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The Daily Canadian Aug 31, 1906

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 SMlij ��cmaMcm
! I.   No. 76-
Fifty Cents a Month
on Motion lo Rescind Postponed
ping Called for Sept. 30th With
any  Notices on   Important
I Subjects���Fin.il Harmony.
,, (, ,| .im siissn or Chinese labor.
[oot.na) rruil farms will be de-
on, us..i.th rrom today. An uni-
i ,||.<I nsslon iliiss afternoon in the
jl ,,\ iy.nl.1 rooms In which 4u men.'
i,i tiif Kootenay Frull  Growers'
tool   pari  ended in B peine
IJnii t.
I'  rs,,:, dale   flrsl    objected to
s,r notice and gave '.'.u days'
1 an   amendment   to  tbo  con-
requiring  10 days' notice 01
im   As there was do opposl-
liiliiielit     Was     at     oiitse
j :: Ford's r.'tiui'si the minutes
lisi spooiul meeting were mad
it M.-iiary.
IV Ford,   opposing  a   motion   to
lhe minutes,   protested   agalns'.
: tsuiic.-. II. E. Croasdale raia-
|soint of order ami was sustained
��� cliair  Tlie ininulcs were adopt-
reail  by  a major!!)   vole, after
explained that voting to Rdopt
mules did not Imply confirming
iowiedgements   promising   cou-
uni from  sir  Wilfrid   Laurler.
fninisiers of finance anil the lino-
its.   latter  slating that  the  reso-
sssss referred to the Buperlnlcn-
ol immigration.
''iss Hum J. Turry, L. Tarry
y   Tans   nr   Itlvervlew   prolesteil
lbe ailuilssloii  of Chlucae.
realdent atatetl  thai   the Croa-
iclatlon   bad   condemned,   aud
a,:s4;sn association hail endors-
W, Kord Mien look tho floor.   He
consider the meeting of August
salisl fur waul of due notice. It
um representative; bona ri.lt. far-
wore in a hopeless minority.
lie admission of Chinese would lie
lissli ami sbssrt sights'il iHilicy. Wo
li : ir children and our country
' I' them out.
tic   resolution   was   'railroaded'
igh, wllh  every  roal  farmer, who
sis  upon   bis   farm   for   a: living
���- against ii.
therefore move:
ereas, a resolution   was    passed
"kusl  1  last  iu tbo inline of the
nay   l-'ruit     llrowers' association,
siiniL; tin- admission of Chinese
"isiiltiirai laborers into this prov-
free uf bead lux. anil
 as.  tbls  resolution   was  Intro-
1   spoken tu ami voted upon with-
"lies' of tuotlon and  without  no's 'lis' press, und
I" is as. ihe meeting which adopt-
olutlon was by no ms'iins a
ii .entative one of the fruit growing
sis  of  this   association   ninl   the
el, no notice of the meeting huv-
"in given;  lie it therefore
'olved, That wo, a genuine repre-
live  mooting  of    the     Kootenay
-rowers' association, do hereby
ij  rescind the above named re**
i adopted in our naino on August
ami, admitting lhe claim of lhe
i> ui labor, substituting therefor
eni appeal to the heads ol gov
in ui the Dominion of Canada
'    province of British Columbia
persistent ami aggressive policy
immigration     effort   throughout
iti iniiii ami Ireland, to ibe end
ni- may olilain a class of Bottler
�� Hi . country whuse sentiments ami
l"1' s mo  iu harmony   with  tbe
'mi  and  policy of our great  empire;
nil b' ii further
Resolved, That a copy of this roso-
tiii'ii he forwnrded at once to Pre-
111' Laurier, premier MoBrld-, the
''I'K'cntatlves of the district 111 both
lotiiliiion and provincial parliaments,
'' 'Iv ol the lending newspapers of
I'1' I' minimi and to all other points
1 lmin rluuee where Iho resclnds'il
'-"lmion   waa aunt.
���r Ford added Hint he would be
"" "ed if the resolution wove fairly
""firm d.     He  believed    thnt    labor
'' 1 nifiil In llrltaln and  could  he
,"l:"i by Intelligent und persistent
Ih" resolution wub seconded by A.
. "Itauni n, who has boon ranching on
siiisli'iiny 1^ 8|I1C1, ,���(,!   IU, aa1,| h(,
JM been nn employer of Chinese, bad
'""1   thorn  Inefficient    nnil     mil rust
my, nnd nut a dependable basis on
1 lo build a reputation for hon-
'������   for   111,,   assoelaliuli.
'" admitted the Industry   nnd   rm-
'"'" or ib��� Chinese, but denied their
""*is or Intelligence,
���  s. Fraser told of a' reproach mad.
to him by a miner, and foretold a
boycott ii in, ...omuou waa confirm.
eu.    ne uecwred tuai aaat Kooteuay
saiy tm,*'mfimt olo"e(1 l0 **001,
*ng_�� Uniorou, Bpn_.nl Hi broad
icon, Heartily endorsed tne motion,
no minks iintisli Columbia is un-
Blown In    brlisln    to    me    working
H. E. CioaBtlale, lu reply: "There lu
really not anion divergence between
us. All 1 want Is a suftlcienl supply
ol labor lo unable the iruit Industry
to expand, l would prefer Hritish la-
bor, bui Uiu Dominion government, us
.in. Buchanan pointed out at -ui iiiBt
meeting, is already doing Its utmost
and   ine  Immigrants are all  absorbed
us iiis- Northwest."
lie denied any intention of "rull-
toadlng" a resolution. He bad tried
to give notice by stating thai be purposed offering a resolution ou the la-
b.ir   ipiestion.
Continuing; "i entirely agree with
Mr. Ford's desire tor British labor,
bul I do not aec whj we should suffer la the meantime."
Mr, Croasilale resented the abuse
showered on him and the Insinuation,
thai the resolution was passed in the
Interesi of agents and capitalists, He
defended the rights of those who do-
sired io employ labor ou their land
and Claimed they wore as worthy of
consideration as those tilling their
own small patches, Ho remarked that
evil bis opponents were employers of
Chinese when needed. He denied any
danger oi a Chinese invasion.
He urged lhal no heed be paid to
lbs threats oi unions-, wlilcb were connected wiih assassination and property wrecking.
F. Hooks or Sunshine bay attacked
Mr. Croasilale for Ills connection with
ibe Mine Owners' association. Hla
oratory was Impassioned but largely
.1. J. Campbell deprecated abuse and
heat as likely to disrupt the association. He heartily! endorsed the advocacy of lirltlah and Canadian labor.
110 suggested that ai flint step toward
securing more Canadian labor would
be ihe rescinding of tlie provincial
contract labor slatillo fencing In Hritish Columbia which prevents the adop-
lion of the policy advocated by Mr.
President Johnstone explained that
the statutory difllciilty referred to by
.Mr. Campbell had led him to support
..lr.  Croa-dale'B resolution.
w. Halgdfenellle objected to Chinese
on lho ground that they were not
British  subjects.
C. 0. Broadwooli "No one wants
white labor more titan I do. Hut I
can't get It ut present. Personally, I
loathe Chinese, bill 1 inainlalli thai
we can't de without   them.
.1.  W,  Ford briefly replied.
T. Morley hoped thai the association
would not stultify itself by declaring
the former meeting unrepresentatiye
and invalid.
f. m.  lilack moved in amendment
that all  personal  ri'lle.-tious contained
111 lhe resolution ne stricken out and
i bat the reference to the former resolution be corrected.
.Mr. Croasdale ottered his full adherence to the new, affirmative part
sir Mr.  Ford's resolution.
F. Hooks threatened to withdraw
iroin the association, mark "White Labor Only" on bis crates, and see that
employers ot   Chinese  were  boycotted.
.Mr.   Ford  declined    lo    accept    lbe
.1. W. Williams appealed to Mr.
Ford io accept ibe amendment
3. S. Fraser agreed. Tbe amendment was seconded hy Mr. Croasdale.
Mr. Ford thou agreed to lbe amend*
ments, adding in the first clause i*
Ihe preamble the limitation "lor agricultural purposes only," and omitting
the offending cluuacs and expressions.
Captain Patldon asked for postponement ou the ground that many wero
absent for want ot nutlce. T. M.
Sturgess ami J. Johusione supported
the  BUggestlon.    Others opposed.
S. S. Fraser moved that lhe amended resolution he laid ou the table for
one month, which was carried by a
vote of m to 8,
Mr. Croasdale moved Hint the provincial governmenl bo asked to establish a district Inspection station near
Nn/sBon al once,  which  was carried.
Mr. Campbell's motion urging repeal
of the stalute against labor contracts
was' read, hu support was not .1:111111
moils Bind it was left over to the next
meeting. The meeting then adjourned.
Harvard on the Thames.
London, Aug. .11.���The London
newspapers are taking inoreased Interest in the Harvard university crows
inmost, as Is Instanced by the Dally
Telegraph this morning, which reprints
Charles Dickens' speech, delivered ul
Hie dinner or the two crews on the
os'i'iision of the contest In   1860,
"Because," Buys ihe Dally Telegraph, "11 so Well expresses Ihe feeling
Iii all llrlllsh hearts nt lbe presence or
another Harvard crew upon the
Russian and German Diplomats in Error
Population Generally Will Support
Authorities in War Against
Prominent Lumberman Killed.
IMorlimn, Out.,    Aug.    III.���W.    II.
Kelly of   Brldgenorth,   a   prominent
lumberman of this dlsirlct, is dear ns
the result of Injuries slisluliieil by being thrown rrom his buggy in a Btreet
collision about a week ago. Mr. Kelly wus 70 yours of age.
Customs  Returns.
The  collections  nt  the  Nelson  customs office  for    August    amount    lo
$16,481, a little loss Ihan those or Au
gust, 11106.
Moscow", Aug. 81.���Thfl Viedniosii,
the bailor or the reactionary press ol
Russia, created a liensallou today by
printing Borne of the oorrespondon-s
exchanged between_M. .Usefovich, who
bsslds lbe rank of state councillor and
who Is president of ihe monarohlal
party ol ECleve, and Ur. Von Miguel,
lbe Herman charge d'affaires at St.
Petersburg. From the letters it ap-
pears ihai upon lhe publication of the
receni report that Emperor William
had lnvit d Count Wltte lo Willi. 1ms-
bulie. M. Usefovich lu the name ol
"All the factions of the Htisslan 111011-
Brohial parly" telegraphed to the tier-
man emperor expressing deep regret
that "such a splendid monarch and
head or the friendly German people
shoulil receive 11 man whom the whole
Russian people regarded as being the
gullly author of ihe miseries Into
which the country was plunged and
the provoker of terrorism Inspired by
hostility to the Jews, to whom he
seemed friendly,
Several days later M. Usefovich,
according 10 the VledtnoBU, received
through Dr. Von Miguel a letter say.
ing he had been directed by lho foreign secretary to say that the tele,
gram lo the Herman emperor was
based on a misapprehension, as Bin.
peror William nan 1101 received Count
Wltte ami hud no intention Of recoiv
ing him \
St. Petersburg; Aug. 81.���At the Herman embsissy loday Hr V.on sMiguel,
the Herman charge d'affaires, said
that by direction ol Qermajn Foreign
Minister Tsohirsk) he had replied 10
M. Usefovich, but iu a sense his reply
has been'distorted. He simply wrote
ibai ih" leifgrnni of the monarchists
was bused on an erroneous Impression
as Emperor William had not made
known tsi anyone his Intention regard
lug Count   Witle.
St. Petersburg, .\ug. 81.���Premier
Stplypln  lias  ss'iit a circular    to    tiio
governors instructing them noi to be
dismayed hy the threats or acls of the
terrorists, as lie is sure the population generally will eventually come lo
ilie support or the authorities in the
war against   tlie  revolutionists.
The court which has been hearing
ihe charges againsl the nowspapers,
has permanently suppressed lhe Nashn
Shin lor violation of the press laws.
M. Vedovo'/.off. its editor, has been
sentenced to a year's imprisonment
The Overseas Limited.
Quebec Aug. 31.���The new continental train service of the Canadian
Pacific railway. "The Overseas Limited." was Inaugurated this morning
and lho eveni aroused considerable
Interest in lhe ancient capita*. The
new train wus made up ol eight cars,
six sleepers, diner und mail car, all
new equipment, and wns nt the wharl
awaiting the arrival ol llie Empress
ssl' Ireland, which arrived in purl nt
11',80 this morning. Among lhe pus-
gangers on hoard were damn Greenwood, M. P.. .1. Allan Baker, M. P..
both Canadian members ot lhe llrlllsh house of commons; sir Daniel
Macinlllnii, lieutenant governor of
Manitoba; sir Adolphe Caron, c. B.
swift, manager of 'he Parke-Davis
company, the famous drug firm ot
Canada and lhe United Stales; Sir
Bandtord IHomlng, and Chevalier Mar-
cinil and hla wile. Tho passengers
disembarked about s o'clock, their
baggage having been transferred, and
at (I o'clock the train pulled out ot
the station amid iii" ringing cheors of
a large crowd nl people.
Every effort is being nillile to prevent delays on lhe Journey.and Iho
officials are confident Hint the train
will rencb tho const In I'll bourn. Mr.
George Ham of lho C. I'. It.. Is going
right through Isi the coast ou Iho
"Overseas .limited." II" will spend 11
fortnight's  holiday  there.
Australian Champion III.
Now  York,  Aug.  81,���Nigel Barker/
the quarter mile Australian champion,
who was 11 member ot the Australian
team am) took part in (lie Olympian
games al Alliens, arrived hero yester.
day, wliero  he  will  prepare    for    lhe
coming national championship meeting of the Amateur Athletic union,
which Is to be held at Travers Island
on September 8. Barker ls far from
woll and said yesterday that he seenil
to bo unable to get ln proper form,
He hopes, however, to be in good
shape for the championships,
from nice to whbaTi
Earl Grey Advises Pralne Farmers to
Cultivate Orients!  Market.
1'rlnce Albert, Sank., Aug. 81.���lie-
plying 10 the civic address of welcome
yesterday Earl Orey took occasion to
extend several wise suggestions to
western agriculturalists, chief among
���which was that they should endeavor
to cultivate lhe Oriental market with
Its great possibilities. H1b Excellency
said that as he rode through lhe great
golden wheat Holds and over the green
prairie only walling for the plow and
Hie seed wheal ho ucgan lo wonder
where all this prosperity was going to
end. As governor general It was not
for him to lake part in controversial
matters, but It was his duty to take
a lorward move, and, looking into Uie
future, he saw comihg a time when
lhe present market for Canadian
Wheat, which now fs chiefly Great
llrltaln, would not provide a demand
s'spial to the supply. One remedy for
Ibis would be to adopt mixed farming
bul he thought the most important
step which could he taken hy Canadian farmers would be to secure the
Oriental marks t and lo sell their
wheat lo the .Japanese, who were now
in a stale of transition from a rice
eating to a wheat eating nation.
Delayed  for Want  of  Men.
It was stated a short time ago
lhat Hie Hall Mine Smelting
company would blow in another
furnace at the Nelson smelter
on September 1. All Ib in readiness for it but It has so rar
heen found Impossible to obtain
an adequate, supply of suitable
lalKir for the operation of two
furnaces. Consesiuently,      the
blowing In Is inevitably delayed
until the deficiency can ho made
Sir  Thomas  Shaughnessy   Regrets  Hs
Cannot Come for Opening.
