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The Daily Canadian May 20, 1907

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Array ��� -.-���     ^^^Hm
vlAY 231907
fhe ptil^  ConoMmt
Iumk I.   No. 294*
NEJ-SON, B. C., MONDAY, MAY 20, 1907.
Fifty Cbnts a Mojtth
Address Given
at Victoria
, Forks Fruit Grower Talks to
Farmers' Institute at
[ollowlng is a synopsis of Martin
, addresi tu the Victoria Farm-
Institute; SI
llsirri-ll nald  he  #**  pleased In
iya than one to have the prlvl-
o( ins-s-iliii!    representative    fruit
p:s ol Vancouver Island.   It wan a
|lh,it In ililllsh Columbia Ihe po
dimrtct did not know enough
tl���.  isssoiile  of tho other.    The
was now In a transition stage,
ould surprise  many  to  know
I kt Iruit Industry wns growing, aud
...si.ls.l     promises     of  increased
6 during the next five years.    He
;,,! tii- visit of Hon Mr. Fielding
; over  n year   ago,   when   that
nan wanted to know If there was
sulbilliy uf the fruit growers of
|..h Columbia overtaking  the mar-
uf ih,-   prairie    provinces. .    Mr.
,11 linn  told  blm   that  the   fruit
uct of llrlllsh  Columbia would In
yeara   reach an    annual value of
0,000 Int.- where now from  forly
irty-Hvi    ilissiisand    acres of lund
led with Irsilt trees, ami probably
llisui*,. iliiiu twenty per cent, of these
actually bearing.    Planting was
going on nsssre rapidly than ever.
s- Importanl ut the present stage
development that the
���rn should  realize  lhe Importance
operation   they should familiarize
wives wltb what was going on ln
,...ns nf Ihe province.   Such progress
I being made that fruit growers hud
il-r|.s-tiially readjust tbelr Ideas, and
re waa any amuunt of room for ox-
menu    There  wus  no fear of tbc
inesu ever    being    overdone.    Tbe
keu ssi the prairie provinces and the
Country were open, und to the man
��uuld Intelligently  apply  himself
s- waa no more profitable business
llintissh Columbia  than  horticulture.
can t-ti,.iiltl lay down any hard and
I rules ou varieties of fruit to be
or how best to grow them. Kvery
uliisuld be a constant observer,
li-aviir to find oul from his own
sr people*! prnctlcal experience
ssuisl  work  out  besl  under the
>ns  that   confronted   him.     No
*u could be    reuched    without a
iugb iniilssrstnudlng of soil and ells'* condition! nnd the care of trees,
day when all fruit growers hud lo
��a�� to buy u tree, slick It In the
md and lot It take cure of Itself,
tl sone hy,
U lo the selection of Irees, Mr. Burma there wus some difference of
    On tbe question of tho age
��� lilcli a tree should bo trnnsplnnled
ra a nursery bu was of the opinion
It sliould not be any older than
or i wis years.    For cherries  nnd
M yearling trees were probably th���
. wlill,' upples were probably best
two  year!,    lt   would also   pay  u
nr woll  to wait until  he hud Ills
md in llrst  class condition  before
���Wing.      Some   people  wero   In   loo
ii'-h ssf a  hurry,  nnd  no sooner had
elr Inml cleared than they commenc-
io make orchurdi'.    Tho foundation
I mam  a good    otchnrd    waB  often
_ -led Isv this basic.    When the trees
Id'* ones* planted the besl practice wns
E head them, eaiieciully the spreading
Idles,   pretty    low.      Thoy    would
nil llss' strain best If Ihe lowesl bud
lw from fifteen to eighteen iuches from
' ground.
In pruning It wus well lo understand
nature of the tree, und lo make Ills-
r��'l as compact   us  possible.    In  the
���per country   tliey   never   thought of
I'lmlng without the uppllcnllon of paint,
���l>l>*h would heal the sprig right over.
���-'"i* planting nil that was required
l�� a bole Just big enough lo contain
'* root! of tho tree, and It should bo
iinled as solidly aa possible.   Of all
ie losses of young trees ho believed
ul 00  per cent,  was  duo  to  failure
i park solidly.    If tlle soil wns cool,
talentlve and oompaei it would be found
but under draining would pity.   Even
i this district there might not always
!* enough moisture, und It. would be
'���ii'BKiuy to cultivate thoroughly.
Mr, Burrell gave the rooultB of some
xperlmealj he bud made In thinning,
ud nald he wanted to Impress upon
itn heiireis IV vllul necessity of thll
-iiii'tlcc. The thinning Bhould always
iss* duns; in tbe early (Hugos of llio for-
ITnatinii of llie need. It would save oon-
ildernble strain on tho tree. Thinning
*a�� twice ns Important In BrUlnh Co
'umbla as 11 *
eaat tn
bearing, <-__-^-^-^^^^I^1^1^B--_
'flic ipeaket* snld he lookod forwnrd
_    the slss. ...u ^^^^^���
was In Ontario.      In fte
look  longer to como   Into
Ontario for tlie conlrol of Uie Winnipeg
market, llrltlsh Columbia was now to
ho ascendency, but It depended upon
oi esty In grading and Uio development
of Intelligence to hold the lead
In the upper country 75 per cent, of
the trees now being planted were apples
and tho Idea for the future wub to cater
on a large commercial BCale. He was
now planting 100 acres, principally of
winter varletleB. Tho growers In his
part of Ihe province were lo a great ex-
tent Just feeling their way.
Vancouver Island  was a most mag-
Ufleent ( Itry for frull growing, and
there were unlimited possibilities of
success fur the gruwer who would discover what was best suited for bis conditions and then push right along at It
HIb observations had led him to believe that this pnrt of the province was,
hetler Ulan any olher, adopted to the
growing of pears. He wub BatlBfled
lhal pears could be grown here that
could nut be beaten In any part of the
In answer to questions asked by various fruit growers present Mr. Burrell
said he would plant trees deeper than
Ihey had stood In the nursery, because
the moisture conditions would always
be found better. Ab to tbe heal sort of
liumiiB lor clean cultivation he advised
manure or crimson clovor. He was opposed to the practice of planting llllurs.
In closing his addresB Mr. Burrs.)
again referred to the great opportunities for fruit growing on Vancouver
Island, where the people were blessed
with a remarkably large area of suitable land. The man who would plant
un orchard un the Island today, and
determine to intelligently follow tbe
business of-frult growing, wub making
one of tbe beat Investments possible.
C. P. R. and G. N. to Have Union Depot
at Qrand Forks���Work Begun
on Little Bertha.
(Speelal to Tbe Dally Canadian.)
Grand Forks, May 20.���While nothing
is slated officially, It ia generally understood that the Ureat Northern railway
is niuking arrangements with the Kettle Valley Line railway for the use of
lhe track belonging to the latter company which runB through the city, so
that all Oreat Northern passenger trains
will leave the Union depot, to be erected
on Third street. In order to do this tho
Oreat Northern passenger train could
reach the Kettle Valley line track at the
"Y" on the Cotloper Bros." ranch, some
two miles souih of the city, lt is also
understood tbat the C. P. It will use
tho Union Depot for iheir passenger
trains. The work of bullaBtlng the Kettle Valley line track through the city Ib
now being done and lt Ib Intimated that
work on the Union Depot will be started
this month; this depot will be erected
on Third street and will cost $4,000, and
Will very likely be used by the three
railways for tbelr passenger tralna,
while the respecUve freight depots will
remain at tholr old locutions.
An unofficial report hns reached hore
tuday to the effect gun work on the
construction of tho Midway & Vernon
railway will be resumed at once. The
resumption of work on this railway Is
reported to bo due to thc fact of the
recent cash subsidy granted by the federal government of 13,200 per mile for
the full distance of 150 miles from Midway to Vernon. It la also claimed that
arrangements arc being made to poy off
all outstanding indebtedness due contractors and men for a portion of thc
conBt ruction which aggregates many
thousands of dollars.
One of the largest log Jams ever seen
In the Ketlle river Is at present spanning lhe Weet Fork of the Kettle river
und hourly threaten! 'o curry away the
old traffic bridge on First street.
The management of thc Little Bertha
Consolidated Hold Mining compuuy nre
now working a large force of miners on
their property on the Puthflndur mountain und expect to bave a large quantity of high-grade ore on Ihe dump ready
fin* shipment wl)i*n lhe railway reaches
the property in two months' time.
San  Franclaco'a  Investigation Committee Nearly  Ready.
Snn FranclBCO, May 20,-Thls week,
it Ib snld. will seo Iho end of lhe grand
Jury's graft investigation except for the
picking up later of loose ends of testimony concerning the minor corruption
deniB and the examination imo Uw attain of the municipal department lm-
deuce concerning every one of lho big
alleged grats, which the prosecution an-
nqui * d it would expose, Is we n
hand and a batch of Indictments will be
Died wllhlu tho next few ilaya.
Bridge Weaken!.
The llaker street brldgo over old
Ward creek nt the corner uf Baker and
Ward streets weakened at 3:30 p.m.
todny Two big timber! gave way. rhc
and    transfers nre  now  mudo at tno
Prlcet of Metali.
York,  May  20,-Sllver, 65%c;
2314c.; lend. $���>���
f AR ���jflOEIT
French Socialists Preach
"Leap, ai Social Defence" Formed
by Conservatives to "Save
the Republic."
Parts, May 20.���The spirit of revolution ls In the air. A grave sign of the
times is the Btep taken by the Radicals
to separate themselves trom Socialiet
influencea. Their leaders say that such
a step haB become Imperative, for the
doctrines spread abroad are destructive,
not only to tbe national interests, but
u( civilization itself. Events have
marched quickly since Waldeck-RouB-
seau included the -Socialist Millerand in
His ministry. .Millerand may now be
considered a react ionary compared wltb
meu like Herve und the chiefs of the
labor federation. The spirit of revolt
Is so prevalent that two prefects this
last week buve been openly convicted
of advocacy of the red flag and the "Internationale."
To be effective, to meet the situation,
to "save the republic," (for the question has got lo that point, sayB the
"Temps"), a readjustment ot parties Ib
necessary. It la -recognized that the
centre and the right have the role to
play, and It remains for the Radicals to
tall Into line.
The great peril ia tbe Labor Federation, aided and abetted by H. Herve, tbe
apostle ot anti-militarism. Tbe object
la to deBtroy society as at present existing, atad all means are to be employed
to that end. The law of IBM legalising trades unions did not contemplate
lbe grouping together of corporations
The Federation on that account is an
unlawful organization, but it la so
strong lhat tt la allowed Impunity. All
the labor exchanges (Bourses du Travail) throughout the country receiving
subsidies from the departments and the
municipalities are affiliated with tbe
Federation, thus placing enormous power In the hands of the central committee. The four great chiefs are Citizens Grlffuelhea, Yvctot, Pouges and
Levy. Their organ is tho "Volx du
The charges agalnat Yvctot, arrested
at Nantes by order of M. Clemenceau,
Includes incitements to set lire to the
county niunsiisns, to destroy machinery,
to put the country to pillage and to
throw trains off the rails. He said: "If
the bourgeois are killed, so much the
bettor! lf they are half-killed, finish
them off with your bludgeons."
Among the poople who have got it
into tbelr beads that the country Is moving towards revolution Is M. Leandrl,
well known In Parisian Boclety, wbo is
organizing a league of social defence.
M. Leandrl proposes to Isbuc placards
setting forUi the alms of the league.
The appeal will be addressed to all parties. The Idea Ib to create ln Pnrls
and tbe provinces what M. Leandrl calls
centres of resistance and combat. Each
ward will have its antl-revolutlonnry
section, consisting of resolute men with
strong arms and valiant henrts. "We
shall take our place ln the fighting
line," addB M. Leandrl, "aa near aB possible to the ragtag and bob-tall who
boast that they havo no country. They
desire civil war. Well, we shall see
how tho rascals will stand up before
honest men, whose patience ihey have
tried too long." ln olher words, lt Is
proposed that violence shall be met
with violence. Thc new league will
have a weekly paper called "Ln Den-
foiiBe Soclalo." The first number will
appear shortly.
Usual Want!,
riultnlo, May 20.���Three hundred
freight handlers on Ihe docks quit work
1Mb morning, demanding nn Increase of
from 17 to 20 cents an hour. The freight
house of the New York Central wob the
principal one affected.
New Haven, May 20.���All the trackmen employed by tho New York, New
Haven & Hnrtford Railway company
to the number of 1,000 went out on
strike today for moro pay.
I copper.
..,.,-...������- sum ne iookou iorw��,��� i     ;'���.__  MttV 2n.-Whlt-MondB>, bank
*���"��� day when there would be n bnt-        l-����*'����� ���a>hling, holiday,
royal between Britleh Columbia and   a'"-1 8toc1' ww"n*
Drelbund'i Birthday.
Rome, Mny 20.���This being the 2Bth
anniversary of the first signing of the
Triple Alliance, May 20th, 1882, the rep
rcHontutlvcs of the countries composing the alliance, Oermany, Austria-Hungary and Italy, exchanged messages of
congratulations on the vitality of the
agreement, which Is regarded ns tho
main factor ln the maintenance of peace
In Europe.
Abandon Morena.'
St. John's, May 80.���The crew of tho
steamer Morena, which went on a reef
off Cupe Race on Saturday, abandoned
the vessel laat night. Her bottom has
been broken by pounding on the rocks.
The Morena U a total wreck.
It it the duty of every citizen of
Neleon, who le entitled to vote on
money bylawi, to record hii or her
vote today for the bylaw authorizing the luue of city debenture! to
the amount of 160,000 for the purpoie of providing achool accomodation! in keeping with the dignity of
the city and lta ambltlom. ���
The money Ik to be devoted to
erecting a new 12-roomed building
of brick and itone, of modern construction, material and equipment,
which, It ie eMimated will co!t
about 145,000, to" improvement of
a part of tha present building
which will be preserved for future
requirement, and to improvement
of the ground!.
A careful estimate by the achool
board and a committee of the city
council haa led to the conviction
that g60,000 la required for the
The Inadequacy and uniuita-
bility of preitnt accommoditioni
are wall known and admitted
by all.
Nelaon haa to far ipent nothing
for tchool building, all the present
buildinge have been contributed by
the provincial government.
Son,* of thi preient quirten
are known to be dangeroue to thi
health of the children, and one
thrtatim permanent Injury to
their eight.
Tin limit of outtlde accommodation, untatiafaetory at it it, hai
been reached.
It li will known that Nelion'i
future growth depend! upon Itl
continuing to be a deiirabli plac*
of reiidenc, and that thi molt Important factoi for retaining that
reputation, ia reipictable ichool
fad litis*
A refuaal ky the property owner! to vet* tha (urn required would
mean that no more than thi preient number af pupile can be admitted to tha public ichoolt of thi
city. It would miafl alee an ai<-
vertlaement that the people ef Nil-
eon do not car* about achool*, or
about making their eity a deeirable
place of retldenci.. It would bl a
death-blow to Nelion'i hopn of
growth and protperity.
There li ��� imall body of resolute opponent! of thla or any other
bylaw to provide public ichool ac-
modatloni. To overcome their
votei, which ar* certain to be
polled, It li mcinary that all who
do believe in education and In Nelaon record their vote*.
