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The Daily Canadian Jan 15, 1907

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JAN 19 1907
2C7"OR!A, B. M
_\ct,\i\\ CanaMan
U'ME I.    No.   190.
Fim Cents a Mont��
etch of Public Career
of Mclnnes.
���cal History of Chid Speaker at
lonight's Meeting���Tribute
by Toronto Globe.
\V.  W.  II.   Mclnnes, cx-govonir.i*
Yukon  territory, ls   known   to
electors of NelBon only as the
(occupant of that position, a brief
li of his public career may be of
Mclnnes wub born about 35 years
He wus educated In New West-
Iti'i- public and high schools and at
nin university. He was culled to
tar uf llrltlsh Columbia und begun
iructice of law In Nanaimo.
1 Slits he stood for Vancouver cou-
Micy���ull Vancouver Island except
iriu city���In the Liberal Interests.
K-us successful, |K)lllng some 900
out of a total of 2300, his two
ervative opponents polling 800 and
one of the youngest members of
louse he was chosen to move the
sss ln reply to the speech from
Ihrone. His speech on that occa-
wae characterized by either fgno-
or disregard of tbe decent con-
onalities of parliament. At the
| of the debate Sir Wilfrid left his
ftn congratulate the young French
er wbo seconded the address, but
bd the mover.
bn  after, In the  course of a de-
[Mr. MqJnnes ascribed the attitude
��� Toronto Globe on a certain ques-
lo C. P. R. Influence, hinting that
newspaper was bribed by the rall-
compuny.    The Globe said, edito-
"Mr.   \V.  W.   B.   Mclnnes  ls  a
knsl slanderer," and Invited him to
j proceedings  for libel.    Tho invl-
w;i* prudently Ignored.   The re-
ir of his career at Ottawa was
fut incident.
June, 1900, Mr. Mclnnes resigned
Dominion seat   to  contest one  of
Nanaimo tidings aB a follower of
bh  Martin.      His    campaign   was
ed by fierce denunciation of the
baron," .lames Dunsmuir, Mr. Mc-
cven advising his constituents to
to arms.
election resulted ln the premier-
of Mr. Dimstnulr, Mr. Mclnnes be-
^ne of nine Marllnltes In a house
who held his sent. In the aec-
sesssisui of that parliament Joseph
Hn became a supporter of Mr.
binulr and was followed ln that
be by Mr. Mclnnes. After the repent of Mr. Dunsmuir, Messrs. Mar-
nd Mclnnes continued to support
tame regime under the leadership
lonel Prior,
the general elections of 1903, con-
nl upon the defeat of Colonel
' and the accession of Richard Mc-
|p, Mr. Mclnnes left Nanaimo and
for Alberni as one of the 'iead-
i legion," though still, presumably,
jing a Martlnite premiership.
was elected lu  Alberni nnd  sat
|e house until  be  wub appointed
nor or the Yukon.
j has, within the Inst month, from
bes unknown, returned to  provin-
jpolltlcs, nominally as a supporter
i A. Mucdonald, who has "no synt-
wlth Joseph Martin."
rejected application for niember-
t in  the  Nanaimo  Socialist lodge,
(the opinion expressed of him  by
)>rtner co league, Smith Curt s, are
tiiiuillur to    require    mention    at
(ing  for    Burnt'    Cup    Contest���
ames in Regular Tournament.
: contests were held last night ln
president vs. Vice {Resident scries.
fir.  to tho failure of    the    lights,
uf  the games  were  unfinished,
It Is now up to the executive to
fe whether the scores shall stand
i gumeB be orderod to be played
The scores were aB follows:
lalluce 7, Wells 4.
Mclntyre 9, Cavanaugh 6.
Beet   9,  Bird 6.
Starkey 7, Hawkey 1  (unfinished).
Nunn  ., Carrie 4 (unfinished).
Bird (for Fox) 7, Richardson 6 (unfinished).
The following games will be played
this evening:
7:30���No. 1 Ice���Richardson vs. Carrie; No. 2���Nunn vs. Bird; No. 3���
Walley vb. Hedley; No. 4���Blackwood
vs. Fox.
9:15���No. 1 ice���Forln vs. Bunyan;
No. 2���DeVeber vs. Cavanaugh; No. 3
���Mclntyre vs. Wallace; No. 4���Hawkey vs. Beer.
The draw for the Bums' Cup Is as
First Round.
Group No. 1���(A) RIchardBon vb.
(B) Hawkey vb. Walley.
(C) Blackwood vs. Bird.
(D) Mclntyre vs. Fox.
Group No. 2���(E) Beer vb. DeVeber.
""(F) Cavanaugh vs. Starkey.
(G) Wallace vs. Drew.
(H) Wells vs. Nunn.
(I) Gillett vs. Forin.
(J) Bunyan vs. Carrie.
Second Round.
(K) Winner of A vs. Winner of B.
(L) Winner of C vs. Winner of D.
(M) Winner of E vb. Winner of F.
(N) Winner of G vs. Winner of H.
(O) Winner of I vs. Winner of J.
Third Round.
(P) Winner of K vs. Winner of L.
Winner of M a bye.
t<3) Winner o fN vb. Winner of O.
Semi-Finals���(R) Winner of P vs.
Winner of M.
FinalB���Winner of R vs. Winner of Q.
Meanwhile, the veterans arc taking
all the practice they can get in regular and scratch matches In preparation for the bonspiel.
Spokane's Case  Against  Railroads���J.
J, Hill's Former    Statements    Are
Quoted Against Him.
Spokane, Jan. 15.���Such rapid progress ls being made In taking testimony in the suit of the city of Spokane to compel the railways to lower
the freight rates from eastern points
that lt ls believed that the hearing before the Interstate commerce commissioners will be concluded by tomorrow
aB far as this city is concerned. Commissioner G. A. Prouty, who presides,
Is promptly cutting out useless repetitions and technicalities. Thc city may
conclude Its evidence this afternoon,
the testimony ot today being ln reference to comparative rates and the distances to which Bpokane Jobbers can
ship goods. Tomorrow the railways
will havo their Innings.
From present Indications they will
best the defence mainly on the theory
of water competition compelling lower
rates at coast points. They may also
set forth that average profits of operation for a term of years are not exorbitant and point to the prosperity and
growth of Spokane as evidence that
the city is not suffering from existing
freight rates.
Commissioner F. J. Lane is expected
to hold supplementary hearings on the
Spokane rate case in Seattle, Portland
nnd San Francisco to enable shippers
of those cities to present evidence to
show that waster competition requires
lower rates to coast pointB than to interior citleg*.
Comm'BBloner Lano Is also expected
to conduct hearings as to the coal
shortages ln the Northwest. The most
Interesting point brought out in the
first day's hearing was thc evidence
that Mr. JameB J. Hill, when securing
concessions for the Great Norths.*��� in
1K92, declared that existing rates to
Spokane were exorbitant promised to
give this city rates to enable lt to compete with coast centres; asserted that
he thought the syBtem which would
cause eastern goods to be hauled to
the coaBt over the mountains nnd then
back again was Illegal; declared he
was not afraid of water carriers, and
"The people have an exaggerated
idea about the cheapness of water carriage. Why, you might build a canal
10 feet deep right alongside the Great
Northern, clear from one end to the
other and we would still do the buBl-
nesB. With Bitch a line as we are
building a t rain crew of five men can
take along at a speed of 15 m les per
hour 1000 tons of merchandise. To do
this a oanal will require three to five
boats and Ihree to five crews of men
at a three-mile gait."
Mclnnes Sky-Rocket Is
Bnt a Squib
Opposition's   Counsel of   Despair
Gone Like All the Rest--Tatlow Kills Another Scandal.
(Special to The Dally Canadian.)
Victoria, B. C, Jan. 14���It has been
charged by supporters of J. A. Macdonald, K. C, the leader of the Liberal
party In British Columbia, that the present government was guilty of malpractice in connection with the issuance of
South African war scrip, giving away
large pieces of land ln thiB way which
rightfully .should still belong to tho
The absurdity of such an allegation
was pointed out by Hon. R. G. Tatlow,
minister of finance. He explained that
lt would have been impossible for members of the government to have done
such a thing had they been so inclined.
The records showed Just what Bcrip had
been Issued and all the details ln reference to every transaction. It wub only
necessary for those who wished to call
at the provincial buildings and look up
the official records in order to receive
personal asBurance that tho administration had followed the only proper
course ln dealing with the matter.
It was only another illustration of the
fact that the opposition was being
forced to "grope" about for campaign
criticism of Premier McBride and those
associated with him.
The complete collapse of the Mclnnes
boom Is still the chief topic of conversation among politicians. The pub'le
was given to understand that, when
Mr. Mclnnes took the platform, there
would be many things "doing." Tho
very stars were going to halt in their
course, when the young-man-from-Yu-
kon began to get in his work. It Is perhaps characteristic of the people of
British Columbia to refuse to be
aroused by this vigorous young gentleman. Indeed, if the truth may be
told, he seems to be getting Just a lit
tic tired of himself.
He is apparently beginning to wonder
why he came down from the Beats of
the mighty on the off chance of getting
in a provincial campaign. He realizes
that he came too late to be of any par
ticular service to his party. He could
not prevent thc breach In it and it was
hopeless for him to remedy its Irreparable blunders on the "Better terms"
In his efforts to do so, he went to
the other extreme, and made matters
worse than he found them.
Chief Winter    Resouroe   of   Christina
Lake  Ranchers Gone.
Qrand ForkB, Jan. 14.���(Ireat consternation exists Just now among the set
tiers around Christina lake over the
fact that the favorite fish, known as
the Kokanee, is exceptionally scarce
thiB winter. Heretofore, tlie various
rancherB around the lake would make
preparations every winter for the past
10 years to make a regular business of
Kokunee fishing, and would ship these
fish, to the extent of many tons each
winter, to Spokane and other markets,
where they would readily get 15 cents
per pound for the fish. The latest advices are to the effect thnt these fish
have suddenly vanished from the waters of ChriBtina lake. There are two
reaBons offered for the non-appearance
of this fish this winter, the first being
that the wholesale flBhing that has
beeu carried on for many years in
these waters has completely exhausted
that particular kind of fish; the olher
reason given ls that the Kokanee, he-
lug a deep water fish, have done their
spawning at a great depth, and this
winter do not come sufficiently near
the surface to allow of being caught.
At present, however, the black bass and
the ling fish are quite plentiful In the
lake, but these fish do not sell as readily as the Kokanee, which ls a small
fish, about a foot long, ud very sim
ilar ln snaps to the trout, with the exception that lt has no specks of any
kind. It Is now reported that the Dominion government will provide a fresh
supply of black bass fish for this lake
for breeding purposes. The shipment
or black bass deposited In this lake
some five years ago have done remarkably well, which fact has doubtless led
to the present decision of the federal
government to furnish a fresh supply
of fish for breeding purposes. At English Point, a beautifully-situated watering place lying on a beautiful beach on
this lake, several iisappolnted fishermen can be found thiB winter who had
made extensive preparations ln laying
up provisions for a winter's fishing of
th eKokanee, which hae apparently vanished for ever.
Poer Qlrl.