The preparations for Ihe fair now
ongroBS the attention or Ihe dlrcctovs
and officials. The mass of correspondence handled by the secretary and
his assistant la constantly Increasing.
The following telegram to the secretary arrived today:
"Please convey to tho directors my
appreciation ,of their invitation to be
present und open lhe lair. I should
like very much to do so. but fear It
will be Impossible. I hope you are
pleased wllh the cup.
Is.has not yet been decided who will
have the honor ot formally opening
llie fair.
The list of attractions offered Is
now so great that the task of selecting
lhe most suitable will not be easy.
Meanwhile, entrleB are coming In
steadily and the number of exhibits
in all depart ments is certain to be
greater than at any former fair.
Erecting   Engineer   of   Allis-Chalmers-
Butlock Co., En Route to Nelson-
Strikes Cause Delay.
The erecting engineer of the Allla-
Clialnicrs-ltiillock company ls on bis
way from Cincinnati lo Nelson. He
i.-s expected to arrive tonight or to*
morrow night
The water In Kootonay river haB
now bo fur subsided thai It Is possible
10 place Ihe draught tube in position
at once, and there Is enough other
machinery on baud to keep the engineer busy until all ia complete.
���.I. o. Gllllce, tin' local manager 01
the company, speaking this morning,
expressed great regret at tlm repeated
delays. Since the visit to Nelaon ol
W. F. Dill, llie company haa hnd Ihe
worBl strike in Ha history, costing
several million dollars. Mulders aro
oul. to lhe number of 40.000. Thoy
uo grievance aB to wages or hours,
tint are fighting lor a closed Bhop,
which  lhe company cannot concede.
Within Hie Insi week Mr. Gllllce has
had lo decline a big machinery order
Irom lhe Lo P.ol company, because no
inohlers are available for Its manufacture.
Mr. Gllllce admits regretfully that
siilll further delays nro not Improbable
bui submits thai the company should
not bo reprobated for the results of
condlUons beyond Its control.
Fielding's Memory is Not
Eveo Elastic
Magnetic Movements oi Ross Attracted Political Leaders to
Him Everywhere.
Ottawa, Aug. 31���(Special..���It ts
It doubtless annoying to tbe ministers
and their leading supporters that the
one Nova Scotlan member unseated for
corrupt practices is the Minister ol
Finance. But it Is well known that
several other members would have gone
the same way if they had not managed
to escape trial, either by evading service altogether or by tactics which resulted in tbe dismissals of their petitions on technical grounds.
A Costly Election.
Mr. Fielding's election was perhaps
nut more corrupt than that of some of
his Nova Scotlan associates, the Halifax members for instance. But people
may dismiss form their minds any Impression that Mr. Fielding cither obtained or expected a pure election. The
constituency of Shelburue and Queens
has received at least Its full proportion
of the campaign fund aud It is well
known tbat the Nova Scotia campaign
fund both in 1900 and 1904 was verj
It Bppears from Mr. Fielding's own
evidence that appropriation for his
constituency in 1900 was found inadequate. The politician who represents
queen's county ln the Nova Scotia legislature demanded more money after
the election was over to pay the campaign bills. Mr. Fielding suyB he objected to the payment. He was no
doubt surpriaed lo And that more was
needed than had been allotted the riding ln the first place. But he admits
lhat he paid the money.
What He Does Not Know.
There is a good deal that Mr. Fielding did not now when he gave evidence
on examination for discovery at Halifax. January 24, 1900.
Mr. Fielding referred to the part
lion. George Murray, premier of Nova
Scotia, played in the fight with respect
to organization.
Replying lo a question as to what
communication he had with Mr. Murray. Mr. Fielding replied:
"I answer generally that we have had
frequent correspondence on public matters, and I have no doubt in some correspondence we discussed the coming
"Then as to the plan of campaign?"
"No special plan of campaign. Out
counties looked after themselves."
Afterwards counsel for the petitioner
questioned Mr. Fielding with regard to
conversations he had with the premier
of Nova- Scotia:
"Of all these conversations with Mr.
Murray there Is absolutely nothing you
can remember In detail?"
"No, not In detail; they were all
"You cannot give a single detail?"
Another question asked of Mr. Field
ing was this:
"Do you know as a matter ot fact
ns to whether there was a general campaign fund for Nova Scotia?"
"1 do uot," waB the answer, "I know
lhat In elections campaign funds nre
raised, but I bad no knowledge of It."
Another interesting bit of evidence
given by Mr. Fielding was a reference
tO Mr. A. C. ltoss. now M. P. for Nortii
Cap.- Breton, Victoria. Mr. Ross, as Is
well known throughout Novn Scotia,
was a most Important personage during the campaign of November, 1901.
lie moved from county to county, and
wherever he went his presence was
magnetic, inasmuch as tlie party lend-
i rs at once gathered about him.
"Do you know In what capacity he
was acting?" Mr. Fielding wns asked
under oaih:
"I do not know."
What He Knew and Would Not Tell
But Mr. Fielding knows 11 groat deal
more than he will tell respecting the
money which he paid to Mr. Furrell,
tbo Novn Scotia statesman who ilisap-
peared from the province before the
rooi nt election trial. Following Is the
line of examination:
"Q.    How many bills were presented
Iss  you?
A. On the advico of counsel I refuse to aiiBWor that question.
"IJ.    How much did you pay?
"A. On the advice of counsel I decline lo answer.
"Q. Who made theso claims on
"A. Under the advice of counsel I
decline to answer.
"Q. You won't tell us what they
were for?
"A. My answer la the same as previously.
"Q.   What waa tho amount?
"A, On the advic. of counse I adhere to my answer."
A good deal m-,re of the same thing
went on���and therefore there is much
one aled about Mr. Fielding's two
election, It is safe, however, to lay
th-it Mr. Fielding is a politician ai
thoroughly practical ln a campaign
sense as any one of his colleagues.
He knows as well as Mr Tarte that
elections are not made by pater costers
fti<j finance minister did not propose
to win In Queens and Shelburne by
pUre reason. In maticrs of patronage
and the use- of public money Ior campaign purposGB Mr. Fielding's methods
are no less corrupt than those of any
of his associates.
Mother Lode  Mine    Rapidly    Denying
Low Grade Reputation.
(,-ipieial  to  Tbe  Dully Canadian.)
Greenwood, Aug. 31.���There is a
splendid opening here for a foundry
and machine Bhop and It is understood
practical men are looking into the
matter. With two large smelters here,
representing by New Year nexf a
ly reduction of nearly 3000 tons,
the amount of new and repair work
needed for such would be very considerable. The many mines aboul
town would Increase thla demand.
A number of Greenwood people have
become incorporated into a develop-
met company. The object of the association is to acquire mineral claims
by purchase or bond and then develop
mem for sale. It not Infrequently
happens that claims 01 great presumptive merit ure in the hands of people
unable to develop them and yet uot
to a stage inviting to large capital. To
develop such to tbe point of interest
to larger concerns is one of the objects
of the new company. Judiciously carried on the company ought to prove
a money maker and a great boon, as
well to the holders of good properties without means to exploit such.
The Mother Lode mine, owned by
the British Columbia Copper company,
is rapidly denying the reputation ot
the camp as being low grade. While
the Improvements hane beon going on
in the smelter the company has been
vigorously prosecuting development
work at the mine.- Hitherto the main
ore supply from the mine has come
from glory holes and has been characteristic of the district, generally
running around JB to the tan. Ou the
300-foot level they have opened up an
ore body which runs over $10 to the
ton, into which the drift is over 30
foot, all In ore. On the 40fl-foot level
u body of ore has been explored to a
distance of 100 feet which averages
$14.00 to the ton. Whether It Is the
knowledge of this increasing value In
the ore or the prospect of early
smelling resumption thut has caused
it. Is not locally known, but the company's stock iB now active in New
York at $10.
Winners in Big Contest���Profitable to
Club and to City.
The last dance of the 20,000 club's
summer series was the most successful of all. The attendance was greater than at any former function at tho
park. After general dancing had been
indulged la for several hours Ihe floor
was cleared for the terpslchorean event
of the season.
Mrs. J. Paxton, Chief Deasy and Dr.
W. B. Clayton consented to act as
judges. The contestants were soon
reduced to five couples: Miss Marshall
aud Mr. Bell, Miss Wold and Mr. Carroll, Mrs. Curtis and D. Man'iart, Mrs.
Spry and W. McCandllsh, and Miss
Manhart and E. P. Manhart,
The prizes were awarded and chosen
In the following order: Miss Marshall,
looking glass; Mias Wold, locket and
chain; Mrs. Curtis, bracelet; Mr. Car
rol, watch fob; Mr. Hell, cuff links;
Mr. D. Mttiihnrt, slick pin.
J. E. Taylor, chairman of the entertainment committee, estimated today
that thi- net proceeds of the dances
will amount to abou $115. They have
been worth fnr more than thai amount
to the cily ip increase of the receipts
rrom the tram service.
While no further entertainments of
Hie kind are contemplated for at least
B month the committee will he called
together next week to begin arrangements for the fall and winter cam
A Couple of Spurts.
Putney, Eng., Aug. 31.���Tho project-
esl full course trial of Harvard with
11 picked crew of the l/inilon Rowing
club was postponed today owing to the
boat. Tho Harvard crew ill,I 11 couple
of sprints with tlie 1,0 idon Rowing
club eight. Tile dashes lasted a mln
uie and two minutes. The Americans
slruck water nt lho rate of US to tbo
minute, The Londoners wont to the
front at the start hut were beaten by
half a length  on  each  occasion.
Cambridge had a two minute trial
a'rttlnst a mixed nniateui' and professional crow, the latter getting away
nl the rate of 44 to the Cambrldges
40; led for tho first minute, hut the
Cambrldes drew up and finished a
length to tho good at tho end of two
Slavery ol White Cbildren
oo West Coast
C. J. Sooth, of Society For Pretention of Cruelty to Children, Describes Result of Neglect.
Nearly a year ago the attention of
tlie Dominion government was called
to tbe scandal of white children being held practically as slaves in Indian camps on the mainland coast of
HritiBh Columbia. The efforts of C.
.1. South, secretary of the Provincial
Society for the Prevention of Cruelty
lo Children, were successful ln rescuing one little white girl from the horrors of such a life. But though the
racts wero all fully disclosed no action has been taken by the protectors
ut Desire Brothier to prevent tha
shameful  traffic In young  girls.
C. J. South arrived in the city last
night from Vancouver on his way to
East Kootenay, where other abused
children claim his care.
Seen this morning by a representative of the Canadian, Mr. South sold:
"Yes, I am in harness again. 1
couldn't keep out of it. Even v.:il.�� I
was out of the office appeals came to
me tbat I could not ignore.
"I'he Bociety will survive. We have
purchased a new and splendid site
ror a home, five acres of rising ground
on the Hastings rood, just east ot
Vancouver. The condition of our finances compels us to go slowly, but
we shall begin building soon. There
are now 101 children In the home and
I fear l shall have to take some mar*
on this. trip.
"I cannot fully express onr gratitude to friends in Nelson tor the old
they have sent us this year.
"The cbildren in the Indian camps?
That is a very sad subject. We tried
hard to get tbe subject Investigated
at tho last session of the Dominion
parliament. Mr. Borden backed our
requeBt and called for a return of all
papers, reports and correspondence on
tho subject. Hut all we could get waa
a promise of investigation next year.
"The condition of the coast Indians
Ib awful. The conduct of the govern'
ment toward them has forced the resignation of one of the best Indian
agents in the provinces, Mr. DeBeck
of Vancouver.
"'Last spring the Indians asked leave
lo hold a three months' pot latch. It
was strongly opposed by Mr. DeBeck.
The officials of the department, however, granted, In spite of his protest,
a license for a six weeks' debauch.
"It led to two murders. The representations of white residents of the
neighborhood were stronger than all
the complaints that I have made but,
so far they have had no effect."
Busy Day for Bryan.
New York. Aug. 31.���By arising
early this morning after the fatigues
of the Madison Square Garden demonstration of last night, Mr. Bryan again
gave evidence of the fact that what
would be the hardest kind of work
for others is but a pleasure for him.
Without showing tbe slightest trace of
the strenuous day he had put in the
Nebi'ii'sknii took breakfast at the Victoria hotel at his usual hour and then
began another busy day by holding a
two hour conference with some of his
intimate political associates. Early
tills afternoon Mr. Bryan will Jump
so. er into Connecticut, where he Is
sintod for two speeches. The first
will be delivered at Bridgeport, where
,10 will stop off for an hour or so en
mute to Now Haven. At the last
named place he Is to speak In the
early evening and It la believed that
the visit to New Haven at this time
Is made for thei purpose of getting a
dose view of the situation In New
England aB regards the next pn.dd.n-
llal contest. This belief Is strengthened by Ihe announcement that at
Now l-ln'von Mr. Bryan Ir lo meet
(leorge Fred Williams of Massachu-
��etta. former Governor Garvin of
Rhode Island, and other representative
New  England Democratic leaders.
Shirt Sleeve Justice.
London, Aug. 31,���Tho last day of
August Is breaking all heal records In
tliis country. The official Instruments
al 2 p. m. loday registered 111 degrees
ln the shade and 112 degrees in the
sun. A number of heat prostrations
in the streets wore reported. The heat
in England In general is so intense
that in some places the judges prestd-
slding over tho dignified county
cetirtn are re|Hirted to be dispensing
justice In their shirt Bleeve*.
'! 'Mm
��� I'l      I
The Daily Canadian
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lisrin. ssi tlie c,.ssi|.ssiiy.   inli.'i reeoipU are nol
Auansi" 31. i-.k>.
" By one worsl we sire nsiinellineK ssssIksssi lis lie
viae and by one word ao-uulmea fudged iss ise
fonllih.    lA'lini  mereliire   b.'  earellll  H'liKI   �����>���
nay "���CuMt'i is '8,
As sssssn as il was known thai lion.
\V. s. Fielding had been unseated ror
corrupt acts on the pari ot proven
agents of bis. the Liberal papers lm-
medlalelj rose to the occasion and
emphasized their assertions thai Mr,
Fielding bad never lies'ii charged with
personally immoral acts in public life
or election methods. Before the Conservative press thoughl is necesBary
to enquire minutely Into the career uf
Mr. Fielding they look up his ease
ami warned all trespassers to heap
ofr the grass. Since the reports of
Hii' case are obtaining the publlolty
tbal all sticli cases demand, it has
been discovered ttim there is not
sucb ample scope tor the sweeping
assertions made by the Liberals in
regard to the unimpeachable conduct
or .Mr. Fielding.