The bylaw require* 60 per cent,
of the total vote polled to pan.
Thi polling placee an: City hall
for tha Eait ward; old board of
trade room for tha Wnt ward.
Ai The Daily Canadian goei to
priii the number of votii cut It:
Eait ward  74
Wnt ward    36
Thi polli will remain open until 7 p. m.
All good cltizene who have not
already done ao, will vote at once,
and for the bylaw.
Conference Regarded as
Unaccountable Postponement���Hyman's Sat in Cabinet and
Home Still Vacant
The   Dimagei   Wen   Heavy.
of Lotiei.
Finch, Ont, May 19.���Dy the flre at
this place the homiest losers are Mr.
Finlay D. MoNaughton, who owned the
bulk of the buildinge, and Mr. F. A.
Day, whssse atock ln the general atore
waB destroyed.
The Iobbcb and inaurance are estimated as follows:
Illock, Including general store, ofllce,
bunk and dwelling, owned by F. D. Mc-
Nniightoii. $8,000; Insurance, $8,400.
A. F. Day, contents of atore, loss $12,-
000; Insurance, $3,000.
Merchant's bank, fixtures, desks, etc.,
$500; Insured. Damage to $1,000 safe
not known.
F. D. McNaughton, contents of dwelling, ofllce and storehouse, $1,000; insurance, $-400.
F. A. Dingwall, blacksmith shop and
contents, loss $2,500; no insurance.
Old Presbyterian churoh, owned by
Mr. McNaughton, lo���� $600; no insurance.
Storehouse .owned by Mr. McNaughton, loss $G0Oi no Insurance.
Methodist church, Iosb $1,400; no Insurance.
Two small frame dwellings, owned
by Hiram Campbell, loss $500; no Insurance.
Damage lo other buildings, about
$1,000; practically covered by Insurance.
Equipment of No. 4 company 59th
battalion, loss $8,000. Dominion government; no Insurance.
Orange lodge nnd I. O. F. lodge room
paraphernalia and public library books.
Total loss  $31,000
Total Insurance    8,000
Ottawa, May 20.���Political comment
at the capital is about evenly divided
between the (allure of tbe Imperial Conference and the exposures of the last
It does not appear that Sir Wilfrid
Laurler as a member of the Colonial
Conference has advanced in the least
degree any of the projects and policies
which he prof-esses to advocate ln Canada. -Representative! of Australia, New
Zealand and Cape Colony came out
strong for preferential trade throughout the Empire, But Sir Wilfrid's chief
colonial ally ln all matters of Imperial
Interest waa Premier Botha of the
Transvaal, late commander ot the Boer
forces. It la said that this gentleman
divided wltb Sir Wilfrid the honors Oi
the occasion. Sir Wilfrid once said
that he would bave shouldered his musket on the aide of the rebellion lf he had
been a dweller In the West, and as General Botha was In arms against the British government tbey naturally have
some feelings in common. It li fair to
General Botha, however, to say that he
was not a British subject when he was
fighting British and Canadian troops.
The nominal minister of public works
is deaeribed aa a nervous wreck. But
he will soon have the -editors of government organs aa much a nervous wreck
as he Ib. After tbree alleged attempts
Mr. Hyman has got himself out of parliament, but the government which was
in a great hurry to call on the by-election in the middle of the winter, is now
ln no hurry at all. Mr. Hyman a few
months ago desired to be a candidate.
He wrote to his friends ln London to
have everything ready. Now there ls
a change of programme and Mr. Hyman,
who once started for Canada, turned
back at the frontier. Some say he is
going to England, and one report had
him already on tbe otber side of the Atlantic. Some Bay he is off for Japan.
Others insist that he li still ln California. Meanwhile Mr. Fisher has been acting for Mr. Hyman as minister of public works. Now he too has gone and the
job ls farmed out to Mr. Aylesworth.
As the time drew near for the trial
of the London election conspiracy there
were evident signs of anxiety. The accused Liberal government organisers
have been trying to have the case removed from Toronto, where the indictment was laid, to the city of London.
They appear to think that public opinion ln Toronto Ib rather hostile. Yet lt
Is In Toronto that the chief organ ot
tbe government Is printed. There ls another government paper ln the city. The
Judge who will probably try the case Is
an appointee of the Laurler government. The prisoners will be defended
by the ablest counsel that Liberal campaign fundi can procure. They should
be content with Toronto. For the present, however, there Is respite. The case
has been postponed to autumn In order
that "Ilug-Ihe-Miichlne" Preston may
give evidence. This gentleman could
well have been on hand now, as he has
been removed trom his late Job, and
has not begun bis new duties. Hut Mr.
Preston was always exclusive.
Mr. Fielding, explaining the Iron and
steel bounties, which he Increased and
continued, argued that the larger part
ot the $8,000,000 In the hut nine years
came back to the treasury through customs and other taxes. He showed that
the revenues greatly Increased In the
Iron and steel towns and ports, and
this increase he attributes to the
growth of manufactories under bounty
encouragement. It Is familiar protection argument but strongly condemns
Mr. Fielding's financial statements. Few
people know that Mr. Fielding's statements of current public expenditure do
not Include bounty payments. Mr.
Fielding's defence of this suppression
ls that tho bounty is extraordinary expenditure. So ho charges lt to capital
as though the government were buying
a railroad or some other asset, while he.
admits that the late government
charged this expenditure as regular our
rent outlay.
Now Mr. Fielding contends thnt he is
getting back Into the treasury through
the customs and excise departments
about all he  pays  In bounties.     He
claims these proceeds as regular revenue, while refusing to charge the bounties as regular expenditure, it is a
"heads I win, tails you lose" programme,
and has added a bogus $8,000,000 to the
alleged surpluses.
Railway Companiea Unanimously Deny
Recognition to Union.
London, May 20.���The railway companies are firm In their refusal to recognize the railway-men's union, the
Amalgamated Society of Railway Servants. Sixty-two companies have Informed the society that they cannot "allow a third party" to Interfere between
them and their employees.
Thirty-even joint companies have referred the society to the reply ot the
parent companies. Nine have merely
acknowledged the receipt of the society's communication. Thirteen have not
acknowledged the receipt of the socie-
Another conference of delegates from
the men's unions has been called to decide what further action shall be taken
In pressing their demands, which would
cost the companies $37,000,000 annually
to carry out. The society ls certain to
receive an almost unanimous mandate
from the members tp order a strike,
the danger of which has already caused
a considerable tumble in the price ot
railway shares.
Commission Appointed ts
Will Report oa Liter, Wafcs, Ta>
caatiou for Safety of htm, aat
Csissc of Fael faahts.
Sir  Hiram  Maxim  Daclans Brennan'i
Invention Impracticable���Mere
Scientific Toy.
London, May lit.���Sir Hiram Maxim
sees no practical value in Louis Bren-
nan's monorail railroad system, which
the Inventor explained to the Royal
Society on Wednesday evening. Like
everybody else, Sir Hiram admits that
Mr. Urennan has perfected a charming
and highly scientific toy, using the idea
of the spinning top to balance hia cars,
but he does not believe it practicable to
construct and operate a railway according to Mr. Brennan'B plana. The Inventor himself may think ne has discovered by a use for the gyroscope that
will revolutionise railroad construction,
but that ls not Sir Hiram's opinion, and
no scientific man expects that a gyroscope railway will ever be constructed
for commercial purposes.
Sir Hiram speaks with authority on
the gyroscope. Lord Kelvin recently
aaid that Sir Hiram was one of only
three men in the world who really understood IL His authoritative view ot
the Brennan system was set forth yesterday afternoon for publication in The
"Mr. Brennan'B proposal to construct
a monorail system," aald Sir Hiram,
"differs from other such systems in that
the rail Ib placed below the centre of
gravity instead of above lt. I think his
plan to keep the carriage trom tipping
by the action of the gyros-cope will be
beset with a great many difficult problems, so difficult, ln fact, as to make the
whole scheme absolutely Impracticable.
It Ib quite safe to say that tf Mr. Bren-
nan's train was running east or west,
and there waB a strong wind from the
north, the wind would exert considerable force on the train ln the same direction, and I think under those conditions tbe plane of the gyroscope would
gradually yield, oapslslng the train.
"Nothing ln the world is so much of
a mechanical paradox as the gyroe-cope.
Perhaps I can best Illustrate gyroscopic
action by recalling the construction 30
years ago by Sir Henry Bessemer of a
ship to take passengers across tne British channel, which he propoeed to keep
In a horizontal position by the uie of
large gyroscopei. Sir Henry had
thought of the gyroscope the same ai
other engineer!, but there was one engineer and mathematician of that time
who really understood the gyroicope.
That waa Professor MacFnrland Grey,
who wrote tn the scientific press that
the gyroscopes tn Sir Henry's ships
would not work. He was attacked tor
this by a large number of engineers.
However, when the ship was tried lt
behaved Just as Professor Orey predicted. The gyroscope had no effect at all
in steadying the craft, and as the gyroscope failed to meet Sir Henry's expectations so. without doubt, will It fall
to meet Mr. Brennan'B lf he ever undertakes to steady a full-Blsed -car on a
monorail road.'*
Sir William White, lately chief constructor of the British navy .says: "Mr.
Brennan bas undoubtedly very Ingeniously solved the question of making a
truck stand upon one rail. His original
Idea was to provide an Improved
means "of transport tor tbe army In time
of war, ns the trouble and cost ot laying one rail would be much smaller than
two. Brennnn had solved the problem
of how to make a long truck travel on
one rail up and down steep gradients , around sharp curves and at great
speed. Whether a new Invention ts going to revolutionise railway traction ls a
matter for railway engineers to decide."
Edmonton,   Hay   10.���An   or-Jer   ln  .
council haa been passed by the Alberta
government appointing:
Hon. Arthur L. Sifton chief justice
of the supreme court of Alberta.
Lewis Stockett manager of the Bank-
head mines.
William Hanaon, preildent of the
Coleman miners' union and a working
miner at Coleman, coiamiiiioners to in- *
vestlgate and report on all matters concerning the relations of employers ot
labor to the laborers employed ln the
seal mining Industry In the province
and more especially la relation to the
wages paid to the laborers; the length
of time constituting a wotting day, the
conditions sanitary and otherwise nnder
which such labor Is performed; the precautions that are or should be taken to
avoid Injury to persons so employed and
compensation of snch persons or their
dependants or representatives ln event
of their Injury or death while engaged
in auch employment, and ln this connection to Investigate and report upon all
circumstances tending to the elocMatlon
of differences between operators aad
The commission ls also authorised to
investigate all circumstance! which
may throw light upon or esp-lata the
scarcity In the coal anpply which -existed throughout the West during the
paat winter; the commlssionen are
given power to summon wttaawes to
give evidence upon oath and to produce
any document that may be required and
they shall have the same power as exists in any court of record in civil
cases in the province.
B. Trowbridge, Edmonton, will be
British   Government So  Described   by
Tory Member.
London, May 20.���Continuing the
tariff reform debate In the house of commons today, Mr. Chiosaa Money, Uberal, deprecated a colonial preference
on the ground that lt would prevent a
union of all British speaking nations of
the world.
Mr. Ramsay MacDonald expressed on
behalf of the Labor party, profound dissatisfaction with the budget, bnt declined to admit the title of the colonies to
dictate the British economic position.
Mr. Balfour thought a colonial preference a most valuable means of binding the -colonies together. If there were
difficulties ln the way It was for statesmen to surmount them. It would be
criminal to neglect the preaent opportunity.
Mr. Aaquith crttlied the attitude of
Mr. Balfour, who he said had repudiated
protection and denounced free trade.
He denied having reached the limits ot
possible taxation, and aaid that after
the preference debate In the Imperial
conference, the representatives ot the
Home government and the premiers
rose better friends than when they aat
Mr. Rowland Hunt said the government was ao permeated by old-faah-
loned blind-eyed Cobdeniim that If they
got their deserti they would go down
to posterity as the ministry of Inexactitude!, lawyers and second-class parish
Bonar Law said the budget contained
an admission that the British fiscal
system was on the verge of bankruptcy.
Mr. Asquith brought the colonists here
to give them admonition and advice.
Did he think they needed lt?
Mr. Asquith: " lthink they gave ua
quite aa much ai we gave them."
On division of Mr. Austin Chamberlain's amendment-was defeated by 378
to 103.    ���
Life-Saving Boat.
Victoria. B. Ci May 20.���The Dominion government has decided to place a
40-horsepower gasoline lifeboat, similar
to those used at the United States life
station, at Bamfleld ereek tor use ln
caiei of wrecks en the went coast of
Vancouver Island. The boat, whicli will
be huilt In New Jersey, will cost between IttOQO and |��,ooo.
���j '1
N :"
' i
-     !j
1   *ra
:   *5
1'-.-   ���-
l: The Daily Canadian
= STORES =====
Miners' and Ail
Campers' Supplies
TENTS In all sizes and weights
UNDERWEAR at all prices
From 8 to 12 Pounda,
SOX,   MITTS,   etc.,   etc.
Iii all these lines we offer  excellent quality at very
reasonable prices.
Imperial Bank of Canada
ww ��    ��. _..-. mm*
Head Office:   Toronto.
CAPITAL PAID UP... .H,730,000 BEST  |4,T!JO,000.
D. B. WILKIE, President.        HON. BOBEET JAFFBAY, Vioe-Pretideut
Branches in British Columbia:
Depoaita received and interest allowed nt highest   ourrent rate from date of
-opening of aooonnt, and compounded quarterly
INBLOON BRANCH aim   Mi   LAY,   Manager.
The Royal Bank of Canada
Savings Department
Nelson Branch, G. A. SPINK, Manager.
Published six nays a week t>y ttie
Bilker St., Nelsou, B.C.
ttoM-b-ljitlon rates, SO cents a month delivered
m the cur. or 15.00 a -year If sent by mail, when
paid In aci'inicc-
AdvertislQt. titles on application.
All mouk-s paltl iu !���-. nu mt nr of The Dally
Canadian accounts, either for subscriptions or
sri vert Inlng, must be receipted for on lln* printed
forms ol tbo Company. Other receipts Mre not
MAY aO, !W>7.
in Saturday's issue we published tha
stury of the acquisition of Blairmore
townsite by Mr. MuuKenzle, u Liberal
member of tbe Alberta legislature, The
facts are thai Mr. Mackenzie acquired
alleged BQuatter'i rights from an Italian
named Montalbetti, wbo afterwards con-
/eased thut he hud nu Mich rights, am)
that liin affidavits were false. Another
miuaiter, named Lyon, Olalmed the lund
The homestead Inspector reported ths
claim   founded  on   Monlalbeiti's   rights
to bo invalid.
The case was tried in the exchequer
court. Lyon's claim wus also found invalid. The land should undoubtedly
bave revened 10 tbo government Hut
M Ibai polllt the Kovornmeut withdraw
/rom the case, thus .giving a valuable
property   to  a man   whose  claim   was
.known to be based on fraud.
Yesterday morning OUf contemporary,
ln an outburst of editorial indignation,
accused The Ually Canadian of deliberate  misrepresentation in printing the
Such a charge Is not very coiiiplliin u-
tary to the party making It Like The
Dally News we are at the mercy of our
Oitawa correspondents for the facts.
