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The Daily British Columbian Jan 4, 1890

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Array THE  JDJsfTLrsr
Volume 7.
' New Westminster, B. C, Saturday Evening, January 4, 1890.
Numiier 158
The importance of bridge connection with- the other
side of the Fraser must, at this particular time, strike
every thinking person ns being paramount to all questions (a good water supply, perhaps, excepted) which
affect the substantial ami permanent growth of this
city. Here we are, with only a few degrees of frost,
us completely isolated from those who should naturally look to us'for their supplies as if the city of New
Westminster wero ou the planet Jupiter. With a
properly constructed ferry boat in place of the war
ship K. de K., which should long ago have been sold
to the U. S. navy department, as a valuable acquisition to their Nortii Pacific squadron, there would be
no excuse forthe state of things existing at present.
But, although ferries have done and continue to do
good service as a means of transport and an aid to
traffic in some places, thoy can never encourage traffic
as a bridge would. It ought to be well enough known
to those who have any interest in thinking ou the
subject at all, that it would pay, and pay well, to
poster the trado of the farmers. The people of Vancouver, when assisting in the construction of the
North Arm bridge, put out their right hand in invitation to a closer acquaintance and greater intercourse
with the sturdy ranchers of tho Delta, and, were it
possible, would secure to themselves the trade of every
farming community on the lower Eraser. But we are
very highly favored among the cities of the province,
in tliat we are more favorably situated; aud we have
only to recognize this fact and supplement the advantages nature has liestowed upon us, by artificial means,
aud we can command the trade of hy far the greater
portion of the farming country of the Fraser valloy,
With a traffic bridge immediately opposite this city
the very garden of the province would be tributary to
the royal burgh, ami trade would lie thereby grently
stimulated. The population of the rich farming districts south of the river is rapidly increasing, and the
necessity for facilitating tlio means of access to thom
liecomes more apparent every day. These people
must have thoir wants supplied, tlieir medical assist-
unco at times, etc., etc., and if we fuil to do this for
thorn, why, we ean only thank ourselves if we alienate
their trade and see other towns springing up on their
own side of the river and offering suoh inducements to
them that iu u few years a farmer on the streets of
our town would ho considered a curiosity. A traffic
bridge on the Frasor has long hnd its advocates, and
this cold snap and resultant inconvenience and danger to those crossing the river, should be another reminder to them that the pushing of this matter should
not lie longer delayed. The provincial government
came forward handsomely in the matter of the North
Arm bridges, and as the Fraser river bridgo would be
of so far greater importance to the country generally,
we cannot see how the government could defend
themselves In refusing to assist in this undertaking.
Indeed, we feel satisfied that our local government
will do thoir part and assist materially whon asked to
furnish the necessary Ihiuus for tho construction of a
freo traffic bridge across tho Frasor at this city. This
matter, as well as other questions of great importance,
the uew council will be expected to arrange; but ns
the council are only the servants of the ratepayers,
with 110 stipcnt), ami no thanks to boot, let every
citizen take an interest in affairs which affect tho
publio weal, and assist the civic board by thoir moral
support, instead of criticizing adversely everything
thoy do, aud with a strong pull and a pull all together,
secure the bridge und settle in a satisfactory manner
all the other important business devolving upon the
mayor aud council for tho year 1800.
Last Thursday evening a Columiiian reporter had
the good luck to hear a fine debate on a popular subject by a party of gentlemen well qualified to speak on
that subject Tho question under discussion was the
public library. The sense of the meeting was that
that institution is a scandal and a disgrace to West-
' minster, instead of boing n public library it is a public
libel, aud an insult to the citizens of this town. Oue
gentleman said the Isioks in that building were going
to wreck and ruin through dust, mildew and ravages
of insects; that thero wus a very good selection of
Imoka thore, and that for the life of him he could not
i-eo why the public should not lie allowed to use them.