II   will   be ri'linilllieresl ol  course that
the charges ol personal corruption
which ware made ogaluBl lbe unseal
ed minister mmy mill be he.ml. unless, as is verj unlikely, tlie judicial
oommlttee may rejool the appeal made
by those who pressed the charges,
against Mr. Fielding, li Uss- personal
charges sliould come to be Investigated there might be a different tule to
loll, and our warrant for saying so is
iu the unsutislactory nature of lhe
evidence given by Mr. Fielding when
lie was ou the slitml in nis own defence ln the recent trial. Those who
read the Ottawa special In oui news
columns today will remark with re-
grei that Mr. Fielding's memorj was
uuusuiilli reticent. It iiiih-sl lo deliver
the Information required al several
critical Biages oi the case. Ou tlie
advice ol counsel bo decllued in nn
Bwer qu.BtlonB as to whal amount lie
had paiil for election expenses, oi
how many were prosuuted In lilm. or
who Hinds' His- claims, or whal He'
claims upon him were tor.
li is an understood principle ol
common law thai    a   Wil in ss is nut
obliged io give evldei  thai  may In-
criiiiiuute liiui    or   in   sn>    anythlug
thai may in- used against hlm in pros-
inn ilie questions asked "i Mi
Fielding and which be deolinpd to
answer were simple questions and do
not lools mischievous, much less like
!> us ise Incriminating If properl)
answered. Sfel ii the ox-finance inin
later is brought to trial on Hie personal charges We shall have Hie h"
initiating spectacle ol a man declining
to tell how deeply lie was Involved in
the plots and corruption which robbed
another honest man of iiis seal ami
carried a   province  for his own  party,
,\ir. Fielding's statement that "lie
knew thai in election campaigns funds
are raised, hut lie had no knowledge
of it," seems strangely contradictory
of Ids cinfi'ssliiii that he paid sonic
hills at ilie amount of which he demurred. Nevertheless wo ahull havo
this man. unseated by n weeping
court, made n   martyr by   n Liberal
in-ess, wills singularly midden lapses
ni memory, still acting as finance minister in ihe oablnel of Sir Wilfrid
Laurler. It is jusl such things thai
make indepelidelll papers like the
Toronto News exclaim against our
els eiion procedures and cite Instances
s.f crying wrong under the Liberal administration. Wc cannot do bettor lu
this connection than to quote tlie
News, which says:
"Since the general election of 1904,
Uie Hon. W. s. Fielding lias represented Queen's und Bhelburne, and
only lhe other day wus his election
declared void on account of corrup-
lion practised iu iiis behalf. The Hon.
ttodolphe Lemieux wus elected tor
iwo constituencies, Qaspe and Nico-
ls'i. His appointment to th eoablnel
renders both vacant Hut In any
eveni there lias been no reason why
unr of these should he disfranchised
ami withoul representation iu the
house of commons for nearly- two
years. Tin' protests arising from Hie
elections iu Manitoba are still un-
beard, Mr. Bifton's election protest
hus never come before Hie judges (sir
hearing. Tlie system under which
such delays are possible is wrong,
and decidedly mlsohlevous, it brings
our election procedure into contempt
ami makes our courts und our judicial
sysieiu ridiculous. It savors too much
ol' the unsavory methods hy which
lhe judicial system lu tlie United
stales is juggled for tbo benefit or
criminals who can bring money or in
flu.'lice, or unscrupulous legal talent
to their aid. There is uo room in the
Canadian judicial system for such
travesties on justice."
Surely our readers will agree tbat
il  is titne for n change.
<"'.   I'.   II.   AfiC.UESSIVEXESS.
A rect'iii announcement from Hie
head offices nf the Canadian Pacific    is    10    111"    el'fecl    thill    an    III
tempi is lo he made to capture
Hi,- around ihe world passenger
truffle    ior    lhe     ("amidian      railway.
Tiiai ihis aggressive company will
succeed iu distancing its competitors
is iss lie taken lor granted, as they
have already. In so many Instances.
.shown iheir ability to moot all competition thut lias offered, 'I'he time required to reach the Far East from
England by Hie Suez canal route at
the presenl time Ib .5 days or rather
iniiii'. Tlie Canadian Pacific oxpecis
io beat this record by from rive to
six days. Tills latest and greatest
achievement or tlie Canadian company
is made possible by tlie oommiaalonlng
is! Hie new line ul' Empresses between
England uml Canada und hy further
perfecting ihe running arrangements
between Montreal uml Vanoouver,
I lull wny around the world in :iu days
.Mill only two chungos und scarcely
more  slops   is   lo     be   the     schcduls-d
i.Uni oi Hie new undertaking,
"Twelve tliousaud miles under one
house flag ou one ticket, and With
baggage uhecked right through, sup
piled throughout Willi every cotnlorl
ot modern travel, und less bother
ihan  is  ordinarily  experienced  ou  u
nil'   ol   11   tew   hundred   llllles.     Hlurt-
iins irom Liverpool ami being landed
in Hongkong after traversing two
mighty oceans ami the North American continent within the space of a
month! II is by for the iiioBt wonderful victory ssf transportation over
distance that the world has ever soon
and one which no other transportation company than the grout Canadian
railway enterprise could dream of. lly
li travelers will buy ai ticket in England, und, traveling Steadily wont-
wui'd, will in a trifle over four weeka
lie brought lo thi' heart or the Orient!
wlille from Hongkong the process will
be reversed, tile truvolor leaving tlie
East, Journeying east, and In 80 dnya
li"  in   England���the    bulwark    of  the
Wlille Mr. Van Home and .1. J. Hill
have been imying ouch other coinpli-
inenis over the rival systems nnd Hie
projected liivnnhm ol Cuntida by Mr.
HIII,  the  C.   P.  II. has  perfected  Its
plans io divert the traffic of the
world over its own lines and will establish a reputation that even Mr.
Hill's phenomenally enterprising und
successful work will require a long
lini" lo overtake.
Tlie flrsl train under Ibis new schedule lei'i Montreal lasi evening on the
arrival ol' the Empress ol' Ireland, and
within mi hours, barring accidents,
the transcontinental passengers will
li" in Vancouver, and those who jour-
ey farther westward win he boarding
the Empress liner in waiting there.
Such achievement makes modern life
strenuous, hut the comfort and conveniences of such n trip ameliorate
many or the unpleasant features nsso-
dated  with round  the world travel.
Singular, is ii uot, that the in'oss
was entirely ignored iu tho ap-
pstiiiiiii-iit oi ihe oommtttoe iss welcome Hi'' vice-regal party. We don't
mind ll ourselves, as we couldn't go,
nny way, Inn il grlevos us to think ol
our esteemed morning contemporary
which bus done so much lo build up
iiini udveriiac Ns'laou uml Hie Kootoi.
ays, in fact, really made Hie country,
lu think ss! Hie News having tn Bland
outside ihe purple cord drawn arouud
uie committee, with Lord and Lady
Grey us a centerpiece, and to have lo
gaze witli wistful eyes ami nol be
able tss hear Use address of welcome
in  ilie earl's reply,    lis too bad.
A Hidden schoolboy has given lhe
besl definition ol a friend so far on
record: "A friend is n person wins
knows nil about you aud likes you josl
ihu sume."
When tlie czar heard ihai the ruler
of Persia had pronilsud Ills people a
constitution and a legislative body be
is reported to have exclaimed: "O!
Thompson & Douglas
Sign   Writing a  Spe-sltilt.v.
W',.11 l'ii|ivriiissl tlLii-lnp.
Notice is hereby given ilm' a (taurt m Revliion
nn.I A|i|h*hI fur Hi," Sch.nl Hi- rlCU ol <��nlnli,
Ilnini', -Iiik* an.I .mir. will bo in-lit in the
Courl MiiiiM- in tin* < uv vt Nelion, It. c, mi
Monday, the nth flay of September. 1 w,a1 thu
hour ot' ioaoo uloek in tin- forenoon, Iobear mui
determine all appeal* Irom tbt-aa-eumont1 made
in the above men loued Bohool Inst luts [or the
vpRr IMM, und i tin- "Public Schools Act."
Dated m Nelson. B. C , thi,'. *.��ntli dny ol An-just,
Judge of I'niiri iif Revision and Appeal,
Nelson Assessment District.
I ymi
MirNi.K-Ai.   ACT
Certificate of Improvements
��� if an Uu, i.j'iiit,   Kithi ciiiunt*, Ghaha'al*-**., tuul
Twenu Mih* Franllnn mim-rul eUims, sim-
ui.' im tin* *^�� l-nii .Miuing DlvlRtnii of Went
Kootennv disiriei
Where located: on   uiuit-i numniiiiu, between
Wil.I Homo ami lloar< reeks,
Take notice thai I. John MoUtohlc. of lhe city
of Nelion, acting oaagoni for Joseph Sturgeon,
Kreo Miner's tiertlflento No Bfilii, intend,sixty
days i mm ilu- date hereof, toapply Lothe Mining
Recorder foi norllfloatei nf lm|u vein on ts, for
tin- purpose i>f obtaining Crown Qran Is of tho
An.I further lake notloe tlm* action, lor tee*
iitin B7i mun in* commenced before tin* Issuance
u( snob Cortifl hi<' ni Improvements
Dated this Bin flay of July, a, D 1000,
.lollN Mi Latciu*
TAKE NOTICE thai mi application haa beon
made to resistor Tariff Mlnlng-Compan) mm the
owner in ree Dimple, un or Uo several lax
Hale iit-i-iis (ruin i: .i Rtenson, Deputy Aueissnr
im.) i ol lector ni ilu- Blocan Aue-wmonl District,
in Tariff Mlnlug i |.nn\, bearing date ilu*-'lti,
daj ni August, a. n. lOifi, nf ail and singular
those certain |mreels r tracts <>i huul ami prem-
IseaKltuatc. lying ami being in iii��- nisirlet of
K ou tun ay, m the Province id llrltUh Columbia,
inure i.arii1 ulurh Ituown ami described a*- Lot*
HA nml flnO. (.roup I, iM-drlcl of Koolenay,
"Hhafcr" ami "Bobtail" mineral   lalms.
Vim ami hk*Ii ul vmi an- required loeotitwl
tbe claim of Die lax purchaser within fourteen
dayi from the date ol the service of t Is notice
uni ni you, and In del mi ,>i a caveat in certificate
of Its m-ndoui being filed nlthln ���null porlml,
you h ill ix' lini-..-I estopited ami debarred fnnn
sett inn up anv i laim loor in reaneci nf tin* said
iniiii. ami i siiaii registoi Tariff Mining Company
a- owner thereof
Dated ai Land Registrj OOtee Nelion, Province
iintiHii ni hnii*-), Columbia, tj��� i-* nih <ia\ ni
August, A, U   IttSi
li K UtAoT-BOI),
Diitrloi Reglstiar.
Tn Kootanay Minim*. Com pan) (foreign 1
Bhafor U 'Id ami Bit ver Mining Company
 (forcliin )	
TARE NOTICE Dial nn application haa been
made to roglator Clarence llarmnn as "ho owner
lit l*Vchiiii|il.*  umli-rit  Ta\ Sale Deed fnnn It. .1.
Btouion, de)iut) Maaasnr nmi oo Hector nf tin*
Hloenn AB��ntmoui District, lo Clarence [far-man,
licuriiiii dale theJUl daj ol July A D, 1008. of all
nmi lingular thai certain parcol of land ami
prcimxi-K -uinu.���. Iviiin anil liflu^ lu tlir |i|stri<*t
Of Kootenay, In tin- Province ol llrlllsh Columbia, mor.' imrilruiiirh know n nmi ileicrlbpd na���
l.nt 7*24. Group 1, Dlitrlul of Kootonny, ������nonry"
iniuiTiil claim
Vmi mnl each al jon aro requlrod to (ton(est
thu claim of tllU tax   ptirobaaor  vvllliln   fniirli-in
davs from tlte date ol the service nl ihis notice
upon von. ami iu ilrlunli uf n envegt or coritfl-
caic ni Hh pendoni bolng tiled within mpii nor-
lod. you will lie foruvor estopped antl debarred
fnnn m-iiIiik u|> anv f-lnlm lo or In ruSpOt'1 ��i( (In*
-Mid laud, nmi I shall register Clnronoo Herman
giownor thereof.
Dated al Laud Beglittv Offlco Nelson (Provln*
ci' iif llrlllsh Colombia, Mill mil dav of August.
A. I)   IW,
II. v. MaoDEOD,
District Iti'Klstrar.
To (leorge II.'in���*. lint uinu,
Wilbur A, lleudryx.
NoUoe li bereb'* given iimi 8o dav*- aftm dale I
Intend to apply to tbe Honorable Chlel Commission r nf Lands and Works ior permUulou to pin -
uhaae tf"* foUowtng descrlbea lands, situate in
the Wesi Kooteuay <l tutrt.-t. starting trom a mai
planted at theB W.cornerof Erneal WJlobinaon'i
Application lo I Urohaao, nml nu th.' imrih hank
ni the North Fork nf ogcreek; tbenee40 chaini
west, ".I ebalni north, luo chains east, 40 chains
south, 90 fhaitis wui. iUohalni iouth i" intoraec
tion of north Uneof E.W. Robinson's Application
io Purehase, thonce in chains well ami iti chains
s'uth to point of commencement, containing640
nc cs,
Hated Huh day of August, IBOQ
K. W. HomvioNi
piT HkNEHTW. KohinsoN, Anniit.
Notioo is hereby given tbat BO dnvs after dan* I
inteml t<> applj to tin* Honorale Chief Commli*
sinner of Landiand Worki for permlulon t"i"'r-
chiise the  following described   landl. situate In
the West Kootenay district; itarUng fnnn ii poit
planted at the N. E corner of F W, BoblOIOO'l
Appltcatlmi to puTchnnc, theme 4u chalus east.
wt chnins lOUthi 90 chains weM, K ohalni nnrlh
M ohalhl west, 90 Ohalm nnrth, SX) ohalni east. 40
chnin*- north to point of commencement, emi turning IDOaortu,
Kited Hth day of August, IW
    per KitNKsi W. KouissuN, Agent.
Notice is herein given thut sixty days after
daU' I iiiti-mi t>. npplv to ihe Uonorahle ihe
chief Commluloner of Landi ami Works fnr permission lo purehase the following desoril��>il
land mi the weil shore ol uppor Arrow Lake ami
joining J. il. I'ecney'h pre-emption; Rnnntng
west 4o chains; thenoe north sn obaina, thenee
eail lOohalna, to Uie shore ol iiu- hike; tbenee
souih followlug the lake ihoro to polnl of eom*
loeiiuemont, containing fUD aorei more or less.
Dated August 19, iixsi.
.1   .1    K Kl.l.V,   \i:.ni
Nutlec U herehv  given   lhal   siM\   days    i
ilale   I   iun-ud   lo  applv   to   lhe   Ih.iionil.h    tbo
Chief C itlislnnei uf Lauds ami Works for per
inissii  purchase the following deaorlbed
land on lhe west side of Lower Arrow Lake and
loiuing iin-souih iim of ihe I ml um Ueaervallou:
Un ii ii mi* wut -Uohains; theuee soutb BU ohalni;
ihot ast jo,���hain*-. to the shore ol  ilu* lake;
thenee norih following llie lake shorelo the
polnl oi  r..nun."in"."in."in, containing 160 acres
more or lean.
Hilled AtlgUSl 30, 1000. W.  11. M U I l"l*
.1. I   K1 i.i, v. A gull I
Notice U herebj givon timi i inii-mi.i-n dayi
'dt theCoiel
afler  date  In npplv   to thi   ll. laldi  the Co lei
t omiulssalouaroj landaand Works f.u- pe-mi
following described h
West Kootenaj dlatrlet, ahoul live miles south
of Burton City, commencing ai a posi planted on
ihe huh   i,uni,  oi treat C, K.,aim marked "A - H.
HiimiiioiiV s w. c. post," an.i running norih mi
ehalns,  thenee  easl  HU oltallls,  lbence south so
ehulns, thenee wesi wi chains to place of beginning, containing W0 acros of land, more nr lues.
l��nied llm'J'Jml dm of August, lum..