Our Ottawa correspondents gave us the
story aB we printed It. The Dally News
denies It���on what authority we don't
know. Hut such denial doesn't constitute disproof.
It Is worth noting that the angry denial of our contemporary Is bused wholly on what it claims to me a nils quotation from Mr. Justice Hurbldge's finding. The actual words are immaterial.
They were so quoted to us. The Dully
Ni wa says the quotation ls Inaccurate.
Verbal accuracy is not of overwhelming
Importance, ��o long" us the substance
of the judgment is given, and that our
���contemporary does not deny. Neither
U U denied that the story of the Blair
more steal is substantially correct.
In fact The Daily News' indltfnunt denial amounts to no more than the pro-
fgfj pf a thief accused of stealing at
midnight, wht> should protest that it was
only 11:30 p. m. when be stole. There
is no more point In the one case than
in the other.
The charge of wilful misrepresentation is wholly gratuitous. It was not required by the circumstances of the
case, except to conceal the fact tbat the
story of fraud and the government's
connivance in it could not be denied.
We have always tried to act on the
assumption that our contemporary Is
honest according to its lights, and no
appearance to the contrary has provoked us to a charge of wilful misrepresentation.
Thursday of last woek our contemporary published In Its news columns a despatch from Ottawa beglnulug:
"A government thut hus been in power for 11 years, uud is stronger In Its
personnel and more deeply rooted in
the confidence of the public after the
expiration of such u term, must have
gained Its enviable position by an unbroken ll��e of pledges faithfully kept."
Every Libera) who knows the history
of his party for tho lUHl- twelve yeurs
known that two statements In that paragraph are absolutely untrue.
We gave our contemporary the bene*
fit uf the doubt, and made no charge of
wilful misrepresentation.
Another Instance, one thut is still re*
membered in Nelson and Kaslo, was the
insertion of words ln C. H. Monitor's
telegram: "MacKay in the north. Wires
down. Cannot communicate." The
Dally News Inserted, "that he", making
it read: "W'ireB down that he caunot
Although there was every appearance
of wilful distortion, and although the
only alternative explanation was Stupid*
Jty so gross as to be almoBt Incredible,
we gave the benefit of the doubt and
made no charge of dishonesty or malice.
The paper that haB been guilty of
such things aud hus been treated with
consideration in spite of them cannot afford to hurl chargeB of wilful misrepresentation.
We would suggest to our contemporary that it ls better policy, as well aB
better manners, to assume thut your opponent in telling the truth ub be sees it.
has done faithful and unrewarded work
for that party recently remarked to the
editor of The Daily Canadian: "Almost
thou persuadest me to be a Tory."
His explanation was that he was bo-
coming convinced tbat the Conservatives of Canada, like those of Hritain,
stood for preservation and consolidation of the Empire, and that Canadian
as well as Hritish Liberals atood for a
policy of drifting that must inevitably
lead to disintegration.
The truth of these remarks Is becoming more obvious every day to Intelligent and thoughtful men of all parties.
There are only two parties to the
recent Imperial Conference who are not
profoundly disappointed with the result
���or rather the lack of results.
The Little England government In
power in Hritain dreaded the conference, and Ib now heartily and frankly
glad that it is over and no damage done,
nothing to prevent continued worship
of the idol of Cobdenism, Free Imports
miscalled Free Trade,
Sir Wilfrid Laurier Is on exactly the
same footing. He sought excuses for
not attending the conference at all, and
was only shamed into going by Mr.
Horden and Mr. Foster. He did nothing
at the conference but discover obstacles
to the acceptance of every proposal, except���and let him have all credit for
the exception���the all-British steamer
Sir Wilfrid Laurier was the only member of the conference who supported
the Hritish ministers' policy of secret
"Failure and worse than failure," is
the verdict on the conference of all Imperialists, British and Colonial, and tbe
responsibility for that failure rests with
tljp Liberal governments of Britain and
A prominent Liberal of Kootenay who
It Is flattering to a newspaper to find
implicit and unquestioning confidence
placed in its reports. The verdict of
the coroner's jury on the death of David
M. Hosker was received by telephone
from the chief of police at Trail. We
took it us an exact rendering and quoted
It. That proved to be not quite the
case. But our version including the
question marks has now appeared in
seven provincial papers, including our
esteemed local aoiUempQHWr W "*SDe"
cluls" from Trail.
Our esteemed local contemporary Is
not alone In its sufferings from telegraph service. The death of A. Kenneth
tygftlfc Qp April 16th. was first announced (n Th* P^Hj" Canadian of April
17th. Nearly �� ".oijtfc I^p $e Btory
was told ln the News-Advertiser of Vancouver, represented as having just occurred. From Vancouver the news
travelled to Winnipeg and was published in the Manitoba Free Press tm
May 16th, juat one month after the occurrence.
For Immediate
Sale Only
Kxi'i'ptlonul npiiisiiiniiiy to acquire house (Hunted on two of the
finest resislemnl lou In Nelson.
Easy of access and on level grade
from business centre. Residence
contains hall, sliilnis, dining nnd
bedrooms, bath nnd kitchen pantry.
Large coal and wood shed. Electric
light, water and sewer.
Wait Baker (treat.        NELSON. B. C.
Notice 1* hereby given that thirty ASM after
date I Intel) 1 to apply to tlie Bonn I of Licence
Comm Iss ion en for tne Vmlr district for a transfer of the licence held liy me for the Port Khep-
pan] hotel to F. Adle.
(Hlgned) A M. Khiklph
Wmctt, B 0., May lut, 1907.
I thoundersljnird, intend afterfiOdaya toapply
(O the Hllll.thc Chief Colli 1)1 IfcMlo.H'r of I��tltlMHIl<l
Worki fur permission to purchase tlie following
described land : I 'ommenrlng ��l a poit markeM
T. M. Hha-p'a H R. O.i located on lln* went Hhore
of Blocan lake, about twelve milea from the tun I
of Hloean lake, tlience weit 40 chains, thenc*
north 4(1 ehalni thence cant 40 t-haini, thence
iouth along ihore of Hloean laku to point of
Located May 4th. T. M. Biusc,
Sixty dayi after date I Intend to apply to ihe
Hou. the Chief Commissioner of I .anils imd
Works lo purchase 100 acre* of land: Commencing
at a pout plnnted on the weat aide ot 6-Mile creek
on the wagon road about 'i1-, milei from Kootenay lake, and marked Nell McKechulc's iouth*
weit corner poat, thence weit 40 chalna, thenee
north 40 chalna, thence Salt 40chalna, thonce
smith 4(1 chalna to placoof beginning.
located thla *8rd day of April, Wirf.
Sbii. McKedipif..
K. J, Elliott, Agent.
Hixty day* after date I Intend toapply to the
Hon Chlet CommlMloner ot Undi and Works
to purchaie HO acrei of land loeated about Hmlh>s
loutheaat of Burton: (Commencing ata poit
planted at the aouthweat corner of Lot BI61, and
marked Q A Ifunter'a iouth eait corner, thonce
north 40 chalm, thenco weit 20 chaini, thonce
mui Hi 40 chalna, thonce eaat 20 cbaina to place
of beginning.
Located April Will, 1907. 0. A lit ntbii,
per A. Kklir, Agent.
Hlxly dayn after dnie I intend toapply to the
tion. Chief Commlnloner of Landi ano Wnrss
tn purchaie 1M0 aorea of land, iltuate on the cm
aide of Armw lake, about two milea from Hurion:
Commencing at a post planted at the 8 K. corner
of L 6M7, and marked N. T H'a N. W corner, and
miming eut *o cti at iih, thence aouth 20 chnlni,
thence weit 40 chain*-, thence aouth mt chalna,
tlience weat 40 chatna, tbence north 40 cbaina to
plaoo of beilnnlT,i.
Burton, April 20rd, 8007.       NruikT. Rem,
A. A. BviTOH, Agent.
sixty days alter date 1 intend to apply tothe
Hon Chief Commissioner of Landsand Works
for permission to purohasa the following de*
scribed land in West Kooteuuv district: Com*
men-cltig   nl a po-st marked A. 0. H's northwest
Bonier post, running 4i> ohalns easterly -Along
the Itoundary of Timber licence No. 3600, thence
southerly 50 chains, iheuce westerly 40 chains,
theuee northerly Wi chains along the C. P. It.
trade lo tlie place of commencement, coutHiuiuK
two hundred acres, more or reus.
Loeated this Bth day of -May, HKJ7.
A. i'. BuSH, Locator.
Sixty davs after date I purpose making application to the Chief Commissioner of Lands nud
Works for permission to purchase tlie following
described land: Commencing at a post placed
at thc northwest coruerof lot 49481 '1 and marked "1' Ma"j. 8 K. corner post," running thence
80 chalnn north tbenee HO ehulns west, [hence 80
ahalns south* thence 80 ohalni east, to point of
commencement) containing wu aores, more or
Dated this Bth day of May, 1007.
[Signed) 1'ktkh McCulloch,
per I). A. UoOULLOCU. Ageut.
Hlxty davs after date 1 purpose making application to th�� Hon. Chief Commissionerof Lauds
aud Works, for permission to purchase thc following deaorlbed laud: Commenolng its post
placed on the west shore oi Lowei* Whatsnaii
inke, about n j. mile from lhe outlet of same,
and marked "H, W's. N.tr. corner post,'* running tbenoe80 chains vest, thcute Wl chains
south, thence 80 chains east, tbenee 80 chaius
norih lo point uf oommeneement) containing
040 acres, more or less.
Dated the and dav of Muv, [907
(Signed) il. WaiBMr,
perK (i. raUQViBki Agent.
sixty days aftej date I purpose making application tothe Hou. the Qhuf Commissioner ol
Linn It- and Works for permission to pureliuse the
following described laud: Ciniimnciug at a
post placed at tbo northeast cornor <u B.C'
Sk inner"h application to pnrehaa marked
"R B's. N. W-corner pobt" thence following the
eastern bouudary of said application 80 chains
���outh, thenoe ruuning BOohaliiB east, thence��o
chains norlh to tho southern boundary ol h. Vt,
Hauulngton's iipplicnilou to pureliase, thence so
chalus west along same to point oi commencementi containing uiu acres, more or l6SI<
Dated 2nd day of Mav, 11W7.
(Signed) R, shikil,
per P. C. FAtJQuIIB, Ageut.
Sixty days after date 1 Intend tn apply to tne
Honorable the Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works for permission to purchase tbe following
described lands in West Kooteuny district: Com-*
mencing at a post planted ou tlie south shore of
Kootenav lake, and adjoining 0. P. R- block No.
10, and marked "Tom Gordon's uortb west comer
post," thence south 40 chaius, thonce tast tu
chalus. theuce north'JO chains, more or less, to
Lake Shore, thenee west 40 chains to poiut ol
Dated this 80th of April, 1007.
Ton Gordon
Blxty days after date I intend to apply to the
Hon. the Cblef Commissioner of Lauds and
Works, Victoria, B C, to purchase 40 acres of
laud; Commencing at a post plauted at the City
0t Nelson's S K. Corner post, on Kootenay r|ver,
thence'20 chaini s6t)th, t||ei)co wost 80 chains,
thence north 20 chaina, thencu east 'A) chains io
poiut of commencement.
Nelson, B. L'., April 'it, 1907.        E. J. CtJlEAN,
Sixty days after date I intond to aptiiv to lion,
tbe Chief Commissioner of Lauds and Works for
permission to purchase the following deacrltied
lands In Kooteuay district: Commencing at a
postmarked Bruce White's N Vf, corner uoat,
situated at tbe northeast corner of K R 30 about
a mile east of Hloean river, theuce south 'As
chalus, Ihence west '20 chains, thanee south GO
chains, thence cant 40 chains, thence north 40
chains, thence eaat 40 chains, thence north 40
chains, theuce west 60 chains to point of commencement, containing 440 acres, more or less.
Located March 18th, 1907, ItRCCB WHITE.
I, the uudcrslgued, alter 00 ilavs Intend to apply to the Honorable the Chivf CpmnilBijioupr of
Liitelj un i W���n... nt, pe,i���i.Jini. u> pMrc)ia��e the
follow-In* laud: f.'ommcuciug at a post marked
ti. K C. of Lot 1368, thenoe west BQ chains, theuce
south w chains, thence west a) chains, thence
south H ohaini, thenee west 4u chatna, thenee
MMiii i-i 'h,Lin-, thence cast �������� chains, tlience
north Ito chains to point of eommeucement.
Located March 27th, 1907.     it, B. Mi-Naught,
N. F. McNai oht, Agent.
I, the undersigned, literW days Intend to apply to the Honorable the chief Commlnloner of
Landa and Works to purehase the following de*
MTlbe.l |bu,1 ��� (:;|i!iiiiHi)cl|[B at u ppjt parked
N. E. p.,situfilc fit tTiem.iWth of fove creek on
tbc west abore of -Slpcaa la|u*, ihence west iO
chains, thence south 'it) chains, thence west 'A)
chains, tbence soutli 'iO chaius, thence wesi 40
OhAlni. tbonce south 40 cha-jus, i!u;(* e erut so
chains, tn&uce north *o clminB to point of cem-
Located March 87th, jai/7      h. f McNiuottT.
Hlxty daya after dale I inteud to apply lo the
Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for
permission to purchase Ihe following described
lauds in Kooteuay District, about three-tiuartera
of mile from Thrum's siding:   Commenciug at a
rst placed at tbe B. W. eoruer of L 6893, group
West Kootenay District; thence westerly
followlug thF north boundarv of L 4-598, 40
ciiainn; -thonce mnn jo nrm,.,., tnoucn vast 40
chains, mofb qr'iesk, to tb'p N. V. corner of
L68W; thence pouth following the weslbouudary
of L6893, 10 chalna, more or Ipsa, to place of commencement, containing to acres, mora or less.
Piled this 6lh day of December, JftWi,
fl.-tf. fits*, locator.
Sixty days after date I purpose making application to tiio Chief Commissioner of I.an* I- and
Works for purmission to purchase the following
described mud:   Commencing ai a [">���--;    '
at the soutbeust corner of r  W  U  Haultalii'-
ist ptgeid
application to purchase, marked "K. K's. H,W.
corner," ruuning thence So chains north, thenco
80 chains east, tlience 80 ctialus south, tbeuce 80
chains west to point of commencement, contalu-
lig 640 acres, more or less.
Dated the 9th day of April, 1907.
K. Fit-gt-iiB,
Per K. O. Faciicikh, Agent.
���Sixty days after date 1 intend to apply to the
Houorable tho Chief Commtsstoucr uf un. l. and
Worku. Victor!*, tO pi(rfllW 130 acres of land
lu West Kootenay, and described as follows:
Commencing ftt a post plauted on tbc east side
of Arrow Lake at the southwest corner of L7fi(U
and marked "J. A. K'k h Vt. corner," tlu-nce
cast Jl chains, thence south 40 chalus, tfienoe
ca��t 30 chains, thence south ^i chains to HOte*
hciuicr's pre-emption, thence west ,.t chains to
Faiuiuier s application to purchase, thence north
40ohains, thenoe west 20 i-umut t<> lake shore,
thence uorth along the lake shore to place of
March 1 sth, 1907. J   A   KlLLT.
