet ti'/fc inches;
weight, about 150 pounds; brown
hair, light brown moustache;
may be clean shaven now; eyes
light blue, thin face, small thin
nose; slight scaT on one cheek,
extending downwards from eye
to corner of mouth.
When last seen wore dark grey
Fuit with black stripes, plaid pattern and tanned high top laced
Wire  or  otherwise   report   immediately any information to Mr.
I.  A.  DenBmore.   Provincial   Constable ,Grand Forks.
By order,
Supt.   Provincial   Police.
Certificate of Improvements
"Snj*((lBn>��M mnl "ii:,it��-" miner*! 1'lalmn, HitimtL-
in Trout Lake Mining iMvlHioii.
toaatod -ui Poplw creek.
Tade Notice mui i, Bruce White, n<'iiii�� m
iiKi'iit for tbe Bpyglen Mining < o,, feet hinert1
Sertlfloete N�� EJ.WW, intend, M den from the
���iui,* hereof- toH|ip)v to tin*. miuIhk Reoorder fur
it it n i lim tr .it ItnprovuiiiL'iilK for (Iiu parpen of
ubtitliiltijt k Crown <<mnt of tlie Mhivc ,-!hiiu-.
Ainl   further   iHke nntice ihnt   ucllun, nmlur
Bectlon V. meet be commenced before toe lm-
ence ot nn-ii -i mittcni* of liniirownicutti.
Deled -Mil (���.���int.. r. itm. Itm , �� WiiitK.
sixiv iImj-s after <t>ttu 1 lnten-1 to nppir to tin*
lion -"lii'-t CuiiitiilssliiiiiTjif Landi anil Worku,
Virlortr*., to nnronew -WO -acred of land, in Fire
Vail*-**.'. Went Kootenay I Commenclnc at �� poet
lii.ntvd 00 Bh_.ni weit of thee.T-.eorneJof J.
ItoliIn��on'h pre-emptlOD, ami markeii W* W'l N.
K. comer, and riiiiuliiK went to cIiiUiik, tlience
-.null, Hi) clialUH, tbenoe eatit to elmniH, llienee
norlli ���*���" ctnlnN to j'liire of iM't-iiuiiiiK
Nov. lMili, lANV William Williams,
J. K. Annahlk, AKent.
Noilce ts in-M-liv ttven tlial tui tiayit alter date I
Intend lo make application tothe I'onoralde tliu
ciiic' Oonunliuonor of Cendi and Worki for per-*
iniHi-lnil   to   pureliuse   (lie   followiiiK   'l''"<* ttH'd
landa: Oommenolne at a noit planted on the
nortIll-ant co nor of I'eter MoNauKliton's am-lica-
tlfiu to piirclnw , (ollowinp lhe eaut bouinlary of
mine m eliatim sonlli; tlience H�� clialim enft;
IhcnceH<)chains north; thencotHJ chains west to
point of coniineiiccment, contulnlnR i*m acres,
more or leu.
Holed Oct. 18, 1906. AI.HKHT Kl.l.lnlT.
lly IiIm axeiit Hiinkht W. HomNaoN
Hlxty dnvs nfler date I Intend toapply to the
Hon thct-'l'i1ciroimni**ii>iicri>tl_L!idHuud u orka
to piircliHse .'tn neres ol land: Coinmonrfng at a
mist marked "N.T B'h KOiitheaBl corner mist."
aald im-". I* Ink at the northeaat corner of Ooo.
Hiidsoii'H preemption i'IhIiii, ahout two miles
loutbeutol Burton City, thence west to dininr,
south'.HI chains, west 40 chains, nortii Pi chains,
cast (fl chains, south at chains lo place or commencement, i "iit" ni I iik **1" aeres.
Locateu8thdayof Nov.ltW-.   NeTTi_T. BtUt,
School Board    Will    Rent   and    Equip
Building for January���Fuel  Problem Becoming Serioue.
