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The Daily British Columbian Jan 9, 1890

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Volume 7.
New Westminster, B. C, Thursday Evening, January 9, 1890.
Number 162
For the first time in the history of lhe British post
oflice. nays The Colonies and India, tho Indian wails
havo been delivered in London under fourteen days.
The letters which left Bombay at 5 o'olook pan. on
Nove'iil'or 20t!i ware received by addressees in the city
on December I Hth at 3 o'clock p.m. Thus it was possiblo for merchants to reply the same evening, antl lot
thoir correspondents in India hear from them in a day
or two over a month. Tliis marvellous expedition was
duo to the splendid steaming qualities of the Oeoono,
the vessel of tho Peninsular and Oriental fleet wliich
took Prince Albert Victor out to India. She reached
Suez under eight days, ond covered the whole distanco
to Brindisi in twolvo days and fifteen hours, thus
maintaining nn average apood of nearly 400 knots per
day, iucluding stoppages at intermediate ports (Aden
and Suez) and detention hi tho Sue/. Canal.
When a Celestial emperor takes it into his head to
writoa post-card, that post-card, observes an exchange,
must need be what tho colonial folk would call a
"whopper." It will bo remembered that tho South
Australian people subscribed liberally for the relief of
the Chine e sufferers by tbu recent famine in the Shantung country. The Emperor of (mino has now, with
many fervent expressions of gratitude, written te
acknowledge the goodness of the colonists to hts
starving people. Tho billet-doux in whicli his imperial
majesty conveyed his sentiments was no less, indeed,
than a billot of wood "(i feet In length by two feot in
width, covered with gold-leaf." The tablet is to be
hung in the Council Chamber ot Adelaide, and as
none of tho councillors are able to tell whioh is the top
or bottom of tho missive, on interpreter is to be engaged to seo (hat tho Emperor's post- aril is hung
right side up.
A nt"'tntT just published from tbo American consul
ttt Mannheim refers to a discovery by Gorman chemists
iu tho cocoa-nut of a fatty substitute for butter. Immediately after the discovery a. firm was established
iii Mannheim for the purpose of manufacturing thu
new articlo, to which it hna given tbe namo of eoiioo-
nut buttor. .Although in existence only a yoar, it is
unablo to meet the constant demands made on it, It
employs 25 men, has a 40-liorac power ongine, und
produces daily 11,000 kilos, of butter, which it retails
itt from O&d, to 7id. per pound. The nuts come
mainly from the South Seo Islands, 'fhe new butter
is of a dear, whitish color, and io said to bo bettor
adapted for cooking than tablo purposes. It is neither
disagreeable to toate nor smell. At present it is
eiiiully need In hospitals and other State institutions,
but it is rapidly finding its way into houses where the
people avo too poor to buy butter. The working
classes aru ropidly adopting jit ill place of oleomor-
mirincp. lt in said to be singularly freo from acids,
and to lie, therefore, much cosier of digestion. In
Germany there arc about50 factories engaged in producing margarines and other artificial butter.
EAOH year the local papers give from ?."0.) to ;?5,(r()0
iu free lines for the benefit of the community in which
jttsljotto.l, No*otiiar agency will do this. The1
editor, in proportion1 to his means, does moro for his
town thou any other tell men, ond in all famiess, man
with man, hu ought to be supported, not becauso you
may happen to liko him or admire his writing, but
becuuso a local paper is the best investment a community can moke. It may not ho brilliant or crowded
with great thoughts, but financially it is of more benefit to tho community thon the teacher. Understand
us now, we do not mean morally or Intellectually, but
financially; and yet mi tho moral question yon will find
that most of the local papers are on the right sido of
the question. To-day the editors of local papers do
the most work for the least money of any mon on
earth. Subscribe for your local paper, not as a charity, but as au investment.—.fudge David Davis.
Council mut iu the town hall mi Saturday, January
4th. Present--Reeve Kidd nud Councillors Reid,
Garratt and Daniels. A communication was rood
from J. McMullen, president of tiiu San Francisco
Bridge Co,, rospnoting the appointment of caretaker
tor the bridges, and recommending Mr. Duncan Smith
as a good man for the position. Received and filed.