Another of the party graphically delineated the life of
the poor young mun in this city; compelled to sit alone
perhaps In his chilly, ill-furnished room in hotel or
boarding-house; or elso at the goneral stove among
poople he did not care to associate witli, or with his
ears pierced and his brain turned by the noise of a
dozen or so uf squalling brats, making a small hell on
earth around his chair. What is lie to do? he cannot
sit and shiver iu that miserable bedroom, or endure |
the coarse, stupid jests of uncongenial company or be
driven raving mad by uh disciplined demons of children. The saloon—that settles it—and tho next wo seo
of him he is handling tho pool one, playing poker,
with a vlllaiuoUB-stnelliiig cigar stuck in'hia mouth lit
an au angle of 45°, nnd wliich is only removed to lift
the goblet of steaming poison to his lips, or else to
roar forth oaths and curses, too awful, even for a saloon. This is the young man who would gladly havo
sought refuge within the peaceful and ennobling products of tho public library. This is the young man
you might have met wending his way home at ten
o'olock to bod, his mind filled with ali the delightful
imagery that books can evolve in the mind; but instead of that pleasing pioOire you havo a desperate,
glassy-eyed maniac s>aggering, cursing, blaspheming,
fu"iug down and wounding himself, bleeding, bruised
and cut nnd maddened to frenzy, ready for crimo of
any kind—niurder itsolf—and mado so by what tho
saloons nourish hiin with. The government gavo tho
site for this building and it was supposed to bo duly
started as a free public library, and why, said the
speaker, why in the name of common sonso is it allowed to go to utter min, and exist only ns a shameful
blotoh on tho name of this fair city? Applause greeted
the eloquent speaker when he had finished. Thore was
certainly a great deal of hard, rugged truth as well us
poetry in his warm harangue.
The influenza, Russian or somo other kind, has
found its way to Westminster at last, and fully 100
people aro suffering from its effects. One dootor has
no less than twenty cases undor his charge, and the
number is Increasing every hour. Fortunately the
disoaso has only shown itself in a very mild form,
which loads the physicians to supposo thut it cannot
lie the dread Russian "lagrippu." However, whilo it
lasts it is severe enough to suit all who have boen
afflicted by it. Thn disease is very infectious, and at
the rate it is spreading it is probable tho whole oity
will feel its effects in a greater or lessor degree. To
thoBo who are not acquainted with the symptoms attending thu epidemic, it appears to bo a bud cold in
the head and chest, accompanied by a few mysterious
pains and sensations thnt liavo never been experienced
beforo. One excellent point about tbe new disease is
that it docs not affect the appetite to any alarming
extent, and although the temperature of the body runs
high for about 24 hours, and the head is alllioted with
a dull, heavy mugginess, threo meals a day are usually
partaken of by the patient. So far as tho influenza
lias shown itself in Westminster, there is uo canso to
feel alarmed, and it will probably vacate the city ns
suddenly as it camo.
Counoil met pursuant to adjournment. Coun,
Shannon reported having awarded a contract on
coast meridian road, Kensington Prairie, to R. A.
Fallowtield for SO,V>0. The election by-law, 1800,
was reconsidered mul finally pnssed, Tenders for
construction of a dyke, etc., at Mud Bay were oponed
hut no action was taken in the matter. Capt. ft. C,
Bridgman and W. D. Johnson woro appointed auditors, The roove and clork were authorized to draw a
cheque in payment of the last estimate on the dnm
and dyke construction. Messrs. Bradshaw & Lemon
were granted an extension of time until Jan. 20th in
which to complete tholr contract on tho dyke. Mr.
W. Preston was also granted a like extension on his
contract on the coast meridian road. The by-law
to amend and extend the provisions of tho Surroy
Dyking and Drainage by-law |iassed the third reading.
A resolution was passod requesting Mr. Punch to reconsider his determination of rutiriug from the council, and to'accept tho nomination of roove for tho
ensuing year. Council adjourned until Monday, Jan.
13th, 1800, at 10 o'olook u. in,
A report has reached tho city that the long span in
the North Arm bridge has succumbed to the ico and
has been swopt away. An immense quantity of floating ice passing down the river with the current and
tide, got lodged against the piers, aud as the pressure became greater the structure gave way lieforo it
and collapsed. Thore are indications that anothor
piece of the bridge will go when thu ico breaks up,
fhe roport ot the engineers appointed to examine the
bridges, turns out to be only too correct, amt it Is
now quite evident tho structures  were  Imperfectly
Cm t together. The bridge wns built by the San Franoisco
trldge Compnny. A muoh stronger bridge will have
to be erected in order to withstand the ice.
