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The Daily Canadian Oct 17, 1907

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 ���*fhat_Will You
Have With It?
bottled at the SpriiiK**
t%\k%i Q*\bx Canafci
1, T. P. Company Inviting Asiatics.
rising of Head Tax on Chinese Has
O-ly Enabled Them to Demand Higher Wages.
OUt-fa, mt. I".���As fnr iih Canada Ih
��� latlc   immigration   dates
.   ,:> sixties; and fur tin- lluy
.   . r: th, rr anrl ni.v*   it lias been
Y        ens of a problem.   Just uh Uu.
mi lo |...nr Into California 111
(day. "i   l:'   "�� the discovery ol tha
I .:   in Cariboo and CwHilar
lb, rr:    l'>    til''   hundred   both
i"!    H   th-lr   native
!, the placer mining lndu-.tr*
Un nr departed, but lome
jiri.jii.' rl rrrnl ..' re mr tin- h*mjI for work
l ill,' building nl  Hi.'  .'    I'-  It-    H�� 'I'"
,jNii t,.r cheap labor iu  rallwey oon-
...:  .in  other Industries
I Iwa j brought Into e-lste noo,
.  .   . .ii.,-.* to British Colum
.., r.ir r, ''.nr .<.��� tliau were Ihi re In
| i.,.    nt gold liiluiug. ami e'er
r. iirili-i   lias   been  On  till,   lu-
���i    tin-     census  of   lUOI.
I ��� 192 Chlneea in Canada,
: i ""i being In Hrltlsh Coluin-
:iinl ih.  others scattered over thr
i ol tin   Dominion.    Outside of the
' the    Chinese  usually
��� -   to  the  wiishtub, al
otbIi In Hinri'  in uh  they  have  bios-
tamed Into tea and silk merchants and
t keepers. In British Opium hi*
*. . form 7 per cent of the en-
I itinii  .on! perhaps -a per cent.
riling population, they ate lo
In i ii ry kind of occupation de
ordinary   labor.    The  Balling
���nd ad th,   lumbering industry at
i���..' I     ��� m  In   greal   numbers, and   In
���ruin  localities   they   dominate  them
n   uf   the   whites.     As   dO*
���nettle Bervanu the Chinese have been
��� i'i.used, and there can be
tl" doubl lhal in a sparsely populate'l
fconmry, where white women willing to
work Inr other women ai �����
'�������� mm far between, the Chinese house
"""'��� ��"ir!(i be a blessing.
Krotind the Imporiatlon of
I nirrrlil  find  advocates:   but   the
J faci remains thnt in Brit-
|Mi Columbia it  la difficult  to get suit
-i'i.' help, .-it ii.-s  Chinees or Japanese.
I lh,   laps, even were they willing
I'" sniiirrit t.i domestic drudgery, they
"I >, i 'nuts, anil the Chinese
I'm make more money In other employ
I rhr   truth   Is   Hint   while   both
Iran's ol Asiatics accept  wages far be
I im nr,. "white" standard, they demand
I'"!.'' ns much  money  hs once  sulllced
I""*".   Wh, i, it  coil  iii.'..ii no-ting to
 ii> they could afford to
' bi 'i in notli'liiK; hui "io In'"'1
,,,x -at been Increased successively
I" i*,ii. Hon, an.l $.-,n���.    When Hie  pre*"
I*""*" ��;..   mil I, Uh llrst effect  wns
1,1 "top Immigration,   Thli the Chlness
I "" 'I"' ui.mil.I t,���,u ailvantime of lo In
'"'* '  ""''  wages; ami gradually pay
"*''' up till It  became worth the while
[ ""'siile chini's,' to scrape together
1  '""i "buy chips" in tin* greal guns
""ik" .-.lakes wers now so alluring
*��� 'or ihe Japanese, although up to
1""' ""'��� wen not many of them In
'������llsli ('..Intnl.in. 1 |,000 of Ilii-m hail
liiiiilfil I,, Vlotorla up to 1901, nnil sine
nave i tr swarming in. Com
Japanese Immigration with
lines,.. tl���.    Royal  Ciituilllsslon   of
"till ..i tire former:  "He is more
'���I'.'ii.i.'ni. energetic apt  and  ready
"���"loti. p. ri,i,,|,i. ���t --asl iii appear
'��� Uf' mannors ami mode of life
"��� 'in' ��iiit
man, snd uh they have mote energy,
ptiHh, mul imle|ien,iei,ce, more dangerous in this regard than the Chinese."
Since   the   war   wllh   Hnssla.   the  .laps
bave lie,'11 more objectionable than ever,
ami less ready to admit their InXarigrlt*
lo the white man. It Ib this new cockiness of manner th.* precipitate,! the
in,ill,le lu California anil no ilmtlit ii has
done much to Increase Hie exasperations of the people of Hritish Columbia.
It Ih plain, therefore, that the Asiatic
problem  has  not   been  suddenly sprung
,,n rhe government or Canada and the
legislature or Hritish Columbia,   it has
been lhe subject or two lto>al commissions and or legislation by the provincial
government, an strongly opposed to the
admission ,,r Asiatics trr take the bread
out of the white man's mouth. Had the
people of Hrltlsh Columbia been permitted t<, settle 'in- matter, it would
have been disposed ot Ion-; sgo, but the
li'.inlnion government disallowed the
Kxcluslon Act, and is unlikely to permit
Ihe adoption ol the Natal Act, popular
though a contrary course would he in
Hrltlsh Columbia and In every other pari
ot Canada.
No government would take such an
Unpopular position without strong pressure rrom some Influential Quarter; and
there is now no mystery aa to the real
champions nl the down-trodden brown
man. The Qrand Trunk Pacific, Ihe trig
timber merchants, and the captains ol
the enlisting industry want ihe cheap
Oriental, not because he Ib the subject
,.f a Iriendly power and ally, but because
he ls good and cheap. Hence our problem.
F. Augustus Heinze the Storm Centre���
Reported That He Will Reaign
Bank  Presidency.
New York, Oct. 17.���Sentiment in
Wall Street before tbe opening ot lhe
slock exchange was divided between a
feeling that the situation created by the
I'nited Copper manipulation had been
cleared up, ami a certain amount of uneasiness lest the failure of Cross and
Kleeburg might have an unfavorable
erfect generally. Thai firm's claim that
their inability lo meel their obligations
uon due to purchases ol* I'nllct Ooppsr
inaile for Otto llein-e it Co., but not
accepted by them because the name or
K. AugnsuiH Hatus wns entered. In
.V.i.l Si conn.e tu li wa- dented that ne
was Intel-acted in the linn of Otto
Hi inso & Co. This lirui ls composed of
into C. llelnze. Arthur I', und Max
BehultS. K. Augustus Heinze has beeu
a prominent figure In New York financial since lhe settlement of his long
drawn out litigation with the Amalgamated Copper Interests over llelnze
an.l .Montana properties, lt was under-
atood that he received li large sum in
cash ns part of the settlement agreed
upon Ii was soon afterwards that he
became presldenl of the Mercantile Na
Ilonul Hank, one of the largest financial
houses In the clti. F. Augustus llelnze,
presldenl ofthe I'nited Copper company,
said that he IB considering lhe question
nf resigning Hie presidency of the Mercantile National Hank.
l.at last night there was u conference
on the situation at Ihu home of Charles
W. Mose. who ls also heavily Interested
in the Mercantile National Hank. At
the cIobc of this conference It was ruin
..red that K. Augustus llelnze had agreed
to resign the blinks presidency today
and   t-M    he   would   be   succeeded   by
William it. Ridley, controller of the currency. Mr. Ridley, however, denied that
he had accepted lhe presidency or the
bank. While the rumor of rlelnze s resignation   was entirely   nnirlllciiil.   ll   was
circumstantial ���" ttimt it was stated thai
a meet lug of the hank's directors would
he held today.
Dominion Steamer Arctic
Ontario Minister Against Sunday Cars
���General News of Canada
From Ocean to Ocean.
Father Point, Oct. 17.���The government steamer Arctic, captain Ilernler,
from the North Polar regions, passed
Inward this morning. All were well, the
only death reported is that of Frederick
Hockerii'iUBer, from natural causes.
in Its history the Dominion board of the
Women's Missionary Auxiliary or the
Anglican church ls meeting In Hamilton.
There are about fifty delegates from all
parts of the Dominion in attendance.
Mrs. Tilton of Ottawa Ib presiding. After
holy communion yesterday, reports were
presented by officers. They showed that
there are 1,200 branches with a membership ot 2G,2'!0, and 233 junion branches
with a membership or 6,836. Last year
senior branches raised {50,000 and
junior branches 13.074. There are a
number of foreign missionaries in attendance, some of whom addressed a
missionary meeting ln the Church of the
Ascension last night.
Edmonton, Oct. 17.���Six Indian boys
escaped rrom the Indian industrial
school at Red Deyr and travelled across
country on foot lo Saddle Lake reserve,
south of Ft. Saskatchewan. They have
been located by (he Mounted Police and
will be seal back by the Indian department to school. The lads left the school
the latter part of September.
Calgary. Oct. 17.���The builders exchange have relused to comply with the
demands of the carpenters' union ror
an Increase to 50 ceuts per hour. The
exchange considered the following clause
Illegal: 'No contractors, formen or
members will be permitted to give or
procure employment for a non-union
man as long as there are union men to
be had by applying to the local or business agent, but If union men cannot be
had by such application non-union men
may be employed." They are also opposed to the city council's accepting
Plans of l.awson and O'Gara for "the
__w -ity boapitUi, claihilag no bids
would he received from local firms owing to the unfairness of the architects
towards the contractors.
Woodstock���Oct. 17.-R.ev. Dr. Sutherland, secretary of missions of the
Methodist church of Canada, addressed
the Woman's Missionary Society ln convention here last night. He declared
that Is bo far as missionary work Is concerned the ChriBtian church hereafter
must learn to plan not In parishes or In
little areas, but In empires and peoples.
The Cilnese empire was undergoing
vital changes In its political life. This,
Dr. Sutherland declared, would bring
serious problems to the Christian missionary, for the social life or the Chinese
must be raised to meet new conditions.
The home, the speaker then pointed out,
was to be raised through the women of
the vast empire, and It was the work of
the Womaiis* Foreign Missionary Society
lhat was telling.
London. Oct. 17.���Hon. Adam Heck Ib
opposed to Sunday street cars and hopes
that the byliiw to be submitted to the
people on that Issue will be defeated.
"Some will say." he addB. "that 1 am not
Interested In cars, that 1 have my horses,
but I do not use them for pleasure on
Sunday.    I walk to church."
Montreal, Oct. 17.���Paul Gibbons. 65
years old. a veteran private night watchman employed by the Plutsch Gnu company, was killed l.y an engine nt Glen
yards. 0. P. 11. last nlghl. Ho Is supposed to have been struck by a light
F. W. Guernsey returned from Kaslo
last night.
.lames Tarry, of Riverview, ls ln the
city today.
F. C. Elliott, barrister, of Trout Lake,
ia in the city today.
Alex. Lucas, provincial assessor, came
down from  Kaslo last night.
Alex. Miller, of Greenwood, arrived
from the Boundary last night.
A. D. Wheeler and Mrs. Wheeler came
down from Ainsworth last nigbt.
C. S. Craddock, formerly of Nelson,
came ln from Spokane this morning.
Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Rlblet left for
Seattle last night via the C. P. R. for a
short visit.
J. T. Fife, of Vancouver, who baa
spent the last week ln Nelson, returned
to the coast last night.
W. A. Law, of a Winnipeg real estale
firm, who has been here In conference
with J. F. Langan, left for home this
Dr. Hugh Watt, of Fort Steele, returned last night from Victoria, and ls
In the city today.
J. F. Langan will leave tonight for
a business trip to Chicago and New
York. He will be away from the city for
about three weeks.
K. S. Lennie left this morning for tbe
east where he will attend the supreme
court of Canada. At Cranbrook he will
he joined by A. E. Watts, and they will
join II. L. Horden's party In Saskatchewan.
Hl.'ll III,.;
paring ri���
til,. C|
���itiil i
ue man    lie avails lilmHoir ,,r
"''"'"'""iy lo learn English and
.'a iiirikis it ��� condition of nti oon-
���cl "' Wring thai l>.   may do so,   .
IB consensus of opinion ���r the people
"���"����������� Columbia Is thai ihey do not
'       '"""'"   "ssltnllnle   Willi   the   while
���,"'.    ���:""1 """   while lu Home  respects
,._' me less undesirable than the Ohin
;"*"." Xadopl more readily on.
' in.- iunl spend niiiie of their
��� ',,,"": country, yet lu nil thai
-lent nf ii.  " ''"' "'" ""rniuiienl  settle
*���- lbo country thoy aro quite as
in   ' '"-' an iin- Cblnoae and
'""nicilioiH against Iho working
���llil.il n
"II lllll,
Surpriae  Party.
The teachers ..r the Hume school were
given a iiiohI unusual, as well as delight-
rul aul'piise last  evening by lhe pupils.
Being Invited to one >.r tin- parent-
reside h tot a  card  party  ihey were
linked   by   the   pupils  ot   Ibis   linuse lo
obtain a history rrom labool.   Dpon nr*
living ut the school everything wus in
���Hence and darkness, when suddenly, to
Hie the uinaz.'ineiit of Hie teachers.
lamps were 111. followed by cheers and
laughter,   Tin* pupils of Division i. bail
decorated Ibe school-room very prettily
with Bowers, and small lables Tor games,
nml last, but not least, a large table
lllleil   with   many   delicacies,   furnished
hv the children.   Games were Indulged
hi until ten o'clock, when refreshments
were served. The very pleasant evening
then eoncluded with a very Interesting
magic lantern exhibition given by one
of lhe older bovs wllh Ills own Inslrn
ment, It is dllllculi to say by whom
tin- happy evening wns enjoyed the most.
teachers or pupils.
Ottawa. Oct. 17.���The postoflice auth
orlties declare that lhe increased rate
of iHiBtage on newspapers nnd period!
oals rrom the United States has hud Ihe
desired effect of cultlng off tons upon
tons of yellow trash.