Sprlngrild, Mo., Jan. 15.���The marriage of Miss MaTjorie Dixon or Springfield to Joseph Eddy, nephew of Lloyd
Osborne, the novelist, which was to
be held here Wednesday has been post-
p ue.l Ind f.nlieiy. Mis:* Dixon redv-
ed a telegram from Eddy Baying he
would uot be here Wednesday to marry heT. Many wedding presents have
been rcelvd and guests from a distance had begun to arrive. Miss Dixon
is said to be prostrated. Her friends
a.e wondering why Eddy cannot be
here Wednesday and whether , he is
coming at #11. Since he was graduated
BtTlrury college, this city, he has been
in California.
sppaL nenta;	
WuBhingt*^, D. C, Jan. 15.���The
senate committee on finance today
agreed to report favorably the nominations of PoStmsster General Cortelyou
to be secretary of the treasury and
James F. Garfield to be secretary ofthe Interior.
Chief Liberal  Organ of Canada Givea
High Praise to Premier McBride
for the Transaction.
The Kaien Island slanders manufactured and kept alive for a time by J.
A. Macdonald are probably past reviving now. The following expression of
opinion on the matter by the Toronto
Globe, hardly a bigoted Conservative
organ, may serve to bury Mr. Macdonald's unworthy and riBiistrous attempt
aid's unworthy and disastrous attempt
"Without the railway the land Ib
practically worthless, and as 'there Ib
no reason why value Imparted to it
solely by the construction of the line
should go Into the pockets of people
who do nothing to earn lt, the provincial government and the railway company exercised a wise provis'on in the
adoption of a co-operative scheme
which enables i them to use some portion of the 'unearned increment' for
the advantage of the people of Itritish
Columbia, to whom the land belongs.
"The example Bet in this case by
British Columbia may Tlrove to be Just
what is needed to bring other landowning governments to a sense of
their duty to the public."
Macdonald and Mclnnes Rouse No Enthusiasm at Coast.
The following extracts from a private letter from Victoria may throw
some light on tre political Bltuation at
the coast and the Liberals' chances of
making gains, or even holding their
own, In that part of the province:
"The grand Macdonald rally at Duncan's last night was an awful frost.
This is tlle actual fact: There were 31
men and 18 ladles present; 9 of the
men had no votes and 10 were well-
known Conservatives.
"Billy Mclnnes was in Nanaimo and
ran into an iceberg. Miners backed
him up against a bar and offered him
all kinds of odds ln big bets that he
would not be elected ln Vancouver,
and even that he would lose his deposit. He has 'the blues' and will go
the 'boose route' now for sure.
"Macdonald Is a 'dead oue' for all
time down on the coast. His party
have no use for him.
The Hall Mines smelter cUatd down
this morning. In reply to a query
from The Dally Canadian, J. J. Campbell, manager ef the company, stated
that the shut-down, which he hoped
would not laat more than a day or two,
waa forced, not by shortage ef fuel,
but by the fretting of all the water
Splendid Rally lo Hev
Mr. McBrlde's Energetic Refutation
of Slanders Rosses Whole-*
Aodience to Cheer.
(Special to The Dally Canadian.)
Cranbrook, Jan. 15.���Tbe Conserva.
tive rally here tonight was a splendid
succeas. The Wentworth hall was
packed with a record crowd which began to assemble shortly after 7:30. The
special train conveying the premier and
Ur. Bowser from Fernie did not arrive
until 9:30. The crowd waited with the
utmost patience. The speakers arrived
shortly after the arrival of the train
accompanied by Mr. J. A. Harvey. They
were greeted with loud and continuous
cheering. Mayor Rogers and G. H.
Thompson, secretary of the Conserva
tive association, escorted them to
the platform on which A. E. Watts of
Wattsburg, and T. D. Caven also occti
pled seats.
Mr. Bowser then addressed the meeting in a rousing speech in which he
showed the utter BpeclousnesB of the
pretence of the Liberal claim that they
are the friends of labor by proving the
manner in which the Natal act and the
Election Amendment acts had been
handled at Ottawa.
The premier in addressing tbe audience, wfilch cheered him wildly, used
the map of Kaien Island and it seems to
have had a most extraordinary effect
on even the Liberals when taken ln
conjunction with the vigorous attack of
Mr. McBride on the methodB adopted
ln extremes of dragging a woman's
name Into the case for the purpose of
discrediting the government. H was
cheered to the echo when he said that
when Dr. King Bald he, the premier,
was wrong In permitting the deal, he
should if he were a man, produce the
proofs of what was wrong towards the
public In the bargain.
The meeting lasted till 1 a. ni. Mr.
J. A. Harvey was the last speaker.
Amoig the audience was a very large
number of the ladles of the city, who
wer-< provided with chairs ln the very
fro:.I of the house, which wae packed. It was a magnificent success In every possible respect and was brought
off under very great difficulties.
Cranbrook, Jan. IB.���The coldest
weather the pioneers of Cranbrook
have ever experienced was not cold
enough to Interfere with their interests
In the political Issues of the day, and
with the thermometer 36 degrees below zero tonight, the. turnout was
larger than the theatre could accomodate.
In tho audience were electors who
had come all the way from Fort Steele
and Moyle to give evidence of their approval of the administration of Premier
McBride. The sentiment of the meeting was the same as it has been all
along the line since the premier and W.
J. Bowser left Vancouver over a week
ago, and the supporters of J. A. Harvey
the Conservative candidate are now assured that their cause is popular and
that the people who have the votes are
within numbers sufficient to render a
large majority on February 2.
Premier McBride said after the meeting that lt wae auother strong indication of a general sweep of tbe Interior
constituencies for the Conservative
G. T. Rodgers, mayor of the city, occupied the chair and the speakers were
Premier McBride, W. J. Bowser, J. A.
Harvey, John Leheny, Labor and Dr
King, Liberal.
Dr. King did not arrive till the meet
Ing was about to close and consequently
had very little to say and what he did
have to say �� .is about the Midway ft
Vernon, Columbia ft Western and Kaien
Island d als.
He vas followed by the preipler, who
In his denudation of the opposition as.
represented by the doctor, provoked
such cheering as was never before heard
at a political meting tn Cranbrook,
Premier McBride dealt with tho rec
ord of his government from 1903 to
1907 on large appropriations whatever
people were looking for such bait. He
realised the public necessities of all
parts of thc province and would hand
out a square deal to all.
It was nearly 1 o'clock this morning
whe n the meeting broke up and all but
about a dozen or the large audience
were there at tbe finish, and when
called upon to give three cheers for
Premier McBride, the Conservative
party and its local candidate, they did
lt with a will and with an effect that
was felt all over town.
Progress of Cace.
��� A. W. Dolan, manager of the Spokane Drug oompany, a wholesale firm,
was a leading witness for the city In
the freight rate hearing this morning.
He testified that ln 1892 General Agent
St. John of the Great Northern gave
out a memorandum of a new scedute
prepared by that road, making reduc-
ilons of 15 to 30 per cent, in freight
rates from the Eaat to Spokane. Instead of putting this schedule tn force
at once another was issued ln February, 1903, leaving out all the big reductions, the greatest cut made being
15 per cent. Larue Perrin, superintendent of the Spokane Dry Goods
company, wholesale, testified that reductions of freight charges on dry
goods were followed by reductions In
the prices charged to consumers.
Honduras Wins.
New Orleans, Jan. 15.���The Picayune says tbat the dispute which has
existed several years between Nicaragua and Honduras aB to tlie boundary
line on tbe north has been settled. The
question was left to the King of Spain
as referee, and he gave Honduras all
that was claimed by President Boni, and
Minister Kokovsoff Hopes to Meet Deficit by Internal Loan���Speaks
St. Petersburg, Jan. 15.���Tjhe deficit
In the budget ot 1907 will, If the ex-
pcc.atlcns of Finance Minister Kokovsoff are realized, be covered entirely
from Internal sources and without resort to a foreign loan. In an Interview
with the Associated Press today the
minister said he hoped that a large
part of the defclt would be balanced
by the excess of Income In 1907 and it
would not be necessary to raise more
than $70,000,000 by an internal loan,
issued with the sanction of Its parliament. M. Kokovsoff said the Issue of
the loan could not be regarded as an Indication Iif Rusia's Inability to live
within her incaome, as lt waa due almost entirely to the settlement of outstanding war expenses and to the relief of income conditions. He apparently regarded 1907 as being the laat
year of Russia's extreme financial perplexities. The competency of parliament to alter the appropriations tor
the police was denied by the finance
minister, who said that according to
the law of March, 1906, parliament cannot alter estimates based upon the ex
lsting law, but he added that the cabinet would welcome all suggestions of
economies In other directions.
Progressive Party Organized���Ready to
Offer Criticism.
Manila, Jan. 15.���Governor Smith,
accompanied by Commissioners Lava-
ter, Shwasp and Luzargua, Is making
a tour of the northern provinces. He
has received an address from Mariano
Gtisotomo, who arraigns the government tor coddling the Filipinos and
charges that its conciliatory policy Is
making the people a nation of weaklings, unfit to govern themselves. He
asks the government to adopt vigorous
measures to restore self-reliance. The
suspension of the land tax ls criticized
as being unnecessary and as causing
the country to suffer from lack of
needed Improvements. The address
strikes a new note and politicians fear
It may mean the organization of a new
party. The federal party demands the
removal of Commissioned Worcester,
Dr. Freer, director of the government;
Dr. R. P. Strong, ot the bureau of science, and Health Officer Helser. Dr.
Freer ls Worcester's brother-in-law.
The work of the laboratory is criticized
and a Filipino health officer la wanted.
The party haB changed its name to
that of "Progressive Filipinos," and has
adopted a programme advlaing the cutting down of the clerical force, its
pronouncement has caused surprise, ds
the party before has been Conservative.
War-Bvse of Yale Teto
Ex-Premier Rotted from Repose tf
Arrogant Threat from the
Is the provlnoe of British Columbia
there is no man more universally respected than Charles Semiin, "the old:
war-horse of Tale," ex-premier.
Mr. Semltn's return to the political
arena has been a surprise to many. He
bast explained It fully In an interview
accorded the Ashcroft Journal, aa follows:
"It ls now some yeara since I concluded I had done with politics and although importuned by many old supporters and friends steadily declined
all overtures for nomination up to the
day of convention In Ashcroft.
"Upon that day, In looking over a
paper, I chanced to see the announcement that the Dominion government
had determined to lea** no stone unturned to defeat the Conservative government ot the province and to accomplish that purpoae had prevailed upon
Mr. Mclnnes to resign his position as
governor of the Yukon ud re-enter politics In British Columbia, aad that he
in company with several well-known
Liberal members of the federal parliament was at that time ea route for the
"I have often read of the effect the
sound of the bug.c i upon the old
war-horse, and this declaration of the
federal government���which I have not
yet seen contradicted���had a like effect upon me, and I think that every
person having the beat Interests of the
province at heart should array himself
upon the side of those who are striving to get Justice for British Columbia.
"On attending the convention and
receiving the unanimous call of the
delegate* present I considered It a
plain duty which I could not and
should not shirk to agree to the request so earnestly presented.
"Our Conservative government may
have made mistake*���all government*
that I have ever known make them���
but the present government waa, tn my
opinion, certainly right in their plea
for apeclal terms for British Columbia.
"Appealing to the voter* once again
I ask them for their votes for the purpoae of aiding ln securing more satisfactory financial arrangementa with
the Dominion government.