Hlxly dayaafterdate I purpose mnklug appll-
catlnn to the Honorable the Chief Commisaloner
of Lauda and Works for permission lo purvhasc
1 lie following desoribeu land: Commenolng at
a post Placed about otic and hull mllen eattof
HilverTIp I'olnt, on Whalshan Luke, mar Christie creek marked "F w.g.H's.hi*: corner,"run-
nlng thence MJ chains west to join laud loeated
by F. L. Hammomi, as agenl, thetue mo chains
north, thenee Ml chains easl, thence KO chains
south to point of uommcuceiuoiil, containing
(HO acres, more or leas.
Dated the 9th day ol April. 1907.
F. W. G. Haoi.tain,
I'er F. Q, Fauquikb, Agent
Sixty days after date I intend to apply to the
Hon theCfiiefCommissloiieroi Landsand Works
Victoria, to purchase 840 acres of land lu Wesl
Kontenay district: Commencing at a post
planlcd about 6 miies from the mouth of Atos*
i|Ulto creek and about one mile west of the said
creek and mnrked "H.U.R'sH.W corner," and
running north 80 chains, thence cast 80 chains,
thence soutb 80 chains, theuce west 81) chains to
place of beginning.
March ]fith,1907. H. II. Ross,
J. V. .Annaiii.k. Ageat.
Hixt) days afler date I inteud to apply to the
Hon thief CiiniTiiissioiiei of I.nii'U and Works,
Victoria. 11. C��� to purchase 240 acrea of laml, In
Fire Valley, described as follows: Commencing
St a post planted 20 chains west of Walter Hull's
N. W. corner and marked J. W Holmes'Jr. N. H.
corner pnst. aud running touth 40 chains, theuco
wdt 00 chains, theuce norlh 40 chains, thence
east H0 chains to place of hcgluulng. and being a
portion of Hectlon 86, Townshlp71, West Kootenay.
March 6th, 1907. J. W, Hoijikh, Jr.
J. K. ANNAtas  A��;i:nt.
Hlxty days afU-r date 1 intend lo apply lo the
Hon. Chief Commissioner of Lnnds and Works,
Victoria, to purchase M0 acres of laud ln Weil
Kootenay, described as follows: Commencing
st a I"-! pltated up MosqultO creek, about eight
miles from lhe moulh and marked K. Cross' H W.
eoruer. thenoe north 80 chains, thence 40 chains
east, thence 80 chains south, thence 40 chalus
west to plnee of beginning
Fob. iith, 1907. E. Uaoss.
J, I. Am aim, Agent.
Commencing Monday.
May 20th, and continuing for 4 days, wc will
Sell oor stock of
Children's Wear at
Special Discount Prices
Special Sale of Children's Wear
Children's Linen  Dresses for   75c      h
Children White  Dresses  for   11i00        *
Children's  White  Percale  DrcBses    75c each
Children's White Undershirts   60c e���J*
Infants' Slip Shirts from   25c sj0
Infants' Muslin Bonnets 35c -ach  '*
Infants' Cream Coats from  $1.50 MCn   '*
We Invite inspection of these
Special Bargains.
Fred Irvine & Co'y
Notice is hereby Riven that ��) days alter date 1
Inteml touuplj in the Hon. Chief Commi**ioncrjof
Landsand Works, Victoria, for permission to purehase (he foUnwiug described land ! Connnein Iiik
at a post planted on the west side of E0OOU Itfcs
and abont two miles norlh of Kvniis cruek, and
marked Q, B, Q'S SOUthBUt eurner poll, theuce
nnrth followiUK shore of lake K") chains, thence
west 60 chains, thence south I'**" chains, thence
east 60 ehalns to point of rouiinencemeni, 600
acres more or less.
Located April iiu, is��u7.
Geo B QiBBSTT, Locator,
Wli. cwi-iiH. Agent,
Sixty days after dale 1 intend toapply lo Ihe
lion the thief ('ommlssloner ol Lands and
W'orks. Victoria, to purchase MOaores of Uml in
Weit Kootenay, described as follows: Commencing at a post planted about eiKht miles up
MoBipilto creek and Joining E. Cross' application
to purchase, and marked C. M's S. E. corner,
Ihenoe north BO chains, thence west 80 chains,
ihence south nj chains, ihcnce cast 80 chains to
plaee of beginning.
Feb. ltith, 1907. C. ILUUHALL,
J. E. annahlk,
Hixty days alter uate 1 intend to apply to thu
      ��� * '   - *   -ud Work
Loeated March Hth, IW..
I). A. UcPkMi Locator.
J.J. KKM.y, Agent.
Take notice that GO days after date 1 lulend to
apply to thc II.-n Chief Commissioner of l^inds
and 'Works, for permission to purchase lhe fol-
lowing ducrlbed lauds: Commencing at the
southeast oorner of lot 6806, thence west 10
(.hains, theuce soulb A) chaltis, thence cast JO
chains, theme north 80Ohalttl. theuce west 10
chains lu point of commencement, containing
40 acres, more or lass
Dated April Itlth, 1907 V   J. Rradliy,
Vi. W. BlUDUYi Agent.
1, thc undersigned, after Ao days Intend to apply to the Hon. tbe Chief Coram iislouer of Lnnds
and Works to purchase the following described
land: Commencing at thc N. E. O. of Lol .*.:<*<
O. L, thenee west 40 chalus, thence north .0
chain*', thence easl 4u chains, thence smith 'Ai
chains to point of commencement, Q0ttwQw�� 80
acres more or less.
Looated March -full, \W��t.
w". A. Mill*.
'la.,.- notice that sixty days after date
I intend to u|-i*iy tu thc Houorable the Chlel
Commissioner ol Lauds and Works for permis
sion to purchase the following descrlt>ed land
situated iu thu West Kootenay district: Commencing at a post planted at lhe' southeast
corner of Lol til, ou the south side of the West
Arm of Kootenay lake, theme (tO chains west to
southwest corner of said lot, thence 30 chains
south, thence Vi) chains easl, Ihence 'A) chains
north to plac l of commencement, containing 16-u
April 2nd, 1907. CiaaiBS ftOBSB-HKm,
[���*.*'��� Kh*;k,i W   I,,j,.���.to:.-, Agent.
Blxty days ufifi date 1 inteud to apply to the
Hon. Chief Commissioner of Lnnds and Worki,
Victoria, B.C., to purchue the following deserlbed lapil, uttualud in ilu* West Kouteoay district: Cuwuifinctug at a post planted on the
west side ol Kootenay laku, near Rhinoceros
point, aud marked J. M.Kiuuon's 8. E. corner
post, thenct; west 80 chains, tbence north 40
elm im, tbeuce east *��������� ehatns more or less to lake
shore, tin-new along lake tbore to point of commencement.
Signed J McKiNNON.
Sixty days after date I int.-ml to apply to the
Hun. the Chief Commissioner of I,a:i'l�� and
Works, -Victoria, for perml*is|ou to BQKQtue 100
acres, more or lci��, siuiatfdi (ll Went 'Kuoteiiay
dlstriut: i'o���.i!u .i.ti.K lit ,*, puvi piKiiU**! midway
on the norih bpnnaar| of i ot vi.fi and tuljoiutug
s. W corner of Lot v ���������'��� i. thence nortb 16 chains,
thence west 40 chains, thenc? south 40 chains,
thenc ec*n.-t ���_!'ehM ;!���,,., (h��nce north 'ii chains,
theuce _n.tt *j <-i>.. tii_. to poiutolcommenuument,
located March 20th, V"i. 1. J. Ut anlaN.
Klxty duys after dato I Intend to apniy tn the
Hon. tin* 1'iiief C'o-tnmlssloiier of Lands and
Wor((s to purcha-M) the lollowlng described
lauds: Commeuelng i\\ a post plauted on the
eaat side of Lemon Crerk at the mouth ui the first
north fork ahd marked "K. Cooper's southeast
eoruer,"running Su chains west, north 40chalns,
east so ehulns, aud south 40 chains to place of
Dated Mureh 'A)th, 1907, R. CoorEK,
J. T, Tipi'Ino, Agent.
Hixty days afterdate 1 Intent. t�� apply to the
Hon. the Chief CuuinMiiii'.ner of Lands and
Wor|(s ip puielia-f the following described
lands* Coiniiiuuctng at a post maisad "L A.
Tipping'a southwest corner post" and planted
near II. D. Curtis'* laud, about half mile from
Sloean t'lty, running north 40 chains, east '10
chains south i" 'lialns, west Al chains to place
of commencement
Dated March 14th, l*>. L. A. Tiitino,
J. T. Tii'i'lKo, Agent.
Hixty days alter date I intend lo anp.y to the
Hon thfl Chlel Commissioner of lands au<4
W'orks to purchase the following deM*rlbed hind
lOOsted in Kir** Valley dlslrist of W'.ist Kootenay:
Com mencing at a post planted at the H Vf. corner
of John Bang' pre-.-oiiptinn, ihcnce 80 Obalm
SOUth, theOOS 4U chains wesl, thence 60 chains
nortl;, themr 40 chains east tc place of beginning,
Riuuitn Ksi kk, I.ocaior.
J. J. KF1.lV. A^y��.
Notice Is hereby given that M days alter date I
llilcud to inukc application tothe I'onorable thu
Chief Commissions! ol LumUand Wurks. at Vte-
torla lor ncrintssi'iu to purchase the following
desc Ibuililauds: t'ouimenclua at a post planlcd
at the souIheasl corner of hit ItU'i, group I, iheime
south 20 chains, thence cast (id chains, tlieiicu
north Bfl chains, thence west fit) ehulns lo polnl
of com meneement, containing IM acres, more 01
Nelson, March '/Mi, 1907.        ANNIS L. With,
V. Wahi, Agent.
Hixty days a,'ier date 1 Intend to apply to the
Hon. the Chlel Commissioner of Lauds and
Works. Victoria to purchaie the following de-
scrlhcu land: Cnmmciiclug at a post marked
M H's H W. corner, and planted near the northwest corner of 1 ol 8812, aboul one mile west of
Hloean river, and running cast 40 chains to Uit
:;*���*. i tbence north lochains, tticuce wesiiochaius,
theuce south 40 chains to place of beginning.
March oth, 1907. Mum I Unit,
Paul hatch, Agent.
Hixty days after date I intend to apply to the
Hon.thei'hlcfCoiniutisioiK-rol Landsand Works
Victoria, R. C , tp purchase 120 acres of laud
situate In Kire Valley, West Kooteuay, ann described as follows: Commenclngat the northeast
cornor of Lot.IW,. and running norlh GO chains,
thenco cast 20 chains, thenee iouth M chains,
thence west 20 chains to place of beginning.
March 4th, 1907. W. W, Rhim.iT,
J. K. Annahlk, Agent.
HixlT days after date 1 Intend to apply ts tho
Hun. Chief ComnilsMloiier of Lands anu  Works
to purchase NO tores 6/ land in Kire Valley, West
Kootenay district and described af followa;
Commencing at a post marked J. K's K, l,
corner, and running north HO chains, thence
west40chHlns, thence smith if) chains, Ihence
east40Ohalns to place Of beginning, and being
the west one-half of the H. K. one quarter and
the east one-half of the H. u onc-guarter, and
the west one-half of the N. K. one-ousrler, and
thi. east ene-half of the N. W, one-quartor of
Bectlon 84. Townsblp 71, CI. I, H
Marcb SOtb, INT. John Evvsit.
For Further Information Apply to
��� ll r 11 1 Ot NELSON, B. Ci
The Hall Mining and Smeltii
Company, Limited.
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry OresJ
Whol-eJ-ml-tt Provlalona,
Produce, - Fruit.
Oovern-ment Croaniory Ono Pound KnclcR r��seiT_,l mkl, fredi from Ik. *
churn.   Is or salo bj- nil loading gmcett.
Office- ftnd WBrchouse: Hounton Block,   Phone 79.
Joaephtae Street. . Nelson, B. C.
Hlity daya after date 1 Inieml to apply totbj
Houoiable tin- Chlel Cnmmlihjonur ol l.��!rl* aud
Work**, Victoria, to tnirchto-*e the followlnn
deicrlbed   lamlM    in    Went   Kootenay   dintrlct:
Con menolni at a post planted ��t tha B.B. ootnti
������'. Wm LoVCtt'l (*������������- l,����>u l."*W�� and marked
"K. M.H'a N.K corner," nnd innnliiK houth ��J
chalna, thenee ffnt 40 chalnn, thenoo north W
challiM, thence cant tt chain* to place o[ c *. in
nliii; and dontelntngUi'i Keren.
March 5th, 19U7. K. M.HH1W,
J. E. ANNiBLK, Audit.
Notice 1* Hereby given thst DO day** atlt-r date 1
intend loapply to the Honorable the Chief Commisaloner oi Laudi aud Wgrks for pcrintialou
to purchase about Iftacrvnot land, altuate near
the Pend lVO��We r��vu, West Koolenay district,
and described a* 1"1Um��s: ('oinmeneliiK at a
i-i'hi markwl S. K. 1 1ioui*ou'h S. W. corner pom,
si'.s,uU'l ou thc ������������iiu* boundary and 'iti '-Imln*
fiou S- W poat ol I.- t 7i"i, thence oouth aboul 7u
chaini, il t*n' t* > ��-' about -'���'* chalim to a point on
tlu* ttvat hoiuidur} and 'io rhalni Irom H. W. post
"f 1.H17.11. Ihence north 70 chalnn and tbenoe
west -i'i chalnn to thc place of bcginnltiK-
Ath Mrtrch, IWI. O. K TitoHNQN,
A. ii. I,ano, A|('*nl.
Hlxly days afl��r date 1 [ntciul to anply to tha
Homirahle the Chief Cominlsuloiivr of Valid* and
Worki, Victoria, to purchaie IVtmi of land,
ilUiHti-d on the wcnI Ilde of Arrow iHke, and de
icribed aa followa; ''..���ui Iuk at a pout murk
ed J. H'i N. K. corner and  plaCM nt tbcHouth-
weit coruerof LotlW, Qronpl, Weel Kootciiiij*,
ainl runniim went *��� chHiiii, thenca iouth Ao
chains, thence eait *-��� chain* to Lhe lake nIioib,
thencu north along thc luke to plfu t* nf bi*|ftM ntiiy
March 8th, i'Xfl. i  Maiohi,
titfiUyi afterdate I Intend toapply to the Hon.
Chief cnmnilmlotirr of UihIh and Worki, Victoria to purchaie I flu acre* of laml In Flre Valley,
Weit Kootenay dlatrlct,and iIcmtIIilmI ��i follows:
ChiiiiupiicIiik at a poit narked W II WrlKhl'i
S. K. corner, mid roiinlug north *o chnluu, tlience
went no phaini, thenoe iouth n ehalni. (benoe
<���������������-.! :���> ri.Min- I*. i --   of  bcgliinliiK,  and Ih-Iiik
Uu* went one-haii of the n. v.. quartet ot Beotlon
90, and the went hall ol lhe H, ��. oneouitrlcr o(
Beotlon W in Township "I 0,1,
U������#���!. unit,   in*
NoUoa ia hereby ([iven thaH0<Is��*s"��,1��**
intend to apply fo the lion, chief Ivanttmitm
of Umls and Worki for permlMlon loruroh*
the following described land In WftlMW
dlitrlel, on   weal ilitre of Ix>wtr Arm* i*T
���tljoiulliir 1^)1 .No. 4'MH, on the iouth:  ItPRlOI-
at a posl marked "Harry Method's N.K f
Poit Htid lUnicd on the ihore of Lo*" J
Uke, at Uie Muitheast cornei  of Capt Fo��'
UMS,  thence   went JO cIihIiu,  thelicv ���
chain* more or less Ui the north DOnnWfl
fullmore'i I*. It., ihence At chains eail iM".
