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The Daily Canadian Aug 19, 1907

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 5ktil# I *C<maMan
NELSON. B. C., MONDA  v/AUGUST 19, 1907.
Sir Wilfrid's Efforts it
Itroggles for Portfolios Among New
Brunswick and Ontario Men���
Bourassa in Quebec.
lOtuvva, Aug.   19���WWle  Mr.   Bortton
J about to eel '"" on a campaign tour
lr Wilfrid  Laurier  Ik  engaged   In   thi*
Iffleult task ..' recoMtruotlni his badly
uixed  admlnlslration.    Tho   Pre
��� would like to replace Mr. Hyman
[d Mr. Bmmenon. Who h*n vacate!
largest spending departments.
I     public in* o >"" large l"��""""* ��*��
Lid bring rtrength to the ndrnfiilstra-
|m ami figure ns leaders in their own
vIuci-b.   IL* li ����t able lo find audi
a    Formerly hi- had Sir Oliver Mow
0 l< ��f "���'">   wlth   lhB   '"'
pot ami capadt)    ll   leadership      Bt
mi,li  helper now.     Mr   Aylcs
Lnri in active, but hla activity Is more
lal than   , I ���   and   ''"'   """'r
luirlu   ministers  are   not   even   '-ncr
lie   Sir Wilfrid himself Ib the only
ulster with any  prestige In  yuebuc.
Mr. OUter and   Mr.  TemplcinKn
t    to be men* echoes "f Mr. Sirton.
hout his capacity for leadership.
km dus Ontario   n.cinliera  or   Purlin*
nt ready in u.k.* offloa there are none
Otptdt)   I-     a.linllli-d      by   the
era lt Is :t detd ran* uniong a down
bloorltlet, ii"iu* ul  whom  haa  much
Liert tor ihe  claims   of   the others
Vie the fri.*uils of Mr.   Pugsley.  ox*
Later ol Nes  Brunawlck arc urging
i appointment to tba railway portfolio
in- ippsara to be a  general  protest
V thi' other  quart* ra  isaliiat  such
huice.   Sum.* appear to think lhat ha
lleo much of    a   "plunger"   and    are
IwltiB  lessons   ot   caullon   from   the
faerate condition In which   Mr.  Pugs
ill tie finances of his own  prov-
un his   retirement.    Others,   who
less about enmniiii   and   more for
fir party, an* unwilling to strengthen
Paisley   with   tt   ehoiee   portfolio
an this Minus the possibility that on
llrst  Liberal  reverse bo will  carry
vote   and   influence     over   to     tlie
*r pany    as   suddenly  as he   Blade
transfer in the other  direction  In
6 .
To solve the Sew Brunswick difficulty
Wilfrid this week summoned his
|rllani.*utary supporters from that pro-
1 lo com.* and tell him whom they
(tnted l���r a minister rrom home. There
g'.vcniiuent stiPIMirters trom
k��* Ilrunswick and they ap|ieared with
jvldud counsels. Mr. Kmnierson con-
nils that he has been vlndlcateu and
Jmands his portfolio back again. Hut
Mr. Blair, when he left tho govern*
^nt on th.. (I T. I*. queBliun. found
he had loBt tho whole of the
pw Urunwlrk following Including Mr
nneraon, so Mr. Bnuneraon out ot
now llnds hl..iBeir alone. No one
the other six recommemlH Mr. Pugs-
f* Ippolntmant Mr. Curvoll and Mr
flTOOn aro after the portfolio, nnd
one claims two advocates besides
elf. So the Premier gets utile
���M from this Inquiry.
Mil** w.*ii organised attempt in iireak
Mr. Ilourassa's meeting in Quebec
����� wek Indleatei   that   the Laurier
��"y does not consider ItBelf too safe
that  Province.    A   tarn   days  before
Ilourassa    meet Inn    a     great     re-
��i"i"n had been arranged for sir
put Laurler on his return from Stag-
l0*i* Conservailvea generously rc-
"h'led lo the request to mnk.**tho wol-
non-polllleui. The Premier has
I " toasted of lhe true Liberalism of
plac Clly, h���t |t wna 1n hl8 own rtfl.
W under tho Inspiration of the Laurier
������Ut) and Ihe chief Uurler organ lhal
"��l��*ech was suppressed.    Mr. Bottr-
���� meeting *M broken up by an
IfKunlzeil  mob.    Mr
party machine Iti Quebec Kvery disturber was shouting for Laurier while
pelting the speakers with missiles Yel
Mr. itourassa is not a Conservative and
never will be one. He lapieaeilla as
near as possible lln* Liberalism of the
paity platform of IMS. He criticized
tti. l-'.-ileral government and the Provincial Ci,\i*rtirnent when he considered
that they were departing from Liberal
principles, lie has con.l.'inri.'d dishonesty and graft lie voted again*! tin*
Saskatchewan land deal and other plunders or the western domain. n<- con
.i��-iiin.*ii tin* North Atianiic Immigration
steal ii.* ha*, denounced oertaln prorin.
Ota] government scandals. II.* look
strong grounds for Investigation Into
the "women, wine and Kraft" scandals.
It Is sup] oil that Mr. Ilourassa intended to discuss some of Ihenc questions to have set forth his views on
certain matters of policy. Why should
the Liberal party not give him n hearing ?      Arc   they   afraid   lo   have   these
mattera  exposed  and  dtsouMM   before
the rank and Ule of the DB0ple of Quebec. Perhups there Is some reason for
this rear, ror on more than one occasion
the Quebec electorate bave been round
read*.* to condemn a popular favorite
and Premier when they round lhat he
had abused their eonHilonce. Mr. Mer-
cler was a few vears ago a more tMipn-
lar idol In Quebec than Sir Wilfrid
Laurler Is today, but his majority was
swept away within a few months after
the exposure ot ihe Bale des Cbalettrs
scandal and other similar transactions
of that date. Komembranoe of these
matters may have inspired the effort to
prevent   Mr.  Ilourassa front speaking.
Hut the Liberals and their press over
the country admit tbat tlie rotten .'Kit
policy Ib short sighted. Mr. Bourassa
la not a man to be suppressed by any
such tactics . He will yet be heard In
Quebec '*lty, and can easily rommand a
bearing In other parts of the Province.
He   Is   today  with   the  exception ol   Sir
Wilfrid  Laurler, the  most    promiotnl
and Influential member of his party In
the Province ot Quebec, and there are
few members of the House of Commons
e/hOSS utterances cnliuiiatid equal attention. Invitations to speak are pouring
in mi him from all parts of Ihe country
The Quebec tint has given emphasis to
Mr. Iluurassa'B campaign, which gives
promise of greater danger to Sir Wll
rrid Laurier than any other movement
In   Ihe   last ten  yeara.
Two   Englishmen.   Partners   on   Ranch,
Killed hy Gas���One Sacrificed Life
for the Other.
Hanley, Sask. Aug. 19.���I>*wls
Wrench and Ceorge Koblnaon. two
homesteaders living near Buffalo lake,
east of llanley. met dealh while digging
a well on Wrench's place Wednesday.
They bad bored down some fifty feet
when Ihe augur struck a large rock
which ncceSBltated blasting. At about
4.30. some time after the charge had
exploded. Wrench was towered with a
foot hook on the cable but quickly call
ed out to be pulled up again When
near the top. evidently overcome with
the gas, he dropped off the cable, his
body being caught by a rod about
twenty feet from tho bottom. Stone,
a neighbor, happened to be near and
went lo Robinson's assistance, whom he
at once lowered down. Uoblnson evl-
dent IV could not get hold or Wrench
and called to be drawn up He was almost overcome when he reached the
top and wna laid on the grass while
Stone wont Tor further assistance to
another neighbor by the name of Fitch,
whom he brought along, llefore they
could get back. Uoblnson had revived
and again lowered himself down, and
lhal was the last of him I Ibe rnble
hauled up slack. Filch now went down
and discovered Robinson's body lying
across Wrench, both wedged on the rod.
II,* could not stay long enough to gel
hold of Robinson and had to come up
without him. lie again went down and
touched Uoblnson but could not gel hold
or him.
Many of the neighbors had now gathered, Including some (1 T. P. engineers
nnd or. B)dgar. Ths engineers ultimate
ly got Uoblnson out nnd Dr. Kdgnr
worked upon him Tor several hours, but
lt wus loo late lo bring him around
Wrench's body wns not recovered until
about hair past nine by some of the
neighbors when hopea of his recovery
were past. Both were originally out
from England, having beeu In Manitoba
for some yen *s. They worked all summer In nnd around llnnley. well digging.
and had a shack nnd lot In town. No
relatives have yet been discovered In
the neighborhood.
Ilourassa  wus no
correct In    declaring    thnt    this
L " "f ">"�������� who threw stones and
'   "r" m[wn<* did not represent  the
British Society's Scheme
Party of  Scotsman Wrongly Guaranteed Work en ArrivaJ���Will
Stay and Settle.
Fifty Cents a Month
,*ork at  "from
'rltten by Mr.
luly 3lBt, he
id J, J. Camp-
makes no
Jit any author-
Inmond's guar-
fire v..'-y ��' Ub<* '
i?_*??.el"-:��. "nx.ou's to  lieu,.  wha,
're w,,,.; .    -"t*"""   At "" events
..., n   ",'���'*' "'"usnnds of the besi
"i;?;^"""1' *������>' '"dependent
"Vldeutly    |i*m.   t)m|   ,nc
an out' thi,��� '*"'"W|'*K mob wns carry
m ""*  Preconceived   ���lo���   ���r  ....
Preconceived   plnn  of  lhe
Good Performance.
The Juvenile llostoninns concluded
their onij.i otmenl Saturday night with
a rotilly attractive presentation or
"Olivette." Babe Mason was ull lhal
could be doBlred In the title role. The
company will disband after this weeks
performance, the children going to their
homes.     Somo of them   will  leavo  the
Binge forovor.
Kootenay la looking for settlers and
laborers, and pretera lhat they be Hritlsh. Any assistance that can be rendered by others In Inducing settlers ot a
desirable clans lo locate in Kootenay
will he grateluily welcomed, hut the
people of N"l*..ii, including the land
owners and real estate agents who
would be the Hist beneficiaries, are firm
In Ihelr resolve that there shall be no
misrepresentation as to tbe values ot
and or aa tu the conditions of life In
llrltlsh Columbia. New comers are to
have perfectly ralr play if the people
and pie.*.;, ot Nelson can enforce lt.
Clrcumstancea have arisen which
puiiit to either the grossest Incapacity
on the part of a llrltlsh emigration
agency, or to deliberate fraud on their
part of which a party of Scotsmen, most
or them young and without much means
are tbe llrst victims.
On June *iSth of tblB year, as reported in The Dally Canadian of that date,
a gentleman describing himself as the
Rev. J. L,. Iirooks, of Llngfleld, Surrey.
R*ng. was in NeUon. and conferred
with a local real estate firm on a
scheme for colonization.
Friday night  a party or tour arrived
In    Nelaon;     Saturday    night    George
Wood,   late  |H)stmaster  ol  Ayton,   Berwickshire,   arrived,   and   lust   night six
more came, all Scotchmen.    They have
applied lo F. 1.. Hammond, or the Kootenay   Orchard Association,  lor the tul-
tllmeut of the terms of a contract signed   on  his   behalf  by  Mr.   Iirooks   who
styles hlmscll agent for Mr. Hammond.
The  men  arc  armed  with   many  documents furnished to them by the British
���migration,    Tourist    and Colonization
Society, ol which Mr.  Brooks Is  president.    The  vice    presidents    are:     A.
Armstrong,   of  Liverpool.   Rev.   W.   H.
Booth,  of  Southend.  Uev   J.   Mathlson
Forson,  of  Liverpool,   Kev.  J.   M.   McLean  or  Glasgow.    Of seven  directors
two are styled reverend. Including Uev.
K. H. Tlppett, Montreal. The only other
Canadian   director  Is  W.   G.   Stark   of
Winnipeg,  the   managing  director.    Of
15 honorary referees  16 are ladles, all
resident In   Britain, 24  are  clergymen.
Including llevs. J. H. Dingman and Dr.
Gilray,    Toronto;     Rev.     C.   W.  King.
Woodstock, Ont.,   Rev. C.McKlllop, Lath-
bridge, Kov. U. Mllllkeu, Winnipeg. Rev.
W. F. Price, Meaford, Ont., Rev W. P.
Held.     Montreal,     Rev.     J.   C.   Sneer.
Brampton.   Rev.  A.   F.   Webster,   Marl
posa, Out., and Mr. Walter F. Hart, secretary  Y.  M.  C.  A.,  Winnipeg.    Every
rellglotiB   denomination   is   represented
The contract into which tho men have
entered calls for a deposit of $10 I ��2.
2s.)   with  the  society    before    leaving
Hritaln as part payment tor a ten acre
tract ot uncleared land at $75 per acre,
the "usual price" being represented as
$100. und the purchaso ot tickets tor the
trip   through   tbe   society.     They   were
assured lhal Mr. Hammond would meet
them In Nelson, would give them free
board nnd lodging for a few days and
then employ them on a model farm at
$3 per day.
After hearing the visitors' Btory a
representative ot The Canadian called
on Mr. Hammond. Ho was shown all
the correspondence hy letter and tele
gran wllh Mr. nrooks and Mr. Stark.
Fortunately tor Mr. Hammond all his
letters and wlreB are specifically acknowledged by tho recipients. The correspondence shows, by the admission or
Messrs. Brooks and Stark, that Mr.
Hammond never appointed either or
them his agent for any purpose, thai
ho expressly and repeatedly repudiated
any guarantee of work at $:i or at any
figure, that he repeatedly protested
against Ihe statements In their circular
which he told them wore misleading,
and finally on July 13th wrote Imth or
them lhat because ot their failure to
correct such misstatements ho could
have no further dealings with them.
The only result of ull bts protests was
the issue ol a new circular In u differ
ent  color, guaranteeing
$2 to $3."
In a remarkable letu
Brooks from Liverpool
quutea James Johnstom
bell as lo current wi
apology for having wit
Ity and in spite or ex;
presumed to give Mr. I
ante.*. He also acknowkllges Mr. Hammond's letter ol July t%lth protesting
against misleading sutennents and declaring all relations ai an1 end.
But. notwithstanding the acknowledged receipt ol that let;ter he took no
steps to stop the sailing, ol men under
the society's auspices. Mr. Wood. In
communication with the Edinburgh
agent of the society up to the day of
his departure, sailed on Aug. 3rd, three
clear days after Mr. Brooks admits having received Mr. Hammond's letter repudiating the undertaking given on his
behalf without his authority.
Mr. Hammond Informs The Canadian
lhat he made not even a verbal agreement with Mr. Brooks other than he
has been prepared to give to any one.
that he will reserve land If purchasers
are found for them. He also says thai
no part of any money deposited In Britain as payment on account has ever
reached his offlce.
There are now eleven Scotsmen In
Nelson including Mr. Wood and William Ward, of Edinburgh. They are Indignant at the deception practised upon
them but all exonerate Mr. Hammond
from any blame in the matter.
The whole Incident Is extremely regrettable. Kootenay wants settlers of
the very class that the recent arrivals
belong to. Their experience will not
be encouraging to others, the report of
It may hare the effect of administering
a "black eye" to Nelson. But Nelson
can better afford such "black eyes" than
resting under the least suspicion or col-
luslon with, or condoning or, fraud. The
Incident further illustrates the folly of
clergymen, most of whom are no doubt
entirely honest and well meaning, lending their names to promotion schemes
of whose merits they can know nothing.
Mr. Hammond and the party of Scotsmen declare their Intention of seeking
legal redress from Messrs. Brooks and
Nelson  on  September 28th.
R.   S.   Lennle,   president of  the I
Liberal   Conservative   Association
'' of   Nelson,   has   received  notification of the change tn the date and
order    of   meetings    to    be    held
throughout    British   Columbia   hy
R. L. Borden. Dominion Conservative leader. The orti-r of meetings
ls now arranged as follows:   Sept.
Vancouver;   Sept-  25th,  Vic-
Sept.   26th.   New  Westmin-
Sept. 27th.  Kamloops;   Sept.
Nelson:   Sept.   30th.   Grand
Forks; Oct. 1st, Cranbrook.
Number of Strikes on
the Increase
Attacked French at Casablanca Yesterday���Spaniards Leave Harw Work
to Allies.
Casa Blanca, Morocco, Aug. 19.���A
large force of Moors suddenly descended on the French camp early yesterday,
but were driven off after a sharp conflict. The French casualties were
slight. The French used field and machine guns with deadly effect In repelling the attack. The shells from the
cruiser Glolre also rendered effective
Paris. Aug. 19.���The government has
not received any confirmation of the
report that the Sultan of Morocco Intends to protest to the powers against
Frances action at Casablanca. The
torelgu office discredits the rumor.