Toronto, Oct. 17.���Something said hy
Earl Grey al Upper Canada College has
been construed as au announcement
that members of lhe Royal family, probably Ihe king and queen, would visit
Canada next year on the occasion of the
Champlaln's ceiUennry. 111b Excellency
spoke of lhe Interest being taken in
such events but many otherB presenl
could place no such pleasing Intreprcta
Hon on Ills remurks. His Excellency
may have hinted at "patronage" not
"presence" ol some members of the
royal household.
Ottawa, Oct. 17���The lupreme court
hns dismissed wllh coats the case of
Ryan vs. Ashcron Water. Electric Light
and Improvement oompany,   The cubc
or Mi-Meekin und BOBOOWltl ugalnsl
Parry, a New Westminster mining claim,
was adjourned.
Rumor In  Pittsburg of Heavy Casualty
List In Coat Mine���Officials Refuse   Information.
Anxiety as to Future of
Dual Monarchy.
Will  be delivered    every evening    at
your door for
Fifty Cunts a month
Fears that Rone of Available Successors Is Equal to Task of Ruling the Mixed Empire,
e three comes
��k  for the  re-
his   rule  is
to   lu*   _ *
b to rati on oi
not bright. Neither
nor Otto have been educated as the successful future ruler of Austria must
need be, and even young Charles,
though some attempt has been made
to give him a liberal education, has
not received the broad training necessary for the task.
Such is the outlook for the future
ruler of Austria. The venerable Emperor who is now believed to be on his
death bed has been responsible for
many of the troubles that have overtaken his kingdom, but his intentions
have generally been good and his firm
hand has held the sheaf of nations together. Whether his successor will be
able to do so well is a matter of such
grave doubt ihat the passing of Francis
Joseph is feared a:, a national crisis.
Wooilatuck, Oct. 17���Ontario and
Qutbeo BaptUta in annual oonvantlon
inn' Dominated Ron?, Dr. Gordon, Montreal, uh proaldoni for lhe ensuing year.
SI i at lord, Oct. 17.���Stephen Murphy,
a Qrand Trunk section man, was Instantly killed by being struck hy a shunted
Opened an Office.
George Player bun opened mi ofiice in
the BUol block where be win devote
his time tn tmch work iih properly be-
���,,,.,.* to ���n accountant Mr. Player held
ihe poaltlon or bead aoootmtoni for tha
unit Mining and Smelting compan* f��r
������tei-al years, and Is capable In every
Winnipeg, Oct. 17.--An nil stnr Association foot linll eleven has been picked
by local enthusiasts, with the sngKestinn
that, they be sent to (ireat Britain tin an
All Canadian team.
Ottawa. Oct. 17.���Fifty claims ranging
fnun uiic dollar to one thousand dollars
air Bled by Vancouver residents as dam-
aj-es sustained by them In recent  riots.
Damage tn property), conflating mostly
or broken glass,  is  placed at  $_: i ,000
damages,     while     the     business     loss
amounts to $11,000.
pittBburg. Oct. 17.���An indefinite
rumor has reached this city that an accident occurred late last night In one of
the coal mines of tho Ellsworth Coal
Company of Pittsburg, located at Klls-
wortb. Pa., about fifty miles from here.
All efforts to confirm the rumor hnve
failed, not even a thorouRh Investigation
has dlschwed the extent of the alleged
accident. Telephonic communication
with the mine ofilclals at Ktlsworlh has
been discouraged hy those ln charge
there and no satisfaction can be had in
that direction. It Is known here tbat
the officials of the Kllsworth Coal com
pany left this city last night for Monon
Kahelna, about thirty miles away, where
it Is said a special train was in waiting
to convey them to the mines. One report, unconfirmed, says that a score of
men have been killed and a larRc mini
ber Injured hy the explosion.
Hamilton, Oct. 17.���For tho first time
Ryan Retires.
New York, Oct. 17.���Thos. F. Ryan.
one of the chief figures In Ihe local
traction field, is to retire from further
participations in traction affairs, according to statements puhllshed In the press
today. Recent conferences between Mr.
Ryan nnd August Uei mon t, presumably
regarding the ponding Investigation of
traction affairs by the public service
commission, have given life to the rr
ports of Ryan's retirement. Mr. Ryan,
It Is said, will retire voluntarily and in
so doing will lend his Inlluenee bo far as
he Is able,to the solution of the problem
which the traction managers are facing,
it has been for some time his Intention
to withdraw from the management of
enterprises, and It Is stated that the
opinion of his associates in the Inter-
borough Metropolitan and Its allied op*
orations that such withdrawal would Inopportune In tho present crisis Is understood to coincide with his own.
Vienna, Oct. 17.���The fear with which
every earnest, thinking man has looked
forward to the time when the Emperor
Francis Joseph shall pass away is rendered more acute each day by the bulletins Issued from the room of the aged
ruler. That the old Emperor cannot
long survive is no longer denied in official circles. In vain does the Austral
Ian who loves his land, and wishes to
see it continue to exist in its present
form, sing with all his heart:
"Gott erbalte Franz den Kaiser."
A successor competent to rille Q-tffl
uneasy conglomeration of quarreling
nationalities is not ln sight. With
Crown Prince Rudolf's death ended the
life of a man who, although abundantly
supplied with the frailties of humanity,
was nevertheless loved intensely by a
large portion of the Austrian and Hungarian people. Had he lived, temperance might have come with mature
years, and it is not impossible that hu
might have developed firmness and
strength of character, which, added to
the love his subjects bore him, could
have enabled him to dominate and rule
them. By him, however, the wages of
excess had to he paid early, and the
Austro-Hungarian throne was left without  direct  succession.
Archduke Francis Ferdinand, nephew
of the Emperor, was selected as the
heir-apparent, but he was frail, weakened and ailing, and only after long
voyages and extended sojourns in Southern climates was his physical condition
such as to warrant the hoj>e that he
would live to rule. But Cupid, ever fond
of upsetting royal plans, played one of
his roguish pranks with Francis Ferdinand. The Archduke fell in love with
the Countess Sophie Chotek, who was
a maid of honor of the Crown Princess
Stephanie, widow of the unfortunate
Archduke Rudolf. When the heir to
Imperial honors was married to the
simple-titled woman of his choice the
question as to his succession to the
throne became general. It was announced at the time that the Archduke had
renounced all rights of succession for
his children, should he he blessed with
any by his morgantlc marriage with the
Countess. The first child of the couple
was a daughter, born July 24, 1901. A
year later a son was born and the popular discussion in regard to succession
was then renewed.
There arc many people In the empire.
and particularly iu Hungary, who hold
that he could not thus divest his children of rights derived from royal birth.
So far as the Archduke himself Is concerned, however, he has never given
any reason to believe that he will violate the oath regarding his wife and
his children, which he made at the
time of lib- marriage. Tho arrangement
at the time, it wag understood, was
that Francis Ferdinand would be sue
ceedod on tbe thrrone, not by the male
issue of his marriage with the Countess
Chotek, but by the eldest boy of hia
brother Otto, the now nineteen-year-
old Archduke Charles Francis, the Aral
of the princes of the House of Haps
burg to be brought up and educated in
anything like accordance with the liberal ideas of today.
In order that the young Arohdukv*
might succeed to the throne it would
be necessary for his father, the Archduke .Otto, to abdicate ln his favor.
The latter, a man of fine appearance,
has in recent years enjoyed a certain
amount of popularity among tho people
���a popularity which for many years
public disgust madt Impossible. Hair-
raising details are told of the excesses
Indulged In by him ami his officer comrades. Moderation acins to have come
with yeiifrs. howevet, and Archduke
Otto has of late enjoyed a little more
of honorable public attention than he
did In the past. There is a possibility
that he might assume the Imperial purple, but the belief Is more general that
ho would waive his rights lu favor of
his  son.
As matters now stand the succession
Light Weights.
Indianapolis, Oct. 17.���Jacky MacFar-
land of Chicago, knocked out Jos. Galll-
han in the ninth round of a ten round
bout last night. The affair was tame
until the eighth round when McFarland
began fighting In a fierce manner. He
knocked Gallihan down four times in the
eighth and ninth round.
British    Liberal    Party    Committed   to
Crusade Against Power of
Upper House.
London. Oct. 17.���Tbe Libera! campaign for the restriction of the house
of lords to alter or reject bills passed
by the house of commons, which was
Inaugurated by the premier. Sir Henry
Campbell liannerimin, at Edinburgh, is
now in full swing throughout the country.
Members of the cabinet are addressing meetings almost daily, the keynote of which is the government's complaint of the treatment of measures lt
considered of flrst importance, but that
this Hood of oratory will affect the
House of Lords is not expected, the object on the other hand, being to Influence electors who, If the session of
1908, which convenes January 20 again
brings the two houses into conflict will
befrore long be called upon to settle the
The campaign thus far has disclosed
a heavy parliamentary programme, containing several questions on which the
House of Commons aud the House of
Lords must come to grips.
In the first place some measures rejected by the House of Lords this year
will be reintroduced to be followed by
the licensing and education bills, both of
which undoubtedly will lead to
strife. Should all or any of these fall
of approval a bill will be introduced giving effect to the reasons of the House
of Commons favoring the restriction of
the powers of the House of Lords.
This would mean an immediate general election, which many persons believe must occur next fall, because they
consider it Inconceivable, in view of
what has occurred, tbat these questions
or the past opinions of Iwo parties can
be reconciled. Tho younger members
of the Liberal party favor an early election, believing that the differences between the I'nlonlstH on the tariff reform Issue would Insure a return of the
Liberal government to power.
Tho Conservatives, however, are not
idle and whatever differences exist they
have started on u campaign which will
reach every county, directed i-liU-lly
against the Siu-lallstlc tendencies of the
Radicals und Laborltes, lo whom the
Cbauiberliilnltea are making arguments
Tor tariff reform. The l.nliurlii's as just
us busy and are paying no particular attention to ell her of the big partlerl, but
are keeping old age pensions to tho
forefront of their platforms and advocating the total abolition of the House
of Lords.
The disestablishment of the Church
of Wales will be postponed until after
the next session of parliament, but
should an election come on tilts fall, this
will be the battle cry of the Liberals in
the principality, lt may even extend to
and Include lire Church of Ungland.
Andrew Carnegie Poses
as Philosopher.
Steel MaottfactBrer aad Patron of
Learning Airs His Views on
African Problem.
London, Oct. 17.���After Andrew Carnegie bad delivered a eulogy on tbe
negro In an address on the negro problem in inaugurating the winter session
of the philosophical institute of Edinburgh last nigbt, Lord Hosebery, who
presided, moved a vote of thanks and
then proceeded to pulverize the Iron
inaster*s  arguments.
Mr. Carnegie said in part: 'The question is no longer what can be done with
negroes, lt is now how many more of
them and other workers can be obtained.
The negro has become of Immense economic value and Is indispensable. Tbe
negro is not lazy. On the contrary be
is engaged In every Held of human effort, and ls even a credit to journalism. The race's capacity for production,
at Intervals, of exceptional men who
are the glory of the nation, is another
evidence of an advancing people. I
am sanguine tbat the result will be a
respectable, intelligent race of citizens."
Lord Hosebery said: "Mr. Carnegie
Is a laau who scatters benefactions
as the locomotive scatters sparks," and
continued: "Mr. Carnegie's arguments
do not solve the matter but they prove
to be on a commencement of the solution of the problem. Might not the
period of tutelage, regarded as nece_-
sary In India, have been extended advantageously to the negro races T
When admitted to citizenship in the United States, 90 per cent, of the negroes
were Illiterate, and on your own showing, Mr. Carnegie, which may be optimistic, there are still 47 per cent of
them illiterate. Does not this show you
that these men were not competent to
ask the question, "Am I not a man and
brother ?" A wise answer would bare
been, "a man, yes; a brother, yes; but
till you have proved fitness for suffrage,
not a fellow citizen.. "
Adventuress Had a Million To Dispose
Of   Five   Years   Ago.
New York Blaze.
New York, Oct. 17.���A stubborn blaze
In tbe two story brick storage warehouse
of linker & Williams lust night did damage I'stiinated at $100,000. The burned
tu.'i'.'liandlse Included jute, tin, teu.gutla
perchu, tobacco and shellac.
Cleveland, Oct. 17.���While the body of
Mrs. Chadwick was being lowered into
the grave of her childhood home, Woodstock,   Ontario,   yesterday,   there   was
made   public  In   tbls  city a   will  she
made two years before her strange criminal career was exposed.    There is a
remarkable contrast between the pathetic funeral scene ln the little Canadian
cemetery and the   picture  of  opulence
told   lu   the   words   of the will.    Altogether lt ls one of the most Interesting
documents yet found In connection with
Mrs   Chadwlcks  operations.     Tho   will
disposes   of   over   $1,000,000   worth   of
property.    In it her son, daughter and
husband,  a   retinue   of   servants,   relatives in distant, countries, and  friends
all share to the exleut of hundreds of
thousunds of dollars.    Charitable institutions,   ten   of  them.   Including   throe
hospitals, were to receive from $20,000
to $100,000 cash.    The Humane Society
was to get $50,000. Western University
was bequeathed $100,000 easli.   In every
case of bequest  to an Institution Mrs.
Chadwick   stipulated   that   she   should
receive   full   credit   ordering   that   the
funds   should   lie     named     "Chadwick
Memorial  Fund," and that if buildings
should be erected they be called Chadwick buildings.    The will made ln .lan-
ary. 1902 was of course revoked by that
made since her imprisonment.    In any
event   it  would   have   been   totally   Inoperative in tbe light of later developments.
High Priced Jockey.
New York. Oct. 17.���Eddy Diigan, the
Jockey, has, .It ls said, been signed to
ride ror Henry Payne Whitney next
month. He will receive a salavy ���r $1.V
000. Oilman has been steadily growing
popular with the race goers this season
and In many minds has displaced the
"uiai'vi'lliius" Miller.
Patient Ill-Treated.
Toronto, Oct. 17.���There will be a
thorough Investigation Into the death of
.lames Robinson, 504 Parliament street,
who was taken to his nome from Mlmlco
asylum Sunday, after being ln that Institution a week, and who died on Tuesday afternoon. It was found that one of
bis ribs was broken and tha. here were
several bruises on blm which his relatives allege were not there when he
went Into the Institution. An Inquest la
to bo hold. The asylum authorities declare that Kobinson was not HI treated.
i '"*:
<t *_ The Daily Canadian
���   ::
1   !'
r     .
k :
Clothing;,    Gents'   Furnishings
and Boots and Shoes
Is bcginniug to arrive.