"In so far aa tbe canvass has proceeded," Mr. Semiin continued, "I am
vary gratified with the opinions expressed, aad look with confidence for
the result of the poll on the Snd ot
February next which will demonstrate
that the voter* of Tale are fully alive
to the Importance and Justice of better
terms for British Columbia."
Discus* Foreign Policy.
Washington, Jan. 16.���The second
day'a session of the national convention for the extension of the foreign
commerce ot the United States began
loday with an attendance of nearly 800
delegates, more than 100 having arrived laat night and this morning.
Every state in the Union Is represented by delegates, governors and various commercial organizations. Secretary or State Root aad Secretary of
Commerce and Labor Strauss were announced aB among the speakers today.
Secretary Root's subject wa* not stated. Secretary Btrauas' subject Is
"Commercial Relations and International Relations; Their Reciprocal Influence." Delegates representing the
trades of Philadelphia had prepared
resolutions which the convention will
be asked to adopt, endorsing the American merchant marine, international arbitration and for a restriction of armament by the powers.
Endorsed by Opponents.
Jefferson City, Mo.. Jan. 16.���The
house today, over the protest of It*
Republican member*, endorsed the ao-
Uon of President Roosevelt In discharging the negro soldier* connected
with the Brownvllle riota. The Democrats voted (or the resolution and the
Republican* against it. Ha_ls-Ha_H_BH_l_HH_^_IHH^_HMsVsB-MiMMMH
The Daily Canadian
-     . STORES -
. . Just Artiveci . .
English Cured Meats
Irish Roll Bacon
Ayrshire Roll Bacon
Wiltshire Hams and Bacon
Yorkshire Hams and Bacon.
PRICE 27 l-2c PER LB.
Procurable Only at
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office:  Toronto.
CAPITAL PAID UP... .$4,500,000 KEST |4,600,000.
D. R. WILKIE. President. HON. ROBERT JAFFRAY, Vice-President
Brioches in British Columbia:
Deposit- received and interest allowed current rateB from date of opening of
as .'onut. aud compounded half yearly.
���J.   M.   LAY, Manager.
The Royal Bank of Canada
Capital *3,734,310    Reserve W,207,741
Total Assets $41,860,353
Accounts of firms and individuals opened on the most favorable terms.
Thirteen  branchf.-s  In  British   Columbia.
Special   attention   to out of town business.
T. K. KENNY, Pres., Halifax.       B. L   PEASE, General  Manager, Montreal.
G. A. SPINK, Manager Nelson Branch.
PsiMiihesl six HajTI . wttsK Iir thc
But. t St.. Nelson. B. 0,
Hub* Tlpllou rates*, '" emu a month delivered
In tb, cut, or t&.uua rear If sent Isy mail, when
(said ID advance
AdTerttslnsi ratests on application.
All monlea paid lis tsttlsment of Tbe Dally
saiiadlan teOOinitSi eitlser for rabscripttolM "r
s .iTerttslne, msiat Ise noslptad (or on the printed
f <m�� ol the Company.   Other raostpU are nut
"By one word we are rome'.lmess Judgad to he
wlae and by one word Bometlmei jsidgcd t's be
foollah. Let ui therefor* be careful what we
With many people in the province,
especially perhaps those who, whether
from Hritain or tlle United Stales, have
only lately become electors in Itritish
Columbia, or even in Oanada, the great
object lo be aimed al la lhe return of
a stable and sirens ailniinisiralion, of
whatever political complexion, but one
wllh control of the house.
Whai chance has lln Liberal party of
aliainitiR (o such a position?
The last house, just before dissolution, consisted uf III! Conservatives, stip-
porUng the governmenl, [6 Liberals,
u*o Socialists, one Labor member and
John  Houston.
To gain control in a bouse of 12
members Ihe Liberals must carry 22
seats, six more than they have in pros-
Of the IC at present held liy them,
two are certain to be loBt. Nothing
that the Liberals can do will defeat
Charles Wilson ln Cariboo, or Charles
Semiin In Vale. Further, even staunch
Liberals admit the practical certainty
or their losing at least two seats iu
Victoria In Columbia, Cranbrook,
Greenwood. Hossland, tbe Islands and
Saanlch, their scuts can not be counled
safe and sufe. Kven John Oliver's seat
in the Deltas riding fs In grave danger.
But, conceding Ihem every sent they
now hold except those that Messrs.
Wilson and Semiin are certain to win,
Ihey must still capture eight from the
Where have they any hope of doing
Their claim of two seals in Vancouver clly is not laken seriously by Van
couver Liberals. There remain Nelson,
Ymir, Kaslo aod New Westminster, In
which they may be ssiid to have a
fighting chance. If either or both of
Fernie or Orand Forks be lost to the
Conservatives it will be not to the Liberals but lo the Socialists.
It is plain, then, that If the Liberal
opposition wins every Beat seriously
claimed for it by its most extravagant
prophet, it must still be in a minority
In the house.
It is, therefore, no exaggeration, but
plain statement of fact, to say that the
only hope of stable and really responsible government lieB with Premier
.McHrlde and his party.
The Issue of the exploded Kaien
Island scandal can hardly be of any
further service after the lucid and candid explanation given by Premier McHrlde, and the Toronto Globe's unusually warm praise of the arrangement, which it highly commended as a
model to all other land-owning provincial governments.
The Columbia & Western land grant
ss anslal fared no better. The facts of
Ihe matter are hardly disputed. No
fair-minded man will accept J. A. Macdonald's Interpretation. The bargain
may have beeu originally an Improvident one, the railway company's strict
legal title may have elapsed, as hundreds of other companies' titles have
lapied, but to declare Its iastid forfeit
under the circumstances would amount
to repudiation.
The criticism of the Increase ln taxation iB tiie shallowest of all. The ne-
cs-ssity for increased revenue Is admitted, us, of course, it lnust be. The
onij alternative method of accomplishing it suggested is Mr. Macdouaild's
naive, und perhaps characteristic, question, "Why didn't they tax the railways?" As the taxes on the railway
companies were Increased about 500
per cent., far more than on any other
class, It is hard to underBtand what
Mr. Macdonald would advocate, short
of a genuine "hold-up" in true Ottawa
In short, every attack launched by
Ihe opnsiiioii has miserably railed, and
tlieir failure has converted every independent elector In the province into a
stanch supporter of llie government.
It would be Interesting to find out
just how much the editor of The Dally
News knows about the public schssssl
system of British Columbia. He would
never have spoken of "complex machinery" in connection with that system
if he had taken the trouble to consult
any member of the Nelson leachiug
staff, or any of the board of trustees.
Dr. Hall has served as a trtislee for
many years. He can explain to the
editor in two minutes all about the
complex machinery in question. Or, if
the reference was solely lo rural
schools any member of the Hume
board will enlighten him. The duties
and lhe financial burdens ImiHised upon the people of British Columbia are
as nothing compared with those performed as a mailer of course in every
other province of Canada. Does the
editor really think that the men of
British Columbia are less intelligent or
less public-spirited than all other Canadians? A busy newspaper man may
be pardoned for ignorance of a public
Bchool system of which he has bad no
public experience in any capacity, but
surely not for making reckless statements In spite of such ignorance.
During an election campaign co.iduct"
ed on party lines, the elector Is wise
who acquaints himself with the iwllcy
of each party and after carefully weighing the same, pro and con. decides to
cast bis ballot in favor of tbat party
which offers a safe and sound system
of government for the country. In the
present campaign we have the record
of the Conservative government for th
past three years, together with a fair,
outspoken aud aggressive policy enunciated for future work, a policy broad
and constructive in principle, and one
which will advance the Interests of every section, aud prqniote the welfare
of every industry, hi opposition to
this what is or has been offered by
the Liberal party? The principle that
regulates tbe party may be summed up
in few words���"Find fault with the
way even thing ia done, but never commit the party by saying anything can
be done better." The destructive order of mind is seldom allied to the constructive. The Liberals are destructive
by nature and by policy. They can reduce a building into rubbish, but do
not profess to turn rubbish into a
building. Tbey are critics and do not
commit themselves to the proposition
of amendments that can be criticized
by others.
Premier McBride has been accused
by his opponents���by J. A. Macdonald
in his plaintive jeremiad in Nelson���
of being too friendly with the C. P. R.
company. He has also been described
as a man of no ability���a mere "prince
of jolliers," to quote the chaste diction
of our morning contemporary. But in
the course of his speech last Friday
night Mr. McBride read a letter from
James J. Hill that Indicated not ouly
friendly relations but respect for the
premier by the magnate. How about
that? Has Mr. McBride made a lightning change since Mr. Macdonald
spoke in Nelson; has he abandoned
the C. P. R. and concluded an alliance
with the Great Northern? No, that
cannot be, for the letter was dated
long prior to Mr. Macdonald's charge,
which, of courBe, is true. Has Mr. McBride succeeded in 'Jollying" the
astute Jim Hill? No, that cannot be,
for he is a man of no ability; he can
only "jolly" Ignorant and stupid people; that is, all but Liberal editors.
Well, there is only one other alternative; The letter must bave ben a forg-
ry. Presumably The Daily News has
already telegraphed Mr. Hill for a repudiation of it.
The Dally News this morning devotes
nearly two columns, of editorial and
alleged news, to the Conservative nomination ln Ymir. Unfortunately, Its
news report���distorted aB it Is���belles
the editorial statement. The conven-
dld not begin on Saturday afternoon.
Expressions of opinion by individual
delegates at that time or during the
evening are Irrelevant. The convention began at 3 a. m. Sunday and wns
over before 3:25 a. m James H. Scho-
field's wsb tbe only name presented.
If thai does not constitute a unanimous
nomination, perhaps The Daily News
will explain why. The Canadian's authorities for its reports are James H.
Schofleld and Harry Wright. That report has been described as false and
misleading, on the authority of whom?
Was a Daily News' reporter eavesdropping, or merely guessing and
dreaming, aB usual?
Harry Wright, late M. L. A. for Ynilr
district, bas gracefully ended his po-
1'tlcal carier, for the present at least,
and by his own act. Although the
final, in fact the only, meeting of the
nominating delegates was brief and
thoroughly harmonious, It iB common
knowledge that before that stage was
reached, when lt was first recognized
tbat J. H. Schofleld would be the
choice of the majority, Mr. Wright was
urged by stubborn and injudicious personal friends and admirers to stand as
an Independent.   He loyally and man-
Soc, Laborer Ind.
Atlin    Dr. Young ! Cap. John Irving
Alberni   Wm, Manson  ! H. Brewster    J. Cartwright tSoc
Cariboo  Chas. Wilson. K. C. [ H.Jones |
Cariboo���2 D.F.J. Champion .1	
Chilliwack    S. A. Cawley    C. W. Munro...
Columbia    II G. Parsons    ! W. C. Wells   ...
Comox  It. Grant I J. B. Bennett...
Cowichan ;    J. N. Evans.,..
Cranbrook    J..A. Harvey    Dr. King	
Delta   fjuhn Oliver	
Dewdney    R. McBride K. Jardlne	
Esquimau ICE. I'oolej j John Janilns
Dr. W.J.Curry iSoc.)
Thos.  E.Kelly   (I.ab.)
F��rnie j W.K.Ross.
Grand  Forks E Miller	
Greenwood I E.G. Warren.
