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The Daily Canadian Jan 14, 1907

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Array Slje gMhj -Canahiart
DLUME  I.     No.   189.
|sl Meellng of Council
of 1906
���ftements Hinded in by -City Officials were Satisfactory���Discussion on Licence Arrears.
Ehc last meeting of thp clly council
906 was held at 10:30 thla morning.
pre were present Mayor Gillett and
penunn Si-Ions, Hume aud Irving.
business of Ihe meeting was ptire-
I isniiliic and consisted of tho recen-
ssf nisortB from the varloiiB city
I'he city clerk  presented  the flnan-
statenwnt Tor 1906.    This showed
t-lplH from general sources of $122,-
uuil proceeds of $50,000 power plant
i-iiiurea of $11.1171.55,  making total
?lpts of $171,517,*,:,,    The disburse-
(in.-s total $228,797.35 for general ex-
and $31120  ror the redemption
$1000 worth of 1897 debentures.   The
I'lnent of assets and lu;:: t ��b Dhow-
|ih-   furnier to amount to $554,005.29,
die latter to $480,900.83, giving nu
���a of assets over liabilities of $07,-
Eoimldi-rable discussion was evoked
|the utuount of light, water and II-
arreara outstanding. City Clerk
sm explained that part of the wa-
unit light arrears was of long stand-
but thut Lhe greater part of tho
Standing accounts would be settled
15th, when the December actus are payable. Alderman Selous
jtcxted against licenses being allowed
and advocated that all licenses
paid in advance.
flic report of the    fire    department
very full and complete.    The ex-
Bis were stated in  minute detail,
cf Deasy reported that the Ure loss
rism the nine months of bis liicuni-
Icy, had amounted to only $355, and
none of this had occurred ln the
linesB district, nor bad auy building
completely destroyed.   He report-
I tl**-  apparatus and  mains  in good
dition and referred to the increased
clency of the brigade, due to tbe use
lie sanitary department team.   The
jcn-is- danger signal at the reservoir
proved of service.   About 200 feet
oae and a hand reel had been placed
|he corner of Hall and Front streets,
the manufacturers in the vicinity
fe furnishing an additional 400 feet.
| recommended lhe purchase of 500
of additional hose, and the estab-
ent of an extra station, containing
B'-h and hose wagon, In the upper
of tbe city.    The report was re-
red and   referred   to the  incoming
city electrician's report referred
s'tall lo the wiring of the city for
power und light.   Tlle work of the
artment  for  the coming year  waB
)fly outlined.     The report    showed
a  maximum of 325  horse power
obtained from the West Kootenay
& Light Co. at a cost of $12,-
Reforring lo the cost of install-
[meters, Mr. Dickson slated that at
$13,000 would bo required.   If the
rate continues, changes should bo
pe reducing the rate for offices and
es.   The early Installation of a sec-
unit at the new power plant waa
be medical health   officer's   report
teil only one case of Infectious dl-
s during the Inst year.   There had
unusually few hospital cases on
��� account.   The use of potassium per-
Igunnte for disinfecting the sewage
|tying near the C. P. R. during   the
on of receding water In the river
(strongly recommended. The report
nd up with a vigorous protest on
danger arising from children coast-
tbe sidewalks,
ho report of the sanitary Inspector
i the details of expenses ln the scav-
png department and recommended
j purchase of some further equlp-
fct. On motion of Alderman Selous,
bnded by Alderman Irving, the Imitate purchase ot an additional wag-
land tank was recommendel.
Ihlef Jarvls In his report enumerated
' various cases dealt with by the po
lice magistrate and the exceedingly
small number of cases presented reflects great credit on the chief and his
assistants. He referred to the good
order prevailing during the various celebrations held In the city laBt year, and
paid a glowing tribute to Ihe staunch
support given him by the other members of the force.
The report of Ihe caretaker of the
cemetery showed that only 47 Interments had taken place during the year.
The tramway report showed tliat operating expenses. Including repairs, salaries, power, a new lathe, motor and
armatures totalled  $10,350.60.
The city engineer's report was not
complete, and Mr. McCulloch stated
lhat it would take him some time to
itemize the power plant costs, but be
would make a complete report as soon
as possible. He furnished, bowever,
some Interesting approximate figures,
which showed that the total cost of tbe
power plant, not Including legal expenses, up to December 31, 1906, had
been $186,000. Tbe transmission line
cost $16,000, tbe substation $650, while
the amount paid out for labor, since
the construction of the plant has been
carried on city account, and amounts to
$53,000. The sale of the construction
plant should net tbe city about $2000.
No further business developiug, the
mayor, In a few well chosen words,
thanked the aldermen and civic officials for their courtesy and firm support during the past year.
The meeting then adjourned sine die.
Fnr-i Ckkt-8 a Montr
Mclnnes' Impudent Threat About Better
Terms Causes General Indignation
at the Caost.
(Special to Tba Dally Canallao.)
Victoria, B. C, Jan. 12.���Public feeling at the coast cities still runs high
at Mclnnes' extraordinary statement
tbat British Columbia cannot hope for
better terms until a Liberal government
la put ln power, it Is a little too much
for even the mose rabid Liberals to
swallow. It Is doubtful if tbe history of
Canadian politics shows anything Ilk*
it. Tbe right of tbe province to better
terms is admitted by Liberals aa well
as by Conservatives, it la admitted by
the premier of Canada and his finance
minister, and by tbe premiere of other
provinces, but tbo recognition of this
right ln practical form dependa, Bays
Mclnnes, upon the defeat of McBride.
There Is no longer any doubt that Mr.
McBride had ever accepted what was offered at Ottawa. We are told tbat
nothing like a fair measure of justice
would be extended to ub while be is
premier. Developments tn this matter
indicate a deep laid plan to defeat any
effort tbat Mr. McBride might make.
So confident were the opposition
press that hla mlasion to Ottawa would
be a failure that tbey said so before
be left Victoria. Their treatment of
public matters does not suggest the idea
that they are sufficiently sagacious to
reach a conclusion of this kind without having a private tip that nothing
would come of the conference as far
British Columbia's special claims are
concerned. The paper tbat was the
most positive ln prophesying failure
was the Times, which ls owned by tbe
minister of inland revenue. It is hard
to believe that It would have treated
Mr. Mcllride's mission as fore-doomed
to failure unless It had Information
from headqparters.
Mr. Mclnnes has only gone a step farther limn the papers went. He has only
said what they would have If they had
not beon lacking In courage. In the
course of his remarks at Vancouver,
Mclnnes spoke about McUride having
offended the other premiers. This was
very absurd. What right had the other
premiers to be offended bcoause Mr. *
McBride would not accept a sum utterly
out of keeping wltb what the province
Is entitled to. British Columbia made
no bargain with the provinces and Is
asking nothing from the provinces.
Brltlah Colombia Ib by far the largest
contributor pro rata toward the Dominion revenue, and If the maximum
claimed by Mr. McBride were granted
it would be much less than that which
British Columbia pays into the federal
Tralna and Stats.
Crow train���Two hours late.
Coast and Slocan train���Two hours
Boundary train���On time.
RosBlund train���On time.
Jack FroBt, having tightly fettered
the WeBt Arm of Kootenay lake, many
Nelson citizens enjoyed the glorious
skating yesterday.
Municipal Elections Over
In two hours
Few Changes in Personnel of Council
and Board of School Trustees���
Speeches and Comment.
This morning, for the first time In
tbe history of Nelson, a mayor, six aldermen and three school trustees were
elected by acclamation. The only
changes in tbe composition of tbe two
elective bodies, council and school
board are the replacing of J. A. Kirkpatrick in tbc council by Captain D. C.
McMorris aud of Dr. O. A. B. Hall on
the school board by W. Irvine.
The compoaltlon of the two for 1907
la as follows:
Mayor���W. O. .Gillett.
Eaat Ward���J. A. Irving, W. O. Rose,
D. C. McMorris.
WeBt Ward���J. Fred Hume, Harold
Selous, J. E. Annable.
School Trustees���E. C. Arthur, F. W.
Swannell, R. J. Steel, A. D. Emory and
W. Irvine.
At 2 p. m., Returning Officer W. E.
Wasson declared the above named gentlemen elected by acclamation.
Mayor Gillett briefly acknowledged
tbe honor. He spoke of tlie hard work
done by the council and paid a tribute
to the zeal and Industry of bis colleagues. He was confident tbat the
tasks of 1907 would be as faithfully performed and wltb the same public-spirited concord in the council.
Alderman Irving, while regretting
tbe too peaceful re-election, concurred
in the mayor's wishes for harmony ln
the council of 1907. He thought the
problems of power, water and light,
now ln course of solution, required an
experienced council, and attributed
tbe action of the citizens to appreciation of tbat fact.
Dr, E. C. Arthur, doyen of the school
board, declared tbat the deliberations
of that body bad always been harmonious. He frankly notified the new
council that the first act of the new
board would be a demand for a new
public school building.
R. J. Steel endorsed Dr. Arthur's
statements In both respects.
C. A. Waterman playfully expressed
his great regret that there was to be
no fight and bewailed the absence of
ex-Mayor Houston, who would never
have allowed such conduct.
Library Additione.
The following books have recently
been added to the Nelson public library:
Grove's Dictionary of Music and Mu-
slclanB, 2 vols.; Chamber's Cyclopedia
of English Literal ure, 3 vols.; Manual
of Mining, by M. C. Ihlseng and Wilson; Barry's Fruit Garden; Makers of
Florence, by Mrs. Ollphant; Mukers of
Venice, by Mrs. Ollphant; Cathedrals of
England, by J. Taber; Cathedrals of
Northern France, by Francis Ml Ilium;
Cathedrals of Southern France, by
Francs Miltoun; Cnlhedrals and
Churches of the Rhine, by Francis Miltoun; Cathedrals nud Chruches of Northern Spain, by Ch. Rudy; Wild Animals I Have Known, by E. T. Seton;
Poetical Works of P. B. Shelley; Poetical Works of William Wordsworth*
Flower Stories, by L. E. Mulcts; Insect
Stories, by L. E. Mulcts; tree Stories,
by L. E. Mulets; Bird Slorles, by L. E.
Mulets; Slorles of Little Animals, by
L. E. Mulets; Stories of Little Fishes,
by L. E. Mulets; Age of Fable, T. Bill-
finch; Ordeal of Richard Feverel, by
George Meredith; Evan Harrington, by
George Meredith; Deauchamp's Career,
by George Meredith; Diana of the
Crossways, by George Meredith; Adventures of Harry Richmond, by George
Meredith; One of Our Conquerors, by
George Meredith; Amazing Marriage,
by George Meredith; Hhoda Fleming,
by George Meredith; Egoist, by George
Statement of Year's Raoelpta and Disbursements and of Assets and
The statement of the clly finances
for 1906 brought down today by City
Clerk Wasson ia aa followa:
Police Court Fines  $ 3,072.26
Scavenging Ratea   2,898.50
Law Costs on Tax Sales  33.46
Foreshore Rentals    65.00
Licenses   10,877.50
Dog Tax j  600.00
Road Tax   V.  U18.00
Real Estate Taxes  32,184.07
Burial Permits and Cemetery
Lota   141.00
Interest on Bank Deposit... 740.97
Interest on Sinking Fund .. 1,637.17
Sale of Sewer Pipe   2.40
Sewer Rentals   3,172.69
Sale of Power Plant Material 632.73
Sale of Copper Wire, etc  147.46
Electric Light Rates .... 30,043.70
Sale of Electric Lifht Lamps 420.07
Tramway Receipts   7,058.90
Nelson Electric Tramway Co. 1,495.00
Sale of Water Works Material 69.30
Water Ratea  20,263.77
Weigh Scales Receipts  230.00
Provincial Grant for Schools 6,043.33
Pound    25.75
Sale of $50,000 Wortb Power
Plant Debentures-.  48,674.55
Prices of Metals.