Tn about another week we will be able to offer full lines
in these goods, aud can promise you the best value ever offered in the city.
In the meantime it will pay you to await their arrival
before making your purchase.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office:   Toronto.
Capital Authorized   $10,000,000    Capital   Paid   Up          4,830,000
Kest           4.830.000 V-
D. R. WILKIK. President.
Branches in British Columbia:
Interest allowed on  deposits trom date of deposit and credited Quarterly;
-I.   IVl.    LAY,   Manager.
The Royal Bank of Canada
Incorporated A. D.  18C9.
Capital $3,900,000     Reserve Fund $4,390,000
Unexcelled facilities for the transaction
of all  kinds of Eanking  Business.
"HCIAL ATTENTION given to the
8avings Bank Department, and
Interest credited Quarterly on
Savings Bank Accounts.
on Application, in Large, Medium
or Pocket Size.
Nelson Branch, G. A. SPINK, Manager.
PoMl���bOd fi'* na-** a wee* nj* the
Baker St..  Nelson, B. C
Bunscrlption rBU'fl, VI cents a month delivered
lu tbe ill-*, ����r i't.UO a year If -cut by mall, wbt'U
paM In K.lvaiiif.
Advertlsliisj rater, ou application.
All monies paid in soul, lncrtl ot Tbe Daily
Canadian aooounta, .ur.'-r for kabaorlpUOlU or
mdvcrtl.lriK, invi-i ' ��� re, - lpu*d for on tha prlnuril
forms ol tlie Com) .::* . lillrer receipts are uol
Thursday Oct. 17, 1907.
Our contemporary Buggr U thai It Is
ineonsisi.-nt fnr ihe Conservative party
to criticize Sir Will rid Laurler and
liis colleague- for ratifying the treaty
wiih Japan since the C m-ervativ,
led by Mr. Borden and Mr. Foster, voted
ln favor of the ratification of the treats
it Is characteristic, bul ni r ln*poi tai t,
thai it Is '.ni*-' an extracl from M .
Poster's sp-och which is adduced ;,
oominil Mr. Borden.
However, tirar teat-*- ... the qui    .   i
is unimportant    sir   Wilfrid   Lan
��� may in- amply Jul r lit, il from ; i
Imperial or even from ;r i Union pr.ini
nf view.    Sir Willrr.l I    noi  thi   sped  I
custodian "i * rr.' Inten   ta, trui   or i
aginary,   of    Hiitish    Columbia.     B
he   declared   long   ago   thai   <>n   a
imestlon    connected    with    or
iiiK    our    ni    the    Oriental    im mit-1  ���
tlon, the views and
Colombia,   the  province   rn"-1   dlrectl*
arficli'd,   should     prevail.       The  treaty
with .laprui was such a question; ll tuu
ln.'ir  settled    without    consulting  thi
wishes ,,r InQuirlng the views ol British
Columbia.   Of course Sir Wilfrid Bbould
learn lln- wishes ol Q province from Its
elected representatives,    Did be do so*
There are only two alternatives.    Elthel
Sir Wilfrid Laurler has broken bis promise t<> this province or Its elected representatives bave betrayed their trust,
Then* is a suspicion, so general thai
It almost amounts to a conviction* thai
the sudden swelling of the volume of
Asiatic Immigration at the present nine
is due io ihe Orand Trunk Pacific Rail
way oompany, Spokesmen of that oompany have in fact declared thai they
must have iilrundanf la-tor and that Its
color Is a mailer of Indiffefenoe to ihem.
They are quite Within Ihelr lentil rights
iu 10 declaring.    11 might he urged thai
a corporation, endowed witb money and
credit in the amount of aboul ���160,000,-
000, is under a moral obligation to sn
administer its trust as to confer the
maximum of benefit upon the people who
have been so generous, Bul mural obligations are not likely lo weigh very
heavily with the Q. T. 1". company and
they nr.' even less likely to be enforced
iii'.'ir thai corporation by the present
Dominion government British Columbia lias inn specially endowed the (!. 'P.
I'. company and has therefore no lever
to use.
These facta stand out clearly in the
history of the Oriental issue on this
ooast: Sir Wilfrid Laurier had promised
.1 consideration for British Columbia's views in settlement of such questions; there were seven Liberal members ... Ottawa charged with the rimy
ni presenting those views; the i;. T. P.
company wanted Asiatic laborers; by
Hi.' treaty win, Japan they have been
enabl, .1 rr, ���r.'i them. Old sir Wilfrid
Laurler break his promise bj ignoring
ih,' representatives of this province, or
1'..'.' 'h' . betrayod theii trusl by mis
representing Hie wishes ol their oonnti
I H' ll' -V
rirc latter alternative looks Hi.- mors
likely, ir ih,- members from thia province opposed tire treaty an.I were Ignored hy their chief, we should have beard
fhelr protest We an- quite ready lo
t* III ..' that Sir Wilfrid Laurier Is as
Innocent in ihe matter as .Mr. Borden,
I.ni absolving Sir Wilfrid transfers ihe
whole responsibility to ihe shoulders of
Hi.' s.rirri Seven,
Rudyard Kipling's exhortation to Can
ada io open her arms to the laborers
<.r ihe British islands is eminently wise
inn ii is not altogether new.    Probablj
wis,- advice is seldom new.
Canada has always been ready in welcome British Immigrants. At lean ihe
people ..r Canada are ready. The Canadian government, however, has shown
a decided  preference  tor other races.
what  .Mr. Kipling w.rithl ,-all - -1 lie- lesser
breeds without the law," n is hard to
see a motive for such preference unless
n. he that people Ignorant of the Bog-
lish language, laws ami Institutions are
more easily controlled ror campaign purposes,
if the money spent on Doukhobors,
Italians and  other  continental   Europ
eans hail been devoted to assisting ihe
Immigration cf Bnglisb, Irish. Bcotcb
mul Welsh, the labor situation iu Canada ni   ihe present   would  not   be ..ne
hull so ir.'llle as it   is, the prairies Would
not ire afflicted with a colony nf maniacs wliri have to I..- periodically herded back to their homes, and there would
he  n   far  better chance   for' a   llOUtog, n-
euus   Canadlani   population   of   British
blood,  speech  an.l   ideals.
E*ven such additions as have been
made lo the population hy th.' ill.his
oi iii.' Dominion Immigration deparl
nit'iii have been entirely for the benefit
of the prairie provinces. Why British
Columbia and all the Eastern provinces
should he Ignored in ihe matter is nut
clear. However, the British Columbia
government has already realized the necessity tor Independent action. ���,n.l has
Invited ihe co-pperatlon of employers of
labor in encouraging liriiish laborers
to come.
In this province the need for while
s.i I leis is greater than elsewhere.
Dilier- provinces want more laborers t<>
help develop their resources: so do we
but we also require Hritish settlers to
keep British Columbia a predominantly British province.
From no class should support for Mr.
Tatlow'a policy he more loyal than from
ih,- workingmen. Its success, the supply of lhe demand for labor hy while
men of their own race, is Ihe only
thin*!; that can save them from the
competition of Asiatics.
Earthquake   Records.
London, Oct. 17.���The observatory at
the Isle of Wicht ree,.riled a severe
earthquake yesterday beginning at a
quarter past two in the afternoon and
lasting over four hours. The distance
of the disturbance waa placed at P000
miles. The observatory a! Lalhach.
Austria, also recorded an earthquake
at practically the same time, lasting for
two hours and a half, and nt Br distance
of fi. 2.*... miles.
Coal! Ice! Wood!
Phone 265
Yale-Kootenay  Ice, Fratt,
Fael & Poultry Co., Ltd.
N. E. co.. Baker   and   Ward   Sts.
Now Is the Time
to prepare for oomfort to the  winter.
An EHectrlo Radiator is cleanly, cheerful and tabor savins.
Call on ns for prieen for these and all
electrical devices.
Notice   ia  hereby Riven   thai the iiiKlemigriod
ii-tvi- ralnnttted i" Hit* Lieutenant Qovernor-ln-
��� nuncil ii proposal under tin* provisions (if the
"Riven ini'l Btn ami Art," for --iearUiK a:o\ re-
moving Obetraotloni   from ��� ..mi  Kiver nml Mea-
daw Creak, in tin- Dlstrlot of Wat Kootanay, and
for making  tbeaamaflt  for .��mhik ami  <inv
lnj- then/on loti", IIiiiUt, lumber, raft* a. Dd OTnftl
Hin' for en-<-tin-- nml maintain Uik boomi for
holding, aortitis ami dallTttrln| I-*-'- and  timber
bronenl down said oreek and river, and for at -
tn. hum boomi- to the ���horeol -niii oreak ami
river for iald pnrpoeea,
Tht html* tn he effected by -Hiil work are:--
LoU ���*���'. BUT, 46W, and nub lot-s 1,0,11. IS, 1. end
i'i of iAii ten, Qronpli Kootenaj* Djitrlat,
i in* toil* propoaadio beobernd are nuchas
inn v Im- lixe.l   Jiy the Jinlrj-e of   ihu County Court
if Wi'l  Ki.oli'linv.
Dated 9ltt Jul*, van.
Tlllt INTERNA ttoNAl, Lt'MHKR A M r l'.< ANTM.lt Co.,
To   Contractors,     Builders,     Carpenters
and  House Agents.
it having been brought to the notice
ofthe City council that certain Beotlon*-
nf Qy-lawa No's 74 and 186 arcs Dot and
have not been observed, f. e, sections 6,
it and 7 of Hy-law 74 and Motions
7 and 8 of Hy-law 186 which provide
that permission of the Fire Wardens,
ihe City Engineer and Building Inspector iniiKt lirst he obtained and plans deposited wiih lite Building Inspector before greeting new buildings or additions
or repairing, altering or renovating existing Iniildii.KH,
Therefore notice is now Anally issued
that on and alter this date any  person
in- persons not complying With the building By-laws of thr* City of Nelson. I. e.
By-laws No's 7i atid 186 will he prosecuted as provided therein.    Hy Order.
,   W. E. WA3SON, City Clerk.
NelBon, 13. C., October IS, 11)07.
Certificate   of   Improvements
������Monti --.1 ��� and ������Quebec" Mineral Claims tito*
hIc   in   lhe   Nelaon   Miniiik   DlVll   oi   Wesl
Kootenav  OistrUl.
Where located; West branch of north tork ol
Salmon rlvar, on t'rni�� Mountain, aboul oina
mile* Irom Kris, a. c.
Take notloe thai l, Alfred BrneatUallnpe, Itee
Ulnar'��� Certificate No. B0I9, intend, ri-tls ������������:���-
from tbo dale hereof, to apply to lba Minim*
Recorder for a Certificate oi ImprovemenU, for
the porpoei ol ohtatnitn- ' rown uranti ol lba
abo.e tlal-ni.
Ami further take notice Unit action, under
-eetion BT, must be commenced before tba last*
ance of such Germinate nl Improvem* nta.
Datad this 12th day ol September, 1007.
Nelson Lead IMstrict. District of Waat Kootenay
Take notioa that K. ti t. Smyth,ol Procter, B,
0., occupation lumberman, lntandi to apply for
a sjH-cul   limber licence  over tbe  following fie-
M-ribeii lands:
Nn. l. I'ummi'iii'inR ai n post  planted near tbe
northeast cornerpoaioi  Lol No   -fi4S.on Lemon
(reek timl inarkeil K.  S   P. Smyth *tOUtbweSl cor
nerpoat Ko 1, thence 40 chaini nortb more or
less to about miilwrtj- o( the t-ouili boundarj Una
ol timber lbenee No, 9366, thence B0chalm - ut,
tlieuce-m chalm south, tbenoe 10 chains east,
thonce 40 ohaini south, thence BO chaina weit.
more or less to the loutheasi i o a* r ol aforesaid
l.nt No 264S, thence to chains north, thence 4u
chaini we_i to tne point ol commencement.
Dated -��th Julv, 1907. K 8. 1' Smyth,
Henry Relehert, A neat.
Nelson Land District. District ol Wesl Kootenay
Take notice Unit Simon P. Schlflel, of Nailer,
Idaho, oeeupatton lumberman, intendi to apply
f,.r k special timi't-r licence over the lollowlng
described lan.is; on the easl side ol Priest rner:
Commencing at a i-ot<t plHiite.l on the east hide
nf Prleat river, Iwn and a half mill I north ol ihe
international boundary line, thence uor h mi
i bains, thence east 80 chaini, thence south to
Chalna, thence wesl B0 chaini to point ol com.
mencement, oontalnlng 640 acres, more or u-m*
Hated Sept. 14th, 1907. BIM-M* P, -��� Hiri'KL,
K   w Smith, agent,
Nelcon i-and Dlstrlot    Dlstricl ol West Kootenay
Take notice tbat Clyde �����  SlcClure,ofBitavUle,
Wash , ooonpatlon   barber,  iin.-inl-* to apjly for
a special timber licenci  over the tol Lowing described lands;  On the easl side nf Priest river.
two and n half mile- north ol the international
boundarv line:   Coiiiinen. in�� *n a po-t   planto!
two and a half mllei north <u the iiiternational
boun-lary   line, thenee   east  to chains,   theme
south s*> chains, thence vrestSO chains,  thenee
north to chains to tiie point ol oommenoem_ml
ami contaiiiiu-, 640 acres, more or leas.
Dated 8opt. i till, 1907.       i : vi.sk. McCurk,
K   W. smith. Auent.
Nelson l__nd District, District ol West Kootenay
Take notice that we, Archibald Bremner and
George Youti-.. bom ol Uie City Ol Nelson. In the
Province Ol British Columbia, lumbermen, intend to apply for Ipeclal UmDer llccnies over lhe
following deacrlbea lands
i Commencing ��t a post plauted about BfiO
yards weaterly Trom the Junctlonof Lhe north
and main forks of Summit creek, a creek tlowin-,
into Kootenav river south "f the i-ouih.*rti endol
Kootenay lake in the dlslrni   of Weal  Kootenay.
which Junction Is about 18 or *_u milea from the
mouth of inch creek, theuce south 40 chains,
tbence cast ISO chnins, thenee north Wchaius.
thenoe west ISO chaini to the point ofwrnnwnr.
ment and containing t'*tu acrei more or less.
Dated this Btb dav of August. 1907.