VV   II   Hamilton
Notice is hgroi y given tbat Bo dayi after date I
Intend to apply in tin- Honorable Chief i ommli
iloner ol Laadi ami Works ior permlulon to
purciiHse the  fnliowiliK  dt-MTil'-d lauds, Iltuate
in Wesi eoteaay dlitrict: Corampnolug al a
posi marked "B.Conkey'i N W.corner post." situate n. ur Uie n k. oorner ol land Hpplied fnr hy
ll.It. tbenoe iouth 40chains, more or less: tbenoe
i-ust Hui-huiii-; thenoe north -m ehaim, more or
len; tbenoe west Bu ohaini to poini ol oommencement.
Balmo, Auguil it, tm>
 T.H AfKlKi
Nolle.      1>    |,Clh\   glVtll   tl..I"  ' '   nftci   ilntc   1
in tend, to apply iii ihi-Hoiioraiihtiu- Chief Com*
ntuiioueroi Landi ami Wo*k�� lor permlulon to
purohau the following d-s.-iii.ci Itud*altuate in
Weil K..oteii-v dlitrlet: Commencing at a posi
marked -it. (toss's n.w comer post." iltuate
near the N. EC. eoruer nf tand applied for by A,
Mel^nn theliee sunt ti 40 Chalm, inore or lews;
thinofl ensl Mi ehnllis; tbence north 40 ehalni,
more or less; thenee weil BOchalm to point ol
Balmo, August 11. 1906, K. ll<'s^.
T. H. Atkinson, Arc-lit.
s. Agent.
Notloe is hereby given ihai slxiv davs nfier
dtlle  I   inieml   tn npplv   lo   the  lloiioruhle   tiie
chief Commluloner of Lands uml Worki lot
permlnion to purohaae iff lollowlng duorlbed
landi iltuate in West Kootenay dlatrlct: Commenolng ul a poet marked a HuLeau'i ^ W,
corner pcwt/'sitnate neai Ilu" N.K. corner of in ml
applied ior hy a MuLaugblan. thenoo aouth m
CbalUS,   more   nr   leU!    IllCOCO   ensl   WI chnins;
th.-m i north 40 chains, more or less; thenee weat
wi ehalns io potui of commencement
Balmo, August 11. IWW A. Md.KAN,
i  ii ATKIK8QW. Agent
Nollee is hereby given tluil i��t day* ull* r dale I
intend tu make uppiiction to tlie lloiioruhle tlie
Chief Commluloner ot Umlsuml Work- lor pur-
mlsion to purobuic the following dowrlben lands
hituute iii west Kootenay dlitrlot: Commenolng
at n nnst marked "A McUughlln'i n. w ooruar
post," sltuflte near tin- N F.. cm ner of land applied for hy P McAHhur, ihenee south til ohalna,
inure nr Icsm th-mv easl _U ObalOl! thenee north
40 ohaini* more or lewi thenco-weitWnhalm to
pniut nf commencement.
Balmo, Angml 11, IWU, A. MiLah-iii-an,
T, II. AThiNMiN, Agent.
Notice li hereby kivcii that iio tinvs after ilnle
i intend toapply lo tb"Chief Oonunluloner of
Landi ami ���"���irks for pe'lutulen lo purohaae
u.e following duorlbed landi,aitdate In Weil
Koolenay dlatrlcl: cnmmonelng al ** put mark
id .1. Mi-Arilmr'i, N. W.corner poll," situair near
lhe N. K  enrner of Inml applied lor hy A  Turner,
ihenee sou h 40ohaini more ur le i; tbenc-teasi
BOi huiiis;  theuce north 40 chnins. re or len;
thenee wesl Hi chains ���,, polul of cuiuuifiic.'iii-n .
Balmo, Aunusi ii, looo,
.1. Mi'AK.nrh,
'I    II   ATKINSON, Agent.
Nollee Is h'Tchv given thai iWl dnvs after dale
I   intend    in  aj.plv   lo   the   llnliunilile the Child
commluloner of Lands  I Works forpermli-
sion lo ��� urchasc  the  fiiHowlug du Tlbod lamls,
situate in he We i Kootenay dut'lct: Conunen-
alng at a post marked "A, m ncr's N. W.corner
posi."  siluulcil  ut   the   N. K eoriif uf  Iniid up
piled lor by E Btewarl, tbonce iouth 40 ebalus,
more or less; Ihenee eusl Hoi-lmlns*, Ihenee north
40 chains, more or lou; thenee wut so ohaini to
point of I'liliimeneeilielit.
Sill  B C , Augll  I 11   1900. A. TiHNKL,
T il atkinsun. Agent.
Notice lib r.i.\ given that to days after date 1
intend io apply to the llonorubk* the chief Com
minloner id Uud*. nmi Works fm permlulon to
purchase tin-fnllnwlUK deserlhed   laud   in   Went
K otonaj nist let ahout lev n miles iouth ol
Burton < it*, i Commenolng ut u posi planted on
(he eaat bank of Trout ereek and marked Mrs,
W II Haiittllon. H. W. C. Post nud ru* niiig
norlh .HU chnins: (hence eust  WI ehulns;   lln-iiec
iouth 8t> chalna: thenee wut 80 elm ns io pine,.
of beginning, containing inn nores, re or less.
Dated thliand day of aukuhi. IBM.
M.HM, W.  II     ilA.MMTON
W. ii Hamilton, Ageni.
'li Mini t'uxliiM. .'flerdule
Uonorahle tho Chlof ('on
i Works f..r norm Iss i
Nolle is herehv
inieml lo npplv lo
mlssloner,.! Land
purchase the followlna duurlhi
K liai IMstrlct aboul six mil'
nm cuv: oon mains uiu pos
oa-t Imiik of Trout creok and mi
el's N   W ('   Cos! ami running *
theuee east WI chains;   Iheliec   t
tbenee wesi sn obttlus to the place ol eommoneu
ineiil. cimlainliiK Md Uru, more nr less.
Dated nus Kind diiv oi Ai guit, nwii.
C   I.  PlIURR
 W. II   HiMtl.TOH, Ag.-ui
Notiee I*. hendiy given thai 6n days aft i date I
mi.'tut in up u in tin- Honorable the Chief Com
iiiisslnuer of l.iind- and  Works foi   permission n,
purohaae the followlug d icribed Inml in \\ ���*�����(
Kootenaj Dlitrlo ahout seven miles iouth of
Burton City:   >' mclngati posi pin. nd on
llie eusl hunk of Trout ereek and maiked Alex
('heme's N. W. C. 1'osi and   running south mi
chalm; tbenoe oaii ko chnlni; thonce norih w>
ehulns; lliein'.' west WI. hnlns lo poll oi beginning ninlntug 'da acres nl laud, more or less.
Daied this vr.*iiddiiv nl AugiiHl, IW��
W. II   Hamii.tiin, Agent
Slxtv days after date I intend lo applv lu the
r    [nloner of Landiand Worki, ylptoria, to
purohaae UOaoru ol hi ml. situate and rtoacrlbed
us f 'Mows; ('omim-licllif. ata post planted on the
WUl ilde nl Arrow lake oppOllte I arlhnn City, ut
or near the suuthwesl eorner of H, llaig pnr
chase, nud marked "rt.M. A.,S B, corner," and
ninning imrth 4�� ohalm, thonce weit40 ohalus
In II. Alinuhle's pureliuse, thenee fnuth in Ohalni
mure ur less to lhe like shore, thfl  along llie
lake shore to plnee of hegluuiug,
AUgUltttthi lttW. 0. M. ANHA1U.K
Nntice is herehv given that 60 davs afler date I
inieml toapply io the Honorable the chief com
mlutonerol Landiand Worki for permlulon io
purohaae tho following deiorlhed landil ''ommenclng ni n post marked ".(. a. <t. ic B, W, ear*
ner," p'u'cil nl lhe nortbeul comer of I.d 60 il
runuini BO Ohalni nnrth; thei Hn ehulns .ust;
thence N oh*ins iouth; thonoe DO chalm west t.,
pulu   of oommenooment, cunt Inlng B40 ueres
more or less.
DaUd the Jlsl day of July llKNl
J.A. O'RgH.LY.
Nntice Is herehv L-iven 1 hat BO dsys ntier rial
Inteud io uppiv io nu-Hon Chlol Oom miss h-ner
of Lauds and Worki   foi  permlsilon topunharf
the following il rlbed lindi, sltunted in im
Kootenay district; Commenolng al a posi nmts
ed -nitWs I- comer." pUnted on theshon <���
Lower   Arrow    lake,   aboul   ODe   mile iouth  "
Cordon ereek (Johnston creek,) thenoe norlli to
ehnllis    Ihenee  Wi Sl  W  elultns   thenee lOUth ��'
chains, thonce easi " obalm to point of wm
mencemont, ennlalnlng 0'^ aorei more or less,
and comprliioR abaiid I pre emption N "
HiHkctl iliis'Jiifi daj ol Augnsi, P.SH1.
II. It. Wol.VKIll.'S.
A. N. Uiii.vKitTos, Agenl
Noiiee is hereby given thai sixty dayi after
dnle 1 intend lo' applv 10 the Uonorahle llie
chief Commluloner of Lamls nud Works lor
permlulon to pun-hum* lhe follnwllig deserlhed lands siiualc ill the West KnoleiiHV
district, sinning Irom n posi planted on tbo
liorih halik ol the North Fork of Dog OTOell
them-e 30 ehains west, fl chains north. U cbalni
wesl, IU ehnins tinrih, 90 ehulns WUt, lalohalni
mirth. 20 Cbalni west, in ehulns north. *" chains
east, 2U ehalns south, W eliniiis eust. M Ohalni
south. '2o ehnllis ens'., in eh   ins south lo point i'l
oommeneement, eontniuing ivto acres,
Duie.1 lath dayol Annum WW
ion*  norm west i * -   !"�����������
planted ui the southwul cor
Mineral Claim," and adjolnji
Notice is hereb] given thai itn days from date I
tnteiid to applv lo the ll raide the Chlel Com
minloner oi Lands ami Worki loi pernnsshni
lopurohMi Ho loii..wing duorlbed landi sit
mite in wesi Kootenay Dlitrlet;  Commencing
ai   it   poll   marked   *' K.  Btewart'l  N   W.  enrner
poit/'iltuated nuar the Junction of l-nst ereek
ami  souih   Pork   ol  Salmon, tlience iouth   4'��
ehnllis,   mor     less;    tlience   eusl   Wi   ehnllis;
Ihetic- north 40 ehalni, more or less; thenee
west su chnins |,i iHitnl ni coin iiuiui'iiie ut
Balmo, Augnsi mil. una,
B. KTI�� AliT
T. II, Atkinson, Agent,
Nntice  is  herehv   given   Mint slxtv tinvs after
dnie l luleud loupph in tin- Hon. ChiefCommla*
sinner of   Lauds  and  Works  lot   permission lo
purohaae the following duorlbed lands I'.tuate in
Wesi iCootouay d bit riot, adiululng lhe Interna
tional boundary line, uIhuh four miles ensi ol
mmenoiug al a post murk
the t'oluinhiu rivel
ed ��L   M    K's B. W
toruatlunal boundary line, at tbe soutboul eorner of J. *.<\ Criisers land i theiieeeustWi chains
them-e north BQ ohalna, theuee wut ko ohalni,
thenee south 00 ehuilis to (he |.lneeof eon nev
ment, eon iui n lug isn acres more or less
DalOdgflth .lune. llHHi, hAURi  M    ggAISR,
P  J. (1'Ucllly. Agent,
Notiee  is  herehv   given   lhal -slxij days from
ilale I intend to appl)  to iin- Hon. Chief Conn
inbwionerul  Land-  aiid   Works  lor   permission
lo purchaao tin- foi low Ing ducrlbed landi sti
uate lu Wesi Kootenai Dlitrlot, between tbe
I'end d'Orelllo river nmi the intcrnntiotiui
boundary line, about three miles Irom the Col
umbla river. Commencing al I |.om marked
.1. H. C. l'"s S. W. eorner siluale on llo- Interna
tlouul  Loiindus-v   line, al.oiil liull a mile east  of
the eaat boundary of the N. & V. B. By. lands:
iiienec north in chaius. thonce eul N ohalm,
thenee soutli III chums, llienee wesl wi ehnins, to
the placeof oommencement, containing SJOoora,
nr le
"billed ..iiii Juno, 1006, ��������� B. C. Ihaskii,
v. J, O'Reilly, Agent.
Notice is herein [given thnt llxt) dtivs from dale
llntend toapph to tbi Hon ChiefOommluloner
of Lands and Works foi permlaalou to porehue
tbe following described lands situate iu Wut
Kootenay District, adjoining the international
boundary line, aboul five ntUueutol the Columbia river; commencing at a post marked K.
ti'sK. W corner, on the International boundary
Ihu* at Laura m I- -user'ssoutbeut corner. thenee
north ni chains, ihenee eaat -in obalm, thenoe
south wi chains, tbence west 40 chains to the
place nf commencement, containing BSD ana
Luted .'id i, .hum hum Ralph Cilmmpii
Notice is h'ereliv given ttinl list} davs afU-r
date I inteml toapph lothe Hun. Cblel Commla-
iloner ol Lands and Worki fur permission to
purchase the Following deserlhed lauds in
the West Kootenaj dlatrloti south uf the peud
d'Oreille nver; i ommenolng ni a pint marked
C, lis S. K. eoruer,  situated   On  the   trail   near
Bear creek ahoul a mile from the International
boundarj  Hue, thei  wui wi ohalni, thenoe
north 80chains mor.'or less to llie I'end d'nreille
river* thenee lollowlUg the south hank oi the
I'eml   d'nreille  river  soutlieunt Wi chains, lunri
or u-v.   thence soutli _u chain*, more or leu to
ilu* place oi  con no-amend eoniniuing  HO
acres, more *>< less,
Daied >lh Julv, \VM,. CitAiti.Ks ItiKsc;.
p. J. O'Elelly, Ageut.
Noiiee is hereb) given iimi sixtj dayi after
dnle 1 inieml loapply to l he I lou. Chief Com mis-
sioner ni Lund-- ami Works (or permlnion t"
purchase the billowing described lands, In
the W<-t Kootenaj District, east of and ati
joining  lain.- K, Mnekem-u-'s  land;  I'oiiiiueuc
ing at a pout marked a.H'sS. K. corner, on the
south hank uf the I'i-iuI d'Oreille river, jum
above tbe mouth ol the Salmon river, tbenoe
wut80 chains, thence north 00 chains more ur
less t<> the 1'. mi d'Oreille river, theuce foil..wing
the smith hunk oi tlie said river In a lOUthaut-
erly direction to the plnee of oommeneement,
ooutalning -������" aeru, more or lesh.
Duled tth Inly 1000 AKTltl'h Hi Hsailif.r.
Notice Isherob) given thnt sixty days after tint.*
1 inieml to apply to the Hon. Chief Commluloner
of Lands nmi Works for pormlulon to purchase
tin- follow ing deaorlbed lauds in Wui Kootenav
Dlstricl souih oi the Pend d'Oreille river. Commencing in 'i noil marked K. T, M's. N. K corner
on the south bank Ht lhe I'end d'Oreille river,
aboul a mile uml u half east of (he mouth ol Fish
ereek thence miiiiIi wi ehnins, thenco wesi mi
ehains, theuee north-tu chains more or lens to
lhe   I'eml dil'reille river,   thence   lollowlng   the
south bank of the snld nver lu a northeaster!)
dlroctioti in the place of oommencement, con
mining iso acres, more or less.
Dated'ind July I9u0,        r'.u./. T, Uackmhsii.
AKTHUH KrllNKIliKli. Agent.
