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The Daily Canadian Nov 29, 1907

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Iirlnk Halcyon Llthla Water.
Drink  Halcyon Llthla fllngcr Alo.
Drink Halcyon Llllila I...mon Sour.
Made from pure carbonated Halcyon
Ulhla Water. When you ask for Halcyon be sure you get It. Sold at all hotels and cafes 	
Voli'mk 2.    No. 151
*     ______ __ '-'" ���  -���'   -        ��� --
every evening    at
FlJ?TT Cbnts a month
[forecast of Anticipated
iPrcmier and Finance Minister Less
Cheerful Over Outlook���Gossip
of Political Capital.
���if Hi
Nov   -"������ ���Hon. W. R. Field*
__ .-tl] ha*.- charge <>f the Inanraaca
���vhlctj  tha  government  has
at   "i  t.> paHlamenl ami
ill)  ready f<��i presentation t<>
a l.   is  Intended  to have It
I to a 1 pedal committee ol the
I where  lis  i>r<��viHl��,us  will be
1 dl   ,11    wllli      Tin-   chief   .lo
ll,-. ..iii i,. up.,n tli,- Investment
ih.- bill. The reeomni.-nda-
lilotu ..f the insurance .���otiimisslnn in
.1 ..- embodied In ths draft
��� Mil submitted atom with thf report
I bava,    It   Ih  nn.l.-i si,���,*.
11.. 11 modified to some extent In Uie
ll. i ,1- ni.w r.i��.ned In the finance de-
..f tile changes made will.
I. nol 1... avallalile until brought
ld...ti in il    house, i*ut it la Intlmat ,;
I ..[ ihe more drastic ehangea
I by    the cntinis .imi. i  .
1. 11,    llli.sl    slielmnllsl*     b]
li companlaa, have been re-
I. . i.'w   i���  allowing a   little
I- u ihe Investment  power,
Ivhlti ..ni,- um,. ti-.- Intaresl .>i
flbl Sis uie adequalely guard
I ��� .   dalil.linK  l.y  companies
I secui i' i.s
Tin- aim ,.f the government lias been
,. correct   any   abuses   shown    hy    lhe
|. ners'  report  to  have exlated
I .     ,.l unsafe invesetiucnts or
idvandng   fundH  to  help out   si...U
I in which directors of the
I . ���.. 1.   ,i,i, rested, while al llio
I .   ... iimiecessary  drastic con-
I* inilM.sed   which   might    lend
1 ������ it... protlts of lhe shareludd-
I ''
Rebates will he mads illegal bul thi
i.t,ali> re. ommandad l.y  the commla-
1   1 11,000 tine If the directors
I*  u 1 ipany  whose scent has aired  rebate   Ih   channel   for   a   mors
..I  at  .he same time ip.it.* ns
���'������'��� ���.  .. penal (Haass,   The oompan
i.* themai Ives are agreed as to the ad-
..I   Stopping   the   rel.ate   evil
I'll   silently   !ll,j,>ot   to   lhe   penally   Silt
*'���-'���.] by the commissioners. The
ompelllng the paying of n <1M
6>nq ..1 policy holders annually Inataad
.1 everj live years, as at present, is
mul to bays heen chanted In the pre*
'���rn bin. I,, make payments compulsory
tie. . ,. 1, three ynrs It is thought
thai this win adequately overooma the
evil no* claimed to exist In the present
method   of   deferred   dividends,   namely.
���npllcatlon  of  ihe surplus earnings  of
Hi* .il.ler   policies   10   Uie   s.-.  I
11.��' business    At the same time it srlll
in... ii... objection   of   th impanles
"���'it no policy earns a surplus in lhe
'    '        II   ..I   lis exlslenee In view of the
'"'lal expense, an.I   IBS,pi<-nil.   were
��. y in pa.  to polios   b -I'l'i     "'
'" ��� n.1 of the ftrsl year a profll  nils
���"iii.i have 10 he borrowed  from tha
.,f ihe older poloy l.oi.i '
The   amendments   already made '..
'ii* New vori,  legislature to tha  pro
>lalona of the stale iliniirance he* ilia''
"I  lo   the   Armstrong  oommlttee.  anl
11   intendments now under sonsldera-
.I Albany have been carefully c. �����
"Idered, and tlie government litis proiu-
��� I bj the errors found to have existed
�� lha New York act. a number ol
'''i ��� - recommended by the Insurance
".iiimisKioneis were praotloally id.-uti
���I. .villi the clauses of lhe Now Y.u'l'
"'I These clauses huve since been
'''aimed in New York state, the govern-
''"ni having found it was necessary to
Bake similar  modifications to the new
Ottawa Nov. la Hlr Wilfrid Laurier
snd Mr melding are nol making many
public d.'ilv. ranees nn the pr. sen]
Unsocial situation. Hut It Is noticed
""11 when they do spaas they im i|""J' r
iitiribiii,. tha prevailing iiimn.-ini snd
commercial conditions t�� lbs policy of
ib" government Mr. Fielding Is t"'*iV
Ifylng I., find outside and remote cause.
lot tha tightness    of     money,  the   low
price of stocks, ihe panlckj oondltlon
"' tba market, tin* ourtallmenl of In-
duatrlal operations; tba sxtrome caution
J.f tha hanks, and the grave anxieties
"mi surround tba business situation, a
minister who linn I n cheerfully Inking
110,000,000 to $80,000,000 now raised "���
" ".'"in a  vein-  In   tSUl out   of the
Ixioplu,  In  nd.llllou   to  the  ainoiint
Haired by hit predecessors, might  H��*l
close al hi,me one reason why money la
' .re. Bankers and other financiers
heen telllnt t|u. people of Canada
��� penalties of extravagance. It is
a warning thai might well have bean
addressed years at., to the premier of
< ana,la ami   his  llnance minister.    The
Dominion government supply bills have
Brown more rapidly and recklessly than
ihe expenses of ths most extravagant
household in Canada, and every Canadian, however poor, has had to help
pay lhe hills. If hair the money thrown
to Rattan In the last ten yeare were
now   available   as   a   national   fund   it
would greatly relieve tha situation.
Mr. Fielding tries to explain why people who formerly had plenty of money
are now hard up Hut h<- could tall of
several neighbors of hlH who were
formerly hard up and now have plenty
of money. Mr. Slfton Is not suffering
from financial depression. He is a captain of finance, and is joining with oilier
capitalists In Heating a greal steamship
enterprise, A former official In Mr.
sirion's department has become a
financial operator In Montreal, Another.
who has become a member of parlla
ment and has taken up his residence in
this city. la ranked among Ottawa's
wealthy men. Still another, yet In the
service. Is said lo be amassing wealth
il, iho wesl. On., more was able In retire and engage In governmenl land
deals by which he Is supposed lo have
I, coin.,  possessed of several hundred
thousand dollars These are onlv a few
of the proteges of one minister. Around
the militia, marina and fisheries, public
works ami the railway departments an
other groti|,s of new rich men who do
DOt have to worry about financial conditions. New mansions, new yachts,
new automobiles' and other ostentatious
displays of new wealth are visible where
such government  favorites ar,- found.
Repairs to Water Gates
Are Needed
His Honor Judge Wilson is in the city.
F. W. Guernsey, ore buyer for the
Trail smeller, is at the Strathcona.
Word has been received from S. W.
Irwin that ho is enjoying himself at. Lob
W. II Aldrldge. manager of the Canadian Consolidated company, arrived
from Trail last night.
H. S. I'. Smyth, with his wife and
children, came in from Procter last
night nnd I.s at  the Hume
Kobt. H. Carley arrived in the city
last evening front the coast, lie will
remain In the clly until the beginning
of the new year.
J. A. Harvey, barrister, of Cranbrook,
arrived from the coast last night on bis
way home from the Conservative cqp-
voutlon, at which lie was elected first
vice-president of the provincial associa
tlon. ._._.
lion. Arthur Hriice. son of Lord 1-Slmu.
colonial secretary, arrived from the east
last night. His private car has been
taken to Arrowhead to wait for him and
take him tn the cost. Mr. Unices tour
of Canada was undertaken for the purpose of gathering data connected with
the regime of his grandfather, the 8th
Karl, who was governor-general of Canada and negotiated the reciprocity treaty
of  IS..,.
Council Discusses Future ol Power
Plant���Must Still Depend on
West Kootenay Co.
at the Tontine hotel. Mr. Ilryan la to
be the guest of honor, and lhe speakers will Include George Fred Williams
of MasKachum.'tts, Governor Hlgglns of
Rhode Island, and Augustus Thomas,
the playwright. Tomorrow Mr. Bryan
will start on a short tour of New England to deliver addresses In several of
the   larger cities.
Nova  Scotia  Repents.
Truro, Nov. 29.���Complete returns from Colchester show that
Stantield, Conservative, has a majority of 108 over Hill, Liberal, in
lSic bye election for the house of
common.-,, necessitated by the appointment of the late member,
Mr. Laurence, to the bench. This
, is a Conservative gain.
Victims Sacrificed.
St Petersburg, Nov. 19���The commission appointed to Investigate the
sl landing ..r the Imperial yacht Standard, which ran on the rocks off
Horseshoe on September 11, while tho
emperor and the members of his family
were on l.onrd. has handed In Its findings     l.leute. ant-Col. Konnockow is ills-
missed   and    Lieutenant    Buitanott is
placed under airest  for one W
k.   Gen-
lirector of the pilotage
era! Schetnann. -.
system of the  Finnish coast, is acquit
North  Texas   Teachers.
Ml, T.xas. Nov   It.���A large
Terrell.   Texas.  Nov.   I*.���A   large  attendance   and   an   exceptionally   strong
programme marli the annual meeting of
Uu. North Texas Teachers' association,
which began In this clly today. During
the two .lavs of lb invention. In addition   to   lln-  Usual   business   discussions.
there win ba address..:, on educational
topics bv representatives of thi
iiirni department   of   Weaning*
leading unlversltlea and colleges of
Texas.    I'n
Ison  la th.
sldetil  F. It
.flic, r.
if Don-
Conservative Committee.
The executive committee of the Nelson Conseiviitlv.' association will meet
lu iii imraltt ooms in iho ".id Fallows' blook tonight at s o'clock.
President   of   All-ertn    Retail    Dea
Found Guilty on One Count-
Penalty of $500.
Kdliionlon. Nov. 2(1.���Th
bine case was closed win
i���n delivered Judgment  llndlm    "is-
Cendant,  W
count In Uu
(In,* ol  MO*
did   omisplr
or  !��� sseii
ring  I'
verdlcl "or""not"   guilty"    In    Hie   oil..-.
.eleven counts, n was appealed to Uie
supreme court. Mr. Clark Is president
nf the- Alberta llelall Lumber Dealers
aHsoclnlloii and I" that capacity was
made defendant In the actlou.
lumber coin
i Justice sif-
ll. Clark,  guilty on  one
Indictment and Imposing n
This count Is thin Clark
to    combine   With   P.   D.
of Calgary and others to prevent
oinpetltlon   In   the   miiniifno
r lumber,   hih Lordship, in refer-
lhe   decision,   renewed   the   evi"
adduced.       There     were  twelve
i Indictment,     li
A special informal meeting of the city
council was hastily called for last night
as it. II. Zavitz, western manager of the
Allis-Chalmers-Itullock company, who
has been examining the city's power
plant, intimated to the mayor that lie
had a report lo present. Mr. Zavitz'
theory is that the friction which causes
the extreme Irregularity in lhe service
of light and power is due to defects in
ihe gates. These he wishes to repair.
admitting thai the repairs may take
from a tortnight lo a mouth, and lhat
for that period the service must be discontinued and the plant closed down.
No aciion waa taken last night. Another meeting will be held tonight at
which City Solicitor W. A. Macdonald.
K. C. will be present to advise tlie
Mayor Gillelt presided and all the
aldermen were present. The mayor explained the object of the meeting and
called on Mr. Zavitz.
Mr. Zavitz stated that his close In-,
spoction of the plant extending over a
fortnight had convinced him that the
governor is not defective, but lhat all
the friction and resultant Irregularity
In the supply of power are due to faulty
adjustment of the water gates. He proposed that these be removed, repaired
and readjusted, which would not take
more than thirty days and possibly considerably less. Of course, Ihe plant
must be shut down in the meantime.
To the reminder that his opinion was
the exact reverse of that of the company's expert. Arnold Pfau, Mr. Zavitz
had nothing to say.
A long, informal and Inconclusive discussion followed. Mr. Zavitz contended
that the city should hear at least a part
of the expense entailed by closing down,
because alterations are required also in
certain parts of the plant of which the
city has accepted delivery, the supports
of the main shafting, the bracing of the
draught tube and anchoring It.
The members ot the council were not
disposed to admit that the city was in
fault In any particular, and the city
electrician. It. A. Brown, stated that
even the defects mentioned by Mr.
Sa-i: ��� ��� ild all i>e r medled within 'en
days and he saw no reason why altera
tions should require mote than a fortnight at the most.
Mr   Zavitz then withdrew  and   L.  A.
Campbell, manager or the West Kootenav Power and Light company, who
was in the eltv all yesterday, was requested hy telephone to attend the meet
Meanwhile the future of the plant
was Informally discussed. It was mentioned tbai tbe Canada zinc oompany
wauled a service of 860 horse power,
will, probabl) a largely Increased demand In the near future, and thai tbe
eltv should consider ways and means
of adding n second unit nt once.
l. A. Campbell then
reply to a question slal
pany could and would supply power to
lhe eltv In emergencies nl the rale Ol
Sir, per horse power per annum in addition to a retainer of 11.000 par year
for holding his plant available for such
"'.'lie'iniiv or added an explanation lhat
such retainer bud been agreed upon between  himself and  Mr, Campbell early
'"tIio council then adjourned till to-
nl "hi at S ..'clock when llll mailers connected with the plain will again be .lis-
cussed nnd a .le.iidon reached.
Bryan Invades New England.