2. CommencliiR ata post planted about _-'���'"-
yards westerly from the main mei north tbrki ol
Summit erect, a ereek Qowlng Into Kootensy
river south of the southern and of Kootenay Ukr
ln the district ol Wesl Kootenay, thence souih ho
chains, thence west-in ehalns, theuce south in
chains, thence weat 40 -'.ihlua, theine north BO
chains, thenoe east -tu chains, thence north to
Chains, thence east to chains to the point of com-
meneeniwnl f.u-1 cuutaining fiW acrea more ur
less. okoroi Yot*Nu.
hated this BUl day of August, l_*l*7.
8 ('ommenclng at y, poit planted about JW feet
north from the bank of the main Summit ��� r- ��� k,
and about 2 miles westerly from the junction of
the uortn fork and the main fork of  such creek.
a creek tiowiu-- into Kootenay river .-outh ol the
southern end Dl   Kooieuny like In the district ol
West Kootenay, thenoa south 80 Ohalns. thenea
easl BO chains thenoa   north hu chains, thenoa
wesl 80 chains to lhe pointof commencement
ami oontalnlng 640 aorea more or lew
Aft' HI1MI.li  BUM-Sn,
Dated this ".th day of Augm-l, 11*07.
4 Conunenolng at a post planted abont 2 miles
up an unnamed creek flowing Into Summit
Creek from ibe south at arm-it 23 miles from the
mouth of Summit creek which latter is a .-reek
flowing inio Kootenay river south of the southern end of Kootenay lake in the district ol West
Kooteuay, theme north 80 chains, thenee east BO
chaim-,   theuce south HO chains, thenc*-   west BO
chains io the point ot oommenoeui'snt nod oon
tainlng tVIU acres more or less.
Dated this Bth day nf August, 1907.
s Commencing at a post planted two miles up
an nullum*'1 creek flowing into Summit creel
finni the aoutb at about 22 miles from the mouth
of Bummll 'reek, wjiieli lalter i�� a creek flowing
into Ku-otftiav river south of the -oiithern end
of Kootenay lake in the olsirlct of West Kootenay, thenee south nf, chains, Uo-nee east HO
chalua, thenee north Ht) chains, thence west SO
ehalns to the point ol oom-DSncement and containing 640 acres more or lctm.
aki'HIHa: d  Bih-MNHr.
Dated this 5th day of August, 1907.
9 Commencing at a post planted about one
snd a half miles up tba north fork of Summit
Oreek, a ereek flowing into Kootenay river south
of tba southern end of Kootenay lake lu the district of Weat Kootenay, thsnee east BO '-haliis,
thence   lOOtb    in chaius, theuee  east    lo  ebaius.
thence south i- chains, thenca wot ho eiiHius,
thence north 10 c-helna. thenoe  west 10 chains,
thence north In ebalni to the point of commeuce
ment and containing (>J0 acrei; more or leai
Ssonos soma.
Date.l this Btb 'lay of August, 11*07.
7.  Commencing atapost planted abont one
mile ami a halt up the north fork of Summit
ereek, a creek M'-wmg Into Kootenay river aouth
0( the SOUtberO end of Kootenay lako, Iii tht
district of We-t Kootenay, thence north H'chairm,
tbence west 40 ohalna, tbence nortn 10ohaini
Ihi-tl'i-eatt   hi i   (hallia,   theme   south   |o   ctislus,
thence easl to chains, them-e south   i" - haim-,
U �� west no ehains lo the point of com mem *,-
tm ut .. -. !   eoutatntiiR i'i" SSres, more or less.
Itate.l tins i,ib ,|Ry oi August, LOOT,
AJiriUIMI.ti hl'.RMNKh.
h. Commencing at n jMiat planted abont a
quarter of a mile westerly irom thenorlb fork
of Bummll   creek,   and   about   (wo   milra   nml   a
bait op such north fork trots its Junction with
the main Hummlt creek, a creek lb-wing into
Kootenay river, south of the southern end nf
Kootenav lake in the district ofwetl Kootenay,
theme north Hn -halns, thence east ho ohalns,
thenoe soutb ho chains, tbenoa weal ho ehalni tn
Un- polnl ol '-ommeir-cmcut, ami cm iii im tig 640
acre*-, more ur less
Dated this lit h day ol Aiigust,;i907.
iiKoito-. Yotnro,
9 Commencing   at   a  post  planted    al-out  a
iiarfr of a mtle   westerly   from   the north   fork
ol Bummll creek and about three mllei up iuch
mirth folk from Its lu net ion with the main Sum,
mtt creek, a creek flowing Into Kootenay river
������outh oi the southern end of sootenay lake tr,
the dlstrlot Weil Kootenay, thenc* wesl mi
chains,   thence   north W> chains,   them-e   i ii-t mi
chains, thenos south ho chains to the point of
commencement, ami eniilulning 840 acrei- mure
or less.
Dated this Cth day of Angus'. 1907.
10 Commencing  at  a   poit   planted   about   n
quarter of amlle westerly from ihe north lork
ni Summit creek am) about three mllea up such
not lh foik from Its J unci Ion with t he main Hum-
nnl creek, a creek flowing Into Kootenaj river,
sooth of tbe southern Clld of Knoteliay lake. In
the   dlslrb-l   of   Weat   koolemiy,   then.-.,   west40
cbains,tbenoe south itv> chains, tnence east m
obalns, thenoe north 180 obslni to tbe point of
commencement, and containing till) acre-.,   niore
or less,
Daled this'/0th day ol August, 1907.
li Oommensins stnposl plsnted aboul half a
mile   easterly from    tlie   aouth    fork of   Hummit
creek    an.l aboul   oneinlle   so Mb of   the   main
Summit    ereek, a creek   flowing   Inlo    Kootena
river aouth of th-> Holltlieni end of KOOtcnay lime
In the district of Wast Kootenay, thsnoa east ho
chaina, tbeuee miiiMiK" chain", thenee westHO
���!���.mi" tbOnOS north HO chaina tn the ]ioini or
comiimtieeinenl and containing bin acrea mure
or leas. A linen-11- Hiikmnkh,
Da id this 21st day ol August, 1907.
i'i'     i '-Ion Vesta m   50 c. each
Cliilclri '.    N_lani rn.li'i'VfsiH -5c
T'lill.li'ii'' Natural Under iirriw,
We   h.ive   a  splendid   stock   of   Wool   Undergarments and Combinations which
we will  sell on  FRIDAY  NEXT.
Bl���oh   Wunl Tlnhls. nil slzi-.s  friiin 5qc.  Up_
Yon can buy a 10-acro Fruit Ranch  iu   tlie best   fruit-growing district
in Hritish   Columbia by paying   $10 down and $10 per   month.
Even as an investment this is worth consideration.
Fruit Laud has trebled iu value within on year. What will it do next year?
Nelson Lund IMatrlct. Diatrlet ot Wosl Kontcnny.
Takfl notice tlntt Juy Bnvee. of llttzvllle. Wrtuli ,
occupation hotahar,intaiidstoapplj ror a ipecrlaJ
Umhar lloanoe otar the following deacrlbed
lands; on Um aaal sWa ����i Hrtea! R��or: Com-
maDclog nt a |vost planted om- ���u,i h imit railat
nortn   of   lntern-itlon-il   boumlKrf Mne,   thanee
eaatso ehHina, thetne aonth to eiiHtii*-. thanoa
��.'��( bo ohalna, theme north wt ohaini  to the
point of commencement,  coiit-iiuiiif.  OKI ncre-i,
more or let-a.
Dated Hept. Mth, 1*17. Jay Bovii.
K. W.Kmith, Afcent.
NeUon Umd iMstrht.   District of West Kootenay
Notioa i�� hereby given thnt go 'Uy*. alter dale l_
Joi.ii I*. HwclU-r'B, miner,ol Ni laon, of , Inicud
to npply to Ui" Hon the Chief lommiasiotier id
I-Hinl and Works Inr a apeclal licence to cat and
carry away tlmher from the follow in-; daacrtbeO
Utida altuated on Hummlt creek, lu toe Weat
Kootenay District:
No. 1. -'"inmencinK At ft pom -narked -i v. Bt
timber limit, northeaat cormr eoet,  located on
weat fork of Summit creek ahout 1 wo mllea (rum
in win en-ek , I he nee ru 11 nnu_ south so chains,
t lu* nee run nl itf{ weal 4Uc1ihIiik ll ri- r 11 ii ui tii-
north 40 ebalna, thenoa weet ao ohsdna, thence
north so chains, thenee rnmilri-- east 40 eiiHlns.
thenee runnliiK south I'i cliHln-, tlicnce east lo
'hums io |-iar a of couimein ement
Locati d on the Wtli 'lay of Au-rust. 1W"7.
Ioh-j p. HWKiiiiah<i), Ixientor.
per his ai-eul PlU a M< j,osui.ii
No. 2 t omni'-neirij- at a po-t marked J I*. B'a
Umber limit, northweat corner poet, looatcd ou
trail Imk of Hum mil creek, ahout two mllei from
main   creek,   thenca   runnliut   south   H  ebalni
thenoe running eaat 90 ohalna, thence nui-jiii--
north MO chains,   thwrne   running   WCMt 00 nhalni
to place of commeneementn
located on Ihe 2\nh day of Auttnst. VJtn
John V  BwvnutRo, l_.eMtor.
per ins ageni Psioa UoDooAUi,
Notice la lierel.y KiVetl that 00 Ohvs nll.-r .late   I
intend to apply to* t it** Bon. Oh lei Commtsalooef
of Lands ami w'orks tor permlaslon lo purehaae
the following deeoribed lande. altuated In Meat
Kootenay diatrlet: Commend ni* Ht a )m-m mark'
e<l hy name   na   inllial   poal   id   the   South   Fork
branch,onebundred [eel  from tin* lunoUon of
Loa1   ereek   with   Ihe   south   fork;    thenci*   one
quartet mile to the north weit oorner poat, thenoa
one   mile   to  the   northeast  corner  post, thenee
one quarter mile to the southeast oorner post,
thenci* one mile to   the place of com mencement
.lane 37, L907.
Ideated l.y  Wm   Connolly.
Neison Land District. Dlstrlot ol west Kootenay
Take notice thai Weiley Movee. of Hit/vllle,
Wash , occupillion butcber, lntenda to apply for
a apeehil timtier licence  over the   following del-
erlbed lands;on the east tide of Prte*it river:
Commonolng ��i �� post planted one andabalj
mllei north or the internaUonal boun-iary line,
thenoa WMt BO cbains, tii.tm- south ho ehalna,
thenoe eaat 80 ebalna, ibonoa north 80 chalna to
polnl of enmm- inciiienl, cnlaltiliiK MO .HTca,
more or leaa.
Dated Kept. Mlh, 11KJ7. WKai.K'   BoVgg,
K. W.K-hith, Agent
Nei-o.i Lami IMstrict. District of Weet Kootenay
Take notice   thnt   Henry   IWleherl.   of  Nelson,
11  ��, ,  prospector,   lii'endlo apply  lor a special
Mill he l     licenee    over    the    follOU 111--      lliserllie.l
lands i
No. 1. Co in menclng a I a poat   pla nti-d   near II,
W.    north Wait    corner   poal,    lot   No.   70W,   nml
uinrkid   "Henry   itelehert   isuuthwcHi   oorner
posl" thence Wl ehalna north,    theuce   Wl chains
last, tnenoe BO ohaloi souih, thenee80ohaini
west, to the point of eoniiuem ement.
Mated Hept. the 201 h, 1*17.
IlKNiiT RSICHBBT, Iiiriilnr
Nelaon Land Dlatrlct    Dialrlet of Weal Kootenay
Take   nolle*,  that   I, ( harles Hldncy   I.cary. of
Bnrtoh city, it 0 , ooenpatlon farmer, Intend U
ipply foi permission tn purchase the following
leBCrlbod lain): I'ommeucltiK al a post pUntvd
ihout Ave mllei  northwest   from   the   mouth of
Moai-ulto Oreek and marked "(', R   I.'s north
corner," thence aouth Ho chalna, theuce weal Hli
Ohalus.  thencu north mi chalui,  theuce east ho
chain*, to   point   of   commencement, eoniafntiig
640 aero*.
Sept. 7th, 1107. Ciiablrs PtriKi-i   I.aARr.
Kelaon l-an-1  htatriel.    htstrlctof West Kooleuay
Take   iiotW-e   that   William    Andrew     Koaa,   of
Feruie.lt   c  .   bOtel-keeper   lntenda to appiv for
a special Unit,  r ll.-einc over th-   following   dee*
erlpad landi:   Commenolni at a pool  planted
��*i t six miles  .vest of   the   Kootenay   river, on
Corn cre.-k. in the Dlatrlct Of Welt Koofunay
and taint; ahout six mllea north of the Internet) >lial    ln-.ini.larv     hue,    and    alliial--   at  thu
northeaat corner oiWllltam Andrew Roee1 No
8 timber claim, tbenoe north no chaina, thenoe
weat80ohaini, thenee lonth ho chains, thenee
east ��i chain��, to th��* -mint ol ciiminem-eiiieut
!-(m<hIi.| July -3rd, l��r7
Dated lhe Hth of Aug.  VJOl
William Aniihiw :������ --
Nelaon I-and Dlitrict    Diatrlet of West Kootenay
Take   uol tee   that   Patrick   Kheran,  of   Nelaon,
It. i" .  ocoupaUon   pru*-��ector, in ten its toappiy
for a apeclal   timtier  licence  over the   following
daaeribed land-*:   Oommenolng at a j-nst planted
at  Mu- N  \T    comer poal of lot (Wit1*, l ..-in*.   Patrick
Bberan-i N. k. corner post running aouth ho
ebalni, thence weat ho chain i, them-e norths"
Ohaini, thenee eaat HO chaina to point of commencement.
Dated Aunuit 81st, liar.. PatbIi k Shiran,
Kaica Hint no. Agent.
Take aotleu thai Ira F. Taylor, cteri. of Arrowhead. H. c , inteuda to a(iply lor a t*i>eclal licence
to cut : .1 11 ��� : fruin Ibe fol low I ur deeoribed
lands- v
No. 1. I'oinmeli -Uir at a poat planted Tdchalna
ilixtaiice In an eaaterly direction from cariboo
lake marked   "Ira V. 'Iaylor'a, W. Parklna'  H   W.
