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The Daily British Columbian Jan 2, 1890

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Array '.-■.■
Volume 7.
New Westminster, B. C, Thursday Evening, January 2, 18
Number 156
The forward movement in China litis roceived u
temporary cheek. A fow weokfl ngo tho world was
given to believe tliat in a fow months hunuo a great
t ■unit railway, 7 "I miloa 1 mg, etttn ling from Pokin
■ to Han KovYj would be a substantial reality. A royal
edict was promulgated authorizing its coimtrnotion,
aud work waa to have begun at once. But tho project
appears to havo fallen through for the present. As
might be supposed, spoeulatiou is rife concerning this
sudden abandonmont of an enterprise so great and so
promising. Home attribute it to tlio demands on the
part of Franco that China shall respect tho terms of a
treaty in which it was provided tliat Franco should
furnish tlio material and tho staff for any railway that
should ho built, liul thore is another explanation,
which, considering the Chineso character and training,
in likely to be more nearly correct. It happened that
immediately after the promulgation of the imperial
edict a tire occurred in the Temple of Heaven, tliu
nu'M. sacred uf all tin; religious buildings in China.
Tlu superstitious, and they include the great mass of
th j people, interpreted this to signify that the gods
w ut) displeased witli tho proposal to introduce this
modern innovation and that they took this 'means
of manifesting their anger. In tliis belief the people
are strungteiied by the fact that the Hoods iu Yellow
River, by which so many thousands lost tlieir lives,
und the liro in the palace whicli occurred just as the
pr-upur.itions were made for extending the Tieu-Tsiu
road have followed the accession of the young em-
peror, who is a man of exceedingly advanced and liberal ideas. If this i titer p eet at ion he correct, tliat it
is the superstitious fear of the people that is interfering with the project, it becomes a more serious matter than any demand that France may mako. in
this ease there is HO other alternative for thoao who
hold liberal and progressive views, hut to seek to
educate thu people up to tlieir own level, a work
which necessarily involves patience, timo und toil.
Thu dillleulty of tlio situation is not unappreciated by
tlie more intelligent men of tho empire, .Says the
Nortii China Daily News : ''Nothing could bo [more
hopeless than the present state of things iu Pekin.
The Empress Dowugor, the Kinpcror's father, mid tiie
more intelligent high officials' aro strongly in favor of
building railways, but thero is an immovable muss of
ignorance and stupidity at the capital, against wliich
tiiu waves of progress heat in vain." From (iiiA'it
will appear that tho prospect of carrying out this important railway project in tho near future, is uot very
Tub quartz industry of the province, observes an
exchange, has made moat gratifying progress during
the past year. English uud American capital has
been attracted into the Kootenay, Caribou and Vale
districts, and a largo amount of development work has
been done, smelters for the treatment of ore have boon
erected at Vancouver aud Revelstoke, while the government reduction works at Barkerville have recently
been successfully inaugurated. Kootenay district has
received tho greatest attention during the year, that
seotion adjacent to the lino of the C. P. R. aud the
Kootenay Lake region in particular. From the Kootenay mines silver ore of exceedingly rich character
has been forwarded to the smelters of Helena and
Butte for treatment, with excellent results, though
the cost of transportation has bceu very heavy.
Machinery for treating gold quartz has been taken to
soveral mines. With the building of necessary railways and the establishment of rapid and cheap communication with the outer world, Kootenay lake district-gives promise of Iwcoming one of tho richest
mining regions on tho continent. It is gratifying to
kuow that railways will bo built to Kelson during
ISiK), and a couple of linos are seeking to connect the
district with the American railway system. In Rock
Crook, Okanagon and the Nicola country good mines
are now being opened out. Old Cariboo gives promise of reviving from its long slumber uud will again
send out to tliu world millions worth of precious
metals, it is understood that one of the strongest of
English syndicate s has secured a largo number of
mines and will begin their development early in tho
year. Through the test works several ledges have already been shown to bo sufficiently rich to repay a
handsome profit. British Oolumbia as a Hold for
mining operations will undoubtedly soon be properly
appreciated. It is rich in precious metals. Thore is
the same quantity of ore north as there js south of
the boundary lino, and thu working of thu hitter has
built up hustling and wealthy cities. The industry
iu this provinco is still in its infancy, but the indications are that it will iu tlie near future have a rapid
and healthy development.