New Haven. Conn., Nov. 89.���The visit   of William J. Hrvitn to New Haven
today, to deliver the oration at the dedl
nation of ihe Bennett memorial toun
tain, was made lhe occasion ol a big gathering or Democrats rrom all parts ol
New England, The dedication exercises
took place at noon, Mr. Bryan making
the presentation ndtlresH, and the acceptance being by Mayor John P. Stndley,
on behalf or Ihe city. This afternoon
Mr. Byran met ln conference many
members of the New Kngiand Democratic Progressiva League, who were called together by President Alexander
Troup of this city. Tonight the Denio-
I cratlc leaders are to attend a banquet
Secretary  of  Grain  Dealers  Puts   Yield
at  164.000J)O0  Bushels���Two-Thirds
is Still Unmarketed.
Winnipeg, Nov. 21).���The total yle'd of
all grain In the Canadian Northwest Is
estimated at lG_,9SSG,���t)i) bushels, according to the clrcuar Issued today by F. O.
Fowler, secretary of the Northwest
Grain Dealers Association, showing the
position of the crop on Nov. 15. Tho
yield of wheal per acre is put at 12.9
bushels and on a previously estimated
acreage of 5,013,544, makes the total
wheat yield 64.C75.000 bushels.
Mr. Fowler makes the oat yield per
acre 34 3 bushels, and with an acreage
of 2.375,030, the production of this grain
aggregates 81,395.000.
Barley Yield. v_
The barley yield Is estimated at "26.3
bushels per acre and with an acreage
of 663.833, the total yield amounts to
16,795,00 bushels.
Flax, with an acreage of 105,050 and
an average yield per sere of 10.2 makes
a total crop of 1.071.500.
Farmers Have Much.
An Important feature of the report Is
that Mr. Fijrtfcr's estimate shows that
of a combined yield of 146.070.000 bushels of wheat and oats, only 33,855,000
bushels have as yet been marketed,
leaving the enormous amount of 112.-
215.000 bushels, in addition to a large
percentage of the barley and flax crops
y*.t unmarketed.
The Movement.
The movement to date has been a
fairly good one. but owing to the fact
that the harvest was a month later
much more grain has been moved than
on the corresponding date last year.
The movement on Oct. 15 last year
amounted to about 33.01111,000 bushels,
and this Is the only date with which a
comparison can be made on account of
the late season.
The following table give, particulars
or the disposition ol Ihe crop, the remainder unmarketed remaining In the
farmers' hands:
Wheat   Marketed.
Inspected   1S.417  cars 19.700,000
In transit (not tnspcctedl.
In store at country points.
arrived  and  In
il tbal his Com-
Total 29-S40.000
Oats   Marketed.
Inspected   1.S00   ears 3,240.000
In transit  (not Inspected)    815,000
In  store at country  points....    150.000
Total    4.015.000
Mr. Fowler estimates that 4S per
cent, nf the crop will grade No. 4 and
under, leaving 62 per cent, of contract
shady mm
Auditor General Disputes
Contractors in Quebec Have Big Bills
���General News of Canada
From Ocean to Ocean,
Ottawa. Nov. 20.���The third column
of thu auditor general*- report, dealing
with public works, railways and canal.I,
trade and commerce, and the secretary
state's department, was presented to
parliament. Corresuondence with the
public works department reveals the
fact that the auditor general means reducing by over $50,000 the accounts of
the contractors dredging at Sorel. Another account of $14,271 Is in dispute
between the railway and canals department and the auditor for work on the
Soulanges canal.
Ottawa. Nov. 29.���The government
annuity bill is practically the same as
that which Cartwright introduced in the
senate last year. Its purpose is to encourage thrift and saving among the
working classes of the country and give
beneficiaries an annual income after
they have reached the age of 60 or 65.
Ottawa, Nov. 29.���About a hundred
guests attended a select dinner at government house last night. After the
toast of the king had been honored,
Laurier drew attention to the fact that
the day was Karl Orey's birthday and
proposed the health of His Excellency,
which was drunk with enthusiasm.
Mr.  Hyman Tells San  Francisco  Press
That Government  Has   No
Definite  Ideas.
Montreal. .Nov. 29.���F. H. MathewKon.
local manager of the Canadian Uank ot
Commerce, who was stricken with heart
failure as the result of his horse running away Wednesday evening, died this
morning. Deceased had been for yeans
a most prominent figure in Canadian
financial circles and was looked on a*-
the logical successor of Alex. Laird
when the latter should retire from the
general managership of the Canadian
Bank of Commerce. Trior to his ap
pointment as manager ot the Montrea"
branch of the bank Mr, Mathewson was
for thirteen years manager of thfl Winnipeg branch.
Ottawa, Nov. 29.���In connection with
the proposed enlargement of the railway commission it is underslood efforts will be made to obtain tlie services of the second vice-president of the
C. P. R. and David 1'ottiuger. general
manager   of   the   Intercolonial   railway.
Ottawa, Nov. 29���Mr. Wright, M. P.,
South Renfrew is the author of a bill fix
ing^the hours of adjournment of the
house of commons. Wright says the
house should adjourn at 10.30 every
San Francisco, Nov. 29.���Returning tf��
his home In London, Ont., from a tour
in China and Japan, Charles Smith Hy-
mnn, former Canadian minister of public works, arrived here yesterday on the
steamer Korea. Ho said that the Jan-
auese had no hard feelings against Canadians on account of the treatment ol
Japanese at Vancouver a few months
"I heard very few expressions of hostility either against Canada or the
United States. There have been In-
ilammatory articles, but the mass of the
people did not seem to attach any seriousness to the various race out-breaks."
Do was inclined to think that tbe
Lemleux mission was largely an experimental one, for the Canadian govern
ment has no idea in advance of what tt
was prepared to grant and what it would
8,707 for Occob-tr la-it year. Immigration
for October from the United States,
4,171, comparecr^with 5,022 for the same
month a year ago. So fa ��� this year the
increase through ocean ports is 45 per
cent, and the decrease from the United
States 8 per cent.
Edmonton. Nov. 29.���According to a
statement compiled by the provincial
government there are twentv-three coal
mines operated in the Edmonton district with a total approximate output
of 2,320  tons per day.
Ottawa, Nov. 29.���The Conservative
senators and members held a caucus
this morning and organized a committee
for the parliamentary session. C. L.
Owen, the new member for East Northumberland  presided.
Ottawa. Nov. 29.���Nosso, Japanes consul, has received a telegram from Vancouver regarding the number of Japanese who are to hold passports to the
United States and whom the Canadian
authorities, it is said, are unwilling to
allow to land. Government officials,
however, say the refusal is due to the
medical examination. The United States
reiuses to allow anv immigrants to land
before passing a medical examination
and Canada is now exercising p recall-
tios. Hereafter no Japanese Immigrant
can set foot on Canadian shores until
he has passed a medical  examination
Toronto, Nov. 29.���A meeting of the
board of directors of the Dominion Bank
was held at the office this morning for
further reorganization of the Hank's
staff. Among the changes is the ap
pointment of L. W. Hamber, manager
of the Calgary branch, to the managership of the Vancouver branch, to be
opened in a few days.
Arbor Day in Tennessee.
Nashville. Tenn., Nov. 29.���Arbor
Day wos generally observed throughout the State of Tennessee today by
the planting of trees and by special exercises in the schools.
Torrens Commission Hearing.
Albany. N. Y., Nov. 29.���Whether or
not the Torrens system of registering
reulity titles wfl be adopted in New
York depends largely upon the result
of the hearings begun hy the Torrens
Commission here today. A number of
persons api>eared before the commission to give their views on the system,
which is claimed Xtf Iti? a_vocafes to"
simplify the transfer of property and
relieve home buyers of the burden of
exorbitant rates for searches and lawyers'  fees.
Police   Court.
There were two cases in the police
court this morning. One that of a stranger charged with disturbing the peace,
and the other a German charged with
personating an bfficer and disturbing
nnd drawing a weapon. The first was
adjourned til! this afternoon, and the
latter until tomorrow morning.
Church Entertainment.
The choir of the Methodist church are
practising for the Sunday School Christmas entertainment. The day of the en*
tertainment has not yet been decided
Montreal!. Nov. 29.���A. W*. Grant, one
of the largest butter and cheese exporters of Montreal has suspended payment.
Ills llabilitic-s are estimated at  $30,000.
Hamilton, Nov. 29.���Hugh Murray,
grnnd seoretarv of tlie Grand I^odge of
Cannda A. F. and A. M.. and one of the,
best known masons In Canada, died snd-.
denly this morning at his home, aged ..rj
years. He was taken suddenly ill ut'
ills office Monday but It was thought
the Illness was of no serious nature
He leaves one son and four daughters
MacLeod, Nov. 29.���Tho Liberal con '
.'ontion for the new constituency o.
MacLeod, which extends north within
six miles of Calgaiy, and west to the
boundary of liritish Columbia, was held
yesterday. On the first ballot nine
names were brought forward; six of
these retired. On the seond ballot A.
It. McDonald, of High River, wns chosen
as the candidate. Senator Talbot oe
cupied the chair,
St. John, Nov. 29.���George Fair wen
ther. the 18 years old boy who cut hi*
throat Monday after being summoned
to the police court on a charge of
stealing coal from the InterccVmlal
rnllway  compuny, died  at  midnight.
Prices of Mstart.
York,   Nov.   29.���Silver,
191(0.;  lead. $4.76.
London. Nov. 29.���Silver, 2��-/&d.; lead.
��10, 5u.
} -eth bridge. Nov. 29.���Two municl
pal bylaws, defeated a month ago to
gether wit It a bylaw to spend $80,000
on boring for natural gas were carried
yesterday by a large majority. A plebiscite asking whether the electors were
In favor of buying the nresent gas
well for $13,000 was answered In the
Quebec, Nov. 29���Flre Ihls mor.Tini;
destroyed the tompoujry premises of
the Quebec Telegraph on Fi-brlquo
street The Ions Im between $20,000 and
$30,000 which Is covered by  Insurance.
Ottawa. Nov. 29.���The total ImflOlffri
Hon Into Canada from April 1 to Oetober 31. 1907. totalled 811.15s., comtmved
with Uil.562 for the same period In
1900. Immigration through Ocean ports
for October was 13,697 as compared with
Hume School Report.
The attendance at the Hume school
for November was: 1st division, enrolled 29, average 25; 2nd division, enrolled 55. average 47; total, enrolled 84,
average  72,  percentage,  85.7.
The following pupils made perfect
Division 1.���Freda Bullock, Nellie
Balding, Tomv Halegard, Arthur Maur-
or, Murdo McLeod. Rhoda McGregor.
Edith Gilchrist. Bruce Gilchrist. Elizabeth Lynch, Thorwald Hansen.
Division 2.���Ella Brown, Syd. Dcstr-
eau. Vera Gilchrist, Esther Habegarde,
Freddy Hartwlek, Doris Hodgln, Leonard Jackson, John Jerome. Tommy Jerome, Angus MrU'oil, Bertie McGregor.
Gladys MclMiee. Myrtle McPhee, John
Martpils, Grace Maurer. James Ring-
rose. Walter Rynan. Jack Morrison.
Gladys Rental!, Willie Rendall. Willie
Reid. Agnes Philborg, Chnrlle Peterson.
Beatrice  Peterson.
Liberal Organizer Gives
Flat Denial
Disclaims all Knowledge of Election
Activity of Hen Charged
With Conspiracy.        '
Toronto, Nov. 29.���A portion of the
sordid story of John Garrett Pritchett
in connection with the ballot switching
and illegal election engineering In various constituencies of Ontario, met with
a Hat denial tn the London bribery case
before Justice Winchester yesterday
afternoon. So far the story of corruption and crookedness which Pritchett
told In the police court a year ago and
In the county court within the last few
days go undisputed.
James Vance, ex-Liberal organizer, denied certain statements that were made
by Pritchett. Vance, who Is a witness
for the defense of four men aharged
with election conspiracy, stated he had
first met Pritchett ln North Hastings.
The latter Introduced himself but had
no credentials. Vance said he had
nothing to do with him. in fact even
went so far, according to his own testimony, as to warn people against Prit-
chet He had never met the man In
South Ontario as alleged by Pritchett.
The crown prosecutor closely questioned Vance as to what part, if any,
the four defendants had taken tn the
North Waterloo election, but no evidence was forthcoming as to their having done anything.
Irregulars    Again
Armenian   Villages
Ha. Wrested Carrying Trade of China
Const  From  British, German and
Other Competitor.:
Constantinople, Nov. 29.���The lawless
activity   of  the  Kurdish   tribes  in  the
Kurdish   districts of  Bszeroum,   BItlis.
Van Kbarput and Diarbekir Is causing
lively concern at the porte, particularly
as   the   foreign   embassies   are  urging
that prompt measures be taken by the
government   to   prevent   possible   massacre  under the protection  of the  notorious  Ibrahim  Pasha,  who is  known
as  the  DcBpot of  Kurdistan.    Kurdish
horsemen are making raids without discrimination. Turkish  villages  suffering
equally  with Armenian homesteads on
the plains around Diarbekir and Jezire-
hibn-Omar.    Sixteen villages have been
pillaged    and    burned within the past
month in these districts, and eight villages In the Sert districts bave met with
the same fate.   Several of these villages
were composed entirely ot Moslems and
tn most capes the lives of the Inhabitants were spared, though they were deprived of all their possessions.    There
is a scarcity of food and fodder everywhere.      The    missionaries  are  doing
thel*- best to mitigate  the  misery, but
outside heip .s urgently  needed, if the
danger   of   a   sever.,   famine   Is  to   be
averted.      The movement  In   favor  of
autonomy   ls   gaining   ground  In   Asia
Minor     as    the     popular     disaffection
against the Constantinople government
is very strong.   At the same time there
Is a great degree of loyalty among the
Moslems and ihls constitutes a powerful support to the present regime. Press
messages are being held  In  which the
removal of Ibrahim Pasha le being demanded.    The  porte  sent troops  from
Karput against    the    refractory  Kurds
and it will endeavor to Induce Ibrahim
Pasha by   frloudly   persuasion to come
home.    Some  Armenian  villages  were
shelled recently by Turkish troops and
six Kurds were killed.