������ i.'iii;.'  boundea on the aonth by T�� i. No. k-bo,
on tbo weit by I . 1.. >n. 70VJ, tbeuee north HO
chalna, thence eaat HO ehalna, thence aonth HO
chain--, thence weat HO ehalna (o point of coin-
No. 2. l lOmmenelng nt h post planted HOvhalu*
dlstain-** and In a easterly direction from Cariboo
lak- marked "W Parklna'. IrnK Taylor's i*. W.
corner poat," hounded on the wral hy T. 1.. 7667,
south l.y Ira K. 'Iaylor'a and W. Parklna' T. I..
No. 1,   thence   north 4n   chalua,   tbence  eaat   IN)
ebalna, thenoewntn40ohalna, theuce weitit>u
chalns to point ol commcm-emeic
1 Ita Y  Ta-, lom.
Ni'lsnti l.nri'l IM.lrli't.   IMntrl.'l ���l WohI E0OUM-_J
Taka imiti'i' Uml I. Kll/,il>oth KorKiiKoii. of Ni'i-
lon. ltiill.li   I'rrliirriMs. ,),-i'ri|ir,llo���   MiHrrli'-l WO'
irriill, lull',i'l to -pplv for p. ";' r>   i"n Ir, piirrliHNr'
Iha lollowlng descrlb-d land:  ComraiDolni m >
po.1  plniiii.l ,,r chtilii. west nf tlr,' lollt-MH I'.n-
mr nf  notion ft. Towoablp ofc Koouinofi hioi
llini-ki-.l "K K.'s N 8 Oornor,.'UMDM west Ho
ohalns. Iln'1,,'11 snirlli 40 < tuillls, lli-'tiro ,'S.I HO
.'InilliK, llr.'ri,-,' onrtli ,<l I'haloi. m |_opl_N of
moni't'int'iil nnd  riititiilnlti<[ H-l art,., moro
If.tli Julv, A. li. luo7.    1'l.lKATt'rii K��r.oiri,oif.
l.y W. A. i*��ld��r, agi.nl.
N��l��nn I.sri'l lil.lrti't.   Ill.trli'tol Wrst Kiioliinn-*.
**��_��� riollr'i-tlint I, llnvld 11    Knrlx, ol   Ni'l.nn,
B. 0��� Oooupatlon  or.-rrliHrit, nl. i"l   In ripply Inr
portniatlon in parohaaa tba fniiowioR <i. m ni.. ���!
Inu.l:   rnrirlrri-ri'ltl't    "'   .1 l>��nr    alHnt.'.l   nl    tho
.ntth��,-.I oornar  nt aaotfoi-  :il. lownship r,9,
Kootonari and markod "Lt.ti. K.'��� h. w. oornar,"
tliolli'n   is.,r,I,   HO cliHlliH,   Ul. r  I'HHl   40 clisllrs.
tbanoa loutb n ob__u, thai  waal 10 onalni
lo tho   point nf  i'(iin,,u>ni'i'li],Mtl  nod   t'nnlnltlltlg
���Inn -iitl's mor,' ,,r loss,
l-.tli July, 11HJ7. liAVinil   Kuarr.,
W   A.l'aldnr, agrnl.
N��l��nn l.iuid lllstrlrt.   IMstrlrt of Wosl Koolunay
Taka notioa thai I, John l_ng, of Nidson.B. <:.,
oocupation irrinwr iirirnd lo hupIj- for parn*io-
��..'.. topiirobaaatba lollowlni Jaiorlbod lands:
; "' 'n.'i'.giit h poal  plantadat u,��� N. K. of
i.ni ���","��, il ,-,. ,.,.t go nhalna, thanoo south -i
onalna, thenoa _,>Mt in ohalna, tn-noo north *i
'���liHlliM tn pnlnt ..i cnuinu'licolliont, irouUllllrrg ,0
a.'r,'.. riiort' op Ismfi
Aiiki.si iiul, itsiv, John Lino.
Malaoa U__4 rii-trirt. i.i.trictof��'wtRmhi
T��k.' notfca thai Amur. M<iin. <���: ""'JL
Nutsou, .>.-<'��� |_llou rlnrnsri. Irrlen't InimS.
iM-rmtsKlmi tn |>,,rrli-n,' li,-- lt,ll''"lti| ,,'*'l3
Inlids: rnmmi'tlrliiK sl s po.1 plintnl n���
N. W. I'ornor I. ,' Boir-oo'l Mi a*
islr^y. It,, -r,�� nort- I'TlT l*.') ''b''-*!' a
nflt   fn-,y  (4,1) rtisirr.,  tlu'ttl* wit". IM1I |l
imin.. thanoa ������������"t inriyrwi '���.���."��� ""rjl
on, iiiiriri'm.lit,   sD'l rt.tilslrilrrir one a*
,'r ��� i. :���-..���.'   -   ninri' or lc��       urn,m
Data- B,'pl,'.nh. r Jnd. IWI-     A"''^,M'1-'|
Nelson l_nd Ill.lrlcl. DMrtttol Weillsi
T��k>. Ilolli-e Uu, I'lilhp Bn*��l>b��nk.i.l"*y
B. i*..'..roopatlon tanehar, int.-n.ts u. **��i3
nt'liulssloii lo pirn tin-' Ibe I""""1"''*T
land:   i:omm��niln�� ��l a p..��i r1,"vr,,���,1i
wesl shore of I'pper Whslslmn |lultwl"Jl
ih.' ��. k. oornor ..I lot m-in. Hum,*"""1' "!]
Ihunee soulli ho ohaliu, ���h-oj-jaj-LB
tour.' nr Ions, tn tin .Iron' i'l In* V11.' ,
northerly nlona the Kid shore ���> �������L
or lenn, lo p..nil el ii>mmenreinsnl. "-"*
lfio acres, mure or lens. ���.������i�����l1
Haled Hept. l.'llh. 1H1I7.   I'aiutr ila*i��.��l
RaUpn i_���.i l.i.tn.'i. i,i��trirt���>,""������'���"JJI
Take liou.-e llrat I'aul Ausri.t ' �����** "JS
chener, B. I'. o,'.'ii|.atl..ii IW_B""J_ ,"3
loappiy for |*onnlssl..n to P""*". ,, 3
in. Me.,rii,e!i landa:   l'"���"""'ll,1Aa
planied at the .null, la.iin.lsr, of b> �������-
way m Ihe HMir.l, '���"'���"" ���''*f,^���KI��
way and alnoit H rhaltr. ��.'-' ,rl\,r , ., in?
HOII aal.l railway. IhaMO*��"'*--2SSa
OUl �� chains. Hi.'...'.' "..��'-. f 'SIE
east CO chains. Iherr.ir BOfU->����� ""S-,
ary of the rl��hl of-wsv ol lh�� II "''h,i������,
Boutharn Hallway, li..!...' -*��*2___S
aal.l rlght-ol way In place ol ,'i.iiim����"" I
Hated this 'Inil dsy of Aiiiru'M ��� * r/ujnflj
Flxly  .lays alter .Inlo I A,ll.". ������
rauch.r. .,i llurlmi illy, l����"..? iCX I
ihlel i-ommlsslniiernl l"'"'",'"',���,(l~*m
torla.ll   I    , to purehs >* I" '."��' '�����,   ill
lands .������.������ .'..int """���'",*,:"'"' 4
posl marked "A A 11 *"",li"',' _.'.. I r
planted at then   w   e.irner nI lni_K(_1
r iuh north nu chains, llieiue es,r       -
Ihence sool lialn., Ilrcme wn""        I
place of coiniucncemcnl , n,,r*l
Annus! 1st, HOT. AatHUM-nj
Nalaon hand District. Blstrim"I "'" "J_
T.k.   notice   thtl   Hus-  OataV, figr
Mnllltol.,1.      farmer.      "',"'",,,,,,, in, .WW
piTiiil.sInn tu purcl.ar.e rlie rn
land:   I'ouiin 'HiK   ��'   "���1",.,��������� ,
seven miles Irnui Ilm rrl.i'i .;" ���*' ,���,��� *���!
al   norllicasl   c.rncr   nf lhi>   alI
Ho chains, tlicnce west "''\["""\ ���mi .
clia    Ihence easl HOcllJlls    o 1"
Datod KHhda, "I Augusi. i.m.       ���     .
,| W',.1 ��*'"
L-        U__*tJ
"' .... to IB
Nelson Land lllstrlcl.
Tako     notice   that    *!***..'titti, to 'IB
Allutra.     Manll.il.a,   bro��"*. .'. , tojlow'ifjl
lor pern, IshIou.io  porch** ,,',"��� _-.��! "l�����_
it h i.tdlc1 !
lb��d land:    coiniri.'.; ������1"-j���j"H'j,j,|le.l !.��'     ���
ll.c soullieilMl cortier *''.'".   !.r "<./..-l.-'"*'.,'..**_���
Ova milM Iron,   th"  """   ""'  ���l ���n!rr"" "'���
uinrke.l V  V S.*.B.f"-.-S���tH chr,lll>.'
north Hlleliiilns, thi  "*?-_-, ,.Hl���. mi"'1
"���'������":"'" 'VAm'ti*fa*��,iU
Nel  I.a.,,1 Ill.lrlcl.   lllstrlcl of �� l
Nelson l.au.1 lllslrlci.   mss��;      ......in.o, ��' 3
Prank t.  ,'��������� '.T'";,     ,r,ui�� ���*."'","
acres ol land,  ������*,"''���  i'osHSl.n'- WK
Dated Ka A Bljjy��J'���' '��" sloH, *��*"* The Dally Canadian
If you knew you could buy
( finest  quality stamped "Canada Approved"  by Government
Inspection on every package, would    you trouble mak-
ing it, particularly when it will Cost You Less.
We have it   in all   sizes to suit   families, boarding  houses
and hotels, 7, M ***** 2's lb* Pails; 6o lb- tubs-
P. Burns & Co., Ltd;
Kaslo, Rossland Boundary
WhtiiuHttiu  Provisions,
I'ov.-rniuout Creamery OnePonnd Bricks received weekly freiih from the
churn.    For mile by all leading grocers.
Olllee and warehouse: Houston Block,    Phone 79.
Josephine Street.       -        -       -       Nelson, B. C.
Rub.llvision of A]M>U'ton Brothers'   tract.    Improvement!-  on every  block.
II .ii once.
Tenders Wanted for the Purchase of a
Mineral Claim.
iddreei to the anoerejgned, ��t hi*
Dun tlcmae, tn the Ofur ot Nelaon,
... :   ip till the  hour ol ."> o'do-s. in
��� ���1 1 rLlay,   NoVemU'r   l.'iih. I'"-1"-.
-.   ol   the "Preeiileni" Ulnerei
��� roup   1,   Kootenay    lHntrlct,
!��� ii WM-Ici la red to be forfeit**'! to the (rown
���Ui Ai
.,i sot,  iwa   lot delinquent tnxei ap
tm   June   mtb,   i**o\   an-l   oonB-    The   u ���������*-���-
pi-H** u|��.n .;.���    iald   MHmTbi   cli-lm.   H hie It   in
-'..������ urn ol dellqnmt  ta*-f- and  eoel
>i the tun,* ,,; [,.r(-iinre, with  Interest, tOXtt
wLn-h l)��\.���lie .-��eeriuHl, coBt*.  ol  aavvrttalng,
i rown  Urant  CfK-OO] i- Wi 4.*,, which
i�� in,, leasi��mu um that win be ��oneldvred �������� �����
lei iu
fc-.il,  i. n.i. r   lniiKt   be   accninpatiled    by   an
M't-t'|il>>] . Iie.jiie loi the foil   amount ol the   ten*
ili>r,payabh       ��� i-det ��l tbw  Depntf  ' ""��-
. RDdl and Work**, at Victoria. B. I
-i par,
i'_u 1 ki Nelaon. B.C . Una 14lb .lay ot<>*-I..V.*���".
i.ovcrnment A|*t*ut.
Tenders Wanted for the Purchase of a
Mineral Claim.
tuldreeeed to the nndantned atbii
offloe, hi tbe inurl Home, In the CttJ Ol NeUon.
Doaivad up till the  hour ol ."> o'clock, in
tbeifiernooD, ol Friday, Nov. 1Mb,   1W., lor the
Mr-hue of the "Old jmP- Mineral Olann, Lot
-���-1 .'.rt, i-. l. kooteuav   DtMrtct,   whl-'h   wai.de-
tM    lorlelted   t��   UM   -rown at   the   lav
���*:- beM in lbo Cltj ..I Nelson, oil the fith -Iny o|
*->��� .   ll**, lor o,liii.|Ufiii   taxes   up thi   June
���t! i'-"'. and coeti Thenpeet pnoe upon the
ajM Mn.. r.; Claim, which tncluiie- the ampnnt
��� '��� iitlave*. ami coot  at the lime  ut h.r-
���alttlta, with   Intereil,   Uxi't-   which   ha\c  Him*
���aerui I r-osti ol adverttelnf - an-l tee (or Crown
'���rani |l.'..t��i* |. f7��i._.-., which I*- the l-.-t.itt amount
thai wiii i��� '.-oiih.,1. r,.I ana letiler
mi ii tender mu��t be aooompentea by an
yo pta i obaqna (or the lull emoonl ol the ten-
**t, My-i.li! to th,* order ol the penuty Oom-
���lailonei ul i.ati,i> ami worka, at Victoria, ti.v...
ai pat
baled al Nalaon, B.C. tl.is uth day of pet., 1107.
tiovt rmnciit Anelil.
Tenders Wanted for the Purchase of a
Mineral Claim.
Tie en addreeaedto tbe onoeratned ��i  Ml
"Jjwin ihe Couri Houae, in the City ot Nelson,
,,"���,"' T Ived uu till tin-   hour o( A o'clock,   in
'���'Hlierii'.oii. ���- ^,|,|Byi n,iv i.-.tn, nurj, (or the
l-'ir.-loi.,. i.i tbe "Badfar'' Mineral Claim, l-ol
���T;-'''"i'l; I. kooleuay   IM-ilriet,   which   ma de-
Lisrwio^forteitad io the Drown iii the u\
"i*'ftld in the City of Nelaon, on the Btb -lay
kill, im ''��' 'blliiuuviit tn.i'1 up till June
���,-,,0.'''���"'���'''���"������'��� ���In' upnet price upon the
iil,l 7.1 ral ' lHlIn' wlHfb InolUdai the amount
l.'itVi'i i",IU bkXOt ami conlN al the time ol fOT-
Ri"iir" wuh Intercm, tuxea \vhlrh have -.nice
l.r.t V ,,,,,'Mh "' H-lvertiNliiK, nn.I fee Ior fro-All
ti   ,     ,;','*" ������W4.fl6, Wh ill Li (he leant amouul
gi-.h     uHdered aaa tender.