Notice In herehv given thai 80 days after date I
inieml to upid.v io ihe Uon. Child Commluloner
of Landi nml Works for permission to purohau
tin- following duorlbed lauds, situate in West
Kootenay insinei -nuth uf the Pend d'Oreille
nver; Comitielieini" ul a poll lunrk.-d A  P M's. N.
w corner altuate m the south hunk of the I'end
d'Oreille river ut UIU I- UaoKeiille'l imrtii cast
corner poft, theuee soinli Hdelillllis, tlo'liee   east
mi ohalna, theuce nortii hii chains more or less to
thfl Tend d'Oreille river, theuce west B0ohaini,
following lhe l.niik ol the Mild river to tin* phice
ol commenoement, containing Wo aeres, more
nr less.
Dated 2nd July 1906. a it Mai kkszik.
AhTiit'h PciiNKiiiKit, Agent.
Notice l- iiereny given that sl.v t v davs afler date
llntend to apj.iv io tin- linn Cb-QfCommlnion
er of Lands ami' Works for permlulon lu pur*
ehase lite following tleserihed lauds sltuuii ill
West    Kootenay    Dlslrlet.    south    ut   Ihe    I'eml
d'Oreille  nver, commencing al a post marked
M. U's N   I.   cornel,   situnle   uu   Die  south hank
dd Oreille river nt James N. M
rehv given thai 80 days after date I
lit],iv to the Hon. the Chief Cumdil*
ner of Lauds and Wnrks for permission '",P��r-
;.,����.   the   loiiowing   described   lauds lu   Weit
k.���,o-nnv disiriei, innvilice ol llrlllsh loltiiuhia;
r,. i.eueiiig an. i'i>M murked "WUliimt Tolling
��� irncr |n��st," suld post being
tth wut corner oi the "Quoofl
���ml  adjoining the eusl line of
McPhall's emplton, tGeaae iouth twenty m
chains along aniil  line,  tbonce ensi forty (Hi)
clinlns.lheuee li-rlli twenty V*H) clmim, thenee
west forty (I") chaini more or less, to the plnee ol
commei ment
Dated 1st rtayol August, hot..
Wll.l.lAM   'lol.l.iMiTON,
Itv his agent J. g. Taylor,
Notice is hereby given that Wi;days ntn - date I
Intend te npplv to the Honorable Uu I blel' om-
mliilone. nl Lands ami Wnrks [nr peiinlssiufi lo
ourohaw tlu inliowing de'Oiibed Landi situ-
atod m the Koolenay Disulet. Iteginning st..
poit planted on the north shore of the Lower
Arrow Uke about 4" ehains WUt Of Ihi west
houndarv ol c 1' H Lot .WW, .Marked H A tt
B i. corner tbence west 40 ehalns. thene. nortii
B0Ohalni. thenee east BO chains  more or  lens  In
lake shun* thence In a wuth westerly dlreotldn
Hlong lake shore to point ol eiimiiiciiccineni i on-
talnfng W0 ICI   - more or less
bouted June o, 1MB.
II   A   Wm vnnoN.
A N Wot.vKhToN, Ageni,
,1^1., h;rnh-v �����*"��* that two nn
luic I intend toapply to the D ._ ,h'"'"t
<on.ti.iss.nner of j-u.ds and Wo?MJIi_8
sion to pnrcoa-.e H)x hundred 25 ?!_?*�������
aeres of hind, deurlbed hs tollowi,- ' '"riT Vtt
at a nut pirated m the norih���� ,k',1,'1di
l ,tilinghar'i applhavtlon to pS!SL*Sl
���*D a. Mac's HoutbciiHt eorner1'' r, ' '""'N
eighty (Wi) chnins west; thanesAl_iL* _!_-VM
nnrth*, Ihenee tdghtv '(ffi '| ���, f'lty'"')"H I.
eighty (KU) ehains snuil,  to i"''1"   ,,,l; '���"in.
ntiilning hix
bed i
..rner, ilu
Ith UN
wesi no chains, thonco north "n ehains
 rem less i,, th,- pond p'Urolllc river; tit Oil Cl
following themnith hunk of tbe said rlvor in nn
euterl) and nnrtlioutorh direqtlou to the plow
nf commencement, containing WO acres, more oi
Dnlcilnl July. llSSi.        MOKOAtttr llAUCOUHT,
Arthur Behnelder, Agent.
s hereto
v day
il Uuinmiuloi
toapply tu tin* ii
of i.umls uud Works rurpermlssloi
the     lollowlng     ileserlhed     lumln
Kootonay District, south of the Pend d'Orolllo
river, col cueing  gt a poll    rked  .1    N, .Ms
ti. \\. oornor. iltuated on tha south hunk ol tho
il ddrelllv river, opposite the  LUllOl Ui
Creek;  th
l more i
 i. llo	
b I'end d'Orelllu riv
���In ehulns more in less io uie reuu uitreille river,
thenee .Ollowlng the south httuknf tin* suld river
in n westerly nnd louthwutorli dlreotion to tho
    ������������it, cuutnining B20 aorr-
nr la
���ii :ird July, IWHI.        3Aim N. M.i. K1CNZ1K,
Arthur Schneider, Agent
Notice is hereby glvmi that two mon'h after
dnie I intend to apply iodic Honorable the Chief
CommlMloner nf l.uuds nml Works lorn Lchn.. of
nil thnt Inml heme the  loreshnn ndjnluiuc suh-
d I vis tons i, B uud i ui iui mi, Group onotll
Koutcnuy, nml   helug ou the smith shore uf the
West  Ann  of Knuteiiny luke, in the district of
Com nolng m n po��i mar<red "_. B. Watte1
soulheHSt   eoriier   p*Sl";   tltt'lH'o |'���I cjiutiii, w*c��l
lha !M chains north; thonco m ehalns call!
thono 3-1 ohaini sou in to the place of > ommenoo>
itmnl; the said   land and foreshore io he l���. used
for sawmill pUrpOsOI.
Dated Ihis '.1st day uf August, Ui,*i,
A. E. Watto,
diuins, uiii-c ..r lent thonce woit'lJO ohaini
polul id  i iililiueueeu.eiil
Balmo, U.l'-, Augusl llth, IWS,
P. MiAhTiir
T.H. ATgiHdOH, Agent.
Notice is herehv  given Hint two moii'hs idler
din.- i intend te apply to the ll able Dhlol
Commlulonei ol Undi and Worki toi ia*rmis
Hon loptrchue si\ hundred uml lorty (Mo)
acres ol laud, ducrlbed ns folloWl   �� numienMng
nl ��  post plant il  the northwest coriie, ,,i 1
t.iillagher's iipplleall.m lo purehase m 1 i-. Vnl
lev     .ut   the   west side of   l-nwct   Ar oW Lake, III
Kootenay dlitrlot, marked "W. A. C's Nf. ooi
ner"; theuce running Bight) (8U) chalm WUlj
ihcnce t'lghiv (Hii) south; theme olght) (ho)
ehams ensi, theme eighty (nm chums norih to
place oloon moemeut
W   A , | Al.hKK.
Dated the -itul dny of July  WW
BUty days after date i intend to apply to the
r nliilnnei ol Londi and Worki, v lotorla, to
purchase 100 acres nf hmd    < nm m-tug ai u
posl iiluiiled oil lhe wesi shore of Anow  I -ike, nl
the south eul eoruer of J J Chrlitle's pun hau,
running north 80 ohalm thenee eul *v obaina,
ihcnce south 80ohalus, thence west so chains to
(640) ueres, inure
Dnted (he _*ud oUuly, IWe,
W. A. Oaldu, AiiSr1,
. rim.,.; l:,';a^^:,
chains south, 40 ehalns cast, U a ! .,   Wc"1 * *
place ol t ommeueeinent. "" "0f"' to |
K.   M.    Mil    V.;.;
July '���hid. |tss;
nit, I.n
I.1JU, ABem.
l^ealcd May, Bill 1006,
A.  I'AitlUK.
I, tui uunaa, Locatnr.
Nollee Is herehv  given  thai i-1 dnvs nil, r  ilnlr  I
inieiul loapply ><> llie Uonurable thu Chlel Com
mlssioticr of Umls uu.i Works, \ |.|..rin. to pur
i lm..'  HII aires  ol   land,   situnle nt I otic mile
cist oi Hurton City ou the eul md Krtam
hike, ii ml deserih'-.l as follows: ' omiio'ti'inc al I
put planted at lhe no tbeaal oorner of **ot 0660,
Ihenee north 30 ebaltU, ll.cue. wui I" chains,
Ihence south W obalUI,   thence ensl ID chums  Ul
place of bottnnlni
August -J-th, iawi. J. K. Himkii.
Notloe is horeby given that sixty dayi alter
ilale l intend toupph to the Hon. chh-i Commissioner ol Lands and Worn- lot j.-rmissloii to purehase the following deurlbed landi iltuate In
Wui Kootenav  disiriei; i ommenclng at n posi
marked J.H. \ anatone*i B B cornei put, iltuate
in the -idinon Itiver Valley, m �� i��dnt adjoining
.1 M bar's land at wutern h lary, thenee
wui Ki ehalni, them-e nortb i(| chains, thenoe
eusl sn chains, theliee South  nn limn.- to pOlttl ol
Julv Mthi lyuti I   II   VUflTOKB,
I   H. Atkinson. Agent
Notice is herehv given thai 60 dan alter date I
llllelul to make uppllcnlloll to the lloliomhh   the
Chief Com mlssloner of Umls hii. I worki foi pel
mission  io purcbau the  following deserlbed
lands: Commenolng at I poll marked A \\ I nl
iter's southesst corner, section 13, Townihlp 60,
running east twenty chains, soutli fort) ehain-,
west iweuly ehnllis, nnrlh lorty  chains  to plnee
o [oommeneement.
listed July fi. WM. lOHH B4JIM
Notiee is given thut mi davs Hl|i-i date I Intend
loapply lu the Uonorahle the Chief Commissioner of Lauds and Works for permlaalon to
purchase tin* following deacrlbed Inml- in the
Uest Kooteuay District: CumineliciliL' ftt a pUt
marked C < I'oynt/ Land B, K. Corner placed
near the I'end d'nreille nver nt Houndarv creek
east side of Salmon river, thence ens'  so ehalni
along iio- international Boundarj Lit..-, theuce
li .rth in chains, theuee   west   sll  ehnllis, them-e
south -46 cbaltu to plane ol oommanoement
bated tbeSOlb of July itssi.      c, C. Ponm,
By Anukkw Aim:, Agent
Police ll I hy given (hut IHIiIhvkhIi., .
intend to apply tolhe 1 rabteihe &^]
mlssloner ol Lands ���n,i \\,,iksi���,  ', ' ' '"n- '
purohau tho following dour!  i,,      '""
I., lhe West Ko.UcnuMlh.lr.cl   Sm_,tM*
P��l oi rait ilde ol 'imi,, I';!'!i "' ".mii
Arrow   Luke,  xml   murked  ",1   J  wJ|l���,*���*��
comet."  thence   eust SO  chlll,,,, ,|  .     .'    '      t
chains,  (hence w.-ht sn obahi thSS u
ehnins te pom. oi commence!.       , V1"1, *'
:mi ueres un.n-ni less U'1, l,"����lm*l|
Located June isih. 1006 i i u .,
T ".Wiixia^s.^W*
Hnly  duys  i.ffr  date 1 luicii.i O, ���,,.,. .     '
chief Commlulonei  of Umu ,01,1,1""" '
\ letoiin. forperaiulontopurehsieon(.h_! "
elgh'^(H-nj'hull,-e..st of  tln-N   \S ^Steufi
north"furly H11) ��'lniii,'."i',,pu!J,J| i
in aud marked ��c i .
orner,     nnd   iiinniug   ensi   fliriv ,��t.
heme souih  forty   (1") chalm.  tf.........
halm, Ihen
.eg 111 II lllg
JuU 7, Imi:
iis 1.tu
Soil.', |> hel.ll) given (Iml 00 .lll)> rdl--,U, . !
lllh ml to appl) Eo lhe Hon ll.ec,,,,,, ,' ' <
sn,..,-. of Lands ,,ml�� ork-iuiper,,,,:;,,/;
iim*'   ti"* f wing deurlbed Undi la C,
Kootenaj district, provlnoeof Hritlil i
i ..iimieiicing  al   u   poil  murked  ,\   *   h      '
i tin
de ol <
i   iwo   miles  east   ol   Ihi
��� iiorihwcsi eornei ol v> utim
ini'ii 'Inim. Ihen,,   bui Vi
tl s   pre-,
heme mnil, 60 chains, ineiiei
In IH .   lOUth 60 .'htillls lo the nhn
'.lUiniiilug U46 Hires more or lens,
Dul.-d thlalMth dny ol July, IW6,
Noiiee is hereby riven thai i
'ite ,
Notiee is herehy given thai two month- aflei
date I Intend tO Uppiv to the llouoruhh- llo*
Chief   Commluloner  Of    Lands   nml   Works   for
pormlulon to purohau tin* following described
lands situate on the wetit ur f Kootenai Ink,
lit the District ol West Kootenav      (  -tiring
al a -,-osl marked  "William Kuerhy's N W   |ioal:
theuce   we-t   twentv   (_'.)   ehnllis;  theuce   iouth
twenty    ('J')   ehains;    theliee   east   tWcnu     IgD)
chains, theiiee norlh twenty (20) chain*   to lhe
point of commeiieemciu, eoiilaluing   fort)   [tt)
I  ti. Nkijiiw.
or h��
Dated Julv 7. 1906.
Nntice is herehv given that60dav-afterdate,]
inieml to apply te the lion. Chief Domralsi -
of Landi ana Worki lor pununtsiou to purohau
tin* loiiowing deurlbed tract o[ huulsiiuaie m
Wesl   Kooteuay   Disiriei:    Commencing  r|   ||.e
lotitkwul corner ol Lot }JBD; thenee runlni
west 4ii ohalns; tbenee norths ahalns; thonoe
wesl  1li chains,   theuce northS) chnins; theuee
east sii ohalns; thence south tt chains to poini
of commencement, oontainlng M0 acres, more or
Dated at Nelson, It <*,,  this 9Brd da] ol lulv
ittti. Mak.  nani.an,
 per F. c. (ireen, Agent.
Notloe li hereby given that 60 dayi after date
llntend to uppiv i>. the Honorable the chlel
< ommisiom-r of Lands and \\ orlu lor permission
lo purchase the (ollow nig deserlhed lumls |]| the
Weil KooleliaV District: Commencing (it a |,o-1
marked T. It Pron olio's Inml B B, corner piaeed
near  V.f. Poynti  B  W. eorner,  thence east  Nl
ohalni, thenoe north in nhaltu. thonco wui mi
ohaini, thenoo south 40 chains to plaoe ol com
Haled Uth day of July (����.        T. It   KhKM u.
Ity akdkkw Ann, Agent
Nntice In herehy given Mini 66 ilnvs after d.ite I
Inlcnd lo npplv to tlu- iloiioruhlc tm* Chief Commluloner ol bands and Worki for permlulon lo
pureliuse the   following   deserlhed   lumls  tn   lhe
Went Kootenay diitrloi, near Burton City; com
mencing at anoft planted al theaootheui corner
of   i eorge   Hudion'l   preemption   Claim,   und
marked Harry O. TolUngton'i N.K C post, nml
running souih to chnins. Ihenee west *_*u chnins
theuee uorih in chains, theuce eul 86 ohalm to
place of beginning, containing U aoroi ol land)
in re nr lets.
bated this jfoth dnv of lugm-i, itn**,.