Three ehildron were drowned Tuesday afternoon at
3 o'clock, while skating on Johnson's lake, near Port
Ludlow. The three weru Edward Oliver, aged 0
years, Frances E, Johnson, aged 0 years, and George
Johnson, aged 11 years, children of Edward Oliver
who was father of first-named boy and step-father of
the Johnson girl and boy, A strange coincidence is
tiie fact that Mr. E. Johnson, father of the two last
named children, was drowned exactly two years ago
near Port Ludlow and Whidby Island,
Mrs. Wm. Johnston, of this city, received word
yestorday that hor uncle, Mr. W. H. Burr, a reBident
of Ladners, was seriously ill, Nothwithstundmg the
fact that the only way of getting across the river,
through the floating ice, was by means ofaBinall
boat, Mrs. Johnston, pluekily determined to make the
attempt, dangerous though it was acknowledged to
bc. Three men accompanied Mrs. Johnston ucross,
and although many perils wero oncouiiterd, a fresh
one almost ovory yard, the trip was finally made in
safety, 'fhe boat at times had to be dragged on to
the ice and shoved a distance, then when an open-
spot occurred, the craft was launched again, ana so
ou over treacherous ico and numerous stretches of
water until the south shore wus reaohed. At Brownsville a cutter awaited Mrs. Johnston and she
was immediately driven to Ladners.
Chief Shakes has been given a potlatch nt his village on the northern end ef the island, ou a grand
scale. Steamers wore chartered to bring and return
the native participants, nnd a great uud glorious
time, from an Indian standpoint, was had. The
chief gave $1,000 away in cash, besides heaps of blankets, crackers, etc. in the fulness of his heart and in
tho magnanimity of his exalted aboriginal position,
he potltttched $100 to Queen Victoria, saying she was
one big chief and he was another. Ihe §100 wus
given to Bishop Ridley to be forwarded to her majesty—the biggest ohief of all.—Colonist,
In opposition to the Alaska Commercial Company,
the North Amoricun Commercial Company has been
incorporated at San Francisco. , Its purposes are to
hunt, kill ami take all kinds of fur bearing animals;
to deal in all kinds of pelts, skins and furs, und to acquire and maintain leases, contracts, etc., for all governments, Tho directors are: Lloyd Tevis, Henry
(Well, Mnthias Meyer, Albeit Miller and Isaac
Liebes.    The capital stock is $2,000,000.
In the matter of the title to a portion of Lot
No. 100a, Group It., New Westminster District.
Whereas tho certificate of titlcof John Cochrane to
the above hereditaments has been lost or destroyed,
and application has boon made to mo for the issuance
of a duplicate thereof.
Notice is hereby given that I will, at the expiration
of one mouth front date, Issue such duplicate certificate
of title, unless iu the meantime valid objection be
made to mo to tho contrary in writing.
District Registrar.
Land Registry Offico, Now Westminster, December
Uth, 1880. wlui
Is hereby given to tho electors of the Municipality of
Chilliwhack that I require the presenco of the said
electors at tho Counoil Chamber, Henderson's Hall,
Centreville, ou Monday, tho 13th day of January, A.
D. 1800, at 12 o'clock, noon, for the purpose of electing persons to represent thorn in tho Municipal Council us Reeve and Councillors for the year A. D. 1800.
The mode of nomination of candidates shall lie as
Tho candidates shall be nominated in writing; the
writing shall be subscribed by two voters of the municipality as proposer ami seconder, and shall be delivered to the Returning Oflicer at any time between the
dato of this notice and 2 o'clock p. m. of the day of
the nomination, and in the event of a poll being necessary, such poll will lie opened on Thursday, tho 10th
day of January, A, D. 1800, at tho Council Chamber,
Henderson's Hall, Centreville, of whicli evory person
is hereby required to take notico and govern himself
Given under my baud at Chilliwhack the 28th dny
of December, A. D. 1880.
ja2t2 Returning Officer.