���-���  i   tender    iniiHt    be   uccompanteil     by   an
���MHi-U  e||C|Ui* (o,  lhe hill   alllollllt of Hie tctl
lo to tha order ol the  Deputy Com-
I L-andl uml Worka, at Victoria, ll G ,
in in
SOU,B.C. lllls lllll ilnv ���IOl*l., nun.
llAltltv WB-QBT,
ll���vi*rllliu'llt Agon-
Ttn-tri Wanted for the Purchase of.
Mineral Claim.
������1,;:'"1.'*''.*'1'1'.'**. u
��'" ir ,'.',!',.,,';'.:;"r'"
the  ' udi-rsiRiicil  at   hln
me, In    he i:itv Ol Nelaon.
��� U*   Lit   the  imiir Of ft o'clock III
I Ki-uUy.   Nov. Ifilh.   l'.Ki7. for the
���Selkirk"   Mine-ral  (Miilm,   UH
---, tiixea  which   l.avo itnoe
��� of iidvcitiai,IH ,in,| fei tor nrown
ll"'' ��,M i��� tl'tof,!,, which || ihe h aal amount
Kaoli   tan 1 '"l',l,|''r',,l '��*��� �� tender.
���V'Cn-ici,..' !,'","""., h"   ��������,���,,nipiinic.i   by   an
'�����. Pa��ab7^)��a.t'0r lh" f""   tiiiiouni o| Hie hi,
������"-���""Her,,,'  ,'t,i'f   nt   the   " epulv   Qpm-
���t,���ir.     '" '���"uda.uoi Worka,al VloWfa, B.O.,
" ,,[ Kelson, B, tl��� thla nib dav of Oct. linn.
IIXKUV   .VKlilll'l',
�����'����� ' i muent Agoilt.
Certificate  of Improvements*
'���I'nlon" Mineral Claim situate In the Nelson
MiiltiR Divlotoii. of the Weet KooteiiHr DiNtrlct.
\\ here locate^!: Ofl Toad Mounlftiu two and a
hall milea irom Nelaon. B. r.
Take notice thai I, w. a Macdonald, actlna: as
ageut for Hugh Sutherland, fTOt Miner's t'er-
titicaie No Bl:*.i*ry. Intend 60 daya from thu date
hereol, to apply to tbe Mining Recorder for a
Certificate of linprovcmentn, for the uurpote of
obtatnlnif a Crown   t.rant  of the above claim.
Ami further take notice that action, under
Bet tion ;*7, must be commenced before the ii*-
Biiaiiceol aucb Certificate of luiprovements
Hated Ihla '_3nl day of September, A   I> . 1907.
Certificate  of Improvements.
"HIr Hoik- Fraction" Mineral Claim, situate
in the Trout Lake Mluin*- DlvUlon, ol Weat
Kootenay   Ulstrlct,   l_rn-i.teil   on    l'oplar   creek,
Take not if*.' that I, C. I'adley Free Miner*.
Certlllcate No. BHti'-f-*., Intend 90 days Irom tbe
dale hereof to apply hi the Mining Kecordcr for
a Certllleate of Improvements (or the purpose of
obtaining a l![iiwn Omni of the above t'lnnn
And   further   lake    notive   that   action   under
Beetlon H,  mimi   tw eommenoed   betore   the
lH*nnuce of nucli Certlllcate of Imoroveiueuts
hated tbla Mh il��y of October, HIT.
1 tt the inn tier ul an application for lhe issue of
a duplicate Certificate ol Tub- Ior purl (III acrea)
of I-ot BULQrOOp one, In the l-i-tn. ; of K ���>.���;, i.uv
Notice Is hereby given Mint It ls my Intention
to inane al the expiration of otic mouth from tbe
first publication hereof n duplicate At the Certificate of'I tile for the above lands in th,* name
ol Andrew Morrison, which ' ertfttcate of Title
ta .luted the itb day "I .March. Hum. and numbered SNMC
I.nnd Keglstrv ( Mllee, Ne.Mdi, H. t'.,September
Uth, UOT,
��H. F. MAibBoh,"
District Keglstrar.
In the matter of an application for the Issue of
,-������������..-.- ..i a.. UerttBcaUi Ol Title to Iota 11.
12 and If, mop I, Weal Kooteuav lUstrlct. alao
kutiwn as the "KiHUeuay Chief." "Comfort" and
"LulU" mineral claims rt*apccllvely.
Nolhv Is hereby given lhat ll Ik my Intention
to 1-sj-ue Hi the expiration of one inolilh after the
lhat publication hereof a duplicate of Certlllcate
of Title .-.��, iv.sua of au undivided ���*-! lisiths in
each oI the n'ove Iota, Uaoed on ihe 17th day of
Mav, A D. IHH��\ in the name of .lob nl*. Ainsworth,
ami also a duplicate o! Certlllcate of Title No.
iV.SKln of au undivided 19-b <Mba tn each id the
above Iota, lined OH tbi ITU) dav of May, A. 1>
INWi.lu the name ol Heorge J, Ainsworth.
I and Kt-Klstry Olllee, Nelson. B. C. August 6th
ll. Y. MAil.aon,"
District Iteglstrnr.
In the mailer of nu appiicatioii lor the issue nf
���a duplicate ,,f the (Yrtlflcat-- ol Title for lOtIS,
mi.I ihe wcm half of lot U, block Ul, in the Town
���3/ Nelson.
Notice In hereby given that it \* iny intention
to Issue at Ihe extunttion of One month after the
ii.-i publication hereol a dapHaeteof tbecerUli-
cnh-of   title (or the above bimla, III Ihe   name of
I.y.liu Hhlelds. which eerti(lc.ite la dnled the -Mst
day ol hecember.  1900, and numbered :i'.��ll K.
"H   V   MAcLEOb."
District Iteglstrnr.
In the Matter of    the "Land    Rcglstry
Act" and  Amendmenta thereto,
In lbo matter ol an application lor Ihe laaue of
"i duplies!--uf the Ccrllllciite ol THIo  lor  Loti
noi, ::t>r2, and IM08,   Group i, Kootenay biatrial
Notice N hereby given that It in tny inteiillon
10 issue nt the expiration of one uuuilh frotn lhe
flrsl publlciMi'ii hereof a duidlctite Cerllfliule of
Title to the n l.imc deacrlbed In mis, hi the name of
J un os Roderick Koberinon. which Certtlleate is
daled the fith d,ij* of August,   IH'iH,  mid   is  numbered llOo-k.
Ininl Kctilslry Olllee. Nelson, B.C., :ilst of
August, HW7. H. F. MAchKOD,
0 District Keglstrar.
How   Colonial   and   Foreign   Promoters
Frequently Contribute to Their
Own  Failure.
London, Oct. 17.���Canadian municipal
Officlall and Caniidian IntlUHirlal corpor-
alionH would (Jo well for th<.m to learn
that It Ih not wIhi* Io hawk their securities around the London streets. If they
pursue tliiH courHe Ihey will only succeed tn destroying the market for their
wares. London financiers are pretty
shrewd men, they control the world's
purse HtrlriRS, nnd they hav�� an accurate knowledge of values. They are
Constantly offered the choice of securities from every corner of the world.
ThiR enable! them to he fastidious and
to pick and choose their investments.
Consequently it takes little to turn them
against an issue. Any appearance of
sharp practice or cute "American" methods on the part of the vendors of
any particular issue forthwith damns
that issue and makes It difficult of sale.
Though so vast in its ramifications,
"The City," as the London financial
community is known, is really a very
small place. One cannot offer a security In one part of the city without
such offer being Immediately known
all along the street. The over-_iealous
vendor of Canadian issue is thus tripped up by his own eagerness. He offers a block of bonds to several different firms, and hefore the day is over
each house knows that the others have
the deal under consideration, and the
chances are that all will drop it like
hot cakes. The London brokers have
certain conservative methods of doing
business, and they very naturally Insist
that those who come up from the ends
of the earth to deal with them shall conform to these methods. To put it in
a nutshell, the London broker insists
on being the exclusive medium for the
placing of any issue which he touches.
He is in a position to dictate, and the
Canadian town or corporation which
has bonds for sale will do well to remember this. Let the outsider who
has a block oT securities to dispose of
in London first select the right channel through which to place them, then
stick to it. He should decide upon a
reliable house with a good standing, and
then be loyal to It. This is the ouly way
for the colonial or foreign vendor to
get a footing ln the world's leading
money  market.
Another feature of the X_ondon money
market may be here noted. It Is primarily and essentially an investment market. It is not given to reckless speculation in the same way an Wall street.
Great -tpeculatlvc movements are, of
course carried on here, but sucb ventures are pretty well confined to wealthy men. The myriad small speculators present In Canada and the I'nited
States are comparatively little known
here. The office clerk with X50 to his
credit cannot dabble in London, and thus
ihe worst feature of the American speculative stock market is avoided. The
"little fellow" is eliminated by the fort-
Tcnders Wanted for the Purchase of a
Mineral Claim.
Tenders addressed to tbe underBianed at bis
ofllce in the Court Hoone, in the City ol
Nelion. will be received u-> till tbe
hour ot 6 o'-lock. in the afternoon, ol Frl
dav, November 1st, 1901. tor the purchase of
the "Anne" Mineral Claim, Lot ."-Wo, (iroup 1,
Kooteney District, which wm declared to be
forfeited to the ('rown at the tax sale held ln the
Clly of Nelson, nti the 6th day Ol November, 1805,
for deltiii-uent taxes up tilt June 30th, 1906, and
Tbe upset price upon the said mineral claim,
which Include*- the amount of delliuiuent urea
and DOItl at the time of forfeiture, witb interest,
taxes which have since accrued, cost of advertising, and fee for Crown ����� i >��� nl (I' > nu,) Is ll'__t.70.
which Is the least amount tbat will b* considered
U a tender
Kach tender must Im** accompanied by an ae-
eejih-il chei-lie for the full amount ol the tender,
pa valiIe to lhe order of the Deputy Commissioner
Of Land! and Works, at Victoria, B.C., at par.
Dated al Nelson, B.C., this tttk day o. Bept.
Government Ageut, Nalson, !t. c
Notice Is hereby given, for the Imformatlon ol
tn:eiidiuf. suttlers and others, that selection has
,7���... made of t he :1.'>U0,UUU ucres of land situated
Vl IVace Kiver Valley, Province 0l Hrltlah
��� -..lutubla RUlted to the Dominion (-nvcrninQ'H
in er the provisions of Section luf'At Act
re ia lii-i to the Nland Kallway, the Graving
Booh and Kallway bauds Ol lhe I'lovince," and
Mich land is not np.ii to entry   under  the  land
lftThc\.loe'*:SelectedI'll described as folio**-.-:���
CouinieucliiK at a point s:i-��� miles south of the
l'e. Kiver.m the UVth Meridian, being tbe
eaptern boundary of tho province, tbence west
fftmllei and BB.M chains, tbence north 78 mlloa
Lnd-SbCW eh-ilni. tnence east �� UUlje and UH.A4
Ohaini tbeuee south lo lbo point ofcommence-
n ent following the 130th Meridian aud containing approximately :t,r-w,��o ai-rca.
Sott'-./ is also given that, witb a view to
ni-tlitatluu .-.ettlenietit In lbo valleys ol tho
!���,.,' l-arsnipiind Pack Klvcr��, the lollowlng
belt of land iti miles lu width and extending
20 miles on eneh side ol the Peace, 1 arsnlp��� anfl
pack (livers lias been reserved (or actual Bottlers
, he acquired by pre-emption only under the
and \ci.snch laud not being open for sale,
law licence or other alienation under the said
Act except bv pre omptloti: -
Commencing at the intersection of tbe western
boundarv of the bio k ol land  selected by Uie
> uinitiion Government  wiih the Peaoa river,
thanoe following the Peace Kiver and 1'arsntp
itiver to   thcli coiillueneo  with   tho  Pack Kiver
and  tbenoe  following  ibe  Haok river to tho
ooliiC where  ��atd    Pack    Kiver leaves tfoLeod
-ike'nnd  exiundlng for a distance ol 80 miles
on each side of Mild Klvers and  approximately
17i> miles iu length.
All lands OUtilde  the boundaries ol tbe  Dominion   Government    Grant    ami   "the   reserve
above described are open lor location under the
laws of the Province.
Acting <*h hd ('on.uil-udoiicr nT Lands ami Worka)
bands aud Works Dopartiueut.
Victoria, Hep-ember Mlh. 1901.
eio DOWN
We offer you best fruit lands;
best terms; best location: best
climate. Absolute titles. You
don't have to use all of your means
ln paying for land. We want you
to put It Into development. We
also bave tracts of 60 to 6000 acres,
prices and term*, the best. We own
these lands and handle nothing on
If you don't see Frultvale you
miss the best in B. C.
Kootenay   Orchard
Ward Street, Nelson, B. C.
nightly settlement basis upon which
speculation is here conducted. In Canada and the United States Immediately
the speculator undertakes a deal on
the long or short side he is compelled
to put up witb his brokers a margin
of from ten to twenty per cent, on the
market value of his purchase. In London the broker has to carry his client
without margins till the next pending
settlement and few firms will take the
risk of accepting business from men
whose financial standing is not beyond
Pierpont    Morgan's    Daughter   Said   to
Have Refuaed Marquis of Nar-
New York, Oct. 17.���No part of J.
Pierpont Morgan's millions as his daughter's marriage portion will aid the Marquis Narbonne-Lara, of proud French
lineage, in launching his gold mine enterprises In Russia, says a cable despatch to the New York World.
Miss Morgan has refused his offer of
marriage, turned him down with true
American spirit, graciously, but firmly.
assuring him that heart alone will guide
her choice of a husband. From which
it may be inferred that she is not a
title seeker and that a plain American
suitor, if he can reach her heart, has
equal chance with any other.