Tho imports into British Columbia for the first
eleven mouths of 1889 are stated to he as follows:
Butter and cheese, 11)4,8(13 II*.: fruits, 1,001,7115 lbs.;
vegetables, 1,390,990 ths.; hrcadstutfs, ff.14H.A18 lbs.;
biscuits, 235,529 lbs.; eggs, 07,H29 dozens; cuttle and
horses, 048 hoad; hogs, 1,891 head, and sheep, 22,941,
These figures indicate a promising future for the cultivation of agriculture in tho province which has much
fertile laud suitable both for farming and sheep-raising. They show nlso that British Columbia opens to
tho farmers of the Northwest Territories a good market for the products of mixed farming and fruit-growing.
Edmund Yates suys it is likely lhc queon will visit
Ireland sometime during tbe present year. The visit
is expected to do great good politically and socially.
Hid praco the Duko of Augustcnburg aud Princess
Maud of Wales nover having mot onn another aro not
engaged to ho married, aa hai been reported. Tiio
duko is a line young fellow ami owns unlimited real
estate in Qormaiiy, besides getting several fat annuities from the Prussian govornmont, His august
mamma might have married l^mparov Napoleon III in
'ii'Z, but for the opposition of the queen and princo
Lord Salisbury is strongly opposed to arbitration to
settle the differences between Croat Britain and
Portugal. Tho Bntlah foreign oliico is confident that
Portugal will Boon abandon her extravagant pretensions,
C. S. Parnell's state of health is bad and is getting
worse. Justin McCarthy in likely to bo his successor
as leader of the Irisli party. Dillon will, however, bo
the man who pulls the political strings.
It is belioved at Zanzibar that Dr. Peters and his
party tiro safe.
The latest nihilist plot to take thu lifo of the czar
w.is participated in by many of the imperial retinue,
ouo of whom, for resisting arrest, was shot dead in the
corridors of the palace by an officer, of the imperial
Already speculation is rife as to who' will bo appointed to the command of the Wimbledon team for
next year, and the name of one good man, Col. Prior,
M. P., commandant of the .liritish Columbia brigade
of garrison artillery, is being favorably mentioned iu
military circles. The Montreal Qiusotte, referring to
the matter, says, "Col. Prior in every inch a soldier,
ami is happy in tho possession of brilliant social qualities whicli would make tho Canadian camp at Wimbledon famous."
Charles Hall, of Hamilton, one of tho convicts who
escaped from the Kingston penitentiary on Christmaa
eve, was captured at Gunnnnque.
It has boen deoidodto submit a by-law in Montreal
authorizing the city to obtain one million dollars loan
for permanent works hi connection with harbor iin-
provementfl and tliO'proveiitlon of floods, to tho voto
of tho ratepayers.
Rev. leather Paradis, of the Oblate order, Montreal,
Is suing Trcllle llertluuno'. prja] data: of l:\ .Minerve,
and La Prosso, for $1,3,000 alleged damages, for an
anonymous correspondence which was published by
these papers insinuating thai Catholics should not
contribute to the subscription to Father Paradis until
he was rujonoiled to the church.
There was a break-neck rush to view tho thermometer yosterday morning on the part oftho greater
number of Westminster's citizens; Fivo above zero
the little instrument blandly indicated, aud everybody shivered and said it Hed, it must bo  fivo below.
Many poopio spout the major part of tho day sleighing; no bottor surface for that amusement could have
been wished,
Douglas stroot was literally alive with coasters male
and female, all ages. The slide was almost good
enough for tobogganing. Luckily no accidents have
to be recorded, although somo of the coasters betrayed
an inclination to run right into tho Delaware,
Muuy pleasant Now Year's calls wore made, and
during thu afternoon the streets presented a lively appearance.
Tho "wild" young men yesterday turned ovor a
now loaf aud made wholo chains of good resolutions—
as usual.
The ice in tho river looked as if it were thoro to
stay yesterday, but the tide broke it up in all directions and it floated away iu ton acre lots to parts unknown.
Although nearly all the saloons were open all day
yesterday not a single drunk disgmced tho streets
with his malodorous presence.