New York, Jan. 14.���Silver, 67 3-4c;
copper, 23 3-4c; lead, $6.
London, Jan. 14.���Silver, 31 KMtid;
lead, ��19 17a 6d.
Fire Dept Maintenance ....$ 6,463.22
Police Dept. Maintenance .. 4,781.49
Scavenging Dept Mainten .. 1,865.60
Legal Expenses  1,080.79
Miscellaneous     666,24
Printing and Stationery  812.56
Public Buildings and Grounds
Maintenance   878.53
Salaries     6,610.00
Dog Tax     8.15
Furniture and Fixtures   51.60
Fuel  (City Hall)  106.50
Donations and Subscriptions 1,352.20
Hospital    393.35
Debenture Interest     20,870.00
Interest and Exchange  425.61
Sewers���Construction     399.36
Sewers���Maintenance     199.57
Kootenay River Power Plant 96,568.51
Ellctric Light���Construe   ... 6,147.46
Electric Light���Maintenance. 6,240.31
Electric Light���Extra Power 12,178.66
Water Works���Construction. 52.70
Water Works���Maintenance. 1,341.23
Stieels     2,872.92
Sidewalks  2,637.31
Recreation Grounds   352.02
Recreation Grounds���C. P. R.
third payment   866.70
Weigh Scales���Maintenance. 14.65
Board of School Trustees... 14,625.97
Public Health  672.04
Tramway   10,350.60
Tramway Park    1,060.00
Isolation Hospital 8ite���first
payment     507.25
Foreshore   29.30
Governor General's Reception 404.31
Oouht House Building   358.48
Electric Light Lamps   564.34
Refund of Water and Light
Rates     5.95
Sinking Funds and Interest.. 16,937.17
Outstanding Accounts of 1905 7,:t64.S6
Redemption of    $4,000���1897
Debentures     3,920.00
The statement of assets and liabilities ls as follows:
Debenture Accounts    $266,000.00
Power Plant Debentures ... 200,000.00
Dank of Montreal Account . 17,035.55
Recreation Grounds (balance
of purchase price       4,167.30
Allls-Chalmers-Rullock,    Ltd.
(deposit)   ..'      6,000.00
Accounts 1906 outstanding .      4,703.98
Water Works  Construction.$168,028.32
Equipment        12,971.93
Buildings and Grounds       71,660.78
Kootenay River Power Plant 266,661.20
Outstanding Accounts      35,393.06
The excess of assets over liabilities
is $67,698.46.
A commercial traveller���a Liberal���
who visits every riding ln tbe province, was in the city yesterday and
amused blmaelf predicting results ln
the various constituencies. His summary showed 24 Conservatives, 11 Liberals and 7 Socialist and Labor members. To make even tbat showing tor
the Liberals he had to assign them
Rossland, Greenwood, Columbia and
two seats ln Vancouver. Even Premier
McBride waa more charitable. Heal-
lowed tbe Liberals a baker's dozen.
Fernie Liberals Bad Long
Search for Victim
Attempt to Compromise with Labor
Party Displeases all���-Easy victory for Ross.
(Special to The Dally Canadian.)
Fernie, B. C, Jan. 12.���Tbe Conaerva-
tlve rally tonight bad a crowded meeting, notwithstanding tbat tbe day was
Saturday, and tbe weather was bad. Dr.
Bonnell and Chairman Ross justified the
action regarding the eight hour law.
W. J. Bowser stated tbat Mclnnes
and Macdonald bad Issued a challenge
regarding the socialist support of tbs
Mr. McBride was received wltb enthusiasm. He Justified the course of tbe
government and refuted the Kaien Island arguments as false. No other candidates spoke.
Tbe labor convention last night was
captured by tbe Socialists. W. M.
Dicken, Liberal, who la appealing for
tbe labor vote la making no headway.
Rosa la a sure wlnnner.
The long deferred Liberal convention to nominate a candidate for tbe
coming provincial elections waa held
here last night, about 100 being present.
According to tbe previously arranged
programme those present proceeded to
elect delegates, who wnt Into convention forthwith to nominate their standard-bearer. This proved itself a knotty
problem, and the solution of It by the
nomination of W. M. Dicken of Fernie
was tar from satisfactory to many of
those present.
Before this result was reached, every
parliamentary possibility ln sight waa
nominated, but they all wltb one consent "began to make excuse." The first
man named was M. Mclnnes of Elk-
mouth, who made baste to decline the
honor. Tbe next suggestion waa C. D.
McNab, who thought'no better of the
proposition. Then followed ln rapid
succession the names of Fred Stork,
Wm. Tuttle, F. C. Lawe, Dr. Hlgglns,
and Mr. Simpson of Cranbrook Herald
faro*. As each ln turn rose to decline
wltb thanks, tbe Liberal thermometer
dropped another notch.
All the possibilities being now exhausted tbe convention took Into Its
consideration the impossibilities.
Eighthly and lastly, the name of Mr.
Dicken waB presented to the brethren,
and that gentleman was easily persuaded to give his blushing consent A
leader was at last found to guide the
chosen people into the promised land.
But when, after a session of over four
hours, tbe meeting was adjourned, to
be continued in sections on tbe streets
and ln tbe hotels, murtnurings were
heard agalnat this Moses, who bad been
discovered at the last moment in tbe
political bullrushes. Many of those present were heard to say ln tbe most positive manner tbat they would vote
agalnat Dicken and for Ross, tbe Con-
servatlve candidate and late member.
Although It aeems to have been the
only thing left, to do, the nomination of
Mr. Dicken was an unfortunate thing *
for tbe Liberal party In Fernie.. Mr.
Dicken arrived in Canada about a year
ago, and by bis native talent soon at-
talned the position of president of the
local miners' union. At the time ot the
last strike, however, he waa tried ln
the balance and found wanting, and
his resignation asked for and obtained.
In view of this fact, lt la bard to understand how even the most sanguine
of his supporters could have hoped for
the endorsement of the labor party's
convention, which was held tonight.
The longer-headed Liberals desired anything rather than a formal endorsement
of tbelr candidate by the convention,
which would finally alienate the already
disaffected old-line Liberals. They
hoped tbat, ln some subtle and secret
way, the Labor party would throw Its i
support toward the Liberal nominee.
But tbat gentleman himself displayed
no such delicacy, starting out bright
and early this morning ln the endeavor
to capture tonight's meeting.   Hla
forts, however, were not crowned wltb
success, the convention being captured
instead by the Socialists wbo already
bave tbelr candidate, W. H. Moore, In
the Rein. Thus Mr. Dickens' position
ln regard to the Labor vote ia no stronger than lt was, and hla standing with
tbe Liberals Is distinctly weaker. Between the two stools he has fallen to
tbe ground.
Tbe outcome of It all is that there
aro three candidates ia the field, W.
R. Ross, Conservative; W. M. Dicken,
Uberal, and W. H. Moore, Socialist Mr.
Robs' position is Improving daily, and
tbe knowing onea are offering odda of
3 to 1 tbat he will be elected, with no
C. P. R. Changes.
Tbe formation of ice ln tbe Weat
Arm of Kootenay lake baa necessitated
certain changes In tbe C. P. R. service.
Hereafter until further notice a train
will leave Nelaon for Procter daily at
7:15 a. ni. making connections for both
Kootenay Landing and Kaslo, returning
having made both connections, at 5 p.
m. The steamer will leave Kaslo tor
Procter daily, except Sunday, at 1:20
p. m.
Tbe delays in tbe arrival of the tralna
from tbe coast are due to difficulties
of navigation between Arrowhead and
Nakusp caused by ice in tbe Upper Arrow lake.
North Fork Property to B�� Developed
at Once���Former Shipments of
Hlgh-Grade Ore.
(Special to Tbe Dally Canadian.)
Grand Forks, Jan. 14.���Another deal
of great local Importance baa Just beon
closed here for the purehaae of tbe
The Little Bertha group consists of the
Alex Miller and F. H. Knight for a aum
reported te be $60,000, the former own-
era being J. Pringle and W. Kendrick.
The Little eBrtha group consists of the
Little Bertha; Jasper, B. P. aad Derby
���all situated at tbe base of Pathfinder
mountain, some 14 milea up the Nortb
Fork from Grand Forks. Tbe Little
Bertha haa always been regarded al
one of tbe high grade properties on tbe
Nortb Fork. In 1901 shipmenta from
the Little Bertha were made to the
Granby smelter, tbe results shewing
values of from $15 to $77 per ton in
all values. The same year two carloads of ore were shlppel to the North-
port smelter which resulted in returns
og $22 in gold and $11 In silver to tbe
ton. Over 400 feet of development
work haa been done on the Little Bertha property, consisting of tunnelling
and shaft-sinking, and over 200 tona of
high grade ore has already been shipped from this property. The Kettle
Valley'Line railway runs close to these
properties Tbe new owners of this
group intend to Instal a concentrator
as well as a cyanide plant.. The high
grade lead is three feet and a half wide
and lt is estimated that It will assay an
average of $25 in gold and silver. Great
excitement exists hero in mining circles
over the closing of this deal, which affects a group of very high grade properties at the very threshold of Grand
The Vmir Convention.
The Conservative nominating convention of Ymir riding waa held yesterday
morning about 3 o'clock, on the arrival
of the delegates from Creston.
The proceedings, which were absolutely harmonious, lasted exactly 20
minutes. James H. Schofleld, of Trail,
was tendered the unanimous nomination on motion of Harry Wright, exactly aa foreshadowed In Saturday'a loaue
of The Dally Canadian.
Shortage of Coal and   Coke   Affecting
Bjth Mlnea and Smeltsra.
Tbe present shortage of coal coupled
with the unprecedented cold spell,
threaten serious1 trouble to the mining
and smsltlng industries. On Saturday
the Granby smelter blew out Its furnaces owing to lack of coke, and already some of the Boundary mines
have closed down. In Rossland the Lie
Rol closed on Saturday, as the ore bina
were full, the fuel supply scarce and
the railroad unable to handle tbe output.
The ratlroada are short of fuel and
very little freight Is moving. In the
Boundary the C. P. R. has not coal sufficient for half Its engines and may
Boon have to refuse to handle ore shipments. In that case a general closedown Ut the Boundary Is Imminent
Resolution Adopted Stnaft ipfftr-
iof EcoMMrical **>iml*t,traHfln
ly Conscrratives.
(Special to The Dally Canadian.)
WatUburg, Jan. 12.���At a public
meeting held thla evening at WatUburg In tbe interests of the candidature
of J. A. Harvey, the mayor of Cranbrook preaided. J. A. Harvey addressed
tbe meeting and met wltb an enthusiastic reception. The following resolution was unanimously passed:
"That the thanks aad congratulations
of every person in the province of British Columbia are due to tbe Hog. R.
McBride and Us government for having
bad the courage and firmness to Insist
that expenditure should not exceed income, and that any sacrifice that this
district had to make to secure that end
was cheerfully made and would be
made again if necessary to turn debt
and dishonor into a surplus and confidence aad its attendant prosperity.
"Tbat we heartily endorse the decision of tbe government not to grant
public lands te any railway companies,
and also that all railway companies
shall pay their due proportion of taxes.
That we strongly condemn and disapprove of a campaign based on slander
and falsehood aod the use of reiterated
charges agilaat th* gnsinjaasl -which
hare already been proved to he without foundation, and ths majority of voters present wlah It to be recorded tbat,
although tbey voted Uberal at the laat
election, tor the foregoing reasons
they will now plodge their support to
the Conservative administration."
With the Curlers.
Seven games were played at the curling rink Saturday night In the President
vs. Vice President series, and resulted
aa follows:
DeVeber 11, Gillett 4.
Richardson IS, Hawkey (.
Beer 16, Hedley 10.
Nunn 1, Mclntyre 18.