Paris. Aug. 19.���The Figaro's Casablanca correspondent says: "The surprise ot all the Spanish contingent returns to the city alter simply making a
reconnaissance or the ground allotted
"They announced that they would re
peat the r> cnnalssance the next day
and then would do what they could.
There Is much Indignation at the attitude ol the Spanish troopa, who do
nothing but stroll nbout the cltj while
French soldiers are worn out from con
stnnt guard duty. M. Malperthuy, the
Spanish consul here, who hinted that
several of their tribes are ready to sub
mlt to the French. If they are met In
the right spirit."
Dominion Department on Watch for
Undesirable Immigrants Who
Will Be Deported.
the other hand, played a steady game
and held down the Fresch Canadians
with ease. Th e game was not rough,
most ol tbe penalties being tor minor
Ottawa, Aug. 19.���During July Iheie
were thirty trade disputes In Canada
reported to the department of labor, an
increase of eleven as compared with
July of last year. About 283 enlistments and 6,751 employees were affected by disputes. The time lost In
working days was approximately 81,000
days compared with 54,710 In June and
27,710 in July, 1906. In the Cobalt strike
300 men were affected. In the building
Hades 1,241, and In metal trades, 472.
During July there were accidents to
391 individual work people of Canada.
Of these 124 were fatal and 267 resulted in serious Injuries. The number of
fatalities was 24 more than In July of
last year. Elg hteen of the fatal accidents occurred In agricultural pursuits,
14 In mining and 26 in railway service.
The department of labor has prepared
a valuable statistical volume of changes
of rates or wages and hours of labor
reported throughout Canada aa having
gone Into effect during the second
quarter of the present year. Including
the months of April, May and June.
The upward tendency In wages as
shown by the table haa been more pronounced during the present spring
season than during the corresponding
period of any previous year of which a
statistical record has been kept In Canada, with the single exception of that
ot 1903 when the number of Increases
was greater, although the number ol
employees affected was not so large as
In the spring quarter of 1907. The
changes reported during April, May and
June last were 117 In number; of these
these 104 were In the nature of Increases of wages, and two were
In the nature of decreases of hours.
Iu the remaining eleven cases the
chunges involved both Increase In
wages and decrease in hours.
The Increases granted to the maintenance of way employees of the C. P. R..
G. T. R., and C. N. R. systems alone
affected 14.000 men. In textile estab-
lisments approximately 9,000 employees
and In the building trades approximate
ly 7,200 employees received increases.
In the mining Industry Increases granted to the* coal miners In Alberta and
British Columbia affected 4,000 men.
while in Ihe lumbering Industry In Ontario and the eastern provinces over
10,000 river drivers and millmen obtain-
ed advances.
Tbe immigration department has sent
a circular to the police departments and
constables throughout Canada, asking
to be notified of any Immigrants appearing before them as criminals. The Immigration officials intend to vigorously
carry out the law respecting the deportation within two years of undesirable
Toronto, Aug. 19.���Cornwall defeated
Toronto at Cornwall Saturday by a
score of lu to 8. As both clubs are out
of the race tor the national championship, not much Interest was taken In
the game.
Toronto, A' 19.���The Capitals played better ' fJ than usual at the
Island Saturi.. ^Of, *hey were beaten
by the Tecumse,, ^*o/a, ' Toronto by
9 to 8. The score at t.   * f^.     -as 6 all.
^~~~~" r
Cabled to Canadlsn Artillery Team ths.
Defeated British.
Halifax, Aug. 19.���King Kdward has
sent a cable congratulating the Nova
Scotia artillerymen on winning the
King's cup In Thursday and Friday's
coast competition with a picked team
of British artillery volunteers. Earl
Stradbroke cabled the king the result
of the competition and received a mes-
mage tor His Majesty, desiring him to
convey his congratulations to the victors. The British artillerists paraded to
St. George's church Sunday and after
the service were addressed by Earl
Stradbroke who complimented them on
the-excellence of their conduct during
the tour. The men showed their appreciation of the Earl's praise by unhitching the horses from his carriage
and hauling him to the citadel. The
team left for Quebec today aud will aal I
for England Friday. Earl and Countess
Stradbroke and several of the team,
however, will make the tour of the
Preacher Outdoes Judge
Peopple Near Narragansett Lighthouse
Startled by Ball of Fire Falling
Into Sea.
Alex. MeMlcken III.
Winnipeg, Aug. 19.���Alox MeMlcken.
provincial magistrate and one of Winnipeg's best known citizens, was attacked by a sudden Illness while trans
acting some business down town on
Saturday afternoon, and had to be taken
to his home, Osborno street. Since then
he has been constantly under medical
care and will not, under the most favorable conditions, be able to leave the
house for Bevoral days. Mr. McMlcken's
Illness Is In the nature of a collapse.
He hus tor Home time been acting as
city police magistrate besides attend
Ing to the duties or his own postlon and
this duplication of work made very long
hours necessary. The strain has told
upon him, as his friends feared It would,
but lt Is hoped lhat a complete rest will
be followed quickly by restoration to
Eastern Championship  Series Drsws to
a Close.
New York, Aug. 19.���The World today says: At six o'clock last evening,
an Immense meteor, apparently about
seventy-five feet In circumference, fell
Into the sea about half a mile off the
Narragansett lighthouse, L. I. At first
a roar was heard and an Instant later
a great stream of fire seemed to cone
down from the clouds, and plunged into
the sea. The meteor felt into the water
with the noise of a mighty boiler letting
off steam. Great waves rolled up upon
tbe beach, part of the bathing pavillion
was washed away, along with it several
fishermen's huts. Mush damage was
done to property abutting the water
front. Some persons thought the strange
Incident marked the end of the world.
Even the old fishermen, used as they
are to face death on the sea, were terrified, and not for a moment did the excitement quiet down. Captain George
Green, who was in command of a veasel
In St. Pierre, when Mont Pelee blew Its
head off and destroyed that city, was
sitting on the water front when the
meteor fell. He declared nothing had
ever frightened him more except the
Mont Pelee disaster. The meteor apparently fell vertically. From the time
the noise was flrst heard until lt plunged Into the sea was probably three
quarters of a minute. After the disturbance had subsided hundreds ot dead
fish were found along tlfe shore, these
were gathered up by boys and peddled
out by them.
Montreal, Aug. 19.���Before a large
crowd of supporters of both teams the
Shamrocks and Nationals met In a
schedule game Saturday afternoon.
Shamrocks won by the score of 9 to 2.
Though the Shamrocks were in the
lead most of the time, the game was an
Interesting one, aa It was by no means
a runaway affair. In the play the teams
seemed pretty evenly matched, the fast
Nationals otten outrunning their opponents with ense. Where the French
Canadians fell down was In their home
division. They did not seem to be able
to get the ball In close enough to shoot.
Uauthler was the only man who kept
digging his way through the green jerseys. He made his way in frequently,
but lucked support. The National defence put up a g. .nl game, but in the
early part of the game they were unable
to keep out the tricky Shamrock players
and the Irishmen succeeded lu grabbing
half a dozen counters In the llrst three
quarters.    The Shamrocks   defence, on
Mlddlesbury, Vt., Aug. 19.���Professor
Samuel Sheldon, of the Brooklyn Polytechnic Institute, went to Bristol-Notch
today to investigate the fall of an unusually large meteor, which was observed by many people throughout Addison Sunday morning. Those who saw
lt fall say lt was of unusual brilliancy
and size. The effect of \ta fall was like
that ot an earthquake, the country within several miles of the scene of Its landing experienced shocks which caused
damage to several houses.
The ladies of the Macabees will hold
their annual picnic for the children
Tuesday afternoon, the 20th, at the
park. All members and their children
are assured of a good time.
SUGGESTS $100,000,000
Rev. Coortlard Hyers Invites Rockefeller to Disgorge a  Trifle-
Asked to Dinner hy John.
New York. Aug. 19.���A special to the
Tribune from Cleveland, Ohio, says^
John D. Rockefeller was invited to contribute $100,000,000 to the cause of
evangelism yesterday. Shortly after
hearing the invitation made from the
pulpit of the Euclid Avenue Babtlst
church by the Rev. Courtland Myers, of
New York. Mr. Rockefeller grasped the
preacher's hand cordially and Invited
him to Forest Hill to dinner. Mr. Myers
In his sermon attacked the newspapers,
charging them with the responsibility
for the Impression that present day conditions, economic, as well as sociologically, are rapidly nearing a crisis
which might cause a revolution. Incidentally, be praised Mr. Rockefeller's
recent utterance, in which he pleaded
for "fair play" for big corporations. Mr.
Myers adding his own appeal for a
square deal, and predicting that "the
present attitude of misrepresentation,
misunderstanding and criticism cannot
long be endured."
Liberty, Law    and    Justice    in United
States���Speech of German Socialist
Stuttgart Aug. 19���Herr Hebel. during
the course of his references at the opening of the International Socialist Congress here yesterday afternoon, to the
Haywood murder trial at Boise. Idaho,
which he stated "ended with the brilliant acquittal of our comrade," said,
"This trial has shown all the world that
In the United States liberty, law and
justice exist only on paper. It ts to be
hoped that these incidents will stir up
the worklngmen so that, like their English comrades, they will soon have a
good number of representatives to
Washington." A aeries of immense
mass meetings held yesterday afternoon
were atteneded by 40,000 to 50,000
people. Mr. Hillqult, a lawyer ot New
York, addressed one section, speaking
In German. He described the extremes
of wealth and poverty In the United
Toronto, Aug. 19.���Tre life assurance
underwriters of Canada and visitors
from the United States are In session
here today. H. C. Cox, of the Canada
Life, Is expected to succeed G. H. Allan,
of Montreal, as president.
Valleyfield, Aug. 19,,���There ls a feeling of hopefulness here that the cotton
strike will soon end. F. Acland, ot the
labor department, conferred with the
directors at noon. At 2.30 the directors
wtll meet a committee of operators and
discuss a new series of proposals.
In chambers this morning Judge
Forin granted several orders: In Hla tan
vs. Egan et al., S. S. Taylor, K. C, tor
the plaintiff, obtained an order to add
the attorney general as a party defendant; in Rogers vs. Cunningham, J.
O'Shea for plaintiff, obtained an order
for payment out of of $50 paid In as
security; In Wood-Vallance vs. Holt,
Nelson Iron Works garnishees, J.
O'Shea was instructed to serve defendant with notice of application tor
payment out. In the Probate court J.
O'Shea was granted letters uf administration of the estate of Lulgi Munrron.
S. P. 'I'mk being named as admlnistrtor.
The estate Is sworn at $260.
Quebec, Aug. 19.���Chas, Watklns of
Megantlc, met a shocking death in
Gaspe. He was working aa a mtllrlght
for the Iberbrook Lumber Co., when his
foot caught in n wheel, the right leg
being torn from the body; death was
instantaneous. The coroner's Jury reported accidental death.
Montreal, Aug. 19.���The C. P. R.
Steamship company has discovered a
big conspiracy to defraud them out of
fares. Some stewards are alleged to be
bringing out passengers unknown to the
company or pursers. Six were discovered on the Empress now here. It is
said six passengers and three stewards
will be deported and will be tried criminally on the other side.
Halifax, Aug. 19.���Police Commissioner Bingham of New York, is holidaying
here. In an Interview he stated that he
was convinced that a wave of crime is
sweeping over New Yory, and on his
return he would wage an energetic campaign of suppression. It Is said he has
received messages from New York demanding his Immediate return and hinting that he should stay with the Job in
the preaent emergency or resign.
���   X.
' W ' i
11 ;1
>1 '���   *
���im The Daily Canadian
opniiiiivr upa large
uupmout of
Limoges Elite China
These   goods   are    assorted   so that   you   can   select   any   pieces   you
orefer and  make   up  to   your taste.
HisheMKt Quality tit Lowest PriceK.
A carload of
has juat arrived.
These goods  have advanced  slightly,  but we  offer them
his colleagues before the last elections
dorsement of the wrong doing by tbe
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Offices   Toronto.
 $10,000,000     Capital   Paid   Up   	
l-test           4.830.000',^:
D. R. WILKIE President. HOI.". ROBERT JAFFRAT, Vice-President
Capital Authorized
Branches in British Columbia:
Interest allowed on   deposits   from date of deposit and credited quarterly.
���J_   JV1.   LAY,  Manager.
The Royal Bank of Canada
Incorporated   A.  D.  1869.
 $3,900,000     Reserve Fund	
Unexcelled facilities for the transaction
of all  kinds of  tanking  Business.
. .$4,390,000
Savings Bank Department, and
Interest credited Quarterly on
Savings Bank Accounts.
on Application, in Large, Medium
or Pocket Size.
Nelson Braech, G. A. SPINK, Manager.
PubUahed six naya a wee. by tbe
Baiter Bt..  Nelson. B. O
BnDacrlpllon rates, 5U eeuifl a mouth delivers.)
In tbe city, or ,5.00 a year ll aeul by mall, when
aid In advance.
S ratea on application,
a  paid   lu   settlement  ol   The Dally
���ocouutB. either  Ior inbacrlptiOM ,*:
must be receipted im on the printed
e Company.   Other receipt!  are not
Monday, August  19, 1907.
There could be no higher tribute paid
to the efficiency and honest; ol* lhe administration of British Columbia Hum
the present absolute silence of the op
positiou. It is all the more remarkable
because during tlie last campaign the
battle was waged all along the line.
Every department or the government
fiercely assailed, and every minister
was accused of both dishonesty ami incapacity. The last echo ot tin..-.- crlea
was the little shout of triumph over
was fiercely assailed, and every mlniuter
libel against the Vancouver World lor
tbe one definite charge of corruption
made. Our local contemporary has. indeed, been fair enough to quote the -Mail
and Empire's reference to the case to
which the conclusion is that neither
Mr. Green nor Mr. McKay was guilty ol
any dishonorable act, but at the WOEBI
of an Indscretlon. it is rather hard on
individuals that such an indiscretion
should be tbe occasion tor a charge ol
accepting a bribe, even il protected by
an Interrogation mark. Hut probabl]
on the whole it ls well that a wide lib
erty be accorded to the press though it
may be abused by the baser sort ul
But on all other matters, tbe alleged
Columbia and Western land "deal." the
Kaleti Island "steal," the awful.* mysterious wrong doing that must be I.*-
hind Charles Wilson's retirement trom
the cabinet, the alleged weakness of the
laBt school aet, and the score, or mon
of allegations that made up the stock-
in-trade of tbe Liberal campaign orations and editorials���on all these there
Is now not a w-ord said.
It may be answered that this ls not
the time to speak, or tliat the decisive
verdict of the people recorded last Feb
ruary has closed discussion on these
matters for ever. If bo, British Columbia
is the only part of the Hritlsh Empire
where such an answer is -nade. The
British Conservative party's present
position seems utterly hopeless. They
are buried beneath a hostile majority
unparalleled in nearly a century. Never
did the voice of a national electorate
seem so decisive as tbat of the voters
of the llrltlsh Islands in the last general elections. And yet the British Conservatives continue to fight manfully
for the causes that to some seem lost
forever, and to denounce what seem to
them to be errors though endorsed by
an overwhelming majority.
In Canada, too, there Is a similar
position. The    Conservative     party
iiiiinbers scarcely a third of the house
of commons. Their opponents since
their flrst victory have been twice de-
oisively returned to power although the
record for their second term was nearly
as bud as it is now, and their neglect
and repudiation of so-called Liberal
principles was as complete then as now
except in the matter of mere continuance in time. Still, Conservatives have
never faltered nor rested; they are
striving as c insistently and vigorously
now as they did In 189(1 for the triumph
of tlie principles of the National Policy
with all Its corollaries In the Held of
Imperial policy, and are denouncing its
v gorously now as at any tme during
the last eleven years the gross corruption ol Liberal administration, the deg-
radatl n of the bench and the civil
service, and the shameless debauchery
of the electorate as exposed in West
Elgin, Went Huron, the city of Loudon
and  many  other constituencies.
Even in Ontario, where the Liberal
numbers uf the legislature are proportionately as weak as the Tories in
the British house of commons, and with
the add! ional disadvantage of a united
government party to face, have not despaired. Although they have to admit,
ami do manfully admit, that the government Is doing well, they bave accepted brav. ly the task of watching for
errors and omissions and entering in-
i-tant protest against them.
Hut in British Columbia the Liberal
i pposltlon seems to have lost heart entirely. Their qulescense admits of only one explanation. Their last campaign
muBt have been one of deliberate misrepresentation. It Is lncredlable
that men who believed the charges that
were hurled at Premier McHrlde and
would  accept as final a seeming  en-
Cunada and the United States have
suffered during the last year from the
most perslBteut and wide-spread Industrial agitations ou record. Hardly a
single industry has wholly escaped. The
result Is that production iu many of the
lines of greatest Importance to the community hus boon so seriously retarded
und curtailed as to Interfere with many
other dependent industries. The car
shortage which exists to a very serious
tlegree iu both couutrles, and which so
heavily handicaps the transcontinental
roads especially, may be traced directly
to tbe dearth of labor and the Interruption of labor by strikes. Again, to the
car shortage, coupled with the protracted Btrlke of coal miners last spring,
is due to the shortage of coke Which
has been a source of anxiety e**er since
to the smelter managers, and which
has finally forced the Oranby smelter
to cease ..peratlonB.
