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The Daily British Columbian Jan 15, 1890

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Volume 7.
New Westminster, B. C„ Wednesday Evening, January 15, 1890,
Number 167
In odditton to the direct losses from the late fire,
which obliterated our oflico antl printing plant, together with the business establishments of several
other citizens, that disastrous event hna hnd the natural effect of temporarily disorganizing our busbiosa in
every respect, uml with onr curtailed office.conveniences, it haBbcoii found impossible to got monthly
a-jcounts, etc., out with our usual regularity.
Under all the circumstances, we shall regard it us a
favor if those who are indebted to us for subscription,
adrertisiug or job w°rk, especially those wbo mny
havo running accounts for nny length of time,
will endeavor to, promptly settle the samo and
thus relievo ns of tho almost inevitable stringency
which snch an occasion us tho present superinduces. With overy faith iu tho future outlook of the
royal city ami its environments, wc nre sparing uo
expense nor trouble in putting in such u newspaper
a id job outfit aa will eniiblo us to give our
readers; our advertisers, and the public generally u considerably better sorvico than thoy hove
ever had before, Forward is onr motto, not back-
word; this wc conceive to be the spirit and unmistakable tendency pervnding thia city and district ns
well as the province at large, and, relying upon
this conviction nml our dctorminutioii, whioh luta ever
been our endeavor to keep well abreast of tho times,
nml if possible do credit to our immediute consistency, we confidently appeal to our readers and the genoral public to give us nil the reasonable assistance ond
enoourugement 111 their power. Wc promise that it
will not bo thrown awny.
Si'KAKiNu of tho Bohring Sea question, a Halifax
journal, representing Conservative views, suys: "If
t'rent Britain fails to do her pnrt, nothing will be left
to the Canadian scalers but to raise a fund ond fit out
their vessels with effective weapons of self-defence.
When blood has onco boen spilt, Great Britain may
be aroused from the lethargy whieh haa seined upon
hor statesmen," This, mi tin exchange remarks, is
about equivalent to proposing u dr.-olornt ion of war-
Britiah Columbians are lho ones who Way's suffered
meet from the hlgh-liaiidcd, anil us yet unchecked,
notions of tho American authorities in Bohring Son,
and British Columbians uro a proverbially long-suf-
fering people, Nevertheless, their forbearance must
1. it be tested too severely. Much loss resulted last
year tu our sealers engaged iu the legitimate prosecution of their coiling, ond il is to lie hoped, in the in-
' torosts of justice, fair play and the maintenance of
cordial relations betweon the two grout branches of
the Anglo-Saxon people, thot the liritish govornmont
will be able'to spore the time from its' otlier more or
less important bccupatioiiB and arrive lit a definite
and indisputable tuiderdtaiidnig with the Washington
authorities on this really momentous question, before
Bedims rc.mlt-i precipitated, by a toleration of thu provoking piratical farce carried on by so-called Aineri-
oaii niiiwrajnat your luting again resumed in the
opon watora of Bohring Sen.
Tut""ghost mysteries which gained 30 much notice
from aome of tin) eastern papers a short timo ago are
gradually reaching a iiolution. The Toronto Mail
saya; "Tt hos been discovered tlmt tlio St. John,
N.B., ghost was the result of an over-indulgence iu
spirita on thu part of the ludy who saw the apparition.
Tlio Pontine ghost was the production of a neighbor,
and a new sp.mk, recently reported to have appeared
in a Quebec church, wna in reality a man in on epileptic lit. In future nil ghost stories should bo accompanied by 0 luislicl of salt." It must be a grent relief
for tho erstwhile ghost* ridden east to have discovered
a satisfactory and perfectly natural explanation for
coeh of ita harrowing ami apparently supernatural
manifestations. The "bushel of soft" recipe suggested
by tbo Mail is n very pertinent one. it might bo as
wull, to'i, for ihe future to put oil ghu-st stories In a
strong ploklo of brine until they lose some of their
"freahnoHs1' before springing them upon uu unsuspecting public. Wo congratulate our eastern frienda on
tlio fact that they con now breathe freely for a season
uml devote themselves to their usual heroic winter
sports, varied by tho healthful excitement of mr occasional parliamentary qr legislative matinee.