And the Marquis, coveted by every
mother in France with a marriageable
daughter, freely tells of his defeat to
persona] friends in the Jockey Club and
elsewhere; mentions it, so reports go, as
one would speak of a loss In any speculation involving money.
As oue acquaintance describes it, the
Marquis "accepts defeat with the grace
of his race."
Perhaps his suit might have had a
different ending if It had been differently begun, if he had not faltered In his
first purpose.
The Marquis' earliest meeting with
Miss Morgan was in London. His friends
in the Paris clubs understood that he
had gone to seek her to pay court.
Returning to Paris, club gossip has It,
he said he had not addressed Miss Marguerite with a view of marriage, as her
personal appearance did not awaken any
enthusiasm.   In short, she was too plain.
Then, evidently on reflection, he decided that the millions of her father
would perhaps compensate for her features, so he set out to woo her.
He followed the French custom in this
mutter, seeing Miss Morgan only in the
presence of others, but testifying his Intentions by numerous gorgeous floral offerings for his private income Is $20,000
a yeai.
Recently he was automobillng with
the Morgans in the north of France, and
ihen he formally proposed to Miss Morgan, it is not known whether she had
heard of his ungallant comments after
his London trip; it is believed, however,
that she knew of them. In any event,
she declined to become tho Marquise
Narbonne-Lara, politely, the rejected
nobleman relates, but none the less positively.
The marquis, who lives in the Hue
Hassano with his mother, is one of the
influential members of theJockey Club,
Delected by Alphonse de Rothchild. He
is about 46 years old and prominent in
the exclusive set of the old French nobility. His mother formerly had a salon
rivalling that of the Marquise- de Blac-
Rumor says that the marquis Is on the
lookout to wed an heiress. He needs the
money for his Russian enterprises.
Ona of Nelson's Pretty Home Cottages of 2 bedrooms, sitting room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom; hot and
cold water; large basement. Nice view
of lake, $1,600, $900 down; balance on
easy terms. Certainly a snap. 3 lots
75 x 125. Apply to J. R. B., Dally
Tremont House
Bnropeen end Amerlcen Plen
Heels 3ft - u.   Booms from at* eta.~to 1-.
oa.17 White Heip J-Cmpioyed.
Better Bt.. Nelson Proprietor!
baker and
Most comlorUble quarters      Nelsonl
Only tbe best ol Liquor, .ud Cfg.ri.
Grand Central Hotel
Thoroughly renorated and refurnished. Rooms 50 cents upward. The
dining room Is unexcelled ln the city.
House heated throughout with hot
J. A. ERICKSON, Proprietor.
Telephone, 250.    Opposite Court House
and Postofflce. Nelson. B. C.
Queen's Hotel
Baker Street, Nelson. B. c.
Lighted by Electricity and
Heated by Hot Air
Ltirge .nd  I'omlortsble Bedrooms snd Flrat-
elis-BDinlug Boom.   Bample Booms for Commercial   M-n.
MRS. I. G.CLABEK. Proprietress
Bartlett   House
Best Dollar-a-Day House in Nelson*
The Har la the Flneet.
White Help Only Employed.
Joaephlne Bt.
Royal Hotel
Rates $1 and (1.60 a Day.
Special Rates to Regular Boarders
The Silver Grill hae opened under new management. White labor
only employed. The beet 35 cent
meal in the city.
A. McDonald & Co.
Dealers in staple and fancy Groceries*,
Butter, Eggs.
Camp and Miners' Supplies.
A M Can. See. C. E.
Mining WorK a Specialty.
Offlee*.  Bealey Building.    P. O. Box 434
Baker ���-, NELSON, B. C.
Notice of Meeting.
Cascade Water Power and  Light Company, Limited.
Notice ls hereby given that an rx-
truiiriilimry __tuu_l meeting of the Ciib-
'���ade Water. Power und Lii*ht Company,
l.liuii.'.l. will be held lit the oftlces of
the cnmiiany on SuUiniay tho **ticl tiny
ol November. 11107, at tbo hour of 2
o'clock lu thu afternoon, for the purpose of:
1. Aillliorl-ln*; the Issue of a series
of debentures, aggregating $:175,000.00,
datod the 1st day of May. 11)07. with Interest ut 4*. lie cent, per milium, payable 0D thu first iliiy nf May. 1940, with
Interest payable sonii-annually on tbo
1st days of Muy anil November in each
2. Aiilborizlng tbe execution of tbo
draft Deed ot Trust, approved by tlie
parties, which will bo submitted to tho
meeting, and made between the o.mi-
luiny, of lhe First Part, tho Itoyal Trust
Compuny of Montreal, of the Second
Part, uml the West. Kooteuay Power and
Light Compuny, Limited, of the Third
3. Passing the resolution recited in
the said draft Deed of Trust.
4. Transacting such oilier business
as muy properly ctiino before the mooting-
Dnted this 16th day of October, A. D.
By Order of the Board,
10-Acre Blocks For Sale
In the Slocan Valley;  free from  stone;   level land;   ample water;   railway facilities;  good settlement;  easy clearing.
Price: $50 to $85.    Terme: One-fifth  eaeh,   the   balance   one-fifth   each
year..  Interest 6 per cent. | ����_*fc1
H. & M. BIRD
Fire, Accident, Life and Employers' Liability I��f"*-���*"������
Let us quore you rates in the best board companies.
7 rooms and hath, 50 ft. corner lot,
centrally located, one-half cash,
balance  on   terms $2100
5 rooms and bath���excellent repair,
electric licht,, water, sewer, 1 1-2	
lots, on  terms $2000
3 rooms, water, electric light, chicken house, woodshed; on terms..$ 750
5 rooms with two excellent lots in
Fairvlew;   water $1350
Victoria  St.   (75 ft.   corner) $   500
Houston St.  (50 ft. corner) $ 375
Chatham St., Fairvlew  (30 ft) $200
6 3-4 acres, easy of access by wagon
road, partially cultivated; suitable for
market garden.    Terms given
160 acres on Kootenay River, good
train service $3000
Real  Estate Agent
315 Baker St.,  Nelaon,  B. C.
MANUFACTURERS    �� _.-_^_l-,--.     QUI*~ta*m
AND DEALERS IN    l^tttXl D*Ztf   O-UIlgleS,
Lath, Mouldings, Doors, Windows,
Turned Work and Uriitkots. Mail Orders promptly attended to.
���   MELSON. B. C.
Furniture, Clothing,
Stationery, Etc
SATURDAY OCTOBER 12th.        7.30 p.m.
Mo. S10.
Certificate of the Registration of an Extra-Provincial   Company.
"I'n.i ivii*. Act, liWT."
I hereby certify lhat the "Falla Creek Copper
Minlns Company, Limltea," has this day been
regliitered aa an Kxtra-Provincial Compa'ny uu
��� ler the "Companies (Act, IWJl," to carry out or
effect allot any of the objects of the Company
to which the legislative authority of the Legis-
iiiurc of British Columbia extendi
The; head office of the Company In situate at
the City ol Spokane, Utate of Washington, C.3.A.
The amount ol the capital of the Compauy Is
one milllou live hundred thousand aoilars,
divided Into one iniili.ni Ave hundred thousand
shares of one dollar each-
The head otllce of the Company In this Province is situate at Nelson, and Bflchael C Mou-
���tghan, Miner, whose address is the same, is the
���ittorney of the Compauy
The time of the existence of the Compauy is
tilty years from the 16th March, _-*���.���..
Tne Company is specially limited under section 56 uf the above Act.
(ilven under my hand and seal of office at
Victoria, Province of British Columbia, this IMb
-lay of May, oue thousand nine hundred and
[L. s.i 8. Y. WOOTTON,
Registrar ol Joint Stock Companies.
"COMPANIES   ACT,  1897."
Notice ls hereby given that Wilton A.
Mlllur, ot the town of Creston, lumbor-
nian, has been appointed the new attorney of "The Kinney-Miller Cedar
Registrar ot Joint Stock Companies.
Victoria* Hritish Columbia, October _!7,
AU Kinds nf Heating Plants In Stock.
Victoria St., Nr. Opera House.      Tel. 181.
F.C GREEN       F. P. BURDEN       A.H.GREEN
Civil Engineers, Dominion and British
Columbia Land Surveyors
F. 0. Box 145    Phon. 261 B.
INETLrSOIN,    -     B. C.
To All  Polnti  In  Kootenays.
AND  DETROIT  TO NEL80N  *39.45.
MONTREAL, $46.10; 0TTAWA,��44.-5;
HALIFAX, -S..40.
Correspondingly Law Rates from and
to All  Intermediate Points.
Prepaid passage arranged.    Reservations  secured, etc.  tlirougti this ofBce.
For further particulars call or write
A rl. r.A..V<iiii'aiiYi-r. D. P.A., N-Uoa
Old Curiosity Shop
If you want to buy or sell anything,
go to the Old Curiosity Shop. A new
Hue of Japanese. Goods now on sale.
���'l kinds of Dlnnerware ln sto-k. Fat-
ti ma.
General Job Work, Chimney ��weeu-
Ing, Carpet Cleaning, Fixing and Cleaning Stoves, eto.
fl Eaat Baker St. Phone No. A114
1 .
,    ���
*,;   ��� ���
{'���  ���>
'���*  li
* '4
r      *
jit ! The Daily Canadian
1             1
*   ���
I   1
1 *
: 1'
jrMSii: Mtll
''i I-
OUT Stock for tin New Jewelry and otho
goods we an- opening up almost every
day. We BXfl exhibiting Brooches. Necklets, Pendents, Bracelets, all in new de
I 'j "|;;: The new Enamel Jewelry in
Flowers, Birds and Bugs Is most attrac-
O. Patenaude
And Belts
Fancy Chiffon and Silk
Collars with or without tabs
at, each, 50c, 75c, $1.00 to
New Elastic Beaded Belts.
New Leather aud Silk
Belts in all colors.
��� rasn*if-_',tiir'-l from  *n<- flne_N   toUarro, sin-
ripen' ���! and de��  et- aed      lfi mild, tull-
itnvor, ��� tobxooo yon
it to try
fofaacconist.    Baker Street.
Sec Us
For Good Fruit Land
10 Acre Blocks to 800
Acre Blocks.
Bedrock Prices.
Easy Terms.
H. E. Croadsdaiie & _��*
Next Door to Hank of Commerce.
< BUSH  &  MATT HEW. Props.
Phone   9. P.   O.   Box  672.
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch,
Creosote, Oils ior
Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch and
Boat HiiilderH will find it to their ad-
V c :iM: '   bO UBO Our Pitch.
Nelson Coke & Gas Co.
Any man able and willing to nurse
���mall-pox patients in case of need, is requested to apply to E. C. Arthur, M. D.
city medical health officer. _
tiA.."NKI-fl_.AI_>    COAL
Tin, Bttt Hard Ooal nn the market.
I .rn ii��� ��� icatl Bri**
_.] LI ot __����-_-
The  H_st   Domeitlo (Joal.
West Transfer Co.
Best   Located  Hotel  in  Nelson
Dnder the msiisKt'nient ..f K. K Noble.
tar.- oi Toronto, OttawH an.l
!���:. s. Whltmore. O. .1. Booth, Van
..ir .. ' ; R. A. .Mm ri-. I>. A Manners,
Toronto; A. D. Wheeler and wife, Ains-
w.nili: I. Fletcher, England; A. Ogtlvle
Edinburgh; .Mir-s A. Montgomery,'Mlsa
K Bheeman, Edmonton; \v. <; ELobeii
s'ur. Vancouver; Miss s. (I. Roberts,
H. Watt, A Jennings, Fori Steele; B.
J. Chapman and wife, E. Buchan, .1. I."
. tephens, L. Frankenhury, .1. Newbury,
I;. I. Phelps, Vancouver; C. C. Thorne,
C. I" Boderllng, G. S. Craddoek, Bpokani
G. I. Perry, Toronto; D. s: Denis, Bio
can; F. C. Elliott, Troul Lake; I*. A.
Sutherland, Ferguson; F. Orosvenor and
wifr . Oalena Baj : F. W. Quernsey, Trail
L. L. Knight, Winnipi rr; a Lucai . Kaslo
a Mil";, Qreeawood; l;. B. Robertaon,
Toronto; C. Haj ami 'Air- . Qrand Forks;
I'. I*. Burden, Revelstoke,
W. T. Douglas, I*. Johns, Kaslo; 11 .1.
Hughes, B. I'-.r.-ki'ir, Ferguson; ('. A
11>nii. Kitchener; F. Naylor, Toronto;
ll. Dewar, Crawford liny: w J. Ueacb
.in. Winnipeg; ll. s. Carllle, Fernie; l.
li. Pollock, W. Duncan, .1. McDonald,
Sun lami; .1. a. Ruby, Dldsbury; C
Bchmuter, Bteller; W. s. Harvey,
Tlrrrmrs; Air- (I. Ir Ml Unn anil laniily.
Bweden; ll. L. Crr Ighton and wife,
Cranbrook, ll. Hancock, Brie.
S I; linri.ri.l. Brantford; 11. K. Mi
Whirl' r Fernie; M. Peteroviskl, i'. Pel
Lni. Mull' l; I.. R. Bowman, B. T.
Crawford, Kaslo; Q. II. Melton, Nakusp;
Q. W, Prust, ��ii. ami iairrli... Tot ten
bam, (int.. ii. Clark, <;. Warner, W.
Lone, l.. Lane, Revelstoke; .1. Perry,
Arrowhead; I; young, 8. Lankin, Perrj
Biding; Sl. .s. Clark, Lardo.
S.   Wilkin  on,    Mr       .1.    HIslOp,   ('ran
brook; a   N. Winlaw. winlaw.
IL   Small.   .1.    I'     Flyrrn.   Calgary;    P
yards, Brandon; .1. Anderson, Spokane
(;. Burbrldge, K  c. Murdock, Bloean;
il   s   .Marl.I. rr. Rossland
Piano   and  Singing Lessons
Given  by   Mrs.  Winter   Every Saturday
Mrs. Winter holds certificate from
Royal Academy for pianoforte playing
.nni singing. Certificate from Trinity
College. London. Kug., for theory of music. Scholarship of the London Conservatoire of Music for singing and piano
playing Address  Box 796. N.l.on.
Sherman's Opera House
Friday, October   18
and  Saturday  Matinee.
(;.... D, sweet presents the Sensational
Comedy Drama
"A Messenger Boy
Saturday, Oct. 19th
"Mabel Heath, or a Fatal Marriage."