It is one of the little Ironies that Hon.
���Randolph Lemleux' bill for the easy
and peacerul settlement ot all trade disputes has been followed Immediately
by more strikes than have ever occurred in Canada before iu the same
length of time. With a strange lack of
humor the Liberal press kept assuring
the country that as soon as the bill was*
understood there would be no more
strikes. Count Tolstoi used to be convinced that if every one understood the
Hible as he did there would be no more
wars and no more crime or injustice.
A law that has to depend on its own
��� sweet reasonableness" for its enforcement might better never have been
passed. The law does indeed provide
machinery for the settlement of disputes, but no better than was already
in existence. Hut lt also contains penalty clauses which few believe can ever
be enforced and which so far the government has dot dared to attempt to enforce. The Lemleux Act, for all its
transparently beautiful good Intentions,
Is a hopeless failure.
What, then, is to be done? Laborers
place the blame lor all strikes on the
greed and oppression ot employers, especially of corporations. Employers
charge them all lo unreasonable demands for wages advanced by the men.
and to attempts by the unions to unduly
restrict employers In the management
of their concerns. It Is likely, Indeed
almost certain, that in every case there
are faults on both sides. Hut, unfortunately, it is not thoBe who are at
fault who are the chief sufferers.
Neither members of employing corporations, nor of labor unions, nor bo th
together, constitute a majority of the
people of Canada. The Dominion government has now gone too far to recede. It must go forward. It has a
department of labor with a fair wage
officer, and it has the power of compelling compliance with its decrees by
the employers, lt Is Ub plain duty to
provide for similar enrorcement ot its
decrees sb against the unions.
Nothing can be gained by abuse ol
corporations, they are a necessity lor
the prosecution ol such enterprises as
railways, mines and extensive manufactures; nor by abuse or unions, they
are, ir not a necessity, at leas* a valuable means and so rar the only one lor
bettering the conditions or labor where
its Interests conflict with ImperBonal
corporations. Hut the Interest or the
������hole country must not depend upon
the leasonableness or the public spirit
of either a corporation or a union. The
Dominion government has accepted the
responsibility and undertaken tbe task
of preventing such lnterrerence with the
industry of the nation. Its flrst effort
has railed. The task must be perrorm-
ed. Here Is the flrst Important problem
that has confronted the Dominion government. Here is scope tor real statesmanship. Is there a statesman in t_lii;
Laurier  cabinet equal to the task ?
NeLmun Land lyiMrlet. DlllHQt of West Kootenay
Take notice thaiK.w Smith, Prank flan*.
gan, and a. h. l.ider, of Bpokane, Wn-.ii , oca upa
Hon niii'-ii������!���*. int.*M*i h> applv Im it ipocial
timber  licence' over  ihe   following  deiorlbed
lands: Comini -n. .ng ul a puHt i'tt.1,.1 ut Ihr
aotithweNl I'oruer, about eight miles (rum the
Kootenay rtrer. on tho weit aide, nnd ahoul
three mllei north of I hi- lutcriiHtiuuaJ tmuudary
line, on tha wet'**: hank ��� i Hridu t*rt't>k, on the
tint-til folk, then-M' UnrUi MO chalua. 1'ieiice- eaat
wi i>hbinn. thence south W) ��� balni-i. thenoe iwniKd
i-lmiin to point ot oonimenceiueut, uml ton tain
tuK *>t'J acren. more or leaa
i)al<id July mil, 1901. K.W  Smith,
Ki**mk I'i.an to is.
A. M    I'.t.OKH,
y K. W. swim. Agent.
n special  limber li
mulct. Dlatrlet ot West Kootena
that R. S. t. Smyth, ol Procter, H.
i iuiiibenui.ii. Inl-nda  to apply f<-r
over  Hi-'   billowing dl
Nelaon Laud lmt
Take notice
.   elal  t!
rilied landx
No. 1. (.ominemdiig niu post planted near the
noriheaat cornerpoat oi l.oi no 2b4:\, on Lemon
Creek and inarkeit K. H P. Smyth koii thwest cor-
nerposl No 1, them*e 40 chaina norih hum,' nr
lens to about midway of the nouth boundary line
��� if ttmher licence No. WI, thencu 80 chains east,
the life 40 chain** soulh. theuee 40 clu*,*"- tact,
ttience 40 chaiufl south, theuee K0 chains west*,
more or less to the aoutheast corner ol aforesaid
Loi No. Mtfi thence 40 .���halni- norih. thenoe 40
chains weat lo the point of commencement.
Dated Mth July, W07. It B. P 3MTTH,
Henry Roll liert, Agent.
Nelson Uud District.   Dlstrlet of Welt Kootenay
No. 8
Take notice that J. H. F. Stewart, oi Colling-
wood, * 'in., occupation lumberman, Intends to
apply for a special Umber liceuce over the following described lauds: Commencing at a poat
planted about bb chains south and 101 nalhl west
of pool No. 2, marked J. R V. Stewart's N- B. corner post, iheuce Bouth IK) ohalns, tbenoe west 40
ehaius, thence nortb 160 chain*, thenoe east 4C
chains to place of commencement contaiuing 640
seres more or less.
July ���-���Hth, 1907. Jamks Et. F. Stkwabt.
Ladies' New Fall
and Winter Coats
We are -showing our first importation of Ladies'
Coats. The very latest and nobbiest styles in elotlis,
etc. Now is the time to make your selection when
stock is complete. No two coats alike, wc invite inspection.
Nelson Land District    DlrftrUtoI Welt Kooteuay.
Take notice lhat Henry Keieht-rt of Nelson, B.
(' , prospector, intends to apply (nr it special 11-
etnee to cut and carry away Umber from the following dcBcttbed lauds:
No 6. Commencing at a post planted near the
northeast corner pom of Timber Licence !^o B388
and marked Henry Kelt-he rl northwest corner-
post No 6, thence HO chains smith, thenee M0
cnalns east, Iheuce 90 ohfl nortb, theneo 80
chain* went to place of cutuinenceineut.
ilaled July -!6lh, 1907.
No. 7   Commencing at a posl planted near tlie
northwest uorner jkisi ol timber licence No. W85
aU'l marked Henry Rob-lien B, weat corner post
No 7. thence 160 chains east, thenee 40 ehains
north, thence IfiO chains wett, theace 40 chains
south to point of commeuceineut.
Hated July .���-���th   v.��<:
No. 8. CommcuelnK at a posl planted on Monument creek about 70 chain*- more or 1MB from
where Monument creek emit ties mio Lemon
creek and marked Henry Relchert northeast cor-
nerposl No. 8 ihenee K0 ohalni south, thence 40
chains wesi. thence 160 chains north, thence 40
chains . -si 10 place of commencement.
IJaUM July ��lh. WOT.        Hisav Kkicrkrt,
Nelson Land DlBlrlet.   Distrlcl ol Went Kooteuay
Notlee is hereby given that BO days after date
I intend to apply lo the Chief Commissioner ot
Lauds aud works for permis-Hion to cut and
carry away timber from the following described
No. 4 ('ommencing at a poet marked II. ,1: 8.
N. W. coruer, 900 chains eaat ol the N. K. cornet
of lot No 81*2. posl marked C8.N.I, coruer,
iheuce east ni chain-*, thence south nj chains,
thence west 80 chainn, thence north *i chalm lo
place of commencement Oontaltttng 64o acres.
No. ft   Commencing at the N   W. corner of H
A A   timber claim No   4, thence north no chains,
ihenee east MO ehalus, theuee  �����iuth  80 chains,
thence west (to chaiuB to place of commencement
at location post No   0, rontalninK Mo acres
I. G.   fe'HKRMKRlloltN, E*OC&tOT,
<i< ���     Huscrofl, Ageut-
Dated July 8th. 1WJ7.
Nelson Land District DlBlrlct of Went Kootenaf
Take notice ahat I'aul August PauNrn. of Kitchener, Bi C., occupation lumberman, Intends
lo apply for a special timber Licence over the following described lands: Commencing at apOtt
planted at the mmthwest corner of surveyed lot
fail-li.! thenee south to the northern boundary
of Umber licence No. 701H, thence went to the
nonhwest corner of said timber licence, thenoa
south to the northern boundary of lot 812, thence
following said boundary, of snld Jot wen (o the
right of-way of the British Columbia Houthern
Railway, tbence following said right of way In a
north-easterly direction to place of commencement, and containing 010 acre*, more or leas
Dated Julv 'iiui. WOT.    1'aui. Am.uraT Paulmon.
Uitlce Is hereby given that ��> flaTI alter date 1
end to apply* to tbe Hon. Chief Commissioner
intend to appl,   .        .
of Lands and Works for permission to purchase
the lollowlng described lands, mtuated In West
Kootenay district: Commencing at a post marked by name as initial post of the South Fork
branch, one hundred feet from the lunction of
Lost creek with the south fork; thence one-
quarter mile to the norlhwest corner post, thenc*.-
one mile to the northeaft corner post, thence
one-quarter mile to the southeast corner post,
thence one mile to the place of commencement
jane 27, 190". Located by Wm. Connolly.
Nelson Land Diitrict.  Diitncl ol Weel Eooten*/-.
Take notice that V�� illiam Andrew Rots, of
Fernie. H. C, hotel keeper, intends lo apply for
a special timber illeence over the following des
QXVoed lands:
No. 1 ���Commencing at a post planted about
three ml Bl norlh of Ull international noundary
line, aud about eight miles west of the Kooteuay
river, and about two miles uorth Ol the northwest corner ol Umber Uoenoe No. WOT, Ibence
north HO chains, thenee east Mi ihtiilis, thence
south (H) chains,   thence   west 80 chains   lo point
of commencement,   and   containing nw acres,
more or less.
Located 12th Innc 19o7.
Ko.9�����Commencing at a pout planted at in
south' ast corner of N\ illiam \ Etou*! No. 1 claim
and about two mild Uorth 01 the N. W corner
of timber licence No BOOT, thence north 80
ehalni. thenoe wait60ohalni, ihenee south ho
chains, ihenee eait *' chains to ihe point of commencement, and containing 040 a< res, more or
Located 12th June. l'JOT.
No. 0,*-**-Commencing ut �� post planted near
Bridge creek, about otic mile es st o( the northeast cornerof William  A.   Koss's  No. 1   claim,
and about five miles north   of the   ; :it. mail	
boundary   Hue.   thence  north 80 chains,   ihenee
west HU chains, thence  south   80  chains,   thence
east HO chains to   the point of commencement,
and containing MO acres, more or Leas.
Located 12th June. 1907.
No. 4.���Commencing at a -pout planted near
Kridge creek at tne southeast corner of William
A boss' No .1 claim, thenco north 80 chains,
thence east HO chains. Iheuce South !)0 chains,
theuee west 80 ��� tialns to the point of comtueutc-
uient, and cntrilutng 640 acres, mure or less.
Located 12ih June, l'AJ7.
No. b. Commencing at a post planted near
BrldffC creek, at the KHitneasi corner of William
A. Koss' No. .1 claim, thence south HO chaina,
thence west 80 chains, thetiee uorth 80 chsins.
iheuce east HO chains to the point of commencement, and containing 640 acres, more or lesi.
Located 12th June, 1*907.
No. 6. -Commencing at a p"-t planted near
Bridge creek, hi ihu southeast corner of WIlliam
A. Koss' No. a claim, theuee south 80 chains,
thence eavt ho chains, theuee north ��u chains,
thenee west rO chains to the point of coin me nee-
ment, and < oulalntug M0 nereis, more or i*-ss.
Located J2lh June, [*>ff.
No. 7.���('ommencing at a post planted about
Otte m He smith of themiuthcabt comer of William
A Hosh' No. A claim and about iwo miles north
of the international hoiindsry line, thence north
-���o chains, thence west -mi chains, thence south BO
chains, thence east so ehaius to the point of
commencement, aud coutalulug M0 acres, more
or less.
Located the 12th of June. 1*307.
NO'S*****���Commencing ata  poat  planted   at lhe
���Onihe&lt corti'-r Ol William A. Robs' No. 7 elalm,
thence   uorlh so chains,  theuee  east 80 chains,
thence south 80 ehalus,   thence went HOchalns lo
point  of eommeucement,   and   containing (Ao
acres, more or less.
Located the 12lh day of June. IVft.
Dated this 6th day of July. 1W7.
William Anukkw Koss.
Nelsou Land District.   District ol West Kootenay
Take notice that William Andrew Koss, of
Kernle, B. C, hotel keeper, intends to apply tor a
special timber licence over the following described lauds:
No. 1-���Commencing ata ���"���.���out planted about
8n chains eaat of the uorlheaal corner of timber
licence No. 8073, and about HOchalns north of the
northern boundary ol timber lleence No. Wit,
and ahout 13 miles west of the Koolenay river,
and about two and a hall miles norlh of ibe'iu-
t.-rnallona: bouu-'ary Hue, In the District of
Weet Kootenay, theuee south HO chains, thelice
west HO chains, thence north 80 chains, thence
easl aoj-haius to the point ol commeuccmcut,
oonteflnng Mo acres, mora or less.
Looated 14th June, l'JOT.
No. %. ��� Commencing at a post planted at the
north-neat corner of William A. Ross's No 1 claim
and about one mile north of the northern boond*
ary of timber licence No. 8072, thence south HO
cbains, iheuce east 80 chains, thence north 80
(.bains, theme west 80 chains to the -point of
eommencement. and contains MO acres, more or
i it en ay
a sped
Nelson I-and Distrlcl.   DiftrlCtOl Weel K<
Take  notice   lhal   William    Andrew    Roe*,  ol
Fernle. H   C.   hotel keeper   Hi'.cnds tO applT lot
lal timber licence over tbl following oea-
I   lauds:    Commencing   at   * poal   planted
aiioul sis mllul west of   tlie  Koolenay   river, on
Corn  creek.    In the   Distrlcl   of Well   K Dl|
and being about six miles north of th>- iutei-
i;'**i   '*������:      boundary    line,    and    sitnat<*   at  the
northaait oorner oi William Andrew Bon' Ho
8 timber claim, thence norlb Ho chains, thence
west 80 chains, thenee south Ho chaini, IbenM
east 80 chains, to lhe polnl of commencement
Looated July 28rd, l&OT .
Dsted the 8th of Aug  J'JOT
wii.I.IAH A-ShRatw Ro*��-
Neleon Und District.  Dlitrlct ol mmtaam
Take notice that John Pnlibtrt of >>t>
Hritlsh Columbia. .H-eupatinn.aahiVkWw*
���lids   to  apply   for   permlsBion lor,
Notice is hereby given that ��j day:, after date i
intend to make Medication to the Honorable the
Chief Commissioner of Lauds and Works, Victoria, B, C , for a ip�� lal liceuce to cut timber on
the following deseribed lands In West KtKdenay
district: Commencing at a post situated on
Blueberry ereek, abont four miles from its mouth
and adjoining the N. W. corner of my application No. 1, thence eoiith 80 chains, thence west
HOchalns. iheme north sx> cbains, thenue east 80
chains to point of commencement.
Duied May i'.-tt.. r<������',.
K. .W KobiNioN.
Nelson Land District. District ol Weet Kootenay
Take notice that Moore, Kepple Ai i o., of <iar-
land, I*, in. , occupation lumbermen, lutends lo
apply lor a special timber licence over the following described lands: Commenelng at anoit
plauted on Mosquito creek, on the west side of
Arrow lake, and about one half mile west of the
���on th weit corner ol umber limit No 4877. tnence
north 80 chains, theme  wesl 80 chains,  thence
south 80 ehalus. ttience east 8o chains to point of
commcuct-tneril. aini   coutalulug M0 acres, more
or less.
Dated Uth, July, 1807.     Moor*, Kcitlf. A Co,
John B. Calkins. Ageut.
