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The Daily British Columbian Jan 3, 1890

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British Colombian.
Volume 7.
New Westminster, B. C Friday Evening, January 3, 1890.
Number 157
The retiring council step down and out to-morrow
(Saturday), and the uew city fathers will he aworn
in and wilt assume the reins of civic government ou
Monday next, January lith, and will hold thoir first
legal meeting on Monday noon, the regular business
meeting probably boing held the same night, as usual.
The annual municipal statement has not yot been
made public, but it is certain to show one thing, and
that is that this city has taken groat strides in the administration of its municipal affairs during 1889—that,
in short, from a one-horse village concern, tho royal
city has attained an almost metropolitan status, in
the scale and methods of its civic business and enterprises, in the space of one short year, and thut, inevitably, we have had to "pay the piper" to aome
extent for these necessary improvements and advantages. The year has heen one of ceaseless activity
and untiring zeal on the pnrt of the city council, and
much municipal work has been accomplished, besides
what has boen inaugurated and partly finished, during tho year. Tho expenditures inay not have been
wisely or economically made in every instanco. Indeed that would be a little too much to expect short
of an absolute Utopia, As a niatter of fact, the Btreet
improvements carried on undor the streets and park
loan by-law of last summer have not been beyond ad-
verso criticism in unite a number of respects and instances, and some of this criticism was deserved. As
a body, however, the retiring council has, we think,
been actuated by a patriotic zeal for the city's best interests, und it will be generally admitted that it has
done much to further these, both from a material and
a moral standpoint, during tho past twolve months.
1'he impetus that has been givon to tho city's growth
and prosperity in that period is in the nature of a
force that will continuo to operate long after it was
set in motion, ami those who may lie disposed to
question if tho cost has not been too great will do
well to reflect upon this aspect of the subject.
While tho past yoar has been ono of unexampled
progress and enterprise iu tho civic administration iu
the history of the city, it will bo only natural ami
proper that tho now council, while unt going back
upon, or reversing in any essential particular, the
course and policy of the old, should proceed cautiously at the first and with a viow to the exorcising of a
judicious economy, if economy should bo necessary.
This is nature's law—alternate nativity and recuperation—and it may bo that the uow council will find it
expedient to tighten the purse strings a little more
than did their predecessors. If this is done wisely
and moderately—not blindly and uiirousouingly—tho
service to the eity will not lie second to that of thoso
whose duty, undor the circumstances, appeared to lie
more in the direction of a liberal policy towards public improvements and enterprises. The economical
role, it must bo confessed, is tbe more difficult und
unpleasant duty of tbu two, but it is not less useful,
commendable, and necessary at times. That wiso
saying of Solomon which declares that there is a time
for everything that is dono under the sun, must commend itself to everyono's judgment and common
sense. Westminster, wo lielieve, has, broadly speaking, gained much from tho progressive spirit and operations of its council during the year that is past,
even if their successors should find it necessary or ex-
Iiedient  to  judiciously and  moderately  apply   the
The famous and fashionable "lagrippc" has at
length arrived direct frnm the cast, and is stopping
temporarily iu Westminster. A representative of
The Columiiian immediately upon receiving tidings
to that effect, made a formal call on an elderly nnd
respectable citizen with whom lagrippc was reported
to lie stopping. The surmise was correct, and the
above mentioned gentleman was fouud iu a delightful
state of lagrippishuesB, so to speak. It might hereby
b.s also premised that lie was ulso rather snappish, although usually affable, gonial, suave and all the adjectives in that department. Tho reporter opened
tho interview by remarking, mildly and apologetically,
"You are suffering from lagrippc, I believe, sirV"
"None o'your ■business," rutortod thu patient, rather taking the press man aback. "But,"
persisted the latter,  "it's for the benelit of the dear
public, you know."    "Blow the dear public; the
dear mil* " "Tut, tut; you mustn't quote Vanderbilt in that profane manner," said the bonified
scribe, holding up both hands and putting ou a face
as long as a base viol, "Well, what do you want,
anyway V* said thu sufferer. "I want your symptoms,"
answered the writer, like a highwayman demanding a
passenger's purse. "Welt, you see," said the pationt,
"I began to feel chills in the solos of my feet (u subdued snicker from behind the reporter's book} "what's
.that you say, young fellow!" "Oh, nothing-—nothing; go on. "Well, thoso chills (" 'them chills,' to
bo grammatical," said the reporter), began to run up
my lege, and took a terrible hold in tlie lumbar regions. "You mean, I suppose," said the scribe,
"tliat these symptoms came on in the woods.' A took
of ineffable disdain from the patient "Then they got
into my cheat, and I felt nearly as bad as some of those
people you read about in patent medieine almanacs."