A t'KTiTios hns been forwarded to the department
of the Interior, nays uu eastern Canadian contemporary by the settlers of the Battleford, N, W. T, district protesting ngninst the action of the federal gov-
erinont in sotting apart lurge reservations of bay lands
und wootl Iota for the use of the Indiana: Tho settlers
say. that to limit tlm area of hay lands available for
the use of formers and stock raisers in the mtuiuer proposed will greatly discourage settlement; ond that
they hnvo at present much "difficulty in obtaining, their
winter supplies of fodder, ' With respect to the necessities of tlie Indians, it is contended that the present
reserves are sufficient for them, nnti thot to lock up
more lands would bc grossly unjust to white settlers.
Referring to Mr, Dewdney's proposal to create re-
servos of hay lands, the Battleford Herald, a conservative-papor, Bays that to tie up more hay land for
Indiana thnu ia really necessary ia to throttle the stock
raising industry in its Infancy.
Judge McConnell has rendered his deciaiou on tho
motion of the attorneys for the defence for a new trial
in the Cronin cose. The vordict iu all the coses but
thnt of Kunz muat stand. It is probable Kunz will
bu liberated in a few days.
Owing to the iiituuso cold und scarcity of food, cuttle, shoep nml horses are dying in huge numbers ull
ovor the cattlo districts of Wyoming. Soveral men
have boon frozen to doath.
Beautiful Kansas hns been visited by a terrible
blizzard, and great su tiering hns beeu caused thereby.
A coal famine is threatened.
The latest advices from Bio do Janicro stnto that on
Dec. 18th n lurge number of imperialists went in a
body to the public buildings, pulled down the republican ting ond hoisted tho imperial standard. The
troops charged the crowd nml several royalists were
killed before the streets were eleared,
The Portuguese poopio nre gutting very warlike in
temper, und the govornmont is in a quandary how to
net on the questions oi stitko with England. Absolute
submission to England's demands would probably
cause a revolution in Portugal.
Lord Cairns, bettor known oa Viscount Garmoyle,
is dead, aged •_'!' years.
A train on tbo Grand Trunk railway, near Richmond, P. Ij., win blown-'■from the track during a
storm yesterday.
Henry M. Stanley nnd his party have arrived wifely-
ot Cairo.
Tho saucy Haylicas havo, insollcil the British consul at Port tin Prince, and tlie mutter has been report-
tod to Lord Sali-biny. The Hay liens will be punished for tlieir insolence unless lull ami speedy reparation is mode,
Soulier Pimental lots succeeded in composing a new
Portuguese ministry, os fallows: Premier and minister of the interior .ntF?\id-iutcrim minister of war,
Pimental; ministtrot* justice, Loyronni!; minister of
finance, Bianco; minister of murine, Arroyo1 minister
of foreign affairs, Ribiero; minister of public worka,
The lord mayor of London and other British capitalists will apply for ajdiarter for the Canadian Atlantic railroad, to exlSjfld Irom Quebec to Labrador.
This rond will connect with thu Grand Trunk railroad
and, in conjunction n Ith a line of ocean steamers, will
shorten the timeo^-avol botween Chicago am] Liver-
pool by two daytj.
The ie j n 1 illation- for
iiimiii'ip.ilityof Surrey
the I'll bit-nip, ut tin- : 1
rc-oihe.l Wfollow.: I'm
ville, uiid'JuO. T. Moid
ve ond councillors for tho
■k plnco on Monday hint,
hnll, Surrey Centre, and
icvo, Jus. Punch, of Browns-,
tif (Inylon.    For council
lors, ward I, ,1. W. McCallum, a mombor of the retiring council, and Geo. W. I nun, both of Clayton;
wnriiy, Jim. Douglas, nlso a mombor of the retiring
hoard, of 'Brownsville, ami James Johnston, jr., of.