The board of works reported several contracts completed, and recommended payment; further, thnt a
contract has heen let to W. 0. Steves to construct a
floodgate on No. 4 road at Green's slough, ttt 85 cents
per foot, the corporation to furnish material and open
ditch; olso, to construct approaches to bridges on
No. 4 raid, and some imntll bridges, at 00 cents per
foot for bridges, nud H5 cents per cubic yard for filling
in earthwork. A contract Ins also beon .let.to Jesse
Dickson for clearing roadway on No. 4 road at 8145,
contract submitted by Coun. Roid. The pound by-
low was reconsidered and adopted, signed, sealed and
ordered to be published. Movod by Couu. Daniels,
seconded bv Colin. Roid, that the clerk be instructed
to inform tlio government tliat one span of one of the
Nortii Arm bridges hos boon carried away by tiiu ioe,
and that tho remainder of the bridge is in danger uf
being carried away nt any moment. Also, to recommend tho government to notify the Son Franoisco
Bridgo Co, that if they wish to save the material, it
would bc well to send on a forco of men and do so at
once. Carried. On motion it wos ^.vdeVed that thu
clerk bo paid $50 for extra services during the post
yoar. A largo number of accounts wore ordered paid,
and tho oounoil then adjourned.
Thore was an interesting stabbing beo down in
Chinatown, on Dallas street, wost of Wise's livery
stable, last night. Mr. Moresby was notified that
three Chinamen had been sliced to shreds, and that
blood was flying in all directions among tho maddened
Mongolians, He was ou the scone in a few minutes,
and on going up stairs in the liouse where the fracas
had occurred, ho found a Chinaman named Ah Shin
with his head, face and neck covered with clotted
gore. Shin presented a most sanguinary spectacle,
and as nature has heaped many trade-marks of ugliness upon him, such as a wall-eye'; u wry-neck and
other defects, he is altogether a pretty looking object.
On Mr, Moresby enquiring what was the matter, Shin
pointed to a dark room; on procuring a light and entering this room, a Chinamnn named Ah How was
found trying to conceal himself. He wos immediately
taken to tho lock-up. A small and muck worn table-
knife, covered with blood, was found, ond with this
instrument the deed was done. Shin waa also taken
to the lock-up, and his wounds were attended to by
Dr. DoWblf Smith:
The citso como up this morning in the police oourt,
and numbers of witnesses testified. Tho disturbance
arose about an open window which How wonted shut,
and Shin wanted open. How abused Shin in all the
choicest terms known in the Chinese vocabulary, and
threatened to annihilate him if tho window wns not
immediately closed. Shin stuck to his point, and
How attempted to enforce his wisher) by means of tiie
deadly weapon mentioned above, Dr. Smith testified
that tiie wound wos in n dangerous place, and had it
been a little deeper might liavo been fatal.
One of the most curious Bpocteclen possible to wit:-'
noes in a British court of jus! ice was enacted when
the evidenco of Ah Shin was requested. This man is
a heathen and an idolater, and has no belief in any
hereafter, is totally ignorant of the nature of an oath,
cun neither read nor write, nud when asked where ho
expected to go when ho died said he only wanted to
go homo to China. He had never even seen joss ]iaper
burned, saucer cracked, or chicken killed iu swearing,
so his evidence could not bo taken, Tho prisoner was
very unruly and mado use of unlimited Chinese expletives while the witnesses wero giving"evidence against
hiin. His English wus limited to "too miloheo lie"
"t-m Jo'dceynu.7 "no good." and kindred choice selections, The chief of polico said that the affair was
not known at the police station until tlio arrival of
Mr. Moresby with the prisoners, Ho complained of,
the want of a telephone at the station, and said it did
nut give the police department n fair chance. His
honor concurred in those remarks. Of all places in
the city, next in importance to the lire department, it
does seem remarkable that the police station should
not have a telephone
Ah How was sent up for trial,
A quiet wedding was celebrated iu St. Paul's church,
Esqiiimult, at 2 o'clock y istei'day afternoon. The occasion was thu celebration of thu nuptial ceremony of
Miss Frances Innes, second daughter of J. H. 'limes,
Esq., charge des alfoires ot tho Royal Navy Yard,
and the Rev. H, Irwin, of Now Westminster. The
ceremony was performed by the Rev. G. H. Marwoml,
chaplain of II.M.S. Swiftsure, There wos a full
choral service, Mr. ti. F. Clinton acted as best man,
and tho Misses Junes, sisters of the bride, os bridesmaids. The bride, who is olio of the brightest and
most esteemed young ladies in Victoria socioty, has
the best wishes of many friends for the future happiness and welfare of herself ami her husband, THE
COLUJIIIIAN joins in wishing tho nuwly-wedded couple
very much joy.