San Francisco. Nov. -W.���-That Japan
Is not only planning to outdistance tbe
United States In the struggle for the
commeret' of the I'aclllc but has already
driven the Bteaniship lines of every
other nation out of the Chinese trade.
Is the statement of Harry 1.. Paddock.
U. S. consul nt Amoy, China, who arrived here yesterday on the steamer
Kora on his way to Washington.
"The Japnm-se have captured the entile ocean carrying trade of China from
Mmig Kong to Shanghai," ho said. "The
Hritisli lines, which some years ago
moAopollSB* this business, are dolm;
nothing: the same Is true of the Herman lines. All have succumbed to tlie
comiK-iitlon of Japan aided l.y the lo'.v
pay of the crews."
Meeting of Historians.
Cincinnati, O., Nov. 29.���A conference of the Central Ohio Valley Historical association began today at the University of Cincinnati and will continue
over tomorrow. Arthur W. Dunn, ot
the Indiana State Historical 8oclety,
presided at the or.< nins session, and
papers and addresses were presentod
by Reuben Ooldthwalta of the Wisconsin Hlstrolcal society, Archer E. Hul-
bert of Marietta, E. O. Randall of the
' hlo State Areheologlcal society, Mrs.
Jennie C. Morton of the Kentucky
State Historical Boclety-, Virgil A. 1-ewls
ot the 8tatc Department of Archives
and  History  of Weat  Virginia,  and  a
i     ,.  ,       William    Thill'��� v
Foulko of Indiana ls to address the
members of the association thiB Slon-
Is*.  s--.J
'!   |
I   :
���-. ���'��
I ! "
;    r-t     ���$
'-,    ���'-' I I
i I
1 I .
. '
i i! 1.
Tub uaHy Canadian
i j[m__s
Clothing*    Gents'   Furnishings
and Boots and Shoes
Is beginning to arrive.
In about another week we will be able to offer full lines
in these goods, and can promise you the best value ever offered iu the city.
In the meantime it will pay you to await their   arrival
before making your purchase.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Offi.:e:   Toronto.
Capital Authorized   $10,000,000    Capital  Paid Up  . . .
K pjest    $4,860,000
D. R. WILKIE. President.
HON. ROBERT JAJ.FRAY, Vice-President
Branches in British Columbia:
Interest  allowed on  deposits  fn m date of deposit and credited quarterly.
iNBusorv bhanch J.   M.   LAV,   Manager.
The Royal Bank of Canada
Incorporated A.  D.  1869.
c    !tal    $3,900,000     Reserve  Fund $4,390,000
Unexcelled facilities for the transaction
of all  kinds of Banking  Business.
;CIAL ATTENTION given to the
Savings Bank Department, and
Interest credited Quarterly on
Savings Bank Accounts.
on Application, in Large, Medium
or Pocket Size.
Nelson Branch, G. A. SPINK, Manager.
Published au asy. s wees Dy the
Baker St.. Nelson, B. C
Suusirlpllnu rate's. Is. ueuls a moiub OaUven-
in tlie eiiy, or J6.U.J s year I! .cut by mall, wbeu
psld lu a'lvanec
Adv-rosin. rales on api.llcallon.
All monies psi.i lo Mttlemant ol The I.slly
Csus-la.ii soooonu, uttaai i." n.l.-'re'."'. "
sdverllsiue. musl be raoelpUfd lor on ll,. pruned
lorma ol ttu Company. Other ruo'lpts are uo.
Friday.   Neovember   29,   1907.
Both  political parties  in  H ���
umhia   have   recently   beld   provincial
conventions,  and   both   in   ihe   city   of
Vancouver.   The conventions were held
about six weeks apart, the Liberals bai
Ing chosen ihe time at  He   pro.
exi.usitii.n ut New Westminster, which
always  attracts  a  great   many
from ihe Interior ol Che ooaal and ther.
fore makes the data "i ih'   Pair a con
���/anient time fur ihe holding ol oonven
turns.     But   in  spite   '..I     thai     otrcum
stunce ih.- attendance al ""   Conserva
tlvc gathering was more than twice aa
gieut as the Liberals were able to mu��
Nor is 'he whole dlfferenci   between
the  character    unci    spirit   uf   the   t��
conferences exjilieul.le  l.\   lelerenci
the numbers in attendance  merely. As
the conservative  delegates   return    I
theli  local  associations  and  report  on
the meeting the Impn salon given ei  I
where is une uf perfect concord and en
thuaiumic confidence in  ihe future   ol
the  party, and  in  Its  abiltt-   al  ever;
opportunity to give effect to Its policial
which are known to be   those   uf   the
.great majority of the people ur British
The Conservative convention uf 1901
will be notable lor many things. N<>
the least, perhaps, ls that it marked
the disappearance of the last vestie
of sectional Jealousy. Undoubted]*
Boine apprehension was fell by mem
hers of Interior associations ai ihe mi
Ing thut no proxies should he permit
ted. The coast, constituencies were
able to send full delegations, and Van
couver Island  uml  the  Lower Mainland
representations made un mure than
two thirds of ihe attendance, Hut it has
not boon charged by uny one thut any
��� ���������������������������������������������������������������#������*
A E.62 I
Tickets for sale for the Tuberculosis Ball November 29th. For       >*
sale al60 at Canada Drug and Book Co.    Tickets $1.00; Supper _0c.      ���
| J. J. WALKER |
��� ������������<������������������������<*>��������������������������������������
attempt was made to take advatnage of
their numerical superiority hy the coast
delegate! Interior aaBodations have
received a lair and reasonable proportion of seaii- on the ex'-cutivt.*, and the
next convention will be held at Kain-
under similar circumstances
when ai; un- advantage in convenience
will  be  wiili the   interior  members.
Hut while it is extremely gratifying
that ail local jealousies an- Forgotten
and the part) la united and harmonious
Crom 'tie Crow's Nesi to the Pad���.c, u
is the work ol th*.- convention that is,
after all. the most Important matter.
At every convention there are a cer-
:.iin number oi resolutions v. t,��>_*_��� adoption under normal circumstances may
b* kakfiD foi granted. It may usual.y
be assumed, tor Instance, thai a part)
convention will vote confidence in the
part) Leaders, and that it will endorse
. neral policy ui the party.
Bul the Conservatives of British Columbia did more than that. .Strong as
��� position taken iii,> by K. L. Borden and his Jullowers in tlie Dominion
ti. Id on the issues lhat confront the
Whole ol Canada there are special
elements of strength Ln the policy of
the part; ai applied to the conditions
obtaining in the west and especially
between the Etooklea and the Pacific.
Hritish t'oiumi-ia has been flouted
by the Dominion Government in respect
o( three questions of the very highest
One may concede all the difficulties
created by thS sudden increase in tlie
volume of Asiatic immigration. It may
be granted that It was unexpected, but
:.\:-u mans.lip sin mid anticipate dillicul-
tlea, nut wait till they have developed.
Tin* Chinese question is nearly as old
at white settlement In tin- province.
Thut. lias been regulated in response to
what appeared to be the almutst unanimous wish of the people of the province. The Hindus, as liritish subjects,
are a cluss apart, and there will be no
inclination to blame the Dominion government for what Is beyond its control.
But the danger of a .Japanese invasion
was foreseen, a Dominion minister paid
an official visit to thut country and on
his return recommended the rat ilica
lion of n treaty which permits tin- entry of all the Japanese who cure lo
(���utile. Practically the only part of Canada Immediately affected by their coming is Hritish Columbia, yet there was
uo pretence u\ consulting the Interest
or   the  wiuheu of  this province hi  the
matter and our representatives at Ottawa were  silent
In spite ut the undertaking of every
Liberal candidate in the last Dominion
campaign that the construction of the
Grand Trunk Pacific railway from the
Pacific coast would begin immediately,
nothing has been done yet. Because
the provincial government refused to be
"held ui��" for further large concessions
the province may wait until th e railway corporation is ready and it Is evidently their intention that the work of
construction Bhall afTord the least possible benefit to this province. And this
is the work of the company which is
almost entirely financed by the Dominion government and over which it
claims to   have unlimited control.
The Question of Better Terms is too
familiar to require statement. It is
patent to all that the only hope of justice i* in the return of a Conservative
These are the great issues before the
electirs of British Columbia and on
every one the attitude of the Conserva
tlve party is unassailable, is thoroughly
well known and is endorsed by an overwhelmingly majority of the people.
Certificate  of  Improvements.
"Biir Hope Fraction-' Mineral Claim, -situate
iu On* Trent Lake Min.nit iMviiioti, 01 West
Ko.ii'iiay   I'lBtrii't. Local**.!   on    I'oplar   creek.
9ake notloe gb-l I. ��'. Padio? F��e Hmo* I
UertlBoate Ho. BWWi, mun" wi'Ibvi* from Uie
date bereol to apply to tbe Mining Reoord. i tor
M < erbl-oate oi unprovemente tor thr pu.i-i-e ol
obtaining ��� Crown Grant of the abort* Cla m
Aud further lake Untie** that action under
-.-.t mn   :r.     miiBi    li,J   com men- ed     before    the
Lstmaneeof bqoo Certlfioateol improvcuu-uti..
Intt.-d thll ftth day of October, iwn.
(j   TAPLh^ .
I ii tbe mat ter ol hii appl i'-al ion for the inane of
a duple au* t .TUilcaU* ol Title (or part (-.'. icrei)
uf Lot slit. Group one. in tin* Diatrict ol Knot* nny
Notice ti hereby given that It ii> my intention
to IsaUfl al the expiration ol one month from the
brut pub licaifon hereof n duplicate <f the 0����
lilieu.li- n( 'Mile for the above hni'li- in the name
..l Andrew Morrison, which Certificate of Title
i*. dated tbe ..th day of Man h, mm, and nu to-
be red attSK,
Land Kef*.t<try Offlos, Nelaon, B. 0.tBSptembSI
ISth, IWl.
"H    K. MacLeoii,"
Plalrlci Kegittrar.
Nelson Land iMnlrict. lMnlrtct ol Weal Koo'enay
Take DOtlce that BolomOO Wilkinson, ol Nelson. B*'. occupation liimliermati. luleii'l*- IO
apply Ior a special tlm her licence over th** to!
low I ni*: dcMsrihed   landn :
1. Comment tug at it poHt planted un the north
hank ol i-iiinmlt ere,.*- about two and n half
mile* from lu* mouth, thanes north 40 chaliiH,
(.hence cunt IHO chains,   thence   Houth   -10  chalna,
thenoe west inu chain-..
Dateutfitb November, I9tr?.
2. Commencing at n pout planted on an un
named creek which fh.w*- into Hurnuilt creek
Irom the south at a point about two ami a half
mllea eaat Irmn the north fork of Summit ere* k
aald pout being placed about tlirt-tM-uurlurp mile
upHueli unnamed creek and alnnil tim) feci to
the i-HUt thereof, thence eaat 40 clialim, thence
aouth 160 ehaltiH, thenee weat 40 ehaliih, lhein-e
north IWl rdialiiH.
Dated llllli Novemtier, llKfl.
B. Oommenolng at a pom planted on an ut -
named creek whleh AoWl Into Bsmmlt (treat
from the Houth at a point about two auda hail
mllef er.Ht from the north fork of Hummit creek
at a point about three qUaztSH mile up nuch
creek ami about ����i feet lo the eaat thereof
thence nooID LOO cIihihh,   thence   west 40cb(tliii*.
ih  ncc north UK) Ohaini, m..  unJ in .-ii.. .N ���
Dated l'Jth November, 10**7.
4. 1,'ommuindtiK at a poal planted on lite northeast aide ol the north fork of Summit creek
about lout inllis*- from the junction of the north
fork with the main Kinnmii oreek* thence noiiUi
8o ohalna, thenee weet �����*. obalni, thenee north 80
ohaini, thenoe eait mo ehaina.
Dated iMlh, November,  ]Hi.7
SoTiiMON Wii.Kl��aoN,
by QhOBOS Voi'Nii, Agent
Nelnon baud Diatrict. IJ i.i I rid of Weat Koolenay
Take nollce thai Cbarlen O. Keuder, of ipo*
kane. in the Htate ol Wftflhlngton, O.'B. A., lln
anclal am nt, Inienda to apply for a special tIm
ber licence over the following denerllMid lands.
(1) Oominenelng m a posi planted about HOo
tei-i .�����.'.i ni the west fork ul Mlualou creek, oin
half mil'   uortb of the luteruatlonal bouudar/
line,  about u*:i m    - eael of Bykerta.  u  I
thetice  aouth   4o   i baina,    to   the   UBt��l_atlOB_i
boUU'tary line,   theli   ���    WOlt   -'0   Ohaini
north 40 ehaina,   thenee   east   UHi  chain*,   to   ihe
p<dut ol oommo���oement, aud eoutatuiuie 640
acrea, more or leaa.
Located the 22nd October, a D   1*01
I 'HAH  *.*-1 ���. Kkkder.
(ll)   Commeneing at a post  abet;:   half a mile
east of the weel fork ol klualon ore* ���*-. iboi
and a   half   miles   north   of   the   inteniatn-tia]
Imundarv lim*. abtnn '��� n   mUet  eaat ol _yj     ���-
h  C . thonoo west hi chaina, thence nortl   B
chains,   then-e   i>nM m       :.��   UI    then   I    Booth   HO
chalna to the point of commencement, and containing mo acrea, mors oi   ���*���-
Locaied the -.-ml daj ol Oetober, A.D     -
i iu���j k- g  Oaanam.