"You don't say," remarked tho sympathizing note-
taker. "Then I felt us if I had no interest in life—
didn't care for anything." "Wliat'U you take
yourself?" cruelly interjected the .reporter,,and the
sick mail's eyes lit up and he cried, "Oin and sugar
hot—go on you, you— that'* no way to treat a num
that's su tiering as 1 am." "All right, go ahead,"ro-
marked the iuuxoi able newsmuii. "Woll, licit, just
exactly like a mau that had been .sent, for and couldn't
come. Oh, my! and when it got into my throat, I
tell you, sir, I thought my time had como." "You
mean, I suppose, Saturday night," innocently queried
tho reporter. "Young man," solemnly snid tbo weary
sufferer, "your freshness would be cooling as n breath
from the Apennines across the sultry plains of Italy."
"Ahom," said thu reporter. "1 didn'tthink yon were
trying to bo moro facetious than you usually are.
Well, it got to my head at last, and then—then came
the tug of war." "It would be tho samo as in the
lumbar regions, that is, in thu woods, thou, and no
mistake," said the scribe. "See horo, young fellow,"
said the patient, rising and rolling up.his sleeves, "I'm
sick—I'm very sick; but I'm not so sick but I can lick
you bald-hcwlcd in fourteen seconds! Come on! como
on!" The scrilie retorted, "I'll tell you what it is,
old man, you're suffering from a severe cold in the
head. That's all; tu, ta!" and then he jumped backwards twelve feet four and a half inches, unci just got
out of tho way of a terrific right-hander, and into the
open air. ■ The patient says it s lagrippo, or he's badly
mistaken.    Probably he is.
There was a well attended meeting of the Hyack
Fire Company lust night at 8 o'clock in thoir own ball.
The specific purposo of the meeting was the election
of officers for the current year, but a very pleasant
time wus spent discussing tho many interesting details of the late fires, and the valuable' lessons whioh
those untoward events had taught hn! h the firemen
and citizens. The merits of thoso who had behaved
so gallantly in face of the danger:' attendant on the
great lire were nlso warmly recognized ami praised.
The business of the evening was then entered into
and tho following are the officers for 1800: Captain.
Geo, Scoullar; tirst lioutentiiut, W. Murray; second,
M. Fitzgerald; tirst braiiohmnn, W. K. Dickinson,
second, Geo. Hume; third, N. Nelson; fourth, J.
Oliver; mechanical engineer, Thomas Ovens, '('here
probably is not a better volunteer lire brigade iu the
country than thai, of Westminster. Our homo company is composed of men mostly young, who have already given sterling proofs of their iiidom.tablo
energy, and also of their bravery in the faco of danger, and all without pay. This is tho truest and
most practical kind of patriotism. It is to bo hoped
that the nuw council will cover themselves with honor
by outing in a liberal and proper manner by the gallant firemen, who havu done so much for tlio royal
oity, against sueh discouraging obstacles. Money expended on what pertains to protection from liro is
not thrown away, it is not squandered; thii principal
bears immense interest every time a firo occurs; for if
the Arc department has tho proper engines and material there Is not thu slightest doubt that, seconded
by thoir courage ami energy, firo would stand a poor
chnnco in Westminster. And aside from all that the
effect ou insurance rates would bo wonderfully beneficial to thiB city.
Mr. Max Mowat, who loft for Alort Bay a fow
weeks ago taking a largo number of sockeyo Balmon
ova to stock the Noninquish river, writes The Columiiian the following newsy letter:
The passage from Victoria to Alert Bay was very
fair, hut instead of coming up in 24 hours, the voyage
occupied 48 hours, which was rather hard ou tho salmon ova; yet I think they will turn out all right. I
have part of Sponce's cannery fitted up with fifteen
hatching troughs; tho water is taken from a small
stream that supplies the cannery. The whole thing
is fitted up something similar to the mother hatchery
on tho Frasor rivor.