Carrie 12, Bunyan 8.
Cavanaugh 13, Wells 5.
Fox 3, Wallace 10.
The following rinks are drawn for tonight:
7:30���No. 1 Ice���Wallace vs. Wells;
No. 2���Mclntyre vs. Cavanaugh; No. 3
���Blackwood vs. Drew; No. 4���Beer vs.
9:16���No. 1 ice���Fox vs. Richardson;
No. 2���Starkey vs. Hawkey; No. 3���
Gillatt vs. Hedley; No. 4��� Nunn vs.
The executive Insists that all games
called for 7:30 be started promptly on
Several changes are announced today ln tbe arrangements for the 20,000
club ball which will be given this
evening In tbe opera house. Tbe executive bas thougbt better of its first de-
cislon to charge extra for refreshments
and all guests are Invited to supper.
Chief Deasy, who was aaked to taka
charge of tbe decorations, and who
would doubtlessly bave made them
most attractive, decided that ln tha
present condition ot tba city's water
supply, he should not leave the lire
hall. The floor ls in splendid condition, the music will be ot the heat antl
all are welcome.
The public school Is working under
great difficulties. Even with good ooal
the ill-arranged class rooms of the
Central buildings an very hard to
keep comfortably warm In cold weather. Ih th* weather now prevailing and
with tbe coal now available, tbe teak Is
utterly Impossible. Two divisions,
Mra. Pearey's and Miu Thorns, had to
be dismissed this moralng- The others
remained In session with less than half
the pupils present. The new division,
No. 10, under Miss L. Abereroabta,
was organised In Fraternity hal! thlt
morning with only about M pupils
present, some being anient throagb
misunderstanding and mora on M-
count of th* wwthr.
____________t_____i The Dally Canadian
. . Just Amved . .
English Cured Meats
Irish Roll Bacon
Ayrshire Roil Bacon
Wiltshire Hams and Bacon
Yorkshire Hams and Bacon.
Prc-.-arible Only at
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office:   Toronto
CAPITAL PAID OP.   . *4~<��
D R  WILK1K  P-^iii^it.
REST t|4,500,000.
HON*.  UiBKRT JAFFRAY  Vir_-F>__rt<-n��
SriDchc; in British Colun-ki:
Depfntw r*r*;t"i and uiMsrort allowf-d .-arreat ra��M from iat* of rTtpentng nf
WMWSot. awl -lrn,\n-xi..-.*l  .oil ;-��uly.
"Bi.aos uravcm
J.   .VI.   LAY,   Man___r.
The Royal Bank of Canada
*3.7M._10    Reserve  ����J07.7J1
T<rt��l  A����sM�� &H.3S0 3.M
5A7Z<VGS ____#/_��� DEPARTMENT
jf  o��������� . ���*    .�� flmis an.  btdfrldltlll opened <>n the BMW 'avu cable terro*.
Thirteen   branohf-fl  In   Brttish   OolurobU
3p*��_ial   attfotion   ''J oat  of ���*o*srn  bugtnpwi,
T   I   KWWt   P~'*s    -Tallfar 1   I.    PKAflK    .ericral   Manatj^r.   Montrr?*!.
G. A. SPTNK. Manager Net-ion Branch-
PiibVtffaed *\r ttttft   . /"���*������: <>? ih*
'TAffA.tJ.A.. row Bpnre 'omi--a;.v, ltd
Bak--r ft .   XetKHI, B. C.
���*.*���*'-'pM'-n ntM. M ueot* i month lollrertyl
Hi the citv, or s..(H�� year if irtrnt by mall, when
po.4 !D *']vbii**-��
i-, d vert lal ng rates on ��*pj*1l*^*��tU<n.
All oi on ton paid m s-Htlf-rnctit ol Th*- Dslly
t*. ti��')<Ari Mooanu, rithei foi robaertptlotn oi
���   ver Usl tig. must ft* rVMvtti- f*>r (*n th" p *���*���*. nt#��d
f- me of ihi  "
Company   other receipt* nre nol
-lA.Vt AF*Y  13, 1 OOT.
���' By one word #�� m-o - .m��*tlin'�� lOdgMl i ��� *-
w.rw end by ono wore, sowietlnit*. judge-d t be1
fctollaV .'*! *!��� 'hevcfora .1*1 MfWQl Whal wo
It may be comparatively safe for th*?
n[.|)o*H,!if.ri pHBM EO i)til>li��h And 0011'
tinue r*?p**atinn mlsstatemetltfl about
th. pramier ^n^ nis oolleag.ttaM in ro-
gard to aiMda Happening ;tr ih. coast
ConoonHttg whii'h informa'ion reaclles
Ae j)nb1fo of tho ini'Mlor in oontftcttng
t'_<'(framn. But 'o Ml the 600 or mor*1
people of .v-?iBon  who Efasitl tbe pre-*
ml or'. 0-Hdld Bad able addroHH Iai I i ���': ���;.
day night that Mr tfcBridfl bad dot a
word to -jay" BJbotH sin.- one nf tHe mat>
tin ha diaonraad h paying a strgft-ge
eompUm-snl to th** InteDlgBTtca of an au-
Aoaofe that in-indi'd nm *. fVjrw Liberals.
Ar^um-'nt would tM ���������.,���-��� .n people
who openly deny what Ih Known by ffle
wholo rommuuliy On only one pofw,
of all Nfsrred to hv iii��* focal UBeral
or^an in yesterday ntomfiig^i Issai
th" premier rtten'    He dW sol caKe the
public I;ito h.H dOPfldte_NM
th" reslgna-ttoai ���������������iti A< oablnet of
Messrs, Charlea WfTson and r i-- 0 d
Mr. Wiiaon, whnn h*�� roflrort. gjlve no
roanons for no dofiirT other than prl-
.ttte t#___nesa Mr Green di-i the tatma.
"it ttas been asserted"���whleti ib merely
a rrtpB-.f? riliinra; paraphrase for "it Ih
said''���that Mr. WilHon dhiapprov'd of
E&e ciohimbii*. & Westers land attbstdy
continuation, "lt in aald'' also BUM Mi-
Otfeefl had 0 quarrfll with his colleagues,
The authors of such anonymoiiH ftssep
tion. aro Liberal politician, of the type
of poor .John Oliver with hiH hlriW. The
proposition that because mich un^round
e-i a_.ert.lona are made hy lrr_sp��n*_b
KOHrtips and published i��y Irreapooslble
edI'orH, ehersfore. men who have retired from public Iffs must take the pub*
Into their confident, in regard to
their  private affairs,  or  that Uie  pre
mier rr/u_t <lliv;jf-p their prtVftte affairs
in public, is one that will find little
rapport To .ay that there is no jjrece-
leill for -fiifh tictionH. if m**ant seriously, betrays a Strang.' ignorance of re-
0 tn emmtS, both in Britain and Canada. BeOWeen 190% and IWS, more than
half of Arthur Italfour'se cabinet resigned, includint; stjrh pmmlnenr men as
the Duke ot IV-vnnshir*1, toeC 3t. Aid-
wyn i then Sir Michael Mlcks-Fb'ach |,
Lord Seorge i.antllton. Joseph Cham*
bertain,   i^ord   rtaifour   of   Bbtlelgh,
George Wyndham and many ot__3T*. Only one���Mr. Chamberlain���publlnhed
any vattmti for ho doing. To turn to
Canadian politics, does anyone know
yel why Mr Blair -left the cabinet? Or
Mr Sifton, unless the Calgary Eye-
dpenef'a stories are true? Or Mr. Hyman? If the latter resigned his port
folio tn shame at the exposure of th"
meant by MthittH he was elected, why
did he not also resign the stolen seat
in th*1 house" But there Is another
!)nim about which the opposition press
hns not a word to say." Immpdiai'dy
after his retirement. Mr Wilson was
hailed as par excellence the honest
man. "Hi- wouldn't 'stand for' anything erook'-l." Rut Mr. Wilson con-
tfnOSd to support thp Rnv'-rnment as a
��� ftta memh"r. He Is now in the flebl
n Cariboo, cr-rtain of StoctSbtfi and
tjledged to oonttnne to gnppoti the __*a
'������rnni'-ni "Unti" C.rfpn. in spite of his
aUng-*-*. quai. -��1 with the Rovernme-.tt
is actively working for the pause and
'A 111 soon takt the stump in Kaslo riding;
on behalf of his Mend and late r*al-
leagUS; ,NVj| F  Mackay.    Honesty Is not
apparently do be s_rpeeted ffom Llbersi
ISpeva during a campaign. May
(re suggest that even in tho interest of
���hn cause they are trying to bolster up.
they should make their dishonesty as
nt-arly consistent as possible.
J. Fred Hume has Issued his campaign manifesto fo the electors of Ymir
ridlna;. It is a fair manifesto in its way
hut contains abundant interna! evidence
thai it is a campagn manifesto and
nothing more. For instance, Mr. Hume
dealafe* himself against the granting
of subsidies in money or land to any
railway enterprise whatever. It
only a little more than six years since
Mr. Hume was a member of the cabinet that granted more land and money
for railways in two years than any other cabinet in twice that   time.     And
cure iv Mr Hume icnowe _iat he cam- ;
paf-go n stteh he haa entered is inspired, 'iirected and controlled by the !
Grand Trnnk i'acific company, still bent
on -ecuriaE - ontrol of the northern part
of the province. The McBride sovern-
ment ia the only government in the his-
���ory of ;j-riti_h Columbia that has not
^iTeD or promiseij money or land to a
railway company, it haa paid the obli-
tratjona ft ite predecea-aors. it haa exacted from the railway 'ompani_a
���h-^ir ,-hare -���( the proTlnclal revenue
,'rom 'axailon. it haa refused to -nttr
upon ��� pB0sy of confiscation and aaa*
iarton. md ll .'fused absolutely to be
���held up' and robbed by the (}. T. P.
itraies who have already BCOSSared '-ontrol of the Dorr.inion f-abmet. Sow. if
J   Krrd .�� sincere m bis campalRsit doc-
lamisw. _��� oflWi Um support ro .___&
tat\ MfHri.ie vtw has practised -Stat
J, Kred is now preaching. Auothf-r
c',-\i*(> :n \U& manifesto calls for the
���reeervaiion of ihe land EOT actual ,*-t-
tlers, and the immediate surveying of
at! iand suitable for asfrlculturf-, ;md
-ection maps to be made of fhe same. '
That Mill J is ��� large order. The population or the province is less than one
perflon to the square mile. Does J.
Fred want =urvev parties sent into
northern Cariboo' Tt is said" that
;here are large tracts ol arable land
there. Would he legislate against land
ilnnlliillHSIII improrement and promotion comfianles? They are not actual
settlers. Dr. Hall has advocated the
same thing. In fact it is th* only thing
Dr, Hall has advocated so fir 'hat is
not --chollv -.eza-ive. Nn one in NVlson
will acrnse either Dr. Hall or T. Fred
Hume of having invented the idea. It
was inspired by J, A. Macdonald. What
would J. A. Macdonald be saying now if
'he government had expended SWrersJ
hundred thonsand dollars���and that
wonld not go far���in having surveys
made of alt the potential agriculturr.l
land of fhe province? He wonld be declaiming in his .sad funereal tones
against the expenditure of public money, in a Mme of financial stress, upon
matters that might well have waited,
for which there is as yet no urgent
need. This is merely frftlpism for the
sake of criticism. Dr. Hall and Mr.
JHume, if they have to borrow ideas.
might use a nicer discretion in borrowing.