Mud B-iy'i ward .1, Jim. Armstrong, of ud Iky,' ro-
electpil-by acclamation; ward t, Titos. Shannon mid
KdwArif Purr, of Clover Valley' and Kensington
Prairie respectively; wurd fi, Win. Brown, of Mud
Buy, ft'eloiteil by utolniiinlion. There will thus be
contests fur i> reeves-hip ond in wards I,'J, and 4,
dim te bo elected in each case, polling will take place
oufflHiursiliiy (to-morrow}, tho Kith inst.
The drug trnde is having a run of business practically unexampled in the annals of the trade in this city.
Patent medicines lmve sold by (he bushel, especially
those that modestly claim to cure only consumption,
catarrh, sore throat, bronchitis, coughs, asthma,
heaves, whooping cough, croup, laryngitis, phnryu-
gitis, sneezing, hepatitis, laminRIa, meningitis; and
lay no unblushing claims to eradicate spavin, game
logs, cock eyes or abnormal partition of the lambdold*
ol commissure. Proscriptions lmve also (lowed iu by
tho score uiul each drug emporium hns hnd plenty to
ilo filling them. "It's an ill wind thnt blows nobody
gootl." The humbler concomitants of the Esoulupiuu
nrt, viz., the undertaker and the grave digger are content to wait their turn, as thoy aro sure from nbovo
statistics tlmt businoas must improve very soon.
, The following despatch wus received from Chilliwack lust evening: A fearful tragedy occurred here
Inst evening (Monday) botween 4 and (J o'olock, by
which Edward Hall and Joint Sogers hist their lives
at the hands of George Rutherford, who afterwards
took hia own life. It appears that Rutherford hnd
been despondent of lute, owing, it is said, to a disappointment in a love affair, yesterday evening he
culled at the residence of Burrows Irwin, where he
generally got butter, accused him of having pin something iu hiB butter, uml raised a knife, which he carried, saying: '*! have Bhot John and Ned, tiiey tampered with my food," and finally said, "You arc a
good man. I will go homo now and Bhoot myself. If
1 don't I nm sure to be Hanged,1' Mr. Irwin gave tho
alarm and H. Webb and S. Knight proceeded to investigate. They found Hull lying dead botween his
houae mat the burn. Ho hud been returning from
feeding bis stock. Sogers wns also doad, lying on the
lloor in hia house. They then went in search of Rutherford and found his house vacant. On the table was
hia watch ami puisu containing 810, some rifle cartridges, n lantern, beneath which was a letter addressed to "My dear friend Laidlaw." "I leave you
everything. Take me juat us I am, Put mo in a box.
Some of tho boys have been in my house. Ned Hull
put something iu my food, The counoil owes mc §10
and seventeen rods of ditching, I hope God will forgive mo. (Sgd.) George Rutherford." They found
Rutherford's body In the barn lying on his hack, his
rillo between his knees uml the top of his head blown
oil'.   The ball ontered under the chin.
A fow days ngo a gentleman in the city who owns
a line hunting dog was going home up tho hill, tho
dog running on before him some distune The animal, ua is iintumi to the canine family, run up nil thu
alleys nml entrances, snuffing ubout iu tho urdlnary
manner. Ho had gono up au alloy between two
houses and disappeared from view a few minutes,
whon tho gentleman wus startled to hear the nifwt
agoniring shrieks und howls of pain, mid u moment
afterwards the dog rushed out of the passage uiul
darted down the Btn ct as if the evil one wero after
hiin wilh a red not poker. The owner of tlio dog at
once saw that tiio poor brute had been scolded, and
instantly rail to llio rear of the buildings and naked
tho Chhinmen iii both bouses what they had dono to
tho dog, Tho two yollow fellows protested they hnd
never seen the dog and hnd no "sahby" of him nt all;
the owner of the dog, repressing n burning desire to
put a head on'both the Celestial outcasts, informed
them in glowing, test-proof, double-barrelled high-
Dutch what he would do if ho know which of them
did it, withdrew to seel; his suffering friend, The dog
wns very badly scalded nl out the bock nnd haunches,
but; a strong constitution and skilful nursing are restoring him to his wonted form,
Au Influential meoting was held laat nudit in Vancouver to discus's the quostion of Vancouver ami
mainland representation in tlio provincial and Dominion parliaments. After a general discussion of tho
situation tho following resolutions were oarried unanimously: "That this meeting form tho nucleus of nn
association to be called the Mainland Association, for
the purpose of protecting mainland interests, ami for
obtaining fair representation in both the Dominion
and provincial houses for lho mainland of Britiah Columbin."