Mr. P. McTioniau returned yesterday from an ofll-
ciul visit to tho mission Indians and other Indian
tribes wii bin his jurisdiction, whoro he went to inquire into tlieir health and condition. He found that
nil tho tribos are abundantly supplied with good fond,
antl that there is no disease of any kind among thom.
Even the famous la grippe has not reached the Hi-
wuslies yot, audit is doubtful if they will feel Its effects unless thu disease is curried to them by white
men. Mr. McTieman soys tho Indians ate' happy,
fat and comfortable, and seem to lio putting in a very
pleasant winter.
Lody Stanley has resigned the presidency of tho
Ottawa Ministering Children's League, owing to the
decision of tho executive committee to make it denominational iu character.
The total amount paid in bounties by the Dominion
government on n1** iron lost year wns $31,000.
The Canadian government has awarded gold watches to; throe Maino fishermen for bravery in rescuing
five Canadian soldiers,'
Mr. Bourinot, clerk of the commons, has been presented with nn address congratulating liim upon the
honor conferred upon him bythu Queen.
Samuel Keefer, brother of T. C. Keefer, died at
Brockville yesterday. Deceased was long identified
with engineering works in Conada, and was formerly
chief engineer of public works.
An Ottawa family has been bequeathed a million
dollars by a relative recently deceased in Australia.
It is expected that Sir Charles Tupper will soon Bail
for the United States. He is authorized to co-operate
with Sir Julian Pauncefote in the fisheries negotiations.
Mayor Grenier is tho authority for the statement
that Premier Mercier has ngreod to increase the representation of Montreal in the local house to six members, instead of three, as at prosent.
The Manitoba Gazette contains the official announcement of the assemblage of the local legislature
on Thursday the 30th iuatant.
Tho loenl government's supporters in St. John, N.B.,
held u meeting last night, and nominated candidates
for thu forthcoming election. For the city.— Ex-Mayor Thome and John H. Parks wore nominated, and
for the oity ami county, Provincial Secretary McLennan, W. A, Quiiilan, H. M. Sturdeo and W. B. Car-
Tho C.P.R. will put on a through vestibule tram
between Chicago and Montreal in June.
The Prince Edward Island legislature has been dissolved and the elections will take place on the 30th
Prince Georgo, the second sou, and Princess Victoria, the second daughter of the Prince of Wai
attacked with influenza,
The burning of tho Boyal Palace at Laekou nnd tho
Bourse in Brussels, arc attributed to socialists und anarchist agitators, so numerous in Belgium and Ger-
Uver one hundred persons were drowned, many
vessels wrecked and much valuable property destroyed
by the hun-ting of a water spout in the province of
Nanking recently.
The Brazilian government lias issued a decree proclaiming ihe separation of ohurch ami state, guaranteeing religious equality and -continuing tho lifo stin-
 ' anted nndor tho monarchy,
A'ales, are
t A boy 1(1 years old os.on articled olerk in o law of-
fiee.   Apply to box 240, New Westminster.    jNiHit,
A brown heifer has strayed on to tho promises of
the subscriber, on Melbourne street. The owner can
hove her by proving property and paying expenses. If
not churned within thirty days she will be sold to pay
The timo for receiving tenders for these works ban
been extended until noon of Saturday, I5th February,
1800. "
D. ROBSON, City Clork.
Now Westminster, B. C, Jan. 7th. 1800.