The most novel feature of the campaign throughout the province is the
..umber of -Socialist candidates in the
field. Their leader. I. H. Hawthorn*
rhwaite. has almost fulfilled his threat
ot placing a candidate in the field in
every constltuenry It is a strange de-
���������������lopment. on British soil. The literature read by fhe Socialists, t he experl-
ODOM that have made most of them Socialists, their social and economic ideals, especially where they differ from
present conditions, are all of American
origin and the product of American conditions. The men and their teachers
have seen law made and administered
in the interest of corporations, they
have seen legislatures and courts*
bought, and sold, and have seen the militia employed in the private service of
corporations. That such men should
desire a change even at **he cost of
revolution, is hardly to be wondered at.
But in Canada there is no justification
for such views. Our judges and juries
may occasionally be wrong headed and
foolish, but they are never open to purchase. Military force is rarely required to assist the police in maintaining law and order, and is never employed for any other purpose, ffieoep!
for a few visionaries of narrow reading
who dream that the abolition of private
ownership of land would remedy all the
defects of human nature, the Socialist
constituency in British Columbia is
made tip entirely of men who became
Socialists in the United States. They
hav-> really no mmrrel with the laws of
British Columbia. Their strength is In
the mining camps. It is inconceivable
that more than half a dozen at the
most can be returned, li would be a
disaster if a Socialist group were created in the house strong enough to hamper the work of the government.
The local Liberal organ in strangely,
STvn unkindly, silent about the merits
of the Uberal candidate, Dr. Hall. To
be sure, the doctor's three puhile addresses of the campaign so far have not
afforded much material for eulogy but.
many men have hecome fair, even great,
public speakers In spite of similar unfortunate beginnings. Surely it would
he wiser, aa well as kindlier, of the
Daily News to give the doctor a little
encouragement and to point out his
weaknesses. It might suggest, for instance, that in future he should try
shorter stories than "the mixed train."
and not try to improve on them. The
doctor has one virtue reii'iislte for a
speaker, and has It in a high degree���
courage. It was no light undertaking
to appear on a platform without a case
against two such speakers as the premier and W. .1. Bowser. We admire
the doctor for his pluck and wish him
all success���in Improving himself as
a public speaker.
BUSCH...       Badweiser Bea1
Soc., Labor ���
Atlin    ''ap. John Irvinsi
Alberni   ii. Brewster	
Cariboo  H. Jones	
Chii:i��ack    ���: Munro....
Columbia    *.V. s *. Wells
fomoi  J.H Bennett	
sjowlcban   J X. Evans	
Cranbrook Ur. Klau	
Delta    Jchn Oliver	
i��Kf.n��T    H. Jardlne	
Ksquinialt     ,'ohn Jardlne...
Grand   Forks    	
Greenwood      Lit. Naden	
Island!    T. W. Paterson.
Kamloops  J. D. Swanson...
Kaslo  John Kane  ....
Ullooet  M.Bagleson	
N'analmo    H. Sheppard	
Nelson  Dr.Q. A. I). Hall.
N'ew Wswrair.stT  **��� W. Howay...
Okanagan  Ur. Macrionasld..
Revelstoke  R. Caley	
Dr. Young	
Wm. Manson	
Obaa, Wlnon, K. '*
D. r*. J. Champion
S. A. Cawley	
EL 0. Parsons   ...
It. Grant	
'.rtwrit*'. I iVk.
Ur. W. J. Curry  I Soc.i
J. A. Harvey   Thos. EL Kelly I Hoc s
H. .McBride	
'- B. Pooler	
\V H.Ross	
B Miller	
B. il. Warren	
A. & McPhi'lips.
P.J. Fulton	
N*.  N   Mackay   .
A. McDonald	
J. Kirkpairlck.
T. Gilford....
, Prico Ellison.
Thos. Taylor.
J. W. Weart     P L. i'aiu-r-C_tton
Rossland    J A. Macdonald	
Saanlch   John   Pearcy   ..   D. M. Eberts...
BlmltVsuwim h. W Shatford.
Skeena    IW. Morrow 	
John Mclnnes s Soc.)
K. i )yn*-s i Soc. s
liawttoraihwaits I Soc.i
Prank Phillips ssSoo
P. Williams iSoc.)
J. W. Ixjgle i Soc.,
V *.V !._ F.aui   Soc.)
I   [cBrldss (Iod.1
. S. Livim_tone s lnd.Oon.1
Geo. Kilby I Soc ,
PR. McDonald   i.Lab.i
Geo. a Winkler (3oc.i
DISTILLERS, 12 aad 20 years old,
Attltm -.uiintN Iri 1 i.-lt ,_|.
___s_J__rm-'   VICTOPIA
The Hall Mining and Smeltii
Company, Limited.
. A. 1). Docksteader
Wm Hunter	
W. Davison sSoc.)
. W. W. n. Mclnnes.,
R. G. Tatlow	
3, Uoittmar 'Soc.s
.  T. F. Neelands...
J. F. Garden	
il. P P-ttlpiece (Sod
. ..P A. Gilchrist.
A. H MacGowan..
A. Stebblnis s Soc.i
.  J. W UeB. Parris
W. Bowser	
K. H. Ms v-*r  Bos -
.   ('. Tnasel	
Dr. .'IcGulre	
.I.E.. Unbkeriy (Soe.)
.    R. L. Dmrv
Hon. R. McBride
Dr. Ernest   Hall - Labor i.
W. G. Cameron
A. B. Thompson
A. ss'hisM :i s Laborl.
.   J. D. McNIven
H. F. W. Hehnson
.   Richard Hall
Aid. P Davie
..  Ssu_rt Henderson
Chas. _h-mlln	
The Conservatives of Rossland have
earned the gratitude o t Kootenay by
placing in ihe field as their eaiiillilatc
Lome A. Campbell. For years it has
lieen a matter of general regnl
throughout the province that the men
handing Dig interests, whose knowledge s,f the needs sif the country *rau-
wen.is thai attainable by the ordinary
business or professional man. almost
ImwteWjr leellned public sen-ice on
���he ground of urgent private business.
\o une s-ould pleast thnt s-xeuse more
justly than Mr. Campbell. He is the
head, and the efficient and tnisled
head, of one of tbe biggest industrial
enterprises in the province. That he
will make a valuable member of the
legislature goes without saying. Rossland is indeed fortunate.
Notice ttitt -.btriv i_v-i liter ute l mu-ml
ra-Akinr apTilicmunn ���..�� ;bc BtmatebU lhe Chlel
' ���imnttaionrr >'>! Landl imi Wurk. fnr �� ipeclii
Umum it* --iu mki -*rrr inTfcv ;iin*5-*r Irom tbe
foilowmr .leii :ilr��-t ianl.-l[i!***.i��-ti ���>�� tbe right
b*n_: of Knian**.* .ritk. 4Umh .-iVHrnil-rn frnm tlie
\eket ti-itamtncing ai a pent :n��rk-wt 'Unire
'���-tilte, B. B. aonur." riieur* nortii fi -jbalni,
tbenf_ wm *0 ih��tn��. tbence nortb 60'"halm,
thenre *^r^t 0 <���&_.._���. tbrnre mnth *cbalni,
I thtm* f��>r in I'bidna, -bem-e somti m '*b��in��,
tbence -^-ajt 40 i-batna to potxtl ol ____jmsot_nBaOl
[)aUf<i Sor. Ulh, _��.   I��_rr_ Whits. I-^ator.
John A. Khkuatnuk, James II. Scho-
fleiii, WinifltQ HuutPr and Nail F Mackay, in Nelson and its contiguous i on-
adstoenotes, form a quaneti^ of which
any natty niiqht be proud. Ail hav��
been successful men in their chosen careers. There is none of the four whose
word would not be taken as readily as
his bund hy all to whom they are
known. They are splendid types of
Conservatives, and they are of the kind
Of men to whom the business of the
countrv may be misted by the electorate with the absolute certainty that it
will be managed as zealously and as
faithfully as if it were their own.
Notice :i ticrit.v tfivfii '.hat  two  month****  after
���late-te intend to apply to the Chlel (taunt*
.oner 'i.* Laud* m.i W..rkt fnr a le-aae *if ail that
.an*. **-.�����,; :bf Iin-^hnri* adjoining tbo "lanatitan
Paz-iln* Hallway   **ii.iA--.nl  .in   tlie ���t*^i.  jjnr*    ���:
Lot '���>.*..  .roup 1, mid'hnineon   ihu nouth  ihnre
!   if the west arm . 11  EoOtUUf Lake, lu tbe .lin-
>    rift if K.Hiiena*-     ��'.iintni-ucin�� at the iwntber-
' ly i-ortier of tiuTuM, trmnp 1; thenoe aionq -lie
south westerly .mundary 'if lot ~(aH and tbo ex*
Milium'.hereof, in a north weiterly direellon. a
.liataiu*? of -88 feet; tbenee at rtght an��le�� ui
nald iKiiindarv  in a south   westerly .ilrwttion. a
dl_t_jw��afau_Ba_, more or leu. to tlie north
eaaterly tmundary of the City Park. omtinuiMt:
thenea para:ii*-i toaaid westerly bonndary of lot
; "TOW, in a Houtli-jaaterly dire��*!lon, a dtatanoe of
 '. :noro or lew. to the northerly boundarr
il ni oA; thenca (ollowlng thp uorth*!riy bonnd-
! ary'��f lot a8A in a north eaaterly direction tothe
������j:;'   of   r-ommeiicemeut.   the  area being tM
', acres, more or less.
Daied tbiaTtb day of January, A.D., 19,17.
__rty Java afterdate I purpose mailing appii-
.���atlon to tin- Honorable the '"hief _onnnii*��oa��>r
if I_uida and Worlts for penntaslun to pnrahaM
:  the fnllowing dewribed land:   Coininuni-tng at
1  a post plared *t the H. W enrner of Lot H90II and
1  marki-<l *'F. -i. F.'s" 9. W. comer, tbenee following tin* ��nntbt*rn boundary Lot 6900, 86 chainn
:n..r<- or bMi eaat to the weat boundary of Lot
I *woi, thenre following same *.oiitb .in ohalna to
' the aorth boundary of Lot _90_r: thenee about 70
chains   weat along said boundary  to tbe la_;e
shore: thenee north TO ehalna more fir leaa following the lain* shore to point  of  . .immauce-
ment, .'cntaining :J1" aeres more or leaa.
Dated De<*embe   17tb, UMTT.
F. tt   FAC_CI1��.
A War Ode.
[The following' lines have been con-
frlbuted by a Moyle subscriber.    They
contain more truth than poetry.���Kd.]
Voting Harvey?   So am I
And I'll quickly tell you why:
He's determined, learned, wise,
And in politics ailvised.
He our wants can ably plead.
And secure us what  we need.
He supports with all .sincerity
Dick Mc Bride,     who   brought   prosperity.
King is good at .lingnosis
When it is tuberculosis;
Rut  when it  oomofl to his providing
Roads and bridges for this riding.
Why, ht�� simply Is  not in  it
With our Harvey for a minute.
He's a mighiy good  physician.
But a d  poor politician.
In the Socialist station
Kelly's had  his education;
And renem&STstig Bttter'a Hives
Socialist  votes  In   Mo.|e-e.
Ht��'s now anvassing his neighbor
In the Interests of labor.
Why, on  Februnrv fhe second
When the total vote fa reckoned.
I will her mv whole hank roll
.1. H. Harvey hea-ds the poll.
Ask   Dr.   Hall.
Editor of The Daily Canadian
Can you tell me if 1. F. Cane, barrister of Vancouver, whose petition on be
half of war veternns for Kaien island is
running in several papers, and who is
mentioned as a possible successor to
Alex Henderson as county court judge
of Vancouver, la George Fill more Cane
of Nanaimo. who In 1899 was suspended from practice for misappropriation
of a cli. nt's money and perjury before
tlte benchers of the law society?
At the residence of the bride's father.
Uuimer stheet, at . a. m. this morning,
Robert G. Andrew and Mfss Emma
Pitts, daughter of W. Pitts of the C.