"Tlmt a provisional committeo, consisting of seven
members, with power to odd to their number, he appointed to carry out the purposes of the association,
and thot voluntary Subscriptions bo solicited to defray
the ncoesHiiry expense!?."
The following gentlemen were elected as membors
of such provisional committeo: Dr. VVhotlinm, Messrs,
T. Dunn, A. St. G. Hamcrsloy, .1. W. Home, W. F.
Salsbiiry, R. G. Tallow, 0. D. Rand, and H. H.
Hirschherg, the latter to act us secretary. A considerable sum was subscribed in the meoting, which then
Mr. TT. (■. Walker, the new proprietor of that fine
hostelry, the Queun's hotel, lias scuured the aervicea
of Mr, Alex. Matheson, well known in this oily ami to
the travelling public generally throughout the province, who will act us manager under the order of
things just inaugurated. Mr. Matheson has been before the publio for aeveral years as proprietor and
manager of the leading hotel in Kamtoopa, where be
wna ever popular, uml better atill a moat successful
manager, Under tho IIOW management tile. Queen's
hotel is sure to In- a most popular stopping plnco, und
Its fine appointments mako it ono of the must comfortable nml home-like establishments in tbo province,
Room I, Bonk Building, is tho temporary offlee-«?'
Tin; Columiiian. *te LOCAL ITKMS IN BRIEF.
P. Bilodoou'a projected
ound. From all accounts
ii'thy of Westminster's
management of Mr. Bilo-
Potutocs have gone up alarmingly in price.
Rev. H. Irwin aud bride arrived homo yesterday
Reports from the upper country state thot hay is
becoming scarco.
The Bushby block will bo finished and ready for occupation in o few daya.
Tho thermometer registered 31" abovo zero to-day
and tbe barometer -W22.
Lust night's storm effectually quenched the smouldering debris on the site of the Into Columbia street lire.
Mr. P. MoTiernan, Indian Agent, wns yesterduy attacked by the intluonza nnd was forced :> tnko to bed.
Wc hope lo see liim ubout again, na well ns ever, in o
few duys.
Fortunately the books, papers nml other valuables
bad been removed from Port & Go's warehouse some
time bofore the wreck. Nothing of any great value
was destroyed.
The motion to quash the by-low bonusing the Vic-
loru, Saanich & Woatminster railway camo up before
the chief justice on Monthly, at Victorio, uud wos adjourned till to-morrow.
One common pattern drunk paid $5. boil toappenr
in court thiai'morniiig to explain why. Tho cosh bus
been duly entered in the police station lodger on nccount of tho culprit's non appearanoc.
A very largo antl interesting meeting of the B. C.
Kruit Growers Aaaociation was held ut Vuncouver yesterday. The president's report covered tlio ground
very fully, ami was adopted. The meeting is still in
The present snow will moke it necessary to replace
certain ports of the Columbia at., sidewalk when
spring comes. Tlicy were rotten onough before, but
tiiu Slibw hns effectually completed thier term of usefulness.
Last night's blizzard iu many cases undid the work
of yesterday's snow shovellers; Even aome of the
roofs which had been cleanly shovelled off, contained
nearly as much snow this morning ns they did after
tho storm of Monday.
The main timbers for Mr
hotel are being laid on lhe.
the new hostelry will  bu
rapid strides m 1 under th
dcau will be sure to be a great success.