A. E. McPbillips.
F.J. Fulton	
N. N. Mackay   .
A. McDonald	
New Westminster I T. Gifford...
Okanagan  Price Ellison
Revelstoke ' Thos. Taylor
J. Kirkpatrick.
F. L. Carter-Cotton
W. II, Dickson ,
H. W.Gregory  .
T. W. Pnicrson.
J. D. Swanson..
John Kane ...
W.H.Moore   (Soc)
Jul,n Molnnes tsoo
E. Dynea (Soc.i
W.J. Ledlnghani (Soc.)
H Sheppard i Hawthornthwaite (Soc.)
Dr.O. A.B.Hall..' Frank Phillips (Soc.)
 : P.Williams (Soc.)
F. W. Howay.... |
Dr. Macdonald. ,.| J. W. Logic (Soc.)
R. Caley  W. W. LaFeaux (Soc.)
I R. McBride find.)
S. Llvlngstoa" (Ind.-Con.)
Geo. Kilby (Soc.)
Archie F. Berry (Soc.)
J. W.Wcart	
J. A. Macdonald.
Geo. E. Winkler (Soc.)
Rossland I L. A. Campbell
Saanlch D. M. Eberts j John  Pearcy
Simiikameen.... < L. W. Shatford....  	
Skeena   I J. W. Morrow
Slocan | Wm. Hunter j A. B. Dockst'-aderi W. Davison (Soc.)
Vancouver���1 R.G. Tatlow    W. W. B. Mclnnes.j J. S. Mortimer (Soc.)
Vancouver���2  J.F.Garden | T-F.Neelands... R. P.PetUplece (Soc.)
Vancouver���3 '��� A. 11. MacGowan..... .P. A.Gilchrist. ,|a, Stebblngs (Soc.)
Vancouver���(   W. Bowser I J. W. DeB. Farrls
Vancouver���5   Dr. McGuire O. Tossel	
Victoria���1 i Hon. R. McBride    | R. L. Drury
BUSCH...    Budweiser Beer
DISTILLERS, 12 and 20 years old.
NELSON       "��w A_..M_. rm"h    VICTORIA
The Hall Mining and Smelting
Company, Limited.
Victoria���J I A. B. Thompson
(Victoria���_ i>H.r, W. Belmson
Victoria���4 [ Aid. F. Davie
Tale I Chas. Semiin	
Ymir : J.H. Schofleld
i   1
W. G. Cameron
J. D. McNIven
Richard Hall
Suart Henderson
J. Fred Hume
K. H McVety (Soc.)
J.E. Dubberly (Soc.)
Dr. Ernest  Hall (Labor).
A.Johnson (Labor).
fully refused to endanger Ihe Interests of she party and of Ymir riding,
and at once pledged his active support
to his late rival. Those who know
Harry Wright, and there are few In
Nelson or Ymir districts who do not,
know that his pledge ��*ill be loyally
Nelson has every reason to congratulate herself on the outcome of the
municipal elections of 1*307. Not only
have they resulted in the selection of
a board of capable, honest, intelligent
and experienced men, but the manner
of their election marks the beginning
of a new and happier period In the
corporate life of the city. The day of
bitter persona] recriminations between
men who ought to be good friends ls
past, we all hope, for ever, aud a
brighter day has dawned, a day of
public-spirited unity and co-operation
of all for the welfare and progress of
the city. Let all old faction spirit be
respectfully buried, and hereafter in
municipal affairs let there be but one
object sought by all���tlle advancement
by all fair means of the interests of
In pursuauce of our suggestions iu
yesterday's Issue that the local Liberal
standard-bearer should be encouragesl
in his efforts to become a successful
public Bpeaker, and a propros of our
tribute to his courage, we offer him
the following as a model short story,
which has both point and application:
A farmer, through whose property a
line of railway ran saw oue of his
prize bulls charge full tilt at an advancing locomotive. When It was over
the farmer, sadly apostrophizing the
shattered combatant, said:   "Well, old
man, I admire your pluck, but 	
your discretion."
lt Is a long time since anything has
been said either locally or in coast
organB about those tremendous ami irreparable splits in the Conservative
rankB whicli meant certain defeat for
them. Evidently the correspondents
have become sober and sue only one
party now, where formerly they saw
two or more. In tlie menntime the Libera) defection in Victoria has evidently become hopeless. The reduction of
the attendance at Ihe nomination meeting from COO to Icrs than 200 must
strike even the blindest partizan as
IHisssessIng some  significance.
The campaign will lasl nearly three
weeks longer. The various issues
raised by the Liberals have faded
nway one by one. .1. A. Macdssnabl
tardily withdrew the Better Terms
(iwstlon when he realized that the
province wns united nnd firm In support of Premier McBrldc'B claims. Willie Mclnnes hardly improved matters
by threatening thai the province must
reject Its premier If It hoped for Jus-
lice. The people of the West are not
slaves by nature, and Willie's thrcut
will certainly add resentment to determination.
J. A. Macdonald has came, saw and
did not conquer. Willie Mclnnes will
give a pyrotcchnlral display this evening In tlie opera house, which we aro
assured will be special'*? warm d for
the occasion. J.at r, N' Ison will have
the pleasure and pllvitege of listening
to poor John Oliver. Me.odonald, Mclnnes, Oliver���three one but less ihan
one In three. Of the trio John Oliver
i::*. the least unfortunate speaker. He
has nothing of debating power* which
J. A. Macdonald has In a small degree,
he ls not so perBeveringly and enduring glib aB Willie Mclnnes, and he
does not pose, but he has Borne of the
elements of a man, he is never so distressingly lugubrious as J. A., nor,
though always fallacious, Ib he ever bo
obviously wild and foolish as Willie.
Notire that thirty -lays alter dat. I intend
making application to the Honorable the Chief
��� ommissiouei of Lands ami Worki for a spec Ul
license to cut ami carry away tlml-er from tlie
following ;--������: i lan., situated  on  the right
baim of Kokanee crtek, about live miles from the
lake, commencing at a po-d marked "Bruce
White. 8. E. corner." Theuee norlh HO chains,
theuce west 40 chains, thence north 60 chains,
thenee went 40 chains, thence south Bodmin***,
tbence east 40 chains, thenre south 00 chain**,
thence east 4" cbalni to point of corn in en cement,
Dated Nov. 19th, 1906.   Hn.<__ Whit*. Locator.
Notice is herehy given tlutt two month*- nfier
date we intend to apply to the Chief Comnui-
Rtoner of L-andi and Works for a lease of ail that
land being the foreshore adjoining the Canadian
Pacific Hallway Shipyard ou the went, part of
Lot 6BA, glTf-pp 1, and being on the -.outh shore
ut the west arm of Koot "nay 1 uke. In the dls-
rlct of Kootenay: Commencing at the -southerly corner of Lit 7004, group 1; thence along thc
south westerly boundary of lot "064 ami the extension thereof, m a uorih westerly direction, a
distance of ttt feet) theuee at right angles to
mM boundary lit a south westerly direction, a
distance of 315 feet, more or less, tu the north
easterly boundary of the City Turk, continued;
thence parallel to Bald westerly boundary of lot
7064. in a south easterly direction, a distance ol
MO feet, more ur less, to the northerly boundary
of lot SBA; theuce following the northerly boundary of lot WA in a north easterly direction tothe
point of commencement, the area being 8.34
acres. nmre or less
Dated thll 7th day of January, A.D., 1907.
Sixty days af'er date I purpose making application tn the Honorable the Chief Cominisaioner
of Undi and Works for permission to purthase
tlie following deeerlbed laud: Commencing at
a post placed it lhe S. W corner of Lot 8900 and
marked *K. U. F.'s" N. W. corner, thence following the southern boundary Lot 6900, ������'��� chains
moreorless easl U> the west boundary of Lot
6901, theuce following aame south 30 cbains to
the north boundary of I-ot NOt. thence about TO
chalus went along said boundary to the lake
shore; thence north 30 chains more or leas foibiwing the lake shore to point of commencement, containing 317 acres more or less.
Dated December 17th, 1907.
F. G Fit .*i na.
Notice ii hereby given that alxty dayi after
date 1 intend to apply to the Hon. the Chief
Commissioner of Lands aud Works for permis
sion to purchase tbe following described land
situated in the West Kootenay district: Commencing at a post planted at tha "N.K. corner
of Ei, Porters'*-, pre-emption," and running
tbenee east 40 chains; tnence south 40 chains;
thenoe west 40 chains; thence north 40 chains,
to place of commencement, containing 160 acres,
more or less.
JUkiiY I'r*ias, Locetar.
M. R   Merman, Ageut.
Notiee Is hereby given lhat sixty days alter
date I intend to apply to the Honorable the
Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works, for
permission to purchase the following described
lands MtuiUed in the West Kootenay district:
Commencing at a post marked "H. H. iouth
west corner, and north of A B. Lucas's, pur
chase claim, on Hand frees; thence north 4u
chain*; thence east 30 chains; thence soutb 40
chains; tbence *20 chains we��t. to point of commencement, con tainiug 40 acres, moreor leas.
December i0, 1906.
IlKMf.  IUtdih.
M. It. Mc.-_r_.KKiE, Agent,
Hixtr dayn after date I Inteud to apply to the
Chief Cuinmlasluiier uf l.un-u and Works to purchase 640 acres c.I land, located in "Lower Arrow
Luke, West Kooteuay: Cum mend ng at a post
planted at the "N.W. (urner of Arrow Lake
Indian Reserve*'; ihence south NO chains; thence
west ho chains; thenoe north SO chains; thenee
east W) chsini, I" place ul beginning.
Lor-a I en 26th day of December, 19U6.
Hixt* day* afwr date 1 Intend to apply to the
Hou. Chief Commissioner of Unds and Worka
Victoria, to purchase 16o acres of land, locate, on
the west hide of Arrow late, about riv* nil lea he-
low Burton Clly, aud deaorlbed as follows: Commencing ttt ti iK.st marked "K 0, ftsonlhtant
corner,"aud beIng*-**i>chaiusca*lQf the northwest
corner of LotSTItl thence north40ehalus; thenoe
west 40 ��� hi, in-- thence south 40 ehains; thence
east 40 chains tf. the place of beginning.
November 14th, 11*06. F V Hker,
,_���.     per J. K. Annam_e.
Klxty days afler date I intend toapply to the
Hon the Chief Commlssiouerof Undaand Works
to purchase 240 acres of land: Comm--nel rig at a
post marked "N.T B's southeast corner This! "
tald post being at tha northcasl eurner of fieo
Hudson's preemption -hnn,, ahout (WO miles
soul heart of Burton Citv, thence went 40 chains
south w chslns, wesl 40 chains, norlh *i chains'
cast 80 chains, south a) ehalim to place of coin'
meucement, couiainlngMo acres.
_Locatea8th dayof Nov. 1906.   Nkttix T. Beem.