The school trustees in their regular
monthly meeting last night dealt
mainly with routine matters of school
administ ration varied with changes on
the staff, and of janitors, consideration
of the question of fuel supply, of heating and ventilation of some of the
rooms of the public school building,
and discussion of the eternal topic of
extra classroom accommodation.
The board met in Dr. Arthur's office
at 8 last evening, with A. D. Emory
in the cli air ,Dr. Arthur and F. VV.
Swannell also present. The minutes
of the last metfting were read and
The finance committee reported recommending the payment of the November s-aliirii.-s and sundry small accounts, which was approved.
R. Swannell's resignation of the position of janitor of the public school,
taking effect November 30, was _*eceiv-
ed and accepted. A dozen applications
for the vacancy had been received.
A letter from the Rossland Teachers' assoc'ation a-sked confirmation or
deni;il of a report that in Nelson
teachers are allowed 10 days' sick
have wilho.it loss of salary. Dr. Arthur had already answered confirming.
An application from Calgary for a
position on the teaching Ettaff was received.
A request from one of the staff for
an Increase of salary was refetred to
next year's board.
An app'ication was also received
from Victoria.
A letter from A. Sullivan gave formal nolle-*! of changes in arrangement
of the personnel of the staff.
Mrs. Pearcy. teacher of division 8,
asked for Instructions as to the low-
est temperature of the room at which
tbe punils should be retained, and also
comp'ained of the frequency of smoke
and  pas entering lhe room.
It wa.. agreed that ihe evils c-m-
plained of were irremediable with the
present bu'ldlng, and that the teacher
In charge must be allowed to exercise
her own discretion.
The nn-aption of a supply of fuel led
to a serious dibci!F*i o, as thfl board,
like others, is threatened with a shortage. The matter was left to Dr. Arthur to take such steps as he might
consider expedient.
The qu"Stion of a new claFsroom
was tb"n taken tin. Several buildings
now vacant and bslleved to avatlble
were drscu.*B?d. It was ageed that
deakB be ordered as boo . as Principal
Sullivan d.clded what division should
b^> placed there. The chainn-in and
the secr?tt,ry were Instructed to In.
vestlcate and report.
Applications for the janitorshlp of
the public schools were then taken up
and finally Joseph Jackson wae appointed.
Successful Men Give Particular Attention to Dress and Address.
To Increase or emphaize Individuality to make a man noticed. In these
strenuous days a man who is favorably
noticed is on the high road to success.
All successful men are well dressed,
and dressed so as to accentuate their
individuality. The exceptions only
prove the rule.
lleing well dressed does not mean
that a man must he a dandy. Pew
dandles are well dressed.
In the book "Manners and modes for
Men,*' there are pictured suits aud
overcoats for various occasions and occupations. Published by the Semi-
ready Company, these booklets may be
had from any Semi-ready Wardrobe.
Semi-ready tailoring is a synonym for
correct form and cultured style. Their
$20 and $25 suits and overcoats are not
any better tailored than their $15 garments.
J. A. Gilker, (he pioneer merchant
ol Nelson, has secured the agency for
the incomparable Semi-ready tailoring.
Thirty ilays afi.r ilate 1 Intend to npply to the
Hoii.ciii.il Commissioner of l-anrts and Works,
Victoria, for a special lie_ii'*e to eni end carry
away timber from lhe following tract ol land,
situated on lhe N. & K. railway, tu thf Woat
-ooo-tiiiy dlitrlel! Cniniiiriic ini; at ii im-t iihni-
ed near the N. 1. corner Of A. R. Fiii([land's
llmltcr claim, theuee Wi-si tMlchalus, thenee north
HDi-tintus tbenee e It HO chains, thence south m
oheini to point of comtnenreiuent.
Nov. titli, 1906, P. J. i;ai-i AiutKit.