When daylight broke yesterday morning If. M. S.
Acorn was found to be snugly and safoly heir] in position by the ice. The morning was cold, and the thermometer gave no sign nf moro moderate weather. It
was probably owing to these circumstances that tho
gallant captain of the Acorn determined to up anchor
and leave port. This was dono just at noon, and half
the people in town witnessed her departure, thoso
who din not know predicting that shu would nover
get through. She did get through, however, and
walked through the ice as if shu was built expressly
for that purpose.
Two of the oflicers and eight of tho seamen were
left behind. Thoy came ashore on Tuesday eveuing,
and the ico forming vory rapidly after sunset, were
unable to return. They were signalled from the ship
to proceed im mediately to Vancouver, whore the
Acorn would moot thom. Kveryliody in Westminster
hopes to see the Acorn and her jolly crew buck again
W. H. Quinn and John Richardson have signed artioles for a wrestling match to como off in Victoria
on the evening of Fob. 14 for $500 a side. The style
is ciiteh-as-catch-ean, best two in three falls, the winner to take 75 per cent, of the gate receipts, the loiter
the balance.
BY-LAW NO. 35.
A By-Law to Amend tub "Election By-Law op
1887," Riwlatinci the Election ok Reeve and
Councillors, in the Municipality of Chilli-
whack-wto the year 1888.
Therefore the Reeve and Council of the Municpality
of GhiHiwbttclt enact as follows:
1. That clause one (1) be amended diy striking out
"188$" in the fourth line and inserting iu lieu thereof
"lo'JOj" and striking out "1881 and amending acts" in
the seventh and eighth lines, and inserting in lieu
thereof "1889.."
2. That clause two (2) be amended by striking out
the words ''James Wilson Thomson" in the first line,
and inserting in lieu thereof "S. A. Cawley,"
!}.• That clause fifteen (15) be amended ny striking
out "1888" in the third lino and inserting iu lieu
thereof "1890."
Thin by-law may be cited for all purposes as tho
"Election amendment by-law of "1889."
This by-law was road a third time and passed by tho
imiuietpal council of Chilliwhack this 30th day of
November, A. D., 1889.
Reconsidered, adopted, finally passed, signed, nnd
the corporate seal appended thereto this Ilth day of
December, 1889.
S. A. Cawley, C. M. C. ju2tt
Is hereby given to tlio electors of tho Municipality of
Chilliwhack that 1 require the presence of tho said1,
doctors at the. Council Chamber, Henderson's Hall,
Centreville, on Monday, the lllth day of January, A.
D. 1800, at 12 o'elook, noon, for the purpose of electing persons to represent them in the Municipal Council as Reeve und Councillors for the year A. D. 1890.
The mode of nomination of candidates shall lie us
The candidates shall be nominated iu writing; the
writing shall lie subscribed by two voters of the municipality us proposer and seconder; and slinll be delivered to tlie Ri tin -ii ing Ollicor at any time between the
date of this notice and 2 o'clock p. ut. of tho duy of
the nomination, and in the event of a poll being necessary, such poll will be opened ou Thursday, the 10th
day of Jauuary, A. D..I890, at tho Council Chamber,
Hond ixoii'fi Hall, Ccntieville, of which every person
is hereby required tb take notice and govern himself
Given under my hand at Chilliwhack the 28th day
of Dfccemlier, A. 11. 1SS0.
Ja2t2 Returmng-Officer.
[L. S,]
Victouia, by the Grace of God, of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, Queen, Defender
of the Faith, oto,, etc., etc.
To Our faithful the Members elected to serve in tliu
Legislative Assembly of Our Province of British
Columbia, and summoned and called to a meeting
of the Legislature or Parliament of Our Baid Province, at Our City of Victoria, on Thursday, the
Sixth day of February,' 1890, to havo been commenced and hold, and overy of you—Greeting.