Nntice U herehy given hut 60 days alter dale '
Inieml 1 uke application lo lhe llolior.iiilc lhe
I his!'omralssl rof Lauds aud Wo**ki ior per
mlfslou to pine|no,," aOOUl 8U1 ueres of Inml slln
tiled on tbo Salmon nver, Wem Kooteuay dlstricl
 iiciieiiignt u pos, marked .-  K  Butler's N K.
i.ornor. planted on the west bauk of the river
nhoui i\ milea north of ihe international bound
ary, theme went 60 chains, iheucc so chaini
"V'"b   lho    east  ahoul  211 ehnllis io th,  river,
Mi.'iice northerly i.luiig tlu rfvm io pine,  nl e	
Auguil 10th, 100C, " H  Bungg,
T II   Aikiiis,,,,, Agenl.
Mxty days nf er date I linen,| In apply tn the
Honoiable lho Chlof Con ������!. , of i,.f���i_ tllM,
Wo, i Viotorla, io p,,rch..se m aoreaofland,
looated ami duorlbed u  followi    neing the
northeast -,mirier n| Itolloil twemytwn and
Ui-souih I.s.iis,: the imrtliwcsi qunrler Hcetluo
wcitty ihr.e, low.iHhipsixiy.iiiiic    Ami lurihcr
:"���_";"   K-^B0*1    Commencing al �� poii
marked J J. -V Y, comer,nml plniiied Hi. hulns
���Ul ot the  nor'hwcHi oo ner ol  Meclion ivveutv
two and running -.is* ttihsini, ihence south m
OhSM,  thence  eaat  40 chains,  Ih.-nee mmth */n
'inns,   thenee   west   HU eh-l.ls,  1 00 nortii   in
chains to plnee o| hcglnnilig
Augusl JlHt, IWM, JAHKM .IlillMtiiWK
w a Caider, Ageni
Notice is herehy given that6odays after dato
I   nteml tun.,,, v loihe II,,n  Chief Co ash i er
..Ln.us nml Worksfor permission tS nurK
the lolhiutugilescrila-d lumls In Wesl Kootenai
dislriel.Knuth nl th.-iv,,,! di.reill,. river. ctJi.d
'.'r1''ro"k',,�� ";'i,l,: �� ��� P��i marked If, w.
I - N W comer, ahout half u mile cad of the
lor heasl eorner ol   |.o! MSft, U. I., tlienco I	
iclians Ihcncee,,,, Hit, Initus. thence north |.
'huiiis. thenee west M, chains lo the place ol
eu....,.cnec...e,.l, cuniulnii.g liai aeres, nmre or
Dated 2nd July nu-, ,.*���,,��� w, KARCOPRT.
AitTurit BciiHRingR, Agent
i ^""���'t1'l,l|",r,,l,,>Kl.en thai six t villi vn after dale
' liih'ml tu applv i., ,(���. if,,,,, ci, ,.f cnl(lllli���N     ,.
ehnsc   no\ll!"LtU"r.M',r",,r "   to;.1    -
kH,i.�� i ii- .. "K 'l?'���^i,"���,l landi in West
_K!^J���___SSl��l:^,l,ll, '" ll1" tW d'Orolllo
eor ,,:     1 2 _i*  " ,',"i'  rk"" *���*�������. W,
-ii "' ��������-?uthwwt nnrnor of Lol
Dated_th   unci-ju,;    ��� AnnikKhahkh,
���c Is  herehy riven  thai Hv m:,,,^,
Intend to apply tothellonurabli il-i. w
Commluloner of Landiand Wurksla
to pureliuse tin- following described   i
aie In Plre Valley on tin* wui nd< ol , ��� 3
r,,w Lake, Kooteoay district, deeerlbtdaK
low- 'ommem ing nl a po-! p]
northwest cornor of W A. ('alder's pre��9 I
marked "A Mi-Ls lonthwui eornsr'';i^B I
tbenoe forty (40) chnins east; tbenct-bnl^
chains imrih; tbenee lorty no, ��� ���,.,, ,_
thenoe forty (i��) chains lontn lo ��� I
commancemenl, eoutniuing one iimidiediM I
sixty (U0) ueres more or lean
Dated June Ti, 1'JOG Axms MrljtTiHLii
W   A   Cn.ptB, Aftto
Noilce   is   herehv   given   thai Htm  din djj
date I inieml i.. apply to thi Bonombtc i
Chief Commluionei of Und* ud Werkt
permlulon te purebaae ibe (oBowlu Amti
lands -commencing al h pom nurktd lieorfe
liiigiou's s v. i posi, at tbi w"iile-��si rn
ol J O. Mci.rmlcs prMUnptlon -li'liii
running south to chalus tn loothwisl somtfl
lieo   Hudson's pre eiupt loll <1mhi, ; lll.'litv BM|| I
ehalni; thenoe north to ehalns, lhtorais-'|
. loilli- to plnee ol eoinillelieeiiii'in, ,,,iiUihiikB
acres ol Inml more nr less.
Daied Mils sth day ol August. t*rt.
IlKohut: TiilinifW,
A. A. Iturton. Svw.
Nntice l�� h.-reny f-lveii thai tO iUn ttiuitul
inteud lo make application in lhe flnn.inJ*tk
Chiel'' mlsslouer of 1-smU ami ttnrttt.pw-
mission   to   purehase (Ao acres ..[ I��.; .. u*   .
dtstrlel n| Wesi kootenay, commendntatMl
planed on the south side ol Itmiinhio ������hi.*
the luteritatlonal houndnry lm.-, <>in ndilull
m ten eut from the Salmon rteer, msrktd i
K Adams, soutbewl oorner," iioii's���������**.��
chains, theme north Ml chains, Ibunoll
chains, theme south  so chains tepiMUlM
Ki iui   1    Ai-ANvDvilur,
i��*r it M. Keens-, as A(-_m
Dnted this llth dny ol Jul),  tin,
Hlxty duys alter date 1 inieml ti>s|flvt" iht '
lluu. Chiel Commlulonei of Lands itnl Hnrti,
Victoria, lo purchase 41) acres ol  land   i'**
mencing nt a post planted at tbe CJtj ��f Nrln*'
l���,wer phuil hit H. H curlier iM,st, ���it KurtrSlJ
river, Ihenee M) chains soutli. llwarevMl*
chains, theuce north 90 ehnins  thenei euti I
cbalni te polnl af oon nojnnenl.
Nelson, H C, Aug, G, UDBi K J CWUi
Notice is hereby given thut sizl] 'Uy ���"������' I
dnie i intend teanply to the Homirsbli* tb W I
i ommlnlonei ol uwdgand Works ferjcmtMh
to purchase ihe following deaorlbed trsrioflii
in Wosl Kootenay dUlnat: Beginulng sisju I
planted ai the northweal corner of Ul
I log t'.ruek, tbenee smith tu chnin-. then
-in ,-hnlnt,  mon-  or  leas, lb c imrlli Ucbllsi
more or loss, Iheme easl lo lakeiho*��,so**"
pince of beginning, the same ii inienowmw1
brau what is known utheHaniou pr��mpuei
Dated July :,, iwsi, Qgo.B ffgW
Notice Ih herehy given thai llxlf dawsfW
lhe dnle I Intend to apply te the CllieltnBBi
sioner ol Lands und Works Victoria, lor shbU
sion to purchase ihe following described l��w,
situnle In  the dlsirlct ol   Wesl Kmiwasj, **s��J
of Urohman Greek: Htuningm n point biwm
John Whllc-H ti. W comer, phinlv'l tW >
chsini south nf .1 Malonc's southrawtwrs".
running nnrlh :��) chains, thence ensl ���������";
thonoe south ;w chalus. ihem,' wesl ��fn��iM*��
point oi eommenoement. ,("|f' *,,ITI
June 11. IBQft. J;F^M._Ai��sm.	
Nntice is hen hv glveli thai M dayi jn"t*ft*J
i mil-, applv to lhe Hon,irnhle tie ClllW
mlssloner ,!( Land* and Wnrks. (or peM*-*"
purcbue the lullnwiiiK described Ian-!*.��1t*,**f
In tne dlstrlol of Wc-t Kootenay.adJnlniBiisi
WO on tho wut arm of K us> l,lkl ,","���',1
eiug nl lhe initial   post   placed Bt tin-"IIU"""
corner,./ Lot WO, thence imrih W chains,   ��������
we-!   -2D chains,   Ihence  SOUth ilcllBlllMB���"
ensi 'jnidiHlns io point ol imcttHrnem.
Daied Aug   Lull, UM. ���I-*""0' ���fc",,"_
Nollco is hereby gleei
intend   t���  apeiv   io the H mbli
Cniiiinl-slot er id ij.ml-ami   Work- I
sion in purohau the loiiowing rtoscrl
lllnulcd III Ih.   W usl Koolen,iv ,11-lM' 1.
t   i. Pearson'i on ilu- north, aboul otic mm '������
iiuiirlei mn,--, from lln* IVnd ,1 'nn 111' !
 iwmtm anosl  ked,   !���<-.�����   iii(.
Cn riier    i  ,,   ���      iheliec    -"    ���  In. , :>        inlll, H1' "
Sn SSli lUnK te".! i
iIis.iii.sii |il��ois in nr ���'"
l.ssi'iils',1 Ih,  l��l sill) nl Aiii'ii-s ���'-",.,.   ,,,���
111:1111,1-. in mn, ><'"
v,,.,,'. i- ,,,.,,-i.v��,..-., ii ��� ''";���'.,",'
 llll   >��� ,..,.,lv   I., III,' II '"       ��� I
hliHHT iii UiiilJ mnl Wnrk. I..i i"V "I ".���',,!. |
i,i,ih,,I,,,   ih,. ralli.wl.iR 'I'-'ii  '"'     , ,..s
W.'sil   K nny   illKUIi'l:   _o|lnnin��   11 �� |W
liiiisk.'.l  II. ll.-lV.  H. _. ,'isrllri. ssl's""  '    ,., ,���
uiu, ..I llir s��� ii river, nm II",   '."J
llll' 1.1 'Ilii'llli- rlv.'r, lli.'iir.'""i'i'i     "    ,1 ,
IIS S'llSllll. SVS.Hl.Wll'llSSlllS..Illllll  I   IS'SIS'S" |
lis |lllS 1 ln'Ultlllltll, i,   ,|  |���]1.
li :1U, ,l���y s.l.Tsily. WW. '' " "
,., ..Iii'lil.!
Nnlli'i. I> h.,r,.,i, Blv.'litlii.l<i>'! '"' "   ,..��'l
] Inland to_n|ilf lotli-ll  '"   "���, pa
.���ru!   l.ss.s.ls. 'mil  Wssrk.lssr I'lri""-   "     J,,
s'    Mis'   [s.ll.snlliis   sl.'.'-rll'ssl   ;""      ,,���,!���
hl.l.l.'llllS      BllltlOl, MlUlll   "I    H"'        ''""���   |;   ,|.
rlvor issiiii'iii'ini: ni��I  """-.'...!., ,,s L
N \V. I'lirnt'r, Mllinili'il mi 'lo'
I' I   slllii'lll.'   tlVOsT   ��l   'lm'1
sss.isllnis'Mt iniui'r; llis'iis
Ullltll III s'lisllli-. Ill	
imrlli III iiinins lis llss' I'l
rontrllllng llks iiiti's- iiiurri'r IW*'   ,.,(H,s,llL
linl.'.l llr.l July noo,   i"'*"""",",";,,'
AHTII1HI  H.SI.NKH.KH. ����'" ���
.,   I    .. lllllTl""
Nsiili',' I, liciri'liy iilvs'ii llinl';,'"', ������i,|l'����
Intend iss..,,,.ly is. Dia 1i1.11.1rni. .��� I    ^ ^���.n
i IsmiT ssl L'iiiiIk nml Wnrks. In.  ' ���''" ,;a,-
purohau Un- lollowlng daaoru��� .',., ifw af*
liii'iii-lli^ ssl is (ssshi insirki'i   "I  "      ���   r srfss.
li"r," |il il nn llll' 1'iinl >li' ri' "    *?,,BW,iP
l.ssk  Hi,. I'lirlhwi'isls'ssrlii'i nl '    ''. .,, .ti*'��-
isll.'iillini In I'liri'lin-i'. rnnnilii! II';"" ��� ,+.��;���
.'���mi in,,., hsss'ls.'iiis, northi V"     iiT.-i..."'"'
iiiiii<> is' Is--*  svi'il In ll fl siki'ili" s >     ������.|iit'Hl'
KwT-S ilSiMhS. to Wi��"��� """
i".nun in in,: MO ooru more Of less.
Dated the vWrd day Of Jllly, I*"* , w. ���**!��-
S   Miu'le'""'
,1 coin in1'11''''1" The Dafly Canadian
20 Pfeces Brussels, Velvets
and Tapestry Less tban Half
Regular Prices
From JO to 23 Yard Ends
Lord and    Lady    Grey    Will    Not Be
Bored  in   Nelson���Committee  to
Arrange Simple Reception.
mperial Bank of Canada
Head Office:   Toronto.
sir.M, I'M" 1
1, it W1I.K1K
H... ,s��II,I��ns,ihki                           KKHT $8,600,000
President           HUN. I'.OHKItT .lAl-'KHAY, Vice-President
Bunches in Brilish Columbia:
mil* received mnl Intend allowed ill enrrent rates fnnn date of hjh-iiuik ao-
i,���,llli'll liulf yearly
J.   M.   LAY,  Manager.
fhe Hall Mining and Smelting
Company, Limited.
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry Ores,
iai Tar, Waterproof Paints
Pitch, Creosote, Otis for Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch and Paints.
Hunt Builders will linil il In llinir advantage to um' our Pitch.
lelson Coke and Gas Co., Ltd.
'. Burns &
Nelion will not atlemiit, on the- occasion of the- uiiproachlug vl.ll o(
their excellencies, thu Karl and Countess Grey, to Imitate the elaborate aud
lavish displays of larger cities. A simple reception aud a brief address, sut-
licluul to declare the loyally aud extend tlie hospitable weicuuie of the
city, but uot to tire the distinguished
visitors, lo whom il is hoped the
UUlet lakes or Kootenay will ufiord a
welcome break in the monotony of a
lout;  railway Journey.
Tho details of a simple reception
will be decided touiglil ul u meeting
nl a thovoilgb-y ri iiiiss.'iitative committee, Including the head of every
public institution in  tlie city.
Such was the decision made by the
city council at lust nigbt'e meeting.
After some waiting a Quorum was
secured, consulting of Mayor (illicit
and Aldermen Annable, Irving und
Kohp. The notice calling tin- meeting
wan read by city cloak Waafion and
lirli-fly explained  by tlie mayor.
Tin' lollowlng reply to the mayor'!
former telegram  W'us  read:
Qovernmenl House, Ottawa, Aug, 18.
���Dear Sir: I am desired by the kuv-
ernor geueral lo acknowledge the re-
i-i'ilsi ol yssiir letter of the Brd instant
ami tn think you for lbe very cordial
Invitation therein contained, His ex-
i'1'lli'in'v would huve been only loo
pleased to have visited Nelson at fair
time  if  It   bad   been     possible    llinl  lie
regrets that the arrangements for his
visit to Hritish Columbia will not enable him to meet your wishes tn the
matter. According to present plans
Iheir excellencies will arrive ut Nelson early on the morning of September 5. leaving again early the following day.    1  am. yours  faithfully,
It wus decided tii accept as official
Ihe reply of the private secretary aa
to the time or arrival.
li was generally agreed that an ad-
drees of welcome should lie read, anil
tbal Their Excellencies lie offered a
launch excursion.