(:f)   l'oniin**U('lug a; .. j.,.*t on the iine-um n.n
al boundary Line one mill aaetol thi aaat fork of
MIsmoii   creek   about   111   milea  eat-t of   Uvk-rtv
B C., thenoe eael 40 chalna, thenoe north i*
*:haiu��, thenoe SO ohaini ..������m, iheno* t^irhaiun
���outh,thenee40 ohalne east, thenoe m ohaini
aouth to the point of oommenoemeni and ton
tun..im* 640 ecrei,  more or .i"-
Loeated the SSrd day of October  a b . 1*1*07.
( HAK.Lh Q   KjEKiiEE.
Nelnon Land Plstrlet Dlntrbt ol Weel Kooteuay.
Taae notice that I, W   A    Htilw.n.   of .-p..kane.
Waafa . ooonpatlon timber truiwr. tttieittl t�� ap*
ply lor a apeoial timber tloenoe oTer theloUow-
hiB deeanbed Landi. commenclng ai ��. ;...-1
planted on the mirth haul; ul Bnmmit oreec, and
markeiiw. a Hndeon'i B �� oorner, thono��
north 40 ehaina, tbcnoi ���.-��� ISOohaina, thonoi
noil, h 40 chalna. thenee weel MO obalna to toe
point of ciimnii'iii' ment, eoutaiiiiiiR Mo aoraa.
unite or lei*
Dated Nov. J, 1907. W. A   Hi HOS
Nelnou band IMatrtOt   DlatrlCI ol ffoMt Kootenay
Takt?   notice   thai  W    A    if.i Sou.   ol   Spokane,
Wash,, oooopatlnn timberoruleer, Inte���di toap*
ply for a special titnt-et ItOO���00 OTOT the tl
Iiik described lands: ' ouitn*���iieiug at a i��>-*t
planted on the MUth banl oi the north ton ol
��� 'orn creak, thenoe aoutb 4- ehaina, them. ���.*.. -s
1W ohalne, thence north 4" chalni thehoo -am
lim chtiiiiH to it..- point of i-omiueiit'i-merit, cou*
laimi.K 640 acre-, mo re or Lew .
Dated Mot. Ath, 1991. w.a. Hoveos,
Nelson Land Dletriot  D strict ot Wwel Kootonaj
Take notice   that W   A   Hu-Uon. ol SpOkaOl
Waab tospation timber oruleer, iotenoi to ap
ply lor a special timber licence orer thoioliow
nu* deeorlbed Landi; C'ommencing at a pool
pUntod on tha eaal ii le   f ihejsonth fork of the
north fork ot torn creek, tht ncenowlh mi   bain*,
thenoe weetl ��� tiue, Lbeuoe north eo obalna.
ihence eael no - baini to thi polo) td oommenoo
ment, contain ing 640 aorea, more 01
Date.I Nut   ��� ��� w   A    BvVtkOU,
Belaoc L��nd Dlitricl Dletriot of Waal Kootenay.
Takenotioi .\   a   Hudson, ol Ipokane,
v*a*,h., oocopation timbei i ruleeft InU i d*. to ap
ply tor aapeclal timber liceno- over the follow*
log Heeonbed Landi: UomJaaneiai at a pom
planted about >ihi feel north of tha nor'.li
lork irf Con, creek thenoa lonto w> ��� balna.
th- nee weat he chalni, theuce no ib s-iU
ohalm, thenoe seal W obalna to tba point of
commencement, OOOtai���log tito acren, more or
Dated Hot  '-..���' w. a. Ba	
Ncin.,1, i,end Dlitricl |Dtgtrtet of Weet lUHrtsoey
Take notion Umt w. a. lludtc.n, of Spokane,
Waah.,ooanpatinn timberoraleer, intend., u ap
pi) Nn H neciaJ timbei Uneoce orer thi I
log deeorlbed Landi; Commencing, at a p-u.
planted abo ti - **��� ��� north ol tbe north fork ot
Corn crook Lbeuoe north no chain- thanee weel
90 chains, ire-1.1-, outh So chaliUi thenoe eael SO
chalna to the point o. commanoemeni oontaio
|ng 540 Scree, mnre or leaa.
Dated Koi   6th, 190V, W. A. BVOBOH
Nelson Land  Dletriot.   District oMVest Kootenay
Take n.un.   thai   V\.A.   Ho'lnou,  of*-**polane.
Wash , occupation Umber crutai r, tntenoi to ap
plr for a apeoial timbei Iteeno* orei ing lollon
ing  deeorlbed  Landi    Commeneing  at a poet
planted about  SOU to I  north ul lhe north fork o(
Corn creek thence louib BOobalna. thenee east
no chain*- thenoe noun m< chains, thenoe weel N
chalni to tbe point of oommenoemest, contain
Um I.ic aires   more or lew
'iaie.1 Nor. Bth, 1907, w. a  Btmoow
Nelaon Land District    District ol Well Kootctmy
lake in.nee thai w  a   iiihIi-oii. td Inokana,
Wash., occupation timber emitter, ItttenOI to appl) toraaperial timber licence overtha follow
lot* duorlbed landa: Commenolng m a post
planted about nuu feet norih of the norih fori of
Horn rjroek, thenoe nouth BO obalna, Uu noe west
BO ohalna, theu e north 00 ehaini, th*moe eael BO
chain., to the potiu of commencement! oontaln*
tm I V  aorea   more or Ichh.
La-e-l Nov   tilh, 1U07* W. A.  Ht-pan*
Nelltui Land Dlatriot   District ol Wept Koolenay
Take notice lhal   W     A.   lludaoh,   of   Hpok.iue,
waeh., ooonpatlon timber cruiser, intends to apply lorn npefiiii timber Licence over the following deacrlbed lands; '-onunenolng at a pont
planted ab tut 90 (ael north ol the north foik ol
Corn oreek- thenoe louth no ehaina, thence eael
ho ehaina. thenoe nortb ho obalna, thence went ho
ehalns to the point of cotiimemeRieut, containing 640 aeres, more or less.
Dated HOI   t.th, 1U07 W   A. Hinaoi*.
Nelson Land DlgtrlOt.   1'lnlrlct ot West koolenay
Take notloe thai   W,   A,   Hudson,   oi  Hnokane,
Weeh.    iipalion timber cruiser, lnleudn Io up
ply lor a ipeola] timber licence  over   the follOfl
Iiik deeorlbed   landa:    Commenolng al a poat
planted on the nouth I,ink ot Die l.ialu Corn
1 adJutnll-K timber llceiiee No. 1078B,
Mitb 4o ehalns. Ihence west Ino '-tin Inr-.
eh. . north 40 i halns, thence east 100 cie Ins lo
it* point of coin in ncc men I, OOOt���lnlng 010
r* h, more or lest,
Dated Ror, 7th, i��u7. W. A. Hi dsov,
Notice In hereby given thai **.i 'lays alb-r date   I
intend to apply Co thi Hon Ohlefcommlealooei
of   i.ui,lis  tout  w orkn for permission to )nin has*-
ib-* followlnf deacrlbed Landa. iltuatod in  weet
Kooiena*. dial riot; Commobolng at a poal mark
ed I,*, name   an   Initu 1   poat  of   the  Houth   Fork
branch, one hundred feet from the lunciuui oi
J/OH|   oreek    With    ihe   nouth   fork;    theuce    out
Miiarler mile to ihe north weal corner pun, thence
out mile  to tbe  uurthetut corner pom, ihence
Iu unlet  to make room and j-L-t ready for our Cliristmsis business, we w
ave a Special clearance sale for one week commencing
l: ye'   Heavy   w,.:l   : low .   n galai
r...      35c
l.n.ll. ���' Caabmi n  25c
Children'.  Wool   MH- and Olovei  front
15c  [.air  up
Children -   Union   V.   I     and   Drawer*,
Children'. Black Wool from 35c
i ll Hdr. ��� Color, d Velv. i  I "            eoal
Chlldr n White Ih ai   Skin cms from
$2.00 up.
All   WI  ������ .    la.   ��� ' ���  fi     .'i.l dr. ti. hall
White SI,  rli Rob.
W'ih.I   Hoods and  Toques 25c  ��� ;,< li
Ladli it.   Rhii I   WalsU   rege
ind  12 00  quality,  al   75c
I. ������������  Nifchtdn ���   ..i
U   !    |     U     foi    75c
nd $1 oo.
I ... -:,.      ,     ,.
All   l.i.iln s    nnd
Children's   Win
ter Coats   at
CoNt Price
Bar^uin.,   in   all
Styles of
Ladies' furs.
I'.e sine and See
our Special
Counter full of
Odds and Ends
from   everv    De
partment.     No
Winter Goods to
be  carried over.
will be sold re-
Kardle.s of cost.
i.ihi:,.��� mack \.-;..i,,siii;ii,.11ii���.r|J,0(1���1
i iidrrhkirtK.  racnlar |1"5 anaut.
|"      *i id
Bargains   in   Uidl.-s'   Wool   ShiriB  and
Ladlee' l.r..H�� SklrlH. malar prtcettM
and   ��4 21,. sale  price $2.oo .art,
Mines   Skins  at Oosl
Plain   anil   Fan,.      lOxad    Wool   Dim
floods at 25c, 35c 40c
All   Wool    Iim-sk   Plai.lB,   TS,   quality  at
60c >a.,l '
Bear -Skin CJoth nt Etodnoa* nrlou
All   piiinn.-i, ti,-h  and  Wrapperettej n
Bala pricea.
BllderdowB   Flaini.-l   50c  yard.
Wool   BlanJtatl   In   <Sri-y   and   Whit,, at
Mil; pik-.s
W'.miI   ComfDItatn   from  $1.50 .-arh up,
Bargains   In   all   Stniii|H>.l    Limns and
I'aiH'v   Work
ItarKalnw in I-ariles* CaBhlncr.. and Silk
You can buy a io-acre Fruit Rancli  iu   the best   fruit-growing district
in British   Columbia by paying   ?io down and Sioper   month.
Even ;is au investment this is worth consideration.
Fruit Land has trebled in value within on year.  What will it do next year?
WAI<[)  SIRI'l-T,  NBL80SN
on. -'1'iarter  Uille   to   the rttnittieaat i ..riier  po*
lh*'IM ���' Olie Illlie to    Ih.   [.:.. i- of i oin iii'Iie. men
JUMSTi lain" Uooetad t>y Wm   cokhou.y
n. laon Lmni District   lu-trieiot in'fDi;Kooti'm
lak.    Dotioa  tha*    J,  i   iiarlef B���my   l..-ar)    ol
BartOO Citj, H   C . "i-.i,, patn-ii farnnr    Im-ii'l la   j
appl) toi psBfmisaioii to ptuo_M�� the toliowing ,
lleod:   i <im,i,.-i ."'n-j ni n ]..i-' ptenUM
a It Ave allW   ii,i'tbwi-��l   from   the   nn-ntb of
Mi-ii-uilo i nek ami nits* a   .i ' i      -    I   ��� DOI
ooruer," thanoe muUi in cbaliM. Uwnce we-1 ��vi
ehalOl, 'tosi*. tiorlli -*i. bain*, thetn.- .->.-t io
< naiiia io   point  ot coinnit-ue.-un ul. containing
ivtc iera_
-    I-'    Tlh.lHn. I'HAHl It-*  HlDHEV   l.l-Ai".
K��latO_ 1-ati't 1'thttirl.   DiStnOl of Went Ko-.n nay
'ii.k. notloe 'iim H   WllUemt. opoepetloo ran*
I    -  lln. iti.'��. ���> cupel in; runt
K   B   1'    p-iij \ Hi.   ih .-ii pat imi   ltmile-rn-.it i.     all   M
er, fi-1     Inieod  le *- ppl) toi ��� ip�� ��� lei tun-
bor lloenee orer tbo toliowing ���i*-*- ���      i  lendi.
CottimoDring   ata  poat about three rnllei eaat of
WiloooGreai dd eoatb oboreol s-oot-saay  Lake
Ih' ice lOUth SO OhOJ-M Ili'IO'e eio-l *v��� i'lialiis.
theni ,-iiorils gDOhOilU, theme **r*Ml **��� KOlni LO
-rotllt   of   i'"lllllleneeinellt.   rotltiilUiliK MC   a.'r.*^.
more or toffl
���N-pieuit-or aith, 1IW7. H    w II.UAMJ,
ll. H. Hai-tim,-,
B B  P Hmytk,
*.  -V-%.   Sl- tfc    T_   It.    ���%r-%--%-^-%^%"%-^^%-%^.^%*%-%^^%/%-%r%-%^%%%*%>
COMFORT     *S[��j
h'.,.     mail,
hi.ard   of   il*   ��� *
,-sj>...-l:.lly   t"t '"*���
���noe       lliail,'      rsjn-ri......    "���>   ��� j
when   Uu-   ��.'t   weather ta !l"r'  t
Mad., in men's and Woroeni ����J f
i air I' rn. nnd Pull Doubll B��" |*
44-0 I
Price. Women's  *"'3V
Men's    -""I
,   ANDREW   &   CO.   Proprieton-i
********* *******************.******.*****���**** ***      ���
���"���loon [-ami Dletriot inmnctot wwi Kooteneir,
lake   iiotb-e   Hint  I.John   Jam."   ' anoroii. ol
Fernic. H r. oouupetlon  oontreetor, tn tend to
appl)   Im  h-M"  ml  lillilnT    l.eelliie    o*. <r    II.e    lot
towtng doooi .i<*ji lonAi i
No i CommonaUtg nt �� po��t platuod about
throe   mil"**  from   ihe  e*g|   loop ��.i  ih.-  H    *\
"o" t in rn II)  ,nii   'arroll   creek,   ami   u'l join tug
a i M B,w oorner pott No i oielm, markoq
������J.j.r.  n. w    oorner   ih*��i,"  ttwnoe eeat  nu
chain**., them i --iiitli HO . liMiua. thente w.-i-t HO
ctiMlim. thenee   north   nu ehaliip t..   Ilo    ptOOO   ol
eommenoemeni contuiniiiK M0 aofeo, more or   I
hi.i.-.l t.ctober _ith, 1��I7
No 2 Commencing at a pout i.iimte-i abonl i
two end a half mil.- mini tbe weet loop ol tbo I
h 'Houthern Ky <>u hmdhII giHM.ni omptrlng
into tarroll l'r<. k ami Uifkod " J. J. ��� N W,
Oorner    POOti"   Ihence   Month    HO   obilQg,   IbOQOI
eoot 80 cliultm, th.-uce norih HI) chain.,, thence
Wait SO i-biiln*. to   the   point   ai   comiueu''euieu t,
con'Bin iu-' t>m noroa, more or h*hb .