Notice Is hereby given lliat 3D days alter ilnte I
intend lo apnlv to the Honorable the Chief 'om
mlssloner of hands and Works for a special
license toeut mid carry away tlmher from the
followlni: d*icribed  lauds:    Commeuelng ata
post marked "T J.��cenlen,i northern corner,"
1-niisVii nhnul ii mill* vs--t Innii Hear ereek, and
ahout four mllei from lis mouth, which !�� six
miles west from Nation| thenc. west no chains,
theuce M.iiiii kd < Imi ii . tlu-nce east Ht) chains,
thenc*. uorih sn eliains to ilu* IiiUIhI point.
touted oetober Bad. ltxw.     r. j. Scaman,
Notice is herehy given Unit ,H> davs after date I
inU'tid to appl) to Hn- Hon. the Chief Commls
(.inner of I.Mini.- and Works for a spec'al Mct-ticc
toeut nnd cany n ������ ��y limber from Ilm followhur
duorlbed lands: Commencing at a tHM*-l murked
"T. J. Scan 'an's sou I liens t corner," plan ted about
five miles up (iroinHiioreek, which t-mplfcs about
one mile west of Nelson; thence west-40 chnins,
iliein*. ninih Ii'ji chslns; thence cast 4ii chains;
tlience south UK) eliains to point of eommeneement.
Dated Oct BO, 1��W. T. J..O-U.UH-
W. J. IfcKlMH, Agent
Certificate of Improvements
"Fclipso No. 2," "Vevey," '���Happy Medium,"
"International" and "Ata Fractional" mineral claims, situated In tbe Sloean City Mining
Division of West Kooteuay dlatrlct.
Where located:-North of Twelve .Mile creek,
about two miles up.
Take notice that I, H. H. Jorand, of Slocan, P.
0���Free .Miner's i ertlfh-atc No. H7.s;.ki. iisunent
for t. A. Cole, Tree Miner's Certificate No. BW84,
intend, slxlv days frum lhe date hereof, to app y
tothe Mlnlne Recorder for a Certificate uf lm-
Kraiit of i-uid mineral claims
And further tali-,  notice that action, under
Section 87, must be commenced  before the issuance of such Certilleate of Improvements.
Dated ihis Will day of tJepteoiber, V.m.
U.K. Jorand.
Silver King Hotd
Beet Dollar a day honee in the Kootenays.
Boomi are well furnished.   Table aa good u any
in Nelaon.    Bar supplied with good
llauors end t-Urara.
W. E. McCANDLISH, Proprietor.
Tfemont House
Karopeao and Amarlcan Plan
Meal, 36 ct,.   Room, (rom 36 eta. to II
Only White Halp Eoplorod.
Bakar at., Neliou Proprietor!
Bartlett   Hotise
Best Dollar-a-Diy House ia Kelson.
The Bar I, tbe Flneet.
White Belp Only KmplojesJ.
Joaephlne Bt.
Lake View Hotel
Corn>r Ball and Vernon,
two blocks from wharf.
Kates JI 00 per ,\ny hn_ Up,
Tileph Sne .18. N*ELSON,   B, Cm
Grand Central Hotel
J. A. BRICK-SON, Proprietor.
Centrally Located. Open Day and Night.
Bample and Bath Kooma free.
Opposite Court House and Post Office.
Corner Ward aod Vernon Streets.
T*�� Strathcona
Nelson, B.O.
B. Tomkins, Manager.
The Leading Hotel in the
Oood   Sample    Roonu,
Queen's Hotel
Baker Street, Nelaon. B. 0.
Lighted by Electricity and
Heated by Hot Air
Large and Comfortable Bedroom, and Pint-
claaa muftia Boom. Bample Boom, lor Commercial Meu
MRS. I. C. CLARKE. Froprletreaa
Royal Hotel
Rates fl and ��1.50 a Day.
Sjxwial Bates to Regular Boarders.
Wholesale and Retail Dealera ln
Fresh and Salted Meats
$750 Cash and $15 per Month
Will Purchase a Modern House
containing three bedrooms, Dining room, parlor, kitchen and
bathroom ; gas aud electric light.     The house is in a
good position ou Mill street and
must be sold.
Price $< 300.00.
H. <& M. BIRD.
*T a      , *        *]*.  TO  TAKK OUT  AN	
lNowisthelimeAccident ^^e Micf
I Represent The Railway Passengers' Company
The Oldest Company Doing Business In This Line.