Theodore Davie, 1   WHEREAS the meeting of tho
Attorney-General. /   Legislature or Parliament of tlio
Province of British Columbia, stands called for Thursday, tho Sixth day of February, 181)0, at which time
at Our City of Victoria, you were hold uud constrained
to appear,
NOW KNOW YE, thut for divers lausos and considerations, ami taking into consideration the ease and
convenience of Our loving subjects, We havo thought
fit, by and with the advico of Our  Executive Council
of the Province of liritish Columbia, to hereby convoke, and by these presents enjoin you, and oach of
you, that on Tiiuksiuy, the Twenty-thhid dayof
the month of JANUARY,  1890, you meet Us in Our
said Legislature or Parliament of Our said Province,
at Our City of Victoria, FOR THE DISPATCH OF
BUSINESS, to treat,  do,  act, and conclude upon
those things which in Our Legislature of the Province
of British Columbia, by the Common Council of Oui-
said Province may, by tho favor of God, bo ordained,
In Testimony Whekeok, Wo have caused these
Onr Letters to be made Patent, and the Great Seal
of tho said Province to bo hereunto affixed:  Wit-
ness, tlie Honorable Httoil Nelson,   Lieutenant-
Governor of Our said Province of British Columbia, in Our City of Victoria, in Our said Province,
this twenty-sixth day of December, in the year of
Our Lord one thousand eight hundred and eighty-
nine, and in the fifty-third year of Our Reign.
By Command. JNO. ROBSON,
de 31-td Provincial Secretary.
Lock-up keeper Smith bewails the loss of the offlce
The ice remained unbroken above Sapperton today.
AU work on the streets has been temporarily suspended.
For men's and boys' mitts and gloves go to J. E.
Phillips, " ja2t3
Trade is undergoing a Blight reaction from tho holiday activity.
An office to let on McKenzie street. Apply to G,
A. Kelly. tc*
Room I, Bank Building, is the temporary office of
Thb Colombian. "to
New goods: another lot of $3.25 ladles kid boots
at Grant & Maelure's.
The tish market was full of frozen fish this morning,
but this stiffness was not caused by any ill fecliugs.
The tied up steamers Delaware and K do K are
safely locked 111 by the ice, which is several feet thick
around them,
No police court this moruing. The authorities are
surprised and say this is the first time such a thing
has happened on tho Becond of Jauuary in years.
Tho continual grinding of the ice ugainst tho docks
could be plainly heard all day yesterday. Iu soma
corners it piled to a depth of several foet.
Messrs. W. & G. Wolfenden are prepared to receive orders for groceries at their new store in the
Bushby block.   , tc
Half a thousand homes were decorated yesterday
with mistletoe, tho gift of Mr. Zed S. Hall, the enterprising stationer.
A strong wind blow yesterday afternoon for a couplo
of hours and drifted the biiow to a considerable height
in somo pluces, besides partially filling iu the beaten
paths in exposed places.
The Teachers' Association of Now WeBtmlnster district met to-day in tho new Central school, Vancouver. An interesting programmo of subjects will bo
discussed today and to-morrow,
Mr. -las. Wilson, superintendent of C. P. 11. tele-
graphs in tbe province, has been over to DuiigenesB
with the object of locating tho spot whore the straits
cable parted. The galvanometer from this side located the break near tho otlier side of the straits,
but just exactly whero could not be found. It is expected, however, that the break will be fouud and repaired within iv few days.
One of tho Acorn's bouts had a terrible time getting
ashore Tuesday afternoon.- The blue jackets woro
almost exhausted by the timo they effected a landing.
Thoir efforts wero watched with great interest by
largo crowds of spectators. Two otlier bouts, terries
to Brownsville, got caught further up the river and
the occupants resigning the struggle, sat ami let tho
ice and current take them whither tbey would.
Messrs. W. & G. Wolfenden will rc-bpen with a
new stock of first class groceries in a few days, and
hope for the indulgence of their friends until thev
can make the  necessary arrangements, tc
A man was sent to St. Mary's hospital on Tuesday
evening hu tiering from the offects of frozen toes, This is
the first ease of the kind that has been treated in the
hospital since its establishment.
A largo numbor of Chinamen and bloodies wero
busy to-day among the ruins left by the lire. It is a
bonanza for rag pickers.