Ham!  ami Oroheatra,
Watch for street  parade.
PRICES:   50c,   75c,   $1.00.
Matinee:  Adults 50c, chidren 25c.
Sale   at   Rutherford's   Wednesday.
Letter* addressed T. K. M. are al nn
oUli.   . waiting deliver*.
St. Luke's  Day.
Tomorrow being thr festival of Si
Luke ile Evangelist there will be a cole
bration ��'l the holy communion in Si
Saviour*  church at  10.30 a. ni.
'I'lie nni- application made in chnm
bars i."In. was ior an order for payment
of money out of court made by W. tr
Bullock Webster, which was granted.
The Roller Rink.
Harry Gibson is making good progn is
Willi ins roller rink. W. Q. Cill.tr bat
Hi.' contract lor Us construction, ami h��
hopes lo have it completed within tine,
Recreation  Grounds.
Th.' work of clearing up tin- recreation grounds after the Fait was completed yesterday    anil    Warden Jarvls'
.mi. sis  art-   now   available  loi   work   on
lire  track  it"  required.
University Club.
The October meeting of tlie Dnivorsit*
Cluh will lie held in the Hit" hall Sain
day evening ar s o'clock, 'lie programme
will consist oi the reading anil ilis.-u.-
sion oi a paper. A Critical Analysis ni
ihe Principles oi Scientific Socialism,"
by A. L. McKlllop. An invitation to lie
present is extended to visiting university men io i��- present ami to anj other]
win. are Interested in the subject.
Fruit   Lands   Development.
C. i:. McAllister, of the Nakuap Fruit
Lainls company, is in the city. Mr. Mc
Ailister Bpeaks glowingly nf the development of tlie fruit growing along III.
Arrow* Lakes. His own company lias
now twenty-nine settlers, who will develop fruit ranches in and around Nakuap Anil Ibe same story comes from
all along the Arrow Lakes. Within a
year or two both sides of the river will
be dotted with fruit ranches.
Eagles' Smoker.
Nelson Aerie. F. O. EL, will hold n
smoker in lhe opera house Tm ds
evening nex;. Oct 22nd. The arrangements are in charge ni th<- general com
mittees: Programme, B. .Mason, s A
Wye, l)r. W O. Rose, T. C. Cunningham, II. W. Falconer anil Fred Bosquet
Refreshments, Arthur Pltchford, James
Porter, James Wightman, Qua Erlckson.
William Walmsley. dies. Clark, Julius
Roisterer. .1. .1. Milium.*. W. Gosnell. A.l
vertisiiig. .1. E. Taylor, A. McKay ami i:
The Messenger Boy.
The plot of ibis comedy, which comes
lo Ihi- opera house tomorrow night, i;
rror a complicated on.-, but tin- advance
agenl iimmi.r.'s that it la interesting and
amustng, ami set-vet tn introduce a cap
able company in bright Boogs, pleasing
dances, attractive costume-, ami ap
propriie scenic effects. .Miss Beatrice
Terry,   with   her   delightful   songs,   has
Geo.  P.  Player
l.NC   A-    SMELTIXC    CO.
Office   Room   No.   2.   ELLIOT      BLOCK.
The Store of Quality
Ram Lai Tea
Packetl in the Gardens Where
It Is Grown-Can Be Bought for
the Same Money as a Cheaper
We Stake Our Reputation on
tlie Quality aud Recconiniend
It to AU Tea Drinkers as Absolutely the Best Value Offered.
50c per lb.
K. W. C. Blosk . Phone UL
W.    a.    OILLETT
Conto-aator <������*���*
tin 11 Uor-.
tinio igent for tin- Porto EUoo bombec <.o., Ltd..
ruin11 yHpiK.    KciukIi ami -lrt-HHv'1 luinbiT, turned
work Mint l-rarkelH. CimM lnlli mi'l ���hinflOttlftlJ.
mill doon.    Cement, brick mi-l Him- fur wile,
An tmiuitii- grinder.
Yard hii'I (ticiory : Vernon tit.. SStt of Hall
-Nisi-Hors. 13. C
l', u. Box -au. Telepbone 17)1
3 ROLLS 25c.
Corner Silica and Josephine Bts.
We liavc just openi i up b large thin-
ment ol wood  b on rographj
wurk. This is verj much Uie lai-;i
oonsiffnmenl ol theot g oda we have
ever broughl in. and we hiave now got a
rei :���" tars* Etssor. mt ai yon bo (3_h_oow
trom. They canals 1 almoal entirely ol
arUclea thai  ur*   ���- cal use ���box*
ee ot all sizes and ahaix -   (suitable f����r
tai i . gloves, haniIk-   * -.:*      photographs
and almost  any conceivable use  thai  n
box of any kind could be put  to)   ;
tabourettea, clooki complete with wi ri
plaques in large vari        trayi
pipe  racks etc, etc     We Import  these
articles direct  from the makers in Am
erica.    They are all made ol  beal
soned wood, well made and well linish
We liav��- Outfits fitted with  Large bulb
and    good    point $5.26    taili
Points at  rrom..   ..fl.76 to $3X0 each
Bulbs, large site 11.78 each.
about price. You oannoi buy these
goods in Toronto or Chicago and bring
them in any cheaper! if as cheaply) as
wi    a re   ���elling  them.
if you live out of town and cannot gel
in to mak�� leleottoi] dlreci trom stock,
writ*' us and we will be glad i<* send
you a fully illustrated catalogue, giv
Ing pi tee.*-, from which you ran make
your selection almost as well as from
Your orders will be carefully and
promptly  executed.
W. G. Thomson
BOOKBMLLSBsad       1-\T__1 _.,-.��   "R   f*
IMi.mio  9*0*
aVerj where ��������� ��� n tin signal foi storms ol
applause. George i > Bweel Is b com
edlan quite om ot the ordinary, and tbe
supporting company are all east in congenial roles.
Mining Progress.
Nell McKechnle in down from Silver-
ton, where he has been for Uu i��.i rt
six week assisting in huilding the tram
way to the Hewitt. Thia tramwa> will
be three mil- in length, and good pro
greos La being made with lu construe
tlon. Mr, McKechnle speaks well ol
the progrea In mining in and around
Bllvertoo, The three principal mini
are the Hewitt, Vancouver and standard.
K-oh of these mines has a big force or
rOBBALB    A FirM ( lui 1'ajrliiK ���*���"'��� '"*' WetUH
BuelneM   1'iayitiK t<- full houM t'vry erenlog
tioo-t  butlneu, ohuuM   for nnhi   mail, k i
rwwoni for Hit ing.   -tpply fc. w. r., Csnol-ui
j.ii*j'i   a LADY'S iMiiun.u with fold rimned
haii.il.     I- li   m   K     !���    IIhII, on   nlKlit   ol  _8Ui
Bept.   Undei  plesae return to PsiJcer'i Km
pJoytnt'iit Ak'-ih-j unit ter-.-ivi- r<;war��l.
QQLD CHAIN, between ftoofst Mid Vernon
Btreeta. Bu liable rewsrd win ix* i>��i*i ior h.
return.   MoDermlii .t Mollnnly.
APOCKBTBOOK nmtstniag a signed abaqueol
tin- Beeoud   Rellel Mining Oosipsnti  e
fo   r .   r    \ShI..   j: ml   U-ltem.      Hii'lcr   kimllv
lfnv'-Ht No PUooInn.
TWO   KIKHTCI.AHS  HOOMH, nUJifri bentfrt      Ap
piv housekeener, Brd tut. K. w. <-'. block.
WANTKO   Tic Maker*,    tbe Tlei 10 be Fir, Tnm.
ereek or l-iu��   mil] giVe ii etnu e��rh in the
���trine, ell good   timber.     Apply   to Jowpb
< .im Up, I h.-<'.i i.'.
wan'I'KI* BltueUon by Vouuk Bootamen Cmsr
rieii) wiiiiuK in lac-rb* nnyiiiiiiK, esperlenoed
in groq.rr, wln�� nn<i cnirit trade Ad.irt'HN
D. 1�� , bully ��:.iiiHi||��ii Offloe.
a I'Ak'inkh  wnii 12.1KM1 to   pttrehsu �� irnit
reneh QeerNelnon   a good apeaaletlon,  Partner li'-i"! not l��. actively i-iikhki'iI on rnuch.
Por pertienlera spply T O FgOOTgft.
WANTKO I'Ti-i-lrb'lHii. Kngllah, m��wiy nrnv.-l.
wn nl*. Hi '..oi..ii im ni-'Ulimlon oi >��� I iii 11 ii r work.
A idreai B. w  ti , inuiy QuMdJen,
WANT!'b    Englllhmsn  86.   wnnln  Mluallon  lor
moth or longer, good   aeholtr- naed  to oiih-o
routine,   Andrew it. w. h   liHlly ChiiaiIIhii.
WAIN 1 KI* o I'iin-li-.-.<������.< ooni'oml, ('mIi Buyer
Apply J. il. U,(osre tliiH oflltw.
Wholesale an-i  ttstsll Paslnri In
Fresh and Salted Meats
Ciinips unpplied on -*hort-wf notice and
loweHt price Nothing hut   break ami
wiioIeHonie meat.*-and snpplet- kept in mock
Mail orders reoalve earefnl attention-
E.   C.   TRAVES.   Manage.
Its BusiriESs Energy
Pare Ontario Honey,
5 lb. Tins,
ITi-lophoae 101.
Cleared,     cultivated,     planted
with   80   trees,   good   water,
first rate location,  _j>"700.
COMB  AINU ��L_l_.
Rowboats and Canoes
For Sale or Hire
ak*ti* (orTrnsoott l_ennehei
H ii-   Peter bore Ossoei
Pint **'   l-ot of   tiontf in  H   C.
POO) Dl   IofcpJiIiic K.        1'vl    Al-i
nun worklna nnd the results are giich
��� to in 'ii> btsmU hopes ns to the
future in Eaci ai ths pi- sent thui ihi
Standard Is proving Itself to be one of
tbe rtebest mining pcopertiee in the
Kootenays, T)mes wars nevei bettei
around Klverton than Ui-S) ������'" al the
pros* Di tinn . and the Bilvertonlao are
looking forward to ��� prosperou   future,
Methodist   Concert.
The programme arranged roi tonight's
concerl in the Rtethodtal ehnreta will be
as follows:    Plrat    pari    Instrumental
���ronihone, solo, ('ai\ n>   Hoi     P*lemlng;
80ng,   The   Land     Aci'okh   Ihe   Sen.   Mr.
Mni'itid; reading, Qolnfi to the rom
boose- Mrs. Oameron; song, Life's Lulls
by, mihs ToUlngton; chorus, Rejoice,
rejoice; song, The Valley bj the Ben,
Mi. Patrick: male quartette, selected,
m.   irs,  Benedict,    Dmory,    Bhaw and
Qorlei  son;:. The  |-*l:h. (man's Daughter,
Mlas Irwin; Instrumental, clarionet,
Leon McCandllsh.   Second pari    tnstru
menial.      tromhoin'      lolo,   The   Village
[ilacksmlth, Ross Fleming; solo, School
\'.'~. . Mis-. Dora Patrick; lolo, The Box
ton, K.v. it. M, Powell; quartette. Blue
Bells of Scotland, Mis.-- Patrick, Mrs.
ThnrnniM. Rev. it. n. Powell, Mr, Qorle;
���ongi Rocked in the Cradle of the Deep,
A.    Hull! van;    lOleCtlonfl    find     medley,
Bousa/s Band; song, selected, 0, J. Hay-
ward; Instrumental, trombone solo, The
Bong   Thill      Iteneheil     My    llejirl.   Rom
Fleming; National Ani hem. Joseph
i'utrlck will Uiko tho chair nt 8 o'clock.
OwIhk |��� .,��� i,���,r,.aMllli, bo_ln��_i i���
lh.* regular llnai ���f Drugs and Stationery wt muBt  have  more room, nml  w'lj
Iiiivi- in oIom .mi n*m| nr nn,-  -S|,|B
llri.s " Wr   .-.tiisrii<>>���<-,-   win,   CHINA
WARE,   (in, n.'w huh* In nil In tbr the
XmriH trade, uml u an K,���,H ,��� .��� nl|1
Clearing  Out  Prices..
A vlrrll tn thin ,),.iiarliiii.ni wm |���|,.,.
eal   y.ni
Canada Drug & Book Co'y, Ltd.
COR   BAKER  and   WARD.        Phone
���^���^^i.^s-WMAKI,  A.   ISAAC R. W.  HINTC
W*-pt�� m-Ii ii*   iunl   .1. .lil.li iy   *.* v-_.-���_ m oil  ^  ll h   I ><_.**->i.tit <.  I<       H
Wni-k,    Mi* .i-ik-   Stld   Mill   Miichlnttr>.       IVIhi.uImUiu
Or* Darsi w. w.   Omitiaiotoiw~ Omj-iT
rut*-- nl 11 ��l mul
oni Strssti
"NELSOINf,    B. C.
that is fashionable and durable can K
bought now at a price that 15 Mm ���
tempt you. Winter styles art btrs,
shown. Come qurcd and oe! tht onk.
Shirts, Collars and Cuffs gslort Mh|.
lum and Heavy Weight Pajamni and
Night Shirts at proper prices. Particular people will be pleased with our offer
scribes, bring thim    to tho    Popular    Store.
Places to have your prescriptions filled.
But to have them properly and carefully
com pounded    at    your    physician   pre*
Poole-Longhurst Co., Li
linker nnd Josephine Bts
We would like tn 8*M- nil our patrons Comfortable this wilder ami fn ordirto
do so we have in slock the bos I assort ocl   lino of  heiitlni: Stores and c*��ikln5
stores and ranges ever before presented to the inibiie in Kootanay.
We   would   be   ph-ased  (u   show   yon     our line  and  In-fore  inakin-; fOW Pur
Chase kindly see what we have to offer.
J. H. Ashdown Hardware
Company,  Limited. Nelson Branc*
You can always get what
you want in all kinds of House
Furniahinga at the
Buck Stoves
and Ranges
Standard Ftimittwe Company
Complete  House  Furnishers and Undertakers.
Our Stock iu tl.is line it
always coni*.lete and n|'tl''
Mechanics' Tools a
Wood-Vallance Hardware Co., Ltd.


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