IMd  boundarv to lake, thence norlh iU_\
laku ihore ���&) chalm, more or leu *> r*���
May .nil, 1WJ7. J. D. Moorl   _
Agent for Harry M^M|
__SlXtyd*tyi after date f inlcnd to IPPttfl
Hon. the llref Commiasioner of La"'""
works, "���    ��� _..-._-
Work* Vietoria! to porohaeeiao
"est   Kootenay,   deacrlbed   as
mencing -���        -..__.._..   .i.
SIO acres eflllM|
...-��-,,   H��-iiuni   as   followi:   C��
c . al it   post planted   about * IM
HOMulfo Onok from the  mouth anil av
"A   fi." is.Vt. corner,   thenca south IWI
thence east 40 chaini, thenoe nnrlh Dc-*1-
Ihence 4o chalna west to placeof '-���.'* i'-**(    I
Ccbruary llitb,1907. A.USiK*!
J. K. AHNSKI.I. Assnl.     ���
HUty dayi after dale I inlcnd tO aPI'lf"
.lon      -     -        ���   ���     - -' l-"n*
-_*.r ttm,. mint m��, .u.��m-.  �� ��St__
Hon   -In;   Chief   Commlnloner  of l-W
March Wtb.'fW
W, H, Wkihiix.
Hlxty days aflcrdat          ,-r.y .*. ���..v
Hon. Chief Commissioner of Laudi and Works,
_ intend toappiy to iho
- r���uHva   ifi   i.niin*   unu  n oris.
Victoria, to | >n;hase lb followiliit descrlbeil
InndsadJoluliiK (he Arrow 'akes in Weit Kool-
euiy, ' i.mini ic ine at a pom planted at the
N W. corner ol .1. II. Vorter'* pre-emption, and
nmrkeii K. \\ 'a H. W. corner posl, theiueJUcnains
nnrth aloug lake shore, ihence nenaltU caul,
theuce 'JUchuluiHouth, tlicueeVU chains west to
place oi begum mg, containing \u hcick, mora or
April 18, 1UU7.
Notice iahurohy given lhat flodayHaHcr dnt
uteud toauiilv io the H..O niti.i _���-*.���*-
_ 1
'*l i use
.--.,..,  ta iivvvvy Kiveil Mill! Ot   __   	
Intend toapply to thc Hon. chief < ounnl*
of Landi anil Works for permission Ic    _	
the following described land*, iltuate m Wu.,
KoiiIdiihv district: Coiuineiiclng ni �� posl murk-
cd J. L Poricr'a N. W. corner, Ehinoe south ty
chaini, following lbe eutern boundnry ol II.
BflloUl 'application to pureliuse; tlience easl HI
chalui; thenco north flochutns; thence west 40
chains to point of commencement, containing
8Kb acrei more or less,
Dated lliis llth day of March, 1WI7.
t___   J. L. PoHTKk.
Hixty days arter date 1 Intend lo apply to tho
Hon. 'hief Commlsiioner o( Lnnds and Works,
Victoria, to purchase -IH<> acres of lund, In Kire
Valley, West Koolenay, and described al followi:
CommeiiclnK at a post planted ut Waller Hull's
northwest corner and marked A. H's H. K, corner,
and miming north fUl chains, Ihcnai west HO
chftlni, tlience south (to cluilns, thencu cast Kb
chalm to place of beginning, nnd U'liig purl of
Hn ume- in -nisi ,*(���*. fu Townsliipvi nud a portion
ofHectloui I and 21n Townihlp tilt, Oroup 1.
March Mh, 1IM7, A. Mii-M,
J, t. aknahi.1, Agent.
Worki. Vietoria, lo purehaae W0 acrei elluAJ
West KoUwiiay, describe 1 ai followi: t*
meuein��iita post marked "H.H" N.K. ��"�����
aud being ���t th,, N.W. corner ol A. UihH
application to purchaio which I* ��'��*' ��� **T
np Moaqulto Onek  from the month andP"
nlng so chalui south, thei  M chsini ��� .
thenoe Nl chalna north, tbence �� eblWWI
plnee ,,f beginning. _, .    '
Kt-bruary Iftih, itm. D  tv*
Hlxty days after date 1 Intend to appljM
Honoriible lho Chlel Commissioner id Ue��g
Works, Victoria, lo purchase w acrei "
looatod on the weit aide ol Arrow laMW
de.ciilH.l rh followi: iommeiiilns al M
mnrked I'. A's N. K. corner, and plauied WcM
norih of tbe soiiliiwesl corner ol l_ot 71M.<*-3
I, West Koo-cnay, and ruiimus aoulh (OOM
thenee west -ai ehnins, thenre north *<**
tlience enit m ehalna lo place ol besliinini     I
March llth, 1907. T'. AHS����*|
J. K ACKARI.B, Ageiit^
Hlxly Hays alter date I intend tOttflfM
Honoriible the t:hlef t'ommiisloiicr ol Ub��^:��
Works for permission to purchsie lhe I^SI
described laml in Weit K enay: Coiasn""Jl
uiu piwt about one and a��iiiHrleriiilKit��'rt|
Havoniia Landiiig, and   rked.H. 1's ,,!"",CL|
H. k. comer, thence norlh Ilu chain*.llirMI;',�����
Wchalus. Ihence south it chains, iheiiee*" ���
chnlni to noiiil. of coninicnceiiicnt.    _..���,���*. I
March rind, WU    (Higned) BftU Bi*^*'*
Hlxly dayn nfier dale llntend lo epJ'^-Jil
Honorable lhe Chief Comiiil**loiicr of 'flZji
Works fur norminnloii to iiuichase I he '^.m
deserlbed (mid In West Kootenav: V"i*!i?3
at H post plaiiUfd on lho north mn* ,l,_;3ntl
creek, about three <|tiarters of a mjleli**"-^
of creek, and marked Kva Cull's V_,''l��i-='
thence north uo chains, Ihoucc V��Si��
thence iouth 20 chaiui, thence fail*"1*"
polul of eoinmenctinont. ��� ������. ,','U
March Und, 11W7. (Hluned) �����"
KoiiaaT RobinhoH, A*"""
Hilly iIhjm after date I lulend m/f^ndi'i*1 f
Hon. the Chief Couinil**loncr "f. ' f.Vilnvl*! I
Works for permlMlon to I"ir';'"1;'' "",fl"���-! '
leicrlbed land In West Kooleimy: i ��1"1,IJlltllHiii |
ata post planlcd on the loulh u_nn,"L__a,
I rccL,.ib!nit | ne mile fiom moulh ofrr; �����  _-,. i
mnrked "It. Koldnsoli'i N W. ��WfA Hi.ne* I
south HO chnius.  lbence cult *0 ^i__u!___M~
north 80 chains, theuco west ttchAW" r
March 22ud,HW7. _,   ���, uuglOl
(Bignsdi amOttt* M*lf��" [prospectors
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Cured aud Smoked.   Our Hams Are
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The Daily Canadian
I Burns & Co., Ltd.
-bv alven thai W days alter date 1
Uml. and Work*. Victoria, for a
i, cnl ami carry away Umber
',.,.,..;, -sillK-d Und In llmdlftrlct
!,l ., posl nbout "even miles Irom
! ,mD ii .reck, in s weaterly dlrec-
,,   m   Its-iiny'a norlheast corner
�� rhsinl/west, thencu 40 chains
r40 chslns west, tbenoe -t" chains
ilui ������"*���'��� thence I ��� chains
,iui snst,  thence 40 chains
11| m ncement.
Q. M  Hkvsv, LoOfttOti
Afiors Ci ami, Agent.
, n that ��0 duTS alter 'late J
[. -.,[;,, il.,m,rable thu Chief Com-
Kf Landl SUd Worka for s apeelal
i and carry away timber from thc
icril*d und1* iltuated ou lhe weit
J_,,,> Creek Valley: Commencing
���ods hall milt* north of the inter-
nndary lins "nd about one and s
rttollhe Kelson and Fort Hheppard
ipaoy'* land Kraut in the district ot
������-tnt'trlni! at a poat planted two
�� -;..��� p i reek, kuown M tbs
,.*,,- ;,,,-! joining J. R.Cramton'i
m So I, claiming ��> chalm north,
mt, thence BO chains aouth,
s-i ui tHilntuI conimcucemuul.
lug nt a p����i planted at the
! 1,-catlon So. I. known aa the
goitof loeatiou No. 2, dalmlni
ence Ml chains east, thence SO
ice mi chalm weal lo point ol
���r-L Bit, IWI.
imencing at n jM>st placed half a
rstluii No i, known as Uie south
:    . sui hnlns norih, ihence ho
���fi.ii,-,- hi chains south, thence ty
., wniii nl commencement.
J, P. HwsiiHKRa, Locator.
K.T. ^ ��� ��������� ll saJlH, Agent-
bereb] |lveU that 30 dayn after .lale
k^ply to the lion. Chiel CommiwiUni-
��� ��n'l t\���:_A |(,r a spe-ctal licenae lo
rry away htul..-r Iriiiu lhe following
laada tit nan I on thc weil ilde of Big
k Vilify, iMii.in.nclng about 41, luilea
btertuUuiial Ixoiniiary line, and
��� �����-* .) hig Sheep creek in the
I Wnt I oot star;
poel   plante*) about
creek, known et tin
immsuclDi ki
est nl a.i Bhe��.
i ling Unchains aoulh,
Ji'l.aiti** we'l, thence W chaini nortn,
li-liiuim i-ii.i tiipf-mi of commencement.
'ommen ing *. *. imibI planted at lho
cal  *ii No. 1, known ma lhe
rpo-ii     i.iining HO chaini norlh,
ihaltii eut, i*..nee m ehaim aoulh,
rbsituweitto point ot com meneement.
onnienrlng a' a poat planted at the
ilion So. J, known ai the
tinier pool, ���������-.���.*��� ty chalm north,
''������uu. aen, theuce ty chaini south,
*.,.:.- i-i-: ti. [i,.mt ot commencement.
|l April iith. IW.
J. t*. SWKMtlBO, 'jn-ator,
KT  ��� ��� .r...-hHf*, Agent.
Lord's  Day  Alliance   Loses  on   Appeal
of Toronto Reataurant
(Tuui-t Limit .'-o. a.)
��� hereby liven .list (todays after date I
ipt'lt tothe Honorable thc Chief Com-
: ;( Undi an.| Worka for a ipecial
|: fit sn-1 rarrj away timber fnnn lbs
'escribed land", altuated on Kooakanax
ill Kootanay diitrict:
loi at a pom planted al the north-
ol rimber Limit No li _!...atid mark
n't Konihwcat corner i>oat, thfiice
���Him, tin in i- eaat SO ehalni, thence
lint, tnence weit SO chatna to poim ol
^Hirn, b, tan.     II. D. Ua, Locator.
(Timber Notice No 8 )
bj at a poat planted at lhe aouiheait
��� limit,anq atih��uorthwciicoiui-r
���-iff Nu. iir246( thence  nonh   WO
���:*������ fant   *fl  i-lialua to  weat line of
kMM Sn urjtt, following line ol No
iiibm, iwichalm. thenoe followlni line
��� llceuid No   1014a io chalna lo poiat of
"J larch ��, 1907,     H. D, Ua, Ukjtiat,
(Timber Notice No. 4 >
1�� hereby given thai tio davi after dote 1
I   ���I ���* t'i Um Hon. Chief Commlisioner
" in*l ���* t,rkn (or a ipeclal  llci-me lo cut
������)  tlmbei  from the following do-
i'l*. filiated on  Kooakanax creel lu
h'nsr dlitrlet, and about   live mllei
���' wee lake:
'rtog at a |Hi��t p'antcd on the north
ek\��i\ al��iui half a mile from tstttk,
f'tv'\ II li lea'i ���nutheasi corner poit,
I north m ihaiui, thence weil ��> chnlni.
J ' utn - i h '. si* thence east ��' chalm lo
-*" "ireb ll. iwrj.     H. I) I.n, Locator.
(Umber Noticu No. 6.)
ft*ftH| at a jmal marked II D. Lea's
'" corner i>uH, llienee north hll chalm,
'Jfmi ���K-tlitii-of No 4 location, lbence
���Willi, thenee aouth DO chain*, thence
cnainBiopolni of comuieiiccnu-nl,
""irchii.tw,    ft. o uu, Looator.
.     'limber Limit No. fl.)
' '* hereby given  lhal ility daya afler
inu-ui] i,i Hpply   to tlie Honorable the
'"MI,l'-:"Ni*r ofUndi and Worki Iur a
','''���' to -ut and carry away llmlier
';'" 1'iwtiig dosoribed land, iltuated alanit
" I'-'ih  ilu* Ippir Arrow lake ou Kooi
l"��i, m \\,at Kooienav dlatrloti
 I ��i �� posl planted and marked D
urthweel corner poit, them-e eaat M
'""ir Miuth Wl cliaina. lhetice well N
"���nee north hii chaina to point of com*
lUsrcbBl.HKn,     ll.l). I.ka, Uiealor,
_s     (Timber limit No. 7)
l^iK'Ing ai a poit plnnted ami markeii 11.
��� ait oorner pott, thoucs iouth -Hn
Ins  lhe  weit   Hint of  N bO limit,
' 'lmiiu, tbence north ty chalm,
obalm to point of commencement.
I""'Wl.:ii,i*jo7,       H.Ii.Ua, locator.
cbaina west, thenca W chaiui iouth, theuce 80
chalm eaat lo the point of commencement.
Hated Bnj March, 1907.
No. a. Commencing at a iK>it planted abont 80
chains eait of main Keith? riverand about 80
chaini north of Houndarv Lumlier Co'i loeatiou
poet No. 2. and marked Houndary Lumber Co'i
H. K. eorner post No. 3, ihence BO chalna north,
thenct- m ehalni weit, thence HO chaini south,
thenee M0 chalm east lo the point of commence,
Dated March 22nd, 1907.
, No. 4.-Comment,ng at a poet planted about
10 chalna east of the main Keltic rlrer aud about
BOchalm north ol Boundary Lumber Co's loeatiou poat No. 3, and marked Houndary Lumber
Co's 8. K. corner noil No 4, thenre HO cliaina
north, thence M chalm weal, ihence so chains
iouth, tlience *) chalm eait to the polntof com-
Dated March 22nd, 1907.
No 6.���Commencing at a post planted about
15 chaina east of main Ketlle river and about
tWO milea norlh, more or lau, of Boundary Lumber i o'b Loeatiou Xo. 4, and marked Boundary
Lumbor Oo'i H K, corner poat No 6, ihence *)
chaini north, thence 80 chalna weit, thence 80
cliaina lonth, ihence 8U chaini east to the point
of commencement.