Is heroby givon to the electors of the Municipality of
Surrey that I ronuiro tho presence of tho said electors
at Surrey Municipal Halt on the 13th day of January,
1880, at 12 o'clock noon, for the purpose of electing
persons to represent them in the Municipal Council us
Reeve and Councillors,
The mode of nomination of candidates shall be as
Tho candidates Bhall be nominated in writing; the
writing shall be subscribed Ly two voters of tho municipality ob proposer and seconder, and Bhall tie delivered to tho Returning Officer at any time between
the date of the notico and 2 p.m. of tho day of the
nomination, and In the event ot a poll being necessary,
such poll will be opened on the lllth duy of January,
1800, at 8 a,in,, and olose nt 4 p.m., at the Surrey
Municipal Hall, and at Punch's Hotel, Brownsville.
Of which overy person Ib hereby required to take
notice and govern himself accordingly.
Given under my hand at Surrey the 30th day ot
December, 1889.
ja2t8 Returning Officer. LOCAL ITEMS IN BRIEF.
For men's and lays' milts and gloves go to J. E.
Phillips, ju2t3
An offlco to let on McKenzie street. Apply to G.
A. Kelly. te*
The Viotoria papers feel annoyed that the map issued liy the Vancouver World, blots the capital oity
out of exist ance and only leaves a little daub of ink to
indicate the whereabouts of Sooke harbor. Really it
was awfully annoying,
A fine viow of Esquimalt harbor and scones in New
Westminster, showing tho beauty of the surrounding
and tbe woiiderous growth of roses, constitute British Columbia's sliate ill the lust Dominion Illustrated.
Hamilton comes well to tho front. So also does St.
Thomas, and Montreal is not forgotten, McGill and
its affiliated colleges having a prominent pluce. Altogether »t is a good number for illustrations of our
own Canada. A line engraving of Cabanol's Venetian
lady will be appreciated by art lovers. Tho office of
the Dominion Illustrated is at 73 St. James st. Montreal, Mr. G. E. Desbarats, managing-tlirector.
New goods: another lot of $3.25 ladies kid boots
nt Grant & Maelure's.
A small bay pony with star in face, strayed on to
my property December 24th and is held by me.
Owner can have same by proving property and paying expenses. If not claimed in 30 days will bo sold
for cost of keep,—J. W. STEIN, Brownsville, Dec.
30, 1880. Ot
Mr. Jamos Punch has beon requested by the Surrey
council to accept tho nomination for roove again this
yoar. It is hoped ho will be induced to seek reelection.
Mr. Boutlcdge, of Victoria, has lost two children by
diphtheria during the lust two weeks.
The Russian influenza has reached Seattle, and no
loss than eleven clerks in the nost office are laid up
with tlio disease. One death lias occurred from this
dread illness near that city. The Seattle papers do
uot take special interest in the visit of the disease,
and aru evidently not going to boom it.
Room I, Bank Building, is the temporary offico of
TheCoi,i.miiian. "to
•'fhe News-Advertiser hns admitted "the Ottawa
liar" to Hii bosom, and acknowledges him us a friend.
Really that yonng rake, the Nows, should bo more
careful of tbu company hu keeps.
William Phillips, an employee of the Moodyville
saw mills, was crushed td death on New Year's day
by tbu fall of his cabin, which collapsed from the
heavy weight of snow 011 the roof, The deceased wns
only 23 years of age, nud leaves a widow and oue child
to mourn his loss.
The following is a statement of the inland revenue
collections at tiic various p lints mentioned iu British
Columbia for tin-year ending December 31st, 1880:
Victorin, $01,034.03; New Westminster, S44.710.23;
Vancouver, sl.VJiV.32: Nanaimo, $4,203.05) Donald,
&">,800.8Q| ICamloopB (six months) $2,707.01,
A man crossed the iee from this sido to Brownsville yesterday evening,   'fhe lirst this season.
The chiof of police has prohibited all persons from
coasting on central streets debouching on Columbia
stroet, during business hours, The boys have therefore
made St. Andrews street the great coasting quarter.
There are very few vehicles moving on tlmt tine slreet,
and so it is a'safe plnee for this pistimo.
Whole crowds crossed the river in both directions
between Westminster and Brownsville to-day. Above
the woollen mills large spaces of clear ice shone invitingly in the snn and about uonii the skaters wore
enjoying their graceful exercise ill large numbers.