Ca-'ipa supplied on shortest notion and
lowest price. Nothing but fresh and
wholesome moats and snpples kept in stock
Mail orders receive careful attention.
E. C. TRAVES.  Manager.
Contrautor nnd
Soli* iiHi'iit for the I'nrto Hh-o LnmhiT Cit., Ltd..
retail yun Is. Kmigh nn-1 -In-Mul Inmhcr, turned
work and hracketa, Cnaat lath an d "hi iik I*-*, Katih
mnl doors, Cement, hrfi-k and lime Un sale.
Automatic grinder.
Yard and factory: Vernon Ht.. mat of Hall,
I.BL.SON,  B. Q.
P O. Box ttt, 7e._ph--i.u-  17B.
West Transfer G>.
Geueral Teamsters and Dealers In
Ooal and Woo i.   Express and
llUKKiu.-!' Tr.insfer
?__��'iS Office: Baker St.
Notire la herehy given Ihat at a meeting of the
Board of Ui*c*iim* CommlaKlonera, to be he'd in
the Chief *t-on**t*hle'�� offlee, Nelaon, on the llHh
Dofomher, WO, I Intend to apply fo*-a Iransfcrof
my IIqodHs tor tlu'itrove Hotel, Fairvlew, Nelaon,
loC, F. Walnmhy
Hated lftlh Nov., WW. J W CROW,
per Wm. (.OBNKLI., Attoruey.
No ice Is herehy given that at a meeting of the
Board of License roniiniaa'onera, h> he ueld In
t.'hli-f (-oitHtable'a olllce, at Nelson, on 16th December, l!HHi, i intend to apply for a truoaier of my
hotel license for the Palace hotel, at Ymir, lo
Choice Fruit
I Have 10,000 Acres
Choicest Frait Lands in
British Coktmbia.
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
J. E. ANNABLE,    ���    Nelson, B. C.
We Will Sell
WOO Yale-Kootenay Ice  9 l-2c
Insurance. Fruit Lands, Real Estate.
McDermid & McHardy
The Hall Mining and Smelting
Company, Limited.
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry Ores*
An Isil.Klsl As Pavla
lllli November, laos.
Winter Excursions
NdSOn r��-M0����treal, Toronto
And All Points West Thrrtof
Is OsUrio nnd Quebec.
Quebec, St. Julm Halifax, and Maritime Provincea ratea   on    application.
Tickets on kuIi- dally,
Trip, First-Class. Three Months'
Limit, Old Country Rates
$89.25 Return
Halifax or Hi. John.
Saloon, $95; Second, $76; Steerage,$54
And up, according to Bteamer.
For detailed information, nnillngs,
ocean st.-aiiu-ni, flrat i-Ihhh or tourist,
aleeper reservations, apply to local
agent or write
A.O.I'....Vainiouver. D.P.A.. Nelaon
Old Curiosity Shop
If you want to buy or sell anything,
go to the Old Curiosity Shop. A new
line of Japanese Goods now on Bale. Al)
kinds of Dlnnerware In stock. P't
Ni-llei' la litTi-liy Riven Uml Die pnrtiierftlilii
hnr-toforc siilmltiliiig tptweeo '<***���. Iho iiii-1it-#Iru-
t*il, tn hotel t.c��bura in thi- town of Kli__t, UrltUh
Culuiiibln, lm*. thlnlay been _l-Aolve<l by mutual
littwl this 27th day of Oclnber. im��.
Wllnew:   Alex. Sti-wart, I'liUip K M��f_Hum
Excursions to
Eastern Canada
Oriental Limited
With through tourists car to
To Toronto, Montreal
and points west
BT1 *78.25
Corresponding low rates to
points i-iimi of Montreal.
Tickets ou sale Nov. 24th to
Dec. :11st. Good for three mouths
with privilege of extending limit
Going via Sault Ste Marie
stopovers allowed cast of St.
Paul and Duluth.