Take notice that M days alter date! Intend to
r ol
n h
apply   to the   Hon    the Chief Commissi
Lands and   Worki, Victoria,   for   permit
A critic of the education department
advocates cheaper text hooka. The hiir-
gegtlOU is not new. The only obstacle
to its acceptance Ib that the authorised
texts, and all texts that might be authorized are manufactured outside of
the province. The education department haB by an extraordinary appeal
to eastern manufacturers secured a
small reduction in the prices of some
of the elementary books. The Vancouver Traues and Labor Council some
few years ago adopted and circulated a
resolution calling upon the provincial
fcovornment to print and distribute text
bonks free to .all scholars in public
schools. They quite forgot the Important question of copyright. Apart altogether from the cost of production,
which would be at least twice as great
in Victoria as in Toronto, the preparation of a new set of text booka would
cost about ten times the annual school
book bill of the province���unless the
education department could find a corps
of scolars with the ability to compose
and edit a new series, and the public
spirited philanthropy to do it for nothing.
and  carry away timber from the following
described land. In -A est Koot .-nay :
No. 1. Commencing st a post planted at the
southwest corner of timber license 1648, tbenee
west 80 ehalni, thence south 80 chains, theuee
east 80 chains, thence north 80 chains to plaee of
Datod May ai. 1907.     J.T. Hcrhebs, Locator.
J W, r-iuiriis. Agent,
N(i,2. Commencing al a post planted at the
���OUtbealt corner of application No. 1, them-e east
80 chains, thelice nortli 80 chains, thenee weM 80
chains, thence south 80 chains to place of eoinmencement.
Dated May Ul, 1907,       J  T. BeaoKss. Locator,
J. W. Coi.btjrn, Agent.
Located Hth of June, 1907.
William Andkrw Hoss.
Dated this Bth of July, H)U7.
Nelson Land District    District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that (ieorge Alexander, of Kaslo,
B C, intends to apply for a special timber
licence uver the lollowlng described lanos:
Commencing at u post planted al tbe northwest
corner of Hectlon 12, iownship7, Kootenay district, being about one-third ol a mile soulh ol
the south boundary line of ihe Indian reserve;
ihenee south alxjut .15 ehalni to the eatlerly
bank <if Kootenay river; thence southeasterly
along k'���������'. *,.*,-. river bank about 60 chains to
tbe south boundary of Section 1*2, Township 7;
thence easterly aboul SO ehains to the northwest
corner <d Lot Ml] thence north 80 chains aloug
the west boundary of Lot Hli; thence WMtfO
chains to the point of commencement, and containing r,to acres, more or less.
Dated Julv 4. 1W7. GKOROK Al.KXAHl'lH.
Nelson Land District. Dimrict .>( West Kootena]
Take notice that I. EUgabetb Ferguson, ai N.��� i
���on. Hritlsh   Columbia, occupation   married  \-���
man. Intend to apply for permission to porchaM
the lollowlng described land: Commencing al a
post planted 40 chains West of the lOUtbeaBl eorner  of   section  'i~i. Township 6'J,  K*,Mitenay.   aud
marked "1 K.'s N. E   oorner." thence  west hu
ehalus, ihenee south 4o chains, tbenee cael ���
chains, thenee north Monainito the place ol
commencement uud containing MO aires more
15th Julv, A. D. i*>*7.   KLizsTiTii Fraori.oM.
by W. A   Calder. agent.
Nelson Land District,    District ot West Koolenay.
Take notice lhat f, David Q    Kurt/, of   N�� Isoti,
B. c. ooonpatloa merehaut, Intend to apply for
permission lo purchase the  following deacribed
land:   Commencing   at   a  posl   planted   at    the
lonttiweet eorner ol lection ;��, township ot,
Kooteuay, and msrked --D. (i. K.'s B. W, comet."
theuee norlh 80 chatus, thence ea*t 4u chain".
Ihenee south BO chains, thenee west 4u ehains
tothe p"i!it'if eoinmencement aud containing
3l!0 acres more or less.
lMh July, 1S07, DaiYTOG   KriTZ.
W. A. (alder, agenl.
Take notice thai I, Thomas Harry Wilson in-
tend lo apply fur pci-muilou m purchase the tol-
lowing df-ai-rilfct land: Commencing al a posl
planted at the H. K. corner of Lot7MBand marked
N. K. corner, thence south 10 chain'*, theuee
west lu chains, thence south 10 chains, thenc***
west 1<> chains, thence south iu chains, iheuce
west 10 chains, theme south 10 i hains, thence
WBBtlO chains, thence nortli 40 ciialns. theiue
��������-[ I" chains to -point of commehi-������tnetii and
containing loo acres, more r>r Uss
June 7, iU07 TBOMAI BUVl W iI.��nN,
W illiam Axomo Milu, sgent
Nelson Laud DlBtrtct. District ol W, -t KooUimy
Take Uotlce lhat I, John Lang, ol Nelson. H. I  ..
ooconatlon miner intend to ippiy loi  p rani
slon lo purchase the foil-owing desert tied lands
Corouiuuclog al a posl planted a I lhe N. K. of
I>��t HOVJ. iheuce cast Ai chains, tnence south 20
chains, them-e went At ehaius. tbeuee norlh 20
chains to point of couimeiiceiuent, containing 40
aerei- more or less.
August 2nd,  1WJ7, John LdURI.
Notice ls hereby given thai 00 days alter date, J
Intend lo apply to the Hon, Chief Commissioner
of Ijiiids and Works for permission to purchase
the following deacrlbcd land in Weit Kootenay
district, on weal shire of bower Arrow I-akc,
adjoining I-m N0.4.MH. nn thesouth : lh <linitng
at a pont marked "Marry   McLeod*a   K.B    eornei
t>ost and plauted on tbe shore of Lower Arrow
Ake, at lhe southeast cornet of Capt Knslnnd'i
LtVBi Ihenee west 'Al chains, thence s.unh 20
chains more or Im to ihe north boundary of K.
Fullmore's I'. U , thenee Jo chains cast nlong the
said boundary to lake, iheuce norih along the
lake shore A) ehaius, more or less to point of
Com mem-em on l.
May 2nd, ltfu7. J. D. Moora.
Agent for Harry M< I., od.
Nelsou Land District. DlBtrlct of Went Kootenay.
Take Uotlce t hat -ieorge Kufus �� arter o( Mrdar,
occupation, brldgeman, intendw to apply for per-
tnlssioii to pun-base the following di scribed
land : Commencing at post planter! ��t the north
wesl comer of   B. Ross' application  to  punhasc,
marked s. v,., thence north 4u chaini, tbence
east 40 chains, thence south Al chains to A.
Curry'l pre-emption, thence west IO chains,
thence south 20 ehaiux. thence west no chBins to
place of com me noement oontalnlng \a> acres
more or less.
Dated July 13, 1907,      ukorub Hvyi s Oatraa,
W. J. H-.OTT, Agent
thence west eo chains, thenoe aowtTm SSS
Miore or Ichs, to Ixisi creek. Untie,, etll f()|i !,,:
said creek to polnl of   ni,nra,,,,,M     '    J
tsining 48n acres, more or less **
Dated June 6th. 1W7.  Jong Phiihk
Take notice that 1, Arthur Alex PltchfoM li
tend to apply for permlulon to purekiMikafl
losing .le.crlbedUn.li: Commencfm v '�����
planted at the N. K. corner of Lot MHuiiJS
ed B. tt. oorner, theuee north ttehataS S
���.%.-��� .'uhalns. thence  south  40 rhtirn   tbtwi
��� n-t .'��� chains to point ot crimtnencemtD* t^
containing 80 acrea. more or lea*.
June 7. fttn. AkTHca Ai.ix taODM
Wll LUH a:o./,,M!:;>  Ajw
Tsse hoth-c thai I, Wilham K Jarri7 |m2
toapidj for iwnnlsslnn <Ut purchase ilii> wj,
ing -leseribed lands: Comnrnclnf it 1 m
planted at the?*   R  corner ol lx,i 14.4. bq,| mu\.
��� ���1 nortbeaii eorner. thenr* OMattttMaM
thenee lontb #�� chains, thenc-e estt H ttiai
thenoe north 4�� chain** to ptdut of coaiino
meat, an.l containing 100 acres more or   u
J me 7. HSr7. WHJ.Iah Kkjuuld jiini
Notice is hereby given that slttydS)*tsrtrrM
1 Intend to epp|] to the Hon chirft'oui&iMimt
ol Lands aini workeforpermtieloBteBeeS
the lollowlng described tract of :K-..\ >;:.,> a
Wi -1 Kootenay diitrict: Coinm-tuciagui-d
plttuu-d about oue-half mile north from [urti^
Summit creek, marked Jeau -uamcroa't 8 1
Oorner, Iheuce eaat 40 chains, thencs oorttl
chsins. thence west 40 chains, theocekwUI
chains tu place of commencement,
'.md May, 1VU7 Jr.v ��� li(l*.     .
William Baiiiock. Aftnt
Nelson Land District.   District ���f Wen Kootm   I
Take notice that Frank McDonald. i>{>-**rt
British Colombia, occupation miner. iQirsOh
apply for ; -���: in: ���-���������-I to pureha��e lbs '���**. ��.n
deiorlbed Iwnds | ��� nn :���.!��� ii' I'.k st S poit : .1-'^
ou the north bank of LobI creek SQ4 ilxntoM
mile easterly from the Juncilon o! Ld nM
and Salmon river, in the Nelson lami inula
ilu-hi >- north oo chains, them-**** east lu -railit
tbence iouth 00 chains, them-c weil Wrbiuil
i" *������ ��� of eommeucemeut, and conUinun I
aoree, more or leas.
Dated June Mh, 1IW7. PkAiti MfDtaiU
Neleon t��nd District   Dlstrictof w.;st Kootenay
lake notice that I'aul August Paulson, of Kit
chener, It. C, occupation lumberman, intends
to apply lor a special timber licence over the following described lauds: I ommencing at a pokI
planted at the southwest corner of surveyed lot
nu-QJ, thence eait40 chains, thence north 80
chains, tbenoeeeitto tr eeontheaatoorner01 said
lot, then.-c north to the northeast corner of said
lot, thenee east to the west boundary of pre*emp<
tlon No. BBS, thence south to the north boundary
of timber llcenee No. SMB. thence west Hhmg
said north boundary tothe northwest corner (it
said licence, thenee south tothe north boundary
of timber licence Mo 701B tbenoe weet to a polnl
due south ol commencement, thence norih to
point ol   commencement,   aud  containing   mo
acres, more or leu.
Dated July Bud, WOff.   Pat'L AUourr rxrutoM.
Nelson Land DlHtrlet District or West Kootenay
Take notirre that Moor", Kepple A Co., of Car-
land, Penn., occupation lumbermen, Intend to
apply lor a special timber licence over the following described lauds: Commencing atapost
planted on HOMUltO creek, vu tin; west side of
Arrow lake, end about one half mile west, of the
southwest eorner nf timber limit No. IK77, thence
south B0cbaini, thence wait BO chaina, thence
north 80 chains, tbence east 80 chains to poim of
commencement, and  coutaliiltiK'-40 acres, more
or Initiated Ulh July, 1907.     Moohk, K f.ci-i.k ,v Co.
Jojim H. calkiki, Agent.
Nelson I.and District.   District of West Kootenay.
fake notice lhat Kvan McClelland Fraser, of
Kerule, B. C , cleik, Intends tu apply for a special
licence   over   the   following    described    lands:
Commencing at a l-oat planted about seven
miles west uf the KcKitcnay river, and about one
mile nor'h of lhe international boundary line,
ami about one and aquarler north-easterly from
the north-east corner of limber licence No. BO07,
Uicnce south 80 chains, thence west 80 chulus,
thenr-e north 80 chains, thence easl 80 chains to
point of commencement, and containing 64<j
acres, more or leas.
Looated Pith, of June, 1907.
Kvan McCj.ki.i.an P ha her.
Datod this 8th of July, 1907,
Take notice that C. C. Clark, ot Nelaon, H. ti.,
saloon keeper, intends to apply for a special Umber licence over the following described land:
Commencing at a post planted on Moruiiig
Mountain, ahout one mile west of Smelter creek,
and adjoining 0. C Clark's location for timber
licence No 1, and about one mile south of Nelson, thence weat 80 chains, thence south 80
chains, thence east 80 Ohalni, tbence north 80
chains to plaoe ol beginning.
Dated July bilh, 11*07. C. C. Clahk,
Daviu Hooth, Agenl.
Nelaou Land Diatrict. District of West Kootenay
Take notice that Frank Flanagan, A 8. Klder,
and K. W. Smith, of Hpokane, Wash., occupation
ranchers, intend 10 apply for a special Umber
licence over lhe following described lauds:
Commencing at a posl planted at the southeast
corner, about six miles from the Kootenay river,
on tiie west side, thence north 80 chains, thence
west 80 chulus, thence south 80 chains, thence
east 80 ciialns to point of commencement, and
containing BW acres, more or less.
Daled July 13th, 1907, Frank Planaoah,
a h. Burnt,
K   W. Hmith, Agent for Applicants.
Nelson Laud District.   District of West Knotenay
'1 ake noi,**.   i in,!   Frank Flanagan, A   H Klder,
and K.W. Smith, Spokane,   Waah., occupation
ranchers,  intend   to apply for a special   limner
Uoenoe   over    <he   following   described    lands:
Commencing at a post planted  oue  mile north
undone  mile east ofiMistNo 1,   which   post  la
about six miles from the KoonTiiay river, on the
weet side, thenoe nnrih 80 chaliiH, thence West 80
chains,   thence aouth 80 chains,  thence ea��t 80
ehalna to poinl of commencement, and contain-
ini/ Mn acres, mure or lesa.
Dated July 18th, 1907. Prank Planaoak,
A.B Elder,
k . w. Bkith, Agent lor Applioanti.
Nelson Land District. District of Wesl Koolenay'
Take notice that George Sturm, of Hillings,
Montana, D. H. A., occupation, merchant, intends to apply for permission to purebaN the
following described laud: Commenelng at a
post planted on the west shore uf 1'ppvr Whatsban (I *arlboo) lake, and at the north Weal corner
of 1 ot Si;��, thence west 20 chains, thence south
40 (hulns. thence east 20 chaina, thelice nortli 40
chain* to point of commencement, and containing BO acreB' more or leaa.
May J9th. 1907. GnOBOl HIT KM.
Nelson Land District.   District of West Kootena?.
Take notice that Walter McNeil, of Billings
Montana, U, 8. A., occupation merchant, intend!
toapply lor permlialou lo purchase the following descrilied land : Commencing Ht a post planted oil lhe west shore of I'pper What shah (Caribou)
'���������  and   at   the   northwest corner of  Lot 8139
tbence weat -A) chalua, thenre north BO chains
Ihenee east '20  chains, tbenCO south BO ' hains to
point of commencement, ami containing iw
acres, more ur leas.
May '29111, 1907. WaltKH MCNEIL.
I, the undersigned, afler 80 days intend to apply to the Hon. Che Chief Commissioner ol LeUOl
and Works lo purchaae the following descrilied
land: Commeucing at the N. K. <:, of ],.,t T.vty
<L L, theuee weal 40 chains, thence nortli *20
chains,  thence east 40 chains, Uicnce south 90
ohalni to point of commencement, containing 80
acres more or less.
Located March iHtih, 1907, w\ A. Mm,i.s.
Notice Is hereby given that BO daysafter date I
intend to apply to the Bon. Chief 1 ommlulmTer
of Lands and Wksfor permission to purchase
lie lollowlng deacribed tract of land, situate in
West Kootenay district; Commencing Ht a post
planted on Placer creek, near Its confluence with
Summit creek, marked Hergnrei WoLeuoblan'i
N. K. corner- thence south 'lOchaius, thence west
80 chains, thence north -lb chains   thence easl B0
chains to place of commencement
'J3rd May, 1907. Maroahkt McLaIk hlan
William Hariiour, Agent,
Nelson Und District*   District Of West Kootenay
Take noliee lhal Kdwam Peters of Ymir, t'rll-
Ish Columbia, occupation, miner, intends to an
ply fnr  permission   lo  purchase   the   foil    --
Ibtd Ian*" -    *
0   pure-ins.'    the    following
Commencing at a poit planted
....the north bank of Lolt creek/about three
miles easterly Irom the Junction of I^.ki creek
and Halmon  river,  In   the  Nelson land district,
,.!-.!!.'.. SSSfi tl ,'1llH,lllH- tbence wt-sioo chains,
thence  south   BO Ohalni,   more  or   less,   to   lost
"���aa. tbence eait following said creek to point
nt commencement,   and   containing   480   aerea
more or less..
Dated June Mb, 1907
KnwAnn prnrae,
Hlxty  days ulicr  dale 1 Arthur Alii
*anohtr, ol Burton city  intend tp
"���'���     *. ',x"::,Ktf38$$i>
inriH, B 0 . to purchan Uu i Wi,:K ,i..��,:rii,.*.i
poll   U.11IK11]       A     A     B    southwest    r'oriu'r''   ���ti,l
plantcdatUics    W    corner of lot H.'��\Q\    I. ,
��� lining nortb (in chains,   thenc,. east W chains,
hains. thencu wesl 40 chains to
thence south    	
place of Bommenoement
August in, iwn.