The uo/zle of a hydraulic mining hoso lies awaiting
transportation to ils destination up oountry, ou tho
C. P. N. dock. It is tho property of Mr. G. W.
Rasuro. Several members of the eity fire department
viewed the interesting piece of machinery and were
of the opinion that if Bllffioletlt water power conld
be brought lo bear to fill thai nozzle the extinction of
any fire in Westminster would be a foregone conclusion, as, iu all likelihood, the building would be
knocked to atoms by the fore.1 of the water.
The demand for the World's Mew Year's number is
unprecedented iu the history of the news-dealing
business in this city.   Everybody is delighted with it,
and the wannest plain- bus been showered upon thu
enterprising publishers, Th'1 arrival of the train last
night was awaited with impatience, but it brought
no special Worlds as the Westminster map is scarcely
ready yet.
It is now possible to take a stroll down tbe middle
of the river aud visit the folks ut the North Arm or
Ladners, t
Again It has to ho chronicled that not a cu™ appeared iu t1 0 police court this morn n:,' tl m keeping
iiitaci th- w .i.e record of tlmt excellent institution
T'lO fir' prisone ' that domes up will probaoiy be prone-.ted wit.ii ft ohraiuo,
ft may be noted with some degree of i-nti-fa-thm
that tho Chinoso coses at the police court were very
gr"*atlv i'i tbu minority compared with the other
1 atioualitius hint year.
A number of our :il zm , nro! ably hifluoroacl by a
profound admonition on tbu subject, saved up thu
a'hes of the cool Btovcand scattered thom like veritable seeds ol kindness on the slippery sidewalks adjoin n ' their domil;n;y idHcos.
The Chinaman is nothing if not different, one might
say diametric illy opp isite, in everything from the
whito man. Thu latest thing the almond eyed celestial has trotted out Is bis winter cup, tbo form and
fashion of which no white mind could ever have
evolved, lt isingoiiious and looks comfortable, tlie
hitter being the main thing with such artickis.
A branch of the well known legal firm Messrs.
Thornton fc Fell, Victoria^ has been opened iu the
Masonic building by Mr. Aiday Morrison, L.L.B.,
who will represent them in this city,   The firm lmve
a great deal of business in Westminster and the dla-
t lot, and tbe increasing demands of the same
made it necessary for them to have a representative in the city. Mr. Morrison is lately out
from Nova Scotia and alreiMly entertains a high opinion hoth of Westminster and British Columbia, and
thinks their prospects splendid. His office is next
that of Mr. T. C. Atkinson.
Messrs. W. & G. Wolfenden take pleasure in announcing to their numerous customers that they are
now open for business iu tho Bushby block, with a
fresh and complete line of groceries, and will bo glad
to have their old friends oall and inspect the premises.
A large number of urchins, Chinese and Siwashes
had some delightful pickings to-duy in the remains of
the great fire. Tho latter end of the tire is still
smouldering, and from present appearances it bids
fair to burn in tho same cautious way until the end of
the century.
"Have you caught the influenza yet?" was the commonest question on the streets to-day. And the usual
answer way, "Yes, thank you; have you t"
The ice was linn again lo-day and remained unmoved by the tide.
■lames Laidlaw, T. L. Briggs and A. M. Nelson
have gone to Victoria.
James Scott, onghieor, weut over to Mud Bay to-day
to superintend tlie driving of the piles for the dyke
there.    The work will take a month to finish.
Several sleigh loads of farm produce crossed tho
Frasor river natural bridge to-day in safety. Business
has been resumed with the southern suburbs onco
more, uud it is brisk.
Edward Hanlan is out with a reply to the challenge
of Jako Gaudaur, in which ho says he will row Gaudaur for from $2,000 to ?.1,000 before next July. Ho
leaves choice of water to the referee,
During the four years and a half H. M. S. Cormorant was away from England she was twicu round the
islands of the Pacific—a most unusual event in one
connniasioii. In that period the vessel traveled a distance of something like i.'i.Onil mites, and her engines
made 28,30"),'-V)l) revolutions; 22,884 knots wero made
under steam, 27,305 knots under steam and sail, aud
14,230 knots under sail.