Going via Chlcngo stopovors
allowed east ot Detroit and
Port Huron.
For   further   Information  call
on or address
t.ty Pflfutenfar Agent.
A (I. P. A , HisalUe.
P����S0N $1*50
**** '*-'<J VPWAKDS
A collection of all the Latest
Shapes and Sues.   A free
smoking and most satisfactory pipe.
Tobacconist.  Baker Street.
ri .->*   '
the ;
New Xmas Fruits!
'Seeded Raisins, Si
Fine, clean, juicy stock. A trial X
order will convince you that Hief
the stock Is tlie best. X
Bell Trading Co j
Coal and
Telephone 265
Some Wise Body
Has Said:
In    England    they    raise    fine
horses.     In   Scotland   they   raise ]
fine men.
In England thoy feed their oats ,
to horses.    In Scotland they feed
their oats to men.
Peed yourselves   and    children (
on ff,
Ba & K, Rolled Oats
and then watch the reunite.
B & K. Rolled Oats in Hlb, .01b and *
401b sackH for s-al-a nt ]
[Joy's Cash Grocery!
(lor JismslsliSlii-aust Mill Bin.      Phono 10
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch.
Creosote, Oils for
Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch and
Boat Ruililnrs will llinl it tis their nrl-
vatitnifi- to liHi- our Pitch.
Nelson Coke & Gas Co.
Potter & Cummiiigs
l lb. box   -   50c
1-2 lb. box -   30c
Thuegoodi an*- r.i fine aa the more expensive
kinds, tbo ouly difference is thu package,
Phoue 25. Bnker St.
Next P. Burns & Co.
O.I-. \'arnoi. und Ward Strew.*.,
J. FRED HUME, Prourietor.
W. Hunter, Silv-iton; g. stott, A.
T. Garland, Bllvwton; F. R. Maodon-
aid, A. E. Orupe, J. E, Home, Toronto:
W. P. White, Moyle; 0. M. Miller, 11.
A. Small, J. ll. OreenBeld, I). W. Duke
Vancouver; w. it. Smith, Ladysmith;
K. K. l-'rnser, A. Laidlaw Sp,okane;
U. A. llilioii, Nakuep; I*:, it. Howard,
St. Paul; I-:. Marrlett, Chinook; F. E.
Armstrong, Rossland; t;. Watson, Fort
Ii. Campbell, F. Smith, Toronto; S.
II. Garrett, Slocan; p. w. Guernsey,
J. H, Schofleld, .1. F. Roblllard, Trail;
II I.. I.nliny. Grand Forks; E. Kelly,
Spokane;  A. McQueen, Kamloops.
.1. P. Evans and wire, Salmo;  A. J,
llauilley, Vmir.
R. c. Thompson, Poorman; a. l.
Anderson,  Greenwood.
.1. E. Werner, Three Forks; 11. A.
Goupell, Slocan Junction; C. A. Camp-
hell, II. I). Campbell, C. McDonald,
Itossland; 11. Maynauve, Poplar; A.
Sohneller, Boundary; A. L. Lyon,
Strathcona;   J.  Robinson,   Edgewood;
'I*.  A.  Rogers,   St.   Louis.
W, Galbraith, Kaslo;   A. T. Morton,
.1. Watson, Revelstoke; A. J. Thorn-
icroft,  Winnipeg;   ,1.    Williams,    Bad-
way;   W.  Ilaieson,  Brandon;   Rev.  W.
lt. Itoss, Grand Forks.
w. Pollock,   Castlegar;    A. W. Mc-
Kelvey, Gladstone; J. Foote, J. Con-
nell, G. Wheeler, ,1. Pearson, B. Blun-
dell, Bonnington; A, .Morrison, J. II.
Smith, Regina! D. Mclver, Phoenix;
S. Monk-r, Yellowgruss; M. J. Mc-
Grath, Ymir.
J,   Malhoson,  Bandon;    A.    Mel.ach-
lan,  Portland;   L.   A.   Watson,   Lardo;
W.   lliinialn,  A.   McO.ee,  Rosslalul;   D.
McLean, Eholt;  J. A. gden, Trail.