Dated March 28rd, I9CT7.
No. 6.���Commencing at a poit planted about 26
chains eaat of main Keltle river on C. P. R, Hue
!���;���- k No. 2714, and aboul 80 nhalm north of
Houndary Lumber ' n'- loealion p,,st Mj. .r>, and
marked Boundary Lumber Co'i ***. K. corner poit
No. 6, lbence HO chalna north, following C. P. B.
line block No 2714, thence 80chaini weit, thence
80 ebalna iouth, theuce 8o cbaina eait to the
point of commencement.
Dated March I8rd. 1907.
No. 7.���Commencing at a poit planted about
10ehalni weet of the main Kettle river on C P.R.
lino block No 2714. and hU.uI 80chains north of
Houndary Lumber Co'a hk-atlon poit No. G, and
maiked Boundary Lumber Co'i K. K. corner post
No.7, Ihcnce i***" chatm north, following 0, V. B.
line block ho. 2714, tbence 40cbaina went, tbenco
160 ���linlii' iouth, lbence 40 ehaim emt to tbe
poiut of commencement.
Dated March 23rd, UOT.
No. 8���Commencing at a poit planted about
JO ehalna weat from river bank and about 3 miles
���outb. more er lesa, of the lasl east branch ofthe
eait fork of the main Keltic river or about 18
milei north, more or leas, of C. 1'. B. Hioek No.
7714, ou eaat fork of Kettle river, marked Boundary Lumber Co's N. Vi. corner poit No 8, tbenco
so chaluii eait, thence 80 cbains iouth. theuce to
i-iialiiH west, thence 80 ehalna north to tbc point
of commencement.
Dated March BfitOj 1907.
No. 8.-Commencing ata poit planted atwut
20 chains weil from river bank, on the eaat fork
of Kettle river, and about 80 chains iouth of
Houndary Lumlier Co's iocaliou poil No. ft, and
marked Bouudary Lumber Co'i N. W. corner
poat No. 9, tlience 80 chaini cast, thenc 80 chains
aouth, Iheuce -So cbalm weit, thence 80 cbaina
north to the point of commencement.
Dated March 26lb, 1907.
No. 10 ^Commencing at a post planted about
20 chains weal from river bank on the eait fork
of Kottle river, and aboul 80 chaina south of
Boundary Lumber Co'i location jhiiI No. 9, and
marked Boundary Lumber Co'i N. W. corner
poil No. 10, thence 80 chaini eait, Ihcnce 80
chalna south, thence 80 rhaim west, theuee 80
ebalna north to the point ol commencement.
Dated March 2Mh, IWT,
No. 11.���Commencing al a poat planted about
1,. chaini weit from rtrer bauk on the east fork
ol Ketlle river, and about 80 ehalna south of
Boundary Lumber Co'i location jkisI No. 10, and
marked Boundary Lumlier Co'i N.W.corner poit
No-11. thenee 80 chalm east, thence 80 chalm
aouth. tnence 8d cbalm weit, theDce 80 chains
north to tbe point of eommeneement.
Dated March 2.'��lh. 1907.
No. 12.���Commeuelng at a post plauted about 12
chalm west from river bans in the east fork of
Ke'lle river, and alioul 80 chains south of
Bouudary Lumber Co'a loeatiou post No. 11, and
marked Boundary Lumber Co'a N. Vf, corner
poit No. 12, thence KO chaiua easl, Iheuce 80
eliains south, thence 80 chaiui west, thence 80
north to lhe point of commencement.
Dated March Kftth, 1907.
No. l-i Commencing at a post planted about
12 chains weit from river bank on the eait fork
of Ketlle river, and about 80 chaini aoulh of
lioiiiisl.ii y Lumlier Co'i location poit No. 12, and
marked Boundary Lumber Co's N W. corner
noil No. l:'. lhetice N> chains eait, theme 80
chains iouth. theuce 80 cbalni west, thence 80
chalna north lo the point of commencement.
Dated March 2Mh, 1907.
No 14,--Commencing al a poit plauteil about
10 cbains w- sl from river bank on the easi fork
of Keltic river, and about 80 chains south ol
Boundary Lumlier Co'* location post No. 18, and
niarked Boundary Lumbered B. corner poal
No 14 theuce 80 cbalm eait, thence SO chalna
south' thenco 80 chains west, thenca 80 chalus
north to the point of eommeucement.
Dated March 2Mb. UOT.
No lfi-Commencing al a poil planted about
10 chains well irom rlvor bank on theeastfork
nI   Koine   rlvei    ami about m chain* south of
       S.uiisil!l" ...Uth,
llss-tss-c MO s-lss.li,. mta%, thenco 80 eluln. north to
S.i.SSSS Sif  S'SSllSlllOnsTlllSSnt.
No l��.-Cisu,msMisMi,�� sis , MH rsl-.nlpsl olsonl
It PtinlliK Wit Irssn, rlvt.r bsillk On tho MM Ion 01
... " rlv.-r. ��is'l S.1SISIS1 ���� oh��ln�� wtill, ��
lts.sVi.'l.rv I.s inU-r f..'�� I.K��tls.��� iso.t "ss. IS. ��ns
l"k'lll���siss,l��s) |������1l���.rs*���*.ll.W.s-..rn.-rlwM
N,.  i   th.-,,.*.- ��i',*i,��|n. mm. iht-tis*,* JJ ;;,."���
.issilh   SlM ��' rli.lii" will, theue-i ��0 cn��lin
nisrth'li' Hss- 1'sslisl is(s-,sssiliis-lls'|ililtiul.
li.str.1 M.rs-h 'sth, l��fl
Mo n.-i*.iiisiiis'iis-ii,K ���i.��i':i.t l*l#?i��<L��!93!
ssl   K.ltlsl   l>
Bhowed them he had kept his word ln
regard to the rejuvenation, because ln
48  hours  they  had  all   become   many
years younger.
T"e Strathcona
Toronto, May 20.���Whether the public may or may not legally buy on Sundays auch edibles- as candles, peanuts,
und sundry other forms of refreshments,
has been decided by a Judgment by
Judge Morson. From His Honor's decision there Is no appeal, as parliament
In Its wisdom has vested the sole authority to Interpret the meaning of the
lord's Day Act, passed last session at
Ottawa, In the hands of Ihe division
court Judge.
Judge Morson rules that the public
may legally buy any kind of food that
any Individual members may fancy, as
the Lord'B Day Act doeB not include ,a
statutory bill of fare. The only purveyor of things good to eat that the
public may patronize ou Sunday Is, however, the restaurant keeper. To buy
from any other supplier is to bring one-
Be)f,or, at least, to bring the supplier
withiu the meshes of the law. Whether
the articles bought are consumed on
the premises or not Judge Morson
holds to be Immaterial, His Honor looking on the suggestion that a restaurateur should be compelled to engage a
stall of attendants to see that his customers eat what they bought before
they left his establishment as absurd.
He alBO repudiates the claim that the
removal of the articles bought converts
the restaurant into a shop.
Thc caBe before His Honor was that
of Mr. John Devins, a restaurant keeper at Sunnyside crossing, who waB convicted by Magistrate Kingsford and
fined $20 on the ground that the selling
of candles was part of his ordinary calling aB a restaurant keeper. Mr. James
llnverson, K. C, appeared for the defendant, and Mr. Vv. Johnston for the
prosecution. Staff Inspector Archibald,
also ln association with Mr. Johnston,
argued that the offence was created by
the consumption of the candles outside
the restaurant premises, an operation
which changed the character of the establishment.
Cannot Be Compared to Outside Study
of Human Proportion!.
"The anatomical sectional dlvlBion of
the height and weight of the human
body" is lhe scientific title of what the
Semi-ready company shortened to "Physique Type Chart." This Ib different
from the doctor's knowledge, for his Ib
Inside Information, and the Semi-ready
designers have only mastered the outside truths of anatomy. This Ib how
they can tailor to the most expensive
cloths Without running any risks of
c.irrylng dead stock and old styles.
Floods Threaten Yukon.
Victoria, 11. C, May 20.���The steamer
PrlnceBS May. which relurned from
Skagway today, reported that Ive Jams,
following the breaking of Ice on the
Youkon, caused floods at Yukon Crossing und Selkirk, at the former place the
river overflowing its banks until there
was nine feet In the roarUiouse and
group of houses there. A number of
horses belonging to the White Pass
route were drowned and a quantity of
reed stored for the use of men driving
cattle to the interior was washed away.
NeUon, B.O.
Reg. Geo. Webb, Prop.
The Leading Hotel in the
Qood   Sample   Room*.
Qtteea's Hotel
Bstter Btreet, KeUon. B. 0.
Lighted br Bl-aotrioltjr tnd
Heated by Hot Air
Lata* end Comfortable Bedroom, end Flnt-
olftHmnlne Room.  H-ample Koomi lor Comniu-
���cut V.n.
MBS. >. C.CLABKI, ProprletreM
Dead Men Tall No Tale,.
Washington, D. C, May 18.���Gaston
C. Phillips of New York and Washington, a prominent clubman, today ahot
Frank O. Mockabiee, a night carriage
driver with whom he had been spending the night. Mockabiee was taken to
a hospital where he Is said to be dangerously wounded.
Tolstoi's Works Destroyed.
St. Petersburg, May 18.���Count Leo
l.eonovltch Tolstoi, son of the famous
author, who was arrested in February
last, charged with high treason In publishing his father's latest political
pamphlet abroad, but ordered the Rus-
slan edition to be *burned and the
plates destroyed.
lloiitisUry Lumber os*. ��. W. s
theses l�� t-halu. M.t, thssti*
Successful Treatment Applied by German Doctor.
London, May 20.���The British Medical Journal tells this Btory: "A doctor
discovered a means of restoring lost
youth to women, which Is said to bo
more potent than Cagliostro's famous
penlarli' rejuvenescence and advertised
that he could in two days rejuvenate
the most decrepit hag. This brought
a crowd of ancient dames to his house.
At the flrst Interview, after a careful
auscultation, he Invited each patient to
write her surname and Christian name
and age on a piece of paper. The ages
to which the women pleaded guilty
varied, but nil ruled high. The doctor
undertook to glvo each patient thc
promised elixir the next day, but some
time was required to adjust tho strength
to the Individual power of resistance.
On the appointed day the women called
again, but the doctor expressed regret
that ho had unfortunately mislaid the
paperB containing their ages. For this
reason he said a new sot would be required. He added, casually, that they
ought to know that the oldest of them
must allow herself to be burned for the
good of the rest, ns the busts of the
remedy was human ash. The next day
the women bought back papers with
their ages on. It wns found that each
had laken many yonrs off the age previously admitted. The doctor, pretending to havo found the flrst papers,
called them to witness the success of
hla invention.    Comparing the lists, he
Alberta Farm Land
160 acre Improved farm In Alberts,
will exchange for Nelson resldsntlsl
property or Kootenay fruit land,
Baker St., Nelson.
Corporation of the City of Nelson
BY-LAW No. 1*7*7
A by-law to raise ��60,000.00 for the
construction of a Public School In the
City of Nelson, and the Improvement of
the grounds and appurtenances In connection therewith.
Grand Central Hotel
ThU hotel bu been completely renovated end
newly lurnlihed with ell modern equipment,,.
Hot water heeling throughout.
BATES : Kooma, Wc. upwerdi ; meali 25c. I
���peclml rates, by tbe week.
J. A. ERIOKSON, Proprietor
Telephone, 250.   Opposite Court House
and Postoffice. Nelson. B. C.
A Client Wants Us to Get an Offer for Two
Good Dwelling Houses on Cherry St
Owner lives out of town and is anxious to make a quick
deal.   Call and see us for particulars ; we can
make it worth your while.
Brydges, Blakernore & Cameron, Ltd*
Two of the Best Improved Ranches
With bearing orchards snd rnnning water on eaoh prop-arty.    These properties can be purchased on reasonable terms lf add at once.
Tf etnont House
���oropeen end Aserlceu run
Meeli 16 cu.   Boomi Irom 16, cti. Is IL
Onlj White Help Implored.
Baler St., Neleon Proprietors
Battlett  House
Best Dolkra-Day Hotise in Nelson.
The Ber Is the Flnen.
White Help Only Implored.
JoMphtne 8t
Royal Hotel
Choice Fruit
l Have f 0,000 hens
of the
Choicest Ffatt lands in
British Cowmrau
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
Nelson, B. C.
40 Acres Fbst-dass Froit
Land on Kootenay Lake I
Within '/, mil* of Earl Grey's Ranch.
V* mil* lake frontage. Free from rock.
Plenty water.   f35 par acr*, on term*.
S' Iss ll.
r, |). 1
. K'vssis llissl :vi ilssss. tri'iiislisls'
I;* I'sllis-llisii t'hlt-K mils���.ii.i.i-T
I �� isrk. Inr 11 ��|,s's-lal llrrnae tn Mil
"��>* lliisIsssr Iruin Ilu- li.llnwlllll lie-
ini!?,* |U H I"",! lilsslitt'il o��� lhe north
, ... V'."*r'**'k��� "t'oi.t ssiso mllo anil a hall
"" "iss*. marked K Bmnd'i niirihw.i
, ihenee eul lWobtlns, Ihsnessonu
menoeweet ii��i sham., thence north
Ut���. , ���   "'"S    SIS"   I'     SI
"" "'I. Jl.lilily ���| MarM, nun
K. s, 11 an,,, locator.
��!��� hereb
'I Is ssi' ."1    !' *'*''-'" '"'it 3" slay.
.     '.' '  l'l*'}     III    till-     II,Ml     11,., l'l,
It ni l1,-! '" '!"* Hon, ths flhlel tiomtuU-
���al |i,,*���""",""1 Work., 1,1 Victoria, lor  a
I lli�� 1        1    '"' ""(l   '*��"���>* """l* <lml""
l."",l"ll..wl���.,|u��Crn,c,ll�����,|,,i��� Vale .11.
I��> "iim"1'.i"""'''"i' " " Post plented aim
I  morn    '   ""'" ���i"*lll" river Hliil nlioill
[��"" niarkiT .'.""���"'. " **���'' lt--""'*k
1mm.nSI *' ���'<���uii.li.ry Lumber l*o'��
|>hi.*_,,'}_ "'""'���'�����"ohelni n"rih, Us
liiumi,, ,1 " m ohelni .sisith, the,,
P's'sl to... 1.   . ''!''"' "I 'snssliHins-isliient.
 r'lm,',ko,,'lhi' .H.l lork
nn I alissisl m chain. lOUttt .0!
:::: ^s, 7 I ,.*�� *' ,"i��iii- ,*����>. *_*�� s
�� ���,���,.. ii-ciicm ohelni wist, AmiH
SK Sl I," in to no- POlnl "I c..m..,oiu*o..ieDl.
Unlet March islls. IWI
Notice to Delinquent Co Owner.
| ""''iclne nl a |sssit islantesl ��li.it.t 10
I'ssslls Ks-tll" river anil nbout suits
,".r.,'����� nnrlh   ,1 im' �� ||)���,.k No
Tb, i
, thelicis
, thenue 80
''*��� M n r "l i* -J_"i i1. V * * i ?>l vt1 * """I'hohoilhont-
" l*����'i"ni"i',""J''IS"'" I'""1 plented ��bon| lo
'"' "i.sissi..' ,'''"'* rlvur ���limiL all chum.