Hixty days after date I Intend to apply t*ta
Hon Chief Commlaaloner of l.iirn ��*,: *--n
Victoria, B. Ci to purchase the ! ..������*.*j ���>
scribed land, -itnated lu lhe Welt Koftl*Mfl��
trlct: Commencing at a l>ost plsnleJ M*
went aide of Kootenay lake, near Ki-.-i-oHW
jxilnt, and marked J. McKiunon'i I tw��t
poit, thchce west M) chaina, thenn* itftl B
chains, thence east MO chains more ur ��� ���> ��<���*
���bom. thenoe aloug lake 1 tn >:,:.���!'-*:'��� f-��'
Dated April 4, 1907, Signed J Matm*
Nelson I-and District.   Dlstrictof WatKmUm}. \
Take   notice   lhat   Edward  Fraarr. ol Bulip.  I
Montana,   C   H A . occupation wool ttojtt.O |
tettdl i" apply   lor *perml""iou le purt��*
following  oeacrlbea  laud:    coeuMBdiMH
post planted on   the Wi >t tlmreof Ipper"-*1,
"han (Caiibon) lake. a.   1 st " ���  ���niithftJtii'W
of U��t K)m, thenee wim 20 tnalai,flMMiae|
BOcnalni, theni-e east A) chains. tbUCingg
chains, ibence eaa' 40 chains, moreor m*w"
weet ihore of I'pper Whafhan (lbHU")W'
thence northerly and westerly lwB| Of m
shore 80 ciialnn, more or less, to P*��Dt <>'��� �����!
nieiuemeiil,   aud   eonlalnlng  SA) tvtet.oeom
Ibm ��� ^
May 19th, 1W". gnwAW Fum^
Hlxty days after date 1 intend to iPPj?"*
Hon thief Coinmlasioiier of LaaClimMtm
for pcrmlflBlon lo purchaae the followin* �����
scribed land in Weat Kooteuay district ������*
menelng at a pout marked AC 8iDon"��
uorner post, running 40 chains ss��terlf��
tba houndsrv Ol Timber liceuce No P> ��g
southerly bo chains, thenee wssten* B MB
tlience northerly bo chains alitni tb*l f-
track to the place of commeiiceuisul, conuiw
IWO hnudre.l acres, more or teas.
Looated this Uth day of May. l��fi. w
A, C HCIB. ljXt^
Notice Ib bereny given that W dsyi �����*#
lniciid to applv tn tbe Honorable the wa*
mlssloner of Lands aud Works f��r 9'^'
to purchase the followlug deicrlbed taMAm^
Hi   West  Kootenar district:
post plant, d at tho  west boundary n.. ������^���     ,
and aboul 10 chaina south nf thesouth teBaj
111  iv/ c union n,n, .i> ���������  ������>* ���j    .....ftjli
ul lh,; riKht iilwuy ol the H.c.��'�� * "i
war, ami marked P. A I". '""''''"..S
th. in*.- w.-Hi 111a cbatn., thorn*, imrili u iu"
Im,nmlar, nl tha rlahlol way ol �� ' ���*.|��U
railway, thniico liilUiwIn, .al.l '-'"M"''��,3
rluhl nl-way Ulan ea��u*rly dlnotlon"JJJ
houndary ���i St ���"U oi. anno. """,h *"K,��
ri.iiiiunm-iiini-iil, <*oulalulHR 1��1 ��c'*;,' ���
Tlud tin. uth .lay "t^-^, p.rii*
Notli'o li hurohy glvi-n  Ui��t iRWjJSlffl
data l Inland to npplr to tn. "jS?SS3
I'mnnilaaliilii-r nl Uml. ami ��' '"*'''! Ui,
ai..n tu i.iiri-haao tho lollowlng 'h'"',' Jr. B
land, alluati-.l Hi Wu.l K.n.t-iiay 'I >���'"' gX
maDoln, at a pan ptantad 'm "'"*��,' 3
ni t iim.-hall mill* north-Mil'"";,,,111*
u.l J.H. Mi-I.'a N  K.i-iirm*r. thanea "���'JSa
,.l 1-
tlii'lii'. aoulh   40 i*halt:
thent'o north lo  ehatna t*
���i8nl May, 1007. *���""*- "*,;,* A���nl.
WII.I.IAH BABMil��. A��r��
"I.,.,. ���/ *��"
Tako notice that Harry  ftaomt^JSt
II   c . ranoher. Intend, t" ��l'l''!,r,'J l.oJll'
lo   piireham   lhe lollnwlnn ilewrllMrt
Weal Koolenay dUtrlot: i ulUMIIIUi
Coinmem-liiK at a lioat Pl*}'1"''1 *    ���,��,m
���OUthaut eorner nl Lit all tlm" ��"'' ",||,U1��
-   ,* (P.***-.-,), i. roul I <' [^  ���o��
ulh twenty  .��   ,'.',,, lb"?
r,*,l and elxhtyflve (6����i)
illatrlel, then
ut. 00. * *J* tnene.
'li   n i. I. M    in*  >**' "J,.'**1 i',,?|M,, ��S
weal ono I.unil rod anil allly I11'1'"".,,����� I*"***
norlh twenty I'M) ehalna. the"1**1 ��� *"���iiJta��
red and alxty (l��l) ehalna I" ""-',���,. monf
.   .   ...... uii.In. 3��' an'"*
Barbour'l  N. W. eorner. thenco
Ihenee ea.t  10 ehalna,  thanee "J^
theme WiiatlO chain, to place H
ilr.l May 1001
' , : i i.iii.i-t. '��l��l'��'V*J!*.e,'.!,r��l'li*
Nelanii l.aii,l uiairi.i.    ,,.���l,nii. *""*,
Tako notice that l'��"l *������' ��� ���*, .���. IjJK
,.���,.���,.,, B. 0 . ocimatl" - V   ' ',;;��� tteWi
wiiy ami abonl :l.1chaina wea .   '^.i,,:
NOB .aid railway, theiiei.a un.    rM>
AH III i K A   BuaTON, The Daily Canadian
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I.     h  ,������  in   uen-bv    atven    lhat  ���*) dayi
mt-mielier,  ol   l.aii'i _��V.,...,.��� #-..��. tl.aa   foilnw
jmbei frini the loilo_w*
I Re-eve*�� miiww-wi    
ninth, Ihenee80  chaina   easl.   tbenoeBO  chaina
iriB, tbeoce 80 ohalni ereet to place of com-
I nenoenioU
I   boosted on tbl llth day <���( Juno, iWI.
li   M. Kkrvkv, IxK-ator,
Nu .*,  Kotloi ll hereby given   that BO dayi
liter iata I intend to apply tothe ChJol Oom-
mliileiuT, nf l-aiid*-*-* and Works, (or a special
I lev n if to "it and carry timber from the follow-
Ini'leicrii��"i latidn situaUfii (oi the lontheaet
i:!- ol thi Salmon rl-rer, in the dlatrlet ol Weet
I *,.. ��� t]    I om��en( ing at a jvom placed about
2.0 fAttU ami <ti Etcee l^'af Brett, marked -it   M.
K* -.-�����,���* '*. Si. ,: "Mi.ttiw.-at corner,' theiue HU
rhaln* norih, tbenoeBO ehatna eaal. tbenoeBO
ibalni iouth, tbenoeBO chains weat io place of
Located on the 10th day ol June, t*i7.
it. M. Ukrvwi. Locator.
.ili.iu Uu 1 Dlltnat.   iMatrirl ol Weal Kooteuay
Take   BCtlM   thai    lamva   Keith, of   Spokane,
Pstli   00 apetlon, miner, lntenda to apply for a
hp-witl  i.iuUf   Itoeneeovai   the   (���llo\��lug  de
"icflU'.i ;ati!-    ' niiiM.-iK nig   ata  p.,at  i1n>ui l.'l
dinnriii olt        sterol Lai north ihore line ol
i:ii*1��ry Uli    ani   *��;    tlie wmlli eaol  i-.iriiir .if
Bltnber   Limit   .No     Wii,   and    mark.- I   Jamea
Keith's fl B Cornerpoat, ttience north SO ehalna,
uq|h tut Bl ehalni, tnence aouth ��) chains
,.i. dm iM tochaimto  point ol oonunenoo"
BH-nl. and I'imtaltifug Wo acres, mora or leaa.
i > *-���  kcnra.
1 .Notice tihercby rlTen that thirty -lay* afU-r
lie! intend toapply tothe Hon. the Chlel I om-
itwtODcr uf Laeda and Worka for a aia.*rt��l ll-
'nc* lo cut an.l carry away Umber tron the
iliowliig described Undi in Weat Kootena]
lutrlrt; �� ni:,: . ���, tn ir nt a p,mt planted on tin-
Prth bank (d ftfl Mlb- credit, aU��ut one mile
D<1 a bill from Hl(K ail lake, marked B II I'tttC
orth went corner poit, thencB aoot 1*H�� chains,
has itb 40 chaina   tlienee west 160 chains,
MOM north 40 Chaini to placu ol eouimt'lire
[lute-l IblsBJth day <if Juue, 1OTJ.
M. II   l'irm. locator.
a   W  BTtmaa, Agant.
"���nUni Dlitrlct. Dietnotoi Weet Kootenay
(Take nolle- lhat William Andrew Koss, of
*.; 1*' :,.;.. a .;. i. inteuda to apply for
mellltimber Ii-t-nie over the bdb.wlng dea-
ibed lamia:
Bit Dommenetni al a *jwist planted about
*'������������ mtolthi K(H-iUMia)- river, on t'orn
reek, tu Hi..  I'lMmi   ��.f   Went   Koolenay. and
kinr ..'...*, -v ;nli.- i.-.rth nf the InlernaUonnl
numlary line, and aUoit two in Ilea weal id tint -
licence   Bo   1646,   theme   aoutb   �����  BbalU,
fin>-taut so chaina,   tlience   north MO chain-.
teoi-eweit �����'.'lmiii��iii|MilnU>l ciuniiieucement
Jul eoDtatiilne Olo a< re��, more or l��aa.
I Located l.Sth June, I9>n,
INo i���OoauaenelnM at a poat planted at the
Inrthtrent eorner nl \\ Illiam A Koaa' So. 1 claim,
pt-Lif M.tati mj chain-,   ihenee  weat  SO chain-.
��*""* in.Ml;  ���***   rii^iii-.   tlu-nce   eaal   *i  chain-.
Bthe point id coinmi-nceiiu-ut, and containing
ItOtro-*, more or leu-.
Located l.Mh j���nt>. 1907.
No ;i   Oommenolni at a poet planted ai��out
nmlle��*��i.at ol the nnriheai.t corner ot Wll-
~     -��� ** i 2 ttalnt, thence iouth 80   chaina,
'halua,   thenee   north   ��>  chaina,
lam ko,.
iftjce net s
halna to iho point of coiuinence-
itnt.aiid cnutaiiiiiig Wo acrea, moro or leaa.
UKtted Uth June,  11W7.
..inm.*u. ing  ..:   .t .  I* *ai   planteil at
��� ���urthwaitaornai "1 William A. horn'No. s
Mini. Ihan,*.; u���rih  Hit , halna.   tlu'li.-t*   ivi'O a,,
*����m> lli���i���*,, aoutb m I'halua, lli.lioo ,'a.t ��>
inalaa lolhv p..|nt ,,| i<omm<>ln<t>mi.|lt. ciililaln-
M'MO.it.i. nwrcor |,,a.
Ilaxalc.! I*,ti, Juno, lyu7.
IN��-'�� - ('..iiiini-iii lug   al  a iioat   i.Unl.-.l .1 tin*
���otlbwi*,! oornai al William A. Koa.' No :ii*l��lui,
"I""*.* ���null, an, li.ln,,   thcni'i-   wiaimi  rliallia.
���'���i nortli n ohalna, llipiti*,. ,*aal M) rhaln. lo
mt *,[ '���*.mm,-ni fiiu-iil, ami ,*���titHltilnR IVI0
l*.����t.*il l.-.tl, Inm-.l9.ir7.
N" **    i iitiiiiit*nrlnK at a  i*iat   |.Uitti*.l   .limit
��..*aiii*�� WMtolth. northaut oornar ol wn
an. A  R,iaa  s,, I,, laim. tliMn*,* aoutli *1 illillua.
i.m.*,*ast nohalna,   Hull lonh BO i*lialna.
an*,. H,.,t io cbalna la th,* point ..I oommanoa
l�� *"l;1,':"t".itiiliiK Mil auri'tt. mom or la...
*-��al.**t l..lh .hiu,., l��/7
��*''"*    '..iiiii,i*ii,*iii, .1 a p.,,1   planti'il  nl   the
��nh��,*.t,���rn.., ol Wi.iiHin K.Boaa'No.��� claim,
awoa north Nil  ,*),hIiih,   tlii'lii-,*  ,*.at  hi, chnllia,
(toll, ,"" su'''in'ila. tlH*IH*i! wi*at WI chnllia 10
���������'>���' Ji',/*"'1"." 'iii'ni.nt. and onnulnlng tti"
ueuaHttb Jona, v.m
Ort'l.ln.'.'""!!""',"''."1' ���"', '""" l'l"Ilt<"> "h""'
i.tn i 1 ','!! "' ""' nottowaat ootnat o wn-
'* ���" ���� -li-l.iliii.th.-ii,*,. north hi,*hnln-.
h' ���*,. r,KL7 .''h,"'""* ' '* ��' '"�� onalna,
aent .o f "-halna lo till- point ol ,���mni,*ti,*|.
uarntaa Ifith Jum*. UQ7,
K ut ii pout planted nbout 40
[ tin  10.-c
'"ml'lVn l2EJM?p!nB Hl * I������l planted about
�� A I,,' v ���". 'M; WVh,,B,,t "Tnej.ilWil-
���*tii-t' mint a,, ,:*'''1,llm'">mci.aoiUhNt challia.
''���n(vw.r.-*T,'-i1R'n"' thence norlh HO ohalni,
����t im i ., ,, , l.1"' ^ Uir l"'lnt (" i-ommeiice-
I-oi-au ,-. '. 1,llntn-V* n4" ��<������"'�����. more or leaa.
aiec tOtt] June, I'An.
'1w,'lmih'Bw!.,I?!!,/'ili1,'II,K ".' " '"'"������ Planted abont
t- IIohh- s,, ,,f i1'1'' "ortlieu-i .�����.riM.r..rWllllMin
h'-����i",.,u   J   iU'.,n-   t,l����''o north  ho chnlna,
pnSm-SahlL1!!!1'! tll*",1("*' H"",i' Mobalni,
Hilt ami contain',       '" |1h' l1"1"1 ,,f <'(>mmeiiee
UMttld Utb lnn> iom ,ll'ri'"' ,,lnr(' ur loll.
�����K   IDhi       '  "f ,ltH I'nal planted about
f-"*w A II. ��" ft" northWMt coruer of
'"���iiia ti?,;,,* N" ln *-i��i"��. ihenoeioutb BO
����S thenS ��V u" *-,l,,,,";' SenS nor!" ho
-^BBmontand ,T,\ ^ .��nilni '" P��>��< "' ' �����
t*""auMN,���,,i.'V,'."".'l"K nL H I*""1 planted aboul
i"n 'v llni-i- Ki ,,-T '"""'weal corner ol Wll
'"'"Mil-tie,, ��' ,1 C',,m' tl'fliee north N
'luiiMi,,.   .   vv,Ht *��� '���imiim, thonce iouth "��
fp;:,"l ���SifiRas ���.,,,",,,M *���* SBtS -Si
, "*w ihiii i ',''" WJJtBOWacraimoreorlBt
UI1 day of July, HHI7,
tb H(i
Notice l- hereby given tliat thirty daya after
date 1 luleud to apply (a tlie llotiorable
Cblel 'omiutaaloner of l..in*l- .-. n-1 Worka at
Victoria. H, i ., for a aperJal llcenautocut ani
carry awity llml>er from  Hie following deaorlbed
iHiid-. lu Went Kootenay diatrict!   Commencing
at n poat platlled oil ihe weft twink nt .-inelt'-r
ereek, about otie in He aouth of the City of Nelaon,
thenoe aoutn hi ohalna, them-e weat ho ahalna,
tbeii.-e north *ti chalua, thence eaat Ho chaina to
place of commencement. t
im*. ihla lllh day of June, 1W)T.
I    ii i.*hk, l^K-ator.
D, Bcoth. Agent.
lake notice thnt Hen-pry John   Johnnon,   I'oat-
maeteroi rernta*B '", intenda to apply f"r a
HpcetMl   ilinlwr  lleence  over   the   following dea-
Bribed landa:
No. 1 -Commencing nt a p^iat plauted lu tho
Dlitrlct of weel Kootenay, about wo mllea north
of the iniernatloual boundary line and about
oue mile weat of Houndary  laic  adjoining   aud
between lloencee Jfe mjti aud mu69. uu-n'-e aouth
m chain-, tbence *������*( hu (halna. Uicnce north HU
ihenee can hu ehalna to place of oomnenoaaBOSt,
I��ated June 3, liar; It    '   JonNaoN. l/M-alor.