Detod Ootober 30tbi latn.
No   :t.    i ommeiiciin*   ut   iinnt   planie.l   ulanit
��� me hall  mile   from   tbe   WOOl   loop   of   the H   Q,
Boutbern Hy . on i itrooll aroek marked "J J. O,
N   ������   inr mi- poet, ihence louth 80 phaloa, tbi noe
eaitMohalne, thenoa north ho onalns, lb	
wea, hi* ohaini to tbi place of ooionti noamenl
��� <ui'.iiii mn mn aorai, more or [egg.
Ituleil 'mtober _Uh, lwa.
John Iamm (.amkhon, LoOAtor,
KeUofi barni ibKtrit't. Dlatriot of Wggi Koolenay,
Take nollee that 1, Alejunnbr .lom-ph MeCool.
of Kernle, 11   C . OOCUpatlnn, bote! keeper, lutein!
to ipptj   loraepaaiaj  timber Uoe_oe over tbe
���oliowiiiK deeorlood l��n<.*:
No i.   Gommanolni ai a poM piniiieii a bom
three in Her*   from   the   H   0.   Houthern   ley.   went
loop on OarroU eraak, markad -a. j im. h. k.
oornar poeti" thenoe north Kn obattUi thence
weet80ohaini, thence aouth ho ohalne, 'benoe
eiiHt Ml ehillin- Lo lhe place of coliiuieiiei'iiieiil.
i uum IniiiK iHU aerer*, more or lean.
Dated October 'ifith. I9u7.
No. i ( nmuienciiii- at a poot planted about
one ami a half mile from the we-m loop of the
11. <;. Houthern Ky. uu a hihiiII Mtreaui ruuiiliiK
UttO Carrol! Creek and marked "A.J M N.��.
corner pout, thence nouth HO obalni, theiu-e cant
hoehaliii" thenee iiurtli m chalnr*. thence wenl
HDchaiiiH to the plaOg of comiiicnccnicnt eon
laliiliit* -.I- acr.ot, more or I oh**.
I bt led Or to la-r itlUh. I tin.
No 8   Otmunapolng at a pout pleated about
Lwuuiflefifror.il the weal loop of the M. f. Houth
erh Kv. on Carroll creek, marked 'A. J. M. H K.
comer pont," thence went Hii chain-*,, r h. sn e
north Ho chalni. thenee uant an chalni-, thenoe
Mouth HO LhaliiH I'ontiiiu.iiK MO acrei, more or
Dated ociohei .-/.ib. 19U7.
ALgA_wi.au Jo-ki u MyCwL. Lotaloi.
Wo ciiit.v th.- lin.'Ht Hni'H of Fum-y
Worsted!, Cbertota, Vc-ni-iiaiiH, Scotch
.iti'l   lliail   '!'v\.".*(Ih  In  tin-  west.
Kvt r> i-ariii''ul is >'unr.int.i*-'i.. tO '"- in
111"'   UC   I    'nitict    ruHtiton.
Notice Im hereby ilvan thai iho nn*
derslgned have submitted to ths Ltau-
|, nam Ooyi-rn"i* in-���'."uii.il a proposal
unit r the Rivers and Streams a.i fur
Um clearing and removing obstructions
Hum Hi,. DiiluiinH Oreek (otherwise
known as si\ Mile Cn i to In the Dl*
trlol *>f Wesl Kootenay, Provlnoe of
British Columbia, und fur making tlie
isid oreek in  for ratting and    driving
i. reon logs, Hmbi r and lumber, and
foi erecting and maintaining .lams on
the said creek, and tor constructing
and maintaining booms fur holding,
sorting uiul delivering iocs and timber
thereon,   and   for   atiiichltiK   hounis   an
R  nay   Lake   ut   the   mouth   of   Huld
Tha Ihii.Ih in be affected iiy such
work nr,. Lots 7X7. 788, 7801. 777S1, 4:iim.
��411 ami 8418 all in Oroup One, Kootenay District, and other landa not Crown
Granted, occupied or Improved,
The toiin proposed to bv charged are
toi.-li uh iiuiy be tix.id l.y the Judge of
ih.. County  curt, of  well   Eootanay.
Dated tin" 28th day of October, 1 ihit.
TI1-.  I'OllTO K1CO   L.UMBBR   COM-
I*-V**.Y.   LIMITKO.
������COMPANIES   ACT,  18��'"
Notice is hereby &**_��*w^
Miller, of the town of ,"',,',��������� D>
man,   has   been   a|,|.oliiie.l ' 0,lW
i���,,���.y    ���f    "The    KluiHW-"""'"'
Company." ^   ^ woqtt0N|
Registrar of Joint ��o*k C^*
Vletorla, British Columbia, Ocwl*r
Certificate   of   Improvem*^
Hslinali river. Oil *,r��lK  Maun.-'
(���"���r,i,.r lor . ''--��,";?,'.' crowsO***** " '"
II,.. purlins, nl  nlilsllilUK   ' ro���" .-,
abnv.. .IhIiii" .     .   .,,._ ti,.t srll."i; UIIIU.
Al���l   llirlla.r   tslo'   """",,.V.l   I..-1**.*'ttlB
....���Una ��7. inn.l I,.; .'"ai" ��� ���.,.|���,.liu, , B_ee
The Daily Canst..-.-
This is fresli-kilkd poultry and will give you
every satisfaction.    ORDER NOW.
More supplies arriving later.
P. Barns & Co., Ltd.
kaslo, Rossland Boundary
Coal! Ice! Wood!
Phone  265
Yale Kootenay   Ice, Fr-att,
Fuel &. Poultry Co., Ltd.
N.E. co. B.ker   snd   Ward   St..
I i-jtrict   Distrust of Waat Kootsatf
liobeaia Piavee,   t ���tfrnaebo't-g,
.;  woman, intend** lo apply
I. ���,   p irt-hane the toliowing de*-
-T '..iiiiufticiiig at a p-'M planted at
...-'.   t�����   BOrtb   iKiuiidar-f ol  l.ot
ll* -.ii'l Uu   eael   bounuary   ot   Lot   No    Hit*,,
riialna. mora or laaa. to the aorta
rimber Limit   No. WH, tbanoa
-���   , ibenci weal to ehaina, more or
:-    ot   <ft hatatiau   Ink*,   thanoe
in   a   aouiherlv   and   weiMrly
batne,  more or   !����������  m the Inter
-���   tbaOQatV ehatnu.  more or
���.���-,. r!y   boundary  ol I-ot RIM to
i    i   .tn.tit.
t�� r   1807. If-.AHaT.U_ I'iku'-x,
Y  >i_ FangrtiK, ��*-ent.
^(���liMiii Land      - mot    luitrict ot Wtmt Kooieim
;   .,:.',������  1    til .lohn   Htilell, of Nei-.lh-    B.C.,
f.   IntOadl   to   apply   tor per-
...->���   the toil owing   deaorlbed
L, ��� .-   at   a    peal   planted    at   the
Ol   Lot   7WB,   theme   weit   *W
���I. u ciiaino, thenct* eaat40
���ib bo ohalne to the point of
'.���I  ' i.ntaiulug Sit* aereB, more
. ���. aa jamkc hiheix,
F, (i. F*i'ufiKa, Agent.
- tut   uihtrict oi Vfast Kootenaj
Tali Dottr-,    iial   Angue Mo-UL ot lhe City <>(
... Ji leman. intend-, to apply tor
���   - lw ic   [olUiwIng oxacribad
t'i.  t-1  r   pet planted   at  tne
llonieou'i iuiu h. in  Yx r
���    uo  .li    ortv   (*tu)   chalur-,   thenc
I     i halua,  tbei.u**   inuib  torty   (40
���    01 tf (40)   chal-atf. olnt 0
nui,;     Mil  nn mining    one  hundred
SO) acrea, more or lean
Died ���*. j.i< .ob. r 2nd, IS9I.      abocb KoQU i.
l-Hflr-nii Uu ! 1 ��� i- - in. lUMriet ol Went Kootuiiay
_   Takl imi...  thai 1'hillp BrookHbaug.oI Nelaon,
������ mii-'iiiT, intend* to apart (or
I pui iiaa- the following deeoribad
| lomuieQQing at a xtonl planU'd on  tbe
ppei  iVhatahau (f-arlb��ai) lake, at
���   lot Bint thenee wen fli chalna,
���  MUlliM  * sir-ins.   thetice  cat   20  chatni",
tbi    ihOte   ot the   lake,   lhenoe
ing tbe mid abort*����� i-halun, more
.   ���   i-   ���<   eniiimenceuiuiit,  containing
I ���      r lertk,
���'��"      ,i  i.itb, mn    pamjr Baoomaaaa-.
I      - itrlot.    inalrtetof Wttil Kooteuay
I Tikt* notim   that  HiiK"  Castsna. el Altona,
I Maiiliiihn. farmer, lutendn to appi; loi
I n pUroblM the   foUoWlnf   n wee rlbed
I mt-'. ('���JimtOt.nclng at t I"-**H plailted a.mih I
I tr\ru mn.". irmn tbe luiMith of M-..*-*'nitto OfSSk,
I of  thU     applll atloli   and
��� '��� *���       U   i     N   l    oornei      ami running nouth
I ��� ;.���   .. -,.,. -' ifoebetna. tbeaoe north99
boot., eeetMohalna t" imiiu of coin-
* 'iiiiaiuiiiK oin aeree.
baled ;mi|, day of AugUM, mi".
Ilfiio CohtKWK.
ahiiik A. Bi.b.ok, Ageut.
nd DlatrtOU   Ubdriri ol Weil Kootenay
i  .Taki    notice  thai    Frank   V.   ttantan-    oi
I *'..si.li.!,a.   broker,    inland**    to     apply
��� nu iii. 1'iiiitaiuiug Mo a
Ditwiaoto day of Anguat, \WI.
nun f, hut-man,
'-���    ,
In.- hai
��l Arr.
ii   \   ,
l-l'-ANa  F, HtKMAN.
Akiiii  g A     lb  inor-..   Airetlt
trlQI     U.Birnst ol Went K".*tenay
nnliee that Y. F. i-urden. iietinu a* gaenl
Hurden, ot  Poktok,  N. H . oooupelioo
Lntendl  to  applv   for  pertnlNnlon   to
'" the toliowing dweribod landa:   Oom-
��� ��� ai ti poet plant *i no the eaaterly abore
''   lake ami about   Iii ehaini* north Ol the
'���nier  ol   lot   ftlU,  thence  eaM 90  obalna.
lortb in ohaioa, more or leaa- to the ink'-
uu nee aoutbweati rlj along the laxeahpro
laiim of oonunanoea ont, and oontalHlni
��� ��� more or lum.
Nor em bet mtb, (007, .Iamk* It  HennitN,
F. I*   ii'MU'cs, agani.
����ion L*nd Dlatriot,  DUtrlot of wu*i Kootoua]
J��ke not lo.   that   lUeatandar   J.   MoQool, <t
'""���   0   r , oecnpallou chrk,  lutetidh to appl>
���ermleelOO  lo  purehaae   the  tollowluK   >l
to] ,,-
',''''��� ��� ���'��� i i    commenolng atapoii pleoMdon
u'1' "oil ihi ii boundary ot B 0 aoutnern n-nii
*"> riKht ol way, aboi*,i one and a half mllai
"Mterly (rem the aoxcbvegt corner ollOtwlS,
��"'��P 1, Koopmay, ihence houth WI ehalns,
iin��� ti,-,. ,.������, ���,, ,.iltt*l|((i ,(u nQB nilI|h mi ehalns lo
'"Uli.ru bouiHlarv of Hiibl righl-of-wir , theuce
Dnim    '''������-���"���" abiiiK mii.l aoutherii  htinudary !������
i "m ni   aommenoantenti   and containing auO
;.""��� roore or leu
"'ll' t November ��tb, iwr;
ALKXANlirK J     Mc'OiU .
���Jj**��� '"ici Dutrlot. Digtrlot ol W��gi Cootanar.
:��ki' uie   ,.   t   ,i..hii .itmr-i qamrr-o, ol
I.'.-   "i  ,    '_Hh      '���      '   ���    "PUpiUlo"  -<ntrai-
;, i Ill,'nd �� P'T -��r peinUium to
! . l'^> ��� b- uw, i .n.ed l nu; um
 ' V1K   "   *  1'��"���   pniiite-l   on   lhe  hotiihern
ehtrj   ,f   llu,   ,,.   ,      H���u.hern   n-j.li I "f w n y
' ' l,;"''ii.'iim weM-riv  from  iiies.w ooroer
,,. '" ���'���"���l. iiroup 1. Roiteuay, thence * 010*0
elm ''   viX*t   w   cb.iliiH,   thetiCf   ll-*rsh'*o
riiri , i�� tlu' --ouiluMn lioundary of the lal I
,.,,,"' ������'���>'. 'hence we**lerlv   along (odd   lOutk
('oo,n,ln,ll*ry of rightoKway t<�� the polnl oi
hi i.vv    !etno*fli| aud containing B40 aotMi more
u*-l0d November 9th, 1U07.
_ ,1   iin Jam iv ('awhon.
V- C. GPLLN       F. P. UURDER        A. H. GREEH
c'vi1 Engineer.) Dominion and Britisi.
Columbia Land Surveyors
iU. box Ui    rhooe26lu.