(Truth copy) j;t<j
Notico is hereby given that the partnership heretofore subsisting hetweun the undersigned, carpenters,
has been dissolved this day by mutual consent. AH
accounts owing the undersigned ore to bo paid to S.
Turner, uud all claims against tho snid firm are to lie
paid by him. EDGAR A. KIPP.
S. Turner will continue the business under his own
name at the samo shop on Main street, Centreville.
opposite A. Kipp's harness shop. All kinds of woodwork done; satisfaction guaranteed,
Chilliwhack, Dee, 20, 1880, jaSwStll
In the hatter of tuk titi.k to a portion ok Lot
No.IOOa, GroupII., Nbw Wkst.uissterDistrict.
Whereas the certificate of title)of John Cochrane to
aud above hereditaments Iiiib been lost or destroyed,
and application bus boon made to me for the issuance
of n duplicate thereof.
Notice is hereby given that I will, at the expiration
of one mouth from date, issue such duplicate certificate
of title, unless in the meantime valid objection bu
made to me to the contrary iu writing,
District Registrar.
Land Registry Oflico, New Westminster, December
Hth, 1880. wltn LOCAL ITEMS IN BRIEF.
For men's nnd boys' mitts and gloves go to J, E.
Phillips, ja2t3
Au ollicu to let on McKonzio street. Apply to G.
A. Kelly. tc*
In formation has been received at Port Townsend
that Ollicers Riley and Buchanan, of Blaino and Whatcom, have captured a quantity of opium imd the smugglers on Nooksnuk river, near Whatcom. Tho prisoners ami goods will be brought to Port Townaond iu
a fow days. A British sloop with no name hos been
Keizii.l ot Whatcom by tho customs authorities for
smuggling dutiable goods into the country. She is
laden with salted fish from the Fraser river.
Tlie gold dust shipments of liritish Columbia for
the year 1880 show an increose of $16,751.47 over lost
year, the figures given by Wells, Fargo & Co. in IV'-H
being8*72,142,15, and iu 1880 $488,103.02. Enquiry
shows, however, that the increose is more apparent
than real, in former years the gold sent out of tho
province for assay was not considered among exports.
This year it was. The fact then is tho goldmines am
tho only sources of natural wealth which yearly show
a decrease. The gold export has actually been a little
less overy year,
The townsite of Botlinghom, odjoirnitig the now
city of Fairhaveu, hos been sold to Nelson Bennett,
of the Fairhaven & Southorn Railway, for the sum of
HOi 1.000.
It is reported that an attempt was made last  night
to burglarize Cross &  Poingdestro's tobacoo store.
The woubl-bc burglar was disturbed before he bad
effected an entrance.
The Victoria dog and poultry show opened to-day.
No Chinese will be allowed to work on buildings in
Victorio after April 1st on which union men  are employed.
Rev. D. ,1. McDonnell, of Toronto, will deliver an
uddress at St. Andrews church to-night. The edifice
should bo crowded to bear tho reverend gontlomon.
Messrs. W. & (i. Wolfenden take pleasure in announcing to thoir uumerous customers thot thoy ore
now open for bkisinuss in the Bushby block, with a
froth and complete lino of groceries, and will bo glad
to havo their old frionds call and inspect the promises.
Wheels will soon bo in vogue again, and the make
shift sleigh will bo consigned to the storehouse to
await tlie nuxt eobl spull.
Lndy Douglas, relict of the lato Sir James Douglas,
died nt her resilience, Viotoria, last night, aged JS
yoit'-s. Tho deceased had boen a resident of Victorin
for 42 years,   If.tr funeral will be announced later.
Ou the 4th inst. the fine Holsteiu-Frisian cow Car-
lotta, owned by Messrs. Anderson it Page, of Matsqui,
dropped o heifer calf which should be one ot tlm most
■ al a'do of the bleed, as there ore few fo well bred on
tb', co itinout. Carlbtttt's record as a butter maker is
very high, ami Its pedigree being perfect, the newly
born coif should have a brilliant future ahead of it.