Pure Ontario Honey
5 Pound Cans     90c
10 Pound Cans $1.75
J. A. ffiVING & CO.
Telephone 161,
.'ill MKN, at once, for wort In ih,, wsiissIh. Apply
Iss W. K. S'ssssk,-. .nivilllll, KaMss. 	
I.AI'V STKNOIIItAI'IIKII (ssr pssssltlmi In s-.ssililry.
i'eiui home ssiiis employer'i family.   Apply
isssx W., rillitlllinll ,,|li(-L..
HI sl I.MKN. Mill I hi nils hihI Ixik-irlnicContrartors,
sil.is BnglnMr \V,ittsslssirn l.sssnliiT 00,, nenr
I risnlsi'ss'sk. It  0
OOMI'BTBNT NI'RSI "hIKL. Five clillslrcn.
Apply l��X613.
TWO KIt-.HI-CI.AK. KtiliMS, Blciim lu-iilcil.   Ap-
ply lioiiMkoepar, jrd nm. K w. n. isissrk
IIHV I'KllAlt I.IIHS lisrllisaH. Apply In Trumiilit
l-Ul'NING AND (illAPTINU isamllilly altenrt-
���sl In. Apply
Silver Kiiib Hotel.
Beit Davison was laken to the Homo
hospiiai last night Buttering Irom an
attack ot quinsy.
S. Morley, of the Royal Bank staff
In Grand Forks has heen transferred
to the Nelson  branch.
W. A. Ward and Mrs. Anna Brusih
were man lesi last night hy Rev. R.
Newton Powell at the residence of
Mrs. A. C. Garde.
N. I). Darn, who has been studying
the mines of llrlllsh Columbia, leaves
for 01 lawn toinoriow morning to eou-
fer with the Dominion government.
Reggie Cummins of the staff of the
Royal Hank of Canada, lately of Chilliwack. has returned to the post of
ledger keeper in the Nelson branch.
A record slot machine play was
mado at W. A. Thurman's last night.
On a 40 to 1 shot a royal flush was
turnesl up. entitling the luck winner
to  10(10 cigars.
"Jerry From Kerry" will be the attraction at the opera house this evening. Monday night the Pringle Stock
company's week's engagement will he-
The Lincoln, corner of First avenue
and Lincoln street. Spokane, is now
the headquarters of a flourishing colony of Nelsonites. Including A. KIs-
sack and Jack Sharpies.
The Daily Canadian
A mot .Iiik of the Medical nssoc'ia-
t'on of Nelson was held yesterday nf*
ternoon In Dr. Arthur's offloe. All the
mem hers were present and It was
unanimously resolved that ln future
no medical examinations for insurance should be made for less than the
standard   fee of  .5.
W. E. Zwlokey is probably tha busiest man in Koot. nay. He is now man-
ager of the Rambler-Cariboo, American
Boy ami Krao mines, and has just
been appointed by the supreme court
of the province to direct the new work
ordered to he done ou the claims in
the issue of the famous lateral rights
ease of Star vs. White.
A, \v. Hyndman, late manager of
the Nelson branch ot the Royal Hank
of Canada, leaves tomorrow morning
for Edmonton to assume his duties
theie. During his brief stay in Nelson
Mr. Hyndman has jiade a host of
friendSj who will sincerely regret hfs
departure while congratulating hlm on
well merited  promotion.
About :10 members of the Nelson
lloat club have organized gymnasium
classes for the winter. They have secured quarters In the Griffin block,
where they will take a course of strict
athletic tiaining under T. Del. Desbrl-
say, the club coach. Outside sports
will receive attention beside the usual
gymnasium exercises. The members
expect to be fit and ready to enter
the shells as soon as the next rowing
season opens.
A meeting of the directors of
the Kootenay Fruit Growers' association was held yesterday afternoon In the office of Se retary J.
K. Annable. The chief business was
the passing of accounts for the past
season. It was also decided that before next season samples of the various fertilizers In use should be submitted for examination to Professor
Shutt, at Ottawa.