Details are at hand of the massacre of the exiles hi
Silieria, an intimation of which reached here a short
lime ago, though the story was not at that time generally credited. It appears from the information just
received that shortly after their arrival at their destination in Siberia, the exiles, who we e nihilists, attempted to print nud circulate seditious literature,
'fhe authorities learned this and ?o:it troops to destroy
tbe printing presses, 'fhe exiles resisted imd the
troops flrod upon them, killing and wounding thii ty
in tbe fight which oiiBued. Fortunately for thooxllcs,
a detachment of Cossack guards, comprising a portion
of the garrison, interposed In behalf of the nihilists
and forcibly compelled attacking troops to desist from
further slaughter.
Signor Crispi lias the influenza.
A gentleman in Arthur, Out,, has evolved a scheme
by which that village is to be made a manufacturing
centre. Ho has consulted engineers ou the subject
and thoy have pronounced the scheme feasible. In
short, llie idea is to drain the Luther Lake iuto the
Concstoga river, and thus form a water privilege "second to none in tiie province."
The porters omploycd by the Dublin, Wlcklow and
Western Railway Co. have struck for better wages,
'fhe express trains have been withdrawn, and other
trains are running at irregular intervals, 'fhe compnny is endeavoring to secure now men in thu place of
the strikors, but tbo latter aro supported by the employees of tliu other roads, and it is feared that tho
trouble may spend.
Another vossol llyiug tbo American flag has been
seized by the Colombia gunboat Lapupu. Advices
have been received by L. Schepp k. Co., of New York,
saying that their vessel, the Frederick L, Schepp,
Imd been seized while culling for coeounuts ou the
Still Bias const. The Schepp left New York about n
month ago with a cargo fir Greytown. From there
she was to go nlonn lhc coon ami pick it|> coeounuts
which had been collected for her in various places.
When she reached tho San Bias const she shared the
fate of tho vessels of Foster fc Co., being Seized by
the Colombian gunboat and taken lo Cartagena,
whero sho is hold.
'fhe Spanish Ministry liavo tendered their resignu-
tion, and Premier Soguata is endeavoring to construct
a new cabinet thnt will hurmouizo the different groups
of the liberal purty.
Vierrn, lhe nihilist leader, has been arrested nt
Warsaw. Letters on his (jot-son incriminate officers
of tlie Imperial guard in tho recent conspiracy to kill
the u/ur.
While hunting yesterdny King Humbert was
thrown from his Itoree and somewhat bruised, but not
seriously injured, lie was able to rido his horse
A panic occurred iu Berlin Inst uight at the American Variety theatre. \ lady hi lho audience liaving
fainted, aery of fire va ruled and a terrificr ish was
tnado for the doors. Ninny serious accidents occurred,
but no one was killed,
Nothing more beautiful than last night could have
been wished. There was not a cloud iu the whole
sky, and the moon, nearly at tho full, made such clear
light that reading an ordinary iiowspatwr in the open
air was an easy niatter, The appearance of the mountains wm grand, with their snowy slopes dimly glimmering in tho moonlight. On the river a considerable
niiudier of skaters, both sexes, wore gliding ibout on
ttio smooth place near the woollen milL, and judging
by their laughter and boisterous conversation, seemed
to bo enjoying themselves to tho fullest extent.
Editor Columbian,—Sir:—In Thb Columbian
published on Dec, 31st, I find a paragraph under the
above heading which deserves notice. You aay "a
Columbian reporter paid a visit to the city lockup
thiB morning (voluntarily)." I suppose he was not
"forced" to visit the lockup. Oh, no, he was a volunteer. "He found the stalwart keeper busy at hia
books. On discovering that the scribe was perfectly
sober and orderly,'aiid hud stolen nobody's chickens,
Mr. Smith expressed his willingness to enter into police statistics for the yenr of grace, 1880."
Now lot me ask how did Mr. Smith discover that
yoar reporter did not steal chickens? Did he ask the
plain question—art) yoh guilty of stealing jhickens?