A gentleman who won in thu city to-doy states that
the snow storms experienced at Nanaimo lately were
tlio severest over seen in that locality. Some residents formerly of Manitoba say these snow tornadoes
equalled any they had witnesued on the plains.
D .g owners will have an opportunity to exchange
"encomiast ico I felicitations" with the tux collector in
a abort time. It is about this time that people don't
wiy "love me, love my d ig," This, of course* is so
"self dom mstrutivo as to bo almost axiomatic,"
Tbe directory man is around town. Several very
severe frights have to be chalked up ns having been
given by bim to norvous people who took him to the
poll tax e (Hector as ho entered with his portentous
looking note book in hand uml his bland "good morning."
Dr. Fugiin aftor curing innumerable eases of la
grippe type, ut last succumbed to the disease, ond has
been laid up with tt for three days. The doctor is re-
unvorliig rapidly and will be able to treat all-cases uf
influenza from rugged experience when lie resumes attention to the sick Hat,
Some heavy drifts arc roported oil the railroad line
between this city ami Port Moody. The locomotive
snow plqugh, however, out throngh thom with caso,
A large gang was kept busy to-dny on the track between Sappcrtnil ami the city. 'The -snow makes lots
of work for thu section hands;
The two collapses of buildings in the city yeaterday
on account of iho biiow bad a good effect tn inducing
others to get up on their loaded roofs ami shift tho
These lessons In lho strength of building materials
come high in price, but it noes soein as if we had to
have thein.
The river blow the city is free of ice, ond if steam-
ships wi-beil to lond here they eould tin so without
difficulty, The ice opposite th" city ia rotten and
spongy, ami so weak that an ordinary row boat could
almost unt a way through it. It is reported that
there is a little ice nenr Ladnors, probably tho same
quality as the above.
The annual gonorai meeting of the B. C. Rille Association waa held Monday evening iu Victoria.
Colonel Wolfenden occupied the chair and Copt.
Qltiulan acted as secretary. Owing to the absence of
the secretary, who is out of town on business, and the
indisposition of the treasurer, the meeting was adjourned to Monthly uveniijg, the 27th inat.
The nominations at Maple Ridgo oil Monday resulted ns follows: Por reeve, W.J. Harris ami John
flinch. For councillors --Ward I, Thomas Haney
(elected by acclamation}; ward i", Joseph Stevens (by
acclamation); word 3, Robort Blake, Hector Ferguson and Daniel Dookstoadcrj ward 4, Win. Isnncnud
John Mclvor: ward ,*i, John Callngluin nml ,101111 Mc*
"You should sny epidemic, not epizootic," remarked
it purisi yesterday to a friend. "Why, what's tho
difference';" enquired the lutlcr. "Well' one's correct
and tho othor Ib nt, that'Ball" said the purist. '"Welli
epizootic's good euough for me," retorted tlio friend.
"Probably, probably," Hareniiliciilly responded the
purist, "it meansn gencrnl disoaso among animals ami
you ought to know.'
The nominations for Riohmond, hold yestorday,
were os follows: Reovoi J. W. Sexamith and W 11.
London. Councillors: Wnrd A J. T. Hrrington and
W, F- Stewart, elected by acclamation. Wait! II
B. W. Gnrrntt ond Geo. E, Mngce, elected by acclamation, Wnrd 0—W, II. Steves, James Whiteside
and John Blair. Polling will tako placo at tin; Town
Hull, from 8. a. m. to 4. p. tn. to-morrow.
A San Franoisco despatch says: "ThaddeuB Harper was to-day made defendant iu six suits filed in
the superior court, based on judgments rend.'red by
the supreme court of British Columbin, The aggregate amount of judgments is nearly $200,000. Plain-
tills are Henry S. Mason, the Britiah Columbia Land
und Investment Agency, Canadian Paciiic bond nml
Mortgage Company, John Cameron and John Mo*
Capt, Pittendrigh received a letter yesterday morning Irom his son at Osoyona who is manager of the
most extensive'cattle ranch in the Osoyovs distriot.