BUty days after date I intend loupply to the
Bon. < Mel ( otaralBsioner nf Undi and Works,
Victoria, In purchase 40 acres of land, llttUtCd
On.tbi west side of Arrow Luke, about _W miles
below Burton, and described as :,,MuWs* Com-
inen<jiiiK at a posl  nlauk-d  at the northeaat
theuce west 80 chains, thui-fe south ��__a__J
llienee oust 20 chain*-, to place ,,f beginnini
Noviiih.JWr, li Hiiu.,
 ��. K AWIASUCi Agent.
i . ��*!?f " I"'".! K|v'*ii "'ii r.idiy�� niter rtatel
Intend to IMI, to il���. Honortble lhe elilel t" m-
mlfiiisiner of IMna, and Wnrks lor s>. niili-sosss, in
purrhtn ilie lollowln. de*M_____^u,��'B
about 10 mllen i-��.. o tlm niy ���i NeUon, s i.tbo
���otilli Ihora ol th, w,.MArm���|K���.ne���L) Vke,
and isomnieiiiiiK ot ��� nojl pl__��j _���,������ ftjhsUU
?,��u'h.'.I ll.e��.n.lli,;��M isomer,,/ Lot Uii tn.rit.d
JJ, Tbomm N. w eoruer," tbens-e routb ��
cha ns, Ihenee nut �� ebalni, thenre north au
ehalne, thonce weit 20 ehalni to point Ol rom
Datod tbu-thdijolNot., l����l    8.Tso��-j.
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry Ores,
Notice in hereby given tliat oo days alter date 1
Intend totpplv tu thc Houorahle the Ciller Commissioner of Ut I- nnil Works, Victoria, B.C.,
lor permission lo purchase the following descrlbeil land, situated in the West Koolenay district,
ou tbe wesi side o( I uhamel (or Hlx Mile) creek,
on up'er side of wigon road, about 2^ miles
frou West Ann of Kootenay lake: OpW__onolng
ftt ft-pott marked Mrs Hattie IMick's N.K corner, ninning 40 chains wesi; thenee _0 chains
f-outh; theme 40 chains east; Ihence 20 chains
north, lo tht polut of commencement, containing tH) acres of laud, more or lees.
Dated the 17lh November Um.
Maa. Hattik in*, k,
Johw E. Tai-LOK, Agent
Hlxtv dava after date I intend toapply Lo the
Hon. Chief CommiKMuiicr of Lands and-Works,
Victoria, Ui purchase UO acres of laud aboul two
milts below Burton city, West Kootenay, com-
meurlug at a post marked "J. A. Irvlng's east
corner post," aald post being on thc easterly end
of an Island west of Lot (V--47, and claiming all the
laud contained lu said Island, being about one
mile lu an easterly and westerly direction and
about BO chains from norlh to aonth.
November llth, 1906. J. A. laviwo,
J K. Ansa in k. Agent.
Blxty days afterdate 1 intend u:
Hon. Chief Commissioner of ]jli:
U) apply to the
���- ���--       -          ,....,ds and Works
Victoria, to purchase IJ0 acres ol land located
on the west side ol Arrow lake and ivlng dlrcctly
north of Uii 7V76: Commencing at a post planted
at the N. K corner of Lot 797.1 and marked "B.H.
H. K corner." and running north _0 cbains,
thence west 20 chains, theuce north JO chains,
thence west 20 rhsins, thence south tt chains,
ihence enst 40 chains, to place of beginning.
Nov- HOI, 1906. fiOTHl  HKAULtY,
J. ��. Annable. Agent.
Notiee is hereby given that CO days alter date. I
Intend to apply Co the Hon, Chief Cuiammsiuner
of Lands ana Works for permi.. Ion to purehase
the following descritied land lu West Kootenay
district: Commencing at a post marked Mrs. V.
A. Wilson's corner pout, planted at the northeast
eorner of Bectlon 17, Townsite 7, running south
40 chains, theuca west 40 chaius, theuce north 40
chains, thence east 40 chains to !���!��..������ of commencement, containing 1C0 acres, moreor less
Hated Nov. 29,1��. >. Mm. V. A. Wftto*,
J. Wiuon. Agent.
Notice ta hereby given that 60 daya afterdate I
Intend toapply to the Honorable the Chief Com-
���misslouer of Lands and Works for permission
to purchase 280 acres of land, sit uate on thc Little
Moyle river about 1 mile fiom International
Boundary and about 1 mile from Spokane Int<-r-
national Ky.: Commeuelug al a pot-t marked
D. Orant's 8. K. corner post, thence vr.M 4��i
Chains; tbunce north -to enalus; thence east 20
ehalus; theuce north 20 cbains; thence east 60
chains; thence soutb 60 chains to place of commencement, conta'ning 280 acres of land.
Located Oct. aotb v,*m.
Ii-.mii QUaJrT,
Blxty days after date 1 Intend to apply U) ths
Honorable the Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works, Victoria, to purchase 160 acres of laud,
located in Fire Valley and described as follows:
Commencing at a post marked G. U. McM's N.W.
corner, and planted at the sor-hv*. ���* Q) rner of
lot t.i.., and running south No chains, thenct
eaat 20 rhalna, thence north 80 chalus, tbcuc-t
west 20 ehalns to place of beginning.
Nor. 18th, IK*. 7;go. B. Mc Mill**,
1. 1. AKifAtiLK, Agrnt.
Blxty days after date I Intend to apply to the
Honorable the Chief Commissioner of I_tndsaud
Works to purchase -Mo acres of land, located in
rlre Valley, on west side of Arrow lake: Commencing at a post planted 40chains we-t of the
southwest corner of J. Uoblnsoft'a pre-emption
and marked J. W's P. E. corner, and running
north 60 chains, thence west SO chains, thence
south 90 chains, thence east 80 chalus to place of
Nov. 18th, JW6. jAKg William,
J. K Annahlk. Ageut.
Sixty days after date I intend to apply to the
Chief Commisaloner   of Lauds aud  Works for
[icrmisslon to purchase the following described
ands in Kootenay -District, about three-uuartara
of mile from Thrum's siding: Commencing at a
post placed at the 8, Ws corner of L 6��3, group
I West Kootenay Dlitrlot; thenee westerly
li.Mowing the north boundarr Of L 4Sm, 40
chairs; ihence north 10 chalnn; theoco east 40
chains, more or less, tothe N, W eorner of
!���__._���; theuce south followlna the west boundary
of UM 10 chains, more or less, lo place of commencement, con laming tf acres, more or lose
Hated this Oth day of December. 1906.
h. ii. ran, Looifor.
60 clays after date I Intend to apply to the Honorable the Chief Com mlssloner of I_indi and
Works, to purchase 270 acres of laud: Commencing at a post marked <i. W'. H N. K. cornet
post and planted on the west shore of Arrow
lake adjoining -Lot Mon the south side of said
wu, tbenee ftl ttt ohftTni ��i--ng tha louthem
boundary of tot, |7|j iheiu-o south 46 52 chains;
thence east 80 chains moreor less to lake shore;
theuce uorih aloug lake ihore to plan* of beginning.
Dated 2Vih day of Nov. 1906,
J. K. Annadi.k, Agent.
Nottfll is hereby given that 60 days alter date 1
luterffl toapply to the Houorahle the Cnfel Commissioner ol Undsand Works for perm union to
purchase the lollowlng described lands: Cora-
m* nelog at a post placed 20 chains west of the
aoutheasl corner of Lot __42, marke.1 "B. A. Bell's
northwest corner," thence south Ko cbains,
thence eaat 20 chains, thence north 20 chains,
thence west �� chains to point of commencement,
containing 40 acres, more or leas.
Located thii Oth day of N0f ,1906.   It. A.Bei.l.
Blxty davs after date 1 laloud to apply to the
Hon. Chief Commissioner of Unds and Works
Victoria, to purchase 4*0 acres of land, in Kire
Valley. Weit Koolenay: Commencing at a post
I dan ted 60 chalm west of the H. W. corner of J
loblnson'i pre-emption, and marked W. W's tt'.
E, corner, and running west 60 ehalna, Ihence
south 80 chains, thence east 60 chains, thence
north 80 chains to place of beginning
NOV. llth, 1900.        ^ WlLLIAlTWlU.lAMH
J. X. ANNAHLK, Agent.
Hlxty days alter date I intend tu aptft* t0 the
Hon. tb. Chief Commissioner of lAndaarii. Works
topurchssc 160 acrea of land; c,,niiiierieinir at a
poat planted nn thc woat ilde of t-\\ mile creea
on wagou road, about two and one half miles'
from Kootenay take, and mark.-d "Neil Mr
Kechnie ��� H. Weet cornor poit," thence eaat 40
chalm, thence north 40 chalm, thenco weat-to
chains, thence iouth 40 chalm, to place of com-
menoement. wm
Located thla loth day of November, laofi.
7 lolltl
��� ���.���!���.:���
irks for permission to purchase lli.fo.lutw
M-irlDM lauds In Kooteuay dlmriet: C*
ncingat a post marked J. B   ��,*���.. ���.,.<.- ."'
Blxty clays afterdate I Inteud  to ���
Hunorable the Chief Commission-';
mencing at a post maraea j. ij. a m,tt,j. ,*n0f_a
east cornor post, said post belna .ni iu. K-tal
side of the Lower Arrow lake, abom two ntM
bftlow Hurton City; thence s->ulh 30 rb_J
t!*ui*eweil 20 chains; thence M.uih _0._Ai3
.1.. in*.* west t) chains; tlience nortb ti ctuaa
snd 20 links, more or less to th-- iikniyJ
thenoe easterly along lake 40eh��in>*. mnre off""
to the place of heginniug, c-><ntniiiuigiutM
more or less.
liated thii Mb day of November,   ������
J. t.  ' -*-.! 11
per K. L Braner, Ag.nt.
Notice Is bereby given that sixty days i
dale 1 lutend to make application lothe 11
able Chief Commissioner of lit. .- and Wot
Victoria. B.C., for permlnion lu ������ .    *..-*'
lowing described  land, altuai-c lu Fire '.
West  Kootenay district:  Comm.nc|ii|iti
planted at the: southwest corner of Jcwbual
inson's pre-emption, marked R. I K'sH.
post, theuce 40 chalus  >���"-:   tht-uc* 4"    ���.*}���
north, thence 40 chains east to Joshua J...M*u��rtl
north west eorner, thence aouth 40c*hsinilc[_il
of commencement, containing If*-' ��' ���"*"- unsl
less. ���
Hated this 2lrd day of Nov., i.-*
K I. Kim-o__ |
6odays afterdate 1 Intend to appli ���.-���:���.
* "hief Commissioner of LsmU and v. *t. ���_
toria, to purchase 240 acres of 'and ���-.*:.;
Fire Valley and being a portion cf ��� : * .1
and 16 In Townahtp69 and deecr|be*<i a* fohstn
Commeiiclug at a poat planted at she *������.'.' ��_l
corner of the southeast quarter of HCUM-fl
Tovuiklifp 69 uni marked J. 0, ri I
theuce nurth to ehalni; thence west GO ���:��*-���
thence south 4o chains; thence aaat tta___q^
place of begiuniug.
November rtrd 1906.