$10 DOWN
We offer you bust fruit landtv,
beat terine; best location; best
climate. Absolute    titleB.      You
d<>n't have lo use all of your meant*
In iiayiug for land. We want you
to put lt into development. We
alao have tracts of 50 to 6000 acres.
prices and terms the best. We own
theae landa aud handle nothing on
If you don't see Fruitvale you
miss the best in B. C.
Kootenay   Orchard
Ward Street, Nelson, B. C.
2 lbs. for 25c.
Joy's Gash Grocery
Cor. Josephine and Mills Sts.
Certificate   of Improvements
������I'm,>n" Mineral t'lsim slluste ll. the Nelson
Miuln. I*tvlsl,,ii. ol It..- W,*st KtM.teuay l.lstr.ct
WI,, ,.. I t,i,t,-.l: on I'.-s.l Mttuutsl.i M H...1 s
hall .���ll.-s irom Nsison, B. .;.
Ih.. iniu.-<. il.al I. ** A Ms,..l..iisl.l. acting ss
as,-tit lor HiiK-li Snili,.rlsu.1. -"ret- Ml.i.r's rer-
ull,su. N,i Bi:..-'**., lut.'ti.t fti.lays Iri.m ll,,- ,lstf
l��� ,....!. to apply to ll.*- .Mlliii.K Bswdu l���r h
r.Tlltlcst,. ,.l iiiipr,.v,-i,���.|ils, Inr the tn.rnose ol
..tilsiiilti. s t'r.iwti ..r���tii   ul  tlie shi),.' lab
Aii'l   Itirlher ts.e notice that set...... un,ler
Deotlon 87,   musl   be  DOBUnWlOM   ltel.tre   the  Is-
suK-ce ul .... h .'.run. ..i. <��l liupri.veiii.iii*
linle.1 llusailr.l <tsv el s, pt,....t���-r. A   li . ltsn
W. A    MAtll.ONAI.il
In the Matter of    the "Land    Registry
Act" and Amendments thereto.
ln Ihe mailer nl an applifutii.ti lyr Ihe Issue ,il
a-lupliiHl,-ul tin- remit, ale <��( Title lor l-ols
-Mi. I. 2803, r.1,1 _'. '-..    Croup 1, Kt.olrnay   ll i.l net
Ntilli e I. ttercl'V Kivell that l! is my IntetitH.li
UJ Issue M u*e . M>'.r,itl,>n Ol on. month from ll.*1
tlrsl i.utilieHluiu here,,! a .Int.lleHte ferttfleel. <>l
Tllle tO l.'e ���l,,.ve ,1. serllel IhU.Is. ill III." llftMie..!
June. Ku.l.rt.k K..l.erls,,li wl.t.-h r.-rtlti.-ale is
.I.I...I ll... I'lh .lay ,il AttKiisl, lhtlH. slid Is I1UUI-
bored 1HJ6-S.. . ...
I..HI.I Keststry Oftlee, Nels.iu. 111'.. Hist ol
AllKUSl.lU.n. H.l". M.tll.K.il,.
IMslrlel Keelstrar.
Xoiic,. is hereby ilvan thai tbe un-
daralcae* persona have mail., application under tile provision* of the "Ll-
quur I.l. SUM Act," 1900, tor Hotel Licences ut the places set opposite names
John Marshall, Marshall Hotel, Kit
Kie.l    Adle,    Fort    Sbcppard    Hotel,
(J.  T. Snow. Outlet  Hotel,  I'riiei.'i.
0. B. Burgess, Bdna Hotel. Patterson.
Archibald    oi  Uavls,    Palace    lloiel.
Ymir- ,   ���   ,
.1   W.  Mnsterson, Ytnlv lloiel. Ymir.
B.  M.    Peters, si.    Charles    Hotel,
John   Breau,    Oosmopoutao    Hotel,
G   S. Coleman. Waklorf Hotel, Tttir
Siiiiniel Miller, Miller Hotel, Ymir.
Louisa MePeuk. Blrflar Hotel, su-dar.
Win  QosneU, Grove Hotel. Palrvlew
Malette *;  Johnson,  Kootenay Kails
Hotel. Blooan Junction.
I   k   Hunnex, Mersey Hotel, Bne.
K.  BS.    McAitlnir,    Northern    Hotel,
"a""' Mend. Creston   Hotel, Creston.
4.1ex   McKesson, Kile Hotel, Krie.
Joseph Walker, Brlokson   Hotel, Ki-
IckHOIl. ....    v     ,
ir.lllli (lllle. Vain-Oliver Hotel. > llllr.
Win   llntv, Siilino Hotel. Halmo.
Geo   Munro,  Munro Hotel Creston.
A meeting of the Board" of Licence
Goran) Isslooers, ��lll be held to consider
such applications, at ths Oourl House,
.,, Nelson, on Monday, tha 1MB day
oi Daoember, 1B0T, at the hour of 2
o'clock in ll,.* .,l'..'.'..-mj   devitT]
Chief Licence Inspector.
JMbIbou, B. C, 16tb November, W07.
R.   G.   MacPherson,   M.   P.,   Enlighten!
the East on Subject of Asiatic
On his way east to attend parliament
R. G. MacPherson, M. i*., at Vancouver,
gave an Interview to ihe Winnipeg
Telegram. The date of the interview
was Ttjt'Silay, Nov. lidt.h. '���RobV plea is
lhat then* was a tacit agreement nullifying the formal treaty with .lapan. This
will probably be news to Sir Wilfrid
Laurier. "Bob" is, according to hiins- If,
tin* mouthpiece or 90 per cent, of Brltiah
Columbia. As a matter of fact he probably represent*, the average Intelligence
of tbe mosl ignorant section <>r the east
end of Vancouver. His light on the
Oriental immigration Ik as follows:
'"The rlifflcully in Hritish Columbia In
regard to Oriental innn.in.tion is not
a question of labor but a race and color
prejudice." This eras tha opinion em-
phutieully expressed by K. O. MaeUPber-
Bon, M. P.. of Vancouver. "There has
1,.. v. an ��� ii'istuou influa of Japanese
during thf l>a:;l year." continued Mr
Uacpberaon, "and they have been coming into Hritish Columbia in the proportion of ten to one to any other foreigners. It would not have been long till
We were ousted from the country���five
jrears would have done It nt the rate at
which they were coming a short time
"There was a tacit agreement with
.lapan that, only 480 people should conn-
to thiB country each year. Some of tho
Japanese claim that thla agreement was
nullilied by the treaty made wiih Great
Hrftain, but this is not ro. Most of the
.lapan-*.-*** would conn* via Honolulu, remaining there for a week or two, and
thus evade the charge of coming direct
from Japan. If tbe agreement made by
Japan has been kept in the letter, it
certainly has not been lived up to in
tbe spirit.
"I do not believe there are more than
10 per cent, of the people of British Columbia would desire Oriental immigration. But this 10 per cent Is very influential and can make Itself felt in
many ways. These are ihe people who
ride in Pullman cars and can make
���hemeelves heard, and deBire cheap
!ulK>r Hut the vast majority of the
people of British Columbia are alarmed
today at the situation. There is a deep*
rooted national antipathy against these
r.-Mpi*. Bupnose 6.000 were landed in
Winnipeg today and you ���n-?w that 2,-
OOti more were coming in a week, how
would you feel about It?
"It is all right for you to have the
G-rmans and Slavs coming in here:
they are white. Perhaps they will not
go to the lieutenant-governor's tea party,
but their children will. You can't do
that with Orientals. An Oriental is an
Oriental til he departs from the face of
the earth. W*e can't afford to bring to
our countrv peoples who cannot be assimilated. Something will probably be
done���ft must be done durinp. the coming session. The commlssinn--r of tba
Dominion government, ttcKenxlfi Kin^.
is at present investigating ihe books of
the Canadian Nippon -company, which
was largely instrumental in bringing the
Japanese to this c* untry The report
will perhaps be made public today as
to what persons were actually behind
the  great influx of Orentals."
*rOMP.\NI_S   ACT.   1897."
Canada, i
Province*  of   Ihitik-h   Columbia.   \
No.   407. .   ���
This is U .Hrtlty that "Western Canada Timber Company Limited." is au-
tbOrlied and licensed to cany on business within the Province of British Columbia, and to carry out or effect all or
anv of ihi' objects of the Company to
which the legislative authority <>r the
Legislature of British Columbia extend.-*.
The bead office of the Company is sit
uuie ul 101-4, Dashwood Hi-use. New
BZOBd Streei. in  the City ol' London.
The amount of the capital of the
Company is one hundred and seventy-
five thousand pound-?, divided into one
bandied and seventy-live thousand
shares t-f one pound each.
The head Office of the Company in
this Provlnoe is situate at Selaon, and
Leslie Hill. Manager, whose address is
N. Ison, B. C- is the Attorney for the
Given under my Land and seal of of-
_oe ;n Victoria, Provinos or British Col-
umbia, this 26th day of October, one
thousand nine hundred and seven.
[US.] B. V.  WOOTON.
Registrar of Joint   Stock  Companies.
The objects foi which this Company
has been established and licensed
are: ��� _
in.) To carry on business in Canada
OT elsewhere as saw-mill prop rtotors.
Umber merchants and timber growers,
and to buy, sell. grow, prepare for market, manipulate. Import, export, and
deal In timber and wood of all kinds,
and to manufacturw and deal in articles
of all kinds In the manufacture of which
timber or wood is used, and to carry
on business as ship owners and carriers
by land and water, and so far as may
bo deemed expedient the business of
general merchants, and to buy. clear,
olant and work timber estates und limits* ���      ,
lb.) As the first operation of the
Oompany to purchase or otherwise nc-
ipiire and take over ul a going concern
the business and undertaking or the
Canadian Pacific T Imber Company,
Limited, and all the timber limits,
lands, buildings aud orecllotis, water
rights, fixed and moveable plant and
machinery, tools, utensils, logs and
lumber, live and dead stock, stores and
effects, and other the property and assets or that Company in British Columbia and with a view thereto to execute
and make the agreement referred to in
Artir-li' 3 of the Articles of Association
or  ihe  Company:
(el To seek for and secure openings
for the (employment of capital In Canada or elsewhere, and with a view
thereto to prospect, enquire, examine,
explore  and test, aud  to  despatch  or
employ expeditions, commissioners, experts and other a_enta:
(d.) To Institute, enter into, carry
on, assist or part led pate in financial,
commercial. mercantile, industrial,
manufacturing, mining and other businesses, works, contracts and undertakings and financial operutiona of all
kinds, and to undertake aud carry on
any business transaction or operation
commonly undertaken or carried on by
financiers, promoters of companies,
miners, bankers, or underwriters, concessionaries, contractors for public
and other works, capitalists rr merchants, and to carry on any other business which may seem to the Company
capable of being conveniently carried
on in connection with any of the objectB
of the Company or which may be
thought calculated, df.ectly or indirectly, to enhance the value o1" or render profitable any of the Company's property
or  rights:
(e.) To open, promote, acquire, construct, equip, maintain, improve, work,
manage or control, or aid in or subscribe towards the promotion, acquisition, or construction, equipment, maintenance, improvement, working, man*
agemeni or control ol works, undertakings and operations of all
kinds, both public and private,
and in particular roads, ways,
tramways, railways, telegraphs, tele-
phnnes. cableB, ships, lighters, harbours, piers, docks, quays, wharves,
w arehouses, bridges, viaducts, aqueducts, reservoirs, embankments, waterworks, waier-courses, canals, flumes,
irrigations, drainage, sawmills, crushing mills, smelting works, Iron, steel,
ordnance, engineering and implement
works, hydraulic works, gas and electric lighting, electrical works, power
supply, quarries, collieries, coke ovens.
founder!es, furnaces, factories, cement,
limestone and other works, carrying
undertakings by land and water, public
and private buildings, townsltes. residences, cottages, stations, stores and
shops, whether for the purposes of the
Company or for sale or hire to or in
return for any consideration from any
other companies or  persons:
(f.) To promote, make, provide, purchase or otherwise acquire, take on
lease, or agreement, acquire running powers over, lease, let, grant
running powers over, work, use,
sell and dispose of railways,
tramways and other roads, ways and
means of accesb to any part or parts
of the property of the Company, and to
contribute to the expense of promoting,
making, providing, acquiring, working
and using the same, and to purchase.
take on l^ase or otherwise acquire and
hold, and to erect, alter, pull down, rebuild, and adapt houses, cottages, warehouses and buildings, and to purchase,
construct, ereat, hire and maintain,
work, us e. lease, sell, charter or let.
rolling stock, plant and machinery,
trade utensils and appliances, locomotives, engines, waggons, trucks, carriages, ships, tugs. bargeB, piers, harbours, wharves and other pppliances,
works and vehicles for and used In
connection with the transport by land
or water of the produce of the Company's  works and properties:
(g.) To make and carry into effect, arrangements with land owners, railway,
shipping or canal companies or owners, carriers and any other companies
and persons for the purposes of the
Cr.mpoe>\ and to grant mining and
other liponces over, or leases of, any
part or parts of the property and rights
of the Company;
(h.) To purchase or otherwise acquire, hold, sell, exchange, mortgage,
charge, convert, turn to account, dispose of and deal in real and personal
property and rights of all kinds, and
In particular lands, buildings, hereditaments, business concerns, and undertakings, mortgages, charges, annuities,
patents, patent rights, copyrights, licences, securities, grants, charters, concessions, leases, contracts, options, policies, book debtB and claims and any 1n-
tereet In rr-al or personal property,
aud any claims against such property,
or against any persons or company, and
to finance and carry on any business
concern or undertaking so acquired, and
to keep up or abandon all or any of the
properties, businesses, patents or privileges now or hereafter to be acquired by
the Company:
(I.) To transact and carry on all
kinds of agency and commission busi-
neee, and In particular to collect moneys, royalties, revenue, interest, rents
aud debts; to negotiate loans; to find
investments; and to Issue and place
shares, stocks, bonds, debentures.