Mr. Pittendrigh states thot the thermometer hos averaged T below zero since the presont wintry Weather
set ill; there is plenty of SHOW in .In: rangt
weather ia very enjoyable, the cattlo being
of condition., Ho anticipate*; n prosper'
when the spring opens.
It was something like a Norlh wont bl
struck tha Royal City Inst night, Thus
small icy particles, and was bio.-. 1 with sue
the wind thnt tbe focus of persons b
wero stung by thein iu 0 vory uneoi
The roada in the upper portion of t1
over, ond nil trucks made by tho 0:
day wore obliterated. The galo lu-;
continued this morning, nnd although very little snow
fell, the storm is the greatest that hna visited thia
Beotion iu yours.
1 of
by tint Graco of Cod, of the United King-
['treat Britain ond Ireland, Qijekn, Defondct
"oil In
-II 'all
The premier had engaged to meet tho settlers of
Comox on Thursday evening for tho purpose of discussing with thom the wants of that important district, uml had, with that view, gone the length of engaging a state room 011 the Isabel; but that inexorable
tyrant, lagrippc, bos, at tho last moment, stepped in
and vetoed the arrangement—not by laying on injunction upon the premier in person, but by disabling
those whose indisposition renders hia absence from the
capital just now impossible, We need hardly assure
our friends in Comox that it. is with extreme regret
Mr. Rohson js thus placed under the necessity of disappointing thom.—[Colonist.
Work iu connect ion with the McLaren-Ross lumber
mills is progressing very rapidly. The iron work of
the burner is complete and now reaches o height of
M.1 feet above the ground. It is ihe largest burner
of the kind in the world. Por a distance of VO feet inside the burner will bu bricked, uml work on this will
commence as soon as the weather is favorable Two
of the engines have been set up uml four of the boilers
are in plnco. More innebiiieiy ia expected dally.
Since the commencement of this gigantic work, in
which u very large number of men have been employed, not a single accident hos occurred.
Detailed statement of the election oxpoilBOS of Tims,
Cunningham, at tho election held at New Westminster November 25th, 1880:
Printing (Columbian) §147 58
Printing (Truth)      37 ")0
Shorthand rtoort       fi t'O
Una bill . . ^       2 6fi
Total §102 73'
New Woatminster, B. C, Jan. 12th, I8IH),     jlfiwl
To Our faithful tl"- Members oleoted to serve in the
Lcgialutivc   \  ably ()f Our Provinco of British
Cfilumbli nn ' summoned ond called to u meoting
(>''tin-l.i--i in uro or Parliament of Our snid Province, nt On City of Victoria, on Thursday, the
Sixth day of Pobruury, 18110, to have been com-
monced und hold, and every of you— Gkkktino.
TllKQDOltK !>.\vi!„| WHKRKAS the meeting of tho
Attorney-General. I Login Into re or Parliament of the
Province of British Columbia, stands called for Thursday, the Sixth day of February, 1800, at which time
ut Our City of Victorio, you were held and constrained
to appear.
NOW KNOW YE, that for divers muses and considerations, aud taking into consideration the ease and
convenience of Our lining subjects, We have thought
fit, by and with the advice of Our Executive Council
of tho Province of  British Columbia, to hereby convoke, and by these presents enjoin you, and oach of
1 you, that on TnuitsiiAY, the Tu ksty-thihd duy of
tho month of Januauy,   1890, you meet Us in Our
saitl Legislature or Parliament of Our said Province,
ut Our City of Viotoria, FOR THE DISPATCH OF
BUSINESS, to trout,  tlo,  not, nnd conclude upon
those things whieh in Our Legislature of the Province
of Britisli I'olumbia, by the Common- Council of Our
suid Province muy, by the fuvor of God, be ordained,
Is Testimony Whbhko^, We have caused these
Our betters to be mudo Patent, and the Great Seal
of the said Province to be hereunto affixed: . Wit-
skis, the Honorable limn Nelson, Lieutenant-
Governor of Our said Provinco of British Columbin, in Our City of Victorio, in Our snid Province,
this twenty-sixth day of December in the yonr of
Our Lord one thousaud eight hundred ami eighty-
nine, and iu tiio fifty-third year of Our Reign.