P. R., were united in marriage bv the
Rev. R. N. Powell. The happy couple
left, for the coast on the 7:30 train,
and afler an exiciidfd honeymoon in the
coast eitlPH. will take up iheir residence in Nelson.
Noilen ta herehy given that alxty days after
date I intend to apply to the Hon. the Chief
Commissioner of Lamia and Worka Tor pennl***-
siou to purehaae the following described land
situated in the Weat Kootenay dlatrlet: Cotn-
msnemg al a poat plantmt at lha "N. E. corner
of L Porters'a pre-emption," and running
thenee earn 40 ehalna; thenee with tt) chaina;
thenee-r^at 40 ehalna; thenee north 40 chaiua,
ut plaee of .���ommeneement. e.intalning I80 acrea.
more or lew.
Habby PfTM. Lues tar.
M. R   H ���,������ .-in.-:. Agent
Satin ia bereby given riiat atxty daja siter
date I intend Ui apply to tne Honorable Lbe
Chief CommlMloner of Landa and Worlu, for
pennlaaiuii to puirhaau he following defcrlbe-J
landa iltunted !n the Weat Kuotenny dlfltrlct:
Commeneing st a poat marked 'H H. aouth
weat corner/' and north of A B. Lucas's, pur
������base dtlm, on ^ani Creea: thence north 4o
chatna; thenoe eaat JO chain*; thence south -tt
chains; thmtnfl chains went, to p<iint of commencement, .'ontaining -Hi acres, more or lesa.
December a. laufl.
Heuht HATDIJf.
 M   R. M(-_UAjtHta, Agent.
Mzty <\*\yn after date I intend to apply to the
Chief Commlaaioner of Lands aod Worm to pur-
.���ham:-MO.acretot lanil, located in Lower Arrow
Lake, West Kootenav: '"oinmenclng at a poat
id an ted at the "N.W. corner of Arrow Lake
Indian Reserve'*; thence-south *1'hains; thence
west SO chains; ihenc* north W chains; thenca
������ast ill I'hatns, Id plaire of fjcgluning,
LotttH _Jth day uf December, I3M.
C   SBWItI,.
Stxn days after date I intend lo apply to the
Hon.'"hief < .imnuHNl.ni.-r.if Landa and Worka,
Vli*tnrln, to pnnrhaae Ifto siT'-sof land, located on
tlie west ���ide of Arrow lain, shout five m\lm be-
low Hurton city, and dewrlbed ss follows t'otn
mi-iii'lng at a poit marked **F .. B's southeast
������orner. "and hetnK **11.*halni eaat of the north we��
corner of Lot -TV.': thanee BOTtfl -Michsiin; ihence
west 40 chain.; Qunoi south -H) chains* thence
east 40 .'tiaina Ui the plawe of beginning.
November Hth. IWW. j    ;   *?*.Ba,
 per J. E. A.-TUiil.a,
SlxW days after .lute I Intend . i app.*Mo~the
Hon theChiefConimiN-ioni'r of Undaand *orka
to purchase J40 acrea of land ��'omnieai-ltiff nt a
po.t marked "N. T B's southesst corner p*n�� ������
r.anl post being st the northeast corner of lieo.
Hndmni'i pru-emption tleim, shout two milea
southeast of Burton City, thence v-.t io chains
.nun ji ohalna, weit -to .'ham--, north -to cbaina,
east HO chains, math ji abalna u, place of nm.
meneement, ������"*,   u.iing ���__-> hcckh.
I-.iciii,'.: *ttii lavitfNuv i'fctM    .Vn-rfgT  B__B.
Sixty davs after date I Intend to apply to the
Hon. < hief Commissioner of [.an,ta and Worka,
Vl-tnria. lo piipihaw! ui tern, of land, -.ituated
on the west Hide of Armw Uk., about .P- miles
helow burton, and __f_rt__d s- followi: C��_-
meticliiK at a post i.iant.-| ���. tb��i northeaut
corner of Lot ___. and running nrrth Ji .:halna;
thene.. weet -JO chains,
th'.nceeaar 20 chains to pitci
Nov. lllh, iimt.
mnth ���jochalnss
' beginning.
H   K. DTLL,
  J* *^-'"__LII, Agent.	
Notlfle is nereby g<vcn unit nn -tars alter data I
intend toapply tothe Honorable the chief Com-
miBatoniT nf fan,!*. ���; ,( Works for permission to
pun-hiisethc fol.iw.i.g de��<Ttbed r**n<!s situate
about in miles saat ��� ( *)1H Citj of Melson, on the
aoutb shorn at the w ���j.t Arm of -Toornnav lake,
���no flnmmencng ai �� post piwed ahout to chains
"Vi'   il.' ���""i!li.owtc���rtiProf Uit JMu, marked
8. Tn_m_r n. \v cornor," thence south D
chaltiH. ihenca ..ui Ji chain*, Lhanot nortb 20
chains, thenca wist in ehains u* tointuf com
Dated thia Hth day of Nov.. 190A      a. Inaute.
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry Ores
Sotlt-a ie hereby glren thai O lavs alter date I
Qtend U> ��!���!������;- lo tbe !t->norable the ''blef ''om
ultaloner of Lands im! W,)rks, Victoria, B.
u��t per-mlsalon to purohaae tb_ following deanrlb-
f-d and. "Ituated lu ���-ho W*m K<��olenaT district,
ni :Um weat side of i ihamel mr -tr Mile) "reek,
B IB n ilde of wsgon roa��l, about H*. m\\-*
tne '"���st Ann of Kootenav lake: '"-.mtn^ncii.g
���t m ppll mettteA Mr* Hattie Ducks ���* rt >*,t
���ier. r-inningtt chalna wer,i. tbence J) chains
���.mtb, thenee tt chalna "*a��t, tbeuce JO chains
uorth. u> tbe polul of comineniwment. coutaiu-
lug %> acrea of land. more or 1cm
Dated the iT'.n Novaabe? /**.
Mas  HaTti* hvnt.
JoMW K  Tavuib, Agent
���^fsty days after _M�� 1 intend toappiy to tbe
H.>n. l-hMlf noinml-luinr ot lAiida and '������V.-.rks.
' i-:..r:a, to purchase Ud *.tps ��f land about two
milea b��1ow Burton City 'V����t Kootenay, nttta-
m^neitu ai �� post uurk��d *J A. Irving'* e��Mt
corner p*iat," said post !*��ingon the easterly rod
of an island w-*si ol I_.t ���>.���><:, <nfi claiming all the
Quid 'ontalmii in said inand. being atwnit one
mile In au eaaterly and wc-nerl-f direction and
about Ji -hains from north :n soutb.
N<iv-im tier .lib. lint. j. a. lavwo,
J   B. A.-�� .A��Ut, Agent.
���UxtT lays afler dale 1 intend to apply to The
Jon. Chief <"ommiiwioner of Ijinds and Works,
Victoria, to punihaae IJ0 MMaef land locatwi
in the we��tsid��of Arrow laae sud iviim directly
north of Lot TOTS: Commeneing al a poat planted
st the ... S. corner uf Lot Wtt aud marked **B. B.
B, S oorner," and rnnnina north JO chains,
���-hence w-st J) chains, ihence north J) ehama,
'hence west JO chalna. thec.c ,.:nth tt ctaalna,
���hence -aaai to ���.haina, u, place of deginoing.
NOV. IHth. IV*. BMTHa  BfcADLgT,
J. E. AjrwaBLI. Agent.
Notloe ta hereby giTen that �� daya alter :*:���*, :
inieiul to apply to .he Hon. Chief Coiamiaeloner
Dl Lands and Works for permission to purchase
the following described Land in Weat Kootenav
district Commencing at a p-*st marked Mrs. V
A. Wagon ��,;nrner pomt. plantM at the northeast
corner of .-^eettoo 17, Towsaite 7, mnning south
tt chalna, thenca weat tt chains, thence north tt
chalna. tnence eaat -tt chalna to place of com
meneement, "nnutntng 1*J acres, mora or .-,-s
Dat*l >ov  ��, UM. Mm. V. A. Wtl__)��,
J. WiLfOH. Agent.
Notice is heraoy giTen that 00 -Jays alter date I
Intend to apply u�� the Honorable the Chief' 'om -
mlssloner of Landa aad Works for permtaslun
to purohaae _90 aeret of land, altuate on the Little
���offa river about I mil* from Interaatioual
Boundary and about I mile from Spokane International By Commencing at a post marked
D. Grant'a S. g. corner post, thence west (fl
chains: thence north to cuains; thence eut te
cbains; thence nortb JO ehatns; thence eaat 60
chalna; them-e sonth 90 cbains lo place of commencement, couta'ulng 290 a_rca of laud
E__Ht__d Oct. _uth itot.
SUty days ��rter dale 1 intend to ayply to lbs
Honorable the Cblef CommtiMloiier "i 1 -t-i-ia and
Worka, Victoria, lo purchase 140 acres uf land,
bxrated in Fire Valley and described a�� followi]
Commencing at a post marked )' ll ..'I- S.W
corner, and planted at the louiitttvtl .uiuer oj
Lot "ait, and runotug tMiuih < chaiua, iheiics
eaat Jo chalna, thence north HU chaluN. lheu>.��
weat JO cbains to place of begtnuluii
Nov. Wth. m_ Ti��o. B. McUilum,
J. K. Ajs-sahU, Agent.
SUly daya after data I intend toappiy lo tha
Honorable the Chief Comumaioaer cf Lau.laaud
Worki to purchase Mo aerea of land, located in
Flra Valley, on west side ot Arrow late: ��� m.i
mencing at a pott planted 40 chains we t uf tbe
southw-est nbw of J. Robinson's pre-emption
and marked J W's ���>. K. eoruer, and ruuuiug
north W obalns, tbenoe weat ttt cbains, theuce
aouth 40 cbaina, tbence eaat So ebalus to placa of
Nov. 18th. !��*. Jam V>iLLi4_i.
J   K- A-S..ASLX. Atfeut.
Sixty days after date I intend to appJv to the
Chief Commisaloner of i-ands and Works for
permission to purehaso the following ttoorlbtd
lamls in KiMitynay Dlatrlct. abioit three-ouarW/s
of mile from Thrum's siding: Coiumernlug at a
po*v pla<**ed at theS. W. corner of L Ww, uroup
I, -sat Kootenay Dlstnot; ihence wvstciU
fo.. ,vi*ig tb�� north boundarv of L _*n. tt
chalna; theno uorih 10 ebalus; tlu-nce oast tt
ebalns, moreor less, to lha N W corner of
ItVxi. thence south HiUo��lb| ih�� wejtt boundary
et L4WW Ifl chalna. more ur .ess, to plate oi com"
meneement, containing tt acrea, mor�� or leaa
Dated thi* Bth day ���.fUecember I'ju*.
_ H. H. Pitw, Localor
*l days a/tcr ___\ t intend to apply to the Honorable the Chief ''ommlaaioner N lamls and
Worka, to ptir-haae f7i| acrea of land: Commencing r��t�� Mat marked m\ W %, N. K. vroroel
poal an.l planted on the weet shore oi Arn>w
lakeaitjoinlng Ut 77.. on the ��outb aide of -h -i
Lot, them.e westiu cbaina along the southern
boundary of Loi 37a; tbence south MM uha.;is
"fi.*net* eaat ���" i baina more or 1km to lake shore;
������hence nortii aiorag lake aboie to place of bwm
Dated JVth day of Nov   : tm.
Hae. w iiTBiL,
J. K. tssTtaJftt Axeut
Hlxty days alur dato l Inten : ���/) ��3p,t j
Hntiorabletiie 'bleft :omml*aion*.r nt Umhm
Works for uerm_wfon to pnri-haai tl
deaeribed lauds In Rooienay ���!!�����_��-
mencing at a poat marked J a Annah-t'i
.-aat corner poat, said post .Ktug r,n t^'
side of the Lower Arrow lake. sUut t*0|
balow Htirv.-i City; thenee uriuth D tk
���.bene* west _"1 -hains; ihenci- ���*,,-,i_ __
thence weat JO .-balna; thence north Bti,
snd �� ilnan. more or leas Ui tbs latira-
tbence eaaterly along iakettch-iim. mortotU
m tbe pla*** of be*glnnlng, containini Kim
more or leaa.