A man mimed Frank Hulk, sentenced at Vancouver
to 0 mouths tu gnol for obtaining money under false
pretences, was safely deposited iu the provincial goal
On Tuesday tho ratepayers of Victoria voted on
four by laws aggregating a total of §00,000. All were
carried by large majorities. The by-laws provided
for the granting of bonuses to a (lour mill, a rice mill
and a sugar refinery. The total vote cast was 1,5H8
for and ISI ugainst, giving a majority of 1,057 for
these industries, whicli arc calculated to give employment to at least SOO men, which means au addition to
the population of Victoria of 2,01)0 souls.
A small bay puiy with star in face, strayed ou to
my property Doccmbor 24th aud is held by me,
Owner con have some by proving property and paving expenses. 0 not claimed in 80 days will be sold
for cost of keep.—J. W. Stbis, Brownsville, Dec.
Itti, 1SHH. ot
It was proposod at the last meeting of the retiring
Vancouver eity council to puss u vole of thanks to
Mayor Opp'onhchner for his services during ibe year,
A vote of thinks is a email recompense to it man who
like Mr. Opponhohnor has done more to forward Vancouver's interest than any other individual in that
city, but a few palriatiu (2.) aldermen, disappointed
no doubt with the results of the civic elections, and
governed by minds no brooder than a herring's back,
objected to the vote being pnsaed, ond it was withdrawn, Just as silly,tliings as tills have beou done before in thu Vancouver council, and tlicy have never
foiled to hol.l tbe oity up to ridicule.   '
We hove recoived the   Christinas   number   of   tho
Journalist, u New York weekly published by Mr.
Allan Kormnii. It is one of the very best of tho
uumerous holiday'.numbers that have como to hand,
nud is interesting, especially to newspaper men, from
lirst to last, Every article in it-Ib written by well
known journalists, tho cream of the profession having
boon chosen by: Mr. Formon to fill his holiday edition. From time to time wu sbb a copy of tho Journalist, and il is a noteworthy factjthat its brilliancy is
ever on the increose and its worth always appreciating.
Tho streets were in a deplorable mess to-day from
melted snow and slush.    The quality of lhe sleighing I
also depreciated considerably,
The sorvice this evening In St. Andrews Presbyter-
inn church promises to be well attended,   'fhe umi- !
nent speaker bos a very attractive subject to apeak  I
The "January thaw" is making things very slushy
arouud town, ami our sleighing of o week is ou its
last legs' Tlio ice on thu river is covered with water,
and although tho bridge still holds it is very rotten
and liable to brook up at any moment. The thermometer has booh rising slowly nil tiny, and there nre
im indications itt present of another freeze up,
Mr. W. A. Cooksley. assistant city olerk, who has
been ill for some days past, was so anxious to return
to his work that he wont dowii to the eity hall yes-
tei'day morning and resumed business.   About noon
the exertion became too much for him and he suddenly fainted. On his recovering he was taken home in
tt cnb, and will probably have to remain indoors a day
or two until he is quite better.
About six couple turned out last night to the Westminster assembly held in the Oddfellows Hall. Thero
Wus therefore plonty of room for waltzing and other
donees that require a great deal of room.
Mr. Joseph E. Gaynor, who has been severely indisposed for some time post and who  was recruiting
his health ot Harrison Hut   Springs has returned to
the eity ond is again enjoying good health.   Mr. Guvnor's oflico whicli has boon closed during   bis absence
is now open and roady for business.   Mr. Gaynor's
| many friends will be pleased to seo him around again.
i      In tho celebrated cose of Guiohon against the Delta
I corporation, McNeely and others, judgment was given
for the defendants.    The plaintiff bus given notice of
appeal to the full court, from which, if it idlirms the
decision of Mr. Justice McCreight, ho will appeal to
the supreme court of Canada,
Boom I, Bank Building, is tho temporary oflico of
Tub Columihas. "to
New goods: another lot of $3.23 ladies kid boots
nt Gtarit & Maelure's.