Pteno and Singing Lcisons
Given by  Mre. Winter Every Saturday
Mrs. Winter holda ceittflctiU' from
llovnl Acadomy for pianoforte pltiyltiff
nntl HlnulnR. Corllllciitc from Trlnlly
Onlliiljn, London, Kuk., for theory of imi-
hIc Scholnrshli) of lho l,oiidon Coii��ur.
vnliilrc of MUilO for Hln��lim nnil plnno
nlnyliiK.        Address Box 796, Nelson.
NEUSOIN.    -    B. C
11..;".. v-tp. ...usi i��*;'j'��,,,;1,,rr';;;,;,;;:;,������,������������������" u,e
(-_tn.uu) Hi labour "VV���*"VA������ r t>��� Itnl.t the .nnsc
ibore ���mlnerelolst mliyi*ori, , A,., nl���i ir
under wo prov��lon��ol tin ;' '" , ���,,��� rsotloo
within tsinciy Wi tn ' ''., , "-��������� ���,
mn Wl ������������.T!*.'\""-',V.;....,.'.V,i*:.."!. iif.,.<troll Itndtwo
Mineral A'*!; IOOO
lli.V'"",""" l" I I-ocallutl No. I,     Mineral aci.s��w. .... u-jjun, ____
i s'l',1' \'"!"m ''���'��� ����� "��� �����ner       Deled et ^mlr, B. C , V0hn/'hAKBOTTLE
"���.wu io niielqe norlh, thenoe N ' '
Notice Is hnreby glv��u timt at a ueallni p( tho
Bourd ot LtMiiitwOoniinlimlonerit, to be luiiUiior
tliHoxplratlon ol thlrtr dayn, 1 lnum.l to ��pwt
[or 11 tnwmfor of my liolwl HMO06 (or the Crestou
boU'l.nt^rcNton, loUeorge Moad.        ,-   '_
IMI, May.jWff. P. J. MUXHL
Whereaa the Board ot Bchool Truitea of the
City ot Sel'on luth prepared ami laid before tbe
Municipal Couuncif ol tbe t'ily ol Nelion an M*
timate showing that ��ut*h Board require! |S0.-
uOQ.OO to meet an extraordinary expenditure lor
the purpose of constructing a public school in
the City of Nelson and the Improvement ol tbe
grounds and appurtenancea ln connection there-
And whereas auch estimate haa ticcii duly con
sldered and  Anally approved  of by the aald
And whereaa (or the purpose aloreaald it will
be neceaaary to borrow the aum oi 160,000.00 ana
to lastie debentures of the City ol Nelaon for the
purpose of raising said amount-
And whereai the whole amount of the rateable
land of the laid city, according to the last revised asaetsment roll, iaonemlllion two hundred
and sixty aeven thousand seven hundred and
twenty Ave dollars iII-MI.TMl.)
Aod whereas It will be requisite to raise annually by rat�� tba sum of five thousand two hundred
and thirty two dollars and alxty eents (f-VJ&t.eo)
tor paying the said debt and interest.
Now, therefore, the Municipal Council ot tbe
Corporation ol the City of Nelson enacts an fol-
1. it ahall anil mey be lawful for the Mayor of
the Corporation of the City of Nelson to borrow
noon the credit of the said Corporation, hy way
of the debenture* hereinafter nun tinned, from
any neraon or persona, body or bodies corporate.
wLo may be willing toadvunce the aame aa a
loan, a sum of money not exceeding in the whole
the sum of Sixty Thousand Dollars (W.iHiO.OO,)
and to cauae all such sums to raised or received
to be paid into the hands ot the treasurer of the
aald Corporation for tbe purpose and with the
object herein before recited.
2, It shall be lawful tor ihe Mayor of the aald
Corporation to cause anv number of debentures
to be made, executed and issued for such sum or
mim* as mav be MQ Hired Ior tho purpose and object aloreaald, not exceeding. However, the aum
nf -Blxty Thousand Dollars (|b0,(M0.0(i) each of the
Maid debentures being of tbc denomination of
one Tbouaand Dollara (11,000), and such debentures shall be sealed with tbe aoal of tbe Corporation and Ki ��� ued by the Mayor thereof.
��. Tbe aald debentures ahall bear date the
tlrBt day of July, 1W7, and shall bo made payable
in twenty voara from tbe aaid date, In lawful
money of Canada, at tbo offloe ol tbo Bank ot
Montreal lu Nelion aforjaaid, which aald place
of payment ahall oe designated by the aald de<
U'liturea. and shall navo attached to them coupons for the payment of interest and the signatures to the interest coupons may be either
written, .stamped, print ;d or lithographed.
4. The aald debentures shall bear Interest at
the rate of live per cent ((.percent) from the
dnte thereof, which Interest ahall bo payable
semi-annually at thu said ofllce of tbe Bank ot
Montreal lu Nelaon aforesaid, tu lawful money
o( Canada on Ibe tint day of July and tbe llrst
day January respectively In each year during
the currency thereof I aud It ahall be expressed
in said debentures and coupons to be ao payable.
6. It ahall he lawful for ibe Mayor of the aald
Corporation to negotiate and soil thc aald debenture* or any oi them for leas than par, hut In no
caae ahall the debentures or any otio ol Ihem be
negotiated or aold lor leaa than ninety tive per-
coutum (W per cent) of their value Including
tho cost ol negotiating and talo, brokerage aud
all other incidental cxpenaea.
tt. There ahall he raised and levied each year
during the currency ol aald debentures the aum
three thouaand dollara (18,000) for payment ot
Interest and the sum of two thousand two hundred and thirty two dollara aud alxty cents
ill 'i$l HO) tor payment of the aald debentures
by ra'e ititllclent therefor on all the rateable
land in the aald Municipality.
7. ItaballM lawful for the aald Municipal
Council to ro-purchaso any of tho said deben
tures upon such terms aa may bo agreed upon
with tho legal bolder or holders thereof or any
part thereof, either at the time ot aale or any
subsequent tl ne or times, antl all debentures so
repurchased shall forthwith be cancelled and
destroyed aud no reissue of debentxrea to repurchased ahall bo made in consequence ot such
"b This Bylaw ahall takeeffoot on, or after, the
1st day of Juno, 1907 ....
V. Thla Bylaw may be cited Ior all purposes
ai the "City ol Nelson Public Sohool Loan Bylaw
Done and passed In Council assembled thla
  .. .day ol 1907.
Bates $1 and $1.60 a Day.
Special Rate* to Regular Boarders.
Moat comfortsfcle quarter. In Nelson
Only tbe beet ol Liquors sand Uiere.
Tenders Wanted for the Purchase oi a
Mineral Claim.
Dealers in staple and fancy Grooerlea
Butter, Eggs.
Oamp and Miners' Supplies.
Tendera addreaaed to tbe underalltned, et hi.
otllte ln the Court Houae, ln the Clly ol Neleon,
will be recel-red up till the boor ol five ojeloes,
In tbe afternoon, ol Frtder, Mey net, IWI, Ier
the purcbaH ol the "Ullrer Champion Mineral
Claim," Lol 3i:w, droup 1, Kootenejr Dlatrlet,
which waa declared to be lorhttted to tbe Crown
ssl the lax aale held In tho CUT ol Nelaoa, on tbe
6th dayol November. 1905, lor delinquent talc,
up till June ��th, 1M6, end coat,
lhe npeut price upon the aald mineral claim,
which Includes the amount of delinquent taxe.
ausl coata at tbe time ol lorlelture, with Intereel,
taxe. which have llnce eccrucd, coata ol edver-
u.ltig end lee lor Crown Grant (US 00,) la tsl.as.
which li the leaat amount thai will be conaldered
ea e tender.
Keen tender muat be accompanied hi en ��e-
ceptcd cheque lor lhe lull amount of the tender,
payable to tho order ol the Deputy Commlnloner
!.[ Land and Work., al Vletorle, B C, et per.
Dated at Neleon, B. C, tbla SOth day ol April,
(lovernment Aient, Nelaon, B. C
Examination for Assayers for Licence to
Practice in British Colombia.
Ad KiMnlatUon for Aauyers will be held lu
Victoria ou the 27th Hay mil following itttyt
Kntntnct* for any examination imi-st be made
in writing to tin Secretary of the Board ol K_t-
amlnura, at leaat ten dayi before the date iet tor
bei Inning of examination, and muit be accom-
liauied by the prescribed (cu (|15 )
Any Additional Information <1��Hlred may be
obtained from Herbert Carmlchael, leeretary,
board of examine���, Victoria
Miniiler of Mlnen.
IH'imrlmciitof Mlnei,
Victoria, B. C, 15th April, V*n.
Notice Ib hereby givon that I will npply ��t the
next meetlM of tho LtMDM DqmmiMtpMrti
for the City o^ Neleon, to have tbe Il-.unr lleenie
oftbeBUvar King Hotel transferred ftem my-
���elf to Robert nalile), of tbe Oily of Neliou.
Dated tMs 7tli day of May, 1907.
Take notice timt the above In a true copv of
the proponed Bylaw, upon whioh the volo ofthe
municipality will be taken at the City of Neluon,
on Monday tbe aoth day of May, next, between
thehom-H of'J o'clock a.m. and 7 o'clock p.m.,
for lhe Kant Ward, at tho Council Chamber, at
the corner of Victoria and Joiiepheue Btreeta,
and for tho Went Wart-h ut tho Boud of Trade
RoomH, at the oorner of Victoria aud Kootonay
Oity Clerk.
Notloe li hereby given that the Wattiburg
Lumber company hai applied to Hia Honor the
Lieutenant Governor ln council, under thc pro-
Vlilo&l of tbe "Klvem and Btreami Act," for the
right to Improve Kykcrtu creek, in the dlitrlet nf
Weit Kooteuay. British Columbia, by removing
the obstructions therefrom and straightening
the banks thereof, and to oonitruet dams, bourns,
slides and chute*, and meko'uch olher Improvements an may be necessary for tho driving and
rafting of logs aud thc il inning of timber thereon
The lands to be affected ire govermeut lands and
Loti?M and'AY1, Uroup 1, Kootenay district, and
tho tolls that are proposed to be charged, If any,
are suoh an may bo fixed hy a Judgj of the county
court of Weit Kooteuay.  .
Dated this 27th day ol March, A, D. 1907.
Tenders Wanted for the Purchase of a
Mineral Claim.
Tendert addressed to tie nnderslgnejt, at hie
Office In the Court Houie, lu the City of Nelson,
will be received up till the hour of flteo'elock in
the afternoon, of Friday, May :ilst, 1907, lor tha
purehaae of the "Bryan Mineral Clal�� " Lot
.690, Group 1, Kooteuay IMitrtct, which wai
declared to be forfeited to the Crown at the tax
sale held in the City of Nelion, on the 6th day
of November, IW for delinquent taxee np Ull
June SOth, WW. and coeu ,  , .
Tbe upeet price upon the said mineral claim,
which Include! thu amount of delinquent taxei
and costs at the time of forfeiture, with interest,
taxes which have linoe accrued, coil ol adver-
Using, and fee for Crown (.rant (IJft.00.) u 193.31,
w hicb is the least amount that will be considered
as a tender ���     _^
Eaeh tender muit be accompanied by an accepted cheque for the full amount of the tender,
payable to the order of tbe Deputy Commluloner
of Unds and Works, at Vlctorln B.C., at par.
Dated at Nelson, B.C., thii80th day ol April,
Government Agent. Nelson, B. C
Victoria Day,
May 24th
Medicine Hat vs. Nelson
I have Jutt returned to Nelion and
have opened up at tha aame old aland,
and now ready to do all klnda of
KALSOMINING. Shop rear of Bartlett
Land Registry Act
Take notice that au application bai been made
to resistor Hush Kush Llnklater as the owner in
Fee iflnpit, under a Tax Hale Died Irom Bobert
A. Henwlfik, Deputy Assessor of the Nelson Ai-
Hessment district, to Hugh Ross Llnklater, bear-
iuk date the ith day ol Aug ihi. A. D. 1M6, of all
md singular thai eerialn parcel or tract of land
aud premises iliuate, lying and being In the
Town ol tfalmn. In the Proviuce of British
Columbia, more particularly known and described as Ut lt, Hlock ������l>1\ Towiiol Salmo,
(M ,ip er_), beiug a lub-dlvlrlon of Lot Wi, Uroup
1, Kiuiteiisy district.
You aud each of you ate required to content
the clsim ol tbe tax purchaser within fourteen
days from the date ol lho service ol this notiee
noon you, aud iudefaultof a caveat or certificate
ofli* pendens being tiled within such period,
you will be forever eitoplHMl aud debarred from
settlug up any claim to or lu respect of the said
land, and 1 shall reglitur Hugh Koss Llnklater
as owner thereof, ���. __ ,       ���     ,
Dated at laud registry olBuo, Nelwn, Province
ot British Columbin, this'ilil day ol February,
A*Dls<n* H.r.��acLKOn.
Dlatrlct Beiutrer.
Tss Msirslcick A. Hemereen.	
$1.50 RETURN
Leave Nelson 8 a. m.
Leave Kaslo   7 p. m.
Tickets os Sale at City Ticket Office
K. J. OOYLE,           J. 8. CARTER,
A.O.P. ^..Veneon-fet D. P. A.. Welaoa
In tho mailer ol en application lor the luue ol
inlmillralool tlHsOerllllratcolTltloo! LoU3en<l
4, Hisx-k va Utu, mni'k :w ami Lot 12. Block ie,
Nelnili flU (Maps. JM ansl 2HA )
Notice 1st lu-roisy given tlie*. It la my Intention
to Iisksis* a slsspllsnlis ol the Certlltceti' nl Title lor
tlie Htsssv.- lot. at the cxplratlnu ol one month alter
the flnt pulslli-iitlon liereol lu the uame ol Frena
Jas-olsv ami rmll I'ohll whicht'ertlltceteo! Title
I. dated tho 4lh day ol January. WI, end numb-
er.dl��HA. H. K. MacLIOD,
Dlatrlct lefbtier.
Und RcKlHiry Offloe, Neleon, B.c
-tth, April, ran.
W.   a.   aiL,L,ETT
Contractor end
Sole eient for the Porto Rleo Lumber Co., Ltd.,
retell yard.. KoU|h end draaaed lumber, turned
work and breckeu, Coaat leth end ahlnile,, feab
end door.. Cement, brick end Ume for aale.
Automatic Kinder. .__ ..
Yerd end factory: Vernon St.. eaal of Hall
P. o. Boa m Telephone I'll
F.C0REHI      r. P. BUKDEH       A.H.OMDI
CM Enttnecn, DomlnloB anl BitUsb
Columbia Land Sarrcron
r.O. ��eiU5   rtont 2tl B.
In the matter of an application lor the laeue ol
a duplicate ol thc CerllBcete of Title tor eu un-
dwidnl <v of lot ��cn, imup I, In the dlatrlcl ol
Koolenay (cacept part 12.ll acre, thereol.)