Dated thla-th day of Movember. I'M
J S. Aninl
per K. L Be Lin. Ag.-aL-
Nor it* Is hereby given tbat mtj lap b
late I intend *.o make applicaiinu u>tba Ba|_
able Chief ��� ommlaaioner of Lan<l# au-1 W.,^1
V-etorta B <   . for permission to purrha��tii*a
-owing daaerlbasi   *nd. annate ia Yin Xm
W-.ui   rfooleney dlstricl.   Comm��n<*lf)|tUj|
nlanted at the southwest corner at h*b ��� \
Inaon'a pre-emption, marked H. : K. ���.- ttt
i��'Mt,  theuee tt chalna west, then***** ����� e
uorth, thence �� cbalnseast lo Jo-diuaR
northweal e**irtier, tneni* aouth tftcbalniteaH_
>f -nmtiieneement. -ontaining 1. j acrei, mill
De.od thla Jtrd day nf Nov., 1XK1
R. .   .**.' :���-.��.. |
_u day* afterdate I Intend toappir '..*.:.. B
Chief commisaloner of Lands and ���*-!���',
'oris, to i��ir>-haaa J*i acirai of and locatdl
Fi;�� v��ifey ��u,i being a portion of ���uttoal
and 16 In Townahlpfta and deserlhed u i_j_f
' om inenelng at a post planted at the ttt.nai
corner of the muitllHl iiuarter of weural
Township i�� and marke<! J. 0- i. k. raar
thence north Ui chalna; thence weat f
tbenoe south tt ohalus; -thenee ������" ttdiUtf|
place of beginning.
November tfrd 130(1.
Josipr '.:m|
J. K. A5-SABLI, Aft-K. I
Notice la hereby given mat* d*vi fronfc
Intend to applv t   the Honorable the Chr-rfOL
mlseloner of Lands and Works to f.urrM��|
acres of land deacrtbe*! u follows: Comoai
ai a post planted on tha north bank ol um-U
Moyie river, about JDU yards from moum t
marked    -R.    Mcl-ean'a   8.   W.   OHM
ihenoe east ����� chains, thence north �� t
theme w����t �� chains, tbence iouth -���    ; i:.-.i |
more or lesa.
Located Soth day Oct., 190A.      Robt >' ..u<|
KoUce la bereby rjlvim mat * daya atter dato I
intond loapply tothe Honorable LhaCniel Com-
miml.merof Lao-la ami Works for permlaalon io
pnr��!h��se 'he following descrlbeil lamia* Com-
mtnctng at a post place<l Jit c.iains west of the
aouthriast corner of Lot UM'J. marked -li. A Bell's
northwest corner." tbenco south ft) chains,
thence eaat jo ..hams, menoe north JO ehains
thence west JO chains to point of *_omniem-eiuout'
iiontalnlng tt acres, more or low.
Located thlsflth dayof Nov , I'JKfl,   R. A.BgiX.
��5^^1_Jr______l___ I iatfV u> *W9 to the
Hon   t-hlef Commlaaioner of Landa ami Works
Victoria, to purchase tm acres of land. In Fir,
Valley West Koouitmy: <,,mmencing ata post
planted HO chalna went of the S. W corner of J
Kobinson s pm-uuipti .n, and marked W  W's n'
K.  cornor. and running wetir tm ,-iinjn- thence
south KI chains, then." east K $$���� ______
north SO chalnjuo placa of beginning
J   E. AffVAril.R, .Igniit.
Not. LSlb. 1'JOB.
Suty -Jays after data I inteiw -��� H|inlv tn tlm
Hon. the' hie fCommleHlonerof UndsVnd v. rk!
to purchese UO acres at laud : r,,���,.���������,' ,'** '"
poit planted on the twt m,te 0f .u mile ,.i,.,.B
on wagon road, nhmn two and .,���,. nnlt '' ,K.
from Kootenay lake, and marked "Neil Vt,.
Kt-ehnie'H s��. Want cornor (wst," thence aaatSl
chains, thence nor-b Hi ,:||��!n��, tlwrn," V-Vttt
ohalns. t&onoa south tt cimins, to ,,;-. , f(7,-. m
mnnoement w���mm iom
Locals*.t this JOt'i dav of Novembur I'JOfi
-NS1L MclCaciinui,
Hlxty fteja aft��rdate I Intend io st: ��� nil
Honorable the Chief Commissioner of lauMf
Works, Victoria, to purehaae 200arret i'"
loi-ated and dem-rlbed as follows;   Coma
at a poat planted at tha soalbwest 'nnirafl
Ktibltuiou s pre-emption in Fire Vallf aiuiikB
Ova ullea from Kdward  Landing, west et_
Arrow lake, and marked F O'a N   ��
running wett 80 chains, thence sou tl !��� cU
theuce aaat tt) chalna, theuce toatt. id"
theuco east to chains, tbeuce nortb -itidw
plac�� of begiitulng
Nov   lath, laoe. Fkam ou��|
J. M. ASNABLB, Ap-:::
S.iti- e la bcrst-v gtvnn that 00 dayi atirM
Lnieiul t*.* apply to iho Hon Chief CommW!o_.
Landiand w<,rfi��, ViciorU, for fpermlaami vfj
���.'____ the following described land, sliusi
lha Weat KuuUuav district, on tbewt-a.il
Duhauiel ior Sli Mile) -ireek, near wifotii
�����*������'. !.;���������_ lullua from Kootenay ������*������ --<
nielli-lug ai a cat marked 'Jamea i l>nrlii<
poal," iiiiiuiug JU chains eaat, thtb'-cJi *ttt
north, theuce m chains weat, thenc�� tat
���outb, io theuulntof commencement,rota
inj( tt *.��� i ���.**. o/ laud, more or leet.
P_tvd '��h November, lent.
Located by JUm*. It* I
per -'ohji K. Tatlo*. Agent
Mljuy Jays after date I  intend to apply tsij
Huiiurable lhe Cbiof i ommlssloner of Lao&w
���A inks foi iH.*riiiitMiion to purchase ths fnllpfk
vh .vtif.--.-d lau.Is iu KuoiMiiay *Jlatrit*t; t**
dug at a  i-.-M   marktHl "A. J. Dili's toaik*
.oruar |M>at," said  posl being on ths nortb1*
erly shore of tbo Lower Arrow lake eni tf -���*������-���_
dug L-riai. uo the northeait corner ol Lo'"���
Uroup 1; lbence uorlb B0 chains, fast W thetm
.outh tu chai na, in..I.* ru ;.*-������. *..������������ ���"���''"'���
theuce followlug tald shore la a tenthtnttaW
directluu 60 obaXu   moro or less t. tt.* lllrtT
������.i;    vfi\    ���������:,  ;.:i'viH   160 acrvn,   m��re '
Dated this Mb day of November. I** _
.*. J. DP. |
BH K l. tan MWt
Ni/Ucw is hereby glveu tuat to tejtti\ttJ_M
I ntutu.j i.i apply to 'hn lln:],**- :*thri��T
Commiasi-.tier ol r_miln am' Worka ' rPftJL
sion ki aurchaso the lollowlng descriLsiJ Ui��*��
Kootonay illstrlcl: Cumwem-lng st ����� H_\
marked "J. U Wallace's northwest * rn.ip^"
said pust being ou the easterly aid*1 M __m
Arrow lake, and at tbe ���ou'hwei- "rueriH
Portal *, pro eiuptiouclaim: lilum-ei's*: ��� ';'_
theucuiuulb JO .hnlns, theuca tttet **������?���
ihenoe south JO chalna, th.tiee ��e-t ����� niaa
mora or hss to'he \rn,w lake. then, eiaan-wl
naaiariy iHrw.iiou ��l chains, mor-o *' ���* *_m
(iiaco of begiuuiug, containing ����� s.thi ���-��� ,J|
DaUid ibis -I'm  lay of October.    ������ . .
J, H   Wi_*U*|
  By hisageot, K__..ith I. ,"'*��i,^_
fto davs aftor dato 1 Iniend toapp;? ' '���;?'!I*I
Chlt-f (.oinmiHstoiier of landsand * 'lV',i'-Fil
ehaee SM acres of and located tu tit* "- " _\
'n_ 1-nrt of -k'ctions *-.*�� and lo towwn ��� mS_\
���fem rlbed as follows: Commenei-tit ��������� *��� ^|
marked F. W, J. S. J��. comer and pl��nw�� ������ **f
northwest ooruur of Wm. Williams yu","*'|
thence weat-tt chains; tbenco nonh ��� ���"ii-._,|
thenco east�� chains; thence south W <.'iia-a**J
place of beginning.
November J8rd !�����*.
fr. ff Igbdaj- |
______^ J. S. AywABIXj^gh-
Sixty days aftor data I intend to appl/ ��JJ
Hon. Chief Coinmlf-loner of Lands Md "Ji
t�� purelmjK) 18? acros of land, cotnin**!' '"-'���- *r.|
DOM marlied B. B's N. B. corner pout. '���'ll*"'.������
the ... W. corner of (i. W HimlJt oli f -nJJ|
west Mile of Arrow lako, about (our Hues ina ���
Bur-m -ivy. thome weHt 4(1 chains. t*-'nt!,*3l|
�����.*>���.' -bains, Ihoucc can tt chain*--. ���'>"""-.%���
ajg .-haius Ui nlnce uf beglnniliK. .:nniai[l.-l**""
���.crem. more or lass. .���._-*
Datod JKlh dav of Nov.. tPOfi.   Btmi- '���trim"fc
J. B. A. .-uaiJ. ' |!��i___-
Sixty At��� after date I intend to ���PP<7,Jjfl|
Ron cy,ief i:ommiSBionnro( Umhi^1 *'���?,��
VltitOTlB to purehaee IfiOrwi-** ol land '"'**' j|
Wm ValJ_)\ being part of JtocUon* r"
ro��r, Township OT, and described - ,,.:, ,
comraonoing st a poit plained ���\,Y*.1
WilliamH' t. w (������jrnar.(SinJ aumwl ~ "^
N. r, unrner," nnd running i-' an* "Jf-g*
tbenoe ji chiiiiiH sonrb, ibeni*�� 'Jnciunn* ^
tbettce 4(1 chains  couth,  thenee JO chain*
Dientw <io obalns noi th to plum "I ^'"'VI.��,
November _3rtl, iimi Bos" K w'l-J*1*
J. M. A*WABU. Vg'illl' The Ddiiy Canadian
Stock-Taking Cleanup Sale!
During the First Two Weeks of January We Offer Big
Bargains in Staple Goods to Clear Out Odd Lines.   .   .
China and Glassware Department.
3 Butter Dishes, nickel top and stand, glass bowl,
regular $2.50, at $1.50
2 Butter Dishes, regular $2.00, at - -     $1.25
4 Royal Crown Derby Vases, $7 and $8, at Half Price.
1 Blue Copeland Dinner Set, $32, at - - $20.00
Vases, all kinds, at One-Third off regular prices.
1 .--Piece Tea Set, regular -$6.50, at       - -    $4.50
Royal   Crown   Derby,   Copelands,   Minton,   Doulton,
Wedgewood, Coalport, and  Beleek  China
Goods at One-Quarter off.
Book Department.
2-Vol. Sets, regular $1.00, at 75c. Set, postage 20c., comprising Conquest of Peru, Data of Ethics and
Education, Descent of Man and Origin of Species,
Lincoln���His Life and Times, Na poleon and His
Marshal's, Washington and His C_nerals, etc.