A very largo flock of wild geese passed over the
eity to-ilay towards the north, Thoy were flying low
and in the fog canto vory nearly alighting in the vicinity of the pork.
The son of Mr. Dorrow, ono of the penitentiary instructors, died yeiterday morning about 1 o'clock
through, it is supposed, the effects of la grippe. He
had been ill for some time previous to contracting the
new disease and it is thought that this augmented the
former ailment beyond bis strength.
Tho screw composite steamer put togothor by R.
Colvin of the Clyde ship yard for Messrs. Ewen &
Co., of New Westminster, was launched yesterday
morning. As the little croft glided gracefully into
the water Mrs. Androw Gray christened her tbe
"Constance" of Now,'Westminster, she being named
after Constance Irene, the daughter of Robt. Ward,
Esq. It had been arranged tlmt the little lady should
perform tho christening ceremony, but through indisposition she was unable to bu present. Among those
present wore Messrs, Robt. Ward, D. J. Munn, A.
Ewon, R. Swinerton, U, McArthur, Copt. Covin, ami
the builders. Toiista wore proposed and responded
to and altogether a inorry time was bad. The Constance is n, composite steamer with galvanized steel
frame whieh was imported from England, The planking wns done by R. Colvin, while Messrs. Spratt &
Gray pel in the engines, which are of the latest pattern. Her dimeiiBions are 70 feet ovor all by 18 feot
0 inches, The engines arc \m h. p. and will dovelopo
a speed of 14 knots pur hour. Mr. Ewen has spared
no expense to make tho Constance the finest croft of
her kind here, and has been eminently successful, os
sho is a perfect beauty, Iter cabins, ond everything
else been models of neatness and good workmanship.
-Wednesday's Colonist.
Notico is hereby given that the business formerly
carried on under the name and style of Dickinson •*&
Company bus boon thiB day sold to Caroline Matitdu
Dickinson and William Wright Dickinson, who will
continue the business under the name and stylo of
Dickinson & Company. All accounts due the late
business must be paid forthwith to Mr* W. W. Dickinson for account of thu executors of the late R.
Dickinson, and all accounts dne by the said business
must be presented to Mr. W. W. Diokinson for payment by the said executors.
Caroline Matilda Dickinson,
Charles E. Woods,
Executors Estate of the lute R, Dickinson.
New Westminster, B. C, Jon. 2nd, 1800. dlw
/i-   -,»-   ■   l&HECN
Scaled tenders, nddressod to the Postmaster-General, will be received at Ottawa until noon on FRIDAY,
the 21st Frbrbaiiv, for tbo conveyance of Her Majesty's Moils, im a proposed contract for four years, os
follows: Between tiie Now Westminster Post Oilice
and tbe Canadian Pacific Railway Station, from the
Isi April next.
The conveyance to be made at the option of the
The Mods to bo conveyed in connection with tho
trains of tlie Canadian Paciiic Railway, arriving at
and leaving New Westminster daily.
Printed notices containing further information as to
conditions of proposed contract may be seen and blank
forms of tender may be obtained at the Post Oilice at
New Westminster and at, this office.
Post Oilice Inspector.
Post Office Inspector's Oflico,
Victorio, IL tt", 3rd January, 1800. j"t3
Notice is hereby given that application will be mode
to the Legislative Assembly of tho Province of British
Columbin at its noxt session for an act to incorporate
a company to construct, operate and maintain a street
railway in the City of New Westminster, and to acquire lands and do all things necessary for the purposes aforesaid.
Dated this 2oth day of September, 1880.
For selves and othors.
BY-LAW NO. 71.
Is hereby given to the electors of the Municipality of
I Ohilliwhack that I require the presence of tho said
I electors ot the Council Chamber, .Henderson's Hall,
j Centreville, on Monday,'tlio Kith day of January, A.
i D. 1800, at 12 o'clock, noon, for the purpose of olcct-
1 ing pornous.to represent them In the Municipal'Coun-
oil aa Bcovq and Conncillorg for the year A. 1). 1800.