debenture stock or securities:
Ut To obtain, acquire, woik, let, or
dispose of any concessions or authorizations of any Government, municipal
body, or other authority, for any works
or undertaking which the Company may
desire to promote or curry on, und to
obtain thS promulgation of any laws or
decrees which the Company may think
necessary or expedient for or ln respect
of any such works or undertakings, and
to construct, equip, maintain and work
any such undertakings or works, and
generally carry on business as contractors for public works, or to sell and dispose of any such concessions or authorisations:
(k.l To contract with or aid any Sovereign or other Power, Government, or
State, or any municipal or other
body, politic or corporate, or
company, or persona for or In
relation to capital, credit, meuns,
or resources for the prosecution of any
works, undertakings, projects or enterprises; also to contract for and act as
agents or otherwise in relation to loans
or securities iss tied or proposed to be
issued by any Government or State, or
municipal or other authority, or company or corporation, or persons or person:
(1.) To acquire any Inventions capable of being used for any purpusu connected with any of the businesses or operations of the Company, -and to acquire
or cause to be applied for and obtained,
uny tetters patent, patent rights, licences, contracts, options, or concessions,
lu any part of the world, and to grant
and issue licences for the use of the
same or any of them upon such terms
and conditions as may be considered
(m.) To subscribe for, underwrite,
buy, sell, aud deal ln stocks, shares,
debentures and securities of any other
company, whether British, Colonial or
II Ij I ���! ��)1I   g_BH
Foreign, or of any Government or authority, supreme, municipal, local or
otherwise, or of any company whose
operations may be beneficial to this
Company, or with a view to assist any
oompany which may carry on, or be
about to carry on, any business useful
to this Company:
(n.) To purchase or otherwise acquire and undertake all or any part of
the business, property, and liabilities of
any other company, firm or person, the
objects of which shall be altogether or
in part similar to those of this Company, or to make and carry into effect
arrangements with respect to the union of interests, co-operation, partnership, or amalgamation either in whole
or in part, with any other companies,
corporations or persons:
fo.) To sell, lease, let on hire, exchange, or otherwise dispose of absolutely, conditionally, or for any limited
Interest, all or any part of the undertaking of the Company, or all or any of
the lands, hereditaments, property,
rights, or privileges of the Company,
or all or any of its undertakings, and to
accept payment therefor in money,
shares, stock, debentures, or other obligations, either by a fixed payment or
by payments conditional upon or varying with the earnings or profits of the
fp.l To establish and promote, or
concur in establishing and promoting,
associations, companies, syndicates and
undertakings, to purchase or take over
the whole or any part of the property of
this Company, or any concessions,
rights or property in which this Company has any interest, or for any of
the objects mentioned in this memorandum. To secure by underwriting or
otherwise the subscription of any part
-of the capital, whether original or increased, of this Company, or of any
such association, company, syndicate.
or undertaking as aforesaid, and to pay
or receive any commission, brokerage.
or other remuneration in connection
therewith, or for obtaining applications
for or placing or guaranteeing the placing of any debentures, debenture stock,
bonds, or other securities of this or any
other company, and to make or receive
such payments or remuneration either
in cash or shares, fully paid or otherwise, or debentures as may be deemed
(q.) To guarantee the payment of
money secured by or payable under or
in respect of bends, debetHuies, debenture stock, contracts. mcrtgages,
charges, obligations and securities of
any company, whether British, Colonial or Foreign, or of any authority, supreme, municipal, local or otherwise,
or of any person whomsoever, whether
corporate or unincorporate:
(r.) To pay for any rights or property acquired by the Company, or auy
services rendered to the Company, in
fully or partly paid shares or stock, debentures or other securities of the Company, and to makes such payments or
girts by way of bonus or otherwise, and
either iu money or in any other value
as may from time .0 time be deemed
expedient for information or advice
given or for services of any kind rendered to the company, or in connection
with which the Company may be directly or indirectly, interested, and generally to make any payments or agree to pay
any commissions, with or without any
consideration moving to the Company,
If it is considered by the Directors in
the interests or, directly or indirectly.
to the benefit of the Company to do so:
is.) T�� lend money to such persons
and bodies, whether upon secur-ty or
otherwise, upon such termB as the Com
pany shall think fit, and to guarantee
the perfomance of any contracts entered
into by persons having dealings with
the Company:
(t.) To borrow or raise money and to
issue debentures or debenture stock,
either redeemable or irredeemable, or
bouds or other obligations or securities
of the Company, or to create any mortgage or charge on all or any part of the
property and assets of the Company,
Including its uncalled capital or otherwise in such manner as the Company
shall think fit; to take money on deposit
at interest or otherwise, and to make,
draw, accept, and endorse bills of exchange, cheques, promissory notes, and
other negotiable instruments:
tu.) To Invest any moneys of the
Company not immediatel yrequired ln
such manner as may be thought fit:
iv.) To make donations to such
persons and in such cases, either of
cash or other assets, as may be thought,
directly or indirectly, conducive to any
of the Company's objects, or otherwise
expedient; and to subscribe or guarantee money for charitable or benevolent
objects, or for any exhibition, or for any
public, general or other object, and to
establish or support, or aid in the establishment or support of associations.
institutions, conveniences, funds and
trusts calculated to benefit any of the
employees or ex-employees of the Company, or the dependents or connections
of such person, and to grant pensions and allowances, and to make payments towards insurance, and apply the
money of the Company in uny way in
or towards the establishment, maintenance or extension of any association. Institution or fund for protection of the
interests of masters, owners and employers against loss by bad debts,
strikes, workmen's combinations, flre.
accidents or otherwise, or for insuring
or re-insuring with any company, firm
or person, any risks, guarantees, or obligations undertaken by the Compuny or
to which it may be subject:
(w.) To distribute any assets of the
Company among its members in specie:
(x.) To do all acts necessary to procure the Compuny to he duly constituted or incorporated and registered, or
recognised, as a corporation or association in Canada or America, or elsewhere:
(y.) To carry out the above objects,
or any of them, either on account of the
Company alone or in conjunction with
any company, association, firm, person
or persons, and In any part of the world,
and generally to do all such acts nnd
things as are incidental or conducive
to the attainment of all or any of the
above objects, and the Intention Is that
the objects specified in each paragraph
of this clause shall, except where otherwise explained in such paragraph, be in
nowise restricted by reference to or Inference from the terms of any other
paragraph or the name of the Company.
We have for sale six ot the finest building lots   ln  the   city   situated at
the corner of Josephine and Hoover  streets. These lots are  cleared    and
fenced and    command    a magnificent  view. Price,  $2,000  for  the six or
will be Bold separately is deBired.
A great many sales have been made of lots in this charming suburb
of Nelson and only a few best lots are left.
of Nt
BS_SK___H____I *__���_���____������������
Don't Forget
That Flre Insurance you were going to put on this fall, or that
accident and health policy you intended writing which covers
all accidents and 30 dlseas* a. >
...   ���:>'���' Let u. quote you rate, on the above.      * -���''.*S"J_'^|]
McDermid & IVIcHardy
C. P. R.
To Montreal, Toronto, and all points
west thereof in Ontario and Quebec.
Quebec, St. John, Halifax, Maritime Province rates on application.
Tickets on sale dally December 1st to
December 31st. Round trip First
class.   90 day limit.
Halifax. St. John or Portland and return*
Salooon���$104.50. Second���$78.25.
Steerage���$55.00,   and   up  according to
For detailed information, sailings
ocean steamers, first class or tourist
sleeper reservations apply to local
agent or
A.U.P.A..Vancouver. D P.A.. Nelson
160 ACRES���About eight miles from
Nelson. Frequent trains, cabin,
springs. Owner would subdivide if
necessary $20 to $25 per acre.
25 ACRES Near Nelson���Good. road.
Water rights.  Small house. Stable.
Fruit   trees,   bushes   etc $4,U0U.
Also laud    on    Kootenay aud   Arrow
lakes, Slocan and Salmon rivers, etc.
Real Eatate Agent
315 Baker St.,  Nelaon.  B. C.
Tremont House
Bn-oveen and American Plaa
Masts 86 r-u.   ttooms Iron, at eta. ka H.
our wt-iu Hup Imnlorad.
Bate. Bt.. Nelaon Proprietor.
Moat comlortsble quarters     Nelson]
Only the best of liquors and ulcers.
Grand Central Hotel
Thoroughly renovated and refurnished. Rooms 60 cents upward. Tbe
dining room Is unexcelled ln the city.
House   heated   throughout   with   hot
J   A. ERICKSON, Proprietor.
Telephone, 250.   Opposite Court Houa.
and Poatofflce. Nelaon. B. C.
Queen's Hotel
Baker Street, Nelson. B. C.
Large und  Uomfortable   Bedrooms and mt-
cleM Dining Boom.
MRS. E. C. CLARKE, Proprietress.
Bartlett   House
Best DoIlar-a-Day House lo Nelsoo.
The Bsr ts the Pineal
White Help only Kmpior-*.
losetihlne Bt.
Nelaon. B. .3.
Tenders Wanted.
Iu pursuance of the order of the Hon.
Mr. Justice Morrison, dated tbe 15th
October, A. U. 1S.07, tenders will be received by the undersigned for the purchase of lots !.'.n. ..'.'.'., 717, 1848, 184!),
2343, and 593, known as the "Blue Jay,"
"Starlight No. 3," "Last Chance," "Silver
Cord." "Ultzzard." "Little Widow,"
"-Starlight Fraction." and , "Galena"
minerals claims respectively; one hundred tons more or less of zinc ore,
whereof sixty tons are now lying at
KubIo. and forty tons al the mines; and
all other the assets of the I-ast Chance
Mining company, Limited.
Such tenders to be made in writing
to me on or before the lBt day of December, A. D. 1907.
The highest or any tender will not
necesiarlly be accepted. Further particulars of the property will be furnished on application.
Dated tho 17th day of October, A. D.
Official Liquidator,
The Last Chance Mining Company, Um-
ited, Sandon, British Columbia.
Royal Hotel
Bates |1 and fl.50 a Day.
Special Rates to Regular Hoarder.
4.11 Kind, of Heating Planta ln Btook.
II ���   a ;     " ���"."���I
Vletorla St., Nr. Ooara Houa*.     Tat. 111.
Contractor  and
Sole Ment for the Porto Kltso Lumber Co.. laid..
retail yttrdi- Rough tod dretwtd lumber, turned
work end brau-keU, Co-ut letti and inlugiete, *����h
nul doom. Ci-ment. brick aud ltrao tot uie.
Automatic xriuder.
Yard ana factory: Vernon St.. eaat of Hall
Nk-U-ttON,  1*. e.
I    tic      -U. Ttiuiilione I'
i *
f Pi
; til
���U> !
. 1
Additional Stock  has  just  arrived  and we  can  now  show a  range        >
of Cut Glass that surpasses in  variety  and  beauty  any     we     have  yet       '
shown.  You can   buy the   sm.iller pieces  for $1.75  and  $2.00 each   and
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Watchmaker and Optician
An ideal winter garment
made of heavy quality English Moreen. Pleated
flounce, good wide skirt.
Colors, black, navy and
myrtle.  Each   ,
$2,00, $�� and $3,00
See Us
For Good Fruit Land
io Acre Blocks to 800
Acre Blocks.
Bedrock Prices.
Easy Terms.
H. E. Croadsdaile & _.
Next Door to Bank of Commerce.
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch,
Creosote, Oils for
Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch and
Boat Builders v. ii'. Und it tn their ad-
vintage to use *.ur Pilch.
Nelson Coke & Gas Co.
I..imil _<J.
A consignment of
Peterson   Patent
In   all sizes, shapes and
< Queen Cigar Store >
l[ BUSH  & MATT HEW, Props.        >
' ^V^^^^***As*/VSA^**AVl��/
A. McDonald & Co.
Dealers in staple and fancy Grocoriof,
Batter, EggR.
Oamp and Miners' Hupplies.
A. M. Can. Soe. C. K.
Mining Work a Specialty.
Office-. Bealey Building.    P. O. Box 434
_..      a-Jur St, NELKN, ���. C.
The IU.'Ht Hard Coal ou tne market.
L3finl*tlTO<icJ Liri-
The  Beat   Domestic Coal.
West Transfer Co.
Cor. Vernon   -.r��d *��V-.r-ii Slr.cts.
Capt. Paddon. Crawford Hay; R. S. P.
Smyth, wife and child. Procter; E. N.
Jory, Winnipeg; K. O. l-amni. stoyle;
\v. 11. Rossvear, Montreal; .1. I). Caldwell, Salt Lake; \v. P. Howe. Winnipeg; .1. A. Din-more, Hevelstoke; W.
Manhart, Spokane.
Corner of Stanley and Victoria Sts.
Two Blocks from Depot.
Hon. Arthur Bruce, Dumferllne; li
Verney, Claydon; K. ML Brakine, Greenwood; K- A Watson, Moyie; I*. William.
Cranbrook; A. Kddie. Fernie; W. Holt,
Medicine Hat; l-\ W. Guernsey, W. 11.
Aldrldge, Trail: .1. A. Harvey, Cranbrook; C. Uriel, p. i.iHtiix. it. Cunningham, Trail; It. II hi,-wart, Rossland;
8. Clear, J. I>. Taumdrean, Winnipeg;
t;   Cleave, Vancouver,
.1. RooaenBj 11. Simmons, 6-Mile; W.
B, Hudson. Ainsworth; 1). Stewart, H
N'. and*. It. A. Machison. (>;<���> nwood:
T. BS. Kelley, Moyie; W. A. Lawes, Vancouver; EG, Williams and wife, Calgary;
J ,lt Sergeant, New Westmlnater; A.
McKay, Balfour; W. A. Calder, I., r
Morrison, Bdgewood; A. s. Bmbree,
Grand Forks; c. Faller, Brie.
A. N. Gallup, Balfour;   I. C. Carruth-
era, New  Denver;   W.  Shanks,  Winnipeg; IS. W. Allen  and wife, Vancouver:
T. E. Trethewey, La Plata mines.
.1.  Roberta,  Moyie;   j.  n   Smith, R.