Notice la hereby alven that tt la my Intention
to l.auc at the oxpi-isll.sts s.f one month after the
flrat publlcailou beicol a duplicate of the Certlfl-
tateot Title for the above tn-ntloned lende, ln
the name of Malcolm aloL'ormlek, which Certlfl-
ran-1. deled the mh September, IWI, end numbered 7MA,
Undlatlatry Offlce, Nelaon, B.O., April IBrd,
Dlatrlot Bet'einr The Daily Canadian
We have  just received a line of  Fine   Canadian  Cut
Glass of Excellent value.    The shapes and designs
are new and the prices remarkably low.
!iBW����tSS'.?,Na        "       Watchmaker and Optician
iOur Stock is Complete:
M Here are two Soap Specials: *
��� 25 31b.   BARS   HOMESTEAD $4.50 \
J72 BARS GOLDEN WEST for $2.75 !
JBell Trading Co/
PKCllINtt AND OKAFTIKI1 sarsstully attend
���ed to. M'l'll*
RUtst Klue Hesti-1.
Old Curiosity Shop
It you want to buy or sell anything,
��o to the Old Curiosity Shop. A new
Une of Japanese Goods now on sale.
kll klnda of Dinnosrware In stock. Patterns.
See Us
For Good Fruit Land
io Acre Blocks to 800
Acre Blocks.
B-edrock Prices.
Easy Terms.
H. E. froadsdaile & <��
Next .Door to Bank of Commerce.
All Kindts of Heating Plants In Stock.
Victoria 8t., Nr. Opera House.     Tel. 181.
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch,
Creosote, Oils for
Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch and
Boat Huilders will flud it to their advantage to iuto our Pitch.
Nelson Coke & Gas Co.
General Job Work, Chimney Sweeping, Carpet Cleaning, Fixing and Clean.
Ing Movea, etc.
121 Eaat Baker SL        Phone No. A114
Three Show Cases
and Two Counters
Tobacconist  Biker Street.
Socialist Party meet! avers rruiav
Bvenlng ut b ii m., in ttie ft.'liiers' DnlOQ Hall
All art* invited; any one allowed to take part in
the debates,   'i. Austin, Secretary.
The choir of the Methodist church
will give a concert on Wednesday,
May 29th.
-Cor. Vsornssis and Ward Streets,
J. FBHD HUME. Prourtetor.
J. II, (jreeuflPld. V. E. Roberts. A. A.
N. Johnson anil wife. B. L. Waddell, P.
C. Fleming.  II. __��  Farrell, Vancouver;
D. P. Kane and wife, L. Hanna, G.
Strinko, Kaslts; A. F, Ssrrvife. Winnipeg; C. .1. Uunnius. Spokane; A. P.
Broolta, Seattle; J. Ross. W. Latimer.
Toronlo: g. C. Matthews, Montreal; R.
.1. McPlie*, JI. h. Cummins, Slocan.
Mrs. 0. II. -Ti'-lhewey. Mrs. W. J.
Trethewey, l.n Plain Mines;; A. I.
Sainsbury. Willnlps-g; I,. Adiinison, .1. S.
Dennis, B. G. Hamilton, H. S. Jones. J.
B, Keith.   Calgary,   F.   G.   Fauquier.
Needles; F. W. Guernsey. Trail.
\V. Thorn, Calgary; J. Cameron, Carl-
boo, T. Martin,  Ymfl*.
II.   Montgomery,   Ardnanmrchan:   R.
Little, Ft. Sleele; -W. F. Smith. Astoria.
P. Wade. New York; A. Wells, R. H.
McDssnakl, Cranbrook;  C. Moore, Winnipeg; S. C. McDonald, Erie; a. Robertson, Farron.
D. McMaster. J. Ulverton. Cranbrook;
C. Massisii, H. Moore, Greenwood
P. Ryan, Northport; J. P. McLachlln,
Trial; II. R. Robertson, Greenwood.
Wanted to Buy
We Jiave a buyer for a good houae
in the district west of Hendryx St. and
between Observatory and Carbonate St.
Prlrtr juuKl be riffht. We have buyers
for houseti iu pvery part of city.    See
Brand New Art Bell Piano
John T. Pierre, Baker St.
TWn BMAJIT HOYS-HU'udj   Witrt; gowi wa-jeh.
Apply MMM&|ar offlre.
SOOD HMAKT BOY tor delivery dfrk at CP.H
Tele*<rHi>li OffiOML   Apply al duee at office.
A 00OKKB 8PAKIEL, Water Spaniel or Umllar
mule puppy     (���.���������: OfflOfl Box >','m
AT OMOB, HHIKOLI sawykr    Kxtru *otid
WAtt**  to expert.    AdtlreiiN  W.  ll.   Kreynrber,
NUntli li- 0 , or call ut t\>- mill In NelMtn
(\><��K -Hotel. flNI.   Waltresn $*|S; nt once    I'boiie
Voir K niHti  wild Hootl pfflM experience1 leeks a
pOftaon.   Apply rox 518, Nolnon, B. 0.
EIKiEHMAN 1.11*1 a M-tter for mill at Movie
Apply at Mill, or out office Nelson, 1-orto Klco
I.tnnlier " o.
TWO FIK8T-tJi.AH8 ROOMH, itoam heated.
I>)v bouiekbewr, Krd Hat. K, W. Q, block.
BtWCH  OK KKvS.    Heturn to Chan. Long-
BIU98 COKNET, Two Bbanki b Ud a, With
QAM. For Price, Apply M. J. D. Box lias,
2 BKTTERS, :: Kdgeniieti, 8 Tallymen and
'���rnders, 1 Foreman (night.) t-lreular Huwyer,
Doggerv, Angfneerf Houm-mnn, and mill help of
nil kni'i*. Apply ih*u. P. Weill, Box 1077,
Nelwn, B.O.
Improving  the  Barracks.
The Salvation Army barracks is being
painted and tlie interior of the building
is being improved in appearance.
At Boise.
The only word from 1-Joise today is
gossip ubout examination of the fifth
juryman now in the box, a gentleman
named Deeleroque.
Tc Stand His Trial.
Dale, who is charged with murder,
will be taken over to Greenwood tomorrow morning to stand his trial. He ls
periectly unconcerned as regards the
result of the trial.
First  Picnic.
The first picnic of the season was
given by the Salvation Army last Saturday. It was for the children of the
army. The next picnic will be held
next Friday by the senior members of
the army.
N. W. M. P. Medals.
D. Jeff Steel returned Saturday night
from Moyie. He will begin work on his
properties on '41' Creek. Jeff has lately
received a medal for service in the
mounted police in the Northwest rebel
ion of 1885.
Dr. Doherty's Greetings.
Constable Wightman has just remembered that on parting from Dr. Doherty
after delivering his charge he wa3
asked to convey the doctor's kind regards to all his Nelson friends, and now
takes Ijiis opportunity of doing so.
Good Catch,
Many local fishermen reported���and
actually displayed���good .catches of
trout last evening. W, A, Ward was
probably the moBt fortunate. At Slocan Junction he caught two li-pounders,
one 2 1-2-pounder and n large basket
lull of smaller ones.
City Council.
The regular fortnightly meeting of
the city council will be held in the
council chamber tonight at 8 o'clock.
Tlnal action on the School Loan Hylaw
will dtfpepd upon the result of today's
polling. Presumably it will be finally-
passed and adopted.
Off for Cobalt.
Steve Hawkins and Jim Hickey will
leave tomorrow morning for Cobalt.
Steve Hawkins was amongst the earliest
residents of the Kooteuay, having arrived in Nelson in 18H0. Hickey came
here a. few years later and has resided
here evar gince. T(iis will be their first
trip Eaet in 20 -yeara.
Summer Excursions.
The local passenger office of the
C. P. R. has today received delayed notice of the usual summer excursions.
Beginning tomorrow. May 21st, and for
two days following, round trip, first-
class tickets, good for three months,
with stop over privileges west of St.
Paul and Port Arthur, will be sold as
follows: Winnipeg, St. Paul. Duluth,
and Sioux City, $52.50; Chicago, $64;
Pittsburg, $82; New York, $100. On
June Bth, Tth and Sth similar tickets
will be sold, and also: Toronto and common points, $78.50; Montreal, $84; St.
Jph|i, N, ��., $94: JJalifax, $101; similar
reductions to other Western  points.
The Store of Quality
The Iron Food
A combination of the Protein
Phosphates, etc.,of the finest
grain and vegetable or
Plant Iron.
Makes  a  perfect  and complete food for all.
Special fog Today
25cts get Package
K. W. C. Block . Pbnon 10.
A. M. Can. See. C. E.
Mining Work ��� Specialty.
Offlpe: Bealey Building.   P. O. Box 434
���aktr St., NELSON, B. C.
Something  new  for breakfast
Per Package
Cm Am Benedict
Corner Silica and Josephine Sta.
Qold Mould
Aod Edison Phonographs
We have just received a large shipment
of them.   Come in and hear them.
We have made arrangements whereby
we can procure any record on the list,
on shortest notice. Call, pbdne (No. 34J,
or write for complete catalogue including
new records issued to date, maki* your
selection^, hand us the list and we will
deli\er tlie records.
"Standard" Edison Phonograph $25
"Home" Edison Phonograph - $35
(With Recorder)
Edison 8g__, Records,  -   Each 40c
W�� G. Thomson
SMS*��" Nelson, B. C.
Phone 34.
Voting on the  Bylaw,
A vote of 110 polled hy 3:30 p. in. indicates considerable interest In the
school bylaw. On the last debenture bylaw for $50,000 to complete the power
plant, only 71 '���votes were polled altogether. The biggest \u\u recorded on
a money bylaw in Neluon was on the
school bylaw of 1005, which was beftten
by 101 to flfl,
Hoboes Must Leave.
The new mayor of Spokane has instructed the chief of police to give notice to all vagrant^ (0 leave that city
at once. Notices have been served on
250 members of this undesirable class
and they are scattering in all directions.
It is quite possible that a few may
reach Nelson, in which event It would
be well for the local police to ask them
to move on.
Information Wanted.
R. A. Grove, postmaster of Loudon-
ville, N, Y., has written to His Honor
the lieutenant governor announcing the
death of Joseph Oassidy, which oeourred
at LondonvUle on April 24th- The bureau of provincial Information Is trying
to Hnd the relatives of the deceased,
who are said to be residents of llrltlsh
Columbin, nnd asks the assistance of
tbe press In locating tliem.
20,000 Club.
The first meeting of the new executive committee of the 20,000 Club will
he held In thc city hall tomorrow night
at 8:30. The standing coinmitteeH, four
in number, on iiunnce, advertising, entertainment, and Improvement, and re-
ceptlon, will he struck, with three meni.
hers on eaoh. The members of the
executive committee In addition to (he
officers are: P. J. Deane, T. Ueaay, H.
Wright, H. K, Ueeaton, U, C. MoMortls,
J. E. Annable, W. H. Jones, 1. G. Nelson, E. W. Wlddowson, A. W. Dyer, H.G.
Joy and K. G. Wehh.
uiiO  It.'lnll PcRlern lu
Fresh and Salted Meats
CainpH supplied uu short-ost notice nnd
lowest price. Nothing but fresh and
wholesome incuts und supples kept in st-wk
Muil orders r-eoeive careful attention.
E. C. TRAVES.  Manager.
Coal! Ice! Wood!
Phone 265
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Frait,
Fuel St, Poultry Co., Ltd.
N. E. cor. Baker  and  Ward   Sts.
One of the Most Scenic Locations on
Kootenay Waters Is for Sale.
The property comprises about 130
acres of timber and fruit land, having
half a mile of lake frontage directly
opposite Nelsoij.
The central portion of about 100
acres, with buildings, fn\it trees, flower
gardens an llviug springs thereon,
will be sold as a whole, leaving an extensive lake frontage to the north ami
south which 1 will offer In acre sub
divisions, For price and terms apply
at my home.
George Taylor and Mtb. Taylor, Grant!
Forks, left today on a three-monlhs'
visit to England.
A. 1. Sainsbury of the Manitoba Free
PresB is in the city to write up Kootenay for his paper.
Mrs. J. A. Kelly, Fairview, will return
home this evening from Spokane, where
she has been visiting her son the past
two mouths.
Mrs. George Keya arn^ children will
leave this week fer Owen Sound lo
visit relatives. They will he absent
three months.
George H. Thompson of Cranbrook,
formerly of Nelson, wan married to Mis*
Gertrude N- 1-i-octer at St. Paul last
wenk. They will reach Cranbrook on
the 15th of June.
Seed Potatoes
We have unloaded
a car of
Early Rose Potatoes
Imported expressly
for Seed.
Telephone 1(11.
Consignment of SLATER fine
Shoes for men, both in high
and low cuts, and we can assure you they are up-to-the-
minute in every respect
royal, R. Andrew's Co.
by Kate Doughs Wig
THE PRIEST, by .... Harold BiJ
THE FLYERS, by -       -       Geo. Barr McCuci,
HALF A ROGUE,      -        -        -       Harold McC
Canada Drug & Book Co'y, Lti
Phone 81
Bargains!    Bargains!    Bargain
Our Fancy Vestings Mast Be Sold
This   Month   Regardless   of  Cost.
You can buy Wash Vestings for $1.00, worth 13.00.
Handsome Vests, double and single breasted, for 13.00, wj-tntfJ
See them and buy now while the selection Is good.
A' * SanF,Rg^sBERG' Baker St.. Nelson, B. C
New Spring Goods Arriving Da|
A complete line of up-to-date Soft and Hard Hati In Stock.
Alao a full range of Boots and Shoes.    "WALKOVER" our
Spring te Here
We have prepared for this season by passing into stock til
requisites for the rancher, gardener or householder. -Sm
Shovels, Rakes, Hoes, Spading Forks, Tree Pniners,
Tree Sprayers, Small Garden Tools, Etc.
Prompt attention  paid to letter orders.
J* H. Ashdown Hardw;
Company, Limited.
��� ^>vwv��~v^g. A. ISAAC R. W. HINTON"
Repairing Mnd .io��>Mnj*j executed with 1>��-M��w��rcri.   *Sh����* ****H
Work, Mining nnd Mill Mucliliivrv-      M��nuftic��ur#r�� " |
Om Car*,   t*t.   U.    Contractor*'  C��rs.
Spring Stock lust Opened Up|
Carload l.tnuluum* and Carpets
From UlaatKow, Scotland.
lic-Mt Qualities at Low Pr'.eea.
Standard Furniture Compact
AQBINTHI      ^^^^^^
M����sni a liinii, pusoa,
DaltnsMI Mattresses.
Mursl.sll Hmiitsry Mutireuni
Complete House Furnisbm
Undertakers,    Embalm"'
and dealers iN Lumber, Shktigm&i {
Lath, Mouldings, Doors, Windov
Turned Work and Brnck'et*. Mail Orders promptly i
 VBRNON ���TRBBT - - -  mh.non. B. C.
Launch and Boat
W�� always earry In itock and will be pleaaed to Wl**]
wants In ll��.sjafik'):&'i!(i>>
Huth uss
WllIU) Wiiste
Miami Pamts
Berrr ��tos.' Boats Varnish
Etc., etc.
Albany OtJjJ^.
Arctic Ott'Jif"   a
Vai'iiisTis M��r>"L,j "
(in one K��"0�� "
Wood-Vallance Hardware Co. Liijil


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