The Store of Quality
40 Cents per Pound
In order to olear out this line
we are reducing Iho price to
���10... We only have n limited
���inutility so don't delay ordering if you want auy.
Rob. RL Hood &Co.
K. W. C. Block . Phone 10.
A. McDonald & Co.
Dealers iu staple and fancy (.rus-eries.
Mutter, Eggs.
Clump mnl Miners' Supplies.
Corporation of the City of Nelson
Baalad Tendon will be reoelved by the under*
Rlffiiu<l ni' to 8 o'clock, t>. in , "ii Mondny the 'JAlh
dny of Noverob' r, Ixt, for tlm removal of Uie
court bouse JimMlng.
Hpt'clflcdtlotiH for name cun he nee!) at llio city
.iiKineer'n offlce, City Hull.   Hy Order,
W.K.WA830N, City Clerk.
Nelion, Nov. lu, lWrt.
These  are  the finest potatoes
ou the market.
Price $1.75 per cwt.
Cm Am Benedict
Corner Silica and Josephine Sts.
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Frott, Fael
& Poultry Co., Ltd.
Deliveries mnde daily throuirhont Nelson
and its suburbs Phone 148.
With the arrival uf Xmas Roods we
find the necessity for clearing out
some linos which we cannot find space
to display. For this reason we have
decided to offer our entire line of
Side and Back Combs
SETS���Back and Two Side Combs-
Regular   50c,   for 35c
Regular   75c,   for 45c
Regular   ilOc,   for 60c
Regular  $1.10,   for 75c
Regular   $1.25,   for 80c
Regular  $1.40,  for 90c
Regular 18.50, for $275
Regular $3.75,  for $2.95
Regular $4.00, for $3.10
Regular $4.5(1, for $3.25
Regular 80c.  reduced to 55c
Regular $1,011, reduced lo 65c
Regular $1.75, reduced to $1.25
W. G. Thomson
ffiSSSiS* snd Nelson, B. C.
IMKHiD 34.
The ore cabinet in the Strathcona
which fell litsi night sustained nu damage except the breaking of the glass.
It will be in place again on Monday.
At the Baptist church tomorrow the
morning theme will be, "His Culling,"
and the evening sermon, "The Fountain Opened." The hoir will sing an
anthem,  "Onward,   Christian   Soldier."
Chief Jarvls is planning to enforce
the law against supplying liquor to
men already intoxicated. More than
half the work of the force this year
has consisted in caring for penniless
inebriates on the verge of delirium
The services at the Methodist church
will he conducted both morning and
evening by the pastor, Hev. H. Newton
ton Powell. His subjects will be,
morning, "Life in Prepared Places";
evening, "Forsaking the Highways for
the Crooked Paths."
Miss Flora M, Graham, sister of
Mrs. J. W. Gallup of Balfour died al
Slocan City yesierday, and will lie
burled from Sti Paul's church at li p.
m. tomorrow. Other relatives live lu
New Brunswick. Rev. J. T. Ferguson
will conduct the funeral services.
Last Saturday II. R Veriuder of
Wiulaw took a room at tbe Klondike,
In a cigar case Ip a lock'-d valise he
had $20. lie last saw It on Thursday.
Lasi -nig.il he went to his valine but
could not Unlock It. This morning be
broke It open and found lhat lbe $'M)
and the cigar case were gone.
Trains and Boat*.
Crow boat���On lime.
Coast and  Slocain train���On time,
Boundary train���On time.
Koasland train��� On time.
How   About   Your
Guns and
Ammunition ?
We have Kley's, Kynock's, Winchester, anil Cogswell &
Loaded Shot Shells
Kvnock's, Wini'lii'HliT ami
Rifle and Pistol Cartridges
Hunting Knives, Wading, Belts,
Coat-d, Pants, etc,
Nelson Hardware Co.
Box  631       INulxiin, B. C.
By Mail $1.35
Canada Drug & Book Go's
....Cash Stores....