McDonald, Frank;  F. C,  Bell, Calgary:
w. Tennant, Ainsworth,
J. Thompson, Silverton;  F. E. Clem*
ent,  W.  Pllforth,  Victoria;   is.  Affleck
Crescent; w. ll   Bharp  Pincher Creek;
(S. H. sum... I.. Meadllp, Rossland;
li. M Trainer, Trail; J. Beckstaff,
Fernie; li Richard, Plctou; A. Thomp
���nn. Blue Bell.
City of Nelson License District.
Wt>, the undoralgned, "riv<- notice thai
ai the nexl meeting ..I the Board of
i.i..mis,. Commissioners we intend to ap
ply for n transfer ol the license ol t h.-
.v.. Place inn from Wm. Gosnell to
C. E. WAIi.J.
Nelson. Nov. 19, 1U07.
SITUATION   Wain,'.!    A    Nn.  1   Ui.lhlti.  nn.l
si,*.,. BalSMnan >in,> ,f.ni suns keeper] wan'
l��.��slil���n;   A. No  1 r-lt-n-l...,..:   Clnia. T.  Ilrowu.
\l*'NIKI> st tit. Bin. Bell Mine, OppMtt
,, Aliihworlli, ,x|M,rlen,.e,l Mill I'srin.nters,
Ms,-lilMl,ls. H'l'l strum |��ll.,' filter. Altiily sl
���ffl,.,. ol I i.iih.Iisii Metal <!o , Nelson, on Wi.,1-
lies.lay, n, iilterwiir.ls ���l tolas.
AS 111.    Ilea,I   Wnllre.B   lor   lloiel   Hlrnlli-
e.i.Ni     A|,|.ly MitnsKcr.
A   I'AKTNKK    with   f ���*.,<���.��   lo    j.iinliitm'  H   ttult
nine li DSST Nelnon    A roo'1 **]ifciiluijun    roth
hit need not Im* s-otlYslf Bocwsd on ranch.
Knr parlli iiIh~ rim.It 1    ('   rllOf"! KK.
Ooiafoi tabl* Bon
lor a Viiuiii. l-mly, woul'l
n*r. Ol   youn^ lady in
litm.iiuM Jn   thueily.     A-Mn-HH   K. 0. Daily
A for.
mill ��� I ther fchnnl teacher.
St.   Andrew's  Day.
Tomorrow   being  the   festival  of  .-*'
Andrew the Apostle there will in* s eel*
oration  of the  holy  communion  in  St
Saviour's church at 10.30 a. in.
The   Dominion   Stock   Company.
The production uf "Raffles i.. the nonunion sunk company at the opera
bouse next Tuesday night should at-
trad a lar^r audience. This win he its
lirst presentation in Kelson. The play
is saiil io he exceedingly Btrong in both
dialogue   und   situations.
Scots Will Celebrate.
In detaull of action by ttu- old Si.
Andrew's Bodety of Nelson, a number
of the younger representatives of the
Land oVakes have resoh ed to have a
banquet in honor of the occasion It
will he held in the Strathcona hotel
Monday evening, and will he followed
hy the usual songs and toasts.
Lead is the metal on which British
Columbia's interest now centres. The
London quotation has fallen to ��1G. 5s.,
within five points of the bounty price.
Yesterday being the American Thanks
giving Day no quotations were received
from New York. Wednesday's figniv
was UlG, l">s., so there has heen a drop
of eight points in two days. Other
metals are practically unchanged, silver
showing a fractional decline.
Deer  Are   Disappearing.
\Y. Manaon, of Lilloet. one of the mosl
noted hunters and guides on the main
land, states that the deer in his district are greatly diminishing and are in
danger of extinction unless the ravagei
of panthers, coyotes, wolves and lyn\
are put an end to. These animals with
the eagles have preyed upon rabbits and
the smaller game, but on account of th-'
scarcity of the latter have turned their
attention to the deer. The hunter and
the repeating rifle have done not a little
in the* general devastation, a revision
ijf the bounties to encourage the destruction of the beasts of prey is re-commended by Mr. Manson as the remedy.
Wild  Man of Sooke.
The citizens of Victoria are excited
over the report that there is a wild man
at Sook<\ on Vancouver Island. A party
of three hunters out after bears caught
sight of what they first supposed to be
a bear but which on approaching nearer
tie > found to he a man, stark naked.
He was endeavoring lo spear salmon
with a long pole. On catching sight of
the hunters he ran away through iht*
woods. Tlie hunters are positive that
the animal was a man and venture the
belief that it was some poor demented
cn Sture running wild without clothing
The matter will probably lie reported to
the provincial police, who will be asked
to look into it.
Tonight's  Ball.
The long awaited ball in aid of the
provincial sanatorium for consumptive
patients win be held in the armory tonight The work of decorating was be
gUD yesterday afternoon and will he
finished today und'-r the supervision of
chief Deasy of the nre department Th.
people of Nelson have responded most
generously to the appeal not only by
the purchase of tickets and other contributions in money hut by donation* of
delicacies for the supper which will be
served during the evening. The flrst
object of the enterprise is frankly to
raise as large a sum as possible to make
a thoroughly creditable offering from
Nelson for as worthy an object as any
that could be named. I'nder such circumstances no man will object to the
little extra contributions he will be allowed to make during the evening
financial success is already achieved
The means for an evening of social enjoyment are provided on a lavish scale,
and there is no doubt that the citizens
will show their appreciation of tlie pub
lie spirited efforts of Mr and Mrs. .1. J.
Walker who have, organized the pi r
forma nee, by attending and making it
a brilliant success in every way.
Notloe is hereby given that nt the
next meeting of Me Hoard of I.lcemie
Commissioners for ',he District of Ynilr
in he held after the aspiration "f thirty
days, I intend to apply fur a transfer of
lhe Eim-nse for the (Irove Hotel from
myself to William QosneU.
Ernesi O. Horden,
Ily his attorney,  Wm. Gimneli.
Dated IhiB Uth day of November,
TWO riBflT-OLAM ROOMM, stesm bested    Ap-
ply iiiisKkuw, 3rd Sat. K, W. C.Mook.
Tne Daily Canadian
*-**���*��'' r,"''!*\'*^^r.J*aT.1fii^* ��� ��� '���"-*- r-gsT--_^.u
COMB HONEY    -    -    35C
Ontario Strained Honey,
5 Ib. tin*, each -    - $1.10
Corner Silica and Jos-phine 8ta
Make   sure   of   getting   tie-   om
want   by   securing  them  now.     i:   -.   u
don't want  to  take  them  now   you  can
have   them   put   aside   for   win   till   \\,\i
want them.
Boy's Own   Annual	
Girl's   Own   Annual	
Young Canada   	
Little   Folks   	
W. G. Thomson
iWXSit* "*    Nelson, B.C.
I'hime {&*������
CAPITAL,    $25,000.00   in   25 000    share;
of $10.00 each.
MANAGER.   Croztei   W.   Hiinrke.
OFFICE, No. 322 linker St. (Croasdall.
& Co.)
SEE ihe cenent blocks displayed in the
Standard   Furniture   Co.'s   window
APPLICATIONS  for   slock  are   Invited
PARTICULARS and forms of Applica
tion may lie nl.tallied at Die Com
pany's offloe, or from II. A. Stewart.
Solicitor, Nelson, H. C.
rsoi ick
Of eleclrlcal work finished and charged
for from  this shop  will  show you  how
squarelv and honorablv we conduct our
ThoHe who employ us need not worry
about our charges and as lo workmanship they know It Is tlie best.
Repairs to machinery, telephones, etc.
promptly  attended  to.
I*. O. Box 166. Phone 227 A.
NELSON. J'/*-fc_-_   '
In th** mutter i��f -.n ip*.If ration for thf Ihsu�� ol
dupllsalcn ol tin ���'*:��� tllii-nt. h ol Tlth- to ldU.ll,
IX nn-1 la, ifroui. I, W, at Kootenay PlKtrlct, aluo
known M tha ' KonLimv t"iilcf,"Mt:otnli��rt" aiel
���Lulu" ulnars) claimi rwpaauvslT.
Niilllr   |s   hiTft.y KIV-lll   tllHt lt   Id    Illy   It.tl'Ilth.Il
tu ImhiH! at thi* �� x-.liHtloti of onu mouth ultf r tht
ili-Nt publication bareoi a ilm.ii--M.u- of (i-rtir, Bt.
ol Titli* t*o. MDUof hi.  iii.iiivi.h-il mi lOOtbi in
-.���ach of the h'iivi  Int., 1hhih*iI   on tin* 17lh ilay  nl
May. a D.inm, m thaoamsof John.. Ajnaworth
and suosdupiic&ta -.1 Cart.fiests of litla Ho
t.'>-tia of an undivided p-t-M-ihH in tsoh ol th<
abort l��.t��. I-.mii" 1 mi th.- i"th ilay of Miiy, A. I
iHhti.in ih.* name of Ooorge J. Ainnwonh.
I ami llL-Kl.**lry Otbti-, S. Im��ii, H. <:., Ainiimtt.ll.
H. F. MAfi.aon,"
JM-tlrk't Kt'Klntrar
Old Curiosity Shop
If you want to buy or sell anythlnf-
go to tho Old Curiosity Bhop. A no*
line of .lapanese Qoodl now on sale-
All kindH of Dlniinrware In stock. I'ar
ISELSOfN,     -     E3. C.
Btty Now
Wc have a Good Selection of
Cheap Houses from $750 to
$1500. Let us show you
them, Some extra snaps for
investment or for a home.
WIioU-maIi' ami   Ki-lnli Pea!cm lu
Fresh and Salted Meats
Camps supplied on shortsst Qotios and
lowest pru-e.        Noiiiing bul  fresh and
wholcHome meataand supplss kepi Instoi '���
Mail orders r.e. ive oanft��� attention.
BAKER   ftT.
E.   C.   TRAVES     >Manaj?rf.
Is Remoywed
���S ton
Its ScLriixrr
Its Business Energy
AMI>       J
$1.00 per Gallon
|T(l.-phono 161.1
PRIZES:���VcrA   Costume,    Lady's
Best Costume, Gentlcm.in's.
Best Represented Costume.
Best  Comic Costume.
On Saturdays till Further notice chll
dren   will   be allowed  to skate in  the
forenoon only.
German's Opera House
The Dominion Stock Co.
Monday  EBvonlng in
'The Two Orphans'
New Scenery and Wardrobes,
PRICB8: $1.00, 75c and 50a
Beats tm salo at Rutherford's Baturday
Geo.  P.  Playei*
INQ   &   SMIOI/riNQ   CO.
Olflce   Root"   No.   2.   ELLIOT      BLOCK.
For Sale
The  Furniture of a    4-room    Cottage.
Furniture   all    .nc*v.     Al-o     unexpired
lease for 11 months.    ",pply by letter to
D, Dally Canadian.
"���"������'��� "���'���'��� ir "f this teat ih.. ,mi.
Ilsbars will n..i i���. p-crmlued t��� ||(_ ���
sell this ...ini������. ki���- that raasoo we
were enabled to semra in ai.uui halt
the recular pri.,. in,. ���,.t��� ���f ���,,��� (,(li
11  :""i buyers in \..iK,,n win ��,.,.,������
""'  '�� "I    'I'll" liifiinmiiion contained
in  these  books is ap to dste, ami n��
works "f reterenoe are wlthoul an ,.,j
'Ih... were formerly sold al leather 142
cloth, |8t| Our price leather, $25, Clo th'
Canada Drug & Book Co'y, Ltd.
COR   BAKER   and   WARD.
n.   W.   HINTON*
>\..,-k. Mlnlna ,..,o .%t;u MauaHlnary.     MM_s.W_Ss.l7If***1
���).-��   PesTsS,   IV.   to.    CU.lt, ���<Jtor��<   Cnra. "
Let Us "Sock" it to Yon
In tli.. laical Full ami Winter Hrsne*
Men'. Pine Hosiery. We tre
up  with  Hi.. Onesl  Hoseer��i hniMel
Comlbrtable and durable In mat.ai
. 1I1 Kant in appearance Yon *lltit|
iiilr.- Ih.. ni'�� design*! anil |uli,.ru, j
Whioh   an   positively   |,!..a_lli|*   lo   ul
correct and particular dreuen. aiiiui
Qolora, an.l warranl.-.! to give .,-inBj
nn I   wa.-liiiiK Hallslaclion
We would likf to sit* all OUT patroiiHcomfortable thin winter ttd lncii*rtt
do fo wa have In ntock the beat assort ed line of healing ���tOTM and tu-if
stoves  and   rnni;e.*<   .ver  before preHented to the public lu Kootenay.
We would be pleased to show you our Une and before making ywjtf-
chase kindly hoc what wo have to offer. ._
]. H. A sl-down Hardware
Company. Limited.
Nelson ltv*.K
^^'l-l<>ll -..no  Provlakina,
hn *rnu.M.I CreRioery One droit* Irtnlrs n-wived w.x'kly fn��h frem u��
. linn,       ! .,r ...l.      .  ,.11 Sii.iliti,' itrx-'-rs
Dillon imi   ���      hntua     'Itmston Blook,    Phone 79.
)os-<-ph,t.* Sttcirt.        -        -        -       Nelson, B. C
, B. t.
SfSSK L��mbef, Shingles,
U��th, "vAoultUnvrs, Doors, Windows.^
Turriud Wlirk ��ncl Itrncket-. Mnil Orders |.r..ni|iliy sTstt���*��*���
VBRNON MTWUUT   ...   ,>'ltl.����t>M. ���*��� *i. _
Wc have a full rtocl. <>l the
Lime-Suipher-Salt  V/inter Spray
In 50-lb. nud 1 gal. tins.
The Brackman-Ker  Milling a^Ltd.
For Miners, Lumbermen, Ranchers,    Housekeepers.
Let os Sappy YWrN��d��j
Wood-Vallance Hardware Co., Ltd.


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