\\'e must suppose ho did ask tho question, but it was
not evidence of good maimers. Yonr reporter says
"the Aggers" are as follows:
Total number of arrests, 330) drunk and disorderly,
whites, OS; Indians in same condition mid having
liquor in their possession, 4-7J larceny, 24; assaults, 27;
supplied with nlght'B lodging, 27; vagrants, 20; supplying liquor to Indians, 20; infractions of city bylaws, 3.V, females, larceny, 1; keepers nnd inmates of
houses of ill-fame, 15. Religion, Protestants, 107;
Roman Catholics, 210; no religious belief, 13 Nationality, English, 03; Irish, 70; American, ((1; French, 38;
Canadians, till; the remainder other nationalities."
Tiie whole population of this city may be ten thousand only; of tliat number the Roman Catholic population doos not exceed one thousand, therefore it
would bo reasonable to suppose tliat one tenth of the
unfortunates locked up were Catholics, but it would
appear from the records kept by the keeper of the
black hole that nearly Iwo-tlurds of tho wretches
locked up believed in tlio ancient faith. In thnt part
of the statistics which refers to "nationalities,"
your raiders will notice what a large numbcrof English,
Irish, Canadians, and Frenchmen, have been looked
up—but not one Scotchman. Here are two faots
which I place Bide by side with thut evidence as illustration. The keeper of the black hole is a Scotchman,
and your reporter is also a Hieland laddie. Now 1
venture to say that statistics collected by the keeper
of tho black bole from drunk and disorderly persons
wan never intended for publication; such witnesses
i-rnunt be trusted, and it is disgraceful to parade their
false statements as faots. In the days of that furious?
bigot, John Knox, bucIi testimony was deemed sufficient, but iu the year of our Lord, 1800, it is worth
nothing. It suggests that two-thirds of the criminal
classes in the eity aru to be found amongst one-tenth
of the population', wliich is Roman Catholic, and I
say thut is a baso insinuation.   I am
A Roman Catholic.
Peter Jackson Bays his sparring lour is immensely
nrofitable,   He is ready to fight anybody, but it nuiBt
lie a glove contest.
When an admiral belonging to any foreign power
lauds ut uny military station within Her Majesty's
domlnlmis with tho object of visiting the military officer in command, ho will in future be received by a
guard of honor of twenty rank and tile, with two officers uml u regimental color.
Jackson hns cabled an acceptance of Sullivan's challenge to the California club.
[L. S.]
Viotoria, by the Grace of God, of the United Kingdom of deal Britain and Ireland, Queen, Defender
of the Faith, etc,, uto., etc.
To Onr faithful tho Members elected to serve in the
Legislative Assembly of Our  Province of British
Columbia, and summoned and called to a meeting
of tbu Legislature or Parliament of Our said Province, ut Our City of Viutorla, 011 Thursday, the
Sixth day of February,   18)10, to luivu been commenced and held, and every of you—QUBETiNG,
Thkopork Davie, 1   WHKRKAS the mooting of lho
Attorney-General. |    Legislature or Parliament of tlie
Province of British Columbia, stands called for Thursday, tho Sixth day of February, 1800, at which time
at Our City of Victoria, you weru hold aud constrained
to appear.
NOW KNOW YE, tbat for divers causes aud considerations, aiid taking into consideration thu ease aud
convenience of Our loving subjects, Wo have thought
fit, by and with the advice of Our Executive Connuil
of the Province of British Columbia, to hereby convoke, and hy these presents enjoin ynu, and each of
you, that on Thursday, the Twbntv-tiiiup day of
the month of January,  1800, you meet Us In Our
said Legislature or Parliament of Our said Province,
at Our City of Viotoria, FOR THK DISPATCH OF
BUSINESS, to treat,  do,  Mt, nud conclude upon
those things whicli in Our legislature of the Province-
of British (.'olumbia, by the Common Council of Our„
suid Province may, by tho favor of God, lie ordained,
In Testimony Wiieheoe, Wo have caused these
Our Letters to lie made Patent, and the Great Sent'
of the said Provinco to lie hereunto affixed:  Wit'
NBS9, tho Honorable llruit Nelson,  Lieutenant-,
Governor of Our said Provinco of British Colum-,
bla, in Our City of Victoria, iu Our said Province,
tliis twenty-sixth day of December in the year of'
Our Lord one thousand eight hundred and eighty-
nine, and in the fifty-third year of Our Roign.
By Command. JNO. BOBSON,
do 31-td Provincial Secretary.


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