Ami. IIackot, Agent.
No. I 4'ommenclng al a poat planted about
one mile uonh ot the northweat corner ol il. J.
Johnaon'a No. 1 t imU-r claim, thence aouth HU
(-haltin, ibence eaat au chalua, Ihenee north vi
' balui.. thence weat hu chaiui to place of commencement
i1* *      June 3, liWT.       II. J. Johnmoh, Ixicntor.
A--;,   IlKiki'ii, Agent.
No 8.���<'ommenclni{ at a poat planted it the
BOrthwe-tt corner ut if. J. Johnaon'a No. 2 Umber
elalm. thence i-outh no ehatna, thenee HeatNO
chaina. tlience north Mi chaina, Inelice eaal no
ehalna to place of commencement.
Dated June 3, 1��07.       H. J  Jounvon, l*o<-ator.
Am*, llintn, Agent.
No 4. -Commencing at a l>oat planted al tho
noriheaat corner ol H. J. Johnaon'a No. ,1 Umber
claim, ui"'ii" ������ north no cnalua, thenee weal 80
chaina. thence aouth HO (-halna, iheuce eaal HU
chaina to place of eoBunenoeinant,
Dated JuneS, i*" I!   J. JoHNanN, I>H-ator.
Awn. IIackctt. Agent.
No *"' 'oiiineii' inic al a p*oat planted at the
northweat corner of it J Johnaon'a No J timber
claim, thence north Hu chainn, thelice eaat HO
chaini tnence Krntb BB ehatna, Ihenee weat 80
chaini to [dace of commencement
Dated Juue 3, 1VU7.        II. J   JohnhoH, l>>eator.
Am,. Ha( axrr. a,-, i,:
No.fl     ('otiinicnclug ata  poat  planted   aboat
one hiUp north of lhe northweat corner of fl. J
Johnnon'a  No. b  timtM-r claim   iheii.e aouth  80
chalua,   ihenee   eant 8U ehalna,  thence   north SO
chaina. ihenee weat   ko ehalna to place of com
ni Doetaeat.
DatoM June 3, 1W7.       11. J   JoKKaot, LoeatOf.
Anu. Hackktt. Agent.
Nn. 7 Conunenotna el a poet) planted at the
northweet comof ol if. J. Ibnneon^ No. o ttmt>er
claim, tlicnce aonth 11 chain-, tin in,** weat Hi>
Cbalna, tbenoe notth nu cbaiua, thence eaat 80
ehalna to place of commencement.
Dated June B, '. * H. J. JotiKaon. locator.
And. HaiKKtt, Agent
No - ('otnmcncintt at a p-,-t planted at tbc-
Uof ibe <-: corner Ol H.J. Johnnon V No 7 Umber
claim, thonee north BO chaina, ihenee weal Ho
eliHlii*. thence -outh ao chnlna, thelice eaat ��t
chaina to place of eoinmencement.
Dated Juue :!. l*n.        H. J. Jomnbon, Locator.
Am> 11 ackkit, Agent.
N<> B t/omiii-an'-iuK at a pott planted at the
norlhweat corner of 11. J Jonuaou'a No 6 Umber
claim, thence uorlh Ko chalua, thence eaat 80
Cbaini, thenoe aoulh no cbalna, thence weat HO
chaina m point of coinmeuc-emeni
Dated June :.. 1W7.        II. J   JoUNhoN, l>M-ator.
(fo !r, Couiiueiicing at a poat plllitiM at the-
northweat corner of timber licence M0T4, tbenOO
north 80 ehalna, theuee  eaat  BU chalua,   Iheuce
latup, tnanoe >���*���>-
���outh -i ��� !���
of commenoemeni
Dated Juue 3, IM)?.
liaina   to   placv
H.J. JoitNaoN, Locator.
Anu. Hackktt, Agent.
Nelaon I*ml Dlatrlet. Dlatrlet of Weat Koolenay
Take noliee that "David Henry Telford." Ha��-
katoon, Saak .. oecupallou iumWrman, In tends
to apply for a tcpeclal Umber licence over the fot
lowing deacrlbcd landa:
No 1 Commencing ata poal planted about 8
cbalna north of the northweat oorner of Timber
Limit HU4. w-fl branch of Little Hlocan river,
Weet Kootenay, thence weat 80 chaina, iheuce
���.until HO chainn. thence eaat 80 chaina, thence
nnnh wi chain-, to point of commencement and
containing <*i    acrea. more or leaa
Dated July 9th, 1����7     Daviu Hknhy Til roan.
No. 2 Commencing a pout planted (tu the eaat
bunk of I'liugar creek, and on the north boundary of UmtaT limit M44, weat liranch of Little
BlOoan river, thence north IflQ chaina, ihenee
cum id chain*, thence aouth l*) chaina, thenee
weat -Ulchatua to place of commencement, and
containing M0 acrea. more or leaa.
Dated Julv loth. 1W7. David Hknhy TSLVQHk.
No | l.'omiiieiiciini at a poat planted nn bank
of Kua:-ic creek, about ��> chaini** aoulh of the
aoulh boundary of Umber limit si n. weat branch
of Little Hlocan river, thence went nu chains,
tbence aouth M ehalna, iheuce eaat no chains,
thence north nu chains lo the point of com
mencement and containing Mi) acrea, more or
Dated July llth. VKt, Daviu Hknkv Tki.Koro.
No 4. Commencing at a post planted about 3
chalua eaat from eaal bank of Kuaale creek, and
on Un- weal boundary of limit H, thence weai MO
chaina,   tlience  eOUtO BO chaina,   thence   eaat HU
chain*-, thenoe north 00 chaini to polnl of com-
ineiiceiiieiil, and coutainiiiir  MB acrea,   more or
Dated .Inly llth, MOT, EUl W Hinky TKi.roan.
No. 13. Coinmenclug Ht a poet planted about
iMi ehatna west of Uooae Creek and about alx
inllcH from ita mouth at Blooan Kirer, Naid p.i-i
Ik about 40 chaina weal from D 11 Telford's timber applh Htion No. II, thence ���*"-i 40 cbalna to
Umber appl tea i Ion No. 11, tlience north KKl
ehalna, Iheuce weat 40 chain*, thenr-c aonth 160
Cbaini, to point of coinmenccnient, aud contain
tliar ii4it acrea, more or leaa
Dated July 17th. 1807. Daviu Hknhy Tklfoko.
No. 14. CoiuineneiUK at a DOCl planted at thu
aonthweat cornerof No. Li, llieli< e went-iOchalna,
l heme north too ehalna, theuco eaat 40 challia,
thence aoulh ll<o chain** to point of commenco-
liient, mid containing HO acrea, more or leaa
Dated July I7lh, 1007   Daviu Hkmiy I BtPOBO,
A   Mii.ton, Agent.
Wai.lAM ANiiRKW   Ko��h.
Nelaou Land Dlatrlet.   Dlslrici of Weal Kootcimy
No, 1
inkc notice thgl J. R. F. Hiewan. ol Colling*
wool, Out .occupation lumberman, Intends to
apply for a Hpeelal timber llo-nee over lhe folio wing dc-Nci ibed lends:   DommanaiDB it a poat
planted on it am all Itream about one mile aouth
D| Columbia Klver near lhe bend watotaof Urdu-
ItC Creek, iinirKed J. It. I*. Hlewart's N. K. Angle
pool,  thenoe nortb   40 chains,  thence   weat   40
ohalni tbenoe iouth60chaini. thence weat 20
nbalns, Iheuce  south  4ft chaina, thence cant 80
ohalni, thence north BB cbalna tbenee weit 90
'���liain-* to   p iice   of  cominenciiinent, cnutalnlllg
iV|o aorei, more or leas.
July Xlrd, l'.W7. -IjUfBB K. K. Htkwaht.
Nelson Laud Diatrict. Dlatricl of Went Kootenay
No. 2
Take notice that .IK. V Htewert, of Colling
WOOd, Ont��� O00UpatlOtl lumberman, intends to
apply (or a Mpeeial Umber licence over the following deaerlbcil luiiila: Commencing at a post
planted on the south aide oi a nmull creek due
wcist  of   Ibe   Mountain   Meadow mini , about  80
rh 111to* eaal  ol Qranlte -reek  markod J, it. f.
Stewart's N. K angle oust, thenceccitSO chaina,
thelice aoutli iti chnlna, tbence west'JO challia,
thelice aoulh '.lb chalua, Iheuce weat Hi chaina,
thence nor'h 7ft cbalna, theuco enst HO chatus,
thenoelOUth BO chains to pluce of commencement containing H40 acrea m��re or leaa.
July ������nth, 11W7. .' vuas K. V. Hhkwart,
Role  Aeeumed   by  A.  B.  Ayleeworth   in
the   Dominion   Cabinet���No
Hope   for   Reform.
In tho HfM'culatton over the reor-gan-
fzuth.n of tba Dominion cabinet the
position of Mr. Aylciiworth Ih one of
dOObt Mr. AylcBworth |h eaHlly tho
:ililcHt man in the cabinet At present
hut Mh ability Ih not of the political
kind. l-flg laHt defence of "Kraft" ls
enough to make Canadians gasp. It Is
nothing more nor less than the bald
UlOrttOI) 'hat stealing and fraud are Inevitable concomitants of party government, and had better be frankly accepted as such. Of this avowal by Mr.
Aylesworth nn behalf of the government
the Mall and Krnplre says:
"Mr. A. H. Aylesworth, as acting Minister of Public Works, gave the country
a little surprise when he announced
lhat grafting is tolerated at Ottawa,
and presented as an illuBtratton his
own conduct In allowing a politician to
charge for a piece of land fifty per cent,
more than it Ib worth. Had anyone
else accused the ruling men of the offence to which Mr. Aylesworth confesses, the party would at once have attributed the accusation to slander. The
same minister gave us another little
surprise when he altered the prohibition
zone In the neighborhood of the Grand
Trunk Pacific Under the Public Works
Act liquor must not be sold In the vicinity of public works. This regulation
interfered with the business of certain
liquor sellers. The minister, therefore,
out down the area within which the
sale of liquor is proscribed, and thus
administered to the needs of the thirsty.
"A new BOll-aa of surprises Is reported
from the Yukon, aud Mr. Aylesworth
ih again the responHible party. The Immorality exlHting in Dawson was made
the subject of complaint at Ottawa, and
the   minister   of   Justice   was   urged   to
Take notice that John   Koss, of Fernle, B.  C,
ii"ii*i kir|.,*i. Intends to apply fur a special   tlw-
tter licence over the following described lands:
1. Commencing at a posi planted Id tbe Plt-
trlctol West Koolenay. Nelion Mining Division,
on the north fork of ine soutb fork of Lost creek,
about Bvv miles up creek from where two forks
meet and about six miles norlb ol the International Boundsrr Line and about twenty-eight
miles west ol Roolenav River, thence east 80
chains, thence uorth BO chains, thenee west 00
' im , n- to hank of said creek, tbeuee down stream
to place of commencement.
J, Boas, Locator,
2. Commencing at a post planted at the southwest coruer of '. Ross's No. 1 location, theuee
west W chsliiH, thence north 80 chains, thunce
aaat *o chains more or less to bank of said creek,
theme AoW9 stream to place of commencement.
J. Koaa, Locator.
3. Commencing at a post plauted ator near
the southwest corner of J. Rom's No 1 location,
thence west 80 chains, theuee south 80 cbains,
thence cast ���**������> chains, mnreor less, to said creek,
thenee up stream to place of beginning.
JT Koas, Locator.
4. Commencing ai a post planted at or near
the southwest corner of J Ross's No. 1 location.
theu e i-H-t ���**���" chains, thence south 80 chains,
thence west ko chains, more nr lew, to bank of
said creek, thence up stream to place of commencement.
J. Roan, Locator.
&. Commencing at a post planted aboul two
miles south of the southwest corner olJ. Rom ���
No. 1 location, on the north fork of the south
fork nf Loat creek, and about four mllce up
stream, from where the two forks meet, thence
caul 80 chains, thence north 8u chains, thence
west HO chaliiH, more or leas, to bank of said
creek, theuee down stream lo plac�� of com me Q cement.
J. ROSS, Locator.
8. Commencing at a post planted at, or near,
the southwest corner of J. Koas's No. b location,
on Ixtst ereea, thence west 80 chains, theuee
north so chains, tbence HOchalns east, more or
less, tu t link of said creek, thence down stream
to place of commencement.
Located ifilh June, 1907. J. Koas, Locator.
Claim No. 1.
Nelaou la-and District.   District of West Koolenay
Take notice that A. L. Reading, of Arrowhead, B C.| occupation, carpenter, Intends to
apply for a special Umber license over the following described lands: Commencing at a post
planted-tu chains south of B. E eorner ol T. L. 7,-
'Ab, thence south 80 chains, thence eaat 80 chain--���
ihenee norlh 80 chains, thence west 80 chains ta
point   of commencement.
lune 28th, 1W7.    Akihi it Lai hknck Ksadino.
claim No. i.
Nelson I and District.   District of West Koo'enav
Take notice that A. L. Reading, of Arrowhead, It 0,, occupation, carpenter, lntenda to ap
ply for a special timber llcenee over the foi
lowing described lands: Commencing at a
post planted 80 chains south of A. L. Reading's
corner post No. 1, thence south 80 chains, thence
cast 80 chains, thence north 80 chains, ttience
west HO chains,   to point of commencement.
Juue-28th 1M/7.     Auriiru I.ai hknck IH.uuno.
Claim No. 3.
Nelson Land Dlslrici. District of West Kootenay
Take notice th��t A. L. Reading, of Arrow.
head, B C, occupation, taipenler, lutends to
apply for a spa'ctal timber license over the following described lands : Commencing at a post
planted (10 chains south of N. K cornerof A. L
Reading's claim No. 1, thence south 180 chsins,
theuee east 40 ohalna. thence north 180 chaina,
ihenee west 40 chains to point of commencement.
June -'-th. I'.HIT.      A HT 111 ll I.mkknu: llEA nlN.l.
Claim No 4.
Nelson Land District.  District of West Kootenay
'lake notice that A. L. Reading, of Arrowhead, B.C., occupation, carpenter Inteuda to
apply for a special timber license over the followlug described lands: Commencing at a Dost
nlanled 40 chains south of N.K. cornerof A. L.
Heading's elalm No 3, theuco soutb 1(H) chains,
thence east 40 chains, thence north 160 ehalna,
thence wesl 40chains to point of commencement.
Juno .'*iih, HH.7,    Akthur Lai c.KNtu Kkai.im*.
Claim No. 5.
Nelson Land District.   Diatrict of West "'ootonay
Take notice that A L. Reading, of Arrowhead, B. 0 , occupation, carpenter, Intends to
apply Ior a special Umlicr license over tho following described Hinds: Commencing atapost
Rtented 40 chains south of N. K. cornerof, X.
eadtug's claim No- 4, theneo south 180 ehalna.
thenco east 40 ehains, thonee north 160 ehains,
theuco west 40 chains tu point of commence
June '29ih, 1907.   AaTHcn Lai'bkncc Kkadinu.
Claim No. 6.
Nelson Land District. Dlstrlet of Woat Kootenay
Tako notice that A. L. Reading, ot Arrowhead, B. C, occupation, carpentor, Intenda to
apply for a apeclal timber license over the fol-
owlng described landa:   Commencing at a poat
RIan fed 40 chains soutli of N K Corner of A L
uadlng's claim No. 8, thonce south 180 chains,
thoneo eaat *t" chains, theneo north leo^chatni,
Uicnce west 40 chalua to point Of commencement.
June'29th, l'J07,   AiiTitt'ii Lauhknck Kisdinu.
Claim No. 7.
Nelson Laml District. DlsUletof West Kootenav.
Take notice that A. L. Reading, of Arrowhead
B. 0*i occupation, carpenter, intends toapply for
a special Umber licence over Iho following described lauds: Commencing ata post planted
70 chains south of N. K, eorner of A. L. Reading's
claim No B, Uicnce south 80 chulus thenee euat
ho chains, theneo uorth 80 ehains, theuee west 80
chains to point of cniumeuoenient.
June alBtli, 1007.   ahthur LAVaanoB k-iapimo.
take action through hlB officiate on the
Hpot. Ily tho Mountw.r Police a report
wan made, and tbe chargea were fully
HUHtained. On receipt of the report, the
miniHter of Justice iuHtructed hla rep-
re��entatlve In the Yukon to take
nieauureB to Kuppre.su or to mitigate
the evil. It had been ��uppo��ed tbat the
justice department would have ordered
action the moment the wrong was mentioned. But, to the mortification of the
people of Dawson, th, minister. Instead
of proHecutinK, commanded that no action he commenced. Still another surprise has bees occ&tdcnud In connection
with the Sunday law. Mr. Aylesworth
put lhat law through the house of commons, and be often tells us what a
splendid body of legislation it Is. One
of his orations allege! that lt has secured for the workman his day of rest, and
has Kiven us quiet on the Lord's Day.