Aid. lios" suggested a parade of the
school cbildren and the presentation of
It wus desired that tlie reception committee should lie composed us follows:
the mayor and aldermen, the president
of the board of trade, the principals
of tin' high and public schools, a. I).
Emory, Judge Porln, Captain Eurin,
it. u. Hedley, .1. Johnstone, J. .1. Malone, F. M. Black, .1. S. Lawrence and
lbe city Clergy, it. A. Renwlck. G.
Johnstone, tin' managers or tlie four
bank  brunches.
Tin' mayor promised to gel In touch
with the vice-regal party at once and
,o call n meeting of the reception
oommlttee for tonight In the city hall
at r. o'clock. The meeting then ad
Their Suiu Sold it the Exact Prioe
Marked on Them���One Factor
Which Hae Established "Semi-
Ready" In Its First Plaoe With
the  People  of the  West.
How the "Semi-Heady" company
lias built up au immense business iu
nine years, a business tar exceeding
iu volume that ol houses established
uU yeurs ago, is being told lu a series
ot articles ui the Canadian  Magazine.
Witli sevisrul strong and new ideas
as the busts of their system, the
neini-lieady Company established
themselves in the confidence ol Uie
people Whan they pluc.-d on each garment their guarantee label aud the actual Belling price���the price al which
the garment must be sold, no matter
what part of the country their goods
are sold iu.
Their famous "lllllnoz" serge suits
are sold in Toronto al |S0, and at Vancouver at $_u, in Victoria ut ��.o���in
every city lu Cunaula in fact.
in ihe West, where tin- Dutchman's
one per cent usuully prevails In the
Cheap clothing burliness, the Beml-
reudy suits made of high cIubs worsteds
tweeds and serges, an- sold at the same
close price���tlie one and only price.
In Saskatoon recently tlie merchants
formed u close understanding to keep
our "Semi-Heady" because this one
price would interfere with their methods���but lbe Semi-Ready came ln
with  four new stores.
Knowing "Semi-Ready" so well in tlie
eusl the people who come to the west
always buy it, and Hits fact alone assures a splendid trade to the merchant
fortunate enough to secure the "Berni-
Heady"  agency   for any  city.
Silver King Hotel
Beet Dollar a day hoare iu the KootenayB.
Roomr* are well furniihed.  Table an Rood te aDf
!��� NeUou.     Bar lupplled with none!
llauori ana clsar*.
W E. McCANDLISH, Proprietor.
Tremont House
European and American Flan
Hm.1i _ eta.   Roomi from '# cu, to H
Only White Help Employed.
Baker Bt.. Nelaon Proprietors
We have Improved and Unimproved Ranches for
Sale on the Kootenay and Slocan Lakes, Slocan
Valley and Nelson District.
Before purchasing call
and examine our list.
H. & M. BIRD
Bartlett   House
Best Dollar-a-Day House in Nelson.
The Bar lr. tbe Pineal.
White Help Only Employed.
Josephine Bt.
When a man and woman are married their romance cunt-Jen and their
history commences.
Corporation of the City of Nelson
BY-LAW No. Mi.
A By-Law to raise $50,000 for the completion of the Electric Light and
r-o* = .  Plant of the City of Nelson.
M.srks.iH in   Rosslnnd,   Tniil,   Ns'lw>n,  KbbIo,   Sandon, Throe Forks, Now
Denver uml SIshhw Oily.
The Big Schooner B.,.,�� ( A-
0r "Hiii and Hill"    DCCl     I VC.
Tho ouly Gloss of Good Beer in Nelson.
Hotel aeeonunodsttons ie_ottd in nuns' in Brit.
is.li Columbia.  Rates 11,00 per day,  Bpeslalrstei
In luuutl.ly buarslerH. Only home ttotelln Nttlssou
Lake View Hotel
{.'orii��r Hall mnl Vermin,
twn l-l.ick!- from wlutri.
Kalei* 11 <>0 per -lay hikI Up.
I*'It**?  urtcJ   Actfldvnt
Real Estate and Mining
Manager lor the Kootenay Valleys Company, Ltd.
Oldest established Kuril Estate
. Busintiss in Kooti'iuiy.
Nelson, B. C.
P. O. Box IH.
Tisli-pi,s,Ii.. 118.
N.ELSON, b. c.
Grand Central Hotel
J  A. ER1CKSON, Proprietor.
Centrally Unrated. Open Hay and Night.
Sample and It ith Rooms Free.
Opposite Court House aod Post Office.
Corner Ward and Vernon Streets.
ny l.rani'li will Imve
��� ���1 ill Mtl'IIUDII.
Heid Office: Nelson, B. C.
Budweiser Beer
DISTILLERS, 12 and 20 years old.
Kootenay Lake Fruit Fair
1 1" md Display of Fruits, Flowers
uml Vegetable.,
' MrlM close Sept, llth. Special
Hull's iiii iill hunts und triiins.
Kaslo, B. C, Friday, Sept. 14th
Rifle Competition in Canada.
Beogtrt, n. .1.. Aug, 31.���The annual
meeting lasi niplii or the National
Rifle association of America, the tournament nf which is in prngivttK, was a
protracted and -stormy one. General
Bird, the president, ai the opening or
Uu* inei-tihK announced that he was
aware that a movement waa ou Toot
iu favor of a reform in the society's
administcatlon and that some of the
members Inclined to the belief that he
had outlived his usefulness, us president, lie aald he waa entirely willing
to surreuder the office to a suitable
Kiiccesor. A test vole shortly before
tuidntg&t indicated that the opposition
to him had a decided majority.
General Spencer reported Inst night
that a match for tlu* Palma trophy
with the Hulled Slates, Great Britain
ami very likely Canada in competition
will pro'lmbl,
be held nt  Otluwu  next
Moral Visitations.
At Valparaiso, aa at Ban Francisco,
the tower ol BHoam ���MH aud overwhelms, we may he WW- many just
us well as many unjust There Is
UOthlng in this case any more than
there wan In tlie case of Ban Kran*
[BOO or than there wus in the railway
accident ut Salisbury, to make us believe tn a moral visitation. Tbe
earth, man's dwelling pl&oo, la full on
tbe one hand of Influences beneficial
to his existence and his progress, on
tlie other hand of influence adverse to
both, by struggling against which his
character is developed and elevated.
Moro we cannot know al present. We
cannot form an idea of Improvement
Without effort or of effort without n
oonteBt with evil,���Goldwin Smith in
New York Sun.
WBRREAfl a fK'tiuon Iui lieon prpwnU'd to
llie wiiuii*i|itl I uiiiicll uf lln- CnrporiiUou of Hit)
i Hy of NcIh.iii pUiii'iI  Li-  the owners of at least
��� >n "-lentli of the value ot Die real properly In the
mo,! city ���_- Himwn by the lul revued MtemmiW
mil,    n-1'IH'NLtllK    til*'   Slllil    CollnC.ll    Ul   llltrn'llll'i-
-A  Bv-Uw  io  nu-.' M,U i' mi if Un  |.iin��iM' of
compleUng ihetton-Hructtoo ot the! eolrte bight
mnl Power PUr.nl now b*ing oonitntctoii by lbe
��� 'uy ni Nflioo ni tbe Upper ftonntngtoii rtAlt,
KooU'liuy HlVer, Uri'i-'li <"oliiinl.in
AMD WHBKsKAS tt in deemed expedient lo
complete the hleeWc l.igin mm Power plant-
anii wiiku-as for Uie punmeetatorenld il
win he DeconNuy iu borrow tlu* nun ot Fifty
TiKiii.uiiii i|,iisii.-i'''-i,i*��MNi|.llini im ine debenture-- of tlie Clly uf Nelfluii (or tbe pur (Mine of
ri Idlilt; daiil Hiuoiiul,
ANH WHKKKAS Hi*, whole Binount of thi'mt-
able   luml  uf  the  -iti'l   i-lly,  ��<���, .-r.hiii:   to   the
lam reviled AMenment Roll, in one million two
iiiimiri'il nn.i ���ixty-thredlmuHiiuil eight hundred
hikI forty .lo'.hir- (ft,-Ji)3,KU))
AND WEKKEAB It will be rtqUlll'e lo rain*
HBiiUnlly by rate the iam uf Pour Tlionsanii One
Hundred ana Beventy Nine DeUew ($4,119 00) for
paying tbenld debt end interesi.
Now therefore the Municipal Counotl of the
Corporation   of   the   City   of   Nel-mi  uuat'ts  as
1 It shall ami mny be lawful for the Mayor ol
the Corporation ot tin- City of Nelaon to borrow
linos the oredlt of the nal.l Corporation, by way
of the debenturei hereinafter mentioned, from
any penob or pononi, body or boiUe*-* eorporale,
whii may be willing to nclvaiiee the Una a- a
loan, it "nm nf money nut exceeding in the whole
the Mini of Fifty Thon-aiid Dollar--($60,000 (IU,)
aii'l to cause all Hiieh Minis ho rained uv received
t'bepaid Into tbe haiidmf the Treasurer of the
said < orpormtion [OT llie nilrpoae and with the
object hereinbefore recited
at. ��� 11 ahull tie i*\\ ful fur the Msyor of the said
Corpora Ion In cause anv number n[ de-heuturea
to be made, executed and Issued fur such xum or
iumi as muv la* required for the niirponcalid
nbieot afuri-Ni'ild, not e\et-eiltug however, the mini
uf Kilty Thousand Dollara (W^uODJlO), each uCUie
said delieiitureK i.i-uij, uf the denumltiation of
One Thousand !'.., Iur, |*l.mm.ilo) and ull such de-
benturaa lhal) be sealed with the seal of the Corporation and --Igned by the Mayor thereof.
8���The laid debentures shall hear date the 1st
dav of iv i< ��t.e*. l��0i, and nhall be made payable
in'twentv years from the ��atd tlate in lawful
mono) ol Canada at lhe office of the Bank of
Montreal in Nelson aforesaid, which said plaee
ot payment shall be designated to the stud Oe*
bentnres, and shall have attached tothem coupons for the pnymetil of luterem, and the signatures lo the Interest coupons may be either
written, stumped, printed ur lithographed.
4 -I'he said debentures shall bear interest at
the rate uf ft per cent, from the date tbereol,
which interest shall lie payable |i miannually at
said nfllcr of the Halik of Montreal In NeUou
aforesaldt in lawful money of Canada, on tbe
llrst day of April and iir��t day of October respectively tii each year during the currency thereof;
and it shutt ta- i-xpre. scd tu said debentures and
coupons to be io P'yablc
6.���Il shall be lawful fur the Mayor of said C��r-
poratton to negotiate and sei: tne said debentures nr any of them (ur less Ihan par, but tu tin
ease shall the said debentures or any nf them be
negotiated or solo fur less than ninety-five per
ceninm of their value Inclndiim the cost nf negotiating am sale, brokerage and all olher hid
denial expenses.
tl���There shall tic raised and levied in each year
during the currency of said debentures the sum
ul Twenty-five Hundred Dollars (fSr&UO] f'��r Payment uf interest and the sum "! ������ iM.'i'ii Hundred and Se fiiiv-ullic I'nllurs ($l,l'.7U (HI) for pay
iiicnl of the said debentures by rate sufficient
therefore on utl  the ratable laud   In the said
7,���It shall he lawful (or the said Municipal
Council tore-purchase nuy of the snld duiicn-
itires upon such terms us may be agreed uiioii
with tlte legal bidder or holders thereof nr
anv pan thereof- either at the time of sale or
anv Sttbseauen* tlmcnr times.ttud all debentures
su repurchased shall forthwith lie cancelled and
destroyed and uo re-issue of debentureejo repurchased shall bo made |u consequence of such
B. This By-Law shall take effect nn or after
the 8th day ��i September 1Mb
W. This Hv 1 inv muv tie died for all purposes
as thct'itv Of Nelson l.leetric Light l.,���in 1-y-l.uw
No. 171, IWNi.
Hotte and passed In Council Assembled this
Hepteiulier IWHl.
T-be Strathcona
Nelson, B.O.
B. Tomkins, Manager.
I have for Sale the Choicest
Frait Landi tn this district.
Most of it Biiiiiite ou (he West Arm and Mail, Lnkn.
fore you decide to locate.
See me be-
S. M. BRYDGES, rap^__)K
Choice Fruit
I Have 10,000 Acres
of the
Choicest Frott Lands in
British Colombia.
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
Nelson, B. C.
The .Leading Hotel in the
Oood   Sample    Rooma.
Queen's Hotel
Bsvker Blreel, Nelion. B. C,
Lighted by Electricity and
Heated by Hot Air
Large end Comtorteblc Bedroome end Ktrst-
cleM IiluliiK UiMissi. ManipU' Booms. Ior Commercial Men.
HKB. X. V. ,'I.AKKK, Froprletreu
The well known
Our Beer Garden in
the Kiut'Bt iu tlie
Winuipeg Port Arthur
Bt. Paul,    Duluth,    Bioux City
J. CROW,   -   -   Proprietor
KniiiMB City 158.26. St. Tuonifi $,10.00.
Chicago (G-l 00.
On Bale August 7-8-9, September 8-10
Final limit October Hint.
Toronto .711.(15.   On sale September 8 11-10
Limit November HOth.
Royal Hotel
Rates tl and (1.60 a Day.
Special Rates to Regular Bcardera.
Smashed the Sale.
Kingston, N. Y., Aug. .1.���Early today three ine. und u wu.man, ��'.
inusKcil, entered the iinsiiifflce at
Highland, near here, They blew open
tins Bale, Bcciirml $51,0 iu money add
jsoii lu sunups nnd escaped In an ouln-
iniililli' before the residents wlin
been amused came on tlie scent'.
A. McDonald & Co-
Denlera in staple aud faucy CtrooerioB.
Uutter, Eggs.
Camp aud Minor.-' Supplies.
Milwaukee ��82.'-0    On sale August 7---H.
Limit October 111st.
Through rates all stations���Ontario,
Quebec, New York, New England, Maritime Provinces on application.
A.,l.l,.*..V���ni'iillvt'r. II. P.A.. Ntslmsn.
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Frtrtt, Ft��el
&, Pcwltry Co., Ltd.
The Last of Eastern
On .Sale September 8-tO
St. Paul I i62.60
Port Arthur
Chicago *M.U0
St. Louis fllO.d
Final limit October Hist.
i. j
ittet 1 I
The Daily Canadian
Bargains in
Cut Glass*..
cAreyou taking advantage of the Ld)��
Trices tve are offering in Cut Glass ?
An 8 In. <Bo*>l. Ivorth $7.50 for $5.
On a fine Water Set, bottle and 6 fine
Cut Glass Tumblers at $10.00.
NOTICI -   We v, ill Bend by arpress to anv pert of lhe country,    \
and u nol t..t.u.l uttufaoto-y, il i nn Ik i> turned at our expense     '
Crawford Free Stone f
'The Store of Sweets,'
X Iii large variety arc now ml
Fruits, Confectionery ind
Ice Cream.
Plume 26. Baker St.
ir preserving.