' Tho mode of nomination of candidates shall be as
Tho candidates Bhall be nominated in writing; the
writing shnll bo subscribed by two voters of the municipality as proposer and seconder, aud shall be delivered to the ■Returning Officer at any time botween tbe
date of this notice ond 2 o'clock p. m. of the day of
the nomination, and in the event of a poll being necessary, such poll will be opened on Thursday, tho 16th
day of January, A. D. 1800, at tho Council Chamber,
Henderson's Hall, Centreville, of which every person
is hereby required to take notico and govern himself
Given under my hand at Chilliwhaok the 28th day
of December, A. D. 1880.
ja2t2 Returning Oflicer.
A By-Law ior Ai'vointino Returning. Owiceh and
Tbo Reeve uml Couneilof Maple Ridge Municipality
hereby enact: That tho Maplo Ridge Town Hall he
the iilnoe for holding thu election, and that D. C.
Webber be appointed?Returning Olfieer.
This may be cited as By-Law appointing Returning
Olllcer and naming polling place for yenr 1800.
Passed the Council tho 7lh day of Decembor, 1880,
Reconsidered and finally passed und tho seal of the
Corporation appended thereto this4th duy of January,
D. C. Webber, C. M. C. Reeve.
[L. S.]
YlUTOlUA, by the Grace of God, of thu United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, Qijken, Defender
oftho Faith, otc, etc., etc.
To Our faithful tbo Members elected to serve in the
Legislative Assembly of Our Province of British
Columbia, and summoned and called to a meeting
df the Legislature or Parliament of Our said Province, at Our City of Victoria, on Thursday,  the
Sixth day of February, 1800, to have been commonced and held, and every of you—Gruktinu.
Tiieodokr Uavik.I   WHEREAS the moeting of the
Attorney-! iencral. I    Legislature or Parliament of the
Province of British Columbia, stands colled for Thursday, the Sixth day of February, 1800, at wliich time
at Out City of Victoria, you were held aud constrained
to appear,
NOW KNOW YE, that for divers tames and con-
Bideratlons, nnd taking into consideration the ease and
convenience of Onr loving subjects, Wo have thought
fit, by and with the advice of Our Executive Council
of the Province of British ('olumbia, to hereby convoke, and by those presents enjoin you, and oach of
you, that tm Thursday, the Twenty-timid dayof
the montli of January, 1800, you meet ,Us in Our
said Legislature or Parliament of Our said Province,
ai Our City of Victorio, FOR THE DISPATCH OF
BUSINESS, to treat, do, aet, and conclude upon
those things which in Our Legislature of the Province
of British Columbia, by tho Common Council of Our
snid Province may, by the favor of God, bo ordained,
In Testimony Whriieoiv, We have caused these
Our Letters tube made Patent, antl thu Great Seal
of the said Province to be Hereunto affixed:   Wit- .
Ness, the Honorable Himhi Nblhon, Lieutenant-
Governor of Our said Province of British Columbia, in Onr City of Victoria, iu Our said Provinco,
this twenty-sixth day of December in tho year of
Our Lord one thousand eight hundred and eighty-
nine, ami in thii fifty-third yoar of Our Reign.
By Command. JNO. ROBSON,
do 81-ttl Provincial Secretary.
Is hereby given to the electors of the Municipality of
Surrey that I require the presence of tbe said electors
at Surrey Municipal Hall on the 13th day of January,
1800, at 12 o'olock noon, for the purpose of electing
persons to represent them iu the Municipal Council its
Reeve aud Councillors.
The mode of nomination of candidates shall be as
'fhe candidates shall bu nominated in writing; the
writing shall be subscribed by two voters of the municipality ns proposer and seconder, and shall bu delivered to the Returning Ollicor ut any time botween
the date of thu notice and 2 p.m. of the day of the
nomination, and iu tbo event of 11 poll being necessary,
such poll will bo opened on the 10th day of January,
1800, at 8 a.iu., and close at 4 p.m., at tho Surroy
Municipal Hall, and at Punch's Hotel, Brownsville.
Of which every porson is hereby required to take
notice uml govern himself accordingly.
Given under my hand at Surroy the 30th day ol
December, 1880.
ja2t2 Returning Officer.


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