JOKint <-!___, |
J. ��. Annaim   ������.*���:������
Notice Is hereby given tnai ���**' .1*.. - ������ ~ u
Inteud to apply to the llouorable tht* :-"'*���
misslouer of Lauds and Works to ���.���**._���
aeres of land deacrlbed aa follows < -���'���'*)_
al a post planted on the nortb bank <*' _M '.:'���*_
M.ivi.- river, about >J0 yards from lu-.'-it i_l
marked "It. McLean'i 8. W. c-orn-r p_/f
thenee east 80 chalna, tbenco nortr
theii'c wesl ht) chains, thence south ����� _.��.-t��l
place uf commencement,andcontalrii: _*-������'wil
more or .'aaa.
l-ocati d tt th day Oct., 1906.      Roar M _l_l ]
-Hixty days afterdate 1 intend to Uflf tc
Honorable the Chief Commissioner ot ' _ '-i
Works, Victoria,  to purebaae 200 MM
located and described as Inflows I   (v i
at a post planted at the aouthweet t
Kuhintou's pre-emption lu Fire Valle*  ai
live miles from Edward Landing.  ������ r*
Arrow lake, and marked F  O'iM  �� *���
running weat 60 chalna, thence ioutI. *
theuce eaat tt ehalns, thenoe iouth J
thence eaat 40 rhalni, thence north fl t
place of beginning.
Nov   llth, 1900. FlANK OKAMg
J. E. Akmabli, AgfQt
�� fi|
Notice ti hereby given that 60 days al
ilend toapply to the Hon. Chief Copiir:
landsand Works, Victoria, for permi _:
chase the following described land
tho West Kooteuay dlatrlct, on the
Uuhamel (or Sli Mile) ereek, near VKtoa t��
about three mllei from Kootenay lakt*' "
mencing at a poat marked "James .' l'-i f ��� * ���>
poit," running _fl chalm eait, thence V rbifli
north, thence SO ehalni weat. them t* adcbsV
south, to the polut of eommeucement, coni_��
lug 40 acres of land, mora or leu.
Dtted 1-th November, lttl.
Located hy Jamw J. Ifa
perJoiiK K. Tat Lot, Agent.
-Sixty dayi after data 1 intend t.. si-p'r ������������Jlj|
Hunorable the Chief Commlaalnuerut Utuhwi
W'orks for pertnlBBlon to purchase tht* ;.���.''�����:���<���
descritied Ian-la in Koolenay dlstrl'-t   ieniBt��|
dug at a post marked "A. J. Dill's      _
corner post," said post being on tin :,..'['.�����*���* I
erly shore of the I��wer Arrow lake an 1 #iin__
due east, on the northeaatcorner.il W*l
Oroup 1; theuce norlh 60 cbalm; cast .'> i'Iiiim;!
south 40 ehalna, more or leai, to the ��kf shofft I
tbeuce following said shore fn a soinliwHi��if|
direction M chains, more or less to n<e plw��|
begun.]hit. c>outalutiig  160 acres,  more or mf
Dated this 6lh day of November, l��t��'     .
A LlilU. :
ner K L. BuiurfT. Agept-
Nolice Is hi*reby given lhat tt ds>�� ��fi*. r .la�� I
I Inteud, to apply to the Honorable* tli-s'o" I
Commlaslnuer of I^uds aud Work* ''���rytm?\
lion to purchaie the followlug drsci d^l l*>*** 1
Kootenay district: Commencing ������ ��� ���*"_ I
marked "J. H. Wellac-e'i northweitcu^tirr is* I
said tmst being on the easterly sld. i.fw��.l
Arrow lake, and at the souih����� ������*'���
Forter's pre-emption claim; thence ea��i
thenc south 2U chains, thence wm J",,,l**1,. I
thenee south 20 chalm, theuce w��*m w chain* |
mure or less to the Arrow lake.thein.
easterly dlrei tion 60chains, more"'
Placoof beginning, containing Uu��'
��� i.-���"���"������ I
M t�� (*�� I
I, uii'*��* I
I   lil'ls
i'ated this 29th day of October, i'.*"'���
J.H   V*
Ky his agent, Kisnrth L Ht u>ti-
W'��lay. after date I intend to apnlv ;.'il"'1'
Chief Commissioner of Unds an.l Worts u> I1* I
chase 820 acres ol and located In Fire vsIW ����� I
Inn part of Hepilom v and 10 Township _*,*��" I
dfacrlbed a�� follows: Commencing si �� I��� I
marked F, W. J. H. 1. r<nuer aud plauied s W
northwest corner of Wm, Williams' pu W* ������
thenoe west 40 chalm; tbence north w rwm
Ihcnce east tt chains; thanee south m i-hatm �� I
pluce uf beginning.
Novemlier--rd 1006.
K, W. Jolt1**'
 J. I, AHWAHllt. *!*?____���
Hixtv davs after date I intend to api*lvt��i{J
Hon. Chief commiasioner of I-ands and new |
to purchase- 1N7 acres of land, commenelni ���'��� .
post marked H. H's N. E. corner post, p'*""60,^ I
lbe N. W. corner of U. W. H(eele> claim niit"
wesi Hide of Arrow lake, about four mil''���;*��JJ|J
Hurlon city, thence west 40 chains, Ihetetttas
4��.fi- chains Uioime east 40 chains, thenei nong
4AM ehatns to place of beginning, eo���'   ""'
acres, mon or less.
Dated _9tb day of Nov.. 19.1.   Dyrok IH'iTC*
 J. K. ANNABLIt^|e��i__���
BUty days after dabr I Intend to ipply ��jjj
Hon chief Commisaloner of Lauds a"1' "'.",.
Victoria, lo purchase 100 acrei of ItvAloctlaaj
Fire Val|cy,Kbeing pari Oj Hectlons '1 hr�� ��J��
Four, Township tt, and described os fed";
Cummenelng at a poat planied at WJWK
Williams' N, w. corner, and marked ' B. K^J
N. S. oorner," and running �� eh��lM *S
ihenoe tt chalm aouth, thence ttcliiiH��|��.
thence 40 ebalni iouth, thence tt rhaim ��������
theuco 60 chains noith to place of heglni-i"!
November ttft 1906. BcilE. wiu *��'
���;. ���. AWtAiui, *��<���"���' ���������BHSBSBSMBBSaSSSSI
The Daily Canadian
Stock-Taking Cleanup Sale I
During the First Two Weeks of January We Offer Big
Bargains in Staple Goods to Clear Out Odd Lines.   .   .
China and Glassware Department.
3 Batter Dishes, nickel top and stand, glass bowl,
regular $2.50, at ��� - - $1.50
2 Butter Dishes, regular $2.00, at ��� -     $1.25
4 Royal Crown Derby Vases, $7 and $8, at Half Price.
1 Blue Copeland Dinner Set, $32, at - - $20.00
Vases, all kinds, at One-Third off regular prices.
1 40-Picce Tea Set, regular $6.50, at       - -    $4.50
Royal   Crown   Derby,   Copelands,   Minton,   Doulton,
Wedgewood, Coalport, and  Beleek  China
Goods at One-Quarter off.
Book Department.
2-V0I. Sets, regular $1.00, at 75c. Set, postage 20c., comprising Conquest of Peru, Data of Ethics and
Education, Descent of Man and Origin of Species,
Lincoln���His Life and Times, Napoleon and His
Marshalls, Washington and His Generals, etc.
5-V0I. Sets, Publisher's price $5, our price 1*1.25, postage
30c. Works of H. Rider Haggard, Mary J.
Holmes, Edna Lyall, Charlotte M. Braenie, Rosa
N. Carey, Alexander Dumas, McAulay's England,
,R. Waldo Emerson, Cooper's Sea Tales, Mysteries
of Paris, Mayne Reid's Works, R. L. Stevenson.
Shakespeare's Worka, 14 vols, in box, large type, $4.75
Postage 55c.
Medical and Reference Books.
Wagner's Standard Horse and Stock Book.
$1.50 Gleason's Horse Book,      -       fi.io, postage paid.
$1.50 Dr. Chase's Recepies, large ed., $1.10 "
The Home Doctor,         -          -         $1.25 "
The Care of the Sick           -          -   $1.25 "
The New Tokology       -           -          $1.35 "
Dr. Chavasse Manual for Wives and Mothers.
Maidenhood and Motherhood       -      $1.25 "
Koradine Letters.   Cassels Family Doctor.
Standard Fiction at 20 per cent off.
Thin paper Limp Leather Editions, regular $1 lines, at
75 cents each.
Over 700 12 mos, at 45c, 35c, 50c, and 75c.
Framed Pictures.
All sizes and prices at 1-4 off regular prices.
Miscellaneous Goods.
A large variety, consisting of Suit Cases, Handbags,
Wood Carved Screens, Fancy Clocks, Candle
Sticks, Bouquet Holders, &c, &c, at wipes not
near their cost, marked down to Hake Them Go.
Every article is new in good condition.
Dolls and Toys 1-4 off.
Every expert examining these Fields have declared
they are the coming Richest Oil Field in the World
*****��*t**ttt*********t*****t**tt*tt*t***t***t******** ******** ********
(Ions   of   Dollats   in Alberta  Oil Fields
The Canadian Northwest Oil Company holds nearly 2,000 acres
iu the centre of the Known Ot( Belt. At the present rate of development prices of shares will advance rapidly, and within a short
time will be selling for many times the present prices. The Stock
is now being bought in Toronto and other Eastern centres���Spokane is also buying. We want the people of this district to share in
the good things of this rich Western Cauada of ours. To pour her
rich rcasures into tbe lap of those who seek, we now offer a limited
amount of shares for developemeut only at 50c. per share to be
paid iu four instalments���25 per cent to be paid with application,
25 per cent in thirty days, 25 per cent in sixty days, the remaining
25 per cent in three months.
�� ************************************* *********************
Send Applications to
Not more than 5,000 or less than \ 00 will be sold to
any one person.
A. M. Can. Soc. C. E.
Mining Work a Specialty.
Office: Bealcy Building.   P. O. Boos
Baker St, NELSON, B. C.
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch,
Creosote, Oils .for
Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch and
Boat Builders will find it to their advantage to nsa onr Pitoh.
Nelson Coke & Gas Co*
Certificate of Improvements.
"May," ' B.C.," "Btrathroy," "Jot,"  "Jot Frac
I tidiial." and ">IohnDMaDler"Mlnerairiftttns.
pitmitc-il in tlu- sincan City Mining Division ol
thu \Vvvt Kooteuay District.
Where located :~Nortli of Twelve Mile Creek
about one and a half mllei up.
Take notlci tbat I, II. K. Jorand ol Uloctn B.C
free Miner's certificate No. B7R3-0, as u����t for
Horace 0. Van Tuyl, Free Miner ��� certificate No.
mfl'il, intend, sixty days from the date hereof,
tn apply to thf M iulnu Recorder for a Certificate
of Improvements, for the purpose of ontaining a
frown   .rain of tlie said mineral claims.
And further lake notice that action under
Section .17, must tie comineucad before the Issu
���nee ot such Certificates of Improvements.
Dated this 3rd Day of January, 190..
Form of Application to Socialist Lodge *
Signed by Willie Mclnnes in Nanaimo in 1900.
According to E. T. Kingsley at tbat
time tbe head of tbe Socialistic party
InNanaimo, W. W. B. Mslnnes signed
the following application for membership on January 27th, 1900:
Application For Membership In the 80-
clallet Party of Canada.
1, the undersigned, hereby apply for
membership in Local  Socialistic
Party of Canada.
1 recogulse tbe class struggle between
the capitalist class and the working
class to be a struggle for political an-,
premacy, I. e., possession of the reins
of government, and which necessitates
the organisation of the workers Into a
political party, distinct from and opposed to all parties of the capitalist
If admitted to membership, I hereby
agree to maintain or enter into no relations with any other political party,
amd pledge myself to support by voice,
vote and otber legitimate means the
ticket and the program of tbe Social,
lstlc Party of Canada only.