X       Buy while quality is
j Bell Trading:
��� ���
'cA 'Tip" for a
'Canadian Morning.*
Kootenay Coffee
Old Curiosity Shop
If you want "i buy or .-��� II anvtbing,
go to iho Old Curiosity Shop A nev
line of Japanese Goods now on sale. AN
kinds   of   Dinnerwarfl  In   Block.   Pal*
Making Dependable
Fortunate is the slot*** that 1ms tin-
reputation for dependability,    Fortunate is tin* public lhat haa snob a J
ttuire in Ms midst.   Fortunate confidence between q store nnd its baying \
Public means growth   This Ptoro lias (
grown, mnl Is growing OH .jusl these
Hues.   Nn ambition higher titan ]h
tearing your confidence   other things ]
are bound to come
We want every trade transaction to {
be satisfactory, und If it is not we
want you to tell us about it.
If you  have not bought   from us 1
se&d us a trial order.
|Joy's Cash Grocery!
Oor.JonpbtnBu. Milium,    linsue 19
.1   PUED HUME, Proprietor
E. E Cbipman, Kaslo; W Lawrence,
R. McGormick, Phoenix; .1 Oa-le aud
Mils M. liuiu'im; John Hln.k ; Sew Den
v,r; W. 0 Hiiliiiiui, Oalgary; 0 Hull,
Revelstoke; H 0. Martin, loronto;J A
Sutherland, Viotoria; R. S Dinning Ed-
monton; 11. A, Small. A. E. Durln-suiiy.
Vanoouver; VV. H. Meredith, Toronto;
J. A. Bertore, Cascade; S Neelands, Oalgary; Mrs \V. Scott, Nukuisp.
W. I . H"x. C Trnnthell, W. Huntley,
Spokane; .1 L. Retallack, Kaslo; B S.
(iniut, Chicago; I. M. Ely. W. P. Rii'k-
rtts, f; W. Walton, .Isilm Hiigur, Pullman; A, McMillan, London; 0. W Busk,
Kokanee; Snsan Ohristlan, Oaioline M.
Crosby, Minneapolis; G. McOnHoob and
wife Souris; R. Turner, Ynrk; R. A. Tin-
ii-r. Marville; I) Martinand wife, Phoenix; 0. H. Lninls Suiiu'Usis; \V. L. Mii''-
donald und wife, ulils
\V. Aiiilersisu, Lemou ereek; B. A. Oho-
quetto. Mrs J.J McLean, Winnipeg; .1
B iViulaw; Wlnlaw; G D. Wheeler.
Ss-nirle: .1 H Peeney, Grand Porks; 0.
J  Sssnih, Viini'fsuvi'r
G. lliiv.ni'iii. j. lliiyt, Nanaimo; D.
Matbeson, Phoenix; J. Todd, Montana;
,1. 1> Motfatt, Fernie.
I:.- land haseball leiim; O.Vi. Pnrnell
mi.l family, Csii'is"; T A Plagg, Portland; A A Dims, Ss-iitlls-; )���' E. Ciillins,
Jiliii Ms-Pie- Salmo; Mrs. Dorjn, Rev-'
elstoke;tl MuAnliffe, Phoenix.
.1 .1 I.si'kie. Paul ShnfiT. II. Smith,
S|snkune; n. Watson, John Williams,
lu.-li Biding.
.Ins. ('"iJins, I.sniln: P. Svinisiis, psi'iiit':
,!. Hall, Vanoonrei : W. Wallace, Winni-
.1  Barton,  Edgewond; P. Culver, Sil-
rerton;  W. Osborne, Slocan; 0. P. Oon-
���. ay, Ca undo.
II  L Patterson, Moyie; J. B.  White,
0, A. Clark, K 0, McLaundetB, T. L
McAllister, London; W. Irwin, Moyie,
"The Pringle Co'y"
i >n Friday evening a $0-3 Bowing Machine
will Im* given away.
The Pringle company will present
"l.'ncle Josh" at a matinee tomorrow
at 2:30 p. nt.
Owing  to  Swedish
in     the
Baptlsl church this evening the church
choir will meet lu the home of Pastor
and  Mrs.  Shanks at S o'clock.
J, A. Dewar. manager of the Porto
Rico Lumber company, was taken to
the Home hospital this morning suffering from acute Inflammation of tho
knee joint,
Sam  Seeiands  arrived  In  the  city
last  night  on  his  return  from a  trip ,
to the coast.    He will remain In H'A*
son  today  and  tomorrow, teaviog  for
Cttlgflry Sunday morning.
Dr. E. C. Arthur, city medlcM health
officer, and Chief .Iarvis. sanitary In*
b(lector, were up betimes this mofoing
and secured samples of milk from all
daiiyiui'ii   delivering   in  the  city.
Persons hoidinq coupons for the sewing machine to be given away ai Sherman's opera house an- reminded that
ihe drawing lakes place tonight The
first number oul will take the machine
if the number is in (he bouse: if not,
the drawing will continue until such
number drawn  Ib in  tlu- house.
The Rev. 1*' Palmborg <>i" Winnipeg
i. in the citj and will hold services
in the Baptial church to nigh I al 8 p.
m Mr. Palmborg is the Swedish
Baptist missloiiarj. traveling between
Port Arthur and Victoria. He is
working under the auspices of thi* Bap
list church of Canada* and supported
by the Swedish Baptist General - Con*
fivi'nc* uf the United States. The Ber-
vlca this evening will ho In the Swedish language and all Scandinavians in
the city are invited.
Gus Brickson has returned from his
nip borne. He visited Sweden and
Denmark and found his friends every*
where all well, His parents, aged .:;..
are hale and hearty. He found in
Sweden no resent ment at Norway's
secession. Everyone is loyal to the
old king but there Is a movement to
abolish the privileges of nobility and
institute manhood suffrage. On his return he won a beautiful Swiss clock
nt a raffle in Spokane aud it now
adorns the liar oi the Grand Central
hotel. Gus is fu splendid health and
glad   to be  hack   in   Nelson.
The members of the committee appointed to arrange for the reception
of the vjce*regal party next Wednesday are asked to accept this notice to
met in the ciiy hall tonight at 8
o'clock. They are: The mayor and Aldermen P. Starkey. J. .1. Malone. J.
Johnston!*, P. M. Black A. D. Emory,
G. Johmjtone, R. A. Renwlck, Revs.
P. H. Graham, Father Althotf, .1. T.
Ferguson, R. N. Powell and E, il
Shanks: C. M. Fraser, A, Sullivan,
Judge Forln, Captain Forin. R. R. Hed-
lev, J. S. Lawrence. F. Phillip:.. I,. I!
DeVeher, J. L. Buchanan, .1. M. Uj
and a. W. Hyndman.
Prices .".tic and 75c, Children 86c,
S��'.*ils :it Rutherford's.
Till.   KXtT.I'SIVK  pHrilepB uf  idling  r.'frr-Mi-
meniM <>�� iiu* ���oelety'i Kroiiu.i*- .luriitK the Fttl
Pair, September l9*JM*at, Nu iptrltuoui llquon
���Allowed. The titghe��l nr nny tender nol netrei-
rertly Mceptod. a certtfiea cheque for full
rttnuunl to tocoropany leon tender, eddran
h. c, UcMossu, BeorfisVary,
Nelson Aurii-uinirtii end ln��iu-.triiil Auoolatlon,
NiIkuII. ll ('. AiijjIiHt tl, 1'JWi.
In connect ion wllh Flower Sundaj
services to be held In the Method.,!
church next Sunday, the ladies ol t"n
church wish to say tliat thej wii- be
pleased to receive gifts of I'lowe.s
front their friends for the decorating
of the church. Such gilts -should bo
sent to the church not later than 7
o'clock on Saturday evening. Patents
and friends are also reminded that the
morning service will be specialty foi
the children, and that each scaOlar Is
requested to bring a small bovjuel ol
flowers to the service. During me ser
vice the flowers will be received Ero-n
the scholars and placed among ilu*
deeo rations.
The Store of Quality
Now is the time to huv peaches for
preserving. They nre at their
liest now and the price i-i as low
as it will he
\\> have ii fn-i-li Btook of deHoiotu
Hiirtli-lt pears nn liiinil.
Now at their best.   Don't
delay preserving.
Fine Crawford Peaches
and Bartlett Pears.
Phone   your  orders.      I'l
guarantee the fruit.
Leave Your Order With He For
Cherries and
Now, aa the aea.on ls closing, and I Will
see that your order ls Hlled with the
best fruit to be had at the lowest market price.
Hat!, wood Ice Cream
One Eye at a Timel
That's the wuy wo test
Usually  tha isycs differ s���   . ,
Klaus whii-li suits one Inlnra.V**,l��
mnl iiltiimit.-ly tKith sum-. (nl*i
Wu on modern a__l__nn_.
would hurt your .-yes and our \mt"^
  Telephone 333.
J. J. WALKER, ��SRB����
Corner Silica and Josephine 81s.
Phone 206.
for lOc
We are closing out a lot of
Box Kites at above price,
Secure  one before they are
all gone.
W. G. Thomson
KS1 ""'  Nelson, B.C.
Phone .14.
$10 Down
$J0 Per Month
will purehase 10 acres of
splendid fruit land which
will double in value iu a
feu- months.
Are you grasping the
present opportunities?
Get  F0R Sept.
Busy    First
Select Your Requirements early for Grouse
See Our Window
f (/it >ifl tf'tbi<
Yillktt, (hi dnttuf spirits in tit light
1>IL>   YOU   KNOW
that tin* drlnki wrru) nour BoaIm. ���_fo_tUll)
hal tonic propettlW U-stilo rflrt-BhttiK!
We 0 eoo-y r.*nl fruit iyru[>�� nf tlie fluent
s��naiii.      PounUtn,oonntir. k*.�����--�������� nuQ
KCepUM l��l   nr.   ke[it   ���Krupiilouily  OlWD
Balti -tr-ot, .Nfiwiu. B 0. *
MANl'KAnl'KKKS or Till.  BKAWfOBl
'    Repairing and Jobbing a Specialty
Sheotuietal Work, CastiUKS. liuilders' Miit.-rinl nnd Miuin�� and Mill Mmliiiierr
IM...1.0  J..4.
Ofllce nnd WnrkB Vim' nt Purk St.
Nalaoni B, c.
&f* Kootenay  Agents
L0_.        R*A.RoK.fs4Co.
XJV*f        Limttcd. Winnipeg.
WhOlMIII.  I*r����\'l_��i��>i.>*,
Doiiiiiiiisn (luv
riTiiiiii-ni ('n-niiii-ry One-Pound Hriils reoelved treeklj lrn4
from tbe nhnra,   Vot Bale hy nil leading grooei1-.
Offloe and warehouse: Houston Block,   Phone TB,
Josephine Street. Nelson. B. C.
Gait Coal
Tornu Spot Oaah
Tel.pbmni Xt ll.sk. s .trsct
smi ni I'KKMIBlt TYPEWRITER lor ronlormlo
Applj Queen Cigar sinn., \v. 11. sissiiii.
miiMs TO I.KT -Nicely tarnished and cloanlv
kept roams lor itendy ffuestf or transients, Apply iii��. McLaughlin,over I'ls-rrs-'s. inii.,1 ���hop,
TOB .IKI.I.Y. We have received
tbewhole sliipins-ut from nne man
uml ciui supplv yonr wante in
this line
Are coming in now in pood oondl*
tion,   Tliey WOU*t laBt lout;.
We also hnve fresh
0��*nt��lnupaa     Ripe TomatoM
Hn tut nn.-. W.iUriiiv.on.s
Nelson Hardware Co.
Sportsmen's Headquarters,
PHONB 15.       NKLSON, B 0.
Mountain Wild
Flowers of
By Julia W. Hensha^
We arc
Receiving daily
Plums, Peaches
Crab Apples.
As it is near preserving time wo would
advisH you to leave your order
with us.
Telephone 161.
Hood & Teetzel
,   K. w. r��� Bloolt . Phone 10
GO Mr..\\ ii
m tt'. K.
, fnr work lti thfl WOOdl.   Apply
, xttwinill, Kh-I.i
LADY STENOOILAPHKH (or position In country.
tiimii I to witli omploirer'i t��mtlr.    Apply
box W.,Ranadlan office.
Hal.'ymi lini SprltiK*. B.C.
KMCI.O > MKNT mi frn11 nn.rli If vuini(* JnpHii-
isi' mnl lils \\\W.   Apply .Simiii\>I.|.' Hotel
CAIMM'-NTKllH     Apply tu Julili UurilH,Hllirtl Hint
Htnli ij.
Wboleialc nmi Retail Denton in
Fresh and Salted Meats
Oanips supplied on shortest notice nnd
lowest price Nothing Iml  frc*h nnd
wholesome moats and stipples kept In btook
Mail orders receive careful attention.
E. C. TRAVES   Manag-r.
Police Court.
In the city police court this nunn
Ing Hugh Dunkoy appeared on remand
before Mayor Gillett.
The prisoner sought to renew hla
complaints aboul the retention of hi*-*
property by the complainant, Mrs. Up
johu. But, as the property In ques
Uon coiiHiatftd of one hair brush and
two dishcloths, IiIh complaint was not
seriously considered.
Me was hound over In the sum of
$.iii to keep the peace for 18 months.
"A simple ami popular K"iil�� to the
names ami descriptions of thw flowers ihat  bloom above the clouds.*'
A book for every teacher, school ami
private library, ami every lover of
our  wild   flowers.
Don't Forget
It your furnace in ahape to atart the winter with?    If  not, NM
is the time to have it repaired.
I. R* Ashdown Hardware Co.t Ltd
PLEASE NOTE���We will nut be rcs|ionsllile for nny furnace not instill*
by October 1st. 190C.
B.  A.   ISAAC
Uwptairl.iK '.n.i .I......I.ik cvc.ut.il with Hssn|siiIi.Ii.   .Sl.c-c-t Msttal (
WOrk. .MI..I..K ......   .Mil. M.��_:.ii.,_,r>-.      Missssilisil ..i-tr* nl
.tics  C..*h,   I.,   ft.   Cu...riiv..ii-N'   Cl.rM.
NELSON,    B,  C.
Price $2.75
Trains and Boats.
Crow boat���One hour lute.
Slocu-,)   train���On   time.
('oast. Boundary and  RoSBltmd train
-On  time.
Canada Drug & Book Co's
....Cast) Stores....
Ka��t l.ynne" wa:. presented by the
Pringle company in their usual style
at BUerman'��� opera house last night.
The attendance was slightly \ett than
Utoal on account of the Strong conn
ter attraction at the park, bul still
there was a fair attendance The liill
for toniKht   is "Wanted-A   Wife."
3500 New Members
We want yon to join the family.
We will accept yoa on easy terms, nnd guarantee you will UOTerbOMRV
for having joined us.
Call und get particulars of onr e;isv payment system
Mason & Risch Piano Co., Ltd.
Maryland Casualty Co.
Which issues policies for the following:
Accident, Health, or combination of the two.
Plate Glass Insurance.
Burglary or Theft.    Steam Boiler Explosion.
McDermid & McHard.
   .,_���,l_ ���	
I lust Arrived!   H **?%jfr��I
^ C Hart, Schaffier t\ Marx 9 ���
Liiti'Ht Pttternii I^.i.-nt Style*, nml All (IikhIb Qoimntsed        I
KSK Ltimber, Shingles,
Lath, Mouldings, Doors, Window*
Turnwl Work and Braek��rtfJ.          Mnil Orderi promptly Btte"*4'
VBRNON STRBBT  -  -  -  N8UWDN. B. O.       -,
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i.Imu tsurry tlm Im'hI, qiuilitii'rt iniulo by
Wood-Vallance Hardware Co'y. W


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