Yet the assistant commissioner of the
Yukon having, with the aid of the
Mounted Police, taken action with respect to violations of the law, Mr.
Aylesworth has written that functionary as follows:
'The duties of those charged with the
enforcement of the criminal law ln the
Yukon territory will be discharged If
adequate attention is paid to any complaint that may be preferred. If any
complaint Is made of the violation of
this Act It should be referred to this
department for consideration, but tbe
complainant should be required to state
carefully the particulars of the offence,
and grounds on which he seeks leave
to institute a prosecution. He should
also give due notice to persons against
whom It is desired to proceed, so that
tho latter may have opportunity to present facts or circumstances on which
he may rely as showing tbat it Is unjust or inexpedient to authorize the
prosecution, on receipt of which complaint and statement, with evidence of
notice, the matter will be duly considered in this department, and the consent of the attorney-genera I given or
withheld as the circumstances shall require.'
"ThU means that the local authorities are not to enforce the law which
Mr. Aylesworth tells us is so just, but
are to allow other people to take the
matter up, and are to report to Ottawa,
two or three thousand miles distant,
and await instructions from that quarter
Thus the carrying out of the statute is
to be balked.
"It will be observed that as regards
the sale of liquor la the vicinity of
public works, the immorality reported
at Dawson, and tbe violations of the
Sunday law, there is parliamentary
authority for legal action. We need not
stop to urge whether parliament was
right or wrong in the policy it has laid
down. The point ls not the merit of
the law, but tbe existence of the law.
That the law Is there is Indisputable.
And the chief administrator of the law,
is engaged in rendering lt ineffective.
Mr. Aylesworth is a terrible mistake
as a minister. While the cabinet
changes are being made, he ought to
be permitted to follow Messrs. Hyman
and Emmerson Into retirement."
Mourning Garb.
A noted English artist was once
standing at the edge of the road, waiting for a horse and he was dressed in
his usual peculiar style���mustard-colored riding suit, vivid waistcoat, and
bright red tie. A man who evidently
had been reveling, happened to lurch
round the corner of the street. He
stared at the famous artist for a minute in silence .then he touched his cap
and asked in a tone of deep commiseration: -"Beg pardon, guv'nor, was you In
mourntn'  for anybody ?"
A special general meeting of the
.-hareholders of the Kootenay Fruit
Growers* association will be held in tlie
court house. Nelson, on Tuesday, Aug.
20, 1907, at 8 p. m. By order,
Nelson Laud District. DUtrlct of Weet Kootenay
Take notice that Henry  Ketchert, of Nelson,
B C, prospector, Jntends to apply  for a apeclal
licence to cut and carry away timber from the
 ���"--' ������ids:
���mri   ._   hpoi.r	
northoasCcomer poBt ol timber licence No. pBM
followlna deacribed lam ^^^^^^^^^^^^
No. 9 Commencing at a poit planted near the
and near Henry Relchert 8. W. corner poet of
Umber location No. 7, on main Lemon creek and
marked Henry Kclchert aoutheaat corner post
No. 9, thonce ��i chalua north, thence 80 chains
west, thence f*0 ehnins south, thence B0 chains
east to the point oi I omiuenoemeut.
Dated July '27,1907.
No. 10 CuramenclnK at a post planted about '20
chaiui more ur less south from tbe northwest coruer of 1 oi No. 3M8 on main Lemon
creek and mamed Henry Keichcrt east corner
pcit no 10, thence 40 chain* north more or less
to about midway of the south boundary line of
tiiubor licence Ho. BBBBi thence lfri chains west,
thence 40 chains smith, thence 160 chaina oast
to point of commencement.
Dated Jnl>"J7th,1907.
no. 11 Commencing at a poet planted on Monument creee, about 70 chaini, more or leas, soutb
from where Monument creek, emptys into Lemon creek, and near Henry Kelt-inert northeast
corner post of timber location No 8, and marked
"Henry Keichcrt northweat corner poat no- 11,"
ibence 160 eh a Ids aouth, thence 40 chaina eaat.
thonce 160 chaina north, thence 40 chains west
to the point o' commencement-
Dated July 27th, 1907.
Hknhy Rkichkrt, Locator.
Nelion I .nnd Diatrict. Diatrict of Weat Kootenay
Take notice thut K.W. Smith, Prank Flanagan, and A. S. Klder. of Spokane, Wash , ocou
patton ranchers, intend to apply (or a apeclal
llinher licence over the following described
landa: Commencing ata poal planted at the
southoast coruer, at out eight miles from the
Kootenay river, ou the west aide, and about
three miles north of the international boundary
line, on the weat hank of Brldg oreek, on the
north fork, thenco north 80 chaina, thence west
HO chaini, thence south 80 chains, thence eaat 80
chains to point of commeuceineut. and containing 640 acres, more or less.
Dated July 19th, 1907. K. W. Pmith,
A.  B.  MllKR,
K, W. BMilit, Agent.
Queen's Hotel
Baker Btraet, Nelaon. B. 0.
Lighted by Eleotrioltj ud
Heated by Hot Air
Large aod Comfortable Bedroom, and Flrat-
ul.aamuliia Room    Bample Booma [or Oommar-
���;1��1   Man
MBS. X. im.i.arkk. Propiiatraaa
Grand Central Hotel
Thoroughly renovated and refurnished. Rooms 50 cents upward. The
dining room Ib unexcelled In the city.
House heated throughout with hot
J. A. ERICKSON, Proprietor
Telephone, 260.    Opposite Court House
and Postofflce. Nelson. B. C.
Tremont House
European and American Plan
Maala 96 eta.   Boom. Irom **�� eta. to 11.
Only White Help Brnplorsd.
Baker St.. Nelaon Proprtatora
Bartlett   House
Best Dollar-a-Day House in Nelson.
The Ber le the Fineet.
White Help Only Employed.
Josephine Bt.
Royal Hotel
Rates fl and $1.60 a Daj.
Special Rates to Regular Boarders.
Moat comfortable quarters ln Nelion)
Only tha beat 01 Liquor, and Clgara.
Id the matter of an application lor the laaue of
a duplicate of the Certificate of Title lor Lota
16 aud 17, Block 26, Town of Nelsou.
Notice Ib hereby given that It li my intention
to luue at the expiration of one month after the
flrst publication hereof a duplicate of the Certificate ol Title for the above Lota ln the name of
France* A. Day, which Certificate It dated the
19th Beptember. 1899, and numbered 2350K.
I-and Keg li*-try Office, Nelsou, B.C., 15th June*
1907. H. F. MACLKOD,
Dlitrlct Keglatrar.
Notice li hereby given that after the expiration
of sixty dayi from the date hereof the Patrick
Lumber Company, Limited, lntendi to submit to
the HouorableChlef Commissioner ot Lands and
Worki a proposal under the provisions of the
"Rivon and Streams Act" and Amending Acti,
Tor the right to Improve the Slocan river from
tbe mill dam of aald company (situate about
three mllea above the junction of aald Slocan
river with the Kootenay river,) to the mouth of
the Little Slocan river, and to Improve the Little
slocan river and branches thereof to the north-.
eru boundary of cub-lot 2, lot TltiO, and sub-lot 1,
lot 7161 group one. Kootenay dlitrlct, and to
Improve the tributaries of laid rivers; and remove obstructions from said rivers and tributaries, and to make the aame fit for driving, itor-
ing, lortlng booming and railing lo-gi, timber,
lumber, rafts, and crafts; also for the right to
collect tolls thereon.
The lands to he affected are the following: (a)
Lots 30:i, 7369. OibO, 04&1, 04bi, 8611), 6897, M46, 3609,
7528, 7066, 3h20, 4812, all In Group one, Kootenay
district; also lands covered by pre-emptions
numbered 46, lui, 115, 135, 143,164 and 570; also
lands covered by timber licenses numbered 5656,
���5583, MM, 5585, 5586, 5587, ami 5588; also landi of
the crown.
Dated this 6th day of July, 1907.
by lu solicitor, R. W. Hanninuton,
Iu the matter of an application for the Issue of
ilutilieates of the Certlncatis of Title to lots 11,
i ' and 13, group 1. West Kootenay District, also
known as tlie "Kootenay Chief," "Comfort" and
"Lulu" mineral claims respectively.
Notice is hereby given that It Is my Intention
to issue at tlie expiration of one mouth aftrrthe
llrst pnblicatiou hereof a duplicate of Certificate
nf Title no. 6901a of an undivided 81-100ths in
each of the a^ove lot.-*., issued on the 17th day of
*4ay, A D.188C ln the nameofJohnC. Ainsworth,
,md also ii duplicate ol Certificate of Title No.
t.'.HXla of en undivided 19-100ths lu each of the
Hbove lots, issued on the 17th day of May, A. 1)
1886, in the name of George J. Aim-worth.
Laud Keglstry Office, Nil son. H. C. August 6th,
"H. F. MacLeod,"
District Registrar.
In the matter of n" "prli*l*ft'lloii for the is��uo of
diinllratc ol the certificates of Title for Lots 6,7,
N and 17, Block 2, lown of Kitchener (Map WW)
and l.ot 5ih", (iroup One, lu theDlst? at of Koute-
Notloe is hereby given that lu my intention
���d issue st the expiration of one mouth after the
llrst publlcntlon hereof, duplicates of Certificates
uf Title ol the above lots iu the name of Joseph
Walker which certificates are datod 22nd dayof
June, 1903 and numbered 2481 A and H482A respectively. .  .
Land Registry Office, Nelson, B. C.SSrd July,
"H. F. MacLbXiD,"
District Registrar.
Notice is hereby given   tint 60 days after date 1
itend to applv to tne Houorable tho Chief Commissioner of Lands' and Works  for   a  special
license to cut end carry awav timber from the
following described lands lu West Kootenay dlstrlot:
No. 1 -Conimciietiig at a post marked William
Walmsley, planted at Kokanee (-reek Siding on
the Procter extension, on the west side of Lot
6892, on the south aide of the West Arm of Kootenay lake, commencing at the N. K oorner post
running south 80 chains, west 80 chains, north 80
chains, east SO chains to place of beginning.
Looated 3rd June, 1907.
William wh.msiiv, Locator,
jAMICtt HUBBAKt) as Agu'H
* We have had placed in our hands one of tb�� prettiest bent paying
ThU ia ui, for a quick aale on aoooont of owner'! ill health. Call and get
fall particnlars. If you have t6,000 -are can make a good eaej deal with yon
for thia property.
8.  M.   BRYDGES,
Brydges, Blakemore & Cameron, Ltd.
Lots for Sale at from $100 to $200
Price* will be raised 15 per cant, after 1st August.    Buy while they ar*
cheap.   Terms one-third cash, balance in six and twelve months.
We Have For Sale One ot the Prettiest Homes to
Nelson, Situated to Fairview, Close to the Car Line
Large 7-room house. Stone foundation and first-class cellar. Complete water system. 10 lota under cultivation and planted In large, bearing fruit trees.   This Is a snap.   For particulars apply to
Choice Fruit
I Hxre 10,000 Acres
of tiie
Choicest Pratt Lands ta
British Colombia.
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
Nelson. B. C.
07OO CASH and the balance in monthly payments will purchase a Six*
Boomed House and Two Lots on Robson Street, within half a block of the car
line. The house contains three bedrooms, dining room, parlor, kitchen, bathroom and electric light.    The garden has fruit trees in bearing���also small finite.
-SSS- H- & "��� BIRD
$10 Cash
$10 per Month
We offer you something practical���something that will make a
real home���something that will
yield an Income. Every tract surveyed. Every tract near the town-
site. Dally trains; serviceable
roads; absolutely good soil,���snd
all these in a community, not In a
Kootenay Orchard
Notice is hereby given that the UDderslgtied
have submitted 10 the Lieutenant OoviTiior-in-
loiiiirii a proposal under tbe provisions of the
"Rivers au<1 Streams Art," Ior clearing and removing obstructions (nun t-ioat Klver atnl Meadow Creek. In the t>isi rid of Went Kootenay, and
for making the same IH for rafting and drlv
i ng thereon logs, timber, lu mber, rafts * nd crafts
aud for erecting and maintaining booms for
holding, sorting and dtsltvering logs and timber
brought down said ereek and river, and for attaching booms tothe shore of said ereek and
river for said purposes
The lands to be alTeeted by said work are:���
lots :.f-*', MS7, 42i92. and iub lots 1, ii. 11 13,14 and
15 of Lot 4692, Group I, Kootenay Dlstrlet.
The tolls -proposed to be Charged are such as
mav be fixed by the Judge of the County Court
of West Kootenay.
Dated 81st July, 1W7.
F. C GREEN       F. P. BURDEN        A. H. GREEN
Civil Engineers, Dominion and British
Colombia Land Surveyors
r. 0. Box 145   Phone 2(1 B.
To Winnipeg and points In
Ontario, Qoebec, Maritime
Provinces, Central aad Eastern States, Aogost 8th, 9th
and SOth, September tlth,
J2tband J3th.
Pull particulars as to stop overs, etc.,
>m application.
Splendid New Soo-Spokane Service,
45i/2 Hours Between St. Paul and Spokane. Catch the Flyer at Cranbrook for
AM Points East.
Daylight service between Nelson and
Spokane Including 50 miles on Kootenay Lake in elegant new steamer Kus-
1 anook. Fare $6.60. Return $12.45.
Good for 30 days.
Scenery through Arrow Lakes and
Rocky Mountain resorts unexcelled In
the world.
A.Q. P. A..Vancouver. D. P. A., NeUon
A. M. Can. See. c. E.
Mining Work a Spsolalty.
Offlce: Bealey Bulldlnc    P. O. Box 434
Baksr St. NELSON, B. C.
*   Xi
������t'-fca*-    ;-I  At*.
m &
I ii
i   !'. ��� ���pl;
" I     .1
The Duly Canadian
Are  Oar  Specialty
This Week
Sii-n.'t Hums. Birilist*--*.* Ring**, K"i>"'* tUnga, a oholoe lot of small Diamond
Rint!- nl* our own manufacture whlon are jelling ut prion trom
16.00 i" ju*. 00.     i ni*** new Jade Bracelets at t-i.no and
.. .oo are attracting much attention,
.11.3 Wtll.
Watchmaker and Optician
la innmiini inrt',1   Iron   ��� r,o  nmtal   lobmoOO. aun-
ripened and aew-nweeUsudd     it's mild, l""-
llavorsd unil cool     A lobSOOO j-uii
fobaccnnist.   Baker Street-
Coal! Ice! Wood!
Phone 265
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Fruit,
Feel & Poultry Co., Ltd.
..��� OFnOK!
N. E. cor. Baker   and   Ward   St..
Sec Us
For Good Fruit Land
io Acre Blocks to 8oo
Acre Blocks.
Bedrock Prices.
Easy Terms.
H. E- Croadsdaile & c��
Next Door to Bank of Coamerce.
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch,
Creosote, Oils lor
Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch and
Boat Bnildei-8 will find it to their ad-
y-uitagtt to use our Pitch.
Nelson Coke & Gas Co.
Victoria St. Property
4-Room house: good cellar, fine level lot,
verandah; $1000; $300 cash, balance
$15 per month.
5-Room house; all modern; between
Stanley and Josephine; $1,500 cash.
7-Room house; all modern; excellently
finished, Coast Fir, etc.; $2,200;
4 Lots, best location in Nelson for a
pretty view; $1,300;  good terms.
General Job Work, Chimney 8weep
Ing, Carpet Cleaning, Fixing and Cleaning  Stoves, etc.
111 East Baker St. Phone No. A114
A. McDonald & Co.
Dealers in staple and fancy Oroceri ,*���
Butter, Eggs.
Oamp and Miners' Supplies.
Socialist   Party  mesa even   Fri.ll��>'.
* - Miners' Union Hull
owed to tak-S pnrt In
Austin, *-ecrtUiiry.
lilUK "1 �� I'
All art* Invited; any ono ull*
the 'U'lmtcF.
. *K.*i'*.
Horn  in  Nelson  this morning to  tho
wife of John Swvobotla, a daughter.
Police  Court.
Thf only cum** In tb-a city police court
thia morning was that of a drunk who
paid tin1 usual $f> and cottts.
Speedy Trial.
The hearing of the case of the King
vs. Beokett, wlio threatened to BhOOl W.
C. K. Ktu-.h. haa boon fixed for Monday,
Sept. 9th.
County Courts.
The next session of the county court
in Nelson has been postpoirod from
Sept. Kith \u Oct. "th. A session will
be held in Ui-velstuke on Oct. 2nd.
Band Concert.
In spito of throatenlnp; weather tho
band concert at the city park yesterday
afternoon was well attended antl an
excellent programme was rendered.