Th i woathe • has been very flic, but rather cold with
heavy frosts at niglit. There are a fow fishing sloops
coming and going all the timo; theso, I think, are
pioqieeting for good groundr. Mr. Spencer has a
beautiful place hore and if he gets his river stocked
with salmon will have one of tho bost paying places
on the const, 1 think in all probability he wilt erect
a small hatchery on tho Neiiimpiish next season, providing ho can get a suimly of eggs to stock it with,
which I expect he will lie able to do if he makes the
application iu time,
Reports from all sections of the province nro to tho
ellect that deorslaying for tho hides alone still gives
occupation to a number of whites and Indians. Only
this wuek a carload containing K,000 pounds of skins
passed through Kamloops on tho way west from Sioo-
nious station, The hides composing this shipment
wero principally from the Okanagan and Mission valleys, and represent thu labors of a number who aro
engaged in the avowed traffic of procuring hides for
traders in those sections. Why do not the government officers enforce tho provisions of the act against
tho slaying of does, by examining all shipments in
search of iloe skins! That wonld afford a temporary
relief, until auch timo its the legislature meets, when
we anticipate a more stringent law wilt he enacted,
and one which will be thoroughly and impartially enforced.—Sentinel.
Tho Now Westminstor Teachers' Institute met yesterday morning in tho new central school, Vancouver,
for their semi-annual session. There wore about 30
teachers present. Aftor the adoption of the minutes
il was resolved to change the namo of the institute
from Westminster to Mainland Teachers' Institute.
Tho following officers wero then elected: President,
W. C. Coatlmin; 1st vice-president, J. B. Canton; 2nd
vice-president, Miss M. Hartnoy; recording-secretary,
T. MeGarrigle, B.A., corresponding-secretary, Miss
Christie; treasurer, Miss A. J. McDougall; committee,
H. M. Stramberg, B. A., Miss N. Dockrill, W. W.
Wood, Geo. McRae, T. E. Knapp, and R. J. Law,
B.A. Mr. McRae, of New Westminstor, read a paper
on business correspondence and forms, und Mr. D.
Wileon, B.A., read a paper on industrial drawing,
speaking of the many advantages to be derived from
tills study, aud advocating the moro general teaching
of the subject. Tho convention continued to-day, and
to-morrow, closes with a public entertainment in the
Imperial opora house.
No well-defined case of influonza has yet been discovered hore, Many think they have it, while others
would like to have it, because it's fashionable.- -
Vancouvor is in misery and despair, and haB tho
blues terribly bad, Tho emporor of Germany, tho
czar of Russia, Lord Salisbury, Prince Bismarck and
two residents of Victoria have got tho influenea, Imt
not a single cose can they boast of iu the terminal
city.'Vancouver is filled with people of elegant
fashion and high brooding, and it galls these sciois of
tho real estate nobility to see such common personages as Victorians atllcted with a fashionable complaint
while all the earthy wealth of Vancouver cannot superinduce even an attack of the disease in a mild
form. Never before has Vancouver been so snubbed.
Smallpox, measles, typhoid fever, and other diseases
kindred to common blood have visited that enterprising city in force, but fashionable influenza, alas, it
comelh not.
The remarks which havo been madu about the
changing of tbu steamer Active's boiler are not strictly
coircct. The holler wliich she now has, through u
slight defect of workmanship, lins to bo taken out and
remedied; otherwise the boiler is ono of tbu best murine hoilu-s in use on this coast. No other boiler wilt
be placed in tho Active, and none, us has boon reported came from tbe east for that purpose. Tho defect, which is uow being rectified, is not of a serious
nature, and many owners would lmve boon perfectly
well satisfied to let the boat run on without meddling
with it; but the It, C. P. M. Co. are determined to
have everything strictly correct iu their iHiats, hence
the repairs, Messrs. Strickland ft Co., who supplied
tho engines ami boiler, state that the boiler is ono of
the best that was ever imported here, nnd tho slight
error in construction, which Is now boing put right,
wis found not suitable to tlio Active's proportions.