Applicant Address 	
Occupation    Age  	
Contractor .
Kills' ngent fnr the Porto Risso Lumber Co., Ltd..
ri-tHtl yard.. Rough mui dre*ied lumber, turned
work And brackets,, ('nam lath ansl Hhiugle., rul,
and doora. Cement, brluk and lime for aale
An tssmatlf grinder.
Yard and factory: Vernon St.. eait of Hall,
I*. O. Box 382. Telephone 174
MoxCoomforlable nuartera In Nelnon.
Only tba beat of Llquora and 1 Igara.
TWO KIR8-1-CLAS8 ROOMS, .team heated.  Apply houiekeener. 3rd flat, K W. C. blook
MclnneB haa aa yet made no denial of
the charge���when he does the original
application will he produced.
3. A. Macdonald ln his platform concludes his declaration with these ringing words:
"We shall bave no affiliation with
tbe traitors who propose to haul down
the national flag and substitute the Red
Flag of Anarchy."
Loyalty Appreciated.
Last ntghe Harry Wright received
the following telegram written as soon
as the result of the Ymir Conservative
nominating convention reached Fernie:
Fernie, Jan. 14, 1907.
Harry Wright, Nelson, B. C:
I am pleased with the manly stand
you have taken with respect to tho
Ymir nomination. Your active co-operation mean* the winning of the seat
without a doubt.        R. McBRIDE.
Building Lots for Sale.
H.  <&  ML BIRD,
Has every class of Real Estate and Buildings in Nel_.ii
for sale, from Business Blocks and Warehouses
to Market Gardens.
Choice Fruit
I Hav? 10,000 Acre**
Cbofcwt Fn* Lands Ia
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 3,000 in one bloc v.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
Nelson, B. C.
A POKTSB sl tbs Royal Hotel..
Chicago Fire.
Chicago, Jan. 15.���A half-million dollars' worth of property was destroyed
early today by a fire that partially
burned the eight-storey building on
Dearborn street occupied by M. A. Don-
aiioe ft Co., printers. Several other
places of business were destroyed,
Heavy Hams
Most economical for Camp and Hotel use.
Large shipment just received from W.
Davies Co., Toronto. . . Also Davies*
P. Burns & Co., Ltd.
Orderi by mall te say branch will bats
ear prompt anl (enrol alttnilon.
Hn40__t N____,B. C. The Daily Canadian
January   Clearance   Sale
Of Cut Glass $6.
Berry   Bowls       Each
Vn.i -vnnf th*�� BAwls     W> want tii*** roOfUSi    Don't miss the obanee.
\      WATf'HMAICItR
'.1.WfF..Hr��TV0  'KWKT.LKR
���ft* M *�����*����� MMMH MM M��MM
It's hard to suggest a change
from the alfrtott infinite variety
which we carry. But. by theway.
4  have you tried
.Meat  of  Wheat
It's what the name suggests, the
very meat and cream cf the grain.
20c. for 2 lb. Pack*
Bell Trading Co,
Old Curlosit y Shop
ir yrm wanl nt buy or sell anything;
ga in t_*�� Old CnWo-lty 3_rop . new
li��e of Japan. s*-�� Goods now on sal*?
Ali kfndi of Dhitierwafe in stock; pat-
\ Now My Friend \
Wouldn't you like something
thpflp cold trnrnhi^fi: something
that would acad 'h*1 blood through
your veins afid fill your heart
with joy?
.Vow, tp'l your wifp in Imv a
jjonnd of ihat good cbtfei*. ihat Joy
m-dls, .-ind HPrvo -inmp, gOOd and
hot, for breakfast. .\ftrr dTfnk-
\rm sonio of tha. ebffie, things
\vi?l look rosy all tho day, ;ind
��<fr_>j) _'**7. meet you ai (he door ���
Joy's Cash Grocery
or Jr*fphtn"nfi(! Will Hti.      }'tinne 19
Wo  Hnve es   *.*p***vlfillv
��*....-.< stock  of
for  Xmiin 'IYm-cIv.
\   .Stonrtrtr.. <>_�����. flntr Pbtt, Tfa Pots. Efc.
[Munroe & Nelson
General Job Work, Chimney Sweeping, Carpet Cleaning, Fixing and Cleaning Stoves, etc.
121  B���� Baker 8t. Phone No. A114
Oor. Vwmon and Ward Mt-i-eetta,
J FRKD HUMK. rtnprietflr.
P, il. Cooper, J. D. I'fekpn. G. T.
Kane, *s. J BMes, ]���*. Unvtsisnm, Van-
rouvor; T. S. Thacker, U. Fortin, Al-
inna. Man.: W. Wnshlmrv, Lodnc: B.
��� I   smith, Montreal.
VV.   I*.  Csinkn  .snd   nrlfe,   X.   S    Mac.
Kay. Kaslo; (>   X   Stnad. Hs-shl lllll: <*.
lash,    iirnpnwnnfi:    c.    Detnpster,
ttosslaod;   I   W. il. Wood; B. L. Wood.
Greenwbott;   1>. J. !>ard, Vancouver.
F   ElklnP.   I. i'   ('arriithprs. Vnnnon-
J   li  iionsall, W. Cooper. P. Hurling.
,'  s'ooper. GFeiTdrd.
J. .1.  Williams ansl   issniilv.  Calgary;
T. A. Henderson. Oreeuwooil:  C.  Hnn-
I'nsi    FY>r_8;     If.    F      \nnanlo.
Moose .law.
C.   Loomur and  wife, (.rand   Forks:
;   McDougKfT, Bbttttingtotl
.1   ('Vary. Ilay L'l,v.
.1    Clarftson^  iierrard:   A.   Lofl-Fwold,
Miss [jofswoia; Kevelstoke:  ,Ioe Rlsck-
Isiirn, Toronto.
H shary. F. Rogers V McCallum,
Bonnlngtoh; F-i-ed Roy, J DeotH J a
Clark. T, i'i"?. Kstreka: D. McLaren
.' i-':sflslnl, 'lerrarrt; .1 Sherman. N'ew
Tf. mont House
���OMptu ���*���**. n*i tautttata pub
_.**!��� tt r-tfi     Knnmr* tror. �� rt��. W |1
Only WblU Hfl-p 'mplovft-l
*itlr*r at.. N��tton Pmnrlttoit
Baftlett   Hotfse
<��EO. VF   HARTI.K.T,
Best Dollar-a-Day Ho___ in Nelson.
I'h��t Bar it *.h�� Flneit,
���r-hir* Help Only ^ploy****-?.
ir*e*tbtn*' at.
Nfllnon, B.O.
Fancy Chocolates
Leave your order early for
your N/tit  Year
Choquette Bros*
Lake View Hotel
Corbet Hall nirt Vernon,
two t.locVs from whurf.
OKOf-m.. HARK'SON, Pronrie.or
ECftfiM |l no inr d��J and up.
t__fi��&     J__-388�� A C.
Grand Central Hotel
J   A. HKIOKSON", PropriAtnr.
<vntn��fir UfSMBfl "r��ti n*y ��n<l ^tfht.
rtnmpl** und Hith Konmi Kr***
Opposite Coart House aod Post Office.
Ceroet Ward .-md Vttem Strfft*..
Th�� St*_tt_tco_ia
Velann. B.O.
B. Tom Wilis, Manager.
The Leading Hotel in the
OorMj    8nmple    Rooms.
Royal Hotel
;'*no-nt KTMtnn.
r-tHi.--. |1 nnd |1 _0 �� ."iv
I-.p'n.i.l Rnt-* to Hr.ffu1ftr T.cnT_l��rs
Qtteen's Hotel
acker Mfree,, rrelnnn, n. 41
f.lRlitwl hy BlBotsTli-n-r ��n<1
Hentfld by Hot, Air
KATW ;�� HUH n��y
l.ar<�� rt'srt ','niftfortfslslc Reslrsvsm. and  ^lrs.t.
'S_. Tinsliisr :ioom.   -s.n,tile (looms, lor (Isimmer.
i!nl H.-il ,J_L>
MIU.   K.  s!. <*,1.*KKK,   Krnprtelrea, '
.V   .!   ravanangh  visited   th_ Queen
Victoria mint1 today.
Therp *.vprp no imspr in dip police
rnnrt   idd-ay.
Sliver Merlfnpd four points today un
Itoth   markPts.     Other  qoplttlotn   tita
W; V. ''f(nkp. owner of th�� Kn��lo
sawmill, iind Mrs, COOkfl are ::ii(**Htfi at
the Strathpona,
\mona: the fromlnent (,itir"nB who
tre ^nfrprina; from |a m-lppe nre A. \f.
ii*hn��nn and C S. lta*--hdall, (loth are
in hospital.
The  mayor    und    aldermen, elooted
I'^tcrday.  Iiavo  not  as  yet taken   Hip
oath nf offic.   Confleqiipntly 'he affgUrfl
of  ihe <��� Ify  are  now  in   thp ha>nds  of
City Clerk Wa..��on.
The leakage from Lhe fire hydrant
at the corner of Ward and llaker
streets caused a Hood nn ihe sidewalk
near ihe postoffice loday, and in t.on-
sequenf-e ;he walklnpc tn that vicinity
in extremely slipper? and dangerous.
Captain T H. Trethewey la in from
the La Plata mine and registered at
'he strathcona. lie reports exceeding
ly cold wnther at the mine. The trout
has put the road into flrst-Hass shape
and large loads are being hauled, but,
un the other hand, it has strongly eut*
braced he --reeks, cutting down the
water .supply and allowing the tnfl] to
run only 12 hours per day. Hven ;it
ihis rate a carload is being shipped every dav. The <aptaln was not aware
of the change in the route of 'he boats
and left, thp mine at Ul a. ni. .\Ionda*.'.
bttt only reached ihe city today at 11
a nv, having been _t5 hours on the
The _0,f)00 club hall held In (.he opera house last night waa only fairly
attended, ahout 100 people being present. The music, the floor ��___ ihe re-
rrp*=hn,pnts were excellent, but the ut-
!������ absence of dpcoratlons and thp failure to providp those indispensable adjuncts of a dance, cosy corners, had
rather a chilling effeet The club committee will probably do a little etter
ihan cleat expenses, When ihey are
preparing .'or their next ball may we
: .lggest that a few flagB and cushions
iTp easily borrowed, are not hard to
irrange. and makp all the quests feel
���armer. more comfortable and more at
home. The peoplo nt Melson as a rule
are almost extravagantly fnnd of dancing, but it requires certainty of comfort to attract  them
Prices of  ������*....is.
N'ew Vork, Jan. 14.���Stiver. (.8 l-4c;
copper.  23 :,-4c;  lead, $6.
Ijnndnn, .Tan. 14.��� Stiver. ::i H-lfid;
lead.   Cl.   17s fid.
Trains and Basts.
Crow train*���Three hours late.
Coast  and   Slocan   train���Two  hours
Mnundary train���On time
Itossland  train���On time.
The Store of Quality
Shoald see our Values in APPLES
before placing thetr orders elsewhere.
We have them from $1.50 for Cooking to S2.50 for
Fancy Eating Varieties
which are undoubtedly the Finest
ever brought into Nelson.