R. M.  R. Dance.
Preparations are being made by the
Rangers to make their dance in the
armory Wednesday evening one of the
events of the season. It will be more
than a month before the armory is
again available for a ball.
Cor. Vvrnon  -and ^v��r*c! stre��tM,
Or. H. Aylard, New Denver; W. B.
Poole, H. L. Radgery, J. E. Redman,
Spokane; G. E. Gili-oy, B Cooper, A. G.
CTDlmick, E, D. Ron, Toronto; E. P.
Breueninn. St Paul; B. L. McMillan, J.
R. Waldo, Winnipeg; M. B. Masauly,
Scotstown ; G. W GriOln, Hamilton ; T.
Robinson, Stinnett; K. A. Simmons, W.
T Miller. Vancouver; E. G Kerr, Ross-
laud; A. W. Westby Minneapolis.
Patronize! by Earl Grey and Nobility
Hotel Strathcona
Best Located Hotel tn NeUon
Apnrtnic-nts Klegant.    Cuisine Choicest
Civility mid f'luftnltnesH
Under the mtwmgemr**nt of   K. K. hoble,
late of Toronto. Ottawa anil
T. Colin, A. Anderson, W. Anderson,
H. S. Borden, O. S. Morgan Winnipeg;
K. S. Francis,   A.   B.   Franci-a,   Procter;
B. Marks, Toronto; Mrs. A. L. Swift,
Mrs C. S. Hughes, Grand Rapids; J.
('lmpniau, Cranbrook; J. Nicholson. A.
Lancaster, Montreal; Mrs. C. E. Anthony,
Lytton; J L Gibson, London; J. L.
Buchanan, London; H. D. Curtis nnd
laniily, Savan; Mrs. G. B Hamilton,
Calgary;  F. C.  Campbell, St.   Thomas;
C. Stewart, Kingston ; O. Rodolph, Limn;
Mr. and Mrs. J. Hebden and wife, Toledo;
J. Hyde, New York;T J. Johnston, Tor^
onto ; J. Cameron, Detroit; N. C. Clayton,
M. F. Spears. Spokane; W G. Pollock,
Quarry; A. O. Watts, Fernie; H. Bole,
Trail; F. E. Clement, Victoria; W. S.
Symms, Crescent Valley; C- D M. Chamber*--, Vancouver.
H.  Selmes, Procter;  K    Dowd.   J.   P.
McCoy, P. J. Cauthorn,   H. L. Williams
and wife, Spokane; H. C. Medealf, Vagar;
E. Jeuis, Montreal.
E. O. Sahlin, J B. MeLeod, A. Beaton,
Vancouver; Mrs. M. Mackiunon, M Mac-
kinnon, A. Mackiunon, Miss A. J. (Jar-
row, (J. S Ehl, Calgary; Mr. and Mrs.
Wood and family, Procter.
O. Murphy, Butte; E. Buckley, Salmo;
c H Kingdom, Oranbrook; G. L. Swift,
1 \V. Mneleod, Winnipeg; E. White, J.
White, J. OordiOk, Perth; H. Shiels,
AiiihWorth; H. Conover, Fnstor; J. E.
llntton. A. Button, P Dickie, P. H.
Salmon, W. Ward, Edinburgh; G. P.
Eddie, Aberdeen; T. Brown, J. Stabler,
Vernon ; T. H. Larmer, Bonniugton ; G.
S Broadbeut, Revelstoke; I. Walberg,
W   Harris,  Kaslo;  J. Davis, Sandon;
T      Williams,   Slocan;    EL   Thompson-
)OLD ('MAIN, batWSsn Hoover ami Vernon
Btroeta Rniieble r-'wanl will be paid lor Hi
return.   ItoDermld A Mellardy.
A   I-KAPb BtJfBUftST   PIN.    Finder   return  lo
i ti if-1 111 i ���     v. whpI Offered.
Old Curiosity Shop
II you want to buy or sell anything,
go to the Old Curiosity Shop. A ni-w
line of Japanese Ootids now on sale.
All kinds of Dlnnerware ln stoek. Patterns.  ^______^__
rsieusoiN,   -   b. c.
A I'UCKBTBOOK ruiiltdntiiK a algnctl <*hi-<|tii-nl
ll���* s, .uml Relt.1 Mining t'omr,Hii>. j ,**.*. 1*I,*
t,, il. O. Wa.li*. niMl lutlr-ra. Flniler liinillj
leave at Nr, I'lttti* Inn.
LI-iT OB H'KAYEP- Blsok ticker Spaniel,
wcarlnK atei-1 ei.llar. Anawer. to "KI���.'' Any*
..m* lnirb.,rlnR will be prosecuted. L. Craulurd,
P. U   llox 6f,
TWO FIKHTULABB HOOMB   .team heated      Ap-
(>lv houaekecDer. 8rd flat. K. W. f:. block.
t PAKTNF.R Willi li.001) to puri'haae a Irnlt
riiu.*b near Nelaon A Rood apeeulation. Partner need not tie actively enaaired on ranch.
For particular, apply T. o. pkoutkk.
AT  IISI.K       A BK1.L  BOY.
Apply the Htrath*
Canadian Club.
The project of organizing a Canadian
club or Empire club ln Nelson is again
to the lore. One opportunity has already been lost by the lack of such an
organisation in the recent visit of lion.
W. J. llaiina, Ontario's provincial secretary.
Lindsey vs. Brydges.
The case of Lindsey vs. Brydges, an
action lor commission on the sale ot
and, was called this morning before
Ills Honor Judge Porln. R. S. Lennle
appearing for S. M. Brydges, slated that
he was not prepared to proceed, and
the hearing was postponed to September *ji*d.
Repairing Roadbed.
Kxtensive repairs will be made this
week to the roadbed of the city tramway. Repairs are urgently needed on
Front street between Josephine and
Hall, and in Fairview just west of the
turn down to the park. Many of the
old ties are so worn that they are giving
no support to the rails. Superintendent
Smith has reported th?t any further delay In the matter might  be dangerous.
Kev. E. H. Shanks has resigned the
pastorate of the llaptlst church, and will
enter McMaster University class ln October. The announcement was made
after the morning service yesterday
Mr. Shanks, who finished his arts
course 15 years ago. will now enter for
the degree of R. Th. He will leave Nelson al the end of September. He does
not know yet who his successor will
MIbs Annie Macleod returned from
Spokane yesterday morning.
G. N. GilchrlBt, wife and son, Walter,
are visiting friends at Fernie and Cranbrook.
R. G. Webb, Madame Webb and their
daughter Amanda, leave tomorrow evening for London by way of Vancouver
and Australia.
Miss May, who has been visiting with
her sister, Mrs. Fred Squire, of Fair-
view, left for her home at South Qu
'Appelle this morning.
Harry Kelley, of Spokane, ls visiting
his mother at Fairview for a few days.
.Mr. Kelley ls special representative of
the Eller Piano House, of Spokane.
W. S. Drewry has returned to the
city from Silverton where he has completed the survey for the new tram
from the Hewitt mine to the Wakefield
Fred Adie, of Waneta, district fruit
pelt inspector, is In the city today. Mr.
Adle reports conditions very favorable
round Waneta and ln the Pend d'Orellle
W. n Pool arrived from Spokane Saturday  night and  will  be  at the  Hume
Rowboats And Canoes
For Sale ot Hire
Agent for Truneott lAiinchea
and Feterboro Canoea.
Finest Lot of  Boats in B C.
Foot ot Josephine 8t.      Tel. A18
The Store of Quality
Large Tins. 45c
Fine For Lunch During
Hot Weather.
C. A. ^Benedict
Corner Silica and Josephine Sta.
See the New
"Peggy irom Paris''
$2*00 pet Ctate
Fresh In ��very morning. An
excellent chance to get your
preserving fruit at a moderate
woma*-' tot&kaobaneofobildnnaa4do h��m
housework. QhlDunen employed. Apply Mri,
H. H. I.onntf'. Hcfovtir ulreet.
WAN" h���hy ���* tin UK Engllnhmnn, lol, with Irult
Unni-r where lie can thoroughly learn the
bunlueM. At preieut In Wltinipfg but would
i odif at once.   Adilrew H. D., ''��i,y Canadian.
K. W. C. Block . Phone 19.
The very latest and daintiest novelty
In handbiiiis. They're practical and convenient too.
They come at 50c, 76c, $l.ou and $:-..00
You can see them hanging in our window.   Also notice the general display ot
which we make In our Window including
Handbag-**, I'urses, Wallets, Cigar Cases,
etc., etc
W. G. Thomson
22Z882H* "Qa   Nelson, B. C.
Phonw .3-4.
\U Klnda of Heating  Plants In  Stock.
Victoria St., Nr. Ooera Houae.      Tel. 181.
Piano  and Singing Lessons
Given   by   Mrs.  Winter   Every  Saturday
Mrs. Winter holds certificate from
Royal Academy for pianoforte playing
and singing. Certificate from Trinity
College, London, Kng., for theory of music. Scholarship of the London Conservatoire of Music for singing and piano
playing. Address Box 796. Nelaon.
for several days. Mr. Pool is here on
business but haa no definite announcement to make.
Miss M. Burns, late of Ottawa, wtll
take charge of the Enfield Co.'s millinery department this week. Miss Burnt;
is a milliner of long experience and
comes highly recommended,
Mrs. Cleve Hall and her little daughter have returned from Procter where
they have been spending the summer
weeks and have taken appartmenta at
the Strathcona. Mr. and Mrs. Hall will
make the Strathcona their home for the
balance of the year.
Mrs. Wm. E. McCandlish. Sr., and her
son, Lome, left this morning on a visit
to Mrs. McCandlish's parents at Wing
ham, Ont. It is now twenty-five years
since Mrs. McCandlish last visited her
father and mother, both of whom have
passed beyond the four-score mark.
Wholi-HHit' nnd   Beted tH-alem lu
Fresh and Salted Meats
('mrips Htipplied on shortest notice and
lowest price. Nothing but   fresh and
wholosoinn meats and supples kept in *tock
Mail orders receivu careful attention.
E.  C.   TRAVES,   Manager.
One of Nelson'a Pretty Home Cot-
tagee of 2 bedrooms, sitting room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom; hot and
cold water; large basement. Nice view
of lake. $1,600, $900 down; balance on
easy terms Certainly a snap. Apply to
J. R. B., Daily Canadian.
Take notice that an appllfatlon haB Yieeu made
to register Arthur Hamilton BiH-hauiin a��
th�� owner ln Pee simple, under a tax nal*! deed
from k J stenion, DeputyAneuorand Collect
of the Blooan AnneKiment DlHtrlet. to Arthur
Hamilton Buchanan, boarlng date the 7th of
November, A P.. 190ft, of all and Hltim-lar that
certain pareel, or tract, of land, and premium,
Altuate: lying and tieliijr in the Dlstrictof Koote.
nay, in the Province ol British Columbia, mure
particularly known und deBcritied as:
U>t number mne hundred and seventy (WO),
(iroup one (I) In the Dlatrlet ol Kootenay, "Bun-
set Mineral (Malm.
You and each ol von are required to contest tlie
claim ot the tsx pun-haaer within fourteen duyn
from the dale of the service ol this notice upon
you, and tn default of a caveat, or certificates of
lis pendens being filed within such period, you
will be forever estopped and debarred irom setting up any rltlm In, or In respect o( the suld
land, and I thall register Arthur Hamilton
Buchanan as owner thereof.
Dated at Land Registry Ofllee, NeUon. Pro
viuce of h.ltiHh Columbia. thU-2.rjth day nl April,
A D., 1U07.
H. F. MacLKOD,
DlBtrlct itcglstrar.
To Bk"*jasihF. Da vi an.
The BUUHt  Uold   A  Silver  Mining  Com-
pany (foreign).
). A. IRVING & CO.
Telephone 181.
For Sale
COTTAGE���:. rooms, water and electric
liKht, woodshed, chicken houses, fruit
trees, ',�� block from car line. For
quirk   sale.    Terms  given.     $760.00.
C-% acrea -within mile of city. Suitable
for market garden.    Terms given.
LAND on Kootenay and Arrow lakes,
Slocan, Kootenay and Salmon rivers,
etc.    From $10 to $46 per acre.
Real   Estate  and  General  Agent.
West  Bsker Street. NELSON.  B. C.
Hay and Timber Land���About 4<i
acres of hay and 60 acres of timber,
right beside a U. R. siding and only a
short distance from Nelson. $20.00
per acre.
Baker St., Opposite Queen's Hotel.
vv.   a.   OILUETT
Contractor   arul
Sola agant for the Porto EUoO I.umher Co., l.ld.,
ret nil yitrd-B. ftougb nnd dTMMd Lumbar, turned
work and brHeketn, Coast lath aSd HblUglea, muh
Hiid doom. Cement, hrlck and lime tor tale,
Automatic grinder.
Yard and factory. Vernon Ht.. eant of Hall
INBUSON,   f*. C.
P. o. Box 2312. Telephone 178
In the matter of nn application tor thfl |MW ot
a duplicate of the certificate of Title for lotn.
iui.4 the treat ball of lot ji, btook tt, in the Town
ol Nelaon.
Notice ll hereby given   Hint it limT intention
to Ishiic at the extilrntlon of one month after the
fina publication hereof a duplicate of theeertnv
oata of title for thu ahove landi- in the  name of
i.ydia Bhlaldi, which certificate in dated tba tut
day of beeumln-r, 19<W, and numbered Wtfl K.
DlatrtQt KeKlHtrar.
Notice to Delinquent Co Owner.
To Oharlei Q, Blm-MOO, or any other perion
to whom be may have transferred htn Interest la
the "May BlOMOm" inlner-1 claim, id Minted ou
Krowu Mountain, two and a hulf mllea aouth-
waet of Ymlr, In Hie Solium lllntng Dlrlllon. of
West   Kootenay   Hlntri'l,   and   recorded   in   the
R-Morder'i office, for thy Kelion QlTlilon,
Von anrl each of you are lotr-ahy notified that
I have expended two hundred and five dollHra
(905.00) hi lahour and linprovctnentii upon the
utiove iiiincral Claim lu order to hold the aame
under the proVUtoni oi the Mineral Act. and If
within nliH'tv davH from Ihu date of thla notlee
rou fail or refuMi to contribute your portion of
the expendlture( (which !����� One hundred and two
Jlfty dollar* tititiriO) lor the two yearn eiidlna
Hlh May. PJ07.) together with ali OOCtl of artver
llcliiK, vour int.-rent In the laid elalm will become the property pi the   undermined under
Hou. 4 of nn Act entitled: "An Act to Amend the
Mineral Act. 1!K)0 "
Dated at Ymlr, It. (J , 16th May, 1907.
KODAKS And A11 Accessor^
��� (Fresh Stock Twice a Week)
This is the season for taking photos of
Kooteuay s unrivalled scenery.
TOURISTS,  We can supply you with
anything in the Kodak line.
Canada Drug & Book Co'y, Ltd.
COR   BAKER   and   WARD. Phono  81
>���.   A.   ISAAC
R.   W.   HINTON
Rupnlrlnii ��nU .1, .1.1,1, .u c��*ctnt��l \�� It h  I NMHMil *_ li.    Mli.n M.UI *
Work, Mining .ii.cl  ."VIHI  ,%1ii^l��lt.or>*.      M���,,L,r,lutururn of
Or.   Cur.,   te.   te.    Ctintniwlop.'   Cur..
C!nrn.*r ol ll��:l.iid IXi 1^* I     Sf ~> IV Fi        C
SH^S Lomber, Shingles,
L,atl-i, Aloulclingrs, Doors, Windows,
Turned Work and Llr-H��lt��t*n. Mull Order* promptly attends]n.
VUWlN��>l>i UTRIiliT   -   -    -   NliLDON, ��*. li.
The Hall Mining and Smelting
Company*, Limited.
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry Ores.
WhOlMai>  Provlalons,
Producu, - Rrult.
(ioveruun.nl Dreamery Ons-Poond BrlOkl received weekly fre��b from ll��
ehurQ.    V.ir mile by all li-adinK Krocen.
Offloe and warehoune: I l.,u-i. n I'.hak,    Phono 79
Josephine Street.       ...        Nelaon. B. C
Our shipment of these has beeu delayed in transit but we to"
them now, and in order to clear before the season is too
far advanced we are selling them at prices tliat
should place oue in every home.    Call and
be convinced and enjoy comfort.
J. H. Ashdown Hardware
Company, Limited.
Nelto" i
Gtins and
j c��U
If you nre HiinliiiiK nf buyin|f a Uiflo or Oun thin *"*��on c
und Uuptot our Htock.
Wo nlno enrry nil tho bMt iiiiiknH of Ainmunlti"n. I"'*1"'
Dominion,    Eley,     Kynoch,     U.M.C-
and Winchester.
Wood Vallance Hardware Co., Limited


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