Tho valuo of new buildings orected in Westminster
during tho year 1880 was $513,000, an increase of
§203,000 ovor thu year previous. The number of
buildings crcuted during tho year was 340, an increase
of 1110 o.-er 1888. During 1880 about 10 miles of new
streets were opened and gradod, and nearly 0 miles of
sidewalks wore laid down. To-day there nro not a
dozen habitable houses in the city vacant. Evory
storo is occupied in the business portion of the city,
and all buildings under eonstriietion are leased ami
will be occupied as soon as completed. It is estimated
that the population of the city hus increased 2,000
since Jauuary Ist, 1880, tho population now being
placed at 8,000. This is fair evidonco of Westminster's progress and prosperity.
Several coasting accidents occurred last night,
though, fortunately none were of a serious naturo. In
rnc instance a large sled, on whioh were half a dozen
j oung people, ran full tilt into a cutter that was passing tho intersection of Douglas and Agnes streets.
The horse, startled by the collision took fright nml
bolted, upsetting tho cutter and depositing tho occupants, a lady and gentleman, on the snow, both sustaining severe bruises. Coasting is a splendid pastime, ami should lie encouraged to its fullest in safo
places, but on crowded streets Should be suppressed as
it is dangerous to both the lives anib property of tho
citizens. Tho polico have determined to put n stop to
the practico on the principal streets, Imt it is probable
tlie imi will be allowed on unfrequented thoroughfares.
Notice is hereby given that tho partnership heretofore subsisting between the undersigned, carpenters.
has been dissolved this day hy mutual consent. All
accounts owing the undersigned aro to be paid to S.
Turner, and aU claims against the said firm are_to he
paid hy him. EDGAR A. KIPP.
8, Turner will continuo the business nndor his own
name at the samo shop on Main street, Centreville,
opposite A. Kipp's harness shop. All kinds of woodwork done; satisfaction guaranteed,
Chilliwhack, Deo. 29, 1880. ja3w3m LOCAL ITEMS IN BRIEF.
For men'B and buys' milts and glovea go to J, E.
Phillips,  ' Ja«t8
Au office to let on McKonzio street. Apply to G.
A. Kelly. to*
Room I, Bank Building, is the temporary oflico of
The Columbiak. .        *tc
Influenza was supposed to bavo reached Victoria,
but it turns out now that the first rumors to this effeot were permature. Influenza is a new nnmo in
Victoria for an over-dose of Christmas festivities.
A party of explorers, under A, L. Poudricr, C. E,,
has returned to Victoria from Queen Charlotte Islands,
where tboy spent several mouths. They surveyed
and explored a large tract of mineral land in the in-
toro-its of private parties, supposed to bo eastern
Two feet of snow fell at Naas river on Christmas
After working for more than a year, and drilling to
a depth of 2000 feet in Bearob of coal, the Oyster Bay
Drilling Co. have suspended operations and removed
their plant to Viotoria.
Messrs. Wolfeiideu's store is being finished and
some of the goods are on hand now. It will bo a.
handsome shop when the stock is all in; and tbey
will have tbo honor of being the first occupants of the
Bushby block. Some lively work had to bo dono,
however, to bring about this result.
New goods; another lot of $3.25 ladies kid boots
nl Grant & Maelure's.
Tho Kamloops Sentinel has absorbed the Kootenay
Star, started a few months ago, and the nnmo of tho
Kamloops paper now is "The Inland Sentinel and
Kootenay Star"—a formidable enough cognomen to
prevent the Victoria Times taking its interior cotemporary's name iu vain, as has been its wont quite
often in tbe past. Tlie Sentinel and Star issues a
very creditable New Year number of twelve pages.
According to the Sentinel, the building improvements in Kamloops for 1880 have far exceeded those
of the previous year, and aggregate in valuo the res-
peetabfe ligure of between 8(10,000 and $7n,000, The
Sentinel forecasts a hopeful future for Kamloops dur-
The salmon pack on the Fraser rivor during 188H
was 303,S7o cases; northern pack, 110,310 cases; total
pack, 414,201 cases. Tho largest pack was mado by
Ewen &■ Co,, who put up 33,582 cases. All this immense puck hits been exported with the exception of
about 0,000 cases which have boon retained to supply
tho local demand, England takes 338,500 eases;
Eastern Canada 42,200 cases; AuBtruliu 24,000 cases;
South America 400 eases.