A small bay pony with star in face, and a small
sorrel pony, white face, strayed on to my property
December 24th and are held by me. Owner can
have same by proving property antl paying expenses. If not claimed in 30 davs will bc sold for
cost of keep.-—J. W. STEIN, Brownsville, Dec. 30,
1889. 61
The steamers Princess Louise and Yosemite, and
other Victoria boats must go to Vancouver with
freight and passengers.
tine small hog, hi transit from California to some
point up river, was so unfortunate as to get "left" by
tbe ice. A temporary domicile has been established
in the C. P. N. dook, in which every modern convenience for the comfort of a hog has been placed. Tho
stay of the porker may be a prolonged one.
The remains of the great lire were brisk and energetic nt the corner of Columbia and Mary streets today. It Is astonishing to see bow strongly the tire
holds its power among the flour.
The Free Press says a most frightful accident occurred at tho Nanaimo sawmills Monday moruing to
a man named Alexander Mcintosh who was kiliod by
it blow from a piece of timber. Mcintosh was engaged, with a few other men, in loading a wagon with
a stick of timber 35 feet long by 12 inches thick. They
were lifting one end of thu timber on to thu wagon,
a id he stood between tbe hind wheels ready to roll it
over. He was not quick enough iu getting clear of
the stick and it struck bim ou the temple knocking
bim inscii'ible. It was at once scon he was dangerously hurt aud a telephone message was dispatched
for ilr. I'racgur, but be arrived too late to render any
service to the injured man, who silooiimbrd in loss
than fifteen minutes after the accident. The blow ho
received caused the blood to flow freely from his ears,
mouth and nose.
If the Vancouver World is one thing more than another it is enterprising, as its splendid holiday number issued Now Year's eve amply demonstrates, This
numbor consists of twelvo 8-ooluinn pages of carefully
compiled and interesting reading matter and illustrations, relating principally to tho two twin cities of the
mainland, und two handsomo birdsoyo views of tlio
empire and royal cities respectively, displaying on the
margin line groups of the principal architecture of
both cities, ami having on tlie reverse side maps of
the cities and of Westminster district. We congratulate tho proprietors of tho World on their very credit-
aide effort, whieh will compare favorably with anything of the sort ever attempted in Canada.
Tub Residence op Venerable Archdeacon Woods
Destroyed by Fire this Morning.
The fire fiend hu again visited the community, thia
time sweeping out of existence the private residence of
Venerable Archdeacon Woods, at Sapperton. The
fire was discovered at 0:30 o'clock thiB morning by V r.
E. M. N. Woods, who waa awakened by the crackling
of the burning tiinlwrs. He sprang from bed and on
making a hasty search found the flames bursting
through the ceiling of the bathroom, alongside the
chimney. He turned on the tap and endeavored with
tho small supply of water at baud toquench the flames,
but the effort was unavailing and in a few minutes
moro the tinmen burst through the roof. In the meantime the family had been awakened and the firo department notified by telephone. Iu an incredibly
short spuo) of timo Chief Ackerman and his force arrived and sot to work, but alter steam was up it was
found that tho hose would not act owing to its frosty
condition. Tho firemen then turned their entire
efforts to saving the household goods, ami iu this way
did excellent service. All tho furniture on the first
flat was saved, but nothing from tho upper story was
taken from the house, it being extremely hazardous
owing to the flames and dense smoke to venture upstairs. The houso burned to the ground, leaving only
the chimneys standing.
Mrs. Woods, whoso delicate state of health has not
permitted her to bu moved from her room for more
than eight montha, was hastily wrapped up in warm
clothing and taken to St. Mary's Mount. The Misses
Woods alsofound refuge under the same hospitable roof.
We are glad to learn that none of the ladies suffered
from exposure. Without taking time to dreBs, or even
cover his feet, tho venerable archdeacon ran through
tho snow ami rang the boll of St. Mary's church, in
order to bring assistance.
The Misses Woods loso all their clothing, jewelry,
presents and those numerous little valuables that go
to make a lady's boudoir complete. Mr. E. M. N.
Woods loses clothing, etc., to tho value of $300.
Tho house was insured for $2,000, about half its
value, aud the furniture for §1,000. Tbe archdeacon's
personal loss is over $1,200.