By Conniinud. JNO. ROBSON,
tie 31-ttt Provincial Secrotary.
Notice is hereby given that the business formerly
carrlod on under the iianip antl stylo of Dickinson i.
Company has bonu this day Bold to Caroline Matilda
Dickinson and William Wright Dickinson, who will
continuo tho businoss -.mlcr the name aud stylo of
Diokinson it Company. All accounts due the lnte
busiucss must bo paid forthwith to Mr, W. W. Dickinson for account of lhe executors of the laic R.
Dickinson, ami nit accounts due by tho said business
must be presented to Mr, W. W. Dickinson for payment by the said executors.
Cakolink Matilda Dickinson,
Chakleh E. WlHiUS,
Executors Estate of the late R, Dickinson.
New Westminster, B. C, Jan. 2nd, 181)0. dlw
Lot No. 12, Block XXII, asp Lot No. 21, Blook
XXVI11. City S Nbw Wi-'stmisstku.
A certiiieate of indctensible'litlc l"  the above mentioned hereditaments will 'bo Issued  to Alexander
Coutts ou the I Itii di'y of JiAiury, ISIH) less in the
meantime a valid objection thereto be made to the
undersigned in writing by "WBliL. person claiming an
o'loie or interest in soitl hcret|ftii^iita or some port
Deputy Registrar.
Lnnd Registry Oilice,
New Westminster, 7th October. 1880. jlfiwl
Notice in hereby given that application will bo made
to the Legislative Assembly of the Province of British
Columbin nt its next session for an act to incorporate
a company to construct, opernto nml maintain a street
railway in tho City of Now Westminster, and to acquire lands aud do nil things necoasnry for tho purposes aforesaid.
Doted this 25th (lay of September, 1KSH.
For selves and othera.
The time for receiving lenders for tl)e Pile Work
Extension tt) the Wliarf at Iho diatom Htjnisc in the
City of Victoria, B. C, ia hereby extended, to the 1st
Mnrch next. t
Plans and specifications enn be aeon, nnd forms of
tender procured at this Department, Ottawa, at tho
Agency of this Deportment, Victoria, ami at the Post
ojlices, Vancouver and Nanaimo.
Deputy Minister of Marine.
Deportment of Marine,
Ottawa, Canada, 24th Doc, 18811. julfi-
Tenders will bo received by the undersigned, at the
City Hall, up to Monday, 20th inst., at 0 p. iti,, for
tbe erection of a fire hall. Plana nnd specif lent ions
moy bc aeon at tho City Clerk's office.
Chairman B. of W.
Now Westminster, Jan. 14th, 1880. fit
A boy HI years oltl na un articled clerk in n law offlco.   Apply to box 240, New Westminster.    jSdtlt.
llie timo for receiving tenders for those works hus
been extended until noon of Snturdny, lfith February,
D. ROBSON, City Clerk.
New Westminster, B. C, Jim. 7th, 1890.
(Truth copy) j7tfi
Notice is hereby given that the jmrtiiorship heretofore subsisting between tiio undersigned, carpenters,
has boen dissolved this day by mutual consent, All
accounts owing tho undersigned arc to be paid to S.
Turner, and nil claims ngninst the snid firm nro te be
puid by him. EDGAR A. KIPP.
S. TYiintu will continuo the business nnder Iub own
nanus at the same shop on Main street, Centreville,
opposito A. Kipp's hm-ncBB shop, All kinds of woodwork done; satisfaction guaranteed.
Chilliwhuck, Dec. 20, 1880. ja3w3m
A brown heifer has strayed on to tho premises of
the subscriber, on Melbourne street. Tho owner can
have her by proving property and paying expenses. If'
not claimed within thirty days she will bo -soldi to nay
expenses, (jHdlm) A. J. GORDON..


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