Eight carloads of machinery have arrived this week
for the McLaren-Rosa Lumber Co. Among the items
avo two engines, six boilers and a largo number of
eastings. Six moro carloads of machinery are expected to arrive within a woek. AU this machinery comes
from the Hamilton Manufacturing Co., Peterborough,
Out., through Messrs, P.G. Strickland &. Co., their
agents for British Columbia.
Messrs. W. & G. Wolfenden are prepared to receive orders for groceries al their new store in tbe
Bushby block. ic
Messrs. F. G. Strickland & Co, have three carloads
of machinery uow en route from Peterborough, (bit.,
forthe liritish Columbia Mills k Timber Co., Vancouver, which will lie placed in tho old Hastings saw
There has not been a single caso of any kind at the
police court this year. If this were only September
or October 1800 instead of January the enterprising
journals of the province would bo incorporating the
faet in their Christmas numbers and drawing tho eyes
oftho entire universe this way. The look of consternation on the countenances of the lock-up keeper ami
the force in general is worthy of Milhus' best efforts,
This is how the criminal classes stand off and make
fun of thu law. Won't somebody please smash a lump
or a window or do (something "agin" thu said law?
The power of the sun to-day about noon was such
as to affect) the Ice in tho river. The fresh ice formed
last night wns not strong enough to resist the beat uud
with the returning tide parted in till directions to the
intense disgust of those looking forward to skating.
Until further notice there will he nu services in
Holy Trinity Church on week days.
The ice remained perfectly steady to-day opposite
tbe city, nud did not move with the tide. It is reported the ice is strong euough at ihe mission to bear
heavy teams.
All communication is out off from the southern side
of the river at presont, and thoro is little prospocfc of
the ferry resuming business for 11 week or two at least.
A healthy Chinook wonld not conic amiss.
Messrs. W. & G, Wolfenden will re-open with a
new slock of first class groceries in a lew days, and
hope for the indulgence of their friends until they
can make lhe   necessary arrangements. ic
Skating is said lo bo excellent at the mouth of the
Brunette river. Coasting will lose in popularity as
soon as the ice gets strong and slippery.
Thestr. Yosemite broke from her moorings iu Victoria liarhoi ■yesterday morning nml collided with two
sealing vessels close at baud. Beyond breaking a few
lines no damage was done.
A small bay pony with star in face, and a small
sorrel pony, white face, strayed on to iny property
December 24th and are held by ine. Owner can
have same by proving property and paying cx-
. peases. If not claimed in 30 days will be sold for
cost of keep.—J. W. STEIN, Brownsville, Dec. 30,
1889, 6l
A large number of skaters, male and female, enjoyed a splendid afternoon's fun on the river near the
woollen millB. The ice wns not the very best, to be
sure; but then it waa tbo first of the season, and nil
was forgiven.    The area on which those "sports" dis
ported was rather circumscribed, but there was plenty
of room for the fancy figure demon to get in his figures
3 and 8, and the majority of the letters of the alphabet, English as well as Chinese, All skaters maybe sure
that if there is .anything like a frost to-night there
will be first-clnss skating on tho river to-morrow.
Whole acres of beautiful glare ico have not heen
touched by either the sun or tide to-day, and look like
immense sheets of gloss. The outlook for winter
sports w so good that the hardware houses have already done a rushing business in skates—of course it
stauds to reason that the purchasers will do a rushing
business on them before very long. Should the weather hoi 1 clear and cold and the ico continue good aud
strong there may he some interesting skating competitions and trials of speed, as Westminster possesses
some skaters whoso names are not unknown to fame
"back east." Few athletic contests have tbu fascination about them t hat n good c-ccil in;* skating raco Ino.