5-Vol. Sets, Publisher's price $5, our price $1.25, postage
30c. Works of H. Rider Haggard, Mary J.
Holmes, Edna Lyall, Charlotte M. Braeme, Rosa
N. Carey, Alexander Dumas, McAulay's England,
R. Waldo Emerson, Cooper's Sea Tales, Mysteries
of Paris, Mayne Reid's Works, R. L. Stevenson.
Shakespeare's Works, 14 vols., in box, large type, $4.75
Postage 55c.
Medical and Reference Books.
Wagner's Standard Horse and Stock Book.
$1.50 Gleason's Horse Book,      -       $1.10, postage paid.
$1.50 Dr. Chase's Recepies, large ed., $1.10 "
The Home Doctor,         -          -         $1.25 "
The Care of the Sick           -          -   $1.25 "
The New Tokology       -           -          fi-35 "
Dr. Cbavasse Manual for Wives and Mothers.
Maidenhood and Motherhood       -      $1.25 "
Koradine Letters.   Cassels Family Doctor.
Standard Fiction at 20 per cent off.
Thin paper Limp Leather Editions, regular . 1 lines, st
75 cents each.
Over 700 12 mos. at 25c, 35c, 50c, and 75c.
Framed Pictures.
All sizes and prices at 1-4 off regular prices.
Miscellaneous Goods.
A large variety, consisting of Suit Cases, Handbags,
Wood Carved Screens, Fancy Clocks, Candle
Sticks, Bouquet Holders, &c, &c, at prices not
near their cost, marked down to Hake Them Go.
Every article is new in good condition.
Dolls and Toys 1 -4 off.
*************** ��������������������������������� *************t
Every expert examiniug these Fields have declared
they are the coming Richest Oil Field in I he World
A. M. Can. Soc. C. K.
Mining Work a Specialty.
Office: Bealey Building.   P. O. Bo>
Baker St., NELSON, B. C.
! *********
Millions   of   Dollars   in  Alberta   Oil Fields ��� __.
The Canadian Northwest OU Company holds nearly 2,000 acres
in the centre of the Known OH Belt. At the present rate of development prices of shares will advance rapidly, and withiu a short
time will be selling for many times the present prices. The Stock
is now being bought in Toronto and other Eastern centres���Spokane is also buying. We want the people of this district to share in
the good things of this rich Western Canada of ours. To pour her
rich reasures into the lap of those who seek, we now offer a limited
amount of shares for developement only at 50c. per share to be
paid iu four instalments���25 per cent to be paid with application,
25 per cent in thirty days, 25 per cent in sixty days, the remaining
25 per cent in three months.
*********** **************** MM ********M*MMMM*****^A
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch,
Creosote, Oils for
Preserving Timber,
Rqpfing Pitch and
Boat Builders will find it to their advantage to ua* onr Pitch.
Nelson Coke & Gas Co.
Certificate of Improvement*.
notice 1
"May," 'B.C.," "Btrethroy," "Joy,"  "Joy Frac-
tlnnal," and "John l> M_b'ev"Mi__nlC.Lalraa,
situate;! In the Slocan City Mining Division of
tbs Wait Kontenay District.
Where located:���North of Twelve Mile Creak
ahout one and a half mtlei up.
Take notlo that 1,11. R. Jorand of Sloean B.C.
Free Miner's certlflcato No. imsuO, u agaut fdr
Horace Q, Van Tuyl, Free Miner ��� certificate No.
B.fiii, intend, ility dayt from ihe date hereof,
toapply to tho Mining Recorder tor a Certificate
of Improvement*, for the purpose of obtaining a
Crown Grant of the said mineral claims.
And further Uke notice that action under
Bectlon S7, must be commence*.! before the ���_���_���
anoa of aueh Certificate! of Improrementi.
Dated thii Brd Day of January, IS*-.
Send Applications to
Not more than 5,000 or less than 100 will be sold to
any one person.
W.   Q.   aiL,L,_3TT
Gontraotor ��nd
Hole agent for the Porto Rloo Lumbar Co., Ltd..
retail yards. Rough and dressed lumber, turned
work and brackets, Coast lath and shingles, rath
and doors. Cement, brick and lima for salt.
Automatic grinder.
Yard and factory: Vernon St.. cast of HaU,
NBL.80N,  B. C.
p O. Boi 903. Telephone lTB
Mostjoonllisrttlslsi quarters ll) Nslssm.
Only tbe best of Llsjaors end t liars.
TWO riitST-ULUU BOOMS, steam keeled.
Mr ho-sekewau. 3rsl net. K W. C. block.
A FORTIR et tbo Royel Hotel.
Klngtey Tall*   Story of Willie's Application    and    Rejection���General
Vancouver Newt.
Vancouver, Jan. 12.���Aftor ulx months
service as head of the police department of Vancouver, Chief Colin Chls-
holm, of his own volition, vacates his
offlce, when on Monday morning he
formally hands to the police commissioners his resignation. The idea of
the 111 mbers of the electoral union who
are working on the matter is that a
man should be secured who ls ln perfect harmony with the sentiment of the
majority of the city council on the social evil question. This sentiment tbe
officers of the union believe was endorsed ln a most unmistakable manner
at the polls on Thursday, and therefore
must be ..accepted as the voice of the
people. No official who is in favor of
such ideas on the question prevailing
on the European continent is thought
to be worthy of tne least consideration.
At a meeting of the local members
of the labor party, held ln Labor hall
last night, five names were presented
as nominees for candidature for the
house from this city. On the ballot Alderman Williams and Mr. M. G. Perry
were selected from the number, and
the followers of the party will be asked
to support them at the polls. Outsiders
look on this action as likely to result
ln a large split In the Uberal vote. A
conference was also held with representatives from Richmond, and it was
decided that the Labor party should
not make any nominations for that district.
At a meeting of the Socialists held
last night Comrade Kingsley took up
the question of Mclnnes and his Socialistic aspirations. He remarked that
the Socialists would not have a Liberal
leader ln their party, but the Liberals
seemed glad to have been able to get
Tho story of the generous gift of
some works on Socialism to the Nanaimo organisation of the party by Mclnnes was then related. It was ou January 13,1900, that Mclnnes tried ln that
fashion to propitiate the men to whom
on January 17 of the same year he applied for admission to the Socialist party. However, tt tl matter of history
tbat Mclnnes was turned down. "Now
they have sent us this man Mclnnes,
the man who, when he bad n row with
Ralph Smith, wanted to use Socialists
as catspawa to pull his chestnuts out
of the fire."
Lots for Sale
H.  <5_  M. 'BIRD.
______ T. G. PROCTER ____!
Has every class of Real Estate snd Buildings in Nelsuu
for sale, from Business Blocks snd Warehouses
to Market Gardens.
Choice Fruit
I Have (0,000 Aem
Choicest Ftmtk Lands ia
British CoHMnrau
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 3,000 in one block*.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
Nelson, B. C.
Heavy Hams
Most economical for Camp and Hotel use.
Large shipment just received from W.
Davies Co., Toronto. . . Also Davies*
P. Burns & Co., Ltd.
Urdera by mall to in branch will here
���ur prompt sad careful etlenllsjn.
HesdOffleet Nelson, B.C. i
The Daily Canadian
January   Clearance  Sale
Of Cut Glass $6.
Berry   Bowls       Each
Yo.i want tin* Bowls*.   We want the room.   Don't mitw the chance.
* Your Breakfast Cereals
It's  hard   to   suggest   a   change
from   the  alirost   infinite   variety ;
which we carry.    But, by theway, ;
have you tried
[Meat of Wheat
tt'�� what the  name  suggests, the
very meat and cream of the grain.
20c. for 2 lb. Packet
IM Trading Co- j
Old Curiosity Shop
If you wanl to buy or sell anything,
go to the Old Curiosity Shop, A new
line of Japanese Gooiis now on Bale.
All kinds of Dinnerware in stock. Patterns.
January Isl being a day of resolutions, let me suggest one to you.
Resolved by us. that we give t
J Joy a share of our grocery trade
during 1!)07. und Ihen .Toy will be
with us till the year's end; aud
let ub all say. Amen.
Joy's Cash Grocery!
We Huve a  -Spli-inilv
Selected Stock  of
for  Xmas* TratltJ.
Stonfw_.it, Oodts. Bean Pots. Tea Pots, Etc.
Munroe & Nelson
General Job Work, Chimney Sweeping, Carpet Cleaning, Fixing and Cleaning Stoves,  etc.
121 East Baker St. Phone No. A114
Fancy Chocolates
Leave your order early for
your NeTtt  Year
Choquette Bros.
Pf^S0N $150
A collection of all the Latest
Shapes and Sizes.    A free
smoking and most satisfactory pipe.
Tobacconist.   Baker Street.
Cor. Varnor, and Wasrtl Stsrawta,
J.FRED HUME, Proprietor.
S. D. Steward J. M. Kelly, G. Richardson, J. W. OolHs, A. NelB'ui, A. Mellisli,
H. B. Hiluiau, H. B Morby, C. C. Gladwin, W. T. Wyittt, R. A. Biiutuons, A. J.
Burton, J. F. Boyd, J. D. Seott, Vancouver; W. B. Swain, Moutreal; R. J.
MoPnee, Slucuu; W. Hill, St Paul; H.
M. Obiltls, Second Relief Mine; J. R.
Druiiiuiond, Greenwood; R. H. Stewart,
Kossland; T. A. Blagg, Portland; J. W
HigjiiuK, A. Foveuier, Kaslo; W. L. Metcalfe, P. E MuGray, J. A. Loppky,
Winnipeg; F. G. Morin, G. L. Merry,
Trail; N. B. lunes, H. L Johnson,
Kegina; J. A. Thuckpy, Grand ForkB,
N. D; F. F. Lieuien, P.P. Kpp., Altonn,
Man.; N* G. Jauyen, Plum Coulee; J. A.
McLean Spokane; J. T. Price, A. H.
Tuttle, Ymir; A. B. Fin, Gait; Mrs. W.
R, Ross, Ferniei W. T. Jones, Fiutatulu.
A. MeDouald, G. A. Weir, Trail; G. O.
Bnfthanan, Robt. Irving and wife, W. E.
Zwieky, Kalso; H. M. Galer, Coleuiau;
J. F. Ingrahnui, E. C. Bchultz, 0. H.
Smith, Jas. A. Brown nnd wife, Spokane;
J, B. Henderson, J. Kauffmnn, A. C.
Bliincluird, Bsmuingtoii ; W. H. Haltou,
Arrowhead; W. H. Adams, Golden;
Thos. Oonlau, Toronto; W. A. Ooulth-
ard and wife, Fred Engeraud wife, Saskatoon ; J. L. Frauds and wife, Headiug-
ly, Man.; H. C. Bullis, Ciucinatti; C. E.
Gillau, Revelstoke; J. U. Apps, Montreal.
R. J. Herman, Saudon; P. J. McRae,
Matt-ten, Man ; P. W. Poole, J. J. Hill-
mim aud family. Calgary; J. A. Aitken,
G. S. Wilson Rossland; Mrs. A. Autoya,
Butte; Mrs J Mend, Vancouver; O J.
Hundley, Ymir; J. C. Caruthers, Victoria;
J. A. Agnew und wife, Wnpella; J. D.
Campbell, J B Wnsden aud wife, Portland, Mien.; E. L. Cnniplsell, D. M.
Browu, little Valley, NY.; R. Juuor,
J. Juuor, Portlnud, Ore.
J. P. Redding, Crawford Bay ; S. Bell,
Nakusp; W. H. Govett, Revelstoke; K.
Kuowltou, Y. Tonkin, Granite; J. Johnston Phoenix; John Tenos, Erie.; F.