Sherman's Opera House
"Jerry From Kerry"
The Funniest shosv since Time Began.
Watch for the Street Parade.
Prices���BOe, 75c, J1.00.
Plan opens ttt Rutherford's Saturday
Monday, Nov. 26th,
(Bioeptlon���Wednesday 28th.)
The Pringle Company
in a Select Repertoire, opening Monday
evenlni;  In
" Trapped by a Woman."
Prices, 75., 50c; children, 25c.
Plan ai Rutherford's Baturday,
& Wednesday. Nov. 28
INnKHTIli-: Al'HJ-CK-HOI'-St. -HAVfni'lt'K
Engagement   Extraordinary.     The   Ed-
uard  Parlovitz Concert  Party,
The Eminent English Soprano of Crystal   Palace  and   Royal  Albert  Hall,
London,  England.
Kiliinrii    Parlovlti,   Pianist:     Miss
Giiice Merry  Knli-rluini-r.
Prices, $1.50, |1, 75c, 50c.
Plan at Rutherford's Monday morning for holders of   tlokets;   Tuesday
morning for general public
Tho Prettiest and Dnintiest Dress Slipimrs nre to bo found at onr store,
it bo iu a Pntnut Lonther or Plain Leather we nre
sure to jilonso you.
The Royal.       R. Andrew & Co.
Something    Nethersole Bracelet.
For the Baby THE ��R^
$1.00 Each
Telephone 33.3.
&C0,   __m\M
**���   ^v*t        L_nJt__, Winnipeg!
Whiilemnu Provlnlona,
Product;, - Fruit.
Dominion Government Dreamery One-Pound Bricks reoelved WB-UrH
from the rhurn.   For Bale by all leading grooers.
Oflii-t* nnil warehouse: Houston lllock,   Phono 7(1.
Josephine Street. -       -       Nelson, B. C,
Repairing and Jobbing a tycuSjl
Shi-nlins.ml Work, (lastin��s, Builders' Material ami Miuuig and Mill Mmlii��<|.l
Ofllce nml Works Foot of Park St.
IMiouw    JO-*,
Nolmjii, M.C.I
A Word to the Wis
Thii year we havo appreciati*! tin- want*, of mti
toun*rH iiuil Imve jHisH'd into st<vk tbc
Good Cheer Art Base Burner I
Tbii store is adapted fnr hard ooal rally, and jj
antaad to gtva ntUbottao-
J. E Ashdown Hardwa
Company, Limited.
*B. A. I8AAC
Ms.nnlrl.in mill .IoIiIiIiik sxiguutatJ with I >*ar>litvh.   She��t.MslUl|
\>ssi-k, Mlislnu ano .will MHclils.ur..      M..nt.f..s-t i.r.r. "I    "
Or�� Cum,  U. U.   Cuntrntitorn* Corn.
I'liNii-rntll.'l mi.l
Kis.nl strs-eln.
NELSON,    B. C.
i. ���]��� -*���
Ills. M*
The Parlovitz Couccrt on Wednesday livening sl
NO SACK SUIT occasion.        A FULL DRESS SUgl
is the proper thing and JOHN T. PIKUM-: is the man to make the rpMj|
old one up.    Pnt on a front if you would nialro Ihe JO.OOO ninrk
JOHN T. PIERRE, Artistic Tailor
All Sizes 35 to 441
Now is tba tiiiif
tn Imv vmir
Winter Overtoil
All Prices from $10 to $30
J. a. gTlkerI
AND DEALERS IN   LittXi^tf  ShillgleS,
Uath, Mouldings, Doors, Window*]
Turned Work nnd I.r��_ket_. Mail Ordors promp . <M^
VBRNQIN BTRBBT - . -  ink I. MON. It. c.
^22i^JJ^y Ranges
Why do we handle the Famoue Kootenay AMI"
������Muee we cannot procure a better, taking Into '*"
��unt a..���g���, workman.hlp, cooking qualities an*JPrlc
We will be pleased to ahow you lti good polnli-
Wood-Vallancc Hardware 0|


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