Thero is a rumor afloat to-dny, coining from parties
in Tacoma, who chum that tbey aro in a position to
know, that within a'very fow days the Fairhavon &
Southurn Railroad will change bauds.' It is claimed
that Ncl-oii Bennett bus au offer of 822,000 per mile
for his rond and that it will be accepted, A Bulletin roporter attempted to discover the facts but could
gleam nothing further than above stated.—Whatcom
At Vancouver, on Tuesday morning, Jntnes Orr,
M. P. P., and Miss Catherine Parker, of Vancouver,
were united iu the holy bonds of matrimony. The
happy couplo left the same day for a trip across the
Archdeacon Woods desires to cordially thank the
Firo Department and numerous citizens for their
earnest efforts ami kind assistance on the occasion of
the unfortunate destruction of his residence by fire
yesterday morning, H
In tuk matter of tuk title to a tortum* 0* Lot
No. iooa, Group IT., Nkw Westminster Distriot.
A truck containing over seveu tons of iron, whioh
was being weighed in thu Ontario Rolling Mills, Toronto, upset and killed Geo. Head and William McGuire ami severely injured Richard Health, yesterday
Two hundred and eight Russian political offenders
were despatched to Siberia yesterday from Moscow.
They wore iu n wretched condition and heartrending
scenes ensued when they took leave of their relatives
and friends at the railway station.
Four small boys while playing under m\ overhanging bank of wami yesterday in Jackson, Tenn,, were
suddenly buried by tho fall of the bank. Life was
extinct when they were dug out.
As a punishment for interfering in the recent elections, thii French government has prohibited three
hundred priests in various parts of the country from
following their parochial duties.
An Ottawa dispatch says there is great rejoicing in
thu camp of thoso who are advocating closer trndo and
political relations with the United States, Sol
White, a prominent liberal, bas been elected mayor of
tho old conservative town of Windsor. There is
nothing wonderful iu this election as Windsor has
been a doubtful spot on the political map for several
years past,
The British court i'i in mourning, by order of the
queen, for the death of of ex-Empress Theresa, of
The Hon. E. D. Bluko has a speech ton days long
with which to favor thu court ai the hearing of tbe
ciuiu of the C, P. R. against, tlio government.
Very little credence is given to thu scandal as lo
Parnell's intimacy with Capt. O'Shea's wife, They
are very warm friends, shu having once saved Par-
null's life.
Thu influenza epidemic seems to bave tbe wholo of
Europe in its clutches, Von Moltke and the czar of
Russia are among thu sufferers. The disease is said
to bo caused by bacilli, and medical science is helpless
to check their ravages, as yet,
The Charles North Packing Company, of Boston,
Mass., which assigned about a year ago, have paid up
overy dollar of liability and all their property has been
returned to them.
Trouble is oxpeeted among tho South Dakota boomers at Fort Pierre, A company of military 1ms been
ordered to tho scene.
Whereas the certificate of title of John Cochrane to
tby above hereditaments has boen lost or destroyed,
and application has been made to mo for the issuance
ol a duplicate thereof.
Notice is hereby given that I will, ut the expiration
of one montb from date, issue such duplicate certificate
of title, unless in tbo meantime valid objection be
mado to mc to th-j contrary in writing.
District Registrar.
Land Rogistvy Office, New Westminster, December
Ilth, 1880. wlm
[I* BO
Victouia, by the Grace of Cod, of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, Queen, Defender
of the Faith, etc., etc., otc.
To Our faithful tho Members elected to serve in the
Legislative Assembly of Our Province of British
Columbia, and summoned aud called to a meeting
of the Legislature or Parliament of Our said Province, at Onr City of Victoria, on Thursday, the
Sixth day of February, 1800, to have been commenced and hold, and overy of you—Greeting,
Theodore Davik, \   WHEREAS the meeting of the
Attorney-General. J   Legislature or Parliament of the
Province of British Columbia, stands called for Thursday, the Sixth day of February, 1800, at whieh time
at Our City of Victoria, you wero hold and constrained
to appear,
NOW KNOW YE, that for divers taiises and con-,
siderations, and taking into consideration the ease and
convenience of Our loving subjects, Wu have thought
tit, by and with tho advice of Our Executive Couucil
of the Province of British Columbia, to hereby convoke, ahd by thoso presents enjoin you, and oach of
you, that ou Thursday, the Twenty-third dayof
the mouth of January, 1890, you meet Un in Onr
siiid Legislature or Parliament of Our said Province,
at Our City of Victoria, TOR THE DISPATCH OF
BUSINESS, to treat, do, act, and conclude upon
those things which in Our Legislature of the Province
of British Columbia, hy the Common Council of Our
said Province may, liy the favor of God, lio ordained.