Davidson, H. L Fife, B. T. Tidy and
wife, T. R. Hall, Slocan; F. Donaldson,
Rolst. Turner Southwold, Ont.; J. Blackburn, Vanoouver; Hugh Dn-lin, H.
Ritchie, Cranbrook; A. Murray, R. Lin-
say, Creston; N. Bonsil, E. Chcll, Winnipeg; D. McLeod Bouuiugton; W. H.
Beckett, Gutelins; D. W. Newberry,
Moose Jaw.
James Donald, Ymir; R. Bolitho,
G. W. Burton, Bonnington; William
Stroutentburg, W. P. Donovan, Ponokn;
R. 11 Boddington, Silverton; T. J. Kock,
Eurka Mine.
A. R. Easier. Bensley; D.A. Campbell,
E. S. Lii'hou, Koch's Siding; C.Taylor,
Slooao (iity; Wm. Priun uud wife, T. J.
Onrrell, Bouningtou ; 1*. Murray, Wiuui.
A. McDonald & Co.
Dealers in staple and fancy Grocerio-
Butter, Eggs.
Camp and Minora' Supplies.
On and al.ur December 1st my heat, iir nnrl
plumbing lutsincMfi will be located in my new
simp, two doom cant of opera home, on Victoria
Tel. 181.     S. A. WYE
The annual meeting of the Associated
Hoards of Trade will be held this yeai
In Greenwood on Thursday, March 15
Thu many friends of E. M. Hand will
be glad to learn that he is out of day
ger and able to leave his room.
The  first meeting of  the  new  city
council  will be held    iu    Lhe    council
chamber on Monday, January Ul, at V
p, m.
silver advanced three points In New
York and London today. Copper gained
four points, while lead remained sia-
\V. K. Zwickey was a guest al the
StruLhcona yesterday. Mr. Zwickey
holds many positions, but is giving his
attention at present chiefly to the
work ordered by the Full Court iu connection with the appeal in the celebrated Slucan Star lateral rights caso
Nell F. Mackay, Conner vat ive nominee for Kaslo, will arrive from tho
coast tonight and proceed to Kaslo to
morrow, where a mass meeting will bo
held in the evening. The speakers
will be the Premier, Mr. Bowser, Mr.
Mackay and John Keen, or anyone
else on his behalf.
Messrs. Huiiis and Pfau spent yesterday at the power plant testiug the
machinery. They report that they
started the wheel at lt) a. ru. at UU revolutions per minute and ran Ull 4 a. m.
this miming, gradually increasing the
speed to the normal 180 revolutions per
minute and had no difficulty whatever
with hoi bearings. Further tests are in
progress today.
James Donald, who had his foot hurt
while boarding a train at Erie on December 26, and subsequently spent ono
day in the Kootenay Lake General
hospital, which he left in disgust for
the Y'mir hospital, called at the Canadian office today lo report that he is
all right again; that his toe did not
hare to be amputated, and that he gol
good treatment and enough to eat at
The Phoenix Pioneer says: In Greenwood riding the provincial struggle iB
highly interesting, and all sides claim
a victory for their party. Edward G.
Warren, the Conservative candidate,
stands high among his fellow townsmen and has the best chance of any
to win. Mayor Naden, the Liberal candidate, is also popular, and Edgar W.
Dynes, the Socialist standard bearer,
ls a young man who thinks he has a
fighting chance.
P. MoGee, Rossland; E.H. Doan Wiu-
nilK.fr; C Curtis. Manchester; E. Barra*
olough, Sheffield; Geo. W. Water, ton,
Wota. kiwiu; Murdoch McLeod, Windermere ;W.B. Anderson,Butte; W. Symms,
Crescent Valley.
The Store of Quality
Should see our Values in APPLES
before placing their orders'elsewhere.
We have them from $1.50 for Cooking to $2.50 for
Fancy Eating Varieties
which are undoubtedly the Finest
ever brought into Nelson.
Don't forget that we always have
Fresh Lettuce and Choice Crisp Celery on hand.
Rob. M. Hood &Co.
K. W. C. Block . Phono 10
- SOcAPS -
Eclipse 6 <Sars for 25c.
Olive Oil 8 Cucumber 5 cakes     25c.
Castile 4 Lib. 'Bars 40c.
See Our Window
Telephone 161.
a  iiiamisi.km.uis.   Appl;  rn Btntheoaa
Vienna Sausage in tins, 2 for 25c
Pork and Beans,  large tins 20c
French   Mustard,  per  bottle    15c
Ham Loaf and Veal Loaf, 2 for 25c
Chicken  Loaf, 2 for    25c
Herrings in Tomato Sauce, 2 for..25c
Kippered  Herring, 2 for   25c
Sardines in Tomato Sauce, 3 for. ,25c
C* A* ^Benedict
Corner Silica and Josephine Sts.
Do Yoa Taint
or on CHINA.
We have always in utook
Windsor & Newton's Oil Colors
Windsor 6V Newton's Water Colors
Fry's Vitrifiable Colors
For China Painting,
Sable, Camel's Hair, Hogs' Bristles.
Water Color Paper
Sketch 'Blocks
Academy .Board
PaUetteti, Juliette Knivefi, aud till required
We (Also Carry
White China For Decorating
Wood Blanks for Burnt Work.
W. G. Thomson
Sffi5___* "���"* Nelson, B. C.
Phont a-4.
Tremont House
Kuropeau aaa AmarlMn Plan
M-y-.li 'if, via.   K-poine from Jo eta. to |1
Only White H_lp Kmplored.
.-taker Bt., Nelion Proprietor*
Bartlett   House
Best Dollar-a-Day Howe is Nelson.
The Uiu 1> ths Fluent.
WhltS Bslp Only  Em piny cil.
towphlm Bt.
Lake View Hotel
Corner Ball and Vernon,
two block! from wharf.
Hatei 11.00 per day and up
Telephone 118, NaELSON,   B* C
Grand Central Hotel
J. A. ERIOKSO**, Proprietor.
Hentnlly l.owttetl. Open Day snd Night.
Sample and Rath Roomi free.
Opposite Court House wi Post Office.
Conn Ward ui Vernon Streets.
T*���� Strathcona
Nelson, B.O.
B. Tomkins, Manager.
The Leading Hotel in the
Oood   Sample    Roomi
Wholi-Halp himI  Retail Healers lu
Fresh and Salted Meats
Camps Bupplied ou (.hortest notice .aud
lowest price. Nothing but fnwh nnd
whol.'Home meats nud *supplen kept in htook
Mnil order* reeem- ciiroful attention.
E. C.  TRAVES,  Manager.
Coal! Ice! Wood!
Phone 265
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Fruit,
Foel & Poultry Co., Ltd.
N. E. cor. Baker   and   Ward  Sts.
Pacific Coast
Leave Nelson 7:30 a. m. Daily.
Arrive Vancouver 11:50 noon.
S. S. Princess Victoria
Arrive Victoria 6 p. in.
One Night Eu Route.
Connecting with
S. S. Princess Beatrice
Standard Sleeping Car
Berths, J1.00, can be occupied 9 p. m.
A._,P.A..Vanssouver. D. P.A., NelHOD
Certificate of Improvements
inoi ice
i in Ten
iion  Seek,'* nituiit-j.1 In Nelion Mintujt
Looated on Porcupine ore-alt,
Tdke Notiee that I, Frank Fletcher, agent (or
the Active (iohi Mini ".je Company, Free Hlner'i
Certificate No B8i_i.*>y inteml. fio days (rom date
hereof, loapply to the Mining Recorder tot %
uerufleate of Improvement* (or the purpoM of
Ontaining a crown Gra_u of the above olatmi
Anil further take notice that action, under
���Section 87,  ilium lie rommenced hefore the Ihbu-
anoe of inch Qertlfloata of Improvement!.
Dated Nelson, 18tb DflO., IBM.
Kkank Flktgiiik.
Certificate of Improvements
"Hatton" mineral claim, ���Hutted in lhe Nelaon
Kitting Division of V.chi Kootenay dlfltrlet
Whor* located :-���On Toad mountain.
'lake Notice that I, John McUtehle- acting an
agent for <i(Jorge A. Campbell, Free Hitter*! Certificate No. U7077, Intend, llktv dayfl from the
date hereof, lo apply to the .Mtnliif Recorder lor
a Certlllcateof Improvemenu. Ior the pttTpOH Ol
obtaining��� Drown Qranl of the above claim.
And further tako notice that action, under
Motion 87, rfltmt lm commenced before the luu-
ance ofJHiich Certificate of Improvementn
Deted|_b__ Hn day ft* No. ember, IH6.
Joei M. Utuhib
Royal Hotel
Kutsws |i and 11.50 a I tar.
Special Rtites to Regular Boarders.
Queen's Hotel
Btktir tUrisi'l, NelHOD. B. Q,
Lighted by Elentrioity ud
Heated by Hot Air
CATBH  r*   l-KR OAT
LArsti nnd tlonsloruble Bcslruiimi anil Plrtt*
cUhb I��iiili';s ftssssin.   B&mpla Ruomi lor Uommer-
Villi M-it.
MRS. It. tl. II.AKKF. FrnnrlytrMl
We Carry a
Soyc_of Fine Eiderdown Quilts
From $6.00 to $35.00.
�������� Our Variety of 300 Pltsturan I'rmnesl In tha
l.nt.Bt Stylsss.
Standard Ftirnittire Company
Complete House Furnishers
Undertakers,    Embalmers
Mu.sni its ItfHrli I'litiiiiH.
llMts-rsisssssr MattroniSL'fl.
Manhall Hanftnrj- Mattreaaea
Fifty Cent Hand Bagsj
They are beauties at the price.
T��l*phon�� 333.
Starkey & Co.,
Kootenay Agenti
R. A. Rogers 4 Co,
Limited, Winnipeg,
Whoieaan Provialona,
Dismiiiiisis Uovernuinnt Oreatussry Oms Pontid llrickn received weekly fre��h
(tout the nhuru.   1*or Hide by all leadiug gruoers.
Offloe and warehouse: 1 liitmton Hlook,   Phoue 70.
Josephine Street. Nelaon, B.C.
Bohemian Beer
The Nelson Brewing Co., Ltd
A Word to tlie Wist
This yonr we hnve ��])pruoiated the wantu of onra
tntm-TH nnd hnve piw-scd into Htock tho
Good Cheer Art Base Burner
'J-iith utovi* is u(iii|i(c(i for hard oOsfd (miy. mid in gar
autoed to gixt mtintaction.
]* H. Ashdown Hard wan
Company, Limited.
M��piilrinii and JobblnE e��_cuttsl with IJMputch.   Shut Metal
Work, Minimi nnd Mill Mucshlnsry.     Manutauturara ssl
Orsa Cara,  R.  R.   Controctora'  Caira.
Cornor otH.ll.n_ I\EI_SOIN,      B.   C. fi'CStS
Bualnvaa m_n,
Working m��n,
M-an In drtu attlr*.
Aportliiu m*jti,
limidwom* m��n,
Men th-tit'M full of fir*
UNITE and ning that   the  importation, of
John T. Pierre are the proper thing.
My last fall sthipinont hau jBJrt arrived.  W
them and place your order early for Xniaswi***
JOHN T. PIERRE, Artistic Tailor
All Sizes 35 to 44
Now in the Mme
(n buy yonr
Wiulor Ovoivoist
AU Prices from $ 10 to $30
HANUFAaURERS   f J~_\_^    Cf.i-��fA_
AND DEALERS IN   l*VtL\T>kVt*  OmfLglZS*
l_ath, Mouldings, Doors, Windows.
Turntd Work and Brackets.
Mail Ordeni promptly nttcuded ��
NBU80N, 1st. e.
Our stock of Skates Is complett ��nd  varied.
Including the  popular
BOKER'8  BEAUTY  and  CHARM  (Ludlee.)
Wood-Vailance Hardware Co'y


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