Don't forget that we always have
Fresh Lettuce and Choice Crisp Celery on hand.
K*. W. O. Illwlt     Phrsno  10
- SOcAPS -
Eclipse 6 'Bars for 25c.
Olive Oil & Cactimber 5 cakes     25c.
Castile 4 Lib. "Bars 40c.
See Our Window
)* k* IRVING & CO.
Tulis^ihnnp 101.
A    I'llslHBKKMAII,.
Ajijily   .is   .-UrallsponB
2 lbs* for 25 cts*
Don't Miss Onr Bargain
i'siiiiiter. Odd Lines utter
Taking Stock. Price No
Object On  These  Lines.
svii.ui'.dle sinu ISs'taU Dswleris Is,
Fresh and Salted Meats
��� i.miw .* itrjiii ,t DB iorii'.-l i .**.������ ���i-4
lowest prion. Vothinsr bat frmn nnd
i. hDiiwuno mt.HFftuiul fiupples kept, tnMOBk
Mail orders nottTa i inuui atienriou.
Cm A* Benedid
Gornur Stllrn unit   Insopblno 3ts.
l>MO,*VK   T,
Do Yoa Taint
or on CHINA.
We have nt-vn.-? in stwlc
Windsor Sl Nswtnn's oil Colors
Windsor &  Newton's  Water Colors
Fry's Vitrifiabte Colors
For China Painting.
Sable, -earners Hair, Hogs* Bristles.
Water Color Paper
Sketch "Blocks
Academy "Board
Pallpttes, 1'i.llette Knives, aod ull n'quirpd
We <Also Carry
White China For Decorating
Wood Blanks for Burnt Work.
W. G, Thomson
Phnn* ,\4.
P%**SOff UJ50
___fi_____r upwards
A collection  s>f ail tlie Latest
Shapes und Sizes.    A free
smoking und most satisfactory pipe.
Tobacconist.   Baker Street.
A, McDonald & Co.
Dpnlpr*. in htapjp and lanry (irrn-orii
l-ntt-pr, IC^jfrr..
(lamp-ind Minpr*.' Snpplim.
on tat ntt��r Deeetnbet let nv i^nttnR ettt)
lilnnilitnK LrttllntH \*11l tn !.iCHt.-l ;n my new
(thop, tarn -rlrtori i am! <>( opBTi bOHMi "�� Victor)**
i rent.
Td. 18).      ^. A, WYE
Certtficate of Improvemrnts
"IlnUnn" nun-r��l .uitn. ulttidwil in thi* '-.Vlaon
Mlnlnjr.l>lv)**)on ��if Wml Ki*��)-*n-.> sllnlrl.-t
WUfVf leaataX4~ "n Teat rnnnnuin.
Tnke N'ntlre 'hut I, .Inhn \(rl*tfltl#> irtlri-^ na
*MTit [or "Iwirijc A   frttni'hfll,  I'n-p Mlrn>rN i'.t
tft-iit* Mo, Wl'fn. intend, nitty -t��j*. rrom tti*
������.���Ar lor
[inr**n�� na t>*'in/, mifnn, hixij* a��jii irom ti
rlnttt ber-Mf, to Hpply to tli��* Nflnlni lUcnr-lcr i
4 ('tTlin-'Rleuf improvi-menf*, tttrth* ptfTpntis
sil.tRlttlnit ii i'fowf) (Jrnnl 0. tlie Htnivr i*ltlm
Ati'I further tnl(�� nor l*'**> thnt n ft Inn, nn'er
���*ert(on;i7, mint i-v commetieod l��efore the |Hfl-
itien trt'sneti i vrtlflciitc nf imiirovi-mentu,
Oet* .|ihi-i nth <i��v -" tfarvmbn, LOOK
Jowv MrI.*Tf*Hri;
E. C. TRAVES.   Maoa-^ef.
Coal! Ice! Wood!
Phone  2b _
Yaic-Kootenay Ice. Frait.
Foel & Pooltry Co., Ltd.
iTl! I!:
N. E. cor. Baker   and   Ward   Sts.
Pacific Coast
Leave Nelson 7:^0 a. m. Daily.
Arrive Vancouver 11:50 noon.
S. S. Princess Victoria
Arrive Victoria 6 p. in.
s)no Might  Da itoute.
Connecting *.vith
S. S. Princess Beatrice
Standard Sleeping Qr
nprtks. J1.00, s;an ise   iccuplPd '.i p. m.
S. .(. OOYT.K, J. 3. (UUTEB,
A.sj.lr*.* . VanroHvpr. (>. P.A.. Ms.,sion
.fOTlf'K ii nerehv kItpo thut *n ������.���jipltentlon
will l��p m��tl�� to 'he !>i��i._*tiii> \-��,.mbly <if the
. *.-viiir-. , j Itrltlnti .���n;i:it.]B .it IU tii'it .ewnis.n
(or an net .iiJthuriJinK th�� PBtrtok Lumt>er *\,m-
|,nny. UmiUd, to I'lai-i'.cnnmriirt.und mmintain.
tf lau. or-tlaMi, bomaii ftMet, -iiidM. _nn *ith*r
mrtU ,n stiul nrr.-mi the K.,oten*��v rln'ruti>r
.car TlirfrnmStiitliin tah-ini DppOffltJ Rab>Ifrt IV.
���1 hot 4BN, -Jroim 1, tCi-otenav llltrit-t); mui n
iiiil hitom tin* l.lttlft .ooftii river: and in hd<1
MtfOM the -liiciin river kt anoint nr gatltiU tte-
iiiw the montli ol thf i.tttlo Slocan river; for '.he
,.it*imw�� of -trivlinr, raftma. ���ortJUf 'loldlnR.atiil
.uaniifuoiiirliLK ,*.��w-Ii��ki aud itrniter;  if oOCOpy
he siirtni'i' of the whi rtveri where aeoeeeetj the
Lba iitirpowett ,itorrtw*i<l; to .-le-ar, traproTf. and
icmnvt1 obtmnotlimi Imm the j-ald rtven for Ior-
irlTltiit. fttdiitt. ,*ii't iKKtmlnff imrpoMi; to le-ff
<>nd I'ollect <ofu and dues union 'lniu-r and
lumlr*��r ol jn>ri��na ��min*sX nr protltlu* (��y *ueh
worku, rtenrlnir nr improvement*: to nnter 'iptm
���i��1 expropriate landa; and >lo idl ,.|lier thlnxt
nereiB-Jiri-, .M-liieiHal nr-.-onduciro to th** i*x��r*
-���1KB of aiiy of the ��hoTe pMNtn
Hated 'he unh lay >.f Dwnnwr. 1906.
R. W, HA..NINttrt��N,
���Solicitor for tUa Applicant
Certificate af Improvementi
'���KtnpreM."   "ftllmaj:."   *flor��ef*hoe,"   "'jpeen, '
"Vnion   leek, '    ItUetttt   10   KmIOH    J:i::i.*.-
i-H-alnl *>n I'orrnpine ��� rrek.
I'ukw Soiti*!! ihat i. Krank Hetrher. ancnt lor
tha Act ire i fa-Id Mini _ iiuutpear, \*ne Miner1*
n��rtlflMU -'i iw/iMi ioimp), 00 mm from  lati*
ti-Tfof, toapply to the Mining I In-order for a
'.-rtUl-ai'* it inprr v. iiicntt lot LtopmoHoil
>btM&ing a   rcrwn ���rant <>f the tbore <lana-*.
And   iiirthtr  take  QOttM   'hat anion,  under
���eetioii 37, mutt !���*��� ��� "inmi-tii-.'ii tetete Mid inn-
nfi-nol t-nirl*. OertlRcAUrnl linnroveinenii.
iiat.-d feiton,  ill. Oeo., imm.
ITU'NINO AKIl UUAVTINd -aie/nlly  .utond-
'il to, t*Vtmt
HAUHY '.VfI,l,l,\MH,
  ~*mr i_tn_r Hotel.
S^sJJckof Fine Eiderdown Quilts
From $6.00 to $3S.OO.
s.silaat   1, ,-io��. ���
Standard Fuinit_tr _ Company
Complete House Furnishers
UnaertaKerr;.    Emfaalmers
Mss.rin i, ItifPli I'l.iisi.
ll.fiT'u.iisr .Iniiii.,,,
Mhivliiil,    -ii.si..,-   Mi.s,
Fifty Cent Hand B_tgs[
Tliey sire beauties at the price.
Watchmaker Jeweler Opttojm
r��l��phnnc  SUM.
&0_, SrK,
7        Limited, Winniptg,   I
WhniuHHiu Prnvtalnna.
DOBSnlOB * Jnvpnttnont < lns��nnsssrr s��ns�� Pciinil Hrlnbs rw-Mvwl vvcH-ltjf- fi^jj
frnm thfli-hnrn     I^nr snl.* !./ sill inndlntc _rooss��rB.
slffli-oiinrt wnrphonws: Houston Hlm-k.    I'hnile 711.
Josephtne Street. Nelaon. B. C.
wwwwmww .,!+****.
Bohemian Beer
The Nelson Brewing Co., Ltd.
mmtttMttt^MtM^MttttMaMMtttMfM^ttaMMMWMMMttMM tttMMMMMMMtf
A Wotd to the Wisel
Thin year vn ti��v*t appronlatorl fhn vmtti if oorni
umit'rn nnd havo tuu_i��Hl into itork rne
Good Cheer Art Base Burner
Thu. nuivi- i.-. lulaptort tnr lutrri ������oal univ, .uni aget\
;iuI(hk1 to _: *. ������   ati.-.i'.u*iion.
]* W. Ashdown Hardwar.|
Company, Limited.
3.  A.  ISAAC
H.  W.   HINTON ���
Uvpnlrlnif nt.i .li.Mt.lif_; sj.xmwhi hu wits, Dwumiuh.    -*l������st Mtftal
Work.   Vllmitv iii.U   >1IH   >lsn.S,s,i��r.--      Mtlnulncl sir��rs�� nt
Ora  _ur^   M.   W.   Cunlrsictum'   Curs*.
TftlvpnoD* M
I' O  Hoi 10V
HiialiiHMi i*n**n.
Worsting   -mmm,
IR_m in arm .iti ivm.
���4inir**iitu    -nun,
Hundwim��   -non,
Mt-tn ciiut'H full ol firm
L*NJ'n. mid  miiK  Uml   tin-   iu.p__-tat.o__ d
���lobn T. Bwn iut) thu jinipwr thing.
My iubt fnll Hlnptiitutt litis just junvd.   Set
th��m nnd pl__w __mr_r_H_r_Mi{ for XuiansoiB
^JOMIN T. Pierre, Artistic Tailor
All Prices from
J- A. G
1ANUFACTUREBS   f ���_.___.<, Ct'        t
_sd dealers in -L timber * _>_u_igle$t
Lath, Mouldings, Doors, Windows.
I*urn-Mi Work and Br_._lc.ta. Mail State! nmuiptly s,tt.n.l��l���
��� ���   Nir:i__��.),>. a. li.
vsiRfNoiN ��niMKn
Our slock of Skatss is nomplota antl  v��no-J,
Including ths  popular
_��___]l   8EAUTV   ���,d   CHARM   (Ladlos.)
2I.oRu.n^KBV   ,nrt   '>6NUINE  ACME.
Wood-VaUance H&tdw<\te Co'j


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