The fire originated through a lintel which had been
built into the chimney above the drawing room file
place. This timber must have heen on fire ten or
twelve hours before it communicated to the surrounding combustible material, Everything was iu good
order at 11 :Jt0 o'olock lust night when the family retired to rest, and not the slightest sign of fire was detected. Thu smouldering timber must have burst into a blaze about half past live this morning, for when
Mr. E. M. N. Woods entered the drawing room
shortly after tliat hour the whole wall on tho side of
the room whore the lire place was, from floor to ceiling, was burning, He immediately gave tbu alarm and
began dashing buckets of water upon sueh portions of
tho fire us wero within Ins reach. His efforts, however, weru unavailing, tbe lire had obtained too linn
a hold on tlie walls and ceiling and in a few minutes
the bouse was a mass ot flames. Tiie faultily constructed chimney fell down bofore tbe timbers bad
burned through, thus reversing tlio accented theory
that a chimney should ho a support Instead of having
to be supported by the surrounding bourns. The lire
did not imt last over forty minutes, and scarcely admitted time to secure what little furniture was got
We don't supposo tho Times means to bu inaccurate
in small matters any more than it does in more lm-
iiortant ones. It just simply can't help it probably.
11 its last issue it stated iu an item that Mr. W. If.
Lewis, of The Columiiian, had purehused tho outfit
oftho Nanaimo Courier, and tliat The Columbian
would in futuro be printed from that plant. Tho facts
are that Mr. W. H. Lewis, the foreman, accompanied
oneof the proprietors of this paper to Nanaimo for the
purpose of examining thu Courier press. That machine was found to lie first-class iu every respect, aud
new, with the exception of a fow weeks' use, mil was
purchased for this office, but tho rest of the plant, being totally unlit and inadequate, was uot purchased.
Mr, Jas, M. Kennedy, of Kennedy Urns., loft for
Portland, Or., to-day, where ho will select a new and
complete outfit for both thu newspaper and jobbing
Tho steamship Persia, of the Flavia lino, with 139
paysengurs on board, went ashoro last night ontho
coast of Corsica. Six passengers ure known to be saved, but the flit ii uf the othors isuncerlai u. Hunts from
the shore are assisting in tho efforts at rescue.
Special to Tin; Columbian,
Victoria, dan. 2.—A small sized blizzard struck the
eity last night and the thermometer fell to about 14
above zero, At noon it was 22 above, A small fall of
snow and a north wind accompanied the cold.
Tbu Islander failed to leave for Vancouver this
moniing, The North Pacitic loft for the Souud 011
Intelligence has been received that the missionary
steamer (Had Tidings went ashore during a heavy
gale on Dec. |5th in Kitkatliih harbor. Details are
meagre, but the little steamer will probably bc a total
Tbe rosidenoe of Mr. ami Mrs. llennett 011 Princess
ave, was burglarized last night. 'I he midairs, seemed
$100 in cash.
Thu Now Year's custom of calling was not vory well
observed, A large number called upon the lieutenant-
Capt. II. A. Mellon, of Vancouvor, vieo-consnl for
Spain at that port, bus boon requested by tho Spanish
consul-general to forward samples of British Columbia
products nf a merchantable nature via Hongkong te
Manila. Capt. Mellon has aceordh gly notified the
press to that effect, so that tho attention of the public
may be directed to this fine field for commercial enterprise. He states that from his experience of the
Phillipinc Islands, the products best to send from hore
would be ooal, hard and soft; lumber, ipru.ee, fir and
cedar; fish, salted and preserved; fruit capable ol
being preserved in transit. Butter, cheese, eto.
Tar, pitch and rosin, turpentine and naptha.
Flour and feed; iron, copper, lead and other minerals.
The population of the Phillipine Islands is 35,000,-
000, and the field for business ia practically unlimited
Tills project deserves the attention of every enterprising citizen.
The Presbyterian people of thla locality have been
busy lately building a church at Murray's corners on
a site kindly granted by Mr. Mutrie, Vancouver.
The heatitiful building is now approaching completion, and will prove a credit and an ornament to the
district. T understand tbe now churoh ia to be
opened on Sabbath, 5th January, when Rev. Thos.