Is Testimony Whewkov, We have caused these
Our Letters to be made Patent, and tho Great Seal
of the said Province to bo hereunto affixed: Witness, the Honorable Huou Nelson, Lieutenant-
Governor .of Onr said Province of British Columbia, in Our ('ity of Victoria, in Onr Baid Province,
this twenty-sixth day of December iu tho yoar of '
Our Lord oue thousand eight hundred and eighty-
nine, and iu the fifty-third year of Our Reign.
By Command. JNO. ROBSON,
do 31-td Provincial Secretary.
A great strike of colliers is in progress hi Belgium;
twelve hundred miners at Liege are out.
A fatal railroad accident happened yesterday on the
Louisville & Cincinnati R. R. near Kokomo, Ind.; ono
fireman was killed and several persons seriously injured.
A train ou lho St. LouSb, Arkansas &, Texas Railway was thrown from the track last night about
twelvo miles north of Pine Bluff, Ark., and rolled
down the embankment. The engineer was killed and
four others badly hurt.
During bis speech nt Dublin, yesterday, Michael
Davitt said he had no sympathy with the state endowment of universities.
Tbu death sentence passod on McMahon, tho Essex
murderer, has been commuted to penal servitude for
Hon. Mr. Blnnchot, collector of customs for Quebeo,
and formerly speaker of the houso of commons, died
The Russian influenza has struck Ottawa. Thirte.n
officials of tho post office arc under its influence.
It is stated that General Simmons, special envoy
from Malta to the Vatican, is treating with the Vatican on the subject of the existing difficulty between
England and Portugal, and tho condition of Catholics
in India, thu presumption in regard to the former question being that the pope is besought to use his influence with Portugal to induce a retreat from tho position assumed by the Lisbon government,
There was great alarm in St. Petersburg lust night
caused by a report of the oziir's death. Tlioro aro indications that bis majesty's condition is more serious than
is given out. The imperial guard is on constant duty,
and all the functionaries seem to be laboring nnder some
unusual strain. It is impossiblo to learn whether the
czar's illness is from influenza ov whether be has heen
Is hereby given to the electors of the Municipality of
Chilliwhaok that I require the presence of the said
electors at thu Council Chamber, Henderson's Hall,
Centreville, on Monday, the 13th day of January, A.
D. 1800, at 12 o'clock, noon, for the purpose of electing porsons to represent them in the Municipal Council as Reeve and Councillors for the year A. D. 1800.
The mode of nomination of candidates shall bu ns
The candidates shall bc nominated in writing; the
writing Bhall be subscribed by two voters nf tho municipality as proposer ami seconder, and shall be delivered to the Returning Officer nt any time botween the
date of this notice and 2 o'clock p. in. of tho day of
the nomination, ami in the event of a poll being noo- '
essnry, such poll will be opened on Thursday, the Kith
day of January, A. D. 1800, at tho Council Chamber,
Henderson's Hall, Centreville, of whioh every person
is hereby required to take notice und govern himself t
Given under my hand at Chilliwhack the 28th day ,
of December, A. D. 1880.
ja2t2 Returning Officer.
Is hereby given to the electors of the Municipality of \
Surrey that I require tho presence of the snid olootorsl
at Surrey Municipal Hall ou the 13th day of January,!
1X00, at 12 o'clock noon, for thu purpose of olectinglj
persons to represent them in tho Municipal Council as]
Reeve and Councillors. f
Tiio mode of nomination of candidates shall bo ml|
follows: f
The candidates shall he nominated in writing; thi
writing shall be subscribed by two voters of the muni
icipality as proposer and seconder, and shall be d/
ltvorod to the Returning Officer at any timo betwei
the date of tho notico and 2 p.m. of the day of tv
nomination, and in the event of a poll being ncccssurH
such poll will be opened on the Kith day of Januam
1800, ttt 8 a.m., and olose at 4 p.m., at tho Sum)1
Municipal Hall, aud at Punch's Hotel, Hrownav.lle.f>
Of which every person is heroby required to tar*
notice anil govern himself accordingly. V
Given under my hand at Surrey the 30th day*
December, 1880.
ja2t2 Returning Officw^J


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