Scouler, Westminster, will preach at 11 a. in. and at
1:30 p. in. There will be a collection at both services
in aid of the building fund. On Tuesday evening
following there will bo the usual tea meeting, when
tbo following gentlemen among others wo expected to
be present and take pnrt: Rev. Messrs, W. N. Robs,
Chilliwhack; A. Dunn, Waruockj Dr. Worden, Ladners; ,1. Bryant, Maple Ridgo; Hou. Jno. Robson,
Tho body of Mrs. McAuliffe, matron of Tombs
polico station, Now York, was found in the river at
the foot of East Sixtieth st. at 7 o'clock this morning.
A fire was discovered in the Zurich theatre shortly
aftor the performance began last night. Alargouudi-
ence was in thu building at tbo time, but all succeeded iu reaching the streot iu safety. The theatre waa
entirely destroyed.
Edison's electric light generating rooms, 251 Water
Bt., Nuw York, were completely gutted by fire this
morning.   The damage will reach ubout §250,000.
Ellen Carroll, 38 years old, and mother of four
children, threw herself from a third story window in
a flat house on 215 East 08th st., New York, this
morning, while delirious from violent attack of la-
gi ipe; instantly killed,
At Cleveland, Ohio, this morning, Judge Solders
sentenced Otto Lentb, the 17 yenr old hoy recently
convicted of the murder of littlo Maggie Thompson,
to be hanged at Columbus on April Kith.
The Ontario municipal nominations took placo
throughout the provinco on Tuesday. The principal
nominations for mayor are: Hamilton--Aid, l)avid L.
McLellan and Aid. John Kenrick: Toronto—E. F.
Clark and John McMillan; London—George Taylor,
John Culhirn; Ottawa— Jacob Erratt aud W. H.
Lowia; Brantford—S. G. Read and ,1. Bowlhy, Robert
McGregor; St rat ford—John Brown and John Gibson;
St. Catharines—J. B. Mclntyre, by acclamation;
Belleville—W. G. Stickle, P. G. Manners and D.
■Ins. Stevenson, of New York city, came homo
drunk on New Year's morning, and taking an uxq
knocked out bin wife's bruins while bIio slept. He absconded and is at largo.
The influenza epidemic in New York has caused the
death of some post office officials and affected the entiro stall'.
Thu lunatic whu threw a box of gunpowder with ft
burning fuse attached, at the king of Italy yesterday
in Rome, lays eluints to the authorship of a philosophical system said to be of great value to mankind.
The minister of instruction refused to listen to him and
being irritated by this treatment the man threw tho
explosive at the minister, not ut tbe king,
$110,000 Fir*.
NewYouk, December 31st,-A fire tonight ina
building at 120 and 131 Crohby Street, occupied by
Leo ChloKiuger & Co., toy   mnnnfitctiirors,   caused
damage tu the extent of $(10,000.
Tltrtv Sntloittd Debt.
Washington, December 31st—It is estimated at
the Treasury Department that tho reduction of the
national dobt for December will be ubout 54.000,000.
This will make the reduction ito tbo lust six months
nbout §24,500,000 ami for tho calendar year of 18S0
$81,481,263, The reduction for the calendar year
1888 was $91,530,144.
Gii.lasiiers-Vahky.~Ou Tuesday, 24th inst., at tho
residence of the bride's father, by Rev, C. Bryant, Mr. D. J. Gillunders, of Chilliwhack, te Miss
Vascy, of Johnson's Landing.
Is hereby given to the electors of the Municipality of
Surrey tliat I require thu presence of tho said electors
at Surrey Municipal Hall on tho 13th day of January, ,
I SOU, at 12 o'clock noon, for the purpose of electing
persons lo represent thom iu tho Municipal Council ih '
Reeve aud Councillors. j
The mode of nomination of candidates v.hall be as
Tho candidates shall he nominated iu writing; thu
writing shall bo subscribed by two voters of tho imm-1
ieipality an proposer and seconder, ami shall be de-'
livored to the Returning Oflicer at any lime between'
the date of the notice and 2 p.m. of tbe day of tho
nomination, and in the event of a poll being necessary,
sueh poll will be opened on the 10th day of January,.
1800, at 8 a.m., and closo at 4 p.m., at thu Surrey
Municipal Hall, and ut Punch's Hotel, Brownsville,
Of wliich every person is hereby required to take
notice and govern himsolf accordingly.
Given under my hand at Surroy the 30th day ol
December, 1880,
ja2t2 Returning Oflicer.


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